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SERIOUS DISCLAIMER: This storytime is some serious shit which deal with a lot of racist stuff. If you're on both extremes of the political spectrum, either fuck off or kindly refrain from shitting up the thread. While this story certainly make me feel dirty in no way do I want this to turn into some sort of hatetrain thread bitching about republicans or unironic 1488-posting.

This is one fucked up story and I'll bear no harsh feeling if the mods choose to nuke the thread for the board's safety.

You can call me Mike. That's not my real name but it'll do. There has been a small story circulating around the Exalted threads here and there, briefly, about some /pol/lack who roped in players into basically playing his twisted fantasies using Exalted Modern. I'm one of these people unfortunately. True its a shameful story but ive grown older and more mature enough to be able to recite such a tale in a more nuanced manner and explaining how this disturbing story came to be.

This is the story of an Exalted Modern game which went terribly, terribly wong and it went unfortunately too 'right' most of the time. This isn't me bitching about some secret nazi plan to 'corrupt tabletop RPG' nor am I saying people should incite violence or hatred on more right or conservative-leaning people. In fact, one of the players/victims in this game is someone I'm still on good terms with and he's a very devour christian and not the type to start shit. However this game took a toll on him and strained his relationships with others, even leading down a rabbit hole of questioning his faith: if you think /pol/ shit isn't poison to decent people who are right wing you're being biased.

(This is going to be a longass post)
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The players were, and these are all fake names:
-Robert: A very devout christian but generally a bro. As long as you didn't drink or smoke at the table, that is. Drugs TRIGGERED him. However otherwise never once tried to lecture or convert us and would later get really, really mad at Hilbert.
-Aaron: A rather quiet and stoic guy, never really knew much about who he really was as a person. A reliable player but not exactly the most open guy. His reluctance to speak his mind is what helped this nightmare occur.
-Kyle: The mandatory 'psycho' of the group. Not a bad person but loved to play the most destructive characters. Always played fighters of some kind and his bloodlust got exploited by Hilbert.

Now we get briefed on the whole loose idea of what a Modern-age Exalted game involve: basically, a semi-fantasy setting at the era of smartphones and the internet. The various countries of the world don't exist but we got some equivalent. We do get informed about the core concept of what an Exalted is and if you expect Robert to get mad at getting his powers from a 'Pagan Sun God' you'de be dead wrong because this guy actually loved to play Lawful Good Cleric and could separate his faith from the game enough to accept that fantasy settings don't have a monotheist omnipotent God.

Not sure exactly how the game's setup or theme was chosen but we sort of semi-accidentally ended up drawing a lot of inspiration from the '80 action heroes: all-american (well, Meruvian in the case of Exalted Modern, square-jawed badass. Who are also all white dudes. Now here is where I suspect went wrong. Did Hilbert originally intend for his game to turn to nazi propaganda or did we end up accidentally feeding him the idea when we joked about our team being made of apple-pie, freedom-loving gun-toting not!Murricans? All we wanted was to play it a bit tongue in cheek, you know!
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Our party:
-Me: A private investigator and more of a blue collar kind of guy. The kind of guy who look into odd missing person cases and stumble into a horror movie, only to beat the monster to a bloody pulp. Half Columbo, Half Ash Williams...crossed with Mark Whalberg somehow. Not the intent but the rest of the group eventually agreed he was played by Mark Whalberg. Twilight Caste.
-Robert: One of the two ex-military guys of the bunch, he was the mix of combat guy and social who also double as a bit of a default 'team leader'. Also had the best speeches and one-liner. Zenith Caste.
-Aaron: His character was based off none other than CHUCK FUCKING NORRIS!! In other words, a white guy action hero who also did martial arts. I guess he also drew inspiration from Steven Seagall and Van Damne too. A Night Caste, shockingly enough but one who never focused much on stealth.
-Kyle: Kinda a Rambo-John McClaine mashup who looked like Arnold, a complete and utter combat monster and mountain of muscles who was nonetheless extremely skilled in setting up traps and tricking his foes when he needed. Dawn Caste, obviously. Fortunately for him, Hilbert had 'fixed' the Dawn Caste a bit by expanding what each Caste's abilities were, not unlike what EX3 would do.

One has to wonder if the game would have gone the same had I based my character off Denzel Washington...

This is what we had, one home-printed setting document with terrible MS paint maps which made no sense (more on THAT later!) and a couple dozen of pages of house rules which looked freakishly byzantine to us (and were, at least initially). However for all his flaws, at least Hilbert knew how to properly handle people having difficulties with rules. Now on to the story proper! Was this long, yes, but maybe it make telling what happens next easier when I remember it hapenned to real people. So our merry band of pasty white ubermenshc went on their merry adventures. Hahahaha! Haaa....if only we'd known :x
>SERIOUS DISCLAIMER: This storytime is some serious shit which deal with a lot of racist stuff. If you're on both extremes of the political spectrum, either fuck off or kindly refrain from shitting up the thread. While this story certainly make me feel dirty in no way do I want this to turn into some sort of hatetrain thread bitching about republicans or unironic 1488-posting.
You're an obvious bait poster. Return to the hellpit from which you came, foul Redditor.
File: kungfury.jpg (29 KB, 474x296)
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Because 'the crazy' hadn't settled for a few weeks I'll skip over the start real quick: not!South Americans terrorist and drug smugglers. No one really batted an eye at this, even if it foreshadow the rest, mostly because it drew heavily upon the image we had of the 'War on Drugs' of the '80 and '90 and movies like Robocop. This give time for our guys to adjust to the whole 'Chosen-by-the-sun' thing... Oh and Kyle's character murdered a LOT of people.

Our characters were obviously confused by all this because 'Neo-Pagan stuff' was, just as much in the setting as real life, something most people don't understand. The vast majority of people in Meruvia (as portrayed by Hilbert) were either some sort of not!Christian or some sort of agnostic or atheist. It wasn't all that different from real life in that regard. Except APPARENTLY the 'true gods' were the imprisonned and defeated Celestial Incarna and everything else was fake. Robert, being a bro, never once berated the GM for this plot point even if he obviously found it a bit tasteless...but part of me think he kinda knew this would happen due to knowing a bit about Exalted so it wasn't a shock.

It didn't take long for us to start seeigng that Hilbert was going into full 'fedora mode' (or so we initially thought, anyway), showing the not!Christian faith as quite corrupt to the point of being rather cartoonish. Robert took this one a bit better because he's a Protestant so I can imagine it was easier on him to learn that the Pope was satan or something.
Fake and plebbit
File: kungfury2.jpg (94 KB, 474x902)
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The 'cracks in the masquerade' weren't something we noticed because initially we felt like the good guys and, arguably, we were as we encountered:
-Illegal Immigrants running some really shady shit with forced labor, which we freed. Initially we didn't think much of the situation as Hilbert hadn't go fully insane yet. This was child labour, sweatshop and sex shit and everyone agreed it was bad people exploiting an already messed up situation.
-A corrupt preacher for a big town who had dabbled into the occult and was a child rapist.
-More drug dealers, peddling insane magic-drugs which made people increasingly mentally unstable. culminating in an epic battle with a giant tentacle-roach-demon-thing which ended in a warehouse and a whole (mostly abandonned) city block EXPLODING!
As you can see, it seemed more like Werewolf: The Apocalypse or Hunter: The Reckoning crossed with Exalted, which was cool. Then real cracks started showing when my character investigated everything which connected all these threads and everything always led to some rich 1% fuck, a government official or some celebrity activist. This led us (long story!) to examine the secret society at a local not!Ivy League college and functionally led us deeper and deeper into some crazy-ass secret cult wearing black hoods, summoning demons and eating (and raping) children in mass using their connections as rich people. That's where we fought our first Infernal Exalted and that things truly kicked into high gear and the over the top shit Exalted is known for.
File: colbert.jpg (17 KB, 474x311)
17 KB
Busting open that cult was NOT EASY, primarily because of all the demons, shapeshifters, androids and other weird shit they had going on, not to mention that Infernal who nearly kicked our ass before our 'not!Chuck Norris' punched him to the point of explosion or something. Unfortunately, this is where we had spent so much Essence that we were all glowing super saiyans. You see, our group had agreed to try to lay low and avoid using their powers to reveal what they were as to avoid catching the attention of the medias. As it turned out later, this has spared us detection by the secret rulers of the World. Obviously, after kicking in the door gun blazing and fist burning that would no longer be an option.

The cult's base (and, indeed, Infernal Manse as we'd later find out) was truly a house of horror debauchery and pure decadence, with gold walls and ceilings...with said walls covered all over with instruments of torture and other sick shit. And then Aaron just HAD to remove that mask the Infernal Exalted was wearing. Oh fuck. Oh shit. Because we passed those rolls to indentify him.

He was basically the setting's equivalent of Colbert or some other not-really-super-funny Left Wing pundits and 'talking heads'. It should be noted that I never found Colbert funny, so in this case having fought Demon!Colbert was actually so surreal we spent a good 30min laughing at just how absurd this whole thing was. That he had also almost killed us just made the whole thing funnier. If only we know.
File: 943Aa3.jpg (16 KB, 474x316)
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After that we tried to bring the photos and recordings of the crazy rape-necrophillia-whatever sex dungeon. Bad idea. Next thing we know, the essence-powered special forces supersoldiers 'Terrestrial Exalted' jump us to try to nip this in the bud (after our evidence gets destroyed). One fight scene and dead Exalt later, our characters each find out they've basically had their lives and history rewritten/revised. Their families are dead and now the media have painted us as something like some sort of crazy right wing 'american sniper navy seal copypasta' strike force. We've become, to meme it up, the 'Right Wing Death Squads'. Except we had NEVER KILLED ANY CIVILIANS EVER! Now we got the entire 'system' after us. Well shit: so much for trying to save innocent people from demon cult, rapist, child exploitation and other nasty things.

From then on we were wanted men. We tried to make allies but any ally we made was found dead, brainwashed, erased or had their lives ruined with false accusations. Of course, being Solars we had enough power to repel a lot of the shit thrown at us. Unfortunately we couldn't always abuse our Presence and Socialize charms (and we were a bit poorly built with those) to completely clear our image. We fled Meruvia and did our best to fly the fuck away to Bumfuckistan, didn't matter where as long as we were in some nowhere country with less smartphones.
If you can’t separate your political ideology from a game then you don’t deserve to play. The point of role playing is to assume another identity for fun. It’s like acting. Anyone who can’t control themselves and inserts their personal politics in a game OVER (this is the important part) telling an interesting story either shouldn’t play or should stick to playing with people who agree instead of fermenting tensions IRL
t. Nazi
File: innawoods.jpg (64 KB, 579x410)
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Things went to shit when we headed South-West into not!Africa-crossed-with-not!South America. Of course, we didn't know at this time that this Creation WAS indeed flat. It never really occured to us to check if the world was a flat plane or a globe. To be honest it didn't matter at the time as we stuck to a few locales and went by plane and boat. Anyway, suffice to say that with a guy like Hilbert the locals were never really portrayed in a flattering manner. I mean shit-in-the-streets bad, you know the memes, people. Unfortunately for us, Aaaron flat out said out loud it was probably 'much like in real life' so we obviously blamed the rich white folks. Look, I was younger and dumber.

It didn't take long for us to sink to the deep end as we kept going further and further away from the centers of civilization, hounded by shadow creatures, Terrestrials and Sidereals (not that we knew what those were). Tired of running, we settled in the deep jungles and went full blown 'crazy survivalist mode'...crossed with our insane powers as Solars.

2-3 months in real time (and even more in-game) we'd embraced this 'disturbed survivalist' mentality. Our charaters lived in the woods, hidden in a manse-base we had carved off the side of a mountain which connected to these Viet-Kong style tunnels we used to move around, stealing shit from the trucks of local warlords. We were stockpiling normal weapons all the while we were delving into the more supernatural aspects of the world. Our characters had picked up even more skills for things such as farming and fishing and being a party of Solars we accomplish great things in a short time, becoming a four-men army of nutjob survivalists who shat in wooden buckets and didn't talk to any other people. We'd gone from bare-chested oiled action heroes into mildly unstable grizzly bearded nutcases. We didn't trust anybody that wasn't ourselves.
File: jungle.jpg (43 KB, 474x266)
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You have to understand that the game had become almost like this sandbox exploration: we were at the edge of the known world and the only people were crazy, stupid superstitious backwater savages who fought each others nonstop and enacted the Rwadan Genocide on a monthly basis. Of course, what we soon found out is that we were near the edges of the 'map', where the Wyld begin. For those not familliar; the Wyld is the chaos beyond the world's edge in Exalted. It's a bit like the Warp of 40k in that it warps people. On one hand we had the crazy drugged not!African Warlords and on the other we had what they were holding back: mutant beasts, fey, barbarian mutant cannibals and weirder shit. It was hell and we even fought a couple kaijus. Bare-handed.

After a while we got tired of this shit and decided to get serious. Robert's character started almost-brainwashing some of the natives because it was the only thing to do to motivate the most lazy and fearful of them. Next thing you know we're almost mind controlling these people, turning them into soldiers. We feed them, we give them clothes and give them weapons in exchange for their loyatly. Next thing you know we ourselves have become crazy warlords and tyrants. We'd seen them do so much dumb crap we decided it was for their 'own good'. You see, this is where we'd started to go all 'evil': we LIKED the game, we really did, but it had been so challenging (and indeed we LIKED said challenge) that we'd all slowly fallen down the path of becoming everything we hated both as players and characters.
File: woodhut18.jpg (52 KB, 540x180)
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To recap, at this point:
-My character is the least insane.
-Robert has gone half crazy guerilla leader, half Heaven's Gate.
-Aaron is sabotaging shit left and right and stealing everything for our coming war.
-After one too many dumb shit from the locals who refuse to adapt and stop acting like a bunch of dingus, Kyle's character flip his shit and fall under the Great Curse and murders an entire village to 'make an example' of them. The disturbing thing is none of us feel *too* bad given every time we tried to make these villagers better people they went back to raping, genital mutilating and snorting gas. We're short on fucks to give about these morons.

A (mild?) genocide later and pacifying some more Wyld monsters later we finally re-enter society for the first time in months. However by this point both us and our characters have changed: suddenly, this milquetoast city life, even in a poor country doesn't seem so appealing. We've played our characters as these hardass survivalist ubermensch. Society seems so trite, so weak. What a farce! These people, even those in third world conditions, become lazy assholes who all they want is stuff their face with food and watch brain-numbing TV as soon as they get money. Meanwhile our characters were hunting down behemoth kaiju and butchering them for meat and essence-reactive materials to craft (something the ST had implemented in the game and what drove a lot of our hunting, allowing us to eventually start building Orichalcum artifact weapons).
File: wwcb67.jpg (30 KB, 474x262)
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It doesn't help that even in the middle of nowhere, everything could always be traced back to the rich fuck Infernals. They were deliberately engineering the instability of the region: constant war and suffering meant more weapons to sell and, in turn, they recruited these nearly subhuman savages who knew only suffering, war, drug and rape and planted these people in the developped countries sow chaos. Again, whatever suspicions we had we tried to brush it off. Or maybe we're all that fucking stupid and did not see where Hilbert was going or maybe we were all coward. At this point one could argue we still saw these poor people as victims, which was NOT Hilbert's intention (he only wanted to paint them as sub-human brutes) but presumably he worked with it to keep us invested in the game rather than flipping our shit. I think on some level we understood that places IRL like South America and Africa are indeed messed up places and most good people there are powerless to unfuck their homes.

Okay so, this has been a very long story so where does the 'nazi' part come in, you ask? It's coming soon damn it. It's just I needed to explain to setup which had led to our transformation from action heroes to nutjob who wipe their asses with pinecones, stockpile rocket launchers and nukes and enact casual genocide.

A side note about history and mythology:
To understand where all this mess is going, we need to look at the setting mythology of Exalted Modern. The most disturbing thing in all this is how little Hilbert had to alter to make this comply with his neo-nazi shit, which goes to show that it doesn't really take much to turn hyper left-wing shit (and let's not kid ourselves about White Wolf write, their writers in the '90 were neo-pagan and anarchist) and tweak into a Neo Nazi's wet dream.
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853 KB GIF
Fuck man, I haven't seen a legit storytime thread on /tg/ in so long, I'm thirsty for this shit.
These are direct, copy paste quotes from the book:
>The Yozis spread their tendrils throughout reality. Malfeas— worshipped as the One True God or the Black Jade Emperor—is immanent in the endless void between the stars, while his sister Cecelyne—whom mortals call Saint Cecilia or the Silver Dowager—entwines with him through the fabric of limitless space. She Who Lives in Her Name pulses through the geometry of constellations and galaxies; Hegra prowls the borders of mortal dreams and nightmares; the Ebon Dragon watches from every shadow.

Okay so God is actually the closest thing Exalted has to The Devil. Yeah, big deal, White Wolf always had a thing for gnosticism and hating the Christian God. Except...
>Though Meruvia is religiously pluralistic, a majority identifies with the Immaculate Church, a monotheistic religion born of a Southern desert cult. Doctrine claims an omnipotent God shaped Creation from Chaos millennia ago, then redeemed humanity with the death and resurrection of the wisest of his seven sons—emerald-eyed Lucien, the Phoenix Angel, Prince of the House of Journeys. Many denominations focus on the Last Age: an apocalyptic war wherein all evil spirits will be destroyed and the Church’s followers—living and dead—earn eternal life.

One thing people easily forget is that Christianity is basically an offshoot of another religion, one far older. That's right, Judaism. If the not!Christians of your setting are worshipping demons then what does that make of your not!Jews? WHOOPS. This detail has formed the entire basis of Hilbert's campaign: that the not!Jews, or Yooz (Yozite) are in fact demonic worshippers if not demons themselves. Everything about society was engineered from their lies, or so did Hilbert's story go.
File: eldersofzion.jpg (45 KB, 411x627)
45 KB
Who is often seen as the poster boy of the Yozis as of 2nd ed of Exalted? The Ebon Dragon, not Malfeas. It's TED who is the most iconic and active Yozi and he is the ebodiment of what people describe as 'dickishness'. He's also a dragon. A LIZARD, if you will. Jewish conspiracy theories and David Icke's lizard people shit. The Infernals control the other Exalt type: the dragon blooded lizard people Terrestrials who are engineered to be their soldiers and puppets. These can be super powerful elite agents or minor celebrities while the Sidereal and Lunar exist as Illuminati-like figures and shapeshifters.

Everything in the entire world is ran by the Yozites. Always has. Always been. The Exalted, especially Solar Exalted were the original god-kings of Creation, some Ultima Thule-ish master race which lost. The others betrayed them. The Yozi won and made reality the way it is. Then they bred Wyld creatures and Fae to 'pollute' the 'pure' blood of humanity, with only the setting's not!Whites still having enough pure blood away from the animalistic or demonic-tainted 'savages'. We didn't originally intend to all make white dudes for our party, okay? I think the general idea is that we all had made our characters on our own end and sort of wanted some '80 action hero thing. It was an honest accident on our part.

But Hilbert? I think he saw an opportunity.
I think the point OP is trying to make is that some people, Hilbert in this case, are real determined in spreading their POV. While most people can deter it, it can affect a few others. Basically how a cult starts.
File: heart of darkness.jpg (102 KB, 474x694)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Did he plan all this from the get go? Im not sure, not entirely. I guess the game just sort of organically emerged from his edgelord action hero shit he wanted to initially run the game as but by the end he was laying it on thick. The thing is, by that point we're at 4-5 months IRL into the weekly game and are actually quite invested despite how messed up it got. Our entire lives were ruined, we were public enemy number one despite having those golden bullshit powers. We had the power to change the world.

So what do we do? We prepare. For armageddon.

We know Solars are functionally immortal so long as something much stronger doesn't kick our shit in. We're still at a lower Essence level still but we know we can raise this shit to Essence 5 (or technically beyond). We also know the edges of the world is where the Yozite influence is weaker: sure they exploit the place but they don't have the iron grip of modern, digitial society. So we plan.
>My character is a Twilight Caste so I start dumping all of my XP even more in anything that help me gather information AND craft stuff. Right now, Sorcery and Necromancy is a bit beyond my ability as its a Yozi thing. Info and material gathering mean I'm good at getting every intel we can get on every local warlord.
>Robert: By that point he's a demented cult leader but from the player's POV, he's trying to instill 'good values' of solidarity in the 'savage natives'. That he need to regularly make an example of people doesn't matter anymore, since the world is so stupidly grimderp.
>Aaron and Kyle: They just learn to kill people even better. Oh and they help train ninjas and shit.
We're gonna build an empire from these mud-slinging savages, since....yeah we ARE better than them! We have golden super powers and magic swag. We can kill hundred of them. We can craft anything better than them. We are, for all intents and purposes superior and we are on a mission from God.
Half the shit you're complaining about as nazi shit is just the canon setting for exalted modern.
File: pumpedupkicks.jpg (80 KB, 600x531)
80 KB
To be honest at that point the game had taken a toll on our minds. It was subtle at first but it slowly crept in. I don't want to say this is some Dark Dungeons-level stuff but it definitely influenced us as we started to joke more and more about how much we hated modern society, since the world reflected in Hilbert's game was basically our world but worse (or maybe just more honest?). Every single politician was in bed with literal demons and kids were regularly tortured and raped. Every political movement was subverted and a fake opposition. It was hard for that shit to not creep into our brains.

It also started to hurt our relationship with others because we'd gotten more edgy and acted more like assholes due to Hilbert's influence. I guess we were already frustrated with modern society even before the game and Hilbert played into our fears and frustrations. I think that's the real danger: I'm sure quite a few celebrities and politicians are indeed kiddy-fuckers and it gets covered up. Still by that point we had gotten really absorbed in this idea that we were some sort of superior breed of men, at least within the story of the game.

At that point our entire group was really deeply mad. Human lives didn't matter in-game since everyone was either a tool of the Yozis or a tool for us, which was only siding with us because we were powerful. After murdering a dozen warlord, drug lords and other assholes we'd started to brainwash and control as many of these villages and gangs, slowly converting them into 'cells'.
File: ultimathule.jpg (42 KB, 474x419)
42 KB
At some point we started wondering where the other Solars were. It couldn't just be the four of us, right? We tried to enact more violent wars and purges on any village or small country that was too corrupt or unusable, trying to kill two birds with one stone. Surely some 'hero' would step up to challenge at us at some point, right? Yet none Exalted. Eventually I turned my info gathering skills to looking at people who would be deemed public enemy by the Yozis. That's when the pattern slowly activated: all were macho white men who reveled in violence. There was no other type of individual which would turn into a Solar Exalted in that setting. No woman. No minority. Only angry survivalist types, ex military or religious people. The Sun only chose those which fit a certain ideal.

Then Hilbert admits it: the sun only choose heterosexual white men with a strong passion and a deeply rooted dislike of modern society.

Some of us got mad as the last shred of our sanity started screaming alarm bells. Problem is, as he pointed out: we'd spent six months playing society-hating, woodlands-shitting survivalist who were on a mission from the True Gods to free Creation's master race from lizard-demon-space jews. Even worse, we'd reveled in our power and the knowledge our characters WERE indeed 'superior men'.
And ain't that funny from a super woke company like White Wolf?
Sounds less like your GM is a nazi and more like he gave you what you asked for
t. Thread starts with trigger warning
That's not what t. means. Lurk more.
>This storytime is some serious shit
>a lot of racist stuff
>This is one fucked up story
>nuke the thread for the board's safety
>one of the players/victims
>poison to decent people

>its literally nothing
What, you cried because there were no women or black token superhumans? Fuck that, it sounds like you were having a fun campaign and one faggot (probably you) decided to try to apply real world politics to a self-aware 'grimderp' (self described) setting
>You see, this is where we'd started to go all 'evil': we LIKED the game, we really did, but it had been so challenging (and indeed we LIKED said challenge) that we'd all slowly fallen down the path of becoming everything we hated both as players and characters.
Basically, you played out the Great Curse, in which the Heroic Exalted eventually fall to Tyranny. This happens even in the history of Vanilla Exalted.
>There was no other type of individual which would turn into a Solar Exalted in that setting. No woman. No minority.
Harmonious Jade stares in disapproval of this nonsense.
>decided to try to apply real world politics to a self-aware 'grimderp' (self described) setting
The GM literally roped players up in his Nazi bullshit
>only heroes turn into heroes
This is your big nazi punchline, op?
>only white men can be heroes
ok bigot
So the GM spent like 6 months immersing you all into a whole other world and playing through a campaign of epic proportions that even makes you reevaluate your views of the modern world, and you're mad at him because his disdain for women, fags, and blacks got mixed in? I understand how that would grate on you, but in this case I think the game is so good that dealing with that shit is definitely worth it. Honestly I would take your place in a heartbeat.
>Play Thule Society Solars for 6 months
I mean.
Cool storytime but the fuck were you expecting, OP? If for some reason you didn’t like the engaging worldbuilding enough to put up with being Nazi Solars just tell him nigga. Just try to meet him half way about chilling on that shit if it makes you uncomfortable. And if there’s no compromise to be had, just walk away. It’s just a game.

But I mean also, I don’t really see much to complain about. It apart from the last sentence it seems to be just a pretty straightforward Great Curse breakdown played for modern sensibilities. It’s not like the ST has you singing the German national anthem and reciting passages from Mein Kampf before engaging in social combat.
>White Wolf circa 2012
>Super woke
I have no clue how you got that idea.
fuck off nazi crawl back under a rock
I am not drunk enough for this to be funny sad, so it's just sad.
File: Major WWII Leaders.png (2.43 MB, 2134x4810)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
Nazis were idiots.
File: Back to Reddit.jpg (153 KB, 712x878)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>SERIOUS DISCLAIMER: This storytime is some serious shit which deal with a lot of racist stuff.
I really thought this was going to go somewhere. The fact that it just STOPS is irritating as shit.
Seems based to me. Did Hitler really start the trend of having cacti in your home?

Also, this is absolutely biased. How can you not mention that Churchill was a fucking drunk idiot, even his most famous speech is him rambling incoherently while clearly intoxicated.
And what happened next?
Or are you going to tell me you stopped when things started to become really funny and interesting?

The only thing where I can see a person getting triggered at is "only white heterosexual men", but that is really it.
Can you not deal with a fantasy world where a conspiracy theory is real?
Why are you even playing a setting which lends itself to that idea so well that it took you 6 months to figure out that it was based oppf an absurd caricature of real world conspiracy theories.

This seems like a you problem...

> No woman.
The sun is not insane. I too wouldn't chose women to fight for me if I had the whole world of men at my disdposal.

>The Sun only chose those which fit a certain ideal.
What do you expect, choosing a black cripple to lead the charges against evil?

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