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This is it, the climax and wrap up of the campaign.
Last thread here.

>Goblins swarmed in as the gates began to open
>Figures those things would be the first to get here
>Compared to everything else we'd been through, keeping the gate secure was child's play
>Hida-sama led the reinforcements in a charge cutting a swath through the pursuing demons with a katana forged of pure crystal
>Perhaps it would be more accurate to say it was a shard of crystal cut into the shape of a katana
>It's soul was awakened, and it cast a circle of light around itself the demons shied away from
>It didn't stop him
>Behind him I could see berserkers form the Fortress of the Forgotten, the most unruly, uncontrollable lot in the Clan.
>I almost pitied the monsters that were in their way
>I stepped aside as Hida-sama entered Shiro Kuni, lest he run me over
>Under Ketsuen's massive helm, his eyes darted down to me for a moment before taking in the rest of Shiro Kuni
>The Kuni daimyo came out, along with Masagoro to greet the Clan Champion
>Then they strode off to converse in private
>With the Wall overrun he would want answers.
>Ishigaki-san! You're still alive!
>I turned and smilled as Adachi came up to me
>So, it worked.
>He nodded
>And? How has Masagoro been?
>On and off. He seems more focused now with the Horde in front of him...
>Adachi nodded, a frown wrinkling his brow
>We looked back at the gates
>At the moment, the fighting was light. The bulk of the Horde had yet to catch up
>Adachi looked at me
>Come, there isn't much time before it gets serious again, and he will want to speak with you.
>I followed him back inside the baracks of Shiro Kuni where Hida-sama was holding an impromptu audience.
>I saw several other high ranking Crabs there, as well as my friends
>Kituski-san, who had I not seen in some time, looked like he was about to fall asleep at any moment
>Aside from the dark circles under his eyes he seemed fine though. His earlier brush with death must have reminded him to be more cautious
>Masagoro, however, was absent from the room
Feels like the end of an era.
>For a moment the only sound was the breathing of Hida-sama
>Then he looked to me
>Tell me what you've seen Masagoro-san do
>I took a deep breath to compose myself
>I think...
>I saw his eyes tighten up, and stopped
>No, I mispoke there.
>He led us into an ambush. It was a canyon, with high walls. I had seen it before, and been ambushed there as well when I went looking for Hida.
>He nodded
>I remember you from that time
>You told him of this?
>hai, my lord
>When it became obvioius that we had to withdraw, he did not wish to leave, He fought to stay and fight
>We pulled him back
>He said nothing, gave no orders as we fell back
>But Masagoro-san told everyone he lead the patrol out of the ambush.
>I dared much
>I looked my champion in his eyes
>Masagoro-samIa lied
>He stared back a me, until I dropped my head
>And the battle? How has he conducted himself?
>I have not been by his side much. My duty placed me where the fighitng was thickest, and he had to lead.
>Hida-sama nodded
>However, I did have a chance to speak with him before the third and final push that threw us back
>Tension filled the room.
>The shame of having been driven back off the Wall was great, and weighed heavily on us all
>He was pacing the Wall, and almost ran into me
>I asked him where he thought the fighting would be worst. His prediction was true
>He said the last two attacks were just probing us, and the real thing would come
>He smiled when he did.
>One by one Hida-sama spoke to everyone in the room
>Much the same questions
>Toshrio answered
>I can only say he's neither mad nor tainted
>Kitsuki-san began to go on in elaborate detail about what he had seen of Masagoro, until Hida-sama waved a hand
>Mantis-san surpised me
>He had seen Masagoro execute a man after the second day
>An archer who did not join a charge when Masagro called for it, because he still had arrows
>Cowardice, Masagoro called it
>Naomi had seen him down in the medical tents, weeping over the dead,
>Hida-sama looked up at the ceiling when we were done
>This is an exceptional time, as Masagoro-san predicted it would be.
>He unfolded his arms
>Masagoro ran into the room and threw himself to his knees before his lord
>This is your command. I will not take it from you. But I will be watching. Do you understand?
>Good. Now drive this filth back out of our lands
>HAI! With pleasure!
>As if on cue, the drums began to beat
>The Horde had arrived
>I snatched up Kimimaru and ran out to do battle once more
>The fires in the towers, the jade kanji burning, and the eclipse cast everything in perpetual twilight.
>Alredy there were monsters scaling the towers and the walls
>Shiro Kuni was surrounded from all sides, the horde spilling over the walls and into it.
>I ran to the nearest clump of Nosloc and joined those already battling
>As I did so an Oni bounded over the wall and landed on a bushi not far from me
>It defied description. a blob of tentacles, psuedopods, eyes and mouths.
>warped in a cage of bone
>The tentacles dragged the bushi inside the bone caged
>And then the cage cracked and broke and collapsed down
>Squeezing the life from him, even as the mouths tore at his flesh and consumed him
>Then the flattened cage of bone sprang back into it's shape and launched the Oni skyward, seeking more prey
>I saw a jade behemoth charge forth, bowling over ogres by the dozens.
>I recognized Toshiro's avatar
>Kituski-san was dragging the wounded clear of the fighitng
>I couldn't see Monkey or Mantis-san
>Then the Nosloc parted and one of theLost emerged from their ranks
>His armor was done in a classic O-yori, like mine. Laqured the deepest black
>Cream colored skin, with bright red lips.
>impossibly beautiful. Like a Crane pretty boy
>You there. You've been giving us quite a bit of trouble. I'm going to take your head now
>I growled at him
>Come and take it, if you can.
>He sighed then drew his blade in a flash and came at me
>It defied description. a blob of tentacles, psuedopods, eyes and mouths.

I've seen enough hentai to know where this is go-

>warped in a cage of bone
>The tentacles dragged the bushi inside the bone caged
>And then the cage cracked and broke and collapsed down
>Squeezing the life from him, even as the mouths tore at his flesh and consumed him
>Then the flattened cage of bone sprang back into it's shape and launched the Oni skyward, seeking more prey

>I stopped his first strike on Kimimaru.
>But he spun to the side and drove his blade at me
>It grazed my arm
>Ohh? You are a tough one.
>You're only the second to ever survive that attack!
>He grinned at me
>Do commend that acheivement to your anceshrrGGHHKK
>I slammed Kimimaru into his stomach
>You talk too much. Shut up and fight
>I brought Kimimaru up into his jaw, knocking him to the ground
>He staggered to his feet, and slashed backwards, mostly to keep me off him while he regained his wits
>I knocked his katana aside and closed in on him, giving him no time to breathe
>Another blow from Kimimaru broke his arm
>Then his leg
>As he fell again I drew back and crushed his skull.
>I agreed with Toshiro. No more holding back. No more caution.
>Now it was time to fight and kill even if your arms and legs are torn form your body, even if the very flesh is scoured from your bones
>There was no place else to go, no stronghold to fall back to from here
>We would win, or we would die
>zombies began to fall over the sides of the walls
>Fresh zombies, maggots still writihing in their flesh
>blue armor still encasing their bodies
>I saw Crabs falling back before them, the sight too horrible to bear
>I ran into the horde of once Crab, crushing their skulls with Kimimaru
>The faltering Crab were stopped by my charge, and followed in after me
>We put them all down
>A host of flying oni dove upon the battlements, carrying bushi off before dropping them
>Archers fired in response
>I saw Naomi among them, loosing jade powdered arrows.
>Mantis-san joined in, and blinded one with a well placed shot
>It fell and rolled through a swarm of goblins
>Hiruma quickly fell upon the tangled mess, dispatching any that still moved
>A purple hand apeared over the top of the north wall
>And an oni pulled itslef up over it
>purple skin, one great horn.
>And I only came up to it's waist
>Oni no Ugulu
One eyed one horned giant person people eater
>I leaned down, and slowly swung it's hand, slaping a bushi with the back of it
>He flew into the wall with a hideous crunch, blood flyiing in a splatter out of his armor.
>His broken body crumpled to the ground
>A scream from above
>No, not a scream. A kiai
>Monkey and Mantis-san both
>Leaping from the second floor of the barracks, they drove powdered weapons into the gaint oni
>It spun about trying to dislodge them
>Then Toshiro's avatar slammed into it, knocking it down
>It leapt into the air, and landed on the Ugulu's chest
>Pinned beneath Toshiro's mighty avatar, the Ugulu could only scream in agony as Monkey and Mantis-san slew it
>I wasn't about to be outdone by those two
>As I looked for another Oni to slay, I found something almost as terrifying
>A pack of goblins. Scores
>Slathered head to toe in mud
>I didn't need to see the shaman dancing about them to know what was coming
>I ran to the archers
>I waved Kimimaru at the goblins
>The archers wheeled in response and fired voley after volley,
>The goblins burst into flame, but their numbers were already cut in half
>Then they scattered in every direction
>The archers tried to bring them all down
>Some managed to get to a line of Hida holding the east wall
>The goblins dirstupted the formation enough that that the Ogres and zombies the Hida were holding back broke through into the courtyard
>The battle seemed to teeter, as the ogres could now strike every line from the rear
>Until the light from a crystal katana fell upon them
>Hida-sama and the Hida House Guard with him made short work of the ogres
>A cry arose from the keep
>I looked over to see smoke billowing from a window in the ground floor
>DAMN! One of thsoe little shits must have gotten inside!
>Shiro Kuni will burn
>Toshiro and Naomi grabbed a half dozen Kuni and raced to deal with the fire
>As Toshiro calmed the fire Kami, Naomi called forth streams of water from the wells
>The fire was put out
File: Asura's Wrath.jpg (24 KB, 639x305)
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>Do commend that acheivement to your anceshrrGGHHKK

You talk too much!
Mechanics interjection before I take a break here. This last bit was a non-stop mass battle. ForeverGM was still rolling to see if we winning, loosing or tied but instead of the normal duels and heroics there was a scripted progression of heroic opportunities we HAD to clear. Basically, even though we weren't in command, this fight would be won or lost by the parties actions.

Tossing that out there for any other GM's to try out.
I was actually going to ask about that but that makes a lot of sense
Just wanted to say thanks to your group for this amazing story time.
Especially to you and Forever GM.
Followed since I stumbled upon it in the first general storytime thread and have enjoyed every second of the ride.
anyone got the books link?
Go into the pdf thread. The Archive has it
Your GM seems really cool, and you all seem really cool. I'd love to play a tabletop game with a group like that.
You're speaking for many, if not all of us.
Calling it now. Shiro Kuni burns, but the day is saved in the end and the horde is defeated. Quite a victory, considering that buildings can be rebuilt.
>Quite a victory, considering that buildings can be rebuilt.

Not always.
Taking note here.
Great idea to make Mass Battles more memorable.
I am honored that the stories of this crazy campaign I ran years ago has provided such a source of enjoyment for all and even sparked an interest in the game for a few.

Also, Editor-dono, I read that you were contemplating a "master edition" of the story with character art and character sheets. That got me wondering if I should post up the rest of the sheets I have for the party, as well as art and sheets for major characters that appear throughout and the five kids after they've reached adulthood. Whould those be of interest to anyone?
That would be amazing.
Certainly. I have the original 6 from when they were posted before. Thats including the Shiba for those who forgot about him.

I am hardly deserving of the -dono honorific, Editor-san works just fine.
By all means GM-sama, your audience would be most delighted
Please do
Bamp for Crabby
>One of theLost emerged from their ranks
>His armor was done in a classic O-yori, like mine. Laqured the deepest black
>Cream colored skin, with bright red lips.
>impossibly beautiful. Like a Crane pretty boy

A Daigotsu or Ninube, surely
Bumparino for more storytime!
>that spoiler
I fucking called it; that dream Ishigaki had was about his children, not his siblings.
At least we know that Shoji gets FUCKED with Ishigaki's son.
>I wasn't sure how long we had been fighting.
>It could have been only minutes, but it sure felt like days
>The never ending eclipse made it impossible to tell.
>Was this Heaven's will? Or was Jigoku waxing strong?
>I didn't understand the interplay of balance between the spirit realms.
>I was aware that while my mind was wandering about these strange places my body was still fighting for it's life
>It was a far away thing, like that moment when you become awake, but cannot even open your eyes yet.
>My mind snapped back into focus
>The berserkers Hida-sama had brought were doing great damage to the enemy.
>But they were dying
>I saw one get impaled on the spear of one of the Lost, and pull himself down the length of the haft to reach his foe.
>He was laughing
>We did not have as many seige engines here as at the Wall either
>Though we did have something just as good, if not better in some ways
>The Kuni daimyo was up on the tower, two dozen of his family with him.
>Their battle prayers and rituals were wreaking havoc on the enemy outside the fortress, keeping the horde from overrunning us all at once
>We were holding.
>but dead Crab were everywhere
>I saw a lone Crab beginning to stand, surrounded by his fellows
>Trolls were closing in on him
>I ran to his side
>It was Masagoro
>Together we killed the trolls
>he fought with keen focus, dancing on the edge of a razor as he darted in and out among them, slashing and cutting with his katana
>I realized it was one of the Kaiu blades
>When the last troll fell he looked down at it
>I was close enough to hear him mutter
>...not enough.
>They just weren't enough.
>He looked up at me, and gave a start, as though surprised I was there.
>Masagoro-sama...what are you doing down here?
>...A push. They needed help.
>Where is your gaurd, Masagoro-sama?
>Oh...here and there, I think
>He made a vague gesture, sweeping his hand at nothing at all.
>Unless he was indicating the dead Crab around us
File: 04-4.jpg (72 KB, 750x410)
72 KB
>it continues
>I could not spare the time to give the fallen their Last Rites, Masagoro was a bit...dazed.
>Masagoro-sama, we must get you away from here
>But there are more! Look, right there!
>But you are in command, Masagoro-sama.
>His shoulders slumped.
>Yes, you are right. Take me back to the tower
>He cleaned and sheathed his balde, then walked quietly behind me as I carved a path back into the barracks
>I saw Kituski-san inside, standing along the last line of Hida to keep the enemy from rushing up to the top of the towers where the Kuni daimyo was
>I jerked my head toward him, as several other Crabs attached themeselves to Masagoro and began leading him up to the other tower
>Kituski-san came over
>Stick with him, try and keep him focuses
>How bad has he gotten?
>He's fine when he has something to keep his attention on, amazing even.
>But...his mind seems to wander at times
>That's happening to everyone, Ishigaki-san. We're all exhausted
>But not everyone is in command
>He looked at me and nodded.
>I didn't say what I was thinking
>Hida-sama always led from the front
>He would face the thickest, heaviest fighting, the best of the enemy forces
>He won battles by destroying the enemy elite personally, and lifting the spirits of the Crab with him.
>Hida-sama was, without a doubt, the best warrior in the Empire today
>However, he was not a skilled general
>Complex strategies and clever tactics were beyond him
>he was wise enough to know his own limits, and so relied on many able commanders to from battle plans and issue orders in battle
>For all the worry over his state of mind, Hiruma Masagoro WAS the best commander in Shiro Kuni right now
>Kituski-san disapered up the stairs to the tower
>I turned and went back outside
>Though I was nowhere near Hida-sama's equal, I was like him in that I was a warrior first and foremost
>and there were still plenty of foes to kill
So, the old bastard just wants to die a glorious death in combat like a viking. Simple as that.
Nah, he's gone bloodlust crazy and it's fucking up his ability to direct people to where they need to go
Doesn't look like a bloodlust to me. Plus Toshiro would probably catch up on that.

Masagoro's confusion reminds me of my grandfather on a bad day, it's kind of terrifying.
>I almost wish I had stayed in the barracks
>There was a demon I had never seen before inside the castle
>I was not entrely certain what it was...
>For it looked like a naked woman. Everything it all the right places
>Save that it had no head.
>And blood was pouring from the stump of it's severed neck
>It walked slowly, and no one dared to stand in it's path
>It's whole body was positively soaked in blood
>It stopped before the pile of bodies that I had just pulled Masagoro from
>I felt a chill
>It raised it's arms
>I cursed at my feet, that refused to obey me
>The blood seeping from it's neck became a torrent and where it fell on the dead Crabs, they began to move
>A burly shape moved past me
>He charged into the creature hacking at it with his crystal blade.
>His mighty blows could fell ogres in one swing
>The headless...thing... didn't so much as flinch
>Akutenshi. Evil Angels. The Dark One's most favored servants.
>It raised an arm and poined at Hida-sama, and the blood from it's neck became hardened spikes that flew at him
>Ketsuen was the Armor worn by Hida himself
>It's soul was awakened, and infused with Hida's own Earth.
>Magic slid off it, even Maho could not breech it's defense.
>If anyone could stand against an akutenshi with such mastrey of Maho, it was Hida-sama
>My feet moved at last, unrooted by my Champions example
>I fell upon the horde of undead that had been raised
>The first one dodged my swing
>These were not ordinary zombies
>It's tetsubo slammed against my armor, and I could feel the plates buckle
>In death, it was even stronger than it had been in life
>I stepped back with the blow, and managed to just get Kimimaru up in time to ward off more strikes from two others
>I could see Mantis-san and Monkey attack the undead from the left and right sides
>Akane came at them across from me
>The four of us had the undead surrounded.
>I smiled
>I couldn't help but notice the smilarites in the way Akane and Mantis-san fought
>They were blurs of constant motion, weapons never stopped moving and neither did their bodies
>It was like they were dancing
>It was beautiful
>I stopped an ono from cleaving into my skull and struck back
>I glanced at Monkey, and thought something was wrong
>He was not leaping about not pulling some absurd tricks
>He was calm, standing in stance as though he were in the dojo
>His eyes were flat, unfocused, yet seeing
>As the undead neared him he swung his blade in almost lazy circles
>And three undead fell headless at his feet
>He returned to his stance
>If we were facing normal zombies, they would have just pressed in on him
>Instead the undead hesitated, looking for an opening they could not seem to find
>I see. His crazy antic was just to fight them as he would normal samurai
>It was insane alright. And it was wroking
>Well then.
>I followed his lead
>I bellowed a challenge, and attacked
>Striking with raw power, crushing the dead beneath Kimimaru
>Then I paused
>Akiyama swung his no dachi at me as I hesitated, and cut deep into my thigh
>I hadn't seen him among the dead, when I looked earlier
>I hadn't looked all that closely
>He had deep cuts on his body. One eye hung from it's socket
>the flesh from his right cheek was torn away, revealing teeth and gums
>His voce was dry and raspy
>He swung again
>His blade bit into my shoulder, and my sode fell away as the bindings were severed
>I smashed Kimimaru into his blade, and it snapped in half
>Then I spun, and took him in the hip
>It cracked, but he remained standing
>Aside from aslight lurch in his step he showed no sign of being bothered by it
>He reached out for me with his bare hands, and seized my throat
>I brought my arms up between his and broke his grip
>Then I hooked a leg around his and shoved into his chest with Kimimaru
>He fell
>I brought Kimimaru down on top of him
>Then once more
Was this all one session?
File: crab-monkey.jpg (299 KB, 1920x1080)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>>I glanced at Monkey, and thought something was wrong
>>He was not leaping about not pulling some absurd tricks
>>He was calm, standing in stance as though he were in the dojo
>>His eyes were flat, unfocused, yet seeing
>>As the undead neared him he swung his blade in almost lazy circles
>>And three undead fell headless at his feet
>>He returned to his stance
Monkey using Center Stance?
Was Akane a helpful NPC or a new player?
Cracked samurai
still as sharp as ever, but
too many edges.
The whole thing from scouting the shadowlands to this last stand at Shiro Kuni was 4 or 5 sessions long iirc.

and the five raises for an extra attack.

NPC, like Adachi and Akiyama. there to bring life to the world, just like sleepy-chan and Aoi.
Okay! I'll start posting up some stuff when I get back to the house (about to leave work). There will be a bit of a delay on the character art though - I only grabbed the party sheets when I visited my storage unit so I'll need to do a lot of the art from scratch (my style has also changed a bit since those years ago, so I'd like to redo some of the characters anyway).
Sounds awesome. Much appreciated.

>The embassy had an uneasy quiet about it that evening
>Plenty had come to me to offer their condolences regarding my companions, Daidoji-san in particular
>Only a messenger arrived bringing word of Doji-no-kimi
>Unfortunately too busy to meet with me in person, but offers her most sincere condolences
>Not something I needed to hear right now
>If only we could...
>I had to take my mind off things
>I began wandering through the small compound of the embassy
>A small sparring area, mostly there for the guards to train, but open to any guests
>To my surprise, at this late hour, in use, as well
>The famed Kakita duelists, Shinichi and Daitsu, were practising their great art
>Once they noticed me, they bowed, once again letting me hear offers of condolences
>"Thank you both, it has indeed been a trying day for me
>Mind if I ask why you may be out here practicing at this late hour?"
>The elder brother, Shinichi, replied
>"With all that has been going on, the risk for duels at this Summer Court has risen ever higher
>We are simply practising our art, to ensure we remained as skilled as ever
>As to why so late, well, the Governor does enjoy seeing duels in the evening time
>Tell me, were you not also trained in our glorious academy?"
>"Forgive me, Shinichi-senpai, though I was trained in the illustrious school of the honorable Kakita's art of dueling, it was at the confines of my lord father's estate, by Kakita Masaru-sensei"
>"Hmm... I have not heard of him, myself, but I am sure he was a worthy teacher to a hero such as yourself!
>Say, why don't you spar with my brother?
>He is not quite as experienced in dueling as myself, nor in a more straightforward fight.
>We've heard greatly of your exploits, and it would be quite the honor to witness your prowess.
>And it wouldn't hurt to get in a bit more practice, would it?"
>"Truth be told, it has been a while since I have dueled as intended
>I would not want my skills to rust for lack of use
>I accept"
Any Kakita's face when someone mentiones duels in the hearing vicinity.

>Shinichi-senpai offered me his bokken for this brief sparring session
>I stood myself opposite Daitsu-senpai, centering myself with the wooden sword at my side
>I tried to follow the teachings of my sensei
>Tried to do as had been taught to so many other Kakita over the years
>But I felt the thoughts of todays events clouding my mind
>No matter how hard I tried, I could not find the Void
>Still, I recognized that Daitsu was far more advanced that I was
>If he was the less experienced brother, I shuddered to think of how it would feel to face Shinichi
>I reached far within myself, finding the right moment to strike
>I moved my hand to draw my blade
>Then winced as Daitsu's bokken crashed into my side
>"Do not let the world cloud you as you face your opponent!
>Otherwise this will happen again!"
>"Yes, senpai
>Shall we continue?"
>I drew my sword
>Shinichi-senpai wanted to see how good I was a fighter, not just duelist
>My bokken slammed into Daitsu's shoulder, but I left myself open
>His sword driven into the side of my stomach
>Followed by a strike that forced the last of my air out of me
>I nearly doubled over, sinking to one knee, catching my breath
>Daitsu was giving me time to recover
>Something neither of us would ever see on a true battlefield
>Memories started flooding back of all the times I had failed already
>With a powerful kiai, I struck from my kneeling position
>Daitsu parried it with ease
>As if I were still but a student
>He struck back
>And again
>I could no longer stand, sinking to my knees
>I felt the tip of his bokken resting against the back of my exposed neck
>"STOP!" shouted Shinichi
>"I think it's clear who the victor is.
>It does seem your skills have rusted a bit, after all
>Are you all right?"
>I slowly stood up again
>"I am fine
>I apologize, to both of you
>I have let my education slip from me
>Court is proving far more of a distraction than I had thought."
>"That's not an excuse
>Come, let me show you your missteps."

>We spent the rest of the evening as if it were a class
>Going not only through the basic steps of our school once more
>But allowing me to learn one of the most important among the basic kata used in dueling
>I had indeed neglected my education
>Finally, thanks to these famed brothers, I had learned how to focus properly, how to centre myself truly in the Void
>And how to Strike as if I were one with it
>As tiredness slowly overtook us, I thanked them for this learning opportunity, and retired
>Tomorrow was the last day of the Summer Court
>Despite the events of today, it would go ahead as originally planned
>One final opportunity for the Clans to leave an impression on each other
>One final moment
>Everything will come to an end
>And everything has lead up to this
>A part of me looked forward to the morning
>I would be of great service to the Clan one last time during this Summer Court
>A part of me could not help but be anxious
>With all the tension I saw today, something could easily go wrong tomorrow
>I had one last cup of tea before letting sleep truly overtake me

>The morning was filled with the hubbub of courtiers even more than usual
>More than expected, even
>Everybody knew what was at stake here
>But everybody talked only about one thing
>The events of yesterday
>And how I was the one that accused plotting from within the ranks of the Otomo
>A great many of the courtiers I had not seen yesterday, due to my varied activity
>Now, they found the time to offer their condolences to me for yesterdays events
>While some faces showing what they felt regarding my accusation
>A few approving looks from the Scorpion
>Sending chills down my spine
>Then, stomping with a thunderous fury
>I heard him enter the Grand Courtroom
>With all the subtlety of a Hida at court
>Otomo Setsuko
>Face red with rage, heading straight towards me
>As he reached me, opening his mouth as if to address me
>I turned to the latest batch of courtiers offering their condolences

>I took my time thanking each and every one of them for their heartfelt sentiments for my companions
>And then finally turned to Setsuko
>"Ah, Otomo-san! I did not notice you there
>I must apologize, I was looking up at the faces around me, and did not consider what might be lower than them"
>The veiled, yet obvious insult at his height did not help his temper
>"Do not play coy with me, Kakita-san.
>You know very well why I'm here!"
>"Why, no, I do not. Again, I must apologize, matters of great importance have been on my mind lately."
>"How DARE you accuse my family of such great treason!
>As if the Otomo would stoop as low as you for attention!"
>"Oh, that? It seemed quite clear to me where the blame lies
>And quite a few have agreed with my judgement
>Or are you saying you doubt the judgement of a honorable samurai?"
>"Oh, YOU of all people claim to be honorable?
>I have seen more honor in a wretched heimin than I've seen of you!"
>It took me a moment, but I found balance within myself
>I noticed most of the discussion in the Grand Courtroom had died down to his yelling
>It seemed even Suikihime-sama was paying attention to his little tirade
>"My honor speaks for itself, and I have proven my loyalty to the Empire several times
>If you are finished with your baseless accusations, then I bid you farewell."
>"Oh, baseless accusations?!
>As if yours were not baseless!
>You have no proof of anything you have claimed!
>The Otomo are too important to care about the likes of you and your companions!"
>"And yet, here you are."
>He was starting to visibly boil
>"Do you know why your accusations are baseless?
>Because I suspect that you're behind this!
>You and your clan have staged this assassination to drag my family through the mud!
>It's plain to see that the Crane are about as honorable as dirt!"
>I could no longer stop myself
>He dares question the honor of not only myself, but my entire clan?!
>Before I could even blink, I slapped Otomo Setsuko
>I slapped Otomo

Nice thing to have on one's tombstone.
Crane's stories are like watching the ultimate cut of The Watchmen and it cuts to the cartoon Black Frieghter

Ok; but really jarring. Especially when you see an updated post count expecting more Crab.
>I slapped Otomo
Wow, two stories coming to an end in the same thread.
Sorry about that! Traffic was pretty lousy and ended up going out to dinner. Anyway! Let's start posting up some stats!
well, as long as you're enjoying it, my job is done well enough
And don't worry, as >>54059340 noticed, i'm close to done as well
Personally, do agree that Crab-san's story is the better of the two, mainly because quality
But it's been good practice for me as well, giving me motivation to improve my writing
Maybe someday I'll have a real, proper storytime worth the threadcount of Hida Ishigaki

I'll try and wrap up asap, should only be a couple more posts on my end


funny you should say that...
>funny you should say that...

Not funny at all, I fully expect it to end like that with all the foreshadowing you gave.
well, looks like being facetious is not one of my strong suits

Anyways, need to sleep, will try and be done by this time tomorrow if i can
Hida Naomi, Crab by Marriage
Shool/Rank: Isawa Shugenja 3 (Water Tensai)
Insight: 181

Air: 3

Earth 2
Willpower 3

Fire 2
Intelligence 3

Water 5

Void 3

Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher) 1, Lore: Theology 2, Lore: Law 2, Medicine (Herbalism) 1, Meditation 1, Spellcraft 3, Investigation 2, Defense 1, Lore: Phoenix 1, Lore: Shugenja 1, Etiquette 2, Tea Ceremony 2, Perform: Koto 2, Sincerity 1, Lore: Elements (Water) 3, Lore: Spirit Realms 1, Artisan: Ikebana 1, Artisan: Painting 1, Courtier 1, Perform: Singing 2, Kyujutsu 1,Commerce 1

Advantages: Benten's Blessing, Elemental Blessing (Water)

Disadvantages: Bad Health, Small, Soft Hearted, True Love (Hida Ishigaki)

Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon; [i]Air:[/i] Arrow's Flight, Blessed Wind, Freedom of the Air, To Seek the Truth; [i]Earth:[/i] Courage of the Seven Thunders, Elemental Ward, Jurojin's Balm; [i]Fire:[/i] Extinquish; [i]Water:[/i] Clarity of Purpose, Heart of the Water Dragon (innate), Inari's Blessing, Path to Inner Peace (innate), Rejuvenating Vapors, Reversal of Fortunes, The Rushing Wave, Reflective Pool, Regrow the Wound (innate), Stand Against the Waves, Strike of the Tsunami, Sympathetic Energies, Vision of the Future, Wave-Borne Speed

This is Naomi after marrying Ishigaki, just before he went looking for Hida. At this point, the group had converted over to 4th Edition. She had been awarded a fair number of extra spells for her service up until this point.
Aaaand... now I feel like a fool for assuming the posts use html (just kinda figure since that's how the spoiler was done)... I should asked. lol
Hida Naomi, Jade Magistrate
Shool/Rank: Isawa Shugenja 3 (Water Tensai)
Insight: 226

Air: 3

Earth 3

Fire 2
Intelligence 3

Water 6

Void 4

Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher) 2, Lore: Theology 3, Lore: Law 2, Medicine (Herbalism) 1, Meditation 1, Spellcraft 3, Investigation 2, Defense 1, Lore: Phoenix 1, Lore: Shugenja 2, Etiquette 2, Tea Ceremony 2, Perform: Koto 2, Sincerity 3, Lore: Elements (Water) 3, Lore: Spirit Realms 1, Artisan: Ikebana 2, Artisan: Painting 2, Courtier 1, Perform: Singing 2, Kyujutsu 3,Commerce 2, Artisan: Gardening 3

Advantages: Benten's Blessing, Elemental Blessing (Water), Gentry (Village; Ishigaki Mura)

Disadvantages: Bad Health, Small, Soft Hearted, True Love (Hida Ishigaki)

Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon; AIR: Arrow's Flight, Blessed Wind, Freedom of the Air, Summing the Gale, To Seek the Truth; EARTH: Courage of the Seven Thunders, Elemental Ward, Jurojin's Balm; FIRE: Extinquish; WATER: Clarity of Purpose, Heart of the Water Dragon (innate), Inari's Blessing, Path to Inner Peace (innate), Peace of the Kami, Rejuvenating Vapors, Reversal of Fortunes, The Rushing Wave, Reflective Pool, Regrow the Wound (innate), Rise Water, Stand Against the Waves, Strike of the Tsunami, Sympathetic Energies, Vision of the Future, Wave-Borne Speed, Water's Sweet Clarity

This is Naomi during the peace talks hosted in the Phoenix lands, overseen by her father, Isawa Shoji. Aside from growing in power as a Water Tensai and beginning the reconstruction of Ishigaki Mura, not too much has changed.
Hida Naomi, Beloved Healer
Shool/Rank: Isawa Shugenja 5 (Water Tensai)
Insight: 254 (Insight Rank 6)

Air: 3

Earth 3
Willpower 4

Fire 2
Intelligence 3

Water 6

Void 5

Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher) 3, Lore: Theology 4, Lore: Law 3, Medicine (Herbalism) 2, Meditation 1, Spellcraft 4, Investigation 2, Defense 1, Lore: Phoenix 2, Lore: Shugenja 3, Etiquette 3, Tea Ceremony 3, Perform: Koto 3, Sincerity 3, Lore: Elements (Water) 4, Lore: Spirit Realms 1, Artisan: Ikebana 3, Artisan: Painting 2, Courtier 1, Perform: Singing 3, Kyujutsu 4,Commerce 2, Artisan: Gardening 4, Lore: Crab Clan 1

Advantages: Benten's Blessing, Elemental Blessing (Water), Gentry (Sake Works; Ishigaki Mura)

Disadvantages: Bad Health, Small, Soft Hearted, True Love (Hida Ishigaki)

Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon; AIR: Arrow's Flight, Blessed Wind, Freedom of the Air, Summing the Gale, To Seek the Truth; EARTH: Courage of the Seven Thunders, Elemental Ward, Jurojin's Balm; FIRE: Extinquish; WATER: Clarity of Purpose, Heart of the Water Dragon (innate), Inari's Blessing, Path to Inner Peace (innate), Peace of the Kami, Rejuvenating Vapors, Reversal of Fortunes, The Rushing Wave, Reflective Pool, Regrow the Wound (innate), Rise Water, Stand Against the Waves, Strike of the Tsunami, Sympathetic Energies, The Swell of the Storm, Vision of the Future, Wave-Borne Speed, Water's Sweet Clarity

And here we have Naomi at the end of the campaign, having survived somehow! Aside from raising her Void, she mostly began to focus on her domestic skills and the continuing improvement of Ishigaki Mura in to a bustling village with a sake works. The extra rank of insight didn't do too much for her (aside from some initiative), so aside from the increase in her Gentry advantage she isn't really any more powerful than she was at the previous rank.

Also... I noticed that I forgot to edit her school rank in the last post. She should be Isawa Shugenja 5 (Water Tensai).
Spoilers bruh!!!
Kitsuki Takeshi, Newly Minted Justicar
Shool/Rank: Kitsuki Investigator 3 (Kitsuki Justicar)
Insight: 175

Air: 3
Awareness 4

Earth 2

Fire 3

Water 2
Perception 4

Void 3

Skills: Courtier 4, Etiquette (Courtesy) 3, Investigation (Interrogation) 4, Kenjutsu 4, Meditation 1, Lore: Law 3, Defense 3, Iaijutsu 4, Hunting 1, Sincerity 2, Athletics 3, Games: Go 2, Calligraphy 2, Knives (Jitte) 2

Advantages: Ally: Bayushi Amano (Influence 2/Loyalty 4), Clear Thinker, Precise Memory, Sage

Disadvantages: Ascetic, Low Pain Threshold

The ever cunning Kitsuki-san! This is around the time Ishigaki went looking for Hida, but not sure if it was before or after. This is after the group converted to 4th Edition.
Heh, you're right, my bad.
Kitsuki Takeshi, Jade Yoriki
Shool/Rank: Kitsuki Investigator 4 (Kitsuki Justicar)
Insight: 207

Air: 3
Awareness 4

Earth 2
Willpower 4

Fire 3

Water 2
Perception 4

Void 4

Skills: Courtier 5, Etiquette (Courtesy) 5, Investigation (Interrogation) 4, Kenjutsu 5, Meditation 3, Lore: Law 4, Defense 3, Iaijutsu (Assessment) 6, Hunting 2, Sincerity 4, Athletics 3, Games: Go 3, Calligraphy 3, Knives (Jitte) 3, Horsemanship 2, Medicine (Herbalism) 1, Lore: History 2, Lore: Heraldry 3

Advantages: Clear Thinker, Precise Memory, Sage

Disadvantages: Ascetic, Low Pain Threshold

Kata: Striking as Air, Striking as Void

Here we have Kitsuki-san after the Phoenix peace talks and the unfortunate death of Bayushi Amano. Not the best time for our party's Dragon.

Oh! I forgot to mention in his last character sheet that he had bought off Doubt: Kenjutsu after numerous beatings from his sensei... man I'm just screwing everything up here.
>Knives (Jitte) 3
What? Why? With an emphasis too.
Kitsuki Takeshi, Blade of Justice
Shool/Rank: Kitsuki Investigator 5 (Kitsuki Justicar, Kitsuki's Eye)
Insight: 250

Air: 4

Earth 2
Willpower 4

Fire 4

Water 2
Perception 4

Void 4

Skills: Courtier (Manipulation, Rhetoric) 7, Etiquette (Bureaucracy, Courtesy) 7, Investigation (Interrogation, Notice, Search) 5, Kenjutsu 6 (Katana), Meditation 3, Lore: Law 4, Defense 5, Iaijutsu (Assessment, Focus) 6, Hunting 2, Sincerity 4, Athletics 3, Games: Go 3, Calligraphy 4, Knives (Jitte) 3, Horsemanship 2, Medicine (Herbalism) 1, Lore: History 2, Lore: Heraldry 3

Advantages: Clear Thinker, Precise Memory, Sage

Disadvantages: Ascetic, Low Pain Threshold

Kata: Striking as Air, Striking as Void

And here we have Takeshi heading into (or maybe during) the events at Shiro Kuni. He really started buying up his Emphasis late game in addition to cranking up his bugei skills!
A jitte is one of the common symbols of a magistrate, which Takeshi pretty much always considered himself to be. Plus you can take them a lot of places you can't take a katana into.
Gonna have to call it here for the evening. Got work in the morning after all.

Sorry about the spoilers. And all the screw ups. I'll try to keep it together next time.
Thanks forever gm
Didn't Kitsuki-san use a bow? I don't see kyujutsu ranks.
He didn't. Mantis did, Naomi did, Kitsuki did not.
Don't forget about Monkey.
>>Before I could even blink, I slapped Otomo Setsuko
On the tombstone/urn of Daikakita-san
>It was worth it
One final correction before I head to work. Takeshi did raise his Stamina to 3 (bringing his Earth Ring up). I just couldn't make out his chicken-scratch writing last night.
bampu for crabbu
Page 10 draws nearer
Crab and Crane face Destiny
Return to page 1
Request Granted
>I could not rise for a moment after putting Akiyama to rest
>it is always bad, when you recognize them
>Fortunately for me, there were none left to slay
>I glanced up as shadows raced along the ground
>Fliers coming in again
>I threw myself down beside Akiyama, his blood pooling beneath my own body
>I stared into his remaining eye until I could bear his gaze no longer
>I looked up, seeing the fliers had passed over us, and were attacking the tower where the Kuni daimyo was
>As I watched, one of them was encased in jade mid air.
>It fell to the ground and smashed among some goblins like a boulder hurled from a catapault
>I smiled at that as we stood
>Then I saw something else
>Another flyer, far larger than the others. I could make out feathers.
>On it's back rode a large oni. It was wearing a suit of red O-yori, with no helm
>It's skin was a deep, inky black contrasted by vibrant red hair
>In it's hand was katana, wreathed in flames
>The flying beast dove down through the magic and arrows and the Oni leapt onto the tower
>A commotion among the bushi up there gaurding the daimyo
>I squinted, and recognized Masagoro
>A pair of Crabs were holding him back
>gold and green strode forth
>And then I felt pain.
>Searing agony, my vision went white for a moment
>When it cleared the headless thing was rushing toward me
>It was missing an arm now
>Still awash in blood, I could see several other large wounds on it
>a blood red mist clung to the area behind it
>I could only assume it intended to consume me, to restore it's lost life force in some vile way, before reengaging Hida-sama
>The spell it had cast on me was meant to make me easy prey
>I was the Wall
>I closed my eyes, focusing on my body, my own Earth.
>I cast aside the pain
>I opened my eyes and swung Kimimaru
>The akutenshi, expecting easy food, was caught off guard
>It fell back from my strike
>Onto Hida-sama's blade
>He twisted the crystal weapon and pulled up, cutting the thing in two
File: 400px-Courageous.png (222 KB, 400x400)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
>and so it continues
>The akutenshi's body hit the ground, smoking and dissolving into sludge
>Hida-sama nodded to me, and turned to find another foe
>I looked around, trying to find the cause of the cheering
>It was the tower
>Kituski-san, his own katana wreathed in flames, his body blazing with jade energy, was holding up the head of the Oni.
>Even as the cheer spread, he wobbled and was caught by Toshiro
>Hesitation ran through the Horde, palpable confusion
>Empowerd by the kami or not, Kitsuki-san had taken the head of an Oni no Uzaki.
>It only just now struck me how the Horde's situation mirrored our own.
>It was led by an Oni no Akuma, a decent commander but far more terrifying as a warrior
>Command of the forces had been given over to a more able leader.
>And we had just slain their leader
>For the first time since I saw the horde in Shiro Hiruma, I dared to hope
>I was a fool
>Shiro Kuni would burn
>And it would burn now
>Flames began to lick out of the top floor of the barracks
>Then the bottom floor
>Hida-sama called for his honor gaurd to from on him
>I began run towards one of the wells in the courtyard
>When I saw Masagoro leave the barrakcs.
>With a torch in his hand
>He threw it down as bushi ran past him with buckets of water and earth
>He drew his sword as he passed just behind Hida-sama, who was already charging ahead
>He strode to the gate of Shiro Kuni as I ran to catch up to him
>He placed his shoulder under the bar across the gate as I screamed for him to stop
>He looked at me
>Don't you see?
>We CAN'T win!
>All their blood, all their lives spent for NOTHING!
>One day the other Clans will demand to high a price for the jade, the food we need!
>they will think it will be the same as always!
>And our Clan will DIE!
>His face drooped, jaw slack, eyes half lided
>I can't order them to meaningless deaths anymore.
>He took a breath
>He heaved up with his shoulder, unbarring the gate
>Almost immediately the gate began to tremble
>It's time for us to die. Let Rokugan see what we've been holding in check all these years
>He took his stance before me
>I took mine
>I didn't know if Heaven really did decide the outcome of duels, if it did declare who was right and who was wrong this way or not
>Right now I fervently wished that it did
>I could see plainly his technique outclassed me in every way
>And I was wounded, tired. Nearly spent
>I almost could not find Mushin no Shin
>The gate before my eyes trembled and began to creak open
>Behind me flames raced throughout Shiro Kuni
>Above, the Moon eclipsed the Sun
>And my enemy was not an oni, not a tainted madman.
>My enemy was a true hero of my Clan, a tired old man who could no longer forgive himself for living as long as he had.
>We drew our blades and charged one another, moving as one.
Masagoro you fuck.
>Masagoro bore no taint upon his soul
>His blade bit deep into me
>I staggered past him and almost fell to my knees
>He turned, left arm hanging limp from my own cut
>This hurts a bit, Ishigaki-san
>I don't think I'll be able to take as many of those monsters with me now...
>He shrugged with his good arm
>I sank down to my knees, letting my blade fall from my hand
>He walked over to me as the gate opened wider
>Don't you have anything to say? Not going to tell me how I'm wrong?
>He lifted up his blade over my head
>I scopped up my own blade and drove it up into his throat
>His eyes went wide
>I answred him then
>I really, really hate that you're so good I had to fight like a Scorpion to kill you.
>Blood welled up out of his mouth as he bared his teeth.
>I think it was a smile
>The light in his eyes died, and he slid off of my katana
>No time, I threw myself against the gate
>I put my back against it, diging in my feet, and pushed with everything I had
>It wasn't enough
>I saw Hida-sama surrounded by the last few oni. he could not get away
>The rest of the castle was fighting the fire that raged on, or racing to save armloads of scrolls from the Kuni libraries
>I began to wonder if anyone at all had seen what happened here
>Then I saw Kitsuki-san, pointing at me and shouting
>The others broke away from what they were doing and raced over to help
>Satoshi, Daigo, Takeshi, Toshiro and Naomi all came up and pushed alongside me
>The gate began to close
>Then it stopped
>A long green claw with too many joints curled around the edge of the gate over our heads
>Then another
>Then a third
>The gate began to open again
>And a great Oni emerged into the courtyard
>Three eyes.
>Three tongues of flame
>Oni no Akuma stood before us.
>>Oni no Akuma stood before us.
Oh God, he remembered their names.
They're going to die.
File: 1494181281756.jpg (65 KB, 720x380)
65 KB
I think I'm gonna break my F5 key
>Oni no Akuma stood before us.

...Well, shit.

Put both of your hands up to give energy!
I will likely regret this like every other question I have asked about the horrors of the shadowlands, but just how screwed are they against this thing?

Initiative: 9k5

Claws 8k4 (Simple),
Burning Tongues 8k4 (Free)

7k3 (Claws),
2k2 (Burning Tongues)

Armor TN: 40

Reduction: 10

Wounds: 25: +5; 50: +10;
75: +15; 100: Dead.
Taint Rank: 5

Skills: Battle (Mass Battle) 4, Temptation 4

Special Abilities:
c Burning Saliva: When the Akuma no Oni spawn’s burning tongues touch flesh, they leave burning saliva in the wound. During the Reactions Stage of every Round after the tongues hit, that foe will take 1k1 fire
damage. This last for 10 rounds or until the saliva is washed away. Simple water will not wash it away – it requires vinegar or alcohol.
c Fear 4
c Huge
c Invulnerability
c Multiple Tongues: Akuma no Oni spawn can attack with all three of their tongues in the same Round, once with each tongue. This is a special exception to the rule that each type of Free Action can only be taken
once per Round.
Kenjutsu is rolled off Agility.
>It gave us no time to think or plan
>As the terror washed over us it lashed out with it's claws, tearing into Mantis-san and Monkey
>It's tongues whipped about
>One periced my shoulder, leaving it's burning saliva in my wound
>Another caressed Toshiro, setting his Kimono ablaze
>The last slashed Kitsuki-san's chest
>Naomi fell back, scroll in hand and chanting
>I dove and caught up kimimaru before striking at Akuma
>It batted the jade tetsubo aside
>Monkey rushed over to Kituski-san trying to put out the flames
>Mantis-san ripped Toshiro's kimono top off taking the flames with it
>Toshiro could not be bothered with it, as he was chanting a prayer
>Courage filled us, driving off the fear that Oni no Akuma brought
>With a final shout, Naomi finished her prayer
>The spirits of Water rushed up around us all. Even as my flesh burned, it regrew
>It's eyes whirled about, two of them coming to rest on Toshiro and Naomi
>Then it plunged both claws into me, lifting me up and tossing me down
>My vision went black as I faded in and out of consciousness
>I could see the others, blury shapes desperately avoiding it's tongues
>I could smell my flesh burn, but I could not even see properly, let alone move
>Naomi's spell was still working, but I was too far gone.
>I'm sorry....papa can't come home this time...
>Only for all my pain to vanish
>My eyes snapped open
>All of it. Even the aches and pains of old wounds I had long since forgotten
>There really are no words to describe what it is like to feel no pain at all, to be made aware of pains only by their sudden absence.
>I stood, readying Kimimaru
>Toshiro panted beside me
>That.... that was my last one...
>Make it count.
>I attacked the Oni, seeking to overwhelm it with rapid strikes first
>Even without the pain of my wounds slowing me down, it still defended itself well. Only a glancing blow took some chitin off it's forearm
>Mantis and Monkey powdered their weapons in a hurry, covering each other as they did so
>Oni no Akuma
It's basically as strong as one of the original Kamis. You noticed how Takeshi Kitsuki has 6 kenjutsu and 4 agility?

That means that he would usually have at minimum 10k4 dice to roll in his attacks. Minimum. Probably more with his katas, advantages and ranks.

Akuma no Oni is... well, you see it here >>54071760
Fuck yeah, Kitsuki-san!

Fuck you, Hiruma-san!
Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit
>Toshiro yelled at me, as he knelt to bandage Kituski-san's wounds
>I glanced down
>It was true
>I could see my own organs in the gaping wound left by Akuma's claws
>Toshiro's spell hadn't healed me
>It had pushed aside, breifly, the pain and re anchored my spirit.
>It would not last
>As I moved in to attack the Oni no Akuma I saw the others look at Toshiro in shock
>I could not look at Naomi
>The sight of her would make me want to live
>I could not afford that.
>Not if I wanted to save everyone
>I slammed Kimimaru against the Akuma
>It caught Kimimaru. WIth it's hand
>A jade stud punched through it and smoke rose from the wound
>It roared in fury, and lashed back at me
>I took the full brunt of it's assault, and remained upright
>Though my body burned from where it struck me with it's tongues, though my flesh was torn from my limbs, I still stood
>I imagined I looked worse then Akiyama at this point
>While the Oni and I struggled with one another, Mantis slashed into it's side, cutting furrows through it's chitin
>the cuts smouldered as the jade powder coating his kama came of in them
>Monkey stood still, staring at it, waiting for the right moment
>Kitsuki-san stood, though his own chest burned Naomi's spell was keeping him alive
>In pain, but alive
>He powdered his blade
>The Oni slammed it's shoulder and knee against me, breaking away
>I wasn't about to let it turn away from me though
>I attacked it's legs, hoping to do some serious damage
>chitin and bone crunched and cracked as I struck, and it's left leg bent oddly at the thigh under my blow
>It howled and lunged at me.
>I wondered if I would still be awake if it tore me clean in half.
>I was gratefull that that question was not answered.
>By now my wounds were so severe I doubted even Naomi could heal them all
>I readied myself for another attack, wondering how long Toshiro's spell would last.
>I doubted I had much time left.
File: 1498026888601.jpg (57 KB, 544x800)
57 KB

File: 2dd.jpg (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
File: 59d2e.jpg (20 KB, 439x420)
20 KB
>I could not look at Naomi
>The sight of her would make me want to live
For those unfamiliar with the mechanics, he's got one more round unless some serious raises had been called on that spell.
>Then Mantis-san grabbed me
>He threw me back to Naomi
>Stop tying to save everyone you IDIOT!
>Before he could turn around, two tounges wrapped around his leg
>He cried out as they burned him
>THen the Akuma jerked it's head, and sent Mantis-san flying into the gate
>Monkey screamed and stabbed the Oni in one of it's bulbous eyes
>Kitsuki-san followed up, slicing off one of the burning tongues
>As I fell bakwards, Naomi caught me
>I felt cold. I never felt cold.
>Yet my teeth were chattering
>Toshiro's spell must be wearing off.
>I had heard tales of warriors who had been so severly wounded they could not feel it.
>This must be that then.
>I tried to aplogize to Naomi, but my mouth would not obey me
>She was crying
>And praying
>She had been praying this whole time
>Blue white light enveloped me
>My wounds were gone. The fires that burned on me extinguished
>She smilled down at me
>Coughed once.
>And fell on top of me
>I held my head to her chest and listened desperatly
>Faint, erratic. But her heart was still beating
>I rose and turned to the Akuma
>Monkey and Kitsuki were fighitng side by side, trying to find an opening to reach Mantis-san
>I would give them one
>I raced in, driving myself and Kimimaru both into the Oni
>I drove it back a handfull of steps
>Kitsuki-san raced to Mantis-san's side
>The Akuma turned it's claws on me again
>But Monkey was there, striking at it, turning aside it's blows
>We struck togother, Kimimaru smashing it's other leg, and Monkey's katana stabbing yet another eye
>His blade came out the other side of the Oni's skull
>It did not roar this time
>It made no sound
>It just went limp
>And slumped to the ground
>So did we
>Smoke filled the courtyard, I could no longer see Shiro Kuni from where we were
>I was spent. Monkey was too. I doubted either of us could stand
>My heart skipped a beat as a massive shape loomed in the smoke
>As the clouds parted, Hida-sama came into view
...fucking hell....
gonna break here then. The final aftermath of this adventure will come next. Followed by the campaign wrap up mini-adventure.
you are a master of suspense


anyone who reads the complete .pdf will never know what it's been like to follow this story the over the last few months.
File: stress.png (236 KB, 595x446)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive, please be alive!!!!

You are goddamn cocktease!!!
File: 1433381119509.png (314 KB, 500x338)
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314 KB PNG
File: seal-best.png (35 KB, 350x350)
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>Monkey dealing the death blow.
He really was a shounen protagonist.

>Still not sure if crab san is being rewarded for bravery or passing on to his ancestors.
Stressful, but hopefully all will become clear soo...
>gonna take a break here
I hate you so much right now.
>He really was a shounen protagonist.
fuck anon he *IS* a shounen protagonist, don't bury him yet!
GM-Sama, please share with us lesser GMs you wisdom on how you crafted such an excellent campaign so that we may learn from your technique.
A Stonewall feels no pain, and an island never cries:I am a rock. Simon and Garfunkle

Shine on you crazy Stonewall: Shine on you crazy diamnond. Pink Floyd

I see a red Stonewall and I want it painted black: Paint it black. Rolling Stones

Hey there Stonewall, doesn't it feel like our time is running out: Phoenix. Fall Out Boy

You know where you are? You in the Jungle, Stonewall! :Welcome to the jungle. Guns & Roses

I can't seem to see you Stonewall, even though my eyes are open wide: See you on the other side. Ozzy Osbourne.
I meant since the campaign is already over. Besides my words could never doom someone with so much shounen power.
Fuck you crab-anon I'm gonna cry like a bitch
Missed one.

Stonewalls don't fear the reaper: Don't fear the reaper. Blue Oyster Cult.
Tears averted
Ishigaki is damn lucky his wife is so best
File: Spoiler Image (205 KB, 680x961)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
>we will never see a proper anime adaptation of cool L5R stories such as this one
I'm at work right now, but I'll see what wisdom I can offer when I have a chance. I can't promise it will be good though!
Man, you don't need to promise inevitable things.
This would be an awesome anime. Instant gold mine for everyone involved. I'm already thinking about VAs (japanese ones). Mantis-san sounds like Sanji in One Piece in my head. Monkey is like Ed from FMA. Kitsuki-san is like the Major from Hellsing OVA. Ishigaki is... hard to think of one that fits well.
File: a wild monkey appears.jpg (257 KB, 999x1575)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I pegged Monkey as more of a Toyohisa Shimazu, but that's just me.
File: completed sword.jpg (274 KB, 581x660)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
So, in my opinion Nakamura Yūichi would voice Monkey and Yoshimasa Hosoya who voiced pic related would voice Ishigaki.
Warning: Spoilers

Okay... so I was thinking about it on the drive home and really most things that came too mind were the general kind of thing you'd read in any rpg book. One thing that I think is pretty key however is also a bit of a pet peeve of mine, so it might not be helpful:

Make sure that the story had a sense of progression!

I mean that in the sense of a flowing continuity. Come up with a broad strokes story arc with some key points here and there, and then make sure you give the sense that the story is moving forward. Seasons change, characters change, places change, events occur, etc. Maybe some of it happens in the background, maybe the characters are involved, doesn't matter. What does matter (to me) is that the world (and by extension the story) does not feel the same session #63 as it did session #1.

Sorry, it's not particularly useful advice, but it is one thing that irks me. Not too long ago I played in a Vampire: the Masquerade LARP with some friends and the first development was the Sabbot began a siege on the city the game was set in. When I finally called it quits 10 months (and playing every week) later, the story hadn't progressed one bit: the Sabbot were still freely setting up bases, making raids, and fucking shit up without repercussions, but we'd still be going on unconnected one shots to deal with Sabbot pack of the week and never get any leads on where they were coming from and how they were getting into the city or who was leading them. The story hadn't moved at all, or even gave the appearance of having progressed.
I am not he, but here's a checklist, based on GM-sama having fulfilled all these, which in turn is based on what we've all read:

1, Get players with imagination, initiative, and decent social skills.
2, Understand who they are, how they work.
3, Narrow down the common elements among you: who likes what, what predictable patterns they have, etc. As long as you stay within that area, you're good.
4, Have a basic understanding of professional storytelling across mediums, primarily to understand how a story is built, but also to realise that roleplaying is a medium as well, albeit a wonky one.
5, Never, ever assume that you or your plot is safe from your players. Having an understanding of what story you want to tell is better than preparing a billion page notebook, though having a few "floating" elements (NPCs, situations, circumstances, whatever) ready is always a plus. It's not about never being caught unprepared (it will happen eventually), but about knowing how to deal with it on the spot.

Being able to do all these things consistently through a very long campaign is the mark of a master GM. No wonder he's a ForeverGM.
Tsuruchi Daigo, Cursed Warrior
Shool/Rank: Yoritomo Bushi 3
Insight: 182

Air: 2
Reflexes 3

Earth 3

Fire 3

Water 3
Strength 4

Void 3

Skills: Commerce 3, Defense 3, Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapons) 2, Kenjutsu 1, Knives (Kama) 5, Sailing 3, Kyujutsu 2, Intimidation 3, Temptation 1, Stealth 3, Lore: Law 2, Lore: Underworld 4, Investigation 3, Hunting 2, Athletics 2, Etiquette 1, Games: Go 1, Medicine 1

Advantages: Quick, Wary

Disadvantages: Contrary, Cursed by Gaki-do, Sworn Enemy (3pts; Yoritomo Kenzan)

Daigo after the switch to 4th Edition, though not exactly sure when other than being before the Isle of Mists. His player wasn't sure at this time what exactly he wanted to do with his character.
Tsuruchi Daigo,
Shool/Rank: Yoritomo Bushi 4 (Mantis Whirlwind Fighter)
Insight: 206

Air: 2
Reflexes 4

Earth 4

Fire 3
Agility 4

Water 3
Strength 5

Void 3

Skills: Commerce 4, Defense 3, Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapons) 2, Kenjutsu 2, Knives (Kama) 5, Sailing 4, Kyujutsu 3, Intimidation (Bully) 4, Temptation 3, Stealth 3, Lore: Law 2, Lore: Underworld 4, Investigation 3, Hunting 3, Athletics 3, Etiquette 1, Games: Go 2, Medicine (Herbalism) 1, Sincerity 2, Craft: Bowyer 1, Iaijutsu 1

Advantages: Quick, Wary

Disadvantages: Contrary, Cursed by Gaki-do

Kata: Son of Storms, Striking as Fire

Daigo after killing Kenzan on the Isle of Mists. I think this was either during the Phoenix peace talks or shortly after, since he bought a second point of kenjutsu and go to represent "lessens learned from his performances."
Tsuruchi Daigo, Storm of Steel
Shool/Rank: Yoritomo Bushi 5 (Mantis Whirlwind Fighter)
Insight: 249

Air: 3
Reflexes 4

Earth 4

Fire 3
Agility 4

Water 4
Strength 5

Void 3

Skills: Commerce 5, Defense 4, Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapons) 2, Kenjutsu 2, Knives (Kama) 7, Sailing (Knotwork) 5, Kyujutsu 5, Intimidation (Bully) 4, Temptation 3, Stealth 3, Lore: Law 3, Lore: Underworld 5, Investigation (Notice) 3, Hunting 4, Athletics 3, Etiquette 3, Games: Go 3, Medicine (Herbalism) 1, Sincerity 2, Craft: Bowyer 1, Iaijutsu 2, Courtier 3

Advantages: Quick, Wary

Disadvantages: Contrary, Cursed by Gaki-do

Kata: Son of Storms, Striking as Fire, Striking as Water, Strength of the Mantis

Daigo around the end of the campaign, having started to raise his "more Tsuruchi-y skills." Plus he bought up some Commerce and Sailing to represent helping Naomi out which the mercantile affairs of Ishigaki Mura (shipping the sake produced and whatnot).
I imagined Ishigaki like some kind of Gats, from Bersek. As far I am concerned, he have fought the countless hores of the dead, the 100 people skirmish, and he's as tough as him.
Toku Satoshi, Insightful Fool
Shool/Rank: Toku Bushi 3
Insight: 180

Air: 3
Reflexes 4

Earth 3

Fire 2
Agility 3

Water 3

Void 3

Skills: Athletics 3, Defense 3, Hunting 2, Investigation (Search) 3, Kenjutsu 5, Lore: History 1, Lore: Law 2, Kyujutsu 2, Knives 1, Battle 2, Iaijutsu 4, Sincerity (Honesty) 2, Artisan: Painting 1, Etiquette 2, Stealth 2, Jiujutsu 1, Spears 1, Polearms 1, Games: Go 1, Medicine 1

Advantages: Daredevil, Luck (3), Hero of the People

Disadvantages: Can't Lie, Gullible, Idealistic

Kata: Striking as Void

Satoshi after the switch to 4th Edition. With Naomi's help, he bought off Bitter Betrothal. I think this is just after Ishigaki got back from looking for Hida.
File: I pity the dead.jpg (43 KB, 600x678)
43 KB
Ishigaki lives!
Monkey gets the killing blow!
The battle was won!

It's only after writing this down that I realize I've made a haiku be accident.
File: 1458548865659.jpg (42 KB, 704x528)
42 KB
>Advantages: Daredevil, Luck (3), Hero of the People
>Disadvantages: Can't Lie, Gullible, Idealistic

Toku Satoshi, Master of Contests
Shool/Rank: Toku Bushi 4
Insight: 213

Air: 3
Reflexes 4

Earth 3
Willpower 4

Fire 2
Agility 4

Water 3

Void 4

Skills: Athletics 7, Defense 4, Hunting 2, Investigation (Search) 3, Kenjutsu 5, Lore: History 1, Lore: Law 2, Kyujutsu 2, Knives 2, Battle 3, Iaijutsu 5, Sincerity (Honesty) 3, Artisan: Painting 2, Etiquette 2, Stealth 3, Jiujutsu 1, Spears 2, Polearms 2, Games: Go 2, Medicine (Herbalism) 1, Lore: Bushido 2, Perform: Dance (Peasant Dancing) 2, Calligraphy 1, Courtier 1, Artisan: Ikebana 1, Horsemanship 1

Advantages: Daredevil, Luck (3), Hero of the People

Disadvantages: Can't Lie, Gullible, Idealistic

Kata: Striking as Air, Striking as Earth, Striking as Void

Satoshi during the peace talks in the Phoenix lands. He wanted to try and become "more courtly" but still wanted to stay kinda book dumb, so his plan for most of the contests boiled down to "I'll just keep throwing Void points and Luck at it!"
Toku Satoshi, Never Say Die Samurai
Shool/Rank: Toku Bushi 5
Insight: 228

Air: 3
Reflexes 5

Earth 3
Willpower 4

Fire 2
Agility 5

Water 3

Void 5

Skills: Athletics 7, Defense 4, Hunting 2, Investigation (Search) 3, Kenjutsu 7, Lore: History 1, Lore: Law 2, Kyujutsu 2, Knives 2, Battle 3, Iaijutsu 6, Sincerity (Honesty) 4, Artisan: Painting 2, Etiquette 2, Stealth 3, Jiujutsu 1, Spears 2, Polearms 2, Games: Go 2, Medicine (Herbalism) 2, Lore: Bushido 2, Perform: Dance (Peasant Dancing) 2, Calligraphy 1, Courtier 1, Artisan: Ikebana 1, Horsemanship 1, Tea Ceremony 1

Advantages: Daredevil, Luck (3), Hero of the People

Disadvantages: Can't Lie, Gullible, Idealistic

Kata: Striking as Air, Striking as Earth, Striking as Void

Satoshi around the end of the campaign. Really, what needs to be said? Shonen protagonist extraordinaire!
I honestly think monkey is probably one of my favorite characters from this story.
Comparatively everyone else is grounded personalities or somewhat serious at times. Then you have Mr Shounen Incarnate.
Kuni Toshiro, Faithful Friend
Shool/Rank: Kuni Shugenja 3
Insight: 180

Air: 2
Reflexes 3

Earth 4

Fire 3

Water 2
Strength 3

Void 3

Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher) 1, Defense 4, Lore: Shadowlands 4, Heavy Weapons 3, Lore: Anatomy 3, Battle 3, Medicine 3, Investigation 3, Meditation 1, Intimidation 3, Lore: Law 2, Lore: Elements (Crystal) 4

Advantages: Balance, Strength of the Earth, Wary

Disadvantages: Disturbing Countenance, Lame, Permanent Wound

Toshiro after the switch to 4th Edition. Unfortunately, his player kept his list of spells on a piece of notebook paper and it doesn't look like I held onto it.
>Disadvantages: Can't Lie, Gullible, Idealistic
Oh man, I had a ronin water shugenja with that combo. He knew Blessings of Inari, which meant he never had to worry about starving to death, so he was 100% altruistic and into doing good for its own sake. The one time he was asked why he was helping other people without any obvious agenda, the only response he could muster was "Wait, why would I need a reason?" Not the sharpest tool in the shed, probably would have been massively taken advantage of and used as a scapegoat if the campaign hadn't fizzled out.
Kuni Toshiro, Scourge of Maho-Tsukai
Shool/Rank: Kuni Shugenja 5
Insight: 231

Air: 2
Reflexes 3

Earth 4

Fire 4

Water 3

Void 4

Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher) 1, Defense 5, Lore: Shadowlands 5, Lore: Theology 2, Spellcraft 5, Heavy Weapons 3, Lore: Anatomy 4, Battle 4, Medicine (Herbalism) 3, Investigation (Interrogation) 3, Meditation 3, Intimidation 4, Lore: Law 3, Lore: Elements (Crystal) 5, Athletics 1, Etiquette 1, Sincerity 1, Courtier 1, Lore: Crab Clan 2, Hunting 1, Lore: Shugenja 2, Lore: Heraldry 2

Advantages: Balance, Strength of the Earth, Wary

Disadvantages: Disturbing Countenance, Lame, Permanent Wound

Toshiro around the time he faced Shoji in the avatar duel. After becoming a Jade Magistrate, he realized he was going to need SOME social skills, so he picked a few up. Sadly, I forgot he was shooting for Crystal Master and ended up shooting past Rank 4 before he could get his Earth to 5.

Also, I realize on the previous sheet I forgot a could of his skills. Should have Lore: Theology 2 and Spellcraft 4.
Kuni Toshiro, Fury of the Earth
Shool/Rank: Kuni Shugenja 5
Insight: 261 (Rank 6)

Air: 2
Reflexes 3

Earth 5

Fire 4

Water 3

Void 4

Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher) 1, Defense 7, Lore: Shadowlands 5, Lore: Theology 2, Spellcraft 5, Heavy Weapons 4, Lore: Anatomy 5, Battle 4, Medicine (Herbalism) 5, Investigation (Interrogation) 4, Meditation 4, Intimidation 4, Lore: Law 3, Lore: Elements (Crystal) 5, Athletics 3, Etiquette 1, Sincerity 1, Courtier 3, Lore: Crab Clan 3, Hunting 2, Lore: Shugenja 2, Lore: Heraldry 3, Stealth 2

Advantages: Balance, Strength of the Earth, Wary

Disadvantages: Disturbing Countenance, Lame, Permanent Wound

Toshiro at the end of the campaign. I'm pretty sure he only took Courtier 3 for the Insight boost! He also ended up taking up some survivalist skills for the trek into the Shadowlands.
And that wraps things up for the rest of the party. Ishigaki can post his character sheets if he kept them laying around. I'll start posting major NPC's or the kids next.
>I'm pretty sure he only took Courtier 3 for the Insight boost!
I knew Toshiro had a good head on his shoulders.
And that's just the oni spawn, not the oni itself. AnO's skull is warded and kept near the wall to prevent it returning to Ningen-do.
If Ishigaki's ForeverGM is here, did you use any special rules for the kenjutsu tournament?
File: Hida Ryu Kenjutsu.gif (2.78 MB, 300x169)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB GIF
Don't worry about it. Your story is quite captivating. If you're looking for tips on improvement with writing, I found this a helpful http://silvablu.skeeter63.org/HMG/00-Introduction.htm

I'm not all that familiar with Japanese VA's by name, but I'd imagine Hiroaki Iwanaga for Ishigaki. The english dub would HAVE to be Patrick Seitz

>1, Get players with imagination, initiative, and decent social skills
>decent social skills
>social skills

If I had those do you think I'd be posting shit on 4chan? C'mon. I'm as much an autistic misfit as everyone else here, it takes me MONTHS to acclimate to a stranger in face to face interactions enough that I can play like I did late in the campaign. A reason I kinda didn't want to admit that I skipped over some early stuff, was that I was so full on Tomoki level nervous I just spoke in grunts and hit things when I was told to. The first two are important though, although not EVERYONE needs the initative. It's fine if it's just one or two people driving the rest of the party forward.

Rest of that list is spot on though. And you're right, he's a ForeverGM becase no one else can compare to his mastery.

Nah, we didn't really do anything special. Just have a little skirmish. I sometimes used switching up stances as a way to say they activated kata, because an rpg story time should be story, not a transcript of what went on at the table. You can only hear so many "AND THEN I ROLLED NAT 20!" so many times... you know? The other stuff, like Ishigaki making the gunso shit himself or Kitsuki fucking with guy by pretending he had Sharingan was done via skill use in defense stance. Don't underestimate intimidation and Sincerity(Deciet) on the battlefield. Fucking with your oponent's head is perfectly acceptable, and sensible gms will waive the honor hits for low skill use there. Just like it's not dishonorable for a scout to sneak around.
>Hida-sama came over and looked at the Akuma
>You're doing?
>I wondered for a moment why he wasn't trying to shut the gate.
>Then I realized I didn't hear any fighting anymore.
>Monkey and I both pointed at one another
>We stared at one another, then pointed to the others...
>The others!
>I scrambled on hands and knees over to Naomi
>Then I stared...waiting. I couldn't get any closer, couldn't make myself touch her
>And then she took a breath.
>I almost fell over, as the relief flooded through me.
>I glanced back over my shoulder
>Monkey was helping Kitsuki-san get Mantis-san up on his feet
>He leg was badly burned, the clothing gone and his flesh blackened and charred
>Toshiro was leaning back against the wall beside the gate, sweat and blood ruining his face paint, and coating his bare chest.
>We locked eyes, and he smilled. It took him a few starts to work up enough energy to do so completly
>Glad you're not dead after all!
>You too...
>I cradled Naomi's head in my lap, waiting for help to come
>Hida-sama coughed, and I almost jumped out of my skin
>I had just turned my back on my champion without being dismissed...
>He waved his hand as I looked up, agahst
>It's fine. I know the aftermath of battles well.
>THen his eyes narrowed.
>The IMMEDIATE aftermath, mind you.
>I managed to bow, Naomi's head still in my lap.
>Adachi came up through the smoke that was beginning to clear, armor blackened and face covered in soot
>He dropped to one knee before Hida-sama and yelled
>Tono! The fires have been extinguished, the damage is widepread but not severe!
>Hida-sama sighed
>Adachi then saw Masagoro
>and the Akuma
>Good question.
>The Crab Champion looked at us all.
>we relayed the events to that occurred to them both.
>Hida-sama's frown deepened as I told him what Masagoro said to me before he opened the gate
>By the time I was done his eyes were narrow slits, his frown deep, brow furrowed
My big concern with the knockdown victory condition was that at only 2 raises, knockdown is a rather quick way to win. I suppose that the top contenders won't go down so easy though.
As an aside, I find it a bit funny that my Crab player wants to do a draw lot play for the performance portion, like Ishigaki & Co. did.
File: mfw ishigaki storytime.png (652 KB, 640x480)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
>Hida-sama pulled off his kabuto, and rubbed his hands against his face
>He walked over to Masagoro's body
>I am sorry, old freind. I did not see how your heart was troubled. I should have made you retire to the dojo sooner...
>He stayed there for a moment more, then stood. He took Masagoro's daisho, and struck his head off with his own katana
>Find every eta that's still alive, Adachi-san.
>There's a lot of work for them
>The smoke cleared fully
>Shiro Kuni stood, balckened, burned, the walls damaged in places.
>But still upright.
>The courtyard was a sea of death. Corpses everywhere
>Dozens of Samurai, their movements sloppy from exhaustion, waded through it, taking heads lest any lingering taint reanimate the fallen
>And there were many, many fallen
>I found myself glad that Naomi was not awake to see this
>My friends joined me as I scooped her up, Monkey supporting Mantis, who could only hop on one leg
>Mantis-san glanced over at me.
>Your jade...
>I glanced down. My finger of jade was completely black. When I wrapped my hand around it to take it off some oozed between my fingers.
>Everyone checked their own jade, and found theirs in the same state
>We cast aside our spent jade
>I found a room in the castle that had escaped the flames, and had an open window, and laid Naomi down there
>Then I went and looked around the quartermaster
>I found him, the new one anyway, recoridng damage on a ledger
>He looked at me as I walked up
>I...don't think I outrank you...
>the young man snorted
>That hardly matters! You and your friends brought down the Oni no Akuma!
>What is it you need?
>Jade. We're all wounded, and my friends...
>...are not Crab. I understand
>He led me deeper into the storehous
>We still have enough I can spare some...five.
>That was fine. I could wait for fresh jade for a bit
>I thanked the quartermaster and took the jade back.
>I placed one on Naomi, then passed the others out
Well, two raises, and then a contested strength roll
and adding 10 armor tn is pretty sizeable. That's a suit of heavy armor. Here, you can use this to help measure where stats should be so your PC's will have to work for it if they want to go that route. And hey, swordsmanship in Rokugan is a big thing, and always evolving. You could have dude show up with their own unique kata that helps them resist knockdown.

yeah, the TMJ is keeping me up. Gonne be a bit between posts, I need to clean out my cat's litter box right now. But then I'll be back to make a few more posts.
pfft. Forgot link because I am a smart. http://lynks.se/probability/
Crab-anon and his expert cliffhangers...
>I was startled to see Akane with them, bandaging Toshiro's wounds
>you know, this isn't neccissary...I can do that myself
>Hush you. You're wounded.
>So are you!
>And my wounds have already been seen to.
>Besides, pain dose not bother me as much as it bothers you.
>Oh, I doubt that...
>She reached for his face with a cloth
>He flinched back
>What are you doing?
>Your paint is all smeared, and your face bloody
>She grabbed him behind his neck and pulled him in close to clean his face off
>I could feel Toshiro's distress
>If given the choice to be seen without his face paint, or without any clothes, Toshiro would choose the latter every time
>However, I didn't try to stop her
>She wiped his paint off, barring his scars.
>Then smiled
>he blinked at her
>What? Scars are sexy.
>He blinked again.
>So did I.
>O..on that...we can agree, Akane-san.
>I whipped around, to see Naomi strugling to sit up
>I knelt and pulled her up
>Are you okay? You mumbled somehing there but I didn't hear you right.
>She gave me her brave smile, Hair matted to her forehead with sweat
>Then she touched me, right on the bride of my nose
>you did not mishear, Ishigaki-kun.
>Akane and Naomi exchanged a glance, smiling at one another
>Monkey sat, chin in hand and grinned
>Looks like you're finally caught, eh Toshiro?
>Toshiro blew out a sigh through his nose.
>If anyone can drop the honorifics with me...it's one who killed an Oni no Akuma
>Monkey blinked.
>But we all killed it togother...
>I know.
>It was then that Kituski-san sobbed
>We all looked
>He had his right hand balled into a fist, left clenched over it
>He was shaking
>He opened his hands
>Showing us the jade in his palm
>The jade that smoked and blackened in his bare palm
>The jade that smoked and blackened in his bare palm
Any bets? I'm giving 2:1 that he carries his ass to a temple to try to purify it, seeing as he's a dragon.
Crab San, if you leave be hanging here...
I think jade petal tea. He looks like the type. But maybe he'll just end it here. Cause why would nice things ever happen
File: abstract feel.jpg (37 KB, 680x684)
37 KB
>Toshiro gets a waifu
>Kitsuki gets tainted
Damn. That's real fucking bittersweet.

Can tainted characters teach in a dojo? There's no dishonour in teaching the next generation.
he is obviously mad but i can see where this come from.
the maw`s skull you mean?
>it was recorded in the Imperial histories as the Battle of the Hour of Obsidian
>The eclipse was seen throughout Rokungan, and lasted three days.
>So why the "Hour" of Obsidian was lost on me.
>Of the one thousand five hundred bush stationed at Shiro Kuni, 437 survived the battle
>Seven hundred ninety two more Crabs died in battle along the Wall.
>The Damned fought to the last. Their ranks were quickly replenished.
>Ten bersekers from the Fortress of the Forgeten survived. For their heroics they were given one last chance to serve the Clan in a more public posting. None of them squandered their opportunity
>For a time, the Fortress of the Forgotten was, itself Forgotten. But the Crab Clan had no shortage of troublemakers, and after lying empty for seven months a new crop of the worst of the worst arrived at their new, and likely final, home.
>All told, the Crab Clan lost two thousand, three hundred eighty six lives to the Horde raised by the Akuma no Oni.
>There is no official count of the size of the Horde.
>In the wake of the battle, the Angry Season continued unabated.
>The Empror praised the Jade Champion for driving out the Bloodspeaker cult, and ending it's threat once and for all
>He then ordered the Other Clans to turn their eyes south, and aid the Crab in their time of greatest need
>Bolstered by food, arms, armor, jade, and even troops from the Lion, Unicorn and Dragon Clans, the Crab held fast against the near daily attacks.
>Those who knew anything about the Bloodspeaker cult knew they were not destroyed completely, and went about quietly investigating those who had sudden increase in fortunes over the last few years.
>Toshiro, old enough that the Clan insisted he be married, did indeed give in the persuit of Hiruma Akane, and the two were wed
>With the Bloodspeaker cult suppressed for the tie being, I took up duties along the Wall, as simple Gunso
The Maw, and Oni no Akuma both if the time period is right.
When the Maw returned it's skull broke, letting everyone know shit was gonna hit the fan. Then it was slain again and it's skull hung back up.
Every time an Oni lord enters Nigen-do for realsies, it gets it's ass killed and then the Crab use it's skull for a door knocker because that's how Crab roll.
File: IMG_4109.png (254 KB, 400x600)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
>College friend breaks out 4e DnD
>First time any one of us has played Dungeons and Dragons
>We literally don't know any better
>I roll your typical Dwarven cleric that worships god of alcohol, because original
>Along the journey DM gives me poisoned ale as a gift from my god
>Get to the end of a dungeon, find actual dragon
>"Oh shit"
>Our negotiations go south quickly
>Dragon immediately knocks me out along with our wizard
>Rest of party escapes into the monster filled halls
>Everyone running frantically to survive
>I roll a nat20 on a surviving throw, DM revives me at 1 hp
>Panicked I try to shove the doors behind me open
>At the same time our fighter is pushing the doors on the other side trying to escape the monsters
>Roll another nat20 and I burst the doors open, our fighter is flung across the hall and knocked out-cold
>As I run from the room the dragon hits me with a fireball, knocking me out again
>Last surviving member of the party, a monk, is desperately trying to wake me up
>Looks for something to help
>Finds my bottle of poisoned ale
>It dawns on me I never actually told my party members about the gift

And that's how my first ever DnD adventure came to an end, poisoned while unconscious by my own friend.
I'm sorry, I did not specify what I meant.

By "decent" social skills I meant being able to see others as people and manage to work as a group. It might sound simple but it isn't.

By "initiative", I meant the attitude of not expecting the GM to feed you the adventure baguette, that you have enough motivation to do things without being explicitly prompted (being under attack, told to do something, etc). Again, it might sound simple, but it isn't. 13 years of roleplaying with a lot of people taught me that.
File: 400px-Irrational.png (164 KB, 400x400)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>>The jade that smoked and blackened in his bare palm
>Naomi of course, was worried about me deeply
>I could hardly blame her, after what she had been through.
>She would cling to me fiercely whenever I would come home
>I hated to be apart from her as well. But Ishigaki Mura was a weeks ride from the Wall. >My children were a weeks ride from the Wall.
>Given the pasion with which we clung to each other, it's not all that surpising what happened next
>We were joined by our fourth child, Hida Isao.
>Naomi bore his birth well
>For his part, he was a calmer infant then the first two, and very curious. He loved to stare at the Koi watching them swim about for hours
>Toku Satoshi returned to his little home, and wrote many letters to us. His family did not grow any larger, but he gave us steady updates on the growth of Masanori and Tokichiro.
>Monkey found it funny that his younger son, Masanori, was growing faster then his older sibling.
>The boys were alike in many ways, personality wise, friendly and welcoming to all, regardless of station.
>Monkey proudly declared they were already helping their father in the fields.
>I blinked and reread that last part.
>Only Monkey would bend his back to work in a rice paddy alongside his peasants.
>I wondered idly if it was his wife's suggestion.
>Well, he wasn't complaining of marital difficulties, so it must not be that bad
>With some help from Naomi, Tsuruchi Daigo's leg healed up fine.
>We saw him often, as he regularly brought shipments of jade and rice during the angry season.
>He was a bit tight lipped about personal issues, but Naomi pried them out of him eventually
>he shrugged, and just said It's boring really.
>The kids grow, Tatsuki and Karou are coldly polite to one another when I'm around, and a little bit catty when I'm not.
>...They got out of hand once. A teapot got thrown. So I gave them both a good spanking.
>Naomi gasped at that
>They settled down after that
>and they're both pregnant. Tatsuki first, but then Karou insisted she wanted one more after all
You'd need to smoothen the story though. Its game nature leads to dangling or insufficiently developed plot threads. For example, Moshi Aoi didn't play nearly as big a role as her introduction would suggest. Ishigaki hiring the ronin didn't go anywhere. Sleepy-chan's mini-arc looks important to the overall plot but actually isn't. THEY hadn't been found. Etc.

Oh shit, Kitsuki-san!
So Isao is the Kaiu-trained child.
I understood what you meant by initiative. In our group that was mostly Kituski-san, Mantis-san really was very passive at the table. So you only need a few players to be like that to keep the party moving, the rest will follow along.

And I get what you mean by decent now. Yeah, me and ForeverGM both have had issues with a few people we know who approach every game like a PvP LARP.

And I wasn't going for harsh critisism in my resposne, I was going for self-deprication and encouraging people that you don't have to be a godteir RP'er to partake in godteir adventures. Experience will get your skills up over time, so relax with the harsh self judgments. but don't relax TOO much, or you'll end up being That Guy. Balance. In all things.
I find it unfair. Why did RNGesus give everyone a good end but for Kitsuki? He deserved better!
>Kitsuki Takeshi was far to valuable to his Clan for his Clan to throw away
>He shaved his head, taking the name Kera.
>From the monostary where he lived, he wrote numerous journals detailing his experiences as both an Emerald and Jade magistrate
>Though few dared seek the wisdom of the tainted monk, those who did swore that his advice was always of great help
>It was rumored he even found another to teach the final lesson of Kituski's Method too.
>That rumor was the last I ever heard of him, for he stopped witting a short time before then.
>He answered no letters either.
>Naomi continued to write to him, not knowing if he read them or not, and told she would continue to do so until she told he had died or he asked her to stop.
>Privately, I wondered if he bore us a grudge.
>It was my fault he was dismissed as an Emerald Magistrate. We were involved in the events that led to his friends seppuku, and he became tainted fighting a battle that was not his to fight.
>I took some small comfort in the fact that while he never replied to Naomi's letters, he also never asked her to stop writing him
>A year passed by, and the angry season finally abated.
>Then, a letter arrived for Naomi.
>It was terse.
>Your father is dying. Come home. Bring Jade Magistrates.
>Can tainted characters teach in a dojo?
The only reasons that would prevent them from doing so are a high likelihood they must inform their students (similar to how the tainted must inform any prospective spouse), and no one wants to send their children (or themselves) to train under an outcast when there are sensei with more glory to go to.
>>Your father is dying. Come home. Bring Jade Magistrates.
RIGHT! What happened to Toyohisa? Was he brought to Shoji or not in the end?
I agree, getting a good campaign comes from people behaving naturally, trying hard just gets you sweat and no results to show for it. Sure, there are dozens of skills and talents involved that need to be applied sensibly, but the goal must always stay the same: to have a good time. Like riding a bike.
Break here, at the start of the Campaign wrap up miniadventure.

yeah, Naomi could use that rank six mega heal to bring Ishigaki back from something like 120 wounds (force of will is an AWESOME spell) but even she couldn't heal the taint. Those higher TN's from low pain threshold bit Kituski-san in the ass right at the end there. But the player was adamant that "...shit happens and it's a damn miracle it took this long for shit TOO happen."
File: Rorschach.jpg (210 KB, 640x920)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>Shoji is dying
>They need Jade Magistrates
This is just getting better and better!
see you soon, Crabanon
I fully agree with this.
The best moments come when both players and DM pull at the same rope.
Some of the best moments in Crane-sans campaign came to be, because they threw me curveballs or free hooks.
Crane and Daidoji being the most generous ones.
Aw shit. Poor Kitsuki-san.
File: crying.gif (417 KB, 480x326)
417 KB
417 KB GIF

Damn. Kitsuki just can't catch a break in this campaign, the worst shit always happenedto him.

And that's after he did the majority of actual work for tracking down the bloodspeakers. Not fair.
File: 1474947828297.jpg (134 KB, 623x414)
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134 KB JPG
>mfw Ishigaki-sama's story is almost over

feels bad man.
Next time I play a Hida, I'm making Ishigaki one of my ancestors.
Hida-sama should give our Stonewall his own vassal family
Ishigaki family (+1 willpower)

Props to him for being able to take the shit sometimes happens and not everyone gets to have a happy ending approach to a character he had been playing for that long. That's an impressive level of dedication to letting the dice fall as they do.
This is now canon in any L5R game I ever run again.
Vassal families don't get unique mechanics.
File: 1446328957490.jpg (11 KB, 300x250)
11 KB
>Everyone is still suspicious about Shoji
>"Those who knew anything about the Bloodspeaker cult knew they were not destroyed completely, and went about quietly investigating those who had sudden increase in fortunes over the last few years."
It's Hohiro. I just know it.
Also, did they ever found out who THEY were?
Any revealing what taint level he was at after the fight?
>Naomi began packing immediatly
>I sent letters to everyone.
>I had no idea how many would come
>Though her mother had asked Naomi to bring Jade Magistrates, this was still a personal mater
>Naomi was barely able to keep her face while she prepared to go
>My heat, on the otherhand, was cold and still
>Shoji was dying.
>He had almost killed his daughter many times, through neglect, abuse. Once he had called for her execution.
>He tired to take my son, and subject him to the same horror
>Though we had forestalled any immediate decision, the last word form the Clan had been "We will see"
>I knew there was a way to say 'we will see' that was really just a polite way of saying 'no fucking way'
>When I asked Naomi if that's what they meant, her silence spoke volumes
>So we were left raising our Tsuyosa, until he was old enough to begin his formal training. >Then... uncertainty.
>Shoji dying resolved that problem
>But... it was still dredging up emotions in Naomi.
>No matter how often your brain tells you things are one way, your heart can betray you at the worst times.
>Her pain was my pain. I could not take pleasure in Shoji's end.
>And then...what were the Jade Magistrates needed for?
>What the hell was going on in the lands of the Phoenix?
>We met Mantis-san at a port, along with Toshiro and Akane.
>I arched an eyebrow
>He shrugged
>New Yojimbo.
>I figured it was time Naomi wasn't the only one with a personal protector.
>The corner of Akane's mouth twitched up her eyebrows drew down as she shot Toshiro a sideways glance
>He pretended not to notice
>If you keep ignroing me, I'm going to tie you down and have my way with you tonight until you're begging me to stop.
>Toshiro smiled at her
>I'm counting on it.
>Naomi and I exchanged a wide eyed look
>I muttered to her
>We're not THAT bad, are we?
>...I do not think so, Ishigaki-kun...
>Mantis-san coughed. Even he was blushing
>Get on already, we have to pick up Monkey
>Oh? he didn't send us a reply.
Oh, dis gonna be gud. Please let it be gud.
Right. Forgot, there's one more problem to deal with.
>He sent one to me, just to tell me where to pick him up.
>He figured he needn't bother to tell you yes.
>hah. Of course.
>Mantis-san leaned in
>And for the record, you two WERE that bad when you first got married.
>Naomi blushed
>Mantis-san looked around.
>Ayame, Osako?
>We hired them to gaurd Ishigaki mura, not us. And Ayame didn't want to come. Too many bad memories, she said.
>He nodded.
>We set sail, picking up Monkey on the way
>We exchanged news of Kitsuki-san, and learned that no one had personal contact with him since he entered the monastery
>His absence was a keen pain, and the air grew heavy as we all thought of him
>Monkey spoke first
>I guess... since he's Kera now, he want's to cut off ties to his old life as Kitsuki Takeshi?
>Mantis-san spoke next
>How long do you think he can last?
>Toshrio answered
>It depends. Jade petal tea surpesses the taint, and keeps it from spreading on it's own
>But it's always there, tempting you
>And if a Kansen senses it, it might join in.
>Hence monasteries. Less likely for kansen to meddle. And an ascetic life to separate yourself from your desires, so the temptaion to use the power the taint offers is not as strong...
>Take... Kera has a strong will. I think he will die of old age.
>We all took some small comfort in that.
>We made our way into the lands of the Pheonix, and to Shoji's castle
>There were many bushi on active patroll
>The air was full of tension, as though they were expecting a siege or something.
>Naomi's mother met us at the gate.
>She fell into a dozega immediatly
>Please, please I beg of you!
>Help my husband!
>Naomi quicly fell to her knees and lifted her mother up
>Oka-san had aged much
>He hair was white as the snow now, and deep lines had formed around her mouth.
>Mother, what is it?
>What has happened to father?
>Oka-san pointed back to the garden.
>Confused and apprehensive I walked back to see what was there
>I was not ready for it
>A cage of iron, four tatami mats long and two tatami mats wide was set in the garden
>Two Shiba in full armor with Naginatas stood beside it
>Inside, huddled against the cold, clothes raged and torn, hair matted, covered in mud and what smelled like his own filth, was Isawa Shoji
>He was rocking back and forth chewing on his thumb
>His fingernail was gnawed down to flesh, and his finger bleeding as he bit at it
>He saw me, and lunged against the cage
>The Bushi jumped
>He waved his arm through the bars
>Quickly quickly, here here come here!
>My feet moved on their own; my mind was too numb to think
>They stopped just outside of reach of his arm
>The bushi looked nervous, but said nothing
>Shoji gripped the bars of his cage and looked deeply into my eyes
>His sclere were black
>It's out there. he's out there and they're coming they're going to come and kill and eat and silence and kill and you have to save my son hes the only left to carry on the line save him savehimaavehim...
>you have to.
>I heard a gasp behind me. I stood and whirled in time to catch Naomi before she got too close
>NO! You have to stay back!
>Toshiro thumbdraged over
>He pulled out his sliver of crystal
>It shone in Shoji's presence.
>He squealed like an animal then scrambled on all fours away into the furthest corner of his cage when the light touched him
>It only confirmed what we already knew
>Shoji was tainted. Severely, almost lost
>Of all the ways I had imagined Shoji dying, this one never once crossed my mind.
>In my darkest imaginings, I had wanted to kill Shoji myself, with my bare hands.
>But this wretch? Death was a mercy that should have been granted long ago.
>Toshiro asked Akane to take Naomi away from here, and she did
>The rest of us faced Oka-san
>I started
>Why is he still alive?
>He could slip into Jigoku's clutches at any moment!
>No one, not even Shoji, deserved to be consumed by the Realm of Evil.
Depends on the edition. They used to start with 0.5 glory, and get something extra. IIRC a skill emphasis, maybe something else.
Yeah ForeverGm hates pointless character death for PC's so he has nameless mooks drop their highest damage die, as if they all had the small disadvantage. Between that, teamwork and Naomi we made it that long, so Kituski-san's player didn't feel robbed or anything. He even said he kind of liked the tragedy after he thought about it for a while.

No clue, It was at least full rank, or he wouldn't have burned.
Speaking off, Kitsuki-san's player Akane was orignally an NPC but he just took here over for this last part of the campaign.
>he has nameless mooks drop their highest damage die, as if they all had the small disadvantage.
Unless they were using 1k1 weapons, then they still used their best die. Otherwise Ishigaki would have been invulnerable, heh.
damn, better get myself done asap


>The courtroom was filled with silence as the echo of my slap reverberated throughout
>Setsuko stared in disbelief of what I had done
>A mere samurai, even touching an Imperial without their permission
>I leaned down over his small stature, a warning finger pointed at his face
>With a stern voice, I said to him
>"Don't you EVER insult my honor or the honor of my clan ever again."
>In an instant, he was gripped with an uncontrollable rage
>As I raised my hand to slap him again, a booming voice filled the courtroom
>Everybody's head turned towards Suikihime-sama, now standing
>A cool fury was subtly yet visibly hidden behind the thin mask of calm
>"I will not have you acting like spoilt children in this courtroom!
>If this is is a matter of honor, you will settle this WITH honor."
>Setsuko turned back towards me, and whispered
>"I will have your head for this."
>Raising his voice for everyone to hear
>"I cannot ignore such an insult to my imperial honor.
>Let the heavens decide who is right.
>Kakita Tatsuya, I challenge you to duel!"
>I did not blink
>"I accept your challenge, Otomo Setusko-san."
>Suikihime-sama looked pleased with the outcome
>"I am glad to see you two come to your senses.
>Seeing as this the last day of Summer Court, the duel shall be held at midnight!
>Now, go, and let this court return to normality."
>Setsuko bowed, and started leaving
>"As the challenged party, I have a request
>Seeing as this is a matter of such high honor."
>Setsuko stopped in his tracks, frozen by my words
>Suikihime-sama looked at me, still pleased
>"Very well.
>As the challenged party, you have the right to make such a request.
>What is it?"
>"I request that this be a duel to the death."
>I could almost smell Setsuko's fear.
>Suikihime-sama smiled
>"Your request is granted."
I suspected as much.
Oh Crane-san. Too protagonist for your own good.
>challenging a Kakita to a duel
Is this Otomo a retard?
File: 1395677904039.jpg (117 KB, 600x445)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>Shoji acting like this
>Ishigaki's face when
>Oka-san looked away from my gaze
>It's an oni...
>An Oni has taken his name.
>Toshiro interjected at that point
>How do you know?
>It's... been attacking.
>Killing a few servants at first, then bushi.
>The Karo died last week
>...that prick?
>Killed by an oni bearing his master's name?
>...how fitting.
>Now it was Toshiro's turn to be angry
>He yelled
>Don't you know the longer an Oni drains their soul, the more powerful it becomes?
>Oka-san's voice dropped to a whisper
>I know. I also know that if the Oni is slain, and if the one whose name it bears was not tainted by other means, then they will make a full recovery
>They MIGHT! But only if the resist the taint! If they use it willingly, even once, then it will never recede!
>She did
>He is far too gone!
>Oka-san shook her head
>Please... please...
>Toshiro sighed and rubbed at his forehead
>The oni is not the only problem, you know.
>The Tsukai.
>People can't just give names willy nilly to oni
>It MUST be a name they own.
>Everyone owns their own name, which is why most fools that summon Oni give them their own.
>Oka-san tilted her head
>How does one...'own' a name?
>A name is tied to the life of the one that bears it, so if you own someones life, you own their name
>A lord could give their vassals names to an oni.
>...and, if you have saved a life then that life belongs to you as well.
>He turned and looked Oka-san in the eye
>Who could have given Shoji's name to an Oni?
>She blinked.
>I doubt Raigin-sama is a tuskai.
>Isawa Raigin, the provincial daimyo.
>I can not think of anyone who has saved his life though...
>Can you not just slay the oni?
>Of course, assuming we can find it. But then what? If the tuskai still lives...
>Oka-san's face fell
>I took Toshiro's arm
>Come on. She understands it's unlikely. But it's the only hope she has
>He arched an eyebrow at me, but allowed me to lead him away
>I didn't say it yet.
>Oni no Shoji
Poor oni, stuck with a name that fucking stupid.
too pissed off to think straight, more like

>We were excused for the rest of the day from the courtroom
>A polite way of telling us not to show up so we don't disturb anyone further
>I spent most of the day at the embassy, contemplating my journey, all that had led up to this moment
>The people I had met, the things I had seen
>I poured myself some tea
>Every shining success
>I lifted my teacup and drank
>Every biting failure
>I put down my teacup
>Looked at it
>Such simple beauty
>Only a Crane artisan could create something of such grace as this teacup
>Fitting, consider I was in the house of...
>In all this, I had forgotten her
>How would she react, if she found out?
>No, when she found out
>She probably already has
>What would I... could I say to her?
>As if summoned by my thoughts, Doji Tatsuki entered the room
>"I heard of what happened this morning
>You will duel to the death?"
>I sipped again from my teacup
>"Yes, Doji-no-kimi
>It is a matter of honor."
>She nodded in understandment
>"We've already been tailoring the reaction everybody has for this
>Everybody believes this duel is only for your behavior this morning
>Not the accusation you brought
>So the Otomo cannot question the investigation further without losing a lot of face"
>"That is good."
>She stood there, silently
>Then sat down next to me at the small table
>Daintily pouring herself a cup of tea
>How was it possible that anyone could be so graceful when doing such a simple thing?
>And how was it that the sight thereof brought my heart racing like this?
>We sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity
>A silence that spoke more than a thousand words
>"You know..."
>I blinked
>"You don't have to do this yourself..."
File: 1491672516072.jpg (42 KB, 800x804)
42 KB
>...and, if you have saved a life then that life belongs to you as well.
Huh. Thought kitsuki's player didn't like role playing romance and love?
Did toshiro wind up in a barrel?
>Once we were alone I spoke
>She's hiding something
>Everyone looked at me sharply
>Akane tilted her head.
>You think so too huh?
>But what?
>Naomi tugged my sleeve
>She was looking down, hair covering her eyes
>does it mater?
>The oni comes first. It is my f...it is Shoji's only hope.
>I looked down at her for a long time
>As you wish, Naomi-sama
>She flinched as though I had slapped her when I used the honorific
>Toshiro frowned, staying silent
>Alright. How?
>It's been sneaking in and killing, yeah?
>Catch it in the act?
>I nodded.
>We got a map of the castle
>Toshiro looked down
>Where do we want to fight it?
>I looked over the map.
>This room is big enough for us to fight in, while leaving it few escape options
>Toshiro nodded
>I can set up some wards to drive it to us
>Nami spoke. I will make sure the guard presence is thin in the right places then.
>We discussed the particulars for a few hours, then set to work
>it was a simple plan, but I preferred simple plans. Fewer things to go wrong.
>We dressed in our armor, powdered our weapons and waited for night to fall
>I was in the garden
>Shoji began to get aggitated. More than usual
>He went from rocking and muttering to scratching at his arms
>Scratching hard
>Drawing blood
>I looked at him
>Shoji, what is it?
>he stopped, going rigid. an almost painfull arch to his back
>He turned his head to look at me only his neck moved
>it's here.
>A scream from inside
>I ran towards it
>I ran into Monkey
>We turned and ran togother
>I heard Manits-san bellow
>We've got it!
>Monkey and I burst into the room
>Mantis-san and Akane were already there
>And so was Oni no Shoji
>It was short, maybe five feet tall.
>It's legs were stumpy, bent back at the knee like a birds. It's feet were bidlike as well, with talons of obsidian.
>A potbelly bulged out from it's torso
>It's arms though. Each arm was as long as the oni was tall.
Mantis-san's pointing it out made me certain they were doing it just to tease me and ForeverGM for all the Ishigaki x Naomi romance.

>I blinked again
>What did she mean?
>"You are still young, you have only recently passed your gempukku
>People would understand..."
>What was she saying
>"I am sure that Kakita Shinichi-san or Kakita Daitsu-san would not object to championing you
>And it would be only a very minor shame compared to... to..."
>"No, Doji-no-kimi.
>I was trained as a duelist of the Kakita school
>I cannot allow myself to be championed, when I know perfectly well how to handle a duel"
>...Was that too cold of a reply?
>"...Then, at least, would you consider retracting your request
>That this be a duel to the death?"
>I will not, Doji-no-kimi
>I cannot"
>I found myself getting angry at her
>This is what I have been trained for
>There is no way I would lose
>Asking someone to champion me? Taking back my own word as a samurai?
>One went against Courage, the other against Sincerity
>As a samurai, I could not violate bushido so blatantly
>"What is done is done, what is said has been said
>Midnight will show the will of the heavens."
>"Very well, Kakita-san
>I hope I have not disturbed you
>May the Fortunes be with you."
>She stood up, and left without another word, closing the door, leaving me with my tea
>"With you as well, Tatsuki-mi."
>Shoji was tainted. Severely, almost lost

>An Oni has taken his name.

This is what you get for doing maho you smug fuck.

Yeah, yeah, it's actually Hohiro but let me gloat.
Motion for crane to stop posting and interrupting crab until this is over
No, I like crane
It doesn't even have to be something that intense. Just being closely associated with someone can open the possibility. Parents, siblings, children, spouses, teachers, and students can all hand your name over as long as their relationship with you isn't too distant.
The pool of suspects isn't very wide in any case.
i wanted to rush this out, hoping to be done before he was, but if it's too distracting, I'll pretype as much as I can instead, and dump as soon as Ishigaki is done, this as the last piece of from me until then
Just trying not to be in that awkward position of the thread dying before I've concluded


>She would not be the only visitor that day
>"Kakita-san, may I come in?"
>"Of course, Kakita-senpai, it would be an honor"
>Kakita Shinichi entered, closing the door behind him
>I gestured him to sit opposite me
>"Would you like some tea?"
>"Is it local?"
>"From the Empire
>From home"
>As he sat, I poured us both a cup each
>Leaving the cup used by Doji-no-kimi untouched to the side
>We talked for a while of our home
>The great lands that belonged to our Great Clan
>Idle talk, and obviously not why he was here
>Once we had exhausted the topic, his face turned grim
>"You really are going to go through with this?"
>"Because he insulted me. Because he insulted our clan."
>"That's why you're dueling. Why are you dueling to the death?"
>"Because I despise him."
>He finished his tea, and set his cup down firmly
>"Anger is unbecoming of you, Kakita-san
>You do know he will have his yojimbo champion him?"
>I nodded
>"What do you know of him?"
>"Other than that he knows how to be an intimidating lapdog of a Seppun?
>"I thought as much
>You should not let your emotions cloud your judgement
>Especially once you face your opponent
>He is not just any Seppun
>Seppun Mitsuki was trained in the bushi school of the Bayushi"
>I paused
>It somehow made sense that the yojimbo of someone like Setsuko would have been trained by the Scorpion
>He spoke up again
>"So, as one Crane to another, allow me to give you some advice..."
>I could only hope it would help
>It's hands were far too large for it's spindly arms
>It could seize my head in one, easily.
>kabuto and all.
>eight fingers, and two thumbs for ten digits per hand
>It's head was almost normal, and that might have been the worst part of it.
>Only it's mouth was just too wide, spiting it's head literally ear to ear.
>Blodddy strips of flesh dangled from that mouth
>A Shiba was leaning heavily against the wall in the room, clutching his bleeding shoulder
>The Oni looked at us all and blinked, slowley
>It's arms lashed out, seizing both me and Mantis-san
>It yanked us up, and we both slammed into the ceiling. It then let us fall, armor clattering to the floor
>The blow knocked the Air from my lungs, and I saw Mantis-san likewise gasping beside me
>That thing was far stronger then it had any right to be, looking like that!
>Akane and Monkey shouted and attacked at it
>As Mantis-san and I pulled ourselves to our feet we saw them open up deep wounds on it
>Then it swallowed the lump of flesh in it's mouth
>It's wound began to close
>Damn, I hate it when they do that.
>Still, there were four of us, and Toshiro's thumpdraging was getting closer
>Naomi would be here soon as well.
>This would be over quickly
>The Oni seemed to sense the danger it was in though, because it took off running
>It just dragged it's limp arms behind it
>I was astonished at how fast it could move on such short legs
>Mantis-san tried to get in it's way, but Oni no Shoji whipped an arm around and slapped him aside, and through a rice paper wall
>I heard him cursing from the room as he clattered to his feet
>OH that's IT! That little shit is MINE!
>Toshiro, heads up! It's coming your
>...your way.
>I ran out, and helped Toshiro back to his feet.
>He looked at me
>Damn that things strong!
>I nodded.
>And fast, get on!
>We ran in pursuit of it
>Naomi caugth up with us, and began chanting a prayer
>My feet lightned, and my pace quickened
>We overtook it in the garden
I would imagine, but still if you read closely there is an instance that supports my idea that it was Hohiro, bu we shall see

also, now I remember about Ishigaki's dream where he dreamt of his four (adult) children and a drag of a man, dreams, how do they work?
>Just trying not to be in that awkward position of the thread dying before I've concluded

I know the feeling. Pretty sure that ForeverGM is going to have to dump the rest of the stats and art in the L5R General. Well, that's likely where Librarian-anon is going to have leave the cleaned up pdf anyway so if it happens it happens.
>Just as I sat Toshiro down, the Oni raised up both it's arm
>They were longer then they were just a moment ago, now they were as long as long as I was tall
>It slapped it's palms down onto the ground as hard as it could, and flew up and over the garden wall
>We all looked at Monkey.
>Toshiro nodded.
>Couldn't have said it better myself.
>Mantis-san looked around
>So... now what?
>A high pitched giggle drew our gaze to Shoji's cage
>One at a time, one at time oneatatimeatatimeeee
>Too many, to dangerous, two much too handle
>And of course, the damn oni would gain Shoji's knack for picking his battles.
>I shook my head. For all it's comedic looks, that thing was very, very dangerous.
>Monkey spoke up then
>So, Toshiro. What are you gonna call that one?
>You know, Oni no such and such, demon of this or that?
>Cause I'm thinking Oni no Shoji, Demon of Avarice.
>We all stared hard at Monkey
>It's those long grabby arms. And big hands. Looks like it just wants to grab everything it lays it eyes on, yeah?
>We all exchanged a glance.
>It...fit. Perfectly.
>Monkey looked around
>What? no good?
>No, it's... it's fine Monkey. You're right
>He grinned and puffed himself up
>The otheres went back inside to discuss the next plan
>I stayed outside with Shoji
>You two, beat it.
>The Shiba looked at each other
>We cannot do that, Hida-sama
>I glowered.
>I have to do something that is not for your eyes. It's jade magistrate buisniess. And don't forget that's my father in law.
>One swallowed hard.
>And then they left
>I got close to Shoji's cage
>Close enough he could grab me
>He leaned in, pressing his face against the bars
>You know who did this to you, don't you?
>Shoji jerked back as though he had touched something hot, and looked away from me
>no, no. NO NONONO. No clue, no idea. Could be anyone
>Someone you owe your life too!
>Lots of Yojimbo, many protectors. Any one. Any one.
>And how many are still alive?
Was Kitsuki's player playing Akane?
Yes. >>54090704
>You understand, don't you?
>If we don't stop that thing that's running around with YOUR name, it will kill everyone. All your servants, all your allies, your wife, your son. Everyone!
>Everyone? Anyone! Don't know. Doesn't matter. Just kill it.
>A rustling behind me caught my attention
>I looked over my shoulder to see Oka-san there
>You don't understand Ishigaki-kun.
>We cannot save our son by finding the tsukai.
>I closed my eyes.
>That monster is far to clever. When it's outmached, it runs. Most tainted things don't do that. The damage it can do...
>...Will be minor compared to what will hapen if the one who summoned it is found
>Shoji slammed into his cage
>I glanced off the side. The others noticed when the Shiba went inside, like i'd hoped
>They were hidden and eavesdroping
>If either one thought we were alone, they might think I would keep their secret, and admit it
>Thank you for teaching me this trick, Kitsuki-san.
>The Oni is a bound to it's summoner as it is to the whose name it holds. It WILL be there to protect the one who brought it to this world. It's the only way to corner it truly.
>Oka-san sank to her knees.
>There is no other way?
>I shook my head
>...After the failure at the winter court, the council was considering demanding Shoji's seppuku.
>Only the Master of Earth disagreed
>Hohiro saved his fathers life.
>I had been right.
>right under my nose
>All this time.
>All those lives lost
>All that death
>All that suffering
>All that fear
>If I had just kept digging.
>if I had just killed him
>There was a weight on my chest
>I ignored it and kept walking,
>I had to kill Hohiro now.
>Then there was weight on my arms. And my legs
>I stopped and looked around
>Monkey, Mantis-san and Akane were all holding on to me
>Monkey was yelling something
>I blinked
>OW, Quit screaming in my ear Monkey!
>Everyone looked up at me
>You calm now?
>I'm always calm, you know that.
>uh huh. Sure.
So if Hohiro was THEM, it was him who framed Ishigaki for raping Naomi in the very beginning? But why?
File: Monkey Paw.jpg (27 KB, 512x384)
27 KB
>It really WAS Hohiro all along
Wish granted, I guess.
>Anyway, we can't just sit here. We've got to go kill Hohiro. I know right were I'm going to display his head too.
>Mantis-san growled at me
>So, what? Just going to walk to Kyuden Isawa from here and try and take the head of the Master of Earth?
>Toshiro cut it.
>No, he's here
>Few things touched by Jigoku are clever like that. They're insane, filled with bloodlust.
>I think Hohiro is grooming the Oni, keepin a tight leash on it.
>So he's close.
>Might even be with the oni.
>Great, so we can track it down?
>Yeah, that seems the best course of action.
>We'll have to wait for dawn though...
>Shoji's scream got our attention
>It knows! If you wait, they will flee! My son. my son is in danger!
>Let me out!
>I can find It, find them!
>I have to save my son!
>Akane barked at the cage
>Don't you get it old man? Your son is a maho tsukai! It's too late to save him!
>No. No my son is not. Not a tuskai. But in danger!
>I finally noticed Naomi
>She was looking at her father
>What must she be going through? Wondering, at what point did her brother become a monster?
>How many times he tried to kill us. How many times he almost succeeded.
>Had her father driven him to it? So demanding of Hohiro that Maho seemed the only way out?
>She spoke up
>One whose name is bound to an an Oni can sense that Oni, is that not correct Toshiro?
>Um, yeah it is... it's vauge but
>Then why should we wait for dawn?
>Because letting a tainted madman on the cusp of becoming Lost out of his cage to lead to an Oni's lair is a bad idea? Like, crazier than anything I've seen Monkey do bad?
>The alternative is that the monster with my fathers name and the monster with my brothers face kill the rest of my family.
>I will not let that happen
>Mother, bring me the keys to father's cage
>Naomi looked at her mother
>Do it
>her voice was as cold and dark as the depths of the ocean
>There was no arguing with her about this
>We were all taken aback by that
>Hana-chan had thorns
File: 1494652309193.jpg (1.15 MB, 2048x3976)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I was thinking, when did Hohiro save his father's life? Then I remembered...
>right before he became the Master of Earth
>it was when the Oni who slayed the previous one was destroyed
>he killed it
Easy way to get a sister to lose face and be disgraced from the clan? Or maybe he just knew her type? Who fucking knows with mahou ninjas, man.
Maybe she just wanted the D and make it look like her brother is a jerk afterwards.
>She spoke up
>One whose name is bound to an an Oni can sense that Oni, is that not correct Toshiro?
>Um, yeah it is... it's vauge but
>Then why should we wait for dawn?
>Because letting a tainted madman on the cusp of becoming Lost out of his cage to lead to an Oni's lair is a bad idea? Like, crazier than anything I've seen Monkey do bad?
>The alternative is that the monster with my fathers name and the monster with my brothers face kill the rest of my family.
>I will not let that happen
>Mother, bring me the keys to father's cage
>Naomi looked at her mother
>Do it

>I put my hands on her shoulders
>This hurts so much.
>I have never felt such pain as I do now...
>her shoulders shook, and tears fell, but she did not allow herself to cry out
>I...must thank Hohiro, when we see him
>What do you mean?
>I know why were attacked from the very beginning. He feared that I, an Emerald Magistrate, might find out his secret. He sought to remove me, or at least break my will so that I would retire.
>The implication hit me like tsunami
>Without Hohiro's meddling, I may never have fallen in love with Naomi...
>And it is thanks to you, Ishigaki-kun, that I now have the strenght to do what must be done. For the Empire, and for my family. And for myself.
>She spun around and hugged me
>Is THIS the burden you have carried all this time? It is so heavy!
>I held her a moment, then cupped her chin
>Naomi, look there
>I pointed to Toshiro and Akane
>I was never carrying that burden alone.
>I swept my hand to encompass Mantis-san and Monkey
>And you don't have to either.
>Everyone nodded firmly
>She wipped at her tears.
>hai. You are correct,
>Oka-san brought the key
>Naomi opened the cage and released her father
>Father, you know what you must do, yes?
>Take us to the Oni. Take us to Hohiro
>Shoji nodded.
>Then he sniffed the air
>He sank down and sniffed the ground
>He scrambled about on all fours
>Then he stood up straight.
>Come. It is this way.
>He strode out the gates of his castle, back straight, as though he was wearing something other than rags and filth
>We went after him, powdered weaons drawn
>I had, of course, returned Kimimaru to Gentoku's family already.
>They thanked me by repairing my armor.
>Every other smith I had shown that armor to had said it would be easier to just replace it, but that armor had saved my life more times than even Naomi.
>I could not bear to throw it away like that
>We walked into the ancient forest, the place where the Earth Kami sang
>Toshiro scowled.
>He'll be a nightmare to deal with, in here
>You think the Earth Kami will heed him?
>Toshiro shook his head
>He's a Bloodspeaker. He's been controlling his taint well. I doubt he's so tainted they will be repelled.
>Mantis-san froze
>So. We're going to fight a powerfull Maho Tsukai who is ALSO the Master of Earth?!
>Toshiro nodded
>You are right to be wary. Hohiro is clever, but he is also strong. Far stronger then I am. And he knows how to use that strength to it's fullest effect.
>I looked at Shoji's back. He was being terribly lucid all of a sudden
>Father, why did you act like that? To make us take pity on you? Do as you wished without asking questions
>...Yes. And no.
>I feel it, writhing around inside me. Even now
>I don't know when my mind will go again.
>No. It is far too late for that, Father.
>His shoulders slumped
>Yes. I suppose it is.
>We walked on in silence for a time
>Then he stopped, and hissed.
>A clearing.
>Hohiro stood in the center of it
>The moonlight seemed to shine on him and him alone
>He smilled at us all
>Hello there! So glad you came out here to meet me!
>Would you like some tea? I have a fine blend that comes from a plantation in the Ikoma lands...
>I stepped out in front, tetsubo in hand, scanning for the Oni
>Nothing to say?
>Not even a 'brother, how could you?' Naomi?
>Well, I think I'll tell you anyway
>It was easy.
>This dusty old relic here has always been covered in shit!
>You think YOU had it rough? He ignored you most of the time!
>This dusty old relic here has always been covered in shit!
>You think YOU had it rough? He ignored you most of the time!

Of course it's daddy issues. Though considering Shoji, it's less of a cliche and more of the most logical thing here.
File: That's a tetsuboin.png (153 KB, 500x377)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Now, fuckboy, can you guess which of your orifices this tetsubo is going into? All of them.
will keep an eye out for it, would love to have a copy of that pdf so I can reread this great story every once in a while
That, and I promised Togashi-san's player to send him a copy of it once it's done
He's been a bit busy with his bachelor's thesis, so while he popped in whenever I told him i had been writing, he hasn't really checked out Crab-san's story, reasoning that it would take too long to catch up
Forgive him, for he does not know the error of his ways

Also, calling it now, Shoji's gonna do something to try and redeem himself, and Naomi will find it in her heart to forgive him
Because Naomi is best waifu, and it looks too set up for it NOT to go that way

Of course, I have been wrong in the past
And as I've said before, I have a tendency to try and guess the story due to a good amount of genre savvyness
Which my GM has exploited for his personal pleasure to no end
I've seen the look on your face, GM
You love it when I'm despairing over the 15 different conflicting guesses I come up with
speaking of pdfs, any plans for your story?
or at least some screenshots?
damn, forgot to link >>54092978
>I was ALWAYS under his eye!
>Nothing but a doll for him to dress and play with as he saw fit!
>And if I ever fell short...well it's a good thing the backs of my legs are rarely seen by others
>Of course, once I started to surpass the fool, then that was no good either!
>Well, how would you do it? I had to be better than EVERYONE, yet never better than HIM!
>Are you done, Hohiro?
>He blinked in shock
>I surpise you, brother?
>Why is that?
>It is your doing after all.
>You are the reason I am a Crab.
>Now, if you are finished justifying your crimes with self pity, I show you my claws.
>I grinned and charged Hohiro
>What a wife I had!
>Hohiro, however, just smiled at me
>And then an arm burst up from the ground, seizing my ankle
>It pulled me off my feet, and whipped me against a tree
>As I fell, couging and gasping for air I heard Hohiro's voice
>A bit too hot headed as always, Brother!
>Oni no Shoji pulled the rest of it's arm from the ground where it was burried and stepped out
>Hohiro laughed.
>Well then, lets see how this goes!
>With no scroll, and almost no chanting at all several dozen rocks lifted up from the ground, flying into the others
>I hauled myself to my feet and charged Hohiro again
>Being tossed around like a rag doll was painful, but I could endure that much easily
>So long as I was a threat to Hohiro, the Oni would focus on me
>Mantis-san read my intention and drew out his bow
>Monkey rushed the Oni, trying to bring it down with Akane
>Again they wounded it
>Toshiro threw bleu white energy at Hohiro
>It seared into him and he fell back
>The he grinned.
>Yes, I suppose you would know that your jade magic wont work on me!
>He grinned.
>But I wonder?
>How will you deal with this?
>Toshiro cut his arm and bled
>Then he hissed
>A foul black mist spewed forth from his mouth
>It washed over us
>And the jade powder on our weapons blackened and sloughed off
>Toshiro cut his arm and bled
>Toshiro cut his arm and bled

Crab-anon, slap your fingers.
you fools, don't you see?! It was Toshiro all along!
dun dun duuuun
File: Shut up currynigger.gif (290 KB, 300x219)
290 KB
290 KB GIF
couple of weeks ago Librari-anon made a quick pdf of the story up until then, because he felt like procrastinating and it was a lull in ishigaki's storytelling

https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/52964044/#53012921 is when he posted that pdf

https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/52964044/#53048776 is when i picked my writing back up

honestly, i can be quite lazy, so i doubt i'll be able to get myself to even just copypaste it once i'm done with it

since it's archived, i'll bookmark it if i do manage to find the motivation to, so if i do, i might end up posting it in the L5R general as well

personally? i don't think the story, nor my writing is -that- worth it, compared to crab-san

There's good stuff there, sure, and I loved writing it

But my GM by his own admittance, especially after reading all this, still needs a bit more practice before he's on the level of crab-san's ForeverGM

And me? I am by far not as good a writer as Ishigaki-san

At least, not yet

If somebody does it, I will be happy

But having had this opportunity to share my story with you all, even in crab-san's shadow

That's enough for me

For now, I'll finish writing my story, then wait for crab-san to finish his so I can quickly dump it before the thread dies
The fool's fingers have been appropriately punished.
You can always carry on the L5R storytime legacy Crane-san! Don't let the end of my campaign be the end to the stories of the omoidasu.
On that note; Scorpion-anon, are you still planning to share your misadventures with us? It'd be a good time to start.
I'd like a pdf or screencap as well. I might like Ishigakis tale a bit more, but I have definitely enjoyed seeing where your crane adventures take you even knowing it ends in death.
The campaign hasn't been going on for that long, so this is going to be a bit short storytime.

>t. Scorpion's group member.
I'm almost done with Daikakita Tatsuya's tale, and there's only been about 2 or 3 sessions of events that happened afterwards, as well as a rough 6 month hiatus by now due to Tsuruchi-san being out of the country

Once I'm done with the greentext, I'll wrap it up with a plaintext epilogue, explaining in a bit more out-of-character tone what I couldn't tell due to the first-person perspective, as well as how the story continued

And, of course, a quick look at my follow-up character

While I'm addressing you, though, Crab-san, there's something I forgot to mention in >>54093337

Thank you for telling us this great and glorious story, this emotional journey that we've all felt while reading your tale
Thank you for allowing me to share some of the postcount in sharing my own tale, and not whining that I was trying to steal the spotlight
Thank you for the link you sent earlier, so that I may read it and hopefully learn how to be a better writer in the future

And for everybody

Thank you for reading my story

It's been fun reliving those memories, and it helped remind me of one thing that I already stated when I started

Daikakita Tatsuya is by far my favorite character of all the ones I've ever played

Now, Crab-san
The end is near
It's been an honor, sir
>Just a hair to late, Naomi finished her prayer
>Our bodies were wrapped in soft blue light, our actions hastened
>Without missing a beat she began to pray again
>Ah, Sister, that's going to get very annoying!
>The Oni's arms whipped towards her, but I threw myslef in the way
>It's claws dug into me, light scrapes
>Toshiro blasted the Oni with Jade Energy.
>Then grunted in surprise
>he turned to look at Hohiro, who smirked back at him
>I looked at the Oni. It was barely singed
>It sucked the few bits of my skin off it's fingers, and the burns faded away
>Toshiro should have caused much more damage than that
>Akane, Mantis-san and Monkey all rushed at Hohiro
>Who sliced into his arm again
>The world went dark
>Mantis-san shouted!
>I heard Monkey cry out in pain
>Then Akane
>I'm fine!, damn thing just bit me!
>Same here!
>I backed up to Naomi, my back touching her arm, and listened
>She finished her chant, and more energy suffused me
>Then I felt a sting of claws digging into my arm, followed by a rush of energy to the wound
>The same spell she had used when we fought the Akuma, the one the healed us as we were wounded.
>The black mist began to clear
>I could see the Oni, right in the middle of everyone
>Hohiro was off to the side, scroll in hand and praying
>The Oni lashed out, raking claws against Toshiro and Monkey
>Toshiro yelled, but not in pain
>STOP HIM! He's invoking the Armor of the Emperor!
>Akane rushed him with her Masakari and struck him two mighty blows
>Hohiro didn't so much as flinch
>The axes bounced back off him, like they had struck solid rock
>What the HELL?
>I am the Master of Earth FOOLS!
>If my sad little Sister can invoke the Water Dragon, do you not think I could invoke the Earth Dragon?
>You have no jade!
>I have already blocked your Earth magic!
>I am protected by the mightiest Earth Kami!
>at that, Shoji screamed
>He fell to his knees, clutching his stomach
Don't discredit yourself. It was interesting to hear a story from a different perspective than crab-san.
File: tetsuboing.png (180 KB, 500x377)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>then he rose
>The skin on the ends of his fingers was split and bleeding
>black claws of pure obsidan were coming from the ends of them
>Shoji charged into the Oni attacking it wildly, an animal given over to pure rage
>Oni no Shoji recoiled in confusion
>It did not want Shoji to die soon, as it had not fully consumed his soul
>It could grow stronger yet, and for Oni strength is everything.
>Shoji used that to his advantage.
>Naomi added her own magic to strenghten her father
>Shoji tore the Oni bearing his name apart with his bare hands
>And in so doing had consigned his soul to Jigoku. He had embraced his taint
>Hohrio forwned
>Well, I didn't anticipate that...
>Then shrugged.
>No matter
>With a flick of his wrist he sent jade flames into his father
>Shoji screamed and burned falling to the ground
>You still cannot harm me!
>He then reached into the ground and pulled forth a tetsubo of solid stone
>Come on then!
>We rushed at him stricking at him from all sides
>He remained rooted in place, neither I nor Mantis-san could topple him
>Blow after blow after blow fell on him, yet there seemed no limit ot his endurance
>For the first time in my life, I realised what it must be like to fight me.
>He laughed, and swung the tetsubo about into me
>The Earth kami in his weapon tried to bowl me over, but it is not so easy to topple a Crab.
>Then Hohiro's laughter cut short
>He was staring at something behind us
>I looked
>A towering figure of Water had taken shape
>And so had one of roots, moss and tree limbs
>Toshrio and Naomi had both called up their avatars
>Hohiro's eyes widened as the two behemoths surged towards him
>The rest of us dove out of the way
>The Titans crased into him, bowling him over
>Naomi's avatar coiled around Hohiro lifting him up and squeezing
>As Toshiro's slammed it's palms together on him
>A red ruin that may once have been a human fell from their hands
>It was over. At last.
>A cough, weak and wet drew our attention
> Shoji just won't die
File: Get fucked.gif (339 KB, 250x250)
339 KB
339 KB GIF

Finally. I've been looking forward to this.
>Shoji crawled towards us
>pustules and boils had erupted from his body, the taint roiling through him
>I walked over to him
>There's nothing we can do now. You chose this
>I know...
>But you can clense this taint from my body
>Shoji looked at Toshiro
>I know you can, Kuni.
>...I can clense your body, yes. But you wont suvive.
>better...to die now...then fall...
>I began to pull my sword
>Not that!
>Do not send me stand before Emma-O like this
>Just, this one mercy...
>Toshiro narrwoed his eyes
>I wouldn't call it mercy. It will hurt. A lot
>...I am prepared
>Naomi knelt beside her father
>And pulled his head into her lap
>Tears ran down her cheeks
>This is all I can do for you now. My last duty as your daughter.
>Ishigaki-kun. please. Do not let him shame himself by thrashing about
>I knelt, and placed my hands on Shoji's legs, holding him down
>Shoji nodded to Toshrio
>I am ready
>Toshiro pulled out an old, weathered scroll
>And began to pray
>Red light began to pour out of Shoji's eyes
>Red smokey mist seeped from his nose, mouth ears
>He screamed and writhed in out grip, but we did not allow him to thrash about
>Slowly, the red light enveloped Shoji's body
>When the light receded, he was gone
>I held my wife as she wept

A new hand takes over

>The Master of Earth being revealed to be a Maho Tsukai shook the Empire, and the Phoenix Clan to it's core
>His mother, wife of a disgraced daimyo, chose to follow her husband into death, and cleanse her families shame
>The younger brother of the Master of Earth was judged innocent in this affair. His training as a Shiba Bushi continued
>Hida Ishigaki, my father, returned home to his duties on the Wall.
>his fith and final child, Goken came into the world the following year. Alone of us all, he took a new name upon his gempuku, and is now called Hida Kenpachi.
>Hida Ishigaki stands upon the Wall to this day, guarding you from things you may not even believe in

-Hida Tsuyosa
Well. That's it then.

Jaa ne
Thanks Crab-anon, it's been a trip
File: Final_tree.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
What a ride. Glad I stayed on it from start to finish.
Thanks for the story time, crab-anon.
Holy... it's over. What a strange feeling, I've been following this for months... since before my grandfather's death. I don't know what to say...
It seems like just yesterday I stumbled into a generic story/greentext thread and saw your first post.
I thought l5r was a game about samurai animals and you were a literal crab.

Either way thanks for the good times and amazing story. I don't know what I'm going to spend my breaks reading now...
File: SEAL-AWESOME.jpg (27 KB, 350x350)
27 KB
you deserve the praise Crab-anon
well, looks like it's my turn to finish now
I found it that way too, through a random thread about stories. I'm glad I did.

anyone still interested in crab monster Ishigaki X slime girl Naomi?
Sad to see it end. Thank you Crab-san.

>We spoke for a great length of time
>My advantage was in the opening moments of the duel
>I had to make sure that I struck true, and cut deep
>If I could do that, I should not have much trouble against Mistuki
>Otherwise, I would be at a disadvantage
>The Bayushi school excelled in feinting
>If it came to a skirmish, on equal footing, it would be easy for him to strike me
>Shinichi could not stop stressing the importance of the first strike
>It had been good that I had sparred with his brother in the previous night
>If it was enough, well
>We would find out
>I thanked him for his advice
>He thanked me for the tea
>Once more, I was left alone in my chambers
>This would not do
>I had to do something other than sit idly by

>The temple district was quite the sight to behold
>I should’ve taken in the sights more while I had been here
>But that was not why I had come
>There are many Fortunes
>Magistrates like my family would often pray most to Saibankan
>Sailors often offered prayer to Suitengu
>Those wishing to find love prayed to Benten
>Those seeking strength asked Bishamon for aid
>And those seeking Courage might pray to Chagatai
>Of all these, however, I felt one had watched over me more than others
>Even though most of his worshippers were peasants
>Ebisu had saved my life
>I went to the shrine dedicated to him
>Many heimin were there, bringing offerings, asking for the hard, honest work to be repaid
>They all went silent, and stood aside as I approached
>Confused that a samurai such as myself would come here of all places
>I knelt before the shrine
>Removed my katana from my obi, and set it down before me
>Removed my wakizashi from my obi, and set it down before me
>Removed Daikakita Genji’s jitte from my obi, and set it down before me
>I took the incense sticks I had brought for my prayer
>Lit them on a nearby candle
>Set them at the shrine
>And prostrated myself before Ebisu

>I had one last thing to do before I met my fate
>I went to the infirmiary
>To check up on my companions
>Thanks to the shugenja at court, they had managed to recuperate
>At least, enough to be able to sit up, maybe even walk a bit
>Tsuruchi-san was not there
>Just as well, really
>He had not been with us as long
>It would still be a while before I could look at him the way I looked at the others
>I could trust these two
>Maybe, someday, we could look upon each other as friends
>Maybe even Tsuruchi-san, given enough time
>I tried greeting them with a smile as I entered
>They could not smile as they welcomed me
>They had heard
>I filled them in on what had happened
>Rumours had a tendency to… bend the truth
>I felt the need to make sure that my honor had not been tainted by such rumours
>And then, I told them of the meeting I had with Setsuko, the morning they were attacked
>Of how he tried to convince me to marry into his family
>And of how he threatened me
>Daidoji-san was the first to speak up
>”I think one thing is clear to me
>The Heavens must be on your side
>I have gladly served as your yoriki
>And I doubt I could have served a more honorable man than you
>I will wait for you here when you’ve won your duel!”
>I couldn’t help but smile
>Maybe I had been too quick to judge him for his actions
>I knew now I truly stood before an Iron Crane
>Togashi-san was next
>”You have saved my life a few times already
>I’ve seen you fight
>I will pray that the kami guide your blade
>Take him down.”
>I bowed, thanking them deeply
>I was already looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow

>Midnight came upon Second City, Lord Moon casting his light upon the courtyard
>Torches had been lit, so that everybody could see the duelling grounds
>As I looked around me, it seemed as though everybody that had been present for the Summer Court had come to see me win
>Or see me die
>I could already imagine their faces when I stood victorious over Seppun Mitsuki
>It would be over soon
>I went to one side of the duelling grounds
>On the other side, I saw Otomo Setsuko, sitting calmly, serenely
>The sight of him disgusted me
>Next to him, meditating, sat Seppun Mitsuki
>His daisho before him
>I sat down, and closed my eyes
>The events of these past few days
>These past few months would not leave my mind
>I tried to meditate, calm myself
>I could not let the past distract me from the present
>Then, a voice
>”The end of Summer Court is upon us
>And a duel shall end it!
>A matter of great honor!
>One will live
>One will die
>The Heavens alone know
>And now, it is time to let them tell us
>Seppun Mitsuki
>Kakita Tatsuya
>Ready yourselves!
>For tonight, you will find your destiny!”
>And with that, Suikihime-sama sat down
>Muffled applause from the audience, a short, but great speech
>I stood, and stepped forward
>Mitsuki mirroring my movements
>”Seppun Mitsuki-san
>I bear you no ill will
>I have come for Otomo Setsuko
>You should not have to fight for someone as honorless as him
>If you leave now, I will make sure no one will question your honor
>He should be the only one to die this night.”
>Mitsuki stood silent, staring into my eyes
>Then, he adopted his stance, ready to duel
>”So be it.”

>I focused
>I had to strike as the Void
>There was no other way I would be able to strike him
>I felt memories flood back of my training
>How a Crane fights in a duel
>One draw, one cut, one victory
>I would not fail my sensei
>As we stood opposite each other, we studied the others stance
>I could feel his eyes on me, trying to see where my flaws were
>And I looked at him, gauging his knowledge of iaijutsu
>…He seemed as skilled as I was when it comes to Kakita’s art
>No matter
>He was not trained in Kakita’s school
>I would cut him down where he stood
>I focused, readying myself to strike
>Then, I noticed it
>His hand starting to move
>Mine acted reflexively, drawing and striking
>Only for my blade to meet his mid-air
>Kharmic strike
>In a regular duel, this meant the Heavens wanted the matter dropped
>The audience gasped, wondering what kind of omen this must be
>I couldn’t allow myself the time to wonder that
>We separated, readying ourselves to continue the fight
>This was not a regular duel
>This was to the death
>I tried centering myself
>I could only allow myself this much time
>As I felt myself connect to the Void, a stinging pain interrupted me
>Mitsuki had taken my opening to strike
>He had cut deep into my arm
>I lunged, thrusting my Kakita blade, knowing it would find its target
>He tried to parry, but the thin blade cut into his side
>We were on even ground again
>Maybe, if I found my centre
>Before I could react, he was slashing at me again, going for my side as well
>I tried to parry it, but halfway through his strike, he switch directions
>He struck, his blade going deep into my shoulder
>This… wasn’t going as I had thought
>Throwing all caution aside, I struck again
>I could not fail, not now!

>As I struck, he parried
>He tried to get me again, but this time, I anticipated his feint
>His katana was no match for a Kakita blade
>I tried to cut him again, but he wouldn’t let my blade near him
>It seemed almost effortless for him at this point
>I was too worn down already
>I was too tired
>If only I hadn’t demanded this be to the death
>If only my first strike had hit true
>If only…
>He struck, and I readied myself to parry his feint
>But he did not feint
>His blade cut deep into my stomach
>I could not remember ever having felt so much pain
>But it was too late to give up now
>I struck one last time with all my strength
>But he barely had to try to ward of my blow
>The pain overtaking me, I sank to one knee
>As he stood over me, readying his blade, I looked up, beyond him
>Towards Otomo Setsuko
>And his smug smile
>I closed my eyes, and prayed Emma-O would not judge me too harshly
>Then, I felt Seppun Mitsuki’s final blow

Thus ends the tale of Daikakita Tatsuya, Magistrate of the Crane
couldn't find anything better, but I think you get my meaning, thank you for the storytime Crab-sama!

File: 2f0.gif (938 KB, 350x200)
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938 KB GIF
Crane dies, but JUSTICE will not be forgotten.
Damn. I knew it was coming, but still...
Good work making me hate that Otomo prick Crane-san. That's some beautiful tragedy right there.
Knowing that would happen made it all the harder to read.
we'll aren't you just a selfish twat riding on someone else's coattails.
It was a worthy end to a hero's tale, Crane-san.

Blades, drawn in the night
A foe, faced in honor's name
Ancestors take you
oh sod off
He's right though.

And no.

That coincided with the end of that particular session as well, by the way
And everybody was quite shocked at the outcome

Anyways, once they heard the news, the companions of Tatsuya had... mixed reactions
Togashi-san prayed, hoping my spirit would ascend to the realm it belonged
Tsuruchi-san decided to change his mind, and wed the Crane woman offered to him earlier at the Summer Court, as if to grant my final wish to him
Daidoji-san? wellllllll
He vowed an oath, to restore my honor, and avenge my death, but...
During the Summer Court, he found out that the geisha he had bedded on our previous trip to Second City was pregnant
And the child was definitely his
So, just before leaving Second City
He torched her geisha house
Oh, and he also vowed to return my possessions to my family, as well as my body, that I might be given my proper rest alongside my ancestors

Before they left, they of course went to the wedding of Daigotsu Hotoke and Kitsune Yoshioka
It was a beautiful wedding
And they met quite an odd fellow there
An ise zumi, somewhat advanced in age, named Kaito, of the order of Kaimetsu-uo
He wasn't Hotoke's sensei, but had taught him quite a few things
GM hasn't been too open with me about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if he maybe retconned that Kaito had an influence on Hotoke's honorable nature, despite his being a Spider
Unless I was right all along, and Hotoke really is just like any other Spider

As they left, they received a letter from Tsuma, that Tatsuya and his companions return, for the cipher they found with the maho-tsukai so many months prior has been cracked
It's an old cipher, but still goes through
And it's a Spider cipher
They traveled together on one of the escort ships following the great boat carrying Seiken
Kaito just happened to come along
Then, they encountered the Sea of Shadows
Or, at least, one of the freefloating portions of it
And with it, gaijin ships, of design more common in Thrane, filled with gaijin zombies
>During the Summer Court, he found out that the geisha he had bedded on our previous trip to Second City was pregnant
>And the child was definitely his
>So, just before leaving Second City
>He torched her geisha house

Fucking Spiders, man.
you misread, it was Daidoji-san, the Iron Crane who had accompanied Daikakita with his mighty no-dachi, who did that, not Daigotsu

In that case - fucking Cranes.
A sad end to a good tale. Thanks for the story crane san.
File: 1493625797008.gif (1.14 MB, 640x360)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB GIF
Librarian-anon here.

Wonderful. Both tales.

I will put together a quick version of Crane's tale, then go back to completing Ishigaki's. I have no major delivery time yet, sadly, but it will be posted to the L5R thread or a convenient story time thread.
Librarian-sama, thank you for your mighty efforts.

Lots of life was lost, and in the battle, a great storm came about, and of the ships that managed to survive
The ship carrying the body of Daikakita Tatsuya was lost

Meanwhile, Tsuruchi-san recognized Kaito
He had been an Matsu gunso, trained as an Akodo, and quite the succesful one, a natural born leader
During a charge that his Matsu blood convinced him was a good idea, he lost practically all of his men, including his son, who had recently taken his gempukku
So, due to the shame of his failure, the guilt over his Lost Love, and the pressure of his family, he was forced into an early retirement, and since then has found balance, though the memory of his dead son still weighs heavily upon his soul

And before you say it, yes, it's basically Iroh from A:TLA, GM only allowed it if I would play him properly, and so far, I think i've done a pretty good job transposing him to Rokugan, despite the differences between the two settings. Plus, it's been fun playing someone who's basically the opposite of Daikakita

When they arrive in Tsuma, they inform everybody of Daikakita's death, and now, Tsuruchi-san gets promoted to party leader, and has to go and investigate, followed by a full troop of ashigaru to support him, with his first lead leading to the Second Festering Pit, in Scorpion lands

And he has to send regular reports, and if no report arrives within 2 weeks of the last one, well

Basically, all the clans are gonna dogpile the Spider, blaming them collectively for the Sweet Dreams drug, which how this whole thing started in the first place

The last session we had, we were at the Second Festering Pit, we fought off a wave of monsters trying to escape, and Kaito convinced the local archivist to help them find the next clue by just being plain nice, like he was her friendly old uncle or grandfather or something, all smiles and compliments

Again, basically Iroh
End of an era.

Well done, all of you.
whatever became of Ishigaki's companions Crab-san?
File: 1434762029897-1.jpg (65 KB, 500x748)
65 KB
>The ship carrying the body of Daikakita Tatsuya was lost

Um. How sadistic is your GM?

[spoler]cuz I would be expecting to have to put down my last chars reanimated corpse about now[/spoiler]
>I will put together a quick version of Crane's tale
If I ever find you, no matter when, no matter where, no matter how or why

I will buy you a beer for this

It's the least I'd be able to do


So, yeah, that was around last christmas, as I recall

The storytelling I've read, and done myself, really got me itching to get back into the campaign

And Tsuruchi-san is about to return

If the rest of the story turns out worth me retelling it, continuing from Kaito's perspective, I'll find a way

Other than that, the only thing I can really say is that GM is planning a follow-up campaign, and I'm probably gonna play as Daikakita Hogai, Tatsuya's younger brother

Only info for now is that there'll be enough of a timeskip, probably 20 or so years, because, well

Daidoji-san never checked if his geisha was in the geisha house when he torched it


As far as I remember, it was actually determined by rolls, not DM fiat
He can be quite sadistic, bu it leads to some interesting stories
As for why I haven't killed zombie Tatsuya yet, see above (also, I've got a feeling he's gonna keep that until the aforementioned follow-up campaign, for Hogai to face)
It's been an honor writing for you guys
Now, my euro ass is getting quite tired, so I'll be going to sleep

Just one question

When I post in the L5R general, should I keep the Crane-san name for you guys to recognize?
Or should I leave it here with the thread, and return to being Anonymous like the rest of us, like I was before?
I honestly have no idea what proper etiquette for namefagging is, so I'll leave it up to you as we approach bump limit
File: Iroh.png (119 KB, 583x740)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Crane-san, its no debt. I enjoy these stories, just as I enjoy immortalizing them.
>timeskip, probably 20 or so years,
Aw...Togashi-san's perky bosoms will be keeping her knees company by then.

Namefagging is fine if you're delivering regular related content. It dosen't really matter either way because some assholes will bitch at you for namefagging and other assholes will bitch at you for being a nobody who thinks anyone wants to hear their crap. It all comes from the same place Stroke-anon did: Being a looser that can only drag other people down to their level instead of climbing up to their own heights. Ignore their bullshit and post.
BTW, CrabGM promised us charsheets for Ishigaki's children as well, shall we make a new thread for those or will you post them in general?

Also, there was another campaign where Crab-anon played a Spider and nailed Moshi Aoi. Will we hear that one too?
Yes please, and I think a new thread should be fine. The general seems more concerned about the LCG.
Considering the L5R general can flounder at times I say we just take over the general.

Who knows? Kept on with the things that were pointed out in these here? >>54081407
I'll be happy to post up the sheets for the kinda and NPCs, though I would feel kinda bad if we made a new thread after saying "this is the list thread."

Still, give the people what they want and all that!
>for the kinda
for the kids
Bad phone, bad!
Well, someone is gonna need to cast a tiebreaker, and fast, since we're sinking now...
Will you feel better if it's not you who makes the thread?
Honestly? I kinda would. This weird feeling of integrity. I know, it's a silly thing to be hung up on.
Well there's your tiebreaker.

New thread here
File: Yawara-Ep-14-BD.png (850 KB, 960x718)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
He also absolved Shoji of guilt when Ishigaki & Co. were accusing him of being a maho user.
>When I post in the L5R general, should I keep the Crane-san name for you guys to recognize?
Only if you have something purposeful and relevant to use the name for. Otherwise it's just going to tarnish it.
Thank you Crab-sama for the amazing storytime. It will be treasured.

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