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/tg/ - Traditional Games

But I know I'll see you once more.

>I stood up on top of the wall and looked out over the tide of demons
>One thousand soldiers from Shiro Kuni were gatherd at the base of the Wall, to act as reserves
>Naomi was down there, ready to heal the injured
>The armorys were opened, and the heimin armed
>Some of them wept as they took up their polearms
>Other hiemin would be used to run jade powder to where it was needed
>Kitsuki-san and Monkey were down in the tunnels
>Akiyama had shown Kitsuki-san around, pointing out traps to him.
>His memory would allow him to make good use of them, and Monkey would help keep him alive
>Mantis-san's style was ill suited to the cramped tunnels, so he was up on top of the Wall.
>Toshiro needed a clear field of vision to do his work
>Those two would work together
>As for me, I would be wherever the fighting was fiercest.
>I shot a glance towards Masagoro
>He stood still and calm. His face composed
>At peace
>At his nod the beacons were lit
>A Kuni threw powder into the bonfires
>The fire changed color, and thick smoke rose up
>The color every Crab knew
>The color every Crab feared
>As the light and smoke was seen fires burst into life all along the wall
>One by one, they carried the message the length and breadth of the Crab lands
>Make ready to meet your ancestors
>A Horde is upon us
>A ghastly cacophony arose, shrieks filling the air
>And then it surged forth, a tidal wave washing over the River of the Last Stand
>it's happening
This is gonna be a clusterfuck
Waiting for THEM to make everything worse
>The unquiet dead came in the first ranks of the horde
>Arrows were loosed from the top of the wall, a thick cloud that felled hundreds
>Hundreds more came on, their lurching shambling gait unabaited
>Among their feet ran the little shapes of goblins, carrying long ladders
>The undead simply walked into the river, and soon emerged on the other side
>While the goblins laid ladders across it
>It looked like the ladders were made of bone, but many of the bones were too long to belong to a human
>Then thunder shook the Wall
>The Kaiu had begun their work
>Boulders smashed down into the river, tearing apart the makeshift bridges, flatening zombies and crushing goblins
>Flames belched forth from the Wall, covering the Zombies at the bottom in liquid fire
>They took a long time to burn away
>overhead balls of flame soared, striking into the packed ranks of the Horde
>I looked out at it.
>It held it's ranks, waiting.
>I was startled to see banners standing out in the enemies ranks.
>This was even more disciplened then I would expect from an Akuma...
>It must have an Oni no Uzaku to direct the horde on it's behalf
>At the signal, another volley of arrows was loosed, to follow up the devastation the Kaiu had unleashed
>The first push was driven back.
>But I could already see another wall of dead forming up for the next push
>heimin ran back and forth, bringing up fresh ammunition for the seige engines
>A scream arose from bellow
>I shot Toshiro a glance and a nod and headed in the direction of the Screamer
>I could feel the whole Wall shake with each volley of fire up above, dust fell from the celiing
>I kicked a goblin out of my way and made my way deeper
>Down one tunnel I saw two Hiruma spearing an Ogre
>I ran past, and found the Oni the Screamer was yelling about
>It was short, with a body twice as thick as a man
>It had no head
>Where it's neck would be was instead a great maw
Kamu no Oni, eh? And that's only the entry-level foe in this one.
>forever GM is only STARTING OUT with Kamu no Oni
Damn. Ishigaki's gonna need to fight Kyoso no Oni spawn, isn't he?
Hida Ishigodtier
>I yelled to the Hiein with the bucket of jade powder
>As two Hida wedged themselves up against it, trying to buy time, I powdered my tetsubo
>I finished just in time for the Oni no Kamu to bring it's maw down and bite one of the samurai in half
>his legs fell to the floor, twitching and what was left of his intestines spilled everywhere
>I threw myself at the demon
>I drove my tetsubo down into it's maw, shattering teeth
>It howled at me, phlegm and blood splatering from it's mouth all over me
>The other Hida fell back to powder his Dai Tsuchi
>The Oni's claws reached out for me, seeking to seize me up and devour me
>I strained against it, keeping my arm just out of reach of it's snapping jaws
>A WHUMPF echoed in the tunnels as my brother Hida slammed his dia tsuchi down on the arm that held me, breaking it's grip
>As the beast recoiled I struck again at it's other arm, hampering it
>The two of us struck again, finishing it off
>I picked up the heimin with the jade
>Keep moving, the jade must flow!
>Ri...right great samurai!
>The fear such monsters caused was an issue.
>Sometimes you had to prod the heimin to shake it off. Sometime Samurai had to carry the jade themselves
>As I ran back up I caught a glimpse of Kituski-san out of the corner of my eye
>He was standing still, as pack of goblins rushed down a corridor at him.
>I couldn't see Monkey
>Kitsuki-san smilled, then flipped a switch with his foot
>Flames erupted from the walls, floors and ceilings, killing the goblins before they ever got near him.
>I headed back up
>Flyers were diving into the ranks of samurai atop the wall
>They were targeting the siege engines
>I saw a bushi, with an masakari in each hand, leap from the wall onto one of the flyers as it swooped past
>Both diapered over the south side
>With the seige engines under assault, the ladders had made it to the wall
>the undead were coming up
>>I drove my tetsubo down into it's maw, shattering teeth
>>It howled at me, phlegm and blood splatering from it's mouth all over me
>>The other Hida fell back to powder his Dai Tsuchi
>>The Oni's claws reached out for me, seeking to seize me up and devour me
>>I strained against it, keeping my arm just out of reach of it's snapping jaws
>>A WHUMPF echoed in the tunnels as my brother Hida slammed his dia tsuchi down on the arm that held me, breaking it's grip
>>As the beast recoiled I struck again at it's other arm, hampering it

And that's it for those 150 wounds with 5 reduction.
File: brutal.png (136 KB, 325x325)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>I saw a bushi, with an masakari in each hand, leap from the wall onto one of the flyers as it swooped past
>Both diapered over the south side

Metal as fuck.
Haven't you been told to fuck off last time?
>>I saw a bushi, with an masakari in each hand, leap from the wall onto one of the flyers as it swooped past

lurk moar
What really confounds me is that people are bothered enough by such a quintessentially /tg/ thread to come in just to shit it up. Like... why not just ignore the damn thing if it bothers you, and I'm not even sure why it bothers you.
It's storytime dude, this has been /tg/ stuff for a long time. Not my fault you're a newfag.
I don't see you shitting up magical realm threads anon. Is it because you're to busy pegging yourself with a table leg when you visit them?
>A lot of people don't like this thread,
Your split personalities still count only as one.
There was game and setting discussion in literally the previous thread. Your opinions are discarded.
Wick, is that you?
Are you that salty that people still play the system that you made after it was taken from you, and like it more for that?
>literally no game mechanics or anything being discussed about the game
>implying games need mechanics to be /tg/
LARPing is /tg/. Just sayin...

>"I'm totally not a newfag"
Then where were you during All Guardsman Party, or 2D Storytime, or Desirebro's threads, or any of /tg/'s other memorable storytimes?
If you're not a newfag, stop acting like one.
Your own rants don't constitute a definition of the board, unfortunately for you. Storytime, discussion of games and campaigns people have played, have been a part of /tg/ for clearly longer than you've been on the board, and your determined efforts to define the board to your tastes have not and will not change that.
You have not been paying attention because these threads always end up 20% story, 80% discussing the setting and mechanics.
>it's one of those "I want to play chaotic neutral and then act like it actually means chaotic retard" guys

Would explain a lot, really.
>A lot of people don't like this thread
So why are you the only one complaining then?
>A scaled horror landed on top of a balistea and screeched at the engineers
>Then it was bathed in green flames
>I could see Mantis-san desperately shoving ladders away from the walls, a half dozen Hida following his lead
>I decided to help Toshiro
>I ran to the engine slamming my tetsubo on the back of the winged reptile
>It flesh didn't tear under my strike, but I did it force it down the ground
>I leapt on it, pinning it down
>the claws on the ends of it's wings scratched at me, I twisted my neck around to avoid it's snapping jaws
>Hold it there Ishigaki!
>I Can't do much else!
>Toshiro began to chant
>I wedged my testubo sideways in it's mouth, keeping it from bitting at me
>Though it raked at my body with it's legs, it found only armor
>Then it began to stiffen under me
>Toshrio was screaming, shouting loud enough the stones of the Wall would wake, as the Earth Kami rushed to turn the Oni into a jade statue
>I held it for few more moments, until Toshiro slumped
>A Kaiu caught him
>It's done, Ishigaki
>I made to wrench my tetsubo from it's now petrified jaw
>A Kaiu was leaning against the balista.
>His suit of Tetsu-Do was torn, and his organs were piled up in his lap.
>He had a Haori that marked him a Taisa
>his whole body was shaking, he held onto his spirit with pure willpower
>Take this...
>He reached up to me, offering me his own tetsubo
>It's studs were not made of Iron, but Jade
>I think you'll get more use out of it then I will
>My name is Kaiu Gentoku...
>This is Kimimaru.
>It.. It's been in my family thr-thr-three generations...
>I took the treasure and bowed.
>He smiled as his spirit left to join his ancestors.
>As a last show of respect, I took Gentaro's head
>Then I rushed over to aid Mantis-san
>Goblins had creste the Wall now, and the darted about, stabbing at exposed backs and ankles while the zombies pressed forward
>A dozen Hida followed me as I swung Kimimaru, driving back the wall of death
Did I read this right? Did this turbo-autist make a character for posting on 4chan? A fucking D&D character with a fucking alignment?
>he thinks he's the whole board of /tg/
File: mfw ishigaki storytime.png (652 KB, 640x480)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
>I'm not. Quit thinking /tg/ is one person.
prove it
Then quit acting like you represent /tg/ when you obviously don't know what you are talking about.
Or at least get better material for your little rants. It's like you aren't even trying.
I think I know what is his dump stat
Poster count, buddy. Anyway, you care so much about other threads living, go help the ones you like live. If you need a word to block, try Stonewall. Most of the threads start with that.
>this poor Kaiu is dying, and gives Ishigaki his treasured family heirloom
>Ishigaki immediately gets his name wrong.

Being Gentoku is suffering.
10 koku say this will be a TPK
God dammit, Ishigaki.
I'm... honestly impressed you shat that out this fast, I've got to say. That's some serious dedication to autism.
It's so tragic, yet so damn funny! And totally something Ishigaki-kun would do! Can't stop laughing! Thank you good sir!
>a horde of Shadowland creatures storm the Wall
>a turbo-autist storms this thread

I gotta say, this is thematically appropriate.
>newfag thinks people can't recognize writing styles on 4chan
File: Laughing girls.gif (948 KB, 500x250)
948 KB
948 KB GIF
Sorry m8, it's this thread again. But don't worry, you have 126 other threads to choose from, and that's only in /tg/!
>Not that autist you guys are screeching at

Poster count, boiiii.
Well, opinions are subjective and you are entitled to your own opinion. Your tastes differ from my own, but that's no skin off my teeth.

You, however, are not purposely shitting up the thread, nor are you claiming that storytime isn't /tg/ related like a fucking idiot, so you're significantly better than the other anon.
He actually isn't the same poster, believe it or not. Poster count went up by one when he posted this >>53966416

'course, he could just be using his phone...
>identifying as a d&d character
Fucking worthless. Opinion discarded
These kinds of threads have not only been on /tg/ a long time, though, they've been some of the most celebrated content on the board.
>Mantis-san kept the goblins off my back as we formed up a wall of our own
>Rather then kill the zombies one by one, we pushed and shoved
>Driving them back and shoving them off the Wall
>We cleared the top, and were rewarded with the sound of the siege engines firing
>I looked up, and the flyers fell back
>I could see the Horde fall back as well
>But it stopped just outside of the range of the engines
>I looked around at the rest of the Crabs around me
>There expresions varied slightly, but most seemed to convey 'What the FUCK?' rather well
>Masagoro apearee, walking along the lenght of the Wall
>They have tested us today! Their commander pulls them back now to adjust his strategy!
>There was no doubt then. Only an Uzaku could move a horde like that, and think in that way
>Their mistake is in giving us time to rest!
>Treat the wounded! Shugenja should rest first!
>He turned to one of his sub commanders
>Send out units of Hiruma to harass them
>Masagoro looked down at the bodies of the dead
>Only a few so far
>Get the ETA up here
>I leaned on the edge of the Wall and looked out over the Horde. It didn't seem diminshed in the slightest.
>I went looking for Kitsuki-san and Monkey
>I found Monkey picking his way out of pile of Goblins
>What's going on? It's not over already is it?
>No, they pulled back to regroup and try again later.
>He blinked
>Oni can do that?
>Not usually.
>Kistuki-san glanced down to Kimimaru
>What is that?
>I held it up
>A Crab Clan treasure
>Some very skilled Kaiu can make Tetsubo with jade that never rots. Usualy needs a Kuni to help out.
>There are precious few, so we never take them INTO the shadowlands and risk loosing them.
>Kitsuki-san nodded. I see. It alleviates some of the logistics issues when Oni are attacking.
>Monkey looked at it.
>So that means you're going to have to face Oni first and foremoset, huh?
>I looked at him.
>Don't tell Naomi.
You're REALLY not helping the doubts that you're the other anon. Ishigaki's storytime is the most recent in a long tradition of anons giving storytime of their campaigns over multiple threads.
I have to give you credit. Your an idiot if you think this will stop the threads in any way but I got a slight chuckle out of that.
>poster count doesn't increase
really makes you think
File: tenor.gif (1.39 MB, 434x242)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF
I hope That the Hida reinforcements arrive before Masagoro goes full crazy
I came to /tg/ because of threads like this.
Not ones like >>53951351, or >>53957211, or >>53955652, or >>53962872, or >>53959539, or >>53963957
File: 1446785960812.jpg (60 KB, 346x440)
60 KB
Friendly reminder for all the THIS THREAD faggots that there wouldn't even BE a new thread yet if they hadn't eaten up 20 posts bitching and whining in the LAST thread.

But hey, what would 4chan be without assblasted summerfags bitching about things other people like to salve their ego over the fact that trolling is the only way they can get {you)'s?
They likely have their own wars to fight along the wall. Angry season is no joke after all.
>Thinks that is in any way actual /tg/ discussion
Ok. Since you seem to be determined to continue this effort in futility I have to ask what do you get out of it?
It's certainly not to "make tg better" or whatever the hell your rants are about.
Is it for the You's or do you just have nothing better to do?
File: image.jpg (50 KB, 1000x1000)
50 KB
>two very similar posts, just over a minute after eachother
>"I'm not the only anon who hates this thread"
Really gets the noggin jogging.

And who appointed you /tg/ police?
No. I started these threads because enough people asked for more. I'm going to finish them, unless a mod bans me.
This isn't /pol/. If you tell us that you have a super seekrit job that we won,t believe, we know you're lying.

Now go find something better to do than purposely ruin fun for (you)s.
File: 1485560112954.jpg (233 KB, 600x3041)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Thank you for sticking so long with us Crabanon.

Just letting you know that you are an inspiration. If not for you, my tuesday game wouldn't exist: me and other yuropoors are right behind you!
Just don't reply to him. He's made it regularly clear that he's trolling for the attention, so if no one gives him the (you)s he just won't have anything to do.
Dons feed (you)s to the troll
File: 1480117419379.jpg (28 KB, 640x360)
28 KB
Also, when I'll be back at my PC I will tell you the misadventures of our Scorpion because they deserve all the suffering
File: beware.png (379 KB, 498x302)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
The funny part is it really IS almost over. If the Owner of /tg/ over there wasn't throwing such a shitfit this might have been the last thread.
>Oh yeah so memorable right, do you remember when I was in those threads posting them and you enjoyed them and then I decided to have fun by shitting up these threads later on? Very memorable.
Wait one fucking minute. Are you that anon from one of the early threads who posted greentext like he was having a seizure? Or am I getting my threads mixed up...
That actually makes a lot if sense. Anon just wants Ishigaki-sempai to notice him.
I'm almost certain it is. Fucking Stroke-anon has been stalking these threads and shitposting in them every now and again almost from the get go.
Someone has a massive inferiority complex.
Loving the thread, Crabanon's. Thanks for what you do.
Someone did ask in the last thread if it's a Scorpion going meta.
Welcome to 4chan. No matter how good or bad you are, someone will shit on you or praise you respectively
It's in one if the earlier threads. I'll look for it when I'm not on my phone.
File: Koala.jpg (763 KB, 1024x768)
763 KB
763 KB JPG
>when everyone responds to the autist instead of ignoring him
"you can't bait/troll /tg/" indeed
tetsu-do...was that the super heavy armor the kaiu make?
Bait's out of our system now, hopefully
>The Horde came again in the night
>Few things in the shadwolands had difficulty seeing in the dark
>It began with the fliers
>Sweeping and wheeling, the dove at the Wall
>This time we ready
>Toshiro and a a dozen other Kuni threw magic disrupting their assault
>As the winged monsters burned they crashed into the wall, where the bushi set upon them
>Ladders thumped against the Wall, but too few
>They were easily pushed back
>Too easy. It was far too easy.
>I ran down to the tunnels, certain the push was going to come up from below this time
>I was right
>I came upon Monkey who had just finished beheading an ogre
>Ishigaki-san? What are you doing down here?
>The push is aimed here!
>He grinned.
>Plenty to do then!
>A gout of flame lit up the tunnel beside us
>But it wasn't from one of the Kaiu's traps
>A samurai, their body a black sillouhete wreathed in flame staggered into our tunnel
>Monkey took their head and ended their pain without hesitation
>He looked down at the body
>That...was the right thing?
>I nodded.
>Get ready, whatever that was...
>A shadow loomed on the walls around us
>And from out of the tunnel strode a midget
>It was only three feet tall, covered in blue fur
>two eyes, black with orange irises and white pupils
>What the hell is that?
>I have no idea Monkey
>I opened it's mouth and we were bathed in flame
>We threw ourselves to the ground, slapping at the fires before they could spread
>It leapt on my back as I did so, and sank fangs into me
>Monkey stabbed at it with his katana, but the little creature was unfazed
>DAMN, it's some kind of Oni!
>It kept gnawing on me, and I couldn't really reach it.
>I tried slamming it against the walls, but it clung to me, digging it's fangs deeper
>Ishigaki-san! OVER HERE!
>I ran to where Monkey was pointing
>A part of he floor had opened up, revealing a pair of cylnders covered in Jade, crystal and obsidian spikes
>Monkey found the lever and got them spinning
File: 1532277.jpg (216 KB, 900x1270)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Monkey to the rescue!
>I flopped down onto my back, and winced as I inched up to the grinder
>I could not beleive I was about to do this
>Monkey grabbed my arms as I felt the little monster get caught by the death trap
>It still gripped tightly to me, even as the cylnders pulled at it and tore it to bloody shreds
>Monkey leaned back, pulling on me with all his strength
>I realized that I had willingly placed my life into Monkey's hands. Literally.
>Then the creature let go, or more likely was ground up too much to hold on
>Monkey was still pulling with everything he had, and I was yanked up into him
>He fell and I landed on top of him
>We stared at each other for a moment in surprise, our noses almost touching
>We never speak of this to anyone, agreed?
>He nodded
>We got to our feet
>Kituski-san ran past us leaping over the grinder
>We looked at his back, then looked at the direction he came from
>All we could see was a lamprey like mouth, and pink flesh pressed up against the walls of the tunnel
>It was unmistakably coming this way
>We ran to catch up to Kitsuki-san
>He stopped a bit ahead, and waved us to go past
>As we did he flipped a lever, and a spiked portcullis slammed down on top of the worm thing
>it convulsed blood and digestive juices spewing up from it's mouth before going still.
>We leaned against the wall, panting and grinned at each other.
Wait a fucking second.

Does that mean you were going to wrap uo the shadowlands assault, uncover them, fuck Hohiro and Shoji over, and all in one thread? How are all of these events supposed to fit into one single thread?
File: 1491175126442.jpg (517 KB, 900x719)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
Alright, Im going to take a break here. Christ, I can't believe I'm considering tripfagging just to keep that shitposter from confusing everyone.
They don't.
Ishigaki dies.
Think of it as finally failing the roll to resist taint. It either happens to any Crab on the Wall or they die before they have the chance.
You might have noticed my post rate going up. I've also only made SEVEN story time posts ITT. If shitposter wasn't here, we'd still be on the last thread.
File: deal with it.png (174 KB, 571x403)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
And that is bullshit.
There are enough l5r fans here that the shitposter's clearly poor understand of the setting would be obvious.
Seriously, almost every shitposter's fake post was obvious from the non-l5r crap in it.
IF I do end up tripfagging, I'll make forevergm do some new artwork and post it along with the trip.

I suspect it'll be hard for that shitstain to copy another man's art style.
You can tell just by shitposter's obvious memes and garbage in his posts. He is just here to ruin the fun. Much like how >>53968120 there are certain clues that reveal who he is.

There is no need to be upset and resort to name calling. That's the kind of rise he is trying to get out of you. Just ignore him and continue posting your story.
Nooo! Please don't make me!
File: storytime.png (20 KB, 783x584)
20 KB
mokey was walking along after we defatted the worm
him said to me 'u r pretty good for a super sanyan"
I thanksed him profuesely
naomi came up and with scorpion and swan and dove-chan and their trides
u did it u saved everyone from bad guy
i smiled and pushed my naruto headband slightly
hahaha we all had a good laugh then went home and had japanese hamburgers (soushi) and drank sake and told stories about our battle
but in the shadows a new evil crept
hims name was
File: scorpeen.jpg (12 KB, 409x259)
12 KB
I look forward to it.

It's too ham-handed to be one of us.
Someone mentioned this thread here >>53968396
Maybe the ham-fistedness is part of a disguise to make us think it's not a scorpion?
>This thread again
What is the point of these threads?
It's not a scorpion ploy. It must be a Spider's work
If you came here from that thread, here's the pdf of the storytime. Or you can check sup/tg/. Most threads are much better then this one. We seem to have picked up a troll.
Great, this shit is right up there with pathfinder furbait threads.
Why the fuck can't you people just post your fetish garbage on deviantart or furaffinity and stay off 4chan?
>It's too ham-handed to be one of us.
That's what you want us to think, don't you?
>threads have been full of life and discussion
>shitposter came in
>shitposter ravaged the thread
>now nobody wants to talk
>everyone is afraid of the shitposter
I hate this.
Screw what he thinks, lets discuss the story!
>What is the point of these threads?
>fetish garbage

That's not what's going on at all. It's a story time about an L5R campaign written from an in character perspective.
File: fetish.png (23 KB, 365x108)
23 KB
Care to try that again?
Thank you for your work Ikoma-sama. You bring great honor to your ancestors
Yeah nice fucking try retard. If you take the first E, first R, and first P in this pdf and put them together it spells ERP which as we all know spells out Enterprise Resource Planning
Take your fucking disgusting self-insertion suit-wearing businessman fantasy to >>>/biz/ and stop shitting up my board.
True. I still hope the story won't end in a TPK. Although if it does, it would make sense that the kids of Ishigaki will play in the next campaign
Anon...English isn't your primary language, is it? If it was, you'd be aware that voracious, in the context of that sentence, means with an eager approach. For example: "The troll voraciously shitposts theses threads."
Remember, words change meaning depending on the context of the sentence they're used in.
He's purposely being dumb, for (you)s
Not really afraid, excluding the shitposter's posts the threads are the same as they usually are - some discussion when crab-anon posts, silence and occasional bumps when he's gone.
>Kitsuki-san smilled, then flipped a switch with his foot
>Flames erupted from the walls, floors and ceilings, killing the goblins before they ever got near him.

Even Kitsuki's gotten badass.
>Implying Kitsuki wasn't badass before
Remember all the duels he won?
Ever since Kitsuki threw jade powder in the eyes of his sensei, he has gotten better at swordsmanship.
File: 18614_3d5a62dc.jpg (27 KB, 237x271)
27 KB
>his posts are all gone
Newest PDF, hot off the press. 637 pages.

If I didn't have my own tabletop to play today, I would continue the editing. As such, I believe the editing only makes it to page 150 or so.

I'll likely spend the weekend getting this together, then throw around the idea of a masterpiece edition with all the art, character sheets, bookmarks, and maybe even a background.
>mfw I catch more Ishigaki storytime!
File: 1496474025148.png (376 KB, 414x413)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
>Janitor-san removes the shitposter.
File: A wind called MODS.jpg (103 KB, 422x592)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Quicki interjection for the 20% mechanics quota. This was run as a mass battle with heroic opportunities and duels being the stuff I try to focus on, Plenty of fluffy bits to try and do justice to the lore like the Hiruma Slayer just tackling a flying oni so he can kill it with the ground.

Anyway, now that the mods have blown through the thread I'll see about getting a couple more posts in before calling it an evening.

And I should thank the mods for leaving my storytime intact and tossing out the troll.
File: happiness.png (280 KB, 507x487)
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280 KB PNG
You gotta love it when the mods do their job well.
>We moved further into the tunnels, killing zombies and goblins as we went
>The tunnels widened a bit, allowing more room to fight.
>So of course there were three Ogres in front of us
>At least these ones looked like the dumb versions
>Monkey and I advanced, attacking togother
>As I struck high, Monkey drove his katana into it's stomach. He then twsited his blade inside the wound, and pulled up
>Organs I couldn't name slopped out over our feet, along with a bucketful of blood
>My tabi squished as I shifted my weight
>The first of the Ogres fell to his knees, not quite dead
>Then Kitsuki-san drove his own blade between myself and Monkey, into the eye of the Ogre
>That did it.
>The other two were taken aback at how quickly we killed the first.
>One swung a tetsubo at Monkey who ducked
>Kituski-san's katana came in over Monkey's shoulder, just turning aside the war club
>The Other ogre jabbed at Kituski-san with a long bit of sharp bone.
>Kituski-san saw it coming and stepped behind me, I brought Kimimaru up, knocking the bone spear over my head
>Then I brought Kimimaru down, destroying the Ogres elbow joint
>Kitsuki-san made a satisfied little grunt over my shoulder
>I remember when these things were dangerous.
>They still are! Don't get overconfiden on me now!
>I didn't look back, but I could imagine his smirk as he replied
>But Ishigaki, they have get past you to reach me.
>His blade darted out, stabling into the wounded one
>Monkey meanwhile sliced the fresh one, two flashing cuts across it's chest
>Blood poured down it's body, dying it's muscled bulk red
>Monkey yelled at the Ogres
>The one with the bone spear snarled, and drew back his only good arm
>Then he threw the spear
>past me, into Kitsuki-san
>Oh dear...
>I heard him cough
>It sounded wet
>I took the unarmed ogres head off with a swing of Kimimaru
>The last ogre took his tetsubo in both hands and swung down with all his might
>Too slow
>Monkey dove under his legs, and I saw blood spray from the back of one
>Then Ogre teetered, arms windmilling as it tried to regain it's balance
>Monkey thrust his katana into it's back, impaling it's heart.
>The Ogre gurgled as it died, and slid off Monkey's blade
>Shit! Kitsuki-san!
>Monkey knelt down beside him
>I'm not about die, if that's what you're worried about...
>Although, this does hurt a bit.
>He grinned up at us, showing a mouthfull of bloody teeth.
>Monkey looked at the bone spear sticking out of Kitsuki-san's chest
>There were bubbles in the blood welling up around it
>Monkey, you're going to have to get him out of here and back to Naomi, as fast as you can.
>He nodded.
>His body's Air is fleeing, so leave that thing in for now, it's slowing it down a bit
>And you!
>Don't move. And don't die. We've only gotten started.
>Kitsuki-san nodded to me
>As Monkey picked him up I looked behind us
>More ogres were coming in
>Don't look back, just go!
>I flipped the lever to trigger another falling gate.
>Between myself and Monkey.
>I turned to face the ogres trapped down here with me.
File: 255.gif (499 KB, 500x416)
499 KB
499 KB GIF
>>I turned to face the ogres trapped down here with me.
Finally got a bit of extra time, do apologize for my absence last thread

Since Crab-san's more or less said outright his story's about to finish, i'll try and be done as quickly as i can as well (which shouldn't be that long, about a day and a half in-story)

As for the shitposter, I gotta say, while I'm not a fan of his complaining, since it's the most counterintuitive thing he's doing (extending the thread to maybe another one), I do like the fake continuations he attempted, because of how batshit insane they are. My sides were close to going into orbit once i saw Stroke-san's return, too.

Quick recap:

After various shenanigans at the 1200 Summer Court, Daikakita Tatsuya discovered his companions have suffered assassination attempts, just after an important meeting with Otomo Setsuko, his now sworn rival. After learning of the rest of the party's fate, he barged in on the Governor and the Heir, demanding to be the one to investigate this crime. Though he can't lead the investigation, he can participate. We left off as he was heading to the Ivory Magistrates to learn what they had discovered, leading to a revelation that at the time both surprised me and also did not surprise me at all (something my GM is very good at, pushing my genre-savvy buttons to the point that i both love him and hate him).
And the Crane-anon is back too.
>But Ishigaki, they have get past you to reach me.

>Then he threw the spear
>past me, into Kitsuki-san

>I heard him cough
>It sounded wet

Did that time with Monkey under the rock taught you nothing?
>Ishigaki and Monkey fight little blue fire breathing whatsit
>Whatsit jumps on Ishigaki omnomnoming and forcing Ishigaki to brave a grinder
>Ishigaki, Monkey and Kitsuki are facing ogres
>Monkey taunts ogres
>Ogres fuck up Kitsuki

Monkey you GOD DAMN JINX!
Kitskuki getting injured was his own damn fault for tempting fate

>A small building just off the palace grounds was my destination
>It was being used by the Ivory Magistrates for their investigation
>The guards did not question me as I passed them
>Though I could not tell if it was from recognition, admiration, fears, or simply just following their orders
>News must've traveled fast of how I had demanded the right to be in this investigation
>How incredibly brazen I had been in front of not only Suikihime-sama
>But also the heir himself, Seiken-sama
>In hindsight, it must've seemed like I acted like some uncultured Mantis or Crab
>Disregarding etiquette so blatantly
>... Or maybe rather Daidoji-san
>I would not have been surprised had he done the same
>As I enter the makeshift office, I was surprised by how many people were working there
>Various courtiers going over testimonies, reviewing everything that had happened
>It didn't take long before I was noticed, and brought up to speed
>From what it seemed, the facts were simple
>Servants had been dispatched to relay letters teach all 4 of us
>Each of those servants had been given that letter by the same servant
>A servant part of the Otomo retinue
>A servant that, in the meantime, has been found missing
>Dead by very much the same poison that killed Tsuruchi-san's body double
>It started very much to seem like the Otomo were behind this
>But which one?
>They, as a whole, could not possibly be behind this
>And even so, any one of them would most likely deny this claim
>Most of the magistrates were speculating that it surely couldn't have been an Otomo, but an impostor
>One of the Kitsuki even noticed something interesting
>Something interesting about calligraphy
>If one knew how to look, one could tell subtleties regarding a handwriting
>More importantly, whether or not one was a forgery
>Comparing the letter I received to the letters of the others made one thing clear
>The other three letters had almost perfect forgeries of the handwriting on mine
He did take the Luck advantage on max. It probbably works by sucking everyone else's luck.
Kitsuki got cocky when he was hiding behind Ishigaki and said it, though.

>It was quite clear by now that someone was trying to frame Otomo Setsuko
>As much as I had grown to hate that man, I could not deny what I had been told
>Even while a part of me wished that the Kitsuki had not noticed the forgery
>The problem now, however, was that there was no clear suspect
>There could have been a chance to find it out
>Togashi-san had managed to subdue one of her assailants before succumbing to her poison
>Unfortunately, she managed to knock him into a coma, unable to wake up and tell us what he knew
>Though it wasn't even sure he would've said anything, or even known anything worth telling
>As it was, there was one main problem
>None of the Ivory Magistrates wanted to accuse the Otomo
>The less experienced ones fearful of what the Otomo would do in the Imperial Court against them
>The more experienced ones fully aware of what they could do
>That Suikihime-sama had a falling out with the Otomo was no secret, so they had comparatively little power in the Colonies themselves
>But they could easily sway the opinion thereof in the Empire itself
>Quickly, the discussion started going towards who could have tried to frame the Imperial family
>It didn't take long before accusations were being implied towards each others Clans
>Many were glancing towards the Scorpions present, party due to the poison used
>It wouldn't take long before the accusations started flying
>And baseless accusations could only lead to one thing
>My course of action stood clear before me
>Before the discussion took a turn for the worse, I stood before the Ivory Magistrates and openly accused the Otomo
>For either allowing such duplicitous actions be taken against honorable and dutiful servants of the Emperor
>Or for neglecting their scrutiny of those within their ranks
>The older magistrates bowed their heads in thanks, knowing that my open accusation would absolve them of the wrath of the Otomo
>Something I had already earned through Setsuko

>As the day went by, I came by the infirmiary in the Palace Grounds
>Tsuruchi-san was there, keeping a watchful eye over Togashi-san and Daidoji-san
>The two were still unconcious
>He told that thanks to the palace guards finding them so quickly, the shugenja were able to prevent the poison from killing them
>Though they had suffered somewhat from the poison
>He also noted how his meeting place was a bit further away from the palace and its guards
>And how glad he had the foresight in asking Yoritomo Singh-sama for advice
>I asked how the guards found our attacked companions
>Daidoji-san had been sitting alone at a pond in the Palace gardens
>Having been seen there quite a few times the past few days, sometimes in the company of a Moto death priest
>Suddenly, he shot up, stumbled around for a few seconds, then fell to the ground
>The guards found a poison dart sticking out of the back of his neck
>His body's strong Earth seemed to provide less resistance than usual for him
>As for Togashi-san, the attack was somewhat more ... exciting, by witness accounts
>She had gone to one of the Undercourts
>Smaller, not-quite-private rooms, situated between the floors of the Grand Courtroom and the Silent Rooms
>Once there, she was attacked by two men posing as palace guards, and a servant
>Each with a poisoned tanto
>Togashi-san managed to slam one of the false guards into the wall with such forced he was knocked comatose
>She was found with the other held in a chokehold, no longer breathing, as she succumbed to the poison and fell unconcious herself
>The servant was dead as well, face seemingly caved in from another one of her mighty punches
>I couldn't help but wonder what would've happened had I not been invited to meet with Otomo Setsuko
>If I had been in a meeting with a man who wanted me dead
>Well, in a more direct sense than how Setsuko felt of me, at least
>I thanked Tsuruchi-san for telling me all this, and returned to the Embassy
File: sad.jpg (12 KB, 236x174)
12 KB
>The funny part is it really IS almost over. If the Owner of /tg/ over there wasn't throwing such a shitfit this might have been the last thread.
I really wish it wasn't so Crab-san, aside from waiting for Shoggy's AGP, you're one of the few reasons I still hang around here

>Ambushed and poisoned
>Kill all three attackers

Based Togashi.
The Mods are the Jade to the Troll-taint, it works!
You know what just occurred to me? With FFG releasing fiction and the new era being introduced, people might start running online games that aren't set after the fucking Spider debacle. Campaigns, Winter Court 6 ... the lot.
Trolls are Lying Darkness. Mods use crystal.
We're supposed to be starting a campaign set during the great famine in a couple weeks. It should be fun.
That's excellent, anon. Good luck with your game.
Editor-san here. Have a question in a more general /tg/-sense.

Is there any sort of standardized formatting for these stories I should look into?

Currently my in-depth second pass editing is amusingly inconsistent. I've gotten better with it since I've started but if there's a short guide somewhere that would work well in this case it would be immensely appreciated.
not really, Crab-san's format is already rare to begin with since it's in 1st person's narrative
what I would recommend is just going after grammar mistakes and/or missing words in some sentences
And names.
>>He fell and I landed on top of him
>>We stared at each other for a moment in surprise, our noses almost touching
>>We never speak of this to anyone, agreed?

>fujoshi squealing
I really hope Ishigaki doesn't die here. He still needs to beat the hell out of Shoji for trying to steal his son!
I hope Shoji will just finally get aneurism, and that will be extremely satisfying enough.
Page 10, the cannot be
what forms of racing are sports in Rokugan?
The end has begun
The time for glory is here
Honor never dies
jesus thats fucked up.

saved for horror inspiration.
None explicitly. Foot races might be a thing, I think the Topaz Tournament has one. The Unicorn probably do horse races, but I don't think it's actually mentioned anywhere.
I wonder how hard it would be to make foot and horse racing more popular.

not just sprints and track races but rallys from one part of Rokugan to another.
That's actually one of the tamer things.

How about you go and watch Corpse Party? Then you can tell all your friends who say "Anime are for kids" that they are sorely wrong

I can already explain to people how anime is a medium and not a genre and so just like live action video can encompass any genre including things that are not for children.

my exposure to Corpse Party has been limited to a lets play stream I watched once.

I know enough to know I don't want to see an anime, or movie, that faithfully reproduces the setting and ideas involved because it would give me nightmares.

That said, props to them for using body horror in so well in an appropriate application and for getting it around censorship.
Long distance foot running is heavily associated with certain Brotherhood orders (who also serve as long distance mail haulers, since they're running all across the country anyway and might as well help people out while they do it). That and scouts delivering reports. It's probably not a sport because neither of those things are glamorous enough to be emulated recreationally.

Thank you all the other anons who have been making pdf archives of this story

It's made getting caught up, and going back to read parts I especially liked, much easier.

Also having someone clean Crab Anons posts into something easier to read and understand is nice.

so did/does anyone else in this game go to /tg/?
I know that Togashi-san's player has been here at least a few times.
As his ST/DM, I mostly lurk to see his embellished version of the campaign.
Library-anon, something I noticed while reading the pdf. At page 247 it moves from the unedited kenjutsu duel at the winter court to the edited beginning of the Kenzan arc.
Huh. So it does. I think something went a little weird with my splitting, because google docs limits. I'll fix that really quick, thanks for checking.
Just doing my part to help.
Trust me, It's greatly appreciated. It really helps to have people look over my work and catch things I miss.

It looks like I repeated a huge section necessarily. Because of that, the pdf is now smaller, but accurate.
File: 1492881159780.jpg (26 KB, 634x385)
26 KB
away from page ten!
back to page one!
File: 1493598294920.gif (185 KB, 200x200)
185 KB
185 KB GIF
Back up you go
>not one vote no
>The floor in the tunnels had gotten quite slick.
>As I left the dead ogres behind me I leaned on the walls to keep myself from falling.
>It would be hard to fight down here like this
>I stepped over an arm, still clutching the haft of on ono
>I couldn't see the rest of them from here
>Slowly, I realized I was lost
>I could almost forget about it. Until an inhuman growl or a scream would echo through the tunnels around me.
>Though I would chase after the sounds, I never managed to find their source
>One time I did, only to find a pile of bodies. Crabs and Goblins lying all about in a knee high pile.
>THere were nearly twenty Crabs here, and three times as many dead Goblins
>I shifted Kimimaru to my left hand, pulled my katana and got to work
>I was honoring twenty brave Crab
>I was keeping twenty zombies from attacking my kinsmen
>I had to lift dead bodies and toss them aside to get to the bottom of the pile
>The last one twitched, and looked up at me
>My blade froze as I looked into their eyes
>My vision was bluring, so I had to blink a couple of times
>As heir hand wrapped around my ankle my vision cleared enough
>Milky eyes
>My blade fell
>Kicking my leg free I went hunting more prey
>Mortar dust fell as the wall shook from the rhythmic firing of the siege engines
>It stuck to the blood coating my armor
>I swiped a hand absently at it, but only smeared the gore across my do.
File: 1492226133735.gif (489 KB, 497x373)
489 KB
489 KB GIF
>I heard the sounds of battle and set off running,
>A mistake.
>I slipped in the gore, and skidded out of controll into a wall
>I pushed myself away in time to see a Crab Samurai-ko pushing an an Oni back down a hall
>Three blades made of obsidian scythed out from the walls, One from the left at waist hight, and two from the right at ankle and neck level.
>She leapt back as they came out, cutting the Oni into neat little peices
>But there were two more coming up from behind
>She turned to face them, and saw me.
>She wore A hachi-gane, do, sune-ate, and fundoshi.
>She twirled twin Masakari, so it was good bet she was one of the Hiruma Slayers
>I smiled and hefted up Kimimaru.
>These things looked like Nosloc, though they were much shorter than normal
>We attacked togother, though she was just acting as a distraction.
>Her weapons had no powder on them
>I knew Oni no Nosloc coordinated well with one another so I focused my attacks, seeking to kill one as quickly as possible.
>Nosloc were not much better then a veteran bushi, save their invulnerability.
>With Kimimaru in hand, the first one fell before it knew I was there
>The other turned to me in surpise, roaring in anger
>The Hiruma tried to distract it with a pair of blows from he masakari.
>It ignored her, and swung at me with it's club
>Six thick bands of stone wrapped around the end of long pole
>Armor cracked as it slammed it's club into me
>But that was all.
>I lashed out, crushing both it's kneecaps
>It collapsed in a heap, making almost pathetic mewling noises
>The samurai-ko stepped back, as it thrashed about from the ground, trying to claw at us
>I raised Kimimaru once more, and crushed it's skull.
>I am Hiruma Akane.
>I nodded to her
>Hida Ishigaki
>I looked around
>...and I'm lost...
>She chuckled
>Follow me, then.
>Akane led me back out of the tunnels
>As I headed out, a pair of Hida went in, with a Kaiu
>There were several Eta behind them
>Going in to try and pull the corpses out, and reset some of the traps
>The sky in the east was getting a little brighter
>Dawn was not far off
>I had been fighting down there for hours
>I prepared to head up to the top, to see if there were more enemies
>As I did, a horn blew, and the taiko drums spoke
>They were pulling back again.
>I stood a moment, and then began to head towards the medical tents at the base of the Wall
>I needed some water, and I needed to be Cleansed after all that
>And of course...I wanted to see Naomi
>I did, and regreted it
>She was outside, doubled over and coughing violently
>covered in gore as I was I couldn't even hold her up
>All I could do was run over, and yell for someone to come
>Another Kuni did
>I pointed to the herb pouch hanging from her Obi
>Her medicine, it's a tea.
>He nodded and took the pouch
>He did pause to look at me
>I'm fine, none of this is mine!
>He brewed up her medicine and passed her the cup when her fit passed
>I took the oportunity to get a drink
>Only when I had the water in my mouth did I realize how dry the back of my thoat was.
>There was lump in it that made swallowing painful
>Another Kuni poked her head out
>She wrinkled her nose at me
>There are purification rituals over there.
>I nodded
>So many needed purification it was a rather rushed affair
>We linned up, and were alternately doused with buckets of water to wash the worst gore off, and then hit with a cloud of salt
>I coughed into the cloud
>I wasn't the only one
>then a pair of Kuni waved bamboo rods with streamers on the end around our heads
>And it was on to the next batch
>I went back to see Naomi
>She was still panting, but it was more like the panting of someone who had just run a long way and was laying down and resting.
>I rubbed her back, now that I was clean enough to touch people
>You've been so busy taking care of everyone else you forgot to take care of yourself, didn't you?
>N-no, it is not like that Ishigaki-kun!
>Light cough
>I cupped her chin and pulled her face towards me
>Oi. How much good will you be able colapse from overworking yourself
>She looked down
>But...there are so many
>I hugged her
>I know. But you shouldn't push yourself like that.
>Everyone else is
>Everyone else CAN.
>She winced at my words
>They were harsh, and I hated having to say them
>But they were also true.
>She nodded
>I sat down next to her
>As soon as I did my body began to shake
>The weakness that comes when the batlle heat leaves washed over me
>Namoi rested her hand on my leg, rubbing it as I waited for the tremors to stop
>I wasn't sure when it happened exactly, but I fell asleep there
Naomi-san best waifu 2017
>She wore A hachi-gane, do, sune-ate, and fundoshi.
For those not versed in Japanese terms, she was basically wearing some armor over underwear.
So, like Kikuchiyo and some of the bandits we see in Seven Samurai?
>How much good will you be able colapse from overworking yourself

yes. Kikuchiyo's outfit in the very last balttle scene is that.

>>How much good will you be able [to do if you] collapse from overworking yourself
>yes. Kikuchiyo's outfit in the very last balttle scene is th

She probably wore it better.
so wait how/why is that bird not just biting down do crush the crab?

going fast and purifying yourself by pushing through your limits till you are exausted, and the "runners high", are not enough for it to become recreational?

what's it like to have one of your players storytime a game you ran?
File: 19971426_a3b9f9380f.jpg (41 KB, 500x390)
41 KB
I doubt that
pic related
A mix of rewarding and awkwardness.
Helps keep the motivation to continue as a DM.
Yes, and Akane most likely wore it better.
File: ROTK12_Han_De.jpg (81 KB, 372x526)
81 KB
/eagg/ reporting in
Anyone have experience running a RoTK campaign with this system or how one might do so?
I'm not even sure what you are trying to say.
Romance of Three Kingdoms campaign. Most likely Dynasty Warriors kind one.
He wants to know if you could use L5R rules to run a game set in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms universe.
Not sure what /eagg/ is, but L5R is pretty strongly tied to it's lore. The R&K dice system would be easy to translate over, but a lot of school mechanics are tied to the lore of their clans. A starting point would be to look at Legend of the Burning Sands (and the 4E conversion book for it), the Yobanjin (notChina), and the stuff in Second City. http://talesofrokugan.com/ has some house rules on the wiki to improve some of the weapons skills in order to make them more viable.

Ohhhh. I don't know anything about Romance of the Three Kingdoms other then that I once saw someone mod it so that the cities were boards and memes were generals.
Have a little bump.
/eagg/ is our /vg/ board/general. Thanks lads.. Might just homebrew the system.
>/eagg/ is our /vg/ board/general
It's a /vg/ general.
Bamp for storytime
noooooo, mass battle in l5r 4th ed is hella lethal.
as much as i love l5r 4th ed, it would be TERRIBLE to do a dynasty warrior game.
Even if it's just a skirmish battle, L5R is pretty lethal.

My suggestion would be to give the PCs an alternate version of Great Destiny, if they really like playing their character. Something that gives them the chance of not getting offed immediately after starting the game.
I call it "Destiny". Zero xp cost, and only a vague chance of divining whether it's going to be dark or great before it hits.
I would be like
>Okay, so you are knocked beyond your Out points and would be dead. However, you have the wonderful opportunity to roll on this disadvantages table I made for you to see what kind of disadvantage you will have from being on death's door. Also, you don't get XP for it.
Speaking of story times, our group recently ran into a bit of a situation:

At Winter Court, a Lion takes such offense to what a Scorpion implied about his ancestor that he issues a challenge for a duel to the death. The Scorpion's yojimbo, a high-ranking Bayushi of some fame, accepts the challenge.

On the morning of the duel, the Bayushi yojimbo is found dead in his room. The cause of death is a poisoned cut on his hand. A poisoned cut seemingly delivered from his own, quite poisoned, blade. Seemingly, the yojimbo accidentally killed himself trying to cheat.

Wat do?
A samurai's job is quite literally to die. Either fighting his lord's enemies or sudokuing to protect his family's honor.

This is why duty, courage and honor are virtues for a samurai. It is also why one of the questions the game asks you in the character creation process is "how are you going to die?" I think the best solution is simply to come to terms with the fact that you will die sooner or later.
Laugh at the dishonorable cur's expense

He shamed both his charge and his daimyo, they should be appropriately embarrassed

Needless to say the charge should commit seppukku, because not only was the duel lost but it was lost in an extremely shameful way
>you will die sooner or later.
>sooner or later
>or later
See where the problem is?

I know you are probably blessed with the incredible ability of becoming immersed with the game and not get attached to a character concept. But not all players have your mentality: sometime they just want to play a character a bit longer than a few sessions.

It's a matter of opinion.
This could lead to conflicts between what the player wants and what his character would presumably do when faced with impeding death.

If you want your character to live and your character is a shameless coward who wants to live above all else, then it's relatively easy to stay alive. You don't volunteer for rearguard duty if the army is reteating, you run away and hide if outmatched, you play dead among the corpses of a battlefield, you attack enemies when they are at their most vulnerable (ambushing them while they are unarmed in the baths for example). And you lie about how you keep surviving (helpful if there are no survivors).

If you want your character to live and your character is a honorable soul who does not fear death, then many of the above tactics are unappealing. A Lion paragon, for example, leaps at the opportunity to be the rearguard, faces his enemies head on, does not surrender or flee from battle (mind you, he does not necessarily charge in like a fool either; unless he has a disadvantage like Overconfident or Brash), and he would certainly never stoop so low as to play dead. You can always choose do do these things, of course (your honor does not determine your actions - your actions determine your honor), but then you shouldn't be surprised when your character's honor score drops accordingly. And that's okay.

But you should never get to play a character who is ruthlessly pragmatic in the preservation of his own life AND retains a high honor score. You can fake it with Perceived Honor though.
there are alternate rules in the core rule book for this purpose. Just multiply your earth by a higher number when deciding HP
What's the group's stake in this matter?
>Needless to say the charge should commit seppukku, because not only was the duel lost but it was lost in an extremely shameful way

This is probably what would happen
Play a Scorpion. Dying for just honor is considered unacceptable and stupid in their clan.
The only thing there is, your word has to be unbreakable.
>I awoke in the late afternoon
>Not much time before it would grow dark
>They would come again then
>I ate quickly, and tried to find everyone to check on them
>First I made my way around the medical tents. >I spotted the flash of gold and green and walked over to Kituski-san
>he looked up as I approached, and raised a hand in greeting
>Worried about me?
>Well you DID get impaled on a bone spear...
>I'm fine now. Satoshi-san got me to Naomi-sama in time, as you can see
>I'm just resting here until my armor can be repaired. Truthfully, I was worried I would have to settle for a spare suit of ashigaru.
>I grinned.
>The Kaiu work fast, and well. You'll have your armor.
>Speaking off Monkey...
>He's fine. He gorged himself on rice gruel and passed out somewhere.
>Hah. Damn Monkey.
>I nodded and left Kituski-san.
>I went up the Wall and found Toshiro, his limping gait making him stick out like a sore thumb
>He had a bandage wrapped around his head, and was wearing a do.
>I looked closer at the chestpiece. One size fits all, meant for ashigaru
>And, on rare occasions, shugenja
>The Wall under siege for miles along it's length by a thousands strong horde led by an Oni no Akuma was certainly one of those rare occasions.
>He was overseeing a small batch of younger Kuni who were placing sutras about
>Toshiro addressed me without taking his eyes from their work
>I was wondering if you intended to sleep through the rest of the battle
>I looked back out over the Wall
>Nope. Still plenty of fun to be had.
>He made his laugh-snort
>I watched the Kuni dart about for a moment
>What's all this?
>Getting the Kami in the right mood so we can do more when they come again tonight.
>I nodded
>Is Mantis-san still alive?
>Toshiro nodded
>He's got quite the kill count. So far we've only gotten scrapes and bruises to show for the fighting.
>He did turn to look at me then
>I heard Kitsuki-san was wounded badly down in the tunnels
>I nodded.
>Monkey got him out
>Toshiro breathed out a sigh and nodded
>I left him to finish overseeing the preperations
>One last thing to check
>I found him pacing the Wall like a caged tiger
>Staring out at the Horde
>Everyone got out of his way, because he didn't seem to even see them
>I stood at the end of his path, set the top of Kimimaru down on the Wall and folded my hands over it's pommel
>For a moment I wondered if he really would walk right into me
>But he stopped short and jerked his head towards me
>Blinking a few times
>Ah, Ishigaki-san.
>He turned away immediatly, resting his hands on the top of battlements and leaning forward
>What is it?
>I want to be where the fighitng is thickest Masagoro-sama
>He looked down at Kimimaru
>Do you think they will push the tunnels again?
>He pointed
>I followed his finger
>I could make out some large shapes moving among the horde
>It took a moment for me to realize just how large though.
>The figures running around the large ones feet, and hanging off thier backs were not goblins, but Ogres
>Living siege ramps.
>Masagoro spoke
>The last two attacks were merely probing us. This one is the real one.
>They will attack everywhere. But up here will be the worst
>His beard almost hid it, but I saw him smile
>I looked past him, to the signal fires
>Eta were throwing bodies into them nonstop
>Headless samurai, still in their armor, all burned together
File: 1493387245518.jpg (77 KB, 1536x860)
77 KB
>>Eta were throwing bodies into them nonstop
>>Headless samurai, still in their armor, all burned together
>As the setting sun turned the sky crimson, the Horde came forth
>This time it was Ogres and Trolls leading the charge across the river
>The engines on the Wall sprang to life,
>arrows, boulders, burning pitch and oil all rained down on the hordes of Ogres rushing across the River of the Last Stand with their ladders
>But Ogres were a bit sturdier then zombies and goblins, and several engines were silent, waiting for the Oni no Seige Ramps to come into range
>So far more ladders struck the Wall then in the previous nights
>We didn't try to shove them off right away.
>Instead we allowed the pitch and oil to burn away the Ogres trying to climb up
>Flaming bodies rained down from middle of the wall, crashing into their fellows waiting below
>They came on anyway, racing against the crews who had to refill the cauldrons
>An Ogre head apeared over the top of the Wall
>I struck it with Kimimaru, and then shoved the ladder
>Though the Ogre held on, his was off balance enough that he could not fight back
>The Ladder fell, the ogres on it screaming as it did
>To my left and right similar scenes played out,
>Further down the I saw Mantis-san cut the head off the first ogre as a pair of Hida pushed at the ladder
>A volley of arrows rained down after the falling ogres, buying more time as the foolish ogres rushed to right the ladders
>The River of the Last Stand ran red as the sky
>This pattern repeated several times, as we methodically destroyed the ogres.
>The last rays of the sun were dwindling, a slim red sliver on the horizon
>As I shoved another ladder over, two more took it's place immediately
>Toshiro yelled then
>Back! BACK! Let them come up!
>We stepped back as the Ogres began to crest the Wall
>The looked around, confused by the sudden lack of resistance
>Then they smiled, convinced we feared them
>Toshrio smirked
>He's fine. He gorged himself on rice gruel and passed out somewhere.

Oh, Monkey. One of the best characters in this.
>A half dozen Kuni, who had been praying for some time, raisde their heads and pointed
>Green energy surounded them all, lifting their hair, filling their eyes
>It raced from sutra to sutra, traveling far down the Wall
>Then it burst forth, bathing the top of the Wall in jade flames
>The brilliant energy threw back the encroaching shadows, making it as bright as noon for just a moment
>When it passed, the ogres were gone
>burned away to ash so fast they couldn't even cry out.
>The sun had gone down
>Night had fallen
>The Wall shook as a full volley erupted from the engines
>The Oni no Seige Ramps were coming
>We had no time to shout our defiance, as more and more Ogres poured up from the ladders
>We fell upon the beasts, tetsubo and ono and dia tsuhci impacting against ogre flesh
>A pair of ogre seized the arms of a Hida, and pulled
>He screamed in unimaginable agony as his arms were torn from their sockets
>I cried out for vengeance and fell upon them, three of my kin at my back
>The Wall shook, and not the way it did when the engines fired
>A great fanged maw was cresting the top of the Wall
>a dozen bushi lay before it.
>They were all missing large chunks of their bodies
>It's teeth were bloody
>And then I heard the shreik
>The same shriek I head in the canyon
>This Oni wasn't carrying Ogres.
>It had the Lost cavalry
>And the Dark Moto that led them
>The Wall froze at that creatures wordless howl, for it somehow contained uncountable blasphemies and promises of dark fates for all who heard it
>In that moment of shocked stillness, the Lost charged
>Onikage galloped past me, riders in black armor, their flesh distorted unnaturaly with the taint of Jigoku struck at either side as hey passed
>I managed to fend of a half dozen blows before I was knocked down
>My vision swimming I watched the Crab fall before in rows before the Lost
>I staggered to my feet, shaking my head to clear it
>Toshiro was leading the Kuni in another chant
>The Kuni finished their prayers and a wave of clam flooded over me.
>Not the emotionless calm I felt once before, but rather a calm determination. My failing courage had been reinforced by the Earth Kami.
>And not just me. Wounded Crabs were standing, living Crabs were stricking back at the Lost
>The Dark Moto's empty sockets turned towards the Kuni. The hellish light that burned in them flaring brightly
>I stepped betwen him and the Kuni
>It looked at me
>It's jaw opened
>And a hissing gurghleing noise issued forth
>I blinked
>Then I realized what I was hearing
>It was laughing at me
>It calmly drew it's katana and walked it's Oni Kage towards me
>For all my bulk, I am still surprisingly fast
>Hard won experience lets me react quickly.
>The Dark Moto was much faster
>Exploiting it's advantage it swung it's blade down at me faster then I could react
>THe tip found a gap between my do and sode, and plunged into me
>It's eyelights flared again, then it stood up in it's saddle and lifted it's blade high
>I cut down trhough my kabuto, I jerked my head back, my forehead gashed open
>I knew my training as a Defender of the Wall had just saved my life
>I also knew that while the Dark Moto was surpised to run into me, he was neither afraid nor unsure of how to fight me
>This thing had existed for centuries. Of course it had faced Defenders in the past
>And it was here in front of me now. It had survived those fights. Probably won them.
>I hopped Mantis-san would get here quickly
File: Spoiler Image (52 KB, 900x900)
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File: 1485077044506.gif (87 KB, 192x197)
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Dark moto over here like pic related.
You also need to come to terms that you are an utterly disposable pawn to be sacrificed when convenient, and you must accept this fact with a smile on your face or risk a punishment worse than death, so there is that.
He was actually murdered
By whose testimony can you prove that?
No one. Yet. See, that's where we came in. Scorpions crying ninja isn't particularly believable, and even some of the people who would believe it would probably find a satisfying irony in them getting framed with this type of bullshit for once. Plus, the Scorpion trying to defend themselves against charges of being cheating poisoners would be extremely hard.

Game motherfucking on.
That's what investilgations are for, silly. The Empire is not in the habit of shrugging its shoulders and saying "Well, looks like this guy was just clumbsy! Let's all laugh and be on our way." (well, some unscrupulous or lazy magistrates might, but that's a different story). If a dead samurai is found, even if the cause seems obvious, it's still going to be looked into.

Regarding the duel itself, probably a new champion would be chosen (if the unlucky courtier can find someone to fight for him that is). Technically, no duel was fought, so the matter remains unresolved. And what true son of Akodo would be satisfied with being declared the winner in such a manner anyway?
File: In our darkest hour.png (210 KB, 491x335)
210 KB
210 KB PNG

Theme song for tonight
>lion challenges scorpion to a duel
>scorpion accepts
>scorpion is known for doing dishonorable shit
>scorpion is found dead, apparently having fucked up while doing some dishonorable shit

open and shut case in my opinion (yes, I am a lion)

Now if you were to present evidence or testimony that the foul play was actually foul play it would merit an investigation and buy time to find a culpable party and a suitable replacement for the duel

As it stands right now however, the scorpion's charge has no alternative but seppukku, honor demands it

Even if said charge were to disappear and return some time later with a murderer and undeniable proof he would suffer great shame and so would his daimyo
Grab the nearest Ikoma, he probably did it.
I bump from bottom
Crappy haiku is best choice
Crab fights tainted dead
Some poems are haiku
This one is not
Alas, you've read to the end
That depends. What level of authority are the courtiers at? A scorpion will gladly accept the dishonor if he needs to stay alive to carry out a plan, or really, as long as he doesn't need to die for a plan to work.
>There is no grace in the way the Hida fight
>We stand firm, and defend ourselves. When our enemy leaves even the smallest opening, we strike at it with all our might.
>Our heavy armor, our strong Earth, allow us to take those risks.
>Against the timeless monster I now faced, I paused
>I covered myself, lifting Kimimaru high to ward off his rapid strikes
>The demon horse snapped and kicked at me as well
>The fires of Jigoku burned in it's eyes as well, and I knew it hungered for my flesh
>The Dark Moto struck at me again and again, probing my defense, seeking to pry me from my shell
>It tried to cut at my hands, my wrists, my fingers, seeking to dislodge Kimimaru from my grasp
>It spured the Onikage to lurch to the side, slaming it's bulk against me to take me off my feet
>it slashed at my exposed head, then tried to rake it's boney claws across my eyes
>Though I could feel it's hatred behind every blow, it did not rush.
>I was strong. But I would tire. It would not.
>The whoopfing of leathery wings behind me told me the Kuni were too busy to aid me in this fight
>Was it enough just to hold it's attention here?
>There were Oni attacking the Wall, and Kimimaru needed to be there.
>First, I needed to get him off his horse.
>Kill the Onikage?
>Unseat the rider?
>As the Onikage snapped its fangs at me I brought Kimimaru up under it's jaw
>Bone cracked, and leathery flesh tore from it's skull
>The Onikage reared back from the force of the blow
>It was dead. It felt no pain
>As the Dark Moto shifted to maintain his balance in his saddle I struck at his chest
>I saw the helllight in it's eyes flare as I attacked
>his armor cracked under the wieght of Kimimaru and I pushed him from the saddle
>Though he hit the ground he rolled with the fall and came up on his feet
>The wound I dealt to him was closing, his bones reforming and realigning as I watched
>It laughed again.
>I wasn't good at hiding my emotions, after all.
>It stood, staring at me
>I heard something that might have been a whinny
>Crap, the Onikage!
>I whirled around just in time to see a cloven hoof slam into my face
>I wasn't sure if the sound I heard was my skull cracking or the Onigage hiting the ground after it had reared up, because my vision went white, then black
>I could feel my body staggering back
>Then pain in my back
>My vision cleared
>I spun again, as the Dark Moto sliced into me a second time
>I fell back, against the edge of the Wall, so they couldn't do THAT again
>Getting him off his steed only eliminated a small advantage the Dark Moto had
>But I had failed to kill the Onikage, so I was sill outnumbered
>The Dark Moto hissed. Not a laugh this time.
>Frustration? Surprise? Satisfaction? Anger?
>It is surprisingly hard to read the emotions of a bare skull.
>It began to advance on me
>no stance. It held it's blade casually at it's side
>I was getting sick of being taken so lightly
>I switched up my stance, calling up the Power of the Mountain.
>I used this kata rarely. I hit hard enough on my own most times
>The I smashed that grin off the Dark Moto's face
>It took a step back
>Then it straightened it's head with crackling noise that made my own neck ache
>Well, bare skull or not, I was fairly certain I had pissed it off.
>I spoke to it
>you see? Don't take me so lightly monster.
>It nodded.
>The Onikage came closer, getting ready to strike at me
>And then it fell
>Mantis-san rose up from behind it, black blood dripping from his Kama
>I had seen a painting of Yoritomo once.
>Tsuruchi Daigo reminded me of that painting right now.
>Nice of you to join me.
>He grinned back at me.
>Trying to steal all the best ones for yourself?
>The situation had reversed. Now it was the Dark Moto who was outnumbered.
>Watch out, the bastard's wounds heal quickly.
>Mantis-san grunted in acknowledgment and we began to circle around the monster
>I shifted my stance again, ready to strike at the Dark Moto if it swung at Mantis-san
>Now that Mantis-san we had a chance. If I could knock it down, Mantis-san could kill it.
>He sank low, running around it and slashing at it's flanks
>It struck back, but Mantis-san rolled under it's blade
>Then I knocked aside it's follow up with Kimimaru
>I followed through, driving into it with all my weight
>I pushed it back, but it kept it's feet
>It's skull leaned in close, Kimimaru locked with it's blade, and hissed at me
>The stench of it's corupte breath was worse then an Eta village, and my eyes watered up
>Mantis-san let out a fierce Kiai and struck it from behind
>He then darted back out of the things reach
>I could see we were damaging it faster then it could heal.
>If we could just keep this up...
>The Dark Moto drew it's wakizashi and threw it at Mantis-san
>The blade punched through his do, into his his abdomen
>I screamed with rage as I lashed out at it, hitting it over the head
>It's kabuto flew off, and it's head snapped down in a bow from my blow
>Then I swept Kimimaru through it's legs
>It fell this time
>Mantis-san leapt through the air, and let his body drive his kama into the things forehead
>I picked Mantis-san up
>Can you stand?
>yeah, it looks worse than it is!
>He hissed as he yanked the Moto's wakizahi out of his guts
>blood spurted from the wound
>he clapped a hand over his wound
>It'll take more than this to kill me
>A rattle of armor jerked both our heads around
>The Moto was standing up
>The top of it's skull was gone, along with it's right eye socket
>rotten brains spilled from it's open head
>It screamed at us both and raised it's katana
File: 1_1280.jpg (324 KB, 1000x1415)
324 KB
324 KB JPG

That's fucking spooky.
I'd write another haiku bump, but I'm not creative enough for it.
Shamefur dispray
I know anon can do it!
Just try, go do it!
Unceasing nightmare
Endless war atop the wall
Shadows rise again

Fucking metal.

I need to pull out a Dark Moto when I run a campaign.
If you injected jade dust into your veins, would your body become resistant to the taint? Would an overdose turn you into a samurai Hulk?
Well, Jade powder is actually mixed with a sort of glue to make it stick to weapons. Injecting that into yourself would most likely result in an embarrassing death from clotting or accidental self-poisoning.
Haiku are tricky
For those inexperienced
Practice makes perfect
Despite it's mystic properties, jade is still a stone. What do you think would happen if you injected ground stone into your bloodstream?
No matter how finely ground it is it'll tear up the membranes in your kidneys & lungs, leaving you coughing blood.
Mechanically, I'd give you a negative 2 to your earth ring for the purpose of all tests.
>Jade powder is actually mixed with a sort of glue to make it stick to weapons
Oil. You don't want it to stick more than few hits, especially when it turns to sludge so quickly in small amounts.
Pretty much this, it also has a crystalline structure, so it will rip your shit up
>I pushed Mantis-san back as it rushed at us, taking it's attack head on
>More shallow wounds, weakening my body, loosening my souls grip bit by bit
>I could see marrow sliding up from the cut in it's skull, and bone following up the marrow
>it was still healing
>Mantis-san and I were both in bad shape
>The difference was in how many attacks I could receive.
>It tried to circle around me, to reach Mantis-san
>I moved with it, blocking it's path
>It knew if it could kill one of us, the other would be easy pickings. And it could kill Mantis-san faster than it could kill me.
>I had to keep it's focus
>So I gave it chance to kill me
>I cast aside all thought of safety, and attacked
>Kimimaru shattered armor, clavicle, and shoulder
>The Dark Moto's neck, lacking support, bent to the side. It's skull rested sideways on it's opposite shoulder, the opened top aimed at the sky like a cup.
>A cup full of black, mushy brains
>It could not pass up such an opening
>With a one handed thrust it drove it's katan into my stomach, all the way to the tsuba
>It had been a long time since I felt such pain
>I grinned and wrapped my arms around it
>Mantis-san was waiting for that moment
>He lunged, kama a blur as he slashed
>The Dark Moto screamed, a sound that scraped against my teeth
>the light in it's eyes flared brighter then ever
>then went out
>it's bones turned to sludge in my arms, leaving me holding onto an empty suit of armor
>my knees buckled
>Mantis-san grabbed me before I could fall
>He pulled the blade from me
>You're tough, not invincible!
>I know, Daigo.
>I'm not dead yet, am I?
>A roar that threatened to burst my ears put a stop to our conversation
>A samurai had stabbed a Yari right into the eye of the Oni no Seige Ramp, and it was shaking it's head
>The samurai didn' let go of their yari in time
>Their body was tossed up into the air, over the south side of the Wall
>A Kaiu snapped her tessen down, and the Wall shook again
>The Oni's legs were engulfed in flames, and ballistae bolts pierced it's thick hide
>It was already pierced by a half dozen, and covered with arrows.
>This last volley seemed enough
>The thing toppled and in it's death throes it shook the Wall worse then even the seige engines
>I lost my balance and fell
>An ogre was looming up over me, club raised
>A brown shape ran into view, a katana sank into the ogres side
>The momentum carried them both to the edge of the Wall.
>And over it
>I saw Mantis-san dive to edge as I staggered back to my feet
>I ran over and looked down
>At Monkey hanging onto Mantis-san's hand
>He was dangling one hundred yards above a shadowlands horde
>He looked down, then up at us
>And grinned
>For some reason, his right side was covered in jade powder
>HI guys!
>Could you maybe pull me up? I really don't wanna go down there.
>I grabbed his other hand, Mantis-san and I pulled with everything we had
>We got Monkey back on the Wall
>We sat there, panting for just a moment
>What the hell are you doing up here?
>Looking for more jade!
>It's uh... getting kind of bad down in the tunnels
>Toshiro limped over, handing Kimimaru back to me
>It's about to get worse
>He pointed
>Three more of the seige ramp Oni were coming
>At a full charge
>The Wall SHOOK as the behemohs slammed into it
>And dozens of Oni no Nosloc leapt onto the Wall
>I raised Kimimaru and charged, the Crabs and my friends right behind me
>But even as we strove to drive back the Nosloc more and more creatures came up the ladders
>We were being overwhelmed.
>Slowly our lined bent back
>A Kuni came up behind me, healing some of wounds
>I turned to thank him
>He was already laying on the ground, three goblins on top of him, hacking into his dead body
>I killed them all, and quickly took his head off
>Fire fell into the back of the Horde, trying to stem the flood
>The Wall wasn't shaking anymore
>The engines had been overrun, flying monsters tore at the abandoned weapons
>I took a step back to gain room to swing Kimimaru
>And my foot fell on the top step of the Wall
>A chill ran up my spine
>I raised Kimimaru, determend not to take one more step back
>And the taiko drums sounded
>The orders echoed down the line, across the Wall.
>We could not hold them here
>My mind flashed back to the divination.
>Shiro Kuni would burn.
>I yelled over my shoulder
>I saw them nod and take off down the steps
>She would not leave a single wounded man behind
>As the ran, I formed up a line at the top of the steps
>My brothers and sisters screamed their defiance with me, into the wave of teeth and spines that was about to break over us
>>A brown shape ran into view, a katana sank into the ogres side
>>The momentum carried them both to the edge of the Wall.
>>And over it
>>I saw Mantis-san dive to edge as I staggered back to my feet
>>I ran over and looked down
>>At Monkey hanging onto Mantis-san's hand

Monkey you magnificent bastard.
Pretty sure that if any of the non-crabs in the party make it out of this nightmare alive, they're going to duel the shit out of anyone who ever implies that the Crab are exaggerating the shadowlands threat in their presence.

>I was engulfed in Mushin no Shin
>Over and over my arms raised Kimimaru and struck
>I knocked aside claws and fangs and clubs that came after the bushi on my sides
>They did the same for me
>Over our shoulders yari stabbed into the horde
>I sank my stance down, leaning forward into the press of bodies
>My feet skidded backwards, over the step
>The bushi behind me supported me, and I did not fall
>Nor did I lift my feet
>Not. One. Step.
>Men and women fell around me, and others took their places
>Even in death, my fellow Crabs tripped the horde, made the monsters footing unsure
>Buying us precious seconds
>I slid back again
>And my foot did not go down another step
>We had been pushed down the Wall.
>Couning me, only five of us were left
>The tents were just behind us
>I looked
>Crabs were carrying the ones who could not walk by any means they could find
>Two peasants were dragging a fallen Hida, still in her armor, buy her shoulder straps
>I saw Toshiro and Naomi standing side by side at the edge of the tents
>They were aglow with power
>Blue and Green energy swriling and mingling around them in a vortex
>A wall of water rose up before me, halting the advance of the horde
>And then the sky rained fire and lighting
>Several more kuni stepped up, adding to the storm of power, Flames, Lightning, Jade, Stones and Thunder savaged the first ranks, held back by Naomi's spell.
>Monkey yelled over the cacophony of destruction
>At that I ran and grabbed Naomi
>Mantis-san grabbed up Toshiro
>As the horde tried to recover from the devastation we ran
>The sun rose in the east, and beheld the Crab Clan forced off of the Wall.
>crab driven from the wall

Shit has hit the fan
>First we raced, trying to open as much distance as possible between us and the horde
>The horde did not give us much time
>They did not consolidate, nor did the fall back with the dawn as they had before
>The other sections of the Wall would engage them, striking into the Horde from both sides to retake the part we had lost
>But for now, we had to deal with the pursit
>Naomi healed my wounds as I took the reargaurd again
>We fought on, walking backwards, keeping the bulk of the horde from running past us and reaching the wounded ahead
>Hiruma Akiyama and Hiruma Akane fought along with us
>She was a whirlwind of death, her twin masakari never stopped moving as she spun through the enemy
>He was a bit more straightforward, swinging his no dachi in wide sweeps.
>But he stepped into every swing, never standing still
>We fought on until our arms and legs were numb, until we could not even think
>It was growing dark
>My numbed brain tried to get my attention.
>It was too soon for that
>A cry caught my attention
>Akiyama was looking up, at the sky
>I followed his gaze
>The moon was beginning to eclipse the sun
>I looked down and back
>Shiro Kuni stood, it's gates open. The first of the wounded were reaching in
>A horn blew
>Then I heard the echo of drums
>Coming from the tall tower outside Shiro Kuni
>It's gate opened
>A banner stood in the open gate
>A Crab. Black. Clutching a piece of rotted jade
>Hundreds of bushi, few wearing any armor at all, stood behind it
>A horn blew again
>And the Damned charged forth
>We fell back, clearing their path
>We look away when they enter that fortress.
>We look away when they take their tea
>But for this, we look.
>We will not shame them for their fall
>We will remember their redemption for ever.
>A wave of darkness slammed into the horde as the sun was fully eclpised
>I saw Kaumi rush past me.
>Our eyes met,
>His eyes were completely black
>then he was gone
Crab-anon did not lie when he said he was going to finish this story in one thread, his post count is on fire today.
>The moon was beginning to eclipse the sun

Fuck me, GM went all out with the "End Times" theme here.
File: 1467410245862.gif (1.63 MB, 659x609)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB GIF
>the crab were pushed away from their wall
File: stress.png (236 KB, 595x446)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>mfw all of this
>The Damned bought us the time we needed
>The rest of us got into Shiro Kuni
>I helped slam the gates shut
>The Damned would not retreat
>I found the others, up on one of the towers
>Naomi was weeping openly as she watched the Damned purify themselves
>There were more than a few wet faces, so there was no shame in that.
>Groups of Kuni prayed, and the enchanments worked into their home sprang to life, Kanji bazing with Jade energy apeared on the walls of Shiro Kuni, straining against the darkness
>The Fires in the towers were lit
>Shiro Kuni held three regemints of the Crab army. 1500 soldiers. Two of those had been brought to the Wall.
>five hundred fresh troops. The Damned. And the survivors from the Wall
>Would the light from the fires even reach?
>Could any troops be spared?
>As the Damned were finally overrun, the Horde began to encircle Shiro Kuni
>then the blast of a Horn cut the air.
>Another force was coming up, along the path that led to the Fortress of the Forgotten
>At the head was the standard of the Clan.
>Even here I could make out the shape of Ketsuen
>The Crab Clan Champion was coming with fresh troops
>Masagoro yelled for the gates to be reopned
>They would need to be gaurded, to keep the horde from getting in
>I ran down to the courtyard
Think I'm going to need one more, with the epilogue/wrap up semi adventure that comes after this bit. But yes. This is the climax of Ishgaki and Co.'s tale. As if that wasn't obvious already.

Gonna leave you guys hanging on this for now. I gotta slap some ice on my fingers.
Interestingly, one of its mystical properties is that it can be worked as if it were a metal by extremely skilled smiths. The same is true for Obsidian and Crystal (which is some kind of not!diamond when it isn't being treated like a metal). There are katanas that have entire strips of sacred substance seamlessly worked into their blades.
>There are katanas that have entire strips of sacred substance seamlessly worked into their blades.

Probably cost more than a whole town of peasants, too.
If anyone would sell it to you to begin with. Priceless artifacts have a tendency to not be for sale, particularly with the Crab trying to gobble up any jade they can find to fight the Shadowlands.
Most of the canonical ones are great clan ruling line ancestral weapons, made by Kaiu himself, or both.
Hiruma got two, but it was because he lost his first one.
Now that I think about it, Hiruma actually got three swords with sacred substance worked into them, all made by Kaiu. The first one was a pre-katana sword (made before meeting Hida, lost sometime after the War), the second was Chikara itself, and the third was the replacement after he lost his first one, which is also the current ancestral Hiruma blade.
Forgive my ignorance, but why wouldn't the empire want the crab to have as much jade as possible?
Also, couldn't jade & crystal be worked into armor & amulets to provide a more reliable, enduring protection, much as crab-san's weapon gives the benefits of jade powder, but does not wear away?

One would think any cost of labor would be worth protecting the empire, especially since jade is a finite resource.
There's little jade, and as with other crab woes - most of the empire just doesn't believe things are that bad.
>couldn't jade & crystal be worked into armor & amulets to provide a more reliable, enduring protection

Crystal actually does not protect against the taint like jade. And well, that requires skillfull artisans, and there are only so many of those.
A: the cost of labor for a truly Jade infused weapon is that you have to be a singularly skilled smith with active divine inspiration. Armor is even more exclusive.
B: Jade is rare, Crystal is rarer.
C: everyone knows the Crab are desperate for Jade and that Jade is the only thing they themselves could use in the event of a taint incident. Giving it away just isn't going to happen.

At the very best, you'll have some people who give it as a gift or set good prices for trade.
And by "as a gift", I mean that they expect the gift to go with an understanding or two.
Well, I understand the limits of having skilled artisans, but that could be cultivated.
And we know the emperors have understood the threat the shadowlands poses, so why not say all jade is the property to the emperor, as they did on China? That gives the emperor a way to distribute it as political favors, and insure the wall is properly supplied.
I realize some emperors have been bat shit insane, but the edifice of the imperial households is pretty damn efficient.
Because the Empire is huge, and amassing and redistributing Jade over it would be a logistical nightmare.
>but that could be cultivated.
It actually can't. Kaiu himself is still one of the only people to have ever made any Jade infused weapons at all.
The only thing even close to regular production is the Phoenix's Inquisitor's Strike, and those use a massive amount of Jade just to make a wakizashi that still rots in the shadowlands (albiet slowly)
Everything is already the emperor's property. Actively redistributing Jade only happened once when an emperor personally took his army and marched down to the wall.
Basically, talking about the Shadowlands is considered uncouth. So is mercantile pursuits. So the Crab show up at court not able to say "Yo, we need shit for the Wall, cuz oni be all over our fuckin' crib" and also not being able to just buy shit, because that would be rude. So they just kind of grump about and let the Yasuki bribe fuckers.
I'm thinking of playing a tiny effeminate Hida. The kind of dude who would be pretty useless on the Wall, and who wasn't suited to making weapons or armor, so they just went "fuck it, send junior to court" and you ended up with a very Crane-ish shrewd Crab with impeccable manners, good looks, and very little in terms of martial ability. Probably going for a Crab Defender too just so he could be sort of a Yojimbo type dude rather than big burly tetsubo beefcake.
That would more likely be the dojo of the Unbreakable Blade for dueling, rather than going full Defender of the Wall which seems more likely for a stereotypical Crab
Crab Defender is the unbreakable blade.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I got mixed up with Defender of the Wall. Crabs got a lot of Defenders. My bad.
Motherfucking prophets...
Keep it on bro
Togashi-san here. I enjoy my bro's take on the story. And enjoy reading about Togashi-san and our adventures.
File: jiaying.png (344 KB, 500x746)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
I thank you, citizen of the empire.
Blessings of the fire kamis upon you.
Since Hida-san's story will soon be coming to a close, would the anons here be interested on more storytimes from other folks?
I've never had a L5R campaign last more than 3 sessions, so I'm always interested in stories of games that went somewhere.
File: gns01_dice_names.png (138 KB, 700x375)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
At some point we may just have to institute an ongoing L5R general, especially with FFG pushing their revival.

Incidentally, who's ready for the new L5R rpg to use this horseshit?
Take the small disadvantage, then wield a no dachi.

Call yourself a fiddler crab.

The actual


Are those
I have a game going into session 5 soon, hopefully will go on longer

Probably will storytime it as soon as something really major happens, for now it has just been a coming of age story for an unlikely group of samurai in their mid teens
I feel bad posting this link because it feels like helping them market this horseshit, but you asked.

The other clans do not just give jade and rice to the Crab because the Crab can clearly handle thier duty without it. Anything they give is a favor that, while helpful, is not NECESSARY. And so a favor is owed in return

They know it is not necessary because the Emperor would say otherwise if it were.

The Emperor does not say it is necessary because his advisors tell him it is not

His advisors tell him that because if they are not Otomo themselves they are at least influenced by any and all means to say so.

The Otomo do this because they are obssesed with the power of the individual Clans, and they seek to force those Clans to expend their power (be it economic or military) on each other.

This ensures that no one Clan grows strong enough to ever overthrow the emperor, and the long standing grudges the constant internal conflicts create ensure that there would never be an alliance between Clans to stage a rebellion.

And it works. While Shoju was able to get enough Scorpion inside the Capital to pull of a Coup, he could not then hold out against the combined might of the other six great Clans.
You know, after reading the whole thing this seems like an okay idea for a super-casual universal rpg

The dice having little symbols makes it so even the dumbest of casuals can interpret a roll without having to look at tables
Either I'm dumber than a dumb casual or you're giving them too much credit, because I can't see myself playing through an actual game session without checking a table of what this roll means in that situation.
Rank two path, Crab Clan berserker
Low pain threshold
Get wounded
start screaming itai itai itai Itai ITAI!
flip the fuck out and kill everything around you
>Bringing such dishonor to the Crab
>Being a weeb to boot
File: flavortown.jpg (20 KB, 480x480)
20 KB
If it doesn't use R&K, that's an instant drop. I want a new edition to address non-kenjutsu and non-heavy weapon skills being garbage, retool disadvantages, and make some balance tweaks to the schools.
I'm not really interested in the LCG, and neither are any of my friends, and if FFG fucks this up, they won't get with 5e either.
The only reason star wars was successful with those shitty dice is because star wars fanboys will buy anything with star wars printed on the cover.
File: 1331162808647.gif (439 KB, 500x378)
439 KB
439 KB GIF
Can I steal this character idea?
It just sounds amazing, I'm sorry.
go ahead
For bonus points see if your gm will allow you take the slayer path should you reach rank 4.
Derp, I really should have thought of that. I guess I got carried away by the samurai Hulk idea.
Draw portrait of monk
Someone draws a better one
Life is suffering
FFG Star Wars plays just fine, even if the dice are whack, so as long as the system is solid, I really don't care if it's R&K or not, though I'd still prefer it to use the old system.
Don't worry I have both arts ;)
nope, most of them will suffer crippling ptsd and no clan is educated in psychology like the crab. so no help in their home clan. they will be isolated and forbidden to go to social gatherings.
best the clans will do is never talk about it again. sorry to burst the bubble.
Monkey's too shounen, Mantis's Earth is too high, and Kitsuki's already watched his best friend cut his belly open. I'm sure they're fine.
Kitsuki's already watched his boy friend cut his belly open
thing is, with jade infused things, you need incorruptible jade, which is rare as fuck.

things with normal jade in it would rot just being near the shadowland in time. Also it cost a lot to make and only the best smith can do it.

the other clans just dont believe its that bad, they dont live it everyday.

the horror is that the crab CANT win against the shadowland. not enough ressources or man power to actually go on the offensive, thats why they are real good with fortification

and even if they DID win and close the pit, it wouldnt take 10 years before the crane would demand that they lose their great clan status because they dont have a sacred duty anymore
being crab is suffering.
the crab duelling school is battlefield, lethal duel focused if i remember well. not so good for courtly duels, which are mostly first hit/first blood. id almost say, go full sleepy-chan and dip into disciple of sun tao
ffg`s star wars dice, a huge gimmick.
most likely result is a failure with a somewhat nice side effect.

i play force and destiny, its pretty nice? but if ffg force his system instead of roll and keep i wont even bother looking at fifth ed
agreed for the most part.
i played ffg`s star wars, its not terrible but its a sin to force this on l5r, r&k is genius
i was not talking about the PCs but other clans in general. also, watching seppuku is normal and accepted. the horrors of the shadowlands, are not
I will bake again no more
I will bake again no more
I will bake again no more

Nice plan, to rush to the bump limit, forcing me to make new bread and new posts. Clever bastards, the lot of you.
>Also, couldn't jade & crystal be worked into armor & amulets to provide a more reliable, enduring protection, much as crab-san's weapon gives the benefits of jade powder, but does not wear away?
In short, no. A finger of jade will protect just as well as more elaborate setups, unless your jade is not native/acclimated to Ningen-do, like Yakamo's corpse or Lady Sun's tears. Any jade created by the kami turns to sludge on exposure to taint.

Or the times when the Crab marched on Crane lands to mess their shit up and take the jade they had in temples, shrines, and galleries.
>also, watching seppuku is normal and accepted
Did you miss the part where it was his best fuckbuddy?
>the horror is that the crab CANT win against the shadowland
They theoretically could do a lot more, but it would leave the newly claimed land exactly like the Kuni Wastes in the process, would need innumerable shugenja to shorten their lives and/or kill themselves, and when they reach the point past the Black Finger River where the taint is strong enough to instantly turn an untainted samurai Lost ... well, they're going to need stronger protection than just jade.

Once they do manage to close the Festering Pit, Jigoku is just going to find other ways to harass the realms and assault Ningen-do.

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