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Okay, we've all had time to sit back and brainstorm new ideas, it's time to get back into the worldbuilding and 1d4chan page! For anyone here who wasn't in either of the first threads or has forgotten where we left off, they're right here.
Thread 1
Thread 2
And the 1d4chan
We really don't need three threads of this, m'man, and especially not making one at three in the morning
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>Dork's village is visited by an agent of the Crown, as the kingdom is raising an army against its neighbor
>he doesn't know they have a dragon yet
bump for those in the 1'st and 2'nd threads to find this and work on the 1d4 page
We were starting to get into worldbuilding with the Town of Clearwater and The Great Crystal Lake.
Reposting for characters we have so far with some edits

>Upon the shores of the great Crystal Lake, a port town known as Clearwater can be found. This town plays host to a variety of interesting characters.

>Dork Bright Penny: a rather unusual copper-colored young dragoness who appeared one day in a rather unusual and fumbling attempt to demand tribute. She didn’t really understand why they brought out a better woman to her. It soon became clear she had no desire to hurt anyone and was rather curious about how the people of the town lived their lives. Has since become a town staple and can be found either in her barn lair or around town learning how one trade or another works. Most of the people in town regard her with fondness with a few small yet vocal groups claiming she’s bad news.

>The Paladin: a nameless knight of church merit following a dragonslaying god. Works to uphold his teachings and follow the common good. Showed up due to the reports of a dragon living so close to the town and intended to slay it. He was quite surprised to find how many people wished him not to. Frequently sets up secret tests to see if he can “catch her in the act” as it were and slay her justly. Can be found around the Temple seeking allies to both set up the tests and keep an eye on the dragon.

>The Squire: similarly nameless squire to the paladin. Initiate on their first task to the church. He’s more open to the idea that Bright Penny is genuinely good, though still followed his master as ordered. Can be found either with the Paladin or near the Bakery speaking to the Baker’s daughter.

>The Baker: actually has a name but damned if anybody knows what it is. Claims he has some kind of reward for anybody can figure it out. Doesn’t seem to care one way or another about the dragon living nearby so long as she keeps paying for her honey pastries and lessons like everybody else. Knows quite a lot about the goings on around town. Can be easily found at the Bakery.
>>63066899 (cont.)
>The Baker’s daughter: just as cheeky about her name as her father. Helps buy ingredients from the merchants and harvest honey from the beehives. Quite talkative and friendly with Bright Penny. Can be found near the Bakery, shops, glassed cove, or walking around with the Squire.

>Farmer Henson Brown: Owns most of the farmland around Clearwater and the barn where Bright Penny currently lives. Is simultaneously the greatest supporter and critic of her living there. Still upset about the time she ruined his crops, but grateful for repaying for it and helping resow the fields. Can be found tending his property or instructing an apprentice on the ways of agriculture.

>The Old fisherman: Oldest still working man at the docks. Mostly keeps to themselves except for that time they taught Dork Bright Penny how to fish. May or may not be an old god.

>Bloody Ruby: the most famous and richest Dragon around the great Crystal Lake. Mother to Bright Penny, and grisly loves her. Believes that the way of the dragon is one of conquest, power, and riches. Can be found on Dragons Point in her glassed lair. at the other end of the Great Crystal Lake.

>Lizard Wizard: A boastful magical Wyvern who ocassionally appears to offer his magic services and talk to Bright Penny. Quite friendly to others and is mostly met with amusement by the town. Very vocal about their abilities, so if he’s around, you WILL hear him.
original artist here, haven't checked the 1d4chan page recently but a suggestion I was thinking of is this.

Split things up based on the original intents. I think we should have a section near the beginning of 'adventure hook ideas for a campaign' and list off the sort of green text ideas we fired off in the first thread that are more focused on just the simple plot hook concepts. Then have section more focused on the later ideas that were more focused on us actually developing the characters we started throwing out and making our own sort of loose 'story'

I think that overall things could be split between the early 'just a nameless dragon that we could use for fun comfy campaign plot hooks' and 'we gave the dragon more hardline traits, a family, adversaries and more that aren't quite so loose'. If my rambling makes any sense of course, having a hard time trying to fully articulate what I am thinking here.
>>63067002 (even more!)
Side stories and Quests:
>Dork’s anchor has drudged up a rather interesting artifact the last time she fished with the Old Man. She is displaying it quite proudly at her barn. Strangely, that was around the same time the weather decided start raining. And it’s still gradually getting worse. Is the artifact the cause, or is something else at hand?

>The town doesn’t mind that Bright “Dork” Penny planted all the flowers everywhere. The honeybees aren’t bothersome, the honey is useful, and the mead will soon be able to be exported. The bees the size of a mans head, however, are becoming quite a bother. They just won’t stop trying to take the honey for themselves. Where did they come from, and can they leave us alone?

>Everybody remembers the time Bright Penny glassed that stretch of beach when she first leaned glass was melted sand. It is also known that the children love to tell tales of glass birds and crabs living within that glass cove. Despite this, it is still a popular place for gatherings and merriment. Until today. A frisky young couple found a solid glass statue of a girl at the entrance to the cove. More worrisome, it has a striking resemblance to the Bakers daughter who had recently gone missing. What strange Magic’s could be at hand here?

>A group of Kobolds seem to wish to be put into service under Dork. The group contains individuals who seem to be genuinely good people and some who seem to be the thieving monsters told of in tales. Uncertain how to handle this, Dork has turned to the town for help. Should they be accepted, refused, or is there some kind of compromise to be reached?
>Bloodstained Ruby high upon the Mountain, or Bloody Ruby as the mortals named her, was about as successful as a dragon could become in this world. Her hoard overflowed with gold, jewels, decorated armor, various weapons, and precious artifacts and from across the lands. She feasted upon the finest cattle around and could claim ransom over any lord or maiden she chose.
Even her prowess for fighting was without compare. Many a foolhardy party of knights with glory on their minds had met their ends outside her lair. He breath was so hot in the fights that the dirt around the entrance was long since turned into a reddened layer of glass.
For all her greed and power, however, it must be known there was one being she cared for above herself. Her daughter, Siniest Coin in the Hoard, Brightest Penny in the Chest. Bloody Ruby instructed her in the proper ways of the dragon. She told her that one day she would have to set out and demand tribute in lands of her own. Bright Penny needed to know what it mens to be a dragon, and there is no better teacher than experience.
>>63067399 (once more!)
Side character groups:
>The Dragons of The Great Crystal Lake: a vast area of wealth and prosperity attracts the ambitious of many races. Many Dragons wander these long coasts in the search for wealth and power. Some are more amicable to the moral races than others.

>Kobolds: Where there are dragons, these short reptilian folk never seem to be far behind. They always seem quite eager to give their service to a dragon. Though for what use is only known between them and the dragons.

>The goblin pair: what? Goblins? We’re not goblins! We’re just a couple of kids! Our skin? Why is it green? We uh, swam through some moss and... got a sunburn!

>Pirates: A group of raiders uncannily skilled in looting merchant ships and hit-and-raids upon the ports of The Great Crystal Lake. The wind always seems to blow in the right direction for them.

>Bandits: gangs of various sizes tend to form in the countryside. A couple are so well organized they more like independent mercenary armies. Woe upon any city they wish to take for themselves.
And now for something new:

>The Great Crystal Lake: this freshwater sea stretches out at a length of almost 800 miles and a depth reaching a whole mile at its deepest. The waters themselves are amazingly bountiful in fish and other aquatic creatures. This bounty extends to the rich soils around its coasts ripe for farming.
>The island chain separating the eastern and western portions of the lake have been the sights of many great cities, whose ruins can be found both on the islands and the waters surrounding them. Too this day many a strange and valuable artifact has been dug up. Their presence has caused many an academic to postulate the Lake was once split in two, until something either caused the waters to rise or land to sink.
(Crude map I made of the area, feel free to edit)
And now for something new:

>The Great Crystal Lake: this freshwater sea stretches out at a length of almost 800 miles and a depth reaching a whole mile at its deepest. The waters themselves are amazingly bountiful in fish and other aquatic creatures. This bounty extends to the rich soils around its coasts ripe for farming.
>The island chain separating the eastern and western portions of the lake have been the sights of many great cities, whose ruins can be found both on the islands and the waters surrounding them. Too this day many a strange and valuable artifact has been dug up. Their presence has caused many an academic to postulate the Lake was once split in two, until something either caused the waters to rise or land to sink. The pirates who have set themselves up in the area has unfortunately made this place difficult to investigate.
I really hope more people see this. There aren’t enough light-hearted worlds to explore.
There are still a lot of things we can explore about the world of “Dork” Bright Penny

>what are the tennants of the Paladin’s Church of Merit? How long has it been around, how powerful is it, and how is it viewed?
>What is it about The Great Crystal Lake that attracts so many Dragons?
>How many kingdoms or republics border the lake? What are they like?
>just how common is it for a so called “monster” like Bright Penny to peacefully join in with towns and settlements?

A lighthearted is quite fun to build!
(Crude map of the road layout of Clearwater)
That's a good idea. If possible, might want to order the plot hooks by how far along the "plot" they're introduced. I mean, we have at least
>dragon first arrives and demands tribute. Party is sent to see if they can save the town a maiden. This plot hook may result in Dork's death if the party doesn't think to go in quietly at first.
>Dork is still learning about the town. She may ask the party to find a dragon-size fishhook, to see if there's some metals in the abandoned mine to make stained glass, etc.
>The Paladin has arrived. Stop him from framing Dork for evil deeds
>Bloodstained Ruby is coming, and Dork REALLY needs help making her... everything look more dragon-y. The village wants to help, too, but chances are the party's more familiar with what a "dragon-lorded" town looks like. Impressing Bloodstained Ruby might involve faking a fight between the party and Dork.

The Great Crystal Lake looks like a legless dragon. Could turn interesting.

Looks pretty cool. I usually think of Clearwater as a smaller, quieter village, without a wall like you've drawn. Small-time dragoness, small-time town.
The Great Crystal Lake looking like a dragon was actually accidental. I was using some of the Great Lakes as inspiration.”, and it just came out as that. Though there is almost certainly some kind of link between it and the dragons.

I also gave Clearwater a wall because every map I’ve seen of old ports had walls to protect it from raiders. So yes, while I also see Clearwater as a small town, I felt it needed to be both organized and prosperous enough that Dork would think it would be a good place to start “dragoning”.
or its all just a crazy coincidence that leads people to come up with crazy pet theories on the matter.
That would actually be rather funny. Fits the feel of this world.

>Clearwater: This combination port and farming town has had no real claim to fame since it was founded. It is only through the prudence that the Clearwater River is the northernmost river of the Eastern portion of the lake that it it was formed at all. Otherwise, there is very little to set it apart from the other small ports of the lake. Despite this, the people of the town are prosperous and rich compared to villiages farther inland. Unfortunately, this has also attracted the attention of the dragons of The Great Crystal Lake. Thankfully, the most recent dragon is the copper colored one known as “Dork” Bright Penny.
>Dragons Point: A mountain range forms at the southern end of the island chain. Within this range, near the edge of the lake, stands the tallest mountain known to the people around the lake. As it is the tallest, it is seen by many dragons as prime living area with many a battle having been fought to lay claim to the mountain. Currently, a great red dragon known as Bloodiest “Bloody” Ruby holds claim, and has been living there in her glassed lair for over two centuries. Many a challenger has fallen to her claws, dragon and knight alike. It has since become a place avoided my most races, for one would have to be both incredibly brave and lucky to make the treck, let alone fight Bloody Ruby.
I may be the only one on this thread, but I love this world, dang it!
I like it too
Don't worry, I'm still here. The problem is that I'm not very creative, so all I can really do is keep the thread bumped.
I’m not that creative either, in fact I’m crap at coming up with names. I’m just good at coming up with personalities, scenarios, and histories to go along with those names.

We’ve only built the eastern portion of the Lake. I have no idea what towns may be in the southern or northwestern portions.
Wait, a tent of the Crown, and you include a gold dragon.
Is The Crown just the name of a golden Dragon?
Crown as in king/queen, but I guess maybe that could be another dragon.
More side stories and quests:

> A group of fishermen seem to have run afoul of a first that has transformed them into actual fish men. One of them has come to Clearwater in search of Bright Penny because “of course dragons can break curses. Everybody knows that!” While she is willing, the man is mute on what exactly she needs to DO.

> A koblod has just asked the Paladin if they can help clear out a group of bandits who’ve moved into their former cave. Yes, really. Yes, it was a kobold. Look, even if you don’t believe me, the Paladin is looking for people to check out the cave, and you’re expected to go armed.

>The local blacksmith has heard rumors of a demon-like hoofed creature nearby and would like help looking for it. No, not to kill it, to hammer these special horseshoes onto it’s hooves and bind it to the works of good! I’m serious. It isn’t dumb, there’s actual mythological precedence for it to work! Okay, it may be a “little” crazy, but it would be awesome!
File: totalylegit.jpg (48 KB, 554x554)
48 KB
>repost as old thread died on it.
I was just reading the wiki entry and the bit about the two goblins who stayed got me thinking. Would the village start attracting more 'monsters' interested in a more settled existance?
Potential plot hooks as the party must vet the newcomers to determine if they truly want to live in peace or are just trying to manipulate the ever trusting dork and harm the now less cautious villagers.
Still more quests and stories (even following off others!):

>Just because you were able to have the Baker’s Daughter walk and talk again, it doesn’t mean she’s content with being an animate glass statue. Thankfully The Lizard Wizard believes they felt the energy of an artifact truely powerful enough to undo the affliction while they were flying over the Northwestern part of the Lake. Unfortunately, it came from under the water and as the Wyvern, they can’t swim. The Squire still wishes to help, of course. Can there be a way to retrieve this artifact from the depths?

>Another paladin from the church of merit has come by town, wishing to meet with The Paladin. The Paladin just wants to inform you that this paladin is rather overzealous in “ridding the land of dragon taint” and might try to bring in the rest of the church to deal with “Dork” Bright Penny. Should sense be talked into them, the dragonish races hidden, or just have them be sent away?

>Some representatives of a group who specialize in diving for the great crystals and the artifacts found on the bottom of the lake and around the islands have put in a commission to both the blacksmith and Bright Penny. The group is asking for a pair of “diveable domes” of their design to assist in their jobs; a small one of glass and a large one of metal. Despite their willingness to pay up front, every other Smith they’ve tried has denied their request due to its complexity. While the blacksmith is certain he can make it with Dork’s help, he wishes to recruit you to meet a supplier of a certain metal alloy who can be found at the south end of The Great Crystal Lake. Payment for this task will be partially upfront, with the rest given upon completion.
this is why I think we just ignore all sorts of names and stuff. Which again to me makes things feel like we got two halves of this project. the first half was VERY bare bones adventure hook stuff. People could have plopped a Chubby Adorkable Dummy Dragon in any dang small town in their setting they pleased and start running a few comfy light hearted pallette cleanser sessions.

The second half is more focused on fleshing everything out in it's own little world. But I think the perfect happy medium is to just embrace the generic bare bones style and use very generic names for things.

i saw that post too but wasn't able to respond to it.

this was something I was a bit worried might become a trend when I wrote that plot hook. I think it works as a completely random plot hook to throw at the players to add a fun little personality to the village and the dragon in it's dorky ways. I think turning it into a huge trend of constant amount of different monster races feels a bit too much in my mind. Like I love kobolds more then any other monster race but even I wouldn't incorporate them into this whole thing.

But that is just my personal opinion, I know I tend to think in more odd ways.
It is very true that the simplistic names help with the lighthearted feeling of this setting, I also hope for the players to also meet some of the other quirky places in this world. Maybe lizardfolk port at the western tip, or a Dwarven town at the south.
Adventure plots have to be fairly bare bones due to the agency of the players, so they are both fun to come up with and to write. Names, however, are also very useful to get the gist of a place and attract the players attention so they will want to travel. And even if they don’t travel, like in a pallet-cleansing game, names help give the world a sense of place.
I think i might have an idea for another sketch of a certain chubby adorkable dummy dragon
Man, I still love the idea of Dork almost-eating the Paladin in fury but stopping, spitting him out, and worrying over her lapse in morally for minutes on end.
It's so cute.
Agreed, the simplicity of the setting is what will make it great
I read that as
>Dork's village is visited by an agent of the Clown
and now I can't get the image of a Dragon Clown outta my head.
I still love the idea as well. It would really be the turning point for The Paladin and Bright Penny with them truely beginning to question if the belief that she is dangerous or not.
We never did decide what it was that set Bright Penny and The Paladin off. Maybe the Paladin was being particularly nasty in their accusations due to stress. He could have just caught Dork at a emotionaly vulnerable moment, like after an arguement with her mother. Maybe the Paladin has just worn her down with the months of secret tests and questioning her every move that she just lashes out.
It could even be all three.
Just throwing out town names:

Fang and Claw/Tooth and Nail
Iron Cove

>The Fang and Claw/Tooth and Nail Taverns: The local tavern is is actually co-owned and run by two skilled brewmasters, one a Lizardman and the other a Human. Respectively skilled in making drinks from barley and wheat, the two pooled their cash together to buy the building. Of course, they were never able to agree on the name, with them both having a sign made for the one they prefer. It has since become tradition for one of them to recruit visitors to hide the other’s sign and the other recruiting for it to be found, with the tavern having one name in the interim. The current record is 4 weeks and 3 days in favor of Tooth and Nail.
>"Hey Fang?"
>"Yeah, Nale?"
>"What do you think a drunk dragon's like?"
>"I think we shouldn't find out... anywhere near the tavern."
What if she was vulnerable because someone got hurt when she misunderstood one of his tests?
“Hey Fang?”
“Yeah, Nale?”
“Dork is trying to make out with the fountain.”
“What about The Paladin?”
“Trying to slay the mounted antlers.”
“I blame you for this.”
“You gave Dork the Whiskey barrel!”
“You were trying to get The Paladin to endorse your wheat beer!”
“You were trying to get Dork to hoard my sign!”
“Hey, you has sent my sign all the way down to Iron Cove!”
“You’re just mad you didn’t think of it first.”
“Of course I am! How am I supposed to top that?!”
if we follow the older prompts it would have to be over a monumentaly stupidly simple yet idiotic misunderstanding on both of their parts
If a test went awry, it would count as that, wouldn’t it?
I can see most of the tests being the players and Paladin setting up a “temptation”. Maybe the chosen temptation wasn’t what it appeared to be. Like a treasure that had an unknown curse, or a “maiden” who was skilled at manipulating people.
to me it would have to be her misunderstanding the situation completely and the paladin misunderstanding the results of that misunderstanding.

Like she can't just see let's say a test of a maiden meant to be kidnapped by her as that actual thing, she has to see it as something completely different, then proceed into her typical misunderstanding of common human stuff. The paladin then sees her in the middle of a misunderstanding and goes way overboard, and it should go back and forth like a dominoes effect of misunderstanding each other.
to further iterate, for the chubby adorkable dummy dragon to truly 'snap' we need a cascade of misunderstandings so massive it would give a harem anime a hemorrhage.
Oh, come on. Maybe not THAT bad, but it would be a from series of misunderstandings over an extended period of time.
You guys are overthinking it. Paladin sets up a test of a maiden meant to be kidnapped. Dragon knows its a test, but thinks that it's a test to protect the maiden from an evil knight.
but what causes her to do something that the paladin misunderstands?

Just as an example maybe the 'maiden' (actually the squire in very poor maiden disguise) does something the dragon misunderstands as distress and the dragon tries to help


wait think I got something

>squire in maiden outfit
>squire has never encountered a corset in his entire life
>paladin forces him in one
>squire trying very hard to not outright sabotage the 'test'
>but by same token is not actively following the paladin's carefully laid out script
>Chubby Adorkable Dummy Dragon still somehow manages to not realize he is not an actual maiden let alone the squire
>Chubby Adorkable Dummy Dragon misunderstands the entire series of affairs
>including but not limited to believing the maiden is trying to learn how to dance, cook the dragon a pie, and so on
>eventually squire passes out from the sheer overheating of running about in a corset
>Chubby Adorkable Dummy Dragon panics and attempts the 'Kiss of Life thing humans sometimes do'
>attempt is obviously very easy to misconstrue as attempting to eat the squire.
>in paladin's attempt to rush out and defeat and save his squire, the squire wig finally falls off
>chubby Adorkable Dummy Dragon now thinks the paladin hurt her squire friend, paladin thinks she did and everything just falls apart from there.
Nah, Dork still does want to be a dragony dragon in some way. She just recognizes the lady from Clearwater and assumes she's there to help Dork pretend to do dragon things. An unscheduled play-date with the town's local dragoness.
That would be a good twist on “the dragon kidnaps the maiden” story. But who is this maiden that Dork knows so well she would just scoop her up?
Could she be somebody Bloody Ruby kidnapped, and that’s how they met?
just some random girl fro the local town.

>Iron Cove: This industrial port city is the largest city on the southern top of The Great Crystal Lake. It’s main claim to fame is that it is the major supplier of an alloy made from metal mined in the nearby hills and crystals dredged from the lakebed. While not as strong as professionally forged steel, this alloy is much lighter, and skilled craftsmen are able to layer it to make up for the weakness and beyond. Some in the city have even claimed they’ll be able to make armor capable of tanking dragon claws that’s actually practical to wear soon. The industrial capabilities has lead Iron Cove to be the relative superpower of the southern region as an independent city-state. This power and safety has proved quite attractive to the many races who call it home.
>Dork is flying around the village
>sees a woman in an open field
>dressed like the occasional "offerings" (really just a fun ritual and playdate)
>not the usual day, strange
>swoops in, lands
>"Strange day for this, but it's nice of you to do Dragon things for me."
>picks her up
>flies her away
>the woman struggles and shouts a bit
>Dork assumes it's part of the act - they do that a little sometimes on the "sacrifice" days
>she knows it's not real, but it does help her feel more like a normal Dragon
>hums happily as she lands at her barn and carries her inside
>gets a closer look at her payload
>it's not one of the villagers
>that paladin fellow gave the dress to her as an act of goodwill
>and she's absolutely terrified of the dragoness
>unable to console her, Dork settles for taking her back to where she found her, apologizing, and fleeing back to her barn
>shortly after she leaves, the paladin barges in
>accuses her of kidnapping
>calls her a terrorizing monster
>says she's been playing the townspeople for fools
>Dork asks, then pleads he be quiet and leave
>he angrily continues his tirade
Yeah, and once things get heated this happens:

>She's recently been upset by something (accidentally destroying something precious, moping in her cave only to happen upon some unread books about dragons, which only serve to make things worse), and The Paladin comes in and starts accusing her of being a deceitful, calamitous beast bent on the enslavement if not destruction of the town. After asking him to go away, then stop talking, she finally snaps. Her tail swings around with surprising speed, sending his sword flying off and knocking him to the ground. With a deafening roar of "I said SHUT UP!" she pounces on him, scooping him easily into her jaws. Head flicks back once, twice, and he's inside. He's been hounding her for weeks, months even, and now she'll make him stop. Just one simple swallow, and-
She catches herself, freezing with her head tipped back. Tongue pressed up to stop The Paladin from sliding deeper, she pitches forward and lets him fall out, catching him in her forepaws and hugging his soaked, armored body close. Dork's chest shudders and heaves as she sobs over him, professing that she's not like them, she won't eat people, she's not just some heartless monster. The Paladin is unsure whether she's trying to convince him or herself, but either way he's stuck there until she lets him leave or a villager rescues him.
File: 1431741120576.png (493 KB, 1280x1284)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
>tfw I wrote that one too
It's nice to see someone remember it from the last thread.
This thread is slow but sweat
>Dork goes to apologize for almost eating the paladin
>The pally is having none of it
>The squire manages to convince the paladin that maybe he could interrogate her using this opportunity
>Paladin begrudgyingly accepts.
>The squire how has to keep his teacher from going apeshit
>Especially after he learns who's Dork's mother
How about this for a scenario
i'm glad my dragonslaying god idea managed to stuck
sounds good
Good to see you again!
Speaking of previous threads, a guy brought up the seven deadly sins. While I didn’t agree with them, it did get me thinking about what flaws these characters would have.

Starting with the major players:
>The Paladin would likely have problems with both Pride and Wrath. Pride because, let’s face it, it feels good to be the good guy. After so many years of service and belief to his church, he feels quite righteous in carrying out its mission. Wrath because it’s hard NOT to be angry with those he fights and them possibly invalidating his beliefs.
>The Squire, while friendly, is a bit of a glutton. While it is A reason he first noticed the Baker’s Daughter, he wants her to know it isn’t THE reason.
>Bloody Ruby is antagonistic due to her combination of Pride and Envy. She has fought all her life for her status, and doesn’t want her daughter to say that success was ultimately invalid and worthless. However, she can’t help but envy Bright Penny because she knows on some level that her daughter has reached a level of wealth and comfort that she never could.

>Bright Penny is definitely known to be a good soul, it is her Lust for life that has caused her the most trouble. It’s this desire to experience that drew her to Clearwater in the first place, and why she throws herself so completely at the tasks she wishes to do, wither or not it turns out well. This leads her to go overboard a lot, which is the main reason she’s at odds with The Paladin. Of course, this eagerness has also let her experience more than any other dragon she knows.
>The Lizard Wizard: a combination of Lust for life and gluttony. He means well and humbly tries to fix any mistakes, his eagerness to both show off his Magic’s and be rewarded in turn has ended up with most of his problems being self-inflicted.
>Dork tries to apologize
>Paladin says nothing
>He's in complete shock after being almost killed and then used as a human teddy bear by the dragon he was supposed to fight
>Eventually she takes him back to the Squire
>Paladin freaks out as soon as she's gone
He would definitely freak out about Bloody Ruby, considering she’s basically THE dragon of the lake

>“Your Mother is the one called ‘bloodiest ruby high upon the mountain’? You’re the daughter of Bloody Ruby? How could you let her get so close to these people! You’re just planning with her to destroy the town and still all their newfound riches, aren’t you? It was all just an act! You- you DRAGON!”
Is this where the PC's have to pick sides with either Dork or Paladin?
They could if they wanted. However, it would have to be a token “I agree with them” stance since Dork doesn’t really want to hurt him and the Paladin doesn’t want to bring shame to his church. I think the Paladin would leave town without The Squire afterwords because of how different Dork Bright Penny is to Bloody Ruby.

Also, I don’t think the town wants their Dork to be killed.
Makes sense
Wish that the other anons were here
>Squire notices everyone in town refers to the Chubby Adorkable Dummy Dragon as either 'Dork' or just Dragon
>Ever the one for being politically correct he inquires as to her name
>most he gets is a shrug and 'Ah Dunno, some sorta overly long dragon name o some sort ah fink'
>guess the source is the only choice now
>asks the Chubby Adorkable Dummy Dragon herself
>"Dorakathen Azurakluzzelenark Nur Zulauknagh!"
>Squire now fully understands how the name 'Dork' caught on with everyone
>Breathes in and considers his understanding of Draconic.
>'Wait wait wait... Your name is roughly, 'The Shiniest yet least Valuable and most Useless Coin in the entire hoard?'
>The squire can't quite beleive that the Chubby Adorkable Dummy Dragon is proud of the eaning of her name and seems to have no clue as to how insulting it actually is
>'You were the runt of the litter weren't you?'
>there is that increasingly familiar overly loud and dramatic gasp of air from her, 'How did you know!?'
>the Squire pinches his forehead and sighs, 'How about I just call you... Bright Penny from now on?'
>her mouth is wide open, she is silent and very still
>disturbingly still
>Squire fears he pissed her off and the Paladin was right about her all along
>There is an odd ringing in the Squire's eardrums as he ponders how on earth the Paladin could ever deem this chubby adorkable dummy dragon a threat ever.
I’m here!

>Kroak: a lizardman village on the western edge of the sourthern portion of the lake. Yes, the people there know everybody else calls the place “Ribbit”. Despite the silly name, there’s great reason for it: the frogs around here are the size of hound dogs! Massive, melodious, and quite tasty too with their meat being exported as a delicacy. Of course, there have been rumors of frogs getting so large they can eat a child whole. Might be exaggerating, but the lizardfolk of the area refuse to let the children wander outside the gates.
that's just cute
That is absolutely brilliant.
Considering that The Squire likely learned Draconic from their church, it would also help explain how The Paladin would know who Bloody Ruby is and what her name means.
Though, considering her love of names and nicknames, Bright Penny would likely be quite surprised to hear that both The Paladin and The Squire have given up their names in service to their church.
I said I had an idea for a sketch earlier, just been working on the posing all day.

>Though, considering her love of names and nicknames
I think she loves EVERYTHING that exists. why she is the chubby adorkable dummy dragon afterall, everything makes her giddy and excited. Thus why she is so easy to draw away from proper dragonning.
True. She’s always happy to assist in whatever interesting projects the people have going on.
Though despite her eagerness, she’s only been really skilled at glass smithing, making music, and caring for those bees for their “edible gold”. Otherwise she needs direction to be just passable.
she is not truly skilled at glass smithing in my eyes, she makes overly massive globs of colored glass at once very easily, the ton has become VERY skilled at 'glass mining' as a result. They simply learn how to cut out panes of glass from her monstrous creations.

Music she can be good at as long as someone makes sure she has properly crafted instruments. Unfortunately her overeagerness tends to result in a lot of experimentation in making her own 'dragon sized' instruments.

Bees she is only good at producing smoke to keep them from going out of control, she is simply too big to properly care for the hives, but she is always around to help 'taste test' the product

but those are my opinions on the matter fitting her personality
>Town becomes renowned far and wide as 'dragon glass miners'
>The sheer novelty of the crazy sounding phrase draws in tourism of curious people who want to see it with their own eyes.

I love this idea, she keeps over producing massive mounds of glass and the village keeps cutting and selling glass that was made by dragonfire
You know, her eagerness to join in would lead to one definite bit of hilarity:

>Bright Penny has finally stopped doing that excited shake.
>Is now eagerly staring at The Squire.
>”I remember, after I tell you my name, you tell me your name. That’s how it goes, right?”
>The Squire shuffles his feet a bit and awkwardly shakes their armes.
>Right. THAT question.
>”Actually, I uh, I have no name.”
>Bright Penny gives a blank stare.
>Wow, that’s uncomfortable.
>”No name? You mean like The Baker?”
>The Baker? Even she doesn’t know?
>”No, no, they’re just being cheeky. Me and The Paladin gave up our names.”
>Bright Penny gave a little snort to help herself think. “But why would you do that? Names are who you are.”
>Now that was a question The Squire could answer. “We did it so that our deeds would reflect upon our church and bring glory to it instead of us alone.”
>”But what if you do something bad?”
>”Then it would reflect poorly upon our church. That’s why we must be so vigilant with the standard we hold ourselves to.”
>Bright Penny’s eyes widened. This wasn’t something she had heard of before. This was new. “If... If I...”
>The Squire blanched. Was she about to...
>”If I were to give up my name, would they let me join to?”

>Inside the Temple’s library, pondering once more over the teachings of his god, The Paladin suddenly felt a cold chill run down his spine. Strange. It was actually relatively warm today.
I actually think her name would be the one thing she has a traditional draconic attachment to. Names are powerful, and no dragon would ever relinquish theirs, nor would they bestow one lightly. It's just that in her mind, every human she has ever graced with her name is a new Best Friend Forever instead of a slave bound to her until the end of time, which is how I imagine her mother would see it.
Oh definitely. Her mother’s teachings haven’t steered her wrong there. However, her curiosity would still drive her to at least ask.
File: 1523071693950.jpg (608 KB, 816x1258)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
Similar thinking. Dork isn't a total airhead, she does know how to dragon. She's just bad at it. I think of her as still doing dragon things, but... not very dragony:
>has a hoard, but it's of sentimental value, not monetary
>takes villagers back to her cave, except it's a barn and the villager knows about it and she brings them back within a day (or two, of they want to sleep over)
>terrifies the local population... of rats, coyotes, and other pests
>cultivates a loyal following of minions, who in this case are actually just her fanclub. Call themselves Dorkbolds
Something as important as giving up a name, though? Only ever a hypothetical.
this is largely similar line of thinking to how I consider she should be handled, constantly screwing everything up but it winds up fine for the village
I personally think she would ask in the sense that she is wondering how their church works.
If The Squire asked if she was serious she’d give such a powerful instinctual “NO!” That it would surprise even her.
Though, the importance dragons give to names and the church giving them up might be connected. It IS said that dragons can control people they know the names of, after all.
heading to bed, have progress.
The cliched banter between blood ruby and the paladin, which ends up devolving into 'i'll smite you, god be blessed i will fucking smite you so hard".
Imagine how would that end
This is a furry thing isn't it?
personally I am of the opinion we keep that stuff vague and not bother fleshing it out. The focus is on a chubby adorkable dummy dragon being a naive goofball in my opinion and extra drama is distracting from the silliness.
Do you want it to be a furry thing?

But seriously the answer is no. Heck the vorefags have mostly been of the opinion they do not lewd this dragon either and have actually talked down the only person(s) to try and make some sick fetish out of these threads.

Quite the accomplishment for a dragon related thread.
Hell yeah, the glorious artfag of this thread is here!
File: Irwin_R_Schyster_pro.png (53 KB, 460x460)
53 KB
>The kingdom's tax collection agency has sent one of their strongest agents to preform an Audit on Penny.
>Penny's dorkbolds consistantly try and hide her away from the 'evil' taxman.
Looks great so far! I'm always impressed how good artists can make something so clean from vaguely dragon-shaped swishes. Or how they make the swishes dragon-shaped in the first place.

>It IS said that dragons can control people they know the names of, after all.
>Dork calls people by how they introduced themselves unless corrected
>calls Henson Brown "Farmer Brown"
>the baker is just "Baker" or "mister baker"
>used to call one of the village elders "old coot" until he finally laughed and told her to call him Koge
>one villager introduced himself with his full name
>neither have noticed, but he's a lot more eager to respond to her than anyone else
Is that Senator Armstrong?
Night time bump
No, it's TAXMASTER Armstrong to you, peasant!
Now stand back while he audits your possessions!
>Penny's hoard isn't valuable to anyone except Penny
>in fact she's done so much unpaid labor that technically the kingdom owes her money
>The taxmen repays her for the administrative work she's done
>It's an adequate sum
>Penny, however, is overjoyed
>"My first real coin hoard!"

>Later that night
>A thief, hearing about the new hoard, skulks in unnoticed even by the fanbolds
>Comes to find Penny sleeping curled around the 'hoard'
>Which is more like a fistful of coins
>Thief tries to take the coins from her claws - but there's one problem
>Thief's weakness is cute things
>and somehow Penny's snores are just the cutest thing the thief ever heard
>Thief fails cute save and hugs Penny until morning comes
Good post
>steels themselves and tries again
>accidentally brushes Dork's paw
>she scoops him close in a sleepy hug
Fang and Nale: the co-owners of the local tavern. Fang is a lizardman originally from a village called Gat’or. Since the lands there weren’t suited to growing grains, he saved up to buy passage on the first ship heading to a farming town, and Clearwater is where he ended up. He’s openly friendly with anyone he meets. After all, people who don’t like you don’t want to buy from you. Nale is a Clearwater native. Was originally going to be a farmhand until he found his talent for making alcohol from tossed or ruined crops. It took a while for him to actually keep the amount of money he had when he teamed up with Fang, and if left alone he’d likely have never been able to buy the tavern. He’s more focused on refining his craft, and has even started making mead from Dork’s honey. The pair have a rather friendly rivalry. If one tries to get you to favor their brew, the other won’t be far trying to get you to favor theirs.
the way I usually do things the swishes are kinda like building up muscle and definition. One trick to help understand how these lines can help build up an image is trace over an image, but don't just trace a 'final' image right off the bat. No first draw a 'wire frame' or topography, as my teachers called it, of those blue or red lines. try and focus on the way the flesh is shaped and try and catch those contours. Then remove the traced image befpre putting down more final black lines.

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