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File: ygo cyoa.jpg (2.26 MB, 1400x10000)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB JPG
We are currently building a series' roster of characters using this yugioh cyoa. Here is the list of characters and roles. [x] marks an open spot.

Luca Stratos
>Main Girl
Isabella Bellamy
>Main Friend/Ally
John Dalliance
Edward Letrade
Ash Grayson
>Minor Villains
Chaser Chevall, Magnolia Macabre, [x]
>Secondary Friends/Allies
Kazu Dorakyura, Niel Dunn, [x]
>Contestants in the inevitable Tournament Arc
Yulian Viktorov, Eisen Cobb, Brock Brackmire, [x]

Previous thread: >>63267863

Sorry that I haven't added the new people here yet. I promise I'll get to it when work dies down. Congratulations for making it to a second thread!
Luca Stratos, the new wielder of the Lightspeed Legion deck and hero of our story
Power: 0
Luck: 5
Destiny: 3
Resilience: 3

Isabella Bellamy, a light-hearted child of privilege and play, who is nonetheless an able duelist
Power: 2
Luck: 2
Destiny: 2
Resilience: 2

John Dalliance, a rough-cut but loyal friend with a defensive style, relying nearly 100% on trap cards
Power: 1
Luck: 1
Destiny: 1
Resilience: 5

Edward Letrade, a terrifyingly strong duelist who wields the Black-Hole Dragon in deadly Shadow Games
Power: 9
Luck: 3
Destiny: 1
Resilience: 4

Ash Grayson, a star fallen from grace with a new cult following, who seeks to cleanse the world with the might of his Voidborn monsters
Power: 7
Luck: 1
Destiny: 3
Resilience: 5

Chaser Chevall, a flamboyant former champion whose deck revolves around knights and tournaments
Power: 2
Luck: 3
Destiny: 4
Resilience: 5

Magnolia Macabre, a malicious idol sensation whose Vilewood cards are designed to catch and poison the opponent
Power: 5
Luck: 1
Destiny: 0
Resilience: 5

Kazu Dorakyura, a reserved but secretive duelist whose deck is helmed by vampiric knights and their undead thralls
Power: 5
Luck: 3
Destiny: 3
Resilience: 5

Niel Dunn, a mystical duelist who wields (and is perhaps wielded by) the fearsome DES Tallika card
Power: 4
Luck: 4
Destiny: 4
Resilience: 4

Yulian Viktorov, an enigmatic wizard currently in a close relationship with a duel spirit; his style of play is erratic and based on gemini monsters
Power: 2
Luck: 3
Destiny: 3
Resilience: 3

Eisen Cobb, an elite duelist who combines aggression, intuition, and planning in his supersoldier deck
Power: 8
Luck: 3
Destiny: 0
Resilience: 4

Brock Brackmire, an awkward but focused duelist who builds power over time using the Brick-a-Brack archetype
Power: 2
Luck: 3
Destiny: 1
Resilience: 3
Congratulations indeed The odl one has been archived. I think we left off with talks about the ritual to invoke macguffin of doom?
Last time we came up with this old prophecy

"One of low born, one of high drawn
one of law, one of cheating raw
And two who keeps the others in tandem.

These six shall draw the ultimate in rash, and bring collapsing all into ash."

and the sacrafices were

So, i think John can be sacraficed [as rules lawyer]
Chaser [as a high honor tribute]
Isabella [as a casual]
a random npc who gets fucking crushed by everyone [as weakling]
we need to involve the rival somehow
You mean the guy who is orchestrating the ritual?

I mean we can make a play on the words ash,
the spirit is drawn into him for the others to beat

He draws the card/trick in haste and dies collapsing into ash......
the rival is Edward

the villain is Ash
ahh, my mistake. well we do need a cheat, we also need a person from the middle class.
Edward is pretty fucking posh
then he could be pushed to cheat if one of his luxuries is on the line? Possibly something very close to his heart/interests?
hes one of (if not the) best duelists we have so far, so that sounds unreasonable

really he should be replacing Chaser considering hes the rival as opposed to a minor villain/ally

we also need to actually fit the hero into all this

also, the current prophesy is a bit badly written (one of low born makes no sense, and the last line is just so random)

Something like:
"one low born, one withdrawn
one ascended, one dejected
one of nothing, one of all

In glory clad, their shadows tall- united once, bring doom to all"

or something
twas the first shit i thought up. so if this one is better then lets roll with it.

so low born, we can have the hero luca or john.

Ascended, that works for luca as well unless we think of the evil legion as ascended in that case it can be the ash.

Dejected works for ash as well, or the idol Magnolia.

withdrawn fits kazu perfectly though it can work for neil or yulian

not sure how to use the one of nothing or one of all yet.
nothing/all can work for Edward, black hole dragon and all that

nothing probably fits best considering he doesent have a family or anything
hmm, nice. so only 5 contestants.

Could be a viable reason for why it occurs now, Ash has only just figured out that a blackhole is nothing [can't see it] and everything [it attracts everything]

Very nice. so there are our sacrifices.

John for lowborn

Luca for ascended

Dejected for Magnolia

Withdrawn for kazu

Everything/Nothing for edward

And i pick this because its unlikely ash would want to kill himself in this ritual, at least i would think so.
Anhuri’s creator here. Don’t forget Sphinx-man is a villain
Do we have a physical description of Ash?
I don't think so, i don't remember seeing it in the old thread.
Maybe we can make one up if his author never comes back.
the same can be said for luca. arguably more important of the two.
On a totally relative topic, what is the BigBad’s guff with the world that he wants to destroy it? And what kinda ancient slumber horror is the bigbad’s beastie
inequality and stuff, think the darkness from GX

>what ancient horror does he have
the darkness from GX
Oh sweet a new thread. As I promised I drastically scaled back the brokenness of my Vampiric Knight cards. What do you guys think?
Ash's cretor here. Basically he hates the inequity he sees in society between the wealthy and the poor and how his passion of duelling has been exploited by that same society to distract from the inequity, not remedy it. After going on his journey abroad and wandering the Earth, he basically stumbled upon some cosmic/mystic shadow-force which possessed his mind, took his bitterness and amplified it into genocidal hatred.

Though he probably wouldn't tell anyone besides his most nihilistic and devoted followers, he doesn't want to reform society through force, he wants to tear everything down and collapse the world into nothing, like a black hole.

Basically, Ash isn't exactly "home". There's still a large chunk of his original consciousness being used to feed his basic instincts, thoughts and motivations, but the force that's dominating his mind is in the cockpit, convincing him that his actions are his own.
I kind of see him as a dark, brooding Zane type. Someone with good looks and a face that might have looked good smiling once upon a time but which has since been recast with a constant frown and deep, deep eyebags. I kind of see him as evoking the image of a husk -- an empty vessel being commanded by something not quite human.
Here's something that works
File: Cain.jpg (497 KB, 603x900)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
Secondary friend who meets Protagonist on the lead up to the tournament?

[Duelist Type]
[Deck Type]
I was fond of a Zombie deck I had. Red Eyes Zombie was actually in it. Relied on building a large graveyard as soon as you could. Either by their own card effect, through sacrifice, or dying to an enemy attack. Then you could call out a legion to swarm the enemy.
[Deck Theme]
Going by Yugioh attribute, gonna go with DARK
+1 Destiny, -1 Luck
[Special Abilities]
>Legendary Beast
>Heart of the Cards
>Mystic Arts
>Duelists Intuition
>Dark Side
>Debts Farm bills
>Second Fiddle The Protagonist, probably
>Aggro Magnet

[Final Stats]
I think
>Power - 6
>Luck - 1
>Destiny - 5
>Resilience - 3
I have no name. I can't remember where I came from either. All I remember is crawling my way up from the dirt to see a clear moonlight sky. All I had on my person was a heavy shawl and a thick rope around my neck with an odd container as an ornament. I opened it up and out spilled dozens of cards. The images all flashed before me. Evil eyes and dark flames. A large creature of shadow that extended into the sky over a graveyard, a creature made of bone with a horrible grin. Many of them were zombies. Creatures with rotting or dried flesh. Some digging their way out of the ground, like I had. One card had many stars, more than any other card. It had a large blood stain splattered across it. A deep red, as if fresh, but dry as bone. It looked like me, but not. He wore the shawl I wore, and held the necklace I held, but his skin covered in dark tattoos and strange symbols. His eyes were blood red and seemed to glow. He was more of a bronze while I was almost pale. His hair black while mine was white. He stood atop a hill, his arms outstretched to the blood red moon above him. In one hand the necklace I held, and in the other was a large bone carved into a point. When I looked close, I saw the hill he stood on was actually made of bodies on top of each other. The moon seemed to have a face that filled me with dread. It had a simple name. Only a single word. Cain.

I left the empty field I woke in, found a road and decided to follow it. I don't know how long I walked, but the sun was high in the sky by the time I realized. I realized it was day since someone had startled me. I didn't even hear them drive up, as I saw their truck parked behind me. She had short hair, a light tan. Her eyes bright, but full of worry.
"Are you alright?" She asked.
I nodded.
"What are you doing out here?"
I shrugged.
"Do you have a name?"
I paused. Then I looked up into her eyes.
"I am Cain." I said, my voice harsh and course.
Ever since that day she and her family have taken care of me. For that I am grateful. They've taught me much, but mostly about being a good person and how to farm. Anything related to her studies I seem to already know when I go to answer. I help her with homework and her parents with farming. For some reason whenever she talks about her late sister, I feel a great sorrow. It's isn't for this sister I never knew, but someone from the past I can't remember. I don't like that feeling. Something underneath it feels like it will consume me, images of me holding her dead body. I often drive those images away. To do that I taught myself how to use the cards I awoke with. She told me they were from a game she used to play. After getting her old cards we would play. It quickly became clear that I was a natural as I beat her without fail every time. She never did give up. Nowadays we don't play often, the farm is having tough times lately and everyone is always working. She doesn't seem very happy anymore. Not since her father got a letter about late bills. The other day on the TV I saw something about a card tournament for a large cash prize. I'll go. I'll win the money and make her smile again, to thank her for saving me. I swear I will. On the name I took when I met her.
File: EgyptianStuffy.jpg (95 KB, 850x315)
95 KB
I was fuckin' around with a yugioh card maker and came up with these card for Anhuri's love's deck. what do you guys think
Actually, I'm going to swap out Heart of the Cards with the Heroic deck theme. Fits my character better and it lets me focus destiny. Cain can be a heroic card that was tainted somehow.
So, redone stats are;
>Power - 5
>Luck - 1
>Destiny - 6
>Resilience - 3
File: Neil Dunn04.jpg (371 KB, 1000x707)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
Oh hey, 2nd thread. For those who haven't yet, here's my first bit of writefaggotry, though there's still a few typos. I'll fix it when I get an actual pastebin account.

Neil Dunn vs Chaser Chevall feat. Kazu and Noel


Neil could also work for Nothing/All, as he is either:

Giving his "All" for someone else (Noel)
Using the power of Emptiness (Tallika's Gimmick), or Nothing to fight others.

Here's a fun character question for everyone here.

In what way does your character want to win?
In what way would your character hate to win?
How would your character like to lose?
How would your character hate to lose?

Both are important as while it would be neat if our OCs won all the time, the reality is that everyone's going to have to win and lose at some points. It helps everyone to know exactly how they would win/lose, and whether or not they'd be happy with it.

As an example:

Neil loves to win with Tallika, slowly choking the opponent out with the power of his monster. It's as if he's using his own despair to find some small victory, or happiness, as well as keep Tallika at bay.
Neil hates when the opponent forfeits, especially if they did it on Tallika's arrival. It reminds him of his own despair, and how he might not escape it.

If Tallika is defeated in a long and grueling battle, Neil is happy. It shows that even if his despair seems impossible to overcome, it still can be, with enough work.
If Tallika is defeated in a way that is embarrassing or trivial, it makes him sad, because it trivailizes his own despair. If they can finish it so easily, why can't he?

That sorta stuff.
Maybe the fact he is so used to winning due to his powerful deck, the first time it looks like he is actually going to lose, he cheats to maintain his record.

Ill check these out after dinner.

>how does Eisen want to win
Quickly, he likes to build tempo fast and never give it up. He likes to exploit the slowness of trump cards and especially likes beating trump monsters at their own game.
>how would they hate to win
his opponent conceding, or through a slow slog fest which he would find boring. Unless it was somehow very tense (like a back and forth each player was always 1 turn away from a loss)
>How to lose
to be outmatched, beaten by a better, faster, stronger deck and smarter player.
>How not to lose
Lockdowns, controls, and counters. If this was MTG he wouldn't play against blue.
>In what way does Cain want to win?
Back against the wall, barely holding on and giving it one final push using the power built up slowly in the gaveyard.
>In what way would Cain hate to win?
When there was no challenge at all. At the very least it should be neck and neck to bring forth the best of each others abilities.
>How would Cain like to lose?
Being able to match my opponent step by step, but losing simply due to my opponent being stronger. No tricks or underhanded methods, but a duel to the end with honor.
>How would Cain hate to lose?
Being completely overwhelmed or made helpless. Losing due to luck would anger him, but he wouldn't question it. He'd prefer if a come from behind was the result of careful planning, but what can you do?
I like this prophecy a lot better. But instead of dejected, one fallen or one cast down. Maybe one cursed? I'll be honest, just trying to fit myself in. Cain could work for ascended in the sense he came up from the ground, or any of the ones I listed in suggestion. One of nothing could also work.
File: Dontes.jpg (77 KB, 428x600)
77 KB
I did have an idea for Edward vs Neil, actually.

Usually, Edward defeats Neil before he even gets to Tallika, because Tallika takes a lot of commitment, and because Neil is unsure of himself.

As a result, after Neil goes through some sort of arc, he will get enough confidence to fight Edward equally.

Since Tallika might be one of the only things that can defeat BHD without outside influence, and the Darkstar's banish gimmick only strengthens Tallika, he becomes more of a big, stupid wall against them than he does against anyone else.

Once Tallika does get summoned, Edward would slowly start to panic, partly because he might not have ever seen the monster and is unaware of its effects, but also because the Darkstars are basically feeding Tallika's lives.

Edward might be fearful, because for the first time in a long while, he may be put in a position where he might be able to do nothing but lose.

Maybe he can pull something off, or whatever, but as soon as like, the cult sees he is failing, they bring out Noel as a bargaining chip, without Edward's say.

This will make Neil forfeit, and Edward might start to feel like the cult doesn't respect his power.

This can lead to both Neil starting to work for the cult, and Edward starting to work against them.
File: DeathTallica01.png (741 KB, 600x571)
741 KB
741 KB PNG

Interesting. How would they react to Neil's deck?

It's a deck that starts off slow and stalling, often losing a lot of life points early on but once the beatstick comes down, the game can swing in either player's favor, as the beatstick begins to eat away at the opponent's life and resources while protecting Neil.

Neil has to try and defeat his opponent and stop them from killing his beatstick, while also making sure he doesn't deck out.

The beatstick is super easy to kill, but has to be killed 7-8 times on top of more protection and stall tactics, or be thought around through clever planning (such as direct attacking, bringing out a monster that attacks until there is nothing, or just moving banished cards back to the grave)

It's a deck designed around making a game that can teeter both players on the edge of their seat.

One player must protect their means of victory, the other has to climb a mountain with the means of victory at the top.
>often losing a lot of life points early on
I doubt it against Cain. He'd focus on summoning out his strongest and sending his fodder to the graveyard to sit until needed.
As for a specific strategy, I 'd need to think about some cards. I'd either end up being sapped out trying to break through like you want a humiliating defeat or I would break straight through to your lifepoints or find a way to deal with beatsick through some effect. Spell, field, monster, trap, etc.
John dislikes losing full stop. But from most curse inducing to least, He despises Having Uria defeated, leading to his loss.
He finds that losing to a control deck, the one that boxes him in to crush him is mildly refreshing and lets him savour what he is going to do to the next punk in the next due;/rematch.

He most enjoys winning with Uria, either by making him come out of left field or boxing others in with trap effects and fear of those effects before popping out Uria to smash someone dead.
He least likes to win through inflicting only a little damage at a time. Its big or go home.
Maybe I was a bit vague on how Neil wanted to win.

I meant that he also loves close matches.
People who get close to defeating Tallika, but still losing to him, reminds him of his own struggle against the monster stealing his soul.

If they still want to fight him afterwards, he'll feel even better.

Additionally, because of how the beatstick works, it puts Neil really close to death.

It banishes Neil's Graveyard, and then uses all banished cards as fuel to live, returning 4 to the graveyard each time it dies. The longer he wants it to last, the more of his deck he has to dump in the gaveyard, the quicker he has to win.

It has 4000 ATK, but it does no battle damage, nor does it take any. It does 200 pts of damage at the end of Neil's turn, and 500 each time it destroys a monster. It also turns to defense position at the end of the turn, where it is protected by 0 DEF.

But yeah, beating it through perserverance and some clever monster effect would make Neil happy about losing.
File: NotSlifer.jpg (173 KB, 1023x1023)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Clearly Neil and John are perfect rivals

I think they kinda play the same, too. They stall until they can bring out their big boy, and then rely on that big boy to win for them.
I’m gonna wait for this thing to get updated before I make a build for it.

I want that 10 destiny build.
then i don't think you will ever make a build

I do have the rival drawback.

But yeah, While you stall, I often can't take an offensive action. but when you make a move, you can expect a reaction or three in response. Could make for some amusing matches.

But maybe that is just my personal idea of fun, a petty "No you don't"
I'm pretty sure I could counter with a trap or spell, if I couldn't find a way to attack after killing your monsters in defense position. An idea is to take the total attack power of say...the five topmost monsters or so in my graveyard and using it to reflect back at the attacker in some way. Cain could be powered by monsters in the graveyard, and have special effects if I was able to summon him by sacrificing Able for him like being cursed with immortality for killing his brother
I got that reference.
File: 1502593297945.gif (1.63 MB, 542x568)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB GIF
Thanks, and here I thought I was being too subtle
I hope that was sarcasm. I think it was, but i can't be sure here.
So do I. Clearly, our paths have been made clear, though I think they'll be more friendly rivals than the one in the CYOA.

They're both rather controlly, even if John is moreso, so it would very much be a game of anticipating the other's actions. It's my kind of fun too.

Effect damage is one way around Tallika, yeah. Neil will have a tougher time damaging you if you don't put any monsters on the field either, so he'll have to look for other ways to damage you.

As a reminder, we're working on Anime rules, so 4000 life points in the beginning.
I activate herald of darkness
>Nu uh, bottomless traphole
Yes uh, i activate dark bribe
>Nu uh, I activate dark bribe
Yes uh, i activate mystical space typhoon.....wait, does that negate?
File: 104894907529.png (249 KB, 540x451)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
What do you think?
Oh come one, let's not be cunts
Honestly I think BHD gets beat pretty handidly by fast decks. The Knights / Space marines for example.

fine fine.....that will happen eventually, even if it isn't us that does it. but i do expect a lot of full back rows and intense staring matches trying to psych eachother out.
Sure we can laugh and joke after the fact, but dueling is serious business.
It'd probably be more like...several turns of setting cards and gathering shit in the hand before one of us slaps down a card.

Upon which everything gets used, somehow both of our monsters get cheated out, and then we end up with no cards and we're just standing there stuck with only the HEART OF THE CARDS left to decide victory while we stare at each other threateningly.
that also works. A lot of comedy potential with the pair of us.
Ace Duellist +1 Resilience
Tribal +1 Resilience
Control +1 Resilience
Elemental +1 Resilience, -1 Destiny
Astral +1 Resilience
Special +1 Resilience
High Quality Cards +1 Power

Second Fiddle
Arch Rival

Power: 2
Luck: 1
Destiny: 0
Resilience: 7

Name: Benjamin Bonnet
Theme: Pirates!
A strong control deck, it lacks hitting power but seems to have an answer for everything. Made up of 2 tribal themes the "Sea Dogs" and "Pirate Lords". Its 2 notable common effects are - discard a Sea Dog to activate a Sea Dog effect, Pirate Lords allow spells and traps to be played from the hand on either players turn.
neat. welcome aboard Benny boy.
"Neil, what is that other zone over there, with cards set on their sides?"

"It's the gimmick zone, Noel."

"I don't remember that in the rules."

"Neither do I, it just sorta showed up after a duel between me and John."

"What? And it just...stayed there?"

"Oh no, we're still technically dueling. For some reason, there was a card effect where we had to wait an entire day before we start the next turn."

"What!? Well, whose turn is it next?"

"I don't know."
Dark Bribe is counter trap, can't be chained with a spell card. Or am I mis-remembering?

Slow and stalling wouldn't bother Eisen too much, mostly because most decks are slower, and its what his deck is designed to beat. He also doesn't lack for removal so if a Beatstick does come down not the end of the world.

The fact that it has to be killed 7 odd times does make it more of a challenge for him, he would probably find the it fun to try and take it down in time.

Ultimately I think he would enjoy the challenge of beating DES, and if they played often he would even let Neil get it out, intentionally so he could try and destroy it in record times.
Mind giving a bit of a personality for the character? Pirates are always welcome for me, and it seems like an interesting deck type.

Of note, Stalling as a tactic means he's trying to slow you down, which means he'll do silly things like skipping battle phases or restricting the number of attacks you can do.

However, if Eisen and Neil do become friends, I'm sure he would gladly play along with Eisen to see how fast he could beat a fully powered, 60 card deck Tallika, which would have like, 12-13 lives at max, along with whatever stalling tricks Neil has left in his hand and very small deck.
"John why does your duel disk have two card holding platforms?"

"Because Luca, I am still dueling somebody else and i also need to duel other people in this competition."

"How long have you two been dueling??"

"Since the start of the [season] tormentent"

"Thats been over a month!"

"Your point?"

"Thats insane, why wasn't it done within a half hour like a normal duel?"

"We both lost our boss monsters, one of us put down a field spell that reshuffles our graveyards into our decks, and now we just can't seem to get a constant edge over the other."

"So you are both playing two duels at a time whenever you face someone else?"

"No, i am playing a duel and distracting myself from this careful battle of wits. Ahh, and I lay This card face down"

"You realize that he can't hear you right?"

We need to start touching on the bigger events in the prophecy/sacrifice, what exactly are the details? I heard someone say that perhaps they all have to be dueling at the same time, or have a 6-way/3 on 3 tag duel.

I think that's a good idea, both as a big spectacle and like, as a way for everyone to come together for the final battle.

Forgot to say something about this, but you've made an interesting ally for the protagonist that has a decent reason for starting out against them. There seems to be a growing trend of Duelists doing something for someone else now. You can make a small team of them.

Cain, Anhuri, and Neil, the "I'm doing it for LOVE" trio, although maybe Cain won't call it love exactly, and Neil won't admit unless pressured.

"That fucker!"

"Neil, language!"

"Sorry, he just set a face down. It's probably something that keeps me from summoning a monster. Ugh, there hasn't been a monster for two days now..."

"Why not? Can't you just normal summon one?"

"You don't get it Noel, if I summon a monster, then he's going set off a trap, and then I'll have to activate this card over here, and..."

"How...how do you even know what's on his field?"

"I...look, Noel, you just know sometimes. This is a Duelist's soul. Now I just gotta set another card face down..."

"...you don't even know where he is."
Maybe a 2v2 and the protagonist vs the main villain. So we can have some real fun here, as every lost dualist brings doom quicker.

"Playing cautious eh? Well then, I just need to bait out a response from you by doing the unexpected."

"He... can't....hear...YOU"

"Hush Luca, it is all going to plan after all, no dualist can ever not know his opponent after such a prolonged introduction."

"Will you please stop this for now and come get something to eat?"

"When I have finished"


"Now I set kuriboh in attack mode. Hehehe"

"Did you just giggle?"

We are Team Meatloaf!
Her mother made me meatloaf once. It wasn't very good, but I didn't tell her that.
Nola’s mom tried to kill Neil with bad meatloaf?

But for those that don’t get the reference Team Meatloaf will do anything for Love. “I will do anything for Love” is a song by an artist known only as Meatloaf.
There was a thought above that Ash, the main villain, might not actually participate in the ritual if he can. I imagine getting him involved would be a great bit of trouble.

An idea: what if the duel was such

The Protagonist and an Antagonist (Doesn't have to be Ash) fight one duel, and there is a 2v2 between other duelists below them.

However, actions that take place in one duel may have an effect in the other, like if Luca damages his opponent, down below, his friends get a small boost to their monster's attack points.

In this way, even if they're separated, The Protagonist can sorta tell how his friends are doing below him.

"Kuriboh? How unexpected. I see..I bet he's just doing it to psych me out. If that's what he's going to do...then I'll do nothing."

"How do you know what he's doing when its unexpected!?"

"Okay, he's ended his turn. In response to his kuriboh, I'll set Winged Kuriboh facedown..."

"How did you even know his turn was finished!?"

"Someday you'll understand, Noel."
Aye that works. Maybe every hit adds up to a arrack/def increase and when the points are delt back then the buff vanishes
Yeah, what I meant was it would come down to how effectively Neil can stall vs how fast/hard Eisen can attack. Its just that going fast and hard is all Eisen can do. So its not exactly an unexpected position for him to be in. Whereas i'd expect Neils deck to be more rounded to deal with not only fast decks, but midrange, swarm, control, and big monster decks too.
Also I can't find it, but did anyone ever write out what Luca's Lightspeed Legion deck was like again? I know Luca himself is a boy who wants to be a champion thanks to Ash, and is rising up from very low origins, but that's about it.

There any other effects you have in mind besides small atk/def boosts? Maybe Life Point increases?

Yeah, Neil fighting Eisen using a more generalized deck will have a rough time going against a deck with such a fast, hard offense. First time fight, I will have no problems if Neil lost to Eisen because of how quick the game could go. Might even make Eisen think Neil's not exactly a strong duelist.

I imagine Neil (and John as well) will actually have the foresight to actually change their decks around from time to time if they're aware of who they might be facing.
File: PirateLords.png (2.26 MB, 1256x1220)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
Benjamin Bonnet is a sly character, he likes to play around both in and out of duels. He likes to be tricky and casual.

He dislikes those who look down on others, and sees himself as pragmatic and at times a "fighter for the underdog".

Its been said he is a poor loser and a poorer winner.
File: SeaDogs.png (1.63 MB, 1256x1220)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
He takes great pleasure in denying opponents, letting them seem to get the upper hand before his tricky plays come to fruition.

He continually badgers his opponents with banter and trys to get under their skin.
File: S&T.png (2.49 MB, 1673x1220)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
He is quite protective of his friends and teammates.

Whilst he often comes off as more lucky than smart, those closest to him see another side of him that belies a careful planner, who is great at rolling with the punches and finding the best time to strike.

When he is really serious (which only really happens when it comes to others messing with his friends) he can become quite ruthless and cruel. Often denoted by a shift in his eye color from green to dark grey.
File: Others.png (1.32 MB, 1256x610)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
And the final 2 cards.

I also fixed Longshot because she accidently had the bosuns effect.

The deck focuses on locking down an opponents options, using a toolbox effect to dig through the deck for the cards it wants. The only real attack options are the pirate lords who are fairly slow to summon.

Once they are on the field however the deck becomes a real pain, being able to play spell and traps from the hand making it unpredictable.
Yeah man these rock.

Is Bloodbriar meant to gain 500ATK for each counter or just each card?

Also is he meant to gain DEF as well or is that meant to be 0 always?
>Lord Blade Maestro's Effect
Haha, oh god, instant win against Neil and DES Tallika.

Hopefully Neil packs event damage prevention in something, that's going to end him right quick.

Certainly feels like a fighter that, while Neil might admire, he might not exactly get along with. Both decks are also heavily control oriented, though Neil's is more focused around Stall to get his own Monster out, while yours is more focused on lots of smaller plays.

Using Tallika against this sort of deck in general can be a great amount of fun and can involve a ton of tricksy ploys to get around Tallika's fat ass.
Shit you're right.

Ill change it to the lower of the 2. Or maybe half of the higher.
Ygo player here. What's next once I finish choosing my stats?
Wait till more participants add on.
Hey OP do you mind updating this copy pasta

Eisens updated stats were

Power: 9
Luck: 1
Destiny: 0
Resilience: 4

Nah dude, it's fine. DES Tallika getting absolutely bodied by things like that is hilarious. It's a nice strong effect all in all for something that you gotta go through some hoops to summon.
Actually now that I think about it maybe half the highest would be best, or the lowest. Since we're going by anime rules, we only have 4000 life points, and you could do a lot of damage against anyone with 2k or more attack monsters, which are fairly common for larger monsters.
Only decent card is Serf
I just got one question
how does this fit in with your stat spread exactly?
How is your deck Astral or Special?
Why isn't it mono-elemental since you picked the Elemental option?
You gotta stick with the CYOA here at least partially.
Life point increases could do wonders, but possibly destroying a villains level 4-6 monster when a combatant's monster of that exact level dies?

"Seeing through my play eh.....Then i suppose its time to spark outrage. I activate my trap card, Phantom guardian of shadow veil, now my kuriboh has 300 attack. Kuriboh attack his face down"

"He can't hear you. And how the hell are you both still playing? Your duel projections don't reach this far?"

"Someday you will understand Luca, That when two duelists puts their hearts into something then both of them will continue to outshine each other until the night sky turns white. and i might deal damage here!"

"How much have you two dealt to eachother?"

"3800 to me, 3900 to him"

"So only one hit and he is finished?"

"Not exactly"

"What do you mean?"

"We are both at 4000"

"....This won't finish any time soon will it?"

"Not likely."

I admit, i think this would be a fun side arc, the pair constantly playing eachother, starting from the first meeting and constantly being interrupted or seen playing in the background, and it only ends at the climax when the hero needs help. wonder who does win though.

not the guy they work together against. they have had a month or more to set up their board.
I was being stupid speaking like I did when I made Cain's fluff. Never used a name, just her and her family relations.
Anhuri's creator to Benjamin Bonnet's creator.
mind if I writefag a duel between our characters. Anhuri has no intentions of winning (nor do I plan for him to win) he is just testing the length of his leash
Bloodbriar is meant to gain 500 ATK for each counter, not each card.

And yes his DEF is meant to stay at 0.
Vampiric Knights right now is structured around recurring Graveborn Squire to generate bloodstain counters off of sanguine chalice.

You play Sanguine Chalice, then normal summon graveborn and dump tyrant or ruiner, generate a bloodstain from chalice from the normal summon and another bloodstain counter from the grave dump. Next turn, if the opponent destroys squire, chalice nets you another bloodstain counter, squire special summons itself you get another bloodstain counter from chalice, you normal summon chalice maiden, generating a total of 5 bloodstain counters, you remove 4 of them to special summon a vamp knight from your deck off of chalice and then tribute three to get out ruiner or tyrant, generating another 4 bloodstain counters in the process, if you bring out ruiner you can activate his dump effect to potentially generate 1-2 more bloodstain counters for a total of 5-6 and once that engine gets started, its hard to stop, as the vamp knight player can bring back his chalice if its ever destroyed, proc a serf and go right back to generating incremental advantage until every face-up card you have out is covered in bloodstain counters and tyrant is fucking massive.
Go for it man. Keen to read it
so for the ritual to take place possibly three stories like a pyramid. On the first floor, we shed the secondary characters with a two on two duel, the next one up we have Edward face Luca, and above that we have Ash presiding over it all.
Yeah it seems pretty cool. The interplay is nice and like the graveborn engine.
I now think edward kenway would make a good addition.
Here's an asshole hustler that's a bit villain until the real villains show up and he ends up rooting for the good guys.
>Elemental (poison) [plus destiny, minus power]
>Duelist Intuition
Power: 1
Luck: 1
Destiny: 2
Resilience: 3

Shively Devis hangs out in bars and casinos, his irresponsible gambling has landed him in deep water with the mob. He collects money to pay them back by hustling naive hobbyists.
First he'll let himself get roflstomped by kids that are just trying out a new deck, then, when he suggests they make it a bit more interesting with a bet or two, suddenly Reptilianne Vaskii comes out. He also does this with poker.
Snively's catchphrase:
>I can feel my luck's going to come around any moment now.
I come here since you guys probably know about the yugioh anime
is there any season or manga where they play some near competitive decks?
I'm watching the first duel monsters season and it's lower than kitchen table. Pegasus duelists island is pretty much a rap battle with how much they make up rules, the saving grace being the dubs.
anyways, does it get better on the later shows? the few things I remember from GX are that it goes into kitchen table tier, at least
Isn't it tradition for the manga and anime to just dow whatever they like and the game designers desperately trying to create cards that resemble what you see in the show?
I'm pretty sure the story stays freeform all throughout.
I have no idea, other than the first season and GX, I haven't watched anything
yugioh GX seemed like it made sense, at least on the beginning of the season
Neat. Nice to see a genuine asshole who we can hate on principle. Good job shively
I see everybody else is using custom card maker for their characters.
Is it weird just selecting a real archetype?
one that hasn't been used? yep.

Thats why i just went with "i specialize in this sort of card, screw chances of winning"
Here's a template to make it easier.
never mind, this is not easy at all
Use this: https://www.yugiohcardmaker.net/
File: Shively HustleDeck.png (2.09 MB, 1014x978)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
In that case I'll join you guys in inventing something cinematic.
These cards were designed to show an ineffective and an effective way to use the same deck. Perfect for a hustler.
I like the theme and how they can work. Really everyone only needs about 5 or so unique cards and then normal ones and it gives the illusion of a real deck archytype.

lets hope the thread is still up in 9 hours. i want to see if that writefag/RP combo thing gets continued.
Writefag scenario: Team Villain runs into Team Hero for the first time. Do the duels start immediately, or is there character interaction only?
File: hellbox.jpg (682 KB, 3642x1722)
682 KB
682 KB JPG
Team hero finds out team villain is villainous when they turn an innocent trading card game into a deadly shadow duel.
Also, here's a concept:
A villain turns a duel into a shadow game, but it's not a duel in which they're participating, it's a game between two innocents, neither of which we want to see suffer the supernatural punishment for losing the game.
A short battle between Anhuri and Benjamin. Where Benjamin mops the floor with Anhuri.
Ow, the edge!
It works fine as a side story, but I actually think you need to assume your audience knows less about yugioh.
It's a proud yugioh tradition that characters explain the mechanics of a card while playing it. You have explanations for Cabin Boy and the Throne, but not Sea Dogs. In prose it also isn't useful to tell us the name of the card if we don't know anything about them yet. If the cards have been shown in previous duels then it helps paint the player' current position, but if not it's just confusing.

Other than those things, it'd believe it as part of a real web novel.
Who makes up the teams again?
From what I remember...

Team Hero
Luca, John, Isabella

Team Villains
Ash, Chaser, Magnolia

Kazu, Edward, Neil

Team "Shit, there's three of them, throw'em in"
Yulian Viktorov, Eisen Cobb, Brock Brackmire

We'll need to order the newcomers into teams as well.

Those would be: Anhuri, Cain, Cagliostro, Benjamin Bonnet, and Shively Davis.

I suppose Anhuri, Cain, and Cagliostro would work as the "Old but Still Gold" sorta as they are all technically very old, and Cagliostro is actually old as well.

Benjamin and Shively need one more CRIME partner.

Did I miss anyone else new?

Nah, it's just so the characters can be more themed. Neil uses mostly real cards along with his big boss monster. John also uses a Uria deck filled with traps from the game.
Thank for the critique. I think Sea Dogs and Pirate Lords are made up for the character. So I really didn't know much about them. I created Cabin Boy, Cannon Barrage, and Imperial Machination of out no thin air.

Benjamin's creator...if you want to use those cards or create mock cards for them go ahead. And thank you for letting me use your guy.
Eisen and Benny Bonnet would go well together for team ups.

Im about to read the story now. I probably will make up cards for them.

Anyone here made cyoas before / is the oc for the yugi one here? Im making up one based off it but more in line with these threads but have no photoshop access.
Fuck yeah. Sweet duel. A few issues with language but i really like cabin boy.

I might change the trap card to
> activate when your opponent special summons a monster(s). Negate the summons and destroy the card(s). For the next two turns you cannot special summon monsters under any circumstance.
To be honest I like your version of the card better.
I didn't get to comment on this, but good job! It was certainly a wild ride. The tone is a little heavy, but even GX could go really weird sometimes, so I think it's okay.

Do you have any ideas on how your character's overall story might play out, btw?
I think I am going to the spy for the good guys. While he is working with the cult he is secretly feeding information or helping them in some way in exchange for their help freeing his love. Then I plan for the cult to figure he has been doing it and to hit his beserk button like by hitting his love or harming her in some way and then unleashing his dark side on the good guys. Hopefully, by then the good guys will have freed his love and then they duel as she is the only one that can calm him in that state.

Team Eternal? Team Ancient Badass? Team Magical Grandpa?
Team Badass Ancient Grandpa. BAG.

As for your story, that seems like it can be woven into the narrative well enough, though he may not play too much into the first season unless he tests more of his leash and encounters one of the protagonists/secondary characters early on.

There can be a fun mirror to your story and Neil's, and while some characters may feel like yours is not justified, Neil and Noel will definitely sympathize, and will try their best to rescue your love.

I had planned for Neil's Dark side to come when the cult kidnaps Noel, and keeps her away from him, which causes DES Tallika to have a greater control over his mind.

Sometime later, he may be at the edge of fully turning over to his Dark Side, upon which maybe Anhuri and the main characters could rescue Noel in return, resulting in Anhuri dueling and defeating Neil to purge Tallika's control over him, as they did for him before.
Sorry, not first season, I meant first arc, the one where everyone sorta just duels everyone else, and gets to know each others decks.
He is always testing his leash length, especially with minor cultists.

I figure by the point Neil's dark side gets unleash, I would assume that they are all actual friends. So Anhuri would give it his all to save him from DES Tallika.
Yeah, it'll be like poetry. It rhymes.

Also it'll provide ample time for Anhuri and Neil to have funny yaoi scenes, if you're still alright with that.
Oh yeah. Nola can be the godmother of me and Neil’s imaginary love child.
can someone help my with the cyoa? also are we using made up cards as well cause i have an idea.
anything goes provided it isn't "My guy is SUPER DUPER SPESHUAL" so custom archytypes are allowed. just make sure it fits the character.
I am going to change my archetype from goblins to just sphinxes. The thought of making three custom decks makes me weep inside.

Im working on a replacement cyoa to help out new people, if you want start posting a character and fill in the rest later.
so the idea i had was an archetype that revolves around sending monsters to the grave yard, and uaing a continuous/field spell to deal burn damage based on the levels of the monsters of that archetype in the grave yard

meanwhile you can banish monsgers from the grave yard to get decent effects ,like once per turn 'banish spectre knight blahblahblah from the gy to wpecial summon.a level x or lower monster from your opponents gy' or 'once per turn banish spectreknight something or other from.the gy to negate and destroy a monster that would be summoned'
I for one, really enjoy archetypes and themes that revolve around low level monsters, so its a yes from me.
There are quite a lot of GY decks and Banish decks, but we don't have a burn yet. So sure go right ahead.

if only Gil could have just done those boosts.....fag that he is.
i didnt say it'd be low level monster focused. but actually yeah.

the idea i had for the archetype was that you could normal summon their high level monsters without tributing by sending monsters from the hqnd or deck to the grave yard who's levels equal up to the monster you are trying to summon.moo
Sorry I inferred it from the use of burn via monsters in the GY.
how about i make a sample text

fantom knight jorgen
dark attribute warrior type, level six
2200atk 1200Def

you can normal summon this card without tributing by sending monsters who's levels are equal to that of spectre knight jorgen.

once per turn you ma y banish a spectre knight jorgen from the gy special return a number of spell cards up to the number o spectre knights in your gy.

here is the spell that does the burn daage

field spell
increase the levels of all spectre knights in your gy; once per turn deal damage to the opposing player equal to the total level of all spectre knights in your gy x100

sorry for the lack of problem solving text
fuck whoops. i wsnt vert clear about the effects sorry
File: death scylla.jpg (85 KB, 1100x804)
85 KB
I wrote a story.
The first encounter between the good guys and bit villain Shively Devis.
Since nobody has defined lightspeed warriors I just sort of improvised.
Aloysius Phoenix

Kidnapped and sold by Child Traffickers while he was just a child, Aloysius was barbarically and brutally raised from youth as a Duelist by a Duellord in the shadiest parts of North Africa. Developing an intense drive that terrified even his instructors, even using nothing but cards scavenged and stolen from his peers and the poor folk of the Shantytown he was raised in. By using and abusing his skills, Aloysius’ Owner was slowly able to bring greater and greater amounts of African territory under his thumb. So incensed by the local government with such a brazen takeover, a P.M.C was enlisted in order to assassinate the Duellord and restore relative peace to the region. They raided the compound one night, during a feast the Duellord has been holding to celebrate his recent victories. Apprehending each one of the Duellords Lieutenants in turn, until only the Duellord and Aloysius remained. The Leader of the P.M.C Raid Team saw the empty, hollow look in Aloysius eyes, but deeper beneath, he saw the cold burning flame that drove Aloysius dueling’, and that his intense skill and ability were derived from a deep, animalistic love of competition. He offered Aloysius an escape, and a chance at membership within the P.M.C, if only Aloysius could prove his worth by defeating his former Duellord. He tossed a spare deck to Aloysius, and as Aloysius flipped through the cards, his eyes lit up upon seeing a single word, repeated throughout the cards.


As the flame buried deep within Aloysius burnt hotter and hotter, he dueled his former Owner with a greater intensity then he ever had before, driven by not only his own suffering, but cruel, raw vengeance for the people who had been hurt and cut down as badly or worse than Aloysius himself. After putting an end to his former Owner, the P.M.C Captain took Aloysius under his wing, to further foster and hone Aloysius raw talent.
Power: 0
Resilience: 2
Luck: 2
Destiny: 4
Background: Professional
Deck Themes: Gimmick, Combo, Tribal (20)
Deck Personality: Heroic (10)
Legendary Beast (15)
Godslayer (15)
Archrival (+10)
Dark Side (+15)

Aloysius wields a more modern form of the Destiny HEROes. His deck is specifically centered around “Destiny Hero - Destinaut”. Destinaut can search Aloysius’ Deck for any “Neo-Destian” card, which it then fuses with, a process called Deep Contact Fusion, which also banishes the Fusion materials. Each Destinaut Fusion has an effect that triggers when it enters or leaves play, before returning to the Extra Deck during the turn after it was fused, returning the Fusion Materials to play. As well, each “Neo-Destian” is a Tuner monster. With this Combo, Aloysius can repeatedly summon powerful Synchro Monsters each turn, supported by the effects of his Destinaut Fusions and the other cards within his Deck. His strongest card is “Destiny HERO - D-Manifest Dragon”, although he is reluctant to use it. The only card that didn’t come with the Deck when it was gifted to him, it appeared mysteriously in his Extra Deck the turn he made his final play, and was what allowed him to claim victory.

Will you add my edgy OC to the mix?
Ricardo Tepes
a young man brohght up in a catholic orphanage he hadn't meany friends, his sickly pail skin had driven away other children and potential parents alike. so he took sollace in his cards. treating tjem as his friends rather than the people around him. eventually he grew to loath people for abandoning him. and when he aged out of the system he became a manipulator. though this would in most circumstances make him a villain, the truth is he acts a criminal to tend to several 'unlovable' orphans hes taken in himself. providing for them through thievery qnd money earned as a player killer.

Ricardo tepes uses spectre knight deck, focused around sending monsters of the archetype to the grave yard banishing them from the graveyard for powerful effects, and using their field spell to deal burn damage.


deck type:gimmick/tribal/control(20)

deck personality:friends and allies

traits: soul mate, heart of the cards, high quality cards(30)

penalties:dark side, sidekick, debts(+30)
Holy shit photoshop is so much harder than I remember. How the fuck do people make CYOAs.
File: 1488537661464.jpg (27 KB, 515x600)
27 KB
>tfw you want to make 4 or 5 custom cards
>tfw you spend three hours finding art
>tfw it you end up with 14
It is three in the fucking morning, why did I do this? I still have to write them, fuck.
File: Thisishard.jpg (321 KB, 451x3200)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Okay, besides making it look pretty which will take some time.

Feedback would be welcome for this thus far.
Fuck forgot the scale.

0 – None, well below average.
1 – Below average. Kitchen table player.
2 – Above average but not remarkable.
3 – Better than most – the realm of serious duellists.
4 – Expert. You are able to hold your own in this arena.
5 – Well regarded in the field, arguably amongst the best in the world.
6 – Legendary, often will have earnt a moniker in regards to this aspect
8 – Unrivalled, the domain of historic heroes and villains.
If you are going to separate Character Stats and Deck Stats You should give us a base stat of 1 in each and the ability to spend 20 points in both.

You combined curse and dark side. I think you should separate them. Curse is more a magical problem. Dark side is more a mental issue. Say a split personality due to trauma like marik or berserker state. While it could be a possession by an evil spirit. You could always make possession it own thing to say you are possessed by some undefined spirit.

You should separate good quirks and bad quirks and make people choose a one for one


give them two traits free then give them the ability to choose a flaw for either +1 deck or character stat or another trait
The final intent is for players to get say 30 points and by their initial scores with that.

>rank 1 (2pts)
>rank 2 (4pts)
>rank 3 (7pts)
>rank 4 (10pts)
>rank 5 (14pts)
>rank 6 (18pts)

and then supplement that score with the traits selected.

As for the quirks those are more for character differentiation rather than mechanical effect. I forgot to include it, but its meant to say "up to 2 quirks".

I combined a bunch of the options because the details are flavor, a cursed character who is possessed isnt all that different to a person who habitually cheats even when they don't want to. Its just the details of their curse. Which is up to the player to detail and explain.

The same goes for pawn/debts. Its up to the player to clarify if a character is an willing pawn to evil, or maybe they just owe a guy some money and work for him until its paid off.
What program are you using?
Ahh, I still don´t get this game; gonna have to look up for CYOA tutorials and exmaples in Jewtube.



pro duelist
special(Spectre knights are dark and brutal but increadibly chivalrous in action making them antiheroes more or less)
friendship power
high quality cards
It;s a bit stupid to me to jump from well below average, to below average, to above average. If anything, one should be a base stat of average.
other than John only having his mother, this is a really well written piece.
I actually hate everything about this. It's like all the good parts from the original in OP got thrown out the window. Especially how Destiny was made into a shit ass plot armor stat and not potential for power in tough spots like it was presented before. If anything I'd also like it to tie directly into Shadow Games power as used in the show. In fact, Destiny is almost completely absent as a valid stat and isn't even able to be boosted by any deck traits. Gimmick used to be Destiny, but now it's Control? Mystic Arts doesn't do shit anymore, so making it the bonus for the Mystic character trait is just worthless compared to the stat buffs from the rest of them.
Being limited to how many options you can take in each section also seems stupid since some builds may rely on the fact their deck is a split type. Letting us buy whatever until we ran put of points was a much better system for this imo.
Thanks, I just made up whatever I hadn't seen established yet, I guess that's how these things are flushed out.
I hope I didn't include anything that contradicts established canon.
other than headcannon for how John acts, nothing is contradicted.
neat work overall guys. good jobs all round.
>fix destiny description - easy

>Destiny is almost completely absent as a valid stat and isn't even able to be boosted by any deck traits.
Well yeah, is there a reason / example that would demonstrate why the two would mix?

>Gimmick used to be Destiny, but now it's Control
Yea, no good option for gimmick because it would depend on the decks effects. But i don't see a link to Destiny, other than maybe cards that do better in the shadow realm.

>Mystic Arts doesn't do shit anymor
It lets you bring out the shadow realm. Thats pretty unique.

>worthless compared to the stat buffs from the rest of them
Yeah the intent was you'd be trading the option for literal magic for the ability to be good at the game.
Also, good criticisms - thanks for the input.
I'm just mad that I'll need to rethink how Cain works without putting emphasis on Destiny. Due to my power increasing the more monsters I have in my graveyard. Seemed pretty in line with the first Destiny description being "increase in power under extreme circumstances".
The only benefit of straight up plot armor is maybe I win the tournament or somehow still get the money to pay my bills.
And I also still don't like having limits on what you can take so long as you have the KC for it.
You should really split up the quirks into good (boons) and bad (burdens). Because as it stands there is no benefit to taking negative quirks other than thematic reasons. Why take Cursed or Pawn when I can take Archrival and Second Fiddle and get plus stats.

And I think Mystical Arts should either be exclusive to Mystics or Mystics should get some sort of bonus. Because with your system we could have a shit ton of character making shadow games.
>other than thematic reasons.
maybe I misunderstood what we were doing here.

>Why take Cursed or Pawn when I can take Archrival and Second Fiddle and get plus stats.
Because you dont want to have someone hate you? and work towards your downfall. Because you want your character to be under the thumb of an oppressive evil that over the course of a story they work their way out of.

>Because with your system we could have a shit ton of character making shadow games.
Exclusive to Mystic is an idea, I might try that.

Then again, I seem to be way off the mark with what other people are looking to get out of these threads and what I thought. It was trying to make it more in line with yugioh season /tg/ than make a CYOA for individual play.

Essentially, a way for people to make characters without having to either have A: no scores or B: all the downsides in the world.

I also was trying to divide it so characters and decks could have different attributes allowing for more individualism.
Wait, are you Gil? Guy who made >>63331889
CYOAs typical give a number of choices to build a character. The original YuGiOh used a system based on points. You have a set number of points to spend. By taking bad options (pawn and cursed) you received more points for your build. You aren't forced to take them.

Under your system what is the benefit of taking negative choices other than thematic reasons? Because I can give my character a shitty backstory but take all positive options or options that offer me something I can't get anywhere. So it turns Mystics into a useless option unless I want an extra quirk which I wouldn't because most of them are negatives. I can pick Expert and mystical arts and fame or Archrival and dump everything into destiny.
Updated Vampiric Knights.

Renamed Ruiner of Empires to Bringer of Ruin, made it more powerful by preventing the opponent from setting cards.

Improved Midnight Duke a little bit, he's on the field your bat tokens can be used as tribute fodder for Vampiric Knight boss monsters.

Nerfed Dusk Archon, he's the pesudo-monarch of the archetype and there's way too much utility support to justify being able to destroy 2 cards on the field.

Retooled Bloodbriar Tyrant again, he's the boss finisher boss of the archetype, just getting incrementally stronger as the game goes on and if the vampiric knight player can keep pumping out bloodstain counters.

Nerfed Sanguine Chalice, its previous version generated way too much bloodstain counters and being able to special summon a archetype monster from Hand/GY/Deck was way too powerful, also upped the banish cost of returning it to your hand.

Breaker of Oath, Bringer of Ruin's counterpart, his job is to remove threats and to prevent opponent GY hate/banishment effects so you can keep controlling the field.

Retainer is the archtype's GY cycler and sole card draw, and Herald is the hand special summoner and turbo miller.

What do you guys think?
Opps, fixed Bloodbriar Tyrant.
How is second fiddle not an absolute death sentence again? Because beating you at every turn is locked in.
>Because beating you at every turn is locked in.
No it isn't. Just that you'd be overshadowed. You could still win the tournament but have no one cares from a narrative point of view since MC-kun just saved the world.
Hopefully when I post v2 my intent will be clearer and/or more in line with what people are wanting.

To reiterate though, my version was less a CYOA in a competitive sense, and more an aid to help people join the threads, inspire plot ideas, and to differentiate between otherwise samesy builds.
Could you chance it to 'vampire knight' so it works in conjunction with vampire cards?
because its a childrens TV show. death isn't shown, just referenced.

Looks nice, with those cards and a few normal ones, it shall give the illusion of a full deck.

So plot threads we have.
Main story, cult wants to cleanse the world
Side story, john and Neil become rivals and play none stop throughout the torney
Comedy romance sideplots for someone and their soulmate.
How is the cult defeated? Does their plan require winning the tournament?
File: Spring Sprites.png (6.18 MB, 2094x1830)
6.18 MB
6.18 MB PNG
I only meant to make like 8 or 9 cards. Whoops. I'll work on a build for the cyoa later.
File: YUGIOH.jpg (347 KB, 451x3200)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Thanks for the input. Im keen to keep adapting this.

version 2.
File: Complete.png (5.63 MB, 2091x1820)
5.63 MB
5.63 MB PNG
This is awesome. Greatwork. The cards have an cool theme and mechanic. The Spring Queen is the coolest win con.

As an aside, this is exactly the deck Eisen fucking hates.

Speaking of which, after the feedback last thread i've changed Eisens deck pretty dramatically. But kept the overall theme and combos.

Spells / Traps still in progress.
I wonder how hard it'd be to go for CWMA victory.
Generally to fill up the board with fairies you need to keep summoning them and using them as shield for your opponent, using up your normal summon every turn.
There's two things to consider here, staying alive during the headbutting every turn, you're giving your opponent extra attacking power after all, and achieving your condition quickly, drawing out any duel will lead to your opponent building up their own optimal hand before you.
At least the fairies on your opponents side of the board are obstructing their summoning (I assume not being able to be used as tribute isn't negated).
Ultimately, this is about getting fairies out of your deck, just drawing isn't enough, it'd take twenty turns, plus, you need to have some spell cards in there. So Spring Sprite Succesion is a big help.
Filling up all monster slots with spring sprites is unfeasable. So you wouldn't use Spring Sprite Fusion but a few normal fusions and Spring Sprite Specials. Those are two cards to get in a single hand and it's still more grounded. You would spend some fusions on a Vola or Cyna to get you out of a tough spot before it was time for your big play.
About fusions, does out story follow the show's logic where there isn't really an extra deck and pretty much any two monsters van be fused? The fusion cards we show in these pages would then just be the result of specific fusions that the player knows about and can aim for as part of a strategy.
Thats a good question, though Eisens deck might work differently since he doesn't use normal fusions anyway.

But I like the idea of staying based in the anime and letting stuff just fuse.
It's a good plot device for asspulls.
>Yeah? Well I fuse my undead monster to your dragon, which results in a diseased monster that loses attack every turn. That was a thing that could happen all this time, too bad you didn't have encyclopedic knowledge of all possible fusions like I have Kaiba.
Luck: 2
Destiny: 1
Skill: 6
Intuition: 5

Speed: 5
Power: 6
Control: 3
Resilience: 3

>Character Trait:
Professional Duellist
>Primary Deck Trait
>Deck Spirit:
Other (Militant)
Tribal (Speed)
Solid Construction
High Quality Cards
>Story themes
Aggro Magnet
Rival (Friendly)

Character: Eisen Cobb
>An elite among the duelling scene, he is known for his aggression and ability to sense weakness and seize opportunity.

Not sure what ill do for a moniker, maybe "Blitzkrieg Cobb"
Who is this guy rivals with again?
Well currently no one. I havent been the most active in the last few days.

Could be Piratebro, who expressed some interest in teaming up. Fairybro - as its the biggest stall i've seen so far which would annoy Eisen more than anything else.
Character Name: Benjamin Bonnet.
2 to all character stats. -16 (14)
Luck increase to 5. -10 (4)
Skill increase to 3. -3 (1 remaining)
2 to all deck stats. -16 (14)
Resilience to 4. -6 (8)
Control to 4. -6 (2 remaining)

> Idea/Question: Is it possible to spend left overs on 1 the other. I have a total of 3 points but can't do anything with it.

Character Trait - Duelling Ace +2 Intuition.
Deck Trait - Gimmick +2 Control.
Deck Spirit - Villainous
>Arr yee serious matey!
Quirks -
Tribal (+1 Speed)
Special (+1 Resilience)
High Quality Cards (+1 Speed)
Story themes: Second Fiddle and Rival (Probably the same person)

Luck 5
Destiny 2
Skill 3
Intuition 4

Speed 3
Power 2
Control 6
Resilience 5

I like it.

I dont think Eisen and Benjamin would be rivals though they could be friends and/or teammates.
If we do a tournament arc, with teams. Eisen seems like a good straight man to Bens joker.
Redoing >>63351317 in this one.
Luck: 0 (ironically) [30]
Destiny: 1 [28]
Skill: 4 [18]
Intuition: 6 [0]
Part of being antagonist is having reverse plot armor. Devis is a hustler with rotten luck, that's why his deck depends on luck as little as possible.
Speed: 2 [26]
Power: 2 [22]
Control: 4 [12]
Resilience: 4 [2]

Expert: he's a poker player, good at reading people
+1 skill
+1 intuition
I don't want to raise the intuition any higher, he's not a final boss type character.

Gimmick (increasing the amount of monsters with 0 ATK)
+ 2 control

Villainous Deck Spirit, Shively can't see spirits, but if he could, his would tell him to kill indiscriminately.

High Quality Cards
Solid Construction
+1 control
+ 1 resilience
+ 1 power
I'd like to see some more possible quirks.

Rival: antogonistic rivalry with the goody two-shoes protagonist who opposes using duel monsters to scam people.
Aggro Magnet: bread and butter

Final stats:
Luck 0/Destiny 1/Skill 5/ Intuition 7
Speed: 2/ Power 3/Control 5/ Resilience 5

Firstly thanks for giving it a whirl!

>dea/Question: Is it possible to spend left overs on 1 the other. I have a total of 3 points but can't do anything with it.
I could make it just 60 points divided as players choose, but that might allow min-maxing some people would take issue with.
Maybe just let any left overs that can't be spent fall over? That seems safe.

>I'd like to see some more possible quirks.
Yeah man i'd like to add more, if you have any ideas send them my way and ill throw them in.
File: Protip I'm mad.png (2 KB, 270x81)
2 KB
>Sven Angerman
>Beat Down
>Special [ANGRY]
>High Quality Cards
>Legendary Beast
>Solid Construction
>Aggro Magnet

Luck 1
Destiny 3
Skill 6
Intuition 4

Speed 4
Power 6
Control 4
Resilience 4


Sorry to shit up your thread, I just like making builds. Don't take it too seriously.
Hey cool cards bro. Question though, mechanically if a card says.
>Its effects are negated
then the part about it being unable to be tribute summoned would also be negated. So thats needs sorting out.
File: Snake Bed.png (365 KB, 334x488)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Maybe for a more villainous character you could include a cheater option?
Perhaps a quirk "elemental" could be the less committed version of "tribal", like how Mako Tsunami uses field spells to buff all water monsters.
An "empty field" quirk for having tons of cards that only affect your hand, deck and graveyard, a big boost to your speed at the expense of your power.
This one is a stretch, but what about a "joker" character trait, for a comic relief character that always loses until it's time to get serious. They would take a hit luck, skill and intuition, in exchange for extreme destiny.

Also, if Dragons get their own type of Deck Spirit, what about the other species of cards? Fairy, Fiend, Dinosaur, Warrior, etc.
Either that's the intention, in which case: yikes.
Or the descriptor could be changed to look something like this:
>Cannot be tributed for a tribute summon.
>If this card has not been summon from the graveyard, the following effects apply:
>o Once per turn, targeet a "Spring Sprite" monster in your graveyard; add it to your hand.
>o When this card is send to the graveyard, special summon it to your opponent's side of the field in defense position.
so something like
>your deck utilises some sort of elemental focus for synergy.
>+1 to any deck stat
Risky plays
>your deck uses methods other than board presence to establish itself.
+ -1 to speed +(some bonus)
>No-one expects much from you, but when the chips are down, you clean house.
> -1 luck, -1 skill, -1 intuition, +3 destiny

As for the dragon thing, thats just a holdover. I kept it because traditionally Yugioh allowed Dragons to be the most powerful type of monsters all other things being equal.
The way I read it, speed is how quickly you establish yourself, "Risky Play" would be a deck that focuses so hard on the search engine that it neglects field control, so it'd be a bonus to speed, at the expense of... I think control, since you're not restricting your opponents actions.

So many "any stat" options are a pity though. The option becomes meaningless from a mechanical perspective and people will wonder why it even mentions stats there and doesn't just give you more starting points.
With only 4 possible deck stats to be affected it's hard to make them unique though, perhaps if more of them included negatives to other stats there would be more trade-offs to consider.
How elaborate are you willing to go with the deck spirit? You could split it up in personality and appearance.
Personality could include villainous/heroic/comical.
Appearance could be human/abhuman/monster, with you having to choose a card type for the abhuman and monster option for what kind of creature they resemble.
Another possible story theme:
Growth. Throughout the story your collect more powerful cards to achieve your decks full potential.
File: Spoiler Image (66 KB, 720x706)
66 KB
Wait shit, Legendary Beast counts for two quirks. My bad. That's fine, I'll drop Solid Construction and pump 2 of my 3 leftover deck points into buying power.

Character: 30/30

Deck: 29/30

>Character Trait
>Deck Trait
>Deck Spirit
Special (DES TALLIKA, Otherdimensional Beast of Despair)
Legendary Beast
God Slayer
>Story Themes

RIP in Peace, Theme of 4, I tried to stick to you as closely as possible, but I guess it couldn't be done.
>Soul mate is missing
>Story Themes should be changed to personal arcs if you are going this road
>To avoid giving dragons their own spirit category you could turn it to type and add some fluff dragons encourage reckless aggressive while warriors encourage never backing down from a challenge machines encourage pure logic and shun emotion Zombies encourage acting on instincts
I'd argue that the mechanical thing from the initial version was less about literal machinery and more about the deck being made and assembled in a very 'mechanical' way, being more a tool than an ally or an army. Something that requires the user to make good use of it, rather than having much of a spiritual presence. A risky choice for this particular setting, but not an unreasonable one.

My point is that those particular choices have more to do with the 'spiritual attitude' of the deck rather than the label on the cards, if that makes any sense. Or at least, that's how I interpreted it.
Why not change it to instinctual and logical. With instinct, your deck spirit is primal and savage. It demands shows of dominance against all foes. Anyone that challenges this deck spirit expect a grueling encounter where surrender is not an option. This deck spirit is very unpredictable to its wielder. Logical is the opposite of instinctual. Cold efficiency. Your deck spirit is a well-oiled machine where every part is working toward the same goal. Analyzing and calculating all known and potential variable the machinery of your deck keeps on moving along.
>I wonder how hard it'd be to go for CWMA victory
Cwma would be banned so fast. By comparison, there's a fusion monster named Worm Zero - it uses 2+ fusion materials, but its 6+ material effect is just to draw an extra card each turn.
I think the difficulty increases exponentially with the amount of components required though. Plus, drawing cards is massively powerful in yugioh, which is why Pot of Greed was banned, and Worm Zero still almost never gets used.
Well it wasn't clear.
I saw no reason to interpret it as anything but their appearance.
Drawing cards and winning the duel automatically aren't even close to being on the same tier, anon
Uh, no, but CWMA at 10 leagues harder to get, so much harder that it's sort of appropiate to the reward I think.
You quickly win after getting that kind of draw capacity. Quicker than it takes to get to 10 summon materials from 6.
File: dragon lady.jpg (572 KB, 1314x1600)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
Let's determine what the evil plan is.
The cult wants to cleanse the world, and uses card games to achieve this somehow.

Maybe a specific McGuffin can summon the Void Dragon to the real world?
Thus far we have determined how the macguffin is activated, instructions in an ancient prophecy [see near the start of the thread for it] and once all duelists are sacrificed, the cleansing shall begin/happen.

The prophecy and the sacrifices are as good as we have gotten with them
So what does it have to do with card games?
Does it need to happen inside the shadow realm, via a duel?
Just don't even draw attention to it like every series after GX
Its yughio, of course its activated by a card game.

I did propose it needed to be in certain areas, so that when a duelist lost he was in a specific place to activate an occult symbol while another anon suggested that the hero dueling the BBEG or his chosen champion gained or lost advantages based on his friends performances bellow.
File: Yughio CYOA.jpg (6.95 MB, 1400x10000)
6.95 MB
6.95 MB JPG
oh and updated gil CYOA. need to adjust our stats a bit.
Ill add those two as options as well.

Thats a good idea.

Will add tonight.

Soulmate ofcourse.
Ill add a component to seperate looks and attitude

Are you gil? Itd be great to work together as im really new to the cyoa world and making things look good is surprisingly hard.
not gil, just a faggot that poked until it threw up results. and for john's stats

Power: 2
resilience: 6
File: Spoiler Image (30 KB, 640x480)
30 KB
How's this for the Lightspeed Legion?
Is the theming and amount of power appropiate?
Gonna need you to actually post cards, anon.
File: Lightspeed Deck.png (2.64 MB, 1675x986)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
How's this for the Lightspeed Legion?
I hope you both realize editing the work of another is an insult of extreme proportions. Especially if you take it upon yourself to directly edit his cyoa.
For a while it looked like Gil was posting all that about changes, and you never bothered to correct anyone.
I think it's a cool idea to include summoning deck spirits to the real world.
If that's what the McGuffin does, no wonder people from all over the world are trying to win it in a tournament, even willing to risk their lives/souls in shadow games.
But the cult wants to summon something that will destroy all non-believers.
no, gil altered it.

I just poked at him until he did.
Mate theres no insult here. The guy has a little note at the bottom saying its based off anothers work.

Also its fucking yugioh. Its already the work of someone else. Get your head out of your arse.

>it looked like a namefag
Who didnt use his name? Sort yourself out.
I look forward to seeing it.
File: hhhm.png (88 KB, 512x512)
88 KB
I think this concept needs more possible things that can happen with it.

What you want for a good underdog story is for the opponent to have an incredibly dominant position, like a super monster on the field, a relentless control stranglehold or a consistent burn getting them into the double digits lifepoints. Then at the last moment the protag breaks this pattern with an obscure mechanic.
So there need to be mechanics for controlling the enemy hand and field.
Your not wrong but i like the cards none the less.

Only issue with them is the terminology isnt consistent with yugioh mechanics.

Sorry to offend, it wasnt my intent and i didnt mean to impersonate anyone. I certainly wasnt trying to. If Gil is in here anywhere id love to work together.
>Only issue with them is the terminology isnt consistent with yugioh mechanics.
Where's the rub?
Sacrifice instead of tribute, retrieve instead of "add from your deck to your hand" etc.

Its not a big deal just a thing.
File: Spring Sprites.png (4.8 MB, 2094x1830)
4.8 MB
4.8 MB PNG
Spring Sprites are back! And hopefully worded a little more carefully. Cwma's new text should prevent Chain Material shenanigans and be harder to bring out her win condition. Her 10 material win con isn't supposed to be turbo'd with a draw power deck so I restricted it to the field and the archetype fusion spell. In exchange, I buffed Scope and gave the field spell a way to actually deal damage. I slightly rushed the rewording so if you see any mistakes, please point them out.

Now, onto the actual character.

Name: Caroline Leese
Trait: Dueling Ace
Deck Trait: Swarm (I would pick stall if not for my change to the field spell and the nerf to Cwma)
Deck Spirit: Elemental
Quirks: Heart of the Cards, Tribal, Special
Story Themes: Pawn

Luck: 2
Destiny: 2
Skill: 5
Intuition: 5

Speed: 3
Power: 2
Control: 4
Resilience: 6

Caroline is truly in the game for one reason. Money. She's practically obsessed with it and is willing to work for the highest bidder, whether they're evil or not. She doesn't really care as long as she gets payed. Only enters tournaments if she's getting payed for it or there's a big cash prize. Has a bit of a gambling problem.
Oh goddammit. Elea is supposed to have 1600 ATK/DEF.
> luck 4 / destiny 4 / skill 2 / intuition 2
> speed 3 / power 3 / control 4 / resilience 2
Character Trait:
>Flagship +2 power
Deck Spirit:
>Legendary Beast +3 power
>All-in (Power)
>Mystical arts,
>second fiddle (the big bad) +1 Destiny

luck 4 / destiny 5 / skill 2 / intuition 2
speed 3 / power 8 / control 4 / resilience 2

Character details incoming. The plan for this guy is to be a cultist sorcerer who turns regular duels into Shadow Games. And when he wins, forces those he defeats to become unwilling servants.

He works to end the world as we know it.

His deck involves "Hellknights" who empower monsters if used as tributes for ritual summons. 4 ritual monsters themed after the 4 horsemen. And 1 fusion monster that is made from the 4 horsemen.

If there was a way to take a downside id probably take it and add godslayer in. But all in seemed just as thematic and i liked the idea of breaking the cap.

Cards will come tonight.
This guy can act as a lieutenant for the big bad. In terms of getting sacrifices maybe he can even beat characters and force them to be badguys for a bit. Adding a miniboss that needs to be beat before the big bad can be confronted.
Why do people like this character?
I thought fa/tg/uys hated yugioh.
Assuming any board is a uniform hivemind is generally a bad idea.
Ive never seen a yugioh thread last longer than 20 minutes. I was just surprised is all.
We should really work on Isabella's character. I have a hold on John, and that writefaggotry by someone earlier with Luca gave me a handle on his character, but I still don't have much on the girl.

Also, odd question.

Barring gimmicks that would be able to remove Tallika's lives, what's the most number of times you can remove Tallika from the field?

Say Tallika has the maximum 12-13 lives that a 60 card deck's graveyard would give him.

How many times would you be able to remove him on average?
What's the maximum number of times you can remove him, barring intervention from his controller?


I agree! He seems like someone that would be like, a strong, stoic man that terrifies others. I think the mind control should only work if the opponent feels something though, like if they have the light of hope stripped from them or something.

It'd make some protagonists and secondaries immune, like Neil, unless he has Noel taken from him, but he can still fuck up the smaller secondaries.
> feels something though,
maybe despair? I mean he has wracked up a huge power. Maybe defeat by his monsters (im about to post) could be the trigger point.

I'd restrict the immunity to either the main protag or maybe 1 other. And have them share their secret with the protag.

I mean alternatively, just beat him in the shadow duel and not lose your facilities.
Maybe the person who beats him gets his servitude, and they demand him to reveal the conditions of the big bads ritual?

>How many times would you be able to remove him on average?
>What's the maximum number of times you can remove him, barring intervention from his controller?
Are you asking on the behalf of each character?
File: Allofthethings.png (4.43 MB, 2087x1820)
4.43 MB
4.43 MB PNG
Lets get on with the evil!
Each character, so you only have to answer for yours.

As a reminder, Tallika is a 4000 ATK/0 DEF monster with a gamut of silly effects that can't be negated, but the important ones for this question is this:

When DES Tallika is summoned, he banishes his owner's graveyard.

If DES Tallika were to be removed from the field in any way, return 4 cards from any banished zone into the graveyard, and DES Tallika remains on the field.

At the end of the controller's turn, DES Tallika switches into DEF position.

There are other effects that he has to make him more fun and fair, like reducing all battle damage concerning him and his opponent to 0, but those three are what make this question important.

Here are the things that you can do to remove a life from him:

Return to Hand/Deck
Send Away (a la Tiaramisu)
Use him for a cost

In a 60 card deck, the maximum is technically 14 lives, but then the user probably has like, 4 cards left for other places like the hand or deck, so the best is around 12-13.

Anyway, what's the average number of lives you can remove? and what's the max you can do in one turn?
Character name: Ryu Helner.
Moniker: the Fist.

Helner is one of Greyson's most trusted acolytes, and his primary enforcer. Helner is a powerful sorcerer able to call up the dreaded shadow realm. Physically he is an imposing man, whose face is always covered by his cowl. He wields the Millennium Ring, and uses its powers in conjunction with his own to claim dominion over his opponents if they lose to him. Crushing their sense of self with overwhelming despair.

Well the only real chance the Horsemen deck would have against it if he got out, is A: A buffed Horseman - War, if he was summoned with Abyss and equipped with Ritual Weapon (+1500 ATK/DEF) he could just attack twice a turn.

Actually scrap that, I just saw a killer combo.
>get all 4 horsemen into the GY.
>DES Tallika on the field
>play a New Dawn (returns all banished monsters to controllers GY)
>SS Abaddon
>activate effect to destroy DES Tallika
>no cards banished to pay for his effect = destroyed.
Notably doesnt work if there are banished spells/traps but oh well.
I did say without gimmicks, because yeah, he can actually be beaten through a lot of different ways. Removing the banished zone is one way but I made it so people either beat Tallika through hard work and perserverence, or through cleverness, like removing his lives or attacking the controller directly.

You can also just beat Tallika's controller before he can summon it, or bait him out into summoning it earlier so it becomes piss baby easy beating him.
Aiming to get rid of 12 lives within say or 3 turns by which point he will have won.

My Turn 1:
Play Sea Dog Bosun > discard Seadog to SS S.D anyone
Play S.D Freeport
Set S.D Accursed Gold.
Attack with each -2 lives.
His Turn 1:
He tributes due to field card -3lives.
He attacks, I respond with Accursed gold.
My turn 2:
Discard Seadog to either get S.D Gunner from GY or SS it if I have it.
Probably don't normal summon unless its Gunner.
Attack with all 3 -6
His turn 2:
He tributes -7
Destroys Accursed Gold somehow.
Attacks all 3 -10
Respond with Gunners effect to negate the attack.
My turn 3.
SS and Normal summon as many as possible and attack -13 to -15
His turn 3:
He destroys Gunner and attacks.

At this point my field and hand are empty. I might be able to buy and extra death by activating Sea Dog Dirty fighting.

I'd say in ideal conditions though the Sea Dog deck could well hold him off unless he is really pumped up or the deck has plenty of counters.
I'm pretty sure het win condition is literally impossible to achieve now.
Are we doing millennium items? I thought we were doing our own McGuffins.
Oh I didnt realise, disregard then.

I donno ill give him the ring of Mammon, Ill think up details for it now.
>I mean alternatively, just beat him in the shadow duel and not lose your facilities.
Exactly, when we don't want someone to become mind controlled at a particular point in the story we just don't have them lose to him.
When he is fonally defeated and becomes a shadow slave according to his own games' rules, he can be ordered to set the people he acquired free.
Spring Sprites here. In one turn with the perfect 6 card hand? Best I see is 5 removals.

Hand: Spring Sprite Aura, 3x Spring Sprite Sera, Spring Sprite Surprise, Spring Sprite Grove.

Play Surprise, summon Aura to your field. Special Summon all three Sera to my field. Play Grove, add Spring Sprite Spring to my hand. Play it, sending Aura back to my hand and achieving first removal. Normal Summon Aura. Use Aura's effect on DES. Attack with all four, earning four more removals.

In the long term, since Aura's effect can be used on your turn, it would prevent my monsters from being destroyed by battle as long as I have my field spell, so I can keep stacking up removals every turn.

Alternatively, because DES doesn't seem to float upon actually being destroyed, I can negate his effect with Mina, reduce his ATK with Aura, then just beat over him normally.

Just like every other alternate win con deck.
I did say one turn, because like, Tallika has the ability to attack every monster in a turn, although any battle damage concerning him becomes 0.

He does 500 damage for each monster he destroys by battle, and 200 damage at the end of his controller's turn, so Accursed Gold might cause him a shitton of trouble unless it's removed, because that's his only real way of causing damage otherwise.

His effects are non-negatable, unfortunately. But he can still be stolen away and used against the controller, if you want to do that to poor Neil.

I do not know what you mean by "doesn't seem to float" but I will explain that he is still destroyed, tributed, returned to hand, and whatever else you did to him to remove him, for the purpose of card effects. So if you Kaiju'd Tallika, you'd still summon the Kaiju to his side of the field, but he wouldn't go away.
Then wouldn't it be clearer to put it as 'when this card is send from the field to the graveyard, return 4 banished cards to the graveyard, special summon it'?
Since as you say, effects that require it to go to the graveyard still resolve.
>negate his effect with Mina,
I dont think his effects can be negated.

Assuming you mean 1 turn...

>Perfect 6 card draw. 2 x Titanforce Recruits, 1 x Titanforce Scout, 1 x Titanforce Pathfinder, 1 x Titanforce Commander. 1 x Double Summon

>Play TF Pathfinder
>Play Double Summon
>Play TF Scout activate effect on Pathfinder SS Apothecary
>SS 2 Recuits.
>Contact Fusion to create Battle King Terminator with 4 counters (leaving Apothecary on the field)
>Apothecary effect to SS Pathfinder
>Contact Fusion Battle King Sniper.

Attack with both = 2 lives
Sniper effect = 3 lives
Remove all 4 counters from Terminator = 7 lives.

Thought its worth noting with this that Eisen is better off not removing all the counters from Terminator if he actually managed to get him up with 4 counters. But there you have it.
I wanted it so no matter where he went, he would remain on the field. It's a bit confusing word wise, because technically anything you do to him still happens, it's just that the place where he goes is replaced with "The field."

In practice, all it means is that people have a lot of ways to counterplay Tallika.

As for why not just special summon it from the grave, one of his many rules is thus:
You may Normal Summon this card by banishing 4 cards from the side of your field. This card cannot be special summoned.

Which makes it incredibly difficult to bring him back from anywhere, so that when he does die, He dies for good.

It does bring up an issue though. I don't knw if counters should stay on him when a life is taken away. The theme for him is a big, difficult, but still defeatable mountain, and I'm not sure if removing counters from him everytime he dies would be more on the difficult or defeatable part of that.
So what you're saying is Tallika is cockblocked by an Imperial Iron Wall.
Floating would be that his effect activates upon hitting the graveyard. So if his effect is negated through a pre-played Skill Drain, he could still return to the field after being destroyed, as Skill Drain doesn't affect the GY.
The same way a lot of the most dangerous cards are.
Its funny though, the only deck can run the cockblocking traps and spells that absolutely shit all over the other custom archetypes like anti-magic spell fragrance, zombie world, dimensional fissure and Imperial Iron wall is Vampire Knights, the author of that either knew what he was doing when he designed that archetype or it was pure coincidence.
Why is it the only one?
Yes, he's cockblocked by an Imperial Iron Wall. Then again, the gaveyard doesn't get banished until he hits the field, so if Neil sees that shit coming, you can bet your ass he'll try and clear it out.

Ah, he doesn't float, I guess. Though, again, his effects are all non-negatable, which includes his own restrictions, so no Neil getting a big 4k beater that can slap the opponent for game outta nowhere either if he plays his own Skill Drain.
Writing prompt idea.

>How does each character meet at least 1 other for the first time.
>Do they duel? If so tell us about it.
Have you read what Bringer of Ruin and Breaker of Oaths do?

Bringer of Ruin synergizes extremely well with anti-magic fragrance, it essentially locks out the opponent from ever playing spells and traps, if Kazu gets lucky and drops anti-magic fragrance and Bringer before Hellknights can crank out their ritual monsters, then they're essentially a vanilla beater deck filled with 1800-2000 atk monsters. The Bringer+Fragrance synergy also locks out all of Spring sprites's removal. The only way spring sprites can break the lock is if Aura is able to reduce Bringer down to 1500 atk and suicide attack it and then have one turn to set up traps and play their most important spells, but to get around that he just needs to put a bloodstain counter on aura and remain completely unaffected.

Breaker of oaths synergizes with dimensional fissure, it effectively locks out the opponent's destruction on vamp knight monsters and banish effects. Lighgtspeed legion can't play united legion. Vamp knights also aren't affected by Gozen Match, so they can play that to fuck up titanforce, preventing them from getting their dark attribute fusions out. Their hardest matchup is against sea dogs since their faster, their boss monsters are bigger and have better effects that circumvent sending vamp knights to the graveyard.
because youre only the bitch of a single character

just dont play life or death duels with them and youre fine, if still a little bitch

no he is not, but its clear that he put plenty of effort in to balance his cyoa-ish thing

so full props to him

I will admit that I feel like trying to place more mechanics in place is almost counter productive, theres a reason I tried to make it rather abstract in my own version

but whatever works for him I guess
>Are you gil?
no, but I am

I was banned due to changes on allowed words, which is why I havent been in this thread for ages

very nice, low power but with nifty effects to make up for it
File: premise.png (1.26 MB, 1000x1000)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
I like it!
File: Shadow Artefacts.png (1.49 MB, 1888x6000)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
If we're doing this concept, here's a template to fill in as we go along and more are thought up.
Tournament participants are likely to have an artefact, whether they're in on the conspiracy or not, the tournament is designed to bring them together after all.

So I think the design philosophy is that every item is created by a different culture, who discovered the shadow realm independently. Making every item unique in its design.

I was presumptuous enough to include the ring of Mammon and made up some stuff about it. It can always be changed of course.
File: yugioh CYOA 0.jpg (6.44 MB, 1400x10000)
6.44 MB
6.44 MB JPG

the main character needs one

the rival needs one

the remainder can be split any way wanted

I know people kinda moved on, but here it is anyways
Well, the story is that our protagonist is chasing after the villain, who used to be his friend, in order to understand or redeem him, right?
So he might get mixed up in this magical tournament thing without previously being exposed to the supernatural via an artefact.

But I guess even then, he could get his hands on one eventually.
What'd say about an item that led him use alternative logic, which isn't printed on the cards mechanics. Kind of like attacking the moon, or destroying the floatation ring on a flying castle.
If I remember correctly the protagonist used to be a fan of the villain, but the villain turned evil

that doesent mean we need to make it the driving force behind the season, theyre not Jack and Yuusei tier in terms of closeness

I think its better to have him incidentally get his hands on a relic and end up being roped in due to that
Luca's Lightspeed deck was inherited from Ash, wasn't it? He abandoned it to chase after the void.
How did he get it? I assume he didn't just pick it up from the ground.
why not? him finding it by seeming accident would both allow for some mystery and be quirk, and also allow for the whole "its destiny ash" deal
Because that's theft.
its not theft to pick up someone elses garbage
Okay, how about this.
Ash somehow finds out about Luca's artefact and asks him to join him, he shows off the earth shattering power of the void dragon to convince him the dark side is stronger.
Luca is shocked and claims Ash's old signature deck had more heart and soul to it.
Ash, in a fit of rage, throws him the deck, saying if he likes weak monsters so much, he can have them.
I think that could work, but having the main villain and hero be so close to each other early in the season would be bad

so how about this

>Luca finds artifact somehow, and obtains it
>Ash sends some people to get the artifact or at the very least get Luca to join the tournament
>Luca beats the thug but finds out he was using Ash's deck (leading to some mystery over how this happened, since at this point Ash is still Luca's hero and presumably a good guy)
>Luca joins the tournament to find out what is happening and get to the bottom of it, helped by his idols deck
File: void dragon.jpg (86 KB, 1024x612)
86 KB
>having the main villain and hero be so close to each other early in the season would be bad
would it really be such a problem?
You start with personal stakes, then later you introduce world stakes. So there's tension at the start but there's still places to escalate.
Plus, meeting the villain once in the first act and then again in the climax ties a neat little bow on things, his introduction makes the difference in power seem astronomical, but then at the end you see how much the protagonist has grown.
>would it really be such a problem?
I mean it kinda lessens the mystery to have them be on such "equal" footing early on

and while there is a precedent for early villain reveals (Pegasus) there is also lots of cases where they are held in reserve (shadow riders, dark signers and so on)
I think establishing the villain through the protagonist's perspective by meeting him is usually how it's done, in story telling in general I mean.
All the good villains make their presence felt throughout the entire story.

The mystery should by no means be the villain's character motivation, just his plan. If we show how both characters perceive and interact with the world we can show that contrast off in everything they do.
I really don't think Luca being able to talk to Ash briefly at the start will cheapen his intimidation factor, if the writing is good it could enhance it.
the issue isnt showing the villain, its the equal footing of the scenario- placing the protagonist on the same level as the antagonist

pegasus didnt walk up to yugi and go "hey wanna join me for my evil plan? btw heres my evil plan"

he kidnapped his grandpa and made him play along
Of course not, he's trying to get him to be his minion.
by asking! he didnt threaten him, he didnt blackmail him, he didnt have someone beat him up

he walked up and asked (and then fucked off when told to fuck off by the protagonist, even gave him a deck), thats a very different power dynamic - and one that is more fitting for a rival than a villain
How about we have a marik/yugi situation? We knew Marik was evil as the audience but Yugi didn't. He had no receive to distrust him and if it wasn't for his dark side taking over it would have been a nice reveal. That hey I am the one fucking you over and trying to assrape your friends for my own end.
I really really disagree.
Villains ask heroes to join them all the time, that doesn't make them less villainous at all.
He simply calculates that he'll get his item anyway, when one of his minions banishes him to the shadow realm, instead of doing anything drastic that draws attention to him right in the moment.
Besides, his full evil, and the insidiousness of the tournament have yet to be revealed at that point. Luca probably DOES think of him more as a rival than a villain. He thinks he can convince him to return to the light side, that's their dynamic.
Ash is supremely powerful, he just chooses not to do anything to Luca at that particular moment, it wouldn't benefit him.
>that doesn't make them less villainous at all.
but think about the points at which this happens

darth vader didn't ask luke to join him when he first met him, he did it once he has already proven himself and become a jedi, and that goes double for the emperor

the villain being on such equal footing with the hero at the instigating act, let alone revealing his whole plan- both robs him of mystery and makes him seem less threatening, villains only ask when they do not have the power to take - imagine if sauron just politely asked Frodo for the ring as opposed to sending ringwraiths to murder him

>hes more a rival, thats their dinamic
then its a very poor one for the villain, the dynamic between the villain and the hero, and the rival and the hero are very different- and work in very different ways

not to mention that Luca already has a rival, what he needs is a villain
>hes more a rival, thats their dynamic
that's not what I said at all

I'm challenging you on two things.
1. That the villain needs to be an immediate threat in order to be threatening.
2. That having a conversation puts them on equal footing thematically.

I fundamentally oppose those two ideas.
Their dynamic is that Luca thinks Ash can be redeemed, he idolizes him, that's why it's thematically appropiate that he wields the Lightspeed deck, a symbol of Ash at his best.
There's no issue at all with the danger to Luca's wellbeing not being immediately obvious, that's raising the stakes, something a story like this is all about.

We can whip out the theatrics if there's concern Ash comes off as being too considerate of some random fan, to show off how Luca isn't special we could have him invite half a dozen artefact holders to his presentation simultaneously, but it's an exchange that needs to happen for their dynamic to feel genuine.
>I'm challenging you on two things.
and Im disagreeing with you on the first, and seeing that you missed the point of the second

it isnt that the conversation itself makes them seem on equal grounds, its the fact that it takes the form of a request- that the villain is ASKING for something

when you ask for something you place both parties on equal footing, or at least near enough that one party has to get the consent of the other, and that just doesent work for establishing a villain

pegasus had a conversation with Yugi, but he didnt ASK him- he made an ultimatum and left him in a position where he had to accept it, either he participates or he doesent get his grandfathers soul back
He's asking because he thinks he'll have subservient worship. When he doesn't get it he just goes "fuck you then, guess I'll kill you in the tournament". He doesn't need threats and blackmail, he can just wait it out since he is already assured victory. The whole talk was him graceously extending his hand towards the little people, if they reject him it hurts nothing but his pride.
Ash is different from Pegasus, Pegasus had to find a way to force Yugi to participate in order to take something from him. Ash doesn't need Luca to do anything. Their incentives are different.
OP here. Could you guys help out with the new op since I've not had time to? Also, maybe you'll want to decide whether people should be required to redo their characters with the new cyoa.
File: Shadow Artefacts.png (1.88 MB, 1888x6000)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Included Luca's artefact.
Naturally, all of this can be subject to change, so please speak up about what you think should be in it. Should the flair column exist at all?
I think the time for a new thread is a long way off, we haven't even hit bump limit yet.
I honestly starting to think there far too many chefs in this kitchen.

We already had a single magic macuffin with a prophecy and everything. Now we are adding more magic macuffins. Mystical Arts could account for everyone's magical power. So if the Fist wants to mind control people his powers allow him to win shadow games for a person's control.

I just don't want this to devolve into a macuffin off where we fight for the strongest objects.
got a new guy here >>63387621
and here >>63360598
and here >>63377160
and here yet again >>63342081

And here>>63339908

And johns redone stats.>>63383494 (You)
I am in favor of reworking the maths, its literally only altering one [possibly two] things.
yea, its getting pretty over loaded
>Ash doesn't need Luca to do anything
and yet he has to resort to asking
This thread is basically Yugioh but written by Tite Kubo
its yugioh, but if someone smashed two seasons together
Yeah, that's what I said
But we don't need extra magical macuffins. One is enough. Our overall plot is someone is trying to bring about ultimate destruction. He has formed a cult around that notion and idea. I would imagine the low level cultist are those hanger-ons that think they are going to get rewarded once this is over. The Priesthood is the ones with the real powers using the shadow games to collect souls to feed the great beast. And the prophecy is how to awaken the beast. With the leader Ash actually being possessed by the great beast's spirit.
That's not such a humbling thing as you make it out to be.
He doesn't want anything, he's offering something, he has no reason at all to try to force them into accepting it.
>That's not such a humbling thing as you make it out to be.
thats how it looks

a villain who is introduced just asking for something isnt intimidating, they arent scary, they look like a bitch
Then what is the magical MacGuffin?

We know the cult is organizing a tournament, we know that at the end of the tournament they plan on sacrificing everyone, not during, so there needs to be a reason for there to be a tournament in the first place.
One way or another, you're going to end up with an extended magical system.
That's legitimately an insane position to take.
You make it sound like he's begging on his knees, when he's just testing if the easy route is available.
to get the correct people into the correct places
no, its the simple fact that what he did was ask

asking is not the position of someone who has the power, it is the position of someone on equal grounds with the person they are asking- something that doesent work for a villain

the power dynamic it establishes just doesent work for the main antagonist
No you don't need an extended magical system. Mystics can cause shadow games. Bam. How those shadow game work is thematically up to the mystic. For Anhuri I plan his shadow game turns people into Ushabti. Soul is feed to the great beast and the body is protected until he can figure a way to reclaim the soul or the beast is defeated. No macuffin involved.
People ask for things they don't need all the time.
As a cult leader you need followers, it doesn't make sense to have followers that don't want to follow you, so you ask someone if they're interested, that doesn't put you on equal footing with them at all.
Ash wants subservient minions, if they're not into his cause, they're not of use to him, asking them is a completely logical way of establishing that, not a humble or down-to-earth way, the only way.

I mean, Jesus Christ, there's still a world beyond power dynamics you know. You don't crush everyone that's below you into the dirt at any given opportunity, at the expense of your own time and energy.
We can do it like that...
But don't you think unifying all powers under a single umbrella is more elegant? Like 'Anhuri has the Ushabti ability from this list of abilities', so you know there's nobody out there that can just say "Okay, I use my magical powers to stop the ritual, the world is saved."
I mean, that's how you maintain tension and audience investment in a story that has magic in it, isn't it? By setting clear rules and limitations at the start.
>there's still a world beyond power dynamics you know
yes, but power dynamics matter, they matter a whole lot

if you want to establish a villain you need to do it correctly, you need them to be a good villain from step zero- you cant just set them up as a chump and then tack on powers later, because that will just feel cheap- and that means you have to use everything at your disposal to make it work

the relationship and dynamic you are describing is the one between jack and yuusei, not the one between a hero and his main villain

>asking them is a logical way of establishing that
no cult leader goes over to someone and goes "oh hey want to join my evil cult"

>that doesent put you on equal footing
if you werent you wouldnt need to ask, by asking you place the power in the hands of another- you give them the option to refuse

someone who has all the power doesent ask, they command
that was never a thing in yugioh, not really

weve seen shadow games take many different forms, from regular death-traps to duels in the shadow dimension to irl RPG's

>I use my magical powers to stop the ritual
and yet in the show despite the abundance of mystics and magical relics this is never an issue

magic in yugion is soft magic, but it is also highly specific
That is all well and good but we don't need the seven rings of Wargoth the nine fangs of Olgback and the twenty daughters of the ancient king Samberg to do that.

Besides if the ritual could be performed with one or two mystics then the world is already fucked so the reverse must be true too...if one or two mystic could destroy the ritual then the bbeg wasn't that great at all.
Literally what are the Millenium Items.
>Literally what are the Millenium Items.
powerful magical items that have both a variety of vague powers and their one main application (eye makes you psychic, ring makes you evil, puzzle makes you MC)
>Puzzle makes you MC
+10 points good sir.
>No cult leader goes over to someone and goes "oh hey want to join my cult
How the hell do you think cults get new members? Blackmail? They recruit and convince people to join.
Yet cults have a rigid hierarchy with a totalitarian attitude towards challenging the leadership.

>If you weren't, you wouldn't need to ask.
Just what in the world are you imagining? Do you really want your big bad villain to be so desperate for the hero's help that he has to force him to join him?
He doesn't NEED to ask, he asks because it's low effort, which corresponds to the low reward of having some fanboy to do some chores for him.
Exactly, and their rarity and limited number was established immediately. They were part of a single system.
>How the hell do you think cults get new members?
not the leader walking up with a pamphlet

a cult spreads its ideology, it doesent ask people to join, it convinces them they want to join

>do you really want the BBEG so desperate for the heroes help that he has to force him to join im
do you really want the BBEG to be so harmless that all he can do is as nicely?

the bad guy doesent ask, he says what will happen- and then it happens
Just an idea, but the card box/pendent Cain woke up with can be one of the McGuffins. Maybe it gets stolen and he has to get it back so he can participate in the tourney?
That's so rigid.
Sometimes a bad guy just steers, he keeps options open, he doesn't just have one path towards victory.
Why do you insist this would be some sort of act of desperation? Trying to convince someone to join you is not an act of desperation. From Ash's point of view, it's an act of mercy. If they reject it, he has no reason to pursue it, they don't deserve it anyway.

And you know what? It does reflect negatively on him. He tries to convince him and he fails. That's because his worldview of power above everything doesn't mesh with Luca. But that's fine, that's a fine way for a villain to be flawed, it doesn't take away from his intimidation.
Why does he want to participate in the tourney?
>it doesn't take away from his intimidation.
1. the first thing we see of out villain is him failing
2. he failed in a situation where he put the protagonist as his equal

it very much does tank his intimidation factor through the floor

how pathetic would darth vader be if the first we saw of him was him asking some rebels to surrender before they tell him to fuck off and get away?

>from his perspective its an act of mercy
that doesent matter, because its not how he views things that matters- but what the audience sees

>why do you insist this would be some sort of act of desperation
because of the inherent power dynamics- you ask of your equals, not of your inferiors
And it devolved into a collectathon with Marik, Pegasus, Bakura all trying to get their hands on them. However, the shadow games where used by a multitude of people without milliemun items.to great effect. Again a single macuffin is all we need.
But you don't.
You can ask someone to come work for you. That's a thing. It's a thing that happens all the time.
He asks because it's a thing that only makes sense if you step into it willingly. He doesn't ask because he has just so damn much respect for the person in question and doesn't want to antagonize them.

And yes he fails. He fails to convince. He still has his ultimate overwhelming power, in fact, it's an event where he shows it off.
But jeez, the protagonist is allowed to push back, he should be able to disagree. Ash is a villain, he's not a god, his authority doesn't encompass all things rhetorical, physical and mental. He's a bad guy with the ability to do bad things, the good guys can't stop his bad things at the start, but should be able to disagree with his motives in the very least.

Somebody back me up here.
It depends on the type of villain we set up. Is Ash charismatic? then his presence will draw followers. Is he brutish? then fear or violent tactics will do the trick. Is he persuasive? then promising you your hearts desire will do.

His cult will attract low level fools like the downtrodden or the weak willed because that is the nature of cults. They also attract those looking to belong to something. Like outcast and runaways.
>it's an event where he shows it off.
by getting refused?

a villain shows of his power by shitting on the hero, not getting BTFO'd

>you can ask someone to come work for you
and in that situation you place the power in their hands
Going of earlier writeups, there's definitely a lot dumb mooks.
Anhuri go a nameless supervisor that he could easily cowe into letting him do whatever he wanted.
But I think Chaser and Magnolia are also supposed to be cultists. So the there's a top level of smarter people that could be in it for the benefits.
>But I think Chaser and Magnolia are also supposed to be cultists

Neither of them are. They think that Ash is just making his celebrity return.
>and in that situation you place the power in their hands
the power to refuse, not, like, power over you

a villain shows his power by showing his power, shitting on the hero is optional
your job offer not being taken up is not getting BTFO'd
It wouldn't surprise me if there were plants in the cult. People that don't actually believe the nonsense but are trying to use it for their own ends...or even government agents looking to either keep an eye on them or take them down. So not every low level mook is going to be a shit for brains.
>a villain shows his power by showing his power
and he shows his power by doing something to the hero- its also what sets him up as a threat

>the power to refuse
and deny you what you want, yes- hence the power dynamic

>your job offer not being taken up is not getting BTFO'd
asking for something and getting told to suck a dick very much is being BTFO'd
That's definitely a story element that could be introduced.
Mostly though, it's nice to have a small army of faceless minions to execute the villain's plans.
I see, we should probably flesh them out more.
Just to be clear, are they being deceived about the true purpose of the tournament?
What in the world is wrong with you?
The villain has a monologue about how absolute power is the only thing that matters, the hero says it isn't.
In your mind this somehow turns into the hero kickflipping out of their while flipping the bird, leaving the villain behind with a droopy face.
>Just to be clear, are they being deceived about the true purpose of the tournament?

Isn't literally everybody except for Ash? But yeah, they would be. Magnolia might actually go for it if she finds out, but Chaser eventually becomes a good guy.
>People that don't actually believe the nonsense but are trying to use it for their own ends
so Edward?
maybe Ash is using his connections to them to have them organize a tournament for the purposes of getting the needed ingredients for his ritual. He has some shit for brains mooks to pad the tournament roster to make it an even bigger event. So it attracts more actual duelists.

If that is Edwards goal then yeah. He is just paying lip service to them while attempting to take their magical shiny things.
the villain going up to the hero, asking him to join him, and then being told to fuck off

is not the same as doing his big evil speech and then he hero shouting "ur wrong" from somewhere in the back row while the villain didnt even know hes there

its about the dynamic of it, the villain ASKS- thats the issue
Vader asking Luke to join him.
Palaptine asking Luke to join him
Kylo asking Rey to join him
This trope exist in fiction. *these where just the easiest ones I can remember.*
>the hero shouting "ur wrong" from somewhere in the back row while the villain didnt even know hes there
way way way too far in the other direction
there needs to be personal rapport between the hero and the villain
I'm all for making the villain intimidating, but the villain is not a god, you don't need to make it absolute. I mean sure, villains that control everything from the start where the hero needs to find a way to escape their sick game can be fun, but they're not the only kind of villain. Sometimes there's just two parties butting heads, a good party and a bad party.
Ive explained why these are different

Vader asking Luke to join him is not a villainous moment, its a hint at the fact that he has humanity- and is not our introduction to the character, he is already a big scary enemy

palpatine asking luke to join him is done when luke is already the big damn hero and within reach of finishing the empire once and for all- it wasnt when he was just some farm-boy on tatooine

kylo ren is not an intimidating villain, serving at best as an anti-hero/midboss for most of the movies, he is the Zuko of the sequels
>its about the dynamic of it, the villain ASKS- thats the issue
what is it with you
I drew the analogue to real life cult, you said they don't ask, they convince
well fine, the villain convinces people

he just doesn't manage to convince the hero, allow for that, allow the villain to not have ultimate supreme convincing ability, he doesn't need that power, he has enough power going on in other areas
To be fair, anyone who has Lightspeeds is already going to be stronger than like 90% of your mooks.
I agree with this.

It shows that Ash is willing to extend an olive branch. And if the hero says no. He just shrugs it off makes a vague or clear threat about him regretting the choice and leaves.

That way when chips are down the villain can go "i gave you a chance to join me but you rejected it. now suffer for you, fool."
Ash gives Lightspeed to Luca, that's what the scene was supposed to be for, so he doesn't find it while rummaging through his trash.
then change the scenario

the hero can attend one of the cults gatherings and see Ash there, and then say that hes wrong and hes going to prove it

rather than being invited in person and being told to shove it

hes also one of the weakest characters in the show, like bottom 50%

but then again the villain isnt even top 3
Cults attract the downtrodden or why not have The hero hears that the legendary Ash doing a meet and greet at x place and goes there to meet him. But he find it just a recruitment drive some duelist club and the hero isn’t big on clubs or groups that way we can have him grow into maybe I need others to succeed
>the hero can attend one of the cults gatherings and see Ash there
yeah sure, that seems appropiate
Shonen mc's grow stronger with time.
Yeah i can see the value to the abstract, the reason i was looking to put more mechanics in place was to add a level of depth to the characters and a level to the decks.

The idea in the original being that both shared the same, so a weak timid person couldnt have a strong deck really. I also wanted to add more realistic details to how the decks played.
For the purposes of this story anyway i thought it would he better to have people be able to build decent characters without having to take a boatload of drawbacks as well - which i noticed on Bejamin Bonnets character. The anon obviously had a concept in mind but someone asked him how his choices even linked to what he was posting. This disconnect is what got me going.

If your open to it, itd be great if we could make up a conjoined one fof these threads. But if not, your back now so ill stop posting my trashy one.
I do want to see your updated text cyoa. I like your take on the mechanics.
(not Gil btw)
I've made cyoas before, maybe I could do an image version for it. It'd look different from this one of course.
>so you could be timid but have a strong deck
I agree that thats pretty cool, and something that has to be pretty heavily head cannoned in mine

>I also wanted to add more realistic details to how the decks played.
I can see the value in that, but it felt almost wrong considering how fast and loose the anime is with the rules

>if we could make a conjoined one
that would be pretty cool, but im pretty busy right now and for the next while (week or so), so im afraid it wouldnt be soon
Thats fine by me ill cut away the ring from helner.
I can see Benjamim doing this. Joining for some other purpose.
You don’t have cut away the ring. Just have it that he was made to believe his powers are because of his ring. Or his ring like a focus for his natural powers. That way people believe they can neutralize or even harness his power by taking the ring. It would be interesting if he goes with the former and learns the ring isn’t real and make his foe believe he not a threat anymore.
File: Seven Seal.png (1.53 MB, 1300x1896)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Dang it! You stole my theme... Well, back to the drawing board.
Now you're making it complicated again.
Remember in your rework: no synchro and beyond, it's modern day
I've noticed that. It annoys me. Also, for the character I was making, it made sense. I'm literally starting from scratch here. Why must my creative process take so long? I was aiming for final secret boss.
How so? I am just trying to give your character a personal arc. Make a bit more 3D. He is villain that thinks he needs something to use that is nature. It makes him more interesting at least to me and keeps you from losing at elements you wanted. Your “magic ring”
This story already has so many moving parts.
Misunderstandings and the power of belief in the magic system? Maybe for a spinoff.
But this is specific to your character only.
Not the character's author
We're making a single narrative, right? One season. Benjamin is a side character.
>Final secret boss is a timetraveller from the future.
>Completely bewilders the MC with a bunch of extra rule gimmicks.
Would be funny.
Did you not read the build?
Farm bills belonging to the people that took him in.
>Luca summons United Legion
>"You summoned it in the wrong zone."
>"What? What do you mean?"
>"You have to summon it to one of the extra monster zones."
>"The what?"
>travels from the future
>all of his cards are now invalid
Actually it was multi-dimensional based. It was how I thought Ark-V was going to play out before it went to shit.

My character was collapsing branches from his prime dimension before it disintegrated from splintering too much. Ironically from the very ritual that banished the cards he's now using to do it, thus creating the splinters based on their summoning methods.
I see.
So there's a big cash prize.
File: Cain deck sample.png (5 MB, 2080x1820)
5 MB
It took me a while, but I finally made my cards.
Ill do this instead. Maybe him losing the ring is the key to his defeat. His shadow realm powers being despair focused. Maybe he suffers backlash.
Erm im the author
How does bejamin tie into this? Am i missing something
Talk of Benjamin sparked the discussion about adding too many arcs.
Including a story about Benjamin learning his ring is just a Crow's Feather and the real power was inside him all along is a bad idea imo.
>We told Cain to become his own Deck Spirit and he actually did it, the absolute madman!
Fucking typo
>about adding too many arcs
also about adding to many bits to the magic system that need to be exposited
the whole reason we aren't doing artefacts is to avoid that, not to spark ideas on how to introduce it
Hey mate, two things.
1. You might want to change the name of Hel Knight just because there is an archtype with the same name.
2. Would you mind if later i posted your card effects with terminology more inline with yugioh? This isnt a dig - the intent and effects are clear im just big on uniformity.

I think theres some confusion. Ths piratebro and sorcererbro are different people.

.... or are they!?
>Hel Knight just because there is an archtype with the same name.
FUCK I dont know what else to call it since I wanted to reference the nordic Hel
>second point
Yeah sure, it would be much appreciated too. Want the raw text I had in my notes as a starting point?
Oh right.
Ryu Helner.
Ryu is the one.
The one who shouldn't have an arc about where his magic exactly comes from.
There should be a cast page.
I can just extrapolate from the cards. But probably wont be able to post til after lunch
And since I'm a lazy bastard I may not update them with the card maker until tomorrow.
Oop this is my fault. I used a shitty name generator for helner.

I might just remove his first name and give him a culty title instead something like 'Brother Helner' or 'Father Helner'.
When you get to choose what card it is, say "add from the deck to the hand", not "draw"
I don't know if peopl would object to the term auto-target, sounds like a special technical term, you could turn it into just "target", the fact that there's no choice or human intervention there is clear.
Amalgamation should mention from where you can remove monsters from play. Probably not the deck. Also some cards say "remove from play" but in later prints this has all been changed to "banish".
Ooooh. Cult shenanigans, I like that.
Sorry, I thought it was clear for Amalgamation that it was like a normal tribute summon, but the tribute was removed instead.
I figured that was a safe assumption, but you neveer know.
Looking great
File: tree city.jpg (394 KB, 952x800)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
I liked the idea of globetrotting for the premise.
But I think people prefer the magic system to not be to obtrusive and stay in the background, just as a plot device for the conflict.
>summoning mechanics from the original series only
>narrative design more convoluted than ARC-V and VRAINS
Big forehead and very naughty.
Is it?
>Cult holds a shady tournament.
>MC, alongside various colourful characters, participate for a great prize
>Cult leader reveals the tournament is a ritual to end the world
>final card game is over the fate of the world
That's pretty much all there is to it.
He should definitely be an adult.
Not Ash Blossom, you idiot.
If Benjamins author is around, i thought it might be a cool story idea for Eisen and him to be related, either familial or friends. And have the reason 1 of them enter the tourny is to find the other one. For season 1 the relationship would probably be left undisclosed with the seekers objective not really coming up, but just shaping their journey.

S2 can be when things actually develop. Thoughts?
That totally ignores the noodly mess that is the character list
>colourful characters
But there's a battle for the fate of the world at the end of S1, are we doing slice of life after that?
More like a blizzard
They each get one episode each. Either as an opponent to the Main Characters or as someone the protagonists meet and befriend, perhaps even root for in a duel of their own.
In the final episode they're all present in the crowd.
Jojo style is better. Half of an episode dedicated to their backstory, the rest of the episode, then one more to wrap up and tie into the world at large alongside MC.
New thread?

I'll make it, but I need to work on the pasta so I'll post that later.
Thanks. We'll wait on that then.
If possible id use the more indepth stats provided. Obviously not all characters have been remade with them though.


Damn I'm tired.

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