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>Be Damnatum Lutum PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>Being a PDF officer is a stressful job
>The local cannon fodder is better than usual thanks to the constant fighting over the last year
>Still, any Guard regiment would point and laugh
>And I have to corral them into a proper fighting force
>It's now getting into spring, and that means all that snow that's accumulated over the winter is melting
>There's water everywhere, the rivers are dangerously high and the ground is threatening to turn into a quagmire again
>The Charan Mountains must have had a very heavy load this year
>Still, at least it means I don't even need to wear a jacket some days
>Order has largely been restored in Groxbridge, but pockets of guerrillas continue to plague security forces in the city
>Over the past couple of months the Tau have pulled back following their losses in Stemton
>Skirmishes continue around Grimhedge, but they aren't going to be dislodged easily and that's not even counting Liveria
>But right now, there's somewhat of a threat going on off the coast
>What can only be described as hordes of animated corpses have overrun Van Kijeck Island
>To add to it, the Tau have been spotted skulking around as well, whatever nefarious plans they have
>Perhaps it's something to do with those huge ruined structures here nobody has ever been able to figure out the purpose of
>Whatever the motive, the PDF and other military forces are scrambling to take them out
>Some brainbox got the ancient magrail in the tunnel going to the island operating again, and the rest of the regiment is being shuttled over
>The squad I sent to check out the side tunnels hasn't returned, I wonder where they got to
>A thick sea fog has settled over the island, and it's impossible to see more than a hundred or so metres
>Better get your fighting caps on lads, Operation Menhir is go!
>I just hope these morons can remember the actual objective here

//Sorry for being so late this time, I've been up to my eyeballs in work this week
File: vankijeckisland.png (43 KB, 750x750)
43 KB
Van Kijeck Island is home to the former Spaceguard Turret Network (known to the locals as Stonehenge), a huge and immensely powerful magnetic cannon battery built during the early Dark Age of Technology shortly after the world was first colonised as an anti-orbital weapon to defend against impacts from the shattered former moon Odysseus and enemy forces. The complex was built into the caldera of the extinct island volcano, and each of its eight enormous multi-barreled railguns were capable of launching projectiles of over five thousand tonnes at speeds of up to Mach 28 and packing the power of entire Imperial naval broadsides into a single shot. Three massive square sea forts were constructed in the nearby, and have extremely powerful archaoweapons of their own. As the DAoT progressed the moon fragments were cleared and the cannons became severely obsolete and were mothballed, but kept maintained. After the abandonment of the world during the Age of Strife, the battery fell into disrepair and eighteen millennia have resulted in severe damage from coastal erosion (foundations for much of the site being rockfill), though the extremely resilient materials have preserved the guns themselves well and Gun 7 remains standing on a pillar made solely out of its huge foundations. Of course the Imperium doesn't know any of this. The Van Kijeck family still inhabits the mansion on the island, with many of the other inhabitants being shady ne'er-do-wells. Terrain on the artificial plain is akin to calcareous grassland, with the thin and alkaline soils thanks to the underlying concrete supporting largely grasses and bushes with the occasional small tree. A warp anomaly has triggered the phenomena, with countless formerly buried bodies rising to attack plus whatever else lurks in the spoopy gloom...

//MAPANON NOTE: Stonehenge accurately drawn to original dimensions. I was going to make an empty-ocean variant too but I haven't had time
File: areamapspring.png (480 KB, 2000x900)
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480 KB PNG

Welcome back to the world of Damnatum Lutum!

Damnatum Lutum is a 40K greentext series that aims to have fun (Rule of Fun/Cool > canon) and build the world, one shitpost at a time. Previous threads can be found on suptg (they're not essential reading but help a lot with understanding what's going on) at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=damnatum+lutum

Links to universe supplemental materials:

Regional dossier: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yH_sF3mkCHwTcRQljw2wgyACFvR0u9gF

Main regional map: https://i.imgur.com/FjRevGx.png

Groxbridge city map: https://i.imgur.com/P65Qw0J.png

Live-updating version of the city map, in case I need to make changes mid-thread: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uEcyZ0wgl4b0Gmp4euLdcn6cWRCU6N6w (since I have to delete and reupload the Imgur version whevever I make a change and it's a PITA to do constantly)

For the city map key, see http://web.archive.org/web/20190707065931/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/50k-raster-legend.pdf and http://web.archive.org/web/20170717180121/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/abbreviations-used-on-os-25k-and50k-scale-mapping.pdf (archived because the webpages vanished)

Metro map: https://i.imgur.com/VWwEIWp.png

System chart: https://i.imgur.com/rUEIIM5.png (not to scale)

System stats: https://pastebin.com/uK3aen6h
>Be me great papy Krezial all father of the under the shit genestealer cult
>3/4 of my children where wiped out by the spooky robots
>We still control the towns of island that scares the Star gods
>But some guard regiment found our cave entrance on the main land
>MFW when daemons breaks un out tunnels
Bump while waiting for the usual cast to arrive
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves of the 531st Cadian Regiment
>Wandering around the newly named “Camp Walldrip” at Starrick Pass
>Most of us got commendations for our skill and bravery
>Even Monica got a medal apparently
>Good for her
>Hear something loud underground
>I have heard that noise before
>Why the hell are genestealers here?
>Tell everyone to get ready, because there be heretics under us
>Pray to the Emperor as I load my shotgun and take stock of our medical supplies
>The Happy Enders who are here gave us some more supplies
>Thank the Emperor for that
>Wonder if we could seal those caves
File: 1570231599588.jpg (51 KB, 500x433)
51 KB
>Be me, Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>While my attack could have worked, I did not expect a metric fuckton of Daemons to spill out and get involved
>Well that's alright, my retinue only suffered (relatively) minor casualties
>Imperial Aeronautica got a bit roughed up, we managed to pull off a swift fighting retreat though
>Landed in Stemton with the remnants of my retinue, cleaned up the streets a little before calling in my resident null, Hank, to help me clear out what remained of them
>The etherial in the city was nowhere to be found, no surprise, likely they escaped the moment they realised our counter attack was in progress
>The Tau have heavily fortified Liveria over the past couple of months, our momentum was broken by the attack on Groxbridge so I personally issued an order that it was called off
>Knew the General in charge of this operation from 50 years ago, he was cool with it
>Helped him defend against a WAAAAAAGH way back in the day
>The newly formed regiment "Deshauntes Vengeance" did some A+ work in Stemton and helped us clean up the streets
>With Stemton mostly secured and an artillery outpost set up on terrace hill, the second battle for stonehenge is ready to commence
>I'm a bit surprised that the tau managed to retake it honestly, but I suppose you can kill anything with enough plasma
>Won't really matter too much in the end though since I'll be deploying a sizable portion of my retinue along with battalions worth of asorted imperial guard elements
>Managed to requesition 3 tank squadrons to join in on the assault, I sent a request for some of the space marines to help us out but whether they're coming or not is entirely up to them
>Hopefully Inquisitor Edric won't bring any Sisters of Battle along, for some reason they don't tend to like me
>Stonehenge now, however, is considerably more heavily fortified, some of my scouts have reported a bunch of new mechs being in the area
>They understandably don't want to lose it
>I firmly believe that we have a good chance at capturing it though, which is why I've drawn up plans for how to get it up and running after we capture it
>Since I've become aware of a small splinter hive fleet (which was originally reported not to have a hive ship, which we know was incorrect) approaching the planet, I think we should get at least one of the guns online
>Thankfully, I know just who could help me
>I have, through an anonymous merchantile source with an absolutely ravishing hat, aquired information about Eldar being on-planet
>It just so happens that I have a bag containing 1600~ spirit stones on my ship
>My mentor had it in his armory and he refused to tell me where he got it, so I just kept it after he died
>I have no real use for it, and I don't really plan on crushing them all because by the throne, that is a respectable amount of spirit stones
>Once Stonehenge is in our hands, I'll call up their designated liason and invite them to a meeting on the last daughter of Tartarus
>I'm sure nearly 2000 spirit stones is enough to get them to help get one of the stonehenge massdrivers back online
>That can wait for now though since I'm already positioned in my Thunderhawk
>While my troops were pulling out, one of my Tempestor Primes managed to snag a file off one of the cogitators with his handheld data collection device
>Told my renegade techpriest AL-Psi 42 to send it to the commander of the Mechanicus on planet, I figure they might find it useful
>Everything is mostly prepaired, I just need the greenlight from the Admiral that our other Air support is prepaired and that the others are ready to move
>Emperor be with us, this'll be one hell of an engagement
>Hopefully without outside bets, fingers crossed
If you're wondering what the contents of the file taken from Stonehenge was, here you go:
SYSTEM NAME: Spaceguard turret complex
DESIGNATION: #3 "The Stonehenge"
MANUFACTURER: Seidel Arms Inc.
POWER SOURCE: Desjardin Tredecuple Fusion Reactor
PRIMARY ARMAMENT: Anti Planetoid Mass Driver Cannon (APMDC) 500 Version 3 "Starburst" x8
#1 "Wōden": Offline, 5% power #2 "Donar": Offline, 5% power #3 "Ziu": Offline, 5% power #4 "Beowulf": Offline, 2% power
#5 "Siegmund": Offline, 2% power #6 "Siegfried": Offline, 2% power #7 "Nothung": Offline, 2% power #8 "Odr": Offline, 2% power
>be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph of the 531st
>Using the officer’s latrine after breakfast with the other officers
>Hear a sound that gives me flashbacks to my last assignment
>Finish My shit and order the demolishing crew to bow up the latrines
>Damn things won’t get us what way
>Order the troops to mobilize and to prepare for genestealers
Is Mobius 1 gonna bomb the place?
Depends on what happens later and whether Former AeroImp Pilot Antonius can get back in the cockpit
Commissar bump...I mean blam
>be me
>sneakyboi little finger
>sneakin’ around and providin cover fire for me new boss
>although her name ain’t boss
>apparently her name is bios
>’ummies got weird names
>shootin “deldar” and “tow”
>i moight Be a grot, but i got da best kill count with me shoota gun
>bios aint even seen me yet
>dat means im da best sneakyboi
>get another “deldar” with me choppa when she was huggin’ herself weird
>why do these “deldar” do this so much?
>hear da “deldar” voice box talk bout some “invisible menace”
>dat must be me
File: flat,1000x1000,075,f.u3.jpg (252 KB, 863x1000)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Currently sitting on a "watchtower", which is actually just an empty shipping container, contemplating how a province with such wretched weather all year around could be used as an agriculture region
>Winter has already given way to spring in the valleys, but up here in Starrick Pass, a thick layer of wet, slushy snow still covers everything
>Today's forecast; light rain and heavy fog, followed by alternating periods of sleet, hail, and thundershowers
>Also there is an avalanche warning again, no kidding, I watched three just this morning
>Whoever chose the location of our camp, aptly named "Camp Walldrip", clearly hadn't intended it to still be here in the spring. Due to it being in a topographic low point, melt water travelling beneath the snow has all but flooded the area
>To make matters worse, the water reeks since it is contaminated by both the latrines, and the rotting heap of xenos bodies we made a wall out of early in the winter
>To be fair, the Cadian officers have twice tried to move the camp to higher ground, but both times avalanches buried the camps before any meaningful progress was made, two other attempts were aborted due to rumors that we will be abandoning the camp soon and relocating to Groxbridge
>Long story short, I haven't been dry in weeks, haven't been warm in months, and I have spent two out of the past five weeks in the infirmary (twice for severe mold allergies, once for pneumonia, three times for intestinal diseases, twice for my leg wound becoming re-infected, and once when several of my ribs were re-broken during a bad fall during sparring)
>But hey, I got a shiny metal for a combat action where I was incapacitated in the first three seconds
>Welcome to life in the Guard
>At least things can't get much worse than this
>Spot a wave of hunched over creatures rushing the base through a wave of thick fog
>Okay, things can still get much worse....
File: poppy.jpg (132 KB, 480x640)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>Be Sister Bios
>The recent warmer weather has everyone in good spirits
>Even Sister Dapter has been threatening the little Cadian less than usual
>The base did lose quite a few windows in the big bang a couple of months ago, but it's all fixed now
>We've been on rotation helping clear awkward places in the city of holed-up insurgents
>Only encountered a few Iron Warriors, the rest must be hiding in caves or well-hidden hideouts
>During morning meditation and prayers in Prow Park, I notice there's a solitary poppy growing in the dirt next to my usual spot
>It could almost be symbolic, this place stubbornly refusing to stay down after so much devastation
>I'm sure poppies had a historical association of some sort
>I wonder what the Emperor means by this
>Anyway, it's my turn to burn some hostiles spotted in the access tunnels of Saiyan Gardens Station
>Working through the tunnels, there appears to be bodies of a handful of Tau and Dark Eldar
>One - there's a mystery killstealer on the loose and two - they are somehow sneaking into Groxbridge
>Both of these are highly concerning developments
>Train of thought crashes as the vox squawks
>What do you want?
>Oh? Hmm? Genestealers you say?
>This'll be fun
>The PDF have their hands full as well at Van Kijeck, so our assistance has been requested
>I'm torn over dreading going back or loving the opportunity to roast some bugs
>I'll be on foot this time, some of the other squads will be taking the vehicles
>Good thing I've been keeping the Heavy Flamer sparkling

Just a little headsup, it's been about 2.5-3 months since the events of last thread as per usual, so the fight in the pass is long over
I got that, little finger just followed you. Just figured there was still a Tau and Dark eldar Problem.
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>good news: got lots of promethium, backup and cheep gin, and the more crazed sister doesn’t want to kill me
>bad news: board as hell
>need something to do
>start mixing my special brew of Molotov
>sister Grace walks in and grumbles something about genestealers
>she asks me if I have anything to drink
>toss her a bottle of gin
>ask if Bios has asked for us
>she hasn’t
>check my flamer
>perfect condition
>good, good.
>go outside and take in the “spring” air
>better air then my last assignment
>see some sisters praising the Emperor and shooting their flamers in the air
>join them
>good to be a guardsman
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Doing some selective thieving for that bossy skank Wyen'dala
>Apparently this "Saiyan Botanical Garden" has some plants that are of interest to her
>Orange Spiked Mushrooms (hallucinogen) - check
>Thorned Cucumbers (torture instrument/sex toy) - check
>Tundra Lichen (nerve receptor hyperstimulant) - check
>Marijuana (relaxant) - check
>Pumpkins (for something called a jack'o'lattern) - check
>Strawberries (tasty treat) - check
>Lustbloom (strong aphrodisiac) - check
>Get bored while waiting for the Raider to show up for the next load of loot
>Slip off to a small greenhouse, remove some armor, pull open body suit a bit, rub in some lichen and lustbloom
>Suddenly notice Mystee sprawled in the corner, apparently she had the same idea
>Also she has a large hole punched in her torso
>Oh shiite
>Do high speed tactical withdraw from area
>be Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>finally after months of construction, my Cathedral is complete
>masses of the faithful flocked to the Cathedral for the first sermons
>I have since moved my militia's HQ and my private residence to its massive spire
>now with I sit in my office, with my cat sitting in my lap, I plan the militia's next move
>should I keep my men in Groxbridge ?
>should I send my men to Stonehenge ?
>Or should I send my men to reinforce imperial forces in Starrick Pass ?
>mean while Im gothing through the prosses to establish a Schola Progenium on Groxbridge
>also had my assistant fetch tomes on how to get the Sisters Of Battle to establish a Convent here in Groxbridge
>be me sneakyboi little finger
>hiding in a tree working on me masta plan
>where do i get fireworks?
>see something runnin’ from da greenhouse dat i chopped da “deldar”
>it’s anotha “deldar”
>why her armor ripped?
>no mata, she must want to hurt bios
>cant let da boss get hurt
>but she might have...what was it?
>what did that scrawny gut call it?
>dat must be it!
>get me pinnin’ bow and shoot at da “deldar” leg
>she falls down
>after puttin’ on a new coat of paint, i go out to interrogate the git
File: thethaw.gif (7.95 MB, 480x270)
7.95 MB
7.95 MB GIF
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Making the most of the downtime
>Go down to the botanical gardens to obtain some grapes
>Human grapes make good wine with the fermenter in my basem--
>If anyone asks, I didn't say that
>Out and about in the city it's not cold any more but gloomy
>After spending half a year here I'm getting used to it, though the greenhorns seem to like the Craftworld glitz better
>The river ice is rapidly breaking up and pouring over the massive weird in the River Grox South Branch
>You certainly don't get to see this when you're not planetside
>Hear gunfire when walking through the gardens
>A.....Druchii comes running round the corner only to take a shot to the leg
>What in Asuryan's name are they doing here!?
>An odd-looking Grot walks across the lawn towards her
>What next, Tyranids?
>Sigh, species loyalty is what is is
>Good thing I never go anywhere without my Long Rifle
>Send a shot inches above his head
>Back off now, or the next one will between those beady little eyes of yours
>I have some questions of my own for our dark kin friend here
>But mostly because they might be reprehensible scum, but they're OUR reprehensible scum and I'll be damned if I let a Grot kill one
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Everyone is kinda panicking about whatever Monica reported
>All she said was a wave of hunched figures
>That could be a lot of things.
>But we prepare for the worst
>We got a shipment of Lew’s personal mix of Molotov
>I have seen that stuff in action
>It burns hotter than the wrath of the Emperor
>Have it passed around to everyone that has a good throwing arm
>See the officer’s latrines have blown up
>Did the commissar get spooked by the noises?
>Whatever the case, we got things heading to the wall
>Hope nobody gets hurt, mostly because that’s more work for me
>be me
>sneakyboi little finger
>how did she see me?
>dat git nearly shot me
>calm down little finger, don’t blow yer cover
>wait why is a “eldar” stickin up for a “deldar”?
>take in a deep breath
Umm, Mind if I get this one? Need to interrogate her for...what was it? Oh right, intel. Bios might find this one useful. You can ‘ave her back when I get me intel.
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Currently clearing out a maintenance station branching off of magrail tunnel leading to Van Kijeck Island
>Some sort of curse or other foul magic is causing the dead on and near the Island to reanimate
>The so called "zombies" are luckily quite slow and cumbersome, but also extremely durable, it usually takes a several shots to the head or a complete beheading to take one down, and sometimes even that doesn't work
>Still, they would be easy opponents compared to many we have faced if it weren't for the fact that the tunnels are a maze of blind corners, flickering lighting, and the echoing noises of the magrail trains rattling by every couple of minutes
>Also there is something definitely unnatural about this place
>Aside from the constant feeling of being watched, there have also been reports of green flashing lights behind locked doors, half glimpsed images that disappear the second you look at directly at them, screams emitting from impossible spaces, and patrols disappearing, and reappearing significant distances from their last known location
Suddenly realize that the members of my command squad, who had previously been just a few steps behind me, had just disappeared
Not good
>be Archbishop's Cat
>be laying in master's lap
>being petted
>like being petted
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Run around corner and straight into the gunsights of one of those prudish craftworld types
>We are under strict orders not to pick fights with them for some reason, so grudgingly put up hands in gesture of peace / surrender (basically same gesture in the Outer Kabals)
>Suddenly feel sharp pain in left buttock, look over, some weirdly painted grot just shot me with some sort of bow
>Despite the pain flaring from my backside, and certain other sensations flaring from my front side, manage to keep my hands away from my hips, in order to prevent either party from thinking I am reaching for the weapons on my belt
>Still, the sensations are pretty overwhelming, and I barely notice as my two attackers, who both apparently work for the humans, argue over who gets to interrogate me
>Well this is the most humiliating position I have been in for a while...
>Actually two days ago was also pretty bad...
>And pretty much all of last week...
>Maybe it is time to get a new job...
Mobius 1 ?
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>Lupanarium is dead
>He charged a plague marine with his Achille ridgerunner
>And died
>So there is only me and the last scion
>Does this makes me an inquisitor or can I go back to my job?
>Going back at Groxbridge there's now a huge cathedral
>I should with the people in charge like some sisters of battle or the church
>Or could just go back to the airport
>I should tell them to avoid beeing executed
>Just in case I wear the rosette
>Maybe it could give a Thunderbolt faster
bed time bump
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Asked the artillery to bombard Liveria just before receving words of a xenos "meeting" on a island near the coast
>And Von Rosen is ready to launch an attack on the Van Kijeck island
>I'm going to help him with my kill Team some guard regiment and skitariis
>Some sisters of battle would be nice but they might want to burn him for his past job
>Fuck it we need all the firepower at our disposition
>Get sister Bios
>Tell her to gather troops of all kind to the Groxbridge port and go fight at the island
>Leave five of the Space Marines here to fight un Liveria
>The others Come with me we will take the fort surrounding the island
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>So we have hunched figures rushing our wall
>With all the talk of genestealers I’m starting to worry it might be them
>Get to guardswoman Jernwick’s watchtower
>Use my binoculars
>These hunched figures kinda look like Ogryn
>Are we getting attacked by rouge Ogryn?
>But...why do they look so fucked up?
>Order our strategic avalanche changes to be detonated
>That should bury our new foes in snow
>And hopefully that kills them
>See the snow slide down the mountain towards our foes
>Thanks to previous avalanches, our camp is safe
File: yourtimestartsnow.gif (1.32 MB, 480x270)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB GIF
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>So this little green twerp wants to take her for "interrogation", does he?
>And to let her go afterwards
>I don't trust a word of that
>"Interrogations" are seldom survivable, and the Sisters would just burn her afterwards
>If she gets dragged off, she's not coming back
>In that case you have five minutes to ask your questions right here, right now
>I still need to get my grapes as well
>I'll deal with that later, I can't leave these two alone
>Sit down next to them
>Go on, your clock's ticking
>At least this has answered one question
>They really do bleed the same colour as us
>I hope no Imperials come along right now, because that would be awkward
>Be-Be me, Stryxis HATE-thing hunter
>Was just mind-minding business on trade fleet
>Then idiot boss orders me over to bridge!
>Fine, I'll save kill-killing plotting fiends latter
>Get up to bridge, he rage-hates
>Not at me, for we all know what that hate comes from
>imediately volunteer to kill-kill the HATE-thing
>Idiot Boss has other ideas, tell me stupid-complex plan.
>Not half bad for an idiot, but still needs improvement...
>Boss rejects need-needed improvements, shout-yells at me to get with others
>Now I am here on sticky-dirt planet capturing super old man-thing weapon!
>So many incompetents on this need-important mission, will have to keep a close eye on them to make sure they don't fuck-fuck up
>Ah well, time to wait back and relax while man-things and gene things fight-kill each other!
>be me
>sneakyboi little finger
>the “eldar” gave me some time to interrogate da “deldar”
>i know i ain’t got much time so i Grab a map i nicked from one of da ‘ummies and put it in front of her with a pen
Where is da rest of yous?
>pull out what da ‘ummies call a “tazer”
If you don’t talk...
>the “eldar” grabs her gun
...oi, I know what I’m doin’ it ain’t gonna kill her.
>point at da map
>where is da rest of yous?
File: 1550639513967.png (3.24 MB, 2514x1950)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB PNG
>Be me, Imperial fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>I have maintained my status as the man in charge of the garrisoning of Groxbridge, to fulfil this duty I have been given command of an extra squad of Intercessors
>Most of our Primaris brothers were killed or seriously wounded in previous battles before we managed to make it here, this squad will be enough extra assistance for now
>Extensive structural damage was dealt to the steelworks, however not enough that we could not repair them with great effort
>The chemical plants are now mostly useless, we've salvaged as much as we could but most all that remains are smouldering piles of ash, not dampened by the regular rain and snowfalls this time of year
>We have been busy motivating civilians and militiamen into rounding up and executing any remaining insurgents or heretics they come across
>With the smaller Tyrannid fleet heading toward this system I have put much effort into investigating any possible genestealer cults
>So far we have found very little in the form of Genestealers, save for a single 2nd generation lifeform which leads me to the conclusion that this cult is not yet fully developed
>It is possible that they have 3rd or even 4th generation life forms, but so far that's an unknown
>I have had some experience with genestealers previously on Vigilus, the infestation here is not anywhere near as far reaching as it was there
>So it seems at least
>What's more alarming right now however is the sightings of killer shambling corpses near Alabaster
>Though there's already a company of Kriegers in Alabaster, I have ordered around 500 militiamen to go north and further bolster them, with the presumed permission of the Arch-bishop
>I highly doubt he'd dislike this course of action as this may or may not be the start of a plague of unbelief spreading in the region
>Though inquisitor Edric is bringing with her some of the imperial guard to take Stonehenge, we have enough troops yet to continue the Siege of Liveria and defend what we have
>The magrail to Stonehenge is now operational, as it is the only entrance from here to the weapons platform, I have seen to it that its been fortified with heavy stubbers, sandbags, barbed wire and heavy bolters
>2 Platoons of Kriegers are stationed there to ensure the magrail continues to be operational
>We have received reports from North Point that indicate to a plague of unbelief having spread on van Kijeck island, I have recently sent this information to both Inquisitors Edric and von Rosen
>I hope their forces are adept at performing headshots
>Captain Maluan has reported no such sightings near Liveria and requested no reinforcements, since there were sightings of Nurglite forces in the faults I have to assume that they're coming from there toward the nearest population centres
>May he on terra preserve us if the reach Groxbridge, I would prefer not to have the entire cities population be unwillingly turned against us
File: 1569346510604.gif (86 KB, 675x227)
86 KB
>Be me, Admiral Gregorious Markus Agrippa Falkar
>Lord Admiral called me up a while ago, he says that our current orders are to stay here and wait until the battered and heavily reduced Tyrannid splinter fleet show up
>We shot at the Dark Eldar until they either went planetside or fucked off to somewhere we couldn't see them
>The Tyrannid fleet is still on its way right now and it's going to take them several months at the fastest to reach us, so we're just sitting tight
>They aren't any threat right now, but I already have my fleet positioned to slug it out with them
>My first lieutenant has been doing a lot of work, I'll make sure to recommend him for promotion as soon as I can
>Sitting on the bridge playing chess with these little living obedient creatures, bought it from the on Rogue Trader on planet
>Suddenly, my 1st Lieutenant approaches me
>Says there's a new fleet in the system
>Oh shit, are they our reinforcements?
>Nope, xenos it seems
>Specifically, Enoulian vessels
>"What the fuck? Aren't they from the Halo Stars? What are they doing here?"
>"I don't know sir, it's probably about that Stonehenge platform."
>"Oh yeeeeeeeah... yeah that makes sense."
>They're pretty far out, but they're just within range of my Nova Cannon
>Their fleet isn't too small, but it's not near our size
>Turn my ship, "The Enduring Vengeance" around toward their flagship
>Prepair the Nova Cannon to fire as I order my servitors to bring glasses of champagne to the bridge crew
>Tell the crew to aim at (what I assume to be) their flagships engine block
>Raise my glass up toward the Enoulian fleet
>"And now, a toast to our Xeno friends for making it here on such short notice!"
>As me and my men toast, the Nova cannon extends a greeting to our new friends in the form of a plasma warhead
>"Welcome to Damnatum Lutum, enjoy your stay!"
File: stryxis.png (109 KB, 250x339)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
>Be me, Stryxian Master HATE-thing Hunter
>still waiting for the right time to strike against the man-thing's superweapon
>while viewing a gene-thing maul a red-shrt, comn-bead rings in my ear
>damn interuption, gotta take this
>turns out the meatshi-I mean hired help has arrived
>Yes-YES, these yellow-things will further help us take the thing...By distracting the man-thing's navy at least.
>Maybe some of them will even get down and receive their "orders"
>Hah, useful tools in the murder of HATE-things!
>be the Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>be in my office
>get a message from the Imperial Fists
>he requests that i lend him 500 or so of my militia
>fuck it, they dont have much better to do
>idle hands do the warp's work, and we most certainly cant have that
>i approve his request and send my top witch/heretic hunters
File: fog.jpg (42 KB, 1280x960)
42 KB
>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>These shambling creatures are tough to put down
>They only go down when their heads are obliterated
>A single shot from a lasgun can do that, but there's the issue
>Troops are trained to aim for the centre of mass, but chest shots don't do shit
>Not like that really matters, the men may as well be firing blind given their aim
>Still, those we've encountered so far have mostly been in isolated groups easy enough to deal with
>The town of South Bay is eerily deserted with no sign of what happened to its populace
>The ancient perimeter wall of the STC looms out of the fog ahead
>Battalions Alfa to Golf go NE and investigate the towns
>Hotel to Lima, we'll start sweeping the complex
>Stay sharp everyone, it's only a matter of time until we encounter a huge massed group
>Specialised reinforcements from the Archbishop are on their way, which should be a good help
>These creatures give me the creeps
>Apparently the Navy is back in town, haven't seen them for a while
>Let's just hope they don't ram the ground this time
>There's too much archaeotech to risk bombardment, and the fog makes target finding impossible
>Shame really, I'd much prefer to just let them annihilate the whole place
>Much easier than dealing with a bunch of jumpy idiots and shuffling bodies
File: le.jpg (41 KB, 396x382)
41 KB
ooga booga be me am i rite
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>So the grot and the craftworlder are going to interrogate me on the spot
>Interesting choice, clearly they aren't worried about my raiding party launching a counterattack
>Which, frankly is pretty unlikely, chances are they are halfway back to Wyen'dala's lair by now, bickering over who gets to be the new sybarite
>The Tau Stealthsuits and genestealers we encountered in the tunnels beneath the Garden may attack at any minute though
>Decide to play along in order to buy time, even if no one attacks our little stand-off, I may have more opportunity to deal with a certain uncomfortable sensation that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore once the grot leaves
Yes, I talk
We come by door in tunnels, below this place
Door is magic, it goes to base in big water...
...By magic
>By the Dark Muses, talking the tongue of the mon-keigh is worse than gargling a mouthful of khymera semen, I would know
That man was the Emperor's will incarnate. He singled took down Stonehenge when occupied by the enemy Ace Combat 4.
File: 1545309532099.jpg (156 KB, 1024x916)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>Be me, Admiral Gregorious Markus Agrippa Falkar
>Plinking the Enoulian vessels from a distance while sipping champagne with the boys
>We're in a pretty low key firefight with them, they don't really seem to have enough range to hit us often enough that our voidshields would overload
>1st Lieutenant said something about a second fleet being the system and heading for Lutum, seems to just be Styrix though
>Eh, whatever, those Aliens are usually not that big of a threat anyway
>I mean there's a rogue trader here, they're probably here to buy something from him
>"Sir, don't you think they're here to deconstruct Stonehenge?"
>"Yes that's possible, but we've got an entire battlefleet in orbit, if they want to deconstruct it and use it to... uh... what do the Styrix do other than trade again?"
>"Sell things, betray one another and kill Eldar, sir."
>"Right, that. Anyway, if they want to do that with Stonehenge they'd have to spend a long enough time here that we could just shoot them to death."
>"But sir, what will the Lord Admiral-"
>"Yes yes alright alright, if you INSIST we'll harass them a little to make them want to leave."
>Order commodore Palermus to take his cruiser, another cruiser, a few swords and a handful of Cobras to go annoy them, damage a few of their ships or something and then return to the fleet
>Go back to watching the Enoulians scurrying around trying to hit us while the other ships in our fleet shoot at them
>This is like shooting fish in a barrel
>Good target practice before the 'nids show up
>I wonder what the Lord Admiral is doing, we would really stand to gain from some reinforcements once the Tyrannids arrive
>I hope he isn't having one of those operation delaying orgies again
>be me
>sneakyboi little finger
>the “deldar” got a sub?
>and weirdboys?
>can’t use this intel
>taze da deldar because whaaagh
>tell the eldar dat she can have the git
>run back to me hideout and go back to workin’ me masta plan
>can i convince other grots to work with me?
File: letsgoagain.jpg (214 KB, 1024x1449)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>Be Sister Bios
>Rolling out to go bug hunting
>Just leaving HQ when the vox goes off again
>Emperor dammit, what is it this time?
>According to whoever is on the other end, we've been reassigned to Van Kijeck Island
>By Inquisitorial order no less
>Well, burning blueberries and Warp-animated creatures is just as good
>Thankfully the Thule Tunnels are clear an we can skirt the Tau strongholds by going cross-country on the way to the tunnel at Selata, near Karnak
>I hope the Repressor tracks don't do much damage to the road, last thing we need is the Adeptus Viae on our asses
>...we have a problem
>The Repressors won't fit on the magrail
>Well, looks like we'll have to go on foot then
>Has everybody got everything?
>If anyone forgets their flamer, we're not going back to the IFV get it
>Kaybord sends a few of the unit to investigate the disappearance of a Guard squad in the tunnel
>They might only be Guard, but we can't have daggers to our backs as well as our front
>I wonder what they'll find down there
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Fun fact, being tasered in the gut with an electroprod designed for grox hurts
>I probably won't have let him do that if I realized the voltage was set so high
>End up curled in a ball gasping in pain
>Despite everything, I can't resist the urge to discretely rub a certain itch for a bit
>Most Aeldari would find this situation hopelessly humiliating, but the ritual hazing that comes with being a member of the Frozen Heart prepares one for certain things
>Still, I have had better moments
File: 1567780126611m.jpg (146 KB, 1024x822)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot ex-retinue Antonius
>Some governement guy want me to lead the 1rst Damnatus regiment of air superiority fighters while he wants the scion to teach in a future schola
>He takes me at the Groxbridge millitary airport where i meet my new regiment
>Who are ten men looking like new fresh meatshields
>The governement guy tells me that some of them are part of this new Imperial cult and that I have one maraudeur Colossus and five Thunderbolt
>So I have a flying at my orders
>I should make a speach to fraternize with them
So huh I heard this is your first campaign ?
There are a few rules under my command :
-First: at the bar always take the best amasec
-Second: keep an eye on who you are talking with it could be a heretic disguised as pretty girls
-Finally: promethium bombs are my weapon of choice
>Now that this is out of the way I can see with the administratum for the regiment color
>Except they to get in the plane and destroy a Tau invasion force taking over a super weapon of DoT on a island
>If you tell me it's Van Kijeck island I'm going to burn all the towns of the island just to be sure
>With their own planes
>Take my new squad out to the island
>I swear I will make a name of this regiment with this battle !
File: download (4).jpg (12 KB, 182x277)
12 KB
>Be the Butler
>It seems that a large horde of stumbling corpses have surrounded the Van Rosier Family mansion
>Oh bother
>First conical hat wearing thugs and now this?
>One would think that the Alabaster private security force would be able to handle a bit of trouble, otherwise why do we pay them?
>Grab the ancient heavy stubber hanging above the fireplace, a couple of 40 round clips from the broom closet, and have a go at them from the third floor balcony
>Manage to wipe them out after a bit of trial and error, but then have to ensure a long winded speech from Milady about damaging a family heirloom, covering the balcony with shell casing, scaring the dogs by making too much noise, and coating the lawn with rotten corpses
>I definitely don't get paid enough for this
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>follow orders and join the sisters in the tunnels
>the only light we got is the tiny beam of light from our flashlights and our flamer pilot lights
>pass around some of my Molotovs to the sisters
>wait a minute
>just realize that I got one of those settings on my helmet that amplifies light
>turn it on
>everything has a green look to it
>well that’s weird
>look up and see something that i didn’t want to see
>what’s left of...I think a human dangling in some power cables
>don’t panic Lew, you got this
>point this out to Bios
>she orders us to be alert and to pick up the pace
>pray it’s not tyranids
>mfw it’s probably tyranids
File: Snö_MiG.jpg (266 KB, 1500x1013)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Greenlight on the operation has been given, however I just got a reminder that there are zombies on the island
>That was kind enough of the fists, but I had already packed two valkyries full of Archoflagellants, I'm fairly prepaired already
>I presume I best tell the armoured elements to stay behind then, since they may get overran by the undead
>Then again, so long as the crew just batten down their hatches they should be fine
>Alright, armoured squadrons are coming along, but I'll exchange the one Leman Russ squadron for a Squadron of Hellhounds
>Shouldn't take too long to get Sky Talons modified to carry Tanks to pick up a few Hellhounds
>Imperial navy is a bit busy, but Gregorius will still be sending roughly a wing of fighters and close air support
>To compensate, the Governor has decided to commit the newly formed "Damnatus 1st Aviation Regiment" to the attack
>Likely as a gesture of good will so that he doesn't get himself killed by an inquisitorial strike team like his predecessor was
>Jokes on him, I didn't have anything to do with that
>Still good of him to send an entire aviation regiment to aid me, we'll need all the air support we can get
>I don't doubt the ability of my storm troopers to score consecutive headshots, nor do I doubt the ability of my Crusaders to direct their strikes carefully, but I would prefer to take as few casualties as possible when we capture Stonehenge proper
>There are genestealers on the island, I'll make sure to use whatever phosphex I have with me to cleanse the already overran cities
>Step into my thunderhawk, since she can carry over 60 non-augmented humans I'll be using it as a ram to clean out the undead
>Before that however we'll clear out a landing area with strafing runs over the horde of undead
>Archoflagellants will be activated above the horde and dropped directly on top of them, causing as much damage to the undead as possible
>After that the storm troopers and other infantry personnel will be deployed from my 2 Thunderhawks and the valkyries I have on standby, we'll aid the Archoflagellants in clearing out the LZ
>While that's going on, my right hand man Jackinus will rush to link up with the PDF forces and their colonel, they could be vital in letting us push forward
>As the infantry continues to make gains we'll land the armoured support and destroy the bulk of the remaining enemy infantry, after which the breacher squads will take control of the Stonehenge command bunker
>All of this while we perform continual strafing runs on the enemy and bomb the genestealer population of the island
>I will be dropping in the other Thunderhawk with 39 of my best storm troopers and 20 veteran crusaders
>Jackinus has the same loadout in his Thunderhawk, hopefully we'll be able to pull this off without major casualties
>I've informed Edric of my plan of deployment and have been unable to get word back from her after that, signals are still a bit spotty from time to time
>Whatever forces she brings along I hope they can aid us in the engagement
>The likelihood of air-to-air combat is still a high, I hope the 1st aviation regiment knows what they're doing
>My retinue forces finish their final checks and get themselves settled in their vehicles
>Order Thunderhawk to take off, it's time for the assault to begin
>As my airborne army begins descending toward the muddy, snowy, blood drenched world below I tune into the vox
>"All units be advised, this is von Rosen, operation Bunker Buster is officially active, over and out."
>Switch frequencies once we go beneath the clouds to that of our Aerial support
>"This is von Rosen to all units, I'm sure you already know your jobs today, but I'd like to remind you to under no circumstances damage Stonehenge, over and out."
>And so it begins
>be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>Currently celebrating my avalanche attack
>Then I hear rumbling coming from the direction of the wall
>Look through my binoculars
>And they aren’t just Ogryn
>I think the guardsman term is “Zombie Ogryn”
>Someone must have gave them a better name
>But for now, zombie ogryn will work
>Order fire teams to form near the camp perimeter and to prepare for the worst
>Report to the higher ups that Camp Walldrip is under attack
>Ready my chainsword and give Guardswoman Jernwick the vox unit
>Tell her she is the new coms officer
>Tell her to radio for support if need be
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Still haven't found my way back to my command squad yet
>Haven't seen anyone for that matter, and my personal vox-caster is picking up nothing but static and the occasional screeching noises
>Turn around a corner and find myself in a hallway full of flayed bodies nailed to the walls
>Low moaning noises can be heard, but it is impossible to tell whether the bodies are zombies or still living due to the lack of skin, and the fact that each of their faces is obscured in some way, whether it is a mask, a sack, a bag, or even some large orange gourds with whimsical faces carved into them
>Decide maybe I should backtrack and try some other corridor
>Naturally the flickering ceiling lights choose this exact moment to go dark, leaving me in complete darkness for several seconds
>When they turn back on again I am no longer alone...
>be archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts.
>finally finish the 100,000 document requesting the creation of a Schola Progenium
>mail it to the proper authorities
>ask my assistant to update me on the progress over at Stone Henge
>also ask for the documents for the establishment of a Convent and SoB order. That and to fetch the nearest Rogue Trader, i have business to be done
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Zombie Ogryn
>Zombie Fucking Ogryn
>Are you shitting me?
>The camp is scrambling right now over the news, asking if it’s contagious or not
>How the fuck am I supposed to know?
>I’m just a medic, not a epidemiologist
>No wounded yet, but I can hear the gunshots, so who is to say
>Make sure we got enough promethium to burn the bodies
>We have a few drums, so we might not need to risk burying the corpses
>Order the other medics to have side arms at the ready, just in case bites are contagious
>Order a flame trooper to clear an area for corpse disposal
>Take a shot do dull the inevitable headache
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>The little gremlin finally shocks her and runs off
>The sight of her writhing on the ground invokes no small amount "schadenfreude", as the humans call it
>No, no, such thoughts make me little better than one of them
>I must not stoop to such a sadistic level
>We can't stand around this, you'll be shot by an Imperial before long
>They barely tolerate us lot as-is, much less a dark one
>Pick her up and carry her out of sight behind a small greenhouse in some trees while trying not to get pricked by her armour
>Set her down on a large crate and start seeing to her leg wound
>Quite the pickle you've gotten yourself into now, hmm?
>You know, given you're a member of the Frozen Heart it's taking a lot to not execute you on the spot
>But again, I'm better than that, though the feeling is likely not mutual
>If the situation was reversed I doubt you would be doing the same to me - rather, something I'd prefer to not think about
>Scrape some encrusting blood crystals off my sleeve
>There's screams and yelling with some gunfire in blocks to the north
>What could possibly be going on this time?
>Well, it's Groxbridge, so anything could be happening right now
>A human lumbers around the corner, but something seems.....off about them
>Their gait is stumbling and draggy, their eyes are unblinking, their arms are outstretched and their skin has a grey pallor
>This creepy "human" screams danger
>Raise my Shuriken Pistol sidearm at him as he starts making a strange moaning noise
>His chest is shredded as the pistol fires, but he keeps coming until a second shot minces his head
>More of the creatures start appearing all around
>You do have a weapon right, Trys'ta?
>I think you might need it right now
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>I open fire on the approaching figures, but naturally get shot in the leg and knocked off the roof within seconds
>I may have blacked out for a bit, but when I wake up I am lying in about half a foot of frigid, filthy water in a narrow alley between my shipping container watch tower and the mess hall
>The glancing wound from the las shot seems to be perfectly aligned with the scar from the dark eldar splinter shot I took during the last battle, not sure if that is good or not, it sure hurts though
>The Commissar shows up and tosses me a Cadian style vox unit, says I am the new comms officer, and to call in support related to a "zombie" attack
>The vox unit, a state of the art piece of machinery capable of sending encrypted messages across the globe, unfortunately weights almost as much as I do, I fumble the catch and I feel at least one partially healed rib crack again as most of the weight slams into my torso
>As I recover from the shock of my latest injury, several things occur to me
> 1) The comm officer is dead, if something was able to kill him we are in deep trouble, he was one of the Cadian's toughest soldiers
> 2) I don't know how to operate this type of vox-caster
> 3) The pain in my rib makes it impossible to talk
> 4) The Commissar is calling for help, something which I have never even heard of him doing
> 5) The Commissar said something about "zombies", back on my home world, a zombie is a fictional monster created when a corpse is reanimated by foul magic
> 6) I am not far from the corpse wall, which is now squirming and moaning
> 7) Where is my lasgun?
> 8) A dead eldar is shuffling towards me
> 9) It is completely bottomless
> 10) Did someone steal its pants? Or did it go into battle pants-less? I have heard some stories supporting both possibilities
> 11) Someone better not steal my clothes when I am dead
> 12) Actually this uniform is on loan from the PDF, last time someone died I helped strip the body and bury it in a snowbank, you would think I would remember something like that, it was pretty traumatic
> 13) I may have received another concussion falling from that shipping container, my sense of priorities is pretty messed up right now
>be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>Realize I left our new coms officer in a bloody heap in the snow
>Run to check in on her progress
>She is crushed by the vox unit and a foul xenos zombie is shuffling to her
>Also, Who the fuck shot her? Is there a rouge sniper?
>Get a team of guardsman to drag her and the vox unit to the medic tent
>Start hearing groans from the 40% corpse 60% concrete wall
>Ask a a recon team is they saw a sniper in the mountains
>Hear Coms Officer Jernwick groan that she doesn’t know how to operate the vox
>Give her a copy of “Cadian Vox Units for Dummies” and tell her to read it
>Drop her in a bed next to the newly placed vox unit and run back into the field
>Emperor, please don’t let my wall be infested with corpses
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg
>Wake up in some sort of twisted laboratory
>My multi-armed captor is currently hunched over some unfortunate woman, doing something painful by the sounds of it
>Hopefully it is not one of my soldiers, though it is hard to tell since she isn't wearing much clothes, and my view of her table is mostly blocked by some sort of hulking creature assisting my captor
>My table is slanted in order to give me a clear view of the row of fluid filled tanks lining the opposite wall, each of which contains some sort of hideous freak stitched together from various body parts without any regard for species, gender, correct number of arms, legs, heads, eyes, torsos, or any other bits of anatomy for that matter
>Naturally they are all alive and clearly in horrible agony
>I try to shift my body only to find that I am bound to the table by several barbed manacles and spiked chains
>I try to think of a time when I was in a worse situation, but even my brief trip to the hellish realm of the daemonettes pales in comparison to this
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>The dead haven’t breached the perimeter yet, but it sounds like they are getting close
>Next thing I know, there is a vox unit being dropped next to a bed
>Then the commissar runs in and drops guardswoman Jernwick in the bed next to it
>She has been shot again and seems to have multiple bone fractures
>mfw we might have the imperium’s biggest bullet catcher stationed at this base
>The commissar says something about her being the new coms officer
>Fine whatever
>Set the broken bones, close gunshot wound, and administer enough painkillers to maintain consciousness and ability to read and manage the vox
>Tell Monica to try not to get shot too many times, or else she will set off metal detectors
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Get carried by the craftworlder like a sack of hugj to a more discreet location
>Not sure what her plan is, but my lustbloom addled mind comes up with dozens of highly unlikely scenarios
>Suddenly start hearing gunfire, and the sweet, sickly smell of rotting flesh
>Ah yes, the kra'gtyl, dead flesh reanimated by the unnatural forces swirling around Van Kijeck Island
>Wyen'dala and her Haemonculi associates have taken a strong interest interest in this form of tainted warpcraft
>I am surprised the kra'gtyl have spread this far from the Island though, Wyen'dala had been under the impression that the Island's reality defying effects could only occur where the veil between this dimension and the Other is thin to the point of breaking
>This planet must be more unstable than anyone realizes
>Vow to sneak back to Commorragh the first chance I get
>Even the Haemonculi can't resurrect you if your soul is daemon food
>But first, the craftworlder is apparently trusting me to draw my weapons to help her deal with the kra'gtyl
>Strongly tempted to hold her at gunpoint to extract some favors of an intimate nature, but that is clearly just the lustbloom talking, Wyen'dala would add my skin to her taxidermy collection if she thought I harmed her chance of allying with the craftworlders to fulfill that stupid prophecy
>Stupid bident
>I draw the small splinter pistol I use as a side arm and pop a tablet of acid into the toxin reservoir, poison is no good against the kra'gtyl, but a shard through the skull dosed in fast acting acid usually does the trick
>Start killing the foul creatures with precision headshots while using my free hand to deal with a certain pressing issue
>The craftworlder won't mind, I am slightly out of her field of vision, my limp makes it difficult to keep up with her brisk walking pace
>Wait, how did she know my name?
>I hate psykers
> 24) I wonder how long its schlong was before it died and spent all winter buried in a snowbank, it is disturbingly long for something that is both flaccid and shriveled by the cold
> 25) Schlong rhymes with long
>The Commissar shows up again and cuts its head off with a chainsword
>He orders a pair of wounded soldiers to drag me over to the medical tent
>When I groan about the fact that my pants are slowly being pulled off from the friction of being dragged along the ground, he stuffs the vox instruction manual into my breast pocket
>I wake up in the medical tent, not even sure when I blacked out again
>Graves makes a joke about setting off metal detectors, I murmur something about how neither the splinter shot or the las burn left any metal in my body, but maybe that was part of the joke
>The vox is next to the bed, apparently I am still the comms officer, I guess everyone else is busy fighting
>I am feeling a bit too anxious about my rapidly impending death by zombie to read the manual, so I instead push the buttons I am pretty sure correspond to "On", "General Frequency", and "Repeating General Distress Call"
>After a few long seconds spent wondering whether I just broke the vox-caster, I get a signal from the small base at Liamhelm asking what the nature of the emergency is
>My shout of triumph quickly squeak of pain as sudden movement causes by ribs to shift again
>I manage to rasp out before painfully coughing up a few specks of blood
>Be me, 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>As I'm listening in to vox trafic coming from Alabaster, I get a signal over the vox
>Shambeling corpses have been seen walking out of the sewers near the Saiyan Botanical Gardens
>It appears that my worst fears have been realised
>The closest unit in the area just so happens to be the Intercessor squad
>Lovely, call in to them over the vox and order them to move to aid the civilian population of the assaulted area
>Vox nearby units of the imperial guard, mainly Kriegers and Praetorians to get to work cleaning up the streets
>Issue a warning over every single accessable surround sound system in the district, state my status as Astartes, rank and chapter to the residents of Whiscale
>Tell them to, as quickly as possible board up doors, ground floor windows and use whatever they can to fight back any and all undead trying to get into their homes
>Inform them that only by extensive head trauma can the victims of the plague of unbelief be killed, and that if they have guns to only take headshots
>Considering that the undead are coming from the sewers, I expect them to be appearing roughly anywhere and everywhere in the city
>Send a vox signal to the Archbishop to mobilise every single militiaman with a rebreather that he can, and to tell them to only take headshots
>Send a request for the mechanicus agents in the city to deploy any and all Skitarii to hunt down as many of the undead as possible, as they are almost entirely mechanical they suffer little to no risk of being infected
>I myself am very glad I have not yet removed this jump pack from my armour
>Gather my squadron of assault marines and set off for Whiscale via Jump pack
>Emperor preserve us, dealing with the aftermath alone is going to be a pain...
>be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>Emperor protect us...
>This is bad, really bad
>The moaning from the wall is louder, things are starting to drag themselves out of the caves, and the wall is starting to crack
>Run back to the vox unit to see that our coms officer got over excited and moved a cracked rib
>Tell her to be careful and get on the vox
>Order a artillery barrage right in front of the wall
>There is some confusion from the artillery division, but after some threats of blaming, the sound of firing gives me hope
>Order everyone to pull back from the wall
>When everyone is clear, I put my thumb on the detonator for the charges in the wall
>I hear the sharp whistle of artillery overhead
>See it about to hit its target
>pic related
>You could hear a pin drop after that explosion
>Not really, but we didn’t see any zombies moving, especially after the avalanche that completely sealed the pass
File: yonkers_8769.jpg (58 KB, 300x450)
58 KB
>Be Arbites Frank
>What the hell is going on?
>I was rounding up some insurgents down the tunnels from the Sisters at Jester Bank when I get jumped by this shambling, moaning twerp
>I blew his head off with a shotgun, but he was only the start of my problems
>Apparently they're reanimated corpses straight out of cheesy horror holovids
>Command is in a panic and most of the local PDF is off on some wild goose chase on Van Kijeck Island
>Meanwhile reports are starting to trickle in of contacts in other districts
>Manholes and metro entrances are being sealed across the city in an attempt to limit their spread
>Still, it's far too late for that
>Going to the Hound Pits in Sloan and waiting for all this to blow over is attractive, but the city needs us more than ever
>A large group of the creatures has been spotted approaching Bailey Bridge on Richlieu Street
>Our orders are to defend and hold the bridge
>Sounds simple enough, those shamblers shall not pass
>Horde comes into view up the bridge approach
>Emperor's holy balls, there's thousands of them
>And only a couple dozen of us
>Open up with shotguns and bolters as the horde comes into range
>Heads pop all around and the creatures fall
>But for every one that re-dies, two take its place
>Keep plugging away as the horde gets closer
>Dammit, I'm out of shells
>We don't carry enough ammo for these kinds of engagements!
>Shock batons are ineffective, as three of the squad are caught and dragged away while finding out
>We have to fall back, we can't deal with this on our own
>be me
>sneakyboi little finger
>workin in me hideout trying to figure me masta plan
>start hearing moaning
>see a grey skinned ‘ummie chasin afta a regular skinned ‘ummie
>problem is, da grey has massive bleeding hole in his chest
>grab me shoota gun and shoot it in da head
>it falls down
>see more of da grey skinned ‘ummies shambling around
>might as well krump the zogin gits
>go around da town saving da ‘ummies from a distance by shootin da grey skinned gits
>hop from rooftop to rooftop
>shootin da grey gits
>one of those grey gits look like a deldar
>can deldar turn into grey gits?
>well it tried to attack a ‘ummie so imma shoot it
>be sneaky though, must preserve me reputation as da sneakiest of boys
Bump, will be back in a few hours
File: 1561399135414.png (858 KB, 1072x526)
858 KB
858 KB PNG
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Get message from Von Rosen about his plan
>Well time to take the forts
>Begining by Fort Shivering
>Get Vox that there's zombies on the island
>Who invited them?
>Should we let the Tau take care of them si that their troops and munitions lower a little bit ?
>But they could get access more easily the bunker
>Or not
>Vox HQ and Von Rosen and ask how many Tau troops are left and if my plan could work
>Tell them to take all the big point of interrest of the island first
>The fort is in sight
>Land on top of it
>Start blaming everything that moves with my Kill Team
>Dark Eldars Taus and Zombies
>What a time to kill for the Emperor!
File: spoopytunnel.jpg (62 KB, 1024x583)
62 KB
>Be Sister Bios
>I hate these tunnels
>The rest of the unit apart from us six went on ahead to the Island
>Dripping water, jinking corners and strange lights abound
>Some of these places look awfully fucking familiar
>If I didn't know better I'd say these tunnels were bordering on non-Euclidian
>The torches and pilot lights don't do much in the darkness
>The Cadian finally makes himself useful by figuring out how to use his IR goggles
>Apparently there are corpses dangling above us
>Wonderful, wonderful
>Keep pressing onwards anyway, we can't turn back now
>We must reach the heart of this foul warpcraft and destroy it
>The tunnels start to blend into one as we go
>It's going to be a nightmare to backtrack in this maze
>Eventually the tunnel ends up at a large wooden door
>A green light and strange human-sounding noises are coming from the other side
>Kick the door
>It rattles but doesn't budge
>Somebody fires a bolter round, shattering the latch
>Door slowly swings open
>What in the Emperor's holy name is this!?
File: 1539284064419.jpg (71 KB, 581x542)
71 KB
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Aircraft blazing through the darkened skies and splitting the clouds
>As we come in toward the island, the pilot says he can see a faintly green shimmering pillar of light extending from Harling Ridge
>I have received some information of high amounts of warp energy seeping from the island, that must be part of it
>Thanks to my own reconnaissance with Marauder Vigilants, I have been able to spot the exact location of the genestealer infested towns, along with the fact that they have genestealers in them
>The fog below us is thick enough that it's hard to see for more than a few meters
>Thankfully I brought some Vigilants with me
>Vox the PDF colonel, tell him to shoot up flares so that we can see where we may be able to land
>I now realise that the man I ordered to send the information we gathered to the other imperial forces must have been an Ogryn midget because the PDF colonel didn't receive it
>Inform the colonel of the projected positions of the genestealers and the undead
>The beam is to be the old van Chijeck family mansion, strange, I thought that was abbandoned
>Stranger still the mansion has a voidshield around it
>That can't be good
>Thunderhawk touches down on the platform, step out first with my crusders
>The fog around us is unnervingly thick
>Tune into vox
>"von Rosen to SkyEye, we have no clear visual on any hostiles, what can you see?"
>A few seconds of silence while the Valkyries disgorge storm troopers, Bullgryns and more, archoflagellants still circling above us in their Valkyries
>My Vigilant acting as AWACS says they detect a bunch of organisms to the north of us and around the towns, however they lack life signs
>That must be the horde
>"Copy that SkyEye, stand by for strafing run requests"
>Vox Jackinus and tell him to "investigate" the mansion with his unit of storm troopers and crusaders
>Vox the PDF colonel and request a sitrep, then head toward his immediate location with the rest of my forces
Be me, 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Crushing, melting and chopping into undead as we move across the streets
>Mobilized all of the space marines in the city, 5th squad is securing Chrysotile with groups of Steel Legionaries, 4th squad has successfully managed to rouse the already partially armed population of Stankonia to defend their homes
>The devastators of the 5th squadron have been traveling via Rhino around the city, disembarking to gun down larger scores of the undead and then getting back on the rhino to continue their patrol
>The devastators are currently in Sloan gunning down undead with imperial citizens armed to the teeth
>It appears that even the criminal underworld of the city has decided to help their fellow citizens, that should make the Arbites feel a bit better about themselves
>Skitarii have secured their sectors of the city it seems, I suspect that whoever organized this attack just wanted to sow panic in the city we've concentrated so many forces in
>I called in for land speeder support a couple minutes ago, got in contact with them just now as they began arriving
>I intercepted some traffic on the vox coming from arbites to the south west of our position
>Order the two land speeders that just arrived move there and reinforce the remaining arbites
>Vox the imperial guard officers around the city and advise them to order that only headshots are to be used
>Continue my assault on the undead, their numbers truly have no end
>There are also xeno lifeforms among the dead, which further lends credence to my theory that the attack is originating from the faults
>Which might also mean that we are eventually going to encounter a champion of the plague god leading this horde
>If we do, I only hope the Captain's Thunderhawk is already on standby
File: chaos.jpg (282 KB, 768x960)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>It's yer favourite radio host Jackson here, again with the NEWS
>I'm sure ya all heard about what's goin' on already
>There's an invasion of the livin' dead!
>No folks, we're not pullin' yer legs here
>There really are zombies invading the city
>Ya know, with a bit of luck they might like the taste of blueberries as well
>It's chaos in the streets down there outside
>The dead might not have reached this area yet, but the streets are jammed with people fleeing
>The Great Panic downstairs just means even more easy meat over here
>We'll have SkyEye in the air shortly to monitor the situation
>[indistinct murmuring]
>.....whaddya mean, we have to rename it because the Inquisitor requisitioned the name for his AWACS?
>We should'a trademarked that
>We've pulled the shutters down, handed out the guns and warmed up the laser
>Because I am still The Radioman, and some stupid deadheads can't stop the music
>After this, we've got some tips on how to take on a zombie if ya get caught
>We've also got a statement from the GCA here
>Anyone suffering a bite wound from one the creatures should report to the nearest law enforcement or Imperial military personnel immediately
>For "treatment" apparently
>Anyway, enough of me now!
>Be Captain Antonius of the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment
>Pass over a fog
>Wait where's the island ?
>It's in the fog ?
>Now it's clear why the inquisitor took some vigilants with him
>Ask on the Vox it they want the towns destroyed
>Circle around the supposed location of the island
>Suddenly some officer start shouting about tau vehicles and military airport near south bay
>Get the location of said bay escort the maraudeur colossus bomb said base
>Go in the fog to guide the maraudeur
>Suddenly see a blueberrie tank and the ground
>Open fire and pull up for Emperor's sake!
>The good point is that we now know that there's troops down there
>The bad point is that we don't have the element of suprise
>Fuck it
>Bomb it from above the fog the weapon is 2.5 miles away
>This regiment is extremely receptive
>The explosion creates a nice little hole in the fog
>Yep they can't use it now
>Notice a manta far away going in our direction
Bed time bump
>be the Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>be in my spire, be doing the proper papers to apply for the creation of a SoB convent
>get word that the undead have risen and are attacking the city and the violence has escalated once again
>im not gonna let these undead bastards destroy my city
>call upon my militia to bear arms over the city intercoms, and destroy the undead menace
>dawn my power armor once again
>grab my power sword
>i join my flock in the cleansing of the city of the shambling corpses
>i swear once i find the fuck responsible for this unholy cluster fuck i will burn him on a stake
>the vox station starts playing heavy metal, its oddly fitting the purging of the undead
File: butontopofahugegun.jpg (190 KB, 1280x915)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>You know what is scarier than a spooky enemy?
>A lack of the spooky enemy when you know they're around, that's what
>There has got to be tens of thousands of undead on this island, they must all be SOMEWHERE
>The men are jumpy, ready to fire at anything that moves and some things that don't
>Get a message from the Inquisitor nearby
>He's requesting a sitrep and to mark some landing zones
>Sitrep? It's pretty quiet, and we're all spooped
>As for landing, we don't have any flare guns and our handheld flares won't penetrate the fog enough for aircraft to see them
>Out of the fog looms a massive edifice of metal and steel
>It's crumbling, rusty and covered in vines, grass and even some adventurous bushes
>But it's still recognisable as one of the great ancient guns of the STN complex
>According to our locators, it's Gun IV
>And it gives me an idea
>The barrel of the gun is a quarter kilometre long, and it's sticking up at quite the angle
>If we send someone up there, they can use a pair of fusees as marshalling wands to guide the aircraft in
>Just like how they guide aircraft at airports
>You! Private! Get up there and start waving!
>It'll be good to have some backup at last
*the gun barrel is sticking up out of the fog layer
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>What a explosion
>Good news for us, we don’t have to guard the pass anymore
>Bad news for whoever is in charge of this planet, there is no way go getting through this pass now
>But on the plus side, we now have time to properly tend to our wounded
>Still kinda shocked by that explosion
>Catachan would give it a 8/10 at least
>But our orders are going to change no doubt
>Ponder what fresh hell we are bound for when our orders change
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>What in the name of the emperor is this?
>Bodies in tubes of green shit
>Disembodied heads asking us to kill them
>Weird electronic coils
>And What looks like a happy ender tied to a table with some afront to nature nearby
>Look to sister Bios
Permission to fire miss?
preseleep bump

side note, where is everyone today? Yesterday was busy, and it's a weekend still.
Sneaky bump
File: 40K-20170919064642.jpg (161 KB, 1024x872)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>My freakish captor seems to be wrapping up whatever it is it is doing to the woman on the table next to me
>More than a bit concerned that this means it will be turning its attention to me next
>Kind of hysterical really
>My captor's massive assistant grabs a heavy tray of blood stained tools and puts it on the side table next to my table with a wet thump
>I get a quick glance at what is left of the woman next to me and let out a scream that is muffled by the tube down my throat
>My captor has also turned to face me now, its eyes glittering with infinite malice
>Are you listening right about now God-Emperor?
>Because I could use a miracle right now
>Like really, REALLY, badly
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>Fuck it, no time for permission
>Grab my “reassigned” bolt pistol and shoot the weird freaky thing in the face
>Before I know it, the other sisters join in
>The thing and it’s hunchbacked assistant are shredded to bloody pieces
>We unstrap the officer looking lady from the table and get her back her uniform
>Turns our she is the head honcho of all the Happy Enders here
>Give her my bolt pistol
>Tell her to stick close
>Thank the Emperor we got here in time, I might just have gotten me a medal
File: MandrakeShadows.jpg (42 KB, 456x582)
42 KB
>Be Mandrake
>Be bored
>Be hungry
>It is night
>Time to hunt
>A small outpost of mon-keigh exists at the bottom of the valley near my lair
>Recent skirmishes have reduced the soldiers there to just a small handful
>Their fight with the living dead has made them fearful and paranoid
>Perfect, fear is one of the spices that make a soul a pleasure to consume, pain is another
>I drive the hook of my blade into the guts of the first sentry before strangling it to death as it writhes in agony
>A second soldier is hamstrung before being drowned in a puddle
>A third has its intestines spilled on the ground and loses a hand
>I disappear off into the night as its screams alert the rest of the camp
>Their brutish souls have satiated my hunger for now
>I will be back tomorrow night
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>I guess the God-Emperor does occasionally check his vox messages
>A squad of Sisters shows up and shoot/burn both my captors plus anything else unsavory in the room (basically everything)
>They are accompanied by an unusually gregarious Cadian named Lew who is apparently a liaison of sorts between his regiment and the Sisters
>Knowing how taciturn the Cadians are, I suspect they assigned him to the job just to get rid of him
>He seems quite eager to please me, giving me a bolt pistol, and salvaging the cut-up remains of my uniform from a rag pile before the Sisters had a chance to burn it
>In addition to the lingerie, one sock, and officer's cap I was already wearing, he managed to find my blouse, jacket, and one boot
>My pants and corset were in pieces however, and no sign of my other sock, other boot, weapons, or my refractor field
>Still, minor details like this don't reduce my overwhelming jubilation about being rescued
>In the past couple of minutes I have given three quick prayers of thanks to the Emperor, hugged Lew, tried to hug one of the Sisters, and thoroughly taunted the crispy carcasses of my former captors
>Even the look of utter disgust from the Sister I tried to hug barely lowered my spirits
>be me
>sneakyboi little finger
>took a break from saving da ‘ummies and meditating
>thinking calming thoughts about krumpin gits
>start listening in on da ‘ummie “vox unit”
>why da ‘ummies got such weird names for stuff?
>reports from their command say that der is something that is making these grey gits start walking
>would Bios be happy if i krumped dat device?
>but i would need a lot of daka to krump it...
>climb da rooftops to find more daka
>take potshots at the grey gits for the fun of it
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Cleared out the first fort before sending the rest of marines to Maunsell and Texas
>Clear out the landing pad
>Order via vox to squad guardsmen to keep the fort
>Point the guns towards the island
>Repeat the three last actions for Maunsell and Texas
>Tell Von Rosen that Northwest ocean side is secured and that I will join forces with him
>There's like ten kilometers before the rest of the troops but the Deathwatch gear is effective enough to allow to see up to fifty meters
>Regroup my squad and get them in the Corvus Blackstar
>We didn't made two kilometers that the pilot notice a FUCKING RIPTIDE
>Pull up out of the fog
>Escape a riptide shot
>Emperor damn it we can see nothing up here
>Notice a red light according to my map it's the gun IV near the landing area
>Ahead full speed
>Touch ground at the base of the cannon
>Ask to the colonel in charge where is my colleague
Does anybody know where's is the Mechanicus ? I see no tech-priest...
File: 1572468591522.jpg (34 KB, 580x548)
34 KB
>Be Great papy Krezial all father of the under the shit genestealer cult
>Lost even more sympathiser and members
>They know that we're here especially the marines
>The taus have taken over the island that scares the Star gods and are fighting imperials and zombies
>That's it I'm doing it myself
>To the island my sons !
>Rush in the tunnels and stumble upon two guardsmen
>One them is a woman
>Ask them if they want to meet the Star gods
>Notice the sisters of battle in the back
>be me
>subject 9114
>was held in some shitty lab by some hunchback and his master
>ran after the crazed women with flames showed up
>cant remember much, but know i am hungry
>so hungry
>see something that kinda looks like me
>so hungry
>rot has taken this one, but i will eat it
>kinda hungry now
>more healthy looking thins are nearby, but they look dangerous
>stumble away from this place of stone
>trudge through cold stuff and into a cave
>rest here for now
>will eat later
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>Some weird guy in robes asks if we want to meet “Star gods”
>That’s never a good thing
>Once the probably heretic is dead, we quickly had through our destination
>Hopefully our destination has more clothes for Captain Hansburg
>Mostly because it’s a pain in the ass to try to order more uniforms through requisition
File: 1537818263577.jpg (89 KB, 1381x1319)
89 KB
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Got a message from Edric that they've taken one of the forts to our west
>Also getting sightings of Tau vehicles moving across the island
>Most notably, a FUCKING MANTA
>Somebody decided to engage it, I immediately stopped whatever I was doing and told them not to touch a manta, because god damnit I am in no way interested in losing half of our fighters hunting a single retreating aircraft
>AWACS is reporting more tau Aircraft taking off from the island and heading the fuck out of here, hopefully the fighters will start engaging them instead
>Seems the Tau have been all but overrun here, good for the undead but not really for us
>Landing the rest of my forces slowly but surely, initially managed to land roughly a kilometre to the west of the PDF
>Archoflagellants still circling above the projected positions of the horde
>Jackinus apparently saw some vaguely humanoid abomination run away from him as he approached the mansion, we're both convinced that there's definitely something highly heretical going on in there
>I'd bomb it with phosphex but the void shield surrounding it makes that impossible
>Jackinus will have to destroy the void shield generator, wherever that is
>Me and my troops have formed orderly columns and began marching to the location of PDF with directions from my Vigilants
>I've told my stormtroopers to hold fire for now, hopefully we don't hit the PDF due to poor vision
>Now that I've gotten an up-close look at this place, I think AL would probably find it gloriously haunting, but that's neither here nor there
>One of the columns furthest to the north suddenly stops
>Vox their tempestor prime and ask them why they stopped moving
>They say they've got a visual on something, but it doesn't seem alive
>Order my men to stop marching and form a firing line with gaps between every squad covered by Bullgryns
>Breachers behind the bullgryns in case the undead get too close
>"Fire at will!"
>be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>After recovering all of our equipment I make note of the three dead sentries
>After we all morn our losses, I head to the vox unit and message Von Rosen the news
>Starick Pass is...well let’s just say that nobody is getting through
>Ask if they needy forces here moved to join the assault
>He starts yelling at me about “What do you mean nobody is getting through the pass?”
>Tell him that a substantial forces of “zombies” tried to push its way through, so we had no option but to seal the pass
>He starts yelling again calling me incompetent
>If he wasn’t an inquisitor I would shoot him
>But from what I’m hearing from our new coms officer, they are going to need all the help they can get
>Be Captain Antonius of the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment
>Do you know where the weak point of the manta is ?
>On it's back the turrets can hardly shoot at us
>Take my Thunderbolt just upside the back of the manta
>They saw the rest of my squadron but they have not yet saw me and nowhere to land
>Swoop on it with incredible speed
>Fire my two lascannons, four autocannons ans launch the four hellstrike missiles
>Too close !
>With a huge explosion I tear a hole in the manta and I violently pass through it
>Redress nicely as the wreckage fall into the sea
>My aircraft engine is roaring proving me that the machine spirit while hurted was pleased
>Recevez message of the inquisitor telling me not to engage the manta but to engage other fighters
Sir ! Xeno transport known as manta destroyed with minimum damage and no casualties !
>Hoping I won't get blam'ed for this
>Notice that the rest of my squadron is hunting some razorsharks and a barracuda
>This is definitely going to end at the Emperor's Head
>And paintig the planes in a grey cloudy scheme with a Thunderbolt swooping down firing all weapons as an emblem
>Yes today is a good day to fly
File: eatit.png (1.68 MB, 1364x768)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>There's a lot of them
>A lot-lot-LOT of them
>I'd rather not die here, thank you very much
>It'd be the most ignominious thing for an Eldar to be killed by
>Dumb, shuffling, unarmed creatures derived from a race already with two of those three attributes?
>I'd be mocked for all eternity
>Anyway, we can't hold out here forever
>I only have two and a half cores for the Pistol and can't use my Long Rifle in close quarters
>I imagine Trys only has so many rounds as well, unless she has some fancy melee weapon to hand
>It's good thing then that I have a highly dependable taxi service
>Pull out communicator
>Kerala, you there?
>...yes, yes I know
>...no, I don't care. I don't have time right now
>...Listen, we're in a bit of an undead-related pickle here
>Stop to gib one that got too close
>...We need pickup, stat
>...we'll meet you at Four Square, I think it's still clear of undead
>...yes, I brought a friend
>...no, don't freak out or question them
>...thank you, dear
>...I know, love
>I know I'm going to cop it later but winding her up like that is hilarious
>Anyway, come on, we're going to have to fight our way there
>Slam new core into the pistol
>Oh, by the way, I may be a psyker like we all are (apart from you) but your name is embroidered on your shoulder and surrounded by flowers and (frozen) hearts
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Well, we are going to be moving out
>But instead of getting a APC, the medics get a “Mobile Assault Medical Vehicle”
>Basically the some grease monkey welded a bunch of armor plating and lascanons to a large ambulance
>pic related
>Why in the name of the Emperor did I get assigned this?
>Ok so apparently there are zombies everywhere
>Kinda makes sense I guess
>The commissar orders us to head I to town to help secure it and prevent as much civilian casualties as possible
>Out coms officer is loaded in with the vox due to her injuries
>We ride out to town
>One of the other medics lean out the passenger window to shoot at passing zombies
File: goingincircles.gif (4.35 MB, 718x404)
4.35 MB
4.35 MB GIF
>Be Sister Bios
>It...it...'s some kind of evil PLACE!
>There's tanks with peopleandshadowyfiguresandsomeonestrappedtoatableandandand
>Stand there slack-jawed for a few seconds processing
>The Cadian is not so patient
>The crack of his lasgun snaps everyone else out of their horror-induced bluescreen
>After several seconds everything in front of us is carbonised
>Go around the room with several of the others to torch everything else in the room of horror
>Meanwhile the Cadian deals with their apparent unfortunate victim
>We'll keep her under observation until she can be checked for corruption later
>Nonono don't hug me, you are absolutely filthy
>You might be out of there, but you're coming with us until you're gene-scanned
>There are genestealers about, and there's no way we're just letting you go
>Ordinarily we'd BBQ you on the spot, but your connections (yes, I read your file) would make that politically difficult
>Start backtracking through the tunnels to resume the original mission
>Wait, what were we doing again?
>Ah yes, going to assist the PDF with their island exploration
>The locator widgets don't work down here and even the simple compasses spin
>I could swear we just walked through this tunnel section
>Let's take the other fork this time
>There's somebody over there
>ID confirmed as a member of Priscy here's unit
>They seem unharmed, you can join her with us
>Are we back here AGAIN?
>It cant be...but that broken pipe and pattern of flickering light match
>What Warp fuckery is going on here?
>Let's go left again like the first time, and try taking the first right this time
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>My earlier joy about being rescued has faded somewhat
>My hair and back are coated in filth from the surgery table and I am bleeding in several places from the barbed hooks that covered the chains and straps that held me in place
>My face is also a mess of tears, running eyeliner, and snot
>My one boot doesn't fit well without a sock, and my sock covered foot keeps on stepping on sharp objects
>We managed to locate my command squad, which arguably makes things worse since I don't like them seeing me like this
>What really sucks about this situation is that we are clearly lost, and I have a sinking feeling that I know why
>During my brief association with Inquisitor Elizabeth Durnham I learned a lot of things I probably shouldn't know, and one of those things is that when the veil between our universe and the Warp thins, reality becomes a bit frayed
>Spontaneous translocations, pocket dimensions, non-Euclidean geometry, and electromagnetic pulses are probably the least of our problems if there is a major warp breach
>Oh and also there are genestealer cultists down here with us, and I think those creeps from the scary laboratory were some extra evil type of Dark Eldar
>Long story short I am only slightly better off now than a few minutes ago (at least I think it has been a few minutes) when I was about to get cut open on the table
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Acting Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Wonder if I can get a promotion out of being a vox officer
>Last time I checked my paperwork still said I was a Class D Non-Combatant Menial Labor Conscript, since I originally wasn't drafted as a front line fighter
>I figure I should get at least Class A Combat Conscript for this, maybe even Trooper, 3rd Class
>I hope they don't expect me to carry the vox-caster around though, it still weighs almost as much as a pallet of bricks
>Oh well, for now, as a result of several new injuries, I am riding in this weird, homemade armored ambulance the PDF loaned us
>Zombies occasionally attack us, but I am feeling pretty safe, probably thanks to the opioid pain killers running through my veins more than anything
>The vox-caster is actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it, I already memorized all the key frequencies and the longitudes and latitudes of key locations, I guess my previous life as a waitress is finally paying off for once
>Things are actually looking pretty good for once
>Hopefully this doesn't mean I am becoming an opioid addict
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Damn, forgot that little piece of embroidery, to be fair, few craftworlders can read our language
>I wonder if she means "you" as in me specifically, or "you" as in the Drukhari race
>Surely she must know that no Drukhari with a shred of sanity messes with psychic powers
>Rangers rarely use their psychic powers to a meaningful extent either, for similar reasons. My new comrade must be either an individual of strong will, or suicidal recklessness
>At least she knows when to leave a fight though, hopefully her friend doesn't try to kill me
>Although the lustbloom has mostly worn off now, the pain in my backside and abdomen make the prospect of fleeing the area on foot highly unpleasant
>And judging by the brief text that I got from my second in command, my squad has left the city and closed the portal behind them
>They supposedly tried looking for me
>Yeah right
>Ah well, what is the point of life if you don't try to experience something new every once in a while
>Pull out my mono-molecular edged knife and start beheading some kra'gtyl
(btw nice choice of head for Trys)
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Well on the plus side, Jernwick can operate a vox rather well
>And those went must’ve lascanons they welded to this ambulance
>These Are hotshot lascanons
>Spot some arbites pined down by some zombies
>Run over zombies that are immediate threats and pour out of the ambulance
>After administering enough to get them on there way, we direct them to the Rendezvous point
>Get their vehicle jump started
>Spot a familiar eldar
>Remember that we were ordered to not shoot her and offer assistance if needed
>Still kinda confused on how we ended up working with the elder but whatever
>Flag her down and offer a ride
>She runs over with a familiar looking dark eldar
>Wait...no way
>Is that the dark eldar who tried to snort our laundry detergent?
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Queen of Skanks and in general just pretty awesome
>Apparently Shas'O Fi'rios Lad'Ai was a bit bummed out when the Van Kijeck Island garrison was almost overrun by the daemon excursion, particularly after I told her that the project there was her only chance of winning this war
>My my, what secrets the Ethereals like to keep
>If only there was a way to transfer more of her forces to the island
>There are in fact several tunnels leading to Van Kijeck, but I had already put a lot of effort keeping the Tau unaware of the magrail tunnel, and have traded two other routes to other interested parties
>However, the Tau know none of this, so giving them even one route was enough to extract all sorts of favors out of the dullards
>I even convinced the Shas'O and several other senior figures of the Tau force that licking my ni'oh is some sort of important sign of respect in my culture, and now pretty much all of them except the Ethereals do it on demand, to the point where I stopped bothering since it got boring
>Speaking of cultural practices, since I am one of the few Drukhari the Tau have had even remotely friendly relations with, several Water Caste Tau and Mon-Keigh have joined my entourage to foster understanding between our forces
>I have only moderately abused this situation
>Meanwhile, now that the Tau think we are best friends again, my forces are free to carry out their own activities on the Island
>Haemonculi Friii'yste has done some interesting experiments in the tainted regions beneath the Island, while my own experiment to ram an iceberg full of "enhanced" bodies into the Island has let to some interesting conclusions
>Fighting has already begun between the Imperials, Tau, and the mindless kra'gtyl, but this is just a taste of things to come
>Although they have kept a low profile lately, genestealers, daemons, followers of the Warp, and darker, older things still lurk throughout the Island and Below
File: 1482920631111 2.png (628 KB, 803x1280)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
>And the tainted nature of the Island itself lends itself to all sorts of interesting possibilities
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>On the island with some pdf making some kind landing pad
>Tell them about the riptide un north of the island
>Also the fog seems purple at some places before returning to it's naturalisation grey
>If it's natural because this smells the warp
>Ask the colonel if the troops passing by the tunnels are here
>Apparently no
>Tell the colonel to watch the Corvus Blackstar
>I'm going in the tunnels
>Or open them
>Whatever is going on this island I don't like it
>Be Great papy Krezial all father of the under the shit genestealer cult
>Make those Imperial think that I am dead
>Decide to toss my robes away to reveal myself
>Lose my right arms by throwing my clothes away
>Well shit
>Can't run away now
>Scream loudly
>Charge the sister she does not know the tunnels like me
>Get shot again
>In the leg
>Call for my sons
>Well I now is a good time to run
>Crash into a sister with a flamer
File: backupneeded.jpg (140 KB, 1600x712)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>Be Arbites Frank
>Falling back into Wapper South
>Everyone is out of ammunition by this point and reduced to melee batons and riot shields
>It's not very effective, the undead are gaining and the squad is being picked off
>Zombies are flooding down side streets into the city center
>From down one of the streets comes the chatter of autogun fire
>A lot of autogun fire
>From one of the side streets comes a whooping, hollering and gun-toting mob
>They look suspiciously like the kind of hive gangers I've dealt with before on Black Reach
>Still, so long as they aren't heretics or murderers I don't need to shoot them
>Besides, we aren't in a position to refuse assistance
>Even the most vicious of gangs can often be counted on to defend their homes to the last
>Suddenly, some kind of armored ambulance screeched round a corner and ploughs through a mob approaching down another side street and several lone ones
>How that thing got here is beyond me, since the streets are packed with undead and vehicles
>Some Guardsmen jump out and start patching up the injured, though a couple of those bitten required the Emperor's Peace
>Looks like the gangers have the situation at least moderately in hand
>A Guardsman gets an abandoned APC from another worryingly missing Arbites unit active
>Apparently the Governor's Plaza is some kind of coordination center for city defense efforts
>Ambulance goes screeching off around the main horde and over the bridge to Whiscale
>Such behaviour can't be Guard-approved
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>Emperor damn it, why can’t you just die?
>Pull our my combat knife and start stabbing the thing in the back of the head
>Finally able to throw the damn thing off of sisters Sarah
>It stands up and yells about the star gods or whatever
>It trails off when it sees my flamer pointed at him
>Spray flames until it stops moving and screaming
>Now, let’s get a move on
>Use a ball of twine to mark places we have been
>Clearly there is some warp fuckery goin on here, but we have to get the fuck out of here
File: 1569124980737.jpg (108 KB, 498x670)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>The firing line is holding, my storm troopers able to perform consecutive headshots with expected speed and consistency
>Whenever the undead get a bit too close, the bullgryns manage to blow them to pieces and effectively killing them
>Calling in air support via shooting flares roughly above the hordes location, despite it being danger close we've managed to take little to no casualties
>Thanks to the Targeters my Storm Troopers have been equipped with they can use their hellguns effectively even in this fog
>Still have to help in gunning down the undead from time to time with my bolter
>On the less positive side, apparently my orders in relation to the Manta were ignored
>The manta was of course somehow destroyed, but focusing down on it in particular would probably have robbed us of the opportunity to take out far more targets
>Plus the sheer amount of ammo required to take on out
>It was probably the one the Aeronautica forces damaged over Liamhelm anyway
>Oh yeah and some fucking lunatic commissar closed down Starrick Pass with an avalanche
>Cussed him out while avengers were doing their runs, thus I yelled louder than I usually would
>I'm more angry in the place of the general to be honest, that'll seriously hamper the Guard's ability to transport stuff
>And the xenos ability to attack Stonehenge but whatever
>All in all this could have gone worse
>Way, way worse
>Oh wait no, never mind, it already did
>The way worse thing in this case being the zombie horde moving through Groxbridge
>Thankfully there are a bunch of astartes in Groxbridge, so I'm sure they'll be able to mostly stem the tide
>The way things are looking though, doesn't seem like I'm getting 2 squads of tanks
>Fine, I can settle for 6 hellhounds and a single squad of tanks with a super-heavy
>I don't think we can transport much else at the moment
>I'll shoot up some blue flares to tell them where to land once they show up
File: fogfight.gif (2.64 MB, 1200x900)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB GIF
>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>The Inquisitor's ship touches down next to the cannon
>Snap to attention as he disambarks, as is the correct way to greet an Inquisitor
>Quickly fill him in on the situation, and he asks where the Mechanicus are
>I am afraid I have no idea, Inquisitor
>We have notified them, but have so far received no response
[nudge nudge, Sigma]
>We have also seen no sign of your colleague von Rosen
>And for a rule of three, we have also not received the Sororitas unit
>At this moment the crack of lasgun bolts echoes across the field from far away
>Some faint flashes diffuse through the mist as well
>Whoever's over there, they're fighting something serious
>The Inquisitor runs off to try and find the Sororitas party
>Apparently I'm supposed to watch his ship
>What am I, a sentry?
>Leave a battalion behind under one of the majors to guard it
>We might not be the best, but we can damn well try and bail those people out
>It might even be the missing Inquisitor's team
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>Governor’s plaza is holding well
>Got good defense, medical supplies, few rescued doctors, it’s perfect
>Sometimes the zombies get close
>But the barbed wire and the las fire make short work of them
>Civilians either are escorted here by the scouts I send out, or they flock here due to the radio broadcast I had aired
>Overall, I’d say we are doing well
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Sitting around in the airfield, it's getting kinda cold and spooky all around
>I think there's something wrong with my lho-sticks, because I swear by Yarrick’s hat that I saw corpses walking around earlier
>After listening in to the vox, it appears that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my emperor's brand lho-sticks, there really are undead walking around!
>Huh, glad I never said that out loud or I would've been executed
>Pretty sure I saw Volgatov drive off into the city with a bunch of our footslogger brethren on his Stormlord
>Consider joining in on the fight for a moment, then remember I'm in 316+ tons of good girl meant to fuck up fortifications, vehicles and massed infantry in the open
>Yeah I think I'll be heading over to Stonehenge instead
>Firstly, I heard there's an XV104 over there, which I'd love to bag with my squad
>Secondly, I don't want to be shot by the allegedly insane inquisitor von Rosen
>Then again, he did just let Volgatov and Linden fuck off to go beat up the undead
>I'd still like not to get shot for disobeying orders thank you very much
>Me and the boys eventually begin lifting off via space marine landers and modified Sky Talons
>I think a couple hellhound squads took the place of the two squads we now lack; I really hope they didn't assign Crazy Carl to come with us
>Heard he snorted crystallized promethium once during battle and wrestled a slaaneshi into submission
>Come to think of it, maybe he should come with us, I have a feeling he may burn down Groxbridge otherwise
>Well, we'll find out who we're assigned with eventually
>Time to shoot some spooky motherfuckers with a big cannon!
>be me
>subject 9114
>wake up
>so hungry
>stumble my way back to the town
>tripping over my own feet
>see some individuals boarding themselves in a building
>so hungry
>stumble my way in
>start ripping planks off of a window
>they start screaming
>hate it when my food screams
>be Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperors Holy Gifts
>be still purging the undead in Groxbridge with my flock
>slashing and hacking my way through the horde
>save some poor sods who's boarded up house is being attacked by cleaving the zombie in half
>eventually make our way to a tunnel
>establish a cordon with lots of meltas and flamers
>burn all undead bastards that try to get through
>with it secured the PDF and Arbites should have a easier time in purging the undead
>consider making cremation after death mandatory in my Church
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Well I guess the genestealer wasn't quite dead yet
>Nearly jumped out of my skin when it got back up again, but it looks like Lew and the Sisters have the situation under control
>I hear running footsteps behind me
>I turn quickly around, expecting an ambush, but instead I see someone running away from me down the corridor
>Her clothes are clearly taken from multiple sources, but one boot looks very familiar, as does the woman herself
>Before I can get a closer look, the whole corridor flickers, and suddenly there is a door less than a foot from my face
>Glance around to see if I got translocated again, but the fight with the large genestealer continues behind me
>My assistant Chastity gets slammed into a wall by a lucky backhand punch, so I rush forward into the spot she just occupied and fire several shots into the genestealer's body point blank
>Unfortunately the bolt pistol only had four shots left in it, and as I reach for my laspistol the genestealer body slams me into the newly appeared door
>Except the door is not there anymore
>Instead I am in a room full of piled skulls, skin banners, foul runes, and vats full of congealed blood
>Blood also is dripping from the ceiling and walls in a few places, for no discernible reason
>Well that isn't good...
>Being a PDF officer is a stressful job
ok boomer.
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Four Square is right up ahead
>Only a few hundred metres to go
>The undead are thinning out as we approach the square
>I've unofficially termed then dannae, since "undead" is very unscientific
>Make a break for the square
>Suddenly an armoured ambulance swings around the corner and pulls up
>Out pops a very familiar looking Cadian who starts gesticulating and offers a lift
>Start talking to Trys in Eldar
>[Ok, let me hande the talking here]
>[They won't shoot me, but the same can't be said for you]
>[He's a bit thick even for a mon'keigh, so he should be easy to fool]
>[I have a plan that's as cunning that a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University]
>"We've got our own ride coming very soon"
>"Uh, don't mind her"
>"She's just in fancy dress"
>He doesn't look convinced
>"We were training some of the local Exodites how to combat Druchii and we borrowed some recovered kit to make it more authentic"
>Hear the approaching drone of a jetbike engine
>"Would you look at that, our ride's here gottagobyeseeyoulater"
>[Come on, come on, before he finishes processing]
>Kerala baulks at the sight of a Druchii in tow but doesn't say anything
>Oh no, I don't trust you to ride pillion with me and keep your hands to yourself
>You're going in the luggage box in the back
>You can decide where you want to go later, for now you'll have to hide out with us
>Kick a dannae in the face as we skim above their heads
//how hard could it be to find good artwork of a jetbike for image editing? It's almost as if something else about the Eldar distracts them...
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Running around isn't very fun when you recently pulled an arrow out of your backside
>We stop, having apparently reached "Four Square" but there is no sign of our ride out of here
>A strange hodgepodge vehicle shows up and a mon-keigh leans out to offer us a ride
>After a couple of seconds of awkward silence he asks if I have ever snorted "laundry detergent"
>Not sure what "laundry detergent" is, but suddenly have a recollection of sneaking into a minor mon-keigh camp at Starrick Pass after having run out of drugs, only to find the mon-keigh had mixed their cocaine with some weird bubble forming dried chemical
>The bubbles did not make up for the fact that the cocaine was disappointingly low percentage
>I stay silent though as per Tolria's instructions
>Lying clearly isn't her forte
>It works somehow though and I get my ride out of here
>In a luggage box
>It actually isn't that uncomfortable
>But still disappointed I don't get the chance to hang on to the craftworlders
>I probably could have copped a feel without it being too obvious
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Well that was weird
>Shrug and get back in the ambulance
>When it’s my turn to drive I get a beautiful idea
>Turn on the siren
>Start speeding through town, running down zombies
>See some civis trying to hold zombies off in a bar
>Run down most of the freaks in front of the bar to help clear the way
>As we Are trying to hotwire a car to get them to Camp Mortuary, I see some warp fuckery induced portal opening
>Before I even draw my revolver, everyone has their guns trained on it
>Apparently this has been happening all day
>be steel legion sergeant, now gue'vasa'la, Amarus Instantius
>almost a Terran year ago sent to a shitty agri-world called Damnatus Lutum
>fought some chaosfags, then squatted in a trench
>got wounded just in time to avoid getting crushed by the prow of a battleship with the rest of my regiment
>moved to replace a man in another unit rotating off-world because not fully recovered
>go to fight the Tau on the edge of the Damocles Gulf
>troopship arrived to the target planet late, Tau already in full control of the system
>colonel of the new regiment defected to the Tau the first chance he got
>knew I should be angry and kill the traitors for the God-Emperor, but couldn't do it
>sacrificed so much for the Imperium for nothing
>new guy promises all kinds of things
>new, nicer uniforms; better rations; more competent officers; and support for after leaving the service
>fuck it
>spent some time in training, learning to work with Tau and use some of their technology
>indoc about the meaning and purpose of the Greater Good
>finally finished training
>new regimental commander and one of the boss Tau tell the whole unit we're being deployed
>we'll be reinforcing friendly troops stuck in a stalemate with Imperial forces on a charming agri-world the frontiers of the Empire's space
>oh no
>"Damnatum Lutum will soon be free of the oppressive Imperium! We shall liberate them for the Greater Good!"
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Acting Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Still high as fuck on painkillers
>Still attached to the ambulance team for some reason
>Not sure if we are medevacing people intentionally or just joyriding around town but it looks like my skills with the vox-caster aren't particularly required
>We stop to help some folks fix a car, so I figure instead of lying around in the back of the ambulance I should get out and fight
>Grab a spare lascarbine and start popping zombie skulls
>Hit them in the head they say, well I can hit a slow moving head shaped target from 20 feet away no problem, most of the time
>You know, zombies aren't that scary once you get over the whole unnaturalness of them, definitely the easiest opponents I have fought against
>Some sort of glowing portal appears nearby, the sudden drop in temperature it causes pierces the fog in my mind
>It suddenly occurs to me that I may be standing near a portal leading out of literal Hell, wearing nothing but underwear, medical bindings, and carrying nothing but a mostly empty lascarbine
>Well fuck....
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>After what feels like hours of wandering through dark and dank tunnels, we find a door that doesn’t lead to some heretical orgy, realm of suffering, or random ass room with skeletons playing poker
>But instead there is a light
>We all nearly trample each other trying to get the fuck outa here
>When my eyes adjust, the first thing I see is some of my former squad members when I was a more permanent member of the 531st
>Then I see a woman covered in bloody bandages and holding a lasgun
>And they are all starting at us
>Check myself to make sure I’m not warp tainted
>The others seem fine to
>Guess it’s kinda weird to see a old friend, a barely dressed Happy Ender commander, and a group of sisters of battle fall out of a warp portal
>Let’s Hope Bios doesn’t freak out too much
File: 1000x700-british-1.jpg (187 KB, 1000x700)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>We finally got our bloody tank back from those Black Templar wankers and even managed to fix all the "adjustments" they made to the interior of her
>Why a bunch of big blokes like that thought they could fit in a tank is beyond me
>Currently sipping tea while my driver Hemsworth maneuvers the tank through the massive utility corridor beneath the magrail tracks
>Bally pleased that we are getting to the Island by tunnel, and not by air like those Steel Legion chaps
>Can't wait to give those Tau blackguards the ol' one two from turrets of a proper tank again
>Be steel legion sergeant, now gue'vasa'la, Amarus Instantius
>fleet has finally arrived at Damnatum Lutum
>apparently the stalemate holds in space and on the ground, with our much smaller fleet holding position over some fuckoff huge gun complex that the imperial battlegroup doesn't want to get too close to
>a fuckoff huge gun complex which our forces are in imminent danger of losing control over
>Rumor has it the Fire Caste commander was almost frantic when he ordered us down to reinforce his men desperately holding the line there
>why did I even bother defecting?
>collect my squad and load up into our devilfish
>formation supposed to set down in some little town called Port Gunther, on the east side of Van Kijeck Island
>town is supposedly under heavy attack by advance imperial forces, we'll be dropping directly into combat
>get closer, see half the place is on fire
>connect the devilfish to local comms
>fire warriors yelling about combat servitors, walking dead, and traitorous auxiliaries
>locals turned gue'vasa screaming about the walking dead and openly begging the Emperor for forgiveness
>mfw we're going down there to fight off what is almost certainly a Chaos incursion
>why the FUCK did I even bother defecting?
>orca drops our devilfish into a field on the edge of town
>a bunch of walking corpses almost immediately start swarming out of the outermost buildings
>open up with the burst cannon, gatling pulse cannon, and let the gun drones loose
>have the squad dismount and lay into the front with our pulse carbines and photon grenades
>mulch dozens of them within two minutes of landing
>have to admit, at least the new kit is pretty fucking awesome
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>After what seems like hours travelling through countless horrors we have seemingly somehow found ourselves back in the streets of Groxbridge
>It could just be some sort of illusion, but it seems real
>Or maybe my mind just can't take anymore time spent in those vile tunnels
>The portal seems to be shrinking behind us
>Probably for the best, who knows what could end up coming out of there after us
>The implications of a portal this far from the Island are troubling though, the prospect of a major warp breach like back on Happy Ending is starting to seem a lot more probable
>And we all know how that ended...
>Suddenly something grabs me by the waist
>I look down and vaguely see what appears to be the lovechild of a tentacle and a spiky chain wrapping itself around me
>Before anyone has a chance to react, it lifts me off the ground and back through the almost closed portal
>The last thing I see is the portal closing behind me, leaving me alone in pitch blackness...
>have squad pile back into the devilfish and start moving back into town
>a few walking corpses make a run at us, but what the hell are they going to do?
>drones gun them down almost contemptuously
>burst cannon and pulse cannons annihilate any larger groups
>report that we are moving toward the center of town
>rest of the mechanized squadrons are doing the same, while our battlesuit complement landed in the center of town to relieve the command post and other important areas
>surviving civilians, footslogging PDF, and fire warriors actually cheering as they see us rolling (or rather floating) in
>catch sight of our squadron's hammerhead a few blocks over turning a huge crowd of undead swarming a grocery store into a fine mist with its railgun
>no Imperials in sight
>town is small and pretty spread out, shouldn't take too long to clear it completely as long as it's just these fucking things
File: 1525992364269.jpg (176 KB, 1022x1400)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Did this pdf officer mistook me for a man ?
>I can understand that people sometimes call me a "plank" and that I am helmeted but still
>Take off my helmet to give him a final instruction
Colonel if you hear any news about some Deathwatch marines and fort at west tell everyone on the island, understood ?
>Activate my refractor shield, use my servo skull as a torch light and put on my camo cloak and start running towards the tunnels
>In less than two hours I stand before the closed gates of the tunnels
>There's a door to the side
>Inside it's a classic control room : servo skull cogitators and a window with a view toward a underground station
>Surely it's the magrail
>Switch on the light and open the blast gates leading to the surface
>Get one vox recorder and say
Inquisitor Leonpines Edric to all imperial forces on the magrail the station and gates are open get ready to fight !
>Hear some noises somewhere
>Like some chains but as if they were organic
>Check the security cameras on the cogitators
>Notice one guardwoman held by...
>What is that ? Surely daemonic it's pink full of chainy tentacles
>Suddenly a guardsman rushes into her rescue attacking the beast with a necron pistol and a power sword
>I must find them and purge the beast and the heretic
>Run few minutes in the corridors and find the room
>Crash inside blam the beast several time and slice it in two with my xeno phase blade
>The guards are even if they are wounded happy to see me
>Well not for long
>Grab the guardsman powersword put him on his knees and execute him
>The other one a half naked captain pass out
>Drag her back to the control room and give her the clothes of the heretic
>It's at this moment that I hear the first baneblade engine
Put the wrong digit for the last one it's not 599 (Amarus Instantius) but 920 (Priscilla von Hansburg)
>be me
>sneakyboi little finger
>see dat some ‘ummies have setup a base
>dat good for them
>back to plannin’
>see some “tow” have shown up
>they never learn do they?
>get setup in one of me snipin’ nests
>adjust for da wind
>modify for distance
>one of their shoota boys is down
>time to shoot another one
File: 1570831073082.jpg (342 KB, 750x553)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
>Be me, Admiral Gregorius Markus Agrippa Falkar
>Man these Enoulians are fun to shoot at
>Nova Cannon finally got done reloading when I see something
>A tau fleet appearing out of the warp, a bit ahead of the battered, confused and heavily damaged Enoulian fleet
>Just within range of my armaments too!
>Stand up out of my chair before my first Lieutenant even has time to alert me
>They're mostly cruisers, a couple of Orcas to land troops with and two battleships
>They also appear to have a handful of turncoat imperial ships with them, a dictator and several Lunars
>They seem a little underequipped to fight us head on, I can only assume they're here to drop off more ground troops and not fight our fleet head on
>"Admiral, an enemy fleet-"
>"I know, Lieutenant."
>"...So what are our orders then, admiral?"
>Turn around to him slowly with a smile on my lips
>"Blow the ever-loving shit out of them."
>Lieutenant nods, turn back around toward the Tau fleet
>Order Nova cannon aim and fire at their Custodian's left wing
>Bring up the one ace I have up my sleeve, the apocalypse-class battleship "Hresvelgr" under the command of Lord High Captain Pyrrhus Arcadius to form the core of our firing line
>Order rest of the fleet to turn and advance toward the enemy, excluding Palermus' unit
>Form a battle line with Dominators, Lunars, Gothics and Armageddon Battlecruisers
>Mars Cruisers behind them deploy Furies and Starhawks to hinder the deployment of Tau to the surface, Dictators deploy more Aeronautica assets to help operation Bunker Buster
>Light Cruisers deployed on the flanks farther out to envelop and harass the Tau
>Invincible-class Battleship under the command of Vice-Admiral d'Colle leading the flanking force on the right
>Escorts around all non-escort ships, a few around me and Hresvelgr
>Order all nova cannons to fire into the first line of enemy cruisers
>Looks like today's going to be more fun than I could have hoped for!
File: RAEG.jpg (6 KB, 299x168)
6 KB
>Be Captain Antonius of the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment
>Currently escorting my maraudeur back to the Groxbridge millitary airport to refill in ammo
>I left the rest of my regiment to the command of my second
>Just when I was wondering why there was so much sandbag a huge ray of blue light pierce the sky
>Oh no
>It was from the island !
>Try to get my squadron on vox
>Radio silence
>Ho shiiiiiiit
>Get to the maraudeur crew and ask them for news
>Finally some news are delivered
>The gun number one has fired but only one of ours was touched
Yeah who? A navy Space ship?
>It's was one of our Thunderbolt
>Start screaming to tech priest and the servitors to double our payload and change our ammo to a special one
>I'm gonna make them wish they never came to this planet
Uh... dude? Every gun on Stonehenge is still offline due to the platform being at 2% power, one of the guns firing would be impossible at the moment even if it was somehow influenced by warp magic.
The tau hold the gun and have a (relatively) superior technology compared to the Imperium it wouldn't be a surprise if they manage to redirect the power to do a low power test shot
Yeah sure but assuming that they've held Stonehenge for, what, 6 months? They couldn't have gotten the gun to the amount of power required to let a single one of the mass drivers fire. If after 3 months of having occupied the platform only 3 of the guns are at 5%, and the platform as a whole is at 2%, the 3 guns might be at, what, 9% power? Even if they did manage to reroute power (which is highly unlikely since this is dark age Tech which is considerably more advanced than Tau stuff) they'd still be at, what, 34%?

If the platform is working on standard operating procedure and every 3 months guns 1-3 gain 3% extra power as the platform is being charged, that'd mean the platform is increasing the power the guns are at by 9% continually. But that's not accounting for the presumable slaughter of personnel responsible for maintaining the platform by Daemons and Storm troopers, which would decrease the total power output by a fair amount. So the final amount of power for the rerouted gun 1# would be >34%.

Basically: It's not happening. I know rule of cool is applicable, but the gun test hit a single Thunderbolt, I'm not even sure it'd apply to this situation.
>Be me.
>Delta 1546 Epsilon. Callidus assassin.
>Be performing long infiltration of a Tau battle cadre.
>Literally no fun at all. Basically all worker ants.
>Killed and disguised self as minor Ethereal, just to avoid all the tedium.
>Somehow find myself staring down a battle line of ships, all equipt with nova cannons.
>Discretely depart and travel to the engine room of the capital ship I'm on. I'm pretending to be an Ethereal, so I get put on an important ship.
>Murder overseers, trigger a chain reaction to meltdown. Write an insulting message on the wall with phase blade.
>Leave engine room. Commandeer a transport ship from the hanger bay and leave with two fire warriors as escort.
>Wait until we're ten clicks out, order vox-analogue turned off, and to just let us coast quietly under the ecliptic plane.
>Murder both fire warriors and the pilot as soon as communications are cut.
>Shed shitty disguise. Body is now toned and attractive and fit.
>Rework their vox-thing into a directional transmitter to imperial frequencies, aim at the closest ship and send a bunch of identification codes as I angle in.
>Sit back as I wait. Feel kinda sad knowing my big tiddy water caste envoy will probably die.
>Shame, that one was kinda fun.
>Kinda feel bad for deserting post, but what was the point anyway. At least this way I get to live and continue serving the Imperium.
>Just wish this transport went faster, I'm bored already.
File: bzzt.gif (305 KB, 600x252)
305 KB
305 KB GIF
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Out on the IJB
>By this point a lot of people have forgotten it's spaceship, but that's about to change
>D&DE has been working overtime on repairs for the last few months
>At last, the main ship reactor has been repaired from the EMP and is ready to be rebooted
>Fusion reactors need a big jumpstart to get going, so the IJB has been wired into the regional power grid
>I should probably be concerned about what is going on in Groxbridge
>It's certainly safer out here than it is in town, and the Imperials always manage to sort the messes in the end
>I mean, how bad can stupid, shuffling, unarmed creatures be?
>Reach for the big power breaker
>Activating reactor in...
>Reactor makes a rising whirring noise and starts to flicker
>Suddenly there's a ping, the reactor shuts off and all the lights go out, replaced by red emergency lighting again
>Look out the window to see the lights of Groxbridge in the distance flicker and wink out
>Crap, looks like we tripper the power grid
>Somebody give Nena Power a call, would you?
>Still, it's not the worst thing that could happen
>After all, who's afraid of the dark?
>Be steel legion sergeant, now gue'vasa'la, Amarus Instantius
>most of the zombies are now dead
>almost no casualties
>everything still going to shit
>word came down that the Imperial fleet finished masturbating or whatever it is they do and started attacking our fleet
>they punch above their weight, can only hope for their success
>Imperials also arriving on the south side of the island in force by unknown means
>since we're fresh and heavily armed, we'll be leading the assault
>need to act quickly before they can get their shit together
>fire warriors and other gue'vesa backing us up
>a few squadrons of barracudas being spared from the battle above to support the initial attack
>some skyrays and most of a basilisk battery supposedly being sent down as well
>tfw we are the fist of Mont'ka
File: 1551598726986.jpg (281 KB, 2126x1495)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Gun runs and bombing runs being effectively performed on the enemy horde, their numbers are thinned out quite a bit
>PDF managed to join up with us, had them join in and form a firing line further to our eastern flank
>Rest my bolter against my shoulder and look up
>A Tau fleet has appeared in orbit and is currently sending down Devilfish transports, Barracudas, Sky Ray Gunships and Orcas
>I was starting to wonder if I was wasting the fighters I brought with me, so in one way this is a positive development
>I'm glad I brought along some missile equipped Anti-vehicle squads, I figured they'd come in handy
>Tune into vox, order the Anti-vehicle teams to start looking skywards for tau APC
>As my heavy weapons teams sling their lasguns and grab their missile launchers I get a message, fleet signal
>It's extremely spotty and I can hear talking in the background, but it's still understandable
>It's the Admiral, he says he ordered fighter and bomber wings to deploy to the planet to help us out
>How considerate of him, thank him for his help before our communication is cut off by the sound of Lightnings and Thunderbolts swishing overhead and engaging the Tau vehicles as they fly over Lysee Ridge and up above
>I hope they like trying to bomb us with air-to-air missiles flying hot on their heels and autocannon fire spewing out from everywhere
>Pick up a new message, this time from the Tank Commander
>Says he's there with the hellhounds, asks me what my orders are
>Tell him to approach covered in fog from the western flank and destroy any and all undead as well as Tau armour he comes across
>Order the Hellhounds to roll up the undead flank
>Get an affirmative, turn back to the battle with the undead at hand
>Bits of debris from the air battle above begin crashing down into the platform and the horde
>Now's our chance to gain some ground
>Order my line to begin advancing while maintaining fire, hopefully the colonel follows my example
File: sofa.png (2.04 MB, 3000x1950)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>I must admit, there is something very cathartic about this
>Kicking dannae in the faces as we pass
>The jetbike wash is bowling them around like grass in the wind
>Kerala is whacking them with her staff in one hand
>Even let Trys out of the box so she can get in on it and chop a few heads off
>All too soon arrive back in Brannet
>The neighbourhood is clear of dannae thanks to all the very armed and expert Eldar warriors around
>If only we made up the whole city, then this mess would be over very soon
>Go inside and put some coffee on
>Real coffee, with fresh arabica beans from the Garden
>Do you want milk in yours?
>I'm afraid I haven't got any drugs to put in it, you'll have to settle for regular caffeine or sugar if you desire
>There is my own hooch in the basement, but don't tell anyone I said that
>Do sit down
>Now, it sounds like you might well be stranded here, but you have a few options
>We can try and deliver you to any of your remaining lot out east
>They might not be there any more though, and they might not be thrilled to see you either
>Or you could hide out here and return with us when we eventually go home
>We can try and pack you off home from there, or you could stay on the craftworld
>There are a few spare soulstones in the cupboard and you wouldn't be the first
>I very much doubt you would take up the offer, but it stands nonetheless
>Lean in closer
>So, what are you going to do with yourself, hmm?
>The dramatic moment is ruined when the lights go out
>Isha damn it, I didn't forget to pay the power bill again did I?
>To use a crude Gothic expression, one cannot see shit in here
File: 300px-1226749443246.jpg (17 KB, 300x365)
17 KB
>Be me.
>Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>Get to one of the flanking ships. Some kind of frigate.
>Decide waiting is boring. Yell at a bunch of people to get me twenty of the best boarding armsmen present, some explosives, and some teleport homers.
>Invoke some names of some Inquisitors, and make up a few on the spot to get approval. Had to threaten a bunch, but intimidation is easy to pull off.
>Somehow squeeze them all into the back. Had to stack armsmen on top of each other, but the whole thing held.
>Get disguise back up, fly out away from the ship quietly, then straight to one of the capital ships.
>Hit self on head hard enough to draw fake xeno blood. Tell the ship I"m driving to, to prepare for heavily wounded people on hanger deck.
>Medical staff are no match for irritated armsmen with heavy shotguns, cutting lasers and plasma torches.
>Give them all orders to take the ship out, before they can be caught.
>Ditch them, grab another, smaller craft and take it over to the support and supply ship in the back.
>Medium sized, non-combative transport.
>If I can kill the skeleton forces on board, I can take the entire ship prisoner, and secure a ton of supplies.
>Is also most likely place to find my big tiddy water caste envoy.
>Ditch disguise, sneak on board, nab a warrior, apply special, super advanced imperial technology archeotech speed disguise method, the Memetio-Actualising Sensorickator, or M.A.S.K.
>Is also literally a mask.
>Turn corner, walk into patrol.
>Wave frantically.
>MFW they buy it.
>MFW the best disguise methods I use may be negated by a fucking mask.
>Kill them all anyway as soon as they pass.
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Lew? Is that you?
>Some weird tentacle just grabbed the half dressed officer
>mfw I just saw my good friend and like half a chapter of sisters fell out of a warp portal, and a officer got yanked into it
>The portal doesn’t try to grab anyone else at least
>So that’s good I guess
>More pressing matters show up
>By that I mean more fucking zombies
>Toss Monica a fresh clip and politely request the sisters assist us holding them off
>Don’t even realize the power is off, mostly because the sisters are a big enough light source
File: BarksInternally.jpg (73 KB, 524x468)
73 KB
>Be steel legion sergeant, now gue'vasa'la, Amarus Instantius
>in the back of the squad's devilfish holding the right flank while moving over mostly flat land toward South Bay
>Aeronautica being unusually useful, barracudas have to engage them instead of strafing ground targets
>driver jerking the APC around like a madman in three dimensions to avoid incoming fire
>heavy weapons trooper about to lose his lunch
>pulse cannons firing nonstop, burst cannon can't track high enough
>advance units suddenly report Imperial armor approaching head on
>drones start painting them with markerlights
>hope they like seeker missiles
>hammerheads open up with railguns
>bolt rounds and tank shells start coming in moments later
>some fire coming from the South Port too but at this distance it's not much of a threat
>dodging intensifies
>heavy loses the fight and throws up all over the back of the fighting compartment
>the squadron's hammerhead scores a direct hit against an enemy tank
>its ammo and fuel tank cook off simultaneously, tank goes up like a 60 ton bomb
>a second later another russ blasts the hammerhead's right grav engine to bits
>it tilts hard to the right and twists end over end
>the madmen get five more shots off sitting on the ground before a krak bomb blows them to bits
>battlesuits nowhere to be seen
>STILL better than being in the guard
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Normally someone like Tolria would be pretty easy to outsmart, but the fact that she has strong telepathic abilities gives her somewhat of an unfair advantage, you never know what thoughts she is picking up on
>Graciously accept offer of "coffee and milk" and sit down on the sofa
>Coffee turns out to be a veeerrry mild stimulant, but at least sipping it gives me something to do while I consider my options
>Becoming a craftworlder has no real appeal to me
>I died once, it sucked, as did the regeneration process, but in the end I lived
>Had I been a craftworlder, the shattered remains of my consciousnesses would have been trapped in a soulstone and used to power a lamp for a few millennia until it inevitably gets destroyed
>Besides, "Following the Paths" sounds about as much fun as being put on latrine cleaning duty for the rest of your life
>Also, Tolria's assumption that my comrades will be disappointed by my survival is mostly baseless
>The Frozen Heart Kabal is notoriously lax in terms of discipline, members disappear and reappear all the time, furthermore, the fact that I have managed to establish dialogue with our prudish cousins will likely be lauded more than anything
>It is tempting to consider asking for a ride to one of the likely webways portal locations, but if Tolria or one of the other telepaths is present, I won't be able to hide my desire to spring an ambush and extract a bit of pleasure and humiliation, before letting them go of course, assuming no one higher ranking has other ideas
>On second thought, Wyen'dala has made it quite clear that we are not to antagonize the craftworlders, rumor has it that she has learned of some prophecy stating that the craftworlders will help us unlock the secrets of the "bident" which is important for reasons I was too lazy to ask about
>If I either bring some of the craftworlders to Wyen'dala for further discussion, or arrange to carry Wyen'dala's message back to the craftworlders, I will no doubt be greatly rewarded
>Distracted by my thoughts, I lose track of what Tolria is saying and get surprised when she leans in close
>Is she going for a kiss? Very vanilla, but if it gets me in a craftworlder's pants, then I am down
>Suddenly the lights go off
>Cough awkwardly
So uh, thoughts on my offer?
>I figure she has been reading my thoughts for the last little while anyways, so she is free to interpret that as either my offer to open dialogue with Wyen'dala, or my offer to fool around for a bit on her terms
File: Commissar reaction.jpg (90 KB, 800x600)
90 KB
>Be me
>Be commissar
>Have ten guardsmen by my side
>They always say they like me
>They also like when I lead the charge
>Be assign to this sector
>My guardsmen are scared
>Lead a charge against greenskins
>My guardsmen are almost shitting themselves
>We charge and don't get shot at
>See one of guardsmen blow the head of two orcs
>God that man needs a promotion
>We charge not taking a single casualty
>We all kill ten greenskins in all after their guns jammed
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Acting Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>So a bunch of Sisters and another Cadian just walked out of a magic portal full of evil looking tentacles
>I mean sure, why not? It is hardly the strangest thing to happen around here lately
>I would probably find this whole situation a bit more unusual except I am, as you know, still high on painkillers
>Graves tosses me a fresh power pack, which I fail to catch since the sudden movement causes a stab of pain in my ribs
>End up having to bend over to pick it up off the ground, it would have looked so much cooler if I actually caught it
>Pop the fresh power cell into my lascarbine and resume killing zombies
>Find myself wondering where all the zombies are coming from, there can't be this many unburied bodies lying around Groxbridge, I spent several weeks last fall watching prison gangs dump corpses in mass graves
>Hmm, I wonder how good zombies are at digging
>Also, did the lights all just go out?

the Archbishop blockaded the tunnel the zombies are coming from. So their numbers should start dropping.
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Wake up in room full of tentacles connected to some sort of........thing
>Some of the tentacles hold me up in the air, while others begin tearing my meager clothes off
>I do not like where this is going
>Suddenly a Guardsman shows up and begins heroically fighting the tentacles with doubtlessly looted xenotech weapons
>The fight seems to drag on for hours, but eventually an Inquisitor appears and kills the monster
>The Guardsman goes over to congratulate her for the kill as I try to think of a way to thank her for saving my life while maintaining at least a bit of dignity
>Suddenly the Inquisitor forces the Guardsman onto the ground and beheads him
>It occurs to me that the Inquisitor may be purging anyone she suspects of carrying a taint, or is perhaps tainted herself
>I fall to my knees and start grovelling for my life, but as the Inquisitor walks towards me I faint
>Surprisingly I wake up still alive, this time in some sort control room with the Inquisitor
>When she notices I am awake, she merely motions to a pile of folded clothes
>A slight twinge of embarrassment registers in my terror scalded mind, and I mutely go over to put on the clothes
>They are too big for me, but creative use of bindings and the belt, and some rolled up sleeves and leggings at least give me something I can move around in
>It occurs to me as I am getting dressed that the clothes appears to be from the Guardsman she recently killed, I find it more than a bit odd that she would take the time to strip his corpse, but who am I to question the will of the Inquisition
>Once I am fully dressed I stand nervously at attention, awaiting instructions, but by this time the Inquisitor's attention is fully on the control panels
>I guess I will just have to wait then
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Still sitting on my bottom, in the tank, in the magrail service tunnel
>Apparently after the first few regiments made it through, some ninny closed the door on the Island side, or maybe in closed by itself, I have heard some queer rumors about this place
>Not too bothered about it though, it gives us time for a second round of tea and crumpets while we wait for the squaddies to learn how to use a bloody map and navigate the side tunnels to get to the control room
>Suddenly some Inquisitor lass starts barking orders over the vox
>It appears we are about to move out after all
>Good thing there is still time to finish tea while we wait for the bottleneck to pass through the gate
File: Mutant_Zombie.png (40 KB, 298x296)
40 KB
>be me
>subject 9114
>ate the people in the building
>not so hungry anymore
>skin is itchy
>scratch it to make the itch go away
>kinda cold now, but not bad
>face feels weird
>poke face
>doesn't feel like skin...
>did my face fall off?
>didn't care about my face to begin with
>feel...feel stronger
>hear gun fire in the distance
>need to make it stop
>feel the hunger take over again
>jump over a building
>more men in black armor
>Be me.
>Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>Completing plan of messing with stuff.
>One major failing of Tau technology, it can be controlled by a single point. Convenient, but risky.
>Makes it far too easy to crash a ship into a planet once you've killed the whole.
>Set course for good entry because I don't feel like dying in reentry.
>Ship probably isn't getting up though after.
>Destroy controls so descent can't be changed.
>Battle is looking quite intense. Imperials seem to be outnumbered, but have enough big guns and lethality to push back the greater numbers.
>Abandon the command bridge and pretend to be fire warrior again.
>MFW it actually works.
>MFW one yells at me to get in one of their boxy mechanical suits.
>At least it's one of the cool, patterned ones with the white stripes and different coloured helmets.
>Close self in pretty easily.
>How the fuck am I supposed to drive one of these things?
>How the fuck has no one seen through my disguise?
>This should not be working so well.
>At least in a few hours I'll be planetside in a warzone.
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Giving orders to the troops in the tunnels
>Many troops and tanks already passed here
>It seems that the captain just finished to dress up
>Turn to her
So captain care to tell how did you get there ? What regiment are you from ?
>She appear to be scared
>Yeah I executed that heretic
Sorry about that but he was using xenotech
>Exit the complex to see that the island is now a full warzone
>Now that's just great
>But this is why my retinue of Deathwatch marines
>Call them all back
>I should also try to have a special line to ask for some "orks snypah"
File: repeatadnauseam.gif (1000 KB, 260x146)
1000 KB
1000 KB GIF
>Be Sister Bios
>A lot of things just happened very fast
>Some monster attacked the group
>Somebody stabbed it
>There was a corridor full of doors with unpleasant surpises
>The few flickering lights in the tunnel go dark and magrail noises in the distance stop
>A door led to a Warp portal that took us straight back to Groxbridge
>The portal was a few metres off the ground so everyone is bruised and in a heap
>Extricated myself from the pile before any accusations of impropriety could be made
>Another portal opens and tentacles grabbed our escortee and vanished
>And there are these "zombie" creatures everywhere
>The city is dark and the only sounds are shuffling, moaning and gunfire
>I need some amasec
>I should acquire a bottle of that homebrew-style stuff that's been cropping up around town recently
>Apparently it's made from real Terran grapes and has a powerful kick to it, but the maker is a mystery
>But first, we have an immediate job to do
>And that job involves *fire*
>Promethium tank is at 92% full
>Time to bring light to the city and the sound of flamers to the discordant symphony of urban combat
>be me
>sneakyboi little finger
>looks like one of da ‘ummies might be lookin’ for me
>my status as a sneakyboi would be at risk if i let that happen
>stick to the rooftops and shadows so im not caught
>leave a note on how much i got sense i have been under me new boss
TOW: 74
DELDAR: 84 and 1/2
>cant be sure if i killed one of them or not
>dat should leave da ‘ummie a message
>Be Captain Antonius of the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment
>Get vox from the same guy who told me about the shot
>The good point is that was not gun one
>The bad point is that it was a shot from a modified XV104 with a bigger gun
>Bigger gun ?
>Well it's Derrick it's better than the gun right
>Derrick ?
>Hear explosion then nothing
>Emperor damn it !
>Tech priest when will my Thunderbolt be ready ?
>Be me, tank commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>We landed fairly quietly on the western side of the island, in the largest open space possible
>Blue flares launched by the Lord Inquisitor helped us out quite a bit in telling us where we were supposed to land
>My Skitarii escort managed to make it with me, entire tank squadron arrived unharmed too
>Unluckily however, it turns out we really were assigned crazy Carl
>I can hear his loud jittery ramblings over the vox as the 5 other hellhounds under his command begin veering off east
>Ordered to advance toward the bunker complex as there has been sightings of an XV104 there, and since we can't see battlesuits anywhere else (excluding vehicle corpses) they'll likely be pushing from up north, ready to meet the inquisitor from up there
>The fog surrounding Stonehenge make markerlights basically useless unless the units carrying them have already entered the effective range of my vehicles
>Oh and of course our Skitarii bodyguard
>Skitarii in the two Duneraiders with us regularly pop their guns out to shoot down drones flying toward my squadron or to snipe lost stealth suits
>By the Emperor I'm glad these guys are obsessed with augmenting themselves, they can actually see a fair bit into the fog
>And also in the dark, which helps when calling shots
>Using the AWACS unit oddly enough sharing their name with a helicopter used in public vox broadcasts to get more knowledge on the lay of the land
>Got the rest of my squadron retrofitted with pulse-laser comms so they can see what I also see
>Sometimes get vox interference from our airborne assets, as well as bits of debris flying down relatively close to us
>From the chatter and the debris, I can tell that the battle in the air is swinging towards us
>Huh, who would have thought those flyboys could amount to something as helpful as that in large numbers
>We're approaching a formation of mechs and a few APCs heading toward the south-east
>One of these is noticeably larger than the others
>Looks like we're hunting for some big game today!
>Approach 100 meters further and then stop, the mechs haven't picked us up yet
>We're in range of one another, but we've got the element of surprise
>We can also see them thanks to SkyEye and the Skitarii with us
>Able to locate an XV104, 3 Broadsides, 5 XV8s, 2 XV9s and 4 APCs
>Aim at the XV104s mid-section, order our Macharius Vanquisher commanded by none other than Friederich himself to fire on it as well
>Order the other Macharius tanks to fire on the broadsides and for the rest of our Leman Russ tanks to take point against the XV9s and XV5s
>We take 10 seconds to adjust our aim, Skitarii taking point to snipe the drivers of the APCs
>Then, BOOM!
>The ground trembles at the force of our guns and a giant stream of extra hot plasma just about singes the turret of my lady
>Looks like they did detect us...?
>6 successful hits, 3 hits with minor damage and 1 miss
>XV104 is a burning pile of scrap metal, all the broadsides are missing the upper part of their mechanical bodies and only 1 XV9 remains operational
>All but 1 APC driverless as it was destroyed by a shot from a Transuranic Arquebus
>Surprisingly, Anshelm actually hit his target, it was Heidrich who missed
>Still think he may be fucking Eldar on the side though
>Fire warriors frantically climbing out of their tumbled over APCs, XV8s attempting to move and return fire
>The ground trembles as we fire again followed by the crack of galvanic rifles and the transuranic arquebus
>Skitarii continue firing before they cease fire, Oswald says they're all dead
>We've taken minor damage, all in all a good ambush
>Tune into the Inquisitors channel
>"Hochberg to von Rosen, confirmed kills on 14 vehicles and 48 fire warriors, standing by for further orders, over."

I modified the island map so we've got a better idea of what's happening, let me know where I fucked up.
File: makethecall.gif (424 KB, 306x237)
424 KB
424 KB GIF
>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>The firing lines are advancing over the STN plain
>Right behind you, Inquisitor
>Finally, some headway is being made against the enemy
>Slowly but steadily the horde is being whittled down
>Have yet to encounter the Tau
>Suddenly the burning wreck of a Tau aircraft crashes into the enemy mob
>I'm not complaining, it took out dozens of them
>Of course they keep coming, but we've got las charges to match
>Get a hurried message from Echo Battallion
>They've hit unexpected Tau resistance along the south-east coast
>Very worryingly, there are Astartes of all people in the Tau ranks
>Astartes being corrupted by Chaos is not unheard of, but by the insidiuous Greater Good?
>It appears you have some heresy on your hands, Inquisitor
>The troops are folding like wet paper, since scattered lasgun fire does little to them
>All are falling back, and he traitor Astartes are minutes away from having free access to our rear
>Looks like there's one thing left to do
>To make The Call
>The call every officer here dreads making
>Operator, put me through to Admiral Falkar
>Admiral. Here are your coordinates. You know what to do.
>Just try not to blow us all up in the process
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>So the power turned off
>Doesn’t matter, scouts salvaged a few generators
>Camp Mortuary still has power
>The zombies are starting to thin out
>Good, good, they were starting to get annoying
>Reports come in on the vox about new Tau forces entering the area
>Have a moment of realization
>If we are defending a refugee camp here, then Tau forces shouldn’t be that bad here
>That’s my going theory at least
>Realize that I haven’t checked in with my old drinking buddy
>Try to get on the vox to talk to Hansburg
>Hope everything went well on her assignment
File: 1571691547222.jpg (1.69 MB, 7030x3738)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
>Be me, Admiral Gregorius Markus Agrippa Falkar
>Initial Nova Cannon shots, though a little bit of a waste of ammo, managed to destroy the forward elements of the flotilla in giant, purple, glowing explosions of plasma
>"Terras grace, that was just... beautiful! Excellent work everyone!"
>By the throne I love using nova cannons like this
>"But we've got more work to do, everyone, you know your positions. Lord High Captain, I believe you know what to do."
>Lance batteries begin opening up into the enemy fleet, but just as they do one of the Tau capital ships just fucking explodes randomly
>Oh, now I remember
>The Lord High Admiral said something about fleet elements supporting guard units that had been sent here and then pulled out defecting
>That must have been a callidus assassin left from that operation
>Well fair enough I guess, you DID technically see them first
>Still a little rude though
>Light Cruisers on the flanks closing in and providing overlapping fields of fire, not only hitting the Tau but also the Enoulian vessels likely screeching endlessly in impotent rage
>Suddenly get a message from down below
>Is this what I think it is?
>"Yes hello, is this the Admiral? We've encountered traitor marines, could you please BOMB THE EVERLOVING SHIT OUT OF THEM?"
>That's what I heard at least
>Well when you put it like that
>"Yeah no problem, sit tight and by Celestines eternal tits don't go within a couple kilometers of that area."
>Am I going to get shot for that comment about celestine? Maybe
>Either way, we got shit to do
>Order Lord Captain Alberici to disengage the enemy with his Armageddon class and move down to low orbit and bombard Medina bay on van Kijeck island with his lance batteries
>Hope a lance battery won't punch a whole in the island's foundation, I heard it was artificially created
>Then again, this is an island we're talking about here, I think it can take a hit or two from a lance battery
>Switch my focus back to the fleet
>Be me.
>Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>Be discretely figuring out the controls to one of these crisis suits, while in a crashing ship.
>Seem to be set to crash into the sea just before a beach, and a little to the left of a port complex.
>If lucky, will probably skid up onto land.
>Trying to figure out what I have on my suit.
>Two things that look kinda like giant dicks called Plasma rifles, and two double barreled box things that are called blasters of fusion.
>First is fairly intuitive, I think the second one is some kind of heat weapon.
>Entering atmosphere. Ship starts shaking and groaning. Bits are probably flying off it.
>Hopefully that's just the entry, not the ship being shot at.
>Order comes to brace for impact. Curl hands over head and tuck in my harness.
>Hope my big tiddy water caste girl, if she's on this ship, survives. That one was entertaining.
>How in the Emperors middle name did I even get here?
File: dannaeinthedarkdownstairs.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Eh? What plan?
>Don't give me that look
>I can't tell what you have in mind until you say it
>Body language and facial expressions are an excellent insight into the gist and tone of someone's internal monologue, but I can't hear it
>They are quite difficult to see in the dark, though
>In fact, YOU are quite difficult to see in the dark
>There is, however, enough light to see your teeth glint when you put on that big, creepy slasher smile
>Anyway, I'm going to check the fusebox and turn on the backup power
>Please behave while I'm gone, don't do anything stupid and for the love of the gods don't touch the alcohol
>Go down the stairs
>The basement is pitch dark aside from the narrow cone of light from the torch
>It's even creeper than that Druchii's face
>C'mon, don't be spooked by this
>You are a member of the best race in the galaxy, a crack Ranger and it's your own damn basement!
>Open the breaker box and flick some switches
>Nothing, electricity must be off
>Go to the generator in the other room
>There's a loud series of thumps from the stairs
>AAAAAAAAAAAAA, don't scare me like that!
>Tryyyyys, I told you to stay in the living room!
>Are you happy now you've got a reaction very unbefitting of me?
>A figure appears at the bottom of the stairs in the torchlight
>Hmm, last I checked, Trys wasn't shuffling, moaning, trying to grab me and snapping her teeth
>Well, she was doing three of those four things, but I'm fairly certain that's not her
>Kick the probably-dannae over and stomp on its head until it explodes
>Tch, pathetic but creepy things
>Great, now I have gore all over my hallway, boot and clothes
>How did it get in here, anyway
>Did I leave the door open again?
>I did, didn't I?
>Walk off and turn the generator on, muttering to myself
>Go up stairs, shut the front door properly and return to the now-lit living room
>Please, do continue?
>I want to hear this proposal of yours
Gue'vesa, that's pretty much what I was picturing.
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>Finally pushed them back
>Give Graves the 531st’s secret handshake
>The new vox officer that my regiment has tells us that Tau are starting to show up
>Great, the one xeno that I can’t use my flamer on
>Graves tells us that there isn’t a camp setup in town
>He says that if the Tau are here, then they are going to try to kidnap civis
>Can’t let that happen
>Plus some of the guys owe me for drinking money
>Plus we are starting to run out of promethium
>Maybe the mass cremation was a bad idea
>But Bios wanted to be sure
>And technically she is my CO
>At the first mention of amesec, Bios is in the ambulance
>I guess that means we are all going to this “Camp Mortuary” now
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Hmm, interesting, so either Tolria is lying about not being able to read my thoughts, or she is telling the truth, and just gave up an advantage for no particular reason
>Recline on couch while she goes downstairs and checks the fuse box, like most Drukhari, I don't handle boredom well, within seconds of her leaving I pop my ear buds in my ears, turn the volume to max, and start checking what drugs I have handy
>I hope she realized when she invited me to sit down that I have a bloody hole in my backside and armor covering in spikes
>Speaking of which, that arrow wound is starting to hurt
>The lights come back on, so I go over to the full length mirror in the corner, pull down my pants a little and try to get a better look
>Tolria shows up faster than expected, also she is covered in blood for some reason
>I don't think she can see me from the waist down from that angle, but I shift forward a bit so I am directly behind the couch just in case
>Not that I am ashamed of nudity, but Wyen'dala would expect me to deliver her offer in a somewhat professional manner
Ahem, while I respectfully decline your generous offer to join your craftworld, I believe that my leader, Dracon Wyen'dala of the Frozen Heart Kabal has been interested in finding common ground with your faction of Aelderi for some time
Although I don't know the details, but I believe that if you provide assistance in providing information on a device known as the bident, Wyen'dala may be opening to turning against our "allies" among the Tau
Also, from what I understand, this new knowledge will be beneficial to both our peoples, similar to the alliance at Duriel and similar ventures
If you are so inclined, you can accompany me to meet with Wyen'dala to get the details, or you could provide me with the means to seek out Wyen'dala myself, and report back to you
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Acting Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Painkillers are starting to wear off a bit, so I am back on vox-caster duty
>As per usual, Groxbridge is a complete mess
>According to reports, the zombies are thinning out a bit, but now the Tau have found the numbers to attack Groxbridge again
>We are heading to a temporary base the Cadians have set up known as Camp Mortuary
>For some reason they chose to build it right next to the remains of what is perhaps the most tainted building on the planet, in a wide open area against enemies known for their long ranged fire power, and now we are heading there in the company of a bunch of hard faced fanatics famous for torching anything they suspect of taint, in a slightly armored van that pretty much any Tau weapon can punch straight through
>Clearly nothing can go wrong with this amazing plan
File: Toad.jpg (5 KB, 256x144)
5 KB
>be steel legion sergeant, now gue'vesa'la, Amarus Instantius
>Aeronautica have mostly fucked off, now attacking the reserves and trying to stop the rest of the army from landing
>skyrays should be set up by now at least
>fire warriors and other gue'vesa regiment had to retask to keep them from ganking our HQ
>we're to keep pushing forward
>meanwhile battleshits finally decided to show up
>pilots, all Tau, are colossal fucking assholes
>good at their jobs though
>see one about to get blasted by a leman russ
>it jumps OVER the russ and unloads its fusion blasters into its backside
>instantly pivots and jets off to fuck up a couple fleeing hellhounds
>us and the rest of the infantry are moving toward South Bay to clear it out while tanks mop up outside
>pretty little village cozied up across about half a mile of sandy beach
>even smaller than Port Gunther
>PDF ready for us
>starting to take more effective bolter fire from buildings on the edge of town
>a lascannon blast from a hole in a low wall narrowly misses the lead devilfish
>still too exposed
>need to get into the town
>head straight for a house with a heavy bolter set up in the partially collapsed second floor
>squadron commander suddenly chimes in on vox
>a fucking battlecruiser broke formation and appears to be coming towards the island
>presumably to bomb the everloving shit out of us
>says our own fleet can probably cripple them before they make it since they're unescorted
>our orders haven't changed, we're just supposed to "be prepared to shelter from possible orbital fire"
>pic related
>prep the squad to dismount and clear out the building with the bolter nest while driver gives them a face full of plasma
>pray to the emperor that if they make it into orbit above us they won't risk killing their own forces
>remember the Emprah no longer loves me and stop
>remember the Imperium doesn't care about collateral damage
>still slightly better than being in the guard
>Be Big Tiddy Water Caste Girl
>Really nervous to be in a space battle, but the Air Caste knows what they are doing, inferior Imperial technology is no match for the Tau
>Wait, why is the evacuation alarm going off? we barely joined the fight
>Run to nearest escape pod
>The ship starts rattling so I get nervous and hit the launch button before anyone else gets a chance to join me
>Order the drone pilot to land near the highest concentration of Tau land forces and hope for the best
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Apparently the Tau have decided to send another entire invasion force to fight over this backwater dump of a planet, and somehow have even engineered an alliance with the Chaos worshipers who live beneath the Island
>Not only that, but they have used their additional forces to launch another invasion on Groxbridge as well
>How irritating
>I couldn't care less about what happens on this world, but I was kind of getting used to having the Tau indebted to me, and their renewed attacks on Groxbridge risk damaging a certain item held there
>Decide that I should perhaps draw the Tau's attention to this particular item, it shouldn't be too hard to get the Tau to let me thoroughly examine it once they have it in their possession
>Not sure how this fits into the Prophecy, but prophecies are vague for a reason
>Extract myself from my orgy, toss on some of my most formal robes, and get ready to head over to Tau HQ
>Time for some fancy misdirection
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Note to self, do not pick up any Tau weapons while the Inquisitor is around
>Decide to spare the Inquisitor all the details of my harrowing journey through the reality bending tunnels and simply state that I got separated from my squad under unusual circumstances and have been attacked more than once by unnatural creatures
>State that I am the senior captain of the 1st Happy Ending Crassus Heavy Mechanized Companies attached to the forces coming through the tunnel
>As I follow the Inquisitor outside, I notice several of my regiment's Crassus driving by and wave to a captain from one of the other companies
>I start mustering the courage to ask the Inquisitor if I can return to my own company when suddenly massive blue-white lights flash through the nighttime fog just a few kilometers northeast of our position
>Lance strikes from high orbit
>There is nothing quite as strange as seeing beams of energy 10 to 20 kilometers tall flickering in and out of existence, it really messes with your perspective
>I am still looking upwards when the first wave of cultists, daemons, corrupted space marines, and other, harder to identify horrors, come crashing into our position...
>be me
>subject 9114
>blue people
>know their guns hurt
>don't get shot by the blue people
>if i am going to eat them, i need to be careful
>armor not hard to get through
>like cracking a egg
>they scream though
>hear them sighting in on me
>jump from roof to roof
>dont get shot
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Someone called for an for an orbital bombardement
>I hope that they know what they are doing
>Turn to first tank near me and ask for vox
Yes pass me the officio Assassinorum yes I know the codes
>Notice a horde of lost and damned daemons and other horrors
>Scream at the Happy Ending regiment captain to order an orbital bombardement on their rear lines
Yes sorry I have a big number of traitors and heretics charging me near a Dark age of technology relic. Yes Damnatum Lutum. Which one ? A vindicare, it would be nice to have it fast!
>The gunner starts firing with many other tanks on the charging turncoats
>Is chaos invading again?
>I though we were done with them here
>Be me. Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>Crash tore my suit from it's berth, along with practically everything else and threw them around the room.
>Slam on a bulkhead before getting control and using the jetpack thing on the back to get control.
>Takes nearly a minute to stop. Got right past the beach.
>Watch as literally everyone else, pick themselves up off the floor slowly.
>Yell at them a little to secure the site, check the civilians for survivors.
>Takes them way too long, but most survived.
>Couldn't find big tiddy water caste girl.
>Neither dead nor alive.
>Did she manage to get out of the ship before we crashed? Hope she didn't hurt herself.
>Bunch of the big mech things stumble over to me. One would think walking on the ceiling would be fine for them when it's now the floor, but apparently it's too hard for them.
>Tell me that commander shissy-wisshy whatever died.
>Tell me I'm acting commander of the ship.
>MFW I realise this suit was a commander suit.
>MFW I'm now in command of a bunch of xenos civilians and token force.
>MFW I'm somehow now a commander of the wrong side.
>Remember standing next to a commander in a similar situation once.
>Tell them to establish a perimeter, search for vehicles still working, load them with supplies and wounded, and get some scouts to find what's going on in the area. Anything we can't salvage, we burn.
>They actually just do it.
>Civilians are looking dazed and shocked. Some are crying.
>Decide fuck it, walk over and give them a little speech about how the worst is over, we're fine, we know Tau forces are planetside, and we just need to find them and make our way there.
>Intersperse it with a measure of wit and empathy.
>Finish with a rousing call to do the greater good, with a heart of burning fire and a mind of cold steel.
>Group's looking a little better.
>Bodyguard person even says it was rousing.
>What is happening today?
Bump again
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>Graves and his crew are back
>And he found Lew and some sisters of battle
>And more Tau forces are planetside
>Try to figure out how we set a trap for the Tau
>See that most of the civis are bundled up in thick rags to stay warm
>Come up with a absolutely devious plan
>Order everyone to cover themselves in rags and to conceal their guns
>When the Tau show up, you all draw your guns
>Hopefully this will work
>The Sister that seems to be the leader of her chapter demands I give her some amesec
>In order to avoid dying, or my plan getting ruined, give her some and hope she doesn’t overindulge
File: 1572801744833.jpg (664 KB, 2048x1280)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>So far, no sign of a chaos lord
>Instead, the power has gone out
>A good thing our techmarines and the adeptus mechanicus have installed backup power generators throughout most of the city districts
>I doubt they'll be able to activate immediately in this case though, because this appears to be a city wide power outage
>Chrysotile is firmly under our control, and oddly enough the poorer and more crime ridden areas of the city are currently the least effected by Zombies
>It appears that the Archbishop has ordered the tunnels sealed, which means we very likely won't be seeing any more undead
>However, as I'm slapping zombies to death with my power fist, I get a worrying message from the Adeptus Mechanicus HQ
>Apparently, they've located Tau Stealthsuits near and inside Groxbridge
>They may be the ones who cut off the power, but if that was the case then they'd also likely have destroyed the smaller parallel backup generator network
>Whatever the case may be, I can only think of one reason they're here
>The Bident
>We've made progress in hauling it into the city, bulldozing the smouldering remains of the chemical works and creating a heavily defended area around the tens of thousands year old weapon
>It's mostly defended by Kriegers, turrets and small groups of Skitarii
>They have a couple systems capable of detecting XV15s, and sometimes even XV25s, graciously provided by Lord Inquisitor von Rosen
>Rubicon described them as "borderline tech heresy", but Sigma appeared receptive to their implementation
>Whatever the case may be, they're likely to be looking for the bident if they know about it
>It's a bit hard to miss so they likely do
>Give the newbie Primaris sergeant a pat on the shoulder, then jump off toward the former chemical plants
>I'm sure our bigger, greener brothers will prove themselves worthy to bare the legacy of our Primarch-Progenitor in time
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>This is probably the weirdest fucking day I have ever had
>After fighting zombies, Lew is spat out of a portal with a bunch of sisters, I tell Lew that we found some amesec, then the sisters join us to go to Camp Mortuary
>Then when we get there the commissar tells us to conceal our weapons and armor in rags
>Well, actually the commissar tells me to start tending to the wounded in the triage
>Monica tells me that the meds are starting to wear off
>Fear that some of my frequent patients might be getting shot for drugs
>Give her some painkillers but tell her to go easy on them
>Ask her to hand me some tools
>Also ask how she likes the promotion
>Be me. Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>Have decided on plan.
>Transport forces to head of Tau in region. Get close through that service, kill him/her.
>My personal army has managed to get a small fleet of transport craft, and loaded the tops of them with supplies and generators.
>Squeeze as many of the wounded and non-wounded as we can into, and onto them. Rest will walk alongside.
>Check in on pathfinders, ask what's going on around the area.
>Say they can see a rail line winding into a large township.
>Looks like fighting is coming from township.
>Fighting means probably tau, and definitely fighting.
>Make sure everyone's loaded up, and follow the railroad in.
>Divert off two clicks to ascend a ridgeline to get a view of the city. Order a stop below ridgeline.
>Looks to be some tau, some heretics, orks, eldar, token Imperial forces.
>Absolute shitshow.
>Decide to skirt around ridgeline to the Eastern side of the city, so we don't have to go through hostile areas.
>Order token force to hold with the civilians while I and some suits go into town to meet up.
>Turns out there's a road east that should take them through the mountains and to a place called Liveria, currently occupied.
>Get data for map.
>Cool, know what shit's going down now.
>Also learn about the Necrons.
>Inform commander we will evacuate civilians and return.
>Just need to push through to Liveria.
>Can't wait for the actual fighting part.
Sammosposter here
Got smashed back on the 1st, and forgot this thread coming up
Sorry I missed it, looked like good fun
For some reason I always thought you and Gereonposter were the same person.

No sign of Sigma this thread either. We're not done yet so you can still knock a few zed heads together or make some blueberry jam.
Wait, we didnt hit the bump limit did we?
Bump limit is 310
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor and special forces spammer Greger von Rosen
>I am, for once, not ashamed at watching PDF troops fight
>Their accuracy seems to be slowly improving with every shot they take at the undead,
>The hellhounds have arrived, and though their commander is a bit... overenthusiastic, his group of fire spewing vehicles are doing their jobs excellently
>The specialized tank squadron from Armageddon has done their work with expectedly good results, ordered them to swing down toward the command bunker and take out any remaining turrets
>The way from here to there seems to be mostly clear, our air superiority fighters maintain our ability to fight back against the Tau despite having comparatively fewer vehicles
>Hopefully inquisitor Edric is holding out well on her own while we capture the bunker complex
>However, I am at the moment highly confused
>There have been rapports of either traitorous or renegade space marines on the island
>Now, that's not what confuses me
>It's the fact that they're working with tau
>I've heard of space marines working with Eldar, space marines working with Abhumans, but I have never, in my career as a professional Tyrannid killer, heard of space marines working with Tau
>This is because to work with Tau often also includes to submit to them
>Space marines, renegade space marines especially, are highly independently minded when it comes to those outside of their chapter/warband/legion etc.
>...Could it be that the Tau have created Space marines?
>No, that'd be impossible, the process of creating space marines is highly deadly and very selective
>The Tau would probably just build bigger battlesuits instead of trying to create astartes
>So, in short, we're dealing with traitors of the worst kind
>I wonder, has anyone seen fit to drop a couple bombs from an Avenger or a Marauder on them?
>Oh, oh no it appears that the colonel has called in an orbital bombardment on that position
File: 1548232900266.png (317 KB, 470x492)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
>Ordered the Valkyries circling around the enemy horde touch down near Harling ridge
>Tell them to pull back a bit, and then deploy their cargo of archoflagellants on the Tau once the fleet is done exacting the Emperor’s vengeance on the enemy
>Get word back from Jackinus inside the mansion, apparently the void generator inside of it is malfunctioning and causing warp tears in real space
>Good thing all of our veteran Crusaders are blanks, I'm sure he and them can disable the void shield generator so that we can cleanse the complex in holy fire
>As the Hellhounds free up the western flank for my men to advance, feel the ground shake from the impact of something
>Nearly fall over as the shockwave hits me and turn around
>Stare at the effect of 4 lance batteries hitting the ground
>Aaaaaah... that never loses its charm
>Seems like they adjusted their aim and went further south with each battery
>Rocks from the ridge flying through the air, the fog around it completely dispersing
>Can hear the ground from over there cracking and crumbling, I can only imagine the amount of fire sweeping through the area downwind of Harling Ridge
>That was extremely risky, had the island not been made out of a sturdier foundation I'd probably be face to face with fish now
>Most fighters in the air should be fine, a bit thrown about but fine, that seems to be what happened to AWACS anyway
>Vox the Valkyries, tell them to unload the archoflagellants into the remains of south bay as soon as the giant red beams disappear
>I hope we didn't kill too many of the PDF, nor that we endangered the other inquisitor
>Either would be inconvenient and possibly life threatening for the Colonel and the Captain of the ship that just bombarded the island slightly too hard
>Never mind that though, the bunker complex is in sight!
>We just have to cross this shallow river, then we're through
>Be Sister Bios
>The last of the undead in the immediate vicinity collapses into a pile of ash
>Even the Guard is better than these shuffling idiots
>They are better at one thing - (re-)dying
>This is not war, this is pest control
>Commissar points us towards the ambulance for some amasec
>He says something about a plan, but I'm too busy thinking about who the hell keeps amasec in an ambulance
>It's amusing to see a Commissar scared of somebody for once too
>Sure enough, there's some in a cupboard at the back
>Emperor, this is some strong stuff
>Wait, where did these empty bottles come from?
>We all appear to be pretty buzzed
>Look out the window
>Huh, we're not in that street any more
>It looks like the central plaza, only now it's full of tents, soldiers and military vehicles
>This must be the Camp Mortuary they're talking about
>Kaybord yells at us to make ourselves presentable before we leave
>It looks to be all Guard and some Arbites, none of whom have any jurisdiction over us
>Squad goes off in search of a militia group heading out into the infested districts
>They would suit us well, and we can try and whip them into shape a bit at the same time
>Everything seems like a better idea under the influence of alcohol
Dell here, will post when I get on break
File: theplon.png (815 KB, 900x636)
815 KB
815 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Hmm, intriguing
>The bident, you say?
>What use could you possibly have for it?
>Not even we know what it does, and it certainly won't fit through the Webway portal even if you could move it
>Still, I am willing to entertain this offer
>I will consult with Fs. Kerala on this
>And get out from behind the sofa, you look like you saw something scary on a horror holovid
>I shall be back again shortly
>Check the coast is clear outside
>Walk the short way to where Kerala lives
>Fill her in on the situation and request her prediction
>According to her, the fates are muddied and constantly shifting
>Not quite fhaisorr'ko grade, but everything about this place is exceedingly difficult to predict with accuracy
>She can, however, feel the constant and troubling presence of a slowly approaching, unknown great danger
>I know exactly what to do with this in the situation
>Start discussing The Plan with Kerala
>Oh yes, it will feel good to play the Druchii like this.....
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>The sisters are drunk as shit now
>Contemplating locking them in our newly made drunk tank
>See a Tau ship blow up in orbit
>Weird, didn’t look like we shot it
>See a escape pod through my binoculars
>If that is a water caste then we might be able to orchestrate a hostage trade
>Might be able to trade a escape pod full of water caste xenos for them getting the fuck off of our planet
>See one of those shifty assassins we have
>Ask if they could assist in the capture of whoever is in that escape pod
File: keralafull.png (1.18 MB, 1060x1543)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>Allow myself the rare expression of a grin
>I cannot predict the outcome of Tolria's plan, but I shall be highly amused if it has the desired result
>...wait one minute
>Must I really do it?
>I am your glorified errand girl it would appear
>Which is most unbefitting of my position, by the by
>"Better with people"? Really?
>You are admittedly correct, I have done many episodes of negotiation over the centuries
>Though I still have not managed to drill it into Eleria not to f---
>Ahem, ignore that statement
>Very well, I shall bring her with me
>Walk back to Tolria's house
>Trys'ta, you are to accompany me to wherever your superior resides
>Tell me where to go, and I shall take you there
>Once there, we may begin negotiations
>No, you do not need to stay in the luggage box this time
>Please keep your hands inside the jetbike and off me at all times
The assassin I was referring to was Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon, just so nobody is confused
File: BeAdvised.png (131 KB, 304x304)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>Be steel legion sergeant, now gue'vasa'la, Amarus Instantius
>squad piles out of the devilfish
>myself and three others by the rear hatch, the other eight split between both sides
>devilfish launches itself into the air immediately and starts unloading on the bolter nest
>my fireteam launches photon grenades through side windows and kicks down the back door
>other two fireteams going around either side
>find six enemies inside, two PDF and what appear to be armed civilians, all dead
>move toward the front of the house
>more PDF and armed civilians in the street engaging another dismounted devilfish squad
>did the Imperium tell them about the bombardment?
>start laying into them
>the nutty bastards turn and charge us, firing their lasguns nonstop and rushing toward the front of the house
>other two fireteams come around the sides and finish them off
>squadron commander on the radio again, says the Imperial warship is in position and will start firing at any moment
>we are to keep fighting to capture South Port
>battle is too important and 'they won't fire so close to their own men'
>don't know why he would think that
>suddenly hear several massive explosions off to the north
>fuck this, I'm out
>tell devilfish driver to get his ass over here
>no response
>bring squad back around the house
>see it already heading east at top speed along with most of the other vehicles
>that bastard
>notice the building next to this one has an external cellar door at the bottom of a concrete stairwell
>probably won't be enough, but it's something
>a blinding flash of light and more explosions, much closer this time
>feel a wave of incredible heat wash over as I sprint over to it
>squaddie and I haul the doors open
>several more armed civilians hiding out down there
>start shooting their autoguns at us as soon as they see our uniforms
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Just finished sealing up the wound in my backside with my handheld flesh regenerator when Tolria comes back into the room with the Farseer from before
>Nonchalantly pull my pants back up and thank them for accepting my offer
Wyen'dala never stays in the same spot for long, but there are a couple of locations where her followers like to linger, and where webway portals are often present
If we find a webway portal it won't take us long to find Wyen'dala
The Necropolis beneath Starrick Pass is probably our best bet, Liveria Asylum also sometimes has a webway portal in it, but it is deep in Tau territory, and unless you are disguised they will probably shoot you down
I should warn you though, none of the webway portals are completely without risk
>Dark, ancient things lurk both beneath the surface of this world, and in the webway of this region
>Lucius and Amelia go down, not sure if they're dead or not
>throw photon grenades and rush down
>gun down stunned survivors while last man shuts and blocks the door
>drag Lucius inside, Amelia headshot and obviously dead
>seconds later another blast, only about a kilometer away
>turn on emergency transponder
>lose connection to our comm channel
>shockwave collapses the house above us
>ceiling barely holding
>lay on the ground against the walls and hope like hell we aren't directly hit
>another blast, almost directly on top of us
>can hear ceiling giving in
>pretty sure the rubble above us is on fire now
>about to pass out
>last coherent thought is "it was still better than being in the guard"
>Be me.
>Callidus assassin De-the only callidus assassin on the planet likely.
>Open suit front for breathing fresh air.
>Xenos underlings are doing some shit. Just told them to care for civilians.
>See a Commissar in the distance.
>Commissar sees me.
>Raise mask, because somehow this thing functions as a perfect disguise.
>Raise finger to lips.
>Guy voxes me somehow.
>Asks if I can find a crashed escape pod someway over yonder.
>Affirm command, then tell him to get some forces together to ambush us as we travel the mountain range. We have many civilians we can ransom.
>Can either submit and take prisoners properly, or kill a bunch of conscripts and gain trust.
>Wonder if it's my big tiddy tau girl.
>If it is, hopefully she survived. I almost liked that one.
>Tell the two underlings I mostly talk to that there's a crashed pod nearby, and that we're changing course.
>Beginning to enjoy myself now.
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Acting Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Currently sitting in a medical cot at Camp Mortuary, fiddling around with the vox-caster, which seems to have stopped working for some reason
>Wonder if the painkillers are messing with my perceptions again, but assure myself that they have mostly worn of my this point
>Graves overhears me talking to myself and misinterprets why I commented on the painkillers wearing off
>He gives me a couple more pills and tells some corny joke about there being easier, less legal ways of getting painkillers than constantly being shot
>He also says something about me getting promotion
Hmmm, what am I now?
>But I am only partially paying attention to our conversation, my concern about the broken vox is distracting me more than a bit
>Wonder whether Tau have vox transmission blocking technology, it seems like the sneaky sort of thing they would do
>My eyes widen in alarm as I realize we are about to be attacked, but it is too late
>Outside there is suddenly a large increase in the amount of shooting and shouting
>I grab my lascarbine and stumble outside to find the camp in complete chaos
>Dozens of those small gun drones the Tau are so fond of are zipping around the camp, shooting anything with a weapon
>Adding to the confusion though is the fact that the religious militiamen are randomly shooting at each other and any other armed civilians they see
>It takes me a few seconds to sort out why they are shooting each other, but judging by their angry shouts, they believe that the camp has been infiltrated by Tau sympathizers
>Fucking idiots, it probably only took two or three Tau sympathizers entering the camp with the refugee mob to turn these inbred paranoid morons against each other
>Turn back towards Graves in order to ask him what we should do when suddenly my stomach fills with excruciating agony
>Look down and see blood leaking from my belly
>Realize to my horror that a bullet must have passed straight through me
>As I fall to the ground, I distantly hear someone, probably Graves, saying:
>"Not again!"
>Be Big Tiddy Water Caste Girl
>Apparently the drone pilot of my escape pod has decided that the largest concentration of Tau forces is this wretched, besieged, Imperial city
>Well I am clearly not equipped to go wandering around a war zone...
>Ask drone pilot if it can take me somewhere else, but it gives me a negative response before explaining it only had enough fuel for one trip
>Well that is just super
>Decide that trying to navigate the city war zone is better than wandering the freezing wilderness
>Rearrange my uniform a bit, after all, I had undergone extensive surgery to appear more attractive to the humans
>Hope that this is enough to keep any Imperials I encounter from gunning me down on sight
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>The Inquisitor starts yelling at me to call an orbital bombardment on the enemy's rear lines
>With what? Does it look like I have a vox-caster built into my body?
>Climb aboard the nearest Crassus and use the elevated (and armored) vantage point of the command cabin to get a better view of the situation
>The attackers seem to be an odd mix of Slaaneshi and Tzeentchi forces, mixed with mutated, dark robed tech priests
>Strangely enough there are also Tau soldiers accompanying the group, although I don't recognize their markings, they appear to be uncorrupted
>Luckily the force is not as big as it first appeared, unfortunately this means there are no "rear lines" to call an orbital bombardment on without exterminating our own forces
>The enemy forces seem to be coming from nearby openings to the underground instead
>I head back over to the Inquisitor in order to report my findings
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Jernwick just got shot again
>Start dragging her back to the triage
>Order the other medics to move the wounded to the wine cellar, it’s connected to the triage
>Hopefully the wounded will be unharmed in there
>The fucking Tau just attacked a refugee camp
>Thank the Emperor that I left my gun in the tent
>The drones seem to ignore me
>Might be my lack of gun, or the medic patch on my chest and arm
>Put Jernwick on a gurney in the cellar
>The shot went through her abdomen and her appendix, but nothing to fatal
>But being that she was shot by a Tau weapon, without treatment, she will die
>Good thing we are here
>Everyone smart enough to toss their gun aside and help with the wounded are moving in
>One of the wounded starts mumbling about how she should “Open up to the greater good.”
>Did you know scalpels can go through a heretic’s neck like butter?
>Well that heretic didn’t
>Nobody objects to my rage filled response
>Toss the body aside and start treating the more seriously wounded
>When I finish patching up Jernwick, I modify her file
Name: Monica Jernwick
Rank: Acting vox officer for the 531st Cadian Regiment and the 78th Risian Light Infantry
Alias: “Bullet Catcher”
Prescription: Bedrest, light painkillers, and the thickest armor the administratum can give her
Comments: If you need to look for the protection of the Emperor, look to Jernwick. She had been in my triage on five separate occasions, and she still lives and fights for the Emperor. Look to her if you have any doubts in you faith in the Emperor.
>Tell the other medics to hide their guns under the gurneys, and to fire on my mark
>Hope the commissar’s and Lew’s mission to kidnap some Tau diplomats is going better than this.
>Be me.
>Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>Be finding out just how much fun fighting in one of these suits is.
>Turns out the boxy things are seriously good at hurting things. Like vehicle multi-melta guns.
>That, plus how maneuverable these suits are, makes the whole experience very fun.
>Particularly if you have some skill in how to move.
>See what must be an ancient dreadnought, maybe even heresy age, at the other end of a street.
>Takes a handful of seconds to get close, avoid the things guns by alternating between walls to run on.
>The force of hitting it knocks it over, and the twin fusion blasters practically obliterate the chest.
>Others are just trying to keep up.
>Useless bodyguards.
>Kick an astartes through a wall, plasma the hole enough to kill him, let bodyguards catch up and get the rest.
>This kind of stuff is seriously fun. I might see if I can get an exoskeleton to mount some melta weapons on my arms after this is all over.
>Granted, it's a similar kind of combat to what I already do, just bigger.
>See escape pod.
>Get others to hold position, jump out of suit, run inside.
>Smells faintly of perfume and musk.
>Yep, water caste girl.
>Find myself jumping back in suit, following trail.
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>Following the assassin with my strike team of 3 Guardsmen, Lew, and one of our engineers
>Keeping in close radio contact with the assassin
>With all the crazy shit happening tonight, I don’t want “Loosing a assassin on your watch” goin on my resume
>Eventually we catch up to our target, the assassin motioning that there is only one of them.
>Fuck me, all this for one water caste?
>Well actually, knowing the Tau from my previous campaigns, they will shit bricks at the hint of one of their diplomats dying
>We surround her, guns drawn, but I order loudly for her to come quietly, and she won’t be hurt
>By the Emperor, those things can’t be natural
>Radio in to Camp Mortuary that we have the package
>Dead silence
>By the Emperor they didn’t
>They didn’t just attack a refugee camp, did they?
>Deep breaths Dell, deep breaths
>The assassin looks defensive about the prisoner
>Realize my hand is shaking and is on my bolt pistol
>Look to the assassin
I’m fine, make sure she doesn’t run. Move out, we are heading to one of our safe houses
>When we get there, we are armed, and the prisoner is secured
>My engineer reports that he might be able to fix the power to the speakers and screens
>Do it, I have a message for the Tau
>Ready my speech
>It’s show time
>Be me.
>Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>Order Tau division to a position where they'd grind themselves to powder against the heretic astartes. Start off following them in the crisis suit from a distance.
>Have to come in with the front open, and mask off.
>Get vehicle stowed in a bunch of bushes.
>Tell the guards I'll watch the girl.
>Lean against wall in a corner without my mask, watch her as she tries to avoid staring at me.
>She seems on edge. Chest is rising and falling quite a lot.
>Either scared of me, or attracted to me and aware synthskin is synthskin.
>Probably the first, just afraid of me.
>Watch as a bunch of others come into the room, doing stuff.
>Making the big tiddy water caste girl nervous and flustered is a personal hobby of mine, but I swear, if any of these people even touch her too hard, I will fucking murder them.
>Wonder if I get to try interrogate her, or other people.
>I do speak and read T'au. That has to count for something.
>The engineer gets the setup ready, flips the power switch and gets the camera ready
>”We are live in 3...2...1”
>He gives the signal
To all Tau forces within and near the town of Groxbridge, my name is Commissar Dell Lugermorph of the 531st Cadian Regiment...
>Deep breaths Dell
...and recently it is believed that your forces have attacked a location that we have referred to as Camp Mortuary. Despite the rather menacing name, that was a refugee camp...and we have lost all vox communications with them.
>Deep breath and pause for effect
Now it was not my intention to have to do this, but upon attempting to contact other survivors, we came across this...
>Motion to move the camera, showing the Tau water caste bound to the chair
...a diplomatic representative to your race, wandering around town.
>Camera pans back to me
I am offering you an ultimatum, withdraw your forces from the area and cease hostilities, as well as the return of all prisoners you have taken from this planet. Or I fear that I will have to resort to turning this xenos diplomat to the Ordos Xenos. And I assure you, it will not go well for her, if I have to resort to that. There will be a armed Guardsman, on the crossroads of St. Bridget Boulevard and Imperium Road. He will have a white stripe on his armor, and a white stripe on his flamer. If you fire upon him, all bets are off. Make contact with him within the hour, and we can start negotiations. That will be all.
>When the feed cuts, I turn to the assassin to reassure her that everything should be fine, and if the Ordos Xenos shows, hide her at the next designated safe house on the map I gave her
>Make prayers to those at Camp Mortuary
>If they are still alive, I pray that they aren’t captured
>If they have fallen...I pray that they are with the Emperor
>Be Captain Antonius of the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment
>Still at the airport but this time in the cockpit of a fully painted Thunderbolt
>Get the order to get back at Van Kijeck but via Groxbridge showing to the civilians the new regiment of their homeworld
>So I pass at the new cathedral, the governor Plaza and to the island
>Take off with this route
>Strangely the city is full of corpses and barricades
>There are a lot of people in front of the cathedral
>Make a barrel roll to greet them
>But at the governor Plaza there's a lot of civilians and Tau
>Get order to not engage them
>This started good and is ending really bad
>On my way to Van Kijeck island I meet my two last Thunderbolt pilot
>Salute them before continuing
wait, where is the refugee camp located?

its in Groxbridge right?
It's in Governor Plaza in the centre of the city (see map)
File: bonker.jpg (499 KB, 1920x1080)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>Watching the lance blasts scour the eastern coast of the island
>Bright blasts spearing through the dig are a sight for sore eyes
The shockwave of each blast washing over our position causes the ground to shake
>Dust and grit repeatedly blows in everyone's faces as the air sweeps across the flat plain
>The fog is partially dissipating now, with tantalising tendrils of light poking through
>Some spotty comms are starting to come in from the battallions near the blast zone
>From the sounds of it they took some casualties, no word on how the Tau fared
>By now the tank units from Armageddon and Praetoria have finally joined up
>Advancing across the plain and through the river towards the bunker
>The bunker is a crumbling, abandoned ruin, but it looks like the Tau have taken it over
>The approach is halted by a withering barrage of pulse rifle fire
>We might have them on the defensive, but the Tau are no pushovers
>Halt behind one of the edges of one of the inner land tier of the complex
>We can't push up any further right now
>Armoured units, open fire
>Let's see how it stands up to a Baneblade
>be me
>sneakyboi little finger
>creeping on da rooftops, krumpin tow
>screen turns on with all da streetlights
>there is a ‘ummie with a big hat on da screen
>he says the tow attacked a bunch of “refugees”
>those must be da ‘ummies who couldn’t fight
>maybe me new boss is mellowing me out, but that is kinda wrong
>boss bios would be roight mad if she knew i had did that
>spot somefing in the distance
>purple ‘ummies
>not deldar
>looks like da ‘ummies with da armor, but purple...
>start shootin’ at them
>know they like huggin’ each other weird
>know boss bios don’t like that
>be Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>be defending tunnel exit with half of my flock
>the numbers of the undead are finally beginning to drop
>just when im starting to get into a good mood, I get word that the Tau are attacking my city
>I redirect my holy militia to lainch a counter attack on the refugee camp and drive the foul Tau from the city
>I also recommend that the militia should at least try to get into melee, I ve been told Tau suck at melee
>The seething rage I feel for the Tau drives me to join in on the attack
>note to self make sure that any refugee that goes full heretic is punished via crucifixion
Lew here, give me half an hour and I’ll post
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Currently advancing towards The Bunker along with the rest of my regiment, the Steel Legion, and the PDF
>The Tau have done their best to fortify it, but their best isn't good enough against a Baneblade
>BANG!! Main cannon fires an armor piercing shot straight through a concrete wall, and into the Broadside hiding behind it
> BANG! Demolisher cannon turns a heavily occupied pillbox into a pile of gravel and blue mush
>ZZZAAP Left lascannon beheads a Crisis Suit
>DAKDAKDAKDAKDAK Forward heavy bolter cuts down a squad of traitor humans as they flee a slit trench
>DAKDAKDAK Right heavy bolter dismembers a bear-like Hodask getting ready for a suicide charge
>Take another sip of tea as my lads and lasses quickly and efficiently identify and dispatch targets
>We can keep this up all day you orange wankers
>Be Big Tiddy Water Caste Girl
>Be terrified
>End up being captured by brutish looking humans the minute I get close to the city
>Not long afterwards, some strange looking female human in a skin tight body suit and almost featureless mask also joins the group
>So like the barbarians to dress up in a manner that is both extremely sexually attractive, but also extremely intimidating
>She seems to enjoy leering at me, maybe the surgical alterations to my body are working a little too well
>The human in the uniform of a political officer seems to have decided he can trade my safety in return for our forces withdrawing from the city
>Does he think I am an Ethereal or something?
>Even the life of a junior Ethereal wouldn't be enough to trade for breaking off a major offense
>I would have definitely pointed this out to him, but naturally they gagged me the minute I started trying to bargain with them not long after my capture
>To make things even worse, he seems to have promised me to the body suit woman no matter what happens, and I don't even want to contemplate what she has in mind for me
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>Standing out in the middle of the cross roads
>Praying to the Emperor that I don’t get shot on sight
>Looking around nervously
>We are playing a risky game, trying to ransom off a Tau, even if it is a water caste
>Take the face mask off of my helmet and light a cig
>I hear the battle in the distance, and occasionally I see their rounds impact buildings on the horizon
>Check my watch
>It’s only been 15 minutes, but it feels like hours
>I don’t want to know what will happen if they don’t show
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>My plan to draw the Tau's attention to the Bident seems to have worked, unfortunately some of their new Chaos worshiping buddies have also joined the attack on Groxbridge, which is pretty much the exact opposite of why I wanted them to get the Bident in the first place
>Even worse, the Chaos corrupted tech priests have convinced the Tau to let them make modifications to the weaponry beneath The Island
>Although they have made great strides in making the weapon operational, they are also laying the groundwork for a ritual of a most unfortunate nature
>Convincing the Tau to break their alliance with the Chaos worshipers is basically impossible at this point though
>Our "alliance" with the Tau may soon me at an end
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Acting Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Be only semi-lucid as I lay in a cot, recovering from being shot
>Luckily it was a low-cal bullet, and didn't hit anything notable, other than my appendix, you don't need those? Right?
>Stupid trigger happy religious militia types, no doubt one of them hit me while shooting wildly at someone two feet away from him or her
>Good thing it wasn't a plasma shot though, that probably would have cut me in half
>At least my nickname "Bullet Catcher" is now technically accurate
>The previous two times I was shot were by a lasgun and a splinter rifle respectively
File: 1556837269098.jpg (94 KB, 600x720)
94 KB
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>As we're peacefully approaching the bunker complex, I feel the ground shaking and my lady rattle around a little
>Open the command hatch and turn around
>Watch as three, no, six, no, twelve beams of red light slam into the other side of the island
>Must be lance battery orbital bombardment
>I can only imagine how hot it must be over there
>Hope it starts raining soon so we don't have a massive wildfire on our hands
>Oh well, we're fairly close now and the fog is being swept away a bit
>In fact, I can sort of see the bunker complex from here, along with the PDF, Inquisitors retinue and a bunch of Praetorian tankers
>Looks like we're a little late to the party, sorry for the delay, we just met some old friends on the road here
>"Everyone, max speed!
>Inquisitorial retinue taking cover behind vehicle corpses and bullgryns while the Praetorians and the hellhounds unload into the fortifications
>We're coming in at a slight angel, the tau Turrets and defensive positions have to split their aim to hit me and my squadron
>Order everyone to spread out, and then to take point hitting one of the bunkers each
>Close distance to a couple hundred meters, then begin slowing down
>Skitarii peak up from their transports the formation stops and begin sniping infantry
>Point our baneblade cannon at one of the still occupied larger forward defensive positions
>Demolisher cannon looks up toward one of the Drone Sentry Turrets
>Blare out over the vox, "Fire when ready!"
>Ground periodically shakes as the Tau defences, one by one, go up in clouds of black smoke
>"Fire until there's nothing of them left standing!"
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>15 minutes after the broadcast, I decide to have a chat to our new friend
>Have the assassin ungag her
>She frantically tells me about how they won’t withdraw their forces for her
>Turns our she isn’t as important as I anticipated
Well, hopefully we can negotiate something that can benefit all parties then.
>Give the assassin the order to give the Tau a ration
>Simple granola bar and canteen of water
>Vox is buzzing
>The Archbishop is here
>also mfw
>Oh Emperor no
>Last thing I need is a bunch of religious zealots burning everything blue
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Run over to where I last saw the Inquisitor, but she is no longer there
>In her place are some Slaaneshi cultists wearing whimsical masks, and little else
>Fortunately they are only carrying melee weapons
>Well this shouldn't be too hard
>Reach down for laspistol
>Laspistol isn't there
>Right, I lost it during the attack by the tentacle monster
>Knee first cultist hard in the groin before stabbing him through the eye with his own rusty sword
>Second cultist rushes past me and tries to throw some sort of industrial explosive at the treads of a passing Crassus, stab her hard in the back, no one hurts by babies
>Third cultist turns to flee the area only to be run down by a charging Chaos Space Marine
>Realize I don't stand a chance against him, particularly not with my current weapon
>Also don't like the look of his giant spiky snake-like appendage
>Throw myself under a nearby Crassus, reasoning that unlike me, he can't fit in the narrow space between the ground and the belly of the vehicle
>This only buys me a few seconds before my hiding spot drives away
>Fuck my life
File: 1565809091633.gif (858 KB, 240x228)
858 KB
858 KB GIF
>be the Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>me along with 3/4 of my militia are approaching the Tau held plaza
>I order my flock to establish a cordon and only attack when I give the word
>make sure they all haver some sort of melee weapon
>said melee weapons vary. Some have chunks of rockcrete with rebar sticking out, some have large knifes and some managed to get their hands on chainswords
>I break of from my flock to find the nearest imperial commander
>Several Guardsmen point me in the direction of one Commissar Lugermorph
>I enter the building he supposed to be in
>mfw he as some Tau chicken taken capitive

the fuck

>auto correct changed chick to chicken
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the
Ordo Xenos
>Tanks and superheavies are destroying the chaos lines
>I force each tank to fire at least three time on the great enemy lines before going full speed on the direction of the bunker
>Had to save the Von Hansburg Baronness
>the happy ending captain tells me that nous bombardement is possible the lines are too short
>Alright we continue like this
>Hey have you considered joining the inquition ?
>Hear a tank commander talking about a commissar rammsoning the Tau
>Get to the field Hq take Vox and start calmly explaining to the commissar that the objective is to make sure that they never come back to Damnatum Lutum
>Those commissar I swear

>mfw also when im concerned that he has her taken captive for heretical reasons
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>God damn it, now the ecclesiarchy is here, and I am getting a vox from Edric
>The archbishop is demanding to know why we have a xenos here
>He is hinting that we are doing something heretical
>Mind you, we are all fully clothed
>Yeah, she has big tits, but Edric is more likely to molest her than me
>Tell them my plan to ransom her off to the Tau to get them the fuck off our planet
>I hope this trigger happy idiot doesn’t escalate this and make negotiations any harder
Forgot the mfw, here it is

>be the Archbishop of The Church Of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>the commissar is explaining to me his plan to 'negotiate' with the Tau
>I reply by saying:
1. The Tau are manipulative, look at her! She looks too human, they clearly modified her so she could more easily manipulated human worlds.
2. I really doubt that they would leave this world given how expansionist they are
3. This whole tied up thing is really weirding me out
4. For all I know, she is in the process of manipulating you
>ask him that if he is going to assist my flock when his plan does fail
>and he does not, I will question his loyalty
Working hang in there
File: floodedcity.jpg (250 KB, 1500x707)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>So we must go to either the pass or Liveria
>It would seem entering the portal at the pass involves Necrons
>I have no intention of accidentally awakening another batch, so we shall go to Liveria
>Tau are preferable to those infernal robots
>Their time shall come, but we lack the forces to deal with the latent Necron threat currently
>Set off for Liveria
>We shall have to cross the remains of the pass to reach it, so you may find it very cold in that outfit
>Glide up the cratered hairpins half-buried in battle debris and snow
>Knowing wheeled Imperial vehicles became stuck doing this invokes no small amount of "schadenfreude" as they call it
>A couple of trapped dannae with their legs and torsos frozen into the ground growl and claw at the air
>Dispatch them with the staff as we pass
>Ride rough across patches where avalance debris has fully buried the road
>There are even some wrecks of Imperial and Tau vehicles sticking out of the snow
>Please remove your hands from me, there are proper handholds at the side
>Getting closer to Liveria, I notice that that large areas of the city have been flooded by Lake Liverius
>Stopping to scan with some binoculars, they appear abandoned
>Excellent, we have a vector of approach
>Skim more slowly across the lake towards the town to avoid creating excessive wake and noise
>As much as I half-expect the jetbike to be shot out from under me with a plasma bolt at any time, it never comes
>Idle up to one of the abandoned, flooded waterfront skyscrapers
>The combination of flooding, unrepaired battle damage and streets filled with debris give the district a post-apocalyptic feel
>The Tau like to crow about their tech and aesthetic, but it seems reconstruction has not yet reached this district or was interrupted
>And, of course, we still have the best architecture
>Hide the jetbike in the building, we continue on foot
>Well, I say foot
>I trust you can swim?
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>I counter with
1. You might be a archbishop, but I am a commissar.
2. Given the casualties they have suffered so far, they will eventually realize that this backwater planet isn’t worth it.
3. How exactly would you hold a hostage?
4. I am a commissar, I can’t be manipulated.
5. If you continue this path, I will start to question YOUR loyalty.
>Motion to the assassin That this might get ugly
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>The Steel Legion super heavies have finally showed up
>Jolly good that
>Won't want them grumbling that we didn't leave any enemies for them
>Watch as a high explosive shell from the main cannon detonates inside one of the buildings, causing gouts of flame to burst from all the windows on that floor and sending enemies flying from their sniper dens
>Turn to my gunner
Bloody good initiative wot, but be careful with the infrastructure, who knows what the cog boys will want in one piece
>Meanwhile the Praetorian infantry units are forming tight firing lines three rows deep and laying down some truly hellish covering fire
>The Tau's fancy armor does little to protect them from half a dozen pinpoint shots, and even the Hodask and the Crisis Suits are being brought down by the sheer number of shots
>The large number of lascannons, mortars, and heavy bolters possessed by each platoon are also causing plenty of damage
>Meanwhile my main gunner just bagged himself another Broadside
>Tally ho you wanker
>Now THIS is how you fight a war
>Drop another sugar cube into my tea before taking another sip
>But tell him that yes, if things fall through, I can help you.
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Somehow manage to survive several extremely long minutes of killing Tau and cultists, fleeing Marines and daemonettes, and dodging my own regiment's armored vehicles as they accelerate out of the magrail tunnels and out into the fields
>The Inquisitor pulls me into a Salamander she commandeered
>In between yelling orders and getting in an argument with a Commissar about some sort of Tau hostage scheme, she asks me if I would be interested in joining the Inquisition
>Ugh, tricky decision, being in an Inquisitor's war band is almost as dangerous as being a front line Guardsman
>On the other hand, the rewards can also be quite great
>I wonder if she has read my file and knows of my past association with Inquisitor Durnham?
>In the end decide to tell her that I have served the Inquisition before and would be happy to do so again
>be Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>fuck, he makes a good point
>but I don't want to lose face
>fuck it
>I hope I don't spill my spaghetti, but here it goes
>*sharp inhale*
Very well commissar, well shall do it your way... For now, but when your plan fails we will do this my way.
>give him my vox frequency for when his plan does fail
>I then glare at the Tau seductress and turn to leave and rejoin my flock
>still hoping not to get shot
File: stompstomp.png (612 KB, 606x600)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
>Be Arbites Frank
>Taking a short break in Camp Mortuary
>We've been fighting running battles with undead for hours, and need some downtime
>Take the helmet off and settle down with some recaff and doughnuts for a break
>Barely take a few sips when a plasma bolt shoots the doughnut out of my hands
>What the fuck?
>That was my doughnut!
>Actually stop to take a look at who is shooting
>Tau Stealth Suits!
>Several XV95s, accompanied by XV25s
>They must have infiltrated the city while cloaked
>The Suits are firing at everything that moves, combatant or not
>A shot hits the temporary comms tower, and it explodes in a blast of shrapnel
>Take cover behind a large piece of concrete from the old Governor Spire still in the square
>Scattered Guard elements and other Arbites start to produce disorganised fire
>A Bolter round catches an XV25 at a weak point, killing its pilot and the suit topples over
>Still, these forces are way beyond our ability to deal with
>My shotgun won't do shit against the armour, and the Bolters we have in the unit are of low power
>We're not frontline units and our loadout is for dealing with criminals and rioters, not mechas
>We can keep them at bay for a short while, but not forever
>The quicker allied forces get here, the better
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Kerala decides to try for the Liveria web portal instead of the Starrick Pass one
>Shrug, I guess one is as good as the other
>Despite Kerala's "concern", my bodysuit is actually plenty warm enough to handle a short ride through the Pass
>Just for fun I try to use the excuse of being cold to wrap my arms around her but quickly get rebuffed and grudgingly keep my hands to myself for the sake of the mission
>We arrive at the outskirts of the city without major incidents, either the Tau have become incredibly lax, or they are occupied elsewhere
>Kerala parks her jetbike in cover and suggests that we swim the rest of the way to the asylum
>Again there is the implied statement that I will get cold just because my outfit shows of a bit of decolletage and midriff
>THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SHOWING A LITTLE SKIN!! By the Dark Muses, being that sexually frustrated all the time probably attracts the Dark Prince's attention just as easily as hard core debauchery
>Maybe if she took her panties off every once and a while she could find a way to dislodge that stick from her arse
>Grudgingly admit she might be a bit right this time though, I have swam in Lake Liveria on many occasions, and it is pretty cold this time of year
>Still, it will be worth it to see Kerala wearing something other than those frumpy robes
>Good luck trying to swim in that
>Grin my approval for her plan and remove my armor plates, leaving just my body suit and utility belt
Oh, I can swim no problem
Hope you weren't planning on walking on water and using psyker illusions, the drones are pretty thick around the Asylum, but for some reason it has never occurred to them to set up defenses under water, us Drukhari use the water ways all the time to navigate the city, chaos worshiping insurgents, and even the odd Imperium loyalist use them too sometimes
The Asylum is used by the Tau to "treat" political dissidents, but as part of our arrangement with them, a certain number of true believers in the Greater Good are "donated" to us via an elevator leading to an old cavern beneath the building
Most of the Tau at the Asylum aren't aware of this arrangement, so I couldn't walk in through the front door even if you weren't with me, but there is an old service tunnel leading from the abandoned steam plant into the building that we use for situations like this
Once we are in the cavern, we should be home free, there are usually one or two Drukhari posted there, and they should be able to give us instructions to get to Wyen'dala
>Be me, 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Watch two squadrons of imperial armour sweep through the city streets as I'm flying toward the bident
>As we're far away from their effective zone of control, they've been as of yet unable to deploy walkers
>Captain Maluan reports having dispatched fighters to intercept Tau aircraft launched from Liveria
>Presumably that's part of the reason why the Tau are in large part using infantry and drones to assault the city
>Likely they'd want to gain air superiority to capture the bident, if they're going for it, as I see no other tactical reason to assault groxbridge at the moment
>Perhaps a demoralization strike? Yes, that's possible too
>But the bident still remains, and as it stands much of the Aeronautica is involved in the large air battle above Stonehenge
>They must have intended to fly low over Groxbridge, pick up the bident, and then retreat to their HQ
>An admirable attempt, I must admit, but not a successful one
>Likely they didn't expect their smaller air force to be intercepted by veteran pilots with superior equipment, along with Hydra platform fire
>After all, much of their own air force is engaged above Stonehenge
>Touch down near the outskirts of Sloan, continue through the streets by running as fast as we can
>Chopped through undead occasionally as we went, I noticed more and more areas of the city lighting up as we marched
>Ran into the devastator squad in their APC, they've got a bunch of gangers on top of their rhino as well as following them on other vehicles
>They say that they're, "Gonna kill some fuckin' aliens 'n heretics!"
>I am a bit surprised that these gangers are more motivated than some of our conscripts
>Then again, we use such gangers as prime recruits so I shouldn't be too surprised
>Continue our march until we reach the river Grox, after which me and my squad leap over to the bident holding ground
>Brother Immalrik initially almost stepped into the arch of fire of a tarantula turret
>A good thing our vision was as clear as always or we'd be mincemeat
>The lights here are on, I'm not surprised in the slightest since most of this area is newly built
>Small auspex-like devices have been attached to the tarantula turrets, krieg lasguns, galvanic rifles and so on
>I believe those auspex-like devices are the stealthsuit detection devices the Lord Inquisitor provided us with
>Approach the commander in charge of the site and ask for a status report, says that they, "Haven't met any more tau than this" and points at several small heaps of blue flesh mixed in with bits of shattered stealthsuit
>Suddenly hear a loud beeping noise echoing out from all around me, must be the detector devices
>Look up and watch the darkened sky get lit up by Lasgun and burst cannon fire as several Remora drone fighters attempt to perform a bombing run
>Narrowly leap out of the way as a seeker missile explodes next to me, followed by its originally carrier returning to earth in the form of a galvanic rifles used up chew toy
>Stand up and nearly fall over again as something smashes down behind me
>Instinctively cock back my power fist and turn around, only to come face to face with an XV9 half buried in the ground
>Legs are crushed into the ground, jetpack must have malfunctioned
>As my power fist connects with the centre of the stunned walker I hear the distinctive sound of a land speeder typhoon speeding overhead
>As the pilot inside the suit turns into bloodied pulp, I feel the heat of crashing debris above me
>Quickly twist up and cock back my fist again
>Risk my power fist and slam it into the burning underside of an Arvus Lighter
>Feel its motion reverse and watch a hole form in its hull
>It grinds against my power armour harmlessly and touches the ground
>Repurposing our aircraft, crafty
>An admirable attempt indeed, but a failed one none the less
>Climb out of the wreckage of the lighter, get a status report from squad
>Everyone's alive, two XV9s destroyed along with several stealth drones
>Get a vox signal from the Devastator sergeant
>"Lieutenant, we've detected several XV95s and XV25s engaging a group of guard and arbites 150 meters away, do we have your permission to engage?"
>They've got a plasma cannon, two missile launchers and lastly a graviton cannon
>Then of course the gangers, I believe I saw one of them carrying a rocket launcher
>Those arbites have been very useful, it would only be reasonable to return the favours they've done to us by helping them now
>"Affirmative brother-sergeant, crush them with all your might."
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>It’s obvious that the bishop lost, his face proves it
>As soon as he admits I’m right, he leaves
>When I know he can’t hear me, and the door is shut, I laugh
Hehehehe. Thank you, your holiness.
>Turn back to our prisoner
So, do you have any information that we could use to prevent any unnecessary casualties?
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Well, we finally got everyone to stop loosing blood, thats good
>And everyone who is still alive and loyal is down here in this massive wine cellar
>Bad news is that I hear footsteps in the building above us
>Everyone is talking in whispers
>We are trying to concoct a plan to get us the fuck out of here, without get caught by the Tau
>Jernwick says the vox is still down
>But, we at least have some weapons and ammo down here
>At least one for everyone
>Just can’t let the Tau find them
>Right now, the current plan is to ride them out and hope they leave
>Lead a prayer to the Emperor that we make it out of here alive
File: floodeddistrict.jpg (6.11 MB, 2946x1322)
6.11 MB
6.11 MB JPG
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>Gack, I should have seen this coming
>Damn this regional farsight interference
>It appears my judgmental skills may suffer in its absence
>As much as I am reluctant to indulge this vamp, she is correct
>Remove my cloak and outer garments, packing them into a waterproof bag
>I must not show any embarassment to her, stoicism must be maintained at all costs around Druchii
>I do not even need to turn around to see that predatory grin
>Admittedly, the movement freedom can be good to experience
>The much lighter garments underneath should be much more suited to swimming
>Ha! You thought I as going to completely strip or unveil a form-fitting skintight, did you?
>Well, this is as "good" as you are going to get
>Farseers are not for lewd!
>The last time I went swimming they were still fixing the damage from the Imperial invasion back home on Alaitoc
>Still, I will not know my ability until I try it out
>Slide slowly into the water lapping at the side of the skyscraper
>Gods, it's freezing
>My swimming ability seems to be rusty, but passable
>I had not considered the possibility of these clothes becoming translucent when wet
>Hopefully they do not, for my sake
>I would never hear the end of it from anybody
>Most of a kilometre inland the land rises sharply and the water peters out, so we will not have to swim all the way
>Well, Trys'ta?
>Lead the way

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>Be Big Tiddy Water Caste Girl
>Things have gone from bad to worse
>The Commissar clearly doesn't have a Plan B if this hostage stunt doesn't work
>Some inbred looking runt of a human who is apparently the leader of their superstitious, hateful religion in this city has showed up and clearly wants me killed in some painful manner
>The Commissar also gets a call from an Inquisitor, who expresses a similar wish
>So far he has talked them out of killing me, but it is only a matter of time before someone realizes that holding me provides no leverage, and that I know no useful information
>Pretty much my only hope is that this is just a raid, and some Shas'O might decide to negotiate my release once they plan on withdrawing anyways
>Seems pretty unlikely though that they would alter a major withdraw just to rescue one lowly Por'Saal
>Try making discrete eye contact with the woman in the body suit, so far she has been the only one to show any interest in my "assets"
>No idea what she is, but being the toy of some strange degenerate is much better than being subjected to one of the many crude but inventive interrogation techniques the Imperials are fond of using
>The Commissar is asking for useful information in return for my continued good health
>Unfortunately I know little that is useful to them, I have only just arrived in the system, and my briefings were in preparation for my role as an assistant to the archival team at Liveria
>I know nothing of the operations of the Intelligence, Logistics, Gue'vesa Liaison, or Propaganda Cadres, nor anything about the other Caste's operations for that matter
>Draw on all my Water Caste training and limited knowledge of this world and launch into a long winded speech about how we could all get along if they embraced the Greater Good
>Which quickly turned into a speech about how I am willing to do anything to save my own skin and how it would be unfair for me to die so early in my career
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Yummy, no wonder Kerala has to wear those heavy clothes, she must inspire all sorts of naughty thoughts among the craftworlders when she is not wearing her ceremonial robes
>As it turns out, I am a much better swimmer than her, though it helps that I am wearing a friction-less bodysuit and only carrying two small weapons, while she is wearing somewhat baggy clothes, and carrying a large staff and heavy sack
>On more than one occasion I swim laps around her, or dive under her
>I explain my behavior by saying I was getting cold waiting for her to catch up
>True, but it also gave me the chance to examine her from every possible angle
>On land things got even better, not only do her damp clothes cling to her body, but they also are basically see through once wet
>I lead her into the old steam plant, luckily only a short distance from the water, which once provided heating to the entire Asylum and several other government buildings before they "modernized"
>I graciously offer to leave her alone while she changes out of her wet clothes
>Using a hidden control panel in the next room, I bring up a holographic 3-D image of the tunnel network, fed from dozens of hidden recording devices
>Good, there is a webway portal in the usual spot with two guards, and aside from them, Kerala and myself, the only people in the tunnels are an intertwined pair of young humans, no doubt hoping the haunted reputation of the buildings in this district will add a bit of spice to things
>Out of respect for their hedonistic spirit, and the probable squeamishness of my companion, I sneak up to their location and knock them out quickly before having a short conversation with the guards via personal communicator to warn them we are coming
>I return to Kerala's location to flamboyantly announce that the path to the webway portal is clear and that I have been informed of Wyen'dala's likely location
>Dark Muses, this might actually work!
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Acting Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>I would rather be someone else right now, someone who wasn't just shot would be nice
>Some civilian medic put my vox-caster next to my bed so I can poke it every once in a while to see if our comms are still blocked
>Yep, still blocked
>The wounded, including me, have been moved down into some sort of wine cellar that somehow survived the destruction of the Governor's Spire
>Actually, there are a fair number of non-wounded people down here too, apparently someone finally figured out that trying to out shoot a large Tau force with no cover was a bad idea
>I guess we are all just going to hang out here and hope for the best
>Decide to pass the time by staring at the ceiling and walls, both of which are trimmed with carvings and mosaics depicting scenes of decadence
>Remember the time my old squad once stumbled on one of the entrances to the Spire while lost in the sewers, although nothing particularly interesting happened, we fled the area the second we realized where we were, such was the foul reputation of this place
>The major daemonic excursion that occurred just prior to the Spire's destruction didn't help matters either
>I hope for all our sakes that whatever taint once resided in this building was thoroughly extinguished with the destruction of its upper levels
>Did the air just get a little colder or is that just me?
File: subject.jpg (35 KB, 480x480)
35 KB
>be me
>subject 9114
>the blue people are everywhere
>they scream, the shoot, but they feed me
>some of them survive, but not entirely
>but i need more
>they get closer
>cant get caught
>the sewers
>warm enough
>dark enough to hide
>it will work
>occasionally, blue people or humans stumble down here
>more food...or brothers...
>while exploring, i find a puddle
>i make a noise i havent heard in a long time
>laughter...from me
>this is what i have become...
>and i love it...
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>See previous mfw
>Cry a little bit on the inside
>I’d probably have better odds trying to dress her up in a uniform and try to pass her off as a guardswoman
>Oh I bet Edric is laughing at me right now
>Think Dell think, there has to be something that you can do
Where do they take you water caste?
>Start concocting a devious plot
>If a opportunity has yet to present itself, make your own, even if you have to follow a water caste all across chaos’s half acre for it
>Be me.
>Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>Hear some priest threatening my big tiddy water caste girl.
>Deliberately stare at him as he leaves.
>Make plans to kill him in my head, or I would, except I don't really know enough.
>Just run at him and shank I guess.
>Tau girl is eyeing me. Trying to pull a sultry attraction.
>Would work on anyone else, but I've done it way more then her. I can see it.
>Decide to 'bite' anyway. Might as well.
>Wonder what she wants. Probably an escape.
>Push off wall.
>Walk past Commissar.
>Walk a loop around big tiddy water caste girl, trailing phase blade point over her. Not enough to cut, but enough to feel, before leaning over the table, my head in her face, eye to eye contact.
>Hold for long enough to make it deliberately unsettling, then cock my head and whisper.
I'll consider it.
>Walk back to commissar, ask him politely not to harm or move her without telling me first, then leave.
>Idly begin playing with the idea of breaking her out.
>Could be kind of fun.
>To be honest, it's practically all that's deciding this for me now, without proper superiors and orders.
>Wonder where I put my stolen suit of fun.
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Does this commissar really think that he can pass a tau water caste as a guardsman?
>He is not Yarrick
>Emperor I wasn't taken by the island and laugthing I would...
>How do they say? Blam him?
>Turning back to the captain I tell that yes I heard of her previous engagement and that she really could avoid those daemonettes
>And get your regiment here it could grant you a title
>The salamander driver tells me that the fort on the coast have been liberated by my marines
>Excellent now we meet up to the bunker
>Hear a that the commissar and the Assassin want to keep the for her "assets"
>Shout that the firing await them if they behave like that!
File: 1560882328696.jpg (17 KB, 480x242)
17 KB
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Managed to trudge across the river when the Praetorian reinforcements showed up
>We've wiped out the remaining undead horde using copious amounts of promethium and the help of the Praetorians
>Must be an administratum error or a rogue commander because that is, at LEAST, a regiments worth of them
>A bit overkill but I'm not complaining
>We came under fire as we approached the bunker complex
>Not to worry, I brought bullgryns for this exact scenario
>Bullgryns lock together and form a defensive forward wall for my retinue as we advance, don't have enough space for the Praetorians behind the shields
>Slowly but surely my men move to more stable cover
>Sit tight as shells, plasma, railgun shots, promethium and much more is exchanged between us and the Tau
>Eventually the Tau stop firing back, order a cease fire roughly 3 minutes later
>Send in the men in groups of 15, one bullgryn at the front, 5 breachers and 9 storm troopers
>This is giving me an odd sense of Déjà vu, though I doubt we'll be attacked by Daemons this time
>Run up to the Praetorian in charge of the regiment, tell them to head down to help Edric as her position is currently being assaulted by an unquantified number of heretics
>Catch a glimpse of the Armageddon and Praetorian tankers high fiving one another before the Praetorians move off
>Tell the Armageddon tankers to stay right here outside the bunker with the PDF
>Leave my interrogator Lucius Julianus behind to command our defences while I go into the bunker
>Tune into the vox channel designated for all units that were to be inside the complex
>"All units be advised, this is von Rosen, damage as little of the internals of this place as possible but kill anything that isn't imperial."
>Sling my bolter and grab my power axe, bolt down one of the larger corridors leading toward the platforms power source with my crusaders
>Be Captain Antonius of the 1st Damnatus air superiority regiment
>Reach the island at 2.200km/h
>Because the speed of sound is for pussies
>See that the fog is mostly gone
>Ask by vox it they need me somewhere or if they meet a riptide with big gun
>Pretty sure that everything heard me coming here with my speed
>Hope they didn't go deaf
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Apparently Inquisitor von Rosen thinks I am the commander of the regiment
>Won't that be a bloody circus
>Pass his commands on to the Colonel
>Within less than a minute, the Praetorian formations have reoriented themselves for a proper march to our new location
>Which I am told, is the same as our current location since Inquisitor Edric has just showed up at the bunker with the 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Now that von Rosen's personal forces have entered the bunker complex, there is little for us to do except fortify the area along with Steel Legion and the local PDF regiment
>Shouldn't take too long for us to get in another scrap though, a quick gander at the tactical map indicates that there are still plenty of hostiles left wandering the island
>Pop the hatch so I can finish off my cup of tea while taking in the cold, damp, foggy maritime weather
>How perfectly delightful, reminds me of home
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Wonder which daemonette avoiding incident she is referring to, there are far more too many
>Rather then dwell in the past, I carry out her order and get on the vox with the companies stationed near Carnak, Stemton, and Johannsdorf, and order them to form up on van Kijeck Island as per the Inquisitor's instructions
>Wonder what sort of title I can get for such a simple task
>Meanwhile the Inquisitor has continued shouting at unknown parties on her own vox-caster, something about someone trying to protect a Water Caste Tau for some reason
>Hmm, weird
>My spirits rise as we finally enter the Imperial Guard fortifications around the bunker, at least three well equipped regiments are present, it has been far too long since I have been surrounded by this many friendly faces
>I spot Chastity and the other members of my command squad, good to see that they to have somehow made it out of the tainted tunnels beneath the island
>The Praetorians have a marching band playing somewhere, and overhead there is a large sonic boom as at least one Imperial aircraft does a high speed flyby
>It looks like everyone is ready for battle, no doubt the next one will be a big one
>Be Big Tiddy Water Caste Girl
>Now completely confused as to what is going on, not to mention completely demoralized by my earlier breakdown
>The Commissar seems to be becoming infatuated with me as well, but perhaps it is just a ruse
>He asks me where Water Caste members are sent, with a subtle implication that he will try to send me where I belong
>I tell him Liveria, specifically to Water Caste Civil Administration Complex in my case
>I wonder if he is just fishing for useful information, or if he actually has some sort of plan to get me there, and why he would bother
>While he is busy chatting with the Inquisitor over the vox yet again, I make another attempt at eye contact with the bodysuit clad woman
>This time she comes over and makes a show of dragging the tip of sword over me while walking suggestively
>Both terrified but also slightly aroused, I wonder who she is, and why the other Imperials take her seriously despite the fact she looks like she belongs in a black market porno mag
>Truly the Imperials are barbarians
>She leans forward, and says "I'll consider it"
>Consider what?
>Consider what!?!
>Obviously I can't say anything, so am left to wonder if either Imperial genuinely intends to rescue me, what possible motives they could have, and who would prevail if their plans conflict
>Promise myself if I survive this that I will seek out the most boring possible career posting, and never do anything remotely dangerous ever again
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>This nonsense is becoming exponentially more embarrassing
>Remind me never to go swimming wih Druchii again
>With luck, I will not have her with me on the way back
>I must change out of these wet clothes as soon as possible
>Avoiding several Tau patrols, we make it into a sector of the city that has been repaired and partially Tauified
>It would seem the Tau are still the delusional architects we always knew them as
>The building is abandoned and crumbly, and appears to have been disused for some time
>Lights are few and the basement is windowless and gloomy
>Still, I have seen to much to not retain my comosure
>Trys'ta leaves to find someone and I am quickly back to my old clothes
>The weight of the cloak is comforting, almost
>Eventually she returns and we walk through the crumbling halls
>The halls lead into a better maintained section of the building
>There's a door, guarded by a couple of other Druchii
>They allow us to pass, and we enter the room
>In the large room is the familiar shimmering blue of a Webway portal
>If there is a trap for me on the other side, I shall not grant you the pleasure of a painful death
>Well? Come on
>We have somebody to meet
File: whennotfighting.jpg (253 KB, 1024x788)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>The Inquisitor has gone charging off into the bunker, and left all of us outside
>How ungrateful, the glory-stealing twerp
>At least fortifying and guarding doesn't involve throwing my men at the problem until it goes away
>The Kriegers are loving it though, this is in their blood
>While the Inquisitor's troops are busily bunker busting, wander up to the nearest Praetorian tank
>Looks like they have the kettle on and are drinking tea, as Praetorians are wont to do
>Legend has it that all Praetorian vehicles are equipped with an onboard water boiler
>May as well have a cup myself while I'm here, I've heard good things about this stuff
>Blag a cup from the guardsman working the kettle
>No wonder they drink so much of this, it's actually pretty good
>Sit on the side of the tank and watch the fight
>You know, I don't know what we'll do with this place after we clear it out
>It's ancient archaeotech that'll be way beyond the Mechanicus' ability to understand and fix
>Given their lack of cooperation so far, it seems even less likely
>The only ones who might be able to do anything with it are the Eldar we seem to have locally
>I wonder if the Inquisitor has a plan in mind to rope them in
>If they can fix Rowb-, ahem, Primarch Guilliman, they can certainly fix a big gun
So Liveria...
>Look to the engineer
...there is a APC in the garage, I need you to get some scrap metal from the Tau wreckage, then fortify the APC.
>The engineer grins evilly, then he salutes and runs off to do his task
>Call Lew back to base
>Tell him I got a better plan
>When it’s finished, it’s perfect
>A APC With so much armor, the Tau couldn’t kill it
>Spray paint a message onto it
Camp Mortuary or bust
>Pack everyone in, including the prisoner
>We are going to get as many people of the 531st as possible, then we are raiding Liveria
>Play this song when we get to Camp Mortuary
>Tau scatter as we ram down the walls, and gun down their drones
>Be me
>Head Field Chirugeon Octavius Graves
>Hiding in the cellar, trying to figure out a plan with everyone
>Hear a rumbling
>And music
>Is that the 531st’s anthem?
>Hear Tau screaming and running around to the sound of heavy gunfire
>Run outside to see what her fuck is happening
>The biggest APC I have ever seen is driving around the camp, destroying all the Tau drones
>The side of it says “Camp Mortuary or bust”
>That’s commissar Lugermorph isn’t it?
>When all the Tau fuck off, Lew and the others come out and escort all of us into the APC
>Apparently they only captured one well endowed water caste
>But the commissar tells me that there is more in Liveria
>Lew spray paints over Camp Mortuary with Liveria
>The 531st rides again
>Tend to the Tau’s wounds
>Need the hostage to be in goodbye condition after all
>Jernwick tells me the vox is working again
Before I forget, when will the next thread be?
>Be me.
>Callidus assassin Delta 1546 Epsilon.
>See big tiddy water caste girl being escorted into obscenely armoured apc.
>APC drives off.
>Sprint to combat suit, don't feel like jumping a bunch of stories and running after a speeding apc.
>Tend to get shot at reflexively.
>Follow them discretely.
>They slam a base wall and rescue a bunch of people, but then move on.
>What are they doing with my big tiddy tau girl?
I said pack everyone in yo. You should be in there.
My bad
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the sisters of battle
>Kinda tight fit in the APC, What with whats left of the 531st, our vox officer and her equipment, The big titty water caste, the wounded civilians, a assassin in a skin tight body suit, and the VERY inebriated sisters of battle, but we are all in the APC
>But you know, this is nothing new in the guard
>Lead a prayer for all those lost in this campaign
>Once we are done with that, we start doing what guardsmen do when they are waiting
>Talk, and nap
>Things are going well, then it’s my turn to pick a song
>Rock out in the APC
>Good to be in the guard I’ll tell ya
>be me
>subject 9114
>brothers start to follow me in the sewers
>some look like what i use to
>but they follow me
>push through and dig under the tunnels
>make shelter
>the humans and blue people might have noticed us down here
>but thats fine
>let them come to us
>more food for us
>Be me.
>Callidus assassin.
>Maintain constant eye contact with tau girl.
>Use proper mix of coy, and scary on her.
>One guardsman tries sidling up next to me.
>Know what he's going to do.
>Take the hand before it reaches my thigh, cover the guy's mouth.
>Dislocate his finger, and relocate it quickly about five times. The noise from the music blaring covers his muffled screams, and his hand was hidden from mostly everyone who was in the APC.
>Big tiddy tau girl looks slightly nervous.
>Start up act again.
>This is just too fun.
>This is just too fun.
>Be me, lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Marching through the long winding tunnels with my men
>As expected, my shotgun armed breachers are superbly effective in combat
>The bullgryns even more so, the kroot with the remaining small pockets of Tau being easily overwhelmed by their sheer strength
>Crusaders have already felled many Tau, but what concerns me is a new pathway that has shown up on the auspex that wasn't there before
>Decided I should go and close it up
>A good idea too, because as soon as we began walking down the corridor leading toward the pathway we encountered several undead xenos
>My storm trooper elites made short work of them, crusaders barely even got into melee range before they were all cut down
>Continued like this down the corridor, until everything went silent
>The rest of the corridor is rather dark and the material used to construct it is notably different
>Ferrocrete for the part closer to the platform, the rest has wooden panels extending across the "floor" and supported by physical wooden beams
>Feel hear myself stepping in something wet look down and notice a stream of blood running down the tunnel
>I can see a small tunnel on my auspex, it leads south-east of the bunker
>Seems like the Tau or some other force have tried to connect the complex with some other area of the island, likely the van Kijeck family house
>Me and my units can see in the dark fine, so we both notice a group of huddled humanoids at the other end of the tunnel
>Move up slowly, order a storm trooper with a volley gun and a storm trooper with a flamethrower to take point
>Everybody else moves up behind them
>The two immediately open fire as soon as they're in position, joined by the rest of the storm troopers
>Screeching, organs popping and the roar of the flamer echoes out
>Then, silence
>Wait... screeching?
>Another screech, followed by quick footsteps
>A strange mutated humanoid creature leaps out at my men, smoking holes dot its body
>It leaps at the flamer armed storm trooper
>Its claws pierce his carapace armour and manage to rip off his left arm
>The crusader with a bionic arm lunges forward and stabs it through the back, driving in his blade all the way to the hilt
>The creature writhes in pain before kicking the crusader hard into the crowd, his blade still stuck in its back
>Charge forward power axe raised and slash at its raised left arm
>It comes off no problem, but the creature seems undeterred
>It slashes at me, gets caught by Rosarius and blasted back into the volley gunner
>A screech echoes out from the creature as the gunner unloads into him, hear his organs begin popping and watch as his left leg completely melts
>It leaps forward at me again, slam my axe through its forehead mid jump
>The force of the blow cleaves its skull in two and sends it to the ground
>It's somehow still alive
>Other storm troopers join in and begin peppering it with hellgun fire
>It roars and attempts to lunge back up at me again but the force of fire breaks it down into molten flesh within seconds
>Order my men to cease fire, have one of the others take care of the wounded man
>Crusader grabs his power sword and my retinue moves out
>Hear a low, gurgled laugh echo out from behind me
>Turn around and see the puddle slowly contracting
>It managed to survive that!?
>Turn toward one of my storm troopers, grab a melta bomb strapped to his power pack
>Set the charge, chuck it into the tunnel and hear it bounce of the semi solid puddle
>With a bright flash it explodes and the tunnel collapses
>None of my troops question what they just saw, instead we just continue our march toward the power plant in silence
>Eventually make it to the room overlooking the reactor, crusaders make short work of the Tau inside
>Get a message from Jackinus, he says that the void shield has been taken offline
>Says he'll get out of there and call in a phosphex airstrike on the mansion

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