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I am sorry about the wait, but I promised to deliver. Work was extra long tonite, sorry.

>Roxxy Team threw me through an train course.
>I ran my ass off and didn't even get close to the goal time...
>I feel so weak and in pain.
>Before I even had time to catch my breath, it was target practice again.
>A trooper from Roxxy team dragged me to the showers near by, I thanked the good man.
>Thankfully I get to use the officer showers, so I get some time to relax by myself.
>"~Please come to my quarters quickly, I have need of you.~"
>Or not.
>I hurry up and finish, heading to the locker area.
>Legos is waiting with my plain white robes for when I refill Big E's wineglass.
>Guess this is official business.
>The few officers getting dressed seem tense with a fully armored Custodes present.
>Guess they must have missed him til I walked in.
>How do they do that?
>I get dressed quickly and strap on my fancy ass bolter pistol that I still have not fired even weeks later.
>"~As a warning, Horus is here. He has been briefed about your knowledge."
>Thanks for the warning, Big E! I would have panicked harder with out it!
>As we approach the Emperor's personal part of the ship, I notice them.
>The Luna Wolves.
>I see a few in robes, but most are in armor and guarding certain points.
>It is kinda surreal, but I am mostly use to Custodes by now.
>The Luna Wolves mostly seem to ignore me, likely because I have Legos with me.
>We eventually get to a door with just Valdor out side.
>Well there is a janitor cleaning some vent, but you get my point.
>"Legos, you are dismissed."
>Valdor nods at me and I take that as the go ahead to enter.
>The room is pretty simple but the table is HUGE.
>The top comes up to my chin! And I am 6'2!
>Big E is wearing his casual wear of white robes and a red sash.
>Horus is shorts and had a massive towel on his shoulder?
>The hell?
>Big E greets with a nod and Horus looks... worried?
>I don't know what I expected.
>"~Please have a seat, we can discuss our business after we eat."
>I get seated in a special totally not a highchair, and raise my eye at Horus.
>"forgive me , but what is with the shorts."
>He straightens out and shrugs.
>"I was ambushed right before I was summoned here. My transport was targeted by Cathi resistance. They seem to have taken offense to seeing my face."
>I laugh, that was good.
>"My armor was in no shape for dinner, and Father summoned me up while I was showering."
>"That makes two of us."
>But I still got dressed...
>Seemingly guessing my next question, Horus beat me to it.
>"My robes where on the transport, they didn't make it. My personal ship is a day out, hunting the Cathi fleet remnants."
>I make the cross, Big E groans against it.
>Horus doesn't seem to get the reference.
>Our food arrives, just a simple but filling stew of I don't know what and some bomb ass bread that is amazing.
>"~Thanks, I worked hard on it.~
>"You bake bread?"
>"~It's a hobby.~"
>I guess everyones got to pass time on long trips.
I am tired, I will post more later.
i like this
Very nice
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Hell yeah
fantastic i was just gunna make a thread asking if you came back.
>Horus is a pretty Cool dude.
>That might just be the whole Primarch thing effecting my brain.
>He took the knowledge of the Heresy in stride, only asking for clarification on certain parts.
>It did bring about a depressing aura though.
>"~On more positive news Angron has been contacted. He just had the nails implanted, however they have not fully set. We can remove them but He will need intensive medical treatment for years.~"
>I feel a weight off my shoulders.
>"That is amazing news, what of his friends?"
>Horus lightly pounds the table and responds.
>"They have been rescued as well, many where armed my the Army to take their revenge. The Highriders are being purged as we speak."
>"Fuckers had it coming, it is highly likely the where chaos cultists even if unwitting. Will this slow down the crusade?"
>"A bit, but with your knowledge we have been put ahead on many parts." Horus, shakes his head while talking.
>"Any luck contacting Magnus?" I look to the Emperor, HE smiles.
>"~I have, he has been told his legion is on it's way, however they still have many worlds to take on the way there.~"
>"That is great, we need him on board asap, he will make pinpoint the location of the others far easier."
Very good anon I was wondering when you would come back. Story time.
>"~I have also decided to accept your 'tabletop' idea, it has merit for training officers as well as a fun way to pass time in transit.~"
>I light up like the nerd I am, this is great.
>"~However the minis idea isn't viable right now, we are starting with your back-up idea first as a test run."
>Kriegsspiel, it is.
>"My brothers, Solomon and Russ have express the desire to meet you. That is long off though as they are far off fighting Orks."
>I still have no idea on how to feel about meeting the second primarch, but meeting the Wolf King should be grand.
>Horus and big E spend some time asking about different parts of lore, then we hit something.
>"~You are telling me this Commissar Gaunt found a STC for the Men of Iron? One tainted as well?~"
>The Emperor has taken a much darker tone.
>"Yeah, I don't remember where where, but I DID read it. Can you pull it from my mind?"
>"~To do so safely will take time, that is why we most stick to talking. I can do so, I am cancelling your training for the next few days as we will be sorting this out."
>"Understood." I nod, not like we can risk another war with the Men of Iron.
>"Will this hurt?"
>"~It should only put you into a coma, but rest assured every precaution will be taken.~"
>T-that is actually better then I was expecting.
>I was ready for a 'here bit this leather and try not to die...
>Horus speaks up, "I think these 'Sabbat Worlds' are close to where the 8th Legion main forces are currently deployed. I suggest they handle it when we have a proper location."
>Being strapped down by the doc was unnerving, as well as being hooked up to medical devices and what I hope was an IV.
>Turns out I was given a mouthguard, so I didn't bite my tongue off.
>Big E was right, I didn't feel a thing. Everything did smell of mint for a bit though...
>I didn't even dream, just closed my eyes and opened the to find out two months had past.
>Two months?! I was told a few days!
>The human doc was dead and I was being tended to by a Luna Wolves medic. The Doc tried to kill me while I was out.
>Legos cut him in half, doc didn't even see him in the room.
>Big E lost his shit and personally beat some noble that ordered the hit.
>But why try and kill me?
>To the nobles I was just the guy who held Big E's cup of wine during Court.
>I at first thought the noble was a chaos agent but no, just wanted me replaced.
>Fucker, I didn't even ever speak to the prick.
I got to get ready for work, I will post more after work.
This is amazing, keep on writing bro
hurry up and post more plzz
Bumping this thread for the Emperor
I approve this bump.
Would knowing even help ease tensions between the primarchs though?
They didn't exactly het along
This is the kind of writefaggotry we could use more of.
Fuck yeah

thanks man
Write anon, don't forget to warn EMPIEBEAR and HORIPOOH about konrad curze, mortarion, and perturabo who each have really bad non-chaos stuff making them angry
I have returned, writing now.
>"I want to be the one to kill him."
>Horus looks me in the eye with a harsh glare.
>"Can you?" he speak, with doubt.
>"Yes." I speak with hatred. "I want him to look me in the eye as I final use this bolt pistol." I place my hand on said weapon.
>"It would be wrong to deny you justice, but must you personally spill his blood? You have never killed before, don't be so eager to do so."
>"They drew first blood."
>"Are you quoting something?"
>Damn he is on to me.
>He growns, "It is your right, just make it quick and clean."
>Damn, I was gonna kneecap him, let him suffer then vent the airlock...
>"Fineeeeee." I drag out.
>"We have arrived."
>Where the fuck did Legos come fr-
>Nevermind I give up trying to spot the Custodes.
>We walk into the courtroom, where the head noble is that ran the group that tried to kill me.
>Lucky after the Doc slit my throat I got better.
>Thank the Emperor I guess. They were not expecting me to be a Perpetual.
>Still months I will never get back.
>The Lord Whatever-the-Fuck is standing at an raised platform, clearly cuffed, but trying to look regal.
>We are ushered right to him about 10ish paces.
>"Why did your family want me dead?"
>"Politics, we didn't expect the Emperor to feel so personally offended he would kill my cousin personally."
>Is he just admitting it?
>"Politics, really?"
>Lord Whatever-The -fuck shrugs.
>"You win some, you lose some."
>"You really suck at politics then."
>Now he is glaring at me.
>"I change my mind, just throw him out the airlock. I am not wasting a bolt on this retard."
>The fuckwad noble start losing it, and ranting like a madman.
>I just walk out.
>Then I hear nothing.
>I look over my shoulder.
>Horus knocked him out cold.
>Some Troopers drag the pomp away.
>"~This has been a mess, sorry about all trouble.~"
>"It is fine, the guy is family is dead."
>Emps and I are in a fancy suite, much better then my room. Which is still a nice place on par with a decent hotel.
>This place is more like a ballin penhouse, we are in a hottube.
>Big E looks great, no homo.
>"~Thanks, but this is NOT alright. You will be compensated appropriately. Examples will be made of the branch families, lands and charters will be ceased.~"
>Damn, his voice is like ice.
>"Is this really that drastic? I am just a cupbearer officially, how will the other nobles react?"
>"~This was an attack on MY household, this cannot be allowed to stand unpunished.~"
>I lay my head back enjoying the jet.
>"Do I need to do anything?"
>HE nods a no.
>"~This will be handled, just take it easy for now, light training only. Your lessons with Malcador will start again next week.~"
>"How goes the vetting of my personnel?"
>"~We have reassigned some staff, as for guard we are assigning you a team of Solar Auxiliary Veterans. We were gonna do more standard Troopers from the Army, but we decided to make a point after this mess."
>Damn, I let out a long whistle.
>"Aren't they the elite vanilla humie soldiers, aren't they gonna resent guarding my boring ass? Pardon my French."
>"~They have earned a softer assignment, but should they be needed better to be safe.~"
>HE takes a sip of some really strong drink I can smell from across the tub, wat the hell even is that?
>"~Just building my tolerance up. I don't plan to lose to Russ this time.!~
>HE chuckles and toasts, I return it laughing.
>We just kinda chill for a bit, I feel I really needed to just relax for a bit.
>This has all been so crazy.
>I try not to linger on how I might fuck up.
>"~This has been relaxing, but I must attend my duties, farewell for now.~"
>Big E is up and already being redressed by his Custodes.
>"I guess I better head back then too."
>"~No need, this suite is yours.~"
>"Damn Really?"
>This is a REALLY nice place, my old suit was nice, but this is Mcmansion tier.
>"It belonged to the Noble you had spaced, consider it revenge."
>HA, that just makes it better.
>I show the bossman out of my new digs.
>I kinda want to look around.
>Mostly just storage and living quarters, a dining hall, kitchen, atrium (where the hottube is), a lounge and bar.
>Some staff comes by later with my few things from Home, and new keycards.
>Also got a notice for the Solars Aux coming my way.
>Wonder if Legos is still gonna stay my guard as well?
Pretty based OP, I'll wait for the second collection to go up.
/tg/ delivers.
I want to write more but I am tired from work. I have tomarrow off so will post through out the day.
I am winging it mostly.
Saving the Imperium from the heresy could make things even worse later on. The luxury and extravagance hasn't lessened, which could draw Slaanesh's gaze to Fulgrim at the very least
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