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Design a fantasy pantheon.
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Innos - God of light and fire
Beliar - God of darkness
Adanos - God of water and knowledge
i've been using those concepts for a good time and nobody caught up on them literally being gothic deities, maybe because nobody but me likes playing eurojank
>Krondar, God of Krondar
>Lady of Love
>Aladastrus, God of Magic
>The Wanderer
>Hemstyr, God of the Harvest
>Infernicus the Lord of Locusts
They're all the same god
Someone on here had the idea of a Pantheon where every god was the same god traveling through time. I always thought that was cool.
>Basdus, God of Cringe
Has the form of /anon/, favors the edgelord, tryhard, and the victim. Tries to drive out the other gods.
>Howfair, God of Fights
A formless being, only acts by conjuring opponents for people to fight for no real reason. Tends to grant incredible favors to random people in wars and battles.
>Rib'ree, God of Art
Who doesn't do his calling. Is bullied by the other gods. Form of a succubus (female(male)).
>Pheels, the God of Emotion
Form of an albino male. Occasionally shows up, with his friend the Frog God, but are driven out by force of arms.
>The Neighbor Lord, God of Authority
Takes the form of an invisible cloud of misfortune and ill fates, mantled around a mortal ruler.
>The Chattering God, Guurp
Only notable for his followers habit of chanting his name everywhere they can reach. Not particularly exceptional one way or another.
>Dandee, the Hipster God of Current Affairs
Defined primarily by his opposition to whatever is popular, but also his simultaneous support of it. Wherever it appears, conflict and bloodshed will soon follow.

There are many other minor gods that appear and fade away with the passing of the ages, such as the recent Bumpo the Clown, or the old exile Prophet Jime.
>Butts, God of taking a shit
>Ass, God of Butts
>Perderlgo, God of uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
>Ass, God of taking a shit
> Hammers "Hammers" Mc Hammers Son of Hammers- God of Hammers
>The Unnamed God - Okay, his name is actually Dave but dont tell anyone ok.
>Gorto the God of Hairy testicles - Jesus chrsit just take a shower you fat shit.
>The Spoiling
>The Scouring
>The Sowing
Three monolithic, mutually opposed deities associated with stagnancy, purification, and rebirth, respectively, in a sort of grotesque cycle alternating between which the three is dominant in perpetuity somewhat akin to the hindi ideal of kalpa, albeit passing more briefly.

gb2 /cyoag/
>The Forces of Light
>The Evil Dickbags
>The gods of other shit

Light Brigade
>God of the Sun
>Goddess of the Moon
>Godess of Love
>God Of Justice

>God of War
>Goddess of spooky skeletons
>God of teamkilling fucktards
>God who doesn't really have a sphere, but is just a powerful entity here to game the system

The Neutral Gang
>God of Nature. Damn nature, you scary.
>Goddess of Death. Everyone dies at their time.
>God of Knowledge/Magic.
>Goddess of the sea. The sea givith fish, the sea taketh beachfront property.
>God of that one race. Doesn't actually care what happens so long as his precious frog boys are okay.
>Godd Howard: Have you bought his game, child of man?
Gay Bon Jovi - Self explanatory
Spicy Wematanye - God of Pain
Sweet Baby Gene - God of Mischief
The Great White Nigga - God of War
Humper Dumper - God of Love
Dan Akroyd - God of Misery
Fastest Cleaner Alive - God of Toil and Hardship
Smash Sisters - Goddesses of Decay
The Estranged, Goddess of Nature
>Without a name, she is the ruler of the world and all that is made upon it.
>When humanity left the woods so that they may carve out civilization, they did so in spite of the Goddess. This act angered her, and she cut ties with humans so that nature would fight against their approaches into her woods.
>She lacks a name, as she wiped it away from the minds of man so that no human can ever beg for her mercy.

Hawe, God of the Hunt
>The Leader of Man, the First Huntsman, and the Silver-eyed Son of the Estranged.
>He was the one who lead man out of his mother's woods and into lands where they could make their homes and prosper. In retaliation, the Estranged cut out his eye and placed it in the sky, the moon, as punishment. He now watches over the world, able to seek out and slay the monsters the Estranged makes to terrorize humanity with one eye in the sky.
>Hawe was gifted with the First-hounds on his birthday. As his best friends they would romp through the woods and hunt what they wished. After he betrayed his mother, they were cursed to attack their friend whenever he came near, and together they were able to defeat Hawe, who barely escaped. Not wanting to harm their best friend, they left to the highest mountaintops, so that they wouldn't be compelled to hunt him in numbers he couldn't handle. Every full moon, where Hawe's gaze is upon the world, they weep in guilt, for they cannot be by Hawe's side. The First-hounds' children were the wolves and foxes, and there were those who were able to break the curse, and became man's best friends.
I like this one.
Nobody knows if they're gods, but they seem to know everything and only lose if they want to. They don't do much except meddle in the affairs of mortals for their own amusement
They arent associated with emotions, but they do sponsor certain families and encourage them to act in a certain way
They tend to be quite easily outsmarted, and can actually be defeated in combat, but never killed, and only if the person "deserves" the win or if it would make a good story
Yeshem: giant blue Satan with onyx and Ruby armour that encourages honourable combat
Orthon: giant faceless stone man that gives advice on raising children
Kuelech: shrek-like ent that loves nature
Vathyla: two faced goddess that encourages art, dance, singing and eating
Uleatha: goddess of lying and backstabbing
Mugel: wants people to get fat
Chorol: patron of the rich and successful, appears as an extremely beautiful man
Archull: wants everything written down and all information available for anyone
That's all I can think of
Big ass rip off of Four Suns. Full of cheesy names and pretty stereotypical stuff. World is contested between four deities. When a new world is being formed they compete with each other over who gets to be the chief deity and make the decisions of what the new world will be like. The Chief God designates a condition that the others agree with that determines how long a world will last. Sometimes it's a Sacred Flame that has to be kept burning, A blood tithe, a gigantic tree that has to be kept healthy, etc. When the game starts the Gods are typically fine to explore things and meet the kind of people and creatures inhabiting that world, and things are pretty peaceful. However as time goes on, the temptation of something new gets more and more tempting. They create monster, disasters, unrest, villains, and the Chief God tries to help his world resist, unless he gets bored of it. When the World does end the Gods don't clean up after themselves. They just throw the New World on top of the old one. So if you go deep enough underground you start running into the aftermath of world shattering cataclysms, apocalyptic monsters, and what's left of whatever people or humanity that was able to survive up until that point.

You got:
Nor - Lord of the Piercing Winds.

Eta - Lord of the Torrential Downpour.

Sot - Lord of the Scorching Heat.

Wes - Lord of and the Rumbling Earth.
Emmer, Goddess of the Hearth
>The Kind Harvester, the First Wife, Weaver in the Grain
>Emmer was born in the feilds of wheat that grew outside of the Estranged's woods. She was young, and beautiful, and caught the eye of Hawe who fell head-over-heels in love with her. Once they were married, and humanity left the woods, she taught them how to tend the feilds and weave twine from plant fibers.
>However, the marriage between she and Hawe was strained, as he left to hunt beasts that lurked in the shadows and she left to care for their children. Though they are still in love, Hawe has to make month-long journeys to slay humanity's enemies, leaving his wife alone.
>Emmer is worshipped by all of man, more so than Hawe who is rarely found near civilization, as her presence is found within every home. But they still celebrate the waning of the moon, marking his return home to his wife and the reuniting of their family.

Ferre, God of the Forge
>Father of Iron, the Burning Brother, King of the Coals
>Ferre is the eldest of Hawe and Emmer's children. Steadfast and heavy-browed, he is known to be stoic and firm in his convictions. When he was but a child, he was attacked by a boar sent by the Estranged, but the boar found too late that the boy's blood burned and the beast was slain. From that attack all the metals of the world were bled by Ferre and seeped into the earth and solidified underground as ore.
>Ferre became adamant to help his father defend humanity. His first act after his attempted assassination was to bleed iron into the hearts of mankind, so that they could find strength of the gods within their heart. His second was to dig out his lost blood so that he could reshape them into tools. His third act was to bestow humans their own fangs and tusks, swords and spears, so that they could fight when the time came to it.
File: Gods large banner.jpg (358 KB, 1235x647)
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I'd just roll it up randomly.

File: 1490925313255.jpg (538 KB, 1920x1440)
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538 KB JPG

>Sola, The Mother
All Stars are incarnate gods and our sun is no different. She is the mother of all the worlds and as we are children of the worlds we are her grandchildren
>Merio The High Priestess
The First Daughter of Sola and her priestess bathed continually in her light. She is the patron of priests and scholars
>Vessa and Eyria, the Twin Sisters
The second and third duaghters of Sola and the first to bear grand children for Sola
>Ghom the Wounded Gate
The Red Son who protects his eldest sisters and bears many wounds and scars. He is the patron of warriors and guardians
>Ivisia the Pentient theif
A small planet that is often concealed by Ghon. The patron of thieves and pentitents who want to repent and seek forgivness for past wrongs.
>Yusaas, The Dark Desire
The youngest son who lives at the very edges of his mother's light and patron of explorers

I had one for Saturn/Jupiter type planets but couldn't remember what they would represent.
Thank you anon, I pulled it out of my ass from different words that sounded the same and carried some meaning in a sort of inversion of the whole Brahman/Trinity but I'm liking the idea. I figure it's pitch-black decay, hell on earth giving way to blasted wasteland, and almost idyllic restoration of a newer, better world before the spark of creation/mandate of heaven is lost and slow decline starts to set in, depending on which era it is.
any pantheons of only war gods?
Historical Sparta came close.
>Krondar, God of Krondar
For some reason, I found this profound.
This is much better reasoned seems than at first glance.
Fantasy pantheons are shit.
Goddess of fertility, beauty, sex, love, desire, war, combat, justice, political power, queen of heaven etc.
Reductionist. Tolkien's was well-done, as was Lovecraft's, it's people poorly aping them without understanding what made them worthwhile that's the problem.
God of the wind, rain, assorted weather, knowledge, learning, creativity, arts etc.

God of the south, warm, human sacrifice.

God of the east, agriculture and war, specifically war as connected with agricultural renewal and farming. Flays himself to give food to humanity similar to maize seeds losing their skin before germinating. He invented war. He is also associated with plagues, sickness and eye infections.

God of the north, the night sky, winds, hurricanes, obsidian enmity, discord, war, jaguars, sorcery, etc.
One of my favorites
>Schojor-God of Knowledge
>holy symbol is a light bulb, but no one in the setting has any idea what it is and any time he gets asked about it he says something along the lines of "in due time."
File: thanks to op.jpg (179 KB, 830x467)
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179 KB JPG
In a vacuum, with no other context? That's a shitty prompt OP.
>goddess of life
>God of freedom
>goddess of happiness
File: Morrighan_G12.png (186 KB, 393x506)
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186 KB PNG
You rang?
Y'all fucking retarded autists have no idea what pantheon should look like.
That gods have their connections and overlapping domains, that cycle of year tells the story of gods creation.
I hate that fantasy today doesnt try to show people what it's like.

I can make a pantheon if you want
In the Opar books by Philip Jose Farmer there is (apparently) only one real god and he's literally just a time traveler (who is also Hercules and Tarzan).
Nikandreos: the first Emperor of Osira. He who conquered the known world, he who built the great lighthouse and the academy, he who smited the Polymath of Tara and brought the Merchant Fathers to heel. Apotheosis followed his death at 100 years old. Didn't die to a retarded Pajeet, died of old age. God of Conquest.

Kronos: King of the Gods. God of Storms and the sky. Old man with one hell of a temper, but compassionate towards true heroism.

Diana: Goddess of the Sun and fire. Krono's wife. Dark haired despite her nature. Like her husband: fiery, but empathetic towards good families.

Triton: God of the Ocean. Brother of Kronos. Appears as a big Merman but takes the form of a regular mortal at times. Total Chad, tens of thousands of demi-gods have sprouted from his loins. His statues seem to pose... Sculptors swear they didn't do it! Kronos denies relation.

Mort, the Reaper, Boneman, Baron Skellington: God of Death. Sole survivor of his race. Now he rules the Underworld for Kronos. He doesn't mind. Has mad sex with the Vampire goddess. Likes cats.

Baldur: far northern deity. God of wine and parties, patron of Satyrs and elf slayers. His family didn't like him, so he moved away and found new friends who actually like his fancy parties! HATES Shapeshifters.

Lots of others, but the only other two that stand out in Medievalshire:
>Sol: some say all Gods are just personifications of the Logos: Sol Invictus. The Light.
>The nameless Man: he came to a city one day and became it's mayor. He passed, imparting upon the people that the Gods were just idols they used to personify the one true god... Nah, he must be the son of God!
Tentestacles: god of feces, poop, urine flies, sperm, STIs, and Pajeet.
File: archangle.jpg (136 KB, 1099x1200)
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136 KB JPG
Lord of the Silver Mountain: the God of law, order, justice. Maker of humanity. Opposed to the chaotic god. Has promised to destroy the beast on Judgement day. Anyone who helps him slay the chaotic god will be taken to haven.

Father of Monsters, the Stargazer, the Meaningless: the chaotic god of chaos. Creator of monsters, maker of humanity. Has no goals or wants, just does whatever pleases him.

The Four in One: a neutral pantheon of nature the seasons and balance. The Gray Father, god of wisdom and winter. The Green Daughter, god of fertility and spring. The First born Red Son, god of warriors, harvest and summer. The Feared Second Born, god of magic, rites and fall. All of them are united under the Earth Mother.
argh. the chaotic god created human like monsters like orcs and goblins and stuff. And the lawful god took and made them into humanity
Won't bother naming or describing them because there's just too many, but I'll briefly describe how gods in my 5e setting operate.

In my setting, gods come in two major varieties and are separated into three large groups. The two varieties are true god and conglomerate god. For all intents and purposes to the devout there is no real difference between these two groups, but on a meta level there is a notable distinction. True gods are beings that have their own enormous well of power and can use this to bestow any amount of it onto their believers. True gods will have their own reliable strength and will exist until felled by some means. Conglomerate gods are not gods in the sense that you would think of them, they are born out of a combined belief of a single ideal. This belief creates a well of power that the devout can dip into and mimic the powers of the divine. This requires fanatical belief and if the well of devout dries up, so too will the power. True gods are eternal and don't depend on believers for strength and conglomerate gods are ideas given power that believers can draw upon. It's possible for true gods to become conglomerate gods or vice versa, but this typically only happens in fringe cases.

The major categories the gods are split into are Prime, Greater, and Lesser. Prime gods are the gods that are currently recognized by the major churches and reflect all aspects of civilized life. The Prime gods change every once in a while as the whims of the civilians of the Deltasian empire grow to idolize different aspects of their culture. Greater gods are no less powerful than Prime gods, but they aren't as widely worshipped and are usually in pantheons of their own, for example the wood elves have their own pantheon of Greater deities that they revere. Lesser gods are typically conglomerate gods believed in by small tribes, villages, or cults. Lesser gods tend to come and go and don't have much of a lasting impact on the world.
>Mugel: wants people to get fat
Their chant is
File: buckwild pantheon.png (31 KB, 1155x1055)
31 KB
Pretty decent generator.
File: 1588614003091.png (1.06 MB, 1080x664)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
File: 1583768150762.jpg (211 KB, 1465x642)
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211 KB JPG
Well, here you are.
16 godesses based on MBTI, something like:

ENTJ - The boss lady of the pantheon, the plot in other plots kind of girl that keeps the world running
ENTP - the face of the pantheon, the shining sun, worship or else!
ESTJ - the keeper of order, the underworld administrator, doesn't give a fuck about you, you will die one day anyway
ESTP - the goddess of fun, rebellions and adventure, wants you to live your life to its fullest
ENFP - the volatile neurotic goddess of luck and weather, may hate you one day, love you another
ENFJ - manipulative mommy goddess of nature and running naked in the woods, you want to make her happy and you don't know why
ESFJ - the mommy goddess of families and traditons, be a good loyal husband to your wife to make her happy
ESFP - the slutty god of beauty, love and hedonism, wanna party?
ISFJ - the scatterbrained hipster goddess of arts, all the cool kids are doing drugs, collecting vintage stuff and writing shittier fanfactions
ISTJ - the goddess of justice and bookeeping, be a good boy, obey and enforce law and you'll work toghether marvelously
ISFP - the positive goddess of medicine and cuteness, her presence will heal the world and can mend even your broken heart
ISTP - the autistic goddess of crafts, sit toghether in silence and do some pottery
INTP - the silent goddess of magic and knowledge, shutup and study
INTJ - the lonely tyrant goddess of trickery and schemes, you'll do well to listen when she talks to you
the twelve elemental kings from Dominions except none are humanoid
File: Hyde.jpg (362 KB, 495x682)
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362 KB JPG
My setting is inbetween magic and steampunk much like the Arcanum but with Gods. All Gods represent somekind of psychological disorder. They exist in platonic world of ideas - a stastic idealistic place where is no time and thus no changes happens. To make shit changeable Gods need mortal world.

Ahimas - God of warfare, napalm, technological advancment (non-peaceful one), steam trains and large battleships. He looks like Jeff Bridges (Iron monger) from Iron man but his beard is made of grey smoke. Also patreon of megalomaniacs. He killed like 8 of his siblings to become overgod. There is one left tho

Hyde(ss) - Keeper of the undead and hell, also God of Schizophrenia and Dissociative identity disorder. He also the only god that walks mortal world in his shapeshifting (much like a Dr.Jekyll\Mr.Hyde) form that absorbes other people's and beings identities and storing them in his psychotronic prison mind part of which exists in the platonic world of ideas.

Dezla('na'Gon) - God of electricity, thunder, energy, also chaos and madness. He is completely insane. He looks like a Alexander Anderson from Hellsing with lightings behind him. He can also Patreon of Mad scientists and freaks. He is so insane that other gods locked him up in 5th dimentional prison. Eventually he gets out but gets ass spunked by uncle and his aspect gets stored in Hyde's psychotronic prison forever.
File: DEXTERA.jpg (335 KB, 699x651)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
Samara - Godess of beauty, art, design, music and all the poofter shit elves love. She's also a nyphomaniac. And a patreon of prostitutes. Current number 1 wife of Ahimas. He also has like 3 other wives (Dextera, Polundra, Nautica) btw.

Benozia - ex-wife of Ahimas and mother of Dezla. Godess of fury, nasty weather, storms in the sea, discord, strife and other bad luck shit. She is a reall bitch. Hysterical. Has self-esteam issues.

There are also other minor gods like Nautica - godess of navigation and sailing, Dextera - Goddess of insight and luck, Wortex - god of peaceful inventions and others
Ancient chtonic deities:

Loboda - Godess of the nature, fertillity, harvest and agriculture. She looks like a giantess with 10 tities.

Pastuh - father of Ahimas. God of shepherds.

Scyth - God of death and oblivion. And nothingness. His domain is the surface of the moon.
File: 846425.jpg (30 KB, 318x412)
30 KB
Loboda is mother of Ahimas and Hyde

There are demigods and half-gods as some gods like Samara often descend on mortal world to have sex with handsome lads as well as his spouse Ahimas. He often finds out this which is resulting in death of her mortal lovers. But some survive although they never tell no one of course about this. Some of her lovers are so good they get gift and powers from their divine patroness.

Those mortal women who bear children from Ahimas sometimes survive the hunt by Benozia. Who wants to eradicate all his children except Dezla
The interesting thing about Mugel is that he's just as easily a god of harvests, festivals, and generous nobles sharing their tables that the (usually starving) peasants love as he is a grotesque abomination they'll struggle to resist.
Only need 2:
>Juj, God of law and justice
>KheIOuS, God of chaos and "mercy"

Juj is all about karma and debts. You owe him just for existing, because he created everything you are spiritually indebted to him. The golden rule personified: do to others as they have done to you. Eye for an eye, bread for a bread.
Ultimately, he only finds joy in ensuring that debnts are paid

KheIOuS doesn't care about causality or rules or paying back debts, so his domain includes mercy and forgiveness only on technicality. All your sins will be ignored. Too bad you're housing up with other people who have no reason to follow the golden rule. The strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must.
I'm trying to invent gods for spiderfolk:
> Goddess of darkness
Darkness is good, it hide and protect you, it blind the fools (like humans). By extension, her domain include the will to live, fear, secrets and cunning. Fear is both positive, as it's a manifestation of your will to live, and negative as it can paralyse you or make you act stupidly. Secrets are good too, don't expose your secrets just like you should hide from predators. In society, keeping a low profile hidden in the crowd is her way. She taught spiderfolk to value their own existence, to hide, to control their fears while use the fears of their prey to hunt, but also modesty and prudence. Her form is indistinct and changing, but generally spiderly, though she can have countless legs.
> God of the hunt, justice and pride
Opposite, enemy and consort of the previous one. Associated to the sun, he's like the light: harsh if not burning, but revealing. He can reveal your secrets and your tricks, leaving you with nothing but your own strength to defend yourself. He is the god of the hunt, tracking his preys in their hideout while being in the open. He is strong enough to take up any opponent, and if he isn't then so be it. Many stories have him being tricked. His justice can be a simple as trial by combat, but as long as it is public it's in his portfolio. He taught spiderfolk tracking, self-affirmation, judgement and courage. His appearance is of either a gigantic tarantula or a gigantic bird or any other apex predators.
> The weaver, goddess of craft, tricks and civilisation
Daughter of the two previous one, she's a good trickster goddess and probably the main deity. Its web is both a trap and a metaphor for society. Her main legend tell about how she tricked the spiderfolks into civilisation, having caught them in a web of love and hate, trade and war, duty and all sort of social links. She's also the goddess of crafts, weaving from her mother, smithing from her father.
>shota god of madness fucked half the pantheon
What the fuck
Just rip Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup and switch the names around.
I usually crib Catholicism myself
File: detail0.jpg (448 KB, 900x1088)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
Do you go full saints?
Love this
Why didn't it get more attention
>worship the planets as individual gods like the roman pagans
>We've already done that.
It's kinda the issue with this kind of thread, when some good shit is posted what more is there to be said about it?
So here we have a neat mythology for a men vs nature setting. It is neat.

Well I will try anyway.
> Why is the Estranged mad about mankind leaving the woods when "she is the ruler of the world and all that is made upon it"? Doesn't that include not woods and even civilisation?
> Is there any story between the Estranged (wild nature) and Emmer ("domesticated" nature)?
> Did the Estranged gave birth to Hawe by herself or did she had a consort?
> The Moon is explained, but not the Sun?
> No war god? I'm asking because inter human conflicts would have to be explained in this nature vs civilisation dichotomy. Maybe a child of Hawe that chose his grandmother side or was driven mad by her? A god of mankind inner savagery?
> What about death? Most mythology bring up the topic of death.
I could also see a god of travellers, explorers, roads, cartographers and such. Another child of Hawe trying to encroach on his grandmother territory. Or maybe he admire it? Or maybe both.
Still less perverted than actual mythology.
File: Pantheon.pdf (91 KB, PDF)
91 KB
Way ahead of you.
>good goddess who made the world and all life
>bad god who stole all her powers and claimed credit for creation
>lesser gods include the gods of trannies, faggots, equality, and non-white peoples

Something I made quite some time ago to be plugged into some future homebrew.
File: khvaab1.png (71 KB, 326x626)
71 KB

This one is more of a version 2.0 for a specific desert setting. Artwork is all OC by me.

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