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File: welcometothefreezer.png (451 KB, 964x531)
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451 KB PNG
>Hello again ladies, gentlemen, and any xenos who happen to be listenin'!
>It's yer favourite radio host Jackson here, again with the NEWS and WEATHER
>We start with an update on the fight against the Tau
>The military have not been forthcomin' about what's goin' on, but I can smell somethin' happenin'
>A great number of shuttle flights have been observed headin' westwards into the Liverius Basin
>Tau propaganda-droppin' overflights have stopped - whether this is for good or bad given what they were droppin' depends on how heretical you are
>Our contacts in Liveria report local Tau forces are gettin' antsy, and expect an Imperial assault any day now
>They're probably real miserable right now in the cold, with T'au bein' a desert planet and all
>Decontamination efforts over in Liamhelm followin' the Tau chemical attack are still being trialled, and results are expected soon
>Closer to home, the Nankai Elevated Highway has reopened after damage from the Spire collapse and repairs of the battle and fire damage to the city centre are progressin' rapidly
>The River Grox has frozen over early this year and the Groxbridge Frost Fair is well under way, so head down there and try the grox spitroast and some mulled amasec
>The Year-End Celebration might have been and gone, but there's still lotsa fun stuff goin' on down there
>Comet Bieder-Wolf is also real bright in the sky right now, a shinin’ light to usher in the new year
>Less happily, the water levels at Bell Valley Hydro have reached critically low levels
>Groxbridge City Authority has ordered water rationin' and rollin' blackouts to combat the ongoin' shortages
>Make sure yer stocked up on heatin' fuel, since ya don't wanna freeze to death in the dark
>A new Governor, Roditio Manley, has been appointed despite (unsubstaniated) allegations of Tau sympathies
>Manley has dismissed all accusations of heresy as "scurrilous rumours", "political defamation" and "fake news"
>And now for the WEATHER, and let me tell ya it's gonna be a cracker over the next few days
>The Damnatum Lutum branch of the Adeptus Caelo has issued an amber-red weather warnin' for across northern Nena (Groxvalley and Liverius included) in anticipation of the imminent arrival of Winter Storm Caliche
>Storm Caliche is expected to dump up to two feet of snow across the region (more than double that in the highlands) and bring winds in excess of a hundred n' ten kilometres per hour with gusts exceedin' a hundred n' eighty
>Those winds and snowfall are expected to ramp up in the next few hours as the storm approaches, so everybody better batten down those hatches
>I'm lookin' at some images and charts right now, and let me tell ya the the sting jet on this storm is abso-fuckin-lutely magnificent
>Make sure ya have a look at it on our voxnet site, idtp://musi/damnatumlutum/grn-radio.grox/meteo
>The expected snowfalls and high winds are highly likely to close the Starrick Pass Road, so if ya have anythang ya need ta use it for, do it now
>Daily highs today are expected to be in the region of minus five to minus seven degrees C, with possible lows of minus fourteen overnight
>That wind is gonna be bitterly cold though, with an additional wind chill factor of about negative fifteen degrees
>Make sure yer all bundled up under a million layers of coats or wearin' thermal pants when ya go outside for the next few days
>Some Valhallans would be a great addition to the Guard ranks around here right now with the cold and all, and the Tallarn probably just wanna go home by this point
>Anyway, you're listenin' to J of Groxbridge Radio Network, and this is GRN
>Our scheduled mornin' power cut is about to start, so we'll be off the air for the next two hours
>Sadly, that means no music, so ya won't be able to enjoy our Ancient Terr--

Sorry for the slight delay, I was busy

Welcome back to the world of Damnatum Lutum!

Damnatum Lutum is a 40K greentext series that aims to have fun (Rule of Fun/Cool > canon) and build the world, one shitpost at a time. Previous threads can be found on suptg (they're not essential reading but help a lot with understanding what's going on) at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=damnatum+lutum

If you want to jump in, don't hesitate. There's some roles I think we need below, but they're not exhaustive and if you have a faction you think would be good to represent or join an existing one, go for it.

>Tau (Priority) - The main enemy at current. Though their invasion of the region fell short and they have been pushed out of several towns, they are still putting up stubborn resistance in several places in the Liverius Basin region including its capital, Liveria.

>Orks - Like the Tau, their invasion under Freeboota Orko uv Dakkamark was defeated, but packs of feral Orks still roam the region with the potential to reform into a threat.

>Chaos - Chaos Undivided cultists were the enemy that started it all, and they have since been purged from the city. But they still lurk away from prying eyes, in the tunnels and caves.

>Iron Warriors - The IW came along with the cultists, and went to ground when the uprising was defeated. Since then they have been seldom seen, presumably working on nefarious schemes.

>Imperial Navy - The IN played a crucial role in thwarting the Tau invasion, but has since faded into the background.

>More general Imperial factions - We have Cadians, Armageddon tankers and a couple of obscure IG regiments, Imperial Fists and Sisters (Hospitaller/Martyred Lady). What other IG regiments, Astartes chapters, Sisterhood members and more will wash up here?
File: areamaplatedryseason.png (546 KB, 2000x900)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
Since last thread, I've been very hard at work on creating supplementary materials. I've compiled an information dossier on the city and region and finished the Groxbridge city map. It was 150-200h of work over three weeks and gave me a repetitive strain injury on my right hand, but I am of /tg/, and /tg/ gets shit done, no matter what. As for the dossier, I'm so sorry to spring such a massive .docx on you but any and all attempts to convert it to a PDF utterly FUBARed the formatting and even in its uploaded state it's still a bit dodgy and some of the images are broken or moved (if you download and open it, it'll be fine). The dossier contains links to the city map, a metro map (inspired by the London Underground of course, I even went and found the typeface for it) and information on the planetary system.

Oh, and the usual regional map update too. Now with integrated key!

Quick links for reference

Dossier: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yH_sF3mkCHwTcRQljw2wgyACFvR0u9gF

Map: https://i.imgur.com/P65Qw0J.png

Live-updating version of the map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uEcyZ0wgl4b0Gmp4euLdcn6cWRCU6N6w (since I have to delete and reupload the Imgur version whevever I make a change and it's a PITA to do constantly)

For the map key, see http://web.archive.org/web/20190707065931/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/50k-raster-legend.pdf and http://web.archive.org/web/20170717180121/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/abbreviations-used-on-os-25k-and50k-scale-mapping.pdf (archived because the webpages vanished just a couple of weeks ago)

Do let me know where you think your characters are based in the city so I can mark them on.

Metro map: https://i.imgur.com/VWwEIWp.png

System chart: https://i.imgur.com/rUEIIM5.png (not to scale)

System stats: https://pastebin.com/uK3aen6h
That's a stunning work Anon! Bravo!
File: every single day.jpg (47 KB, 474x648)
47 KB
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric
>Had a lot of work recently
>Send my kill team in Liamhelm along with the militarum
>But still un Groxbridge due to this new governor
>I swear to the Emperor this guy is à T'au sympathiser!
>As for the eversor no news probably still rampaging or dead
>As for me I tried to destroy all of the necron tech that I found in civil hands
>And suppress those hands
>Still those T'au are acting weirdly for their race
>No bombardment just a revolting proganda
>Almost a shlaaneshy propaganda says my colleague of the Ordo Malleus
>What will we find behind the great boundary fault ?

Those are some awesome maps, anon, thanks a lot.

Admech quarter is centred on the old auto and steel works, which has had some of it's larger warehouses upgraded and refitted into bunker-storage for the Armageddon tank regiments and what remains of the Mechanicus heavy armour. There's also a small techpriest contingent working on the chemical plant, but that's outside the "firebreak" perimeter around the main facilities.

Sigma is at the Alling Airport at the moment, will bring him out once I've had dinner and checked where we were at last thread.

The maps are superb, anon, hopefully we get enough of the regulars back to get going soon. Really did not think we warranted that much effort but regardless of anything I'm saving all of them for whatever future campaigns I want to play, the detail is excellent.
File: inbettertimes.jpg (58 KB, 600x757)
58 KB
>Be Sister Bios
>We've been sitting on our asses in Gregoriana for nearly a month now
>Freezing our asses off, more like
>Power Armor is insulated, but when the wind and snow are going the cold really bites
>It's m-my turn on sentry duty again
>I'm up on the base wall, and by the e-e-Emperor is it horrible up here
>The wind is b-b-bitterly cold, the snow is blowing in my face and I keep almost slip-p-pping off on the i-i-ice
>Why c-c-can't we use Imperial g-g-g-Guard, hell, even p-p-p-p-PDF troopers to do this?
>It's incredibly unbef-f-fitting of the e-Ecclesiarchy's finest to do such g-g-g-grunt work when others can do it i-i-instead
>Why c-can't the t-t-t-t-Tau attack already?
>It would break the m-m-monot-tony and the heat of a flamer would be v-very welcome
>The Astart-t-tes are p-p-planning s-something, but they're not our j-jurisdiction so we only hear what t-t-they t-tell us
>So far, that has been n-n-n-n-n-nearly n-n-nought
>Fuck, I just want to burn SOMEt-t-t-THING
>c-c-Can't even s-s-see the c-comet to l-l-l-look at
>Check my watch
>i-i-It's the e-end of m-m-my shift-t!
>g-g-Go inside to w-w-warm up
>Now with a nice hot mug of recaff, things don't seem so bad
>I'll see if I can't find that Astartes guy and find out what's going on and when we'll move out
>I think I'll go nuts if I wait much longer
File: Not_forgotten.jpg (221 KB, 960x643)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
>Be me, Armageddon Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Well, the news from doctor mechanicus came in
>Turns out my lady had an archaic device strapped to her engine called an "Improbability drive"
>It was made to, "Enhance a vehicles performance by amping up its machine spirit and allowing it to assist its guns, logic engines and treads"
>That's Techy's simplified explanation of it
>The techboys otherwise checking out my lady says that it's partially damaged and not entirely safe to use, however, removing it might irreperably damage the engine
>They say that all the technical data they have on it indicate that it was originally in use by a Fellblade, once that Fellblade got destroyed some borderline Heretek decided to retrofit it to my lady
>Techboys originally suggested I be given another vehicle, but when my lady revved up her engines on her own they decided I should keep her
>Got two squads of mechanized skitarii with me now to help defend my lady because of her improbability drive
>Because of this fact, and her insane combat potential, I've decided to rename her "Die Großfürstin"
>She's definitely gonna get me killed at some point
>Oh well, all in all, I think shit could be more fucked
>Like it was for the defenders of Gregoriana for a while, and likely still is for our boys in greater St. Jan
>Because of our combat track record, me and my squad are going to be part of the forward elements sent to Gregoriana
>It got cut off from our communications a while ago, but it doesn't seem to have fallen
>The General thought it'd be a good idea to reinforce it so we can push for St. Jan later
>Along with about a battalion of Legionaries, a battalion of Praetorians, a bunch of Risians and a cohort of Mechboys sent to get Gregorianas communications back online, we'll be first to Gregoriana before Caliche hits us
>Spent some time on board a devourer with a couple Risians and fellow Steel Legionaries, my squadron got air lifted into the area along with them
>The entire ride, Oswald and this one Risian exchange awkward looks
>We land maybe a couple hundred meters away from the city
>Once we finally get off the transport crafts and get in our assorted vehicles, I get pretty impressed
>This city has a gargantuan graveyard to the north-west of it consisting of nothing but blown apart tau vehicles and tau corpses
>Large swathes of it are also blown to bits
>There are Basilisk cannons poking out of most of the buildings on the northern side, and I can see trenches dug all along her northern outskirts
>This wasn't the work of JUST the PDF it seems, but also a bunch of Kriegers
>Their graves line the southern outskirts of the city, odd, I didn't think Kriegers buried their dead
>I think I realise why Gregoriana was cut off from imperial communications for a while, it looks like their main communications tower has been toppled over, presumably by several missile barrages
>I hope the governor is still alive, Major Ritter and Major Urquhart would probably like to speak with him
>Slowly but surely make my way to the city with my squadron and our assorted Mechanicus allies
>Josef's singing some ancient Terran tune originally sung by our colonial ancestors over the vox
>From the lyrics, it sort of honours the defenders of Gregoriana
>Decide to join him in singing
>"Die Grenzwacht hielt im Osten..."
>Rest of the squad joins in and we sing all the way to Gregoriana
>Y'know, I think winter may just be my favourite season
>Stannimposter actually got a fucking repetitive strain injury to give us all of these baller maps and a dossier

Once again, stannimposter is the greatest G in the thread, god bless you absolute madlad.
Only just saw the thread before bedtime, bump.
Bloody great work Anon!
I think I missed the last thread, tau did chemical weapons stuff?
File: occupationalhazard.jpg (146 KB, 1280x1280)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>These Craftworlders are really getting on my nerves
>Most of them have never seen snow, and keep trying to sneak off to play in it like children
>We've had several cases of hypothermia already, and a lot of "yes ma'am"s afterwards
>Though I admit, I could go for a climate-controlled Craftworld right about now
>Because where I am currently, on a rooftop in Stemton, is rather exposed and cold
>The effect shooting the Ethereal in Liamhelm had was highly desireable, so I've taken myself and a small team to hunt for the local Ethereal here too
>Oh, and Kerala is here too as always
>Just you try and tell that woman no when she insists on coming
>Anyway, we haven't had much luck, the best we've managed to nail so far is a Shas'el
>Shiver as a gust of wind bites through my cloak
>Numb fingers and shivering arms are really bad for sniping with
>A lone Fire Warrior wanders round the street corner looking miserable
>Can't blame him, this is far away from the warm desert sands he's probably used to
>Ah well, the small fry are better than nothing
>And another one bites the snow
>A group of Fire Warriors comes round the same corner, see their dead friend and then see me gurning like an idiot
>Well, I sure feel like one right now
>Is it time to go?
>Bulse Rifle shot buzzes past my head
>Definitely time to go.

It was in the epilogue since the thread hit the bump limit while we were still in the middle of the fight over Liamhelm so I ran with some of the suggestions made in http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/68113304/#p68271573 as to what happened afterwards
>be me
>Guardsman Lew of the 531st Cadian Regiment
>somehow got “adopted” into the sisters of battle chapter here
>by that I mean I now carry all their heavy stuff and get to purge heretics with them
>but all the promethium I could want
>Bios looks cold and board
>ask her if she wants to go patrolling for heretics with our flamers
File: maxresdefault.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Be very cold
>This planet sucks regardless of season
>It seems like there is only a few days of good weather here in between the frigid winter, scorching summer, and soggy spring
>It doesn't help that what is left of my company is posted part way up Starrick Pass in order to prevent the Tau from trying to reclaim Liamhelm
>And by "prevent the Tau" I actually mean our deaths will alert other Imperial forces of the Tau's intentions, at which point they will do the preventing, assuming anyone even notices that we are dead
>The good news is that according to the locals, the soft but deep snow drifts/dunes and blinding blizzards that periodically form in Starrick Pass during the winter will soon block access to even their hover tanks and jetpack mechs
>At which point we will probably rejoin the rest of the regiment just in time for the attack on Stemton
>oh joy
File: intotheteeth.jpg (48 KB, 700x525)
48 KB
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>With the arrival of Storm Caliche just a few hours away, I'm heading to oversee preparations on the IJB
>It's a hulking great thing, but that doesn't mean it won't take damage
>Especially considering all the holes cut into its structure as part of its conversion
>The ferry to it is luxurious, but a real slowpoke and takes half an hour to go one way
>By now, the wind is starting to pick up and black clouds loom low on the horizon to the west
>The IJB is in a state of chaos with people running around everywhere
>Order the hatches sealed, shutters pulled, doors locked, backups switched on and people moved to the upper decks
>Glad none of the Imperial military types have had the idea of converting it into a fortress
>Then again, they have no authority over me
>I might stay here to ride out the storm, actually
>It's a rather nice place I've built here
>Far away from all that craziness going on on the mainland
>Bundle up and stand on deck to watch the storm approach
>What use even are storms?
>You can't eat them, use them as cannon fodder or sell stuff to them
>Ah well. Nature works in strange ways.
>You're a menace, you know that?
>Just don't wreck too many of my things
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Most of my regiment regard me as a hero
>The new commissar gave each and every one of the medics under my command a medal
>Sadly they are made from ration tins, but the thought counts
>Lew got “adopted” by the sisters apparently
>Sometimes see him in his cold weather gear with the sisters
>On the plus side, we have more medics here
>Stationed in some shitty place called Starrick Pass
>We have to hold the Tau out of the area
>Also had to treat eldar
>Some of the guardsman are bitching about the cold
>I’m not
>Toss Trooper Monica some of the home-brewed gin/painkiller/disinfectant and make sure everyone is following the anti-frostbite protocols I set.
>Also ask if she sees anything
>be me
>master of change
>the god who never fails
>realize i have yet to meet my evil scheme quota for the week
>need at least one more thing to fill it
>realize that I have yet to mess with slaanesh this week
>order my cult in some backwater planet going through a harsh winter to send this message to the purple rape monster
Hey slaanesh, you look board. Here, have some of the hottest shit I have ever seen.
>the warp shakes with anger
>realize my cult forgot to turn on their warp vpn system
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>The perpetually optimistic Cadian medic comes over to hand out multi-purpose alcohol
>He asks if I have seen anything
>Not really no
>Though I more focused on contemplating my imminent demise via hypothermia, avalanche, tau ambush, and/or one of the various mythological monsters said to haunt these mountains
>The sergeant comes over to remind us that some sort of storm known as the "Storm Caliche" is coming in a few hours. Apparently it is like a hurricane and a blizzard mixed together
>Half-jokingly ask the Cadian medic whether he knows a good place to wait out a winter hurricane, our crappy tent base looks like it is on the verge of flying away in even normal weather
>Hopefully we don't need to take shelter in the caves, I have heard bad things about those caves
>Be Sister Bios
>A while back, we were assigned this little Cadian twerp
>Supposedly as a liason to improve communication with the Guard
>He's mostly deadweight, since we need to carefully edit his schedule so he and Peasu don't meet
>It's just his luck then that she's on leave currently
>Still, if he wants to go out and burn some Tau, I'm all for it
>I wonder if it would be heresy to see what BBQ Tau tastes like
>A few of us go off into the front lines
>We're not going to fight them directly, but lay an ambush along a known Tau patrol route
>The fresh falling snow will obscure our tracks nicely
>Can't wait to burn some blueberries
>It'll be therapeutic, I'm sure
>The heat of the flamers will keep us warm as well to boot
>Settle down behind rocks and trees
>Eventually, the telltale whine of at least one approaching Devilfish rises from along the trail
>This will be fun
pre-bed bump
>be me
>Guardsman Lew of the 531st Cadian Regiment
>on our way to the ambush
>pass out some grenades I learned to make at the last hive world I was at
>ingenious method of mixing promethium and alcohol
>Bios gives the order to attack
>singing as I burn the filthy xenos
Do you believe in magic...
>dodge some plasma fire
...in a sister’s heart?
>toss a bottle in the Tau tank
How the purging can free her, whenever it starts.
>some blue bastard knocks my flamer out of my hands
>shame he didn’t see my chainaxe
>one bifurcated tau later
And it’s magic, if the purging is holy.
>grab my flamer
>toss another bottle
>eventually we kill them all
Well that was fun
>look to Bios
Perimeter secure sister?
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Take a swig of my bottle
>Tell her caves, granting that avalanches don’t happen
>And we have food, water, fire, etc.
>Hear the unmistakable noise of flamer fire
>Look to my friend and load my shotgun
>Toss her a few energy cells for her gun
>Tell her they might be getting close
>Put my surgical mask on
You ready?
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos, Fifth Company, Second Squad
>Me and my squad are currently deployed to Firebase Imperator's Reach atop Hill 924
>The base is relatively isolated in the Great Boundary Fault
>It sits just to the Southeast of Mt. Overwatch and the Thule Tunnels
>Originally a logging site, Hill 924 provides a great place to overlook Grimhedge as well as secure the northern end of the Thule Tunnels
>The firebase was established not only to observe enemy movement, but to halt it
>After joining the fight in Liamhelm we were sent here to assist the men and women garrisoning the hill
>Our primary purpose was to expedite the fortifications and to provide tactical advice
>Now we run base security, as well as taking patrols out to the foothills of the Fault to the Northeast
>The base is also occupied by five Basilisk batteries, a squadron of Hydra, and a company of guard that patrols the area surrounding the hil
>Not to mention the electronic observation, listening post, and early warning systems operated with the aid of the Ad Mech
>The only real trouble it seems is the flow of supplies through the rough terrain
>Incoming weather might increase that difficulty, but we should have more than enough supplies if the forecasts are to be believed
>The windchill has encouraged the troops to dig in deep to avoid its cold sting
>Weather on this planet never ceases to find new ways of tormenting those inhabiting it
>Things will be back to a familiarly thick mud when all this snow melts
>Hopefully we are out of this terrain by then
>If not, we run the risk of landslides of presumably large proportions
File: 168938.jpg (625 KB, 2247x2361)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
>Be Shas'O Fi'rios Lad'Ai
>More commonly known among our Gue'vesa allies as Commander Fire Lady
>A brutal mistranslation of my name, but one that seems popular, at least according to the Water Caste
>The same Water Caste that wasted our valuable air support to drop pamphlets containing degrading images in enemy territory
>Sometimes I suspect that they are even more insane than the Be'gel
>Though perhaps I am being unfair
>This new method of war, called the Fu'llasso by some, is unfamiliar to us all
>Gone are the pinpoint strikes of the Mont'ka, the traps of Kauyon, or even the grotesque overkill of Ar'Ka
>Misdirection, unpredictability, and leveraging non-Tau assets is the new dawn of metastrategy, at least here on the edge of Imperial space
>Too bad the flaws in this new strategy are still being worked out
>The planet wide rebellion that the Water Caste promised has yet to materialize, and our alliance with the degenerate Eldar raiders has also yet to yield results
>We are now trapped in a pointless war of attrition that serves little purpose other than to distract the Imperials from our initiatives elsewhere
>However, not all is lost
>Several cadres of vicious Hodask mercenaries have arrived on the planet, the ursine brutes are said to specialize in winter warfare
>Our intelligence networks indicate that our foul Eldar "allies" have begun ambushing enemy formations on both sides of the mountains
>And our Hunter Cadres and Gue'vesa auxiliaries have driven back several raids against the frontline community of Stemton, and have successfully sprung countless ambushes,
>though unfortunately the Imperials do win the odd victory...
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Spot a Sister of Battle up ahead fighting some indistinct blurs
>What is she doing here? Most of her kind is fighting at Stemton, over 25 kilometers away
>Suddenly unimaginable pain flares in my left thigh
>Look down, there is a tear along the side of my pants, bloody, but actually quite small
>Barely see a hunched figure zip by on some sort of flying surfboard
>Terror engulfs me as I recognize it from the old stories of this world...
>The Dwellers Below
>The Pain Spirits
>The Dread Drukhari
>It is said that being captured by one is a million times worse than any other fate, even capture at the hands of the foul servants of Chaos
>Realize that the thing cut me exactly where it wanted to
>The wound is probably poisoned too
>In a blind panic I try to stumble towards a nearby cave entrance, but by this point muscles all along the left side of my body are spasming at random
>End up falling sideways into a dry creek bed filled with rocks
>Hopefully I hit my head hard enough to knock myself out
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Barely manage to see it
>Monica stumbles over into a creek bed
>And the deldar is making its way here in a hurry
>Aim my shotgun for center mast
>Flip the switch on the alarm
>Drag Monica away from the cave and back to camp
>Everyone is scrambling at the forward operating base
>There was more than one of those deldar fags apparently
>Stubbers seem to be holding them off for the most part
>Get Monica back to the triage
>Toss her on a gurney and administer a detox kit
>Scout reports say that they came from the tunnels in the cave system
>The commissar orders a mobilization of all troops and to get into positions
>For all we know, they might be working with the Tau
>Get more poisoned troops brought in
>Emperor protect us, they might be slavers
>Make a note of the sign we have on the triage
>It’s the motto of our medical company
“You can die when we give you permission to.”
>Monica flickers in and out of consciousness
>Reassure her that she will be fine
>This isn’t even the worst deldar inflicted wound I have seen
>Ask that those sisters and Lew are brought here for support over the vox
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>Me and the retinue are now in Liamhelm
>Finished my scion training
>Emperor It was hard
>The inquisitor is currently studying a Tau presenting "sign of warp anomaly"
>There's a big sign with planet and a moon linked together tatooed in pink on the torso if the Xenos
>Lupanarium charge us to find proof of more Tau having those same "caracteristics"
>Beyond the great boundary fault
>Meaning we have to cross it
>And probably on foot
>With a temperature of -10°
Well yes sir I understand sir We'll do it sir
>Of course when we are in starrick pass no transports in sight
>Let's go for five clicks in some snowy mountains
>In the middle of the pass we arrive at a camp full of guardsmen and sisters of battle in panic right before Dext is shot with a needle I the neck
>The camp start screaming about Dark Eldar
>The only thing missing in the picture was hiding in the picture
>Unholster my radium pistol and revolver and start shooting at the spiky eldars
Bump before I sleep
Bump until I have time to type stuff up
Pre-eldar fightan bump
File: Nurgling Horde.jpg (224 KB, 808x989)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
>Be me
>Loyal servant of Grandfather Nurgle, Steven Armrot
>Currently bored and sitting in grandfather's garden, suplexing the souls of lost loyalist scum to pass the time
>Hear disappointed sighs from the centre of the garden, Isha must be on her period again
>She's looking into the materium, watching as several of her children inflict horrific pain unto several humans using their poisons
>Grandfather watches her sadly, wishing she could be happy
>Then, his face lights up and he snaps his fingers, causing pus to leak from his fingernails as he does this
>Asks Isha if spreading his love to the poor souls afflicted by her children's poison will make her happy, Isha just rolls her eyes in response
>Grandfather turns to me and orders that I invade this planet and spread his love to the pained souls being attacked by the drukhari, who I must also slaughter en masse and bring into his garden for "re-education"
>Summon several dozen plague marines to my side as hordes of nurglings and cultists join us in a glorious invasion of the world known as "Damnatum Lutum"
>As portals begin to pop open all round the drukhari lines, the elves look in shocked surprise as my armies surge forth before them
>Immediately charge at the first drukhari I spot, suplexing the poncy elf faggot into the dirt and breaking his neck in the process
>Another soul for the grandfather's gardens
>Don't fuck with this chaos lord!
File: Nothin_personnel_mumin.gif (1018 KB, 499x374)
1018 KB
1018 KB GIF
>Be me, infamous Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>It's been over a terran century since I was trapped on some fucking desert in the middle of nowhere
>As thanks for my "exemplary service" the boys up top gave me a grand promotion to another inquisitors retinue
>Well thanks I guess
>They took my Rosarius though, bunch of assholes
>After about 10 years, my boss fucking died
>Or more precisely, a pissed off Red Corsair separated his head from his neck
>After killing that heretic with a lucky shot from a meltagun, they gave me the promotion to inquisitor
>After working with the inquisition for an ungodly amount of time, they finally made me a Lord Inquisitor
>Now properly decked out with a full set of Power armour, a custom made bolter, plenty of custom ammo, my trusty power axe and of course my new rosarius
>Like my inquisitorial master though, I'm no puritan
>Over my century or more of service to the imperium as an inquisitor, I've discovered that the inquisition is quite flawed in many of its methods
>All this unnecessary torture and sterilization really leaves me a bit peeved with some of my collegues honestly
>Normally I'd be dealing with the new Tyranid hive fleet that popped up some time ago, however that got intercepted by a Necron fleet and got pretty badly bruised up
>The 'nids are becoming an ever more common threat it seems, and that's why I'm here
>Been reading up on the Lutum system as we've been travling to it for a while now
>You see, Damnatum lutum possess something highly valuable
>Broken Dark Age of Technology weapons
>Thanks to my status as Lord Inquisitor, I managed to snag up the tech-priest I met on Arizonia Secundus
>He regularly walks the line between non-tech heresy and tech heresy
>Turns out, he had some old information relating to just this particular mudball
>During the early years of human colonisation, Damnatum Lutum (or as it was then known "Stella geminae Primus") came in the path of a planetoid they named "Odysseus"
>As the planet was completely isolated from most other human contact, the humans on-planet built three advanced mass driver batteries
>They called these batteries "The Lighthouse", "The Colossus" and "The Stonehenge".
>From my tech-priests description, each mass driver in the batteries would have five "cannons" to fire from and the capability to turn 360 degrees
>From what we know, the Planetoid Odysseus had 90% of its mass destroyed by these systems
>During the age of strife, however, Colossus and Lighthouse became ran down and were eventually rendered all but useless
>Stonehenge on the other hand was maintained by a group of surviving human colonists
>It wasn't kept operational though, the sheer amount of nuclear energy required to maintain its combat effectiveness was just not obtainable, and now it's completely inactive
>Several thousands of years later, the Tau appear to have found this wonderous piece of technology
>According to our information, Stonehenge resides on the Island named after the noble house "van Chijeck" close to van Kijeck island
>Our closest outpost, North Point, has been able to identify Tau craft heading to van Kijeck island and then heading further east to van Chijeck
>I think that the grounded Tau are trying to shoot down our fleet so they can make a break for it
>If I could deploy to the planet and steal Stonehenge's schematics, we may be able to produce it via the various forgeworlds and set it up on planets in the Tyranids path
>That way, we could snipe their ships in orbit and leave each one of their hives leaderless
>This may also get me killed by the mechanicus but it's worth it
>Cogitator says it's going to take about 2 hours until we arrive in orbit, I'll contact the Admiral so he knows what I'm planning
>Hopefully, the other inquisitors on planet won't notice that I'm here
>I've come within a hairs breath of being branded excommunicate traitoris about 27 times in total
>I hope my luck doesn't run out
>Time for a nap
File: O Shit Waddup.gif (944 KB, 290x200)
944 KB
944 KB GIF
>Be me
>Master drukhari swordsman and all round badass, Ra'dari
>In the middle of extracting pain from some unfortunate mon'keigh
>At least that's what I was doing
>Now it seems Nurgle's horde have just decided to pay us a visit
>Why does the universe hate me so
>Watch their leader suplex Charles and break his neck
>I should probably do something about that
>Charge the fat and yet still muscled leader of the nurglite warband, cutting down mon'keigh cultists and leaping over chaos marines as I do
>Stand before the bloated and pus-covered chaos lord, wearing glasses and smoking a large cigar that seems to be made out of shit
>The chaos lord charges me with a yell of "LET'S GO!", I leap over him and kick the back of his head with practiced grace
>I stand victorious and ask the mon'keigh what he was thinking
>Right before I get punched into the dirt
>"I fought with the Space Marines ya know."
>I retort back with "As a lowly scout?"
>"Try a sergeant of the Deathguard. Coulda gotten a promotion if we hadn't pledged ourselves to Grandfather Nurgle. I'm not one of this smurf pansies. I could break Guilliman in two WITH MY BARE HANDS! DON'T FUCK WITH THIS CHAOS LORD!"
>I jump back up and away from the crazed chaos mon'keigh and swing my sword at his body
>He catches my sword midair and snaps it in two like a twig
>I start punching desperately at his chest with yells of "WHY WON'T YOU DIE MON'KEIGH!"
>He again shoots me down, laughing as he declares "GRANDFATHER'S BLESSING SCUM! It hardens in response to physical trauma! You can't hurt me xeno!"
>Grabs my waist, suplexes me into the mud
>Feel my neck snap as mud fills my lungs
>Wake up in a forest with trees made out of sewage and rotted flesh
>Fucking Nurglites
File: unwelcomeguest.png (413 KB, 640x427)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitic
>I think we gave them the slip
>I can tell since we're not being shot at any more
>Stop on another snowy rooftop to catch our breath and get some bearings
>Everywhere in this town looks the same, especially when it's all white
>The wind is really picking up now, and snow is starting to fall
>Catch Guardian Chaya making a snow angel
>What are you, a silly mon'keigh child? Stop that.
>Hear an unmistakable sound
>The sound of Reaver Jetbikes
>What in Asuryan's name are Druchii doing here?
>Mercenaries, surely, but I wasn't aware the Tau dealt with such appalling creatures
>Everyone gets down as a squad flies overhead
>That was a close one
>What's that? A straggler?
>Usual drill. Aim. Steady. Fire. CLACK!
>The shot lands in the bike's engine, and it starts smoking and rapidly losing altitude
>The bike impacts a rooftop and the occupant is ejected, skidding in the snow to my feet
>Pick him up by the scruff of the neck
>You better start answering questions right now, or you will really dislike what will happen to you

We still appear to be missing Sammos and Priscilla posters and Sigma is having a very long dinner
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Damn it, now the damn plague boys are here
>Dawn my hazard medical suit with the rest of my fellow medics
>Commissar approves for Lew’s “Area Denial Grenade”
>Bottles of promethium and pure alcohol fly over there ranks
>Sadly I can’t join, have to tend to the wounded
>Have a regular vanilla eldar brought in front of me
>Told that a group of them are here to “Show their wayward cousins the right way”
>We have worked with regular eldar before I guess, so why not?
>Give the xeno a bottle labeled “painkiller” and tell it to drink
>Grab a similar looking bottle with the same fluid reading “antiseptic”
>It’s just the same stuff, but it works
>Pull a bullet out covered in filth
>How do these nurgle children’s guns not jam?
>Clean the wound and close it
>It will have to do I guess
>One dark eldar bike explodes outside of my triage and the damn thing runs in, syringe in hand and what I think is warp dust already to the nose
File: faithvsfuckface.png (3.47 MB, 1200x1687)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB PNG
>Be Sister Bios
>The Devilfish is mostly slag and parts
>The smell of cooking blueberries is actually very nice
>Must not want
>Suddenly there's Dark Eldar everywhere
>They certainly weren't expected
>Now the Tau are the least of our problems
>We've swapped one xeno menace for another, worse one
>They're not just xenos scum, but they're the rapey ones as well
>And the blighters are fast!
>There's too many of them to take on like this, and we're in danger of being surrounded
>Start to perform a fighting retreat to the main Imperial lines
>The forces back there should be able to reduce them to elfin giblets
>Burning Tau will have to wait until later
>Just you wait, xenos, just you wait
>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>We still dig the tunnels
>As the imperial and xenos scum squabble we have continued to infiltrate the rural population
>Some of the men buggered off and got themselves killed and nobody can find Karasseus, but with some hope the countless tons of nurglite shit under the ground will fertilise some wonderful foliage cover to expand under
>be me
>Guardsman Lew of the 531st Cadian Regiment
>scary purple rape xenos are here
>trying to catch me in a net
>clothesline a xenos
...it makes you fell happy, like a old time movie.
>the xenos tries to hit me with her crappy stick
>my chainaxe is cooler
>my fire suit is now covered in soot and xenos blood
I’ll tell you about the magic that will free your soul, but it’s like trying to teach an eldar about the Emperor.
>fire is everywhere, sisters are heading back to the 531st for support/protection
>wonder how Graves is doing
>Bios seems to be having fun at least
>that’s nice
>less likely to blam me of any of me fellow Cadians
File: noble.jpg (31 KB, 371x481)
31 KB
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Hanging out in our new company HQ in the chilly town of Gregoriana
>It is not as good as our old company HQ in that sprawling mansion back in Oak Green, but it does have its charms
>The hilltop chateau possesses commanding views of the Great Boundary Fault Mountains, not to mention three hot tubs and a dry sauna
>The men and women of the company have taken to snow surprisingly well for natives of a tropical paradise, snow men and other snow sculptures now dot the spacious grounds of the chateau, including an amazingly lifelike, though scantily clad, sculpture of St. Agnes of the Thyme
>It probably helps that the new uniforms include top notch integrated temperature modulators
>Currently lounging on a divan sipping a hot chocolate while my adjutant reads off this morning's briefing
>Apparently Dark Eldar have been spotted up in the mountains
>Ugh, gross, I hate those rapey creeps
>Luckily our orders are to maintain position in case the Tau try to break out of Stemton
>Order my officers to increase base security, the last thing I want is to be dragged off in the night for a less-than-fun trip to BDSM land
>Start skimming through an old romance novel once my adjutant leaves, then have a flashback of a similar relaxing afternoon that ended poorly
>Toss the book on an end table with a sigh, no point in tempting fate
File: unpleasantgreeting.jpg (276 KB, 1804x961)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the ordo xenos
>Received a message from the mountains apparently some drukhari came here uninvited
>And now the governor is asking me for help!
>I am an inquisitor specialized in hunting Tau!
>The admiral contacted me saying that "my colleague Greger von Rosen" is coming here
>Fantastic who's next the tyrannids and Kryptman?
>Better keep an eye on him so i am going to greet him nicely and ask him to take care of those damn murderapists knives hears
>So here I am at the Groxbridge space port waiting on the tarmac for possible traitor inquisitor on a planet at the hand of a possible traitor governor
>Everything is fine
File: holdon.gif (7.7 MB, 528x360)
7.7 MB
7.7 MB GIF
>be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>No longer on the base
>I realised that if I stayed here, i could be trapped for days
>In retrospect, that wouldn't have been so bad
>And setting off back to shore was a terrible idea
>The winds have already reached 80kph offshore, and it's looking ugly outside
>The wind howls around the superstructure as spray and snow flies against the windows and the ship shudders from waves slamming into the side
>You did bring lifejackets right, Dom?
>What do you mean, you forgot them?
>I'm supposed to be sailing through space, not on a boat in the teeth of a storm
>Although, come to think of it, I am basically a space privateer with the hat to match
>And this is no different to a Warp Storm
>The ship lists drunkenly to one side as a wave catches it from the side
>A wall of furniture slides across the decks, sweeping crew along with it
>A brave wise guy starts playing the piano as it rolls around the deck
>Get me out of this madhouse already
>Nautical nonsense is not something I wish
>be tzeentch
>have a spectacularly evil idea
>order one of my cult members to dress as a guardsman and deliver this Edric (or whatever her name) is a package
>this package holds intel on the tunnels those Dark Eldar and Iron Warriors are using
>hopefully she takes the bait
>if she dies, I win, and we are one less inquisitor
>if she kills them I still win, mostly because I don’t like those guys
>cultist asks who the intel should be from
>hang on, let me throw this dart
>ummmmm...sister bios?
>yeah, that should work
>cultist nods and runs off to his destination
File: 1546529958223.png (315 KB, 500x747)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
>Be me, sleeping Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Ah, what a lovely grass field this is
>I sure do love it when there's no sand around
>Hey... what's this?
>Why does it feel like I'm sinking?
>I wonder what's underneATH AH AH AH SAND SAND OH EMPEROR NO
>Be me, no longer sleeping Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Panting, sit up out of bed
>Slammed my axe into my nightstand
>Now I have to replace that again, Emperor damnit
>Check timer I had set up to see how long until we arrive
>"-3 minutes"
>Well, best to get dressed
>Crusader in my retinue rushes inside as I remove my axe from my nightstand, asks what that fuck all that screaming was about
>Say one word
>He nods but doesn't walk out
>Says we've got a request to show up at the Groxbridge space port
>Start getting myself dressed, call servitors out to help me gear up
>"Who was the request sent by?"
>"Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos, my lord"
>Leonpines Edric, now why does that name sound familiar?
>I need to contact the Admiral, I can draw upon my own forces to assault Stonehenge, but we'll need more Aerial support
>I also need to contact the Master of Skitarii on-planet, if he knows of what I plan to do with Stonehenge he'll surely send a couple mechanicus operatives to help
>Oh and there's also a snowstorm-hurricane coming in over Groxbridge
>I couldn't have the meting if I wanted to right now
>"Tell her that because of the incoming storm and other obligations I am unable to reach Groxbridge."
>Crusader nods and trudges off
>As my Servitors finish helping me on with my power armour and begin handing me my bolter, I remember why the name "Edric" sounds so familiar
>An inquisitor called Xanthis Edric investigated my mentor Kyrilos Konstantin when he used Eldar weaponry to destroy a genestealer infested hive city
>He got off scot free, of course
>But I sure hope nobody remembers that Kyrilos had an acolyte by the name of Greger who set off the weapon under orders
>Put on my Rosarius and with that I'm all geared up
>Tech-priest is going to have to stay here if the Mechanicus helps us, nobody even knows he's with me right now
>Say small prayer to the emperor before going off to contact the Admiral and Sigma-32d
File: Here comes the boops.jpg (23 KB, 621x414)
23 KB
>Be Master of Skitarii Sigma-32d
>In air transit, preparing to secure mountaintops in a slash across the Great Boundary Fault and maintain at least some mountain supply to Gregoriana
>First wave ran the gauntlet ahead of us with Hochberg's tank squadron, but the Mechanicus proper doesn't have enough tanks left to patrol the city as well as field a full-scale battalion
>Still, these Macrotek hover-lifters are better than ground-pounding, even if the weather is already not great up here
>Manning the side heavy bolters on station as the first wave descends to Mount Mufasa
>Ranger teams drop from the sides of the lighter lifters and fan out around the site, rifles raised
>Visibility is pretty poor, auspexes on the heavier aircraft are providing the infantry targeting data
>No vox signal can get through the oncoming storm until we get the atmospheric corridor equipment set up, but right now it's just patchy
>Unfortunately it was out just long enough for the Dark Lance tearing through the third lander dropping in to come as a complete surprise
>Lander lists out of the way of the second shot but eats the third one to the reactor and detonates, spilling shrapnel and blazing metal over the snowy clearing below
>Dark Eldar gunboats, coming in
>Sync to auspex readings and start blazing away into the dark with the twin heavy bolters, catch the second Venom coming in with a line of detonating mass-reactives
>Jetbikes ignore the landed flitters and their infantry teams and streak through the tracer streams towards the circling gunships
File: Justaskeikaku.jpg (17 KB, 640x360)
17 KB
>Be me, (((Tzeentch)))
>Just lured a horde of Slaanesh cultists away from (((my))) plans on the mud planet
>Their leader Cumstream Sam charges me, smiling with his gleaming white teeth as he does
>Pull off my mask and reveal the truth
>Haha! You expected Tzeentch, but it was me, Im'a'wee'ah'boo'virg'in Nev'uh'tuch'd'a'vag'in'a!
>Cackle with keikaku-ing glee as the Slaaneshi fools realize they've been lured into a trap
>Be me, Tzeentch, for real this time
>Smiling smugly now that I managed to troll Slaanesh and her/his/it's followers
>Now for my true keikaku!
>A bunch of blueberries are busy attempting to get an ancient piece of human technology online
>Wait, who's the one who just arriv... ah
>There's also an imperial inquisitor attempting to take over this piece of tech before the xenos get it online
>He's arrived early, waiting on a toaster-fetishist to send reinforcements
>Ah imperials, always so.... unimaginative
>Remember that this is the same piece of tech that fires nukes at rates of dozens a second
>Think of the possibilities!
>Drop a few whispers to my followers on the mud planet to summon my servants at van Chijeck island
>Their ritual is already complete, so a wonderful smile adorns my lips as my lord of change "I'nev'er'get'puss'ee" arrives with a horde of cultists, screamers and horrors in tow
>Watch the blueberries flee in shocked terror as my servant starts stealing their souls and adding them to my already vast collection
>Put my feet up and lean back, another keikaku going just as planned
File: 500% Peeved.jpg (174 KB, 588x576)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>*Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiff* SMELL THAT? IT SMELLS LIKE NERD IN HERE!!!
File: I'M FUCKIN INVINCIBLE.jpg (48 KB, 700x520)
48 KB
>Be me
>Suneater, loyal servant of the blood god Khorne
>Busy chopping up some nerds with my sickass arm-saws
>Suddenly, get text from the big guy himself
>Intense screaming and hatred bursts forth from my phone, never change dude
>Sure thing Khorne
>Rally together my troops of cultists, world-eaters and bloodletters
>We surge forth from the portals and immediately enter a melee of blueberries and Tzeentchian nerds
>Time to spill blood and collect some skulls for the skull throne!
>Just like the good ol' days after the Horus Heresy!

Ok anons, I'm going to leave the control of Suneater alone for now, so anyone who wants a shot at collecting some blood for the blood god whilst also being FUCKIN INVINCIBLE, go nuts.
Also forgot to mention, if anyone wants to drop ol' Cumstream into the new melee to get the ball rolling and have him chop some fools up with his colgate-brushed teeth, feel free.
Wait a minute, if we already had a tzeetch, did everything I did happen or does bios not know about the tunnels now?
Both. This is Tzeentch we're talking about here, he always has thousands of master plans going on at once.
Or rather, what you posted did happen, but all the pre-bios posts were actually a lord of change masquerading as Tzeentch.
File: DE_Reavers.png (2.9 MB, 996x1412)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG

>There's your first mistake, protector protocols loaded
>Rangers swing around, crouch and put a volley of galvanic rounds into the jinking fliers, sending several spilling from their seats or veering off course
>One leaps from his seat and lands somewhere on the outer hull of my flyer, lean out from the gun position and start blazing away with my photon gauntlet at the bastard
>Noosphere reports third and fourth landing positions also coming under Xenos attack, second base remains unengaged and is providing fire support for Guard positions retreating into the mountain caves
>Rangers have formed a somewhat tighter perimeter than was originally intended, designate the two landers carrying the corridor generator and the attendant techpriest team to land within it
>Order Base Two's gunships to peel off to the northwest and take a firing pass against base Three and Four's attackers, which should reduce the pressure on those somewhat
>One of my circling gunships explodes, boarding Eldar must have hit something critical
>Lascannon fire has managed to force back the enemy Ravager,
one Venom is spiralling away with the crew shredded by mass-reactives and the other has flown clean through our formation and is pulling away along with the surviving mounted bikers
>Gunships report that the landing party designated for the fourth mountaintop has been shredded and is irrecoverable, hence why the Dark Eldar appear to be pulling out
>Can get 3/4 of the required bases up, but either the resupply flights will have to endure the storm for the descent down from the Fault or the supplies will have to be transported by land from there, either way they're vulnerable to more Deldar or Tau raiding parties
>Manage to wing the boarding Reaver with a gauntlet shot, he slides down the side of my gunship and I grab his leg, swinging him down and clear of the hull

>On return flight to AerImp Groxbridge, vox crackles again. Priority message, Inquisition signum
>This could be trouble
Bioswriter here, IC she doesn't know. She never had any reason to know.

Also for the future I think we should avoid big-name characters and stick to OCs.
Seconded, partly why I got characters like Suneater into the brawl
Suneater vs the eversor that was set loose by Tzeench by the end of the last thread?
Pretty sure the eversor's dead by now desu, so Suneater's up against Inquisitor von Rosen instead, as well as the Lord of Change I'nev'er'get'puss'ee of course
Sorry ment to say the inquisitor, stuck your name on there as a lie
Which one? Lupanarium Edric or von Rosen?
But Edric receive the package so she can't send it to herself
A tzeetch cultist disguised as a guardsman brought it to Edric, the “guardsman” said it’s from Bios
Ok I post with antonius before posting with Edric again leaving von Rosen the time to land
The Tzeentch post already detailed von Rosen attacking Stonehenge and the storm rolling in would probably prevent any sort of landing near Groxbridge, there's no need for it man don't worry
File: snowryooftop.jpg (90 KB, 800x1067)
90 KB
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Start shaking the Kabalite
>Who are you and why are you here?
>I might seem like a scrawny Ranger, but I'm stronger than I look
>I didn't even think Druchii hired themselves out like that
>Lob the repulsive man off the building into the confused fight the town has suddenly devolved into
>It's a melee a trois between Tau and daemons of Tzeench and Khorne
>Fortunately the latter two are mostly focused on killing each other
>So long as they don't come after any of us, I'm down to let them have at each other
>Visibility is down a few hundred metres as the snow falls thick and fast
>Wind whistles through the aerials and alleys and blows snow in my face
>It's not going to be a pleasant stay up here
>The snow does help keep us concealed though
>Smirk as the Kabalite is clubbed into the air and flies over a rooftop
>A few second later, he sails right back the other way like a shuttlecock
>At least there's entertainment
>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>We have further infiltrated the Lutumnian population
>These conical hats are really helping
>Many see the new Governor as a sympathiser for Tau filth, put in place by their Imperium
>We still have mountains of shitty autoguns laying around
>be me
>sneakyboy little finger
>one of the sneakiest of boys
>came here with a smaller warband
>heard about a big wagh so we went to join
>sadly we got to the nearby system and got eaten by big nids
>only I got to a fast rocket pod and escaped
>everyone knows you can’t wagh with just one grot
>i need a new boss
>get on me stealth wagh gear and head into the mountain
>got to be a good boss there
>after days of trekking, i made it to a cave
>stumble into some spiky purple ‘ummies hugging each other
>i moight be a grot, but i ain’t stupid
>i know what purple spiky ‘ummies do to grots
>run outa cave loike a git
>see a spiky ‘ummie snorting something in a tree
>aim me shoota gun at the git
File: the pass.jpg (33 KB, 608x320)
33 KB
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now a scion of the retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium of the Ordo Malleus
>Currently to à to à better defensive position
>According to the sisters it's a little village at the end if the pass
>Still better than getting shot in the open
>Hiems order us to move faster
>Because nurglites have been spotted
>Does catching a cold count as being touched by Nurgle?
>The troops are now running to this village while shooting around
>A cover fire is perfect like those caves maybe I should hide in some of them
>Some guardsmen run inside and the cave immediatly but fire start to gush out of it
>Well the village will do nicely
>My left arm feel lighter tho
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Where the hell are our reinforcements?
>The vox operator himself had to beat some deldar to death with a spare vox unit
>I myself had to smoke over 10 xenos who tried to get our painkillers
>The operator said that the sisters and Lew are on their way, but they are facing heavy resistance
>And In the Commissar’s third visit he pulls out his personal vox unit and makes a call to someone named Edric
>Something about her owing him a favor
>On the plus side, Monica is stable
>That’s good, we need more marksman
>Hear flamers getting close
>Must be Lew
>I hope
Bump before I go to work
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Still hanging out in our new company HQ in Gregoriana
>Vox reports are becoming increasingly alarming:
>Our advance forces in Stemton have stumbled into a confusing skirmish between Tau, their apparent Dark Eldar allies, and daemons of Tzeench and Khorne
>A three-way fight has broken out in Starrick pass between Imperial forces, Dark Eldar, and a Nurgle warband that appeared out of nowhere
>Our air support is being harassed by Dark Eldar whenever they try to cross the mountains, and there are hints of something strange going on around one of the islands off the coast
>And there is not one, not two, but three Inquisitorial warbands now wandering the planet
>Hopefully this isn't evidence that a full scale warp excursion is imminent
>Sigh and order the men to mobilize, it is only a matter of time before we get ordered to attack something...
>Be Insurgent Nguyen
>The big metal men have given us guns to oppose the false government
>Imperial troops are running around the planet fighting the other invaders over our home
>be me
>sneakyboy little finger
>still wandering through the pass
>see more purple and spiky ‘ummies
>also see some green ‘ummies
>not orks tho
>but they ain’t lookin so good
>that one got its guts on ‘is neck
>moight as well put ‘im outa his misery
>snow serves to hoide me well
>i ‘ear the sounds of what sounds loike flame tossars
>follow em, they moight me me new boss
>if nothin else, i just want some fire to warm up
File: Aerial_Assault.png (632 KB, 502x712)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>My request was granted by the admiral, though he appears to be busy dealing with Eldar mercenaries that just showed up
>Asked if he wanted my cruiser "Last Daughter of Tartarus" to help him
>Told me, word for word, "My good Lord Inquisitor, do you have any idea how adept me and my men are at drifting?"
>I suppose sitting around doing nothing in space may make a man a bit... odd
>Thanked him for his help and got in my Valkyrie with the rest of my retinue
>Couldn't contact Sigma due to the storm going on and us being in space, glad I had this in built vox apparatus in my armour
>As we move down through the cloudy sky and do our best to stay out of the storm
>Send another signal to Sigma, this time it comes through
>His signal was still a bit spotty, but, I managed to get in touch with him and send him my request for a team of Tech-Priests to help me gather the Mass driver schematics
>Told him one of my Valkyries could pick them up, but just as I was about to get my reply the signal was lost
>Send a message to the Last Daughter of Tartarus and tell her to send down one of our extra Valkyries just in case he accepts my request
>As we're getting closer and closer to our target, I get several messages through the vox
>Squad commanders telling us they're here
>Looks like my aerial reinforcements have arrived
>Several squads of Thunderbolts, lightnings and a squad of Avengers
>That should be enough to deal with ground targets, our plan of attack is simple then
>First we capture the bunker command complex near Stonehenge, then get the schematics with the help of mechanicus agents
>Of course, nothing's ever that simple
>As we're flying north of Gregoriana, two large heat signatures appear below us on my auspex
>These are suddenly followed by more heat signatures and a message ringing out over the vox
>"<<< Fuck, Daemons! >>>"
>Aircraft keep on the move
>Men around me making the sign of the Aquila as we get closer and closer
>Start hearing shouts over the vox like, "Guns, guns, guns!" and "Fox 2! Fox 2!"
>Valkyrie does a sudden and violent break as a Missile explodes next to us
>Tau have launched fighters of their own to stop us
>Valkyrie slows down a couple seconds after it starts flying normally again drops us off at Stonehenge
>Me and my Crusaders unload first, Stormtroopers pour out from their Valks' second
>We're standing on a giant reinforced ferrocrete circle, going around the edge of it are the mass drivers
>By Tartarus' giant fucking daemon, they're massive!
>And there looks to be 15 of them in total
>But wht REALLY catches my attention is the GIANT FUCKING WARP RIFT IN THE SKY
>Even more so the giant killer space marine with rotary blades on his arms
>They're spinning around with glee as a squad of khornate berserkers appear behind him via a warp tear
>Members of the lost and damned rush out after them, opening fire at my own men
>Activate vox
>"This is Lord Inquisitor von Rosen to all units, start clearing out the bunker complex, the Crusaders and I will deal with the Space marines. Ave imperator."
>Inquisitorial storm troopers start to leg it toward the command and control bunker as the Valkyries lay down suppressive fire on the astartes with rotary blades on his body
>Suddenly, Mechandrites spring from the main astartes' back and bring up several rows of ablative armour made out of rotary blades, taking the shots coming at him
>Majority of the enemy with him have been destroyed, only 4 berserkers remain
>Valkyries behind us taking off, grab my power axe and two hand it
>"What in the warp kind of astartes are you?"
>"Suneater to you, corpse worshiper, a pleasure to be your killer!"
>He laughs jovially as he charges forward at me, ablative armour raised
>Somersault out of the way at the last second, a crusader behind me getting caught by his ablative sawblades and locking his repulsor shield with it
>Feel two chain axes impacting my Rosarius shield
File: bitbreezytoday.gif (7.36 MB, 600x338)
7.36 MB
7.36 MB GIF
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Scoot off the boat like it's on fire
>Last time I get on a ship in a storm
>Take trains and the subway back to Brannet
>Gotta hand it to them, the local trains might be junkers but they won't let a pesky storm stop them
>Walk in the front door and bash the snow off my boots and coat
>The power's out again so it's a bit dark and cold
>No matter, the fireplace fully works
>Before long a nice fire is roaring in the hearth
>This is cosy, actually
>The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful
>Go to sleep
>Awaken to the sound of the window shattering as autogun rounds bury themselves in the ceiling
>What the hell?
>Look outside
>There's a bunch of people in conical rice hats wielding autoguns and firing at things at random
>More burrs and crackles of gunfire can be heard over the wind from elsewhere
>Just what I needed right now
>More vandals or, even worse, revolutionaries
>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>The revolutionaries are really getting into it
>They’ve got the enthusiasm but seemingly no clue what to prioritise shooting at
>Hopefully they are at least drawing the imperial forces thinner in the midst of this snow/shitstorm
>Now that the great foe are preoccupied with xenos filth and being shot at by farmers just to reach them in combat, we can begin to smuggle geurillas and men in place to hit a target that matters
>Still no fucking clue where Karasseus is
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Flying over the ruined cluster of hovels that the mon-keigh call Stemton on my Reaver bike, reveling in the glorious chaos and conflicting emotions
>Over the past couple of weeks we have already captured several Sisters of Battle, hundreds of ordinary soldiers and civilians, a couple of orks, and even a Space Marine!
>Who would have thought that following up on some mandrake rumors would be so profitable?
>The best part is, the Tau think we are in some kind of alliance! In return for raiding Imperial forces and leaving them alone, they have been providing some high quality intelligence
>The real kicker though is that as part of the bargain, the Tau have to periodically direct their human allies to "reinforce us", which really means sending them straight to one of our webway portals
>The moral agony of the Tau when we bullied them into accepting that part of the deal, and the soul crushing sense of betrayal when we reveal to their idealistic human allies the nature of the alliance is worth the trip alone
>Spot several mon-keigh soldiers of Risa try to drag a wounded Sister to safety
>Hop off my Reaver and kick one soldier in the groin with my spiked boots, while a light caress from my venom blade sends the other into helpless convulsions
>Hoist the Sister up in the air so that the crew of a passing Venom can take possession of her
>One of her comrades rushes me with an outraged shout
>Let her get close before tapping the button on my bracelet that summons my Reaver back to me
>It impales her just as she is about to take a swing at me, and I hop back on and gain some altitude in order to look for some other promising targets
File: cyborgbear13blogger.jpg (230 KB, 676x900)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>Spot some of our sacrilegious cousins sniping at targets from a rooftop
>Dearly want to capture them and break their will to the point that they will beg for the chance to lick the soles of my feet, but grudgingly refrain since we need them for certain business later
>Instead admire one of the Tau's Hodask allies gun down several Krieger with its peculiar shoulder mounted weaponry, before finishing off the group with its vicious claws
>Resolve to capture at least one of the brutes when the "alliance" with the Tau inevitably dissolves
File: fireandice.png (2.5 MB, 1978x2207)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
>Be Sister Bios
>This is not running away from the xenos filth, this is a tactical retreat
>We'll fight them again soon
>Crunching through the snow, the base comes into sight
>It's not a very pretty sight
>It's been roughed up badly and damaged, but it's not fallen
>Someone comes running up with some urgent news
>Some Imperial forces are having trouble in the pass
>We need to reinforce and rescue them before they get either killed or cut off by snow
>What are we waiting for?
>Ah yes, Kaybord
>She is in charge, after all
>Relay the news and she tells everyone to form up outside
>She won't stand for this either
>Tell the vox-operator to try and get through to them, because the cavalry is coming
>And it's bringing the flames
>be me
>Guardsman Lew If the 531st Cadian Regiment
>hell yeah
>heading back to join the regiment
>i can get drunk with normal people, and not have to babysit sister Kate and hear her moan about her inability to form meaningful relationships
>Bios isn’t much better, but she just likes to shoot wildly into the air
>reload on promethium, booze, and bolt pistol rounds
>i “found” the pistol in a unused locker
>once we are loaded up, we head off
>i toss Bios some of my new grenades
Trust me, anything that these are used on will regret messing with you.
>with that, we head off
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Wake up in a medic tent
>Look down at the wound on my thigh, it is still flushed and puffy around the stitching, but far less disgusting to look at than I feared it would be
>Suddenly thankful for the unflattering standard regulation boxer shorts I wear under my pants, I would be rather cold without them
>Try to sit upright, but this just causes a sharp spike of pain to flare through my skull
>Parts of the room seem to be spinning, and patches of light and dark sporadically appear
>Not sure if this is from the concussion I doubtlessly received falling on the rocks, or an aftereffect of the poisoning
>Also gradually become aware of just how bad it smells in the tent, kind of like putrefying corpses and feces mixed together and left to dry in the sun all week
>Strange, the friendly Cadian medic always struck me as a tidy sort, it seems unlikely he would let rot fester in his tent
>Hear a munching noise and turn to see a nurgling sitting on a nearby shelf, happily chewing on an amputated finger
>I shriek as it notices me and waddles over, I somehow manage to roll over the other side of the bed and get myself partially upright
>Notice a large glass jar of anti-septic fluid and toss it at the nurgling
>As I had hoped, the jar breaks, and the anti-septic fluid burns the nurgling like acid
>Grab a spare lasgun and stumble around the tent looking for other intruders, but the tent is empty other than some unconscious soldiers
>Sit back down and wait for one of the medics to return
>Hopefully they don't send me back into combat, I haven't been in this much pain since that time an ork used me to try to bludgeon a Space Marine
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Well Monica is awake
>And she killed a nurgling
>Good for her
>Walk up to her and congratulate her for her speedy recovery
>Catch her up to speed on what is happening as I tend to the other patients
>Also explain that we have backup en route
>Perscribe her some more painkiller, a spare hotshot lasgun, and a carapace chest piece, mostly because we need a guard in here and she is awake.
>Tell her to be safe, and when she hears flamers, it means the sisters are hear
>Walk out, take Cover and start duck hunting xenos
>The xenos are hitting us hard, but we are holding fast
>A deldar fag grabs my shotgun
>It fails to see the revolver on my hip
>Grab my shotgun and start killing again
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>It looks like the Sisters and many of the Guardsmen are breaking and running
>Hmmm, how disappointing
>Hop off my jetbike in order to behead a fleeing soldier
>It is one of "Happy Enders"
>The fur used to make the hat is surprisingly high quality for mon-keigh craftsmanship, I shove it in my belt for future examination later
>I direct my forces to hunt down as many fleeing mon-keigh as possible before they make it back to their crude fortifications just outside of Stemton
>Receive word from Sybarite Jim'baa that something interesting is happening over at "Starrick Pass"
>It is probably nothing, but things are winding down here anyways
>Issue new orders for everyone to mount up and head to Starrick Pass
File: raccoon park 3.png (303 KB, 590x590)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
>Be Old Jim
>Sitting in Dunlan Park, feeding the giant albino sparrows some moldy breadcrumbs
>See some young fellas and lasses running around shooting into the air
>Huh, they look like those chaos types that were calling the shots around here a few months back, wondered where they all got to...
>They scare away one of those rat-men thingies that was eating one of those small green pointy eared fellas
>Another small green fella backs towards me, only for Bob the giant raccoon to tackle him to the ground
>He was always a bit defensive of his favorite food source
>Hope he doesn't have rabies though
>Dem municipal folks always get a bit excited about rabies
>A bunch of soldier fellas charge the chaos fellas while riding some sort of two wheeled doohickey
>Never a dull moment at Dunlan Park
>be me
>sneakyboy little finger
>knew painting meself white was a good idea
>was able to sneak rought up behind a spiky ‘ummie while she was hugging herself and chop ‘er up while she was distracted
>more spiky ‘ummies in the area
>but i am gettin’ closer to the flame tossars
>see wot looks loike a important spiky ‘ummie on a fancy warbike
>kinda reminds me of wot gunnar had before the nid got him
>got some red on it
>but it ain’t fast enough for me to miss it
>on the plus side, i got ‘he bike and the ‘ummie’s leg
>’ummie ain’t dead
>and the bike is still flying, but it is on fire
>it’s going to the flame tossar noises
>gonna chop that spiky ‘ummie and hopefully meet my new warboss
> Be me black Templar Marshal in charge of what's left of our forces here.
> At this point the mud caked to our armor is so thick it's become a second layer of paint.
> We finally leave this Emperor forsaken swamp, or whatever it is that we've been trapped in for the past several months.
> Our numbers are reduced. I see only 400 battle brothers with me, whereas before we had 600 at least. Granted most of those brothers are mounted on some form of transport, but the fact remains the apothecaries report a depressing amount of geneseed has been reclaimed and is stored within sealed crates.
> We pick up some form of radio signal from Groxbridge, apparently the fight with the Tau and Orks is ongoing, the iron warriors continue to be a menace, and we're stuck out here in emperor only knows where.
> I turn to my brothers and give the order to march for the capital, giving orders to find any vehicles that we can salvage and use along the way.
> We may not be at our best, but by the emperor we're not out of this yet. It's time to pull some pages from the white scars playbook.
> the vox is alight with chaotic orders and reports of ork biker gangs, dark eldar, tau, and other menaces of all kinds.
> Dark Eldar? Here?
> that sounds like something we can handle.
> In our time we have not been idle.
> We have claimed many vehicles for the chapter in our spare time. Bikes, rhinos, chimeras, skimmers. Most of our forces are mechanized at this point.
> Belay my previous orders, and order our vehicles at full speed towards the battlefield around a town called Stemton with all haste. War is calling, and we shall answer with all haste.
> Activate my vox and tune it to the sororitas and guard frequencies for that area.
"Take heart servants of the emperor, Salvation is soon at hand."
> Cut the vox and gun my bike as the snow, mud and dust is kicked up in our wake, creating a massive flurry as our horde of vehicles speeds towards the town.
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Okay, so maybe I had a bit too much to drink while I was waiting for our mobilization orders to come in
>And maybe we are still several months from Candlemas because of how the seasons work on this planet
>But the public vox channels are still down in the storm, and old Candlemas music was the only thing I could find in the chateau
>I am currently in the hold of my Crassus Assault Transport, keeping platoon moral up with weather appropriate music
>Apparently a bunch of Tau have advanced into Starrick Pass, and now we coming up behind them in order to pincer them there with the Dark Eldar, the nurgle warband, and God-Emperor knows what else
>Every once and a while the driver will interrupt us to announce he is about to run over someone again
>So far he has hit two ork buggies, a tau piranha, and a great knarloc
>How he even sees anything in this storm is beyond me
>Oh well, no use worrying about it, "Jingle bells" is up next, hopefully I can remember the lyrics
File: AssaultBike00.jpg (168 KB, 605x600)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
> Be me black templar marshal
> Our approach to the town of Stemton is interrupted by reports of a battle at Starrick Pass.
> Order the brothers to fire at will and to not stop moving, kill anything nonhuman and continue forward to Starrick pass.
> We shall hunt these xenos to the ends of the planet if we must.
> At my order, the convoy's various weapons take aim and fire at their selected targets, letting out a deafening roar as we thunder foward, lascannon beams lance towards buildings and xenos craft, obliterating them or missing their shots as they duck and weave, rockets hurtle towards buildings, letting out fireballs and turning several eldar craft into shards of xenos material and eldar pulp. Cannonfire pummels buildings and hammers into infantry and vehicles amidst the reports of heavy stubber and heavy bolter fire. We have arrived.
> Our chaplain stands atop a salvaged exorcist, roaring litanies in tune to the laud hailers behind him as they pour terran battle songs from their speakers. the organ providing a backdrop as their deadly payload is launched into the air.
> True to our word, we pass through the town, utterly destroying anything that crosses our fields of fire, land raiders, rhinos, chimeras, repressors and a thousand other patters, makes, models, and craft chugging through the small town, spewing vengeance against anything that dares to put up resistance.
File: The Man Himself.png (216 KB, 521x237)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
>Be me
>Loyal servant of Grandfather Nurgle, Steven Armrot
>Currently busy knocking some sense into this xeno scum with my bare hands
>Grandfather's children are busy vomiting onto the various loyalists, healing their pain but also causing terrifying rashes to pop up in areas the drukhari attacked
>Speaking of the Drukhari, they're pushovers
>Their necks break after just a bit of minor manhandling
>As I kick one drukhari pansy off into the distance as my forces cheer me on in the background, spot a monstrous construct approach
>A talos pain engine, currently in the process of dissecting several loyalists into piecemeal
>I mean, they are loyalists, but no one deserves
>Time to make Granddaddy proud!
>Charge the engine and jump straight at it's chest, using all my weight as I grapple it down onto the floor
>The engine attempts to start dissecting me, but his pansy-ass blades don't do shit
>Grandfather's blessings scum!
>As the pain engine continues to writh about, get a secure grip around the 'waist' of the Talos
>Lean back and suplex that fucker's head into the dirt
>Hear an audible crunch as my Deathguard helps immediately start doing elbow slams onto it's buried head to finish the fucker off
>Victoriously cry "FEEL THE WRATH OF THE CULT OF NURGLE!" as the pain engine finally stops writhing about
>Unleash another kick and send that engine's head flying off straight into the face of some drukhari flying about on his fancy-ass little skyboard
>Pull out another shitgar and light it up as a few nurglings swarm the fallen drukhari and tear him to bits
*deserves that
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>So von Rosen speaked he wants to scavenge a weapon that could destroy Hive fleets
>Only this time the mechanicus come with him to inspect this weapon
>Seems fine to me since he started to learn from his mistakes
>As I exit the bloody snowy tarmac à guardsman come to deliver me a package from "sisters Bios"
>Wasn't she that one sororitas who welcomed me when I landed here ?
>The package is full of intel about Iron warriors in the tunnels of the planet
>I don't know how she get all this intel but I should still send some people to investigate
>The Black Templars seems the best group for it
>With their rightgeous hatred of these traitors it's gonna be over soon
>The moment I take my vox another guardsman come to tell me about his commissar that needs my help in Starrick pass
>I will send my Deathwatch kill Team there it will be a sufficient support
>And I should better join them
>And since the fastest way to get to Liamhelm IS by air I will use my Corvus Blackstar
>Literrally thirty seconds after the take off the vox officer tells me that the governor wants to see me because a uprising has started against him
>I just wanted to punch Tau in the dick
>Be Guerrilla Nguyen
>Our comrades in Dunlan Park are reporting great mechanised forces of the false government >>68730643
>The metal men have started dumping rocket launchers onto us for them, many of them look beyond ancient, with weird things scrawled on the sides
>Must be some cool chaos runes
>We have been smuggling more comrades and weapons inside the city, and the big metal men say it is time to attack the Vaulian Yards and liberate the steelworks and chemical plant for the people
File: antenna.jpg (117 KB, 800x1186)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>Our power is BACK, and we are back om the air!
>Before we get into the music though, we gotta cover some NEWS
>We haven't been able to get anyone on the ground, so we have no idea what's going on up in the mountains and beyond
>SkyEye is grounded from the weather, so no skycam either, and comms are cut off
>All we can do is hope it's going well over there
>We're also receiving reports scattered violent riots and possibly armed insurgents within Groxbridge
>The troops are off fighting so GCA has requested assistance from Arbites Group Mu-Eta-Epsilon-Phi-Gamma Four as well as the PDF divisions in Stanley, Shannox and Draxley
>Our perimeter security is armed and trained, so they should be able to keep the building secure from a ragtag buncha ne'er-do-wells
>Wapper Island is also where most of the remaining law enforcement units have fallen back to and are preparing to hold the bridges and tunnels
>We can't see shit from our broadcasting studio in this weather, so we can't see what's happening on street level
>Our anenenemeomenemeoblehhhthingy on the roof clocked a wind gust of a hunded and sixty kilometres an hour just a minute ago
>But hey, we can continue to play you banging ancient tunes through this whole unpleasantness
>Here's one we've been saving for a while now, to set the tempo
>[in background] Hey, Toki! Fire up 50kW Transmitter Three and set it to Imperial Guard-frequency wideband! We might get through to 'em!
File: inthepass.png (367 KB, 640x480)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
>Be Sister Bios
>The Krieg tankers have disappeared and we can't get ahold of them
>Shame, we'd have loved to have ridden out with them
>Still, we brought a handful of Immolators with us, and Sister Dapter is itching to drive one
>You go, girl
>Crashing through snowdrifts and haering the thumps and screams of crushed and burned xenos scum
>This makes everything that's happened so far OK
>Weak, crackly music starts to come over the radio as well to rock out to
>Blasting things with these twin Heavy Flamers is no different to what I do normally
>And I love it
>These even-worse-than-the-standard Eldar don't stand a chance
>Agility and speed don't save you when confronted with a wall of fire
>Finally break through to the pass
>There's some word of other Imperial forces converging, but we seem to be the first to arrive
>Kaybord produces a trumpet and starts blowing into it as we arrive still blasting everything around
>We noticed there was a distinct lack of FIRE around here!
>There's also far too many xenos, and we're the pest control
>Point us at 'em, we're not done yet
>Be me, Armageddon Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Our Column finally reached Gregoriana with reinforcements, infantry's inside warming up
>Me and my squadron are posted out to the north-west of the city, at the Krieger defensive line
>Gotten acquainted with their men, and in all honesty, they aren't the worst bunch to stand around with
>Posted myself out here while Ritter and Urquhart chat with the cities mayor to add some extra firepower to the already extensive krieger line
>Looking out for any spikey black and BDSM looking vehicles flying by with my binoculars
>I've been hearing rapports over the vox that some weird shit related to Dark Eldar has been going on and emperor damnit I don't want to get raped
>The snow storm is ramping up, but I think I've got a visual on something
>Looks like a bunch of... ships?
>Oh shit those are ravagers, we've got confirmation!
>I've been picking up some static over the vox for a while now, seems to be two Steel Legion storm troopers hiding out in a building
>They've been talking about these weird Aliens with shoulder mounted weapons called, "Hodask"
>They say they've been working with the Dark Eldar and Tau
>Switch view around a little to see what I can find
>Spot a rather large water tower, likely carrying the reserve water needed for the winter
>Turn my lady around in the general direction of Stemton
>Get Techy to start praying to the Omnissiah loudly while we load up another round
>Hop out to the turret, remove my rebreather and warm up part of her mega-cannon barrel by rubbing it with my gloved hands
>Give my lady's barrel a quick kiss after she's warm enough
>Hear her rev up her engines all flustered like and the shot fires
>The force with which it's fired is greater than it usually is
>Fall off the tank into the small pile of snow behind my Lady
>My men are laughing and so am I
>Karsten climbs out and helps me out, hands me my binoculars
>Get up on tank and look over to the water tower
File: 1565380393420.jpg (35 KB, 278x400)
35 KB
>What do I see?
>We completely missed
>Instead we hit a ravager in the side, making it crash into the water tower, causing the tower to crumble and slam into several reaver bikes flying by
>Put on my rebreather and climb back up on my baneblade, hear the Stormtroopers laughing their assess off
>Well that was fun, but it looks like the others are on the move
>We best get moving
>Call in to Sigma to see if the supply lines have been set up
>We can't just leave now, we still have a job to do
>Besides, I hear there's some counter insurgency action going on over in Groxbridge
>We can't overextend our lines now can we?
>Well, whatever we're doing, I sure hope we don't do it in the near future because the wind is picking up over here
>It sure would be a shame for anyone attempting to attack something to get caught in a giant tornado-snowstorm
>Of course, that'd never happen! That'd be far too silly
>Hear something other than gunfire and explosions in the distance
>Sounds like a trumpet
>Turn around and see a distant object spewing flames everywhere
>Oh, the sisters are coming here
>Suddenly hear the sounds of guns getting grabbed and heavy weapons teams getting ready
>Turn around and see a group of small black dots flying towards us, getting closer by the second
>mfw the enemy are now coming to us
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Starrick Pass is now a complete train wreck of clashing forces
>My own regiment is pushing in from the northeast, along with Sisters, Cadians, and a few more regiments from Gregoriana
>From the southwest side a massive force of Black Templars is reinforcing the small garrison force left to guard the pass
>In the middle is a mess of Tau, Dark Eldar, and Nurglite daemons, cultists, and marines
>Visibility is basically zero due to wind blown snow and unit cohesion is a joke
>Friendly fire incidents are being reported practically every minute, as are reports of vehicles driving off the narrow winding road and into ravines
>To add to the confusion, some of the Black Templar units have already punched through to our side of the battle, so we can't even assume that someone is an enemy based on what direction they come from
>I have ordered my company to fortify an old electrical transmission station rather than push forward into the chaos like certain other units
>We have had several skirmishes with scattered Tau and Dark Eldar units, but so far our greatest losses came when a sudden gust of hurricane force wind blew almost an entire squad of my soldiers off of a cliff ledge they were standing several meters from
>Apparently it is a side effect of when a hurricane strength storm tries to pass over a kilometer plus high rock wall
>Also frequent lightning strikes, there has been at least one hitting nearby every 30 seconds, and at least one such strike has caused a vehicle to detonate, judging by the large bonfire barely visible perhaps 30 meters down the pass
>Good thing I chose to stay inside the Crassus to coordinate my company via vox
>be me
>sneakyboy little finger
>see the important spiky ‘ummie fly away towards the flame tossars
>see some white haired ‘ummies getin into a ‘ummie tank
>then the tank starts tossin fire
>gettin’ kinda cold if im being honest
>see another ‘ummie in some sorta suit covered in spiky ‘ummie blood and soot get in the tank
>he got ta be warm
>must by why he with them
>they drive off before i can grab on
>see them drivin over and burnin spiky and blue ‘ummies
>see some war bike i think
>something written on it
>adep...somfing somefing bite...
>have some spare white paint
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now a scion of the retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium of the Ordo Malleus
>Realize why my left arm felt so light
>My right hand fell off
>Oh the pain
>Surely a drukhari must have shot it off
>Grab my hand the radium pistol
>Almost fell on my knees but Hiems grab me and help to continue to walk
>I feel really dizzy
>The fight is still violent every belligerents is under fire
>I still manage to shot nurgling with my revolver while screaming for a medic
>When we get to the end if the Starrick pass we find no village only a lame gas-station that seems completly forgotten
>It's still better than nothing for a last stand
>Gillian goes for recon while some guardsmen and sisters decide to empty the gas tank around the station for an obscur plan
>Pass out due to the pain and the cold
> Be me black Templar high marshal
> we're now in the thick of melee, vehicles are crashing into one another, guns are firing at such a rate the barrels glow a blazing red, melting the falling snow and cooling them. A massive cloud of snow and dust has been kicked up as a result of the engagement.
> The happy enders are apparently holding the pass.
> Idly wonder what happened to the initiate I sent to watch over them.... he never came back.
> Ignore it for the time being and decapitate another nurglite as i speed past, bolters on the front of my bike firing full auto, casings flying every which way among the frantic melee.
> By the emperor this is what I live for.
> Be me black templar initiate assigned to watch over the happy ending regiment.
> I now have a tophat and a bowtie for some reason.
> Sigh from my place in the corner of the tank and go back to loading rounds into my boltgun, popping off a shot occasionally at any xeno dumb enough to poke their head in the open hatch.
> I think they've forgotten I'm here, considering I do not say much.
> All the better for me, this is quite therapeutic all things considered.
> Quietly sip on some gin through a straw fed through my voxplate.
> Blast a dark eldar in the face.
> hum the opening bars to "jingle bells as I continue to perform maintenance on the bolter.
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Shooting anything heretical or anything shooting at me
>Get brought a man missing a hand
>Well shit
>This might be one of the inquisition
>Can’t fuck this up
>Make a good tourniquet and realize that it can’t be salvaged, even if I had his hand
>Realize that my company tech priest is hovering over my shoulder...drooling?
>It asks if it wants me to give him a new hand
>Before I can respond the cog boy drags my patient off to his tent
>Comes out a little later with a new hand
>And it looks like he didn’t have any painkillers
>Oh good, the sisters and Lew are here
>And we have some of the boys from Happy Ending
>Well that helps a lot
>Approach Bios And inform her on the situation
File: runaway3herewegoagain.png (1001 KB, 1300x1000)
1001 KB
1001 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Eventually the daemons get bored of tossing the broken sack of bones that used to be the Kabalite
>There seems to be an infinite stream of them pouring out straight at each other
>It's still a stalemate, and the Tau have mostly legged it by now to let the daemons slug it out
>Druchii are flying around overhead
>Sniping a few targets of opportunity here and there
>Kerala helps us pick which ones to shoot at to not give away our position
>A black speck appears on the horizon, arcing towards us
>Doublecheck my Spiritstone is functioning correctly
>Suddenly, a Reaver flies across and eats the shell in a massive explosion
>Remains of the bike spiral into the side of the water tower over the street and explode spectacularly
>Start celebrting our dark kin's non-voluntary sacrifice to save us
>Stop celebrating when a cracking sound reveals the water tower is collapsing in our direction
>What is it with this place and toppling buildings?
>Sigh as we start running for our lives yet again across the rooftops as the tower clobbers several jetbikers on its way down
>Being crushed by thousands of tonnes of concrete is not on my todo list today, or ever
>This is so unbefitting of us
>Be me
>Loyal servant of Grandfather Nurgle, Steven Armrot
>Currently busy punching a ravager attack vehicle into submission as Grandfather's children drag the drukhari into the snow to die
>The souls of the dark eldar are practically flooding into the gardens, I hope ol' Granpappy's happy with me
>Another Drukhari Venom craft rushes towards me and my Deathguard boys at high speed
>As we get sprayed with gunfire from the drukhari, I lower myself slightly
>Jump up with all my power going into an uppercut punch as the Venom flies over my head
>Fist connects with underside and sends the xenos into the dirt
>Spot several wracks approaching from out of the snow
>Must be a haemonculus nearby, this could be painful
>For them that is, no-one fucks with THIS chaos lord!
>Pick up wrecked Venom and throw it at the wracks as the drukhari that were piloting it run
>Two of the four wracks get knocked on their ass instantly with another getting caught by the Venom and stumbling in the freezing winds
>The final wrack charges me and tries to chop me up
>Grab the various medical implements strapped to it's body and rip them off
>Proceed to beat the wrack with it's own weapons yelling "YOU CAN'T HURT ME WRACK!"
>Man I love servin' Granpappy
File: tornado-leading-image 2.jpg (104 KB, 1586x817)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Get put in charge of guarding the medic tent
>That doesn't sound too hard
>Pace around anxiously while trying to tell from the sounds of battle whether we are winning or not
>Hear rumbling noise accompanied by loud battle music and shouting
>Look outside, dozens of Black Templar vehicles are making their way up the road
>I'd hate to be a heretic or a xenos right now
>It takes several minutes for all the vehicles to pass, but once they do, the rumbling continues
>Look outside again
>See huge cone of spinning snow heading up the pass
>Oh shit! Tornado! We were warned that they sometimes form in the Pass when major storms hit the mountains at a certain angle, but they are supposed to be very rare
>Watch it for a few seconds before deciding it is definitely heading this way, and quickly too
>Yell at some nearby men that they need to move the patients before stumbling off towards the dubious shelter of the caves
>Be Shas'O Fi'rios Lad'Ai, AKA Commander Fire Lady
>Ugh, yet again, the Imperial's complete disregard for sensible strategy plus pure dumb luck has paid off to their advantage
>The large mobile force I dispatched from Liveria to seize control of Starrick Pass has found itself trapped in between a large Space Marine force that arbitrarily chose to reinforce Stemton without talking to the Imperial Guard, and a large Imperial Guard force that was sent to help defend the Pass from Dark Eldar and Chaos worshippers that appeared out of nowhere
>Meanwhile, the daemon excursion at Stemton and the spontaneous desertion by our Eldar "allies" have prevented us from pushing back the weakened forces besieging us there
>Even worse, the massive storm moving through the area has effectively grounded our aircraft, battlesuits, and anti-grav units, preventing us from reinforcing either war zone
>Not to mention that Fio'O D'Myr has been badgering me to reinforce his top secret pet project on van Chijeck Island
>It is times like this where I am almost tempted to consume one of those foul alcohol based substances that the Gue'vesa are so fond of
>Be me
>Loyal servant of Grandfather Nurgle, Steven Armrot
>So where in the warp did that Haemonculi go?
>I got a few words from Granpappy for you asshole!
>As I trudge through the battle, swatting loyalists and drukhari away like the flies they are, see the snow whipping past my face with reckless abandon
>Look up
>Holy SHIT
>That's a tornado!
>I haven't seen one of those since the old days fighting alongside Mortarion!
>Course, if that thing picks me up in it's grip I'm a goner
>Say a prayer to ol' Granpappy as I yell at any of my cultists listening to lend me their prayer
>They chant for Nurgle and my success as I stride confidently towards the terrifying creation of nature
>It quickly grabs me into it's pull, and sends me spinning
>Punch a passing raven strike fighter as I fly through the air
>Direct myself back towards the foot of the tornado and reach out my hands, hoping those prayers worked
>Feel my hands slowly slipping into the tornado
>Grasp onto it, feels a lot like trying to grab onto puke
>Slowly get a grip around the edge of the twister and start to squeeze it
>Am I gonna do this?
>Hell yes I'm gonna do this! Feel the wrath of nurgle mother nature!
>Use my feet to dig into the ground and finally get a good hold onto the ground, dirt surging around my ankles
>Bend backwards with all my strength as the cultists, deathguard and nurglings alike all watch and cheer me on
>With a furious yank, slam my arms down towards the ground and watch the currents of wind slowly whoosh down with me
>The wind seems to calm around me for a time as I stand there, thinking back on what I just did
>Not even Mother Nature can stand up to this chaos lord! FUCK YEAH
>Be Sister Bios
>According to the Cadians and everyone else, the sitrep simply reads "clusterfuck"
>Not that that's a problem, of course
>It just means more targets for us to burn
>We LIVE for this, riding around in chaos to burn things
>The heat of the flamers is melting the snow, which promptly refreezes into slippery ice over everything
>Someone starts yelling about a thor-nay-doe or something coming
>I don't know what that is, I hope it's something we can set on fire
>Look to the north
>I can't see anything through th-BY THE EMPEROR WHAT IS THAT
>That must be what they meant
>We sure don't get those on Ophelia VII
>Anyway, we sure as hell can't burn it
>Gun it up the hill to the shelter of the caves
>The Immolator's treads don't get any traction on the ice
>I knew all that ice was a bad thing, fire is always better
>All the while everyone else legs it up the hill and the "thor-nay-doe" gets closer
>Vox one of the Black Templar vehicles
>Can you give us a tow up the hill
>Like, right now please?
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Hear large banging noises from inside the Crassus
>Not good
>Draw my laspistol and poke my head down into the main passenger hold
>Relax a bit when I notice it is just our Black Templar "watcher" sitting next to the ruined body of a mandrake
>I honestly forget he exists most of the time since he almost never talks, and is usually found lurking in some quiet corner
>Pretty sure he is taking his orders a bit too literally, it has been months since he was ordered to attach himself to my company
>Also, not sure why he is wearing a tophat and a bowtie
>Ah well, not going to start complaining now since he is apparently the only one capable of watching my back
>Head back up to the command deck to yell at some infantry squads for not providing tight enough security to the Crassus
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Make a stop over on my way to Starrick Pass in order to check up on Hekatrix Slyfa's pack of morons
>Not unsurprisingly most of them took shelter in some caves to have a good ol'fashion orgy
>Slyfa herself seems to have been stabbed in the back while pleasuring herself watching a skirmish from a nearby ledge, while her buddy Wackclaw got shot while doing lines of powdered drugs up in a tree
>You can always count on Slyfa's band to find a way to have a good time
>Take some pictures so I have some good humiliation material when she gets reincarnated
>Stop for a bit while deciding whether I should move forward to Starrick Pass, fall back to Stemton where the fighting is picking up again, join the orgy, or perhaps investigate these rumors of a mysterious white grot taking potshots at my forces
>Decisions, decisions
>be me
>sneakyboy little finger
>finally caught up to the flame tossin’ ‘ummies
>feels warm over ‘ere
>climb up into a tree and start popin spiky ‘ummies and blue and green ‘ummies
>see one green one holdin a cyclone
>can’t let you live ‘ummie
>load a tank busta shot and get the ‘ummie In then head
>cyclone barrels into some red and green ‘ummies
>look at the white haired flame tossars
>one of them got somfin on ‘er armor
>must be how the ‘ummies spell boss
>guess i run over watch and keep poppin spikys
>thanks to the paint, they dont see me
>feels good
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Ran out of shells, using my revolver until I get back to the medic tent
>See the big fucking tornado in the distance
>Monica is getting the others ready to move the wounded
>Head there to help and resupply on ammo and medical supplies
>With one man over my shoulder I move out to see that the tornado isn’t moving
>Then it changes corses wildly, right into the main heretical forces fighting in the valley
>No matter, back into the tent
>Saw some deldar come out of those caves, don’t want to risk it if we don’t have to
>Congratulate Monica for her quick thinking and move everyone back into position
>Wonder how Lew is doing
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Now stuck in Liamhelm due to a tornado ravaging the pass
>This give me the time brif my kill Team
>They might not be ready to fight daemons but the eldar are seriously going to regret coming here
>Send Vox to the black Templars about the Iron warriors in the tunnels
>We leave the Corvus Blackstar for a Land Raider with inquisition colors on our way to the pass
>In said Land Raider we find Lupanarium who is trying to rejoin his retinue
>I still keep the pilot of the Corvus Blackstar in case that we need a more heavy support fire
>Right when we are exiting Liamhelm we're stopped by some arbites
>They want us to go back at Groxbridge and by force if necessary
>Some of the Deathwatch veterans snickers I just rais my artificer bolt pistol and ask him if he really want to do this
>He answer in the most heretical manner and I execute him
>The rest of the arbites is shot by the lascannons of the Land Raider
>Declare the governor a heretic that needs to be purged
File: 1568969688655.png (1.33 MB, 1190x1194)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
Forgot to post pic
File: Fufu.png (456 KB, 644x831)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
>Be me
>Loyal servant of Granpappy Nurgle, Steven Armrot
>Celebrating the fact that I just successfully suplexed a tornado by giving nurglings leg-ups into another crashed ravager
>As I lean down to help another of Granpappy's children up, feel a slight dink on the back of my head
>Feel the back of my hair, notice the remains of anti-tank round lying in the snow
>Did someone just try and destroy me with some weak-ass bullet like this?
>Spot a vague shape at the edge of the snow
>Whistle at the nurglings to chase whatever it is down
>The mysterious snow-runt runs off, nurglings chasing after him
>Run after them, a wicked smile on my lips
File: STALKER.webm (2.4 MB, 640x360)
2.4 MB
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Garrisoning Groxbridge with a few squadrons of astartes and Armageddon Steel Legionnaries
>I've been busy fortifying the city in preparation for storm Caliche, most buildings and vehicles should be secured against the coming storm
>As we're sending out storm warnings throughout the city, we receive a call for aid in Brannet
>There appear to be several individuals firing autoguns at random civilians, buildings and vehicles
>Get my jump pack on and head out with a squad of Assault Marines
>By now there are rapports from all over the city, it appears that they're heading for the industrial districts
>Rush out into the street, the sound of gunfire echoing from a couple blocks down
>Power up jump packs and leap up into the air through the snowstorm
>Slam into the ferrocrete road and end up crushing one of the insurgents wearing a large straw hat
>Insurgent next to him lets out a terrified screech followed by the rest of his surrounding comrades opening fire on me
>Other battle brothers land shortly after and begin chopping the terrified insurgents to pieces, but not before the nearby Tornado Sirens go off
>As we are still wearing jump packs we may be able to survive being tossed by the Tornado, however not without great risk
>Look around and spot a nearby warehouse
>Sprint toward it and create an astartes-sized hole in the wall
>Order squadron inside first, I go in last
>The workers inside are horrified, I assure them that so long as they cooperate, they'll live
>Barricade the hole as best we can with the workers help
>Attempt to move away from the hole as quickly as possible
The following events are best summed up by the attached webm
>45 minutes later, and the storm has passed
>None of my brothers have been killed, but several have been wounded shielding the workers
>I appear to have a slab of ferrocrete on top of me
>Punch it asunder with my power fist and stand up
>"Back to work, brothers!"
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Currently sitting on top of Mount Mufasa watching the storm crash into the mountains
>The lightning and wind gusts are so frequent you can almost feel the mountain tremble
>If you look closely, you can see the little eddies where tornadoes are being formed
>Lean back, inhale another mouthful of hallucinogens and distilled souls, and breath out
>So glad I didn't join Jim'baa and those other idiots down in Starrick Pass, visibility must be terrible, and even I would have a hard time flying in that mess

>Be Sigma-32d, Master of Skitarii and/or hovercraft
>Three of the four corridor generators are now providing an intermittent path across the fault, but without the fourth the descent and ascent are both brutal
>Two of the three ammo carriers have landed somewhere near the Armageddon positions, one got caught by a gust of wind and is now a pile of burning splinters halfway across the foothills of Mount Mufasa
>Archaotech space defence weapon now under the control of presumably-Tau, possibly-Chaos, possibly-Dark Eldar.
>Town is in open insurrection, attempts on the steelworks are being fended off by emplaced tarantula turrets and the Skitarii garrison, plus a few of the Guard Leman Russes
>Crude anti-tank rockets are proving largely useless against Imperial armour, but can do decent damage to the turrets and Skitarii groups
>Pull most of the troops out of the chemical plants, it's not particularly defensible without the turrets and we need them at Starrick
>Make it halfway back over the mountains when the storm hits
File: bigbang.gif (7.75 MB, 561x949)
7.75 MB
7.75 MB GIF
>Be Arbites
>Be run ragged across the city
>These damn insurgents are everywhere
>Some of our squad left behind in Brannet to secure portions of the district
>We got deployed to Vaulian Yards, but the conies (as we're calling them) are all over us
>Pushed back into the chemical plant with the Skitarii
>By the Emperor, these conies are incomprehensibly stupid
>They are firing rockets at one of the most volatile industrial complexes on the planet
>Good thing the Sisters are in the fight and not over here, they'd cause it to go up like a stick of dynamite with their pyromaniacy
>The Mechanicus defences are slowly being whittled down
>Looking over at the storage zones, one of the warehouses containing over a thousand tonnes of ammonium nitrate has caught fire and is blazing rather fiercely
>I remember enough from a chemistry book I once found to know that's probably a very, very bad thing
>Order comes for the Mechanicus to pull back to the Edka steelworks
>I think we'll tag along
>Yes, I think it would be best to get out of here
>I don't want to be here when it goes up
>I'll be back, lawbreaking scum
>We're the last to leave after the Mechanicus have departed
>Warehouse is still burning
>There's a sudden flash as the sky lights up like the suns and---
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>All is quiet atop Hill 924
>The garrison of Firebase Imperator's Reach is just barely out of the reach of the winter storm
>Much of our visibility is cut off as the top is in a cold, dense, fog
>What communications we can receive indicate heavy fighting to the Southeast in Starrick Pass and skirmishing with rebels inside Groxbridge
>The only other frequency we can get is a vox-entertainment station in Groxbridge
>If this were not an active combat zone I might inquire as to where they source such ancient recordings
>Instead I must find a way to send support from our secluded post
>I'm in a firebase with five basilisk batteries
>Fifteen guns in all
>Each cannon has a range of over fifteen kilometers
>We don't need to see our target to hit it
>Plot out known targets in Groxbridge and Starrick Pass
>Remind the guard manning the guns to double check their calculations and make sure they haven't forgotten any factors
>Set two batteries to fire on targets in Groxbridge
>The other four are to target Starrick Pass
>Send a broadcast to Lieutenant Paulicus that we can provide artillery support if he had provide a spotter in the field
>Hopefully he get's the message through this weather
>I'd rather not fire into a populated area without a spotter
>As for Starrick Pass
>Send word to their last known freq requesting a spotter and advising them to be prepared for dangerclose
>Wait by the vox operator in the firecontrol bunker for reports from either force
>Be Sister Bios
>The thor-nay-doe changes course at the last minute
>It's makeing a beeline for Groxbridge now
>Not our problem any more
>Finally get the Immolator up and over the hill
>Hopefully we didn't damage the engine, or we'll get an earful from the cogboys later
>Ahh, the familiar battle scene
>I'm starting to like this clusterfuck
>Before we can get stuck in again, the vox crackles to life
>It's a communication from an Astartes in a firebase to the NW
>They're requesting an artillery spotter
>This isn't the job we normally do and frankly it is rather beneath us
>However, we appear to be the only force not either running around like headless grox, fully absorbed in combat, or both
>We'll have to do, it seems
>Vox back that we are available to spot for the pass
>We can't see much, but we can try
>They'll have to instruct us how to do it too, since we sure as hell don't know how
>Here's hoping we don't direct fire right onto allied forces
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>burning foul xenos scum and helping my fellow Cadians and the sisters
>some nurglings are trying to get to the camp
>oh hell no
>call me twisted, but it’s nice to see those freaks burn
>Sister Kate seems to have sobered up
>or if nothing else, she is sober enough to break a dark eldar’s spine over her knee
>note to self, make sure she is in a good mode before the booze is passed around
>see Graves is doing what he does best
>something grabs my leg
>it’s a dark eldar
>it yells at me for help
>before realizing who’s leg she has ahold of
>i love my job
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Work comes back from Groxbridge
>It's from a detachment of Sisters of Battle
>Not who I expected, but it works
>They've never spotted for artillery before
>Explain that we need them to observe where the shells land so we can adjust our fire
>It's not difficult in itself
>Performing the task in a combat zone is bit trickier
>A spotter needs to be close enough to direct the fire, but not so close as to be in the way of said fire
>We'll fire a volley of three
>One from each of the three batteries pointing towards the pass
>Hand the handset back to the vox-operator
>Step outside the bunker
>Order guns 7, 10, and 13 to each fire once
>The muzzle blast clearing a small area around the guns of fog
>Now just to wait for the report from the sisters
>Hopefully the vox can get into touch with a possible spotter in Groxbridge
small error in line 2
>Word comes back from Starrick Pass
File: comfypaper.png (35 KB, 199x199)
35 KB
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>And to think I was having a nice, relaxing time at home
>There are running street battles between insurgents and Arbites and scattered PDF troops around the district
>The cone-hats here didn't last very long after they shot the windows out of several houses full of angry Eldar
>I didn't even get to cap any myself
>Pull the shutter down on the broken window to stop the snow and wind getting in
>The fire is still going thankfully, and the couch is fine
>A glow appears on the horizon to the south-east
>All the fighting stops as people presumably turn to gawk at it
>After several seconds it fades away and the gunfire resumes
>About thirty seconds later, there's a thunderclap that rattles the building
>It's the sort of noise that shakes your bones and you feel through your feet
>Fighting briefly stops again as the combatants wonder what the hell that was
>Never a dull moment in this cursed city
>Pull out today's copy of the Imperial Times
>There'll always be the Imperial Times
>It gets posted through the door at 5am planetary time no matter what
>They must recruit from the ranks of posties
File: predatorarnold.jpg (33 KB, 400x300)
33 KB
>Be me black templar marshal
> Get a vox from the sisters of a battle to tow them up a hill.
> well okay then.
> order a rhino to do it, to which they acknowledge with gusto. A large vehicle comes careening up the hill towards them, a shirtless astartes carrying two large chains, to which he throws onto the tank, the hooks digging into the metal. With several loud thunks and the roar of the engine the vehicle is pulled free from it's ice..... then it flips.
> oh..... fuck.
> order the rhino crew to unfuck that vehicle, to which they comply, shirtless marine walks over and charges the vehicle, knocking it back into a proper orientation before hopping atop the vehicle howling at the rest of the rhino crew to hurry the fuck up already, as he's freezing his nips off here with no shirt.
> where the hell did his armor even go anyway?!
> Techmarine pokes his head from a hatch, yelling at the shirtless battle brother that it was his fault for getting mud clogged in the exhaust vents.
> ah, that makes sense.
>be me
>sneakyboy little finger
>gotta move now
>green ‘ummie had some run afta me, but they burned
>move to new snow covered tree and start shootin’
>purple, greens and blues start to thin out near the ‘ummie tents
>scan the mountains with me scope for nearby targets
>see a purple spiky ‘ummie laughin
>damn it
>under compensated for da wind
>but i got ‘er ear
>she falls over scared
>gets back up and on ‘er bike
>moight ‘ave to move again
File: puff.gif (897 KB, 244x185)
897 KB
897 KB GIF
>Be Sister Bios
>All right, they're firing now
>Wait an agonisingly long time for the rounds to arrive
>A low, rumblimg boom drifts up from the valley
>The artillery isn't that loud is it, surely?
>Then two shells blast against the pass wall to the south
>But where's the third?
>Scan the mountains, looking for the impact
>Out of the corner of my eye, I see an explosion from the summit of Mt. Mufasa, of all places
>Talk about off target
>Good thing it hit the top of the mountain
>There's nobody up there to get hit by it
>Thankfully it doesn't trigger an avalanche either
>Report back in to Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>"Gun batteries of Seven and Ten should be aimed approximately an additional quarter mile to the north-east for optimal effect"
>"Gun Thirteen appears to have a severely defective aiming mechanism, try another gun from the battery"
>Hopefully that will be enough, I want to get back to burning things
>Be Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Word comes back from the Sisters observing the valley
>Guns seven and ten adjust their elevation
>Gun thirteen's crew call over a member of Adeptus Mechanicus to help re-calibrate its sights
>The rest of batteries thre through five zero in on guns seven and ten's marks
>Eight guns are given the order to fire for effect
>Have the vox-operator send word that a full volley is inbound
>Thank the sisters for the assistance
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Watch as the occasional hard point round pings off the rocks nearby my impromptu hookah lair
>Surely no one has direct line of sight on me from Starrick Pass
>It is over 5 kilometers away, through heavy cloud cover, and based on what I can remember from the topography, the walls of the Pass are too steep to see over
>Perhaps they are just stray rounds from some isolated skirmish on the far side of the Pass
>Get incoming transmission from the Tau Commander
>She desperately needs support to protect some project on van Chijeck Island
>Already well aware of what is there, having visited the place several times over the centuries
>It should be fun though watching the Tau trip over themselves trying to protect their precious "secrets"
>Also, some of the rewards she is offering are intriguing
>Order some of my best squads to drop what they are doing and head over to van Chijeck Island
>Hop on my own jetbike and fly away
>Just as I am leaving, part of the mountain range explodes in a barrage of artillery strikes
>Deliberate assassination attempt or gross incompetence?
>Who cares?
>Hit the throttle and blast off into the stormy sky with a hearty laugh
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Hear on the vox that the Governor has been declared a heretic
>No one seems to care much, they are all probably concentrating on the fight
>Oh right, I should probably make a guest appearance outside given that vox transmissions are basically just confusing gibberish at this point
>Whole tank rattles as someone calls in close range artillery support
>Ouch, I think my internal organs just shifted a bit out of place
>Walk past the tophat wearing Black Templar and head outside, if he follows he follows, if not, then he doesn't
>The visibility is slightly better than before, not sure if that is a good thing or not though
>Nod to Sergeant Cliveton, he looks no less deadly, even in glamorous furs
>Pat Chastity Sinclair on the back while she vomits on a dead Tau, I guess this is her first taste of actual face-to-face combat, maybe next time she will think twice before volunteering for front line duty
>Notice a bunch of Fire Warriors rushing our left flank
>Heroically draw my sword and order everyone to open fire...
>Then duck behind cover the second everyone's back is turned to shoot at the enemy
>See, being an officer is pretty easy, way better than being chased by daemonettes or confronting angry senile Space Marines
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Just received the new shipment of real painkillers
>Thank the Emperor for real painkillers
>See a eldar trying to get away on her bike
>Can’t spend my time trying to hunt every foul xenos I see
>Get Bios on the vox
>Ask her if she hasn’t ever hunted xenos with bait
>She responds in confusion
>Tell her that we empty the boxes of painkillers into our reserves save for one
>Then one of us pose as a rouge trader and “set up shop”
>Tell her we can do this when it all calms down
>I hear a evil chuckle from her end of the vox
>Why do I feel like she is way to into this?
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Land on van Chijeck Island
>A chaotic four-way battle is going on between the forces of the Inquisition, Tau, Khorne, and Tzeentch
>Remind my henchmen to leave the Tau alone before hoping off my jetbike directly into the melee
>Land in the middle of a bunch of Tzeentchi cultists who apparently think that reading a bunch of books makes them experts in close combat
>This is going to be fun
>Be hive citizen
Bump because wörk
File: New hand !.jpg (143 KB, 1383x1920)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now a scion of the retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium of the Ordo Malleus
>Wake up in a tent
>My arm is hurting even more
>It's like someone was trying to replace the bone
>Realize that a tech-priest is remplacing my arm and that he is happy to do it
>By the Emperor did he put any painkiller, I feel everything
>And it hurts
>Rush out of the tent just to find a medic officer and Hiems looking at me in the middle of the battlefield
>Pass out again
>Wake up few ours later in the same tent
>My arm is now a lot heavier
>Walk out of tent just to see some tornadoes and one the summit of the chain of mountain explode nurglings still running around people burning, Dark Eldar on drugs T'au charging in melee and black Templars riding bikes in this absolute mess that is now the pass
>Shoot a Tau with my revolver
>With my radium pistol in my new hand start killing the deldars
>I should start looking for an officer in charge because I can't see any my fellow scions comrades around here
>Punch a camelfoot in the face with the cross of my revolver
>At least I am alive
>Be Arbites Frank
>That hurt
>I'd say I want to execute the heretic who did that, but they probably offed themselves in their own explosion
>I appear to be alive, so that's a victory
>And there's still lawbreakers everywhere
>Stop, heretic! Get back here!
>Battered vox crackles
>I'm a little busy here
>It's from an Astartes
>Immediately stop, Astartes take priority
>I'll catch you later, criminal scum
>He wants an artillery spotter
>That massive explosion not enough for you to aim at?
>What are Astartes doing with artillery guns?
>And are you planning to fire into an inhabited city?
>Almost say those things and add that he's nuts, but remember nobody is supposed to question the Emperor's finest
>I'll do it
>It pains me to have to ignore criminals, but I'm on a mission now
>Spend several minutes climbing one of the surviving power pylons in the district
>Emperor, it's freezing and blasting with wind up here
>Still, visibility is as good as it's going to get
>Fire when ready, Astartes
>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>The chemical plant team have destroyed their target and much of themselves
>That should do lasting harm to the imperial’s image here, and already more decry the governor as a heretic
>Time to take the men for the Edka steelworks where the real resistance waits
>Tried to vox whatever’s left of the chemical plant guerrillas but they all seem to be deaf and still shooting at anything with or without a pulse
>Do get reports of imperials shelling not too far from the city, and its only going to get closer
>Damn imperials just can’t do their shelling properly these days
>I miss the imperial army
By the way, what's the bump limit on /tg/? I'd rather not get decapitated by it like we did last time.
312ish posts I believe, we've got a relatively long way to go so don't worry fren
>Be me, Imperial Fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Rushing through the streets killing insurgents
>Many of them have been turned into red mist coating the streets of Groxbridge by the Tornado and the giant explosion that occured a little while ago
>Arbites have finally arrived and are rushing through the streets brutally and effeciantly dealing with as many insurgents as they cam
>I get a signal from Sammos, it appears that we've got artillery ready to fire
>It's spotty, but I should be able to contact him and send a request for an artillery strike soon enough
>More importantly, I've found an insurgent that isn't dead yet
>He's been half crushed by a car and I can hear him moaning
>Walk up to him, remove my helmet and though this is distasteful, it's necessary
>Take a bit out of his arm and gain what information he has
>Ah, now this makes sense
>They've been supplied weapons by Iron Warriors, though these insurgents don't quite know just who their allies are
>They appear to be trying to elliminate the mechanicus, who they think are working for the governor, and unknowingly hindering our war effort
>Then they must be heading to Edka steel works
>That gives me an idea
>Put on my helmet and use my Jump pack to leap to a taller building
>I can see several insurgents moving down the main road close to Edka Steel works, in fact most of them appear to be approaching from that side
>They'll end up getting themselves killed in such great numbers the turrets will deactivate
>Not on my watch
>I see an arbites klinging to a tower nearby
>Must be our spotter
>Switch around vox channels before I make contact with him
>Request that he call in a bombardment on the area the insurgents are coming in from, specifically with short-lived nerve gas
>Blast off with my jump pack and request my Squadron move to me
>Hide ourselves in a small building next to the road leading up to the steel works
> Be me black templar chaperone assigned to the happy enders.
> grab the cowardly captain by the scruff of her collar and throw her to the front of the formation.
"you are a leader, lead from the front."
> take up my bolter and fire single shots at the tau fire warriors.
> Cowardice will not be tolerated among the ranks of this regiment.
> I was assigned to watch over this regiment, and for the past months I have watched this "officer" shirk her duty to lead from the front and attempt to hide in the back ranks.
> That may have passed in whatever highborn regiment she was clearly once a member of. But it will not pass here on this world. It is time she learned how to be a true leader.
> By the emperor this regiment will go down as heroes, or they will go down as martyrs, but they will never be remembered as cowards as long as I breathe.
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>These Deldar bitches won’t back off
>Hell I think they can smell the painkillers
>I can make a necklace out of all the teeth I have knocked out of these crazy xenos
>But this is not time for arts and crafts
>Just keep shooting
>At least the tau seem to be thinning
>One of our engineers suggested using the xenos corpses to make a wall
>Doesn’t that scream “Tyranid All you can eat buffet”?
>Although, a real wall sounds useful
>Commissar starts to think
>Emperor protect you when your commissar starts thinking
Lore Time!
Van Kijeck island !
This island of roughly ten square kilometers is in fact mostly artificiel
This is to support the Stonehenge cannon who was placed here during the dark age of technology
The island is the home of the van Chijek family their mansion overlooking the military complex.
Said complex was used to fire the cannon and linked to the continent by deep tunnels and a naval base
Now only few members of the family still live on the mansion and only gangers on the run reside at the complex
As for the exact location it wasn't really clear where the island was so more information on that would be great
Fuck off already
> Be me black templar marshal
> this battle is going in our favor for now, despite interference from other factions, and that one sniper taking potshots at us from the mountaintop that no one can seem to fine.
> receive a report that the Imperial guard medical unit is under attack to the point where you could build a wall of xeno corpses.
> order several of the heavier vehicles to form up in defensive positions around said medical camp, and for the apothecarion to assist if able.
> The rest of our makeshift force continue to duck and weave through what can vaguely be construed as "enemy lines" despite them being not nearly organized enough to be called as such.
> Also begin to hear reports of some tau fire warrior firing sniper shots at my men.
> itsassismine.fury
> Begin scanning the surrounding area and looking for any reports of this so called sniper, I want its head mounted on my bike before this day is out.
> Granted this proves difficult as the chaotic vehiclular brawl going on around me deafens me with the sounds of cannonfire, splinter cannons, the reports of many different small arms accompanied by screams in all languages from the dying and soon to be dying.
> Idly fire at a cadre of Tau attempting to form some form of defensive position, shredding them with a storm bolter as I continue to scan elevated position
> I soon decide that if they are not here, then I shall go on a hunt to find this one.
> this tau warrior's head shall be mine.
> I leave the chaplains and squad leaders in charge.
> they are to move as a unified force to engage the insurrection occurring in the chemical plants before engaging targets of opportunity as they see fit.
> all who oppose the emperor's will shall be crushed under our treads and driven before us.
no u
Hmm. Perhaps off the coast of North Point to complement the refs?

In the probably 20-25k years since it was built, the island could have suffered badly from coastal erosion and many of the battery's guns might have fallen into the sea over the millennia. I imagine the island would be mostly rockfill, sand and dirt, and once the main seawalls and defenses were worn away it would erode quite fast, with over 17,000 years of neglect providing plenty of opportunity for storms to chip away at the island. Now this stump is all that's left of the once-mighty complex, with the manor house, access building and a handful of guns still clinging on, though each one of the ancient behemoths still packs an immensely powerful punch in its own right.
That sounds interesting, but if there's 15 guns on Stonehenge alone that can fire 5 shots per cannon, that's about 75 mass driver accelerated shots coming out of one platform every, I dunno, 5 minutes? If each one of the platforms were as large (which they probably would be) that'd be 225 shots per 5 minutes (or something like that). If there was actually MORE of them originally, the required power would peak at unreasonable levels. Oh and it'd also be super fucking OP but this is also DAoT weapons we're talking about here so that should be a given.

The actually stonehenge battery itself though would probably be mostly unscathed since the whole thing is built out of Ferrocrete and the guns probably out of heat resistant material and sturdy metals to keep them from exploding due to overuse. All of that would probably make the Island look pretty cool. A ten square kilometre wide weapons platform with gigantic guns running across its edges, complete with a command bunker, standing in the middle of the ocean on a crumbling island. I dunno about you, but I'd totally fight someone to death for that.
That would need a nuclear power plant just to fire if the guns are on electrical power like a laser or plasma if that's the case I think that the power would be transfered by cables via the tunnels under that goes to the continent
I also imagine the island to be protected by some fort in sea like the fort maunsell in the North Sea
Damn this is personnaly my favorite place on the planet now
File: rumblerumble.gif (3.33 MB, 305x227)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB GIF
Sounds like my next mapping project. There could be a Battle for Stonehenge as enemy factions attempt to stop the Imperium gaining control over and restoring the weapons (this sounds like it would basically need a whole thread, and be a return to the intense CQC the series started with), though it'll probably take a long time to actually get them functioning. Nearly 20k years of rust from being exposed to the sea elements takes a while to scrape off.

Gif related is what the planet would look like, only replace the ducks with cogboys.
I do believe that an on-site nuclear reactor was mentioned in the first post about Stonehenge so the power problem is at least slightly explained there.

Considering how close North Point is to Stonehenge, it'd be kind of a one-sided battle. The Admech flooding the planet though? Yeah that's a definite possibility, and one I only realised now that I may have overlooked when creating the first post. I guess Stonehenge being so worn down that it'd be more efficient to just grab the schematics and try to make a single new turret that'd stop that from happening (at least immediately). As for the whole other thread idea, shieeeeeet, we've already been going for like 3 months, that's probably not gonna be feasible.

Then again, what happens to Stonehenge is up to you guys too, so let’s see what we've all collectively got.
Silence, fag
The North Point base isn't operational yet, so they wouldn't get roflstomped by proximity.

We've still got all the regulars here and lots of unfinished business, so as long as they keep coming we'll keep going. We can't do the grand many-character battles of the early threads, but we can damn well have a go at it.

I'd like to at least get through a full year of Damnatum Lutum time, which would be another 2-3 threads, and if we get that far we might even be able to wrap it up on a full circle - I'd rather give it an orderly ending that let it fizzle out. Just imagine bringing the final thread to a close with Chaos invading again into the mud with Ultramarines arriving and everyone exclaiming "HERE WE GO AGAIN". Cut to credits. Add link to first thread.
yup sounds good
I've honestly been wanting to have these poor templar bastards break off and form their own separate chapter. So I'm hoping to have things come full circle.
I eagerly await the next thread comrades. Until next time.
Wait a minute, we're not finished yet. I mean we hold off on the battle for Stonehenge until next thread.
guy who posts as "former pig shit farmer, now Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts" here

can yall run me up to speed, i have not even noticed this here thread
Oh fuck, I think I misunderstood what you meant. I meant more, "lets not create a whole other series of threads" sort of thing, we can totally keep going until these threads are concluded. I think I get what you mean now though, fighting over Stonehenge would probably require its own threads worth of stuff yeah, but like Groxbridge we can always just keep it as part of the constantly evolving battlefield.

I may also just be a bit dumb, but that's up to interpretation.
It's now winter and everybody is freezing their butts off in a vicious snowstorm. There was the beginnings of an assault on Tau-held Stemton, but everything got diverted to a massive clusterfuck in Starrick Pass. Meanwhile, the Tau hired a Deldar mercenary force and Stemton is the scene of a three-way battle between Tau&Co. and demons of Khorne and Tzeench. There's an uprising in Groxbridge by the not-Vietcong fomented by the Iron Warriors. Anything I miss?
File: Fucking invincible.jpg (360 KB, 784x956)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>Managed to kill the remaining berserkers by sheer weight of numbers and extensive use of krak grenades
>Emperor damnit this Suneater is strong
>He's butchered several of my Crusaders already, their Carapace armour is now stuck in his chainswords
>One of the Crusaders managed to lob off one of his mechandrites with his blade, had to jump in and bodyblock the strike coming in from Suneater with my Rosarius
>The snow is flying around us, a full on blizzard has been kicked up
>Daemons are fighting and killing one another up above and crashing down to the ground in such great numbers that the ferrocrete is caked in gore
>It must seem pretty close to Paradise to these Khornates
>Though it's night, I can see a giant deep red sphere in the sky that almost resembles a sun
>Crusaders are still standing firm, Storm troopers are reporting that
>He charges at me again, this time he's too close for me to react in time though
>He slams into me and almost overloads my Rosarius, his sheer weight is enough to temporarily nullify the pushback he'd otherwise be receiving
>Slam my hands and thereby power axe up against it to push him back
>Can hear him chuckeling and revving up his chainswords
>Can feel my Rosarius getting hotter and hotter, either he lets up or it may just overload
>One of my Crusaders jumps on his back and attempts to stab through his head
>The extra weight of the Crusader slows down Suneater enough that my Rosarius kicks in and the Mechandrites are forced open, along with sending Suneater back
>Two hand power axe as Suneater elbows the Crusader in the temple
>Slash off two more of his Mechandrites
>In a rage Suneater spins around and flings the Crusader at me
>He overloads my Rosarius and we're both sent skidding across the blood and snow covered ferrocrete
>Crusader eventually manages to slow us down but we're quite far away from the enemy at this point
>Stand myself and the Crusader up, rush toward Suneater as another Crusader just narrowly blocks one of his strikes
>We're down to about 6 men including me, hopefully we'll be enough to defeat this champion
>The rest of the Crusaders are focusing on attacking his Mechandrites, that ablative armour needs to go and it needs to go fast
>Two of them manage to slash off the ablative end of one mechandrite each, a third stabs Suneater in the back to little effect
>Suneater spins around violently and kicks one of the Crusaders to the curb
>He punches another in the helmet sending him skidding across the platform
>Finally he hacks off the sword arm of the one who managed to stab him
>Manage to reach him before he finishes the job and swing my power axe at his head
>His final Mechandrite moves up, but it's a little late and just ends up getting itself destroyed
>Pre-emptively duck as he turns around and attempts to slash off my head with the now extended rotary blades on his forearms
>They slash across my helmet and nearly cut through to my skin, but luckily the other two Crusaders that are standing up slam into him with their shields, throwing off his attack
>He still manages to kick me in the stomach though, sending me skidding across the ground again
>Vision's slightly blurry, but I can still see my enemy
>Stand up, watch him kick both of the other Crusaders down
>Before he lands a killing blow on one of them though, he suddenly stops himself and turns around
>He looks absolutely furious
>Turn and see what he's looking at, seems like a couple Dark Eldar have arrived
>What looks to be their Dracon is currently engaged with a couple of Tzeenchians
>See him pick up the power shield of the now one-armed Crusader and hurl it toward the Dark Eldar
>Charge him while his back is turned
>Suddenly feel a strong gust of wind picking me and everyone else around me up
>Oh shit
You missed the giant anti-planetoid mass driver the third inquisitor who showed up is fighting with the Tau, DE and Daemons over and the new governor being declared a heretic by one of the other inquisitors.

and how long chronologically has it been since the events in the last thread?

the last thing i posted was Archbishop fighting daemons in town square along side the sisters
Ok so there are some heavy fighting in the mountains with Tau, deldars used as mercenary by the Tau, nurglites and the Imperium trying to cross the mountains All of this in a giant snow storm
Back in Groxbridge there's an uprising who was prepared by the last Iron warriors against the new governor who has been declared a heretic due to him being sympathic towards the Taus
A third inquisitor is here to secure a super weapon that could be capable of destroying hive fleets
And your cathedral is almost finished but could be destroyed by the Iron warriors
A couple months I think, it was autumn then and it's winter now, right around new years in fact.
I placed it about a month and half since last time, the prev thread being in this planet's version of late Nov and this one being shortly after the local new year.
>Be former pig shit farmer, now Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>be in my spire
>be sitting by the fire, drinking hot coco and reading updates on my Cathedral.
>suddenly hear gun fire
>i got to the window and look out
>there be fighting in the city
>once again i go to the vix set
>once again call the holy militia to arms
>dawn my crusader power armor
>get me Thunder Mallet
>i then join the battle
>clobbering heretics left and right
File: melee finally.png (517 KB, 1334x750)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Now shouting in every vox channel that I can find that the objecive is to cut the Tau from the sea then crush that governor
>Also send a request to admiral to call for an Ark of the Mechanicus
>As the Land Raider progress in Starrick pass I ask around for the Black Templar Marshal and the sister Bios
>I'm not really worried about the governor calling me a traitor since that I have a inquisitorial mandate and a squad of the Emperor angels of death with me
>But as soon as the weapon is secured and Tau crushed from this system I will continue my hunt of the fishface
>I am still waiting for any kind of news about von Rosen
>He is still probably preparing his expedition
>We arrive at some kind of camp were the guard decided to build a wall of protection with dead xenos
>Exiting the Land Raider for a view and comprehension of the situation I notice that most Dark Eldar are gone
>One Tau fireblade charge me with his knife
>I easily counter his attack with my xenophase sword
>They must really be desesperate to fight us in melee
>But it feels so good!
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Taking a moment to meditate and clean my boltgun
>Watching the guard manning batteries three through five do their work
>A steady stream of the Emperor's intervention thundering from the earthshakers
>Gun 13's crew finally seems to be done re-calibrating their sights
>They join the barrage
>No word back from Starrick Pass has been reported
>We must be on target
>If not, I'm sure they would be eager to let us know
>The guns just keep thundering along
>The vox-operator in the fire control bunker shouted something about making contact with the Lieutenant
>We can have six guns raining death onto Groxbridge as soon as Paulicus sends the word
>I'm beginning to find artillery work enjoyable
>Relaxing even
>I only wish I could see the damage the guns were doing as they were doing it
>Perhaps I should request posts cooperating with the artillery more often
>Artillery is siege craft after all
File: Me down the road..png (513 KB, 666x432)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
>Be Jebediah Weston, former Captain of the Brass Vipers 2nd Company of Space Marines
>Feels like millennia since me and my boys came to this world but I am the last brother of my chapter on this world.
>After I caught the Ork who stole my wargear and bike, I heard news of my fellow battle-brothers being killed and now I feel ashamed
>I now try to live a simple life by myself, hunting wild game with a Stub-Repeater I fashioned that works with me, occasionally trading what I hunt for other supplies like whiskey
>Even made a nice home in a looted Rhino painted in the chapter colors
>Haven't ridden my bike or worn my armor since the day that brought me here
>All I hope for is a quiet life, but even that may not last with word of the Tau rising up again
>It doesn't matter now, all that matters is riding to Groxbridge now
>All I hope is I don't get attacked, I'm tired and just don't want to fight anymore.
>Not out of fear, but out of shame
File: reporting.png (1.28 MB, 1093x615)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>I hope y'all are all right after that bang
>The glaziers will be busy for weeks all across the city
>We're fine, got a shock though
>Anyway, we've managed to get our man Leydas in position in the fight for Lesser Grox Bridge
>Over to you Leydas, what can ya tell us?
>[the indistinct chatter of autogun fire, crack of lasguns and boom of bolters and shotguns is in the background]
>"Thank ya, J."
>"I'm here at Lesser Grox Bridge, where the fighting for the river crossing is fierce"
>"The insurgents hold the south end and are battling PDF and Arbites forces for control of the strategic keypoint"
>"Currently the Imperial forces are putting up a good defence, but the insurgent forces are seemingly endless"
>"We haven't recieved word on--[autgun bullets ricocheting off a nearby wall can be heard]"
>"As I was saying, we have so far recieved no word on reinforcements, nor can we predict the current outcome"
>Thank ya very much, Leydas
>Keep yerself save out there
>We'll keep all ya updated as the battle progresses
>I hope none of the insurgents try to attack our studio
>For their sakes, of course
>We've got a few tricks up our sleeve here at GRN HQ, none of would would be pleasant for 'em to discover
>Anyway, while the battle goes on, we've got some more muzak to distract ya with
>Archbishop of the Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>I rally my Holy Militia and lead them to the fighting in Lower Groxbridge
>We reenforce the local PDF and Arbites
>i personally vaporize a few heretics that try to cross the bridge with my Melta-Pistol
>at that time i try to vox for a barrage on the enemy forces a cross the river
>Heretics really piss me off
>this is their third attack ob this Holy City
>say fuck it and declare a Crusade.
>Once we finish these fiends, i will personally lead a witch hunt to assure that all possible heretics are burned on the stake
>once Groxbridge has been cleansed, i will move on to the next city
>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>The fighting on the surface has grown vicious over the bridge, as more imperials are drawn into the fray
>We must spread them thinner still
>Direct some of the Iron Warriors and guerrillas under them towards the radio station HQ
>An end to that blasted propaganda would be nice, and if captured then calls for further revolution could be broadcast
File: justusandthesnow.gif (4.27 MB, 512x288)
4.27 MB
4.27 MB GIF
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>The fighting in Stemton has largely died down
>Most of the daemons have slaughtered each other and now only a few remain
>The Tau have legged it away from the carnage
>I don't know where the Druchii have gotten to
>The town is now eerily quiet as snow-laden winds whip around the buildings and dust the bodies in the streets in white
>Daemon bodies disintegrate of course, the bodies are mostly Tau with some Druchii amongst them
>Walk down the street, investigating some of the bodies as we go
>That one looks familiar
>It's the Kabalite I dropped off the roof
>Not so scary now, are you?
>Bend down to investigate
>That patch on the arm.....it seems familiar
>Ah yes, the Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>The famed Druchii mercenary band, we've had run-ins with them before
>Scum and villainy, the lot of them
>Walk down the street with the party in tow
>Now where did we leave the jetbikes?
>Ah shit, my new jetbike was painted white
>Start flashing around the wraithbone key fob to look for the flashing orange lights under the snow
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Start pushing the enemy back
>My boots are starting to get cold
>See some elder in a stupid hat with a hand at her hip
>It spits out a cigarette and says draw
>Failing to notice the shotgun
>Are these eldar so fucked up that they can’t even be aware of their opposition?
>Take pity on the xeno and shoot the gun out of it’s hand
>Thank the Emperor for slug shells
>It runs away, screaming something about breaking a nail
Bump due to work
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Try to recover some dignity after being thrown over the barricade
>Why is every Black Templar I encounter batshit crazy? Having your officers led from the front may work if you are an unstoppable killing machine, but 99% of Guard officers are chosen for their grasp of tactics, not close combat skills. There was literally a reminder in the dispatch this morning that due to a shortage of officers, unnecessary heroics will be met with disciplinary action (this applies to officers only obviously)
>Unfortunately, the tophat wearing Black Templar is outside of the Imperial Guard chain of command, so I guess I am doing things his way for now and hope the Commissar doesn't notice
Alright men! Charge!
>I pull my sword back out and lead the charge at the few remaining Tau in the area
>My refractor field absorbs the two shots that come my way, but unfortunately we lose a few men and women for abandoning cover for no reason
>I guess we killed them a bit faster though than if we stayed in cover, at least that is what my after action report is going to say
>My vox operator catches up to me and informs me that fighting has basically died down in this area, but our orders are to slowly advance towards the center of the pass and sweep up any stragglers
>Apparently the Tau and Dark Eldar are mostly defeated, and finishing off the Nurglite warband has been left mostly to the Black Templars, Sisters of Battle, and a few specialized Cadian units trained to fight in contaminated areas
Listen up everyone! We are sweeping the south side of the pass, 3rd company is taking the north side, and 8th and 9th are advancing along the center
Keep your eyes open for stragglers and call in any caves or deep crevasses
>Grudging walk ahead of my company, not sure what this is supposed to accomplish, other than drawing out the odd sniper
>Good thing by refractor field is still at almost full charge
File: download (4).jpg (12 KB, 182x277)
12 KB
>Be the Butler
>I have a real name obviously, but I am pretty sure the Van Rosier Family has long ago forgotten it
>Most of the family is out socializing or inspecting their factories and storefronts, leaving just myself, a few junior servants, and their wretched youngest daughter Hestra at their Alabaster neighborhood mansion
>Someone starts ringing the doorbell insistently
>Head over to check the security cam to see who it is, you can never be too careful these days
>Before I get there, the door explodes inwards violently
>Several armed thugs rush in wearing those conical hats the Vietram imported laborers sometimes wear
>How rude
>Grab the rifle out of the hands of the first thug before he even realizes I am there and smash him in the groin and face with the rifle butt
>Lose the rifle blocking the wild hatchet swing of the second thug, expertly crush his throat with a finger-knife strike instead
>Grab an umbrella from the umbrella stand and use it to hook the crowbar out of the hands of the third thug, then kick him into the shotgun blast of the fourth and final thug
>Pull the hidden sword free of the umbrella and skewer the fourth thug while he tries to reload, then impale the first thug in the eye as he struggles to rise
>Some of Hestra's corgis and pomeranians come running around the corner to lap up the spilled blood
>Hestra herself comes over and starts yelling at me for leaving a mess on the ground
>Some days I feel I don't get paid enough for this shit
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, former Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Some silly brass bottomed wanker has decided that my darling, Her Majesty's Majestic Lion, needs to be taken off line for maintenance, in the middle of a bloody war!
>I mean blimey, there is stupid, then there is bloody top grade silliness
>Even worse, the only spot they could think to put me during the repairs was in a recon Salamander
>What makes things downright dreadful though is that I have to share the Salamander with some prissy ensign from Signals, and a couple of recon blokes drawn from regiments fighting in one of the northern war zones
>We got a vodka guzzling Valhallan Ice Warrior, a bagpipe playing Drookian Fen Guard, and worse of all, a humble bragging Canajian Lumberjack
>Currently the Fen Guard is fighting the ensign over his right to play bagpipes on a recon mission, the Valhallan is chugging back vodka like it is water, and the Canajian has disappeared somewhere, no doubt he will be back soon with a stack of giant raccoon pelts and a couple of Tau trophy knifes he just "happened to find lying around, eh"
>Sod this mission, if there is anyone in Stemton who hasn't heard us yet, they don't deserve to call themselves soldiers
>Take the vodka bottle from the Valhallan and take a chug, how strong can it be? He has already guzzled down eight bottles since the mission began two hours ago
>It is strong, very strong, how is he not bloody dead?
>Pile of snow next to me starts flashing orange
>What's all this then?
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>The Commissar attached to the Cadians had the brilliant idea of fortifying the camp with a wall made of corpses
>On a scale of one to disgusting, this is only slightly less disgusting than going toe to toe with the Nurglites
>Seeing as front line troops are too valuable to waste on this sort of operation, it is mostly non-combatants and walking wounded like myself that were pressed into wall making duty
>I guess I should give him some credit for being here at least, none of the Commissars attached to the 78th saw attaching themselves to a single under strength company on a suicide mission as worth their time
>Funny how that works
>Also funny how it is pretty much impossible to pick up a limbless, headless torso without getting messy
>Particularly when it weights almost as much as you do, and you are suffering from dizziness, severe concussion, high on painkillers, and one of your legs doesn't work properly since there is a hole in it
>Fuck my life
be going to bed, ill post in the morning
-The Archbishop
Little Finger ‘ere, will be back, gota go to sleep
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph of the 531st Cadian Regiment
>Ah perfect, the dead body wall is coming together nicely
>The foul xenos are falling back
>Our medics have a restock of medicine
>And I’m covered in xenos blood
>What a wonderful day to be alive
>But the wall is missing something
>Remember from my time at Happy Ending that me and Captain Pricilla Von Hansburg got shit faced in one of the officer’s lounges
>Good times
>The dead body wall is missing something
>Contact Von Hansburg
>Ask her if she has any spare transport ships, bricks, and krak grenades
>She asks me why
>Tell her it’s for fortifications for the pass
>She will see
>She says she will do what she can
pre-wörk bump
>Be Sister Bios
>The artillery barrage thunders into the battle
>Bits of xeno rain out of the air
>The snow is tinged with red crystalline blood
>There is one downside though
>Combining that with everyone else, we're running out of things to burn
>And that's BAD
>Still, there's a number of straggers to run over and immolate
>We'll be busy here for a little while yet
>There's reports of an insurrection in Groxbridge too
>Once we're done here, we'll be all for burning some heretics
>Just leave some for us, mmkay?
>Dapter! On your left! Xeno!
>Strike one more
File: 1569704750259.gif (1.25 MB, 300x272)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now a scion of the retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium of the Ordo Malleus
>The moment the corpse wall is finished the Tau lines are thinning
>Is the guard always such mess ?
>I finally find the rest of the retinue
>They are crouched behind the wall
>Sit next to them waiting for the orders
>Four of them Hiems included are all that's left
>So now I am promoted to the role of vox-officer
>Before we can even say a prayer for the dead the commissar of the cadian regiment request all grenades for a great
>That's really obscure but okay
>At the same time a inquisition Land Raider approaches
>Oh it's just the boss who wanted to know where how was the battle going and if he could kill some xenos
Sure my Lord but you are little late for that they are only Dark Eldar left with some nurglites
>He replies that it's fine then proceed to smash a pox walker and throw it on a kabalite warrior with his power hammer
>Lupanarium then turn charge the eldar smashing them in mass running alongside an immolator
>Follow him and give him a fire cover
> be me black templar marshal.
> With the situation at Starrick's pass well in hand, I take my leave to begin my hunt.
> I bike through stemton alone, the wreckage of the town still smoldering in the wake of our fury.
> I bike on through minding my own business when I begin to hear a sound reminiscent of a dying sow.
> what in the name of the holy emperor is that racket.
> ride over to find a salmander filled with the most discordant group of guardsman I've ever seen.
> A praetorian, Valhallan, Drookian, and a canajian.
> Wait..... isn't that the lady from that one baneblade that my command squad.... commandeered in the swamps a while back?
> I thought they told me the crew was dead!
> I suppose We'll have to give it back now..... and find a way to explain the missing tea rations that we handed out to the brothers....
> sigh and pull up beside them.
"alright, all of you, you are now conscripted into my service, we are to hunt and kill a xenos commander. If you survive you shall all get promotions and blessings from the black templars."
> That sounds good right?
> I don't know what I'm doing, but by the emperor I feel the need to do SOMETHING.
> we've apparently stolen this poor lady's baneblade. Emperor help us if the munitorum ever finds out.
> Why do I get the feeling I'm ignoring something?
> eh, it's probably nothing.
File: roofcannon.png (744 KB, 800x797)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>We interrupt our regular programmin' to bring ya a special report!
>Some wannabe sneaky insurgents have slipped through the lines and are walking towards us
>Clearly they didn't hear what we said earlier
>Since they're deaf but not blind, shall we give 'em a visual demo?
>Now, I know what yer thinkin'
>What sort of tricks have we got?
>Well, we had a bunch of the Krieg regiment round the other day, and everyone knows what Kriegers are like
>We took our eyes off them for thirty seconds and only found 'em eight hours later
>By then, they'd turned the studio into a high-rise fortress-bunker
>There's sandbags, gun emplacements, reinforced doors, ammo crates, pillboxes, flak guns and even a Basilisk mounted on one side
>Gotta say, I kinda like it, what with all the fightin' in the region right now too
>But the pride of place?
>Well, that's on the roof
>[in background] "Fire up the cannon, Toki!"
>[a whirring noise is heard reverberating through the building, followed by a clunk]
>Let's open with some shock and awe, shall we?
>[A "bwaaaaaaaam" noise is heard in the background]
>That's right, folks
>The Kriegers even turned the aerial into a giant energy cannon
>I'll be damned if I know where they got the STC for that, and they'd never hear the end of it from the Mechanicus
>Anyway, while we mop up these punks, here's some more tunes
>This is why you never mess with the radioman
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Good news and bad news
>The good news is we found the bikes
>The bad news is that a few loitering Imperial soldiers saw it too
>To make matters worse, a Baneblade driven by an Astartes turned up
>C'mom, think of something, think of somethiiiiing
>All right, here's the plan
>Kerala, I need you to scurry up onto that roof
>Lob a snowball at them to get their attention, then blow a raspberry at them
>Leg it across the roofs to make them chase you on foot
>Don't worry, I know you can outrun those shamblers
>Then, us seven grab our jetbikes and take off
>We come and pick you up before the Imperials catch you, and you jump on with Belrith over there
>Then we leg it back to town to outrun their slowass armoured vehicles
>Any objections?
>Let's go then
> be me, black templar baneblade driver.
> Be sipping tea through a straw.
> good stuff.... pity the bastards who lost it.
> suddenly get hit in the face with a snowball.
> look up, scanning the area, see some knife eared cunt sticking her tongue out and making crude gestures at us.
> welp.
> three cannons turn to take aim at the building, and roar their response, the building explodes into a flurry of splinters and rubble.
> I love my job.
>be Archbishop of the Church of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>be fighting fucking heretics
>be burning heretics
>listen to the radio station as they vaporize some heretics
>decide this shit show has gone on long enough
>lead a charge across the frozen river
>slam into heretic lines
>cleave soo many heretics in half, i just stop counting
>begin to wonder where their leader is
>Be Sarat
>Also wonder where the fuck Karasseus is
>It’s not the same without all the decimations
File: Dad.jpg (77 KB, 400x518)
77 KB
>Be The Emperor of all of Mankind and Supreme Patriarch of all Space Marines.
>Single out a single guardsman who saved a family and has killed several chaos cultists.
>Gets shot by commissar a battle later for accidentally taking his sandwich and eating it.
>Realise I cant fucking take it anymore.
File: 1569892513722.jpg (91 KB, 612x612)
91 KB
>Be me, Armageddon Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>So those Deldar were a bunch of fucking pushovers
>As soon as they got into the effective range of the Autocannons and Lascannons they were absolutely lit up by the Kriegers
>Me and my squad managed to take some pot shots, despite the fact that most of them were sitting at a campfire with some of the Kriegers
>The Mechanicus escort with us proved to be pretty deadly, sniping some of the jetbike riders off their crafts
>I can tell that these xenos weren't originally heading for us, I think they just got disoriented in the storm
>Well, too late to worry about now that they've been absolutely run ragged and sent fleeing back up through the cloudy sky
>Y'know, now that I mention it, it isn't THAT horribly cloudy out here anymore
>I mean it's snowing like all hell but it almost feel like the weather has let up a bit
>That reminds me, I never got a response from Sigma, I should probably try to hail him again
>Get no signal back from him
>Huh, weird
>Stand up out of tank, grab my binoculars again
>Scan the faults for 10 minutes, realise just what happened to him
>Oooooooh... FUCK
>Right, no it's fine, that's just several crashed Storm Eagles
>These fuckers are mostly cybernetic anyway, I'm sure they've most ly survived
>Seems like one of the Storm Eagles landed more comfortably than the rest too
>Right, best to make sure we don't end up getting our chain of command cut by mother nature herself
>Order the rest of my men into their vehicles, no time for /k/omfy experiences with Kriegers!
>Vox the two Majors and tell them we're going to pick up Sigma, say I'll request a Valkyrie later to get them out of their wreckage
>Fire up my Baneblade, pat my lady on the turret for being a good girl and we take off
>Takes us about half an hour to get to the wreckage
>By now I've just been following the glow of the burning Storm Eagles
>Jump out with Techy and begin looking through the wreckage with our Escort
>After about 15 minutes of opening Storm Eagles like clams and getting out the survivors, we reach the last Storm Eagle
>Make the sign of the Aquila before one of our Skitarii blows the front hold door off its hinges with his Arc Rifle
>Peak my head inside first, Plasma pistol acting as a flashlight
>See something a bit fleshy in the back, move inside
>Stop after I get a clear visual on Sigma laying against the back of the vehicle
>Tread carefully around his knocked out or killed bodyguards
>See him moving about a little and eventually looking up at me
>Holster my pistol and do my best to stand him up
>Skitarri have to rush inside and help me out, we eventually manage to walk him out
>Sit him down next to his opened Storm Eagle, rush back to my Baneblade
>Hop in and get to the vox, call Ritter
>"Major, this is Tank Commander Hochberg, we've secured the Master of Skitarii and several wounded skitarii warriors, requesting Valkyries be sent to our location immediately"
>List off the Coordinates for him quickly and order a perimiter be formed around the crash site
>"Copy that Hochberg, Valk on it's way, sit tight"
>I bet the Dark Eldar were originally headed to this crash site when I first saw them, praise be to the emperor that we got here first
>If they showed up here now, they're gonna get lit up by the Duneraiders, Tanks and the Skitarii
>Well, best get comfortable
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>So every guy I want to see is fighting
>The sister Bios is burning heretics in an immolator tank
>And the Black Templar Marshal is fighting in Stemton
>Ah yes one ethereal is there
>So the Marshal is probably going to kill him
>Yeah that course of action is against my plan
>Wich is capture him and execute him in front of many guard regiment, space marines and sisters of battle as possible before sending the record of the execution with many picture of their dead soldier, destroyed tanks and vehicles to their homeworld
>This would make them understand that they are next on the menu
>Right now the fastest way to Stemton is by air
>Calling back the Corvus Blackstar I regroup my kill Team who was happily killing eldars
>I hate to stop their parties but the Corvus Blackstar was already here flying at an incredibly low altitude
>He can almost touch the tank turrets
>I take deep breath and while my marines embark I shout to the sisters and the Guard:
Warriors of the Emperor ! Me and those Deathwatch marines are going to capture one of the enemy commander ! I need a capable squad of twenty guards or sisters of battle to come with us ! Each men or women will receive a purity seal and their leader a title of hero!
>This will make them fight for me
>Stay where you are Ethereal, stay where you are...
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Not yet, bump limit is a bit over 300
did cold shoulder ever go over le bump limit?
It hit the bump limit in every thread apart from possibly the first
File: whoompf.gif (1006 KB, 370x205)
1006 KB
1006 KB GIF
>Be Sister Bios
>Chasing after a Dark Eldar scumbag who fell of her jetbike
>Get back here!
>Vox bleeps again, this time it's an inquisitor
>Can't I just have a xenos burning spree in peace at all around here?
>I swear, just when I start to enjoy things
>Hmm, he wants us to go on a mission into Tau territory to nab one of their leaders
>I like the sound of that actually
>The lack of just burning the twerp is disappointing, but at least we will be able to execute them later
>There is a small problem though
>We're in Immolaters and the vehicles and, ahem, us are not known for subtelty
>Hopefully this is a most definitely overt mission
>Also, Immolator crews come in packs of six so it'll be either eighteen or twenty-four of us
>Let's see what the Guard has to say as well
>Even though we'd be more than happy to leave them here
You're not from around here are you? 2 years of lurking is necessary before posting buddy.
Bump. Sorry for not being that active, have been starting uni.
You and me both bud. Though I was admittedly going a bit nuts with nothing to do.
Three of us, some bastard stole my milk
And somebody today turned off the oven with my dinner still in it because they thought it was empty and building rules are that we have to watch cooking at all times, even the oven (fuck that shit)

Flatmates, amirite?
Lmfao based
Graves here, same.
I hope you guys will be able to post to some level throughout the week. If we need to, we can just keep it ticking over until the weekend.
File: canada stuff.jpg (40 KB, 391x183)
40 KB
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, former Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Bloody hell, why are Black Templars driving around in Her Majesty's Magestic Lion?
>She was supposed to be with the cog wankers for repairs
>The muttonheads probably rearranged the insides of my tank too in order to fit inside
>And drank all my Earl Grey tea
>Also apparently we have been drafted by the Templars to hunt xenos now
>And those Templar blokes can't hit the broad side of a barn, also, aren't we supposed to be allied with the Craftworld Eldar?
>About to pipe in, when...
>The Inquisition arrive
>I guess we work for them now, maybe?
>Well this is a bloody mess
>The prissy ensign from signals pulls out the Praetorian handbook on rules and regulations in order to figure out who has authority, good luck with that
>The Canajian guy is fighting moose in the background somewhere
>The other two idiots are nowhere to be seen
>Try to discretely get a closer look at my tank while everyone argues
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Waiting for Bios’s response to my eldar drug bust
>Start a bet with some of the others an which sister is gonna bust out the booze first
>My bet is Bios
>If nothing else because the one who broke a eldar over her knee looks like she doesn’t drink any more
>Start cleaning my guns
>See something in the nearest cave
>Please don’t be anymore eldar or heretics
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Sweeping through an abandoned construction site
>Get a vox message from my old drinking buddy Dell
>He says he wants bricks, krak grenades, and transport ships
>Look at the huge pile of bricks meant to repair a series of retaining walls
>Bricks, eh?
>Signal back that no decent sized aircraft is flying in this weather, but that I can deliver large amounts of bricks via the Crassus transports, and that we can donate any spare krak grenades we have lying around
>Which is a lot of grenades, given that our regiment's armory is heavily augmented by donations from some of this sector's richest families
>It will be interesting to see what he plans to do with all this stuff
>It shouldn't be too hard to convince the Colonel of this new course of action, he usually defers to the authority of an officer from a more experienced regiment
>Who knows what our Templar watcher will think though, not sure if supply runs are considered more heroic than mop-up operations in his books
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>The bricks and grenades are her
>Order our engineers and anyone capable enough to start fortifying the corpse wall with a real wall
>While that happens, I order our demolition experts to bury the krak grenades a short distance behind the wall as impromptu land mines
>Why krak grenades you ask?
>Because hopefully if they are detonated, that will start a avalanche, sealing the pass
>Preventing any xenos incursion
>It will take some time to make, but, most of the xenos are dead or have fled
>Much to the sisters dismay
>Send a vox to Pricilla
>Tell her thank you, and I owe you a bottle of the good stuff when this all blows over
>Approach Sister Bios And ask her what she thinks about my plan
>And congadulate her in her part of the defense
>Still confused as to how I have gotten shot 4 times and she doesn’t seem to be scratched
>be me
>sneakyboy little finger
>nobody got me today
>me is the sneakiest of the boys
>’ummies started buildin a wall outa ‘ummie corpses and bricks
>gotta find out who me new boss is round ‘ere
>the white hair ‘ummue who got boss on ‘er moight be a good start
>sneak through the trees and snow drifts to get closer
>some of the white haired ‘ummies start drinking ‘ummie grog
>good, they earned it for all da krumpin they did
>’ummie with a big hat asks boss about hide plan
>did he want da wall built?
>he smart for a hat ‘ummie
>moight be kunin like mork
> Be me black templar assigned to babysitting duty.
> the officer of this regiment is a fucking coward.... okay then. I can work with this.
> Anyway, apparently some commissar wants bricks, grenades and transports.
> Wait, did she say dell? Isn't that the same cocksucker who tried to shoot me when I was a neophyte a few years back.
> agree to this plan of action just so I can kick that bastard in the nutsack.
> I'm not actually gonna load bricks though, that's for menials and chapter serfs.
> be me, black templar marshal.
> Oh emperor it's my squad, and they're in the baneblade.
> Dammit I do not need this right now. Not to mention that fucking inquisitor is trying to steal my kill.
> Good luck with that.
> sidle up to the captain and lower my voice so i can whisper to her.
"If you help me kill this tau leader, I'll ensure your baneblade is returned to you good as new."
> I mean.... we did fix the damn thing after some orks took it for a joyride. They broke the engine block in half.
> do you have any idea how hard it is to fix the engine block on a baneblade?!
>Be Geurilla Nguyen
>Many are dying
>The radio tower is a laser
>We must press on for freedom of the people
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>The insurgent attack has been stalled by a giant wall of militia driven up into a holy frenzy by the archbishop
>There is also no sign of any gas being laid down, meaning that my message wasn't relayed to the Arbite properly
>I shall have to contact Sammos myself then, it is time throw an industrial grade wrench in the iron warriors works
>Try and patch myself through to Sammos' channel, it takes a few tries but eventually I manage to get through to him
>Request an incendiary artillery bombardment behind the side of the bridge the insurgents are coming from
>It's either into the fire or into the frozen river
>Repeat the request several times to make sure it goes through
>Best to wait here to make sure it does, it appears the storm is quite thick up in the mountains
>I hope the fleet can deal with the newly arrived eldar and the small fleet of Tyranids a couple systems over
>Despite only being a small flotilla, lacking even a hive ship, they could still cause some casualties now that there are also some Dark Eldar in orbit
>If their xeno deities have their way, they won't go near Egillmann
>He has an unexplained burning hatred for them, so much so that I have witnessed him beating a Haemonculus to death with the dead body of one of his own creations
>So long as they aren't in the Thule tunnels with him and his 2 platoons of Guardsmen, they should be resting easy
>Be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Alaitoc
>Kerala comes hobbling back, spitting curses
>She's got a singed bum and hair, torn robe and her staff now resembles a banana
>Clearly the Astartes do not mess around
>Right, we need a new plan to get to the bikes
>We might not even have needed to sneak around the Guard, but the Astartes greatly complicate things
>Right, here's the new plan
>From what we've seen of Druchii jetbikes, they blow up spectacularly
>A few streets over, there's a big heap of them where they crashed
>Avengers Chaya and Dillen, you go over there and set a charge in the pile for five minutes, then get back here
>The whole heap of jetbikes will go up in a huge explosion
>While the Imperials race off to investigate what just happened, we grab the bikes and get out of here
>If that still doesn't work, we just walk round the back while they bicker with the Inquisition
>This one is foolproof
>They don't look so enthused this time
>What? Not like you lot have any better ideas
>Plan B, activate!
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Things have been pretty quiet up on Hill 924
>Quiet, if you disregard the unceasing cannonade of batteries 3-5
>If I were a gambling marine, I might just wager that even the Imperial forces in Starrick Pass are growing accustomed to it
>Finally got word from Groxbridge
>Lieutenant Paulicus requesting help in dealing with an insurgent force
>The call is quit eurgent
>After a few moments of calculating and adjusting the crews of guns 1-6 begin firing
>Nevermind a targeting volley
>Just firing for effect and walking the guns onto target
>Sadly the guard here didn't bring and incendiary ordinance
>Hopefully high-explosive and air-burst shells will suffice
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Got in Stemton as fast as the Corvus could
>The Templars and the Guard are destroying the city
>How many Baneblades there are here?
>And where the Ethereal could be ?
>Certainly in the biggest building of the town
>Which is the town hall
>I'm sure the security in this sector is on a sky high level
>Better be seeking and blowing up all possible sniper nest
>I've been dropped with my kill Team on the plaza next to the hall when a baneblade with a Templar on top of it comes chrashing through a building
>And start firing with the eleven guns on the town hall
>My prisoner!! NOOOO!!
>I don't even have a servo-skull with me!
>So much for nothing !
>No stay calm
>You do not want to start a fight with the biggest non codex chapter of the Imperium
>Start screaming that I will make all the Tau watch the doom of their chain of command in Liveria
>And I just started a rivalry between me and the Marshal...
>Be Archbishop of the Church of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>be slicing and dicing heretics
>my flock and i have halted the heretic advance
>hear a sound of raining artillery shells
>look to the sky and watch as shells start landing and obliterating the heretic held part of the city and the heretics with it
>i smile as i watch the god emprah's holy retribution rains down on them
>i order the flock to press the attack
>Be Guerrilla Nguyen
>Fanatics of the false religion are pouring across the bridge, and the fight is fierce
>The loss of comrades gives us time for armour brought in from our allies to come
>Must be more chaos symbols
>We must close distance with any enemies possible, so that all artillery can only fire at cost of equal imperial lives
At least it smells better for us than those in the tunnels and sewers, snaking towards the steelworks
night bump
>Be General Ronald Conesbury, Task Force C

>Trying my best not to despair at the bloody mess I have been left in charge of.

>Most of the regiments in the area have been sent to the Stemton and Starrick fronts, leaving me with only a few companies worth of garrison units to use.

>There are of course plenty of PDF and militia rabble in the area, plus the cogboy, Imperial Fist, law enforcers, and Craftworld Eldar forces, but I have no jurisdiction over them.

>In the north quadrant things are fairly under control for now, with the Cadia 304th Calvary detachment routing the gangs gathering in Dunlan Park, the Happy Enders and my own Praetorians guarding their billets in Green Oak, Mechanicus forces defending key infrastructure in Xora, and roaming mobs of religious fanatics crucifying everything with a pulse in Bealing, particularly near the Cathedral. To the northeast, only small gangs of insurgents have been spotted in Alabaster, though there have also been disturbing reports of hedonistic parties being held in some mansions to celebrate the imminent downfall of Imperial control.

>The east district is relatively quiet. Krechetovka loyalist ruffian gangs have fended off any attempts by insurgents to enter the district and some of them are now advancing south against hostiles in Whiscale, setting several neighbourhoods in fire with those perculiar alcohol based firebombs they are so bloody fond of.

>The south quadrant is unfortunately the source of much fighting, with the insurgents targeting any industrial infrastructure they see as important to the Imperium. The Imperial Fists, Steel Legionnaries, and Skitarii are fighting viciously there, but the waves of insurgents seem endless. The chemical works got hit particularly hard and are now basically on fire. The only good news is unconfirmed reports that the Black Templars are moving into the area.
>The west quadrant is also the site of heavy fighting, Chrysotile and Stankonia are all but overrun, though arbites, PDF, and religious militia are blocking their attempts to use these districts as a base from which to cross over to Wapper Island. The student ghettos of Leyline have proven surprisingly resilient despite the emergence of a Slaaneshi worshiping sexually deviant cult who dress up like animals. Neighborhood militias from Brumley have also been moderately successful in keeping their districts clear of chaos scum. Brannet is of course well protected by arbites and the Craftworld Eldar army that has been allowed to settle in the area.

>Wapper Island of course is the heart of Imperial control, though some PDF units and civilians believed to be loyal to the recently-declared-traitor Governor have come under attack by Kriegers and religious militias. The Governor himself hasn't been seen for hours.
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>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>Leading some of my men through the sewers
>The surface fighting should improve in our favour when mechanised forces arrive
>Imperial control over the city has already begun to break down, but more pressure is needed
>Holding the steelworks would be even more costly than fighting to them, but they cannot be left in enemy hands
>Reach the surface access and prepare the troops
>We are going to topple the steelworks onto the imperials
File: INCREASE MEME QUANTITY.png (1.18 MB, 989x1334)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>Be me
>Loyal chaos lord of the master of schemes, Moonsoon
>Just got a text from the big bird upstairs that some khornates are bullying some of his lords of change
>Apparently they've been given atomic wedgies and hung on copper banners of the blood god by their undergarments alone
>Drop into the battle between the khorne-lovers and fellow Tzeentchians
>As soon as I drop into the battle I see Khorne's chosen (some meathead named Suneater) lifting one of my fellow sorcerers onto his banner by their underpants
>Is also busy doing pullups with fellow nerds by lifting them up with their legs
>This will not stand!
>Summon up the sacred winds of the great ocean and begin the ritual of rain
>The wind picks up slightly as my spell-casting begins
>Suneater notices and charges me
>His charge is seen by the imperial inquisitor, who proceeds to engage him in combat
>As the fools fight and wear themselves down, my spell grows in power
>The inquisitor seems to gain the upper hand, but then it is done
>My winds of change start to pick up the various occupants of this battle, throwing the smaller ones this way and that
>Larger fighters like the inquisitor and Suneater stay standing, and take an interest in me
>I smile a devilish smile as the sky darkens and breaks, unleashing my rending rain upon them
>Weaker fools like the tau instantly fall to their knees, their very souls weakened by the rains
>Other fools like the khornates seem to lose their gusto as my rains wash away their anger
>Here they now stand beneath the warm and soothing rain, droplets of blood falling down gently on the terrain
>mfw my master's horrors are unaffected
>mfw they look hungry and also pissed from being flung about by the wind
>mfw more screamers begin to surge through the portals
Just realised I forgot to mention the inquisition arriving as Moonsoon was busy casting his spell, only for von Rosen to catch Suneater mid charge.
File: Halt.jpg (122 KB, 720x960)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>Be me, Imperial Fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>The Artillery bombardment is being laid down now, squadrons from other portions of the chapter have also arrived in the city
>If the iron warriors are trying to destroy the steel works, they likely wouldn't have been stopped by the barrage
>If there was a way around, the Iron Warriors would take it and if there wasn't, they'd make one
>Order my squad to move to the steel works, if the Iron Warriors are leading this decapitation strike themselves I doubt they will be bringing many melee trops
>Though the steelworks have a large amount of skitarii defending them, they still need more men to cover all their flanks
>Request that Sergeant Allemannus with his tactical marines and Sergeant Ignatus with his devastators make their way to the steelworks as soon as possible since they're closest
>After flying over buildings for several minutes, eventually touch down in the Vaulian yards
>There are a lot of skitarii, combat servitors and turrets around here
>Kriegers and militiamen have also flooded around the steelworks
>Apparently a civilian reported seeing a, "horned space marine with mechanical body parts" coming out of the sewers and this alerted the religious zealots
>I can only assume the industrial fog and the smell of iron reminded the Kriegers of home
>Order everyone get behind the improvised cover around the steelworks, Kriegers have set up heavy support platforms there already
>I shall have to speak with the archbishop later on the unusally heavy armament of his militia
>Get word back from Allemannus and Ignatus, they'll be arriving shortly by Thunderhawk
>If necessary, I shall have to request the Captain arrive by drop pod and aid us
>I can see the Chemical works still burning in the distance, a foreboding sight if ever there was one
>I hope the mechanicus are as triggerhappy with their close fire support as ever, the sight of an Avenger may be the most uplifting thing the civilians get to see today
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now a scion of the retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium of the Ordo Malleus
>Rushing the road leading to the coast in tau territory
>Our mission is to support another inquisitor on a island currently invaded by daemons and Xenos
>Found some two attalan bikes a Achille ridgerunner and one sidecar at the gas station with weird iconigraphy
>Acting as a spotter on the ridgerunner
>Now we have most of our heavy weapon that we have took from our dead comrades on the vehicles
>At some point after the river Constanza I spot a convoy
>One tetra, two piranhas escorting a orca flying few meters above ground
>This target is way to easy
>We open fire with our heavy weapons on the sidecar and the ridgerunner
>We hit the tetra who falls on the piranha on the right of the road
>Half of the vehicles down good
>But they retaliate with the last piranha taking down the side car
>Two third of ours are still on the road
>We cross the recon one and exchange fire
>They only hit the hull of the car but we shot the pilot
>It's the moment that Hiems choose to throw grenades at the orca
>But the armouring made them roll under the transport
>And they exploded taking with them the turret and ultimatly...
>The orca goes off few seconds after we passed it
>We don't stop we continue to the shores following Lupanarium decision to cut by the fields
>Only 25 clicks left before the sea
File: letsgoagain.jpg (214 KB, 1024x1449)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>Be Sister Bios
>The Inquisitorial party has stopped in the streets of Stemton
>Something about the Inquisitor arguing with some Astartes and Guard about who's in charge
>Whoevever they are, they're brave to argue with an Inquisitor
>I don't like being stopped here, this place gives me the creeps
>Suddenly there's a huge explosion from a few streets away
>What in the Emperor's name was that!?
>I'm going to investigate, lest we be in danger
>The others come with me, and we request the Astartes tag along too if they feel so inclined
>Sticking out of a side alley is a battered Farseer's staff with Ulthwé's emblem on it
>Odd, one of the Dark Eldar must have dropped it
>Reach the pile of burning and exploded jetbikes
>There's nobody here
>Well, who or what did it then?
>Wait a minute
>That staff...
>Dark Eldar don't have Farseers
>That means...
>We've been tricked again, and there are Craftworlders here!
>Emperor-damned Ulthwé, always up to some kind of trick!
>These damnable Eldar are all the same anyway
>Start running back to the junction with the flamer ready
>I already know they burn well
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>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>We are surfacing now, more head for the direct underneath of the steelworks
>Despite the bridge drawing much of the enemies strength, resistance is sure to be met
>Men, draw power shovels
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>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, former Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Still befuddled as to what is going on
>The Black Templars seem to want to purge every heretic and xenos scum they see, while the Inquisition want a Tau leader to make an example of
>Both seem jolly good plans to me, but don't want to be remembered as the lass who backed the wrong side
>Suddenly a massive explosion occurs a few blocks away
>The Sisters who just showed up run off to investigate
>Order my squad to form up and follow
>Arrive to find a pile of torched jetbikes
>Baffling, perhaps they were trying to lure us out here for some reason
>Order everyone to split up and head back to the main group from different directions, if we are lucky we can sneak up behind them
>be me
>sneakyboy little finger
>boss is heading into da town
>follow da new boss
>start getting outa da snow and into a town
>white paint won’t do enough
>need some...
>black paint
>now can blend into the ‘ummie buildin’s and stay with me new white haired boss
>dees ‘ummies fight good for ‘ummies
>but da flame tossars make it hard to krump da far targets
>me silenced shoota gun makes short work of da sodin gits
>live is good unda da new boss
File: Dark_Eldar_Raider.jpg (99 KB, 739x667)
99 KB
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Kick down the door
>Predictably none of my lackeys lounging around the room I just burst into are much impressed
>A couple of us had snuck off part way through the battle for van Chijeck Island in order to smoke some joints in an old washroom and have a bit of fun
>A few minutes earlier we had run out of the adhesive substance known as "duct tape" that we have been using to bind human chaos worshipers for "interrogations", luckily duct tape is plentiful in this ancient (by mon-keigh standards) facility
>We couldn't actually care less about what any of these useless pawns have to say, but it was fun convincing the small group of Tau hiding in the room with us that the torture is somehow necessary
>Even now the Tau hover around nearby, clearly horrified by the torture, but worried that we won't pass any information we uncover on to them
>A message briefly pops up on my retina, it appears as though the last of my main war bands have withdrawn from Starrick Pass and Stemton
>Although my reavers and other mobile units greatly enjoyed testing their skills against the extreme weather and variety of opponents, the casualty count was getting a bit high
>Resurrections don't pay for themselves you know, the Haemonculi demand lots of souls in exchange for decent life insurance policy
>The sound of a rampaging horde of daemons and cultists running down the hall snaps me back to reality
>Maybe I shouldn't have kicked down that door
>Pull out my Blast Pistol and vaporize a large section of wall leading to the outside with a few well placed shots
>Everyone jumps out of the opening and onto the waiting Raider
>The enemy bursts into the room only to be cut down by a wave of splinter and darklight fire
>Fly away laughing
>Oops, forgot about the Tau
>Oh well
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>A bunch of those high-born Happy Ender types have shown up to add bricks to the corpse wall
>Surprised that anyone in that group is even capable of manual labor, though to be fair, they did rough it for a bit back in the spring before their gear and excessive wealth showed up
>Also, many of them were low-born back on Happy Ending and were just luckily enough to get on an evacuation ship
>Still kind of pissed off that no one thought of using bricks to begin with though
>All the gore from the bodies I have been collecting has pretty much saturated through my uniform, ruining its debatable insulative properties
>Also, pretty sure that the wall will be torn down the minute that someone realizes that it is blocking road access through the Pass
>Seeing as the Tau and Dark Eldar use fast moving hover vehicles, the only enemy it would have done much against anyways is the Nurgle war band
>And no one has seen them for hours, supposedly they got driven into one of the side caves by the Black Templars and the Sisters
>Ugh, this again, the Dark Eldar corpse I have just put on the wall is frozen and won't lay flat
>Pull out my bayonet and start painstakingly sawing through the limbs that are sticking up the most
>This day keeps getting better and better
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Hanging around the small Risian/Cadian camp at the south end of the pass, watching my men make a wall of bricks
>The camp is pitifully small and undermanned, good thing those Black Templars showed up when they did, otherwise this place would have been easily overrun
>The storm seems to finally be dying down a bit, and few enemies remain in the Pass, at least few that I could see as we drove through it to deliver the bricks
>Lots of dead bodies and destroyed vehicles everywhere though, so many in fact that the Imperial Guard garrison was making a corpse wall before we showed up with the bricks
>Sensibly they have been using only Tau and Dark Eldar bodies, while avoiding the few Nurgle corpses that haven't dissolved into piles of puss
>Not sure why they are still using bodies now that the bricks have shown up though
>The Cadian head medic warned us about the nearby caves, I send a few soldiers to check them out
>Ever since I arrive on this world I have had a bad feeling about what lurks below us
>Our Black Templar "watcher" is staring at Commissar Dell like he wants to bite his head off
>Not sure what that is about, but at least he is leaving me alone for a bit
>Head over to the vox operator and see what our new orders are...
>Be Shas'O Fi'rios Lad'Ai, AKA Commander Fire Lady
>Still trying to figure out how the day went so poorly
>The force I sent into Starrick Pass is all but destroyed
>I have withdrawn most of my forces from Stemton, following the grueling fight with the daemons there simply aren't enough Tau, Hodask, and Gue'vesa soldiers left to hold the area from Imperial Guard invading from Gregoriana, and pro-Imperial partisans from Redriver
>The Dark Eldar have left the main war zones and resumed minor raids, hopefully at least some went to van Chijeck Island like they promised, our operations there are supposedly vital to controlling the system, though the Earth Caste, Ethereal Caste, and local Fire Caste garrison still refuse to tell me what they have found there
>I guess the only good news lately is that the Imperial Governor was declared a heretic for having Tau sympathies, months of slander and altering vox transmissions by the Water Caste has finally paid off
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Realize that most of our uniforms are covered in various amounts of blood and viscera
>Ask What few sisters that are still hear to help me set up washing machines
>Once we get the machine set up I go to get the detergent
>Where the fuck is the detergent?
>See a dark eldar running out from the storage tent clutching her nose and spitting out bubbles, cursing in between gurgles of soap
>Can’t help but stare at it
>That dumb fuck tried to snort the detergent didn’t she?
>Go up to the commander of the happy Enders to see if they have any soap as that dumbass snorted half of ours before she realized what she did
>Ask Monica if she can try to salvage what we have left for detergent while the Happy Enders check their stuff
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Wait, soap? detergent? washing machines?
>Mother fuckers, I knew there was a reason the Cadians weren't leading us on their side of the camp!
>I have been wearing this unwashed hand-me-down uniform for weeks now, and haven't bathed aside from the occasional midnight "snow bath"
>I take Graves' request as an excuse to go poking around the Cadian barracks
>Naturally it is much more luxurious than ours, with cots, actual blankets, portable heat radiators, and a shower area near the back
>Grab all the shampoo bottles and soap bars from the shower
>Notice a couple of boxes of detergent on top of a supply crate and grab them too
>Steal a blanket before leaving, I fully intend to shove every item of clothes that I have in a laundry machine and need something to keep me warm while I am waiting
>Hopefully they have dryers too, can't imagine much drying naturally in this weather
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>Ah good, Graves is setting up the washing machines
>Speaking of which
>Change into a fresh uniform and hat and place my dirty one in my own washer
>Walk up to Priscilla and hand her a bottle of the best stuff I have on hand
I am a commissar of my word.
>Start swapping war stories
>I have more, but still, it’s fun to talk about the time when I was a Cadet and our instructor had to explain to one of my peers why you can’t check a jammed bolt pistol by looking down the barrel
>Or about the time a obviously heretical daemonet tried to perform a “Commissarial Inspection”
>She starts to share stories while I drink
Sneaky needs to sleep. So I’m bumping for ya gits
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>be Archbishop of the Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>be chasing the slowly retreating heretics into the steel works
>there we shall destroy whats left of their forces
>this heresy ends now
>hopefully they do not blow the place up
>Be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Alaitoc
>Any second now.....
>Tap feet
>Where's the kaboom?
>There was supposed to be an earth-shattering ka-
>One of them must have typoed the number to set the timer for
>Sisters and Guard go charging off to the explosion
>The Astartes didn't budge though, so we'll have to sneak round back through an alley
>Shouldn't be a problem, those silly pauldrons they love so much cripple their already poor peripheral vision
>Crunch through snow and back streets
>Come to the last major street crossing before the destination
>There's a Guard soldier a few doors down the street, looks like he's searching for something or someone
>The red uniform and pith helmet must be from the Praetorians
>What in Asuryan's name is that fancy dress?
>What is this, the 800M2s?
>You may as well carry muskets to complete the set, they might even be better than those pathetic lasguns
>Anyway, we should be able to sneak behind him quite easily
>Walk quietly across the road
>Chaya trips on a frozen Tau corpse buried in the snow
>She falls on her face with a very loud clang
>Great stealthing, you lot

Wish Sigma was here, the fight at the steelworks is literally right up his street

Just got back from a few days of camping in the pouring rain for ecology research, finally I have internet again.

Last I checked Sigma has been rescued from his abortive attempt at air cavalry by Hochberg, let me just work out roughly where the hell I am and where to punch things.
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>On the ground again but now mostly alone
>The one armed crusader has managed to get a tourniquet, called in for a Valkyrie and told the Crusaders to retreat
>Called in to the stormtroopers again since suneater cut me off last time, seems like they've managed to get the bunker complex under control
>Apparently some Dark Eldar and cultists got down there too
>Poor bastards, those Stormtroopers had weapons specifically made for room clearing and close quarters combat
>Avengers continually laying down fire on the Daemons on the ground, Lightnings dashing through the air and splattering Screamers, the air above is absolutely chaotic
>Despite the warm and soothing rain the pilots seem mostly unaffected, and the remaining Tau mechs are trying to do their best to protect someone, very likely an Ethereal
>I myself have not calmed down all that much, but my Rosarius seems to have as it's working again
>Suneater is screaming incoherently as he charges the newly emerged Tzeenchian chaos lord
>Good, gives me time to call for further reinforcements from my own retinue
>Looking at a group of bloodletters and Horrors duking it out, I figure that reinforcements may be able to arrive there specifically as there aren't too many corpses in that area
>Suddenly, the Horrors and the bloodletters burst out into warpfire, torn false flesh and blood
>In their place stands a single astartes drenched in blood, clad in Emperors’ children armour and with a single bionic arm
>That's Cumstream Sam!
>That son of a bitch chopped up my favourite apprentice!
>Watch him bolt towards me with great speed, his immaculate teeth reflecting some of the red light of the "sun"
>He leaps into the air and slashes at me with his bright red single-edged power sword
>"Óla von Rosen! Did you miss me?"
>The blade is cought by my Rosarius and he performs a backflip to about three meters away from me
>"Ahaaa, I almost forgot about that little shield of yours!"
>"Enough talk, I'm going to get you for what you did to Jackinus you bastard!"
>He grins and twirls his power sword around
>He's faster than me, way, way faster, stronger too, but I doubt he'll be able to punch through my Rosarius forcefield before reinforcements arrive
>I just hope that INQUISITOR Jackinus arrives with the reinforcements, if he does we may be able to tag team Sam
>Sam laughs jovially and charges me, unleashing a torrent of slashes and stabs
>My Rosarius catches his strikes again and again, but to lighten its burden I catch several with my Power axe
>Duck under one of his swings and go for a chop at his legs, he leaps into the air and attempts to slam his foot into my skull
>Manage to narrowly avoid the strike, but despite my bionically enhanced senses and reaction time I'm nowhere even near him in physical ability
>Manage to keep up with him, blocking attacks and exchanging blows with him, but I can tell that he's, on some level at least, just toying with me
>When I almost manage to land an attack on him he retorts by nearly disarming me, literally
>Hear a voice over the vox as I dodge one of his strikes and
>"Greger, this is Jackinus, I'm coming down, stay alive."
>Hear what sounds like a Thunderhawk gunship flying above me
>Leap out of the way of a Thunderhawk cannon shot uncomfortably narrowly as it fires and swoops down toward me
>Cumstream curses and flies back a couple meters before standing up and giving me a hateful glare
>Jackinus lands next to me, his bionics giving off a faint glow
>"Oho, now it's a party huh!?"
>Jackinus unsheathes his own single-edged power sword and points it as Cumstream
>"Sorry for my delay, I was busy."
>"No harm done, but it's time to end this."
>My requisitioned Thunderhawk unloading its cargo of Crusaders, Pyroclasts, Storm troopers and Arco-Flagellants
>I knew getting that thing from the black templars I helped would be useful
>"Come on then, lets go!"
>The three of us charge
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>Be me
>Loyal chaos lord of the master of schemes, Moonsoon
>My schemes have fallen into effect marvellously!
>The imperial fools have become distracted by the 'escaped' slaanesh worshipper, with that meatheaded fool Suneater left with only one opponent
>Me! Or rather, my spells.
>The fool charges me with reckless abandon as he charged the imperial, screaming about blood and skulls as per the norm
>Do Khorne worshippers ever come up with something more original?
>Slowly step back as he edges closer and closer, chopping and cleaving his way through the various horrors and screamers blocking his way
>He's clearly starting to tire, the rain and the battle is sapping his energy away
>Suneater leaps up with his chainaxes and arm-saws buzzing, clearly expected me to parry or dodge out of the way
>I stand motionless as his weapons come closer to my face... only for my body to split apart into multiple segments, just as planned
>My body flies apart and reforms away from Suneater, causing him further rage as he realises his attack was for nothing
>He charges and attacks again, I split apart and vanish again
>Repeat this process several times, wearing Suneater out more and more
>In the final time I split apart, I carefully plant a spell on Suneater's form
>For later of course
>But first, he needs to lose more strength
>My spell won't work if he's still full of energy
>But now, my unknown tricks will sap the fool of strength
>Combined with the rain, he'll be on his knees within minutes
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Asking for artillery and aerial bombardement on Johannsdorf and Liveria
>On the mean time I order to refuel and rearm our transport before stricking on Liveria by the lake
>I tell the guard commanders to take the city by the east once they are done here
>Normally the column of troops at Starrick pass will charge on Johannsdorf
>If they have given up their idea of xeno cadaver wall
>Be me
>Suneater, loyal servant of the blood god Khorne
>Goddamnit I hate nerds so fucking much
>This one tricksy little shit keeps splitting apart right in front of me and then re-appearing someplace else
>Fight like a man you gutless fuck!
>Catch a glimpse of the Tzeentch-lover, that shit-eating grin still plastered on his nerd face
>Grip my axes tighter than ever before, and unleash one final scream of "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOOOOD GOOOOD!" as I throw all my strength into one last good charge
>Realise too late I just left one big opening into my front, something the nerd spots as well
>The tzeentch lover gets a good stab right into my neck, with me too slow to dodge
>I've had worse, but I'm pretty sure this is poisoned, FUCK
>Fall to my knees, my strength fading from my bones at last
>Desperately plead to Khorne for strength, but my prayers go unanswered
>Look up to the Tzeentchian fool as he laughs viciously above me
>"Seems you were too slow and too stupid for my superior intellect fool! So now that makes you MY prize!"
>He grabs my head and I feel some kind of foul nerd energy seep into my body from my head down
>The horrors jump upon me and start to eat me alive, the last of my strength gone with me, the great Suneater, unable to fight off a couple of these worthless shits any longer
>The nerd who killed me stands victorious, laughing as he does
>Yells to me: "Enjoy the game I have planned for you fool, I'm sure you'll love it!"
>See his mask turn slightly translucent, revealing his face
>Remind myself to not forget that fool sorcerer's looks until the day he dies
>Feel blackness overtake me as the horrors continue to devour my flesh
>Everything goes black
>Slowly feel my sense of self returning
>Can feel I'm somewhere in the warp, but this time I'm in one of Tzeentch's realms
>Look around me as my vision returns
>Realise I've lost my sweet axes and power-armour, replaced with rags and binds
>On the back of a cart, somewhere in a forest
>Look up to some blond asshole speaking to me "Hey, you, finally awake..."
>Somehow I'll get out of these binds, and then I'll find you, Tzeentch-lover
>I was lying when I said Khorne didn't answer my prayers, because he gave me your name
>So rest easy, fool, but someday I will find you and claim your skull for the skull throne
>I'll always memorize your face, Todd....
>be Archbishop's pet cat
>be in archbishop's spire
>be sleeping lazily by fire place
>be comfy
>be ignoring the noises outside
>dont even give a shit, im cat
File: Valkyrie Squadron.jpg (160 KB, 960x736)
160 KB
160 KB JPG

>Be Sigma-32d, Master of Skitarii
>Hans has preserved my usefulness to the Omnissiah for about the third time this campaign
>Macrotek Air Clade 2 is entirely a write-off
>Dark Eldar did not appear to be impaired by the storm at all, shot the hell out of our Eagles while we were desperately looking for a landing spot.
>Me, half a dozen of my Praetorian Servitor bodyguards and around forty Skitarii have survived the wreck at varying levels of functionality, as well as most of the Enginseers
>Valks settle down in the clearing at the edge of the wreck
>Scan noosphere, chemical works are burning and fortified compound breached in several locations.
>Skitarii are fighting hand-to-hand and exacting a heavy toll on the enemy with precision rifle fire, phosphor munitions and Avenger close air support, auspex signatures indicate hostile heavy units in the Warehouse Fourteen metro tunnels
>Probably more Iron Warriors down there, that or heavy combat servitors and the enemy has deployed nothing of such sophistication so far.

>Krieger units have rallied and are assisting the defence, although their equipment does not confer immunity to the phosphor bombardment and they are taking casualties from danger close air support
>Avenger and Storm Eagle fire has had to be directed very close to Imperial units, the enemy militia have closed to almost suicidal distance in an attempt to get closer than CAS safe range.
>Would be effective against standard Guard forces, but Mechanicum air support is more precise and Kriegers aren't too bothered by the occasional friendly fire incident
>"Hochberg, do your tanks have a way to feasibly cross the Fault?"
>Negative, pass is clogged by wreckage at best and hostile at worst
>"Armour assistance limited. Query: Prepared for infantry combat?"
>Board Valks with Praetorians, leave enginseers and Skitarii to dig in with the Armageddon tanks. Extend my hand towards the Tank Commander and his crew from the Valkyrie ramp
File: 1570113861947.jpg (18 KB, 426x268)
18 KB
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>No Dark Eldar have showed up yet, and Sigma seems to have recovered well
>The boys are all gathered outside, surveying the area with their tanks
>Valks arrived and picked some of the wounded Skitarii up, Sigma himself though is up and moving
>He asks me if my squadron could get through the faults
>That way's all clogged up with corpses and snow
>Or Tau, Dark Eldar and Chaos Worshipers
>Either way, not happening
>Eventually he boards one of the Valkyries with this bodyguard and extends his hand to me
>"Armour assistance limited. Query: Prepared for infantry combat?"
>Do I want to leave my lady?
>Well no, I love her, but I think Techy could take care of her for the time being, she's been a good girl and killed many foul xenos today, I think she'll be as calm as ever
>Besides, they sound like they need help over at those steelworks, where is my lady going to get repaired if we can't get scrap metal for her?
>What to do?
>Aha! I've got it!
>"Of course, but I think the heretics over at the Steelworks have something other than just infantry combat coming for them."
>Sigma gives me a confused look
>Ask that he call in to the space marines in orbit and request a Thunderhawk Transporter come and pick up my baneblade
>I highly doubt the Dark Eldar will be able to intercept that flying fortress if we won't since we're in Valkyries
>Still, the Skitarii with Sigma look a bit under strength, I think the group of skitarii with me will be able to help though
>Grab Sigmas hand and hop in to the Valkyrie, I doubt I've got good chances of surviving crashing to the earth in my lady from a Transporter
>Leave the rest of the Squadron in Friedrichs hands, he's capable enough and will probably be able to hold off any Dark Eldar
>Crew get in after me
>Even if Sigma can't for some reason get the Transporter over here, we're in good form as it is, we can probably choke out an insurgent or two
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves
>Finally, the washers are set up
>Dryers got destroyed by the Tau
>Make one out of scrap metal and spare flamers
>Now I have a clean medic uniform, and the others rejoice at the new laundry tasks
>Just have to make sure the dryer doesn’t overheat
>Or get targeted by the xenos
>But overall, I’m happy
>Now, to take better care of the wounded aside from emergency bandages and stitches
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Sipping some top grade Cadian amasec with my buddy Commissar Lugermorph
>He always seemed unusually relaxed for a Commissar, which inspires me to tell him the story of Commissar Terror, the crossbow wielding tyrant from one of my past deployments who even during combat operation was sometimes personally responsible for most of the casualties among the men, and whose sheer insane aggression caused him to transform into some sort of Saint and slaughter a Chaos horde almost single-handedly
>Always wondered what happened to him
>It looks like we will be here for a while, according to the General Staff Starrick Pass is impassable due to the sheer amount of bodies and vehicle wrecks piled in it
>A laughable claim, my company had driven through it only a few hours ago to deliver bricks to the other side of the pass, and although fighting had clearly been intense in some places, the road is still quite navigable by heavy tracked vehicles and infantry
>I suspect politics is at work again, at least one general must not want regiments falling back to defend Groxbridge when such a nice opening into the heart of Tau territory has just appeared
>Unfortunately/fortunately it means my company is stuck on the southwest side of the pass with only vague orders to defend the area while the rest of my regiment advances on Stemton
>Oh well, I am sure they will do just fine without us
>My vox operator comes over and tells me that the scout squad I sent into the caves has found something completely out of this world
>Ah nuts, grab a few squads and go check it out, invite Commissar Lugermorph if he wants to come as well
>Be Arbites Frank
>Astartes-fired shells start falling on insurgent-occupied districts
>It does seem counterproductive to destroy the city you are trying to save
>Several tower blocks in Stankonia crumble after being hit by shells
>Eh, nothing of value was lost, they were occupied by scum and a constant source of crime
>The pylon was bent by the chemical explosion, and is leaning by about fifteen degrees at the top
>The chemical plant is still blazing, and I should leave before it explodes again
>Climb down the icy ladder as the wind does its best to knock me off
>Rejoin with the unit at the bottom
>There's multiple requests for assistance open on the voxnet
>One in particular is eye-catching
>The steelworks just a few blocks away is being assaulted by insurgent forces
>Come up with a plan
>We're not the special forces for nothing
>We don't have any vehicles but we've got our bolters, shotguns and ourselves
>The insurgents won't expect an attack from the east when it's just rubble and fire
>Load and pump the shotgun
>Time to pass some justice on these scum
>All get into position
>All fire!
>It feels good to send lead into a heretical criminal's skull
File: bonehenge.jpg (92 KB, 800x400)
92 KB
the bump limit is imminent (nine posts from here), so I suggest all you anons wrap up your plotlines now lest we end up with loose ends like last time. Also bump anons, you are very appreciated but do try and conserve posts from here on out (the thread archive timer is 6h, so don't panic if it's been a couple of hours).

In case the thread hits the limit and gets archived overnight before I can get back, I'll get this out of the way now - I'll start the next thread at midday EST on the 1st Nov (which I think should be the penultimate one for reasons already said). I'm liking the idea of fighting over the island gun battery since it's been a while since we've had a nice, pitched battle over a spot and as a break from the usual area and adversaries.

If the rest of you are amenable to the idea, I'll get drawing a map of said island for next thread. Acepedia doesn't give dimensions so I'll have to try and work them out or use some guesswork.
Sounds good
Should we try to make the thread Halloween/spooky themed?
Possible ideas below:
- a warp anomaly causes the spirits of the dead to wander the region, occasionally animating dead bodies or inanimate objects with hostile intent
- an unusual alignment in the planet's solar system causes a several day solar eclipse
- the start of spring causes huge fog banks to envelope the region
- the area around the island gun battery is tainted with the powers of the warp, and the tunnels beneath the island enter an alternate dimension where anything is possible

Also any requests for whoever archives the thread on suptg?
>Be me, Imperial fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>We're facing heavy resistance from the east, south-east and lesser resistance from the north-west
>Krieger support platforms nearly overheated, though still operational
>Avengers regularly sweeping down overhead and unleashing carpets of fire on the advancing insurgents
>Devastators and Tactical marines spread out toward the centre to provide maximum support for the Skitarii which regularly end up in melee combat with the insurgents now
>Jumping from location to location cutting down larger pockets of insurgents with my assault marines
>Several high-intensity heat signatures have been located in a nearby building, likely Iron Warriors
>Killing them in a decapitation strike would be futile, the insurgents would likely continue fighting
>Instead request several gun runs on the location, for once it's not entirely danger close
>Inch by Inch, the insurgents are being slowed
>They're stumbling over one another’s corpses as the Kriegers, Skitarii and my fellow Astartes lay down continual fire
>It's a wonder my assault marines chainswords still work after all the blood they've bathed in today, much less that we still have bolter ammunition to throw at the enemy
>Phosphorus bombardment has begun going down, now I can see a definite halt in the advance of the insurgents on the eastern flank
>Move my marines to the south east as it begins going down, it'd be best not to dampen its effects by absorbing some of it ourselves
>Some Kriegers have now run out of ammo, resorting to their shovels, bayonets and rifle butts to hold back the enemy
>Militiamen are actively engaged in an all out brawl in certain sections of the line, holy fury being matched by ideological conviction
>I have a feeling we may run out of ammo later in the day if this continues, we'd need some sort of miracle to get out of this situation with the steelworks mostly intact
>Like a fully operational baneblade being airdropped to us
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, former Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Give a quick look-over to an empty building to see if there are any eldar hiding in there
>Suddenly hear something behind me
>It is those craftworld eldar gits who were throwing snowballs at us
Wot's all this then?
Hey you there! You are under arrest!
>At this point I am no longer sure whether we are still allies or not, but hopefully we can have a jolly good chat and work things out since they clearly have me outnumbered right now
>Suddenly one of the Tau's bear-like Hodask allies comes bursting out from behind a building and starts shooting energy beams everywhere
>Where the bloody hell did he come from?
>The Canajian guy jumps down off of a roof and starts wrestling the Hodask
>Pull out my laspistol and start shooting holes in the Hodask, but it seems impervious to damage from such a small weapon
>Turn around briefly to look at the Eldar, but they appear to have disappeared
>Probably for the best, trying to deal with them and the Hodask at the same time would have been just blarmy crazy
Tank + 3rd inquisitor poster here, I probably won't be able to make a final post before the thread auto-archives but I do have a couple suggestions to make.

A pitched battle over Stonehenge might be pretty cool, a kind of final stand for the Tau (we can assume that the inquisitor pulled out because there were too many screaming daemons around)

Stonehenge herself might make up the majority of the manmade island, the command bunker needed for it split up into two parts on the surface, one forming a half crescent on the western side another on the eastern. They'd meet underground in the middle of the circle where the absolutely gigantic power plant made to fuel the guns is located, probably under several layers of ferrocrete, ceramite and whatever else the DAoT humans could scrounge up. The guns themselves might be of more robust construction than Ace Combat Stonehenge since they've got five "barrels" to fire out of. Probably a thicker base piece and some form of circular platform underneath them to allow them to rotate.

That's some stuff for the most based individual in the thread to work with, but what about the other stuff?
I have a couple other suggestions:
Attack either failed or succeeded so hard that it's even more of a pile of rubble than it was before the imperials arrived, the Mayor of St. Jan probably gets happy that he no longer has to fight with the Tau all the time
>Starrick Pass
Probably blocked off by all the snow and frozen corpses
Captured and secure
Insurgents probably got mostly beaten back into the countryside after attacking the steelworks, mainly because of astartes backup arriving, warcrimes being committed and all the screaming militiamen. Structural damage was probably sustained though, I assume the Iron Warriors would bring with them some sort of anti-vehicle/building weaponry. Up to Saratposter honestly.

These are just suggestions though, feel free to pick and choose whatever you like.
For the theme: Since there are literal Zombies in 40k cannon and Armrot is still running around supplexing everything in his path, if the metal gear rising revengance poster (I'm pretty sure it's one guy with an ambitious dream to shitpost to the extreme doing most of it) wants to come back he could have Armrot spook the entire planet. Hell, the spirits of the dead don't even need to show up, Armrot could probably just infect a bunch of xenos to use as his plague bearing warriors.

And then of course there's the 'nids which are spooky in their own right, but they would probably make a really good final boss so I suggest we keep them out of the equation until the last thread.
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Currently hanging out on an iceberg in the middle of nowhere, playing football with my inner circle with some sort of penguin-like bird
>Wait, weren't we supposed to be doing something?
>Oh right, helping the Tau defend van Chijeck Island
>Oh well, they are probably all dead by now
>I am pretty sure that the terms of the agreement only said I have to help defend it, not that I have to successfully defend it
>Wonder when the best time to ask Shas'O Fi'rios Lad'Ai to uphold her side of the bargain is
>Getting that uppity little moron to lick my ni'oh will definitely be in the top 1000 moments of my long degenerate life
>I might even have to head back to the island for a bit, to see if I can bully some Tau into telling Fi'rios Lad'Ai what a great job I did helping defend the island
File: Outpost-31.jpg (19 KB, 800x340)
19 KB
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Uniform is now clean-ish, though it definitely has a purplish tinge from being soaked in Dark Eldar and Tau blood
>Currently on sentry duty while most of the other survivors do their laundry or get medical attention for minor injuries
>Visibility isn't great, although the storm has mostly ended, dusk is fast approaching
>The sunset is pretty nice though, and all the painkillers in my system are making me pretty sleepy and relaxed
>Only slightly nervous that stragglers from the Nurglites, Dark Eldar and Tau are still present in the area
>However, the large amount of corpses surrounding the base have me a bit on edge
>It is said on this world that as winter ends, the dead sometimes get a bit restless
>And the local folklore has proven true a bit too often lately for my liking
>Hopefully we get redeployed before spring
>Spring is a long way off though, in the meantime, I enjoy the sunset and take a swig of recaf to celebrate surviving another day
Archbishop here.

when is the next thread gonna be?
maybe first weekend in November?
File: original.jpg (66 KB, 900x535)
66 KB
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>The caves dead-end at some sort of massive elaborate door
>Hard to tell if they are of human, eldar, necron, or other origin
>They look solidly built though, no doubt the General Staff is going to order me to spend the next few weeks trying to clear a path into the next chamber
>Wonder how no one has ever discovered these doors before
>I mean sure, the locals are almost fanatical in their refusal to enter underground spaces, but someone must have had the courage to at least travel this far down the tunnels, after all, the caves are only a short distance away from a major roadway
>With a heavy sigh I order my men to withdraw back to the camp so I can get in touch with the General Staff to see what they want to do about the situation
>Hopefully the Commissar still has some of that amasec left

(to archbishop poster - stannimposter said earlier he would start the next thread on November 1st)
Pilot poster and inquisitor poster here

I will try to have Edric fight the Tau commander Shas'O Fi'rio to end her plot line

As for Antonius the ex-pilot he will go where his superior will tell him to go so he will go on the island via the tunnels

And for the theme I think the zombies are a good idea but we should couple them with a fog for more fun. So like in the lasts threads a time skip of one or two month (or few weeks and justify the weather change by some warp anomaly ?)
bump limit has been hit, feel free to post as much as you want now, you only got a few hours left.

I am not sure if that big a time skip is needed this time around, we already know that the seasons on this world don't line up with our own
Also not sure what weather we are going to go with, we can stay with winter for another thread, or we can go to a slushy, muddy spring, with the aforementioned thick fog for spookiness

Also any requests for the description that will be added to the archives?
Graves here, can’t wait for the first. Gonna bee a good one
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>Priscilla comes back and tells me about some weird door they found
>Think as a crack open another bottle of amasec
Big door...big door...no, this can’t be a tomb world...right?
>Shake my head and poor Priscilla another glass
>Tell her we should be good and to wait further orders
>This is a old one
>’42 château backstab
>Good year I’m told
(See you guys in two weeks, and possibly any new necron posters)
Since we're on the 10th page I guess it couldn't hurt.

The battle of Damnatum Lutum, part 5
In the thick of winter, the imperials try and capture a Tau occupied city. While part of their forces go over the mountains, another stays behind and defends a pass. Then Dark Eldar and Tau arrive to attack the imperials in that pass. Then a giant DAoT anti-planetoid system gets introduced, things get a bit chaotic after that.
Might be easiest to just wrap up the clusterfuck in groxbridge next time if armoured backup and whatever the backup plan is are both to arrive shortly
Hmm. RE zombies, we've still got all that nurglite shit hanging around from thread 3.....

I can work out something for the weather.
Yeah, start with the big clusterfuck at the steelworks and then we can get set up for a big pitched battle at the island
Suptg desc char limit is only 140 characters, and they've been only a couple of short sentences so far.
Each thread has had a couple of months worth of timeskip and the next one is no different, it'll probably have been worked out in the interim

Oh, by the way I apologise for the lack of my trademark imagefagging this thread, I just didn't see that much opportunity for it this time round.

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