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>Be me
>Managed to escape the doomed town of skullheap (now again Groxbridge)
>Spending my days nibbling on rats and ration scraps in a sealed off portion of space wreck
>Naturally the ship I managed to defect back to turned to chaos moments later
>After a fairly onesided void battle, I am now stranded in a small spacehulk
>I mean, why should I expect escaping this system to be easy?
>All I can do is listen to comms traffic with a half busted vox system, and wait for the atmosphere in here to be depleted
>On the upside I did kill the fuckheads in this little section, so I have some privacy
>Comms chatter sounds like smooth sailing planetside
>Big fiery c'tan thing either fucked off or died, Imperials declaring it dead to keep the non-astartes from losing understandable shitloads of morale
>Necrons seem to have gone back to the old-xenos'-home for a nap
>Chaos is pulling back
>Some small packs of orks remain between the lines, giving both side trouble, but the majority of their forces and their boss havent been encountered for some time
>Imperial forces are still taking their typically high losses, but that is to be expected
>Groxbridge is being rebuilt around the crashed prow of a battleship
>Only the deepest swamps and bodies of water remain, the rest has dried up into deserts
>The scarred battlefied preserved, now hard as rock
>Many of the tanks have gone from stuck in mud to set in what is effectively rockcrete
>I should quit listening in like this is a fucking voxcast program, and try to find a way out of this void-coffin
File: noble.jpg (31 KB, 371x481)
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>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Things have been going pretty good ever since our victory at the Battle of Groxbridge
>Our regiment has been placed on garrison and policing duties, which is a huge improvement on being used as front line cannon fodder like a bunch of hive gang conscripts
>Currently sitting in a lawn chair in the shade, reading a vox slate with today's itinerary while my company does marching drills in full gear in the sun
0800-1000 - Supervise Morning Drills (AKA now)
1000-1200 - Meeting with Praetorian Liaison (they have AMAZING tea and scones)
1200-1300 - Lunch at Officers Mess (I think it is grox steak with sauteed vegetables and amasec, followed by chocolate covered pastries, yummy)
1300-1400 - Pistol Range (win myself another day of leave out shooting the other officers)
1400-1600 - Administrative Tasks (do some renovations on the mansion that was recently assigned as our company HQ)
1600-1700 - Hair Dresser (don't want the local nobles mistaking me for some common born peasant)
1700-2200 - Midsummer Ball (local nobles and industry leaders lining up to charm me into assigning a few squads to guard their property)
>Days like this are the reason that I joined the Guard
>Be me
>Clyde Miller, mute, taller, and younger of the two Miller brothers
>Livin' in the swamp with my brother John
>Summer came a lil early this year indeed
>Hotter than is normal too, Emprah damned it
>Even the swamp plants is wiltin' a lil with it all
>John's always on me abou' stayin' hi-dray-ted
>Fuck's sake, John, I'm slow not full on stoopid, and don't need to you tellin' me to be thirsty in this heat
>be me
>be professional Imperial propagandist, Administratum spin-doctor and all around badass Noll Bik
>stuck on space hulk after this one debacle planetside
>cameraman dead, roaming the space hulk with a laspistol on my own
>why is this place such a shithole
File: 1528492306813.jpg (21 KB, 346x406)
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>Be me, Admiral Gregorius Markus Agrippa Falkar (the staff have started calling me Greg)
>Been a while since I lost my ship, glad I managed to pull enough strings to get myself a new one of the same class
>Feels good to finally be sitting in a Retribution-class battleship again
>The guardsmen even respected my ol' moving torrent of fire to rebuild Groxbridge around it!
>Her machine spirit sure would be proud right now, if it hadn't been torn in half by some traitor
>Relaxing watching old holotapes with my crew on the bridge, listening into the Vox because I've seen this one a hundred times already
>Randomly tuning to various channels, can hear space marines talking to one another, officers drilling their men, the inquisitor doing weird shit and so on
>One particular channel grabs my attention though
>Sounds like someone shivering in space, periodically muttering about, "Fucking asshole chaos worshipers, Fucking commissars making me convert to chaos, Fucking orbital bombardment," etc.
>He must be in the wreckage of that traitor ship
>Lean in to vox
>Smack lips
>"How's it hanging in space?"
>Guy goes quite for about a minute
>"Not mutch, just slowly dying y'know, the usual."
>"Nice, nice."
>Pause for a few seconds, deciding whether or not I want to keep semi-watching this holovid
>"So uh, you want to get off that ship?"
>"Yeah, sure I guess."
>Send modified Starhawk over to look around the wreckage
>mfw ball of frozen traitor corpses glides past the bridge and no one notices but me
oh shit, more Damnatus Lutum. RT anon here, couldn't make the last thread since I was on holiday. I'll get in in the morning because eurofag.
>Be Stranded Naval Armsman
>Just had a conversation with some dude over the cox reciver
>Turns out the broadcaster wasn't busted, just the light that i dicated it was broadcasting
>They're sending a vessel to retrieve me
>At least now I doubt don't have to worry about how to get out of here
>The Emperor really does protect
>Decide to stay quiet since I cant tell when the vox system is or isn't broadcasting, let alone to who
> be me, Black Templar Marshal Hans
> be here praying.
> the mud on our armor has dried to become a new layer of paint.
> almost as if we were anointed
> I have been in prayer for days at this point, pondering upon our place after this last campaign.
> We cannot leave this world as we are now.
> The traitors still live upon this planet, and the xenos shall return in time.
> I do not know what to do now.
> I must pray upon this.
File: download.jpg (8 KB, 201x251)
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>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Some Tallarn captain comes over to me with a big creepy grin on his face
>Ugh, not this again...
>He makes various remarks on my hips, chest, complexion, and how I should consider having lots of babies since it is the will of the Emperor
>Apparently this is considered flirting on his home world
>Politely brush him off, return to reading reports
>Something about a possible tau flotilla being spotted in the area
>Pfft, as if they would attack a useless ball of sand like this...
>be pig shit farmer
>emerge from my root cellar, holy texts in hand
>as a gaze upon the blasted land scape and recall my days in the root cellar
>my narrow escape to shelter when the bombs started raining
>my reading of the holy texts and realization that the emperor is trying to tell me something
>the emperor saving me from dehydrations with sudden flooding and gifting me a life stick so I don't get the dysentery
>and of course the emperor cleansing the surface with holy fire
>that's when I realize what he was trying to tell me
>1. I a chosen prophet
>2. purge this world of heretics and non-believers
>3. and more importantly, that the Turnip is the emperor's greatest gift to humanity. And that all must know it.
> I then begin to make my way to Groxbridge
>Be me
>Brother-Sergeant Sammos of the Imperial Fists' Fifth Company, Second Squad
>Our chapter has assisted reconstruction by providing prefabricated structures to use as a foundation for the new Groxbridge
>All in all things are going smoothly
>I wish the Templars would take the time to clean their armor like the rest of us
>Even if it's just taking a stiff brush to it to get the majority cleaned off
>I won't say anything for now, they'll figure it out eventually

>I know Captain Paulicus has the chaos terminator champion's helmet as our chapter's reminder of our brothers' sacrifice
>But, what is there to mark the sacrifice of the guard?
>My time in the field has borne this question
>We are the bulwark of humanity, we do what we do, and die, without fear, because we are made for it
>Our purpose lies in protecting humanity
>They are in many ways lesser than us, and as the superior it is our duty to see to their safety
>We were made, not to lead them, but to protect them
>We are angels, duty bound
>Not demigods to crusade as we please in the names of our genefathers, or the Emperor
>At the same time, though they are indeed frail in comparison to nearly all the enemies they face, they fight
>Despite such insurmountable odds, they spill their blood as ready as we would
>We, who are made to know no fear, are matched in bravery by the fragile people we were made to protect
>I should propose an idea to Captain Paulicus
>We should gild one of the dead, irreparable baneblades as a permanent reminder of the sacrifice of those who sought to liberate this city
>I wonder if a baneblade has enough surface area to inscribe the names of the fallen troopers
>Be Aun'El Dar'Shum
>Over the past few weeks Gue'vesa and corrupt merchants have smuggled thousands of Fire Caste and drones on to the planet
>Now is the time to strike when they least expect it!
>Signal T'au and Gue'vesa forces to launch attacks on Imperial forces in Groxbridge, Liamhelm, Grimhedge, and other military strongholds, while our political allies seize control of less defended cities
>Earth Caste specialists hijack much of the world's communication network in order to broadcast the infinite wisdom of the Greater Good
>Water Caste diplomats secretly approach any nobles that we have identified as being open to our influence
>By the time the Air Caste flotilla arrives, the planet should be well on its way to being under our control
> Be me black Templar Marshall hans.
> be in the middle of praying in the cathedral of Groxbridge, in the midst of being restored.
> suddenly the doors are kicked open and a team of fire warriors rushes in.
> they then stop and stare as I rise.
> these XENOS SCUM
> this shall not stand.
> I can already hear bolter, pulse, and lasgun firing filling the air outside as combat ensues.
> herewegoagain.ohshit
> Draw my power sword and charge the xenos.
> fortheemperor.purge
>Be Imperial Navy Communications Officer
>Comms works has been monotonous lately
>Suddenly, half of the cjatter goes silent and the other half lights up like mad
>The other comms officers are taking a recaf break
>Running through reports like a penal legionaire ODing on literally everything
>Breaking a harder sweat than the guys on the surface
>Fuck me I need a vacation
>be former pig shit farmer
>I eventually arrive at Groxbridge
>it is under attack by filthy xenos
>the are also broad casting their blasphemous propaganda
>how dare they stand in the way of my holy mission
File: images (3).jpg (8 KB, 206x245)
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>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>On way to see Praetorian Liaison
>Suddenly start hearing gunfire and yelling from various directions
>What in the blazing hells?
>See Tau Pathfinder running around corner
>It looks like it is running away from something but it is only a matter of time before it sees me
>Not sure if shitty standard issue laspistol can puncture the armor it is wearing
>Drop into a kneeling position and shoot it repeatedly in its unarmored groin while yelling a battle cry
>Finish it off with a throat shot while running for cover
>Who knows how many more of those things are out there
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Listening to "God-Emperor Save the Queen" on my personal phonograph
>Comm officer comes running over in a panic
>Says that the Tau have finagled the vox and are invading the planet
>Can't have that wot
Alright laddies!! Off your arses!! Tank needs to be ready to muck in within 5 minutes
>Liddle blue rascals think they can take on an Imperial world
>We will feed them their own gizzards we will!
late night bump
>be former pig shit farmer
>be making way through the city
>eventually arrive at a major intersection
>get a soap box
>stand on said box and begin preaching
>say that the big E designated me as a prophet
>tell my story of survival and how the Emperor saved me by divine intervention
>tell the masses that the planet needs to be cleansed and that the Turnip is the Emperor's gift to humanity
File: 1561379778603.png (246 KB, 478x274)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
>Be Imperial pilot
>Just got that C'tan
>Hoping to get back to the fleet and celebrate
>How do we mark a C'tan kill on a thunderbird?
>MFW got back in the stratosphere and vox came in
Blueberries are trying to take the planet that WE just took back from traiter defended it against orks and necrons
>That reccaf will have to wait
> be me marshal hans.
> everything has gone up in flames. again.
> dammit didn't we just do this shit?
> why is this happening again?
> and with the fucking tau no less.
> ponder this as I choke the last fire warrior to death, mainly because I'm bored, and also because it's satisfying.
> my brothers are attempting to purge everything they can find.
> I might as well go find the fuckers in charge and murder them.
> yank my powersword out of the wall, ignoring the formerly impaled tau body that falls to the floor.
> whistle a tune as I walk out into the city to purge.
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Roaming the city, looking for bloody blues to turn to bloody smears
>Eh, wot's this?
>Spot one of them robot thingies facing the wrong bally way, blazing down the street at our boys
Oi, Hemmy, lets bugger this blighter hard
>Can practically hear Hemsworth, my driver, grin from up here
>No point on wasting shells if you don't need to
>Hemsworth guns the engines, and the tank's main turret rams deep into the robot's rear end before it has a change to turn
>Thing's armor must be thinner than a bloody leaf
Take that you blimey blue scalawag!!!
Tally Hooo!!!!
Hemmy, find a building or something we can use to scrape this bloody mess of the ol' gal
Need my biggest pecker cleared off and ready to fire
>Take a sip of tea
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>End up wandering into a major intersection
>Not sure whether I should try to head back to my company own HQ, or proceed to one of the other Imperial Guard installations
>Whenever I try to head away from the violence, another even bigger fight appears in my path
>Stop for a bit to listen to some nut job rant about turnips
>Watch a Baneblade drive by with a Tau battle mech impaled on its main gun
>This place keeps getting weirder and weirder
>Be Imperial pilot
>Name's Antonius btw
>Shooting many space camels in the sky with my squad
>So many of us
>We really are outnumbering them
>This is how they must feel like down there in the guard
>I'm getting low on ammo
>What seems to be a fishface troopcarrier is trying to escape the battle and land to reinforce the xenos
>At least it's burning
>MFW i'm shot down and just upside that manta
>I dont have a parachute
>Open my thunderbird
>Grab laspistol and start to shoot the camels
>Using my last engine to direct me and the manta to the ground
>The ground is a fucking city
>get my head and arm back in the cockpit
>Start praying the Emperor
>be former pig shit farmer, now preacher
>as a larger crowd gathers
>I begin preaching more about the emperor’s glory
> say a few ideas like “slay a xeno or heretic and all previous sins will be forgiven”
>also throw out a few ideas of how to increase food production, because the emperor told me to
>as a baneblade with an impaled xeno machine drives by, I do the sign of the Aquila and say “look apon the glorious Astra Militarum, they bravely slay the foul xenos day in and day out. They are true servants of the Emperor.”
File: ohnonotagain.png (134 KB, 408x269)
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134 KB PNG
>Be esteemed and honest Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Been having a bad few months
>The lost world was a bust, the inhabitants of Kerbol III appear to have rebuilt to Low Space level, and then wiped themselves out by crashing an asteroid into their own planet
>Who the fuck does that?
>Nutters, the lot of them
>My stay on the pleasure world Happy Ending to unwind was then very rudely cut short by a Chaos incursion
>And now the ship astropath snuffed it, so I have to go and pick up a replacement
>Next planet on the route there is.....
>Oh no.
>You cannot be serious
>This HAS to be a bad hallucinatory after-effect of what the third mate and the psyker did on D Deck last night
>Smack the First Mate
>Smack the Navigator
>Smack the pilot
>Ok, calm down now
>All we have to do is stay in orbit and it'll be fine. Just stay and recharge the engines and let the Navigator rest for a couple days.
>Huh, the planet seems to have changed quite a lot since our last visit
>It's now a lighter shade of brown and drier, Groxbridge is mostly gone and somewhat rebuilt apart from spaceport, somehow
>There's half an Imperial Battlefleet hanging around and a lot of debris in orbit (including chunks of what looks like Imperial capital ship), I hope they didn't plan on putting any satellites into space
>To cap it off, there seems to be yet another battle going on downstairs
>Through the telescope, it looks like Tau.
>That goddamn news rag on the train was right
>Anyway, I'm staying out of it. Should be fine so long as that Ork doesn't show up again.
>.....although that would be a fine opportunity for a rematch.
>Who the hell has the amasec around here? I need a drink.

Also calm down on the bumps guys
File: 1551057422277.png (483 KB, 647x457)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Bident has disappeared in the last battle, sent out scouts to look for it all across the planet
>These fortifications are quite fine, even if they are, to some extent, pre-built
>Iron warriors have been pushed past groxbridge, indeed most of the heretics are dead
>Yet some of them remain
>Watching Marshal Hans praying to the emperor, continually asking myself whether or not I should lend him my pain glove, when I hear the sound of screaming
>Bolt outside, see Tau mech suits landing in and around Groxbridge
>mfw they except to win in an urban environment with melee fighting black templars
>We are deep in segmentum Ultramar, why are they here?
>Can already hear the marshal beating Tau to death with his bare hands
>The tau appear to not have seen me yet
>Get together a group of five other battle brothers in the combat and sneak around the tau firing line inside the city
>Can see them stuck in firefights with other battle brothers, Kriegers, Tallarn, Risians, Happy Enders and Steel Legionaries
>Decide it's time I help out
>Jump at one of the larger mech suits
>Reel back power fist as I leap
>Slam it straight into the suits chest, shattering every bone in the pilots body along with creating a large dent in the suit
>Watch as the rest of my battle brothers throw their krak grenades at the suits, destroying the remaining terrified fishmen
>Order guardsmen to hold their ground, commend them for doing well
>Hide behind wide collapsed pillar with my brothers when I hear something over the vox
>"This-this is Admiral Falkar, holy shit look up!" I hear the admiral blurt out while laughing manically
>Shift my gaze upwards and see the remains of several rather large looking torn apart tau space craft hurtling toward the surface
>I don't see why this is funny, but I am glad someone here is enjoying themselves
File: 1558302330244.png (189 KB, 640x640)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius
>The tau manta crashed un a building Bear some kind of preacher and baneblade pushing some kind of armor
>This place is too weird
>Stiller in my thunderbird "flying" few meters above ground
>Hit ground
>Continue to move forward because i lost control of my engine
>Hit some kind of xenos knight in sise
>Definitivily lose control of my aircraft as do some barrel roll
>After several violent minutes of barrel rolling un the air and the ground, hit à building near à cathedral
>Aircraft finally stops
>But it's on fire
>Leave cockpit, take laspistol, and hide from the explosion behind a Big pile of dirt
>It's a Space Marine and he looks angry
>MFW when he asks me what in the warp is going on
I missed the end of the last thread, could someone give a quick recap?
What is the last bit you remember?
IF chaplain wading through the shit tunnels to go and punch artillery
>Be me, Skitarii Alpha Primus Sigma-32c, withdrawn to behind ridge overlooking Groxbridge
>Iron Hands apothecary was kind enough to stop the internal bleeding from all the Orks last time and repair my crippled leg
>Retrieved spare helmet from tank, not quite as good as implanted vox but it'll do
>Sword was a write-off, currently hefting stripped-down heavy bolter taken from trench line around two-handed
>About 50 Skitarii left, only four of them the Sicarians who were my de facto command squad, although four of my five Enginseers survived.
>Radio fleet for resupply drop and reinforcements, especially requesting heavier units like Kataphrons since it seems we'll be here a while.

>Link up to tank command net, see that there's even more bad guys and this time they're fucking Tau
>Disconnect crew firing authority on main gun on the least fucked Disintegrator, slave to my fire control
>Imperial Fist I met before is beating six kinds of hell out of a battlesuit, range main cannon on his IFF and start blasting away at any suit that looks sufficiently intact
>Form remaining eleven vehicles up into tattered attack formation, aim to flank around the right side of the town/ship and start clearing it towards the bunker line
>Skim past Imperial Fist and his squad, offer them a ride in my Dunerider since we could use some heavy melee
File: RAGE N U T.jpg (21 KB, 400x284)
21 KB
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>Have been stuck with the marauder bombers waiting to get back into the fighting for quite some bally time now
>Apparently our tour de force from last time was "reckless" and "mildly heretical" due to some krieg-related collateral damage
>However we also crippled the chaos forces so my superior has no choice but to ignore this factor
>And I should think so too you pillock!
>Have missed most of the battle over at groxbridge, apparently more orks appeared and tried to pull over an imperator titan, with some... mixed results
>Can now pick up through the vox that more xeno scum have arrived to stir up some trouble
>And right in the middle of tea time too, the uncouth barbarians!
>Apparently the xenos are tau
>Those blighters? I hate those blighters! Them and their ponsy stealth tech and fancy-looking battlesuits!
>Decide I need to gather the other chaps and bring the heat to these xenos
>However, the rest of my squad is currently enjoying tea time, and only a xeno or a heretic would interrupt tea time
>Ah well, you chaps should've paid more attention to the vox
>Hop into my personal marauder bomber that I've been quietly *ahem* "improving" in a completely non tech-heretical manner for greater speeds and bomb capacity
>Rev up the engines and set off to begin burning my way through the xeno lines
>As my bomber approaches the main battlefield, can immediately spot the majority of tau forces trying to get into Groxbridge
>Apparently the chaps there can't seem to catch a moment's rest
>However, the Tau are mainly focusing on attacking from the south, which gives me the chance to create what I like to call "Roast Xeno Souffle"
>As I approach Groxbridge, ducking and weaving the AA fire from the xeno scum, tune in my favourite song "Do it Again" from my favourite band "Ceramighty Danicus"
>The vox transmission are soon filled with the sweet, sweet sound of loyalist jazz rock
>Am now over Groxbridge, heading out of town and straight towards the xeno lines
>As I begin to reach the town's border, open the bomb bays and give those xeno rapscallions the what for with several bombs-worth of promethium
>Smile with pyromaniacal glee as dozens upon dozens of xenos are now running about screaming and on fire
>Turn on the speaker built onto the lower side of the bomber that I keep for times like this
>Yell into my microphone so all the xenos will hear me
Artillery got taken care of
Necrons started popping up
Imperial Navy bombarded everything from orbit
Then a shard of a spicy c'tan popped up
The obvious solution was more bombardment
C'tan shard fucked off
Things more or less calmed back down to normalcy after that
Oh yeah and the prow of a destroyed Retribution-class battleship wiped most of the Orks, along with a warlord-class Titan.
>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>We have lost skullheap, but the Imperials have become preoccupied with some unexpected blueskins
>Too much of the artillery was destroyed or lost, a change of plans is needed
>Order the men to take the mountains of shells we still have and start turning them into bombs
>Grab some shovels and field farmers hats to help blend in
>Prepare to welcome loyalist scum to the minefields
File: 1541576256495.jpg (22 KB, 224x219)
22 KB
>Be me, Armageddon Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>That crazy bastard Diederich got my tank destroyed!
>Oh well, it was just a prototype anyway
>Got deployed to this planet in order to recover the remains of my Maus 2k
>Turns out it's buried to its fucking turret in the ground
>Forget that I guess
>Tactical officer Oswald convinces me to help out the Mechanicus on the planet looking for a huge bident relic
>Well that sounds kinda fun
>One day while petting my Baneblade and telling her how much of a good girl she is to please her machine spirit, hear something from above
>Sounds like... Tau battlesuits?
>Thank the emperor, action!
>Get the baneblade fired up, command my squadron of mixed Leman Russ tanks and Macharius heavy tanks to get out of the garage we're in and to follow me in a flanking manoeuvre
>Leman Russ Knight-Commander pops out of his command hatch as we’re rolling out
>"Ah man I've been waiting for this! You excited Hans?"
>"I can't wait to bang one of those Tau!"
>Turn to him with a look of confused disgust on my face
>"You... you mean bag, right Anshelm?"
>"Uuuuuh... yeah! Bag! Totally! Just misspoke."
>He looks as if nothing happened
>mfw water cast subversion probably snuck one of those extra heretical big titted tau pornography magazines into my men’s equipment
>Drifting through the barren landscape with pretty good speed, blowing any and all battlesuits we see to hell and back
>Spot a troupe of Mechanicus units picking up a couple imperial fists
>See a sneaky little XV-88 sitting above them, possibly taking aim at the Duneraider (might just be cowering in fear, can't tell)
>Snipe him from his tower, blow him into a rain of scrap metal, getting the Admechs attention
>Tune into Mechanicus comm channel
>Begin waving to the Alpha Primus leading the group
>"Yo! Need a hand?"
>Help them continue their flanking manoeuvre
> be me black templar marshal hans
> be doing my thing purging xenos and such, with my brother from the imperial fists
> apparently some xeno thought it'd be a good idea to attack a system with a full battlefleet in orbit.
> come upon what happens to be the center of town.
> see a man preaching the emperor's divine word.... maybe. He's doing a lot of things right, but he's getting a few things wrong.
> Eh who can I complain, he clearly isn't ministorum.
> see a baneblade drive by with a xenos battlesuit hanging limply from the front of its cannon, impaled upon it.
> ah, transportation, perfect.
> rush to the baneblade and hop aboard, using handholds on the skirt armor to heft myself atop the mighty machine of war.
> Maybe I can do something about the battlesuit hanging from the front. The cannon clearly cannot fire with such an obstruction in the way.
>Be Brother-Sergeant Sammos of the Imperial Fists, Fifth Company, Second Squad
>Stepping out of the little astares' when a small squad of tau surround me
>Pull my boltgun and combat knife
>A good astartes never relieves himself without the ability to defend himself
>Blast the helmeted head of one into oblivion with one bolt
>What the fuck was the point of the helmet even
>Stab another in the gut
>Hoist the the xenos scum off the ground and throw him into his friends, knocking them down
>Riddle the pile of xenos with boltgun rounds
>How many times are we going to rebuild this city?
File: DOUBT.jpg (31 KB, 600x909)
31 KB
>Be me
>Sister Palatine of the Adeptus Sororitas, Sister Farnese
>Have been sent in to deal with an apparent chaos incursion on some backwater mudworld somewhere in the Ultramar sector
>However, we seem to have arrived somewhat... late
>The chaos forces have been all but eliminated, instead replaced by a very large of tactically lacking xenos
>Specifically, a large force of Tau who decided it would be wise to attack a heavily fortified imperial world with a battlefleet surrounding it
>Am also starting to receive word of an apparent prophet of the emperor being revealed on the planet
>Oh well, we're already here I suppose
>And I do reeeaaally hate those Tau stealth suits
>Have my fellow sisters load onto three valkyrie landing craft and prepare to assist the astartes already present

>Be me, Sigma 32-c
>Picked up the Fists, airstrike's set the whole northern section of the town on fire and caused a pleasingly large section of the enemy indicators on my auspex to wink out or start running around in circles not doing much
>Good enough place to start the attack as any, metal legs help quite a lot with charging through napalmed streets
>Waved down by Steel Legion tank commander, apparently the tracked vehicles can actually move on the ground now the mud has gone
>Hell yes, let's get this Autokrator thing rolling
>Typical mixed armour formation, Machariuses on the flanks, Leman Russes as the bulk of the spearhead, Disintegrators behind and my transports and the Baneblade in the middle.
>Very light resistance, Tau mostly shock and awed by the gigantic airstrike . Huge wedge of armour pushing through burning ground, successfully manage to push around the town and start shelling the hell out of the buildings tough enough for the Tau to hide from the incendiaries in.
>Duneriders drift neatly to a stop, ramps slam down and Skitarii charge into the town, start clearing bunkers, buildings and avenues from behind the main Tau line. Imperial Fists follow. Mount up in my Disintegrator, I've had enough of urban combat for a while.
>Auspex blinks three times, Tau armoured division incoming, drawn as much by the gigantic pillar of smoke as anyone else
>Xenos scum must have landed some Mantas further back
>Vox over details to Commander Hochberg and Lt. Paulicus, prepare for armoured engagement
>Where the hell are those Kataphrons I requested, what exactly is the fleet playing at?
File: Enjoying Herself.png (258 KB, 489x408)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
>The force of three dozen sisters all grab their combined arms of melta guns, flamers, bolters and three rocket launchers, one per squad
>Have taken one of the melta guns for myself, just to make sure that those Tau scum are extra toasty once I'm done with them
>The valkyries begin to approach the ground from our original preparation spot in low orbit
>Immediately make for the town of Groxbridge, currently the area with some of the fiercest fighting
>As soon as we approach the ground, it's becoming clear that the Tau underestimated our forces
>Well, that simply means an easier duty for I and my fellow sisters of the Martyred Lady
>However, some idiot is blasting loyalist jazz rock over the vox
>Tell whoever it is to turn down the music as the valkyries prepare to land
>As soon as the Valkyries touch ground I and my fellow sisters rush off and start turning every Tau we see into worthless piles of ash
>In the middle of the best part of my job, notice an astartes defending himself from a squad of xenos with nothing but a combat knife and a boltgun
>Get sister Valarie to throw him her melta gun
>He catches it, she immediately pulls out her two bolt pistols and starts going ham on the xeno forces with righteous fury
>Praise the Emperor, I love my job
I just realized I didn't make it very clear that I meant one rocket launcher per squad, ah well.
File: saywhatnow.jpg (497 KB, 1192x670)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Watching the space battle
>"Tactically challenged" Tau are losing badly
>Lots of wreckage is falling on the planet
>A whole Hero-class cruiser is falling out of orbit...let's seeeee...its impact point looks to be in the Brunus Ocean to the north, near the mouth of the River Saponite
>.....which will transmit the massive wave directly upstream to Groxbridge
>All the more reason to stay up here, I hate wearing scuba gear
>Oh, hello. It looks like Tolria wants to say something
>What's what? Hmm... What!? No! Pssch. Oh, fine. You bring it and yourself back in one piece, do you hear me!
>Apparently some of her buddies from Alaitoc heard about the Necron tomb near Groxbridge and the C'Tan on the planet and went completely berserk
>Alaitoc roped in Iyanden, who called up Biel-Tan, who cashed in a favour with Ulthwé, who dragooned in Saim-Hann, who sweet-talked Lugganath, who blackmailed Altansar and so on
>Now there's a rainbow of forces from over a dozen Craftworlds all itching to have a go, but they lack a way to get down to the planet without being shot out of the sky by the Imperials
>Tolria had the bright idea of borrowing the shuttle we "borrowed" last time, since it's still in Imperial Guard livery and with an Imperial IFF, to shuttle the forces down to the surface undetected through the somehow-still-intact spaceport.
>Then they strike the tomb under cover of the utter pandemonium currently being experienced around it thanks to the latest mêlée à trois on the planet.
>It's a decent plan and the only good Necron is a dead Necron (if such a thing exists), so I don't mind them doing that so long as both she and the shuttle come back intact.
>Settle down with a glass of fine amasec and a box of cigars to watch the space battle while we wait for Eldar planetfall in a few hours
>It's going to end in either a smooth surgical operation or in a total clusterfuck
>Since when has anything on this planet ever not been the latter?
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Mopping up the xenos that dared ambush me while exiting the little astartes' room
>Changing mags when sisters of battle arrive
>Wonderful, because the average temperature of this world hadn't risen enough
>Sheath my knife
>One of them tosses me a melta
>Sling my boltgun back over my shoulder
>Meltguns aren't usually my thing, but hey "when the Emperor grants you lemons..."
>Not too sure where my squad was when the xenos arrived
>I'm sure Brother Richter and the rest can perform in my absence
>The sororitas are the closest Imperial forces, so it looks like I'll be slugging out with them in the mean time
>Spray the meltagun down a sidealley at a few xenos scouts before moving to regroup with the sisters
>Black armor and a crusading attitude
>Dorn's sideburns, they're like the Templars
>And why black? It takes in heat
>Actually if I was stuck in hot ass armor for days on end I think I might be a little irritable myself
>Whatever, Sammos, just keep your moith shut, you wouldn't want to insult them after they've been so kind as to lend a weapon
File: 246.gif (1.9 MB, 500x280)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius
>Sororitas are here along Space Marine
>Asking around how I should get back to the battle in Space
>Decide to hop on a baneblade with à Marine and guardsmen of different horizon
>Ask for a lasgun and start shooting at the T'au
>MFW I am told that we are winnig the space battle
>C'tan probably dead, heretics mostly dead, necrons fucked off somewhere else, and the mushrooms are grilled
>Nothing can go wrong
> be me marshal hans
> sororitas have shown up now.
> apparently we're winning the battle in space.
> no way it's that simple.
> I pause from my thinking to blast a fire warrior's head clean off with a plasma pistol shot.
> where was I?
> oh yes, this clusterfuck.
> no way is it gonna be that easy, there's always something that shows up to make a situation even worse.
> I'm just waiting to see what it is at this point.
> Emperor please let it be eldar.
> I REALLY wish to slaughter some eldar today.
> their soulstones are such lovely additions to armor.
>Be me
>Duh orkiest ork in duh sektuh, Orko uv Dakkamark
>Aftuh sum burnin git an a zoggin 'umie kroozer turnd mohzt uv me boyz intuh ded boyz, I ad tuh mayk a taktikul retreet
>'owevuh, duh band wot I 'eyerd tuh play sum rokkin toonz also surveyevd, along wiv me kroozer, duh zoggin big rok wot I nikd, an uv korz me mayt Bomba
>I 'ad tuh drag dat git by 'iz 'andz an neez coz uv all duh burnin goin on wen we left
>Duh big burnin git mayd all duh mud intuh dry mud, so now me Akwa Gitz aynt much gud
>Dey'r also ded but ya noh, deetaylz, deetaylz
>Deespyt duh obvius krumpin me an duh boyz faysd, a lot moor boyz 'av turnd up tuh 'elp me an me reemaynin spays gitz krump duh 'umiez
>An evun bettuh, duh Bigguh Mek 'az feyenulee finishd duh Gargant wot 'ee wuz workin on beefor!
>An itz a byootee lemme tell ya, dat git iz duh mekkiest mek dat evuh did mek
>It 'az duh Bigguh Mek'z bestest gubbinz on it, lyk diz ryt zoggin big sownd shootah wot 'ee kallz a "Marstah Blarstah"
>Not tuh fuhget all duh speekuhz all ovuh diz fing
>Az well az an ehskayp jet in duh middul uv duh gargant fuh wen me or bomba need to get owt an keep koppin gitz
>'ee evun put tank tredz on it, dat git can reed me zoggin mynd
>'owevuh, even doh diz Gargant iz ryt zoggin Orky, I still needz me a buncha boyz tuh 'elp krump duh 'umiez
>Lukuhlee, I got diz ryt good eyedeeyer in me 'ed wen wee left
>I 'av duh spayz gitz uv Gork, an I 'ad duh akwa gitz uv Mork
>'ow abowt duh WAAAAAGHal Fly Boyz?
>I meen, duh Bigguh Mek did mayk a lotta fightahz an dakkajetz wen 'ee saw duh mud get dryd up
>An even doh me Orkstuhroyd lozt mohzt uv itz dakka tuh dohz zoggin 'umiez, duh Bigguh Mek wuz aybul tuh mayk sum improovmuntz
>Now it 'az all deez tunnulz goin froo it, lyk duh tunnulz dohz 'umiez mayd on duh dry mud planit
>Ekzept deez tunnulz can 'elp duh boyz hyd all duh flyboy-kraft
>Dey eevun 'av duh ability tuh fyr mega drop podz on a planit fulla Koptahz an Chinorkz
File: Duh Rokkah Gargant.png (1.16 MB, 889x634)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>Now fuh duh krumpin plan
>Will 'av duh Orkstuhroyd go neer duh planit an fyr duh mega podz
>Me kroozer will stay away frum duh krumpin an owt uv seein diztunz frum duh 'umiez
>Wudunt want me bakkup plan gettin krump'd aftuh all
>Az duh Orkstuhroyd getz neer duh ball uv dry mud, I getz ontuh duh Gargant wiv Deff Squiggoth an Bomba an a few uvah boyz
>Feel duh rumbul uv duh mega-pod fyrin at duh planit frum orbit az we kwiklee krash intuh duh surfiss agen
>Orkliutt getz on duh 'ed uv duh Gargant an startz playin 'iz favuhrut song "Fotograff" az duh gargant crashiz froo duh mega pod ontuh duh dryd-up grownd
>Bomba iz duh firzt mayt on diz Gargant uv korz, an kikz any gretchin 'ee dohnt lyk intuh duh furniz dat powuhz duh fing
>Ah Bomba, nevuh chayng yah git
>'ee keepz gettin diztraktid by all duh burnin frum dat 'umie town dat wuz fulla chaos boyz lazt tym wee wuz 'ere
>Juzt fulla SPACE MUHREENZ an bloo panseez
>Doze bloo panseez aynt evun fun tuh krump dey iz zo zoggin week!
>Ah well, at leezt deez 'umiez will put up a fyt
>Yell at duh boyz tuh breev in deep an get redy
>Az I breev in, see all duh fightahz an fightah-bombaz flyin ovuh duh grownd, covuhrin it in bombz an dakka
>Bringz a smyl tuh me fayz it duz
>Now den, fuh duh mayn eevent...
File: Tau Skyray.jpg (167 KB, 925x949)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>Be Sigma 32-c
>Armoured engagement is going well
>Early warning meant we managed to close to within main gun range of the Tau armour before they could crest the hills overlooking Groxbridge and start pounding us with railgun fire.
>Guard armour has formed rough firing line on flat ground, basic but decidedly effective.
>Admech Disintegrators pulled onto the low slopes of the hill with shroud protocols active, firing solutions preranged
>Lock targets, put two disintegrator rockets into the underbelly of the first Hammerhead as it crests the hill, ferrumite cannon overpenetrates the Devilfish alongside.
>First 'Head goes up in a spectacular fireball, 'Fish lists slightly but keeps coming until a Baneblade lascannon spears the main drive.
>Similar results along the line, but second wave reacts quickly
>Fire up turbines and charge as the first Skyray rockets start pounding down at the Guard armour on the plain proper
>Tau gunner is obviously used to duelling Leman Russes, turret doesn't turn fast enough to track my Skorp as it drifts around the side of a Hammerhead
>First cannon round goes clean through the right engine pod, second one manages to pen the turret and blast the crew to hell
>Tau Fire Warriors leaping clear of immobilized devilfish, side gunner hoses them down with the heavy stubber
>Guard gunner further back tracks the tracers, battle cannon round explodes on the side armour of the transport and scythes down the remainder of the squad with shrapnel
>Lost two Disintegrators in the knife fight, remaining four break past the crumbling Tau line and take a few desultory potshots at the withdrawing Skyrays, only manage to wing one
>Total combat tally, nine Hammerheads and four Devilfish destroyed or abandoned, two Disintegrators lost, half a dozen Guard tanks with varying degrees of battle damage
>Vox Commander Hochberg, tell him that we're calling in repair and resupply at this position and he's welcome to get his vehicles fixed up too
File: Yee-fucking-haw.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
>Be me, Captain Jebediah Weston of the Brass Vipers Chapter of Space Marines, 2nd Company
>On our way back to the Chapter Monastery after a successful routing of some yellow-bellied Heretics that tried to take over our allied forge world.
>Small Warp jump from the subsector to our Chapter Monstery for some celebratory Whiskey and to deliver and a new shipment of our signature Bolt Revolvers
>However it seems the Emperor has another plan for us as we're spat out in another sector of the Imperium Entirely
>See some Imperial Ships in Orbit and what appears to be Tau.
>Immediately tell the boys to form up a posse and get the bikes ready as I reload my duel bolt-revolvers
>We got some Xeno to hunt, and possibly some new Tau Skin to go over my Armor's Boots
>We all load into our custom pattern Bike Drop Pods and descend onto the world below.
>We ride to deliver Imperial Justice, Frontier Style.
>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>The sheer volume of nurglite-tainted shit we flooded the tunnels with is causing goddamn jungles to sprout up on the surface in hours
>More cover to hide equipment and men in, how convenient
>Be Guardsman Bill Seren
>Patrolling rural land outside of Groxbridge, glad the monsoons seem to have stopped
>See some civvies working the fields
>Wait a second
>A farmer jumps up
>It’s actually a traitor marine with a cone on his head
File: newshuttle.png (611 KB, 800x582)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, Eldar Outcast of Alaitoc
>Stannim let me borrow our shuttle for, well, shuttling our forces
>Me and Danarius have spent the last half-day ferrying load after load of troops, equipment and materiel down to the spaceport.
>We've amassed enough of a force hidden on the outskirts of that damn rubble pile to fight a small war
>Which is exactly what we plan to do.
>I'm hearing reports the Imperials took out the C'Tan somehow (credit where credit is due), but the Tomb still needs to be dealt with
>Park up the shuttle as night begins to fall on the Groxbridge Metro Area and the crumbling buildings in the distance cast long shadows
>There was a brief tsunami scare following a huge spaceship crash in the ocean, but all it did was give a few heretics wet feet
>Long lines of not-Eldar under trench coats and hoods pass through Arrivals, and clearly the customs officers are too incompetent to notice us carrying Wraithknights under tarpaulins and crates of Shuriken Launchers in the baggage
>Some train service has been restored, and we're congregating in the Brannet district to marshal our forces and prepare for the imminent assault
>Arrive at Brannet, and get told that since the Tau are collapsing and there might be Orks incoming we're going NOW and I've been drafted into the command staff thanks to being here before
>We're splitting up into squads to sneak through the lines under cover of night and the ongoing battle to assault the Tomb, and I'm supposed to lead a squad
>Since when did I become an exarch?
>Who cares? This is going to be FUN! Or a disaster. Probably both.

>We finally reach the planet in our Drop pods, the doors open and we ride as fast as we fecking can, mud splattering the greaves of our sand-colored Armor and the wind in our Ponchos
>This is what I live for, killing Xenos and Heretics and riding with my Brothers
>We ride until we start seeing Tau, I and my brother draw our Bolt Revolvers and fire
>The heavy bolt rounds from our Revolvers send any Fire Warriors and Drones onto the ground, chunks missing from their bodies
>Brother Arthur is swinging a Fire Warrior caught in his power lasso around, smacking more of the Xenos Scum with the force of a Thunder Hammer while driving his bike in a circle.
>Today is turning out to be a good day
>In the meantime leave a large contingency of my Battle-Brothers to purge as Rattlesnake Squad and I look for any additional Imperial Commanders
>Be me, necron lord
>Feeling a bit groggy finally waking up
>Trying to stay down but keep hearing noises
>Overlord is awake and already mobilizing forces
>Orders me to go up and lead
>Grab warscythe, it can't shoot anymore for some reason
>Gonna be a long day
File: Keep going anon.jpg (265 KB, 461x608)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>Well I'd say my initial bombing run was a jolly good show and a half
>Countless Tau were put on the hot seat, and thanks to my sudden absence the other chaps in the squad got their act together and got their bombers over Groxbridge to welcome the xeno scum to the planet
>However, I got yelled at by some silly sod on the ground to turn down the music
>Is that a threat?
>No-one turns down the Danicus as long as I have a say in it
>In the meanwhile, have been giving Groxbridge the quick look-over after a quick bomb refill back at the PAF outpost
>Spot a bunch of local farmers running from some fields
>Slacking off eh?
>Wait a moment, is that guardsman firing at the dirt in the field?
>Is that a traitorous astartes?
>Yell over the vox for the other chaps in the squad to start watching over the various fields surrounding groxbridge as I approach the about-to-be-crispy dirt fields
>Turn on my speakers again and yell through the microphone "DID ONE OF YOU CHAPS ORDER SOME ROAST HERETIC?"
>Drop a few incendiaries upon the fields and watch with satisfaction as the traitorous astartes go up in flames
>Also notice some of the fields collapse, and the promethium with it
>Well, I suppose that's where the blighters have been hiding all this time
>Yell some more over the vox for some lads to get their arses into gear and investigate beneath Groxbridge for any hidden heretics
>Notice the large amount of scrap aircraft approaching Groxbridge that all seem to be yelling about war or something like that
>As well as the monstrous Ork titan blasting some rather bally tasteless music
>I mean really, where's the piano and saxophones?
>Turn my marauder round to show the encroaching Orks what-for
>Be me, Imperial fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Skitarii called in fire support, large sections of northern groxbridge are on fire
>A fair few fire warriors are camped out in the buildings, trying and failing to kill Astartes, guardsmen and now Sisters of Battle
>Rushing through bunker complex to bunker complex, building to building, punching through walls to get ahead
>Literally crushing and ripping apart fire warriors with my bare hands, oddly enough some of them appear to be traitor humans?
>Not chaos worshipers, but humans that have begun working for the Tau
>Remember Hans telling me about that one time the Black Templars joined the Damocles crusade
>He mentioned something about, "spineless fuckheads who turned their back on the emperor in favour of worshiping some blueberry concept"
>I must speak to any and all commissars nearby once this battle is won, if it IS won, that is
>Whole squad of space marines with me along with several Skitarii
>Made my way into a large bombed out, halfway toppled over hive spire
>I believed that would be a perfect location to deploy artillery to, which the tau likely would wish to as their artillery is considerably lighter than our own
>Covered head to toe in the blood of he on terra's enemies at this point, speaks of bone and flesh dot my armour
>The remaining Tau warriors begin throwing themselves or their weapons out of the spire as I advance, several "Gue'vesa" as they call themselves surrender there on the spot
>Continue making my way up the spire as the Skitarii with me massacer those that surrender
>At the very top, spot just what I had feared
>A battlesuit covered in weapons appears to just have landed, around it are several Tau that don't seem to be warriors
>The Tau are speaking to one another, and from their hand gestures and expressions it appears that they're ordering a retreat
>Too late for them now
>Punch two off the side of the spire
>Leap onto the battlesuit as my brothers reach the top of the spire
>Have a rough idea of where the pilot might be
>Grab onto the hull
>Wrench off what I believe to be the front of the cockpit, revealing the horrified pilot
>Grapple the top of the mech and force it down on its knees with all the force I can muster
>Grab the Tau by his neck and pull him out
>"Was this attack a diversion? Your forces are too few and too scattered to take this city."
>He seems to have some sort of translation gear because it looks like he can understand me, and even speak Gothic
>"I will never betra-"
>Slam his head against the spire, making him scream out in pain
>"No! It just turned into one! Please don't hurt me Gue'ron'sha!"
>Pick him up and throw him off the spire, hear him screaming followed by a dull thud
>Look down and see an Imperial fist sergeant and a couple sisters now covered in the alien’s blood
>Give them thumbs up with my powerfist, get a thumbs up in return from the Sergeant
>Turn to Skitarii
>"Get a tech-priest onto this spire, we're going to turn this battlesuit into a giant moving explosive."
>Grab a pair of binoculars off of a Tau's corpse and look around the battlefield
>Can see Armageddon Baneblade commander waving his sword around as his squadron destroy tau vehicles
>Past that I see a group of space marines wearing Ponchos and riding around the desert
>Strange. I must get in contact with these bike riding astartes
>Turn to the other side of the battlefield and see a small shuttle making its way to the spaceport
>Looks to be imperial
>Make a mental note to contact them after I've spoken to the astartes
>Vox Armageddon Tanker, tell him that the Tau are retreating and request that he return so that we may further defend the city
>Bolt down the spire as the Tau begin pulling out faster than a guardsman found by his Commissar to be attempting procreation with an Eldar
>Bez me
>Big Shaman of ma ironjawz clan
>Fightin big birdie thingy and my mega spell cast into his mega spell.
>Now find maself new place.
>Find sum new boyz.
>Dey look at me n call me a 'eirdboy'
>Zap one of um but feel like ma mojo is different.
>Den one of dem moonclan gitz tugs at ma leg. Look at im and notice he not moonclan, just weird wippin boy.
>I follo him to some other boyz with a big metal thingie
>It makes noises. I like the sound of big metal thingie so i goz on it.
>Big metal thingie goes off real fast, we ridin for a whilez and da boyz talk about sum 'beakies'. Is dat the name dey giv ta goldies here?
>Maybe i should figure out ow to get back ta ma boyz.
File: Arvus1.png (763 KB, 997x735)
763 KB
763 KB PNG

>Be Alpha Primus Sigma-32c
>Baskilion Astra have finally got their shit together
>Two heavy transport landers carrying reinforcements come cruising in, following a combination of my data-beacon and the giant fire
>Come to a low hover over the plain just to the north of Groxbridge, ground burned black from the first surprise Marauder bombardment
>Cargo doors open, clamps unhook, a dozen Dunecrawlers slam to the ground, duneshoes and suspension flexing from the impact. Four Neutron Lasers, eight Icarus Arrays. The sixty Skitarii Rangers mag-locked to their sides drop to the ground and form up neatly, armour gleaming and cloaks pristine
>Eight three-unit sections of Kataphron Destroyer tankettes unload from the other transport, plus two teams of Enginseers. Two of them go sprinting off into town, noosphere indicating Astartes orders
>The moment the last unit is out the transports lift hard, doors swinging shut and engines flaring as the now-lighter transports attempt to gain enough speed to avoid the incoming Orks.
>Crawlers and Destroyers were previously almost useless in the mud of Damnatum Lutum and so were kept in reserve, but now they can move about freely on the hardened surface.
>Still not my preferred mount, but they'll do. Orders are to dig in and fortify Groxbridge, and as the town itself is essentially pulverised aside from the valuable spaceport there's no point staying here. Good thing there's Fists around, tank commanders don't do fortifications.
>Start Dunecrawler caravan and their new troops marching across the edge of the town towards the spaceport, emanatus shields locked together and Icarus guns scanning for locks on the first of the Ork aircraft
>Mount up in my Disintegrator and begin scanning vox for details of approaching Orks, contact Marauder squadron leader and Lt. Paulicus and request telemetry data/report on enemy.
>Vox splutters, hear vaguely jazzy music and a distant "tally-ho" before connection established
>Be me
>Sister Palatine of the Adeptus Sororitas, Sister Farnese
>Have successfully pushed back the xeno forces from Groxbridge with the assistance of the astartes already present
>As I finish burning one of the lowly xenos that attempted to surrender, hear a loud screaming, followed by a "THUD" and a squelching sound right behind me
>Turn around to find the dead body of a Tau splattered across the pavement
>Blood and xeno viscera is now everywhere, including my legs
>Look up to see one of the astartes giving us the thumbs up, the astartes with us gives him one back
>And that fool upstairs couldn't have thrown the xeno somewhere that WASN'T right behind my head?
>No matter, we have more important matters to tend to
>Such as chasing after the xenos that thought they could get away
>Tell our dropships to get the rhino transports and immolators down here ASAP
>After all, we can't exactly just go running on foot when there's a faster alternative now can we?
>mfw the sister on the other end informs me it may take some time due to all the Orks that have suddenly showed up
>Be me
>Duh burniest burna in duh sektuh, Bomba Orkiz
>I wish Orko wud remembuh me zoggin naym a bit moor, but wat kan ya do
>Aynt lyk I iz komplaynin, bein duh firzt mayt uv diz Gargant an all
>But why duz diz fing not 'av any burny gubbinz on it?
>Only duh furniz dat powuhz duh fing iz burnin, dere aynt evun any propuh zoggin burnahz attachd!
>Itz a zoggin shambulz I tell ya
>In duh middul uv yellin at sum git uv a gretchin tuh stop shovulin me burny jooz intuh duh furniz, 'eer a lot uv exsplody gubbinz owtsyd
>Pop intuh me kokpit on duh Gargant's sholduhz an....
>Sweet Gork'z finguhnaylz, itz....
>Itz zoggin byootful!
>Evreefin iz burnin!
>Duh grownd iz burnin!
>Duh Koptahz ar krashin an burnin!
>Evun sum uv duh zoggin Chinorkz ar burnin!
>An den I see duh kulprit
>Sum 'umie in iz bomba iz buzy droppin burnin bomb aftuh burnin bomb on duh boyz in duh feeld
>Tonz uv gitz on duh grownd dat duh Chinorkz dropd off ar gettin burnt tuh a krizp
>Orko yellz at me tuh get me attenshun
>"Oy, Bomba! I gotz a new job for ya!"
>Tellz me tuh get duh Burna Bomba ehskayp jet in duh middul uv duh gargant an get duh 'umie burnin 'iz boyz
>Zoggin 'ell Orko, ya didnt evun need to ask!
>Jump down intuh duh Fly-Burna, opun duh fly-boy 'atch, 'op intuh duh Fly-Burna'z kokpit an go rokkitin owt duh bak end uv duh Gargant az Deff Squiggoth play duh rok muzik bee'ind me
>Dat 'umie bettuh be redy fuh a krumpin!

>Be Captain Jebediah Weston of the Brass Vipers
>Me and the Brothers of Rattlesnake Squad are still looking for any other Imperial Forces
>Pass a ruined sign that says a town called Groxbridge is ahead of us
>Deciding it is our best bet we ride there
>Receive Vox Chatter from our Battle Barge, the Sunset Ride that the Auspex is picking up Orks in on the planet.
>I can't help but grin as the chapter has a long history of fighting Orks but I don't let it distract me as I continue riding to Grox-Bridge
>Faster we go as we shoot any Tau on our way with Bolt Revolvers, the scum seem to be retreating
>Yellow-bellied cowards, the lot of them
Eventually, we reach the town, I order Rattlesnake Squad to stay as I hop off of my bike, flicking any mud off my armor as I straighten my Poncho and Stetson.
>As I walk further into the town, I see what appears to be a force of the Adeptus Soroitas
>See what I believe to be the Palatine of the group, approach them and say:
"Howdy Sister, mind filling me in on the situation?" I say, clad in my sand colored Armor with Stetson and Poncho, Bolt Revolver in my Holster and Power Knife in its sheathe.
File: runaway.png (580 KB, 1026x572)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, Eldar Outcast of Alaitoc
>The Imperials seem to be preoccupied with mopping up the Tau and a sudden Ork problem that's shown up.
>So long as we're not the ones being shot, that's fine by me
>A few squads reach the tomb entrance, and we set the charges
>Advance gingerly into the tomb
>I'm leading the way somehow with my eclectic mix of Banshees, Warlocks and Guardians with forces from Iyanden and Yme-Loc behind me
>Round a corner into a huge chamber
>It's filled with Necrons
>Thousands of them
>They're all awake
>And they're all looking at me
>Shut the door
>Run through the corridors and chambers and burst back out into the open, pursued by a legion of Necrons firing at us
>Eldar are being felled all around, and we're booking it back to the main force in Brannet as fast as out long legs will carry us
>Secrecy is thrown to the wind as hails of green weapons fire fly past, hitting several Imperial and Ork aircraft off in the distance
>Run past a large group of Imperials mopping up Tau in a tower (tauer?) in a mad dash, looks like Marines and Sisters of Battle
>Be Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>The xenos obviously did not expect such a powerful and immediate retaliation
>Hear a foreign scream grow rapidly lowder
>It ends with a sudden stop as a one of the scum splats onto the pavement at our feet
>Look up to see one of my brothers giving the group a power-thumbs-up
>Return the signal
>Was that Lieutenant Paulicus?
>Check the frequency of my comms
>Hopefully he's same frequency
"Paulicus? This is Sammos. Did you just try to drop a xenos on me? If so, you missed."
File: large.png (471 KB, 1280x823)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
>Be Shea'Shi Auxiliary
>Fighting alongside other Tau forces
>Ordered to withdraw from Groxbridge to focus on one of the other cities
>As we are performing a fighting retreat, some orks appear out of no where and attack
>Gun them down, then board the Manta
>Little did I know that some amateur Gue'vesa artist made a sketch of the action
>The sketch became so popular that it featured in Water Caste broadcasts for months
>(picture related)
>I am never going to hear the end of this
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Looks like those liddle blue chaps have had enough of this scuffle
>See a bunch of the rascals fleeing to one of those big manta ray looking ships
>Notice that the ship is parked next to an elevated highway
Hey Hemmy, do you think you can park this big ol' lorry on top of that big fishie looking lad over there
>Vox link clicks twice in acknowledgement, the Baneblade accelerates alarmingly up a side ramp, across the highway, over the edge, and on top of the tau ship
Where do you think you are going laddie?
Aw bullocks!
I spilled my tea...
File: 1552429385798.png (131 KB, 629x1173)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>My new tank, "Tochter von das Eisenlanz" has been doing a fine job of tearing these Tau a new asshole, in fact so has my entire Squadron
>Feeling downright great while waving around my modified pre-heresy chainsword
>Something seems off here though, the Tau are retreating way too fast
>Watch as a retreating Tau commander flips me off and hoovers away like a bitch
>I am not taking that bait, these guys have probably placed mines all over the place
>Hear the Imperial fist from earlier request that I return to Groxbridge with my squadron
>A couple of the Leman Russ' got banged up pretty bad, all of them can still move however
>Order wounded tanks to go back and get some repairs, swivel turret around to check if anything's coming at us from behind
>See a heavily modified Ork gargant that I can only describe as a noise marines wet dream through my binoculars
>It's just sort of wandering through the barren landscape shooting at Tau and everything else really
>Are those Ork VTOL craft?
>Vox Admiralk Falkar and tell him to send down a Lightning or something
>"Not now I'm showing these alien fuckers how to properly drift!"
>Well, uh, shit
>Turn around and see that Groxbridge now has a fresh series of walls protecting it, walls made up of collapsed hab-bloqs
>You could totally defend from there
>But I'm a Tanker damnit, I'm not here to defend, I'm here to push these Alien shitters into the dirt
>As I'm driving around the smouldering ruin that is groxbridge, see a bunch of space marines in Ponchos and cowboy hats riding around on motorcycles
>What in the emperors name?
>Holy shit those are some big irons they've got on their hips
>I bet they could pierce the hull of a Sentinel
>Oh well, that means that we've got this part of the city partially covered
>The spaceport is mostly intact, and pretty heavily defended too
>See that a shuttle has landed in the spaceport
>Sweet, reinforcements
>Ride up to greet the new guys, instead I hear a horrible, stampeding noise
>Fucking avalanche of Eldar rushing past us
>One of their females yell "IT'S YOUR PROBLEM NOW MON'KEIGH"
>Almost piss myself in fear
>Then I remember
>Fear is a weakness of the enemy!
>Lay into the incoming horde with everything we've got, call Admech and tell them to help us right the fuck now
>Guardsmen rushing to the collapsed hab-bloqs, firing everything they've got into the necrons, be it lasguns, plasma weapons or fucking rockets
>Turned tank around at this point, can feel how the Gauss weapons of the Necrons are hurting my lady
>Lost three tanks already
>Burning Leman Russ to my right charges and rams into a fancy looking Necron Destroyer, watch both of them explode on the battlefield
>God emperor I hope that was Anshelm
>Duck as a Gauss shot comes flying at me, instead of losing my Torso I just loose my hat
>Suddenly, what looks to be a tau battlesuit flies over my head and straight towards an important looking necron
>Watch in unload every single weapon it had into the area surrounding the Necron lord, ordered my squad to retreat in order not to get destroyed in the explosion
>I can practically feel the heat on the back of my neck as the suit explodes
>Stop and turn around tank, only 3 combat ready units left in my squadron
>Stand up and point chainsword at the slightly scattered group of Necrons
>"We will not fall back further, fire until your barrels glow like Holy Terra's sun! ALL GUARDSMEN, FOLLOW ME TO GLORY!"
>mfw those robotic assholes hurt my beloved
File: map.png (68 KB, 800x600)
68 KB
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Watching the action from orbit
>Tau have been mostly stomped, but now a horde of Necrons is pouring out and kicking the Guard's ass
>Group of Eldar is hauling ass to Brannet to defend it with the others
>I hope Tolria isn't in there
>She is, isn't she?
>Decide to make a small map to keep track of the battle lines
>It's nice being an observer for once instead of getting screwed over
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius
>Still on the baneblade with these nice "chaps"
>Chasing another manta
>Weird that they are using their cannons or mortar
>Rolling at full speed on a ramp going on a highway
>Are they trying to make this tank fly ?
>Be Iron Warrior Guyen
>Loyalist scum are dropping napalm and bombing us
>The fools think they can destroy us with mass bombing
>They underestimate the tunnels
>Fresh shipment of rockets and anti air missiles are trickling in and infiltration is going well, soon the imperials will never know if they are looking at a rice farmer or traitor marine
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>Have performed another tactical refill of the bomb bay, am now re-approaching the battle
>Spot a bunch of xeno blighters attempting to flee on one of their ships, as well as a few fellow Praetorians performing an excellent maneuver to land on top of it
>Well there goes plan A, how on Terra do they expect to stay on the back of such a dropship?
>As I contemplate whether to just start dropping incendiaries on the top of that xeno ship anyway, hear the rather distinct sound of "WAAAAAAGH" from behind me
>Check behind the ship, only to spot an Ork bombing craft of some fashion covered in flamethrowers and incendiary bombs rush past mine and straight towards the Tau
>The Tau dropship appears to have spotted this as well, as it begins to ascend
>Know exactly what those ork blighters are about to pull as I yell into the vox for the chaps in the tank to jump ship/off the ship
>The Ork bomber drops several incendiary bombs upon the dropship, causing it to erupt into flames and quickly descend back into the ground
>The praetorian baneblade starts to slowly slide off the xeno dropship as the ork bomber turns round for another run of flaming xeno fury
>Begin to realize that this Ork just threw down his glove at my feet
>Then I accept your challenge foul xeno!
>Use what little armaments I have on my marauder to send a few bullets the xeno's way and get his attention as what looks like a crowd of astartes and sororitas flock onto the Tau dropship and start massacring everything in sight
>I meanwhile make my way towards the still fleeing legions of Tau xenos on the south edge of Groxbridge
>Chatter through the vox suggest these xeno scum are busy attacking the nearby towns of Grimhedge and Liamhelm
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Some eldar skank runs by, yelling about necrons
>Tempted to shoot her, but not sure if eldar are supposed to be our allies on this particular battlefield
>Why did the necrons have to come back? I thought we beat them all last month
>A Flayed One pops out of the ground in front of me
>Shot it with my laspistol a couple of time, causing moderate damage at best
>Several more pop out of the ground nearby and start clawing their way free of the sand
>Realize I am basically surrounded and flee the area
>FML, why can't I just get a quiet garrison posting somewhere
File: YEEEEEES.gif (1.2 MB, 326x244)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB GIF
>The force at Liamhelm is the furthest away and has also already been pushed back, much like the attack here at Groxbridge
>Grimhedge meanwhile is still fighting back fiercely against the xeno scurge
>I know where my next stop is then
>Rush off to Grimhedge at full tilt as the Ork from before chases me wildly at a rate that looks worryingly faster
>Quickly catches up to my marauder, only for the pilot to... open his cockpit?
>What in bally blue blazes is that xeno doing?
>He appears to be waving and trying to get my attention
>Open my cockpit to see what on terra he wants
>Yell a quick thank you back, he continues
>Before I can ask who "Orko" is, the xeno finishes with
>By the holy golden throne, he is challenging me!
>Yell back "See you in Grimhedge old chap!" and close the cockpit as I rush towards our shared battleground
File: Posingbastard.png (1.67 MB, 1205x871)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG

>Be newly reinforced Alpha Primus Sigma-32c, with shiny new power axe as commander of a full Cohort
>Status report came back as "there are approximately ALL the necrons, please help"
>Not this shit again
>Oh well, we brought the big guns
>Push forward between a Krieg siege regiment and a retreating blob of... Eldar?
>Form tank formation into defensive clades: Dunecrawlers in four triangles of three, each with one Neutron Laser and with shields heavily overlapping. Six Kataphrons and fifteen Skitarii take cover in a rough arrowhead under each of the shield domes, and the whole thing crawls forward slowly all guns blazing.
>Guard start falling in behind and between my four defensive formations, using them as shield bastions against the Gauss fire
>Guard tanks getting fucked up to my west, could be useful
>Lead remaining few Skorpius tanks and mounted Skitarii in hoverboats to assist, turn the hoverboats sideways and use them as ablative armour
>Necrons have reacted to my appearance now, shield domes are flaring orange under a continuous barrage of gauss shots but so far haven't let anything major through
>Neutron lasers doing a fine job, Necron line getting smashed by a continuous barrage of missiles, plasma culverins and autocannon
>Anywhere not inside of or behind the shield domes in that quadrant is probably dead by now if it's not made of living metal, and maybe even if it is, there's so much dakka flying everywhere
>Skorpius units draw up next to the beleaguered but enthusiastic Hochberg just as the first Flayed ones burst out of the ground
>Transports pull up, Skitarii inside step up to their left sides and start pouring Galvanic fire into the advancing 'Crons, me and my four remaining Sicarians disembark and join the Guard in their charge
>Cut first Flayed One that reaches Guard tanks clean in half with new Power Axe, kick another to the ground and blast it with my phosphor pistol

Thanks Lherzon, was thinking about doing a map myself given it makes things rather easier to write if everyone knows where everyone is
File: Burn Xeno Burn.png (236 KB, 522x393)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>Be me
>Sister Palatine of the Adeptus Sororitas, Sister Farnese
>In the middle of explaining the current situation to a newly arrived squad of astartes with ponchos and big irons on their hip, witness a xeno dropship attempt to take off, get bombed into fiery oblivion by an ork, then crash back down onto the ground
>Get the other sisters and the newly arrived astartes to follow me as we rush to attack the now burning xeno dropship
>Isn't helping that a large group of necrons have also started appearing
>Didn't the official news state they were defeated at the end of the previous major battle on the planet?
>Oh well, the necrons can wait, the skitarii and tanks have them well in hand
>I, my fellow sisters and the astartes all charge onto the burning Tau dropship through a hole in it's hull
>As soon as we begin to fire at the various xenos onboard, notice something
>The Tau aren't the only xenos onboard
>There are also xeno-loving heretics, not to forget a large collection of necrons who appear to be in the process of doing our job for us
>I suppose this is what some call "Hitting two birds with one stone"
>Or three enemies of the imperium in this case
>All of which fall in droves before the sisters and astartes now flooding into their precious dropship
>Well, the heretics and Tau do anyway, the necrons don't
>At least not until the astartes start firing at them
>One of whom yells something how he's now shot "one and nineteen more" xenos combined already
>Only twenty? The astartes are slipping
>Kick down one door within the ship to reveal several injured heretics and xenos within
>Fire my melta gun into the crowd
>mfw I'm pretty sure I can smell their flesh cooking
>mfw Got to kill heretics and xenos in one trip
>Thank you oh god emperor for allowing me this humble work
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Do a tactical retreat into nearest building
>Run past a tau sympathizer woman and a wounded Fire Warrior
>Sucks to be you guys
>Hide in a supply closet at the end of a hallway and lock the door behind me
>Panicked banging on other side turns to screams and wet slicing sounds
>I would say "thus die all heretics" or something stupid like that, but damn, those Flayed Ones are taking their sweet time, kind of feel sorry for them...
>And myself, pretty sure those claws they have will make quick work of the door
>There is a small window near the ceiling
>Flashbacks to Happy Ending
>Manage to squeeze my way through without losing my clothes this time
>Fall ungracefully onto a closed dumpster, then jump onto the ground
>See two more tau sympathizers running my way, guns raised
>Is no where save on this shit hole planet?
File: RDR2-Arthur-Morgan.jpg (65 KB, 740x429)
65 KB
>Be Me
>Captain Weston of the Brass Vipers
>Palatine is telling me about the situation when a fucking Xeno Dropship crashes
>Rattlesnake Squad immediately come to help
>Good thing my bike has a loyal machine spirit as I whistle and it comes to my side.
>I hop on it and we ride to the dropship
>See traitors, Tau, and Necrons
>Now this is a rootin tootin shootout
>I activate my power spurs and continue riding, Bolt Revolver in hand as we fire at any Xenos we see
>Hear Brother Robbins claim he has already killed twenty, a pitiful number but he is still learning
>Nevertheless I continue riding, firing my bol revolver into a flayed one and kicking a Tau with my boot
>All the while, I ask Brother Charles to rouse Brother Cash from his sleep for he shall ride again and rally the rest of the posse to Groxbridge.
>The Emperor smiles on the Brass Vipers today, and we will celebrate appropriately once we return home.
File: imasnipernow.jpg (94 KB, 560x1019)
94 KB
>Be Tolria, apparently now Eldar Exarch of Alaitoc
>The sounds of intense fighting follow us as we arrive back at the main lines in Brannet
>The battle to the west seems to be inconclusive; the Guard is holding the centre but the Necrons are advancing on the western flank against the tanks
>What's that? They thought they killed all the Necrons last time?
>Silly mon'keigh, those were just a few early birds they set their alarm too early, THIS is the main force
>Surely they are aware that Imperial propaganda is utter warpshit
>No time to muse though, the Necrons are closing in on our own lines as they march towards the city
>More of them are still spilling out of the tomb
>How many of the soulless robo-scum are there in there!?
>A Ranger Long Rifle is thrust into my hands and I'm told to get firing
>Necrons aren't far off now
>Isha save us all
>Oh, how melodramatic.
File: map.png (66 KB, 800x600)
66 KB
Map update
>Be Captain Victoria Appleton, Praetorian Baneblade Commander
>Was hoping that my tank would crush the Manta completely, but it looks like it is tougher than its liddle robot buddies
>The tank slides off the Manta after only causing moderate damage, the squaddies that were hitching a ride manage to jump to safety
>Order Hemmy to back up the tank for a shot from the tank's main gun "Big Ben", but a bunch of Marines and Sisters get in the way
>I guess our work here is done
>Nibble on some crumpets as I try to made heads or tails of the tactical situation in order to give Hemmy a new heading
>Be Sigma-32c
>Necrons pressed right up against our line, Crawlers have eventually slogged over to where me and the Guard tanks were holding the centre, Emanatus shields are the only thing holding our sector of the line up, although the Kriegers are digging some trenches and dirt ramparts behind us that we plan to fall back behind in another three minutes. Good thing too, the Dunecrawlers have been cycling in and out so the shield taking the worst beating can have a brief break, but eventually they'll all be worn down completely.
>As is the worst of the Gauss fire is starting to get through, and the melee line is getting lashed with Taser bursts
>Hovertransports out of stubber ammo, mostly just cover at this point
>Rangers have activated Arc-Bayonets, clearing out Warriors and Flayed Ones as they try to push under the shielding
>New power axe is getting quite the field-test, me and Sicarians are responding to breaks in the line or enemy melee
>Lychguard dispatches one of my new Rangers with a quick stab, catches my axe on the top edge of his shield as I try an overhead cut
>Maglock hands to axe firmly, pull edge of shield down and away from the line of fire long enough for a Ranger to melt the thing's chest with a plasma caliver
>Kataphrons are still firing plasma as fast as the guns will cycle, one overloaded and shut down but their flamers are covering the ground just in front of the shield bubble with a continuous stream of promethium
>It's slowing them down and doing some damage to their legs, but on the other hand we're getting attacked by burning Necrons now
>Every time the Baneblade's main guns fire one of our firebases gets a break and can take some of the pressure off the others
>Issue general vox call for artillery and air support on the rough location of the enemy tomb, at the very least if they miss they'll blow some holes in the closing lines of Necrons
>Hopefully the Marauders have something more dangerous than napalm, that won't do it
File: 1563255624374.png (1.04 MB, 764x793)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Finally managed to get out of hive spire and linked up with Sammos
>His squad's nearby, and as I'm forming up the remaining fists into one cohesive fighting unit I hear something over the radio
>Sounds like the Armageddon tanker screaming for reinforcements
>Just as he does, a single flayed one emerges from the ground
>Pummel him into the dirt
>"Necrons, steady yourselves brothers!"
>Managed to round up Sammos' squadron quite quickly, we ran into the third squadron shortly after that
>Fifth squadron is engaged in a fight against the Necron horde
>Fourth Squadron is just across the Plaza
>March over there as fast as possible to link up with them
>Once there, spot a group of Happy enders running like madmen away from a bunch of newly emerged flayed ones
>What looks to be a Lieutenant slams right into the chest of Brother-Sergeant Allemannus as he emergeas, fourth squadron and chaplain Egillman in toe
>Watch as Egillman goes into a frenzy and begins beating the flayed ones into scrap metal with his Crozius
>Cover him as he goes on his killing spree
>Once his murder spree is done, approach the Happy Ending Lieutenant rubbing his forehead
>"Lieutenant, what are you doing? Do you mean to retreat further behind our own lines while our comrades die at the hands of xeno scum?"
>Officer slowly turns and zealously shakes his head
>"No sir, we were looking for our captain, sir!"
>Pick up a now dropped bolt pistol and give it to him
>"Then you shall take temporary command of this company, come with us."
>He nervously nods and orders the company to follow us
>Me and my brothers get into marching formation, can hear the screams of guardsmen echoing out through the streets as we approach
>"Our prime objective is to destroy as many of their warriors as possible brothers, however, Lieutenant, scout out the tomb and send the coordinates to our naval assets so that we bombard it."
>"Right, understood sir Astartes!"
>A couple of minutes of running later, we emerge behind a defensive shield with guns blazing behind it
>Chaplain Egillman immediately gets to rallying the guardsmen, the beleaguered fifth squadron joins my force of space marines
>Run up to the now formed ablative armour as Armageddon tanker fires his mega cannon towards the tomb complex in the distance
>Order men to form a firing line three ranks deep, kneeling devastators in the first rank, the second and third rank standing
>Order the Skitarii to move the ablative armour out of the way of my men
>"But wouldn't that-"
>"Do it! There's no time!"
>Skitarii begrudgingly goes along with it agrees, their shield is still holding most of necrons fire away
>Order units to open fire, and they tear a giant gap through the lines of the Necrons which grows bigger by the second
>Spot their tomb in the background, hear the Lieutenant give me its exact coordinates via the vox
>Tune into vox
>"Admiral Falkar, we have a visual on the necron tomb, bombard the following coordinates,"
>List of the coordinates to the Admiral
>"We're a little busy, buuut yours truly just got freed up from this firefight! Bombardment coming your way, sit tight."
>mfw Necrons are within striking distance
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius
>Sliding on a manta did almost nothing, it's seems that even the crew of thé shop did note noticed us, that was insulting
>Anyway being on some rock with oxygen and stable ground is nice despite the green flashes coming from the south
>Of course they had to come back...
>Signal to the commander (Appleton was her name i think) the mummy xenos lights at 3'O click
>Saw some maraudeurs flying above us
File: Spoiler Image (236 KB, 454x319)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Oh look I forgot to detail how there are gaps between the men so that they aren't shooting into one another. Just act like there is a gap so that the fists aren't retarded, unlike me.
>be former pig shit farmer, now preacher
>I have at this point drawn many of the imperial citizenry to my cause with my preaching
>I suspect most joined because I promised to increase food production
>I then declare a crusade and that my followers are to take up what arms they can, mostly improvised weapons
>millions do so
>I also declare my beliefs and those that fallow them, a new church.
>I call it: "The Church of the Emperor's Holy Gifts", with me as its Archbishop
>I order my Holy army to go out and purge the xenos loving heretics
>with in hours many xeno loving heretics are crucified by my Holy Army
File: eldarpew.gif (808 KB, 261x175)
808 KB
808 KB GIF
>be Tolria, apparently now Eldar Ranger of Alaitoc
>Imperials are finally starting to do well versus the Necrons, and have made a breakthrough
>The wave that reached us is thinned and slow, and we're holding our own quite handily.
>In fact, we're on the offensive now too
>The advance towards the Necron tomb is going swimmingly, thanks to the superiority of Eldar technology and tactics
>You'd hardly imagine these little botlings are even a threat to the Galaxy, considering how kicked their asses are
>Wait a minute
>Our guy in charge of monitoring the Imperial vox comms just informed us they've called in an orbital strike
>The loons! Don't they know how inaccurate Imperial orbital bombardment weaponry is?
>A kilometre off the mark is considered a "good shot"
>They'll kill us all!
>We have to get this tomb out before they can fire
>No time to lose! CHAAAAARGE!
File: map.png (85 KB, 800x600)
85 KB
Map update
File: Burning_One.jpg (289 KB, 741x737)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
>Be necron lord Alcadizaar
>Overlord has been temporarily taken out by primitive forces
>Chain of comand is fractured for s second
>Take forces under my command on a push against the eldar forces
>Large herd of destroyers is tagging along
>The destroyer lord pulls up behind him a tesseract vault
>Before I can respond he has his destroyers unshackle the shard inside
>oh no
>call my forces to move back while the destroyers pile into the eldar lines
>Franticly search for a cryptek to fix this issue

>Be Sigma-32c
>Imperial Fists bailed us out, much appreciated
>Pushing forward too fast for the crawler shields anyway, time to fall back
>Lost about two dozen Skitarii and seven Kataphrons and we need more ammo, but that could have gone far far worse than it did
>Send half the remaining Skitarii, half a dozen Katas and my three not-dead Sicarians to keep the Astartes' rear secure as they push, dig the armour in at the base of the salient for long-range fire support and send the very shot-up hoverboats back to the bunker network to bring back parts, ammo, more enginseers and medics
>Six Icarus Arrays and one Neutron Laser still operational, although all the vehicles can be repaired given time, Gauss hits are bastards in combat but comparatively easy to fix afterwards
>Kriegers have dug a nice little dirt fort for us with trenches and ramparts, we can get an AA net started against those incoming Ork aircraft
>Orks appear to have been distracted beating on some of the other Tau attack forces, but they'll surely be back soon
>Send three teams of Skitarii to the tallest towers left standing in Groxbridge with magnoculars to spot targets and relay to the crawlers, another couple to spread out and set up Arquebi on the ridges around the town
>Just another fifteen minutes resupply and we can get back to it
>MFW >>67619739
Gee, Bill, how come you got TWO SHARDS?
File: openfire.jpg (610 KB, 1192x670)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Watching the battle from space when a ship blocks the view
>It's an Ork Kroozer that somehow managed to escape the attention of Battlefleet Ultramar IV
>Bearing the emblem of Freeboota Orko uv Dakkamark!
>It appears to have a vessel strongly resembling an ancient steamship with a lot of speaker attached
>Has that Ork finally gone off his rocker?
>No matter, that Ork is going down
>Move the It's Just Business into position
>On my mark....FIRE!
>Great thuds reverberate through the ship as the macrocannon batteries open fire for a broadside
>Without the fleet nearby, they surely weren't expecting that
>Eat that, you rascal
>I will have my revenge!
Let's not have another C'tan, we already shot one to bits last session
File: 1564817366891.jpg (52 KB, 700x489)
52 KB
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>End up in a large square with a bunch of loyalist citizens
>Finally, safety in numbers
>They appear to be crucifying tau sympathizers, plus anyone they don't like the looks of, mostly well off citizens
>Good thing I have spent the past hour hiding in dumpsters and ruined buildings
>Decide to hide my jewelry and muss up my hair just to be safe though
>Suddenly some massive Necron centipede thing bursts out of the ground
>Vaguely recall it being called a Tomb Stalker or something like that
>It starts butchering the crowd with impunity, Flayed Ones and worse start crawling from the ground as well
>Well wish I could help you guys, but got places to be...
File: 1533538621059.png (258 KB, 421x500)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
>Be me, Admiral Gregorius Markus Agrippa Falkar
>Just got done pounding Tau and new Ork forces in the sector
>Feels weird to fight these guys again
>Just got a call from the fists that they want some help bombing some of those Necrons
>Sure can do
>Line up my fuck-your-planet-up weapons, call in three disengaged Armageddon-class cruisers
>Vox their captains and tell them to "Nuke everything in that general area, just don't hit Groxbridge alright?"
>"Can I hit the Tesseract vault too?"
>"Wait there's a Tesseract vault!?"
>The guy pauses for a second then continues
>"Oh, uh, yeah. Here, I'll send you the coordinates."
>See a single Sword-Class just sitting around in low orbit
>Recognize it as being under the command of the single craziest captain in the fleet
>"Alright, change of plans. We're pulling up."
>Switch vox channels
>"Captain Fritz, we've spotted a tesseract vault on the surface of this planet, here are its coordinates."
>Hear a quite snickering on the other end, followed up by loud, maniacal laughing
>"Uh, not exactly what I had in mind but that might work yes."
>Man this guy freaks me out
>Hear his crew cheering
>"Please launch your saviour pods before you ram into the planet."
>Realise the captain has already turned me off
>son of a bitch
>Welp, I guess it'll show that Inquisitor that we flyboys too love the god emperor
>By the throne they are descending towards the planet fast
>Vox every single officer of the various imperial forces there to retreat into Groxbridge in order to avoid the fucking sword-class ramming into the planet

In all fairness it's probably the same C'tan, just weaker
File: 663px-Vindicare.jpg (114 KB, 663x899)
114 KB
114 KB JPG

>be vindicare assassin LIIIVX
>be up in a spire, currently looking for the leader of Tau sympathizers
>a crowd of loyalists beat me to it
>suddenly a Tomb Stalker burst outta the ground
>Load up some Turbo-Penetrator rounds
>blast that fuckin xeno centipede right in the head few times.
>it stops moving
>start blasting some flayed-ones too
>Be Tolria, apparently now Eldar Ranger of Alaitoc
>Advance is still proceeding
>We're up against Destroyers now, but that's not a problem
>These Necrons must have lost more than a few transistors in statis, since they send them up against the people best equipped to deal with them
>As part of our multi-Craftworld force, we have a significant contingent from Saim-Hann
>And everyone knows what Saim-Hann specialises in
>The Saim-Hann Wild Riders engage the Destroyers and draw them away into a low-altitude dogfight as the advance proceeds
>One of them manages to break off and comes for, of all people, ME.
>Fortunately, a well-placed shuriken barrage effectively removed its head.
>Huh, that's odd.
>The Imperial advance has stopped and they're going into reverse as fast as they can
>Our vox-interception unit was wrecked by stray fire, so we can't tell what they're doing
>Oh Eldanesh, that means we'll have to go up and ask them what's going on and if we should be worried
>Right, who speaks Gothic best here and is least likely to get shot?
>.....why are you all looking at me?
>be guardsman on planet tit
>Have tits
>In war I saw my officer get smothered to death by ork tits
>Rumours tell that there is ork roks and heretics coming toward this place
File: STREEEEEE.jpg (203 KB, 551x600)
203 KB
203 KB JPG

>Be Sigma-32c
>Turns out falling back was a good call
>Sorry Kriegers, won't be using that fort of yours today.
>Vox to hoverboats to stay in the town once they reach it on the return trip rather than running out to us, start pulling back forces from the salient in the Necron lines
>Armour is pulling out, me and units backing up the Fists are sprinting after them
>Notice prefab bunker door in the side of a crumbled ditch, tunnel leads towards town
>Won't save us, but won't hurt, and at least we'll be less likely to get nailed by some Necron dakka on the way out
>Lead way into tunnel, flick on infravisor as Kataphrons roll on over the ditch and Skitarii crowd in after me
>Round the first corner to the left,take first side tunnel to the right
>Auspex beeps just fast enough for me to avoid having my head taken off by a very irritated and mildly surprised Iron Warrior charging from the tunnel
>Dodge back and to my left, putting the Marine in between me and my men in the access tunnel, activate power axe and swing clumsily for his throat in the confined space
>Easily blocked, but the blow turned him towards me to parry and one of my Rangers on the other side jams an arc-bayonet into an armour seal, making the Marine spasm and miss the kick aimed at my kneecap
>Step back, draw phosphor pistol, put a round through the momentarily stunned Marine's visor slit
>Traitor howls, staggers and takes a power axe to the chest. Take the head off with the axe to make damn sure and have one of my Skitarii carry it, maybe the Fists will appreciate the gesture
>Omnissiah, I need a better pistol, that's twice now I've needed pretty tricky shots to guarantee damage. Will have to requisition a plasma or something.
>Continue pushing through tunnels, with Skitarii carrying plasma calivers taking point and my eyes glued to my auspex monitor
>Encounter no more resistance until we exit the tunnel in a hab on the outskirts of Groxbridge, but there's bound to be more around.
>Be necron lord Alcadizaar
>Cryptek has managed to get the shard under lockdown again with enough scarabs to eat a pylon
>Destroyers are getting gunned down by the Eldar
>Send communication that deathmark use is authorized against them bit ignore the humans for now
>See them blip in while a mess of canoptek cobstructs advance with the cryptek
File: th2QHOB8ZR.jpg (35 KB, 474x340)
35 KB
>be former pig shit farmer, now Archbishop of The Church of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>as we are crucifying heretical xeno loving traitors, a fucking xeno monstrosity bursts from the ground
>it begins to slaughter my followers
>I point at it calling to the emperor its destruction
>moments later something powerful hits multiple times
>its head explodes and it ceases moving
>then what ever killed it begins to kill the other xenos
>the crowd then acknowledges the xenos deaths as me calling down the emperors judgement
>once these xenos are dead, I declare that its time to put this crusade into over drive
>we march on to the PDF armory and demand that they give us access to the weapons, so we may use them in our crusade
>the PDF commander declines
>but the PDF troops having favorable opinions of our crusade join us and give us access to the weapons
>we then march on to the battlefield to the south
>as we make our way there, more and more join our crusade
>hell even 4/5 of the PDF joined us
File: wassupbeakie.png (1.77 MB, 1024x1463)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
>Be Tolria, apparently now the Imperial Liason with the Eldar Task Force
>Wading into the mess of retreating Imperials of all stripes to try and find someone in authority
>Few people seem to really pay us much attention
>Some reports of a handful of Eldar being mysteriously killed behind the lines
>Unnerving, all the better to be away
>That huge Astartes in yellow with the Imperial Fists emblem on his shoulder looks to be in charge
>Go up to him to ask wtf is happening
>This is hazardous and could end in BLAM, but there's little other choice here
>Be Iron Warrior Sarat
>The Imperials are still too caught up in some xenos clusterfuck to realise that 50% of their farmers are now astartes
>These rice hats work wonders
File: 1558871105794.jpg (45 KB, 633x846)
45 KB
>Be me, Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Rain of fire continually slamming into Necrons as they get closer and closer
>Providing covering fire for the Skitarii as they pull back
>Suddenly hear the admiral via the vox
>"Uh, hey, this is Admiral Falkar speaking, guys, I don't know how to tell you this but if you're anywhere near the Necrons, leg it. There's a rouge sword-class speeding through the atmosphere and towards their Tesseract vault RIGHT NOW."
>I'll let Maluan scold him later for this
>Order astartes to form a fighting retreat, Devastators first, tactical marines second
>Advancing at a steady pace towards Groxbridge, remaining Armageddon tanks blowing up what Necrons they can as we move
>Halfway to Groxbridge, someone taps me on the shoulder
>An Eldar female of, at least at the moment, unidentifiable craftworld
>I hope she isn't from Ulthwe, because Chaplain Egillmann once reportedly choked out an Ulthwe Farseer over a disagreement
>"Greetings, I was not told that Eldar had been sent to reinforce us."
>Run and talk with her, periodically stopping to organize the retreat further
>"Well, we didn't really come announced for fear of getting shot at by your fleet."
>"This is a logically sound reason, but, assuming that you reason for being here is the Necron threat, you should have reported your presence to the Adeptus Mechanicus in orbit, so that we could accomplish our shared goal easier."
>I know for a fact that the Eldar won’t stop being mysterious about their motives, but no true son of dorn backs down
>"Scolding aside, that's not what I came here to talk about."
>Stop for a moment to allow the armour to catch up
>"I'm curious, what's going on? Why are you retreating?"
>Look up and point to the barely visible prow of an escort entering the atmosphere
>"That is the reason. It will likely collide with the Tesseract vault-"
>"…And that'll cause a huge explosion, BY ISHA'S TERRIFIC TITS WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!"
>She runs off with speed expected of a terrified Eldar
>Order my men to speed up, we are now the furthest back of the retreating troops who have all mostly made it inside Groxbridge
>Turn around and clearly see it now, the prow of the Sword-class heading straight for the Tesseract vault
>By Dorn's dismembered fist it's going fast!
>Order as many men as I can inside the makeshift hab-bloq walls-with-firing-holes
>I am starting to wonder why Captain Maluan himself hasn't come down to the planet at this point, he’s better suited to dealing with this sort of thing than I am
>Turn around and see huge force of Civilians and PDF soldiers rushing towards the walls lead by a man holding a large book
>Oh Dorn no
>be me
>Imperial Guard comms officer planetside, behind the lines
>"Flash traffic, priority Nova Gold. We have a group of apparent civilians roaming the battlefront with stolen PDF armaments. Approach with extreme caution, over."

>Be Captain Weston of the Brass Vipers
>Groxbridge is still under siege but lost track of the Palatine as I drove away to regroup with the rest of the posse as Rattlesnake squad assists the sisters.
>The Vox comes alive with a vox I am glad to hear.
>Brother Johnny Cash has awakened, and he has descended to our aid.
>Can see his massive Contemptor Chassis descend from the heavens on his specially designed Dreadknight Bike by the Master Smith John Henry Irons
>I think I hit an Eldar while in Awe at the sight of him
>Brother Cash's speakers burst alive and I already know what its gonna play
>Before being interred, he was a talented singer and even after, his injury only seemed to improve his voice
>Even his bike is decked with a special compartment holding music Servitors
Song in Question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt0rURntFQE
>Soon his massive wheels touch the ground after his Bike's Grav-jets turn off
>Already the massive Bike's Hurricane Bolters roar to life and fire into any groups of Necrons whilst Brother Cash fires his specially made Bolt Rifle that fires MASSIVE Avenger Bolt Rounds at any Xenos armor he sees
>Already has cleaved down twenty Necron Flyers with the Hurricane Bolters and shoots one of the Ork Flyers down with the Revolver.
>In the meantime I see the rest of the Posse join up with us before the Vox comes alive with a Trasmission from the Sunset Ride
>Says something about a Necron Tesseract Vault nearby being bombarded
>Immediately tell the boys to ride to Groxbridge again
>Civilians are blocking the entrance in
>We decide to cover them, removing our Bolt-Repeaters and whatever special weapons we have from their holsters
>Brother-Sergeant Ash of Ranch Squad is particularly smiling as he gets to pull out his Melta-buss
>This day is still turning out to be loads of fun.
>Be Iron Warrior Guyen
>Everyone is still distracted shooting at robot skeletons, so much as to miss their patrols disappearing in the jungles, ambushes or falling into pits of sharpened shovels dug with said shovels
>The napalm has destroyed neither our will or our tunnels
>Now is the time to hit the corpse worshippers when they least expect it
Just gonna throw another bump in here until I can make another post.
File: Drill-Rok.png (569 KB, 898x577)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
>Be me
>Duh Mekkiest Bigguh Mek in duh AAAAAAGH ZOGGIN 'ELL WAT WUZ DAT
>'ang on a zoggin minute, sum 'umiez are fyrin on uz!
>I'z wuz workin on sumfin ya gitz!
>'owevuh, Orko alwayz 'az a bakup plan fuh tymz lyk diz
>Only diz tym itz moor uv a "Kall me iv sum git getz wyz yeh?" typuh plan
>Turn on duh tellyportuh az I relay tuh Orko dat sum gitz ar fyrin on uz
>'ee keepz yellin at me on 'iz end abowt "a zoggin big 'umie ship krashin intuh duh grownd"
>Zoggin 'umiez, dey kant evun fly duh shipz propuhlee
>Tellyport Orko bak ontuh duh ship an fill 'im in 'fore he krumpz me fuh intuhruptin duh fightin
>As soon as 'ee seez duh gitz fyrin at uz, 'ee startz smilin sumfin naztee
>He he, juzt me finkin boss, pik reelaytid
>Deze fingz ar me ansuh tuh duh 'umiez alwayz shootin uz in spayz
>Dey 'av rokkitz on duh bak an deze zoggin big drillz on duh front
>Dey iz evun payntid red tuh go fastuh!
>Sum uv 'em ar full uv boyz, an sum uv 'em av a kan insyd
>So now wen duh 'umiez try an shoot uz in spayz, we juzt 'op on tuh duh ship an kop 'em!
>An diz wuz all Orko'z ideeyer too, I iz juzt duh git 'oo figuhd owt 'ow tuh mayk 'em
>Orko getz in 'iz persunul rok az 'ee tellz me tuh watch wat dat git Bomba iz up too, az Orko 'aznt 'erd anyfing bak yet
>Shyoor fing kaptin, wen he leevz I get dat Red Nob git tuh get ovuh tuh duh 'umie town gettin krumpd by dohz bloo pansiez
>Zoggin 'umiez, cant evun kop a pansie dat week
>Now tuh get bak tuh fixin up sum moor gubbinz....
File: Harris was here.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>Currently flying over Grimhedge, turning the various Tau into a burnt crisp
>The imperial forces here are practically non-existant, but thanks to the *ahem* completely non-heretical challenge between myself and the Ork, the Tau are far too busy running around screaming to notice
>My tally has gotten past a few hundred dead xenos
>However, that utter loony of an Ork keeps going on low and torching xenos with the various flamers mounted onto his bomber
>As I turn another Tau dropship into a burning wreck, spot a rather curious crowd approaching from the direction of Groxbridge
>Several astartes on bikes wielding some rather large... revolvers?
>Three rhino transports being closely followed by an immolator tank
>All three blasting loyalist rock music from "Cadence Patet-aqua Resurrectionem" as they jump out and start firing into the various Tau that are either running about screaming, on fire, dead or all at the same time
>Ah, so those are the "silly sods" who were yelling at me earlier
>I suppose it's a jolly good show they didn't hear me then
>Drop another few incendiaries on the town as I contemplate whether those sororitas are going to try and get me court-martialed
>Ah well, they can only court-martial me if they catch me!
>Turn up the marauder's speaker and start blasting some more loyalist jazz rock
>The Ork turns on his own speaker and starts blasting what I believe is some form of Orkish rock and roll
>He also drops one of his larger incendiary bombs directly on top of one of the more important looking Tau, causing a thunderous boom with added fireball
>That still only counts as one you cheeky blighter!
>Drop one of my larger payloads on a collection of Tau artillery to make up for it
>Be me
>Duh flyeeizt uv duh flyboyz in Kaptin Orko'z fleet, Duh Red Nob
>Duh Bigguh Mek wantz me tuh git ovuh tuh anuvah 'umie town dat wuz gettin krumpd
>Sumfin abowt Orko wonduhrin if Bomba'z dun iz zoggin job yet
>Meenwyl duh uvah boyz ar buzy koppin all duh spooki gitz dat 'av startid poppin owt duh grownd
>Zoggin 'ell, sayv sum fuh me yah gitz!
>Set off tuhwardz duh uvah 'umie town tuh see abowt koppin any gitz left
>'owevuh, fankz tuh me speed freek rokkitz on duh bak I getz dere kwiklee 'aaand...
>Zoggin 'ell Bomba, tawk abowt kumitmunt tuh yuh zoggin job
>All I can zoggin see is burna fyool
>And dat zoggin 'umie dat wuz tryna burn uz beefor!
>Bomba yah maynjee git, Orko sed kop 'im, not try an out-burn 'im!
>Ah well, suppohz I needz tuh finish dis job meself...
>be Tolria, apparently now Imperial Liaison with the Eldar Task Force
>These mon'keigh are utterly insane
>For the second time today, we're running away
>What are we, Happy Enders?
>A mass of Eldar and Imperials are retreating together, everybody too concerned with GTFO to care about who is who
>There's Astartes piggybacking on Wraighknights, Warlocks piling into Imperial tanks, Guardsmen clinging to Jetbikes, even one very lucky Farseer looking even smugger than usual sitting on the shoulder of a Kataphron Battle Servitor as they all flee the field
>I wouldn't believe it if we weren't all about to be turned to ash
>There will undoubtably be a few executions in the Imperial ranks after this
>An intensifying glow from behind and the feeling of heat on the back of my next tells me that ship has entered the atmosphere
>It's moving many times faster its own sound, and the silence is unnerving
>Don't look back
>Keep running
>Stop for nothing
>At least this is nice cardio workout and Imperial-Eldar trust-building exercise
>I think the latter is working, since we've only had twenty-one friendly fire incidents, a new record
>No time to think about that though, keep running!
File: Crashing this Kroozer.png (863 KB, 839x1161)
863 KB
863 KB PNG
>Be me
>Duh orkiest ork in duh sektah, Kaptin Orko uv Dakkamark
>Kurruntlee buzy attakin duh gitz dat tryd tuh kop me kroozer
>An wen I wuz buzy rokkin wiv duh gitz on duh gargant, zoggin 'ell
>'owevuh, dey didnt seem tuh ekspekt uz tuh fyr a buncha Drill-Rokz intuh duh kroozer dey wuz pilotin
>Juzt az I pland, koz I iz duh finkeeizt ork dat evuh did fink!
>Fuh sum reesun doh, diz 'umie kroozer 'az a lot uv duh Eldar pansiez on it
>Why ar dese gitz 'eer? Iznt diz an 'umie kroozer?
>Duh killa kanz duh bigguh mek sent wiv me ar keepin duh lazuh dakka off me an me boyz at leezt
>Suddunlee, a pikshuh-skreen next tuh me 'ed lytz up, an a familyuh fayz showz on it
>Dat Stannim git dat wuz chasin me arownd duh galaxy frum beefor iz tryna warn me abowt all duh Eldar on dis ship
>Did 'ee getz sum new gubbinz az well? Dey aynt Orky enuff
>Az I fink abowt 'ow I kud improov dis kroozer a bit, duh 'umie speekz up agen
>"So you've invaded my ship, now what's the next step in your master plan?"
>Well iznt it obveeuz?
>Spit sum dakka at duh skreen tuh konvay duh effekt
>Alryt boyz, tuh duh kroozer kontrohlz!
>We iz gonna kop evree git on duh ship, or get krumpd tryin
>Now breev in deep, suk in az much zoggin breff az ya kan
File: preparetorepelboarders.png (1.41 MB, 1192x670)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Gunners reporting good hits on the Kroozer, especially on the engines
>An Imperial ship has joined in as well, attracted by the commotion
>Ork gunnery is hilariously inaccurate, and any shots that do land just splash off the void shields
>A large group of Eldar who didn't make it in time for the Necrop op have come aboard to watch the fight
>The Kroozer launches what looks like Roks, but with drill heads on the front
>Most either miss us completely or are blown up by cannon fire
>Still, several make it through and disgorge Orks along with some heavy armour into the ship
>Oho, look who decided to turn up. The Rapscallion himself!
>The Eldar and armed voidsmen are keeping the main Ork force away, but the top twerp is hiding behind a Killa Kan
>Activate the vidcom nearest the Freeboota
>Smugly tell him about the Eldar and ask what he thinks he's doing
>Apparently he wants to crash the ship and kill everyone
>Close the blast doors and shut down the elevatus!
>If he wants to get me, he'll have to go the long, hard way round
>Oh, and prepare to vent Sub-Section 29-A4 of Deck 18
>As far as I know, Orks aren't anaerobic organisms
File: FUG.jpg (106 KB, 289x400)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>If I survive this, I'm finding that Alpha Primus and I'm going to kiss him
>He's probably the only reason I'm still alive
>Well, him and the imperial fists
>Three tanks still able to operate in combat including my own, two wounded tanks have already headed into Groxbridge, four tanks have been outright destroyed and one tank is already receiving repairs inside Groxbridge
>Had to kill a flayed one or two on the top of my tank, god this chainsword is useful
>Right now though I've got fuck all time to think about that
>Everyone's trying to get into Groxbridge through the various holes in the hab-bloqs big enough to fit people in them
>I, however, am stuck here by the "main entrance" gunning down advancing Necrons
>I can see a Sword-class heading straight down for the ground and adjusting its position
>I guess the Tesseract vault is moving
>No time to think about that though, most people and xenos are getting inside Groxbridge relatively smoothly
>Stand up on my Baneblade, fuck this is getting disorganized
>Tell the guardsman that if they die today, they die in the name of God emperor, and that's as glorious a fate as you can ask for
>I feel a little like a hatless Yarrick
>A bunch of civilians with weapons that are here now cheer me on
>Where did these guys even come from?
>Whatever, Guardsmen seem a bit bolstered and are making the retreat slightly more ordered
>The fists Lieutenant from earlier runs up to my tank, men in toe
>He orders the guardsmen into the hab-bloqs as fast as possible
>We should probably block off the main entrance
>Look at the dead tanks near the entrance
>"Lieutenant, I have an idea!"
>He turns to me and I tell him to block off the entrance with the destroyed tanks once as many people as possible have gotten inside
>He thinks it sounds like a good idea and begins going along with it after me and my remaining squadron drive inside
>As he's halfway through, I look back at the Sword-class
>It's going so fast its glowing like a meteor coming to cause an extinction event
>Duck into tank, close commanders hatch
>Tune into vox, all channels
>Oh shit oh fuck
>Watch as the Sword-class collides into the Tesseract vault
>What looks to be a swarm of scarabs, I think they're called, rams into the prow of the Sword-class, however they only manage to slow it down
>Watch as the Sword class slams into the Tesseract vault so hard it completely shatters the stone hard dirt beneath it and starts tunnelling through the ground
>Close my eyes, maybe the emperor will be merciful today
>Feel explosion from below ground, holy shit I think my Tank is going to start flying
>mfw stage of apocalypse
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>Am now being chased by a second Ork fighter
>A much better flyer at that, but still an Ork and thus a complete and utter loony
>In the middle of using the various burning buildings as cover, hear a thunderous *BOOOOM* from back at Groxbridge
>What in blazes was....
>Oh my
>It would appear a nuclear explosion just occured
>And it's so large I can see it from here, which is miles away
>By Dorn, I hope the lads in the squad are alright
>All I can hear over the vox is screaming about the nuclear payload that someone just dropped
>And that someone wasn't me, I must be losing my touch
>As I continue being engrossed by the nuclear explosion on the horizon, the red Ork fighter plane from before swerves from around the side of a building in front and sprays bullets at my marauder
>Oh cock, I was so distracted by that nuke that he's got me!
>The right wing on the marauder is battered to pieces and the craft starts to lose altitude
>Bollocks, time to abandon ship
>Grab the "in case of emergency" parachute by my legs, force open the cockpit and jump out
>Open the parachute and watch my beloved marauder plummet down below into the fires consuming Grimhedge
>The Ork who just took down my beloved aircraft is coming round for another go
>Right, you want a tussle up? We'll have a tussle up you xeno ruffian!
>Apparently this Ork wants to try his hand at cutting my lines with his plane
>Cheeky bugger, just you wait!
>Grab the lines on my chute and prepare to make some evasive maneuvers
>be Imperial citizen of Grimhedge
>Taking potshots at Tau from my apartment window
>Imperial and Ork aircraft are smashing up the town around me
>The Aeronautica Imperialis, like the rest of the Imperial Navy, has no concept of collateral damage
>See a glowing object appear to the south-west near Groxbridge
>It's a shooting star!
>Wish for xenos to die
>I hope my wish comes true
>Take another shot
>The Red fighter craft rockets closer and closer to me by the second
>My parachute leaves me as something of a sitting duck
>Or at least, that's what the Ork will be thinking
>Use the hot drafts of air from the fires around and below to swing myself round as the Ork comes within a few metres of my chute
>Successfully land on his plane and grab onto the cockpit for dear life
>The chute is dragging me down now, unhitch it and watch as the chute gets dragged off behind me and goes up in smoke
>You served me well old chap, but now for the fun part of my plan
>Force open the Ork's cockpit and punch the blighter in the face a few times
>He fights back fiercely though, and is also rather large
>Can feel the plane slowly losing altitude as we fight, but still staying in the air somehow
>By jove he's good, but not good enough!
>He tries to pull out a gun, but loses it in the jetstream
>I however do not, and grab it as it falls from the plane
>Shoot the Ork point blank, he falls head first into the controls
>Grab his body and pull it out as the plane now quickly nosedives
>Desperately pull myself inside the plane and get a hold on the controls
>The Ork's body plummets with me and the plane, a constant reminder to get my act together and get control of the plane
>Slowly getting more and more unwell as gravity hits me more and more
>My consciousness is starting to slip, pull yourself together man!
>With every ounce of strength grab the steering and yank it up, the plane's nosedive begins to slowly change as the ground rushes closer and closer
>Finally get one good yank at the controls and get the plane level again just a few dozen metres or so off the ground
>As I gain some altitude, notice two things
>One: There's another Ork behind me manning the guns
>Two: The Former Pilot is still alive, and also clinging to the wing yelling "WAAAAAAAAAGH"
>Blimey, these chaps are resilient
>Before I can think of any smart ways to approach the problem, the Ork gunner turns his attention (and his gun) to the former pilot and...
>Shoots him off?
>Well thanks old sport, but wasn't he your comrade?
>Yells "WAAAAGH" like his now dead comrade and tells me to keep flying the "Blitza-Jet"
>Apparently he likes the cut of my jib and will follow my orders
>Xeno laws be damned, these Ork chaps have proved cordial enough so far
>Well, cordial in a very rough and tumble type of manner
>Hear something over my new jet's radio
>"Oy, red git, you still dere? It's Bomba, what'd you do with that humie, I was busy tryna out burn 'im."
>Ah, so that's the other fellow pyromaniac busy burning this town into a crisp
>Just yell into the vox about having commandeered this jet for myself, and that I'm going to have to call this duel a draw
>For now that is, I need to go and help the chaps in Groxbridge, and fast
>mfw this jet is even faster than my souped-up marauder despite having more guns on it
>mfw I'm fairly certain that Bomba chap is following me as I fly off back to Groxbridge
>I just hope I can contact the other imperial forces with this radio

>Be Captain Weston of the Brass Vipers
>Me and the Battle Brothers are shooting any Necrons that come to close
>Well most of us, Brother Arthur is still swinging that poor Tau Fire Warrior in his Power Lasso
>Brother Cash is doing circles around the city, crunching any Necrons under his Rhino-Sized Tires and shooting them with Hurricane Bolters while doing the occasional potshots with his Avenger Bolt Revolver at any Ork Flyers
>Suddenly get a Vox Communique telling us to look away from the Necrons, only to see it too late
>A Sword-Class is about to crash into a Necron Tesseract Vault I didn't notice
>How in the Warp?.gif
>Tell the Brothers to ride, full horsepower into the city
>Brother Cash ignores it and digs his custom feet spikes into the ground, standing where he stops his bike.
>His Vox-Speaker changes to another tune that he wrote after being interred as a Dreadnought.
>Nonetheless we ride into the City, doing our best to avoid hitting any civilians
>However the Tesseract hits, sending us flying into the air
>Adrenaline rushes though my veins
>We're having a blast.
>Well, except Brother Robbins who got knocked off his bike.
Map anon here, I'm working on something you lot might like - a (dynamic) map of the region! It'll have Groxbridge (of course), Liamhelm, Grimhedge, some regional-scale geographical features and a few misc locations mentioned so far, let me know if there's something specific you want to see.
Sounds pretty bitchin', requesting giant fucking sinkhole to the south of Groxbridge to be added in.
File: pic174129.jpg (42 KB, 466x630)
42 KB
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius of the aeronautica imperialis
>Those fine gentlemen on the Praetorian baneblade decided to drop me at the nearest military airport
>3hours to get a new thunderbird
>This was incredibly gast
>Decide to rename it the Templeton
>Take off one hour after a long brifing
>My squad is mostly in space and I am needed here to fight T'au, Necrons and apparently Eldar who invited themselves
>Take off and head to Groxbridge
>See some Iron warriors in the fields near Groxbridge
>Shoot hum down
>Arrive at Groxbridge, city IS mostly in ruins and streets filles with T'au and guardsmen
>See a Praetorian baneblade about to being ambushed by a KV128 combat T'au suit hidden in a building
>Those poor gents shall notre dieu here !
Die not dieu...
File: Not Good.png (336 KB, 615x648)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
>Be me
>Sister Palatine of the Adeptus Sororitas, Sister Farnese
>It appears we were late in our arrival, again
>By the time the transports had been brought down to ground level and we were at Grimhedge, it was up in smoke
>Apparently the Aeronautica Imperialis were at it again, as when we arrived one of their bombers was hard at work torching the entirety of the town
>...And didn't leave any xenos for us, that's just plain rude!
>At the very least there are plenty of Tau that we can use as target practice, not to mention some of the obviously large band of Orks that took an interest in all the explosions and fire
>As I finally get a chance at using the immolator instead of Sister Maude, we get a lot of loud chatter over the vox
>Something about getting some significant distance away from Groxbridge and a sword-class cruiser
>As I question what on the throne the chatter is about, hear and see a loud *BOOOOM* from where we came
>Have to cover my eyes from the sun that's suddenly appeared in front of us
>Once the light dies down, it becomes clear what just happened
>A nuclear explosion just went off at or near Groxbridge
>Know for a fact that will have dealt a nasty blow to anyone left there, and will also attract a lot of unwanted attention from any xenos left, in particular the Orks
>Gather the Sisters and order an immediate return to the explosion site to assist any evacuation efforts and repel any enemy forces
>Also notice two fighter jets rush over our heads at a worryingly low altitude, one of which is red and the fastest of the two, the other of which is yellow with flamethrowers
>Realize that at least one of those is the Ork bomber that burnt Grimhedge to the ground, with the other likely being his accomplice
>Get the sisters to immediately hurry up before those unhinged xenos turn Groxbridge into another pile of ash
>mfw both of the jets can go much faster than our transports and the immolator
File: 1560475596158.jpg (278 KB, 800x800)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
>Raise building to the ground and the Tau with it
>The praetorians possibly didn't understand anyway flying on...
>God-Emperor I love Thunderbolt...
>Suddenly someine speaks of sunclass-ship on the vox
>Does officer at the vox-comm know how to say "Watch out nuclear strike !"?
>Decide to follow two orkjets to destroy them
>Start shooting
>They are faster than my bullets?
>Better ask for help to other imperial fighters around
>MFW the rest of my squad is coming to help me
>Ten of us left this is going to be the "Groxbridge turkey shot"

Original bunker-trench complex south of Groxbridge we spent most of thread #2 fighting over, ridges to north and south of the town (maybe one ridge, curving around with the town built inside a sideways U shape?), necron tomb location if it's big enough.
I can do the ridge, but the map's rather too large-scale (1px=10m) to show individual structures (I'll have marker symbols for battle locations). If we get more worldbuilding done in future threads, I'll draw a map of the town that will show them in more detail.
File: Thinking Kasty.png (2.05 MB, 1397x1020)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG

>be Sigma-32c, mildly dented Alpha Primus
>Motive Force that was a big bang
>Hab we were all clambering out into did not take the hit one of my Skitarii had most of his left side crushed and had to be given the Omnissiah's Peace and two more were certainly crushed in the debris
>They both had plasma calivers as well, those cost more than they do. Bugger.
>Pile of rubble in the entrance shifts, creaks and light bursts into the tunnel as a couple of Imperial Fists set to digging us out
>Set charge behind us, blow down tunnel and set meltabomb on jostle fuses on the rubble to give any hostiles that come this way some trouble
>Fists have cleared the wreckage, clamber out through hole into city street filled with dust, rubble and a disorganised mob of Guardsmen, Eldar and everything else under the sun. More fists are hauling burnt-out Russes and Malcadors into place to form barricades
>Patch back into noosphere now we're on the surface again, review my forces
>A solid 70% survived the retreat, although the Emanatus units on eight of my ten remaining Dunecrawlers were all burnt out by either Necron fire or the pressure wave from the explosion, so no more emanatus phalanx. Task the two remaining mostly shielded crawlers to flank each end of the barricade and overlap shields, but that won't do much more than stop the Necrons blasting it to death in fifteen seconds. One Icarus, one Neutron.
>Send the remaining crawlers and their attached Skitarii squads to find strongpoints to hold throughout the town, keep two dozen Skitarii with me. Send the now unarmed and very battered Duneriders and the one Disintegrator remaining to start shipping mixed imperial ammunition, spare parts, equipment and weapons into Groxbridge, they're no good in a fight now and the Dissie is the one tank fast enough to escort them. It's not my tank, what happened to my tank?
>Turn to the Fists that dug us up, assign my Enginseers to help them fortify.


>Lt. Paulicus is talking to the tank commander from before, who appears to still have his somewhat battered Baneblade operational despite some track damage
>Blurt greetings to both, hand the Imperial Fist the dead Iron Warrior's helmet and inform him the Traitor Astartes appear to have either found the old tunnels or are attempting to undermine the town
>Hope they have better ideas than I do, I can't exactly keep calling the fleet for more and more Skitarii to meatgrind with here
>Might as well try, though....
>While attempting to get a signal to the fleet through the gigantic dust cloud and all the interference of battle, pick up a radio call in Low Gothic coming from what marker says is an Ork aircraft, saying he and one possible hostile are incoming with more incendiaries
>Really not sure we need even more fire right now, but whatever. Send him location telemetry from my Skitarii, tell him to hit north of their clusters where possible
>Instruct everyone else not wearing power armour (Me, the Fists, my Enginseers) to get under cover or seal their tanks, tell the half-dozen Icarus Arrays to point guns up and get ready to lay down flak at incoming enemy air
>No idea what the Eldar are doing or which of them to talk to, hopefully they're useful
>Set rolling request for Baskilion reinforcements on continuous broadcast, doubt it'll do anything
>Push myself to my feet with my power axe, start moving towards the Dunerider unloading point to get myself a stimm, some repairs and hopefully a gun that actually works on fucking Necrons.
>Be *cough* Tolria, apparently now *cough* Imperial-Eldar Liaison of the *cough* Eldar Task Force
>Where am I?
>I last remember being blasted into a building
>Can you PLEASE stop spinning for a minute, head?
>Ah yes. The explosion.
>This is why the Imperials are losing their wars
>Bruised all over, but otherwise uninjured
>Look around
>The air is thick with dust both inside and out
>There's a mess of panicked civilians, Imperial Guard, confused Eldar and the odd Astartes, and nobody really seems to know what they're doing
>The Exarch leading the whole operation has had his head messily replaced with a concrete brick
>Hear the unmistakable, brutish drone of incoming Ork Fighta-Bommaz
>Since nobody appears to be taking charge, I'll step up
>Start yelling orders at the milling Eldar to stop standing there like Crystal Seers and get the weapons ready
>Barrels start to be pointed towards the sky in preparation
>Those Orks won't know what hit them
>Say, I wonder if any of the Imperials are up for a friendly bet over the kill count?
File: 1552370998994.jpg (118 KB, 524x510)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Baneblade fucking leapt into the air for several seconds before touching down again
>Everything hurts
>Thankfully didn't break anything, but bruised and got a couple shallow cuts from my mask getting yanked back and forth
>Check up on how many of the crew survived, turns out that everyone did
>Open commanders hatch and look at my girl
>Yeah, she's fine, a bit messed up though
>Hug baneblade turret as best I can and try to comfort her
>Once done, remove my gas mask, slide Lho-stick into the corner of my mouth and light it up
>Sit down on tank and look at the fuckhuge mushroom cloud rising out of the smouldering sinkhole with a ship sticking out of it
>Ash starts falling from the sky along with small particles of pulverized dirt, necrodermis and the outside of hive-bloqs
>How the fuck did we manage to survive that without massive casualties?
>Realise that I saw the engines on that craft were at full burst, meaning that the sword-class still had its crew
>Forget whole the "no massive casualties" thing then
>Fists Lieutenant approaches me, asks to what percentage my squadron can still fight at
>"30%, we'll be at 60% once the others get repaired."
>Suddenly the Alpha Primus approaches and greets both of us
>Feel the need to jump out and kiss him but fuck, my legs hurt too much for that, so just greet him with a wave
>He hands the Lieutenant a helmet and tells him that there are Iron Warriors beneath the town
>Not my department so I just zone out a little and continue my smoke break
>Suddenly, Alpha Primus tells me to seal my tank
>Apparently there are two Pyromaniac Orks in the sky lighting everything up
>Well fuck that shit, lets hope my lady can stand some more punishment
>Put out smokes, crawl inside tank and get it sealed
>"I hope we've got an A/C in here, because it's about to get hot"
>I wonder when I can thank the Primus for his help
>Do members of the Mechanicus drink Amasec?
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>Now the pilot of a *ahem* "requisitioned" ork aircraft, approaching Groxbridge
>My fellow pyromaniac Bomba is hot on my heels, pun intended
>Thanks to some button-pressing and percussive maintenance, I've somehow gotten the Ork radio to tune in to the imperial vox
>According to the chatter, the nuclear was infact not a bomb, but a deliberately crashed sword-class cruiser
>That's got to be the most god-emperor blessed and yet also simultaneously unhinged idea I've seen in all my time in the PAF
>However, despite the explosion there are still a good few necrons left, albeit being slowly buried under the collapse of dirt from the upper to lower crater
>As I begin to fly over the border of Groxbridge, it quickly becomes apparent everyone's far too focused on survival to notice that a few of those walking piles of skeletal metal are still just barely alive
>Understandable, but this could prove nasty
>As I begin to turn around and begin my next attack on those skeletal scallywags, another imperial pilot gets behind me and opens fire
>Oy! Friendly fire you ponce... oh right I'm flying an Ork aircraft
>Which is quite luckily fast enough to out-maneuver the bullets he's firing in my direction
>Yell into the vox for him to cease fire as I'm a friendly
>My case is not helped by my co-pilot shouting over me and firing back
>However, either due to my convincing yells of "STOP FIRING YOU PILLOCK" or the speed of my fighter, he backs off and chases after Bomba instead
>Well, I suppose that's the other chap's problem now
>Close in on the crater that was once an underground necron tomb
>Ask my co-pilot what kind of serious armaments this fighter has
>He yells back that there are apparently some form of high-grade energy weaponry on the underside of the craft for low-ground bombing runs, or and I quote "SPRAYIN LASER DAKKA EVERYWHERE!"
>That gives me an excellent idea
>However, it's rather difficult to focus with all that loud music, what on terra is...
>Ah, that would be it
>Spot a rather large Ork titan of some manner stomping towards the crater, presumably with the same intentions as myself
>Has a gigantic sound cannon mounted on it's right arm, is blasting it down into the crater and knocking the various necrons down further, as well as starting small avalanches around the general area of the edge it stands on
>And yet somehow still hasn't fallen down with the avalanches either
>However, due to the enthusiastic attack by this titan and several more Ork aircraft, the necrons are very much awake and are firing their weapons into the sky every which way
>Just one hit brings down one of the various miniature ork helicopters flying over, another bringing down a fighter jet
>So I need to make some more evasive maneuvers to lay down some heavy ordinance on these spooky chaps
>Notice a big red button in the controls marked "Dyv Bombin Mohd"
>Such butchering of the emperor's gothic is downright heresy, but alas
>Ask my co-pilot what it's for
>Well that answers that
>I suppose with such a device I could turn this plane into more of a missile, for a few moments at least
>Hang on a moment
>The sound blast from the ork titan causes all the necrons to be unable to fire in that general area
>And as a result, the area taken in by the blast is also one of the few safe areas to fly
>This idea is positively insane, even by my standards, but I have to try
File: RUUUUUUN.jpg (8 KB, 372x268)
8 KB
>Fly around the crater and behind the titan, approaching it from behind at full tilt
>My new craft's orkish design allows me to pass past these Orks with them not suspecting a thing
>As I fly over the titan, slam my fist down on the big red button and fly straight into the soundwaves
>With a sigh of relief, I pull the jet out of the soundstream and back over the dirt, coming in fast on a bunch of unsuspecting necrons
>Activate my underside laser cannons and watch as all manner of energy beams gets spat down onto the xenos
>They all plummet further down the crater in varying degrees of disrepair as I fly back up the crater and over to prepare for another shot
>That was the most idiotic thing I've ever done but by Jaghatai himself if it wasn't fun!
File: uuuuuuhhhhh.jpg (42 KB, 494x504)
42 KB
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius of the aeronautica imperialis
>One of my boy came back and told me by vox about "imperial pilots in bomba"
>Following the other bomba aka creating vents in his aircraft and windows in nearby buildings
>Yellow Bomba explode, there was just three of us on him
>Wreckage falls near a imperial convoy composed of mechanicus, astartes, and baneblades
>One of the mechanicus guy didn't seems to care
>Regrouping with the rest of my squadron we realise that we are getting closer to the crater
>Hear gigantic sounds
>A Goff rocka Stompa and the other bomba is shooting it
>Necrons all over the ground
>MFW my squad asks me what to do
>"Boys I want doze Titan and nécronz destroyed in ze name of ze Emperah!"
>I never been really good with speeches
>Better destroy those huge speakers first i can't hear a thing

>be former pig shit farmer, now Archbishop of The Church of the Emperor's Holy Gifts
>as my army of holy warriors makes it way to the battlefield, I see imperial forces falling back
>im about to declare them heretics for retreating, I then look up
>I see why they are retreating
>I order all my people to take cover
>when the shock wave hits I am thrown backwards and I land in a hedge behind me
>I and my people take this as the emperor saving me once more
File: Walkers in Ruin.png (309 KB, 518x240)
309 KB
309 KB PNG

>Be Sigma-32c
>Ork aircraft haven't hit the city yet, but one of their fighters went down about six feet from my face
>If Hochberg's auspex hadn't let him shout a warning it would have taken my head off, I owe that guy better kit than flak, chainsword and boring normal tank tech once this is done
>Ork titan blasting the hell out of the Necrons and the outskirts of the city, but I manage to keep my feet and make it to the returning transports
>Extremely brave squad of Imperial Guardsmen plus an Enginseer are unloading them, running crates of autocannon ammo, hotshot lasguns and power cells, flakk missiles for the launchers and lascannon batteries into the buildings and to the thundering Icarus Crawlers
>Ordo Reductor experience doing work this campaign, Reductor equipment will hopefully be just as useful now I no longer have to fit inside a tank
>Lock Photon Gauntlet to left wrist, flex power fist on right hand, refractor shield flares and settles to a slight glow around my decidedly bulkier armour power unit
>Hear the thud and shriek of Icarus autocannon and rockets lighting up the incoming Ork air attack, plus the distinctly deeper howl of Imperial Navy aircraft making firing passes
>Icarus Array datafeeds show a rain of burning sparks seem to be descending from the enemy aircraft, omnispex signatures designate them as Stormboyz
>City is a wreck, burning, crumbling, unaugmented vision reaches about ten feet if I don't keep my auspex and infravisor active, ground shakes every few seconds from that Gargant's sonic bombardment
>Where the hell did they get that thing, a dead Ulator?
>Urban combat, in close with Orks, with a tattered force of at least six different Imperial organisations, Eldar, Necrons and possible Traitor Astartes with tunnel access
>Praise be to the Unmaker God, for His voice brings ruin and His servants walk amongst it
>Disable safety on Photon Gauntlet and start running towards the sound of the bolters
File: areamap.png (258 KB, 1200x900)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Map is complete! I had a lot of fun drawing this, and of course I'll be updating it as we go. If you want to "discover" locations, make sure I can fit them in. As I said, I'll be drawing a map of Groxbridge itself too if we do enough worldbuilding in there (I didn't include the subway, since I can't do it justice on a large scale).
File: mapkey.png (31 KB, 381x435)
31 KB
Oh, and the key.
incredible job anon!!
Some notes on the features. Gaping Grox Hole is a vast sinkhole leading into an equally huge network of giant caverns and serves as a swallow hole for a branch of the River Bell. Where does it go? Nobody knows......

Lake Amble is posited to be a former crater lake in a huge caldera. Given the lack of activity now, the theory is largely dismissed, but the presence of the nearby dormant Mt Rhyo suggests all is not completely quiet.....

The Port of Groxbridge is not a full town per se, but a large port industrial complex with the eponymous port and a sprawling industrial estate

The Great Boundary Fault is a huge linear reverse fault line, where the block to the NE has been heaved up to form a massive scarp hundreds of metres high.

Bell Valley Hydro is a huge gravity-arch dam, holding back the large Lake Bell. It provides most of the power and water for the region and is an important flood-control structure during the rainy season.

The central Groxbridge ring road is elevated for most of its length and serves to connect all of the town's districts. Traffic is currently very clear, for obvious reasons.
Absolutely nice
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Me and my squad were among the last to pull back into the once again battered walls of Groxbridge
>The shockwave knocked plenty of debris loose, and shattered all the windows this side of town
>Good thing our chapter helped rebuild, this town can really take a beating
>Combat in town is scattered
>Just about every faction is fighting block by block
>Imperial and Eldar forces are going against Orks, Stragglers from the Tau and Necrons, and I've even caught wind of some Iron Warriors being encountered
>Of course they're here, probably trying some stupid idea to look clever so they can circlejerk over the Iron Cage
>I can hear their nasal whining already
>Ready my boltg-... melta gun?
>Ah, I have neglected to return the weapon those sisters lent to me
>I suppose I should return it when I have the chance
>After all any who would inscribe a name into a weapon must value the weapon
>Who in the name of Dorn is "Valerie"?
>Nevermind for now
>There is a clusterfuck to be won
>Me and my squad double check our ammunition
>We make our way through building after building, working our way around the outskirts of town where the enemy footholds are like to be
>Taking our time to pick up friendly stragglers
>All in all it's just another day on this now dusty ball
File: 1561245950454.png (257 KB, 540x467)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
>Be me, Imperial fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>The city is pretty badly shaken up, fires throughout, destroyed building turned into further destroyed buildings, and now there are Traitor marines beneath us
>Now we have to rebuild this city a second time
>For the moment the fortune of battle has slightly turned, an Ork gargant now on our side
>I must seize this opportunity
>These civilians are unusually zealous, and several of them have krak grenade
>I believe we have a solution to the problem of tunnel rats beneath the city
>Gather up the zealots in around company sized groups, most awestruck enough to follow me along without any questions
>One I've gathered up enough of them, seems to be one or two thousand at least, begin talking to them
>"Each one of you that has an explosive of any kind, please raise your hands."
>A bunch of them raise their hands all at once
>"Right, how many of you would not readily give your lives for the Emperor of Mankind?"
>Each one of them raises their hands
>"Very good. For you see, beneath the very earth of this town there now hide heretics who wish to slay all who follow his will."
>"Do you want us to kill them for you, my lord?" one of them pipes up
>"Precisely. Form up in groups of 10 around a man who has a krak grenade or any other such similar anti-armour explosive."
>These civilians are quite obedient, but not very well organized
>Estimate that there are at most 4000 civilians obeying my orders
>It's enough for what I have planned
>Vox Alpha Primus for the location of the tunnel he found earlier
>Once I receive his response, begin marching the men out from the city, eventually reach the destination the Primus was talking about, though now it seems to have been blown open
>As I begin ordering the civilians into the tunnels, an Ork fighter explodes next to the Armageddon Tank Commander's vehicle, after which a visibly angry Ork stands up out of the wreckage and runs off
>Nobody bothers to pay the ork any mind, including me
>Once the civilians are safely inside the blown open tunnel, regroup with my squadron
>Apparently there are regrouped units of Tau trying to get out of the city, but more pressingly there are Ork Stormboyz landing
>This is truly a test of my resolve
>Order men to split up into four groups, three tactical squads alone, one tactical and devastator squad with me
>Sergeant Sammos is taking his squad to wipe out any possible remaining enemy strongholds
>Send out the other two squadrons to gather up disconnected Imperial guard units and fight off the remaining enemy within the city
>Begin moving through the city, first priority should be dealing with the remaining Tau
>If they have functioning communications they could call down more of their Air caste to help bail them out, or to further bombard the city
>I would prefer as many of this fresh foe die here as possible
>Secondary objective is to find the Centurion and Dreadnought we sent down here
>I am thankful that Captain Maluan came down here to oversee our fortifying earlier, however I wish he and the rest of the company were here now
>As I understand it our strike cruiser is, however, currently occupied in void combat
>I shall take the opportunity when it presents itself to ask for reinforcements
>As I'm moving through the streets, punching and gunning down the remaining Tau I can find, I encounter a large, angry Nob
>Before I have the chance to engage in melee combat with him, the Dreadnought I was looking bursts through a nearby wall and gores the Ork
>"Forgive me for my delay Lieutenant, I was engaged at the other side of the city."
>What timing
>Continue looking for the Tau in this smouldering wreck of a city
Now that’s lovely
I think some pretty warp-tainted jungle was starting to pop up in spots from all of that nurglite-fertiliser underground now
Hold that thought. We can have the Great Triffid War in a future thread.
File: Vigilus-Defiant.jpg (154 KB, 1200x800)
154 KB
154 KB JPG

>Be Sigma 32c, recently up-gunned Alpha Primus
>Mostly Stormboyz, some Kommandoes and half a dozen Meganobz, Machine God knows how they got down here without heavier landers
>Lost two Dunecrawlers to that squad before my command squad and a roaming fire team of Fists caught them almost simultaneously from opposite directions, bolter rounds blowing out motivator units and power packs and finishing them with power axes and Sergeant Sammos' meltagun
>Now moving back towards the main south gate, trying to link up the four remaining Dunecrawler positions in this half of the town and form something approaching a frontline with the Kataphron tankettes now the Orks have stopped dropping in seemingly random patterns across the town
>Guard seem surprisingly happy with the current arrangement, I suppose Orks are better than Necrons
>Round corner, see a group of Flash Gits blasting away at some rapidly moving blurs on the far wall
>Charge photon gauntlet, put two bursts each into the first blur and spear it, camo circuitry burning out to reveal a Tau stealth suit staggering and falling
>Flash Gits just about hear my approach over the roar of their own gunfire
>Sidestep storm of high-caliber autogun rounds thanks to predictive combat algorithm, take another burst from the second Git at close range
>Mostly deflected, a one manages to punch through my hip seal and lodge in the leg actuator there but then I'm on them
>Tear the first Flash Git clean in half with a charge-assisted power-fist haymaker, duck under a crude attempt at a bayonet thrust and grab the second by the wrist, squeeze and then kick him away
>Try to twist away to the left but leg actuator won't turn that way. wind up half-falling sideways and losing my stance
>Third Ork barrels into me and slams my armoured form to the ground, pins my fist arm down before I raise the other and put a gauntlet shot clean through his spine

File: tolriaconfused.png (28 KB, 176x148)
28 KB
>Be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Iyanden
>I'm very, very confused
>The Imperials are switching targets every few minutes
>There's Tau still running around
>The Ork Fighta-Bomma and Gargant are supposedly on our side, but there are hostile Orks everywhere
>Some of the Necrons are still twitching
>My head feels like I was thrown against a wall head-first
>Well, I was
>Oh Isha, what is going on?
>I'm amazed we haven't been shot at by one of our own tentative Imperial allies yet in the confusion
>At least the dust is finally starting to settle so we can take stock
>Most of the force is still here, though quite a few are injured from the battle and the blast
>Send the injured back to our base in Brannet
>Order the force to redeploy to the elevated road to the north of the position
>Wow, this is an amazing fire point
>I can finally start sniping things while everyone else fires at anything that moves and isn't Imperial
>There seems to be an infinite supply of Tau in this city to practice on, as well as Orks
>Things are looking up
I think it looks a better as a pre-battle map, considering how green it is and how much water there is
I figure by now the rivers Irass, Costanza, Sayle, Parsel, and Bell are all little more than dry beds
Lakes Bell and Oxbow are also equally depleted, with Lake amble being the last remaining inland water source, and Amble itself is probably half its original depth
The rivers Plonk and Saponite are either narrow streams or a collection of puddles in damp riverbeds
You have to remember, this place had been subjected to prolonged warfare, multiple orbital bombardments, the prow of a retribution class battleship, a shard of the burning one (effectively one of the universes largest, most powerful, space heaters), and now an entire sword class frigate

>Try to roll away from the dead Git as burst cannon fire erupts from further down the road, pulverising the wounded Ork as he attempts to stand before the remaining suits blur out of sight again and vanish into the corridors, apparently not wanting to continue the fight
>Haul myself to my feet, move into hab-bastion at that crossroads for brief resupply
>Manage to remove armour plate and remove offending bullet, restoring most of my mobility even if that leg still grinds a fair bit at a run
>Not exactly a Myrmidon yet, am I
>Check maps using heavier comms unit in the bastion to find Imperial Fists teams sweeping and clearing, am assigning Kataphrons to the more fortified buildings they've secured when an Iyanden Ranger team bursts into my room and nearly opens fire before remembering we're technically on the same side
>Their Exarch tells me that the population of this town is apparently storming the tunnel network
>Well, that'll at least keep the Iron Warriors busy. Knew that Fist wanted the coordinates for something.
>Icarus Arrays managing a decent tally of Ork aircraft shoot-downs now the dust is clearing, decide to start moving back towards the main square where the Guard tanks have set up their position
>Retry request for fleet reinforcements using bigger transmitter before I leave, might have got through
>Not sure whats left in the Baskilion Astra racks at this point that could kill a Gargant though, if there is anything it's classified as hell
There aren’t many triffids yet, just a lot of Iron Warriors wearing Rice hats hiding in them
The green was just a colour to represent the land.
I think the drying radius of the impacts wouldn't have covered the entire map, and I needed brown for the city and couldn't make it grade properly into green. I'm not familiar with how C'tan Shards work, but I'm assuming the effect slowly wore off following its "destruction" (also more heat = more intense monsoon, which this region appears to be subject to). I'm also operating on the assumption that it's been a couple of months since the last round and since then the bulk of the warfare has been lessened and largely moved away from the immediate vicinity, enough time for the climate to largely return to normal in time for the dry season, while the rivers are still mostly supplied with water from the wet season and the mud has started to grass over with some particularly hardy plants. If the timeskip between each thread is a couple of months, the rivers will get lower and lower as we get deeper into the artificially exacerbated dry season with the water shortages and power failures that result.
Shit, I fucked up. I meant to say Alaitoc, as I have been saying so far. Sorry.
theoretically all that water evaporated by the fight with the burning one should eventually make its way back to the area in the form of rain (particularly important if a jungle is going to pop up near the city like some people have suggested)

It would be neat to see the locations of the two shipwrecks though
My headcanon is that the prow struck near the south tip of the island in the river. The Necron emblem on the right represents this thread's battle, so the cruiser would be around there.

I'll draw them both in when I make the city map in a future thread.
Fair enough, the time skip for this thread wasn't stated as clearly so I wasn't sure.
In that case, odds are that weather now is moderate, but by next thread it will be deep into the dry season and the effects will be showing heavily.
Good to know this battle is driving each season to the extremes, eventually it should kill off the plant life and we'll be left with a planet that goes from Tallarn in the dry season to oceans of mud in the wet season.
Now we just need a way to develop a cold season in the middle of the wet season, then we can go from desert, to mud, to frozen wasteland, then back to mud, and finally back to desert.

I also agree that the shipwrecks would a be a interesting sight.
I'd say that the timeskip last thread might have been 7 months at most, but considering that the imperials haven't stomped out the Chaos presance on the planet yet the timeskip between this thread and the last one might have been, I dunno, 3 months?
Considering that one guardsman survived on the wreckage of a blasted to shit dead ship it might even be less than that though.
Since transcendant C'tan are super powerful, and can bend reality to their will at least to some extent, it's fair to say that a large amount of the planets water was deleted. Since C'tan have no relation to the warp, and yet can do shit that by all acounts can be classified as reality bending spookery, we can assume that what they do is mostly grounded in the material realm. However it's still possible that Oceans and rivers aren't compleatly gone from the planet, the C'tan was, after all, occupied with removing the moisture for a short amount of time before an Imperator titan slugged it out with it. So, dirt is still hard as rock but the rivers are probably still around.
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Finally get back to my company after a long day of blundering through the cluster fuck that is now Groxbridge
>As far as we can tell piecing contradictory communications together, this is now a five way fight, with tau, orks, necrons, and chaos space marines all known to be in the vicinity of the city
>The eldar are here as our allies, good thing I didn't shoot that one I encountered earlier
>Also, that massive explosion I saw, heard, and felt earlier was apparently a frigate ramming the planet, normally I would disapprove of such reckless tactics, but it caused a building facade to fall on some Flayed Ones that were chasing me, so can't complain too much
>Our orders are to fall back into the city, and try to clean out the remaining tau and the burrowing necron units, as well as the orks that are starting to appear everywhere
>Seems simple enough, what could go wrong?
Timeskip in thread #2 was 2 months, the character that OP'd had arrived in thread #1 and mentioned that he had been on the planet for "a couple months"
I think this region has a climate akin to that of the Indian subcontinent - warm winters and hot summers with the rainy season from June-Sep, the most intense months being July and Aug and the winter being very dry. My estimation is that the series started in early summer as the monsoon started to crank up, thread 2 was in late summer after a couple of months of incessant rainfall and this thread is taking place in mid-late autumn as the temperature cools off but remains warm and the climate dries. It's going to be dry as a bone for the next 6-7 months, plenty enough time for things to get very dry indeed.

Given the C'tan was only active for a few minutes at most, I don't think it would have time to do very much, physical god or not. Some damage to the planet is possible, but I think it managed to do little more than dry out a large amount of the region's ground and with no rain to wet it, it's remained dry while DL's hydrosphere continues to run. The seasons are disrupted for now, but catastrophic climate swings aren't very likely.
Really? I thought that was mostly up in the air and left at "a couple of months" in the second thread. Maybe I missed something, I dunno.

Seems reasonable enough, I (Krieg tankposter from the first thread) envisioned Lutum to have heavy monsoon seasons covering large swathes of the planet, followed by a slightly warmer but not quite dry period allowing the planet to not be a muddy mess for an entire year. Thus making it a planet heavily suited to being an agri world. How it turned out this way? Dark age of technology fuckery probably, since Mars was green it wouldn't surprise me if they could effect the seasons of a planet through some form of mystifying tech boardering on magic.
But I mostly had it rain for a metal gear rising revengance reference and to spice up the battle.
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Lead my squad, and the group of stragglers we've collected, through house-to-house fighting
>Each building is a new exercise to test our ability
>Few are empty, and no two are completely identical
>Most pockets of defense haven't bothered reinforcing their defenses, the fools
>Those that have take a bit longer to clear since the walls aren't as easily breached
>A couple of my squad have taken light wounds along with several of the troopers and militia following us
>Caught a group of Orks in a proper crossfire between ourselves and group of Mechanicus troops
>Keep moving on our path to clear the outskirts
>Hear mixed weapons fire from the way those Mechanicus troops went
>Check my suits auspex
>The mechanicus' blips are still their, albeit fuzzy at the edge of the sensor
>They can handle themselves, we have a city to clean
>Not to mention, I still have to return this meltagun
I'm mostly inferring since we know when that character joined the fight and we know how long he's been here
All in all the gap between threads 1 and 2 shouldn't be any bigger than 2 or 3 months, certainly not 7
File: Necron10.jpg (156 KB, 564x604)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>be destroyer lord Apophas
>body is coming back online, reanimation almost complete
>reach for resurrection orb and speed up the process for the other destroyers
>notice a large mass of orks
>begin purging there is a lot of ground to cover
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>Have finally managed to figure out what all the various buttons in this cockpit are for
>It has been something of a trial by fire to say the least, but is there any better?
>As I fly back over the crater's edge to have another crack at flying through the sonic jetstream, get a call via my radio
>Is coming from the Ork frequencies, I suppose I'll have to pretend to be an Ogryn until they lose interest
>Switch the radio to the normal ork channels and prepare to put on my gruffest and stupidest Ogryn voice
>However, before I can even attempt such a thing, hear what I believe to be a call for help
>Well, that answers some questions
>And leaves a few more, chiefly how on earth did he steal a melta gun from an astartes
>Also, how will I fit another Ork on this craft?
>As I ponder this question, my co-pilot speaks up once more
>"Wuz dat First Mate Bomba? I wuz wonduhrin wot 'appened to 'im."
>Explain the apparent "First Mate" needs to be picked up out of Groxbridge before some astartes turn him into mulch
>Upon hearing this, the pilot smirks
>"Guess I needs to be leavin' then. Flip dat little red fing dere."
>I do so, he opens his cockpit, grabs the gun fitted into the gun cockpit, and also a jetpack by his feet
>Jumps out the plane with his jetpack screaming "WAAAAAAAAGH" and starts doing fly overs of the various buildings in Groxbridge
>Blimey, the Orks are lacking in many faculties, but bravado is most certainly not one of them
>Continue my approach on Groxbridge, switching back to the vox to warn imperial troops to not fire on the fast red Ork jet with lasers on the bottom
File: Bomba'z New Flash.png (100 KB, 573x548)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
>Be me
>Duh burniest burna in duh sektuh, Bomba Orkiz
>Zoggin 'ell, wen Orko pikz 'iz fytz 'ee reerlee pikz 'em
>Got clohz tuh gettin kopd a few tymz, but I iz duh sneekiezt uv duh burnaz so I got owt
>Dese 'umiez ar zo buzy tryna kop duh uvah ladz dey werent payin attenshun to a lohnlee git wiv no burna
>Incloodin anuvah SPACE MUHREEN wiv 'iz own burna
>Dis git wuz standin by a doorway yellin at 'iz boyz abowt "PURJIN THUH ZENO SCUM" or sumfin, and didnt 'av a strong grip on 'iz burna
>So I took a payj owt uv Orko'z buk an I nikd it wen 'ee waznt lukin
>Well, now 'eez chasin me up dis ryt zoggin tall 'umie towuh
>'owevuh, I iz also duh finkiezt burna arownd, zo I burnt duh stepz bee'ind me
>An wiv duh 'umiez too buzy tryna get duh fyr owt, I sent a yell fuh 'elp
>I evun mayd a few improovmuntz tuh diz 'ere burna
>It 'ad duh naym uv sum 'umie on duh syd kalld "Valarie" or sumfin
>'owevuh, wiv a bit uv gubbinz an boltz, I covuhd dat naym an now it only 'az duh naym uv "Bomba Orkiz" on duh syd
>I evun payntid it red wiv a ded 'umie I fownd so dat it kan burna gitz faztuh!
>I iz duh mekkiest, finkiest, sneekiest an burniest burna in duh hohl zoggin sektuh!
>pik reelaytid, iz me new flash
>Az I admyr me 'andy-wurk, spot duh 'umie frum beefor flyin tuhwardz me in duh Blitza-jet wot 'ee stohl frum duh Red Nob
>'ee turnz 'iz jet ovuh an 'az 'iz co-flyboy kokpit opun
>Zoggin 'ell I zee where dis iz goin....
File: D'Arby Approves.jpg (15 KB, 232x217)
15 KB
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>As I fly in closer to the pyromaniac Ork, I begin to worry about having to open the cockpit and puke downwards
>Decide not to, a pilot must stomach even the most unorthodox flying strategies!
>With the cockpit now open, Bomba jumps up at the last second and successfully grabs hold of the co-pilot's chair with one hand, his other clinging to his meltagun like a newborn babe clings to it's mother
>Swing my jet back over as Bomba still clings on for dear life, finally managing to pull himself in and close the cockpit
>Thank goodness, it was getting rather chilly on my back
>However, it is only now that I realize this Ork is approximately the size of an astartes, and the co-pilot seat is... slightly smaller than that
>Bomba is now constantly grumbling about the "Zoggin tight fit in 'ere"
>By some miracle he manages to fit himself in and places the melta gun in the space where my original co-pilot's rifle once stood
>He turns back to me and asks "What now partnuh?"
>Well, I suppose there are a lot of Tau in the streets down below....
File: Dakka.jpg (46 KB, 550x550)
46 KB
>Be me
>Duh orkiest ork in duh sektah, Kaptin Orko uv Dakkamark
>Am kurruntlee stuk on me arch-git Stannim'z kroozer, an 'eez shut all duh zoggin doorz on me
>Uhkordin tuh duh Bigguh Mek, sum uvah 'umiez 'av startid fyrin on 'im, but duh Drill-Rokz iz keepin dem off me kroozer
>An fuh sum reesun all me boyz keep fallin ovuh an korkin it, wot duh zog?
>'owevuh, duh twentee-for nobz I 'ad follow me intuh duh ship ar still krumpin gitz
>Dey iz juzt ryt owt uv breff fuh sum reesun
>So iz I, akshulee
>Duh kanz ar still workin az well, I 'az 'alf a duzun uv 'em 'ere wiv me
>All duh eldar are 'idin bee'ind duh doorz lyk duh pansies dey ar
>Get duh kanz tuh start cuttin froo dese 'ere doorz tuh get tuh dat 'umie git
>Duh firzt free ar eezy, but duh next on duh kanz lizt dey kant get froo
>Zoggin gitz, let Orko show yah 'ow itz dun!
>I 'edbutt duh door ryt zoggin 'ard an it kuhlapsiz
>An eldar rayfgard iz on duh grownd gettin bak up
>I grab duh git wiv me power-klaw an 'old 'im agenzt duh wall
>Uvah eldar rush tuh 'elp, duh nobz 'old dem bak wiv duh kanz pruhvydin fyr suhport
>I meenwyl spray sum zoggin dakka at duh gitz 'ed
>'eez still zoggin moovin doh sum'ow
>An wiv'owt iz nek 'ee moovz away
>Fyn, I az a bettuh ideeyer!
>Aktivayt duh bomb-lawnchuh in me ryt dakka 'and and fyr a rokkit bomb at duh git
>'ee getz 'it in 'iz shiny bitz an korkz it
>Duh uvah eldar run wen duh rayfgard gohz an zoggin korkz it, me an duh boyz run tuh chayz 'em
File: areamap.png (270 KB, 1200x900)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Made a few tweaks to the map. Beefed up the Great Boundary Range a bit, named some mountains, renamed the R. Saponite to the R. Grox (it's GROXbridge after all) and marked the impact sites.
File: K then.png (201 KB, 448x372)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
>Be me
>Sister Palatine of the Adeptus Sororitas, Sister Farnese
>Have now gotten back to the battle at Groxbridge
>The town survived the nuclear blast from earlier somehow
>Currently still full of allies and enemies tearing each other to pieces
>As soon as I and my fellow sisters arrived we were beset upon by a rather angry gang of Orks
>However, promethium still proves to be an effective deterrent for such xeno scum
>Suddenly spot the red ork fighter craft we were chasing last time approaching us from above
>Is going dangerously fast, will likely crash anyway buuuuut
>I and my fellow sisters open fire with everything we have
>Bolter rounds go flying towards the jet, and yet despite this not one bullet seems to be hitting
>As the sisters with bolters reload and those with flamers and meltas give our weapons time to cool, we notice something
>During our attempted attack on the jet, several Tau snuck up on us from the buildings around our position
>There are also several battlesuits that jumped us from a side alley
>They all raise their weapons
>As the sisters all raise their weapons in a last ditch effort to survive, the ork jet's wings suddenly fold in
>It starts spinning around spraying laser beams in every direction, utterly obliterating the tau in the process
>The jet then pulls up at the last second and shoots back into the sky like a streak of lightning
>Wait, was it firing bits of promethium at those Tau?
>Sister Valarie suddenly shouts in anger "Wait, that's my Meltagun!"
>Oh, wait a moment, how in the name of the emperor?
>No lowly xeno should possess tech belonging to the emperor's most holy of servants!
>Get Sisters Valarie, Maude, Beatrice, Angela and Constance to grab the jetpacks from inside one of the Rhinos
>I meanwhile grab the last one left and we all set off to get that Meltagun back
>We may not be able to catch up with that jet, but we can out-maneuver it
Wait shit that continued marker shouldn't be there.
Oh well, for now other anons can consider it a more open-ended to be continued, as I'm going to wait until a few others have gotten back to posting before I keep going.
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Me and my squad are working through another building
>An Ork runs up to me and grabs onto the borrowed meltagun
>We both have a tight grip on the weapon, trying to froce each other away
>Take one hand away to draw my power sword
>The Ork wrenches the meltagun from my other hand and... runs away?
>That is not your weapon to steal, greenskin
>Me and my squad give chase
>It flees into a building
>The idiot is trying to escape by climbing the stairs
>We have him cornered
>He sets a patch of stairs on fire, and we stop for a moment
>Turn back down the stairs
>"Sir, are seriously giving up on the chase?"
>"No, I just need to build some momentum."
>Sprint up the stairs, vaulting over the burning gap
>It doesnt take long for the rest of my squad to do the same
>Continue after the orkish thief
>Vaulting gaps in the stairs as we go
>We're gaining now, I can hear him
>be former pig shit farmer, now Archbishop if The Church of The Emperor’s Holy Gifts
> get word that a few thousand of my Holy Army are following orders of a Astartes
>I approve of this
>he probably knows more about fighting the emperors enemies than I
> also he is one of the emperor’s angels, who am I to say no
> haveabigthink.cogitator
>decide that’s for the best to ask the nearest imperial commander where I should send the rest of my troops
>as I head out, I see a group of Soroitas

>be Vindicare LIIIVX
>be stalking a Ork Mek boy
>find the perfect sniper’s perch
>head shot
>that should stop the orks from being able to build and repair vehicles for now
>sneaky breaky away unspotted
>begin looking for another target
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius of the aeronautica imperialis
>Apparently every xeno-war machine is is under imperial control
>All is left is some xenos on foot
>Too many Space marines, sisters of battle, and vehicles to take them down
>Decide to lead the squad out of the hive while destrying as many xeno ships and positions in building as we can
>Receive distress signal fom Groxbridge port via vox
>decide to go help them and go there y fastest way
>piercing a hole through heretics building with bombs and missiles
>this was the best idea of the day, concrete is flying everywhere, lots of traitor and xenos are dying
>there is now a hole in the hive large enough for our dropship to pass and reinforce troops
>After reloading in ammo at the Groxbridge military airport we race towards the port
>And we find a "Da orks navi" assieging the port with ork submersible and bomba
>Better shot the bomba and call orbital bombardment on the ocean to destroy all of the ork navi
File: meandtheboys(andgirls).png (929 KB, 1020x532)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Alaitoc [NOT IYANDEN, SORRY!]
>Operation Boom Bridge is going very well
>Streets around our position have turned into shooting galleries
>The Ork and Tau kills are starting to seriously add up
>They just don't stop coming
>I'm in the zone too
>the kill zone
>The Orks' "music" is starting to drill into my still sore head
>Speaking of Orks, that allegedly allied Fighta-Bomma looks to be trying something
>It's tucking in its wings and going for a turbo dive again
>Hey, those are our Tau, you kill-stealing green ass.
>Are they going to pull up before they crash into us?
>Any time now would be great, idiots.
>Aircraft skims a few metres above our heads for its strafing run and a stray laser bolt takes a Banshee's helmet off
>Are we suuuuure they're our allies?
>You pull a stunt like that again and you're going to eat a lot of anti-aircraft gunfire
Continuing >>67651337 since i missed >>67648553 like a putz, phoneposting like an autist over here.

>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>The Ork escaped as we reached the roof
>Picked up by a ork flyer piloted by a human no less
>Report the information to Lieutenant Paulicus
>To think an Imperial pilot would aid in the escape of an ork is repulsive
>To have witnessed it is enraging
>I hope his demise is one befitting his treason
>I also hope that meltagun survives so I can retrieve it
Bumping the thread while I'm stuck at work
>Be Captain Weston of the Brass Vipers
>Finally get to my feet after my Armor's Machine Spirit re-awakens from the impact of hitting the ground due to the Tesseract Explosion.
>Vox the rest of my brothers for a Status Report
>The Squads are scattered, some are dead or missing,fighting Orks and the seemingly re-invigorated Tau
>Brother Cash is still riding around Groxbridge, making himself a target to the Orks as he guns them down with his Bike's Hurricane Bolters
>Wonder if any of the Imperial Commanders have noticed the Contemptor driving a massive bike but shrug it off
>I unholster my-
>Emperor save me, my blessed Bolt Revolver is missing
>I check for my power knife and its gone too
>Well, guess its time for a good old fashioned fist fights with what I see to be both Tau and Orks until I find a replacement weapon or t the very least my own Bolt Revolver, that was a gift from the Chapter Master
>Also see that my bike is missing
>That's it, whatever stole my bike must have also stole my weapons.
>Start to vent my rage by beating a Fire Warrior to a pulp before ripping his head off
>See a Green and Brown Blur pass by
>Its the fucking Xeno, shooting my Revolver in the air as it goes at high speeds
>Its even drinking the Whiskey I kept in my Saddlebag
>That does it
>I chase after it towards the center of town, punching Orks and Tau left and right
>By the end of this day, I am getting my Wargear back.
File: 1557941346981.png (1.04 MB, 582x847)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>Got my tank repaired, turns out the Ork bombardment wasn't of fire, but rather of actual Orks
>Well that's... not entirely unexpected
>I could see straight into the Necron tomb from where I was getting repaired at, though they're getting blasted to shit they might eventually recover
>More importantly I could clearly see the Bident we were looking for from there
>Got my lady and my squadron repaired, back up to 60% effective fighting strength
>Riding around the outskirts of Groxbridge, I've taken to using my mega cannon as a bunker buster, blew up a couple of pockets of Tau trying to get out of the city
>Not sure that I want to put my lady inside the city, can’t do much with a big tank on the streets
>I was promised action and recovering a titan killing bident not Urban warfare!
>Oh, if only we had a Stormlord with us right about now...
>Wait a minute, we do have a stormlord, don't we?
>Lean into the vox
>"This is Tank Commander Hochberg to Tank Commander Volgatov, is your squadron still operational?"
>It takes a few seconds for him to answer
>"Negative Hochberg, entire squad excluding me is currently receiving repairs."
>These guys must have been closer to the Sword-class than I was
>"Affirmative, send me your coordinates and I'll come support you."
>"Don't bother Hochberg, I'm immobilized and in a one-way fatal funnel, I've got myself covered."
>I hope he's somewhere important, or else he's just going to be stuck shooting at shadows
>Oh well, at least most of his squad is still alive
>I can't really do much inside Groxbridge, most streets are too narrow for my squadron to fit in
>I might be able to get into the Plaza though
>Make a sharp turn with my squad down the widest street I can find
>Ride towards plaza at top speed, hopefully we're gonna get to find some Mechanicusbros there
>Orks getting mowed down by an Eldar firing line
>Pull up beneath the Eldar, squad and I start blasting the Orks
File: vidscreen.png (237 KB, 562x340)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Venting the corridor killed a lot of the Orks, but the big fucker, the medium fuckers and his tin can are still coming
>He busts through a door every so often, but it'll take him a few hours to reach anything important at this pace
>Still, in his bloodlust and eagerness to get at me, he's forgotten one small thing
>His ship is being shot to pieces in his absence
>They seem to be running out of Drill Roks to block the macrocannon fire and missiles with
>Every few minutes, a lance blast from the Imperial cruiser makes a new hole
>I can see the planet behind right through the ship
>Not all the lance fire is accurate though, one of the blasts just missed
>Looks like it was aimed right at the former Necron battlefield where the Noise Gargant is
>Anyway, I know what I can do with this
>Activate the vidcom to where the Ork is now and beep it a few times to get his attention
>"Hello. Orko. I see you are making a tiny amount of headway. But don't worry, because I need to you make a decision".
>Bring up the live feed of his ship in the early stages of becoming a debris field over the vidcom
>"You have a choice. You can either keep uselessly trying to get me, or you can return and save your ship. You will show me no mercy, so I will return the favour. Your choice. Stannim out."
>Cut the call with an evil laugh
>Oh, it feels good to do that
>While blasting into the Orks, pop out of my Commanders hatch and turn towards the Eldar
>Get some of their attention by waving my bitchin' chainsword around and shouting
>"What- what do you want Mon'keigh? We're a bit busy!" one of them shouts back, she sounds oddly familiar
>"It's not unlikely, but we still have the orks to worry about!"
>Stop shouting as my tank settles down and I become
>"We can carry them on our tanks, it'll be no problem at all!"
>"And how exactly do you figure your tanks will be useful in a Necron tomb!?" one of them pipes up
>"That's easy! There's a giant slope leading into the tomb now, wide enough for three tank squadrons to go sledding down it, we'll have no problem getting in!"
>The Eldar begin debating among themselves as the Orks appear to have mostly disappeared
>After a few minutes, they appear to have come to some form of agreement
>The Eldaress who answered earlier sighs audibly and after a couple of seconds she (I think it's her anyway) jumps down to my tank
>After her comes a couple red and white painted grav-vehicles, and after that a couple of other eldar in blue and yellow armour, as well as some with beefy looking guns in orange and yellow armour, descend on the rest of my squadron, settling in on the armour of our tanks
>My lady's probably not gonna be happy about Xeno's being on her tank, but since she still purrs like a kitten she probably understands
>"Lead the way Mon-keigh."
>"Strap yourselves in, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!"
>Take off towards the tomb with my squad and newfound allies
>See a space marine punching an ork to death with his bare hands
>Be me
>Duh orkiest ork in duh sektah, Kaptin Orko uv Dakkamark
>Diz git iz gettin on mee zoggin nervz now
>Deespyt all duh doorz wot I krumpd, anuvah door iz alwayz dere tuh get in duh zoggin way
>An now duh 'umie iz glohtin at me, duh git!
>Me kroozer iz gonna be skrap an gubbinz by duh end uv diss
>I did findz diz way up tuh duh git, but I karnt get up dere koz I aynt no flyboy
>'ang on a minit, I gotz an ideeyer!
>Duh BollokzBayn 'az servd me well, but now itz tym fuh itz lazt job
>Get duh Bigguh Mek on duh WAAAAAGHkee Torkee an tell 'im tuh get duh zog off duh ship an ontuh duh Orkstuhroyd, dat fing iz duh new ezskayp plan
>'ee tellz me 'eel tayk me orijinul ship wiv 'im so dat 'ee kan keep workin on 'iz gubbinz
>Askz wot we do wiv duh ship
>Heh heh heh, so glad ya askd
>Tell him to send a few nob stormboyz wiv rohpz tuh me lohkayshun
>Any smalluh boyz wud juzt kork it lyk duh uvahz, but duh nobz iz tuff lyk me an me uvah too boyz
>Also tell him to turn on duh self deestrukt
>Askz if dat inkloodz duh enuhjee-kopper
>Well uv korz it duz yah git!
>In a flash, a kupul uv nob stormboyz as tellyportid in wiv me, rohpz an all
>Duh Bigguh Mek kutz duh tranzmisshun, I lukz froo a window juzt in tym
>Az I lukz on, me old kroozer flashiz away in a spark uv red, an den duh bollokzbayn blowz up
>Well, duh ship itself duznt do much coz itz in spayz, but insted a wayv uv bloo enuhjee kumz owt frum it
>Smyl wiv glee az duh lytz on duh ship darkun frum duh enuhjee krumpin wayv, juzt az pland
>Dat'll stop duh gitz glohtin!
>An now fuh duh sekund step uv me maztuh plan
>Get duh stormboyz tuh get duh rohpz on me nyz an tyt lyk
>Go in duh tunnul goin up duh kroozer tuh duh 'umie bridj an 'av duh stormboyz pull me up dere, reel sneeki lyk
>Duh uvah nobz can juzt stay down dere an keep 'im buzy, wivowt kamruhz 'ee wohntz see me kumin
>I 'ohp Mork iz imprezd by me kommandohin skillz...
File: CHASE YOU.jpg (121 KB, 873x627)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>The more I fly today, the more I wonder about how many days I'll survive afterwards with the inquisition on my tail
>Unluckily for me, the group of Sororitas decided to chase after my jet, and when I double checked that melta gun that Bomba "acquired" from a space marine, I realized it was not infact the property of an astartes, but the adepta sororitas
>So the ladies chasing me likely want their flamethrower back
>Well bollocks, my day just gets better and better doesn't it?
>Ah well, I'll just keep sallying forth and see how I can approach the various problems in my way
>Chiefly, the Sororitas
>Thanks to the jet I've been able to outrun them, but I haven't spotted any lassies in power armour for a while and I'm beginning to get worried
>As I contemplate this, hear a yell of "LOOK UP YA GIT, ITS DUH 'UMIES FRUM BEFORE!"
>Before I can ask what on terra Bomba means by that, hear the thump of several sisters landing on my jet from the side of a destroyed building
>Oy, no hitchhikers!
>Pull in the wings again and attempt a few dodge maneuvers to get the stowaways off my wings
>Several of them fall off in quick succession, only to activate their jetpacks and try to catch up
>However, the sister who I believe is the palatine clings on far stronger than her fellow sororitas
>Is trying to pull her way up to the cockpit, likely to open it
>Before I can come up with some stunning words of negotiation, notice something behind the jet
>Oh bloody nora, that's a necron doom scythe
>The sororita wrenches open my cockpit with one hand and prepares to activate her meltagun with the other
>She looks puzzled, the look turns to shock when the gauss shots from the doom scythe start flying
>Well Sister, I hope your grip is as strong as I think it is because this is going to be a bumpy ride
>Immediately duck and weave inbetween destroyed buildings to avoid the gauss fire
>However, despite my speed and maneuverability, this robot has me beat at all turns
>Am just barely surviving his attacks, but that likely won't last long
>As predicted, a gauss rifle shot tears into my left wing and smoke starts billowing out
>The sister is starting to lose her grip, I know it's daft but I need to do something fast to help her
>Yank the controls upwards and go barreling up and up, further towards the atmosphere edge
>As I fly above the rooftops it becomes easier to move, and so now I'm dodging and weaving the gauss shots far more easily
>That is until the necron craft predicts my movements and gets another shot into my right wing
>Not as severe as the last hit but still bad
>Turn the jet around and back towards the ground with plenty of distance to spare before I hit it
>Pull the wings in and go rocketing back down towards the ground at super-sonic speeds
>Turn my jet over again and spray some energy shots into the necron craft
>Deals some damage back but at the cost of my main damage dealers, some of the floor beneath me falls off and behind me as more gauss shots rip into my jet
>Well bugger, I need to be making an exit, and fast
>As soon as I think this, the sister loses her grip and falls behind, hitting the necron craft on the way past
>She is now unconscious, and will hit the ground if I don't help
File: images (1).jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
12 KB
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius of the aeronautica imperialis
>Some Armageddon officer of the Navy must have heard my call for help because nukes are rainning
>Not many bomba left, that's the might of aeronautica imperialis for you orks
>Still the bombardment is quite worrying
>Sea are now irradiated
>And many many people on the vox talk about tidalwave and earthquake some spire of Groxbridge have fallen
>Still kinda worried for those praetorians
File: Godspeed.gif (2.73 MB, 469x302)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB GIF
>Turn to my copilot and fellow Pyromaniac
>"Well old chap, it's been fun but I need to be jumping out with the one parachute to go help my fellow humans again."
>Bomba smiles back with devilish glee
>"You is leavin? Then 'owz about I keep dat git behind us distracted?"
>Nod my head as I grab the one remaining parachute, bomber meanwhile grabs the promethium canisters on his back and passes me the meltagun
>"'ere, I won't be needin it no more."
>Take the meltagun that got us in this mess and strap it to my back
>Jump out the cockpit with the parachute and make a skydive towards the unconscious sororita
>Bomba meanwhile?
>He kicks open the cockpit, and jumps out towards the necron craft yelling his warcry
>Collides with the necron craft and sets his promethium alight
>He and the craft explode in a blaze of glorious fire
>Wherever you go next, may you do so with as much bravado as you did here old chap
>The necron fighter splits in two and tumbles to the ground beneath me, the jet with it
>As I watch the burning wreckage fall, collide with the Sororita and grab onto her tight
>Pull the cord on my parachute and float harmlessly in the air
>Spot a rooftop with the sisters from before on top, aim for it as I drift down slowly
>I only hope I've redeemed myself with this action, and if not?
>Well I suppose his majesty the god emperor himself will have to judge me in the afterlife
>be me
>be bad boyz
>I forget rest o' tha' story
>shot sum humiez tho'
File: Ironstrider_Ballistarii.png (1.85 MB, 1338x953)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
>Be me, Sigma-32c
>Managed to clear the Stormboyz out of a good part of the town, left the Marines to deal with the Tau
>Icarus units laying down a hail of flak in an attempt to dissuade a trio of Necron flyers who are all but ignoring hits that would crumple Ork fighters wholesale, not going well
>Assess remaining mobile forces
>Fourteen Kataphrons, four Neutron Dunecrawlers and a few dozen Skitarii is not enough to do much of anything but hold here, but the fleet has apparently heard my earlier requests for assistance
>Ironstriders of both varieties have been redirected from defence of the spaceport along the west side of Groxbridge, as well as a maniple of Sicarian melee troops
>Mount up in the one remaining Disintegrator and join up with the fast boys, have my heavies push just outside the south of the town and provide long-range fire support
>Dragoon automated cavalry flanking both sides of my tank, Ballistarii weaving behind us looking for target locks through the clouds of obscuring incense-chaff, dozens of Sicarians sprinting among the walkers and mag-locked to the side of my tank
>Guard tanks up ahead pushing towards the tomb, spread my Dragoons out through their formation in an attempt to cover them with the chaff. Probably won't do much against Necron sensors, Baneblades are too damn big to hide but it might stop the Eldar infantry being target #1
>Lascannon beams from the Ballistarii and plasma bolts from further back in the town start stabbing out into the smoke, finishing off crippled Necrons scattered across the battlefield
>Might as well not have bothered, Baneblade and the sister tanks either side open up with such a thunder the Dragoon running next to it staggers from the shockwave before recovering, carpeting the slope ahead of the tomb in shrapnel and shell craters
>Rows of green eyes flare up in the smoke after the bombardment, Dragoon formations accelerate, unlock their lances, level them at the foe and charge.
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>Tracking the rogue pilot on foot
>I can't keep close as he flies around
>I can, however, keep a good eye on him
>Eventually his luck runs out
>Boarded by a sister of battle and chased by necrons
>Watch as he bails out and recovers the falling sister
>A bargaining chip to save himself no doubt
>We'll see what the sisters have to say
>I might not kill him
>But, I have some other ideas on how he could reflect upon his error
>Me and my squad move intercept him at his estimated point of landing
>We should reach him just as he touches down
>He ejected at a pretty high altitude, so he has a long way to fall, and we have plenty of time to be there when he lands
>A few days in the pain glove ought wash away any traitorous thoughts taling root
>Be me, Admiral Gregorius Markus Agrippa Falkar
>All things considered, these Xenos didn't come entirely unprepared
>There were a lot of Tau ships, but just like with every Tau ship they're considerably weaker than my own
>Engaged with their Centurion-class Flagship and several Tau cruisers
>An Armageddon, Overlord and Cardinal-class Cruiser with me, got a couple of less insane Swords to help fuck with the Tau further
>The Cardinal had to be sent in to replace a damaged Armageddon-class from our last engagement with the giant Ork fleet
>It's not a very great Cruiser, but it does it's job at a decent level
>While the Overlord is pulling some sick fucking drifts in the void and blasting these fish-faced communists to dust, notice a large array of missiles flying straight past the Centurion and towards the planet behind it
>"FUCK, NO NO, GOD DAMNIT DON'T FUCKING-! GAH! GODDAMN MALFUNCTIONING MACHINE SPIRIT! Uh, shit, Admiral, we uh, we accidentally fired our missiles too early."
>Spit out my champagne
>"YOU DID WHAT!? That's fine, accidents happen!"
>First officer leans in
>"Uh, admiral sir? Those missiles are heading straight for the planet."
>"Oh yeah, that's right. Where do you think they’ll hit?"
>First officer shrugs
>"No idea sir, likely into that body of water though"
>Oh shit he's right, that must be near Groxbridge, especially since I can see the hole in the ground the sword-class made
>Switch vox channels to all imperial officers on the planet
>"This is Admiral Falkar again, sorry for this sort of thing but uh, one of our ships just missed and there are now torpedoes heading for the planet. No worries though! Just stay away from any bigger bodies of water and you'll be fine!"
>I hope they got the message; comms might be a bit fucky from space
>I am getting seriously sick of this Cardinals shit
>Be me
>Sister Palatine of the Adepta Sororitas, Sister Farnese
>Ooooww, my head...
>Wake up groggily and see... the heretic pilot?
>Am I being kidnapped?
>Look around in my still groggy state and see him slowly floating towards a rooftop
>A rooftop with several of my fellow sisters on top
>Is he trying to get himself killed?
>As we approach, the sisters activate their jetpacks and fly up to intercept us
>They guide the parachute onto the rooftop, and as down as we make touchdown they stick bolters in his face and help me down
>I get up still with a screaming headache and look him dead in the eyes
>Feel a strong urge to punch him for damn near getting me killed, but instead feel compelled to ask why in the name of the god emperor a heretic like him would help me
>Merely replies with "Oh, just returning some lost property dear. Also, I surrender."
>Proceeds to pull the stolen meltagun off his back and offers it to us
>Valarie takes it, then turns her nose up in disgust
>Is it... covered in blood? Is he some sort of Slaanesh worshipper?
>However, the scrap nametag on the side gives away what happened to it
>He points out that the Ork he was flying with apparently "personalised it"
>Then tells us he's willing to offer himself up for trial as a heretic if we make sure the astartes don't drag him off for any punishment
>As much as I would want to simply execute him on the spot, he saved the lives of myself and my sisters, once when he bombarded the tau that ambushed us, and twice when he deliberately grabbed me in the sky whilst I was unconscious
>Adding in the return of the meltagun, such a simple execution seems... too hasty a judgement
>Tell him that he must prove his loyalty by returning with us to be tried by an inquisitor of the ordo hereticus
>Get in contact with the other sisters back at the transports and tell them to summon some valkyries to pick everyone up
>Time to finally get offworld and back to a less chaotic purging...
*and as we make touchdown
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>My squad and I arrive shortly after the pilot and sister land
>The sisters plan on having put on trial under the ordo hereticus
>He is technically their prisoner, so that's that
>Take the chance to explain how the meltagun became displaced
>Also describe witnessing the pilot rescue the ork that had stolen the weapon from me and squad
>If they are to see to a trial they could use my written testimony, and the clip of vidfeed from my helmet comtaining the traitorous moment
>Alternatively they could give the prisoner over to me
>I won't kill him, but he will serve out a fair penance for his disgressions
>Be me
>Sister Palatine of the Adepta Sororitas, Sister Farnese
>After the astartes we gave the meltagun to earlier explains his side of the tale, it is decided
>We will deliver Harris to the command ship, where we will use the evidence provided by the astartes as well as our own witness testimony to determine whether he is indeed a heretic or simply an unhinged maverick
>However, we still need to deliver him to the command ship to be dealt with by the military court and the inquisitor
>We and the astartes move back down off the roof of the destroyed building with haste, our prisoner now wearing proper chain handcuffs
>Thanks to my earlier message to my fellow sisters, they quickly bring the rhinos and immolator to our position, and we form a temporary holding position
>We merely need to stay here and wait for our transports to arrive, which due to the suspected heretic in our midst will take less time than usual
>However, such a task is easier said than done
>Orks have now noticed our new holding spot and have started swarming on our position
>However, the combined firepower of the astartes and my fellow sisters means there is enough flame, bullets and rockets flying about to keep the Orks away
>As I stand guard by Harris, I ask him again why he bothered to save me
>His only response is "You didn't fly so good."
>As I contemplate the meaning of such an answer, our transports arrives
>It's impossible to land the earthquake are too violent
>One of the member of my squad crashed while trying to land at the airport
>The others are send back to space to refuel
>I can't due to the fact that I dont have enough fuel but i must Land
>Search for a landing Space
>The Grox River: too dirty maybe irradiated plus the enemies of mankind it's not a great place
>The planetary governor Shuttle terrasse!
>Plenty of space, quite sturdy, not sure about traitors tho
>Let's give it a try
>The shuttle is not here the PG must have run away
>I have two hundred meters of marble to land correctly
>More thanks enough to touch down
>As I manever people exit what seems to be the planetary governor bureau
>They are dressed in a really weird way
>One of them is wearing a symbole made of broken Aquila
>Their descent is slow due to the constant gunfire from Orks, but the first sky talon gets low enough to latch onto a rhino
>A dozen of the sisters load into the rhino, the rest of us provide covering fire as they leave
>After another minute, the second talon is able to lower itself enough to grab the second rhino, another dozen sisters, more covering fire and more sisters safely transported out
>However, our cover is now rapidly dwindling as are the amount of people available to provide covering fire
>The third talon lowers down and latches onto the immolator
>It attempts to take off, but right as it does a rocket flies from the Ork lines, the talon crashing back down to the ground
>An explosion erupts from the wreckage, may the emperor guard the souls of our fallen sisters
>The final talon rushes down in a mad dash attempt to get us out of here fast
>As it does, a regular-sized Ork charges ahead of the crowd
>He pulls out a grenade and throws it at our feet, before falling down from bullet wounds
>And before anyone else acts, Harris jumps up and kicks the grenade away back at the orks
>What is his deal anyway?
>The Talon latches onto the rhino, I give cover so that the other sisters can get inside quickly
>The astartes act as human shields against the gunfire, their sergeant gives me the video evidence we need
>"Emperor be with you sister."
>I return the blessing as I shove Harris into the Rhino and rush inside
>The Talon takes off with the rattle of gunfire all around us
>Despite the constant shaking, we finally get above the AA fire and get away from the battle alive
>As I finally sit down for a moment's rest, receive a vox transmission
>"This is Inquisitor Janus Invictus of the ordo hereticus, I have assembled a military court for the trial of the rogue pilot. Emperor be praised you were able to get out of there safely, we await your arrival."
>Great, maybe the next purge spot they send me to will have less Orks...
Ork/Harris/Sororitanon here.
Just going to make another post to say that this is the "ending" so to speak for Harris and Farnese's plotlines. I've left it fairly open-ended so everyone on here can decide for themselves whether Harris will end up getting court-martialed, servitor'd or what after his trial.

In other words, all the focus is on Orko VS Stannim now....
File: ridinginstyle.png (178 KB, 600x286)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Alaitoc
>The Orks have decided they want to have a go, and charge en mass
>However, they forgot that, unlike the Imperials, we have quality weaponry and the height advantage
>It's like fish in a barrel
>As the last of the green tide is being gibbed, a massive Imperial tank I don't recognise rolls up
>A Krieger sticks his head out and starts yelling about the Necrons being down but not out
>Explains his plan is to surf down the crater wall in tanks
>You'd make a good Harlequin, because that's hilarious and insane
>Count me in, it's in our own interest as well
>Jump in the tank and stick my head out one of the forward heavy bolter hatches
>Some Guardians, Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons pile in the back, and a few Wild Riders tag along at a distance
>Belrith the Guardian is getting up and chummy with the Krieger pilot
>Figures, he's always loved Imperial armour and a chatty Krieger is like finding a fresh Spiritstone in a septic tank
>My old friend from Alaitoc Kerala the Farseer insisted on tagging along too
>Me? I'm actually fairly impressed by this show of devotion to the Imperial philosophy of more and bigger guns rather than finesse (as it should be done)
>I think we're going to have to stay here on-planet after this is over, since we're apparently on at least neutral terms with the local Imperials and these Necrons can't be trusted to stay down
>But that's something for Later Me to consider, for now I just hope this loon knows what he's doing
>As we ride away, I can see a Wraithcannon blast spear through a Necron Doom Scythe
>Ahh, much better than your pathetic Imperial lascannons.
>be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Sip some amasec as I watch the Ork struggle and slog through door after door
>I should bait Orks into attacking my ship more often
>The Ork's Kroozer is being slowly shredded by naval fire
>He stops and says something into his comm device
>Suddenly, the Kroozer explodes in a brilliant red-blue flash, all the lights go out and the camera feed cuts
>Emergency lighting comes on, bathing the panicking bridge staff and silent equipment in a blood-red glow
>He must have triggered the self-destruct as an EMP weapon
>Well, now the Ork is the least of our problems
>Since we now have no engine power and our orbit takes us into the atmosphere shortly
>I don't think he thought this through properly
>Then again, Orks never do, unless it was a sort of kamikaze attack
>The orbit readout is running on backup power, giving us impact warnings
>Point of impact is.....guess where?
>Fucking Groxbridge. Figures.
>For the second time, I'm going to be going down in flames over that blasted city
>Except this time, the stakes are a little higher
>Sit back with some more amasec as Dick and Dom come to stand behind me and Eldar and voidsmen form lines behind consoles
>If he wants me, he'll have to fight for it
>If he even gets here in time, that is
[Note: Dick and Dom are the Ogryn Stannim was running around with in Thread 1]
File: 1564915194967.jpg (127 KB, 800x1033)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>I am now standing on a pile of dard heretics, my Thunderbolt few meters behind me
>The guns if my ship were rather efficient against some cultist
>Collecting every gun that I can fine and searching for promethium fuel I stumble across a stash of ammo and promethium
>Go back to the Thunderbolt and ask for reinforment to the fleet by vox
>A valkyrie arrive soon enough with a Tech-priest, some scions and a rather cute munitorum psyker
>Signal the bureau to the scions, some Karppic Eagles at their armor, show the fuel and munitions to the priest and ask him to refuel and repair my aircraft
>Now about that munitorum psyker...
>She is eager to talk about something else than augmentations and the schola progenium
>A scion storm out of the building pointing an object in the sky
>An ork krooser is coming on us a bit too fast for my taste
>God-emperor when will this stop?
File: FUCK YEAH.jpg (41 KB, 330x367)
41 KB
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>The Eldar have settled in and on my tank
>Alright, my Lady seems to be fine with it for the moment
>One of the Eldar called Belrith and I have gotten chatting about big guns, going fast and exploding shit
>Man Diederich would love this guy
>Even shared a Lho-stick with him
>As me and the mixed assortment of boys ride down the streets, I even get to know a little bit about Eldar
>Apparently the grav-vehicles driving by my side are from a Craftworld called "Saim-hann", and most of the Aliens on and sort of inside my tank are from a craftworld called "Aliatoc"
>I wonder what the colonel would say about this
>Fucking Anshelm survived and looks to be getting all buddy buddy with one of the Eldar Belrith calls a "Howling Banshee"
>A very noticeably female Eldar
>God emperor damnit
>Oh whatever
>As we move out of the city I spot the Alpha Primus
>Holy shit he's fucking jacked (with new weapons)
>He was nice enough to bring in some more mechanized units to aid the push for the bident
>Give him a wave and then turn back towards the enemy
>Begin going down the surprisingly-not-very-steep path, full speed ahead with my squadron
>Order other tanks to fire at will
>Stand up out of Command hatch, point bitchin' chainsword at the Necrons
>As every single gun on my Baneblade fires, and the rest of my squadron joins in, I notice that there are now sisters of battle tanks helping us
>The Saim-hann grav-vehicles swoop in and begin firing at the Necrons
>There are Sisters of battle, Eldar, members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and 60% of a tank squadron attacking an opened Necron tomb
>A big smoke cloud has formed from my squadron firing into the Necrons defending their Tomb
>Rows upon rows of green glowing eyes light up in the cloud of smoke
>At this point, put out Lho-stick and slide the Lho-stub I keep on the inside of my helmet for special occasions out
>Admech walkers couch their lances like knights on a Feudal world and charge the Necrons, killing them in giant explosions of energy
>Put the Lho-stub in my mouth and light it
>"We're coming in hot, you best get off so we can draw their fire."
>Eldar begin disembarking, duck into command hatch
>Hosing down fire on enemy destroyers with Tertiary guns when I spot a big spider-looking fucker
>That's one of those Triarch Stalkers I saw earlier
>Order Vanquisher to help me kill it, blow the fuck out of it with every single gun on the tank
>Fucker hits my lady and considerably damages her
>Stand up out of command hatch and grab Chainsword with both hands
>Oh now it's on
>"Drive me closer!"
>Baneblade at max speed, Gauss shots flying all around me
>Suddenly feel tank speeding up
>It's way, WAY beyond max speed now
>Shit, I almost feel bad for that Necron, looks like he pissed off my Lady and her from time to time volatile machine spirit
>Can practically hear my tank calling for its head
>"Don't worry my lady, ask and you shall receive!"
>Pretty sure I can feel the Eldar looking at me funny from behind
>Tank at least at least going twice as fast as it would be normally
>Gauss shots flying all over the place, somehow I'm not hit once
>I leap into the air chainsword held high and slam my chainsword into the head of the Triarch's driver
>Pre-heresy chainsword doing its best to cut through its tough, Necrodermis covered hide
>Shavings of its body flying everywhere when he grabs my arms, trying to stop me from carving through his head
>Suddenly hear Oswald over the vox
>Do what he commands and leap into the air as the centre of the Triarch fucking explodes, sending me and the upper torso of the driver flying back towards my Baneblade
>Feel someone grabbing me from behind as I reach my tank
>"Mon-keigh, on your wrists!"
>Roll over to the front most slope of my tank and hold out my arms
>Oh hey it's that Eldar from earlier, guess she never left
>She severs the still alive Necron from my arms, causing it to fall down under my tank and get crushed under her treads
>Tank’s going so fast I don't even have the chance to thank her instead roll UP my tank and back to the turret
>Get grabbed by Oswald once I reach the turret and he pulls me up and into the Commander's hatch
>"Yes my beloved, go! Crush them!"
>Holy shit I think we're going at 75kmph
>Hold onto my Lho-stub as she rams into the remains of the Triarch and runs it over, reverses, and runs it over again
>I don't think Georg is driving anymore
>After the Triarch has been (mostly) crushed, my tank just continues, running straight towards the remaining Necrons at about 40kmph
>Duck into command hatch
>"Karsten, shoot at anything big you see! Johann, shoot at anything big in front of us! Hermann, gun down as many of those Necron bastards as possible!
>Hear Squadron telling me to slow down over the vox, can also hear those Saim-hann Eldar cheering me on
>I wonder what the Alpha Primus as to say about this
>Once my lady has tasted enough Necron blood, she abruptly stops and begins purring, she seems quite pleased
>The tech-priest is absolutely horrified
>Pop out of command hatch, scout the area around my tank
>Wow that is a scary amount of dead Necrons
>Spot the bident nearby, just laying around
>Mechanicus walkers and Saim-hann grav-vehicles have caught up to me, rest of Squadron a bit behind but they're catching up now along with a Mecharius tank commanded by the Alpha primus
>Tune into his vox channel
>"Hey, I found the Bident! I hope we've got something to drag it up with. Now if you excuse me, I have to comfort my tank.”
>Hug tank turret and begin telling her just how much of a good girl she is and how she did a great job
>I wonder if this tank could be classified as a safety hazard
File: BeepBoopAAAGH.png (366 KB, 522x320)
366 KB
366 KB PNG

>Be Sigma-32c
>Cogdammit I missed the damn battle, the Dragoons had all the fun. Hell of a charge, though, one for the psalm-summaries.
>Also, I take back my earlier comment about "boring normal tank weapons". There is no way that thing is a normal tank in any way shape or form. Tank Commander appears to be justifiably hugging it.
>Cavaliers commander is yelling her lungs out in binary, along with half the Dragoons with her, that was magnificent
>Give that man a Reductor assault tank division, he evidently knows what to do with it
>Can't fit my new power pack inside the tank hatch to seal it anyway, pull myself out of it and drop to the ground, killclades of Sicarians stalking over the carnage and forming up behind me
>Main tomb entrance isn't small, but a Baneblade probably won't quite fit
>Eldar troops are gathering outside too, including the Exarch from earlier
>Nod to Hochberg, tell the Exarch to follow us in
>Bend down and retrieve shattered Necron head
>Clamber up the remnants of the Triarch Stalker facing away from the tomb entrance, raise the head in power fist
>"Fighting men of Mars! Men and women of the Guard! Allies of the craftworlds! Here is our enemy!"
>"Our enemy has slept but once, never tires, has sealed the doom of a thousand worlds with the breath of his gods and stalked as the silver tide across a thousand more."
>"Where he walks, armour crumples, faith dies and the blades of his foes break on his flesh"
>"And for all that, we have killed him"
>Close power fist, crush the Necron's skull until it flashes out from between my fingers in the characteristic phase-out
>Turn smartly on my undamaged leg, leap from the side of the Triarch wreck and land just behind a squad of Infiltrators pounding across the compacted mud towards the tomb entrance
>Eldar skimmers already jetting ahead, lighter Guard tanks rumbling for the large main entrance

File: MechanicusTime.jpg (117 KB, 520x773)
117 KB
117 KB JPG

>As the first Eldar vehicles cross the threshold teleport flares burst into existence across the main tomb causeway
>Fade away to reveal Canoptek spider constructs, scarab swarms fanning out around them and Wraith units phasing up through the floor from deeper levels, gates on the obelisks sliding open as bronze-trimmed Lychguard and Immortal units stride clear of their sarcophagi and raise their weapons
>The enemy is greeted with a storm of small arms, shuriken fire, stubcarbines and heavy bolters blasting away at the scarab swarm as it scuttles towards the attackers
>As the first clade of Ruststalkers reaches engagement range they change the pitch of their strange tumbling run, reaching for pouches on their leg-stumps, swinging arms up and forward as they roll and hurling a rain of mindscrambler grenades into the oncoming swarm
>Fire dragons leap from the Eldar speeders, levelling their strange melta weapons and scouring cones of the floor clear of the enemy
>The Guard tanks further back manage one salvo, crushing a number of the spider constructs and shredding two of the Lychguard, but then the lines close
>Duck under one Wraith claw as it coruscates with the black lightning of a Mindscrambler hit, preventing phase for long enough for me to send it reeling backwards with the power fist
>Step back as a pair of Ruststalkers come whirling past me, transonic swords humming and whining as they cleave through scarab after scarab and take two legs from one of the Spyder constructs
>Eldar Dark Reapers are taking position on the raised plinths, raking Immortals from their firing positions
>Overcharge photon gauntlet, feel the power coil scorching into my rubber armour lining as I empty burst after burst of screaming black light into the approaching Lychguard phalanx
>Mark target, fire, mark target, fire, engage melee protocols and block a Warscythe swing
>Grinning as broadly as replacement jaw allows
File: 1550039214437.jpg (517 KB, 1272x1920)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
>Be me, Admiral Gregorius Markus Agrippa Falkar
>Centurion is getting torn to bits and pieces, its escorts are making a last ditch attempt to save their flagship
>Cowards are probably going to try and get out of firing range, too bad they're engaged with an Overlord and a Retribution
>First officer's been busy trying to prevent our ships from firing down on the planet, from ship parts crashing into the planet, or ships trying to ram certain locations on the planet
>I of course ordered this on order to save the fleet from getting lynched by the Lord High Admiral
>Now just sitting around chilling in space, I've been taking a smoke break when my FO pipes up
>"Admiral sir, you better come have a look at this!"
>On his cogitator screen is the Rogue Traider Stannim Lherzon's ship, not far away from it is the blasted to hell remnants of the Ork weapons asteroid that we fought some time ago
>Lherzon's engines appear to be dead and he's in quite close orbit too
>"How would you best explain a third ship crashing near Groxbridge sir?"
>This is the one thing I didn't want to happen
>Right, the prow of a ship crashes into the planet or a Rogue traider dies, no big deal
>A rogue traider gets himself killed along with an entire city, a large amount of guardsmen and a bunch of the emperors angels? ABSOLUTELY a big deal
>If I don't act now I'm getting executed for incompetance
>"Which are the nearest fleet elements to the Rogue Traider?"
>The FO goes quiet for a while before he continues
>"Five Cobras, a Firestorm, a Gothic and a Luna, sir."
>Ok, think, think!
>Maybe they could tow the Rogue Traider? I think they should have the ability too, at least the cruiser should have
>Yes! Of course! You're a genius Gregorius!
>"Get me into their vox ASAP!"
>A couple of seconds of silence before my vox lights up
>"You seven, this is Admiral Falkar, do you copy?"
>All green there, the Lord-Captain of the Gothic asks me why I'm hailing them
>Inform them of the situation and tell them to tow the cruiser
>"But Admiral, how are we supposed to tow it? I don't think we have anything that we could use to do that"
>"Actually," the old Luna-class Captain pipes up, "I do think we have some towing cable thing on our ship, but I'm not sure if it'll hold for very long
>"Right, right," shitshitshitshitshit "Escorts, do you think you could hold the cruiser up if you went underneath it and began carrying it while the Luna uses its towing device?"
>Sceptical reaction from one of the Cobra commanders, the rest agree that they could pull it off
>"Right, fantastic, you know what to do! Waste no time, I mean it, our lives are at stake here!"
>I really, REALLY hope this at least partially works
>If it doesn't I have to come up with one hell of a good excuse
File: alltogethernow.png (106 KB, 420x306)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Alaitoc
>The more time I spend with this guy, the more insane he seems
>He speaks to his tank in the second person and drives like a space-Italian
>Note to self: speak to Banshee Eleria about fraternisation with mask-wearing humans later
>We're joining up with the Imperium's resident toaster molesters for the final push into the tomb with limited fire support from the Sororitas
>Duck back into the hatch and hide to not have my head taken off by stray fire, flying objects or sudden walls
>Crazy Krieger doesn't seem bothered at all
>Eldar and Kriegers jump onto jetbikes and peel away for a rolling deployment
>I'm the last one in the tank when it takes a hit and starts speeding up massively
>That insane Krieger manages to jump onto and destroy a Triarch Stalker in melee
>He gets blasted back into the tank with the explosion, and I have to pop up and prise the remains of the Necron off him
>Well, given he's a Krieger, that's probably his goal.
>Hide again as banging and crunching noises betray things being run over
>This is a tank, not a battering ram, though judging from the shards of blue Astartes-pattern armour embedded in the front it's clearly very capable of ramming enemies
>Tank stops and I run into the tomb to command with chattering teeth
>Can someone please revoke his heavy armour driving license?
>I seem to be settling into this role very well, perhaps the Path of Command isn't the worst choice for me
>With my forces everywhere, Krieg heavy armour and infantry bringing the pain and the AdMech right in their element, the legions of Necrons left in here are shrinking by the second
>Still haven't found the local Necron Lord, not looking forward to that
>But for now, let's savour the moment.
>The Guard, AdMech and Eldar, kicking robot ass together
>We should do this more often
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>What is left of my company has been called in to support the push into the necron tomb
>We are supporting a ragtag force made up of a mix of Krieg, cogboys, and Eldar
>I can hear fighting up ahead, but luckily there is still quite a few bodies between the action and me
>Still just being in a xenos tomb is bad enough
>There is something smothering about this place despite the tall ceiling and wide corridor, a feeling of stillness, isolation, and crushing silence despite the sounds of fighting
>It almost makes me wish I was on the front lines....
>But not really though
One little bump before I go to bed
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Purging Groxbridge of orks, necron, tau, tau sympathizers, chaos worshipers, etc. etc. etc.
>Although the soldiers under my command aren't remotely competent, we have been able to overcome the isolated pockets of xenos and traitors so far just by sheer weight of numbers
>Spot a Flayed One crawling its way out of the ground, alert my command squad and it gets hit by a volley of lasfire and a meltagun blast before it gets halfway out of the ground
>Hah! Not so scary now are you bitch!?!
>Link up with Cliveton's squad as they torch a few gretchin they cornered in an alley
>New orders are to sweep a suspected heretic den located in a factory just down the street
>Take a quick look with my magnoculars as the rest of the platoon forms up
>There is a big sign on the side that says "Bigby's Marital Aids and Bondage Accessories"
File: WAAAAAGH.jpg (98 KB, 800x586)
98 KB
>Be me
>Duh orkiest ork in duh sektah, Kaptin Orko uv Dakkamark
>Duh plan iz goin juzt az pland!
>Me Arch-Git Stannim'z kroozer lozt all it'z zoggin enuhjee, an frum lukin owt duh window duh 'umiez fink duh Orkstuhroyd iz inaktiv
>Zoggin 'umiez, nevuh unduhestimayt an Ork, ehspehshulee not Orko uv Dakkamark!
>Back tuh 'ere an now doh, duh Stormboyz finuhlee get tuh duh top uv duh ship
>Duh kommand brig iz in frunt uv me an duh boyz, all tuh do now iz kop duh gitz
>'eer a klattuhrin sownd az a few nobz fall frum duh ventz abuv me
>Zoggin 'ell ya gitz, tuk ya long enuff
>Only fyv uv 'em kud get froo duh ventz, but dey 'av enuff flash tuh be worf sumfin
>Alryt, duh uvah gitz beelow uz will 'av tuh fend fur 'emselvez now
>Stomp tuh duh bridj an grab a door wiv me power klaw
>Duh uvah boyz 'elp me yank duh fing opun, wiv duh uvah syd kontaynin....
>A buncha pansies, zoggin 'ell is dat it
>Oh 'ang on, dose 'umies luk tuff!
>Yell at duh boyz tuh kop duh pansies, duh stormboyz rush in firzt an keep duh eldar distraktid long enuff fuh duh uvah boyz to start koppin 'em
>Well den, dose pansies wohnt be a problum no moor

>be former pig shit farmer, now Archbishop of The Church of the Emperor’s Holy Gifts
> I am unable to find a high ranking Soroitas to give me direction
> I pray to the emperor for direction
> I thought comes to mind, I thank the Big E for giving me the answer
> we make our way to the city under attack by chaos herectics
We then make battle with the cultists
>with the support of the Astartes, we make progress and purge many heretics
> I personally slay a few with a Chain Sword I found
> I wonder if I can get it gold platted

I missed the guardwoman from Risian!

Glad to see she is still (unfortunatly for her) alive.
File: shutuphannibal.png (368 KB, 600x800)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Glumly watching the altimeter tick down
>Some Imperial Navy ships arrived and one tried to attach a tow harpoon, but only succeeded in missing and attaching itself to the ship behind
>Both ships are now trying to disentangle themselves to have another go
>Suddenly, the door explodes open and several Stormboyz, Nobs and the Freeboota himself storm in
>How did he get here so fast?
>Stormboyz and Nobs run at the Eldar and Voidsmen and kill a couple, but the fight appears to be largely stalemate with both sides pinned down
>The Freeboota stomps over and demands a fight
>Well, it's a fight he was going to get, whether he wanted one or not
>I'm just as pissed off as he is now
>Anyway, this Ork thinks he's sneaky, but two can play at that game
>Clap my hands twice and a pair of hidden Wraithlords [NOTE: these are the "medium" ones several people tall] brandishing Ghostglaives drop from the high vaulted ceiling
>As the fight rages and destroys my bridge, the the five of us circle the Ork with weapons ready
>Would monsieur rather order a two massive shotguns for starters, a monomolecular sword for the main course and a Hellpistol after, or a pistol shot to start with, two blades for the meal and a slug the size of a tin can to the face for dessert?
>Or, if you prefer, attack me first and swap the pistol shot for one of the others at no extra cost
>Do you feel lucky, punk?
>Go ahead, make my day.
>It's over, Orko! Don't try it!
>Light up one of the cigars I save for special occasions and blow smoke in his face
>Be me
>Duh orkiest ork in duh sektah, Kaptin Orko uv Dakkamark
>Am buzy koppin duh gitz on duh bridj
>Duh stormboyz luk tuh be doin a good job uv koppin duh eldar
>Dat letz duh nobz beet duh snot owt uv duh eldar
>But dat Stannim git 'ad a buncha eldar mekz jump owt tuh 'elp 'im
>Am kurruntlee suhrowndid by duh 'umie, 'iz Orkiest boyz an duh eldar gitz
>An now dat 'umie iz blowin smohk in me zoggin fayz!
>Yu git, dat stinkz!
>But yu see, dis wuz all part uv me mastuh plan!
>Pull owt duh burna jyooz wot I borrowd frum Bomba
>Chug dat jyooz az duh 'umie an duh gitz wiv 'im luk on puzzld
>Den I getz me lightuh fuh squig-cigz owt
>Duh gitz iz so diztraktid wiv me flaymin belch dey dohnt notiss me rush dat Stannim git
>'it dat git in duh fays wiv me power klaw, 'ee jumpz bak an pullz 'iz sord-fingy owt
>Meenwyl me stormboyz keep duh uvah gitz dat wuz wiv 'im buzy, datz nyz uv 'em
>Feelz gud bein a kaptin it duz
>Now den, wat wuz I doin? Oh yeh!
BTW, Orknon, how attached are you to your character? Because it's getting harder to imagine two or even one coming out here.
I don't give a shit either way, I'm just trying to think up the funniest ways this duel can go down.
File: insistentbeeping.gif (1.02 MB, 421x242)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Smoking at this Ork when the ship starts to creak and groan and feel a small upwards g-force
>Must have successfully attached a tow line, second time lucky.
>The Ork pulls out a container of some liquid and starts chugging it
>I'm quite sure that's not water or amasec.
>Suddenly he flicks open a lighter and belches a JET OF FLAME
>Dick and Dom stand there puzzled, as Orgyns are liable to do, and the Wraithlords enter Wraithsight and freeze up
>Next thing I know, I'm against the wall with a bloody nose and a singed hat nearby
>The orbit console is very saying some disheartening things
>Red of the emergency lighting slowly gives way to the orange of glowing plasma as flames lick at the bridge windows
>Tow line releases, presumably it either burned through or the towing ship didn't want to get dragged down with us
>The Ork charges like an angry bull, shouting that crude Orkish war chant
>Just barely manage to roll out of the way, as a massive Power Fist slams into the portside window next to me
>A spiderweb of cracks spreads up the reinforced floor-to-ceiling glass wall with cliché slowness
>Uh oh
>The glass shatters and a howling wind envelops the bridge
>Several Nobs, Eldar and crew fly out, and the Ork is catapulted through the hole, still clinging to a now detached control console
>He'll survive with some amazing stunt, I'm sure. That twerp always does.
>Slowly start dragging myself towards the emergency thruster controls, using consoles as handholds against the gale
>I'll be damned if I let this ship crash, Groxbridge has suffered enough
>But more so I don't die in flaming wreckage
File: Shrine_Hive_World.jpg (168 KB, 573x1022)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>Be Imperial pilot Antonius of aeraunotica imperialis
>The space ship falling on Groxbridge is now towed by a sword-class
>Big alleviation sight from from every imperial in the terrace including the scion kill team
>The valkyrie pilot exit his cockpit to "destress"
>Anyway that psyker...
>As begin to talk to her for the second time a scion approaches the border of the terrace
> immediately after a missile nearly blow him, make some circles in the air then hit the valkyrie right wing
>Fragments of the right wing fall on my thunderbolt's engine
>Well that was a great collective scream from every tech related person up here
>We have no more choice anymore we must get down by the tower
>Full of heretics
>Sight from every non scion trooper
>the tempestor calls out for reinforcement because five scions, three pilots, one tech priest and one psyker is just a kill team sent to die
>For the next minutes scions are parachuted on the terrace with an inquisitor who order us to grab weapons and rush inside with the scions
File: Freebootin Bootz.png (92 KB, 460x256)
92 KB
>Be me
>Duh orkiest ork in duh sektah, Kaptin Orko uv Dakkamark
>Kurruntlee fallin owt duh ship aftuh I krumpd duh zoggin week see-froo stuff on duh bridj
>Or I waz doin dat, now I iz 'oldin on fuh deer lyf
>An duh ship iz goin direktlee tuhwardz duh town me an duh boyz wuz fightin in erliuh
>I iz gonna 'av tuh do sum ryt zoggin funni stuff tuh finish dat Stannim git off
>Probuhlee will be duh way fingz ar goin
>Press duh buttunz on me feet tuh aktivayt duh low-grav freebootin bootz
>Sinz I kan breev owt 'ere, all I needz tuh do iz juzt climb up wiv me bootz!
>Duh klawz on me bootz aktivayt an kling tuh duh ship az I walk up duh syd
>Coz uv me power klaw, I kan yooz dat az well tuh 'elp pull meself up
>It taykz a long zoggin tym tuh get up cuz uv all duh wind arownd
>Finuhlee get bak tuh duh window aftuh abowt firty minitz uv pullin meself up
>Deres won uv duh eldar mekz tryna get bak in lyk meself
>Duh git'z syz led tuh duh windowz gettin kompleetlee krumpd wen 'ee got pulld intuh 'em
>Grab duh git wiv me klaw an yank 'iz arm away
>Duh mek gitz grip iz slippin on duh windowz, I grab iz uvah arm an pull
>'eez still klingin on fuh deer lyf, den a stormboy dat waznt wiv me eerliuh flyz up tuh duh window wiv a big shoota
>Sprayz sum dakka in duh mekz klingy 'and, it loses itz grip an fallz down tuh duh grownd
>Den 'ee 'elpz pull me in froo duh window
>Diss 'ere stormboy aynt no nob, but 'ee lukz tuff
>Duh Stannim git lukz shokd I iz 'ere, I getz in an me boot-klawz 'old me down diss tym

Btw, since I'd rather not let my own personal bias affect the ending of this confrontation, everyone on the thread please vote here to decide who should win the duel; I've been trying to draw out the fight as long as possible, but there's no point drawing something out with no clear end goal: https://www.strawpoll.me/18433901
File: 1556680816857.jpg (231 KB, 720x720)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
>Be me, Imperial fists 5th company Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Currently in the bombed out Urban jungle of Groxbridge
>We have succesfully linked up with the Centurion, most of our forces are with me now
>Minor damage has been sustained to my units, however, it appears that when Tau are cornered and in a melee fight they are highly ineffective
>Captain Maluan is still engaged in the void, so no dice on the rest of the company coming down
>While we're wandering around killing any and all Orks and Tau that we come across, wander into Marshal Hans and his units
>The marshal is busy holding what looks to be the Commander of a Tau Cadre in a tight headlock while his units go around kicking the remaining wounded Tau
>Around them are several dead Tau in stealth suits, and behind the marshal lies an XV95 with a power sword pierced through its chest
>If the Primarch could see this right now, oh how proud he would be
>Approach the marshal and commend him for managing to spot an XV-95
>The Cadre commander looks to be in extreme pain, hold my plasma pistol up to his head
>"We can make this considerably less painful alien, inform us of where the members of your command are and I will end you here and now."
>The Tau continues to squirm for a moment or two before he spits out his answer
>"In orbit...!"
>"That is a lie. Your Command has likely retreated to the surface in order to escape your flagship, which Admiral Falkar has likely already damaged heavily with his own flagship. Where are your commanders?"
>The Tau lets out a low, muffled chuckle
>"On their way to kill you, mutant, for the greater-"
>The Commander is interrupted by Hans punching him in the temple, making an audible crack ring out through the room
>Hans then proceeds to let the Tau out of his headlock and begins pummelling him into a bloody mess on the floor
>While Hans exacts vengeance on the Tau for having insulted our gene-father by proxy, move out of the building and begin checking up on the rest of my squadron
>Third squadron has sustained minor damage; they've come into contact with a few Iron warriors on the western side of the city and collapsed the tunnel they came out of
>Fourth squadron with Chaplain Egillmann, has rallied several companies of Steel Legionaries and wiped out the Orks in the north-western portion of the city
>Second Squadron with Sergeant Sammos have rallied a group of mixed militia and imperial guard forces, they've been clearing houses on the same side of the city as I have now stumbled into
>They've apparently ran into a group of sisters and were helping them escort a pilot said to have cooperated with an Ork when their position was assaulted
>Sammos volunteered to cover their retreat, his position is currently being flooded by Orks
>Request to know his position, he says he's in the south western portion of the city, so directly to our south
>Order third squadron to link up with me as they are closest, move towards Sammos' position as fast as we can
>Centurion and Dreadnought bust open holes in the walls to make our passage easier, third squadron catching up as best they can using the wide road looping around the city
>Can already hear the orks and guardsmen screaming from a couple bloqs away
>Decide I should use the buildings around Sammos' position as an elevated firing position
>Centurion and Dreadnought go on ahead through the buildings while I and my two squads move up through the buildings in order to get a better view of the ork thread
>After sprinting through the collapsed hab-bloqs that function as fantastic firing positions, eventually spot Sammos and his squad through a large hole in the wall
>They're holding out behind some rubble in a small clearing against a sizable number of Orks
>The Militia and Guardsmen Sammos mentioned are to their right, evidently they must have gotten separated at some point
>Order third squad to go around my position and engage the enemy from the left flank
>Run up to the wall with a hole in it and punch an even larger hole into it with my power fist
>Order my men to move to the hole and open fire
>As my men begin tearing into the Orks, the Centurion and Dreadnought bust through the lower section of our building and begin tearing into the orks
>The orks are now surrounded on almost all sides by imperial forces, and they begin dividing up their attention, making them easier targets to blow apart
>Their 'ardboyz are getting melted by the devastators, their regular boyz are getting torn apart by lasgun and bolter fire, and their Nob is doing his best to hold his forces together
>The third Squadron runs in and begins opening fire on the Orks, now surrounded and fighting for their lives
>"YOU STUPID GIT! YOUZ GOT US SURROUNDED!" one of the Ork boyz spits out to the Nob, after which he proceeds to get his head crushed
>Leap down from my building and land next to the Dreadnought
>Begin clearing a path towards the ork Nob with my power fist
>He sees what I'm doing and begins charging towards me, big-choppa held high
>Reel back power fist and slam it square into his torso as his choppa lodges itself in my left pauldron
>Watch him slam into the wall behind Sammos’ rubble and turn into red mist and giblets as I rip out the big Choppa from my pauldron
>mfw Ork next to me yells out "WEZ ALL GONNA DIE!"
>Watch as the Orks begin to panic all around me
>Now to clear out the rest of the city, defeat the Necrons and deal with the Heretics
>And then we have to deal with the Tau
>It’s going to be a long day
File: holdittogether.gif (3.98 MB, 690x388)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB GIF
//setting the scene to sync up in prep, let's give the poll a couple of hours at least
>be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>The remaining Orks on the bridge are dead, and there's Ork, Eldar and human bodies scattered around
>I've given the order to abandon ship
>Nearly everyone has left in the saviour pods by now, and the ship is silent apart from the rushing air and creaking metal
>They should be landing all over Groxbridge and the surrounding area to be picked up
>Some Imperials are going to get a shock when they open up a pod and find it to be full of Eldar
>I'm not going anywhere, of course. A good captain has to go down with his ship if needed
>Dick and Dom refused to leave, as well as a handful of my most loyal voidsmen, saying they were with me till the end and it was an honour to serve
>The honour is all mine, gentlemen
>We've all donned oxygen masks to breathe in the largely missing air
>I do hope Tolria is doing well down there, good thing she's not up here in this terrible situation
>With the controls offline, I've had to break out the backup manual steering device to operate the emergency thrusters to try and aim the ship
>The plan is to come in for a very hot belly landing in Primarch Bay and hope the water cushions the impact
>The It's Just Business has served me well, now all the old girl needs to do is hold it together for just a little bit longer
>There's some clunking noises from off to the side, as an Ork who shouldn't be alive hauls himself in the window
>i should have expected this, given his track record
>Leave one of the voidsmen to do the steering and turn around
>Draw my Hellpistol as everyone raises their weapons
>Let's finish this, you filthy marauder
Bump for duels
File: 1565090709326.jpg (362 KB, 1600x900)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
>Our descend in the tower is going pretty well few heretics and the inquisitor said to us that he had found the evidence he needed
>as for me I am now equiped with my trusty laspistol and a radium pistol some part of flack armor
>After twenty storey scream about a warp presence at this floor
>The scions knock out every people of this floor to prevent deamonic invasion
>In one room many cultist have killed themselves and a portal has began to open
>The inquisitor give the order to open fire on the portal and to the psyker the order to close it thing that already began before he even spoke
>Only one red daemon manage to exit the portal and by the knockback of a shootgun used by one the pilots he is thrown out of the window and is percuted by a tau aircraft
> I don't want to be one of the guy down there to much fire and explosion
> the portal closed we continue to go down
>Just a few floor to go down
>Be me
>Duh orkiest ork in duh sektah, Kaptin Orko uv Dakkamark
>Duh 'umie an 'iz maytz 'av all now got duh shootaz owt
>Dat stormboy wot 'elpd me intuh duh ship iz smirkin wiv iz big shoota
>Rush me arch-git Stannim as duh uvah lad taykz off an shootz 'iz shoota at duh big 'umiez
>I putz az much dakka az I kan intuh duh smalluh 'umiez
>Sum go down, uvahz get owt duh way
>Swing me power klaw at Stannim agen, but 'ee ekskeptid dat
>Duckz at duh lazt sekund an pullz 'iz sord owt
>Swingz it at me dakka arm
>Getz stuk, but now duh dakka aynt cumin owt az fazt
>I grabz dat fing az 'ee swingz it agen an snapz it wiv me power klaw
>'ee runz bak an startz shootin lazuh dakka at me
>Duh uvah 'umiez ar fyrin on me now az well, I aynt feelin too good
>Try an moov, fall ovah
>Gork 'elp me, I feel lyk a grot
>'eer a boom az sum uv duh leftovuh nobz an duh lazt kan burzt in
>Duh nobz look in good spiritz, but duh kan 'az seen bettuh dayz
>But... I feelz funni... I fink I iz blakin owt...
>Uh... watz 'appunin? Me gutz 'urt
>I... iz still in... duh bridj? Duh nobz dragd me tuh duh door frum duh lukz
>Dey'z... givin me covuh? OW ME GUTZ
>I luk down an... ah, sweet Mork'z eyebrowz, dat wud eksplayn it
>Duh 'umiez blew me zoggin chest opun
>Me gutz ar fallin owt now
>An... duh lytz iz cumin bak? Duh kroozer'z enuhjee muzt'uv refilld or... sumfin
>'eer me WAAGHki talki cumin bak on, duh Bigguh Mek iz tryna get me on duh lyn
>Pik it up, 'eez sayin sumfin abowt gettin me owt 'uv 'ere tuh get away
>Not diss tym mayt, I fink I 'az finuhlee korkd it...
File: Necron Lord.jpg (26 KB, 400x443)
26 KB
>Be me, Sigma-32c
>Attack on Necron tomb is currently going surprisingly well
>Carved half a dozen Lychguard and Immortals up in close press, Eldar can stand behind the rolling line of shrieking blenders that is a full-strength Sicarian Killclade and blast swathes of the enemy into pulp from safety
>Pressed most of the way down the main hallway, smaller squads splitting off to secure, collapse or push down side passages
>Meltabombs, demo charges and whatever the Eldar equivalents are are being laid along the cleared area, Fire Dragons burning through support pillars where the Admech structural analysis programs point.
>Should be able to collapse the main vault from here if a point roughly fifty-six metres north-west of our current position is secured and detonated
>Clear last strongpoint in tunnel leading to that position with a hail of Dark Reaper missiles and a well-thrown Mindscrambler
>Me, the Exarch and a command squad of half a dozen Sicarian Alphas make first push into the high-vaulted chamber beyond, staring up at the huge, empty throne sitting at the far end
>Seems unoccupied apart from a few easily dispatched Scarabs, but we all know Necrons well enough to be wary
>Our one remaining Enginseer team stripped from the Guard armour's support troops and a few fire dragons crowd into the room behind us, scanning for bomb placement locations
>Drop Gauntlet from ready position, grab a meltabomb and start setting it on a nearby pillar
>Get halfway through arming sequence when a crack of displaced air and a sudden cloud of darkness heralds the arrival of the expected resistance
>A dozen Lychguard with Warscythes, arrayed around a taller, gold-inlaid Necron with bulkier armour, a bright burning light in one hand and a polearm in the other
>Necron Lord
File: Gork 'n Mork.jpg (312 KB, 890x649)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
>I tellz 'im tuh leev me, I iz dun for now
>"Juzt... get duh *KOFF KOFF KOFF* zog owt 'uv 'ere yah git, liv... *AK* liv tuh fyt anuvah day..."
>He gohz silunt den... 'ee juzt sayz "Got ya Kaptin, itz been a blazt fightin wiv ya mayt."
>Duh lyn cutz... duh nobz 'erd it so... dey iz azkin wot duh do
>Tell 'em... tuh get owt uv duh ship an get ontuh duh Orkstuhroyd beefor it leevz
>Duh Bigguh Mek... wuz workin on me ehskayp plan... gess it'll be dohz gitz... ehskayp plan now
>I meen... dey iz doin a good job... duh kan keepz duh bullitz off... den it fallz ovuh
>I fink... I know 'ow ya feel mayt...
>Az duh nobz... get me tuh duh window... kan feel duh lyf in me slippin a bit
>Or iz dat... juzt duh wind pullin me owt?
>Duh nobz finuhlee notiss... I karnt walk nuhmoor
>Dey lukz at me agen... den at eech uvah
>An jumpz owt... at leezt... duh eerz on 'em workd
>Az I feel me 'ed spinnin... me vijun gohz dark...
>I kan see duh rokkahz... dey iz still playin...
>But now... dey iz flyin? Oh yeh... dey 'ad sum rokkitz... unduhneef duh gargant
>Dey luk so breyet... flyin intuh duh sky...
>Wayt? Duh lyt iz gettin brytuh...
>Now duh lanskaypz diffrunt...
>Itz all mowntunz... an two gitz...
>Wayt! Dey aynt gitz! Dey iz Gork an Mork!
>An now... Gunfuh... Mugznuk... Duh Red Nob.... an evun Bomba...
>Dey iz at duh windoh....
>Bomba'z yellin sumfin... "Get up yah git! Duh dakka nevuh endz owt 'ere! Climb froo duh window Orko yah old bugguh!"
>Soor fing Bomba... 'ang on a mo....

Right, there's the end of Orko's story, as he sees Orkish heaven in his last moments. I'll write a quick epilogue of sorts now, so sit tight anons.
File: Dat'z no moon.....png (638 KB, 910x549)
638 KB
638 KB PNG
>Be me
>Duh Mekkiest Bigguh Mek in duh sektuh
>Well, I dohnt know wat tuh fink now
>Orko'z gon an kork'd it, nevuh fort I wud see duh day
>Now I juzt 'av tuh get dese uvah gitz in lyn an get duh zog owt 'uv 'ere
>See, 'for Orko korkd it 'ee wantid me tuh mayk an ehskayp plan
>An by dat I meen 'ee 'ad me put a new, bigguh warp dryv insyd duh Orkstuhroyd
>Dis fing iz so zoggin pohtunt it kan tayk duh 'ohl fing intuh anuvah areeyuh uv spayz
>But day aynt 'appenin til I know most uv duh boyz 'av got bak
>I iz gonna miss Orko an duh ladz doh, dey wuz gud kumpuny
>Fankz tuh duh Rokkahz doh, diss next bit iz eezy
>Get 'em to stop duh musik an start yellin at duh boyz tuh retreet at full volyoom
>Dey do juzt dat, duh messij getz rownd kwik az all duh boyz dat ar left start eevuh flyin off or grabbin uvah boyz, den flyin off
>All duh gitz alyv fly up tuh duh Orkstuhroyd at full tilt
>Az dey do, duh 'umiez frum dat fleet notiss an moov tuhwardz duh rok
>Hah, too slow yah gitz, diss Mek'z latist invenshun iz redy
>Push duh big red buttun, an duh big 'iddun lazuh opunz on duh rok'z surfiss
>pik reelaytid, DISS is me bezt wurk so far, an dat aynt no bohzt
>Fyrz a big zoggin layzuh at duh 'umiez, a kuppul uv duh shipz dey 'av get turnd intuh ash
>'owevuh, I aynt 'ere tuh kop dohz gitz, not aneemoor
>All duh 'anguhz on duh Orkstuhroyd opun up, an all duh boyz flok insyd
>Duh Gargant landz on duh rokz surfiss, an sinz I 'andid owt spayz mazkz tuh duh rokkahz, duh musik kontinyooz
>A few boyz ar still left, but dey iz onlee abowt fyv puhsent uv duh boyz dat wuz down dere orijunulee
>Dey kan juzt stay dere an 'av fun, I dunno
>Az I fink on duh battul, duh nobz dat iz left kum intuh me new kommand towuh on duh rok
>Dey azk if Orko iz infakt ded, I konfirmz it for 'em
>A kuppul luk pretty zogd at dat, but duh Nob at duh front yellz "Well, duh Kaptin iz ded. Long live duh new Kaptin!"
>Poyntz at 'imself, not so fazt yah git
>I grabz me lytnin gun an zapz duh nob in duh 'ed, wich den eksplohdz
>Heh heh, I luvz it wen dey do dat
>Yell at duh nobz tuh get sum attenshun on me
>Duh Nobz nod at dat, at leezt dey know 'ow tuh lissun
>"Now den, wiv dat covuhd, yoo gitz an all duh uvah boyz kan kall me Nikorklus Tezluh! Got dat?"
>Duh nobz nod agen, sum uv 'em yellin "We followz yoo now Boss mek Tezluh!"
>Blimey, diss feelz a lot bettuh dan yellin at grotz
>Now wat shud I do next? I know!
>"Now, firzt fingz firzt, Orko'z ideeyerz wer alryt, but iz naymin kud yooz sum work. Wiv dat in mynd, duh rok we iz on iz no longuh gunnuh be kalld an Orkstuhroyd."
>A nob intuhruptz "Wat shud we kall it den boss mek?"
>I nokz duh git on duh 'ed fuh intuhruptin wiv me spannuh, den I kontinyooz
>"Simpul! We iz gunna kall dis fing duh Deff Rok uv Mork! YA GOT DAT?!!"
>Dey all nod veree viguhrusslee at dat yellin, feelz gud tuh be duh boss mek
>"Now den, we aynt stikin arownd 'ere!"
>"Aktiyvayt duh warp tellyportah! AN MAYK IT SNAPPEE YAH GITZ!"
>Wiv dat, duh boyz start swarmin rownd duh Deff Rok lyk antz az dey get duh mayn warp dryv goin
>I wonduh if I shud go aftuh sum uv dohz 'umie mekboyz next? Wot wuz dey kalld?
>Oh yeh, dey wuz kalld duh... *BZZZZZZT* *WHUMF*
>Zoggin 'ell, I iz nevuh gonna get yoosd tuh da... wayt, wat wuz dat
And thus, here ends the tale of Kaptin Orko uv Dakkamark and 'iz boyz, only for another's tale to begin in it's place. So where will the Boss Mek go next? Who knows, but one thing is certain, and that is that wherever he goes next, he'll bring a WAAAAAGH with him. After all, in the 41st millenium, WAAAAGH is eternal. Or something like that at least....

This has been Orknon, it's been a blast doing some writing on the thread. See you on the 1d4chan article lads.
>Be Imperial Fists Brother-Sergeant Sammos
>My squad, the rallied militia and guard, and I have been holding our position against incoming orks since the sisters of battle departed
>Lieutenant Paulicus calls in asking me for a sitrep
>Give him a brief summary and our current location
>He's not far, and bringing Third Squadron to assist
>Good timing too, I'm not sure just how much longer the militia and guardsmen could have held out
>After another half hour or more the reinforcements arrive
>Our newly formed, and heavily armed, left flank catches the pack of orks in the side
>It's only a matter of time before they're mopped up now
>Our right flank seems to have recovered some morale with the emergence of more space marines
>An ork hurtles past, narrowly missing me and splattering on the wall behind me
>After a brief moment more of the firefight, the orks either die or scatter
>Another pocket of enemies handled
>Plenty more xenos left to push out of the city
>At least we have three squads, a Centurion, and a Dreadnought all moving as one force
>This should be easy for such a formation
Good to have had ya, I'm actually quite sad to have brought about the end of the mainstay Orko. His schemes definitely brightened up the thread.

Are ye going to be rolling more characters in future threads? There's still plenty of opportunities to write in, and your imagefagging and writing have been great.
File: slymurbo.jpg (8 KB, 182x278)
8 KB
File: inquisitor on phone.gif (1.99 MB, 320x238)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
>be Imperial pilot Antonius of the aeronautica imperialis
>By "few"floor i mean THREE HUNDRED FLOOR
>Even the inquisitor is convinced that we will be dead if we try to go down with only fifty scions (or less we are all wearing carapace armor that we "borrowed" from the dead stormtroopers)
>The inquisitor says fuck It andtake the vox from comoperator and tell every imperial to the space marine to the arbites passing by the militaire to come here
>We better start building barricades with all imperial indignation that we can fine before this place is full of fleeing cultists
Thank you for your writefagging orkonnon your character was funny and had a good showdown
I kinda hope to see you again on this thread as new character (perhaps this mek'?)
Btw is the battle happening in the M42? because they are Space Marine lieutenants
I personally assumed it was M42, but I'm not the original OP
God dammit anon, you read my mind. I was literally about to ask whether this was pre- or post-Noctis Aeterna. I'm operating on the basis of post- because it's just the current canon (though since when has this series had any respect for it?) time, but that make sense too.

Aww, I liked Orko. Hopefully the Boss Mek sticks around in future threads, the Orks and their MS Paint nonsense add a lot to them. Would be happy to have Orks vs Mech.
Oh don't worry, the Boss Mek will return via future writefaggotry, although the next time I'll be writing it as more of a dedicated story instead of co-op writing like here.

Glad you anons enjoyed the orky nonsense by the way, as it was hilarious to edit in GIMP and so on.
File: wetlanding.png (390 KB, 1280x531)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Orko uv Dakkamark, the Ork dread pirate and arch-enemy of mine, is dead at last
>It's a bittersweet moment
>He may be gone, but he was one of the few worthy opponents I've seen in my time
>And my ship is still about to crash-land in the oggin
>The control thrusters are doing their best, but the ship is still subject to ballistics
>Strap in everyone, this is going to be violent
>The water is getting closer and closer
>Altimeter software underflows and crashes
>Portholes fill with blue
>For a moment nothing happens. Then the prow slaps down into the water
>Instantly, the most powerful g-forces ever felt press down on everything
>The world goes grey and then black
>Wake up a few minutes (?) later
>It's silent on the dark, ruined bridge aside from the gentle creaking of the settling and cooling hull and the faint slapping of waves far below
>The water is here is shallow, so it won't come more than a few decks up
>Dick, Dom and the voidsmen are groaning and disentangling themselves from their harnesses
>Something falls from a hole in the ceiling
>It's the Freeboota's hat
>I can show this to claim the bounty later
>But more importantly, with the loss of my prize hat, I need a new one
>And this will do perfectly
>I shall wear it in remembrance of my foe
>Now, to await rescue
>Looks like I'm going to be on this planet for a while
File: Tinkerpriest.jpg (117 KB, 750x938)
117 KB
117 KB JPG

>Be Sigma-32c, Alpha Primus tank commander and extremely outmatched
>Necron Lord singles me out as the bulkiest hostile unit in the room and presumably the largest tactical threat
>Inclines his head towards his opponent, levels his staff and launches two bolts of blinding green energy straight at the gap between my chestplate and right arm
>His gesture of acknowledgement gives me enough warning to twist, catching the first bolt on my Refractor Field with a burst of white light and the second one leaving a scorched gouge in my chest armour.
>Doctrinas flood my artificial bloodstream with stimulants, shutting out the tactical net, vox communications and even the widest reaches of the chamber we're standing in and focusing all cognitive power on combat. It's a strange experience for a tank commander, for the small fraction of my mind that has the detached awareness to comment on the situation.
>Ruststalkers beside me scream in binary triumph as their own protocols kick in and they rush the Lychguard, rolling and tumbling and flicking transonic blades towards any microsecond gap in an enemy guard.
>Take one long stride forward, then a second, charge power fist and slap that hand downwards just in time to deflect the first stab with the Staff of Light. Circle, jab aside a second thrust, feign a lunge, sidestep in to the side of the spear point but get forced to leap back by the crackling talons on the Lord's other hand flicking from the spear grip towards my damaged leg motivator. The superior range of the polearm is hard to circumvent.
>Flickering false-memories of Secutors past blur through my battle cogitators, countless duels of power axe, servo-arm and power claw matched against swords, nets, spears and other, stranger weapons.

File: Unlimited power.gif (4.65 MB, 480x201)
4.65 MB
4.65 MB GIF

>A bisected Sicarian tumbles between us, mindscrambler grenade on the belt detonating as random commands fire from the thing's dying brain and wrapping both our energy shields in tendrils of blue fire.
>Refractor field fails, power fist arm spasms as the circuitry is momentarily fried and the power field sputters
>Enemy spearpoint wavers for no more than half a second, jerking outward. My guard holds, but my battle protocols stall as my cogitators desperately reroute armour power links and data-webs to restore function. The seamless procession of martial example breaks, replaced with stock Skitarii training-inload examples of basic stance, ranged weapon form and enemy fire prediction. I'm in no position to take advantage.
>The Exarch is.
>A searing long-rifle bolt spears through the inner elbow-joint of the Lord's spear arm, blasting sparks of necrodermis shrapnel across the chamber as Tolria fires from her position behind the melee. My dulled wider attentions had not even realised that she was still present.
>Disregard the useless battle protocols and put all power to armour, step in and slam my inactive power fist into the Lord's forearm.
>The form was sloppy by Mechanicus martial standards, but the sheer force behind the blow was sufficient to shatter the weakened joint. The spear drops to the xenos-stone floor and I kick it away, bringing up my other hand to unarmed guard and detaching the useless fist.
>Recall the earlier incident in Groxbridge I put weight on my undamaged leg and throw myself at the Lord, grabbing him around the throat with both gauntlets and knocking both of us bodily off our feet, him underneath. Charge photon gauntlet with all available power.


>The Lord *hisses* somehow, static crackling from his old and weathered faceplate, and rams his secondary finger-claws through the seal at the base of my chestplate, clawing and grasping for vitals and finding several.
>Battle report indicates severe damage to lower body control and one of three spinal cable bundles, but bulkier back reactor is still active. Overcharge gauntlet and put three photon bursts through the base of the Necron's head, burning out circuits and causing the thing's eye lenses to burn with black fire as the darklight pulse bursts out through the front of the necrodermis skull. The Lord jerks and spasms as damaged phase units attempt to trigger, then goes limp.
>Roll off the thing, dragging my useless legs behind me. Wind up laying as flat as my armour pack makes possible, struggling to raise my head to watch the wider battle. Internal damage indicators flash urgent warnings in such numbers that they begin to crowd one another out, but I can observe blinding green-white flashes ripple across my peripheral vision.
>Is it the plasma teams? Are my Rangers here?
>One of my Enginseers has grabbed me under my shoulders, is attempting to pull me up. Why isn't he fighting?
>Sensory impulses are hazy with this much damage, eldar-moving-rolling-leaping high across me, Enginseer triggering some form of control-detonator, fleshy-wrong-hands dragging me out of the room, black-ceiling-falling. Total system failure imminent.
>Black out.

>**** Sigma-32c combat record ends, 113.M42 ****
Yeah it's post I think, mainly because Girlyman has awoken from his power-nap.
If the system is close enough to the Gothic sector Maluan and the 5th company of the imperial fists being here would also make some sense if it was post.
File: peekaboo.png (118 KB, 331x433)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
>be Tolria, self-declared Exarch of Alaitoc
>As the fight gets going, I remember I'm still in my Ranger garb
>This means I still have a battered Cameleoline cloak and my Long Rifle
>After a few seconds I blend into the background of the tomb, near-invisible
>With the AdMech keeping the Lychguards busy, I'm able to take an excellent sniping position
>As he the Lord grapples with the Primus, I'm able to score a good shot on the Lord's weapon arm
>The Primus rips off the damaged arm and its weapon
>Remind me never to cross the Adeptus Mechanicus
>The Lord and Primus keep scuffling
>Primus appears to be injured, but manages to burn out the Lord with some form of energy overcharge
>One of the Enginseers sets the detonator, while another Enginseer struggles to pick up the Primus
>You take the arms, we'll take the legs!
>Leg it out of the tomb for the second time today as the detonator is triggered, while helping carry this cyborg
>Isha's pure ass, this guy is heavy!
>Some medical servitors have finished looking over the Primus, and assure us he'll recover with extensive system repairs and a few more augments
>What's a few more to him? He's already more machine than man, and probably wants more as-is
>His memory core was slightly damaged though, and he's going to lose a few records here and there, plus anything after the fight
>For this reason he'll be technically reclassified as Sigma-32d after he returns to service
>Call up the Brannet base, we'll be making it a little more permanent after this
>Brannet Forward Operating Base of the Joint Eldar Task Force is no more
>It is now the Eldar Quarter of Brannet, Groxbridge
>We'll just have to hope the Inquisition doesn't care enough to purge us
>As I come off the horn, a light appears in the sky, streaking overhead like a meteor
>Huh, that's odd. Is it another ship?
>Pull out some superior Eldar binoculars
>It's the It's Just Business!
>Commandeer a Jetbike as it descends rapidly towards the coast
>Follow that ship!

Thanks anon, that's a great end for Sigma's first person arc this thread and I wanted someone else to make the narrative call on whether he lived or whether he would go down blowing up a tomb and grappling with a Necron Lord. If and when there's a Thread Four w/associated timeskip I can pick 32 up again since I've liked playing him, bossing his dudes around and his comradeship with the other Tank Comm/odd tolerance for Xenos. Might try and flesh him out a bit more as a character next time.

Another three week break after this one?
Thanks mechanon - three and a half weeks. I think it should be at least three weeks as a base, and it's better if we start on a weekend when /tg/ is more active for a better opening than a weekday when people are browsing emails rather than 4chan (or at least should be *wink wink*).

31st Aug?

Also, I think we should dedicate the next thread to worldbuilding. We've spent the last three threads bitterly fighting over this planet yet we still know little about what exactly we're still fighting for. I've given you a base to start off with the map, and it'll make for a much more developed world if we step back from the constant warfare for a thread and focus on exploring the locations of the Groxvalley Region and the everyday goings-on of the city as it rebuilds and develops, either with our recurring characters or not. It doesn't have to be combat-free, since there's still stray Orks and Tau to mop up and everyday threats. Remember the offer of a city map still stands (I really want to draw it, dammit), and feel free to add more locations in. I'll be making a final map update to start the next thread off with soon.
>Be me, Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>I've gotten some of the mechanicus down here with us to bring down a couple of long metal cables that can be attached to vehicles
>Attached them to the Tanks in my squadron along with some of the Mechanicus walkers and try dragging the bident up the ramp to Groxbridge
>Though my Lady's repaired, she's struggling
>From what I can tell, shit's really going down in the tomb
>A couple wounded Eldar are getting dragged out, along with some wounded admech
>I assume they're leaving the dead behind
>A Necron or two have reactivated, however getting their heads severed seems to put them down at least for a little extra time
>Reminded myself of those duelling classes I took way back in the day
>Lho-stub went out during my Lady's mad dash, it's now sitting comfortable on the inside of my helmet that I picked up after the necrons blew it off
>Armageddon-pattern rebreather once more sitting comfortably on my face
>As we slowly drag the Bident up the hill, I'm getting more and more worried
>Seems like more and more of those we sent in are getting out now, looks like its about time for the whole tomb to blow
>I really hope he gets out soon so that I don't break my family tradition of paying depts and keeping promises
>While looking anxiously at the tomb, I see him
>The Exarch and a few others are carrying him out
>He's pretty heavily damaged
>Tell Techy to get out and help carry him, I know for a fact that I can't help myself
>While the Eldar and admech are still running, Techy grabs his shoulders and holds them up so that he's not scraping against the ground periodically
>Order my squadron to remove their cables and keep moving up the ramp, I'd like not to get turned into mush by the blast wave from the tomb
>As we're moving up the ramp, the inside of the tomb blows
>I expected an explosion with more of an impact, but I'll gladly take this one
>Continue moving up the ramp and eventually reach the remains of Groxbridge
>It's in the early hours of the morning at this point, my eyes want to close but I have a crew to see to and a dept to pay
>Jump out of my Tank, we'll have to help the Mechanicus with it later
>Begin looking through the various admech armoured units on the outskirts, looking for some kind of field hospital
>Eventually, I find something similar to one
>Rush inside and see the Alpha Primus laying wounded on some sort of medical device
>Ask if he's gonna make it
>Get an "affirmative" back from the servitor standing in front of me, with the adendum that he will however be losing some of his memory and getting some extra modifications, thus getting his name changed to Sigma-32d
>I'm not letting him forget about my debt, reach into my inner pocket and pull out a piece of paper detailing orders from another campaign I haven't bothered to get rid of
>Get out a pen and cross over the orders, turn the page around and write, "I owe you Sigma-32d, remember to make me pay you back some day. - Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg, Armageddon 70th Tank regiment, 5th Tank squadron."
>Put two purity seals on the page and hand it to the nearest authority figure, tell them to give it to him once he recovers
>Walk out, remove mask, light Lho-stub and move back to my tank
>I think I'm gonna have a rest, it seems like the fighting out here is dying down
>Order squadron to take a break and sleep in shifts here
>I don't think the Colonel will mind if we sleep for a couple hours so we can keep fighting
File: Trophy.png (3.54 MB, 1920x1072)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB PNG
>Captain Weston is never seen again as he chases after the Ork that stole his bike, after he runs after it away from Groxbridge
>His fate is unknown, and the Battle Brothers of the Brass Vipers fight until they are wiped out, Brother Cash slain by a horde of Necrons that finally bring his life to an end
>And with that, the Sunset Ride returns to the Chapter Monastery, the names of the fallen forever immortalized in stone.
>Some Brother believe Weston is alive, but his return will be a mystery to both his chapter and the Imperium in its whole
Armageddon tankposter here, I say that was a nice ending to this portion of the Alpha Primus' story and some more characterization later down the line seems nice. I like his (and thereby yours) tactical take on battles and strategizing to beat the enemy.
I've never been one to start these threads so to OP (I think it might have been you sammosposter? could be wrong though), try and get the thread started on Aug 30th.
Since these threads tend to last several days (probably due to timezone reasons) it's safest to start it on Friday so we can have it going throughout the weekend. I've noticed that a lot of lurkers tend to contribute with bumps (I tend to keep track of the number of posters) so keeping the thread alive doesn't seem to much of an issue.

As for Worldbuilding, I think other anons in the thread can contribute to that in this and the 4th thread. There are still Tau on the planet to fight, and now instead of just being over one city it's over several (one of which is partially burned down but nevermind that). Since units are going to have to traverse Lutum to get from city to city, we could have some worldbuilding done there. AND since Orknon took himself out of the thread in a blaze of glory, he could help out with maps 'n stuff (if he wants to, which is compleatly up to him).
Other than that though, I'd like to not get this thread moved to /qst/. That's really my main concerne when it comes to worldbuilding, as it stands the Jannitor has been kind to these threads as they are still more /tg/ than /qst/, because instead of one lunatic crashing ships into a planet, there are now several.
Sammos poster hear

Yeah, I OP'd the last two, but not the original.
I'll make a note for a new thread on the 30th.
As far as the choice between /qst/ and /tg/ these kinds of threaads have been on /tg/ for ages.
More to the argument, I don't think these things really fit the style of threads found on /qst/.
Quest threads tend to have a singular antaganon (typically the OP) and they run more like choose-your-own adventures or as ttrpgs.
/tg/ threads like ours aren't nearly as structured or linear, they're "what is?" scenarios at best and at the very least a shitposting exaggeration of the 40k's already bombastic lore.
So, I'd vote for sticking around /tg/ myself.
>The imperials have forgotten about all the rice hat donning heretics hiding in the jungles
File: theend.gif (8.62 MB, 1200x675)
8.62 MB
8.62 MB GIF
>Be Rogue Trader Stannim Lherzon
>Sitting on the top of the ship watching saviour pods parachute down as the two suns slowly rise over Groxvalley
>The temperature is pleasantly warm with a cool breeze, and the ship hull is warm to the touch
>The smoke columns from the battlefields and cities blaze amber in the morning sun
>The port is temporarily closed due to the fighting, so there's no ship traffic
>It's very peaceful and relaxing
>Pity my ship had to be destroyed for this
>Hear a faint droning noise, getting louder
>It sounds suspiciously like an Eldar Jetbike
>Sure enough, there's one, skimming over the waves towards us
>It's painted in Saim-Hann colours and piloted by a very familiar female Eldar
>"Ahoy there, cap'n! Shipwrecked, are we? Need a lift?"
>"Blimey, you're a sight for sore eyes, Tolria. Come round back, we can get down there"
>As we ride back with a couple of the voidsmen (she'll pick the others up later), she starts regaling me with tales of what she's been up to planetside
>I've got stories of my own too to tell later, right now I'm busy holding on while not losing my new hat
>She's been de facto inducted back into the Eldar military, so she'll have to leave my service
>That's fine, we're both going to be here for a while
>In fact, I might even want to stay here for a bit longer
>She'll apparently the boss now, and will put me up in the new Brannet Eldar Quarter (since when has that been a thing!?)
>Ride off away from the suns; ready for whatever the new day, new dawn, new life and new adventure will bring


.....for now
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, 78th Risian Light Infantry
>I was getting dangerously close to the front line fighting in the Necron Tomb when the combat suddenly stops
>Someone says that we killed the Necron God again or something like that, and now we are leaving
>Well that is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!
>I love battles that don't involve actually battling stuff
>Follow the big mob of Guardsmen back out of the tomb and regroup a safe distance away to watch it explode
>Someone offers me a lho-stick, I take three and light them all at once
>I don't even smoke, it just seemed appropriate
Do we know if archiveanon has been here yet?
File: areamap.png (275 KB, 1200x900)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
Mapanon (and Trader and Eldar anon, if you hadn't figured it out already) here. Here's the map with some final tweaks - added the IJB crashsite, doubled the scale (the old one was a bit weedy, and halved the sinkhole to stop it getting excessively huge) and added pre-war population estimates to the towns (average population density is a couple to a few thousand people per sqkm, comparable to a town heir geographical size would be expected to have, plus a large amount more because 40K builds tall and dense).

Also some location blurbs

Groxbridge is the principal settlement for the eponymous Groxvalley region. Settled in mid-M37, it has since grown to a large town with an economy based on agriculture and associated services and manufacturing. Periodic qarthquakes and floods devastated the town on a regular basis, hampering its growth and requiring the implementation of seismic-hardened infrastructure and construction of the Bell Valley Hydro project for flood control as much as power. The current four-term mayor is Stephen Ashare who, although popular, is a divisive figure thanks to his neglecting the traditional agricultural industry in favour of diversifying into other sectors. In the spring of 113.M42, a large Chaos force occupied the town, and the Imperial forces that landed shortly after have since reclaimed the town after a bitter war against Chaos and xeno incursions, leaving the town firmly in Imperial hands once more but reduced to a broken shell of its once-prosperous former self.

File: mapkey.png (34 KB, 381x435)
34 KB
and minor key alterations

Liamhelm is an ancient town, whose existance dates back to the Dark Age of Technology when the world was first terraformed and settled. A small village when the world was reclaimed during the Great Crusade, it became a major military staging post for the sector and its population peaked at over 20,000 in early M36. Since then, military activity has moved to other worlds, Groxbridge has drawn away population, the completion of the Thule Tunnels has diverted traffic from the once great Starrick Pass Road and the heavily agricultural economy has driven away many young people for want of opportunities. Liamhelm is but a pale ghost of the town as it was at its peak, ridden with poverty with whole sectors of the city being abandoned and many reverted to agricultural land. It clings to life through farming and the small remaining military garrison, but every year its population ticks down just a little bit more. The devastation wrought by the Tau incursion may well sound the death knell for this decaying urban carcass.

Grimhedge is the newest settlement in the region, being settled in late M40 after completion of the Thule Tunnels enabled a foothold on the northern side of the Great Boundary Fault. With its booming agri-economy, nascent manufacturing industry and good transport links, it has become a white-mirror version of Liamhelm. Its being spared the conflicts that have wracked Groxbridge and its resilient nature mean this town has a bright future ahead of it. The town also plays host to many thousands of displaced civilians from Groxbridge, and is being closely monitored for cultist infiltration.

Muddy Bottom is a small town tucked in the picturesque Parsel Valley. Records on the town are spotty thanks to a major Administratum paperwork blunder, but it is believed to have been settled between M34 and M36. Isolated from the conflicts that has plagued the rest of the region, the town has nonetheless suffered as its heavily tourism-based economy has taken a major hit from the conflict. However, with the reopening of the Parsel Valley Line and restoration of services through Groxbridge, the town has rebounded well and largely returned to the quiet, idyllic stasis that comes with being a small, boxed-in backwater. However, substantial mineral wealth has been recently indicated in the surrounding hills, suggesting it may not stay this way for long.....

Do feel free to ignore these if you want, but they're just my headcanon regarding the nature of the places.

It's not up on suptg yet, so no.
Lots of cool history and detail here, though I always assumed Groxbridge was a lot larger. 100K is practically a village by Imperial standards.

Even if Groxbridge isn't one of the largest settlements on the planet, it does seem pretty important given all the stuff that happens there. The Imperium did after all send tens of thousands of Guardsmen, a large fleet, elements of three different Space Marine Chapters, Sisters, AdMech, Inquisition, and an Assassin to help liberate it.

I would say make it a lot bigger, and/or give some sort of reason why everyone finds it so important. Though if the Imperials and/or Chaos were somehow tipped off that there was a Necron Tomb nearby that might be enough.

Also the crash sites are kind of small given that the ships involved were each over a kilometer long, and rammed the planet at high speeds, all the more reason to increase the scale of the map.
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Some pretty weird stuff happened while we were clearing out that sex toy factory
>Everyone involved has sworn an oath never to speak of it again
>The good news is that most of my group made it out alive, and now we are free to die in the Emperor's Name at some other location
>Luckily for us it seems like the fighting in the city has died down a fair bit, though there are plenty of xenos and heretics hanging around
>Apparently an Inquisitor and some Sisters are trapped in the upper levels of one of the tallest spires in the city and are now demanding everyone drop what they are doing and come over and purge the building of heretics
>Well, I guess commands from the Inquisition get priority, I rally my company and head in the direction of the spire
>New orders come in not long after though, apparently we are supposed to fall back to a safe place and resupply
>Sweet, decide to head back to my company HQ, which as previously mentioned, is a swanky mansion
>Eight hours later...
>Wake up fully dressed at the foot of my bed, apparently after herding my company back to HQ and getting everyone settled in, I passed out just before getting to my bed
>Vox Cliveton, but nothing interesting has happened while I was out
>Shower, slip into my best pajamas, go back to sleep properly this time
I can archive it on sup/tg/ again.

Any requests for name and description?
The Battle of Damnatum Lutum, Part 3

idk what for the description, but if that's the title it'll match the previous treads' titles fo simplicity's sake
>be former pig shit farmer, now Archbishop of the The Church of the Emperor’s Holy Gifts
>the battle is now over
>the fighting has left most of the planets official leadership dead
>leaving me as the highest religious authority
>the Ecclesiarchy comes to recognize my church as an official sect of the Imperial Cult.
>with this my church become the most practiced on the planet and is growing throughout the sector
>I keep my promises
>I pardon those who joined my Holy army seeking penance for past wrong doing
>I instruct that the planet’s main export be changed from pig shit to turnips
>as a result food production has increased and with it, planet morale
> things are looking good for me
Thread has been archived.
Orknon here again, just to say that what's a rogue trader without his theme song?


Enjoy. Yes I know my singing isn't the best, I'm out of practice.
I guess archiving the thread now is a good idea, though we haven't quite hit the bump limit yet. I'd wait until we hit that before we archive the thread but it seems like updates to the thread also get archived.
So let's do a recap of every that happen on damnatum l'utilisation World building wise
For Groxbridge, with its new doubled scale, it has an area of about 21sqm and so I gave it a population density of ~5k per sqkm, which is about what you would find in your average low-rise city with a smattering of tower blocks (about the same as London, because provincialism ftw). There is room for flex, since it can get up to eight times that if you take dense urban centres like Tower Hamlets or Kowloon or eighteen if you take it to the logical extreme with somewhere like Dubai. Remember this is an agricultural region on a still mostly rural planet, though I'm taking it as more akin to an underdeveloped Imperial World of High Space tech level (basically mid-late 21st Century) rather than the awfulness of a dedicated Agri World. I could easily imagine it being the regional capital by virtue of there simply being little competition, an important supplier of food, arms and soldiers for the PDF and Imperial Tithe and being a major transit hub for the planet by way of the port, spaceport and rail link. Alternatively, the Administratum could have misplaced a few decimal points and bumped the importance of the town up several tiers.

The impact site markers are not to-scale craters, they're just to mark the locations.

An unexpected but fitting last bit of silliness. I can hear you corpsing.
I'd assume the imperium is sending so many guardsmen to the planet in order to secure the Bident that seems to be indestructible and capable of killing titans, but also because the planet is pretty optimal for farming. Another reason is because the amount of traitors on the planet was enough to beat back a full company of space marines and a regiment of guardsmen. The Imperium decided to dedicate so many men to the planet, not because it was inherently very valuable, but because the enemy had a large amount of men there. So, to wipe out traitor astartes, vehicles and scores of guardsmen, the imperium just sent enough men to drown the enemy in their blood. And when the traitors got beaten back, they just didn't bother to pull ALL of the regiments out (the ultramarines seem to have left) so they could defeat the remaining enemies on planet.

Now there are Tau here, Tau which are likely going to claim the ruins of Liamhelm and/or Grimhedge. How the Tau got so far as Segmentum Ultramar? I have no idea. Likely an expansion fleet that got lost, and since the Tau saw this planet with beleaguered imperial forces and a population sick of war they decided to strike. (I think, I dunno I'm not Tauposter). We can expect a fair amount of the fighting to now take place in the air over the great fault line after the imperial forces have managed to wipe out their enemies in groxbridge. With this fighting, we could also get a bunch of worldbuilding done as pilots have a birdseye view of the battlefield. We’ve inadvertently caused a little episode of Ace Combat to take place on the planet while imperial forces on the ground get their shit together and begin moving out of Groxbridge.

I honestly hope the original OP comes back for the fourth thread, I like his possible tech-heresy deployment of prototypes all over the battlefield to spice up combat.
File: maptau.png (431 B, 25x25)
431 B
431 B PNG
My thinking is that the Tau were pushed back out of Grimhedge and Groxbridge, but the latter still has significant numbers present hiding all over the city. Liamhelm being strategically worthless means evicting the Tau there is on the back burner while there are bigger threats to deal with (they might have even been at least initially welcomed by the population given the existing sorry state of affairs as a dying town under the Imperium), but everyone knows you should never take your eye off a Xenos.....

The Tau could also have claimed sections of the NE of the map to plot and scheme away from prying Imperial eyes. And then there's the matter of the giant cave network - the partially water-filled tunnels (the level rises and falls with the season) run and run for miles and miles under the region, and many are large enough to sail oil tankers through. Who knows what weird/heretical/alien stuff is hiding down there in the uncharted darkness?
I still feel like making the scale on the map so small restrains future posters creativity. Already a lot of known features of the area don't quite make sense at that scale:
- subway system
- 300 story tower
- isolated swamp home to inbred swamp folk and exodite eldar
- the fact that large numbers of heretics and xenos can operate in secret a small city that is garrisoned by thousands, possibly tens of thousands of Guardsmen
- being hit twice by falling spaceships that should have wiped out everything for several kilometers (the third crash appears to have been somewhat more controlled)
Ultramarines can leave the Ultimar region when they feel like it, they spearheaded at least one major campaign near Tau space.
You're right. I'll raise the scale again by another two and a half times (5x original scale), and rescale some features to fit that. After this, Groxbridge will be the about geographical size of Leicester with a population of ~2.5M and the other towns will have their numbers increased accordingly. Does that sound good?

I'll try and get the update done before the thread finishes, if not I'll post it next thread.
I'd say it'd make sense for the Tau to get their biggest ships and attempt to blitz down planetside to escape the imperial fleet, the Tau in Groxbridge would likely try and escape down into the gaping grox hole with their remaining stealth suist and apply the path of Kauyon as best they could. I say as best they could because it's likely that the Iron warriors would have moved down there in order to establish a position from which they could attack the imperials. Due to the enemy still being near Groxbridge, a large amount of the infantry formations would stay behind and defend the city while the mechanized formations try and get over to the Tau base of operations. This would still likely lead to large scale air engagements with the remaining Tau air caste, not neccesarily over the Faults though, meaning we're not getting a round table sort of situation. Where the Tau headquarters is located is entirely up to the Tauposter, maybe in the direction of the Liveria arrow pointing towards the northwest of the map? It seems to be the most easily defended of the positions since those who want to fight them have to cross through the Faults to get there.

On another note, I've got to wonder, what are the Eldar sticking around for? That's of course up to you Stannimposter, but is it for the bident? Is it ancient Eldar tech? Is it Old one tech? Probably old one tech, which is why I assume the Eldar want something to do with it.

Anyway, if anyone's up for writing an epilogue for the imperial forces, go right ahead. We haven't quite hit the bump limit yet so there's still time. Lets see how this develops.
As you say that we hit the limit. Anyway, the bulk of the Eldar forces will be going home, but a few thousand will be staying on for a number of reasons. Tech being one of them, but also to find and retrieve fallen soulstones from both this battle and historical ones, search the world for further Tombs (any they find will be dealt with offscreen, since we've had our big Necron battle already) and take advantage of not being immediately shot to establish a civilian foothold planetside to support their activities nearby and do some trading with the locals on the DL or more openly via a certain Rogue Trader (since xeno-trade is allowed to some extent with RTs as middlemen). They'll be mostly keeping to themselves unless an immediate threat presents itself, though the same might not be said for our new Exarch.
Alternatively, a Farseer could have just told them to do it as part of one of their many inscrutable plans that seem nonsensical until everything slots into place.

Come to think of it, I like that idea. They are staying on as part of an as-of-yet unknown Eldar Scheme (TM), but under the guise of the above to keep other factions ignorant lest they attempt to interfere and to get some genuine stuff done on the side as well.

Also a few thousand is a bit much, more like a couple of thousand. A couple of city blocks worth of inhabitants.
Ask and you shall receive

>Be me, Imperial fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>Four squadrons of the Imperial Fists are now with me, along with a Centurion and a Dreadnought
>Our guard and militia allies have gotten tired, and require rest
>Despite having been pinned down by Orks, they stood their ground
>Sammos' idea of inscribing their names on a Baneblade sounds like a good one, once the day is done, perhaps we shall try
>As the Orks in this section of the city appear to be on the run, we leave them behind to rest so that they may maintain combat effectiveness
>Indeed, a large amount of the Orks appear to be fleeing the planet, though most are sticking to running into the countryside
>How... unorky
>The noise gargant has disappeared up into space, and we are now left wandering the city looking for pockets of Tau resistance
>Gotten a rapport from the Land speeder we sent out scouting over the boundry fault that Tau ships have been spotted flying down from orbit
>Likely they intend to escape the wrath of our fleet by building an AA protected base on the planet
>Heard the Necron tomb got blown up over the Vox
>A third ship has crashed into the planet, however this time only into the ocean
>Strangely enough, the Eldar have no interest in attacking us, at least not for the moment
>Though we have sustained many casualties, we are, for the moment, winning this battle
>However, it is unwise to praise the day before sunset
>Vox captain Maluan and request further reinforcements from orbit now that he's freed up
>"You shall receive what you ask for Lieutenant, I shall come down with the remainder of the company."
>Order my men into marching formation
>"Before the sun once again sets on this city, we shall have cleared its surface of Tau, Orks, Heretics and Traitors. In the name of the Primarch-Progenator, leave none alive!"

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