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File: Extreme Hype.gif (1.18 MB, 299x199)
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Just finished the first session and it was already amazing.

>Be me playing D&D 5e.
>Me Tiefling Bard Jables Tenacious, others Eladrin Zarbon the Life Cleric, Stibbons Halfling Rogue, Eatad Ick Human Bard, Zarin Evilbane Munakamune Goliath Barbarian,
>Sleep in late so I’m an hour late to the game.
>Jables is walking through a street when three figures burst from a jewelry store.
>They throw down a smoke bomb to the floor.
>Takes the form of a green drake.
>Two guards, a goliath, a halfling, and eladrin charge the drake. Human bard stays in back with crowd.
>Guard goes down, I don’t move.
>Another guard goes down, I charge in to help.
>The other bard hides behind a random commoner, cast heroism on him.
>We call him Steve as he charges after the bard says “Go get ‘em champ”.
>I make it into combat but don’t do much.
>Steve is in range and it’s his turn.
>DM starts playing hero music.
>Punches the drake hits.
>It’s a punch from a commoner so it deals 1 damage.
>Drake had 1 HP and dies.
>OFW the commoner one punch mans the Drake, which we’re calling a dragon.
File: The man the myth.png (311 KB, 400x428)
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311 KB PNG
>I run to the crowd and start acting as a hype man for Steve.
>We take a short in and out of character break.
>Come back as we level up to level 2.
>Decide Steve deserves PC classes.
>We decide between fighter or monk, go monk.
>We roll his stats, he’s a human so he adds 1 to the rolls.
>They are 18 STR, 14 DEX, 18 CON, 8 INT, 11 WIS, 14 CHA.
>Steve is a fat drunk leatherworker, with the education you expect of a peasant. Also a widow.
>We tell the guards who say they’ll look into a reward.
>I crit to carry Steve to the bar with the Zarin.
>We throw open the door and I leap up on a large table and start hyping the bar with tales of Steve, 22 performance.
>Sing a little song. “Steve our hero, his muscles strong, his beard fair. Without reason or cause he charges to save the day.”
>Free drinks for all.
File: 1a11.gif (6 MB, 720x404)
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>Zarbon tries to seduce everyman in the bar.
>I feel it worth mentioning that Zarbon is a Noble who is a shirtless gay rapist.
>Some arm wrestling, I sing, Stibbins pickpockets, normal stuff.
>We head back to Steve’s to pass out, Zarin stays at bar, Zarbon is a noble so he heads to his mansion.
>Steve is a man who knows how to eat, makes hungover breakfast.
>Plates stacked with pancakes, fat sausages, heaping pile of eggs.
>Convene at Steve’s for our next move, we decide we can’t allow these strange figures to endanger the city. I convince Stibbons with the promise of riches.
>We head to the place that was robbed, Dickenson’s Jewelery.
>We skirt past the guards into the shop.
>Guy knows nothing, insight says something is up.
>I use Thaumaturgy and Prestidigitation to use in my intimidate.
>Slam my hand down, the counter seems to vibrates from the blow.
>My eye begin to glow from beneath my hood(which I use Prestidigitation to appear completely dark all the time).
>Windows shudder, room seems to grow darker. “Don’t get in our way when this city is in danger”.
>Tells us they may be connected to the mafia.
>We know they’re connected to the rich.
>Steve was off asking the guards like a sensible person while we were in the store.
>Steve’s all about this. “Gonna get to punch a noble, beat up some mobsters!”
>Walk around a market, the other go to a shady store while I just ask a random potion seller where to find the mafia.
>I figure even if this comes up as a bust if we can’t get the mafia we’ll make the mafia come to us.
>Stibbons rolls perception, finds a shady looking place with a lady in her 50’s manning it.
>She’s a potion seller and selling various things like potions, poisons, date rape drugs, etc.
>Talks to her. “I might know something if you buy something.”
>I’ve been going to different vendor, get to her.
>The other converge on the location since some of the party was here.
>Casually ask where black market is.
File: 1a11.jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x1440)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
>We’ve been asking for directions to the black market, and mafia, like it’s the local Walmart.
>We’re all broke as fuck, and the cheapest things she sells is 30 GP.
>I’m going to pay as one of the wealthiest members, only have 15 GP though.
>We need to get her to bring the prices down.
>Stibbons wants to intimidate.
>That won’t work she’s got black market connections we aren’t going to scare her.
>We need another form of diplomacy, someone throws out seduce.
>Remember I’m playing a bard.
>Ask what she looks like cause I have some standards.
>6.5, aged with grace and her alchemy helped her retain some youth.
>Roll a 23 to seduce a 50yr old lady who hasn’t been dicked in like 20yrs.
>She’s digging it, gives me a discount.
>Buy a potion of poison, says this will show us the way.
>We’re brainlets so we spend 5 minute OOC trying to figure this out.
>Someone says drink it.
>”Motherfucker this ain’t sleeping beauty.”
>Could kill me so I’m just going to make the display.
>Raise the potion to my lips, slowly, as I look to the old lady for a reaction.
>Starts making the no notion at her neck with her hand, while just mouthing. “No, no, no.”
>Put it down.
>Probably thinking. “This boys got looks, and a nice ass. But not brains.”
>She picks up another and peels the label off.
>Ooooooh, peel it off to find an address.
>End Session 1.
File: Storytime threads.jpg (64 KB, 640x480)
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Yes Lord Freeza
File: Rapist.jpg (6 KB, 160x314)
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the token he uses.
Without storytimes we wouldn't have the all guardsman party, or many other amazing TTRPG tales.

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