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Hello everyone, Orator-anon here, I’ve returned. With college done and I am no longer procrastinating, I now have ample amount of free time to writefraggotry. But, before we get into the main story, I want to start with the Primarch of the 2nd Legion. I have many things already planned for him and your input will be much appreciated.
>The Chaos Gods, in their gambit to impede the Emperor. Tore a warprift inside his gene-vault, and flung the infant Primarchs across the galaxy.
>The Primarchs landed on worlds, populated (mostly) by humans, and this was no mistake.
>With the exception of Fulgrim and Jaghatai Khan, each world helped to reflect and build upon the Primarch’s strengths.
>This was an investment made by the Chaos Gods, to see who’ll be worthy of their blessings, and become their great servant.
>Now, we come to the planet of Elysium, where the Primarch of the II Legion landed.
>Before the events of “Old Night,” Elysium was one of the leading heads in science and technology, housing some of the greatest minds of humanity had to offer.
>The planet was governed by an oligarchy, made up by the industrial heads, and the smartest individuals.
>The residents took pride in their planet’s name, but this peace was broken by the sudden appearance of psykers, who wrecked havoc with their uncontrollable powers.
>With warpstorms cutting off communications planet-wide, and supernatural anomalies occurring, it seemed like the end of the world.
>Fortunately, the authorities reacted quickly to the situation, and eliminated most of the belligerent psykers.
>However, the damage was already done, and Elysium’s society was breaking down.
>The more powerful authorities began to push for dominance and stake their claim, as the brightest minds became disenfranchised.
>Many of the services and utilities given to the populace, were taken away from them, and unrest followed.
>Elysium continued to degrade, with public order steadily declining, crime and violence became an everyday occurrence.
>Over the millennia, many of the planet’s territory were separated, with the regions being governed by independent autocrats.
>The Planetary Capital, Tolmar, and the surrounding areas became puppet states.
>A number of the higher-ranking autocrats, are descendants of the surviving belligerent psykers, who learned to control and exploit their powers.
>The current state of Elysium is deplorable and what it needed was a leader, one that will arrive form the stars themselves.

>We come to the cabin of Agnes Thern, a communication officer at an outpost, just some distance outside of Tolmar.
>Journal Entry: #23
>”Just another day at the outpost, just trying to get by, and now I can finally have a moment with myself.”
>”It’s been hell… well… it was like that for awhile, for as long as I can remember actually.”
>”There has been a third shift in personal, with my newest boss being here for about two weeks, likely due to another ousting of political entities back in Tolmar.”
>”Anyway, it has been mostly quiet, at least on my end. I suppose to be receiving a trainee sometime today, but I haven’t gotten any word yet, and really not in the mood to deal with people.”
>Agnes looks over to the clock and sees it’s nearly the end of her break, she scoffs and heads toward her station.
>As she punches in the code to the Comms Room, there is a young man sitting at the opposite side. He looks over to the door and jumps from his seat in surprise.
>”*ahem* H-Hello, my name is-“
>”Are you my new trainee, and how did you get into here?” Agnes says with gross annoyance, she is really not in the mood, and anxious to get home with only 2 hours left on her shift.
>”The Manager, Alba, brought me here and I’m the new trainee.”
>Agnes’ face turns into a scowl, as she looks at clock, and back at the trainee. It somewhat relaxes, as she talks to him.
>”Alright then, I only got a few hours left on my shift, so there is nothing much I can teach you today.”
>As she says that, there is buzz on one of the dashboards, with the red light gleaming to notify them.
>”Ah, well Speak of the devil, looks like someone is contacting us. This is actually a great training opportunity, hold the button next to the light, and pick up the phone.”
>The trainee does exactly that and Agnes signals to give the phone.
>”This is Comms Room, you’re green.”
>”This is Ground Team, we’re preparing to embark to the site of a recently crashed object from space.”
>”Affirmative, keep regular updates.”
>”Copy, ETA, 1 hour.”
>Agnes puts down the phone and turns to the trainee.
>”I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name?”
>”Octus, Octus Mirers… what happened?”
>”They said it’s a crashed object from space, and now we have to stay here and keep in contact with them …by the way, do you know where Alba is?”
>”After he brought me here, he said he’ll leave early.”
>”Of course, he did.” she clicks her tongue, the thought of working overtime did not sit well with her. She then sits down, and Octus follows suit.
>”I guess we’re staying here for awhile, better get comfy.”
>As the two monitor and speak with the Ground Team, Agnes ponders greatly, thinking about her siblings back home and other daily worries. While this goes on, she is completely unaware of Octus’ attempts to get her attention. She snaps out of her daze and quickly looks at the clock, she has less then half an hour left.
>”Um… excuse me, Miss?” she then switches her attention to Octus, who’s holding the phone.
>”The Ground Team Leader, Vinh, is asking for you.” Agnes takes the phone and places it against her ear, clearing her throat beforehand.
>”This is Comms Room, go ahead”
>”This is Ground Team, we have visual on the object, processing live feed.”
>Agnes then points to a switch, next to Octus, to which he instinctively flips and the screen above turns on.
>The imagine before them is Vinh standing on the edges of a once pristine field, now with a sizable crater disturbing the landscape, with the object from space being a large capsule of sorts.
>”What is that thing?” Octus squints his eyes to get a better look.
>”We’re about to find out.”
>The Ground Team surrounds the capsule and carefully approaching it, getting a better look. With Vinh being several feet, closely examining it. The capsule itself was damaged from the crash and entry into the atmosphere, however, the glass has remarkable held up.
>”What’s that symbol on the top?” Octus chimes up, looking at the sigil with interest.
>”It’s the Roman numeral for two, haven’t seen those since… forever.”
>”…What is a Roman?”
>”I’ll tell you later.”
>Vinh cleans some of the dirt off the glass surface with his hand, now being able to see what’s in the capsule. What sees under it shocks him, as cries out to his men, attempting to pry it open.
>After 10 minutes of the Ground Team’s efforts, the capsule suddenly unlocks, they quickly took a step back. With the capsule fully wide open, Vinh rushes forward to its side to reveal a sleeping baby.
>”How the hell did a baby survive a crash like that?!” Octus yells in bewilderment
>”Stay quiet you, but I don’t know how either, it doesn’t look harmed in any way.”
>”This is Ground Team Leader to Comms, we have identified the contents of the capsule, will attempt to move said contents.”
>Agnes was slightly surprised and confused herself, with taking a moment to answer back.
>”…Very well, go ahead.”
>Octus looks at her with a raised brow “Can he do that?”
>”Would you have just leave the baby there?” Agnes shots back, as she Octus in the eyes.
>”…Sorry, I just have two young siblings, and just thought of them.” she then looks back at the clock, with less then 5 minutes left in her shift, she gets up from her seat and stretches her arms out. “
>”I’m probably going to work overtime.” this was something she was trying to avoid the most.
>As the Ground Team return with the baby in hand. Agnes, who has seen better days, walls into her chair.
>Octus looks over and asks “Feeling tired?”
>Agnes knocks her head back slightly “Is it that obvious?” while letting a soft sigh, she turns her hand towards him.
>”Not what you were expecting on your first day, right?”
>”No, not really… do we have to stay here?”
>”Only until the Ground Team gets back, which shouldn’t take too long.”
>The two waited for almost another hour, before getting word from the ground team, arriving with the baby.
>”This is Ground Team Leader, to Comms, we have returned with the… item.”
>Agnes is caught off guard by the sudden confirmation from Vinh, as she grabs the phone to respond.
>“This is Comms Room, acknowledged, head to Medical Station.”
>She gets up from her chair for the first time in hours, as he walks towards the door.
>”Come, Octus, it’s time to leave.”
>”To where?“ he also stands from his chair.
>”What, do you want to stay here?” it only took him a few seconds decide to go with Agnes
>As the two enters the Medical Station, they see the baby being examined by Vinh and 2 others, with the baby itself wrapped in simple cloth.
>Agnes approaches Vinh hastily and with great concern for the baby.
>“Is it okay?” she says quietly
>”He’s fine, there’s not a scratch on him. Thankfully, we brought the buggy with us.” the baby, now wide awake, remained just as quiet and still when he was first discovered.
>”…Wait, how do you it’s a “he”?” Agnes ask while looking at Vinh
>”I had to checked.” He said curtly
>Agnes gradually looks back at the baby, caressing his head with care.
>”I don’t mean to cut it in, but what is going to happen to the baby?” Octus finally summons the courage to speak.
>”Good question, Any takers here? If not, this little guy is going to the orphanage.”
>”Sir, please don’t joke about things like that.” a complaint arose from one of the aides behind Vinh.
>”What? Why not? I grew up in a orphanage, and look at me!”
>The room felled quiet with a stale silence, as they coldly look at Vinh.
>The baby himself seems completely aloof of the situation, as he emotionlessly stares at the group.
>”Your silence terrifies me… but still, whose going to take in this little guy?”
>”Why not you?” Octus says with an affirmative voice, contrary to his usual demeanor.
>”I already got kids and that goes for the two behind me. Plus, I’m not exactly keen on explaining to the missus why I brought Star-Child here.”
>While the conversation goes on, Agnes looks at the baby, whose been entirely silent for all this. Bless his ignorance, she thought. This “Star-Child,” as Vinh put it, he’s origins is a mystery to them all. His future is an even bigger one, as the baby turns to lock eyes with Agnes.
>His eyes, one blue, and the other brown. The babe’s gaze was calming, of sorts. It drew Agnes closer in, it was captivating to see such eyes on a baby. Agnes looks back up, as if commanded.
>“I’ll take him, for the time being at least.”
>They look at Agnes in surprise, with Vinh being the first to object.
>”Are you sure, Agnes? You already got two siblings back home.” He says with slight doubt.
>”Don’t worry, I’ll just request more hours.”
>Vinh stares at Agnes for a few moments, as he lets at a soft sigh.
>”…Alright, he’s all yours.”
>Vinh gives the baby to Agnes, the baby himself didn’t seem to mind, or care honestly.
>”Now this is settled, how about we head home.” Vinh says, while making his way to the door, and followed by his aides.
>”…Well, Octus, how was your first day here?”
>He takes in short breath and looks at Agnes” Rememberable, to say the least.”
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Remember when you left /tg/? Before all this, before Orator-anon? You were gone seven years. Seven years I waited, hoping that you wouldn't come back. Every year, I took a holiday. I went to Florence, there's this cafe, on the banks of the Arno. Every fine evening, I'd sit there and order a Fernet Branca. I had this fantasy, that I would look across the tables and I'd see you there, with a wife and maybe a couple of kids. You wouldn't say anything to me, nor me to you. But we'd both know that you'd made it, that you were happy. I never wanted you to come back to /tg/. I always knew there was nothing here for you, except pain and tragedy. And I wanted something more for you than that. I still do
>Now with the Primarch of the 2nd Legion intro done, we return to the main story, where Virgo has announced his resignation and bequeathed his post to Tael’vos.
>Abroad on one of the many flagships of the Imperial Heralds, the Company Commanders lay in silence, with Tael’vos and Virgo locking eyes.

>”Why? What possessed you to agree?!”
>Ouch, looks like Tael’vos isn’t taking this well.
>”We’ve been through hell and high water together, and even beyond.” Virgo puts his hand on Tael’vos’ shoulder, still locking eyes.
>”But… it’s time for me to move forward… I hope you can understand.” Virgo steps back and looks at his command staff.
>”It’s been a great pleasure serving with you all, this may be the last time I’ll ever see you lot again. But with further a dew, I have two things to announce before I step down.” Tael’vos looks down to the ground, barely looking at Virgo, his expression does not fully show his true feelings and I can feel it.
>”The new Company Commander who’ll fill the gap is right outside, and he comes with high marks too.” Virgo pushes a button that opens the door behind us, they turn to see a lone Marine walking towards them.
>”Allow me to introduce you to Zardu Layak.”
>The moment the words left Virgo’s lips, I suddenly felt like… like I’m supposed to know who this guy is.
>Once Layak comes closer into view, he has this… aura, as if he’s important or whatever. None of these guys have such an aura, could he be a named character?
>”Good tidings, Brothers, I’m fortunate to be working with you all.” Layak says, as he over to Tael’vos, slightly concerned for him.
>Virgo waves at Layak to get his attention.
>”Now for my second order before I step down is… join your Brothers in our victory, that is all, dismissed!”
>The eight salute Virgo, with Tael’vos still sulking and largely depressed from Virgo’s revelation.
>As they proceed to join their Brothers, Kyrus is stopped by Layak.
>”Forgive, Brother, but may I have a word with you?”
>”Of course, Brother.”
>”Your reputation precedes you, I have heard of your speeches, how you are able to persuade entire settlements to heel!”
>”Why thank you, Brother, but I do not boast of my title.”
>”I am merely showing my admiration for your work, but I will take my leave, thank you for you time.”
>Layak salutes Kyrus, and he returns the gesture, he leaves to join with the others.
>“So, what do you think of him, Ghost?”
>“He’s… weird, to say the least. He actually the first person whose praised you.”
>“I’ve been increasingly popular since my seminar on temperance.”
>“Everyone present we’re quiet astonished, the first time around. I didn’t know it would have this effect.”
>Layak’s forwardness rubbed me the wrong way, that isn’t important right now.
>“So, what’s next?” I ask
>“We’ll likely head to the nearest major port to stock up on supplies. If it is Terra itself, it will probably be the last time we’ll see it.”
>“Why’s that?”
>“With the Legion at full fighting strength, we must push forward into the galaxy, that means being far away from Terra.”
>Kyrus does bring up a good point, if this is the last we’ll see Terra for a while, being far away from The Emperor and Malcador will probably be a good thing for me.
Bump. Maybe cupanon can return
>“Now then, shall we join with the others?” Kyrus follows his Brothers to the rest of the Chapter
>We now move little forward in time, 813:M30 to be exact, 44 years before Lorgar is founded.
>Upon the planet of Nuceria, where the Primarch of the 12th Legion, Angron resides.
>Life has not been fair to him, not at all.
>He was placed in the Gladiatorial Pits of Nuceria, since he was recovered by slavers, after he killed a small group of Eldar.
>He is now imprisoned, after a failed slave revolt, the slavers are now in the process of implanting the Butcher’s Nails.
>The Butcher’s Nails is what broke Angron, for the device made the user highly aggressive, and the only thing that give comfort momentarily was committing violence.
>However, history is changing, for a band of the Emperor’s Companions has made planetfall.
>Their objective, rescue the Primarch, and return.
>As the Custodes land upon Nuceria, Shield-Captain Custodisi of the Emperor’s Companions, readies his Shield-Host.
>After the appearance of the mysterious data-slab, the priorities of the Emperor have shifted, somewhat.
>Under the cover of night, the Shield-Host has now landed near the pits, there is a tunnel system under them.
>Such information was obtained through scans of the planet before they landed.
>With said tunnel system, leds to the secret laboratory, where the Nails are being implanted into Angron.
>They hit the ground running, literally, easily founding the entrance to the tunnel system.
>Their barely fit into the passageway, as they make their way through, with all haste.
>They effortlessly navigate themselves, before arriving before a large, steel gate.
>It is guarded, of course, but that won’t be a problem.
>The sounds of machines and bone’s breaking can be heard from the other side, as the Shield-Host proceeds to break down the gate.
>They break down the steel gate with great force, startling everyone inside, with a few guards raising their weapons towards the Custodes.
>They’re brought down just as easily, with the laboratory now under their control, Custodisi looks at the “operation” team.
>“Stop the procedure immediately! Who is in charge here?” He says while holding his spear aloft, towards the team.
>One, an middle-aged man, nervously raises his hand.
>“W-why are you doing this?” He says, as looks at the golden superhumans surrounding him.
>“We have been ordered to do so, but that does not matter, your all coming with us.”
>“Now, b-but the patient may die?!”
>“We have an extensive medical team on-hand, let’s go.
>The Shield Host carried the Primarch and the operation team with them, and by the time people noticed, they were long gone. One side note, Angron was largely conscious during all of this.
This is last thing I’ll post tonight, hopefully this thread will last another day.

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