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Well I got time on my hands, so here I'll bring the fifth chapter of the Shadowrun Tale!

For those who are new or missed a previous storytime, here's the previous chapters!




You don't want to read chapter one and two to know more about the group? Never fear, here's a summary of our runners!
>BYTE, the albino asian decker. He also dabble in rigging, he's socially inept and doubles it down by being the greatest asshole in Seattle. He loves his older brother along with hating him for being gifted at everything.
>Shortfuse, the dwarf shaman worshipper of Dionysus. He's poor as fuck, smells of cheap booze, wears worned out clothes and he's a pretty nice guy. Always ready to help his community, one beer at a time!
>Dice, the elf infiltrator. She's a teenager assassin (named Pepper and looking like the Pepper Potts from Iron Man: Armored Adventure), built like Not!Batman, on a mission to kill her mentor and other targets. There's no backing out for her, since before leaving her her master poisonned his protégé, and she's on a timer to kill him and get the antidote... she estimates that she still have less than a year. With luck, perhaps more.
>Wolfhound, the street sammie. The orc-ish equivalent of Wolverine with rocket feet. Got a grudge against Apex and his gang the Wyld Dawgs, and he's ironically afraid of dogs. He's a badass that can't easily be taken down, and if he tells you he'll get your job done in 30 minutes, expect it complete in less than that.
The team were hailed as heroes when they returned to the Barrens Commune. When they came back they were surrounded by dozens of friendly faces, cheering them on, shaking their hands or even giving friendly hugs and kisses (to BYTE's horror of being touched by hobos).

Before the shadowrunners took Hope as their fixer, the place was only a refuge for those who wanted a place to be safe inside the biggest hellhole in Seattle. Somewhere they would be free of the gang wars, shakedowns from crooks, ravenous feral ghoul hordes and organleggers kidnapping plots. Somewhere the people who have families but no hope for citizenship could start anew.

Hope and her sons could provide some protection, yes... but even them were not enough to protect over 5000 people.

Dr Smiles would operate on the people of the commune for cheap, yes... but even with all his ressources there is a limit to what he could provide.
File: fairy-tail-175-02.jpg (165 KB, 1280x720)
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165 KB JPG
But recently the mercenaries have brought so many blessings to the denizens of the Commune.

Starting with Nikos Galanis, aka Shortfuse. He works tirelessly to better the world around him like working at the soup kitchen, providing free healing magic and even overseeing the walls and other security measures surrounding their little part of town.

Then there are his friends. They brought back Hope's daughter Moxie, which not only saved the Commune, but also prevented Hope from lossing another child. Also they sent a pretty gruesome warning to any would be criminals in the vicinity to not mess with Hope's part of Seattle, otherwise you'll get some Shadowrunners that will eliminate you in the next hour.

Then they have created a solid partnership between the Commune and the owner of the Temple of Dionysus, Damian Brennen, who just recently had hired two of Hope's sons as bouncers. Also unbeknownst to almost everyone, the greek god's influence brought good luck to both parties.

And that's not even taking into account the Iron Maidens, the "sisters" of Harvey Hunt, more commonly known as Wolfhound. Having a team of badass chromed amazonians keeping the peace can dissuade most idiots from starting trouble.

And now, being part of the group that won such prestigious event truly brought hope and happiness to those who have missed it in years... and even more to those who made bets on our team winnning against all odds, those guys were particularly happy to see us.
File: mxdVGr1.jpg (465 KB, 1152x1164)
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That night the whole Commune celebrated.

With the money that Hope and her children themselves won on the bets they bought supplies and all kinds of food. For once the soup kitchen cooked something fancier than soups, breads and söykafs. To the joy of everyone there.

Shortfuse brought his whole cache of alcohol that he brews at his own quarters. He has so many homemade special beverages there, that anyone entering his home would see nothing but stacks of beers, and different mixes for drinks, or tools for making alcohol and any kind of spirits possible... sometimes with the help of litteral spirits. There was even some of them that were mixed with some of his special stash of drugs. Easy to say, most people attending the party won't rememebr the night.
File: file.png (1.35 MB, 960x640)
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1.35 MB PNG
For the occasion, every runner invited their contacts for the festivities.

Wolfhound brought Guilty the weapon dealer, and possibly biggest troll in the west coast. The fat bastard managed to chuged down a chug full of gin mixed with pills and Deepweed as if it was nothing, then went on to have adventures with magic critters that only he could see that were possibly not there. He also gave the children tons of fireworks to play with, but since he was too high to care some of us had to follow the kids and shut down the fires they were starting.

Dice invited her only two contacts that she knows, which is her Not!Gordon cop friend Chris White, and a mechanic named Hammer. The former just stood around minding his own business, pretty much uncomfortable being surrounded by hardened criminals and people who would love nothing to beat up a rent-a-cop to vent out their daily troubles if it were not for all the booze in their veins. The latter just went straight to the Ares Roadmaster and spent most of the night fiddling with it. I think Dice and him had some sort of agreement that only he could modify her car, and she just won a race with the van upgraded by someone else. BYTE's paranoia kicked in and he called the local mechanic to see if there was any funny business happening to our ride, but apparently everything was fine...
BYTE having no friends except for his brother found kindred spirits in his sibling's friends, who have come to the party on board of their hastily repaired Mythbuster.

They came to congratulate him on his performance, bring him celebratory pizzas and teaching him the ropes on how to be a great shadowrunenr. Yeah, they were not just 4RC4DE's friends, but also his former shadowrunning team. They were an all rigger and decker team who had many successful missions in the past, but after the difficulty of each runs increased they decided to split and each do their own things... except 4RC4DE who was too arrogant and decided to pusue his carreer solo, before being picked up by another team.

BYTE felt a bit of recomfort hearing all the stories they had to tel, especially each one that retells how his bro made an epic fail or try to unsuccessfully seduce a lady.
Shortfuse didn't really had to do much to invite anyone since he lives with pretty much everyone he knows.

Buuuuuuuut, there was one girl that he wanted to spend the night with.

Her name was Jeanne, and before you ask, yes she is 100% completely ripped off from Fate Apocrypha... she's one of my favorite waifus, ok?

So she's an elf with godly charisma that most people think she's a dryad. She's purer than snow, to a point that it is almost insulting that she is forced to live amongst the people of the Barrens and she's also a mage and a kind soul. She's from the Christian Theurgy tradition and she is using all her powers to the benefit of the community, such as healing the sick and protect the perimeter of the Commune.

And unfortunately Shortfuse wasn't the only one having the idea to ask her out, as she was surrounded by dozens of admirers, and as gentle as she is she couldn't say no to any of them. She ended up being at the middle of the party, barely doing any dancing or other activities as to not provoke a civil war amongst the men of the Barrens.
File: slurms-mckenzie1.png (249 KB, 650x384)
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249 KB PNG
The party went on throughout the night without much incidents, if we're excluding a few of them like Guilty coming back from his magic trip riding a giant slug made of water and guns, carrying tons of 6-pack beers and opening fire to the skies along some fireworks...

Or Wolfhound having to juggle between his 21 sisters wanting to dance with him, with none of them taking no for an answer, each having their own dance style and songs, and him tripping over constantly to the amusement of everyone.

In a desperate attempt to have fun without causing an incident Jeanne decided to do karaoke with the rent-a-cop Chris White, which unfortunately earned him the ire of over 100 envious fans.
File: 1488036524953.gif (590 KB, 236x240)
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590 KB GIF
Oh shit your back! Sweet.
After the festivities the whole team took a two week vacations

Shortfuse planned for a hostile takeover run of a brewery belonging to a criminal gang, all so he could offer it to his god and the Commune.

Dice decided to do Not!Batman stuff with her buddy Not!Gordon. He was pretty thankful for the invitation to the celebration, but he was even more grateful for all the arrests he was able to do thanks to the "anonymous" tips he received from her. His superior were so happy he received a nice bonus for it, and hopefully sticking with the young teenager would eventually grant him a promotion.

BYTE went with the Mythbuster's crew and learned all he could on the life of a shadowrunner, especially the role of a decker/rigger. He was barely listening, too happy he was to not be with dirty homeless people for a change and to be with "his kind" of people.

Wolfhound was in a living hell.

Thanks a lot pal! Glad to have you here!
File: Shopping Duties.png (1.73 MB, 1433x1073)
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1.73 MB PNG
How does an ork with a titanium skeleton, wolverine claws and rocket for feet can end up in such a situation you may ask? Simple. It's all thanks to their hacker.

You see the Iron Maidens managed to save up a bit of cash thanks to the bets they made during the race, even Kate Hunt had some nuyens she hasn't managed to spend yet.

And now with all that money they wanted to go shopping, and their poor older brother was the nominated to be the bags carrier.

He had to carry clothing and accessories for 21 girls on a shopping spree, with the additional stress of not dropping anything and to not mix the bags and their contents, otherwise his family will fight over their belongings.
File: 1605405278698.jpg (107 KB, 876x1280)
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107 KB JPG
After a while he did managed to have some free time for himself.

The street samurai was pretty satisfied with his performance as a human meat grinder, but he also felt he could do better. Namely he was uncomfortable that during their last mission he had to depend on the dwarf shaman's spirits and the boost in speed he gave the infiltrator.

Which is why he decided to find himself a teacher so he could refine his murdery-stabby-stabby ways.

He had asked Hope for tips on where to find a teacher worthy of him in the Barrens. Unfortunately the last guy was an old blind orc that died years ago, and there weren't that many that can teach how to use cyberlimbs effectively in Seattle.

But after a bit of digging, the troll's daughter, Moxie, brought up a rumor that she's heard somewhere about a new master of the Sangre Y Acero who established himself in the Barrens.
File: dojo.jpg (929 KB, 1920x1080)
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929 KB JPG
The master settled himself inside an old abandonned skyscraper, connected to other skyscrapers throught rope bridges, barely standing wielded metal bars and other contraptions not kid-friendly.

The streets around were in shambles, with some having pitfalls that leads directly to nests of feral ghouls, devil rats or goblins,

Proximity mines and other kind of traps were installed near the entrance.

Only thing that was lacking in basic security was a reinforced door. Instead it was only a bunch of planks halfassly installed at the porch.

Inside the building it was another kind of world. While the street samurai was expecting a run-down aesthetic, or at least some graffitis and dust, it was instead decorated like a japanese dojo.
At the middle of the room was a young elf girl, between 10 to 13 years of age, sitting in traditional japanese style.

Perplexed, the orc approached the small child, intrigued as to why this runt was standing alone in such a place.
Wolfhound: "Watcha doing here kid? It's pretty dangerous here."

?, a little bit annoyed: "That I am aware, yes."

Wolfhound, impassive: "Shouldn't you go back to your parents then? Did they left you in care of the master?"

?, increasingly peeved by the orc: "You better shut your mouth if you know what's good for you."

Wolfhound, still not getting it: "Oh, I get it! You're the master's daughter, or it's pupil? Do you mind if we wait for him together?"

?, angry at the street sammie: "I am the master and youou better show respect to your elders in the future."

The orc stood there for a minute, processing what the brat just told him, and tell laughed out loud for much longer. The more time passed, the more frustrated the "master" was.

Then the kid stood up, and cyberblades appeared out of her elbows and knuckles.

This was Wolfhound's player's face when he realised the GM was trolling him by giving him a loli mentor.
?: "So you have come to seek my teachings young one."

Wolfhound: "Okay, first off what can you possibly teach me? Second you're the young one pipsqueak."

?: "Well it seems I'll have to show you what I'm made of. Beware though, just as you will judge my abilities to teach you, I will in return judge your talent and skills. You better show more promise than the previous wannabes I had, the ghouls downstairs are becoming fat thanks to them."

Wolfhound: "Don'l let my prowess blind you, short stuff."
The sounds of clashing could be heard that night throughout the Barrens, along with the grunts of an infuriated orc who was getting his ass handed to him.

No matter how many time he slashes and thrusts with his cyberspurs, he never seem to hit the mark. Whenever he seemed to get close the small girl made a backward flip, kicking his chin at the same time.

And despite looking as fragile as a twig, she hitted hard. No doubt she had titanium bones too, or something similar. More frustratingly is that she never used her cyberweapons once, not ever to block an attack.

She had the ever increasing smug attitude of a predator toying with its prey, knowing full well that whatever it may do, it could never hope to escape.

In turn it made the sammie even more furious to be clowned on by a brat that's not even half his height.
After a whole hour of chasing after a prebuscent girl like some of BYTE's online friends, the street samurai decided to give up, his morale thoroughly crushed.

He has spent his whole life, from as early as he can remember, fighting anyone and everyone... and all of this only to be bested by this "master".

He was about to leave when the girl shouted out to him.
?: "Where do you think you're going, boy?"

Wolfhound: "Back home. I'm sick of you."

?: "Did I gave you permission?"

Wolfhound: Did you give me WHAT?"

?: "Permission, boy. I said I feed those who dissapointed me to the ghouls. Would you take your chance with them?"

Wolfhound: "Better them than you."

?: "And why is that?"

Wolfhound: "Because at least I won't feel like a complete failure when I tear them apart."

?: "True... but would you have learned anything after that?"

Wolfhound: "To not mess with brats?"
Instantly after saying that he heard a metallic WHAM as the girl's hand came in contact with his skull. Then it was followed by mild pain, both to him and the young elf, one pressing his forehead and the other her palm.

?: "Is that all you retain of me whooping your ass for an hour?!"

Wolfhound: "To be fair you haven't thrown a punch back until now..."

?: "How about your pride as a man?"

Wolfhound: "Ouch. Touché."

?: "Here's my first lesson! There's is something to learn in everything, especially in defeat. You underestimated me because I have the body of a child, and that kind of mistake could have cost you your life."

Wolfhound: "Noted"

?: "Second lesson, whatever you do there's always someone better than you. You are a fighter, so there's bound to be someone who trained more than you, who has better gear than you or that simply overwelms you in pure strenght alone. As a shadowrunner you must never lower your guard, because someone having one or more of those traits is bound to appear during your runs."

Wolfhound: "Wait... I never told you I was a shadowrunner..."

?: "Nope, but I did saw you win the race. Lost quite a lot of cash because of you."
Wolfhound: "Sorry for that..."

?: "Don't be, it's all part of the game. Now I hope the whole experience has made you more humble?"

Wolfhound: "Yeah, it quite did..."

?: "So, I wish you good luck on finding a big and manly guy to teach you what you need. You now have my blessing to leave without going through the ghouls first."

Wolfhound: "Wait! Can you..."

?: "Hmm?"

Wolfhound: "Can you, hum..."

?: "Yes?"

Wolfhound: "I want you as my master, I was wrong and you are badass... can you teach me, please?"

?: "Well I can't say no to an eager student such as yourself... and truth be told not much people are good enough for me, even less those who would accept the lessons of somone... like me... say what kid, from now on I'm your master! I'll teach you and only you, and I'll devote all of myself to make you one of the best warrior Seattle's ever seen! Are you cool with that?"

Wolfhound: "Yes!"

Master: "Say 'Yes, Master!' "

Wolfhound: "YES, MASTER!"
And that's how Wolfhound got himself his own master, though less impressive that he had hoped at first he did become happy with his new mentor.

And he will need those lessons for the next challenge that awaits him. The street sammie and the gang were going to do one of their must difficult missions yet. A task so grueling, that only madmen would even think of taking it.

In less than three days would be BYTE's birthday!

Now I'm going to eat dinner, I'll be back in a bit, in the meantime for anyone who wants to share a story, ask questions or simply comments feel free to do so!
File: 1593219487293.jpg (185 KB, 675x1198)
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BYTE's birthday is the 30th of october and he pretty much hates the fact that his anniversary is followed by an holiday.

But this time it would be different, since all the members of the team got a special run given to them by a mysterious client named 4RC4DE (BYTE hasn't told anyone about his brother's shadowrunner's name by that point).

The mission is divided into multiple steps.
-Acquire the birthday cake at the "cakery"
-Get the presents at the "presents factory"
-Rob a grocery store of all their candies

All those tasks sounded highly suspicious and sure to be some kind of trap, but the following the completion of the run was a reward of 40K nuyens... only to celebrate someone's birthday.

The team though that whoever hired them, either like BYTE a lot, or is particularly sadistic to send him and his friends on such a dubious run during this special day.
File: 1605721095330.jpg (154 KB, 720x1280)
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154 KB JPG
So everyone was prepped for the big mission, except for BYTE who was kinda morose. He was told that this mission was to recover items for a rich corp's kid birthday... and he actually bought it. Well he was only told the first and second objective, so it might have helped, I don't know.

The group decided to get the presents first, because they got a feeling they will get a lot of heat from the grocery robbing and getting the cake might be risky if said heat might ruin the dessert.

So with low expectation in their hearts the group headed for the "Presents Factory", situated near at the docks where there were loads of containers.
Bump for Shadowrun Storytime.
Inside the docks were drones. Dozens of them.

Some carrying crates, some overseeing the work, and other heavily armed for security. Nearly all the work was automated, except for a few guards standing around and a few workers operating a crane. This part of the docks belonged to Wuxing, one of the big 10 corps.

Strangely enough, everyone, drones too, were wearing party hats. None of them were celebrating something, and no one was happy at all. They were all working as if it was another tuesday for them.
Thanks for reading the thread!

To everyone's complete surprise, BYTE stood out of the hiding spot the team was him and slowly walked up to the security guards.

Even them seemed to be surprised someone was stupid enough to sneak in their private property and the simply go and talk to the guards.

BYTE: "Hey yo, corpo! We're here for the presents!"

Guards, dumbfounded: "Presents?"

BYTE: "Yeah, for the birthday party?"

Guards, pointing their guns at BYTE: "Birthday party?"

BYTE, unsure: "Yeah, ain't that why everyone's wearing party hats?"

Guards: "What party hats? Sir, we'll take you in for questionning."

BYTE gave us this look when the guards closed in on him to arrest him.



Wolfhound: "FUCK!"

The street samurai just receive an impact from a huge cargo lifting drone. It's punch cut his breath away and sent him flying over a dozen meters away. What's worse, is that it was singing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-5qGNsaTvE repetively, making it look like the drone was having a stroke.

On the side the shaman and the infiltrator were both dealing with the meat-type of security, one flinging Manaball spells at them and the other with her pepper grenades.
File: iStock-468957172.jpg (852 KB, 2122x1412)
852 KB
852 KB JPG



Dice and Shortfuse: "WE CAN HANDLE IT!"



When the fight started some of the drones stopped their work, and decided to pick up their own packages... gift wrapped packages.
File: 1605156047524.jpg (43 KB, 820x335)
43 KB
Equipped with his sidearm, the decker went to take down the gift carrying drones. Or rather he tried, then realised he can't aim for shit, and then went on using his cyberdeck to take down the drones.

In cyberspace you could see the Wuxing logo chained to a giant birthday cake.

For the first time, Ray Lau, felt some kind of sadistic joy... well he already felt that urge before, but never did it bring such happiness to him.

It was because of Wuxing that him and his brother had to live in poverty. Because of them that he now struggle as a shadowrunner... but now, because of his older bro's gift to him, he can now take one of the big 10 corp's machinery on a ride.

With a flick of his arms, BYTE summoned hundreds of tiny, really hungry jaws, rocketing towards the cake and sinking their pointy teeth in.
Leaving behind a mess a completely ruinned shipping docks empty of its valuable contents, its automated workforce in shambles, his non-automated one out of commision and with dick graffitis everywhere the team then went on their second objective... Robbing a grocery store of all its candies! For this task the team chose a Walmart.

At first it went pretty easily. The runners stationned the van just near the entrance, then they sent Wolfhound and Dice to pick up bags and boxes of sweets to load up the car. After a few minutes some employees of the store went to meet the group and ask if they've bought the candies already.

The dwarf assured, in all his usual joviality that they did not, in fact bought any of what they're taking, and don't intend to. The clerks just stood there awkwardly for a second and then returned to their section of the store. Then after a minute of loading the goods, the four mercenaries hear sirens in the distance.

I haven't found a picture, but I remember a while back someone requested a Walmart strike team breaching into a building in the drawthreads, and this reminded me of that part of the adventure.
File: yTebafCMvmXK7atgiffKP3.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x1297)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
I'll skip the following police chase because we already did a race them adventure last chapter, plus it's getting late so I'll move further into the story.

The last part of the run was to recover the cake from the "bakery"... which was just a regular bakery. 4RC4DE put " " just to mess with us.

Little granny Germaine who was running the "Pink Cream" bakery almost had a heart attack when she saw a bunch of heavily armed shadowrunners break into her store expecting a firefight.

She did get a second fright when minutes later policemen where interrogating her about those crazy lunatics who robbed a Walmart not far from there.

I'm loosing energy, so I think I'll take a nap and pick up the story if it's still there tomorrow. Hope you guys like what you're reading, and that'd be nice if the thread is bumped during the night.
Peaķ early 2000s.
BYTE: "So now what are we supposed to do?"

Wolfhound: "Ain't got a clue."

Dice: "It's your B-Day after all... also happy B-Day!"

Shortfuse: "Can we contact the client, I mean 4RC4DE?"

BYTE: "Knowing my brother, it'd be impossible to reach him. He calls you, not the other way around."

Shortfuse: "Then what do we do?"

BYTE: "We eat the cake?"

Dice, who suddenly got excited: "Oh! Oh! I got a better idea! How about we go party with the Mythbusters?! They're your brother's friends, and your too! Plus you won't have to celebrate with "homeless people" for your special day!"

BYTE, with an assuring smirk: "You know what, girl, I think it's the best idea you ever had!"
"Well you guys certainly took your time."

It was the leader of the group, π-Rate, a 6'2'' caucasian human rigger with an eyepatch, with a glare that can turn your blood to ice. He towered over BYTE like a troll would a regular human. His appearance reminds me of Big Boss and Colonel Miles Quaritch from the Avatar movie. He had an obvious cyberarm that is almost two times the size of his other limbs, as well as a blue light coming from under his eyepatch, no doubt a cybereye that is rapidly scanning everything in case of eventual threats. Nothing less to say that he looked like a professional, a war veteran, a machine purely crafted to kick ass and chew bubblegums, and surely has dozens of successful runs under his belt. Comparing him to the team would be putting kindergartners next to a real man.

And right then and there, he was wearing pic related.
File: aEk5oDXe_700w_0.jpg (110 KB, 700x849)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
The leader guided the team inside the hideout, which was a reinforced garage with double the usual thickness of concrete for the walls. It also had lasers, alarms, cameras and all kind of other goodies you'd find in a James Bond movie. That is, if your typical Bond villain decided to settle in downtown Seattle.

Operating on the Mythbuster was a troll in a dirty tanktop and jeans lifting tires, as well as two dwarves that seemed to be in a heated argument. When the group went to meet them they seemed to have reached the point of old married couples that has been fighting for over 30 years.











π-Rate: "Here's Codebreaker, decker when everything's nice, and Plan B when it's not. The two ladies fighting each other are Wrench and M00n. Don't mind them, since the race we had troubles with the ol' Mythbuster. You guys went ape on it, and dear Wrench is an poor softie with her gear, so she's resisting the idea of 'tuning' it. She'll come around... eventually."

"Now, all we're missing is Gym Freak."

The voice came from upstairs, where a training area and a boxing ring has been installed. In the middle of it was an orc, a really big orc, to a point he shames Wolfhound in terms of being big and muscly, sparring with an Ares Duelist drone, dodging and parrying its blade-arms with brass knuckles, one with "PAIN" and the other "TRAIN" written on them.

π-Rate: "Yeah, he's the guy we got to replace 4RC4DE when he left. Might be stupid, but part of our 'brand' as a team is we're all gadgets and hacking like, and that meathead over here was pure muscle... excluding the brain."

Gym Freak: "Oy! Don't say that Boss, I'm useful too! I got dem sisters outta trouble earlier, nah?! And I can play with yer toys like the other kids too!"

π-Rate: "Yeah, but you only took one drone, that you barely use on missions by the way, and the only thing you do with it si train. Look I ain't in a mood for that, so why don't you grab the party hats, hand it to everyone, and we start the fiesta?"

Gym Freak: "You got it, Boss!"
The party went on great.

Inside the "presents" were credsticks each containing between 100 and 1000 nuyens, with notes like "Here's for a new TV", "Use this for kitchen appliances" and "Sorry for taking that retro game console you liked, hope this makes up for it!" BYTE was a bit miffed that the gifts from his brother were only to reimburse what he took during his escape from whatever shadowy group wanted him, but thinking about having a free-pass to wreck some of Wuxing's property quickly erased such thought.

The Mythbuster's gang in their case brought a biodrone for the decker. It was a small albino rabbit, with advanced implants used to store data and to allow its owner to share the creature's senses with. Apparantly during their previous run inside a high-ranked corpo's house they received 4RC4DE's message about BYTE's birthday, so they nab the first thing they found as a gift. They also made sure that the pet wouldn't be traceable and that any dangerous data it may contain has been copied, sold to the highest bidder and then wiped out.

BYTE decided to call it Sir Fluffs-a-lot, and it quickly became his best friend.
File: tenor.gif (3.14 MB, 638x436)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB GIF
The cake was pretty nice too, it was strawberry and vanilla flavored- and it was almost as tall as a wedding cake.

Codebreaker took at least a whole fifth of it by himself, then Gym Freak decided to start a competition of who can eat the most cake in a minute. Almost everyone dropped out except for Wolfhound, Dice and the dwarves.

The infiltrator was the first to give up, the player having poor rolls on his BODY rolls. At least she didn't made a critical glitch, that would have sucked if she threw up two runs in a row. Second to lose was M00N, quickly followed by her sister, and then by the shaman. The only people remaining were the two orcs.

The competition was tough, both for the two participants and for the spectators watching them swallow that much frosted sweetness. Both the street sams have a superior body that has been augmented beyond the normalcy of their kind, and neither of them was giving in. Wolfhound nearly threw up once or twice, but he managed to defeat Gym Freak with the help of an edged roll. He was paraded on the shoulders of the audience, while his adversary was lying on the floor drooling and making a vow to workout twice, if not thrice, as much to burn up those new calories.
And it is on that high note that the party ended, with the whole team making new friends and earning the respect of people who have been running the shadows for years longer.

Unfortunately, a sort of anguish was starting to build up wihtin the group. The four mercernaries each had their own goals in mind to accomplish, and for some of them, time was running out.

And that will be all for me for today, this is the end of the chapter! Hope to see you all on the next one, coming soon but I don't know when...

bump of psterity

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