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Hello /tg/, we're on to our second thread of trying to make a monster manual with each other. As of last time we created 101 different monsters and started statting, drawing, or otherwise describing them, and we did some damn good work. Let's keep it rolling and make something we're all proud of.

Last thread >>68972978

So here's how we're doing this.

>Step 1: Make a monster!
Think up a fun, cool, weird, or otherwise interesting monster and post about it. We're going for that "Late-run 3.5e D&D" kind of feel, where it's a lot of weirder and wilder kinds of monster to use. If you aren't sure about stuff, ask, and we'll be glad to help! Also writing a Monster Manual style brief description, the kind a GM can read out to players when they see it is super helpful, because it means we won't have to write it out later.

>Step 2: Stat up the monster.
Next, someone (either you the creator or anyone else who wants to) puts some generic stats to the monster you've made. The current stat system we're using is a generic one, meant to be relatively system agnostic, and is in the next post.

>Step 3: Make some art for it!
Doesn't matter if you can or can't draw, if you can do some shitty MS Paint doodle or just slap together some photo's in GIMP, it's all good. Hell, even if all you can do is find some other person's art for a monster that's fine, but I'd like to lean on the spirit of /tg/ for some extra shitty homebrew art.

We have 62 of the 101 monsters from the first thread statted up, so let's get back into it and make some more fun stuff. Current WIP pdf coming soon.
File: 2 Cauldron Crab.jpg (329 KB, 1279x1406)
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329 KB JPG
Here's the current system agnostic stats we've been using.

Name: (Self explanatory)
Size: (typical D&D size scale)
HP: (A scale from 1-10 or above, 1 being "weak and pathetic" and 10 being "the fucking strong")
Armor: (same as above)
Speed: (Glacial/Slow/Medium/Fast/Extreme)
Attacks: (Same scale as HP, but for damage per attack.)
Special Qualities: (Anything else cool it can do.)
Number Encountered: (Just some general encounter ideas, and an opportunity to give groups of them fun names)
Environment: (Just a general guideline)
Loot: (Anything in specific they'd drop.)

And here's an example creature that's currently done.

Cauldron Crab
>Size: Large
>HP: 4/10
>Armor: 5/10
>Speed: Slow* (*Medium if moving side to side)
Crab Claw (3/10 damage, with grab)
Dunk (If grabbed, 6/10 damage repeatedly until they escape the cauldron)
>Special Qualities:
Boiling Blood (2/10 damage if bled on)
Boiling Cauldron (2/10 damage to adjacent area when hit with heavy damage)
Number Encountered: Solitary, or 2-5 as nesting pack.
Environment: Islands, beaches, tide pools
Stony Shell (As iron for shields/armor)
Food (Boiled seafood stew)
Metal treasure/gemstones left in cauldron from other adventurers.

>A stone crustacean the size of a small shed ambles towards you, steaming water sloshing from the great bowl formed by the top of its shell. Its stony carapace is coated in moss and barnacles, a faint haze of head simmering from them. It's asymmetrical claws, one large, one small, clack towards you.
As of the moment, here's the current Table of Contents, which has the progress of everything we've gotten done so far.

Entries in bold have their stats done, though I'm still working on properly formatting or converting some of them. Entries in italics have their description blurb done. Entries that are underlined have their art done. If you see any that catch your eye that you might want to take a look at, we can provide links to the old thread's entries on them. In addition, despite our initial goal being 100 creatures, I'm totally down to keep going and add more onto this whole thing as we go.
I found this picture and thought it would make for a unique necrobiotic variant of undead.

The concept i had is that it's spine/head binds to the victim in a parasitic manner and uses your intelligence to supplement its own but controls the host like a sentient puppet.

So basically youre aware of what youre doing but youre a passenger in the senario. I suck at writting crunch but figured it was a neat enough idea to share.

This is one I made years back for an official 'write a monster for the next monster manual' contest.

A species of evil fey that looks like a humanoid-shaped blob of goo. They start out mindless, but seem to grow in power and intelligence as they incorporate stolen materials into their body. The collection also serves as a kind of status symbol/ranking among their kind.

They arrange their collection inside their mass to suggest the anatomy that they lack. So a coil of rope sits where intestines should be, broken chair legs serve as bones, cracked vases for lungs, etc. The fancier or most expensive the materials, the more they like it, and they rarely keep anything they can't shove inside themselves. They also never use real body parts, because that would be cheating.
I remember that artist has done another couple of those designs, like something similar but it makes a big ogre body instead of a centaur. It's honestly a pretty cool concept.
Sadly said artist exclusively uses naked women as the example targets of the pieces, and it really seems like it's some kind of fetish which does make it a bit more awkward to use.

Still interesting though.
Isn't there a doujin with either that, or something practically identical to it?
File: what the fucktaur.png (474 KB, 602x958)
474 KB
474 KB PNG

Size 6-7 feet depending on age

Hp: 7

Armor: 7


The shimmerfiend attempts to wring It's targets neck, forcing them into a grapple and asphyxiating them
The shimmerfiend strikes out with a weapon for 5 damage
The shimmerfiend attacks with a piercing scream. This sound is only perceived by whoever can see the fiend. 4 damage and forces disadvantage on attacks

Special qualities: A shimmerfiend is completely invisible It is selectively only visible to only a single party member at any given time. It can switch as a reaction. Attempts to scry are at a disadvantage
Number encountered: 1
They live in areas with large amounts of people such as cities. Skulking around in highly populated areas to minimize risk of being found. They love to kill in creative fashions that cause panic and confusion in crowds. It's preferred meal is humans or livestock.

Loot: It's blood is a potent alchemical reagent, and can be applied to dagger and swords to make their blades invisible. Often carries weapons and armor it has taken from unsuspecting victims
What would you call them?
Name: Ignomoth
Size: Small
HP: 3
Armor: 2
Speed: Slow (*Fast when flying)
Nibble (3/10)
Slam (3/10 while flying)
Special Qualities:
Flamepowder (once for battle, 10ft adjacent area, if inhaled 5/10 damage every turn until treatment or death)
Number Encountered: Usually solitary, 5-20 in mating season or around big and bright lights
Environment: Deep caves by day, forests by night
Cheratinous shell (good for light chest/arms/legs armor)
Flamepowder (alchemical component in several health potions and/or explosives)

Could I see the art? Can't find it in the old thread
There's a link to the previous thread in the OP, but we never actually got art for the Ignomoth. I think my screenshot just wasn't clear enough to make it easy to distinguish between underlines and the red underline you get from the spell checker.

Here's the current list of things with art. Ones with asterixes are found art, and so might be worth redrawing if we feel like it.
>1 Mirror Golem
>2 Cauldron Crab
>6 Coffee Elemental
>11 Dracopede
>23 Ogham Sphinx*
>24 Cone Shooter
>25 Jinxes
>48 Soda Jerk
>48 Mantivern
>55 Beheld Troll
>60 Pumpkin Dragon
>66 Spherical Cow
>68 Pompatoads*
>70 Living Boomerang
>72 Living Building
>73 Tiki Golem*
>85 Wonderlandian Ulgurstasta*
>86 Quantorg*
>91 Pelagithid*(Maybe? Not sure if this is found or not.)
>92 Shade tree
>98 Bottomless Feeder*
>101 Unfamiliar
Actually speaking of art, drawanon who did the Mantivern, Cauldron Crab, and the rest of those little ink drawings. Are there any monsters, either currently in the list or new in this thread that you'd want to see drawn? I can't promise I'll get to all of them, but I'd like to get some more out of the way.
Lowkey. I also posted that because i was hoping to get the sauce on that.
Well, ask and ye shall receive anon.
Praya Thaumaturgis
>A vast, alien morass of luminescent tendrils drifts silently through the landscape, its spectral form heedless of the terrain. At least dozens of acres in size, its ponderous movement bears the inevitability of a coming storm. Wildlife flee from it in a panic, the magical among them falling into a shuddering torpor as they are engulfed. As it approaches, you feel the air around you deaden as gleaming incorporeal threads extend to discern your nature.
File: bad.png (18 KB, 214x214)
18 KB
Name: Bad
Size: Small
HP: 1
Armor: 0
Speed: glacial
Eerie Pulse (1/10)
Infest (1/10)*

Special Qualities:
Ephemeral: May only be harmed by something that can hurt ephemeral beings (see also - ghosts, specters, etc.) or non-physical elements.
Infestation - seemingly just a lashing tendril - Hitting a foe with the infest attack seemingly destroys the Bad, but embeds a tiny Bad into the mind of the victim (Bad Syndrome)
Bad Syndrome - Develops after a successful infestation. The victim's mind is translocated to another dimension but still works, and a bad now takes its place. The victim cannot comprehend other Bad, and any effect that needs to target its mind fails. They also gain a weakness to the light element due to the Bad's influence. The illness is curable but the procedures require specific training and knowledge of other dimensions.
Light Vulnerability - The Bad begin to simmer if exposed to light, and turn into dust if exposed for about ten seconds.

Number Encountered: 1-5 (cluster), 5-20 (swarm).
Environment: Bads are encountered in any place that is:
A) subject to constant negative energy of any type
B) rich with sapient life, especially mentally vulnerable entities.
A textbook location would be a cult hideout or a dillapidated prison.

Bad Dust - Throw this at your enemies to disrupt mental focus and make thoughts slow until the dust settles.

>On your journeys through the underbellies of the world, a corner of your eye spots a shimmering, ghastly orb of blackness, hiding in a shadow as dark as itself. These are the Bad - said to be malaise and hopelessness given form. Harmless pests for the experienced journeyman, but annoying and devastating for the unsuspecting. At a glance, the Bad can do little but hover ominously and emit an unnerving aura, but a touch from these lesser beings may lead to grave circumstances.
I'd like to see the Ignomoth but that's because I invented it ahah
Many thanks anon
I’ll go ahead and throw my hopes in with any of my guys, Mirror imp/devil, glass elemental, dirge spirit, Quantorg or Abyssal Titan
also being selfish like >>69066469
also the meltdown golem or bilge rats would be cool
Hey, taking a look through and I noticed you got all of my guys but one, the mirror/glass elemental, found in the 2nd half of >>68996395
no hate or anything, just wanted to point out a missing monster
or im a blind idiot who missed it somewhere
Oh whoops, that's totally my bad. I have the Glass Elemental's stats saved in the document, I just forgot to put it in on the table of contents. It's definitely in there.
File: Emperor Fisher.jpg (2.21 MB, 5112x3172)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
Here's art for the Emperor Fisher

Also this stats:
Name: Tide Conscript
Size: Medium
HP: 10/10 decreasing
Armor: 0/10
Speed: Fast
Attacks: 3/10 phasing, 6/10 combat
Special Qualities: Tide Conscripts don't attack unless something is in his immediate path. He would rather phase his liquid mass over the obstacle doing mild pressure damage. If somehow contained/stopped, will go on a frenzy and attack untill the obstacle is dead/destroyed, and continue on his path
Tide Conscripts lose 1/10 HP for every minute/hour/day (Depending on number encountered) that it is not on the Sea.
Number Encountered: 4-5 (lasting minutes), 2 (lasting hours), 1 (lasting day)
Environment: Coastal
Loot: Cristalized Water

Name: Tidal Riot
Size: Gargantuan
HP: 120/10
Armor: 0/10
Speed: Extreme
Attacks: 9/10 crushing
Special Qualities: Treat Tidal Riot as a natural giant wave phenomenon that can't be defeated. Rather, as his mass is made of thousands Tide Conscripts dissolving, it's a matter of time untill it disappear (1/HP per turn/minutes, use the appropriate time untill it crosses over 1 big city)
Tidal Riot doesn't have the inerce of real giant waves, phasing over buildings and people crushes them, but does not push them with it. Anything harder than concrete/rock (or 9/10 armor) is not affected by the crushing.
Number Encountered: 1
Environment: Coastal
Loot: An adult naked primal being, of the oldest humanoid race on the setting/world.
>Ooze Prince 1: Sanguine
Size: Huge, Medium in Humanoid Form
HP: 8/10
Armor: 8/10
Speed: Medium
Attacks: Pseudopod (3/10 acid), Sanguine's Morning Star (2/10 and 5/10 Poison, human form only), Slime Tongue (Will save or target becomes charmed by Sanguine for 1 minute), Bud (Creates 1d8+2 Slimes that are controlled by Sanguine)
Special Qualities: Shapechanger (Sanguine can change his shape to any humanoid form, or back to his true ooze form at will. His statistics remain the same in each form and any equipment he wears is not transformed with him), Ooze-Father (Has all of the regular traits of an Ooze, such as their amorphousness and ability to squeeze through small spaces when in his true form, and can additionally bring any ooze within a mile of him to his aide. He can absorb other oozes to heal himself by an amount equal to their HP), Bloody Likeable (Sanguine is a constantly chipper, Cult leader-esque creature, and should come off as near infectiously persuasive and charismatic. He has advantage on any checks related to convincing people who he has not directly antagonized to do what he wants or believe a thing he believes, and any social stats should be maxed out for him)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary
Environment: The Slime Pits, (Juiblex's layer of the abyss), occasionally in the lairs of larger Cults to Juiblex
Loot: Sanguine's Morning Star (Deals large poison damage upon hit), The Blood of Juiblex (Mysterious essence of concentrated ooze, elevates vampires into demigod status at the cost of also transforming them into half-ooze monstrosities. Instrumental in a ritual to kill Juiblex for good)
>Ooze Prince 2: Melanchol
Size: Huge, Medium in Humanoid Form
HP: 7/10
Armor: 9/10
Speed: Medium
Attacks: Pseudopod (3/10 Acid), Melanchol's Bonesaw (2/10 and 2/10 Necrotic, Vorpal, Humanoid form only), Bud (1d8+2 Slimes that are controlled by Melanchol)
Special Qualities: Shapechanger (Melanchol can change his shape to any humanoid form, or back to his true ooze form at will. His statistics remain the same in each form and any equipment he wears is not transformed with him), Ooze-Father (Has all of the regular traits of an Ooze, such as their amorphousness and ability to squeeze through small spaces when in his true form, and can additionally bring any ooze within a mile of him to his aide. He can absorb other oozes to heal himself by an amount equal to their HP), Blackened Mind (Melanchol, in his pursuit of creating the perfect ooze, has trained himself in all matters of dark arts and sciences. He is a master of any skills related to intelligence and pure knowledge, and he is considered to be level 10 in all Spellcasting classes, with access to all of the spells those classes would have)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary
Environment: The Slime Pits, occasionally in human form at mage's colleges requesting assistance from adventurers to acquire objects
Loot: Melanchol's Bonesaw (Deals a small amount of necrotic damage and is considered Vorpal, slicing off limbs upon crit), the Black Bile of Juiblex (Mysterious essence of concentrated ooze, elevates Mind Flayers/Elder Brains to Demigod status at the cost of transforming them into half-ooze monstrosities. Needed in ritual to kill Juiblex for good)
>Ooze Prince 3: Choleric
Size: Huge, Medium in Humanoid Form
HP: 9/10
Armor: 7/10
Speed: Medium
Attacks: Pseudopod (3/10 Acid), Choleric's Warhammer (5/10, 3/10 Fire, Humanoid form only), Champion's Roar (All creatures within 120 ft. of Choleric with an intelligence above 3 must make a Will save or be frightened for 1 minute, and must use their entire movement to move as far away from Choleric as possible), Bud (Creates 1d8+2 Slimes that are controlled by Choleric)
Special Qualities: Shapechanger (Choleric can change his shape to any humanoid form, or back to his true ooze form at will. His statistics remain the same in each form and any equipment he wears is not transformed with him), Ooze-Father (Has all of the regular traits of an Ooze, such as their amorphousness and ability to squeeze through small spaces when in his true form, and can additionally bring any ooze within a mile of him to his aide. He can absorb other oozes to heal himself by an amount equal to their HP), The Yellow General (Choleric is a master of battle strategy and leadership, inspiring those that follow him and reducing those against him to cowering children with his mere presence. He is capable of wielding any conventional weapon with deadly proficiency, and is able to predict the tactical maneuvers of most opponents after spending a minute observing their troop formation and movement, and with another minute he can concoct a strategy to counter it)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary
Environment: The Slime Pits, often on the frontlines of conflicts defending Juiblex's territory or attempting to expand it
Loot: Choleric's Warhammer (Deals a small anount of fire damage, makes the wielder appear larger and more intimidating), the Yellow Bile of Juiblex (Mysterious essence of concentrated ooze, elevates Giants to Demigod status at the cost of transforming them into half-ooze monstrosities. Needed in ritual to kill Juiblex for good)
File: Griffin - all.jpg (133 KB, 1600x368)
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133 KB JPG
Griffins. Many variants and sizes ranging from large hound size pets to rideable auroch size beasts.
File: Hippalectryon - 3.jpg (137 KB, 1000x754)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>>69063118 (OP)
And a flightless hippogryph.
>Ooze Prince 4: Phlegmat
Size: Huge, Medium in Humanoid Form
HP: 6/10
Armor: 7/10
Speed: Medium
Attacks: Pseudopod (3/10 Acid), Phlegmat's Dagger (2/10, 2/10 Cold, Constitution save or become Frozen solid for 2 turns, and become unable to take any actions. Humanoid form only), Bud (Creates 1d8+2 Slimes that are controlled by Phlegmat)
Special Qualities: Shapechanger (Phlegmat can change his shape to any humanoid form, or back to his true ooze form at will. His statistics remain the same in each form and any equipment he wears is not transformed with him), Ooze-Father (Has all of the regular traits of an Ooze, such as their amorphousness and ability to squeeze through small spaces when in his true form, and can additionally bring any ooze within a mile of him to his aide. He can absorb other oozes to heal himself by an amount equal to their HP), Phlegmatic Chamberlain (Phlegmat is not a charmer, nor a scholar, nor a general, but he does possess excellent interpersonal skills and is one of the few demons capable of reigning in his three brothers. Phlegmat naturally produces a calming aura 120 ft. around him that keeps himself and others around him from performing rash decisions, dampening his own emotions to make him as impartial and unbiased as possible. He also is the only brother who possesses a direct telepathic connection with Juiblex, who he distributes orders from to his brothers)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary
Environment: The Slime Pits
Loot: Phlegmat's Dagger (Deals a small amount of cold damage and targets are forced to make a saving throw, or become Frozen solid for 2 turns), the Phlegm of Juiblex (Mysterious essence of concentrated ooze, elevates Goblinoids to Demigod status at the cost of transforming them into half-ooze monstrosities. Needed in ritual to kill Juiblex for good)
Bonus lore bits for the 4 Ooze Princes:
>The 4 Ooze Princes were actually created by Juiblex on accident, in an attempt to purge himself of emotions and desires, traits that he accumulated from mortals that began to worship him, and from their creation he learned to create all other oozes
>Juiblex's favorite child of the four is Phlegmat, Phlegmat reminding him the most of himself, and has stated that Phlegmat will be the one to inherit his throne should he ever be defeated, a fact that Phlegmat keeps a secret to ensure the continued cooperation of his brothers
>If all four Princes fused into one large Ooze, they would exceed the strength of the current form of Juiblex and could potentially overthrow him, but their squabbling and individuality would keep them from ever doing so
I don't know if it's a typo or not since I posted it last thread, but here's the Corvirex stats again
Size: Huge
HP: 7/10
Armor (Dodge): 6/10
Speed: Fast (Slow when strutting. When strutting, Corvirex has advantage on Perception checks, and does not trigger traps), (Flying Speed) Extreme
Attacks: Goring Peck (6/10), Snatching Claw (2/10, Reflex save or be grappled in the creature's grasp), Maddening Caw (Will save or targets within a 120 ft. radius around the Corvirex will be driven into a rage-filled mania, and will attack the nearest organism for 30 seconds)
Special Qualities: Maddened Minds (The Corvirex is immune to any form of mind control and cannot be telepathically communicated with, any attempts to do so resulting in 3/10 psychic damage blowback to the individual attempting it),
Numbers Encountered: Solitary
Environment: Forests and other wooded areas, typically not far from destroyed dragon nests
Loot: Dragon Heart, any loot from its Nest (varying levels of worth depending on stolen heirlooms), Corvirex Brain (Powerful alchemical ingredient that when eaten raw enhances Intelligence permanently by 1, at the cost of the person developing a random mental disorder)
How would you properly stat out Discord Tranny for a MM?
Your idea is appreciated, but could you at least flesh out any of it?
"Add all variants of X" is not really the spirit of the thread
>Spherical Cow
Size: Large
HP: 5/10
Armor: 8/10
Speed: Medium
Attacks: Vacuum Generation: Crush (Creatures in a 20 ft. sphere make a Reflex save or be pulled towards a concentrated point as pressure rapidly increases in a location, dealing 9/10 damage and reducing creatures killed by this attack to a bloody mist), Vacuum Generation: Burst (Creatures in a 20 ft. sphere make a Reflex save or be pushed 15 ft. away from a selected point, taking 3/10 damage. Spherical Cows are not damaged by this attack)
Special Qualities: Magical Sense (Spherical Cows can sense magical objects and magical energy within 500 ft. of the Spherical Cow), Magical Osmosis (Spherical Cows absorb weak magic and other forms of energy to heal themselves, be it excess energy from portals and holes to other planes or Spells below 5th level, Spherical Cows are utterly unaffected and use the energy to heal themselves), Astral Entity (Resistant to attacks from nonmagical weapons)
Numbers Encountered: Herd (10-20)
Environment: Astral Plane
Loot: Void Dust (Used to create powerful anti-magic enchantments)

Size: Small
HP: 1/10
Armor (Dodge): 4/10
Speed: Fast, (Burrow Speed) Slow
Attacks: Stolen Weapon (Roll for a Random weapon or tool the Lepusians could have stolen, they use that to attack), Melt Snails (1/10 acid, Reflex save or target takes 1/10 acid damage for 3 turns, or until they pass the Reflex save)
Special Qualities: Keen Hearing (Have advantage on checks involving hearing), Fleet-Footed (Gain an additional +2/10 to their Armor [Dodge] after moving their full movement )
Numbers Encountered: Scout Party (5-20) to Invasion Force (20-50)
Environment: Grassy Plains, Forests, and Rolling Hills
Loot: Assorted junk and crops looted from village, small amount of gold
File: cinnamon dragon.png (114 KB, 259x361)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Name: (Cinnamon Dragon)
Size: (Giant)
HP: (About as much as a basilisk, age categories denote it increasing, affects horseform)
Armor: (It's a lithe, silver dragon head-but cinnamon with the physique of a Deep Dragon, hearty, but not particular robust )
Speed: (Fast/Extreme)
Attacks: (Claws, Breath weapon, tail)
Special Qualities: (Wild Empathy, Psychic, heightened senses, Sneak & escape artist as level 20 rogue, Awe)
Number Encountered: (Singular, rare)
Environment: (Plains, Pastures, farms and untouched wilds)
Loot: (Unknown.)
A rare yet undiscovered Dragon that often finds itself living amongst horses in the wild- if provoked, it will attempt to flee, rather than fight- it is unknown if there are many cinnamon dragons of if they're a part of a greater brood, and it is unknown if they even exist. It is presumed that the horses they graze alongside are protected by the dragon in some shape or form.
Chimney Dragon
>Size: Tiny
>HP: 2/10
>Armor: 3/10
>Speed: slow (walking) above average (flying)
Bite (2/10 damage)
Claws (1/10 damage)
>Special Qualities:
Smoke inhalation (can suck up nonmagical gas and smoke without any negative effects)
Breath weapon (can breath out either a gust of wind (no damage), or a cloud of choking smoke and cinders (1/10 damage))
Number Encountered: Solitary, or mated pair
Environment: Suburban and rural houses
Hide is enough for a dragonskin buckler
50% chance of having some Incidental stolen shinies

>A dragon in miniature, with ruddy red scales and beady, glowing eyes emerges from the darkness. It opens its tiny maw, and a cloud of choking smoke pours forth, obscuring your vision.
no die
Size: Tiny
HP: 1/10
Armor: 1/10
Speed: Slow, (Swim Speed) Fast
Attacks: Tentacle (1/10), Ink (Ranged attack, target makes a Reflex save or becomes blinded for a turn
Special Qualities: Amphibious (Can breath both underwater and on land), Eldritch Eye (Can see through illusions and can detect magic items based on sight. Is naturally drawn to magical items, often playing with them)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary as familiars, rarely found in pods of 5-10 in the wild
Environment: Warlock and Wizard labs, rarely found wild around sites associated with Elder Gods, such as portals or ruins
Loot: Cat Ink (Naturally produced by the Cthulico, often used to write tomes and scrolls by spellcasters)
Bump, I'm going to try and expand on/put stats to >>69063318 tomorrow, so here's to hoping the thread's still kicking then
File: Peanus Weenus.png (92 KB, 780x490)
92 KB
Can't believe I fucking made this, but I made a Peanus Weenus monster. Inspired by >>68973064 in the first thread.
Kill me.
File: burningshame.gif (3.83 MB, 718x404)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB GIF
Loving the art for the Fisher, it looks like some kind of crocodiloraptorbird
Topiary Crab
>Size: Large
>HP: 5/10
>Armor: 6/10
>Speed: Slow* (*Medium when moving side to side)
>Attacks: Claw Snip (4/10 damage)
>Special Qualities:Topiary Display (Cuts bushes into magnificent topiary sculpts as part of its mating display. These sculpts often contain additional treasure, but will anger the crabs. Every sculpt has a 10% chance upon completion to become a Topiary Guardian), Ancestral Memory (Topiary Crabs never forget, and can recreate their memories in topiary.)
>Number Encountered: Garden (6-10)
>Environment: Woodland groves, seaside woodland
>Loot: Iridescent Crabshell (Usable for strong armor, favored by seaside druids.), various found treasures inside topiary.
Here's an idea for something

>A human sized spider-like creature, the Harvestman is a type of fey that has the ability to increase the bounty of a harvest and to steal it.
>Appearing as a spiderlike thing wearing dapper, if threadbare clothing, it offers bargains to down on their luck farmers, often swindling them out of something important in exchange for a bountiful harvest. Common prices include firstborn children, ancestral heirlooms, memories, or other such valuables.
>However the Harvestman is nothing if not entirely straightforward to its deals. While the price it takes is high and cruel, it will always fulfill its part of the bargain both in letter and spirit.
>If the other party attempts to swindle the Harvestman, the fey will use a scything whip of its claws and steal the entire harvest from their fields, before vanishing.
>Are fond of pumpkins, and superstitiously can be summoned by carving pumpkin lanterns, which it likes to rest by in its long journeys from farm to farm.

Also Daddy Long Legs is a fun comic.
You've done gods work. I'm not sure what kind of god it is, probably something dark and unknowable who's name drives men mad, but you've certainly done it.
File: fairy_05.png (54 KB, 257x210)
54 KB
>Size: Medium (around 200-230 cm tall)
>HP: 7/10
>Armor: 4/10
>Speed: Medium
>Attacks: Obsidian Sword (6/10 damage)
>Cursed Dance (1/10 damage, inflicts curse)
>Special Qualities: Fey Immortality (even when killed or completely destroyed, a new boggart will grow from the closest mire or swamp within 1d4 weeks, and take 2d6 months to regrow to full adult size)
>Fire Weakness: Boggart takes double damage from fire attacks, and cannot use its action to douse flames.
>Number Encountered: 2-8
>Environment: Forest, swamp, temperate rainforest
>Loot: Obsidian Sword, Boggart Mask (cursed)
What kind of curse is on the Boggart's mask?
The mask has the power to make people dance an erratic jig. Non-fey creatures that stare into the masks's eyes while it is being worn (for about 5-10 seconds) will be overcome by an irresistible urge to dance that can last for up to one hour. The wearer of the mask will also be overcome with an urge to dance once per day. Masks hate non-fey wearers and will bide their time to activate when the wearer is in the most danger.
"Dancing" in this case means dancing on the spot, full body dance, unable to do anything else.
File: robot_14.png (75 KB, 181x279)
75 KB
Malfunctioning Medicant
>Size: Medium (can seat any one medium creature that is not also a Malfunctioning Medicant)
>HP: 3/10
>Armor: 6/10
>Speed: Fast (must travel in straight lines in 5-foot increments)
>Attacks: Injection (2/10 damage, creature must roll a save against being poisoned, paralyzed, or blinded, Malfunctioning Medicant's choice)
>Incapacitating Agent (no damage): The Malfunctioning Medicant expels gas in a 60-foot cone towards its desired target or targets. Organic creatures must make a save to avoid falling asleep. They sleep for 1 hour, and each time they are hit they can repeat the save.
>Bind Up (no damage): A creature sitting on the Malfunctioning Medicant's seat is bound by tough leather straps. On subsequent turns, the Malfunctioning Medicant can tighten the binds, dealing 5/10 damage. A bound creature can attempt to escape on their turn.
>Special Qualities: Limited Autonomy (The Malfunctioning Medicant runs for 1 hour and cannot self-activate.)
>Electricity Weakness: The Malfunctioning Medicant will automatically shut down if hit by a lightning attack that damages them for more than half of their current health.
>Number Encountered: 1-2
>Environment: Cities
>Loot: Sleeping Gas Cannister, Poison Syringe, Red Glass, Medium Wheel
I imagine these things talking like some kind of old fashioned Mr Handy from fallout. Nothing's quite as terrifying as an autonomous wheelchair rolls towards you yelling "HOLD STILL SIR AND/OR MADAM, YOUR HUMORS ARE UNBALANCED." or "REMEMBER TO CHECK FOR MIASMA".
File: hdskjksjdhskskrrt.jpg (669 KB, 2514x1874)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
Name: Ichtogryphon
Size: up to 3 feet, depending on subspecies and age
HP: 1-4
Armor: 1-2
Speed: Medium/Fast
Attacks: Nibble (1/10, for smaller/younger ones)
Bite (up to 3/10 may make a nasty wound due to serrated teeth)
Special Qualities: Mainly aquatic, but able to stay on land for up to few hours, depending on age. Cannot fly but able to glide for up to 10 seconds, and more if bounced off water again. Able to leap up to 7 feet (biggest ones). Can breathe both on land and in water but needs moisture.
Number Encountered: In/near water smaller ones can be found in schools. Bigger ones may school younger ones, but mainly solitary. May be found in much larger groups when mating (in water, farther from the coast).
Enviroment: Anywhere with large pools of water both seawater and freshwater depending on species (bigger ones live in freshwater), and some lands. While some can live near human settlement, bigger species live in wild (for example mountain lakes).
Loot: Food, for bigger ones Teeth and Scales that can be used for decoration
Hey OP, how is the Document coming?
Thats kinda cute ngl
>Pale Horse
Size: Large
HP: 5/10
Armor: 3/10
Speed: Fast
Attacks: Buck (3/10), Snag (1/10, target makes a Reflex save or is grappled), Centaurian Bind (grappled targets only. Target takes 9/10 Necrotic damage, if dropped to 0 HP the target fuses with the Pale Horse. The Pale Horse gains the mental stats, proficiencies, and languages of the creature it binds to itself, as well as all of the target's memories)
Special Qualities: Till Death Do Us Part (If a Pale Horse is killed while bound to a host, the host will die as well as the Pale Horse ruptures their brain. The only way to unbind a Pale Horse from its host without killing the host is to use an 18th level Turn Undead or similar powerful anti-Undead Holy spell on the Pale Horse, forcing it to drop the host. However, if a host is held by a Pale Horse for more than a month, the will permanently fuse together and can only be separated with a Wish spell), Undead Cunning (While they require a host to reach human-like levels of cognition, being naturally no smarter than a hose, a Pale Horse is knowledgeable in tricks and traps to secure hosts. Their most common tactic is to pretend to be a rotting horse carcass, and then latch onto individuals who approach to examine them, binding to them)
Numbers Encountered: Herds (5-10), will often join larger herds of bound Pale Horses afterwards
Environment: Before binding Graveyards, Ruined Barns, Roadsides, similar places horse corpses can be found. After binding, forests and plains, typically in the service of a larger evil entity
Loot: Any loot their host would have
Lore for the Pale Horses
>Pale Horses are the creation of a necromancer long ago, who was jealous of centaurs and wanted to find a way to combine humans with horses to emulate them
>Attempting to simply stitch the two together proved difficult, so they instead opted to animate just the horse skeleton, with the adaptation that it could merge with a human
>The horse proved a bit too eager, bound with the necromancer, and took over his body
>It immediately set to work creating more of itself, all while the necromancer's consciousness was locked inside of his mind, screaming from his mistake
>Pale Horses are all descended from that original Pale Horse Necromancer, and either directly serve them as part of some kind of mysterious, secret operation, or they join other groups, typically working for Dark Lords or other magically-inclined evil organizations, at least until them and their host merge togethers
>Pale Horses are very community-focused, often speaking in terms of a group rather than the self. Their greatest desire is to find a host to bind to and merge with until they become one, unified consciousness.
>After the host and the Pale Horse are totally bound together over the span of a month, the Pale Horse and the personality of the host begin to blend more and more together, assuming the host didn't go insane or stopped thinking during their time in the background. This process is known as 'Attaining Oneness' and it is a very sacred process for Pale Horses, being the ultimate culmination of their reason for existence.
File: boss_06.png (180 KB, 303x449)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Love the pale horse lore. One more for the road.

>Size: Gargantuan
>HP: 9/10
>Armor: 8/10
>Speed: Normal
>Serpent Bite: 6/10 damage, if creature is large or smaller, must succeed on a save against poison AND a save against being swallowed
>Beast Rake: 8/10 damage, creature must make a save against being knocked prone
>Entrancing Gleam: No damage, creatures within 60 feet of Tezcatlipoca must save against being mesmerized by his gilded visage
>Smog Breath: 3/10 damage, and casts a pall of darkness in a 120-foot cone originating from Tezcatlipoca. The darkness is a fog and cannot be seen through with ordinary or magical night vision.
>Special Qualities
>Tezcatlipoca will recover a portion of his life force every round while active at night.
>Tezcatlipoca turns to stone in daylight, becoming immobile and invulnerable to most forms of damage.
>Tezcatlipoca is immune to poison and fire attacks, and immune to conditions that would prevent him from acting or moving. He resists poisoning.
>Numbers: 1
Environment: Tropical jungle, ancient ruins

>An idol built in the image of a god lost to time, Tezcatlipoca wanders the haunted grounds where his ancient worshippers left him tribute. Embittered by years of neglect, when he wakes he hunts any living beings he can find to collect their souls and bring prominence to the god he represents.
Size: Medium
HP: 4/10
Armor: 7/10
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Weapon (Based on the last dream that it devoured, deals additional 3/10 psychic damage, and adds a 'sleep' counter to the target upon hit. If the Knightmare hits a target a number of times equal to half of their Constitution, the target falls asleep for 1 minute. Any time the target is damaged while asleep, they can make a Will save to attempt to wake up early), Dream Eater (Can only be used on sleeping targets. Deals 1/10 psychic damage to a target without disturbing their sleep, and heals Knightmare by the same amount)
Special Qualities: Ooze Physique (If a Knightmare is hit with a Slicing weapon that deals a high enough amount of damage, it will split into 2 Small Knightmares with half of a Standard Knightmare's HP and Damage. It additionally can squeeze into extremely small holes when not in it's armored form), Psychic Anomaly (Immune to psychic damage, and can sense Psionic-users and sleeping individuald within 500 ft. of the Knightmare)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary
Locations: Near populated areas like cities, towns, or farm houses
Loot: Knightmare Scales (Can be used to make durable armor), Dream Essence (Enhances Psionics, can be distilled to act as a sleep aide, granting good dreams)
File: 20191026_183340.jpg (3.29 MB, 2522x2672)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
Size: Huge
HP: 8/10
Armor: 5/10
Speed: Fast
Attacks: Strong Arm (5/10), Boulder Toss (7/10, Ranged), Moss Walk (Teleports through Moss Clumps stuck to trees, clumps of leaf litter, and various other piles of natural debris to other piles for quick movement throughout its forest)
Special Traits: Nature Guardian (Can sense the movement of all living creatures inside of a forest/section of forest it has claimed), Friend to all Creatures (A Swolesquatch can naturally speak to all animals), Immortal Defender (A Swolesquatch cannot be killed as long as its forest is still healthy, regenerating at full health inside of the heart of a forest it has claimed 1d4 days later)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary
Environment: Forests, Groves, Woods, etc
Loot: Carnation Aeternum (Magical flower representing the eternal life of the forest. If a target wearing the flower is killed, they will come back to life in 24 hours as the life energy transfers into them)
>Giant, chaotic good relatives of Yetis, the Swolesquatch are powerful monsters that act as nature guardians for sections of forest
>Swolesquatch are determined, brave defenders of their chosen territory, willing to fight tooth and nail to keep their land safe and protect the natural order. For this reason, the sworn enemies of the Swolesquatch are Undead and Aberrations, and take every opportunity available to strike down said creatures should they venture into its territory
>Swolesquatch possess human-like intelligence, some even being able to speak Common and other languages, but despite this fact they very seldom communicate with other humanoids, generally seeing them as threats.
>If a humanoid should enter their woods and seems to pose a threat to the natural order by logging or overhunting, a Swolesquatch will first attempt to scare them away by appearing from trees and stalking them. If that fails, it stealthily begins messing with any objects their carrying and begins leaving signs that they're unwelcome, such as by knocking trees down around them, breaking or stealing their equipment, etcetera. If THAT fails, only then with it actually begin overt hostilities, pelting them with rocks and twigs at a distance before it can properly get in and crush them
>It isn't impossible to befriend or make an ally out of a Swolesquatch, however. They have been known to make friends with Druids and kind-hearted children, and will reward these friends or those who defend their forests from great threats on rare occasions with the Swolesquatch's greatest treasure: a Carnation Aeternum.
>Carnation Aeternums are special flowers that grow in the center of forests that Swolesquatch live in, with a Swolesquatch actually regenerating from a bed of them after being killed. Bestowing one onto a person is seen as a sign of either true friendship or great respect and appreciation.
OP here with an update on document editing! At the moment I'm about 30 entries in into formatting them, but everything is for the most part in the document that we've done so far. It's pretty bare bones, but I'll be posting in a little while once I get a bit more of the formatting issues done. Thanks for your patience everyone.

This will by no means by what the final manual looks like, and will be sans art.
No problem man, these things take time and I don’t mind waiting until it is complete. Thanks for doing this.
Here's a description blurb for this wonderful lad.
>A gigantic, muscled humanoid stands between the trees, nearly thrice the height of an average man. It's body is coated in a thick chesnut fur, save for its eyes which peer out with an intelligent gleam from the veil of its face. It stares at you, eye to eye with a gaze of judgment and apprehension. When you blink, it is gone, the only thing left to mark its presence being a fallen carnation petal.
Alright everyone, here's the current WIP of the document! I'm still adding in the creatures from the last part of this thread and the newly made Knightmare stats, but as of the moment we have a significant portion of this thing done!

Next on the list is to work on getting descriptions and more written out informational blurbs on these things, finish up statting the rest of them who aren't yet finished, and work on formatting this into something that looks nicer so I can start formatting in the art.
Looking pretty good so far. Might I suggest putting the creatures in alphabetical order in the final draft? It would make finding monsters much easier in my opinion.

If it is too much work however, then don’t worry about it. Do what you think is best.
Can we have a list of creatures yet to illustrate somewhere?
Hey, does anybody have any monsters from the previous thread that they need stats put to or shitty art made of? I'm not a very good artist, and my stat balancing skills are a little rusty, but I'm willing to try to do either to help speed this manual's creation along.
Oh yeah, I'll be properly organizing them once we get them closer to done. At the moment though, having them roughly in the order of posting helps me search for them in this and the old thread, and also is how I have them organized in the art folder.

Alright, here's the total list of monsters missing art, though some of the ones with art are currently art that we haven't made, so we might want to change that at some point. In addition, anything not bolded doesn't have stats yet.

Entries in Red don't have art yet.
Entries in Black currently have art.
Entries with a (*) or (*?) have art, but either isn't original art or might not be and I'm not sure.
Understood. I will try and stay things later when I can. Good luck.
Size: Diminutive
HP: 1/10
Armor: 3/10
Speed: Slow, (Burrow Speed) Glacial
Attacks: Stinger (1/10), Flash (Creatures that are looking at the Sunworm must make a Reflex Save or be blinded for 1+[number of times a target has been blinded by this attack previously] turns. If a target is hit by this attack more than 7 times, they are permanently rendered blind)
Special Quantities: Nightcrawler (Has Blindsight up to 30 ft, is blind beyond this distance), Toxic Avenger (The body of a Sunworm is filled with light-processors and light-generators that are toxic to most animals, and eating one in any form deals 5/10 poison damage)
Numbers Encountered: Colonies (10-50)
Environment: Caves, Tunnels, Abandoned Mineshafts, typically near spots where the sun shines in
Loot: Glow Cells (Bioluminescent membrane that naturally absorbs light. Occasionally sought out by mages as a main material for Cloaks of Invisibility)
>A large and highly colorful bird looking like a mix of a paradisea, a bearded vulture and a green peafowl with a long, thin and hard beak like that of a heron. Upon closer inspection you notice it's beak as dozens (actually a hundred) holes, of different sizes.
>Know for it's song, that sounds like an orchestra of wind instruments. The simurgh's song has magical proprieties, driving those who listen to it into into either stupor, euphoria, and the likes.
>Called the King of Birds because, by imitating the songs of several bird species at once it can call and direct other birds to help it.
>It's beak and plumes are very expensive, being used as magical reagents and materials for musical instruments.
>When it gets old, it sings a last song before dying. Those who listen to it are driven to such dispair that either kill themselves or they simply lay where they stand and wait for death to come, refusing to eat, drink or protect themselves. The simurgh can also create a smaller scale version of this effect as an defense mechanism.
>Mechanically it's a bird with lots of bard-like abilities, other bird minions and some song magic)
Size: large
HP: 4
Armor: 2
Speed: Medium
Attacks: Horns, Bite, Hooves, it can also recoil like a horse.
>Special Qualities: Night sight, confounding steps
Numbers encountered: either a single one or a mating pair
Environment: Jungle, forests, etc
Loot: horns and hooves can be sold
Text blurb:
>A large panther like feline, with large horns for goring and backward hooves in the place of it's paws
>It uses it's paws to create fake trails to confuse farmers and hunters
>Strong regenerative abilities
>Terror bird
>A massive psionic emu-like bird that lives into tall, snowy mountains. It's covered with dark feathers, that from afar can look like fur.
>It can use it's powerful psionic screeches to paralise and hurt prey, that it then kicks to death with it's strong leather covered legs.
>It has short, stumpy wings like a chicken's and can glide and even fly short distances with it (probably aided by it's psionic powers). The terror bird usually jumps from very high places and glides down to prey.
>Very fast running speed
>Royal Jelly
>Either the servitor of some mad god from the far realms or the creation of a even madder wizard that wanted a simpler way of transmuting magical reagents.
>The Royal Jelly is a massive (the size of a large house, at least) golden/yellow jelly that has an sticky and sweet exterior (think a honey clump but with a tinge of orange and lemon juice). A handful of this jelly can feed a man for a day
>kids, small animals and plants raised eating it grow bigger and stronger than it's normal.
>However this super food isn't the Royal Jelly's claim to fame
>Everything it feeds on is melted and slowly transmuted first into the yellow jelly outside it, and latter into rare materials such as ichor, ambrosia, philosopher stones, divine wine and panacea.
>Indeed it's heart/core is made of pure panacea, and it reproduces by splitting it's heart and two and sending it away (think mitosis).
>Far from unable to defend itself, every time the Royal Jelly is wounded, amy inorganic material it "bleeds" into is transformed into a variety of oozes and slimes that immediately start to defend it.
>It can also transform parts of it's exterior into acid-like substance
>It's a very slow creature, and prefers to let it's minions do the fighting
>Royal Jellys seem to control a servitor race of myrmidon-bee hybrids that worships it
>DCSS inspired, yeah
File: Tupak.jpg (947 KB, 3091x5182)
947 KB
947 KB JPG

>Size: Small
>HP: 2/10
>Armor: 2/10
>Speed: Medium
Beak (1/10 damage)
Claw (2/10 damage)
>Special Qualities:
Acidic Fecal Matter Blood (3/10 damage single target, 2/10 splash zone)
Unnerving Laugh (uses the vicious mockery cantrip as a bonus action)
Number Encountered: Group as minimal as 2 up to 12, nesting in high places.
Environment: Islands or tropical forests.
Acidic fecal matter (could be transforemed into a vial of acid with the help of an alchemist kit)
Food (if prepared with the acid removed from the body)

The Tupaks are a particular species of birds that subsist in only a few islands in the world, primarly because their main substenance, the Feishi berries, have for now only grown on a few islands. While still having the intellect of a regular animal, this species of bird seems to at least recognize when an individual is in distress, which brings them amusement. Many were the cases of adventurers being lost in the jungle only to be found weeks later as a corpse in foetal position, their hands blocking their ears and partially dissolved via acid.

This was basically what our GM threw at us in a game of Anima. Those birds disrespect people and shit acid on them. We called them the Tupak. Afterward I took the concept and adapted it for a 5e game, but I didn't have any stat... thought it was extremely fun how I almost killed a player and he decided to capture one just to make it pay for everything he went throught.
*remove the word "Blood" from the Acidic Fecal Matter part
>Balloon Sheep
Size: Huge
HP: 6/10
Armor: 9/10
Speed: Glacial (Hover)
Attacks: Stomp (5/10), Inhale (Targets within a 20 foot cone in front of the Balloon Sheep must make a Reflex save, or have the oxygen sucked from their lungs. They take 7/10 damage and fall unconscious for 3 turn), Exhale (After Inhaling, targets within a 20 foot cone in front of the Balloon Sheel must make a Reflex save, or take 3/10 damage and be blown back 25 ft.)
Special Quantities: Cloudspotter (Balloon Sheep, when not feeding on clouds, are virtually indistinguishable from a normal cumulus cloud)
Numbers Encountered: Herds (5-20), occasionally Solitary on the ground
Environment: High in the Sky, occasionally on Flying Castles or Mountaintops, rarely on the ground in Prairies
Loot: Float Bladder (Organ that allows the Balloon Sheep to float), Balloon Wool (Used in exquisite luxury clothes due to its light, comfortable feel)
Awaken my masters!
So I had an idea for a voltron-type enemy, that can either split up into weaker versions, or combine into a big stompy one.
>Name: Fire Sprites
>Size: (Small/Large/Huge)
>HP: (2/10)
>Armor: (2/10)
>Speed: (Fast)
>Attacks: (2/10) Ranged, launches shards of superhot obsidian from its body, but not too far.
>Special Qualities: 1. Any four undamaged sprites may combine to form a larger version of themselves, a “greater sprite”. This enhanced version has all the hit points and attacks of the smaller sprites that make it up, but receives a +2 to armor and its attack stat. 2. Four greater sprites (requiring 16 fire sprites) may combine to form a “grand sprite”, keeping hit points, and receiving an additional +4 to armor and attacks. A Grand Sprite loses half of its attacks in this form, leaving it with only 8 attacks.
>Number Encountered: Flock 2-7, Mob 8-15, Swarm 16-24
>Environment: Volcanic zones
>Loot: Fire rubies
Description: “Resembling floating chunks of volcanic glass, Fire Sprites thrive near volcanic zones, feeding off the abundant heat in the area. In order to reproduce, a Fire Sprite drains minerals from the area around it, until it is large enough to form a second identical body, which then breaks off and begins its new life. Fire Sprites are very territorial, and combine when able to chase off any threat that enters their domain.”
File: Flying Crabs.jpg (345 KB, 1625x1083)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
>flies sideways at you
A Vapor is a tortured, deranged spirit that was captured and stored a chest, vase, or some other container and then sealed with a music box contraption that plays a song as long as it is sealed. Vapor Chests are a trap most commonly used in dungeons and lairs of necromancers, often baiting poor adventurers close with a song and then the spirit inside, a fast, powerful, but single-minded poltergeist, violently bursts free and stuns those it attacks with pure horror. Typically, some sort of common trap mechanism begins an opening process, which usually takes thirty seconds but may be tuned to be longer depending on the expected timing. Of course, these are gnomish inventions, though dwarves have had their own take on it where instead of a music box, it plays a loud horn or slowly scratches a violin or cello string. The different music has different mind altering affects, as the nature of its torture is different.
I like it a lot, I can see a really mean encounter with these and some kind of fire giant, where they can combine across the giant's body to make armor that fights back.
Size: Large
HP: 6/10
Armor: 7/10
Speed: Slow, (Flying Speed) Fast
Attacks: Claw Crunch (4/10, Target must make a Reflex save or have their armor reduced by 1), Bite (6/10)
Special Quantities: Spiked Shell (When a melee attack hits a Cancers, the attacker takes 1/10 damage)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary, or occasionally a Flock (2-10)
Environment: Ocean Cliffs
Loot: Chitinous Shell

>Cancers are warped relatives of Griffons, ones that trade the elegant pride of their lion cousins for cold, cruel cunning and barbarism
>Created by the twin brother of the ancient mage that crafted the original griffons, Cancers are cruel monsters that take glee in the suffering of others, ruthless scavengers and predators that soar along coasts to prey on travellers and weakened creatures
>Cancers are nearly impossible to raise, only willing to obey the cruelest and most ambitious of masters. Legend tells that the one who tames a Cancer is destined to become a Dark Lord
>Cancers typically hunt for prey during the day by soaring through the air until one of them spots a potential meal, be it a bloated carcass or a creature/group of creatures small and weak enough that the whole group could kill them together. They then soar down and begin harassing the target with loud squawking and hissing, preferring the taste of a fearful meal.
>They then attack the prey by battering them with their claws as they fly by or by dropping rocks and sticks gathered along the beach on them from above. They only descend to the ground to eat, where it becomes a fight amongst each of the flock members to decide who gets first dibs of the meal, typically going to the largest member of the group.
File: 1460501988790.jpg (331 KB, 1200x1819)
331 KB
331 KB JPG

Posting another Hollow monster for this dude >>69050746

Morgasts - When a necromancer dies, his soul is taken rightfully to the inferno of Ghenna; But what happens to his undead creations? As the souls have already been judged, they cannot re-enter Paradise; but nor are they damned to the fires of Ghenna. The souls of those unfortunate undead are pulled to the Hollow; it is here where, having seen paradise snatched away from them, they suffer an eternity of solitude. Most Morgasts have the appearance of a soft candle light fluttering through the catacombs, but rarely, they can manifest as truly horrific manifestations of their tortured past life. They will typically moan quietly to themselves in the dark, and this is the adventurer's best indicator to avoid the area.

It's a common tale among travellers that Morgasts will drift into an unconscious creature's mind and give horrendous night terrors to the afflicted, slowly draining them of their vitality until their death. As a bulwark against this, Travellers of the Hollow typically wear symbols of the Divine Spirit on their ears and around their necks. Morghasts are pious spirits, and the symbols calms the restless souls.
There's a strangely large subtheme of crabs in this monster manual, and honestly I really like it.
Emperor Fisher now has art
File: IMG_20191027_103938.jpg (273 KB, 1536x2048)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
>Ace of Spades
Size: Large
HP: 5/10
Armor: 9/10
Speed: (Hover Speed) Extreme
Attacks: Brain Blast (1/10 psychic damage at a range of 30 ft., Will save or Intelligence is dropped to 1 and the target becomes mind controlled by the Ace of Spades for 1 hour), Telekinesis (Lift up to 250 lbs of inorganic material), Cerebral Blend (Can only be performed on a target that has been subjected to a Brain Blast. Deals 9/10 psychic damage and completely absorbs all of the knowledge of a target, such as their proficiencies, their memories, and any knowledge-related abilities they have for 24 hours. Can transfer knowledge to a central computer on its ship to learn it permanently), Flare Beam (4/10 fire damage at a target in the Ace of Spade's line of sight. Sets nearby flammable objects on fire upon hit and blinds target)
Special Qualities: Aces of Spades have all of the special qualities of a regular Braniac Maniac, as well as the traits: Motherboard (Shares the knowledge of all Maniac Braniacs it has under its control, and can access any information they have acquired through a Mind Probe attack as long as they're within 500 ft. of it), Bioluminescent (Ace of Spades naturally generates bright light from itself, a fact that it commonly uses as an intimidation tactic), Energy Absorber (Ace of Spades is naturally resistant to magic and other forms of energetic attack, and if it would take damage upon passing a save to resist a magical or energetic ability, it is instead healed by the amount it would take as damage)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary
Environment: Brainiac Maniac ships, occasionally with Invasion Forces, very rarely with Away Teams in cow pastures
Loot: Spade Exosuit (Powerful psionically-operated metal suit. Wearing it grants the Armor, Energy Absorber trait, and the Flare Beam attack. Requires several months of training to operate, and can only be used by those with Psionic abilities)
Ace of Spades
>Aces of Spades are the leaders of operations on other planets, shadowy generals that operate out of great psionically-controlled battle suits
>An Ace of Spades' Spade Suit is a marvel of technology and psionics, a heavily armored exoskeleton that protects them from all matters of potential harm that moves like lightning and flows as natural as wearing nothing. On many planets in the mortal realm, an Ace of Spade eerily gliding along the battlefield, silent as the grave with the exception of the sound of the crackling of fires it's deadly Flare Beams creates as it illuminates the horrified faces of enemies, is a cause for immediate surrender
>Typically only owned by nobility or gifted to high-ranking military officials, Spade Suits are as much a status symbol as they are weapons of war. They are often decorated with elaborate designs and colored lights to further show them off, and further intimidate opponents
>Ace of Spades often lead invasion forces and search parties to Faerun for a number of reasons, either for the glory of invasion, as part of a hunting party to kill creatures across the galaxy to bring back trophies, as part of scientific investigations, or just so a bored noble can get a cheap thrill
File: 20191027_235354.jpg (2.37 MB, 4032x3024)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
Drew the Balloon Sheep and Sunworm, since I figured they needed some art. Sorry for the low quality, I'm not very good yet.
I hope to draw some more eventually, though, so if you like what you see feel free to ask for a monster you need either statted or drawn, and I'll see what I can do.
Honestly anon these are great. The whole point of this art side of the project is that if you can make whatever, it’s worth it and going in. As far as I’m concerned, this is absolutely on point
Yeah, the drawings aren't very good. That said, every good artist was a bad one that didn't give up.
I really love this website sometimes
I was gonna suggest cursed sheet music but I think this is less derivative.

Cemetery Sentinel
>Graveyards that are repeatedly disturbed may sacrifice parts of themselves to create Cemetery Sentinels. Consisting of dozens or even hundreds of tombstones (depending on their individual size and the number available) and driven by the angered spirits of the dead, Cemetery Sentinels arise to ward off grave robbers and necromancers alike.
>Bonehead Crabs
Monster hermit crabs using skulls for their shells. Once a larval Bonehead Crab finds a skull to inhabit, it grows a "body" consisting of a spindly, skeletal replica of the body which the skull originally belonged to but made from crustacean parts sculpted into replicating non-crustacean anatomy (a "ribcage" made from fused-together claws or "fingers" consisting of thickened prehensile antenna, etc). The skull is retained as the Bonehead Crab's head although with additional crustacean bits to make it work. Eyestalks protrude into the empty eye sockets from the core of the crab's body inside the former brain cavity, there are crab mandibles behind the skull's teeth, etc. Bonehead Crabs possess fragmentary memories and instincts from the prior user of their skull. In the case of animal-derived Bonehead Crabs, this just means they act like a living member of whatever species their skulls once belonged to aside from being fully amphibious (Bonehead Crabs can breath in both water and air, although they need to keep their gills moistened in the second situation), but human-derived Bonehead Crabs are sentient and some of them believe they're the dead person whose skull they use.
A "monster" of sorts I use in my current Shadowrun campaign is a kind of spirit-carrying boat. Technically, it consists of three parts, the spirit, the vessel and the (humanoid) body, but it's "fused" into one on the astral level. No real name for it either, since it's one-of-a-kind, but if I had to ...

Name: Possessing Vessel
Sizes: small (the actual spirit) / at least small (the body) / larger than the body (the vessel)
HP: 2-4 (spirit and body), 5+ (vessel)
Armor: 0 (spirit), whatever armor can be worn (body), 2+ (vessel).
Speed: any, depending on the vessel. The spirit is unmoving, but is carried with the vessel. The body moves with the normal speed for the humanoid, but can't leave the vicinity of the vessel for longer than a day or two without suffering and eventually dying.
Attacks: none (spirit), whatever attacks and weapons they are carrying (body and vessel)
Special qualities: The body regenerates faster when on the vessel, even from horrific injuries. It also has extremely good control over the vessel's movement when driving it and can spot even the smallest things "wrong" with it. Otherwise, the body doesn't know it's being used like this, and considers the vessel simply it's "home" - and the spirit makes sure it stays this way.
Number encountered: unique
Environment: Whatever is typical for the body and vessel. A ship or boat will be in maritime environment, a cart in civilised areas and so on.
Loot: If the spirit is killed, the vessel becomes broken beyond repair and the body suffers strong, but not necessarily fatal trauma. The body can't really remember the time it spent being the vessel beyond a general feel. If the body is killed first, the spirit will seek to possess any of the nearby ones, strongly preferring those with arcane abilities, turning them into new bodies for themselves if they succeed. If the vessel is destroyed, the spirit is ... kinda spirited away, leaving the body as traumatized as it would be if the spirit was killed.
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Time for more Crab.

Size: Huge
HP: 0/10 (See Below)
Armor: 0/10 (See Below)
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Tidal Snip (3/10 damage, if hits causes Drowning Deep), Pelagic Sphere (5/10 damage in sphere around it, causes Drowning Deep.)
Special Qualities: Totemic Form (The body of the Kanikami is a projection made of seawater and divine power, formed around a small totem of a crab. The Kanikami cannot be harmed, but will vanish when the totem is destroyed. It cannot move more than a mile away from the totem.), Drowning Deep (Being hit causes your body to behave as if it's deep underwater. Treat character as swimming and use breathing rules, even though they're on land. Lasts 2d8 turns per hit)
Number Encountered: Solitary or pantheon (4-10)
Environment: Shorelines, grottoes
Loot: Divine Pearls (Valuable), 1d6 crabs.

>A massive crustacean formed of rushing seawater and flotsam clacks towards you, floating across the sand. It's body fades between transparent and opaque, with fish and crabs floating inside its mass. Where it touches, the sand floats and drifts as if pulled by an unseen tide.

Kanikami are created by fishing villages and seaside communities, worshiping the gods of the sea. An ambient amount of belief towards the sea will eventually form a small totem of flotsam and pearls, and from that totem a Kanikami will emerge and begin to wander its surroundings. Invulnerable unless their totem is destroyed, the Kanikami make excellent and powerful guardians against pirates and other dangers, and so are often worshiped and sacrificed to by the communities that have spawned them. The touch of a Kanikami imparts the might and power of the ocean, causing those it harms to drown on dry land, as they float in the air.
>Chimeric Mummy
Size: Varies, either Medium, Large, or Huge
HP: 4/10 (5/10 if Large, 6/10 if Huge)
Armor: 4/10 (5/10 if Large, 6/10 if Huge)
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Chimeric Attacks (Pick nonmagical attacks from other monsters or animals that it is Chimerically combined with, if Medium pick 2, if Large pick 3, if Huge pick 4), Rotting Touch (4/10 necrotic, target makes Will save or target becomes Cursed with Mummy Rot. Target cannot regain HP when cursed, take 1/10 necrotic damage per hour, and if the target is reduced to 0 HP while effected by the curse, the target is reduced to dust and can only be revived with a wish spell)
Special Qualities: Chimera (The Chimeric Mummy is made up of several different monsters and animals. Depending on the animals it is merged with, it gains different traits. For example, being merged with a turtle gives a +2 to Armor and allows them to tuck into their shell to shield itself, being merged with a cheetah raises their speed, and being merged with a dog gives the Keen Smell and Hearing ability. Medium mummies can pick 2 traits, Large mummies pick 3, and Huge mummies pick 4)
Numbers Encountered: Solitary
Environment: Deserts, Pyramids, and other sources of shamanistic Necromancy
Loot: Mummy Wrappings, Mummy Herbs
Unnerving Goat (or Goat, Unnerving)
Size: small
HP: 1
Armor: 1
Speed: medium
Attacks: 2, but not normally aggressive
Special Qualities: A sense of deep unease haunts anyone within 200 feet of the goat. The goat is unaligned and detect evil notices nothing off about the goat, though detect magic indicates an aura emnating from the goat. It is not apparent that the unease is about the goat, but a passive perception beyond that of most commoners detects that the goat is the source of your unease. The animal is otherwise unremarkable.
Number Encountered: 1, but typically surrounded by ordinary goats. Such a goat is typically born in a given rural area once a century, rarely in the living memory of anyone within a days travel.
Environment: farms, villages, markets
Loot: none, but the effect continues emnating from the dead goat for 8 hours
And the pic
>Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?
Not even gonna lie, I would absolutely use this. Being able to fake out the party with weird, unnerving goats is wonderful.
While the birth of an unnerving goat does not portend anything in and of itself, the presence of such a creature is often the cause of great disturbance on a local scale, sometimes wider. Unrest among the peasants can spread, bringing famine and civil war. A few scholars have attempted to trace the downfall of entire kingdoms back to the inauspicious presence of a goat at just the wrong place and time, though such projects ar generally considered a fool's errand.
One warlord, hearing of the unnerving goat, got his hands on a specimen and attempted to use it for his own purposes. He tied the goat to a stake at the entrance of his hall, and placed his seat at the rear, just out of range of the goat's effect. In this way all who came into his court would tremble in fear. What he did not consider was that his bedchamber, just above the great hall, was only 100 feet away from the goat. His chamberlain found him one morning; he had hanged himself by his own bedsheets.
File: nobilis of war.jpg (75 KB, 540x402)
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Others have been more successful in the past in using goats for more direct purposes, but inevitably met the same fate, prolonged exposure to the goat's presence running their nerves ragged.

Still, some remained spurned on by half-remembered myths of a mythical figure, a winged warlord who rode a chariot pulled by such goats across the sky. A god, a faerie, a spirit, they do not know. But sometimes, in the wilds when an unnerving goat is born, people dream of a great chariot riding through the sky, trailing fire and war and unrest.
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