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It's October and that means it's the perfect time of the year to start playing Nechronica! Does anyone have any particular plans for their own scenarios for spooking their dolls this month?

>What is Nechronica?
Nechronica is a Japanese tabletop RPG made by the same guy who made MAID RPG and Goldensky Stories where you play as undead girls with various weapons, mutations, and cybernetics stuck onto them as they try to survive the trials and tribulations placed by the Necromancer. The dolls are amnesiacs and searching for fragments of their memories as well as a glimmer of light in a dead world, or at least, a place to have a tea party.

>Why should I play it?
If the description above and the ability to make almost any little abomination you can want (the system encourages refluffing your various parts to suit your desired aesthetic), the combat should. It's a fairly straightforward system where rather than leaning heavily on lots of modifiers like terrain and lighting and such, it's about reactivity, declaring various maneuvers to support, or hinder, or even pre-empt attacks and movement. Its damage mechanics are also unique, everything is made up of various parts (brains, eyes, Anti-tank Rifles, animal legs) that provide bonuses or maneuvers to declare, and damage destroys these parts. So rather than losing 3 HP from getting shot by a bear gun, your legs get blown off, and you now have to drag yourself around with your shoulders. The out of combat mechanics are simple and the madness system is simple and effective for representing the situations it creates.

>Where do I get an English translation of this Japanese tabletop RPG?
-The wiki has the most up to date translation: https://nechronica.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
-You can play Nechronica on Tabetop Simulator. Check the Steam Workshop for the resources.
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If you ever wanted to play a loli dreadnaught

Or a penitent engine for keeping them in easy reach for bullying.
Dolls are for headpats not for bullying
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Last time on Nechronica Thread!

>STORYTIME: Vengeance! Terror! Heroism!
>Discussion of the uses and construction of horrors.
>Discussion of classes.

We've been blessed with a lot of Anons sharing stories about their present an past games since about July of 2019.
If you want to check them out go here and scroll down. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nechronica

Previous thread >>74791451
>tfw I made a doll using this gimmick months before I knew about the fan class
Dunno if I could get the GM to let me try out the fan stuff though, as he says this campaign is going to have a lot of homebrew already.
Plus Meltie wasn't supposed to be a combat bot when she got made, so I guess it sorta makes sense she'd be dialed back.
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2.61 MB PNG
Woops. Dropped my pic.
Melte was meant to go into dangerous situations and save people as a search and rescue and surgeon/doctor/organfarm.

That screams "built with military surplus designs originally developed to salvage troops in the field". After all dissaster areas are hard on machines.
Thank you to the unofficial translation team for their hard work.

Also happy birthday 4chan.
I guess that's fair. Though she wasnt really ever supposed to do much more than offer supplemental fire support to her fireteam. You can kinda think of her like a CASEVAC helo or something. More meant to get in and out rather than get stuck in.
Have any of you played in games where PCs remembered past jobs or discovered what they, or one or more of the people who's minds they were assembled from parts of, did in the past?

The party in the game I was in had all been domestic servants of one form or another in life. We were in the process of discovering what had happened then, and since then.
We found out we had been abducted and turned into undead by the owner and one of his children.
That was a long time ago and we had been wiped out, or shut down, and re-raised at least once and possibly many times in the intervening years though we couldn't remember it.

We later discovered the owner had apparently met final death at some point and his deranged daughter was now our only remaining necromancer, we found what was left of his wife and her mother in the basement. It wasn't pretty. We never found out how she ended up like that thoughas the game fell apart.

About the time we met the daughter we started trying to find a way to escape her control, though not in a unified way as none of us would dare speak of it out loud and we couldn't communicate wirelessly or telepathicaly. This lead to tragic results as one of us buckled under the pressure, not realizing they weren't alone in their struggle to save themselves and their comrades from the Necromancer.
Keep an eye on things.

Isn't it time you had a helping hand?

Get parts today.
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1.37 MB GIF
>Make sure they can't sell you out,
>Make sure they never take you alive,
>Send your enemies a very personal message.

>Evolve Today!
ENTOMBED update.
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So, I have to ask.
Does anyone have the madmax supplement and/or are there any plans on translating it?
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>madmax supplement
Yo, can you run that by me one more time?
Man, how come the West doesn't get any of this cool shit?
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EVERYTHING Nechronica is japanese only.
The only reason we have any of it in english is due to the hard work of fan translation.

Go on the wiki, find the link to the translation discord, and ask them what you can do to help.
>So, I have to ask.
>Does anyone have the madmax supplement

Nobody I know has managed to get their hands on a copy.
File: EabHSDaX0AMAxbB.png (144 KB, 310x360)
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144 KB PNG

There's no plans to translate it. The translator's reached out to a number of people making these supplements and the prevailing response is "You can translate it if you want, but please don't put it up on the internet." He's chosen to respect their wishes so even if someone else decided to translate it, it won't go up on anything related to current translation project. The project is known both to the big creators of doujins and even Ryo himself, so we would like to maintain our relationships.

There's some fanwork content, mostly classes, that come from the English side of things, like Entombed, but scenarios and stuff are all Japanese. There's some material that's up for free that could be translated, To Prosperous Electronica was something put up for free so there was no issue there.
I have the biggest respect for the people translating all the japanese TRPG shit we get, but damn man. Sometimes, y'know, there are these books and supplements you will probably never get to read because that shit is so obscure.
Makes me sad, man.
I swear to god, I would fucking do it myself, buy like 10 copies just to support the creator and translate it myself just so I can fucking play it but alas, there is no way for me to get my hands on it.
File: 1592462120991.gif (4.53 MB, 352x251)
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4.53 MB GIF

If you can't translate then go seek out the bilingual part of the Japanese TTRPG community online and see what you can learn from them about tracking down obscure books and/or buying them second hand.
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>There's no plans to translate it. The translator's reached out to a number of people making these supplements and the prevailing response is "You can translate it if you want, but please don't put it up on the internet." He's chosen to respect their wishes so even if someone else decided to translate it, it won't go up on anything related to current translation project. The project is known both to the big creators of doujins and even Ryo himself, so we would like to maintain our relationships.

That's real good thinking and due diligence reaching out like that.
Much respect.
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I don't really get why they have a problem with it if they aren't ever going to translate it themselves. What, is there entire Japanese audience going to go clamoring after the English version or something?

Believe it or not some people are very particular about how wide and how controlled of a circle of people the things they put online reach.

If I wrote supplements for Nechronica I'd be paranoid as fuck about them being tracked back to me and would tell the people or groups I shared it with to not spread it around.

I can see where they are comming from.

If I want a mad max game in the future I'll just work together with my players and other people who know the game better than me to come up with my own supplement instead of getting that other person's one translated into english.
File: 69956940_p1_master1200.jpg (394 KB, 645x910)
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394 KB JPG
You can already find several pages of it on the artist's Pixiv though.
That makes me want to read it even more goddamnit.

Don't know, wasn't the one to talk to them.

Ryo didn't make the mad max supplement that was another guy. Ryo has given the project, if not his blessing, at least his permission to go on, and incognito labs doesn't give a shit. You're also incorrect on the spite. They just generally don't like PDFs over there for whatever reason. There's very few things that get put up as a PDF.
I mean yeah there are much better file formats than .pdf out there. It's just that everyo e used what they know and .pdf got popular.
Does Entombed work well with Erudite?
>mfw Meltie also uses Blast weapons
Well shoot. Now I want to know too.
Heavy Weapons and Alpha Strike would definitely be beneficial to Blast weapons with Explosive like Flamethrower. Challenge could be also. I'm not familiar enough with Erudite to think up any other synergies off the top of my head.
I hope we get storytime.

It's not a perfect fit but there are parts of it that can work well. It's important to get what Entombed's skills lean towards, which is focusing attention on yourself/focusing down big targets where as Erudite is obvious blast focused and the consequence of that is having some of the best area clearing power in the game so you get a somewhat flexible tool kit that can handle both kinds of killing but might lack in the more supportive/defensive realm. Erudite's in Blast from the past so if the GM is allowing that they will most likely be allowing its parts so those will be something to keep in mind.

>Lock On
This pairs well with Flamethrower and Rocket Racks, both of them can get pretty nasty with you getting up to a +3 to attack check bonuses (since you are gonna want to get grenadier regardless), it works well for getting your chain on against the biggest target but you might find getting the full lock on lack luster if the GM is just throwing a bunch of easily mulched scrubs at you. It also doesn't really interact with Area attacks.

>Heavy Weapon
Works pretty well with the aforementioned chain attacks and even works with the area attacks to get that little bit more damage in.

>Rapid Response
This actually works really well with Blast since Blast attacks are costly so having the ability to rapid a rapid when enemies might try to dodge out of your dynamite or rocket launcher or whatever, can be very punishing, even if it costs most of your AP.

>Alpha Strike
Pairs well with Rapid Response but otherwise you'll need Extra Arms or a sister with Order to make use of it.

Works if you're using flamethrower but less so if using rocket racks or the enemy is otherwise outside that 0-1 range you need to declare it.

Really, it's mostly that Entombed can function fairly well with Blast on its own as does Erudite so together you make a fairly nasty Blasty Betty.

>Entombed seems to be more suitable to be paired with a Requiem (or a Thanatos for melee I guess).

Requiem works with anything if you're taking a lullaby shotgun build (but that's set up you take to hedge you bets for whatever stupid gimmick you wanna do) and Thanatos... works ok. Honestly if you're talking about ability to kill shit in general, both do a better job going with Baroque instead. Speaking of Baroque, Entombed pairs extremely well with Baroque. Grapple arms and easy access to Pilebunker (if you wanna focus on movement memes) and Super Strength + Instrument of Evil makes for a very silly movement focused gimmick build that lets you surf enemies around the map and can still crush shit pretty effectively.

Other shit that is possible: Self-Repair lets you repair Zombie Bomb for stupid suicide bomber memes and Pure Entombed can use Behemoth to cut the damage in half. In Blast from the Past, Acid Spit, while not the easiest or absolute best to get, is hilarious for being able to grapple arm something and just vomit on it repeatedly. Blast Hammer also pairs well with Lock-on to boost your chance of getting that explosive happening.
File: Born to Peel.jpg (277 KB, 1188x1600)
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277 KB JPG
>Nechronica Thread

I was want to see what happens next in:
>on Mars,
>in orbit over the Earth.
>lets you surf enemies around the map and can still crush shit pretty effectively.

I want this.
>tfw I made a doll using this gimmick months before I knew about the fan class
>Dunno if I could get the GM to let me try out the fan stuff though

Only one way to find out.
Thanks for the plug anon, I've been going back and reading through portanon's stuff while at work and it's been really cool to see. I'll have to check through others when I catch up
Are you one of the people storytiming a game set on Mars?
That should say games plural. As we've gotten at least two storytimes of games set on Mars and mentions of others also set on Mars.
>reading through portanon's stuff

Are you talking about the Port campaign, the England campaign, or the Aqen one shot they GM'd?
File: 1576734326791.png (218 KB, 332x511)
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218 KB PNG
Didn't have much time tonight to work on storytime, but I've actually got this weekend off so expect an update on the Port Party's condition tomorrow night.
You lads all have a good night.
Ever played or seen a doll who was big on grooming, dress, appearance, or presentation?

I have not so far.

>They just generally don't like PDFs over there for whatever reason. There's very few things that get put up as a PDF.

I don't like .PDF either, it's a garbage file format.

What digital file format do they use instead of .PDF?
File: 1585518347964.jpg (397 KB, 900x1273)
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397 KB JPG
Do your dolls have allies?

Going to assume you're not joking. They don't use any digital format because they have a thing against any of that shit. Epub, pdf, doesn't matter, they don't want it up on the internet.

That's not really how you're supposed to be playing a court since it's literally the opposite of that, but if you're having fun, whatever.
I would buy and ship it here physically but as far as I know, with those supplements at least.
Coleo and Co have Coleo's friends and dad, who have been helpful in a few ways over the course of the campaign (Denver in particular keeps worming his way into combat). They also have an all right relationship with the local police, so I guess that could count.

In the Port game... kinda? They're on the same team as the Protector bot army right now, but Protoca also wants to kill the AI in charge of said army as revenge for being created, tortured, and imprisoned as part of the STYX project so it's up in the air if that will last. The Protectors are keeping Empyrean off their back while they're on the station, at the least.
I'm going to guess that's a geography thing.

America is zoggin huge, paper distribution makes a lot less sence to us compared to digital.

Everything is crammed so close together in Japan, I bet it makes distributing things via physical media only a lot more sensible.
>They also have an all right relationship with the local police.

I'm guessing this happens at some point in the campaign the storytime hasn't got to yet.
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397 KB JPG
File: image0.png (74 KB, 500x840)
74 KB
Age of Man as banana.
Our necromancer is Mussolini.
Going double Entombed seems like a terrible idea.

Behemoth seems like is an extremely niche skill.

Am I mistaken?
Is Follow a skill that gets more powerful the closer you get to all dolls in the party having it?
Follow is either a great skill or a terrible skill depending on the party. You still need one person to move to initiate the movement, so at least one character needs to have some kind of plan for that. Multiple dolls having follow however can lead to quick deployments which can be strong (depending on the enemies)
It'd completely cockblock a rocket fired at you or reduce an Anti-tank Rifle down to 1 damage. It's basically got two separate case uses of "stop one attack cold" or "Complete explosive immunity" so you can tell zombie bombs, flamethrowers, and shotguns to go fuck themselves.

A Double Entombed is a workable thing, arguably more workable than Gothic or Romanesque. With ENH 4, you've got access to decent AP (from energy Tube if you so desire), decent defense (Armor Skin/Cyborg in addition to Behemoth), Some decent support/hinders (bolt-head, Arm Vise, Embalming) and a limited but alright choice of attack parts. Pilebunker, Lightsaber, Gauntlet+Scissor Hand/Electrigger, Grapple Arm if you wanna be an obnoxious prick, and Pulse Laser if you're using Blast from the Past. Lock-on's kinda pricy but it does ensure you can have a check bonus to whatever you decide to use, which will have the greatest effect with Lightsaber. The real issue (other than the lack of another skill list that Doubling up on anything has) is if none of those options butter your buns, you're only able to get a T1 ARM or MUT and will need 20 favor to get the good stuff in either of those trees.
Heavy weapons seems like it would be great on damage 1 weapons with dismember or explosive.
Does zombie bombs special text negate it though?
File: Nechronica.jpg (52 KB, 512x259)
52 KB
Does anyone have any tips for beginners?

What about homebrewed content and/or alternate settings?

>This Skill can only be used when one of your Sisters uses a Movement Maneuver. Move 1

A thing to note is that it doesn't specify they have to move themselves or even another sister. So a sister could use boost to toss an enemy and you can trigger follow off of that, and pilebunker also counts as a move maneuver so you could hypothetically use that as well.

No, you just can't use rapids in response or declare any hinders/supports. Damage timing maneuvers are fair game, a doll could even use fury with Zombie Bomb, and stuff that's just a passive effect like Autos or Behemoth's negating explosive for the rest of the round would still apply.

Beginner GMs or players?

For PCs:
>Try your best to finangle a +1 to whatever attack you're using. If you go without it, you will roll a 1 and smack your self/a teammate. If your class choices don't have one, get it from your position or from the attack itself, like Bootknife. This obviously doesn't apply if you're doing a build that won't attack.
>Speaking of builds that won't attack, even if you're playing a "support" or "tank" build, unless you've got Foresight, you should have some sort of attack part to spend AP on in the event your count comes up. The longer fights last, the more madness will build up, which can be a real killer for starting parties, so being incapable of damage could hurt the party.
>Ways to recover madness in combat can be very valuable. Happy Pills, Prayer, Limit of Madness, this shit can be a life saver. Skills/parts that grant conversation check bonuses, however, are really only worthwhile if you have a means of making them in combat. Otherwise, you'd be best foregoing it since good RP will get you better bonuses, as long as your GM isn't stingy.

>Run a few simple mock combats using the pregenerated characters and enemies. Get a feel for how timings work. If necessary, go ask people for explanations.
>Don't sweat the adventure/end phase too much. You don't need to make elaborate mechanical challenges or whatever for it because Nech's simple in those phases so running of the cuff is easy.
>If using core rule book enemies, don't sweat it if the PCs steam roll fights. Just getting a T3 ARM like Superior Katana can let PCs devastate much of the bestiary no issue, and that's not even getting into what competent builds can do
You also don't have to move in the same direction.

>What about homebrewed content and/or alternate settings?

A lot of people never bother running the official setting, but there's not a lot of alternatives that have been put out there for other people to use. However, as long as your setting accounts for the PCs being undead and the enemies being things you can rip apart into pieces before they go down, things will work out.

>Homebrewed Content

>Blast from the Past
Solid without adding any real wild/strange shit, makes blast a more legitimate attack type with its own class and actually makes Psychedelic not suck complete arse outside of specific gimmicks.

>To Prosperous Electronica

Got some interesting stuff, but a lot of it breaks the game over its knee. Lone Wolf can get up to like a +4/+5 with blast attacks on a starting character while also having a +3 to madness checks, free madness rerolls, and also the ability to treat any madness gain that isn't a madness check as a madness check, Altruist will always have check and rapid timing maneuvers to throw out because they have a super Delight in Corruption for Check timing shit, and can vomit convo checks and supports all over the place. The other two classes might be more balanced but they're also jankily translated so it's kinda hard to be sure. Electrodes are a mix of "this is alright," "this breaks the game," and "?????"

As for the individual class homebrews, it'd be easier to just answer questions about specific ones than rattle off breakdowns of all of'em.
I like how instrument of evil let's you pick if you want shotgun to hit two areas on a savant for 1 damage or hit one area for 2 damage.

If you are looking for out-of-class/position skills to buy, or make available for your players to buy what ones would you recommend from To Prosperous Electronica as good or fun but not "this breaks the game".

To reiterate and clarify I mean I the context buying them as out-of-class/position skills for existing dolls made with the core (plus dance of destruction) classes, positions, and parts using favor they have accumulated as the game has gone on.

Also I currently have Auto-Separate, monofilament, and instantaneous blacklisted. (Both for the dolls and for enemies) So things that grant free always-on immunity to attack properties something are automatic 'no'.
I'm pretty sure every Nechronica game that has been storytimed in the last year and change have been in settings the group or the GM made up instead of the stock setting.
Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shapeshifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But, a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to opposed me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future where my evil is law. Now, the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku.

>You could totally set a Nechronica game in the bad future. Maybe in the ruins of a city where one of Aku unleashed a magical curse, or he had his R&D department dump one of the horrible nightmares of mad science they created by accident and it infected the whole city that dared displease AKU.
Now you and your friends have to fight through your maddened/enslaved undead fellow denizens and try to destroy the person or thing that the magic flows through or the technoplauge is controlled by.

>You could also just have Aku be faced down by a team instead of a lone samurai and have the utterly alien and hostile nature of the time portal twist them into undead monstrosities that still cling to their humanity when they get dumped into the future where Aku rules the world.
Wow was it really all the way back in march I first told the red planet story? I dont know what is harder to believe that time had gone by that fast or that I was in this game for half a year. I feel bad as I meant to continue regularly but I always kept missing the threads and did not realize how much time has been passing with all the stuff that has been going on.
If any remember it or are interested I can try my best to pick up where I left off.
>alternate settings?

Kemo City.

Oh oh I just got another setting idea.

The game starts out in an arena where the undead are forced to compete in various gladiatorial games for the amusement of wealthy big shots and their various clients.

The bonds and decisions you make between events will matter just as much as the skills you pick up and your performance in the arena when the opportunity to escape finay comes around, or your manage to create your own opportunity.
We've been hoping, and sometimes asking, for more of it ever since.

If you are offering then I'd be delighted to get a continuation.

Contrast event fights with brawls behind the scenes between bouts where clashing pride, egos, and personalities turn violent or even murderous.
An you give us a recap, and link the archived thread(s) for Red Planet Storytime before you continue it?

>what ones would you recommend from To Prosperous Electronica as good or fun but not "this breaks the game"

For skills, on Altruist, Dedication seems pretty cool and you could probably just slot it into Alice as a skill the class has, and First Aid might be ok, but that's something that'd have to be tested. Lone Wolf: Ecstasy is just Limit of madness without the potential to screw teammates and blast only so it might be ok, but probably not worth cross classing and Dash is effectively just a more limited tactics unless you have animal legs.

For Jacker, capture is just Lick Jowels that can be a stagger instead if you want, Illusion can potentially be really strong and lacks counterplay but if you can only get it by paying 20 favor, it might work out to be balanced. Puppet Strings is a cool teamwork skill. Sense Share and Trick are alright but those two are also covered by Blast from the Past Psychedelic. Striker, really only Kamikaze seems ok.

As for Electrode parts, you could just port some of them into ENH without any aesthetic issues.

Sensor: Alright to plop in T1 as is. A bit stronger than blood stained but that's so rarely used it's not a big issue.
Electronic Drug: Try pushing it up to T2 and dropping the damage effect.
Synthesizer: Hard to say what should be done with this or where it should be placed, but honestly this feels like the best way to go for implementing a good in-combat convo check part.
Blade Skating: Good fun part. Doesn't really require any changes.
Generator: Honestly this is just more funny than anything else. It's a zombie bomb that gives you +2 AP before it blows up.
Electromagnetic Pulse: Hard to say if it should be T2 or T3 but a forced reroll on one target in range once per round is something that's honestly ok.

Really the problem with some of these is just that for some of them, there's already stuff in other fanworks that might be better to include instead.
Are their English fan supplements that haven't been translated into japanese?
Very well, then resume I shall to the best of my memory.
To briefly recap premise and characters involved, (and actually state their names as I have no idea why I never did that before)
-'Big Sister', sorority requiem a stricter self proclaimed leader trying to be responsible and keep things together
-llupuwu, holic baroque who enjoys combat, general faffing about, and making friends with things they shouldnt
-Elifra, Junk psychedelic who generally acts as moral compass and emotional negotiator
-R.H., Court Romanesque who is most interested in deciphering the mystery of the world and logic negotiator
-Alice baroque, affectionate mass of tentacle limbs and delusional optimist

They also have made 'friends' of the following other undead girls
-Sonja, a dubiously useful daughter to the scientist that experimented on them all
-Sharla, a dubiously sane flesh monster
-Yalonde, a dubiously organic girl they have hooked into the ship they found as a makeshift support ai

And story premise is all of them are science experiments surviving on the surface of a mars colony that has fallen apart and is now overrun with undead and are trying to piece things together. Last left with them investigating the school they evidently all attended
>Very well, then resume I shall to the best of my memory.
>To briefly recap premise and characters involved, (and actually state their names as I have no idea why I never did that before)

Something I've found helpful when recalling a game to tell stories about it is to talk with my former group members since they will remind me of things I've forgotten and correct me on things.

Didn't they meet people in an office block and in a derelict surface docked spaceship?

Are the first letter iL or LL, or ii?
>-Alice baroque, affectionate mass of tentacle limbs and delusional optimist

So is her name Alice Baroque, and she happens to also be an Alice position and double-Baroque class?
First segment begins at No.71628954
Major events thus far were essentially
-awaking in a bunker to leave and find they are on mars
-securing the colony ship and discovering they needed to collect parts of a code to unlock it from its docked position
-finding a data archive which let them learn they were all science experiments of a rogue scientist and spliced with a 'strain' of a biological life form found on mars that has now become rampant
-having made contact with a self aware hive mind of infected life forms that gave them the location of said data archive
-currently progressively exploring and clearing locations while gathering as much data as they can, trying to find means to launch the ship and locate all the other experiments like them of which they found three
fuck I never actually typed it, the alices name is Vuhii
And I honestly dont know on llupuwu. I always interpret it as iL.
I will try messaging them throughout this and if I am reminded of any important points I will bring them up.
Yes the office space was the hive mind, they named it 'big brain'
Ship is where they met sharla and yalonde.
File: EntombJP png export.png (2.1 MB, 2500x2100)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG

There's 13 English supplements, 11 that are just singular classes and 2 that are classes and parts. Of them, Entombed is the only one that has a translated class sheet and Drug Eater exists as something that had the text translated, but the sheet only exist in English at the moment. Though this is going to change soon with more English fan supplements getting translated into Japanese.
>Though this is going to change soon with more English fan supplements getting translated into Japanese.

Now to resume,
>find a counselors office with a ton of files listed as 'behavioral logs' on many of the students, they are able to find all of their own records but here a noise from somewhere in the building before they can read them
>begin exploring the building to find the source of the disturbance, leads them into the auditorium.
>search the area until they reach the back of the room where they find two other girls like them that were trying to hide from them, after a short standoff and convincing the pair of them (and also sharla who was eager for a fight) to calm down they start to talk things out
>discover their names are Deedra and Ardella, able to quickly discern they are other experiments based on Deedras half mutated body and Ardellas...no visual distinctions based on the documents they recovered from the data archive detailing each experiment subject
>they explain they are here cause they were looking for someone and knew this was a safe space they could come if they were in trouble but dont know who they were meant to find
>Ardella seems friendly, but Deedra is incredibly suspicious and a bit rude towards the group and not willing to share with them much info. Also acts very protective of ardella who doesnt seem to have much means of protecting herself
>out of curiosity they look up their names in all the documentation from the school they gathered, uncover that Deedra and llupuwu have the same last name and deedra was adopted into llupuwu's family.
>The reunion is...awkward. It is not a reunion at all even as this knowledge meant nothing to either of them who have no memory of each other.
>It was interesting to find that they were connected though, looking further into it it seems all of them were actually connected in some way to a larger circle of friends
>to try and get on their good side, they agree to help search the premises to find who Deedra was looking for although they suspect whoever it is is long dead and gone
>exploration leads them into the basement eventually, where they find a long path and sets of audio logs along the way
>logs are from the school counselor and her reactions and growing concern as a string of kidnappings occur targeting girls from the school
>one log also shows a meeting she had with the Dr that experimented on them about his daughter, presumably before any of the abductions began where he seemed to be every bit as terrible a person and father as they assumed he was. Group still unsure whether to tell Sharla if she is the rogue scientists daughter or not.
>concerns turn to anger as at one point it seems it was leaked the girls were used for experimentation by a scientist, anger seems directed at the colonial government though as there is discussion of an armed insurrection to take the children back from the facility they were being stored within
>next document is suddenly talking about an evacuation of the planet, and the school having been forced into the decision to cordon all the children still there into the schools emergency shelter after infection began to break out among them.
>end of the hallway and the audio logs ends in the entrance to said emergency shelter. And a singular stasis pod in front of it.
>attached to said stasis pod is a note, explaining that it contains the counselor who chose to stay behind in the event any of the girls she had been support for came here trying to find her. She knows she cannot leave the pod without dying to the infection but had hopes her presence in this form would at least show any still here they were not completely alone. Reading her name on the document reminds Deedra finally she is who she was here for.
>the note also begs that the door behind them not be opened until a cure for this is found to save the children within it. A decision Big sister immediately declares to overrule as if they are strain infected and fully under its control they are better off being put down.
>Elfira immediately opposes and Vuhii does not seem enthusiastic about killing all their old classmates, R.H. remembers most other classmates thinking them weird and does not particularly care for them, falls to Ilupuwu to break tie.
>Votes in favor of opening the vault.
>dozens upon dozens of children are all within with deformed pale faces and glowing eyes, begin marching out in unison and start assailing the group with psionic attacks
>panic sets in as all start trying to cut through the horde before the spirit attacks make them all insane
>After a round Elfira enacts a vortex of doom to destroy all of them and end this quickly. Is visibly traumatized after the fact having just killed all their classmates essentially.
>rest of the group rather shaken up too, everyone a bit more emotional and deedra starts complaining about how screwed up this whole situation is and lets it slip they wish the 'others' were still around.
>'Big sister' presses them to elaborate, added with some encouragement from elfira and intimidation from sharla later they explain Deedra and Ardella used to have two more traveling companions.
>Flavia and a girl named 'bianca' who couldnt remember her actual name. They begin to look through the behavior log to see if they can figure out more on who is who.
>'Big sister' finds a name that seems familiar to her and couldnt remember her true name either, comes across two sisters with the last name 'Okura' and it seems familiar to her.
>Memories return to her as she recalls her own names and the younger sisters she was a 'big sister' to. Further questioning mostly confirms Bianca was one of these sisters.
>Keep pressing the interrogation to learn what happened to her sister and the other girl, wound up marching into the crater the entity that controls the undead resides within, the voice sharla and others speak of hearing in their head.
>They never came out,
Was this a school for kids, adolescents, or adults?
>'Big Sister' is overcome with anger at deedra and ardella for letting her sibling go off on something so stupid and despair for having not been there to protect her
>walks off to have some time to herself, spend time to investigate the stasis pod and see if they should open it or not. Resolve to try and move it back to the ship after this for safe keeping
>Elfira consoles 'Big Sister' a bit, returns to the group after composing herself a bit somber. As they are about to move out, Big sister insists upon scavenging parts from the dead bodies which no one seems comfortable with.
>Proceeds to demand it as an order as they need the parts for success in their mission, sharla does not take kindly to being ordered around for any reason and decides to walk off.
>RH and Ilupuwu set about taking the parts so those less comfortable dont have to.
>Leave the building with the parts and stasis pod in tow, find that sharla and all the undead that were previously surrounding the school are strangely absent.
>as much as they wish to go after her or find what occurred they need to get the pod and their new acquaintances back to the safety of the ship
>arrive back and are greeted by Sonja and Yalonde, while away the pair deciphered a message from the ship left behind by the captain of the vessel within the colony ships computers where he explains each of the locations of the code fragments they need to reactivate the ships engine
>one of the locations is in a military base to the south of the spacedock, decide to make this the groups next destination
>take this time to direct Yalonde to use her rovers to scout out more locations around the colony to get intel on places of interest
>as yalonde begins that, party drives off to the military base leaving the others at the ship. Group still unsure on giving sonja info on her parentage.
>eventually after driving through the open plains to some mountains they find a reinforced facility bearing the logo of the U.N.
It was a larger learning complex for elementary to early high school essentially consolidated to a single facility
>browse school records from the actual party in between the downtime of driving from location to location, uncovered the guardians or parentage to each of the party members and figure out 'big sister' and her siblings are daughters to the general of the U.N. Peacekeeper garrison here.
>has memories of even being an assistant to their father at this place. Chooses to switch their name to Okura-san
>decide that they are going to try and use subterfuge to reach the facility.
>sneak up to one of the posts and ambush the undead soldier at it and subdue them, get the idea to try and make them remember
>okura-san yells at them in a way she can remember her father doing at times in her memory fragments
>it actually manages to work temporarily resurfacing memories in them and they recognize her authority. Decide to take this further by taking their helmet and issuing these commands across to the whole base
>It works. Partially. Suddenly gunfire erupts inside the facility as a percentage of the undead are successfully turned and begin infighting with the rest of the soldiers
>in the chaos of the fighting use the first undead they temporarily gained control of to open the front gate and choose to run straight to the generals office and battle through the infighting.
>group largely focuses on movement and ignoring enemies to reach the end and takes quite a bit of damage but all make it through
>head straight to the office, grab the colony ship code fragment and a few data discs and start trying to flee before the fighting ends and the undead can focus on them
>they cannibalize some of the killed undead soldiers for parts and choose to flee as they see the same glowing eye pillar appear outside the compound and start 'printing' more undead soldiers from its many limbs to try and restore order at the facility.
>escape through a northern pass in the compound and make their way back to the spaceport with the recovered data and code fragment they needed.
The "Big-little-schoolhouse-on-the-Red-Planet".
>upon returning to the ship, plot out all the other locations they need to go to for the disc fragments.
>one is in a district on the other side of the colony, one is with the research directorate, one is with the foreman of colonial development, and the last is in the capital
>group decides to reach the foremans next in a half constructed city district. have some minor engagements through the city with industrial workers armed with heavy construction drills, lifters, and exosuits that become animate and tear themselves away from the corpses on death
>reach the districts edge and find a colossal treaded vehicle sitting dormant
>R.H. feels memories flood back to her at the sight of it, remembers her time spent with an enthusiastic man showing her the inner workings and schematics of a device like this
>happily declares they have found the 'singularity engine' which was not its name but was now.
>Group enters the engine to find it empty, R.H. happily takes this time to tour their friends around it and show off the inner workings of the machine making up names for it as they go.
>also find notes throughout it left behind by a former foreman and his slow descent into insanity as he tries to figure out how this machine operates as he had not designed it.
>final entry is him saying he figured it out and is revealed the designer and man she remembered was R.H.s cousin who died mysteriously before the colonization project and the foreman was R.H.s father. Next entry is from a new foreman who insists the machine works fine with no issues
>discern it is essentially a matter recycler that converts raw material into the framework of cities and let them make most the colony in only a few months. A giant 3d printer basically
>continue exploring until they find the core of the machine where there is a wide open room above the 'core' of the machine where they find numerous undead gathered and a large mechanical monstrosity that seems to be a kind of furnace golem
Is there any archive or pdf or whatever of all these nechronica stories like how All Guardsman Party or Crab Samurai guy does it? Because I keep seeing these threads, skimming through seemingly interesting stories, and have no idea what's going on. Starting from square one would be nice.
>immediately slam the door rather fighting anything in there directly and head to the front of the 'singularity engine' to find its controls.
>begin fiddling with things until they can find a way to turn it on and choose to overclock the core to melt anything inside its main chamber
>manage to successfully power it down without a catastrophic failure and return to the core where they find the plan worked and all the undead in their way have been melted down
>also uncover a passage that heads deeper into the machine
>reach the deepest recesses of the 'singularity engine' where they uncover how the machine functions and it has a human host hooked into its central computer to act as a computer
>with R.H.s father currently hooked into it.
>spend a long time investigating if there is anything to be done, but it seems to be directly wired into his mind directly. They find the colony ship code fragment near the tube along a note giving a final farewell to his family hoping their act would let RH and his nephew achieve their dream of getting the 'singularity engine' functional
>not content to leave this as it is, R.H. heads back to the front of the machine to its control room and opens up its primary console
>begins typing in binary into the command to try and contact the main processor she knows to be her father. Enters her name, his name, her cousins name and do anything to try and get him to remember anything.
>Manage to get a response, in a way some remnants of her father still remain. Possible horror of the situation aside R. H. is just happy to have a means of communicating with their dad again.
>Decide the engine could be useful and choose to have it drive itself to the space dock while the group continues their efforts to gather more undead little girls and launch codes.
It isnt formatted in a single convenient document sort of way but >>75187450 has the link to the site which contains all the threads which each story occurs and a note on what each thread was about
just reaid it and I love the concept!!
pdf is a little confusing though
Are you talking about the Nechronica core book?

Yeah the wiki is better.

What has you the most stumped atm?
File: Map3.png (1.13 MB, 974x733)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
I think I am gonna stop typing here for the night and pick this up later cause I made the entire next part and then the page closed when editing a line and lost that entire section so instead here is just a map of the journey in summary and future locations to write up the parts for still.
and yeah I know Inkarnate maps are all kinda samey and bad but one of the players actually paid for a subscription for a different campaign and wanted us getting the most out of it as possible
yes, I downloaded the pdf version, it needs a rebuild
File: OIP.jpg (18 KB, 474x266)
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I guess that was just a little spoilery. But there was foreshadowing for it in the last storytime with the two cops looking for the group so they could thank them for getting the cop out of Ruth and Galena's hideout alive. The party also did pull several firefighters out of the collapsed portion of the Library in front of like half the town.

But yeah. The police pop up again pretty soon in the Coleo storytime. I won't say how except to say that no one gets nightstick'd in the immediate future. But before then I'll be catching up on the Port Party. Which should be going up tomorrow, assuming no surprises come up this time.
Use the wiki linked in the thread.
File: WL2lQ7OR_400x400.jpg (23 KB, 400x400)
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Sleep well.
File: 1385496987751170342.gif (929 KB, 360x163)
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Anybody collect landscapes that inspire them?
>Anybody collect landscapes that inspire them?
No, do you have any more, please?
File: 1504919123246.jpg (247 KB, 1200x1705)
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Occasionally. Though I don't have too many that would be Nechronica related.
File: 1504918673346.jpg (63 KB, 778x547)
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File: 1504918610868.jpg (176 KB, 1000x613)
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You would be surprised what can end up being Nechronica related.
File: image.gif (4.13 MB, 600x338)
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4.13 MB GIF
File: 1600216336416.jpg (222 KB, 987x1200)
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File: 1599152309022.jpg (248 KB, 963x2048)
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These dolls have seen some shit.
Dolls have issues.
Case in point.
File: Spoiler Image (6.37 MB, PDF)
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6.37 MB PDF
File: red warriors.jpg (157 KB, 800x744)
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Can't wait for more.
I don't have the Port Storytime in a convenient document since it's not complete yet, but in the interest of the anons who were looking to start from the beginning, here are all the threads of the Port storytime thus far.

Part 1: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/66953607/#66966885

Part 2: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/67067379/#67068207

Part 3: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/69210513/#69220427

Part 4: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/69780101/#69853900

Part 5: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/71579421/#71589218

Part 6: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/71958657/#71980453

Part 7: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/74251433/#74298886

... Which brings us to part 8!
It's kind of weird seeing the whole game laid out this way, but I guess it is two years of campaign all laid out in text. I brought an IRL friend up to speed on the game while we were out camping last weekend and I think it took me about six hours from start to finish.
But without further adieu...

>... The door to the third hab block, however, opens a bit... easily?
>There's a rushing sound as Port levers it open. Power?
>And then the surge of air flings her out into the vacuum of space.
>Port, Lily, and Hope go flying as the atmosphere violently decompresses. Tachi and Protoca hold fast to the doorway; Tachi catches Lily, Hope latches onto Port, and Protoca manages to snag Hope with the help of her vines.
>It turns out that a fifty foot wide tunnel has been smashed through this portion of the hab, venting the atmo into deep space.
>The sandbags and corpses come flying down the hall, battering the dolls still in the doorway and flying out into the empty space. But Tachi and Protoca weather the storm.
>One corpse impales itself on a jagged piece of steel on the far end of the tear in the station.
>The edges of the tunnel are jagged and uneven - it is apparent that it has widened somewhat since it was first created due to structurally compromised bits falling away into space.
>Port whips her head around to take stock of the situation
>Behind Protoca and Tachi she can see that the airlock for the hab block farther behind them has shut itself, the wheel for it's mechanical lock spinning to seal the breech. At the same time, a bar of steel dislodges from the side of the 'tunnel' and begins hurdling towards her and Hope
>Port hesitates for a split second before reaching down and yanking on Protoca's vine, changing her and Hope's vector just enough to evade the debris
>Out of immediate trouble, Port looks down to check on Hope and realizes the girl is... hyperventilating? She's gasping for air she doesn't need, and the lack of it appears to be causing her to panic. Port takes a hand and lightly pats Hope's head in an effort to get her attention, removing her own helmet with the other and mouthing the words 'Calm down. It will be OK.' She starts gently stroking Hope's hair
>Hope seems somewhat mollified, more from the calm Port radiates through Hope's psychic perception than by the gesture itself. Though she's definitely still trying to breathe, she isn't hyperventilating. Needless to say, she's still uneasy
>Tachi and Protoca anchor themselves into the doorframe and yank back on the vine wrapped around Port
>Protoca's muscles bulge as she pulls with all her might. Port and Hope come flying back toward the airlock... just a little too fast
>Still, she and Tachi manage to catch their friends safely enough
>Everyone back on stable(ish) footing, Tachi begins waving her arms about in an arcane attempt to communicate some sort of plan
>Which Lily understand enough to translate into a more legible pantomime
>Port disentangles herself from Protoca's vine and places finds a space where she isn't... drifting away from the wall so she can watch Tachi and Lily's charades. As the two finish up she makes a point of pointing to herself, patting the Hopper assembly on the lower part of her leg, and then pointing to the hallway across the gap
Why does that man's air hose go to a random piece of scrap metal?
>Tachi nods and points at her mechanical legs and then to the jetpack on her back which Lily manages to translate to "we can jump and I have a backup if we miss."
>Hope's eyes suddenly go wide as dinner plates. Lily begins smashing her hand into the station wall, trying to get the others' attention and jerks her head to point down the tunnel. Port looks up to see a... gigantic metal storage crate, on a direct crash course with the alcove the group is standing in.
>Tachi looks around at everyone else before realizing they're all looking at something and finally sees the crate.
>Port scoops Hope into something close to a princess carry and grips Protoca's shoulder to get her attention as Port braces her feet against the wall.
>Protoca grips Port right back, bracing as well.
>3 . . . .
>2 . . .
>1 . .
>The signature 'kshh-tok' of Port's Hopper assembly rattles up unexpectedly through her own ears, deafening as it shatters her personal silence.
>Tachi leaps as well, catapulting herself off the wall with all six legs
>Port's trajectory is good. Mostly. Her, Hope, and Protoca are all headed directly for the correct wall at the correct angle, but... too high. They're due to impact about six feet above the head of the door.
>Tachi and Lily, however, end up headed to the left, their trajectory taking them nearly head on with the oncoming crate.
>Tachi manages to bounce her and her passenger safely off the crate, relatively toward the airlock door, but her current path will take her too far to the right. Meanwhile, the crate is now spinning toward the wall, to the left of its original destination.
>Tachi attempts to propel herself and Lily back on course by firing her flamethrower (or, absent the pilot light, petrol-thrower); she is now going toward the desired wall, but is headed too far to its left
>A flash of stars and a sense of vertigo sends Tachi's mind racing as her and Lily begin to drift off into open space. A flash of inspiration and half remembered orbital mechanics from... somewhere inspire her to raise her flamethrower, the pilot light long since snuffed and release a burst along their trajectory.
>Their view tumbles and with another tiny burst of fuel they stabilize just in time for Tachi's legs to pierce into the hull of the station and grip frirm.
>A long moment of silence follows as Tachi and Lily take in the situation, the newfound stability a balm to their nerves. A squeeze of Lily's arms around Tachi's neck lets her relax and look down at the busted station's surface and form a plan. She pulls one of her legs from the hole it punched into the hull and slams it back down punching another hole and letting her grip on tightly.
>She hauls herself across the distance and through the broken airlock.
>Protoca tries to reel her group in toward the airlock by snaring a piece of rebar sticking out from the torn edge of the station, but it snaps within her spirit vine's grip. Due to their current state of freefall however, she did manage to adjust their course. They are now headed slightly below their desired goal.
>Port, first making sure Hope is properly hooked around her arm, angles her two pistols downward and lets loose a burst into the void. The recoil rattles up her shoulders and into her ears in a singularly unpleasant way, but she grits her teeth and continues.
>She fires off in ones and twos, using her oversized pistols as improvised impulse thrusters. The method is... well, it's stupid. She's stupid. She can't believe she's doing this.
>But they're on course now, at least.
>Port, Protoca, and Hope make a heavy impact in the airlock. Protoca absorbs the brunt of the impact, and the three of them make the landing without any serious injury.
>Now that she's not spinning in the void, Port can see that this appears to be the debris field that she noticed through the SMLB's window; she can see the destroyed umbilical dangling out into space from the exterior station wall, and there are lights flickering beyond the station-side airlock door.
>Port disentangles herself from the pile and drifts carefully over toward the airlock door. She puts a hand on the mechanical release before motioning for the other dolls to take a position flush with the wall.
>She braces as best she can against the floor and -cranks-
>The release actually turns quite easily, and the door drifts open without fanfare.
>The hall beyond is in disarray. Dented panels, arcing electricity where the wires are exposed.
>A fair few of them. Armored and armed. Their armor is dented and warped as if the lot of them had been placed under a sloppily worked power hammer. Their limbs are warped to match.
>Bullet casings litter everything and crystallized blood floats through the vacuum. The arborium along the hall has been exposed to the vacuum as a result of whatever carved through the station prior, and all the plants are long since dead.
>A teddybear floats through the air, without an owner.
>The door on the other end of the hallway, and the one beyond that, has been torn open like the lid on a sardine can.
>The girls try and continue moving through the habs, but eventually come up stuck; a massive structural failure has left the way forward blocked.
>Port blinks, and then points down one of the hallways towards the maintenance cabinets that appear to be just about everywhere. Tachi lights the way into the darkened hab section with her light, Lily riding on her back.
>The girls stop at the cabinets and, learning from their previous mistake, go ahead and get everyone outfitted with a suit that can wear one.
Protoca's fit is awkward, but doable.
This poor ruined space station.

did touchy get a memory fragment of being a space pilot on top of having once been a mech pilot?
>Port is just a bit short for hers, but it works. She's thankful for her out of proportion arms and legs, for once.
>Lily's fit is loose at best; her one empty sleeve dangles uselessly for lack of an arm. Tachi goes ahead and ties it off for her to keep it from dangling.
>Hope... it fits her more like a blanket than a suit. Port ties the extra length of the limbs off for her, but even then she looks a bit like a rotund teddy bear as Port pressurizes it with a loose air tank.
>Tachi silently giggles into the vacuum, her loose helmet rattling around on her head.
>Port fidgets with her helmet for a moment. "Is it working? Can you guys hear me?"
>Tachi shakes her head, the loose helmet's rotation lagging a full second behind her head.
>"I can hear you." Protoca answers.
>Hope nods from her place by Port's side.
>Port rolls her eyes at Tachi. All six of them.
>Port gently pats Hope's helmet. "Well, good. Then let's try and find a way deeper into the station. I figure the maintenance corridors are going to be our best bet though." She waves a hand through the hatch for Tachi's benefit.
>"Then let's go." Protoca points between the door and the party, making a beckoning gesture. And then she takes point, turning on her lights as she steps into the bleak dark beyond.
>The maintenance corridors, it turns out, are less tunnels and more empty, vertical spaces between the different habitable blocks of the station. Catwalks are sunk into half-circles in the sides of the blocks while accesses to electrical, plumbing, and other utilities populate the exterior of each block all the way up to the station ceiling. Ostensibly for easy access by the station's maintenance crew.
>The girls progress directly inward, toward the center of the station. The gravity here is off, or perhaps is not supposed to be present to aid with scaling the block exteriors. They skirt along their catwalk, tracing a metal cable tied into the wall along their path.

Actually, the player straight up forgot she had orbital experience at all and was pulling it out of his ass the entire time... and being unintentionally correct.
No, but one of her memory fragments prior dealt with trying to punch Apollo in his stupid robot face, so there was precedent for her knowing how to fight in zero G.
Per the DM, Arachne literally jetpacked up and into the station from the top of the Tower in her last attempt. So some space experience made sense.

>There's an uneventful while as they progress forward, ended abruptly as Port's light falls along a corpse floating listlessly in the void between the catwalks.
>The guide cable is still attached to the body's suit, having been severed and torn from the wall by whatever pulled the poor bastard from his previous moorings. The dolls are fairly sure he was surprised from behind and thrown out into nowhere by his assailant.
>Maybe the same one from the hab block?
>The corpse is notably... flat. It appears the impact against the far wall was what killed him.
>The girls continue on; there's nothing to be done for the poor man.
>The access catwalk ends at a '+' intersection, terminating before a new sort of railway system that runs between the floors in the different block sections. There are a pair of what look like warning lights, though they flip between green and orange like a strobe; their controller appears to be broken.
>Off to the right, around the corner, is what looks like a man-operable cargo cart attached to the rail system. Though it's some ways off and not reachable by foot.
>Tachi barely spares a glance before flexing her legs and making to drift across.
>Port can hear something vibrate up through her boots as Tachi leaps forward.
>As Tachi reaches out to the middle of the void, a previously stationary cargo car suddenly accelerates towards her. Spotting the threat, Tachi fires her jetpack and slams into the opposite wall, barely dodging the speeding train.
>She winces as she slams into a maintenance access on the opposite wall and spears her gut on a jagged piece of metal.

Glad to see I'm not the only victim of autocorrect.
File: unknown.png (54 KB, 1000x1000)
54 KB
>and being unintentionally correct.
File: image0.jpg (188 KB, 1080x1542)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Tachi's the one who tore open the massive tunnel in the side of the space station on her way to punch Apollo. She's literally done all this before. Just by herself and in a mecha.
File: 1601744435992.jpg (109 KB, 252x396)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Stat me.
not enough chainsaw/10
>>75226777 hell of a coincidence.
Nice trips, by the way.
File: css.png (918 KB, 1500x1000)
918 KB
918 KB PNG
If you're willing to play nech now and GURPS later, I'm going to replace one of my players in the near future due to them being a bad fit. I expect good attendance (Saturday nights from 9 EST for 2-4 hours) and a willingness and ability to learn. We play over discord voice chat and roll20.
What kind of tone is your group going for?
We make a lot of jokes but have serious moments too. No romance allowed, that's too fuckin gay and weird for me. Currently it's a snowy apocalypse setting.
Which version of G.eneric
will you be converting to?

More plz.
4e. Not sure if I want to persist in the nech setting; we'll finish this campaign out in nechronica though (which will be a good while).
>nech setting
Meant to say nech feeling (undead, post apocalypse, little girls)
Had to go grab groceries/make dinner. Resuming now.

>As the cargo cart rockets away, Port can here something else.
>It's the same sort of sound Tachi made when she was crawling along the station wall. And it's getting louder.
>"Around the corner!" Port relays over the radio as she raises Lahti.
>A massive soldier flies around the corner, clad in a Protector-style hardsuit. Port can just glance his brilliant blue eyes before he careens off toward Tachi.
>"Styx subjects! STYX! Designations Philotes, Kleo, Chariot! Halt!" Port shouts into her microphone, praying for frequency commonality with the soldier.
>The voice that echoes back to Port over the radio is unintelligible and inhuman.
>Tachi is mad
>This thing tried to squish her like a bug!
>Well she's not a bug! She is a CRAB! Tachi, unleashes a scream, lost to the vacuum, and swings up her pilebunker, meeting it's fist with hydraulic spikey power! The blows clash and Tachi comes out the winner, flinging the beast toward the rest of the group.
>Port pulls the trigger, sending a 20mm shell right into the thing's helmet. The shell destroys the visor before -bouncing- to fly off into the darkness. Port can see the number '31' emblazoned on the thing's forehead.
>Protoca narrowly blocks a blow that would have caved in her skull with her coffin before lashing her vine across the beast's leg and flinging it down the corridor.
>Lily hops over to the catwalk across from Tachi, lightsaber ready.
>Hope is trying to process what just happened.
>"HERACLES! STAND DOWN!" Port shouts.
>Tachi utilizes her legs, crouching down and flinging herself after the monster, long forgotten instincts for zero-G coming to the fore in the heat of the moment. Tachi readies her energy sword, blue light filling the tunnel.
I honestly can't remember when Tachi picked this thing up. She never used it.
>Lily springs ahead only to miss her slash as the beast twitches out of the way. She hits the wall and bends her legs, flinging herself back toward it, only to miss a second time as it jerks out of the way.
>Mid, movement the soldier pauses as Tachi's almost-gentle hand caresses it's chest, only for the soft gesture to turn into an iron grip as Tachi pulls herself into it. Her blue energy blade goes wOOm-skrtz-skrtz and it's arms separate from its torso.
>For just a second, Tachi gets a good look at the soldier's face. She - the face is a woman's - is crying, tears shuffling off to float into space. Tachi's grip tightens again, and she flings the beast behind her, completing her attack.
>Protoca shears Heracles' leg armor off and breaks its foot with her vine whip, but her second attack with it nearly hits Tachi, forcing Protoca to twist her forearm and break it, causing the attack to miss.
>Port blasts Heracles' torso and her shell ruins everything there. The light in its eyes starts to dim, and Hope begins singing over their shared mic channel.
>Its movements slow, and it curls into itself, shaking.
>Port shoulders forward as Heracles curls in on herself. "Heracles! Tachi! Back off, back off!" She jumps forward off of the walkway and floats towards the curled up form as it drifts above nothing. She waves frantically to get Tachi's attention.
>Heracles doesn't react.
>Tachi angles her legs differently, pushing her torso away from Heracles a bit, as she sits against a railing, slightly ironically, like a spider in its web
>Port has to catch herself on Heracles' bulk so she doesn't fly past them. She pulls her medibag up to show the white cross on its side, an attempt at a peaceful display.
>Heracles doesn't react. She - Port can tell at this point - continues crying into the void.
>Port pulls a large syringe - still in its original and quite dusty packaging - from her medibag and undoes the wrap.
>She checks the label again to be sure it's what she wants, and then very, very gingerly maneuvers so she can get an angle on Heracles' neck. She injects Heracles with enough combined painkiller and sedative to kill six men.
>But Heracles is a big girl. She can take it. Probably.
>Heracles doesn't strongly react, but her head nods lower and her eyes drift a little. She seems... calmer?
>Port plays a quick game of telephone, using Lily to explain to Tachi that Heracles is also a STYX subject like the rest of them, and to ask Tachi for her vote on what do to with the woman. Leave her behind, try and recruit her, or put her out of her misery.
>Tachi clumsily signs back something completely unintelligible. Probably something quite stupid, going by Lily's expression.
>Tachi grimaces and tries again, "Heracles, don't remember, do what you like."
>Port shrugs. "Protoca? You have an opinion?"
>"...I've never had any luck saving someone like this before," Protoca says, "But there have been so many exceptions to my experience since we've met... We can try. But we must decide quickly."
>Port nods. "Agreed." She turns to Protoca, though the motion is probably redundant given in the comms. "Set up to finish her off in case she does anything brash."
>She turns to Hope. "Hope, go ahead and ease off her once we're in position. If she stays calm once you lay off of her then we can try and take her with. If not... well..." She grimaces, and sets Lahti into the crook of her shoulder.
>Everyone nods.
>Heracles continues trembling into her knees. After several moments, her veins begin to twitch and she bites at her lip.
>She looks up at everyone. Her veins throb, and she carefully tilts her head toward the right - more to point than anything else -
>And then lifts her chin up, exposing her throat.
>Her eyes speak of a timeless desperation.
>Port curls up in front of Heracles and waves to catch her attention. She points to herself and holds up both hands, displaying the number 'six' with her fingers. Then she brings her medibag up, pointing first to the white cross on the side and then tapping Heracles' chest plate, doing her best to put on a questioning face.
>Heracles shakes her head. Motes of blue light begin to gather at her right shoulder as she watches Port with an even expression.
>Suddenly, they surge into being... and she possesses a new arm, thin and unblemished. With it, she makes a particular hand sign.
>...And then she bolts away, bouncing between the walls on two legs and a hand with startling alacrity before disappearing.
>Tachi uses Lily as a translator. "She said 'I am afraid.'"
>Port raises her eyebrows, staring after Heracles' path. "Well... she seems lucid again. At least." She chews on the inside of her cheek before starting forward again. "I guess it's better than I hoped for. But let's watch our corners from here on." She stops just as quick as she started. "She pointed off to the right. Let's check that way first."
>Tachi shrugs and decides to let someone else lead this time
>Heracles' directions eventually take them to an exit that opens out into a through-way which directly leads deeper in towards the heart of the station.
>The path takes the group through a series bulkheads, and they eventually find a section of the station that's actually pressurized. There's little of note as the dolls progress, but one sign does catch Port's attention; 'STYX Internment and Research'
>Port pauses, ears rotating idly as she looks up at the sign. "You think there might be anything useful in there?"
>"That we -want- to use...?" Protoca questions, rubbing one arm.
>Tachi nods, "Probably."
File: countdown2-2.gif (33 KB, 300x225)
33 KB
>"With Apollo there may not be much distinction between 'want' and 'need.'" Port's own distaste is evident in her tone. "If we're going to strongarm it into diverting out of this... madness then we'll need all the leverage we can get." She looks back down the throughway. "I do hate to take a diversion, though."
>"Do or don't," Protoca advises, "we don't have time to debate. To a vote? Nay."
>Hope doesn't say anything at all, and Lily looks to Tachi.
>Tachi shrugs again, "We probably have time, yay,"
>Port huffs. "... Nay. Bee doesn't have the time." She starts back down the hall, pausing abruptly as something catches her eye.
>There's a soldier's corpse slumped off by the wall. With a conspicuously intact sidearm. She taps over and gently frees the pistol from the body's grip before testing the action and checking the magazine.
>It slides like a dream, surprisingly. And the hammer dryfires with no apparent issue. And the mag is even fully loaded.
>"Hope, here. You take this," she says, turning to present the little girl with the weapon. "Just in case something happens and we can't get over to you in time. I can show you how to hold it while we walk."
>Hope takes the pistol as if she were handling a live snake.
>Tachi smacks her palm with her fist like she'd just remembered something. "Oh that's right, Bee."
>Even Lily looks at Tachi somewhat askance.

I'll take this moment to remind you that Lily is the 'white rabbit.'
The one who was late.
Who was left behind.

>"Sorry," Tachi mumbles looking chastised.
File: Render-02.jpg (110 KB, 900x627)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Port pouts, but doesn't say anything to Tachi.
>Instead she starts coaching Hope as the group sets out down the hall, deeper into the station. "Obviously, be very careful with where you point it, but this little switch here - flip it up with your thumb for me? - that's the mechanical safety. If it's facing up like that then you won't be able to pull the trigger. If you get in trouble, reach up and flip it down and then the gun will work. It's like an on-off switch . . . "
>The party enters into the long-term cryogenic and medical ring of the station. The area is largely intact and clean. It looks... like a hospital, really. Replete with offices, waiting rooms, operating areas, the works. It's a hospital.
>The signs of conflict here are low, too. Little to no battle damage, and the few corpses that they find - mostly security, though there are a few medical-looking personnel - appear to have died in a nonviolent way, like the first bodies they found out in the depowered hab blocks.
>The warning lights on the girls' helmets start to pop on, denoting a critical lack of oxygen in the local atmosphere.
>The dolls pass by a cryogenic storage room, but most of the storage pods are... gone. Possibly exfiltrated, as there's no immediate sign of struggle or damage.
>The pods that are still present appear to have undergone critical failure of some sort or another. At least one that Port can spot looks as if it's been completely filled to the brim with ice instead of simply freezing the occupant.
>Port pauses as she sees a screen flash on out of the corner of her camera. A logo of four squares circles for a moment as the computer runs through it's boot sequence. As she turns to look, the electrical lights in the office click on, immediately overpowering the dull monotone gray of the emergency tritium lighting.
>"That's odd," she mumbles as she pads into the room, looking the device over.
>The screen pulses.

My group usually uses the first two and ages up the cast and allows both geners. The "boy" part is redluffed as some other form of charisma.
>A login field exists for all of one frame before the desktop appears on the screen. A text editing app opens at once and fills the screen.
>Port blinks once. "Identify yourself."
>She answers at once. "The current trajectory of the STYX program is untenable. We are here to negotiate an alteration in the program."
>Port notes a small icon, resembling a disc, on the taskbar flash, and then slowly start filling with green.
>At this, Protoca blinks in abject surprise, and then her eyes narrow in thought.
>Port blinks herself. "Clarify. What do you mean by 'start again from the beginning.'"
>"What is the status of the Apollo Unit? What condition makes the asset unsalvageable?" Port questions.
>"...Um, Mr Apollo," Hope raises her hand, as if in a school, "Why are you in such a rush?"
>The progress bar is nearly filled.
>Port leans close to the screen. "Any information and material aide you can provide which would aid in the exfiltration of unit B3-206 from the tower asset, and any information you can provide on combating subject Empyrean."
>Tachi speaks up from behind everyone else. "Does it think we're still human?"
>Port ignores Tachi's question. "Mankind will never be saved if Empyrean is not dealt with."
>Port asks the obvious. "-How- will you save mankind?"
>Port's eyebrows shoot way up. "It's going to crash the station!"
>She whirls toward the other girls. "It's what we wanted, isn't it? Let's take the W and get out of here."
>"That's not going to work..." Tachi murmurs.
>"Has the station's velocity fallen to sub-orbital levels?" Tachi practically shouts from in back
>The progress bar is complete, and a small card is ejected from the terminal.
>"It won't drop the station while we're aboard. It can't." Protoca states. "But if it determines we're also unsalvageable..."
>"But... but all those Protectors still fighting... the people still in the coffins..." Hope worries.
>Port chews her lip. "If Empyrean is already nearing the top then..." She doesn't really want to finish that sentence.
>Port takes the card. "Is this the compiled information on the STYX project?"
>"Do you think if Charon teleports Bee up here we could take a shuttle and let the colony drop... I mean the station fall?" Tachi asks, looking concerned.
>Port feels a throb in her temple.
>It is as if she is seeing double.
>She sees the terminal and the station.
>She sees phantoms as well.
>Horrors, being held back by the Protectors
>There are no mechanized units left; it is but two infantry units, close together
>They are torn aside
>"Charon..." Port whispers
>She is firing her gun as they approach.
>Before they can reach her.
>Before they can threaten her precious things.
>"Charon, get him out!"
>She fires her second to last rocket. The way is clear.
>Her last, she takes in hand.
>She slams her fists on the desk. "Charon!"
>There is a transmission. She does not pay it mind.
>She crumples. Her eyes are somewhere far away. "Get him out, please!"
>With purpose and speed, she darts to the coffin.
>And she disappears
>And the coffin explodes
>into light
>Port stands abruptly, ramrod straight. ""Apollo! B3's status! NOW!"
>Port turns on a toe and exlpodes past her confused sisters and out the door, flying off in the direction of the cargo hangar.
Bass, the final frontier.
>>It slides like a dream, surprisingly. And the hammer dryfires with no apparent issue. And the mag is even fully loaded.
>>"Hope, here. You take this," she says, turning to present the little girl with the weapon. "Just in case something happens and we can't get over to you in time. I can show you how to hold it while we walk."
>>Hope takes the pistol as if she were handling a live snake.

Wow they finally armed Hope. This really *is* the end.

>>Tachi smacks her palm with her fist like she'd just remembered something. "Oh that's right, Bee."
>>Even Lily looks at Tachi somewhat askance.

Oh Tachi, your poor scrambled brain.

File: Hangar1.png (796 KB, 1026x601)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
>Protoca has just enough time to blink in surprise before following in her wake.
>Hope gasps and grabs the drive before running as fast as her little feet can, only for Lily to scoop her up in one arm and start for the door, before pausing and glancing to Tachi.
>With everyone running after Port, Tachi follows along
>...and running as fast as she ever has with the group.
>The girls tear through the station after Port, somehow managing to evade any more disasters - minus a crimped foot on Tachi after a misguided jump. The section of station that had been torn away has even been bridged, two large shipping crates conspicuously wedged into the station wreckage at even level with the station floor.
>Port skids into the cargo hangar with all the grace of a heart attack, slamming sidelong into a shelving unit. "BEE!" Her pistol is up as she charges headlong into the hangar, toward a cacophony of crashing and banging at the teleportation drop point.
>A stack of shipping crates on the far side of the hangar has fallen to conveniently form a sort of barricade. An absolutely massive Empyrean Horror is already digging through them, trying to get at whatever's on the other side. Pistol fire breaks through the racket intermittently.
>A deafening burst of static fills the room as soon as Port speaks.
>Port raises her left hand, thumb up, pointer finger out. "Get away from him you fuck!" And the psycho blaster rips the space between her and the horror.
>Port's psycho blaster slams into it, and a collection of bits fly off which look remarkably like Protector chestplates.
>Tachi jumps up and scuttles over a crate, then scuttles onto its face to piledriver it from the front and avoid blocking anyone else's line of fire.
>Lily darts in behind Tachi and slices a grotesque bone plate right off of its shoulder.
File: Hangar2.png (736 KB, 938x564)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
>Hope desperately shoots the pistol but her eyes are closed and her grip is wrong so it nearly flies out of her hands. Fortunately, she was in front of everyone else so the bullet flying downrange has no unfortunate targets but the wall.
>Protoca lashes out with her vine whip and sears a deep line into its back
>And then her follow-up lands nearly on the same line, and she peels off an entire layer of undulating muscle and pipe and bone.
>Port kicks Lahti up out of its position hanging over her back and catches it in her right hand, firing it off like an oversized handcannon.
>The shot nearly goes wide due to Port's careless grip, but her target is hard to miss, and a 20mm shell burrows a hole deep into the thing's other shoulder.
>The flesh around Tachi starts to creep around her legs.
>Tachi unloads her flamethrower's entire tank into the Horror's face.
>This burns away everything around her legs, along with a significant portion of other things.
>At the same time, Lily, cuts into the shoulder where she had previously removed the plate, shearing off a large portion of the arm.
>Hope continues to not know how to use a pistol but tries anyway.
>Protoca peels another layer of bits off its back with another pair of vine whips; this one ismostly cabling and wire, covered in oozey flesh.
>Port blasts it center of mass and -something- inside it explodes, leaving a gaping hole in its torso.
>A stack of crates to the side explodes as Heracles erupts from beneath them, flinging them about as their bindings are undone.
>Everyone ducks for cover as pieces fly about. Most land into the abomination's side, and it actually lurches from the impact.
>The abomination sinks to one knee.
>Tachi sheers off the forward half of the abomination's right arm using her energy blade. Which was the barrel of a tank's main cannon.
>Hope is still firing her pistol in panic mode [and somehow not hitting anything]
Oh God. I just realized Lily started actually hitting targets in this Arc.

Another sign of the end times.
File: Hangar3.png (1.04 MB, 1168x800)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>Jumping and grabbing the thing by its left shoulder, Heracles tears its arm off with both arms and casts it aside. As she lands, she punches its right leg, and the kneecap explodes from the impact.
>Protoca severs the beasts remaining bits into quarters with a pair of strikes from her whips.
>The beast's constituent parts become inert.
>As the horror dissolves out from under her Tachi falls to the deck with a thump-clang.
>Heracles' shoulders heave as she stares at the place the beast once was.
>And then realizes that she is in company, and panics, leaping up onto the crates between her and the door-
>Port only has time to turn her head to face Heracles. "H-Heracles, wait!"
>Lily is fussing over Tachi and pays the Styx subject no mind.
>"-Worry about your real friends!"
>-- Heracles calls as she darts off into the station.
>Hope is only just now opening her eyes a crack and lowering her pistol.
>Because Protoca grabbed her arms and pointed the gun away from anyone important.
>Tachi gets to her many feet and hugs Lily.
>There's a burst of garbled, horrible electronic noise from the far side of the hangar.
>Port looks down the hall for a split second before exploding into a flurry of motion, crossing the entire hangar in just three steps before slamming hard into B3 in a light-speed hug.
>B's chestplate dents a little more than it already is.
>He is little more than a broken arm, a pistol, and the upper half of a leg, all precariously attached to a ruined torso.
>Pieces of him are scattered about the hangar, and he rests draped over a sealed internment coffin which was not here before.
>"Bee," Port manages to squeak out before her body heaves in a great sob. "Bee, I was so scared. I thought-" She hiccups once before breaking out into open sobs. "I- I..." She clutches him close, and begins bawling openly.
>Bee's only response is a loud rip of static.
>The hand of the broken arm twitches, but it fails to move.
>>"-Worry about your real friends!"
>>-- Heracles calls as she darts off into the station.

She speaks!
>>Bee's only response is a loud rip of static.

Oh thank God!
Christ! Tachi killed A LOT of people when she attacked the space station.
>As Port and BEE have their moment Tachi carries Lily over to the coffin he's resting against and examine it. "Is Charon still alive?"
>There is no response from the coffin. No light. No messages.
>Translucent fluid leaks from severed conduits.
>Shrugging, Tachi pulls the door open on the coffin...
>Within, is a little slip of a girl - clearly older than Hope, but of such small frame her age is hard to determine.
>Blood leaks from her ears, nose, and mouth, and her eyes stare sightlessly forward.
>Her head rests just adjar.
>Her entire body is soaked, and she lays in a puddle of clear fluid.
>And there is a small smile on her face.
>Hope attempts to form an empathic connection with Julia, but... there is nothing. No emotions, no memories, nothing. As if there were a Julia-shaped hole in the very Ego Dimension.
>Tachi reverently shuts the lid on the coffin, the device serving as its name implies.
>Bee makes another rip of static through its busted speaker.
>Shaking off looking upon a very complete death, Tachi scuttles over to one of the shattered Protector corpses, looking for anything to replace BEE's missing parts.
>But the machines present are well and truly scrap. Frowning at the utterly burnt out components, Tachi shifts tactics and start looking through crates for anything that could help.
>B's head twitches, and kind of falls into Port's.
>His lights start blinking and unblinking.
>It takes Port a moment to realize it's binary.
>[protect you port friend protect no fail again protect again]
>[love mankind]
>Port cradles B3's head gingerly. Her sobbing has slackened off into the occasional sniffle or hiccup. "Thank you for listening to me, Bee. I'm- I'm so happy you're alive."
>[love mankind]
>As if there were a Julia-shaped hole in the very Ego Dimension.

>Shaking off looking upon a very complete death,

So we're her soul and memories destroyed, or were they just very throughly attomized and spread out very *VERY* far in the Ego dimention?
It's not 100% certain. We're pretty sure her soul is just gone though.

>There's a peaceful moment as the dolls collect themselves, but one by one they notice something is off. They feel... lighter?
>Port's ears prick up. "Apollo is already bringing the station out of orbit."
>"How long do you think we have?" Tachi says poking her head up from a pile of crates she was digging through.
>Port shrugs. "Probably not long enough to do anything worthwhile. Our safest bet would probably be to book it to that one medical ship and see if it starts."
>"I found some parts..." Tachi says holding up a finger and part of a shoulder actuator. "Sorta..."
>Port waves Tachi away from the crate. "We know where another manufacturing center is already. We can just go there. And-" She holds the data chip up so everyone can see it. "-we have something that will tell them not to shoot at us this time."
>She pockets the chip and looks back down to B3, trying to gather his components up in her hands. "I just- I just need to figure out how to carry Bee without spilling him everywhere and we can get out of here."
>She weaves her fingers into his wires, pulling them together and begins weaving them into an impromptu braid. "If we lose something important now..."
>Some of the crates begin to drift upward and away from the floor
>Tachi glances around, her eyes falling on Protoca, or more accurately the box in her hands "You can put him in the coffin?"
>"It won't heal him, but it'll keep him all... together." Protoca agrees. "We need to hurry."
>"You can use the packing peanuts to keep him from getting jostled too much." Tachi says, holding up a handful of foam beans.
>"No time," Port huffs as she half carries, half drags B3 over to Protoca.
>It's quite a roomy fit in Protoca's coffin, considering how much of B3 is missing, but it's enough to keep him from falling everywhere.
>Port latches the lid down. "Good. Now let's get to the lifeboat and get out of here."
File: giphy(1).gif (1.76 MB, 480x270)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
>Refusing the packing peanuts.
File: sun.png (2.15 MB, 1654x931)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
>The girls file into the SMLB as the gravity gives out completely.
>The fit for Tachi is tight, but she manages to squeeze her giant arachnid butt through the airlock with some imaginative folding, though she can't get any deeper than the cargo holding area; she settles for securing herself above the coffin, using herself to bolt the container to the floor.
>Protoca straps Hope and Lily into their seats while Port moves up to the pilot's seat.
>Out of the viewports they can see the Earth gradually getting larger. It wobbles in their view as the station falls off course and self-corrects.
>Port's eyes go a little wide at the view out the window, but she turns her attention to the control panel and starts looking over her options. "I hope they put this all in a logical order," she mumbles as she traces her fingers over the control board.
>"Is the airlock secure?" Protoca calls, having finished strapping the girls in and making sure everything else is tightly locked.
>"Look for the preflight checklist!" Tachi calls from the cargo compartment in the back of the ship. "It should be up there somewhere!"
>"Step 1: SHUT THE DOOR!" Protoca snipes back, making her way to the cockpit.
>Tachi hits the button on the airlock with a toe, sealing it with a cheery sounding chime. "Ok got it!"
>Port's eyes whirr as she scans for anything like a list. She starts tearing documentation out from any cubby, console, or cabinet she can find within reach of the pilot's seat.
>Not long after she starts, Protoca lightly taps her shoulder and points toward a space on the wall, where the list is clearly visible. Pressed flat by a pane of glass.
>"Uh... right. Step one-"
>Port does a quick scan of the list, then scans the panel for matching markings. Satisfied, she flips her first switch. "No time for inspections, so... Power."
>She turns to Protoca. "Also, seatbelt."
>>75231030 Wow, Protoca is good at forcing herself to be calm.
>The lights flicker to life. The craft hums as the subsystems boot up. "Cool! Step two, decouple." She hits another switch.
>"Step three. Engines." Another switch.
>Port 'hmms'. "Actually, step three is life support but whatever."
>A panel next to Tachi's head bursts open in a shower of sparks.
>"Oh no..." Tachi grumbles, a sinking feeling in whatever passes for her stomach. "Problem!" she shouts to the cockpit. She dives into the components, trying to hastily fix what's wrong.
>The wiring here is shot; the insulation has cracked and come away with age, leaving the bare wire to arch freely in the tight confines of a junction box.
>Tachi gets to work, looking for anything that might let her fix or bypass the problem.
>Port cranks down on her stimulant pump to try and bring her head under control. She settles into a groove and eases on the engines. The Earth is even larger now. It dominates the cockpit's canopy. She notes the idiot light blinking on her dashboard but there simply isn't time.
>The ship decouples without any apparent issue, and accelerates. She's just started pulling away when the lights flicker again; her ears can hear the generator straining through the body of the ship. "C'mon babe. Just a little faster," she eases the throttle back, and then up just a hair.
>'Did I just call the shuttle babe?'
>Tachi spots a marking similar to the utility closet where she found her toolbelt and pornographic playing cards. She yanks it open to reveal a pile of components, but several replacement wires are perched conveniently on top of the pile. Tachi retrieves her tools and prepares the replacements, pulling and fixing the burnt wires one at a time.
>It's convenient that she's a cyborg with metal skin, considering the wiring in this panel is definitely still hot.
>Port's breath is deep and even as she continues easing the ship out of the path of the station. Her face doesn't shift as a piece of debris flies past the cockpit, even if her heart leaps into her mouth. "I really wish the generator on this thing wasn't a thousand years old."
>"We need to get out from under the station!" Protoca replies. "Worry about everything else after!"
>Tachi waves her smoking fingers around as she plugs in the last replacement. "Fixed It!"
>"The power system is overtaxed by something. So-" And then the light blinks off, accompanied by Tachi's shout. There's a surge of motion as Port guns the engine.
>Port's vision goes blurry. Her stim release has been too fast. Then a panel next to her explodes.
>An arch of electricity stabs into her antenna. Though the antenna itself is fine, she can feel... something wrong with her stimulant pump. The region there is numb.
>Also, the console lights have all gone dead. "Shit."
Guess how I was managing to make piloting checks.
>"-lights are dead." Port hears Protoca saying, as she realizes she lost hearing for a time.
>"Looking for a backup..." Protoca reports afterward.
>"Here! Here! Here!" Tachi says, stuffing her tools and wires into one of the dolls hands in the cabin in front of her, it's as far as she can reach. "Fixit! Fixit! Fixit!"
>A completely baffled Lily takes the pile of stuff... and then frantically starts unstrapping herself.
>Meanwhile, up front Protoca has found a lever on a panel labeled 'Emergency Power [Use only in case of emergencies]'
>and yoinked it.
>The good news is that the console comes on after a moment.
>The bad news is that Protoca gripped the lever a little too hard and warped the handle.
>But it's still serviceable.
>The control panel springs back to life. Port ignores the ringing in her ears and takes control back of the shuttle, readjusting the angle away from the tilting trajectory of the station. "We have to be almost to the edge. C'mon, c'mon!"
>Port angles between two pieces of falling debris, but a third slams against the canopy. Thankfully, the thing is strong enough not to shatter but Port's view has been obscured by a spiderweb crack. She also notes that the shuttle's speed has tanked about twenty percent and stuck there under the emergency generator.
>The panel beside her sparks again as Lily enters the cockpit.
>"Protoca, take the stick and keep us angled off of the station. I'll get the panel." She waves Lily forward and takes the tools.
>Tachi is rocked by a chunk of rebar that pierced the window, smashing her energy tube and sending electrical arcs crawling over her body. Her shoulders short out.
>Protoca is trying to manipulate the joystick without breaking it. Unfortunately, her hands are very twitchy due to her overwrought musculature, and the nose jerks noticeably downward.
>Port's able to kludge a secure connection in the panel in just about no time, between her precise vision and prosthetic limbs she doesn't even flinch when the ship lurches under Protoca's control. But she can hear the generator hum over the rushing wind, so it's working.
>As she turns back to take the controls back, something smashes through the cockpit canopy and slams into Protoca's face.
>There isn't time to check on her. Port takes back control of the shuttle and guns the engine.
>The edge is just in sight. They're almost there.
>Port angles the shuttle, jinking between two falling chunks of station in a way that's probably more luck than skill. She throttles up again. "Almost. Almost!
[Albino luck is a real thing and I can't believe I actually got to leverage it in a skill check]
>As Tachi pushes the hunk of rebar back out of the window, the surface of the station looms, growing terrifyingly close before dropping away. Tachi gasps on the thin atmosphere.
>Port lets rip a euphoric roar over the comm channel as the edge of the station passes over the canopy. "YEEEEEAAAAAAAH!"
Thank God for redundant systems and on board spairs.
File: tenor.gif (2.1 MB, 398x222)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB GIF
>Port falls back deep into her chair, panting. "That was- was- hoooo." She lets out a long breath. "Too close."
>She angles herself in her chair to look at Protoca. "Are you all right?"
>The spiritual flowers on Protoca's head are gone, but her head itself is fine. "We're alright." She says, closing her eyes and letting out a breath. "I'm alright. You're alright. Everyone's alright..."
>Port's everything goes slack. Except her arms on the wheel.
>Her organic eyes lull half-shut as her cameras angle to take up the lost field of view. "Just need to find a place to set down now." She pauses, her eyes flickering back open. "Do... we have a heading? To the city?"
>"The city sounds good." Tachi says over the comms.
>"As long as we can stay in the air we should make sure the ship isn't going to fall apart on us when we start going down." Protoca replies.
>Port snickers. "True." She listens to the wind whistling in the cockpit for a moment. "Do you... want to look for her? If we're going back to the city?" She pretends to look down at the instruments. "Hope might be able to help her. Maybe."
>Protoca fingers her locket. "...For how long? I don't want us to wander too long, looking for something we'll never find... Even if it worked for me, once, it didn't work... right."
>Port stares out the canopy, gears visibly turning inside her head. "I'm not sure. We could check by Hope's transmission tower to start, and if we don't have any luck then we can go to the Protectors and turn the chip over maybe? If we even want to consider reviving Apollo's project in any kind of capacity we'll need their help to clear out who ever it is making trouble there."
>Her brow creases.
>"It's something Apollo should have done a long time ago, not spinning its tires on a cloning project while its infrastructure crumbled away."
>Protoca laughs weakly. "Even I have to admit that... isn't as easy is it sounds. The Protectors... how widespread do you think they really are?"
>"Do you... want to look for her? If we're going back to the city?" She pretends to look down at the instruments. "Hope might be able to help her. Maybe."
>>Protoca fingers her locket. "...For how long? I don't want us to wander too long, looking for something we'll never find... Even if it worked for me, once, it didn't work... right."

Who are they talking about?
File: tenor (1).gif (3.54 MB, 498x278)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB GIF
>Tachi shrugs even though nobody else is in a position to see and her shoulders are still broken. "We should land at the Protector facility and get B3 fixed. After that I don't care what we do, everyone I know is already here."
>Port shrugs herself. "I doubt very. But they can still throw mass numbers against mass numbers. If we can get them fighting smarter then they might actually stand some kind of chance. Then it's just about picking the bad guys off one by one until we get some real breathing room.
>"I'm not saying it's quick and easy but... you know?" She looks at the metal barrels of her gun hand. "We have the rest of our lives. Are we going to spend it walking in circles?"
>"Is that really a war you want to fight? Does everyone?" Protoca asks the air, but it's over the same channel as everyone else. "We could just... go away somewhere, carve out a place, and stay there."
>"I'll... go where everyone else goes." Hope says, "...even if it gets scary. Especially if it gets scary."
>"What do you think Lily?" Tachi asks, poking her head up as far as she can into the cabin.
>Lily points from herself to Tachi.
>Tachi smiles, "I thought you might say that."
>Port sighs. "I... I don't know. I don't want to fight forever you know. I just..." She trails off, looking at nothing. "Will things ever get better if we don't do anything? What if one of the people meddling down there comes knocking one day? Are we going to run away again? To where?"
>"If we can fix the Apollo project, fix the mistakes, make things safer..."
>"...The world is a big place," Protoca says quietly, "I know. We've walked... a lot more of it than you might expect. Even with the Protectors... Humanity lost the war for a reason, you know?"
>"If I gotta be the tiebreaker I vote for Ports plan!" Tachi shouts from the back. "More things to tinker with that way!"

Cancer calls it.
The Valkyrie. The Valkyrie was actually the person Protoca had been looking for when she found Port and Tachi, and now they're headed back to the same city they fought her in.

>Protoca just looks at Port. "As long as you know what we're getting into. If we throw out hat in that ring... we're stuck in. We win, we die, or we go mad. There's no turning back... and a lot of ground to cover."
>The ship lolls lightly as Port makes a minor course correction. "I know, but we don't have to go it alone, you know? If we can get the Protectors to help." She sits quiet for a moment, looking out into the sky. "I'm going to miss this," she mumbles, only loud enough to be heard over the helmet radio. "All the sunlight and blue sky. I wish we could just stay up here forever."
>"We'll run out of fuel eventually, if the generator doesn't just... explode." Protoca remarks dryly, sighing, "...I can't tell you not to help, if that's what you want to do. We'll be with you as long as we can."
>"I think that was a metaphor!" Tachi shouts blithely from the back.
>"Let's think on it," Port says as she dips the nose of the shuttle just a little. "Let's get Bee patched up and see if we can find your friend, and we can talk about it. We need to see what sort of state the factory is in anyway, won't we?"
>Lily reaches back and thwacks Tachi lightly on the side of the head.
>Eventually, they descend. The ship lands... in view of the city, with a few percentile marks of fuel left, and only one or two broken trees to mark its path.
>Finding the bunker isn't too difficult; reaching a portion still in working under is much more difficult. Eventually the girls - in between fighting off rabid undead - end up flashing the thumb-drive to a patrol of Protectors and getting escorted to an appropriate location, the local Protector manufactorum.
>The girls upload the data to the manufactorum's mainframe; it's more than what they expected.
So they think she didn't die and is laying somewhere broken but still undead?

Or are they on their way to bury her and give her last rights?
File: f9.jpg (550 KB, 1555x1181)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
Port's plan is to look for her and try and help her back to sanity; she's keenly aware of the tendency of undead to simply not die and is convinced that the Valkyrie is probably still 'alive' either under the rubble of the tower or somewhere in the City. Plus they had to 'kill' her three times just to get her to leave them alone, so if anyone was still active it would probably be her.

>In addition to holding every byte of data on the STYX Project, it also contains the framework for a nascent AI.
>There are settings built into the chip that allow them to set parameters for the AI's growth and its access to the information; after a short deliberation the girls decide to give it full access to the STYX information, but only at a rate they themselves can parse and contextualize the data alongside it.
>The STYX Project will continue, but only under their strict oversight. What has been done will not be done again.
>The program prompts them for a name.
>Most of the party comes up blank but Port has one ready.
>She keys in 'Joy.'
>Repairing B is not too difficult; convincing the Protectors to stop insisting he rejoin their network and submit to data reformatting is more of a task, requiring the aid of Joy arguing on their behalf.
>From there, taking the city will be a task, but it is a task they have the coordination of a nascent supercomputer to aid in, as well as their own experience. Before then, a taskforce of Protectors is gathered and led to the Tower.
>Or rather, its remains. Apollo's station lays across the impact crater in pieces, and the two still smolder. Nothing is moving, and a detachment of Protectors sent in to investigate ahead of the Dolls relay that all passages into the depths are obstructed and sealed.
>They also report that none of the STYX subjects last known to be in the tower are recoverable.

I hope this Joy has a better life than his/her namesake.
File: Joy.png (238 KB, 432x462)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
>The battle to reclaim the city is long and thorough, but successful. Of the Valkyrie, no trace here is to be seen, though some personal effects of Hope's are recovered from her former 'residence.'
>The war to save the world begins again.
>As time goes on, battle after battle, nest after nest, plague after plague...
>... the girls find others like themselves.
>Some want to join the fight. Some want to hide away, and flee from everything. Most just want somewhere to feel safe.
>The recaptured city is set up as a safe haven for those who want it. Those who wish to fight, are allowed to fight.
>The recaptured city is eventually christened 'Beacon,' which prompts a wry smile from Protoca.
>The war continues . . .


Ten years after Apollo's Fall

>As the Protectors push and reclaim more territory,
>As other dolls flock to the Beacon they've made,
>and Joy grows and learns humanity,
>everything feels secure, and Protoca... feels tired.
>Port finds her one day in a park, leaning against a fence-post with her coffin, watching some young Dolls (in mind, body, or both) play with one another, a wistful smile on her face.
>Port knows this place.
>She remembers running amidst those trees, back when they were still green. Climbing that fortress, back when it was still wood, and not steel. Back when it was large.
>And she remembers watching the girl she later knew to be Sam, do those things alone one afternoon, trying to pretend everything would be alright.
>Port sits a little behind Protoca, feeling oddly light without Lahti's weight on her back. Two years ago she would have felt almost naked.
>"It's almost like seeing double," Port says wistfully, Cleoh's memories playing back in her head. "I remember back when we first found our way into the city. I never thought I'd see children playing in a park ever again."
>"Neither did we," Protoca says, watching them. "It's... nice. Even if there's still a shadow..." The sky was still clouded, toxic, and overcast, but that clearly wasn't what she meant, "...it feels like it'll go away, since we managed to come this far, from where we were."
Hope came to Port one day, because she knew Port was the closest to Protoca. That they had a deeper bond - twinned, even.
>"With time," Port agrees. "But I guess that's the one nice thing. About all this," Port says, curling and uncurling the two fingers on her gun hand. "Nothing but time when you can't get old."
>She chuckles half-heartedly at herself before taking a step forward to be beside Protoca. "I'm glad you stayed. I don't think- without you I don't think this would have been possible."
>"I doubt that." Protoca responds, "We all do. It takes a special kind of determination to cut off your own arms and replace them with machines because they were holding you back. The kind that lets you look at the world, decide it needs fixing... and fix it. I... just keep putting one foot forward, clawing for air. Even together... I just know how to throw myself into the fire."
She was scared. She was scared, because Protoca was... Hope was afraid she'd disappear.
>Port sighs with good-natured exasperation. "It's much easier to be brave when I know I have friends like you and Tachi who will back me up if I'm being reckless." She tips over, gently leaning over to rest her head on Protoca's shoulder.
>Port's tired enough herself.
>"But it was you who found me in the holding cell, and helped me and Tachi escape. And helped us rescue Hope and Lily. And helped to keep the shuttle in the air when the whole sky was falling down on top of us."
An amusing thought occurred to me with the combat wheelchair that people have been arguing Over for the past months And how Funnily enough Nechronica Would be One of the few games where it would be thematically appropriate
Heck a non invasive wheel bodyrest system would probably Be Too tame.
might Go full diy whole mod with this one I reckon
File: photo.jpg (99 KB, 900x900)
99 KB
>Port gingerly slips her hand around Protoca's, squeezing just a little. "I'm glad you found me." Her eyes slide to the side, settling on the jagged scar along Protoca's neck. Or more accurately, where Protoca's neck mates to Cleoh's. "And I'm glad you came back for me. I'm happy you're still here."
>Port's eye slides past Protoca; across the park she can see Tachi and Lily walking together, hand in hand, Tachi occasionally pausing to shout at the girls doing utility work, who would undoubtedly reply by telling their boss to shut up and enjoy her date.
>"I'm happy you were there to find, even if you aren't who I was looking for," Protoca says.
>The Valkyrie - her name was Pier - still hadn't been found.
>"...but I do have to ask... even if it's selfish... we've come so far... could we just... sleep, for a while?"
>Port squeezes her hand a little tighter. "It wouldn't be forever, right?"
>"Until we win, the Coffin breaks down... or you just can't bear it anymore." Protcoa sighs, taking in the delicate peace around them. When she resumes speaking, her voice is quiet enough only Port's animal ears can pick it up, "I don't want to leave you here but... it's hard. You know whose body this is." It isn't a question.
>"Some days there's just... so much pain. We can take it, together, I know we can but... I'm scared one day, we won't, and then... Like Heracles, everything we care for..."
>"I'd never begrudge you rest," Port assures her. "You've done so much. I just-" Port's voice catches. "I can always wait. But if you were really gone..." Her ears fall flat. "I would miss you. You've come back so many times... I don't know if I'd ever be able to stop missing you."
Suicidal Protoca?
File: unknown (1).png (13 KB, 511x256)
13 KB
>Protoca's arms take Port gently between them, "Death comes for everything, one day." She says, "Nothing is undying. Even if we save this world, perfect Necromancy, and do everything right, one day everything will still end, even if it's just a little at a time. It's alright to miss me. It's alright to call me back just to talk for a while... but even if you can't, I have it on good authority we'll all end up in the same place anyway."
>She laughs oddly, "The science proves it."
>Port snuggles a little closer and 'hm's to herself. "I guess... Somehow it's still scary to think about, even though sometimes I can remember a little of it." She pouts, an uncharacteristically whimsical expression, given the conversation. "I guess I can always look forward to telling Roselia 'I told you so.'"
>They stay there for some time. The next day, Protoca's coffin rests on the floor of her room, humming quietly.
>Port moves the coffin to her own room. For just a little while. For the first few months the presence is comforting, but the urge to wake Protoca starts becoming stronger.
>At Joy's insistence, Port agrees to move Protoca out, finding a place in Beacon's Protector facility instead. She places the coffin in a saferoom, not too far from where she carries out her work alongside Joy, and also requests Joy make a side project of finding a treatment for Protoca's STYX-induced pain.
>Port still visits her, every now and then. Sometimes when things get stressful, sometimes when there's good news, sometimes just to vent. She just talks to the coffin face, letting her friend slumber within. It's... not the same. But it helps. Knowing Protoca is there. She hasn't had to open the coffin yet.

>Time moves on. Maybe one day, the war will end. Maybe one day, that pain could be healed. Maybe one day... Maybe...

File: Pearts8.png (2.71 MB, 1431x1080)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB PNG
Thus concludes the Port Storytime! And the first campaign I've ever actually played to completion.
I hope you guys enjoyed the ride!

I'm off to bed now, but I'll be around tomorrow in case anyone has questions or whatever. And for general system discussion of course.
Thank you very much for story timing this campaign.
File: e41158_i35688_s4.jpg (147 KB, 800x1131)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
So is Port the Mayor of Beacon?

Or is the more like a general?

If I wanted to feature Beacon as a location my players can stumble across or hear about, what are important or notable details about the city?
>I currently have Auto-Separate, monofilament, and instantaneous blacklisted
What about Lightsaber?
What is the plot so far?
>the Knight wakes up in an alley
>there's a wrecked humvee, a tank that seems like it was dropped and slid down, and a snowdrift
>way below freezing, undead flesh crackles and snaps when it moves
>in the snowdrift is a young girl, the Mortarman
>in the humvee is a teenager, the Sleeper
>explore around, trying to get their bearings & to know each other
>stumble across some old jewelry
>find a dead family
>find two dead plumbers in brightly colored clothes
>get to the roof
>see pic from my post
>feel drawn to the supermassive tower
>move towards it, but gradually realize it's so far away that it is sticking up over the horizon
>accidentally make a loud noise
>a nearby stranger the group failed to notice sprints for cover
>bigass raven, like boeing 747 size raven, comes flying in
>group dives through the upper windows of a church to escape
>did I mention there's like 15 feet of hard packed frozen snow most places
>crash into the pews
>the Sleeper recognizes the church, having come here in life
>there's a frozen priest facing the group at the front of the pews, an organ, and a confessional
>The confessional had a fake floor
>there's a trapdoor, but on top of it between it and the fake floor is a vacuum sealed chopped up corpse
>meanwhile the Knight investigates the priest and organ- the priest has been hollowed out from the back
>and inside is pitch black, can't even see more than an inch in- except for the eyes that open
>the Mortarman discovers there's something hiding in the organ, dark and with lots of eyes
>but when they blow up the organ and attack the priest, it's gone
>sort of
>the Mortarman sees something black slip into a crack in the floor
>group gives chase, going down the trapdoor, which leads to the city sewers
>much warmer here than above
>group loses track of the black thing, eventually comes to rest at a junction
File: poison_enigma-1.png (199 KB, 1000x1233)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
>surprise! a foe appears and attacks
>group beats her handily and begins to escape when the black thing reappears
>the Knight and the Mortarman don't get out of the sewer in time and it touches them
>it's like worms grabbing at their ankles and whispering
>flee into a nearby bank
>explore, find a radio, get to the roof to use it
>make contact with some girls
>decide to meet them at the nearby hospital
>however this has alerted the raven again
>head downstairs, distract it, flee to the hospital
>raven clips the Knight and the Sleeper
>get to the hospital- Cinderella, the foe from before, and Lancelot are waiting for them
>Lancelot explains that there's been a misunderstanding and the Necromancer wants to recruit the party
>says he's trying to save the city
>all the party has to do to get back in his good graces is betray the people they're here to meet
>"sure we will do that"
>don't do that
>go upstairs and meet them
>there's only one, an all gray four armed girl claiming to be the one they're here for. Named "Arms"
>group tells her about the minions downstairs and thinks of what to do
>take so damn long doing it that the minions assume they fled
>come upstairs as the Sleeper finds an unguarded escape
>big brain time
>fight the minions anyways
>slug through dozens of soldiers and zombies, two savants, and a nightmarish machine just to escape
>get knocked into the sewer, flee
>Arms guides them to "the Orphanage," but explains that the two girls they were there to meet actually died and she just overheard the party on the radio
>party nicknames her "Four" because Arms is a bad name and accepts her into the group
>party arrives at the Orphanage
>meet and greet
And there we are
Lightsaber is good, but not broken considering both its inferiority to mono and its competition as T3 ENH. There's a lot of stuff up there that's as good or better.
Reasonable, but if I'm not playing with the nech conventions, I'd rather just play GURPS
Lightsaber is not banned.
File: wpid-545.jpg (20 KB, 500x273)
20 KB
Port is Joy's primary handler and is probably also the de facto military leader, so she is arguably in charge of Beacon. Joy handles most of the administrative tasks of Beacon through the Protectors, including day to day policing and other such things. Tachi appears to have become the leading civil engineer in charge of getting everything working again.

Some notable things I can think of off the top of my head:
>Beacon is only nominally safe; even a decade later there are still pockets of undead that pop up now and then and there are Protectors stationed on every corner ready to deal with intrusions
>Not all the city is reclaimed. Not all parts of the city that have been reclaimed are populated. The overall Doll population is still fairly small compared to the space they're occupying.
>equipment on Beacon's armed forces is either self-sourced or Protector issue. Anything that hasn't been replaced by Protector-manufactured gear is probably pretty nice. Or the unit is backline enough that they haven't been considered worth having their gear upgraded yet.
>Restoration work is ongoing in various parts of the city, obv
>most of the inhabited city has access to power via connection to the Manufacotrum
>Protectors under Joy actually employ tactics more complicated than 'fire everything'
I'm sure there's more, but that's probably the bigger stuff.
But it's literally just monofilament with -1 range.

Everything about Four seems off, and like she was made that way on purpose by an artist who painted her, before she stepped out of said painting as an undead doll.

Honestly, it's still broken. It just can't reach truly broken damage output quite as fast if Monofilament is off the table, and the range 0 means that counterplay's at least feasible.

Also, just "banning" using Autoseparate on enemies suggest that you're not facing a party that is using those things right, because there are enough strong, cheap dismember weapons that a party can either blow through whatever 1-off things the enemy has (most options for it), or make them spend all their AP just blocking the dismember (crystallize). Using it on everything's lame, but some things, it's really just best to put on Auto-separate to give the other weapons/PCs a chance rather than having however many things needed to negate dismember.
nah dude there's nothing weird going on about her at all. trust her
Considering someone made dolls of Mario and Luigi, she may just look like that because the person who made her wanted her to look like that.
>with -1 range.
That's kind of the kicker. Mono filament can sit in Limbo and hit anything in Elysium through Hades. With Lightsaber you actually have to be right up on whatever you're hitting, which leaves you more vulnerable to forced movement and also lowers your AP economy by forcing you to move around more yourself.
The way asphalt roadways fall apart when they are abandoned creates some interesting visuals and symbols for the rapid deterioration of things when civilization collapses.
File: 2Q==(1).jpg (8 KB, 139x251)
8 KB

Seems like a good number of the dolls and Savants here were art projects.
About movement. There really is no good movement part apart from animal.legs is there?
A lot of them are either not worth it or they can only be used at certain times (once per battle/rapid timing/etc).

What do you think of the wings part on the Drug Eaters sheet?
Boost is useful.
File: Di3732iU4AARFdF.jpg large.jpg (192 KB, 1000x1306)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
It's probably the most important self-movement part if you're intent on moving yourself around the battlefield.
Wire Reel has utility in that it helps you control where your enemies are, and it's a Rapid so you can use it to fizzle certain attacks or draw in opponents who are one space too far away. Hopper is useful in a similar way, in that it's Rapid and also free, so you can GTFO if you're in a tight spot.

In my experience, it's not super often that people move more than once or twice a turn of their own volition. Animal legs feels way more like a 'I need to be in THIS spot RIGHT NOW' kind of part and it's pretty good at that, but I didn't feel crippled without it on Port. It's been super useful on Coleo though, since all her stuff in Range 0.
Crab legs is confusing but it gives you some passive protection and let's you attack on the move.

So while it doesn't move you it does give you more options then moving.
Seems pretty good, but it might make out of combat checks a bit too easy.
I meant for moving yourself.
A melee/unarmed build will waste half its AP getting to the enemy, and before you say it, waiting for the enemy to come to you is not always a good option as an enemy might have some ranged attack forcing you to waste AP moving.
A pure unarmed/melee build is very inefficient and samey as there are many must have parts. It might be the powergamer in me talking though.
>it does give you more options then moving.


>then moving
Should be
>when moving
Let someone in the group grab tactics and have the slower melee person be in range already. Another alternative would be the pile-bunker/follow shenanigans to punch someone forward and follow into whereever you want to go too.
Huh, doesn't follow need one of your allies to do the moving? I don't thing you can use it on enemies.
Unless you're saying to use pilebunker on your ally. That would cost as much as Animal Feet but for less movement + hurting an ally.
One of your sisters uses a movement skill. Pilebunker is, technicly, a movement skill applied to a target (along with damage.)
>A melee/unarmed build will waste half its AP getting to the enemy
If you deploy in Limbo you usually only have to move once before you can hit something. Especially if you're running something like Flesh Whip or Throwing Knife which can hit at range 1. Or you can take Hopper and use it for a free move in the first turn instead of holding it as a defensive option if you character can take a hit or two.
There are plenty of options to take here, imo.
Is their a way add dismember to blast attacks?
File: Mitsu1-6-1024x576.png (854 KB, 1024x576)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
Blast 5 + Explosive is basically Dismember, right?
Rocket launcher is blast 4 + explosive
What's this image from/about?
I grabbed it because it looked neat.

Adhesive pads can be surprisingly good because while it isn't any cheaper, it's a T1 part that gives you immunity to any attempt to stop you that isn't a rapid shot to the legs. So your mileage out of that is dependent on how much your GM deploys legions/hinder moves, though it's also a part that is more valuable than will ever be apparent because you can't really know how many hinders it prevents.

Otherwise, Animal Legs is overkill 90% of the time because most of the movement a doll will do in a round can be done just as well by once per round shit that's coordinated with the other PCs. Though the Blast From The Past version of Pawn's gambit is extremely good if we're getting into homebrew. In general, the game's movement is about smart use of your free/cheap moves rather than moving a lot.

If you're talking about Core+Dance of Distortion, no. Fanworks has two options, swap accessory on Toybox and Laceration on Sanguinate. The former requires declaring a dismember attack prior and laceration makes it so that whatever attack hits the target next gains dismember.
I hope we get more Gravel Storytime.
File: 27151853-288-k726690.png (241 KB, 288x450)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Imagine being the creations of some necromancer with chuubi / middle school syndrome.

Or dealing with them.
Grabbed it from where? :)
Going by reverse image search apparently it's from deviantart.

Have an IT spider savant to go with your office assistant savant.
Are early dolls more disturbing for their accidental features, or later dolls more disturbing for their intentional features?
Yeah, generally. I tend to draw them.
Please post your drawings.

I would like to see them.
File: D7FmVnQV4AAALX1.jpg large.jpg (296 KB, 1448x2048)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
I kinda feel like that could go either way. Like with Port the most extreme modifications were when she replaced her limbs and ears and eyes herself. All the most extreme stuff was her doing surgery/neurosurgery on herself to increase her odds of survival. Before that all she had some weird deus ex implants and a gun.

For Meltie here >>75187566, she's a girl who's been chopped up and repurposed into a regenerating organ farm, strapped into a coffin that moves under its own power. I figure it'll be difficult for me to cook up much to top that unless something goes properly sideways during the campaign. Most of her reinforcement parts are just going to be alterations to the chassis.
File: blahhaf.png (232 KB, 1300x1029)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
those on the server will probably recognize most of them
File: lazydoll.png (127 KB, 934x508)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
and some of them are a little lazy
Is that the knight doll or Is that Lancelot?
File: ripinkill.png (218 KB, 823x1020)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
they're all good girls though
File: princessknight.png (338 KB, 1000x1008)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
tis the knight doll. pictured are lancelot and cinderella
Is Cinderella dressed in yella and Lancelot wielding her tainted honor?
...well, they are now
I am now more confused not less.
it's a much smarter take on it than my "hurr fire so cinderella" and "lancelot because sword"
I don't know if I agree with my interpretation being smarter, but ok.
Why did Protoca go to sleep?
ΔL = C x L x (Tf - Tg) x 12in./ ft.
Has anybody unlocked memories yet?

Were any memory fragments unlocked in the Space station arc?
File: Protoca.png (83 KB, 540x540)
83 KB
Protoca's body is actually Cleoh's body. Which means that there's some amount of STYX serum coursing through her circulatory system.
The effect of the serum in Cleoh was a massive boost to her musculature and healing ability. But it also left her prone to mutation and didn't do anything for her fine motor control, so her body is trying to rip itself apart at any given moment (this is also why Protoca tends to be prone to twitchy movement and breaking things when she's stressed; she has to consciously stay dialed in at 10% or so just to not rip herself apart). So Protoca is and has been in constant physical agony since well before the start of the campaign. She's just become used to the pain by the time she finds Port and Tachi.

The coffin is actually an internment coffin designed to negate the negative effects of the STYX serum while the occupant is in stasis; you might recall the internment room in the Tower. In the coffin, Protoca is relieved of any pain while she's dormant. Ostensibly, she could remain lucid inside with a constant supply of serum, but they don't have any way of manufacturing more at the moment.

-How- Cleoh and Protoca came to share a body is fuzzy. There's some OOC talk from a while ago that implies Pier (Valkyrie) may have destroyed Protoca when she was captured and turned into the Valkyrie, at which point Cleoh basically pulled Protoca out of the Ego Dimension and gave her a space to stay. Something similar happened in the fight with the Lonomine, where Protoca's spirit plants were formed out of the spirits of her other clones fusing with her, but it's kind of left up to speculation.

How do you tailor encounters to bring out aspects of specific PCs when they are in a party where each PC is going to react to the encounter differently?

For instance if you want play up someone's sence of honor and fair play, or someone's innocence with an encounter, but they are travelling with some "shoot first, salvage parts second, why would you ask questions?" comrades, how do you handle this?
File: 20191205_210403.jpg (2.37 MB, 3264x2448)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
No. Once we'd ascended the Tower every player character was completely full up on memory fragments (the DM did not write up any for Hope or Lily).
I'm not sure there would be much for them to find up there anyway, desu. None of Port or Protoca's constituent personalities had ever been up to the station and Tachi had already found her memory fragments relevant to the location while scaling the Tower and finding Arachne. It's hard to say what might have happened if we'd chosen to explore to the heart of the station and confront Apollo though.

Same question but I'm wanting to highlight just how much of a cold, patient, relentless, resourceful killer one of the dolls is.

I'm considering presenting the party with a target they can't possibly get to in a straight fight, he/she/it is too well protected, and so it instead becomes a drawn out affair with stalking, information gathering, setup, and then a strike at the right place and right time.
File: b2e.gif (2.86 MB, 413x233)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB GIF
Can you keep unlocking memory fragments after you've unlocked the max number of memory fragments that have a mechanical effect?

We had something similar happen in the game I've been running.

Not sure if it landed that way through.
File: original.jpg (308 KB, 600x848)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
I don't see why you couldn't. Would be kind of a pain to find a spot to write them down if you were using an electronic sheet of some sort, though.
Who is in this drawing?

How do you start using madness checks and spirit attacks once your dolls all have 3 or 4 fragments and some skills or parts to help with madness accumulation.

How do you keep the struggle for sanity relevant once they all have 5 or 6 and equipped with parts and skills to help deal with madness.

I have seen much advice across many threads advising restraint on inflicting madness in the early game.

But very little on how to make sanity a worthwhile struggle and challenge once you are out of the early game.
By encounters do you mean combats specifically or just running into things?

First off, figure out if the other players are cool with Kills McGee going that route. Also if they are the sort who thinks they're clever trying to shoot first, then when they do say they're taking that shot/swing, give the other players a chance to say they interfere with said attack if your issue is them deciding they've had enough talking and want to shoot instead. Throw situations where shooting first/at the obvious target has bad consequences and don't be afraid to let the other PCs lay into asshole who sticks to that philosophy. If the other PCs don't care they act that way, then just accept it. Also don't treat it as opportunities to make things worse because they didn't shoot first or you'll just get everyone falling behind that behavior.

Depending on the tone of the game you might not want to. If the game was a lot of the PCs getting their shit together, it makes sense that they're pretty sane.

But if you do, start having more madness checks as the PCs are going into more and more horrific scenarios. Give enemies parts that trigger madness checks as part of how they operate and more efficient spirit attacks than just Spirit Attack 1 for 3 AP. Have more madness checks with penalties as the horrors they face lean into the PCs' own personal fears/weaknesses. Or just have more enemies with dismember attacks, depending on dice luck, that can lead to a lot of madness gain via rerolls on dismember checks.
Just be aware that madness can get pretty swingy. It's not unusual for two people to have almost no madness and one being one step from broken hearted at all times.
The Valkyrie as Protoca knew her prior to being captured and changed. She was an Alice, believe it or not.
What was the deal with the Empyrean anyway? Another STYX subject gone wrong?
Yes. She took to the STYX serum in an especially bad way for some reason and it resulted in her being transformed into the locus of some kind of twisted hivemind and the creation of the Gloom. She was also Abbadon's sister, and this event was what caused Abbadon to lose faith in Apollo's system and come to the decision that the whole thing had to be torn down.
Empyrean's creation was pretty much the point that Mankind went from 'in a losing position' to 'lost' in the Necromancer Wars.
Yes, they've all gotten at least one save the Mortarman
>Just be aware that madness can get pretty swingy. It's not unusual for two people to have almost no madness and one being one step from broken hearted at all times.

How does this work?

Its like loot in other systems, you just paperclip or staple another piece of paper to your sheet and away you go.

Or you you make another tab/add more lines/cells in your Google doc.

Madness is probably the most random part of the game because you can't support conversation checks or madness checks, and some people just have shit rolls that call for them to need to use madness to reroll, or they're playing a holic. So people with good luck will have low madness as they're not rerolling, not gaining madness through madness checks, or losing what they do get by passing their checks. The only reliable ways to lose madness is shit like Happy Pills, Prayer, or Limit of Madness. There's obviously the treasure too, but that's only once per session, assuming shit luck doesn't destroy it.
File: Crush the Earth.png (135 KB, 660x719)
135 KB
135 KB PNG

I'd say it depends on the necromancer who made them.

A large pink eraser that screams can me a Necromancer's first creation or one made after they've had time to really marinate in madness.
There is also the case of unlucky players accepting their fate and not rerolling everything until it becomes a success, just to save madness points. Overall however, yes, it's comicly random to the point where it's hard to balance around it.

Got a player like this in a current game, though they're probably the most sane of the party. Frustratingly enough, they never failed to hit the enemy whose gimmick was centered around stuff going off when people failed to hit them. Not a single attack against it failed, or even rolled low enough to get hindered,
ΔU = Q – W
File: 51881206_p0.png (2.37 MB, 1024x1476)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG

Dolls are never disturbing, they are friends.
Yes. And?

What would be the ramifications of giving a savant a part that lets them summon a horror onto a map location adjacent to them (so if the savant is in limbo they could summon it into Hades or Elysium), or summon a horror into a specified map location (say Tartarus for example) whether the savant doing the summoning in Tartarus or not?

Does being summoned provoke rapids? Does an enemy using a part to summon a unit onto the map let you use a rapid targeting the summoner or the summoned?
File: unknown.png (15 KB, 1302x109)
15 KB

Example of an enemy only part that summons a legion rather than a horror.
Using a Rapid in response to the Action sounds normal, regardless of what is happening. A Savant could summon a Horror and a Doll could Hand of Death quickscope it as soon as it appeared.
Can the horror then rapid wire reel itself in responce to being rapid quick-scoped, use a defend, or both?
IIRC, Rapids occur at the same time, like Actions. So I think they would still take the attack.
My understanding is that Rapids occur and resolve before Actions take place. So I think that prompting a Rapid would mean you could only target the summoner and hope to break the part rather than targeting the summoned entity itself.
File: summon.gif (2.16 MB, 600x450)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB GIF

Do summoned units come in with their Max AP, the same AP as the summoner before the summoning, the same AP of the summoner after the summoning, or do they come in with 0AP and need to wait until the next turn to act?
I have no idea.
This is correct. You would quickscope the summoner to try and break their horror summoning bit. The horror can't do shit until the next count.

It just makes the summoning more restrictive but potentially more interesting depending on how they're popping up in relation to the PC's formation.

They come in at either their max AP or the current count -1, whichever is lower. So if a horror with 8 AP is summoned at count 12, its AP will be at 8. If it's summoned at 6, its AP will be 5.
So you can't rapid attack the summoned in responce to the summoning because you can't attack something summoned before the summoning happened.

Essentially. The rapid would occur before the action, you can't really attack the thing its creating if it doesn't exist when the attack would happen.
Alright lets pick this up and see how far I can get, sorry weekends are annoyingly busy for me
>On way back to the ship, group decides they need to figure out how trustworthy sonja is, the extent her involvement in her dads experimentation on them all, and if she is lying about what she remembers as they have insisted on having no memories whatsoever
>Okura-san reveals they have a plan to dig up the memory in Sonja under the guise of doing 'psychological evaluations' for the group
>does brief interviews with each member of their group they have gathered so far, most are just general questions and wellness checks
>R.H. and Ilupuwu in particular seem to have become dangerously mentally dissociated on the horror of stuff they deal with or enact themselves but I am sure that is fine
>when it gets to Sonja they try to enact a 'thought exercise' with them
>asks them to close their eyes and leaves the room to reveal to the rest of the group they have a memory of having confronted sonjas dad at some point but being shot in the back while doing so, strongly believes that sonja may have been the one to do so and will try and prove it
>re-enters room with rest of party and starts to ask Sonja to picture the scene detail by detail and manually reconstruct the memory
>they grow increasingly uncomfortable as they do this and okura-san has to be gradually stricter and stricter in making her view details
>eventually breaks her as she breaks down from starting to remember, admits to remembering her dad and the experiments
>Okura-san continues her interrogation by building her life narrative for her saying her father was emotionally abusive and exploitative of her and made her help in kidnapping the other children from the school to be used in the experiments
>sonja tearfully agrees to it all and begins to beg and apologize
>content with the results okura-san leaves with the rest of the party to talk over what they managed to confirm
>Okura-san reveals that they basically retold sonjas life in a way to make them seem the victim so they would readily agree to confess their involvement in the experiments, but does not actually believe she was fully a victim for a moment
>group a bit divided on whether this was the full truth or not, Elifra strongest advocate for trusting her and giving her a chance. Ultimately concluded if she was to be punished for her involvement it should wait until later but Okura-san is incredibly suspicious of sonja and insists the group keep her close by to keep an eye on her at all times
>leave sonja alone for awhile to compose herself before letting her know she is part of the party's away team now
>next place they set their sights on is the capital spire of the colony where another launch code fragment should be located
>set off, while en route to location they receive message from Yalonde that the ship received a radio transmission from Sharla that she was alive and trying to track down Flavia who they had sworn they saw somewhere on mars before based on the description ardella and deedra gave of her
>states they intend to track them down to find out what happened to okura-sans sister so she will stop being so mopey and serious in giving around orders and commands
>obvious concerns in the group over the most mentally unhinged person they have recruited thus far being out on their own but acknowledge it could be useful if she is able to find someone else, ask yalonde to tell sharla to keep in touch
>continue to capital building to find that much of it has become covered in ice, while obviously cold on mars this is the only structure they have found like this
>Elifra and R.H. recall that in the experiment logs there was one of the girls who could rapidly alter temperature, assume this to be her handiwork as they begin to plan how to approach the situation
>planning interrupted by the towering eye pillar monstrosity that attacked them military base shows up once more evidently having chased them this far
>it begins constructing more legions of undead and chases them into the base floor of the building trapping them inside a frost covered lobby
>go to try the elevators but they are completely frozen over, try to go up a few floors to see if they can find a less frosty entry way
>Go up the stairwell to the next floor and look through to find it full of infected undead that are all half frozen and slowly shambling around, try the next floor to see if it is less populated
>begin to rush as they see the fresh undead army being created outside are starting to catch up to them
>the next floor also seems densely occupied but the way further up the stairs is iced off, expect they will fight but R.H. and Ilupuwu point out the elevator isnt that far from the stairs and they easily could run from the door to the room
>they go for it, rushing right through the door and past the undead to the elevator. They are lucky it isnt iced over, they are lucky that the elevator is actually there on this floor. They are not lucky that the elevator has a giant chunk of ice above it
>R.H. uses arm vice to force the door shut as Elifra starts to cut away at the ice chunk above them with their laser beam
>All the while, Okura-san stars shooting their anti tank rifle through the elevator door as the undead cluster on the other side of it
>some of the ice within the elevator shatters to reveal an undead in it that grabs her and Ilupuwu has to break her free by biting the things arm off
>eventually clear the ice while keeping the undead back and R.H. restarts the elevator with their electrigger, which probably not how that works but sure
>take the elevator to the top floor...or at least as high as they can until it hits another ice wall. Exit on an empty floor at least.
>they look out the window on this floor and see that the 'eye pillar' is climbing the side of the building scanning floor by floor
>start rushing up the stairs to reach the governors office
>find on a floor a group of frozen infected are pushing a giant block of ice out the window, right above where they saw the thing climbing. Stay and watch as it is shoved out and shortly after a giant metallic clang is heard. would love to see what happened for themselves but decide to keep heading upwards toward the governors office
>reach it without any more hindrances, but they find it filled with more frozen undead and at their lead is a colossal humanoid covered in dense ice armor and carrying on its back a cryo-pod that has another little girl in it with all the tubing going into the creature
>does not take long for them to deduce this was the missing pod from the facility they initially awoke in
>not much other choice than to enter the fray and destroy everything there to try and free the other girl
>after dealing with a lot of hindrances imposed by ice based attacks eventually succeed, weakening their enemy enough so the weight of the cryopod is enough to crush its body as its limbs and head are severed from its flattened torso
>the pod opens up, the girl emerges with ice covering large portions of her body. Is confused having no idea where she is or how she got here. Begins asking where her dad is as she cant hear his voice anymore.
>okura-san, elifra and vuhii try to comfort her as R.H. and Ilupuwu begin looting the office and find a laptop to steal and intend to look through it later
>as they try to comfort the girl they learn her name to be Joanna, a name they recognize having heard somewhere before. It is the daughter of the scientist who was in charge of the cryo facility they were being stored at
>the trio inspect the body and underneath the ice armor find tatters of old clothing and among it is an ID card, it was her father who her pod was attached to
>as they realize this, they see Joanna go to her father ice armor coated disembodied head and pick it up and hold it tightly to her chest
>having no patience for any mental breakdowns that may ensue from the revelation her father was just killed and Joanna was in the company of his killers they take her by the hand and begin dragging her out assuring her that things here are dangerous and they will explain everything later before she can think on anything happening too long
>danger that is mostly true as the window changes to an intense orange glow as the light of the eye pillar catches up to them and stares at them through the window, giant chunk of ice lodged firmly in it
>know that the stairs and lower floors are probably swarming with undead and it would be a struggle to escape that way
>Unless they jump down the elevator shaft
>R.H. tears the elevator doors open once more with a vice grip and they start sliding down the elevator cord one by one to reach the bottom floor as fast as they could
>rush outside back to their car dragging Joanna behind and begin to drive away
>the eye pillar jumps down after them and begins to pursue them
>Joanna, clearly confused and in an only half lucid post-cryo sleep daze having no idea what is going on comes to a conclusion that the towering glowing mechanical eye running after her is the largest present problem
>points at it as the ice is lodged deeper into the construct and it stops in place as its central light flickers getting the group some time to escape, and an indication to the group the scared confused girl was the primary source of all the ice and power present in the capital spire.
>decide they are probably too unstable to keep in the party and should go back to the ship where it is safe and they can mentally recover
>contact yalonde to send a rover to meet them halfway between to transfer Joanna over to it
>meet up with the rover as the eye pillar comes into view once more, ice chunk now missing
>Ilupuwu has had a bit of a penchant the entire campaign for making up crack theories on what is happening, and takes this time to remind the group of one
>proposes that the eye pillar seems to be a 'commander' entity of some sort to the undead and perhaps it could be the UN general that was on mars, the ice golem was Joannas father after all so why not?
>convinces the group to test this theory by switching party members between the rover and their car and drive in different directions to see which the eye pillar follows, and then meet up again to swap more
>seeks to determine if it is following okura-san specifically
>eye pillar for its part mostly seems intent on following from a distance and monitoring the groups movement and not directly attacking
>based on trials, notice the eye pillar does indeed prioritize following Okura-san over any other
>that is until they have sonja alone on a rover while the rest are in the car where it suddenly runs to a full sprint and catches up to her and pulls her into the air and seems as it is about to slam her against the ground
>Okura-san is very tempted to let this happen but elifra inspires the group into action by using their laser to sever the tether the pillar has connected to sonja and R.H. uses a grapnel line to grab her as they drive off away from the eye pillar
>Ilupuwu is convinced this proof of their theory, it is Okura-sans dad cause it wants to go after her and retrieve her but wants to kill the one responsible for having two of its daughters kidnapped and experimented on
>makes a very convincing argument for the rest of the group as while they have no confirmation yet it does make quite a bit of sense
>either way they know they need to get rid of it and hope to accomplish two goals at once by going back to the scientific directorate to meet with 'Big Brain' the other large infected entity they have met that might have a solution to their predicament and might have one of the last launch code fragments
>arrive back at the research directorate to find it far, far different than when they left
>black root like tendrils now snake up and over every single structure in the district, burrowing into every machine panel and corpse neck that it can
>as they approach the eye pillar stops and begins to survey the situation from a distance seemingly cautious while the group drives into the city and stops their vehicle
>They step out and search around when they are greeted by a sudden enthusiastic mechanical voice
>They find a stalk of black root with a camera and speaker on the end of it, the voice happily introduces itself as their friend 'big brain' and asks if they brought it knowledge
>after some questioning they state they expanded themselves to consume all knowledge in the district from every body and computer it can reach and hooked itself up into every camera and security system it came across for sight
>asks if it can consume Sonja and Joanna for information, Okura-san is tempted to give it sonja but talked out of doing so for now.
>group is obviously suspicious of the rate 'big brain' has been spreading and its obvious disregard for boundaries in its quest to attain knowledge but R.H. and Ilupuwu are convinced it can be helpful and a useful ally to them
>deduce it is a developing hive mind in an infantile state akin to the voice that seems to command the rest of the undead on the world and that they can teach it morals on its terms with its goals before it becomes destructive like the voice
>the previous issue of the eye pillar is completely forgotten it seems as R.H. and Ilupuwu take their adoptive hive mind through a crash course in ethics, morals, and value of independent life
>frame the usefulness of keeping other beings alive and not consuming them for knowledge in that they can help it attain new and more knowledge in ways eating their minds cant
>'big brain' does not quite seem to fully grasp it, but enough that R.H. and Ilupuwu are satisfied
>Now choose to return their attention to the eye Pillar
>make a plan to lure it into the city with Okura-san then use big brain to restrain it and link into its mind to try and...negotiate with it, see if ti really is okura-sans father and if they can convince it to stop hostilities
>they attach Okura-san to R.H.'s Grapnel line and have Okura-san go to the cities outskirts and call out to the eye pillar
>get its attention and lure it in close, decides to wait on having RH pull her back by letting it grab her and see what it does
>it pulls her into the middle of its mass where her mind is assailed by a barrage of deafening whispers and begins to rapidly incur madness points, shouts in a panic to be pulled out concluding it is the most horrible experience she has ever suffered through
>R.H. obliges, winning the tug of war as she is dragged back into the city limits and the eye pillar pursues
>'big brain' grabs onto it with its own roots and holds it down in place as it begins to pry into it and begin questioning it
>'Big brain' is able to learn it has certain directives it pursues, first and foremost being the capturing and conversion of the girls and that it is intensely devout to following the will of the voice
>group asks big brain to subsume it and learn everything it can, as they do so the eye pillar detonates into a fiery explosion as incendiary canisters underneath its main plating detonate
>it retreats hastily still intact but now mostly a mass of smouldering exposed circuitry, not annihilated but the threat is at least gone for now
>return focus to their other goal and ask 'big brain' to give them its launch code fragment that should still be in the directorate
>it agrees, in exchange for knowledge
>give it some copies of data logs or discs they have collected which it happily takes
>after it gives them the fragment they choose to get the most they can out of 'Big brain' while it is being cordial and encourage it to pilfer all the knowledge it can from all the underground labs in the valley they awoke in
>'big brain' agrees and begins extending its root system in that direction
>with the pursuer gone they also choose to now finally have the other rover take Joanna to the colony ship and radio ahead to Yalonde, Ardella and Deedra to meet with her and try to help the confused and likely very mentally fragmented girl
>as they get this message across, hear from Yalonde that Sharla got a lead on their target Flavia and wants the group to meet her at a sports Arena where she tracked her too
>knowing she probably wont wait for them to get there before engaging in a fight with her, the group begins to make their way over
>bid big brain farewell and drive off
>it is a bit of a drive but eventually arrive
>enter to find that Sharla is there engaged in a three way fight with two other girls in the middle of a sports field full of other undead

and it is nearly 1 am so I will take another pause here. Hopefully I can find some time tomorrow if the thread is still up to maybe finish up but we will have to see. There are only about three more sessions of content left after this though so ideally next time I write on this it will be the whole story thus far

If l not then there is always next thread.
File: Erudite.png (456 KB, 1107x851)
456 KB
456 KB PNG

>Doo doo doo doo, doo doo, doo wah!

>It doesn't matter what comes
>Fresh goes better in life
>With Mentos fresh and full of life
>Nothing gets to you
>Staying fresh, staying cool
>With Mentos, fresh and full of life!

>Fresh goes better
>Mentos freshness
>Fresh goes better
>With Mentos, fresh and full of life!
File: Jukebot.jpg (43 KB, 238x318)
43 KB

What do the dolls in your camapigns, past and present, Hate?

Protoca HATED (and may still HATE) Apollo.
Imp hates Fire.
Coleo hates bitter greens.
Kaja HATED her two Necromancers. Remembering them turning you from mortal to undead without anesthetic will do that.

She also contemplated murdering one of her sisters who embraced being turned into a loyal unquestioning killing machine a bit too much, but that rapidly rolled over into pity and feeling that she needed to protect her and give her a chance to try to learn better.
File: 1600595341774.png (2.59 MB, 3412x3134)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
File: 1568131530369.jpg (123 KB, 1015x787)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
is a funky nechronica game even possible ?

I mean, soundtracks for stories take a wide variety of forms.

Cowboy Bebop for instance has a soundtrack in a style I don't normally associate with a space drama but it works.
random cave map generator
I hope the GravelAnons are ok.
They are ok as far as I know. Don't worry.

We just had a session of a different game last night. No one's died yet.
I'm glad.
File: Pearts15.png (3.62 MB, 1920x1080)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
I guess it didn't really come up in the game, but one thing Port values a whole lot in people is loyalty. People who treat those around them like tools or expendable, or are manipulative towards people who care about them have an express ticket into her shitlist.

Apollo kind of gets a pass because it's a logic machine running on bad input; she doesn't really anthropomorphize it. She sees Apollo as a broken machine in need of fixing as opposed to an individual with culpability.
What would a Protoca without pain do?

Is is possible to split Protoca, Cleo, and the Protoca clones souls back up and put them in different bodies?
I am now wondering what Imp would do with the Prehensile Hair part from the Drug Eater class.
File: 20200116_182425.jpg (499 KB, 2448x3264)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
>What would a Protoca without pain do?
Probably stay awake.

>Is is possible to split Protoca, Cleo, and the Protoca clones souls back up and put them in different bodies?
Maybe? I'm not sure if it would even be worth the trouble though. There's no real evidence that sharing a head is markedly unpleasant. The only real issue is the physical pain of the serum.
File: session 1.jpg (85 KB, 723x702)
85 KB
I was with a group that halted the DnD campaign we had been doing for a year because a few players wanted to switch to Nechronica. I ended up leaving the group because I REALLY don't like loli and, in general, I was getting bad vibes about Nechronica. Turns out I was correct in SOME fashion as they are now all into loli super hard and that gore hentai shit too. Feels like I dodged a bullet.
File: Ghost.png (132 KB, 993x1502)
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132 KB PNG
DM is writing up some custom classes for the upcoming campaign that I'm using Meltie in. He's still working on Meltie's class but he gave me the go-ahead to post the one for the other player, and I was interested in seeing what some of you anons thought about it.

The idea was to make something a bit like a 'stealth class' or assassin doll.

Christ. Yeah sounds like you did.

I've been very lucky, with my groups. We haven't had any loli-lovers or other more generic that guy's.

That said I've been very careful with who I play with or run for so I guess me and the people I've played with have made their own luck.

Madness/10. Early warning on bias/belief, not a fan of classes that lean heavily into madness, that shit's more position's mechanical role.

>Special Skill
Hit it with a stick. Just playing a holic will make a very strong doll here, as one fetter in madness gives you a +1 to attack checks and a -2 to hit. That shit's really strong as the -1 from Waltz/cold light can have a big impact in a fight, let alone applying a penalty of -2 or higher and maintaining one fetter in a state of madness ain't that hard, and the downside can be mitigated by grabbing Happy Pills/Limit of Madness.

Just treat this like a normal check instead of making it a coin flip. special checks that are completely non-interactive isn't very interesting, and making it that the GM chooses instead of just going the opposite direction is unnecessary.

Honestly crap for its cost. What you could take to mitigate the madness accumulation of this would be just as easily put towards normal defends like a normal person.

>Out of Sight
There's really only two scenarios where this skill seems worth while, one is trying to buy time for shit like prayer. Second is when you know a bunch of enemies are going to shoot you and you want your sisters to take the shots instead. Since not being in the same zone as something usually means you're in less danger, this is mostly just gonna be more detrimental to the rest of the party than useful.

>Out of Mind
This will be fiddly to track as it requires you to keep track of what enemies have targeted for the entire combat. Shit ain't practical. It also just ain't good when Bolthead's right there.

>Phantom Pain
Required interaction with another skill is usually pretty gay and this one feels it too as it requires catastrophic action to not just be a weaker Carnage that might have a cost. In fact, even if you are comboing it with Unburdened you need half your fetters missing to just match Fury.

This one doesn't make a lot of sense. You're pushing both yourself and your sisters in the same direction as you're pushing the enemy. Also it's cheap as chips for the effect it has, especially when you can spam it.

Literally requiring broken hearted to use puts this solely into the camp of "You could have taken literally anything else to avoid needing this but you took it anyway." Sure, you can use it as basically a core dump of madness but if that scenario never comes about, this is a wasted slot you can never swap out, and using it regularly is just flat out infeasible.

Actual thought on the class as a whole is, other than the special skill, this class just flat out ain't worth it as things are either too fiddly. too dangerous/costly, or just not worth taking over any option that exists already.
Thread archived to sup/tg/.
So if you are at 9 AP and alone in your map position. You can spend 1 AP to activate "Out of Sight" and nobody will be able to shoot, slash, or punch you until they are at 8 AP correct?

It's auto so it can be declared at any count. When count 9 starts, you declare it and then no one can target you for count 9. When count 8 rolls around, if you don't declare it again, they can target you.

What happens if one enemy enters your region, or forces another doll into your region, after you declair Out of Sight?

Does that allow other enemies to target you or is being alone simply a requirement to trigger it, not a requirement for it to keep working.

Do area attacks still hit you?

Can dolls with voice effect still target you for a mid combat conversation check?
Flicker seems interesting.

A cost zero Rapid "Be somewhere else now" where you always get to choose if you are moving 1 or 2, but there is a 50% chance the necromancer gets to choose what DIRECTIONS you move in instead of you.

I'm not sure I'd take it since I don't trust a coin flip to go my way, but it's neat.

If you put it on an enemy then I guess you let the players choose what directions the Savant goes if the coin comes up tails.
>and making it that the GM chooses instead of just going the opposite direction is unnecessary.

The GM could always want your character to go the same reason you so for their own reasons.
Weird part is up until that point there had been NO sign of such shit in their behavior and interests. Part of me figures that it was always there and maybe Nechronica just made them publicize it more, but a darker part of me wonders if Nechronica is what planted said interests. Kinda unnerving when you think about the implications.
There is a theme here of ghostliness and blocking out or avoiding things.

But mechanically where is all this going?

Assassinating the undead requires massive up front damage, since you have to annihilate them before they know what's going on, not just break one or a few of a number of vital parts of the the target like when you assassinate the living.

None of these skills really lean into assassination. Phantom pain is an extremely neiche attack booster that is more appropriate for a desperate thrashing of someone at the ragged tattered tip of the cliff of sanity after going through lots of bullshit, a desperate last stand after a long struggle, not an assassination.

I wonder how much more deadly a heartbroken like post-valkyrization Pier would have been with some of these skills.

Sure but then the dice roll is irrelevant. It's a skill that adds extra unreliability for not much gain.

Autos activate immediately, and your sister won't be in your zone until resolution so they can't declare anything at you anyway. The only "maybe" is a rapid move and then they target you with chain attacks. As for Area, whatever the rules for what you target with area is how it do. And no, they can't declare voice effect on you.

This guy's mostly on the money. This class can't really burst for shit without horribly mangling itself, and other class/position combinations can do it better so the assassin concept's out the window. And no, don't give abilities to target specific enemy parts. That's how psychedelic worked before it was translated right and it broke the game.

>Kinda unnerving when you think about the implications.

Not really, no. Even if you want to claim that Nechronica is what made them interested in it, it don't mean shit. Unless you're a fan of the same sort of logic that people used to claim playing Doom Deathmatch makes you a serial killer in the making. If they're just rolling with that shit among themselves and that's what's cool among them then it doesn't really matter.
>Sure but then the dice roll is irrelevant. It's a skill that adds extra unreliability for not much gain.

I can't think of another rapid move 1~2 with an AP cost of 0 in the stock parts.

Though that's just parts. There could be a skill I'm overlooking.
>Autos activate immediately, and your sister won't be in your zone until resolution so they can't declare anything at you anyway. The only "maybe" is a rapid move and then they target you with chain attacks. As for Area, whatever the rules for what you target with area is how it do. And no, they can't declare voice effect on you.

So in response to someone declaring out of sight, I can't delcair Boost or Wire Reel as a rapid to force someone into their part of the map before the auto happens this forcing it to fizzel?
Out of mind seems like it's going to be pretty useless. Unless you manage to successfully lurk long enough and have a large enough party that a bunch of your fellow dolls hit an enemy, and then you hit that enemy with a big fuck off attack like AT Rifle with more supports added on to make sure you hit and then crit hard.

It's mostly going to be useful for stomping harder in fights where you were already stomping the enemy.

And enemy doesn't even need to hit you to be protected from it they just need to Target you.

Or rocket launcher.

>I can't think of another rapid move 1~2 with an AP cost of 0 in the stock parts.

There isn't but since it flat out can't be supported or (potentially) madness rerolled, you have no control over it. Sure, a free move 2 can be nice, but if you only have bone it will take TWELVE AP to move back to that zone you were hoping flicker was taking you to, if you only want to get back where you started, that's 6 AP. That's where the lack of gain is. It's a 50/50 chance so you're looking at half the time having to do that.

No, you cannot. It's auto. Rapids can only be used against Action and rapids.

The problem with out of sight, as was mentioned, is that the enemy has to target two other dolls without targeting you to match bolt head, and it isn't even cheaper than bolt head which is a T1 ENH. If your skill can't be better than a T1 part, it has problems.
It's being reworked in response to your input (ty for that, btw), but this stands out a bit. He omitted the description.

>Fearful dolls.
>Dolls who run, and dolls who hide away from their problems.
>They are those who can barely stand the horrors of this world.
>Their spirit yearns to escape the trappings of their fate,
>and so their body follows suit, drifting away from reality.
>They cling tenuously to the edge of sanity,
desperately casting off the things which would drag them down.
>The specialty of this class is battlefield control and evasion, striking hard when overlooked, and arranging the situation to make that possible… though they walk along a thin and dangerous edge.
I'm now imagining a party of dolls spamming cheap lot damage attacks at their sister with rejection so they can surf it across the map really fast.

That still sounds strongly like a position over a class. Positions reflect a doll's outlook/personality/approach to things. A class tends to represent a doll's body and such.

Nah, even better. You get a requiem sorority with Sniper Rifle + Shotgun and tough love. Her job is to shoot the ghost that keeps having panic attacks due to being shot

So it's a class that revolves around hiding, staying out of sight, and striking later, in a game where combat is a race to end things as fast as possible?

This is a recipe for dramatic self destruction in a way that doesn't help team mates.

And inline enemy NPCs it's hard dto feel bad or appreciate the tragedy of an ALLY who is built around falling apart or delaying in a way that doesn't help you.

Holics, Stacies, and Junks make their tragedy useful to the team.

That's what makes them fun to play while also reflecting characters that have serious issues.

Keep that combination of tragedy and practical contribution to the team in combat in mind when reworking your class that reflects coping by avoiding, escaping, denying, repressing, and fleeing the world around them.
Don't call it bulli, call it the future you chose.
>And inline enemy NPCs

That should say "And unlike enemy NPCs"

Have you you considered giving them a skill that inflicts a ranged Area Hinder Move?

Their desire to escape manifests in the way of slowing down threats.

Area hinder move would be extremely niche, to the point of not really being any better than a normal hinder move except once every couple of combats because how often do you have enemies in the same zone moving all at once? Also most hinder moves are already range 0-1.

I feel like you could build a whole position or class around helping the party and yourself with movement shenanigans like this.
Eh, I based the blurb off the Entombed blurb. Physically, they're meant to be literally phasing in and out of reality... it's in the name, you know?

Again, it's been reworked.

Thread's at its limit tho.

That aside from the onsite it was meant to be a quirky class taken in the interest of playing to a particular style. I don't see the problem if it's done with the other players blessing, as long as you trust your DM to not screw you over in a way that targets your class specifically.

I will say. Sometimes in life I've tried to escape my fears by charging toward their source.

I think my panicking or near panicking brain's rational for this is, the only thing scarier than danger is facing danger while paralyzed with fear so attack, disporent, or get out of it's line of sight NOW before your fear can finish something your mind.

Also if you pass a threat, and it doesn't turn around to chase you, or has other problems occupying its attention, then you are now fleeing while out of sight, which is better than fleeing while the threat has eyes on you.
>Thread's at its limit tho.

Don't worry, another thread will pop up with the next thing that gets pushed out.
I guess it's worth pointing out that the character I'll be playing in the game this is intended for is absolutely supposed to be a bullet magnet. One of the taglines I came up for her is literally:
>>"Don't look at her, look at me! I'm big, I'm mean, I have A L L W E A P O N S F O R W A R D ! Come and get me!"
I fully intend for her to get shot the fuck up in place of the other party member.
>I don't see the problem if it's done with the other players blessing, as long as you trust your DM to not screw you over in a way that targets your class specifically.

My experience has more been with custom GM classes ACCIDENTLY resulting in

-characters who can't pull their weight, or unintentionally hinder the party.
-Characters so unintentionally OP they snap the camapign over their knee and it takes a month or two of financing before the plot stabilizes.

In none of these cases did the GM intend to screw anyone over.

Is owning the rulebook for this illegal in the U.S.?

How many dolls are in the party?

It still kills me that he thought his mower was stolen to build a one man escape submarine for Fidel Castro.
Answer the question, dammit!
Two. Though the DM will also be allowing us to hire help/travel alongside other NPCs during the game.
Our Dolls are part of an 'adventurer's guild' type organization that take odd jobs to explore/map/scavenge/clear out areas around the town they live in. Sometimes our jobs will be done under supervision or with help, and we'll be able to recruit help sometimes as well. My impression is that it's intended for these NPCs to be rotated in and out of the party depending on who we like/who we expect to be helpful.

I am planning for a two person squad but I think it's more realistic for there to be three normally. It's possible he'd let us take more but I'm not expecting it.
I'm more concerned about what I'd imagine to be loli art in the book.

One of the many reasons I preffer using the wiki is to avoid having to look at the art in the book.
There's really nothing in it that you won't find just being on 4chan. If the feds were going to knock you over for it then you wouldn't even be able to access this site on a normal browser.
Don't read the fucking pre-buolt oneshot.

It's nauseating garbage.
That shit is probably a minor reason why almost nobody uses the stock setting and almost everyone makes up their own setting.

A much bigger reason being how easy it is to adapt the system to different and strange settings.
Thanks for all your hard work making and translating stuff.
I'd ask for examples, but we're dead soon.
>we're dead soon.
I thought your character had to be dead to start?
It's pretty bad, yeah. It gets so much information wrong about mechanics that it's a wonder it wasn't working through like five layers of translation. At least it's cute that the two girls resolved to repopulate the world.
The one on the ship?
It looks pretty bog standard.
Feels bad that Beth accidentally smashes herself on the rocks if you don't take her with you though.

Are you new here?

People have been telling the stories of their their camapigns for a while.
One that's been going for over a year finally concluded in this very thread.
Yes. This is my first time visiting the necrophillia lolicon threads. How could you tell? Pretend I posted Chadface, my IP is banned because someone posted gore here some time in the past week.
Why does everyone think this is a necrophilia lolicon game anyway. Besides that one replay that ends with artificial insemination. The rest of the setting doesn't even have any indications of that, I don't even remember anything in the setting timeline relating to lolicon stuff.
You fucking know why. Hint: It's the same reason why people utterly despise anyone who raises the option of playing FATAL unironically.
Is adding AP parts in order to keep the end of turns away helpful in preventing madness accumulation?
It's FATAL an absolute clusterfuck of a system to try to run?
File: 20190912_203440.jpg (4.08 MB, 2448x3264)
4.08 MB
4.08 MB JPG
I guess if you want examples, there's the Port storytime where the characters are all related to a super soldier program and the game revolves around them remembering who they were/trying to stop the production of more people who were broken and abandoned by the system like they were. At least two of them have minds made from multiple personalities and they travel to space to punch a computer in the face.

There's the Homburg game too, which takes place in a fictional English town where everyone is convinced that it's the year 1880-something and they're all subjects of the British crown. They think being undead (or in some cases, an animal-hybrid person) is normal; they're totally ignorant of the fact an apocalypse has happened. The party have mostly been dealing with a group of serial killers and misc. gang violence when my character isn't trying to reform the two outsiders into proper English citizens their downtime.

I also storytimed a one-shot that took place in the Necromancer Wars. The players were undead soldiers trying to escape being captured by a human-centric faction while their Necromancer master covered their retreat with an orbital satellite laser.

There are -very heavy- /u/ connotations in the base book and more than a couple of memory fragments that could be construed sexually. But it's also really easy to... just not do that.

Arguably. Doing more in a turn means killing things before the end of the turn more often = less turns spent in combat = less madness. Having more than 9 AP is pretty much mandatory once you get past the first few combats.
Yes. As long as you have attacks to spend that AP on that will go a long way to ending the fight before turn one ends.

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