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So, I'm running a campaign set on a high-tech & low culture world on the farside of a wormhole. Basic gist is humanity sent generation ships through the wormhole to colonize the one planetoid decent for life (a moon tidally locked to a gas giant whose farside is abundant with frozen water) as one of many planned expeditions.
As such the ships had only the bare essentials to get the colony started.
Except the wormhole closed once they passed through and the next waves never come.
Centuries later the human remnants are in a state of dependence on their barely-understood tech after their AIs/machines designed to do everything for them went rampant due to bad upkeep.
Basically the Machines are the only ones who actually understand how the tech works.
The ruined generation ships are now the central hubs of the fractured tribes of humans, being the sole consistent source of essentials/food processing/etc.

My question relates to the sort of rudimentary trade/food chain I've set up for the world.
>Arid Zone has semi--nomadic tribes who have access to lots of ore/petrol and raid machine factions for the vital power cells they still know how to produce
>Temperate Zone/Terminus has access to luxury goods, lots of food/production (due to more intact generation ship-cities). Where most of the big trade goes down.
>Farside/Frozen zone has the best access to ice/water as well as the very rare occasional Alien artifact

Any other sorts of resources you guys would add to this? Just brainstorming of course. I want to be ready if my players try to explore outside of this loop.
There are indigenous life forms, primarily large lazy photosynthesizers and a bunch of predators that feed on them based on location. There's also cloud-borne creatures and lots of aquatic life under the ice of the Farside.
Consider how they produce their clothes.
Do they use synthetics made from hydrocarbons (oil), plant fibres, or animal hair/fur/leather.
If they prefer a mixture, then that creates more trade.
Excellent point. I'm thinking the farther you get from the temperate zone things devolve into primarily being hide/furs/repurposed synthetic. The Terminus City States with their advanced production would have more purpose-built clothes, with clothing items/doodads from them being status symbols in the Badlands and Farside.
At least I think that makes sense.
Firearms follow the same trajectory, I think. More rudimentary the farther out from the 'nice' part of the planet you get.
Oh hi Ariadna.
>Horizon: Zero Dawn
Is a good reference.
Like the infinity guys? Sheeit are they a lost world too? That's pretty cool.
You're right. Aside from the robots and xenos/animals being distinct the Badlanders definitely run on that same sort of hunting culture. Good thinking anon.
Yes, they're literally
>first colonization attempt on a temperate world on the other side of a wormhole
>wormhole collapses after like 2 ships
>find ariadna a lot later, they alive senpai, and pissed at being abandoned
That's hilarious. Nothing new under the sun eh?
Glad I'm going a little more mad-max/destiny/fallout with the aesthetics and culture then. My autism would've gone nuclear if I just accidentally ripped off a popular wargaming faction.
This would actually be a pretty good reason to have a low/no guns scifi setting.
>Why are people using chainsaws and blowtorch spears?
>Because that's what the fabbers make
Tech is very schizo. Especially because of a couple major issues:
1 - different ships' production stations have been going out over the centuries because they weren't built to last this long
2 - none of the ships had weapons production facilities because that was seen as unnecessary - plus ironically it was hoped lack of weaponry would minimize strife during the long journey

So you have things like the badlanders using bolt action rifles which are based on half-reverse-engineered old guns from the original security teams, with magnetic propulsion that's more well understood than gunpowder.
Meanwhile you've got some tribes that do understand explosives but not guns so they're chucking RPG-tipped javelins like fury road.
All while riding sand skiffs like Tattooine or the Dark Eldar Use because the blueprints were provided for those.

So yeah, I expect a big mishmash of jury rigged practical tools being used to develop actual weapons.
I mean this was the explaination in 40k before they abandoned satire. Everything was repurposed industrial equipment
From a trade perspective, and as a min-maxer player, I'd immediately want to know which things are:

>black market contraband
>rare luxury goods

Because that's where the big money is. Are drugs illegal? Slaves? Prostitution? Dyes? Spices? Gemstones? Who are the smuggling clans?
Yeah lol, it's the mad max-esque stuff is cool
There's definitely a scale of illegality.
>Slaves are a no-no in the Badlands but kosher everywhere else
>drugs are probably fine everywhere. Granted there's probably some really heinous shit that's very hard to get a hold of.
>Luxury goods will include thinks like fine fabric, metalwork, ancient firearms/relics of the first colonies, things like that. Food that is actually well-grown (think real vegetables/meat rather than vat-grown protein and local flora/fauna) will also be super huge.

Water is also a vital resource, especially for the Badlanders. Having something like a reflecting pool is top decadence.
As an aside, what sort of neat weapons do you guys think I should include aside from the obvious heated axes/chain weapons/and the like?
I'm thinking of making the primary distance weapon of the Badland Tribes be a sort of jerry-rigged souped-up nailgun, for instance.
I also really dig the concept of blowtorch polearms that the other anon suggested.

What about it lads? If you were my players what would you want a chance to use?
>Know, o transapient, that between the years when the Collaps engulfed Terra and the high habitats, and the years of the rise of the Archailects, there was an Age undreamed of, when asteroid habitats lay spread across the Sol System like silver beetles beneath the stars - Akaran-9, Look Outwards Combine, IshtarCorp, Titanian Concordium, with its void-skinned neogens and spikes of bushbots-haunted mystery, Cishp with its auto-wisdom, Callisto that bordered the flourishing trees of Trojan, Luna with its Fogs-guarded tombs, Mars whose starships wore nano-carbon and diamonid and magmatter. But the proudest culture of the world was Titan, expanding supreme in the dreaming outer rings. Hither came Kon-Yang, the Eternal; white-haired, clear-eyed, sword in hand, a teacher, a general, a butcher, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the posthuman thrones of the Sol System under his iron heels.
Space. Conan.
>in my current year
What a time to be alive
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What about some gods? Some transhumen living in a space station above the earth, planning and playing with the rest of humanity.
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I'm thinking this will be a world with spirits and gods around every corner.
>Gods that are remnant AI from before the Fall
>God-Kings that turned cults into mini empires
>Gods that are just automated facilities/processors that people have projected a personality onto (like the AdMech sort of)
>Cults worshiping the planet/Aliens/Robots
>conspiracy fedora lords who dispute that humanity came from the stars and insist we've always been here
And most importantly;
>Gods who are humans whose colony ship never landed, whose job was to set up a C&C Satellite in orbit
>comms with the fallen/barbarians was terrible even early on but now with the cultural/linguistic drift it's a real shit show
>philanthropists trying to deliver aid are interpreted as divine heralds
>their VTOLs and space craft are chariots of the gods-tier magic to the locals
>some of them think they should just pretend to be gods and forcibly 'civilize' their fallen cousins
I like it already.

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