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Continued from: >>70248496

Archives of 7.5.5, since it's too short to bother putting on suptg:
(you can never have too many archives)

So far this episode:
>Stonehenge has been reactivated
>A Tyranid hive fleet invaded and is being engaged by an entire battlefleet's worth of ships
>Most population centers have been evacuated and/or heavily defended
>It's raining like hell due to monsoon season
>A volcano has been rendered active and a volcanic ash cloud has spread over the southern area of the region
>Two Nuclear devices have gone off, one in the air one on the ground
>A reaver titan has been reactivated
>At least three of the Tyranid landing zones have been destroyed, one has been heavily damaged
>The Tyranids are consuming as much biomass on the planet as they can
>Forces representing each of the Chaos gods have invaded and begun fighting everyone else
>Daemons have overrun Liveria
>An Imperial saint has been spawned from the sheer amount of fighting going on
>A Hierophant and a Tzeentchian Heldrake have been german suplexed by a Nurglite chaos lord
>Chaos assets are attacking the Island with the Stonehenge weapons platform, which is heavily defended by Eldar
>An entire swamp was set ablaze by a mixture of promethium, warp flames and Nerve gas
>Ortan Cassius made planetfall to train some primaris marines and kill some 'nids
>Liveria is an infested ruin, with the trio sneaking around through it
>Southern battlefield is a lava-y, muddy mess
>Kriegers are fortifying everything they can get their gloves on
>Southern districts have taken damage from tunnel detonations and a huge "stray" railgun slug
>Tyranid assault in the northeast has been replaced and renewed by Chaos forces
>A massive fucking Tyranid has appeared and is wrecking shit

Can someone else keep the thread bumped overnight because I often oversleep and fail to check it in time?
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480 KB PNG
Usual supplemental materials:

Dramatis Personae: https://pastebin.com/YWeygba9

Regional dossier: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yH_sF3mkCHwTcRQljw2wgyACFvR0u9gF

Main regional map: https://i.imgur.com/FjRevGx.png

Groxbridge city map: https://i.imgur.com/P65Qw0J.png

For the city map key, see http://web.archive.org/web/20190707065931/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/50k-raster-legend.pdf and http://web.archive.org/web/20170717180121/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/abbreviations-used-on-os-25k-and50k-scale-mapping.pdf (archived because the webpages vanished)

Metro map: https://i.imgur.com/VWwEIWp.png

System chart: https://i.imgur.com/rUEIIM5.png (not to scale)

System stats: https://pastebin.com/uK3aen6h
Honestly I suggest we finish the thread at a later date; the christmas holidays are about over and I'm betting at least a few people are revising for exams, or have some in the near future.
You may be right, but splitting up an arc between two episodes is something that's been avoided for a reason until now.

Tell you what, if this thread dies again I'll make the next one on Fri the 24th (unless the 31st would be preferred?)
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>Be the Hydraphant-Hive Tyrant
>Smashing my way through the prey thing swarm
>Keeping them distracted so that they can't focus their efforts on the swarms of my smaller brethren doing most of the actual consuming
>The Norn Queen is becoming increasingly frustrated with the defense the preythings are putting up
>Our organisms in orbit are dying in droves while our attacks on the sites of the two hated devices stall
>It is time to escalate things
>The Norn Queen pours more of her consciousness into my form, a risky move, but one that increases my abilities even further
>Use some of the energy I have been gifted with to trigger the fear instincts of the preythings swarming around me
>However, their resolve is being bolstered by some mysterious force
>Probably the unusual creature known as the "Living Saint"
>Unleash a powerful psychic shriek in anger, then start searching for the Living Saint
>I can sense its presence around here somewhere
>Be me
>Brother Chaplain Camillus of the black templars
>Currently flying over Groxbridge, fast approaching the lines of the nurgle-worshipping traitor marines
>Land on a rooftop overlooking the skirmish within the battle at large
>It's a complete and utter mess of zombies, traitor marines covered in heretical sores and buboes, tyranid lifeforms and daemons
>By the emperor, such utter heresy!
>Brave guardsman are currently attempting to push into the chaos, but it seems they're currently unable to make any significant ground due to the amount of xenos and heretics below
>Turn back to the brother-marines preparing themselves for our assault
>Their chainswords rev with anticipation, Brother Mac pre-emptively swinging his power-axe
>I activate my power fist and get my brother's attention
>"Brothers, below us lie heretics uncounted, their sins numerous and their foulness unthinkable. The emperor has brought us here today to enact his righteous judgement upon the traitorous masses below, to purge the foul xenos that invade this world, and to insist the guardsman in making this world safe for habitation once more. With me brothers, in His name!"
>I launch off the rooftop with power fist raised, rushing towards the ground aided by my jump pack
>One heretic looks up too late, my fist driving his head crashing into the ground with a squelch
>Scream a warcry in His name as I go to work driving back the foul traitor marines polluting this section of the city
>Their warlord notices my presence immediately, and appears to light some form of Iho-stick before charging me
>Get to his left and avoid the charge, sending the power fist on my right hand into his back
>He stumbles forward, gets his footing back and looks back to me, now angered
>"Heh, you're good loyalist. But you can't get past nurgle's blessings!"
>We engage in a vicious fist fight as the battle rages on around us, one more fight out of many
Hi It's Sigma-32d.

Was waylaid from the last few threads by sudden life bullshit, is the situation such that I can rez Sigma or have the Admech been inactive too long?
File: If the answer is YES.jpg (58 KB, 492x723)
58 KB
>After a thunderous punch into his jaw, he bellows with frustration
>"What did I say?!"
>He rushes me before I can make a move to avoid him and crashes into my body, grappling my torso as he does
>Charges towards the army of guardsman at our backs, his intents obvious
>Face me alone foul traitor!
>Activate my jump pack and grab onto him in turn as we suddenly rush upwards into the air
>The advantage now in my hands, I turn the heretic over and begin rocketing back towards the ground
>He turns us over at the last second and we crash into the ground, the jump pack dragging us off in an unknown direction
>The emperor... empowers me against such tactics!
>Pull off my destroyed jump pack and get up, realizing the heretic is still on the ground
>Pin him onto the ground and start punching his head
>After about a minute more of this, the heretic is battered and bruised, no longer able to get up
>Punch him twice more for the gene-father's sake, then stand up
>He attempts to get up, but slumps back onto the ground, now stained with his pus
>Dust myself off and slam my foot down onto his neck
>He coughs up some manner of foulness as he attempts to move again, now pinned down
>Retrieve my plasma pistol and aim it squarely at his head
>He tries to mutter out some form of last words
>Press down to prevent this
>"No, heretic. There is only one thing left for you, and that is the emperor's wrath."
>Fire, his head turning into vapourized mulch as the plasma rushes into it
>With the foul heretic dead, I bring my attention back to the battle around me
>The guardsman have seen my execution, and are already pushing hard into the heretic lines
>Tyranids push against the traitor marines, now lacking of their backup as the zombies fall in droves before the xeno's advance
>My brothers rush to my side as we begin cleaving our war through the battered traitors
The Admech have been mentioned as being active in passing a few times, so they are definitely up and about and nobody has been treading on your toes so there's nothing to say they can't appear again.
Sigma is probably alive and well and the admech are probably busy defending forts in Groxbridge or other areas deeper into the city, I would also assume that a fuckload of them would be defending Stonehenge as it's a marvel of DAoT engineering.
Presumably they haven't been very active on the front as they might've been busy dealing with Airborne raids. You could probably still envolve them.

Glad to have you back man, we missed you.

Nice, I'll just catch up on the last few threads. I've been looking forward to getting back into this, hopefully something similar kicks off after DL ends. Had to move house three times in a month over Christmas, it was not too conducive to watching for RP threads.
>As I continue cleaving my way through the traitors, notice the guardsman are losing ground again
>The emperor's light has not abandoned you brave soldiers!
>I and my brothers rush back to the guard's lines
>They cheer our approach, I jump onto the body of a destroyed Leman Russ tank to get their attention
>"Imperial Guard of His most blessed Imperium, lend me your ears!"
>Rip off my already damaged helmet and throw it aside, I will find another later
>"Today, one of the mightiest hordes of xeno scum to invade this world has dared trespass upon your lands, destroying all manner of biological life it meets and absorbing it into it's foul heretical hordes!"
>"And as you brave men fight to preserve this world's freedom, not only have more xenos polluted the sanctity of this land, but heretics waltz their putrid, emperor-forsaken feet across this holy land!"
>"And before all of this foulness, you have stood your ground, and held the line! For you are not but simple men, but the hammer of He on Terra himself!"
>"So to me loyal soldiers! We will face these xenos that have invaded our lands, and drive out the heretics that have seeped out of the dark places like pus from a wound!"
>Jump down from the Russ as I raise my fist to the sky
>"In His name, CHAAAARRRRGE!"
>I charge back towards the now scared heretics, a great thunderous roar erupting from behind me as the guardsman initiate a bayonet charge upon these heretical foes
>See more of my brothers of the chapter join our assault from the skies and the ground, bolter fire cracking to the comforting grunts of chainswords meeting heretical flesh
>The army of He on Terra crashes into our foes like an unstoppable wave as what is left of the heretics and daemons flee before His forces
>For the emperor!
File: Too_old_for_this_shit.jpg (165 KB, 594x779)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Running and gunning with Cassius, explaining some of the previous events
>Explain that we've had a visual on several Tyranid landing zones but that the cloud of volcanic ash has since then blocked out our orbital view of several of them
>Since the Volcano is still shooting out hot magma, I doubt we'll be seeing them any time soon
>Suddenly, as we're talking, a boatload of Tyranids emerge from the ground
>Several Trygons, Mawlocs and Viragons followed by gaunts and Raveners start bursting out all around the landing zone
>Carnifexes charging forth toward trop transports and I can see a Dimacheron heading straight for me
>However, as several of the Viragons and Mawlocs emerge geysers of lava spew out from beneath them as they attack, burning our and several of the enemies forces to death
>Due to the seismic activity nearby, the lava is not only spewing out toward the landing zone but now also spewing out of smaller holes in the landing zone
>Squad of Raveners burst forth around me, the Canoness and the master of sanctity
>A wild melee erupts, quickly resulting in the Raveners laying dead around us
>Hear a loud roar behind us and watch as three Dimachaerons come charging straight at us
>Crusaders lock shields around me as sisters open fire on them
>The beast heading toward the Canoness is gunned down by her Celestian bodyguard and the one charging toward Cassius is lagging behind
>The one charging for me reaches us first, leaps straight over a ford of lava and nearly lands on top of my Crusaders
>They raise their shields and blast the creature away with several strong shocks
>Beast falls flat on its back and my men and I run up to kill it
>Meanwhile Cassius is busy fighting with the Dimachaeron coming for him, his Rosarius taking the brunt of its attack
>As my Crusaders kill our Dimachaeron, take time to get the exact coordinates of the main Tyranid hive
>Turn to Cassius, unsling my bolter and destroy the left leg of the beast with two well placed hellfire rounds
>Rush up to him and suggest that he order his marines to pull out of the area with us
>Canoness is already calling for a general retreat
>Killgore sounds a bit bummed out about it, but none the less calls for a retreat on my orders
>Forces begin pulling out, Valkyries shooting larger Tyranids to death with their remaining rocket pods and missiles before picking up their men
>Area is too hot for the Thunderhawk to land, literally speaking, order pilot to cover us while we retreat with the infantry
>Support squads have done a number on several of the bigger tyranids, and the lava spewing everywhere around us now is slowing them down, but we're still taking great amounts of casualties
>The Canoness looks oddly pleased with herself, likely due to everything burning around her
>The rain is preventing the otherwise inevitable massive grass fire from burning all of the factions here to death, but not by a lot
>May the emperor bless this planet for its climate
>As I'm trying to organize a retreat up into southern clipper ridge where we have a stable ground advantage, I see a massive Tyranid
>It's about the height of a reaver titan, with a giant bio-canon sticking out of its chest and massive scything claws on the front of its body
>Vox the tempestor prime leading the operation to recover the reaver titan, he says they've secured it
>Tell him of the huge fucking thing approaching and ask if the void shields on the titan are still offline
>Says they're down, but that the machine is still fighting
>Tell him to get an Engineseer over and get its void shields back online, we're going to need it
>Before I can vox the master of Skitarii, another wave of tyranids come stampeeding toward us
>Reload my bolter and begin picking off synapse creatures
>Below out a bombardment order over the vox on the swarm heading toward Southern Groxbridge
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Find Clicky walking around in the bunker
>Ask him everything's fine and the shadow in the warp not too violent
>Tell him that if he wants to say goodbye to someone it's now
>On my way out the radio turn mad
>A fucking Hydraphant appeared
>Get back to the brief room with the holo map
>Splendid we don't even have any Titan
>And there are too much troops engaged to nuke it
>And it won't hurt him much tho
>I could send someone bait it in the volcano but who could do this despite the kriegers ?
>Plus with their sucuidal tendencies they won't get far
>I can't send my kill team because
>They would be pretty useless
>They would get killed
>Von Rosen they get on the vox and ask for Titan weapons
>Wait there's this spear somewhere south of Groxbridge
>There was a mission to retrieve it but it never really happened
>Vox him about this spear and it's supposed location
>This planet trully a relic of the Dark Ages of Technology...
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By the way, Stannimposter (heh, artifact title nowadays) here. I'm balls deep in exams the next few days so you won't see much of me but I'll try and squeeze a few posts in and keep it bumped during the day.
>Be us, the 229th Tyranid hive fleets Norn Queen "Munchy"
>The fleet has made some gains, but at great cost
>Though we now engage the humans at range, and have made some successes in targeting their smaller ships, their gunline is tearing our own forces down
>The our front lines are being withered away, no doubt several of our attack craft will reach the gunline, and we too shall wither away at them
>Our attacks on the ground have been marginally more successful, a portion of the humans serving the golden avian have been dragged into an ambush
>Seismic activity has however caused molten rock to pour out of our ambushing positions, melting many of our warriors and the enemy as well
>To beat the immaterium uplifted human, we have endowed our favourite Hive Tyrant with a part of my consciousness and thereby psychic ability
>However, the Humans worshipping the Immaterium have become quite a pest, taking advantage of one of our landing zones being hampered to the south-west to continue pushing toward the big city
>What pests they are, though some are very delicious, most cannot even be eaten at all
>No matter, these defences are even more of a pest!
>Now, how to eat two avians in one bite? Hmm...
>Of course, now that we are closer, we can once again shower the planet with a hale of Tyrannocytes and Mycetic spores!
>Though the imperial air forces are being whittled down, their anti-air defences are still active, which will prove a problem
>We will deploy airborne biomass to further whittle down the defences of the humans, and perhaps deal with the AA fire
>We will have more of our forces land around the battlefield to aid in consuming biomass and of course attacking our enemies
>Finally, we will unleash our experimental breed of Bio-titan from the south, and weaken the defences in the big city
>Now, to act
>The fleet begins producing aerial troops and transports, though in smaller amounts as most of our produced troops will have to focus on the void battle
>Just as we're about to begin the attack, a volley from the humans destroys several of our ships, claiming 1 of 2 carriers preparing to launch the airborne reinforcements and heavily damaging the other
>Then our current airborne units must suffice until we can send more reinforcements
>Then most of the transports heading into the big city will be destroyed, though perhaps not those dropping on the immaterium worshipers
>What a shame
Bumping to prevent another premature archival.
Here's another bump.
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>A Hydraphant showed while this inquisitor explained to me what was going on here
>Plus a dimachaeron tried to nom me
>Cut both tongues with my crozius
>The inquisitor blast one of it's arms off
>Make him eat several bolter rounds before it dies
>Turn to the Hydraphant
>Yeah I never to fight one of those bio titan
>And i don't want to try
>I am maybe a super human but I have my limits
>And this is one of them
>Find the most graded astra militarum officer in the area and tell him to blast that thing one battery of artillery
>It will only slow him down until we find a better but we need that time
>If we ever have this weapon
Bumping the thread until work days are over.
When the majority of the thread is “bump” you know whatever this autism is should be shitcanned.
t. Still seething
>Be me
>Brother Chaplain Camillus of the black templars
>The spearhead of imperial forces has brought about a great charge in His name
>Heretical worshippers of Nurgle are all but destroyed, their bodies broken upon the sanctified ground, their forms covered in flamers carried by the PDF guardsman
>Tyranid forces here in the north-west are being hacked into pieces by our righteous fury wielded in the name of the almighty Emperor of Mankind
>Termagaunts are shot down in the dozens by the buzzing laz-fire of the guard, their corpses suitable cushions for the dead xeno bodies of their comrades
>Charge my power fist and drive it into the chest of a hive guard, sending it backwards into several hormagaunts rushing to it's back
>They swarm over it's body in a desperate attempt to protect the xeno from death
>Brother Dillon jumps forward and cleaves his power sword through the horde to drive them back
>Several brave Guardsman jump onto the hormagaunts, wielding their lazguns like spears with the aid of their bayonets
>The Emperor smiles on such bravery!
>Then, the cry of HERESY!
>"Blood for the blood god, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" can be heard at high pitches through the chorus of chants in His name, xeno screeching and roars of anger and death
>A particularly tough looking heretic soaked in blood rushes through several xenos, crushing their heads under his foot
>Several fellow preachers to His glory notice the sudden arrival of this heretic scum
>They rush forth, eviscerator chainswords revving with glee as they bellow their prayers to He on the throne
>Charge my power fist and prepare myself for a fight as the larger heretic smiles
>"Finally, a good fight! Gimme your best shot prayer boy, an ol' Suneater here will throw it right back at your face!"
>I throw the fist towards his head with all my might, but he manages to dodge the heavy swing as he swings back at my head
>I use my power armoured arm to block the strike, then to grab his axe
>It is at this point I realise this weapon must've been taken from a feudal world
>It's made out of some form of bone and metal
>Attempt to break it in my hands, but the metal and bones are somehow too tough for such an action
>He laughs at my attempt and retorts with "HAH! Nice try corpse-worshipper, but that's too tough for such tricks! Tore this out of a dead dragon just to make an axe! HAHAHAHA!"
>Corpse-worshipper? CORPSE WORSHIPPER?
>Release my left hand's grip on his axe and immediately grab his neck before the traitor to His most glorious imperium can react
>Slam my head at full force into the heretic's forehead
>I have the advantage of being an Astartes, and thus my tougher bone structure creates a significant maul from my head, straight into that scum's face
>He staggers back, but I don't release my grip on his neck
>Slam him down onto the ground and ready my power fist
>I realise too late the hatred towards this pathetic heretic has blinded me as he successfully grabs the plasma pistol from my hip and aims it squarely at my head
>Move my enclosed fist in the way at the last second as the bolt of plasma hits my right wrist
>It rips through my armour and just barely misses my bones, severely damaging my weapon in the process
>He fires off several more shots as I jump pack from the shots
>Once I gain some distance, I realise my predicament quickly
>In the rush, the destroyed remains of my power fist have fallen from my armour
>My right arm is scorched from plasma, the bone exposed
>I clench my now exposed right fist with all my might
>For pain is but an illusion, and a false truth
>The only truth is that of He on the throne
>The Khornate throws my plasma pistol aside with a sneer "Hehe, now let's make this a fairer fight eh?"
>He then swings the bone axes around in his hands as he prepares to finish the job
File: Just like me.jpg (78 KB, 365x718)
78 KB
>Just as all seems lost, the Emperor grants me a blessing
>Brother Bill spots my predicament, and yells to get my attention
>Throws me his power maul and resorts to fighting with his sidearm
>Yell my thanks as I catch the power maul with my left hand
>"Emperor guard you brother, and thanks!"
>Decide I must enact penance for my failure to protect the plasma pistol
>Grasp the power maul in my right hand, the pain still numb on my arm as I do
>Clench harder to silence it as I begin the litany
>"My armour is contempt."
>Stomp forward grinding my teeth, staring down the heretic before me
>"My shield is disgust."
>His smile fades, a look of concentration being placed on his face as he gets into a fighting stance
>"My sword is HATRED."
>I clench tighter onto the power maul, preparing to use my momentum to aid my first attack
>"In the Emperor's name, LET NONE SURVIVE!"
>I swing my power maul with all my might aided by the momentum of my steps
>The heretic warlord swings his axes to meet me, our weapons clashing as sparks fly
>However, I have the guidance of the Emperor by my side
>Slowly push his weapons down with all my strength, and as he attempts to push back I suddenly release them and throw a punch with my left fist
>It collides with his jaw with a crack
>Before the heretic retaliates, I swing once more, fueled by faith to the Master of mankind
>"My armour is CONTEMPT!"
>The backhand swing with my power maul collides with his torso
>"My shield is DISGUST!"
>Swing the maul back down towards his head, he just barely blocks it with his left-hand axe
>I throw a punch straight into his gut, he doubles over in pain
>"In His name, LET NONE SURVIVE!"
>Raise my power maul back up once more and bring it down upon the heretics back with a thunderous crash
>He falls to the ground at last, unable to get himself up any longer
>Raise my maul to the sky and unleash a hoar to the heavens in the name of He on the throne
*their forms coated in promethium from flamers carried
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>The assault in progress has so far seen some success
>Traitors and heretics around us are being torn to shreds by the moving wall of close combat weapons, their daemonic allies being cleansed by our Librarian
>The counterattack led by our venerable Achilles has brought a wall of firepower straight into the charging mass of heretics
>They appear to mostly lack armoured elements, though a great number of lesser daemons have accompanied their attacking force
>Though this warband displays the heraldry of chaos undivided, their daemonic allies appear to be mostly of Tzeentch and Slaanesh, along with their Daemonic leadership
>At the front of the host, the Captain and his command squad are battling with a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch
>Our infantry has disembarked from their vehicles and are pouring fire into the advancing horde as land speeders buzz overhead
>Our assault detachment has formed somewhat of a moving anvil, cutting them off from their main forces and spreading confusion among their ranks
>The heretics immediately close to us rapidly flee as we hew bloody paths through them
>Those behind us have chosen to stay at range and attempt to whittle down our charge, with minimal success so far
>Several of our brothers have been wounded, but our charge has so far been undeterred
>Then I feel a great rumbling from behind me as the ground shakes
>Turn around and see scores of traitor knights stomping forward through friendly lines, unleashing torrents of fire on both their own men and my brothers
>Narrowly avoid a round that tears the left arm off one of my brothers
>The sound of giant metallic feet charging across the pavement echoes out from my right
>Watch the Freeblade "Burning lance" charges headfirst into the path of the traitor Castigator via a side street
>"You would challenge those without a knight to a contest of power!? You foul, honourless, ill-bred sot, HAVE AT YOU!" the Errant Freeblade roars out across the battlefield
>The two collide in front of where our Thunderhawk crashed and begin a bitter melee battle
>The captain orders the formation continue moving
>A contingent of guard units, 4 platoons in size, have arrived to further support our advance
>With them I can hear Egillmann barking out orders
>Order the remainder of our assault formation gather together on Sergeant Durans, then jump into the crowd of enemies behind the Daemon prince of Tzeentch
>Order our severely wounded brothers retreat behind our attacking line and move back to HQ for medical assistance
>As our jump packs propel us off the ground and we charge into the lines of creatures far slower than us, a rain of Avenger Gatling Cannon fire spews from the right flank
>Scores of traitors and daemons are cut down as the Freeblade Warden "Diamantine wrath" announces itself by the thunder of its guns as it steps out from a side street
>The war machine stomps the traitors to death on the left flank as it moves to stop the other incoming knights with a hale of missile fire
>The second knight, though engaging the traitor Castigator, takes care to leave enough room for us to fire at the charging knights without risking taking damage
>Land speeder Typhoons launch missiles at the Knights while Lascannon and vindicator laser destroyer fire smatters against void shields and adamantium
>As the battle in this section just begins to look promising, I feel a strange pattering on my armour, not like that of the rain
>Look up and see Tyranid transport pods falling from the sky, most being popped by the continual rain of AA fire from all around Groxbridge
>No doubt the structural damage of this battle will be immense
>I should hope we stay to repair that damage, if we survive
File: whoneedsbugspray.png (3.51 MB, 1600x1757)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB PNG
>Be Sister Superior Bios
>It was all going so well
>Ash was falling, xenos were burning, ground was being made
>The spawning pools were within sight
>Targets were being secured left and right
>Then, suddenly, xenos everywhere
>If I had more time I would wonder where these sudden reserves came from
>The Canoness is missing and the detached force securing the dam has been cut off
>One of their infernal creatures nearly got me, too
>It was rearing up to attach when its head suddenly exploded from an unseen shot
>Truly, I must figure out why this continually happens
>It must be divine intervention from the Emperor
>But now, it is a chaotic mess of mud, ash, Sisters, Guard, shrapnel, crossfire and xenos
>Redeployment to prevent us being surrounded is in progress, but difficult with no Canoness to coordinate
>Sister Pinter required the Emperor's Peace after being gravely wounded by a claw
>Sadly through all of this the Cadian has remained unharmed
>All around, the screeching cry of the Tyranids heralds their rampage through the forces
>The Heavy Flamer is beginning to run out of fuel, and there's nowhere to get more in this mess
>One of the Crassuses probably has some spare fuel lying around
>Failing that, bolter ammunition
File: 1 2.jpg (28 KB, 852x480)
28 KB
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>See a glowing orange cloud form nearby
>What the fuck?
>Realize it is MOLTEN LAVA bubbling out of the ground
>It must have traveled through whatever tunnels the Tyranids used from the nearby volcano
>The good news is that any Tyranids that were down there are now toast
>The bad news is that pockets of lava are appearing everywhere, making the already dangerous battlefield now outright suicidal
>Judging by the smell there is probably some poisonous gases coming off the rain cooled lava as well
>So glad I am no longer an infantry commander
>I mean, technically I am supposed to lead the troops out of the Crassus to participate in fights, but the Officer's Handbook says it is better to coordinate infantry from within the Crassus unless my presence is required to boast morale
>Not that being inside the tank is that much safer, I lost sight of the giant 'Nid due to all the steam in the area, but I am pretty sure it was heading this way last time I saw him
>Get command on the vox from Lord Inquisitor Von Rosen to fall back to Clipper Ridge
>With Pleasure!!!
>Order the remains of my company to fall back
>On any other day I would be pretty annoyed at having to backtrack after making such a significant effort to get here, but right now leaving seems like an excellent idea!
>Get vox from a Sister Superior asking where some promethium is
>Ah nuts, I was hoping that with the retreat order no one would ask for the supplies that I was delivering to the front lines
>I definitely remember crates with Sisters of Battle marking on them being loaded into the Crassus, but they are probably buried under all the Guard stuff
>Order my troops to try their best to dig out the Sister's crates from all the other stuff in the packed hold of the tank while driving over to the Sister Superior's location
File: andstilltheycome.jpg (4.11 MB, 3000x2000)
4.11 MB
4.11 MB JPG
>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>The Astartes leap off into the melee, cleaving and firing at the larger creatures
>They do an excellent job at removing the threat posed by the larger ones, the smaller ones we can deal with
>The chatter of Heavy Stubbers and crack of lasguns breaks the wave as it approaches
>The Astartes are somewhere in the thick of it, Emperorspeed to them
>And then everything goes to shit
>The map of contacts lights up like a hive city as new ones appear everywhere
>The lightly defended, evacuated and already ruined Grimhedge folds like wet paper in the face of a fresh assault
>Guard forces to the north in a ridge gap have come under heavy assault
>Waves of assaulting Tyranid creatures get bigger and faster, getting closer each time
>Vox unit squawks urgently
>"This is D Battalion. We were overrun, there were too many of them. I'm sorry sir"
>Damn, damn, damn!
>Those guys were important!
>Now there are Tyranids streaming through a gap in the line into Sloan
>We can't redeploy units from the lines, we're barely holding them as is
>We're supposed to have armour support down there!
>Where in the Warp are those Emperor-damned tankers!?
>Get your fingers out your arses and kill these bugs before they overrun the district and surround us!
>Can we get some of that artillery support over here too?
>Just make sure to not hit the Astartes somewhere in the thicket of bugs
>At least it's still possible to get worse and not already the worst it can be
File: 66HZO 5.jpg (53 KB, 678x636)
53 KB
>We pop the back hatch and my troops start handing them everything they want while me and a few others keep an eye out for stray Tyranids as best we can in the horrid, low visibility mix of heavy rain, burning hot steam, blinding volcanic ash, and eye watering toxic vapors
>Hurry the fuck up!
>Someone spots some large tanks of promethium buried under several heavy crates and now everyone is trying to pry them loose
>Mentally scream in frustration and anguish
>A vox update comes in saying the pathway to get back to the Ridge has been buried in a lava flow
>Another update says that the massive Tyranid bio-form has been spotted near coordinates X NEGATIVE TEN FOUR TWO, Y NEGATIVE ZERO FOUR EIGHT
>My face when I realize that those coordinates are almost identical to the ones that the Sisters of Battle gave us for the rendevous
>AKA the coordinates we are standing at RIGHT NOW
File: Stercus.jpg (6.91 MB, 2747x1821)
6.91 MB
6.91 MB JPG
shoot why must I always be late to these things. Ill see if I can jump in.
>Be Eldar Guardian Buni, Craftworld An-Arkayd
>Whoever set up the Aelderi defenses along this section of the battlefield has a much higher regard for their kinfolk then whoever set up the defenses at my original posting further east
>The Guardians in this area are mostly either firing from behind Celestial Shields, manning War Walkers, or operating Heavy Weapon Platforms, while the rest are in mobile reserves of Storm Guardians who are expected to join the melee oriented Aspect Warriors in counter attacking anywhere where the lines are breached
>Join a bunch of Guardians firing from safely behind a Celestial Shield at the few targets dumb enough to get close to our section of wall
>The Warlock leading the squad provides occasional updates about the battle at large
>Apparently the Black Templars have overrun the Nurglites and Khornates attacking the battlelines east of here
>Somewhere to the west, just out of view behind some buildings, the Imperial Fists have launched their own counterattack with Knight support
>A Farseer starts convincing everyone we need to do our own counterattack
>Ordered to swap my already pitiful shuriken catapult for an even more pitiful shuriken pistol and sword
>Like a normal non-powered sword, not even a chainsword
>Really? What happen to every Eldar life is precious?
>Tell Warlock that I have never used a sword before
>He says that my superior Eldar reflects will give me an edge over the untrained mon-keigh rabble
>It is not the cultist fodder that I am worried about, but many thanks for nothing
>The initial charge actually goes pretty well, the Banshees leading the charge basically rendering the enemy harmless, and the Eldar ahead of me killing everything before I can get to it, but eventually the sheer numbers of the enemy bogs down the charge
>Spot a poorly equipped cultist nearby and stab it through the chest
>its me, Tar Gwill, last of the Night Lords 83rd
>pulling myself out of the rubble
>was with a unit of Iron Warriors
>a lot of violence went down
>position overrun
>or I might of just killed my squadmates
>dont really remember
>not that it matters
>they were obliterator bug chasing faggots anyway
>walk into an abandoned shop
>look for the cash register
>find some nice watches
>mag lock as much of that shit as possible to my gauntlet
>astartes brain tells me this is a tactical weakness
>smear dirt over them to prevent glare
>wander the streets for a while
>time to leave
>find a wall that is somewhat still standing
>break out my space pigments
>after 10,0000 years of running on hatred and survival instincts you pick up a hobby or two
>I remember doing this as a kid, tagging alleys in luminous paint that would make a street lion keel over
>create an exact replica of a battle from the seige of terra, except in negative and all the white scars have two left hands
>auto detect heat signatures closing on my position
>dont have a weapon
>no I have this brutal xenos cleaver sword thing I stole somewhere
>It glows sometimes and I don't know why
>genstealers leap at me from above
>I can hear Sevatar in my head, from across the street
>kill them, kill them now
>try to mimick the sounds of the genestealers as best I can as I watch them being shredded
>finish the last one with a series of head butts, shattering its brain case all over the wall
>... Ive desecrated my art
File: derp 222.jpg (47 KB, 474x355)
47 KB
>First combat kill, very underwhelming, also kind of gross because blood leaked all over my hand
>Also now my sword is stuck
>Ditch the sword and see if I can spot a target I can shoot without risking hitting a fellow Eldar if I miss
>See some daemonettes heading this way
>Followed by a whole wave of miscellaneous foul creatures
>Another tactical retreat my be in order
>If I die, and someone actually bothers to retrieve my soulstone, I am totally becoming a Wraithblade and murdering everyone involved in the planning of this operation
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File: tunnelcables.jpg (620 KB, 1170x784)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>The Druchii grabbed the recaff pot from the Imperials' table like a fool
>Don't mention it, or she'll probably try and add a nasty cocktail of drugs to the genuine stuff
>That is how the like their drinks, is it not?
>Head off into the tunnels with the troops
>Split up into squads of half a dozen to sweep the tunnels
>Ever aggravating, the Druchii insisted on coming along
>This time, I will not allow her to repeat her earlier stunt
>The damp, dusty, crumbling tunnels are tight and curving and would lend themselves excellently to ambushes
>Send camera drones around every corner as the squad is constantly on edge
>One cannot blame them, such is the danger down here
>The sweep continues with little incident apart from a jumpy Fire Dragon melting a filing cabinet
>Rooms full of ancient, rusting equipment, ammunition stores, power banks, control rooms, barracks and more, but no enemies
>That is, until the camera drone is shot out of the air
>A large force of what appears to be Chaos Undivided members comes charging round a corner
>Bullets and shurikens are exchanged, with superior firepower versus superior numbers
>In the tight confines of the tunnels, it is like mon'keigh in a barrel
>Crack the ribs of an enemy who reaches too close with the staff
>I enjoy doing this, perhaps I should have become an Exarch
>Then a bolter round shatters the concrete on the wall next to me
>.....a bolter?
>I do believe that that is not good news, given who their owners are
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>Be me, Inquisitorial Tempestor Prime George "Solidus" Sears
>We're getting closer to the way out now and we've already had a run in with one of the grotesque creatures from before
>A combination of Needler and pulse rifle can make quick work of them, I'll have to mention this in the after-action report
>Glad I can see in the dark with this helmet on, I can follow the rough directions of the civvy down here
>As we're taking a detour, I see life signs on the auspex and we duck into a nook of tunnel
>27 life signs to be exact, unevenly distributed between the room ahead and another nearby tunnel directly connected to it
>10 in the room ahead, 17 in the tunnel
>Ask quietly to see how much ammo the other two have left, Tau has to check for the civvy
>12 and 36 each, the Tau having two extra mags
>Tell them to follow about a meter behind me
>The dim light ahead is bright enough that I don't need it right now
>Stop at the mouth of the tunnel, I can see two life signs standing a bit away from another group of four sitting around what must be a campfire, then 3 laying down along the right-most wall with a final person next to them
>Put away the auspex and quietly peak out, the two aren't facing toward me
>Tell the others to stay here for a moment
>Shoot them both in the back of the neck, roll forward behind a small collection of boxes
>Scan the room
>Door on the left side is ajar, and the group of five haven't noticed their two friends laying dead on the ground behind them
>The 3 along the wall are wounded, dark eldar and tau weapons, the 4th is tending to their wounds
>Notice a naked humanoid strapped to one of the tables with iron chains, her body looks mangled
>These must be Slaanesh worshipers then
>Raise Needler, make quick work of those around the little campfire
>Two neck shots, one headshot, one lung shot
>Final heretic at the campfire manages to half-finish a yelp before dying, alerting the doctor
>The neurotoxin spreading from his liver and shutting down both his heart and brain quickly silences him
>Holster needler, crouch walk over to the three wounded, knocked out men
>Unsheathe knife, slit each one of their throats before I call in the Tau and the Civvy
>Tell them to secure the door when I hear one of them vomit
>Turn around and ask what the problem is, Tau points at the humanoid on the table
>Approach the thing and inspect it
>Milk filed mammary glands signify female, pointy ears and advanced cardiac system indicates Aeldari, translucent skin indicates Drukhari
>Have to scan her for over a minute before I realise all this, her face and the rest of her body is so mangled I can hardly tell
>They must have tortured her through various creative and utterly unspeakable ways
>Judging from some of the sounds outside, it would seem that whatever equipment they used to do this is out there
>Stench and blood colour indicates she's fresh, how horrifying
>Tau takes a minute to collect herself, civvy turns her back toward the door to avoid looking at the former Kabalite Warrior
>Ask civvy if the connected tunnel is our only way out, she affirms that it is
>Sigh and open the door to a small side room leading toward the tunnel
>There's a doorpost, but no door at the end of a small flight of stairs
>Walk down, peak out into the tunnel
>The 16 of the 17 others are certainly enjoying themselves
>Especially their leader, a giant of a man that looks twisted and... elongated, by dark forces
>Get a bit taken aback by it
>Collect myself
>They're all distracted by the second Drukhari they've captured and are facing away from the doorpost
>They're either standing in the middle of the tunnel section, or at the tunnel wall
File: 1540542572954.jpg (104 KB, 766x960)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Order the others to take point on along the doorway and throw my frag grenade into the tunnel
>It goes off after bouncing off the ground and immediately kills 6 of the cultists, the 7 others being wounded by the hale of fragments
>We quickly twist about and open fire, using the wall and doorway as cover
>Being taken with their pants down they don't manage to immediately
>Their leader manages to survive a pulse rifle shot to the torso, but finally kills over after a needler round strikes through his thick, bony skull
>Tau has the good sense to turn around this time while the civilian projectile vomits in disgust and horror
>Allow the two to collect themselves while I scan the area
>Shockingly enough, the Drukhari is still alive
>She looks beaten down, her face isn't so broken as the previous Drukhari's
>Seems like she's in catatonic shock, her wounds are likely fatal
>There's a circle in the middle of the room, along with several Slaaneshi symbols on the ground
>Seems the cultists were attempting to summon a greater Daemon of Slaanesh, likely through their leader, possibly to deal with the Dark Eldar monstrosities down here?
>Unsure, will include it in the after-action report
>mfw heretics will go up to and beyond xenophilia to accomplish their goals
>I think I'm going to need a few drinks after that
>Hurriedly put out all sources of light in the tunnel and guide the Tau and the civilian out of the room
>All of us act like we didn't see what had just happened and we continue the rest of the trek toward the boat in silence
File: corridor.jpg (340 KB, 1200x709)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>We are in the middle of a still raging space battle and my ship is swarming with Tyranids
>Just another day in the life of a Rogue Trader
>Sectors 19-A to 25-D and 14-F to 29-B have been locked down and largely overrun
>Note many of the macrocannons on the infested port side are still firing, meaning the crew must still be at their posts
>Remind me to give a bonus to the gunners for their dedication, if they survive
>Only the bundle of central spinal passages remain open
>Of course, on a ship this large there are bound to be back routes, but we'll deal with them as they come
>We shall funnel them down these killing corridors
>The cramped and idiosyncratic layout of the ship has vexed me many times in the past, but now it works to our advantage
>They cannot bring their larger creatures into the routes, and the smaller ones will be easy pickings
>And whaddya know, we found a group of extremely lost Guardians down there
>They've been surviving in the decrepit maze that is the bowels of the ship for months since arriving and getting trapped during the Ork incursion
>According to them, the elevatus call button broke and they couldn't escape their deck section, surviving on long forgotten storeroom contents
>Much longer and they would probably have been starting families down there, as lost humans seem to as well
>They are obviously very unhappy about being stuck down there for so long and miffed at not being able to do their mission
>Apparently they were the bulk of the forces from An-Arkayd, and are understandably concerned about their disappearance
>You help me fend off these boarders, and I'll get you down to the surface in some spare saviour pods
>I can't offer the use of the shuttle since it was stolen along with the spare earlier today
>Do we have a deal?
>Not a moment too soon, because here they come
>Like a purple tide filling the hallway, they arrive

>Tar Gwill, right back at ya
>IV legion was kind enough to give me a new set of unmarked black aquilla warplate
>of course i've decked it out with all the classic modifications
>improved auspex, decreased emissions, silent running settings, extra shivs
>I think i'm supposed to bring them the head of some imperial fist champion
>hard to tell exactly what the warsmith said, he had what looked like an engine block for a face
>must be why he needs a new one
>moving stealthily through the streets of the ruined hive city
>it might be late afternoon, but the reddish dust in the air makes visibility low
>distantly hear some serious fighting, maybe 5 miles away
>lets see if I can find a place where my dreams wont be able to climb
>come across a busted up xenos battle suit slumped over a wrecked fountain
>crew compartment is breached and its all torn up
>maybe I can get some loot
>several pulse shots go wild and I am holding up by the arm a very small tau girl
>4 foot nothing, nearly as tall as Lorgar
>shes all rabid and screaming at me
>I scream at her back for a while
>trys clawing at my armor with her stubby hands
>pull out my flaying knife
>I wonder if Tau make blue milk
>with her free hand she pulls out some kind of grenade
>crazy ass bitch
>throw her back, and leap behind cover
>she almost blue me up
>start scanning for her heat reading
>but my hunt is interrupted by zooming
>more fucking xenos
>this time theres a flock of dudes on hoverboards
>these retards are lucky I dont have a gun
>but they have some nasty looking blades
>make a run for it
>not much cover
>see the tau girl back over by her battlesuit
>shes trying to lift one of the guns more than twice her height
>I make a split second tactical decision with the unwanted consequences of acting compassionately
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry / 531st Cadian
>Still at the Cadian 531st HQ south of Groxbridge
>There is a flood of new casualties from the recent Tyranid counterattack, so I am sent to one of the secondary medical tents, which is really just some beds under a tarp hanging from a rusted out tank wreck and some tent poles
>Due to all the pain meds I have been injected with lately, I actually don't feel too bad for someone who has recently survived a train crash, lost an arm, and was impaled through the chest
>But until the wounds heal, my head is less foggy, and my bionic arm starts acknowledging signals from my brain, I am more useless in combat then usual, and not even particularly useful as a vox operator
>Notice some writing scratched into the side of the rusted tank
>I wonder if...
>Go over and check it out
>No way! It says:
Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry, was here
>This must be the tank wreck I took shelter in for several days during the first months of the war
>That seems like ages ago
>Go back to my cot more then a little depressed about the fact that almost a Risian year later, we are still fighting over the same useless patch of mud
File: 1575752669274.jpg (718 KB, 1296x1630)
718 KB
718 KB JPG
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Hunting down cultists in the bowels of Stonehenge with Kerala and her mixed group of Aspect Warriors
>The cultists wear bland workman's clothing with only minimal Chaos iconography
>Probably survivors of that failed Chaos revolt in Groxbridge last winter, some of them even wear the conical straw hats still
>They are fairly poorly equipped, one would think the forces of Chaos would be able to find better troops to send on a commando raid
>Great, these chumps are probably just a distraction then
>Sure enough, a volley of bolter fire gets sprayed into the room, miraculously missing all the Eldar, though gibbing the odd cultist
>Good thing Wyen'dala told me not to engage with the Iron Warriors
>Run back out of room to find a safe place to message Wyen'dala from and give her an update
>Snipe a couple of cultists in the groin with shots from my Splinter PIstol that have been coated with Liquid Agony
>That never fails to cheer me up a bit
>Slip into a deserted side tunnel
>Spot a mysterious hooded figure tormenting some mon-keigh
>Hah! I knew it! The Iron Warriors have brought their Dark Mechanicum allies to sabotage the Stonehenge weapon
>Actually, nevermind, that is just a normal Tech-Priest doing normal Tech-Priest stuff
>Go get some Girl! boy? whatever
>Now how should I phase my message to Wyen'dala?
>sprint over to the battle suit and heft its cannon arm
>point it directly at the oncoming dark eldar
>nothing happens
>tau pilot girl messes with some wiring
>wailing bolts of blinding plasma fill the air
>eldar are melted out of the sky
>their half vaporized bodies and singed hoverboards come crashing to the ground before us
>one of them survives
>tau girl jumps forward and empties her pulse pistol into his head while screaming
>then she picks up one of their spiky glaives
>but she cant lift it
>so she grabs a knife from his belt and just keeps stabbing him while hissing and contorting weirdly
>she seems cool
>shuffle awkwardly into the shadows as is my habit
>suddenly she stops and speaks to me in decent gothic
<"your not the reinforcements I asked for, are you...?"
<"well you better get busy killing me"
>Sevatar is over there nodding vigorously
>"Can you get me on a ship?"
>my not often used when not screaming voice is an unkind whisper
<"I think so. Ill try"
>I really like the idea of throwing a bunch of mortals out of an aircraft from a precise hight to make a nice mural
>for different colors we can use humans and orks and tau, and we don't even to need all living things, just breaking things is a lot of fun
>this is why i'm an artist
>"I escort you out of here, and I get a ship"
<"You have a deal Astarte"
>I can tell shes totally lying
>but its about process as much as the product
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File: Panzer_vor!.jpg (41 KB, 679x363)
41 KB
>Be me, Armageddon tank commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>My lady has taken shot after shot of Tyranid artillery and been charged several times by Carnifexes
>Tyrannofex's have done their best to pierce her armour and Carnifex's have tried to rip her open
>The enemy even saw fit to send a Maleceptor after her, trying to use her weight against her and crushing all of us inside
>But through it all, they failed
>Die Großfürstin endures, though most of my squadron hasn't
>All but Friederich have either been destroyed or been ordered to retreat for repairs and resupply
>Colonel put me in temporary command of the company, allowing me to transfer new units to this squadron
>Other tanks swooping through the streets behind me, trying to halt the Tyranid advance from our south-east and north-east
>The entire unit of infantry here with me have by now been replaced by fresh troops from the forts, which themselves aren't doing fantastic but still holding up
>The space marines in the various forts are providing us with crucial overwatch fire, they seem to be holding down nearly every single street within 100 meters of the forts
>The amount of Skitarii has increased as the infantry has been dying off
>Have them to thank for their handywork, got in a close call with a group of Raveners who climbed my tank and attempted to force open the command hatch
>Been taking out bigger creatures for them in gratitude ever since
>I owe a lot to the knights here as well, two more showed up to help us hold the fort, called themselves, "Tyrantslayer" and "Tannhäuser"
>The two giant war machines and their even bigger leader have been of immense help, dealing with any and all bigger creatures that get a bit too close
>Seems our luck though has ran out though
>To the north of the river, a bunch of Tyranids have broken through our defences
>Reports say a Hierophant is heading here right now
>Only way to find out is to stick around
>And I know for certain my lady will, with or without me
File: thelight.jpg (237 KB, 1600x1067)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>Be Imperial citizen of Liveria
>Bash the Dark Eldar on the skull with the butt of the rifle before we leave
>I'm no medicae, but I can tell the extent of her injuries mean she'll never wake up
>Nobody talks about what was in that room
>I've seen more than my fair share of nasties down here in the tunnels, but nothing compares to that
>Switch tunnels several more times, but thankfully there are no more enemies
>Eventually come to a rusty ladder marked with a big chalk arrow
>Right, we can go no further in these tunnels
>Round that corner the tunnel will go below the water level
>Unless you have convenient scuba gear, we're going to have to go topside
>The water starts four blocks away from here, and the skyscraper the boat is in is two more blocks beyond that
>I don't think there's too many hostiles in this district, but it just means we have a good chance rather than a guarantee to die horribly
>When we get up to the street; guns at the ready, stick to the shadows, follow me, don't lag behind, be ready to dive into a bin or doorway at the slightest rustle, yadda yadda yadda
>I apologise if it sounds like I'm trying to order you around, Tempestor, but it is in your best interests to let me lead here
>I know the area well, and I've been dodging Tau patrols out here for months
>Though if it goes tits-up, I will of course defer to you as the soldier here
>The ladder has rainwater dribbling down it from the grating above and onto my face
>Reach the top and turn the latch, gingerly easing the grating open and sticking my head up
>No signs of anyone around
>All right, come on up, but for the love of the Emperor keep your heads down
>The rain feels nice, I haven't been outside in weeks
>Not to mention it helps wash off the ichor, mud and general grime of the tunnels
>Still, the open isn't a place we want to be for long
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File: Tinkerpriest.jpg (117 KB, 750x938)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>For the last three months the Mechanicus has been working full pelt under the direction of the Imperial Fists to fortify Groxbridge, as well as turn the Admech areas of the Vaulian Yards into a warren of traps, killzones and staging areas to match the Necron tomb my previous incarnation ended
>Currently hardwired into command throne in sector beta-64, citadel zone of the old steelworks
>Noospheric meld of the Admech forces has been pushed to such extremes that almost all ordinary vocal and audiobinharic activity has ceased
>Complex works in eerie silence, cogitator whirs and the clicking rattle of the supply trains aside
>Individual techpriests and Skitarii become little more than computing nodes in the gestalt mind of the Taghmata Groxbridge
>Almost completely lost communication with Stonehenge, but the guns are still firing
>Review latest sensor data and Guard transmissions, the latter mostly routed through the local radio station
>Three points of primary threat detected
>Multiple lances of Traitor Knights are pressing the Imperial Fists hard from the west
>A Hydraphant-class biotitan battlegroup has hit the defenses and is attempting to encircle a significant element of the Astartes command corps
>Burrowing clades have infiltrated the city lines, addressed by resupply units doubling as sweep and clear teams. Inefficient and potentially dangerous
>Conventional strategic reserve unavailable, enhanced coordination required
>Praise be the Unmaker God, forgive i/we/us this trespass, it is done in your name
>Expand noospheric datalink to include advanced elements of unordained Imperial Forces: Tank commanders Hochberg and Appleton, Imperial Fists Sammos, Paulicus and Maluan, Inquisitor Von Rosen, Sister Superior Bios
>Unformatted dataflood is immediate and massive

>Be me, Sigma-32c, Master of Skitarii and Mechanicus theatre commander, sole Mechanicus personality independently active in Groxbridge region

>Databurn damage minor, alpha-grade safeties disengaged and beta-grade containment successful
>Counterflow of Mechanicus position/status data to newly included elements is lesser, but likely to cause disorientation to unaugmented minds
>Still, necessary
>Request/exload status reports for all Guard armoured units, Space Marine and Sororitas power armour and available datafeeds from helmet/sight cameras and servo-skulls
>Incorporate information into preexisting battle calculus, reupdate threat estimates and effectiveness priors
>Sisters and associated Guard element have failed to achieve total mission kill on Tyranid landing zone, but are now cut off by enemy Titan-class battlegroup
>Mission success probability infinitesimal, asset recovery prioritized
>Titan must be distracted to allow armoured breakout
>Imperial Guard tank squadrons in suboptimal positions
>Tunnel detonations have prevented effective armoured maneuvering, Steel Legion units will be pinned back to the river by enemy heavy bioforms and annihilated
>Enemy Knight-class units must be directly engaged, cannot be allowed to penetrate central lines towards artillery and anti-air positions
>Bayes be with us

>Shorten front line, free up forces
>Request that Hochberg pull his tanks back across the J. Kerman Bridge to the main Vaulian railyard for resupply and repair
>Forts remaining in Sloan are out of range of reasonable fire support, but bridges can be blown and Biotitan units held back across the river by Skitarii fortifications and heavy guns for some time
>Steel Legion and available Praetorian tanks will redeploy from the railyard towards the Imperial Fists positions to engage heretek Knight units, Skitarii heavy infantry will assist.
>Sororitas mechanised forces attempt to circle back around Titan battlegroup. If escape feasible, Imperial Fists can attempt to assist breakout by clearing path through lesser bioforms

>Submit plan for approval

>Inquisitor Von Rosen data reports that a relic Reaver Titan has been activated north of the city
>This planet is truly blessed
>Intercepted Guard communications report fire support requests south of the city, fulfilled by remaining clade-slaved guns
>Noosphere-guided Basilisks in steelworks staging yards fire one last volley of incendiaries towards marked positions before beginning retreat to central island where they can support the siege of the steelworks
>"Unshielded, requires significant repair to be general-combat capable"
>Task dunerider/heavy lifter squadron previously resupplying Commander Hochberg to load enginseers, field repair equipment and the bident relic
>Last field test of relic as Titan wargear resulted in class-seven energy release - possible enough to disrupt Hydraphant titan warp fields
>Mission of crucial importance cannot be left to exhausted resupply units

>Disengage from command throne, fit helmet and take up power axe and gauntlet, follow command squad towards the surface tunnel exiting in the railyards
>Reconnect to conventional vox, announce to Von Rosen and the rest of my impromptu command group I will be leading the Titan recovery effort myself. Request noospheric link forwarded to ranking Tempestus Scion commander
File: hellothere.png (682 KB, 616x877)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>I'm starting to get used to this spear
>I know my true place is still in the sniper nest, but I can't deny the rush of melee combat
>Cleaving daemons in half with what amounts to a monomolecular partisan spear is an elegant thing
>I'll have to be careful not to lose myself in the combat here
>Isha knows I could actually become the mask (figuratively and literally) and end up as a real Exarch this way
>I'd rather stay as a jumped-up Ranger thank you very much
>Deployment patterns have been adjusted to avoid any incidents with the Black Templars
>We haven't shot at each other yet, and I'd prefer it stays that way
>And the best way to do that would be simply to avoid them like we do the Sisters
>The Guard units around are more than sufficient cannon fodder
>Receive a message from Stannim in orbit
>Apparently he found where the An-Arkayd force that never showed up went
>Not surprised they got lost down there, I did myself many times
>They should hopefully be down shortly
>We most definitely need the reinforcements
>Remind me to withdraw the rebuke I gave them when it appeared they had reneged on their commitment
>While our forces are slowly being ground back again, constant lighting counter-assaults and urban warfare have slowed them to a crawl
>Their advance has been slowed enough we should be able to hang on until the reinforcements arrive and the Imperials get their stupid little minds in gear
>I cannot believe we are fighting over the same streets from two different enemies in such a short time
>Then again, it is a free-for-all in here
>The Imperial voxnet lights up with chatter
>Wonder what they're talking about now
>Seems the Skitarii have finally finished booting up their mecha-brains and are now wading in
>Before you ask, no you are not getting your hands on one of our Bonesingers
>And I'm sure Kerala up at Stonehenge would appreciate some assistance
>Wouldn't want to damage any of that archaeotech now, would we?
>Be Eldar Guardian Buni, Craftworld An-Arkayd
>Get rescued from the daemonettes by a second wave of warriors made up of Guardians, Dire Avengers, and mon-keigh
>Why couldn't I be in the second wave?
>It seems a lot safer with these guys if nothing else
>Get messages from Jeev and Veki telling me I am late for the shuttle taking me back to the An-Arkayd task force
>Wait, the task force arrived?
>Also, next time it would be easier for us to coordinate if you hadn't volunteered me to go die on the front lines
>Following a short but terrifying ride through mon-keigh AA fire and swarms of Tyranid critters, I find myself on the flagship of this so called task force
>A Shadow Class Cruiser known as the Glistening Serpent, she, along with most of the other ships in the small fleet belong to the Adabba's Chosen, the largest of the Corsair fleets that operate out of An-Arkayd
>They are notoriously unreliable and anarchistic, even for Corsairs
>No idea why we couldn't use ships from one of the other Corsair bands, or our own ships for that matter
>Jeev and Veki give me a light mocking for my conduct during my first combat experience, but apparently both acquitted themselves extremely well during the battle and neither think that the incompetence of one lowly foot soldier is going to negatively affect our Craftworld's reputation
>Besides, so far we are the only ones who bothered to bring ships
>I was actually kind of surprised about this, some of the Craftworlds have truly massive navies, one would think that some of them could spare a few ships if this battle was even remotely important
>The captain of the ship seems to agree with my unspoken assessment and decides to limit the fleet's role to light harassment of the rear of the Tyranid Hive Fleet, particularly as he has zero faith in the mon-keigh navy's ability to coordinate forces properly
>That suits me just fine, stomp off to the guest quarters to see if I can find something more comfortable to wear
>Be Eldar Guardian Buni, Craftworld An-Arkayd
>Notice that there aren't many Craftworlders on the Serpent, it is mostly just Corsairs
>Interesting, I though that there was supposed to be at least a few ground forces showing up to help with the ground battle
>Jeev the Farseer shows up and explains that the main An-Arkayd force was already on the planet, but snuck onto a Rogue Trader ship to fulfill some prophecy or vision or whatever
>Glad I didn't get that job
>I can only imagine how bad a mon-keigh ship would smell, their cities are bad enough
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>Desperately trying to put the memories of what happened in those rooms out of my mind
>There is no logical reason for such self-destructive behavior
>At least that is over though
>For at least one of my comrades maybe
>No doubt what will happen in the bowels of whatever Inquisitorial dungeon we are heading for will be just as bad
>Not even sure why I am still helping these two
>I guess I am holding out hope that either I will be rescued by some uncorrupted T'au, or I will be able to open up some sort of dialogue with the Inquisitor that doesn't involve being tortured to death
>I still haven't figured out why they seem so intent on capturing me when surely there are at least a few higher ranking T'au still active on the planet, so hopefully I can leverage that somehow
>Be Daemon Prince Thypptyklpt, Arch Dissembler of Tzeentch, the Two Headed God, the Betrayer of Schemers, the Collector of Souls
>Several key leaders of the Eldar, the Imperial Fists, the Knights, and the Black Templar have been drawn into my mob of fodder, thus distracting them long enough for the Tyranid ground forces to launch their counterattack
>Excellent! If I can keep those two at relatively equal strength, they will gradually wipe each other out, leaving this world ripe for the plucking by my Master's next wave of proxy armies
>The Imperial Fist Captain and his cronies try to pick a fight with me, I humor them for a bit before teleporting to another section of the battlefield
>The odds of them banishing me weren't high, but they weren't zero either, and my talents are still needed here
>For example, the Imperials have finally realized the importance of the bident artifact
>Use my magic to open up a small portal between here and the bident's location and allow a swarm of daemons, cultists, and mutants to swarm through
>It won't stop them, but it will at least slow them down a bit
>Elsewhere on the battlefield, the Imperial Knights have ganged up on Sublime Whip
>No matter, plenty more where that came from
>Order more Knights and daemon engines to assault that position
>A bit of a waste, but since most of the forces on this battlefield belong to the other Daemon Princes, I really couldn't care less

>be me, Fior'Vas'Ni'
>things are really not going as I had planned
>if I had a plan
>two cycles ago I decided fuck the earth caste, fuck the greater good, if i'm going to spend all my life working on these XV8s then I want a chance to tear asses with high power plasma
>just before battle I knock a pilot over the head and take his place
>fast forward to now, and I'm stuck in a warzone on some human world with and my only ally is a space marine I definitely can't trust
>and i've been infected by a genestealer
>we had an infestation once on the starbase, so I know whats going to happen
>at least their weird alien powers don't always work on us, and it looks like i'm lucky enough to still have my memories and thoughts
>but I feel really sick
>but also really hyped
>like i've just huffed a hangers worth of nova coolant
>but I need to focus
>I need to decide how much I actually want to live
>for now I should stick with this human who's going to kill me at some point, but not right now
>his armor is suspiciously unmarked, especially for a human warrior, who always put a bunch of pointless decorations on their battlesuits
>explain to him that because battle suit weaponry is basically modular, it can be operated without the suit
>I remove one of the plasma rifles, and start scrapping together a trigger mechanism
>the astarte grabs some fan belt from a wrecked vehicle and ties it on to make a sling
>he laughs in an oddly feminine way
>I think I want to bite something
>Be me.
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>Be stumping around a fair bit, just following major battles, killing what I can manage to catch.
>Taken a buttload of hits on body. Mostly just ramming or shoving, but some have made some impressive stabbing attacks.
>Seriously running low on repair nanites. Wonder if this place has a quantum material incarnator of some kind. Forget the proper name.
>Can tell, through mildly stressed out pilot, that the way we're going, we're heading back to the major city in the area.
>Nothing major nearby, some small bugs. Ignore them mostly.
>They get caught between moving parts, they become lubricant for my cogs.
>The minutes tick by. My joints hurt and squeal.
>Once again, wishing I wasn't so worn down.
>Oh, to jump, to run, to kick, to lunge. Hells, even just to walk evenly and comfortably. You don't know what you've lost until you've lost it.

>Time passes slowly. I count how many distant flying targets cross my vision, wishing I could open fire on them.
>Sadly, little pilots pistol doesn't go that far.
>Just have to wait.

>Be me.
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>Start picking up familiar chatter I half recognise.
>Low band communications frequencies. Collective.
>Tastes like machines.
>Signal seems to be coming from over ridge line.
>Queries status.
>Respond. Unshielded, requires significant repair for acceptable combat capacity.
>Responds with informative. Moving to pick up.
>Mindlink is silent. Check for activity.
>What's this about a relic?
>Do not recognise, but it seems to be titan weapon grade.
>Thank the stars. Not sure if I can power it.
>Hopefully it has it's own energy supply.
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>Like always killing tyrannids
>But "advancing" to a more advantageous position
>Because lava is not a good Battlefield
>Plus a bident need to be secured
>They start talking about it on the vox
>From our position it's 10 clicks south east from our position
>It was a previous opération objective who was never retrieved
>Plus messages from scions start coming up
>A Titan is now working north of city
>I'm not good at mechanics or with the omnissiah but this bident is surely a Titan weapon
>And we are now receiving signals from the mechanicus
>They are back online and ready to help us
>Tell the inquisitor that we are going to secure this bident
>Surely a gifted eldar weapon
>Gather the men
>Not that much losses !
>Check our ammo
>Call for supplies in a drop pod
>It crush a carnifex
>Gather ammo and grenades
>Start walking towards the supposed bident location
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>I don't know where Clicky ran off to
>But he still got my sigil my letter and a rosette
>And he know we are going in thirty minute
>Because the ship has arrived
>The Castagnor
>And is destroying everything not human around him
>See a big explosion near the steelworks
>So it is done
>Does the ship they send me have some bombardement weaponry?
>It would be nice if this Hydraphant dies quickly so it we can take him back and study this rare subspecies
>And I don't really like the idea of quitting before helping one last time those fools
>Get the admiral ask him how many bioships are left
>And if he can shoot this thing made from biomass that can possibly be observed from space
>Do the same thing with the Castagnor
>I'm not going to wait for the Titan to get the weapon to kill it
>We are killing it now
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File: Strike_Team.jpg (109 KB, 1036x771)
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109 KB JPG
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Running low on ammo, have had to resort to single tapping incoming tyranids rather than the more reliable double tap
>An estimated 25% of the remaining taskforce that was sent out here is now cut off by streams of lava
>Done my best to stem the Tyranids heading toward us, gotten some of the retreating portions back together, namely the Canoness
>She's wounded though and is receiving medical assistance inside one of the sisterhood's Rhinos
>However, there's still around a company's worth of guardsmen south of the ridge and a bunch of sisters
>We're getting the hell out of here, but not with that soldiers behind
>Cassius says he'll be heading toward the Bident to secure it
>I hate to disappoint but I'll have to stay here and get the others out safely
>Tell him we'll provide covering fire for his marines
>Request sitrep from Tempestor Prime "Anguis", the man in charge of maintaining positions around the titan
>Says the Titan is moving and that they're doing their best to cover it
>Get sent a noospheric link via the Master of Skitarii with the attached request to send it to the man in charge of recovering the titan
>Forward it to Anguis, move to adjust position so that I can spot the command APC of the guardsmen down there
>Crusaders and Stormtroops have to slowly advance up the hill with me to make sure the retreat continues going smoothly
>Eventually manage to spot the transport
>Along with the giant Tyranid that I can now identify as a Hydraphant
>I never once thought I'd see such a bizarrely intriguing yet horrifying creature
>A shame the only way to kill it is to destroy it
>I'm not letting it go down with a company however
>Call closest airfield, order they scramble Vulture's and have them attack the Titan
>Vox captain von Hansburg and order her to get the troops near her 2-3 kilometres east and then move north toward Groxbridge
>Tell her air support is coming and to get everyone out of there as fast as possible
>Suggest she tell the sisters who the order came from
>End the transmission before she responds due to avoiding some wildly inaccurate enemy artillery
>Shots slam into the hills and into some of the men but thankfully I manage to avoid most of it
>End up facing upwards while taking cover from artillery fire
>Recognize the bio-organic matter from kilometres away
>Mycetic spores and Tyrannocytes raining down from above, but not directed at us
>A few land in our retreating lines, seems they're flyers
>They disgorge tyranids into our line, though mostly smaller creatures like Gaunts, one of them carries a few warriors
>End up in a firefight with the warriors from long range with my scions supporting me
>Vox sparks mid firefight as a few well placed rounds light the Tyranid prime ablaze
>It's the vulture squadron commander, says he's engaging the Hydraphant
>That'll distract it for long enough that the stranded troops might be able to retreat
>At least half of them I'd wager
>Troops manage to deal with the remainder of the tyranids behind us relatively quickly, an Immolator torching the squad of warriors and leaving the gaunts leaderless
>Reload my bolter
>Only a few mags left, best make them count
>Now, what other matters to attend to?
>Right, the Tyranids attacking through Whiscale
>It's a relatively minor breach in terms of size, but it's enough that Tyranids have been able to move down toward Sloan through it
>Other forces are going to take a while to reinforce the position and halt the Tyranid advance
>Vox Killgore, tell him to drop what remains of his regiment behind the bugs and cut off their advance, then secure the breach with sheer force of numbers until other forces can secure it
>That doesn't deal with everything, but hopefully it buys us some time
>Continue firing at the tyranids attacking from the south, desperately conserving ammo
>I hope the mechanicus and the fleet succeed, or there are darker skies ahead of us
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File: 40K-20170929041434.jpg (86 KB, 900x636)
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>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Despite the rain and the ash I can make out the silhouette of the massive Tyranid bio-titan
>It is dangerously close
>It is a miracle that neither it nor any of the swarms of smaller Tyranids in the area have spotted us
>A couple of Vulture gunships fly overhead and launch missiles at the bio-titan
>They don't seem to do much damage, but they do infuriate and distract it for a bit
>Get orders to continue heading east
>Sounds like a plan, I would have been happy to leave ages ago
>The Sisters we were restocking probably have more than enough bolts and promethium to keep themselves entertained during the fighting retreat by now
>Let them know that both us and them were ordered to finish falling back by the Lord Inquisitor himself
>Spot huge wave of Tyranids swarming in our direction from under the bio-titan
>Sprint back into Crassus and order driver to get us out of here
File: big bug 2.jpg (23 KB, 343x286)
23 KB
>Be the Hydraphant-Hive Tyrant
>Despite preythings surprising resilience to my psychic powers, and the loss of many of my swarmthings to the lava flows that unexpectedly breached the tunnels that we were using in our ambush, our counterattack is successful, with large numbers of preythings dead, and the rest routed back to their city
>The preythings use their flyers and artillery to try to harm me, but my psychic shield deflects most of the shots
>Roar in defiance and unleash a wave of raw psychic energy that knocks several of the enemy flyers out of the air
>The Norn Queens becomes concerned that the preythings may try to kill me from space
>They pour even more of their psychic will into me, allowing me to strengthen my psychic shield to the point that all but the strongest attacks will be deflected
>It is still no match for a sustained orbital bombardment, however, such an action would distract the space vessels of the preythings long enough for the Hive Ships to disgorge even more landing spores
>Also due to the storm and the volcanic ash, they would be firing blind and risk hitting the very things they are trying to protect
>Continue my march to the city
>There are many preythings there waiting to be consumed...
File: banebladed3.jpg (41 KB, 512x431)
41 KB
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Restocking on ammo for my tank "Her Majesty's Majestic Lion" at the specialized support centre in the Vaulian Yards neighbourhood
>Things are pretty bloody serious out there
>This is my fourth ammo restock of the day
>And I didn't have tea and crumpets for three whole wretched hours
>Skipping mid afternoon tea to shoot at a wall of bugs is pure barbarism I tell you
>Good thing I have some spare time now
>Unfortunately at that moment though, a massive wave of raw info burst into my mind from my recently installed neural interface port
>Drop my tea cup in shock, and let out a stream of unladylike curses as I wait for the pain to dull
>That will teach me to let the cogboys mess around with my noggin
>Realize that the Mechanicus have used the interface to dump a pile of information into my head
>It seems like they want me to head to the northwest lines
>Also, I suddenly know a lot about the overall tactical situation that I really rather didn't
>I briefly wonder why they don't just use the vox, but the cogboys have been acting weird lately
>Order crew to step up the ammo loading, vox cogboy HQ to let them know I got the message, and vox regimental HQ to let them know the change in plans
>Drive out of Vaulian Yards a few minutes later
>Some buildings near the Inquisitorial compound seem to be on fire, I figure it is better just to turn a blind eye though
>The trip though the west Groxbridge is fast and uneventful, and in no time I am on the front lines of Brannet
>Spot the Chaos Knights the cogboys want me to sort out
>Line up a shot on the massive dangling tallywags of the nearest Knight
Tallyho you lobcock!
>be me, Tar Gwill of the VIIIth, the Derailer, undisputed master and survivor of 83rd company
>Tau strap is cool as fuck
>want to just start blasting, but have to conserve ammo and stay hidden
>known other renegades who swore by xenos tech, never messed much with it myself
>I remember that nutcase Vtshe once lured a squad of loyalist terminators into a single file corridor then opened up with a sawed off bright lance
>Tau girl and I both agree this wrecked city kinda sucks
>start looking for a functioning ride
>turns out we are both gearheads
>as a kid I spent my moons hot wiring cars
>so for most of the crusade I drove a rhino, then eventually a land raider
>some of the guys liked bikes and speeders, not me
>Ill stay safe in here
>looks like the aristocrats on this planet liked to buy expensive colonial exploration vehicles and drive them around in city traffic
>rovers dating back to Arkhan Land himself if i'm not mistaken
>this one is in good enough condition
>tau girl is skilled, and quickly understands the engine design, but apparently she always works with a bunch of drones that do everything
>tear shit open for her, but otherwise spend a while painting a star chart of the Nostroman sky on the side of the hull, but then inspiration strikes me and on the other side I draw Horus in clown make up and write 'we live in an imperium'
>tau girl says my paintings are pretty
>hear some voices in my head so I go and investigate
>come back a little stickier than before and hand her this cool grenade launcher I found
>for some reason shes biting a tire
>she calls the grenade laucher primitive
>but the rover is about functioning
>mental note: obtain the toxin sacks of a carnifex to hang from the tow hitch, that would be tight
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry / 531st Cadian
>It looks like we are pulling back to the dubious safety of the city
>oh joy, more chances to exert my tired, wounded body while I am supposed to be healing
>Couldn't they have left us in the city when we traveled through it on our way from the spaceport?
>Just when I was almost getting dry too
>Probably for the best though, according to the vox, some massive 'Nid lifeform is heading this way with swarms of other 'Nids
>Fuck my life
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Head back to where Kerala was to see if she killed the Iron Warrior yet
>Spot some more tech-priests doing weird tech-priest stuff
>Wait a minute, that is a Chaos Star!
>Knew the Dark Mechanicus would show back up at some point
>Don't really want to risk a resurrection just to see whether I can take these freaks
>Make a report to Wyen'dala and go find Kerala
>Hopefully I find something easy to torment along the way
>All this sneaking about is really making me resent having to put that awesome party I had planned on hold
>Be the Hydraphant-Hive Tyrant
>Spot the last few preythings falling back to the city
>Decide to give chase for a bit
>No point in wasting bio-ammo on a few stragglers, a couple of good stomps with my walking limbs should do the trick, freeing up my bio-weapons for the more important targets further away
>Besides, some long buried instinct in my mind enjoys hunting for the sake of hunting
>Won't want to make things too easy...
>be me Fior'Vas'Ni'
>I've never met an Astarte before
>but this one seems, I don't know, defective
>humans are so weird
>just look at this transport
>they already have decent grav tech, but most of their stuff uses wheels
>the astarte cant fit in the divers compartment, so he tells me to drive
>apparently humans actually like having a 'manual' engine system
>luckily i'm smart enough to figure out these arcane gear controls
>you realize magneto servos are a thing right?
>but this transport does have some power to it
>the ride is surprisingly smooth too
>by the greater good i'm sweaty
>now where are we going
>by the greater good I want to fuck a tyranid
>did I say that out loud
>"since when do you speak T'au?"
<"did undercover reconnoissance on a sept world in 998.532.M41, but we decided not to eradicate them due to lack of hustle"
>the space marine has the creepiest voice i've ever heard
>"well nevermind, its just a Tau joke, you wouldn't understand"
<"your vital signs and scent indicate otherwise"
>"OK FINE, ive been infected by a genestealer, and i'm a traitor to my people, and I cant go back, and its doing weird shit to my body, and right now I have the overriding urge to find the biggest fucking tyranid I can find and fuck the shit out of it, but you should probably just kill me before they figure out how to mind control me"
<"that sounds super dope, I think I can hook you up"
>Be me.
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>Be still walking to rendezvous with repair crew.
>Send compiled list of damage.
>Generator heart is down to 30% output, and unstable due to perforations.
>Right arm missing below upper limb joint.
>Left arm lacks power to gauntlet, unable to build up antimaterial sheethe or activate additional synthetic muscle.
>Rust has devoured it's way through my body, preventing ranges of motion, causing joints to grind, metal to tear and shatter, and general systems to go down.
>Several key areas are exposed, including main motive skeleton, interior of cockpit, core motive units, and select areas of reactor.
>Vision ports are destroyed, currently operating off emergency black and white cameras.
>Left thigh plating is missing. Lower leg plating is at risk of falling away.
>Major loss to material integrity over entire chassis.
>Void shields inoperable.
>Co-Pilots requested. Currently being operated by lone pilot, classified as Delta 1546 Epsilon, untrained but able pilot.
>Suggestions for battlefield repairs
>Primary concerns. Mounting artefact. Mount to right arm. Repair engine heart and battery lungs, plug leaks, fix mechanics. Repair limb joints to allow for reliable walking pace. Ensure void shields are operational. Fix current flow to gauntlet.
>Secondary concerns. Resupply coolant and oil reserves. Replace skeletal structure. Replace armour materials. Patch holes in chassis. Ensure cockpit is airtight. Up armour the front armour glaces. Replace joint mechanics for full acceptable range of motion and combat capacity. Locate ideal crew.
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>Walking towards the bident
>A landing craft drop several land raider to help us in our task
>We even got an astraeus tank
>This will help us moving a bit
>Get on a phobos pattern land raider lead my column of ultramarines
>Some of us even start to sing the good old ultramarine chant
>Weirdly the enemy start running away screaming in our direction
>Great our chapter chant disgust even the tyrannids
>Suddenly a swarmlord show himself on top of a hill
>We all welcome him with a concentrated fire of bolter,lascannons and heavy bolter
>Everyone knows what happened to the chapter master when he tried to melee one of them
>As a result the beast died even before charging us
>But it was fun seeing him getting shred by our fire
>And we maimed several warriors next to him
>Talk about an anticlimax
>At the top of the we see the bident
>Mostly covered in mud and with many many bugs trying to eat it
>Get the mechanicus on the vox this weapon need repair
>Tell them we are bringing it to them
>Call the landing craft to pick this thing up while we will be covering it
>Call for some air support like some stormtalons
>It's a big plain so we could just do our chapter specialty
>Turn to my battle brothers
>Charge with fourty five marines and three land raider, one astraeus super heavy and some stormtalons
>This is good day in the end
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>Be me, Armageddon Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>The squadron and the Lionheart are doing their best to hold back the Tyranid advance
>It's slowing down, smaller amounts of monstrous creatures appear among the bugs as time passes
>It seems like their attack is... missing something, as if this isn't the whole thing
>Looking about on my tac-displays when techy suddenly cries out in pain
>Before I or Oswald can ask him what's going on, get a message from the master of Skitarii
>Wants me to retreat to the Vaulian yards for repair and resupply
>He also requests that my squadron engages the LANCES of Traitor knights that have apparently just showed up
>If I'm retreating I can't take my whole squadron with me, the Knights and Skitarii need their support here
>Plus, Vylk would probably be a fuming at it, he already sent Kirchenbach off to deal with the knights
>Leave the rest of the squadron here to hold the line, take Friederich with me
>Give the command of the squadron to the most senior of these newbies, then drive off
>Vox the Lionheart, tell him I've got orders to fall back temporarily
>Ask him if he's got the situation with the Hierophant under control
>Says he and his knights will fight them off tooth and nail and that they'll collapse Sayle bridge if the titan comes too close
>Express my gratitude toward him and his men for saving what remained of my squadron
>"You may thank us when the battle is over, go now young Hochberg and do your duty to the emperor!"
>Drive off toward the roundabout which now surrounds two forts
>Techy explains that he got an information overload via a noospheric connection
>Veer off to a side street with Friederich in toe, running over tyranid remains
>Techy explains the situation around the battlefield as we move through the battlefield, crossing the holes of destroyed
>Eventually make it to the street connecting to the overpass and head up on it
>Due to heavy structural reinforcements my lady and Friederich are able to traverse the overpass successfully
>Techy feeds the new info he acquired to our tac-display, review it as we drive
>Seems like we really could need that bident
>Then all the motivation I need for my job is clear, transfer the info to Friederich
>Lady revs her engines up in anticipation, our speed increases a bit
>As we drive, I see a fleet's worth of Valkyries flying to where that hierophant was supposed to be
>Must be the inquisitors pet regiment
>Air support here seems tight, guns all over the overpass and in the forts
>Over half way to the Vaulian yards however, a giant blob of shit has appeared on our tac-display
>Tyrannocytes? Mycetic Spores? What were they called again?
>Can't recall right now because of the sudden panic I feel when a massive Tyrannocyte strikes the ground and reveals a Carnifex
>The disgusting thing raises itself above the ground before showering my lady in Deathspitter fire
>She's weary from engaging so many tyranids, but none the less her engines roar as we increase speed to twice our maximum
>The Carnifex bolts right at us, lining up just so that we can shoot at it
>Shot rings out, blasts off and strikes the Tyrannocyte behind it instead
>The beast slams into us, our speeds matched
>A sort of joust emerges the beast clawing and chipping away at the softened layers of plasteel and ceramite on the hull of my lady
>Lascannons open fire on it, singing its flesh
>Friederich rolls up next to us and unloads his canons into the side of the beast, blasting off one of its arms and sending it reeling back
>It attempts to get up, slashing at the side armour of my lady
>Main cannon points down at it
>With a thunderous roar it fires, splattering the bug across the ground
>Breath out a sigh of relief and order we continue to the yards
>Then notice that my lady's left track got damaged
>That's one delay we didn't need but one we can fix later
File: angory.png (12 KB, 324x394)
12 KB
>Be Sister Superior Bios
>We have been requested by the Mechanicus to retreat
>Who do they think they are? Those blasphemous clankers have no authority over us!
>We shall face the xeno onslaught with the Guard
>Where in the Emperor's name are you off to?
>With the Guard legging it in their IFVs our position here is likely untenable
>Especially given the enormous titanic creature towering over the battlefield
>Hopefully they have a plan to deal with that
>The odd artillery shell that hits it does seem to do some damage, but it's so damn huge it shrugs them off
>Still no communication with the dam force, they should be able to hold their own
>The Canoness has apparently been found, but is incapacitated and has delegated command to a Palatine
>Said subordinate is, obviously, not me
>Orders are for a fighting retreat
>Wait for us, you cowardly greenhats in the IFVs
>We are to use the flame weapons to cover our retreat
>I'm happy to do that
>Even backing away, we are still roasting xenos
>Round the moutain back towards friendly lines
>The "Hydraphant" as they are calling it disappears round the burning summit
>The Salamanders would undoubtedly adore being here, defending the city amidst ashes and fire
>I hope you whoever called or advised for this retreat did so for a damn good reason
>Because we are most displeased by this turn of events
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>The Sisters seem somewhat annoyed that we pulled back
>Right, like a couple of Crassus Tanks would have allowed you defeat the Hydraphant
>At least they are covering our retreat, so in some ways taking the time to unload all that ammo was worth it
>On the other hand, we wouldn't have been in such a tight spot if we hadn't stopped to give you supplies in the middle of a retreat in the first place
>The good news is that the Hydraphant has decided to leave us alone for whatever reason
>The bad news is that it is still out there somewhere, doing God-Emperor knows what
File: newnest.png (348 KB, 596x438)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy
>I suppose this goes to show I am not invincible in melee
>It's a pretty nasty injury, could have been a lot worse
>What do you mean, "what are you on about"?
>Oh, a duel with a Tzeenchian daemon didn't go so well
>That Changecaster died like the rest but managed to get me in the leg with their sword
>Thankfully crystalline blood and a visit to the healer means I'll be fine
>However, I can only hobble around with a bandage on at this point and I'm effectively out of action
>Out of action insofar as melee combat and frontline leadership goes, that is
>But I still have use of my arms, eyes and Long Rifle
>Time to go back to basics, it seems
>Nobody should notice if I happen to slip away here
>Pick a taller mansion near the front lines and set up a sniper nest on the roof
>The scope is as clean and clear as I remember it
>From here I can do so much more
>Scan the battlefield for high-value targets
>Well, it's not so much a battlefield as battlestreets
>First target of the day.....that Beast of Nurgle over there
>The focused laser blast melts a hole through its head
>Oh yes, it's good to be home
>Be me.
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>Still walking.
>Waiting for repair teams to reach me and get me a weapon.
>Amazed at how small scale this all it.
>Biggest tanks are scouting tanks.
>Woefully unprepared and undersupplied for this fight. Probably should have died already.
>Hopefully they can get to me soon enough.
>Anytime now.
File: Stryxis.jpg (35 KB, 340x463)
35 KB
>Be Stryxis Slayermaster!
>Kept-kept you waiting huh?
>Using stealth, sneak into manthing stonehenge superweapon!
>Find way to hidden hide-hole.
>To little HATE-things around here, would think-process the be more alert-focus
>Ah well, they'll be killed either way soon.
>Plug little stick thingy into manthing glowey terminal
>Yes-Yes! time to commence stage 2 of plan: KILL-KILL KNIFEARS!
>Now just-have to switch-flip targets to manthing battlefleet.
>how do?
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>Charging nids was a good idea it really trained the newbies
>It forces them to aim for the head
>Thus not waisting ammunitions
>Even our tankist do the same thing to avoid being used as canned food
>By now we have secured enough space so that the bident could be took off by the landing craft
>Get the mechanicus to ready the titan as the landing craft attach it's cable to the relic
>Vox artillery and the aeronautica imperialis to give cover fire on the way back to Groxbridge
>But we have to get away quickly after this the nids could retaliate violently
>Get a maximum of the troop in the flyer the rest will go in the tanks
>Get in a Land Raider
>The landing craft take off rapidly before a swarm of termagaunt tries to stop it
>The problem is that we are the next target of said swarm
>Run while throwing anything explosive at them
>Tell Von Rosen that the weapon is on the way and that it's only a matter of time before the Titan is equiped with it
>Be me.
>Hermit living on Plug island.
>Waiting for the bugs either side on the mainland to move past.
>Stocks dwindling, but lasting for now.
>Have hunting lasgun with me, stolen from soldier on last run.
>Don't want to shoot if I have to. Feeling it would attract more.
>Some of them are huge.
>Spending most of the day making sure they don't see me.
>Regret life choices. Regret living alone.
>Can't take much more of this, but I have to. I'm surrounded by them.
>Unless I make the swim, unseen, up the river away from them.
>Practically guaranteed to be seen if so.
>But can't stay here. Stocks will not last forever.
>If I do, I'll need to make a hunting run, not be seen, and then get back.
>What to do, what to do.
>Emperor guide me.
File: N33Aamcx.jpg (94 KB, 1000x979)
94 KB
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Monitoring vox traffic for a bit to see how the battle is going
>Hear that some Ultramarines just drove off some Tyranids in order to secure the bident
>Apparently the bident was partially buried in mud in the middle of no place
>Really mon-keigh, is that how you protect valuable objects these days? Burying them in the mud?
>Send messages to Tolria and Kerala telling them to keep their pet mon-keigh from making so many stupid mistakes
>I guess my warning to them to protect the bident didn't get through their thick skulls
>Skim through some of the holo images from the recording devices we have scattered throughout Stonehenge (the fact that we were able to do this is another sign of lax security by the Craftworlders and Imperials)
>Spot some shifty looking robed thing doing something to a control panel
>Another one of those "Dark Mechanicum"?
>Hmm, actually it looks like a Stryxis
>Strange creatures, they mostly live on the far side of the galaxy, but some have made their way here
>Probably a survivor of that failed raid a few months ago
>A mercantile race with interests in slavery, normally I would find a way to get along with such individuals, but unfortunately they really hate our race for some reason
>Sigh, send another message to Kerala that her security is greatly lacking
>Tell you what, you deal with the Iron Warriors and the Stryxis, and I will send someone to deal with the Dark Mechanicum who is literally copulating with one of the main interfaces right now as we speak
>Be Daemon Prince Thypptyklpt, Arch Disembler of Tzeentch, the Two Headed God, the Betrayer of Schemers, the Collector of Souls
>Despite the sheer number of lackeys that the Imperial Fists and Black Templars have been cutting down, my forces elsewhere have managed to penetrate the Eldar-Imperial lines in a number of places and have now turned the northwest part of the city into a confusing melee of Eldar, Imperials, Tyranid infiltrator creatures, and Chaos followers from several competing warbands
>Decide to keep up the strategy of tarpitting the Marines with endless swarms of low value fodder while the more valuable fighters cause havoc against the Guard and Eldar
>Unfortunately the Iron Warriors and Chaos Knights seem determined to die in battle against the Imperial Fists and ignore my orders
>Oh well, might as well let them, although victory is unlikely for them, they still stand a good chance of causing massive casualties against high value targets
>Watch as a newly arrived superheavy tank blasts a Chaos Knight in the groin
>It is followed by a wave of new Imperial reinforcements
>How irritating, it looks like there is some sort of intelligence guiding the Imperial forces after all
>Elsewhere on the planet, the force I sent to slow down the bident recovery team apparently got lost somewhere, while the Iron Warrior / Dark Mechanicum commando force I sent to gain control of Stonehenge is now struggling for control of its machine spirits with some random xenos creature using unidentified technology
>Meh, there will be plenty of time to gain control of both once the Imperials and Tyranids have wiped each other out
File: rain.png (1.46 MB, 1200x637)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
>Be Imperial citizen of Liveria
>The streets are quiet apart from the sounds of lashing rain and wind
>Daemons don't make much sound, and can hide well
>Occasionally the cry of a Tyranid flier overhead makes everyone jump
>We're all soaked to the bone by this point
>Sometimes the route takes us down back alleys
>Other times it cuts through dark, abandoned buildings
>Many of them have gruesome scenes of bloody murder inside
>A lot of them threaten to dredge up memories from the cultist base
>It's a miracle I didn't get caught up in this, really
>My neighbors, friends and likely family were not so fortunate
>A few times we need to scurry across larger streets
>Once all the hairs on my neck stood up like I was being watched, but nothing came for us
>Several times hiding places come in handy to allow daemons to pass by undisturbed
>I wonder what they're doing, since it seems like they are largely just ambling around
>Don't dwell on that, it just means they're more stupid and easier to avoid that usual
>Eventually, the sloping street gives way to water
>Lines of barrels strung together by planks lead between flooded buildings
>Right, it's going to be pretty exposed from here on out
>Watch your step, it's easy to put a foot wron---
>Shit, they saw us!
>Don't stop to look, just run and follow me!
>Turn to take some potshots at the rapidly closing group of Tyranid fliers while running
>Instead of firing, the gun fizzles and spits sparks
>Shitty Tau desert-world waterproofing tech!
>Keep running across the boardwalks and through buildings
>Remind me to never miss leg day again
>When we get to the boat, I'll drive, you two cover us from the back!
File: IF_Siege_of_Terra.png (2.87 MB, 1107x1348)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB PNG
>Be me, Imperial fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>With the arrival of the two freeblade knights we have managed to push considerably into the enemy lines
>Though space marines are among our opposition, it appears to be largely a force of more disposable units
>Relatively disposable, the forces of chaos are outnumbered by both our own forces as well as that of the Tyranids
>An attack on the north-western portion of Groxbridge has seen our Land speeders turn and engage those forces from the air
>The Crusader Freeblade maintains its position in the north west and is currently massacring the traitors attempting to pierce through our north-western lines
>The Adeptus Mechanicus has sent aid our way, a Praetorian Baneblade, a squadron of Leman Russ tanks and several hellhounds have arrived
>Sergeant Sammos position has come under attack from the Tyranids, hopefully he manages to hold out
>Sentinel armoured walkers have begun sweeping the streets nearby, hemming in the traitor advance
>I suspect they are performing similar actions in the now under assault Whiscale
>I myself have been busy fighting a troupe of ever increasing Tzeentchian horrors
>Our Librarian has had no shortage of targets, warp energy coursing from Flamers to Horrors to Fiends of Slaanesh and so on
>As the Horrors around me grow more numerous, I'm starting to have a hard time whacking all of them with my power fist
>Brother Immalrik quickly swoops to my side, chopping up several Brimstone horrors attempting to form a ring around me
>Our armoured vehicles have been busy dealing damage to the Ion Shields of the Traitor knights, the Diamantine Wrath routinely laying down blankets of fire on the Daemonic creatures ahead of us
>A loud crash echoes out as the Traitor Castigator slams into a nearby building, presumably due to a strike from the Diamantine wrath's oversized power fist
>Without pause, the venerable knight picks up the traitor machine and hurls it at a charging Tzeentchian traitor Errant
>The impact of the war machine overstrains the Errant's already battered Ion shield
>The miraculously still active castigator is abruptly stopped, but the Ion shield of the Errant goes down
>Anti-armour weapons shower the machines in a hale of lasers and missiles before the Burning Lance charges the two
>The Warden swiftly turns and unleashes a devastating volley of Avenger Gatling Cannon fire that nearly hits us
>It rips open wide holes in the enemy swarm to our front
>We're getting closer to the Thunderhawk wreckage
>Chaplain Egillmann has been ordered to retreat with the guardsmen and secure our flank
>The Captain rushes forward and bellows out an order over the vox
>"Brothers, a path has been cleared for us, forward to that Thunderhawk!"
>The formation quickly begins a sprint forward, the Achilles Land Raider clearing out a wide path before the Captain
>My formation are now left with clean-up duty, killing routing cultists and wounded traitor Astartes
>It is not long before the enemy horde has been pushed back to our thunderhawk, my brothers quickly taking point behind the half-buried aircraft and opening fire
>A fleet of valkyries swoops overhead as my brothers open fire from their improvised firing positions
>They fly toward the east, they must be reinforcements from the Lord Inquisitor
>As my brothers stop to catch our breath, I notice a flurry of mycetic spores rocketing down in front of us, slamming into the traitor swarm
>A few land behind our lines as well, disgorging Gaunts and a troupe of Tyranid warriors lead by a Tyranid Prime
>My jump pack is nearly out of fuel and my men are wounded
>But, those Tyranids must not reach our firing line
>Quickly give the order to ready jump packs, and those among my men which still can blast into the air
>We come rocketing out of the sky toward the Tyranids, descending toward the warriors
>The Tyranid prime turns up to face me, roaring at me
>Roar a battle cry back at it as we collide
File: interiorbattle.png (111 KB, 450x150)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Now, the key strength of the Tyranids is their numbers
>And on a starship, they can't bring in reinforcements
>Perhaps the still large but finite number of creates they brought aboard might be a threat to many ships
>However, the bugs messed with the wrong ship
>My men-at-arms are much better trained and equipped than standard Navy voidsmen
>This with the recovered force of Eldar means the Tyranid assault flops like an Imperial Crusade
>Eventually, they are contained and exterminated
>Duel-wielding pistols is certainly a new experience, one I'm keen to repeat
>The power of the Hellpistol combined with the lethal fingersnap of the Exitus is a potent combo
>We'll need to keep sweeping the ship to stop any errant creatures infesting it
>And who knows, we might find forgotten treasures or more survivors while we're at it
>An explosion off the starboard bow snaps everyone out of their musings
>The continuing battle waits for no one
>According to the Eldar their ship is nearby and can pick them up
>Good, I don't want to have to waste expensive saviour pods sending them down
>Temporarily break off from the battle to rendezvous with their ship
>Given the circumstances and my status, little fuss is raised at this
>I can feel the looks of haughty disdain being thrown at my GLORIOUS ship from here
>It doesn't take long to offload the contingent
>These chucklefucks are your responsibility now
>It's at this point that a mass driver round from that weapon thing on the surface zips past uncomfortably close
>Like I told you last time, watch where you're aiming that thing!
>Unlike last time, the second shot doesn't miss or graze
>The huge iron slug strikes the Eldar vessel, blasting off most of its left "wing" structure
>The third shot of the volley punches a hole through the prow of MY ship
>What the fuck are you idiots playing at down there!?
>Are you deliberately targeting us, for the Emperor's sake?
File: yessschaos.jpg (82 KB, 580x932)
82 KB
>Be Styxis Slayermaster
>Fuck-Damn, this manthing UI is bizare!
>I heard ancient manthing tech could only be made-used by machine minds, but this takes the big cake!
>Ugh, and the manuel thingy is not help-sharing
>Finally get to the targeting thingy
>"Welcome commander, input hostile IFV data and trajectory information"
>I know not that!
>I guess I'll have to use the other stick!
>Plug it in
>"Data accepted, targets shifting. Senario: "Fuck, its the tax collectors! Quick, pretend the Eldar hacked our orbital defenses and blow them up." begin."
>Soon knifeear will be doomed!
>Is it going to fire-hit on all in range?
>Be Eldar Guardian Buni, Craftworld An-Arkayd
>Still on board the Glistening Serpent, loitering around the bridge now that I changed out of my loaned Guardian armor
>We just finished our rendezvous with the Rogue Trader vessel that the rest of the An-Arkayd strike force managed to post themselves aboard
>I guess helping the Rogue Traders fend off the Tyranid boarders fulfilled whatever purpose they were sent there in the first place for
>Suddenly the ship swings wildly to one side
>It quickly becomes clear that we just took a shot from the Stonehenge weapon
>It also appears to be deliberate, rather than a mistake
>The Captain is naturally furious and quickly pulls the small Corsair fleet behind the cover provided by one of this world's many moons
>It turns out that some creature known as a Stryrix has hijacked the Stonehenge weapon and is firing at us, probably due to his race's hatred for the Aeldari
>Well good luck shooting at us through a moon
sleep bump
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Arrive back at the front lines of southwest Groxbridge
>Things seem a lot more chaotic than I remembered
>The disappearance of the Living Saint and the increasing numbers of Tyranid attackers has really put a dent in morale
>Hopefully all those defenses that the Krieger put everywhere actually end up paying off
>Not sure what my orders are now other then stay close to the remaining Sisters
>Hopefully I will be able to avoid that one Sister Superior though, I think she is the same one that rescued me from dungeon underneath Stonehenge, which is a memory I would rather keep buried
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Get new orders from Wyen'dala to stop some Dark Mechanicum from copulating with a data terminal
>If this was almost anyone else I would assume she is joking, but in the case of the Mechanicus and their twisted cousins there is a reasonable chance she is being literal
>Curses on these rock throwing primitives, they can't even use their own limited technology properly
>Also, when did I become Wyen'dala's go to person for dangerous missions?
>Luckily Mereg the Incubi, Emka the Grotesque, Gerbalta the Haemonculi, and Shadow the Mandrake, my companions from the volcano mission, are also assigned to kill off the Dark Mechanicum
>With friends like these, who needs to actually contribute to the fight?
>We come to one of the secondary control room, which is filled with poorly equipped cult troops, well equipped grenadiers, combat servitors, Dark Magi, and even a few Iron Warriors
>Sure enough the lead Magi is pounding some poor data port hard
>Shadow picks off the sentries, Emka tanks the shots and beats the Chaos Space Marines to death with their own limbs, Mereg lops off limbs and heads everywhere he goes, and Gerbalta dips into her diverse collection of arcane babbles to turn people into bone trees, turn people into obsidian statues, turn people into freakish blobs of mutating flesh, turn people into living bombs, melt people with sprays of acid, plus several less mundane attacks
>Looks like they have things under control
>Turn up the volume on my helmet speakers to the max and use my sword to play air guitar to a kick ass pain screech ballad
>This doesn't contribute to the fight in any meaningful sense, but will make the holo recordings more fun to watch
>Needless to say with such professional ass kickers in the room, victory is swiftly achieved
>Now all that there is left to do is upload the virus that is supposed to block the control the Stryxis is exerting from one of the other control rooms
File: 1428904595841 2.jpg (87 KB, 600x750)
87 KB
>By the Dark Muses, sometimes I think we are doing more to defend this world then any of the people supposedly tasked with its defense
>Though admittedly my role is more minor then some of my fellow Kabalites
>Be Daemon Prince Thypptyklpt, Arch Disembler of Tzeentch, the Two Headed God, the Betrayer of Schemers, the Collector of Souls
>I have successfully led a large chunk of my army into the streets of the Brannet neighborhood where we find ourselves fighting confusing skirmishes there with the many factions within, including Eldar, Marines, remnants of rival warbands like Armrot and Suneater's rabble, a wide range of Tyranid vanguard creatures, and Guard regiments ranging from hardened professionals like the Praetorians and the Steel Legion to third rate conscripts like the Risians and Durns
>The Imperial Fists wiped out more of my forces then I would have liked, but fortunately they are now busy fighting another wave of newly landed Tyranid creatures
>Order most of my forces to go to ground inside the many buildings and tunnels in the area
>The waves of Imperial reinforcements have made holding the streets all but impossible, but using guerrilla tactics will tie up their forces in the area for a while
>Even the remaining Knights have decent cover thanks to the maze of tall townhouses
>With the swamp covens protected and the northwest part of the city in chaos, it is now time for step 3 of the master plan; raiding the weak underbelly of the Imperial forces, particularly the rearguard PDF and Guard conscripts guarding the ammo depots just behind the front lines
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>Creeping through the streets of Liveria with my unwelcome companions
>The Imperial Agent has been unusually quiet and meek lately and has let the Imperial Citizen do most of the leading
>She is much more capable then I first realized, I wonder what she did before becoming a smuggler
>If I ever get the chance, I will try to convince her to join forces, flee out into the countryside, and lie low for a while
>She doesn't seem that much more happy to be involved with the Inquisition then I am
>Suddenly a chorus of screeches interrupt my thoughts
>The civilian tries to fire her gun but it got damaged somehow, and the Agent is just running for it
>Pull out my pulse pistol and take a few potshots
>My training with weaponry is minimal, but such is the power of pulse weaponry that it kills pretty much anything it hits
>Realize I am falling behind the others and run to catch up
>It is tempting to try to slip free from my companions, but leaving the city seems like a great idea right now, and that boat is the best way to do it
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Still on the planet since the weapon started blasting something else than the tyrannids
>And what seems to be on a premeditated way
>Tell the Captain of the Castagnor to get out the super weapon shot while still being capable of aiming the nids
>Gather my five marines for a last opération on this planet
>Get in the Blackstar and take off to the Island
>Contact the Mechanicus and tell them to cut the power for Stonehenge
>And ask for skiitaries
>Reports talk about Styxis
>So they are here to steal the technology
>I'm no magos but that won't happen
>Weirdly it's still a little bit foggy around the island
>Only the guns are out of the fog
>And they are shooting
>How in the Emperor's name did the praetorians are not keeping the Island ?
>It's almost like their home planet
>Land near the bunker and rush inside
>Find no tech-priest but Eldars
>Be me, Inquisitorial Scion George "Solidus" Sears
>We managed to reach the surface without incident, and we've been able to stalk through the streets quietly enough
>I've been listening in to vox chatter in the region, seems that Grimhedge has been all but overran by Tyranids and that the norther quadrant of Groxbridge has been invaded
>Hopefully my gene-brother "Anguis" may be able to keep the Reaver titan I spotted for him under control
>He is the man who makes the impossible possible, he's no doubt able to pull it off
>Allow the civilian to lead the group, best to cover her from behind
>Needler doesn't have infinite ammunition, only other ranged weapon is a hellpistol
>Changed loads in my needler to sedatives, neurotoxin wouldn't be very effective against bigger daemons and avoiding combat with them is preferable
>Tyranids are likely stalking us, the hellpistol is the most preferable weapon to use against them as they'd likely rapidly develop to counter the neurotoxins from my needler
>As we're nearing the boat and our guide is advising us to watch our step, a loud screech echoes out around us
>"Shit, they saw us!"
>We leg it, Civilian Tau weapon seems to have either ran out of ammo or the power pack has been effected by water
>Target is doing her best to shoot at the Shrikes and gargoyles following us
>She shouldn't be doing that, we could gain a steady firing position if we make it to the boat
>She's lagging behind as well, damnit
>Holster my needler, unholster my Hellpistol
>Turn around and grab her by the left wrist
>Pull her along with me as we run so that we can go faster
>Keep my calm, need to aim steady once we get to more solid ground
>She's shooting as best she can while at the same time running and trying not to slip
>If only the boss had given me that suit of experimental power armour...
>Let go of the Tau and tell her to run out ahead with the civvy to the boat, I'll catch up
>Slow down a bit and turn around, aim at the small crowd of bugs above
>No recoil, 400-meter range, fully automatic
>Fire away
>Two Gargoyles pop immediately, headshots, two more fall out of the sky due to wing shots
>Unholster Needler, take one shot at a Shrike
>Now have a visual on the total amount of bugs in the air
>Mid-combat analysis: GTFO ASAP
>Turn around, bolt it back to the other two
>Boat is within range now, if we can get to it we have a more stable firing position
>The sound of several large creatures hitting the water behind us echoes out as we approach
>Planks behind us shakes, putting us off balance
>Shrike must have hit the pathway, shit
>Struggle to maintain balance, I fall to the "floor"
>No one else falls off though, lucky
>Planks are shaky and a bit difficult to run on
>The boat is within sight though
>If the civvy could get the speedboat and drive it back to me and the xeno, we could jump off this path and escape via the river
>Issue a verbal command for her to do that before another screech echoes out behind me
>Flip off my back, Needler and Hellpistol raised
>Shrike sweeping down right toward me
>Take a deep breath, fire a burst of hellgun fire at it followed by a needler shot
>Flesh-worms smatter against my cuirass as we exchange fire, thankfully not piercing my armour
>Bug screeches for a moment before completely decking and falling out of the sky toward me
>Narrowly roll back, planks I was once laying on shatter and the path splits
>Paths now drifting away from one another, we might still make it
>Get up, hop to closest platform
>Get a running start toward the Tau
>Speedboat pulls up at full tilt
>Jump into it with the target
>"GUN IT!"
>Unholster pistols, turn and begin providing covering fire with the Tau
>A soon as we're in safe range, she's getting sedated
>Our survival is in your hands civvy, I hope you're as good at hiding as you are with that boat
>Hmm... I wonder how the boss would like another infiltrator?
File: citymap.png (4.29 MB, 6000x6000)
4.29 MB
4.29 MB PNG
Not-so-nightly cartography diary. It's been a while since I last worked on the map, and I wanted to brush it up a bit. I've cleaned up a few minor mistakes here and there (mostly missing bridge outlines and misplaced pixels), added a couple of bits and most noticeably assigned most major roads some names (warning: all names on the map may contain bad puns, references to 1d4, /tg/ heritage, /qst/, /v/, geology and IRL British places and mild nonsense)
File: wassup.jpg (4.16 MB, 3840x2160)
4.16 MB
4.16 MB JPG
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>Resist the urge to try and run up and whack the Iron Warrior with a staff
>Suddenly the firefight stops as return bolter rounds dry up
>Peer round the corner
>He is gone
>The Warrior must have retreated deeper into the facility
>That is annoying, we will have to hunt him down before he can do damage
>Receive a message that there is an intruder in Auxiliary Control Room IV and another one nearby
>The Sybarite arrives and promptly departs to deal with them
>I care little to imagine how....creatively they plan to flush out our rat
>Proceed deeper into the tunnels in search of the Astartes
>Receive several more messages, including ones from a very angry Shadow-class captain and a Rogue Trader in orbit
>They are both incoherent with rage and yelling about friendly fire
>Whatever you are doing, Trys'ta, please hurry up before things get out of hand
>Whoever this Astartes is, they are fast
>Occasionally catch glimpses of the telltale grey armour around corners
>The chase leads deeper and deeper into the labyrinth
>The tunnels lead down and down; becoming smaller, less well lit, more dilapidated and unfamiliar
>Stop and realise we are all very lost by now
>This deep underground communications are blocked and navigation tools are blank
>The trail of the Astartes has gone cold too
>Wander through the tunnels a little way to try and find some kind of way marker
>The tunnel opens up into a large, dilapidated room
>The room is full of wreckage, electronics, weapons, supplies and Iron Warriors
>Have flashbacks to the Necron tomb
>They must have been using this place as a centre of operations
>How long have they been sitting here right under our noses!?
>Further musing is cut off by a hail of bolter fire
>As the mon'keigh say so eloquently, "FUCKING RUN!"
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>The viruses we uploaded should block people from using Stonehenge against the Imperials and Eldar, thus hopefully allowing them to defeat the Tyranids and... actually I can't remember now why we are helping these idiots again, Wyen'dala probably told me at some point
>Unfortunately it means no one can use the Stonehenge weapon for a while
>I guess we better hurry and kill off all the wannabe hackers
>Get reports to watch out for a certain Inquisitor and her squad of Space Marines who have been kept out of the loop and are only finding out now that the Craftworlders have been the ones doing most of the work repairing and operating Stonehenge
>Well that is just super
>Be me.
>Reaver titan eldrado.
>Join with advance repair party finally. Sensing close range exchange networks, I cede my data on damaged systems to the cloud and let them begin to work.
>They crawl over me like insects, sticking to the metal in my hull.
>They are efficient.
>In a matter of minutes, they canibalise themselves to clear and replace parts of my damaged joints, repair cabling and even sacrifice their meagre transports to give me armour, anti-personal weapons and energy to my fist.
>I am reborn.
>My wounds are still present, and I have yet to be truly armed or armoured to my liking, but now I can move.
>And I still have my fist.
>And there is much that I must do. Humanity fights well, but it outmatched by many titanic creatures here.
>One in particular. A titanic beast to surpass all others. Honestly I'd call for support or a bigger category of titan for this one, but I seem to be all that's left.
>Order the relief team to keep working on me, as I start to walk, then to slowly jog, testing my new limbs.
>They seem to be praising some unknown deity for my speed. As if it was not enacted by their hands, rather a distant gods.
>I will allow it, for this battle I suppose.
>But for now, the great tempering fires await.
>I hope my metal will be sufficient to not break under the strain.
>There are titans to slay.
File: source.jpg (91 KB, 640x640)
91 KB
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>We're continuin' our rollin' Siege Programme with some more stuff!
>We'll put up our interview with Ortan Cassius himself on in an hour
>Make sure ya all tun in for that, guy's a legend
>And on the topic of people, the Master of Skitarii has been spotted after months of absence
>However, he only gave a few orders before vanishin' again, and we don't hope to see him again soon
>And in a similar fashion, a LIVIN' SAINT has also appeared, only to disappear again soon after
>I'm sure you're just as confused and disappointed as we are
>With ships blowin' up left and right in the sky, the Debris Hazard Level has been raised to "extreme"
>Better wear yer hard hats outside, listeners
>Oh, and the ranks of Tyranids battering at the walls have been part replaced by daemons
>There's also a giant Tyranid rockin' around nearby
>Today just keeps gettin' better and better, don't it?
>It's too far to shoot with the cannon, and the rain would attenuate the beam anyway
>Speakin' of rain, it should ease off enough to get SkyEye back in the air soon
>I'm sure the groundpounders are even more desperate for information than we are
>Buuuuut anyways, all we can really do is sit and watch it play out and relay it to you lot
>Those of ya who are left, anyway
>I hope the Inquisitor won't mind if we play a bit of civilian music as well
>Shake it up a bit, and remind y'all what yer fightin' for

Sigma, Sammos, Archbishop, any of you still around? Hell, can we have a roll call of people so we know who's still here? I assume people who have posted in the last couple of days are active.
File: Titan clash.jpg (93 KB, 1050x591)
93 KB
>Be Sigma 32c, Master of Skitarii
>Remaining elements of the cannibalized convoy falls in echelon around the striding Titan, stubbers and autocannons providing makeshift AA support after the manner of the old Titan Guard
>The Scions are not trained in such warfare but I have exloaded the basic battle-patterns to their commander designate-Anguis and he appears to be following a strangely-accented version of Escort Pattern Delta, which will do for such an unorthodox support force
>We are behind schedule, continual harassment from cultists and minor daemons as we were moving through the city forced us to waste significant time sweeping buildings ahead of the transports
>Message from Inquisitor Edric indicates the Stonehenge weapon is compromised, receive and transmit to the noospheric command clade in the steelworks bunkers with my recommendations and get back a grainy image of great capacitors powering down
>Vox the inquisitor, Stonehenge shutdown in T- 960 seconds, no Mechanicus reinforcements available.
>Machine God's Blessing be with you Inquisitor, looks like we'll all need it
>The Skitarii maniples withdrawn from Sloan have managed to sweep the central island and transit routes along the southwest side of the city clean of Tyranid and Chaos infiltrators and are redeploying to positions along the banks of the River Grox, more defensible than the tangle of ruins that Sloan and Whiscale are increasingly becoming
>Ultramarine landing craft signature blazes into view on heads-up display, apparently carrying the Bident weapon
>Attempt to contact Titan Princeps to plan attack schedule, receive only static and confused images consistent with an uncalibrated MIU.
>Approaching Guard and Fist positions on the city outskirts from the West, order Skitarii to dismount from transports and fan out into cordon
>Run up to access hatch on Reaver leg which swings open automatically, ascend ladder to the command deck
>Better coordination with Titan is required than patchy noospheric connection on outdated codes
>Reach bulkhead leading to command chamber, access panel is of old familiar design but does not recognize Mechanicus identity-engrams
>Start running through codes in order of rank and age
>Alpha Primus Explorator Fleet 5943-sigma-Z - NEGATIVE
>Forge World Ryza Guardmaster - NEGATIVE
>Ordo Reductor experimental weapons division - NEGATIVE
>Connect to port under access panel, upload records of previous bident combat use, request access in the name of the Omnissiah
>Machine spirit of the mighty Titan replies:

>Oh fuck
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>The Eldar where asked to keep the Stonehenge
>Guess who asked them to do it?
>Von Rosen of course!
>Okay I would like to ask one of those knife ears what is going on here
>Hear some noise like some space marines boots on the ground
>As I open a door leading to a corridor, a dark Eldar pass before like she is running away
>Realize that the loud stomping are coming
>That it's not one of my marines
>Unholster my bolter and my xenophase sword
>An Iron warrior with a conic strawhat on his unhelmeted head wielding a rake and a sickle come passing before us
>He then stop turn to us realizing that we are Imperials as we aim for his head
>He begin to open his mouth when pop his head
>I wonder where he got this hat and weaponry
>Were they hiding among civilians ?
>Can't get far in my suppositions as I am grabbed by Ketua
>Who start running
>More Iron warriors are coming
>Oh Emperor no
>Run awa-no wait we are searching for a better position to defend
>Ketua toss me on Aarding's shoulder
>Yeah ok he is in a Terminator armor but he is excoriartor !
>The armor can fall apart any time!
>Well I am now facing the Iron warriors and like the previous one many of them wear strawhats
>Well I still have my bolter in hand so I can still make myself useful
>Shot a few rounds in the closest marine
>Then all the lights fade out
>Guess the mechanicus cut off the power
>Now I can't see shit
>I feel that we turned right
>It's like a long corridor for quite a long time
>Then it stop
>Then my assault marine whisper me
>"Inquisitor, the Druchii are all around us"
>Emperor damn it
>As my eyes get used to the obscurity I can see how many of them they are
>What's left of the raiding party
>I suppose that we are in the basement of the manor
>Ask to be put back on the ground
>Trying to kill them is death assured and the weapon will fall in their hands definitivly
So uh hey I heard you kind of pissed the Iron warriors like us, and you want them dead like the nids so uuuuhhh Wanna team up?
>Hoping that they agree with us and not try to take us to their city
>Hear stomping behind me
>Coming here was a mistake
Quick bump.
File: floodedbuilding.jpg (900 KB, 2822x1842)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
>Be Imperial citizen of Liveria
>There are a million places I'd really love to be right now
>Sprinting across boardwalks and barrels with a Tau while being pursued by flying Tyranids doesn't rank on that list
>One more block to go before the boat
>A Tyranid flies into a plate glass window like a stupid pigeon with a long BONK
>Its falling body narrowly misses us before smashing throug the boardwalk into the water just feet behind
>Finally, the Astorica Tower looms into view across the street
>Run into the building by a smashed window on the 4th or 5th floor, just above the waterline
>in the center of the building is a cavernous, flooded atrium extending up hundreds of meters to the hanging mass damper at the top
>And moored to the railing on the edge of the interior balcony is the boat, the Ankle Biter
>The Biter is a fast river patrol boat, upgraded with a powerful turbine engine for even more speed and maneuverability
>Quickly run down the boat for our xeno friend as we prepare to set off
>There's a Heavy Stubber at the back if you need a stable firing platform, but I suspect your plasmagun might be better than it
>The trunk under the bench also contains an anti-tank rocket launcher plus a few rounds if something heavy comes after us
>It's some ancient pre-Crusade Ursh design still in service for its simplicity, though do be careful of the backblast
>Don't look at me like that, we needed something capable of taking out a battlesuit if we got attacked on our smuggling runs
>Go to start the boat, and realise I left the keys back in the flat
>Internally panic for a minute until I realise Sonia kept a spare set of keys taped under the control panel
File: anchorsaweigh.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x817)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
>The Tyranids look to have been distracted by the Tempestor as the boat roars out of the building and down the street
>He's not hard to spot, and the center of the circling mob of flying creatures on a smashed boardwalk
>Did somebody call for a lift, sir?
>Hop in, we're going boating
>Please put on your lifejackets, keep all arms and legs inside the boat at all times and hold on to your butts
>And if you make any comments about women drivers, you can swim home
>The engine roars again as the boat speeds off down the artificial canyons
>The Tyranids can keep up, but at this speed they have a maneuverability disadvantage
>Slalom the boat around corners, through alleys, under overhangs and down tunnels
>On a few occasions shattered windows and convenient water levels allow passes through the buildings themselves
>All the while I presume the other two are firing at the pursuers, though I can't distract myself to look
>Try and fail to suppress a maniacal grin at every insane maneuver as pursuing Tyranids slowly drop out
>Some crash into building sides, others clip walls, others hit the water and some just give up
>The boat clips walls and scrapes lamppost tops and other underwater obstacles several times, but damage is superficial
>Eventually the cries of the flying creatures get fewer and fewer and fade into the distance
>Pull the boat to a stop further out in the lake to take a breather
>Again, we've got two options
>We can try and sneak quietly down the rivers and skirt the coast back to civilisation
>However, this would entail either going back through Liveria on the Galder or the newly-overrun Grimhedge on the Irass
>Or we can park the boat on one of the lake shores and try to make it back on foot to somewhere Imperial forces are holding out
>I think we can take our chances going through Grimhedge, but you're in charge
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>The retreat has been a marginal success, swathes of troops are dead, but the Hydraphant turned its attention toward our aircraft just long enough for a large portion of our footsloggers to escape
>Take that, zealots
>von Rosen 1, Ecclesiarchy 0
>More casualties than I would have wanted, but at least the southern hive is crippled, possibly more so by the Tyranids than by my hand
>Continued our retreat mostly without incident
>Got a message from Cassius that the bident was secured, wonderful
>Several of my Crusaders have been wounded, several scions killed, and I myself require a supply drop as soon as possible
>Yet, we've still got work to do
>Cassius'll want support on his way back to the city, and what remains of the forces under my command will give it to him
>Turn the battered remnants of sisters and militia with me toward the position of the smaller force of Ultramarines being charged by a tidal wave of gaunts
>Raise my power axe and rally the forces to me
>Don't bother giving a rousing speech, instead just yell out an animalistic battle cry like I used to do back in my younger days and lead the charge forward with my crusaders
>Quickly armoured elements move to cover the marines, fire raining from all directions into the tyranids behind them
>Move to link up with Cassius, allow he and his men to retreat safely to the Vaulian Yards with our combined firepower
>Their own armour is quite powerful, and our combined forces allow us to quickly make it to the Vaulian yards
>The entire impromptu formation moves into Groxbridge hastily, covered by Mechanicus fire
>Quickly settle in and leave command of the sisters to the most experienced among them
>Call in for my thunderhawk to send down resupply
>While I wait for it, go over how the situation is developing
>Killgore and his adrenalin junkies managed to cut off the Tyranids advancing through Whiscale, giving the Hierophant led attack on sloan a disadvantage
>I have to marvel at the ingenuity of the sons of Dorn and the mechanicus, truly they have made this place a fortress
>Layered defences allow fully protected supply lines, pillboxes near ammo depos and defences good enough that even conscripts can be effective in them
>On the negative side however, it appears that we've been forced to shut off Stonehenge temporarily
>Get a message from the Master of Skitarii, says that Stonehenge is temporarily offline
>He says that heretical forces have managed to invade the island and are attacking the weapon, attempting to Hijack it
>Bad idea, AL would rather have it destroyed than for anyone other than the imperium conquer it
>Furthermore, he has quite an explosive temper when it comes to aliens, heretics and hereteks messing with dark age tech
>I'm sure any heretics near him or his bodyguard will be enjoying emperor-knows-what directly to the cranium
>I'll redeploy Killgore there if necessary
>Meanwhile, Jackinus is still stuck in the air and the east as well as the north of Groxbridge are under attack
>Agent Anguis reports that the Titan has been secured and that Sigma is interfacing with it
>If the bident can be mounted on it, we may yet stand a chance to wipe out both the Daemons to the west and the Tyranids all around us
>Despite the layered defence, we can't let Sloan or Whiscale fall, which they risk doing
>Gather the militia with me, advise Senpai- I mean, Ortan Cassius, to head east in search of the imperial saint
>I know that there's a Stormlord to the east as well, but not quite sure where it is
>My Knights seem to be doing a fine job to the east and the west, I'm sure the Lionheart will appreciate some help though
>Resupply arrives and wounded troops are moved out
>Then it is settled
>"Men of Groxbridge, we march for Whiscale together, for the emperor!"
File: takeabreak.png (1.19 MB, 1170x803)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
>Be Sister Superior Bios
>The Sisterhood force appears to be noticeably smaller than when we arrived
>Some are likely trapped at the dam, but many will be dead
>We can think about that later, the war does not wait for mourning
>For now, we must escord the squad of Ultramarines to secure the "bident" device
>Famous they may be, but the Smurfs are a little too uptight for my liking
>I presume they have some plan in place to move the enormous thing
>Eventually the bident is secured and moved into the city limits proper
>Hear some chatter about a Titan on the move
>Put two and two together - a giant weapon, and a giant robot?
>As heretical as they may be, one sometimes has to hand it to the creations of the Mechanicus for their "cool factor"
>Oh? The Mechanicus didn't make this one?
>That just means it'll be even more impressive
>For now our role shall be to hold the lines from the smaller creatures while things are set up
>The enormous Hydraphant is certainly the key threat, but a moment's inattention could allow the countless other creatures to overwhelm us
>Inquisitor and Co. are going charging off to the west to prop up the lines over there
>You go do that, we have things under control here for now
>We can also spare a few groups to search for the Living Saint
>Nobody still knows where he disappeared to, and this is severely sapping at morale
>I'm sure he'll turn up before long, since it's hard to hide a Living Saint
>Distract myself by roasting some bugs with the newly refuelled Heavy Flamer
>Still, everyone has by this point been on their feet for hours and many of us are flagging
>The Emperor grants us strength and protection from harm, but one must sometimes acquiesce
>At a lull in the attacks some of us are sent off for a tentative rest break
>A couple of Guard are sitting idle on a crashed Skyray that was never removed from the field
>Settle down on the other side with some much-needed recaff
>The distant sound of burning Tyranids is a good sound to rest to
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry / 531st Cadian
>Hurry up and wait
>Welcome to live in the Guard
>After having to fall back for a while, it seems like orders might have changed and we are potentially pushing forward instead since fewer 'Nids are attacking our positions then expected
>Or maybe not, we are currently standing around while we try to figure out what our orders are
>No one has seen Commissar Lugermorph for a while, and our patchwork regiment seems to have dissolved into several companies scattered across the southwest trenches
>I guess we will just stand out here in the rain until someone figures something out
>Clearly I have nothing better to do then stand around in two feet of mud, ooze pus from my chest wound, cough up blood, and occasionally try to get my bionic arm to work (no one has seen Graves or his medic team lately either, but I am guessing neither the blood or the pus is a good sign)
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Still idling around the front lines southwest of Groxbridge
>The Tyranids who were chasing us seem to have broken off to do God-Emperor knows what
>Even some of the Sisters seem to be taking a break
>Which leads me to my main problem
>My orders were to support the Sisters formation, but they have broken up into several groups, with some following the Lord Inquisitor east to prop up the lines there, some heading northwest to look for the Living Saint, many either fighting or recuperating near my position, and some even trapped out by Bell Dam
>The chain of command is kind of non-existent at this point, with everyone assuming that the Lord Inquisitor or the cogboys have some sort of master plan
>Normally I would be happy to sit out a fight or two while others sort out what is going on, but lately I have had a sinking feeling that despite some early successes, casualties have been tremendous, with some of our best formations like the Salamanders, the Krieg, and the Living Saint missing in action, and a number of PDF and Guard regiments either wiped out or badly depleted. If things continue like this, even the rumored use of the bident won't be enough to turn things around
>Therefore I am more inclined then normal to get my badly depleted company back to wherever they can contribute most
>As long as it isn't too dangerous...
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>It appears as though the narrow minded Inquisitor everyone has been excluding for the past few months from the join Imperial-Craftworld operations at Stonehenge has gotten herself cornered out near Kijeck House by some Iron Warriors
>Surprised she didn't try to pick a fight with our Tau proxies on the surface, perhaps she didn't notice them, or perhaps she is smarter then everyone says she is
>Send a few squads to figure out what she wants
>Maybe if she is willing to cooperate we can redirect some of her trigger happy tendencies towards the Iron Warriors instead
>Not long afterwards get a message from my point man saying that she seems willing to negotiate
>Unfortunately the Iron Warriors attack the two parties before serious negotiation can take place
>Order my squads to agree to a quick truce and work with the Inquisitor's war band to defeat the Iron Warriors
>If nothing else, I should get a few dead Iron Warriors out of the deal in exchange from expendable lackeys, and I have been getting pretty good prices on resurrections lately
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>Get dragged by the Inquisitorial Agent for a while before he stops to fire on some Tyranids in order to buy us time
>Heroic, but I would still be pretty happy if he doesn't quite make it to the boat with us
>End up in the surprisingly well armed smuggler boat
>Not sure why they bothered with the weaponry, although impressive their chances of winning a fight with even a minor patrol would have been minimal
>Pretending to be a fishing boat, courier, or recreational boater would have been a much better option
>Those crude rapid fire projectile launcher may come in handy though
>In my distraction I miss a good opportunity to try to convince the smuggler to leave the Agent behind, and before I know it we have doubled back to rescue him
>As the gue'la sometimes say: shit
>One harrowing chase later, we are out in the middle of the lake
>Where I get to glumly dwell on my wide range of potential bad endings
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>Currently going back to Groxbridge while killing all tyrannids that we can find
>Get word that the bident is now secured and équiped by the titan
>Turn on the radio
>My interview from before is passing now
>I think I did a pretty good job explaining my point of view on the chapter and why we came here
>Plus they pass an old terran song that could discribe quite well the wolves
>Several primaris approched me to talk about the fact that they want to continue to fight alongside me
>Well this is unexpected that soon but it's good to see that they have changed their view on the chapter
>As we get closer to the city we notice a group of sister fighting a big horde of genestealers and horrmagaunt
>They will get nommed in a few minutes if we don't act now
>Get out of the Rhino
>Charge the horde screaming
File: LendingAHand.jpg (295 KB, 826x741)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
>Be me, Armageddon Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Left tread barely held together; we're heading toward the yards as fast as we can
>Mostly left alone by Tyranids, slowly but surely however the overpass leans down into the street
>We veer in on Milia street and suddenly come face to face with a horde of bugs trying to overrun a group of guardsmen and skitarii falling back to the fortifications outside the forts
>My lady revs up her engines as she and Friederich's Macharius Vanquisher slam into the horde
>Torrents of Lascannon, Autocannon and Heavy Bolter fire followed by 316+ tonnes of armour slam straight into the wall of Tyranid, quickly clearing a path for us to traverse
>Guardsmen provide covering fire as we blaze past, a shot ringing out from our primary weapon and blowing a Carnifex to smithereens
>Our army of two barrels down the street at a thunderous pace, my lady leading the way and clearing out any nasties ahead of us with ease
>Ammo's starting to run real low, but we're very close now
>Lady revs up her engines and begins speeding forward at upwards of 30kmph
>Friederich starts complaining that he can't keep up when a Hierodule bursts into the street 100 meters in front of us
>It turns and roars at us, rushing straight at my lady
>Both its bio cannons fire, one shot glances off the turret, another hits the track guard on the right
>Searchlight is destroyed, my lady shakes and is forced back from the impact
>Then both she and I cry out in anger
>Her engine whirrs as she speeds up and charges the Hierodule
>With a thunderous blast the Hierodule is forced back by a shot from her main gun, crushing one of the bio-cannons and causing the beast to flinch
>In less than a moment it recovers and raises its claws, charging at us in a blind rage
>Secondary fires, followed by the beast screeching out in pain as it's engulfed by a blue hale of plasma from behind
>Friederich finishes off the beast with a second volley, finally killing it
>Behind the melting beast thrashing around is a Leman Russ Executioner painted in Admech colours
>Vox the commander of the vehicle, thank him for the save
>Run over the beast and continue toward the Vaulian yards
>A few meters past the other tank and my Lady shakes strangely and buckles
>For a moment wonder what's going on before I hear her engines rev up again and with a watery crunch she begins rolling again
>With all haste, we finally roll back to the Vaulian yards
>A giant tank with gore spattered armour, superstructure cracked and dented in several places with wounded left track rolls into the yards, engine wheezing, followed by a smaller, similarly damaged tank
>Open my command hatch, remove my rebreather, and begin lovingly hugging and petting my lady
>Tell her how much of a good girl she is while the admech starts working on her
>Whisper "I hope you're ready for more combat soon, after this we can get properly stuck in once again"
>She revs up her engine in excitement, catching a few of the techpriests off guard
>"There there, don't get too excited now, rest now while we get you fixed up"
>Kiss her on the side of the turret and retreat back to my command suite
>This fight isn't over yet, but for now we'll get to rest a little
>The sound of distant battle makes me feel like I'm back home in hive Volcanus
>Ah... good times
File: repositioning.png (1.25 MB, 671x1024)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Sometimes, I zone out when participating in combat
>I suppose this is how it feels to wear those strange masks the others do
>Tolria the Eldar woman disappears, and Tolria the Ranger takes over
>And nobody is deadlier than Tolria the Ranger
>Except maybe Ork Snipers, they always kill their targets
>We've had people trying to capture one for centuries with no success
>There's dubious reports of one shadowing the Sororitas nearby, but we're not going anywhere near those psychos
>Open some more status updates
>The An-Arkayd ship took a Stonehenge round and ran away
>Those cowardly fools, get your asses back here!
>You're already not in good graces for being so late to the party, let along legging it right when we need you
>Stonehenge itself has had its central targeting system shut down thanks to an intrusion
>You had one task, Kerala. One task!
>Still, that's not an excuse to stop firing
>I know for a fact those guns can be aimed manually, and each one is equipped with operating manuals and range tables
>Show those Navy gunners how to aim a big gun properly
>By this point the assorted daemons have taken most of the district and the bulk of the defence forces as pulling back to the Old Ring road
>We plan to use the wide road as a no-mans-land to cut them down as they cross it
>Continue to lay down covering sniper laser fire as the last groups retreat from the overrun park space
>I should probably extract myself too at this point
>Open the rooftop door to leave the nest
>On the other side is a rather surprised Horror
>Several panicked shuriken pistol shots reduce it to giblets, and several more kill its daemonic death progeny
>Still, that's a very bad sign if the building is already full of daemons
>Now I've only got to get off a rooftop of a building full of daemons in an area full of daemons with a badly injured leg
>No worries, I've done worse
File: all drukhari party.jpg (224 KB, 1024x872)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Get message from Wyen'dala
>Says she has another important mission for us
>It better not be talking to that crazy Inquisitor
>Actually she wants me to take her pet gyrinx for a walkies
>Grrr, I would rather roll around in mon-keigh shit
>That gyrinx is as stubborn as it is ill tempered
>Also she wants us to talk to the Inquisitor while doing so
>It is almost like she enjoys my suffering
>I mean, who doesn't enjoy a bit of suffering?
>But at least make sure you are there in person to feed off of it
>Anyways, we head over to Wyen'dala's secret quarters, pick up Fluffinator, then head over to the maglev track that brings us to the Inquisitor's location
>Naturally Fluffinator doesn't want to go for a walk, so I have to carry the 100+ pound flabby nuisance around for a while
>Then he bit the tip of my ear off when I didn't put him down fast enough, which is extremely painful even by Dark Eldar standards
>Then we got in a 5 minute firefight with some Iron Warriors because he wanted to sniff a dead body
>We eventually lured him away with a bag of warpdust, but it took a while, and I got hit with some shrapnel in the process
>This isn't the first time I have been injured taking care of that ball of allergies, not to mention the fact that the one and only time I have died and was resurrected was thanks to Fluffinator knocking me off a ledge
>Several gyrinx related misadventures later, we arrive at the scene of the vicious fight between the Iron Warriors and the Dark Eldar-Inquisitor alliance
>Someone decides that I should be the official spokesperson of the Kabal
>Launch into fairly convincing spiel about how we all need to work together to keep this planet from turning into a Daemon World or a lifeless Tyranid consumed shell
>Remind them of all the times we saved their butts; showed them how to use the bident to purge the Chaos taint from Stonehenge, detonated the volcano that wiped out a large chunk of the Tyranid force southwest of Groxbridge, destroyed most of the Tyranids attacking Liveria, provided most of soldiers defending Stonehenge from aerial Tyranid attacks, tipped off the Craftworlders to Chaos sabotage of the Stonehenge from below, killed off many of said saboteurs and prevented the Stonehenge weapon from being fired on friendly forces
>Be proud of myself for delivering such a convincing argument
>Realize the Inquisitor was distracted by the sight of Fluffinator rolling around in a sticky puddle of blood while purring
>stupid gyrinx
File: hqdefault.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
>Be Eldar Guardian Buni, Craftworld An-Arkayd
>The crew of the Glistening Serpent has decided to pass the time hiding behind the moon by singing that stupid "You are a pirate" song while the bonesingers repair the damage to the port solar sail surprisingly quickly
>I swear to Asuryan if they sing one more round...
>They singing another round
>Put your shirt back on! You are not a Druhkari!
>With everyone distracted partying, no one but me notices that Tolria is sending us angry messages
>It is tempting to tell that stuck up Kun'tt where to stick her orders, but decide to hear her out for the good of the Aeldari race and blah blah blah something something destiny
>It turns out that the mon-keigh weapon known as Stonehenge has been deactivated for now to prevent more malicious misuse so we are safe to reengage the Tyranid fleet without risking the Stryxis taking more potshots at us
>I guess lobbing a few more torpedoes from a safe distant won't hurt anything
>Whatever prophecy is guiding this stupid, haphazard misadventure better be worth it though
>Be me.
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>Received the bident, it's shaped like, well, a bident.
>Looks like a useful ranged and melee weapon. Except I have no idea what it is.
>Pilot doesn't know, and no memory banks have it's specs.
>Whatever. I'm armed now, and have a couple of shields up.
>Armour can wait. I'll just have to not get hit.
>Decide to keep a fast jog at the southern lines, going through the city.
>Would like to push self faster, but even with guidance, the repair crew still couldn't get it perfect.
>Slam what look to be some rebels or dissidents with the bident, or my fists, or just step on them. Can't afford them in a fight for their lives.
>Limbs are reporting high stresses everywhere, but I can take it.
>I have to.
>I am the last of the Lodge. My friends are dead and rusted. I awaken millennia out of sync, barely able to operate myself, commanded by a foreign and untrained pilot, in a world I do not know, against forces I do not recognise, as the final escalation, as opposed to my proper role as fire support.
>I have been given their mightiest weapons and finest aid they could spare, and pitted against unfavourable odds and an overwhelming horde of titanic beasts, to save those too small to save themselves.
>I can feel my spirit swell in melancholic pride.
>If this is my end, I welcome it.
>Huge horde of larger creatures, designated "Tyranids", advancing up the south. Lead by a monster a whole division of my kin would balk at.
>I'm all that's left capable of holding it off.
>Slam through the final line, into a spider-like creature.
>Another one tries to charge me. I shift to move it's force away from me, and take it's right legs off.
>A third catches me with a long talon, but I shift it with the bident and crush it's skull in my grip.
>I bellow out a long call of my warhorn as a challenge, set myself down low, and divert power to the bident.
What does the bident do?
File: IJnxZ3w.gif (432 KB, 328x207)
432 KB
432 KB GIF
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Defeated the Iron warriors with the Druchii
>I never did this before and I hated it
>But I think that we have no other choice
>One of the Eldar start talking about how much they helped
>Is that a cat ?
>Is he purring while rolling himself in blood ?
>Why do I want to pet it?
>The room is now silent
>Oh fuck
>Do something quickly do something quickly
>Pretend that I heard all
>Turn to my KT
So what do you think ?
>They are relucantly agree
>Like me...
>Check the vox
>Sigma send me a message
>We won't be receiving any skitariies renforcements
>And he send me a blessing of the Omnissiah
>I'm kind of in charge of his most oiled dreams
>Turn to the sybarite
Fine Eldar we will work with you but we are the only Imperial on the Island and don't think that you can call the last tau on the Island to kill us afterward they are out basic prey. Now we kill the stryxis and the Iron warriors, reactivate the weapon and fuck the bug from outer space !
>But inquisitor they talked about the planet turning into a daemon world
>Say what now?
>That means that there's a big relic on the planet who make the daemon think twice before coming here
>I think my knowledge of daemon is not that great
>Think of what the relic could be
>Oh Emperor no
>I gave the location to Von Rosen so he could kill the Hydraphant
It's the bident ? The only thing that prevent this world from turning into a mini maelstrom ?
>MFW she say yes
>What does the bident do?
We don't know, and I don't think anyone knows IC either. Shall we find out?
Actually, the C'tan in the second thread used the Bident to fire a beam of energy into a horde of Orks, which then proceeded to explode into a giant ball of death. Before that a warlord titan threw the bident like a javelin straight through an Ork titan and made it explode with zero damage to the bident. Presumably firing it is linked with some sort of reality-warping activity, or the bident interfacing with whatever machine is wielding it. I believe the bident had a cooldown period after being fired as well. It's also 50 meters long, making it the titan equivalent of a pike (at least to anything that isn't an imperator class).
It was also used by the eldar and the dark eldar to purge Stonehenge of Chaos taint.

I don't think it was ever explained how it did that, but I envision it being able to create a large zone where psychic phenomena like daemons and warp rifts can't exist
File: getoverhere.png (63 KB, 473x215)
63 KB
>Be Sister Superior Bios
>Open a hatch into the Skyray as the rain picks up a bit
>The fetid stench of rotting bodies wafts out
>Close the hatch in a hurry
>Mark it up as requiring purification with fire
>Still, off-duty me is a much more relaxed me
>Even if there is still a war going on all around
>Teams have so far failed to locate the Saint, though officially there is still hope
>Some unhealthy noises suggest the Guardsman (or, more accurately Guardswoman) of the nearby pair is in a bad way
>What in the name of the Emperor happened to you?
>Multiple severe injuries, a bionic arm and scars all over
>Hey, I know that face from a while back
>There's plenty of bodies downstairs if you want me to set another one on fire for you
>No? Shame.
>Based on what she looks like, the Emperor must be really looking out for her to have survived this long
>Hospitaller! Hospitaller!
>Yes, you over there.
>Would you kindly see to this young lady's injuries for me?
>Seems to be multiple deep chest lacerations, possible septicaemia
>If the Emperor saw fit to keep her alive through such ordeals, so must we
>Lew can keep her company (and stay out of the way) in the meantime
>Vox buzzes with news of a renewed assault, this time in danger of overrunning lines
>Looks like the coffee break is over
>Down the last of the recaff and collect the squad to head back over
>The Smurfs are coming too, it would appear
>Once more with the flamer
>A Sororitas' duty never ends

Like a local turbo-Shadow in the Warp?

//where'd everyone go tonight? Ah well, it's the weekend tomorrow.
I was thinking more like the field projected by a powerful psychic pariah, which completely blocks psychic/warp in an area (including synapse creatures).

I guess Shadow of the Warp works too, since GW is not very consistent in depicting how either work
File: HH_Artbook-47.jpg (122 KB, 900x662)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>Be me.
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>Bident starts glowing like an open plasma reactor, before condensing it into a tiny sun between the prongs.
>Have milliseconds to observe phenomena before it fires.
>Weird recoil kicks it up before I shut it off.
>It's cut clean through a whole swathe of the titan beasts, and the ground, vertically.
>Some things are exploding or fountaining blood.
>Almost scared of it honestly.
>Also, some of the smaller beasts are loosing cohesion. Seemingly, around me. Only the larger ones seem able to think partially.
>Even then, most are rattled enough to make easy prey.
>Punch a few of the things, swipe off some skulls and blow some things up.
>Stab a big charging one with the bident.
>Bident grows in diameter and starts venting gas.
>Thuds a little deeper, and blows a giant hole in the middle of the thing, then...
>Holy shit. It just sucked that big bug into itself like it was a drainpipe or black hole or some shit.
>What did they just bolt to my right arm?
>It's amazing.
>Yell at the defenders to retreat and regroup while I hold them here.
>Push deeper into the masses, taking advantage of their confusion to get the first strike in.
>It may not be enough. Their numbers are endless, and the enormous one has yet to even engage me.
>But I have the Bident, and my fist, and countless smaller guns I do not recognise on me.
>I will hold this position. No more will die here as long as I stand.
>Even if there is no end to the foe in sight.
>Humanity shall live.
>Even if I must fall to make it so.
>Bellow warhorn again, striding tall.
>Then again.
>And again.
>And ready the Bident to fire again.
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>Now in the outskirts of Groxbridge
>Notice the Titan wielding the bident while fighting with the guard and the sororitas
>See him fire the weapon
>I didn't think that they could use it like that
>See the shot of the weapon annihilating the nids
>The ground shake a little bit
>Cheer in absolute joy
>Followed by the guard my brothers and the sisters
>This is one of the most beautyful thing I ever witnessed
>Tyrannids disappearing from a shot
>And the closest to us look like they are shocked
>It seems that the weapon damaged the hive mind in the area
>Well this make their purging easier
>Start slowly pushing back their lines as the sisters burn everything
>Then the Titan yell at us to regroup
>While contuinuing to behead xenos I ask the sister superior where is the rest of the army
>Get to the officer of the guard a colonel and ask him for artillery strike to finish the stunned xenos around
>The order is to regroup near the Titan so that we may protect it from the hords of smaller nids
>Go! We have only one chance at this !
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>With a final violent smash the Tyranid Prime goes flying in a loose mass of flesh down the street
>Its comrades are all but dead, and the gaunts have been torn into by hales of lasgun shots pouring out from sidestreets and buildings
>Rip the severed claw of a dead Tyranid warrior out of my shoulder with a grunt
>My strikeforce is at 58% combat effectiveness, send away the wounded once more
>The two Traitor knights engaged by the Burning Lance have been turned into little more than piles of broken and molten adamantium, the Freeblades being able to swiftly finish of their opponants thanks to our considerable armoured support
>The remaining traitors have been attempting to storm nearby buildings for cover
>Our Librarian was overcome by the shadow in the warp and was left unconcious on the ground
>Maluan order he be transfered back to our HQ as quickly as possible
>Attacking the Eldar quarters in Brannette seems like a very poor idea, most of the heretic forces are physically inferior to Eldar in CQC
>Their Astartes are certainly a match for most Eldar, but attempting to storm fortified buildings seems... strange
>It is however preferable to standing out in the open and being destroyed, as it has a higher chance of succedding, if only marginally
>The Eldar are largely pulling back from Brannette, leaving less fortified buildings in an attempt to lead the heretic assault down Old Ring road where they might be whittled down and destroyed
>A solid plan, if a bit simplistic
>The captain already knows, however, for the moment we are most interested in dealing with the traitor knights
>As soon as they are delt with, we will come to the Craftworlders
>Spit blood through my Vox grill
>My contingent has been ordered to clear out nearby traitor occupied buildings
>Sergeant Durans points his power sword at a nearby building
>"Come on Paulicus, there is work to be done!"
>Nod and call for the cleansing to begin
File: stateofthebident.png (445 KB, 750x1086)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>Huff, huff, huff
>I believe.....I believe.....
>I believe we can stop running now
>I think we have evaded our pursuers
>They went down another corridor, probably becoming someone else's problem
>Several teams are searching the lower levels for any more nests
>So far however, it seems that ours was the only one (at least for Chaos Astartes)
>It still needs to be cleared pending preparations from the forces
>Temporarily return to the control centre to update myself on operations
>The Tyranid air assault seems to have eased off somewhat
>Word has filtered back that the range tables are, incredibly, not valid for firing into space
>Who would include range tables on an anti-orbital weapon that do not cover anti-space firing?
>We have also unfortunately been banned from firing in the direction of Groxbridge again after the last mishap
>Shame, we could have assisted with taking down that giant creature
>They have strapped the bident to a gigantic pre-Imperial robot and are shooting things with it?
>Fools, there is a reason we did not suggest the bident initially as a weapon
>Millennia spent buried in the dirt and then fought over have not been kind to the weapon
>While its firing and power systems were intact, its cooling system displayed several serious faults we were unable to repair in time
>If it is not used sparingly and fired too fast in a short space of time it will overheat catastrophically
>It reminds me quite a lot of modern Imperial plasma weapons
>Someone send this over quickly, before the mon'keigh idiots turn themselves and a large part of the southern city to ash
>Typical of the Mechanicus, fooling around with dangerous technology they do not understand
>I must find this joint Druchii-Inquisitorial squad downstairs
>I do not quite trust either of them, and I am loathe to let them roam unsupervised
>Be Master of sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>Going near the titan
>But keep a distance of a hundred meters
>The bident is glowing weirdly
>Lost contact with everyone else
>Save my battle brothers
>I don't know what the next course of action will be since I don't have much intel
File: wreckage.png (1.32 MB, 1366x683)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Several more close dodges later, the mass driver rounds cease
>Must have shut the haywire thing down
>Still, at this stage in the battle it doesn't overly matter
>The fleets are smelling victory, and are starting to transition to cleanup mode
>Still, the fighting in orbit is still far from over
>Most of the bioships are dead or crippled, the couple remaining ones are being wailed on by several capital ships each but are still spitting out a lot of return fire
>Smaller creatures are being surrounded and hunted down
>All in all, the action is starting to finally die down
>Unless the xenos pull something out of their arses, that is
>Wouldn't put it past those damnable bugs
>Those Eldar pirates had better stay away as well, or they will be turned into shrapnel
>The only one allowed to loot things here is me!
>As the battlefield slowly transitions away from a target-rich environment, opportunities start to present
>Salvage opportunities
>What, you thought I was going to come away from this empty-handed?
>Guns, armour plates, treasures, engines, ornaments, crews, whole ship sections and more are all floating around in the void
>I know enough fences to sell anything I can find here
>Except the people, I could always use more (and now replacement) crews
>The sheer amount of debris means the battle must have been hard-won
>I don't even want to try and estimate how much there is, mixed in with Tyranid gore
>From what I heard, at least seven battleships have been lost in the mess and Emperor knows how many smaller ships
>Chunks of ship constantly spark off the void shields like hail as the IJB moves through the debris field
>I'm sure the Navy won't object to a bit of treaure hunting
>And besides, every bit of debris we take with us is one less chunk falling on the planet later
>Perhaps I can find a new gargoyle or shuttle in all of this
>Be me, Inquisitorial Tempestor Prime George "Solidus" Sears
>We managed a close breakout, the stubber on this little boat managed to save us a lot of trouble
>Killed the Shrikes, Gaunts ended up giving up the chase after that
>Low on ammo for my Needler, Hellgun isn't doing fantastically, but the Stubber has more than enough ammo left
>Along with that, if something like a Harpy, shrike or (Emperor forbid) Harridan shows up the Anti-tank gun here will probably let us scare it off
>We're now a bit outside of the city boundaries, and we've got a couple options, at least according to the local
>We could either park the speedboat away from the city or try going up one of the nearby rivers to escape out via sea
>Going back through the city is a poor idea, 'nids know we're hostile now
>From listening in on the vox I know Grimhedge is completely overran by now, any Tau that remained there are now, most likely, dead
>We'd have the same problem there
>But, there is a third option
>If we move further into lake Liverius, we may be able to get out via Valks
>We'd be far enough away that a Valkyrie could reach us safely if it flew low
>If anything tried to snipe it, we could shoot it down
>I figure we might run out of fuel on our way there though, which is too bad, but the Valk'll still reach us
>But, the mount of this Heavy Stubber looks like it might flimsy enough that I could remove it with a few Hellgun shots
>We'll have to take the Missile Launcher with us to if the Valk arrives, that thing seems useful
>Civvy might be allowed to keep some of the stuff if we get out
>Tell the civvy my suggestion, along with the fact that this appears to be the best way to get the target out without any damage to it
>Helping me finish my mission would mean a possible reward from the inquisition
>Civvy starts up the boat again and drives us south
>Let the Tau man the stubber, she's more than likely out of ammo by now
>Time for a nice, quiet boat ride, with some sedation at the end
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>The Inquisitor seems to be unaware that we already used the bident to purge Stonehenge of Chaos taint
>How did she miss that?
>She surely must have been at least somewhat aware of how tainted Stonehenge was when she was fighting here a few months ago
>Where did she think all the warp rifts and anomalies went?
>Or maybe she thinks the Chaos worshipers are preparing for another ritual that will rip the veil between reality and Warp again
>She is probably much more knowledgeable of such things then I am
>Dark Muses!!
>So in addition to having to escort around a fanatical, unbalanced, trigger happy mon-keigh nutjob and her lackeys, we are also loitering on an island that may become the center of another warp rift
>Quickly message Wyen'dala the updates
>She says it is unlikely that the Chaos worshipers will be able to attempt a ritual of that magnitude with their remaining resources, but not impossible
>Also she tells me to team up with the Inquisitor to purge the remaining Chaos worshipers from this island
>We can't risk another warp rift destabilizing the Webway in this area
>It would be mildly inconvenient to the Archon and he hates being mildly inconvenienced!!!
>By the Muses! I hadn't realized the stakes were high enough that the Archon was actively paying attention
>Suddenly very nostalgic for the days when I was a lowly foot soldier without responsibilities
>All the kick ass parties in the universe aren't worth this sort of pressure to succeed
>Turn back to the Inquisitor
So we are in agreement? We will work together to purge the Chaos worshipers?
File: big bug 3.jpg (22 KB, 343x286)
22 KB
>Be the Hydraphant-Hive Tyrant
>Above us in space, the Hive Fleet is being decimated by the preything's vessels
>Although the hated device has stopped firing for unknown reasons, the damage has been done, and the preything's vessels now outnumber ours
>There is little we can do now except destroy the hated devices of this world so that the next Hive Fleet to visit this world will not be as strongly opposed
>The battle lines of the preythings are on the verge of collapsing when suddenly some powerful energy weapon incinerates hundreds of my smaller brood siblings
>It doesn't take long to trace the attack back to its source, but this knowledge only confuses us even more
>The second hated device has somehow been attached to a large machine
>The brain matter of the preythings we had consumed had assured us that the preythings lacked the resources to move and operate the second hated device in battle
>Even worse, the attack destroyed high concentrations of synapse creatures, causing many of my remaining brood siblings to fall into chaos
>Instructions flood in from the remaining Norn Queens: The hated device must be destroyed!
>They pour even more of their consciousness into my flesh, allowing me to boast my psychic shield to unimaginable new heights and allowing me to reestablish control over the small brood creatures directly
>Even with such resources this won't be an easy kill
>As I head to engage the wielder of the hated device myself, it continues to massacre my brood siblings easily, even the larger bioforms
>It will be no match for my psychic presence however
File: 1573606272412.png (646 KB, 1140x2098)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Listening in on the mon-keigh's primitive communications network while taking a break from the fighting to get a pedicure
>The mon-keigh have rigged up the bident to that old titan they have been using as a lighthouse for as long as I can recall
>Ah yes, the bident, I remember helping perform experiments on the device several millennia ago
>The device had many features that even the Kabal found exceptional, but all attempts to move it into the Webway were met with failure
>It sounds like the mon-keigh are figuring out how to use some of the bident's other features
>Naturally the first one they discover is the vortex generator, which creates a small hole into the warp not unlike a D-Cannon
>A dangerous feature to use, especially on a world like this one where the veil between reality and the Warp is thin and unstable
>Last thing we need is yet another warp breach
>They are also making excessive use of the heat lance feature, which is normally one of the safer features to use except for the fact if you are not careful you risk detonating the weapon's extremely powerful reactor core
>Strangely they haven't activated the bident's null field yet despite the fact that we showed them how to during the Purge of Stonehenge
>It would be interesting to see what the null field's effects are against a psychic race like the Tyranids
>Get message from Trys'ta that the Chaos worshipers may be trying to perform another warp breach ritual around the Stonehenge weapon
>Unlikely, but it is not a possibility we can ignore
>Tell my remaining squads guarding Stonehenge ignore the Tyranid vanguard organisms and the Stryxis and to prioritize hunting down Chaos psykers and to stop anything that looks like a ritual
>Sigh, this was supposed to be a nice, easy, fun series of slave raids with some light manipulation on the side, not a convoluted web of conspiracies, unlikely alliances, and do-or-die missions
>Be me.
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>The small human warriors have caught back up to me.
>I thought I told them to flee.
>Do they feel we can win this fight?
>Very well, I guess they wish to fight, and I am not one to let those who cannot fight as I do die.
>Getting a ton of readings from the bident. Overheating, swelling, gas venting.
>Feels like it's being pushed hard.
>So am I, bident. It's the trial of war.
>I guess both of us are old and ill kept. It's only fair.
>Switch to other guns and to my fist and feet for the moment.
>One big spider one gets the jump on me and tries a straight thrust. Swat it down with the bident, then stomp the limb, snapping it, before swiping the head off it's neck.
>They seem to be regaining cohesion a little.
>I slow, but do not stop, as I feel a wash of something gargantuan and insubstantial hit me.
>My pilot is shaken, but recovers.
>And there I can see it. A titan among titans. What has to be the leader beast.
>Huge and monstrous and glowing it locks eyes with me.
>It looks like it wears the marks of unknown numbers of battles on it's immense armoured hide.
>The bident has cooled enough.
>Clear a path to it with a narrow sweep of the bident.
>The beam, immense yet small, cuts through everything before me.
>Except the creature.
>The beam flashes across it, briefly sparking and flaring against a titanic psychic shield.
>It cuts through, but only does surface damage. Doesn't make it through the armour.
>It grins.
>The Bident is practically screaming in pain, creaking and hissing as it tries to cool itself.
>Warning alarms are ringing through my skull about the risks of detonation.
>I don't trust this thing to not explode.
>Time to end this all. If this big one goes down, the littler ones, all of them, will revert temporarily to animals.
>Shut down preservation protocols.
>Cancel guarding actions.
>Overclock processors.
>Take off at a sprint.
>Rip and tear.
>Be Sigma 32-d
>Titan does not recognize the Lord of All Machines
>Not possible
>Flick through noospheric feeds, Skitarii are engaging the hordes of gants and the Fists line is almost invisible under the swarms of Tyranids throwing themselves at the bunkers and barricades
>As I watch one of the Skitarii snipers gun-streams catches a Fist being disemboweled by a pack of Lictors
>Frak it, we can't afford to write a combined asset this important off at this moment
>Set half a dozen DANGER flags on the Titan's file, add possible Heretek Omega designation
>Seal it for High Magos level and above, unless Ordo Reductor. Nobody outside the Mechanicus sees this
>Exload file to noosphere, put on repeat transmission, slide down ladder into the Enginseer's Pit near the reactor
>Clear the nearest dataport of old dust and newer repair-tape, jack in
>Reactor is throbbing as the Titan goes to flank speed, doesn't appear to have noticed my intrusion yet
>I'm no Enginseer Secutarii but I have ran armoured divisions for thirty years
>Reactor operating principles surprisingly similar, although a Dunecrawler has nowhere near this level of complexity
>Reach for the most updated Reaver management specs my Reductor experimental library has going, datamarked from M40.682
>The Mechanicum never forgets anything, even if we can't use it. Over ten thousand years we've battle-tested a lot of Titans to destruction
>Dump power distribution regime into system, as well as file after file after file of Tyranid organism biology, observed capabilities, damage control for known bioweapon-systems, tactics, anything
>Noospheric link stutters under the dataload but holds
File: hqdefault.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
>Be the Hydraphant-Hive Tyrant
>The big preything vehicle carrying the hated device seems to understand that we are challenging it
>To test its power, I throw some of our psychic energy at it
>The crush wave of raw power pulverizes hundreds of preythings and their vehicles, but the big preything vehicle withstands the blow
>It counters with a wave of unnatural energy that incinerates thousands of our brood siblings but crashes against our psychic shields, causing only minimal damage
>Some deeply buried predatory instinct in our mind flickers with pleasure as we realize the device is no match for us
>Advance towards the optimum kill range as it tries to recharge the device for another attack
>Throw yet another wave of psychic energy at it, even larger than the last
>This time the preythings counter with a psychic shield of their own
>After a moment's confusion we realize it is being maintained by the power of the being known as the Living Saint
>Its power is unnatural for a thing its size, but still no match for us
>We redouble our attack and toss the Living Saint back into the city from which it flew to block us
>We suspect the Living Saint is far from defeated, but one thing at a time
>The large vehicle with the hated device is now charging towards us, the device glowing with unstable energy
>Draw even more psychic energy from the remnants of the Hive Fleet in orbit
>Nothing can penetrate my shield now, and if we get the timing right, we may even be able to deflects its energy attack back onto itself, or use its momentum to crush it as it impacts against our shields
>Soon the hated device will be destroyed, and the sacrifice of the Hive Fleet validated
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry / 531st Cadian
>Start feeling light headed, so decide to sit down on a wrecked Tau tank for a bit
>I am pretty sure I am dying at this point, so it is not like anyone can do much to punish me
>Some Sister Superior comes over and offers to set some bodies on fire
>Not really sure why that would be useful to anyone, maybe I misunderstood
>Wait a minute! That is the same Sister of Battle from months ago who set some lynched bodies on fire in order to cheer us up
>Try to say something but end up coughing up a mouthful of blood instead
>That is really not good, the Tyranid spine projectile must have left some debris or venom in my lung that Graves and the cogboy missed
>The Sister Superior is in a really merciful mood since she calls over a Hospitaller to look at my injuries
>Also a Cadian named Lew, who I have briefly met on several occasions but was never formally introduced to
>The Sister Superior and her fellow warriors leave to fight the Tyranids on the front lines again
>I wish them well since no matter how good a job the Hospitaller does, we are all dead if the Tyranids breach our lines here
>The clouds part for a bit and I see the Living Saint fly overhead
>Oh good, there may be hope after....
>Black out as the Hospitaller injects me with something
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>The fighting in Brannet has dissolved into vicious flat to flat skirmishes
>Unfortunately such fighting is not the area of expertise of a Baneblade, though there are still a few Chaos Knights hanging around to hunt
>Hear scraping noises from outside the command hatch
>Check one of the view ports, it looks like some cultist has snuck onto the tank and is trying to pry open the hatch
Oi! Get off my tank you tosser!
>Pop open the command hatch with as much force as possible, knocking him off balance, then gun him and his mates down with my laspistol
>Catch a glimpse of a Chaos Knight as it crosses a lane a few blocks away
Oi lads! Get the tank two blocks south and three blocks east, we are going to bag ourselves a Baneblade!
File: Gakkou-Gurashi-11-11.jpg (67 KB, 1280x720)
67 KB
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Using my magnoculars to assess the situation from the cupola of my Crassus Armored Assault Transport
>The rain has finally let up a bit, which unfortunately just gives me a better view of the vast Tyranid horde swarming over the foothills of Mount Rhyo in our direction
>Although I am not a senior tactician by any means, based on what I have seen of our own forces in the area they are probably going to sweep right through us
>If I was alone, which I often seem to be whenever shit hits the fan, I would probably run away at this point, but unfortunately there are too many witnesses around, and I have enough friends in my own company and some of the other regiments in the area that I would rather just die fighting with them
>Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before my luck ran out
>Suddenly a massive beam of blindingly bright light sweeps over the Tyranid front lines and incinerates a huge swath of them
>What the fuck was that!?!
>Spot an ancient looking Titan in the distance wielding some sort of glowing spear as both a ranged and melee weapon
>That must be the Bident everyone is always talking about, I have heard that it was used during some of the earlier battles of this world but have never seen it in action
>The Titan is bellowing its war horn, but the pattern is not one I recognize
>Then the massive bio-titan from before reappears and attacks the bident wielding Titan
>The two behemoths exchange impossibly powerful blows without causing meaningful damage to each other
>Even an intervention by the Living Saint himself fails to turn the tide
>My face when I realize I have a front row seat to the fight which will determine the fate of the city
>Be Eldar Guardian Buni, Craftworld An-Arkayd
>By the time the Corsair fleet returns to the battlefield it looks like the Tyranids have basically been beaten
>The Corsairs disperse in order to hunt for Tyranid stragglers at the edge of the formation, leaving the Rogue Trader and the Navy to scavenge the debris field
>Some deep space Corsair bands may have been tempted to fight the mon-keigh for their share of the scraps, but Adabba's Chosen use their close ties with Craftworld An-Arkayd to get cheap access to goods and equipment
>So they rarely engage in looting unless something of extremely high value is there for the taking
>Or if they see some interesting curios that attracts their attention, a couple of interesting looking debris are discreetly looted as mementos
>Tolria might be a bit annoyed if we pick a fight with her mon-keigh boyfriend over a few busted scraps, but no one else is going to care, especially since the Chosen are not directly under the command of Craftworld An-Arkayd, and the primary objective of being here, destroying the Tyranids, has essentially been complete
>Or was that the real reason?
>Nothing about the Eldar intervention here makes sense, from the decision for most of the Eldar forces to fight on the ground instead of in space, to the great lengths my Craftworld's strike force took to sneak onto the Rogue Trader ship just to participate in one counterboarding operation
>Start to wonder what our real objectives are on this world
>Supposedly even Tolria doesn't know, she just receives orders from some mystery individual through a series of intermediaries
>Suggest to the Captain that we avoid provoking the Rogue Trader ship, just in case it was our role here to keep it from being lost in battle
>Be me, Lone Termagant
>Fighting is over. Forces diverted from other regions to stage a resistance here. Hive Mind is pleased, though irked at the loss of such a large amount of biomass.
>Trot over to nearby wreckage. Starting to get hungry.
>Find what looks to be a jar of some sort, filled with a brown paste.
>Bite off the lid, and am greeted by a heavenly smell.
>Like saltwater, and petrichor all at once.
>Paste smells good.
>Tastes as good as it smells.
>Some of it sticks to top of my mouth
>Try to lick it off as best as I can.
>Hear something come over the nearby hill
>Just some of those "Space Marines".
>Don't like them. Too much work for too little food.
>They don't shoot on sight, just standing there. Staring.
>Hear them guffawing heartily.
>Watch them walk away without a bullet in my everything.
>Not sure what just happened.
File: 800px-MECHANICUS.jpg (219 KB, 800x500)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
>Meanwhile, I buckle myself into the Enginseer's crash harness and start attempting to manage the power output
>Not even remotely working, reactor is eight designs older than anything I've driven and vastly more powerful
>Busy myself with the more obvious task of switching out void shield fuses as they go down, which is delayed by the fact that most of the old fuses in storage have deteriorated beyond repair anyway
>Have to scan each one before reinstalling, massively slows even my amateur restore rate
>Manage to get two additional layers up when Titan sensors register a massive psychic surge stabbing out from the Hydraphant
>Shields hold, by what turns out to be an actual miracle as the Living Saint reinforces them
>Both of those layers blow, no time to reestablish them with other systems screaming like this
>What happened to the comfy months in tank gang, why am I in
>Start trying to recruit additional computing capacity from any cogitators in the vicinity to even slightly modulate the reactor
>Downed Space Marine armour suits, idle gun-servitors, the techpriests in the two Baneblades and the onboard computer in the Space Marine Land Raider
>Suddenly have an idea
>Vox Hochberg, request that they bring their relic Baneblade to our position with all speed
>May be able to cross-reference the old databanks in that with the Titan to figure out what codes to use to talk to it
>Assign a third of my available Skitarii to begin cutting through the hordes to link up with Groxbridge

>All the former was computed in approximately fifteen seconds
>In that time, the titan has accelerated to charge speed and even my armour is getting rattled around a fair bit
>Inertial damping evidently shredded
>Continue changing out void cells, guiding Skitarii forces on the ground into holding patterns with the Titan's sensors
>Wish any of the crew from our last Titan had survived, but that thing got blown to hell shortly after I arrived
File: inmysights.png (49 KB, 170x170)
49 KB
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Trying to think of a way out of here
>The streets are teeming with daemons and cultists
>Even with the camelioline cloak, I'll be bumped into or catch a bullet before I make it five steps
>Use this highly evolved brain of yours to good effect, you silly girl
>It's at this point the characteristic clinkclinkclinkclinkclink of Imperial tank treads echoes above the gunfire
>Odd, I don't recall having any tanks around and Hochberg & Co. are on the other side of the city
>The answer is provided by a Baneblade in Praetorian colours rounding the corner into the destroyed street, spitting gunfire
>Watch amused as the tank immediately plants its gun barrel into a wall trying to get round the corner of the narrow street
>A Chaos Knight stomps round the corner and raises its gun in challenge
>This particular one looks to be a...uh...Knight Errant model, I think
>It's hard to tell under all the spikes and paint, but the outline of the Thermal Cannon is unmistakeable
>Looks like it's going to make mincemeat out of those unfortunate Imperials, even a Baneblade's armour is no match for that gun
>As the Baneblade continues attempting to extricate its gun from the wall, the Knight prepares to fire
>Suddenly, a plan flashes up on the metaphorical screen
>I've fought one of these exactly once before, and was saved by a dumb-luck shot
>I know there are several unprotected pneumatic lines on the inside of its hip joint
>Normally such a trick shot would be impossible, but the fact that it's standing still means it's just very difficult instead
>Drop to the roof and aim down the sights as quick as Aeldarily possible
>...there is is....line up....
>Squeeze the trigger and gun fires with a muffled crack as the Knight's cannon flares
>The pneumatic line falls severed, and the Knight lurches almost imperceptibly to one side
>But it's enough
>Be me.
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>The [Designatio] Hydraphant Hive-Tyrant rataliates by sending the biggest blast of psychic energy at me.
>Pulverises and mangles everything else in it's way. Brace for impact, but it breaks over me, then, like a ripple pool, washes back and slams into the Hydraphant.
>Trace to source.
>[Designatio] Living saint.
>The fuck?
>Shiny, wings, magic, holy. Living saint is actually real.
>Try not to focus on theological revelation. Get to charge speed.
>Wonder how I know all this new information.
>Cameras in engineering deck report one of the repair crew, [designatio] Sigma 32 -d, repairing me and uploading tactical information even as we fight. Can feel myself grow younger, more limber as I move.
>Information flashes over my vision, showing detailed schema and statistics of each geno-faucet of the creature, both extrapolated and confirmed, almost faster then I can process and internalise the information.
>He knows his stuff.
>Register log to provide official commendation. For climbing into my heart in the heat of battle to aid me so bravely, he deserves a medal of valour.
>He's even fixing my voids as they blow under the assault.
>Together, with the literal saint, I hold fast against the tide.
>How is he doing this so well?
>Fire is sparking off of the mighty shield from the Hydraphant. Extrapolations from brain and body mass indicate its potential psychic draw could be enough to negate even the mightiest of weapons.
>Note a piece of compartmentalised code in the datum.
>The bident was used to stabilise and override the warp to prevent a... chaotic incursion?
>What does disorder have to do with this?
>But note it quells the warp.
>And this beasty is using the warp to shield itself.
>Bident is still humming and setting off warning signals, but I'm willing to risk another blow.
>Time to slay a hydra.
File: hellointhere.png (785 KB, 977x610)
785 KB
785 KB PNG
>The cannon shot grazes the top of the tank, driving a small furrow in the armour and burning off the flag
>He's in big trouble now, Praetorians hate losing three things - their tea, their hats and their flags
>Before the Knight can fire again, the tank finally pulls its cannon free of the hole and brings its enormous main gun to bear
>Several powerful las bursts and one wayward return shot later, the Knight is a smoking heap of wreckage
>Now, I saved these fools because they are likely my ticket out of here if the cameleoline stops me getting shot on the approach
>Hopefully the unmistakeable singsong Eldar accent many humans find so irritating should let them know I'm not another cultist after they shot the last one near their tank
>The Praetorians are big on following orders, so if they've been ordered to work with us then they should only grumble in private
>Just in case though, I have a handful of leaves in my pocket
>I heard it's called "Darjeeling tea" and considered extinct by the Imperium at large, and I do believe they like this stuff
>Still be me, Termagant
>See some pointy-headed figure point a long stick out towards a FUCKHUEG machine
>Hate those things.
>Make my way up to the pointy guy
>It squeezes its stick
>Loud BANG
>Watch as the big guy gets melted to slag in a quite nice laser light show
>I decide to sit down
>Can smell something from the pointy guy
>Not unpleasant, but it's something new
>Give him a slight nudge
>He yelps, dropping his stick
>I wait for a bit
>He's still staring
>Be me.
>Reaver Titan Eldrado.
>Fire everything but the Bident at the creatures eyes. It splashes over the shield harmlessly, but it covers the section of shield before it with harsh optic glare from the discharge and rippling.
>I duck under where a talon as long as I am tall swipes at me, and with my entire weight and momentum behind it, thrust out with the bident.
>Joints scream and metal groans but I manage to avoid sheering a leg off.
>Bident bites into the shield and falters.
>Vents open and it seems to swell forward, stretching the shield before the combined weight of the Bident's power and the living saint sends it through the shield.
>It slams into one of the Hydraphants shoulders, and the beast roars in pain as I drive it in deep, then tear off a mandible with my powered fist.
>It swings a titanic claw around and catches me in the side, tearing me and the Bident from its body.
>Flying is novel.
>Landing is not fun.
>But a bio-titan breaks my fall enough. It snaps violently, but slows me down.
>The thing roars again.
>It's wounded. Big gash in the right flank, fountaining ichor. Not enough to kill it, but enough to maim it.
>Of course, it got me back too. Blew all my shields, rattled Sigma and my pilot and strained my skeleton.
>Bident is creaking and cracking audibly, but it's still working.
>Decide to ready myself for the beast, giving Sigma time to fix my void shields, and the Bident time to cool.
>Lower my stance, hand out, Bident behind me ready to strike.
>Your move, monster.
>It looks slightly more cautious then before, despite it's massive size and weight advantage.
>Elephants are slain by lions, and now it knows this.
>Optics report lesser sensory radius then before.
>Is it starting to rain?
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>The Sybarite ask me if we accept to work together to purge the Iron Warriors
>Well we came for the stryxies first...
We accept Sybarite. We will purge the Stryxies and the Iron Warriors
>Hesitate to tell her about the daemonculaba that would make them pass for simple student in anatomy to press them to fight the traitors
>But that would give them idea about how to improve their cousins in soulstones
Well shall we be going?
>Get back in the corridors of the bunker hunting the heretics the mutant and the xenos but this time
>Still I have to be carefull they may betray us once we are done
>Get a message from the Castagnor
>In the void it is over
>The biggest bioships have been destroyed
>Remaining only some minor ones and the Hydraphant
>Stop in the middle of hallway
>Ask them if they can shoot the Hydraphant from space with the lance cannon
>They reply affirmativly
>Too bad that I will miss the face of the beast receiving a lance shot on it's back
>Continue a few minutes before hearing a shrilling voice
>An Iron Warriors
>He is screaming about no more power and turning on a generator in the eastern section of the bunker
>Make a sign to the Sybarite
>We kill them destroy the generator
>Get to the command room
>Kill whoever is in there
>Then find the Iron Warriors hq blow it up if we can
>For any other Iron Warriors or Stryxies in the tunnels they will be killed without problem it's like a space Hulk here
>Wait for her response
>Is it to primitive for her?
>Be me.
>It's started to rain. Pull over wax blankets and make myself a hot drink from some of the tea plants I managed to splice enough to grow.
>Am warm and comfy inside my many layers with my tea. Hear distant sounds of heavy battle.
>Light flashes and reality seems to split a little.
>What's happening over there?
>Grab lasgun.
>Walk my way to shoreline.
>A Titan. A God Machine.
>I'd only ever heard of them from bedtime stories. Giant metal warriors.
>There's one, and it's cutting a swathe through the horde.
>It lets off an unknown energy weapon, and a whole swathe of it's foes fall.
>Even from here, I can hear it's bellowing and roaring.
>Another answers it. A huge creature, bigger then all the others before it.
>Run Titan. It's too big. You can't win.
>It lowers itself, and charges at the monster.
>I guess it's pilot must be brave. Braver, or more noble then me at least.
>Realise I'm watching a battle that may decide the fate of the region.
>Drain the last of my tea, then kneel in the sand, and fold my hands over my chest into the Aquilla, like my pop taught me.
>Emperor. It's me again. I know I don't pray much, but please let the Titan win.
>Don't know what else to say. Protect us in this time of trial. Give us the chance to fight back.
>End up repeating most of it.
>Watch as it gets close. It's sprinting now, even as the big monster throws wave after wave of ripples of force in the air at it.
>The titan opens up with weapons against the monster, but it's protected by an invisible wall.
>It swipes, but the titan duck under, almost falling, and lunges.
>I cry out in joy as it's holy weapon punches through the invisible shield and scores a deep cut into the monster, before it catches in my throat as the monster catches the now stationary Titan and throws it through the air.
>Both are hurt.
>Emperor, please. Let the Titan win.
File: The_song_of_my_people.jpg (509 KB, 990x1227)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
>Be me, Tank Commander and acting-captain Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>My lady's been mostly patched up, it's not like she's completely healed but she can fight for a while again
>Ammo's been completely replenished and Friederich's tank has been fixed up as well
>Rest of 5th Squadron is getting repairs nearby in the Yards, they had to throw the towel in a little early up north
>But now they're ready for combat again
>Vylk's been busy leading from the front lately it seems, since most of the regiment is fighting bitterly street to street
>1st, 3rd, 4th tank companies are holding out in Sloan along with 1st & 2nd Mechanized Infantry companies and Commissar Kappel
>2nd Tank company is in the south protecting Volgatov
>5th and 6th Tank however are nearby with Vylk
>3rd Mechanized infantry are down here
>Damn, I wish captain Böhler's Stormblade hadn't been destroyed by that Gargant
>Spotted a huge fucking Tyranid Titan in the distance
>Then get a call from the Skitarii commander, he wants me to drag up my Lady
>Presumably to help him kill the Titan, which I see nothing wrong with
>Then get an order from Vylk
>"Hochberg, get your big temperamental woman over to my position, we're killing a bug warlord titan."
>"Copied, say no more boss!"
>Inform the techpriests of my orders, immediately they get to releasing my lady
>Vox remainder of the squadron here, tell them to get into formation
>A mass of armoured vehicles rolls out of the Vaulian Yards and Daygate
>Can see that they're the 5th and 6th
>My own battered and bruised squadron of 6 tanks, including me, are in a pitiable state
>However, we do have something the enemy doesn't
>A big angry tank
>Quickly we roll through the streets, wiping out any smaller resistance near the boarders of the city and smashing out into the battlefield outside of Groxbridge
>The full form of the gigantic titans come into view, my lady comes out just in time to catch the massive titans slamming into the ground
>5th and 6th roll out of the city, firing into the Tyranids heading for the titan
>Foremost among them is colonel Gustaf Adalwolf Vylk, standing up out of the command hatch of his Banesword "Der Löwe aus Mitternacht"
>His luxurious blonde Van Dyke beard caked with blood, soot and sweat, he's waving around his relic power sword like a madman and ordering the beleaguered guardsmen around us forward
>Watch as an Imperial saint flies out from the city to come aid us
>Holy shit WHAT
>"By the Emperor..."
>Vylk seems unaware and roars out an order of attack
>A mass of 40-50 tanks rolls forward, a blanket of tank gun fire rolling over the Tyranids as guardsmen swarm forward covered by Storm trooper fire
>Order Karsten aim at the Tyranid titan, order other guns to fire on the incoming horde
>With a thunderous roar the Banesword and my Lady fire their massive guns at the titan, along with 2 companies worth of tanks and hundreds of Guardsmen
>I hope Sigma survives this barrage, if so, my debt to him will finally be repaid in full
>Only way to make sure is to kill that Titan, something that I think Vylk would shoot me for if I didn't at least try
>Lets do this, now or never!
File: download (2).jpg (50 KB, 500x375)
50 KB
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
Bloody hell! Watch out for that....
>Too late, the barrel of the main gun smashes through the wall of some unlucky bloke's flat and gets wedged in a pillar
>At that exact moment a Knight Errant comes around a corner ahead
>It has no mutations, but the spikes, icons, and naked lasses painted on its hull leave no doubt of its allegiance
>Without the main gun pointing forward, there isn't much we can do except accept the fact that we are about to be turned into a bonfire
>Somehow the shot misses though, or maybe the wanker is just playing with us
>Luckily our main cannon is pulled free at this point and the main gunner desperately swivels the main turret to line up a shot
>The near miss has shorted out the sensors, so I pop open the top hatch to assess whether the main cannon is lined up properly
>The damage isn't as bad as I though it would be, though the armor is a bit melted where the thermal cannon shot passed over us
>Hear the sound of something burning close by
>The tank's colours, normally flapping proud and true from the vox mast, are burning
>Howls of indignation flood the tank's vox channel as everyone starts firing indiscriminately in the general direction of the Knight Errant despite the lack of visuals
>Although a lot of collateral damaged is caused, the Knight is very much dead before it gets another shot off
>Order Hemmy to drive us closer so I can spit on its burning corpse
>Spot one of those prancing fairy types knocking on the main hull hatch of the tank
>Tempting to take a shot with my laspistol, but orders are orders
>Order the crew to let her in and head down to the main deck to talk to her
>It is one of those "Ranger" types, so it is probably an emissary who wants to discuss something important, perhaps even their leader Tolria herself
>Be the Hydraphant-Hive Tyrant
>Something is wrong
>The hated device is somehow negating our psychic abilities
>We can feel the psychic shield slipping and our synapses centers misfiring in confusion
>We must win the fight before the psychic null field reaches its full potential
>The large preything vehicle fires its secondary weapons in an attempt to blind me, though the synapse degradation is the real reason for the miss
>The combined pressure of the device's negating field and the Living Saint's psychic onslaught allows the device to puncture our shields and embed itself deep into our shoulder
>Our retaliatory strike knocks it back, where it promptly assumes a defensive position, no doubt waiting for its negating field to reduce us even further
>Saving our psychic might to maintain what is left of our shields, we instead resort to a more conventional attack, vomiting up a tide of highly corrosive acid onto the big vehicle
>Although by no means a killing stroke, the vehicle's performance should steadily degrade for the duration of the fight
>Receive a warning from orbit, the preythings vessels, free from having to defend themselves against my siblings in space, are now moving into position to kill me from above
>Already two hastily aimed shots have shorn through the clouds, narrowly missing us, but vaporizing hundreds of my brood siblings and the preythings
>Also, smaller, but still potent, preything vehicles are now bombarding us with explosive shells
>With our psychic field weakening, they will soon be able to cause significant damage just by sheer volume
>We must destroy the device before it is too late!
>Rush forward to knock the large vehicle wielding the device onto its back with my mass
>Once it is down, we should be able to destroy the device with teeth and rending claws
>Nothing else matters now
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>The Inquisitor has agreed to the alliance, so now I am striding down the corridors of Stonehenge with a Grotesque, a Haemonculi, a Mandrake, an Incubi, an Inquisitor, and a few Space Marines
>Also Fluffinator the gyrinx, who by some miracle has decided to trot ahead of me instead of making me carry him
>I hope one of the spy cameras records this, since I want to pay it on slow-mo with epic music later at my party
>It doesn't take long before we have our first encounter with an Iron Warrior
>He is trying to restart a generator, apparently not realizing that the virus we uploaded has shut down more then just the power subsystems
>The Inquisitor decides now is a good time to discuss strategy
>Agree to strategy of destroying the generator, raiding the command room, then destroying the Iron Warrior stronghold that Kerala has been babbling on about
>We make quick work of Iron Warrior and his followers in the generator room, then discuss further strategy while Fluffinator laps up the blood leaking out of one of the dead cultists
>Other Drukhari and Craftworlder attack groups have reported a steady decline in the number of Chaos and Tyranid infiltrators they have been encountering, so either we are winning, or they are up to something
>Strangely no Stryxis have been encountered aside from the one recorded sabotaging the command room
>A few short encounters later, and lots of running while carrying a fat gyrinx (note to self, don't wear high heels while on duty ever again) we are in the control room
>Which is completely empty
>Turn to my fellow drukhari but they don't see anything either
>Wait for Inquisitor to come to the same conclusion in order to see if she wants to do something here or head to the Iron Warrior stronghold
>It is tempting to play a bit more air guitar, but I figure I should be on my best behavior in front of the mon-keigh
>Also I am still holding the gyrinx
>Be Master of sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>our librarian's head exploded when that creature screamed
>This means I will have to go explain this to tigrarius
>Gather and wake up all my brothers
>It would be safe to keep a bit more distance between us and the titans
>We finally see our brothers who where in Groxbridge
>Tell them to get over here in the Emperor's name
>Before we head out of the city I decide to get on top of one of the Land Raiders and do a Sermon
>Take a micro
>Get stopped by some orbital bombardment missing the biotitan
>Oh come on for one time I had a good public!
>Guardsmen and sisters of battle came to hear me !
>Turn back to them
>Still on the land raider who is now going at full speed I see them charging on foot, flying whoever they are
>It's beautiful
>See a regiment of guardsmen clearing up a hil and start shooting at the hydraphant with their lasgun
>That won't do much but the intention is good
>Notice a group of steel legionners tanks leaded by a baneblade after I cooked up a mawloc with a melta gun
>It is surely this relic this inquisitor told me about
>Get closer and aim at the same point
>The hydraphant shield won't hold like this for long
File: Absolutely_horrifying.jpg (74 KB, 590x599)
74 KB
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>In my 100 years of inquisitorial work, I've learned something
>Never underestimate the ferocity of desperate men fighting for their homes
>In tight street fighting like this, the horde of a thousand odd fanatics with me have been quite effective
>We've been forced to withdraw from less well defended positions in Sloan, the most forward line now being along the westernmost bits of Mila street
>The sun has begone to go down, and the streets reek of death
>Fleet bound elements report massive damage being done to the Hive fleet thanks to a massive naval pincer movement
>It's not entirely over yet I suspect, but a major blow has been dealt to the Tyranids
>Meanwhile, my bodyguard, I and the militia have been charging down Mila street securing areas under heavy attack
>Using stolen and improvised weaponry, these militiamen have sacrificed themselves en masse to stop various Tyranid breakthroughs
>One of them leaped at a Hierodule with a box of Krak grenades and blew it up before it could reach our lines
>Their bravery is exactly what I expected from them
>Their deaths have amounted to the guard in Sloan being able to maintain their positions in and around the forts
>The Guardsmen have been able to hold Mile street, and the bugs in the north have been pushed back
>The northern Hierophant ended up charging Lionheart over Sayle Bridge, trapping it as the bridge was collapsed
>Voxed Jackinus in orbit, told him to fly to Stonehenge with his bodyguard and deal with the heretics on the island
>Anguis is doing his best to keep the Titan alive, he's planning something involving copious amounts of artillery and aircraft judging by his vox traffic
>Now standing on the corpse of a dead Carnifex, surveying the battlefield
>It seems quiet, but then I hear it
>A gigantic mass of stampeding Tyranids heading straight for Sloan, led by at least 15 FUCKING HIEROPHANTS
>Vox any and all free navy units, request immediate orbital bombardment on the area between Liamhelm and Groxbridge
>”The entire area, my lord inquisitor? But what of the infrastructure?"
>"Damn the infrastructure, just do it!"
>As the guardsmen begin panicking en masse and commissars open fire on retreating forces, the massive advance of Tyranids coming from Liamhelm suddenly grinds to a halt
>Raise up my binoculars and observe as it appears that the group of bugs is... infighting
>Suddenly, a nearby Psyker begins screaming loudly and his skull explodes all over one of my crusaders
>That can only mean one thing
>Grab the hand of one of the Guardsmen who's silently crying and gazing utterly terrified at the horde
>Twist them around, pull them up on Carnifex, switch to all vox channels
>Raise the Guardsman’s hand up in a call for a cheer
>Guardsmen begin shouting and cheering, those previously terrified in the face of death now bawling their eyes out with joy
>Confirmation from the fleet comes in seconds later, the Hive ship carrying the Norn Queen has been destroyed
>Proceed to immediately inform the cheering guardsmen that this is far, far from over
>Tell them that the fleet will no mass produce Norn Queens in an attempt to save itself, meaning that the bugs will be attacking us very, very soon unless we act RIGHT NOW
>Let go of the guardsman, raise my power axe
>Direct artillery from the forts into the incoming stampede
>Fleet will require some time to get into position, at the very least they have a big series of targets to shoot at
>Until then we can only further prepare
>Be Me, lonely Termagant
>Pointy-eared fucker didn't have any food on him
>Just gawked at me
>Wander away to look for more food
>Don't find any, but whatever
>Just wondering where my Warrior wandered off to
>Kinda miss them
>Look for a nice cave to dig in for the night
>Finally find a good spot
>Can still hear the fighting
>Norn Queen must be dead by now.
>Ah well. Hated that broad.
File: swell.gif (5.12 MB, 640x360)
5.12 MB
5.12 MB GIF
>Be Imperial citizen of Liveria
>The boat putters south at a steady rate over the lake
>Some substantial waves have manifested themselves on the large lake with the increasing wind, and the boat rocks as it passes them
>The Tau is looking mildly seasick and the Tempestor is eyeing the weaponry
>He keeps trying to raise an airvac on the vox, but there's no response
>All the forces must be busy elsewhere, or the signal isn't getting through
>As the boat gets closer to the southern shore, there's still no luck
>I don't want to walk miles to an uncertain place in the rain and dark
>Divert course somewhat to the east, towards Redriver
>The city had been recaptured from the Tau shortly before all the Tyranid business started
>I imagine they'd have left a caretaker garrison, or at least be able to pick up a vehicle
>As far as the reports I managed to get hold of indicated, there are no Tyranids in the area
>As the boat goes over a wave, the radio falls to the floor onto its operator's foot
>Normlly percussive maintenance isn't the answer, but the bang along with the reduced distance causes it to spring into life
>The crackly voice of a Guard commander comes through on the vox at last
>The Tempestor must have some high-level mission codes, since he soon gets a line to the local Imperial Navy aircraft dispatcher
>They won't be able to find us out on the lake in the inclement weather and failing light as dusk falls
>We'll be picked up in Redriver once we arrive
>But first, we've got to get there
>There's miles of dark open water, waves and rain in between us and there
>The headlamp and satellite navigation system got shorn off by a low ceiling, so it'll be navigation based on the compass and dead reckoning
>We'll have to reduce speed to save fuel as well, lest we be stranded on the water miles from land
>There wasn't any time to refuel the boat, and the city chase escape burned a lot
>What joy this will be
>Be me Tar "grand theft ordinatus" Gwill, Night Lord errant
>Cruising with Tau girl in sick civilian jeep
>she's pretty good for just learning to drive a wheeled vehicle, while having her DNA actively rewritten
>she seems upset by her situation
>she asks me how long she has to live
>tell her i'm not sure, I don't have a watch
>wonder why she would even care, she would only be getting 20 or so moons anyway
>I remember back when I was doing imbedded recon on Kalnin II and if a certain fire warrior was pissing me off, I would just wait for him to die
>hmm, maybe she won't be as useful as I had thought
>other part of brain is scanning through Imperial broadcasts, apparently pretty bad situation, but it also means their encryption is very low priority
>sounds like theres a Knight in proximity to us, somehow he got cut off from the action
>bad luck
>"Take a left"
>"wait here for a moment"
>leave jeep parked in an alley, plasma rifle on my back
>run through a wall, then quickly scale to the roof
>start running, leaping a few rooftops, until I can see the Knight striding down a boulevard
>most knights keep their side shields up in urban environments, to prevent what Im about to do
>opt for a frontal assault
>leap onto to the street, standing before the advancing titan
>before it can react I let loose a precise burst of plasma aimed its carapace
>engage the famous Night Lords reverse advance
>as fast as I can I'm on top of the nearest building
>land on top of Knight
>mag lock boots
>my shots hit where I needed them to, partially melting the seal of the hatch
>unsheathe power knife
>cant wrench it open
>Be me
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>The beast vomits up a torrent of fluid over me. The one void shield I had took much of the onslaught, but blew too soon for it all.
>Didn't have enough armour to take it.
>Rain helps, but it's not clearing it fast enough.
>The beast lunges at me, and I regret my ancient and decrepit form, weakened by acid and beatings and only hastily repaired, is too slow to intercept it.
>I can feel my reactor cores on my back rupture as it throws me over and rises up to fall upon me. The energy bleeds like liquid lightning over my body and the ground.
>I raise the Bident up one last time, and pour the last dregs of energy into it.
>The weight of the Titans fall carries it onto the twin points, which burst through the shield and carve through it's chest.
>Should make for a mortal wound eventually.
>It's raining differently now.
>Despite the roaring of the beast, I can observe detonations and laser strikes.
>They've ordered our position bombarded.
>An honourable send off then.
>But not for my pilot and the Sigma. They can still be saved.
>[Primary ejector seat: Active]
>She screams as she is ejected, bearing my last message and desire.
>Mind whiplash.
>Dump entirety of network data on myself and my maniple into Sigma.
>Open all emergency exits from the engineering deck to the exterior.
>Hope he makes it out.
>Grip the Hydraphant by one of it's remaining mandibles as it roars at me.
>Lift my head. Roar back via warhorn into it's face.
>Pull it down onto me, and shove the Bident the last way through it and out the other side.
>It's pinned now, impaled and held down as the heavens rain down upon it.
>It's eyes are locked to mine.
>It tries to rip the Bident away, but it's held too tight to it's chest.
>It tears my face off with it's jaws, destroying my sensors.
>I don't need them.
>I know what's going to happen.
>My reactors went critical nearly a minute ago.
>Be me.
>See the two titans fight. The pilot of the Emperor's one was right to charge. He is evenly matched, despite the size difference.
>I wouldn't have done it. But I'm not a titan pilot.
>Watch as he sacrifices himself to slay the monster, holding it in place through the chest as fire rains from the sky.
>Suddenly, amidst it all, the explosions, the roaring and the booming, the pair light up like a sun.
>Shield my eyes and run.
>I am not a smart man, but I know that that fight was what the Emperor intended for me to use to sneak back to safety.
>Load the last of my food and water onto my raft, before bundling up what little gear I have to my name, and paddling off to the shore.
>If I can make it to the Great Amble Barrage, I can take the river Grox down into Groxbridge.
>It has to be safe there, right?
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>There is nobody in the control room
>The stryxies must have ran away or must be hiding
>The vox then spit out that the first norn queen is dead
>Knowing the bugs they will make a big powerfull assault in a last attempt to kill us all
>With those informations the stryxies could have ran away knowing that they could have been next on the list
>As I communicate order to the fleet to destroy all non Imperial eldar and rogue trader vessels, I hear loud stomping
>Turn to the door bolter in hand
>An iron warrior opens the door before being mauled by the mandrake and Ketua
>This means two thing
>They know that we are here
>But they don't know how many of us are here
>They must think that there's only one or two people in here
>Meaning that we can use both our natural advantage
>Look back to this unexpected team
>Why is that overgrown cat puddling in blood?
>Before we leave we trap the door with explosives
>After running away in the supposed direction of the hq of the iron warriors we hear an explosion
>Someone took the bait
>Follow Kerrala right before the door of the iron Warriors hq
>They all scream at each other with their high pitched baby
>We could make them shot each other
>Smile even more
>Be me, Tank Commander and acting-captain Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Die Großfürstin's been putting down a steady rain of fire on the Titan, keeping any Tyranids approaching my squadron far away
>The 2 companies with Vylk have stopped a few hundred meters away from the titans
>Far enough out of the city that they can fire on them safely, but close enough that they don't all sink into the ground
>Getting more and more concerned for the health of Sigma near the Titan, reports say he's there
>The Reaver managed to stab the Hydraphant after being wounded by it and slammed into the ground
>Skitarii urging us to move in close and get him out when suddenly a woman in a black leather suit flies out of the titan
>Vylk screams at me over the vox
>"Vylk to all units, GET THE COMMANDER OUT OF THERE IN ANY WAY YOU CAN! The Imperium IS NOT losing a high-ranking officer over this failed titan hunt!"
>Apparently the navy is going to be bombarding the Hydraphant soon
>Wait WHAT!?
>The Bident will survive, sure, but we sure as fuck won't, and Sigma probably won't either, nor will that Titan
>Losing a Titan is bad enough, but losing a member of the command staff along with it? Uh-uh, that'd get me killed for certain
>Leave Oswald in charge of my lady, get out of the command hatch
>Look around, see Tempestor Prime Anguis getting in one of our Chimeras
>Leap out of my Lady, sluggishly run in the mud
>Nearly trip and fall several times, Chimera nearly runs me over
>Quickly get inside, commandeer it toward the Titan
>Glad these vehicles can move in conditions like this
>It drives at top speed at the Titan, the rest of the formation providing covering fire for it, in particular my Lady
>Hear Vylk over the vox
>"Hochberg you son of a bitch, I saw that! DON'T YOU DARE GET YOURSELF KILLED, YOU HEAR ME!? THAT'S AN ORDER!"
>"Loud and clear sir!"
>Chimera pulls up near the Titans still struggling against one another
>Sigma climbing out from underneath the giant of a machine, he falls to the ground as debris slam behind him and manage to smash his legs
>If he can feel any pain, that has got to hurt and hurt lots
>"We're getting you out of here man, just hold on!"
>Fuck, how are we getting him out of here!?
>Maybe Chimera Autocannon?
>No, too little time, damnit!
>Anguis suddenly leaves the Chimera and raises a rocket launcher at the piece of debris
>"Clear for backblast!"
>Throw myself to the ground as a Krak missile slams straight into the debris, knocking it back enough that Sigma can begin crawling out
>Hurriedly the guardsmen from the Chimera begin pulling him out, his legs are badly damaged and he can't stand
>Grabbed him by the torso, try to lift him up
>Anguis grabs on and manages to hold up most of his weight by himself
>Quickly the group piles into the Chimera
>Squad's sergeant shouts out a string of swears as the Chimera takes off at full speed
>An explosion rockets out from behind us, hear Vylk screaming for everyone to retreat before a sudden warmth surrounds the IFV
>Grab on to something as I feel the Chimera leave the ground
>Black out

>...When I wake up, extreme pain washes over me
>Blood's clouding my vision, rip off my rebreather
>Grimace and groan as I look at the state I'm in
>Left forearm broken, arm's out of socket
>Look around, everyone in the chimera is out stone cold
>The chimera is flipped over and the back is blown off
>Spot Sigma, try to relocate my shoulder
>After a few prodding attempts, I finally manage it
>Hurts like hell, but quickly becomes a little better
>Get a grip around Sigma's waist with my right arm, try to crawl forward
>By the fucking emperor that hurts
>Manage to crawl out over scorching hot metal
>It burns my overcoat as I slam into the mud with Sigma
>Feel a Chirurgeon grab onto me
>"It'll be alright son, it'll be alright."
>Cough out a sentence at Sigma, who seems to be waking up
>"D-debt... repaid... in full!"
>Pass out
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Steaming piles of traitor knights, heretics, eldar and guardsmen are scattered amongst the ruins
>Two lances total have been destroyed, mostly thanks to the traitor forces being split up
>The Errant and Warden class freeblades with me have been damaged, but have managed to recover their Ion shields and yet continue to fight
>A member of the night lords has reportedly attempted to mount a traitor knight
>Bizarre, but not unexpected
>Night lords are very strange, just like their Primarch
>The Norn queen is dead, leaving her children temporarily leaderless
>One of our Sergeants was killed by the Sudden attack of a lictor, presumably acting on instinct in order to fulfil its mission without the hive mind present
>Of course, it was swiftly exterminated
>It's becoming dark and the rain has yet to stop
>The battlefield is showered in orange light as the suns begin to go down
>The Heretics are largely flooding out of the buildings and down the Eldar lines, likely hoping to overwhelm them with sheer force of numbers
>With one of the last remnants of the second lance, a Knight Desecrator, slamming into the street, this heralds the beginning of our pincer movement
>Most of my detachment has been wounded in the clearing out of buildings, only Durans, 75% of his squad, one of our assault squads and I remain
>The rest have either been killed or sent back to HQ
>As our column begins advancing from behind the heretical horde toward the Eldar, a shower of lances lights up the sky to the south and east
>Hear reports from our brothers to the east that a massive horde of Tyranids is approaching
>The captain says that as soon as we're finished dealing with these heretics, we'll move east and make sure that flank does not falter
>Maluan roars as we charge the heretics from behind, and I activate my jump pack
>"Come brothers, a penultimate leap into the heart of battle, for Dorn!"
File: itsallconnected.png (1.41 MB, 1280x960)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>A laspistol jammed into my face?
>How rude
>Naturally, I wouldn't expect a mon'keigh to have much decorum
>Now drive, I don't want to sit in this stinking tank all day
>Of course the above conversation playing in my head is not actually what happened
>What was really said was that I'm not here for a purpose specifically, just hitching a ride
>I'll mostly stick in the back out of your way and hop out when there's a way back to the lines
>I can't help much, but I can cover the rear
>Don't want another cultist jumping on top or planting C4 up your ass, do you?
>Try not to get us all blown up in the meantime
>Oh, and here's a few tea leaves as my passage fare if you want them
>Settle down at the back and start to think as I watch
>Why are we even here, fighting the humans' wars for them anyway?
>The higher-ups haven't told us squat, saying it might compromise fate
>Fate, schmate my arse
>There's been grumbling over this allegedly pointless conflict for us to be in and waste lives on
>Think, think - let's join the dots
>What clues do we have?
>The Exodite world of Banthoddar is a few systems away
>Considering the path of the Hive Fleet, it.....would have been directly in the path of the Great Devourer
>Biel-Tan were also the leading proponent of the expedition
>That sounds plausible, but why were we here so early?
>Rewind a bit more to when we first arrived
>The Necrons were threatening the world, and what we were told was that the local Imperials would not have been able to stand up to them
>The tank flies into the air as it goes over a large rubble heap, and the impact of my head with the ceiling breaks me out of my reverie
>Ouch, my head has been far too battered today
>Resume pondering
>What I think is happening is that we were sent into save the Imperials from the Necrons and the other threats they faced
>If we hadn't been around for the Necrons or to repair Stonehenge for them, the world may have been either left unable to defend against the Tyranids or fallen today
>And if the Tyranids had washed over this place, they would have carried on to Banthoddar unopposed
>And so we saved the world so it could serve as a shield against the Tyranids, and left just enough troops behind to make sure things went smoothly without risking too many
>Of course, this is just a theory but I certainly think it's plausible
>What have we come to when we don't even share information between our own forces?
>Notice a cultist running up behind in the blind spot with what looks like a scavenged Ork Stikk Bomb
>As he falls over minus his head after a Long Rifle shot, the bomb blows up
>Persnickety Ork technology
>I hope they don't get into any more ill-advised knight duels while they're out here
>And I think I will keep these musings to myself
>Be the Hydraphant-Hive Tyrant
>We crush the large preything vehicle with our body weight, but it manages to stab us on the way down
>Start aggressively smashing it into submission
>It manages to grapple with me a bit, but it clearly wasn't meant to fight on its back
>It doesn't need to fight well though, as long as it is fending us off, the hated device's negation field will continue to drain our power
>Make one last attempt to kill it by biting its head off, but it somehow stabs the device into me again
>Despite the serious interference the negation field is now exerting on our synapse, we notice that the vehicle's energy source has become unstable and is on the verge of overloading
>Try to pull away but the hated device is lodged within us
>At least the hated device will likely be destroyed as well when the vehicle detonates
>Screech in defiance as everything goes white with pure thermal energy
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>The Inquisitor thinks she is so clever rigging the control room to explode like that, but in actual fact, I suspect it was a bit of a waste
>Based on the reports I am getting from other Drukhari and Craftworlder squads, the area around Stonehenge has been thoroughly purged of Chaos worshipers and there are no signs of a large scale warp rift ritual like before
>They were probably just trying to hijack the Stonehenge weapon like we originally suspected
>The mon-keigh "tech-priests" will likely have a few words with her for destroying priceless technology (by their standards)
>The Tyranids seem to be on the verge of defeat as well, their aerial assault has been driven off, and no one has seen one of their vanguard organisms in the tunnels for nearly an hour
>According to reports from space, several of the Norn Queens are likely dead at this point, and the rest should follow soon
>Oh good, I guess we are not needed anymore
>Time to return to the party I had to postpone
>Naturally Wyen'dala picks this exact moment to order me to link up with Kerala and check out the last remaining pocket of Chaos resistance
>Naturally it is the same stronghold that the Inquisitor wanted to check out
>And of course, she wants me to bring the gyrinx as well
>A short time later, we encounter the Iron Warrior's last stand
>It is deep within the sublevels of Stonehenge, some sort of abandoned storage room filled with supplies, defenses, and enemies
>Must be some sort of beachhead they established after using warp portals to get here
>Swarms of Craftworlders, Drukhari, and the Inquisitor's war band rush into the room for one final battle
>Good thing I am on gyrinx-sitting duty
>Find a good place to hide, roll some hallucinogenic leaves into some paper and light up
>Judging by all the screaming and the gunfire, they will probably be fighting for a while
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>So Trys'Ta think that I completly destroyed the control room
>Hey it was just a bunch of grenades tied together and hanged at the ceiling that would fall on the head of the guy who would open the door
>Yeah if the guy walking in is wearing ceramite armor maybe the ceramite could fly in the room and hit a console but not destroy them plus the room is quite large
>So no worry about it
>We killed several Iron Warriors by ambushing them
>We found the last iron Warriors hiding in large storage room filled with ammo, explosives and other hazardous materials
>Ok so no grenades and other explosives
>Nobody uses flamers or acid
>There's enough explosives here to blow up the Island
>We should use our melee weapons to take them out
>Or use again the element of fear and surprise
>Before we could finish our plan of action a bunch of we meet a bunch of craftworlders
>Oh great
>An alliance where every faction hate each other and another faction who hate everyone and that everyone hate just came here for another alliance !
>Fuck it agree with their help we rush to iw hq
>Kill everything inside and part ways
>Sneak to the door
>Knock on it
Inquisition open up!
>Hear a big "what ?"
>They shot the door with what seems to be a heavy bolter
>Hear them babbling about using all the ammo and reloading
>Knock down the door blast two shots at the nearest marine
>Cover behind a crate as the rest of the group rush inside blasting bolt, needle and other projectiles
>Notice an Iron Warrior near me trying to pick up a flamer to blow up the room
>Unseath xenophase sword and rush to cut his hands
>Manage to cut his right before being sent off to a crate to the other side of the room
>Shot a few time at him
>Before he grab an axe and charge me
>Parry his attack by aiming at the axe with my bolter leaving his belly opened for a stab with my sword killing him for good
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>The men have gotten the defences together, another Norn queen has yet to be able to direct the tyranid forces
>The battle here looks to be a victory
>Mostly according to plan
>Ordered the radiomen play a specific song after a victory ballad signals the end of the battle
>Take some time to reflect on the series of events that led me here

>A lot of evidence pointed to this planet being occupied by the Necrontyr at one point
>The indestructible bident, codenamed "Lance of Longinus", seems to be of a design that outdates almost all of the sentient species in the galaxy
>That and the Stonehenge made this planet extraordinarily valuable
>Along with that, it's position at the edge on the galactic border made it a good spot to hold off Tyranid invasions
>There were a few key obstacles to get over
>This world being an Agri-world meant turning it into a fortress would be hard
>The people as well would not be used to war
>And the planetary nobles? Unlikely to care much for the military aspects of life
>Their PDF was not suited for combat at all
>Yet luck was in my favour
>Long work hours on an agri-world, though with some freedoms, tend to turn the common man a bit... bitter
>Of course, the initial incursion and heresy was not my doing at all
>But, after the fighting began, it tempered the people of this planet
>War became a part of their life, their identity
>Many took up arms to fight for their homes, they became warriors
>The holy texts and propaganda my vanguard elements distributed certainly helped
>The people of this planet are fighters and survivors now
>I suspected the Necrons would attack soon, the chaos invasion was unplanned, the Orks were semi-predictable, but the Tyranids I expected
>Negotiating with the Eldar was not too difficult
>In exchange for their aid in powering up Stonehenge and defending this planet, we by proxy save a nearby exodite world
File: TheManWhoSoldThisWorld.jpg (200 KB, 1920x1080)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
>If they could hold their Dark Eldar cousins on a tight leash, as I suspected they might show, I'd continue to conveniently forget to mention the existence of the exodite world Banthoddar
>As far as official records go, I never knew it existed and have never known
>Contact via long-range communication went fine
>Surrounded myself with blanks during face-to-face contact with the them, preventing them from seeing what I was planning
>With so many inquisitorial puritans here, I figured various successive planetary governors would be replaced
>With the position held by Bragon Arrnon-Laurenthal, an extraordinary opportunity arose
>Loose evidence indicated that he was linked with the initial insurgency
>His predecessors were all killed by Puritan inquisitors, getting on his good side was not too difficult with a few borderline heretical promises
>Too bad he had a "tragic accident" earlier today when we spoke
>Solidus will be escaping with the Tau, all the while having worn his helmet with the voice changer, leaving his true identity unknown
>Once this is all over, I will have a previously unknown man appointed governor of this planet
>A man called George Sears
>With Sears in charge, this planet will be under my de facto control, allowing me to turn it into a veritable fortress
>Regiments will be born, raised and trained under the watch of the three wonders, and xenos will tremble!
>If Stonehenge is further fortified and repaired, this place will become a marvel of defence
>To secure the allegiance of the mechanicus, I will hide their xenarite tendencies and help them recover the bident
>All will be possible thanks to the gene-children of my best tempestor, Jonathan
>Codename: "Big Boss"
>And to think that much of this was luck
>Fate has truly blessed us, for today the imperium buys itself yet more time
>Perhaps now I won't be called a heretic?
>Only time will tell

>For now, we shield our eyes from the eastern lightshow
>The whole room is now a battlefield where most people are fighting with melee weapons
>An marine fly across the room only to hit some of his bretheren who were loading a gun
>Blast their head with my bolter
>The good point is that they are few left
>Realize that Trys'Ta is nowhere to be seen
>Why isn't she leading her troops ?

Also we past the bump limit do we wait for next month or we create a new thread?
I'll create an epilogue thread to finish wrapping up the episode (and the series) shortly.
Epilogue as in discussing the ending or finishing the story ourselves? Because I feel like we've done basically everything, another 100 posts would be fine but I feel like dragging the threads on for 310 more is a bit much.
Not another full thread obviously, but there are still a few loose ends that need to be tied up and space for discussion. By shortly, I mean in an hour or so.
Post-script thread >>70585421

And in case it doesn't get archived:
Alright yeah, fair enough, might as well get a conclusive ending, right?
Oh yeah, btw, Archiveanon, make sure to mention that this is technically the last thread, the followup being the Epilogue. Other than that, maybe something about Titans wrestling, up to you.

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