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//Still no sign of Sammosposter, so Stannim will be your DL host today
>Be Stannim Lherzon, esteemed and honest Rogue Trader of the Imperium
>I've now been stuck in Groxbridge for a couple of months since the battle with Orko and resultant crash landing
>Back then it was autumn, now winter is fast digging its claws into the Groxvalley Region as days get shorter and colder and the year-end gets closer
>The temperature hovers in the single digits most days and continues to fall each week
>Any mud that hasn't been covered by grass and poppies is hardening even more in the cold, and it's been dry as a bone too aside from the occasional drizzle and dusting of snow that doesn't settle
>River and groundwater levels are dropping precipitously, and will be critically low by the time the rain resumes in the summer
>Groxbridge City Authority has already banned hosepipes and legally limited shower times, the cheeky bastards
>A swarm of small but strengthening and more frequent earthquakes has also been plaguing the region as of late
>The Tau have been driven from Groxbridge and Liamhelm, but they've been spotted in the north-east in Grimhedge and plains on the far side of the Great Barrier Range
>Every day a few more blueberries and a disturbing number of chaos cults hiding in the tunnels and ruins around Groxbridge are dealt with too, and any stray Orks and Necrons are hunted down..
>As the rebuilding effort continues, the city has taken on a frontier-like spirit
>And as in any frontier, there are endless opportunities for making cash
>The AdMech have been doing something inscrutable, the Imperial forces are still engaged in business-as-usual fighting and my Eldar neighbours have been very secretive
>Technically I'm overstaying the welcome permitted in my Writ of Trade, but the Imperials have bigger issues than a not-Rogue-enough Trader
>I've decided to make the most of a bad situation and convert the upper decks of the crashed It's Just Business into an offshore resort featuring gambling, deckchairs and pools
>Now the Port has reopened, boats can come and go between the IJB and dock and rail terminus
>I guess this is the leisure environment Imperial citizens enjoy, since it's popular, though it is obviously the off season for the outdoor stuff
>Meanwhile I'm using the profits to contract the local Daniels&Donnelly Engineering to slowly fix things lower down while the crew are on extended shore leave
>My Legitimate and Esteemed Groxbridge Intercity Trading company has also provided cash
>No Mr. Imperial, there's no xenotrade or smuggling here, no sirree!
>Oh, and Orko's old hat has proven itself to look very good on me too
File: areamapearlydryseason.png (338 KB, 1200x900)
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338 KB PNG
Map update since last thread. Scale has been boosted again a lot, the mountain range has been beefed up (I'm imagining Teton Range Lite) and spot heights have been added.
File: mapkey.png (39 KB, 417x456)
39 KB
And map key update to match
nice, map is coming along well
File: noble.jpg (31 KB, 371x481)
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>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Wake up in my luxurious bed in the master bedroom of the mansion that my company has been using as an HQ
>Start off day with hot tub, massage, then shower. Serving in a regiment made up of former resort workers has its perks
>Skim through this morning's briefings on my dataslate while sitting on a balcony, sipping tea, enjoying gusts of warm air billowing from the open door to my room where the radiators are running full blast
>Below me, some troopers patrol the spacious mansion grounds, dodging around peacocks, capybaras, and irrigation sprinklers
>Check my schedule, got no appointments for another three hours
>Order my assistant to go fetch some amasec from the wine cellar
>Fuck yeah I love being in the Guard! (except the fighting part)
>Brief excerpt from the Groxbridge Front Daily Dispatch, annotated by an unidentified individual
This Week's Featured Regiment: 1st Happy Ending Regiment
Hailing from the remote paradise world of Happy Ending, the 1st Happy Ending Regiment is the first regiment ever to be tithed from their homeworld, and Damnatum Lutum is their first ever campaign in what will likely be a long and glorious history. [1]
Homeworld: Happy Ending is a remote outpost on the edge of the Sector, traditionally dominated by Rogue Trader Dynasties that used it as a jumping point for exploration. Over time, its long beaches and shallow warm seas attracted members of the Imperial Upper Class from all over the Sector, who went there to find a warm relaxing environment where they could rest and recover their energy after years of hard work running the Sector. [2]
History: Traditionally Happy Ending has been exempt from the Imperial Tithe due to its small native population. However, due to temporary unrest [3] on parts of the planet, loyalist citizens were evacuated until further notice. One of the vessels involved in the evacuation was the Griffon's Spirit, a Departmento Munitorum transport en route to Damnatum Lutum. Upon discovering their destination, 100% of able bodied passengers picked up at Happy Ending instantaneously volunteered for military service [4], and thus the 1st Happy Ending Regiment was born. Since arriving on Damnatum Lutum, the 1st Happy Ending Regiment has won several battles in the tunnels and streets of Groxbridge, and have developed close connections with the elite of Groxbridge. Although several senior officers have since left military service [5], they have been replaced by capable officers from the middle ranks, many of them experienced Guard officers from other regiments who were sent to Happy Ending during the outbreak.
Uniform: Due to the spontaneous nature of the regiment's creation, members of the 1st Happy Ending Regiment use gear and equipment originally meant for the 34th Slate Ridge Highlanders. [6] Uniforms consist of drab green fatigues with a red beret, though some members are also known to wear the red kilt associated with the Highland regiment. As Damnatum Lutum is in the middle of its cold season, it is common to see members wear fashionable accessories donated [7] by patriotic upper class citizens such as fur trimmed jackets, parkas, mittens, scarfs, ear muffs, and toques.
[1] assuming we don't all die in the next few months
[2] translation: the planet was a dumping ground for distant cousins of important people who had caused minor scandals, and were therefore exiled to the edge of the sector where they could OD at an orgy without bringing shame to their family
[3] major daemonic excursion
[5] big daddy nobles made some phone calls
[6] who don't need it anymore since their transport crashed into an asteroid
[7] AKA bribes
File: hic.png (221 KB, 750x750)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-(hic)-appointed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Most of the force has gone home, but a couple thousand from a few Craftworlds are still here in Groxbridge
>Supposedly on orders from some big-shot (hic) Farseer for a Plan
>I hope it's not from Eldorath or that Ulthwé woman or her father
>Those idiots have gotten people killed (or worse, trolled) following their plans
>Some of the younger ones here had no concept of a seasons or weather, so I had to explain to them why it's getting cold and why ice crystals were falling from the sky last week
>There's been some (hic) grumbling from the ranks about how I'm not qualified to be an Exarch and especially not an Autarch and ESPECIALLY not regarding Alaitoc's stance on such things
>Fuck you, I'm the de facto boss now and I don't care for trivial formalities like that
>We've been running search-and-destroy on tombs around the world (how these idiot mon'keigh didn't get exterminated millennia ago is beyond me), trading under the (hic) noses of the Imperials and nicking bits of the archaeotech the toaster molesters seem to love so much
>It was a lot of work to translate their incomprehensible redneck dialect, but we've managed to get in touch with the local Swamp Exodites
>They mostly keep to themselves, but we've manage to arrange a proper Battle of the Bands contest soon
>Those wraithbanjo-strumming hillbillies are going (hic) DOWN, cold weather be damned
>We've extended an open invite to the Imperials as well if they feel like they have a chance with their grunting noises and screeching instruments
>Some passing Noise Marines wanted in, and seemed quite angry when we told them that's not what it was about and to buzz off
>But mostly we've been sitting on our (hic) asses in Brannet waiting around to see why that Farseer wants us here while trying not to piss off the locals
>As for me? I'm at the Emperor's Head in town
>I'm just a liiiiittle bit tipsy.
>Some of this human alcohol is admittedly (hic) pretty good
File: herewego.gif (4.13 MB, 500x281)
4.13 MB
4.13 MB GIF
>Not to mention it's one of the few places that actually lets us in
>The townsfolk and Imperial rank and file are still very leery of our presence as humans are wont to do around "xenos", but don't attack on sight at least
>Look around the bar with its eclectic mix of patrons
>A pair of Imperial Fists are drinking gallons of the (hic) strongest stuff the place has to try and get hammered
>In the corner the Tank Appreciation Society (chaired by Belrith, of course) is having its biweekly meeting
>That reminds me, I need to figure out where and to who Eleria has been sneaking off to when off-duty
>I could swear Fs. Kerala is in on it too, given how El (hic) always seems to know of my plans to catch her in advance
>A handful of Kriegers are drinking through straws in their masks' emergency induction ports
>Strange folk
>Some dishevelled high-class-looking (hic) people look to be drinking to forget
>There's a commotion from the other end of the bar
>Looks like someone turned off the Blood Bowl match to watch a news report about the Inquisitorial trial of some Praetorian (hic) officer charged with major heresy during the last battle, and someone else is very unhappy about it
>"SQL Harris, after a lengthy trial spanning two months and collecting over fourty thousand pieces of evidence and sixty witnesses over five hundred hours of court hearings, was today found--"
>Beer is splashed, a punch is (hic) thrown, a glass meets a face with significant force and people pile in
>Before I know it, the entire place is rapidly descending into a huge bar brawl
>As fists and furniture fly, a bar stool sails through the air, hits one of the Astartes square in the face and spills his liquor
>Stand up to use my superior height to watch the fireworks
>It seems I maaaaay be more intoxicated that I (hic) realised
>The rooooommm iisss spiiiiiiiinnnniiiinng quiiiii--
File: Calleb Decima.jpg (131 KB, 850x996)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Query: Designation
Reiterate. Query: Designation
>Compiling, data-core reset
Mechanicus Labour-unit 302024h, Forge World Ryza. Guardmaster-Designate.
>#ERROR#, clearance not compatible
CENSURE: Experimental munitions usage, WAAAGH! Grax /XREF-VERILIAD252/
Penace-Secondment, Ordo Reductor. Skitarii unit 5298f. Active campaigns: Notous, Konor, Cyclotrathe Sector.
Skitarii Alpha 5298, Hadex Fleet Action - Transferred to experimental armoured corps
Crux Mechanicus in Konor campaign, Primus-designate 32c, Sigma Fleet
>#ERROR#, Designation no longer in use, data-segment corrupted

Request/Noosphere: Redesignate
>Transmitting mission files
>Prime Cortex reinitialized

>Be Me, Sigma-32d, Alpha Primus and Master of Skitarii, Damnatum Lutum campaign.
>Damnatus Lutin
Oh, FML. And my typing.

Suppose we could New Thread and copy our current posts over if most of the old crew can't find us, but we seem to have at least a few of the regulars.
I think they'll recognize the thread by Stannimposters characteristic image editing creativity, it kinda stands out
I think we'll be fine, it's Close Enough (tm)
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Wake up on my "bed" which is just a pile of scavenged rags
>A combination of perpetually sore ribs, massive headache, and freaky nightmares prevented me from getting any meaningful amount of sleep last night
>Every part of my body is damp with sweat, despite the fact that the temperature is barely above freezing
>To make things worse, everyone knows the furnace is broken, what little heat this building has is literally generated by all the rotting meat trapped in the sluices and drain pipes, plus several hundred people sleeping in close proximity
>Some companies from other regiments apparently got to billet in mansions and upper class townhouses and such, but us lucky bastards in J Company of the 78th are stuck with "Jimbo's Abbatoir", an abandoned meat processing plant that still reeks of rotting flesh despite being hosed down on several occasions
>Would it really kill them to give us a slum hab or a machine shop or something? There is plenty of empty ones in the city
>It looks like the line for the single working shower is already 20 people long, no way I will make it to the front of the line before it is time to muster out
>Pull on my filthy unwashed uniform instead, maybe we will find a working shower when we are doing hab block clearances later today
>Tear open one of the packaged snacks I found yesterday, it is some sort of pickled fruit, tastes like it has probably gone bad, but still better than corpse-starch
>Munch away in silence while my squadmate halfheartedly checks my scalp for lice and fleas
>Today is going be another fun filled day of clearing slum habs of booby traps, lurking xenos, and half decayed bodies
>Normally this sort of thing would fill me with anxiety, but I am way too tired to care at this point
Sammosposter here, I completely forgot what day it was, many apologies.

>Be me
>Corporal Naddeus Killigan, Mordant Acid Dog
>We've sent to this fuckass cold planet to deal with clearing out the underground
>The gang's been broken into smaller and smaller groups then sent around as needed
>My platoon got sent on fuckin' walkabout to some town by the name of Groxbridge
>Currently leading a small fireteam through a mix of underhive and siege tunnels
>Seems like a waste, only gettin' into a tossup with the odd straggler or two
>Most common thing down here is these little mudcrabs an' rats like you wouldn't believe
>Just bloody fuckin' huge
>Decide to have some fun while we're on this little vacation of ours
>Whoever bags the biggest squeaker by the end of the day wins
>"Wins what?" they ask
>"A case of brew, what else could you twats want, ay?"
>Craigg raises his hand
>"Piss off, Craigg, you smart-ass."
>Naturally, we all pitch in enough to afford a case
>We're still doing our job patrolling mind you, just havin' a better time at it than usual
>I've already killed one the size of my thigh, but the boyos aren't far behind
>Where do rats this big even come from?
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Meet up with some local industrialist regarding sabotage to his factory
>He claims it is heretics or xenos, but probably just some looters scavenging parts
>Probably wants me to assign some troops to watch his factory, waste of time, but maybe worthwhile if he makes some "donations" to the right people
>For some reason he wants to meet in a shady tavern called the Emperor's Head, which is strangely popular with several regiments, the Imperial Fists, and even the Eldar
>Way too many people getting wasted this early in the morning, no wonder nothing ever gets done around here
>Barely have time to get through the boring formalities with the industrialist when suddenly the entire place erupts into a massive bar fight
>The industrialist makes a run for the door and gets tangled up in the melee, but I stay put and try to ride things out
>The corner booth I am in is fairly secluded, just need to avoid drawing attention to myself
>Notice the leader of the planet's Eldar get knocked out by a flying ball stool
>Hmmm, I can probably score some points with all sorts of bigwigs if I pull her ass out of the fire
>Push my way through the crowd to where she went down
>Start lifting her off the ground
File: 1517123855641.png (233 KB, 675x725)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant
>Entire company has been deployed on planet, we have managed to mostly secure Groxbridge
>Sections of the city, Metro and underground tunnels however are still infested with heretics and Tau
>We have to send in Assault marines in groups of 4 with storm shields on the regular to clear out sections of the underground
>We're making steady progress, but the tunnels beneath the city are quite expansive and the Metro is treacherous
>Captain Maluan ordered that we send out land speeders to scout out Liveria
>He ordered me to travel 3 kilometers from Liamhelm and establish a forward defensive base that we could use to rapport any possible troop movements of the Tau, be it a retreat or an incoming attack
>Told me to take two squadrons of tactical marines, one squadron of assault marines, two rhinos, two predators, two razorbacks, a rapier laser destroyer and two companies of steel legionaries
>Ominously watching the tau-controlled wreck of a city when I receive a rapport from the land speeder squadron we sent out to Liveria that's supposed to be transmitted back to Maluan
>Seems a day late, no matter
>The rapport is as follows:
++ TITLE: Scouting rapport ++
Written by: Imperial fists 5th company Land Speeder Typhon pilot-Brother Falger
Addressed to: Imperial fists 5th company Brother-Captain Maluan
Topic: Liverius Basin and City of Liveria scouting mission
Date sent: 21/11/113 M42 terran standard

The Liverius Basin consists largely of barren farmland, the rivers Irass and Valder seem to be below average in water contents and the river Galder shows obvious signs of artificial drainage. The earth in the basin is slightly softer than that of the earth in the groxvalley region, however only marginally (see addendum 001-B).
The settlements around the basin (excluding Liveria) are largely abandoned. Several villages show signs of fighting, of note is the village of Johannsdorf which has sustained heavy structural damage and is riddled with Human and T'au corpses
We have spotted several Tau transport aircraft flying toward north-west, likely toward the artificially created van Kijek island 19 kilometres off the coast of North Point
The city of Liveria appears to no longer be under imperial control, several banners displaying the sigil of the sept of T'au have been raised from two hive spires and 27 turrets have been spotted on the outskirts of the city. The range of these turrets does not exceed one square kilometre terran standard.
We have intercepted several communication signals from the city of Liveria, we know that the city’s "Shas'el" is a human traitor noble formerly called Arker Vicker. We have been unable to fully translate all of the messages and will thereby attach the intercepted communications from the city (see addendum 001-A).
We have been unable to gauge how many of the cities 789 567 citizens remain.
Small bands of Orks have been spotted in the region, though no groups above 500 orks have been spotted as of yet.
We will continue our scouting until we receive further orders.

File: whatbasicallyhappened.gif (7.06 MB, 396x480)
7.06 MB
7.06 MB GIF
>Be uuugggggghhhh
>Be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Alaitoc
>I remember bits and pieces
>I remember being hit by a stool, losing my balance and falling off my seat onto my head
>I remember the Astartes barrelling past into the mob and people flying everywhere
>And I remember being picked up by some human woman
>Now I'm outside in the cold, the world is upside down and everything is bouncing
>My head hurts something awful from the smack and the alcohol
>Mentally kick my drunk brain
>Wait a minute
>I'm being carried over that woman's shoulder
>Try to ask "Who are you? Where am I? Where are we going? Am I being kidnapped?"
>All that comes out is "guuuhhhhhhaaaablebleheh"
>I'm going to vomit unless she puts me the right way up immediately
>Isha damn it, I'll have to cut down on the drinking when I get out of this
Looks like the map is about to get a whole lot bigger.
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>My squad is one of the ones chosen to investigate the tunnels beneath Groxbridge
>The same ones that were flooded with nurgle tainted sludge a few months back
>oh joy
>Are they trying to get us tainted?
>Get assigned a bulky gas mask that doesn't seal properly to my face and has a huge crack in the lens
>Also the mouth bit tastes like blood, presumably because the previous owner died while wearing it, and some departmento drone couldn't be bothered to wash it off properly
>About two hours of patrolling the sewers can be summarized as follows:
8:15 - We found some sort of partially caved in Slaaneshi lair, some of the occupants had clearly died while doing their thing, no one in the squad had the balls to look inside, so we called it in and left, feel like I got 12 STD's just by looking at the place though
8:45 - Jale got bitten by a rat, he probably has rabies now or something
8:50 - Ness tripped and knocked both of us into a sewage puddle, 100% submergence, sewage leaked through the crack in my lens, but I wasn't allowed to take the mask off, fuck you Ness
8:55 - I hit my head on a pipe because I can't see
9:30 - We encounter some of those Mordant Acid Dog new guys, like most veterans they barely acknowledge our existence aside from a few sneers
9:35 - Hit my head again
10:05 - We encounter a frail old man in rags, he escapes as the squad argues among ourselves whether he is a homeless guy or a tau sympathizer
10:20 - We realize we are lost
>Today is not going to be a good day
>Be Sigma-32d, Master of Skitarii
>Last memory segment fragmented, reconstructing from the data gathered by my troops.
>Lost most of my spinal control systems and a few organs to the Necron stabbing me right under the ribs, feedback blew out half the command and control systems in my armour.
>The Biologis took most of the deadweight heavy plating out while they were putting my spine back together, replaced it with some decent subdermal armour mesh and an integrated conversion field. Most fleshy I've been in years, and I'm still in half-armour under my robes.
>Review the planetary situation while they faff about putting human-looking skin back on me. The Mechanicus fleet has declared the planet largely secure and left system, leaving behind three Macrotek clades and their Skitarii escorts to establish a permanent base on Lutum.
>Clade One is fortifying the Groxbridge spaceport and gearing up the few transports and gunships we have available for search-and-destroy missions, Clade Two is establishing small outposts and checkpoints across the Groxbridge region to start patrolling and sweeping the area and the third has requisitioned a district of northwest Groxbridge, torn down most of the buildings and established a fairly extensive base of operations.
File: 1558264278341.jpg (90 KB, 664x763)
90 KB
>Be me, Armageddon Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Almost got executed by a commissar for cooperating with the Eldar, however footage taken from the memory banks of Sigma-32 and the word of a particular Sydonian dragoon managed to bail me out
>Got a high-five from the Colonel for managing to survive my lady going fucking apeshit
>Now just sitting around the city, waiting for orders
>Get allowed to do whatever I want on the weekends, Colonel is cool like that
>We got a little tank-discussion group organized consisting of the members of my squadron, Volgatov and his squadron, Kirchenbach and his squadron and a couple Eldar I met a while back
>Diederich managed to get out of the medical ward early with a couple new bionics, apparently, he got off scot-free despite killing several ultramarines
>He was really apologetic over getting my tank destroyed, got me a fancy plasma pistol he bought from the Rogue trader we have here on planet
>Since today is the day we all head down to the bar, he offered to buy the entire group drinks for the night
>Now sitting around in the bar discussing the pros and cons of treaded tanks and hover tanks, when suddenly, I hear something in the distance
>"Baneblades aren't even that effective..."
>Diederich violently turns and stands up but I rein him in
>Slowly stand up myself and ask out loud, "who said that?"
>It's this aeronautica ace
>Now, I've never had a problem with pilots, believe me, aircraft are cool too, just not as cool as tanks and that's a fact
>Ask him to explain what he means, says they're for boneheaded footsloggers who can't get their heads around how to steer a fury
>I can't hold back Diederich now, the man is fucking livid
>He tells him to eat shit in his Krieg accent
>Guy laughs and asks him if he can properly speak Gothic
>Diederich proceeds to throw his full mug of rotgutt at the man, but he manages to duck and the mug slams into the back of a guardsman’s head
>Uh oh
>A giant fight starts, two Astartes eventually get involved and start trying to break it up
>While beating the shit out of the one ace with Diederich, suddenly I feel something hit my helmet
>Get knocked back, fall and knock into someone
>Ow, my head
>Seems like I knocked over a happy ender captain
>Looks like she's trying to carry out a very familiar looking Eldaress
>Decide to help her up and point her to the backdoor exit before she gets busted
>Suddenly, I'm above the ground and being held up by an imperial fist, Diederich is constrained in his other hand
>"Partaking in fights off-duty is unbecoming of you, tanker."
>"Well it was self-defe-"
>mfw pretty sure I just saw Anshelm exiting the bathroom with a female Eldar hanging off him and then slowly walking back inside
>Be me
>Brother-Sergeant Sammos of the Imperial Fists
>Took my one day off this month with a few brothers to a local establishment
>Down refreshments as quick as we can in a vein attempt at overwhelming our metabolism
>Naturally, a fight brakes out
>A chair explodes against the back of my helmet
>Fun time is officially over
>Pick up a couple of tankers to berate them
>"Partaking in fights off-duty is unbecoming of you, tanker."
>Escort them out and set them on the sidewalk
>"Now if you'll excuse me. I am going to have a talk with that pilot regarding his choice of language in regards to the worl of his fellow troopers."

Woo typos!
File: Techsorcist.jpg (733 KB, 2000x1000)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
>Get the all-clear from the Biologis in charge, am decoupling from the medical apparatus when I notice a note from the Armageddon Baneblade commander on one of the side benches. Nice of him, telemetry from my few remaining tanks shows his squadron performing excellently against the Necrons before my previous incarnation was violently discontinued. Really want to have the enginseers poke that Baneblade.
>TOE data says the Armageddon regiments are still in town, transmit order to provide their armour a staging area in the Mech district. We need all the Dunecrawlers we have to form an anti-air net for Groxbridge and the Ironstriders are out patrolling, if we can get Guard armoured support for our Skitarii on clearing operations we'll have some big guns to call on to drive those bloody Tau out of their holes.
>Attach request for Hochberg, the infantry regiments and Imperial Fists ranking officers and the Eldar Exarch to detail any long-term basing plans and materiel requests within 48 hours, preferably in person.
>Start making my way towards the Official Guard HQ near the G. South railway station, following the beacon on the nearest Fist's power armour.

>Takes me about thirty minutes after I started walking through town to realize that for about the first time since I made planetfall here I'm not being shot at, nobody needs ordering around and the most dangerous Xenos around is some Eldar grunt.
>The Cavalier Alpha had assumed effective command of the Skitarii patrols pending my recovery.
>Feels odd to not have a job for once, barely a noncombat noosphere here to browse.
>Vaguely remember older methods for unoccupied personnel to preoccupy themselves.
>Attempt to locate stimulant requisition area
>Arrive outside the guard-designated recreational facility just in time to see the Eldar Exarch get dragged retching out of the rear door, followed soon by Hochberg and a second Krieger looking less than amused.
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Get knocked over by an Armageddon Tanker and hit my head on the bar counter
>How rude
>He leans over to help us up
>Tempted to sucker punch him in the groin to even the score, but just as the thought pops into my mind, an Imperial Fist shows up and restrains him
>Don't want to get caught up in some disciplinary action, try to avoid eye contact and continue leading the Eldar leader to the back door
>Manage to get her outside without further incident
>She starts mumbling something
>I try to sit her down on a bench while I think of what to do next
>mfw she manages to projectile vomit down my dress as I try to prop her up
>That was my favorite dress you slut
>I better get a medal out of this
File: nope.gif (2.56 MB, 453x344)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB GIF
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Managing the IJB Resort, the LEGIT Co. and general wheeler dealing is a tiring job
>Head down to the local watering hole, the Emperor's Head
>It's a short walk from Brannet towards the river
>Wrass Street has been mostly swept of debris by this point, and some people are returning
>Still, it's cold and I want a beer
>Round the corner onto Gin Lane and see the pub in a state of chaos
>There is a huge fight going on inside with all types of people
>Someone is slung outside, crashing through the window glass
>Get a short distance before I realised I saw a couple of very familiar faces in there
>Turn straight back around and walk back to see what the hell is going on

By the way, I was more than a little worried when we reached page ten with no replies after two hours, and I thought it was dead.
it takes time for everyone to realize the thread is up, just keep bumping it until people start replying
File: drunkmecantwalk.gif (7.03 MB, 728x728)
7.03 MB
7.03 MB GIF
>Be Tolria, absolutely plastered self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Woman tries to put me down on a bench outside
>Too late
>Vomit alcohol and bar nut slurry all over her dress
>Heeeeeey, that wash shum impresssshive dishtance
>Oh dear, oh dear, this is so undignified
>Any Eldar would be highly embarrassed at being in such a state, let along one of authority
>I've got to get out of here before more witnesses see me
>Stand up successfully and try to stagger away
>Get about three metres before I lose my balance and fall over backwards again
>Narrowly avoid falling in my own vomit puddle
>Looks like I'm not going anywhere unless one of these mon'keigh decide to get me home
>Speaking of that, why are there so many? Who are these people?
>I get deja vu with several, but my alcohol-addled brain can't draw the connections
That was my plan, but the last two threads kicked off within an hour of starting so I thought it was taking worryingly long.
I think they were both started Friday evening though, a lot of people are out doing stuff on a Saturday afternoon
File: 2bros.jpg (255 KB, 1024x677)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Me and Diederich just standing out on the sidewalk, it's snowing now
>We just got thrown out of a bar by a SPACE MARINE
>Well, I guess that's off my bucket list
>Diederich begins going on about how he's pretty sure that was one of the space marines that crashed a fucking drop pod into the Maus
>I would be angry beyond belief but, since that thing got corrupted by a daemon, it's understandable
>Just sort of stand there and talk, tell Diederich about what went down in the Necron tomb since I forgot to do that earlier
>As we're standing there talking and Friederich stumbls out the back exit, I spot him
>The Alpha Primus from before
>Takes me a second or two before I recognize him because he's gotten a bit fleshier
>"By the emperor... I don't believe it!"
>Approach and greet him
>"After all that damage, you got fleshier!"
>Get chatting with him and introduce him to Diederich as the rest of my squadron gets out of the bar
>Turns out he got a promoted to what is the mechanicus equivelant of a Major
>Congratulate him as Volgatov combat rolls out
>Get informed that he got us a staging area in the newly established admech district of the city
>Tells me he'd like for us to help the Mechanicus with driving out the remaining Tau
>Enthusiastically agree, finally a chance to repay my debt
>Ask me for any long term basing plans, redirect him to talk to Colonel Vylk about it since he's ultimately my boss
>"Oh, I almost forgot, are there any material requests you have?"
>Ah fuck it, might as well since I can repay my debt later
>"Do you think you could get me a Cuirass? Like the one Diederich has."
>Sigma says he'll look into it before asking if I have any idea where that one Eldar who pried a necron off my wrists is located
>Suddenly hear someone falling over
>Turn around and recognize the Eldar on the ground as the one from earlier
>How did we all end up here?
#2 was started Saturday morning (for you americans, at least). I debated starting Fri, but decided to give sammosposter another day because I felt it was "their" thread in a way.
Sammosposter here

I'm not the OG OP for Damnatum Lutum
As far as I care it's a group thing

Besides that, I tend to forget these things, like I did today
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>The Eldar starts stumbling around aimlessly as I try to scoop some vomit out of my decolletage
>Also, it looks like we got ourselves a bit of an audience
>Screw this, I am not walking around town covered in vomit
>Call my adjutant to come pick us up in the staff car
>Look over at the crowd of several tankers, a cogboy, and a...shit is that Lherzon?
Hey guys, wanna help me corral our valued ally back to her base before she starts a diplomatic incident?
>Be Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Wading back into the brawl
>The rabble at least has the mind to avoid hitting me
>Spot the aviator in the brawl
>Walk up to him
>The fight around him stops in my looming shadow
>He looks up at me
>The red lenses of my helmet glare back with a faint glow
>"Your commentary regarding the armored ground forces was uncalled for, and it triggered this fight."
>The area of quieted bar-goers grows larger as people begin to stare at me and the aviator
>"The tankers are your brothers, and the draw as much of the enemies ire as your aircraft."
>Lean in so my helmet is inches from his face
>"Cause such a disturbance with your unthoughtfulness again, and our conversation will no be so pleasant. Do I make myself clear?"
>He gives me a slow, shaky nod of his head
>Straighten back up and exit the bar
>My one day of leave has come to this
>Babysitting guardsmen
jesus christ how can make such an exciting setting sound so boring?

its like if you started every sentence with, "MEANWHILE!"
Tankposter here, anyone got any idea where the original OP went? It's like he just disappeared to watch how the rest of these threads played out without him. It's a bit bizarre to think that we've been here for three threads now and he hasn't made an appearance since the second thread (second DM thread Sammosanon posted was technically the third, because the second thread posted about it died, and I know that was by the OG poster). It's like he's just out there... watching.
First off, if you want to run some sort of banana republic, play tropico, don't ruin rogue trader.
This is not Rogue Trader. This is part of a shitposting series that happens to feature an RT.
File: 1543566498376.jpg (609 KB, 1680x1313)
609 KB
609 KB JPG

>Be Sigma-32d
>Have secured tank support for my sweep teams, quickly patch into Noosphere and tell the Macrotek Prime to contact Vylk to sort the rest of the Guard facilities out.
>Surprisingly productive first day back, and it's kind of nice to have a face capable of grinning properly again.
>Skitarii don't usually have much time to make friends on the job, I should try this freelance thing more often
>Somehow about three-quarters of the planet's leadership has found itself standing in one shabby Groxbridge backstreet looking at a drunk Eldar, beats most coincidences from my memory banks
>Could try a stimm, but I have no idea if that even works on Eldar. Didn't even know they could get drunk until an hour ago.
>Probably do still owe the Exarch one for helping Previous Sigma though. Can't remember it, but my squad testimony assures me she shot a Necron I was fighting. Somehow.
>"Preferable outcome, Exarch designation:Tolria remains Eldar leader."
>"Nonhostile relations established, other Eldar factions may be less favourable."
>The Happy Ending Baroness-Officer appears to have called a transport, although apparently none of us know where the Eldar HQ actually is
>Could they be less sneaky, please
>"Suggestion - Guard Main HQ contains accomodation, short transport time"
>Grab largely incapacitated Eldar, load into rear seat of groundcar, interface and load coordinates for Officer Rooms as the Rogue Trader and the two Guardsmen pile in after us
>Trust the aristocrat to have the actually spacious transports
>Adjutant startles as car begins moving without input, jams on brakes in time for the Baroness to climb, grumbling, into the front seat
>Start sorting through noosphere briefings and casualty reports while the Rogue Trader attempts communication with the Eldar and the Guardsmen start discussing a designation:Anshelm.
>Feel the odd deja vu that occurs when memories I no longer have stored become relevant
>Something from my menial days, probably
>Be Trooper Chastity Sinclair, Priscilla's adjutant
>Be super excited to finally do something useful aside from bringing the Captain her tea and dataslate occasionally
>I am sometimes worried that she resents having an untrained young woman following her around everywhere taking up space, but tonight I will finally prove myself to my role model!!!
>Hop in staff car, drive to the Captain's location
>Only hit three objects on the way there, a new record low!
>Realize I went to the wrong bar
>Darn it! Honest mistake
>Put staff car back into drive, head off to where I think she said she wanted to be picked up
>Find her standing outside covered in vomit with a bunch strangers and an Eldar
>If only circumstances were better, we wouldn't have to ally with such....Xenos
>Various people climb into the staff car, somehow it starts by itself just as the Captain is getting into the front passenger set
>Manage to hit the brakes just in time to avoid dragging her, but still get a death stare, give her confused look to indicate I am not controlling the car
>Vehicle starts driving itself again once the Captain is inside
>How odd, must be the Machine Priest controlling it somehow
>You can always count on them to be mean and rude
File: fancykar.png (6.42 MB, 2563x1685)
6.42 MB
6.42 MB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Of course it would be Tolria
>What have you gotten yourself into this time, you silly girl?
>Tsk, tsk. I expected better than you being so drunk.
>Anyway, apparently we're supposed to all get into the car
>A nice fancy car, must be from a very old STC, back when they still cared about vehicle looks beyond making them driving cathedrals
>The noble's billet is on the other side of the city to Brannet, but could they please make a detour?
>I can carry this drunkard home with me if they drop us off there
>I'm not sure whether to ask the chauffeur or the techpriest
>Good thing Eldar are light and they don't wear their kit off-duty, though her arms and legs are a bit dangly
>I'm not sure the Guard would appreciate us driving into their base with an Eldar, even if they completely incapacitated
>i could swear this car has a mind of its own, or maybe the driver is just that bad.

No sign of them since. Maybe they are content to lurk and watch what they started keep on going, or they could have posted under a new character and not said anything. I do remember that second thread attempt, it's why we give it a few weeks to "recharge" in between now.
Darn, I didn't notice the driver was a woman. Hope they don't mind having the face of Aloysius Parker.
Bumping one last time before I go sleep
Hope to see you dudes soon
Made me laugh, A+ for effort
Maybe it is some sort of metaphysical representation of the fact that Sigma is the one actually driving the car
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Be less than pleased with fact that I am meeting one of the richest men in the city for the first time with a dress full of vomit
>Graciously tell Lherzon that we would be pleased to drop them off at a location of their choosing
>Chastity gives me a hopeless look to remind me that she isn't controlling the vehicle
>Turn head to look at the techpriest, who is hopefully the one actually driving
Valued Warrior of Mars, Lord Lherzon's suggestion seems most agreeable, don't you think?
>Be Imperial scientist
>A rare breed I know, but we exist
>The Imperium still needs to know some new things
>So long as we don't actually invent anything or poke the Warp, that is
>Been looking into the local seismic activity
>It's concentrated in the south-east side of town at a very shallow depth
>A VERY shallow depth, just below the surface
>Set up some geophones to listen in
>That sounds like a tunnelling machine
>A fucking gigantic mole machine in the caves under the city
>Just what the hell is going on down there?
>Looks like we have some Astartes and Admech in town though
>Get them on the vox, I think some of them might be up for a nice tunnel raid
>They can shoot whatever is hiding down in those caves while they're at it
>I think some of them might relish the action given the recent peace and quiet
>Be Sigma-32d, most literal backseat driver
>Apparently the Rogue Trader does already know the Exarch
>Altering course for the Eldar district
>Somehow this car is less easy to maneuver than most of the battle tanks I've commanded, and a few of them had legs.
>Doesn't have front camera pickups either, having to dodge the scattered inhabitants of Groxbridge via what I can see between the front seats.
>Pull roughly into Eldar Quarter, start disembarking when vox crackles and starts chattering about hostile tunnellers
>Iron Warriors again, maybe? Thought we dealt with those via Imperial Cultist horde.
>Put Skitarii garrison on high alert, activate auspex and conversion field just in time for the Exarch to fall out of the car into me hard enough to trigger it and blind anyone looking vaguely in our direction
>Knew there was a reason we discontinued those things as standard issue
>Auspex picks up tremors moving roughly towards our location in the southwest quarter of town.
>Thank the Imperial knock-off Techpriest for his efforts
>"Unknown contact approaching. Prepare for possible combat"
>Stim probably worth a try at this point, sorry if this has some bizzaire physiological side effect
>Ready ampule-mechadendrite, jab the Eldar in the forearm with a small dose
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Sigma sugests we head down to the HQ with the Eldaress, yeah sure I can do that
>Most of the tank discussion group say they'd like to check out the staging area
>I say most because, strangely enough, Anshelm is missing
>Oswald says he'll go look for him and walks back into the bar
>Diederich, who technically isn't even really supposed to be here anymore, says he'll tag along with me when the happy ender captain's ride pulls up
>We pile into the ride
>It's surprisingly spacious in here
>Have to lay the Eldar over our knees though as the Rogue trader tries talking to her
>Oh yeah, there's a rogue trader here
>Buckle up as the car starts driving on its own
>Must have some sort of in-built cogitator, meaning that it's pretty valuable
>That or Sigma has started controlling it
>As we're driving toward the HQ, see two familiar figures in a dark back alley
>The first is Anshelm, who looks slightly intoxicated and the second is a rosy cheeked Eldar, likely also intoxicated
>A very clearly female Eldar
>Two of them appear to be... hugging
>Fucking Anshelm has been porking a Xeno this entire time
>God emperor fucking damnit Anshelm
>I really hope no one finds them there or else I'm getting executed
>I'm just going to pretend I never saw that
>Oh god I think Diederich saw it too
>See him reaching for the bolt pistol on his hip, put my hand on his and shake my head
>Whisper "No one else has to know."
>He slowly moves back his arm, nodding
>Rogue trader looking at us a little bit disturbed
>All I wanted was a nice afternoon with the lads chatting about Tanks
>Instead, I've gotten into a barfight, thrown out of a bar by a space marine, and am now sitting in a highly valuable vehicle with a rogue trader, a high ranking mechanicus officer and a very drunk Xeno woman
>Come to think of it, this turned out way more exciting than expected
>Car continues down the road, techpriest is being a bit fucky with his driving (if he's driving)
>Eventually stop in the Eldar quarters of the city
>Man, the inquisition would have a field day with this entire area
>We get out of the car, Diederich gets temporarily blinded but after a little bit he's fine
>Sigma suddenly turns and says, "Unknown contact approaching. Prepare for possible combat"
>The ground is rumbling like all hell, seems like Iron Warriors are moving to our general direction
>Give myself pat down, try and see if I remembered to bring anything to defend myself with
>Realise I only brought my Chainsword originally, but since Diederich was nice enough to give me a plasma pistol I now have at least TWO weapons
>Diederich unsheaths his power sword
>Vibrations get stronger and stronger
>Rev up chainsword and unholster plasma pistol
>"Bring it on!"
File: borerattack.png (1.83 MB, 1280x960)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>The Alley Thing shall never be mentioned again
>The ground starts to shake as buildings rattle
>Dismiss it as just another tremor
>That is, until it keeps going and getting stronger
>Cogboy jabs Tolria in the arm with a stim, we'll see if it works
>Suddenly, a massive boring machine bursts from the middle of the road and disgorges Iron Warriors onto the streets of Brannet
>Heads stick out of windows as the local residents, human and Eldar alike, stare in shock and go for their weapons
>Unfortunately, we're first in the traitors' line of fire
>I never go anywhere without my Hellpistol, but I may as well be firing spitballs at these guys
>The car provides us with a bit of cover and the others are firing back, but we're pinned and the Traitor Astartes are advancing fast
>Someone has probably called the Guard by now
>We just have to hold on for a bit longer
>If one of you has a trick up one of your sleeves, now would be a very good time
File: binned.png (397 KB, 462x541)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>What happened?
>I'm awake now, and suspiciously buzzed
>I seem to recognise this area as Brannet
>What I don't recognise is the mess down the street and the enemies in MY town
>I don't have my weapon or armour, but I do have my communicator
>"Keralaaaaaaa! Get down here now, and bring my rifle too! And drag in anyone else you can find."
>I will not have this!
>Hide inside a large litter bin while I wait for her to arrive
>By now a few scattered shots are coming out of nearby buildings as well as the firefight picks up
>I feel safe in here, actually, despite the smell and pinging shots
>This is my bin now
>I like my bin

>Be Sigma-32d
>Pinned down
>No melee weapon save my injector/dataspike, no power armour tough enough to reliably tank bolt shells, surprisingly good cover
>Photon gauntlet perfectly capable of spearing a Marine clean through, between that, the plasma pistol and the hotshot the enemy is wary but still encircling us
>Mass-reactive slams into the metal about an inch from my head, shrapnel pings off my conversion field and tears gashes in my robe
>Battle Cogitator: Enemy Analysis
>Iron Warriors Space Marines, up to twelve, and Termite transport, heavy flamer armament
>Force insufficient to take or establish a beachhead in Groxbridge
>No noted relics in this sector, HQ is some distance away
>Enemy obstacles for Damnatum Lutum guerrilla campaign - Eldar tracking teams, Marine/Mechanicus hunter squads, Guard armour
>Mixed force effectiveness dependent on command relations
>Conclusion: Decapitation strike. They are here for us.
>Might just manage it as well. Bastards
File: areamapXL.png (458 KB, 1800x900)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
Map expansion as a bump while we wait for everyone else to get back from wherever they went
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Some sort of tunneling machine bursts from the ground in front of us and disgorges a squad of Iron Warriors
>Everyone gets behind the staff car so they can use it as cover
>FUUUUCK!!! Why didn't we just get back in the car and drive away?
>Getting gibbed by mass-reactive bolts wasn't on my to-do list today
>Grab that little idiot Chastity and pull her behind the car too before she does something stupid
>Me and Chastity only have shitty laspistols, and Lherzon only has a hellpistol, but the tankers somehow have a plasma pistol, a power sword, and a chainsword between them, and who knows what the cogboy is carrying but it seems to pack a punch
>Put on my vox-bead and start requesting reinforcements on every frequency I can think of
>I am sure that word is already spreading about the attack, but this gives me an excuse not to poke my pretty little head out from cover
File: mfw 2.png (31 KB, 195x236)
31 KB
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Instead of being flooded by traitor guardsmen and astartes, we got flooded by JUST chaos astartes
>I don't know which is worse honestly
>They're focusing a considerable amount of fire on Sigma, maybe they had some spies on planet who managed to get info on his promotion?
>Come to think of it, I did see some shady looking guy exiting the bar after the barfight completely unbruised
>I guess he must have heard my conversation with Sigma?
>Perhaps this was all part of some greater plan, the beer was a bit stronger than I remember it usually being
>However they knew doesn't matter right now though
>Diederich's bitchin' bionic implants probably still don't make him a match for space marines in melee combat
>So for now we're just taking cover and landing pot-shots on the space marines wrecking shit around us
>Diederich looks around for a moment, then reaches down and pulls out a plasma grenade
>"Diederich, where'd you get a grenade?"
>"I am unsure but I found it in the pocket of my coat after I left the hospital."
>I have a feeling he would have used that during the barfight if it hadn't gotten broken up
>Watch him pull the pin and cook the grenade for dangerously long, then throw it at the Iron warriors
>Most of them manage to roll away, however one of them doesn't move in time and ends up getting his entire body turned into molten slag
>They're a bit more disorganized now, I've got a chance to call for some backup
>"Stay here, I'll be back!"
>Rush down the street as fast as I physically can, bolter rounds flying past me
>Eventually spot an imperial fist with a red helmet walking down the street with one of his brothers, I think it's the same one who threw me out of a bar
File: kerala.png (58 KB, 153x236)
58 KB
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>The Hellpistol is good and the tankers have a suspiciously advanced armoury, but it still doesn't do an awful lot against a fully armoured Traitor Astartes
>We're still trapped here and under fire
>To make matters worse, the stim the cogboy gave to Tolria seems to have had quite an adverse effect on her
>She is now hiding in a trashcan completely oblivious to the battle, talking to herself like a gibbering idiot
>One of the tankers lobs a plasma grenade (where the hell did he get that from?) at the Warriors
>One of them explodes and the rest have to reorganise in the face of increasing fire from the buildings
>The other tanker legs it off somewhere
>I'd call him a coward but I have rather the same idea
>An auburn-haired Eldar in a Farseer uniform carrying a staff and Long Rifle comes running over through the bolt hail
>She introduces herself as Farseer Kerala of Ulthwé and asks where Tolria is
>Point to the bin
>If you've come to give her a weapon, it may be better for you to, uhhh, not do that right now
>She looks and listens to what's in the bin and creases her face up into a scowl
>"PLEASE don't tell me she was injected with livisanusium while drunk again?"
>Check the back of the empty stim bottle
>Unfortunately, it would appear so - this is why some medicines are not supposed to be mixed with alcohol
>"Idiot mon'keigh! She'll be in the clouds for at least a couple of hours"
>Charming woman
>It would appear that this has happened before, though
>Get an idea
>While the Warriors are reorganising, reach into the car and release the handbrake
>Moving cover time!
>We can grab the loon on the way past
>On the count of three, everyone push!
File: 1567266417086.jpg (127 KB, 795x579)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius of the aeronautica imperialis
>Two days have passed since we first called for help in the governor spire
> The inquisitor went back to the governor office doing Inquisition things
>I am now trying to take out of the wreckage of my Thunderbird the radio with the help of the tech-priest and the valkyrie copilot
>Each three hours we receive news from scions who saw their forces being reduced to their half
>Last ones are really bad
>Pic related
>Apparently daemons have been summoned by cultists
>Up here in the last storey it's quite stressfull mostly due to the inquisitor presence
>We push what was resting of the valkyrie off the landing pad
>I am learning binary really fast thanks to the tech-priest
>Hoping that more cantics will help the machine-spirit to get the long range radio
File: inquisitor name.gif (375 KB, 500x321)
375 KB
375 KB GIF
Anontonius well I'm an idiot and saw all this happened after several month after posting well let's just that the precedent post was way before that
well continuing...

>Be Imperial pilot Antonius of the aeronautica imperialis
>Well not really anymore
>After taking out the radio of the thunderbolt and pushing it off the landing pad like the valkyrie which created even more destruction, the inquisitor decided to "invite" the governor to "take back his position"
>The Inquisitor put everyone of us scions, psker, pilots in line when the governor's shuttle arrived
>MFW when I learn the Inquisitor's name is in fact Lupanarium
>Lupanarium then blow the governor head off then turn to us
>"Well I guess we all earned some sleep eh? Before that I will ask all of you to join me as my retinue"
>Because we couldn't say no we all thank him to join His Most Holly Inquisition
>He then took us in a hotel down in groxbridge
>I think I saw eldar bit I was too tired to be sure
>Get to the hotel room
>Find the bed and fall on it fully clothed and sleep
>Wake two days later after hearing noise from the street
>Rest of the squad is gearing up and talk about rogue trader, eldar and traitor astartes
>Lupanarium then storm in telling us that we are all going to fight those space marine once and for all
>But I never received any kind of imperial guard training!
File: Corpuscarii2.png (143 KB, 250x379)
143 KB
143 KB PNG

>Be Sigma-32d
>The Guard officers are slowly rolling the car towards the nearby bin the Eldar is hiding in
>Killed one of the Iron Warriors attempting to work around our right flank, although it cost me a few decilitres of blood and a little mobility moving backwards
>Conversion Field getting somewhat stressed from bolter shrapnel, car is holding up rather well
>Ranger is muttering to herself in the bin. Stim evidently not the best of ideas
>Link up with groundcar cogitator again, start it moving forwards and turning to shift us out of the centre of the Traitor encirclement
>"Continue firing, I will move the ablative armour"
>Five Iron Warriors still attempting to envelop to the right, three dead ahead taking cover in the borehole and behind their Termite and blasting suppressing fire at any head that pops out
>Two possible Traitor contacts unaccounted for, presumably either in the Termite or in the alleys to the left
>Pull car up in V against the bin, taking cover in the gap between
>Bin won't hold up against mass-reactives, but at least it's concealment
>Other Eldar pops the release hatch on the side and drags Tolria out by a leg
>Point Gauntlet through the side window and start blazing away at the flankers, hitting precisely nothing but hopefully keeping their heads down
>Heatsink is just starting to screech when datafeeds from Astartes helmets pop into my noospheric vision
>The Imperial Fists open up all guns blazing from the side, catching two of the Iron Warriors in a bracket of exploding bolt shells and staggering another which the Rogue Trader manages to execute with a visor shot. Hear Hochberg yelling.
>Duck down, eject heatsink from sidearm mounting and vent coolant. Grab Tolria, throw the unarmoured Ranger over my shoulder under what protection the Conversion Field supplies
>"Imperative: Command Staff must Survive. Prepare for retreat"
>Genuinely surprised they haven't closed to melee yet, what's keeping them?
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Rolling my staff car with some others in order to provide mobile cover
>One of the tankers has booked it, tempted to join him, but figure sticking close to the cogboy is my best option
>The cogboy remotely starts the car with his mind again, great why didn't he do that right away?
>A bolt shatters one of the few remaining panes of glass in the staff car, showering my head with broken glass
>Try to decide whether this sucks more than those times daemonettes tried to eat my soul
>Maybe not quite that bad but still high on the list of bad things that have happened to me
>Imperial Fists finally show up, we might actually survive this!
>Not sure whether to cry with joy, or cheer wildly, eventually decide to do neither since both would be beneath my dignity of course
>Be Tolria, slightly insane self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>The sounds of battle filter through the metal sheeting
>I don't care, since I'm in my bin
>Bin shakes as something large bumps into it
>Get off my bin, you... you...
>Hatch in the side opens and Kerala's face appears
>Hey, you came!
>Come in, come in, it's comfy in here!
>She looks unamused, and drags me out instead
>No! My bin! Let me back in!
>She pricks me with another injector
>Whawazzat, nurse?
>Red-robed mecha man picks me up and slings me over his shoulder
>I'm being carried again. This is nii~iice
>Nice man
>Everything's just a little bit bounceee.
>There are a few big, bad people with grey armour shooting other people who probably aren't bad in yellow
>Now everything's fading, and I feel really tired
>Must be my bedtime
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Forwarded the scouting rapport to Captain Maluan, saved a copy of it on the portable cogitator I brought with me in case the file sent gets corrupted
>Going through and partially translating some of the messages sent from Liveria, listening in on the vox in case something suspicious happens
>From the sound of it, a large bar fight broke out and two imperial fists had to break it up
>I recall Sammos mentioning trying out some of the Guardsmen’s alcohol to see how well he on terra had crafted the adeptus astartes
>Hear mention of a group of Iron warriors attacking the newly appointed Master of Skitarii on planet
>Seems to be an assassination attempt that has, so far, failed
>Hopefully the astartes in the area can pitch in and help
>While they're fighting, I receive a second message also meant to be forwarded to Captain Maluan
>It details the cities and villages in the Liverius Basin and northern Groxvalley region
>The message reads as follows:
++ TITLE: Scouting rapport addendum ++

Written by: Imperial fists 5th company Land Speeder pilot-Brother Igner Wihl
Addressed to: Imperial fists 5th company Brother-Captain Maluan
Topic: Liverius Basin and City of Liveria scouting mission
Date sent: 21/11/113 M42 terran standard

The following is a list of population centers exceeding 50 000 citizens pre-war. This list is based off of a partially destroyed administratum book Brother Renauldt found while investigating Johannsdorf dating five years back. We have added information to update their status when it comes to their loyalty to the imperium, if the pre-war population is known it has been writen down. We have been unable to gauge the total population of the cities and so have detailed rough estimates

- [POPULATION] 787 958* [STATUS] Tau occupied [MAYOR] Arker Vicker

- [POPULATION] 335 509* [STATUS] Tau occupied [MAYOR] Josef Pfaller*

- [POPULATION] 75 390* [STATUS] Tau occupied [MAYOR] Bartholemäus Bradson*

- [POPULATION] 40 000+ (145 327 pre-war) [STATUS] Loyal[MAYOR] Vermer Qarazim

- [POPULATION] 60 000-70 000 (99 794 pre-war) [STATUS] Loyal [MAYOR] Ioann Malker

- [POPULATION] Unknown, likely >10 000 (76 801 pre-war) [STATUS] Largely destroyed, unclaimed [MAYOR] Rikaar van der Wald*

- [POPULATION] 25 000+ (54 873 pre-war) [STATUS] Loyal [MAYOR] Walter Karnack

* The population has been left unaltered from the pre-war estimates due to up to date information not being available

File: areamapXL.png (502 KB, 1800x900)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
Done. I added my own spin to Redriver/Stemton/St. Jan if you don't mind.
File: m1Xrunc.jpg (1 MB, 2693x3600)
1 MB
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>We have been lost for several hours now
>Starting to get pretty tired of wandering around half frozen sewage
>We come to a wide tunnel that is decorated with gold plate, ornamental green neon skulls, and flags depicting the Governor's Crest
>Aw shit, only one place would have this much decoration in a sewer
>We are under the Governor's Spire
>A nexus of evil so terrifying that everyone pretends it doesn't exist despite being five times taller than any other building in the city
>Only members of the Inquisitorial task force are even allowed anywhere near it
Guys, we are soooo screwed...
>Eventually everyone clues in to what I am talking about, and collectively we decide to run for our lives
>I have the sinking feeling something is following us though
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Walking down the street
>Hear someone running up behind me loudly
>It appears to be one of the tankers I removed from the brawl earlier
>A possible Iron Warrior incursion has the local Ad Mech commanders pinned
>As far as I am aware, Lieutenant Paulicus and the majority of the company are stationed farther to the front
>Me and Brother Saegon Are the only two readily available Imperial Fists I can quickly locate
>The rest of my squad is likely nearby
>Relay the situation over the squad's comm frequency
>Let's hope they have their helmets on to hear it
>Good thing we pack our boltguns
>A Good astartes always comes prepared
>Now just to get on site as soon as possible
>Spot an inbound cargo truck
>The suspension isn't compressed, it's empty
>Step into the street
>The truck screeches to a halt only a couple feet from me
>"Many apologies, but we need rapid transportation. Please allow the use of this truck so I will not be burdened to take it forcefully."
>The driver's mouth hangs wide open as I approach the cab
>I open the driver side door, and the citizen scoots to the far side
>I point to the tanker
>"Can you operate this vehicle?"
>Back to the owner
>" Worry not, no harm should come to this vehicle and it will be returned."
>Brother Saegon and I climb into back
>The suspension sagging somewhat under our combined weight
>Be Elena Tywick
>Enjoying a nice stroll along the quays of Liveria
>Just another young Gue'vesa, lured into the service of the Tau Empire by the promises of new technology, rapid advancement through a society that reward talent over birthright, and hope for a better future for mankind than the stagnant archaic mess that is the Imperium
>It is hard to argue with the Tau's methods, what was once a decaying slumtown, in decline thanks to the success of its rival Groxbridge, is now a gleaming utopia
>Drones now do much of the menial work, freeing up the population to volunteer for military service, be trained as drone controllers, or even join the new bureaucracy
>Sure, many citizens have fled the area, or been sent to re-education camps, but that is what happens when you stand in the way of progress
>Just think of what could have been accomplished if the Tau had been able to deliver supplies directly to the planet as intended, instead of having to sneak them in shipments through sympathetic space merchants
>Nod my greetings to my supervisor at work, Haverick, and his supervisor Por'vre Kaes
>Haverick, a noted philosopher even before the Tau Occupation, is fond of showing his Tau colleagues around the city while engaging in debates on ethics, economics, sociology, and justice
>Too bad they forgot to bring an escort
>Four expert slashes later with my concealed knife, and both are dead from wounds to the neck and gut
>I hastily arrange their intestines in the holy symbol, taking careful note of the slight pink glow as the symbol becomes attuned to its sisters across the city by the power of the warp
>Now that is true power
>Why play with little toys when you can harness the powers of reality itself
>If all goes well tonight, 6 more symbols will have been added to the existing 24 in the pattern
>Just six more to go
File: houseleposh.png (1.06 MB, 800x1067)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>At last, the final Iron Warrior keels over in the face of the Fists' withering fire and bullets, beams and shurikens from everywhere
>Seems their arch-enemies (namely, the local Imperial Fists) have put paid to their plans
>The street and buildings are full of smoking holes, the car is wrecked and there's a boring machine sticking out of a huge crater in the road
>Eh, it can be cleaned up later, and I can pull some strings with Dan&Don to get the lady a cheap repair on the car
>The Imperial Fists or some Guard can investigate the tunnel and flush out the heretics in their own time
>For now though, I have to carry Sleeping Beauty here back home
>Her friend jabbed her with some sedative, so now she's out for the count
>She'll have a brutal hangover later and probably not remember a thing
>Kerala tells me where her place is, and I take her from the cogboy and start carrying her back
>It's a large, fancy townhouse that looks normal on the outside, but one fingerprint scan later and it's revealed to have had quite the Eldary makeover inside
>To be expected, I guess
>Leave Tolria on the couch with a note explaining everything that has transpired and this is why she shouldn't drink so much
>For now though, I have some business to attend to
>I'm establishing a promethium extraction operation to exploit the newly discovered reserves near Muddy Bottom through LEGIT Co., and it requires my presence
>The metro to the train station has been cleared, fixed and reopened at least by now
>A break from the big city will do me good, assuming chaos doesn't follow me everywhere
>Be Marc Tyysen, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Scouting the Thule Tunnels with the rest of my company in preparation for a possible offense against Grimhedge
>Who would have thought that a railway tunnel could be so spooky?
>Unfortunately, much of the railway runs through natural limestone caves, some of which stretch hundreds of meters high, not to mention the kilometers of side tunnels going in all directions
>We lost connect with Nykka's squad about half an hour ago, probably nothing
>Yeah, keep telling yourself that
>Notice a couple objects that are seemingly floating in mid air
>Unpleasant dripping noises
>Shine lamp-pack in that direction, but don't really want to
>Hear screams and vomiting behind me
>Notice strange glowing green lines crackle to existence
>Oh no, its.......
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Drop off Lherzon, the Eldar, the cogboy, and the tankers at various locations of their choosing
>Normally would have tried to suck up to someone like Lherzon a bit more, but way to jittery after almost getting killed by those Iron Warriors
>At least he got my contact info in order to get my staff car fixed
>Time to go back to the company HQ, get Chastity to pick the broken glass out of my hair, then take a shower to get the vomit off my chest
>Chastity is super pumped up on adrenaline and won't shut up about how awesome and amazing the Imperial Fists were and how they truly are the Emperor's Angels
>Even ordering her to be quiet doesn't work, so in the end I tell her to stop the staff car so I can walk the rest of the way home
>There better be a promotion with my name on it for putting up with this
Morning bump
File: 10000 hours in paint.png (101 KB, 640x360)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Didn't realize my walk would take me this close to the Governor's Spire
>Someone really ought to do something about that place
>Pretty sure most of the Chaos forces left in the city use that as their HQ
>But for some reason the Inquisition hasn't let anyone go near it despite how long we have been in possession of the city for
>Speaking of which, shouldn't there be someone guarding the place so no one can get in or out?
>Notice some of the entrances to the building are glowing red, melting the supposedly warp proof chains right off the handles
>Good thing there is about 300 meters of plaza between me and the building
>Notice the entrances to several other buildings nearby are also glowing red, including the one right next to me
>Start running to safety as fast as I can
>All the glowing doors burst outwards simultaneously, releasing daemons and warpspawn of every shape and size imaginable
>Naturally the ones closest to me are all daemonettes
>Flip vox-bead to command frequency and start yelling "ALERT!! MAJOR DAEMON EXCURSION AT THE GOVERNOR'S PLAZA!!" over and over again
>The small part of my brain that isn't overwhelmed with terror questions how it is fair that I have been chased by daemonettes at least a dozen different times on four different planets
>Do I have a please try and bone me sign stuck to my back or something?
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>I am given a lesson about survival on the field by the scions
>I think that now I have a chance to pass the fifteen hours
>Well It was fine until our vox-officer recived distress signal from the governor spire
>Sudden common feel of weariness
>Even the inquisitor is sighting
>See an old car used by two guardswomen one seems an officer from the aristocracy
>Maybe we can politly ask them to handicap us the car
>We don't have time for this!
>I'm getting good at this !
File: goodmorninggroxbridge.png (44 KB, 149x149)
44 KB
>Hello again ladies, gentlemen, and any xenos who happen to be listening!
>It's yer favourite radio host Jackson here, again with the NEWS and WEATHER
>We start with reports that are trickin' in of a failed assassination attempt on several leaders
>Dunno what these fools were thinkin', those leaders got where they were by being tough as nails
>Anyhow, we also have some breaking reports of an alleged daemonic incursion in the town centre
>We've been assured the local Imperial forces have it well in hand
>The SkyEye is on its way, and we should have visual in a few minutes so stay tuned
>Now, the weather!
>Temperatures continue to fall as that sou'easter we've been trackin' for a few days gets closer
>It's almost on us people, so I hope yer prepared for it
>The experts over at MeteoImp reckon it'll drop up to a foot of snow over the next few hours
>The temperature is predictin' highs of up to two degrees and as low as minus four for the rest of the day
>And to all of our new residents, remember it's just the start of the storm season now
>This bad boy will look like a tiddler compared to what we'll get in the comin' months, one after another
>Make sure yer all stocked up on canned stuff and warm clothes and have plenty of credit on that heatin' bill
>Sandbags also come recommended for when all that snow melts in the spring
>This is J of GRN, now it's time for some MUZAK
>I dug up this ancient record in a pile of old Terran music on sale, dunno what it is but I hope it's a good one
>[Clicks and thumps as rummaging is heard in the background]
>[California Dreaming starts to play]
File: ah_shit.jpg (42 KB, 696x467)
42 KB
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>I managed to get the imperial fists with me to go get those Iron warriors off of the command staff's back
>"Can you operate this vehicle?"
>God damn right I can
>Don't know if this truck will work though
>Ah fuck it, might as well try
>Hit the pavement, drive down the street at max speed
>Make a couple tight turns, but eventually reach the Eldar quarters
>Managed to regain my breath, have to stop the truck though since it was low on gas
>"That's as far as we can go, lets move!"
>Astartes disembark, give the truck owner some throne gelt and combat roll out myself
>Rush over to Master of Skitarii as the Boltguns of the Imperial fists roar to life, more joining in as I move
>Can see Sigmas refractor shield on its way to get overloaded, one of the Iron warriors armed with an Autocannon seemingly intent on blowing his mechanicus-brain out
>As the Iron warrior opens fire, leap through the air and slam into Sigma with the entire weight of my body pushing him down
>Fucking ow that hurt
>Manage to take him out of the Autcannons line of fire, can see the Autocannon tearing through the cover Sigma was just at
>I'm fairly certain that would have overloaded his refractor shield and tore him a new asshole, making their assassination attempt a success
>I don't think I've broken anything, but fuck did that hurt
>Iron warriors realise their mistake and start trying to retreat down the tunnel they came from, a good thing too since I'm pretty sure that we would've been giblets if they stayed any longer
>Get off of Sigma and help him to his feet
>By Jarricks baneblade, Sigma is heavy
>I guess that's why Oswald's so strong since he has to carry techy around sometimes
>Pile into a new vehicle, get back to what we were doing
>Suddenly hear mention of a chaos incursion near the one spire we just don't talk about
>"Guess we're blowing up daemons again then huh?"
Gotta say, the map is coming around pretty nicely. We should make sure there's plenty of space for farmland though, since this is supposed to be an Agri world after all, though we can assume from the name that "Rannoch Garden" is where a fair amount of the farming takes place.
File: stoppedinthewrongplace.gif (1.92 MB, 540x299)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>The metro line to Groxbridge South is still out, so I have to go to Groxbridge North
>It's currently the westwards terminus of the line for Tau-related reasons
>Can't we just run them over?
>They fall over with a poke to the face, much less a train
>Much of the line through Groxbridge is elevated
>The train is busy, so I have to settle down in a carriage full of Sororitas going to Quario via Shannox
>At least they stay relatively quiet and don't jabber on their hand-voxes all the way
>As the bridge crosses onto Wapper Island, the Governor's tower comes into view
>There's gunfire coming from the plaza next to the line and what can only be a rainbow of daemons running around
>The Sororitas take one look and yank the emergency stop so hard it snaps off
>They smash out of windows and force doors open, jumping onto rooftops and charging towards the enemy, yelling and brandishing their meltaguns
>Soon I'm the only one in the now freezing, windowless car
>So much for the dry season, it's started to snow heavily, and this time it's actually settling on the ground
>Realise we're stopped in an elevated position in full sight of the daemons
>Slowly back away from the window and hope they don't see us through the snow
>I hate trains
Yeah, I was a bit afraid of overurbanisation (if it was just me designating the places, I would have left the Liverius side with just Grimhedge, Liveria and St.Jan. I could just imagine the area around Lake Liverius area to be especially densely populated, and Carnak being a port at least 20km off the top of the current map with nothing in between but fields.

I imagine the world as more of an agriculture-leaning Imperial World rather than a dedicated agri-world, since if it was the latter then it would dispense with urban centres entirely and be just fields and fields and fields with a total planetary population probably less than the sum of what's on the map. Given it has (at least, in theory) especially rich soils, it could just be that it can afford to allocate a bit more land to other uses than normal.

The place names don't really mean much, I just named them as the first things that came into my head, being a mix of naming in honour of existing fictional locations (if you squint, you might be able to tell what the places are referencing), altered IRL places and just random plausible-sounding words. How many can you tell? I could list them if you want to be spoilered.

And it reminds me, I need to get to work on the city map. I'll make it as small-scale as is practical (I'm thinking 1px=2m, filesize permitting).
The area north of Liveria and Grimhelm might be nothing but farmland for maybe, I dunno, 25kms, after which Carnak acts as a little way station up towards North Point. I imagine Lake Liverius has a tendancy to overflow during the rainy season, so it'd make sense why a fair amount of the Farmland in the region streatches up north. Liveria might have massive flood walls or something since it sits directly on the banks of the lake, same thing goes for greater St. Jan (except on the outskirts of the area).
North point might be a military installation to make the possible ace combat refrence complete, either that or a resort for the planetary nobles who like the cold better than the never-ending summer rain.

Hopefully we've got most of the major population centers down so that we don't need to insert more. Some geographical features can of course be added in by other anons but honestly, I think we've got enough on the map for the time being. I want to see that city map and the prow of a god damn battleship rammed into the plaza. Shit's gonna be great, man.
Oh, by the way same drill as last time. I have some idea about where a few things will be, but suggestions on things you want to see marked round the city are very welcome.

I had to drop the scale to 1px = 2.5m to get it within the 8MB(?) limit, and it might get bigger as the detail increases the filesize.
Judging by the disbursed distribution of the population, I imagine that this is region has been settled for a while. It started out with lots of small farming communities packed relatively close together, suggesting that wide spread access to motor/rail transportation wasn't available at the time. Then as the region became wealthier and more industrialized Groxbridge and Liveria became major industrial and commercial centers for the surrounding regions, while the nearby communities took on specialized roles like being quiet havens for the elite, quarantine areas for particularly polluting industries, residential areas for medium sized mines, quarries, or labour intensive agriculture, etc.

But yeah, if you zoom out enough, you should find that the region is surrounded by massive tracts of farmland, possibly mixed in with mines, oil fields, or other primary resource gathering infrastructure. Farms will always take up far more space then the industrial spaces that support it.
Possible ideas for city map:
- Governor's Plaza / Spire
- Routes of the metro line
-Neighborhood names
- Regimental/Company HQs (Happy Enders and Praetorians are mostly located in the nice parts of town, Risians tend to get the worst parts of town, not sure about the Cadians, Armageddons, Kriegers, Tallarn, Mordant, and others that may or may not still be in the area)
- AdMech and Imperial Fist HQs
File: example.png (388 KB, 387x404)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
For the graphics, I'm aiming for an Ordnance Survey-like aesthetic, which I have the privilege of having full access to so I can see how it "should" be done, and it should resemble pic related (less cluttered ofc, I can't manage THAT much detail)

Sounds good to me

All definitely going on. For most of the year the winds blow to the SSE, so the heavy industry and bad neighbourhoods are on that side of town and the posh stuff is on the other side with everything in between.

By the way., I'm hoping the reason for the dearth of shitposting is because our amerifriends are at work.
File: images (4).jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Spot a car in the distance
>I am saved!!!
>Wait, its my own staff car, Chastity must have not driven it back to HQ as ordered, and instead parked it out in the middle of no where to get her emotions together after surviving her first combat experience
>Hop in car, order her to drive as far away as possible
>Get about two blocks before a couple of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers show up, commandeer our vehicle, and order us to take them back to the the Governor's Spire
>Fuck my life
>Barely manage to keep my shit together and order Chastity to comply with their request
>Inside my emotions are like pic related
File: A_very_long_rock_stick.jpg (554 KB, 2048x3072)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
Considering that the planet was first colonized by the necrontyr, possibly saw action during the war in heaven and ended up as an Eldar Exodite world, it's possible that it was first settled by Humans during the dark age of technology. Though, if that's the case, it's surprising that it isn't a mostly post-apocalyptic hellscape.
If it wasn't first settled during the Dark age of Tech it was likely built on the ruins of Eldar/Necrontyr cities, though the structural integrity of these civilised areas had likely largely degraded by the time Humans came to colonize the planet.
It is possible, however, that if the planet was colonized by Eldar exodites, then taken over by the Imperium, that the architecture might reflect some of its Eldar heritage. Think classic imperial Gothic architecture with more obellisks, standing stones and stone buildings in general.

If there was a tomb complex near Groxbridge, we can almost certainly assume that the Exodites would have some form of fortress there, or somewhere else nearby. This fortress likely got fuckin' merc'd by either the Imperium or the Necrons on the planet partially awaking and then going back to sleep (likely the latter), and soon after (we can assume) the Imperium began colonizing the planet. It's possible that Groxbridge was a founding city while other cities were built later on and expanded upon (like Liveria and Greater St. Jan).

I've got to wonder though, how many exodites are there actually on Lutum?
File: pretty much like that.jpg (30 KB, 500x376)
30 KB
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>As we are driven closer to the governor spire we stumble across the inquisitor and the rest of the retinue
>Aka the inquisitor, the tech-priest,that psyker, and the four last scions tempestor included
>"Stop right here you have new passenger"
>They both look at me as we get off the car, salutr our lord and tell him out intention
>Good, they were heading the same way
>The inquisitor, psyker and tempestor take the back sit and one of the scions with the copilot are now in the back of the car while the rest of us hold on thé brocken windows outside the car like pic related
>Lupanarium is a bad mood due to the fact that the local radio transmitted about the daemon invasion
>The vox-officer whisper that the officer next the driver had the same voice with the woman who screamed wolf about the daemons few hours earlier
>I don't know what to do and I am scared about it
Last thread when I was writing my histories of a few of the towns I invented (archived in thread #3 on suptg), I stated that it was initially colonised in the DAoT with Liamhelm, and then recolonised during the Great Crusade with the other towns being settled at varying points in the millennia since. I think Bellisario's Maxim applies, though.

I reckon the local swamp has a few hundred Exodites (it's over 60sqkm and that's just what's on the screen in a tiny corner of the world), and across the planet there might be millions living in fragments like the swamp or uninhabited (by humans) regions on a live-and-let-live basis
Oh, I think I may have forgotten that. In that case we might see some definite architectural similarities in the ruins of Liamhelm to exodites cities on other worlds. Just like the war criminals we are, we blew a precious piece of unique architecture to bits with fire and brimstone in order to exterminate Xenos. That's the most imperial guard thing ever and brings a tear to my eye with its sheer beauty.
File: file.png (253 KB, 268x491)
253 KB
253 KB PNG

>be me heretek of the bone collectors
>as the eldar have been leaving their wraithbone around,i had a chance to poke it with my tools
>is surprising how can you bend it with the help of psy-crystals even if you arent a psyker
>maybe the trader will like to buy my blueprints?,this material is strong as hell
File: burnit.jpg (140 KB, 1280x800)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>Be Sister Bios of the Order of the Martyred Lady
>Our Palatine is still away at Harris' trial, so we've not had any missions for a while
>We're being sent west to Quario for Emperor knows what
>Hopefully the weather is nicer there
>And we might even get some combat, we're all bored stiff of this "peace" thing
>Reassignment journeys on transport are excellent places for meditation and prayer
>Look up out the window as the train rattles past the rooftops through the snow
>Next to the line is a plaza that is...full...of...DAEMONS!
>These foul creatures must be removed from existence THIS INSTANT!
>Yank the red handle like Canoness Valka grabs heretical propaganda
>Me and some three dozen other Sisters crash out of the carriage and charge towards the fighting
>It's a good day to burn some Chaos filth!
>Our flamers will make short work of this snow as well
>Why do we travel in full armour and armed, anyway?
>Ah well. A Sister's work is never done.
>To battle!
File: 800px-MECHANICUS.jpg (219 KB, 800x500)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
>Be Sigma-32d, Master of Skitarii
>Ow my third plastrum plate
>Thanks for the save Hochberg, that was a bit tight
>Stopped off at the armoury in the Admech district for new heat sinks and picked up my power axe, since apparently I cannot go one night awake without getting attacked by fucking Astartes.
>Got the Kriegers some shinier armour plate and refractor fields, partly as a thank you, partly because Hochberg did ask and partly because we appear to all be prime targets.
>Leaving for the main "Command Building", which is mostly built into the side of the old battleship prow to take advantage of all the armour
>Town tannoy starts blaring
>"Incursion, Incursion". "Incursion, Incursion".
>"Warp Phenomena in Sector 4A, Gamma Grade".
>There was not this wide a variety of nonsense attacking us back on fucking Konor, and there were two Primarchs there. What the hell is wrong with this planet?
>OK, fuck frontlining this one, I am done taking punches to the face
>"Hochberg, do you have enough room in your tank for me to stash away somewhere? Could use the armour and the comms power"
>Activate Tactical Cogitator, start gathering the scattered Skitarii patrols in and around the town into full clades and plotting intercept routes with the Guard armour beginning to roll out of the main compound
>Several datafeeds from the area around the central spire have gone dark already or started spewing scrapcode and were isolated
>Iron Warriors did us a favour there, if they hadn't attacked there's no way the tanks would have been crewed and rolling this quickly.
Exodites only started to crop up in M30, so if it was settled during the DAoT, it would have been settled by humans. It's not inconceivable the Exodites could have taken over for a while before being turfed out, but they didn't build it. Since it was reclaimed during the GC, the Exodites wouldn't have had much time to establish themselves before being relegated to the dark corners of the world.

Really looking forward to this map, anon. Those and the excellent little photoshops make this thread like the third thing I check every time I get up or leave work, even if we are a bit slow this time around.
Oh, and an addendum. Liamhelm hasn't been destroyed, but it's been in a long and drawn-out but inexorable decline for several millennia (basically Spess Detroit) as Groxbridge stole its thunder and its reasons for existing winked out. It's poor, the population is but a fraction of what is once was and large sections of the city are abandoned or returned to farmland.

Thanks, I enjoy making them and I'm glad other people enjoy them too,
Ah shit you're right, so timeline is as follows:

Indestructible bident dumping ground --> Necrontyr colony --> War in heaven --> Necron tomb --> DAoT human colony --> Exodite world --> Imperial world with Exodites --> Giant chaotic battlefield
Yup, sounds about right to me. Probably a very minor Necrontyr colony, since it wasn't completely fucked over and there's not a bajillion of them swarming everything.
File: 1527542873683.jpg (26 KB, 288x305)
26 KB
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Lady's properly fired up, crew's already in and I've gotten myself a cuirass coupled with a refractor shield
>More than I asked for, but appreciated none the less
>Diederich got one too, he'll be commandeering Anshelms vehicle though
>Because Anshelm isn't here for reasons that are completely normal and won't get me executed if I ever mention them
>As I'm climbing into my command hatch, get a question from Sigma
>Asks me if my lady has any extra space for him to stash away in
>lean in and whisper "She can hear you y'know"
>Get a confused look from Sigma before he hears the sound of my baneblade revving up her engine a bit flustered
>"I think that's a yes, get comfortable in the command suite"
>Sigma seems a bit uncomfortable but gets in with me anyway, roll down the street with Diederich technically under my command and squad in toe
>Volgatov still has his vehicle in repair, Kirchenbach will be joining us from the other side of the plaza with his squadron though
>Diederich on my left flank, Johannes on my right, keep the formation a bit spacious so that we can all fire and so that we aren't running over any civilians
>Baneblade's blasting its horn at any civvies in the way to get the fuck out of it, completely on her own too
>Can hear Sigma becoming audibly concerned, Techy turns and gives him an empathic look
>Eventually reach the Plaza
>Stand up out of Command hatch
>Holy fuck that is a lot of Daemons
>Raise chainsword and rev it up
>"Time. To. Rampage!"
>Spread out a bit wider so that everyone can, at least, fire their main guns
>Can hear Sigma contacting other Skitarii units in the area
>Point at one of the larger Daemons with chainsword
>mfw sisters of battle run out of the metro system and open fire at the Daemons
File: Matrix Raining Code.gif (379 KB, 444x250)
379 KB
379 KB GIF
>Be Sigma-32d
>What on Mars and Terra is up with the Machine Spirit of this tank
>Had thought maybe some Reductor Cognis-Engine concept, but the strategium seems to only be equipped with the normal Baneblade equipment
>Onboard techpriest does not seem inclined to explain
>No matter, it will suffice
>Engage cogitator linkage, couple dataspike to onboard communications equipment. Disengage motive functions.
>Body goes slack in data-harness, occasional flicker of green in optical implants and data-blurt aside

>Skitarii escort formations, closing on Category Gamma-Tau-Six Empyric Dysjunction
>Enemy forms observed up to Heretek Majoris levels
>Infantry battle maniples at 73% optimal containment strength, forming firing lines
>Designate-objective: Hold the Plaza
>Designate-secondary: Safeguard the Omnissiah's Armoured Squadrons

>~~~# Noospheric Connection Established #
>~~~# Doctrina Imperatives Loaded #
>~~~# Ave Omnissiah - Sing Praise to the God of All Machines #


>Welcome to a more terrestrial hell, warpspawn.
>Open Fire.
>be former pig shit farmer, now Archbishop of The Church of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>a lot has changed in the past few months
>first is that my church has finally been recognized as a official sect of the imperial cult
>second, I no longer smell like pig shit and turnips
>third is that I'm no longer some pleb. I have a decent hair cut, good hygiene and a spire all form my self now.
>fourth is that since the governor has been arrested for heresy, I am now the 'acting governor' of this world
>be currently in my archbishop's spire
>currently looking over important documents: number of converts this month, donations this month and the progress on the construction of my church's Grand Cathedral and etc
>also be looking over reports on the cities occupied by the Tau, be also planing how my militia will assist in the recapture and conversion of its populace
>my aide knocks on my door
>its a little annoying to be interrupted but I summon him in anyways
>there has been an incursion of traitor astartes and daemons have suddenly appeared in the plaza
>go on the city intercom and call my holy militia to arms
>order the PDF to open the armories of them
>tell my aide to get my crusader armor, my power axe, and my storm shield
File: flamingwreck.png (492 KB, 692x493)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
//By the way, this is on the elevated main surface line running through the city, not in the metro
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>It's freezing in this stopped car
>Snow is blowing in the broken windows and settling in the brim of my hat
>Damn those Sisters and their rabid willingness to break things
>Get a textvox message marked as "trade" from an unknown number, I'll deal with you later
>Noises of battle drift up from the plaza
>Sounds like some very heavy armour down there
>Risk a peek above the windowsill to have a look
>A number of heavy AdMech units and Imperial armour are firing, including a Baneblade
>Those Sisters better not run right into the barrage, as I imagine they would be very willing to do
>Hm, that tank seems to be aiming a little high
>What does it think it is, a Basilisk?
>Basilisks aren't frontline tanks
>In fact, I could swear it's pointed straight.....at.....
>Duck down
>With a thunderous roar, every remaining window in the carriage is blown in
>The entire train is lifted up and shunted off the side of the elevated track by the blast of a shell impacting the structure
>Have flashbacks to the shuttle crash, except this time there's no Ogryn to hold on to
>Carriages rain down onto the street several metres below
>I'm bruised, but mostly unhurt, don't know about the rest of the passengers
>Through a gaping hole in the roof, a Bloodletter appears in a shop window across the street
>Ah, fuck
>Give me a break, universe
>Raise the old hellpistol again
>Skitarii firing lines mark targets, sight and fire the first volley of galvanic rounds within millisecond tolerances, sending warpforms staggering and flickering back from the charging front line.
>Second and third volleys follow in quick succession, although their effect is limited compared to the thunder of the Guard tanks opening great rents in the enemy line and sending shrapnel and dirt clattering from Skitarii battle plate as one of the rounds goes high and smashes a a railway car clean from the tracks
>Body of Sigma jerks and stiffens in harness as input from half a thousand data-feeds, target analyses and combat unit performance analyses course through cognis-shunts and scrapcode buffers, filtering and refining into percentages, kill tallies, recalibrations.
>Warpfire flickers and courses over the Imperial line at each of the square entrances as the gibbering, hissing forms screech their displeasure, swallowing the front rank of Martians in a blaze of reflected light and melting and crackling at the armour on the frontmost tanks
>A second blurt of binharic feeds target priority to heavy weapons teams scattered on roofs, in windows and tucked behind hulked vehicles, light show cutting off as transuranic rounds blast through warpspawn false-flesh and the howling groan of Eradication Beamers turn 30ft cones of cobblestone and dirt to molten or red-hot hell.
>Firestorm blinds nearly every sensor pointed at the conflagration momentarily, heavy bolter rounds cooking off midflight as the front rank of Martians drop to one knee and reload.
>Daemon advance wavers and fractures as the Baneblade blasts a second main gun shell into the enemy centre, then slows and reforms as larger, coruscating forms tear themselves from the tower doors behind them, warpfire crackling off translucent staffs and blades and wings taller than a battle tank.
>Mechanicus readings fluctuate, unsure
>Battle Sisters are less exacting.
>"Daemon Princes!"
>"Burn! Purge! Cleanse!"
File: intobattle.jpg (475 KB, 900x1256)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
>Be Sister Bios
>The battle to cleanse the city of the Warp's foul creatures is going well
>I myself am carrying a Heavy Flamer to incinerate the Emperor's enemies with
>I could almost say it's fun to coat inhuman enemies in burning promethium
>Especially the Slaaneshi ones, they're really creepy and EXTRA heretical
>Funnily enough, given what just happened behind us, charging into battle may have increased our chances of survival
>Though, as a Sororitas, such trivial things don't really concern me
>A few of the cogboys have seen the value of thermal based weapons as well, it seems
>With armour support, the tide of warpspawn is slowly being turned back (or, rather, boiled off)
>Inching over the plaza towards the tower at the centre of this mess
>Burning daemons all the way with the beautiful weapon
>Sister Peasu is swinging away with a chainsword while Sister Dapter hammers away gleefully with a bolter
>What can only be not one, but two Daemon Princes begin to emerge at the back of the Chaos horde
>Sister Superior Kaybord starts yelling about how they deserve to die like the rest, and if it's got a body, we can kill it with fire
>I can get behind that - I am already, in fact
>The cogboys have stopped
>What are you waiting for, indolent Martian fools? Keep going!
>Flick snow out of my hair and refill the flamer as I get ready to charge again
>In the name of the Emperor, you shall be burned back to the hell whence you came!
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Drop off the Inquisitorial Warband close to the Daemonic Incursion
>Get told to stay nearby in case they need a quick escape route
>Well that is just great
>Tempted to leave Chastity in the car while I commandeer another vehicle and head back to Company HQ to rally my company, but that seems a bit selfish, even for me
>Also, when dealing with the Inquisition, following their orders as literally as possible is generally the safest option
>Luckily none of the rampaging daemons approach the car, and eventually Admech, Sisters, and Armageddon forces show up to help stem the incursion
>Surprised that the Inquisition is finally letting regular guardsmen near the Spire, check if my own regiment has been mobilized
>It has, sucks to be them, fighting daemons is not on the top of any experienced Guardsmen's list of favorite opponents to fight
>Lucky for me though
>Get in touch with my company and order them to fortify my position
>Figure the Inquisition will be happier knowing that a whole company of men and women is guarding their escape vehicle
>Sure there are lots of other vehicles at the scene now that would make much better escape routes, but who knows what goes through the minds of the Inquisition
>Feeling a bit more confident about my situation now
>Though it is merely an upgrade from "emotional wreck" to "extremely anxious"
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>As soon as we are dropped Lupanarium start giving order
>He wants a command team and a "searching team" to find who declared thé daemons invasion and who summoned them
>Thank Emperor for I am in the search team with the vox-officer and the psyker
>District all around thé governor spire is a mess
>Sister of battle, Baneblades, skitariis and a militia made of regular citizen
>And we didn't talk about the destruction of the district
>Asks every leader that we can find to capture a cultist ALIVE
>The local bishop look at us weirdly but agree
>I think he will do a fine replacement for the dead governor
>Where is now this captain who drive us here
>Weirdly at this thought we all take a more serious face
File: skyeye.png (1.51 MB, 1494x960)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
I'd make a terrible DJ, I forgot to actually put the song on last time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhZULM69DIw

>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>I hope you enjoyed that old classic, I certainly did
>Now, we go to SkyEye for a live report on the battle in the centre of town!
>SkyEye is normally our traffic copter, but it works just as well for battle reporting
>How's it looking down there, Frank?
>"Well, Jackson, I can see INTENSE fighting in Governor Square"
>"Forces from the Adeptus Mechanicus, Astra Militarum armoured division and a squad of Battle Sisters have TURNED UP to contain the creatures"
>"They appear to be holding their own vs the enemy, and have even made some pushback"
>Thanks Frank, how does the area look now with all the battle going on?
>"The square and surroundings have taken a BATTERING, people"
>"There's not a SINGLE intact window for a large radius, and the buildings around the square are fulla holes"
>"A stray round clobbered the railway as well, hope none of y'all were planning on using it anytime soon"
>"Oh, and-and-and two HUGE CREATURES just appeared!"
>"I don't know what they are, but they're massive and look dangerous!"
>Right, keep us updated, Frank!
>For now though, it's time for the other side of that record. I hope it's apropros.
File: tolriagroggy.png (11 KB, 126x106)
11 KB
>be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>....where am I?
>Ah yes, this is my house
>I last remember being in the pub with a glass of amasec
>How did I get here and what happened?
>My head feels like a Banshee is screeching at me, and it's a damn good thing the curtains are closed
>There's a note here, from Stannim it seems
>Apparently I got blind drunk, involved in a bar fight and tripped out from a bad drug reaction while some Iron Warriors were attempting to assassinate me
>Pity I can't remember any of that happening, sounds like it was quite the adventure
>Flick on the radio
>News guy is reporting on a battle with daemons going on in the town centre
>I need some fresh air, going to watch it will be a nice step outside
>I'll need to bring my warm coat, and bring my weaponry and armour in case it goes hot
>Can't intervene though, else the Sororitas will turn me into a xeno-candle
>Dammit, I left my jetbike at the pub, I hope it's still there
>Eleria isn't picking up, so I ask Kerala to borrow hers
>She agrees, but insists on coming along to make sure I don't damage the paint
>You and your fancy paint jobs
>That's something immature 110-year-olds are supposed to do, not Farseers
>I need some painkillers
>Be me, Armageddon Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Skitarii have pulled up guns blazing, fire pouring into the Daemons
>Suddenly, Daemon princes!
>Well fuck
>Despite Daemons laying into the front ranks and attempting to fuck up the skitarii I can't focus my fire away from those two things
>Secondary gun lays into the enemy while Karsten focus' fire at the front-most Daemon prince
>Tell Hermann to shoot at the daemons coming at the Skitarii in front of and around us
>Diederich is moving Anshelm’s Leman Russ up
>Oh no
>Pop out of Command hatch, yell at Diederich to for the love of the god emperor not ram Anshelms tank into the Daemon Prince
>"You're going to compromise the firing line!"
>Diederich suddenly stops his tank
>Despite wanting to sacrifice himself for the God Emperor, I think he too understands the tactical mistake it would be to ram through the firing line
>See Anshelms tactical officer pops his head out of the tank
>He yells "DIEDERICH NO!"
>Diederich yells back "DIEDERICH YES"
>Diederich is a surprisingly good swordfighter, those Bionics and that refractor shield seems to have made him pretty effective
>Then again, he's also a nobleman so it's safe to say that he picked up a couple duelling tricks some years back
>Surprisingly enough he acts absolutely nothing like a nobleman, but that's kriegers for you
>I'm not gonna abandon my lady though, love her far too much to do that while we're in combat
>She's also very, VERY starved of combat and I don't want her to destroy this entire plaza on a rampage
>As I'm ordering Josef to fire his Macharius into the front-most Daemon prince, see Anshelm rushing down a nearby alleyway
>His shirt is open, his belt is halfway undone and he's got red lipstick kissmarks all over his cheeks, mouth and neck
>For fucks sake man do you WANT us to get executed!?
>Ah well, at least nobody suspects they're from a xeno... yet
>"By the throne what is-"
>Watch him buckle up his belt and rush to his tank, climbing inside as quickly as possible
>Diederich is holding his own surprisingly well, fighting by the side of the sororitas
>Space marines also joined in a while ago, one squad blasting the daemons from the other side of the Plaza which Kirchenbach arrived to some moments ago
>Suddenly, see a rhino pull up and disgorge what I think is an imperial fist space marine command squad
>One standrad bearer, two veteran space marines, one apothecary with a big chainsword, a veteran sergeant with a power sword and plasma pistol, and what I think is a company champion
>Leading them is a pretty big space marine clad in what I think is called "artificer armour" and holding a thunder hammer with both hands
>That must be the "Captain Maluan" Lieutenant Paulicus mentioned a while back
>Their chaplain rushes up next to him soon after their arrival followed by a group of space marines with jump packs and melee weaponry landing next to them
>Maluan and his space marines immediately begin laying into the enemy horde, Daemons flying around in bits and pieces as they advance
>Champion rushes up toward the front most Daemon prince, order everyone firing on it to instead shoot the one further away
>Captain slowly hews his way toward the middle of the horde
>See him crushing one of the daemons and then turning toward my squad and the Mechanicus units around us
>"The emperor of mankind wills that you obliterate the enemy this day, stand firm or take the path of heresy."
>Watch him continue his advance through the Daemons, Chaplin and command squad in toe
>I'm still not sure that we can stem the tide of Daemons
>Maybe the spire itself is what's acting as the portal?
>I'd ask Sigma to direct fire at it but he appears to be busy
File: example.png (21 KB, 542x563)
21 KB
By the way, work on the map is still going on in the background, though I'll be a while since it's a huge task. Complicated highway junctions take time to create and detail up to OS standard, but I should be moving onto the streets proper soon.

Pic related is an example of the sort of level of detail the map will have (WIP, streets and buildings yet to be added). That image is ~800m across and comprises about a third of a percent of the map.
File: 1515694835955.jpg (359 KB, 969x1003)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
This is probably gonna be looking pretty good if that's any indication of what's to come.
File: 1535121580340.png (117 KB, 640x414)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
I've been out for some time, when did this cancer begin?
File: the Anon mapper.jpg (103 KB, 1357x960)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Incredible Anon !
File: standyourground.png (700 KB, 894x524)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>I'm in a bit of a bind again
>There's daemons fucking everywhere
>I've capped a few, but they're really slippery and there's always more of them
>Now the Bloodletters are closing in on the wreckage
>Could be worse, could be daemonettes
>Gunfire comes sporadically from other carriages too
>The battle in the main square is hotting up from the sounds of it
>Suddenly, the sound of a lot of feet and shouting comes from a nearby side street
>The daemons turn round, and are promptly ripped apart in a hail of autogun fire
>Hundreds of civilians brandishing weapons of all kinds, led by some shouting priest, storm past on their way to the plaza
>The cavalry is here, and it is in the nick of time
>Am I glad to see you lot
>Still, I need to get out of here
>I know just the fastest way to escape and how to get to Muddy Bottom now the train is out
>Call up Danarius, who is somewhere back in Brannet
>Can you pick me up in the shuttle, mate?
The first highly popular greentext thread started back in March 2018
They have become gradually less popular since then but a fairly small group of hardcore writefags do their best to keep the tradition alive
Damnatum Lutum threads started a few months ago and are somewhat unique since they blend greentext story posts with world building
File: eatflamer.jpg (100 KB, 900x1158)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>Be Sister Bios
>Daemon Princes are large, aren't they?
>Still, their large size puts them at a disadvantage when facing ME
>There's a reason I was selected to carry a heavy flamer, and that's because I can MOVE with it.
>And thanks to that, I can run rings around this abomination while hosing it down with nice, cleansing promethium
>Shells hit it occasionally, and it's slowly being cooked semi-alive
>Sister Haydidi gets a bit cocky, and the abomination punts her across the plaza
>We didn't bring a Hospitaller, so she'll have to tough it out
>As the beast burns and roars gloriously, thrashing around, Peasu takes the advantage
>Leaping onto its back, she quickly scales its armour and grabs onto its horns
>Her chainsword bites into the eye of the abomination, and it roars again
>As the beast staggers and slowly slumps over, as a last act its claw smashes into Peasu, still clinging to its horn
>No! Not Peasu!
>Not so stoic now
>Before the foul creature has even finished crashing to the ground, I'm at Peasu's side
>She's in a bad way, with severe blunt force trauma to the legs and chest
>You better not die on me now, I've known you since even before the Progenium
>As the fire focuses on the remaining Prince, I'm running off to find an Apothecary in the Guard ranks
>They're no Hospitallers, but I'll be damned if I let her die

Also poke poke, people. We haven't seen Sammos or our Risian friend for a couple of days now either.
>be former pig shit farmer, now Archbishop of The Church of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>me and my flock have engaged in HOLY combat against the foul daemons
>has we charge into battle we save a beleaguered rogue trader
>he asks me if I can summon a shuttle
>I raise an eye brow at this
>but he is a rogue trader and has special privileges so I do too
>make sure to get his Vox number and astropath info
>I could use him as source of weapons for my militia, that and I can buy materials for my grad cathedral from him
Side note for clarification - Danarius is Stannim's pilot from prev threads, and his shuttle (now without a ship to shuttle to) is hangared at the spaceport.
File: pimp mobile.jpg (63 KB, 640x392)
63 KB
>Be Ruprecht Eckhart, Scout Bike Captain
>The Armies of the Infernal Warp itself flood the streets of Groxbridge
>Although my tanker comrades destroy thousands, and mobs of PDF and Guard infantry plug many of the main streets leading from the Plaza, hundreds more of the abominations slip through the cracks to spread death and destruction through the streets
>Another officer voxs in that several dozen daemons are using the elevated metro lines to escape further into the city
>Rally the other members of my bike squad and order them to form a wedge formation in order to run down the pacts of daemons roaming the streets
>Unfortunately, I must leave them, only a biker of exceptional skill can perform the maneuver I have planned
>Use an elevated parking garage to jump bike onto metro tracks
>Drive on one side of tracks, crushing daemons or knocking off the side of the tracks
>Use chainsword to hack down any daemons that try to bypass me by staying on the other side of the tracks
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Come to a sewage overflow outlet leading to the River Grox
>Yah! Safe at last!
>Squeeze through bars of the grate, then drop down into the frigid, but clean(ish) water
>It is only about two feet deep, so lie down in it and let the water wash several hours of accumulated dried sewage from my hair, clothes, and skin
>"Accidently" knock the broken gas mask from my face, and enjoy the sweet smell of rotting fish and spilled fuel I usually associate with the river
>Grudgingly help remove the grate so that my more thickly built squadmates can also escape the sewers
>After much stumbling around in the river, we eventually find a ladder leading back up to street level
>About 5 minutes later we scare off some refugees hanging around a trashcan fire in a ruined building and claim it as our own in order to dry off
>Realize I haven't been this happy for days, if not weeks
>Jessibel's vox-caster crackles to life
>Apparently all available Guard units are being called to the Governor's Plaza in order to help contain a daemonic incursion
File: thebridge.png (2.1 MB, 1279x917)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Alaitoc
>Me and Kerala have parked up on the rail flyover to watch the battle at the trackside
>The advantage of a jetbike is that it's not beholden to a good road surface
>Either trains are all cancelled, or it's service as usual
>The existence of a shell-hole in the track and a train wreck suggests the former
>Eh, you can never tell with Imperial Railways anyway
>The so-called "God-Emperor" could unite his race and conquer most of the galaxy, but nowadays he can't even make the trains run on time
>Says a lot about the state of the Imperium, really, but I digress
>There's a lot of fireworks going off in the square and daemons are being slain all over, but more keep pouring out
>There's a few stray daemons wandering around on the track, but they don't see us
>I'm itching to snipe something but we would be swarmed by daemons and burned by Sisters if I tried
>Probably at the same time
>Wrap my coat around myself and settle down in a folding wraithbone chair with some superior Eldar hot coffee
>.....Why the smirk, Kerala? Was what I said amusing in your mind?
>Anyway, it's much better than that recaff muck the Imperials drink
>A droning noise rises off to the side, dismiss it as nothing
>Suddenly, my comfy spectating is very rudely interrupted by Kerala tackling me to the ground, saying something about a lunatic on a bike with a sword about to come
>I swear, Farseers are jumpier than a caffeinated cricket in rocketboots sometimes
>You scared the soul out of me, spilled my coffee and knocked my chair over, so this better not be a false alarm
File: citymap.png (670 KB, 6000x6000)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
Oh, and before I go to bed way too late again, I'll post the map progress so far. Obviously still heavily WIP with a long todo list.
>Be Ruprecht Eckhart, Scout Bike Captain
>My scourge of the metro line continues
>Spot a pair of figures ahead
>No wait, they are some of our Eldar "allies"
>Pop a wheelie and ride on my back tire along the very edge of the track in order to avoid hitting them
Watch where you are standing!
>Tempting just to run down the silly frau, but don't want another diplomatic incident on my disciplinary record
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Haven't heard from the Inquisition for a while, but still assuming they may need my car at some point
>Got my whole company in position around the car, won't want daemons wrecking the Inquisition's potentially preferred escape route (particularly with me still in it)
>Luckily the daemons aren't interested in this area aside from a few stragglers
>Cliveton gets a few mortars up and firing just to give the troops something to do
>All and all the car is about as secure as it is going to get
>Unfortunately, myself and pretty much everyone in my regiment knows first hand how bad daemonic incursions can get
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>Managed to find a map of the governor spire
>Best way to get inside without dying to fast is to pass by the sewer and tunnel system under the building
>Well it can't turn worse for us right ?
>Space Marines are on their way here
>After searching for a sewer entrance between all the forces converging here we gently ask a tankist to move the sewer plate with his Leman Russ
>Give the order to a regiment to move in the sewer
>It was a good idea because there's a lot of daemons
>Unholster my radium pistol
>Have mud to the knee remnants of what was the planet few month back
>I should probably have a appointement with the local doctors after this
>We finally reach a red door in the middle of a black wall
>Set explosive charges all around
>Nice and not clean everything except me and my companions is covered in mud and everyone outside must have felt that
>As soon as the dust started to settle down small blue and yellow monstrosities rushed out of the passage
>Shoot with my radium pistol
>The blue ones explose into yellow ones
>Thanks the Emperor they are easy to take down we almost got overrun
>Gillian can you vox the inquisitor about our entrance here?
>Better hit them where they don't expect us right? Is that not a Inquisition moto?
>There's still a lot of green glowing sign on the walls...
>Find myself at the top bottom of a service staircase
>Ann our psyker start muttering about a headache
File: Avenger Fighter.png (576 KB, 1600x900)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
>Be somewhat disembodied consciousness of Sigma-32d, Master of Skitarii
>Battle is proceeding surprisingly well
>Forward two maniples of Skitarii have taken 34% casualties, enemy has been effectively corralled into Guard firing lines
>Losses acceptable
>Sisters of Battle and Space Marine armour-signums give me a reliable location for the important Imperial units in the main square
>Primary Objective: Destroy tower
>Transmit coordinates to Macrotek Clade-One forces, designate high-concentration targets
>Exload doctrina imperatives, engage Technomartyr Concords
>Skitarii fire slackens, arc bayonets flare to life under the barrels of Galvanic Rifles and the glittering line of spears charges
>Moments before contact the first flight of Baskilion Astra Avenger fighters twists in midair, locks onto noospheric markers and lays three lines of Avenger Bolt Cannon rounds through the incoming horde
>Fragments of stone, rubble, flesh and rapidly decorporealising Daemon shower the square again, enemy horde loses cohesion just as the charge hits home and half a dozen Kraken missiles slam into the spire
>Allied losses:52 +/- 12 Imperial Cultist infantry, one Sister of Battle, four Skitarii
>Distant sound of BRRRT greeted with some cheering from a few of the Guardsmen
>Who has the better Ironfire protocols now, heretek scum?
>First Daemon Prince is occupied with the Imperial Fists, second one takes a battle cannon round to the torso and reels
>Smoke around the tower clears enough to see barely any damage was inflicted
>Primary weapon status: Beta-six grade anti-armour munitions
>Expected protection granted by civilian masonry: in significant
>Conclusion: Warp Phenomena extends to summoning location
>Skitarii formations cannot effectively focus fire in close confines
>Request Space Marine and Sister of Battle infiltration of spire
File: legitairways.png (2.09 MB, 1282x863)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
>be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Priest guy stops and recognises me as a Trader
>The clothing give it away?
>His priest regalia is pretty bling-bling too
>At least someone else has some fashion sense around here
>He seems interested in buying arms and stone through LEGIT
>Give him my details so we can thrash out some contracts later
>That reminds me, I remember seeing reports of a large deposit of high-quality marble near Muddy Bottom
>That stuff would be perfect for a huge, gleaming cathedral
>I can initiate the quarrying operation while I'm there for the promethium too
>Hear the familiar roar of the approaching thrusters
>That must be Danarius in the shuttle
>The Blizzard-Class Transport Shuttle (appropriate, considering the weather conditions) is designed for ground-to-orbit transport, but it works as an atmospheric flier too
>As the shuttle lands at the crossroads, I bid the priest and his horde farewell and get in
>Set course for Muddy Bottom!
>We'll be there in no time with this machine
>I just hope there's somewhere to land it in that podunk town
File: assaultthebuilding.jpg (33 KB, 600x375)
33 KB
>Be Sister Bios
>An Apothecary from the Guard is looking over Peasu
>Hopefully she'll be all right, we're a bit more than just cannon fodder you know
>Request comes in from the Skitarii forces to assault the tower
>Come to think of it, I'm surprised there hasn't been more jurisdiction friction with all these independent branches here
>The others have the Princes and lesser daemons well in hand, so we are technically available
>With the Astartes in the back, the fight enters the tower lobby
>Flamers are extremely effective in close quarters, and the Astartes deal with the heavier enemies as we fight our way up, floor by floor
>After a few floors it becomes clear that the foul stench that is the taint of Chaos completely infests this entire place
>We'l have to bring the tower down, it's the only way to be sure
>We've got a handful of meltabombs between us that, affixed to key columns identified by the Admech, should result in a controlled demolition
>Promethium can't melt steel beams, but meltabombs can
>Soon there are blinking red lights scattered around on structural components that look important
>Say a quick prayer to the Emperor
>Set the timer to ten minutes
>Leg it!
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Mechanicus Avenger nearly gave me a fucking haircut while he was taking out the Daemon horde and part of the spire
>we're doing great over all though
>We've lost a couple troops, but the casualties aren't comparable to the amount of kills we've gotten
>Hear Sigma half consciously send out a request for the space marines and sisters of battle to begin clearing out the tower via vox
>Though there are still Daemons spilling out of the tower, it seems to be significantly more contained
>There's a handful of them still outside though, namely 7 bloodletters, a herald of khorne and the twin Daemon princes
>Order squad to stop firing
>The first Daemon prince seems like he's on his last legs, the second seems as fresh as someone who just took several main tank gun blasts can be
>Imperial fists company champion engages the first Prince, captain orders several of the marines into the building to help out the Sisters running inside while he engages the second Daemon Prince
>The rest of his command squad is busy dealing with the Bloodletters while the chaplain aids a couple skitarii fighting the Herald
>Suddenly, Diederich, now covered in blood, rushes to help them out
>I can see him fucking leap through the air to help the standard guy tag team a bloodletter
>Diederch then does a 180 degree turn and rushes over toward the second prince
>Watch him body block a strike coming toward the Captain with his shield, then slash off one of the Daemons fingers
>The Captain and Diederich continue fighting the Daemon Prince with more and more astartes joining as they get freed up
>Sisters and space marines appear to be making some success, I wonder if they'll come to the same conclusion I did?
>If they do, I pray to the god emperor they don't start by blowing up the upper levels
>Man, that'd probably result in a massive friendly fire incident
>Heh, yeah, c'mon Hans you're talking about the sisters of battle here, we'll be fine!
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>Manage to capture a heretic on the first floor
>I think we can say that we can go back right Gillian ? Daemons around here carry really big swords
>Yeah sure the sewers seems to be the best exit because we don't want to lose our prisoner right now by going out on thé front door
>Gillian tell me that the sororitas planted charges in the building and that the timer is ten minutes
>Well ladies and gentlemen we better intorrogate this man let's say at the hotel
>Manage to run out of the sewers divers minutes before explosion
>Oh look it's our personal driver and daemon invasion alarm with full regiment waiting for us!
>We taking her with us for full detail about this whole mess
>I really hope that they are willing to talk I don't want to do torture
Pre-sleep bump
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Still waiting in my car in case the Inquisition comes back
>See a bunch of heavily armed figures running towards me
>No way, it is the Inquisitorial warband!
>See Cliveton mutter something in disbelief, like many members of my company he probably figured I was using a very literal interpretation of the Inquisition's orders in order to sit out the battle
>Step out of the car and graciously open the passenger doors to allow them in
Where to gentlemen?
File: blowitup.gif (2.04 MB, 483x400)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB GIF
>Be Sister Bios
>Check my watch
>Five minutes
>Imperial forces are pulling back from the base of the tower as the timer ticks down
>We should probably have given them more warning
>Such trivial things as avoidable casualties are secondary to carrying out the Emperor's divine will
>Still join them, I don't want to be crushed (today, at least)
>The snow melted by the flamers has started to refreeze into a very slippery layer of ice that makes it hard to run
>The daemons know something is up, but they don't know what
>They're unsure of whether to pursue or flee
>One minute
>Stand at the other end of the plaza to watch the explosion
>I wish I had a dynamite plunger, it would make destroying this nest of filth even more satisfying
>Thirty seconds
>Say a prayer for the operation to succeed
>A bright flash and fireball blossoms from the tower as the bombs go off with a roar and shards of glass fly like flechettes
>However, the 410m-tall Governor Spire does not immediately collapse vertically into a nice pile of rubble as it should have
>Crunching and cracking sounds along with the bass groan of bending metal give away that it is moving, though
>It's going to fall, but WHERE?
File: citymap.png (981 KB, 6000x6000)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
Nightly cartography diary. Street drawing for the central island is nearly complete. It's not difficult but very repetitive and the biggest time drain is copyediting the results the PDN plugin I use to outline the streets so it doesn't cut things off, put lines in the wrong places and make weird junctions. Still, I'm getting faster now and make less silly mistakes that made it feel like two steps forward, one back. I've incorporated the prow crash site as the concentric rings of rebuilt streets (damage extended further, but the streets were not destroyed), with the primary wreckage still in the centre, now converted into a park. I'm taking the headcanon that it partially broke up during atmospheric entry from the battle damage it received, so watch out for more crater rings round the city from fragments.
Time for a little bit of worldbuilding about the governor spire now that it's almost destroyed.
Buily during the DAoT by the master of the planet at that time and made to give the same feeling of a necron tomb It was the most bizarre and original building of the capital even after the exodites/Imperial architecture began to spread on Damnatum Lutum [and their most famous construction the bridge of Grox]
From M30 to M42 all the interior of the spire was remade to give "human" feelings
It was also during that time that one of governor decided to build a passage to the sewers as an escape route
It's established (see last thread) that Groxbridge is a newer settlement - I proposed mid-M37s. Liamhelm is where all the DAoT stuff is at.
Oh damn sorry I forgot about that let's keep the fact that it's made to look like à necron structure ?
Yeah, it fits its "evil tower" shtick. Perhaps it got remodelled every time a new governor came in. The first one did it in Eldar style thanks to all the Exodites around, the next couple did it in variations of Gothic architecture, one did it Art Deco, then it was back to Gothic again for a few, then one did glass-and-steel Postmodernism, then more iterations of Gothic and now Necron style.
File: 1564632136724.jpg (1.57 MB, 2500x1767)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Alright but the Bridge of Groxbridge wich one should we say it is?
Was it built by Eldar and humans as a sign of friendship ? Or just by the IoM
How big is it? Like a regular bridge or a more "London bridge"size?
Was it damaged by the battle, preserved or destroyed ?
Does people live on it like pic related ?

Sorry for this but i was bored and i wanted to do worldbuilding
I'd say probably by the imperium, while the Exodites may have had a fortress or something near the Necron Tomb that got wiped by either the 'crons or the guard it's unlikely that they'd build a bridge over the river, because clearly these exodites prefear to live in swamps.
I'd say it might streatch over the lenght of the entire city, the actual bridge parts making passage over the river possible while the rest is connected by roads/streets/highways.

Also holy fuck those digits
File: champlain.jpg (119 KB, 640x480)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I designed the dual carriageway running from the stack interchange in the upper right to the T-bone junction in the lower left as the old road through town predating the city, and so its two bridges over the branches of the Grox would form Greater Grox Bridge and Lesser Grox Bridge. They're both equal sized with a total span of 450m each, since it's a big river. I don't think the local Exodites had a hand, since them being swamp hillbillies and all and this is still the Imperium we are talking about - wary avoidance is the best the Eldar are going to get.

I like the design of a hybrid through-arch-truss bridge for the north bridge like pic related, since the Imperium has no time for aesthetics and to carry it high enough for the river traffic that once sailed the waterway and to resist the combination of spring/summer floods and winter (we're still in late autumn/early winter) ice that is the bane of bridges the region over. The southern bridge could be a more mundane concrete box-girder. Being strategic keypoints, the bridges both suffered battle damage during the Tau incursion and Chaos war, but the southern bridge came much worse off, and repairs to it are still ongoing.

Also don't apologise for trying to worldbuild, that's kinda the dual point of all of this.

>tfw captcha asks you to select images of bridges

Seven is lucky, right? I should buy a lottery ticket.
File: A_weird_necron_monolith.jpg (1.78 MB, 2693x3600)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
>Be me, Tank Command Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Ok, yeah the sisters have definitely done what I think they did
>Ordered my entire squadron back, I'm not gonna risk getting crushed by that spire considering that we're right in front of it
>SoB have rushed to the far-left side of the plaza and the Skitarii are moving back, but the space marines are still fighting the Daemons
>The captain and his men (now sort-of including Diederich) have however slowly moved the fight further and further out of the way of the spire
>They must have put a timer on the bombs, enough that all of them could get out safely
>15 minutes at most, 10 minutes at least
>If we've got the least amount of time possible that means the spire will blow in about 2 minutes
>They can't have gotten too far up that thing though the space marines with them had to jump out of the spire windows
>Order squadron to aim at roughly the halfway point of the building
>Count the time in my head as Diederich gets his shield overloaded and punted into one of the sisters of battle
>Finally reach zero, big fucking explosions from the building, rubble flies all over the place, wrecks the buildings next to the spire as it comes tumbling down
>Well, at least the base of it
>The rest begins careening down... towards us
>Specifically us
>The path of the 300 meters worth of spire falling down to earth is directly in our way, the space marines are out of the way and the Skitarii are mostly not here, though there are still some left
>No ship is gonna crash into that spire to save us now
>There's only one option
>We've got to guess, should be about halfway up the rubble that's still sort of on the spire
>As the spire begins tipping over, the guns of my squadrons' vehicle roar to life
>Watch them slam into about the halfway point of the falling part and begin forcing it back
>As the spire begins careening toward the opposite direction we fire at about the same spots again, making it split mid-air and crash into the mostly open area around the main road
>Mid-section sunders and showers the plaza and surrounding areas with smaller bits of debris and a shitload of dust
>Top section smashes into the river grox and causes part of it to overflow
>All is quiet for a moment, snow falling faster
>Slowly climb out of command hatch and look at the devastation around me
>Catch the exact moment the captain smashes in the head of the daemon prince
>Can see a couple sisters helping Diederich stand up, looks like he got fucked up pretty bad
>He seems to be moving though, so he's not dead yet
>Would have been one hell of a way to go too, a damn shame for the poor krieger
>Back to the hospital he goes
>Remove rebreather and slide a lho-stick into my mouth
>Hear metallic footsteps behind me, a slightly groggy Sigma looks to be surveying the damage
>Light up lho-stick and stand there with him for a while, just smoking as the snow falls around us
>Finally ask, "So... what now?"
>We gotta get out of here before someone tries to have me executed again

(Sammosposter please come home)
Bump again. Sigma will be back later tonight, am just on especially long shift right now
That's fine anon, so long as we keep the thread alive until friday we should be good
File: IMG_20181026_152809232.jpg (2.89 MB, 3120x4160)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>To look of this regiment to their boss they apparently didn't fight
>Lady you are going to give us answers for one or two things...
>But now is not the moment for this Drive us to the Golden Throne great palace hotel
>Yeah I was sure that you knew were it was located: on the nothern part of the western bank with a view on the bridge
>Ann's on the dead man seat and our heretics that we decided to nickname Timmy on the middle seat between me and Gillian
>After passing the Grox we hear a huge noise coming from the governor spire
>Oh hell it's falling on the Plaza !
>Then fall back in the Grox!
>Truly the Emperor is watching over us
>You hear that Timmy you're the last one of your kind !
>The return trip is on a happy tone
>As the baroness of Bluven stops to drop us down the stairs of the palace Ann handcuffs her and tell her that she is now under Inquisition control
>The lady is crying
>I totally forgot about that
>I feel bad
>Like really bad
>Don't worry if you cooperate you may have a chance to get out like nothing happened
>As we exit the car Lupanarium come to greet us
>Oh no we have to explain everything to him
Anontonius here i dont want to kill Priscilla i am going to let her go after the interrogation without hurting her would be great
File: skyeye2.png (1.55 MB, 1494x960)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>It's yer favourite radio host Jackson here!
>Y'all seemed to like the Ancient Terran Hour, so we're extending it to Ancient Terran Day and a permanent fixture!
>Every Friday, we'll be playing the best hits we've dug up from the Age a' Terra
>Some of 'em are so old they still call it Earth, fancy that!
>And here's one now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqz5dbs5zmo!
>Now, we return to the NEWS, and SkyEye for an update on the battle in the square!
>Frank, what you got for us?
>Thanks, J. The battle in the plaza is shifting INDOORS, and some Sisters and Marines fought their way into the tower about ten minutes ago"
>"The Imperial forces are WITHDRAWING from the vicinity of the tower, quite why we don't know"
>Interesting. What else can ya see?
>"In the roads arou--WHOAWHOAWHOA!"
>"Something just blew up BIG in the Spire!"
>"It....it's falling! It's falling on the plaza, right on top of the Imperial forces"
>Oh, shit! Dont get caught by it!
>"Wait a minute....the Imperil armour is FIRING! It's pushing the massive building BACK!"
>"It's now falling towards the river....it's breaking up mid-fall"
>"BANG! There goes the Nankai Elevated Highway and about half a dozen city blocks!"
>"It just made a huge splash in the river as well"
>Incredible, folks. Incredible.
>You can watch our helicam footage of this later at our voxnet site, idtp://musi/damnatumlutum/grn-radio.grox
>In an hour, we hand over to our special guest Admiral Gregorius of the Imperial Navy on how his fleet crippled the Tau invasion, and why he things they'll freeze their asses off next month
>Here's our next track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnTZa4FY_7I
>This is J, of GRN.
>Be Sigma-32d
>Rubble and dust still settling in the square
>Noospheric overview shows Skitarii forces are pulling back
>Infantry maniple casualties: 43%. Weapons teams casualties: 5%. Aircraft strike casualties: 0%.
>Lost units - 239 Gamma-four through Gamma-six grade combatants. 72% of Groxvalley Region Mechanicus forces combat-capable
>Daemonic incursion contained, warp-tainted wreckage scattered over a large section of northeastern Groxbridge
>Prepare Decontaminator squads, use of rad-cleansers, Volkites, Eradication weaponry recommended
>Security protocol codex 205//aZ engaged
>Engagment Primus terminated
>Primary and Secundus objectives complete
>Losses within acceptable parameters. The Omnissiah will commend the fallen.

File: Damaged Skitarii good.png (327 KB, 688x411)
327 KB
327 KB PNG

>Disengage manifold connection, restore motive function.
>~~~# Noospheric Connection Disengaged, In Aeternem Ferra Mortis #
>Clamber out of tank
>Most of my tactical implants are cooling down, data-purging and resetting
>Cortex quality temporarily near human-normal
>Unseal mask and lock it to my armour under my robe
>Flesh underneath is unused to contact, dust in air and Iho-stick smoke feels strange
>Hochberg is just ahead, watching his fellow Krieger get stretched into a medicae halftrack
>Stand alongside, spot glint of crushed Skitarii armour in the wreckage. Emotional cores flare and are poorly suppressed.
>Cavaliers commander is chattering mission statistics in my vox-bead ear, can't seem to process it terribly well.
>"So... what now?"
>Map signatures of friendly units nearby. Sisters of Battle, Space Marines, Guard, the remnants of the Skitarii maniples present when the tower fell, Rogue Trader's signum. Noosphere still bears data-traces from Titan Legion presence.
>Old guard-car from last night is under an Inquisitorial data-seal
>Inquisition-IFF-designate - Possible hostile intent - Eldar temporary alliance, Ordo Reductor presence - experimental wargear. No known Inquisitorial presence in Sigma Fleet or attached Guard elements, existence unannounced
>Known hostile forces - Traitor Astartes, Tau, seemingly unprovoked Daemonic incursion, Necrons, Ork Waagh!
>Significant Eldar units present for unknown reasons
>"Redesignate home base, Imperial Guard tank squadrons - refit to Mechanicus internal tolerances, remove from easy Inquisitorial access"
>"Contact Ordo Reductor, report experimental tank data, report anomalies, further the Quest for Knowledge"
>"Request Reinforcements"
>"Dig in, prepare forge quarter"
>"Secure Liamhelm settlement, cleanse the Groxvalley Region and fortify"
>Imperial Tactical objectives obvious
>Currently seem... non-urgent
>Unit 32d objectives: Secure reliable allies. Investigate anomalous armoured unit.
File: dust.jpg (128 KB, 768x1024)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>Be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Alaitoc
>Isha damn it, I'm out of here
>I'm covered in dust, Kerala is covered in dust, the jetbike is covered in dust and everything is grey-white
>The collapsing building produced a huge, billowing cloud of dust that has mixed with the snow to form a freezing grey mush that cakes everything
>Who knows how many toxic chemicals there are in this muck
>I don't want to be narrowly missed by the next building to fall down either, or clobbered by the next biker to come by
>Kerala enthusiastically agrees
>First though, we need to take a detour to pick up my own jetbike
>The ride back across town is fast, but exposed and cold
>The looks on the citizenry's faces is worth it, though
>Arrive back at the Emperor's Head
>The broken window has acquired a board, and the bar is still open
>No, I'm swearing off alcohol after what happened earlier
>Gingerly tiptoe around the side
>There it is, in the corner
>.....wait a minute
>Those are bricks underneath it
>On closer inspection, someone has carefully removed the gravitic motor
>And I know exactly who the main suspect is
>You thieving mecha-mon'keigh [untranslateable]s!
>Now I'm very angry.
Bump before sleep
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Order Chastity to drive us to the Golden Throne Hotel
>Not particularly happy to be giving a ride to an Inquisitorial warband, but it at least gets me away from the daemonic incursion
>Hear loud noise behind me, turn around in time to see the Governor's Spire collapse in a dramatic fashion
>Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but hopefully the daemonic incursion is coming to an end
>Drop off the Inquisitorial warband at the hotel as requested, get out and open passenger doors for them as sign of respect
>Unfortunately this just gives them the opportunity to place me under arrest with less effort
>Feel deep sense of dread as I try to think of what I did wrong
>Shit, they probably figured out I was the one who called in the daemonic incursion
>Hopefully they just want some eye witness accounts of how the incursion started, why they didn't have their own people monitoring the scene 24/7 is beyond me
>Well this is just a perfectly shitty way to end a day that included being vomited on, shot at by traitor Space Marines, covered in broken glass, chased by daemonettes, and being forced to guard a car right next to a major daemon incursion
>Feel overwhelmed by emotional roller coaster
>Try not to cry
>Cry a bit
File: citymap.png (1.27 MB, 6000x6000)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Nightly cartography diary. Street drawing is inching along, and I'll have a repetitive strain injury by the end of this. I took some time out to name a few things, and most of them are nods to something in some way or another.
Oh and by the way if the thread gets archived prematurely at any point because someone forgets to keep it bumped, I'll make a new thread on the evening of Fri the 27th (BST because britfag). In the possible event of that happening, would it be better to pick up where we left off or to do another timeskip?
Sammosposter here
A timeskip seems doable in that the battle seems relatively closed up
Either way the town is gonna need to be at least partially rebuilt for the 3rd or 4th time

Also: Sorry I spaced out and neglected the thread. I am in the process of moving into a new place with a couple roommates.
Hopefully I can do more in the next one
bump in the night
Bump for being too stubborn to let the thread die
File: snowyjack.png (1.53 MB, 1280x875)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>My ship was bigger than this place!
>Muddy Bottom of somewhat of a misnomer, since the swamp it was named after is on the other side of the hill
>The town is as dull as rocks unless that's the sort of thing you like
>Fortunately, rocks is what I came for
>If the AdMech hear about all the minerals here that they need for their forges, they'll be all over it
>The first test bore has struck oil, and a lot of it
>What do you mean, I have to keep my cigars in my pocket around here?
>Anyway, I can make a killing of selling this stuff as heating oil in the upcoming winter deep freeze
>Especially with the likely upcoming power rationing
>Meanwhile, the marble is even better than I thought
>Ring up the Archbishop and tell him I have the perfect stuff for his cathedral, complete with bulk discount
>Pretty sure I can also sell this stuff to help rebuild the city (again)
>If I keep this up, I might even be able to get my ship fixed properly eventually
>An alarm goes off on the foreman's desk
>He presses the button to silence the buzzer and ignores it
>I feel like I should return to Groxbridge before this town turns into a fireball at this rate
>The shuttle is parked in a field outside of town
>This mudball can produce more than crops after all
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>Because all this interrogation thing isn't for me I decide to go back outside after taking off most of my carapace armor except the gaiter and the kneepads reveling my rosette on my pilot jacket
>Exiting the hotel the first happy ending car with the adjutant waiting inside is still here
>Hey Chastity right? Get in the back seats I am taking you and your captain to your regiment
>While waiting for the baroness her adjutant start to talk with me
>Few minutes later Hiems our tempestor come with our eyewitness who seems fine
>Hiems opens the door for her, take the front seat and then proced to tell me about the regiment who was guarding the spire
>Apparently etheir they were heretics in disguise or they were wiped out
>Makes you wonder how much are left in this city
>Maybe that archbishop can keep everyone in the Emperor's light
>Now my Ladies what our destination ?
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Talking to Marshal Hans over a long-range vox caster, his crusade against the thousands of Orks spread throughout the Groxvalley region seems to be going well
>He knows of the Eldar presence in Groxbridge, only captain Maluan managed to convince him and his men to direct their anger toward the other Xenos in the region
>Maluan is a rather prestigious individual, after having been lost in the warp for at least half a standard terran century he remerged ready to continue the crusade he swore to complete
>How he also managed to survive for so long with a ship full of Daemons I don't know
>Right after the death of Captain Dravastis at the hands of a Champion of Nurgle too
>The Marshal begrudgingly agreed to not assault the non-hostile xenos after conversing with Maluan, though it grieves me to say that xenos were allowed to live, it does not grieve me to say that we do not currently possess more enemies
>Get rapports of a large Daemon incursion over the vox and the Governors spire crumbling, end communications with Hans so that he may continue his work
>Request to know Maluan's status, most of the Daemons are already wiped out, excluding one Daemon prince
>Considering this and the Iron Warriors spotted earlier, it is unwise for us to continue resting
>Though the offensive against the Orks in the south is going well, some of the translated Tau communications we have received are worrying, to say the least
>It appears the Tau are using Liamhelm as a forward base of operations, occasionally sending troops to spy on Groxbridge, however each time one of their infiltration units gets within 13kms of the city they mysteriously lose contact
>I suspect there is a vindicare deployed near Groxbridge, likely in order to remove any commanders leading from the front
>The Tau say they plan on abandoning the city but that's likely a trap
>It would not surprise me if they know we are listening in on them
>Librarian Baltazar and the Techmarine Alderick are stationed in Stanley to oversee the further fortification of the city
>I cannot draw men away from them to assault the city, and requesting troops from Hans would be counter productive
>Already requested a Thunderhawk, 2 fire raptors, 4 Avengers of the Basilikon Astra, 4 Vulture gunships and the Techmarine Rubicon sent to my location
>Asked the Captain to give the green light on my plan after detailing it, got sent back an affirmative
>There's a communications tower in the centre of the run-down ghost town, if a Techmarine was able to place a jamming device on it we may be able to overload Tau communications in the area
>The area is no doubt heavily defended, but the Tau won't expect an assault on the city while rapports are still coming in of a battle in Groxbridge
>First we will begin by strafing to area around the communications tower, then I and a squad of Assault marines armed with Melta bombs will jump from the thunderhawk in order to secure the tower perimeter
>While this is happening, the Thunderhawk will land and allow the remaining marines to disembark, who will in turn allow Rubicon to attach the jammer to the tower
>It won't be as sophisticated as the jamming beacon on a land speeder storm, in truth just a device to overload the tower and thus making the Tau in the area disconnected
>Once its activated, the remaining assault vehicles and the two companies of mechanized steel legionaries will flood into the city and wipe out the Tau there with help from the air support
>If the Tau have planted any bombs around the city to destroy our forces once they've entered, the communications jammer will likely make them all but useless
>The Tau prefer not to waste soldiers and battlesuits when necessary, so it can be assumed that they are remotely activated bombs
>Lay out my plan for the Major in charge of the Armageddon units, he agrees to it and begins preparing his men
>Most of the communication has been done in person or over encrypted channels, if the Tau have intercepted any of it they're too late to send any reinforcements
>Get the jump pack I require mounted to my armour by some chapter serfs with us, tell my brothers to gather their weapons and equipment
>After approximately 25 minutes I see the small fleet of aircraft approaching, Thunderhawk touching down first and opening up its front hold for my men
>Turn towards my brothers
>"Mount up."
>Astartes enter the thunderhawk, steel legionaries climbing into their Chimeras and Chimedons
>Send a message through the Vox to the steel legionaries with us as the Thunderhawk closes the front hold
>"Take heed guardsmen: even if we are outnumbered this day, we have an advantage the xeno does not. Firepower designed by our human ancestors."
>Lift off toward the city
>be former pig shit farmer, now archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy gifts
>be with my flock
>be carving through heretics and daemons
File: livingthedream.jpg (164 KB, 1024x1451)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
>Be Sister Bios
>The spire finally topples in the direction of the river and breaks up and collapses
>Remind me to immolate whoever made the dud bomb #11
>A blast of dust and rubble surges through the district and across the plaza
>I get a faceful of Krieger as one of them is picked up and knocked across the plaza by a flying chunk of debris
>I can't see anything, daemons are screeching all around and lasbusts and the chatter of autogun fire cut though the choking cloud
>And I wouldn't have it any other way
>With all the white dust on our armor, I hope nobody thinks we're from the Order of the Argent Shroud
>Following the destruction of the tower, the source of the incursion has been cut off
>There are still a large number of stragglers to burn, though
>Slowly, the dust clears away to reveal the battle still ongoing, albeit diminished
>My temporary Krieger hat gets stretchered away
>Raise the heavy flamer again, and go to join the militia in clearing out the daemons and heretics in the vicinity
>Truly, their fanaticism and devotion to serving the Emperor is something to behold
>Had they been Progenium graduates, I would have been proud to serve alongside their female members as Sisters
>Everyone not already dead in the daemon-held blocks must be a heretic, so they must all be killed
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Interrogation went fairly well all things considered
>Within a few minutes they seem to have decided I know nothing particularly useful
>Get sent back outside where one of the Inquisitor's men offers to drive us back to a location of our choosing
>Check with my second in command what our are latest orders
>Seems like the regiment is being sent back to its various company HQs and stood down
>Perfect, I could really use a shower and a change of clothes
>Request that Inquisitorial driver take us back to my Company HQ
What do the different colored roads mean?
Blue is highway, green a trunk route, orange any other major road, yellow a minor road and white is a street or track.

I'll be making my own condensed key after the main drawing is finished, but for now reference the OS one https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/50k-raster-legend.pdf
Slightly early bump
File: AxjObQ5.jpg (460 KB, 2117x1353)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
>Be Ruprecht Eckhart, Scout Bike Captain
>Get orders to do a recon mission of Liamhelm
>Rather surprising given that a large chunk of the regiment is still mopping up daemons in the Governor's Plaza
>Shrug, orders are orders
>Set off at once for Liamhelm
>Travelling by motorcycle, the distance is actually quite small
>It takes barely 20 minutes to drive through Groxbridge's nearly empty streets, and less than 5 minutes to drive through the trenches south of the city, where months of brutal fighting took place against the forces of the Archenemy
>It seems almost sad to think that so much fighting had to occur to capture such a small patch of land, though at the time the distance between the frontlines and the city seemed vast
>Say a quick prayer for the thousands of Guardsmen still buried in the collapsed trenches, flooded tunnels, and now frozen mud pits
>Past the trenches is another 20 minutes of empty farmland in order to find a good view point of Liamhelm itself
>Once a city by the pitiful standards of this world, nearly as big as Groxbridge, it has long been in decline
>Still, the town possesses strange beauty thanks to the many architectural styles that have been added over its long history
>Not to mention the fact that the town is located right at the base of the Great Boundary Fault
>Even here, at a relative low point of the mountain range, the mountains dominate the city, rising almost vertically nearly a kilometer above the valley floor except for shockingly narrow Starrick Pass, said to be a collapsed cave network
>Find a dense patch of shrubs to hide my bike and set up my recording devices
>The town seems quiet enough, but I know that looks are deceiving
>Both Imperial and Tau forces frequently claim ownership of the town, but neither has the numbers to hold it for long
>Meanwhile, pro and anti Imperial partisan units wage daily skirmishes with each other, occasionally aided by mechanized units from whatever side "holds" the town
>Only a few hours ago, the town was "held" by a detachment of Space Marines, but apparently they were called elsewhere since now tau walkers and hover vehicles can clearly be seen fortifying the edge of the town
>Pack up gear and head back to Groxbridge
>Chances are we are about to launch another attack on Liambridge, hopefully this time we will send enough troops to hold the place
File: areamapXL.png (503 KB, 1800x900)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
Small regional map update to add the latest battle and mark Laimhelm as contested.

That's about exactly how I imagined Liamhelm and its area to be like. Starrick Pass is nearly 3km wide, so that must have been a stonking great cave - perhaps it is the remnants of one of the massive caves that runs under the lowlands that was uplifted, exposed and enlarged by erosion.

Speaking of caves, they're probably full of Tau, heretics and albino Exodites.
Or worse, I made a one-off post a while back telling a very short story about a guard unit encountering Mandrakes in the caves branching off the Thule Tunnels, so there may be dark eldar around as well
File: citymap.png (1.42 MB, 6000x6000)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
Nightly cartography diary. Not as much progress today since I was busy, but I'm liking this new crazy-paving style for the city outskirts.

They were Mandrakes? I'm not familiar with them so I didn't recognise the description and documentation is quite lacking. We can encounter them when it's time for a caving sequence, though I don't know how to write their behaviour. Unless they are the infiltration vanguard for a full deldar raid? Dark Eldar being around might be an excuse for me to break out the Eldar forces again for a sass-off with some Druchii. Save the idea.
I played around with the filters a bit to make the picture more ominous, but you have to look more closely to recognize what they are.

If you are not familiar with the new-ish version of mandrakes you probably won't recognize them just from the picture.

For now I figure the mandrakes and other dark eldar will lurk underground with other spooky enemies to pick off any small groups dumb enough to enter the underworld, but if dark eldar come up later then yeah they were probably scouts of some sort.
File: 1845268-noir-wallpaper 2.jpg (324 KB, 1920x1080)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>It turns out the daemonic incursion was defeated before we could get there
>Unfortunately we have been assigned to hunt for stragglers that have gone to ground in the areas surrounding the plaza
>not good
>Despite the freezing temperatures, a freak localized rainstorm appears out of nowhere, reducing visibility to near zero, and mixing with the recent snowfall to cover everything with a thick layer of slush
>The sarge makes a rare good judgement call and orders us to investigate a nearby building in order to get us out of the rain
>Sadly by the time he makes the call, everyone are somehow colder and wetter than we were when we were swimming in the River Grox
>At least most of the sewage is washed off now
>Despite its shabby exterior, the house we have entered is large and was once quite opulent, however, it has clearly been abandoned for a while
>White bed sheets cover many of the items of furniture, neither the lights nor the heating appears to work, and the only signs of recent activity are the ransacked drawers and cabinets
>By the time we split up to search the building, my teeth are chattering wildly, and I want nothing more than to ditch the cold, soggy, remnants of my uniform
>Upon encountering a bathroom with some towels and an old bathrobe, I ditch all my clothes, towel off, and put on the bathrobe, hopefully I can convince the sarge to let us stay in here for a while
>On second thought, maybe not, the strange feeling I have been having that I am being watched is starting to become way more intense
>I shove my wet clothes in my bag and head down to meet up with the others
>It quickly becomes apparent though that we are missing two of our squad
>Despite 10 minutes of searching we never find any sign of Damen
>We do find a pile of Jessibel's wet clothes in a small bedroom, perhaps she had the same idea that I did
File: images (88).jpg (10 KB, 194x259)
10 KB
>Someone suggests that they may have deserted, but every opening into the house except for the front door we kicked in is still boarded up, and it seems impossible that they could have backtracked and went out the front door without anyone noticing
>A brief search of the exterior areas near the house also turns up nothing
>Eventually everyone gets so spooked that we give up and flee the area
>Rogue daemons (?) - 1
>Hapless conscripts - 0
>fuck my life
>A short time later we take shelter again, this time under an elevated section of road
>Hopefully daemons have a harder time haunting underpasses then they do haunting spooky old mansions
>I mean, the rotting corpse of a tau sympathizer hanging from a lamppost nearby is a bit off-putting, but such sights are pretty common in the city lately
>Notice something in the pocket of the bathrobe that I am still wearing
>Pull out an old picture, for a second I think it is a picture of myself from back on Risa that I forgot I still had, but then I realize the features aren't quite right, and it must have been left in the bathrobe by the previous owner
>Still the reminder of my old carefree life is somehow even worse than the terror of the haunted mansion
>I spend 10 agonizing minutes trying to decide what to do with the picture, before eventually deciding that it might be tainted and tossing it in the fire that Marcil had just started
>Somehow this just made me feel like I was turning my back on that half-forgotten part of my life
>Sit by the fire with everyone else in a state of deep depression I had thought I was no longer capable of feeling
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531 Cadian regiment
>I have seen some shit in my life
>Everything from Tyranid blades to lasgun burns
>But through it all, I remain
>My unit has been ordered to move out to reinforce what is there
>Don't have much more info other than that
>Learned from my last deployment that you should never underestimate just HOW much pain a man can be in from a Dark Eldar gun shot wound
>Fully stocked up on painkillers, disinfectant, gauze, thread, needles, etc.
>One of the other Cadians jokes about the last deployment and how a Sister of battle nearly shot a guardsman for smudging her makeup
>Don't know what you found so funny about that, I had to put his arm back on
>We all load up and head there, praying to the Emperor on the way
>One of my buddies asks me what I think we will be fighting out there
No idea, but I grabbed my shotgun just in case.
>We land at a beach called Primarch Bay
>Orders are to vox in our position to to any ailed forces and to hunker down and wait for a response
>Then we load up and get to a closer area to the troops we are to assist
>Vox operator sends the message
>Lean on some wall near by
>Just keeping the armor on until its time to practice medicine
Bump for interest
>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>Drop the happy ending regiment at their HQ
>Hiems tells me that for the whole fifteen hours a Inquisitor's retinue gun
>Wow I didn't expect him to be this nice about my arrival in his unit
>He hands me a revolver that's maybe not an bolt pistol or a hellpistol but still do the job
>He then tell me that I should hand back my radium pistol to the mechanicus
>That's still a great honor but accepting it makes disapear all my chances to go back in the aeronautica imperialis
>Emperor damn it
>Hey Hiems wanna drink a shot or two ?
>For a tempestor he is really chill he agreed !
>Even better he wants to invite the rest of the unit
>Fuck yeah! Victory drinking party !
>We're going to meeting at the Emperor's Head in the center of town
>Nothing will interrupt this I'm sure about that
File: hereticsstayaway.png (3.35 MB, 2032x3000)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
>Be Sister Bios
>We've been unable to find any more daemon stragglers, and consider the battle won
>They might still crop up every so often still, so stay on the lookout for them
>That's probably because we torched everything within a quarter mile of the plaza
>The warm orange glow of the burning buildings is comforting in the cold
>The pall of black smoke fights with the leaden sky for chromatic dominance, and the snow that has graded into heavy rain is grey-black with dust and ash
>All metro services are suspended (again), so it's going to be a long walk back to base in East Wapper
>On the walk, pass a group of bedraggled and miserable Guard soldiers around a burning barrel under the NEH
>Cheer up you lot, we have achieved a great victory today!
>Look, I'll even set this former heretic's corpse on fire for you
>There, isn't that a glorious sight?
>Keep waking through the dirty rain
>Voxcaster says some Cadians have arrived at Primarch Bay
>Couldn't they just use the port or spaceport like everyone else?
>Sister Dapter isn't happy about it
>She's hated Cadians every since the Makeup Incident
>Knowing our luck, they'll get billeted next door to us in the Prow Rings
>I hope at least some of them aren't nincompoops
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531st Cadian regiment
>Receive coordinates of a small camp and orders are to provide support for what is there
>Also hear that there is a group of sisters of battle
>Guardsman Lew is sweating bullets
>Reassure him if she is there, she won’t recognize him
>Load up and take off
>Land at the camp
>These guys look like they went through the warp with a faulty gellar field generator
>Raged, muddy and bloody
>Order the medics to set up the triage
>See the Sisters of Battle
>Emperor damn it, Its the same ones as the last time
>Lew is nowhere to be seen
>Hope He is ok
>Start tending to the wounded while the tent is being set up
>Ask the sisters of there is any hospitallers here
>Any and all help is appreciated
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Still hanging around the fire being depressed
>A Sister of Battle comes by and tries to cheer us up by setting the hanging corpse on fire
>That is sort of cool I guess, though it doesn't help the smell of the area much
>Gloomily reflect on the fact that if there were less people like our burning friend over there, there would be a lot less war
>Have random epiphany that I was forced to give up my comfy life so that others could maybe one day enjoy theirs
>Decide that when the day comes that I need to lay down my life in the name of the God-Emperor, I will take as many of the bastards as I can down with me
>Feeling slightly better about myself, I start up a raunchy marching chant that was popular during our basic training
>Before long the entire squad joins in
>Funny how the little things can make such a difference
File: 1491975309953.jpg (29 KB, 720x532)
29 KB
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>As it turns out, anyone even remotely connected with the inquisition is usually a fucking lunatic
>The sisters have set fire to the remaining Daemons and most of the plaza, the area being hot enough for the snow to turn into rain
>All of this while leaving the Daemon prince to get (figuratively) gangbanged to death by the Fists
>I would go check up on Diederich but, honestly, I'd like to not get torched for being near Anshelm
>I've been around Eldar before and I can tell that the lipstick on him sure as fuck isn't the same type a commoner might have
>I might be able to play it off as Anshelm having a love affair with a highborn's daughter
>Actually, come to think of it, that'd probably land us in even more shit
>Sigma was nice enough to allow me and my squad to stay in their area of the city so that we don't get fucking executed
>As we're driving toward the Mechanicus quarter, I start thinking over my situation
>Vylk probably won't mind if me and my squad start working with the Mechanicus, I think he's had enough of my Lady's shit for a while now
>I should ask Sigma for some help with her, now that I think about it
>She's pretty old, when hugging her for maintenance once I spotted a barely noticable and partially painted over engraving on her armour
>From what I could make out it read, "As Dorn decapitated the Hydra so shall we decapitate the Lupercal"
>I was stationed with a couple Scions some time ago, one of them explained some history to me
>My lady may have been in active use for, at least, eleven straight millennia
>Either that or she has some parts which are a lot older than others
>Still, I think I should talk to Sigma about getting her some well overdue anger management classes
>...After I have a little chat with Anshelm about his romantic partners, of course
>Tune into local vox station and listen to the Admiral being interviewed
>I wonder if we're going Ork hunting later
File: emperorshead.png (482 KB, 480x640)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
Did the formatting go wrong with the latter post? Line 3 looks like a block a block of text was cut out of the middle.
>Be Tolria, furious self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Spitting curses at these techno-looters
>Most of them have no business being repeated
>Call up some friends in Brannet for them to come and recover it
>I'm sure I can get a new grav-motor fitted in time, but I'm still livid
>Kerala just stands at the side, looking at me with a face filled with schadenfreude
>I'd correct that, but she'd just see it coming and sidestep
>Lob a brick in anger at the wall of the parking yard
>Turn around to see a pair of Imperials looking out of the pub side window with amusement
>The fuck you looking at, you stupid mon'keigh?
>Wipe that look off your silly faces this instant, or that next brick will be for YOU!
>Ok, ok, Tolria. Calm. Caaaaalm.
>Sit down under the side awning out of the rain and stew
>The skyline towards the former tower is glowing orange
>Glad we got out of there while we did
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Get dropped off at Company HQ
>For a bit I was worried that this was some sort of Inquisitorial trick, but they dropped me off as promised before driving away
>Technically that staff car is Imperial Guard property, but decide not to split hairs
>The rest of the company hasn't made their way back to mansion yet, so only a handful of junior troopers and support staff are hanging around
>Spot Trooper Janka dosing on a chair in the gazebo while Trooper Rik tries to flick peacock seeds down her shirt from a safe distance away
>Their behavior amuses me so I decide not to call them out on it
>I will keep an eye on them though, I don't want discipline to collapse entirely like it did back at the desert camp
>Get Chastity to prepare a warm bath while I pick the remaining glass shards out of my hair
>I figure the rest of the company won't be here for another 20 minutes or so since they are traveling on foot, and even when they arrive they will be more interested in drying off then bugging me for orders
>It is about time I get a chance to clean up, eldar vomit smells terrible, and scalp wounds are incredibly irritating
Kinda waiting for a response from the sister or the other guardsman with me
This thread is just a naturally slow one, and waiting for other people is normal, especially during the week when time is restricted. I'll write an update for Bios in a bit.
Got it, if nothing else I just don’t wanna keep saying bump
>be former pig sit farmer, now Archbishop of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>be still in battle
>have the privilege to fight along side the sisters of battle
>if I'm reading here body language correctly, see seems to be impressed with us in one way or another
>Think to my self that it would be a good idea to establish a schola progeium or convent in Grox bridge when the fighting is over


>if I'm reading her* body language correctly, she* seems to be impresses with us

fucking auto correct.
Yup you're right he basically obtained a revolver

>Be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>Arriving at the Emperor's Head by car that the happy ending regiment won't be using
>Notice two eldars waiting near their jetbikes
>What are they doing here ?
>Hiems tell me to get inside
>Following him it's getting cold outside
>Lupanarium and the rest of the retinue are allready here
>Can't get to them because as soon as the bartender saw me he points a shotgun at me
>Pilot are less welcome here than tankists because every one of them is looking at me weirdly
>This is really unnerved me I hate not having my drink
>Hiems pulls me back outside he doesn't want me to be shot
>One of the eldar woman is smirking
>What do you want xeno filth ?
>Suddenly the tension raise up and become like pic related
>It's at this moment that Lupanarium comes out and tells me to fetch the rogue trader and the archbishop at Grimhedge
>Didn't want a diplomatic incident heh?
>fetch the rogue trader and the archbishop at Grimhedge
What exactly do you want to do here? Both Stannim and FPSF are in Groxbridge, and Grimhedge is Tau-held.
Isn't the archbishop fighters there ? but yeah the rogue trader is un Missy bottom mining marble and pumping oil if I remembrement well
Don't worry Antonius is going to ask the archbishop about the rogue trader
The archbishop is in the square helping mop up the last of the daemons, and the RT is currently en route back to Groxbridge from Muddy Bottom after inspecting and signing off some things.
Well his order are still to find them I will probably make him ask to people around
>Be Sister Bios
>Our base of operations is a brand new building
>The Central Prow Circle was built a few months ago after the impact of a prow of an Imperial battleship destroyed a large segment of the city
>Other fragments landed across the city making their own craters, but this one is the largest
>Many of the surrounding buildings are still under construction, and this one was only finished about eight weeks ago
>The base was big enough for hundreds of Sisters, and was a hive of activity before they started shipping us out
>Why they did that is unknown, since it was nice here
>Right now there's only eight of us here plus thirty more back at the square
>Get a vox message from Sister Mause
>The Cadians back at the square are asking if we have any Hospitallers around
>Nope, we don't
>They were on the train before us to Quario, and we were the last ones to be transferred
>We can request for them to be transferred back, but there's no guarantees and it'll take time
>Meanwhile, the area around the square is still burning and sporadic gunfire drifts across the city
>Still, the fighting there is coming to a close now, and we are now back in action in Groxbridge
>Feels good to be home
>After all, home is where the carnage is
Your best bet is to come up with a plot hook and start posting, other people may or may not join in depending on who is monitoring the thread right now, and whether they think the plot hook is interesting and relevant to their characters.

Right now I suspect a lot of people are just busy, but there have been some posts suggesting that we may be invading one of the smaller towns soon.
To add, you're also not limited to one character. if you want you can introduce another if you want to write some variety or to help your plotlines along.
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Brother Saegon and I seem to lost ourselves in the battle
>First it was a mass of Iron Warrior
>Then a mass of warp-spawn most foul
>Things have been slowing down since the collapse of the governor's spire
>Groxbridge is almost back to its nearly-secure state
>Funny how the mind can go blank in such routine combat
>Decide to move around the relatively quiet battlefield
>Going around making sure the guard are staying on top of their logistics
>Having squads redistribute ammo and medical supplies so that every guardsman has at least some ammo
>Those in good shape and not currently busy can make themselves useful by assisting others
>No Hospitallers apparently
>But they can request them if need
>Tell the vox Operator to request them
>We need them
>Operator tells me they are asking why
Tell them it’s Chirurgeon intuition. That and im arm deep in a Guardsman’s chest trying to pull a orc slug out, and a bone saw is only so precise.
>Vox Operator repeats that to the sisters
>Eventually get a eldar on my table
>When did we start working with the Eldar?
>And What do I do about this?
>I know nothing about eldar biology
>Clean the plasma burns and stop the bleeding
>That should fix it
>Pat the eldar on the back and escort it out
>Get a lull in the patients
>All This blood on my clothes is making me cold
>Tell the others That im at the Fire and to send for me
>Sit next to the others and trade stories
>When it’s my turn, I tell them about the time a chaos demon possessed a guardsman’s skeleton
...and when Lew set it on fire, it ran straight for the munitions tent. Thankfully the commissar got in the way, shame he wasn’t fireproof...or demon-proof.
Forgot this, my bad.
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531 Cadian regiment
>be me
>guardsman Lew of the 531st Cadian Regiment
>doing everything I can to avoid sisters of battle
>but mostly making sure my flamer is in good condition
>still traumatized from that attack by sister Dapter
>not my fault she didn’t hear my warning about the ammo box
>the crazy bitch though I threw it at her, and smudged her makeup
>occasionally roasting lone demons and orcs that get to close
>one purple one promises me pleasures never felt before
Do you believe in magic?
>she looks confused
>level my flamer on it
>find a discarded vox unit
>pick it up and ask who’s frequently this is
>mfw I see the seal for the adepta sororitas on the vox unit
File: cityburning.png (929 KB, 1209x806)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>It's yer favourite radio host Jackson here!
>It's time for the NEWS once more!
>We start with our top story of the day - Groxbridge is on fucking fire!
>A huge, rapidly growing blaze rapidly has enveloped part of Wapper Island and the city centre
>It appears to be centred on the plaza, where a number of Guard and Astartes are stationed
>We go to Mary, on the ground at the plaza in the middle of it all. What can you tell us, Mary?
>"Thank you, Jackson. The fire here is quickly spreading out of control, despite the best efforts of the city's firefighters"
>"The plaza is safe by virtue of being large and the destruction of many of its surrounding structures, but many of the surrounding blocks are ablaze for some distance"
>"There are reports that the fires were started by Sisters of Battle to flush out daemons, but are fast growing into a firestorm threatening the city"
>"The fires in the vicinity of the plaza have largely gone out, but I can see flames in multiple directions"
>"The local soldiers are performing admirably, ignoring the threat to carry out their duties"
>"Groxbridge City Authority has declared a major disaster and ordered the mandatory evacuation of the North and Central Wapper Districts"
>Thank you Mary. Stay safe there, and we'll continue to bring ya updates as the situation unfolds
>Anyone living in those areas, get yer asses off that island ASAP
>This is J, and you're listening to GRN
>Our studio is well within the evac zone and we can see the flames a few blocks away, but we're gonna stay on air as long as we can to keep you informed
>SkyEye is grounded from the smoke, but our network of servo-skull cameras around the district is still mostly intact
>Before we go to rolling coverage and advice, here's this for all of ya brave folks out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsM_VmN6ytk

>Be Master of Skitarii Sigma-32d
>For once in the Omnissiah's life the rest of the Imperium seems to have things in hand
>Decontaminator squads vox in one by one during the drive back, reporting areas scoured clean by the flamers of the Sisters of Battle, the Guardsmen or the Imperial Cultists
>Mechanicus Sector in northwest Groxbridge is looking increasingly well fortified, Tarantula turrets flick laser dots back and forth over firebreaks and firing lanes cleared from the ruins and planed-flat melta-cut assembly squares for the Imperial armour
>Is now slightly separated from the town surrounding it on all sides just to provide clear fields of fire
>Armageddon tank squadrons currently being housed in warehouses that are being repaired and upgraded almost as fast as the tanks themselves, blast plating, shield emitter cabling and power taps crawling up the walls like climbing plants
>My quarters are in one of the more distinctive new blocks, officers quarters built intothe side of one of the new field-Manufactora, under the void shields of the same
>Since I "officially" resumed command about three hours ago with the manifold connection before the Spire Battle they're still being made ready by the servitor crews
>Head to main comms relay in the meantime, set condensed data-packets for transmission to Ordo Reductor Fleet Sigma containing primary observations of experimental weapons in action and current Imperial situation
>Include alert flags on the codexes detailing Hochberg's Baneblade (unexplained potency, outwardly standard equipment and no warp signature) the Eldar presence and the Inquisitorial details now scanning the region, key access to my personal code
>Send first data-packet off
>Instruct Adeptus Digitalis manning the station to check the manifold uplink in my new quarters, in case command is necessary from here
>Once he is gone, trigger second packet, with a much tighter recipient band and encryption net

File: Knowldgeispower.jpg (165 KB, 1680x1050)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>Fifteenth level data-wards detected
>Codex plaintext recompiling
># Target-Designate-Forge World Ryza #
># Forge-City Rubicon 3, seventeenth quarantine level, zeta sector #
># Divisio Xenologis - Magos Xerxes-19 or successor #
># Signature code - rank Guardmaster-Penitent, 3020-unit #
>Message Begins: Personal Code of Primus 32-d, Reductor secondment
>See data-flags 293-g, 295-hh, 438-b
>Lord Magos, your redemption is at hand
>Assist your sons.
>Bring all proscribed.
># World-Coordinates, Lutum system, fifth planet. #
File: Tinkerpriest.jpg (117 KB, 750x938)
117 KB
117 KB JPG

>Disconnect from comms array, release purge-engram to wipe traces
>Imperial Guard tanks now stowed in sealed hangars or converted warehouses, safe from light bombardment
>Superheavies stored underground, near the main Macroclade reactor
>Maintenance is proceeding apace on all but one tank, which is being examined by the Magos Macrotek and several of his Legates
>Answers soon then, even if they're phrased as more questions
>Return to now-active quarters for implant purge and reset
>Be Corporal Naddeus Killigan
>My team of Acid Dogs and I finally get back to the surface
>Not that I like it up here, but that's just life I suppose
>Sure looks like things got a lot more interesting up here than is was down where we were
>Craigg and Lawry won the rat hunt, and wont shut up about it
>Killed one so big they had the mind to put some shitty clothes on it as a joke
>They insist that's how they found it
>Even tried to say it was talking
>"A'ight quit rubbin' it in. At least we get to watch you two struggle to drag the bloody thing along."
>They're getting a case of booze when we get back to base
>Might as well put all the rats we killed to good use in the kitchen
>Never seen a rat that big
>If it really was running around in clothes, and talking, not to mention if there were more...
>Nah. Just a local anomaly. Must be a kind of rat specific to here is all.
>I'm sure it's fine
>Last thing I need to is to be stuck on this miserable planet longer to fight a whole new threat
>The more time we spend in an active combat zone means the less chances of being rotated home
>Cooks should be pleased
>Hey, maybe I can get some extra liquor ration as compensation
File: 1563768663419.jpg (42 KB, 553x209)
42 KB
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th Company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Attack is going along swiftly, the roar of explosives hitting their targets is echoing through the city and the Thunderhawk cannon has already been used several times
>Our pilot mentioned several sightings of turrets around the communications tower
>Picked up a short burst of several heat signals from inside one of the larger buildings with my Autosense while the Thunderhawk was doing lower level strafing rounds
>Informed the pilot of the location of the signals, Thunderhawk cannon fires again and the sound of Ferrocrete pulverizing echoes out through the area
>Pilot says that the turrets around the Tower are down and that most of the buildings are abandoned
>"We shall have to check for ourselves; Brothers! Prepare to initiate stage 2!"
>The front hold of the Thunderhawk slowly opens up, revealing the burned and bombed out wreck of a city that is Liamhelm
>The architecture of this place is very unique, it's a shame that we have to blow even more holes in the buildings to cleanse this place of xenos
>Order Assault marines to fall in on me, jump out of Thunderhawk first and activate Jump pack
>The rest of the squadron follows suit, jump packs roaring to life as we soar toward an apartment complex built in the style of an Eldar stronghold
>The battle cannon-sized hole in a section of the wall indicates that this was the building I first detected xenos inside of
>Crash through the makeshift entrance, slam fist into thin air to see if my suspicions were correct
>An uncloaked XV25 shoots through the room, it appears I was right
>"Cleanse this building!"
>Chainswords scream to life as they tear into Xeno battlesuits, power swords sing as the slash through the aliens and the sound of my power fist smashing open holes in the apartments persists throughout it all
>As we go through the building we discover several larger battlesuits, 5 XV8s and 2 XV88s, along with 84 Tau riflemen
File: citymap.png (1.7 MB, 6000x6000)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Nightly cartography update. This suburbs-style crazy paving is driving me nuts. Should be largely done with it for the time being though, since the arrangements for the hab-blocks and manufactoria in the south are more geometric and larger, which makes them quicker to do.
>The winding hallways and relatively cramped apartment spaces give us an extreme advantage
>Several of the Tau attempt to make use of their grenades, however either only result in blowing themselves up due to a well-placed bolt pistol round or don't manage to kill their targets
>Begin using Tau weaponry against them, more specifically grenades picked up off their corpses
>The tau begin attempting to retreat out of the windows of the apartments, but are only met by bolter, heavy bolter and plasma cannon fire
>Those battlesuits we encounter are left largely useless in close combat and get easily eliminated by melta-bombs or well-placed power sword strikes
>It appears that the tau really were falling back, whether they planned on destroying the city after they did though is as of yet unclear to me
>By the time we're done, 4 of the assault marines with me have been wounded and Rubicon is already in the process of lodging the jammer to the Beacon
>Our group of 11 marines finally moves out of the apartment complex and on to the next building
>Our air support is still firing away, sergeant Retker rapports one of the Fire Rapports destroying a Devilfish transport making its way toward the tower
>As I snap the neck of a Shas'ui, I notice something through a cracked window
>A hammerhead gunship with two devilfish, one to its right and one to its left
>Rubicon is very close to activating the Jammer too, I cannot let them be interrupted!
>One more of our number has been wounded, reducing the number of unwounded marines in our formation to 6
>I order the three most heavily wounded to stay behind while the rest gather up and fall in on me
>Wait in the bombed-out ruins near the mouth of the plaza in which the communication tower is located
>A total of 4 melta bombs remain, we'll have to use them carefully
>Sit and hide for 5 minutes before the Hammerhead comes beneath us
>Allow it to pass for another half a minute before we pounce on our pray
>Activate our jump packs in unison and descend from the building, brothers with melta bombs first
>Grabbed onto mine with my left hand, leap down on the Hammerhead and attach it to the railgun
>Brothers land behind the two Devilfish and attach their melta bombs to the troop holds
>Leap off of the Hammerhead as the railgun explodes, showering the area around it with light and molten metal
>Insides of the transports are fried, troops being transported are now molten corpses and the drivers are screaming loudly
>Get a message through the vox
>"The Machine God favors us today Lieutenant Paulicus, the jammer has successfully been activated!"
>"Understood, we will continue our work then."
>Switch to the channel of the Major with us
>"Major Ritter, the jammer is active, you know what to do."
>Armageddon Major sends back an affirmative, I hope the run-down roads of this city can support so much armour crossing them at once
>Hear a Tau screaming in pain as I order the rest of the formation back to building-clearing duty
>Whatever signal that Jammer is sending out, it's causing the nearby Tau such a great degree of pain that most of them just allow us to kill them, as if it was a mercy
>be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531st Cadian regiment
>Finishing my story after we take a break for laughing
Wait wait wait, it gets better, it gets better. When the patient wakes up, yes he wakes up, his skeleton is missing, and there is a demon possessed burning skeleton basically humping the commissar’s face.
>Everyone laughs
And the best part...hahaha...the best part is that there is a inquisitor just just fucking staring at this taking place, you could see his jaw hanging in disbelief. Eventually the tech priests show up and drag this poor guy off to put a metal skeleton in him. And eventually the inquisitor picks himself up and shoots the thing. The commissar apparently “retired” to a nice quiet place in the “happy ending palace”.
>We All laugh at this
>I bid my farewell and head off to the chow hall
>See some guys carrying a massive rat in
>Good protein
>If you cook it well enough it tastes just like chicken
>Grab some recaf for me and the others and jog back to the medic tent
>Hope that the Hospitallers are here.
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>What is left of my regiment is apparently being gathered to help clear out Liamhelm
>Not exactly thrilled to be on the frontlines again, but hopefully they don't have any haunted houses there
>Also, they finally gave us our long promised winter uniforms
>It looks like they are just old, surplus PDF uniforms with some "recycled" unit patches sown on them at some refugee labor camp, but whatever, it is better than wearing rotting, filth encrusted rags
>They are actually quite warm and comfy too, at least compared to our previous uniforms
>Get loaded up in some of those big utility trucks the Departmento Munitorum always seems to have an unlimited supply of
>The rain has stopped by this point, too bad since apparently the Sisters started a big fire in downtown Groxbridge
>Aside from the light snow and cold-ish temperatures, the weather is almost perfect compared to the sewer slog and the heavy downpour from earlier in the day
>Despite my nervousness about potentially facing combat again, I am surprisingly sleepy
>Probably a combination of the fresh air and all the action I have seen today
>Unfortunately no time to take a nap, Liamhelm isn't all that far from Groxbridge when you are travelling by truck
>Hopefully the tau suck at fighting as much as everyone says they do...
Wait a minute, I thought I was with you guys
There are several regiments posted in the city, it is up to you whether some or all of the Cadians leave Groxbridge to support the troops assaulting Liamhelm, or stay with the regiments that are still hanging around the city
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Get word that our Colonel is returning from the Dovar system
>Wait, we had a Colonel?
>Oh right, it was that uber rich foppish popinjay who ran back to his parents once they figured out Happy Ending had been overrun and send a ship to pick him up
>Wonder why he is back
>Check dataslate, apparently we have been re-designated as a mechanized regiment, the Colonel has arrived with a ship loaded with equipment and trained troops from his family's personal army
>Check cargo manifest; Crassus Assault Transports, Baneblades, several sets of designer made uniforms for each season, huge stockpile of luxury goods for officer usage
>I love being friends with rich people
>Be me
>>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531st Cadian regiment
>Get back to the triage to find out that we are moving with the 78th Light Infantry
>Aka the bait
>We are to pack up and to provide support for the front lines
>Good thing we still got most of our supplies
>Vox in our relocation
>Where is Lew?
>Hear a vox from him asking what frequency he is on
Lew you are on our frequency you idiot, we are moving to help clear out Liamhelm, get your ass over here!
>Head there, treating any wounds that some folks have left untreated
>Wha...why did you let that go untreated?
>Emperor damn it, you are bleeding on your uniform.
>Se one of them named Jernwick
>Ask what has happened, and where are there medics
>be me
>guardsman Lew of the 531st Cadian Regiment
>well fine then
>wanted to go there anyways
>grab the box and make my way to meet up with the regiment
>see random jets of flames in the distance
>hope those aren't coming any closer to me
>eventually see two groups in the distance
>my regiment is one of them, and they are with the other guys
>can’t tell what group 2 is though
>my regiment is a bit to far ahead
>tell them im joining group 2 behind them
>vox crackles something out
>tell them i will be ok
>start to jog down to them
HEY!! I’m with the 531st, mind if I join you until we catch up to the...
>those are sisters of battle...
>and I think that’s sister Dapter
>god I wish my visor wasn’t so clean now
File: dabus.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1080)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Now the spaceport is back under civilian operations, I have to deal with civilian ATC
>And let me tell you, I preferred it when I didn't
>Can't they all be on strike or something?
>Not that I need ATC, since I can see the flames and smoke that mark Groxbridge from miles away as a beacon
>Since the metro is suspended again, I have to take a bus from the spaceport back to town
>Oh, the indignity of taking the plebbiest of pleb transports
>Back at home, there's a message on the vox message recorder
>It's from an Inquisitor of all people, requesting my presence
>This Inquisitor didn't state what branch he was, but what could an Inquisitor possibly want with me?
>Someone from his retinue will be along to "collect" me shortly
>Settle down with a cigar and glass of amasec while I wait, I need to relax a bit
>Laughter and mirthful shouting in Eldar floats through the wall from next door
>I wonder what's so funny
Question where is our warboss killer residence ? I suspect a villa or the palace but asking to be sure
Several terrace-type townhouses that have been merged into one large house in amongst the Eldar in Brannet (WNW of the city, since the labels aren't added yet), near Aria Park.
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Hurry up and wait
>Should be the Guard's new motto
>Whoever ordered us to move to Liamhelm apparently wasn't talking to the right people
>Now we are stuck sitting around in poor cover just outside Liamhelm while our General Staff argue among themselves unseen back at Groxbridge
>Lovely, but at least we are not getting shot at much
>The Tau took a few potshots at us early on, but they now seem to be focused on the fighting in the city
>A couple of guys from the newly arrived Cadian regiment show up and start asking about how people got wounded and why there are no trained medics on scene
>Surprised someone from a veteran regiment would be that naive
>Explain to him that the injuries were caused by sporadic Tau fire coming from Liamhelm, and that most of our trained medics got transferred to more valuable regiments ages ago
>We have a few corpsmen who can clean wounds and apply bandages but for everything else we usually rely on the Departmento Munitorum field hospitals
>The markings on his armor indicate he is a medic so point vaguely in the direction of where most of the wounded are in case he wants to help out
>Go back to doing what I was doing before being interrupted
>Which was mostly nervously chewing my thumbnail while trying to justify to myself that my impending death serves some higher purpose
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>The company is using our brand new Crassus Transports to haul water to the parts of Groxbridge that the Sisters managed to set on fire
>Damn I love driving around in this beast
>On the way here the driver ran over a couple of burnt out trucks and the people riding inside the Crassus barely even noticed
>As Cliveton would say, I have a boner, a dignified lady-boner, but a boner nonetheless
>Currently standing halfway out of the top hatch of the vehicle, enjoying the view that the vehicle's height provides
>Pity all that ash is falling on my brand new lovely fur-trimmed winter uniform, but I have been assured that it is easy to clean
>Notice some news photographer taking pictures
>Pull out my ornamental sword and start yelling orders at the troops on the ground, pointing with my sword whenever possible
>Hopefully I will make tomorrow's news, who doesn't like pictures of themselves in the news?
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Sit and watch my jetbike be pulled away on a hoverplatform
>You lot better fix it properly, or else
>For now, I'm resigned to going everywhere with Kerala
>There are worse fates out there, though
>Such as the one I have in store for that thief
>There's chatter coming out of the pub revealing the Imperials are currently assaulting the Tau in Liamhelm
>Excellent, it's been a while since I sniped the head off something
>What better to practice on than the galaxy's newest upstarts?
>The Tau like long-range combat, but two can play at that game
>And no one can play it better than a former Ranger
>You up for some staff combat and seeing practice, K?
>Just don't attack the mon'keigh, yes?
>We haven't been shot by them yet, and I'd like to keep it that way
>Before long, we're racing towards Liamhelm
>I just hope they leave some for us
>Mind your heads, blueberries
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531st Cadian regiment
>Well apparently other regiments lose medics when they get skilled enough
>Why does that happen?
>Whatever, at least we will be able to see some combat.
>Annnnnnnnnd where is the combat?
>Also where is our cover?
>Few of the guys have started to dig trenches and knock over useless building to provide cover
>I start sewing wounds shut and occasionally shoot at the passing lost orc and demon
>Gonna need a shower when this is all over
>And a new uniform
>Either that, or a fuck ton of lemon juice and carbonated water
>Still see that half of the town is on fire, and more jets of fire cresting over the rooftops
Do sisters of battle get a discount on promethium or something? Because Lew has to fight with the Departmento Munitorum to even reload his flamer.
>At least they are not here yet
>Because those crazy broads are the reigning queens of friendly fire
>Speaking of Lew, where in the name of the Emperor is he?
>Vox operator says he went to the sisters to meet up with us
File: 1550639680906.jpg (237 KB, 1200x1779)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>We've gotten some new tank storage buildings, Lady's taken down to the lower levels of the quarters for examination
>Sent down Techy to make sure that whoever's doing the check-up doesn't accidentally fuck up and cause her to go on a rampage
>I think taking part in killing a horde of Daemons has slaked her thirst for today though, so as long as they don't deviate from their rituals, we'll be fine
>Anshelm tried to sneak off the premises, managed to catch him and drag him back into the base
>Looking around for some sort of sound-proof room so that none of this gets out
>Don't find anything like it, instead just head down into the room with a water pump working away to keep out any water that might otherwise swell up into the lower areas of the quarters
>Anshelm seems a bit buzzed still, his xeno sex was likely due to getting drunk
>Prevent myself from killing him because at the end of the day he's one of the most loyal men I know
>Instead give him the berating of a lifetime
>Oswald seems to have caught on to his antics a while before I did, we go through his kit after we return to our sleeping area in the quarters
>Turns out that in the one compartment of his backpack there were 6 xeno pornography magazines
>The magazines contained illustrations of well-endowed Tau, Kroot and Eldar women as well as SoB being fucked by "Gue'vesa"
>Looks like my earlier theory about water caste subversion was correct
>All of them were wrapped in some sort of see-through fabric, meaning they were unopened by Anshelm
>Grab the magazines and hide them inside my coat as I walk out of the Barracks
>Go around the back, throw the magazines on the ground
>Unholster my plasma pistol
>Aim at the forehead of one of the SoB on the top mags front cover
>Stack lights up like a bonfire
>Relight lho-stick with the hot barrel of my pistol, then holster it
>Time to check up on my lady I guess
>I wonder how the attack on Liamhelm is going
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>We are still getting occasional sniper fire from the Tau and their traitor buddies
>Pretty much no one in the company has a long range weapon, so there isn't much for us to do except hide in cover
>The sarge is constantly reminding us to keep our heads down
>He doesn't have to worry about me though, I found a nice shell hole to lie down in not long after my previous cover, one of the trucks, drove away
>Feel strangely calm as I stare at the carrion-hawks drifting high above
>The calm feeling is probably thanks to a mix of sleep deprivation and emotional burn out
>Wonder what it would be like to be able to fly
>An eldar jetbike flashes over me on its way to Liamhelm
>Lucky bastards
File: ewww.jpg (122 KB, 800x898)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>Be Sister Bios
>Our request was approved
>A commadery of Hpsoitallers of the Order of the Eternal Candle will be sent back to Groxbridge to assist from tomorrow
>The remainder of our preceptory will also be returned, consisting of some three hundred odd Sisters still yet to be shipped offworld
>The gang is officially back in town
>My happiness is shattered as a Tau Tiger Shark rumbles overhead
>However, instead of dropping drones, it drops what looks like magazines
>Pick one up and look at it
>I have seen a lot of heresy, and little compares to this abomination
>Our glorious Sisterhood being blasphemed in such a disgusting way is the cherry on top
>We must scour the city of these foul productions, lest they corrupt our citizenry
>S.S. Kaybord orders us to fan out and search for them for destruction
>As we leave HQ, Sister Dapter yells from around the side
>There's the telltale FWOOSH of a flamer burst
>A Cadian runs past with his ass on fire as Dapter follows, chasing him down the street shouting in agrish and firing her flamer and bolter
>Should have warned them about Dapter
>be Ex-Imperial pilot Antonius now retinue of the inquisitor Lupanarium
>Ask every guy in the street that seems to be from a rogue trader crew or this emperor cult that is now very popular here
>Manage to find the rogue trader "houses" due to the number of eldar and ogryns in that street
>Knock on the door several times
>Hey I'm the acolyte of the inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus You know he wanted to see you?
>Finally he comes out
>Still need to find the archbishop
>He is probably in one of the cathedral of Groxbridge or is preaching at the governor plaza
>Dropping the rogue trader at our HQ I start looking in every cathedral in the city
>After making the three cathedrals it is clear that he is at the plaza fighting
>It's going to be fun to get him out of here with the fire and the daemons still running around
>be me
>guardsman Lew of the 531st Cadian Regiment
>that crazy bitch just set me in fire
>she gives chase, trying to get me again with her flamer and she is trying to shoot me with her bolter
>her accuracy is shit tho
>suit manages to protect me, but I don’t want my flamer tank getting hit
>see some sisters laughing at us
>dive behind one of them
>think her name is Bios
>hope that Dapter doesn’t try to shoot through her
Pleas help me sister, I just want to get back to my regiment. And she keeps trying to kill me.
>think of something
It’s not my fault she didn’t hear my warning. Please help me.
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531st Cadian regiment
>All the wounded have been tended to
>Those who need minor care are tended to by the other medics
>Eldar bikes scream past our position
>Sit with the others in the trenches and swap war stories
>One of the Cadians bring up the story about guardsman Keith and why it’s a bad idea to tape 7 krak grenades together
>But He did manage to kill that warboss
>We all chuckle in his memory
>Monica looks mildly worried
Don’t worry, even if you get shot, so long as it isn’t a headshot, we should be able to save you.
>Crack open a canteen of the good stuff and pass it around
>Hear the vox Operator laughing his ass off
>Apparently Lew is hot-micing it and has been broadcasting his whole experience with the sisters
Emperor protect Lew.
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Some of the Cadian troopers have set up camp near my hole in the ground and are exchanging war stories
>Think back on my experiences so far, trying to think if any would make a good story
>The time I was thrown at that big shot Ultramarine? A bit funny, but my ribs never really healed properly and it hurts just thinking about it
>The time those two war reporters were taking pictures of me taking a shower, then someone stole my clothes when I went to confront them? Also somewhat funny in retrospect, though it was depressing at the time, and I don't like being remembered as "that naked chick"
>See a tau aircraft fly overhead, dropping stuff
>Fuck, I guess this is the end then
>Something lands near me, it is some sort of booklet wrapped in clear plastic
>The cover depicts what is supposed to be Sister of Battle "in congress" with a Kroot
>Interesting art style, and somewhat amusing concept, but it probably counts as heresy just to look at it based on my shaky grasp of theology
>Chuck it in an empty shell hole before anyone sees me looking at it
>I guess "that time the tau could have killed us with bombs but instead dropped porno mags" is a good war story, if I live long enough to tell it to anyone
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531st Cadian regiment
>Something falls in our campfire
>Then something falls behind one of our stub-gunners
>Then something falls in my head
>Pick it up
>It’s porn
>Look up to see a Tau ship dropping this stuff
Oh hell no.
>Grab the krak launcher in our trench
>Take aim
>See that others have the same idea
>See the thing spiral into a building
>Toss the launcher down
>Everyone cracks
>Jump to each trench and check on everyone
>Eventually get to Monica's foxhole
The hell was that? And why did the Tau do that?
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>Still hanging out in my shell hole
>The Cadian medic from before comes over, clearly wanting to mock the Tau for their unusual tactics
Who knows? Maybe they ran out of bombs, supposedly they smuggled most of this stuff here, so they are bound to run out of ammo eventually
Or maybe looking at this stuff actually causes men to lose faith in the Emperor
>Seems unlikely, but who knows what men think when they haven't gotten laid for a while
>Risians and Happy Enders are usually okay because they are mixed regiments, and the Praetorians are wildly popular with the local women, but the Tallarns tend to lose their shit anytime they are anywhere near women, while rumor has it that some of the Armageddon boys are trying their luck with the Eldar
>No idea about the other regiments though, not sure if Krieger even have genitals anymore, won't be surprised if they were either deliberately removed, or shriveled up and fell off due to disuse
>The sarge starts blowing his whistle, apparently we are launching an assault now
>Naturally our trucks are long gone at this point so we will have to run across two kilometers of open ground to get to the cover of the outlying buildings
>At this point I am pretty sure they are deliberately using us as bait to draw out hidden enemy insurgents for the Marines and the Armageddon Mechanized to smash
>Wave goodbye to the Cadian medic before leaving cover and breaking into a jog along with the rest of my regiment
>Somehow doubt that they will waste the lives of the veteran Cadian troops like they seem so inclined to waste ours
>Hope my lucks keeps holding, this will not be a fun run
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Status: Having the time of my life
>Several companies from the regiment have been sent to Liamhelm in order to test out the new equipment
>Along the way though we encounter some motorized ork units and decide to give chase
>Surprised any of the fungoid morons are even still alive, but apparently after their warboss died they scattered into small bands and have been roaming the countryside ever since
>Although the ork vehicles are generally faster than the Crassus Transports, the mazes of fences, hedgerows, drainage ditches, and small outbuildings usually slows them down, while the Crassus transports can plow through most obstacles easily
>Cheer like an idiot as a nearby Crassus runs over an immobilized ork buggy before crushing an old shed a couple of orks had tried to hide in
>Damn that was probably the last of them, hopefully the Tau will be just as disorganized by the time we get to Liamhelm
>Speaking of Tau, one of their aircraft zips by overhead on its way to Groxbridge, dropping small items as it passes by
>For a second I am worried that they are bomblets, mines, or gun drones, but they end up being some sort of porno mag wrapped in plastic
>The cover has a drawing of some sort of human xenos sympathizer on it, scantily dressed naturally, with a small skirt that barely covers anything, and a tight tank top showing off ample bosum
>Laugh when I realize it looks a bit like Trooper Janka, who despite the delivery of the new uniforms, still insists on wearing the Highlander kilt (with eight inches removed) and a low-cut undershirt for "cultural reasons"
>As I crawl back into the passenger compartment to show everyone the porno mag, particularly Janka, GRN puts on some archaic music known as "Heavy Metal"
>It has good energy to it, so order the driver to turn the radio to max
File: hedgenest.png (431 KB, 500x400)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
>be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exach of Alaitoc
>I'm definitely still a Ranger at heart
>I've bedded down in a hedge across a field from the city limits
>It's quite comfy in here, actually, and the hedge provides an excellent sniper nest
>Kerala has gone off to to her own thing
>Most likely sneaking around town whacking Tau on the head and messing up their plans
>Scan the edge buildings and rooftops for targets
>There's the sound like a lot of running boots and shouting from the next field over
>In the corner of my eye, I see a lot of Guardsmen running for the city, though I don't recognise the uniform
>Out of my other eye, I see the glint of a scope as the figures of Tau snipers appear on the rooftop parapets
>Fire Warriors take concealed positions in windows, behind walls and in streets
>Oh Isha, it's ambush and the Guard is going to be massacred!
>Huh, seems spending most of your life wandering the galaxy and decades with a Rogue Trader really changes your worldview on stuff like that
>The first sniper has found a target, and their finger tightens on the trigger in preparation to fire
>Not if I shoot first, fool
>Whoever their mark was, it's your lucky day
>Shoot several more Tau, but there's too damn many of them and they don't care for a few losses
>At least the Long Rifle doesn't make much noise
>Tucked away in a corner there, thinking they're safe, is an Ethereal
>If I shoot them, the Tau should all bluescreen or lose any sense of discipline
>It's going to be a trick shot, but if I pull this off, he'll be Aun'Dead and the Tau (at least those in the immediate vicinity) will fall apart
>Hold breath
>Steady rifle
>Take aim
>Vaguely worried all this fraternizing with the troops and visibly enjoying myself will erode my authority, but there is something about riding in the Crassus transports that makes maintaining my dignity seem like a low priority
>Oh well
>Onward to Liamhelm!
File: citymap.png (1.97 MB, 6000x6000)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
Basically morning cartography diary. Same old, same old. I've also drawn the main station (the purple object - the line itself will come after the streets, since it will be over them).

Also a bit of history I decided to give to Seraphim Square (left of the station). In 153M39, Damnatum Lutum was hit with a large Ork invasion and the rampaging Orks soon smashed into Groxbridge. The main Guard defensive lines were along the north side of the R. Grox, but a commandery of Seraphim of the Order of the Argent Shroud were encircled and trapped on the south side along with thousands of civilians - back then, Groxbridge's population was not yet in seven digits. The Seraphim fought to the last across several city blocks, but were eventually slaughtered along with the civilian population that had taken refuge with them. The Orks were exterminated soon after before they could cause much more damage - though the Ecclesiarchy was more concerned with the loss of their troops and largely indifferent to how they died, it's not certain if the Sisters were actually defending the civilians (though people often choose to believe they were) and such stories are repeated daily across the galaxy, the citizenry was so impressed with their actions that the remains of the blocks they fought so hard to hold were razed and turned into a large square. At one end is a monument to the battle to commemorate their heroism, while at the other is a cenotaph dedicated to the "Defenders of Groxbridge", inscribed with the names of all those who gave their lives to safeguard the city then and since. The original 164 names have since ballooned into the tens of thousands (a special exception was made to allow Eldar names to be added) and new ones are carved daily as the conflict goes on. Any dead Imperial characters so far can be found on here somewhere.
>>68260460 #
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531st Cadian regiment
>>68261126 #
>>68261153 #
>Vox Operator tells us to pack up
>Command wants us to move up
>Grab my shotgun and toss Tim his krak launcher
>Get in the APCs and move out
>We get there first, my APC is last in line
>Vox is going nuts, but we are holding the line
>Triage was set up before we got here, so I get to work
>First patient is holding his own hand
>Slap his back and make sure his hand still works
>It does
>A few patients later, a Tau decloaks and tries to tell me to surrender
>I’m holding a guardsman’s heart right now by the way
Give me a moment please.
>Finish the process and suture his chest shut
>Raise my left hand and put my scalpel indium table, coincidentally right next to my shotgun
>They called me the shotgun surgeon for a reason
>Hear the Risian’s and armor arrive
>Hope I don’t see Monica in here, or in the obituaries
File: That's her guys.jpg (255 KB, 1024x1475)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Be in orbit aboard the Eternal Hunt with a Deathwatch kill team for the Tau
>My objective is to let go some terrorized via melee combat back to their homes too scared of us to come back
>It worked before it can work again
>Several guard regiment are Moving from the capital to the nearest city controlled by the Tau
>I should meet the guy in charge at Groxbridge
>Before take full control of the forces to destroy the Tau
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavious Graves of the 531st Cadian regiment
>Get a bad feeling that the inquisition is about to be here
>That and my current patient is trying to explain to me what was in that airdropped porn
>Lew might want to be careful, because those bolter bitches are gonna be even more short tempered than usual
Bump up the jam
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Entering the Corvus Blackstar who will take me to the Groxbridge Spaceport I get word from that the Officio Assassinorum that I asked has arrived and is ready for action
>Tell them to wait for further instructions and location
>The Tau will never come back here after meeting an eversor close
>Approching Groxbridge I realize some things
>The bident is still here outside the city
>What is doing the governement?
>Arloch of the Carcharodron Astra silently as ever show me that were the governor spire was there is only ruins
>Also two other districts of Groxbridge are now replaced by new street making circles around two part of a crashed ship
File: tim.jpg (7 KB, 210x240)
7 KB
>be me
>Cadian Storm Trooper Tim Haggard of the 531st
>Blowing up filthy xenos heretics with my krak grenade launcher
>Hear a ship get near the city
>Look up to see that it belongs to the Inquasition
>Cant blow that up, Sargent told me that it was a bad thing to do that
>Ah well, might get to later
>Notice some orc war bikes prime for blasting
>Start shooting
Those damn green-skins are here boys!
>Orc war bikes might be junk, but damn do they blow up good
File: Justaskeikaku.jpg (17 KB, 640x360)
17 KB
>Be me
>Tzeentch, lord of magic and all around baller
>Currently busy readying my latest foolproof plan for the mud planet that the mortals can't seem to leave alone
>Planning to fuck up both the imperial's and slaanesh's plans in one wham, bam thank you man go
>My cultists are taking ages to do anything though since they have to stay hidden
>Notice the inquisition have showed up
>The other daemons that got summoned at the tower have kept them busy
>As I'm figuring which of my horrors are the fattest, notice the imperial inquisition are up to something
>Hey, only I'm allowed to be up to something!
>They're bringing in an eversor assassin, currently being held sedated in orbit
>Suddenly remember my cultists are being somewhat sluggish with my plans for Liveria
>Open up a warp rift and yoink that eversor for myself
>Now, where shall I put you for now my little screaming lunatic? Ah, I know!
>Drop the now conscious and very berzerk assassin right into the town square of Liveria
>Drop a few hints to my dudes there that if they hurry up I'll give them some fancy warp powers
>mfw I'm actually just going to steal their souls
File: RUUUUUUN.jpg (8 KB, 372x268)
8 KB
>Be me
>T'au firewarrior pledged with guarding our current capital on Damnatum Lutum
>Job is pretty dull at the moment since the imperium have yet to arrive at our gates
>Not that I'm complaining, work has been stressful lately
>Attention gets caught by sudden flash of blue and gold light
>Before I can so much as wonder "What in the name of the ethereals is that?" some screaming skeleton thing rushes at me
>Yells "WRRRRRRRYYYY" as my spine gets seperated from my body
>I fucking hate Gue'la
File: boooooring.png (12 KB, 166x92)
12 KB
>Be Sister Bios
>The extra heretical magazines are being collected and burned
>The shootdown of the aircraft dropping them and the flames are comforting
>Still, I worry about what they might have done to the citizens without our mental fortitude
>And even then, it may have left a lasting mark on my mind
>I'd rather not become a Repentia for that, thank you
>Sadly, we've been ordered to sit out the attack on Liamhelm
>Something to do with the damage we caused earlier
>Who cares about a bit of incendiary collateral damage?
>A couple of Hospitallers and a handful of regular Sisters have made their own way back ahead of the main redeployment
>We could do so much with them
>But instead we're left here sitting around, unable to burn any xenos and few heretics
>Apparently there's another Inquisitor coming to town
>Not that there's much risk, but we want to make a good impression on them should they choose to inspect us
>Better look sharp, sisters
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Notice that the Commissariat seem to be a bit more frantic than usual
>Not in their usual summary execution sense either
>More of a panicked self-image sense
>As if they were headed to a parade ground
>Look to sound of an inbound transport
>One can't help but get an impression of sadism and extreme ego
>That explains the rush
>Now is a good time to collect Brother Saegon and the rest of my squad
>Most of our company is pulling out to push the front anyways
>Any excuse to avoid dealing with our Emperor's more enthusiastic supporters
>They're almost as annoying as the Black Templars
>Radio the squad
>Establish a rally point on the Eastern end of Groxbridge
>Radio Lieutenant Paulicus
>Volunteer my squad for the assault
>Xenos or Inquisition or Templars?
>Xenos, I'm allowed to kill xenos
>With the exception of our Eldar allies of course
>be me
>guardsman Lew of the 531st Cadian Regiment
>crazy lady still trying to kill me
>run up to Bios and ask for help
Please help me! I’m not heretical i swear!!
>show the purity seals on my flamer tank
>narrowly dodge a bolter round
here is a bump for the thread.
Also how large is the battle now in ambiance scale
1 tab to 20 tabs?
i might drop the current mix im lissening to while reading here
File: 1554964440551.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>What do you mean the eversor is in Liveria without order ?
>There's nous time to be lost
>Leave it one hour and then nuke it from orbit
>Order to land at the governor Plaza
>Storms out of the Corvus Blackstar
>Start yelling at some sisters of battle who where waiting for me
>They start panicking and gives order around as they take me to the HQ
>Too bad I can't see the eversor tearing his way in the blueberries
File: oldonnow.png (106 KB, 500x500)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Whoa whoa there buddy. Please don't just destroy the whole location like that. Also calm down, let other people catch up. Our amerifriends are at work so it'll probably be a few hours at least.
ill just drop my 20 pack

>enjoy and feel free to remove and add whatever you want when youre lisening
Sammosposter here
Can comfirm, am Freedombro at work
Posting and driving 50mph currently
File: wat_the_fug.png (188 KB, 429x514)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
>Be me, Imperial Fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Rounding up the remaining Tau near the communications tower was an easy feat, all of them seemed to be in far too much pain to be able to fight back
>Eventually opened the pilot hatch of the Hammerhead only to find the pilot bleading profusely from his ears
>Any Tau within 200 meters of the communications tower appear to suffer the same effects, other Tau seem compleatly dislocated as their communication devices have been overloaded and shut down
>Rubicon is attempting to fix the jammer, for some unknown reason it's malfunctioning
>It appears to be sending out the same ear-drum burstingly loud signal to certain imperial units within the Com towers radius
>Suddenly, Rubicon rips the jammer off the tower with his mechandrites and shouts "TECH HERESY!"
>With a roar he rips it in two and smash it against the ground
>"Scrap code Lieutenant, the Iron warriors have defiled it!"
>This is worrying, I should make contact with the Mechanicum about this once the city is under our control
>Now, we have a new problem
>We lack the warriors required to capture this city now that the Tau can once again communicate with one another
>Tune into the vox of the upper command staff, request that at the very least 5 companies of soldiers be deployed to insure swift capture of the city
>Get sent back the reply that the newly arrived Cadian regiment, several companies of Risians and Happy Enders will come to our aid
>More than a bargained for, but it will sufice
>Send a request for an apothecary
>18 minutes pass
>More and more Tau have been popping up around the communications tower, my brothers and the newly arrived 5 squads of the Armageddon steel legion have however been able to hold them back
>Request for an apothecary granted, Thunderhawk made it from Liamhelm to Groxbridge to Liamhelm again in the course of 2 minutes
>Apothecary currently taking care of our wounded inside the thunderhawk
>Brother Giovann with his plasma cannon has put several large holes in the sides of buildings, the Conqueror cannon on Ritters Chimera has also been widely useful
>Our Fire Rapptors and Vultures have been more than busy cutting off any escape attempt the Tau have been making, shooting down several Orca dropships, however with the arrival of Razorsharks some of them have managed to escape
>An Orca comes crashing down into the ground 50 meters away from the tower, then another 53 meters away from the tower, then a third 49 meters away from the tower
>They don't look very damaged, it's likely that the crew is still alive
>Order everyone to center fire on the Orcas
>20 seconds go by, I can hear something going on inside the Orca in the middle
>Order Plasma cannon to fire into it, but just as I do two beams of railgun fire shoot out and tear off the front section of the armour
>This is swiftly followed by A shower of Plasma fire from two XV-09 battlesuits
>Blue light shoots forward from the other two Orcas as Tau foot soldiers spill out and begin firing at the Guardsmen with us
>The Majors' Chimedon answers back with a blast from its Conqueror cannon, knocking the Broadside into the ground with a loud thud
>Multi-lasers and autocannons firing away, Lasguns and bolters answering the pulse rifle volleys
>We're heavily outgunned, but not outmatched
>Rush inside the Thunderhawk and grab my Combi-Plasma, throw my Melta bomb to brother Onesimus
>Steel legionary Chimeras taking the brunt of the plasma fire as the Legionaries are forced into taking cover
>Activate jump pack and shoot through the air, power fist cocked back
>Tau fire centres on me, feel burst cannon shots smatter against my armour and a single shot penetrating it
>see Brother Onesimus throw the Melta bomb onto the Broadside as a hole is burned through black carapace
>The explosion showers the two battlesuits next to it with bright, blinding light, the Burst cannon fire letting up on me
>Slam my power fist straight into the torso of the XV-09 firing on me, knocking it over
>Turn around and fire combi-plasma at the viewing port of the other XV-09, temporarily blinding it
>Raise power fist and give the first battlesuit who shot me two good strikes
>Leap on to the other battlesuit and rip off the centre piece
>Throw Combi-plasma to the side and grab onto the Tau pilots head by the throat
>Yank off her head and spine in one clean rip
>Suddenly, hear the sound of footsteps, shouting and autogun fire
>Turn around and see at least 600 soldiers armed with PDF gear rushing out of the buildings, main street and several manholes
>The sheer volume of fire they're putting out almost instantly kills the remaining Tau
>Slowly step down from the tau battlesuit vehicle corpses and approach the red haired and blue-eyed man in charge
>"Shiiiiiiiet, I don't believe it! It's a space marine!"
>The man speaks strangely; he reminds me of a Terran hive ganger
>He introduces himself as Colonel Tyresius Deshaunte, a former PDF captain that took charge and reformed the gangers in Liamhelm to fight off the Tau
>Says they've been hiding here for several months, waiting for us to try and recapture the city
>Tell him that further reinforcements are on their way and to wait to continue his attack
>Step away from the colonel as I hear Sammos request to join us through the vox
>Accept it in order to refill our ranks
>Remove my helmet and take a bite out of the pilot’s head to gain his knowledge
>Turns out my suspicions were correct, however the Tau were not going to blow up the city
>Instead they planned on letting out an experimental highly toxic gas through the city, contaminating it and making it tactically useless
>The remaining Tau are planning on sending in a Manta to get the Etherial in the city out and deploy the gas
>Forward this information to high command
>Hear Captain maluan urging an inquisitor not to nuke Liveria
Leonpines and Antonius poster
I know this why I left some time for the others to reply to object
this looks fun and I kind of want to join in, do I just make up a character and reason to be there and join in? Is there anything off limits? I'm not thinking anything too crazy like a hrud or anything, just a non imperial fist space marine
File: puttherecordon.jpg (224 KB, 1024x1036)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>It's yer favourite radio host Jackson here!
>We are officially BACK ON THE AIR!
>Few quick news headlines first before we resume our regular programming
>The Great Fire of Groxbridge is now largely under control thanks to the timely assistance of Guard units as impromptu firefighters
>That's a good thing too, since we were just preparing to leave the studio
>Emperor bless all of ya who helped with the effort
>We've got a public bulletin from the Ecclesiarchy here.....[papers are shuffled]
>"The materials dropped by the Tau aircraft are of extremely heretical nature"
>"Any found must be handed to your nearest Ecclesiarchy representative immediately or summarily destroyed"
>"Failure to comply is heresy, and possession of such material for purposes not related to its destruction is EXTRA heresy"
>Cheery as always, eh?
>There's a couple of Inquisitors kicking around town too, so be on yer best behaviour, folks
>Now, we also have word of a major assault on the Tau forces over at Liamhelm by Guard and scattered Astartes elements
>I tell ya, the blueberries getting a kicking is long overdue
>If they keep up the momentum, they could also take Starrick Pass and break into the Liverius region before they can organise a defence
>Anyway, here's a track to spice up all of you Guard out there in the assault
>It's a bit heavier then the things we've found so far, but we think it's good for the occasion
Sammosposter here
Jump in whenever
Generally I would start in the vicinity of some other posters, but you dont have to
As far as what goes, the only stuff I would advise against are the things that would instakill the whole thread
I even tried to put skaven out there with the Acid Dogs' abnormally sized rat, but that didnt seem to take, so its partly trial and error
Pretty much, yep. We're playing very fast and loose with canon (rule of fun/cool > canon) so anything is fair game, really, so long as people have fun interacting with it so don't write in an Exterminatus of the planet or anything. This is the fourth thread of the series and the first three (on suptg as Damnatum Lutum, this thread's title is typoed) are strongly recommended reading to get an idea of the setting, but they aren't essential.

Damn, I thought they were just big rats. Skaven are from WHF, right?
Cheers, I was keeping an eye on the threads but I wasn't sure if it was more of a private thing, but then again I guess if it was you wouldn't have chosen to do it here.

I'll come up with some more character stuff then, I'm going to roll for the generator, come up with something based around that and get back to you guys
File: 1565329426368.gif (749 KB, 200x118)
749 KB
749 KB GIF
Tankposter here, looks like we've hit the bumplimit. I think we got some good worldbuilding done this thread, we even managed to talk architecture. As usual, Stannimposters map stuff is fuckin' grand, city map looks pretty good too please fix your sleep schedule over the break man
Though we lost a couple posters, we gained some too and more frens is always nice.

To whoever wants to be the next OP, I highly suggest you start it on Friday the 4th, because holy shit we somehow managed to keep this thread alive for over a week. The last one stayed up for three days before it hit the bump limit, the original for four if I memory serves. It might be best if we leave it for a couple weeks so that we can all collectively rest our brains a little.
As for the timeskip: maybe a month or so? Might be less honestly, just so that we have enough time that shit hasn't drastically changed and that the different factions might be able to consolidate what they've gotten or cut their losses. Oh also so that the Ironwarriorposters, the Tauposter and possibly the necronposter can come back and dig giant tunnels to drown space marines in shit.

Bumpposters, many thanks for keeping the thread alive, I can tell that there were several who joined in just to bump the thread, and that's pretty cool.

And to you, archiveanon (since I really hope you're here right now), you already know the drill by this point.
Name should probably be "The battle of Damnatum Lutum, part 4"
Description might be something like: "With winter rolling in and the Tau having settled down, the anons of the thread worldbuild with some giant battles on the side"

That sounds good man, it'll be bretty good to have another poster.

>tfw we're almost at the 5th thread
How did we make it so far without the thread devolving into namefagging and namecalling?
Cadian here, all good, cant wait for the new one, do i post here or wait for the new thread?
Probably just wait for the new thread honestly, not much can get done after we've hit the bump limit, basically everything hinges on Archiveanon doing what he does.
File: eldarflap.gif (74 KB, 500x348)
74 KB
Stannim/Tolriaposter here. We're in late November now, I say we start the next thread just following New Year when the weather is cold enough to make this look like a balmy summer day (and the one after that as in March for the thaw), so it's a smaller timeskip than normal but not enough to be stagnant. I'm going away to Spain for a university field trip on Thurs so it's good it ended now since I would have been barely able to post if at all. I'll start the threat to time with midday EST on Friday the 4th if that's fine with people, and I have some ideas about changes in the meantime. I'll finish up the city map (and I have an idea for ANOTHER map that I'll do in the time as well, wait til I reveal it) in the interval and definitely get more sleep, I was staying up late to keep the thread going during the graveyard slots I'll give Archivenon a couple of days to put the thread up.

How do you think the assault outcome should be? Do we retcon back to just before it started so we can do it properly? Assume it succeeded? It failed?

>How did we make it so far without the thread devolving into namefagging and namecalling?
My thoughts exactly, I assume you include the Beach Episode in that total.

See you all on the other side.
Page 9
Archiveanon, heed our calls!
Save this thread from the sands of time! Please.
Wait, an in game timeskip of a month or an IRL one?
Don't worry, I'll give Archivenon a couple of days to show up and if they don't I'll submit the archive request myself. Threads 404 a week(?) after expiring.

In-U, don't panic. In-universe we're in late Nov to early Dec, and I'm planning on skipping to early Jan for the start of next thread. Not IRL, that would be silly.
Oh, but since we give it three weeks plus however long it takes to get to the next Friday, it'll be 25d until the next thread anyway.
Ah okay, misread that. Some passed time in game would be a good idea if there's a couple of new guys who want to join in the fun.
The standard timeskip between each thread in the series so far has been about two months of in-universe time, but we have a few things still in progress so 2mo would be a bit long this time around so I plan on reducing to a bit over a month
Just want to point out that two threads from now should be spooktober thread
got it, will keep an eye out for it
What month is Sanguinala? Is it just space christmas?
File: 1555334383825.jpg (84 KB, 441x441)
84 KB
Starting the thread at wew years might work well, gives the Tau enough time to stop the Eversor running around Livera or die trying. Also gives us a nice coat of snow to cover everything in.

>How do you think the assault outcome should be?
Hmm... I dunno maybe something like:
>Tau find out about Ethereal (maybe an Aun'vre?) dying
>Most throw down their weapons/commit mass suicide
>Others attempt to make a fighting retreat through the Starrick Pass
>Manta still arrives to drop the gas, but since the IF called it in earlier it's met with considerable resistance
>Manta drops part of its payload but not enough to contaminate the whole city, instead just makes the eastern and central portions of the city completely uninhabitable
(The gas is probably strong enough to kill a regular guardsman or Tau infantryman, but probably not Armageddon troops and definitely not Kriegers or space marines)
>Rest of Liamhelm is evacuated and the Civilians either get conscripted or get to spend their time in refugee camps outside of Stanley
>"Deshauntes vengeance" becomes an official regiment specializing in Urban Warfare against Tau (because that's hilarious)

Nah, space easter I think, because Sanguinius = daemon killing vampire Jesus
Oops, >>68271573 was also ment for >>68270869

Sigmaposter here, sorry I haven't been that active, been dealing with some personal shit that now seems to be mostly cleared up Omnissiah willing. Should be able to get a bit more done next time since I'll be back at uni rather than full time work.

Threw out some vague Xenarite plot hooks which other people are welcome to jump on if they want since I have only the most hazy plans for them so far. Hoping that now there are a lot more Admech and Guard running around, we have superb maps and we've done some broader worldbuilding we can start doing some strategic battles/description building on from the Liamhelm invasion, rather than just sequential tactical skirmishes, but that would be much easier to do if some anons are playing non-Imperial/allied forces to fuck with us or it'll just be "the Imperials narrate map painting with individual stories".
That sounds good, though I'd have someone looking into finding some way to clear the gas, or at least get rid of all the corpses because that's a biological hazard, and that means nurgle time
Sounds good. A dirty attack vs Liamhelm would likely be the death knell for the already struggling city. I assume Starrick Pass will be inaccessible during the deep winter from snow, so it'd be a good excuse for the offensive to come to a halt during the timeskip, and any invasion would need to fight their way through the tunnels or find another way around.

As for dates, the seasons of this world are unlikely to be synchronised with Terra so space easter could be in high summer for all we know although we're assuming the year is the same length as Terra's.
Antonius and Leonpines poster seems a good idea to go back to a big battle

During the timeskip should we say that Imperium is trying to pass the mountains since that Grimhedge is under fight?
Quick thing, when should I expect this next thread to start?
If the gas is used some of it might condense and turn back to gas in the early spring
Pretty sure some WW1 gas had similar behavior
Would cause quite the panic I'm sure
Yeah, we kinda risk slumping into "the Imperials kick the shit out of the tau THE END" by having no non-imperial posters. Which is why it'd be baller if the Iron warrior poster and the Tauposter came back, Necronposter too. Character motivation might also lead to the imperials butting heads (SoB get pissed off to high heaven when they found out that Xenosex has happened, Inquisitor and the Marshal might end up physically fighting etc.), which would probably lead to a clusterfuck, but a clusterfuck is fun once in a while.
Someone else might be able to take Orcanons place since there are still Orks running around the Groxvalley region and in the Liverius Basin.

Hope the personal stuff gets better for you fren.

Hey who knows, maybe there's a future for the rogue trader in selling gas masks and gas-b-gone agent?

We'd have to go back to the 1st thread to see what kind of planet the original OP rolled, I just recall it having 7 FUCKING MOONS. That might also have been in the original second thread. Sanguinala COULD however be right around new years eve. Either that or 40k christmas, hopefully 40k christmas.
It really is a shame no one was arouned to archive that thread.
As for the other way around, maybe they could use Stanley to move troops to Gregoriana via some sort of make-shift airfield?

Maybe not pass, we can assume that the Imperium now has absolute air superiority in the Groxvalley region, so troops might be air-dropped in to Gregoriana to further fortify it and THEN go up toward St. Jan. Considering that's still being fought over that might take priority over Grimhedge. Of course, most fighting will probably slow down in the winter for obvious reasons.

See >>68270869
If we're keeping on schedual with the proposed timeskip, that'll be right around the spookier part of spooktoper, so it'll fit.
I'm retarded clearly but do they mean the 4th of october?
Near the start of the first thread, OP said the world has seven moons and is average sized but didn't elaborate beyond that.

I can play the part of enemy forces if needs be to provide some variety, but I'd much rather give the roles to new people. I'll mention them in the meta comment following the kick-off OP.

Lake Liverius has large mudflats exposed by the falling water (which will be really fucking low by the time of next thread) that will be flat and bullet-hard thanks to the freezing deep-winter temperatures that would make a very good airstrip.

Yeah, I mean the 4th Oct. The mentions of November were in respects to in-U time.

That sounds good, I wouldn't mind writing about Admech/Guard combined forces fighting through mountains in the depths of winter given we've had a couple of months now for the Guard tanks to be tooled up and the Skitarii to build up some field industry and "recruit" some fresh-forged.


Also left some room for the Inquisition to investigate the Admech for 1) the strange relic baneblade behaviour and 2) tolerating xenotech and working with Eldar.

Makeshift airbase in Stanley means small, comparatively elite forces holding out in Gregoriana with sparse resupply against Tau, Orks and whatever else posters want to summon up, so we can start with the aftermath of Liamhelm and the fighting in Gregor without having to have all our characters get out of proverbial bed again. I like it, we can get our A Bridge Too Far on with the fighty characters while various inter-Alliance plot hooks develop back in Groxbridge with the Inq and the Eldar and the Xenarites and such, the Rogue Trader gets his manufacturing going and continues wheeling and dealing and new enemy forces turn up.

I like the idea of starting with a load of us airdropping into a just-about friendly besieged town and holding out until a consistent supply route is developed via air or land, that seems fun.
Well that'll give me time to find some new character art at least
Last question who shall be the new governor ? It would be better if he have enemies or is part of a cult [genestealer or chaos] or even a Tau sympathyser

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