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New SoA thread! Come one, come all! Test ye mettle upon the fields of lore fluffing!
Last thread, we did a damn good job at expanding the world with new characters, creatures and even some new companies and weapons.
Unfortunately I can't add on the last two threads because they weren't archived :( but someone can possibly do that later.

Docs with the lore:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cm16GUoQtg5IqTe0FM9dKD15TpJGpkOf0Zzi5TS3BGM/edit
Thread Question: How do you think Janotte's Crusade will go down? How will it affect the Round Table?
Thread Goal: This thread needs to achieve over 300 posts in less than 5 days and be archived.
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Posting a few characters

Baleriano Caballero
46 years old

Current Grandmaster of the Raven Legion Knight Errant Oder. Was originally part of the Serpent Legion but was abandoned by his former comrades when the Raven Legion attacked. He rallied those that would defend their homes in one last stand, but the Raven Legion wished to instead hire him.

After this Baleriano worked up the ranks until becoming Grandmaster himself after a vote and then beating former Grandmaster Hywel Pryde in a symbolic duel to pass on the reigns.

Wife of Fremund Borr, 35 years old.

From minor house, Felicia has been blessed with tender spirit, attractive looks and almost unnatural grace. Her likeness has been compared to the young Queen Guinevere yet she personally is too humble for such boasting. A peaceful but hardworking woman, the love between husband and wife is renown throught Avalonian space.

How did the bit crude Fremund end up with a such a catch, only the pair and Robert DuLac >>62076379 know.

Mostly takes care of her husbands household and Castles while looking after their children. She is an excellent party-host and many are already eagerly waiting their next invitations. SKS-affiliated Knights are banned from her presence, for she dislikes liars.

Actually the most recent face of Morgan le Fay, the infamous cybercultist. She replaced the real one ten years ago and has been surprisingly easy on her dark acts since then. Some have stated that she actually loves Fremund and his rough but warm soul. The true Felicia is MIA yet alive.
The Green Knight (Bertilak de Hautdesert)

Follower of House Mordred, followed alongside his Lord Thomas when the House went rogue and allied with Morrigan and her Dragons. Grievously injured sometime during the War and both Knight and Cavalier were rebuilt into one being through foul arcane technology and surgeries. Was finally slain by Sir Gawain at the battle of Camlann.

Throughout the War, was destroyed a number of times and was brought back from the dead each time. Had a running 'Rivalry' with Gawain throughout the War that ended at Camlann where he finally met his end.

Since then, shards of the vengeful Green Knight have been sighted though out human space. Most particularly is the grudge they have upon the House of Gawain, whether Scions or servants.

Guillelme Harcourt DuLac, Le Dauphin
/The Prince
Deceased First born son and Heir Apparent of DuLac Dynamics. To say Guillelme's death shook DuLac is an understatement. To all within and many without DuLac, Guillelme was the very picture and model of a DuLac scion and a true example of Chivalry. Guillelme believed in the goodness within humanity, both big and small, poor and rich, man or woman.

Piloted a simple DuLac Longsword at the time of his death as his Arondight 'Silver Wolf' was under repairs due to an accident causing a fracturing within the Keel (Spine). any took this and the breaking of his personal sword as an omen of misfortune on the upcoming purge of the Dragon Lair of Pendrisdiag.

Regardless, Guillelme went through with the purge due to how far they had come and to not dishonor those lives sacrificed to get them here.
How do you guys feel about heraldry?
Stackpole Robotics

KAY subsidiary specializing in robotics and automatons. Construct servos, motor, pumps for Cavaliers. Also make a number of robotics for assembly lines and other industrial areas.

Have been dabbling into small scale bipedal machines to expand their horizons. Progress has been slow due to fears by others of the direction this could lead to.

Winfield Motors

Saxon company focusing on various motor vehicles from motorcycles to MBTs. Renowned for the high quality and reliability of their products.

Venetia Shipwrights

An emerging star into the spaceshipwright scene. Hailing from the Italia cluster , not many are sure of what to make of them, but the quality of their wares is said to be second only to Tristan Shipyards. Currently only marketing smaller craft on the civilian markets to test the waters and see what to make of the Avalonians.
What other sort of companies could be made?
Also, what sort of force level would most have? I think a handful of knights, typically loaned from parent Corps. and mercenaries.
File: 1512081387787.jpg (67 KB, 670x1502)
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Matter Disruptor Weapons: Rare and deadly, MDWs are commonly compared to QCBs. Derived from RoME Era mining equipment designed to replace sonic vibration equipment to separate ore from stone and to better deal with dense bedrock. MDWs use concepts gleaned from monopole magnetic fields and energy shielding. In a sense, MDWs use shield that cocoons the head/blade to tear and separate material it comes into contact.

A serious drawback of MDWs is the materials that make them up and the insane power requirements. Special transphasic materials that have more in common with QCBs and HKPs than anything else, and power draw is comparable even for a shortsword to a laser rifle being discharged ever second.

But depite these drawbacks, many Knights prefer them them for a number of reasons:
-The materials that make them up and the processes of making them viable afford them immense durability and sharpness regardless
-A MDWs field makes even near misses capable of dealing damage, granting less room for error on the wielders part
-MDW fields can negate and dissipate various munitions, destroying them before they can make contact, leading to MD fields being applied to shields with impressive defense and offense.
-Unlike QCBs, MDWs can take the shape of nearly any weapon imaginable, allowing far more customization for Knights to show off.
Likely a handful of owned knights and men at arms. Maybe a single castle and probably some attendant craft. If its a party of players id say its about the right scale to start rhem at. Kinda a rogue trader level of power almost.
Thanks. It does sound good.
>ywn help build up your own company in SoA
But seriously guys. How about this >>62178109?
This is a good resource for those that don't know the whole deal with Heraldry like myself.
I imagine a heraldry is now logos though maybe it's a blend of the two? So you might see a kay logo in one corner and a subsidiary beneath that and so on?
So this is sort of what one of the Great Hoses would look like? With all the subsidiary's.
Probably yeah
File: PenDragon.png (33 KB, 960x540)
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How's this for a first try?
File: K_(emblem).jpg (33 KB, 314x360)
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I realized ACV had perfect logos/emblems for knights. See K's right here. It has a barcode for easy scanning for identification and his personal symbol and such. In fact AC4-V have great logos in general.
File: Rayleonard_Logo.jpg (292 KB, 750x370)
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292 KB JPG
Anyone know any good logo generators? All the ones I've found are limited or confusing.
Since we have heraldries for some Knights already from medieval sources, how about we update them for Company Logoes etc? Yet I do not feel that much desire for heraldry.

Locations and potential plot hooks would be more interesting.
Sounds fair. Does anyone have the Arthurian heraldry on hand to update?
I know we only have the description of one house logo/heraldry: Sagramore.
-Heraldry/Logo is a black star with an open eye gazing at the viewer, the eye is designed so it is looking at the viewer from where ever they are standing relative to the eye.
File: shield example.png (14 KB, 488x482)
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Here's an example logo/heraldic shield for whomsoever wants to do it.
-X is the logo of the House they
re subordinate to
-Dots are the field of the coat of arms/symbols
-Bar with diagnols is for bar-code/scanner info ala>>62181106
-Ribbon is for motto of the Knight
Pic is a great base for the RT. Just mix it with an updated version of>>62178109 and it's perfect
-Olive leaves to symbolize peace between the Corps.
-Inner circle has some symbol to emphasize the unity of the RT
-PenDragon always at top, first among equals and all.
File: RT symbol.png (327 KB, 1000x780)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
Here's a really shitty example of what I mean
File: bors.jpg (82 KB, 265x400)
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This is funny, a famous stained glass depiction of Sir Bors looks much like how I imagined Elyan Borrs. Pale, golden curls and all
I like that. Do we have any locations in Camelot?
The Empty Throne and the Wall of the Fallen.
I also wrote the Black City/The Wastes last thread, so I think it could be modified into a location on Camelot/Mars. It'd be a nice location to remember a battle, when Dragons rose out of it to attack the core of the Round Table. A big battle in their backyard so to speak.
Might work as Mars did see a few battles.
Now that I'm back>>62184292 Doing that now

The BlackCity/The Wastes

Former capital of House Mordred. The Black City was an 'Emissary' city situate upon Mars and near Camelot to act as a way for Mordred to stay in contact with the Round Table.

When the Dragon Conflict arose, Mordred quickly unleashed their forces they had been cultivating underneath it for decades waiting for that moment. A horde of Dragons and Beasts poured out of Mordred lands and into the Martian countryside, consuming millions. Thomas and Morrigan knew the Mordred holdings would not last, that was never the point. The Dragons unleashed were to cause immense damage to the Round Table forces, both materially and psychologically. It was even hoped by them that many high ranking officials would be killed and throw the Corps. into disarray. Such a blow would have proven invaluable. But the Houses and peole of the Round Table proved to be of far sterner stuff than the Betrayers wished.

Such bloodshed only firmed their resolve to end the uprising.

Throughout the attack, Round Table forces all converged to contain and drive back all Dragon forces as much as possible for orbital bombardment to make short work. The campaign took weeks of constant fighting and losses, ortillery raining near constantly over Mordred holdings. When all was said and done, Millions of soldiers alone died, not to mention the many more in civilian casualties.

To this day, the Wastes, as the former Mordred lands are known, has only in the last decade shown a resurgence of life, if only grass and weeds. Many take this as a sign of hope and good fortune shining through the darkness.
Also raises a question if there are any other Emissary cities.,
We should make them. What's a good name for DuLac?
Seeing that DuLac literally means of the lake their emissarity props is on a shore or floating. They also have the GLEAM tower, which is the size of a small town.
Emissary Cities: Great House martian capitals.


Emissary City of House DuLac situated on the shore of Mare Erythraeum, Mars.
Maybe they're a giant island resort city in a martian sea?
File: 24340-84584.png (2.59 MB, 1848x955)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
Seems DuLac enough to work.

Isle DuLac
"Quintessentially DuLac"-A common saying regarding Isle DuLac.

Emissary City of Dulac Dynamics, situated on the Mare Erythraeum, Mars. Some say that the Isle is DuLac's greatest architectural achievement. While GLEAM is fantastic and wondrous, it pales in comparison to the Isle. Opulent, extravagant are just the tip of the iceberg when describing Isle Dulac. A hotspot for the rich, powerful and famous, the Isle is the place to go.

5 star dining, water-parks, art galleries, amusement parks, you name it, isle DuLac has it.

Isle DuLac though just barely ekes by a net gain to keep itself afloat from all it's tourists.
I haven’t read any of the threads, but I like your guy’s general lore feel. congrats and have a bump my friends
Thanks anon.

Emissary cities should show the best of each Great House. DuLac has the Isle, which shows the greatness and opulence they are known for, but underneath the shine is a seedy underbelly and funding problems.

It is known that Prince Guillelme did not care for the Isle, seeing it as frivolous and a drain to DuLac resources. Robert and Guinevere however disagreed with him, saying the Islewas great for public relations. To that, Guillelme responded "What public? Only the rich and famous go there, and the poor and middle class work their fingers to the bone to serve them."
I imagine KAY just has a city ship in orbit and same with Tristan.
Lyonesse and St.Micael. I wrote them up last thread. They're near identical twins and both deny that with inane details on how their station is different (and better) than the other.
File: 4Qx6kXY.jpg (1.05 MB, 2539x1653)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Tower of Borrs

Emissary City of House Borrs. To most, the House Emissary cities are emblmatic of the Great Houses of the Round Table. And they would be very much correct. Tristan and KAY have their immense space stations, DuLac has their floating city. But the Tower of Borrs is just as emblmatic as the rest.

Rather than be out in the open, towering over all and dominating the landscape, the Tower at first glance is not a tower at all. It seems to be a fairly sizable building much like a train station in the middle of a giant plaza and park. And behind it is a large plane of glass-like material over two kilometers wide. It isn't until one goes inside that they realize the true scale of the Tower. When one thinks of a tower they think of a tall building that pierces the horizon. The Tower of Borrs is vertical as well, but rather than up, it goes down.
Never mind, I meant 200 meter wide.
File: 9022865_orig.jpg (257 KB, 1100x568)
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257 KB JPG
Fortress Argavane

In typical Argavane fasion, The Fortress is brutal, simplistic and wholly like it's namesake. In years past before the Dragon Conflict, the Argavane Emissary City was very similar to a DuLac corporate city, But nowadays, it has followed the tonal shift of it's owners. Built more like a military facility than anything resembling a city, The Fortress is a dreary place indeed. Very few outsiders go out of their way to be inside unless they have business. Creature comforts are a secondary concern at best, with defensibility of most importance. This lesson was learned when Dragon forces spewed from the Black City of Mordred and overran Argavane's city depopulating it within days, leaving only ghosts to haunt the streets.
>How do you think Janotte's Crusade will go down? How will it affect the Round Table?

Currently at least it is doomed. Other Families see it mostly just as a suicide mission of Lady Janotte who is still shaken by her failure to protect le Dauphin and funded by a bitter father who wants vengeance for his firstborn.

However the Crusade and its destruction can show the dangers of the Dragons to the whole Round Table, leading for they being called martyrs and a far bigger Second Crusade.

Yet it is a perfect opportunity for PCs and their actions to change it wildly. If they get more sponsoring Big Houses or some kind of blessing from Green Monks, for example, it can change their chances greatly. Or if they are just better commanders than Janotte, who is hellishly good fighter (being selected as a DuLac bodyguard takes skill) and good figurehead but not a strategist.
Her anger and shame clouds her judgement too much. She is out to kill Dragons and lord Mordred, and she is therefore too predictable.
So it's the Children's Crusade? Or pretty much the IRL Crusades?
Probsnly the children's
File: 1506792353334.jpg (361 KB, 1280x960)
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361 KB JPG
So does anyone have any ideas for the other Emissary cities? PenDragon has Camelot definitely and we got KAY,Tristan, DuLac, Argavane, Borrs. So Gawain, Lanval, Palamedes and the rest need doing.
File: 1511774434918.jpg (410 KB, 1920x984)
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410 KB JPG
Lanval "Forest"

Lanval's Emissary City. Architecturally speaking, the city is a fantastic display of rcreations and fusions of Sidhe/Avalonian architecture. To most that visit or travel through it, the city is mighty confusing and easy to get lost in. That is rathe the point by Lanval's engineering and architecture firms. The entire city was meant to replicate the feeling of living in a Paradox forest as humanly possible while still making it livable and logical to navigate after living within it after enough time.
I feel like its a point of pride for Lanval employees whwn they finally can make it to work on time without getting lost.
File: USG-Ishimura-1_(1).jpg (145 KB, 640x640)
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145 KB JPG
Indefatigable Class

Borrs' deep space, long distance mining fleet tender/fleet flagship/mobile refinery. Another of the RT's large mobile space stations. The Lyonesse and St. Michael may be wonders of the universe given their size and fleet tender capabilities. But unlike them, the Indefatigable class is that: a Class of ships meant to lead Borrs' mining fleets. And they have shown little signs of stopping. Borrs is currently calling up Tristan for the possibility of drawing up plans in the future of a replacement for them.

The Indefatigable was based upon older Tristan designs and merged with Borrs know how to create the long serving legends known throughout Avalonian space. By simple law of averages, people are more likely to see and step foot upon an Indefatigable compared to the Lyonesse or St. Michael.

Capable of planning jumps for a fleet, doing the work of a small refinery ship, hydroponics, and ship repair. The Indefatigable has shown itself a versatile class worthy of its namesake.
>Be me, a criminal
>On the run from the constabulary
>Need to ditch them quick
>I'll lose them in the Lanval Forest, they won't find me
>Get in
>Lose them
>*Few minutes later* I'm lost
>*30 seconds later* The Lanval Constabulary have me in cuffs
>Joke about newcomers and how they've lived and worked here for years and know it like the backs of their hands
>I'm not a genius.png
Is there an ideal system for running this or is the thread just lore dumps?
File: King_Ar-Gimilzôr.jpg (34 KB, 300x483)
34 KB
Would this make a good inspiration for Clarent?
Right now there's been no single system mentioned. Though Silcore and a couple others have been tossed around. Honestly, I say screw it and just use Genesys myself. I've been homebrewing another project and its incredibly easy to make atuff for it.
Id say so given Clarent was originally a sword and all.
I just realized the Mordred survivors and such are just Black Numenoreans.
Sorry it took so long guys. But now I love the idea of the Mordred exiles becoming Black Numenoreans/Angmar IN SPACE!

>Joined corrupting spirit/AI
>Got more evil
>Use sorcery/illegal tech
>Ruled by a god king
>Boogeymen of the setting
File: X_169cb79a.jpg (30 KB, 254x350)
30 KB
Wait. Now we got the Mordred Empire vs the ByZantine Empire vs Aegypt on who's the bigger douchebag . And the galaxy ain't big enough for all of them.

Maybe the Mordred exiles settled in somewhere near the-...the Balkans/East Europe.
File: 1453736507086.pdf (438 KB, PDF)
438 KB
438 KB PDF
Oh, this thread looks pretty interesting. Always nice to see projects like this.
The whole setting reminds me of something we worked on a few years back called 'Lost Source'. It was never finished but I'll upload the latest pdf I have.
File: 1500998433969.jpg (163 KB, 588x1080)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>Lost Source
Those were the days. Thanks for reminding me anon.
File: 28598-2.jpg (321 KB, 617x900)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Does anyone have the post about the Saracen religion? Where the guy goes into the dessert, and comes back plants a seed and a tree suddenly springs up? I can't find it.
File: 1460133943_cWMQMyn.jpg (678 KB, 1277x1717)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
How out of there would the SoA of Charlemagne marrying into the Capetians be? Or maybe a descendant to solidify ties and further centralize power with a powerhouse system like Paris?
File: 1534646584361.jpg (4.92 MB, 3508x2480)
4.92 MB
4.92 MB JPG
Mecha-Knights in SPACE always always manages to tickle my fancy. Keep on keeping on anons and here's one of my favorite pics on the subject.
File: 1506785359699.jpg (1.15 MB, 2000x1125)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Alpha Frank regions:

The Alpha Franks are worshippers of many regions, both old and new. New Edenism has been growing over the centuries since it's appearance.

The traditional religion of the AF is an Ancestor Worship with elements based around their genetic engineering. Surveys have noted an emerging group that merges NE and AW together. This new offshoot sees the AF or anyone following this new religion as the stewards and protectors of nature. The use of Genetic Engineering is seen as one of the best ways to further protect nature and ecosystems. They see Dragons as abominations born of hubris and must be destroyed.
File: 1503029505528.png (200 KB, 500x500)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
File: 1500965447477.png (935 KB, 1120x600)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
Actually, what sort of religions would pop up in SoA? Since their isn't any Catholic Church equivalent, their should be a lot more variations/types. Maybe even polytheism and animism are more common.

Gawain Religions:

“I've begun worshipping the sun for a number of reasons. First of all, unlike some other gods I could mention, I can see the sun. It's there for me every day. And the things it brings me are quite apparent all the time: heat, light, food, and a lovely day. There's no mystery, no one asks for money, I don't have to dress up, and there's no boring pageantry. And interestingly enough, I have found that the prayers I offer to the sun and the prayers I formerly offered to 'God' are all answered at about the same 50% rate.”
― George Carlin, Brain Droppings

Sun Worship is the most apparent religion among the denziens of Gawain. Born out of apparent contrairianism and simple human need for unity was the Cult of the Sun began within the Halls of Gawain.
File: 1505644957897.jpg (809 KB, 1200x867)
809 KB
809 KB JPG
Worshippers among the AF of NE and AW see this new offshoot as worrying. The strong emphasis on its worshippers being the stewards/guides of humanity and focus on making people and their children better without the consideration of normal AF society is chilling to many.
To many among the Gawain Sun Cult, they see it more a philosophy to guide one's life than an actual religion. They don't gather in church to pray to a holy book or anything like that.
File: 1514730352746.jpg (816 KB, 1500x848)
816 KB
816 KB JPG
DuLac Religions:

A traditional form of worship among the DuLac dynasty that spread through their workforce is the holding of Lakes and bodies of water(Ponds, rivers, streams etc.) as sacred places and worthy of respect. Baptism by pond/lake is usually done after birth and during birthdays, weddings, funerals and so on. Nowadays it has been mixed somewhat with New Edenism giving it an environmentalism tilt with keeping water sources clean.
>Actually, what sort of religions would pop up in SoA?
Aurelianism is one of the more popular religions (though admittedly it speaks more to proper conduct than to metaphysics or ontology) among the commonfolk of the Core Worlds. Based on the teachings of the old CEO-Emperor of the same name and found in the text known as the "Annals", Aurelianism advocates for honor in every aspect of life through the practice of New Chivalry. This includes respect for ones elders and fathers, politeness and honesty in equal measure to one's peers, and thriftiness and diligence above all else in one's work and public life. The Annals are considered to be one of the foundational texts of society, and all members of upper society are expected to have read it and various scholarly works surrounding it. What do you all think of Medieval Space Confucianism?
I love it. How do you feel about Gawain Sun Cult or DuLac water worship?
>How do you feel about Gawain Sun Cult or DuLac water worship?
They're interesting. To my sense they feel more like elite cults (more in the Roman sense than the modern sense). You know, the kind of traditions an isolated but powerful elite would take up separate from the populace. I like the interaction with New Edenism they've both had, too. Kinda reminds me of the early give and take between the pagan religions and early Christianity, with Edenism as the latter.
File: 1505068606562.jpg (947 KB, 1920x1080)
947 KB
947 KB JPG
PenDragon philosophies:

Divine penmanship is an unusual philosophy/supernatural understanding with its roots in PenDragon. Based around the ancient knowledge of spelling words equates to magic spells, Penmanship is built around use of writing and projection to influence people and the world. Whether it actually works is up to interpretation and who one asks.
Looks that way. My Penmanship post above is similar.
File: 91mUfxPcy3L__SL1500_.jpg (226 KB, 1013x1500)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
The Immortal Grand Prix

Racing spinoff of Cavalier Tournaments.

Takes an innovative approach b interspersing fighting between racing segments. Daggers both refurbished and purpose built are used in these breakneck dogfights. Using boosters and fusion engine driven skates, the Daggers can clock over 300 kph. Teams are made of 3 members: Point, Tank and Defender.

Will continue in the morning.
The ByZant primarily adhere to a branch of Aurelianism known as Gilded Aurelianism. While it retains most of the same tenants, Gilded Aurelianism eschews the thriftiness of its predecessor for more ostentatious displays of there virtues as well as a heavier emphasis on the attainment and spending wealth. The Gilded (as their followers are known to mainstream Aurelians) who consist of most of the ByZant upper management and Knights, clad themselves in black and golden cloths and always travel in grand processions to display their virtue - and wealth - to the world. The most notable practice of the Gilded is to pay tribute to those Corporations who they encounter in their travels to demonstrate their virtues. The astonishingly few times ByZant nobles had passed on a Core-Influenced World, they made massive purchases in various consumer goods to honor the Corporation of the world and promptly donated them to the populace of that world's capital in a massive week long celebration.

>Divine penmanship
This feels appropriate for Pendragon. As the leaders of the Round Table, you'd expect them to place a heavy emphasis on communication, and by that extent diplomacy.
Morning bump
>admittedly it speaks more to proper conduct than to metaphysics or ontology
This. Actual religions in Avalon are not that big thing, but philosophies and such are fun way to differentiate the Round Table Corporations even more. Remember that there is no dual citizenry so people rarely move between Corps.

Aegypt on other hand is crazy...
File: 1395347457_TOTAL WAR.jpg (92 KB, 1024x574)
92 KB

>The Second Battle of Luna continues...

The Dragons threw themselves into the chaotic destruction without restraint. Previously they had mostly ignored the external living areas, data-centers and Monk greenhouses but now all were swept away. Empty space claimed many relics of the past ages, never to be seen again.

Sir Gur KAY was finishing his seventh scaly beast when four Boars crashed into him. He emptied his shotgun into the first and tore the eyes out of the second but the third crushed him into the ground. Sir Gur managed to throw it off the mountain but the fourth pinned him between lunar rock cliffs.
Together then with the blind one they crushed his Keel and then the whole chest of his Longsword. He screamed into the void as his cockpit was mangled. Yet he survived, although he would never ride a Cavalier again.

Arthur was slaying his eighteenth Tyger when Roman of Galeshin ran at him. The Dragon Lord Tygeres was back with fury. It had gathered the remaining True Dragons for final assault. All four were heading straight for the Gate inside the Mountain, to the Brocéliande. They had flanked the last defenders by climbing up a straight cliff and carved a bloody route through the last Tank Monks.

Taking flight with X-Caliber, every draconic foe tried to prevent the Prince from reaching the gate. Cockatrices, Wyverns and Manticores swarmed him but he either dodged or cut them apart. Drakes tried to snipe him from air but his loyal Men-At-Arms made a suicidal charge to the Drake Batteries, taking them out. A trio of Griffins jumped at him yet Sir Nennius Bedivere intercepted them with Sir Ebere and Sir Enamak.

Yet even after all this X-Caliber was too slow. The damage inflicted by Neofelis was too great and the four True Dragons would breach the Gate before Arthur would be upon them.

File: 13539847_f1024.jpg (114 KB, 1024x768)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
The Four Dragon Lords turned to face Prince Arthur. They half-laughed while they charged their plasma-breaths.

It was that time when Prince Alstair Lancelot arrived. Upon destroying the second lair, he had taken a direct flight to the Tip of the Mountain. And fate had directed there just when he was needed the most.

He announced his arrival by smashing into the rightmost True Dragon. His weapon: A spear of his own making. Piercing the cybernetic scales of the beast, it pushed a plasma-charge next to its unholy cyberheart.

The detonation slew the Dragon instantly. The rest were stunned by the plasmic explosion - their attacks missed Arthur.

Following Prince Lancelot, rest of the lair-destroying force landed. Over a dozen fresh Knights arrived, led by Lady Guinevere. Sir Bertwald Dinadan, Sir Kunihito Claudin, Dame Aisling "Silver Bullet" Lyons, Sir Lucas Sagramore, Lord Byrnhorn "Crusher" Lucan, Dame Linette Tristanite and many others stood there in fresh Arming Swords, ready to die for their Prince and Merlin.
The Dragon Lords were surrounded. Tygeres tried to laugh but its many wounds were beginning to show.

"Well met the auspicious Knights. Well fought Arthur and Nennius. Know this: We were here to free you. Strike us down here and curse the fate of Humanity to ignorance and darkness. You will never rise again while Merlin exists."

Arthur had a slight limp but he still arrived to the circle surrounding the three last Dragons. "What you offer us is another type of slavery. Under Morrigan."

"You are mistaken by Merlins deception, young prince. We resoled in violence only because it was the only way. Merlin controls all other communication routes. It forced us into this bloodshed."

File: akko.jpg (6 KB, 206x214)
6 KB
You guys know you are basically ripping off Camelot Trigger, right ?
File: cross_ange_11_4.jpg (65 KB, 640x360)
65 KB

It is universally known that Arthur responded to Tygeres at that point. Yet no-one is exactly sure what he said. The result was clear: All Cavaliers raised their guns and readied themselves.

"Very well then." Tygeres said and as one all three gigantic Dragons rushed at Arthur. Ursida, Tygeres and Chudo-Yudo

Only Sir Bertwald Dinadan, Dame "Silver Bullet" Lyons, Sir Nennius of Bedivere and Lady Guinevere where quick enough to intercept.

Dame Lyons activated her rail cannons and demolished the wings of Ursida. It responded by throwing a sharp spike of lunar rock at her with terrible power. Focusing on firing while ignoring dodging, the spike went through her Cavalier and the noble fighter was no more.

Sir Dinadan and Lady Guinevere charged directly at Tygeres. Guinevere focused her autocannons on the eyes of the beast, knocking most of them out. While Dinadan went directly for its throat with a vibro axe. Momentarily blinded, Dinadan managed to inject a mighty strike to dark dragons neck but then Chodo-Yudo reached with one of its heads and bit the too narrowly focused Cavalier into two. All that remained of Dinadan was few torn bits who were later used to clone the noble warrior.

Sir Nennius in turn stood directly between the charging horrors and Lord Arthur. "While I stand not one of you fell beasts shall touch the True King!" He challenged them.

"Very Well!" Responded Tygeres and breathed plasma.


According to Sir Lucas Sagramore, one of the final survivors was adamant for his long life that Arthur had responded " We are not ready yet. Perhaps some day we shall be.". But who knows about a scion of the House of Lies...

Never heard of it. Quick googling does allow me to see some clear similarities.
Good that someone else has came up with similar awesome concept.
File: 1537932426184.jpg (103 KB, 564x313)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>All this stuff when I was asleep
Cool beans
File: 1527055166913.jpg (448 KB, 1280x818)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
Now that morning chores are done.

Cult of the Dragonslayer

A religious group that sprung up half way through the Dragon Conflict. The dire situation of the DC was the birth event of numerous fringe groups, the CotD being one of the more prominent.

The Cult's focus is upon the destruction of the Dragons. But through this is there disgust of 'Abominable Intelligence' or simple AI, citing how Morrigan was able to subvert the entirety of them. They see AI, any AI as sacrilege and to be destroyed utterly.

This puts them at odds with a number of corporations and polities due to their misinformed targeting of numerous factories and research plants causing uncountable losses in investment over the decades. A

And with each years they grow more bold and erratic. As such, the Round Table and many other polities have condemned the Cult of terrorism no better than Thomas Mordred.
File: nubia-mora-scifi-chick.jpg (1.46 MB, 1484x1920)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
Her Lady's Charity Group

Semi-nomadic religious group focusing on humanitarian efforts throughout human space. Operate several small fleets across charted space to best react to the myriad of disasters that occur.

Originated from a coven on the planet ******* following the teachings of St. Christina. Their path to become what they are today started in the early days of the DC. As military relief efforts were diverted to the frontlines, many core and mid worlds found themselves swamped with the efforts to provide disaster relief. The Charity (as they are known) along with many others stepped up to the plate to provide assistance as best they could. While the quality of some were highly suspect, many more could be counted upon to provide quality aid.

After the DC died down, the Charity had swelled to numbering 100s of thousands, and have only grown since then.

Colors are white primary and black secondary. Their logo/symbol is a praying woman, with a somber and saddened appearance with head surrounded by light.
File: 1537897227283.jpg (150 KB, 707x1131)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Shooting Stars Studios (SSS, 3S Etc.)

Entertainment company, primarily known for their adventure and action pieces, though their comedies and thrillers have a decent following. Currently in a slump after a strike by workers and actors leaving them teetering on the brink of collapse. Looking to hire anyone to do work, though they can't promise much pay. Still have deep connections and influence in the entertainment industry.
What age are clones cloned at? Are they the age of the person wanting to be cloned, are they 'born again' at a young age IE babies?
Probably they get cloned as babies. Older are possible *kough AF kough* yrt are not stable. But if you need just a cheap bidy double....
That looks like a good compromise. Where should Clones be placed in the docs?
Well its a cyberpunk dystopia with lord of light style 'gods' its gonns be nutty.
The whole 'no dual citizenry' thing was originally by me cause I despie the concept. Some guy who lives in one country can vote and lobby in another country despite never living there for the past twenty years. And then complain about people complaining about them doing aforementioned voting.

The Corps. also wan't to keep the balance of power between them and Dual Citizenry is a big no no.
Probsbly in the races of men?
Here we go.
Clones: By products of RoME genetic engineering research. Originally only limbs and organs were cloned for medical reasons. But it did not take long for enterprising individuals to begin full body clones. These clones were usually meant for body doubles, sex slaves, cheap laborers etc.
Currently the legality of clones depends on where you are n human space:
The AF have a rather laissez faire approach. Clones are more accepted into their societies and culture.
Avalonians, especially core worlders, see clones as akin to how ancient human cultures see Bastards or illegitimate offspring, many cannot inherit except for outlying circumstances. Avalonian born clones have a higher than average rate for mental degeneration which leads to the bias against them.
Gaels and Celts are between the Avalonians and AF
The Saracens largely detest full body clones, though settlements and groups that have lived near Avalonians have adopted a more lenient and accepting view.
ByZant continues the traditions of RoME. Aegypt is very similar.

How does this look?
How are we defining Polearm-class Cavaliers? Are they more of a jack of all trades type machine like a love child between the spear/axe/sword classes?
Lanval philosophiy:

Grove meditation. Lanval philosophy derived from the Paradox forests. To many that venture into the PFs, it can be a paradoxically calming place to relax and free ones mind, testing has shown under such conditions that brain activity is heightened and more productive. Lanval has over the centuries tried to replicate such effects with the "Forest" Emissary City being the largest and most successful of them. All Lanval holdings have several such groves situated in parks and around the holdings for anyone to rest and relax. Those that sleep are said to have prophetic dreams.
Those are a later invention. Likely a Charlemagne Era design or even later. And they are jack of all trades from what we've decided.
I think the next thing we could do is the actual relationships between the Corporate Houses.

We know most of their leaders and a quite bit of their histories. So how warm are the relationships of the Mighty Corps?
Borrs used to be part of DuLac but split centuries ago. Their relationship used to be rather hostile and rather volatile. Nowadays they're on good terms, some thought the friendship between Fremund and Robert would bring them closer. But that fell through with them parting ays.

The former Pellinore Group Houses (Gawain, Etc.) probably get along fairly well since they were part of PG and worked together.
This seems like a really interesting idea, I gave a quick look over the doc. Are there any/do you plan on having any non-humans? I'd love to help contribute, though it seems like there's not a whole lot of open space for new Human factions, correct me if I'm wrong.
File: 830px-Cloning_Tanks.jpg (47 KB, 830x352)
47 KB
The closest are the ELF/FAE in setting. The Jotun are sorta half breeds due to living on the world tree for generations. The Sidhe are gone, and their are hyperspace dwelling extra-dimensional demon aliens. There is also the possibility for man made aliens.
What other philosophies would the Houses follow? I'm hitting a wall for Argavane and KAY.
I dont think that we need non-humans. Sure it is Battletech-esque but honestly not having everything gives setting more character.

There is still plenty of minor houses etc where you can participate and create fun new stuff.
Parcival Philosophy

History Retrospective. Essentially learning from the past and applying it to the world's current situation. Simple in theory but hard to put into practice.
And we have a few very far from human. Odinians are a great example and arguably the Aegypti and ByZant nobility as well.
I realize the philosophies I've been posting are closer to ceremonies than actual philosophy, let alone religion.
True. And post-treshold will be even weirder with Cavalier-Human combinations, swarms and genetechs.
Post Threshold will be weird. AI being self contained and not like the Dragons/Morrigan at all.
I actually think Lanval would be really into Phenomenology, especially when pertaining to the Sidhe. Both how such tech affects the world with physics breaking but also its interactions with the human/non-human consciousness.
Agravane Pragmatism
Born out of House Agravane's change towards brutality and efficiency over the course of the Dragon Conflict, the Corp. has largely eschewed frivolous notions such as "Kindness, sportsmanship and the like". They prefer to make the most of what they have and view resources themselves as tools to utilize said resources effectively. This worldview has thoroughly bled into their business approach and even into their Subsidiaries
This raises the question. How bad did they suffer in the War that they are that ruthless?
This bad>>62186918
Parcival Animism

The relic hunting culture that developed over Paricival Incorporated's existence led to interesting worldviews. Most notable was the development of animism, or the belief in all things containing spirits.

This form of Animism is based around the experiences and travels of objects, whether they be Pre RoME artifacts to Cavaliers and how they act after a battle.
Thats really neat. I imagine thry really over time get really attached to certain Cavaliers maybe gping so far as to refit and update them.
Imagine when the post Threshold happens. They'd go crazy on sapient/sentient machines that can feel and live.
Trur though I imagine threshhold may never be truly crossed. After all, it likely culturally is a hard thing to come to terms with. That said, I can imagine most Corps have a one off Post-threshhold cavalier or character hiding.
'Black Knight'

Mysterious Long Sword Cavalier that has appeared mysteriously in the years post DC. Most odd is it's appearances alongside DuLac forces. It has shown considerable protectiveness towards DuLac and even seems to be very familiar with protocols and secrets of the company.

Other than the black gleaming armor, its most distinguishing feature is its heraldry: an Argent shield with a thorned Black Rose entwined around a broken black sword.

All attempts have failed to either capture or create deeper communications.
I actually wonder if Guillelme as cloned or if he had any hang ups about it? If he did have one Alstair is even more pissed as the clone would be about as good as G but can't inherit because of the whole "Clones can't inherit or it'll set a precedent"
Make you wonder why he didnt try to pass a clone off as natural,born.
So,is this on 1d4chan yet?
Should be dammit

If such clone exists, he is probably exremely guarded secret. The whole DuLac family would fight among themselves for inheritance. And they have already at least one "bad" clone..

And wouldn't Guillelme Beta be considered his own child and therefore grandvhildren of Alstair 6th... Dammit Corp inheritance is a mess easily. They dont seem to do primogeniture either...
File: Jesta.jpg (2.29 MB, 5698x3924)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
Seems to be Cognatic at least. At least it ain't Gravelkind *Shudders*
Most likely it is a byrocratic mess involving wills, voting and customs. And of course different Houses do it differently.
I can see Agravane be brutally honest with succession: all to firstborn but you can challenge him/her into a Cavalier duel for the position.

Whereas DuLac probs in turn mostly uses designated heir (current CEO gives majority of shares to the chosen successor) but the Dulac Board can overrule the will "if it is for the best interests of the Company". Of course majority of the Board are family as well. Much backstabbery is often involved. Particularly after Alstair the 6th.

PenDragon succession felt clear Uther -> Arthur -> Guinevere but basically NO-ONE knows what happens when she dies. Of what she hqs written into her will she hasnt uttered a word.

I think it would be good to say that in general the firstborn gets Cavalier of a parent. Secondborn as well if both parents were Knights.

Saxons, Swiss etc can then use Gavelkind for all extra funnytimes.

> what about the other Corps?
Abd Aegypti just cheat.
All Aegypt is technically under control of Ra, but he knows that is untenable. So all the stuff is shared between gods under "Domains" and "Portfolios". So there are the Main Gods and Lesser Gods and their "Demi God" children/dynasties. Aristocrats are the middle class and the lower class is...well you know.
True wonder if there has been any civil,wars due to it. Though with the unclean lurking about I'm, thinking those get nipped in the bud.
Have we had anymore on the Jotun? Besides them being space Vikings?
File: theo_s_01.jpg (357 KB, 1082x1400)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
We could do a re-enactment of the wars of north and south aka where Set was demonized.
Not really, they were still being made when they stopped being written.
Thinking of making an early-mid Aegyptis Civil War. Tentative names are: The Stitching, War of North and South, Calming the Chos and such things.

Generally it's about Set getting to big for his britches and placing the last straw upon the camel's back. This causes the rest of the Gods to gather their forces and purge Set and their followers from existence. It's also one of the times in Aegypt a God Kings is truly killed.
File: 1510877343042.jpg (634 KB, 995x747)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
Bullet points:
_About halfway through Aegypt's history before RoME shows up
-Many God Kings running around sharing power ala>>62206114
-Set is the trouble maker, not sure of their domain yet, likely the short end of the stick and so they act weird and random to compensate
-Set's transference possibly wasn't the best and their kernel degenerates at a barely noticeable pace over centuries
-Becomes erratic and destructive towards the civil war
Not sure where to go from there. Thinking of him screwing around and destroying Thoth's library, where a good chunk of Aegypts history is stored as well as numerous workers, intellectuals and the like dying.
This makes calm, collected Thoth go ape shit on Set and gives the Gods enough reason to come down on Set.
Yeah I'll get back to that civil war thing another day. It's kicking my butt trying to write it this late.
I'll do a couple Knights and Cavs instead.

Maodhog Ó Coileáin, freelancer/Knight Errant, 66 years old
Cavalier:Bastard Sword 'Lucky'/'Four Leaf Clover'

Gael born and bred, Ó Coileáin epitomizes what a Gael Knight should be: honorable, dutiful and enjoys life. Their isn't much that can bring his spirits down. He always knows hot to have a good time, and is a savant in dealing with alcohol.

Despite these qualities, he has a slight issue in staying employed for long periods of time. While this is the case for many mercenary companies, let alone freelancers, and especially Gael Knights, Ó Coileáin's problem the frequency he is let go. Not for misconduct or anything like that, but because he's too good at what he does. Many in the groups he works with: Mercenaries, local Knights etc. get jealous of his success and try to get him thrown out.

Due to all this, Ó Coileáin has gained both fame and infamy throughout Avalonian space from his exploits and the rumors regarding his employment problems. His trail of bastards left behind also does not help his infamy.

'Lucky' used to follow typical Bastard Sword operation: Prodigiously powerful weaponry on a frame that can only 'just' tolerate it all. After too many accidental shutdowns and feedback explosions, Ó Coileáin simply downgraded his weaponry to less powerful versions. This has been a surprising boon to 'Lucky' due to the weaker weapons freeing up its Engine and radiators to work more efficiently in addition to the reduced weight improving mobility.

This has made 'Lucky' a surprise powerhouse and started up a number of copycats trying to replicate it's success, to varying degrees. Many Knights lack the intuition, skill and experience to make the most out of such a build. Since despite the improved power output of the Engine and enhanced mobility,

File: 1538014655765.jpg (333 KB, 1920x860)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
New location

Scrappers Den/The Junkyard

Found in the ****** System, the Den is common destination for individuals, Corporations and other groups in the ***** Cluster to dump their trash. Overtime, the continued habitation led to the Junk Guild to be formed. Originally set up to protect the interests of the junk divers, scrap dealers and the like, the Guild would grow to be a dominant power of the area.

The Guild is made up of clans, nomads, extra-system mercenaries and immigrants who call the Den Home. This makeup at times gives the denizens of the Den an air of disunity and constant feuding amongst their numbers. But many have learned the hard way this is not the case.

Regardless of their decentralized nature and seemingly ramshackle forces, the Guild is not to be trifled with. Virtually all its forces are native volunteers with minimal mercenary groups. This leads to them being a highly motivated and tenacious to resisting incursion attempts. Knowing the areas like the back of their hands is a great help too. Many a slave raid has been taken apart piecemeal and stripped of anything remotely useful over the years.
File: 1537900867490.jpg (986 KB, 1920x640)
986 KB
986 KB JPG

The most renowned hub for mercenaries and Knight Errants to gather and acquire new contracts. Outreach is home to the CMS (Committee of Mercenary Scaling), where mercenary groups, especially the renowned ones are rated to determine their skills, trustworthiness and financial situations for those wishing to hire muscle.

Managed by a council of mercenaries, traders, Corp. representatives.

Fighting outside of training arenas/grounds is strictly prohibited.

Has several orbital and ground based spaceports to facilitate ease of personnel/trade movement.

Has no standing army, the sellswords are more than enough.
Many drugs and narcotics are found throughout human space. People will always find a way to get a quick fix of endorphins.

Lightyear: Appearance of transparent rock candy of various colors and opacity. The more transparent the better as it denotes purity and quality. Effect is inducing 'Out of body experiences' and vision like effects. Very rare due to process including need of zero-g in forming process.

Moon Rocks: Gray-White chalky substance that induces seemingly random sensory reversals. Common additive to other narcotics.
Commonly eaten or smoked as is. Quality determined by its Mohs scale. Must not be too hard or too brittle.

Frost: Drug that has the unusual effect of lowering body temperature. Bluish white tacky substance with blue 'bits' scattered within. Typically eaten or dried, crumbled and lit to smoke.

Cosmo Honey: Named for having the qualities of Honey (viscosity, appearance, taste etc.). Off shoot of honey production on the planet of ******, originally meant as tourist bait. Effect is increasing the potency of the senses. Gained infamy when vats were mixed up with normal honey sent to a festival with predictable results.
'Glory' MR-160

Ubiquitous rotorcraft among the Round Table corporations. It became so common due to a lack of spell checking pertaining to its copyright and production rights. Because of this, its parent company Air Cougar, went under a few years later.

Regardless, the RT has found it a great modular rotorcraft to fill there every need. Compared to the ancient Broadhead ASF, the Glory is fare cheaper to produce and maintain, and are rarely put into battle making it far more widespread and longer serving. Many models are still flying from over a century ago.
Using helicopters still

Well kinda understandable if they are sufficiently cheap. I could see hovercrafts or similiar being used as well, but thet might be too expensive/hightech for all.

And the Fusion Cores of Cavaliers are still rare tech?
We're not sure I know castle reactors are only made upon Luna by Merlin.
They are. But they are also worked on by trusted companies such as Godwine Coreworks, who worked on the Caliburn's Fusion Engine.
Breakfast bump
File: me-2a.gif (167 KB, 1171x577)
167 KB
167 KB GIF
Grav-Hammer series

Many say the age of tanks is coming to an end. But there are still those that denounce such a claim. And their answer is the Grav-Hammer series. Built around mobility and repositioning first and foremost, the GHs are already looking up. Capable of keeping up with various VTOLs and STEED Cavaliers, their tactical and strategic importance has been greatly improved. New cannons are being developed in response to next gen armor and the Greatsword classes.

But the GHs already are quite expensive, but the simplicity and ease of production is a boon when compared to Cavaliers.

All in all, only time will tell how the GH does.
File: 1532822191815.jpg (246 KB, 1205x587)
246 KB
246 KB JPG

Whereas Castles (Starships) are fairly modular inconstruction allowing customization and mission specific packages, Dropships are quite standard.

Next to no modularity is afforded to them do to the need of producing enough.

Dropships come in two kinds: Spheroid and Aerodyne. Each with uses and strengths.

Spheroids have greater internal volume for propellant storage and cargo and overall surface area for weapons/equipment. Their is really only way to land a Sphereoid: bottom down and there is minimal maneuvers they can do, making combat drops highly risky, lending them to act more as cargo/tropop transports after the invasion when a suitable beachhead is established.

Aerodynes are built for mostly operating in atmosphere. As such, their design includes lifting surfaces and air control bodies, but due to size and mass, they largely fly through near pure thrust. Most are used to transport Cavaliers and cohorts to the surface, drop off and get into orbit in one go. Many have taken advantage of their speed and maneuverability in atmosphere and reduced cargo for weaponry, turning them into giant gunships for firesupport.
'Rabbit' Gyro Cycle:
Interesting single tire motorcycle made by ****** Automotive. Designed for simplicity and compactness, it is surprisingly stable and durable despite its appearance. Self sealing tires and fuel tank, capable of hooking to APCs and trailers, long lasting batteries allow the Rabbit to go anywhere one wants. It's just somewhat dangerous to drive in most peoples opinion.
Hey I recommend that you actually give/name these stuffs instead of putting just a blank ***. Part of fun of these threads is that people can either reference material from others. Leaving these blank basically needs filling later and that can get tiresome. We already have a lot of Corps, for example, that easily can be used in place of blanks.

We already have current-age tank class the Warhammer (and the Lucerne Hammer)

True, GH seems like a completely different beast with hovertech. It just kinda seems extra. We want to focus on Cavaliers and tanks are in my mind sufficiently done.

Cool places, needs placements for actual systems though. Screppers Den sounds like Italian Constellation or some old age RoME-dump in Inner Systems.

We are currently using European City names for systems and planets. Check the wiki or google/ancient maps for inspiration.

Outreach is great - it is another adventure hub which we currently need more.
Trying to figure out company names. I'll put them up later.

Thanks anon
The relationship between the former Pellinore Group Houses is incredibly cordial, familial in fact. Conflict is fairly uncommon and even more so when it devolves to bloodshed. Most issues are dealt with in the courtroom before such a thing happens.
File: 1527439194413.jpg (340 KB, 1280x965)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
DuLac and PenDragon relations have always been strained, but there is a noticeable trend in an increase in hostilities over the past 50 years. This is believed to stem from DuLac capitalizing on the weakening of PenDragon to be more aggressive, both on and off the battlefield.

PenDragon's size and industrial might is more than able to counter the losses inflicted by DuLac, but enough papercuts can down giants.
File: 1516492571120.png (72 KB, 769x427)
72 KB
Agravane's relations with everyone is generally passive aggressive to the Round Table and more hostile to everyone outside of it. Even PenDragon is not given a veneer of respect. Note, they are not hostile and pick fights with everyone because they know the other Corps. could gang up on them and put them down like dogs if they wanted. As such, Agravane plays the long game to rise up the ranks. They know this, because otherwise would make the rest of the Corps. gang up on them.
These guys sound like suxh fun villains,
They would be. But the Villains of the setting are far worse. See example Aegypt.
Lanval prefers to keep to themselves and tends to not get into conflict with the other Corps. They really only get involved when Sidhe and ancient human artifacts are the crosshairs, then they will muster forces to take them and extra for compensation.

Borrs is fairly similar to Lanval. But they tend to get in more conflicts mostly for resource rights and the like.
True, Aegypt is just...not a very nice place to live.
>Aegypt! Come for the sights! Never leave! Have some complimentary brain implants!
Tristanite Shipyards and KAY Shipping have been covered already. But, they have been having wars with eachother for centuries over shipping lanes, resources, facrories and simple indignity being compared to the other.

Nowadays, the relationship has been warming up from the cool period following the DC. During the DC all conflicts between the Corps. were frozen to deal with the Dragons.

Due to warming of relations, there has been considerably less fighting between the two out in the field. Backroom politics and legal battles are still ongoing.
This is not to say they're cordial. In tournies both sides hurl insults with a coarse glee. More worrying when one side beats the other violent fights may break out or even riots,
I see football/rugby hooligans still exist.

Cavalier/Knight groupies

Adoring fans of Knights and their Cavaliers. Even the lowliest of Knights has a small following.

During tourneys, riots are known to break out between fans of the loser and winner.
File: 17722810_large.jpg (139 KB, 940x470)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Parcival is known for its dual conflicting ideologues of down-to-earth ( and slightly spiritistic ) relaxed behavior and their preference of learning from the errors of the past.

These philosophies luckily do not conflict too much, so they exist rather peacefully. Yet it has been said that it is often clearly seen which side is controlling the Board (currently Animism but only with one vote).

> BTW we do not have any Parcival Characters, with the Void Pilgrim being the only potential exception.

Some riots, duels and importantly NO marriages is rather understandable between the old Tristanite - KAY troubles. Yet as Tristanites are getting more and more bitter after the Isolde fiasco things might get stabbery and / or Ugly.
> Sir Caius Parcival-Gillimer
49 years old. Senior Ruinographer.

An expert of Dragon Conflict era battlefields and ruins, Sir Caius is a fierce scourger of the horrors of that bloody war. He has visited several death worlds who no-one has landed since the War. He has reconstructed the Extermination of Latobrigi, Three Battles of Brema Mountains and the Fall of House Grummorson.

His caution towards human remains is legendary: He tirelessly records corpses and other cadavers he encounters. Over seventeen thousand missing persons have been identified and buried properly because of his actions. But still over two a million unknown corpses are left...

A lover of forgotten and lost worlds, Sir Caius has no desire for leadership. He has two squires but has not selected a wife yet. Cousin of dame Peigi Parcival and they happily are conversing about their separate explorations.
So how do the green monks elect their leaders? Are they the descendants of a RoME era terraforming firm?
Merlin most likely the Green Monk leadership.

As it might scan them all it can very accurately calculate the best candidates. One also could ask how much personality the high-ranking Monks have lest
I imagine they are still their own people. They might be VERY dedicated but, Merlin doesn't seem like it wants mindless slaves either.
No. Merlin want's those able to think for themselves. That way they can't say it was manipulating or something later on.
It just likes suggesting things a lot.
A lot. It definitely doesn't want a AI purge or anything.
To be fair that happens and galatic society is literally crippled
File: untitled.png (442 KB, 600x318)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
Yep. It knows that very well. And is trying its damnedest to prevent it. Now this sounds like the Foundation series.
The monks are I think at least partly based on the Foundation.
Well they are the Foundation/Techpriests/Hippies/Catholics/Mystics/Spellsongers of this setting. Hopely they are benign, at least they do not much consern themselves with RT. Have they desired even to destroy the remaining Dragons? What about Zant, Aegypt or Saracebs?

We should make few chars more for them, we only have one traveller.
File: bruno.jpg (602 KB, 640x691)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
What sort of ranks should they have. Then we can have a better guide of different characters.
I imaginr they are laid out in a similar manner to actual orders of monks though thry may expand off that a bit
So Orders of SAINTS and such? They likely hate the Dragonslayers for appropriating George>>62197599
Probably, wonder how one qualifies for Sainthood. By setting up or completing a terraforming project?
I just put the idea of Orders of SAINTS out there. But maybe they shouldn't? Are we going for Druid "Ranks" or classic Monk ranks?
Posting monk stuff

Abbey - A monastery or convent under the government of an abbot or abbess.

Convent - A building or community of female monastics.

Monastery - A building or community of male monastics.

Nunnery - An outmoded term for convent.

Priory - A building headed by a prior or prioress. This may be for monastics, but can also include friars (who live a life of poverty rather than monasticism) or military-monastic knights.
Monastic Ranks

Oblate - Oblates are laypersons of a monastic order who are not monks or nuns, but who have individually affiliated themselves in prayer with a monastery of their choice.

Candidate/Postulant - The title for a person asking for admission into a monastery, both before actual admission and for the length of time proceeding their admission into the novitiate.

Novice - A prospective monastic undergoing a period of training and preparation prior to taking vows in the order to determine whether or not they are called to the religious life.

Lay Brother - Lay Brothers handle secular matters, typically manual labor which either gains money for or supports the monastery, such as working in farms, gardens, the hospice, infirmary, and kitchens.

Choir Monk - Monks who have been or will be ordained into monastic orders as a deacon or priest.

Monk - A monastic clergyman who practices religious asceticism. The female term is nun.

Heirodeacon - A monk who is also an ordained deacon.

Heiromonk - A monk who is also an ordained priest.

Sub-prior - A monastic superior who holds the third place in the monastery hierarchy. The female term is Subprioress.

Prior - A Prior is a monastic superior, usually lower in rank than an abbot (in those cases where they don’t control a priory themselves). The female equivalent is Prioress.

Abbot - The title given to the head of a monastery or abbey. The female equivalent is Abbess.

Hegumen - A title for the head of all monasteries in a certain territory (from a monastery known as a ‘hegumenos’). The head of a convent of nuns is called hegumenia or ihumenia.

Archimandrite - This title refers to a superior abbot whom a bishop appointed to supervise several "ordinary" abbots (each styled hegumenos) and monasteries, or to the abbot of some especially great and important monastery. The female term is Archimandrate.

Mother Superior - A term for a female in charge of an abbey or convent.
Monastery Positions

Almoner - The monk who manages alms distributed to the poor.

Cantor - The brother who supervises (choir) music.

Cellarer - The lay brother who provides for the monks’ practical needs for daily life, such as supplies.

Chamberlain - A monk in charge of clothing.

Circuitor - The monk in charge of discipline.

Guest-master - The brother in charge of caring for the monastery’s guests.

Infirmerer - who took care of the sick and the elderly monks

Kitchener - The brother in charge of food preparation.

Librarian - A monk who manages the books of the monastery.

Novice-master - The senior monk who supervises the novices.

Sacrist - A monk, second only to the prior and sub prior, who is in charge of everything holy, including books and relics.

Treasurer - The brother who supervises the monastery’s jewels, ornaments, and vestments.
Sauce on that pic ?
I like how it has mail armor and a roman feel rather than overdesigned spiky plate armour.
I feel like in SoA Choir ranks refer more to monks that practice communication technology snd Spellsongs which seem to be super advanced Electronic/memetic warfare of some sort.
File: monks-drinking.jpg (104 KB, 637x350)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
It's from a Silmarrion book I believe. And Artbook of Tolkien, he's a Black Numenorean

Good idea, Chamberlain could be the guy in charge of the Cuirassier suits
John the First (Archbisop of Mars and New Edenism)

The First Archbiop of the Church of New Edenism, student of MERLIN.

His history before becoming First Archbisop is shrouded in mystery, possibly by MERLIN. Rumored to be a PenDragon scion or cadet line.

Was the guy who implored MERLIN to do the whole scanning of candidates to make sure the Church would not become corrupt from the top down. This helped stabilize the Church of NE and gave it phenomenal strength and internal fortitude. He did this by actually Scaring MERLIN with a detailed account of what he and others in his position would do with such power.
Testimonies, video and audio recordings and his personal writings all point to a serious and determined man devoted to the tenants of New Edenism. Held that those in a position of power should behave with dignity and respect towards their fellow man, else they are little better than the Aegyptians. Such comments notably came during an uptick in Corporate warfare pointed towards the Houses of DuLac and Agravane foremost.

While beloved by the common man throughout Avalonian territory and its neighbors, many of the Elite felt he was too demanding and even persecuted them.

Cantor- Overseer of communications specialists 9Choir)

Cellarer- Supplies/Stoarage manager, depot officer

Chamberlain- In charge of laundry and Cuirassiers

Circuitor- Disciplinarian/Morale officer

Guest-Master- In charge of guests, travelers, dignitaries/PR head

Infirmerer- Head of hospital/medical ward

Kitcherer- Food hall head, works with Cellarer closely

Librarian- In charge of data hives/archives

Novice-Master- Trians ew guys/Acolytes into the Abbet/Order

Sacrist- Deals with Relics/works closely with Librarian

Treasurer- In charge of money, finances, savings of the Abbey
Prioress Madeleine Louet Du Gouey, Age 87

Prioress of the NE churches on the planet Gouey. The very image of a lady of the NE Church, she has been virtually born and raised by the Gouey churches.

Her mother, who's name was never found out, died in labor leaving Madeleine in the care of the Abbey she was left in. Despite many attempts by the Nuns to have her adopted, none of them stuck leaving her to come back. By the age of 13 she had largely been set on becoming a Nun of New Edenism. From then, Madeleine would work up the ranks and through a number of positions not only in her Convent but others as well until she was Abbess of her Convent. She remained in that position for many years until the election for a new Priory/Prioress was to be held. Too her shock, many across the planet had put her name in. Even more surprisingly was when she won. Since then, she has become a driving force not only on Gouey, but even neighboring systems as well.

She has fought against numerous pirate raids, cyber cultists, and even a handful of Dragon attacks whether in a Cuirassier or a Tank. Such were her exploits that these influenced her winning the position of Prioress.
File: thenunsstory.jpg (10 KB, 400x300)
10 KB
I meant Hegumenia, not Prioress.
Have a young Madeleine for my sins
Hegumen Fábián Oliver, 52 years old

Hungarian Hegumen of the Hungary system. Native born Hungarian, he was enraptured by the teachings and lifestyle of the NEC as a young boy since he grew up near a monastery through his childhood. The Tanks were a notable influence on the young boy.

Fairly young for a Hegumen, Oliver came to his post after the previous Hegumen, Király Dominik suddenly died in his sleep. With his death came the election, but due to a rash of under qualified choices and absences, Oliver was chosen because he actually fit the criteria required for the position.

He honestly feels jipped by the whole situation. While he would have been honored to be chosen, the fact he only got the position was due to sheer chance never sat well with him. Regardless, Oliver has proven an able administrator and leader for the Hungary branch of the NEC. Currently working to expand the network of the NEC throughout the Carpathian Nebula.

Recently survived an assassination attempt with a scar on his skull to show for it, has since shaved bald to show it off.
I think you should had el cid to the doc; btw no need for a new writeup his basic background was written a few threads back (https://boards.4chan.org/tg/thread/61988529#p61994404) it only needs some polishing
Digging it. Although not the biggest boss of the order still a great reformer and stabiliser. Is John the first dead? He kinda feels like it. When he lived? Shortly after DC?

And is he immortalized as some genetic flower or terraforming plant? and of course his dying mind was uploaded into Merlin
File: DGja-zMUwAAP6HH.jpg (90 KB, 892x1196)
90 KB
Thanks. Yeah he's dead of natural causes. Though many don't believe it.
I think E'l Cid'll come during the Chaelemagne Era honestly.
File: 1505028203934.jpg (493 KB, 600x900)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
Gerens Treseder, 22

Acolyte Cuirassier of the NEC. Has gained fame for his killing of a Dragon by accidentally being ingested and destroying it from the inside out.
File: 1500928989157.jpg (189 KB, 802x996)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
"It was dark, cold, hot and so many other things! I don't know what happened after that! I blacked out and can't remember!"
-Gerens after being rescued from the corpse of the Dragon
Order of The Preservers of the Moon

Among the oldest orders of the NEC, the PotM have been the foremost the the Luna churches. To the point of handling the majority of them on the surface of Luna. This level of widespread control has earned calls to MERLIN withing the last few decades to investigate and even reduce the PotM to lessen their reach and suffocating the other NEC groups within the Luna Sphere.

In a move that shocked many, MERLIN has begun an audit into the PotM for any wrongdoings and to see if they need to be restrained.
Good point, we need chars from some more Cuirassier and other military fields.

>SGT AGRA Belta 7473
18 years old. Leader of the HEAVY Demolition Cuirassier Squad

Part of the Cuirassiers of the Agravane Harvester Legion, AGRA'73 is an Alpha Frankian clone of one of the best AG Knights who have existed.

Such gift of immortality has been onky bestoved to seven Agravane Knights, and only three have been blood relatives.

AGRA'73 was notably participant in the Pacification of Oxford, where he was part of the Cuirassiers who assaulted the crucial dem-rebel radio station. Beimg one of the only survivors he was promoted and given an hardcore assault squad to lead.
He has been slightly confused by this developement: I was just following my usual orders, he gloomily stated at his awards ceremony.
That is so Agravane.

Mòrag MacCalmain, 25 years old, Tristanite Shipbuilders 28th Legion, 5th Company 'Death Dealers'

Cuirassier in an 'Direwolf' Heavy suit. Has slain 5 Boars, 10 Cockatrice, 3 Biscione, innumerable Alphyn and quite a few other Beast examples. Still hasn't killed a proper Dragon yet, a Shortsword stole her Drake and a Hammer group his Basilisk kill.
File: Wolf.png (64 KB, 350x386)
64 KB
My pic didn't load
File: Street-deunan.jpg (37 KB, 211x400)
37 KB
There is but one way to describe MacCalmain: Tomboy. Always energetic and rambunctious when a wee lass, she always played with the boys and enjoyed a scrap. Being born in a military family, it was obvious she would be joining TS like many of her family before her. Since her 18th birthday, she has risen to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and commands her Company, the 'Death Dealers'. Rumor has it she is in a relationship with the knight of said Short Sword, Frang MacAnndra (23) though both deny these claims.
Bronze Rose Hotel

While Borrs Mining is known for its mining and industrial capabilities, it is still a Megacorp and as such is actually quite well rounded. The BRH is a prime example of this. Found in the York system on Ouse. Situated on the prime beach of its largest ocean, the BRH has been a huge success and one of the chief reasons for the planets tourism industry.

Home to numerous attractions: 3.5 star restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, arcades, gyms, museums etc. Over 20 stories, and covering around 2.2 sq kilometers, the BRH dominates the lagoon it is situated.
File: maldives.0.jpg (137 KB, 1200x800)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
One of its prime attractions though are its high end underwater villas available for rent. Built to Borrs standards, the villas have a reputation for being incredibly sturdy. Built to be near self sufficient, the villas are nonetheless quite affordable for many tourists. Accessible by boat and VTOL, underwater lounges with pressure resistant glass to see the wildlife swim while enjoying your drink of choice.
Could be, we already have the reconquista so i assumed hispania was (like the aegypti or swiss) one of these places who were purposefully anachronistic for rule of cool.
File: 104211075.jpg (95 KB, 720x514)
95 KB
I guess we could have El Cid. Maybe we should make him a driving force of unity during the Reconquista? Like he helps bring together Hispania into a true star nation and not a bunch of disparate systems, corporations and various groups?
File: concept-incubus-special.png (744 KB, 1000x1000)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
Garrison/Militia forces. What about them? Is it like the Clans where they duel a shit ton to relieve boredom? I guess they tend to be built more for recon, response and humanitarian duties.
I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I'll be camping with my family for the weekend so I won't be posting much, if at all. Just wanted you to know.
I imagine Most militia are less honor jockeys and more weekend warrior types, though it might vary with the Corp in charge lots of these guys probably go to drill every couple weeks and work a civilian job in th R downtime.
File: WKXMW6Z.jpg (45 KB, 564x885)
45 KB
Tales from the garrison

My name is Wulmar Keys, and I am not having a right now.
Sure it started out good, perfect sleep, good breakfast, quickie from the cute POG Armory girl. Even the start of the patrol was pretty good, boring, but it was patrol it wasn't supposed to be exciting. It wasn't until his Suit's sensors picked something up and he and Mercer were told to check it out. They searched for a bit and found nothing, you don't find a huge energy spike when you clearly detected it. It was when he fell down that hole is when everything went to complete hell. After waking up to the starry night sky he realized something was wrong. He fell down a hole remember? How was he above ground now, and in a field of flowers? But what truly sealed his resolve in declaring his day fucked was when the little woman with butterfly wings showed up and said she needed my assistance with slaying some monster.

As I said before: I was not having a good time.

As I said: I'm not having a good time. After staring at the... Fairy? I checked my oxygen supplies and scrubbers to see if I wasn't drugged. After determining that yes I was not drugged I took the plunge and started talking with the little...lady. She sounded kind of odd really: like a normal full grown woman's voice (sexy sounding too) but with a literal chime effect and also somehow higher pitched at the same time. She also talked fast, I had to ask her to slow down and even repeat a couple times what she said. She got a little huffy at that but sdid so.

Apparently she brought me here to help slay some monster as I said before. It sounds like a Dragon, Drake class at least from the description. But I wasn't equipped for such a job (despite what my bed partners will tell you). This was a job for Knights n Cavaliers, not some lowly Junior Seargent Cuirassier footslogger. I even told her this but she was adamant about it being only me. So I asked the crazy fairy why me and not some hoity toity Knight with a big Vav loaded with enough firepower to waste a city? At that she pointed down at my belt (I was confused at that) but she realized my train of thought and flew down to pull at my knife, the one my Grandpa gave me on his death bed. The one that had been in my family for centuries.

I asked her what my Gran's knife has to do with this? She said it wasn't just some lowly knife, it was a gift from a FAE to an ancestor of mine long ago. I was shocked. The plain knife on my belt was from a FAE? How come no one knew such a story?
So she told me a short hand version of it: my ancestor helped kill the same creature I have to. It seems my family has been helping kill this monster about once a generation and I'm the latest member to do so. Obviously I was confused and a bit angry. Has anyone died in my family from fighting this thing? Apparently yes they have. But very few she cheerily exclaims.

In exchange for this quest/mission my family have been in good graces with the...spirits of our world for centuries. We get aid from the fairies and other denizens in exchange for helping them. But the whole slaying is the cherry on top. This thing can kill uncountable spirits, so they poured lots of power and 'magic' into the knife to slay/banish it.

And they needed those who could go toe to toe with it, so a human was an obvious choice. And s that's how my family got into this mess. One of my ancestors had actually had the bright idea to bring a Dagger or something bigger if possible for the spirits to enchant like the Knife. But they couldn't by now.

The Knife and Monster were too intertwined, it was a symbiosis nowadays that really only the Knife could get rid of it, it was immune to just about everything else. They're not sure on HKs/QCBs or nukes and the like. I'll have to look into that after all this.
This whole situation was ridiculous. But i realized I couldn't leave until lit was finished. I don't think I was in New York anymore, the planet sure but likely in some parallel world/dimension that only the Spirits could enter and leave or some shit. So I agreed to it all and she cheered and did a little dance, fluttering and gyrating everywhere.

So we started traveling, and I asked if she could get us there faster. She said she could, but why? Then she said something about the journey not the destination that was important. I then realized I was dealing with a cartoon character.
It posted before I was done.

And so we went, travelling to the...temple? Where the Monster was kept. It took us DAYS to get there. I saw things even the best tech couldn't achieve. Waterfalls flowing in every which way, trees that walked and talked, birds made of fire. And that was only a portion of what I saw on a path in this land, there was so much I wanted to see.

During the trip, she and I taled quite a bit. About the history of the land, what I saw, her life and her friends .You know, that sort of stuff. her name was... Sunbeam Honeyglow. don't laugh, though I chortled at it. She's cute when she gets indignant and shocked me with something.

The temple was Huge with a capital H. It was imposing, it made Agravane Fortress look small. How big was this Monster if This was it's tomb?
I have trouble with stories, so I'll just put up the final bit.

So that's why I was gone for several days and put in the shack for going AWOL when I got back (apparently this is a common thing for those in my family). I;ll get out in a week for so, probably get a crappy assignment. But who hasn't gotten into weird situations on New York? It's a fact of life for us here.
Wulmar Keys, 23 years old

Gawain Cuirassier Infantryman that gained notoriety on the planet of New York for his disappearance for a week and then reappearing. Despite search efforts after he fell down a concealed hole (not a trap, naturally concealed by foliage) his platoon began a search for him that went unfruitful for a whole week until he returned with no injuries and apparently little recollection of where he was after his fall into the hole. The hole was determined to be a simple animal hole that was burrowed and not the gateway to some magic land of fairies as Keys told others in jest(?). Has since served his time in solitary for accidental AWOL and has rejoined his platoon.
'Direwolf' Heavy Cuirassier Power Armor

Next gen power armor that bridges the gap between Cuirassier and Dagger Cavaliers. Part of project Werewolf investigating into the improvement of Cuirassier forces.

Meant to supercede and replace many current heavy Cuirassier armors. The Direwolf is designed for more mobility over armor and firepower compared to other current Heavy Armors.

To succeed in this, the Direwolf is meant to carry most weaponry in its large manipulators rather than on hard-points. Though many hard-points are retained for such eventualities.

The most common wepon used is the CHAR-169Mg 15x108mm fed by a 100 round drum magazine. A dual magazine is optional since the CHAR is a dual feed capable design and ambidextrous if needed for whatever reason. The CHAR has pit-canny rails for different attachments: Grenade Launchers, shotguns, flamethrowers, chainsaws, missiles etc.

Mobility was focused on by improving the myoelectric muscle packages throughout the body increasing strength for running, climbing, lifting and striking. The Direwolf can jump over 8M and lift over 4T.

There are many variants, whether factory made or on the field.
And before any of you post about its name not being based on Helmets, it's a nickname in universe. It it had a helmet designation it'd be Great Helm or something.
Was gonna say. So we can say Direwolf is the project name with the prosuction model being a helmet name?
Holy shit that is an impressive kill count even for a Knight. True current era weaponry is awesome compared to Dragon Conflict era stuff butttt stilll. Woah
It's mostly Beasts. But yeah it is impressive, she's a prodigy at it.
What is swords of avalon?
Read the docs and previous threads on suptg/archives
Fuck that. If you can't tell me in a couple sentences then its shit.
Fine. Athurian/Dark Ages IN SPACE! Mix with some Isacc Asimov Foundation, Dune, Battletech and several others and that's what we got.
>its another "white people in space" episode
No thanks.
File: 1538057833813.jpg (181 KB, 1044x600)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
A bit of wh40k and The Five Star Stories too right ?
BTW where does the setting sit on the grimdark/grimbright/nobledark/noblebright spectrum (See this article:https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Noblebright) ?
File: 1537898007785.jpg (127 KB, 1230x1300)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Fairly Nobledark. Sure there are Megacorps and AI God Kings, Bioscience Byzantines, Black Numenorean Mordred Empire and hyperdimensional aliens etc. But there are genuinely good people and they fa outweigh those bad. Also things are largely getting better for humanity not in Aegypt.
Yeah; in most mecha settings the protagonists are either asian or ambigous (IE:Asuka who has is for all efects japanese but with red hair and blue eyes).
File: superman.jpg (33 KB, 468x487)
33 KB
In setting there is cloning, genetic engineering and what not. There's likely melanin treatment so you could have a guy who looks like this but with black skin
Earth is literally so forgotten people don't call it that anymore and whole new ethnic groups have developed including literal blur skinned giants it borrows but it's hardly Anglo the setting.
File: DeLGOwLX4AAx6V7.jpg (87 KB, 1200x900)
87 KB
Mixing cream cheese without a blender is killer.

Anyone got new ideas?
I think in most places treatment would be towards whitening tho; Fair skin was a sign of wealth in medieval/ancient times and would continue to be so in a spehss-arthurian setting specially since in certain regions (Planets with thin atmosphere or close to a star) the only way to be fair would be artificial enhancement or wearing a protective suit outside your home.
Things would get crazier in ByZanth i can see people trying to make their skin gold as patrician's or patricians changing their skin color for aesthethic reasons.
BTW what is the ByZanthine religion ? I had a idea of Mars devotees and priesthood having red skin with literally golden hair and purple eyes.
Ok then, it's your choice go read/play/watch another setting whitout this.
File: 3285.jpg (74 KB, 770x433)
74 KB
They practice Gilded Aurelianism>>62193344
But they're likely oppressive towards religions that don't kowtow to them
File: rouge-mirage.gif (148 KB, 884x621)
148 KB
148 KB GIF
I meant this post>>62193707
File: 688px-Union.png (340 KB, 688x600)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Universe Class Dropship (Spheroid)

The gold standard of spheroid dropships that all others are measured against. Despite their age, they are still being produced with newer marks being made every decade. Capable of transporting a band of Cavaliers and their Knights as well as a sizable cohort for all them. Its scale and shape afford it excellent DV to perform maneuvers in space.

The Universe is also surprisingly modular and customizable. In fact, this has led to the creation of variants that can be swapped about (Given time and effort) into a number of subclasses. Though their are chiefly military and civilian models.

It is fairly well armed and armored letting it fend off fighters and space Cavaliers with fair ease. Commonly equipped with an assortment of defenses to deal with many situations, this variety has been a large reason for the class' continued existence throughout the Avalonian systems. Laser cannons, railguns, swarm missiles and simple auto-cannons are but a sample of what the Universe can carry.

Many modern and older Universes are being upgraded with the cutting edge of technology. Some examples are appropriately scaled particle barriers which have vastly increased the survivability and new inertial dampeners and engines, granting it newfound speed.

Despite the Universes considerable strengths, it is still a spheroid with all the weaknesses that come with it. Most chiefly is the near incapability of in atmosphere maneuvers. The lack of effective air control surfaces and spherical shape make sure of this.
Dove Class Dropship (Aerodyne)

If the Universe is the gold standard of Spheroid Dropships, the Dove is the same for Aerodynes. Overall small than the Universe, the Dove is nonetheless a formidable vessel.

The use of lifting body, air control surfaces and VTOL engines while not that useful in space, allow the Dove to perform far more maneuvers than the Universe and make it capable of operating from a wider variety of facilities, it can use many runways from airports and with some skilled piloting it can land in spaceports.

Much like the Universe, the Dove is divided into both Military and Civilian models and sub models owing to its popularity. Troop transport, gunship, yacht and cargo hauler are the most common.

The base model Dove is lightly armed, primarily for self defense as its armor is not the best. To make up for this the Dove uses its completely overpowered thrust for its mass and size to simply accelerate away from trouble. The military Gunship model has an increase in self defense firpower, but most of it goes into the frontal and wings to allow it to makes apoctolyptic attack runs, whether by Rotary Railguns, cruise missiles or simply bombing them into submission. The military Cavalier/Troop transports also are able to drop troops wile flying through special doors, a function immortalized in movies and videogames.

Though there is one area the Dove has an advantage other than maneuverability: operating costs and maintenance. The Dove is also a far more common site on and around planetary bodies with atmosphere to use its aerodynamics to use less anti grav for lift. Its immense thrust and cargo hauler variant are incredibly popular of shipping companies.

For the freelancer or Knight Errant groups, the Dove is a go to choice for all of its qualities.
The Universe and Dove are both produced chiefly by Tristanite Shipbuilders. Even today they are still majorly made at the TS Shipyards, though in recent decades there has been a noticeable increase of production of both classes by numerous other companies. This had happened through corporate espionage, reverse engineering of wrecks, raids and boarding taking control of them leading to reverse engineering and simply buying the charter to make them. So while TS still makes the most, everyone else is catching up at a nippy pace and may even overtake TS in percentage combined.
I think these Dropships need Numbers:
How many small/medium/Longswords they can transport to the surface effectivelym or how about Tanks or Cuirassiers?

A bit too wague and Battletechiss currently. We also ofc have the Adaptable Cavaliers who can Space <-> Surface on their own but they are 10x cost of normal Cavs.
File: 1525397444122.jpg (189 KB, 1214x594)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
I'm just putting things out there as I'm shit at hard numbers and dimensions.
If TS makes these ships what does KAY, the prime mover of stuffs, use?

Massive cargo haulers not suited for combat drops? ( except the special KAY world invasion ships?? )
File: 1538060291205.jpg (370 KB, 1280x1810)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Like this, but bigger.
File: 1529977315567.png (11 KB, 789x294)
11 KB
TS built the Universe and Dove to make use of modularity to cover ground more effectively than KAY. As such, despite KAY have more ships and personnel, TS had more combat capable ships per capita compared to KAY. Which sort of odd and paradoxical when you think about it: TS used many more smaller ships (DS, PWS small WS etc.) while KAY used bulky converted freighters and capital ships. TS traditionally covered more ground and cut off KAY throughout their wars. But TS had issue when comiling their forces into a murderball whereas KAY didn't. When the KAY murderball came along it was very hard to stop from external methods, they tended to run out of steam and peter out. But by then the havoc they wreaked was massive.
BTW i posted >>62238892 and i am not the anon who complained about white people in space; on the country i was criticizing him by pointing out how predominantly asian mecha anime are.
>New York.
>in spehss dark ages.
Dafug ?
There is already a York planet. New York was named for it.
File: Arcadia_(DropShip).jpg (251 KB, 1150x738)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
Good night bump anons. I won't be here over the weekend because I'll be camping. I'll start a new thread Monday. Have a good weekend.
The same to you anon.
Would not it be better to name it after another city that is not a planet name yet ?
New York just sounds weird and out of place in the setting.

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