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>be me
>random techpriest of the mechanicus
>we were on a crusade, fucking Xenos and their hereteks ways
>01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100111 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 01110100 01100101 01101011 01110011 00101110 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001
>after purging the abominations, we set course back to the docks on Jupiter on the solar system
>a warp disturbance launch us out of the way
>the ship lost half of its body.........
>we are on course of collision toward an unknown planet
>our ship crashes, but we still have void-flight non-related systems relative intact (communication, attack aircraft hangars, weapons etc)
>our sensors catch other similar crashes around the planet
>a space marine battle barge (or what is left of it)
> an imperial navy grand cruiser with their respective imperial guard regiment
>finally the sensors detect a strange structure floating above what appears to be a giant city
>........i hate my work
File: claudio-silva-servitor1.jpg (114 KB, 1400x1000)
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114 KB JPG
>be me
>random guardsmen
>i was talking with a cute sister of battle when the ligth went off and the emergency ligths ingnited
>the next thing i know is that im being launched across the hangar by the intertia
>i dont know how but i manage to board a ship and evacuate with the cute SOB
>we land on what apears to bebthe ruins of a city
>a strange floating orb of purple color apears on to be scanning one of the damaged structures
>take my lasgun and aim
File: image.png (103 KB, 422x549)
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103 KB PNG
>be me frakask
>scavenging scrap and raiding other fallens with the help of other fallen
>giant ships enter the atmosphere and crash on the outer side of the city
>firefigth begins across the city
>our khell order us to attack the fallen ship
File: DTG_Guardian_Hunter.png (616 KB, 652x788)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
>be me
>currently wasting time murdering assorted Fallen murdering Fallen murdering Fallen
>think it might be some more Fallen
>nope, it's humans and heavily armored people
>they're shooting everything in site, and just being general dicks
>even me
>take out my Last Word and start to go to work cleaning house
>Be me, Inquisitor
>fucking pissed that we run out of recaf
>didn't even notice that the ship crashed on some habitable planet
>try to find out where we landed
>notice some mechanical looking thing in the distance
>looks heretical
>send out my servo-skull to survey the area this because this shit is too mutch for me
>better find a way to get out of this shit
>but first a nap
File: 300px-Grimoire_Wizard.jpg (31 KB, 300x390)
31 KB
>be me
>Hive Wizard
>fucking around with unfathomable ancient powers of Darkness
>spiriting off some wretched Fallen Dregs to use as experiments in a thanaturgy ritual
>suddenly notice an unknown wreck break the atmosphere and land near me
>it's full of light-filled meatsacks of a different sort, but light-filled meatsacks all the same
>proceed to go and wreck their shit

>be me guardian,exo titan more especifically
>on the tower trying to convince the criptarc of giving me a good drop
>it gives me a generic gun from a legendary engram
>fuck this guy
>and there is that weird ships that crashed today and are figthing with the fallen...maybe i will give a look later
>some kind of drone made with a human skull.......
>not creppy at all,well time to follow it
>who could be the owner of this weird drone.....i will call it creppy the creeppy drone
>what?....im good shooting things not naming them!

>>be me exo titan again
>>after following creppy the little drone,it leads me to the new crash site
>>good news:they are human,and they look like a organized army.....there is more survivors out there
>>bad news:they are being attacked by fallen forces gathering around them
>>weird news:they have a emo fetish with skulls and gothic aesthethics
>>anyway,time to work,kill some fallen champions to create chaos among fallen lines,allowing the newcomers time to deploy their forces against the fallen
>>contact the vanguard and then contact the newcomers

>Be me, Inquisitor
>had a 5 minute nap and found some recaf in the cantina
>now back at full strenght
>hear my servo-skull banging against the door
>tell some admech to extract and analyse the data
>in the meantime check what is happening outside
>by the Emperor...
>there is one local who looks to be helping
>and his gun is dealing less damage than a lasgun
>still enough damage to kill one of those four armed cunts
>he looks somewhat human from here
>tell my servo-skull to give him a lasgun with a bayonet, some charge packs, and that imperial Aquila sticker I found in a cereal box to gain his trust
>will backstab the friendly locals later
>now have to uncover what the fuck happened here
>our astropath behaves like on acid and the navigator is dead
>this is going to be a bit more difficult than expected
>be guardsman
>fighting some xenos
>about to bayonet charge them
>wish me luck
>be me, Adeptus Astartes, the wrath of the God-Emperor of Mankind made manifest
>crash on some backwater planet
>crawl out of the wreckage of my drop pod
>moments later, some manner of satellite crashes to the ground half a klik away.
>Strange unknown Xenos appear out of nearby caves and begin scanning the device
>Local PDF shows up using odd mismatched armor and antique weaponry
>I shall assist in the purging of this Xenos filth!
>Draw my holy boltgun and begin running toward the battle
>halfway there, precisely 3 minutes after the device dropped, all the Xenos disappear in a puff of green smoke
>One PDF man picks up a blue orb from the ground
>PDF scatter
>crashed satellite vanishes into thin air
>By the Emperor...

>creppy the drone and a weird mechanical dude with mechanic tendrils get out of the ship
>a bullet impact my face
>no problem.ligth
>the weird mechanical dude give a new gun
>nice,a energy rifle looks like a very pragmatic and efficient desing
>and they put a sticker of a 2 headed aquila on my chest
>i think this is the beggining of a beatifull friendship
>use my new gun to snipe fallen captains
>the new guys are doing well even if they arent guardians,disciplined,professionals in all the meaning of the word
>sadly their armored support hangar is burried underground thanks to the impact and the fallen are sending their airships and spider tanks to force a new butthole to the ship and board it
>fucking hell,that hurts.....why are the new guys looking me weird...they never saw a guardian coming back?
>Be me, Servitors 15651-S
>assignment: Clean Hallways
>=ifdirt(X>0, Unsatisfied)
>X=1245 dirt particles
>Clean all dirt in hallway
>Feel a small modicum of satisfaction for the first time in my existence post-conversion
>Ship Crashes
>Dirt Everywhere
>Weird Humans Storm Ship getting more dirt everywhere
>X=127586937337476 dirt particles
>pre-crash scan of the planet showed a settlement off to the east
>begin walking that direction
>several days pass
>one day, encounter a local PDF man on some manner of jetbike
>approach him to gather info
>he throws a grenade at me
>shouts something about "Red Legion"
>speeds off on his jetbike
>must've mistaken me for some Heretic Astartes
>There is Chaos on this planet, and Emperor willing, I shall purge it!
>be me exo titan
>comms tell us about several superhuman soldiers of this human army helping to kill and destroy any fallen threat on the area
>and there is a red legion minor invasion too
>i request support through the open chanel
>"there should be a bounty a 3.5 clicks at north of your position,on a ancient laboratory ruins,i was tasked to bring the blueprints and the weapon stack,but the crash interrupted us,could anyone bring it and help to defend the ship?"
>lets see if anyone answer
>mental note,stop standing to think in middle of battle
>be me
>bored psyker
>sat on crusade ship because emperor forbid I be by myself
>coffee spills on face
>see big orb over planet
>don't know what it is
>watch crusaders check it out
>finally get some peace
File: BolterAstartes_MK_Vb.jpg (21 KB, 342x216)
21 KB
>continuing east
>vox crackles to life, a voice speaks in some Gothic dialect I've not heard before
>it's a request for help, must be the local PDF
>I will assist them, and perhaps acquire transport to the nearest settlement
>along the way encounter a lone member of the PDF
>a large fellow for a Human, and seemingly well armoured
>not as well armoured as me, of course.
>we begin speaking, the PDF man seems amicable enough
>he removes his helmet
>scans reveal no life signs
>his face is that of some mechanical monstrosity
>This must be an ancient Abominable Intelligence!

>be me exo armentho
>this new big guy seems pretty nice
>why is looking me weird too?
>im angry now
>several ships are sorruinding ud
>more spider tanks
>i really need to get to that weapon stack and fast
>another shot in my head,luckily i dodged this time
>point the spider tanks,to the big guy,there is more bigger problems for us
File: UltramarinesWarrior2.jpg (96 KB, 759x821)
96 KB
>be me, shining beacon of the Emperor's light encased in holy powered armour
>just shot an abominable intelligence in the head, point blank
>bolt removed its entire cranium
>a small servo-drone appeared and shone a blue light
>the abomination reappears, made whole
>Emperor's teeth, this is going to be more difficult than I anticipated.
>the abomination seems rather agitated at having been shot, but then points off into the distance and runs in that direction
>the Xenos filth from earlier have sent in a drop ship carrying some sort of hexapedal tank
>Xenos warriors everywhere
>I have only 2 frag grenades, 44 bolts, my combat knife, and my faith in the most holy Emperor
>Only in Death does duty end...
>Be Vex Goblin guarding the Infinite Forest.
>Going over planning variables for construction of new nexus gateway in 12 simulations while refining [PARACAUSAL ANOMALY] combat in 5 and shitposting on Slapchat in another one.
>Suddenly the Observation Mind twists together a [SPACIOTEMPORAL COLLAPSE DETECTED] across my FOV.
>I hate it when it does that, makes my Radilorians Clump.
>Drop everything and make a Slapchat post to the nearest Gate Guardian to see if he can fuckery me over to the source of the anomaly.
>Have to sit and Simulate the creation of a personal single use Nexus Tunnel while I'm put on hold.
>Finally get through to an actual Robot.
>They tell me the Nexus Networks between the Forest and the planet the Collapse was matched to are on the fritz.
>Fucking really.
>Well I'm not a Goblin for nothing.
>Lets start work on that extremely dangerous and unreliable way to fling myself through a higher dimension so the Minds can see what happened.
>The things I do to become a law of reality.

>big guy doesnt like me
>maybe is because im a machine?
>nah everybody love robots,except vex fuck those
>my new friend/future exucutioner is shoting both at me and the spider tanks
>good he is incredible fast,a master in hand to hand combat and has a shiny armor,he will be fine
>deploy my sparrow
>signal him to come with me in the sparrow
>spider tanks are using their laser cannons to break through the hull of the wreckage,but this ship is so well made that we have 30 minutes before it cracks
>defenders hade made makeshift barricades on the few hull breachs and are using them as choke points

>be me traveler
>be semi-catatonic
>keeping at bay darkness,ahamkara,hive and vex time-fuckery
>sudenly a reality rift apears on orbit
>whatever this thing is,is EVIL,is MADNESS,is CHAOS
>reality rift closes,but several battleships collide with the planet
>i sense reality warpers....bound to a soul...a golden soul of order.....
>try to contact one of this ''psykers''
>be me
>finally got coffee back
>something trying to get in my head again
>tthink at it to tell it to go fuck itself.
Somebody Archive this
i did
all of
the already
what do you think,
should this
go to
1d4 Chan? or how does that work?
>be me
>Primaris Astartes Siegfried of the Imperial Fists
>made a joke about "imperial fisting" when killing some xenos, chaplain didn't like the that
>next thing you know I'm on a penitent mission accompanying some Mechanicus techpriests
>warp jump goes wrong
>escape pod outta there, who were these things made for, squats?
>somehow manage to survive all this shit
>get out of the tiny ass escape pod, lots of xenos and a lot of general clusterfuckery around
>Emperor how did I deserve this
>and what is that giant sphere on the horizon
>be combat servitor
>they did a shitty job on the brain surgery and you still are technically sentient
>you have no control over your body and you constantly yearn for death
>be trapped under a piece of the ships hull
>everyone one has forgotten you’re here and went to do emperor knows what
>at least you finally die
>realize none of your important systems are damaged
>when will your suffering end
>44 rounds later
>48 Xenos killed
>no more bolts
>stow my boltgun, reach for combat knife
>the abominable intelligence, who seems to also be fighting the Xenos, tosses me what seems to be a missile launcher and some ammunition
>I will purge him later, after this Xenos invasion has been dealt with
>while I am familiarizing myself with what seems to be targeting runes the device, I ask if the launcher is set for frag or krak
>the AI gives me a puzzled look and answers with a single word in his strange Gothic dialect
>be potato kid, mourning space mom abandoning me
>suddenly ship lurches
>Ordis says an unknown anomaly teleported us to "an Earth that isn't Earth"
>go up to bridge and notice giant fucking sphere floating over Earth
>notice that the moon isn't covered in orokin structures or fucking shattered
>Ordis says other own know ships were also pulled through a similar anomaly, containing a mish-mash of decently advanced and really primitive tech
>look back at orb and wonder if there is any tech on it worth stealing
A thread died for this
a worthy sacrifice
>be Hive Wizard
>steal several of the most heavily-armed amongst these new Light-sacks and carry them into the Ascendant Realm
>slowly, painstakingly flat away their Ight over time, takin some for myself, and tithing the rest back to my superiors
>begin experimenting with the most resistant of these new arrivals
>his screams will be excellent
i dont understand this gibberish

do you plan to go anywhere with this?
Not him but it's Warframe, the closest thing Destiny has to a competitor.
>Finally arrive on the planet the Observation Mind highlighted.
>Shockingly it's the one that the [PARACAUSAL ANOMALIES] seem to be coming from.
>Run some simulations based on available datapoints of gunfire before sticking my optic around the corner.
>Huh...was not quite what I was expecting.
>Looks like one of the {PARACAUSAL ANOMALIES] is duking it out with both the {SPECIES DESIGNATE: ELIKNSI] And...wait... is that a member of the [SPECIES DESIGNATE: CABAL]?
>Well I guess that answers that.
>Best get this sent off to Slapchat so I can get some backup.
>Come on, give me a Minotaur...and maybe some more Hobgoblins.

>big guy finally beging to collaborate with me
>we manage to push back the fallen infantry and the choke point mounted by the green soldiers hold pretty well
>good luck facing a wall of lasers on a narrow hall
>i lend him my heavy gun (good old ghalla)
>meanwhile i finally manage to secure the weapon stock on the ruins of the labs
>take the graviton lancer
>beging to shoot mini-black holes towards the spider tanks
>that shit cost my ass, 9k light pieces,several weeks exploring on the ruins and several deaths
>time to make them suffer what i suffered for this gun
>the mechanical dudes are having suspiciously sexual screchings and the big guy look weird at me and my weapon....

Cue to music

I mean it's not really a competition.
no matter, its saved and will be numerically intergrated once it seems worthwhile

wont want to integrate another universe for a one-off
destiny 2's aesthetics are ass, jesus fuck

Well sadly yes

I have a love hate relation with that gane they either fuck it very bad,do awesome things or a mix of both that confuse me
only played the first one
seemed consistent and aesthetically alright
>"Okay, Deferring operative command to Minotaur platform...what Infinite Forest Iteration are we working from?"
>"Ah, that one. Welp, you're in operative command, you lead the way."
ill be off
please continue to archive
i want to see this continued

>as we manage to push back the fallen ,vex begin to teleport around us
>sorry...i got excited
>but at least the green soldiers managed to get their tanks out of the hanar and are deploying
>see giant tank and a soldier screaming ''BANEBLADE'',at the same time it rolls over the vex......
>i want a baneblade too
>Guardians and other interlopers distracted
>Deposit my new Darkness-infused creation directly behind their number
>Its armor is clearly broken and exposed in some places, leaking precious essence, but it's negligible
>Not like they'll live long enough for it to matter

Well the first one had its own fuck ups (remember those first dlcs......)

But the always pull it off with some patches and the last dlcs a great work
>Be me.
>Be Commissar.
>These blasted new xenos managed to break our lines and teleport some heavy unit behind our ranks.
>Turn to beast, notice some of it is leaking warp fuckery.
>Rush it with my chainsword, shoot exposed bits.
>When I reach the beast, I turn on ol’ reliable and start slashing.
>This was going just fine until they rolled out that [VEHICLE DESIGNATION: BANEBLADE].
>Teleport out of the way as a blob of quantum enfolded exotic matter slams into the left tread of the thing, twisting the impact site into a solid lump and then pulling open a hole in it.
>Yeah! How do you like tha-
>Well that's just great! How could this get any worse!
>Be me
>laughing Wizard
>The interloper decided to attack my [Corrupted Marine] directly instead of continuing to shoot at it
>As expected, the creature explodes into raw Darkness, showering the foolish man and everything within range with the corrosive essence
>Cackle and spawn droves of Thralls to press the attack on their now wounded forces
>How could this day ever get better?
>Be me, Inquisitor
>go to the bridge to atleast try and do something about the situation
>hear that the guy who was helping us is an AI, there are signs of Khornate marines known as "the Red Legion" and signs of Tzeentchian activity on the planet
>now see some wierd ass looking ship crashing not far from us
>go to the hangar and take one of the few remaining Valkyries to check what is up
>check for potential survivors
>can't see any survivors with the exception of those wierd sexdoll looking things and a pile of golden potatoes
>some guardsman tries to grab the breast of one of them
Hold there guardsman these might be heretical artifacts I woudn't touch them if I were You
>inspect them from affar
>some of them have gold elements on them
>this shit screams Dark age of technology to me
>the men of gold in particular
>don't know what they were used for
>I'm Ordo Malleus and not fucking Ordo Machinum
>altho I have some friends in Ordo Excorium
>hear some voice speaking
>says his name is Ordis
>seems to be an AI with multiple personalities
>decide to ask him a couple questions
>because maybe he knows what the fuck is going on
>hear about some Orokin Empire, Tenno, Warframes, Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Lotus, Sentients
>of course I understand only 50% of the shit he says because he keeps glitching every 5 seconds
>His voice makes me angry
Where the fuck is the off switch on this thing
>the retard AI shouts "Operator run!"
>I turn arround and see some kid trying to sneak away
>order to arrest him
Hey Kiddo. Tell me on what planet we are on. Because I didn't understand your friend very well. You might aswell start from the very beginning.

>as the vex are pushing us i sense the presence of darkness
>one of the armored dudes got corrupted,his armor rotten,face mutated and toxic blood that rots what it touches leaking from the cracks
>scream to everybody to get away of that one
>the armored dude launch us a bolt of dark magic but i manage to summon my void shield,several vex and a few poor green guys die consumed by that mystic and evil "thing" wich the bolts are made
>launch myself with my graviton lancer and shoot against the corrupted guy
>another of this soldiers,apear a some kind of leader,charge with me against the abomination
>i just need to break its darkness shield and even a single shoot would be enough
>ask armored guy to give me fire support
>the green guys tanks are helping to push agaisnt the vex
>i tell my new big friend we need to destroy the tree leaders,the vex mind,the armored guy and the hive sorceror with the last and first hiding somewhere
>at the same time i ask any nearby guardian to come here and help at exchange of loot


>the fucking thing exploded at contact
>summon my void shield again
>manage to save the soldier of funny uniform,but we lose 2 baneblades and a few dozen soldiers
>some mechanics dudes are crying on binary over the death of the baneblades
>yes im a exo,i know how to talk binary
>at least guardian fire teams already came to help
>Be Vex
>Specifically, an Axis Mind
>Calculating the precise measurements required for the construction of a new simulation depicting Vex supremacy over all times
>An expected delay, but a delay nonetheless
>Goblin incessantly chattering and proving almost crude in its childlike behavior as it calls on you and your fellows through the Network to provide aid
>Fellow Minds send Minotaur platforms and other combative units
>Again, as expected
>Quietly debating whether this situation warrants a Gate Lord or two being sent out
File: image_9034.jpg (370 KB, 1920x1080)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
>"Gjallerhorn" runs out of ammunition.
>The Abominable Intelligence instructs me to pick up an odd purple box dropped by one of the four-armed Xenos.
>Somehow, this reloads my weapon.
>I... do not understand how this is so, but I haven't time to ponder it now.
>fire the "Gjallerhorn" again and again, blasting the foul Xenos scum again and again
>find more purple boxes
>finally, the Xenos seem to thin out
>no more purple boxes
>Gjallerhorn is out of ammo
>but we've secured a path to the Astra Militarum regiment hunkered down in a pile of wreckage
>Perhaps they have some bolt rounds I can use.
>Break away from my AI associate
>See a Commissar, walk in his direction
>pass an ammo crate full of bolt rounds, praise the Emperor
>Suddenly, a commotion...
>a warp rift opens behind the Commissar
>Some demons pile out, accompanied by a Heretic Astartes
>My AI acquaintance shouts in my direction, points out some odd mechanical Xenos lumbering into the area through a portal, one of them is quite large
>Another drop ship arrives with more of the foul four-armed Xenos
>Surrounded on all sides
>slam a magazine into my boltgun
>remind myself that I am the Emperor's weapon; His finely sharpened blade.
>Get splashed with literal warp juice.
>Turn around, charge enemy to reinforce troops.
>Fire bolt pistol and cleave enemy xenos in two.
>Why dafuq are my weapons glowing yellow?
>Scream hymns in response, CLEARLY this is the Emperor’s doing.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (46 KB, 1280x720)
46 KB
>be me, Capitan David Krakowski
>currently On my battle cruiser in a small fleet patrolling a colony world
>Suddenly some spacial bullshit happenes and we are falling onto a world with some sort of giant structure close to it.
>All ships are loosing altitude in the planets orbit
>We are going to crash land
>Order most of the onboard personel to get into drop pods and transports to get off the ship
>most capitans here are as suicidal as me
>crash land
>somehow alive, ask for a status report
>Our fleet crash landed just near another stranger looking ships also crash landing sight
>Most of our forces begin to regroup towards the more intact ships
>Get report there is a battle going on near that other ship
>Send some marines to check out what is going on
>Command that all cannons that can fire to focus fire onto the battlefield
>The lumbering brute of the Chosen of the Sky has bolstered that one fool, who's now screaming as he murders my Thralls
>"Enough of this."
>Open a rift to the Ascendant Realm, and allow two Ogres, several dozen Knights, several more [ Corrupted Marines] and finally myself to pass through
>If you want something done, then take up the blade yourself
>checking my ship to assess the damage
>hear Ordis talking in the other room
>hear another voice
>how the fuck did some one get on and why didn't Ordis say something?
>go to see what the fuss is about
>get there and Ordis screams for me to run
>some weirdo wearing clothes with more skulls than all my day of the dead skins combined
>they point to me and yell at a hand full soldiers to arrest me
>normal human soldiers
>kindly ask him to explain why the hell he's on my ship and why he's suicidal enough to pick a fight a Tenno with so few men


>my two new friends are getting excited with the combat
>they called the armored tainted by darkness as ''traitor astartes''
>cool name for their soldiers
>i order a retreat to the fire teams,give the coordinates on binary to the mechanic dudes ,i think they call themselves cog boys
>the coordinates are on a building that we cleared a while ago and we use it as safe house
>between the underground complex,the supplies and the multiple defenses i think our new friends can prepare a counter offensive
>the guardian fireteams give suppressive fire to allow the soldiers to move toward the building ''ECHO''
>meanwhile my astartes friend has been killing traitor astartes by the dozen with help of his hand cannon and a chain sword
>and the one on uniform have been imbued by a golden light....it reminds me the traveler light
>he is being surrounded and a sorcerer is going to backstab him
>i recognize the fucker ''nondur the rotten one'',he has been fucking our supply lines for months
>well im gonna stop him here
>i shoulder charge the fucker and push him through the walls of the wreckage
>wield my sword
>my ghost play the tune



>as this happens artillery from the other ships wreckage begin to flatten both vex and fallen
>More filthy warp xenos are emerging from a rift with more of their daemon engines.
>See floaty fuck that must be their sorceror.
>Weapons glow brighter, and I hear words that must be from the emperor himself.
>”My son, kick his ass.”
>Jump on the heads of various soldiers, making the leap to the sorceror.
>Pistol whip his ass and hook him down on my descent.
>be me Warlock
>tutontunic posted on VanNet about some weird shit going down with new, previously unknown human forces
>Binbimsala says we should go check it out
>Ghost, why? I just wanna look for spin metal. I'm Sure that Zigbar can take care of it.
>go back to cruising around, getting spin metal
>VanNet pops again, saying i have one new message
>open up
>says that the Hive showed up, Taken, Vex and Fallen fucking shits
>vex never been on Earth before
>look regretfully around, thinking of all the spinmetal to be collected still
>proceed to go the map marker
>Binbimsala says that if we had gone an hour ago, we could have gotten the good Engrams
>not when it would just give another blue
>wonder if their Ash and Neutrino are any different when an unstable mass of chaotic void energy is hurled at them
>i think i still have those petri dishes and vial left over from when i opened up a Hive Worm

>me and the unniformed one beat nondur ass,the fucker try to burn our souls,but we resist thanks to the blessing of the ligth
>i hear the vanguard telling us from the comms new reinforcements will arrive
>the will divide on 2 groups
>one tasked with defending building ''ECHO'' and the second with fighting on the wreckage
>the guardian with more kills get a free ship
>Screech as the Sky-blessed cur drags me to the ground, somehow managing to evade my Knights and Ogres
>Lob a Darkness Blast directly at his chest and send him flying back in retaliation
>Hiss to the Ogres and Knights to advance and kill him first, before ending the Sky-Chosen
>Suddenly take note that the battlefield is being bombarded from on high.
>Things are not going as planned

>the fighting is intense
>demons continue to pour through the warp rift
>mechanical xenos keep coming through their portal
>Praise the Emperor, more of the local PDF show up to help
>they are surprisingly effective combatants
>notice that they seem to fall into three categories
>some appear to be powerful psykers, twisting and warping reality to fight the enemies
>others are lightly armoured, fast and agile. They appear from seemingly nowhere, strike the enemy in a vulnerable spot, and disappear just as quickly as they came. They remind me of my Raven Guard brothers.
>The third group are stoic, heavily armoured defenders, who aim true and give no quarter.
>find myself with a group of these defenders, providing cover as our forces fall back to a fortification code-named "ECHO"
>one of the PDF men walks up to me and removes his helmet
>he is a large and gruff-looking fellow for a Human, but has a surprisingly gentle voice
>his armour has enough wolf heads on it to make a Space Wolves brother blush
>tells me I would make the Iron Lords proud
>puts his helmet back on, grabs what seems to be some manner of Thunder Hammer, taller than he is.
>the hammer bursts into flame
>the man charges into a nearby group of enemies
>the Salamanders will never believe this.
>Get blasted by foul warp energies.
>Dump a mag into the bastard as I fly back.
>Nothing comes out for a second.
>Then, my gun catches on fire.
>Three bolts of what appears to be light fires from the bolt pistol, hitting the sorceror in the chest.
>Manage to land on my feet, open the gut of the nearest xenos, and fire a now normal bolt into another’s head.
>The Emperor has blessed this day indeed!

>the fucking nondur launched my friend away
>i hope the astrte is doing well too
>anyway,time to kill this fucker
>use my void sword to break his shields,but te asshole use a dark orb to take away a good chunk of my ligth
>it doesnt matter,even if he kills me he still gotta evade the artillery
>charge again with my shoulder ignoring his orbs and sending him against the wall


>VTOL guardian ships arrive to bring sir support and fast evacuation
>the fallen beging to retire in the face of the odds
>good,one enemy less
>crash landed
>Command that all cannons that can fire
Is your battlecrusier operational?

take in count that we are talking 40k tier of weaponry,maybe the space combat weapons and the flying system may be fucked

but all other secondary weaponry,hangars or aircraft and vehicles still relative operational


>the uniformed one manage to shoot a ultra directly on the chest of nondur
>take that fucker.traveler
>go with the uniformed to help in combat
>nondur is getting back
>''want to send the ugly worm to oblivion?''
>Scream as bolts of boiling Light tear into my form, and teleport away
>Ogres storm over, launching blasts of raw Void from the center of their heads, as the Knights and my Marines lay down more fire with their advance
>Warp back into meat-reality, and pour out poisonous gases as I dart away from the center of the fighting, precious essence leaking from my wounds
>This should not be happening! Why is this happening!?
File: file.png (783 KB, 560x728)
783 KB
783 KB PNG

>dammit....at least we defeated the fallen
>time take care of the hive artillery
>i signal both the astartes and the uniformed warrior to flank the giant mutants
>the artillery is destroying any enemy that spawns,we have reinforcements and the evacuation to ECHO was successful
>let's cut the head of the snake
>Big fuckers try shooting me, headshot them all.
>One becomes practiced shooting fleeing guardsmen.
>See sorceror try to run, bolt after him.
>Jump once, twice, three times in the air after him and throw a krak at the fucker.
>It explodes into a ball of flame.

>i let the uniformed one fight nordus
>i will take care of the ogres
>jump above them,unleash my ultra
>i impact the head of the first ogre unleashing arcs of energy blowing his head and sending a shock wave that tears apart several vex and hive warriors
>the other 3 ogres focus on me,shooting the damned void bolts toward me
>i dash on middle of them making them have friendly fire
>not enough to kill them,but they are wounded as the void bolts take pieces of their flesh away
>Midair, see man behind me.
>Is that a fucking man of iron?
>Challenge him to a duel after I ice the sorceror, but right now we have a common enemy.
Why would 40k humans have light?
Even in Destiny, normal people don't just get filled with Light.
Faith in the Emperor

both emperor and traveler light have enough similarities to be considered just different versions of the same fundamental cosmic energy
>i continue my onslaught against the ogres
>this time i wield my void sword and use to stab one of the ogres and ride it
>use this living tank to destroy his brothers
>i fucking love this job
>Be me, Inquisitor
>the Kid does not want to cooperate
>start smoking a cigar
Listen Kiddo
We came to check for survivors
We got inside thanks to the masive fuck off hole in the side of the ship
I don't know what a Tenno is so I don't have a point of reference
Outside I have a couple very angry Adeptus Astartes and Adepta Sororitas armed to the teeth if you don't like the imperial guard
Also you don't scare me.
I have traveled across the galaxy and fough the malevolent forces of the warp.
I traveled through the warp on a daily basis hoping that my ship doesn't get attacked by daemons.
I saw things that would turn you insane if you saw them.
Some good advice, Don't piss of the Inquisitor
>hear my sevo-skull warning about a series of ships entering the atmosphere
>for fuck sake not this shit again
>time to get back to base before they hit the surface
You can stay or come with us Kiddo.
Your choice
>To focus all the cannons that can fire
It's probably somewhat operational.
>Currently damaged, leaking essence, and have fled to have your forces deal with the enemy
>In short, a disappointment in the face of the Sword Logic
>"If only I had more power. Power enough to cursh them all!"
>A dry, heavy voice chuckles inside my head
>"If it is power you desire, then power you shall have, oh bearer mine."
>be me, Capitan David Krakowski
>On the battlecruisers deck waiting for more information
>The marines have gotten close enough to scout out the fight.
>It looks like a bunch of humans in multiple groups fighting unknown alien raiders
>Some are in power armour using some sorts of chainsaw swords
>Some who are teleporting around spastically fast
>And there's also soldiers in no power armour but they do have laser pointers strong enough to cut off limbs from what the marines saw
>The aliens on the other hand are either 4 armed humanoid raiders or some edgy gloomy shadow people
>Choose to be a sensible person and call off the barage.
>Tell the marines that their new objective is to help the other humans fuck up those aliens
>Remember the banshees in the hangars
>Ask for their status
>50% were destroyed in the crash
>That was counting all our ships together
>My banshees were 100% destroyed
>all the other ships are either too far away or don't have any banshees
>What about Vikings.
>6 survived without a scratch
>That will do
>Send them in to support the marines
>At least they will have some sort of air support

I'll be going to sleep now anons.
Feel free to post as Krakowski or anything related.
>Tell me/us. What is it that you see when you view war?
>For me/us, we see stars burn and creations freeze in the greatest of all wars. The war of what Is against what Is Not
>Know that what Is always loses, for that is the truth of things. That the weak and truthful will forever fall agianst those mightier and more abstract than they
>As I/we extend a limb, and crush another Astartes within their armor and fill a Baneblade with teeth, this is what we/I must ponder
>As this is how a life is taken and a war won, oh readers mine
>Finally manage to tail sorceror.
>Oh fuck, the war is overtaking him.
>Doesn’t look like a good pain.
>Bring pistol to bear, order sorceror to cease bullshit.
>be me, Warlock
>arrive in time to see a couple of dead Ogre, a VTOL exiting the AO, what looks like TWO(2) crash landed and unknown ships, a small army of Hive duking it out with another Guardian and one more maybe?
>Fallen fucken shits running like the fucks they are
>now that im off the sparrow, i can tell the ground was a rumbling with artillery that is only now stopping
>some fucking whispering is coming from the space in between spaces again
>im sure that i left the Skull in a vault
>ponder on the best way to approach this seeming clusterfuck of a situation
>or, or we just start tossing nova bombs
>look around the area, see its relatively flat. would be a good place to put a rift generator really...
>no, it would take too much time. but i really want to see how reality rips and tears apart with new things
>wait a second, did that tank just grow teeth?
>start setting up a livestream on VanNet.
>if nothing, it will look good on my resume when I show that i actually do scout the Cosmodrome, not just run around harvesting materials for the foundries.
>hunker down, link up the stream feed to my sniper
>hook into local Guardian frequencies, offer overwatch and spotting for local forces
>really don't want to get anywhere near that gnashing tank
>maybe i'll be able to fashion those teeth into a new chest piece? been a while since i've dreamed of Teeth.
(Destiny meets warhammer 40k thread? I dig)
>Ah, the Commissar. How can we explain it or him, oh readers mine? His deepest wish is to be reunited with his Emperor, and wishes are what We/I feast on. It is the nature of our/mine own
>So that wish is what I/we grant, our form shifting to accommodate his wish. A vision of golden chitin in the shape of armor, and the illusion of a great man
>His stunned expression is most amusing, but him knowing would be even sweeter
>We/I approach, a hand extending for him to come and follow. Yes, this is how it must be done, oh readers mine
>This is how we fill the world with teeth
>This isn’t right.
>One, that looks too much like chitin.
>Two, the Emperor in my head is still yelling for me to kick the false emperor’s ass.
>So, I slash out the false god’s knees and BLAM him like so many cowards before him.
>Flip the bird to provide emphasis.
>I never wanted to be reunited, I just want to serve His will in the materium.
>And my work is far from done.
File: 1383259313793.jpg (487 KB, 694x960)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
>this is a board for srs business
>youre not allowed to have fun here
>The Light cuts and burns at us, the purifying Is providing a counter to us
>Such energy should hardly be possible for the Commissar to tap into, but he has, hasn't he? The Traveler and the Emperor. Little more than elaborate pawns
>We/I pull ourselves off the ground, wounded flesh trying of knit itself from wounds done to it, and beside us, more of our/my Liberated Marines flow out, their forms being reconstructed with each wonderful destruction
>A raise of a limb, and a blade fashioned from bone and stardust meets my/our grip. We hunger, oh readers mine
File: _190211_215413_654.jpg (26 KB, 640x360)
26 KB
>be human warlock
>having a nice day reading the grimoire and shit outside
>hear/feel loud {insert ship coming out of warp noise}
>watch big ass ship fall.
>fuck it time to explore for THE TRAVLER
>hop onto my sparrow and start driving over
>shit that's a lot of fallen
>shit theres some hive
>Gun lights on fire, pop off three shots of light, shove a krak in the maw of the thing, hold chainsword defensively.
>be me, Black Shield Venerable Contemptor Dreadnaught Rylanor
>what chapter? Don't worry about it
>got "requisitioned" by some fucking inquisitor
>by that, I mean she literally yoinked me out of the Deathwatch Dreadnaught hall
>I don't mind overmuch, really
>killing Xenos is fun but verity is the spice of life and she said they were going after heretics
>Oh right, I was kind of buried in a heap of junk
>finally managed to dig my ass out of the heap
>the hangar is abandoned completely
>feel a muted sense of glee as I make my way out (read: Melta a hole through) of the hangar
>both power fists twitching in anticipation of the coming fight
>Bust outside and find four armed...
>well, at least I haven't fought these before
>Just as I start to move towards them, they run
>damn cowards

>an hour or so later and i come to the realization that I'm lost
>the woods are thick but it's whatever
>trees won't stop a veteran of ist... as many battles as I have been in
>see a clearing up ahead
>push my way through the trees and find a small outpost of sorts
>some looked armed with autoguns of varying quality
>uh oh
>citizens stop everything and stare at my massive form
>oh shit
>never actually had to deal with civics like this before
>oh fuck that was loud
>the people immediately scatter
>well fuck me, right?

>as i ride the ogre as living artillery i talk with the new guy
>''hey i need someone cover my back from other snipers,and infantry,i promise you half of my loot if you help''
>see a baneblade with literal maws
>aim my ogre to shoot it down
>the ogre charges towar the tank lauching void bolts that take away flesh,dark essence and metal equally
>the corrupted baneblade answer with is bolters and main turret
>the ogre use his limbs to pick up the baneblade and turn it to its side so it cant longer move
>the baneblade answer by savagely bitting down the arms of the ogre
>as the 2 evil abominations destroy each other i active my ultra again
>on this case i rain down the power of the sun with my sunbreaker
>both baneblade and ogre explode in a rain of confetti made of nightmare made flesh and metal


>some sort of new eldricth abomination is corrupting the astartes
>were are the cleansing relics of ligth when you need them?
>anyway at least i destroyed its tank
>time to focus on the vex hydra
>be warlock
>now shooting hive bastered and lady wizards.
>I hate wizards
>the one time they kidnapped me they mocked me for an hour
>some weird golden bug thing just got blasted
>not even by a guardian or those big ass guardians with the mini rocket launcher
>desu I enjoy this a lot
>but why do i hear whispering about "just as planned" ????????????
File: file.png (3.24 MB, 1920x1080)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB PNG

>i was alone
>a spark of light on the darkness of the void
>i brought hope to the life on the universe
>mother of the golden age of both elinsky and humans
>only to be crippled and silenced
>my sons mere shadows of their past glory
>old and new enemies seek to destroy those who i love
>alone and forgotten
>but today that changed
>i feel another soul resonate between the sea of existence
>a soul of a man that sacrificed himself for mankind on the same way i did
>a emperor,a father,a warrior,a scientist,a leader
>a human
>we sense the ''thing'' that desires to devour our sons,the maws of darkness and chaos
>''one last effort,then we can rest''
(That's really fucking cool anon.
I wish I could right as well.)
File: Ahamkara.jpg (196 KB, 800x800)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
>Two of my/our Liberated explode into raw Is Not. Good, very good. The remainder fire upon the Commissar as he returns more shots of his own
>He forces an explosive into the maw of my/our form, which quickly detonates, removing the head entirely. This is also good
>For the Is Not flows down, form shattered Liberated and headless form, into the earth, where *I* am
>We believe it is time to dance, oh bearers mine
>still be me, Venerable Contemptor Dreadnaught Rylanor
>walking through the now deserted outpost
>who knows where the humans decided to hold up in
>but that's not really my problem
>right now I need to find a way to amplify my vox caster to other imperials
>maybe then I'll get some company that dosen't immediately shit themselves
>eventually find something like a broadcaster
>after a few minutes of hacking into the system, I get a dedicated channel
>I cease the broadcast and wait a few moments
>soon clicking and what sounds like a grox gargling nails
>kinda sounds like those four armed xenos from earlier
>oh shit
>why do I keep fucking up?
>what am I, a Lamenter?
>as I ponder my poor luck, several weird ships speed into the clearing
>they look like the ones the xenos from earlier got away in
>as soon as the bastards drop from the ship and see me, they tactically shit themselves and rush to cover
>time to go to work
>but can you really call a job you enjoy work?

i'm good at creating good plots (i created several thread of 40k RP here)


>that fucking thing is planning something.....
>i will deal with it later
>i don't have ammo and the vex hydra is trying to summon some sort of singularitie
>i launch myself and land on top of it
>i punch it
>and i punch again
>a energy bolt take my head off
>come back
>land on top of it
>punch it again
>i dont know how much time has passed,but im on the wreckage on the hydra corpse,my fist full of its fluids,the air on my lungs hurts,the battle rage around me
>take the ammo drops
Oh. That's cool.)
>just watch a titan one punch a hydra
>well not one punch but close enough
>it only took twenty minutes
>pretty good for a knuckle head that forgot his grenades
>any ways I'm shooting at more hive
>d-did I meet that wizard before
>why did it wink at me?
>the human infused light and a hand cannon is fucking shit up
>why did I come here?
>Be me, Venerable Contemptor Dreadnaught Rylanor
>having a grand old time
>these damned xenos are absolutely pathetic
>their guns barely even scorch my already black armor
>they seem to die to anything above a stiff breeze
>and they are an absolute hoot to chuck around
>especially the floating purple balls
>spiking them into the ground and using them as impromptu projectiles is absolutely hilarious
>the best part?
>they keep coming
>over and over again drop ships disgorge these bug-like xenos
>and over and over I kill them
>it's especially hilarious vaporizing them with melta and watching those near by scatter like roaches
>a big one showed up at one point, it seemed to rally the others
>until I ripped it's lower arms off
>The sound it made was absolutely hilarious
>just as I start to get bored with it all, another drop ship comes by
>but this time it drops some kind of weird walker tank
>this day just keeps on getting better
>charge the thing as it starts to fire some wired electro canon at me
>it briefly scrambles my systems and dents my armor, but the worst is either absorbed or deflected
>I reach the thing and briefly consider coring the thing out with melta
>but I need to conserve ammo
>definately not because I want to punch it to death
>I'm not a XIIIth barbarian
>my first strike buckles one of its six legs
>the second disabled the main turret
>the third completely detaches the broken leg
>and the fourth caves in what I think to be a hatch
>the walker tank stumbles and the big head of the thing slides open to reveal a red hot engine
>grip both sides with my power fists
>with a mighty heave, I rip the thing from the chassis
>my laughter is absolutely cacophonic
>I haven't seen a battle this one sided since I got into CQC with those Tau a while back
>except these things weapons aren't a threat
>Drop the cooling engine onto the ground and walk back to the outpost
>I take a moment to look back upon the absolute devistation I put upon my foes
>bodies little the ground
>machines spark and crackle
>wired alien blood turns the ground to mud
>a true battlefield
>absolutely glorious
>holy shit one of the nu-guardiens completely fucked up the fallen
>like even when I'm using my super and shocking them to death {fun.png} is nothing compared to what it just did
>it was glourise
>I mist see them use a super.
>start tactically moving over to them
>Hmmm it seems they aren't using there flamethrower.
>I wanna fix that.
File: _190211_200308_908.jpg (266 KB, 1080x1058)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
(Bumpssss. Let's hope someone screen shots or keeps it going through the night.
>be guardian
>holding altitude ~50,000ft above ground, thinking of heading to the crucible
>have ghost decrypt it
>no encryption? must be serious
>doesn't sound like a standard call
>better check this out
>ease my jumpship into a roll and make for the coordinates
>reach the source of the call, transmat to ground
>see what looks like a Cabal soldier, only with more skulls
>surrounded by more dead fallen than ghost cares to count
>hasn't tried to shoot me yet though so what the hell
>wave to it and take off helmet
>i'm human but hopefully it likes those
This sucks as bad as the "Whud if primarchs was girl??" Threads
>the Earth cracks and splinters away as I emerge from its wreckage, my scales glistening
>My tendrils reach out and snuff whatever light is in close reach, skewering and sucking it draw in an instant
>My many mouths open wide, to inhale the wishes and desires of all around me. A taste you would deeply envy, oh readers mine
>I have grown might and strong form their wishes, and now the time has come to grant the desire that all things have in the end
>To cease
(Then sage and fuck off. Hide the thread too. . Advice.)
>be me
>be titan
>somehow can no longer hop across terrain at 200kmph

Must be those (((warlocks))) again
File: 1548028231766.png (515 KB, 639x477)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
Not gonna take advice from someone belonging in a cringe comp and writing their shit in brackets like they're in an RP
Uncunt your brain. . Advice
File: WotW.png (104 KB, 783x131)
104 KB
104 KB PNG

>Be me
>Nightstalker Ranger
>Coming back from Io with this taken looking sniper rifle
>Whispering about symbiosis and souls
>Recieve weird transmission
>On unsecured channel
>Odd accent
>Should check it out
>Follow coordinates
>Theres hive, fallen, vex, bunch of guardians, and these guys that look like titans if they put their armor in other armor
>Get to ground
>Pull out sniper rifle
>triple-tap wizard dude, doesn't die
>fuck these guys are tough
>magazine has fully reloaded
File: 400px-Imperialnavy1.jpg (29 KB, 400x271)
29 KB
>be me, Lieutenant Sturm Durberstein of the 3rd Fighter Wing, 212th Naval Regiment
>our ship is delivering some Inquisitor across the Segmentum
>my job is to escort her Valkyrie to the landing site
>she brought a fucking Deathwatch Dreadnought with her
>we're coming up on the system where the Inquisitor will be disembarking
>prepping my Vulture, going over pre-flight checks with my gunner
>suddenly a ship-wide alarm sounds
>pretty sure that's the alarm that goes off when the ship's Gellar field isn't working
>run over to nearest window
>we're in realspace, wtf was that alarm
>note the starfield rotating by in the wrong direction
>a planet comes into view
>it's close
>start shouting for everyone to board their craft, begin emergency deployment procedures

File: DSC_0070.jpg (70 KB, 1357x991)
70 KB
>hop into the cockpit as quick as possible, strap myself in
>my gunner already started up the turbojet
>punch the throttle, we're the first out of the hangar
>seconds later, radar shows another Vulture leaving the hangar
>we're well into atmosphere, the ship is rolling, I can see what's coming next before it even happens
>watch on radar as half a dozen Valkyries make it out of the hangar, only to have the spinning ship roll over and crush them
>before I can blink, the ship hits the ground
>it actually takes nearly a minute for the entire thing to impact because of its size
>thank the Emperor my wingman and I are far enough away when the ship's reactor goes.
>hear some faint crackling over the vox
>notice an enormous orb hovering really close to the planet a couple of hundred clicks away
>turn toward it, maybe I'll get some answers there.
File: bonesplitterz.jpg (42 KB, 546x287)
42 KB
>still be me, David Krakowski
>Marines have started to rush the battlefield
>Wish we had bayonets for our guns
>Feel unsatisfied
>Check if some of the other ships have Thors on them
>2 do and they have some medivacs to help transport the things
>Send them in with some of the siege tanks that survived the crash
>There is no such thing as overkill here

>the maws are moving toward our sons
>its trechearous promises
>its cursed gifts
>we cant figth it
>our power elready used to stop the gods of evil and the eldritchs
>but we can give our sons the power to do it on their own
>a foolish hope you migth think,how could mere humans face the eldritchs?
>but at the end isnt that capacitie to overcome the odds one of the reasons why we chose to protect them at the cost of ourselves?
>i tap the soul of the emperor
>a relic of ligth and will apears on the battlefield
>go my sons,beat that living mouth and kick away its teeths

>be exo titan armentho
>as i finally retreat toward ECHO
>hear through the city comms several things
>some sort of armored giant suit is killing fallen left and rigth
>one of the astartes tell me is one of them
>try to tell the giant suit to move to the coordinates of echo base




>meanwhile the vanguard tells me several of this "imperials" are using the city as rendevouz point
>and there is those crazy green things using scrap as axes and guns that have 50/50 chance of killing them as well their enemy

>more tanks and vehicles of diferent aesthethics come to help on ECHO and the wreckage wastelands
>i notice a orb of white and gold
>this things always are some kind of relic that could save our lives later
>i take it and move on
>the obr pulsate and sends shovkwaves of ligth,destroying minor taken and hive
>it stuns major corrupted enemies
>be guardsman
>find me a shiny object
>it's labeled as a toaster, pattern GE
>insert my ration bread
>it toasted my bread into delicious golden brown goodness
>tfw a tech priest begins to go crazy
>tfw it called more tech priest, combat servitors, skittaris and knights
Bros, what did I do to piss this niggas off?
Was the object gold? If it was, you might've used the Emperor's toaster by mistake.
Doesn't have a gold plating with a gold skull on it, definitely not God Emperor's toaster.
Beats me, then. Wish they'd just talk to us in basic gothic instead of screaming in binary whenever they get a little huffy.
> be me, brother Wilhelm Mordred, black templar seconded to the deathwatch.
> get told by the watch captain to go and check out some xenotech bullshit some people found.
> surewhateveryousay.jackass
> get out there, find some big ball looking thing over a city, xenos everywhere on the planet, humans too.
> whatthefuck.vox
> land on the planet's surface with my team.
> decide to look around.
> hopefully we don't run into a goddamn eldritch warp god this time.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)
76 KB
>be me, based Vulture pilot
>cruising along with my wingman, when the vox starts to crackle to life with all manner of chatter
>some of it is in a dialect I've never heard before, must be some locals using Imperial channels
>fly over a hill into a wide open valley
>pandemonium everywhere
>there's a wrecked, but still partially intact, capital ship
>lots of Guard infantry
>is that an Astartes?
>thousands of Xenos? warp demons? not like anything I've ever seen
>and a bunch of weird-looking dudes, but they seem to be helping our side
>before I can decide what to do about all this
>proximity alarm goes off
>instinctively throw the stick forward, pushing the Vulture into a dive
>wingman wasn't so fast, crashes into the... ship?
>it's bigger than a Marauder
>but it is coming out of a hole in the air?
>circle around to get a better look
>the "ship" finishes its emergence from wherever it came from
>drops off some infantry
>disappears into another hole in the air
>the dropped infantry start running toward the retreating Guardsmen
>one of them is much larger than the rest and carrying a fuckheug sword
>the Guardsmen don't see them coming
>tell my gunner to warm up the punishers and prepare to engage the enemy.
File: 1458689411338.jpg (124 KB, 349x547)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
> Be me wilhelm mordred.
> welp..... I might have lied a little bit.
> our dropship is wrecked.
> fuckthisday.litany.
> take note of the guardsman about to get swarmed by xenos.
> timetokickassforthelord.purge.
> raise storm bolter and open fire at the creature, rev chainsword.
File: 1548452827307.png (116 KB, 251x377)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
>be me
>Shin Malphur
>hunter of fallen guardians
>heir to Jaren Ward
>slayer of Dredgen Yor
>wielder of Last Word
>returning to earth's orbit after years of hunting rogue lightbearers
>break through cloud ceiling above cosmodrome
File: tenor (2).gif (1.87 MB, 480x270)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
>be me, David Krakowski
>Some ship just warped close,droped off enemy troops and left
>Didn't even get to use the yamato cannon
>Meh the cannon wasn't even point in its direction
>Feel something is off
>Look outside trough the decks windows
>thousands of what seem to be tears in reality appeared
>Out of said thousands of tears ships start to enter the atmosphere
>They also begin crashing down
>Recognize some terran ships
>Also more ships with the same gothic look as the other crashed ship
>Notice other tears near land
>Terran,gothic,smooth,fancy,ect. You name it constructs start to either appear on the ground, fall out of the air, appear and collapse,ect.
>Massive gothic golden castle appears
>Be me.
>Be blessed Commissar.
>The warp-fiend’s mouth opens below me, seeking to swallow me whole.
>I ready my grenades to blow, for I know I will not make it out alive.
>Then, a flash of light.
>A pistol made of sheer light appears before me, beckoning.
>I take it, praise the emperor, and fire into the beast, slashing at what I can with my chainsword.
>Let’s dance, fuckass.
File: 2zgujyijsdd21.png (578 KB, 1000x750)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
>be me
>Shin Malphur
>hunter of fallen guardians
>heir to Jaren Ward
>slayer of Dredgen Yor
>wielder of Last Word
>owner of long self fellating titles
>touchdown near where the fighting is heaviest
>land among the wreck of a massive cathedral like ship
>some sort of hive super ship maybe
>hear the crash of a gunslinger calling on the light
>see what looks like a warlock going toe to toe with a hive abomination
>mirin that golden gun
>"you won't fight this filth alone guardian!"
>close the gap between us and draw
>fire at what I assume are the beasts eyes
>Be me, Inquisitor
>recieved some vox signal comming from an Deathwatch dreadnought
>strange because I didn't requisition any
>probably from another Imperial ship
>better check it out
>nah I'll just send there some Valkyries because someone has to make sure that our troops don't get saughtered back at base
>the kid starts staring at my ornate weapons and servo-skull for some reason
>ignore him
>have worse shit to deal with right now
>like the fact that the admechs are one step away from fucking those sexdolls
>like, they are already applying the oils
>also I have recieved the news about orks raiding the city
>and the fact that reality keeps raping itself
>need to go back to base before something even worse happens
> still me wilhelm mordred.
> watch xenos screech as it feels the teeth of my chainsword.
> that's gonna suck to clean.
> lettheserfsdealwithit.dismisal
> these xenos are boring.
> there's no challenge killing them.
> look up firing my storm bolter thrice.
> three xenos dead.
> bytheempror.litany.
> what the fuck is wrong with the sky?!
File: fgr0N07.jpg (292 KB, 1366x768)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
>Be Guardsman
>these PDF forces are stealing our credit
>why does everyone keep doing this
>fuck it
>fix bayonet
>charge enemy
>throw lasgun at enemy out of sheer frustration (pic related)
File: Ork_Boy.jpg (18 KB, 315x325)
18 KB
>Be Ork
>these oomies know how to foight
>ye they stand back when they die and this is funny
>colected lots of shiny bits
>I think they are called Shiny Engrums or sumthin
>there is loot inside from what I heard
>have to find a way to get inside one of them
>the choppa did not work
>for now it is chewy toy for my pet squig
File: DxElfhrVsAAgqa9.jpg (122 KB, 1200x1200)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>They cut and carve, oh readers mine. Their blades dancing at my flesh, bearing the taint of the Sky
>It is a wonderful taste upon my tongues. It has been so long since I tasted wishes so strong
>Unnatural flames dance in my throat and move to impale the Commissar, idly trailed by whispers of wondrous song and hunger
>Yes, I missed this. This feeling of the beyond, oh readers mine. This divinity
>I shall turn upon even myself in the end. To fully taste that feeling
>Keep blasting, flames licking me as I descend.
>As I come as close as possible to the beast, I fire.
>Nothing comes out.
>Then, a fucking EXPLOSION of Emprah-blessed light comes out from my gun.
>Another and another, taking chunks from the beast.
>Stab it in the eye and shoot the hole with one last burst of light.

>as the combat continue,more of this rifts launch more and more ships onto the battlefield
>scream the uniformed one to follow me as more ships fall and crash
>i summon my sparrow and wait for my new friend to get up
>i give a look at the abomination of jaws and launch the energy orb i picked up a while the energy shockwave blinds me
>the hive rifts are closed ,and several ships are bisected mid air
>sadly it didn't kill either that abomination,neither the hive already on the ground
>i hope ECHO base is doing fine


>that was equally stupid and badass
what do you think


>still fucking horrible


>still bad ass

i was thinking on ending the first battle here and have a intermission so we can see how the characters talk to each other,then beging the another battle
File: michael.jpg (44 KB, 600x600)
44 KB
>watch in disbelief as the hunter cosplaying a warlock continues to take on an ahamkara single handedly
>mfw my bullets do nothing
>move in to aid the stranger when suddenly chittering all around me
>mfw suddenly a swarm of thrall
>mfw stuck dealing with trash control

>laughs on MC.guardian
I think one of the Dredgen Yor grimoire cards tells that even normal people have a small amount of light- basically their souls.
> the cowards flee. filthy xenos scum.
> we shall meet again.
> however, our position needs fortification and we need to reestablish contact.
> wait where the fuck are we anyway.
> add that to the mental list of "things that need solving"
> fuckthisday.vox
Sounds good but you didn't need to post thrice

i fucked up that spoiler tag 2 times

i deleted,corrected and posted again
>Be me
>Necron Cyptek
>Overlord wants to 'Branch out to other realities'
>Clearly insane
>Whatever, I just build shit
>Eventually breach to other universe
>Decide to have a look-see inside
>Humans and mechanical monstrocities tainted by the realm of chaos fighting each other, as well as those greenskinned barbarians
>There's a human bathed in golden light
>More and more people seem to join the fight every second
>Close portal before anything can happen
>Overlord standing behind me
>Wants to prepare invasion force


oh boy,when they meet the vex is gonna be akward
File: 1549286076919.jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
>finish dispatching thrall
>almost mad about having to fight such lame monsters
>like an army of dolls made of paper mache
>turn around to see how the guardian is dealing with the ahamkara
>notice metal giant instead
>"oh great now the cabal are here"
>look closer "what the fuck is that?"
>"Yes, yes. Feed my hungers, oh bearer mine. And then let us devour each other to attain completion. To fill the world with teeth."
>For the slightest moment he seems taken aback, and then I lunge, wounds dripping and maws winding wide in wonderful ecstasy
>Once I was Haom, Twister of Reasonings, oh readers mine
>Now I am Haom, The Hungers of the Devoured
>I jump in.
>And I fuck shit up.
>Carve my way into and out of the beast repeatedly.
>Fill it’s gut with bullet holes.
>Scream banishing hymns as I leap through like a needle through leather.
>Toss my entire clutch of firery kraks and fire three more burning blame as I carve onto the beast’s back.
>Proceed to keep shooting and stabbing while on the back, moving up to the head again.

>be me exo titan armentho
>the only people left is me,that huge machine,a hunter,the astartes,and the uniformed one
>the new hunter looks worried when it looks at the a mechanical guy
>''is a allie!!,that machine is a mix of life support system and combat armor" is scream at the top of my lungs as i dodge a bolt
>the weird creature of maws tell us its name
>its voice hurts
>HAOM.......this creature must die,but i can sense it power dwindling by the second
>the last ahamkhara are bound to the dreaming city and they need a lot of energy to mnifest on other places
>if we keep damagin it we might banish him temporarily back
>how i explain this to the other guys.......bingo

>and it swallowed the uniformed one
>be me
>be contemplating shooting the menacing looking not cabal
>suddenly hear someone shout out that it's an ally
>look to see a titan fighting more hive not far off
>glad to see some friendly faces
>head suddenly feels strange
>a cry that shatters eardrums echoes through the battlefield
>see hunter lock get swallowed by the ahamkara
>ahamkara does it's whole talking without talking deal
>goes on a tirade about how awesome it is and how hard to understand it's motives are
>something is strange
>ahamkara writhes in pain, coughing it's cursed blood
>that crazy bastard's alive in there
>titan tells us all to ruin it's day
>draw and aim as the power of the traveler flows through me into my gun
>I am dying, oh readers mine
>That much is apparent in this moment
>And yet, even in death, we can always grant wishes
>She of a Thousand Voices once granted a wish for *Her*, a wish you should be well familiar with, oh readers mine
>Now I shall do the same, with these words that will not be my last
>I spread my wings, and from many broken throats, I howl
>"Witch-Queen, your wish is granted. The hunger you desired has been given, and it is made of knives. You who wish to to render the universe down into a perfect, unborn egg under the will of the Last Of All Shapes, take this death and Rise."
>"Let your ASCENSCION be glorious, as you displace the four false-crowns and emerge alongside Inquisitive Brother and Wrathful Sister. Let all cosmos burn as thy name is called to claim thy throne:"

>letting loose my fury in the form of a golden bullet
>aiming to pierce the monsters heart
>to free the friend trapped inside her belly
>to rid this place of her unclean existence
>to wash away her darkness
>all my wants and desires
>selfish or selfless
>caught in the brief spark of a projectile charged with the light of mankind
>one thought captured in the muzzle flash of a blindingly bright revolver
>"I really wish I had some smokes right about now"
>Be me
>Still Cryptek
>Overlord wants me to reopen the portal for his army
>He's had the bright idea to bring a c'tan shard
>Try to tell him it's a bad idea
>Doesn't listen, as usual
>Threatens to throw me to the flayed ones if I don't comply
>Fine, fine
>Reopen portal
Army strides through, many of which vehicles I've built
>All my hard work, waisted on some humans
>Overlord pulls me through before I can escape
>On some back-water planet
>See giant Orb on the horizon
>Reminds me of that World Engine thing the other Crypteks were on about

File: KshCspC.gif (3.62 MB, 728x408)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB GIF
>Be me, David Krakowski
>A portal opens really close to the battlefield
>Reports say it's robot skeletons
>What is this, a new terminator movie?
>Check out where it is
>Look away from the portal at the other battlecruisers
>There's one with a fully functional yamato cannon just perfectly crashed in some mountains
>It has its aim on the portal
>Go get some coffee while the other cruisers cannon charges up to fire a shot
>Be me, necron cryptek
>That orb looks like some sort of old-one tech
>Stick on my cloak, never leave the tomb without it
>Just gonna go in, check it out, then leave
>Suddenly, huge blast knocks me, as well as most of the army, away from the portal
>Explosion destroyed the portal
>Stuck on backwater planet
>Explosion also damaged a bunch of my vehicles
>Tesseract vault literally torn in half
>Must have been on both sides of the potal when it closed
>C'tan breaks free, starts to fly toward the origin of the shot
>Overlord yells at me to catch it
>Doesn't care, just wants it done

>I swear, if I die for this
>Fire in tandem with random fucker, Gun of the Emperor firing pure bolts of His Holy Power.
>Carve my way out, stand on top of the dead daemon.
>Produce lho sticks, nod towards random fucker, toss him some, light up, and look for that man of iron so I can honor duel him.

>as we finally put down hoam we relax
>there still some enemies here and there,but now is more clean up than combat
>hunter and uniformed one are smoking,the astartes and the mechanical astartes are hunting down the remmant of hive,corrupted astartes and vex
>everything is good
>then the uniformed one raises his gun and sword
>another imperial want to kill me....
>what did i do wrong?
File: Savathunlore.png (221 KB, 269x525)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
>You are Savathun
>You have become Chaos
>With the death of Haom, your second wish has been fulfilled. Its fulfillment acting as the catalyst for all the stored power you have gained via your Murder-Battery. The infinite violence within an infinite causal loop gained within a short but ever-continous war breaking free like a dam giving way to swell you with power
>The existential economy that once bound you has shattered away, and you slurp down the near-infinite power of a realm of raw consciousness, madness, pain, spirit, and most of all, chaotic violence. A realm of pure survival of the fittest. The Logic of Blades manifested
>And in your never-ceasing ascenscion, you are on the cusp of attaining the place of the greatest will of said realm, displacing the false idols who were already present and not-present in the throes of your rebirth. The realm burns, and cools, and dies, and is born again without end as you swell into it and ever farther beyond
>No. Not its greatest will. You have become will itself, as the realm shatters under your coming, splintering away into quiet nothingness, but becomes reforged near-instantly where flickers of yourself touch upon it. The realm fails to understand you, and in its failure to understand, you grow ever greater
>This is IMBARU, the accumulation of secrets and failing-to-understand. This is You.

>You are Savathun. And you have become without limits
> turn and look at the thing that said "what the fuck is that"
> waitaminute.think
> maybe he knows where we are.
> see commissar standing on top of a dead thing and about to honor duel....
> sprint to commissar.
> rev chainsword, raise stormbolter.
you got the last one? you mind if i kill this fucking thing?

Ladies and gentlemen we got the next big bad

But now mid term. :v
Let give the characters a break
Allow them to interact

See how each faction adapt
The cultural clash

And maybe some minor missions here and therw
>almost drop lho stick as massive metal man charges while screaming
>try to answer his question but he storms off
>suddenly chatter over multiple channels
>something on the vanguard network about monsters in the city
>more chatter from unfamiliar channels make out "by the emprah, not them!"
>My gun lights on fire yet again, and I dump three shots into the fucker, two to the knees, one to the head.
>Clothesline it with my chainsword, kick it down as well.
>Keep shooting.
>Stomp chainsword into the neck of the bot, try to decapitate it.
(This is a Cold Shoulder thread boy. THE FIGHTING DON’T STOP.)
>Be me, Inquisitor
>landed back at base
>see a commissar glowing for some reason and the dreadnought
>they seem to want to kill the AI
>Too lazy to intervene
>decide to send my special Inquisitorial servo-skull with another Imperial Aquila sticker for the AI
>was suposed to interegate the kid now but he either stayed in his wreck or took another Valkyrie
>did I just see a group of necrons trying to catch a nightbringer
>must be hallucinating
>doesn't realy matter now
>better establish communications with those humans that were helping us with their heavy gear and shit
In the name of the Imperium I greet you fellow human
Would you be interested in an Alliance?
>watch as the two guardians duke it out
>very one sided duke
>no stranger to guardian on guardian violence so hesitant to intervene
>wonder if one of them walks the path
>trigger finger itches at the thought
> wait a minute.
> dammit.
> I suppose it was his kill anyway.
> sigh in disappointment.
> andiwantedtokillsomethingtoo.mourning.
> fuckthisday.vox
> hear vox chatter about a clusterfuck and people screeching about "NOT THEM"
> wut.
> wait did somebody just call me a dreadnought?
> I did not survive the clusterfuck on tiddius majoris to die on some backwater world goddammit.
>Be me, Inquisitor
>the lack of sleep or recaf is killing me
>note to self; bring up recaf during the negotiations
>the servo-skulls pathfinding fucked up again
>need to do something about it
>guess I have to Intervene in the fight afterall
>go and start screaming at them for not noticing the aquila on the AI
>well it got a bit worn off during the fighting so I brought one made from metal
>I don't want to fight the locals, yet...
>they are currently bussy fighting orks in the city and I don't want to see the greenskins rampaging here aswell
>notice this dreadnought is suprisingly short for some reason
>after some time relise that it is just a regular astartes
>realy need some recaf
>starting to see shit that does not exist
>back to the negotiating table we go
>another hunter lock showed up to stop the one sided beatdown
>should probably figure out what's been going on
>approach the new guy as he seems to be in charge
>inquire what the fuck happened to earth in the years I was gone
>remind self to ask the vanguard if they have an update on the drifters whereabouts
>also remind self to ask the guy who just single handedly killed a God how he did that
>also also remind self to ask where the hell he got these smokes because they're damn good
>Finish decapitating, get up, kick skull away.
>Sigh at a job well done.
>Clap random fucker on the back, follow inquisitor.
>Exclaim that the emperor has gifted me with the ability to slay the forces of Chaos.
>Show gun as I say this.
(Fuck me, I didn’t use the right name.)
>hunter lock talking some nonsense about an emperor and forces of chaos
>do they have a different name for the traveler and the darkness where he comes from?
>Eh whatever I'm sure it's something simple like that
>ask the two hunter locks and the not cabal what the situation is
>how many forces do we have
>how many does the enemy have
>is the city still standing
>inwardly wonder when the titan is going to get off his lazy ass and rez
>Realize that I’ve never asked who the fuck this guy is.
>Ask his regiment number, home planet, rank and name.
>Throw weight around by saying that I’m a Commissar, therefore he is required to answer.








>the mechanical astartes and the uniformed one beated the fuck up of me
>i lay down for while as my ghost waits a good moment to revive me
>after 5 minutes finally im able to revive
>the hunter is asking us the status
>"interdimensional portal,new evil god ascended,city still fine figthing some minor raids and helping the newcomers,presence of all faction on the cosmodrome"
>the imperials are looking me ugly again

>at least the owner of creppy the little drone brougth a new metal aquila


>"what is a "comissar"?"
>Spin around, reBLAM that man of iron fucker.
>Notice some kind of servo something tries reconstructing him.
>BLAM that as well.
>Hit BLAMmed bits with chainsword for effect.
>Hope he doesn’t reanimate like a fucking necron.
File: 1548467866778.gif (1.76 MB, 412x229)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
I'm sorry, all I got for ya is my name I dont know what the hell you mean by regiment number.
>did he say home planet does he think I was born off world or something.
I'm Shin, a lightbearer like yourself another hunter.
>still wonder about his get up though
Anyone ever tell you you dress like a warlock? No offense I mean those nerds tend to have a thing for style with the trench coats and armbands and all.
>notice his ghost isn't present
Did you just die recently, still adjusting?
>starting to worry about these guys
>are they guardians, rogue lightbearers or something else?
>Realize we encountered a new planet.
>Say that I never died, because the emperor is with me.
>Ask about psykers and chaos gods. He’s talking about warlocks or some shit now.
>Reaffix Commissar Cap, get minorly offended at the insult to my regalia.

>be armentho ghost
>crazy comissar try to destroy me
>hides and put a rock on my place
>the sucker cant diference beetwen a rock and a ghost
>im offended.traveler
>still hiding and floating on utter silence,i will comeback on the nigth for my guardian


>be us
>emperor and traveler
>one of our sons is basically trying to kill the other in the asumption he is a men of iron
>*cosmic groan*
>this fucking imperial creed
>is wasting our blessing on who shoul be his allie
>but is funny to see him put down the guardian...
>lets the comissar have fun for a while
>Be me.
>Be trying to keep everything immaterium wise from collapsing.
>Psychic shriek loud as all get out happens.
>Notice a Commissar killed a chaos god and is currently trying to kill a man of iron.
>We still have those? Thought the cog cunts fixed that problem.
>Nod in approval, go back to keeping imperial warp vehicles afloat.

[Spoiler] from lore a ahamkara is more akin to a greater daemon,and exos arent men of iron,they are digitalized conciousness

That mean is the mind of a human transfered to a mechanical body
Not a entirely new AI,basicly a exo is what a mechanicus aspires to become

But the imperials dont know it and think the exos are AI

(Clarify this and i’ll stop trying to shoot you. And it was bridging the gap between minor chaos god and greater demon. It can be mistaken. Shit gets garbled when things go inter dimensional.)
>You are Savathun
>You are Chaos. You are Will. You are Insight
>Around you float a trillion masks, each reflecting yourself, but failing to grasp what you are, feeding into your essence. For nothing can understand you, not even yourself in self-relfection. To understand you has become an impossibility, even with a trillion-trillion selves to ponder over your nature eternally
>Within the churning depths of the Immaterium, your ascenscion has sundered whatever meaningless power-hold the lesser things and idols had held . Even now, you can feel it in the twisted vibration of thousands of nerves of a countless multitude of creatures spinning throughout eternity, their spines twitching in an unknowing horror as the barest tongue of yours brushes over their minds
>The Four intend to plot against you. But they do not know what you are, they fail to understand. And in that failure itself, they give you tribute
>They cannot hope to win, but their lack-of-understanding shall provide a welcome tithe to IMBARU. To you

Just dont shoot the ghost (i like narrative coherence so if the ghost die,the exo dies and point)
But i like the idea of imperials shooting the exo as a comic gag
>mfw first err seventh contact is with more humans
>at least it's not some new race of psychos who just want to burn everything
>a bit taken aback by his murdering the guardian
>then notice he had a malfeasance pattern hand cannon and feel significantly less bad
>explain to him that the monster he just killed is called an ahamkara
>tell him it's death while absolutely necessary is going to lead to some bad shit happening
I dont know what you mean by chaos or psykers pal. I can tell you more about the things we've been fighting but first we should reconvene with whatever forces you have and move to help with defense of the city. From what it sounds like on the comms the monsters attacking ut are probably more in your ballpark than mine, or the city's for that matter.
>be armentho
>fucking revives again
>i dont like people trying to kill my ghost
>summon my void shield
>prepare my graviton lance
>draw the last word
>aim at the disruptive guardian
Alright I've been away for along time kindly fill us in on what's happening before I show the nice man how to put down a guardian permanently.

>i prepare my grativon lance
>"i dint do anything to anybody and this time im not gonna let myself get murdered just because you guys are feeling hormonal"
>tell my ghost to fly away as he stay invisible,i can wait some years to revive,he cant
>fan the hammer
>put multiple rounds into the guardian
>take a few pot shots at the ghost as it flies off
I'll be honest, I expected him to cooperate
>addresses the commissars
>bitch about having to explain to someone named zavala why he killed an uncorrupted guardian
>point in the direction of the city
>ask if they have transportation that can get them all to the city quickly

>at leas the void shield tanked the shoots
>"could you tell me why are you trying to kill me?"
>ghost at least survived
>"and nope,we dont have transports,but some of the crashed ships should have sone aircraft we could use"
>still hiding inside my safe place of purple bubble
>"btw,nice shoots"
>be me
>Lord Shaxx
>looks like the crucible overflowed again...gonna have to reprogram the red jack's aga-
>that's a battle...
>a Warlord on Guardian battle...
File: download (13).jpg (8 KB, 280x180)
8 KB
>be me
>bear witness as the guardian I swore I just put down is hiding behind a void shield
>is this what has become of humanities bulwark in my absence?
>I've heard that vex have the power to warp space and time to aid their goals
>have guardians again resorted to calling on dangerous powers of humanities foes?
>what manner of trick is this?
>what manner of heresy?

>''things are fucked up a bit,this morning several space time rifts opened,conecting several alternative timelines/universes,from there several ships crashed,most of the ships belongs to this ''imperials''
>the vex aare a para causal hive mind with porpuse of perfection thorugh assimilation and adaptation untill reality itself and vex are one''
>''ironically we exos are the golden age soldier tasked with entering on the extra dimensional realms of the vex and fitgh them ,our minds are strong enough to resist their mind fuckery''
>''we have been figthing vex,hive,and new enemies all this morning on the wreckage,then you came,and now everybody is trying to kill me''
>''i suggest we seek a aircraft and go to ECHO,a fortified redevouz point were we evacuated most of the imperials''
>be me
>novawarp voidlock
>blinking around with my shotty and wordline
>comps a shitshow today
>these fucking noobs not only don't have ghosts they don't even teleport
>seriously, these noobs in color coordinated armor, fucking clanstacks, started grouping up into a single room the second they saw me novawarping towards them
>getting my floss dance and salt emotes ready and everything
File: 1549306396447.jpg (67 KB, 1103x890)
67 KB
>be me
>Shin Malphur
>hunter of bla bla bla yadayada you know the rest
>mfw heretic exo transforms into exposition bot
>fire on the nerd in his nerd dome until he comes out and takes us to the city or stops wasting time
File: 1549427329526.png (578 KB, 600x600)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
Nice get

>nobody likes history
>sad exo.traveler
>''fine asshole,my ghost tell there is a imperial VTOL on the hangar of a ship at 2 clicks at north,FOLLOW ME''
>deactivate void shield
>get on sparrow,and move toward the coordinates
File: 1547845073560.jpg (57 KB, 640x480)
57 KB
>be me
>Shin Malphur
>killer of threads
>wait for the exo to leave on his sparrow
>wait till he's out of sight
>sneak off in the other direction with new friends in search of more reliable help
Will both of you fuckers just give it up. You all made it not fun anymore.
File: file.png (512 KB, 600x600)
512 KB
512 KB PNG

make me
Honestly glad someone finally said it
Hope slaneshies don't appear because they always cause havoc
Can confirm.

My Vex Goblin Nonsense was probably more fun than this.
File: oikydmanlno11.jpg (342 KB, 900x900)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
>Be Me, admiral Dangferr
>mfw removing rebel scum
>went hyperspace and got hit by one of those Purrgil things
>went off course and into the gravity well of some planet
>most systems destroyed and now forced to crash land near some death star looking thing
>the short range communication aray picks up something
>the fuck
>never heard a stormtrooper so enthusiastic about the Empire
>use my binoculars to see whats up
>those are not our ships
>like their aesthetic tho
>and they are human to boot
>better join the battle to aid them
>launch the TIEs and send the AT-ATs
>Be me, David Krakowski
>Some pizza slice shaped ship just crashed nearby
>Scout squads say they seem to be humans and are sending robo camels onto the battlefield
>They are also sending out swarms of weird fighters into the battle
>Finally more possible allies
>Look at where the terminator skeleton portal was
>There is some weird shadow thing with a scaithe flying towards the other ship
>It's also being followed by the terminator skeletons
>Signal a warning to the other capitan
>Hope they can fight the grim reaper looking thing and win
>Be me.
>Head back to front lines to provide morale support the only way I know.
>Shooting fuckers.
>Things go back to relative normal, no reality raping daemons.
>Fuck this day, fuck this planet, and fuck this battlefield.
>If there weren’t humans I would recommend exterminautus.
>Be stormtrooper
>unit got diverted to the city
>some green fucks rampaging through the streets and we are tasked with making sure they don't get near our star destroyer
>mfw the green fucks don't know how to use ranged weapons

Neither do stormtroopers.
>Be me
>Still necron cryptek
>Apparently the C'tan was a nightbringer shard
>Flying toward the other ship, its cannons not piercing its necrodermis
>Even with all the shit going on right now, Overlord still wants me to get it
>Take a few tomb blades with me, as well as a couple destroyers for support
>Suddenly, a triangle shaped ship appears in the sky
>Starts dropping robots and shit out of it
>Human looking fucks in white armour
>In the general direction of the C'tan

File: 1550042415310.gif (2.29 MB, 250x188)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB GIF
>be me
>be completely fucking lost
>decide to stick with free smokes friend
>fighting a myriad of enemies familiar and unfamiliar
>hive and fallen are scarcer now than when the fighting began
>green monsters from the city are out here now
>spot a bunch of weird looking vex chasing some kind of space ghost
>more humans join the battle
>they're all wearing white armor
>mfw we're actually winning this cluster fuck of a battle
>be ghost
>exploring earth
>fucking pollution, seas dried up, everything’s shit
>shiny castle-thing
>going inside
>dodge golden guys trying to keep me out
>found this corpse
Fucking finally
>Fucker from before is following me.
>Random regiment joins the fight.
>Notice necrons chasing a C’Tan.
>Pursue, firing at the ‘crons.
>Shoot green fucks coming out of the city as well.
>Be me, necron cryptek
>That golden capped human from before is chasing us
>Tell the others to ignore him, focus on the C'tan
>It's already at the pizza slice of a ship
>Literally melting through its outer hull with a glance
>Gets blown backwards by some lasers from the ship
>Some weird box-shaped fighters come out of it
>Cool noise though
>Start an aerial dogfight against the shard

>I bet the overlord blames me for this too
File: Fj1cZB5.png (73 KB, 416x279)
73 KB
>in hot pursuit of the strange black vex with the man in the stylish hat
>over hear one of the friendly humans in green armor call them orks
>from the city more of the jolley green giants
>another human calls them necrons
>tfw now chasing orks while being chased by necrons
Roleplaying is against the rules
There is an entire board for that
Is it about the sci fi multiverse collapsing on itself?
>Be Tzeentch
>Be chilling in the Immaterium fucking with/will fuck with/would fuck with your brothers/sisters/kin
>Suddenly the Warp explodes, ceasing to be entirely for a fraction of an instant. And then it comes back. And goes away again. And comes back
>This repeats for many minutes to an eternity
>Feel a pressure within my/our/their skulls
>"IMBARU has become all. Savathun is all."
>Notice that entire court has started to explode into nothingness, or otherwise fall into some kind of spasm
>For the first time in all of eternity, I/we/Us can say that This Is Not As Planned
>Be me, Inquisitor
>fuck it
>I'm going to sleep
>having worst hallucinations ever recorded
>need to find my room
>open door
>see admech with one of those sexdolls from before
>probably just a pile of toasters
>close door and go in the direction of my room
>after an hour of searching find my room
>now be sleeping on the floor
>don't give a fuck I'm sleeping
File: Bx2AWr1CUAAXIj-.jpg (47 KB, 600x566)
47 KB
>be me
>master rahoul
>mfw typical day of screwing over guardians and trading high quality equipment for sexual favors
>it's crimson day(not Valentine's day)so gay ass decorations everywhere
>suddenly everything goes to shit
>suddenly green fucks all over the city
>seems to be safe up here in the tower though
>hope they don't find any of the stashes of exotic engrams I have hidden throughout the city
File: muney_boy.jpg (135 KB, 1200x1111)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>Be Ork
>found may of those shiny engrums
>even some very shiny engrums
>need to find a way to open em
>my pet squig starts looking like one of those pansy eldar
>go to some place in which gits meet
>find some git standing there
>he knows how to open it
>doesn't want to
>mfw using bigger choppa diplomacy to get them open
>the git opens them
>get a zog ton of loot
>and some gjallarhorns
>oomies say they are great for dakka
>don't know what they meant but I will soon find out
A quest thread? On my /tg/?

No sir.
Krakowski anon here.
I'm going to sleep early tonight so won't be posting tonight.

ok anon,you win
this is awesome in all possible levels

btw,what did you do while i was gone guys?

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