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File: The Crypt.jpg (591 KB, 1920x1080)
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Since there's been a fair bit of writing coming on to /tg/ I thought why dont i throw my hat into the ring while we wait for cupanon to return to this place. This is my first time trying something like this so hopefully you folks like it.

>Be me, a nerd with too much money and too much time on my hands.
>Played through every FFG 40k RPG and even trudged through the contents of the Wrath and glory books.
>Consume damn near all of the settings lore.
>From the Horus heresy series and its subsequent siege of terra books.
>Did heavy reading over the famed commissars as Ciaphas, Gaunt, and even the ventures of Yarrick.
>All of the oldest stuff from the Ian Watson Inquisitor anthology to the newest books following the Primaris and the Cawl just to name a few.
>Played through both Battlefleets Gothics, the Dawn of War collections, Mechanicus, Space Marine
>I was even enough of an autist to have a few almost fully painted armies, Necrons and a full host of Ynnari.
File: Necron_Lych_Guard.png (2.2 MB, 893x1185)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
>Need to wake up.
>Feel extremely cold actually, and everything feels stiff.
>When I finally take a peek around I find that i'm not alone.
>Two golden and chrome colored skeletal figures stand to either side of me, their backs to me, they haven't noticed me yet.
>It takes me a second to identify what the hell they are.
>The massive fuck off spears, the clunky coffin shaped shields
>They're armed with the Necron Warscythe and Dispersion Shield, war gear commonly found on the Lychguard
>Immediately I feel my ass clench hard enough to crush coal into fucking diamonds.
File: holdon.png (135 KB, 500x500)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
>Immediately I feel my ass clench hard enough to crush coal into fucking diamonds.
then you realized an ork penis was inside your metal booty
>What kind of nightmare am I in exactly, everything feels too real to be a dream.
>Looking around the room it's too elaborate and intricate to be fake.
>It's an expanse of polished Monoliths of blackstone, Runic designs inlaid on damn near every surface I look over.
>I even see the slithering skittering movements of a Canoptek Wraith followed by a small swarm of scarabs at the very edge of my vision.
>I want to wrench but i don't have anything to spit up.
>In fact looking at my own hand I'm met with the metallic digits, round joints, not a spec of flesh or muscle in sight.
>I can't help but flex my fingers, they move normally, actually greater than normally, i can move them way back, where a normal finger would have simply snapped.
>I couldn't help but let out a laugh at the insanity of it all.
>The Pair of Lychguard turn to face me, both lowering their head and taking a knee.
>”My High Transmogrifier, You have slumbered for 42 Million years, .” One of the Lychgaurd announced.
>They were clearly talking to me, and I would need to respond soon, that thought didn't put me at ease.
>”I see.” Was all I could come up with saying.
>The pair seemed to be waiting on me to continue, or maybe move?
>I held onto the edges of the sarcophagus and heaved myself free, I could hear the click and pop of wires being tugged free from my back, that wasn't settling at all.
>With a dull clack of metal I made footfall onto the blackstone floor, the metallic bristle of my cloak rang behind me.
File: Lawd.png (485 KB, 596x642)
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485 KB PNG
>My mind raced, racing to the point that time seemed to slow to a halt.
>I’m some sort of necron, a cryptek specializing in transmutation?
>If memory serves, that was one of the disciplines a cryptek could have, they were found in one of the deathwatch books.
>Thinking back on it I recall with absolute clarity reading that passage, wait that off.
>My memory of my life seems damn near perfect now, added to that I think I'm currently experiencing necrons chronosense
>Its been at 2 seconds since i've stepped out of my sarcophagus, which means i have plenty of time to do some hard thinking before i say something and look stupid infront of these lychguard.
>I start rifling through my own mind trying to learn anything useful.
File: Cryptek anon.jpg (124 KB, 920x950)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>Reading through everything within my mind is like scrolling through a pdf, every pertinent piece of info seems to be highlighted as though my mind already knows what I want to ask.
>I am a cryptek with a Discipline in both the arts of Transmogrification and to a lesser mastery in the art of Technomancy.
>I belong to a lesser dynasty, our numbers are dangerously low but enough to be still considered a proper dynasty.
>We’re on the galactic south in the Ultima segmentum by the looks of it, just at the tail end of one of Maelstrom's tendrils.
>5 seconds have elapsed since i've stepped out of that cradle.
>The dynasty served alongside both of the Oruskh Dynasty and the Nihilakh dynasty quite well by the looks of it.
>For a fleeting moment the image of the magpie Trazyn flickered across my mind, that fucking magpie is awake right now.
>My chronosense dialed back to the regular flow of time and I was left before the two Lychguard.
File: Canoptek_scarabsspawn.jpg (44 KB, 312x481)
44 KB
>"Select a Cadre of pilots, voidmancers i need a component void crew for my ventures.”
>”And a host of immortals. Keep that number under 30, I don't wish to draw the ire of the awakened council.” I ordered
>The lychguard nodded in obedience, they left to do their assigned task.
>I could feel my balled fists twitch, that was genuinely stress inducing.
>I'm not one for being assertive, but as it seems I'm part of the reigning nobility according to the necrons.
>I'm going to need to start acting the part, unless other necrons realize that their hot shot transmuter isn't really up to snuff and they decide to take me out.
>I tried out the weird interstitial command thing i had read about on a cluster of scarabs at the far end of the immense chamber
>It sorta just felt as though I was running mass messaging the lot of scarabs.
The OP image looks like the wizard of OZ emerald city.
Does that make Orcs equivalent to Nomes?
I'm confused.
File: Lil Scarab.png (89 KB, 311x283)
89 KB
>They took well to me connecting to them.
>They halted all movements and awaited orders so that was cool enough.
>I called the swarm before me, the little things just started floating and skittering towards me.
>I found that mildly amusing.
>I took a knee before the scarab swarm, scooping up one of the little fucks up.
>I really didn't know what to ask of it, I know they could basically make anything if asked.
>After a good moment I came up with something that
>With a new order more or less streamed directly into their little minds, It didn't take them too long before they began to fabricate what I asked of them.
File: memesfromlonngago.png (485 KB, 960x1016)
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485 KB PNG
Anon I don't like these kinds of threads but this place has been so deprived of real, earnest enthusiasm and attempts at creativity for so long I want to nurture you like the precious little spark you are before the wind and shitposts snuff you out. So have this
File: happy cat.jpg (11 KB, 312x296)
11 KB
Thank you man it means alot.
File: Shroud Class.jpg (48 KB, 873x627)
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>It took them little more than a second before they created a scale model of a necron Shroud Class light Cruiser.
>This little mini on one of those little round bases, I always wanted to collect these little things.
>Before all this i was able to get my hand on a few dozen battlefleet minis off of eBay for cheap.
>Until now i never had the chance to get my hands on one of these shroud ships
>I would have smiled if my face wasn't permastuck in a slight indifferent expression.
>I should probably get around to testing my abilities, I should probably summon up my weapon.
>Fuck, im one of those harbingers of Transmutation.
>Meaning my weapon of choice is a fucking harp.
why didnt you like my post about ork penis?
File: when will you learn.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
How the hell am i supposed to react to WAAAAAGH Boss fat cock thrusting into necrodermis plates. its funny but i dont want him to split my toothpick of necron to snap in half.
File: bass boosted.jpg (109 KB, 700x722)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>I curse under my nonexistent breath, my new necron physiology working ahead of me.
>Simply reaching out my casket shaped harp starts popping into existence atom by atom.
>It's actually pretty cool to watch it happen, but most of that cool factor is kinda bogged down by the fact I'm summoning a harp.
>This harp, the Harp of Dissonance can transmute matter on a molecular level.
>Reading the deathwatch books it had a neat mention of turning adamantium into something resembling breakaway glass.
>I suppose defensively it could in theory actually be pretty cool.
>I contemplated for all of about half a second before I strummed one of the chords.
>A bass boosted electrical note erupted from the harp, i swear i could hear a sonic boom damn near overload my senses.
File: Phase_Blade.jpg (5 KB, 400x78)
5 KB
>In the span of a second the sonic pulse had atomized more than half the swarm.
>The other half of the swarm seemed to absorb the particles and transmute.
>The Necrodermis of their bodies had been alchemized into a gem like green, it kinda looked like a peridot.
>Already my own thought processes ran a scan over it, i hadn't really even thought i could do that.
>Their little frames had been altered now bearing the molecular composition of one of those C’tan phase weapons, it's like a special form of Necrodemis, the living metal that makes up all necrons.
>I think these weapons are used by Callidus Assassin, and a few of the triarch pretorians.
>This could actually really come in handy, but it looks like it requires quite a bit of energy to make.
>I’ll have to look up more uses of this little harp.
I'm going to take a little bit of break here for now, i have to visit my old man in the hospital and than head off for some Easter celebrations. I should be back in 5 hours.

When i get back ill try and write up a block of 5 or 6 posts in the format I've followed thus far

let me know if you folks like the direction im going or if you have any ideas and things you'd like to see from this funky little cryptek.
From the lyrics you can tell what Ne-krun is up to!
Alright? So here we go!

Just a NEET geek in mom's basement
Then suddenly everything blew up!
Some time passed and then I woke up,
As a Cryptek… What's this madness?

Here we see the absent-minded Ne-krun
I’m in great trouble daily in the Grim Dark Future!
It's time for us to awaken the whole of the Necron!
By the way I'm stuck with playing a damned harp! (Eww)
Checking my phone while at the hospital and I'm greeted by this, thank you very much anon that made me very happy.
>necron isekai
Bumping for more
File: What in the goddamn.jpg (65 KB, 564x450)
65 KB
Still gonna be away for another hour or two but wanted to post a small bit.

>I tuck away the little battlefleet mini and order the new phase scarabs to follow me, navigating this place shouldn't be too hard.
>According to my internal records we actually have a few of these shroud class ships.
>And with it being the 42nd millenia...wait no that lychguard 42 million years.
>Thats well before anything major happened in this setting.
>By rough estimation thats way before the imperium.
>Way before the great crusade, the golden age of technology.
>Hell slaanesh hasn't even been MURDERFUCKED into existence yet.
>Meaning this setting isn't entirly fucked up yet.
File: Trazyn.jpg (112 KB, 550x748)
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112 KB JPG
>I rushed my out of the chamber deeper into the tombworld.
>Knowing that this is I have roughly 20 million fucking years before shit hits the fan is heavy.
>I need to confirm that its the year 42 million, fuck this is way before the 40k calander started.
>There's a few people I'll need to visit.
>Probably the first will have to be that magpie Trazyn.
>He is the only one with a wealth of knowledge i can look over.
>the other option would be speaking with the awakened council which id prefer not to be anywhere near them.
>Or the diviner...nope trazyn is a billion times more palletable than the save scumming bastard.
File: 0e1.jpg (28 KB, 600x600)
28 KB
God my brain is frying I need to double read what I'm writing. I missed two mistakes in the last two posts.
Fuck it. Have a bump. I wanna see where this shit goes even though I have no background in 40k.
i wanna see where it fucking leads too so that's a bump from me, frien
is OP dead?
File: necron comfy.jpg (148 KB, 1024x823)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Bumpity bump
>I've been marching for what feels like hours.
>3 hours actually.
>This metal body dosent get tired, and it looks like hours can pass by without notice.
>I think I remember there being a 3 year period of silence between trazyn and collection of crypteks.
>This is going to take alot of getting used to.
>After another 2 hours of marching, and having passed a myriad of scarabs, spiders, and thousands of other canoptek critters I eventually make it into the hanger.
>Passing by at least 5 dozen of doom scythes and lesser vehicles I arrive to my real prize.
>The actual real deal, a certified Shroud-class Light Cruiser, my very own flagship according to my neuralbanks.
>"The Alchemizer's Equation, a bit on the nose but it will serve me well.
File: 1617091828804.jpg (53 KB, 500x386)
53 KB
Also not dead, just wrapping up Easter festivities. Gonna get soup for my old man and then I'm going to sit down and finally write a few blocks and post them one after another.
good to know cryptanon, i was just worried the lack of reaction made you give up
Heck no

It was because of all this small bits of interest that motivates me to write.


That and just wanting to make my own little funky necron.
Why is his palette so small?
Believe it or not I've actually worked with a colour palette that small before specifically when I was working on the rogue trader From the kill team boxset.

Once I'm back in my house I can snap a Pic of her though it's not anything Near Mr 2 thin Coats levels of quality.
Is anon also suffering from the desire of fucking GENESTEALER ASS?
I like to imagine that Cryptek Anon, CupAnon and Eldari Anon exist in the same story...

And with that, I like to imagine Tzeench having an aneurism and foaming from his mouths because of that...
Reading through that series was like having wet paper mache strips slap against my eyes.
I'm enjoying the story so far, Cryptanon. Happy Easter
Another Writefag.

Great. This is the resurgence of /tg!
Keep up the good work!
Alas it seems my rouge trader is in deep storage and i cant be bothered to find her.

In brighter news im getting a nice package of rpg books very shortly and im writing a few blocks of posts in advance.
File: NecronLambChops.jpg (22 KB, 297x301)
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This is good stuff op, cryptek is a great place to imagen being a necron. No dynasty politics but enough authority and personality to enjoy the eternal scholarship that is your life
File: Cryptek.jpg (378 KB, 1099x1522)
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378 KB JPG
>I quickly boarded my flag ship, apparently reacquainting myself with its manifold systems.
>In a matter of minutes I have engramatic knowledge of the ship's inner functions, sub systems, along with its specs for void travel.
>I stream a sliver of my consciousness through the ship, to oversimplify the experience, I feel like I'm programming an excel grid with my head deep underwater.
>I begin to rouse the various components of the ship one by one, and before the ship lights up with the arcane sciences of necron technology.
>I suppose it helps that I'm a technomancer, waking and repairing machines are par for the course.
>I receive a ping, like a discord ping except it hits my mind, that'll take some time to get used to.
>It's from a lychguard, First Scythe Agakhet, huh cool name.
>”My High Transmogrifier, we have assembled a selection of Immortals and Crypteks at your command.”
File: Necron_Tomb_Blades.png (2.29 MB, 855x1177)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
>”Excellent, I shall arrive to you shortly.” I message.
>Now then the question remains, how the hell will i get to the lychguard?
>By the looks of it they were more than 6 hours away by foot, and if i'll be honest, i didn't like the idea of wasting time even if it was essentially a scant few seconds in necron time.
>Instantly my mind gave me 2 answers.
>I could Freely Travel within the comfort of any number of these vehicles present or I could use the Spatial translation that readily aloud fast travel all across the tomb world.
>I Opted to Travel in style, the idea of manning one of these vehicles was actually fucking exhilarating.
>After a little bit of perusing through the rows upon rows of necron craft I settled one one.
>I Mounted a tomb blade and allowed myself to be connected to its systems.
File: necron-tomb-blades-2.jpg (59 KB, 873x627)
59 KB
>I Speed off.
>Leaving the ship hangar, my neruo-banks easily chart ways through the expansive facilities of the Tombworld.
>I rip through endless halls, massive chambers of antiquity, tomb complexes filled with slumbering thousands interred within stasis sarcophagi.
>The constant turns are sudden, and would have given me whiplash 4 dozen times over, or outright snapped my neck.
>But it seems this is more or less natural for me.
>The sensation of friction, and any loss of inertia made by these on a dime turns are all but lost thanks to the technologies that fill the insides of the tomb blade.
>I try splitting my consciousness off to run a subroutine.
>I want to see if I can overclock this thing to move even faster.
File: cryptek boi.jpg (159 KB, 549x741)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>Eventually I came across a clearing in an upcoming Tomb complex, and my lychguard duo were waiting for me, I didn't have the time to hotwire this puppy.
>I stopped within a few feet of them, my momentum halted with only the rush of air hitting them.
>The lack of inertia is too fun.
>The various wires and input nods hissing as they were disconnected from me.
>”Let me see now, You’ve gathered a fine host of warriors for me.” I Dismounted the Tomb blade.
>I walked over to the collection of assembled necrons.
>5 crypteks specialized in the astronomical and void based disciplines, 3 squads of 5 Immortals, and a squad of 10 warriors.
>This is far less than a skeleton crew but i really don't know what quantities as something worth noting by the awakened council, for now it's time to play it safe with barebone teams to operate.
>Now then i have some necrons to reanimate.
Well anon's this is where i stop for the night, its getting late and i have working in the morning. Ill be monitoring and doing some commenting on the thread but I'm done writing for tonight. you can expect a few responses tomorrow.

Otherwise if you have any questions, ideas, or just got something cool you'd like to say ill be here. id honestly love to hear some feedback.
He'd better at least get a copy of all their tech, how to make black-stone and necrodermis and whatnot , as well as their entire science database (or go visit other tomb worlds to get more detailed stuff) for the imperium later.
Or try and save humanity before the cybernetic revolt so humanity is strong enough to survive more of the age of strife.
Theres getting a full STC database and maybe some of those AIs.
So even if he has a time skip and the fall happens anyway (cause he got stuck to millions of years somehow), he could still have a big ass bargaining chip with the emperor on top of having Warhammer lore to hopefully stop the heresy.

Also should visit the Cadian pylons snd get info on them, and a full map of all planets with them to help close the eye of terror, especial before the eye happens.
And sicne he is a necron, they have to have info on the old ones and the war in heaven. See what they looked like and what the C’tan were like at full. Plus what this particular Necrontyr was befor biotransference. Just to know what happened.
File: Chiaotzu_DB_Ep_134_002.png (2.27 MB, 1272x1634)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
Fuck yeah, necrons!
File: fox3d-entertainment-6.jpg (680 KB, 2880x1616)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
If ill be honest i completely overlooked cadia, my current thought process was basically have him pillage as much necron tech as possible. Ill definitely have him go to cadia, saving the imperium is an afterthought.

my main inspiration was the destroyed necron planets from a few dozen novels i read in a few of the imperium centric world. Knights of Mcragge chief amongst them.
cool as shit anon, good thread
the fuck is this autisim now, does it have meme potential ?
And since the Eldar are at their hight, try and steal, all their science and warp data, as well as how to make Wraith bone to help Big-E’s psychic projects. And a map of the webway. Maybe also see what the hight of the Elsar actually looks like before their fall.
Of course the Black throne that could just turn off the Eye of terror, nab the Trionic activator and keep it safe.
Also check how good his vocal modulator is so he could play back conversions from audio dramas or voice act stuff from the books.
Better yet, he could (if he plays his cards right) synthetically replicate what it feels to be alive. Sure it doesn't return them to 'life' but it would be a major step forward.

Also that does raise the question how will he deal with the Aelderi if this before the fall. He could try to find(or help) a few exodites to understand what is going on, and maybe get them further away so they aren't murdered(this is a bargaining chip he could play to maybe get assistance from the craftworlds).

As to the STC's he could maybe find a way to break them down and improve them while giving the old stc's back to humanity. Also how would the emperor react to a 'lorekeeper' being reincarnated into a necron body.

Also would he take the first move to help the primarchs (like Angron) and preserve them so the emperors could help them, also warn the emperor about the corruption of the geneseed of the two legions.
Anon will you have your guy engage with Orks and Eldar/ Dark Eldar? They're the only real powers at this stage in the galaxy that aren't other necrons
Fair enough.
Should try also grabbing the location of all world engines, intact, functional or not just to be shur in case he need some super weapons.
And location and status of C’tan shards of course and what their records say happened, cause the Outsider certainly survived intact.

And what the official record is of the Silent king.

Snazzy thing to could work on long term for his ship, or if he gets a bigger one, is make the best forg he can, then use it to buipd a better wine with better parts etc. Repeate a couple of time till he reaches the limit of Necron tech he has available (even if it takes a few K years (he also has basic Chronomancy, so just make a time acceleration chamber that say bigger in the inside then outside)) so he could build anything he would want or need.

I have absolutely considered the dark throne, but i dont know if should count as canon seeing as it is a BIG what if in terms of canon. If the necrons win, the eye of terror is deleted, Guilliman and calgar is stolen, and abby is absolutely bodied. its a bit too much, now the events of the first battlefleet gothic are totally canon.

On to the matters of eldar this is about 20 million years before the fuck everything up, if he tried REALLY REALLY hard he could stop the eye from ever opening. Or alternatively give Ynnead a big head start.

The audio books and drama plan was 100% on the cryptek's plan. The info i gained from: The Infinite And The Divine, Belisarius Cawl: The Great Work, Knights Of Macragge
were just my favorite parts that he's going to pilfer everything from
The full and improved STC’s alone should drastically accelerate the crusade, not to talk of the Necron FTL (Wonder if it works in the warp, since imperium ship still use their engines in it, the navigator just does the driving).

He could even teach the more tech oriented Primarchs, Ferris Vulcan and Pert, snd with what warp knowledge the Necrons have and what he grabbed from the Eldar would make Magnus happy.

And with curing the legions, he could get all Necron biodata and what knowledge the Homunculi have and then tech Emps it to make him even better at gene craft.

And for himself, he can use the warp knowledge to figure our a tech basic psychic link so he could directly give the Emperor and Malcador all the 4pk lore.

And the STC’s, what would happen if one was given all the scientific and tech knoladge form the Eldar and Necrons, since they make tech based on all of humanity’s knowledge, and make borderline magical stuff.
File: the blackstone fortress.jpg (373 KB, 1422x800)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
I do also really really want Cryptek anon to steal as many of the BOMB ass blackstone fortress's as possible. I've played through the tabletop and read all of the stuff on it and i would love to run wild with their inner contents.
I would suspect the Eldar wouldn’t be very pleased, especially their full empire with what they were capable of, with a Necron being awake and snooping around. And way more the Trazyn
File: sleepy boi.jpg (421 KB, 1024x1803)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Well folks i had fun, but now i must sleep. try and keep the post alive. ill make a new one under "So i'm a Necron Cryptek, so what? #2" if need be
>Be me Conoptic Wraith
>just maintaining the slumbering necrons...
>Some asshole Tombblade Driver flies to close for comfort
>Phase out...
>Fucker didn't even notice me!
>...It was a crytek...
>... I'll let it slide this time.
>Though, maybe I might be called for?
>Future problem... maybe.
dear god i hope there's a cryptanon 2 gauss boogaloo
File: EhP9oYMWAAIpP64.jpg (103 KB, 768x1024)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Just woke up and that was a phenomenal little thing to wake to thank you!
File: kek.png (343 KB, 311x464)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Make a crossover with cupanon, BECOME HIS BIGGEST NOIGHMARE
I'm going to get ready for work and start writing some blocks of text. Expect something in an hour ish.
Okay, I'm up and actually writing now. First off though nobody called me out on the accidental flurry of skeleton puns in the last post.
As much as I would love to see this, I personally think it is highly unlikely.

I say that because it is 2(0millionish?) years before the fall of the eldar.

but that being said our good cryptek would probably have the best chance of meeting another reincarnation. I say this because (not too familiar with that part of necron lore) some necrons tech could traverse the multiverse.
I actually only known of one instance of multiversal stuff happening off the top of my head and that was in the cawl book. I may do a quick refresher course on a few books here in afew days for more ideas.
File: necron warrior.jpg (210 KB, 1280x800)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>For this trip I only need to partially awaken the gathered cadre.
>Their own inbuilt engrams would be needed.
>It took me around an hour of searching through my own Neuro-Banks to learn the process of reanimation, along with simulating the rite a few hundred times.
>My digits craned at precise angles, enacting the various rites of reanimation.
>Flickers of balefire and electricity suffused my hands.
>These fires basically encompassed complex string of cryptographic orders, this was my logic string that allowed me to awaken the slumbering necrons.
>I Finally begin spreading this balefire across the host of necron warriors.
>Their empty eye sockets lighting up with the creeping light of the fire, their inner systems after 42 million years of slumber, once again ready to fight.
File: Reanimation protocol.jpg (331 KB, 2000x1401)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
>One by one the warriors and immortals rose from their caskets, bodies overcharged, still burning in the flame of balefire.
>I moved onto the collection of cryptek’s.
>They would require a more...Intimate reawakening.
>Their minds would need to be awakened in earnest, I am alone on this tombworld, I need information and truly sharp minds if I'm going to be braving the void of space.
>I began the rite of reanimation protocols, though to reawaken a cryptek, that process was far more lengthy.
>At risk of causing untold neural damage I followed every procedure, and crossed my fingers.
>When the balefire of reanimation was cast upon the rose much like the other assembled warriors.
>It had taken me 3 years in truth to awaken them without a fragment of neural damage, and damn did it feel good.
*tongue click* NOICE
glad you liked it.
>Be tiny scarab
>was summoned by a cryptek, no idea what he wants
>all he ask for was a tiny 'miniature' of a necron ship
>Kind of enjoyed making it
>later a wraith came on by to talk to our spyder
>some asshat driving a tombblade almost hit him
>MFW it was the one who made me make him the 'miniature'
>MFW he almost did me a favor by turning this wraith to scrap.
>I like this cryptek already
>shame he didn't hit the wraith.
>would've been a valuable lesson to stick to the ground and not levitate in the middle of the fuckin hallway.
File: Reanimtor.jpg (117 KB, 1000x737)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>I gave the host of assembled a rough run down, our heading was the territory of the nihilakh dynasty
>I received no arguments.
>One cryptek, a voidmancer by the name Phanaunet made the order to have several canoptek creatures to fill in the space of the ship.
>I approved the order and even tossed in a pair of Canoptek Reanimators to assist us.
>With that the host of warriors and the pair of lychguard were instantly translated to the ship by my orders.
>I ordered several canoptek to rush in to fill up parts of the ship.
>We'll need their help should we find some destructive force in the void.
>Or from Trazyn.
File: Canoptek bby.png (172 KB, 292x275)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
I love seeing these little canoptek fellas, pls do more!
File: space.jpg (24 KB, 855x481)
24 KB
>When i finally translated myself into the hangar, i decided to bring along 2 doom scythes, just for the fun of it.
>My team of cryptek’s were already on the bridge, running through the systems and ensuring everything was up to snuff.
>I couldn't help but notice that most of the cryptek’s still burned with the baleful of reanimation.
>I may have actually overdid it?
>In any case from what a cursory scan over shows, it looks they're working at 150% efficiency.
>Coolant is cycling normally, their neural matrices however are firing a bit faster than normal.
>Well, I can't complain.
>They gave a few sounds off before the hangar doors opened up, revealing unfamiliar stars.
Will do, I am going to have as much fun as reasonably possible.
>Be scarab
>Was informed that I will be serving under the Crypek
>39 other scarabs would also be assigned to one of the two spyders
>presumably to maintain the doom scythes
>nine wraiths would accompany us, including the bitching one who complained about this Crypek.
>along with a dozen (or two) Acanthrites to defend the ship or act as a vanguard (just in case)
>two gigantic reanimators are also tagging along
>Cryptek seemed happy, gave me a tiny bit of information.
>Learnt how to 'stickbug' (what ever that is)
>Could sense his amusement when I did it for the first time
>This is a good day
>did it to the displeased wraith, sent recording to crypek
>heard laughter from where I was
>Objective for today: Complete
i don't know a whole lot about necrons but i am really enjoying this thread, keep it up OP!
3 Freaking Years!?!
trazyn be like
>you do not know it yet but you are already part of my collection
>For now i'm going to relax on the bridge.
>My voidmancer and other crypteks have already charted the route and really I'm just going to sit back for now.
>The trip I'm told should take roughly 8 years.
>Considering I’ve only been awake 3 years it oddly doesn't feel that bad of a wait.
>in the meantime i guess i can search my own mind for a bit more info on my dynasty.
>I belong to the Voekhet Dynasty, a small dynasty.
>In the war the heaven and the shattering of the C’tan the tombworlds lost many of its warriors but we retained enough glories that our losses could be overlooked.
>Our losses have seriously diminished our dynastic powers but having helped bring an end to the outsider we were allowed to remain as a dynasty and not be consumed into a greater dynasty.
>It’s a bit sad.

Time passes so easy without necrons noticing. the best examples are in the infinte and the divine book. dead ass one awkward pause lasted for 3 years, some of their plays last for 10ish years, and quarantine can last centuries.
cryptek anon has now aquired
>one:1 stickbugging pet scarab
Im going to catch some breakfast and do some light cleaning, but i honestly feel like im on a roll this morning. ill get back on in a wee bit.
8 years plus choromancy time sounds like more then enough to review any official records related to the war in heaven, silent his status, and what he old ones looked like. Probably even what the Krork were like.

I bet it would really stroke Trazyn ego to ask for a full tour of is collection, with all the lore and stories behind them, and as many years it would really take. But should get Anon some brownie points for the interest.
File: agnes.jpg (34 KB, 700x368)
34 KB
all part of the plan
The big question is how is he gonna handle the flayer virus?
Also bump
no idea
i hope he dosen't catch the fucking viruses
He could find that one artifact that cryptek has that prevents it.
you could be 'immune' but due to your knowledge (or do to your mindset have a far greater resiliency against it) you feel compeled to take every precaution against it.

However I believe a nercon called Unk (I think he was also a cryptek) was immune to the virus thanks to several 'artifacts' that allowed him to immune to its affects. So finding a artifact that would grant you 'immunity' to the flayer virus.
Bump and waiting for moar
Anon could visit Valgû on Drazak, make a practically apologue radio set eith enough bandwidth for hologram communications, the talk to the lord about his immunity. Then via other human DaT level robots, conduct a study on the lords immunity to the virus. At least out of curiosity and a way to prevent it to spread to him.

That and he could also query what official records there are of it from non-infected time worlds.
I'm not familar with that story.
I had planned to simply save the several necrons from the few tombworlds that got overrun by the flayer rather than stop the ilness.
Fair enough.

Valgû is a lord of the Bone Kingdom, since every Necron exempt him became a flayer.
File: centi boy.jpg (330 KB, 1157x1000)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
>On a brighter note, as of yet no known destroyer cults, or instances of the flayer virus have shown up anywhere on the tombworld.
>However roughly 32 immortals, warriors and deathmarks have awoken within the last 40 million years have been put to sleep once again.
>Thanks to my own efforts, and that of previous crypteks we have managed to maintain an extensive cache of blackstone and canoptek.
>What we don't have in warriors we more than quintuple make up for in canoptek creatures.
>Were rich in resources but in dire straits when it comes to our numbers.
>I let out a noise resembling a sigh.
>This dynasty is kind of a bummer.
>For now I just stare out into the void, watching stars and planets pass along as we move along at sub light speed through this sector.
File: mega logo.png (26 KB, 1280x417)
26 KB
>On The first year of the trip I went ahead and compiled every Book, Audiodrama, audiobook into transferable data, I like to call it my megastorage.
>I tried a few test runs before I perfected the means of transferring the data.
>It's like listening to an audiobook while having the lexicanum open for all the things one wouldn't immediately understand, all the subtext for the context.
>By year two i've perfect the means of manipulating an augmenting my vocal emitter and producing sounds i've stored within my memory.
>It's a small victory but it's fun.
>By year 3 my boredom was starting to set in.
>I may be a necron now, but thanks to me a former human noticing the passage of time is kinda off.
>I’m going to need to start doing something to fill the time.
File: necron fleet.jpg (208 KB, 1024x579)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Gotta actually go for an hour or two now, work calls. if any of you have any ideas for anons free time for a few years please do make some suggestion. as it stands i think I'm going to have him make battlefleet gothic tabletop for him and his lychguard.
maybe have some vr shit or try to make weapons/ constructs
Practice simulation of his transmutation harp for combat and little practicals. Turning air into organic worthy food, making valuable materials for other non Necrons in case he needs to buy something, make orks partially turn into antimatter to make them explode.

Making some strategy games with OP smart AIs so he could strategies well, even its he's not a lord that specializes in that. Practise simulated par core and dodging. Flight simulators.

Tons of stuff.
Wait, if anon has access to his entire memory...
Then and hear me out, he could recreate all the rules and miniatures for the table top.

Also he could play with his lych guard, to further enhance their 'battlefield' skill. (or just goof around)

Alternatively you could attempt to create new 'Canoptek' units, or heavily modify (basically what you might say 'kitbashing') what you have right now.

Further more you could, improve how you physically appear to any meatbags.

Plus maybe make some minor tech that could be experimented with, or could record a vast amount of data for any new experimental weaponry you might create.

You have to agree that a few arsenals changes would help in the inevitable upcoming fights.

VR might actually be useful, consider he creates a new proxy body (basically a basic Canoptek mind when he isn't piloting it) he could just puppeteer it from afar with no risk to himself what so ever.

Now going back to our little Canoptek story
>Noticed our Cryptek was getting bored
>Its been a few years
>Remember the miniature he made me make for him...
>Communicate to his Lych gaurd, inform them of the 'game' idea
>They think it for a moment.
>received approval
>Recreated all necron ships in a holographic form
>Create imaginary scenarios we might face.
>Lych Gaurd brings him in to test the feel of the game
>I fucking see him light up like a star
>Such radiant joy...
>It feels good being useful...
>However need to make more complex scenarios, because he just wipes the board.
File: nec-rock.jpg (52 KB, 600x645)
52 KB
Maybe transmogrify the harp into a different instrument?
imagine if it was a keytar instaid of a harp
File: That is so metal.jpg (114 KB, 900x900)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
more scarab boi pls
File: cairn-tomb-ship-scale.jpg (119 KB, 1024x577)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>half way through year 3, my lychguard and one canoptek scarab have approached me with a proposal for a battlefleet game.
>They've made a crude version of the video game on a holofield table.
>I'm actually pretty impressed by it, I play the game with them.
>And soon find that my 200 hundred hours of playtime between both battlefleet gothic armada games translate incredibly well to this version.
>I'm able to route the lychguard even if they work to take me down.
>Agakhet one of the lychguards actually has a mind for strategy though, He’s definitely good at amassing sectors but can't seem to hold them long against me.
>In other news the crypteks stop burning with balefire at the end of their 3rd year.
>Whatever was going on with the supercharged reanimation is over and their working within average capacity.
File: eldar.jpg (134 KB, 1280x720)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>I spent part of the year refining the battlefleet game to a point it resembled the sequel, it took a solid month to figure out how to have it display colors instead of just being permanently green.
>I added Eldar and ork simulations for the lychguard to challenge themselves, they seem to “enjoy” it or as close as expressionless monotone warriors can enjoy something.
>For now I focused my efforts on testing out the power of Harp of Dissonance.
>After bombarding the thing with as many augury scans and spectromantic scans I've concluded a few things about it.
>The Twelve strings are calibrated to a precise level of tension, meaning if I find a series of material with similar tension level as the string I can transmute it within a certain range.
>Playing several strings, while normally inadvisable can miraculously create new alloys, which will require extensive testing.
>Running through a few thousand simulations i've discovered i can in theory cause nuclear fission.
>I'm no nuclear scientist but i think I'm not far off from outright making atomic bombs when playing several of my destructive notes together.
Wonder if the emperor with sigh, facepalm or punt h the bridg if his nose when Crypteck anon talks about the nuclear Armageddon song as “metal”, with the appropriate hand sight too.

As another confirmation that this soulless ancient robotic alien was a human, as impossible as it is with him having woken up millions of years before hominids got down from the trees.
File: Auramite.jpg (264 KB, 1920x1273)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
>I’ve exhausted most safe research I can conduct within the ship, I nearly was voided when I accidentally opened a small section of the wall into a tin adjacent alloy.
>We’re on to year 6 and have traveled beyond the speed light for some time.
>Cryptek Phanaunet the Voidmancer informed me that we were actually ahead of schedule and could arrive half way through this year.
>Apparently the overclock reanimation had given them a small bump in her travel algorithms or whatever technobabble that cryptek was on about.
>I'm just happy I'll be able to be off this ship.
>For now I'll sit in my quarters, mostly just transmuting a few scarabs hulls into different matter.
>It's kinda nice learning some of these combos.
>I Gilded one scarab in this golden metal stuff, it's incredibly durable actually it actually looks incredibly nice, downside is it took most of my energy to make.
gonna visit my old man now that he's out of the hospital. ill be gone a while.
Party on my dude
>be newly gilded Scarab
>It is different compared to my old carapace
>Honestly was very 'afraid(?)', because test subjects don't tend to live very long (or exist in our case)
>Cryptek seems to have discovered a new elemental metal.
>Doesn't appear to stuffy any form of oxidation
>It is slightly transparent, highly durable, and extremely lightweight (but doesn't regenerate quickly)
>was given a name Charidotella or 'Chari' for short
>Apparently it was a golden 'beetle'
>... Seriously have to ask him how he knows this stuff.
>Bless the shards for my luck, to be put under such a intelligent Cryptek
i like the scarab deutagonist
(Theres a word for that?) I love them too, i always loved the little scarabs.

In other news im all good just need to make quick run or two for work and I can vibe. Also hopefully my package of Black crusade books and Deathwatch books come in.
Hope anon checks what the Necron parking etiquette is so that when he get permission to land on Solemnace he wound know is Trazyn is snubbing him or being rude with where he wad told to land.

And since his tour of the galleries are going to take years, his lychguard can keep playing and getting better for when he gets back.
forgive me guys but I hope no one minds if I live up to my name, alright. Also I will put some love into 'Chari' but I want to give an illusion of personality to the other canoptek constructs...
>Be Acanthrite
>Hear from spyder we will arrive at our cryteks destination soon. (with in the next year, or half)
>Perhaps if the cryptek give us authorization we might be able to kill a few of the planets predators
>Wraiths seem a bit excited as well, probably because they have a similar idea
>The time to show how much more useful we are on this world will allow this cryptek to work on improving us further.
>The two sypders will not interfere if we do not try to destroy each other, or compromise/get in the way of the mission.
>We will fallow the 'rules' as usual.
>Both our own and the dynasties world we will enter.
yes, a deutagonist is a secondary protagonist, he is not the main protagonist in terms of importance but he is still important
Thank you for posting this.
Never seen this channel put the wordplay is nice.
Bump and Godspeed.
File: Canoptek_Spyder.jpg (110 KB, 827x438)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Be Canoptek spyder
> I have 19 scarabs under me...
>... wait a moment what happened to that one scarab!?
>Oh... he became the personal... 'pet' of our Cryptek
>... How in the fuck did he accomplish that, without me noticing!
>Hmmm... I can replace it.
>... of course that Cryptek modified the shells of a few of my scarabs
>*sigh* and of course the Wraiths and Acanthrites are staring each other down.
>I know where this is going, you'd think they'd settle down after 30 million years.
>Where is a Tomb Sentinel to remind the two of the constructs where their place is...
>At least this Cryptek appreciates our work...
>I must say though that that scarab engram is much more complex than I remember...
File: Make fun of eldar.png (46 KB, 500x227)
46 KB
Finally home, going to enjoy some pasta and drop some posts soon-ish.
>After years of constant moving greater than light speed the ship started whining as we began moving at speeds a white scars space marines could actually enjoy without dying.
>By the looks of it were just a few months away from the Nihilakh Dynasty’s territory.
>There does seem to be miles of space debris around though.
>Lots of asteroids floating about.
>It shouldn't be any trouble.
>I make the order to drive through with some caution.
>I regret giving that order.
>As what awaited us was something that would give any ship reason to fear the void.
no something far worse... a void kraken
>be me
>random cryptek in our head cryptek's ship
>long voyage, nothing unexpected
>inform the boss we are nearing the point of arrival ahead of schedule
>boss tells us to drive carefully
>then, sudden void kraken
Love the writefaggery. Keep going. People often say it doesnt blong on tg but this stuff is what always gets onto sup/tg with the most upvotes so clearly they're wrong. Keep up the good work
>The ship skidded, HOW!?.
>Something had lashed across the underbelly of the ship,
>Damage warnings blaring to life, reports were flooding as the damage sustained broke through overloaded are shields.
>We had a small chunk of the hull that was broken off.
>not enough to cause issues but enough to raise concern.
>The ship rushed, weaving and soaring the debris fields.
>By one turn i caught a glimpse of the bastard that had fucked us.
>And let out a sound unbefitting a cryptek.
>We were up against a void Kraken.
>Tendrils sluggishly reached for us, they were massive, a mile long each one at least.
>This ship was already fucking massive in its own right but this thing was at least 10 miles long.
>Thankfully the swarms upon swarms of canoptek creatures are already hard at work trying to UNFUCK the damage.
>Warnings Blair again, and the ship takes a sudden dive.
>We had just narrowly avoided a mile wide asteroid from smashing against our rear.
>The cryptek’s are feverishly working on getting us out of here.
>The problem is if we try speeding up we're likely to suddenly plow in to Nihilakh territory which is exactly what would cause us to appear hostile to one of the most heavily armed dynasties out there.
File: c97.png (998 KB, 916x914)
998 KB
998 KB PNG
everyone on the ship be like
look we might not have as immense self-preservation like the living do and our emotions are practically non existent.

consider that if we die, in our minds... there is no coming back, or at the very least a large part of ourselves is lost!

So yea... that is a no for the necrons. And us Canoptek's its far worse, because we have routines we have to run to maintain our lords ships.
>Phanaunet Whips us around, we get a fucking look at the son of bitches ugly mug.
>For the briefest of years I was content to actually be in a universe without chaos, Dark eldar, or tyranids.
>That i somehow forgot that occasionally there were worse things in this universe.
>The voidmancer pipes up ”The auger is complete my lord, and a firing solution is almost done, Permission to engage?”
>”ENGAGE!” I Yell.
>Glyphs light up the window, I can see and hear the ships weapons array of Lightning arcs coming to life.
>Rivulets of Electricity jolt to across the ship as the kraken closes in, its tendrils reaching for us.
>I saw an explosive blast blind my singular ocular orb, before everything was consumed in white light.
>The ship lurched, whipping around violently to one side.
>When my eye cleared I could make out the kraken howling.
>Not a single sound reached me, all screams were muted in the depths of space.
>Half of its face had been reduced to molten slag, a set of eyes had been burned out.
>The thing had managed to whip us off to the side even after getting hit.
>”My lord, we have received significant damage to our right flank. With the beast stunned we can fallback.”
>”Get us out of here Phanaunet, We have no need to continue fighting.”
>The Alchemizer's Equation glided out of the asteroid field.
File: Cryptek and Scarab.jpg (53 KB, 849x589)
53 KB
How I've managed to type up 15 post and still have the energy for more is a mystery. it took me 4 hours to type up the first six posts and then 3 to get the next five. it was like an average of 6 ish posts a day.

anyway have a pic of a cryptek and a scarab
>Be spyder
>Received good news...
>We aren't a 'void krakens' belly.
>Bad news is...
>We have to land soon
>Damages have to be properly assessed, and repaired without the ship in the vacuum of space (and while its on), also will need a few rarer elements that our cryptek friend should be able to make.
>Swore I saw a golden(ish) Sracab Holding onto dear 'life' of the crypteks shoulder plate
>It was cute seeing them trying to comfort each other...
Also why is this picture so cute for me
thank you blessed effortposter
Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth-Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Bump
>I breathe a sigh of relief as we move out of the asteroid belt, an entirely unnecessary gesture but it calms me.
>The damage reports come in a bit after, we've lost a large sweep of the rear hull.
>As we speak canoptek wraiths and other machine servants work to repair the damage.
>The reports that ping my mind tell that for now well have to seal off a dozen sections of the ship until they can be sealed off.
>light speed is out of the question for at least two weeks.
>I should've expected this.
>For now I relax back upon the command throne.
>I hold onto my cute little scarab Chari, letting it occasionally skitter about as I pet it.
File: RESTORE.png (699 KB, 1300x712)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
Thanks for the great green text Anon, hope to read more when i wake up.
gonna slow down for a wee bit. mostly gathering a few images for trazyn's gallery since i cant be bothered to post without an image every time.

In the meantime have a funky money.
Shall I continue with the Canoptek stuff in the mean time.
go for it. they still have months of void travel left.
File: Lord of solamnace.png (1.08 MB, 1546x939)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
>After a sluggish 2 and half months we finally arrived at the perimeter line.
>I sent out the hail for the Nihilakh dynasty.
>My message is sent off to trazyn with a secondary message to the Sannet chief curator of the galleries of Solemnace.
>They request a call onto the deck, which I oblige.
>The magpie himself answers, his smug face plastered across the holo-projection.
>”A Cryptek of the Voekhet Dynasty! To what do I owe the pleasure?”
>His voice makes my nonexistent skin crawl, I can't look bad in front of him so i'm going to stroke his ego.
>”Overlord Trazyn, who is called Infinite, Chief Archaeovist of the Solemnace Galleries.” I bow my head, and take a submissive stance.
>”I have come to you to ask for a tour of the Solemnace Galleries, I wish to behold the common heritage of all necron kind. And to see what myriad of entities and trinkets now litter this galaxy.”
Bumping as I wait for updates.
how long does a necron snooze button push last?
according to lore 60 million years.
>Be Trazyn the Infinite
>a necron of the rare voekhet dynasty is comming
>A rare case indeed...
>However the prophet neurons cannot seem to determine this crypteks destiny
>how peculiar.
>may haps he wouldn't mind granting I one of his dynasties mythical canoptek engrames.
>I know he will call me that much I am sure
>...I was right!
>He even requested a tour of my galleries
>A man of culture... Wounderful
>I will hopefully enjoy this...
>who am I kidding I'll love this!
>Trazyn crooks his head to the side.
>I think i actually caught him off guard.
>”A man of culture, I believe I can set aside time for you. It doesn't seem as though you'll be able to travel with that breach in your vessel.” He remarked with the hint of smug glee.
>”I shall ferry your ship to a station in my domain and see to it your ship is repaired.”
>The connection was ended.
>I breathed another sigh.
>I can only hope he doesn't try and repo my ship.
>”Agakhet, ensure the warriors are prepared for combat, i don't believe he will do anything but its better to be on the safe side.”
>They came in droves, dozens of fleet craft clamping onto my vessel.
>Dragging it deeper into his domain.
>I could swear half the nameless cryptek were anxious.
>I can't exactly blame them for it.
>I Hold on tight to my scarab.
>If i get on his good graces i can start using my meta knowledge to my advantage.
>Hm...I cannot recall trazyn having an actual necron guest to his gallery.
>This might actually be good?
>Be wraith
>I hate this...
>Firstly traveling with the cryptek who almost killed me, I have forgiven that part yes but it is still sour
>Secondly leaving our crownworld, and going out for years while being onboard with those dam Acanthrites.
>Our navigators were SOMEHOW dumb enough to be attacked by a 'void kraken'
>Now we are heading onto a world of the Nihilakh Dynasty
>... I would say it might be nice
>however the knowledge our cryptek has given us about this overlord...
>... makes me ask two questions
>I have double, triple and quadruple checking everything before
>... and will have to after we leave this world.
>Shards dam it this is the worst decade recorded in my data-storage so far
File: necrons-go-to-war1.png (1.19 MB, 1017x715)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
>It takes us little time before a smaller craft connects to my ship's hangar.
>I make sure to be there to meet them, along with my host of warriors.
>The bastard arrived atop a Necron Catacomb Command Barge.
>Not only that but he arrived with a host of over 30 Lychguard.
>I quickly give a quick scan over their neural matrices, good they aren't fully awakened.
>Just their combat engrams.
>”Cryptek of Voekhet I never quite caught your name.” Trazyn announces.
>... “Eh?”
File: phaeron.jpg (98 KB, 620x877)
98 KB
>My chronosense grinds time to a near halt after he asks for my name.
>I dont fucking know what name this necron i’ve overwritten has.
>I run through my memories for the next several millisecond looking for a name.
>How did i manage to live for 10 years as a necron without actually knowing my own name?
>I find the name buried somewhat deep under thousands upon thousands of esoteric sciences of super chemistry and metallurgy techniques.
>Underneath all of that I finally find it.
>A overlord offering a goodbye to me, i don't recall who she is, she's seeing me off as i am interred into my sarcophagus for the next 40 Million years.
>”I am Ishskar High Transmogrifier of the Voekhet Dynasty!” I finally answered after 2 second of thinking.
File: Necrob_Scarab.jpg (86 KB, 800x576)
86 KB
huh now that he mentions it what is your crypteks name... Anon? Hephaestus, whatever you choose is ultimately your decisions. Though you could say you are looking for one to him.
>Be Chari
>I am on guard against any thievery for me
>This Trazyn...which if my crypteks warnings are true (which I know they are)
>He will try to collect I for being 'special'
>He raised A question I had never considered.
>What is my Crypteks name?
>Why would he give me a name if he didn't have one?
>... and why is it that I do not know his name if he has one?
File: EVja1NSUcAAdnZe.jpg (42 KB, 849x589)
42 KB
and thats where i stop for the night, ending on a cliff hanger. i made GREAT progress tonight. Anyway as always ill be lurking on this thread and answering things. id love some feedback or ideas for of the wacky shenanigan's that are doubtless to occur on this world.

while that name was cool i wanted to keep up with ancient Egyptian naming conventions and then in the end just slammed syllables i liked together. i added "SKAR" after beskar since i honestly was running on brain fumes when it came to names.
Fair enough, didn't realized you had posted... my mistake
>I am sure that means...
>...Never mind
>However what nick name would I be able to give him, if he allowed me to call him by his nickname
>...ok the second one sounds more badass
>but there is an odd charm in the first...
>I will have to ask him later.
>Though brightside I will call the new shell material Iskar
File: cTTsxVK.jpg (72 KB, 509x720)
72 KB
also holy shit my fucking average was like writing 6 posts a day and today was 21 posts typed up
Keep pumping those numbers up anon, I wanna see a properly edited novella by the end of the week! But seriously keep up the good work.
Its good seeing this story coming along...
I (personal bias here) did enjoy how you allowed my scarab become canonical in your story.
Plus how you flowed my minor Canoptek side stories flow into yours.
File: bby scarab.png (215 KB, 312x285)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
HAVE YOU SEEN how cool these little guys are. im perfectly fine with the idea of little side characters doing their own thing, and i may use them in the story if i feel it would be fun for the story telling.
I totally agree, but I was still a bit surprised you'd allow Chari to exist. Considering he should have (by lore standards) a basic 'Programing' but showed the ability to process and calculate a more complex thought process and was highly independent from the tombworlds systems.
I kinda just hand waved it as more cantoptek machines are likely to gain ai since they have an overabundance of them instead of a full host of necrons.
File: r6blq76umgx51.png (261 KB, 657x494)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
Oh yes as a reminder if you folks manage to keep the thread alive until morning that would be nice, if not I don't mind making another post.
It would make for a nice part 1.
Then part two is the beginning of his tour.
Am I allowed to comment on how strangely adorable scarabs are? Have some colored scarabs for the trouble
Bump fest.
File: Spooky Skeleton Pepe.jpg (11 KB, 250x235)
11 KB
fuck it, bump
Feel free to
Just start the thing instead of giving your 'geek-creds' retard.
Let's go! Finally some good writefaggotry.
ISEKAI-40k is always interesting, or at least more interesting to me than earnest 40k stories.

Though it would have been neat if that Perpetual Krieger thread took off. The Premise is hilarious.
Good morning by the way, I'm headed to work so ill get a few posts typed up in a bit and posts.
Bump for the Bump God
Dubs says you turned that gilded scarab into auramite.
File: 50116445098_6e870eb519_k.jpg (240 KB, 2048x1447)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
>"A pleasure to have you Ishskar, now then it seems you've brought your own lychguard, there really won't be need for them." He gestured to the 30 around him, all at least partially colored in the fashion of his dynasty.
>"Come Trazyn you can-"
>"I insist." He leveled his gaze on me, all pretext of friendliness gone.
>I let out a quiet huff through my vocal emitter, not that it actually mattered.
>With my hands tied I gave the interstitial command to have my troops fall back.
>"Very good, now then come along my dear High Transmogrifier." He said with the slightest bit of smugness.
>I nodded along and joined him.
>I watched as this smaller vessel disembarked from my hangar, my crew leaving to ensure the safety of my stuff.
File: Slanni_Brave (1).jpg (149 KB, 512x996)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>Transport was quiet.
>Trazyn occasionally looked at me, I think either assessing me and my little scarabs value.
>Or genuinely excited that a single necron was actually interested in his galleries.
>In any case we traveled down to the surface of the world.
>I had caught glimpses of thousands of raised monolithic structures which served as great gallery houses.
>Trazyn didn't go to sleep when commanded, and instead spent the past 42 Million years collecting.
>I kinda had something something I wanted to ask him actually
>"Lord Trazyn...You wouldn't happen to have a section of your gallery dedicated to the Slann?"
>Be canoptek sypder (I'm going to call myself Alpha)
>We have thankfully gotten on a planet
>The damage if are worse then what I first analyzed
>thankfully our backup recourses should be able to repair or most 'holely' ship
>It should be a relatively quick...
>What happened to a third of our stock?
>oh right... Trazyn...
>Is a collector of rare things
>We can work with this...
>Honestly... I should have expected this based off his character
>We Passed by hundreds of plinths bearing ancient xenos tech most utterly beyond my comprehension.
>I saw hundreds of recreations of xenos battling against one another trapped in hard-light holograms captures of their conflict.
>I saw Hrud Burrow and its denizens perpetually frozen as they were in the middle of digging.
>I witnessed a fucking family of Jokearo eating banana adjacent fruit under the shade of their strangely crafted ship.
>I gasped when I saw Rak'Gol feasting down upon a frog faced xenos beast, I could even see the strange xenos firing some electrical cannon at one, atomizing another Rak'Gol.
>Trazyn and I did occasionally speak as he presented me the things within the prismatic galleries.
>I think my recognition of a portion of his galleries quite piqued his interest but I was more stunned than anything to really care at the time.
>"Now I believe you said you wanted to see the slann collection. We will find them in my war in heaven gallery."
File: lots of damage.jpg (88 KB, 786x435)
88 KB
Our Cryptek better take pictures, i belive on the 13 black crusade, a bell will cause a lot of damage
o yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, THAT FUCKING BELL
Sorry for the slowness, work hasn't actually given me the chance to sit and write down more posts.
it's fine, cryptanon
File: Senna.jpg (235 KB, 600x412)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
it's a good story so far, good job anon
>We passed through a dozen more display cases.
>I gave up on subtlety as we made our way into the bowels of the gallery.
>Outright I was speaking the names of the orkoid varieties.
>I was left speechless as I saw his gargant flanked by not 1, but a formation of 5 Squiggoths.
>He seemed particularly proud of it.
>He was also holding his tongue after i made mention of the distinction between a gork and mork icon emblazoned upon one deff dreads chassis.
>I shut up quickly after that.
>Finally we arrived at the lower levels of the gallery.
File: war in heaven act 2.jpg (243 KB, 1000x717)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
>The war in heaven gallery was a sight to behold.
>Aeldari waging war in ancient armor serving alongside herculean super orks...Krorks.
>I saw bone singers erecting a barrier of Wraithbone against a Gauze beam fired by a necron warrior.
>No not a necron warrior a mannequin in ancient livery of a necron, a stand in for a necrontyr.
>Trazyn was busy talking, and yes i was recording his every word and recording every ounce of detail of the room.
>I wasn't truly listening.
>This gallery had everything and so much more than i could have hoped for.
>When i did eventually turn to look at trazyn, i couldn't actually stand to stare at him.
>But rather at what stood behind him.
File: Trazyn.jpg (123 KB, 900x1273)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>Ah such a rare coinsurer of historical events
>... Hold up
>How the fuck does he recognize them.
>Perhaps its just my imagination, or its just his awe at my collection
>But then why would he specifically request to see my slann?
>I can see he is clearly paying attention to my explanation of each of the exabits.
>Perhaps... I could use him to gather a few of the lesser artifacts he might know about.
>I saw the last desperate stand of a collection of slann, against a set of mannequins of necrons blasting them with all manner of beams and techno-sorcery.
>They were Amphibian Like reptile folk, short hunched back things.
>Their arms were small and veiny, body covered in a slick mucus.
>Their armor was golden and often plumbed with red streaks of hair, bodys adorned in either furs or scaled pelts of ancient xenos long long since extinct.
>Their melee tools looked primitive, but seemed to crackle with electricity that was perpetually frozen in place.
>I couldn't doubt anything of this universe anymore.
>I'm 40k and I need to start pulling my weight in this galaxy if i plan to keep living.
>My eyes finally set down on the lord of Solemnace
File: 20210406_123517.jpg (3.02 MB, 4032x1960)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB JPG
Slightly unrelated but boy has this one been long in the works. I finally got a hold of these boys for a long time.

Only a few splat books and the only war books and im set.
File: 1603395650018.png (1.11 MB, 640x897)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Nu-cron lore is shit.
strange that you find yourself on this thread then hM?
File: 1610864680556.jpg (74 KB, 478x456)
74 KB
I responded to a post with an uploaded image.
I like it, dont know what YOU are doing here tho
Virus-Bump on the face of Fulgrim


File: trazyn.jpg (148 KB, 661x967)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>”Trazyn, this, all of this is just.” I felt my words catch at the back of my throat.
>”I knew you had not slumbered for the past 42 million years but this trazyn...has been beyond my wildest expectations.”
>”To think you would have, kroks, jokearo, slann, and is that a damn Enslaver!”
>I gesture to a sunken and withered insectoid husk.
>Trazyn lets out something approximating a laugh.
>”Quite so cryptek, quite so.”
>”You seem to know an awful lot about my gallery.” trazyn said.
>”Many of these creatures did not exist before our great slumber.”
>”And according to your ships systems and cadre you yourself have only recently awoken.”
>Trazyn leveled his Empathic Obliterator to my eye.
trazyn rn
File: malicious intent.jpg (25 KB, 429x367)
25 KB
more like
File: SweatingMan.gif (1.77 MB, 1280x720)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF
>>Trazyn leveled his Empathic Obliterator to my eye.
>I somewhat deserve this.
>Calling the few orks, the hrud, a few gyrinx's, and the Rak'Gol out by name set me up for that.
>"Quite so trazyn, its true a standard Sixteen years ago I awoke." I Answered.
>"Ten have been spent awakening my troops and sailing the void for this tombworld."
>"I came here knowing already a small portion of what was Currently available."
>Trazyn scoffed.
>"You say currently." Trazyn says.
>"As though you already have some foresight on the future of my gallery."
>"You remind me of a certain astromancer, cryptek."
o shit he thinks you're the diviner
File: cfqcmz6c49v51.jpg (757 KB, 2254x1907)
757 KB
757 KB JPG
>"As though you already have some foresight on the future of my gallery."
>>"You remind me of a certain astromancer, cryptek."
"I know"
Hands him "The Infinite and The Divine" ebook
Winks with one eye
Gets obliterated™
bump. would love to see more
I'm gonna make a good screencap of this thread when it dies
Should I read this? Pic makes it sound tempting
It is absolutely worth the read. I'm usually referring to events that occurred in it.

In the audiobook, Trazyn apparently punches a dinosaur in the first 15 minus.
>Punches a dinosaur in the first 15 minutes
A book about Necron shenanigans does sound pretty fun. I'll check it out, thanks
im going to try and pump out like five more blocks, i have dnd tonight and im dming so i dont know how much more i can write tonight.

Ive actually been quite hyped to get to the point where i am, and i hope i can make a satisfying interaction with the main man trazyn.
Bless you anon, may your game go well and your writing even better.
This is great Stuff Cryptek. Enjoy your D&D session
File: Trazyn_the_Infinite.jpg (15 KB, 250x353)
15 KB
>”I am no thrall of that barbarian Orikan if that's what you're implying, trazyn.” i say with a vile edge.
>”He would smash every relic of old necrontyr heritage if it meant he could steal a morsel of power.”
>Trazyn was actually taken by surprise by the use of the word ‘barbarian.’
>”Yes i have a bit of foresight to your future, and some matters of what your gallery WILL hold.” I admit.
>”You've identified Xeno’s easily, to an extent I can believe what you say, but...”
>he pauses, turning on his heel.
>”I’d like to know what exactly you came here for.” he finally lowers his staff.
>”I came to confirm a few things with my own eye.” I admitted.
>”And to make deal with you trazyn.”
File: Astrarium Mysterios.jpg (129 KB, 800x536)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>”You wish to make a deal with me, feh let me hear it then, crytek.” He doesn't really like my kind, I can tell.
>”Walk with me trazyn, I need to confirm one last thing,” I gesture for HIM to follow me through HIS gallery.
>He lets a disgruntled sound but he's interested in what I have to say.
>We walk along the war in heaven displays.
>After another half a year of walking I finally came across what i was looking for within his gallery.
>I began pointing to each article of items within the room.
>”Ancient Scrolls that you haven't ever read over, a set of Long tar pipes that had at once belonged to the Mephrit dynasty, Ceramic ritual urns still bearing the fingerprints of the long gone necrontyr, and this ivory cane bearing the hook beaked god of wisdom.”
>”NEARLY Everything i anticipated to find here, but you are missing one thing in your gallery.”
>Trazyn stood in stunned silence for the next 5 hours.
File: redgreenwojak.jpg (47 KB, 550x462)
47 KB
>”And to make deal with you trazyn.”
holy shit this took a turn... I love this
The tone changed very quickly... and the silence (though what is the fifth thing your are talking about?)
File: pogcron.jpg (6 KB, 140x140)
6 KB
oh MY
the image used and its name.
the wierd pyramid?
what's missing is the little pyramid, an item called the Astrarium Mysterios.
File: mandalore.png (93 KB, 500x608)
93 KB
He's a relatively unknown channel. I really like his stuff so I do my best to share it around. Definitely check out his boats video.
>The chamber rumbled lowly, I had an inkling of what was next.
>Several tomb-doors grated open along the length of the walls.
>One by one lychguard stepped free of the walls.
>”‘Let’s hear this little deal of yours, shall we?” trazyn asked.
>My systems are cycling hard, I Run through scenarios where I don't get gutted or dragged off to the council.
>I don't have any talent for actual negotiation but I finally came up with what to say.
>”I am aware of the rough location of various artifacts you may wish to add into your gallery, or simply add to your arsenal.”

>”I too wish to acquire these items to help renew the strength of my tomb world, and the greater benefit of the necron as a whole.”
>He sent a quick message to his scarab Charidotella to make a quick construction.
>”Do you know what a blackstone fortress is?”
File: fear.jpg (12 KB, 235x340)
12 KB
and now i need to run for the next 2-3 hours, dnd awaits.

i actually had to rewtire this latest part as i HATED what i was writing and felt like gibberish. this new part feels SOO much better.
dude its cool, hope you get beck into this when you are feeling better.
Also, I am concerned and excited what might happen.
This could entirely change the entire history of the galaxy. I say this because if Horus doesn't get the Blackstone fortresses what happens later on. Would the necrons leave a less dangerous version of such fortresses behind so the events could happen, but set up a failsafe so they could lock it down to any outsider?
File: pw8a3e5ax9t51.jpg (64 KB, 946x720)
64 KB
(shouldn't be posting rn lol)
that's entirely the goal, steal all the goodies so nothing left for chaos or the imperials. this does mean he will have to share with trazyn.
Surprisingly... that might actually work.
True our Cryptek would have to share it with Trazyn, but the alternatives are far worse. Although he does hold a lot of restraint when it comes to using the 'artifacts' he has, if you think about it.

He has some of the most dangerous artifacts in his museum, but he doesn't completely unleash them on his enemies (because meat bags don't tend to co-operate in getting back into position). Hell he even genuinely cares about them, if him crying over what Orikan almost allowed what the orks were going to do with the rocket shows anything.
File: Reanimator_Canoptek.png (913 KB, 1000x1000)
913 KB
913 KB PNG
>be Beta (spyder)
>Screw you 'Alpha' I wanted that name
>For the slightest of moments my wraiths detected activation of a few defense weaponry
>Try not to raise alarms
>Suppress data leak, as to not worry our ships crypteks
>Gave Lych Guard a notification about this.
>All I received was 'be prepared for heavy combat... but be discrete about it'
>The final touch of our repairs are finished
>The reanimators are still quiet...
>its unsettling
session is over, ill get writing momentarily.
I hope it went nicely, and you enjoyed yourself
File: Blackstone fortress.jpg (275 KB, 1600x726)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
>”I cannot say that I do, why is it that i don't?” trazyn admits after 2 hours.
>I spent that time reading up what lore I had from my time playing through Blackstone fortress board games, and the battlefleet gothic tabletop game.
>”It's not Something the ancient texts would tell you.” As long as he makes awkward pauses I can actually prepare things to say.
>I handed off the Miniature to trazyn.
>He began carefully looking over it.
>”I assume you have more to show me than a diorama.”
>”I wish to hand over 3 of them off to the nihilakh dynasty, the rest I wish to claim for myself and to our immortal empire.”
>I Drew up a phos-glyph projection tablet before trazyn displaying an image i saved away in my memory.
The main theme of this anon:

File: maxresdefault (22).jpg (186 KB, 1280x720)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Don't expect too much tonight I may have caught something and I am feeling weak. I may or may not turn in after this post.

>Trazyns eyes lights up as he takes the tablet. "incredible, and how is you kno-"
>I cut him short.
>"Cease all inquiries until after I FINISH my proposal." I regret saying that immediately after it leaves my mouth
>He scoffs and let's me continue living.
>"This massive starship is one amongst many 9 to be precise."
>"I have a rough location of most of them but it will require extensive searching and stopping a few of your acquisitions runs for a time."
>"Their ancient technologies can rival entire craftworlds, armed under our control one could very well squash out any enemies." I show trazyn a brief glimpse of its destructive power against imperial fleets from battlefleet gothic armada.
>"You can try and search your records, no doubt you will."
>"But you would not find a single reference or allusion to them in your gallery, you wouldn't be able to find one even for the next 20 million years without my help.
hold up don't the eldar call them (or at least) hint at them being Talismans of Vaul used to fight the void dragon?
They do, just pulling a sneaky on trazyn. That and I've seen a bit of evidence saying they aren't eldar.

Calling them eldarwas a slip of the tongue I will now have trazyn notice.
Oh I thought I said eldad guess I haven't. Nevermind about the slip up.
Thoroughly enjoying so far, your contributions to the dynasty are admirable.
Honestly one of the most fun threads i've seen in a long time! Keep fucking writing my dude
You've got a pretty good rating on thisisnotatrueending so far mate, keep it up.
Bump, this thread is awesome! Keep up the writing my dude
File: Spoiler Image (397 KB, 862x1236)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
Weeb picture spoilered for your mental health. Proceed if you believe wholesome weebery is possible.
Thank You Anon. While I want to haze you so you don't care about anything but posting more, what I've read so far (up to >>78475824) has been fun. Thanks for posting.
>When i get back ill try and write up a block of 5 or 6 posts in the format I've followed thus far

>let me know if you folks like the direction im going or if you have any ideas and things you'd like to see from this funky little cryptek.

Some anon being a cool Necron is enough of a story. Bonus points if you could get the Imperium to behave respectfully and maybe even getting Necrons to not annihilate Humanity.

Please don't over promise or overcommit like Cupanon. Regular poasting spaced out is better than infrequent posting.

Cryptek Anon is Based. Let's GOOOOOO

Cryptek Anon has the potential to see Cupanon and nip him in the bud. Should Cryptek respect CupAnon for continuity, he could tell that they could coexist--should either desire it.

Sub light speed?
Truly, Necrons are inferior to humanity.
File: 1614700542520.png (382 KB, 716x716)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Making Men of Iron.

>Cryptek Anon makes a tabletop Game
>Recovers a KriegsSpiel board from a destroyed company that received a gameset from CupAnon
Crossover introduction idea
File: Alexis_Polux.jpg (3.83 MB, 1536x2048)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
Can't sleep so I write a small bit.

>"Or perhaps you do have something you can pull from your gallery."
>"In any case in exchange for sharing this boon with you."
>"Your going to help me save several tombworlds."
>"Save, what exactly are we saving them from?" Trazyn asked.
>"Planet killing solar flares, Decay, and a great number of C'tan shards."
>My mind runs through them each as I say them.
>The Ammunos Dynasty From the Infinite and the divine book.
>The Lone cryptek who found his entire tombworld rusted and unable to awaken his world without a great power source, From the knights of Macragge.
>The shard of Zarhulash the Potentate, a C'tan enslaved and turned used for the pharos beacon, who as memory serves also leads to several more other beacons, a road map to the largest caches of blackstone, and so much more necron science thought to be forever forgotten, from belisarius cawl the great work.
File: 1543174971854.png (2.98 MB, 2524x1040)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
>"These Star fortresses, is that truly all you have to offer." THE FUCKING GALL of him to ask.
>"One such fortress houses a number of trinkets and xenos from nearly every age."
>"You have full rights to 'Acquire' what you see fit from within its depths."
>I flash trazyn various Xeno’s, and artifacts found within the blackstone fortress tabletop.
>He takes a keen interest in the temporal loop and an ancient xeno gun.
>"But I wish to posses something that cannot be put in one of your stasis chambers."
>I think over the board game some.
>The various secret vaults of the fortress, with the ancient so called augmetics, a brand that Marks one and grants them one of 7-9 different marks.
>I want them all.
Thanks Anon!!

See you in a week?
Nah later this morning, I'm only up because I'm sick and unable to get a good night's rest.

So maybe 3 ish hours from now I'll get back to writing.
i can already tell tzeench is gonna have more than a hunndred conniptions
Tzeench doesn't exist yet
He does, he just is incredibly weak right now. Not a threat for a time being
With the amount of scheming Trazen and Ishskar are doing it wouldn't surprise me if the squid himself made a visit.
The real question is does Gork and Mork exists at this point in time?
File: rusted cryptek.jpg (109 KB, 661x460)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>”These terms are...agreeable.” Trazyn encircled me.
>His lychguard started to step back.
>”Who is it you intend to save first?” He asked.
>”A cryptek Nehebkau, he is alone on a tombworld unable to bring forth sufficient energy to awaken even one warrior, much less any of his tombworlds system.”
>”I would suggest we beseech the High Metallurgist Quellkah to assist us.”
>”One of the seated members of the Awakened Council!” Trazyn exclaimed.
>”Just so, he will be invaluable to helping me awaken the tombworld, along with revitalizing the rusted necrodermis.”
>”It would also let the Awakened Council see us in a more favorable light when we bend the rules in the future.”
>”Some of your acquisitions aren't especially seen in a favorable light.” I peaked back to the long pipe in one of the displays.
if we destroy slaneshes birth world, does she spans in another?Can we span kill slanesh?
File: Ork_Beast_image.jpg (591 KB, 1536x2048)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
I actually dont know, my knowledge is actually very lacking im just realizing.

I know orks call harlequins "LAFFA BOIS" and like most WAGH bosses, and the mess that was the beast saga.
File: ynnead.jpg (696 KB, 801x1534)
696 KB
696 KB JPG
imagine killing slaanesh's birth world only to unintentionally create another god. A fully awakened ynnead in her place.
the thread is nearing the bump limit
File: cryptek placeholder.jpg (127 KB, 792x872)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>Trazyn lowered his head with a sigh.
>”Fine, Do you have any more absurd conditions, or can we finally begin our assignment.”
>I Rack my mind for a moment.
>Suddenly recalling something about this world.
>”Would you allow me to see Sannet, your curator?”
>He tilts his head at that.
>”Why would you wish to meet Sannet?”
>”I'd like to see if i could repair his neural matrices.”
>Once more I have an Empathic Obliterator pointed at my personage.
>Maybe that was a bit tactless.
if that's the case i can just make a new thread. probably gonna wrap up whatever plot points i have on this thread and go ahead and start working on a handful of posts for the next thread.

Ill let all of you know when im moving to the next thread.
All I can say for that is let the fall of the eldar happen, but at the very least record/steal a vast horde of their history/art/ect so you will have a future bargaining chip for the craftworlds.

Would it be a dick move, absolutely. However move with caution, they are not so terribly fond of necrons.
would be funny if you informed them of what was going to happen, is a form of an indestructible obelisk, and when it happens you can say i told you so
Have a (You), don't spend it all in one post.
Ideally it would be better if the eye of terror didn't exist. the idea of chaos daemons having free reign into the galaxy is not exactly a thing our cryptek wants.
a necron dose not have a soul, he could attack any of caios and contain-it just like the c'tan at great cost or manipulate the others to do it for him
Here is a link to the next post, Its under the name So i'm a Necron Cryptek, so what? Part #2

If your still planning to take a screenshot now would be a good time.

Also still surprised no one noticed the name i referenced.
we all knew, cryptanon
Better to archive it. Just use suptg.
i was expecting at least one person to call it out.
Already done, linked it on the new post.
Post link.
Here comes the airplane.


>Maybe that was a bit tactless
Love your MC. Please be consistent and let us know ahead of time. Every two weeks is painful, but better than the purgatory of unknown and infrequent posts.

You know we'd love to help you come up with ideas if you get a writer's block/not know where to go next.

Watching the MC plot this and try this would be satisfying, even if he doesn't succeed and only makes the Eye of Terror smaller.

>"So i'm a Necron Cryptek, so what?"
BASED. Weeb. I'm onto you and your based nature, anon.

Based boosted.

I miss CupAnon, don't bully.
Ill be honest i really love that i started this project. finally get to put to practice all the ideas i had in mind.

dont know how long it will be before this thread is pruned. but i wanted to say
Thanks each and everyone one it means alot to have your support.
>shy over 300 replies for a blue board

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