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Has anyone else here ever thought about the speculative biology of animals from 40k? Like a Attenborough documentary-style thing about the animals from Catachan, pre-burned Prospero or other planets that details their lifestyles, behaviors and ecological niches? A more scientific look at the fauna of 40k?
The idea of an Attenborough like presenter slowly approaching a barking toad, accidently spooking it and vaporizing several kilomers of jungle isn't something I'd ever considered before.
I want a Catachan nature documentarty now

There was Xenology, that was pretty good?
That was sapient species though, not just animals.
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Since I'm the only one interested, I'll post something I've been working on. Forgiveness for how terrible an artist I am.

The Nostraman Niteflyte (Vespertyranno Nostrama) is the largest aerial predator on the planet, though it is primarily a scavenger. A hybrid between a Bat and the extinct stork-like Pterosaurs of Terra, the Niteflyte has a six metre wingspan and stands nearly a metre and a half at the shoulder. The Niteflyte has no eyes, but one of the most powerful sonar systems of any animal so far discovered. It primarily feeds on the ground, finding dead prey and using its size to scare off smaller predators from recent kills or simply falling into a potential prey item and using the claws on its wings to dispatch it. Niteflytes often follow Nostraman Lions to scavenge off of their kills. Niteflytes are known to fly into the outer limits of Nostraman cities to feed off of the dead corpses there, and are considered a harbinger of death as a result.
Magos biologis Attenborough. That's it. That's all the reason I need to donate.
Neat, but I was under the impression 40k justkilled nonhuman shit with some exceptions and wouldn't study it
I'm sure extermination the entire animal population of most worlds is a task beyond the time and attention of the Imperium. I mean we haven't killed every last animal on our planet yet.
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The largest land animal known to live on Prospero was the enormous Prosperine Gargaphant (Macroelephascens Hexespinus). With their huge bodies, tall spinal ridge running down its back and neck, tree-trunk legs and weighing up to fifteen tonnes, they were the titans of the Prosperine Wastes.

The Gargaphant was able to browse on twigs and branches 8 metres above the ground, well out of reach of any smaller herbivores. Its beak was sharp and able to slice through even the toughest vegetation, which its tusks were effective for digging for food when the trees lose their leaves, as well as for sexual display.

The Gargaphant lived in small herds of a dozen individuals or so, roaming the wastes searching for food. These herds were matriarchal, comprising females and their offspring. Male Gargaphants were loners that only join with the herds during mating season to stake their claim over the females.

Like almost all the fauna of Prospero, the Gargaphant was subtly psychic, its psychic skills principally used for telepathic communication within the herd, as well as a navigation tool. Some Prosperine scholars theorized the large spinal ridge was in part linked to this psychic sense. These were not as powerful as the psychic abilities of other Prosperine fauna, but suitable enough for these massive herbivores.

While adult Gargaphants were without natural predators, young Gargaphants were a major food source for the Prosperine Lynx, who often tried to separate one from the herd in order to bring it down. Psychneuein were often known to scavenge from the carcasses of dead Gargaphants.

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