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So how do you balence encounters in this game?

I want encounter difficulty to be like a parabola.

The Hard and deadly in the beginning, then easier in the middle, then ramping back up rapidly in the last few encounters.

From what I can tell from reading the rules dolls get strong fast.

I am looking at running a game that starts on a partially wrecked space station in orbit over the earth, after waking up and surviving their first fight, things get easier as the locals can't really scale as hard ashe dolls can, and the tuberous structure of the space station limits their ability to drown the dolls in numbers. The dolls are meanwhile suffering all the trauma that comes with being persecuted for reasons they don't remember and may not be their fault.

Then the station gets enveloped by an undead space monster being used as a ship by and augmented madman and his crew of victims he twisted into obediant monsters.

Trying to survive the crew of the deep sea hell space ship of the damned and their captain will be the latter part of the game and when things ramp back up hard.

In terms of experience I played a oneshot with three friends in 2019 that had a single combat. We crushed it in a singe turn and nobody died.

I plan on asking my players to each make 2 backup characters at the start.
Since we got a Nechronica game, I also have questions.
The jap session format is pretty short, strictly segmented into the battle and rest periods.
But what If I wanted to play the western session approach? Constantly shifring between downtime, battling and exploring?
How should I be doing fetters then?
And lastly, what's the best way to call players for skillchecks? How do I decide whether a Doll can sneak or locpick or tell a lie?
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Good questions.
IIRC the rules suggest skill checks could be tied to relevant parts. Doesn't work as well for social skills, but a Doll with parts that give improved senses could get a bonus when trying to spot something and a Doll with multiple limbs could have a bonus to climbing (maybe even able to climb walls others can't, depending on what kinds of limbs they have).
>Constantly shifring between downtime, battling and exploring?

If your sessions are marathon long then you can skip the end phase and start another adventure phase or if your session started in reverse order start another combat phase, and keep going in that manner.
File: TeddySquad.png (932 KB, 1060x1060)
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932 KB PNG
Well, one thing you can do to adjust difficulty is sandbag.
I accidentally did this in an encounter last night by forgetting one of my pawns had Meat Shield, and it turned what would have been an otherwise pretty lethal encounter into a cakewalk because it took me one turn too long to realize I'd forgotten about a key tool in my kit [one turn too late to prevent the Thanatos from mulching half of the opfor in a massive Area dunk]

Players didn't notice. They don't have access to the Horror and Savant's sheets so they have no way of knowing I forgot unless I tell them so.

Is it kind of cheesy? Arguably. But Nechronica is a very swingy game, so if you're intending to go easy on your players then the simplest way is to kit up a combat that's outwardly very dangerous and then strategically hand enemies the idiot ball if things start to get too hairy.
Tacking onto >>77469471 your players can wager relevant parts for skill checks that you call. Say a doll with multiple limbs is sneaking; she can justify using her extra arms or legs by declaring she's crawling and deliberately spreading her weight between all points of contact, meaning she creates no heavy footfalls and is thus harder to notice. This means she gets to roll an extra die and take that result if she wants, but if one die crit fails and the other die also fails then something happens to damage the part she wagered.

You can also give bonuses/penalties depending on how difficult the task is for the character in question. Say there's a conversation happening and the doll lying is an Alice. Alices are the type who generate sympathy just by existing so maybe she gets a +1 to her convo check because she's sweet and unassuming. You could justify giving a Sorority or Junk a +2 because they're good at keeping a straight face, or don't have any compunctions about lying if they think it would benefit their chances at survival.

You can also dole these bonuses or minuses out based on roleplay. Particulalry with Conversation checks between party members when one of the involved dolls pulls a particulalry good character moment and you'd like to reward them for it (occasionally I'll even have these auto-succeed if I think they're good enough)

Keep in mind that if you're considering going beyond a +/-2 difficulty modifier then you should seriously consider whether you would like the party members to roll at all, as that's going into 80% chance to pass/fail territory.
Why bother with balance at all? Soulcrushing defeat fits the tone and story of Nechronica.
File: 1585425933109.gif (1.11 MB, 498x358)
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1.11 MB GIF
Because you don't necessarily want the players to feel powerless in any given scenario. Aside from the fact that a party wipe on the first combat isn't very fun to play from either end, you can't have much buildup to a character or set of characters if they keep getting offed every two minutes.
Spirit attacks are VERY lethal in the beginning.

So if you want to kill a few PCs early go with those.

Later on they are still dangerous but take longer to fuck you over.
>How should I be doing fetters then?

Please explain what you mean. I'm not sure how switching between combat and adventure phases multiple times per session is going to effect fetters in a way you are going to want help with.
He might be getting hung up on how the book denotes the presence of an ending phase for each session which is supposed to take place after combat. In practice you're basically correct though; if you want to continue on after a combat you just deduct madness like normal and continue on with the game. The only possible roadblock being however long it takes the group to spend their accrued favor (if you're spending it directly after combat, anyway).
File: Not a Trap.jpg (199 KB, 1620x1080)
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How do you lure your Players Characters into dangerous, challenging, and or traumatic situations?

Also what is the best way bring the trauma conga to them if they won't go to it?
If "check" timing maneuvers happen after the die roll, does that also apply to Support X / Hinder X effects? It seems weird to have a common mechanic be able to change a success into a failure and vice versa.
Speaking of character deaths, do you ever have necromancers create effigies or defile the corpses of dead or irretrievably mad party memebers in order to torment the remaining dolls?

>does that also apply to Support X / Hinder X effects?

Yes. They would be a lot less useful otherwise.
>does that also apply to Support X / Hinder X effects?

Yes it do.

Hmmmmm. Not YET.
File: housewife.jpg (161 KB, 507x708)
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>So how do you balence encounters in this game?

Because PCs and parties vary so much in power level and how they are and aren't effective the only way to do it is to learn how your specific party works and then try to build encounters around that that do what you want them to when exposed to said party.

At least that is the way I see it.

There may be other philosophies or approaches for this that I am not aware of that other anons may share with all of us.
>Sorority Thanatos Gothic.jpg

A VERY killy sort of fancy pants.
What the fuck is this from? It looks insane
>Defile the fallen by making them leather balloons.jpg

I am now glad the entire party in my game shares a birthday. I'm going to make it very special.
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I hope we get more England, Red Planet, Gravel, Siren Song of Space, or some other storytime.
Does anyone play Nechronica the jap way still? It unironically sounds more fun to me
Good luck in your space game.

>the jap way

What range of ways do you consider as fitting in the rang of "the Jap way" vs "Jap adjacent" and "not Jap"?
>the jap way
Following the original guidelines, mimicking the structure of the sample
campaigns in the books and overall feel of the base setting
>Jap adjacent
Mostly the above by diverging a little for creativity
>not Jap
Significantly bending the rules or feel of the game to suit the people playing
the japanese way is short because they don't have the luxury of time to play long sessions with multiple battle or talky/shopping/explore instances.
Most japanese systems, per original rules, are very down to the point and more like "episodes". There's a beginning/exposition, action and ending. In that order. And then you finish up for today, good game boys, see you next week. Alternatively let's do that again.
Personally, I feel like doing It that way completely murders the pacing and the unchanging cycle of exposition>fight>resolution feels way too predictable and boring. Not to mention rigid
I just like the "episodes" feeling and find it refreshing
File: 1468878010302.jpg (494 KB, 690x882)
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494 KB JPG
Fair enough. It certainly feels different that way and I'm sure that a skilled gm can create some amazing feeling with that kind of structure. It just doesn't suit me at all.
For example, my first session was the party trying to escape the garbage pit they were dumped to. The scene had a lot of exploration but also a huge ogre-like monster in charge of shoveling fleshy things into burning furncaces. The party met him several times, sometimes retreating, sometimes dealing enough damage to spook him off. It was meant to a be a tense session about completing and getting to know each other while looking for the possible exits and avoiding death by burning.
Per original, episodic rules I couldn't do that because the first time the monster would catch them, It would lead to battle, then instead of continuing the adventure, the ending would need to take place before I would be allowed to go into exploration phase again. And then do that again and again, turning the session into a slog.
I might be an idiot though and miss something
File: Noel Kahlida.png (27 KB, 318x320)
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I run the third category.

The game I'm currently a player in ( which is >>77474230 ) is in the first or second category.
File: Not unusual.png (59 KB, 1029x737)
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>I hope we get more England, Red Planet, Gravel, Siren Song of Space, or some other storytime.

I also want to hear more about the Nine, Nai, and Ivana game.

The little snippet we got last thread was fascinating and I want more.

>my first session was the party trying to escape the garbage pit they were dumped to. The scene had a lot of exploration but also a huge ogre-like monster in charge of shoveling fleshy things into burning furncaces. The party met him several times, sometimes retreating, sometimes dealing enough damage to spook him off. It was meant to a be a tense session about completing and getting to know each other while looking for the possible exits and avoiding death by burning.

Please tell us more about your game.
This sounds awesome.
File: BvswefVIAAIMC3N.png (5 KB, 112x112)
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>get shafted with a 72 hour week
>Nech thread goes up on day 1
I'll see what I can get done for the England storytime on my downtime but no promises. Proper chill out time at work has become a pretty rare commodity these days.
File: Metal Dragon.jpg (95 KB, 980x653)
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There is always next thread.
Are there really people that play Nechronica without cute young girl characters? What's the point anymore?
File: 1484516808906.jpg (562 KB, 1200x848)
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>Please tell us more about your game.
It was a one-shot sadly, to let me understand the rules a little better.
The garbage pit had visible walls in every direction making the whole area about 1km square big with a ceiling very high up. The party was pc's and one npc doll. Other than what I described, they discovered 3 ways out - high up, down below or into what looked like admin rooms. Girls decided to go up "the fuck out of here", reached the ceiling exit through some weird, pulsing vines and reached the room with the door outside, staright up labeled as 'exit'. Opening the door caused the light to blind them a bit and a bunch of birdlike monsters attack the from the other side. One fight later, the party finds themselves at the top of the building, a skyscraper repurposed to be a garbage dump. They got a great view on the mountains covered by titan sized vines pulsing with bloody red light, place that's literally a Kowloon but sporting a flag with symbol that one of the doll find familiar and a flesh ballon on the horizon, carrying a really big net full of garbage. Also, the octopus loli player pushed the npc doll off the roof because of jealousy issues. The end.
I plan to make a full game after our current Shadow of Demon Lord game ends
File: War never changes.jpg (146 KB, 1024x792)
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146 KB JPG
Fun and interesting fucked up stories and pulse pounding stakes are things I enjoy in Nechronica that are age, sex, and cute agnostic.
There's already a million grimdark games though
File: Squid ink noodles.jpg (63 KB, 920x1046)
63 KB
Who said anything about grimdark?

I enjoy there being actual hope and possibility for change and making things better.
I just mean the contrast with the cuteness and the darkness is what makes nechronica unique from similar toned games
Well there you go you have your question answered. Some peoplenplaynit for the same reason you do, others play it for different reasons for which the cuteness and youngness is not needed.
But they're wrong and I'm right
"Urchin of the ruins" is not a mood.
It is a tragedy.
Thank you very much.

I hope your current campaign and your next Nechronica campaign go well.

Can you go over the oneshot from start to finish?

It's pretty nuts that one of them waited until they all escaped to murder a party member.
>Are there really people that play Nechronica without cute young girl characters?

Darling there are so many other forms undead dolls can take.
Hon detected
This is pretty much true. You don't want to handle a group that relies heavily on Chain Attacks and big single hits [e.g. AT Rifle] in the same way you'd handle a group that leans more heavily on Explosive and Dismember. There would be a fair bit of overlap for sure, but it's going to change your mix of Defends, Horrors, Legions, etc. to the point that encounters don't exactly translate 1:1 between parties.
Like a Chinese person?
File: loli dimitrescu.jpg (320 KB, 1079x1329)
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320 KB JPG
Just ignore the normalfags. Trying to understand how they reached this treasure of an RPG while also wanting to twist it into some kind of disgusting sanitized abomination is bad for your soul.
I'd you call a Chinese a Hun they'll get very upset
File: Drill plain.png (314 KB, 1029x334)
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314 KB PNG
What about a party where 1 or 2 of the 3 PCs relies on Drill or Pilebunker with their special feature:
> "Defend Maneuvers cannot reduce the damage of this attack."

>How should I be doing fetters then?

It's possible to just do it so it's fragments of memoryx2, so 4 for starting dolls, for out combat madness removal and keeping it to their fragments in combat this keeps madness removal roughly the same without major rejigging of the numbers and without worrying about separating end and adventure phases.

It still keeps refreshing that based on combat, but if that's a problem, you could base it on something else arbitrary like "resolving the crisis" or some such.

>And lastly, what's the best way to call players for skillchecks? How do I decide whether a Doll can sneak or locpick or tell a lie?

Most of what a doll can or can't do that isn't brute forcing something is gonna be up to the GM/characterization. The GM just has to make a judgement call on what he thinks is reasonable for this little girl to do based on her skills, parts, and memory fragments. Parts can be bet for extra dice, but you can also gain extra dice from relevant memory fragments. Using lockpicking as an example, a doll might not be able to attempt it or at some sort of penalty, but a doll with a memory of being an urchin on the street? You could justify that she might have picked up a little bit to bypass shitty locks to get at food or some such for an attempt at no penalty and an extra die.

>In terms of experience I played a oneshot with three friends in 2019 that had a single combat. We crushed it in a singe turn and nobody died.

That's pretty normal, especially for first time GMs. Nechronica's a brutal game, at least in terms of aesthetics but its a lot more forgiving, mechanically, to character death because the suffering must go on, per the default setting. Even when a PC is 100% annihilated, they can be pieced back together if the others win the fight. Even a broken hearted doll can make conversation checks with her sisters to calm herself down, though they can't with her.

Of course this is a moot point if they all get annihilated.

Meatshield, a part you make up that negates that effect, or just a lot of extra meat because those do less damage overall compared to other parts of their tier.
Neat trick.

Have the reverse with Remilia Scarlet.
Hinders and having extra meat points.. Drill's damage for AP is really mediocre and relying on it for damage is a sure way to kill nothing fast. Meanwhile Pilebunker's damage is mostly just gravy on top of it's main utility of forcing enemies to burn more AP on movement after you've tossed them out of their preferred engagement range.
Thank you.
If you want to kill dolls early but not have a TPK then you need to force them to retreat and make sure you kill anyone with first aid kit or Coffin.

However, it's worth noting, Shovel has a similar property and is actually more effective as its damage can't be reduced by anything other than dismember negation, but it also gets the damage doubling vs horrors and legions. It's also a T1 but does damage on par with those for 2 AP (same as pilebunker and cheaper than drill). It only really loses out against a savant because the +2 to dismember check.
Good to know.
File: Shovel.gif (6.65 MB, 520x293)
6.65 MB
6.65 MB GIF
Is shovel OP to or just good?
Combine drill with crab legs and barbed wire for a good time.
File: Jojo.jpg (167 KB, 1280x720)
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167 KB JPG
>mulching half of the opfor in a massive Area dunk

How did the Thanatos do this? Asking for a friend.
I'd assume he used Unlimited Destruction to dump most of his AP into attack maneuvers and then Calamity to turn all of the hits into Area Attacks.
File: image0.jpg (188 KB, 1080x1542)
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188 KB JPG
>be Thanatos
>have a roided up Flying Guillotine
I gave it Stagger. All the dolls have a custom weapon for this campaign.
>Boost bad guy into zone with three other bad guys
>attack bad guy
>roll a 10
>have Gauntlet and another +1 to hit
>proc Carnage
>proc Calamity
>Roll totals 15.
>means the hit is 8 + Dismember + Stagger + Area
>I Forget Meat Shield exists
>all Horrors and Legions in that zone evaporate, the Savant loses every part in her arms
On one hand I regret dropping the ball because I wanted this fight to be a more substantial challenge. On the other, the party got to feel like a bunch of serious badasses and it was pretty nice to hear them theory crafting part acquisitions post-combat.

Shovel is just OK. It's efficient enough against Horrors, but the +2 to the target's dismemberment checks is a pretty hefty fine. If you're running a Stacy then it could be good practice to fish for a low check from the enemy and hit them with a big Hinder to confirm the hit, but you run into the bugbear of 'why not just take scissors?' because even if it doesn't pierce Defends, it does force the enemy to burn them so your party members don't have to break through them all without your help.
>why not just take scissors?

Because giant scissors is tier three and shovel is tier one.
Are there scans of the japanese rulebook anywhere?
File: 158.jpg (213 KB, 1200x1830)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Haven't seen the japanese ruleanin forever.

I did not download them because I don't know Japanese.
Fuck so it scans existed before?
Calamity only works on one hit. Damage timing maneuvers only work on the one instance of damage they're being used on.


>All the dolls have a custom weapon for this campaign.

Honestly with the exception of a twin-pistols that was range 0-2, experience has been that this generally just seems to throw things out of whack.

>Shovel is just OK.

Shovel is low-key amazing because it's effective when properly built and there's not too much that can be done about it that doesn't already stop other dismember attacks. Also it's cheaper, AP-wise, than giant scissors so more useful against horrors/legions or things that have dismember. It's kinda hard to undersell that this is for a weapon in tier 1 that maintains a fairly reliable niche when compared to tier 3 parts. If you think there's a T3 that can compliment it or do something better than it, you can just get both. It's just mediocre if you're not building to take advantage, like the other good T1 attack parts.

>things that have dismember

Fuck, should have been negate dismember.
File: Variable resistor.jpg (86 KB, 680x453)
86 KB
>like the other good T1 attack parts.

What are these?
I guess I don't disagree, but I honestly struggle to see what Shovel brings to the table aside from the fact that it's Tier 1.

>Flying Guillotine has Stagger, which makes your target's AP economy even worse while they're burning Defends to prevent being sliced up
>Giant Scissors lands dismemberment more often with a whopping -/+4 difference between them even if you can't fish as much with the increased AP cost
>Superior Katana hits more reliably and has no penalty
>African Throwing Knife lets you decapitate the enemy from downtown or stagger from same distance
>Monofilament... exists.
I guess that last one's not very fair.
And on the Enhancement tree you can get Lightsaber which can spam out dismemberment checks like no tomorrow thanks to the chain attack property (though taking it is a harder sell because there's a few T3 Enhancement choices that are quite good).

I guess my point is that if you're focusing on Dismember anyway then there's nothing stopping you from nabbing a T3 Armament of your choice right from character creation and going ham on that, at which point Shovel, at best, becomes a sidearm in case the Necromancer breaks your stronger toy.

Not that I really want to rag on Shovel either - it is actually excellent as far as T1 parts go - but Nechronica does seem to reward building hard around your strongest tool and it's very easy to get access to build defining kit pieces right from character creation.
Shovel is the obvious one, since it lets you fish for Dismember hits with minimal reprisal. Sniper Rifle is also handy if you're intent on crit-fishing and don't want to run a shotgun build or would prefer to stay in the backline.
I think a case can also be made for Slurper, since it allows you to have the option of using your torso as regenerating ablative armor (particularly handy if you're a Baroque with Mutated Being, which makes redirecting big hits to your endless supply of Entrails a distinct possibility).
>Slurper, since it allows you to have the option of using your torso as regenerating ablative armor
I've never seen slurper used to good effect.

I've seen it taken as a fluffy part before but never a serious combat part.
File: Sandwich5.jpg (15 KB, 208x225)
15 KB
Tell me more about the way of the fish and the way of the slurp.

As >>77504137 said, sniper rifle's solid. A requiem/Baroque can take instrument of evil, Gun God, and Lullaby to pester enemies to death with 2 damage every count, and you can pick up shotgun alongside it to ensure the spam happens at all ranges. Slurper and also Claw are surprisingly decent because they both put in work on a class that has skills that push them to a workable level.

>I guess my point is that if you're focusing on Dismember anyway then there's nothing stopping you from nabbing a T3 Armament of your choice right from character creation and going ham on that

Other than the fact that you have to take a class combo that starts with ARM 2 minimum. A Thanatos/Gothic can bring it to baseline with Vile repast and start with a T3 ENH for gauntlet to bring it to an undefendable Superior katana with a slightly worse chance to hit and all the nice options you can pick up being a gothic. You're also missing that for anti-savant work, a savant can negate the dismember of most of those with a single defend 1, and a defend 2 will stop all of them, since blocking damage negates dismember so if a savant doesn't want to face shovel's dismember check, their only option vs shovel is negating dismember outright.

>Not that I really want to rag on Shovel either - it is actually excellent as far as T1 parts go - but Nechronica does seem to reward building hard around your strongest tool and it's very easy to get access to build defining kit pieces right from character creation.

You're not entirely wrong that the system rewards building up one option as much as you can, but that gets boring as fuck and parts like shovel that you can slot in and get interesting results for minimal investment are pretty fun.
More long and well dressed vampire women please.
File: The Snake Card.png (247 KB, 408x570)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
>Slurper and also Claw are surprisingly decent because they both put in work on a class that has skills that push them to a workable level.

What things are you considering besides super strength?

Instrument of Evil and Mad demon so for claw it becomes 4 damage for 2 at a +1, which is decent and Slurper gets to 3 for 2 at +1 with its regen bonus for playing with either jet nozzle to get that 4 damage in a stupid way or for tanking tomfoolery.
File: sloanandcobalt.png (916 KB, 1500x1500)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
fuck these boring ass normal zombies all my homies hate normal zombies

weird undead abomination gang
File: aria_desu.png (741 KB, 1500x1500)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
File: BugDoc.png (1.27 MB, 1015x919)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Is it that making a char around taking hits is usually a bad move compared to dealing hits?
Not necessarily.
You should still have some damage output though and if you build them poorly or haven’t built them up enough you are not going to be as durable as you would like
Good idea. Might borrow this idea.
Thank you.
>Is it that making a char around taking hits is usually a bad move compared to dealing hits?

You absolutely can build toward tanking and hinder+support such that you will make the GMs life hard and your sister's easier.

We just haven't been talking about that.
Do tentacles do anything? No Effect is listed
>Is it that making a char around taking hits is usually a bad move compared to dealing hits?

Not at all. It's simply not newbie friendly. You need to know what you are doing and are going to want the other players to know what they are doing.
Hinder/support enemy's can REALLY make the dolls lives missable
This made myself and the other players realise that hinder/support dolls can make the necromancers minions REALLY miserable
Combats are a real skubfest now
You are using an outdated incomplete translation.

Tentacles and mecha-tentacles are your bread and butter hinder move parts.

If you take them you use them to prevent enemies from moving (or slow them down if they have crazy mobility) if they are anywhere near your area of the map.
File: Hohoho.jpg (66 KB, 698x720)
66 KB
You can also use tentacles or mecha-tentacles to say "lol nope" when an enemy tries to use parts to force one of YOU to move.

Say because they want to spoil your team's crazy combo by using boost to force one of you out of place, or get the target of your area attack out of range or into the same part of the map as you, as a Rapid.

Or just use boost to retroactively force the range 0 melee specialist out or range JUST before the damage from her attack actually resolves.
Genius, thank you.
Correction giant scissors is tier three
Scissor hands is tier one

Yes madone

The stats for tentacles and mecha-tentacles are the same. One is a mutation and one is an enhancement.

Tier: 2
Location: any
Timing: rapid
Cost: 1
Range: 0~1
Effect: Hinder Move 1

The other hinder move PART { I forget what hinder move SKILL(s) exist } is the tier 3 enhancement Manipulator

Manipulator has a cost of 2 but adds Stagger to it's effect so the target also loses 2 AP.
File: 1588208837924.jpg (1.96 MB, 2475x3508)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
More please.

Thank you.

Also what makes scissorhands a compelling alternative.
> Also what makes scissorhands a compelling alternative?
Tier 1 2ap melee 1damage dismember
Nuff said. Better dismember parts exist at a higher cost
Anyone tell me about some other of their favourite parts that are ABSOLUTELY, diabolical:) or sadistic~
File: Meltie2.png (68 KB, 437x437)
68 KB
>have minimal important parts in the Torso hitbox
>get slammed by an absolute monster of a hit, say ATR tier (but not a crit)
>choose to have the hit land in sacrificial torso section
>lose torso
>slap someone with slurper, regen an Entrail part
>big hit comes back around
>redirect it into your single entrail
>lose entrail

It's a bit finicky but it functions. If your have a lot of favor to spare then you could also drop the 20 points on a regen ability from Gothic for similar results without having to rely on an attack check, but if you're building pure Baroque then you will likely have support for Unarmed attacks already. In this same vein, you can also use Mutated Being with Crab Legs or Gauntlet as a combination to make your character functionally immune to basic Legions and other 1 damage attacks, since you can just keep redirecting them into your armor plates as much as you like
I love AT Rifle with lullaby, gun god, scope, and instrument of evil.

Noone is safe unless they get in range 0 of you.
And while you are mulching things and laughing your way through defend parts with sheer big numbers, that's just YOU.

God knows what the rest of your party are going to be doing to make problems for the enemy and also getting between them and your long range smackdown.

Some people preffer this combo with sniper rifle so they can crit seek with lots of weakee shots and don't mind having a much more problematically large minimum range blind spot.
File: EsEGJ0UUYAAU0cH.jpg (507 KB, 2512x4096)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
>I forget what hinder move SKILL(s) exist
Looks like the only one is the Gothic skill "Lick Jowls", which has the same stats as the tentacle part except its cost is 0.

I like the Chainsaw. It isn't as fancy as some of the other parts, but it's the only T1 part with Dismember and a base damage of 2 (which prevents enemies from canceling it with Defend 1), and it doesn't give Savants a bonus on the Dismemberment check like the Shovel does. There's other parts that end up being better if you have the skills or reinforcement points for them, but the chainsaw is a solid budget option even with no investment at all.

Plus, it's a fucking chainsaw.
It's a very handy skill.
Unfortunately I got it into my head at some point that the description read >once per battle phase
instead of
>during the battle phase
So I was heavily underutilizing it for a whole damn year before I mentioned it to my group and they did a collective "wtf are you talking about?" at me
File: 1612572751541.jpg (621 KB, 1371x1200)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
Does it count if they're only long proportionately?
File: Ed.gif (834 KB, 450x246)
834 KB
834 KB GIF
Important caveat.

Do not have your treasure in your torso location if you do this.
The other mistake I made. I'm going to ask the GM if I can move it to my arms.
Been working, slowly, on a GM guide for this game, and one bit is explaining how stuff interacts. Might as well post a first draft on some of it in the event its useful to someone.

>Double the damage on attacks that possess explosive and dismember vs horrors and legions. The 2+dismember of superior katana is effectively a 4 against these targets.

>Area can effectively be considered double. They do double outright to legions. This is on top of dismember or explosive so that each point of damage on an attack with both Dismember or Explosive and area does quadruple damage to legions. It’s typically not worth trying to work out damage potential vs multiple horrors because while PCs will try and use area on zones that have multiple enemies, this is very easily avoided or manipulated unless you know for a fact that said area attack will happen before enemies can scatter or that PCs absolutely force enemies to stay together.

>When placing defends on enemies, factor in the defend’s value into the enemy’s part count. Sticking Cyborg, Scales, and Cracked flesh on a single enemy effectively add 6 parts that the PCs will have to burn through per round. Likewise for defends on PCs.

>All hit locations have 3 basic parts by default. In effect, this means that once you start throwing out attacks that do more than 3 damage, you’re guaranteed to break something the PCs want intact, barring defends.

>Each +1 to a roll increases the chance of both success and critical success by 10%. At +3 the chance of missing is lower than critically succeeding. Likewise, similar math applies to penalties.
-At 0, there’s a 50% chance of hitting and a 10% chance of critical failure
-At +1, there’s a 60% chance of hitting and a 10% chance of critical success with no chance of critical failure.
-At +2, there’s a 70% chance of hitting and a 20% chance of critical success with no chance of critical failure even if a hinder 1 is applied to the attack.
File: 20190912_203440.jpg (643 KB, 2448x3264)
643 KB
643 KB JPG
Are they still a zombie if there are some implications that they might actually be alive?

I look forward to seeing what you write about the implications of stagger.
File: Image2.jpg (208 KB, 1188x538)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
File: unknown-3.png (148 KB, 353x402)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Anyone played in a game where the dolls began unlife with more mundane purposes? Like the bug hunter or office assistant from the setting supplement book?

Trying to think of ideas I could use for some premade dolls who were made with more domestic purposes in mind.
I have not yet done so.

The yellow one in >>77505233 is a doll made for dangerous construction work, given an unnatural skin tone to denote them as (supposedly) never actually being human. Really jobs that are shitty, dangerous, and very physical would be easy picks for replacing with a doll. You could also get dolls that were meant more to be pets or maids. Waste disposal, garbage collection, or worse, fast food worker.
Not really, but thanks for the thought.


Kill everyone with stagger attacks. More seriously, it's either having an extra enemy or two or just don't be afraid to throw around immovable/home made stagger immunity because fuck is shit like electrigger and ball and chain actively shit to deal with. Things like caress are mostly fine because it's a once per round thing.
So with a Thanatos's Unlimited Destruction, you can basically use up all your AP at once right? I'm surprised I don't see much commentary on that one.
File: d699344c283c064b450a.jpg (14 KB, 187x250)
14 KB
>So with a Thanatos's Unlimited Destruction, you can basically use up all your AP at once right? I'm surprised I don't see much commentary on that one.

I've never seen an unlimited destruction build.

Some of my players talk about doing it but they always forget and make something else instead.
File: 1570725057386.jpg (335 KB, 1242x877)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
Problem with using your AP all at once is that if you set yourself to 0 then you can no longer declare anything but Auto timing manuevers, which leaves you vulnerable to getting targeted since you'll no longer be able to declare Defends or Hinders, and you won't be able to back up other party members with Supports.

It's not a bad skill - being able to absolutely kersplode a high priority target is always nice - but it's a skill you'll only see benefit from once per battle and if it whiffs then you're disproportionately far up shit creek.

Really part of that is you need to grab a bunch of attack parts, because there can't be any repeats, so grabbing enough attack parts means most of them are gonna be kinda shit compared to what a doll built more normally can do, though coordinating with someone to get drama of death on everything, the other broken skill Thanatos has, can go a long way to rectifying that.
File: Demizu Posuka.jpg (183 KB, 938x1164)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Tru. Thanatos skills combo exceptionally well and if you take all of their melee support skills it turns them into a real offensive monster. Our Thanatos/Requiem killed half of an encounter all on her lonesome just via stacking Thanatos skills and ATR. And also Scope I think.
I mean the rules explicitly say stagger is something the necromancer should not make enemies with.

Which can also be interpreted to mean only dolls should have access to stagger.

But just because a GM may only encounter it coming out of the PCs doesn't mean it's not important the GM understands it's implications in combat.

Unlimited Destruction seems to me to be less like a skill you start with and more like one you rebuild your character around partway through the game for plot reasons. You want lots of attack parts, a skill or two to support it, some passive boosts to your to hit roll, and enough AP to have some to spend on supports to make sure your various attacks hit, and if you are lucky maybe have 1 AP when it's all over so you aren't paralyzed and some 0 AP defends, supports, and hinders.
That's all assuming you start combat in range of most or all your attack parts and so don't have to spend AP getting into range. Rocket Pack would help with that but it's a tier 3 enhancement and if you have access to tier 3 enhancement on an unlimited destruction build I'm guessing you would want a lightsaber(a weapon, that unlike Pilebunker doesn't push your enemy out of range) gauntlet (passive bonus to hit with unarmed and melee weapons and a passive defend 1 for the arms), Cyborg (cost zero defend 2), or auto-separate (passive dismember immunity so you don't get most your weapons cut off when an enemy responds to your first attack with a rapid giant scissors or superior katana) before Rocket Pack (once per battle action timing 0AP cost move 1~2).

It feels like I'm missing something important with this skill though.
Maybe some important factors that make unlimited destruction workable without a big favor budget to build around it with.

It is the Thanatos special skill, so you have to commit to Thanatos as your primary and secondary class in order to have it available for purchase and that's a big commitment since you are significantly limiting yourself both because you are denying yourself access to the skills of another class and because thanatos combos with other classes well.
What is their deal?
File: 1401770661236.jpg (153 KB, 1509x764)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Here have another
I've never found the source

>But just because a GM may only encounter it coming out of the PCs doesn't mean it's not important the GM understands it's implications in combat.

You misunderstand, that is the GM perspective. You either deploy more things to compensate for the loss in action economy or toss immunity on anything important because you're likely going to end with either targeted enemies getting off one or two actions a round, or if the PC built to effectively use stagger attacks, get one or two attacks off as they get destroyed by higher damage stagger attacks.

It's an unfortunate thing due to the way it works and the cost effectiveness of certain stagger attacks. It's a lot of work to play around with "whatever this PC focuses on doesn't get to act" compared to explosive, dismembers, and area.
Ah ok.

Intense rivalries produce intense feelings.
Oh interesting. Are they having a heart to heartless? (Because the latter is currently just a head.)

That's best left to the imagination.
[evil scheming noises]
I'm guessing this thing projects a very large spherical, cylindrical, or egg shaped aura of madness that starts melting the minds of those in range.

So it seems to levitate on a cushion of brain.
Is that meat snake coming out of her chest?
Do they both have the rival fetter toward Thea other or did this just evolve on its own?
File: EabHSDaX0AMAxbB.png (144 KB, 310x360)
144 KB
144 KB PNG

It can be if you wanna be.

Anyway, in the interest of keeping things going, a bit on legions.

>Legions are probably the most difficult enemy type to utilize well. They tend to straddle the line of "not worth attacking until everything else is dead" to "Unexpectedly grinding a doll up." The book says to avoid custom-built legions, which isn't bad advice if you are still getting used to the system, it's easy to end up with legions that fall under one of the two aforementioned extremes if you're not aware of what the PCs are made of and what you're doing. Legions are best viewed more as a seasoning to provide an extra something to the encounter rather than a substantive presence of their own.

>Zombies provide once-per-round roadblocks that can do light damage and are an ideal candidate for acting as an extra source of hit points for an enemy with Carrion shield.

>Nightmares provide a similar roadblock function to zombies with their hinder move but spirit attacks, even at 1, makes them a more substantive threat and thus a bit less suitable for being ablative shielding.

>Soldiers can take the careless unaware with how quickly their damage can add up, but it's best to avoid sizes as large as you might get with zombies as 2 + Chain can easily get lucky and mulch a doll. Using them in smaller sizes lets them serve well as moderately damaging distractions to draw attacks away from the main enemies.

>Witchbirds are good for being mobile annoyances. Again, they're not really accomplishing anything important on their own but they are very much distracting.

>Swarms are the only legion that are completely unaffected by legion size. They do a point of unmitigable damage regardless of size. As a result, there's very little point in trying to actually kill them over spending that AP on threats with a higher damage capacity unless the size is small enough that it can be done in one or two attacks.
File: 56968203_p0.png (2.17 MB, 1854x2925)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
>The key theme here is that even the most threatening legion is intended to be a distraction or side event supplementing others. Even when the fight is centered around enemies that create more legions, it should be done such that the main event is the creators, not the legions themselves. Don't get attached to legions, just use them for their purpose and see how far they get. Attracting and dying to area attacks is part of their purpose in this game so don't worry when 40 legions get wiped by one use of dynamite

Anyone has any questions they want to ask about how to look at specific things from the GM (or, god forbid, the player side), they're free to ask.
File: 1588106654030.gif (570 KB, 480x480)
570 KB
570 KB GIF
>>Swarms are the only legion that are completely unaffected by legion size. They do a point of unmitigable damage regardless of size. As a result, there's very little point in trying to actually kill them over spending that AP on threats with a higher damage capacity unless the size is small enough that it can be done in one or two attacks.
Fff- I completely forgot swarms even existed. Thanks for this little writeup, anon. It's reminded me of a few tools I've been neglecting in my own game.
File: dungeon rabbit.png (763 KB, 919x738)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
on the subject of legions
what's the best way to go about creating high threat legions?
>video and picture related

Short answer: You don't. It's one of those things where if you gotta ask, you probably don't know things well enough to do it right.

Long Answer: Depends on the party and such. Really, you should typically be looking at interesting legions rather than "high threat legions" as it runs contrary to what they work best as. Its better to emphasize their complementary nature by either supporting a more important enemy or getting buffs from said important enemies. Though a fun thing to do is give either them or the things they're supporting maneuvers that use up members of the legion as a cost for the maneuver.
File: Dog dog.jpg (19 KB, 451x451)
19 KB
Can I get your opinions on this?

Tier: 2 armament
Location: any
Cost: 2
Range: 1
Effect: Melee 2. The doll and target(s) hit by the attack roll a d10. All are moved to the map location their dice indicate. 1 & 2 correspond to Eden and so on with 9 & 10 coreeponding to Tartarus. This movement cannot be hindered but may be megated by movement immunity.
File: Bd3bqHfa5h-4.png (37 KB, 300x250)
37 KB
Random movement is kind of heinously dangerous, isn't it?
What if you teleport an enemy melee dude into your backline?
The teleportation is supposed to be part of the cost.

Would it work better if I reduced the AP cost to 1 and gave it explosive?
Also range is supposed to be 0.
File: ESgFYbZU4AE4V0t.png (218 KB, 623x949)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (29 KB, 600x600)
29 KB
I don't know what this is, but it reminds me of reading about the existence of a game. I think it was a jap indie game like 90's doom, with a style similar to nechronica, lots of blood and gore, biomechanical cyborgs, and cute girls. Apparently the author of the game just liked cute girls and doom and combined the two, so he was suprised by the guro fans liking his game. Does anyone know what I'm remembering?
Maybe have it regenerate basic parts on allies you land in the same part of the map as.
File: citadel.jpg (248 KB, 730x411)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Sounds like The Citadel to me, friend. Haven't played it myself, but I've heard reasonably good things about it.
Yeah that's it. Didn't want to lose track of a niche game like that.
>was suprised by the guro fans liking his game.
I think he actually got accused of deliberately making a guro shooter and had to explain to people it was just a Doom-like and Doom was gory.

It's still completely unpredictable and could easily set you way behind in combat for a mediocre gain. Even if it just delays your party hitting an enemy for three or four counts, that could be enough to put run you into an extra turn which means more madness accrual. It feels like an incredibly risky play for what it just mildly cheaper Claws.
File: 51881206_p0.png (2.37 MB, 1024x1476)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG

So following up on this, a bit of a look at the other enemy types.

>Horrors are gonna be your bread and butter when it comes to encounter design and they can run the gamut from cheap, numerous (though not as numerous as legions) pack enemy or the big huge monster. So unlike legions, the best way to use a horror is entirely dependent on what you're building since they operate closer to dolls do than legions and thus function better interacting with them in unusual or difficult ways. Almost anything can be a horror from a dog, to a weird humanoid creature, to a 20 foot tall monster. The key thing to remember is that they take double damage from explosive and dismember, so damage boosts and crits can quickly lead to even tough horrors getting insta-gibbed by dolls if they don't pack negation for those things. There's also certain maneuvers that only affect them, or them and legions.

>Savants, on the other hand, function identically to dolls and are best utilized for humanoid enemies, though they don't necessarily have to be. Whenever you want to use something that follows similar rules to the dolls, you use a savant. Necromancers tend to deploy these as important single enemies or scenario bosses. This isn't necessarily a bad idea for a one shot, but it is limiting and can heavily devalue maneuvers that only affect savants in longer games where players may posses. For such things, it helps to sprinkle out savants, or enemies that function like savants, a bit more evenly throughout the combats. Doing this will also help to justify giving the actual important enemies good dismember negation. A player who takes giant scissors or vile repast is not gonna be happy having to "earn" their chance at dismember checks after 2 months of waiting for a chance to smack something those picks will be relevant against.
File: 1598691965554.png (512 KB, 700x700)
512 KB
512 KB PNG

>So what's the best way to decide when to use what? Mechanically speaking, its what you want enemies to be more resistant/vulnerable to. Horrors, as previously mentioned are vulnerable to getting outright splattered by damage multiplication. As such it might appear that Savants are the sturdiest choice because the worst that can happen is they lose two locations to a big critical. However, due to this exact nature, they can be crippled surprisingly quickly by single big damage hits that a horror would be able to take with relatively little loss of function.

>A horror with 24 parts and a savant with 6 parts on each hit location are roughly the same, in terms of raw part count and the savant has a hard cap to how many parts it can lose to one attack, however, an Anti-Tank Rifle with Instrument of Evil doing 6 damage to the savant can instantly knock out the attack parts on its arm, where as a horror can just break whatever ablative parts it has. Direct property negation like auto-separate or metal case is a much bigger component of keeping horrors alive compared indirect mitigation of these properties due things like defends on a savant also directly reducing explosive's damage or the fact that they can pack some extra supports to help the dismember check.

>It's also important to note part location placement on savants. You can further help mitigate surprise function loss on a savant by splitting up where things go. Many tend to cluster the important parts in the head and arms. A PC is going to notice that and, if they're smart, target the head to ensure that explosive also fucks up the arms too. As such placing something like trusted companion for repairing their attack parts on the body or legs can help ensure the skill goes of before players playing smartly breaks it before you can use it.

Not quite as clean, but it's harder to talk about savants and horrors them individually and it's also late as fuck.
Hm, from what I see, the battle system seems to be pretty skewed in players favour. With a limited choice in enemies, how varied and exciting can the fight be? Do sell me It, because otherwise, the setting looks super interesting
Speaking of fight, what kind of musoc do you feel suits the game better? Beautiful, sometimes haunting violins of Yuki Kajiura or heavy metal straight up from Guilty Gear?
Both depending on the game or scene
I like the Metroid fight and boss music.
>Random movement is kind of heinously dangerous, isn't it?

Thats probabaly part of the point.
Will we be getting any today?
File: 9905159365136.png (842 KB, 740x1000)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
Psychedelic is a meme class.

Is Romanesque a meme class?
File: I am edge.png (179 KB, 650x815)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Have you ever had a mad alice? Ours is a sweetheart and a twisted masochist who loves our edgelord necromancer unconditionally.
I don't think so. Romanesque is a combo platter class, at its best when used to make another class better.
So it's not a meme class, it's just not one meant to be doubled up on.

Not yet.
I've played two Alices.

One is a hyperactive bow hunter, the other is a 7 foot tall undead francophone lamp post in a white dress.
Tomorrow. Today's the last day of my work week before my weekend. I'll compile some stuff before I go to bed tonight and start posting up in the morning, assuming my power doesn't go out because of the snow.
File: images (3).jpg (10 KB, 196x257)
10 KB
It's really going to come down to your group/campaign. I had one game where the music was mostly out of the Brigador OST but other games have featured tracks from Fata Morgana and Made in Abyss which fit just as well.
File: download (3).jpg (19 KB, 195x258)
19 KB
>Psychedelic is a meme class
Sad but true. Though the character depicted in picrel in >>77488982 is a psychedelic and has been quite successful in our short campaign. When putting together her premade sheet I basically gave her two 'free' reinforcement points instead of just the one enhancement. It would be broken in practice, probably, but in a more controlled showing it did enough to bring her up to par with the other two party members so I don't regret it.

Pawns Gambit and Shared Loss have had a pretty good showing so far.

>Is Romanesque a meme class?

Somewhat. It can still do things but its alleged main focus is just "have some enhancements, I guess." Which works fine for taking to supplement something else, but pure romanesque is an utter meme. You get +2 AP to do another embalming per round or something?
I do kind of wonder about having a hard minimum of 8 AP compared to the other classes' 6, but ultimately you're right. Pure Romaneque's don't excel at enough on the battlefield to justify what's ultimately a pretty situational bonus.

If it's really that much of a concern, you can just pick up limiter instead. Sure you don't start with the +2 AP but it also means having a skill set that can do things.
Previous threads
>>77268004 >>76957041 >>76162495
Good advice.
So is the Anticipate ability of the Court as good as I'm guessing? I always see people making references to using Meat Shield to take the wind out of people's uber damage sails and so forth.
Anticipate is fucking amazing.

I wish I would stop forgetting it exists when I have a bunch of favor to spend on something.
File: lancelotsofarms.png (1.16 MB, 1500x2000)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
sure, here's that npc plus body. might have posted it here before
File deleted.
the green one is not, in fact, alive
it's arguably too good. for GMs it's just "fun mechanics don't happen" the ability unless you pad fights out with a lot of wacky mechanics. i don't take it unless the GM deserves it
File: furgotten_1.png (900 KB, 1500x1500)
900 KB
900 KB PNG
I meant my own character, the one I posted. She doesn't have any memories of a prior life like most dolls do so it's kind of an open question if she's even a traditional form of undead or something else.

What's the deal with the green doll anyway? Baroque?
baroque/gothic holic. 8 year old gremlin from swamp hell. i play her :)
File: Comfortable madness.jpg (155 KB, 1080x1080)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
What exactly is the timing on Drama of Death? Does it only apply if you and a friend attack an enemy at the same moment? Or if my friend shoots on AP count 11, 7, and 3, and I on 10, 8, 6, 4, etc. do I get the bonus each time?

Auto. It activates when you attack on the same count as someone else and they gotta declare first. So if they attack something 11, you have to attack of 11 too, attacking on 10 does not get you the bonus.
Okay thank you!
CRUSH the egg!
File: I was a doll once.jpg (274 KB, 1080x863)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
How do you fluff spirit attacks?
Given that they inflict madness I imagine it can take a wide variety of forms.

But I'm drawing a blank on what forms to have them take for the people getting smacked in the mind and/or soul or who were almost hit.

I look forward to learning from your brilliance.

One of the examples in the book is a legion that's made of failed dolls and their moans and other noises are spirit attacks.

Other possible things are weird creations made to make dolls feel pain, psychic entities that inspire panic, something that induces visions of a character's fears, really, the possibilities are pretty fucking open.
The true necromancer really wants do die but can’t because they are stuck/bound/imprisoned
How stereotypical/common of a greater plot is this for a nech game
>pic unrelated
Its a trope, but that's fine. It could be that biological components of him want to die and the cybernetic components won't let him.
>One of the examples in the book is a legion that's made of failed dolls and their moans and other noises are spirit attacks.
>Other possible things are weird creations made to make dolls feel pain, psychic entities that inspire panic, something that induces visions of a character's fears, really, the possibilities are pretty fucking open.

Yes. It is very open.

I am wanting examples of how people would narrate or describe the presence of entities with spirit attacks (be it ones from the books or ones they made up) and their attacks in order to bring about a satisfyingly imaginable and visceral beginning for the players to imagine these terrible things from.

I seek to improve this aspect of my Game Mastering.
I've only been in like 3 or 4 games and most of them had more than one necromancer. Only one of them has been in a "wants to die but can't" situation.

I don't think my personal sample size is large enough to say how common it is.
Is the blue skinned one Cinderella?

Knight and Lancelot seem to be having a moment.

Who is this?

This drawing of Lancelot is one I haven't seen before. When did she pickup 2 more arms?
Can you tell us about the games you were in?
skidaddle skidoodle your loli's now a noodle.

>Who is this?

A random drawing off the internet.
File: 1226883650JFxuE6u.jpg (55 KB, 649x889)
55 KB
Resumption of the England campaign storytime, featuring one Doll who's oblivious to the fact that she's dead and two wasteland veterans who find themselves trapped in a city that shouldn't exist.
>Tags: England; Post Apocalypse(?); Mystery; 1880s; Librarians; Bug People; Animal People; Sandwiches; Constabulary; Disregard of the Constabulary; Trespassing; Psychosis; Body Horror; Serial Killers; NPC heavy; Character interaction heavy; light combat; WOOOOORDS
>Part 1
>Part 2
>Part 3
>Part 4
>Part 5
>Part 6

On to part 7:
>It's the morning after Suzie's attack on the Library.
>The gray morning comes under a blanket of fog. Half the library is gutted. Thankfully, its the half that doesn't contain the owner's living accommodations.
>Outside, a number of officers stand guard.
Some notable developments that occurred overnight:
>Denver and Cersei have stayed, though it did take a good bit of talking before the moth's parent's would let her.
>Clarkey arrived at some point during the night and, while seeming quite miffed, said nothing about it aside from that Simpson will want to question everyone when he gets back. He focuses on examining the the details and facts of the situation.
>Dr. Clemens returned while the examination of Suzie's remains were ongoing. He asked Imp if she would agree to an interview to which she agreed.
>The dogs were raised and trained by the local company "Strong Boy" going by the logo stamped on the back of their tags.
>Their tags identify them as "Brutus" and "Fido". They and the other two were noticed to have been missing approximately 2 hours before the attack on the library.
>The explosives were eventually tracked to a crate of dynamite that had been written off as fallen into the river a month ago.
>The guns were tracked to an American merchant who is found to be missing from his hotel room.
>The process of identifying the various bodies Suzie used for raw materials is still ongoing.
>Examining the vulture and blood arcs in the grass, between the number of varied experts it seems either something cut its way out of the vulture, or someone cut something out of the vulture, then left with it. There is no trail of blood leading away from the bird. The size of the missing chunk is consistent with a young woman's head.
>Clarkey is napping in a chair at one of the reading spaces.
>Denver went vermin hunting with Imp, and is now slumped over the kitchen table asleep.
>Windsor is sleeping in his bed.
>Cersie has been up all night and is pacing up and down the part of the foyer that is still structurally sound.
>Jiminy has not left Coleo's side, not even for food
>Coleo is curled into a puck beside Windsor's bed, fast asleep, with Jiminy cradled in her arms as she snores quietly.
>Melico sits in her room, disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling her rifle repeatedly.
>Imp asks Dr. Clemens 'what' kind of interview, 'where' it must be held, 'why' he wants to have one, and warns that if he draws a scalpel or similar instrument that he will lose it very quickly.
>Along with that hand.
>Dr. Clemens is fine with meeting Imp in a place of her choosing as long as it's sanitary. For this initial interview he says he just wants to ask questions. He's never seen someone who recovers and takes to transplants the way she does.
>Imp thinks on it, eyeing Clemens, scoping him for weapons, ill intentions... "When are you available?"
>"For this? I can make time any day this week." The Dr. says with innocent excitement.
>Imp nods, "I'll think on things. Come back tomorrow and I'll let you know either 'no' or when and where."
>"Splendid." Dr. Clemens tries to shake Imp's hand, though when she seems adverse to that, he tries bowing instead.
>He seems confused when she doesn't bow back, but leaves it at that and takes his leave from the residence.
>The morning fog carries the noise of construction saws, hammers, compressors, and pnumatic power tools mix with orders and calls. Work crews are working to drape half the great library in oilcloth, to protect the gutted half from rain and see about attaining some level of weather tightness for un-burnt half.
>In the morning mist, the Great Library of Humbourg sits behind its fence and cordon of police officers. Its front lawn a churned mess. Left of center the features and lines of the main building’s face turn deformed, ragged, and gutted. The rear lawn is is more intact, though one of the large oaks is charred.
>Coleo wakes up coiled up beside her father’s bed. He’s is asleep right where she left him when she went to sleep. She looks outside and, judging by the color of the mist, realizes it's morning. In fact, she's up late, and so is her dad.
>Coleo slowly uncurls herself, stretching wide whichever arms aren't currently holding Jiminy. Her trunk is stiff and she aches all over from her exertion last night (and every single plate join is tender, besides). With some deal of care and fair lack of grace, she flops over on her belly and gets her legs situated beneath her.
>She lets out a quiet buzz from the back of her throat as she levers herself off the ground.
>Oof. Everything hurts.
>She tip-toes closer to Windsor's bed, peaking over the edge of the mattress to check if he's awake.
>Windsor sleeps the sleep of the exhausted, not seeming to have moved at all from where she put him, he breathes steadily.
>Jiminy chirps, then hops up onto the bed beside him, and reaches out to pet his face with a forelimb.
I miss Larro.
>Coleo wraps a hand around Jiminy's midsection and gently drags him off the bed. "Shh, Jiminy," she whispers as she pats the cricket's head. "Papa's had a very hard night. He can sleep in today." She pulls Windsor's blanket up a little farther before turning and tapping quietly out of the bedroom, cradling Jiminy against her chest. Closing the bedroom door behind her as gently as she can, she starts off in the direction of the kitchen.
>It's chilly. And foggy. Its surreal seeing fog inside her home, and its rarely this cold. She finds Denver slumped over the kitchen table, asleep.
>Coleo stops short at the door, looking at Denver's lumpy silhouette in the smoky-looking air. She sighs quietly to herself as she files farther into the room, glancing around to take account of things.
>"Dumb cat," she whispers to no one. "I could have made you a bed." She moves over to the pantry and starts out with filling Jiminy's bowl, two other arms reaching over the shells for tea and bread.
>Jiminy begins chirping loudly and enthusiastically as Coleo goes through the motions of preparing his meal.
>Coleo's hand darts out as she, gently, grasps the ankle of Jiminy's fiddle leg between two fingers almost as soon as he starts. "Shh, shh..." she tries to hush the cricket. "Denver had a busy night too, so hush. And you better not go playing with your bowl today."
>Careful not to kink Jiminy's leg, she puts his foot down on the floor and scoots his full bowl over to him. "Now eat. Quietly please," she says as she gets up and puts the kettle on the stove and starts picking through the larder for something to cook up for breakfast.
>Coleo picks half a dozen eggs out of the pantry and readies a skillet on the stove next to the kettle. Soon enough all six eggs are crackling merrily, filling the kitchen with the smell of breakfast.
>The kitchen fills with the mouth watering crackle and smell of frying eggs.
I never thought a Nechronica storytime would make me hungry.
The England game has an inordinate amount of downtime, especially early on. I think it makes for a pretty nice contrast between Coleo's excessive normal-ness and Imp and Melico's more traditional Nech vibes.

>One of Denver's ears flicks, though his head does not rise from his arms.
>As the eggs near completion Coleo hears a knock on the living quarter doors barley peak into perception around all the other noises.
>Coleo taps her mandibles together in minor irritation. "Of all the times..." she huffs. She prods the yolk of an egg with the spatula, testing the firmness.
>"Mm. The pan will finish them," she assures herself as she flips the eggs yolk-side down and moves the skillet over to a folded cloth on the counter. "As long as Denver doesn't do something stupid and burn himself..." she mumbles as she moves out of the kitchen, towards the front door.
>As she comes up behind the door she raises herself up to look through the peephole.
>She sees Cersei, wearing the same thing she had on yesterday. Behind her, most of the library staff are standing or sitting around. Unlike her, they all seem to be clean and freshly dressed. Some are putting on a brave face or trying to lift each others' spirits but they all seem to be a mix of worried or lost. A few seem annoyed with Cersei for some reason.
>Coleo cracks the door open and peeps her head out.
>"Good morning Scutigera, how is everyone in there?" Cersei asks.
- - -
>Imp startles at the first sound of -grimacing Dead, animate machinery- construction. The clothes she was working on are packed safely away and her chainsaw is ready to cleave before the thought even occurs to her that the noise might be something normal to this place.
>Even so, she stalks warily through the guest house and listens carefully for any signs of something amiss as she tries to get a view of the commotion.
>The sound grows even louder as Imp stalks out of the guest house. Through the fog she can see a number of figures hauling timbers of uniform dimension off deeper into the mist, in the direction she can hear sawing. Another figure is dumping a wheelbarrow of debris onto a growing pile. Several stories up, she can hear the sound of boots on wood.
>'Actually working, then,' Imp assumes. 'Probably harmless.' Still, it was an unusual thing, so she stalks back into the house to find Melico so they could gather their group together.
>Just to be safe.
>Melico sits on the floor of her room, her AT Rifle spread out before her. She looks over the completed assemblage and sighs, a frown on her face.
>Still no good.
>She picks up the weapon and begins to disassemble it again, perhaps the 8th time since returning early that morning. The sound of construction echoing outside hammers on, a distraction that Melico saw arrive in the early morning.
>Imp stumbles onto Melico as the girl is halfway through disassembling her rifle. "...What's wrong with your weapon?" Imp questions, concerned from her immediate impression that it might be out of order if they need to fight.
>Melico pauses in her task, slightly caught off guard having not noticed Imp opening the door. "Oh, Imp. Nothing. It works fine." She begins to piece the weapon back together, expecting that something else might soon demand her attention. "What is it?"
>"Lots of noise outside," Imp explains, "I thought it might be best if we were all in sight of each other. Just in case..." She shrugs, gesturing to the air.
>"I see. That makes sense." Melico finishes reassembling her rifle and sets it on the floor again, staring at the firearm. She frowns once more, but grabs the weapon anyway and leans it against the wall, freeing up the floorspace. "I went to the tenements last night to look for Suzie. I wasn't able to find anything. Did anything happen while I was out?"
>Imp freezes for a moment, recalling the conversation and Coleo's bizarre reckless decision, before continuing, "We weren't attacked no... I'm just worried."
>Melico's frown becomes slightly more apparent. "It's good that no one attacked. I'm worried we didn't find Suzie after she escaped, too." She pauses. "That's what you're worried about, isn't it?"
>"I worry about a... lot of things," Imp says, somewhat non-commitively as she detects her error. "...but I worry more about being missing if she returns."
>"Right..." Melico looks down at the bedroom floor and leans against the side of the bed. "I suppose that makes sense." She stays silent for a while before speaking again, her words somewhat hesitant. "It's different... worrying about other things... other people."
>Imp frowns in consternation, "...It's difficult. So many worries you can't run from, or even tear apart..."
>"And no idea of how to deal with them." Melico looks out the window at the morning sun, her mind troubling over something, the sound of construction still pounding away. After a moment she stands up, "Do you think we should go check on Coleo?"
>"Yes," Imp agrees, somewhat eager to drop the conversation, "That's why I came to get you."
>"Alright, lets head over." Melico heads out the door, equally glad to end the conversation.
>Imp and Melico happen upon the gaggle of Library staff just as Coleo opens the door.
- - -
>Coleo's eyes widen a little. "Oh, Cersei. Have-" She looks the girl up and down. "Have you been here all night? Oh heavens! I'm sorry, I would have put up a bed for you if- Oh bother." She begins wringing her many hands together, looking back and forth between Cersei and the library staff. "Papa is still asleep, and Denver passed out in the kitchen. I was actually just making breakfast..." She raises herself up a few inches to peer over Cersei's shoulder. "I wasn't expecting everyone here so early."
File: cup-of-tea.jpg (544 KB, 1000x1000)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
>As Coleo cranes her neck to look over the gaggle of Library staff, she notices a clock on the wall. It's over two hours past the Library's normal time of opening.
>"...Good morning, Coleo," Imp greets, somewhat subdued and anxiously rubbing an arm as she averts her eyes.
>Coleo blinks once as she catches sight of the clock face, one hand reaching up to cover her mouth. "Oh. Goodness. I was more tired than I thought..." She moves aside, opening the door all the way open. "Cersei, you can go to the kitchen, there's some fresh eggs and bread on the counter, and the tea should be about ready now. Everyone else, uhm..." She glances back into the building, scrambling for something for them to do. "If the rest of you could just wait out here, I'm sure we'll find something for you momentarily, if you could just give us a moment."
>She waves to Imp and Melico, tired but not entirely worn down. "Good morning you two. I hope you had a restful night. We were just heading to the kitchen, if you're up for breakfast," she says, motioning down the hall towards the kitchen.
>Cersei steps in and hugs Coleo, checks her over to see if she's alright physically, then heads for the kitchen.
>"Don't worry about cooking for me." Imp says, "It'll just be a waste."
>Melico follows Coleo toward the kitchen "It was fairly uneventful last night. We'll join you for breakfast, but I don't need anything either."
>Everyone takes a place at the table, though Coleo only makes a plate for herself, Denver, and Cersei. She wakes Denver with a ruffling of his hair as she slides a plate of eggs and toast under his nose.
>As they sit around the kitchen, some eating, some not, another knock comes at the door. This one less rapid and dainty, but still calm and controlled.
>Melico looks toward the door, but doesn't get up.
>Imp stands and shifts her stance just slightly to make her chainsaw subtly more accessible.
>"We're Closed fur repairs!" Denver shouts from his seat between bites.
File: police-320x359.jpg (27 KB, 320x359)
27 KB
>Coleo stops with her first bite of egg just inches from her mouth and sighs. "I'll get it," she grumbles. "I'd just sat down after fixing the tea, too..." she mumbles, unwinding herself from her seated position and moving over towards the door. "One moment, I'll be right there!" she calls as she moves down the hallway.
>As she gets to the door she forgoes the peephole, choosing instead to crack the door open and peak through the opening with one of her multi-faceted eyes.
>And comes face to face with stern face of Superintendent Gregory Simpson. The broad and swarthy greying man looks at Coleo with a look of deep and almost parental disappointment.
>"Hello Miss Scutigera. I think its time I had a word with you, your father, and your guests."
>Melico can pick out the familiar voice from her seat at the table.
>Denver suddenly sits up straight, looks around, and in a blurr disappears into the pantry.
>Cersei watches Denver go, finishes her last bit of toast then looks at Imp and Melico. "What was that about?"
>Melico responds blankly, "I suppose he's attempting to hide from the officer at the door." She looks back to the hall, "He said he needs to speak with us." . . . . I wonder if I should hide as well.
>Coleo's mood drops dramatically. She doesn't quite let the distaste into her voice, but she's audibly stiff. "Mr. Windsor is still recovering from last night and is unavailable at the moment. I can come get you once he's awake and alert but until then I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to wait out here."
>Imp bristles, unsure how to respond to Coleo's shifted mood.
>Mr. Simpson is undeterred. "I'm afraid that won't do. I won't wake him up but I will to see for myself that he is recuperating."
The blue skinned one is a PC i play with (im the green one), Cinderella's campaign ended
Lancelot and the Knight hate each other but also it's nech so a little hate yuri is fine
She got bonus arms as a power up between battles
File: angry-maka.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720)
98 KB
>Coleo sits for a second, bristling slightly at the man from behind the door. Her mandibles click together twice as she thinks. She raises her voice a fraction, "All right. His room is down this way, I'll walk you there." She opens the door and motions down the hall toward Windsor's room.
>Imp eyes the strange man warily, though she doesn't make any aggressive motions since Coleo seems begrudgingly acceptant of his presence.
>Regardless, she stands to follow behind enough to keep the pair in sight.
>Barkley thanks Coleo and allows himself to be escorted to Windsor's room without further comment.
>When he sees Windsor his stern face softens a bit. "How has he been?" he asks Coleo quietly.
>Coleo's two forelegs fidget quietly against the wood as she looks at Windsor. Simpson's change in demeanor blunts Coleo's bristling bristling temper a touch. "He fell right asleep last night after a little fussing with his brace, and hasn't stirred much since. Fast asleep all night."
>Berkley nods. After a moment he turns to face Coleo. He keeps his voice low so as to not wake the sleeping man in the room. "I still need to ask you and your friends some questions, please take me to them."

>Jiminy waddles up to Melico and chirps at her.
>Cersei gets up from her seat and approaches the pantry, she opens the door just enough to stick her head in. "Denver come out of there," she whispers.
>"Nuh-uh." he responds.
>"He already knows your here. You shouted at him." Cersei points out.
>"Tell him I climbed out the winder."
>"The building is surrounded by police," Cersei counters.

>Coleo laces all six of her hands together, fidgeting some more. Her eyes sparkle dully in the morning light as she eyes the policeman up and down. "All right. They're all down in the kitchen."
>"Very well." Gregory responds and follows her.

>Melico looks down at the cricket. "Hmm? What? Coleo is over there." She nods toward Windsor's room.
I thought Lancelot was a savant?
Does the party just keep running into her?
Coleo doesn't like cops.
File: OIP.jpg (18 KB, 474x266)
18 KB
She likes exploring too much; her and Denver both get in trouble for trespassing often enough that they've earned a minor reputation as [harmless] troublemakers so their first instinct on running into cops is to book it.

>Imp steps quietly out of view as Coleo and Berkley turn about and return down the hallway, moving ahead of them and returning to her place at the table, chainsaw in her lap.
>'Questioning us.' She mouths to Melico before they can arrive.
>Her knuckles tighten, relax. Tighten, relax.
>Melico nods. "Yeah." Despite knowing she will be encountering the head of the people she's been avoiding, Melico seems uncharacteristically idle.
>"Then tell im' I went upstairs." Denver babbles.
>Cersei fumes and enters the pantry. "Denver Donovan you get out here this moment."
>A moment later, Denver comes out being frog marched by Cersei, who has him by one of his big, floppy ears. "And another thing, take a shower if you are going to go into someone's food storage!"
>"I showered yesterday night! used fancy soap an' everythin'!"
>"... I guess you do smell better."
>"...He doesn't smell at all to me," Imp says, smiling brittlely.
>She was trying to joke - her sense of smell worked, though Denver never really registered as particularly bad smelling at all to her.
>This situation felt uncomfortable. Engaging in humor did too, to be honest, but... She didn't like the waits. Only the moments.
>The elder officer takes in each of the gathered kids as he enters the room.
>Cersei is mildly concerned, and irritable from lack of sleep, Denver looks like he'd love to turn invisible right now.
>Coleo looks at Cersei and Denver with a mildly perplexed expression, but her gaze eventually settles on Imp who looks... hopelessly lost. Coleo ambles up beside Imp and sets herself down next to the girl, reaching over to squeeze one of Imp's hand in an attempt to reassure her.

Fin for now. I need to go to bed.
I am surprised Nechronica hasn't come under fire, I suppose it is probably why there is no English version while Maid and GSS got ones.
The publisher for The Citadel was also the one for Sense, and quickly stood up for both devs.

Case of "who the fuck are you gonna complain to/in." The most people could do is bitch at the translator's twitter or some shit.
Has anyone tried to bring Nier into this before?
Feel the themes overlap a fair bit.
I've seen people talk about the two being simular and brainstorm about using elements of Nier as inspiration for games of Nechronica in past threads.

There might be something in a wee bit
How did your group get together?

GM here. I reached out to Portanon while he was doing port storytime and we met in a temporary room on an IRC server to chat and see if it seemed like we would enjoy playing together.

My attempts to recruit more people fell flat due to everyone on my list of good players and past forever GMs who I wanted to have as players lwere all unavailable due to IRL issues.

Thankfully Portanon recruited the GM from the port campaign and the GM for the longest running game he had ever been in who play Imp and Melico respectively.
I'm drunk.
None of you are real, because no one on /tg/ actually plays games.
I was storytiming my first Nech campaign over the course of several threads... two years ago? 18 months maybe. And the GM for the Coleo game reached out and asked if I'd be interested in joining another game. We hopped over to an IRC to talk a little bit and decided to go ahead with the idea.
The players the DM wanted to invite wound up not working out for schedule reasons, but I was able to recruit my DM from the Port Campaign (who plays Imp) as well as my IRL Not!D&D DM (who plays Melico) into the game.

Can't say I ever expected to get a campaign going through 4chan, but it can be funny how things work out. England game has been going for well over a year now.

I think you could mostly hack it, mechanically, but I dunno if the fluff translates very well. Stuff like Mutations are going to be odd to hack in if you're focusing on Androids and idk if amnesia has ever really been a prevalent part of the setting outside of Amola and Popola and a couple of side characters.
I imagine playing them, it counts!

You are the brave kind of fools. Godspeed.
Some of >>77595840 but also: normies don't know about Nechronica. You'll really only find mention of it if you hang around on /tg/ or specifically go looking for it.

It's kinda funny how that goes. Got into a game after someone posted how it was going 7 years ago and how they were looking for players and those that remained from that game stuck together. The guy doing the current translation also joined a game that was advertised on a thread.
File: Baba Yetu Yaga Yeti .jpg (337 KB, 1080x1349)
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337 KB JPG
/tg/ gets shit done.
File: 57256_cricketpupa_lg.gif (66 KB, 490x1024)
66 KB
>Gregory stands on the one bit of floorspace that isn't already occupied. "I'm glad to see all of you are well, or recovering. Am I correct in also assuming I have you to thank for rescuing one of my men and putting down two of the monsters who have been hunting them?"
>Jiminy chirps at Melico again. It's the exact same chirp as before.
>Melico ignores the cricket and stands to address the officer. "Yes, that would be us. Am I correct in assuming you are the one in charge of the investigation regarding the last one?"
>Imp nods, following Melico's lead.
>Coleo chirps quietly to Jiminy, motioning to herself. "C'mon, Jiminy. Don't bother her right now."
>Jiminy looks over at Coleo. Then goes back to watching the now standing Melico.
>Coleo leans over, extending her upper body slightly and scooping Jiminy up in a pair of hands. "C'mon, Jiminy. Just for now."
>Jiminy crab walk circle strafes until Melico's legs are between him and Coleo, then starts to back out of reach around range.
>Coleo gives up on chasing Jiminy around, and settles back down next to Imp. She turns to Gregory, though is content to stay quiet.
>Berkley nods to Imp and Melico. "When someone starts killing cops it becomes every officer's case, and on behalf of myself, and every one of my men and their families, I thank you for what you did."
>Melico's brow furrows slightly at the officer's thanks, but her voice remains flat. "That's good. Please let us know if you find anything. It will be good to put our minds at ease."
>"Their pieces..." Imp states, before trailing off. "...could you put them back together?"
>A pall passes over Berkey's features. "They were too far gone."
>He turns to Melico. "Actually, I would like to know what you know about these three killers. You were the first ones on the scene, and the only ones to see them intact. I would also like to know about what happened yesterday evening. I'm given to understand it was the third perpetrator who carried out the attack."
>"... They were wearing some of the" best "pieces." Imp notes. "Their stitching was" amateurish "poorly done. Their workshop was" sloppy "messy. One of them tried to mimic Coleo. The others were..." wearing "dressed up... as police. They attacked on sight... I only thought the last one was really dangerous."
>Coleo speaks up, finally. "They were close with one another, maybe sisters. And I think they may have been from out of town; we found a few shopping catalogues where they'd paged through and circled things they liked but... really most of it was very bland things. Clothes mostly. And... they attached parts of others to themselves. That's why they were hunting police." Her mood drops visibly when Imp mentions Suzie's 'disguise' and she shrinks in on herself a little.
>"Suzie, the one from last night, had... she tried to make herself look like me. With other people's..." Her voice drops low. "You know."
>Melico says her piece. "All three grafted parts onto themselves in order to increase their size and durability. The first two we encountered had a strange gait, almost halting and sporadic. The most recent one had more controlled movements. They were all mentally unstable and used weapons that were designed to crush, cut, or dismember. Also, the one that attacked the library removed her head and left through a window, either carried by a vulture or having parts similar to a vulture herself."
>Gregory listens intently through all of this. He watches Imp and Melico especially. "Is this something you have seen before?" he asks. "People... refitting themselves with whatever, from whoever they fancy regardless of species or other differences?"
>Imp blinks. These people haven't? "You... have not?" She questions, blinking again. Right, they haven't. "...back in" not 'home,' not really, "the place we were before. Horrors... and Servants do, but Legions are usually left to rot."
>"I-" Melico halts, her mouth clasping shut. 'What should I say? It's not smart to say everything, is it?' She pauses for a moment and clears her throat before continuing, "...I have not... It's something that can happen, I'm sure you know, but it's something that has only been a thought rather than a reality. A thing that normal people wouldn't consider."
>Coleo regards Imp and Melico with some measure of surprise, but holds her tongue. She can't quite keep her eyes from flicking to Imp's arms for a moment.
>"Horrors, legions... Where..." Gregory seems to stall on Imps explanation before arriving at a response. "Êtes-vous français?"
>Coleo blinks. "You think she's French?"
>Imp blinks. "...French?" She asks, completely perplexed. "Like... the fries?"
>Melico answers instead. "Non elle n'est pas."
>Gregory sighs and his stern mask breaks. He looks around and, spotting the kettle, pours himself a cuppa. He leans against the counter, not having a chair to sit in, and finally speaks again. "Perhaps we should start from the beginning. Where are you from?"
>Imp shrugs. "We're-" She glances at Melico, "Or... I'm, at least, more lost than you. The signs were in English... most of the time. But... there wasn't a country anymore. Just the Dead, their wails... their masters... I walked a long way, so trust me, there was nothing to be found." She gazes emptily, frowning in thought, "It was such a long way. I can't even remember where I started." She seems very disturbed at this, "Then suddenly I woke up here. In a box in the street... on the back of a cart." She tilts her head, "But... you're not Dead, are you?"
>Melico looks over to Imp, considering her words and how she might respond to the weighty question herself. "Neither of us are sure how we arrived in Humbourg. We're both from a place that's fairly far from here, I would guess from across the sea as I've not been to any place in England to my knowledge." She looks back to Gregory. "That's part of the reason we came to the library, to see if we could find our where we were and how to get back. You wouldn't be able to help with that, would you?"
>"I... honestly don't know." Berkley answers Melico, shaking his head. "I think... I think I would like a seat."
>He looks over to Coleo Cersie and Denver. The moth is quick to stand up from her chair and slide it over.
>Berkley sits down, and looks at Imp and Melico from across the table. "I would call myself alive, but I'm not sure what you mean by masters with 'the dead that wail' which serve them. Are you talking about chattel slaves?"
>"...What's a chattel?" Imp answers blithely.
>"It means they're legal property," Coleo chimes in.
>Melico looks the man in the eye "I suppose you might call it that. No real will of their own and no way to change their station or situation. It certainly wouldn't be too far from how it was." There is a slight venom to her voice, though it doesn't seem to match the subject of her words.
>Imp shrugs, "There weren't any laws at all, I don't think. They were just... just corpses, walking about. No life, no dreams, no ambitions, just... meat puppets." Her hands clench in memory, "Hungry meat puppets. Their masters... I never met one, I don't think. But I must've encountered one, or..." 'I wouldn't be here.' She shivers, "Never mind."
>There's a length of silence before Berkley speaks. "You'll forgive me. But it sounds like another planet. And in this place... The dead steal parts from what and whichever. And the three designations, they are forms of the dead?"
>"We're all Dead, sir." Imp says, staring straight ahead at nothing, before averting her gaze, clenching her hands. "But some of our minds are still thinking. Hearts are still beating. Souls... searching. They were... normally, I'd call them Servants. Intelligent, useful, but still just puppets. No initiative. But... they can't be Servants without a Master, right?"
>Coleo leans over and squeezes Imp's hand, concern plain on her face. "Imp..."
>Melico looks over to Imp again before turning to the superintendent. "I suppose you might say dead is a relative term. One can die long before they stop moving and going on after that can break things. Their mind, their heart, their sense of self. Things that keep a person normal." Her eyes are fixed on the man, but it almost seems like she's talking to someone else, answering a different question. "I don't think we can say exactly where they were from or who they were, but they probably died long ago. Without something or someone to tell you how to act, priorities become different, as do morals."
>The man sits in his chair watching as Imp, and then Melico speak. He lets out a breath and nods, more to himself it seems. "So. in that case, do you have any sort of recommendations on how to find this Suzie?"
>Imp considers his question for a moment, "The sewers, abandoned buildings... Places people don't want to be that you can still get to people easily from. She'll want to replace her lost parts, which means she'll want materials, so she'll want access to people..." She glances at Coleo, "...people like Coleo, if she keeps with that theme."
>Melico picks up after Imp. "Somewhere at the edge of town would also be a likely place, specifically the more isolated areas. Places where people going missing wouldn't be immediately noticed, perhaps outlying farms."
>Coleo shrinks in on herself a little as Imp looks at her.
>Berkley takes out a notepad and flips it open to an empty page while grabbing a pencil and begins writing. "I see. Are their any sort of, rituals or customs associated with the butchery of victims that may inform where or how she would do things that you are aware of?"
>Imp shrugs, "It varies. Sometimes, I guess? Her sisters had a room set aside for it, but it wasn't very organized."
>"It would have to be a little dry, wouldn't it? Otherwise the... flesh spoils." Coleo looks supremely displeased with herself for even voicing the thought.
>"They weren't storing them for later use. That was just... scraps up there." Imp says, "...besides which, since when was that a problem?"
>Denver starts somewhat reluctantly on a thought. "They had a sewing room an... Oh!" He perks up a bit and almost seems to forget he's in the presence of the big boss cop. "She'll probably want clean clothes, and the materials an parafphin-nay-lia to fit em to her new body."
>"She could use bones for the needles," Imp points out, reflecting, "...though they did have some actual sewing equipment." She wrinkles her nose. "Their stitching was sloppy though."
>"You may also want to ask the officer that was taken what the circumstances of his capture were," Melico volunteers.
>Berkley waves his writing hand dismissively. "The only thing he remembered from his abduction was something falling on him from behind and knocking him out. From the bruising, we think two of them fell on him from high up then quickly bagged him and ran off."
>He swallows. "One of the other officers, who didn't make it... told him one of them had been crying in a pile of rags and refuse in an alley and, when he approached, the other two came out of a door he was passing, dragged him in, and beat him unconscious."
>Melico nods. "That would mean they prefer ambushes and traps in isolated areas such as alleys. You should advise your men to avoid empty and enclosed areas and should likely travel in pairs."
>"We've already implemented those particular changes, miss," Berkley replies a bit tersely.
>Imp blinks. "So... Sewers, farms, old buildings... anywhere you can think of, as a local, that would work?"
>Cersei pulls Coleo into a hug and pats the back of her head.
>Coleo hugs back, burying her head in the nook of Cersei's neck.
>Berkley answers. "We've been combing the neighborhoods of men she intimidated into helping her, in case some of them are hiding her but we haven't found anything yet."
>"I could go through the sewers if you want," Imp suggests, glancing to Coleo hesitantly. "It's not a pleasant place to be... and you're weak to ambushes, so..."
>Coleo pulls out of the hug a little and looks to Imp and then to the officer. "Suzie... is mad at me. And I think she might try again, since she's kind of made this about *me.* Is there... anything I should be doing?"
>Something about what Imp said seems to rub Berkley the wrong way, but he turns to focus on Coleo in lieu of replying. "Stay here with your your father, Coleo. We have the Library surrounded and are verifying the identity of anyone who comes near. If their is any danger, we'll have it in hand. Speaking of, for anything you need from the outside, we'll have a runner to fetch it for you."
>Denver jumps up out of his chair, causing it to make a horrible squeaking noise on the floor that makes Jiminy flinch, and runs to the kitchen window, looking out and up for something intently.
>There's a commotion from the men stationed outside. Coleo is close enough to the window she can pick out some of the chatter.
>"Is that a spyglass?"
>"Up there, roof of the watch shop."
>"Hey yeah, they're spyin' on us!"
>"Take, Taggart and Windslow and go get them down from there."
I just realized I somehow renamed Simpson to Berkley last night and... I don't know how this has happened. His name is not Berkley and he's not called such in any of the campaign text. I guess apologies for any confusion.
File: 1584152814230.png (460 KB, 903x1280)
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460 KB PNG
>>77562866 >>77566761
>Speaking of fight, what kind of musoc do you feel suits the game better?

What are your thoughts on the Diablo Swing Orchestra?
>>"Is that a spyglass?"
>>"Up there, roof of the watch shop."
>>"Hey yeah, they're spyin' on us!"

Oh boy!
File: CaptianJackSparrow.gif (554 KB, 320x213)
554 KB
554 KB GIF
>Imp darts up. "Commotion outside. Melico, scope?"
>Coleo turns to look out the window, her eyes looking out to somewhere distant. Her mandibles part slightly. "Someone's looking at the Library through an spyglass. Suzie maybe? I can't think of anyone else. The johnnies are going to wave them off."
>"Where?" Melico stands from her seat and moves toward the window, pulling her scope over her eye as she does so.
>"Where are ya, ya blighter..." Denver mumbles as he squints, trying to scan the rooftops across the street. "He's on the roof of the watch shop somewhere," he says after registering Imp asking Melico to help.
>Outside the dolls can see a trio of officers break off from the cordon and start across the lawn toward the shop in question.
>Simpson gets up from his chair and walks around the table to try to get a look.
>Melico spots a tanned Caucasian woman in a dirty white blouse, leather vest and pants, with her black hair tied back in a ponytail. She's moving to get up from a prone position with a telescope in hand. Seems she noticed Denver trying to spot her; she'd be further into her retreat if it had been the cops reacting that set her off.
>As she turns Melico can see what may be the bulges of a pistol under her clothes, and what is definitely a bowie knife on a sheathe on her hip. Seems she thinks to escape. She stoops to pick up a bag as she sets into motion.
>Melico relays in the important information without turning from the window. "There's a woman on the roof. It looks like she's about to run. She's armed, perhaps with a firearm." She continues to list features of the woman, such as hair, attire, and physique, though makes no move to pursue.
>"Aw no she dunn't." The window squeaks in it's frame as Denver slides it up and starts to scramble out.
File: Toy_Story_1995.gif (5.31 MB, 520x293)
5.31 MB
5.31 MB GIF
>Coleo's jaw snaps shut. "That doesn't sound anything like Suzie. Why would she be spying on the Library?" She blinks, stands and suddenly moves up behind Denver, helping him out the window as she clambers up over the sill herself. "C'mon, let's see what she's up too."
>Simpson turns and heads for the nearest exit that's a door.
>Imp makes to follow Denver and Coleo.
>"Coleo, grab Denver and brace yourself." Melico plants her back foot and pulls an open palm back. Her muscles tense, then pop as she thrusts the hand forward and strikes Coleo in the back, launching them forward in a sizable arch.
>"Brace what?" Coleo doesn't even have time to turn around before Melico's palm impacts on her back. The unexpected contact causes her to tense, a lucky accident as the force of the impact sends her flying out into the yard, Denver tangled in her arms.
>Denver screams. "AHHHH! BLOODY 'ELL!, Oi this is actually pretty ace- oof!"
>Coleo's instincts are enough to catch her as she comes crashing down into the grass. Her momentum carries her forward several faltering steps which she manages to convert into a brisk jog, Denver still in her arms. "I didn't know she could do that." Her tone is even, if almost completely breathless.
>"Me 'either! I wonder what else she's got up her sleeve!" Denver says excitedly as he scrambles out of Coelo's arms and and lands into a run. "Onward!"
Melico has Boost, btw
>Ahead the three police officers are also beginning to sprint. The Chartreux among them pulling ahead of the human and the Iguana.
>Imp darts out the window in their wake, racing to catch up.
>Cersei jitters in place looking around franticly, then forces herself to settle approaches Melico. "Me too." She says in a tired mix of determined and nervous.
Friends are the ones who are there for your when you need them.
>Melico looks over at the nervous moth. "Perhaps it would be better if you stayed with me. You won't be able to catch up to Coleo or Denver and it would be best if neither of us were alone." She steps through the window and draws her revolver from the holster at her side. "Besides, it would be best if you were toward the back with me if combat breaks out."
>Cersei nods. "Right. I am with you then." She takes a an asp out of her dress and whips it to full extension, then climbs out the door after Melico.
>Melico notices Jiminy zip past her through the air as she makes it to the ground, pumping his wings as fast as he can.
>Coleo powers across the lawn and then the cobblestone, devouring the distance between her and the watchmaker's shop.
>"She just hopped off the fire escape on the far side!" Denver shout's as they both make the sidewalk, catching up to the feline cop.
>Imp can't help but notice the weird, sticky air here is even stickier in the early mornings. And the grass is sticky too. It's like the whole world wants a piece of her, or doesn't want her to go.
>Her chainsaw calls to her to ignore it, there's tearing to do.
>Jiminy gives a chirp as he buzzes past her.
>Melico and Cersei hustle down the lawn. They've had no visual of the peeping tom since she dropped down from her perch.
>Coleo's legs piston against the cobblestone as she veers over toward a nearby alley, trying to route around the store. "Get ready to jump off me if we catch up to her. I can absorb the jump."
>"Fookin' roight." Denver takes her hand and balls up into her nest of arms. "Fire when ready Cap'n!"
>They round the corner behind the building and the fire escapes comes into view. Coleo hears boot falls echoing down the next ally to the left. The cop next to you reaches for his truncheon and Denver chuckles as they come around the next corner. Through the mist they see a lady running for all she's worth, making it just to the far mouth of the alley.
Post dolls buying parts.

Here we seem to have metal case, happy pills, shotgun, slime, sabertooth refluffed as a beak, and possibly more.
>Imp and the two other officers make it to the mouth of the alley right on the tail of Coleo and Denver.
>Coleo fires forward with all her legs at once, lurching forward. She tenses her hands against Denver's midsection. "Jump?!"
>"Go go!" Denver cheers.
>Hearing Denver ahead of her, Imp jumps off the wall by the corner of the alley to give herself more speed, catching sight of the tail-end of Coleo's trunk as she rounds the corner, the tip of her own tail tickling the brick as she passes.
>Coleo's arms bulge as she catapults Denver forward like a bolt out of a Roman Scorpion.
>Denver springs off of the launch platform of Coleo's palms then pulls himself into a ball, arcing down the alley and then spreading out as he makes his final descent.
>The woman turns around, and stumbles sideways at the sight of a child hurtling down on her. She doesn't make the lateral distance to get out of the way and Denver plows into her, sending them both rolling across the sidewalk in a tangle.
>Far behind the rest of the pack, Cersei pats Melico on the shoulder and points off forty-five degrees to the left. "Melico Melico, Look."
>Melico's eyes catches the form of a horse tied off on the side of the road by someone who turns and enters a lender's office.
>Melico slows slightly as she looks toward the beast, "I don't know how to ride. Do you?"
>Cersei answers "Certainly, just sit behind me once were on and hold on tight."
>"Let's go." Melico changes course to reach the horse and undoes the rope.
>The horse grumbles and snorts at Melico but seems perfectly fine with Cersei ascending to mount it's saddle. She take's its reigns and puts a foot in each stirrup. She turns the beast to the side, and extends an arm to Melico. "Climb on!"
>Melico takes Cersei's hand and climbs on. Unsure of what to do to prevent herself from falling off, she wraps one arm around Cersei and tightens her knees around the horse, gripping her revolver in the other hand.
Albino and Cold Light.
>Friends are the ones who are there for you when you need them.

This is how warlocks and traitors happen.
A Thanatos buys Quad-Amputee and Superior Katana.

And I'm going to have to pause the storytime for tonight. The chase gets a little complicated and I want to make sure I'm awake to get everything organizes properly.
File: XTlOrWn.png (1.27 MB, 900x900)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
By a wee bit, it actually means like 20 hours.

All the PCs got their own solo introduction mini-session so we'll start with that.

Nai is a 17 year old girl who is fairly tall. She tends to stand a head above anyone that isn't getting a boost in height from mutations or enhancements. A real prim and proper girl, when she's not getting her claws in someone's gut to piece them back together after a fight.

>Nai's unfamiliar limbs twitch in a sea of viscous slime, muscles gently flexing against metal augmentation, testing their limits. Tiny prickling sensations spread down from the spine to the tips of her fingers and toes as nerve endings spring to life. She feels strange jolts of pressure as her limbs brush against curved glass.
>Presently, she feesl herself being drawn downward as the slime slips away through hidden vents. A blindingly bright light stabs her eyes. She hears a hiss as the the capsule that had been her world a timeless eternity slides open, depositing her, naked and dripping with slime on a hard tile floor. Blinking away slime and squinting in the light, her eyes begin to focus on a figure standing before her.
>The rest of the room is blurry and obscured by the spotlight shining in her eyes, but her can make out a gigantic shapeless lump draped in black cloth that looms low over her. Strange moving shapes gently sway and twitch beneath the folds of its robe, as if thousands of tiny, scurrying animals were hidden within. The only recognizable feature is a glossy golden mask half-hidden beneath a low hood. It's empty black eye holes regard her, seemingly without passion, as it begins to speak in a low, hushed whisper.
>"Can you understand me?"
>Nai, staring upwards at the impassive figure with wide eyes, is at first unsure if she could. The words were plainly intelligible, but at the same time, an overwhelming sense of confusion took a hold of her.
>"Yes...yes, but...whe--who..."

>"Mmm! Mmmuh!" the figure seems to shake with agitation as it begins to stammer wildly. Great heaves wrack its misshapen body as a pair of spindly, metal hands, each finger tipped with strange, sharp tools, shoot out from hidden folds in the robe toward you.
>"M-my baby girl!"
>The hands hook under your armpits and raise you up. It draws you close and presses you to its chest.
>The strange shapes beneath its robs shift to accommodate you, and you begin to hear a low, humming whine. The thing's body slowly begins to warm, driving away the cold of the hard floor.
>"It's over! O-oh, my baby girl, it's finally over!" it says, its voice beginning to waver.
>At first, the girl recoiled, drawing her body backward on the slick tile as the unfamiliar hands moved toward her. Those things looked wrong...but she couldn't place why. Even so, she couldn't possibly move away from them fast enough; the strange, uncomfortable weight of being newly born dragged her long enough for the talons to drag her upward.
>There was something unsettling about it, but it gave way to acceptance. Nai's skeletal, metallic body pressed against the robe, and the warm words and warmth of the body made her feel...well, she couldn't place what that was, either. Ultimately, she tried to draw a free hand to hold the figure back in an unconsciously sympathetic movement.
>"I...I don't know what you're talking about..."
>Another voice, deeper and more lucid, speaks from behind the figure."Oh my god! Is that-"
>"Yes! This is it!" the figure says. It twists slightly but you can't see who its talking to.
>"No more class struggle! No more competition for resources! We can end the war!"
>"Immortality that anyone can grow in a soda bottle! It will be..."
>It suddenly twists its head back toward you.
>"O-oh. I'm sorry... You must have so many questions. I will tell you everything in time."

>"Nai...Nai...I'm Nai..." she says, first repeating it with an obvious note of uncertainty in her voice. She sinks lower into the tub, immersing her body into the heat and up to her chin. "I'm Nai." This one seems much more clear, and firm. "I like it...Nai, Nai..." she repeats a few more times. The sound of it is pleasant.
>She looks up at the mask her father wore. "...What is your name, father?"
>"O-oh! I'm," Physarum Calvary "But everyone just calls me the" The Necromancer "I-I know, it's kind of silly. B-but really I" murdered 20 billion people in cold blood "H-here I have something. It's for your hair."
>He draws out a strange tube of green substance with a reddish circle on the front. "It's apple flavor. I mean apple scent!" He laughs. "Here, let me..."
>Nai jolts backward, sending water flying as she almost leaps straight out of the tub and away from that noise. The words themselves were one thing, but the power with which they were said was like a gunshot right at her ear. It almost made her deaf! She looked up at him, bewildered, and shouted back "What? What?!"
> "I...I AM AWAKE! I'm..." No, she wasn't, was she? This...wasn't right at all, was it...
>You're jolted back to consciousness. In those few hazy seconds between sleep and waking, you believe that he is here, that he caught you operating at less than 100% efficiency. But the dark, blurry figure that stands before you quickly becomes nothing more than your tactical legionnaire. The voice of condemnation was a dull recitation of statistics from the latest battle that had been warped by the dream.
File: Gula.png (1.25 MB, 900x900)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
>It stands in its black armor and fatigues, identical to most every other of it's kind, droning on in a monotone.
>"Losses. Legion Alpha: 7 members. Legion Beta: 25 members. Total annihilation. Armored crowd control Horror 'Meat Shredder.' Damaged beyond practical repair."
>You're sitting at a desk in your improvised field necromancy lab. Hastily erected sheet metal walls protect your surgery table and canisters of Physarum Calvary from the gusts of bitter, cold wind and clouds of black ash outside.
>Beyond the doors of your workspace lies a field pocked with craters and rusting hulls of abandoned war machines. Legionnaires lie strewn in mutilated piles like a careless child's toys, some twitching, some moaning their few memorize phrases through smashed mouths and ruined lungs and reaching their ruined arms skyward, driven by a need that they lacked the intellect to express.
>"We are Legion. We serve." they chant to the sky.
>The weird echoes of the battlefield. The strange trip that Iguji took you on. Something.
> But for a brief moment, you could have sworn you heard his voice coming out of her mouth.
>"I hear psychedelic brains get you high as a kite," Gula says, dropping down into the crater with you.
>Nai cringes at the shout, as she always does. She stumbles backward, almost tumbling over poor Nell and barely finding footing in the dirt. The doll doesn't even take a moment to process what she hears and sees, as the overbearing sight of her commander gives her an insane impulse to speak immediately. Without thinking.
>Realizing what she said, she locks her gaze with Gula...
>"...She's...she's working. She doesn't...need repairs..." And justifies her defiance.
>"What did you just say to me?" Gula says in a low growl. Her claw clenches tighter on her meat cleaver.
>Nell covers her face and tries to curl into as small of a ball as possible.
>Coming to the realization that it's her life that the proverbial gun has been drawn on, Nai keeps her eyes firmly on Gula, and smiles in an uneasy fashion. She ignores the feeling of something rubbing up against her skirt. "I'm...I've been ordered to return anything that is still able to perform it's d-duty to the front. Anything that...can't be fixed the allotted time goes to the..."
>She doesn't finish her sentence. There's a slight noise as she shifts her weight to the right, and lets the slightest bit of a bloody stump poke out from behind her.
>"I give the orders here!," Gula says. "I want that one!"
>She reaches out a meaty claw that completely covers Iguji's head, and lifts her off the ground.
>Her next action is entirely reactive, and one that she wouldn't necessarily ever have done if she had more than the split-second afforded to her to think about. Nai leaps up and tries to drag Igujisuta down, by the legs.
>Gula sticks her cleaver into the ground and takes Iguji by the foot. She yanks hard, and the foot comes off.
>Nai closes the distance with the other two, continuing her long string of thoughtless actions that she would surely come to regret at a later time.
>Gula tosses the foot away and snatches up her cleaver as Nai advances. She swings up, but it clashes against Nai's hardened metal.
>Iguji tries to bite Gula's fingers, but her jaw falls off.
>"Ih uh ee aans oo oh ou iiiee."(edited)
>There's a hiss of metal sliding on metal as a set of blades, as clean as anything could be in this world, slides out of Nai's fingertips. She tries to duck under Gula's blow, but fails...the hit does little against her armored body, but it sends her own attempt at cutting apart her foe careening towards Iguji! Only a last-second redirect manages to save her from the bite of the blade, only leaving superficial scars.
I"m going to bed now but I'm definitely reading this in the morning.

>Gula slices across Nai's belly, sending up a spray of viscera. Nai's guts spill out onto the ground, and a jet of gore fountains over Gula and Iguji
>The psychedelic seems off in her own little world.
>Another hidden blade comes upward, slicing into the air on a thin mechanical arm that snakes from underneath Nai's long skirt. It takes its time coming out, and inevitably misses.
>As the blade shoots out, Gula twists her cleaver, effortlessly parrying it.
>"What did I say, Roma?! Your kind can't fight worth a-"
>The scissor hand catches her completely off guard.
>For a moment she stands, mouth drawn in a sneer, little beady eyes alight with malice.
>Then, slowly, four lines of blood bubble up across her face.
>One by one, perfect slices of her head slide down and flop to the ground, leaving a gushing neck hole.
>The cleaver thuds to the ground, narrowly missing Iguji.
>Nai looks up toward the sight of the hole in both shock and something approaching a morbid glee, only to be reminded of her kind's lot in life once the Supreme Inquisitor's body continues to move unbidden. It hasn't ended yet.
>Tunaguy: She looks towards Iguji, and shouts "Move! Do something Iguji!"
>Moved into action once more, Nai raises her now filthy blades up against the corpulent remains. Another pass of her hands manages to cut apart Gula's raised arm into bloody ribbons, rendering them useless!
>Iguji stares at Gula's dismembered body, then slowly rotates her head toward Nai.
>Then, something strange happens.
>Nai can swears she hears the words "Iguji wants to go outside," but somehow, at the same time, it also sounds like...
>There isn't any mystery in whose voice that second layer might belong to. Nai's head twists around, searching for a source.
>Gula's body begins to shudder violently.

>Her torso splits in half vertically. Jagged fangs extend around the edged of her new mouth, and a long, twitching tentacle covered in dripping spines rises like a tongue from the center.
>The voice seems to come from the horror that used to be the Supreme Inquisitor, although it has no lips of vocal chords which could form the words.
>Iguji seems frozen like a statue.
>Nai falls backwards, onto her steel legs, as she stares at the voice made manifest in flesh. Gula had been taken by him, and he saw everything... It was entirely correct, wasn't it? That warning that was always given. He does see all. Nai is similarly held in place, but by her fear. She stares at the monstrous tongue, and she quietly says
>"Not me..."
>Iguji closes her eyes and looks toward the ground.
>Nai feels something press against her back, followed by what sounds like a shell racking. From the clatter of ill-fitting parts, it sounds like the dreaded Undead Gun.
>"I'm sorry, Nai," Nell whispers in her ear.
>Nai responds with a small "...It's fine."
>Then, darkness.

And that's Nai's introductory session.

Apologies for any jankness or fuck ups. This specific thing was actually written up for another thread that 404'd a while ago and wasn't properly cleaned up. There might also be a wee bit of being drunk going on here.
>being drunk

Oh my God you too!?
Looking forward to more from each of you.
How would you stat XJ-9 in Nechronica?
>I just realized I somehow renamed Simpson to Berkley last night and... I don't know how this has happened. His name is not Berkley and he's not called such in any of the campaign text. I guess apologies for any confusion.

The police superintendent Gregory Simpson's middle name is now Berkley.

Not that that makes things less confusing but at least now it's simply confusing and obtuse but not blatantly wrong.

Also I like that he has a middle name now.
Jenny's kind of a force of nature. I figure trying to stat her out is like trying to stat out Vash the Stampede, except instead of stack overflowing her AGI and luck stats, she's just got every single tool under the sun stashed in her chassis somewhere.
>"Don't squeeze him too hard, they can sense when you're nervous, they don't like it, just hold on tight to me." Cersei rattles off as she nudged the horse forward. "That's better." She makes a clicking sound and does... something because the next thing Melico knows, she's being jostled every which way - or would be if she didn't have someone to hold onto - as the beast accelerates into a gallop.
>Melico eases the tension in her legs and does her best to remain balanced as the horse gallops forward. 'Hopefully we won't have to worry about combat. I may not be able to aim well on this thing.'
>At just the same moment Denver barrels into the escaping woman, Jiminy barrels into the back of Coleo's head before scrambling for purchase on her shoulder.
>Coleo blows a raspberry in an attempt to clear the cricket foot from her face, but doesn't spare him much more than a "Hey Jiminy" and a pat on the head as she runs down toward Denver and the stranger.
>Imp is not far behind. She calls out a "Watch out ahead!" as she launches herself off the corner of the building and into the street.
>Denver and the woman flail around on the sidewalk, the latter trying to dislodge the former, and the former trying to subdue the latter. Neither succeeds.
>"Who paid you!?" Denver shouts.
>"Help! Help! Get this urchin off of me!" The woman yells in a contralto.
>A few bystanders on the sidewalk move in. Apparently taken in by the act as they grab Denver and pull him off.
>"FREEZE!" the Chartreux officer shouts. This gets a lot of turning heads.
>And the Woman scrambles to her feet.
>"Dammit." The cop curses. "Drop that boy, he's with us!" he shouts.
>Denver is set down. Whereupon he makes a rude gesture at his abductors and bolts after the escapee, just ahead of Coleo and Imp.
>Coleo snatches up Imp into a piggyback as she skitters out of the alley. She bowls through the crowd like a steam locomotive, eyes swirling as her vision simultaneously tracks the movement of her quarry and absorbs as much information from the immediate area as she can. Her spiracles huff loudly as her breath settles into a deep, even rhythm in time with her legs.
>Imp blinks, not expecting the sudden assistance, but not complaining either.
>They emerge from the foot traffic onto the road see Denver nearly fly out of a slowly accelerating double decker carriage, a familiar boot planted in his chest but unable to break the hold of his claws on the doorframe.
>The wind sings in Melico's ears as her and Cersei round one intersection, then another. A few shouts and the clatter of wheels on cobblestone accompanying the latter as Cersei cuts someone off to make the turn. Then ahead she catches sight of the trail of Coleo and policemen, just over a block away. Cersei urges their newfound horse onward.
>"If you get me close enough, I can pin her down." Imp suggests to Coleo
>Coleo turns her head to Imp as she picks up the pace even further. "Hold on, and when I rear up rev your weapon. We're going to stop the carriage team. And be ready to jump if they don't."
>She pulls ahead of the cart two full carriage lengths before whipping around and raising herself to full height. She throws her arms wide and splits open her chest, releasing a call as loud as she can muster in an attempt to intimidate the drive team.
>Jiminy shrieks as loud as he can the moment after Coleo starts.
>Imp shrugs and flips her chainsaw's switch, then revs it up, staring straight at the carriage and giving an anticipatory smile, murder in her eyes. Then she tenses, ready to jump onto the carriage.
>The team of horses panic, their blinder restricted vision filled with terrifying things making terrifying sounds. Each tries to flee in a different direction but remain restrained by their harnesses, instead bringing the their heavy load to a slow stop. The driver, and about nine other people stare on in varying degrees and flavors of shock or terror.
>From their new vantage point, Coleo and Imp get their first glimpse of Melico and Cersei committing Grand Theft Horse.
>"Gottcha now bitch." Denver grunts with a shit eating grin though his compressed chest.
>As the horse reaches the bus, Melico hops down (not all together too gracefully) and moves to join Denver in confronting the stranger. She keeps her revolver low, but ready.
>"Stay put." Imp calls to the insensate populace in front of her. Switching the chainsaw off and shouldering it, Imp hops off of Coleo and darts around the side toward Denver to climb up and through the window. To the side of his assailant.
>Coleo moves alongside the carriage, opposite the side with the door; she keeps a portion of her abdomen out in front of the horse team as she moves. Her chest is still slightly agape as she peers through the windows, searching for the woman among the crowd.
>An elderly and bemused moth nun decides to help Imp in through her window instead of making her unlife difficult.
>"...Thank you." Imp murmurs, turning to scan for the individual assailing Denver.
>The unnamed woman's eyes dart to Melico, then Melico's unholstered revolver, then the cops coming up behind Melico, then to unsettling girl who just entered the bus behind her...
> . . . and takes her boot off of Denver's chest and raises both hands above her head.
>"I surrender. I surrender." she says in a flat, acerbic tone.
>"On your knees, hands on your head." Melico moves toward the woman, revolver aimed just below her feet.
>Spying the woman's knife, Imp grips her by each arm, just in case. "Outside first. Change your mind: lose your arms."
>Melico doesn't say anything, but does step aside to make room for their exit.
>"Ok, alright. Not so rough." The woman moves down the stairs and down to the ground, kneeling in the street.
>Coleo finally lets her labored breathing slack off as she begins to collect herself. Four arms re-button her shirt while two others un-mess her hair. She winds herself into a curl in front of the horse teams and offers the cart driver an apologetic buzz. "Sorry for startling your horses, sir."
>The driver still has his hand at his chest and it getting control of his own breathing, looking around, and taking account of how these girls seem to be working with the police, he looks back to the adorable young lady in front of him. "Think" - breathe - "think nothing of it, miss." The horses finally calm down as he finishes.
>"Please, clear the road if you would." He adds.
>Coleo raises her front section off the ground so she can peer up over the side of the cart. Comfortable in the knowledge that the woman has exited the cart, she obliges the man's request and moves off to the side.
>The Chartreux officer has caught up by now, the human and iguana man right on his tail.
>As Coleo moves closer to Melico, her legs wobble and then give out entirely as she lets her trunk contract into a coil in the middle of the road. Her breathing is long and even, but still labored.
>Cersei gets down from the horse and flits past the circle of people around the perp. "Denver! Coleo! Are you alright?!"
>Coleo sighs and lets her back hunch as the tension leaks out of her. "My legs hurt. But I'm fine. Denver?"
>"Nothing a nap won't fix." Denver says, moving a bit stiffly.
>As the woman kneels to the ground, Melico relieves her of the knife and firearm.
>"Nice work, all of you." The Iguana officer says to the group.
>"We should get her out of the street though. This is just gonna cause a scene if if we don't" the Chartreux says.
>Imp keeps an arm's reach away from everyone, though she keeps a hand near her chainsaw in case the woman tries to make another break for it.
>Coleo blinks and looks at the horse Cersei just climbed down from. Then to Cersei. She doesn't say anything but her perplexed expression probably says enough.
>Cersie gives Coleo a very nervous look that says 'for love of god please don't say anything about it now. Please.'
>Coleo raises her eyebrows, but pointedly doesn't say anything.
And with that, the chase comes to a close. Fin for today, gents. You all have a good day and I hope you enjoyed the storytime.
>tfw your necromancer is No-Face
I haven't finished reading yet but I hope you didnt get eaten.
>mfw I have no No-Face
Gosh darnit
I think I'm missing something in this bit. Who's Iguji?
>I think I'm missing something in this bit.

More that the story is missing a bit. The lesson here is don't drink and story time. Gonna have to fix all this and probably just stick it in a pastebin or some such at some point in the future.
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RIP. I'm pretty sure that's what happened when I accidentally gave Superintendent Simpson a new middle name, too. Being tipsy + being tired is not a great combo for transcribing text.

For what it's worth, I'm looking forward to seeing the complete story.
File: iguji.png (268 KB, 278x523)
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This should properly be the whole thing now.
Remember pastebin has some rather craptastic bots that overzealously purge things they think may violate the pastebin TOS.

They aren't the great reliable platform they once we're.
>All the PCs got their own solo introduction mini-session

So she's the most stacked horror ever?
Bruh this link is dead. Can you just like, re-post the cleaned up intros in the next be nechronica thread you storytime in as a part of a multipost pre-written section?
It's just missing the .com
>t. Also thought the link was dead for a minute
File: Cd2MPd3.gif (874 KB, 600x450)
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874 KB GIF
I guess she'd still be a Savant since she's got arms/legs/torso/humanoid layout, but basically yes. She'd have every single combat part you could think of and then another encyclopdia's worth of random shit floating all over her character sheet, most of which wouldnt make sense even under ideal circumstances.
>seriously, she has a wood pencil integrated into her finger

More plz.
Why the hell would they not just have a mechanical pencil? Sharpening a pencil you carry in your hand with your mouth sounds like a lot of extra machinery for no reason.
It's more entertaining to animate
Her mom is a mad German scientist who made her own subspecies of Micky Mice.
But also >>77644771
There is so much green in this thread.
More than you'll ever see in your life
You may be right.
There are tall demons.
Fuck I wish Blame had an rpg. No idea how I'd make it work though since 99% of the game would be walking through the megacity and combat would be impossible with GBEs and silicone life existing.

Just love the setting too much to stop dreaming about how it could be done.
Are you drunk too?

A screaming guilt trip.
I hate them already, which is very good.
BLAME is the source of the OP image. If you look close you can see the white haired girl and black haired guy from anon's image in the bottom right corner.
So the effect text for Crab legs is
>During Damage Timing, you gain "Defend 1" for Legs only. Additionally, during battle, when your Movement Maneuver successfully moves you, you may use a Melee or Unarmed maneuver against one target in either your current Area or the one in which you began your movement at Rapid timing.

So lets say you have one of the paths that lets you "move 2" instead of "move 1" and you go from elysium to hades.
Are you able to melee attack someone in Limbo along the way?
>So how do you balence encounters in this game?

You have to balence them around your particular party since dolls can vary so much in what they bring to the fight mechanically and it can change a good bit as they buy parts and skills.

As for how you figure out "how to balence encounters around a given party"?

I still haven't figured that out myself.
Let us know when you do
Only if the movement has at least Range 1. Nechronica movement rules do not take travel time into account, so if you move two zones then you effectively teleport past the zone in the middle. The upshot is that this means enemies in the middle zone can't Hinder you during movement without particular parts but it can still make some things unintuitive.
Its probably Circumsoldier but he's in hiding from doxxers apparently so good luck finding any if his shit besides in the archives
Circumsoldat mostly did 3D stuff didnt he? I remember a lot of the lore he wrote up being pretty oddball but the artwork I saw looked competent.
Shame to hear someone's trying to doxx him
File: Why is this mirrored.jpg (1.36 MB, 3840x3952)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Do you mean that the attack needs to have a range of at least one?

Don't most hinder move parts have range 0~1 anyway?
I meant the attack, yes.

IIRC, the most common source of Hinder Moves on enemy parts tend to be range 0, though 0-1 isn't uncommon. You just have to actually think about it when you're assembling a creature instead of relying on Legions to hold the party down.

Tangentially related but probably worth noting: if a move begins outside of the range of a Hinder Move then you can't hinder it, since Hinder Moves happen on Rapid timing. So if a unit is two spaces away from a pawn and moves forward one, the pawn would need a Hinder move with a range of 2 to target the moving unit.
He has been world building for quite some time before the 3D art, had a tumblr full of sprite and and mspaint doodles not unlike that horror cyborg stuff. All lost now, though i saved a bunch of it.
>All lost now, though i saved a bunch of it

Have you posted what you saved in a thread?
Didn't post everything but I had a hunch SOMETHING would happen, especially to that old Tumblr he stopped using.
He made Kenshi mods?
Armor and weapon mods.
How come you used to tell stories, but now you just post logs?
I've always just posted logs, except in the very beginning of the Port campaign where they weren't complete enough (first session thru finding Hope).

I can only really contribute the change to a shift in format between campaigns, I guess.
I found your story on youtube.
I guess it was only the first part.
File: Painwheel.full.1168903.jpg (653 KB, 865x1193)
653 KB
653 KB JPG
Ah, the stuff from Beardia? Yeah, that only covered the first three sessions of that campaign. After session 4 I started to post logs because they were more complete and I kept forgetting to include key details when writing up posts.
The haunted house felt complete. This feels like ingredients in a bowl. All is here, but it is not a cake yet.
File: 1568523402406.png (154 KB, 754x693)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Part of the reason for the haunted house feeling complete is that there really wasn't a lot of roleplay in it, so it mostly was complete. The Port campaign in general was pretty well contained, even once I transitioned to logs because the setup was just the party and a couple of NPCs on their journey.

I don't really disagree with you that the Coleo campaign can be a bit dry when posted up this way. I've just been hesitant to pare it down because:
>1. There's a lot more intrigue going on and I'm worried about accidentally cutting something important
>2. I like granular detail, generally speaking. Especially character interactions like Coleo and Denver's little bits during the chase. So if I were reading I know I'd want most of what's already included even though I also know that's not ideal for the format
>3. it's a big time commitment to edit everything down into a more defined format

#2 and #3 are the big reasons I've been hesitant to sit down and actually start pruning stuff, but I'll try experimenting with some editing on my downtime between now and the next thread. I need to be spending less time on 4chan and shit in general so it's at least a good excuse to do something productive.
Chances are I'll wind up with something only a bit less long winded, but hopefully a more coherent and put together.

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