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File: aftermath.jpg (304 KB, 1024x931)
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Continued from >>70300545

The Battle of Damnatum Lutum is drawing to its conclusion. With the destruction of the Tyranid fleet and its champions, the insect army has been effectively routed. Daemons and cultists continue to put up a fight elsewhere though, and the city and wider world has suffered greatly in the fighting, which is not quite over yet. And so with that, let us finish off any unfinished stories and discuss the journey.

As a preface, I want to give a huge thank-you to everyone who contributed over the last seven months. Whether you stuck with us from the beginning, were only around for one or two threads, helped us keep the thread bumped or even just lurked and followed along with us, you were all awesome.

So what plans did you have for your own arcs? Did you like the way things turned out, for them or for the world? And, of course, what were your favourite moments or characters?
Edric and Ortan poster here
Edric will go back to Erioch after purging all evidance of her working with Xenos so maybe in a future post
Ortan will go back to do his nids more or less redeeming his chapter by his action
Also the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment will live on even after the death of captain Antonius
File: TwiceAsLongAsItIsThick.jpg (687 KB, 1073x1777)
687 KB
687 KB JPG
Tankposter here, honestly I'm just surprised we made it this far to begin with. I'm pretty sure a lot of people got tired after the first, what, 3 or 4 months? Understandable honestly since we kept these threads alive for a week or more most of the time, excluding the first few which only stayed up for a couple days (final thread stayed up for a month+ total if you count all the sub-threads). It's pretty impressive actually, our combined autism not only led to several maps being created which were of decent-great quality, along with roughly 12 threads (if you count this one) going up.
We've managed to go beyond all reasonable lengths in terms of our shitposting gentlemen, and that is something to be proud of (probably).
Here's also the first and last close-ups of the Tyranid battle, just for comparison

I didn't really have many plans for character arcs (except for the Lord Inquisitor), at least not from the start, I just thought up some shit to shitpost and went on from there. I feel like we ended and are ending on a pretty good note, the final keikaku of the inquisitor out keikaku-ing the eternal keikaku-havers, mostly by having more resources to throw at shit.

For what happened to the characters that didn't get a direct or slightly unclear ending though:
>Hans & his crew
Ended up in a hospital for a while, likely got promoted to Superheavy tank Captain as that guy was missing and implied to be dead. No doubt cuddled lots with his Baneblade after he got out of the hospital.
Crew probably went on to live as long as Steel Legionaries in a Baneblade tend to do, same with Hans.

Permanent promotion to Lord Admiral, probably bought some more champagne from Lherzon

Got patched up and sent out to the front lines again

Broke 97 bones, endlessly salty that he missed the final battle but glad that he, his wing and his Dictator-class survived. Probably went on to partake in some form of anti-border activity later.
File: ruinedcity.png (1.14 MB, 1024x723)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Eventually the meandering tank brings us back closer to friendly lines
>Depart the stuffy, noisy tank to rejoin our forces
>As the lines get closer, the roads become covered in dead bodies
>A handful of Eldar corpses (soul stones safely removed), a lot of Imperial and many, many cultists
>Given how daemon bodies disappear, there's no way tell how many of them were "killed"
>As the sun slips below the horizon, the broken buildings throw crazily shaped shadows on the ground and walls
>The streets are full of rubble, many of the once grand buildings are missing walls, roofs and windows
>The road is full of blast craters, shattered and often burned-out vehicle wrecks and corpses
>This whole place will start to stink of death soon - it's starting to already
>Still, that's going to be the Imperials' problem for them to deal with
>Our role here is played out and objectives achieved, and the Craftworlds want their people back
>Once the fighting has finally finished for good, the Eldar Task Force will disband and disperse as quickly as it formed
>As for me?
>I've decided against going back to Alaitoc
>There's a reason I left that stifling place the first time, and just being around Kerala can be bad enough sometimes
>I've done my stint and become an official Ranger rather than just an Outcast
>And I know of a certain space captain who has just got his ship back, and probably needs their right hand woman back too
>It appears most of the remaining cultists have been killed at this point, and I only need to shoot a couple on the way back
>The troops on the frontline are certainly surprised to see me walking round the corner
>You all did a stellar job today, boys and girls
>We'll be announcing our next steps to the troops in the morning
File: wonders.png (929 KB, 1192x670)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
>Losses overall have been fairly light, a good price to pay for the outcome of the mission
>Chaya and Dillen are both here, Eleria is missing again
>Not again, though I know exactly where to find her
>I bet she's going to keep sloping off through Webway portals after she goes home to Iyanden
>The Lord Inquisitor on the phone somehow figured out the existence of the Exodite world, but offers to wipe it from the records if we keep the Druchii under control
>You've got yourself a deal, and I hope I can trust you to be a man of your word
>If anything, this proves that in a better timeline humanity and the Eldar could have been good friends and, just sometimes, it can be teased at
>I'll be staying here for a bit longer to supervise the Druchii departure (after paying them)
>After that, I shall return to the sea of stars and adventure once again
>I've even started to miss those two endearingly childish brutes Dick and Dom
>When you've got centuries ahead of you, why be in a hurry?
Drukari/Monica poster
Awesome work everyone. Too bad we couldn't bring a few more people back for the last thread, but I still think we had a strong ending
Is Stannimposter still going to make a 1d4chan page for us? Because that will be amazing. If I can I will try to make a page/add to Stannimposter's page.
Regarding story arcs:
- The very first thread had a strong WW1/WW2 theme to it, so Monica Jernwick was originally created as a tribute to how shitty trench warfare is. As the story went on, I mostly used her to be a POV character into life as the average Guards(wo)man. I feel that due to GW's focus on highly competent, snowflake-y regiments, people are forgetting that the main inspiration for the IG back in early editions was the Soviet Army during Stalingrad, so Monica brought a bit of realism to things (aside from the fact she didn't die). I always planned for her to get badly wounded and leave military service during the final thread, I just miscalculated how long the thread would go on for, and got her wounded too early.
- I added the Dark Eldar later on to provide some interesting antagonists to fight, but got annoyed by how easily everyone was beating what should have been a competent and resourceful opponent, so switched them to being anti-heroes instead. The Kerala/Trys'ta subplot was probably my favorite. My original plan for the final thread was for them to hang around Liveria since it didn't make sense in my mind to have them fight alongside Imperials, but I moved them over to Stonehenge instead for more Drukari/Craftworlder shenanigans
Regarding endings (I will make proper posts if the thread lives long enough):
- What is left of Monica's regiment is demobilized. Monica becomes a farmhand or something and lives happy ever after
- The Drukhari withdraw from the planet, taking most of the Tau with them (they return some of the Tau back to their Empire, but "accidentally" lose the rest in a Webway "malfunction"). In addition to stopping Chaos from damaging the Webway, they have also preserved one of their favorite hunting grounds and took lots of exotic slaves. Wyen'dala is richly rewarded by her Archon, but is then assigned to secretly watch over the world for additional Chaos activity, much to her annoyance. She will honor the truce for now (more or less), since the threat posed by Chaos isn't going away anytime soon
File: lifesabeach.jpg (74 KB, 900x604)
74 KB
--Journal of Stannim Lherzon, esteemed and honest Rogue Trader of the Imperium of Man--

It was a great idea to come here. The IJB will be in drydock for at least the next few months to fix the damage from the battle and the hackjob we did on it on the ground. We can't go adventuring with no ship, so Tolria had the bright idea to go on a holiday! I tell ya, what would I do without her? Of course, there was only one destination in mind - Happy Ending. The damage from the daemon incursion last year and the clusterfuck that ensued has been repaired and people have been returned home (including from that kooky Guard regiment they packed them all off into), and it's open for business once more. I suppose we all needed a break after the hectic events of the last year, and even then it's been many years since I sat down on a beach and just lounged without a care in the world. And I've got to admit, it feels good - I should do this thing more often. Getting away from and forgetting all about the fighting and the adventuring and the Warp travel and the general state of the galaxy just for a little while is worth it. Oh, and getting away from the Navy too before they get the bill I sent them, heh. It's not just us two here either, most of the officers are nearby as well as Danarius and Dick and Dom (in the kid's area) are over there while the crew are on shore leave again. The weather's beautiful, and I hate to think I'm going to have to drag myself away from this place eventually. Who knows, maybe one day I might discover a paradise world of my own to retire to (though that is hopefully centuries away)?

Oh, Tolria's back from the bar with some cocktails. Cheers, everyone - to a job well done and to future adventures, I think.

Yep, I'll be working on a 1d4chan page over the next few weeks, so keep a lookout for it. Should the page title be be The Battle for Damnatum Lutum or just Damnatum Lutum?

Everyone else, when I get round to making it do feel free to to correct any mistakes I've made or misinterpretations of your characters either directly in the article or via the talk page.
>Be Sigma-32d
>Titan is falling
>Reactor vents blowing jarred me out of my dataport, lost noospheric feed in the backlash
>Shake my head and run codepurge programs to clear it, Titan signal-codes, weapons layouts, battle tactics flicker across my HUD momentarily as the data-shrapnel is filed away
>Data must be preserved
>Lurch out of the harness, manage to throw myself into the ladder well as the fall begins
>Titan comes crashing down under the weight of the Hydraphant, shockwave crushes most of the servomotors and armour plate on my left side and jars my newly-reconstructed spine badly
>Orks, Daemons, melee with Iron Warriors, a Necron Lord, aircraft crash, multiple databurns, mass-reactive hits and technomental rewrites
>If I was built for this once, I'm certainly not any longer
>Internal hemorrhaging controlled by subdermal stim injectors
>Pull myself along the now horizontal ladder as the reactor whine steadily rises behind me
>Hatch is unlocked and open, somehow
>Titan must have engaged ejection protocols somehow, Princeps was certainly not in any state to do it
>Crawl most of the way out of the hatch into blazing light, but the Titan rolls slightly as I emerge
>Upper edge of the hatch crushes down into my lower legs, severing one and splintering the other beyond usefulness
>Guess that's the endgame, then. Besides, asking for a fourth set of legs in a year would be a bit rich
>Trapped, trying to restore autosenses to at least see if the Hydraphant is dead
>Recalibration disrupted by a flash and almighty explosion
>Helmet closevox long dead, eardrums destroyed, shrapnel wounds along back
>Manage to detect movement, getting dragged along the ground
>What the hell are they doing here the reactor's going up
>Datablurt an attempt at an alpha-grade retreat order as vision finally clears up, but no point, there's barely sixty Skitarii still alive on the whole planet at this stage
File: Ill Titan.jpg (71 KB, 620x475)
71 KB
>Reestablish some kind of noosphere connection, start blazing the data received by the Titan on all available frequencies
>To fail is to be flesh, only metal endures
>Manage to roll over, see Hochberg dragging me into what looks like a transport as the door seals

>Open broad-beam in direction to the reactor signature
>"Go with the Omnissiah you barely know, mighty one"
>Heretek Omega flag lifted
>Eldrado signum pulses once, then the reactor lets go
>Shockwave lifts Sigma, weightless for a split second
>Datafeed cuts out momentarily, restored
>Hochberg attempts to speak
>"D-debt... repaid... in full!"
>There was a debt?
>Acknowledged, Mars-designate

#### End Simulation, Skitariius Metallica '#135612-5 ###
Campaign notes - Titanshard effect noted on damaged datafeed, transfer to Axiarch corps approved after reconstruction.
Datafeed recovered by Ordo Reductor elements, further tracking unknown
Currently in transit with Legio Invigilata, Eastern Fringes Campaign, in support of Steel Legion armoured elements.
### Ave Deus Mechanicus ###

I really enjoyed playing Sigma, even if he did seem to alternate between spectacular feats of data-manipulation and getting the shit kicked out of him. Hopefully he'll get less injured stationed in a Titan's command chamber rather than in melee all the damn time next round.
After a Mechanicus corps gets smashed up to the degree Sigma's have holding one location for over a year I imagine his unit is no more, but he's still bound to follow that relic Baneblade so I imagine him and Hochberg will be continuing tankbro drinks in a few months after that many mutual rescues. Even a techpriest notices when he gets dragged out of ruined vehicles three or four times by the same guy.

Sorry for missing a few in the middle, but it's been great fun catching up.
If any of you make a new thread in the same stylistic vein do announce yourselves so those of us still around can show up, I'd like to do this again some time.
Sammosposter here

When I started, the only concept was a very cookiecutter marine with just a bit of an affable attitude towards allies.
Plan for the final thread was to have Sammos make the final sacrifice as the Northern flank inevitably collapsed.
Running out of ammo before manually detonating a cache of earthshaker shells in an overrun artillery position.
I wanted to go down hard.

When the last thread started getting spread across multiple sub-threads was when I was lost honestly.
It was good to take the few weeks to a month in between to ward of the burnout though.
When we made sure to keep them confined to the few days in length had a similar effect imo.
Fuck, we were going for nearly six weeks straight. I thought splitting the same episode across multiple sessions would have disrupted the flow but as it turned out it trying to keep it continuous just did the opposite of what it was supposed to and it ran pretty much the same net length anyway. Can't blame you for that at all.
I don't know what effect it had on other people, just myself.
What time I did spend in thread was real fun, so I'm not upset at all if I miss out a little.
Let's just hope, after another short break, that the next series is just as memorable.
File: GRN.png (3 KB, 274x143)
3 KB
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>It's yer favourite radio host Jackson here, again with the NEWS and WEATHER
>I know what yer thinkin' - there's a war outside!
>But no longer!
>Lutum Command has officially declared victory as of thirty minutes ago following the defeat of Tyranid and Chaos forces
>We can consider the cleanup later, but for now the few people left and the Guard are partyin'
>Even from the studio up here we can hear the music and singin'
>The civilians ain't comin' back for a while until we fix all of this mess
>We've got our own repairs to make here at the GRN Tower, what with so many windows blown out an' all
>We'll also have Leydas down on the scene doing some after-battle reports and Frank at the parties
>Be celebratory folks, but don't forget those who died today so we could live
>Oh, I nearly forgot!
>I still gotta give y'all folks the WEATHER!
>Tonight it's gonna be a warm and muggy night, with nightly lows of fourteen degrees and rain
>But tomorrow, it's gonna be a beyoootiful day with glorious sunshine and highs of twenty-six degrees with a pleasant southerly breeze
>You could say that sunshine always follows the rain, both literally and philosophically
>Oh, and we've also heard some rumours about fortress plans for the world
>We'll wait and see to deliver our verdict on that
>But anyway, it's comin' up to ten o' clock local time now and I'm shattered, so I'm gonna hand to off to our night DJ Ladd
>But before that, I'll play some more tunes
>We've even had an Inquisitorial request, which I'm more than happy to oblige
>See all of you wonderful folks tomorrow
>This is Jackson, signin' off

File: shiningcity.png (2.48 MB, 1440x951)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
Stannim(& Co.)poster here. My favourite part of the series was Episode 3, which had loads of players, loads of plots and loads of action but instead of all turning into a tangled mess of continuity snarls and isolated arcs, people springboarded off each other and worked with perfect synergy to make the instruments into an orchestra, so to say. And of that bit, the highlights of the highlight were the tomb raid sequence and the space duel with Orko & Co. The first one because of the aforementioned people working in tandem so it felt like we were genuinely part of a kickass team and the second because everything about it was balls to the wall awesome (I hope you're reading this Orko, you magnificent bastard). Overall I achieved most of the aims I had with my characters, and even when derailed by things like marauding Freebootas on board the new direction proved even better. I also reckon i did a passable job as de facto patron of the series and turning it from a furball in a field into a proper world. I also really enjoyed making my little image edits and especially my maps and stuff.

If there's another greentext series on the board, I'll almost certainly be there (bonus points for those who recognise my writing style, imagefagging and cameos) if I can and I hope to see all of you there as well. Out of interest, how many of you here have been in a previous greentext series like Stercus Ludicrum or Dominus Pillowus?

Anyway, I'll try and keep the thread bumped so Druchiiposter can write their epilogues, but in case it does expire overnight then it's been fun and I hope to see you lot again on the flipside. I'll also post a few images I collected because I wanted to use and would be really good situationally but never got the opportunity to over the course of the series.
File: flamingspessboat.png (360 KB, 964x413)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
File: forestpatrol.jpg (25 KB, 479x359)
25 KB
File: fuckinthumbsup.jpg (163 KB, 1024x811)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
File: guardtactics.jpg (2.89 MB, 2203x1496)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
File: orksonatrain.png (430 KB, 861x580)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
File: pdfplanning.gif (1.98 MB, 480x260)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
File: stankonia.jpg (948 KB, 1920x1280)
948 KB
948 KB JPG
File: surrounded.png (264 KB, 370x323)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
File: theenemy.jpg (200 KB, 800x925)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
File: thekraken.jpg (179 KB, 539x624)
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179 KB JPG
you did a great job at worldbuilding and it really gave the series a lot of structure that past series lacked

I started doing these threads several months after the big famous ones like Stercus Ludicrum ended, but I recognize the posting styles of several people who were in the original threads
So is Lherzon the same rogue trader as the one in the Happy Ending thread? It may be worth including the link in the 1d4chan article since Priscilla and her regiment were there as well. Thypptyklpt and the Lord Inquisitor have also appeared in old threads
No, that was a different Trader (I wasn't there for that thread, and Stannim is from the first DL thread), but I'll link the Beach Episode in as an apparently canonical side-story.
File: toot.jpg (32 KB, 576x414)
32 KB
>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>It's over
>It's finally over
>We were so close to falling, so fucking close
>But in the end, the last Tyranid fell before the wall of guns
>It's been an exhausting and deadly day for everyone
>My house (MY HOUSE!) is half collapsed from a stray artillery round and PDF units have taken 40-70% casualties
>The Imperial Fists also took heavy casualties, and without them we would have been overrun
>Not all of those are dead of course, but it really smarts considering these guys were all locals
>But tonight, we shall drink to their memory and sacrifice, and revel in their victory
>One of the PDF Guardsmen starts dancing a jig of victory and relief
>Soon others join in and before we know it the entire unit is dancing and singing
>Someone starts blasting music over a vehicle's PA system
>Someone else finds a huge cache of wine and food in the basement of a ruined mansion
>As the evening draws in, our spontaneous party is the first of many across the city
>Many people have lost friends, homes and body parts, but the relief at being alive is palpably overwhelming
>And for once, just for once, I am proud of my troops
>Once good-for-nothing sods who held a lasgun by the wrong end are now a passable fighting force
>But don't tell them I said that or they might get complacent or, Emperor forbid, actually like me
>There's going to be a long, hard road ahead to rebuild and recover
>But for now, we should live in the moment and celebrate this great victory
>We're alive, and we have impressed higher ups
>The proposals for becoming a hybrid agri-fortress world are very interesting
>If they go through, I should get an important position within the stratocracy
>I might just get away from these stupid (admittedly increasingly less so) grunts as well
>For now though, if I'm not drunk off my rocker by dawn, I've failed here
>Pass the wine, would you?
File: jibai-yu-20161222.jpg (507 KB, 1125x1661)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
>Be Monica Jernwick, Civilian
>It has been several weeks since the end of fighting around Groxbridge
>High Command has pulled most of its soldiers off of the planet to fight in one of several other war zones in the area, though there is already talk of turning this planet into a fortress world and flooding it with fresh regiments
>Luckily the non-Cadian components of my regiment were one of the few to be demobilized. Seen as too incompetent to deserve a comfy garrison posting, and too under strength to bother shipping elsewhere, it was decided to simply boot us out of the Guard
>The move isn't as generous at it would first seem though, if the world ever came under attack no doubt we will be among the first to be conscripted, and due to some weird effect of warp travel, my service in the Guard is actually NEGATIVE eight months, so instead of getting a pension, I will spend the next several years paying most of my meager income to the local Guard bureaucracy as recompense
>Still, I can't really complain, it is truly a miracle I survived the past year or so, though it will probably take years to overcome the emotional trauma
>Rather then getting a job with the PDF, law enforcement, or private security like many ex-Guardsmen, I managed to get a job as a shepherd and berry picker on some small off shore island that never got touched by the war, a key criterion in my mind since rogue packs of orks, 'Nids, cultists, traitors, bandits, and other hostiles will no doubt plague this world for some time
>My employers seem in awe of the fact that I am ex-Guard, and barely expect me to do work
>It actually annoys me a fair bit when people recognize me as ex-Guard, so I have gone to great lengths to hide it, particularly my mechanical arm, which is usually covered with long sleeves and a life-like glove
>Well, I guess I should stop daydreaming and get back to work, those sheep aren't going to watch themselves
File: 1573908949247.png (547 KB, 1171x1182)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Enter the audience chamber of the great Archon himself
>It is a vast hall with strippers, orgies, mountains of drugs, fighting pits, and torture implements as far as the eye can see
>Pleased to note that some of the Sisters of Battle, Hodask, Tau, and Tau loving mon-keigh have prominent spots in his collection
>The Archon actually rises from his throne to come greet me, flanked by two mind-wiped Sisters, and carrying his gyrinx
>He lavishes me with praise, particularly my strategic betrayal of many of my Tau allies while still returning many important leaders back to Tau territory utterly convinced I risked my neck on their behalf and now they owe me
>Also the network of cameras and mon-keigh spies I developed to watch for the return of Chaos on that world
>And of course my unlikely alliance with the Craftworlders in order to get the bident used against the Stonehenge ritual, not to mention selling fuel to them at far above market value
>In addition to promoting me to the upper tiers of his organization, he also makes me Official Ambassador to the Tau, Official Ambassador to the Craftworlders, and Eternal Watcher of the world known as Damnatum Lutum
>Shit, all that stuff actually sounds super boring
>I am going to miss being a slave raider
>Hmmm, maybe I will just pawn most of it off on Trys'ta instead
File: .....victory⁇.jpg (57 KB, 1024x576)
57 KB
>Be Sister Superior Bios
>The clash of the titans rages overhead as new biology meets ancient technology
>Down here on ground level burning nids in the shadows of giants is awesome
>As a Ripper dies pathetically the fight above starts emitting a lot of power
>The order is given to take shelter
>One problem - there isn't any
>Wait, the Skyray!
>Leg it back from the disarrayed lines and dive through the hatch, followed by the rest of the squad
>Xenos corpses are a wonderful sight when you're not lying on a rotting one
>The entire vehicle shakes violently, sending Tau parts flying around the cabin
>Something big must have exploded
>Open the hatch to see what happened
>Both titans have fallen
>The Tyranid creatures are also all dead
>Damn you two, making us redundant when there were perfectly good xenos to burn
>Contact has also finally been established with the dam team
>They were cut off and are battered, but alive
>Actually start to take stock of our losses as it starts to sink in
>Hundreds of dead and wounded Sisters are everywhere
>Several hours later, the first casualty reports start to emerge, and they are ugly
>Casualties among the Sisterhood forces are around 40%, and those are just KIA numbers
>The force has taken a brutal mauling, and many I knew are among the dead
>Such is life in the Ordos Militant, but you never quite get used to it
>We'll probably be on scouring duty for a few days to clean house
>Then it's off to the next Emperor-forsaken battlefield
>I've had enough Tyranids to last a lifetime

Sister Superior Bios was eventually granted the title of Celestian after many years of service, ultimately leaving active combat to take up a training role on Ophelia VII. She married an Inquisitorial Stormtrooper she frequently served with, and is now a mother of three and a highly respected Sororitas teacher. Students are reported to come out with a strange penchant for heavy flame weapons.
File: images (3).jpg (21 KB, 269x188)
21 KB
>Be Daemon Prince Thypptyklpt, Arch Dissembler of Tzeentch, the Two Headed God, the Betrayer of Schemers, the Collector of Souls
>Just finished fusing two humans and an eldar together as some sort of freakish spawn
>Get word that the Imperials have somehow killed the leader of the main Tyranid swarm with the bident
>Well that is not quite as planned
>I had pegged that possibility at about 0.3%
>It looks like I did everything I could here
>My direct attack on Groxbridge and sabotage of Stonehenge allowed the Tyranids to cause massive casualties
>Unfortunately it was not quite enough, the Imperials will have plenty of time to rebuild before my patrons can muster another attack
>Oh well, at least I tried
>Turn to Im'afuc'kin Ner'dvir'jin and Giv'lat'Safuk
Good luck boys, I'm going to peace out, my favorite show starts in 5 minutes
>Their faces when I disappear into thin air
Bump while typing
File: 40K-20190729063903.jpg (106 KB, 1081x1920)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>Be me.
>Rea-Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>Callidus assassin. Ex-titan pilot.
>Not sure what's happening now.
>Wander the streets, feeling the absence of something in my life.
>Decide it's something like purpose.
>What is my objective?
>Recognisance of Tau military.
>Remember big tiddy water caste girl.
>Miss the simple days of messing with her.
>Searched around the camps, couldn't find her.
>Can't get over this damn limp. Think I fucked my ankle.
>People are cheering and drinking and partying.
>Think why the hell not.
>Join in the revelry. Laugh and drink and sing.
>Can't shake the melancholy.

>Visit the titan remains a bit. Mostly crushed, but some parts can still be accessed.
>Take the helmet as a souvenir. I was only a pilot for a little bit, but I enjoyed it a great deal.
>Never have I felt so valued as then.

>Spend some time sneeking between camps, seeing what people are up to now the fighting has died down. People trying to go back to their lives, or make what they can.
>Same as me I guess.

Eventually, she's taken on by an Inquisitor and leaves the planet, to go on to do more work in the service of the God Emperor, being an Assassin capable of piloting titans in extremis, albiet with more difficulty considering the newer ones are of lower making quality.
She never finds her big tiddy tau girl, but develops a close relationship with a group of death cult assassins, who view her as a big sister figure, and a sororitas orator, who is just as entertaining to tease.

I must say, it's been fun, even though I joined halfway through, and wasn't there for a lot of threads. Hopefully I didn't ruin the plot too much for others. I never had much plans, just to hang around the sides of the story, but kinda found myself in the middle at the end.
Cheers to all of you. Hope I manage to find the next one if there is one going.
Steel Legionnaire/Gue'vesa, and a bunch of other bit characters here. None of them are really worth giving a wrapup in this thread (and most of them are dead anyway) but this was still a lot of fun. I've been in every thread except the second and third ones and it's been cool seeing everything shape up.
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>The fight is over
>All the Iron Warriors in the room are dead
>We have also received by vox the news that the tyrannids have been defeated
>On bad side we lost Aarding the excoriartor
>The Imperial fist-iron Warrior rivalry...
>Agree with the Eldars and the marines to never talk about this again
>The official version will be that I went killing the stryxies at the weapon
>Then met some Iron Warriors and killed them this where Aarding died
>Call the Blackstar and leave the Island
>Get back to Groxbridge to find Von Rosen
>Many guards are drinking sympathizing with sisters and marines
>How many of them finished their fifteen hours here?
>Find Von Rosen at the hq
>Talk to him in private about what happened in the Island and to change the report
>The truth could compromise both of us
>As I get back to Blackstar Clicky is inside waiting for me
>Where have you been?
>As the door of the Blackstar close salute a last time Von Rosen
>Finally leave Damnatum Lutum
>It is an impossible task to purge all the Xenos of this rock
>Maybe the new governor will find a way to keep them out of the big picture but it's impossible
>As we board the Castagnor look back to the planet
>We can see from space where the nids landed and absorbed bio mass
>The proximity to the border of the Imperium and the many relics on this planet make it a good target for any invasion
>But I know that Von Rosen will keep it like a Tech-priest with an archeorelic
>I hate to say it but he is more suited for the job

After a 20 more years serving the Deathwatch Edric met her end in a space Hulk predating the horus heresy filled with daemons genestealers and orks. She died when the ork boss detonated the cyclonic torpedoes in the reactor of the ship. She did more than fifty mission in the ultima segmentum.
if someone keeps this bumped, I will post endings for some of my minor characters tonight
Gereonposter/Lieutenantposter here, if the thread's still alive later tonight I'll post the fate of Gereon and the 5th company of Imperial Fists.

I enjoyed these threads alot, though we no doubt borrowed a lot from the other thread series similar to this one. It's a shame Sammosposter couldn't make an in-character apperance in the final semi thread though. There'll probably more thread series like this one in the future, I might pop in on those.
Until then, post safely lads.
This has been Gereonposter, signing off.
As a regiment heavily involved in the fighting was from Happy Ending I think it's probably a good idea to link to the beach episode on the 1d4chan page. I think the Lord Inquisitor's thread could probably be mostly skipped a link to though, as without having read it you wouldn't be missing out much on his character.
The guy was once a stormtrooper, he's a radical inquisitor now, he hates sand and has a semi-rogue techpriest in his retinue.
You can gleam most of that from the posts in these threads, of course you could still link the thread if you wanted to, even though it did turn into a bit of a shitshow.
He was a series immigrant? I never realised that, so I suppose it goes to show it's not necessary for understanding.
Technically, yeah, decided to bring him out of only existing in that one thread and brought him over here so I could bring Stonehenge and everything related to it into the mix. I'll leave it up to whoever writes the article if they want to include links to threads not directly related to DL though.
File: A_Shallow_Grave.jpg (261 KB, 1312x1724)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
>Be me, Imperial fist 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>With a meaty crushing noise, the last of the Daemonettes in this street dies
>Our formation slammed into the traitor lines from behind and unleashed an utter massacre upon them
>But at heavy cost
>Most of our assault brothers that were yet with me lay dead or wounded on the battlefield
>Sergeant Durans inspects the severed head of an Infernal Enrapturess and snarls when it vanishes into the warp
>The Captain raises his hammer up high above the corpse of a Tzeentchian Daemon Prince
>The other Two Daemon Princes ran, the Slaaneshi being heavily wounded by our Champion before it could escape
>The street is caked in the blood and bodies of our allies and enemies, and inside I feel something
>Had I not tired out our assault formations earlier in this deployment, had I called for reinforcements during the immediate attack of the Tau, those brothers may yet live
>Brother-Sergeant Sammos is dead, much of his squad has been lost and his position was overrun, had I ordered nearby guardsmen to reinforce the flank maybe-
>No, dwelling on this solves nothing
>I was thrust into this position of command, and my incompetence has cost us many battle-brothers unnecessarily
>My position as Lieutenant was best filled by me during this campaign as I was the most familiar with the situation on the ground
>But now, it's over and I know what I must do
>The guardsmen and Eldar cheer out for their victory as the Captain gathers up our remaining forces and returns with the wounded to our HQ
>Immediately volunteer to count and bury the dead
>All of those on our side will be counted this time
>Many hours late into the night, I stand upon the first measurement of the dead
>With the help of several tech-priests, I've managed to come to an initial rough estimate
>For ease of viewing, decide to convert the exact numbers to percentages
>86.2% casualties among the imperial guard
>72% casualties among the sisters
>76.38% casualties total among the space marine chapters deployed, most casualties belonging to the Salamanders and Black Templars
>Most space marine casualties were wounded battle brothers thankfully, however amongst our company the total amount of fatalities was higher by percent
>Make a mental note to thank the Apothecarion for their help
>42% casualties among the Eldar, though I suspect the number is higher as it would not be surprising if their bodies were transported away by the Aeldari themselves
>Over 90% Skitarii casualty rate
>I double and triple checked my numbers, the skitarii forces remaining were likely weakened by not receiving significant enough reinforcements
>Lieutenant Faind commanding the second half of our forces stationed in the forts reported the Skitarii taking great amounts of casualties during the defence
>The captain did as best he could with their reinforcement, but we could do little to staunch the unending flow of Tyranids
>They sacrificed themselves so that the numerically higher imperial guard casualty rate, closely split between wounded and fatalities, did not rise more
>I must curse my incompetence, had I acted sooner in my command of the city more of them would have survived
>I... I should meditate, clear my head
>Yes, the pain glove seems comforting
>Send the data to any and all imperial commanders
>To honour Sergeant Sammos wishes, I will see to it that the memorial he proposed to the fallen defenders of this world be built
>A slab bearing the names of the fallen and a statue will do, a statue of a group of soldiers, one from each branch of the imperium that were deployed here
>No doubt the visualization process of every detail for the future memorial will work more efficiently in the pain glove

archbishop/living saint here. will post soon
File: A_century_of_service.jpg (101 KB, 641x871)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
After the heavy casualties among the imperial fists, the Heralds of Truth would stay on Damnatum Lutum to flush out the remaining enemies of mankind stalking its underground passages and swampy surface.
The company would remain for 6 months, receiving reinforcements, aiding in reconstruction and fortification efforts and performing seek and destroy missions on enemy holdouts.
The 5th company would return to the Phalanx to recuperate their losses, where Captain Maluan would cross the Rubicon Primaris. The Company would join the 3rd and 4th companies in their joint campaign to ensure the imperium's survival.

Due to his own perceived incompetence of command, Paulicus would join the deathwatch when the opportunity presented itself in order to gain more experience and atone for his incompetence. Upon his departure from the chapter he would relinquish his rank of Lieutenant to a senior space marine sergeant.
Paulicus would serve with the deathwatch for 36 years, eventually returning to his chapter in 150.m42. He would be accepted back into the chapter and allowed a position among the sternguard veterans of the 1st company. He was assigned to a unit in the 5th company and would go on to serve as a sternguard marine for another century, eventually reaching the rank of veteran sergeant.
> the former archbishop, now Living Saint of the Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>the tyrranids have been eradicated
>the chaos filth wave been driven away and back into the warp to lick their wounds
>the fiendish Dark Eldar and conniving Tau have routed
>finally this long conflict has come to an end
>I now find my self sitting in my study, in my spire
>even though im a saint I still have paper work to do
>I assign my menials to hand the death certificates for the members of my church that where killed in the recent battle
>all the while I sign orders and monetary payments for repairs to be done on my grand cathedral
>eventually one of my menials land me some sealed letters. covered in both purity seals and the seal of the Ecclesiarchy
>it would appear the request for the establishment of a schola progenium and a convent
>wait I thought the Guard was going to turn this place into a fortress world?
>I decide to let the Imperial and Ecclesiarchy to argue on what this world is to become
>whether this world is to become a fortress world or shrine world, it does not matter
>I then decide that my work here is done
>other worlds in the Imperium need my aid

>I summon my best bishop, Bishop Bullwinkle
>I promote him to Archbishop of the church on the spot
>he tries to tell me that he is unworthy.
>nonsense I say, he is fully capable of the job
>the next day I board on one of the departing Imperial Navy ships
>the remaining veterans of my Holy Militia in tow
>but this time wearing power armor and weapons befitting the guards of a living saint
>we then make way to the nearest war zone in need
>Ave Imperator...

following the events of Damnatum Lutum, the archbishop travels to various war zones to assistance to beleaguered Imperial Forces. A Decade latter, he leads a successful crusade. Liberator a sector that was considered lost. Following the final battle of that crusade, he disappeared. Leaving only a note in high gothic. It read: "When the enemies of man befall Damanatum Lutum once more, only then shall return as I once was"
some body needs to make a 1d4chan page for this. This series was too good to go with out one.
File: originalmemorial.png (3.68 MB, 2632x1073)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB PNG
A small detail mentioned earlier in the series (I think) and detailed in the Handbook was about Seraphim Square. There's an existing huge cenotaph at one end on which the name of every one of the hundreds of thousands who died in defence of the city over the millennia is inscribed. Imagine the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, except even bigger and covered in names.

It could have been destroyed in the fighting and required a grander replacement, or it could have either filled up or today's events required their own memorial. I like the ideas that it remained standing but full of explosion and bullet scars and was left as-is in the style of Vukovar Water Tower as a symbol of defiance and a new monument designed by the Fists was built on the site where the last Tyranid was destroyed or where the Titans fell together.

Thought for the day: In the grim darkness of the 42nd Millennium, the sun still shines, but you have to claw your way through the storm clouds to see it.

I'll be doing this in the next few weeks (hopefully), so watch out for that
okay lets start planning the next series

how about something with a western theme

lets call it: The Battle for Arizonia Secundus
I assume you are aware that a thread called that has already been created

>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Finally arrive back on Happy Ending
>For the soldiers originally from this world, it is an emotional homecoming
>For me it is just a welcome break from the dangers of Damnatum Lutum, and the unsettling unease of warp travel
>Needless to say I don't have fond memories of my last visit to this world, but it looks like in the past year or so, the daemonic incursion has been defeated, infrastructure rebuilt, and tourism largely returned
>Many former officers of the regiment are allowed to resign, taking on key roles in the civilian administration instead
>As one of the senior most remaining officers, there is talk of promoting me to Major and giving me the largely ceremonial role of Executive Officer
>I look forward to long days of watching military parades from my beach chair, socializing with local elites, sunset walks on the beach, and all-night cocktail parties
>Which is basically what I have been doing for the past few days anyways since arriving on this world
>Speaking of cocktails, I should head over to The Beach Hut, where Lherzon and his officer clique like to hang out
>It never hurts to be friends with rich(er) people
File: images (7).jpg (11 KB, 278x181)
11 KB
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Tis another glorious victory for the Praetorian Guard
>Praetorian infantry, mechanized, armoured, and artillery regiments stood firm in the face of the Tyranid and Chaos onslaught while many other regiments broke and ran
>It is amazing what a little discipline and a stiff upper lip can do
>As expected, the 3rd Praetorian Combined Expeditionary Force is asked to stay on the planet and form one of the pillars of the new garrison force
>Our regimental and company billets scattered across the trendy north end of Groxbridge will become permanent, and many of us officer toffs will be loaned to the local PDF so they can be trained all proper like
>Though I will admit that many of them weren't complete rubbish during today's battle
>A bit gutted that we won't get to head to another scrap like some of the other regiments, but I reckon it is only a matter of time before someone else tries to challenge the rightful rule of the Imperium of Mankind of this world
>In the meantime, I will try some of that tea the Eldar lass gave me
>I gave some to a conscript and she hasn't died yet, so I figure it should be safe
>Cheerio everyone!
File: 1571600169022.jpg (140 KB, 736x1194)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>Be Shurlie-Sho, Exodite Eldar of the Swamps
>Despite the devastation caused by the final battle against the Tainted Ones and the creatures of the Great Devourer, life quickly returns to normal, for the Swamp is resilient
>The old have replanted their mushroom paddies, Glowbulbs, and Marshflowers, and the young have resumed collecting Riberi Frogs to guard the crops against insects and vermin
>The surviving adults have caught their first Sarcosuchus since the war, providing meat for weeks to come
>Contact as been reestablished with the remaining mon-keigh swamp folk who live in these swamps, and through them we have heard that the new Imperial authorities will likely respect the status quo, where the mon-keigh ignore the presence of other races on the world they call Lutom
>Despite all the pain and suffering in the galaxy, some things never change
File: p7m1owq64ypx.png (557 KB, 856x1064)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>The fight for Stonehenge concludes with a vicious little shoot out that thankfully I was able to pass on thanks to having to watch the gyrinx
>First time ever I have been happy to have him around
>Inquisitor departs shortly after, having made everyone swear never to speak of this alliance again
>Sure, why not?
>It is not like I have lots of mon-keigh friends I am doing to blab to
>The Kabal forces depart for the Webway not long afterwards, taking our Tau "allies" with us
>Some groups are taken back to the safety of Tau Space, others are... "accidentally loss"..... due to the hazardous nature of the Webway around these parts
>Surprisingly they bought this explanation, probably because we warned them ahead of time that many of them won't make it
>What choice did they have? It is not like the Imperials were going to let them sit quietly in a corner somewhere waiting for a spare fleet to pick them up
>Anyways, as fun as it was to "introduce" the "lost" Tau to the splendors of Commorragh, I am happy to be back at the Kabal fortress, enjoying all the spoils that come with being one of Wyen'dala's senior lieutenants
>Hopefully I will never be called upon to do another diplomacy mission ever again
>Be Elena Tywick, Chaos Cultist
>The forces of the True Gods have unfortunately been defeated in Brannet and elsewhere
>One can only assume their deaths will be mourned by their patron Gods
>Fortunately I swore allegiance to Thypptyklpt and his many-headed servants
>It is my destiny to serve a higher purpose, and therefore it is not my fate to die needlessly like the rest of these martyrs
>Break the holy flask that opens a portal to his realm, the Multidimensional Palace of Mindfuckery
>It is a strange place naturally, with sanity-shredding geometry and furniture made from the still living flesh of shrieking beings hideously fused together
>Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all...
>Thypptyklpt himself shows up, and offers me the choice of becoming a lampshade, or a flowerpot for the rest of eternity
>After watching me babble for mercy for a while, he says he was joking, and says that "I'm cool" and that I should grab a cold one, find a spot on the couch, and watch TV with him for a while
>The show is about some purple dinosaur singing about love, the beer tastes like crayons and tortured souls, and Thypptyklpt's other head Cassandra keeps whining about non-linear time and causality
>Truly the Gods are wise beyond mortal understanding
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>Massive storms pick up as we travel across Lake Liverius towards Redriver
>Naturally, the primitive boat we are in is no match for heavy waves, and in order to conserve fuel, we painstakingly inch our way across the lake in heavy rain and increasing darkness
>Without lamps or navigation, we quickly become lost trying to navigate the meter high waves in complete darkness
>I never found out what happened for sure, but the boat somehow capsized near shore, and I got separated from the others while swimming to safety
>They don't call us the Water Caste for nothing
>Still, I end up getting knocked against some rocks as I washed into shore, and I didn't wake up the next morning, and when I did I had a massive headache
>Still no sign of the others, probably for the best, who knows what the Inquisition had in mind for me
>After several hours of wandering around lost I am found by an Eldar jetbike patrol
>The spiky kind of Eldar
>They say we have successfully defended this world against the Tyranids and "Chaos" and are now fleeing via the "Webway" to avoid Imperial retribution
>They tell me they can lead us back to Tau space, though the journey will be dangerous, since the Webway in this area has been damaged by recent events
>I don't really like this plan, but faint hope is better than no hope at all
>And I have a sickening feeling they will probably take me with them whether or not I agree
>Well, here goes nothing...
out of this planetary conflict, which character do you guys gained the most out it?
probably Rosen, though the Dark Eldar got a fair bit of stuff out of it as well

the imperial and eldar characters may not have personally profited that much, but they helped their factions win key victories
If the thread stays up until later today I'll put together some metrics for the series like wordcount etc. I'm curious myself.
++++++++++Report of lieutenant Bracqmard pilot of the marauder Colossus in the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment to the governor of Damnatum Lutum+++++++++++

Your excellency
Well it is over finally after several days of fighting and bombing. Of the fifteen flying crew of the regiment only three survived. The marauder Colossus is currently being repaired after most of the back was eaten by gargoyles when we were dropping promethium bombs on the Hydraphant.
For a first engagement it was brutal. Even our captain who did some missions died in a nuclear explosion few hours after the beginnig of the battle.
We will need to wait at least six month if no other regiment are fused with us to replenish our numbers. Speaking of the captain, we last members would like to retrieve his personnal affairs and be transfered to thunderbolt. We know that one point he worked for the ordo malleus and received basic military training. As the highest ranked member of the regiment I would like that every pilot of this regiment receive the same training.
As for the airports it is almost stupid to not build an a space Station in the dead angle of the Stonehenge and an airport on the Van Kijeck island as well as a military base. When we first arrived at the island the captain told me that the island would be a great residence for praetorians.The mechanicus won't be able to hold the entierety of the Island.
Speaking of them the place will swarm with their priests in a few month due to all the relics and archeotec. We need to keep them near the vaulian yards. The exodites in the swamp and the craftworlders in Groxbridge would not like having their technology stolen.

Lieutenant Bracqmard of the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment.


++++++++++Thought of the day: ignorance is the most absolute form power++++++++++

Admech as a group got a fuckton of interesting data from the logs of a DAOT Titan thanks to the Steel Legion pulling Sigma out of the wreckage, although basically everyone they drip-fed onto the planet died to do it. That's a prize worth this shithole of a planet in itself, to most of them.

Also, the experimental tanks they originally turned up to test are all very very done for but whatever.
To the Admech, stuff like this would likely be worth sacrificing entire Explorator Fleets to get hold of. There's almost nothing that would make them consider it not having been worth the cost for such powerful tech.

Prototype vehicles being destroyed in tests is just part of the process. They are to figure out how it performs and, eventually, its limits.
I'm pretty sure we've literally written novels worth of material in terms of sheer wordcount, I think my own total wordcount was over 40 000+ (checked earlier, not sure what it is now though). Knowing our total wordcount would be interesting, I'd like to know just how many novels could be written using just the posts we made.
bump while counting
Jesus /tg/ is moving fast today. Counting this shit is a fucking slow process.
File: Static.jpg (591 KB, 1280x720)
591 KB
591 KB JPG

Your work has been exemplary Solidus, you have proven that you are the most genetically perfect son of Big Boss. He would be proud of you now, I am sure.

From here on out your mission will be to ensure the survival of this planet.
Your first objective is to repair the damage done to cities and manufactorums on this planet, excluding the cities Liveria, Carnak and Drontburg. Over 40% of your rebuilding effort should focus on Groxbridge. You have a 10 terran years to finish 90% of the repairs across the planet.
Your second objective is to ensure van Kijeck island is completely secured, transportation to and from the island be available and that its defences are raised to optimal condition.
Your third objective is to eliminate the xeno and heretic presence in Liveria. Any remaining civilians in the city are to be transported out and prepared for examination upon my cruiser. The city is to put under imperial control within the next 3 terran years, the underground within the next 4.
Your fourth objective is to annihilate the remaining traitor and non-exodite xeno presence on this planet, you have 6 years to wipe out 70% of it after which you will be using the remaining aliens to train local imperial guard and PDF regiments. The subterranean enemy elements are to be reduced by 50% within the 50 terran years.
Modify or add to your objectives after risk assessment.

Leave the exodites alone, though their xeno nature is disgusting they can be dealt with later if necessary.
Allow the Adeptus Mechanicus as many resources as necessary, so long as they cooperate with AL-Psi 42.

I will not be returning here again until 134.m42 has passed, you are free to accomplish your goals in the ways you deem most effective. Use your subordinates and fellow agents as advisors, once I return I will take command.
Expect me, agent.

File: yayastory.png (13 KB, 500x500)
13 KB
I did it. It involved copypasting every single post into MS Word and giving myself a very sore thumb, but I've counted up the total number of posts (i.e. those containing greentext or other plot, exc. worldbuilding, bumps, trolling etc.) and words (number tags, headings, "cont" etc. excluded) over the course of the series, broken down by episode. I never realised how much of a marathon 7 really was, and those two episodes with the round numbers are actually not me fudging it. Of course there will have been a few errors, but I think I got everything pretty much right. Also of note is that the first thread had a significantly shorter average post size (163 wpp). It's been a long old journey all right, and we wrote nearly 3/5 the length of War and Peace.

Episode 1
203 posts
33,000 words

Episode 2
272 posts
32,733 words

Episode 3
213 posts
44,296 words

Episode 4
183 posts
35,447 words

Episode 5
197 posts
36,127 words

Episode 6
227 posts
42,614 words

Episode 7 (all four)
471 posts
109,000 words

24 posts (so far)
6,287 words (so far)


Total posts: 1,790
Total words: 339,504
Average words per post: 190
and so it ends

the survivors rebuild,the planet has been razed but it will recover

courier ships are already living with petisions for resources to aid the rebuilding effort

yet,our work isnt done

gene stealers infiltratos might be waiting among the survivors
the xenos (either allies or enemies) should be monitored

hey guys,i been here for the first couple threads and just returned

do you plan on doing more of this ''battle reports'' kind of green texts?

it seems like a incredibly good idea,building a open roleplay and have the results of each battle have an impact on the greater galaxy

for example,here a tendril of the tyranids was stopped dry through the combined force of arms of tau,imperium and eldar

the sector is gonna have more resources free to clean up whatever remmants are

and probably,xeno-diplomacy goes a lot better
This is the end of the Damnatum Lutum series, but there will almost certainly be another, similar one in the future (I think this is the third major series after the OG Stercus Ludicrum and Dominus Pillowus). They don't really share a defined canon other than occasional references to each other, but who knows? Maybe next time the events of this series will be invoked more directly - it's going to depend entirely on the writers. But remember, the Galaxy is a big place and Damnatum Lutum is but one planet among millions, and the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly in the Imperium so its wider impact will be small (even though it is disproportionately large) and any changes would take decades or centuries at best to filter down, if they happen at all.

Out of interest, who were you in the early threads?
File: 1574848326471.jpg (54 KB, 494x500)
54 KB
>339 504 total words
>Damnatum Lutum was 3/5 the Lenght of War and peace

Jesus tapdancing Christ, when I first joined in on this I didn't imagine we'd come this far in terms of sheer length. You could legitimately make a novelization based off of DL and it'd probably end up being the longest work of fanfiction related to 40k, or anything for that matter, ever. Doing so would of course be a herculean and completely pointless task, but it's fun to imagine.

Considering the relative lull in fighting during the 4th thread, could Damnatum Lutum technically be considered the war and peace of these kinds of threads? I mean by length alone we've beaten out every other thread like it and I doubt another thread as lengthy as this one will appear in the future. Mainly because this shit took 7 MONTHS on the dot to complete. If stuff its length DOES indeed appear again I'd be pleasantly surprised.
Whether or not it's the war and peace of greentext threads in terms of quality though is an entirely different matter.

If Damnatum Lutum being the War and Peace of greentext threads isn't mentioned in the 1d4chan article I will be extremely disappointed

i just go by the name of armentho in the green text roleplay threads,usually play as a vox comm soldier
so for the next series, how about a world with a scandanavian flavor.
File: 1572953822294.jpg (70 KB, 586x644)
70 KB
>tfw I didn't get to bomb Stonehenge

i would suggest a jungle one

but i dont mind vikings either
Hell yeah jungle.

We could have it be more a lore-based slow burn since we have some truly spectacular maps being made, rather than all mass battle all the time. I like the sound of Skitarii + Guard slogging through Space Vietnam and watching even the Admech go for drugs + indiscipline.

Although obviously hard to stop people conjuring armies and titans because they're fun to play with.

besides,it gives the xeno players time to shine


-last words of an ambushed chaos cultist-

hell,the soundtrack for it is already done

Who lost the most? My vote is Chaos but if someone said Tau I probably wouldn't argue.
File: file.png (2.42 MB, 1002x1504)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG

welcome to I'azil (name in work),population:
one to many

Vulture gunships doing Spooky air support, Kriegers digging in in trench fights like the end of Platoon, Praetorians patrolling towns and marching into the depths of the jungles Burmese Days style. Would be nice to do jungle stuff with people who aren't the Rambo knockoffs.
I think that if the entirety of the Damnatum Lutum series were converted to proper prose, it could easily exceed a million (about the length of the entire Harry Potter series), and in greentext form as is it already eclipses most works of fanfiction and the only piece of /tg/ FF I know to be longer than that is Someone Else's writings for Warhammer High at 443k.

I think it is possible to have something on this scale in the future. As the series proved; with a non-aimless plot, good curation and a (somewhat) loyal core of writers it can keep going on its own momentum for a long time. The challenge is building up that momentum in the first place, since as we saw in the first episode DL only barely attained the critical mass it needed to snowball and many greentext threads have come and gone in the interim having failed to build up that momentum - we got lucky at the start. I also think that DL is about the theoretical limit for the size of a project like this, since even with the above helping stave it off it will (past a certain point) eventually start to experience exponential decline as people lose interest and drift away. We hit that point during the final episode, and so did the other series comparable to this one, Stercus Ludicrum, though our focus on the ending helped us get over the finish line. Speaking of SL, I think the main contrasts were that DL was a chronology of skirmish combat, hard worldbuilding and an overarching narrative rather than (the no less valid) open-ended funny shenanigans in a highly mutable world that was SL. The end-of-series SL discussion thread had some good points about what and what not to do in a series https://archived.moe/tg/thread/59090246
>not Rambo
We at least need locally born Chaos cultists doing the VC thing under Alpha Legion direction. Alpha Legion are criminally underutilized and it would be neat to have cultists in as something other than ablative armor for Black Legion or World Eaters.
Fuck yeah, I'd be up for Apocalypse 40k/Spacenam. But let's leave it for at least a couple months and wait for things to settle and give us some downtime. Maybe be a bit lighter in general tone than than DL, and I'll always be ready to draw more maps (making DL's maps for you guys and being able to take pride in them was a joy). But a series that blends conflict and shenanigans with the things that made DL great would be epic. I did already use the Good Morning Vietnam radio opener though.

Stercus Ludicrum opened on an ice world so if that is a thing we'd need to find a way to make it unique.
so the consensus is that the next series will be space Vietnam, with kroot in the trees

>what are we gonna call it
>when are we gonna start
File: platoon_2.jpg (50 KB, 565x311)
50 KB
Operation: Root The Kroot


when do we start... how about first weekend in February?
I say maybe around Easter time at the very earliest. It gives everyone a couple of months downtime and coincides with the holidays. I think summer might be even better though if we have the patience, since DL being during the summer holidays was a big part of what allowed it to thrive in the earlier days and makes it much easier to participate in with a long, unbroken stretch of no commitments.
I will be away that week, but look forward to participating if it lives longer than that
>tfw I never got my big tiddy water caste girl.
Why live?
>tfw did get to write in this thread
Guess I’ll have to wait for the next one
File: koffee.png (3.08 MB, 2000x1600)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
>Be Imperial citizen of Liveria
>I never did tell you my name, did I?
>It's Annika, by the way
>When the boat overturned, I wasn't sure what would happen
>I'm not sure what happened to the Tau, but the Scion clearly survived, as he's becoming the new Governor of all things
>I was hauled from the water by the same search party that found him
>From what I can best tell, they're deliberating what to do with me
>Some want to execute me on the spot, some want to just kick me off in the nearest town, others want to recruit me
>Sounds like the faction that want to dragoon me into Inquisition service is slowly winning out
>Not that I mind, since I've got nothing to go back to
>I wonder what they plan to do with that decision
>Me? A Stormtrooper? Who'da thunk?
>Probably not a frontline role though, since I can barely hold a gun the right end forward
>I reckon an infiltration specialist, given I seem to be good at that
>Or perhaps a Valkyrie pilot, adept at dodging and weaving craft
>Eh, what does it matter?
>I'll trust in their judgement, whatever it is
>Unless it's to kill me, because fuck that shit
>Settle back in the command post chair with a mug of recaff
>Whatever the outcome, exciting times ahead

*send to figth in jungle death world in order to recover a rumored STC*
Does she continue to see enemies dying for no reason on the battlefield Does sneaky boy littlefinger still watch over her as he consider her a boss?
Maybe someone from here will turn up on Spacenam one day? Who knows?
Darn, knew I forgot to mention something.

Despite multiple investigations by the Ecclesiarchy and eventually the Inquisition, none have yet succeeded at discovering why Bios seems to project a field of mysterious ballistic lethality or find her mystery protector. While her retirement from frontline combat means she is no longer in contact with the enemy, rumours still persist that flashes of green can still be seen on the rooftops nearby...

Note I didn't write sneakyboy, so if they have anything to say about that feel free.
Did someone have an ending planned for the big tiddy water caste girl?
I waited for a bit, but it looked like her plot line got forgotten, so I posted an ambiguous ending for her just to wrap things up
File: 'ihd un seek.png (3.15 MB, 1262x1058)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
>Be me
>Duh sneekiest Ork in duh sektuh, Kommando Kohdork
>Me an duh boyz ar 'idin in dis ryt zoggin gud jungul planit wot we fownd
>Itz zoggin grayt! All duh 'idin spotz we kud evuh need an duh 'umiez dohnt know a zoggin fing!
>Well, duh 'umie wot we broht wiv uz iz bein 'untin by deez kreepi gitz wot kall demselvz "Duh Inkwisishun"
>Sum uv dere boyz 'av trakd uz tuh duh planit, but dey kahnt fynd uz koz dey iz gitz!
>Me an duh boyz prepar tuh get up az Lotsa Dakka presses iz shoota tuh duh bak uv sum 'umiez 'ed

I've already mentioned this is in some of my past posts, but it's been fun posting on here when I could. Of course, uni and life happened so I wasn't able to hop on as regularly but hey, fun is fun no matter how long it lasts right? I am in the process of other writefaggotry so I'll likely post it on /tg/ whenever it's finished, but that may take time given the fact that again, I have to worry about uni work now.

Til the next post anons, Orknon out.
File: Born_To_Remove.jpg (102 KB, 605x615)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Space vietnam with VCs being replaced by Kroot seems like an interesting concept, I don't think I'd mind participating in that thread. I think we should probably start in either halfway through June or during Easter, though halfway through June would be preferable.

A name suggestion for the planet ahead of time: Rừng (literally just means forest in Vietnamese).
As for why the Kroot are around I'll leave that up to the OP, but I have another suggestion in regards to that as well. Kroot mercs got hired for one reason or another and after their assignment was over they were unable to make it back to Kroot space, instead deciding to hang out in the vast jungles of space vietnam. Bish bash bosh, protracted jungle warfare in the 42nd millennium.

I had a slightly jokey post in mind for the end of the thread where the Lord Inquisitor shows off the Big Tiddy Tau to the Inquisitorial Representative on Terra in an attempt to win him over, then using the big tiddy water caste girl in order to get the one Callidus assassin to work with him. Both characters endings now were fine though and wrapping the storylines of so many characters in von Rosen's master plan to crash Hive Fleet Grábakr with no survivors was probably enough on its own. von Rosen was never the protagonist, no one in greentext threads like this should be, making him have direct involvement in the storylines of so many characters felt a bit overbearing, so ultimately, I don’t mind their endings. I am however disappointed that the Ass-Ass(in) didn’t get to do horribly Lewd things to the big tiddy Tau, like holding hands with her, but alas, such is life.

a bit of insight of kroot culture

the fuckers are noble savages

with the noble and the savage part turned up to 11 and switching between both like a bipolar teen in moods

the kroot believe that one self should be self sufficient and always strive to improve one self through greater challengues

but are lovers of freedom and incredibly open minded

thats why they care so much about improving their gene stock and eating worthy adversaries,the stronger their genes are,the closer they become to the mastery of themselves

why would a group of kroots be on a deathworld?

because its a dangerous place wich offers them a huge genetic pool to further improve themselves while gaining money

i imagine that a void dragon heretek cult is trying to gain acces to some sort of DAOT relics (an self sufficient arcology STC maybe?),they invaded and fucked over the local government

the kroots came and have been taking jobs for both the void dragon cultist and the local imperial resistance
>noble savages
>lovers of freedom and incredibly open minded
So they're hippie Yautja?
File: file.png (165 KB, 728x443)
165 KB
165 KB PNG

pretty much

outside combat,they are pretty friendly and good pals to drink with

on combat they will tear you apart and beat you to death with your own limbs

kroots being nobles: https://www.reddit.com/r/40kLore/comments/ap6bem/book_excerptkill_team_kroot_and_human_talk_about/


kroot being savages:



>mfw the savage that took down an entire platoon of eldar rangers using some gunpowders traps, is helping civilians to evacuate
>Assassin did end up walking off with an inquisitor.
It would make sense.
We've already sort of had a thread about a bunch of different armies trying to gain control of a planet with a piece of DAOT tech on it. Of course, with that we're fairly free to do whatever we want with it, but I suggest that we borrow a page from Winter Assault's book.
Instead of an Imperator Titan though, I suggest there's a Warlord Psi-Titan hidden somewhere on the planet, which is why the Hereteks originally assaulted it. If we wanna make the analogy to 'nam even more fitting, the planetary government could still be loyal to the imperium, with a few holdouts (major population centres, remote military bases etc.). That could be why the Kroot originally showed up, and when the end of their work period was over they were unable to leave for whatever reason. Instead of trying to steal a ship or something they decided to stay, maybe the planet's wildlife is extraordinarily dangerous, leaving the whole planet a three-way between Imperials, Kroot and the Global Liberation Front (read: VCs).
We might be putting the cart before the horse here, but this is just spitballing really, a Psi-titan would seem the least repetative of the DAOT relic options we have to fight over.
File: herding-cats-blog.jpg (33 KB, 496x376)
33 KB
SpaceNam seems like an interesting idea, but unless you plan on making lots of posts and doing lots of worldbuilding don't be too surprised if the plot goes in the opposite direction of what was discussed ahead of time. People always have their own stories they want to tell and their own factions they want to focus on, and individual posters will respond to whatever they find most interesting.

I also wouldn't wait too long. No one is going to remember this conversation 3-5 months from now, and without a dedicated group of posters trying to keep the thread alive it will probably die young like most greentext threads. Even if you do start soon, it may take a couple of tries before the thread attracts enough posters to survive.
File: 1551057430199.jpg (466 KB, 616x1000)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
Maybe someone else might be in the jungle....

a psy-titan seems like a good idea
Someone better post as a Catachan for SpaceNam
File: grape-kun war is hell.gif (891 KB, 320x180)
891 KB
891 KB GIF
The real question is who's not gonna post as a Catachaner (or is it Catachanite)?
File: files.png (19 KB, 374x486)
19 KB
Intended plots going crashing off the rails and rolling with it is all part of the fun - remember Stercus Ludicrum was initially supposed to be an ice world until it, well, wasn't, and veering about was one (unstable) way of keeping the setting fresh. These projects are what their anons make them, and a rigid starting setting is restrictive.

People are burned out right now from the month-long slog the final episode turned into and I think we need at least a month to recharge (I know I do, my creativity is flagging and I am chronically sleep-deprived from keeping the thread alive), maybe two (a month and a half makes the 2nd anniversary of Stercus Ludicrum). Three months if the break is that long also coincides with the start of the easter holidays which would be very conducive to activity (both with freeing up regulars and attracting new ones, who we will need as well), and I imagine most core members are /tg/ regulars who would spot it fairly quickly whenever it appeared.

also pic unrelated is the amount of crap (maps and post images) I collected over the course of the series, with most of it seeing use
File: IMG_20200124_104652917.jpg (2.39 MB, 3120x4160)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
Sneaky bumping

a couple weeks to a month seems good
I got 90MB, 300+ files, though some are for other greentext threads
File: 1574154045141.jpg (81 KB, 933x666)
81 KB
Threads veering away from what it was originally about is to be expected I guess, but honestly I don't mind. Space vietnam turning into some whacky bullshit on a jungle planet/former jungle planet seems like a fun enough prospect, we'll just have to wait to find out what it turns into.
I think the start date of "in a few months" works fine enough for now, I suppose we'll have to see you guys there.

Also holy shit Stannimposter that is A LOT of images, I didn't realize you made so many for these threads.
I am guessing a lot of them are the source material of the images he cropped and put in other images, I have more than a few such images myself
File: sneakpeek.png (485 KB, 944x534)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
Most of them are a wide variety of artwork bits I used either directly as post images or as templates for editing other things into plus the cutouts of stuff I also used for editing as well as map drafts and versions and assets for the handbook and so on. Not all of them ended up being used.
File: IMG_20200124_104644960.jpg (3.99 MB, 3120x4160)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>The Hydraphant is dead
>And the titan is destroyed
>We have suffered many losses too
>Of the fifty primaris and twenty tyrannic wars vets only three primaris survived against eighteen vets
>They mostly died when tyrannids got in close combat
>At least the three alive are willing to join the vets to avenge their brothers death
>I say goodbye to the inquisitor and the Imperial fists
>We gather all our drop pods and take them back to our battle barge
>I still feel that us Ultramarines, we are not welcome here
>At least our work here is done
>Realize I still have to talk to Tigurius about another librarian
>Alas we helped cleaning up a hive fleet
>I think I will slap Sicarius face
>Just for fun and relax a bit

Ortan Cassius left the planet quickly argued violently with Calgar and Tigurius about all those losses. He is still master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines. A tiring task when everyone wants to fight chaos but not nids.

Well I've finally finished every character arcs. For a first greenthread it was very fun. I think I will participate to the next one (april?) probably with a poor valhallan guard or the new captain of the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment. I really thank all of you it was awesome. See you next time!
Have a Von Rosen doodle
does suptg have every thread?
It's got every thread of the series, yes, though not this one (yet, if it's going to go on there - it is auto-archived elsewhere).
why wouldnt this thread be submitted to suptg?
I will put it on sugtg when it is done
see you guys in a few months
File: 1557946171096.jpg (109 KB, 1692x1252)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Tankposter here, one last thing before I turn in f o r e v e r (read: about a few months), just read through the discussion thread relating to Stercum Ludicrum, and holy fuck, how did we manage to not fall into the same mass of issues they did? I was surprised at the end of the 4th thread, but now my surprise is even greater. Mary Sue-ish characters, even wider scale burnout, relative hostility toward one another, characters doing shit with no impact on the plot, posters ignoring/forgetting (though forgetting's more reasonable) to react to other posters, people being waaaaaaaaaay too defensive about their own characters (in all fairness I may have been partially responsible for both the last two, in which case I apologize for being a fag about it as there's no excuse for that in a collaborative writing thread) to the point where an unaugmented commissar managed to fuck up a space marine and probably some more.
We went on with this for 7 whole months yet somehow managed to largely stay away from most of that sort of stuff. Either the lessons learned from Stercus Ludicrum really set themselves deep in /tg/ or we just managed to get lucky. Who knows? Either way, with that thread in mind, I think we did a good job.

'Till next time, see you space fa/tg/uy.
I think it's a combination of lessons learned, the breaks in the threads giving people opportunity to "recharge", better organisation, maybe just generally better quality writing and writers and the series being more grounded rather than powered by Rule of Silly, with the resultant anarchic free-for-all clusterfuck (both in-U and meta) likely supercharging these issues.
I think we should move the next thread to /qst/
the advantage of /qst/ is that threads can stay alive for days without being bumped

The disadvantages are the bump limit is super high, so the threads can last forever, also no one ever goes there, so we won't attract many new posters
It's also not actually a quest. There is no QM and there is no actual quest involved. They have a significant precedent of being legally /tg/ material, despite what the trolls say.
File: file.png (921 KB, 960x467)
921 KB
921 KB PNG
if anyone is gonna roleplay as tau in the next thread,here is a good image for ya
Here is another good one
File: MEMES JACK, MEMES.png (330 KB, 808x524)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
Damn, and I thought I was going overboard with all the images I ended up making related to all the characters I used.
Creative motivation at it's finest.
File: emperorshead.png (482 KB, 480x640)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
So you were the one who made Cato-kun? You bad boy.

In fairness, a higher proportion of yours were edited, and often to a greater extent. If I count correctly, about a third of the images in that folder were edited or created by me in some way. I had a lot of fun doing it in the process, and duelling a creative opponent definitely provided motivation to try and outdo them on the image front (wink). I think my favourite was pic related, as well as the one of everyone in Priscilla's car (fancykar, thread 4) and the composite gif of the ship going down in flames (holdittogether, thread 3).
File: file.png (1.96 MB, 1024x1164)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG

I wrote Sigma, I appreciated the Gang Goes for a Drive images a lot.

If I bring a different section of the Admech back for some jungle warfare next time I might do some maps and images of my own, they added a lot to the thread. Might do some more human tech-guards so I can play more minor characters.

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