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> only eight spells exist, and each one has an axademy dedicated to teaching it

What are the spells, /tg/?
>an axademy
only if this guy is the head dean
To weave something physical from nothing.
To restore something to its ideal state.
To bring something to ruin.
>Alter Perception
To fool the senses.
To seek the truth of things.
To teach and bestow.
To move from one place to another.
To convert something into something else.
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Let's pull out not so old /tg/ prop.
Eight spells with such broad applications they're right back to being schools?
knife eye attack
I thought that's what the OP wanted.
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Earth Control, Fire Control, Wind Control, Water Control, Dark Control, Light Control, Space Control, and Cruise Control.

The secret 9th spell is Time Control.
Is that fucking Duelyst
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1.9 MB GIF



> Blast
> Light body
> Song
> Move Other
> Infuse with Power
> Open
> Mirage
> Close
File: Merlin the Wizard.jpg (528 KB, 1850x1259)
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528 KB JPG
All spells were created by powerful sages and mystics uncovering the mysteries of magic and forces of the universe. People have always manipulated or tried to study magic; the magic protection of standing stones, or the magic of the rule of 3, or the magic of calling somethings name to make it appear. These are not spells, but make up the world of magic. On top of this, is the magic within everyday words and phrases, studied and worked over time and time again.

Eventually, masters of the magical arts and knowledge could formulate their decades of research into powerful spells. The spells were formulated by the greatest minds of magic, and added over the centuries to the great "canon" of magic. Every young, inspiring mage wants to create another spell and add it to the canon, but it is a slow and steady process, and only a few even come close.

The spells are;
>The Creation of Flames
>The Calling of Beings from Other Realities
>The Guise of Invisibility
>The Gift of False Life
>The Journeying between Distant Places
>The Foretelling of Future Events
>The Sealing and Binding of Ancient and Spiritual Forces
>The Swaying of Lesser Intelligences

These 8 spells are all that exist, and Wizards seek to master each one in order to be considered a true master, of which there are few. Fewer still seek to experiment with new magics, as fate and the universe seem to conspire against those with too much ambition. Great ruin befalls them- or a jealous rivals undoes the work of both. Regardless, any Mage who manages to learn even half of these great mysteries is considered a fearsome foe indeed.

>Summon Ally
With written contractual consent, can call a person to your location. Contracts are notarized by the school.

>Quick Move
Speeds up physical movements of the target at a cost of energy from a central bank controlled by the school.

Makes all people around you immediately treat you with the respect deserved of your office. Said office is bestowed upon you by the school.

Allows you to communicate with anyone within sight "telepathically." The telepathic communication lines are provided by the school. Local coverage varies.

>Party Trick
Provides a spectacular show to entertain those around you, which may include fireworks, shadow puppet plays, opera from disembodied voice, etc. All shows are produced by the school and require a license to play in public.

A way to distribute information by repeatedly imprinting dictation onto many, many clay tablets, bamboo strips, papyrus, and the like. Some kooky inventor tried to create a mechanical press of some kind to replicate this but was undersold to oblivion. All information distributed using Mantra legally becomes intellectual property of the school.

Actively prevents the usage of any magic which deviates from the pre-approved six spells aforementioned. Most cities have pylons constantly casting this spell.

>Magic Missile
Not actually a spell taught by any school. Illegal to learn.
File: 1436630613326.jpg (45 KB, 336x425)
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>See Invisibility
>Detect Magic
>Dispel magic
>Anti-magic field.
>Nystul's Magic Aura
Too over-powered, would break the setting
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Dude, you're not allowed to post that picture unless someone else has posted an angel and a demon in pajamas. Them's the rules
Alas that I lack the original
>Rock Blast
>Chill Food
>Create Water
>Continuous Flame
>Feather Fall
>Summon Bee
>Mage Hand

They all think their spell is the best spell
>Incantation of Endless Space
Fit anything into anything as long as they can physically enter it, (for example having whole patrol of guardsmen in a single cart).
>Traceless Dislodge
Separate anything into parts that are still connected and can affect each other (for example cutting people into two without damaging them)
>Legion's Larder
Grab and pull things from afar through openings (like roast rabbit from storage into camp through your hat)
>Chant Against Oppression
Bypass anything close to you inhibiting your movement (shackles, ropes, locks etc).
>Avoidance in Motion
Stay out of reach of anything you want to avoid as long as you keep moving (for example walking away from guard chasing you)
>Into Nothing
You can hide anything if you manage to entirely cover it first (putting a tent over war elephant and making it vanish)
>Banshee's Voice
You can make anything sound like anything (herald's scroll toots like a horn when he opens it)
>Mask of Glamour
You can entirely hide people's emotions or change what they express (making a crying person look and sound like a happy one)

All magic comes from a single book but it was deemed too dangerous to teach them all together so the book was split into 8 manuscripts detailing the spells.
>Create Cheese
No one's made cheese manually for centuries, and the knowledge to do so is a curiosity known only to certain historians and a few people who have interacted with certain foreign savages for long enough to know their culinary practices. Cheese is the most basic staple, and not having a big pile of cheese in your pantry puts you at the very bottom of the poverty pile.
>Qw'rkt'ch's Marvelous Miracle
No one knows what this does. Or how to pronounce it. They know it really is magic, but no effects of casting it have ever been observed, aside from the standard rush of magic that all eight spells share. Theories abound.
The caster gains a phantom eyeball about 6 feet to the left of their head. It functions like a regular eyeball, and you don't even get disoriented from the perspective shift.
Induces the feeling of expecting one more step than was actually on the staircase in the target. Users universally loathed.
Sticks one thing to another thing. One of the things can be the caster's body. No way to unstick things unless the caster wishes.
Ignites sphere shaped objects. The more skilled the caster, the more mishapen the sphere can be. Unfounded rumors suggest that there's an archmage who can ignite cube shaped boxes.
Coats the target in a substance not unlike aloe. Slippery, but cooling, evaporates within the hour.
>Mystery Box
Pull a thing from a box. The bigger the box, potentially the bigger the thing. The better the caster, the less likely to be randomly dangerous the thing.
>Animate Object
Make an inanimate object move on it's own, or under the will of the caster
Repair living beings to a more 'healthy' state
>Control elements
What it says on the tin
>Enhance form
Make the body stronger/harder/faster/etc
>Change form
Change a living being into another living being
>Alter object
Change an object into another object
Cause harm to a living being
Push the above spells into an object
They're all near-identical Explosion spells. They give them different names, like "Heartbeat of the Incandescent Sun", "Threefold Devil Path of Destruction", and "Happy Halloween, Michael", and the schools get incredibly snooty about minor details like the exact smell of brimstone and hints of secondary colours in the flames, but at the end of the day they have fewer differences than any two bottles of red wine.
Is OP going to actually come back and describe why or for what purpose there are only 8 spells and discuss the people who responded to him?

Otherwise, it seems like a totally pointless and worthless thread.
File: 1527007151127.jpg (55 KB, 542x616)
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>2nd level spell 9
>ki arrow
>pup shape
>prismatic spray
>Ignites sphere shaped objects. The more skilled the caster, the more mishapen the sphere can be.
my sides
They can ignite cows if they shut their eyes and assume real hard.
The School of Flight
The School of Beast Shape
The School of Alter Self
The School of Magic Missile
The School of Invisibility
The School of Weather Control
The School of Create Undead
The School of Resurrection
>he's a big guy
Red wrath of destruction - makes things burn and explode
Orange contempt of power - grants control over people, animals, and inanimate things
Yellow joy of life - allows you to manipulate life energy, heal, and make living things stronger
Green disgust of change - makes things mutate and change
Teal surprise of visions - allows you to change the way things appear, make things invisible, and obfuscate things.
Blue sadness of wisdom - allows you to scry, see the past, predict possibilities of the future
Purple fear of dangers - creates magic shields and whole pocket dimensions, as well as portals to distand places
Colorless solitude of oblivion - dispells other forms of magic as well as allows you to buff/debuff and redirect spells, or contain them in artefacts.
1. conjure water
2. telekinesis
3. telepathy
4. suffocate
5. conjure fire
6. summon being
7. time manipulation (= healing = necromancy)
8. destruction
>Induces the feeling of expecting one more step than was actually on the staircase in the target. Users universally loathed.

for you
You just made me snort rice and soda through my nose. You have made my day, anon.
1. Creation (make things out of nothing)
2. Preserve (c an be used to heal or repair)
3. Destroy
4. Binding (destruction's nicer sister, focuses a lot on immobilizing enemies and can even be used to summon otherworldly creatures by binding them to this world)
5. Illusion
6. Trespass Mind (you enter someone else's or your own mind and can muck around. Low level is simple telepathy, but skilled users can mind control or brain drain, or even censor thoughts)
7. Remote Viewing (can be used to see far away, but skilled users can look through time to see the future or past)
8. Fizzle (Can be a counterspell, but with some practice can be an anti-magic field, or even used to permanently set Fizzle upon an object o person. The School that teaches Fizzle prides itself on producing witch-hunters and is hated by the other 7 schools. They have an amazing Phys-ed program and the best gymnasium of all the schools, it produces a lot of ace fencers and martial artists too)
File: 1541520411966.png (3.34 MB, 1920x1080)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB PNG
Step of Ormazd - sanctifying others' minds and purging corruption from landmarks, creatures and objects in your vicinity.
Hand of Ormazd - sanctifying yourself and conjuring a Mage Hand analogue to perform feats of strength and/or to move around with its help.
Wings of Ormazd - sanctifying others' souls and summoning ethereal divine wings for flight.
Breath of Ormazd - sanctifying others' bodies and healing/enhancing others' vitality.

Scent of Ahriman - corrupting others' souls to mark them and being aware of their location and state at all times.
Glance of Ahriman - corrupting others' minds and making them see illusions.
Might of Ahriman - corrupting yourself and trading your mind in return for physical power.
Touch of Ahriman - corrupting others' bodies and twisting them to your purpose.
1. Conjure: Summon forth an entity of the planes, to petition (or force) from them knowledge unbound or services rendered.
2. Meteormancy: Consult with the clouds and winds for omen or service, calling them to form storm, cloudless sky, or anything in between.
3. Lich-craft: Binds the corpses of the dead to terrible unlife, one can ask but a few questions of most, but be warned not to raise that which one cannot put down.
4. Fear: Manifests the fears latent within the victim to turn them against its originator; before the phantom of terror dissipates, one may learn its deepest secrets.
5. Astral Projection: Project into the Astral World, allowing one to consult and offer vessel to the spirits of the otherworld.
6. Fold Space: Connect a number of spatial locations together so that any standing within appears at all affected places at once.
7. Biogenesis: Confers organic essence to those of inorganic make--meat where once was stone--perhaps giving rise to hitherto unseen life, or cause physical mutation in that which is already organic; hear those once without voice speak, statues rising in new life.
8. Maleficence: Physically manifesting magic itself into hostile arrangement, unique to each practitioner, to transgress others forms; such hostile magics curse existence in totality, sometimes even vocalizing its terrible knowings.
Any practitioner may manifest a shield of magic, draw a circle, or see into the magical ether.
(Yes this is basically just Wonders and Wickedness with less spells, less restriction on the cooler spells, and some ability to get information out of each spell to some degree).
1. Redbrush - Turn an object 1x1x1 foot cube or smaller up to 20 miles away red. After a week, the red color fades and it goes back to its normal color
2. Hilarity - Cause a situation to be somewhat funnier. Someone falling on a banana peel becomes hilarious. Someone doing their taxes is slightly amusing.
3. Slicken - A surface becomes slippery for an hour
4. Glow - An object 1 foot cubed or smaller glows with light about half the brightness of a firefly for fifteen minutes
5. Muffle - Cause a creature's hearing to dull by half
6. Sweat - Cause a creature to sweat more than normal
7. Corrode - An object 1 foot cubed or a surface 1 foot squared or smaller undergoes corrosion of a normal type 500% faster for a day. (Iron rusts, copper tarnishes, etc).
8. Flick - A force equal to a finger flicking can be exerted up to 100 feet away

These spells all came into existence at the same time, in 2018 by the appearance of strange tomes in the libraries of top 25 best universities in the world. The tomes contained detailed information for how to cast one in the primary language of their host university, and after about a month of careful study, most people are able to cast these spells. Most normal people are still unaware of the existence of them.
Entire research departments exist solely to study how these effects are possible, and engineering departments exist just to find new creative applications for them. Government contractors and elite military units have been given access to them to try to incorporate them into defense technology wherever possible.
Nah, more specific but with plenty of applications or possible effects or factors to study.
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>CTRL-F "Fist"
>0 results
You wanna fist kids?








Magic was created by the Lightbringers in ages past who sorted the known universe into great lists. These lists were hidden beneath reality within the Arcane Web, only accessible to those who are accepted.

By using these spells, one can directly affect reality itself.
Stronger Fireball
Lasting Fireball
Larger Fireball
Stronger Lasting Fireball
Stronger Larger Fireball
Larger Lasting Fireball
Stronger Larger Lasting Fireball
>when your magic system is vulnerable to injection attacks
What about Faster Fireball?

It is a theoretical spell that is believed to be impossible, but some mad mages are trying to make it a reality.
>find lost or hidden things
>commune with dwellers in the hidden realm
>purify yourself
>grow a servant from the emission of a hanged man
>turn staves to snakes
>call up the sweet and bitter waters from beneath the world
>lull the unwary
>recite the incantation of nudimud and revoke the gift of speech in all that hear it
Only the low IQ ones
The Arcane Web is manned by a Great Ordinator who oversees the Lists.

He ensures the integrity of the Lists, and rejects any casters who would harm them.

Mages may SELECT from the lists within a year of training, but it takes at least ten to gain an understanding of UPDATE, the next spell. Even if you reach this level, you must still gain the Ordinator's blessing. For every mage accepted, there are 1000 denied.

Further knowledge requires a lifetime devotion to the art, not just to learn the spells but to learn the Lists themselves. The Lists are innumerable, as all of reality is cataloged within them. The Academy's researchers spend years querying the lists day after day, noting down what they find. Some Lists are locked, even to the most powerful magi.
Sorcerous blast
Mend wounds
Remote message
Extract memories
Push/Pull/Hold - The Forceful Spells, each of which manipulating the physical world. Most people have some sort of mastery of one of the three, although never has a case been recorded where one person can wield two, let alone three. Masters of of these spells have shattered castle walls, stopped mountains from collapsing, and redirected storm clouds, but that level of study and mastery is far above the average person.

Seal - Creates an extra dimensional pocket and brings the targets of the spell within it, to be released when a particular situation has passed. Variants include the ability to slow time, or otherwise modify the contents of the Seal. A traditional, wizardly spell, commonly used by mages to seal fire, lightning, and other things for later use.

Unlock - A paired spell to Seal, Unlock can not only allow the user access to the extradimensional pockets created by Seal, but also unlocks doors, or any other locking mechanism. Commonly practiced by thieves and vagabonds, to the eternal disgust of mages.
Rolled 92, 89 = 181 (2d100)

I stole some books from the library; what could go wrong?
Accelerate Time - Increases the speed of the world on a target, determined by the mage. Cannot be used by the caster on themselves. At weaker levels of power, is a mere Haste, while masters have reduced doors to mush by accelerating their time.

Slow Time - The paired spell to Accelerate Time, which slows time as the user desires. In it's lowest form, it can merely cause a minor decrease in the flow of time, while masters have frozen everything within hundreds of feet to a near-crawl. Like Accelerate Time, can never have an effect on the caster.

Finally, the Unpaired Spell, Creation of Fire. The lack of a Paired Spell for Creation of Fire has driven the topic of most magical study for centuries, but no such Paired Spell has ever been found, to the consternation of many.
Rolled 63, 14 = 77 (2d100)

>two roll again results
man this shit is lazy
Thunderous Smite AND Branding Smite. Looks like I'm turning into the old testament what with all the smiting
Nullifying Honey
Summoning Thunder
Plasma Swarm
Withering Vine
Soul Cloak
Scrying Pit
Enveloping Ember
Blood Claw
>Gender change
>Enhance endowments
>Zone of ecstacy
>Alter anal circumference
I thought I had more, but now I'm just drawing blank. Can someone help me out here?
>That feel when I'm a wizard.
Hey now, I've seen players accomplish things with Mage Hand. Don't group it with the rest of those spells.
I appreciate the cute veneer of emotions here. I think Colorless could be better described as "redirect, amplify, enervate, and seal magic itself".

I like how unique a few of these are, and how they really do feel like they're a part of one book. Fun lore. Would play in this setting.

Good collection of classical spells from folklore, myth, and so on. Love the lore of this one too, and that you still have other magic that isn't spells. Would also play in this setting.

These sound like cleric spells to me, which is cool. What's the difference between souls and minds, here?

Can you repeatedly cast muffle on the same target?

I'd love to see the defense technology applications of these. Also, the implications of magic suddenly being proven true in 2018 is awesome. I imagine the instructions would be jealously guarded.

Love the folkloric feel of these. What do the beneath-waters do, I wonder? Can you control them?

Separating push and pull seems a bit unnecessary to me. I like the lore of the paired spells and the unpaired Fire, that's interesting.
> These sound like cleric spells to me, which is cool. What's the difference between souls and minds, here?
Souls are responsible for the whole magical thingamajig. Corrupting souls weakens your magical mojo, sanctifying them improves it.
Minds are just the stuff you think and perceive with, and all that entails.

And yeah, those are "cleric" spells, it's zoroastrianism of PoP 2008 variety mixed with some OC. Pretty neat stuff.
File: 1539317140783.png (109 KB, 262x202)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
I like your style.
File: 1366629569117.jpg (119 KB, 850x621)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>wizards are just movie-tier hackers
>cyberwizards spellhacking the arcane web, running into eldritch firewalls and using runic scripts to penetrate the deep-magic web.
I intended them to all be useful in a way. Continual Flame can be a real boon, much like how electricity was just for lighting. Chill Food would be highly valued for being able to store and refrigerate certain things over long distance travel. Create Water should be obvious, and of course Feather Fall is something any wizard of the other schools would be wishing for when they slip off that ledge.
Rolled 72 (1d100)


What did I get from the back of my comic book?
Rolled 67, 69 = 136 (2d100)


I actually won TWO spells, my lucky day
Close is just reversing Open. Add Flatulence.
I'm way too lazy for eight spells but
Sow a seed of hatred and malice into the world against someone or something.
>> only eight spells exist, and each one has an axademy dedicated to teaching it

Is there a spell for spelling?
Eight spells eight schools
Slow time
(Necromancy) Forbidden school, we don't talk about necromancy
It's just the right amount of sillyness
Rolled 77, 84, 55, 4, 78, 7, 91, 3 = 399 (8d100)

You know what, I'll give it a shot.
Rolled 71, 47, 34, 28 = 180 (4d100)

Alternating levels, I got:
>4 rerolls
>Ray of Sickness
>Alter Self
>Beast Bond

Lets see what the rest are.
Rolled 67 (1d100)

Only one reroll left!
That added
>Fog Cloud
>Wrathful Smite

Huh, overall seems pretty balanced.
File: 1505248748613.jpg (89 KB, 800x782)
89 KB
Divination to see into the future

Alchemy for the mixing of potent elixirs and the conversion of base metals into nobler ones

The summoning of spirits angelic, demonic, and fae.

The infliction of good and bad luck, blessings and curses.

The transformation into animals.

The control of the minds of men and beasts.

The turning invisible.

The conjuring of elemental forces.
File: Spoiler Image (499 KB, 1020x765)
499 KB
499 KB GIF
Summon Pickle
Noise (Only domestic cats can hear it)
Automatic Moonwalk
Stool softening
Stool softening (stools)
Dick softening
Thumb disappearance
Cursed Image
>wall of fire
>flame sword
>bigger fireball
>even bigger fireball
Work it Harder
Make it Better
Do it Faster
Makes us Stronger
More than Ever
Hour After
Our Work is
Never Over
Okay but for real, that actually is awesome. They all work as some form of crazy metamagic.

>Enhancement of effort, both in making something exhaust itself, and be more productive. Make a spell cost twice as much for a greater effect.
>Improving and augmenting, adding on effects to spells.
>Acceleration and the hastening of effect, making DoT's deal their accumulated damage instantly, or speeding up the amount of time in an effect.
>Overall improvement, and the ability to impart lasting effects. Stuff like "casting this long, complicated ritual gives me a permanent +1 damage to these spells".
>The breaking of boundaries, metamagical effects and otherwise. Erasing damage caps, timer caps, and range boundaries.
>Time and temporal manipulation, opposite of Do It Faster. Extend spell effects, slow down cast times, and generally pull things to a slog.
>Actualization, and the ability to issue immutable commands. Changing the intended targets of spells, or the order in which their effects work.
>Perpetual spellcraft, immortality, and cyclical metamagic. Making spells that recast themselves, enchanting objects, and even slowly funneling magic back into yourself to recharge from your own casts.

Fuck, I'd run it.
>Actively prevents the usage of any magic which deviates from the pre-approved six spells aforementioned. Most cities have pylons constantly casting this spell.

So dispel dispels dispel since dispel is not one of the six aforementioned spells.

With only 8 spells existing, the only other spell that dispel could work against is magic missile so it's a one trick, or maybe two trick, spell that will dispel magic missile if it doesn't dispel itself when cast.
File: 13-1-3917035.jpg (59 KB, 1024x768)
59 KB
>I like how unique few of these are
None of them were supposed to be unique. They were just circus acts.
>Clown car
>Sawing girl in half
>Rabbit from a hat
>Escape Artist
>Slapstick chase (like Chaplin)
>Vanishing trick
>Ventriloquism/tooting (I was stretching here)
>Clown's makeup

I would have named the book after some famous clown but I don't know any internationally recognized ones.
Rolled 24, 62 = 86 (2d68)

Divine Favor and Spike Growth.
I'm a walking morning star.
File: 1541323574894.jpg (13 KB, 500x297)
13 KB
>Each school jealously guards the secrets of their own spell, so everyone thinks they're some big counter to the other schools. Unfortunately, none of them realize they all had the same idea.
Seconding this, it's pretty cool.
I would so wanna play in a Daft Fantasy game
Heat your food, dry your shoes, clean your robe, etc. Sure, it's not flashy but it will always be useful
In it's basic form, it looks a lot like you're just really good at using a knife(a knife is, in fact, a required focus for the spell). At advanced skill you can chop down a big tree with a single slash(or bisect a man in plate armor). Master it and you can sever relationships, cut soul from the body or slash the bloodline of a person.
The opposite of Sever. At basic level, you can mend clothes, repair a broken sword and so on. At advanced level you can mend flesh and bone. A true master can mend a broken heart or the crack of dawn(please don't try to actually mend the crack of dawn, we're still trying to fix all the damage from the last time).
Summon another being to you. All you need is a magic circle and their name. The closer to their true name you get, the harder it is for them to resist being called - if you use someone's common name or just description, they can choose whether they allow the spell to work, if you get close to their true name, they have to fight for it. Also, material beings have innate resistance to being summoned, so most people just use Call to summon demons and spirits.
The opposite of call. For practical purposes works very much the same - common name only works with consent, true name works always. An apprentice can send you to the other side of the town, but has barely any control over where you end up(though you never end up anywhere immediately hazardous like in a lit firepit). A master can send you anywhere in the world.
>Third Eye
Allows you to see the world as it TRULY is. Incautious use is known to drive people insane.
Allows you to move things around. Yes, you can use it to fly, but the first time you do, you'd better hope there's someone who can catch you or cast a Mend because you WILL crash.
>Summon Hat
Allows you to summon a hat to your head.
The sweet and bitter waters are my bastardization of some ancient near eastern cosmology and a half remembered story out of exodus where moses strikes a rock to provide water. He disobeys God the second time and it comes up bitter.

In my settings the waters under the world are where black and forgotten horrors live. This is deeper beneath the earth than the sun at night. Both waters are magically potent and can be used for different things. Sweet water has healing and light vibes, but is addictive. Bitter water is more opaque. It protects one from divination and erases memories.
File: NqbOCBS.jpg (190 KB, 1080x1128)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
So what else would be the hallmarks of Daft Fantasy?
>Playable Robots
>Music-powered Magic
>Golden Records being spell-scroll style artifacts
>Guitar-shaped spaceships
>Being human after all
>Spooky skeletons
>Strange, alien landscapes
>Getting Lucky
Saved the most powerful for last, eh?
File: daft9.jpg (198 KB, 460x322)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Blue alien people and that classic 80s Matsumoto aesthetic
I hit the character limit. Needless to say, the better you are at casting it, the fancier the hat is. If you master the spell, you can even summon magical hats.
Aura of unchastity

Generate piperonyl butoxide
To heal yourself or others depending on the wizard's good vibrations and understanding of anatomy
To make passable illusions that appear real based on the wizard's eye for detail and understanding of the model
Can create temporary objects with a loose sense of physical weight, texture, and toughness
The ability to peer into other worlds. The more familiar you are with scrying, the better you are at avoiding looking at alien planets of sectoid and better at finding worlds more akin to your own and maybe gain insight on your world based on observations of your parallel universe
The ability to make an object exibit more of a quality trait then there was before. You can't make a sword into a flame sword, but you can make it a heavier sword or lighter sword.

and nothing else.
I hate fireballs, necromancy, and summoning elementals to fight for you, which curb stomps all mysticism in magic. Magic should make you think and keep you guessing, not just casting magic missile until thing dead
A master wizard should have interesting fights, not buffed up stats and annoying teleportation, cuz wooo. Fuck that.

A master healer would be a pacifist due to the conviction required to be a master healer.
A master illusionist should be playing a myriad of guessing and looking for clue and details on every illusion to look for overperfection or flaws in illusions
A master conjurer is the closest you'll have to wizard powers, but it's not like he's summoning flames or ice winds, but creating bikes for get aways and a bunch of spike traps in every pothole.
A master scryer would be able to know you inside and out... almost perfectly, but there'd by some errors in the info he has on you and both you and him would have to figure out where the overlaps end.
And a master enhancer would be able to make his spear light as feather as he thrusts it towards you, but as soon as in pieced your skin, he'd make in as heavy as an anvil.

All of these fights are done with swords, and shields, and knives. No one should just be a wizard.
Tel Aviv
File: BEES.png (130 KB, 380x656)
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130 KB PNG
>Summon Bee
Can you spam it? What's the MP cost and recharge time on that bad boy?
Its called a writing prompt you mong
The eight spells are
>Discern Truths
>Emit Forces of All Sorts
>Alter One's Size from that of a Monad to that of the Holy Mountain
>Pass Between Realms
>Become Skillful in all Prosaic Arts
>Repel All Harm
>Gain Earthly Riches
>Command The Enemy
> Force someone to lie
> Force someone to tell the truth
> Voice manipulation (1h)
> Appearance manipulation (1h)
> Send 1 memory telepathically
> Read 1 memory telepathically
> Control one member of someone (1h)
> Give control of one of your own members to someone (1h)
All of these can only be used once per day and have a 50% chance of failing. Also, the user doesn't know if it has failed or suceeded.
>Excellent Prismatic Spray
>Phandaal's Mantle of Stealth
>Spell of the Slow Hour
>Call to the Violent Cloud
>Lugwiler's Dismal Itch
>Spell of the Macroid Toe
>Khulip's Nasal Enhancement
>Spell of Forlorn Encystment
File: but the ass was fat.png (234 KB, 332x357)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>Sticks to Steaks
>Mage Harmer
>Shocking Gasp
>Learning Hands
>Tragic Missile
>Resist Synergy
>Bigby's Blushing Hand
>Cone of Gold
Jade, why am I not surprised to post in /tg/?
Holy fuck man, and yours was one of my favorites! Crazy how such silly inspiration can lead to something fantastic.
Learning hands and tragic missile sound like legitimately interesting spells.

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