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Talk about some plants, alchemical substances and other stuff you like in your games.

Mine has a powder called 'Diesel Essence', its basically distilled Diesel you use to make stuff like fire alchemy oils and stuff like that.
The trees in my setting are giant blades of grass

If my players had ever stopped to look they would notice that the grass is made up of tiny little trees
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Dude, what.
Im busy tabletposting whilst i take my morning shit, but i use a ~20yr old netbook of medicinal plants
>Compass Rose
Inspired by moss, a wizard with no sense of direction created them to guide him wherever he went. A parasite that attaches itself wherever there are bushes, a Compass Rose appears as a white flower with a single red petal that always points north, even if it's not attached to the stem. Crossbreeds can point to different things; they say a rare pink compass rose points to your true love.

Useful as an ingredient for alchemy, certain techniques can cause the potion to self-stir at regulated speeds, or separate certain liquids even as they are being mixed.

>Curio Stalk
Curio is a type of grain commonly found in tropical regions. The grain has next to no nutritional value, but has a wonderful taste and texture, slightly sweet even without seasoning. Cooking reduces the taste somewhat, but the general risk of passing half-sprouted masses in the toilet is enough to discourage most gourmands from eating them raw. The stalk itself has much higher nutrient concentrations, but tastes bland and tends to break into hard shards in ones' mouth.

Due to its length and fibrous toughness, Curio Stalks are essential traveler items, if not for food, then for a secondary weapon. Mashed stalks mixed with curative herbs produce fairly good results as salves. The tough strings of the Curio act as a scabbing agent over the wound, and can be easily removed when dried. It is also a classic among assassins. It, shaped to a fine point, is untraceable, inconspicuous, and is easily discarded unlike blades.

Strangleweed, once thought to be an annoying plant, has been recently discovered to have a surprising number of uses after being processed. With careful harvest and excessive boiling in specially treated vats, strands of this grass can be refined into a flexible, but very strong material. Not quite as soft as silk, it finds its place in more practical products such as rope, whips and harnesses.
>Ash Flowers
Plants that are commonly found near sites of active volcanic. These bulbous plants have thick spiky leaves who's jucies can be distilled for explosive compounds by alchemist. Quite common and abundant they form a staple food source for a number of fire breathing herbivores who's bodies are adapted to make use of the combustible juices of the plants.

>Witch Trees
The Cultist of the Three Fold Goddess are known for tending special trees who's wood makes for potent foci and other arcane components. They will pay to take on the bodies of recently deceased and rigorously check to make sure the bodies are of a quality they demand and take them to form the basis for seedinglys that are planted in the bodies and buried in special mounds that grow considerably every new moon. So valuable are these trees to the Cult that sisters of a more martial bent take oaths to roam the forests and gardens to never leave and lead loyal spirits of grimms to fend off would be looters.
>Kleshite Tree
A tree that feeds upon rust. Commonly seen among seasalt-encrusted junkyards, the Kleshite plants its roots into rust or along any metal still rusting. As such, it provides ample shelter to creatures such as Rust Monsters, who both bring it food and spread its seeds across the land.

Its wood burns a bright green, almost as hot as Dragonfire but needs processing for even heating. The bark in particular is a favorite material for steel smithing, rich in carbon and strengthening impurities.

Kleshites are used in garbage disposal/recycling, but are carefully monitored for any Rust Monster that takes up residence. While the wood is quite profitable, no amount of it could justify breeding a whole swarm of Rust Monsters near an industrial hub.
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We are currently using this PDF in our D&D 5E campaign. There seems to be a mix herbs and mushrooms from several settings, but it has been worked into the setting being used just fine. Adds a nice extra flavor and stuff to do for my life cleric.
>Da Wraith Mushrooms.

It grows in places where grand battles took place, where the souls of ancient elven warriors still wait for their living kin to send them to their gods and slave those mortals foolish enough to plunder their remains.

The fungi is one of the safest reasons to go there, their discover being a human raider desperate to show something to his tribe. It's shining light made one strange item, but most seek it for their distortions in the minds of the consumer.

Eventually, some of them are driven mad for it's use, when others are reborn as wise men; both having learnt the secrets of the world and changed by it. It is said that in some druids cults eating one of the mushrooms is a rite of passage for those who wants to join the Circle of Elders.

Lately, the sanest ones claim having heard the voices of the Gods and one thing is true, the Gods are getting angry.
>I feel like you could get some mileage out of making the fungus part or a tool of some greater entity. You don't have to do the whole Cordyceps thing with actual mind control, or even have the fungus be all that active.

>Instead, the fungus, and to a lesser extent its spores, is merely the herald of this entity. Where the fungus grows, or where the spore-clouds are thick enough, the entity has awareness. Get enough of it in you, and it may start affecting your dreams. However, beyond this, it doesn't actually DO that much... except spread, and spread, and spread. Fungus-cults inspired by the dreams spring up in infested areas, and in true cult fashion set to converting or eliminating everyone around them.

>Soon, all shall be covered. Soon, all shall be safe under the spore-eyes.

>And you just found a small mushroom growing in your ear.
Just what I needed
Some random "fun" fruits I think of sometimes. Like grapes big as apples, Coconut-like things filled with blueberries, etc.

Also one area had a minor deity bleed all over it once which spawned a bunch of plants that can be processed into a highly addictive drug that gives advantage on everything except for saves against mind control, which you'll fail immediatly if you're addicted to it (major plot point in campaign where a dude wants to kill the gods and uses the drug to control religious leaders and shit)
Came here to post this. A wonderful supplement.
>Swelter Bloom
Found in cold northern regions, this pungent smelling succulent stays green year-round thanks to the aura of warmth which surrounds it. The area in a ten foot vicinity of the swelter bloom stays up to twenty degrees warmer than the surroundings. Although it can be ground up into a salve of cold protection, the rather unpleasant smell of the plant remains.
>Ash Bud
A flower commonly found near active volcanoes or just after an eruption. These bulbous plants have thick, spiky leaves and spend most of their lives in the budding stage. Though relatively cool to the touch, the bulb is incredibly dangerous and should not be disturbed.

When hit with enough force, the bulb blossoms early, transforming the contents within into lava in an instant. The seeds that line the petals are carried by a cloud of hot, intensely dry air. Care must be taken when bringing Ash Buds into colder regions, as it carries a risk of steam explosions and general fire hazards.
Cool thanks.

"Ahh! It's convient our battle should take place several weeks after this eruption, the battlefield is set!"
I had no idea such a wonderful pdf existed
I love you
A large carnivorous plant growing only in forest clearings. It possesses dozens of very thin leaves that splay out during the day, and is a bright yellowish-white hue. The resulting effect of an active Sunray makes it very hard to distinguish from an ordinary patch of sunlight. When a creature steps into its center, the Sunray will immediately close up and ensnare its prey, forming a bullet-shaped trap. The creature is slowly killed and digested by the Sunray's toxins over several days. It is difficult, but not impossible, to hack one's way out of a Sunray with the appropriate tools; however, there are many anecdotes of drunkards or small children who have gotten lost in the woods and inadvertently met a gruesome end at the hands of these plants. The roots and sap of a Sunray are valuable ingredients in the making of certain poisons.
>Rustherb, also known as Junk Grass.
Only encountered in arid, dry areas with high concentrations of iron, this plant has a sturdy grey stem with dusty orange petals blossoming every day as long as they're able to.
Rustherbs corrode and oxidize iron, absorbing the iron dust in order to bolster their stems against impact or other damage.
Extreme heat can be applied in order to extract absorbed iron, leaving behind a withered husk of a plant which can itself be revived via replanting and daily watering and begins to gather up more iron within a week.
Junkers use this herb as a key ingredient of their traditional Engine Wash brew, along with battery acid, crude oil and strong whiskey.

>Chortling Piranha
Only encountered deep within the thaumoactive Ground Nil crystal flats, Chortling Piranhae sport garish colors, with a stem styled like an orange-on-salmon herringbone suit and accompanied wine red pants or skirt, depending on plant gender, various-on-white polkadotted mandible leaves adorned with pearly white flat teeth and bright red budding leaves arranged naturally into a large bowtie.
Of particular note is their cartoonish. expressive eyes and skilled handling of speech, a rarity among carnivorous plants.
Chortling Piranha are mostly passive, telling jokes and japes to passersby and soaking up sunlight.
Should a Chortling Piranha be deprived of sunlight and water for long enough, it will begin seeking prey like most other carnivorous plants and uses it's veritable trove of stealth insults and mocking roasts to goad it's prey into attacking, only to be devoured in one swift motion.
For the most part, becoming lunch for these gastronomic gadflies can be avoided by offering other foods to any Chortling Piranha acting overly hostile, as most are not particularly picky about what they eat.

I've got a few others, if anyone's interested. I need to do some worldbuilding anyway.
>Junk Grass
A rare but prized plant of wastelands, Junk Grass absorbs and digests various toxins like heavy metals. The Rich and shrewd were careful to treat all their water with this to protect themselves from long-term poisoning, leading to the adoption of "Junk Tea" as a status symbol. Between the boiling and over-absorption of toxins, Junk Grass dies when used to treat water, driving rarity, and cost, ever higher.

A subspecies was bred to raise supply, and it spread far, all but wiping out Junk Grass. Even after it was found that it was all but useless for purifying, many still drink the fake "Junk Tea" as a cultural pastime. Not that it matters, most people eat the toxic grass afterwards, anyway.
>very thin leaves
>difficult, but not impossible to hack one's way out
considering how easy it is to rip apart and damage ordinary leaves, that's kind of counter-intuitive
of course, if these leaves are far stronger than ordinary, they'd presumably also be harvested for some low-level but very light and easily concealable armor, which would be a nice little touch to the setting.
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