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First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78475385/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78533839
Part 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78583130/
Part 4: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78620743

Almost there, after all this time we can finally fix a tomb world.

>The Canoptek Skorpioid was given blanket approval by Executioner Phillias and the council really couldn't argue with that matter (which i had hoped i could actually get some field testing in but okay).
>Trazyn immediately asked that i see to it that 100 hundred units were provided to him over interstitial messaging.
>I told him we’d make a deal after the mission on Agun.
>With all the matters dealing we moved onto the next and hopefully last matter.
>”The seraptek heavy construct outside, they had not been active when last i was on your world.” Phillias remarked.
>”Uh well those i awoke not too long after you-” I was cut off.
>”These constructs were made by you were they not.” Phillias asked.
>Just when i thought the hard bit of this meeting was over.
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So just to start heres a quick recap of our last little adventure.

>Orikan the diviner came to talk to Ishskar, to discover how did he turn into a c'tan, However after Ishskar insulted him so much Orikan decapitated Ish and went back in time to undo it.
>After Ish showed Orikan his memory from the battle against the outsider, Ish then made a deal with him to further narrow down specific locations of what is he (and trazyn) looking for and not interfere.
>Ish had received word that three Seraptek were heavily corroded and were undergoing repairs, Ish then went to go fix up, and reawaken them. One of the Seraptek that Ish might have created called him 'father'
>However this reunion was cut short with a scarab delivered a message from the praetorian to him, Demanding he and all awakened necrons and active canopteks go to Bekyra immediately to attend the awoken council.
>Which he does... during this trip several key events happen, One of which is Ish creating smaller destroyer weapons were created, The necrons and canopteks watched the 'movie marathon' all over again, Oh and Ishskar made dawn of war apocalypses elite addition.
>Eventually when they land on Bekyra the entire force marches on in unison and present themselves before the council doors, Only Ishskar is allowed inside, and a few necrons (who were investigated for six months) and canopteks after a few hours.
>The councilmen (and women) then inform that what Ishskar had done in reawakening his people was fucking dangerous, However due to the state of all awoken necrons all was forgiven. Due to the great work that Ish had done so far, he was promoted and told to use his skills everywhere and anywhere they are needed
>The council has also requested a few of the new canoptek, and weaponry schematics due to their effect. Trazyn seems to have also found a fellow archaeologists after Ish explained why he made the Skorpioid's suffice to say I think the two will get along.
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>”I-I hmmm I think that is the case?” I say with a shrug.
>”You think?” Ossuaria spat.
>”How is it you don't know?” She asked incredulously.
>”I guh, i must admit that...when I awoke...” I hold the back of my head.
>”My own engrams had gone some changes, worn down by 42 million years residing within a stasis sarcophagus of substandard quality.” most of the crowd seems to quite noticeably flatten at that comment.
>”It would certainly explain my early awakening.”
>”All the same I am still performing my duties, even if perhaps I have forgotten the wider scope of my abilities.” Zuberkar seems pleased with this.
>”Meaning their production is lost to you as well, as shame it is to hear that.” Quellkah said.
File: SILENCE_VERMIN.jpg (73 KB, 297x301)
73 KB
>Finally we moved onto the final bit of discussion.
>Our heading to the Tombworld of Agun from the Knights of macragge book.
>A Choronomancer by the name of Nehebkau was alone on that world.
>12 Years were lost in those expansive talks.
>Pandering to the Phaerakh Ossuaria.
>Threatening Lord Nemesor Zuberkar.
>Enticing High Metallurgist Quellkah.
>Trazyn was a bit of a smooth talker, ensuring me this was all by the book and sure enough we had made the council yield to our original plan without issue.
>With the living metal bacteria that permeated their world and my own previous actions, it was only natural that we would absorb the lesser dynasty into our own.
>GOD it felt good to win.
That gif at the end of last thread is absolutely cursed, thank you
File: no bully necron.png (66 KB, 1266x688)
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>The awakened council needed time to prepare assets 2 decades to prepare.
>Which in that time i was EXPECTED to work on refining and start the production on the Canoptek Skorpioid in time for the voyage.
>I was actually glad as I would get to work with another cryptek that followed my vein of research.
>Ossuaria and Zuberkar would go on to leave the planet.
>But not before they both bullied me into making them both personally crafted patterns of the new weapons that were just approved of.
>I was actually content to get back on the crafting phase.
>I was so close to actually achieving one of my big picture goals.
>This endeavor could take multiple centuries, but I was fine with that.
Your welcome.

Now if you need me im gonna crumble after getting all of that writing in the span of like 20 minutes.
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File: Sticklike_Deathmark.png (291 KB, 600x600)
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291 KB PNG
>We would be on world for a little bit longer...
>Shards this is the worst for us, though Zuberkar did seem to like our current code of hunting.
>Slow as it was, it allowed the best prey to be produced and allowed the population to steadily grow, to feed more of the larger prey.
>Though we couldn't hunt until we knew all we could about our prey... including their diets, how long they live, when do they reproduce, how many are born, and so on
>He seemed a bit sadden by that, until he gave it a though and agreed that those rules are acceptable if one looks at it in long term speaking.
>... though he did ask about our 'hypothetical 'western' honor' duals.
>All we could basically tell him was ask Ishskar about those honor duals... but relay any new information to us.
>We even told him we found a way to lower the charge on the 'revolvers' (as we called them) to destroy basic fabric material (without hurting the necron underneath).
>The demonstration was quickly set up and our two contestants wore 'ponchos'. As indications of who is hit first, or would would parish from a shot.
>He was amazed at how quickly we could draw our weapons, and accurately fire with them from the hip.
>Overall a good time with him I must say.
File: necron.gif (2.68 MB, 600x771)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB GIF
>The years ticked by with me and Metallurgist Quellkah working rigorously to produce more of the Skorpioid constructs.
>Having someone extensively trained in metallurgy was a godsend.
>We were pumping out entire spools of auramite thread.
>We spent years simply discussing the topics of metal, holy shit when the fuck did I become such a metal nerd.
>In other news most of my crew returned to the ship.
>I took half a year to cool off after working with Quellkah, I really needed to work on the next build of Dawn of War Apocalypses Elite Edition.
>For starters i turned all the flayers and destroyers into versions of my modified immortals and deathmarks wielding versions of their new weapons.
>That and I fixed multiplayer to limit one of each phaeron, no more stormlord spam.
File: Necrons_jpeg.jpg (1.66 MB, 2400x1350)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
>I quickly found that changes were well received along with a litany of other bugs that were patched.
>When I launched the patch I found a greater influx of lychguards...and praetorians and holy fuck Phillias was now in on it.
>The rounds weren't dragging out...I mean they usually only lasted months in real time but that's actually quite fast for a necron.
>It also seems that the immortals are actually learning...which is good.
>Normally immortals were unable to learn anything new, that was something heavily noted in the lore.
>Seems their awakening was actually having some Positive unforeseen side effects.
>Phillias actually seems to be enjoying the game, and is slowly heading to try and dethrone our current reigning champion.
>First Scythe Agakhet, who has unironically been gaming for longer than I was alive as a human, speaking of its been around 136 years since I woke up.
>Be Chari
>Ish is thankfully fine, that's a weight off my chassis...
>Although he was told to refine the Skorpioid, and the mass production of them
>Though Ossuaria and Zuberkar demanded that they receive the newly crafted weaponry but custom to their liking.
>He didn't mind, I think he actually enjoyed making it for them.
>Though finding out he forgot how to make seraptek was sad...
>Though if we had some shells could we deconstruct them and figure out how to make them...?
>Wait a moment... 6 were heavily damaged in different locations back home, so the parts could exist... in bad condition but exist none the less, and only 6 were outright destroyed.
>If we play our hand right we could excavate them... is that why he also designed the skorpioid?
>Though one of the praetorians did request one Ael [PNC] I explain that Ishskar didn't make it, but rather a scarab did...
>The silence that fallowed was defending...
>At first he wanted to say something, but cut himself off and looked genuinely confused.
>I just pointed to the Ael who can speak with no necron inside it, just look for the one that is very heavily modified
Okay and I'm ending it on that high note, I need some rest for today. Please do keep the thread alive if you dont mind.

Tomorrow I finally get to write about a dead tombworld yay.
Sheesh they are playing long.

Winder if Ish could ask for a copy of the part of their neural matrixes involved in the strategy, see if he can somehow catch up or not suck. Be able to teach Emps, Guilliman, the Lion, Dorn and pert about strategy if he meets them, since they are the most strategic of the primarchs.

A different game to make will have to be some galaxy scale grand strategy game using and actual galaxy map and the location of tomb-world and the dynasties.
Plan new logistics and plans for galaxy scale conflicts and projects. Simulating squad combat to galactic arm theatres. As sell as including known webway gaits to combat the Eldar.
fucking based Agakhet
File: 1557524708671.png (298 KB, 600x786)
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298 KB PNG
How are these not quest threads?
>be me Canoptek Ael.
>my efforts to find Cryptek on ships turned fubar because we landed before I could meet him.
>Joined the March in the tombworld, but I kind of just floated.
>waited a while with the others, noticed some go into the court room and return later.
>realises I'm still carrying the Canoptek Egg all this time. . .
>Hides it within the Ael
>gets approached by big scary Necron, I think their called praetorians.
>he asks me for an Ael, I respond with sure but their still in test period, also I ask if he wants either a fabricator claw array or another sub-system, or even if he wants the outer carapace to be able to carry an assortment of Necron weaponry.
>I get silence in response, in this silence I eye his rod and gain a crazy idea.
>designs in tiny scarab head a forward shield of energy in front of Ael's head to protect against projectiles.
>after his silence, the Praetorian responds with the strongest possible iteration.
>Has figurative lit-up expression, I is happy,
>I is happy until he says his next sentence,
Didn't read it, what happens on the tomb world in the book?
Is that Cato?
>"I also heard that the 'Ael' wasn't made by the High Cryptek Ishskar, but by a single Scarab Is this true"
>I can't really disobey a Praetorian so I comply by exiting my Ael and standing on the Ael's head within view of the Praetorian, as he sees me, im nervous since I can't speak back.
>But I is a genius scarab who likes to invent, and now I have a fabricator claw array due to Ael, I made some modifications to form.
>I is like any other Scarab but few minor details, My head is a bit bigger with my single eye being replaced with 8 smaller ones which can see in more directions.
>Another feature of these eyes is than they can project still images in colour, so I can communicate but I can't speak.
>I look at the Praetorian who I can assume is confused, I make a image of the word Inventor with an arrow pointing to me
>it seems to catch his attention.
>"So your the scarab who made these Ael's"
>I respond with an image indicating yeah
>"how is it even possible for a scarab to do this"
>I respond with an animation of a lot of Necrons awakening at the same time.
>"So you became possible of this due to Cryptek Ishskar's action"
>indicates yeah by replacing an image of a Necron head with another one who is bent over before replacing it back with the original.
>I float around the Praetorian and the miniscule sounds of 'Click' can be heard, before returning to my Ael's head.
>"What did you just do Scarab"
>I responding by placing an set images of the praetorian from different angles.
>"Why was that necessary Scarab"
>I show and image of the Praetorian next to an Ael I then next expand the image of the Ael to indicate he needs a bigger Ael.
>"so a bigger Ael is needed, how long will it take"
>I respond by returning to Ael and saying "it will take some time but should be done before I leave tombworld, I make bigger Ael but I need recourses that are on the ship"
>As I request for necessities, the praetorian responds by just letting me go get the stuff
>I return to the ship to finish next project with the new idea and design requirement.
>I make A greater Ael like mine but has other features since doesn't house me.
>This Greater Ael is one size bigger, its upper carapace now has indent for praetorian tail which secures him so he can fight on Ael-back, Gave the Greater Ael my idea of energy shield.
>Greater Ael is great, only problem it need more power than Ael's do, so implemented 2 more Canoptek eggs in design.
>finishes before needing to leave and returns with the Greater Ael in tow.
>I hand it off and I suspect he is happy, I is happy that my work is appreciated.
>I explain features of the Greater Ael and tell him the weak point locations, essentially the locations of the eggs, keeping them secret from superiors is bad idea
>He asks what they are and I have to respond.
>I say their core parts for the Greater Ael,
>he's silent, I is nervous, after a while he seems to accept it and then holds out his hand, and says "hand it over"
>I have no idea what this means but I saw this in the movies, I raise my claw and place one of its digits on his and shake it forcefully.
>he seems shocked, was that not what he wanted?
>"I was requesting for the schematics, I need to hand it to the council like most other schematics"
>I blank before handing the schematic I made and additional ones of the iterations described before, as well as the Ael and Canoptek Egg.
>I am sad about giving Canoptek egg schematic but I had a feeling there would be a big problem if I no hand egg schematic.
>once I hand him the allotment of schematics, he notices the egg and eyes it suspiciously,
>"what is this schematic for"
>I respond with "the battery schematic, Its required for Ael's since they need power yours needs 3 of them"
>he seemingly gives a look of understanding.
>I just return to the ship and plan my next action.
In Grey Knights lore, they use tesseract labyrinths to capture daemons, but it has not been stated where they get them from!
Ish can be the source! Do it!
is common knowledge the tech is Necron in nature with it making a pocket dimension,
its easy to just theorise they get it from the mechanics after the mechanics have stolen all of the Necrons toasters
cogboys are lightyears behind making a Necron toaster, you think they can build a tesseract?
Probably somebody gave them to contain the daemons, GK are under Ordo Malleus, the Inquisition must have some classified source.
no I mean the cogbois stole them then gave them to the major anti demon faction of astarts the grey knights.
>Be Immortal.
>A deathmark challenged me to a game of Ultimate Apocalypse, for some reason.
>He played as the Tyranids, and kept spamming gaunts into my destroyers and turrets for some reason.
>I lost track of time amidst the carnage, and when the crazy cryptek rejoined us, trillions of the organics had perished.
>We were ordered back to the ship while the canopteks aided in the production of more weapons for the Awakened Council.
>The deathmarks finally stopped spamming the gaunts, and we began to play properly.
>I actually learned a good deal of the organics' strategy as the deathmark made a point to exploit every weakness I showed, until I learned to counter them.
>The canopteks were actually shockingly useful, and turned the tide many times against the organics.
>When the crazy cryptek finished with his weapons he released a new edition, mainly preventing everyone from playing as Lord Imotekh.
>The deathmark and I continued to play, and it wasn't until the ship readied to depart that I realized how long it had been.
>Thinking about all that I had learned, I decided to ask one of the stranger scarabs about his new weapons platforms, and he seemed delighted to explain in great detail, though I failed to understand most of it.
>Perhaps I should ask him to look into ways to prevent the plants from constantly invading our tomb.
the nids aren't in the game. its only eldar, necrons and ork. . .
... ... ... Oh dear, why did I think that Tyranids were in this?
Um, orks, he definitely played orks and threw trillions of slugga boyz into the killing fields.
mistakes were made
File: Mistakes.jpg (50 KB, 750x600)
50 KB
Ring the bells, I'll walk down the hall of shame to stand with Ward.
File: 20210415_081829.jpg (3.24 MB, 1638x2048)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB JPG
Pov you are tired immortal

In other news I'm sick so I will rest and then head for work an hour from now
call in sick the just have fun all day
So would you say there were unforeseen consequences of the resonance cascade?
Welp, it's canon now, that particular deathmark plays orks.
maybe something about, learning how his enemy works will make fighting them easier
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Yes, krump da blueies.
WAAAAGH indeed, deathmark.
File: artur-nakhodkin-medusae-3.jpg (398 KB, 1920x2233)
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398 KB JPG
>Some of the extra xeno’s i added as minor enemies when I had initially made the game had been reworked as I spoke more and more with Trazyn about them.
>The Xeno’s i had worked had been the following: Clawed Fiends, Crotalid, Gyrinx, Jokaero Weaponsmith, Khymerae, Kroot, Kroot Hounds, Krootox, Medusae, Megarachnids, Razorwing Flocks, Sslyth, Ur-Ghul and, the Vespid.
>I'll be honest it was a fun thing adding them in.
>Some of the ork players were actually finding out that I made a few of the xeno races recruitable, which made them quite excited to try and “tame” Gyrinx and Jokaero into their ranks.
>After a few dozens rounds Executioner Phillias did eventually pull me off to the side.
>”These simulations are interesting ishskar, i wish to distribute them to my colleagues within the triarchs praetorian.” It felt like more of a demand.
>”I am seeing active progress within your immortals and lychguards tactical engrams, something I haven't seen across the thousands of tomb worlds I've visited.”
>”I Guess i can give you both the Battlefleet Gothic Armada game and Dawn of War Apocalypses Elite Edition, are they really that helpful?”
well looks like we're creating a competitive Necron gaming, why not just...leak the game to the Primarks after all not embracing diversity breeds in weakness
Get them first to the Custodes. Lets hope they will become the Asian equivalent of their E-Sports teams with their unending knowledge of The Art of War and stuff
File: thumbs up.jpg (85 KB, 732x348)
85 KB
>She nodded vehemently.
>”Well i understand, i will prepare a data scroll with the information needed to run the game.” I give her a thumbs up.
>She tilts her head, and I quickly hide my hand behind my back...do necrons not normally give thumbs up?
>She returns the gesture which I can only assume is a confused train of thought running through her mind.
>I Quickly retreat into my ship.
>I think it's best if I cloister myself in my quarters so I can work on her request.
>I give a quick ping to chari and Quellkah I'm going to be busy for a few months preparing some data for the praetorians.
>I shut myself into my room.
File: tenor (3).gif (1.28 MB, 498x280)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
>Be me Canoptek Ael, is sad since gave all my schematics away
>hides within the ship and lurks around.
>while lurking I hope to fine new inspiration and i find it someone else's sloppiness.
>one of the Necrons left the ship without disactivating the terminal with it still running one of the cryptek's games, it was that top down perspective one.
>I wasn't interested when it was introduced but the sight of it made me interested so I went to the terminal and tried to play.
>fubar, in both my Ael and scarab form, its just so difficult to play.
>gained inspiration to make it possible to play.
>traverses the ship looking for possible materials and technology to create idea.
>enters the Mad cryptek's room and looks for anything that would suit my goal.
>hears the door shut behind me with my nonfigurative back to the door. . .
yes that is, this is a book involving cato and a contingent of both old and new space marines struggling in the warp and then find themselves on a rundown feudal world.
im going to head off to a clinlc and see about getting myself nice and good.
im curious how people will react to cryptek meeting Ael ?
>I see an odd little scarab in my chamber and I give it a light pat before going to a terminal.
>It's mostly a matter of transferring over the data into a physical media, as in crystalline data scrolls.
>These eight sided cylindrical scrolls can be plugged into most terminals and the data is instantly uploaded from there, like a USB but with far more memory.
>I'm kind of curious what will come of these games being distributed out to the wider necrons.
>Will this actually mean necron strategy might improve in the long term?
>I can only hope.
>I've made the two data scrolls needed for Battlefleet Gothic Armada game and Dawn of War Apocalypses Elite Edition
>is patted like a pet by the mad cryptek.
>is confused,
>I is no pet,
>I is genius scarab who made one of Necrons newest Canoptek beings by my self,
>me brain is powerful.
>In a single action I jump onto the terminal which the cryptek is on and does something unprecedented.
>once the Two data scrolls are done I hack the terminal right in front of the cryptek.
>once the terminal is sputtering static I respond by making a picture of "no pats", using my projection eyes.
File: No pats.gif (66 KB, 540x326)
66 KB
>As I pulled the two fresh scrolls from my terminal,volts of electricity jumped off the phos-glyph screen.
>I tried looking for the source but immediately something took over the screen.
>In a hissing spark and crackle words came onto my screen.
>”NO PATS” in a crude jagged font.
>I Looked around to see the scarab, the one I modified several decades back.
>”How did-”
>I Stood up and approached the scarab.
>A quick scan showed it wasn't connected to the interstitial link all subservient canoptek constructs fell under.
>After spending months working on the Skorpioid, and the personal weapons of the councilors...
>It was getting both repetitive and tiring
>Thankfully Ish seemed to be feeling the same way, so he began to get back to work on his 'games'
>It was hard... but fun.
>Tweaking and rebalancing how the games units worked and what was and wasn't allowed
>The praetorians did seemed to love the game
>I just acted as Ishskars vice commander…
>the praetorian did request the game for her comrades
>I didn't even realized he left without me
>just realised I revealed my presence to the mad Cryptek. . .
>well scrap me, this situation cannot get any worse.
>the image of "no pats" dissipates as my 8 eyes seemingly focus on the Cryptek as if in defiance before realizing he Necron and me scarab currently.
>realize I could try and be confident before I'm turn into scrap
>an image appears with the words, "I am Ael maker, You Mad Cryptek, hi to meet u, even though I know about you, you should have heard of me at least"
For fucks sake why are side stories bleeding into the main one like this.

It just derails everything. Stop. Make your own damn story thread.
it was the only rule i belive
I just want to I just want to list it acknowledge a few of them
>Be Immortal.
>Still playing against the deathmark's endless hordes of orks.
>Occasionally break to see what the canopteks are building.
>No organics to atomize.
>I heard the deathmarks speculating on what they could hunt on the world that we are going too.
>When the deathmark that I've been playing with joined their conversation, I decided to patrol the ship, searching for any organics that might have infiltrated since the last hole was blown in the side by the crazy cryptek.
This Anon gets it. I love the Cryptek story but stuff like >>78686174 just comes across as troll-like and plot-derailing
File: 1618249038920.jpg (22 KB, 604x465)
22 KB
>It was a mild oddity I communed with the scarab for a bit.
>Learning that it had been another unintended byproduct of my "Resonance Cascade" incident.
>It had the same sort of knack for creation as me so I gave it few schematic designs to work on.
>Mostly I was curious to see what it would make on its own.
>They shared their few interesting designs with me and I assured it, it would be "Scrapped" as it believed it would.
>I could definitely make use of these canoptek egg structures for some future plans.
>For now I returned to Phillias.
File: TombShipArt.jpg (51 KB, 1050x569)
51 KB
>The next 15 years were spent in heavy industry with Quellkah.
>We managed to produce roughly 75 sets of Canoptek Skorpioid patterns.
>Which roughly translates to Two hundred Twenty five individual units seeing as the sets came in units of 3.
>Trazyn was allowed to have 25 sets right out of the gate.
>The rest were going to be dedicated to our effort on agun.
>We were finally taking off the planet.
>this venture would take an 8 year long voyage towards the tombworld of agun.
>A shorter voyage, but much of that place was uncataloged and dangerous as I'm told.
i forgot to correct this before but, canoptek man, the Ael's are ridden like speeders from starwars. not like mechs, I started with the mech idea since Scarab is small.
It would be funny if cryptek offered to 'bird's the processing in Ael (scarab).
Ael already had big brains, to buff already big brains is too much or cause shell to break from to much big brains
>be me not scrapped Ael,
>mad Cryptek isn't as crazy as though, for one he didn't scrap me.
>conversation seemed quicker than normal for some reason, maybe its because there no really long pauses.
>We make deal, Work together but not get in each others way.
>he gives me some schematics, I do likewise.
>goes off to make my newest invention, I even already have a name for it.
>the "Canoptek energy translation device" or "Cet" device.
File: 0002.png (27 KB, 516x516)
27 KB
>in the time it took before lift off I made it.
>using the schematics from Cryptek, and my own techniques I made a pair of Cet's.
>the Cet acts as a mental corridor between a Canoptek or Necron between a Terminal.
>it might seem complex but the application is simple.
>it makes it so Canoptek creatures from the lowliest of scarab to the mighty seraptek heavy construct, can now manipulate a terminal by running power though a conduit which is translated into the terminal as orders.
>meaning I can play games now.
>hands the pair of them to Cryptek and a note on how they work.
Sweet, new thread, new advertisement.
File: 40K-20181216081755.jpg (237 KB, 1920x1080)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>Our small fleet consisted of 2 Shroud Class Light Cruiser(mine and Trazyn’s), a Cairn Class Tomb Ship (Executioner Phillias), 2 Jackal Class Raiders, and a Dirge Class Raider (Quellkah’s)
>In that time we spent traveling together, I learned much in my talks with Quellkah.
>I tought much when it came to the ways of transmutation.
>In return he taught me ways to weave metals like I'd never imagined.
>He taught me the concept of phase-hardening which can reinforce certain metals to another level of durability.
>Coming to realize it he just more or less gave me a hint as to how to make one of the necron relics.
>In any case we still have 3 more years worth of travel left.
>It's a bit grim, I'm so excited to arrive onto a dead world.
Have to agree. Side stories, aside from Chari I suppose, should be separated from the main story. Like the tired immortal and his crusade against plants.
Its just for Ael, if he wasn't noticed by Cryptek by now, it would be stupid how, nearly everyone else on the ship knows of him yet Cryptek doesn't,
they had to meet at least once. its now done and I don't intend to intercede with cryptek's story intentionally, handing him a gadget or new tech maybe but not like I will actively going against his plot.
File: Aspect_Warriors.jpg (182 KB, 1191x670)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>As we were continuing our heading i had been receiving a lot more questions as of late from the praetorian.
>They had been playing or as they say “training” when they couldn't help but notice an additional options that had not yet existed...
>The Pariah from the necrons.
>The Snaggas from the orks.
>And nearly the entire roster for the aeldari was something the necrons had encountered.
>They were expecting “Khanite warriors” and other units.
>Fuck, they aeldari of this time have more temples actually dedicated to their gods instead of all these aspect warriors.
>Its only natural they don't know what any of the phoenix lords or aspect warriors and their exarchs are.
File: FUCKED UP.jpg (883 KB, 1595x2160)
883 KB
883 KB JPG
>Trazyn and Phillias pulled me into a call.
>Trazyn started ”Ishskar, While these combat simulations have been most enjoyable during our extended travels…”
>”It has come to our attention on multiple occasions you have included various units not currently known to even I.” Trazyn dramatically placed his hand to his chest.
>”When previously you asked me to join you in the accurately depicting xeno combat I was able to give you extensive data on several races.”
>”But even if you presented me with races that befuddled my own memory, this is a vast galaxy yes but as one so recently woken...”
>”It stretches incredulity for you to have witnessed such xeno’s in such a short amount of time.” He finished as he narrowed his eyes on me.
>Phillias was next. “In addition to this, the Aeldari you have reccoreded here are unlike any we have encountered even within the war of heaven.”
>”Consulting trazyn’s extensive records it even seems as though these Aeldari do not exist, nor do we in our records hold these ‘Pariah’ you have added.”
File: A_Necron_DOW_Set.jpg (609 KB, 1920x1080)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
File: 1485544093920.png (785 KB, 875x1005)
785 KB
785 KB PNG
File: Aeldari.jpg (152 KB, 800x1200)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Calling back to this post >>78617238
>Phillias lowered her head closer to the display, making it so she was leaning closer to the screen.
>”Have you in all of your foresight, seen enemies that do not as of yet exist?”
>Trazyn seemed to chuckle at that.
>I stood silence...what the fuck could say?
>I for once voluntarily went quiet for more time than was necessary.
>After a year of waiting, phillias snapped at me.
>”I asked you a question ishskar.”
>”What have you divined that would enable you to see the new might the aeldari possesses?”
I can see a few responses he could give

enemy's of such unfathomable horror that you'd wish to never see or ever un-see

Events that could even make us necrons weep in grief...

And watched at such horror that blighted the galaxy that forced us to ally with hated foes...

Followed by Crystal giving a crash course of the fall of eldar, and the 'things' first birth scream that basically wiped out 98% of the species in a single moment.
Fucking auto correct!

Reading Ael posts gives a cancer to the bones.
File: goofed.png (1.41 MB, 1917x1075)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Here's another meme to you!
>After a year of waiting, phillias snapped at me.
>”I asked you a question ishskar.”

Your girlfriend is mad at you anon. Even satan agrees.
Only your bones got cancer?
Lucky anon.
File: The_eye_of_Terror_2.jpg (307 KB, 1073x1226)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
>I finally spoke, I couldn't let my spaghetti overflow this time.
>”I have seen a galaxy in flames.” I began to project images onto the feed instead of letting them see me.
>”The Aeldari in their decadence rupture the very galaxy birthing forth a god from the empyrean.” I showed the birth of slaanesh, and the fall of the aeldari into the eldar.
>”I see a fledgling race reaching for the stars for conquest, butchering untold billions before squabbling across the stars destroying all in their path.” I showed them the great crusade, and the heresy in its wake.
>”I see the green tide waning and waxing at each age, mustering force and ever waging grander war.” I showed them ullanor, the Beast, and Armegedon.
>”I see the coming of god things in the realm of souls, so twisted, so perverted from its former beauty that it births billions of daemons.” I showed them the great rift, the black crusades, the forces of chaos, and the cicatrix maledictum opening.
>”I see tides of hungering insects that would consume our galaxy, corrupting the flesh of mortals and infecting all in its own wretched image.” i showed them the tyrannids, worlds eaten, the genestlers, and the patriarchs.
>”I've seen all of this and so much more, such horrors that would send on into madness, and i wish to prevent that future with every fiber of my being.”
File: necron vs tyrannid.jpg (99 KB, 1000x1369)
99 KB
>Trazyn had been watching intently, ensuring he saved every single image i had presented.
>But Phillias seemed to lower her head as to digest it all.
>I didn't let up though.
>”I have seen what the silent king returns to do, while he is away on his self imposed exile.”
>”returning upon the epoch of the great awakening he was disturbed by the notion of something that would even dare to devour our kind.”
>”He only makes half measures, opposed by the technomandrites.” Something stirs at the back of my mind unsettling so.
>”And our beloved diviner, so gifted with much of this foresight, if nowhere nearly as accurately informed as me.”
>”What does he do with millions of years of foresight?”
>”He squabbles a star form, he rivals against trazyn, and NOT ONCE does the curr dane to save a SINGLE necron in the SIXTY MILLION YEARS he was awake.”
AYE 200 posts nice!
now for the positives (of former/future events)… to shine why the burning of the universe is so much worse
File: 1579408547533.gif (489 KB, 550x600)
489 KB
489 KB GIF
File: silent king.jpg (851 KB, 2000x2000)
851 KB
851 KB JPG
>”I have seen so many squabbles amongst our kind, and it sickens me to my core.”
>”So many lost to petty dynastic wars, so many more lost to the failure of the stasis chambers, and shards knows how many taken by the flayer cults and destroyers.” I show them flashes of each of the described events, before finally the silent king returning to a galaxy in ruins.
>I slowly fall silent, and take an unneeded breath.
>Many months pass before Phillias speaks up.
>”This form of stars you speak of...was this from you achieved...”
>”The one which seemed to be the birth and death of a star, so many sectors away?”
>”Something very close to that yes, when the stars align over him in 17 million years he too shall receive a far greater power than I achieved that day.” I admit.
>”But i have so much more work to do than await the coming of stars.”
File: IMG_0008.jpg (1.36 MB, 3264x2448)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Man will Orikan be hating you now, calling him out in front of the brass like that

pic not related, I just wanted to post something
File: right.png (280 KB, 646x595)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
g-god thing hes not here right now , right?
fucker deserves it as op would say...

However he still has uses... as revolting as that is.

You sent this transmit on private channels right?
>Trollzyn recorded everything...
Well, you didn't mention his ship being amongst your floatilla
Trollzyn or no, he has little reason to leverage that information against you with regard to High Lord of Bitchcraft Orikan.
>Trazyn was in talks with sannet about the transdimensional portal linked back to my Tombworld and his own.
>Phillias would move ahead with triarch praetorian and 25 sets of the Skorpioid’s to scout for the higher echelons of necron command.
>Quellkah and I prepared an extensive amount of living metal required to restore the populace.
>This wasn't going to be a breeze but i already knew that.
>I looked out to that deep blue planet, and breathed softly.
>42 million years had killed so many necrons.
>Something here that over the millions of years ate away at the living metal, and rusted the millions of necrons on this world.
>How many would be to far gone for us to restore?
>After a tense 3 days of silence Phillias pinged us, she had found the sight of one of the tomb entrances along the equator of the world.
>One by one our ships descended from orbit.
>We broke through the Exosphere, followed by our ships slowed by some sort of lull once we broke into the Stratosphere.
>Chronomancy was instantly flagged by our voidmancer.
>We continued, pushing through the disruptive field
>Our ships touched down in the center of a massive valley that was covered in a thin layer of fog.
>We sent out our deathmarks ahead to patrol for any organics, Phillias had informed us of sighting some amphibious megafauna stalking around.
>Several doom scythes were deployed alongside them, each was going to begin branching out across the various continents to try and find as many entrances into the tomb as possible.
File: Agun tombworld.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>Trazyn would end up leaving his power generation device in my care.
>He seemed more interested in securing the megafauna of this world.
>And so we continued on, Quellkah and his vanguard, and my veritable began marching to the tomb that Phillias told us about.
>We arrived in a timely ten hours of marching through dense and unforgiving terrain.
>The sight that greeted me was not a pleasant one.
>A host of 30 lychguard half buried about the entrance of the tomb.
>Many of them had been eaten away at by who knows form of corrosive elements.
>I sent my Cantopek Skorpioid’s begin excavation of those decayed forms, and soon i had the scarabs swarms that had been pumped full of living metal at the ready for restoration work.
File: Deathmarks.jpg (405 KB, 1280x1730)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
jeez i havent fallowed through the deathmark (myself) story

>thank fuck we are finally heading out to another tomb world
>The briefing was short but sweet...
>So basically we are heading to a new world...
>Aiding our brothers and sisters from meeting a destructive fate
>We deathmarks and minor wraith constructs will act as scouts
>Probably for the best...
>However some oddity on this world ate away and rusted necrons on it, which was very concerning.
>While also pinging the vanguard of any dangerous fauna species
>Doom scythes would also aid us with Arial reconnaissance.
by law of megasatan i need to respond, i spent a good like 20 minutes finding a woman necron that wasnt overtly sexual looking. kinda of see her something along this vein but more Pretorian gear.
Genuinely considering the romance but a wee bit iffy on it. its definitely a neat concept to see a necron fall in love AFTER they lost all their biological needs.

Now then im going to go ahead and collapse for the night do please bump for the night friends.
>This would be a relatively short trip
>8 years and the tactical games would be fun
>I knew I could never defeat Agakhet
>… but that is the thing.
>I could never beat him
>So I did the next best thing... I played to annoy him
>The great thing about orks is how many can be produced and how quickly things can be done...
>This more or less fallows the philosophy of quantity over quality.
>Agakhet played to win but if I could both annoy him and distract him long enough (to allow the other players to build up more, and maybe... just maybe win) I considered that my victory condition.
>Bonus points if I piss him off in the process
>So in our first newly 'update' I got to learn all the bullshit for the fastest production... and it all began with choosing one ork to be my war boss...
>Da Mek Boi
>You see orks had no problem when it came to producing soldiers, but it took a little bit longer to produce bases/vehicles with out lots of mek bois...
>So I crunched the numbers...
>Basically one war boss mek boi and one regular mek boi did more the work then the 3 mek bois
>Like the three mek bois pumpted out one (high class) gargent in the course of 1 minute (2.5 with a mek boi and a war boss mek boi)
>But like I said I needed quantity rather then quality
>The lowest class gargent made with the one mek boi and the war bass mek boi was thirteen in a minute
>Rather than the five pumpted out by 3 mek bois
>Add in the changes one phaeron/leader per player did help out.
>Was this bullshit, absolutely
>But I had adopted the ork mentality and embraced it
>Then I weaponized it against Agakhet
>It took him a solid 9 months to get me completely out of the game.
>The other players had a chance to build up more and lasted way longer.
>Agakhet was pissed that he had to constantly deal with the bullshit 'spam' I threw at him...
>But I consider that a win
>Though now he constantly targets me when ever I play orks
>but does it feel good being a thorn in his side.
Well don't bump right away, you bump when you see the thread getting closer to the bottom of the page.
Hey Cryptekbro, I had an idea that you might find interesting. What if one of Ish's goals is to not only reawaken necrons, but also "revive" them? What I mean by that is to restore and augment them to a state similar or greater to what they were pre-biotransferance. They would still be machines, but with generous use of auramite, living metal bacteria, and maybe auramite alloyed living metal they could achieve as close to life as they could get. And, I dunno, maybe find a way to grow their population again since I don't think you can make new necrons and its not like they can't die.
idk, some decisions should have permanent consequences...i think it good how it is, he can bring a something back but not much
>Landing on the world was unsettling
>Something about it put us deathmarks on edge.
>Its bad because can't put our finger on it
>Seeing the megafauna was cool (can't be compared to our homeworld's megafauna)… but strange...
>Especially that gigantic...
>… Where did it go?
>… Oh, so I guess that makes what that one immortal told us about Trazyn is true.
>However he seems content in having the skorpioids, for the time being... and the megafauna for the time being
>Just got to stay safe and warn the vanguard of any dangerous megafauna in the way
>On another note the Ael's [cpn] are doing wonders on this planet
>Quiet and deadly… just the way we deathmarks like it
>Though some deathmarks did use the construction claws to dig out and clear obstacles that got in our path.
>Well those that weren't a problem to get around or put down if necessary.
forget romance, start with admiration, tho make it hard for the audience to know its admiration...and then let's say she dies and is revived by our boy...something akin to feeling come back to her...idk
>be me Ael
>my brain still the biggest of all scarabs.
>is watching progress of deathmarks though their reports.
>is proud that my creations do good work.
>I'm a bit stuck for necrodermis ideas but the abundance of fauna on the planet and the rumor that more energy will needed to revive the tomb give me thought.
>I made bio-engine for ael to gain speed boost.
>can't I make big engine to make lots of power by consuming bio material.
>Goes about the ship looking for parts to make the engine and some Canoptek eggs to store the power.
>Be Immortal.
>The horror.
>So many organics, everywhere, they've completely overrun this world.
>The vile plant has utterly consumed it, laying waste to all of our glorious tombs.
>There is so much that my gauss blaster alone can't even compensate for how quickly it regrows, even if the entire detachment set to work cleansing this world of the taint, it would take centuries.
>The overlord has already set about capturing the giant creatures, and the deathmarks scout ahead for their hunting, even the canoptek construct are aiding in the destruction, but it is not nearly enough.
>Of course, I did not hesitate in atomizing every speck of plant that I see, my brothers joining me and clearing a path to the nearest entrance to the tomb.
>What we saw there only hardened my resolve.
>Thirty lychguards, their necrodermis destroyed by the accursed plants, lay fallen before the tomb entrance.
>The crazy cryptek stood over them for some time before ordering the scarabs and construct into motion, unblocking the tomb entrance and scrapping the destruction away from the lychguards.
>The rest of us secured the perimeter, scouring away the plants and setting up a defensive line.
>Truly, is there anything as horrifying as the depredations these organics are capable of?
I have the following concept of relationship:


Before being lovers, before being even friends, you need to have the minimal trust in someone to have any relationship. This concept can be applied also to necrons because is totally devoid of carnal desire. The more they trust each other, the more deep in a relationship they can be.

And let's be honest here. THOTs are just women that we don't trust in anything.
What is love (baby don't hurt me) if not the highest kind of trust we can have in someone?
A girl I know described love as wanting to eat the other person, which in context of a necron would be a case of the Flayer Virus.
As such I preffer your idea of love but I'd say there is something more to love than trust. More of a yearning for the other combined with security=trust. The joy they bring just by existing in the near vicinity of such.
Love with Philias could be at the beginning trust based on Ish being reliable, but also the "rush of life, passion burning like fire"(It is a quote but I don't remember where from) that he brings compared to others she met. A Lychguards are reliable=trustworthy, but that makes him a good ally, not a love interest.

Anyway We should not impose our ideas on Cryptek Anon, he should do what he thinks is best
I just want to see necrons go from metal skeleton to golden synthetically skinned uberchads.
These were all the ideas i was looking for. it would definitely be different needs that were fulfilled. im kind of a sap for non traditional ideas of romance. these will be taken under consideration if i do peruse that idea.

>Truly, is there anything as horrifying as the depredations these organics are capable of?
y-you alright immortal your starting to tread towards the destroyer cult.

Gargant spam is such a masterful thing

anyways morning folks. i got a nice full 8 hours and im ready to write.
I should have been stocking wines for these moments. Read and a sip of wine will do me good.
this immortal may be infected by the flayer virus...it would be...interesting
naaaaah, he's more akin to a destroyer than a flayer
>While they were being taken care of i would approach the tomb entrance.
>It had been cracked open, relay beacons had been set up nearby by Phillias and her scouting team.
>I entered, lychguard, wraiths, and a few hosts immortals followed me in.
>The interior of the tomb was marred by ages of erosion.
>We walked for miles passing dozens of collapsed chambers, canoptek constructs caked in rust or crushed by debris from fallen pillars.
>Our path ahead had been cleared by the scouting team.
>Precision cuts into the blackstone and collapsed chambers had ensured we could progress onwards.
>We continued following the trail or relays.
>The deeper we headed the more we came to see the vial overgrowths in the cavern.
>Roots had broken through the ceiling and tangled themselves across every surface it could find.
>I found an unfortunate warrior who was so entangled in the roots that it was growing out from in between it’s ribs.
>I was unsettled to say the least.
>I had my lychguard cut the long dead warrior free of the vines, his broken body set off to the side.
>Our march continued.
>I received a ping from Phillias.
>Her Skorpioid’s had begun detecting activity on the lower floors.
>She informed me she was going to wait for me to arrive.
>With that me and my host came running.
>I Had sent a message back to another set of canoptek constructs to follow in after us.
>And to have the serapteks to be on high alert while they watched over our ships.
>It took us another day before we arrived at Phillias spot.
>Her team of 30 Praetorians and the 25 sets of Skorpioid’s was a very reassuring sight.
>”Ishskar, we have uncovered a path leading to the deeper tomb.”
>”I believe we will be reaching the chambers of the nobility next.” She informed me.
>This was good, I took a moment to think before asking her. ”Good, have you yet encountered any live canoptek constructs?”
>She Nodded no. “As of yet no sightings of constructs have been made.”
>I let out a sigh “Well let's get going, Nehebkau awaits.”
>We pressed further into the tomb.
>We were passing so much decay.
>We moved through a part of the tomb complex that housed a host of immortals.
>Their necrodermis was caked in rust, sections seemed as though they had been eroded away, we could see their insides hanging loosely frayed and barely kept in place, entire limbs and heads fallen or reduced to dust.
>I couldn't find a single stasis sarcophagus that had been turned on, there was nothing here that didn't get touched to the raveging touch of time.
File: rusty scarabs.jpg (113 KB, 708x600)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>Onwards deeper through a myriad of tombs complexes that mirrored the last.
>In just a few short days we had passed over a million warriors that had been laid low by decay.
>It kept us quiet for all that time.
>So many of us couldn't voice the sorrow or anger we felt, or at least I couldn't.
>After passing through a hall containing hundreds of immortals we found something actually moving.
>A single scarab skittering along the archway of the chamber.
>I Pointed it out to phillias, rapidly shaking her shoulder to look at it.
>”If we get it we can have it lead us straight to the cryptek, Phillias.” I said with uncontained glee
File: necron statues.jpg (237 KB, 1920x1200)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>Phillias spoke out an override command in the chamber.
>Right away the scarab came down to address her.
>She lifted the scarab, some sort of mental communication was going on that I wasn't privy to.
>”Its as you say ishskar, a cryptek by the name of Nehebkau is operating in the lower levels.”
>She lifted the scarab higher. “Send a message to your cryptek, Aid from the awakened council has arrived.”
>The little scarab clicked its small mandibles together and I can assume it sent the message.
>After that Phillias had us march deeper into the tomb.
>She wanted to meet the cryptek half way.
>Onwards we rushed.
>We had the Skorpioid’s cutting through entire sections of the tomb as it was growing more and more hazardous.
>Our immortals and Agakhet joined in redning and obliterating any signs of plant life that hindered our movements onwards.
>We continued forward through all of this only to reach a clean room.
>A polished mirror room of a strange substance.
>This Antechamber was quiet and phillias had us stop here.
>We could hear the dull drowning of canoptek constructs from ahead, slowly we saw the mangled and oxidized canoptek swarms rush into the room, I had never seen such awful looking constructs, how they had managed to survive.
>Once the room had filled we could hear the clicking steps only biped had, there was one more thing trailing behind the constructs.
File: Nehebkau the rusted.jpg (269 KB, 1288x1463)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
>A hunched cryptek emerged, his body was flaking in ruin
>The oxide tinted his every joint, the rusted texture covered the entire surface of his body.
>I could each step he took into the room, it was like sandpaper scratching away at a rusted piece of sheet metal.
>He sputtered out sounds that were not words.
>He quickly stood before Phillias and bowed completely before his legs gave out, he was on his knees.
>He let out sobbing sounds, though no tears left his single ocular.
>His voice was soft and cracked with static. “S-So long have awaited, I have done my best to preserve what I have been able to.”
>I Couldn't help but notice something at his hip, amongst all his essence totems that marked his mastery discipline, had been a belt of 4 tesseract labyrinths.
>Be me Ael
>my idea of a engine if good but need someway to make it so bio mass can become suitable for engine.
>I could make a secondary part of the engine which make it into the form needed or I could make a device which would prepare it.
>I think the second is more practical but i Need help with compacting matter.
>isn't that cryptek with that overlord a master with dimension knowlage.
>I have a feeling i'm taking risk but, me genius things should sort themselfs out.
>goes to meet Sannet
File: You are weak.jpg (8 KB, 220x229)
8 KB
>Be Immortal.
>The crazy cryptek leads us into the tomb, fresh horrors being unveiled with every ruined room.
>The walls here are truly weak, organics burrowing down and entrapping, destroying, and defiling countless thousands of our brothers.
>We do what we can to free them, but so many cambers are simply beyond salvaging with our weapons alone.
>The crazy cryptek is rightfully quite horrified at what we see, even ordering First Scythe Agakhet to free an ensnared warrior.
>We meet the praetorians deep within the tomb, each of them clearly shaken by the horror of this world, that could have been any of ours, and they move quickly to find this world's cryptek.
>I only hope that the depredations of the organics have spared him enough to save as many of our brothers and sisters as possible, but I fear otherwise.
>I swear to myself that I will purge every wall in our own tomb that is weak enough to fall to the organics.
Necrons lack that fire; they traded eros for pragma.
poor cryptek
>A 'cet' for us canopteks was made by this ael to play the war games which was nice
>Over all a good time on the ship... we landed and our deathmarks got a weird feeling... but...
>When we got to the tomb complex, a certain melon coly lingered here
>Shards was it horrible…
>So many necrons too far gone
>So much canopteks left in rust and decay
>so much... so much
>We did what we could to free the necrons, from the plant life
>This hit us canopteks hard
>I record everything to show our spyders, acanthrites, and the tomb sentinals back home why it was so important to maintain the tomb.
>I just hope it is doing ok

meanwhile back on Ishskars tombworld
>Be acanthrite
>Purging any organic matter that gets with in our tomb...
>The wraiths and us Acanthrites put aside our differences to maintain the crypts
>While we are slightly spread out it just means that we have to do just a tiny bit more work in maintaining the tomb
>Thankfully plenty of scarabs, spyders, and resources makes the job much easier
>Though minor development has be constructed by the spyders has occurred…
>Pilons that prevents any regeneration/growth of organic matter
>Though we only have a few...
>So we have to strategically place them
>Or have a spyder carry it to a repair section
>meet with sannet, I approached him in my Greater Ael,
>I have the weird feeling im being watched
>i ignore it and ask for help from Sannet with idea.
>though the convosation I feel he doesn't get what im trying to do but he hands me some Vault things then sends me off since hes doing somthing more important or what ever.
>as I leave, Still feel eyes on me.
>Gets back to ship but not workshop, I need more area for the engine and device.
>Makes the engine with all acquired materials, done after a while, makes prototype weapon.
>once done with prototype weapon I send it to an immortal with a notice.

>"bio-compacting Displacer, point at biological material, press button, watch as all plant life is consumed by the weapon in a large area"
(acts like a flame thrower but as a vacuum it only works on plant life)
Okay im done with my little break, lets see if i can catch lightening in a bottle again and pop out alot of posts. i think you can tell how excite I've been to write about this world.
File: Tessurect labyrinth.jpg (834 KB, 850x1231)
834 KB
834 KB JPG
>I Knelt besides the old cryptek and set a hand on his shoulder.
>”You need not worry a second longer Nehebkau, your fallen brethren shall be awakened soon enough.” I Reassured him.
>He gripped my essence totems, looking up to me he spoke indignantly.
>”I thank you, my whole dynasty thanks you my lord, please, allow me to take you to my Phaeron.” His voice was shaken, as if in disbelief at what he was seeing.
>”Of course, but might ask…”
>I gestured to the belt of tesseract labyrinths at his hip. “Those have been used to stave decay?”
>He gives a slow creaking nod.
>”Of the materials on hand I have preserved many overlords and crypteks who could not remain in the phaerons own stasis chamber.” He admitted.
Such a shame.
>>78703214who knows maybe anon can awaken the lady boner on her
File: Phillias.jpg (347 KB, 825x713)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
>”Lead the way.” Phillias ordered.
>The cryptek nodded and quickly slinked into the back of the chamber, he walked with a slight limp.
>Our group marched after him, though phillias lagged behind for a moment.
>She was eyeing the ceiling for a moment.
>In the meantime Nehebkau spoke to me.
>”My lord if i may inquire...how was it that you came to discover my planet was in need?”
>”Without power we were unable to contact any of the distant tombworlds.”
>”And being such a lesser known dynasty i did not expect help to come.”
File: necron cryptek 4.jpg (469 KB, 1167x1413)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
>”I foresaw it Nehebkau, I saw your mangled body ravaged by age and decay.”
>”I witnessed a future where the green tide plagued this world, where you would die alone in your decay, your entire dynasty in ruin.”
>”And I destroyed that future, your people will not suffer decay a day longer.”
>The old cryptek clutched his staff, resting his forehead against it.
>”Cuh- guhk...i io- i cant thank you enough for that my lord.”
>He was once more brought to the verge of tears.
>I set a reassuring hand on his shoulder once more.
>”You will have time to rejoice when your phaeron is Reawakened once more.”
With enough auramite maybe necrons can learn to feel again.
File: Iskar and you.png (2.55 MB, 1082x2656)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
Get yours now!
I take twelve orders
File: bfd.jpg (29 KB, 680x366)
29 KB
you were faster than me op
always got the auto update on while im working.
File: react9.png (2.16 MB, 1915x1075)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
I had this song in mind while reading

Oh holy shit yeah that's the exact kind of emotional vibe i was going for. i need to listen to some more Anime Soundtracks.
>be me Ael in ship.
>still being genius scarab
>is bored since making Bio-compacting displacer
>has idea to rummage around Cryptek's room for anything that seems interesting to make.
>looks around the room don't find anything that's really overwhelming.
>leaves room and goes to play one of the games since not inventing.
>as passing some Necrons hear reports of mass rust decayed Necrons in tomb of world were on.
>remembers one of cryptek's theories of eltrolyziz or something, basically by running electricity though an liquid with a rusty material in it, would remove the rust.
>I have no idea how it works but thinks it might work for Necrodermis, worth a try but I have no idea what this liquid is so will need to do trial and error.
>for this I go to the outside of the tomb where are some rusted necrons, I silently steal one of the rusted bodies and returns to my workshop.
>such is the price of progress.
wouldn't... trazyn and by extension sannet just kidnap the ael? not only cause how unique he is but also cause he just went to them Alone while being disconnected from everyone.
The ODST theme (Deference of Darkness) also works

i know for a fact that trazyn is planning to steal ael but i feel he wouldn't untill hes no longer making invention, since his value would increase with each invention he makes
I know it's from Naruto, but this song has a crushing feeling of loneliness that would fit well from the lone cryptek's perspective

Just wrapped up work, gonna grab a bite to eat and resume writing
>This poor cryptek seems so... dilapidated
>the noise of rusted metal rubbing agents itself is a grim reminder for what has happened to him... for what he had to sacrificed to save those who he could
>Neglecting his own well being for others...
>I sent out two private messages to both the preatorian, and the two crypteks (Ish and Nehebkau)
>Requesting that I help repair/clean him a little bit so he might not be in any further suffering
>My request to the praetorian, was to grant this great cryptek a title... The Restless Endurer
>She agreed that this cryptek deserved that much for his hard work, and self sacrifice.
>Nehebkau eventually agreed that it would be nice... BUT he would only accept after his Phaeron was awakened
>I wanted to argue against this... but I knew I couldn't, he put duty before his self preservation and he will see it to the end.
>My respect for this cryptek only grew...
>We would soon arrive at the Phaeron's and nobles chambers...
>It looks significantly much better than the surface...
>I can only hope we are not to late...
Today, commemorates my thread being one week old.
yet its not reached the max post limit. .
Sorry im taking a bit more time right now, just got caught up in unrelating matters.

>We must have passed at least 300 lychguard standing sentinel before arriving at his phaerons resting chamber.
>A dull distortion covered the back of the section.
>It was like trazyn’s stasis chambers on solemnace but far less stable.
>The phaeron only had the most dedicated of his allies within his own chamber.
>His body was littered with holes where age had taken a toll on his body.
>”Phillias could you let the others know its time to move to phase 2?”
>I was going to begin the rites of awakening, which if it was just for these two I could easily wake them all within a year...
>But if i wanted to disable myself for a few days i could instantly resurrect them all…
>Would a second resonance cascade be okay here?
*few instead of 2
Fuck my spaghetti
>The first two days on this world were nice...
>Lots of creatures with high legs that I did see though.
>Took as many pictures as I could
>Might inspire the cryptek, or any inventor
>However after the fourth day we came across a particular problem
>Super fucking difficult terrain...
>I get an idea of how to resolve this problem
>If it were any other cryptek they would be disgusted at modifying their tech to suit us
>But Ish… He would consider the wider applications
>experiment, crash test, and determine if it was plausible
>If it isn't he'd find a way he could make it, or find out what is going wrong...
>Ah yes the Idea... I really got off topic, but its basically 'jetpacks'
>I just hope he looks into it soon
I gave the Deathmarks some Ael's which can fly as well as clear terrain. . .

>is busy Big Ael, testing liquids for derust technique, is not going great since no liquids on ship so need to outsource liquids.
>groans that my workshop is near communication Nexus of ship so I pick up relays of Necrons on the planet groaning themselves about how they don't like stepping in biomatter.
>I have a new idea but will shelve it for later.
>is working over necron husk like evil person from cryptek's shows working on it.
>Be Sannet.
>Executioner Phillias has instructed that we were to move to phase 2.
>This means she had found the highest dynastic representatives.
>With the Skorpioid joining us, we were to transport the Power generator to the planet's core to kick start many of the tombs systems.
>When power would be restored we would have time to begin properly restoring the intombed necrons.
>Quellkah was quite eager to begin his works, he did have a greater number of canoptek constructs lord Ishskar.
>In other news lord Trazyn has already collected numerous creatures.
>At the rate he is going he will rush through the reserve of tesseract labyrinths i've made for him for this trip.
I know... but, and hear me out.

Necrons partaking in void combat.

Also multiple trips have to made with the Ael [CPN] to move every deathmark, and immortal... not to mention that this terrain is super tight and generally is a pain to move through.

Its like [pic related] but on the surface and tighter, and large holes occasionally litter the ground. Add in the fact that the Aels do require some time to cut down the rocky formations has drastically slowed down the recon force, and sometimes the immortals who fallowed.
also sorry mask I just had to do a different perspective of a different deathmark. Not your dude.
File: Necrodermis Hands.jpg (66 KB, 640x790)
66 KB
>Be Immortal.
>The weak walls of this fallen tombworld will not hinder us.
>Where we find weakness, we destroy and send a report to the canopteks.
>Where we find the subversive machinations of the organics, we purge.
>Where we encounter our fallen brothers, we rescue them from the organics and send a report to the canopteks.
>Our hands know not failure, for our hands are of necrodermis.
>The organic knows not the strength of necrodermis, and so it fails.
>Even on this fallen world, the necrodermis of our shattered brothers perseveres and is restored.
>My brothers have taken up this battle cry to announce our revelation to all; The organic withers, but necrodermis serves eternal!
File: Purple_Worm_5e.jpg (494 KB, 857x1000)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
its cool... actually I think I know what to put in there.
Also were you referring to necron infantry being in the vacuum of space?

Because If so I love it... I've always wondered why couldn't necrons hide in an asteroid belts and just attack any like pilots or be like silent boarding parties on larger ships…
>Be Mask
>One large seismic signature was detected
>Then two...
>And it was clearly rising to the surface
>I know what this is...
>A sign that below us isn't a natural cavern space
>But tunnels made by something
>Now it comes to hunt the surface...
>I warn our force of our rising enemy.
>Then from one of the larger holes rises a big purple worm covered in spikes, and a mouth full of teeth... I'd say its about 28 meters long
>Its fucking ugly... but its shell is hard as shit.
>Even with 3 immortals focus firing on its shell it doesn't do much.
>It is kind of exciting
>However when I focus my new revolver at it the shell weakens.
>Enough that if our immortals hit there it certainly does more damage.
>I take as many pictures of this thing as I can and record how does it move...
>Zuberkar might love fighting this in the future, and our cryptek should maybe get a few good canoptek ideas!
>It seems to ignore the Aels [CPN] though if it hears us or feels our vibrations is up for debate
>We do kill it... and we let out a cheer of victory!
>Until a much larger one appears and eats its corpse
>It was a miracle that it didn't get a single one of us.
>One deathmark estimated that face to be 30 meters wide and over 70 meters long, not the 7.5 meters wide from the one who attacked us.
>Thankfully it was very quiet
>Did inform Trazyn of this... thing and he sounded jubilated at such a rarity.
>But disappointed we couldn't track it.
>Be High Metallurgist Quellkah.
>Sannet and a host of my finest animated(in body only) cryptek companions have delved into the deepest recesses of the tomb world to plant our generator.
>I Have overseen various crucial excavations while his lord ishskar oversees the resurrection of the highest court of the tomb world.
>Over the course of these last two years much progress has been made in eradicating the abominable organic matter that has blighted this tomb.
>I can also say i have recovered several stores of blackstone from their vaults for later use.
>We are actually on track to restore this world ahead of schedule thanks to the excavation constructs.
>Ishskar admitted to me these constructs were designed specifically for the purposes of excavation and exploration.
>But I dont he believe he would have his constructs burrowing to the heart of a tomb world.
>Be Phaeron Narmerth of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Ours is descended from dynasties whose names are so ancient that few of their own can recall them.
>We of the first, of the enduring have served each silent king stalwartly.
>We fought for him for generations and bled for him when we came to blows with the old ones, we lost billions, and lost worlds in that failed campaign.
>Even still we followed the silent king into the flames of biotransference unflinchingly.
>We fought the old ones, the Krorks, the Aeldari, slann, jokearo and so much more.
>We Sailed across billions of stars and fought, bled, and died by the billions.
>We had campaigned across the expanse of the stars until we knew there was war, what else was there? We had already given the C’tan all that was our being as the necrontyr.
>We had lost our people, we had lost our closest allies, our loved ones, and that everything that made life worth living for those few fleeting years before our cancers took us.
>We had wished for immortality and the immunity to the diseases that afflicted us so that we may indulge some joys in life.
>Why had we been punished for wishing for an existence not filled with suffering?
>I did not know, and truth be told i had ceased thinking of such questions.
>When our war ended with the c’tan we knew that our time at the galactic forefront had come to an end.
>We would sleep during the aeldari’s dominion of the galaxy, to await a day when their empires crumble, and are long forgotten.
>Our tombworlds were reshaped, remade, no longer did we have cities, places of worship for forgotten gods of the flesh-times, no longer did we have the temple of the immortals, all had been carved away.
>And into slumber we went.
>I was amongst the last to enter my sarcophagus.
>I watched as each of my lords under my command went to sleep, so many of my most cherished allies had been lost to me during our aeons of warfare.
>I could bring myself to cry for them, or the Tens of Billions of my people we had lost.
>We numbered just under Four Hundred Million perhaps the smallest of dynasties after the war.
>I had watched my last son entombed into his sarcophagi, the ravages of kroks had taken all my other children.
>I held what had remained of my wife, My Phaerakh’s crescent shaped crown, even with the feeling of love was taken from me, I could still feel longing.
>At last I moved to my own Sarcophagus, Crawling in, I folded both arms across my chest.
>For an eternity of loyal servitude I had only known loss, so far gone we had become that I made blasphemies with my final waking moments, I Cursed the silent kings name.
File: rusted phearon.jpg (166 KB, 1920x1200)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>I slept undisturbed for ages...
>But as the ages passed something was off.
>Motes of consciousness came in waves, pain wracked my body in those brief moments of lucidity.
>Something did begin to rouse me.
>A burning sensation, an all consuming electricity, atoms popping into being all around me.
>When my eyes came open, I found a high ranking praetorian, my Cryptek Nehebkau and another I did not know carrying a balefire towards other caskets in the chamber.
>My Form was rusted, patchy and flaking, but this balefire was rapidly renewing my necrodermis.
>My tomb had been in ruin...tossing my mind into the surrounding systems and saw what had become of it.
>What i saw made me SCREAM!
>Be Ishskar.
>I've spent the past 3 years resurrecting the nobility of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Their Phaeron immediately awoke in agonized terror.
>I was concerned he may have been down with one of the viruses but no.
>As it turns out, seeing your entire tombworld in a state of ruin will send you into agonizing terror and anger for an entire 2 entire weeks.
>After he was calmed down by his cryptek and phillias he was escorted to the surface.
>I was still busy rousing nobility within the tomb which was naturally taking its time.
>In other news, the generator was a few months away from activating which would seriously help with the decay.
>More and more collapsed tunnels were being cleared, but still even with 3 years worth of burrowing we had only made a state's worth of tunneling in that amount of time.
>Quellkah and sannet did eventually reignite the planet's core.
>Power did come back slowly, one by one stasis chambers across the world were coming to life.
>With the decay now halted by the stasis field Quellkah’s scarabs set to work reknitting the necrodermis shells of the upper necron ranks, slowly moving down the ranks as he did so.
>That certainly made my job easier.
>But crunching the numbers i would be here for at least another...368 years.
>Which, I know I said I was fine if it took a few centuries but come on.
>I tried thinking up ways to try and speedily resolve things.
>And my mind kept going back to the resonance cascade.
Is turning yourself into a living star again really such a good idea? And for longer than 3 seconds too? Yes. Absolutely. Also maybe this time we get some awakened warriors who are suddenly hit with a wave of PTSD after realizing that their lives as necrontyr ended millions of years ago and they've since spent the time as mindless automatons .
Gonna hop off for tonight, im kind of tossing up ideas and rewriting it so i think ill sleep on the idea for a bit. I do ask you folks keep bumping through the night.

Ill see what fun things i can make tomorrow

File: 1551657775724.jpg (207 KB, 1280x720)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Good morning folks
>Be me Ael
>my experiment is successful but not really in way I think.
> got a mixture that required it be boiled with balefire which only necrons can do.
> effect of what I now call a necronlisis reaction. It slower than normal method but it can do more necronlisis than just balefire.
>my estimate their roughly equal in effectiveness but mine does more but a bit slower so overall more energy efficient.
>using the derusted lynchguard course. I made something like destroyer from game by splicing torso onto hover deck.
>didn't come out as expected since original form didn't work. Came up with idea of applying canoptek egg and making the hover deck big enough to carry 2 necrons by sitting on back.
>call it necron carrier as a placeholder.
>In just the first year of power being on i managed to reawoken around 5 overlords and several dozen lychguards.
>Quellkah had joined me in the effort.
>God this was gonna be tedious.
>Even when we had the 200+ individual Skorpioid units, this was time consuming.
>A portion of our canoptek constructs had taken to repairing the constructs of this world to help further the effort, but we wouldn’t see much of a tic in efficiency until we had more repaired the ones doing repair work.
>The logistics put this secondary sub routine of logic into a knot.
>Using what was esteincally my second brain to mostly voice these ideas inadequacies to my self.
>I was still in the middle of conducting a reawakening ritual on a host Lords.
File: 607b0a3c8ebac.jpg (425 KB, 1280x932)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
>Up on the surface our immortals and death marks had been busy with the megafauna responsible for the collapsing tunnels.
>Amphibious giants, Saurian type reptilians, and gargantuan things that I swear reassembled purple worms.
>From the looks of things they're in the late stages of evolution, Some mass extinction event would be nice.
>They were keeping our ground defenses busy, and Phillias had just wrapped up informing the higher echelons of nobility of the circumstances of their awakening.
>She Really wanted to go up to the surface and join the ranks of warriors on killing some of these hulking brutes.
>In other news sannet was setting up to prep the Dimensional gate to my tombworld, that was going to take at least 3 decades to set up.
>For now I just kept on waking up the seemingly endless chambers of Overlords, crypteks, and lychguards.
>I Stop my secondary subroutine in charge of mentally complaining and got back to it.
>Be ancathrite
>I have been fallowing this group of immortals...
>Their weaponry makes quick work of the organics
>Every pathway we find, we purge, clear then notify the spyders of the repair requirements
>The immortals have been thinking of a name to call themselves...
>I can not help but join in on their battle cry
>But us Acanthrites have served as covering fire to any smaller but faster organics that charge us
>They are many but we have more then enough firepower to wipe them clean from this tomb
>We eventually arrive in an old reactor... and the first thing that catches our eye is the damaged cables.
>… and the holes in the ceiling, and a necron sized one to our left
>Clearly something had gotten in and began to eat away the cables...
>We get a ping coming from our left
>There are dozens of organics charging us...
>The disgusting meat bags only received our combined fire power...
>But we knew that this might have only been the vanguard for the nest
>So we head on in to purge the rest...
>2 decades had passed of constant resurrections.
>It wasn't anything flashy, their balefire barely lasted a few months.
>I couldn't dedicate myself to ensuring each of them would wake up and each of them woke with a decade's worth of balefire power.
>Instead I shortened my rituals, and found the right balance.
>We had woken just about every member of the high court of the world and most of the lychguards that defended them.
>All in all that accounted for...a little over 5% of the world's entire necron population.
>Just another Three hundred Forty eight years to go.
>After all this work i really want to catch something to eat...i miss being able to taste.
Is suppose he could prioritize Crypteks and get them to help.
>Quellkah has finished half of his work on 1/4th of the worlds tomb.
>Roughly 1 million necrons have their necrodermis shells restored.
>The only reason he was able to do that so fast was thanks to MY CONSTRUCTS helping reach so many of the tombs.
>He plans on stopping for a decade to produce more of my constructs to help him excavate the remaining 3 million fallen chambers.
>Work on fixing the tomb complex has been progressing fine.
>We have a Russia sized portion of the greater tombs uncollapsed.
>We will actually really need all those constructs Quellkah is about to build.
>There is still so much more to do.
File: 9jymatzzbc251.png (257 KB, 852x630)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
think im going to do a few more side stories and do some jumping ahead on ishskar since waking an entire tomb takes a long time. Yall folks okay with that?

That and thanks to my medcine its a bit harder to focus on one thing right now.
>Its easy finding the tomb entrances
>baron soil surrounds any entrances surroundings
>… This one was utterly surrounded by spider webs
>It stuck to everything.
>Tesla cannons did help quite a bit
>Now I know why some of my fellow deathmarks wish for 'jetpacks'
>Or those 'hover boards' that we say in that one movie
>Though the tomb is slowly waking up, most areas are still dark.
>Not a problem for us though, night vision/thermals
>Half an hour in our expedition into this entrance we were attacked by fucking spiders!
>We knew this planet produced mega fauna and prepared to fight any larger spider...
>One of my fellow deathmakrs discovered that they ate the smaller worms that we fought earlier...
>The next room seemed to be a hanger.
>By the shards was it so thickly covered in the webbing
>… then all of our sensors detected a very large organism above us.
>We had seen enough of the crypteks movies to know what was going to happen.
>So instead of just looking up.
>we pointed every single gun of ours upwards and began blasting the thing.
>It was a dexterous mother fucker.
>Thankfully our lych guard cut off its forward mandibles.
>We deathmarks recorded this fight as per protocol
>We don't kill it... unfortunately, but it was severally hurt.
>Thankfully the next room was immaculate, the rust had sealed the doors shut.
>Thank shards for small miracles
>I think I've had enough hunting for this week.

Yea that's cool.
>be me Ael
>I don't really have a major job for the tomb excavation.
>might be lazy but I done alot of stuff.
>Making some Aels. Cet's. Some of the necronlisis solution and supplying the energy dificent cryptecks with canoptek eggs so they don't return to sleep.
>has been busy so deserve break. I finally play one of the cryptek's games using an Cet.
>from data from my lurks around the ship I notice not alot of necrons play eldar.
>is curious so plays Eldar.
>realise how broken invisibility is in the game.
>goes onto train at playing eldar and become one of best eldar players mainly due big brain.
File: Eternity gate.jpg (138 KB, 813x813)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>Sannet eventually does on the dimensional gateway at year 40 of work.
>When the portal is opened the lychguard and overlords are evacuated to my tombworld.
>Phillias has her Triarch to keep them in line on my tombworld.
>We get a load of resources sent our way along with a massive influx of canoptek constructs to aid in the effort.
>We may actually get this done faster than intended.
>Unfortunately we cant keep the gate open very long, it's a massive drain on the power generators.
>As such we can use it sparingly every few years to transport the refugee necrons.
>Trazyn used this opportunity to head back home to gather his own additional supplies, i just home doesn't steal too much from my world.
>Be Phaeron Narmerth of the Former Hemmenth Dynasty.
>When my dynasty was awoken, decay had wracked the form of every citizen of my tombworld.
>The bacteria of the world had evolved to such a degree that it ate away at slumbering forms when our stasis systems failed.
>We had been decaying for at least 5 Million years, added to that megafauna had evolved to burrow in and around structures, stressing the stability of our tombs
>Perhaps it was because the burrowing that our stasis systems failed?
>I Cannot say.
>My cryptek Nehebkau had tirelessly worked for the last 2 Million to preserve our world, with no power he was only able to so much.
>In the end he locked my closest companions and lords within a chronoal dispersion field of his own making, our bodies locked in time while he worked away.
File: 1385337427063.jpg (89 KB, 613x498)
89 KB
>The Awakener Ishskar had been the one who awakened me.
>He had raised us free from the decaying touch and mental degradation that plagued our kind I am told.
>He was accompanied by one of the triarch praetorian, he seemed overly familiar with Executioner Phillias, forgoing the use of her title in its entirety.
>I had seen many superiors to this cryptek cut down for lesser transgressions in the past.
>He continued to work diligently, his work obliterating the decay and occasionally returning slivers of personality if not entirely returning them when they woke.
>I have not thanked the cryptek, our restoration had come at a cost, proactively decided for my people.
>Our world was uninhabitable with these necrodermis eating microbes, and our numbers so depleted we would be assimilated into another lesser dynasty.
>The Voekhet i'm told.
so anons world has a Phaeron...and this phaeron is here...were in the chain of command dose this phaeron stay? noble?
good question
also bump
ill get back to that story beat in a bit.
>Be Immortal.
>The cleansing of this world has been a slow, arduous process, complicated by the fact that we cannot utilize more powerful weapons for fear of damaging the decaying tombs.
>In addition, the organics appear to have evolved specifically to counter extermination, breeding at ridiculous rates and growing to such proportions that the Old Ones would pause in admiration.
>However, this seems to have given moral an even greater boost, my brothers in arms taking vicious glee in slaughtering every organic that dares to desecrate these tombs.
>When the deathmarks discovered an apex predator, my cohort was called in to clear out the side chambers of the apex's lesser kin.
>We scoured every room of organics, then destroyed those walls that had fallen and allowed these vile lifeforms ingress, to be rebuilt by the canopteks.
>Many warriors had taken to shouting 'Necrodermis prevails!', each time a traitorous wall crumbles.
>Even a lychguard, Third Glaive Arontek, has joined us in our quest against these organics, taking the time to personally duel every worthy foe that we come across.
>He wanted to duel the apex that the deathmarks sighted, but we were called away to deal with one of these 'purple worm' burrows.
>The Third Glaive decided to allow the deathmarks the completion of their hunt, as the burrow appears to be located near a lord's stasis chamber.
>It matters not to me who kills the organics, only that all those who have profaned this place die.
File: home.jpg (951 KB, 2389x1667)
951 KB
951 KB JPG
>Be Yvralla Ulthrwal, Warlock of the world Miarisillion.
>I have spent my three thousands years in mostly carefree joys.
>I have indulged in travels across the stars, learning my peoples history, enjoying all that my people have to offer.
>I have eaten foods by the greatest chiefs across a hundred worlds, heard symphonies from across our empire that brought millions to weep, seen the artisanal work that quite literally transcends reality in its beauty.
>I have heard the voices of my ancestors in the spirit stones of our family's reliquary.
>I Often listen to their guidance, the wisdom of ages.
>It was my family's matriarch of ten generations long gone that pushed me to take up the path of the warlock.
>It was a talent our family excelled in, so I came to spend the next 900 centuries after my 3rd thousand years that I began to walk the path of the seer.
>I Had risen quite high on my path as a seer.
>Achieving the rank of warlock on my 4th century.
>I learned the powers of precognition, wielded them, honed them to a precision edge.
>Under the tutelage of my Family matriarch spirit stone i could very well ascend to the rank of farseer.
>I saw the stream of time as branching roots of a tree, trailing the trunks and splitting branches I could dance along my future paths as I saw fit.
>In moments of intense clarity I could intertwine the branches of the future into a singular timeline.
>Still I knew more could be done with my powers.
>I Could see years, decades even ahead into the future, dictating those years in ways that gave me every opportunity for success.
File: Prophet of Morai-Heg.jpg (102 KB, 791x791)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>I Used these powers to receive a seat among the the seer council of my world.
>I was amongst dozens of seers, and the handful of farseers.
>Many had forgone the discipline of precognition, The destructive powers of war were far more appealing and readily measurable in terms of potency.
>I did not concern myself with such things, I could see the paths that my fellows would walk on.
>Most would not rise from their petty spaces on the council, some would leave for other opportunities, and the rare few rose to the rank of farseer.
>I was slated for that glory.
>I simply needed to raise my precognition beyond a few centuries.
>And so I sought to see what the next thousand years held in store for me.
>I Traveled my own future, witnessing much,
>I saw many worlds caught in minor squabbles with the ork.
>I foresaw much on my people, fewer individuals walking in the paths of the seer.
>I saw a rise in pursuits to push for grander heights in entertainment.
>Louder music, more decadent foods, greater heights in the artistic.
>We were reaching a renaissance age.
>But something stirred in my visions of the future.
>Our immortal enemy ripping its way through our webway.
File: Necron Sovreign.jpg (5.75 MB, 3508x4961)
5.75 MB
5.75 MB JPG
>I pulled myself from the visions, my body unsettled by the visage of the silver skull with eyes of balefire.
>When I settled myself I tried once more to glimpse the future.
>In the centuries and millennia of what was to come stirred me.
>The immortal enemy was rising in their slumber, exploring the stars.
>They claimed worlds, waking in greater numbers.
>I could not comprehend what I saw, Stars were stolen, Moons of the blackest stones tore at the realm of souls, and at the center of it all...
>A cyclopean skull, he flickered with a blinding light, at once a being of metal and a being made of star light.
>I shrieked in agony, until my breath left me, and slumber took me.
Ah, so they’ve noticed.
being shafted by Slaanesh...being shafted by the Necrons...i think if i was her i would choose necrons
The timeline would then be impossible to discern for the eldar. mostly because as stated in cupanon, and every Lore Keeper, rips asunder the tapestry of fate, but spawns an infinite number of timelines in its place.
who says she saw the future...maybe she saw what someone wanted her to see...just as planned(yea this anon was a treat to caios, and they love manipulating)
They witnessed A future, specfially what it entails for Crytpek anon to be in this universe. at the current moment she only saw a few millennia into the future.
Yvralla Ulthrwal and Ishskar when they pass each other
both of them at teh same time
At least with the necrons you get a quick mercy kill...

The alternative, however.........
>Be me cryptboy Ishskar, now unanimously known as “The Awakener”
>I have spent the last CENTURY resurrecting necrons.
>I in the last century have awoken well over a Million necrons.
>My fucking Ressurection orb matrix is fucking over heating so now i can take a break but holy fuck man.
>Trazyn did come back a decade after he left with so many more constructs.
>Just a few weeks from the end of the first century we were actually able to rebuild the collapsed tunnels to allow Quehllka access to the remaining 3 Million necrons that were buried.
>He managed to clean up the remaining necrons' living metal, banishing the rust.
Yea that is what I am talking about
>Be Spyder Alpha-425
>Have been receiving multiple complains of super difficult terrain.
>Plus minor complaints on how slowly the advance is going
>I have no ideas...
>The Ael [scarab] has an idea
>But he needs both more data, and a tiny bit of my technology.
>I just give him basic hover/flight technology and a pretty good understanding of such technology.
>If higher ups ask questions I'll just throw it on Ael
>Because that shit is no longer my problem.
time for a bump
>So it was going to take a few months before my orb matrix would cool down so i finally headed up to the surface after a century.
>I made the several day's long trip to the surface, which gave me a nice bit of perspective on how radically things had changed on the inside of the tomb.
>Where there had been collapsed tunnels was now foundations of structures, and dozens of crypteks working to gather every relic, data scroll, and item of dynastic significance.
>When i reached the surface i was met by a clear stretch of grasslands for miles.
>Every tree from here to the miles off where our ship was parked was picked clean.
>I headed off towards where our ship was parked, passing by occupied constructs moving too and from the tomb.
>Everyone was still working even when i wasn't.
>I Eventually arrived at the collection of our ships.
File: Warscythe.jpg (24 KB, 446x425)
24 KB
>Set up between all of our ships I found Quellkah and a slightly scratched up Phillias discussing something.
>When i made my approach, i gave a coughing sound to indicate my arrival.
>”I take it everything is looking good?” I asked.
>Quellkah nodded. “Yes, so well in fact that I believe it's time I take my leave, i shall be overseeing the construction of your Skorpioid constructs and their distribution across the larger dynasties.”
>”They have been quite crucial to this operation i admit.” He seemed a bit reverent when talking about them.
>The old cryptek rose to his feet and patted my shoulder as he passed by me.
>I eventually looked back to Phillias, she had her relic scythe in hand. “I take it you've been doing a fair bit of hunting?”
>She gave a nod, she was running a molecular smoother over the edge of the power field of her Relic Warscythe.
File: Requisition.jpg (1.58 MB, 3593x1487)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
>When I first read her doing so, it was because she was bored.
>”Uh Phillias…would you…by any chance care for a game of Dawn of war?” I asked her, slightly regretting asking.
>She halted her molecular smoother.
>”The simulation...yes i believe I shall take you up on that offer.”
>She rose to her feet and made her way to my ship.
>That was my que to follow after.
>We Made way into an empty chamber.
>Here we would start up one table for a round of Dawn of war.
Time for Spaghetti!
>Be Chari
>Directing other canopteks
>Ish seemed to have requested a spar with Executioner Phillias
>its kind of cute...
>I want to talk to Ael... see if I too could get more intelligent
>To be of greater help for my lord
>… Or if at the very least get myself a 'mech' to aid in increasing my processing power to lighten his load.
>Though he did make several request to Alpha-425
>Most of it was canoptek schematics
>Though there was necron repair data sent as well
>Ael just mention something about creating a 'jetpack' for our troops
>We have cleared large swaves of the forest.
>Though it doesn't seem to have affected the environment greatly (or at all if you ask the deathmarks)…
>It would be very concerning if this world typically faced such events...
>But it would explain the resiliency of most of the creatures on this world
File: Waaagh.png (1.28 MB, 750x960)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
>I ended up running Orks while predictably she ran necrons.
>She was a highly trained professional who knew tactics and strategies that i could dream of.
>My only advantage was that I had an intricate knowledge of each unit within the game.
>The early game was grueling.
>I ran as a Mek Boss for my warboss.
>I planned on playing the long game, dedicating resources to setting up as many Mekboy Workshops across the battlefield.
>Phillias was quite aggressive, constantly setting me up to fall into an ambush of Deathmark spam.
>Holding any strategic positions also wasn't really an option for me.
>I knew she had been stockpiling something big in the first few months which didn't really concern me.
>There is a certain beauty that came to the reality of orkoid combat.
>Ork vehicles were death traps, prone to being destroyed in smoldering explosions likely to destroy allies.
>There was however one incredibly cheap one transport which with the help of a Mek Boss and a selection of Mek boys they could be mass produced faster than any other lord of war units.
>To add to that I augmented as many of them Mekboy Workshops in between having my disposable units of Deff Dreads augmented to keep up my ruse.
>After bleeding me of my Deff Dreads and Killa Kans she released her 5 Seraptek heavy constructs to swarm my base.
>I let slip my swarms of Dethrolla Battle Fortress each ramming into her units, it didn't matter to me if they exploded as they only served to damage or destroy as they were guaranteed to explode due to the destructive force of the necrons.
>She couldn't shoot into the swarms of Dethrolla’s as it was viable to destroy dozens of her units.
>In the end after a year and 3 months i had detonated well over 60 Dethrolla Battle Fortresses and claimed victory.
Man, thats a long game.
How big is the map?
File: Dow_tartarus.jpg (91 KB, 800x500)
91 KB
planet sized, they probably played across multiple states.
So its kind of like planetary annihilation: titans

But more accurate, and with the warhammer factions
File: warhammer apocalypse.jpg (235 KB, 1200x878)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
I basically had an idea of combining a few of my favorite games into a dawn of war Hodge podge.

Warhammer apocalypse
Warhammer 40k tabletop
Warhammer Epic
Dawn of war 1-2
Aeronautica Imperialis
Adeptus Titanicus
File: 12_Necron-Disabled.jpg (168 KB, 1536x864)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>When i pulled myself away from the table i was surprised to find we had quite a following of crypteks and constructs watching us.
>”I have to say Phillias you play quite an aggressive line up of necrons.”
>She didn't seem upset...then again I couldn't tell what emotions one might feel from a still deathmask.
>She finally spoke after another few minutes of silence. “Yes well you indeed waged war in quite the unconventional way.”
>I let out something like a laugh. “I Suppose you're right in that regard, no ork Mek boy would hold on to more than 2 Dethrolla Battle Fortresses before deploying them right into the fringe.”
>”I relied on the fact that we had realistic ork vehicle detonations to take your key locations in a swarm of explosions.”
>”Quite…” She held a disdain for the orks, but perhaps after this she has learned a more effective way to fight against the orks.
>”I hope that round was enough to amuse you, ive gotten the charge back onto my resurrection orb matrix so i can get back to waking the remaining 3 million denizens of the tomb.”
File: untold power.jpg (567 KB, 4096x2304)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
>We parted with few other words, and had the lollygagging constructs double timing it to work on excavations.
>Quellkah’s small escort ship had already left.
>I headed for the bottom of the tombworld, I had another 268 years of work to do and I wasn't looking forward to it.
>Although i was starting to think it was maybe time i finally tried it out.
>Even if it had been a frankly dangerous prospect.
>I made the half week journeys to the planet's core.
>Their few Serpatek constructs were still inactive, i had yet to have them reignited.
>I marched past them and headed to the power generator that had enough power to keep this tombworld active for millennia.
>The only thing that significantly drained its power was activating the eternity gate on the world.
>I felt it might be time I used it for my own end.
File: cron wife.jpg (65 KB, 590x850)
65 KB
and with that im gonna call it a night, keep bumping through out the night and sometime in the morning ill go ahead and make the next thread once i wrap up what i have on this thread. i think ill slow my roll until i have at least have enough post stock piled to make the next thread. now goodnight friends
>Ish has finally completed his match against Phillias
>She was clearly had fun (as far as I could tell)
>Ish and I went back to work...
>But he then walked by all the necrons… and then the constructs
>We keep heading deeper
>I got a ominous feeling...
>All I can ask is what was he planning
>My processing units sped up when he said...
>'I am going to replicate the resonance cascade event...'
>I went to argue against it... pointing out the dangers of that form...
>but he gives me one order to warn the canopteks of the event and not be disturbed by it...
>I am afraid he will lose himself
>... But it might just accelerate the awakening.
>I begrudgingly warn the canopteks and turn off the warning of the tomb of the 'c'tan' break out.
>I do send out a private message to Phillias of what the cryptek is planning...
>… She responded knowingly, and informed me the eternity gate is closed
>I know he will be fine... but shards is the idea of the process horrifying
>Why does his form seem to branch out like a tree?
>Be me Ael.
>I got bombarded with requests for 'jetpack' for necron deathmasks.
>kinda happy getting recognised for genius.
>after coming up with ideas for the jetpack deem it impossible with my base tech so got alpha to assist me with it.
>came to realisation that for jet pack it need a assisted processor or would just too unwieldy.
>with alphas hel make a new variant of Scarab.
>its form is more lithe than a normal scarab with the float unit being removed in place for what I now call a General assistant secondary technical enhancing receptor.
>the new part acts like a big boost the scarabs processing power at the cost of loosing flight.
>I call them Canoptek Ants
>with Canoptek Ants now made i now have the processors needed for those 'jetpack' they want.
>is curious why they didn't just say they want hover units because that's more plausible than using jets so will do this instead.
>makes the rudimentary shell for the float unit before testing it with a necron lynchguard corpse I 'borrowed' while we were on the planet.
>it was a failure. The hover unit isn't strong enough to carry a necron for the size of the hover unit, but if it becomes any bigger it would be equal in size to the necron its carrying.
>when at a road block I take a wander around tomb world for inspiration.
>get side tracked by watching cryptek playing against scary lady.
>once done I notice there is lot of Canoptek creatures around and notice the flying one with the orbs.
>How do those work ?
>convince one of the Acanthrites to follow me to workshop.
>once in room with Acanthrite
Gain understanding about how they fly.
>gain inspiration++++
>let's the canoptek creature leave while makes new design of hover pack.
>when powered those orbs make alot of uplift but their not controllable so multiple are needed while being connected to rods to balance.
>though trial and error using the necron courpse I determin 3 are nessisary with any additional orb just increasing speed but becomes lest stable and hard to control
>for test phase makes a 3 rod hoverpack.
>the pack itself connects to the shoulder pads of a necron as well as latches onto the spine.
>could do better but needs testing so call for seemingly largest grumbler for jetpack to field test hoverpack and canoptek Ant.
>once he's gone I get meeted by the shiny scarab of the cryptek.
Fuck off

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Pragma is the kind of love that makes people marry in their twenties, makes 3-10 children, never divorce, and die together holding hands, because it's the logical thing to do.
This isn't a quest faggot. This is normal /tg/ writefaggotry. Now go back to crying about the one purple tiefling in your group you nogames.
How can living metal rust?
all the trolls wake up today...
don't feed the trolls
So in the book knights of Macragge the planet itself had major power failure for untold reasons. Because of that a the staists chambers failed and over the years there was extensive decay going on because of something like oxidizing and and something about microbes
Anyway gonna have breakfast with family and get back to it.
My birthday is tomorrow but I'm celebrating it today for Sunday reasons.

Barbecue on the stick and caipirinha for everyone who said Bump and keep this thread alive.
Happy early birthday bud!

I'll be home here in a bit, just had lots of nice foods this morning.
Happy aniversário.
Feliz Aniversário!
bumb, und zum guburstag
File: endless systems.jpg (549 KB, 1375x1000)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
>I Saw the massive energy generator, an ancient necron device meant to power entire battle fleets, or in this case a tombworld.
>A snaking wire nest was connected to it, the systems of this world drawing its power from here.
>Every powered light fixture, every elevator, every one of the remaining 3 million stasis chambers, all of it was connected to this power source.
>I tapped in, streaming a sliver of my consciousness through the planetary systems and watched the workings of billions of canoptek constructs moving about the world.
>So much...
>I hooked a series of cables between myself and both the planetary operational consoles and the power source it was tapping into.
>I drew up my harp.
>Lightly touching 2 cords...
File: Apotheosis.jpg (201 KB, 1375x1000)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>If i was still intermingled with the system i believed my power could reach the entire planet.
>I held onto the The Waveform Cord And the Iconoclasts Cord for a moment longer.
>This very well would put me out of commission for a bit.
>How long that would be I couldn't be sure of.
>Before all I had was the ambient energy in the air and the Resurrection orb matrix which consisted of 4 orbs.
>I Shrugged and Finally strummed the cords in unison.
>Each of my atoms popped and transmuted, the living metal that made up my forms became greater once more.
>Once more I was blinded by the power of my body's apotheosis.
File: Reawkening.jpg (565 KB, 1375x1000)
565 KB
565 KB JPG
>Time came grinding to a halt as I was transmuted into a C’Tan like being.
>The connections rooted into the base of my neck were overcharged.
>The energy i had amassed was looking to spill over into anything else rather than allowing me to collapse and overheat into a resonance cascade event.
>Previously my body couldn't contain all this power, I was too small of a container to contain all that energy.
>But now my power had an entire tombworld to spill into.
>I spread my consciousness across the world.
>I inhabited every inch of the world's tombs.
>And with my body of light I began to perform the rite of reawakening.
File: Witness me.jpg (1.02 MB, 3190x1794)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
>Balefire surged through each conduit and cable.
>Every light fixture POPPED with the overflow of energy.
>The remaining Three Million Twenty-Four Thousand Eight-Hundred Sixty-Two Stasis sarcophagus was overtaken in balefire.
>I could hear each construct that still remained in the tomb shriek in confusion.
>The 4 Seraptek constructs began to burn just ahead of me.
>It was beginning, their great awakening was upon them every necron that had been asleep for the past 42 million years was rousing to wake.
>I continued the Rite of reawakening, my body moving of its own accord, I tossed up glyphs that I did not recognize, I slipped in algorithms chants of indecipherable meaning into the ritual.
>We had well Surpassed the 3 second mark, 20 minutes had elapsed.
File: Mass Awakening.jpg (2.14 MB, 3840x1606)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
>I performed at unprecedented speeds.
>i occasionally saw flickers of other limbs manifest to complete parts of the rites that previously would have taken months in the span of minutes.
>I didn't have much time left as this being.
>The ritual was almost over after only 4 hours, and so i started a secondary subroutine.
>I had neglected to look into myself before, far too many discrepancies about myself didn't add up.
>I saw each malfunction, the hallucinations I experienced, the movement of my mind ahead of my own actions.
>In the final minutes I looked over myself with keen interest.
>As my consciousness began to fail me I made one revelation.
>Much of my true memories had been removed from my being, I was incomplete.
>Be Immortal.
>Cleansing a cave of flying rodent creatures, they seem to breed in their millions and the largest of them are as big as the canoptek spyders.
>The Third Glaive has slain the largest of them, and my brothers and I kill the lesser organics with wide blasts from the newer weapons.
>We had been at this for weeks, every so often a group of deathmarks would phase in and practice sniping the organics with their sidearms, and sometimes the canopteks would arrive just to watch and jitter to each other.
>I atomized one of the larger organics when a wave of balefire swept over everything.
>At first we were all enhanced by it, spending minutes purging the organics at three hundred percent efficiency, but after the first hour many of the warriors were forced to shut down.
>Third Glaive Arontek went berserk, slaughtering every organic that came near him in a rage, and a few of my brothers seemed overtaken by the same madness, foregoing their blasters and flayers to hack apart organics with bayonets.
>No doubt this is the work of the crazy cryptek.
>Regardless of the effects the balefire will have on my brothers, I must first ensure the destruction of these organics.
>As another group of organics battered uselessly against my necrodermis, I let out a cry:
>'Know fear, organic, for we bring only purgation!'
and with that i think im gonna cut this thread off for now, we dont have much longer until this thread hits its bump limit so might as well

im just writting up a series of posts and ill toss a link to the new thread shortly.

In the meantime anyone willing to make a quick recap, or tell me your thoughts so far?
File: Exited.gif (112 KB, 220x168)
112 KB
112 KB GIF
holy moly this story took a turn to the awesome, I am literally at the edge of my seat
happy, want to see the war against the Eldar
File: stress.jpg (26 KB, 455x469)
26 KB
also holy shit are you implying some immortals fell to the flayer virus when this happened? i wouldn't mind that kind of story beat but holy shit.
Not unless you want them to, as it stands the excess of balefire just drove them a bit more murderous than usual.
Also, still enjoying the story even at thread five, which is more than most get on /tg/ these days.
Just take your time writing the story that you want, don't feel the need to rush anything.
Also, now that I think about it, you could say that a few necrons fell to an Outsider specific virus of your creation, exacerbated by being exposed to your 'ascendant' form and the energies released.
How about come to my thread.
it would be funny if this was a new virus that causes all necrons effected to get Bezerker tendencies around organic lifeforms, making them forgo range and charge into melee even if they only have the ranged weapon
I personally thought it was the destroyer virus for a second
Hmm that does raise the question if Ish (in c'tan form) can undo the flayer virus?
>be Me Canoptek Ael.
>is talking with other Canoptek creature of high repute.
>has idea on how to improve processing power without changing shape too much.
>introduces the specimen to gaining segmented legs with the joints containing the G.A.S.T.E.R which I used for the Canoptek Ant's processer unit.
>makes the design become retractable so the legs can be like the normal size but they are now thinner and protrude from the G.A.S.T.E.R's which increase dexterity, new form now has 6 of them so tons of processing power for little place.
>also incorporates a mini Canoptek egg so won't burn out of energy from new processing power.
>to finish upgrade, steal a lot of isktar material before finishing the upgrade.
>result bigger brains but less combat power
I'd be more worried about the unknown algorithms and glyphs that were added in. We have no idea what they are and could be added in by the c'tan Ish is mantling.
File: front page.jpg (1.2 MB, 1915x1070)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Oh shoot the first time I've noticed we reached all the way to the front page. all the way to the top.

Anyway I'm just gonna start the next thread. I'm turbo brain dead and just cant type up a recap post.
New thread, new drama, new ideas , new lots of things. Head on over and enjoy. Anyway hope this thread was enjoyable.

Hopefully not overstepping on narrative, leaving this in this thread just in case.

>Be Third Glaive Arontek, tasked with the annihilation of a particularly persistent threat to the tombworld's infrastructure
>These flying rodents have an annoying habit of snatching our troops and constructs to dash them against walls or dragging them outside in order to drop them from a height.
>Furthermore, they nest in any crevice they can fit into, seem singularly interested in chewing through power conduits, and build individual colonies in the hundreds of thousands
>Dead gods, I hate these things.
>Our troops have committed themselves admirably, our new armaments are more than adequate to the task. Our tesla weaponry would make short work of them, but likely also overload the conduits we are preserving.
>Move into yet another gallery plagued by these things when the balefire hit;
>My senses sharpen keener than my warscythe, and I notice I am not the only one affected
>These rodents were unworthy prey before, but now they move like suspended in jelly, while my limbs act even before my mind has to decide on action.
>Lychguard are not afforded the same degree of dialed-in Chronosense that our lords and crypteks are, but enough to realize something is wrong.
>Every second is like hours. Not even the collected operas of Chervakh the Elaborate are this boring.
>I cut a rodent in half mid-flight, running elaborate projections of it's path to the ground, the path of it's spray of viscera, the composition of it's last meal.
>It isn't enough
>I need a more haptic feedback.
>Dead gods I hate these things and tearing them apart with my hands is what I need to do.
This more of this, god that was a enjoyable and quick read.
>Be deathmark
>As we are doing with a new type of flying organic
>... Slightly mammalian in nature
>We are hit with something
>Our balefire bursts out from us
>Time has slowed down, and our sensors sharpened beyond anything we can comprehend
>My other deathmarks and I share a common thought...
>Is this what its like when those old westerners engage in a dual under go...
>The creatures eyes are a super tiny target...
>But where the flow of time slows down around us... it might as well be one of the most easiest shots in the universe.
>Our dimensional hopping is pore precise and flows so much easier.
>We who have synaptic disintegrators, holster them and get our revolvers out...
>Then we gat them all down... always hitting the part of the creature that is the most easaibly damageable, and would lead to the quickest death.
>This was no longer a fight, but a slaughter.
>We do not stop there we record every living creature, before jumping to the next room and repeat the process...
>A lych guard seems to have lost himself in a berserk frenzy along with a few immortals.
>Though it doesn't seem to affect us deathmarks at all.
>When we left the tomb complex our systems efficiency was quickly dropping to regular levels...
>But it feels nauseating
Eldar structures are pretty
Drunken Bump
Bump Again

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