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Continued from: >>70060601

So far this episode:
>Stonehenge has been reactivated
>A Tyranid hive fleet invaded and is being engaged by an entire battlefleet's worth of ships
>Most population centers have been evacuated and/or heavily defended
>It's raining like hell due to monsoon season
>6 Freeblades have been deployed into the city
>A volcano has been rendered active and a volcanic ash cloud has spread over the southern area of the region
>Two Nuclear devices have gone off, one in the air one on the ground
>A reaver titan has been reactivated
>At least three of the Tyranid landing zones have been destroyed, one has been heavily damaged
>The Tyranids are consuming as much biomass on the planet as they can
>Defoilant bombs have been activated between the cities of Groxbridge and Stanley
>Forces representing each of the Chaos gods have invaded and begun fighting everyone else, the Tzeentchians and Slaaneshis using the previously Tau occupied city of Liveria as a gateway to Lutum
>An Imperial saint has been spawned from the sheer amount of fighting going on
>A Hierophant and a Tzeentchian Heldrake have been german suplexed by a Nurglite chaos lord
>Chaos assets are attacking the Island with the Stonehenge weapons platform, which is heavily defended by Eldar
>An entire swamp was set ablaze by a mixture of promethium, warp flames and Nerve gas
>Ortan Cassius made planetfall to train some primaris marines and kill some 'nids
>Liveria is an infested ruin, with the trio sneaking around through it
>Southern battlefield is a lava-y, muddy mess
>Kriegers are fortifying everything they can get their gloves on
>Southern districts have taken damage from tunnel detonations and a huge "stray" railgun slug
>Assault in the northeast has been largely neutralised, south and east are ongoing

(Almost) new year, new thread. Ironic that it died as soon as activity started to pick up again post-holidays. Shall we see if we can finally finish this time, eh (and keep it bumped overnight)?
File: areamapsummerII.png (480 KB, 2000x900)
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480 KB PNG
Usual supplemental materials:

Dramatis Personae: https://pastebin.com/YWeygba9

Regional dossier: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yH_sF3mkCHwTcRQljw2wgyACFvR0u9gF

Main regional map: https://i.imgur.com/FjRevGx.png

Groxbridge city map: https://i.imgur.com/P65Qw0J.png

For the city map key, see http://web.archive.org/web/20190707065931/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/50k-raster-legend.pdf and http://web.archive.org/web/20170717180121/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/abbreviations-used-on-os-25k-and50k-scale-mapping.pdf (archived because the webpages vanished)

Metro map: https://i.imgur.com/VWwEIWp.png

System chart: https://i.imgur.com/rUEIIM5.png (not to scale)

System stats: https://pastebin.com/uK3aen6h
bump while waiting
>be me
>Clicky the Psyker
>waiting for a order from miss edric
File: unwelcomeguests.png (940 KB, 672x960)
940 KB
940 KB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannin Lherzon
>Battle in space is still ongoing
>Lining up a lance shot at one of the several remaining Hive Ships
>Suddenly a gigantic metal slug punches straight through the void shields and slices a groove across the starboard bow
>Watch where you're firing those damn cannons, idiots!
>Remind me to bill the Imperium for paintwork and ornamentation damage later
>I liked that gargoyle!
>I was given it by the Archbishop of the famous Cardinal World Stercus Ludicrum many years ago as a reward for assistance rendered
>Said it had been blessed by its patron Saint Brigitte herself following her rescue from the Dark Eldar
>Now it's just atomised gold and stone dust
>Of more concern however are the Tyranid creatures swarming through the hole in the shields
>They look to be attempting a boarding action
>Why is it me who always gets boarded?
>Men in sectors 19A to 31A are reporting Tyranids in the halls
>Ship is on full combat alert, close doors to slow their spread
>Wish I still had some Eldar aboard, voidsmen are largely cannon fodder
>Vox Dick and Dom, tell them to get their asses up here NOW
>What do you mean, Orks jacked my backup shuttle too?
>Am I going to be raided by Dark Eldar next for good measure?
>Recently I've added an Exitus Pistol to my loadout after too many close combat encounters for my liking
>Such weapons are extremely rare outside Vindicare Temple of the Officino Assassinorum
>That I have it is proof anything can be acquired with enough money, bribes and reliable and unscrupulous black market contacts
>It's optimised for stealthy operations, but it also packs a vicious punch far superior to even my signature Hellpistol
>Perfect for breaking Tyranid carapaces with turbo-penetrator rounds
>Special ammunition is extortionately expensive, but worth it
>And hey, I can duel-wield now to boot
>Gather my best voidsmen once again
>We shall throw these vile xenos scum off my ship like all the rest!
>Be inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the ordo Xenos
>Packed my gear and belongings in the blackstar like my men
>Clicky just stood here looking at me
>No belongings, you just exited the schola?
>The ship will be there in a few hours I guess
>It departed from Erioch two month ago
>I wanna see the head of the admiral when a Mk.II Vanguard Class Light cruiser of the dearthwatch will pop in real space to help him
>Still a lot of paperwork is needed to be done and few instructions must be given
>Like a doomsday device if stonehenge fall to chaos
>I send some recommendations and advices to Von Rosen via his minions
>It would be too bad if he was still like a paria even if our ways of work differs
>It seems that the nids have piercied our defense in the city but we still hold...
>Tell Clicky to get into the corvus
>Give him a letter that he must open on Erioch if i don't get out of here alive which I doubt
>This letter signed by my hand is a proof that he is under my custody
>Send a demolition team in Vaulian Yards where I hide most of the necrons weapons
>The mission is simple plant a bomb a destroy the weapon cache
>Get this commissar from before on a watch list
>On this planet's and on the inquisition's
>Prepare some warheads for if some blueheads still moves in the north
>Finally go on a last tour of the front lines
>See if they need help
Bump again
any requests for the description for thread 7.5 when I archive it to suptg?
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Be daydreaming again
>I mean, fighting hard to defend the inner workings of the Stonehenge device
>Buuuut, mostly daydreaming
>I mean I could get some ships together and board Lherzon's ship
>If anyone is worth robbing on this pitiful mudball it is probably him
>He probably won't have much though
>And it means giving both the Imperials and the Tyranids a shot at my ships
>So I guess I shouldn't
>Get message from Trys'ta telling me that Iron Warriors are on the Island and probably going for the Stonehenge device
>Dek'lat!!! I had fighting those overgrown mon-keigh freaks
>Mental note, if any of them show up here, lure them into fighting the Craftworlders or the mon-keigh instead
Something about it being part 2 of the final thread and maybe something about it beginning with a nuclear explosion going off in the distance.
File: download.jpg (47 KB, 500x385)
47 KB
>Be some other low ranking Water Caste girl
>Remain uncorrupted by the foul heathen flesh changing warp energy the pagans believe is "magic"
>Lie low for a while, but am eventually forced to leave my hiding spot to find more food
>A bunch of pagans enter the building I am scavenging food from
>No way out
>Unzip the front of my jumpsuit and use a marker to draw their symbols on my face and body
>Ha! It works!
>Now wandering around the city with the pack of pagans and mindless mutants looking for other survivors and scavenging food
>They don't seem to suspect my true allegiances
>Someone suggests that we go looking in the utility corridors beneath the city for more survivors
>Agree wholeheartedly
>I figure the risk of running into stray bands of Tyranids should be much lower down there
>What can go wrong?
File: tunnelrusty.jpg (260 KB, 1280x854)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
>Be Imperial citizen of Liveria
>Advance gingerly through the tunnels with the other two
>The heavy rainfall means the tunnels are full of lazily flowing runoff water as more pours out of side tunnels
>Fortunately the lack of people means it's mostly just smelly rainwater and not sewage
>Still, we stick to gantries, access tunnels and ledges
>Torches barely penetrate the gloom and the tunnels stretch on forever
>The darkness is suffocating at the best of times, now it actually hides nasties worse than a pool of ick
>Fortunately the tunnel network is seemingly intact
>The first encounter with a monster is not the last
>We sneak by two more, but the third is more observant
>Against my expectations (and poor firing skills) the Pulse Rifle turns the wayward.....thing into a mess of ichor with several shots
>It's like it has some kind of automatic aim stabilisation, and recoil is minimal
>Neat tech these Tau have, no wonder they cause the Imperials so much trouble
>This gun would be sick to keep, but there is a member of the Inquisition in close proximity
>If he didn't execute me for unsanctioned possession of xenotech later, the Mechanicus would
>Kinda hope we come up against more enemies so I can shoot them with this thing
>Eventually we reach the river
>Here the tunnel slopes downward to pass under the river
>But with no power the sewage pumps are off, and the tunnels have effectively formed a huge U-bend full to the top with water
>Take a detour into an adjoining cable tunnel to bypass the flooded tunnels
>On the other side the tunnel opens out into what appears to be a small underground complex
>From the looks of the signs it is an old utility control center
>Curiously, it has power where everywhere else doesn't
>Hear voices and duck into an alcove
>Some people covered in spikes and vile symbols of Chaos walk past
>Great, there must be cultists living down here in our way
>Your call, Tempestor

Don't let it archive overnight this time
File: g9vr3t3vzm821.jpg (508 KB, 1591x1285)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
>Be Elena Tywick, Chaos Cultist
>Wave after wave of the faithful, the desperate, and the blessed throw themselves at the battle lines of the Corpse-Worshipers and the foul Eldar
>Some progress is being made against the PDF and Guard held sections of the defenses, though the Eldar are too skilled and too well equipped to fall to our lesser warriors
>No matter
>More powerful servants of the True Gods are getting into position for their attack even as I carefully plan my own involvement
File: 1577853232520 2.jpg (7 KB, 115x168)
7 KB
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>For some reason the Inquisitorial Agent has given me a gun as well
>Sorely tempted to use it to kill him but not sure about the loyalties of our civilian guide
>If I have to kill both of them then I may not be able to make it back to a friendly unit alone
>Also not fully convinced our Eldar "allies" actually intend to return us to safety
>I have heard unsavory things about some of the pirate factions of the Eldar race
>Besides, given the number of flesh changed mutants we have encountered lately, I am not sure we will make it out alive with all three of us armed
>On the other hand, if I let the Inquisitorial Agent bring me back to his boss, I will be badly tortured if not outright vivisected alive
>Mentally scream in frustration as I try to think of a scenario that doesn't end badly for me
>The Agent and the guide hear something and duck into cover
>Manage to crouch down next to the guide as a mob of the warp cultists and their freakish mutant slaves walk past us
>I have run into enough of them in the past to know that their idea of amusing themselves is more painful and degrading then anything even the Inquisition or the Eldar pirates can think up
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Finish hacking up some low tier poorly equipped cultists
>Wonder if anyone has killed that Iron Warrior yet
>Wyen'dala messages me back to monitor the Iron Warrior, but not to engage
>Figure the "do not engage" part is the more important component of the message
>Someone else can fill me in on what it was doing up until its death
>Oh look, some Tzeentch martial arts master who knows "everything" about melee combat
>Better be extra cautious fighting this one
>"Inflicting 30-40 non-fatal injuries before the kill"-tier cautious
>Unless I hear an Iron Warrior sneaking up on us
>In which case I have something very important to do somewhere else
File: Are you ready for PAIN.jpg (329 KB, 1120x1400)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
>Be me
>Brother Chaplain Camillus of the black templars
>Currently busy attempting to interrogate a xeno that snuck into our lines
>How did such heresy against the god emperor get here?
>Before I can get any answers, notice another eldar xeno rush me and then shoot between my legs
>And as if my day is not already full of strife and heresy, a sudden rumbling emits from beneath my feet
>A severally damaged heretic digger erupts from the earth covered in bullet and laser markings
>The side of the drill falls off with a clattering CLANG
>Some iron warrior HERETICS that look like they've been to the warp and back step out
>The traitor astartes at the head doesn't notice me looking him dead in the eye and turns back to his fellow traitors
>"YES! We finally made it out of that warp-forsaken dirt!"
>The others stumble out and see me immediately, unlike their sergeant
>They stand in fear of a true servant of the emperor as they should, already quivering in their boots
>The leader of the group is still oblivious, and asks them why they shiver
>"Come now brothers! All the other diggers might be dead and we may likely be the last Iron Warriors alive on this planet, but who cares! By Tzeentch's guidance we have survived!"
>He turns around clearly wanting to continue his speech
>Cough to get his attention
>He looks up, sees me and then looks down, as if he has lost all hope
>"Tzeentch fucking-damn it all"
>That's HERESY traitor! Face the emperor's wrath!
>Activated my power-fist and jump pack, then launch myself upwards and back down at the traitors
>Some try and rush back into their digger, only for it to start stuttering and slowly sink back into the earth
>Slam my power fist into the heretic's leader and feel his head crunch beneath my might
>Kick his body into the hole after the digger along with a few krak grenades for good measure
>Walk away from the now smoking tunnel as several guardsman rush to the edge and start firing down into it
>Prepared to go back to dealing with the eldar when I receive an urgent message through the Vox
>Brother Arnold is having trouble with Nurgle-worshippers in the north-west of Groxbridge
>Their leader has been granted superhuman levels of strength and endurance, has suplexed a hierophant according to Arnold's reports
>Not to mention the midair suplex performed on a Tzeentchian heldrake
>Whilst the heretic has blocked the Tyranids approaching from the west and north-west for now, the land itself is being polluted by his steps
>By the god emperor, this will not stand!
>Tell him to rally the assault marines to me, I will be at his location soon
>Look down at the eldar now standing up and dusting itself off
>Point down at it and say "I'll be back to deliver the emperor's judgement on you, xeno scum."
>Activate my jump pack and set off for north-west Groxbridge
>For the emperor!
File: Incoming MAD.jpg (213 KB, 952x789)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>Be me
>Loyal servant of Grandfather Nurgle, Steven Armrot
>Using little 'nids as bowling balls to beat the snot out of whats left of their horde
>They're still numerous as grandaddy's children, but their numbers are slowly dwindling due to the nuclear bombs and lack of reinforcement
>As I play catch with a nurgling using a severed hormagaunt head, hear the distinct sound of "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"
>Nurgle dammit are you kidding me?
>Look over the battlefield to see a huge force of several thousand khorne worshippers crashing into the tyranid lines, yellow blood and dead bugs in their wake
>As they chop and cleave their way through the bugs, hear the very noticeable chanting from their lines
>"Blood and guts and Guts and BLOOD! Blood for the blood god! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKUULLL THROOONE!"
>Would be more worried about that, but there's still at least a few dozen thousand tyranids inbetween them and us
>Unlike those hive guard shooting at my buddies
>Get sprayed with some kind of bug ammo
>Hey! I just got some new sores though assholes
>Charge the head hive guard like a freight train
>Crash into it's waist area and bring the big sucker to the ground
>Beat it's head into pulp with little effort
>Another one tries to club me with it's bio-gun thing
>Is that a challenge?
>I accept
>Punch the other hive guards to keep them off me as I grapple the one that attempted to club me
>Unleash the suplex on that asshole and feel it's back snap to my strength
>Grab another hive guard and charge back towards groxbridge when I notice more tyranids approaching grandaddy's children
>Use the now dead hive guard as a club to beat back the waves of hormagaunts backed up by termagaunts, now getting ripped a new one by the deathguard taking up positions in front of the nurglings
>Don't fuck with this chaos lord!
File: Screaming_Eagles.jpg (1.01 MB, 1400x1765)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Troops now attached to my retinue are all in their transport vehicles, the entire unit is ready to move
>Despite the tyranids still filling the skies, we've been able to maintain some air superiority
>We'll be flying relatively low for this drop, low enough that a few more of the valks will be catching AA and artillery fire
>Consider attaching a grav-chute to my armour, decide not to
>Ancient Terran music once again on blast, recognize this one from my own time in the guard
>These kids have good taste, I'll give them that
>Thunderhawk twisting and turning to avoid all the enemy fire, air superiority craft above doing their best to keep us alive
>Thunderhawk is leading the approach
>Scions in my thunderhawk left their Grav-chutes back at base, they'll be following me on foot
>Pilot says he has a visual on the canoness
>Tell him to land close to her so that we may join forces faster
>Thunderhawk swerves from the rest of the Valkyries as the drop begins, our pilot doing his best not to crash into the Harakoni around us
>War cries ring out as the Thunderhawk touches down and the front ramp opens
>I and my crusaders rush out first, laying into a smaller group of Tyranids in front of us
>Scions move up behind and provide covering fire, eventually splitting off to continue our search and destroy mission
>Look back and spot the giant human wave of Sisters, guardsmen and militia charging in from the east
>Leading them is a power-armoured woman who looks quite annoyed
>Oh, was she going for that Tyranid warrior?
>My bad
>Thunderhawk takes off to run CAS for us
>Link up with the Canoness, run along with her as she purges heretics
>Crusaders covering the forward most push of the attack, laying into nearby aliens and trying not to get hit by friendly fire
>Hive guards firing into the lines of guardsmen and sister behind me, shots occasionally flying our way as well
>Air support are once again not optimally effective as they have to dodge mieotic spores and fire from above
>Using makeshift cover to avoid fire from Hive guard
>They're becoming a real pest, firing into the detachment of sisters, militia and guardsmen behind us
>Thunderhawk regularly has to come down and fire on Hive guard protecting brood hives and what else have you
>Lascannons and Autocannons doing their best to deal with the bigger creatures, but there aren't enough support squads to go around
>And coupled with that, there's ash in the air and magma flowing around us
>As I'm doing my best to kill hive guards with Kraken bolts, hear a rapport that a group of Ultramarines have appeared behind the Tyranid lines
>Suddenly, the Hive guard I'm aiming at is engulfed in flame and riddled with bolter rounds
>"WE MARCH FOR MACRAGG!" rings out over the battlefield as Primaris marines and Tyrannic war veterans coming into viewing range
>And leading them is none other than Ortan Cassius himself
>Provide some covering fire for him before I notice that he's looking right at me
>Suddenly, the vox sparks
>It's him, he says he needs to speak with me and the canoness
>I can't believe it
>...I'm glad I didn't say that out loud
>Answer that we're coming
>Get a move on, order my crusaders to link up with me as we march
>Tell the canoness to come with me, she brings her bodyguard and a squad of regular battle sisters along
>Cassius is 400 years my senior, I'm sure he has quite a few tips on fighting Tyranids
>Time to see what the master has to say to the student
>Be Master of sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>I have the inquisitor in sight
>Order my brothers to secure the area and offer some cover fire
>The inquisitor apparentky thought of the same
>It is good to see capable men in the Imperium of Man
>Even if that mean fighting near a volcano
>Send a carnifex flying with my crozius
>Stand right i front of him
>I'm not sure if I need to present myself since he is in the Ordo Xenos
Greetings Lord Inquisitor! The Ultramarines came to help you in your fight aginst the vile xenos! I am personnally impressed the zeal of your troops, would you please have the sympathy to brief me about the situation here? I know that there is three or four bioships left in space from the last time I voxed my battle barge but we need to know where they could strike and if the navy can send airships to destroy those column and landing points I also need to know where they are left on the planet, we destroyed them in the Bell Valley and muddy Bottom with the help of a civilian, give us men point us in a direction and we will do it
>He seems completly ecsatic
>Hope I didn't make too much the ignorant
>Because I don't know shit about this system
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>The Crassus Assault Transports finally get loaded with ammunition and supplies
>Painstakingly weave my way to the front lines which are now near the Bell Valley Dam
>Surprised the dam is still standing given the recent volcanic activity
>Briefly wonder how many Guard units would be wiped out if that the dam burst and whether anyone has taken that into account during planning
>Just one more thing to worry about
>Although it is basically impossible to see anything in the rain and ash, according to the vox some Ultramarine anti-Tyranid specialist named Ortan Cassius is somewhere up ahead talking to Lord Inquisitor von Rosen
>The Canoness and the Living Saint are also around here somewhere, as well as some super old Titan, and Inquisitor Edric
>Hopefully between them and their respective forces, we can defeat the Tyranids in this area without me actually having to fight anything
>I have had enough close encounters for one day
File: comfyeldar.png (35 KB, 199x199)
35 KB
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>Guardian squads are finishing clearing the town
>Such a nest of servants of the Great Enemy was unacceptable close to us
>A handful of Fire Dragons will be along soon to burn the town to cleanse its taint
>It is the sort of crude, destructive method so favoured by the mon'keigh, but the "town" is not worth any more than that
>Someone informs me of the presence of an Iron Warrior in the vicinity
>The request of the Druchii is not to engage
>Normally I would be loathe to take their advice, much less oblige them, but this time I may
>An Iron Warrior would certainly cut me to ribbons at current
>The scales would be more even were I able to use my psychic abilities
>Damn this Shadow in the Warp, it pervades and hinders everything we do
>I shall.....trust (with great difficulty) the Druchii to monitor it
>All the better to let the Druchii deal with it rather than us
>For now, I shall return to the installation to lead anti-infiltration efforts
>The Enemy walks freely in the tunnels, and they must be stopped
>The large hallways will also give me freedom to deal with them, rather than the cramped shanties
>I do hope there are no more Chaos Astartes down there, since they have the advantage
>A squad of Fire Dragons will be brought as an impromptu anti-Astartes force
>Fusion Guns melt Astartes ceramite just as well as vehicle armour, and are devastating in the close-quarters underground combat
>We shall begin at the central reactor, and work our way out through the labyrinth of tunnels
>After, of course, a short break while things are organised and a warm mug of genuine coffee
>I wish I was able to get hold of something like this on the Craftworld
>Be Elena Tywick, Chaos Cultist
>Somehow find myself attached to one of the last remaining Iron Warrior units, specifically an artillery company
>Watch from the sidelines as the company's overseers argue over which area should be bombarded next
>The holomap they are using provides a rare glimpse into the sheer size and complexity of the fight
>Along the northwestern side of the city, the combined Tzeentchian-Slaaneshi horde is slowly grinding down the combined Imperial-Eldar defenses
>Slightly to the east of us, across the river, the main Nurglite war band has for some reason fought their way OUT of the city, and has now pinned one of the largest remaining Tyranid swarms between themselves and the Khornate war band
>Even further east, the Imperial Fists lead a stubborn defense of the northernmost section of the city against one of the other Tyranid swarms
>Unsurprisingly one of the Iron Warriors wants to shell the Imperial Fist position as much as possible
>But the other argues that the we should bombard the section of Imperial-Eldar defenses that our forces are attacking
>This may take a while
>Be Tzeentch cultist
>Got separated from the loyalists during a tyranid attack
>Now I'm lost all this rubble looks the same
>Look to the weaver of fate for guidance
>None of the responding voices give anything coherent
>See something in the distance
>It's an old man picking through the rubble
>He's beckoning me closer
>Start heading closer while voxing the secret call sign over a few frequencies to see if anyone picks up
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Somehow Wyen'dala's order to not engage the Iron Warrior also got passed along to the Craftworlders, who promptly withdrew back to Stonehenge
>Pretty sure that is not what Wyen'dala had in mind
>Follow Kerala back down into the tunnels since that is probably more important than watching the Iron Warrior
>Also a lot safer
>Order some cronies to keep an eye on the Iron Warrior, and maybe lure some of the Tau to fight it if necessary
>Slip into the room Kerala is in and see her drinking something
>Looks like some sort of mon-keigh drink, but maybe if she is drinking it then it isn't complete crap
>Take a sip
>Nope, it tastes like crap
>Some sort of powdered unwashed nuts that were dissolved in impure, chemical laden water to provide a very mild stimulant
>Craftworlds must be even more puritan than I have heard for her to enjoy drinking something like this
>Decide to strike up a conversation just to annoy her:
So, since I saved your life back there from the mon-keigh with the pointy piece of metal, does this mean you owe me a favor or a life debt or something? I never fully grasped you Craftworlder's concept of honor
shut up
File: dejavu.png (274 KB, 424x337)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>The Black Templar is certainly not happy with my presence here
>Toss some insults about his lineage in my most incomprehensible, heavily accented Eldar dialect into the mix
>Undoubtedly the stupid mon'keigh wouldn't hesitate to execute me if he knew what I was saying
>It's a dangerous game, but antagonising Astartes like this is as entertaining as it is hazardous
>There's a flash of movement I can't quite see, but a figure in the unmistakable An-Arkayd livery disappears into the building, pursued by daemons
>The ground shakes and he drops me on my head from height
>Regain consciousness to see debris, what looks like dead Iron Warriors and a painful bump on my head
>This is the second head injury today, I really should wear my helmet more
>The Templar stomps off muttering about heresy and bigger fish
>I have no intention of waiting around for him to come back and finsh the job
>But first, dealing with the serial runaway Guardian
>The daemons were both killed immediately by the HQ staff, and they are livid
>A couple of tense have-you-seen-this-idiot inquiries and locator beacon pings lead to the bin alley
>Some very hazy, indistinct memories involving a highly inebriated and drugged me, a firefight and a bin from several months ago surface
>Good thing no pict-recordings of that incident I barely remember seem to have gotten out onto the local wraithnet or voxnet
>Rap on the bin rather excessively
>The Astartes and daemons gone, you can come out now
>To rephrase, you WILL come out of that bin right now and with me unless you feel like making your way alone back through a building full of enraged Inquisitors
>There's a renewed counter-assault by Chaos forces, and I'm going to have to go right back where I came
>Some days, things are more frustrating than anything else

By the way, where is everyone today?
>Be me, Imperial fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Me and my wounded brothers have acquired enough medical attention from the apothecary that we are ready to serve the chapter once more
>Sergeant Sammos is holding the north-eastern flank while Daemons assault the north-western flank
>The remaining guard units there are doing their best to hold them back
>Though supported by the Freeblade Crusader, they are slowly being grinded down by the heretics
>Captain Maluan has ordered we perform a rapid assault to reinforce the guardsmen
>Land speeders have moved out ahead and are performing withering attacks on the enemy forces
>The Achilles will be forming the spearpoint of the counterattack, covered by predators and vindicators
>Following them are our razorbacks and rhinos
>I have acquired a new jump pack, and the captain has ordered me to lead the air-based portion of the counterattack, transferring the tactical marines with me to a rhino and instead putting the remaining assault marines under my command
>The other groups of imperial fists scattered throughout the city have been allowed to retain their current positions, therefore we will only be attacking with 70% of the chapter’s infantry forces
>Two squads of assault marines, a squad of vanguard veterans and the Librarian Quirinos are now under my command
>No doubt the venerable veteran sergeant Vitalis Durans will have much of value to say about my strategic decisions
>Leave the battle brothers who are still too wounded to fight behind by the now already firing Whirlwind artillery batteries as sergeant Durans boards the thunderhawk with his squad
>After a bit of waiting, the Librarian arrives and boards the Thunderhawk
>A second or so later, the captain gives the order for us to assault
>The Thunderhawk takes off from the HQ and begins flying at slightly sub-optimal altitude
>I can hear the distant boom of artillery, it appears that the Iron warriors have once again re-emerged
File: 1564333971708.jpg (41 KB, 640x628)
41 KB
>An aggravating time to strike, but anger will only aid us in close quarters
>Halfway to our destination an explosion violently jerks the thunderhawk to the right
>Pilot informs us that the left wing was just ripped clean off by a missile
>Says that he'll try and keep us on course but that we'll crash land in the midst of the enemy
>Over the loud beeping of the thunderhawks internal warning signals, his last words to me are:
>"It's been an honour serving the chapter, Lieutenant."
>The thunderhawk rapidly looses altitude
>Not a moment later the thunderhawk crashes violently into something and is brought to a skidding halt across the ground
>Our pilot was indeed skilled, though I can tell that many of my brothers are wounded none appear to be dead
>The brothers do their best to recover, picking up their melee weapons and removing their jump packs if they've broken from the impact
>I feel the taste of iron in my mouth as I clench my power fist
>I check that all of my brothers are prepared for the counter assault before I approach the closest wall of the aircraft
>Cock back my power fist and with a snarl and slam it into the wall of the aircraft
>Violently a chunk of already half-torn apart ceramite, titanium, adamantium and thermoplas crushes the torso of a traitor space marine
>Some bit away, I can see the other portion of our troops attacking from the front
>The traitors first appear surprised, then terrified as Sergeant Durans and his veterans lead the charge out, Jump packs sending them forth at ludicrous speeds
>Quirinos, I and the remainder of the assault marines follow, weapons held high as we advance
>Let out a loud battle cry as our forces pin the enemy
>Join the fight in a flury of chainswords, power weapons, bolter fire and warp lightning
I think we still haven't gotten everyone back from the holidays, and the people who have come back are either getting ready for university, playing with their new toys, waiting for people to reply to their posts, or only making occasional posts since they ran out of ideas.
If you want to try to get some momentum going again, maybe try introducing some sort of macguffin that the posters need to capture or defeat in order to beat the Tyranids once and for all. It shouldn't be something easy since it should last a few real world days. Possible examples:
- The Tyranid fleet is defeated in orbit, the only thing holding the ground forces together is a Hive Tyrant melded to a massive biomorph like https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Hydraphant
- Someone realizes that the bident can be used to short out the synapses links of the swarm, but the bident gets stolen by X faction and you need to fight to get it back
- Yet another super weapon is discovered underground that can destroy the Hive Fleet even more effectively than Stonehenge
I think the key is to make it clear that the story comes to a conclusion sometime in the next couple days, then keep the thread going for a couple more days so that people can post whatever epilogue they want to post
>Be the Hydraphant-Hive Tyrant
>We have lured the preythings far from their defenses
>Directly above me, a large group of preythings, including many of the large armored things, and some of their key leader things are heading towards one of the spawn pools we set as bait
>Now it is time to strike
>Viragons, Trygons, Mawlocs, and Raveners burst from the ground all around the enemy formation, followed by endless swarms of Gaunts
>Dimachaeron and Lictors are sent after the leader things, while Carnifex and Hierodule are sent to smash their vehicles
>Soon half of the preythings strongest warrior things and leader things will be consumed, and then it will be time to properly begin phase 2
>Be Daemon Prince Thypptyklpt, Arch Disembler of Tzeentch, the Two Headed God, the Betrayer of Schemers, the Collector of Souls
>The real leader of this pitiful rabble of Tzeentchians, Slaaneshi, and Iron Warriors, definitely not Im'afuc'kin Ner'dvir'jin, Giv'lat'Safuk, or my treacherous other head Cassandra
>The Big Bird himself has decreed that I must salvage what is left of his Grand Plan for this world
>Step 1: Make sure the remaining Imperials and Tyranids grind each other into paste
>With so many other opportunities available for mischief across the galaxy these days, even an operation like this can only have so many resources committed to it
>Although my agents and saboteurs have hindered Imperial operations in 729 different ways both big and small, sometimes a more direct approach is needed
>Already several key leaders and formations of the Eldar and the Imperials have been slain and more will be drawn to this area, thus preventing them from concentrating their efforts on the Tyranids
>Spot a Thunderhawk crash land near the rear of my battlelines
>Dispatch Whip of Sublime Pain and several other Knights to help the Iron Warriors and cultists take down the Imperial Fists bursting from the remains of the Thunderhawk
File: Mawlok_Maw 2.jpg (66 KB, 438x438)
66 KB
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>I was anxiously awaiting orders, minding my own business, when suddenly
>Something slams into the side of the Crassus
>And again
>And again
>Manage to get a visual on that side of the tank despite all the vicious shaking
>An Emperor-damned Carnifex slams into the side of my tank
>Where did he come from? There is supposed to be infantry guarding that flank
>Something bursts from the ground in front of my tank
>It tries to bite my tank, but even its mouth isn't big enough
>Order the forward facing heavy bolters to make mince meat of the Mawloc
>Eat 1.00 calibre bolts you cunt mouthed freak!
>Hopefully the side sponson can at least slow down the Carnifex while I deal with the frontal assault
>Where the fuck is our support?
>Be Eldar Guardian Buni, Craftworld An-Arkayd
>Now on top of being half naked, unarmed, and having several humiliating injuries, I also now smell like moldy milk, used condom, baby diapers, rancid meat, and decomposing egg yoke
>At least the heavy rain will wash most of it away soon enough
>The shame of getting another talking down from Tolria isn't going away anytime soon though
>Mental note: When this is all over, assuming I am still alive, join the Path of the Outcast for a few centuries to ensure that I avoid another frank conversation with the Seer Council back on my Craftworld for screwing up their diplomatic efforts or whatever
>Eventually end up back on the front lines after some quick medical attention, and being given a "new" set of armor and weaponry
>It is another set of basic bitch Guardian armor and a Shuriken Catapult
>Seriously?!? I get that they are easy for the Bonesingers to make compared to more advanced weaponry, but would it really be that bad if the Craftworld Aelderi swallowed our pride and set up a few automated factories to churn out advanced weaponry instead of relying on wraithbone for everything, we definitely have the technology to do so
>End up back on the front lines with my low grade armor and gun
>At least this time there are a lot more Aelderi around, and the mon-keigh look much better equipped and trained then the ones that broke and ran where I was originally posted
>Well, here goes nothing...
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Tending to the wounded
Sorry long week, will pick back up soon
File: 66HZO 3.jpg (62 KB, 678x636)
62 KB
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Finally kill the damn Mawloc
>The Carnifex was apparently distracted by something else and wandered off
>Now that I am no longer in immediate danger, I have the opportunity to assess the combat situation
>And it is pretty bad
>Burrowing Tyranid swarms have popped up all over the place, dividing the Sisters of Battle/Ultramarine/Inquisitorial/Imperial Guard/PDF/Militia formation into many small pieces
>Also, off in the distance, I can see something big, like really big
>It might be another Hierophant, but the heavy rain is making it hard to judge distance and size
>Suddenly the creature starts running in my direction
>The closer it gets, the more I realize
>It is many times larger than a Hierophant, which (officially) is the largest known Tyranid ground based organism
>Good thing I used the latrines recently
File: 1g59f8.jpg (50 KB, 638x500)
50 KB
>Be Elena Tywick, Chaos Cultist
>A Thunderhawk crash lands nearby and disgorges a bunch of Imperial Fists
>Well that is well above my pay grade
>Spot several Knights heading towards the Imperial Fists
>Hopefully that is enough
>My vox piece starts picking up someone with a priority call sign trying to reach me
>Push the reply button and give my own call sign
>This better be worth it, I would be hate to be killed while chatting on the vox

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