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Nechronica thread?

>Anyone still playing this game?


>Where do I get an English translation of this Japanese tabetop RPG?

-The wiki has the most up to date translation
-There are still various WIP book translation PDFs floating around
-You can play Nechronica on Tabetop Simulator now. Check the Steam Workshop for the resources.

>Last time:
-A lot of really nice storytimes
-Trying to stat weapons of all sorts
-Tons of gorgeous art

>Previous thread
And guns. Lots of guns
Where do yall find games for Nechronica? I've been interested in the game for a bit but cant find any online groups that play it.

I found my first player on a nechronica thread. Said player then grabbed the GMs of two other games they are in and the three of them became the players in the game I'm running.
One of my friends told me that it interested him and we agreed. First session will be in a couple of weeks.
Well one game is run by >>68252519
The other is run with two of my old writing buddies. The GM has always had a penchant for tragedy and anime and I have a habit of playing hopelessly hard-headed heroes who can't take defeat for an answer, so we took to the system pretty readily.
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I've got knoives if you want.
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I know it's not a proper stiletto, but the auction house site labelled it as one.
Yes please.
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Wilco, knoives incoming!
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So we’ve had a lot of strange looking dolls in the last few threads. Mostly ones with bug or reptilian parts or obvious cybernetics.

What about dolls with really strange skin.

Here’s an example of someone with mirrored chrome skin and hair.
How would you stat that?
I love the shark toothed knuckle bow.

What is the blade made out of?
File: G83935_1.jpg (26 KB, 533x800)
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Bone, if I do recall.

It could be a defensive part.

Or maybe it’s a side effect of activating a psychic component?
>"Get to the enemy's heart"
Last for now, I don't want to clog the thread.
What about kevlar sewn into the skin? It would make it at least resistant to cutting.
Could use it as fluff for Cyborg. Or potentially Steel Bones if you felt comfortable reaching a little.
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2.2 MB GIF
I think something like chromatophores used for hypnosis could work really nicely. Even if some things were immune to hypnosis, it could work as dazzle camouflage.
Chameleon and cold light so both of those things. So yes that could be a way to fluff being equipped with both of those parts.
That is to say
“Chameleon and cold light DO both of those things.”
Post trios?

So I’ve seen people storytime games where the Nechromancer is this mysterious figure you don’t see for a very long time, or possibly never encounter directly.

And then we’ve also had people storytime a campaign where the party encountered, and in some cases killed, multiple necromancers.

I would like to ask.

What are the approaches you take to handling necromancers, and what lead you to those approaches?

The mysterious unseen overlord seems useful for a story that focuses more on the PCs changing as the story goes, whereas having the gods in your setting be in your face creates a more claustrophobic horror, and having necromancers takings each other down down a peg brings the necromancers closer to earth, which in turn makes everyone else’s situation seem at one more open ended since nechromancers are shown to “bleed” while also making everything seem more fragile since even the overlords of the setting are shown to be temporary.
Kevlar would certainly give them a unique skin, though it would be more penetration resistant then cut resistant I think.
What was the most insidious enemy you've ever fought?

Haven’t really had to fight any subtle and slow paced enemies unless the old nechromancer’s daughter was one in the first game I was in.

It was hard to tell is she was just disturbed and regressive 15 year old girl with frightening power, or if she was manipulating us with a multi layered facade. She certainly seemed to enjoy the suffering of the one character who remembered what she had done to the party in the past, but that may have only been the impression I got. Sadly the game ended before we really got the chance to understand exactly what her deal was.
Is there anywhere else to talk about the rules of the game?
Insidiously devised or insidious in and of themselves? For the former, probably our last combat.

Our Thanatos is entering a period of self-discovery and our last combat turned out to be someone who she knew previously and had forgotten about. Someone else had mutilated the girl horribly and used a quartet of gargoyle horrors to drive her mad and goad her into attacking us.

We actually managed to save her, though not without a substantial Madness cost. The next combat is looking to be similarly tricky.
Why wouldn't you talk here? If you've got a question, we'll be happy to answer it.
There's a discord but I dipped out of there after like a day. You might have better luck if you can track down an invite link.
I hope you're happy, UGV anon. Ever since you popped up in the other thread I've had the idea stuck in my head to make a Not!Tachikoma Thanatos but I don't have a friggin' game to put her in. I guess now I have a taste of how my DM feels with his folder full of random doll ideas.
It's spreading!
What sort of reinforcements would you use to represent it? Also, how would you characterise her initially?
I'll be going to sleep now, so sorry if I'm not around.
File: duster_01.jpg (338 KB, 1178x708)
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338 KB JPG
>What sort of reinforcements would you use to represent it?
I'm not certain on the final build yet. I'm strongly considering the possibility of representing her main reactor with Zombie Bomb so she can charge into enemy groups and stackpole but that would be a later acquisition.

So class position would be:
>Primary: Thanatos
>Secondary: Stacy
>Queen of the Underworld
I think my starting reinforcements would be:
3 in Armaments
>Kung Fu for machine reflexes
>Metal Case or Coffin to represent armor plating
2 in Enhancements
>Steel Bones
For being generally tough and also wired reflexes.

Initial characterization would be shy but eager to please. Somewhat cheerful maybe. Also very protective of the party and maybe just a little bit too eager to shove herself into harm's way. I'm not sure what her specific quirks would be yet. I don't even know if she'd be much good mechanically desu.
I hope we get more storytimes.

I want to find out what happens in Portugal and England.
I'll do another session of the England game tonight. Doing some ARAM with a buddy before I get started.
Zombie bomb is an NPC only part. Though I applaud you for coming up with ideas for how your character dies while making them. I haven’t seen that much outside of an L5R campaign I was in.
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It's a T2 Enhancement part in my pdf though. Typo?
Have some more women with metal skin and hair for doll inspiration.
When was your version of the translated PDF originally created?

It might be out of date.
Or mine may be.
This is the first I’ve heard of Zombie Bomb being in the normal reinforcement part list, but I was a latecomer as far as WIP translation project PDFs go.
Zombie Bomb has never, in the half a decade I've spent playing Nechronica, been an enemy-only part. It has always been a T2 ENH, which has kept steady amid a tide of retranslations, clarifications and the very occasional outright removal and reinsertion of skills in accordance with errata. I don't know what .pdf you have, but I think it may have issues.
It looks like it's there on the Wiki as well: https://nechronica.miraheze.org/wiki/Enhancements
So stackpoling is officially a sanctioned tactic.
Thank you for expanding my understanding of what is possible in Nechronica.
Picking up from >>68245272
Episode three of the Hambourg Trio's misadventures: Stuck In the Library!
This episode is mostly talking and not a lot of action, hence the name. I might combine sessions three and four if I have time.
>The city continues to leisurely rinse itself under the light shower that has been coming down since just after dawn
>from sky to roof to downspout and gutter, the drains and sewer carry away rain and filth and grime
>the sidewalks stand above the flow as the girls approach a broad tall building of white and red stone, the Library
>Imp blinked, staring at the large, well-maintained building
>Not only was it whole, but unlike the buildings around them it seemed almost artistic
>It tickled at her nostalgia - those faint remnants of bygone days, and awakened a sort of quiet yearning.
>'This is the sort of thing the past held. Things like this used to be everywhere.'
>It hurt. It hurt, because all she knew was ruins, and she knew this, too, was likely to crumble soon, whenever this dreamlike world would meet its end
>After all, it was just a prop. Disposable.
>"It looks like a museum." She commented. 'A museum prop, anyway.'
>Upon approaching the pristine building, Melico seems focused on something besides the grand architecture and stunning glass windows.
>Her gaze is fixed squarely ahead, toward the door.
>The detailed metalwork registered not as a work of artistry, but as a checkpoint toward her next objective
>Nothing mattered beyond getting past it. The building might as well have been a blank wall
>Coleoptrata wobbles a little as some of the grocery bags shift in her grasp. She turns her head to look at Imp.
>"This is the Library. I live here with Mr. Windsor and help take care of the books." She smiles. "I think you'll like Mr. Windsor. He's real smart, he should know how to figure out how you got here. Or at least know someone else who can."
>She pauses. "How did you two wind up in those boxes, anyway? Did you get stuck on a boat?"
File: 6512520301_7109c0e01f_o.jpg (2.49 MB, 1501x1881)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
This or the next are probably the post where we get to see if any history nerds are in the thread.
>Imp shrugs. "Dunno." Mentally, she adds: 'but when I find out...'
>"That's something I intend to ask Windsor." Melico continues to stride toward the library door.
>"Mister Windsor, Melico," Coleo chides, tsking lightly. "You need to show proper respect to your seniors."
>Imp snorts. "Then shouldn't you call us with 'Miss,' Coleo?"
>Coleo blinks. "But we're all kids. Mr. Windsor's an adult."
>"You said 'seniors,' not adults." Imp needles. "Changing your metric now?"
>Melico moves to the door. "Can we go inside now, *Miss* Coleo?"
>Coleo furrows her brow. "But you aren't my seniors by position, and you're not even much older than me, you're just mincing words and twisting their context to try and suite your argument when you know full well they don't actually mean that."
>She gives a huff. "And you're my guests anyhow."
>She pouts a little and looks to Melico. "Let me go in first," she says as she shoulders past Melico and slithers up the entryway stairs to the door. "You two follow close behind me so you don't get lost."
>The entrance to the Library is formed by two sets of heavy brass double doors with inbuilt windows, their fronts carved with intricate garland reliefs
>"Well. We aren't exactly good Windsor's subordinates, are we? Nor are we his children." Imp was taking this personally.
>Well, just personally enough to continue the argument as they walked. "You're saying we should defer to every 'adult' we meet, in a world where no one even grows any older?"
>As she reaches a hand to pull back one of the Library doors, Coleo looks at Imp, completely baffled. "What? Never grows- What? We don't live in Neverland, Imp. What are you talking about?"
>despite it's size, the door opens smoothly on expertly oiled hinges without so much as a creak, allowing the girls to file into the Library
yoooooo it's on TTS?
that's cool
File: unknown.png (458 KB, 555x383)
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458 KB PNG
>The queer look Imp sends Coleo in response is... unnerving. Coleo slides several places over toward 'puppet' in Imp's perspective.
>as the girls enter, the rain and humidity of the outside are banished by the wood paneled open air warmth of the library foyer
>to their left and right sit a number of hardwood tables and chairs.
>farther in there are long, tall bookshelves that stretch deeper into the building.
>"Have you celebrated a birthday?" Imp prods. "Who was there? What year was it? How many candles were on the cake? What flavor was it? What were your presents?" The questions are so quick that Coleo can barely keep track.
>directly ahead of them hangs an ornate chandelier above an intricate compass rose set into the polished stone floor.
>beyond that sits a long desk set with stations for taking returns and helping patrons
>Sitting at one of the stations is a man with close cropped black hair, slightly graying in places, in a smart button down white shirt and brown slacks helping a confused portly woman sort though a pile of books
>Coleo knows this woman as Miss Barham, who’s son is terrible about checking out many books at different times and then failing to return them on time. She seems to have gotten in the habit of taking his entire haul in to have the library sort out whats due, overdue, and still in good time
>"Have I-" Coleo recoils slightly from Imp's pointed questions. She almost looks offended.
>"Yes, four months ago. Denver and Cersei were both there. It was on, April 30th 1887, a Saturday. And I didn't have a cake, Mr. Windsor got me a sweetroll topped with Spanish orange glaze. I got a copy of Burningham's Guide to Continental Birdwatching from Cersei."
>Her eyes start to tear up a little. "Why are you- I just-" She huffs. "Mr. Windsor is busy right now, so help me put these up in the cupboard. He should be almost done when we finish." She turns hard off the main way and heads to the library's larder.
It's a pretty snappy little package. It does come with all the bugbears TTS implies, though.
>"That's wrong," Imp says with both certainty and trepidation. "That's wrong."
>She glances at the plate set deep into her chainsaw, and the date there.
>The year itself is mostly worn away, but she can clearly see the first two numbers. '21--'
>"You..." She wanted to pity her. She wanted to condemn her. She wanted...
>she wanted-
>she wanted to be anywhere but here
>Imp distances herself from everyone present, backing toward a window and glancing about warily.
It should be noted that Imp has been rolling hidden checks on and off as events unfold. At this point there have been a couple low rolls since they've entered the Library on top of some spotty rolls in the past few sessions
>Melico looks toward the two people at the book station.
>If that man isn't Windsor, he should at least be able to point me in the right direction.
>She approaches the desk, ignoring Coleo's suggestion to leave him be.
>The man is inspecting a book checkout slip pocket. When Coleo’s keyed up voice rigs over his ears he looks up with instinctive speed, attentive eyes growing concerned as he sees a distressed Coleo power toward the larder
>As she nears the desk, Melico speaks, directing a question to the man
>"Are you Mr. Windsor?"
>She tries to keep her voice clear and calm, with little emotional inflection. A no nonsense query asking for facts
>Coleo turns to check on the other girls
>Seeing Imp stall out next to the window and noticing that Melico is missing, she (not very) gently deposits the grocery bags in a small cluster on the floor and scurries back to the main entryway.
>"M-Melico, wait!" She's trying to keep her voice down but it's not quite working. She chirrups intermittently as she speaks.
>"We- He's working. We can't just interrupt him when he's with a patron."
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Thinking about running a oneshot with my group for Halloween spookiness.

Haven't ever run the book before, and they're going to be completely new as well, so I'm curious - are there any particular stats/rules/builds/whatever that cause issues when running? Like, the kind of thing that usually gets homebrewed or houseruled away.

Someone in the last thread was saying something about machineguns being shite, and nanowire being OP. Anything else like that to watch out for?

These have been fucking rad so far. Really like how Imp in particular approaches her dissociation and that sense of unreality.
AP reinforcement parts are important. If you don’t get one or two you will be singing the blues.
File: zyzuthD.png (83 KB, 256x256)
83 KB
Imp's player is really in their element with the character. It's fun being in a proper party with them for once.
Glad your enjoying the story thus far.
So I'm already kinda fading out. I'll have to limit myself to the Library stuff for tonight. The good news it's my off day tomorrow so I might be able to finish out the rest of the events thus far over the course of the day. If the thread is still up on Wednesday I'll even be able to post the Tuesday game.
>the kindly man at the desk nods at Melico. "Yes I am, do you need-"
>He looks over to Coleo with a reassuring smile. The kind he gives when the two of them are dealing with a difficult patron but everything is going to be OK.
>a quick check with Miss Barham shows she's more interested in Melico's hat than anything else at the moment, taking that as permission he turns back to Melico. "You seem to have me at a disadvantage, what can I do for you miss...?"
>Melico stands with her hands behind her back. "My name is Melico. I came here with Coleo. I understand you are busy, but I'd like to speak with you when you have a moment. I can wait if you need me to." Melico states this almost as if she were being debriefed.
>Coleo gently slows to a halt behind Melico. She doesn't say anything but her six hands fidget nervously, fingers clicking together as she warbles quietly.
>She sways back and forth slowly as she listens.
>"Certainly, I can do that." He glances up to Coleo, looking for her assessment of their... guest? Boarder? Lost foreigner?
>"Thank you. I shall wait for you to finish your work." Melico moves to sit at a nearby table, facing Mr. Windsor, keeping her gaze fixed on him.
>"Melico and Imp-" Coleo starts, but her eyes pop a little wider with a realization.
>She turns to point at the girl near the front of the Library with a hand, "She's back there still; they're lost. I found them while out on errands. They- uhm..." Her lower jaw works nervously.
File: library-3.jpg (167 KB, 790x1024)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>"They were both stuck on a cart and aren't sure how they got to Hambourg." She shrinks into herself a bit. "I-I was hoping you might know who to talk to so we could help them get home."
>Windsor leans in close. "We'll get them sorted, we can start to narrow down where they came from tommorrow."
>His voice drops to a whisper. "Is she agoraphobic?" he asks, nodding toward Imp.
>Coleo's a little surprised by the question. "Oh, no. She's not scared of open spaces. I think she's just from far away; she uses a different year and doesn't know modern etiquette. She was very bare when I found her; Mrs. Puller loaned her a dress."
>As Coleo and Mr. Windsor whisper together, Melico studies the librarian. He certainly doesn't seem like an important figure.
>He seems rather weak and doesn't command any sort of presence. But Coleo seems to think he is important, hence her insistence on addressing him as 'Mr.'
>He may know something about how Imp and I got here or who is in charge or why this place is so different or...
>Or how there are flowers here...
>"Well, we should probably get her into less stressful surroundings before she panics or has a seizure," Windsor continues.
>He stands up and starts to head toward the raiseable portion of the long desk.
>"Uhm, it might help if we talk to her out here, first, sir." Coleo fidgets with her odd knot of hands again.
>"I don't- She's very confused and I don't know how much she trusts me. If we tried to seclude her she might assume the worst."
>"Does she like games?" Windsor asks as he walks across the foyer with Coleo.
>Imp's eyes are locked on them as they approach
>One seems to be lit with a strangely alluring flame, and her pupils are narrowed with focus
>As she gets a good look at Mr. Windsor her eye widens fractionally, and then narrows in further suspicion, darting across his features and taking everything in
>'8 out of 10. High relevancy.'
>Coleo falls in beside Windsor. "Games? I don't know. She's very serious."
File: 92e089.jpg (182 KB, 500x463)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>Windsor shrugs. They're almost up to Imp now. "Well if it gives her something to focus on that might help her cope, or possibly give us a lead if it's called by an indicative name where she's from."
>As Coleo and the librarian move toward Imp, Melico stands and turns to keep them within her gaze. She glances toward Imp, who she notices seems to be primed for a fight.
>Though she does so unconsciously, Melico finds that she moves to keep Coleo and Windsor between her and Imp, resting her hand on the revolver at her side.
>As Windsor approaches Imp he stoops in a slight, polite bow. "Hello miss, My name is William Windsor. I understand Coleo found you in the back of a cart earlier today. I understand you are new in town and don't really know how you got here. This must be very difficult for you and I'm sorry for the trouble, for now would you like to play a game or have something to read? We have quite a selection of both." He motions off to a nearby table which has a backgammon board and a deck of cards stacked neatly in the center.

>"...Games?" Games. Golf? Football? "This is a library. There shouldn't be games here. Shouldn't there be?" She pauses.
>"There shouldn't. That shouldn't make any..." She paused again. "Mr" - she says it with emphasis and a glance to Coleo, "Windsor. I was walking along in a completely different area when suddenly I found myself waking up inside a box in the midst of a cart in your town. Every being I have met since I Woke Up so long ago has tried to kill me until I got here. *There is no part of my body which has not been replaced, anymore.* I'm not sure even my face..." She shakes her head.
>"I'm rambling. I want to sit down. I want to relax. I want everything to be normal, but that's impossible. I just..."
>Her eyes narrow with pain, but no tears, though the black streaks visible beneath her skin give a close approximation.
>"How do I go home?"

Fin for now. See you lads tomorrow.
Thanks for the storytime
How do you source such good pictures for your storytime?
Would you believe it if I told you I keep a Bing tab open and spend a 5-15min every post digging through relevant keywords? It's not terribly difficult if you can get a feel for how the system sorts things. After you figure out which terms spit out what it's just a little trial and error and luck to try and get what you're looking for.
Hope we can get some Portuguese sorrow to go with our English mystery.
Made from a dryad/dendroid doll and a shark toothed doll.
Personally, I favor the angle that has necromancers of variable power opposed to one another. I like narrative approach where even a setting's "gods" can be cut, since it usually serves as the best way to change a setting's status quo and ultimately overcome the oppressive darkness cast by the shadows of necromancers.

The multi-necromancer approach is the most interesting to me because it creates opportunities for PCs to play off of a spectrum of different sides with different goals.

From an encounter design perspective, having different necromancers to work with can really vary up the style and feel of fights. One might emphasize decay, another likes hulking amalgamations of bodies, and a third peels away all the extraneous parts for hyper-efficient night terrors skittering around on limbs of sharpened bone.
When it comes to necromancers themselves, it's fun twisting the rules when designing boss encounters with them. I've found that most memorable necromancers should have at least one thing core to their design that makes them stand out, whether it be a corrosive aura, a fondness for using others as shields, multiple AP tracks, or so on.
I'm still disappointed they called it The Long Sequel instead of The Long Epilogue
Chain attacks (specifically Melee and Unarmed chains), can get to be extremely swingy with their damage values, especially once you start factoring in buffs. Instantaneous from Thanatos is the antithesis of fun, since it essentially shuts down any and all counter-play

Personally, I've always found that it's more fun to prioritize other things over AP. Inexpensive Damage/Check maneuvers and Rapids are more rewarding, but it's true that a high AP variance within a party can cause balance issues, since enemies most often need to be scaled around the high-AP damage dealers.
It is Long Epilogue but the translation was Engrish and nobody ever bothered to fix it.
Instantaneous also shuts down teamwork and nobody can help you, I think it's a fair pay-off and forces the player to fuck up more times where they could've had another doll save their ass.
An epilogue implies an ending. A sequel implies a new start. Ultimately, it's all in the hands of the dolls to see which is which.
I walk/sit around at uni with the rulebook out and people come to ask about it, I recruit from there.
That's very ballsy anon, kudos to you.
This is kino, anon, can't wait for more
My apologies for having paused on a cliffhanger, last thread. I wound up looking back at the logs and then life steadily got away from me.
I've at least got some time this morning for Act 3 of that campaign.

When we arrived in Poseidon's eastern port settlement, a seemingly defended but much more ramshackle affair, we were supposed to have a couple hours before all the trucks of Cipher's convoy were ready to leave. The passengers in that convoy included a shipping crate that served as the quarantined space for our human, and maybe something like 50 of the debatably sane Dolls that we'd liberated from Dionysus' torture dungeon.

...Then the explosions started.

We weren't sure what was going on at first. Nobody was. But then hateful flying things started coming from above, kamikaze attacking the ships and buildings and sowing mayhem in their wake. After Tammy narrowly managed to gun one down before it plowed into her, the party happened to hear a nearby scraping sound around the trucks we were supposed to be leaving in. Investigation revealed freshly rigged explosives on the bottom of one, which Mori wound up prying off and rushed to toss away from everyone and everything important. She succeeded, only to get torn into by the claws of an unseen assailant.

What followed was a fight against multiple bomb-puking Horrors with stealth camo, which the party had to frantically try to spot while avoiding the explosive charges. Most of the party got rather banged up in this exchange, and afterward, had to choose whether to prioritize patching themselves up or hastily loading the shipping container that housed the human onto a truck, as that hadn't been done yet. With the rather predictable exception of Tammy, everyone focused on loading the crate. By the time that was all handled, most of the other trucks were already on their way out, and we could hear ominous chanting on the horizon.
I like Long Sequel.
It suggests that the universe doesn’t give a damn about us.

Both “The Long Epilogue” and “The Long Sequel” suggest this “after the end” but an Epilogue is still within the same book, the story of us. Meanwhile, “The Long Sequel” puts me in the mind of thinking that our story was just one of many stories.

>My apologies for having paused on a cliffhanger

Don’t apologize for that. That’s an effective way to leave off so long as you pick up again later.
An idea I’ve had is for the PCs to be kept in a place that revolves around bloodsport and cruel games.

One of the few helpful NPCs they meet barters with them and gives them useful advice, information, and services.

In realty they are a nechromancer who has been trying to escape this place form god knows how long. They aren’t the nechromancer who owns the place and are barely more than a doll in here in terms of power. The owner enjoyed watching them struggle and trying to anticipate their next scheme and struggles to survive.

Whether this gets revealed, how the nechromancer reacts to being found out and more depend on how the player characters handle things.

I think that’s the most extreme disparity in power between nechromancers i’ve Imagined so far.
...And then a bullet went through our truck's engine just as we were taking off. We saw a four-armed girl, clad in black priestly robes and carrying a banner, who promptly lifted the heavy rifle held in two of her hands and called out "DO NOT LET THE SINNERS ESCAPE!"
At that instruction, the horde that followed her began their charge.

The party was injured and weary, yet still they had had to protect the truck while the driver frantically worked on repairing it, a task which was going to take 3 full Rounds of combat, after which we'd be able to escape.

It really felt like our last stand. Four Dolls against an army of undead fanatics, and the reinforcements didn't stop coming, each wave more horrific than the last.

Quadruped lance knights, their people's holy symbols burned into their bodies. A crawling mortar made of two girls' conjoined bodies spitting toxic bile. A "chapel", a roughly house-sized monstrosity of eyes and teeth that ceaselessly vomited out more faithful to act as fodder. And finally a "choir", a towering pillar of faces to sing a dirge for all heretics who opposed the army. The enemy reinforcements just wouldn't stop coming and our wounds were mounting as we were steadily pushed back toward the truck.

And in the background, the little islands of Poseidon's congregated forces were being swept over by a murderous tide. As his ships started pulling out of the harbor for safety, streaks of white from further inland blasted out at them, causing one of the larger vessels to start sinking.

We'd seen plenty of small-scale battles already, but this was War, in all its terror.
That escalated quickly.

Welcome back silver snake anon.
After reading through the last thread? No.
But I'll still bump this thread because I love it and the pictures and the inspiration.
File: source.gif (941 KB, 627x502)
941 KB
941 KB GIF

>Someone in the last thread was saying something about machineguns being shite, and nanowire being OP. Anything else like that to watch out for?

Not too much if you're just running a one shot at 0 favor. A player who knows or figured out what they're doing might do something like grab meat snake, gauntlet, and super strength but you shouldn't have anything else super broken coming up. But do watch out for AP discrepancies. If one person has 13 and another has 9, you might want to encourage one to either get something else to bring it lower or the 9 should get something. Psychedelic is kind of shit but that really only becomes a major issue outside of one shots. Though you will want to encourage players not to bother with "repair at the end of round" parts like coffin, First Aid Kit, Organ donor, etc since what parts the dolls have afterwards won't matter too much because one shot.

>I think it's a fair pay-off and forces the player to fuck up more times where they could've had another doll save their ass.

Thanatos has a guaranteed hit skill and a support 2 for yourself is a T1 Enhancement. Even if it is, in the end, "balanced" also doesn't change the fact that just turning off counter play makes it fucking boring. A skill that just turns off a major component of the combat is not fun. If it at least kept it so the one being attacked could still do things, you could at least make it a "duel" skill rather than "I'm special and no one else gets to react."
By the end of the battle, we had no further we could be pushed back. The truck was taking fire and suicide-bomber fanatics were doing a number on our human's shipping crate. It turned out that Basil, quiet little spider-thing that she was, had been stationed in the crate essentially as a way to keep her from creeping everyone around her out, so once it started to break, we got a little allied help in our time of dire need.

Really, aside from like one surprise laser blast to the first thing that poked its head in to bother her, she didn't really do much actual fighting. Most of her contribution wound up being to help drag what was left of the party into the back of the truck as the engine finally started back to life and we hauled ass out of there.

It started storming not long after we left the overrun port behind, and tensions within the party had never been higher. Tammy couldn't understand why we were risking our necks to save some stupid human when humans were (in her experiences as a child soldier) unrepentant bastards who ruined the world. Amelia, meanwhile, had finally seen a force she couldn't possibly hope to blend into a pulp and was in full fatalistic rant mode, something nobody exactly appreciated. She didn't want to hear any of Tammy's shit, especially when she was of the mind that necromancy was the root of many of the (in her eyes, already long since irredeemable) world's evils.

Party sanity was low, and group cohesion had never been lower. Tammy and Amelia wound up having a shouting match where both seemed to be on the verge of leaving the party due to their disgust with each other. Kat, normally the optimistic child, was basically catatonic and out of commission, and Mori was being pulled in too many directions at once with everyone else's issues to know how to handle any of it.
File: Tank Token M1A2 mk2.png (26 KB, 1080x1080)
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Could you do a plain M60 next, please? Or maybe PL-01?
I know it’s been a long time, but do you remember how this fight was set up rules wise?
Between the two yelling sociopaths and everything else, it was Basil who finally had enough of it all first, seemingly trying to essentially hop off the back of the moving truck, because anywhere would be better than being stuck here with the yelling.

Mori was the only one aware enough to notice this happening, so she wound up frantically stopping the notably heavy cyborg spider from going over the edge with nothing but her steel jaws. This almost took her off the edge too, and Kat was rather lacking in limbs to help. The arguing pair seemed too absorbed in telling each other off to even register this sequence of events until Kat yelled at them to help. Amelia thankfully did, adding her strength into the mix to pull the pair back in, before promptly going back to her argument until Tammy resolved that she'd be leaving whenever the next stop happened.

There wasn't really much opposition to that, aside from Mori trying too late to defuse the situation and unsuccessfully reassuring Amelia that things weren't as impossibly bleak as they seemed. Probably the sole positive that came out of the whole exchange was Mori taking to looking out for Basil and trying to protect her in the times to come.

...And now I have to go again soon, but I'll hopefully be able to get back to more storytime later today.
Back in the saddle again for Episode Three: Escape from the Library!
>Coleo's eyes go wide as she lets out a squeaky chirp of surprise as Imp starts to ramble.
>She raises her hands in a placating motion. "Imp, Imp. We have tables for backgammon and chess and cards." She's trying to sound calming, though she's pretty clearly nervous. "I- I'm sorry you've been through so much but we're here to help. No one here is going to hurt you."
>Windsor's eyes open wide as Imp shares her trials. As she starts to wind down he's already moving, grabbing a chair from one of the reading tables for her sit in.
>"I'm sorry. Miss Imp, no one should have to go through anything like that. I will do what I can to get you home, wherever that is."
>He sounds so sincere, so sure and earnest.
>"Can I get you anything?"
>Imp's catlike, near predatory gaze remains locked on Mr. Windsor as he strides across the room to retrieve the chair, even as she ranted, but when he makes no 'hostile' gestures and remains outside of her bubble she gradually manages to calm herself.
>So far as she could tell, he was sincere... but that didn't really mean much, to her. Puppets believe whatever the master wants them to believe, after all.
>Only Dolls question.
>"I... I'm sorry, for causing a scene." She was and she wasn't. Poor Coleo was upset, and she'd nearly cost them a chance for answers, though she doubted Windsor had any to give.
>"I-" - 'want your he-' - she winced, shaking her head, "I just want to sit away from everyone, thank you. Just... away. Here, where I can see what I need to."
>"Alright. When you feel like you've had enough watching, for a while, let me, Coleo or one of my librarian's know."
>He turns and moves toward the front desk again. As he looks up he sees one of the junior librarians, younger man named David, looking down from the second floor
>Making eye contact with them, William points to Miss Barham.
>the junior salutes and retreats back over the balcony. "Coleo, would you like to help Mrs. Barham while I talk to miss Melico? If not I'm sure David can get through it all."
>Coleo's head bobs like a pingpong ball on a spring. "Yes sir." She turns towards the desk but stops halfway through her turn, spinning her torso back around in a near one-eighty twist. "Would you like me to put the groceries up first?"
>Windsor looks over, having completely forgotten about them.
>He lets out a relived sigh, the mundanity of the task giving a moments break from the situation. "Good catch. Please and thank you."
>Coleo nods again and scuttles over to where she'd deposited the bags.
>With her six arms she's able to scoop them up like a bulldozer, her pace barely hitching, and then she's away.
>As David silently rushes down the stairs and approaches Miss Barham to assist her, Mr. Windsor squares his shoulders and turns to approach the table Melico is standing at
>He takes a seat across from her.
>"Melico was it? Please excuse my laps of memory. What can I do for you?"
>Melico shifts, feet shoulder width apart and hands clasped behind her back. She glances over to Imp, then this new David person, the door to the library, back to Windsor.
>"I'd like to ask you a few questions regarding this place. As you know, Imp and I are not from this area and I'd like to know more about where we are."
>Could you do a plain M60 next, please?

Here you go. One M60 A1 with no baggage or ERA hanging off of it.
Brilliant! Thanks, anon, it will see good use.
>Brilliant! Thanks, anon, it will see good use.

Cool. I'd love to hear about it afterward.
File: libraryalexandria3.jpg (56 KB, 600x429)
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>He nods and sits up straight, apparently a bit more in his own wheelhouse "Certainly. This is Humbourg, founded in the eighth century around a walled fort where the local herdsmen would take shelter from raids. Our primary exports are locally produced textiles and grains from the surrounding farms, and depending on who you ask, our charm and architecture. This library was built 85 years ago. We have a temperate climate, though it does have a tendency to rain quite often."
>Melico hides a frown. He certainly gave a detailed answer, but no doubt most of it was false. Still, that was a good amount of information for one question. "Thank you. If possible, I'd like to request a map of the town. Also, is the fort still there?"
>"Ceratinly." He stands up. "Follow me."
>"As for the fort, it was torn down and built over a long time ago, I think the last mentions of the original structure are in the 900's"
>He leads Melico to a shelf with many sealed tubes poking out of it and comes to a stop at a specific section. "Here we are, maps of Humbourg and the surroundings." The tubes are marked with various names and dates.
>Melico nods. "I see. I'll take a closer look at them later." Well, there's the lay of the land. He certainly is forthcoming with this information. "I'd also like to ask about how the civil structure of this area. I'd like to know who is in charge and who I might go to for help should I be in trouble."
>Windsor 'hm's as he formulates an answer. "We have a professional constabulary charged with keeping the peace. We have an extensive volunteer firefighting system equipped, at least in part, by the city." His tone shifts from matter of fact to... less than satisfied when addressing the second of those.
>"The mayor is the head of the civil parish and the various head functionaries report to him."
File: tuliptown-tulip.jpg (837 KB, 1250x633)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
>"Thank you, Mr. Windsor." He really doesn't guard his information at all, Melico realizes. Maybe she can pry a bit further
>"As I said earlier, Imp and I are not from around here. Do you often have visitors or tourists in Humbourg?" This might at least tell her if others from the outside have been here before.
>"We do, our city isn't a closed one, in fact we have a visiting expert attending a meeting of the Humbourg Geology Society tonight."
>"I see." That didn't seem right. Either people from the real world come in all the time or more fools like the residents were being introduced to the town. "I think that covers most of my questions about the city..."
>Melico pauses for a moment, hesitant to continue. There was one more thing she wanted to know, but it wasn't important.
>It wouldn't give any clues about how she got here and it wouldn't help her and Imp get out.
>She didn't need to ask it.
>It was utterly pointless.
>"I... I saw they were selling flowers in the market... Where do they grow?"
>"Most of the sellers self-source, less loss if you own the growing operation." Windsor answers reflexively, he didn't even have to slow down to pluck details from his memory for that one.
>"I see..." A pointless answer to a pointless question. "Thank you very much, Mr. Windsor. I think I might look at those maps again. Sorry to have taken so much of your time." Melico lowers her head slightly before moving back to the maps.
>Coleo taps quietly back into the main entryway as Melico and Windsor talk. Her hair is a bit of a mess, having been freshly dried with a towel.
>She's in the process of straitening it back out with her fingers as she moves over to the main desk to sit beside David and help him untangle Miss Barham's particularly nasty clerical snare
>As she moves, she offers Imp a friendly wave with a free hand.
File: ind2.jpg (52 KB, 600x246)
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>It is Long Epilogue but the translation was Engrish and nobody ever bothered to fix it.

Anon plz. The books have the title in English on them.

There's a groupfinder on the Discord that runs/recruits for games every now and again.

There's a discord invite link on the wiki and in the latest pdf.

I love how even in a community this small, myths somehow form. Thank you for setting that straight anon.
File: s-l1000.jpg (301 KB, 1000x666)
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301 KB JPG
>David is an eager and quick study, but still isn't half the librarian Coleo is, and while anyone worth the title can process a books status this inventory snarl is quite a task for him.
>Luckily Coleo is here to lend her expertise.
>Coleo goes after the unsorted stack of books as if she's got a a steam engine plugged into her shoulders. With one set of arms she's flipping them open and scanning for the most recent stamp while she writes down the title, author, checkout dates, and number of copies (because there are multiple copies of some titles, for some reason) onto a list with another pair. Her third pair stack the scanned books into the appropriate pile.
>She chews through the pile in a matter of minutes, scrawling like a typewriter.
>It's a real mess, the pile. There are subjects ranging from fiction for kids to geology to birds to farming to dancing to... fencing? Did Mrs. Barham's son fence? He had three copies of this manual. Coleo wonders idly if Mrs. Barham's son checked out books for multiple people.
>But suddenly the pile is sorted and all the books were in their proper stacks. That had gone rather quickly, really.
>Miss Barham totters off, the books dealt with and her attention finally broken away from Melico's odd hat.
>David, apparently having been able to glean a not-insignificant amount of insight from watching Coleo work, smiles contentedly as he stacks the returned books onto a cart and shuffles them off into the stacks to be sorted
>the rest of the day passes fairly quietly.
>Melico busies herself studying the maps of Hambourg and committing the generalities of the city to memory.
>Imp stays sequestered in her chair, casting odd looks at some of the patrons
>Coleo goes about her work quietly, her mood brightened up by the familiar routine.
>Eventually evening rolls around; the Geology Society's meeting goes well, though Imp and Melico make sure to make themselves scarce to avoid the press of people
File: victorian-london.jpg (63 KB, 960x601)
63 KB
>Not long after the Geology Society takes their leave, the Library starts shuttering up and locking the doors; it's time for bed.
>Windsor promises Imp and Melico that they'll start after answers in earnest in the morning and shows them to their temporary sleeping quarters; a side room that's been hastily converted with a pair of hanging cots and some small cabinets for their things.
>Coleo waves to the other girls as she slithers into her bedroom. "G'night, sleep well. Don't sleep through breakfast."
>Of course, just like neither of them need to eat, Melico and Imp can't sleep.
>Instead they hatch a plot to sneak out and explore the town
>the two of them slip out of a ground floor window
>as melico moves to cover the area Imp's bone deep instincts scream that something is out of place
>her eyes track to the disturbance, a dark figure in trousers and an oversized coat stands further down the library, stretching up on its tip toes rapping on a window
>Imp's gaze snaps to the figure and she draws Melico's attention to it with a point.
>Melico drops low and presses up against the wall of the library. She draws her bear gun and taps Imp on the shoulder.
>She raises the weapon slightly, gesturing toward the figure with an unspoken question on her face.
>Should we?
>Imp points to her ear finger gun style and mimes shouting.
>Too loud.
>Then she raises her hands and mimes placing someone into a hold.
>She does it amateurishly, of course, but Melico can likely recognize the attempt.
>Melico nods. She points to herself, then down the road. To Imp, then toward the figure.
>I'll walk by, you approach behind.
>Hopefully, the figure will be distracted by Melico and won't notice Imp. If they're hostile, Imp would be better at grappling.
>Imp nods, and starts stalking in a predatory stance to the other side of the street, gaze lingering on the figure as she does.
>Her eye, notably, is not glowing.
>Melico places her AT Rifle down below the window. Too conspicuous. She moves quietly toward the other side of the street before straightening and walking purposefully down the road, stowing her bear gun within reach.
>She makes sure she moves only slightly faster than Imp.
>As she passes where the figure is, she slows, turns to them and speaks.
>"Excuse me, may I ask what you're doing?"
>The figure tenses, falls from it's toes, but catches itself before it can collapse, it spins around. It the darkness it's hard to tell specifics, but it's definitely a 'he' with those ridiculous mutton chops
>"Evening miss," the young man answers easily. "Lovely hat you've got there, are you new in town? Sorry to say the library's closed. You'll have to come back in the morning. I'm just- Er... inspecting the window frames. Gotta make sure they keep the weather out, humidity could ruin the paper an' all that."
>Imp ghosts down the sides of the street, blending into the shadows and moving with surprising subtlety and quietness
>Unlike maintaining a hold, this she is practiced at.
>She paces around to the side as Melico draws the figure's attention, entering position to ambush them if needed.==
>Coleo perks up from the book she's reading as she notices the sound of voices coming from just outside her window. Was that... ?
>She slithers out of bed and ambles over to her bedroom window. She unhooks the swinging portion of the window and leans out into the night, the wind ruffling her frilly bedgown.
>She pops out directly above Melico and the figure.
>"Melico? What are you-" she starts in surprise, then looks own at the talking figure just beneath her windowsill and her eyes go a little wide.
>The figure looks up, and up, and up till he's looking backward, his back bent uncannily far. "Hey Scuti. wear yourself out today? I've been knocking for an age."
Coleo's full name is Scutigera Coleoptrata, for nickname context.
>Melico tenses slightly as Coleo leans out the window, but hides it as best she can. "Hello Coleo. I didn't know you were still awake."
>She gestures to 'Denver'. "Do you know this person? He was tapping on your window. He says he's inspecting the window frames."
>Imp glances to Coleo but remains in position, standing casually but ready to spring into motion if needed. Coleo hasn't spotted her yet
>Coleo rolls her eyes and gives Denver, the boy below her window, a judgmental glare as she rests her chin on a hand. "Last time you used that excuse one of the Johnnies put you in the clink for the night."
>She snickers and her eyes lose some of their steel. "He's one of my friends. He just likes trying to get me into trouble."
>Melico avoids glancing towards Imp's position. She waves her hand back and down, signaling Imp to remain hidden, before masking the motion by adjusting the strap of her holster.
>With the light from Coleo's window, Melico can see that Denver's hair is as dark as night, and his clothes are patched and repaired in places. Soot stains and smudges are all over him and his clothes alike
>He smells like smoke; woody, acrid, with undertones of all sorts of things that people tend to shove into their fireplaces. Though the smell is covered with a layer of... something floral. She can't place it.
>There are two triangular shapes in amongst the mass of hair on his head. A large, floppy pair of cat ears.
>"Oh of course I'm all the trouble Miss 'let's take daddy's telescope up to the roof of the Begley Flats.'" he grins, still upside down, at Coleo
>Coleo huffs. "You're the one who almost knocked it over." But she smiles anyway. "But what are you doing out here so late?" Then she looks up to Melico, "And what are you doing out so late? I thought you and Imp already went to bed."
>"I see." Melico looks the boy up and down. She doesn't like something about him.
>Something about the mixed smell of fire and flowers.
>Melico looks to Coleo once more. "I had trouble sleeping. I'm going to take a walk, familiarize myself with the streets. Clear my head. I'll stay out of trouble." She turns to face down the street again. "Imp is still in bed last I checked. Try not to wake her."
>Denver finally straightens up, which puts him back to facing Melico. He grins. "Well that's just topps, why don't me and Scuti come with, give you the tour. Denver Donovan by the by, now that you have both parts of my name, could you treat me to one of yours my lovely martial lass? "
>Melico's expression has just the barest hint of a scowl. "I believe you already have it, unless you only hear half of what Coleo says."
>She definitely doesn't like this person. Way too happy and way too friendly
>However, his suggestion aligns with her goal of scouting the area, though she won't be able to confer with Imp. She takes a moment to think
>"I think I'd rather walk on my own. I'll likely head to bed soon as well."
>Coleo pouts a little. "Aw. Well, if you still have trouble going to sleep afterward there's milk in the cupboard you can warm up." She looks back down to Denver. "What were your plans for tonight, Dee? It's awful late and you had work today, didn't you? I figure you're bushed."
>As the group at the window go back and forth, Imp stalks around a corner and properly out of sight from the window
>Denver makes a look like he's just bit into something bitter. "Jerry Tosser's been running me ragged for a week of days now. I needed to do something fun or I'd be tempted to dive off the next stack I had to climb."
>Coleo rolls her eyes again. "He'd just scrape you off the pavement and stitch you together again." But she's still smiling. "But I'm fine for a walk. Lemme change out of my nightgown and I'll be down in a moment. We can go scramble over those condemned tenements on ninth street or something."
>Coleo drops her window closed with a quiet 'click' leaving Denver and Melico alone on the sidewalk
>"Perfect." Denver looks left, then right, then bounces up and down on his toes a few times before casually walking off the library lawn to lean against a light post
>While he leans against the pole his eyes dart over to where Melico is still on the lawn. "Soooo, how long ya been in town?"
>Melico stares coldly at Denver. "Not long." She really doesn't want to talk to this person. Something occurs to her, there's a really easy way to end this conversation
>She heads over to one of the library's windows. "I will say, I'm not very familiar with the customs here." She leans down and picks up her AT rifle, slinging it over her shoulder. "I can't say I'm too fond of some of the people I've met."
>Denver gives a contrite frown, his ears flatten against his head. "Well sorry bout that, what's a proper way to welcome a new friend where you come from?"
>He's still talking. Though none of the other people in this place act like they should, so it shouldn't be surprising that he didn't get the hint. "Where I'm from, things are a bit more dangerous, as you can probably tell from my attire and gear. Whether or not someone shoots you is usually a good indicator of if they are hostile or not."
>In the shadow of the alley, Imp's hands clench dangerously hard. All this sneaking was starting to get to her. It was bOrInG difficult.
>Normally her 'blood' would pump. Her dead heart would race. She would feel. She would add to her collection. She would find what she was missing.
>Or, at least, she would imagine so, until it became real enough.
>But here she could not indulge. She couldn't. She'd ruin everything. She didn't want to ruin anything. She'd seen enough ruins.
>But without indulging... she didn't know what to do. It was hurting. It was hurting again.
>Denver seems to think on that a bit. Then he turns off of the pole he's been leaning against and opens his coat, the shirt underneath is an impressive quilt of repairs and rebuilds. He smiles. "Well as you can see not a piece on me."
>Melico does notice his hands do end in claws, but from the stains on them it's clear he's not been putting them to the kinds of use you are used to,
>Then he uses one to pick at his teeth
>"Congratulations, you'd make an easy target." Melico begins to walk down the street again. "I'll be going now. Enjoy your night."
>A moment after Melico leaves, the light in Coleo's room flicks off. Coleo appears at the window again, her night gown replaced with her thick coat and signature newsboy cap and glasses
>Quietly as her bulk will let her, she slithers over her window sill and out the window, the length of her trunk letting her slide silently onto the grass
>Gently, she pushes the glass closed, leaving it cracked just slightly before she scuttles over to Denver. "Did Melico already wander off?" she wonders aloud as she looks up and down the street. "Mm. I hope she doesn't get lost in the dark."
>Imp hears a chirp behind her, at about ankle level
>She starts, whirling about and preparing to rev her chainsaw. She nearly severs. She nearly cuts. She nearly presses the button
>She waits, barely, until she sees the source of the noise
>A ruby red cricket, a bit shorter and rounder than Jimeny looks up at her, turns it's head to the side, then chirps at her again
>Imp looks at the cricket for a moment. It's probably a pet animal like Jimeny. She can't- can't just kill it
>Imp makes shoo-ing gestures with her white(r than usual)-knuckled hand
>The cricket scuttles backwards and lowers itself to the ground when she shoos it, but is still looking at her
>It gives a slower timid, almost experimental chirp at her, its glossy red body and cherry colored eyes shining in the darkness
>"GET- Get on." Imp commands quietly. "Just- Go. Please?"
>The ruby cricket gives a little mournful squeak of a chirp before hopping off.
>Imp watches it go, her hands nearly drawing blood.
>Turning away from the cricket, Imp looks back out at the street, scanning it for Melico.
>As Melico passes the library, she turns down the other side of the building and rushes down the road. She rounds the next corner and begins to make her way to circle around the building entirely, keeping low as she does.
>As she gets past the final corner, she carefully peeks around, looking to get Coleo and Denver in view.
>Melico sees Coleo and Denver talking, though she can't hear them too well.
>She knows roughly where Imp went. It would be best if they could meet up again.
>She takes her revolver from her holster and taps it twice lightly on the library wall before ducking behind the corner. Hopefully Imp heard it.
>Denver gives Coleo a look. "Yeah. She's uh, always like that?"
>Coleo shrugs. "Melico... I think she's had a hard life. She-" She works her mandible jaw in small circles for a second as she thinks. They slot back together with a 'click.'
>"I startled her today while she was distracted and she pulled her gun on me. Kind of like some of the old soldiers do, you know?"
>Her expression drops and her voice is quiet. "Imp is just like her like that. I think their home is a bad place."
>Denver sighs. "Yeah... She said where she's from, you judge outsiders by if they try to shoot ya on sight. I think she was only half joking, maybe a quarter."
>Coleo snuggles a little deeper into her coat. "I don't think she's joking at all." She's quiet for a second. "Imp was scared of Mr. Windsor. I've never even seen silverfish who were scared of Mr. Windsor."
>Denver shakes his head, "That's propper naft, and worse. Where'd you find em'? They move here with their kin?"
>Coleo shrugs. "They fell off the back of a cart while I was on the way to pick up groceries and can't remember how they got there. I figured I couldn't just, y'know, leave them to wander around so..."
>"What kinds wagon was it, It have any livery?" Denver asks with a quirked brow.
>Coleo snickers quietly. "No. They were in a pair of boxes on one of the back of a cargo wagon. We don't know how they got stuck in them."
>"They were nailed shut, even. The driver was as surprised as they were."
>Imp spots Melico's silhouette down the alley.
>She nearly sees something else, but she recalls herself. Melico wanted to find out more about the town.
>Melico couldn't find out very much from the town if the inhabitants were all dead.
>Like that, Imp centers herself enough that her hands no longer shake... or so she tells herself.
>It's enough either way. It must be.
>For just a moment, Imp's eye lights up, and she tries to draw Melico's attention with it.
>Melico feels a pull at the edge of her mind.
>There's a dim blue light from down the way. That must be Imp.
>Melico makes her way toward her, doing her best to keep quiet and out of eyeshot of Coleo and Denver.
>As Melico comes into range Imp speaks up, almost but not quite impatiently.
>"Do you think this town has a rat problem? It's a big town and it has people in it, so it probably has a rat problem right?
>"Even the empty cities have a rat problem. Well, giant roaches, but close enough."
>"Pests. Do you think the city has a pest problem?"
>The face Denver makes gives him the look of someone much older; the look of a man who wishes he could disbelieve something terrible, but knows it must be true.
>Then he shakes his head and the years retreat back into time yet to come. "Well, couldn't of fallen into better company I guess. What do they want? They even know what they want really?"
File: 56815_cricket_lg.gif (93 KB, 1024x423)
93 KB
>Coleo snuggles even deeper into her coat, like the wool can protect her from the conversation.
>She's almost just a hat on a collar now.
>"Imp says she wants to go home, but I'm not sure she even knows where it is. Apparently neither of them can taste, either. Or Imp can't and maybe Melico just doesn't care about food. I dunno."
>"The only time I saw anything... I guess positive was when Melico saw the tulip stand. She couldn't stop looking at them."
>Denver's brows go up at the word 'tulip.' "Maybe we should get her something.. a bit less tres riche" He absolutely butchers the French words. "Oh, and maybe books, about flowers, or something?"
>Coleo 'hm's. "I think we have a few books of flower presses in the botany section. Maybe she'd like one." Coleo muses. She pokes her head back out of her collar. "Where were we going again? The tenements on Ninth?"
>"Sure, works for me." Before they can go anywhere, Denver winces at the sound of glass rattling in its frame at high frequency.
>The sound is coming from Coleo's room.
>Coleo scurries across the yard. "Jeminy!" she whisper-shouts to herself as she runs.
>"Jeminy, stop!" She makes it to the window and peels it open, letting Jeminy scurry onto her shoulders.
>"You're going to get us in trouble, dumb bug," she mumbles affectionately as she eases the window closed again.
>"You coulda asked while I was getting dressed if you wanted to come so badly." She mumbles as she makes her way back to Denver.
>Jminy buzzes, then runs his antennea around her face affectionately, fussing as Coleo keeps trying to get him to sit properly.
>Once he's had enough face time he settles on her shoulder and does his best to be unobtrusive.
>With no further interruptions, Denver and Coleo start down the street.
>Melico crouches in the alley, still keeping an eye on the two by the library. "Not sure if they have much of a rat problem. It seems like a very clean town. Too clean, I might add. I was talking to a rather large monkey though, so who knows."
>Imp sounds distinctly like she's run out of breath. "We should litter the streets while we're out, so they'll have a rat problem, so there'll be a rat problem, so I can get rid of their rat problem." She suggests, taking a breath and thinking. "...No. That's dumb. But I need to sEVer something. I can't stand it. It's too normal."
>Melico nods. "Agreed. It's abnormally normal." Melico frowns. She new it wasn't uncommon for others to get restless like Imp was. She had to help somehow, but now was not a good time nor place.
>Maybe something she heard Coleo say could help out.
>"Coleo said something about there being condemned apartments. I think I remember seeing some on the town map. If you want, we could head there and break a few things without being noticed."
>"I dunno if breaking furniture will help." Imp murmurs, "But it might. It would be worth it if it does. I..." She thought about the cricket.
>"...don't want to break something important, if I get too... excited."
>And the two of them are off, dashing furtively between shadows as Melico tries to navigate them by street signs and memory.

Fin for now. I need to grab dinner and get a few things done.
I do want to point out that the two groups were not actually tracking each other's conversations. The fact that they wound up heading to the same place at the same time was a happy accident.
God I love where this is heading.
What sort of kit did Imp sport, beyond her chainsaw and PTSD?
File: Imp.png (359 KB, 623x422)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
Her class/position lineup is:
Imp's starting parts are
>Cold Light
which is what her glowing eyes are supposed to represent
>Steel Bones
She has a spade-shaped tail that often gets left behind in her descriptions. Her treasure is the basket in pic rel which she collects [REDACTED] in.

Her skills at start were:
>Limit of Madness
>Queen of the Underworld
>Vile Repast
>more PTSD

We haven't had much chance to see her in action yet, but she was a solid performer in the last fight we had. I think I should be able to get around to that one tonight, depending on how much free time I have left. If not it'll definitely be up tomorrow.
File: 1568054305851.jpg (558 KB, 620x2120)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
I see this manga posted around all the time in reference to Nechronica. What's the sauce?
Do I even really want to know?
Tokyo Red Hood / Akazukin
It's a dark story with good bit of gore and suggestive nudity. Also abominable girls becoming BFFs and poor little incubus getting bullied. The ending gets pretty weird too.
File: mala-art-.jpg (444 KB, 1920x2626)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Have you anons got pics for legions? Anything goes, but armed ones get a bonus.
Oh oh.
I have to hit the bed now, but I'm definitely looking forward for the next bit. Loving it so far.
I have a couple that could pass as Legions, I think.
File: Alice-3.jpg (172 KB, 957x517)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
File: K Monster 4.jpg (180 KB, 1600x1051)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
File: 1522256903683.gif (7.94 MB, 1000x600)
7.94 MB
7.94 MB GIF
Seems that's really all I have, minus this thing I guess.
I guess it's worth mentioning that I don't actually know if there's going to be any sort of great payoff for the basket; it was supposed to be something of a surprise/secret but the DM accidentally blabbed about it near the end of last session.

I probably would have forgotten about it if the DM's reaction to himself hadn't been so funny.

So begins Episode 5: Tenement Scramble! If you were in the last thread and wondering about the abandoned tenements on 9th street, we are finally getting close to answering your questions. I'm really, really sorry it's taken this long, this wasn't the plan.
>Coleo and Denver make their way to the abandoned tenement building on 9th sticking to the gas lit sidewalks of main streets as much as possible.
>they encounter no trouble on the way and soon find themselves before the looming 6 story building with its boarded up windows, cracked glass deteriorating facade.
>The building is flanked on either side by smaller apartment buildings still inhabited, and of slightly less ornate construction.
>Melico leads Imp through the side streets and alleys toward derelict building on 9th street, navigating by her gut and memory.
>The smells of rot and refuse come and go as they pass, a few late night drinkers sway down the poorly lit streets past the destitute and the hard working.
>At one point another cricket leaps from a refuse pile and buzzes over both of their heads and out of the alley the way they came in.
>A few moments later the building they seek comes into view, tall and oddly dark against it's inhabited neighbors.
>Coleo sways just a little as her and Denver come to a stop by the tenements building. She lifts her glasses up to rub her eyes as she turns to look at Denver.
>Jiminy is riding on her cap.
>"So how are we getting in? Fire escape like normal?" She asks as she lowers her glasses and straightens her jacket. "It's been a while since we went out scrambling."
>What sort of kit did Imp sport, beyond her chainsaw and PTSD?

This makes me laugh and feel horrible at the same time.
File: fireescape.jpg (36 KB, 474x684)
36 KB
>Denver starts patting around his jacket "Sounds good to me." He finally finds what he's looking for and hands a tin stuffed with greasy rendering with a stick and a brush tied to the side. "Your Muffler miss," he says in faux submissive dignity.
>Coleo curtsies as she takes the can. "Thank you kindly, sir." She says with faux aristocratic dignity.
>She scuttles around the side of the building and into the alleyway, looking for the ladder. It's folded up and high off the ground, but not so high that she can't prop her trunk up on the alley's wall and give herself enough reach to grease the hinges with her overlong arms.
>The catch isn't locked either, so folding the ladder down is simple enough.
>"That was... easy. I guess they're close to tearing this stuff out then? They lock them most of the time," Coleo muses half to herself and half to Denver.
>Imp tenses, then hisses quietly in agitation.
>She looks to Melico and points to the dimly outlined forms of Coleo and Denver, then raises her hands to the sides as if to say 'Why!?'
>Melico furrows her brow. Them being here was a possibility she was aware of, but it certainly made things more complicated.
>However, it seems Coleo is doing something to the ladder on the side of the building. Depending on how high they went, it might not actually be a problem.
>She whispers to Imp, "This can still work. Wait until they go up the ladder and we'll try and get into the basement. If they go high enough, they won't notice us."
>Denver is up the ladder in a hop and a bound, then turns around and leans out with an upturned hand and a smile. "Welcome aboard the RMS Decrepit, milady. We have the most fabulous observation deck, finest in the fleet."
>Jiminy chirps angrily as Denver bounds past him, a stray tail batting the cricket's antennae.
>Coleo giggles and puts her hand up to her chest like a proper lady. "Why thank you kind steward. I've heard you have the best views in all the fleet."
>Coleo takes Denver's hand, though she doesn't actually put much weight on him as she climbs the ladder with her many legs.
>She gives Denver a side-eye. "I also hear the refreshments leave something to be desired."
>He sounds quite ashamed and places a hand to his heart as though the news harms his very soul. "I must confess that is a truth. We are, in all honestly, a dry vessel."
>Coleo purses her lips, miming the action of carrying her non-existent purse in front of her waist as she begins to rattle slowly up the fire escape. "I do not drink. I do hope your roaches are to my satisfaction."
>"My dear we've yet to have a passenger who didn't find them to be everything they expected and more."
>Denver begins to hustle up the fire escape with the fluid grace of one who is used to working in the vertical, though it still does clank and groan in places.
>Coleo follows placidly behind, not completely trusting the rickety iron with her bulk
>"...It'll be really loud." Imp warns Melico.
>Imp's tail lashes, and she kneels, ready to spring and sprint across the street. Her hands clench around the chainsaw, ready to depress its switch and flip it on.
>The line between here and there blurs, as her focus zeroes in on her target.
>Melico nods. "Alright, let's go."
>Melico begins to move across the street, keeping low and quiet, and motions for Imp to follow.
>She moves to one of the windows lowest to the ground and farthest from the side Coleo and Denver went up and crouches next to it. It's boarded up, but the wood is old and beginning to rot in places; it doesn't look too sturdy.
>Imp is off like a rocket, leaping over the street and landing, cat-like, on the other side. Then she scurries forward, almost on all fours if it weren't for her chainsaw, and blows clear through the boarding with her momentum.
>The roof is as filthy as it is flat, both Coleo and Denver are more than tall enough to see over the retaining wall.
>The view above is less than spectacular at the moment, a rolling blanket of clouds, though now that they're high enough it seems to be thinning in places
>They might get to see some the heavens tonight after all.
>The fire escape groans in protest under Coleo's weight, but she doesn't quite move fast enough to loudly rattle the iron as she reaches the top.
>She heaves herself over the façade wall without much ceremony (or real visible effort) and turns her eyes skyward, searching the patches of open sky for stars. Her lower jaw flutters as she chirps quietly.
>"I'm glad it rained today," she says idly. "Even with the clouds, the sky's cleared out nicely."
>Imp's face plows into the rotting wood covering the slot window.
>It hurts.
>She really has come to hate that disorienting impact and sharp sting of hard face strikes.
>Then she's falling.
>It's- it's cold.
>There's no air.
>It's dark
>Get up! WHICH WAY IS UP!?
>Outside, Melico hears a strange sound just after Imp charges the window
>Well, that could have been much worse. But what was that noise?
>Melico wracks her brain nor a second.
>Was that water?
>She can't remember the last time she heard water splash like that.
>Then the sound of frantic splashing echoes from the window.
>Oh no.
>This is bad.
>Inside, Imp panics and flails as she sinks downward until her feet strike the ground
>As soon as she feels her soles hit the floor she immediately kicks as strongly as she can away, directly up.
>Imp breaks the surface, and then keeps rising.
>Rising up and up. She feels her scalp just brush something solid above her before she falls back down with another large splash
>this time her frantic flailing and throwing water around manages to keep her head just above water.
File: firma_reduida_1000.jpg (103 KB, 1000x425)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Melico frowns outside.
>They probably noticed that. She needed to hurry and help Imp.
>Melico slides into the opening, readying herself for what she assumes will be a large body of water.
Back on the roof:
>Denver 'hmm's in agreement as he looks out over Hombourg's skyline "Yeah, we might actually see something tonight."
>One of Denver's ears twitches and he pushes himself up to his feet from where he'd layed himself on the facade wall lengthwise. "Did you hear that slam?"
>Coleo's head pops up in surprise as she registers the sound of glass shattering.
>She looks visibly nonplussed as she turns her gaze down from the silhouettes of the city's skyline and onto the street below. "Sounds like someone's gotten drunk. I heard the glass too."
>Denver lopes this way and that across the roof to look down and check for the hypothetical vandalizing drunks, but can't seem to find anything.
>"Musta been further off then I thought."
>"They probably scurried off into an alley." Coleo's tone is flat. She starts picking around some of the detritus around the roof's retaining wall, flipping over abandoned shingles and planks of wood.
>Her lower jaw opens wide and her tongue lashes out with a wet 'snap.' The legs of a black beetle wiggle between the narrow gap in her lips before she snaps her jaws one more time and swallows the morsel. >"Always find the bigger ones out just after the rain," she mumbles contentedly.
Down below:
>Melico falls a few feet before splashing down. She's able to tread water immediately.
>It smells like rot and stale air down here. The only light is coming in from the window Imp gutted.
>She sees the outlines of floating trash and what may be a set of stairs rising up deeper inside.
>Imp is thrashing about a yard from her.
>It takes a moment, but Imp calms down as she remembers that she can't drown.
>Flaring her eye, she begins to look around using her own bioluminescence as an impromptu flashlight.
>the mold in incredible, and so it the moisture damage. plaster has peeled off in great chunks from the walls, while old furniture sit submerged or just barely gaining enough buoyancy to achieve flotation.
>the heavy structural supports for the building above stand in regimented lines. As Imp looks around shadows and illumination play over toys and models hung from the high ceiling, some slowly rotating on their strings.
>Melico swims over to the stairs leading out. She glances over to Imp, noticing she has calmed significantly and is looking around with her ghostly blue, gleaming eye.
>'This is certainly a new experience,' she thinks to herself. 'Hopefully the other two haven't noticed us.'
>Then the level of ambient light rises noticeably
>Specifically, the light flowing in through the gutted window has become much brighter
>Once she reaches the stairs, Melico turns to face Imp. She starts to speak, but the light from the window cuts her short.
>Something changed outside.
>She makes a short hiss and points toward the window, pressing herself against the wall as she does so.
>"Deeper in, maybe?" Imp suggests, swimming over.
>Melico nods. Even if it's something mundane in this crazy town, it can't hurt to be cautious. "Let's keep to the ground floor and stay away from the windows."
Back on the roof:
>Having finished her impromptu snack, Coleo looks back up to Denver. "Have you had anything to eat today?"
>"I-" His stomach growls "... Not since lunch."
>The moon begins to peak through a break in the clouds, stars twinkling in the margins. The light paints the pair in a pale, stark blue.
>Coleo pouts, curling her hair around two of her fingers in a motion of habit. "I wish you'd come to lunch with me for lunch today. Imp and Melico are..." she sighs. "Imp says she can't even taste food," she huffs.
>She looks up at the moon. "But at least the night is pretty. I hope Melico's enjoying her walk."
File: image.jpg (126 KB, 800x600)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>"Wish I could have." Denver grumbles. "'Lunch' was just cramming a sammich down my gob in the time it took to say it."
>"You could probably learn a thing or two from Melico," Coleo snickers. "She stuffed three of them down her face in the time it took for me to eat one and a half."
>the two of them share a chuckle, enjoying the cool, muggy night air as they turn to look back at the sky.
Down below:
>Imp and Melico have starting moving up the stairs; they're surprisingly solid despite all the rot in the rest of the basement. They terminate in a fairly solid looking wooden door.
>Imp revs her chainsaw and sinks the rotating teeth into the wood, not even bothering to test the handle.
>the door is promptly torn into chips, the rapid-fire tearing and splitting of wood accompanying the roar of the the chainsaw's machinery.
>Beyond the doorway is an L-shaped hall that dumps into the main hall of the first floor, where the apartments all connect.
>There's light to Imp and Melico's right. One of the hallway doors has been propped open, light spilling out through the gap between the door and the jamb.
>Melico curses internally. 'Guess we're done being quiet. They definitely heard that.'
>"Alright, Imp, break down the doors and go wild. I'll head to the next floor and keep an eye out for Coleo and Denver." Melico moves toward the stairs leading to the second floor.
>Imp nearly lays into the nearest door, frustrated at the lack of other targets. Then Melico speaks up, and she lets her chainsaw die down to its idling position.
>And hears the floor above them creaking rhythmically.
>"Wait. There's something up above... I'll go with you."
>Melico halts before heading up the stairs. Something above? She hadn't noticed.
>Pausing for a moment, she starts to piece something together in her mind.
>"This building was supposed to be condemned. There shouldn't be anyone else in here. The door was also propped open." Melico reaches for her revolver, her expression growing hard and cold, her instincts from her time outside kicking in. "I don't think we're the only ones down here."
>The thought of Coleo and Denver had almost completely left her mind.
>Imp begins to look a little more manic. "If they're trespassing, that means it's alright to murder them right? Fortress clause or something."
>Melico considered Imp's statement for a moment.
>Right. Might be civilian. But why would they be here?
>"Maybe. If they look suspicious, we might be able to get away with that. Let's take a look. Keep quiet just in case. I'll go first."
>Melico draws her gun and moves slowly up the stairs.
On the roof:
>Coleo can't help but draw into herself as she hears the revving of... a motor? She shrinks even farther when she feels a subtle vibration of the building underneath her coincide with a change in the sound's tenor. "Wh-what's that?"
>Denver's shoulders raise and his face scrunches as a shudder runs through him. "Th' Ell is that!?" he parrots.
>Memories of this morning slide into Coleo's mind. A certain manic and indecent wild eyed young woman, standing above a crate in a standoff with a another well armed woman. Then the sound of the mechanical device in her hands.
>Coleo makes a couple of jabbering, confused insect calls. "Is that Imp?" She starts spinning her head around looking for the roof access. "Why is Imp here?! She should be in bed! What is she doing?!"
>Denver's eyes go wide in alarm. "That's the sound Melico's friend makes? What is she!?"
>"She- she has this weapon thing. It's got a motor in it, I think, and it spins these metal links around?" Her lower jaw works in circles. "She must be hitting the building with it, but I don't even know why she's here."
>"That... sounds neat? Should we go see?" Denver asks as curiosity and a well used survival instinct war inside him and color his words.
>Coleo's six hands worry over each other like a tangle of snakes. "I- I... I don't know. I startled her on accident today and she almost hurt me. If she's breaking things..."
>She makes a skittering whimper. "If we surprise her it could be bad but I don't know what's really going on. If she's in trouble..."
>"Then she's got nobody else in the world but us." Denver finishes for her
>Coleo whimpers again. "Okay. But- but stay behind me. Since she hasn't met you and if she's in trouble... That could be bad."
>Denver nods. "I've got your back. Let's go."
>Coleo nods silently. "Let's- let's get back down the escape." And she's off
>She doesn't spare much grace for the fire escape, but she is careful to not rush, lest her bulk come crashing down after her. Her staccato footfalls rattle the escape.
>Denver is right behind Coleo and the two of them reach the dark and boarded up second story windows in almost no time at all
>The chainsaw sound has died by now though
>Jiminy leaps off Coleo's head to perch on the railing of the fire escape. Apparently knowing better than to stay in place when Coleo is pondering a window
>As Melico ascends the stairs, she sees yellow light leaking out around between the door jamb and the door into the stairwell
>As she nears the top, the familiar smells of filth mix with the newer scent of oil lamps from the eatery and library. The rhythmic creaking seems to be coming from the closest apartment on the second floor
>Someone is definitely here
>Melico moves toward the door and motions for Imp to follow
>She presses her ear to the door, grasping her revolver in one hand and the door knob in the other
>Behind her, Imp's eye dims as she's turns her chainsaw switch off, placing it back into standby
>Melico pauses to listen. She's fairly sure whoever is making that creaking is staying in one place
>Something rattles down the fire escape outside and comes to a stop on the same floor as Melico and Imp; it sounds like it might even be outside the room beyond the door.
>Melico ponders the noise for a breath. 'Likely Coleo and Denver. That means whoever is behind this door isn't them.'
>Melico turns the knob in her hand and slowly cracks the door open, doing her best to be quiet. She raises her revolver in preparation for whatever she might encounter.
>The hallway beyond is ensconced in candles and oil lamps laid all around, with all four apartment doors open. The smell of smoke and cloying filth is much stronger on this side.
>Melico notices linens and pillows stuffed against the windows at the ends of the hall.
>The sound is significantly clearer now.
>"The windows are blocked." Imp observes. Then sniffs. "Are they... setting the building on fire?"
>Alarms sound in Melico's head. This is not right. Something here is dangerous.
>Instinctively, Melico grips her revolver and begins to shrink back. She looks toward Imp, no longer speaking. She gestures with her gun toward the open hall, a cautious question on her face.
>You go first?
>Imp frowns, moving up and placing her finger in position to rev the chainsaw.
>As she moves down the hall she passes by an open doorway.
>through it she can see someone wrapped in ropes, blindfolded and gagged and anchored in place rocking back and forth in a filthy wooden cage.
>Their clothes are matted in something dark and red and they have a number of bruises on the exposed parts of their face, forearms, and shins.
>the room is lit by a pair of lamps hanging from hooks mounted to the ceiling; less risk of knocking them over that way if their was a struggle, Imp surmises from past experience.
>Imp backs up and carefully pans about, turning to face Melico, as well as scan the way they came.
>She mouths 'Trap' with a shrug.
>Denver is right behind Coleo and the two of them reach the dark and boarded up second story windows. The chainsaw sound has died by now, though.
>Coleo comes to a stop by a window and presses the side of her head up to the boards, trying to hear for any noise beyond the wall.
>Jiminy leaps off Coleo's head to perch on the railing of the fire escape. Apparently knowing better than to stay in place when Coleo is pondering a window. She can't really hear much. Maybe some creaking? But that could be a lot of things.
>Denver gingerly crosses over Coleo's long body and listens at the next window. He closes his eyes.
>Then they snap open. He reaches out and grabs Coleo, pulling her to him. Shaking, his eyes wide as dinner plates as he quietly shushes then mutters to her. He's trying to stay so quiet that he can't properly form all the words.
>"Baddn' cutter butcher... Uh- uh- big bad lad in there mutterin' nonsense just pulled sword. I think he got someone tied up in the other room. I think your buddy just came up the stairs into this. What-do-we-do?"
>Coleo breaks out into a cold sweat. But she pointedly takes her clawed fingers and wedges them under one of the boards. "Mm?" The sound is barely even a whisper.
>Denver nods firmly and puts his own clawed hands next to Coleo's, hooked under the wood, and braces one foot against the wall
>As Denver takes a spot directly in front of Coleo, she moves to stretch her torso so she can lace her arms over his shoulders. Denver takes the bottom board while Coleo splits her six arms between the two above it. With a whispered 'Three, two, one..." the two yank.
>The planks come up all at once, spilling nails over the fire escape. Denver is already tearing at the window sill and yanking the window open.
>Coleo plows over his shoulder and through the- the pillows? She isn't expecting the fabric and fluff, but her sheer weight keeps her from tumbling over as she throws herself into the room.
I'm afraid I must leave you gentlemen on a cliffhanger tonight, though if it's any difference this is actually exactly where the session left off as well. Tomorrow we should be able to reach the exciting conclusion of this arch and the story thus far. Hope to see you all then!
Thanks anon, every bit helps.
On to Episode 6: Actual Combat!
>As Imp turns to look back, she's treated to the surreal sight of a pair of absurdly tall and gangly figures ducking low to silently step out from doorways of two apartments on the far end of the hall.
>Clad in blue slacks and starched tunics with ad hoc extensions sewn onto the sleeves and legs, each sport a sharp looking dark blue helmet with a shiny silver badge that reflects the points of light from the many candles and lamps strewn about the hall.
>One holds a sabre, the other a truncheon. As they lift their heads and stand up straight something very familiar looks back at Imp.
>Damaged, and crudely repaired faces of young girls stare at her with deranged eyes that smile with cruel hunger and curiosity.
>Their lips pull back to reveal an uneven collection of teeth. One opens their mouth, as though to speak, but then…
>Coleo tears through cloth until darkness gives way to light in an explosion of rags, feathers, and down. She lands firmly on the wooden floor of the apartment, lit by the dancing lights of a worrying number of candles and lamps in the main hall of this floor.
>Denver stumbles in after her but the tangled mess doesn’t ensnare him either.
>They both get an eyefull of the pair of… things that make their blood run cold.
>Coleo registers that the pair seem to be wearing stolen constable uniforms
>Weapons in hand, one of them, the closer of the two dips into a half crouch, bringing their mangled face into view. It- she? hisses at the both of them.
>Melico falls to one knee, turning as she does so, her expression going hard and cold. She raises her revolver to eye level and places her finger on the trigger
>Imp charges forward, placing herself in front of Melico.
>Coleo flares her arms out wide and reflexively hisses, her lower jaw opening to reveal her undulating tongue and gullet. She circles sideways away from the window, raising her torso up as she paces.
File: PL-01 token.png (63 KB, 1811x1888)
63 KB
Tried my hand with some token-making, how does it look?
File: 1504220357636.jpg (32 KB, 189x189)
32 KB
Oh boy
>Denver hunches slightly, the hair at the base of his neck flares up and the claws along his fingers lengthen.
>He begins to pace in the opposite direction of Coleo, tail twitching. "I said they were a biggin', Scuti," he mumbles, eyes locked with the... thing on the other end of the room. "Din't think this, though."
Realizing that the figures are all the way at the end of the hall, Melico swiftly stows her revolver and draws her rifle from her back, bringing it up with efficient and measured movements.
>She reaches under her cap and pulls down the scope hidden beneath it over her eye, sighting in on the figure holding the truncheon, placing its head under the crosshairs. She breathes out steadily and pulls the trigger.
>the manic and cruel grin of the girl on Imp’s right disappears in a spray of gore, which blasts back to coat the back of it's partner and most of the ceiling in sticky red.
>The Johnny-monster's arms twitch and convulse, the muscles and joints damaging themselves from the feedback. It lunges for where it last saw Imp but bounces off the wall into a stumble.
>The other one lunges through the doorway at Coleo, thrusting the knucklebow if it’s police sabre at Coleo’s torso.
>Denver's a blur, kicking out a clawed foot at the Johnny's ankle. At the same time, Coleo brings one of her forward legs and shoves it at her attacker's torso, smacking it dead in the sternum.
>There's a hollow 'thunk' as the impact drives the air from the it's lungs. The blow doesn't deal any apparent damage but it puts the Johnny off balance enough that Denver's kick knocks her attack aside.
>As the Dead Thing gathers its feet, Imp revs her chainsaw and nonchalantly hacks the arms off of the headless monster, knowing better than to let it get a chance to use its most obvious weapon.
File: 1446370100012.jpg (349 KB, 1200x1577)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
I've got some nice monster art, it could come in handy for aspiring necromancers.
File: 1507330269157.jpg (188 KB, 700x943)
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188 KB JPG
File: 1551078938116.jpg (626 KB, 1920x1735)
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File: 1553304740076.jpg (1004 KB, 1920x1253)
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File: 1565389548494.jpg (29 KB, 474x593)
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File: 1565595177434.jpg (331 KB, 1559x1050)
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File: Mapinguari.jpg (123 KB, 1015x787)
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File: 1544906885230.jpg (81 KB, 600x833)
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File: 1565612726234.jpg (1.1 MB, 929x1400)
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1.1 MB JPG
File: 1565612315936.jpg (360 KB, 1200x849)
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File: Glass tick.jpg (193 KB, 1000x1300)
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File: 1565597796367.jpg (167 KB, 900x604)
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File: 1545759786158.jpg (390 KB, 1898x1240)
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Last for now.
File: fire.jpg (29 KB, 474x284)
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I guess it bears saying, since I'm not sure if it's completely clear, 'Johnny' in this context is slang that Denver and Coleo use to refer to the constables.
>Denver pistons himself up off the ground, raking the Johnny-girl across the face. His fingers hook under her jaw but the tendons give out before his momentum does.
>Most of the face starts to tear up with the jaw, the eyes pop from the impact, and Denver's jump takes him up to almost level with the ruined face of the Johnny.
>Coleo Darts up her middle-left hand arm in a strike at the Johnny's chest-
>The Johnny's free arm wraps around Coleo's like a noodle and swings her attack wide. Through Denver's waist, tearing a wide hole into his side and sending his lower intestine spilling out onto the floor.
>Melico chambers another round into her Rifle. She lines the sights up with the flailing, headless figure, taking care to avoid clipping the chainsaw as Imp swings.
>As Imp finishes liberating the torso of its arms, Melico pulls the trigger once more. The BOOM of the rifle echoes through the building as the bullet impacts the figure.
>Imp notices the glint of glass in the recesses of the Johnny's coat reflecting the muzzle flash of Melico's shot, she ducks away instinctively
>The molotov explodes as Melico's shot shatters the bottle, engulfing the mutilated mass in flames as the bullets impact sends it flying back further down the hall, impacting against the far wall with a meaty 'thump'
>its momentum tangles it up in the myriad of sheets and cushions and fastening
>candles topple, lanterns spill and shatter. Suddenly the entire hall is dancing with shadows as one end of the room comes alight with flames
>with the immediate threat handled, Imp scrambles for a thick blanket and moves to try and smother the fire
>the light from the hall paints the silhouette and snarling face of the remaining Johhny-monster in demonic underlight as she stabs futilly at Coleo.
>Suddenly a voice rings out, ragged and tainted with mania. "This ISN'T fun anymore!"
>"You killed Ruth! You- YOU- AAAHAHHHHH- HA HA HA AHHHHHH-" The Johnny's voice warbles between weeping and laughing as she stabs forward with her saber in an attempt to skewer Coleo
>Coleo's torso warps sickeningly as she swerves out of the reach of the sword, narrowly avoiding the frenzied swings of the- the girl thing.
>She ripostes. Her jaw opens and her tongue lashes out with a snap. The teeth on the end of her tongue pierce the Johnny's stomach; there's a loud slurp as she devours a portion of the girl's innards.
>Before more can be taken, Coleo whips her head aside, removing her tongue from the Johnny's belly and dragging a length of intestine out from the fresh wound like a spaghetti noodle.
>It tasted... good.
>Denver grunts in pain as he pivots around the side of the pretend-cop. "Dress like a Johnny, eh? I'll put yeh down like one," he snarls as he rips at the girl's calves, tearing a pair of deep gashed into both legs. The tendons and muscles fray and snap like dry rope as his claws rip through them.
>The Johnny-girl screams amid it's flailing hysterics as Coleo's mouthparts penetrate it's center of mass, then falls to it’s knees as Denver tears the backs of it’s calves out. It scrambles back to balance itself.
>Melico shifts her attention to the remaining monster. She stands from her kneeling position and draws her revolver from its holster.
>She steps diagonally down the hall to get a better look at the doorway, raising the gun to eye level. After a brief moment, the second figure's head comes into view, and Melico lets lets lose a round into its skull.
>Blood splatters from the wound at the back of the head and runs out through the mouth and nose as the battered creature stumbles forward.
Looks neat.
Though having the tracks sit at such and angle is kind
Of confusing since there’s nothing to suggest non flat ground in the token.
>The Johnnygirl's sobbing twists into gurgling as postnasal hemorrhaging rushes down it's trachea.
>It lashes out at Denver with it's stolen police saber, missing entirely.
>Coleo and Denver continuing boxing with the near-headless Johnny. Denver's attacks continue to be frustrated by his opponent's thick coat, but Coleo's claws find purchase in an arm.
>Her strike sheers along the humerus, peeling about a dozen layers of extraneous skin and flesh from the bone. From behind, Denver slashes again, ripping a vertebrae free and taking the rest of the Johnny's guts with it.
>Melico frowns slightly in frustration. This is taking too long.
>She stows her revolver once more and lifts her rifle. She pulls her scope over her eye once more and aims the barrel toward her target. She exhales slowly and pulls the trigger as she walks down the hall.
>The Johhnygirl's torso folds backward and crumples as the bullet finds it's mark.
>As Melico continues toward the prone figure, she notices it still writhes slightly, burning with what Melico can only image is helpless rage. She kicks at the nearly motionless body with her boot as it gurgles in hate and agony.
>It twitches and writhes in the corner, it's body structurally incapable of supporting any sort of manipulation or locomotion.
>Imp frowns, examining what's left of the corpse. Frowning, she kicks it as it gurgles. "...Irrelevant, again."
>Denver, eager to be somewhere that isn't covered in someone else's blood, stumbles out from the room and into the hallway. Seeing the burnt husk of the other Johnnygirl, he keeps moving and stumbles into one of the farther doorways.
>His eyes boggle as he glances up to see the person in the cage. A bandanna loose bandana hangs around around their neck and their staring at him wide eyed while he's trying to stuff his guts back in. "Oh uhhh.... Scuti! Get urself in 'ere!"
>"Ngh! Sorry about the mess." Denver mutters to his observer through the pain.
>Coleo's legs give out as Denver stumbles out the hall. She's trembling, her entire upper body shakes like a leaf
>There's a horrible sound as she buckles, arms splayed out in the pool of blood, and dry heaves
>And again
>Tears well up in her eyes. She puts a hand up to her neck and rips at her collar; a button goes flying as she tears her shirt open. Her upper chest bulges
>She makes a horrible hork-ing noise and her lower jaw opens, but more. Her entire upper chest splits open along the centerline in her carapace
>The gap reveals her ribs, the guts that start her digestive tract. There are only bones for one set of arms, and her spine ends three vertebrae below her rib cage
>Something like a serrated tongue spills from the gap onto the ground, anchored to her sternum and rib cage with a knot of meat and tendons. She- she can taste with it
>Something on the floor is... is sweet
>She whimpers
>Oh god
>Her head jerks up at Denver's voice. Abruptly, the- the 'tongue' snaps back up into her chest and her carapace slips closed over it. She struggles up, upper body swaying like a reed in the wind as she struggles to rebutton her shirt and follow Denver's voice down the hall
>She doesn't seem to see the other girls as she walks
>Denver's worried voice comes from the direction of the most lit, and distant, of hte apartments "Scuti? Scuti are you oka- OH Good lord!" He fumbles, drops his guts on the floor
>The person in the cage faints
>She's pale, and looks fit to vomit, but Coleo waves Denver off. As she sees her own hand she only now realizes she's absolutely soaked in the Johnnygirl's blood.
>"It- it isn't mine. It's the Johnny's. I just-" She dry heaves, her bottom jaw opening just a hair. "I fell over. This is- Let me help y-" Her eyes go wide at the sight of the captive. "Oh. Oh. I didn't-" She looks back and forth between the captive and Denver
>"Nurrgh!" he strains bit trying to repack his torso "can you pick it?" Denver nods toward the cage
>Imp blinks once as she watches Coleo... change, hand ready to cleave the monster-girl in twain with her saw, but letting it drop. For now.
>That was the sort of behavior she'd only seen in Horrors, before... but Coleo was harmless.
>She was supposed to be harmless, like everyone else... but as the girl just drifts aimlessly by, Imp doesn't know what to do.
>"Melico... Coleo just... changed. I think it hurt her. I don't know what to do."
>Melico watches as Coleo moves down the hall.
>She definitely doesn't seem to be in the best state. Melico was pretty sure that she'd seen something like this before, but something seemed off about it now.
>Maybe the timing?
>Maybe because it was Coleo?
>Maybe it was because of this place and it's too-perfect life being contradicted in such high contrast? It didn't sit well with her.
>"I... don't think I do either, Imp. Let's follow them. Maybe we can help."
>Melico looks down at the gurgling figure once more. 'Not much use to us I guess. I'll take care of it later.'
>Imp agrees, moving up after them. As Denver asks Coleo if she can pick the lock, Imp walks in. "I can take care of that, at least." She flexes her hand, sharp, claw-like nails glinting.
>As Melico finishes that sentence a nervous chittering drifts in from outside. Jiminy crawls up into view in the window Coleo and Denver tore their way in through.
>Melico turns toward the cricket.
>"Ah, you're Coleo's pet. Come along. We're going to her now."
>She picks up the cricket and heads down the hall after the rest of the group.
>Jiminy squirms a bit but settles in Melico's arms. He pulls one of his antenna into his mouthparts and cleans it while staring up at her.
>Coleo doesn't really seem to hear Imp, though she plainly sees her.
>She teeters up to the cage, though once she stops she has to actually prop herself up on the cage with a few of her spare arms to support herself.
>She takes a look at the lock in the flickering lamplight.
>As Melico rounds the final corner into the apartment with the cage Jiminy pushes off with his back legs. Its surprisingly forceful but not painful or unpleasant.
>He lands at Coleo's first set of legs and bumps her knee with his head, chirping urgently as he runs his antenna around her side, he then climbs onto her back and sings a warbling song as he stares up at her. He alternates his legs on her back as he does so, kneading her skirt like a nervous cat
>The lock very solid, but with a relatively simple mechanism. something for keeping storms out and animals in, but a simple pick job for someone with the knowhow, and common enough to find around the city.
>The cage itself is mostly salvaged lumber held together with nails and screws.
>"Do... you want the lock?" Imp wonders, gently touching the lock as Coleo examines it
>Coleo frowns a little in distaste. "It's a Bobbly. These are... well no. I don't. Just- Give me one second, there's a design quirk in these." She begins working her pinkie claw into the lock's keyway. "Click in the first, nothing in the second..." she starts mumbling to herself.
>Imp shrugs. "It would be faster to just break the bar. It doesn't look very solid."
>".... click on the fourth. It'll be cleaner if this works. These aren't really for keeping out hoodlums." Coleo keeps jimmying the lock.
>"Why does it matter how clean it is?" Imp wonders.
>The lock releases.
>Coleo's brows go up in mild surprise. "That was even easier than normal. This must be old."
>Melico approaches Coleo and the cage, the lock now undone.
>"Should we grab him?" She motions towards the man in the cage, for it clearly is a man now that they've had a closer look. "We should hurry. I don't think people will ignore all the noise we've been making."
>She turns over to Imp. "And why wouldn't you want it to be clean? Less to clean up, less noise. Less stress on our friend here." Her voice is not quite as steady as her words.
File: PL-01.jpg (351 KB, 1920x1080)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Thanks, I traced it over from pic related so that's why it looks weird.
I can't help but love this thing, it's so aesthetic.
>Coleo turns to Melico. "And we should go. Can you two help our friend here? I- I need to help Denver." She shuffles out of the cage and over to her friend. She scoops Jiminy up to her shoulder as she moves. "Dee, do you have that patching kit on you? Something to hold you together for an hour?"
>"I think noise is irrelevant right now." Imp quips. "Guns are loud. Time is more important."
>"Yes, they are." Melico agrees. "I think we should hurry before either more of those show up or a patrolling officer gets curious."
>Shrugging, Imp reaches onto the ropes and angles her fingers, then tears through them. With her hands she could tear through bone and sinew, so ordinary rope, she figured, wouldn't stand much chance.
>The ropes part quickly under Imp's ministrations and soon the bonds fall away. It's a man covered in bruises and filth with a few lacerations where the blood has stuck his ragged underclothes to his body.
>He's fit, or would be if he weren't so battered.
>Be it from his proportions and measurements, his build, his haircut, or some other factor, the girls all realize he was probably one of the men the two things looted their costumes from.
>Unconscious as he is, he slumps forward once his bonds aren't holding him up.
>"Well, now we definitely need to go. Wouldn't do us any good to be found in an abandoned apartment with two dead bodies and an unconscious officer." Melico deadpans.
>Denver grunts as he tries to hold in his innards. "Yeah, I'm- nnnngh. I'm good, or close enough. All the same... can I crash at the library tonight? It's a long way to get home... Or the doc, I guess, if the bastard's feeling charitable."
>Melico picks the officer up and slings him over his shoulder. He was heavy, but she was used to carrying heavy things. She walks over to Coleo and Denver.
>"I have him, but he's unconscious. I don't know if it's better to keep him that way or not. Where should we go?"

It's a fucking NOD tank.
>"We could wake him up." Imp suggests, "If he doesn't want to help, we can deal with him then. It wouldn't look much worse, right?"
>Coleo works her lower jaw in tiny circles, giving the Johnny on Melico's shoulder a little side-eye as she answers Denver. "Yeah, you can hide out in my ro-" She whips around at Imp's comment. "What?!"
>Melico turns to Imp. "It won't be good to draw attention to us. If we leave him unconscious or kill him, we can go back to the library without anyone knowing. The immediate threat has been dealt with, so if the officer wakes up without us here, we won't be found out."
>She pauses as she considers a few more things. "Though, we won't know what happened before we got here, so we may want to wake him up and get rid of him if he becomes hostile."
>She turns toward Coleo once more. "You know how this place works. What should we do?"
>"But did he see us already?" Imp asks
>"He saw us," Denver pipes up. "He fainted when he saw Scuti covered in blood."
>Melico's expression shifts just the barest amount. "That's worse. You both live here, so he might recognize you. It may be that our only option is to eliminate him now if we don't want to draw attention."
>"We could... not eliminate him." Imp suggests, weirdly. "If he'll vouch for us, it would make things easier. Maybe we heard him from outside, and that's why we broke in. It'd be easier to fit in if there are less reasons for people to dislike us."
>Denver points to Imp and nods. "Pretty much."
>Melico frowns. "I don't know if I like the idea of the town knowing us, Imp. Yes, we might not get in trouble, but they'll probably make us stay here. I'd rather avoid that. I don't trust this place."
>Jiminy carefully maneuvers to start cleaning one of Coleo's bloody hands without falling.
>Coleo can't stop herself from giggling as Jiminy stars nibbling at her fingers. "Jiminy, hold on. That- it tickles."

I'm very impressed you managed to do such a good job extracting the tank's silhouette from that image.

What tools and settings did you do use?

did you zoom way in and use the free select tool or did you make some very careful use of fuzzy select?
Thank you!
Free select tool, plus ellipse selection+ctrl/shift to add and remove bits as needed. Fill as needed.
He lives in death, brother.
File: saturdaynight.gif (160 KB, 661x479)
160 KB
160 KB GIF
>Coleo knows he heard her, but he keeps doing it, adjusting his legs to not fall as her chest convulses with giggles.
>Coleo tames her giggling, holding Jimeny to her chest, and looks up at the other two girls. "There's a police post two blocks over that should be empty this time of night. We can just drop him there." Her expression hardens. "We won't kill him."
>Melico nods and hefts the officer more sturdily onto her shoulder. "As long as you think it's okay. Are you sure you aren't worried he'd recognize you later?"
>Coleo frowns slightly. "I guess I don't really mind? We broke him out of a cage and-" she gulps. "K-killed his captors. I don't think he'd arrest me."
>Imp frowns as she thinks while the other two talk, "More." She says suddenly, interrupting.
>"More what?"
>"There were two Dead Things. Two uniforms. More than two, they were modified. Shoddy work, even. It might have taken more than four." She glances at Melico, "...but one Johnny?"
>Melico straightens. "You're right. There may be more officers."
>She begins to walk toward the hall and the stairs leading down. She looks over her shoulder toward Coleo. "Which direction is the police post? I'll drop this one off and come back while you look for the others."
>Coleo puts her newly cleaned hand up to her lips, upsetting Jeminy with the motion. "Oh dear, that's true." She turns over to Melico. "There's a small station two blocks north of here and a little east, it'll have the blue roof on it and a badge sign hanging out in front. It'll be empty at this time of night but there's an old open space for vagrants. You should be able to drop him there."
>She turns back to Imp. "I need to take care of Denver, but I can help you look around once he's walking again."
>Free select tool, plus ellipse selection+ctrl/shift to add and remove bits as needed.

>plus ellipse selection+ctrl/shift to add and remove bits as needed.

Can you explain this part please.
I don't guess anyone has any thoughts on this character concept? I'm not 100% convinced by myself that it's good yet. Partially because Flamethrower doesn't have much synergy to speak of, but I can't think of any weapons better suited to 'zombie swarm control' type roles that would be mounted on something relatively heavy.

Also thinking of swapping off of Instantaneous due to another anon's point of it removing counterplay, but I don't feel that it would be worth taking Thanatos as the main class if I didn't invest heavily into melee.

so what are your main goals mechanically?

tanking and making legions regret getting you of bed this morning?
File: example.png (160 KB, 674x994)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
First I selected an area with the free select tool, and then I did pic related. By holding down ctrl/shift while selecting a bit of the image with the ellipse selection tool, I could remove or add that bit to the area I had already selected.

>Armor plating
Metal Case would honestly work better than coffin, at least mechanically, though aeons ago, Metal Case was incorrectly labeled as Armor Plating.

>Partially because Flamethrower doesn't have much synergy to speak

Might want to look at the homebrew section of the wiki. There's two blast-centric classes and one for being a mech-girl.

>Also thinking of swapping off of Instantaneous due to another anon's point of it removing counterplay, but I don't feel that it would be worth taking Thanatos as the main class if I didn't invest heavily into melee.

There's also Drama of Death, which synergizes very well with flamethrower but requires coordinating with party members, though as far as class choice goes, that sort of thing really only matters if you're playing in something longer than a one shot. If it's short/a one shot, it won't matter.

Also Concentration is a Requiem skill, not a court skill. Were you thinking of composure?
Does anyone else find the Super Metroid Title Screen Theme put them in a good mindset for nechronica?


Also share music that comes to mind or puts you in the right mind for nechronica.
Depends entirely on the overall plot you have going on for your game. Metroid Prime title themes are usualy good candidates all around, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2TE0DjdNqI could fit for some games, so could https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDflVhOpS4E

Realy everything that either is being played as an ending or to invoke some sense of underlying dread without being too present.
I think I see what you mean with the bastion one.

The other one feels very personal, like focused on a particular doll or a common feeling among a group of them.

Both work.

what do you think of Dance With The Dead's The Shape album?

I think
There's a strom comming,
and to a lesser extent
Screams and Whispers

make some good music for nechronica.
Too upbeat. The world is in it's death-throws, everything and everyone is slowly dying out and the only few things are still lurking around are unspeakable horrors that want to cannibalise you. Upbeat music is counterproductive for most of what you can do with the settings. I'd recommend things to stay in the areas of melancholy and softer sounds, slower songs, those kind of things.
>tanking and making legions regret getting you of bed this morning?
Essentially. I want to be dealing enough damage to horrors/savants that I'm not ignorable but the main thing I want to do is body block for the other dolls/help provide some battlefield control.

>There's two blast-centric classes and one for being a mech-girl.
I'm not sure if either of my DMs would be down for heavy homebrew but I'll take a look through them.
>Drama of Death
Oooh. That does look very nice. I'll put that one on, thank you.
>Were you thinking of composure?
I was. They do the same thing so I must have mixed them up. Thanks for the correction.
File: station.jpg (38 KB, 474x617)
38 KB
>Melico makes her way through the shadows to the police post, the unconscious officer slung over her shoulder. Keeping low, her eyes alert, she moved with purpose, focusing almost solely on her task. But despite her focus, questions still bounced in her head, thoughts she couldn't push out, problems she couldn't ignore
>Where did those other two come from? They were from outside. They were almost like animals. They didn't belong in the town
>They were like me and Imp
>She crouched down into a dark alley. Her brow furrowed, a frown creeping onto her face. She shifted the officer from one shoulder to the other
>Whoever they were, they attacked this officer. And there may be more. And he saw Coleo and Denver, maybe even Imp
>She looked around again, keeping an eye out for anyone on the street, any lights indicating a passerby. Something caught her eye, something she hadn't noticed or realized.
>She looked up
>That's the Moon. When did I last see that? It would have been years, back when
>She shook her head, forced her eyes down. She continued down the street
>This place is wrong. Nothing works like it should. This place shouldn't exist. Something made this the way it is and it can't be trusted. We shouldn't be here
>The police post came into view. It appeared to be empty, the lights off. Melico made her way to the front
>We can't stay here. If this one wakes up, he could find Coleo or Denver. If he found them, he might find me or Imp. If they found us, we might not be able to get out
>If this one wakes up...
>She tosses the officer to the floor, still unconscious. She looks at him, her face stony, her eyes growing cold. She drew her revolver.
>No one is around. I'm far enough that Coleo and Imp wouldn't know. It would be safer not to leave loose ends. It would be better.
>But there could be more in the apartments. I might not be able to get them all. And Coleo said I shouldn't.
>She made her way back down the road, her mind still awash with uncertainties.
>Nothing here is right.

Fin for now. I got a surprise shift at work tomorrow so I've got to call it for the night. You lads have a good one.
Coffin could also be fluffed as a self-repair suite. It releases nanobots (e.g. slime mold) as needed and they patch shit up if there's enough metal around.
As for the rest, yeah, it looks fine to me!
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0jMPI_pUec :^)
Also everything ever made by The Ink Spots.
>I was. They do the same thing so I must have mixed them up. Thanks for the correction.

They are quite different. Action checks are the checks made mostly out of combat to do whatever the GM feels a need to call on, and also for running away during combat. There's other possibilities of stuff that can happen in combat that'd call for it, but it'll be mostly out of combat use. Concentration is for attack checks. If you're thinking that composure gives a bonus to attack checks, you wouldn't be the first, but that is incorrect.
>open .pdf
>ctrl + f 'Action Check'
Well shoot, you're right. I was completely convinced it meant the Action timing. Thanks for the pointer. I guess I have an apology to make to my DM.
File: APC token.png (14 KB, 640x640)
14 KB

I don't know why you posted that, but have this.

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