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Nechronica thread!

Today I'm gonna talk about media that I feel has strong Nechronica energy for inspiration in your campaigns. They aren't as much "things that resemble a Nechronica campaign" (except for the first one) as much as "things with a lot of creatures that would fit well in a Nechronica campaign".

>Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw: The story of a highschool girl with a chainsaw who slices up the mad science zombies created by her insane necromancer classmate
>Pygmalion: All the mascots in Japan come to life and start eating people
>Dolly Kill Kill: Giant dolls from outer space descend from the sky and start sucking people up with vacuums to make into meat paste.
>Girls Last Tour: Two girls are stuck in a totally ruined megacity landscape and try to survive

There are probably more, but I can't think of any right now. Feel free to discuss all sorts of Nechronica things in this thread.
A 'Girls Last Tour' inspired Nechronica game, especially if it draws on the artists other work, could be a lot of, maybe not fun, but a trip worth taking.
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>been prepping storytime on and off for a minute
>thread goes up while I'm at work
RIP. But at least it gives me something to do when I get home.

>other work
I'm not familiar with their other stuff. Care to drop some names?
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The world is a hard place.
I find the episode Waltz of Deep Space 9 provides a good example for how you can have a powerful dangerous madman/woman/thing that still values someone who despises and opposes them even though they are in a position to kill them.with impunity.

I guess Dukat's whole existance for most of the series as a monsterous person who doesn't understand himself and copes with the world around him not catering to his needs to be admired by all through self delusion and all the insanity that comes out of that can be helpful in figuring out ways to do a nechromancer as a GM.

Coincidentally Waltz is also the breaking point where Dukat finally embraces who he is, so it's also the last time he's the the kind of person who won't just kill you.
Does anyone have sheet templates for building Savants, Horrors, or legions in Nechronica?

So far I've been making them individually in libre office's a spreadsheet editor. But it's slow going.
>Templates for Horrors and Legions
They don't really have hit locations (and Legions don't really even have parts). What would you need a template for?
Anyone have some ideas I could krimp for a short-ish 5-6 session campaign? Thinking of having the party wake up in an underground bunker/bunker complex in the middle of a snowy mountain range but I don't really have much idea of where to actually go with the story.

Entertaining the thought that they're soldier units that have been activated in the wake of some power upset between the Necromancer and an outside force, with the Necromancer leading them on by the nose to disrupt the invader until he can put something together. Problem is I dont know how I'd resolve that plot.
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he's written Flan Wants To Die (a very sombre touhou fancomic) and is in the middle of releasing Shimeji Simulation (a 4-panel "comedy" series that's very surreal)
on top of that the guy makes a lot of individual art pieces out of his twitter without any connection to his works, similarly ranging from silly to surreal to saddening
I guess your right. I don't need one for legions.

With horrors though it's nice to have a template to put
"What is this"
"Why did I make it for"
"Notes to myself on how to protray this thing"
And then a list to pupulate with parts that also calculates undamaged Max AP and also has a cell for calculating current Max AP as I mark off parts as broken,
and calculates a threat level since even though threat levels are only very generally useful as a tool for assessing the potential impact of a unit in an encounter, it's still important to keep track of it.

I'd like the same with savants but with the list separates into into sub sections for each region of the body.

I'm very slow at arrythmatic, even more if I have to do it in my head, instead of stop, write it down, and work it out.

So the more I have sheets that can calculate things for me the faster I can run combat as a GM.
What do you guys use to play when physical meetings isn't an option?
Discord. Both for IC text and OOC voice comms. One of my groups plays on Tabletop sim for a board while the other uses Roll20. Either are workable, though the TTS guy likes to build maps for us out of scenery when we're exploring during the Adventure Phase.

Is this that guy that keeps drawing the suicide angel art?
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Fuck yes, Nechronica thread
Does the Girls Last Tour anime adapt the entire manga?
no, it stops like 2/3rds of the way through, after the submarine chapter
Submarine chapter?
It turns out that a whole section I thought got written down, didn't. So I'm detailing that bit from memory right now because it happens to be immediately relevant to the storytime. Wups.

Have a bump I guess.

Why is there another jaw in the dirt while the mummy still has his? Did he bring one?
File: zac-meddah-corridor-front.jpg (230 KB, 1920x1080)
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Okay, so writing is finally completed. Posting now.
For anyone who wants to recap, you can find the previous bit in this thread: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/69780101/#69853900
If anyone wants to catch up on the whole thing, feel free to ask for links or you can go digging around on 4plebs by searching for Tachi or Protoca.

>The party scavenges materials from the downed robots and soldiers, returns to B3-206, repairs him, and then comes back up to the door.
Port picks up Metal Case and a 'Heat Knife' which is a Range 0 Melee Attack 2 + Chain Attack 1 for 2AP. Just a little homebrew part for some melee backup.
B3 got an auto cannon in addition to his new arms. Auto Cannon (homebrew again) is basically a Twin Pistols on steroids, though I forget the exact stats.
Frankly, it's been long enough that I've forgotten what the other girls picked up.
>Along the way they notice all Dead in the city and the ballroom have collapsed like stringless puppets, silent and inert.
>Tachi forces open the doors.
>Beyond, is a simple steel corridor. Clear, plastic-like pipes run along the corners of the hall. Nothing seems to be moving through them - several of them are shattered.
>At the end is another door.
>The door does not open. A keypad flashes to life to its side.
>It is alphanumeric.
>The top of the keypad flashes and displays a message:
>The text crawls along the screen in a rotating loop.
>Tachi tries inputting 'DANTE.'
>Nothing happens.
>"Any ideas?" Tachi asks.
>Port taps her chin, raking her memory.
>Protoca frowns, eyeing the clear plastic pipes.
>Port's eyes pass over Protoca's face. She remembers something. A name? It's not connected with anything. "Lemme try," she says, shouldering forward in line.
>She taps the name 'KLEOS' into the keyboard.
>The keypad flashes red. Once. Nothing else happens.
>Lily tries, typing, "ORPHEUS."
>The keypad flashes red once. Nothing else happens.
The mummy is the last member of a party of dolls who were locked into paralysis. The others have wethered away. Hence the jaw.
>For anyone who wants to recap, you can find the previous bit in this thread: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/69780101/#69853900
>If anyone wants to catch up on the whole thing, feel free to ask for links or you can go digging around on 4plebs by searching for Tachi or Protoca.

Or you could go to the sup/tg/ archive and just search for Nechronica. Pretty much every thread that will come up from that result from June 2019 onward has storytime in it doesn't it?

I guess not all of it is PORT storytime.
File: CoffinRoom.png (1.46 MB, 1331x698)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
>"Maybe there could be a clue in the books we picked up?" Tachi ponders.
>Lily shakes her head. She points at the keypad, then her head, and then shakes her head again.
>She pantomines a rising plane with her hand, then slams her palm to her...
>...realizing she has no other palm, she frowns, then slaps it against the wall instead.
>Port quirks an eyebrow. "Icarus?"
>The keypad flashes red once. Nothing else happens.
>"...things to do with Hades?" Protoca suggests, shrugging.
>She inputs 'HADES.' Nothing happens.
>"I guess there's Persephone. But she was carried off by Hades himself."
>Port blinks. "How do I know that?"
>Protoca tries 'PERSEPHONE.' It flashes red once, but nothing else happens.
>"Together?" Port suggests, but nothing happens.
>"That seemed too poetic anyway."
>Protoca steps away from the keypad and returns to warily glaring at the pipes.
>"...Something flowed into the door." Protoca observes. "Something that flows?" Her hand tightens up without her notice.
>"The river Styx flowed towards the entry." Port's brows pop up. "Oh. Is that the answer?"
>Tachi punches in Styx
>The keypad flashes blue, and the door lock rotates and then slides apart.
>The room beyond...
>It slowly lights up as they step through the doors.
>Coffins. Like Protoca's. They line the walls in row upon row. Dozens of them.
>Pipes pumps glowing blue fluid into and between all of them.
>One stands prominently in the center.
>Behind it is another door.
>Some spaces are absent of coffins, and have small hollows where they would rest, along with a digital plaque.
>Tachi goes up to one of the plaques to read it
>It reads: '#09 - ORPHEUS'
>"Orpheus" Tachi reads aloud
>The other girls start to disperse, gawking at the devices, though Lily stays close by to Tachi.
>Port comes to one of the hollows and stops, gawking at the plaque.
>She grips the edges of the plaque, fingers creaking from the pressure. Her fingers are pressing hard enough to tremble.
>>"Maybe there could be a clue in the books we picked up?" Tachi ponders.

I read everything.
I don't remember anything about the party looting books, even when they went through that library.
...That's a funny oversight, lol.
So, there was only one book, and it was in one of the glowing display cases (along with a set of prosthetic limbs they went on to use to repair B3, who was basically just a boot knife at this point.)

The book was more or less Roselia's diary, and a sketch (presumably drawn by Roselia) of her group. Tachi was not represented.

There were Roselia, Lily, Sakura, Violet, and Freesia initially. Thorn and Thistle were met later, in a group defending the exit for a facility alongside a mech labeled 'Arachne.' They socialed Thorn, Thistle, and the mehc.

After a series of relatively standard adventures which weren't detailed, they ended up trying to ascend this tower to defeat the Necromancer.

It didn't go very well. Lily got cut off from the group and fell behind. The Arachne Mech got sent ahead of everyone else. And everyone else got toasted, roasted, or went mad due to their Sisters getting toasted and/or roasted.

Roselia's handwriting at that point kind of went to crap. Her pen tore through the paper, and she stopped writing new entries.
That's also true. I don't really like using sup/tg/ because it doesn't have the links for navigating replies, so I kind of forget it exists. Probably not a good habit on my part, because it honestly does seem like the most stable archive available... I just don't like navigating it.

They recovered several books from the Library, one of which was a journal of Tachi and Lily's former group. Port examines the journal in detail here: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/69780101/#69856780

>"Number seven. Philotes. S-s-Samantha Thampson." Port looks up to the rest of the group. "Isn't that- isn't that me?"

~~A memory overtakes her...~~

>Some time ago...
>There she was - the same place as usual.
>"Heya Sammy!" A young woman's chipper voice.
>Your voice? A familiar voice.
>A child turned, looking down at her from atop a wooden castle. "...Miss Cleoh!"
>Your voice!... Wasn't it?
>"None of that now! We both know---" Chiding, but not serious.
>The scene changed.
>"So what were you doing out that late anyway?" Cleoh, the older woman (You?), was asking as they walked down the street, hand in hand.
>"Ah, well... Um..." The child kicked her feet bashfully, looking anywhere but at Cleoh as her long, brown hair glistened in the sun.
>Long...? Brown...?
>Time passed.
>"--I'll have to cut my hair." The child was saying, despondent.
>"Ah. Yeah... That's a bit of a shame isn't it." Cleoh said agreeably. "But short hair isn't so bad, right?" She pointed at her own head.
>"It's cooler in the heat, you know. Summer's been getting hotter recently."
>"Mm..." The child mumbled.
>They were near the girl's home now.
>"-I know you'll be a good girl and let them fix you up, right? It's super important. I don't want you getting hurt." Cleoh was saying.
>"But... you'll..." The girl said.
>"Hey none of that now! It's written right here! My job is to 'Protect'-" Cleoh jabs a thumb at her sweater.
>>She grips the edges of the plaque, fingers creaking from the pressure. Her fingers are pressing hard enough to tremble.

Welcome home.
File: Cleoh.png (114 KB, 352x548)
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114 KB PNG
>"-and part of that means getting hurt so others don't have to." The girl murmured sadly. "Then... fine. I'll cut my hair so you won't worry... but you better not get hurt!"
>"I can't promise that..." Cleoh said, "But you know I'll be back on my feet soon even if I do."
>The girl ran off to her home, and Cleoh watched, smiling, eyes shut to keep tears at bay.
>"How long after that, though...?" Cleoh wondered quietly, thumbing the new implants under her collar.

~~The memory shifts~~

>"How are they here already!?"
>"Does it matter?! We're fucked either way!"
>"Stow it! Get to your posts - we've got people to evacua---"
>Screams. Screams and gunfire.
>"What the shit?! Already!?"
>Cleoh tried to ignore it all.
>She sprinted for the access, her squad hurrying behind her.
>The civilians had been moved underground a long time ago, but--
>--she glanced at her tactical readout, seeing the arcology map slowly turning red.
>"...Come on! We need to get them out!"
>Maybe it wasn't too late...
>The cargo elevator hums as a trio ascends.
>Cleoh is in the middle, flanked by her two squadmates.
>The names won't come through the memory. The rifleman on her left is reciting the Lord's Prayer, the designated marksman to her right is stoic behind his gas mask.
>Cleoh checks her filters and adjusts her body armor.
>The elevator grinds to a halt and the door opens, spitting the three of them out into the corridor to Checkpoint Alpha.
>Cleoh and her squad move up into the checkpoint and get an update from the gaurds there, but they don't know much more than she does.
>They're all in the same get-up she and her men are in; fully environmentally sealed suits under slabs of body armor.
>IFF signals on this floor are completely dark, minus the men in the room with her. A product of the Gloom.
>Despite that, she can hear gunfire from beyond the checkpoint's walls, though it's not in the immediate vicinity.
>Cleoh checks her tactical readout.
Actually ended up giving away more than the book itself originally had, lol.
It's all information the party'd figured out/learned by now so w/e.
>Checkpoint Bravo is through the gate and down the hall, where it sections off the entrance to the civilian living area.
>There is no IFF signal from beyond the door.
>The mess hall is north of her, on the Eastern portion of the hab block. Unimportant.
>The block warehouse and cargo handling area is on the north portion of the hab block; an exit, but not an immediate objective.
>The school is on the West end of the hab block, on the opposite corner from Checkpoint Alpha.
>The objective is there.
>Service ducts honeycomb the hab block on this level. The nearest entrance is the corridor they just came through.
>Cleoh signals her men back, the soldiers at the checkpoint seal the door behind them as they go.
>There's the sudden sound of shearing metal.
>Gunfire erupts from the checkpoint.
>The IFF signals wink out from Cleoh's HUD, though the gunfire persists.
>No time. Into the ducts. They close the access door behind them.
>The access ducts are cramped, only wide enough for the team to go single file, but they're free of the Dead, and that's all that really matters.
>The route towards the school takes them North, and then corners sharply West.
>It's still quiet as they pass close to the mess hall, in spite of the carnage they can hear echoing through the concrete.
>The maintenance corridor takes them right over the hallway leading into the cargo handling warehouse; a ventilation grate gives them a good view of the warehouse proper from one side, while the other side allows them to observe the hallway
>The hall is choked with the walking Dead. Dark mist drips from their forms like fouled wastewater.
>The warehouse is a scene of chaos.
>Two hulking abominations are in a melee with a mechanized Protector unit large enough to dwarf the both of them put together.

A glimpse into the last days of the last age of mankind.
True. I figured it might be a cleaner way to put it in the storytime since we didn't have notes of when things were put together and I don't think we really talked about it IC.

>the central part of the unit resembles a coffin. Eight armatures spiral off of the machine's shoulders; currently it's using four of them as stabilizers while battering the humongous Dead with the remainder. A pair of massive, glowing blue tanks are mounted to its back, though one has been cracked open in the combat.
>'ARACHNE' is stenciled onto its hull in bold, white letters.
>There are robotic infantry units there as well, tangling with humanoid Dead on the floor. As ever, the Protectors are outnumbered. They fight on anyway.
>But it's not the objective. Cleoh signals for her men to be quiet and continue the advance. The school is close now.
>A wave of relief washes over Cleoh as she rounds the bend for the last stretch.
>There's a little yellow shape curled up in the darkest corner; a girl in an environmental suit. Cleoh can see a little pair of cat ears peaking out from the top of the environmental suit's hood.
>It's Samantha.
>The corridor rattles as gunfire roars on the other side of the wall. It never stops. The Gloom is still too thick for Cleoh to pick up any IFF but it's clear the school has been breached.
>But Sam is here. They can still get her out.
>Cleoh and her men regroup over the warehouse hallway and go to work. Sam does her best to cover her ears through her hood.
>The marksman kicks out the grate and drops a grenade out into the hallway, splattering Dead all over the walls. Cleoh and the rifleman go loud and start dropping targets from their elevated position.
>They aren't able to take off enough pressure to save the mechanical infantry, but they do mop up the Dead advancing on the position.
File: f9.jpg (550 KB, 1555x1181)
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550 KB JPG
>Arachne doesn't even really need their help; the mech clobbers both of its assailants to paste with little ceremony, throwing the two smaller giants around like a pair of heavy ragdolls trapped in a cage match.
>That's the exit clear. There's a cargo elevator here that will take them to the surface.
>The team descends from the duct and takes up position on the elevator.
>Cleoh does some talking with Arachne, and eventually talks the unit into extracting with them. The Arcology is lost.
>The elevator screams to life. The motor is damaged and protesting... but it rises.
>How had it come to this?
>Over the course of the battle, Cleoh's (my?) group splintered.
>Arachne was caught in a melee with another abomination.
>Cleoh's squad mates fell one by one, as did those she managed to link up with.
>Eventually, she ran alone with Samantha through a dying city.
>How had it come to this?
>She clutched her wounded arm tightly, fighting hard to keep the pain from showing on her face.
>Her helmet was useless now, and her gut... she sank to the floor.
>Crying. The child was crying.
>"C-Cleoh... Cleoh..."
>They were in the city now. She'd had to exit the tunnels or else they would have been trapped between two hordes.
>But now they were trapped in this building instead. And she was dying.
>When she died, the child would too.
>It was pointless, in the end. The tears, the struggles, the laughter, the promises...
>She understood why her comrades had turned their weapons on themselves now.
>"Cleoh... Cleoh!"
>She still had something to be strong for.
>Reaching over her ravaged torso with her good arm, she found her medical kit. A blue light leaked through it's seams.
>She palmed the syringe within and jammed it into her neck. It hurt. But the pain that boiled up as the concoction went to work was blinding.
>It was all she could do to keep herself quiet as she forced herself to her feet.
>Today I'm gonna talk about media that I feel has strong Nechronica energy for inspiration in your campaigns.
asgr's older art gave me Nechronica vibes before I knew what Nechronica was
File: Spoiler Image (256 KB, 600x530)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
This game has been going a long time.
How do you avoid burnout?
>asgr's art
I had no idea this artist was a thing.
It helps when you only play once or twice a month on a good month... lol.
>"Shh..." Cleoh tried to calm the worried girl. "Just hide over here."
>There was a freezer nearby, busted and unpowered, but the steel construction was sturdy. And the Dead would be too stupid to open it.
>Cleoh pulled Samantha towards it. "Can you do something for me?"
>She opened the freezer and took off her now ruined environmental mask, overing Samantha her best smile. "Hide in here a minute. I'll be right back, OK?"
>This was her only chance, even if it became a lie.
>If it was a lie... she would have to make it the truth. Even if just for a little while.
>She left Samantha in her hiding place and exited out onto the street, purpose in her step.
>Her body burned as the serum continued its work.
>The STYX serum.
>Based on the agent used to raise the dead. But unlike true Necromancy, which sought to reconstitute a corpse into the form of a perfect human, the serum's purpose was reversed.
>Rather, it transformed a living human into an immortal corpse.
>STYX resulted in a stable psyche - so long as the brain was intact - and all benefits the Dead enjoyed that made them so implacable.
>Hoever, it did nothing for pain. And the pain of one's body being broken down and remade was truly indescribable.
>Once injected, the serum could not be removed or reveresed, and the pain would only continue to grow.
>Cleoh knew her life was over, even if it would theoretically go on forever. Eventually she'd go insane the normal way, if the Dead didn't tear her apart first.
>But that was fine. With this strength she could accomplish her mission.
>The Dead were coming.
File: corpse.png (17 KB, 178x152)
17 KB
>The Dead were coming, and Cleoh met them. Dozens upon dozens of Dead. Her rifle's muzzle flash lit the city streets in a strobe of death. The barrel smoked, glowed red, then white, warped from the heat. But she never stopped.
>A hulking abomination came, and she put it down. And then felled a second just the same.
>She fought even after she had completely expended her ammunition. She fought and fought.
>At this point her only weapon was the shovel from some dead trenchman - ripped from reanimated hands.
>The phasic field emitted by the shovel was no longer functional, so it was little more than a blunt instrument.
>Even so, she fought.
>She just needed to clear this horde and then they could move to a safe sector. The Protector units would be moving nearby. She just needed to clear a bath and link up with them.
>She needed to-
>--pain. The dead shot her. A soldier? Soldiers shoot. Dead soldiersshoot too, right?she shot things ,so probably.
>kill. Kill.kill. have to Keep killing.have to Get Back... over? where there? Over there.
>Can't find her. Press button.the signal... help help her... cant.
>... I look so messy. Am I really that tall?
>Oh. The sky.
>Endless pain.
>Distantly, Cleoh watched her body fall into the mindless hands of the Dead.
>That was bad.
>She'd told a lie. A lie. She had to get back.
>Stupid. Pointless.
>Hands closed in around her.
>Port dreamed. She dreamed of the past - of tragedy, and heroism, and in her sleep she cried, and she cried, until...
>"--ear me?"
>A familiar voice pierced the chaos and gloom.
>"Hey, can you hear me?"
>Port woke, fresh tears unnoticed on her cheeks.
>"I can hear you."

~~The memory fades. She's back in the coffin room, surrounded by her sisters.~~
File: Cleoh.png (586 KB, 555x730)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
It's kind of a shame how the writing takes a bit away from this.

I'd like to take this moment to point out that Port was actually playing as Cleoh through this encounter in a side session independent of the main game.

Also, that Cleoh went out like a total boss. She just kept killing everything I threw at her in escalating waves until I eventually just had to drop like five hulks on the board and say 'So these show up with a fresh wave of undead. She dies. The following occurs...'

She just kept rolling Crits. One, after another, after another...
File: Cleoh.png (969 KB, 1073x600)
969 KB
969 KB PNG
This is true. Cleoh went up against 120+ Legions and two very strong Horrors and came out without taking a single point of damage. I must have rolled like eight perfect 10s that combat.

Pic related was the board state as the 'rocks fall' scenario kicked in.
>"The coffin *is* missing." Protoa muses... and then looks at her own, eyes widening slightly.
>The experience of the memory is already retreating from Port. It's... seperate. Segregated. Not hers?
>It's too much right now. Port picks up right where her brain left off. "But- but Sam wasn't part of the Styx program. Was she? She was so young."
>"Styx program?" Tachi asks. "what are you talking about?"
>"...Program?" Protoca questions.
>"I- yeah. Cleoh's pedestal should be here. She-" Port looks at Protoca. Blinks. "You had an implant that used liquid like this. It's what made you able to fight off all the undead after we broke out of the bunker."
>"...Cleoh's?" Protoca tries the word, musing almost wonderingly. "Cleoh's..." She looks to her coffin. "So... this is hers?"
>Tachi walks clockwise around the room, reading off names before stopping in front of a vacant pedestal. "#003 - Kleos --Cleoh Thampson"
>Port's eyes go wide at 'Thampson.' "Oh. I didn't- I hadn't remembered that."
>Tachi, pauses at the next vacant pedestal. "Mine is here too," she says, quietly reading the words to herself.
>#005-Chariot (Missing) Tachi Hanamura
><Rest in the safety of your father's pride.>
>Tachi looks down at the plaque "Tachi Hanamura. That is my name." She says holding up one of her own hands in front of her face, watching the fingers as they clench into a fist.
>Port scrambles her hair as she rakes her fingers over her scalp, baffled. "But- but how? I fell into the ravine. How did I- How was I here?"
>Lily takes Tachi's fisted hand in her own and squeezes it gently.
>"..." Protoca looks taciturn, but has nothing to say.
>"...maybe you were rescued?" Hope suggests innocently.
>"Lily..." Tachi says, squeezing her hand gently. "Yours might be here too. Do you want to find it?"
>Lily hums... then shakes her head. Pointing to her heart, she cups her hand and then smooths it along her torso. And then points at her heart again.
Fuck it's 3am.

Time to sleep.
>Then she points at Tachi, mouthing something intently.
>Tachi recognizes the motions as sign language.
>'No.' 'I am' 'me.'
>'You are.' 'you.'
>'And that's enough.'
>"I can't remember..." Port's face falls slightly. She looks up from her plaque and towards Protoca. Gingerly, she taps across the space between them and clasps Protoca's free hand. "But... I'm glad I know now. Why I felt like I knew you back then."
>She smiles, it's brightness dulled some by her haggard appearance. "It's because I did. I always did. I'm glad you found me."
>Protoca smiles softly. "...I'm glad you were found."
>Tachi nods and smiles, giving Lily a pat on the head. "Thank you Lily. I understand, yeah it's enough."
>"Soo..." Tachi says a little louder to everyone. "What happens if we open one of these?"
>"It'd be disrespectful." Protoca says. She grips her arm. "I... don't think most would want to walk this world." Then she glances at Hope, who is poking B3-206 right now while it stoically ignores her and scans the room for threats.
>"We should just focus on what we came here to do. This place... why can't a tomb remain a tomb?"
>Tachi nods. "You have a point." She says moving to examine the door at the far end. "We should probably move on."
>The information flows out of Port's mind like water. "The Styx system is a life support system at it's base. If we tampered with the coffins, it might kill them."
>She blinks in surprise at herself.
>"...or plunge them into eternal agony." Protoca murmurs morbidly.
>Port squeezes Protoca's hand a little tighter.
>Tachi shivers a bit and nods
>The group begins to move on, shuffling through the far door of the coffin room.
>The door has no keypad.
>But beyond it...

And that's where I'll leave us off tonight. I have to go to bed. To follow I'll post up the full list of the names that were on the coffins, in case anyone's curious. Many of them actually had descriptions and stuff on mouse-over.
Full Styx subject list:
#003-Kleos (Missing)
Cleoh Thampson
<Rest in a hero's glory.>
#005-Chariot (Missing)
Tachi Hanamura
<Rest in the safety of your father's pride.>
#007-Philotes (Missing)
Samantha Thampson
<Rest in the memories of your friends.>
#009-Orpheus (Missing)
Subject 03a6d
<Rest in the embrace of a sweet dream.>
#023-Loki (Missing)
Liliana Rossi
#028-Unknown (Missing)
#029-Unknown (Missing)
#031-Heracles (Missing)
Tyler Ethridge

A few of these are idle references among the group, but I figure some might be interesting. G'night all.
I'm thinking of running a one-shot of this at some point, because I think the basic premise of the combat system is really interesting. But there is one small thing that confuses me: How exactly does the Spine part work? I mean, yes, it reduces the AP cost of a maneuver by 1, but it also says the part itself has an AP cost of 1, which seems a bit self-defeating. I guess you could use it to stall for 1 count while still not "losing" any AP but that seems like a rather niche use. Is that all it's used for, or am I missing something?
File: 1581506171517.jpg (316 KB, 853x1280)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Has anyone played a game of Nechronica where non-abusive parental figures are a thing?
Have the plot end with the dolls getting ripped to bits by the enemy because they are their nechromancer's ace in the hole in more ways than one.

See the enemy is going to scavenge and reuse the dolls parts, unaware (just as the dolls themselves are unaware presently) that these particular dolls are designed to take over whatever their dismembered parts are incorporated into. So part of the epilogue twist is that the PCs aren't dead in a last stand after all and in fact are temporary multiplied (or I guess divided) and able to choose to betray their nechromancer and run off, or finish their job and return to their nechromancer.
Do those exist?
In IRL? Yes.
File: 1567559872825.png (303 KB, 642x800)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
>I guess you could use it to stall for 1 count while still not "losing" any AP but that seems like a rather niche use.
that's exactly what it's used for
if there was some kind of benefit to being a single count past where you are now, say "one of the other dolls could move me up a zone this count and then i can attack the next", you're able to do so without spending extra AP to move up on your own, or something similar
it's not something that you're going to use every session, but it's not useless
File: 20190912_203440.jpg (4.08 MB, 2448x3264)
4.08 MB
4.08 MB JPG
>Is that all it's used for, or am I missing something?
That's effectively all it's for. It's to let you 'pass' your turn if you're not sure about what you want to do without wasting an AP. It's pretty niche but it's an extra part to break and it lets you try to minmax your AP usage a little.

I've got a Baroque with a single adoptive dad who's raised her since she hatched (Necromancer in this game had made a completely functional sim city/nation[?] where the undead he put there experienced birth/aging/death. We're not sure how far that cycle actually goes yet). Which is something, because they're physiologically completely different and she's got a lot of animal instincts kind of baked into her that normal undead human types don't have. There was a whole week where he couldn't get her to eat anything and was losing his mind trying to figure out why she was starving herself. Turned out she'd found a termite nest in his stairwell to snack on all day and was just full.
What kind of daughter is she?
Bounces between being a demure, bookish dork and an overly adventurous troublemaker.
Most of the time she's a pretty straight-laced daddy's girl. She adores her dad and spend most of her time helping out around his library or reading. But she also has a penchant for getting into trouble, since she's engineered to be a predator. Mostly this is fine, because part of her helping out in the library is scuttling around the aisles/stacks to eat pests like rats and mites (and she's actually eaten enough squirrels that they won't come on the property anymore). Other times it's not as fine, because she likes to go free running with one of her friends and they frequently get into abandoned or condemned buildings to go exploring. She even picked up lock picking as a hobby to facilitate this, though she doesn't really use it illicitly besides getting into places kids aren't allowed.

But mostly she's a pretty 'normal' girl (for her home) who's gotten wrapped up in something way bigger now that the rest of the party has shown up in town.
Neat thread.
My game has been going for over three years now. My players are super dynamic and always keep surprising me. I'm glad I've been able to entertain them so much.

As for Burnout, it's not something I've felt I've encountered. Nechronica by nature is something that is completely unfettered. If anything, I had to have restraint and slowly unravel to the players how alien the world they are exploring is. If anything, I feel the game proper is carried by the weight of the story and the drama, with the battles only happening at critical points. It makes sense since at this point the Dolls are extremely powerful, so only other formidable champions can really pose a substantial threat to them.

Every single one of the Dolls in my game come from a loving and caring past. The knowledge of what once was and now forever lost serves as a strong motivation for a lot of the Dolls, to try and protect and share humanity and hope in a world that has none.

Not in that game, but it helps if the GM can get creative with combat encounters. Some people might find the lack of out of combat mechanics a problem, but honestly, it's not as big of an issue as some might think, since there's no mechanics to get in the way of things either. A GM that can present an interesting scenario/NPCs can keep the game interesting for however long it's going to last.

Burn out from combat getting boring is usually going to be the bigger issue, especially if players tend to make builds that don't stay fun to play for long, in longer campaigns, giving the players the occasional option to retool their character, within reason, can help with that.
I quite like that idea, actually. It's an easy bit to leave off on and pick up later if we want to revisit the characters.

Think I might have them include some bonus parts on their sheets to start, like an Aentenna so I have a way for the Necromancer to lead them along more directly (plus it doesn't offer huge bonuses right off the bat).

>(plus it doesn't offer huge bonuses right off the bat)

It does if you're a holic. You could give someone an extra treasure that's a radio instead, it'll still give someone a bonus, but losing 1 extra madness per combat, as long as it doesn't get busted, isn't really something you can heavily exploit.
Ah. I hadn't thought about Holics, that's a fair point.

Big reason I was thinking of making an Antenna was because I wanted to do more than just audio communication. Stuff like text scrolling over their vision, or things getting highlighted. I guess there isn't really a reason that this sort of stuff can't just happen but having a physical transmitter as a Part on the characters seemed like the chance for some extra roleplay opportunity. I guess I'll have to think about it some more.

If a player already goes that way, you can do that, or just say the necromancer stuck shit in their eyeballs to do that. Things are flexible like that.
Bump for interest.

Personally, roll20 with discord for OOC voice (mainly facilitating questions and what have you in combat). Done it also in IRC and Discord exclusively. Roll20 is the best, at least for facilitating combat as it works well enough as a digital table top and there's not a lot of futzing with things on the player's end. Doing it through discord lacks the ability to subtly introduce music/noises and things like that.

Also for fun, here's old enemy parts from games past.

>Sadism [auto/0/Self] +1 to the attack check of doll that's gained a madness point through spirit attacks or failed madness checks
>Stasi Tools [Action/2/0] Melee Attack 1+Dismember+Chain 1, the target of the initial attack must roll a madness check.

>Crash [Auto/0/0-1] Unarmed 3 + Area, this attack can only be used after all movement parts are damaged and this part is damaged. This affects both the area Whirlybird is currently in and whatever zone it targets. If Whirlybird survives the crash, it is in target zone.

>Shifting Mass [Auto/0/Self] Any Auto timing maneuvers that give a bonus to attack checks targeting you are negated.
"Whether through odd, pulsating mutations or erratic movement, this monster is so unpredictable that the usually insticts that allow a doll to hit it are useless."

>Camo-Net [Auto/0/Self] Friendlies in the same zone as you are not revealed until they attack or move out of your zone. Attack checks targeting you receive a -1 to the check.

>Filet Legion [Action/2/0] Unarmed 2, for each point of damage this attack deals, add 1 "Psycho Bird" legion to the zone you are in
Smoke stacks
Is laser beam meant to be a middle ground between sniper rifle and Anti tank rifle?
File: 1396141531333.png (113 KB, 700x500)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

No, that'd be bear gun. T1= 1 Damage for 2 AP, Tier 2= 3 Damage for 3 AP, Tier 3= 5 Damage for 4 AP. Laser is just 1+Dismember.
File: 9mcafbvmscr01.jpg (66 KB, 1024x635)
66 KB
You could kind of consider it that if you equate lots of damage with blowing off a limb, but it's more to give ranged attackers a Dismember option.

I guess on the subject of attack parts, what might be some good things to pair with a Flamethrower? The doll doesn't have much else to attack with at the moment.

What the character class/position/skills? That's going to be a huge factor in what's a good idea to pick up.
File: Meltie.png (2.61 MB, 837x815)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
That's a fair point.
She's an Automaton Stacy/Thanatos, though I might pick up an Alice skill or two for fluff reasons later. Her skills are:
>Drama of Death
>Organ Donor
She's a doll trapped in a mechanized medical unit, intended to be used as an on-demand organ bank for repairing others in the field. The only other 'equipment' type part she has right now is Coffin.
I love the system, but does anyone else feel it's a magnet for That Guys? It seems every group I've joined or talked with has had at least one problem player that completely misses the mood of the table.

There's always something like
>they want to be edgy and evil while the rest of the party is good
>they act like an anime stereotype
>they enjoy being a little girl too much
>they do not like being the little girl at all and just act like a D&D murderhobo

Flamethrower's a pretty solid weapon to use on its own. Really, the only thing you'll want a back up for is either on a different hit location in the event it breaks/dismembers, or an enemy has an auto-part that negates explosive. 0-1 is a good enough range band that you don't need to worry about picking up something with even longer range. So with this in mind, let's see what you could consider:

>Scissor Hands
Bit of an odd one, but you can pick it up from the very start easy-peasy just from starting class reinforcements and it doesn't take up a more important higher tier slot. Gives you a good amount of versatility with little investment if no one in the party has a dismember part. Reasons to not take it is if you have another PC with a rip and tear build or a dismember-centric build, you're gonna have overlap and things that counter them counter your back up. Also it's on the arms so a dismember still disarms you (and steel bones would probably be the better pick instead of this to counter that specific scenario).

Really weak damage but it can go anywhere and stagger is a very powerful property. It does compete with scope, which can be very useful for nuking things with flamethrower.

>Saber Tooth
Another you can easily pick up at the start. Not going to rock anyone's world as you can't pick up anything else to boost its damage without paying out the ass, but it'll provide more reliable raw damage against explosive-negation and it's on another hit location. Unlike Scissor hands, it's not competing with any really useful situational parts.

There's also Cleaver/Fire Axe/Boot Knife, but those are ARMs and really only that desirable if you have a T3 part you want for a 3rd attack part. Again, flamethrower doesn't really need a back up part that bad and you'll likely get better mileage out of defensive/supportive parts. Made to Be Broken should be nabbed regardless because chains want those +1 to checks.

Not any more than any other game, frankly. You just gotta build a good reliable group out of the decent players of any other game. All of those things you mentioned you'll see in any other game in some form, just replace little girl with "Woman/Elf/Whatever"
File: EKW_uUfXUAI356l.jpg (153 KB, 900x636)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
i wouldn't say that it attracts them, it's just that the tone of nechronica is both very specific and also unique to every group, like you say, and it's not easy to pick up on that for some people
like, you join a DnD game or any such high fantasy game, you and everyone either know exactly what it's supposed to entail, or your DM sits down and says "it's like that but with a slightly major difference but its still high fantasy"

meanwhile, nechronica's flavor of suffering being inflicted upon emotionally vulnerable people in a strange apocalypse isn't something that many people have experience with or expectations of, and it can be further confused by your GM deciding not to play with the standard setting or going for a different-but-still-equally-obscure tone and aesthetic
You're probably thinking of Avogado6
I'm not sure the range backs that up.
>>71610706 #
You gotta be careful when assembling the group.

My first Nechronica group was a group I'd played two Maid campaigns with and none of them had been That Guys.

The players in the Nechronica Campaign I'm running are Portanon, Port DM, and someone Portanon has known and played in games of forever but was new to Nechronica specifically.

So in the former case I played with a group that I'd vetted.

In the latter case I asked Port Anon if they wanted to join a Nechronica campaign I was hoping to run. They said yes.

I then set up a meeting in an IRC server where we could talk anonymously and figure out if each of us found the other to be likely good group material, we HAD met on 4chan after all, then I set up a Discord server go host the game and went to recruit other people I'd known and vetted.
It turned out all of them were unable to play due to IRL issues. Then Port told me about 2 people he thought would make good additions to the group, and after listening and asking some questions I agreed.

We then spent a while working out characters and what kind of campaign we were looking for.

We've been playing since July of last year.

The game's been going since Jun
Oops. Ignore the last line in that post.

Also It was YEARS between my Nechronica game with my MAID group and this one.

I've been careful.
File: 1385426540516.png (11 KB, 300x500)
11 KB
>Things that help you play Nechronica

This song has helped me get in the right headspace lately.

File: not_okay.jpg (18 KB, 360x360)
18 KB
>want to play Nechronica
>Can only play cute boys
>people who play cute boys are always seen as that guy
life is suffering
Not if it's an all boy party.
Ok so I'm wanting to do a short Nechronica campaign with a wild west vibe.

How would your recommend starting up some gunslinger savants that are powerful enough that the dolls are going to have to get stronger before they can take them on and free their wasteland town from their tyranny.

I want them to be an obstace the party has to work toward instead of face right away. Also I'm considering having a scene where the gunslingers wipe out a bunch of giant stampeding horrors that could have destroyed the town, after the party, on their way home from a trip looking for salvage to bring home, has trouble with a pair of the same kind of horrors. Tbat way I can establish that "you are strong, these jerks are much stronger and took over your hometown while you were away".
File: 1386807463622.gif (1013 KB, 500x281)
1013 KB
1013 KB GIF
This makes me think of Imp.
Needs a chainsaw though.
That's way too short to be Imp.

You could make the argument that being range 2 instead of 3, but in every other way, including category, tier, what skills it works with and the actual purpose, it falls in line as a middle of the road option for the two. Laser works as a range 0-3 katana that can't benefit from all the fun bonuses katana can have.

Depends on the group. Just don't throw a shit fit about it.

Avoid statting them, stat the horrors instead to be really tough fights instead. If the players insist on being retarded and starting a fight immediately after that show of force, call the session so you can stat'em out after you, hopefully, have a better idea how the party operates after the horror fight.
What happened next?
We've actually got a game tonight, so storytime will have to be postponed until tomorrow.

As a minor spoiler, Protoca just went Super Saiyan. I'm not even really joking.
File: 1396442399240.jpg (40 KB, 600x753)
40 KB
Why would you spoil that!?
Sure is getting namefaggy in here.

It's like we've gone back to 2012 /tg/.
Because it really doesn't mean that much out of context and makes a decent teaser. It's not like she's gunna Kamehameha wave the Necromancer or anything (as boss as that would be).

It'll be a bit until we work through the backlog to that anyway, so I honestly would be surprised if too many people even remember the hint.

Except people can read the thread and anyone who reads it after you post it will also have it spoiled before you get to it.
File: 1491370050405.jpg (38 KB, 290x282)
38 KB
>all these people having fun and telling stories
>here I am, lurking and incapable of getting together a group
File: clefairy-metronome(2).gif (967 KB, 320x240)
967 KB
967 KB GIF
What would be the nechronica equivalent of metronome?

A part where you spend 2AP and roll on a table of all the parts in the timing you picked when you spend the 2AP and then act as though you used the part you get on the chart?
That sounds about right, but it also feels like an awful lot of bookkeeping for the middle of combat. Is something you intend for a Horror or Savant to have?

If it is, you could honestly just cheese it and have a list of commonly used moves taken from the party and roll against that instead of keeping a per-count list. Would make it much snappier imo, and ten moves to choose from would still give you a decent amount of variance.
Our campaign ended recently with the dolls managing to enable and encourage nechromancers delusions to the point that she got her self killed in a desperate attempt to create a weapon that would let her kill the sun before it decided to kill her

Here is our fucking Holic's epilogue.


The other surviving doll went into obscurity with her new adopted undead family.
I guess Joy really was an an entirely different design lineage.

Though what happened to her still probably happened around the same time as the Cleoh's last stand.
That's been obvious for a long time now.
File: 1392699022561.png (150 KB, 600x956)
150 KB
150 KB PNG

>A flashback episode.

Man Port Storytime really is an anime.
Doll used Metronome: Anti-Tank Rifle!

>>71621737 this guy has the right of it, it's a lot of bookkeeping and you can easily end up with invalid choices due to range. To make it work, You'd need at least 3 tables, 1 for range 0, 1, and 2 and that's just for action timing.
Do Dolls ever die outside of game endings or the player wanting it?
The way combat works it seems that it's impossible to ever lose a character since you can only die if your sisters leave you behind during battle, but most of times, if the fight is that hard, they probably took too much damage to run away either.

No, you pretty much got the long and short of it there. It's a part of the theme. They are there to suffer for the necromancer's amusement until it's either impossible for them to continue or the necromancer gets bored.
File: 20200101_2342031.jpg (1.56 MB, 3264x2448)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
>I guess Joy really was an an entirely different design lineage.
Joy was put together exclusively by her father (with help from the maid) which is why she ultimately became trapped in the mansion, as he literally turned her into an immaculate doll and didn't give her any way to move herself. In fact, we never actually were able to learn the girl's real name; Joy was the manifestation of all the happy memories the doll had managed to ball up and hide away from herself so her despair and hate didn't warp/destroy them.

She was basically a proto-Doll, an almost-successful attempt from someone who really had no business getting involved in necromancy.
Never done a story time before and the game has been going on for quite some time that I forget all the details of how it started but I could share what my own groups experience has been like trying this game for the first time if any are interested
As far as my games have gone, no. The dolls in the Port game are kind of deeply tied into the story at this point and killing one of the main three off now feels like it would be disruptive to the narrative. If anyone dies at this point it's liable to come out of a TPK and lead into a Bad End (or at least that's my gut feeling. DM may have some plans in place for that but they haven't told me so).
Coleo campaign has a similar vibe, where killing off one character and bringing in a new one seems like it would be disruptive to the current party dynamic (particularly if it was Coleo, since most of the NPCs are part of her social circle).

If you wanted to run more of a grinder style campaign I think you definitely could - the system has mechanics for that kind of thing out-of-the-box - but you kind of hit this same wall in any group that's been together for a long time where the party has a fun chemistry and abruptly killing someone off due to a dice roll just isn't fun. If you seriously wanted a meatgrinder game then I imagine you'd have to have combat be lethal enough that you'd be seriously threatening the annihilation of a Doll every other combat or so.

Go for it, dude. More content the merrier.

So don't bother unless you are a programmer and feel like making something to facilitate using it.
Yes please.

Damn man. I'm happy for you and your group.

IRC, with an IC channel and an OOC&Dicebot channel.

When we need maps we draw them in a google file and move tokens around.

The group has never may in person.
All of this is going to be going off of memory from something that started a couple months ago so apologies if it is a bit of a mess and also goes off the lore of nechronica since multiple people expressed a discomfort/dissatisfaction with it
>group awakens from cryo-pods in some sort of facility operating off of emergency power. They look around and find only five among them though there are 15 pods there with 1 entire pod missing
>group consists of a Sorority requiem, Holic Baroque, Junk Psychedelic, Court Romanesque, and alice baroque
>all spend some time introducing themselves realizing their memory of where they are and who they are is gone, some not even remembering their names
>begin exploring the facility to find multiple corpses, sorority being the oldest tries to calm the panic setting in younger members and keep them focused on finding a way out
>start to uncover audio logs from the head scientist in charge of the cryo lab, learn through those that they were apparently a set of specimens brought here for storage
>hear his reports as more and more of these specimens are brought in hearing the doctor lamenting the state the specimens are in and increasing restlessness
>revealed some escaped and killed security personnel before being recontained as well as one of the specimens was the scientists daughter and another specimen had to be torched outside as there was not enough room in cryo to store it suggesting there were at least 16 of these specimens
>quickly conclude they were part of these specimens and left to wonder what sort of experiment they were subjected too and if the people here were part of the organization responsible or not given the scientists uncertain tone
>find 'patient' logs for 17 separate individuals identified by serial number confirming the number of specimens that supposedly exist
1/probably too many
File: orQcv49.png (57 KB, 247x323)
57 KB
>1/probably too many
>attempt to find an exit but discover the facility is inhabited by a swarm of giant wasp like insects and a pair of moving corpses wearing deteriorated environmental suits
>bodies held strange industrial equipment of a blend of a cutting laser and nail gun, bodies serving as host for the insects
>attempt to evade as best they are able until reaching an elevator room where the Court and Sorority manage to get one of the terminals working again and summon the elevator
>Noise brings attention if insect swarm and bodies as they are forced into a confrontation waiting for the lift
>awkward first combat as people all start to learn the rules but it goes well enough
>sorority blasts apart flies with anti material rifle, holic learns quick how powerful meat snake can be, court staggers things with electrigger, Junk uses a laser to cut away at the bodies, and alice realizes they took no attack action parts at character creation
>Also learn about the dismember rule as they lose some limbs to one of the corpses cutting lasers
>dispatch the bodies and go through the harrowing task of the first time stitching themselves back together, seeing that as they attach corpse parts to themselves it dissolves into a black substance before reforming into what their body looked like before damage
>elevator arrives as they all pile on and make their way up, and up and up as they realize they must have been in some sort of underground facility this entire time.
>Eventually reach the surface and find themselves in a small reception office where they try to rifle through some paperwork in the desks but find nothing particularly helpful
>step outside to a very unexpected sight as they are greeted with a red sky and a horizon of rust colored hills as they make the discovery they are on the surface of mars
>questions bounce around between them all as they try to figure out if any of them can remember anything about what the hell is going on
>Junk suggests they all take some time to sit and rest and spreads out some lab coats they snagged in the facility on the reception room floor for them to lie down a bit together and try to compose themselves as Sorority keeps watch
>everyone starts to get a handful of defined character traits to themselves around this point, Sorority is very protective of group put strict about said protection, Holic more carefree and treats all of this as though this situation was some sort of game to play around in, Court very good with numbers and resource tracking but illiterate, Alice is very panicky and emotionally frail with fondness for flowers, Junk is monotone with a bunch of random trivia and somewhat philosophical
>star to share what bits of info they can remember, Holic recalls being in fire, Junk remembers tending to flowers, Alice laments mars has no flowers on it, Sorority claims to remember nothing, Court remembers rain...
>realize none have any recollection as to what is going on, what experiment they may have been, or why they are even on mars
>conclude they must search for more info and see only one road leading out of the facility.
>make their way down the path walking for some time until encountering what appears to be a kind of security checkpoint of a small gated complex
>a gated complex surrounded by more shambling corpses
>debate on whether it would be best to sneak around but conclude they need information and would be best to clear out the complex and see what they can learn
>begin attack on detachment of reanimated security personnel in high tech riot armor and discover enemies are capable of moving them too as they are bashed around by riot shields
>dispatch group outside as they discover the bodies have these strange black root like tendrils on them
>start exploring, discover flags and symbols of the UN plastered on walls around the military checkpoint, find a map of the mars colony identifying they are in a valley of various science labs and there are five major urban sectors that make up the mars colony
>also find a room of cages filled with bodies that all appear they were shot
>choose to avoid going in that room, continue to explore and gather a handful of audio logs
>Discover a garage that when they try to open is torn open on its own as they encounter the 'boss' of the area of a bloated security guard with a maul made of stun baton heads
>At this point they have combat down and are able to handle the situation pretty easily in large part thanks to the Holics damage output
>find another audio log on the body, Sorority Alice and Junk start to listen to logs as Court and Holic set about figuring out how to drive some of the rovers they found in the garage
>learn from the logs that the security forces were trying to keep the existence of the specimens highly secret, hear said secrecy fall apart when one breaks containment and all the guards at the post witness them and the gradual dissolution of order as word spreads to the public. Final reports say a mob of citizens were approaching the post and the officer begging for orders before his final log of begging for forgiveness
>only makes more questions than answers as to what the hell is going on
>meanwhile after a lot of effort and a crashed rover later court and holic had court found a way to work together with one steering and the other using pedals to drive one of the rovers
>now equipped with a means of transport and map of possible places to explore they set off towards the nearest urban area
>find the district in a state of disrepair as signs of conflict fill the streets and there are no living persons around
>notice a handful of structure of note on the cities skyline and make their way towards those
>arrive at the tallest structure first, titled the office of the research directorate a tall skyscraper with circular top
>Take elevator to the top levels and find it empty but in mostly pristine shape, start to uncover documentation from the head of the research directorate given to all the heads of other departments
>Find a memo giving some insight into the origins of the specimens, apparently all specimens were seized from a specific scientist doing 'unethical research' giving them instructions to research the material and mandated they keep the matter secret
>all gather around sorority as she finally starts to put things together, at some point they were experimented on by a doctor, the rest of the scientists found them and saved them but they were already made into...whatever they are now, decided to keep this secret, and then sent to the lab for storage as they studied
>Alice begins to cry over having been forcibly turned into some monster, Junk tries to reassure her that things will be okay
>group explores a little more before reaching the center office of the directorate where they discover a grisly sight of a body with those same black roots coming out of its neck hole and burrowing into the heads of all the science personnel that were in the facility
>all prepare to engage in battle but court stops them and starts trying to...talk to the strange hive mind
>it seems to have no ability to speak but did react to noises they made. Court gets idea to hand off paper and pen to one of the bodies attached to it and instructs it to write
>soon they have a means of communication, the entity states itself to be the head of the directorate and it assimilated the other minds of all in the building to expand its knowledge
>the entity, now named 'big brain' by holic, after some interrogation reveals there is a "voice" out there trying to command it but by assimilating other minds it is able to stave off the voices influence
>holic and court broker a deal to work together with 'big brain' and help it synthesize itself into the facilities security camera system to regain the ability of sight and promise to help it get rid of this voice in exchange for its cooperation
>in exchange it tells them the location of the bunker all the materials seized from the rogue scientist were sent to
>with a, erm, "ally" gained the group leaves and right after leaving Sorority insists they must find a way to kill that thing
>small debate ensues of whether it should be killed for being an abomination or if they all count as an abominations as well and whether it is fair to judge something as being deserving of extermination or not
>Junk reassures the party of their own humanity and for the time being they put the killing big brain debate on hold
>so begins trend of court and holics desire to befriend everything, at times against better judgement
>group begins to make their way towards the bunker the rogue scientists research information had been sent to.
>along way get sidetracked by sound of gunfire
>drive off in that direction and find a kind of library surrounded by a mob of undead and cybernetic hounds with gunfire coming out from the upper floor at the horde
>move to engage the horde from behind and hopefully save the first non-abhorrent hive mind person they have found
>start learning to combine abilities for group synergy like sorority's order ability and how rapid works and get more effective and wiping up groups of mobs
>gunfire stops halfway through the battle and they rush into the library to try and discover the source of the gunfire and find a blood trail.
>follow the trail past a couple of dead cyber hounds until they come across another young girl close to their age hiding in a bathroom with their legs completely torn apart with a sub machine gun
>they show relief at seeing other people and it is quick to tell she is someone else like them.
>They give her a handful of extra parts and see her legs and lower body reform in the same way they do, but other than that they exhibit no special features
>introduce themselves as sonja and learn that apparently they have been alone this entire time trying to hide and sneak around learning whatever they can about what is going on but hasnt learned anything beyond what the group already knows
>while not that strong a fighter they choose to take her along
>while at the library Junk suggests they all take some more time to rest and encourages everyone to play a game with them where they will act as a librarian and everyone can go around and check out books
>sorority abides this as it is a thing to do to calm everyone down a bit as it had been nonstop go since they left the cryo facility, court dislikes the game and others all play along
>alice enthusiastically collects a handful of floral encyclopedias, sorority grabs a couple books on tactics, holic just grabs whatever they like the look of, an attempt is made to teach court literacy to no avail
>spend some time there resting before sorority encourages everyone to move on reminding them of their mutual goal in finding out what is going on and finding a way off mars
>all hop in the rover and make way towards the archive bunker
Truthfully this is all taking a lot longer to write out than I thought and didnt realize how long this had actually been going on for until thinking back on it

Remember to pace yourself so you don't burn out.
Yes after finishing the next section I think I will take a break. I just realized I missed a short segment where the group went to a convention center that was in the midst of a science expo where they snuck around to evade a particularly large mob and learned some things like there were terraforming projects to convert controlled sectors of mars to a habitable state and the realization they were surviving perfectly fine in an atmosphere-less surface
>after arriving at the archive bunker they find the front entrance to have already been blown open.
>as they enter they find the facility to be structured as a series of circular levels around a central spire of storage cabinets and instantly suspicious of the center they stick close to the edges and hug the wall as they look room from room trying to remain quiet
>everything appears in ruins as if multiple explosive devices went off in the bunker, eventually they find a functioning terminal which provides some security feeds
>witness that the facility lead ordered the doors be sealed until further notice entrapping anyone who knew the seized lab materials were here inside to keep secrecy
>see some infighting occurred with the guards who transported the materials not knowing what they were and not knowing why they were trapped. Revealed one of the guards caught a glimpse at some of the files against orders and discovered the files made reference to 17 specimens
>they then approached their commanding officer demanding that they all force the scientists to hand the information over as he thinks it may relate to a string of 16 disappearances that had been spreading panic through the colony in recent months
>next recording shows the entire facility in disarray as it is under attack by an unknown party and the feed cuts
>disappointed all the answers they sought were taken elsewhere, they head on out
8/9 for now
>they attempt to leave but are not so careful on the way out and attract the attention of the automated sorting machinery tied to the central spire that has since had bodies of human personnel grafted into it
>engage in one of the more difficult fights they had partaken in thus far due to having some inherit avoidance options to melee strikes and enemies that start to take advantage of support actions as much as the party has
>sonja stays back until being aggressively encouraged to participate by holic, have their head and limbs blasted apart rather quickly after entering their range
>after suffering many losses and taking on quite a bit of madness to take on rerolls and use madness costing abilities they get a narrow victory
>have only enough parts to somewhat piece themselves back together needing to make many sacrifices, only give their newest compatriot the bare minimum
>notice one of the archives on the central spire is still intact and glowing, Junk focuses their psionic powers to fly over and pull out the files
>looking through the files they discover the trip was not for nothing as they uncover the logs from the rogue scientist himself detailing his initial observations of every single specimen
>look through the files and find their own files and forced to come to terms with the fact they were all victims of kidnapping and some sort of experimentation, each being injected with something only referred to as 'strain' and there are supposedly 11 or so more sisters somewhere out there
>also find some more ominous entries, indicating introducing three samples of strain to an individual has disastrous results while the last simply indicates someone being injected with six samples and called a failure
>slowly they are finally starting to understand what has been happening but the truth seems to be rather grim the more of it they learn, and knowing what they were as an experiment does little to help reestablish their own sense of identity
9/9 for now
This episode: More exploring.

>Tachi punches in "NO"
>Nothing happens.
>Port scowls at the imaginary face of the Necromancer. "Coward. Doesn't even have the guts to face us."
>Protoca huffs. "EXIT."
>The door opens.
>"Well that works." Tachi deadpans.
>Port rolls (all six of) her eyes. "What a hint."
>The room beyond is much smaller than the coffin room.
>Another door rests at the far end, with no keypad. To either side are a pair of large reinforced glass windows.
>Beyond them, the girls can see various terminals and computers, and an open door on each side.
>...and their own reflections, somehow in the rooms beyond.
>Protoca experiments. Her reflection follows her motions. She pushes at a chair in the other room... and it rolls.
>And she feels it in her hands.
>Port scoffs. "This is unreal."
>"...This is strange, yes." Protoca observes, looking away. The sensation disappears as the mirror leaves her sight.
>"So... do we need to type in the codes in our reflections?" Port looks back and forth between the windows.
>"Puzzle room after Puzzle room." Tachi mutters trying to see the words on the computer screens
>"No keypads. Just terminals." Protoca dismisses, before frowning. "Well... Let me..."
>Tachi peers at the reflection... and suddenly she's in the room.
>Shocked, she turns around... and finds that she never left the place she was standing.
>Blinking, Tachi turns back around and phases into the room. "Hey, you become your doubles when you focus on them."
>"Then..." Protoca hums. "...maybe we can leave the room through the mirrors?"
>"Would we be able to come back?" Port questions. "Tachi didn't go anywhere."
>"You just turn around to come back. Probably have to keep the mirror is sight."
>Testing it, Protoca back up to the mirror, turns around to look at it... and then walks her reflection into the tunnel at the edge of the room.
>The door opens.
>"I guess that works" Tachi's face is as implacable as ever.
File: 4636651202_39c04e99e3_k.jpg (575 KB, 1890x1200)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
>Moving forward they find a crossroads. No more keypads.
>"Do we split up?" Port snarks.
>"Absolutely not." Protoca says adamantly, B3-206 beeping in agreement.
>"No, one room at a time." Tachi deadpans.
>Port grumbles a little. "I wasn't being serious."
>Tachi pats Port on the head. "It's ok."
>Turning left, they find themselves on a balcony overlooking a large motor pool filled with tanks, armored cars, and so forth. >Most of them are in clear disrepair.
>A catwalk spans the gap between this balcony and another at the far side, where they can see another door.
>Tachi is visibly enamored with the vehicles below.
>Port walks over to the edge of the balcony and leans over the railing, just far enough that her fins lift off the ground a fraction of an inch. "I wonder if there are any other vehicles like Monty here."
>B3-206 scopes the area, then beeps some incomprehensible static.
>Port's vision can make out the insignias on the vehicles. Most of them are Protector vehicles.
>"We can probably find parts for Monty later." Tachi says before motioning to the catwalk. "For now we should probably continue."
>Port's eyes whirr quietly as their lenses go to work. "There's plenty of Protector hardware. Wonder if we could scavenge anything in here for parts." But ultimately she nods in agreement with Tachi and moves to follow.
>The group moves onto the catwalk.
>As they reach the middle Port, Tachi, and Protoca hear shifting metal below them.
>Port's ears swivel. Her heart skips a beat as she lurches forward. "Movement beneath us!"
>Tachi grabs Lily and Hope and leaps for the other side of the walkway, her jet pack flaring to speed her along.
>B3-206 grabs Port and sets into a powerful, if unsteady sprint.
>Protoca leaps hard enough to shatter the balls of her feet.
>Port yelps indignantly as her feet are swept off the ground. "But- Protoca!"
>Port has an excellent view as a tank below lines up on the catwalk and fires.
File: 1504918994646.jpg (3.94 MB, 2265x3003)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB JPG
>Smoke and flame consume the walkway, Protoca still in the air.
>...then she crashes against the edge of the catwalk, trailing smoke. One of her arms grips the steel tightly. Port can see her fingers beginning to snap from the force.
>Port leaps out of B3's arms and clasps onto Protoca's wrist. She heaves to haul her over the edge.
>Tachi, having had time to set down Lily and Hope lunges toward the edge and helps, grabbing onto Protoca's middle as soon as she is lifted high enough.
>Protoca's torso is badly singed, and one of her legs is twisted around the wrong way. ". . . that was unpleasant." She says, as she's returned to her feet, balancing mostly on one leg with practiced ease.
>Behind her, the tank's turret is beginning to track toward their current location.
>"Hurry! Get through the door!" Tachi shouts.
>Port hooks herself under Protoca's shoulder, taking the weight of the bad leg, and ushers her forward. "Go, go. We need to keep moving."
>The group gets through the door and around the corner just in time for a shell to-
>-...race off into the gray sky.
>They find themselves on a large road supported on struts along the side of the spire. Several pieces are broken away - it does not connect to the ground or its intended vehicle exit.
>There are also Dead milling about on it.
>Tachi walks up in front of the group and tries out her new flame thrower on the closest zombies.
I'll be frank with you guys, I completely forgot she had this until just now. I think she picked it up while we were repairing B3.
This is all happening in the adventure phase, btw.
>Port makes a noise between a sigh and a whimper as she unholsters one of her pistols. "I really wanted to patch you up before the 'fun' started." Her extra eyes swivel. "Tachi, they're clumped up on your right!"
>As Tachi's fire washes over half the group, Protoca scythes through the other half with her scissors and the party advances.
File: 85350003.jpg (351 KB, 959x536)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
>Port places four shots directly through the heads of four separate zombies, dropping them in quick succession.
>Meanwhile, Lily dashes forward and zombie parts start flying. The last zombie stumbles on its approach to her, and... Well, it will be falling for a long time.
>Tachi looks down at her flame thrower and grins. She could definitely start to like this
>Suddenly, bullets ram into Lily's torso, riddling her armor.
>There are a pair of soldiers along the walkway ahead - just around the bend and above them.
>B3 returns fire, splattering one of them with their comrade's looted gun.
>Hope glares at the other and its firing arm - along with its firearm - twist and bend into an unrecognizable [possibly non-euclidean] shape.
>It charges Hope with its knife, but Protoca knocks it to the side with her shovel. Then she spins along her broken ankle and brings the shovel-head about to cut the soldier in twain.
>Having beaten the Dead back, the group comes to another door in the side of the Tower. The skyway is broken apart beyond here, and the rest of it is too far above to reach with Tachi's jetpack spent.
>The group proceeds onward.
>The door opens into a long corridor.
>They pause to fix Protoca's leg with Port's first aid kit.
>As they approach the far end of the corridor, the middle of it retracts toward either end.
>And the far end opens up with red laser grid, which begins to advance toward the party.
>Turning back around: The keypad on the door is beeping intermittently.
>Tachi rushes over to the keypad.
>Tachi types 'Legion'
>The keypad beeps. And a laser appears at the top of the door. It hums there, ominously.
>It's not low enough to hit anyone. But it's there.
>Another laser appears below the first. It might graze Tachi's head.
I am drunk man.
That's going in the inspiration folder

>I am drunk man.
I believe it.
It's cool, we can't tell. What other visions do you bring with you, drunk man?
>Another laser appears. Tachi now has to stoop.
>The keypad flashes red. Nothing else happens.
>Another laser. Tachi would REALLY have to stoop. It might graze Protoca's head.
>The keypad flashes red. Nothing else happens.
>Tachi punches Family into the keypad
>The door opens
>It is a large room.
>It spans the length of several gymnasiums to either side.
>Pods line the lower walls, within which... Protoca? Port? Figures very reminescent of them, of all ages.
>Some have animal ears, spikes, or other mutations. Some are partially mechanical and... incomplete. Some have swapped hair color.
>All of them rest within a brilliant blue fluid, with a digital nameplate and a serial number
>Above the tubes you can see large plexiglass windows, much like the ones Port woke up behind.
>And Protoca can hear it. Screaming. Crying. A torrent of voices.
>It echoes through Protoca's memory.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>It was dark. Everything was dim and dark and gray. What wasn't dark pale and green, lit by fae, scattered lights.
>She couldn't see. She couldn't see through the glass in front of her. It was opaque and faded, so all she could see was darkness and lights... but she could hear.
>Noise. So much noise. A dozen, a hundred, a thousand voices. She could hear them. Some spoke, some laughed, some sobbed, some screamed, some sang, and some howled, and, in the din, none were understood.
>Except for one.
>"Please... what did I do? Let me out of here..."
>It took her some time to recognize that voice was her own.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>It's quiet now.
>Protoca shows no obvious sign of her discomfort. She frowns, tightens her grip, and glances at the holding cells above.
>"...I've been here before. Maybe. Maybe in a dream? Someone was here, at least..."
>"...I don't think they made it out."
>She fingers her locket.
See yourself
If i understand the settings post-post-post apocalyptic and all thats left are the mutants horrors and mechanical left why do they sane ones get out of bed in the morning?
Are they just naive enough to believe its only up from here?
Because they don't want to just lie down and die, that's boring.
Pretty much >>71636162. If there's nothing to gain from giving up then why would you even bother giving up? So you can stare at a concrete wall for eternity? Shit. Might as well make arrowheads or some shit. It's more interesting, at least.

Aside from that, the actual lore of the setting is pretty vague and you can go in just about any direction you like with the world. The world is fucked, yes, but it doesn't necessarily mean there's no hope. You can encounter human survivors or sane undead or whatever; the book itself says to make the ending as happy or dour as you like.
>>Along the way they notice all Dead in the city and the ballroom have collapsed like stringless puppets, silent and inert.

>Is this the shantytown you passed through on your way to the library gatehouse?
The sane ones can't remain still for too long without going nuts themselves in lore.
So is Protoca what's left of Cleoh after all this time?
This Drunk post is coincidentally appropriate for the storytime post above it.
Are these the same campaign or do they just both happen to be on Mars?

>>Junk suggests they all take some time to sit and rest and spreads out some lab coats they snagged in the facility on the reception room floor for them to lie down a bit together and try to compose themselves as Sorority keeps watch

And somehow this just got a lot more real for me.
"Let's lay out what we found in the coat closet and lay down on that."
Feels like a very real response to
"We're stranded, need to lay down, and the floor is cold."

It helps that it comes right on the heels of the details about searching around a reception office but only finding office supplies.
Was Sonja an NPC or another player joining up?
Why did you post the thumbnail?
File: Super Conan bike 64.gif (303 KB, 300x240)
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303 KB GIF
>It helps when you only play once or twice a month on a good month... lol.

I respect your hustle.
Gotta chase those sessions.
File: PrehistoricDinosaur.gif (18 KB, 96x120)
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File: 1564388379868.jpg (218 KB, 850x850)
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218 KB JPG
How do you find actual clothing in the grim future of only nano-slime and undeads?
That's a really complicated question to answer without spoiling a few things and it shouldn't be that long before it actually gets answered in-game so I'm gunna hold off. I actually had to cut off just before a couple big info dumps last night due to having work today, but I should have time to work through them tonight after I get home.

Sure hope you guys like WORDS.

Yes, these were all the Dead in the shanty town and the ballroom. The girls had to go back through the castle and nab B3 before they could continue on.
Fun fact, he would have provided covering fire from Monty while they were on the skyway if they'd decided against bringing him along.

S'all I got on my PC. I forget why the picture is so small, but it just kinda is. There isn't a larger version anywhere in the game logs or my computer.

>posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse
There goes the plan of working through a post or two over lunch. Bummer dude
>>posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse
>There goes the plan of working through a post or two over lunch. Bummer dude

Do what I do in that situation.
Write up your posts in a note app so you can post them later.

In my case I snag the public WiFi off of the Taco Bell by the park I take my lunch and dump a few pre-written posts while I chow down at a bench.

Dig through ruins.
Or find and restore a vending machine that 3d prints clothes.
Trick is that I can't actually take my lunch off-site.

It's possible that my work's on a different tower than my house, since I was /tg/ posting from work as recently as last Sunday. Fingers crossed.
File: 1395884473090.gif (480 KB, 500x194)
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File: 1395884259801.gif (3.96 MB, 414x239)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB GIF
Sometimes if I go long enough without sleep I start hearing momentary sounds that aren't there, seeing flashes of movement in my peripheral vision, feeling things on my skin. My eyeballs get restless. I'm twitchy and nervous for no reason.

Remembering that helps me get into character.

What helps you get into character.
give thanks to your necromancer every day that he deemed you worthy enough to wear the scraps of clothing you borrow from him in his magnanimity
Scary. Guess we'll find out how that arrangement works out later.
They were an NPC. All they had was a single machine gun part for reinforcement and no skills
Hypothetically, the party has not checked in on the hive mind since that meeting but of course it is not going to passively sit there doing nothing in their absence

And some unfortunate stuff happened yesterday interrupting but I will continue what I can here soon and try to finish what I am able
>After reading over all the files and making a mental note of all their sisters they could wind up encountering
>while at the archive find a more detailed map denoting some notable features in nearby city districts, including a spaceport
>As the party's goal thus far has been on the idea of getting off mars they make their way there on a rover
>decide to cut straight there through open red dunes
>Junk tries to encourage group into a word game that dissolves into a brief argument due to courts illiteracy
>Trip is interrupted as another rover driving towards the group
>The group thinks it may be more people until it gets close enough to see it is an automated robotic rover
>one that is evidently armed as it starts opening fire on them
>Road battle ensues as they exchange fire with the drone with Sorority and Junk doing the bulk of the damage with psychic blasts and anti material rounds
>goes somewhat poorly until idea is made to drive into it and give court and holic a chance to board it and start tearing it apart from atop
>Court briefly tries to take control of the rover but Holic not listening goes all out on attacks against it and destroys the rover while the both are still atop it and sent tumbling forward in an explosion of servos and solar panels as the machine falls apart moving at full speed
>group stops to try and put themselves back together a bit after all that damage, court finds the main processor and starts to try and jury rig it into a functional state again
>gets it functioning again by hooking it up to a radio to try and communicate it, communication comes out as a mix of music being picked up from a transmission somewhere and Binary
>Court cannot read, but they are good with numbers. This apparently translates to binary.
>Rest of the party looks on in confusion as court starts spouting 1s and 0s to the radio bot, which has now been nicknamed martian mash because the music
>places radio into their rover and continues to talk to Martian Mash as they continue towards the space port with court translating what it says
>courts interrogation of radio bot leads to discovery that it was part of a large group of rovers all under the command of the 'mistress' who it describes as being the perfect weapon and rightful despot of mars, and it has been transmitting info on everything that is happening to her this entire time
>also calls Court's binary 'dialect' as being crude and unrefined
>court is teased by others as speaking ghetto binary, embraces the reputation
>sorority recalls one of the rogue scientists files details a girl getting the ability to integrate into any weapon or cybernetic, concludes it must be them
>concern expressed by alice that there is now a possible army of robotic rovers after them
>court gets idea to try diplomacy again and asks to meet and cooperate with 'mistress'
>radio bot informs them there is no cooperation only submission, but if they want to get on their good side they can help mistress accomplish her goal of boarding and taking over the space ship at the port
>Court agrees though sorority expresses this seems like a very very bad idea. Holic supports the plan while Alice and junk are less certain
>continue on and reach the next urban district where sitting above the city skyline is a very large space ship docked to a tower and is the only ship present
>group starts to make their way through the city streets to the space port, streets are in even worse condition than the last district.
>exchange their rover still banged up from the battle with a futuristic hummer court and holic find and get working.
>arrive at the base of the tower leading to the space ship and find that the doors seem like they were clawed open by something
>enter the building and start ascending the stairs finding it filled with dismembered bodies and deep cut marks along the walls and railing
>reach the top access to the ship, see more bodies but half or so are still animate and some seem to be equipped with heavy industrial/mining equipment
>An attempt is made to sneak by through pretending to be one of the mindless undead while avoiding the crowd but this goes poorly as battle begins
>Heavy industrial workers pack a punch while mobs keep them tied up and limbs are dismembered from the large mining lasers they carry
>Holic and court finally able to close the distance and start staggering them and cutting apart with meatsnake while others focus on removing some of the ranged support in the back
>tear one to shreds just for the exoskeleton of it to tear itself away from the chunks of corpse and sprint towards court and latches itself onto it hitting them with massive hinders to movement and attack any time they attempt something
>another exoskeleton tears itself away from the other and latches to Holic
>rest simply ignore their incapacitated comrades and clean up the rest of the enemies.
>With them only the ability to constrict and do one damage at a time, breaking apart and prying the exoskeletons off their friends after the rest of the fighting is rather trivial
>They finally are able to enter the ship where they are greeted with the sight of more corpses that had already been sliced into tiny chunks
>see blood trails from the bodies heading into the ventilation system
>find a map to the ship and immediately head towards the bridge
>attempt to use the ship controls in any capacity but find the vessel's main controls locked
>next destination is to head towards the security room and try and see what happened but find those computers locked
>spend some time searching around rooms and offices on the ship for a password
>are able to finally upon up the surveillance feed and witness a monstrosity that is a mass of razor sharp bone teeth blood and stretched out sinew tearing through all the undead on the ship
>They Recall the rogue scientists files again and remember one was a girl whose body could disassemble into ribbons of flesh and think this creature could be them
>see blood drip out of a vent above them, some ready to attack but instead some (again at courts suggestion) ask to make conversation checks
>tell them they know what they are and just want to talk and help, hear movement in the vents as the creature dashes off
>conclude they will need to do more to flush her out of the vents, rush over to the ships security personnel armory and get a couple of motion detectors and small camera drones
>track their movement, every time they get close and in earshot, they call out they just want to talk and be friends
Something to mention on this sequence is that it was intended to be combat, but every single savant I gave an inbuilt weakness to and this ones was conversation checks. The original plan was to need to come up with the idea of making these checks in combat but they managed to do it right before it was supposed to begin.
Also, the files on them were not supposed to come in until later and that was a bit of a sequence break when they negotiated with the hive mind they were also supposed to fight to get that info and so had a way to know of said conversation checks being an option when its outward appearance was supposed to just be another monster. So it made it go rather differently and unplanned
File: 1395876323161.gif (728 KB, 300x230)
728 KB
728 KB GIF

So what's the difference between moving yourself and forcing others to move in this game?
I haven't needed to give my savants inbuilt weaknesses.

I'm so bad at building them the players just rip right through them.

I'm getting better though.
>heavily utilize drones to follow and harass them until they flee the vents into another room
>follow to the room to find rows upon rows of hundreds of stasis pods, becomes apparent this vessel was the colony ship all the humans arrived on.
>one spots a few drops of blood on one of the inactive pods and concludes they are hiding in there
>open it up as the creature comes bursting out and crawls along the wall and ceiling and stays put but the group manages to keep their composure and not attack it
>sorority keeps court and Alice from expressing an initial revulsion and disgust with their monstrous appearance.
>they all work together to talk it down and the creature starts to wrap in on itself as it takes on a more normal appearance of a young girl like all of them but they are visibly dishevel and agitated
>manage to coax their name out of them, Sharla, as they try and reassure them of their good intentions
>sharla is clearly agitated pacing back in forth scratching at their head speaking of something in her head telling her to tear them to shreds, manages to get out that they are on this ship wanting to leave the planet and get away from the 'thing' to the north and get it out of their head
>convince her that whatever the thing is, trying to get away from it would not help her as there is no guarantee distance will let it get out of her mind and the best thing to do would be to help them kill it
>Sharla is paranoid they will try and take the ship from them, they decide to try and prove a willingness to help by offering to secure the rest of the ship for them while they can stay at the bridge
>start going room to room clearing out undead that had snuck into the engineering deck and dispatch them alongside the newly infected mechanical servitors of the ship
>while clearing the ship find that an entire 1/3rd of it is locked down and inaccessible
>return to the bridge to find a new problem as the streets below are filled with rovers
In my experience enemies are going to be outpaced dramatically by the players action potential due to their number and if you want a single enemy to be a threat you have to bend the rules a bit or make some things up or giving them enough supporting mobs, sometimes if that is literally just a bot to provide supports to their actions to make them seem menacing
I think they are the same. Any part you can move with, you can move someone else with, as long as they are in range.

That's what makes animal legs so good.
>That's what makes animal legs so good.
Animal Legs has Range: Self, so you can't use it on others unless the GM houserules it. That said, it is indeed a very powerful tool to be able to move an opponent to a space they don't necessarily want to be in. Especially since most of the parts that can are Rapid, which means you can force an enemy to waste an action and move them out of their comfort zone at the same time.
I've got some big time apologizing to do to my whole group.
>Court contacts radio bot and learns radio bot informed mistress and the rest of their number and it was time to fulfill their end of the bargain
>sharla accuses them of lying and they are just barely able to keep her in check with some conversation checks but still seems like they could go mad at anytime
>sorority reasserts their suspicion of this 'mistress' but at this point they are surrounded
>go to the cargo bay and ready the lift to be sent down but rig it to perform a rapid drop and block off the lift access with as many boxes as they can just in case
>send it down and 9 rovers get aboard, as they bring it up they see their suspicions were correct and the mistress is another one of them but with their arms and legs and eyes missing and their body hooked into the rover by a bunch of tubes and wires, sitting atop it like a throne
>they inquire what her plans for the ship is, she describes her desire to use it to assimilate all the machines on mars and return to earth and find a perfect commander to lead her as the perfect weapon
>and if they cannot find one, to conquer earth and take their mechanical army to the stars to find the perfect commander there
>seeing she is obviously insane it is concluded non verbally they cannot let her have the ship in this state
>court and holic get an idea, propose that the sorority may be the commander they have been looking for
>peak the mistress interest, idea of enacting a 'war game' is formed where battlefield and tactics will prove their worth as a commander.
>get them to agree to leave the ship and meet at an open field on mars to hold the battle
>after they leave an intense debate unfolds on how to do this, holic and court start trying to suggest ways to cheat or get an edge in the battle
>sorority concludes she is going to fight the battle fairly and directly to prove their competence and character as a leader to them
>head down and travel with the rovers to the battleground with the entire group
RIP Anon.
If it makes you feel any better, my group has been making rules gaffs since our campaign started. In the first combat we didn't understand that Rapids could only be used once a turn, so I wound up popping off with Psycho Blaster like twice every turn and just mulched a bunch of stuff. Which was even more effective because we thought you had to exceed a Fetter's madness limit to incur the penalty, so I basically ended the combat mad in all but one Fetter and not actually paying for it because we didn't know any better.

>Port, shaken but not quite unsettled by the discovery of the holding area, shuffles closer to Protoca. "I guess... I guess this explains why I was in a tube." She huffs, and adds quietly "I can't wait to get out of here." It takes her a moment to cotton onto what Protoca has just said.
>She clasps Protoca's hand again. "You made it out eventually, or else you wouldn't be here."
>Protoca looks at her. "I don't think it was my memory."
>The girls are eager to leave. The pods and their unmoving occupants are unnerving.
>A massive cargo rail crosses the room lengthwise. Following it leads the girls back out onto another exterior skyway like the one they've been climbing up the outside of the tower.
>They follow it for a while, walking in silence as they climb. Their path begins to fog up as they get closer and closer to the cloud layer, but it's not enough to seriously hamper visibility just yet.
>They round a corner onto an extended section of suspended walkway and are immediately set upon by hostile dead.
>A massive flock of Witch Birds descend on them from on high, cawing murder while a gigantic abomination lumbers down the walkway
>Port flicks her hand up and fires a pot-shot off at the abomination with her Psycho Blaster, using her free hand to crank her head bolt and flood her system with stimulants. Her blast crumples the armor but doesn't immediately hamper the beast.
>Tachi points her flame thrower at the flock and lets rip, sending half a dozen smoking heaps down into the gray abyss below them
>The birds peck at Lily. One snags a tendon from her legs.
>The Abomination charges closer
>Tachi heaves forward and rips into the abomination with her drill arm, tearing through it's already damaged armor and carving out a trench through its flesh
>Port lets loose from the hip with Lahti, firing a slug right through the Abomination's head
>The massive and sudden accumulation of trauma is too much for the shock trooper. It tumbles into an inert heap.
>The group skirmishes with the Witch birds and dispatches them without much trouble, though one manages to peck Port as it dies.
>The skyway is still mostly intact as they proceed, though they find an abnormal amount of ammunition casings littering their path as they continue
>They're so high up now that they can't even see the outline of the shanty town when they peer over the edge.
>The skyway terminates into what appears to be a cargo or loading area...
>It's a complete charnel house. There are body parts lying about everywhere. The walls are painted red.
>Shell casings mingle with corpses of the Dead.
>Something about this tickles at Port's memory.
>Protoca's gaze pans from one end of the area to the other dispassionately, though she holds Hope close and wraps her arms about her when the girl shies away from the sight.
>The turrets on the far wall are all extended, and all broken.
>There are dead Protector units as well, here and there by the far wall. The door remains shut and sealed tightly in spite of claw marks and some warping.
File: Babyface.jpg (131 KB, 550x312)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>Port realizes these undead look familiar, as if she'd seen them in a dre---
>They were from the Old War. She'd never seen this variety of Undead in person before.
>Tachi realizes that something is moving amidst the corpses.
>"Something's still moving!" she shouts, her guard up
>Various heads pop up from where they lie, suspended on spindly legs
>They start to charge the party, as something's giggles echo off the walls
>...Gun barrels extrude from the heads' gaping jaws, and begin to fire laser blasts
>Tachi feels insulted at these knockoffs
>and moves forward.
>Murder Time.
>Port notices three of the heads are not shooting. Instead of gun barrels, most of their cranium has been by replaced by some sort of metal sphere covered in wires, which emits green sparks every so often.
>"This is just disgusting," Port deadpans. She whips her pistols up and fires a staccato burst at one of the bulbous heads. Her target detonates, taking it's nearest companion with it as it vaporizes itself in a short-lived blaze.
>Lily, Protoca, and Tachi are caught up in their own blast as Tachi torches the heads' frontline with her flamethrower; luckily all three are built of sturdy enough stuff to weather the storm without much complaint
>A... fairy(?) shimmers into view, laughing and clapping its hands and spreading glittering dust everywhere it goes. Protoca, Lily, and Tachi's vision wavers, but nothing comes of whatever effect it produced
>Lily wastes no time, blitzing it and cutting it in twain as the others mop up the remaining heads, only one even beginning to get close enough to hit them
>As the group approaches the door on the far side of the loading area, a scanning light gives each a once over. It flares red on all but B3-206, and the door remains sealed
There were like ten of these things equipped with the Laser part. We got really lucky that no one lost any arms or legs in this little encounter.
And I have no idea what was with the fairy. GM wouldn't tell me.
File: 1584734995022.pdf (1.97 MB, PDF)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PDF
just chiming in to say compiling all your stuff into a PDF like crab bro (pdf related) did would be great for people jumping in to these stories.
That... is a good idea. And I feel kind of dumb for not thinking of it. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll make that a project for my next weekend off.

I hope you guys are ready for WORDS
>B3 emits a burst of static, and the scanner repeats the motion.
>B3 tries a different burst, and the process remains the same.
>B3 walks up to the door, cuts through a plate with its energy knife, reaches inside, and twists something.
>The door opens.
>Port's eyebrows rise with some small amount of incredulity. "I guess actions always do speak louder than words. Good work Bee."
>Beyond, the door opens to reveal a chamber flanked by row upon row of Protector maintenance stands - mostly empty, though some are occupied. Beyond them, behind reinforced glass, they can see the start of an assembly line putting Protectors together.
>In the center is another coffin, in front of which is a mechancial humanoid torso.
Inscription on the coffin:
Takedo Hanamura
>It stirs to life, and gazes at the group - each in turn - dispassionately.
>Then it emits a burst of binary toward B3.
[Port may roll to comprehend it.]
[Port rolls a 10.]
>To which B3-206 replies:
>Port's ears flutter as the conversation progresses. "Alpha-class protectorate?" she mumbles to herself.
>Tachi raises an eyebrow at Port after listening to the eyewatering racket. "You understand them?"
I thought crab anon didn't do it, anons who enjoyed his storytime did?
File: giphy.gif (4.83 MB, 600x338)
4.83 MB
4.83 MB GIF
>"Mhm." Port nods once. "The machine is asking Bee to turn us over to Protector custody. It refers to us as 'Styx specimens,' but there's also what they call an alpha-class protectorate in the group. I'm not sure who that could be." Her gaze slides past Tachi and over the rest of the group. "We all had coffins. I guess it could be any one of us."
>Tachi shrugs, "Watch the robots on the sides. Could be trouble."
>Port's hand slides to rest on one of her pistols in it's holster. "Now the machine is demanding Bee comply with something it calls 'Abbadon Protocols,' which he's refusing to. I don't know what that's about either." Her brows knit together a little as her mind continues to race. "Could I be the alpha protectorate? Because this isn't Sam's body. Would the scanner be able to tell anyway?"
>She chews on the side of her lip, half-distracted and half eyeing the protector units lining the walls.
>"Can you... ask?" Protoca queries.
>There is a terminal beside A2-06.
>Port shrugs as she steps up to the terminal. "I can try," she says noncommittally as she turns down to read the screen.
>The screen is a simple input/output text communication readout, with keyboard. It is not tracking the current conversation.
>B3-206 hesitates.
>"Belay that," Port says tersely over her shoulder before placing her hands onto the keyboard and punching in:
Let me know if the caps get to be a little much. There's font stuff going on in the logs I can't replicate here.
>GREETING ENGINE (Jane-a206-s):
>Port snickers under her breath a little. "At least he listens." She clacks away at the keyboard a little more.
>EDUCATION ENGINE (Janette-a206-e):
>>DEFINIITION: 'ALPHA PROTECTORATE.' - 'Individual vital for the recovery of the human race.'
>Port can't quite contain her confusion. "Vital for the recovery of the human race?" She raises one of her hands and looks at it with unconcealed disbelief. "A Styx subject?"
>Port looks away from the terminal, over her shoulder towards B3. "Bee, what is a logic chain? What would it explain to A2?"

Mechanically, none. Tactically, a lot. Boost is one of the strongest actions in the game because rapid timing movement can completely negate action timing stuff by having the range be invalid. This can be done by moving either the attacker or the target of the attack check. You can even have stupid shit like someone using boost to move an attacker only to have the one using boost boosted away, negating the first boost. Pretty much all of the move maneuvers that let you move others are pretty strong, since they let you fuck up enemy formations or move sisters into a better place. Boost is amazing, Wire Reel is pricy but good for its rapid timing, Pawn's gambit can effortlessly negate an enemy completely if they have only range 0 attacks, and Pilebunker can have some fun tricks done with it, though it's place in the reinforcements and such makes it tricky to use well.

Movement games can be pretty fun to play but it typically requires the GM to force it to be a thing as PCs tend to not want to move too much.

If your party isn't shit, they will try to befriend anything that can possible be befriended.

Back up is essential as is decent property negation like auto-separate or such. Every savant having auto separate is shit, but if PCs are heavy on dismembers, make them work for it. Also make them work for hitting the savant at all with Carrion shield/meatshield. Most PCs are going to focus the Savant so the best thing to do is to give them other things to worry about. If the players are only doing the optimal strategy of focus the biggest threat until its dead and then move onto the next, work on making the support more of a pressing issue.
Someone archive this thread to sup/tg/ I'm gonna go pass out.
File: R2F1hJS.jpg (366 KB, 1242x2208)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
[The long chain of binary starts to give Port a headache to track as B3 continues listing near-redundant definitions.]
>"Understood," Port interjects before B3 can get too carried away. "Why was Sam- Why have I been designated as Alpha-class protectorate? I understand the significance, but why does Samantha qualify?"
>"What is the distinction between an Omega and Alpha class protectorate?"
>Port's cool façade breaks cleanly. She stares at B3 for a moment, then looks over to the rest of the group.
>It takes a moment for her to realize that the other four girls have only been able to follow her half of the conversation. "Uhm..." She tries to search for more questions but they won't quite come.
>Tachi is playing with a strand of Hope's hair as Lilly watches on. They turn to look at port with questioning expressions.
>"...We have no idea what you've been discussing at this point." Protoca explains.
>"I- I know. Uhm, sorry." Port glances back at the A2 unit once before turning back to the group. Her gun hand fidgets with the handle of one of her pistols as she talks. "A2, the maintenance interface unit on the pedestal there, wants B3 to turn us over into Protector custody. He knows the group is made up of Styx subjects, but he also says there's one 'Alpha Protectorate' in the group."
>"The system interface defines 'Alpha Protectorate' as an individual vital to the recovery of the human race. But Bee has personally defined me as an Omega class protectorate, which he says..."
>She shuffles a little on her fins.
>She feels conceited just saying it.
>"He defines it as an individual vital to the survival of the human race. And he defined me as the human race."
>"I'm- I don't know if I understand exactly what that means, or if Samantha has more importance to the Styx project than I realize." Her brow pops up in realization and she turns back to the terminal, losing a bit of her awkwardness. "I should query Abaddon protocols. Maybe those mean something."
>She follows suit, punching in a definition query for the term.
>Tachi nods. "sounds good." and goes back to playing with Hope
>Protoca hums in thought. "We don't know who the Alpha Protectorate is. B3 identified you as an 'Omega,' not an 'Alpha...' We don't know what Protectorate Custody entails either," she eyes the coffin, "Though, for most of us, I can guess..."
EDUCATION ENGINE (Janette-a206-e):
>DEFINIITION: 'ABBADON PROTOCOLS' - 'Protocols to be followed in the event of scenario-class: 'Abbadon.''
>Port lets out an exasperated sigh. "Bee. Define an Abbadon-class scenario."
Wups. I forgot to format that one.
A2 starts to jabber quite a bit here (I wasn't joking about WORDS). It will probably be helpful to refer back to >>71589942 if you get mixed up with any Styx designations.

>"Okay..." She chews her lip as she formulates her next question. "In the event of an Abaddon-class scenario, what is the operating procedure as-defined by the Abaddon protocols?"
>Port pivots on her toes towards the torso. "Primary Maintenance Interface Unit A2-06, please identify the individual designated as the Alpha Protectorate."
>The interface's body twitches, then tilts its head.
>Port fiddles with her pistol's grip some more as she thinks. "So A2 identifies Hope and Protoca both as Alpha Level protectorates. He refers to me and them in different formats though. Why is Philotes appended with B2-d07 when the other classifications don't share something similar?"
>Protoca thumbs her chin. "...Why would Philotes need more qualifiers? Why are we classified as Alpha Level, specifically?"
>Port blows air out her nose, sounding like a mildly frustrated tea-kettle. "I don't know if it'll tell me. I can guess for Hope; some of the log entries in that tower pointed at her being used to calm the undead, but I'm not completely sure why you've gotten a designation."
>She blinks. "Bee. Do you know the reasons for S-09: Orpheus and SR-03 Kleos' designation as Alpha Protectorate by Unit A2-06?"
>Port turns to A2. "Primary Maintenance Interface Unit A2-06: disambiguation: define 'B2-d07' as it relates to the Philotes designation."
[Port makes a Madness Check. Passes.]
>Port's stature falters slightly, her shoulders slump noticably and her ears droop.
>She knew. Or had guessed.
>She remembered.
>She turns her head slightly, just enough that she can look at B3 out of the corner of her eye. Her heart is... confused. She looks back to A2. "Primary Maintenance Interface Unit A2-06: Is the Protector Network aware of S-07: Philotes' current status?"
>"And this attempt was SR-07: PHILOTES-B2-d07?"
Holy cow I forgot just how much talking A2 did.

We're most of the way through it, and then we can get into the next little 'arc' of the Tower (and also the next combat encounter), but I gotta go to bed so I can get up for work tomorrow. Hope you guys enjoyed the storytime. See you all later.
File: 1396383084162.jpg (13 KB, 360x300)
13 KB
>And I have no idea what was with the fairy.

It probably came from wherever that creepy cat with the human face came from.

So is A-2 Tachi's Dad, Brother, Cousin, or something?
No, A2 is just the system's interface unit for this part of the network. Her dad just happens to be interred in this location. My assumption at this point is that he was the brain behind most of the Protector tech, since he turned Tachi into a mech pilot and is secluded off by himself in a production area. If he has wider involvement with the story then it hasnt been revealed yet.
Best newfag advice, please?
File: 1487196965647.jpg (383 KB, 717x745)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Whatever happened to Hetza anyways? Did he died?
If a player wants to play a Holic, kick them before it's too late.

KNOW YOUR TIMINGS AND WHEN TO DECLARE THEM. Timings are probably the most important part of the mechanics to get. They're not very complicated but not understanding them means you can fuck up quite a bit and miss opportunities.

>Madness removal

Madness removal is limited by memory fragments per phase, this includes the battle phase where you can't make conversation checks freely, this makes stuff that allows you to remove madness in combat pretty strong. Conversation checks are also the least reliable madness removal method, having only a 50/50 chance with only skills (or boy) and GM's whims providing better odds (you can't support them or madness checks like you can attack checks).


Attacks cannot only deal damage to the location the attack hits to begin with, with the exception of explosive. If you get hit with Melee 4 to the torso and you only have two parts there, the two parts are gone, but the remaining 2 damage just disappears. Same with Spirit attacks, if you get hit with Spirit Attack 3 and allocate that hit to a fetter that has only one point clear, the other two points disappear. This makes things that let you recover in combat very strong as you can use it to basically negate hits.

Oh and for your first character, make sure you have a +1 on your attack checks, Nechronica does not do "Nat 1's" or "Nat 10's" critical successes/failures are based on the end result, so a +1 means you can't crit-fail attack checks without an enemy applying penalties for it. When you have a better grip for when to use supports and madness rerolls and stuff you can go without it if you want, but it's never a bad idea to have the bonus.

>Attacks cannot only deal damage to the location the attack hits to begin with

Should be can, not cannot.
File: 1404608551469.jpg (436 KB, 1600x1200)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
>Port blows air out her nose, sounding like a mildly frustrated tea-kettle.

As in a rush of air or a whistling sound?


Ok so here's my attempt to interpret some things. Please let me know if I got any of it wrong.


>[Port makes a Madness Check. Passes.]

So Port is the only successful doll created using Samantha Thampson's psyche as a base. She was originaly seen as a failure though and put in long term storage.


So as far as A2-06 can tell Hope is not classified as a replicant.


So Protoca is a Styx Replicant with a psyche based on Cleoh Thampson. I'm going to go out on a limb and say X1 means prototype or experimental series one. I'll also guess e655 means 655th indevidual of batch Episilon, likely the 5th batch.
Holey moley that seems like a lot of dolls.

Hope is classified as an "Individual vital for the RECOVERY of the human race".
It seems that in the middle of this conversation A2 received or noticed updated information from somewhere that says Protoca is also classified as an "Individual vital for the RECOVERY of the human race".

B3 personally considers Port an "Individual viral for the survival of the human race" and may or may not see a difference between her and the Samantha Thampson he knew and fought to protect so long ago.
File: ImpStareC.png (14 KB, 132x48)
14 KB
Because some guys take Holic's psyche base to be a toxic shitfuck, I guess.

Speaking as a Holic player, fuck those guys, : v.

A Holic is a Doll who copes with trauma by reveling in excess (usually the violent kind). As a result, they tend to attract the 'idiot murderhobo who keeps getting the party into trouble' type, I guess.

He's exaggerating, but if there is a That Guy position, it'd be holic because its description can easily be read as "Your role is to be a selfish crazy cunt!" It also has the only skill that benefits its user while punishing friendlies in the same zone (limit of madness). It's pretty easy to play in a way that isn't that, but the potential is there.
It occurs I should probably give some actual advice...

Are you playing, or running?

For a player: Have a clear character concept in mind and run with it. A good Necromancer will play off your expectations and twirl them around, but you should have a good idea who your character 'wants to be' if nothing else. It makes the drama as contradictions add up more compelling.
-- Also, parts that move other entities are really handy. They can save you from some of the nastiest whombos in the game. Parts that Hinder Move are also handy for the same reason.

As someone running: Make sure to set up ambience. Have things happen that the dolls can hear or see, even if it won't directly affect the dolls. Noises, sights, etc. Even evidence of past events.

And after you've been going a while and gotten a handle on things, try to design your combats to get your party to think outside their typical habits. Don't let them fall into a rut repeating the same tactics without punishing them for it a bit.
I GM the game with Coleo (PortAnon's character), Imp (Port DM's character who is a Holic), and Melico (who's player doesn't browse 4chan as far as I know)


I would instead say. "Be careful about who you let play holics".

They are one of two archetypes that have a skill that can screw over other PCs as part of it's normal intended effect. (The other is Sorority with the Tough Love skill.)

>Limit of Madness
>Timing: Damage
>Action Point Cost: 0
>Range: Self
>You may remove a Madness Point from a Fetter of your choice.
That is Awesome.
>However, if any of your Sisters are in the same Area as you, they must add a Madness Point to a Fetter of their choice.
That is really bad.

Furthermore anything that inflicts madness on the PCs has amplified weight in the early game. (To the point that GMs who aren't looking to grind through PCs should pull their punches on madness checks and avoid using enemies that have spirit attacks until the PCs have gotten more memories and ways to deal with madness)
So holics venting insanity to atmosphere in combat in the early part of a campaign where players and the GM are still figuring things out can be a recipe for trouble.

Also as Port DM said in >>71661669

>Because some guys take Holic's psyche base to be a toxic shitfuck, I guess.
>Speaking as a Holic player, fuck those guys, : v.
>A Holic is a Doll who copes with trauma by reveling in excess (usually the violent kind). As a result, they tend to attract the 'idiot murderhobo who keeps getting the party into trouble' type, I guess.

I will add to that that some people who aren't trying to cause problems may end up doing so because they don't know how to play a Holic in a way that won't be a pain in the ass for the group.
I count MYSELF in that category. I'd need to do some learning before I felt confident in trying to play one.

Now, all that aside.

I've been running this Nechronica campaign since July of last year and have been having a blast.

Speaking from experience of... a lot of games, the potential trouble of holic is overblown and is more of a thing of "This is a shitty player who just so happened to take the position best able to excuse shitty behavior." As long as the holic player knows how to acquiese to what the party wants to do/cools their jets so as to not ruin things, they're no more troublesome than any other position, just have their desires be things that aren't detrimental to the party (at least not directly).

The worst PC, at least in recent memory, was playing a sorority, but that's part of a larger story.
File: Di3732iU4AARFdF.jpg large.jpg (192 KB, 1000x1306)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>As in a rush of air or a whistling sound?
Kind of both, but more rushing than whistling.

>So Port is the only successful doll created using Samantha Thampson's psyche as a base.
She was an attempt at resurrecting Samantha via a cloned body, yes. The bunker Protoca found her and Tachi in was effectively cold storage. Whether or not B3's memories getting mixed up in her Ego was part of the plan, I can't be sure; the GM has made it clear that Necromancy tends to be a messy and inexact science.

>So as far as A2-06 can tell Hope is not classified as a replicant.
Correct. And it's worth mentioning that evidence found in Hope's own tower pointed to her being interred in her stasis chamber before the extinction of humanity. She's been around for quite a while.

>Holey moley that seems like a lot of dolls.
It is. It's possibly even more than you think because it's not actually clear if X stands for an early run or late run, since it could also be the one that comes after run V. GM has been ambiguous on it so far.

>It seems that in the middle of this conversation A2 received or noticed updated information from somewhere that says Protoca is also classified as an "Individual vital for the RECOVERY of the human race".
Correct. A2 is keyed into the Protector Network, meaning it remains linked up to Unit Apollo and all the rest. B3 is the only Protector we know about who is capable of acting completely on his own with his own personal objectives.
Minor spoiler for OOC knowledge, though it also doesn't/hasn't come up IC:
This is actually why Samantha was posthumously integrated into the Styx Project even though she was an apparently normal girl. Her interaction with B3 caused him to generate an individual sense self, something no other Protector unit is known to have [aside from Arachne, probably]. Apollo deemed it an ability worth study.
File: Pearts8.png (2.71 MB, 1431x1080)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB PNG
>B3 personally considers Port an "Individual viral for the survival of the human race"
B3 prioritizes Port above all else. Literally all else. This is part of the reason he delayed in presenting his 'logic chain' to A2 since he doesn't have a firmly logical basis for his personal classification of Port. It's literally just how he feels.

Whether he sees her as exactly the same entity as Samantha is kind of up in the air, but he at least doesn't draw a clear distinction between them since he still refers to her as 'Samantha' instead of 'Port' or her Styx designations.

Unfortunately I gotta postpone storytime by one night. Was so zonked this morning that I made it two hours into my shift before I noticed I'd forgotten to wear my steel toes to work. Except it was my leadman who noticed and not me. Sorry for the delay.
Cool art, have any more like it, please?
File: ching-yeh-spider.jpg (609 KB, 1920x2477)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
I don't really have any more in that vein. I'll post up a couple of nechronica-y pieces though.
This really sums up the dynamic of being the wholely owed, though not necessarily mind controlled, toy of an insane and seemingly all powerful nechromancer.
How do you turn YTMNDs into .GIFs? Or extract .GIFs from them?
File: 1585262703312.png (562 KB, 702x1028)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
How talky are you Savants?
File: 1408938066199.gif (1.28 MB, 500x281)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
Our nechromancer sends us out to fuck shit up and bring back footage of it.

Our latest escapade was to travel to a tropical island that another nechromancer ruled and turn it into a desolate ruin.

We accomplished it via pic related after a several year long, in universe, setup and a less than a day long mission which all together took about 3 sessions IRL.

We're basically the evil villains who love and respect eachother while working hard to commit great and heinous deeds that make the world a worse place.
It's surprisingly cathartic.
>It took years.

What did you do?
4:20 praise it!
Hetza isn't dead, but he's more or less abandoned all online presence. He is still making art for Nechronica and has made art for other games made by the same creator, but doesn't seem to be doing anything beyond that.

A lot of Hetza's old art sites are still up but they're only gathering dust.

Usually not very, if we're talking explicitly about enemies. They might have some stuff they're ranting about at the start or responses to specific things in the fight, but they won't make much conversation. Characterization tends to come from part names and such.
What happened next?
My apologies, I kinda lost my job the night I started trying to share the story and keep getting sidetracked by trying to resolve that but hey same story everywhere
>they travel together with the rovers to the open rust sand fields of Mars
>It dawns on the group they were picking the terrain for their clear advantage so they have maximum space to maneuver
>argue with the mistress to set the goal of the field exercise since she got to pick the terrain, she agrees
>objective becomes to take out the other commander
>Sorority bases strategy on ignoring everything else and having all close combatants, Holic Alice (who at this point finally had an attack) and Court blitzing Mistress as Junk stays back with Sorority to try and keep her out of danger
>banking on holics damage output to outpace the drones
>also decide to include sharla on their team cause based on their documentation from the archive her and this mistress they think are about equal strength due to each undergoing the same level of experimentation
>sonja is left out to give encouraging support from the sidelines alongside radio bot
>Mistress matches their team one rover per head, though the rest of theirs sit on the sidelines nearby and it is clear to them she has 16 in total meaning this could get very bad very fast if things go poorly
>commit to the plan as battle begins with sharla dashing forward ahead of the group transforming back to a crawling mass of bone and sinew as the others trail behind
>Junk and Sorority get to work softening up mistress
>Mistress drones surround her and fire off some actually pretty devastating volleys at the approaching group as most their basic parts start to fly away quick
>Due to being the only one with increased movement, sharla gets there first
>Mistress weakness was having no defense against dismember and sharla was very good at dismembering
>in one lucky strike mistress eyeless head is sent flying off and lands upon the martian soil
>as quick as the fighting started everything seems to have stopped
>then radio bot starts to spout more binary
>announces override commands are entering their systems from a remote source
>a string of random characters is emitted as all the drones servos and weapons reactivate and start opening fire on the group once again
>Radio bot starts emitting taunting messages, calling out to someone as disgraced and humiliated
>Court and others are actually pretty quick to catch on this thing may be the voice they have heard of before taking over the systems
>atop all the rover drones becoming hostile sharla is clearly dropping back into a state of madness as they continue to enthusiastically hack away at what is left of Mistress body
>Junk realizing this voice is trying to goad the mistress into full state of despair starts trying to counter it with encouraging words
>radio bot translates additional messages announcing itself as the ideal commander mistress was looking for
>a battle of conversation checks ensue
>holic takes action to try and cut what is left of mistress main body down from the machine to get it away from whatever system they are hooked into as well as get it away from sharla
>all the while they are attempting this the rovers are still systematically blasting them apart
>ignore the conflict and stick to their goals of trying to recover mistress mental state enough to regain control of the rovers from...whatever this voice is
>Holic is able to cut enough of her torso out of the rover mistress was integrated in to to pull her and her head away from it and sharla
>now fully separated all the rovers cease their assault and the mysterious transmissions halt
>with the battle seeming to have stopped they calm down sharla back to a borderline psychotic level
>radio bot starts acting normally again as court questions on the status of mistress
If you have a movement part with timing rapid, can you throw yourself into melee with it and attack on the same count, or does it not work that way?
>speaking ghetto binary

Straight Outta Commodore!
>radio bot reports that she has gone silent
>group decides to piece her back together with what parts they are able as the mechanical drones repair her rover
>once they restore her to a functional state they see tears begin to drip out from under their face wrappings, the mistress now emotionally distraught over being beaten so easily and their place as a "perfect weapon" their one sense of identity against the monstrosity they became being a falsehood
>Court and Sorority reassure them of their value as both a weapon and commander and claim that the voices interference ruined the results of their war game and offered to have a rematch after they work together to defeat it
>Junk suggests that they can be far more than a weapon and will happily assist them to find interests and get to have some sense of being a normal girl
>A few successful checks later and they have calmed them down and learned mistress real name of Yalonde
>now recruited as an ally, they trust her enough to let her be hooked into the ship and use it as a base of operations and strategic coordination center in their continued exploration of mars
>have radio bot's rover form be rebuilt and start directing the rovers on scouting missions to places of interest they find on maps
>place sonja in charge of the comms relay on the ship
>start to feel very confident even though they still have no real idea what they are up against or why this mars colony even exists but they have a clear goal of ending a threat that is very much aware of their actions now
>decide for now to keep exploring location to location learning all they can, set their sights on an academy in the same district as the space port as their next goal
18/20 I think
That really sucks. I'm sorry.
Being a white girl into gang culture is now a defining aspect of court but mainly only comes out when they interact with machines
It is alright, I know it could be worse and am more worried for Junk's player who actually got the virus
>they set out to the academy with the core group and sharla, who they have now acknowledged is a potential ticking time bomb but are hoping to be able to build friendship with and make a more reliable ally out of
>as they drive to the academy they find it surrounded by a ring of armed undead with a large mass of towering black tendrils ending in a glowing orange eye overlooking the army all directed toward the academy
>group questions whether it is worth dealing with this swarm to investigate, conclude there may be a weapon inside that repels them and if so they should get in and find it
>They hatch a plan to distract the swarm and lead them away to a fuel station they spotted on the way over and detonate that, then circle around to the opposite side of the academy and burst through the wall
>sorority attracts the eye pillars attention by firing at it then the group drives away as the undead swarm and overseeing eye quickly begin their pursuit
>using its tendrils as a tangle of legs the eye pursues and fires off laser shots after them as the swarm opens fire
>they successfully navigate the streets keeping ahead though some shots do break through the car and hit a few of the passengers
>once they get to the fuel station sorority fires off a rocket at it causing a sizeable explosion right as the eye and its armies reach it
>waste no time in circling around and reaching the academy once again with a much thinner wall of undead present
>fire a rocket into the academy complex wall to weaken it and drives through the horde and crashes through the wall, look behind and see the swarm is making no efforts to pursue them as the eye slowly reenters their line of sight.
>He is still making art for Nechronica
Really? Where?

Such bravery, mercy, and kindness in this extremely dark time in Martian history.

Also lucky they conversationed the one who was vulnerable to that and good at dismember and had her on their side when facing the one vulnerable to dismember.
Prayers out to both of you.
Not on the same count unless the cost is 0.
>enter the nearest building which they quickly discover to be a primary school of sorts
>seeing an opportunity to maybe learn more about themselves, they search around for any offices for a principal or advisory staff for attendance and professional records
>manage to find a file containing basic student record and name/contact information for the students primary guardians and some secondary individuals of importance to contact in emergencies
>everyone save sorority is able to uncover records about themselves and learn their true name if they didnt know it already as well as who their parent/guardian may be
>Court discovers she is somehow connected to the head of robotics
>Junk has an adopted father but also has the rogue scientist that experimented on them as a secondary contact
>Holic finds two individuals with their last name seeing their own name but then also possibly a sister or step sister named Deedra
>Alice discovers she is the daughter of the colony's governor.
>Also discover Sonja is the daughter of the rogue scientist that experimented on them, they become subject to a mounting suspicion from the group as possibly being the six strain sample subject alluded to in the records
>find a counselors office with a ton of files listed as 'behavioral logs' on many of the students, they are able to find all of their own records but here a noise from somewhere in the building before they can read them
and that is finally 20/20 with reading the documents and investigating the noise intended as the next session, whenever that is able to happen all things considered.

How big is this ball of tentacles and a huge eye?

What do you want this storytime called in the archive?

Mars Storytime?

Or something more specific?

Does your group have a name for the campaign?
The last Nechronica book to have his artwork was "Savant Human Rights" released last year. The latest book to have his artwork is the second edition of Nue Kagami released at the end of last year.
Big open mouthes everywhere.
Most the party has become committed to the idea of making allies wherever and whenever able primarily led by courts desire to gather resources against their main threat, Junk wanting to restore the humanity to everyone, and Holic and alice just wanting new friends
It is appreciated, Junks player is apparently getting the chances for rest and treatment they need and are supposedly most the way through the illness running its course so we are all trying to be optimistic for their recovery
About say, five stories or so tall
Well there is two names there was my official name for it of Nechronica:Red Planet but then there is the shitpost name pushed by the group as they are a bunch of meme loving fucks, Lolis with daddy issues:tagline pending
Thank you both very much for storytiming.
File: tenor(12).gif (1.11 MB, 498x358)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB GIF
Can you support or hinder dismembermemt checks?
File: Coleo and Jiminy.gif (1.31 MB, 300x282)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB GIF
Big-time spoilers for the England campaign.

Yes. The only ones you can't are conversation checks and madness checks because apparently putting your sister's head in an arm vise does not stop her from going crazy.
It is no problem I am really happy to see people were somwehat interested in it as this entire campaign started on a whim of some friends willing to give it a shot when I casually mentioned in a conversation
File: 75363114_p22.png (532 KB, 1000x1000)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
Zombie Land Saga is pretty Nechronica.
File: tenor(6).gif (1.33 MB, 250x170)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB GIF
Does Hope/Subject 03a6d get hungry?
I imagine feeding her would be difficult given the current situation of the world.

Cool. Got more?

I think I like Red Planet better.

Man that's tall.
File: Tears reaction.gif (494 KB, 500x283)
494 KB
494 KB GIF
File: unknown-3.png (148 KB, 353x402)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
>Does Hope/Subject 03a6d get hungry?
She does not. By my understanding, once a person goes through the Styx process they're not really 'alive' anymore. Ostensibly she's fairly similar to a Doll, as both her and Cleoh are/were statted out on normal character sheets (though Cleoh had a bunch homebrew parts and skills).
Always happy to storytime. These threads are pretty much the only time I get to talk about the game outside of my group (unless I manage to bait responses in a 'how would your character X' thread) and seeing the reactions and commentary is always fun. Glad people are enjoying it.
Be real with me, how do people even find a group to play this game with?

The front page of the Nechronica translation wiki also has a link to a discord.
>Port crosses her arms and thinks for a moment. "Why was SR-07: PHILOTES-B2-d07 initially marked as a failure? Additional inquiry; what is the purpose of mechanical and mutational augmentations made to SR subjects undergoing the recreation process?"
>It pauses a nanosecond before responding.
>Port's masseters flex as she considers A2's words. "But what memories would you try to trigger in a young girl by hooking up combat stimulants to her nervous system...?" The question is mostly to herself.
>She looks back up to A2. "Primary Maintenance Interface A2-06. What are the conditions of Styx subjects placed into Protector custody?"
>"That's enough. Thank you." Port interjects. She pinches her brow, ruing machine grammar and logic. "If a subject turns themselves over to Protector custody, what are the required handling procedures?"
>"Confirm hypothetical inclusivity of Alpha-Class protectorates."
>"What is the current status of Apollo Unit?"
>It then tilts its head upward and idles.
>Port blinks, and after a moment looks at the girls. "I didn't expect that."
>"There are undead present in the Tower. Do these undead originate from the Tower?"
>It pauses, then idles.
>"This unit has encountered hostiles within the tower that are consistent with the opposition Styx subject #003-Kleos encountered during the event of her activation. do they originate from the tower?"
>"Yes, with clarification. No 'gloom' phenomena were encountered in the tower. Large shock units consistent with their faction were encountered on the skyway, and we found the remains of Gloom infantry on the threshold of this room."
>"Are the whereabouts or status of Subject Empyrean and Subject Abaddon currently known?"
>When the word 'Abbadon' leaves Port's lips, Port notices in the corner of her peripheral sensor that Protoca twitches and tenses noticeably, giving the room another fervent scan.
>Port's hand clenches and unclenches. The prospect of being put to rest, to sleep forever. It sounds... calm. She can't remember the last time she ever knew calm.
>The memory of the rose field flows over her mind.
File: 1399507381901.png (583 KB, 1047x754)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
>More storytime.

>>Port's hand clenches and unclenches. The prospect of being put to rest, to sleep forever. It sounds... calm. She can't remember the last time she ever knew calm.
>>The memory of the rose field flows over her mind.

I'm scared now.
File: Spoiler Image (206 KB, 535x226)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>That was so long ago. She looks over her shoulder to the rest of the group. Her eyes float over Protoca's scars, the stitches all long Hope's older wounds, the haphazard mechanical additions Tachi's welded to herself.
>The thought flits through her head. 'We could all use some sleep...'
>Another memory plays in the back of her head. A promise. One made to her. One she made. She looks back up to A2 and considers it for a moment before turning and stalking back over to the group.
>"We have a lot to talk about." She looks tired. She knows she does.
>Protoca is frowning as she looks from Port to the machine.
>Something catches Port's attention in the corner of her vision.
>Distant. A glimmer of light, by the multi-grated vents of the room.
>Vents with a small, but noticeable hole in them.
>Port's visual sensors whirr as they move to focus on the movement next to the vent.
>It's... a bug? Shimmering, transparent, and almost crystalline. It's a bright, shocking blue.
>Port blinks. "Is that a live locust?"
>Protoca's head whips to Port. "Where?"
>A2's, likewise: SPECIFY.
>It's head quickly follows Port's gaze.
>The Protector Units suddenly activate in unison and fire at the locust, filling the air with noise and turning it - and the grate next to it - into so much char along the wall.
>There are more behind the grate. Many more.
>The door to the assembly room bows inward.
>An Empyrean abomination shambles through the doorway, shedding a dark, sickly green mist as it ambles forward. A swarm of zombies shuffle in behind it.
>More abominations and zombies can be seen through the doorway. They're so thick that the dolls can't even see the sky.
>More locusts swarm out of the grate, flowing over the room like water
>The room almost immediately erupts into a huge melee.
>Lily and Protoca move forward to engage the zombies, hacking them down as they go
>The locusts are spread out too far for Port to meaningful engage and the zombies are being dealt with
>She decides to put a round into the nearest abomination and puts a nice crater into its torso
>Tachi rockets herself into the enemy backline and slams into them with all the force of a meteor
>Port's shot at one of the abominations is followed quickly by a flurry of fire from B3 and the other Protector units, mincing the target quite thoroughly
>Lily and Protoca busy themselves hacking through the swarms of zombies
>Tachi rears up and kicks the abomination nearest her into the waiting blades of Protoca and Lily
>The locusts are largely only impeded only through collateral; their swarming nature makes them difficult to target with either melee weapons or firearms
>The locusts advance slowly towards the Dolls' backline in a creeping wave
>The reach Hope's position; she's exposed in the midfield between lines but the forces of either side have been drawn away from her, leaving her mostly unmolested in the chaos
>She's powerless to stave them off and the other girls are otherwise engaged
>And the locusts are faster than her
>... but they pass her by. They continue advancing towards A2 instead of engaging her
>The abomination engaging Protoca and Lily lands a hit on Lily, breaking one of her legs
>The flesh in its midsection convulses and warps, and then there's a small, Lily-sized femur reinforcing its own leg
>The gloves come off.
>A salvo of rockets from the Protectors' shoulder-mounted launchers fly across the room
>Two go wide, two more slam into the abomination. The explosion smears it across the floor
>A second salvo follows, perfectly spaced among the locusts to avoid overlap and cause maximum damage
>The Protector units get a little too enthusiastic, even. Only a small handful of the bugs are left at this point, perhaps less than a dozen, but it doesn't stop the assault units from throwing a third salvo downrange and obliterating them completely
File: ethan-evans-anvil-2a.jpg (193 KB, 1920x1004)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
>The last salvo from the Protectors leaves the field clear.
>Protoca, Lily, and Tachi are roughed up pretty badly. Hope and Port have gotten away with only incidental damage incurred from the flurry of combat between the locusts and Protectors.
>"Well... That was thorough..." Tachi huffs, impressed.
>Port eyes the drum of rockets on the nearest Protector with poorly concealed envy. "Those look handy to have around."
>Tachi, upon actually bothering to pay attention to the conversation finds that she can understand the machine speak of the Protectors. "I can understand them... huh..."
>Two of the activated Protector Units exit the room and fan out toward the entrance to the Skyway. Gunfire follows soon after.
>One of the remaining takes up position at the entrance to the maintenance room while the remaining Protector positions itself at A2's side.
>"Greetings, I guess." Tachi says
>Tachi blinks "Um, no thanks?"
>Port turns to A2. "How often do they make incursions into this section of the tower?"
>Gunfire erupts once more as the Protector at the door starts firing.
>Port grinds her teeth. "We will move on from this position; we can not acquiesce to stasis at this time." She turns to Protoca, Lily, and Hope and motions towards the rear door. "A2 wants us out, there are more on the way."
>Tachi shuffles, her grip on her weapons tightening. "Shouldn't we help them hold? I don't think it would be wise to let this room fall."
>"Don't those assembly lines come out here?" She says pointing off to the side, at the visible machinery through the plexiglass window on the far wall.
>The doorway explodes, sending the torso of a Protector unit flying into the room, still shooting at whatever lies beyond as it goes.
>Port looks over to the doorway. "Do you have an estimate of the opposing force?"
>Beyond, she can see multiple Beasts striding amidst a small horde of Dead, barely visible over a pall of Gloom.
>Two Protectors rush forward from behind A2 and charge suicidally into the enemy lines, firing missiles as they go.
>Two more take cover on either side of the door and begin firing their machine rifles out, attempting to thin the tide, while yet another two rush forward into the fray.
>It is evident from the squad of Protectors which has entered the room that the first wave of reinforcements has arrived, but...
>"...That is a lot of Dead." Protoca observes grimly, readying her shovel in case something enters the room.
>"It is." Port deadpans. "Tiebreaker, Protoca? I'm for going." Port takes a step backward, towards the exit. Though she keeps Lahti in ready position and her eyes trained on the doorway.
>Tachi shifts, the living pile of armor and weapons still eager to fight. "I don't think they'll hold without us but whatever you decide we'll do."
>"I... I don't want anyone to get hurt..." Hope murmurs bashfully, worrying her hands.
>"You're more important than they are." Protoca says with certainty. "We're just five girls... we can't win a war by ourselves. That's insanity."
>"That matches my assessment of the situation pretty well." Port brings the rifle up to her shoulder and puts a shot out over the heads of the Protectors, aimed haphazardly at an Empyrean construct outside.
>There are so many Dead, can she even miss?
>Tachi sighs and nods. "Yeah, you're right." She says closing her eyes. "Just feels nice having someone on our side for once. I feel... strong... with them."
>"It's good to have friends, but it's better to be alive to enjoy them. Now let's go." Port says as she puts two more shots out through the doorway.
>The party evacuates, passing through several more factory/maintenance chambers, and multiple squads of Protectors as they go. It seems a significant force is being routed to this area. Is it because it's a logistical hardpoint, or simply because of their presence?
>They can't tell.
>Protoca seems wary of the machines, or even dismissive. Her focus is definitely more on the group and potential threats to the group than any worry for, let alone admiration of, the display of force from the Protectors.

>The dead expanse of the Tower is before them. They continue their ascent.

Fin for now. Hope you gentlemen have a good night.
File: BEEP.png (10 KB, 612x54)
10 KB
A parting easter egg I almost forgot about. It's hard to express just how enthusiastic the Protectors were with mopping up the locusts. Which was handy because only Tachi had anything that could really threaten them.


How good is dismember against dolls?
Depends on if you build for it, if you can land a hit, and if they don't have counters for it [such as auto-separate or steel bones.]

If Dismember goes off, it's absolutely brutal. But the issue is you need to: 1) hit the target, 2) it needs to have separated hit areas [such as Dolls or Savants], 3) you need to actually break at least one part with the attack, 4) they need to fail their dismember save.

So it really depends on if the players are savvy / countering it, and what you're doing to mitigate those advantages [boosting the damage or burning their defends on something else, acquiring skills to enhance it, etc.]

Man it's almost easy to forget that the approach to this tower was such a different psychological horror show.
File: log.gif (1.1 MB, 320x240)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
>things with a lot of creatures that would fit well in a Nechronica campaign
File: 1495316788923.png (182 KB, 1000x1505)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Man, I'd completely forgotten about that gif. Now I'm sad because the anime was 3DCG with all the grace of baby's first render.
File: 1495399386544.jpg (61 KB, 716x1100)
61 KB
You guys mind if I post some material?
File: bear.jpg (160 KB, 500x283)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
I'd say the anime was pretty good in spite of some bizarre stylistic choices. I wish I could self-isolate with a BioMega anime of that quality.
Go ahead.
File: 1495678108069.jpg (504 KB, 1240x1748)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
Early Biomega is still some of Nihei's best. The art is just stellar.
File: 1496026726970.jpg (402 KB, 802x602)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
>the antivirus of the future
>Now with extra dismemberment methods!
File: 1509924107250.png (464 KB, 1837x1300)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
Go for it dude.
File: 1537048073958.jpg (928 KB, 565x4738)
928 KB
928 KB JPG
File: 1509971237240.png (3.39 MB, 2736x1824)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB PNG
I guess I have far, far less Biomega material than I thought.
File: biomega_v01c001p021.jpg (267 KB, 910x1282)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
File: bm_skeleton.jpg (302 KB, 1920x1080)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
I'll stop here, don't want to dump too much.
File: 1388966864405.jpg (111 KB, 850x700)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>I'll stop here, don't want to dump too much.

Please come back soon. You have some badass stuff in your collection.
I swear i would be able to recognise that weapon from touch alone and it's not even real
How do you mean?
File: airbourne_zombie_unit.jpg (91 KB, 600x874)
91 KB
File: Zombie_Cactus.png (220 KB, 363x528)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
Have an undead cactus
maybe he's saying it looks a lot like the battle rifle from halo
File: 20200329_154125.jpg (3.03 MB, 2741x4007)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB JPG
This quarantine is awful. Boredom is a bitch, but good to stimulate creativity!

Let's make a continent shaped like this one-piece, one-handed peeljob I did on on a tangelomarinentine here.
Did you mean to make this the OP post of a new thread?

Anyway looks like some kind of volcanic island to me. The raised area with the green stem bit is the largest volcano on the island.
Do exactly what you have just done.

A Necromancer tears an enormous strip from a failed creation or a defeated rival, then uses the remains to create an entire landscape. Is it some sort of gruesome trophy that spans for countless miles? Or does it serve as continent wide gibbet to show what happens to even the strongest of foes who stand against the Necromancer? Or perhaps the Necromancer decides to try and improve upon the defeated foe, raising from the landscapes of flesh, bone and rot new lifeforms, civilizations and cultures?

This is what I love about Nechronica. It's nearly limitless and completely unfettered.
File: DrMcNinja03.jpg (234 KB, 400x512)
234 KB
234 KB JPG

If I combine the skill Calamity with a melee attack that has dismember and does at least 3 damage am I going to force every savant and other party member besides me in my area to either use multiple defence parts or make a dismemberment check?

Yes, unless they have autoseparate.
Are Sticky Grenade and Nailgun from BftP bullshit?

They straight up ignore defend parts.
Sticky Bomb could be super nasty with a crit.
Nail Gun is an annoying plinker of a part, but one damage per 2 AP is really tame and it means your opponent will be able to save defends for your party members' harder hits. I probably wouldn't take it except as a backup.
>using the fanworks section

You only have yourself to blame
I've had no trouble with them so far. Nailgun seems to be a more beefy Sniper Rifle, while Sticky Grenade is powerful but the short range puts the user well within danger.

There's nothing wrong with using fanworks. There's so many doujins, fanbooks and extra classes made for the game by fans across the world. Some can be pretty crazy but a good deal of them are fun to use.
>Nailgun seems to be a more beefy Sniper Rifle,
As someone with no idea how this game works mechanically, that sounds odd.
'Nailgun' is actually a semi-automatic sabot rifle by the description. It's just called that because the rounds look like nails.
Neat. Is there a nuclear powered minigun called "Reason" too?
>Nailgun seems to be a more beefy Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifle has a minimum range of 2 and a maximum range of 3

Nailgun has a minimum range of 0 and a maximum range of 1.

I don't see how they are similar in function.
>it's not actually a nailgun construction tool

That makes it far less cool tha I thought it was.
I meant to say Shotgun, sorry.

You're nitpicking at a game where Psychic Guns, implanted bio-horror parasites and enormous rocket launchers are all acceptable within the official books. The plasma swords, ghostly claws and other Parts of the fanworks are entirely feasible for the setting and in gameplay. If you want to be a puritan and only use the official material that's fine, but people have and continue to make their own fanworks for the game and players are free to use and ignore them as they please.

Actually in terms of damage, what skills they work with, and cost, Nailgun acts as a closer range sniper rifle that ignore defends. They actually complement each other pretty well.

It's worth noting that the defend negating part of that only negates the Defend property. If you declare armor plating against sticky grenade, it will still negate the explosive property, cutting the damage in half. It's also as awkward as Machine Gun and Netgun, being exclusively range 1 and it's raw damage output is relatively low for a Tier 3 Attack part.

Feel free to fluff it as one if that's what makes you happy.

The only differences between Shotgun and Nailgun are

Shotgun is a tier 2 Armament and has explosive

Nailgun is tier 3 Armament and ignores defend parts.

I feel like shotgun may break even with or come out ahead of nailgun in most situations. I could be wrong.

Explosive means you are doing more damage against legions, as well as against horrors that don't have or don't use their defend part blocking the shotgun. With nailgun you are doing 1 damage to whatever you hit unless they have a reaction move part and decide to use it to get out of nailgun range.

If you take lullaby then both lose their bonus on their roll to hit, but there both now shooting for 1AP, so you have the potential to really efficiently pump out damage if you can hang around at range 0~1 and not get torn up or spend too much AP on defending or other things.
I wasn't nitpicking, just expressing a question at a name I didn't know, and cracking a joke at a possibility that might have been in the book.

You are correct, shotgun comes out ahead most of the time, especially when critical hits come into play. Though the comparison with sniper rifle is that builds that work for one works for the other. They match in raw damage output and both are best used with instrument of Evil and Lullaby. Shotgun tends to not play as nicely with Instrument of Evil.

Does it make sense for Nailgun to be at Tier 3 ?
I'd put it on Tier 2, personally. It's too reliable for Tier 1, but it seems markedly less reliable than Dual Pistols or Shotgun on a pure damage basis.

Yes, mainly because with Lullaby and instrument of evil, it can be a consistent source of damage that the enemy can do nothing about at damage timing. Hand Cannon, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, and Nailgun are all a part of the same "role" of shooting attacks where it's "Low base damage but fires for 1 AP with lullaby." Shotgun's arguably just the best shooting attack in the base game because it only requires lullaby to hit its stride. Sniper Rifle has range, but it's a kind of awkward range band and Handcannon doesn't actually exist. Nailgun's the only one at tier 3 and is also not countered by what negates the others, namely gauntlet/crab legs (or enemy only equivalents). It counters T3 parts that normally counter other weapons in its role, and if it was at T2, it would effortlessly outclass the other T2 defend negating part, drill. It's a part that was placed how it was, and balanced, around someone optimizing for it. So looking at it, it's not "1 damage that can ignore defends with a +1 for 2 AP," it's balanced around the expected skill set up to use it, which would make it "2 damage that ignores defends with a +1 for 1 AP."

>markedly less reliable than Dual Pistols or Shotgun on a pure damage basis.

Shotgun, yeah, there's a point there, but not really for dual pistols. Chain doesn't play well with Lullaby due to the -1 to attack checks and unlike Nailgun and Shotgun, it doesn't have its own +1 to negate that.

How does Charger work. Does it get more powerful each time you use in a combat untilyou've used it 3 times? If so does it stay strong after that or does the cycle start over?

Six Shooter has Rapid Timing instead of Action Timing.

Does that mean you can only use it once per turn of combat?

Port - a direction or a developed place with a harbor.

Tachi - a form of Japanese sword that predates the katana.

Protoca - a term in chemistry that I am unable to find a meaning for.

Interesting names.
Bump for interest

It has a separate 1 AP action that "charges" it. First 1 adds +2 damage only to the next attack with it. The second adds explosive only to the next attack. You don't have to immediately fire it, but when you do, it will deal whatever it was charged up to then reset back to base.

Six Shooter works like any other rapid attack, once per round unless you have Delight in Corruption or use Hand of Death to declare it again.
What makes chain attacks good?

Explosive does double damage to horrors and legions, and if it hits hard enough excess damage to a ruined location rolls over to a new location on savants and dolls.

Dismemberment damage forces a check on savants and dolls that can cost them an entire location.

What is chain for?
chain attacks can switch targets every time it chains
you can use this to deal damage to multiple enemies at once, with more finesse than the can-potentially-hit-your-friends area attacks
that, and every extra attack is another chance to crit
>The girls' escape eventually takes them to a maintenance corridor deep in the hear of the tower.
>It's just wide enough for two of them to walk side-by-side with a little extra breathing room. They must be somewhere deep inside one of the manufacturing areas, as they can hear the constant low roar of machinery just beyond the walls of the metal corridor.
>Port pads along, a few paces behind the rest of the group. Her ears are laid flat against her head, a shield against the rattle and rumble of the machinery surrounding them.
>She can't help flinching at the louder noises; a pressure valve releasing here, a braking system elsewhere, was that shearing metal? If 'I were still human I bet I'd be nauseous,' she thinks ruefully to herself.
>The dull emergency lighting runs streaks through her vision as her sight bounces back and forth between the enclosing walls and her sisters before her. Her head hurts.
>Eventually her vision settles on Protoca, then slides to gaze down the hall. There's no end in sight. And all the noise... This would be as private as things would get while they were here. And Protoca needed to know...
>Port increases her pace, just enough to catch up to Protoca. She taps the other girl on the back to get her attention.
>Protoca's head turns quickly, and Port - in those gentle eyes, hardened into knives - Port can feel the weight of her older(?) Sister's attention sink into her.
>"What's wrong?" Protoca's voice is (relatively) quiet and tense and her eyes flit about Port's form so quickly the younger(?) girl might not even catch it. "Did you notice something?"
>Ahead, Tachi slows, quirking her head toward the pair.
also I believe stuff that can boost the damage of an attack roll boosts the damage of each attack, so for example meat snake being melee attack 2 chain attack 2 does 3 damage with super strength and goes from potentially doing 6 damage to 9
File: hallway.jpg (234 KB, 1200x1200)
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234 KB JPG
Aye, Meat Snake and Super Strength are a very strong synergy. Coleo actually picked this up recently.

>Portoca's words are almost completely lost in the rumble, but Port's ears can still pick them out of the din.
>Port tries to keep her voice down far enough to be private, but she winds up almost shouting just so Protoca can hear her. "I wanted to talk to you about something I remembered." She lays a hand on Protoca's arm and tilts her head away from the other three girls, trying to motion Protoca away. "Just between us."
>Protoca stares critically, though it was hard to tell if she meant to seem so harsh or whether she was just in an... intense mood. "...Alright." She turns to Tachi, "Wait here. We'll be back in just a moment. If we need help, my hand will come to get you." Then she turns back to Port, "...Then, let's go down a ways."
>Port leads Protoca down the hall, just around the closest bend so that they're out of sight but still not far from the group.
>She flinches once as metal squeals somewhere beyond the corridor wall. For a moment her face is contorted into a coarse sort of annoyance, but it softens again as her eyes settle back on Protoca. "I wanted to tell you sooner, but the Tower's been... a busy place."
>She gives a tired smile. "But... Uh, when we found the coffin room. I remembered something I saw just before I woke up in the tank, back in the bunker. I think it was about you. Or it was about Cleoh, I guess."
>"...About Cleoh?" Protoca muses thoughtfully, before turning back to Port. "The coffin?" She guesses, lifting the edifice in question a small ways.
>"Right. When I started rambling about the Styx program and... all of that. I think- Right before waking up in the tank I was watching someone else's memory; it was one of Cleoh's. You remember the bunker we found Monty in?"
>"...Yes." Protoca confirms. "You nearly jumped down a seven story staircase... in the dark. Cleoh had memories, there?"
>Port almost looks annoyed... but also a bit nostalgic. "That was an accident. But yes." She nods.
>"Samantha and Cleoh both lived there. And before you woke me up I watched Cleoh's memory of the Gloom - the Empyrean dead that attacked us just back there - breaking into the complex." Port shivers at the memory.
>She looks past Protoca and for a moment she's back in the bunker's maintenance corridor. "As the Gloom were breaking into the complex, Cleoh and two others broke off and snuck around their forces to find Samantha. And then they linked up with an Arachne unit to push out of the bunker."
>Protoca crosses her arm and hums consideringly, though the sound is lost easily within the industrial noise surrounding them. "...So it was Samantha's memory?" She questions.
>Port shakes her head. "No, I was watching it through Cleoh. It was... like a dream? I think? In the moment I was Cleoh, when I thought of things in the dream Cleoh's voice was 'my voice' and her hands were 'my hands' but when I woke up, or I guess now that I remember it, I realize they were someone else's. It's not like how when I remembered B3 fighting to save Samantha; in those memories everything is still just 'me' but when I think of Cleoh's memory it's... not. It's just Cleoh."
>"...just like..." Protoca just barely starts to murmur, before blinking. and frowning, "But you are you... Not Cleoh."
>"I am Samantha. Or a reproduction of her. A2 called me SR-07: Philotes-B2-d07, which makes me like one of those clones we stumbled on in the tanks earlier. And the only successful attempt to bring back a part of her psyche, according to Unit Apollo. Cleoh was S-03: Kleos, and you are SR-03: Kleos-X1-e655. According to A2. And one of the, what he called, 'Alpha Protectorate' subjects."
>Protoca frowns, clenching a hand, then releasing it and glancing to the side, a sigh on her lips. "...You are Port," she says, "not Samantha." She fingers her locket, "You are Port, and I am Protoca. Clones, homunculi, puppets, servants, dolls... That doesn't change anything, does it?"
>"Well- I mean... I know I'm not Samantha. Exactly. I have memories from B3, of all people. Even if I'm a copy of her, I'm not her. Like if you took a computer and copied all the data onto an identical one, they don't suddenly become the same computer, but that's-" Port blows air out of her knows as her jaw clenches. She's losing the plot.
>"I still want to know about Sam. I still feel like her memories are my memories. It... I feel like it helps me understand how I act the way I do sometimes, why I know things, why I do things, why I feel the ways I do. Like it did with you."
>"I'd follow you to the end of the Earth, Protoca. And I've -always- felt that way. Even when we first met, but remembering that dream of Cleoh made me understand why."
>Protoca visibly relaxes, though she still looks somewhat disconcerted at Port's mentioned devotion.
>"And I understand you aren't actually Cleoh either. You might be, like, a part of her. If you're like me you might be parts of a few people. But I know I'd want to know about the parts of me I can't remember, so I thought you might, too. And..." Port's eyes slide away from Protoca as she thinks about the dream.
>"You're really a lot like her, you know? You're always thinking of others before yourself, no matter what. And you're willing to hurt yourself if you think that's it's what's needed to protect us. And maybe that's why I knew I could trust you. But it also makes me scared."
File: SPOILER_unknown2.png (895 KB, 993x735)
895 KB
895 KB PNG
>Abruptly, Port steps closer and clasps Protoca's free hand firmly between her own. "Last time, Cleoh died protecting Samantha. That was brave, and I don't fault Cleoh for it but... I don't want to be left all alone again. Just me and B3. I want you to be there when we make our own normal. Like we promised."
>"I..." Protoca averts her eyes.
>- -a lie she'd told a lie it was so pointless so pointless -
>"I made a promise." She says, clenching her hand. "We both did."
- 'Don't worry. I'll always be with you.' -
>"Yes, you both did." Port allows herself a gentle, sad smile. "In a way, you kept it, didn't you? I mean, here we are." She squeezes Protoca's hand a little. "And now I'm strong enough to make you follow through on it, aren't I?"
>Her gaze turns suddenly steely. "Don't even think about trying to go off on your own this time, all right? That isn't the promise we made."
>"No, but..." Protoca clenches her hand. "...I won't leave you behind. But I don't... I can't trust Apollo. I can't trust its future. I don't want it. I want no part of it. I want it to just disappear!"
>Protoca takes a breath, realizing how worked up she'd become. "That's the promise we made - Cleoh and I - when she saved me. I remembered that... Or maybe I wanted to forget...? It might've been better to forget... Because now I know why it..."
>Protoca trails off, seeming thoroughly out of sorts, unable to put words to her thoughts. "I'm sorry. It isn't... I... you..."
>"...I just want to keep you safe."
>Port blinks. "When Cleoh saved you?"
File: SPOILER_2020.12.b.jpg (632 KB, 2370x1882)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
>Protoca grimaces, "Yeah. From Apollo, along with the others. It... I don't know if it's malicious. I don't care." She wrings her arm, and the flowers there flex as if startled, "My body writhes. My soul burns. My memories fracture. Everything I am is always breaking apart, piece by piece, every second, every hour... I forgot."
>She's crying. Her eyes shimmer faintly as blueish tears fall down her cheeks. "I forgot my sisters. I forgot Cleoh. I forgot Apollo. I forgot that the pain... wasn't normal. In the coffin when we fell I... I almost forgot..." She hisses. "...we were all like this. Screaming for help, or crying out vengeance... Even howling like animals... I could barely hear myself over the din. That sort of suffering..."
>Port blinks, visibly confused even as she reaches out to support Protoca. "I- Honestly, I thought you were Cleoh. You have the same implant she did. Your scars are like hers. The ones she got looking after Samantha."
>She pulls Protoca into a hug, reflexively running her fingers through Protoca's hair. "I'm sorry. If I'd known all this..." She doesn't know what would be different. Something, certainly.
>"We never would've come here." Protoca says, though her tone belies her uncertainty. She speaks as if it's a pleasant, hopeless dream. "Turned away from Apollo. Abbadon. Walked away and carved out our place... somewhere else. Somehow else. All these memories... ghosts... would have stayed buried."
>"Hm..." Port's tone is thoughtful. "I don't know, Protoca. The things we've found here seem like the sorts of things that would have followed us."
>She pulls back from the hug and offers Protoca an almost-rueful smile. "It's not like the Protectors weren't already shooting at us before we got here." She giggles a little. "And it's not like things around here stay buried forever. Me and Tachi didn't."
>"You would have." Protoca asserts, gaze cast aside.
>Port's ears droop. "Would you have wanted me to?"
File: 20200109_220756.jpg (1.58 MB, 3264x2448)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
>"No!" She denies immediately, eyes snapping to meet Port's. "That's why I searched... That's why..."
>Port raises up on the tips of her fins to bring her closer to eye-level with Protoca. "That's why...?"
>"That's why I left." Protoca finishes. "I... I just wanted something to hold onto."
>Port pushes forward and squeezes Protoca again in a renewed hug. "I don't' want to let go of you, either. I wouldn't leave you or Tachi or Hope behind. Or Lily now, too, I guess." She squeezes a little tighter. "I don't ever want to be without any of you."
>She pulls back again, her face looking serious. "But... I can also see that it isn't just that that has you scared right now. I saw your reaction when I brought up Abaddon. Is there... is there something I need to know about?"
>"Abbadon..." Protoca glances about, as if saying the name would summon the entity.
>"I... don't know. I just... Abbadon destroyed everything. Undid everything. It was Abbadon that drove Empyrean mad. It was Abbadon that allowed the line to fall, and the city to be breached. Abbadon that left the field. Abbadon that killed the human researchers. Abbadon that ravages the tower. Because that's... It's in the name. Abbadon destroys."
>Port quirks an eyebrow. "That's... I wonder why they didn't attack us in their attack on A2. They passed up an easy opening on you, Tachi, and Lily. Hope too." Port's eyes slide off of Protoca to look down the hallway. "I guess we probably just aren't on their list."
>Down the hallway, by a branch into another maintenance duck, Port's sensors spot something blue, and shining. It is easily visible in the darkness, but only there for a moment. It pulses almost purposefully before disappearing.
File: Spoiler Image (776 KB, 1050x700)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
>Port's jaw clenches. "They're deeper into the tower than I dared to think." Port unholsters a pistol, staring far down into the dark hallway. "One of the little locust drones was down the hallway, but . . ." Her brow creases. "I think it let me see it. It pulsed like an LED before it scurried off."
>Immediately, Protoca whirls about. "Where? Nevermind... We need to get back to the others."
>Port spares a look back down the hallways as she turns to follow Protoca back to the group. Her cameras whirr as she searches the paneling farther down for gaps or crannies. But there's nothing more to see. "Hm."

Fin for now. See you guys later.

Fun fact; The DM accidentally catfished me with the 'Protoca is Cleoh' plot thread. He'd set up a few of details he'd discussed OOC (like their matching scars and implant) and then forgot about them between writing up/playing out Cleoh's last stand and this convo. So most of this was a huge surprise to me. And I may or may not have given him a bit of grief over the accidental swap.

Long and short of it is partly >>71707223 but mostly that any auto damage boost: gauntlet, Super Strength, and Drama of Death, don't just add +1 to the first attack but every attack, so Meat Snake isn't getting +2 damage from super strength and Gauntlet, but +6.

>"I made a promise." She says, clenching her hand. "We both did."

I'm guessing this is Protoca talking and moving?
It is. She's completing her thought from the previous line.
I have a feeling this might've been asked before but will you ever compile your storytimes into a pdf? Sadly I believe I've missed some parts.
File: tenor(9).gif (1.12 MB, 270x202)
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1.12 MB GIF

Thread archived to sup/tg/ !
She's a beauty.
Remember you can upvote threads you like on the archive so other people can see they may be worth their time to check out.

All the Nechronica threads with port storytime are archived so far. Use the search tag Nechronica and then scroll down till you hit 2019 and you should be good to go.

Woah, thanks!
I'm busy today, but I'll make that my project for tomorrow. As >>71709594 says, everything should be up on sup/tg/ if you look for Nechronica threads from 2019 and go forward.

When does Tachi find out she hung out in a room with her dad for like 20 minutes and completely failed to notice because she was playing with Hope's hair?
She hasn't, as of yet. We're actually pretty close to being caught up with the current game with only two or three full sessions left to go. I covered three or four in this thread, IIRC.
File: Spoiler Image (499 KB, 500x281)
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Oh Protoca.
You poor thing.
Is combining Judgement and Dead on Target with lightsaber a good idea?
I think you're gonna wreck savants, or maybe dolls if you are a GM.

But you will struggle against horrors and legions.
Thank you everyone who participated in this thread.
fuck off nigger
I disagree. The basic premise of the characters, perhaps, but the world is the exact opposite of Nechronica
Tachi - Also refers to a type of blue thistle, proper citation pending. [Note the flower theme of Roselia and co.] Funnily enough, her player name her and picked blue entirely on their own.

Protoca - A play off the word 'prototype.'

Port: No deeper meaning, beyond 'it sounded nice without being an actual name.'
I was also listening to a lot of Porter Robinson at the time.

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