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So I recently learned about /tg/‘s brilliant creation from over a decade ago: Ball-of-Arms Man, a character for Mutants & Masterminds that put all his points into the “Extra Limbs” power.

>Ball of Arms Man (aka “BAM”) is a sentient portal between our world and the Elemental Plane of Arms, allowing him access to as many arms as he needs at any specific moment and replace any arms that were damaged or destroyed. His archnemesis is The Disarmer, a telekinetic scientist who lost his arms in the same accident that brought Ball of Arms Man to this dimension. Unable to fit in with society, he lives in “The Arm Pit”, his hidden lair in the subway tunnels, emerging at night to fight crime.

So I’m just wondering if we can come up with even more original lore for this valiant hero? Enemies, allies, backstory, plotlines, etc. The more arm & limb related puns, the better! Any ideas?

More info: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9632490/
Idea for villains:

>The ARMada
Both BAM and his arch-nemesis The Disarmer, have frequent nightmares of a coming invasion from the Elemental Plane of Arms. This invasion of sentient arms, armed with an army of arm-shaped mechs, has invaded our galaxy. They move from planet to planet, harvesting the arms from all living things, and adding them to the ranks of their army.
>The Disarmer
Former lead researcher researching inter dimensional travel. After a disastrous accident involving the Elemental Plane of Arms, both he and BAM were left with superpowers. Although he lost his arms in the accident, he now has telepathic powers allow him to control the arms of nearby living things. His bizarre dreams have convinced him that the BAM’s connection to the elemental plane is leading the ARMada to earth - and the only way to prevent a devastating invasion is to track down and destroy BAM once and for all.
Ball-of-Arms Man is alright, but beware of his wicked cousin Arm-of-Balls Man.
BAM’s first and closest friend. He helped construct BAM’s lair, The Arm Pit, and introduced him to hero work.

He is a former expert carpenter, who now has four arms because of gamma radiation or some sort of bullshit like that. With his Utility Toolbelt™, he can quickly access his assortment of hammers, screwdrivers, drills, saws, wrenches, etc, which he can wield all at once.
>Indian Burn
A fire themed opponent, trained by the deadly Thuggee assassin cult in India. He has since fled, attempting to leave that life behind. But now they have tracked him down, and BAM is stuck in the middle!

>The Chinese Finger Trap
A Fu Manchu-style “Yellow Peril” villain who uses traps and devices to immobilize the hands of his opponents.

>The Nail Biter
Similar to The Scarecrow. A demonic illusionist who eats human fingernails. He uses his powers to cause extreme fear in people. The idea is to make them pass out with fear so he can eat their fingernails
>Hand Job
A femme fatale cat burglar with the fastest and most dexterous hands in world. She naturally becomes the on-again off-again love interest of BAM.

>The Kick Line
A criminal syndicate of martial artists posing as a Broadway musical cast. Hundreds of ninjas in leg warmers with kick-based combat. After their apparent defeat by BAM, they begin using stand up comedy as a front for their criminal empire, rebranding themselves as The Punch Line

>The Palm Tree
The result of a poorly-thought-out attempt to splice human dna with a tree. This giant kaiju looks like a colossal tree, walking on its roots. It has hundreds of hands sprouting from its branches, which are all capable of wielding an assortment of weapons.
>The Arm Wrestler
A former professional wrestler obsessed with becoming the strongest man on earth. After injecting a near-lethal dose of experimental steroids into his arm, it grew to monstrous size and strength. Now able to use his arm to tear through steel like it was tissue paper, he began a search for a worthy opponent. Always disappointed in these challengers, he finally feels that he’s found a true nemesis in BAM.

>Arm Candy
A beautiful, bubbly villain with the power to telekinetically control sugar. She uses a variety of candies to attack her opponents, such as her candy cane and licorice whip. She also can immobilize opponents with taffy or trip them up with gum balls.

A man who has thumbs which defy physics, capable of exerting massive amounts of force with no reaction to himself. He uses this power to both crush his enemies and flip barrages of coins at supersonic speeds.
>The Cross’d Fingers
Modern day pirates without powers of their own who accomplish their daring robberies and stick-ups on the back of a gigantic, building-sized hand painted black and daubed with a skull and crossbones.

>The One-Armed Bandit
An advanced slot machine that gained sentience. Initially programmed to con patrons out of as much money as possible, it soon goes mad with greed and reconfigures itself with limbs to actively seek out more money, going on a rampage of robbery.
A reoccurring henchman with razor-sharp, retractable fingernails. She can also shoot the nails out like harpoons.

>Butter Fingers
Former a morbidly obese janitor at a nuclear power plant. One day he was snacking on a nice stick of butter, when he accidentally dropped it into the nuclear reactor. Not wanting to waste food, he picked it up and eat it like the fat sack of shit he is, thus gaining incredible buttery superpowers. He can now summon and control vast sprays of butter, which shoot from his fingers like a firehose. Now he seeks to get his revenge on the world that has bullied him since childhood. Probably the most disgusting and unpopular villain.
>The Double Chins
Obese Chinese crimelord siblings! No one knows the true limits of their avarice, the depths of their depravity and the actual number of identical twins!
They’ve got an appetite... for crime! Frequently employ The Chinese Finger Trap (>>80248510), and other moderately offensively Asian super powered henchmen.

>Digital Bandit
The world’s fastest hacker who can summon and control swarms of fingers in thin air at will. Usually uses their powers to type at ridiculous speeds, and to type remotely in secure areas. Usually just a minor member of a larger villainous team, but can also shoot hundreds of fingers at high velocity as projectiles
A reoccurring trio of henchmen:

>Bear Hands
Giant bear claws for hands

>Sucker Punch
His arms are just big octopus-like tentacles

Literally just big glazed hams for hands.
A deadly assassin who can fire bullets from his fingers by making that little “finger guns” gesture. This means he never runs out of bullets, and can sneak weapons into restricted areas.
>Literally just big glazed hams for hands.
Okay, this thread finally got me.
Feels like throwback to the good old days and body horror worth stealing to boot.
>He helped construct BAM’s lair, The Arm Pit
I tried to make this character in MnM 3e and having extra arms past like 10 is useless because only so many people can surround you and thus you need an arm to grab them
The build I was going for was a grappling strength-based build ignoring the idea he could swap out arms
Yeah, they screwed up the additional limbs power because in 2e you could get like 10,000 arms by using just 10 points.

But hey, I say just slightly tweak things with house rules to allow it in 3e
>ISSUE #1: “Let’s Get The Ball Rolling!”
BAM awakens alone and confused inside a cell, with no memory of his past. He is confronted by and armless scientist (The Disarmer: >>80248259) who torments him and attempts to interrogate BAM about his origins. BAM manages to escape and flees into the city.
>over a decade ago
That can't be right, I was in the thread where he was crea-
>Green Thumb
An eco-terrorist with plant-based powers. Basically like Poison Ivy, except that he’s a muscular himbo
>ISSUE #2: “The Long Arm OF The Law!”
After his escape, bystanders are terrified of BAM’s monstrous appearance. The police are called and BAM leads them on a wild chase through the city streets. At the last minute, a nearby hero, Handyman (>>80248414) appears, and offers to hide BAM rom the cops.

>ISSUE #3: “A Helping Hand!”
Handyman sneaks BAM to his home, and learns that although BAM cannot talk, they can communicate through writing. BAM discusses The City they’re in, and what his job as a hero entails. Handyman offers to let BAM crash at for the time being, until his memories return. But as the days drag by, and spending all day cooped up inside leaves BAM feeling desperately bored. One night he sneaks outside to get some fresh air, when he hears a cry for help in the distance!
>”Belle Of The Ball!”
The introduction of Handjob (>>80248571). As BAM is investigating a series of burglaries, he crosses paths with a sultry cat burglar who manages to outsmart him and “slip through his fingers”
Other miscellaneous titles for different issues, featuring as many arm, limb, and ball puns as I could think of:

>The Ball’s In Your Court!
>Ball’s To The Wall!
>Belle Of The Ball!
>Let’s Play Ball!
>On The Ball!
>Air Ball!
>Ball And Chain!
>Ball Breaker!
>Without A Leg To Stand On!
>Getting Your Leg In The Door!
>Break A Leg!
>Going Out On A Limb!
>Costing An Arm And A Leg!
>Getting A Leg Up!
>Don't bite the hand that feeds you!
>Forcing his hand!
>Getting out of hand!
>Come out with your hands up!
>Caught red-handed!
>He’ll be eating out of my hand!
>The upper hand!
>One hand washes the other!
>Give him a hand!
>Spiking the punch!
>The right to bear arms!
>Pulling your punches!
>Armed and dangerous!
>Armed to the teeth!
>Pleased as punch!
>Hawaiian Punch
Hawiian hero who BAM memes while on vacation. A warrior chosen by the god Kūkaʻilimoku, and tasked with overthrowing the government and restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii, by any means necessary.
It is and it isn't. A dynamic array built off of his extra limbs power could make him a fully functional character.
>Knuckle Duster
A goon with the impressive ability to vaporize people and objects into dust, with a mere punch.

His hands can secrete a powerful adhesive, allowing him to climb walls, grapple with opponents, and bind them up in glue.

Good names that have already been taken by preexisting characters:
>Phantom Limb
>Iron Fist
You would need to use the arms of aliens or other creatures but yeah I can see it
It would also make the 20 points I dumped into extra limbs more useful
Superpowers that could be potentially included in side characters:

>Cold Snap
The ability to freeze nearby objects with a snap of her fingers

>Clap Back
The bizarre ability to reset every person and object in the surrounding area to what position it was in one minute prior. In other words, he could get shot, but if he manages to clap his hands, his body would appear to “reset” and be perfectly fine, if that makes sense.
File: 1348343500551.jpg (137 KB, 999x705)
137 KB
137 KB JPG

the signature move of our favourite hero
an extremely cheesy powermove as all of his arms extend the index finger towards the villain

many wrongdoers stopped mid monologue startled, expecting some powerful ray or hidden power activation
but it's only him hazing his opponent

there is no villain who crossed punches with Ball-of-arms man and escaped without suffering psychological damage from this technique
it is a taboo topic among the rogue gallery opposed of our hero

while amongst fans and even in the hero support association (joined arms) it quickly became a hot new greeting
(replacing the finger guns gesture infamously exploited by the callous assassin Fingerbang)

a few villains even cried, many nosy reporters and shady politicians silenced and shamed after a stupid or insensitive comment spurred our hero to react

even his archnemesis, the disarmer found himself intimidated as not only BAM but also the surrounding crowd joined in
unable to control and stop so many pointed arms he panicked and, crushed by the peer pressure, escaped swearing revenge

(only works on US citizens)
Lol I like the idea of signature moves.

Over time, BAM learns to alter his size, by increasing his number of arms. With this ability he can grow to about twenty feet in height, with thousands of arms. However, any larger than that and things become increasingly unstable - the shape stops being a perfect ball and instead begins fluctuating and jerking around wildly.
>Sir Righto Bear-Arms
A otherwise regular bear who put a couple points in to extra limbs to get a pair of human hands, and dumped the rest of his points in to bluff. Nobody realizes he's a bear with extra human arms disguised as a human with extra human arms.
>Small Arms
The opposite power, to reduce his size to a single arm. This allows him to hide, or squeeze into tight spaces.
Hmm, it’s never explicitly stated that he only has access to HUMAN arms, right? So an additional power of his might be:

>Galactic Arms
BAM summons a wide variety of arms from alien species, which may be particularly large, powerful, or have special properties like being covered in spikes. Naturally the drain of accessing these bizarre limbs means he can only use it briefly.
I think we really need to enlist some more drawfags.

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