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>Ayame was the first to fall, with a rather adorable BAAWK?! as Tetsute, running while looking behind him, slammed into the backs of her legs
>He crawled out form under her legs, grinned at her, then cried out in frustration as Daiko smacked him on the back and took off
>he got up and chased after her, determined to return her smack.
>Ayame just blinked in confusion
>Are they like that oftern?
>I grinned with pride
>Yeah, great aren't they?
>I helped her too her feet, as Kitsuki-san deftly spun and avoided them. He didn't even spill his tea.
>Ishigaki-san allows his children to run wild like this. You'll get used to it soon enough.
>I chuckled.
>they're training already, you see.
>Is that so...?
>I nodded.
>They're both going to grow up to quite strong. I'm glad.
>Means I won't have to worry about leaving the future to them.
>Monkey had joined in their little game, and was trying to get a rather annoyed Mantis-san to join in as well.
>Naomi sat down next to me, handing me a bowl of rice
>I hope you are not planning to leave the future to them anytime soon, Ishigaki-kun.
>I laughed.
>Of course not, Hana-chan! They've still got a ways to go before they're ready to take over for me.
>She leaned her head against my shoulder as I ate
>I arched an eyebrow at her, though I didn't say anything
>I have not been using up much energy, riding in that palanquin all day so I am not very hungry.
>I didn't press; we just watched out children play together
>When we finally arrived home I introduced Ayame and Osako to Shino
>He nodded smartly. I'll see to rooms for them at once, Ishigaki-sama.
Threadly reminder that [your clan] is inferior to [my clan]
But anon, [your clan] IS [my clan].
threadly reminder that [your clan's waifus] is craving for [my clan's dicks]
[thinly veiled insult about your clan's honor, and your honor in particular]
[witty rebuttal that turns your insult against yourself]
Rolled 3, 5, 9, 7, 9, 7 = 40 (6d10)

Okay, that's it motherfucker. Imma duel you for that, and I'm so angry I'm actually gonna use /tg/ dice to play this out.

6k3 iaijutsu/awareness roll to figure out your Iaijutsu, then reflexes, then void.
[A cutting riposte to your rebuttal]
>We spent a few weeks getting settled back in, with Kitsuki-san writting a flurry of letters.
>Following up on his plans to hamper Shoji, and coordinating the hunt for bloodspeakers
>Toshiro and Naomi wrote letters as well, to fellow Jade Magistrates, appraising them of the situation.
>Letters came in, allowing the three of them to gain a clearer picture of what had nearly become an all out war across the Empire
>I didn't concern myself much with that aspect of things.
>I liked to keep it simple. See oni, smash oni. See bloodspeaker, smash bloodspeaker.
>So I helped Osako and Ayame settle into life in Ishigaki Mura, showing them around, introducing them to Nana One-Eye, and apraising them of the various protocols for dealing with this or that tainted bugaboo.
>I knew they already knew how to deal with bandits.
>Osako whistled a bit when I showed them where we kept the Yari.
>And it's like this everywhere in Crab lands?
>Yeah. If the creatures get fresh meat, they can stay for some time.
>Ayame blanched a bit at the implication
>Osako made a grimace
>Oh. And here
>I presented them both with fingers of jade
>Wear those at all times
>I explained the protocol for dealing with shapeshifters and skinstealers.
>Groups of three, if anyone leaves your line of sight for any time or any reason you check them when they get back.
>Better safe than sorry.
>Then nodded understanding
>Still, you shouldn't have to worry about that too much. Mostly a few goblins might sneak into the area. The ones that are good at hidding tend to get as far away from Crab lands as quickly as they can, since we're always on the lookout for them and know most of their tricks.
>Well, that's comforting at least
>Ayame nodded at Osako's words
>Then she pointed
>What's that boulder with all the ropes and sutras?
>Hoo boy. That's a long story.
>I explained the seal, and why it was there
>Osako took a drink from his jug
I arrange for [my clan's ninja analog] to fix the duel overwhelmingly in my favor.
[A sarcastic note about you being so easily flustered]
GM, what's your ruling on this >>53693751 bullshit?
Ninjas don't exist, so ninja analogues can't exist either. DENIED.
Bullshit. You're obviously Scorpion/Daidoji Infiltrator/Sesai Ninja/Ikoma Lion's Shadow anon!
[An ironic comment about your previous case of embarrassment, similar to a current situation]
One who sees a black cat in every dark room will hit his head on a wall.
[Unearthing a person who witnessed the event you are referencing, who confirms that you shamelessly twist the events from how they truly transpired]
What the FUCK is going on in this thread?!
Just a harmless exchange of wits.
I think its some sort of meta argument.
The true chaos of unsanctioned duels in Rokugan

This anon has a cool name
What about Hitomi? She's not better than Kisada.
Looks like a shameless eta-posting, quite frankly.
Ironic eta-posting is just kabuki-posting
File: 1461852239320.gif (424 KB, 480x270)
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If I had to guess it's one schizo talking to themselves...
[Flippant dismissal of this threads contents and anyone enjoying it]
I see absolutely nothing ironic about the etaness of the exchange I have witnessed. Cease this shame immediately.
File: glass.jpg (6 KB, 230x220)
6 KB

Perfect summary of >>53694202
Story so far.

579 pages.

273,913 words.

I'm getting better at prose but I still need to do a third pass and place chapters/acts/whatever division works best.
you are a saint archivist-anon
File: 1490809766427.jpg (63 KB, 1024x550)
63 KB
I am just an anon like the rest of you.
The rest of us does not make pdf files of this for other to read.
Threadly reminder that all members of [your clan] are really Scorpions, Spiders, or both in disguise.
Doing edits.

Kyujutsu tourney.

Ishigaki to Naomi: “I know, I'm just saying that if we ever end up staring down another horde of zombies I want you with a bow and some flaming arrows.”

Delicious foreshadowing.
Good work. Don't edit TOO too much, though.
I'm just changing it from greentext to prose, with a few added [character] said/spoke/added/questioned/etc so that its easier to read conversations.

On a serious note, if there's any issue with my editing let me know. I do my best but I'm not sure what I am not doing right.

Your ancestors are surely pleased with you.
>I woke up in the night with my hand clenched around a small figure
>I stopped myself from crushing it, my mind confused with sleeep
>then pain shot through my arm
>I clampled down on my reflexes, still uncertain of what was occuring and looked cloesley at what I held
>It was a goblin
>that was stabbing at my arm with a wakizashi
>I ceased restraining myself and broke it's neck
>Awake and hyper alert, I heard the sounds
>The terrifying familier sounds
>Naomi, Naomi wake up!
>I hissed, and shook my wife awake
>huwah...? Eh?
>She woke up very quickly; I didn't have to explain to her
>I quickly tugged on a kimono top and tossed one to her. No time to get fully dressed
>Snatching up my tetsubo I ran outside
>As I looked out at Ishigaki Mura, I was once more a boy paralyzed with fear and indecision
>The seal was broken
>Goblins were everywhere.
>But they were just fodder
>I saw several Oni moving about as well
>I could hear my father shouting orders, but he was long dead, killed this very night.
>No, that was me. I was yelling for jade
>Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nana One-Eye smashing a goblins brains out with her walking stick.
>An Oni, like a cat with six legs that had been turned inside out was staling up behind her
>I dove at the thing, shoving my tetsubo into it's slavering jaws and pinning it down with my wieght
>My sister ran up, a bucket of jade powder in her hands. Norkiko's manly face was twisted in pain, and she was limping, but she was making the the jade would get where it was needed
>When I will find her body tommorow her jade covered hands will be clenched around an ogre's throat. A death worthy of a Crab.
>But that is tomorow, and my sister is already dead, and I don't see any Ogres tonight.
>I yelled for Akiko to pull my wakizahis out of my obi and powder it as the cat oni raked at my body with it's legs
>My training kept me alive long enough to take the powdered blade and stab the beast again and again.
Talk about tempting fate.
Wait, so is this a dream or not?
Apparently, Ishigaki is having flashbacks (actual flashbacks, not meme ones).
>I saw Noritoshi passing out yari to the peasants. His arm was gone. He bled to death from that wound. He was my oldest brother, and handsome.
>Though he died before he could marry, I had wondered if I might have a nephew or a niece I didn't know about from time to time.
>No. No that's all wrong. This isn't right.
>What the hell am I doing?
>That's right. I'm applying jade powder to my tetsubo now. I have to face the Oni, the peasants can't stand up to them. I'll leave the goblins to them
>I focuesd my mind on my tetsubo, on the jade, on the sap used to keep the jade powder on.
>I shut out everything else
>When I was done, my mind was clear again.
>Monkey, Naomi and Toshiro were on the front pourch of the house, a defensive wall around the children of the village.
>Kitsuki-san was carrying wounded peasants clear of the fighting
>I saw Mantis-san engaging an Oni. It looked like an emaciated, starving man, save that it had two large pincers for hands and a barbed, segmented tail.
>I rushed in to help him
>He still had jade on his kama so I yelled at him to cover up
>I slammed into the creature, swining my tetsubo at it's knees.
>It was agile and jumped over my attack.
>I had, however, gotten it's attention
>It tried to seize me in it's pincers, but Mantis-san struck lightly at it's arm, disrupting the attack. It's tail flashed out angrily at him, and he was forced to leap far back
>We circled the oni, trying to keep it pincered between us
>Mantis-san continued to cover himself, ready to aid me if the thing attacked
>Trusting in my friend, I used a Kata taught at the Hida-ryu. Adding my own earth to my strikes I sought to topple my foes.
>And with a tetsubo in hand what was already easy became even easier.
>I threw myself headlong at the Oni, and saw it's eyes widen in surpise at my reckless assault
>I struck it on the crown of it's almost skeletal head, and kept going throwing my shoulder into it's chest.
>It toppled
Does anyone else have the sudden, unsettling thought that this is Ishigaki going off the deep end?
>Mantis-san, who was waiting for just this moment, pounced like a panther
>His kama peirced the Oni's chest and black ichor spruted from the wound.
>The Oni unleashed a shriek no human throat could make and went still
>We moved on, while several pesants came up and stabbed it over and over to make sure it was truly dead
>There were more Oni
>Gouts of flame burst about the village as Toshiro strove to stem the tide of Goblins
>Monkey was a blur, a soft blue light surrounding his body as he slashed and cut and stabbed, determined to protect the children behind him
>I could see Naomi, tending to the wounded Kitsuki-san brought to her. Ayame stood just beside her, sheilding her from threats so she could work
>Several barrels came rolling into the groups of goblins
>The brewmaster grinned, then dropped his torch
>The alcohol caught fire and the goblins burned
>I saw the large shape of an Oni thrashing around in the flames as well
>Jade fire engulfed it, and it howled and fell
>Mantis-san and I found another Oni to deal with
>It was...a rock.
>vaguely humanoid in shape, it stood 8 feet tall
>A single red eye that looked crystaline burned in the center of it's chest
>What is that?!
>It's new. At least to me...
>So, we have to figure out how to kill it?
>He rushed it, trying to take it's legs out from under it.
>I covered his advance
>But not even Mantis-san's great strength, nor his training in toppling foes could overcome the thing's might
>It stood, unfazed and brought down it's heavy fists
>I managed to get between Mantis-san and it, and stopped it's attack on my tetsubo
>Spikes broke off from it where the creature's hands struck.
>I glanced to where Mantis-san had struck it.
>It was bleeding, something red and glowing, yet not hot.
>But the cuts were shallow, scrapes really
>I switched my stance up, adding power to my attacks. If we couldn't topple it, we'd just have to grind it down
>Of course, you were supposed to be wearing armor when using this technuiqe
>You threw yourself onto your enemies attacks, letting your armor turn aside fatal blows so you could strike a decisve blow when the enemy was most exposed
>But I was Defender of the Wall, I was the Wall.
>Even wearing nothing but a Kimono top I was still difficult to wound
>As the Oni attacked me, I recived his blow
>I heard and felt ribs crack.
>And I smashed my tetsubo into it in return sending chips of rock flying and opening a rent in it's body
>I struck again, this time at it's eye, and it flinched back
>Mantis-san saw that, and I could see him begin to focus
>I stuck at the creature again, and used up the last of the jade on my tetsubo.
>As it lashed back I dove to the side
>It clipped my thigh, and my whole leg went numb
>But as it turned to keep track of me, it's eye came into line with Mantis-san
>Who lashed out, slaming both kama into it's crystaline eye
>I do not know how a thing without a mouth roared, but it did so as the crystal shattered
>It's rock like skin began to flake off, and it flailed around wildly as it died
>We backed away and looked for another target
>But there were none
>As the first rays of dawn broke over the Horizon, Ishigaki Mura was safe
File: beqmsbg4w4jy.jpg (58 KB, 500x497)
58 KB
>as eta dragged the bodies of the dead to the pyres Naomi and Toshiro tended to the worst injured
>Nana One-Eye had survived, as had Akiko, and they worked to bandage the lesser injuries
>Shino came up to me, panting heavily and leaning on a dai tsuchi
>What, how did such a force get here?
>I pointed to where the seal had been
>I don't know. All the shugenja said there was no way for a creature of the shadowlands to approach that rock, let alone break it like that.
>Toshiro thumdragged over to me
>I should go look at that
>He glanced at me
>Are you alright?
>I looked back
>I'd be lying if I said I don't feel it, but I can still fight.
>not what I meant
>I arched an eyebrow.
>You were...strange, earlier.
>I decided to tell him the truth
>I kept seeing my family, at first.
>Memories of that night were overlapping with reality, and I couldn't tell the difference between the two.
>Truthfully, I was worried about that. Not being able to trust your own senses...we trained for times when we were so exhausted our bodies would fight when our minds were not there, and we trained to deal with Jigoku's trickery, but it was still an unsettling thing.
>Toshiro looked closely at me
>You are alright now though, right?
>Yeah. I think anyway. You aren't a dream, are you?
>No. I'm not.
>What did you do?
>I just shut everything else out and focused on powdering my tetsubo.
>He nodded. Yes, that is the correct action when you see the past so vividly.
>We came upon the boulder
>Toshiro produced a scroll and spoke with the kami that had been part of the seal
>He walked around, looking and poking at things.
>He peered deeper into the cave
>I looked around the outside
>He came back to me
>The rock was split by the Oni
>I was told they couldn't even get near it
>They could not.
>But... somone else could come by and disrupt the magic making that so
>He held up a torn sutra
>It was drenched in blood
>I looked at him
>He nodded.
>THEY were behind this
Imagine if, suddenly, Shoji uses this as leverage; saying that he can keep Tetsute safe while Ishigaki obviously cannot.
That be so... convenient.
I hope if that happens Ishigaki literally bites his head off.
Tsuyosa, not Tetsute.
>Memories of that night were overlapping with reality
Unless this was actually intervention from Yomi, to protect the last of the family.
>they were behind this
OH crap.
A bit late, but does no one else feel for the old gunso, Hotaru? The man is duty bound to follow his Lord's order, and the order was simply to remove the eye of a junior, who, though found innocent, did manage to involve herself in maho. It could be that he was under duress, or that given his skill, he can be certain that if he did it, only an eye would be lost and no more.

Then the heroes show up and shove his face in. I mean, this Hotaru guy basically treads the line that all samurai love. Duty to Lord, and pull to do the right thing.
Wait a minute...
Where the FUCK is one armed robin?!
He was passing out Yari, Ishigakit just saw Osako as the brother(?) that died after gettin an arm ripped off because of flahsbacks.

>one armed robin

Slap the shit out of your auto correct.
>One armed robin
If anything, Osako is the Batman while Ayame is the Robin.
Kinda difficult to feel for him, even with all that. He was ordered to commit a dishonourable act by his lord, and I think there had been precendents of underlings refusing to follow such order and even get out of this without opening their bellies.
So he should not have followed that order, maybe then he would have lived, because following that order was what utlimately killed him. Plus Sleepy-chan would still have full set of eyes.
I mean I am extrapolating here, but it could very well be that he thought if he didn't do it, some other guy who is less able to do it in a controlled manner or if he didn't do it, shoji mightve planned something worse for her
Even if so, it doesn't change the fact that out of all the bad choices he picked the one that was also a wrong one. Such loyalty is wasted on Shoji (which would have been apparent from the fact that he ordered maiming a subordinate out of spite). So, he could have refused and washed his hands, refused and tried to seek help for Sleepy-chan and/or himself, or commited seppuku in protest - either option would be a better one in retrospect. He could have not died, and in the latter case he would have at least died an honourable death and possibly prevented a dishonourable deed from happening by attracting attention to the matter. Which kinda makes one think that he wasn't that of an honourable person to begin with, and more likely than not did not think things as you said.
So, in the end, as things were, he died as a petty croony to a rotten lord.
>Toshiro did some shugenja things I didn't quite understand,frowned and turned away
>I wish I could do more.
>That'll stall anything coming up from the mines.
>He looked at me and grimaced
>I nodded
>We need proper troops stationed here until the Kuni can repair the barrier.
>He nodded
>We went back to the village
>There had been some minor damage to buildings, and the pesants were already swarming about making things right
>If the samurai of the Crab were the mountain, then the peasants were the bamboo forest. Able to spring to life no mater how badly damaged, growing fast and strong.
>As we moved through the village I offered words of encouragment here and there, even calling to a few by name
>My wounds were as yet untreated. I did not call attention to them. I simply pretended they did not exist
>They had known me to be a friendly man, I had pounded the mochi and played with the few children in the village.
>Now they all saw that I had shed my own blood in their defense.
>These pesants would trust me to the very gates of Jigoku now.
>As I came up the house Naomi ran out to me
>She looked me up and down
>Baka! I cannot believe you have not yet treated these!
>In truth, I was certain I looked worse off than I was, but seeing Naomi's concern I bit back the protest
>I just smiled at her
>There were many worse off than me though, Naomi. It's not as though these wounds are about to kill me.
>Still, you should have sought treatment sooner!
>Hai, I am sorry
>I sat down as she grumbled about my recklessness
>that gentle sensation of being wrapped in life itself flowed over me, and my wounds closed up.
>I rolled my neck at the relief form the pain and placed my hand over hers
>Thank you, Hana-chan.
>We are not done yet, you need to be purified!
>Hai, hai.
>As she cleansed me with water and salt I asked
>The children?
>she pointed outside
>see for yourself
>I looked
>Daiko and Tetsute were surounded by the pesant children who were all bowing and thanking them
>Awkwardly, as they were children but nonetheless
>I arched an eyebrow
>Naomi smiled
>Of course all the children were terrified last night, but Daiko and Tetsute stood up straight and firm, in between us and the peasant children.
>It was as though those two were saying that if something got past us they would handle it
>The other children realized this, and stayed put instead of running off in fear.
>Is that so?
>I walked out to where all the children were gathered
>I folded my arms and looked down at Daiko and Tetsute
>I heard what you did last night.
>Weren't you two scared?
>Daiko nodded
>Tetsute answered
>It's what you would do, right daddy?
>I laughed
>I knelt down to rub their heads
>yes, I would have. Good work, both of you
>They smiled at the praise
>I yelled for Shino to get some sweet rice cakes for all the village children for being so brave last night, then rounded everyone else up
>Faces grew dark when Toshiro explained what he had found at the seal
>Mantis-san filled in Osako and Ayame, telling them all about our dealings with THEM
>Then Toshiro and I wrote out letters explaining the situation. I wrote for bushi to come keep watch on the mine, and he wrote for Kuni to come and replace the seal
>Shino came back in halfway through
>We will need to replace our jade stores as well. Since we're not a fortress of garrison, we should probably just buy it ourselves rather then ask for it from the Clan.
>Naomi nodded to him
>Do it. Even if you have to divert funds from construction.
>Osako looked at the letters we wrote.
>Guess getting these into the right hands is a job for me.
>I looked over to Shino, who went and got a map of the area
>I showed Osako where the patrols moved around
>You should be able to meet one quickly if you stick to these areas
>Hold up your jade in a bare hand as the approach
>He took the letters
>The sooner these get into the right hands the better, yeah? I'll go now then.
>Be carefull, some things may have scattered in the night
>As he began to leave, Naomi began to cough again.
>Everyone moved to get her medicine prepared
>As she sipped it she smilled
>Thank you all. I am trully blessed to have such friends
>I rubbed at her back
>I am just a bit worn out Ishigaki-kun. I will be fine once I rest some
>I looked around. Naomi wasn't the only one feeling the fatuige
>awakening in the middle of the night to a desperate battle will do that
>Even Toshiro was drooping from using so much magic
>You should all get some rest
>Naomi looked up at me in surpise
>What about you?
>I'm going to keep an eye on the mine for now
>This sort of thing is normal on the Wall, Naomi. It dosen't bother me as much as my body is used to it.
>I got into my armor. Naomi curled up with the children, and the others slept wherever
>Making sure they were all comfortable I walked out to patroll
>I made up my mind as I did so that I would find the one who broke that seal.
>They would pay for this, a thousand fold
Found the Spider, using "honor" as an excuse to get out of doing your duty.

>Before the guardsman could finish his sentence, I was rushing past him
>"Wait, Kakita-san! You are not safe here!"
>When he finally noticed I was no longer listening to him, he called for other guards to help stop me
>Before the could react, I had already entered the Grand Courtroom
>The usual crowd of courtiers had been replaced by a troop of guards, keeping the governor and the heir safe, alongside the few aides that were allowed in here
>Suikihime-sama and Seiken-sama were in conversation, standing in the centre of the room
>They did not notice me until I had approached them
>I knelt, turning my gaze downward, and spoke loudly enough to fill the entire courtroom
>"Suikihime-sama, Seiken-sama, I have just received news of what has happened to your humble servants
>The samurai that once acted as my yoriki, and the Ivory Magistrate Tsuruchi-san
>I am but a humble servant of the empire
>But they were once in my charge
>They were my responsibility
>They are here because of my investigation
>They are here because of me
>It is through my actions that they were in a position to be put in danger
>Therefore, I ask
>I demand to be put in charge of the investigation
>It is for my own honor's sake that I must demand this
>I must demand that I be allowed to find the ones that have acted against servants of the Emperor
>And bring them the swift justice that they deserve!
>I cannot allow anyone else to take this responsibility!"
>Suikihime-sama looked down at my knelt form
>Glancing over to Seiken-sama, the heir of the throne
>Then I realized what I had done
>Approaching my superiors unannounced
>Not keeping my distance
>Speaking before spoken to
>Breaking so many rules of etiquette, of proper form, committing such a taboo as a Crane
>All because I was blinded by zealous rage
>It was only now that I noticed several guards leveling yari towards me, in defense of the governor and the heir
>And then, Suikihime-sama smiled
Want to know a secret? Honor IS duty. It is the duty owed by a lord to his retainer, and by the Emperor to all of Rokugan, and by the Samurai to the peasants. It is the promise that, although the superior can ask for anything from his loyal followers, there are some things that he will never ask.
This balance of Honor is of utmost importance to the Empire, and it is the very foundation upon which Rokugan is built, for without Honor, the entire social convention of Rokugan breaks down.
File: scorpeen.jpg (12 KB, 409x259)
12 KB
I respectfully disagree. Against the weight of duty, personal honor means nothing.
Part of that social contract you mention is loyalty. That means you trust your lord to be doing the right thing and obey, even when you don't understand. You may not necessarily see the whole picture.

After all, this could all be part of a long con on Shoji's part to get someone into a position of trust near the kids. He's not a good parent or person, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't take steps to preserve his descendents.
This shit right here IS samurai drama. Arguments just like this have raged throughout the courts of the Empire since it was founded
shoji get out
File: Bayushi Tonto.jpg (56 KB, 500x378)
56 KB
Do not take me for an empty-headed Junshin. I know that Honor is a lie, but it is a lie that must be believed.

If the peasants don't believe that the samurai have Honor, they will wonder why they should pay taxes, for a dishonorable samurai will not protect them as is their duty.
If the foolish do not believe that the wise have Honor, they will wonder why they should listen, for the merits of wisdom are lost on the foolish.
If the Samurai do not believe that the Emperor has Honor, well, I'm certain you can connect the dots.

Truly, all the evil committed by man can be traced back to a lack of Honor; to a believe that those above hate them, just as they hate those above.
File: Shosuro_Toson_2.jpg (98 KB, 640x476)
98 KB
If you do not wish to be known as Junshin, cease to act like one.
The eta pay taxes because it is their duty, and they know it is the duty of the samurai to protect them, the duty of their lord to make decisions for the good of them all, and the duty of the clan to protect the empire. Too much time at court can make one forget the little truths.
File: l5r samurai.jpg (178 KB, 1024x781)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Duty is Honor and Honor is Duty. It is all part of the way one must behave.

You are correct in the belief that Ayame was wronged by a dishonorable superior, that he acted incorrectly, but you are wrong that Honor is a lie. It is everything.
Duty is important, i do agree, but even Akodo stated that a superior had a duty to his men, one which must be earned rather than demanded. By having his underling act so, by giving him such an order that he would have one representing him disgrace himself, he has failed his own duty to those beneath him.
File: Shosuro_Ryoken.jpg (433 KB, 1280x966)
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433 KB JPG
Shoji's order is neither here nor there. We were discussing Hotaru's actions, which I believe were in line with both his duty and his honor as a servant of his lord.
And as I originally said, there's a possibility she is still loyal to Shoji and this is simply a long game. One that cost him the life of one retainer, and the public honor of another, but sometimes that's necessary.

>I am glad to see that you are well and unharmed
>And I am glad to see that the zeal for justice that has made you so famous has not been exaggerated."
>She waved away the guards, and beckoned me to stand
>"Seeing as you are to become an Emerald Magistrate, and we are in the Colonies, I unfortunately grant you the request
>The Ivory Champion himself is overseeing this investigation
>However, you can aid the investigation in any way you see fit
>And I will let Shinjo Tselu-san know that you shall be granted full access to any information uncovered by the investigation
>Now please, return to your embassy
>The assassins' have not been found as of yet
>And it may be dangerous still for one of our guests of honor."
>I bowed deeply at Suikihime-sama's reply
>"Thank you, Suikihime-sama
>I promise that I shall ensure justice will be served!"
>I bow deeply to Seiken-sama as well, who seems to acknowledge and permit Suikihime-sama's reply
>Finally, the guardsman from earlier, as well as a proper escort, bring me back to the Crane Embassy
>Where Doji-no-kimi is waiting for me
>"Kakita-san, what a pleasure it is to see that you are safe and sound, returned to your clan brothers and sisters
>Suikihime-sama has told all the embassies that due to todays tragic events
>And the danger that is now present at the Summer Court
>The usual activities of the day have been cancelled
>For your safety's sake, please stay at the embassy for the rest of today
>It would grieve me so if something were to happen to our honored guest"
>I could see how much she meant that last sentence
>"I am grateful for such a warm welcome, Doji-no-kimi
>But i must work now to find whoever has done this injustice
>If you will excuse me..."
>We bow, and I head to my chambers
>My daisho, having stood there for several days
>Now it returns to its proper side at my hip
>And opposite it, the ancestral jitte of the Daikakita family
The Tsuruchi really died, then?

>Before I leave, a servant comes running to me
>Bowing deeply before me
>"Please, Kakita-san, before you go, I bring news from Doji-no-kimi
>She has received a letter from the Ivory Magistrates regarding one of your companions, Tsuruchi-san!
>It seems he has survived the attack, sending a body double to his would-be assassins instead!
>Is this not joyous news?
>Doji-no-kimi asks if she should invite him over, so you and him maybe spend the day together in safety?"
>I take a deep breath
>So he had survived anyway
>As pleased as I was with this knowledge, it did not change my demeanor
>It simply meant that instead of Tsuruchi-san, another Mantis had been murdered instead
>A loyal servant of the Empire, dead at the hands of these criminals
>"Servant, let Doji-no-kimi know that I am very pleased at this news
>But it does not change that I have work to do
>Let her know that she may invite him over out of courtesy, if she wishes
>But I will be assisting with the investigation
>Now, let me out of your way"
>As I exit the embassy compound, a good dozen Second City Guardsmen await me
>It seems that nobody wants to take any risks regarding my safety after these attacks
>I make sure that the letter I received this morning is securely pocketed
>It seemed strange that out of the heroes of Rokugan
>I was spared an attack
>And while the others were being attacked, I was speaking to Otomo Setsuko
>Daidoji-san had been summoned by a letter very much like mine
>What if the others had been summoned similarly?
>What if Setsuko was trying to send a message to me?
>His parting words were quite... poignant, all things considered
>Might be that he was behind it all
>Unless I was letting my personal grievance cloud my judgement
>Might even be that someone knew of this letter being sent to me, and was trying to implicate the Otomo
>If that was the case...
>I found myself torn between my duties, to my Clan, and to the Law
But Crane-sama, you are the law
Funny thing is, I wasn't kidding when I told him that the guy he send as proxy was meant to be him.
I was out for blood during that session.
His instincts saved his life.
Too scary. Would not play.
The wheels are turning in the background and the stakes are getting high for the players.
Nothing beats a proper assassination attempt.
His Ritsuryo was his savior.
Not all are like us, brother; they don't hold to Duty for its sake and it's sake alone. They see their duty as being to the honorable, and the honorable as being worthy of loyalty. Their foolish belief must be upheld, or else chaos will reign in the empire.

>Trying to use the words of Akodo to convince a Scorpion
Truly, you are as brave as you foolish, and honest as you are wrong.
Better an honest fool than a deceiving wisdom.
Samuraiiiiiiii Drop
Junshin, you truly are the epitome of honesty and integrity.
It is unfortunate that your lord died because you were unwilling to tell a lie.
I hope the waves treat you gently, we have no room for such naivety.
The lord who builds his throne on dishonesty is not worthy of serving.
Found the Toku bushi, everyone.
"Akodo speaks eloquently of the virtue of honesty. “No harm can come of the truth,” he says, “and a lie kills someone in the world.” If a lie were to save the Emperor and the truth doom him, I would ask the Lion what he might choose. A lie does indeed kill someone in the world, but what if it saved the Emperor? Who would not give his life for the Son of Heaven? If Lord Akodo is unwilling to do so, I certainly shall take his place."

The Throne of Heaven is held up by a multitude of small lies, both of deceit and of omission.
The virtue is not just for fair weather, and nothing from that gives you an excuse to abide by virtue when it's convenient and discard it when it's no longer so.

And the Throne of Heaven is held up by these virtues, lies held up only people that may sit on it. And there has been more than one Emperor who disgraced his seat.
Oh, you poor monkey, it must be nice to believe the world so simple. The virtue you aspire to is nothing but mist, and the throne itself is nothing but a chair, riven by Ambition. It is the people upon it, and the "truths" that surround them that hold the empire together, or break it asunder. The truth must be carefully guided, much as the eta.
I would not trust advice on how the Empire is run from one who is so lacking in Courtesy and Compassion that he cannot properly ascribe the castes of those beneath his station and give them the respect they are due.
And this is why you were retconned, Spider.
Look at this fool, spouting of quotes from Lies; He seems quite odd, having such respect for the first Junchin, but not for any other. You ARE aware that easily 90% or more of Lies is purposely incorrect, right? Let me elaborate.

The intent of Lies was, in Tangen's words, to "bring wisdom to the Emperor, to show him the errors of other's "wisdom", in addition to educating him on the nature of treacherous men, so he may root out duplicity and kill it before this bitter fruit has a chance to spread its seeds."

The "treacherous man" that Tangen was referring to was himself. He was being a good Scorpion and pretending to be the villain, giving the emperor a guide on how a traitorous man thinks and what values he holds; by reading the treatise, the Emperor would come to see the treachery in it, and know what to look out for rather than what to do.
Isn't that fantastic? Lies is, literally, just a collection of lies.

If you don't believe me, compare Lies to Little Truths. Little Truths is succinct, to the point, and gives advice that is practical and, most importantly, subtle. Lies, on the other hand, makes bold claims and provides poor and highly complex solutions to simple questions. Even its tone is treacherous, sounding like it came from the lips of an ambitious man with an overly inflated ego and a childish rivalry with his contemporaries.

Perhaps, brother, you should try your hand at being Junchin. It will give you a frame of mind to understand villainy in all its forms, instead of the stunted view of it that you are clearly cursed with.
File: Bayushi_Tenzan.jpg (308 KB, 696x530)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
I am aware of that. Forgive me for assuming others were equally versed in the lore, and for playing the role of my preferred clan as I have all day.
And for assuming that others would understand that I was playing a role.
Really anon, use a bit of critical thinking. Obviously I'm playing a foil here. It's entertaining while we wait for Ishigaki-kun. Though I really do think Hotaru was acting in keeping with bushido. He made the scorpion choice, which I approve of. Between duty and honor, you always choose duty.
I agree with you, but I think that Duty and Loyalty are primarily to the clan/empire/group/organization, rather than to any one individual. Shoji acted in a way that was against the best wishes of basically everybody, all for his own personal benefit; duty does not demand that one follow such orders

This "joke's on you, I was only pretending to be dishonourable" attitude you flaunt so much creates more problems than it solves.

You should have never returned from the Burning Sands.
enjoy the riceballs
You're not helping your (clan's) case.
I still say that it's not the retainer's place to judge that. Admittedly, Phoenix aren't given to deep plans, but it's within the realm of possiblity that Ayame is a plant intended to get someone close to the kids, either to protect them, or steal them away given the right moment.

Really? So you were happy with Fu Leng, I mean Hantei XXXIX, as emperor? And you didn't want Kami Shinjo to return? How loyal of you. Given time we could have made a home there, but our duty to the empire required we return. We do the dark, necessary things that the rest of the empire likes to pretend don't exist. In that way we are much like the crab, wasting our blood and the best of our generations fulfilling a duty the rest of the empire chooses not to understand because it is not a pretty truth. So yes, we feed you the lies that let you believe the empire is an honorable, clean place. You can believe that honesty and virtue support the throne only because we remove all the evidence that proves that a lie.
Do you remember why you got exiled in the first place? Because of your conceited belief that you are the only "true" servants to the throne and the only ones who know better. Except that this ruined literally everything for everyone, yourself included, just because you couldn't stop with your "hurr durr we're doing what we have to, you just can't appreciate it, we play the role of bad guys to unite the rest against the common enemy" tune. Except the Empire has enough enemies as is, you're just adding another problem.
All other clans did their part to preserve the Empire and have no less heroic deeds and sacrifices behind them. And the virtues you denounce are the sole reason you are still the part of this Empire.
Know your place.
File: bayush10.jpg (144 KB, 389x497)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>we remove all the evidence that proves that a lie.
We and some few of the Phoenix*
I did not intentionally deny the scholars' contributions.
File: ftMnZeT.jpg (92 KB, 800x589)
92 KB
>Do you remember why you got exiled in the first place?
Obviously better than you do. A member of the hantei bloodline was destined to destroy the Empire. The Kami Togashi told Bayushi Shoju that only by ending the line of Hantei could the empire be saved. I cite Imperial Histories, p. 131,
“If you do this, a bloodline will end. If you succeed, the Empire will be saved.”
-Togashi Yokuni

Admittedly, had the Hantei blodline been preserved indefinitely it would have equally invalidated the prophecy, but the fact remains that one day, the last of the Hantei bloodline would exist, and would risk fulfilling the prophecy. Better to take action to stop a disaster than to ignore it and just hope the damascus sword never falls.

Shoju could have planned better, but he was under the influence of Ambition up until the end.
The Dragon should have been appealed to to at least remain neutral, if not side with us, but we learn from the mistakes of the past.
File: 1493598294920.gif (185 KB, 200x200)
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185 KB GIF
>That night was peacefull, and I caught a few hours of rest after breakfast
>When I woke up everyone else was waiting around, and slightly restless
>Did you find something?
>Naomi nodded.
>I asked the water kami where the one who broke the seal was.
>Toshiro growled
>The visions in the water were clear. He's heading to Shiro Kuni.
>So you got a look at him?
>Naomi shook her head
>I thought that spell showed multiple visions, though?
>The silence from my friends made my hair stand on end
>It did, Ishigaki-san.
>But they were all Shiro Kuni.
>Toshiro's fists clenched
>The Heavens have made it clear. The one that destroyed the seal is going to be instrumental in destroying Shiro Kuni.
>He looked at me
>He must be stopped
>I nodded
>We got packed up and headed for Shrio Kuni right away
>Shiro Kuni was, as you would expect, the seat of the Kuni family
>It was the second one, built after the destruction of loss of Kyuden Kuni when the lands of the Kuni were overeun by the Maw
>As such, Shiro Kuni was built just a bit north of the Wall, close enough that it could serve not only as the main home of the Kuni, but also a hub for command of the Crab armies
>As a command center, and the home of the Kuni labratories and Libraries, as well as being shielded by the Wall to the south, it was built less like an Impregnable fortress, and more like a fortified barracks.
>Which meant if some enemy were to find a way to get around the Wall, they would only need to deal with the the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth legions of the Crab's Third Army, as well as the large number of Kuni on hand, while fending off assaults into their rear from some the Crab Clans most rabid berserkers sortieing from the Fortress of the Forgotten.
>I stuck my tounge out at the back of Kitsuki-san's head as I finished my lecture on Shiro Kuni.
>He wasn't the only one who could spout off long winded speeches about this or that topic.
>Mantis-san snorted
>Gee, is that all? With defenses that weak it's a wonder Shiro Kuni is still standing at all
>Toshiro glared.
>Naomi is sparing with her divinations, but because of that we can be assured of their accuracy. Shiro Kuni IS in danger.
>Mantis-san waved his hands in protest
>I know, I know.
>Kistuki-san joined in
>He is just being his pessimistic self, Tosrhio-sama, pay him no mind
>Even you must have thought it, Monkey. We are attempting to stop something that could threaten all of THAT.
>Uh... I hadn't actually. Until just now, anyway...
>Mantis-san grumbled
>Yeah, well it's not like YOU need to worry anyway.
>And that was how I managed to reinforce the danger of our task and settle a nice pall over the group as we made the trek from Ishigaki Mura to Shiro Kuni
>As we nearred the castle, a patrol picked us up.
>Naomi and Toshiro presented their magistrates chops and explained to the leader of the patrol, a Tai-sa named Hida Adachi, that we had business in Shiro Kuni
>He narrowed his eyes, looking over at Monkey, Mantis-san and Kitsuki-san.
>What kind of business?
>Toshiro answered simply.
>Jade Magistrate buisiness.
>Adachi grunted.
>Fine, we'll escort you the rest of way.
>Toshrio then made up for his earlier brusquess by chatting up Adachi
>Is Masagoro-sama still in charge of the garrison?
>Adachi cast him a sideways glance before answering
>Toshiro nodded. He's a good man, though getting on in his years. Have you heard any rumors of him being made a courtier, or sensei?
>Again, Adachi paused and considered his words before answering
>He glanced back at his troops, then lowered his voice
>Next year, or the year after they say he will be offered a post at the Hiruma Dojo
>The Hiruma had lost their original Dojo when the Maw overran Shiro Hiruma.
>After that, the Hiruma scouts trained with the Shinjo.
>However, in the twelfth century, Hida Yakamo retook Shiro Hiruma. For a time.
>It is not clear, what happened in that fortress
>But Yakamo came back changed...part of the Naga, it was said. a short time later, he ascended to become the Sun
>Although the forces of Jigoku retook Shiro Hiruma, Hida Yakamo did manage to bring something back to the Hiruma. Their original bushi school, based on Hirma's own fighting style.
>The Hiruma family still bear no mon, no motto.
>But at least some of the shame had been cleansed, and fewer of their number become besrekers than in previous years
>Though the Hiruma family is not yet resurgent, they are also no longer in decline
>This is good for the Clan as well, as Hiruma was the chief lieutenant of Hida, and so the Hiruma still play a vital part in Crab strategy.
>So then, it seemed that this Masagoro that Toshiro spoke of was a Hiruma, and trained in the old style of the Hiruma Bushi
>Yes, there would be preasure for anyone with knodledge of those techniques to become a sensei. An understanbale concern, given the school was lost to the Hiruma for centuries
>At last, we could see Shiro Kuni in the distance
>A low, squat rectangle, a wide opening in the southern walls to allow large numbers of troops.
>the main castle hugged up near the north wall and rose to a second floor, while towers rose up from the points where the south wall met the east and west walls.
>A massive gate stood open in the south wall, admitting and disgorging a steady stream of bushi
>It was my first time seeing it
>Adachi looked over at us
>I suspect you'll want to meet with Hiruma Masagoro-sama then.
>Toshiro nodded
>This way
>Kitsuki-san whispered to Toshiro
>Not Kuni-sama?
>Toshiro shook his head.
>Kuni-sama may be the lord of this caslte, but he is not a millitary man. He stays out of Masagoro's way and lets him handle the military matters. It's been that way for centuries.
>Kitsuki-san nodded
File: Come at me Oni-san.jpg (246 KB, 1600x1067)
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246 KB JPG
as an aside, theres some homebrew leaking I should explain here, in case anyone missed earlier explanations. We didn't set an exact time for when this campaign took place. When we started the CCG storyline was just getting around to the Race for the Throne, so ForeverGM set us several centuries after that with an Imperial Line whose name we have forgotten. Might as well think of them as Iweko dynasty for all it matters. No colonies,no destroyer war, no Spider(in any official capacity) and as Ishigaki just mentioned, Shiro Hiruma has been retaken by the shadwolands. The Wall is the southernmost border of the Empire.
Oh, the celestial heavens did have their little purge though, because all the once mortal fortunes were upsetting the cosmic balance and making Jigoku stronger. Upshot of that is that the Jade Dragon is able to make it rain jade every now and again, to replenish the land when needed. That was a plot point that got hammerd a bit to no real effect before. Jade was litterally the tears of the Sun, and Yakamo wasn't really the sort to cry, y'know?
Finally, an timeline!
...non established timeline. Figures.
Also, why no colonies? They seemed cool.
The Colonies had not been introduced at the time the campaign began. Heck, Kitsuki Iweko hadn't even become the Divine Empress when the campaign began, so I didn't want to retcon things in the middle of things.

The next campaign had the Colonies though.
there was more?
Yeah, there was another campaign. Aside from two players (Ishigaki's and Satoshi's) it was a different play group though, with different characters (mostly Lion). And Monkey's player ended up moving out of town before the meat of the campaign started.
That campaign become as epic as this one?
who knows, but i know for now - it cannot surpass this wuxia epic.
Wuxia is a completely different thing though.
There was a Spider. You tell me.
Spiders a shit.
So are you.
File: NOOOOOOOOO.gif (3.13 MB, 257x358)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB GIF
spiderbump, spiderbump, does whatever a spiderbump does
I wonder why someone would film squashing a spider.
I'm wondering if this counts as a c-section
Maybe they realized what would happen before the person with the broom found out?
Wall gets bumped and still stands.
Tiled floor. Should definitely have started with the aerosol and lighter.
Yup. Hairspray even.
bump into the night
Kinda want to know how the rest of the families are doing
I think that once tgeir superiors hear of Them and have proof of what they are doing in the empire, they will tell Ishigaki to keep his son instead of sending him off to Shoji
Unless... their superiors ARE THEM.
Everyone is THEM. Even Ishigaki is THEM. His children too.
Anon I was serious.
So was I.
THEM is clearly the Spider clan.
Probably. They discovered the dark fate of Ishigaki's kids and aim to thwart that before it becomes a problrm
>dark fate
More like glorious destiny. Don't forget, the spider are villains, one and all, and should be killed whenever found.
Sun bright on faces
Descended from great heroes
Not Mantis, Spider

Also, asked in the general L5R thread >>53744919 for some help with maybe porting L5R to another system, what do you think any rules-set would have to have?
What if it is a dark fate that works against the spider?
Oh hey baltimore aquarium
The ninjas in Ishigaki's riceballs are THEM.
I think they'd be more heavy handed and send assassins
This seems more like the real target is Naomi or Ishigaki.
File: 1492985401122.jpg (12 KB, 188x300)
12 KB
back to page 1!
How Crab-sama is going to react
File: Сrab ninja school.jpg (1.56 MB, 3024x4032)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
He posted this image himself in one of the earlier threads. Everything s fine, Satan.
Not in a riceball, doesn't count
File: IMG_20170306_003034.jpg (34 KB, 548x308)
34 KB
[external screaming]
It's not a scorpion though
I see that image posted a lot. I should probably read that doujin
Don't, it's depressing as all hell.
Okay then I won't.

>still holding on to hope that OP is okay
Initiate 'bump' protocol...



Complete. Thread bumped.
We haven't heard from Hohiro in quite a while. I bet he is in the vicinity and because of his Earth Tensai powers he managed to get rid of the rock keeping all the demons away from Ishigaki Mura.
Yeah. I still can't decide whether Shoji is one of THEM or just a collosal dick, but I'm willing to bet my middle nut that Hohiro will be the final boss.
>We entered into a room where a lone man knelt before a table
>I ran an aprasing eye over Hiruma Masagoro
>He wore a simple kimono, the only sign of his rank a haori.
>He had a bushy, but not wild, beard that hung down to his chest, and had a shaven pate and top not, in the traditional manner.
>He presented the image of a proper, refined samurai
>Despite that, there was a flatness in his eyes, and a sense of wariness that was present in many veterans.
>To me it seemed obvious he'd worked his way up, and earned his rank
>He looked at us in turn, apraising us all right back
>Now then, what buisiness do Jade Magistrates have with me?
>Toshiro handled the explanation
>We're in pursuit of a Maho-Tuskai
>Toshiro nodded
>We know that he has come here. Has anyone arrived recently?
>Masagoro frowned
>The Fourth received reinforcements a while ago. Several hundred people have arrived recently...
>I exchanged a glance with Mantis-san
>He didn't have to speak; I knew what he was thinking
>Nothing is ever easy, is it?
>Masagoro's lips pursed, like he had bitten into something very sour
>There is something else I must mention, Toshiro-san.
>Toshiro tilted his head
>Masagoro looked at me, briefly before turning back to Toshiro
>His eyes were tight when he glanced my way
>The shadowlands have been quite for a while now.
>The way he said that...
>Toshiro and I both stiffened up as the realization hit us
>The others sensed our shock and looked at us expectantly
>I spoke out of turn
>Masagoro-sama, you think the angry season is upon us?
>Masgoro nodded
>Toshrio elaborated for everyone else
>The shadowlands...has periods where it is seemingly quite, almost tranquil. As though it were inviting the foolish to enter it. And other times it has periods where it is quite active, and the wall is assaulted almost daily. Like the turning of the seasons, or the movement of the tides.
>The dormant periods always precede the angry seasons.
Busy weekend Very...busy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhOKhJaM1QE
He's back!
>Monkey glanced back and forth between me and Toshiro.
>...I don't get it
>I tried to simplify it
>Picture a tea cup Monkey.
>Now imagine it's filled with tea. That's the normal level of activities from the shadowlands.
>Right now, the cup is almost empty.
>At some point, when the cup has been empty like this for a while, it gets filled to overflowing.
>I glanced at Masagoro
>Of course, no one really can predict how long the quite periods are going to last, or when the angry season will start...
>But some experienced veterans can get a sense for these things.
>Monkey scratched his chin
>So, what you're saying is, things could get very dangerous around here any day now?
>And there's a bloodspeaker running around somewhere in this castle
>Well, then I suppose we need to hurry, huh?
>Yeah, we do
>Once Toshrio and I had explained things, Masagoro spoke again
>He bowed to Toshrio, showing far more respect than one of his station should, even to a Jade Magistrate
>Toshiro-san, I must formally ask that, should I need your assistance you offer it. I know that among your retainers is Hida Ishigaki, and you are a veteran and a Shugenja.
>Toshiro leaned back, a bit flustered by Masagor's display of humilty
>Of course, if your instinct is correct we will help all we can...
>Masagoro rose and smiled
>Thank you Toshiro-san.I will be rellying on you all in the future. In the meantime, you have my full permission to investigate for the tsukai as you see fit. If you have needs from me or the garrison here you have but to ask.
>Well, that was nice at least. Investigations always went smoother with the full cooperation of the local authority.
>Masagoro nooded to an attendant
>The 17th barracks is empty right now, is it not?
>papers rustled, then
>Hai, Masagoro-sama
>Good, for the time being the Magistrates will be given those rooms
>Toshiro stood, and the rest of us followed suit
>Then, if you'll excuse us, we will begin our work
>Masagoro nodded
>Mantis-san grumbled as we were led to the 17th barracks.
>Glaring at me he wondered aloud
>What makes you so special a general knows your name?
>I scratched at my beard,
>I don't know
>Kitsuki-san answred him
>Look around. Many people here seem to know him
>I looked around, and sure enough there were many eyes on me
>Young eyes, for the most part.
>Filled with admiration
>Kitsuki-san chuckled.
>Don't you get those same looks when you go home, Mantis-san?
>You do?
>Of course I do.
>Monkey slapped Mantis-san on the back
>Ah, he probably just doesn't notice.
>We got to our rooms, and sat down to discuss how we would go about rooting out the maho-tsukai
>We're going to have to rely on you, Kitsuki-san.
>He nodded.
>I expected as much. This is Shiro Kuni, after all.
>He was right, as a command hub of the Crab military security would be very high here. And there were many, many shugenja at Shiro Kuni.
>The usual methods would never turn up the Tsukai.
>So, it was down to Kitsuki-san's eyes to find someone behaving suspiciously, to find the one detail out of place that would reveal our quarry.
>He smilled at the challange
>First he asked for a list of all the new arrivals for the last month
>Then he set about scribbling notes on some paper.
>For one who always bragged about his memory, if he was taking notes it was going to be a complicated investigation
>Since he wasn't going to need any of us for a while I decided to walk about the castle for a bit
>Others went about as well. Toshiro and Naomi went to speak with the other Kuni about various spiritual matters, Monkey was just curious about things.
>As I walked about int he courtyard I could feel stares following me
>Someone called out my name
>I turned to see Crab, his armor bright and new, standing by an empty dueling circle
>You there, you are Hida Ishigaki-sama?
>I headed over and nodded
>How the hell do so many of you know my name?
>The Crab-Scorpion war!
That place on the wall won't be empty for long.
>Anyway, I was hopping you would spar with me!
>Ah, that's it? Sure.
>How do you want to do it?
>Armor and tetsubo?
>I stepped into the circle
>Several others who were training nearby stopped what they were doing and watched with intrest
>What's your name?
>Me? I'm Hida Giri.
>Good name. Whenever you're ready
>he came at me.
>I couldn't really call it reckless as he knew how to trust his armor
>But it was predictable. I got my tetsubo in the way of his strike, then shoved and pivoted my hips, pushing him past me
>He stumbled off balance, and I smacked him in the ass with the pommel of my tetsubo, sending him sprawling outside the circle
>Some of the older Crabs had a laugh at that.
>Giri punched the ground in frustration
>I walked over to help him up
>That wasn't bad, really.
>It's just...I figured you were going to attack like that.
>Really? That's it?
>Yeah. A minute in real battle is worth an hour of training. Be mindful of that if you plan to challenge veteran warriors, alright?
>He nodded
>How about you try me now?
>An older warrior stepped up into the circle
>He looked about my age
>Giri gasped
>I see. Yeah, his gunso couldn't let my easy victory go. He needed to save face for his squad
>Without inteding too, I ended up spending the rest of the day sparing with the other Crabs.
>I was pleased that I didn't win all the matches. >The soldiers stationed here were good.
>I ate in the mess, then headed back to our rooms to see how things had gone for the first day
>Kituski-san was massaging his wrists
>I have a plan to whittle down the suspects now.
>The rest of us had been making acquaintances all day.
>Kitsuki-san nodded.
>Good, good. Those will help immensely. There's just too many to go through on my own, but if we can rely on others to keep an eye out...
>He snapped his fan shut
>We'll find him, soon.

Glad to see you back, gotta admit, had gotten a bit busy myself studying during the weekend, but have some more free time to both read yours and hopefully finish mine
Kitsuki-sama as Light works weirdly well
Since you're in crab lands, poke everyone with Jade. Including Masagoro. Especially Masagoro.
That's what Ishigaki-san was talking about in >>53764665
This is Crab lands, and a Crab military base full of shugenjas. In other words, if you could find that bloodspeaker by poking people with jade they would've be found already. Crab do this shit instead of a greeting.
This new diet I'm on is getting to me, because I read that as carb lands.
In a Kuni stronghold (Which Shiro Kuni certainly is, even if it's also a general Crab military stronghold) you're as likely to get a faceful of Jade Strike as you are to get jade poked.
And THEY probably did the taint switcharoo again
Bump from 9
File: 1485894862529.jpg (90 KB, 564x632)
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File: Spoiler Image (186 KB, 1280x720)
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Bumping with forbidden love
you sick bastard
Ok. These threads have already tried to debate which major clans have the best waifus, and which are the best minor clans.

Now I ask you all, loyal servants of the Emperor.
Which minor clan has the best waifus?
can Satoshi be best waifu
Ichiro. Like Crab, but without the grim moods that come from living next to the Shadowlands.
Monkey. That first level technique really has multiple applications
Kitsune, back when it still was a Minor clan
Don't say you wouldn't want a fluffy tail
Centipede, before being Yoritomo'd.
Priest waifus best waifus.
File: GLITCH.gif (12 KB, 676x661)
12 KB
I am watching closely.
Incest is not okay, anon.
Bumping by just saying I have seriously enjoyed these threads.

Good job to Crab and Crane anons, as well forever dm.

My only regret is I will likely never get my group to consider it given all the appropriate setting knowledge necessary to not screw yourselves over as far as etiquette.
I'm planning to play with a bunch of my friends and they have next to zero understanding of any of that either.
I'm just going to tell them the important shit like, "hey if you talk to this dude like that you're gonna get Kakita'd to death", assume they're always using the correct form of address unless they tell me otherwise, and generally just help them along.
Fuck not playing because of Etiquette. This is Eastern Drama and it's complicated, sure, but you can make it easier for everyone.
Ok... I have to be honest, I've been seeing this train of thought and I need to know - what does this mean? Because from everything I've seen, the Moshi can be summed up as:

Pre-Mantis: Conservative family of female shugenja who venerate the Sun.

Post-Mantis: Conservative family of female shugenja who venerate the Sun and serve as navigators aboard Mantis kobune.

I like the Moshi (Aoi was one of my favorite NPCs ever written up), but people keep saying they "became more like Yoritomo" without providing any contact for me. Was it something that happened after the Destroyer War? I stopped playing the ccg mid-Celestial edition so I could have missed it, but otherwise I haven't noticed any difference with the Moshill lore-wise, barring the navigator thing of course.

Someone please enlighten this ForeverDM.
>providing any contact* for me.

That should be context. Posting from phone at work.
Were you upset when Moshi Aoi didn't find love?
The post-Mantis part is what bugged most people, especially the ccg players.
The sun priest aspect was completely gone. Now they were lightning throwing mantis shugenjas that worked on ships.
They serve as lightning chucking sailors and don't particularly serve as the prude, traditional sun priestesses that they used to be. They don't even have the shugenja aspect to separate them from the Yoritomo after the Yoritomo get their own Shugenja school. Why the Yoritomo get 4 full schools in all three major aspects when most families have one or two in a single one is beyond me.
AEG babay darling needs all the shiny toys.
No clan screamed 'murica as much as Mantis, being the aggressive capitalists on an island full of riches and resources.
I think I'll have to go through my card collection when I get home. I don't recall any Sun-based effects on any old Moshi cards, but I do mostly play Phoenix so I could have just overlooked them. Shugenja mostly defined by their elemental keyword and what spells you attached for the longest time.

The lightning thing seems more like people conflating the Thunder keyword with lightning attacks. It should be noted that in L5R, Thunder is the "element" of honor and courage and has nothing to do with , so that always struck me as a natural for for the traditionalist Moshi. I admit that could just be me though.
>The lightning thing seems more like people conflating the Thunder keyword with lightning attacks.
And that they're always seen wearing Yoritomo green and making lightning happen.

It's less to do with card mechanics and more to do with fluff. All of the Mantis families got greenwashed, physically and in how they were depicted as acting.
They were better as the minor clan alliance.
>And that they're always seen wearing Yoritomo green and making lightning happen.
Well, yeah. You join the clan, you wear their colors. That's kinda how it works. Same reason all the Agasha started wearing Phoenix orange once they joined the clan.

I think I might understand what you mean regarding the lightning thing though. While I don't remember personally seeing many Moshi personalities going full lightning witch on their card art aside from the Unique personality in Imperial Gift I (then again, Phoenix player), I do remember the Ranged 6 Attack Thunder spell and the Mantis getting a stronghold that interacted with the Thunder keyword, so I could see them making more lightning-throwing Moshi art if that's the direction they were heading. This was about the time I dropped out of the ccg scene.

I think that clears things up a little more for me. Thanks!
You forget that to use an elemental spell, you needed the keyword on the caster.
And when all your shugs had was Thunder to go along thunder and lightning spell, then it can be saddening.
The rpg didn't care about the card game luckily, but it still annoyed a good number of people.
Most of my perspective is based around the RPG, I admit. Mostly because the ccg didn't incorporate the lore very well. Remember how long it took for Agasha to get anything remotely resembling alchemy, or the Shiba to be redirect card targeting reliably?
Only a little. Mostly because I enjoyed the awkward courtship interactions between her and Takeshi though. They were so entertaining, I was a little sad to see them go.
What she needs is her own scorpion ally to ship him in a barrel straight to her.

He'd reciprocate her feelings.... eventually.
Right, the ccg was really not a reference for the lore. The more I remember the less I wish I did.
Hantei bless the RPG books.
>The next day was spent moving about the castle, speaking with everyone we could
>Fortunatly, most Crabs understood the seriousness of hunting a Maho-Tsukai, and few took offense to our questioning.
>As I came in to deliver my latest report to Kituski-san, I saw Naomi fussing over Monkey's shoulder
>Kitsuki-san, scribbling on a paper, didn't even wait for me to ask
>He mangaed to give offense.
>...How the hell did you pull that off Monkey?
>Stay still, Satoshi-san, we're almost done.
>hai, Naomi-sama
>I just asked if they thought some guy named...uh..
>Kitsuki-san refreshed him
>Hida Tampako
>Yeah! If that Tampako guy might be one
>I slapped my face
>No, Monkey. Even we have some standards...
>Don't be THAT direct, just ask if they've seen anything or anyone suspicious.
>You were probably asking one of Tampako's friends
>I sat down and pulled out the notes I had made, listing off those who were impeccable, and those who seemed alright, and those who might be a bit suspicious
>Kitsuki-san crossed off and circled names as apropirate
>...so yeah, several bushi I talked with had served with that guy they found themselves all here. Can't be him
>good, good.
>Kitsuki-san was muttering to himself as he rifled through the chaos
>Oh, I'll find you you clever bastard... you think hiding out in a fortress of 1500 warriors will keep you safe?
>I shook my head as I stood up
>Like a dog with a bone
>He handed me another stack of names to go through without looking up
>Right then, I'm off.
>Don't make any more work for my wife.
>I headed out
>I got about halfway through my next stack when I was aproached by a messenger
>Hida Ishigaki-san? Hiruma Masagoro-sama wishes to speak with you. He's on the west tower
>What? What could Masagoro-sama want with me?
>He didn't say.
>the messenger took off
>Well, you don't keep a general waiting when he wants you
>I headed to the west tower
>Masagoro was standing on the southern edge, looking out.
>A wind was blowing up from the south, stinging my eyes
>I went to stand beside him, as we both looked southward
>From up here I could see the Wall, looming in the distance
>You can smell the stench even here.
>I sniffed at the air
>Masagoro was right, it was there, stinging the back of my throat.
>He glanced at me
>I've seen three angry seasons, Ishgigaki-san
>Every time it's been the same.
>It always, ALWAYS comes a surprise when it starts.
>We know there will hell to pay for the quite times we enjoy, yet can never seem to catch the end when it comes.
>You understand?
>I nodded to buy time for me to organize my words
>In a way, the quite times are the worst. Looking for the enemy you know is out there but won't show... it wears you down. And when your attentions slips, for even a moment...
>Masagoro nodded
>But not this time. No, not this time.
>I can tell. I've seen it enough times now. Like an old man who can predict a storm because his joints ache...
>I glanced at the grey streaked in Masagoro's hair and said nothing.
>This man had as many years on me as I had on many of the bushi drilling in the couryards below.
>I could believe that he was right.
>As you and the Magistrates scour this castle for a tsukai, I must scour the Shadwolands for the force that is coming.
>Uh oh. I could tell by his tone he was coming to his point.
>I need accurate intelligence.
>He looked me in the eyes
>I NEED it, you see.
>It's not enough just to know that a patroll didn't make it back...
>Someone, anyone must return to tell me what they saw.
>You want me to go out with a patrol then?
>He nodded
>I waited a moment, then nodded
>He smilled and clapped me on the shoulder
>Yosh! I'm glad. I know I don't have the authority to order you.
>I didn't explain that I was thinking about the prophecy, of Kuni Shiro burning.
>Masagoro could very well be right.
>Quite down, would you?
>I folded my arms and looked Kitsuki-san in the eyes
>He could be right, you know.
>Kitsuki-san rubbed his palms against his face
>You're thinking about the prohpecy?
>You really think that a horde of monsters from the shadowlands could overwhelm the Wall and threaten Shiro Kuni!?
>Toshiro spoke up from where he was sitting
>Masagoro is a long serving vetera; his instincts can be trusted. If he's worried then it's with good reason.
>Naomi looked at me
>But, the way Masagoro said it... it sounds like he is expecting his patrols to be attacked?
>Yeah. That would be the fist thing to do:blind your enemy.
>I mean, you can guess where they'll strike by that, but if you don't know how much is gathered, or have any clue when it's coming...
>Naomi leaned in closely
>But the implication was that you would make sure the patrol would come back.
>That means if the patrol is attacked, and had to withdraw, YOU would be the rear guard?
>I sighed inwardly. Of course she would catch on to that.
>Naomi, the rear gaurd dose not HAVE to die, just buy time for the main force to get away.
>Naomi shook her head
>It is to dangerous for you alone!
>Monkey sat up then
>Well then, why don't I go too?
>I looked at Monkey
>I closed my mouth
>You...you're joking, right?
>He blinked at me.
>Monkey rubbed at his shoulder
>People don't seem to want to talk to me much anyway...
>Toshiro looked over at me
>I just glanced down at his club foot
>He nodded, sadly.
>Okay then. Ishigaki, Monkey and Mantis-san should all go and keep each other safe on that patrol while the rest of us continue to hunt the Tsuakai.
>Wait, how did I get volunteered for this?!
>Between Ishiaki being damn hard to kill, Monkey being lucky, and you being good at killing things, I'm sure that you'll be able to handle whatever you may come across out there.
>I nodded at Mantis-san
>You would be a great help, especially if an Oni shows up...
>He sighed
>Fine, fine. I'll go too.
Calling it now, Masagoro is either THEM or was manipulated somehow to separate the team into more managable pieces.
It's kinda sounds like the GM is giving a good Samurai Drama here: Choose your Clan or choose the Empire.

I'm usually not one to get hung up on minor typos, but literally every time this thread that you've been discussing the "quiet times" or the shadowlands being too quiet, you've used the word "quite" instead of "quiet."
Kinda sounds like choose your empire or your clan and empire to me, personally. I mean, it's not like a shadowlands insurgency would stop of it's own accord, and Kuni Shiro plays a pivotal role in defense of the empire if a breach in the Wall happens.
Which clan has best husbandos?

Traps 4 lyfe yo
Crab has Ishigaki, therefore it is Crab. Ishigaki is the greatest of all husbandos.
See >>53774832.
quiet not quite!
Do ronin kids have gempuku?
If yes, who conducts it? What tests are employed?

Depends, their parents/caretakers, whatever the hell they want/have the resources to do.
Depends on what?
Pic related or not. Street orphan ronin, bandit gang ronin, etc don't get a gempukku.
Bandit gang Ronin might, actually. Wouldn't hold a candle to a real gempukku, but they could easily have an initiation style gempukku involving their bandit activities.
You'd have to find bandits who want to raise kids first.
Hey fellow samurai. Lookin' for some help.
I'm a bit of a L5R noob - read a whole bunch of books and stuff, but I haven't played.
I may be running a game for some people this weekend who have less exposure to eastern drama than I as well as practically no exposure to L5R itself. So what would be the best way to get them both informed and excited?
I've been trying to get them to read the books and stuff. Went so far as to create a living document of stuff in the lore that I just keep adding to, but not one of them has even looked at it.
What would you lot recommend I do?
>Went so far as to create a living document of stuff in the lore that I just keep adding to, but not one of them has even looked at it.

I don't know these people nor where you know them from, but in either case this is not a good sign.
This is just my opinion, but in my experience, pushing the lore onto players is the one thing you should never do, because it wouldn't work. They have to want to learn it, and you have to make them want it.

What I would do is:
1) Don't expect the players to know anything. Tell them the lore bits as they become relevant, warn them if they're about to do something stupid, point out the implications of specific things they might have missed or potential actions they didn't know they could perform. Plan the first game in such a way that you wouldn't have to do it often enough to annoy them. Assume they are following all the courtesy norms unless they specifically state otherwise.

2) Show NPCs engaged in specific eastern drama tropes and comment on their actions and choices.

3) Get the players to watch some movies beforehand to get the atmosphere and mood. Something with badass action to draw them in, but also enough eastern drama elements which they can recognize later and to which you could refer in the game. Make sure that the movie contains elements similar to what your game will contain.

4 Make the first game revolve around one or two core eastern drama elements and fill up the rest with more traditional RPG stuff
Yeeeah. It sucks. I did sorta realize it's a bad sign, but it's more for my own use.
However, another friend who's been interested in the game and lives too far away to game has been enjoying it.

Still. Cry for help. Fuck my shit up etc.

This is the last gasp before I say fuck it and just run Barbarians of Lemuria or something else much, much lighter.
This guys got it>>53799181
The real question is whther the guys you're dealing with are into Chanbara or if their Weebs.

It's true that L5R is more Akiro Toriyama then Desu Desu, but...you know, a bit of moonspeak here and there on your part can help with the immersion.

Thin back to when you were a babyweeb. You know you got lured in by flashy shallow shit. Boobies, pirate ships in space and Dare Desu Ka were all you needed to be happy, right? Only after time did your tastes develop, and did you start wondering about the shit that got lost in translation, and started to really explore.

Just lead your players by the nose along those same steps you took, through the lens that most apeals to their sensibilites. A lighthearted comedy is just as good as proper soul stirring drama. And nothing says you can't have both. Shit look at Monkey, I'm pretty sure he was aiming for Seven Samurai Kikuchiyo and ended up a bit closer to Samurai Seven Kikuchiyo...
Yeah I think I'm just floundering and self-sabotaging.
Lots of good advice, thanks.
I was sorta following #1 at first, told them flat out I'd help them along with any setting stuff.

Kinda got sidelined because of another friend who I just got super interested in the setting, and they're the real reason I went overboard on the doc.

So.. head cleared.
This was my original plan, any extra advice, tips, etc would be much appreciated:
All players are at the Kaiu Wall. Probably all Crabs, part of a unit (maybe semi-pregenerated characters so they don't have too much beyond characterization for their first session). If any of them look into the setting, they can pick a different Clan, but otherwise they're all gonna be Crabs.
Flat out tell them I'll just assume they're saying things with the proper honourifics and whatnot unless they tell me otherwise.
Directly fill them in with important information like I would normally do when running a game.

From the unit, they're probably going to be manning the wall, have the day-to-day crap. Haven't got much sketched out, spent far too much time yesterday sucked into research mode.
File: Im a terrible writer.jpg (60 KB, 634x639)
60 KB
Fine then, form now on I'll just use this character here. ಠ_ಠ It's read as "garbanzo"

File: 1480117419379.jpg (28 KB, 640x360)
28 KB
Irritated crabs pinch harder
Thanks anon.
Realized I was being a big baby. Kinda said so here >>53799710 but I wanna apologize for tarding all over the thread.

One of them is pretty weeby, the others not so much. So yeah, I'll show them some good movies and whatnot but also keep it more fun than I was probably thinking of originally.

So, that said, please recommend me some solid movies or shows.
My plan was to go with maybe Seven Souls in Skull Castle (though I haven't yet seen it myself), maybe Harakiri. But now I realize something more fun is probably a good call.
TPK when?
>I oversaw Mantis-san and Monkey's packing myself
>Here, keep your jade stored right next to your rations. Food dosen't resist the taint as well as living things.
>Wouldn't want you die choking on a tainted riceball
>Monkey looked at his riceball
>man, these things really are dangerous.
>No wonder you're always looking for ninjas in them
>I nodded.
>I glanced over at Mantis-san
>Your armor.
>There's always the posiblity we'll run into something we just can't fight. The Hiruma prefer lighter armor or none at all because of that. Easier to move, to hide.
>You're going in the full gettup
>If it comes to that, I'm the rear gaurd.
>Well, it's really a matter of preference. At the very least you should wear your suneate. Oh, and geta.
>Monkey looked up
>Why geta?
>Rule number one of going into the shadowlands... unless you know different, assume it wants to kill you.
>Yes, WANTS.
>Even the plants are, more often then not, carnivorous. The ones that aren't are probably poisonous, and scratch can be deadly.
>They were both staring hard at me now
>I sighed and rubbed my head
>Look, what determines whether you come out of the shadowlands alive isn't the strength of your technique, or superior skill or the favor of your ancestors or certainty in your victory.
>It's knowledge.
>You two, don't have that.
>So I'm telling you, first and foremost, how to deal with shit that's unfamiliar to you.
>The nodded somberly
>I gave them both claps on the shoulders
>Besides, while you don't have it, I DO. And so do the others in the patroll. It's no different for us then looking our for our Kohai. You'll be fine.
>Alright. Let's get going. It's a quick march to the Wall form here, then up and over.

H Y P E !




>I chated with the Gunso of the squad on the way to the Wall
>Hiruma Akiyama was not at all what I expected.
>True to his name, he was massive, with the muscular build you usualy see on Hida.
>Such a huge fellow being so good at hiding his presence was...unfair.
>There were twelve of us in all, four groups of three
>Though Akiyama didn't say anything, he did glance towards Monkey and Mantis-san a few times
>Don't worry, Akiyama-san. I won't let them eat any of the berries.
>Chuckles, dispelling the nervousness that everyone feels when the come to bottom of the Wall
>Akiyama was the gunso here, so I waited for him.
>As his sandal slapped firmly onto the first step everyone else fell in line and started up
>It was the duty of the comander of any force going intot he shadowlands to take the first step, and so do with unshakable resolve. This gave courage to his men who came after
>I, meanwhile watched as the Hiruma passed by me.
>tight grips in hilts. Mouths set. A prayer being mouthed, not even breathed.
>Good. These were all fine bushi. Sense enough to fear the shadowlands, but brave enough to face that fear without flinching.
>Once they had gone I jerked my head to Monkey and Mantis-san and we fell in behind them
>As we crested the Wall the wind screamed past, and I leaned into it.
>Here, the faint whiff that you could smell from Shiro Kuni was a full assault on your nose
>We were going down in the lifts, because we had outsiders with us
>Akiyama mounted the lift first, as was proper. He turned and gave his men a wild grin
>He shouted over the wind
>I hefted up my tetsubo and shouted right along with them
>Mind games. Calling up every ounce of our warrior's souls
>Preparing ourselves for anything, for everything.
>Akiyama threw back and his head and laughed like a madman as the lift started down
This was a nice scene.
>We reached the bottom of the Wall, piled into the boats, and rowed to the other side of the River of the Last Stand
>Not even Monkey was curious enough to look over the side of the boat
>As we got out on the other side, Mantis-san looked around
>This part of the shadowlands was blasted, barren hellscape, trampled flat time and time again by mighty armies and endless Crab patrols.
>So this is where you used to work, before we met, eh?
>Monkey looked around, hand over his mouth.
>It stinks pretty bad here
>I stopped and sniffed.
>He was right.
>The shadowlands always stank, but...it smelled worse then I remember.
>I caught Akiyama watching me
>He didn't say anything. Just nodded
>At Akiyama's silent confirmation I tensed and looked about
>Mantis-san and Monkey were familier enough with me to see that I was on edge and mirrored my wary posture
>Akiyama then divided up the squads. Enough space between the squads that if one died the others would be sure to recive warning, with enough space between the bushi that all three could not be killed at once
>We set out into the shadowlands, seeking evidence of the army that was gathering.
>The first thing we found was not a battle, but the remains of one
>Several corpses, in Crab colors and armor lay amid some broken weapons.
>There were several troll corpses as well
>Akiyama stared for a long time
>I knew why. The Crab that were here had had their heads removed, but their daishos were still present.
>Looking at the dead Tolls, and the broken weapons, there were not enough Crab laying here.
>As Akiyama knelt down and began to retrieve the blades I spoke to Monkey and Mantis-san
>Don't be so quick to assume something in Crab colors is your friend.
>I lowered my voice
>If the rest of the patroll had survived, they would have takien the Daisho back
>And there aren't enough bodies here.
>Monkey nodded
>Right. Assume it wants to kill you, huh.
>midday Akiyama called for us to break and rest
>We spread out into a circle, everyone looking over the shoulders of everyone else.
>Mantis-san cracked open his rations, then looked down at them, going about as green as his armor
>Monkey leaned over and looked at Mantis-sans food, chewing a mouthful of his own rice
>You know you should eat when you can, right?
>Yeah, but the damn stink of this place!
>The other Crabs chuckled
>I explained for him
>You're not the only one who looses their appetite the first tie they're in the shadowlands.
>Another Crab pipped up
>Yeah, happened to me my first time in too., then my Gunso cured me
>Oh? How?
>The Crab cleared his throat 'if you don't eat it yourself we're all coming over there to feed you!'
>Mantis-san ate a mouthful of rice
>As we went deeper the land became soggy, spongey and muddy.
>With every sucking, slurping step the earth itself seemed to cry out for us to stay still
>Soon enough twisted trees appeared on the horizon, and we entered into a full blown bog
>The limited vision forced us closer together. Lest we grow to far apart
>But, being closer was still dangerous. An ambush now could do more damage then if we were still comfortably spread out
>Mantis-san and Monkey didn't need to me to tell them that; they became more vigilant on their own.
>Then I saw them. Dark shapes, furtive movement, just at the edge of my vision
>I called out a warning just before the first rocks began to fall among us
Rocks fall, everyone dies.
Half of that statement is correct.
"Rocks, everyone"?
funnily enough, half of THAT statement is also correct
a, a goblin fight, classic!
Don't die yet thread!
Well, in order to convey the chanbara aspects you can go with classic shit like Kagemusha, Yojimbo...pretty much anything with the names Akria Kurosawa or Toshiro Mifune. Don't neglect Zatoichi, but Hanzo the Razor is not for normies

To get a little more light hearted, I can't think of anything better then Drifters. Toyohisa is pretty much a picture perfect Matsu berserker with Kota's characters being terrifying, serious and funny in turns. They're pretty damn vibrant, and good fodder for chargen. Though if you're okay with totally off the wall personalities in your PC's you could go full Sengoku Basara. But you should probably stay away from that one. Waaaaaaay over the damn top.

The problem with L5R is that it's ALMOST right, but not really. And it's high action where PC's can be really strong, but it's also pretty damn deadly if you're dumb or unlucky. So getting shit that comes even a little close is hard.
bump for crab-san
How do you guys balance weapon selection vs. in-game canon? For example, the bisento being used by monks and not common elsewhere or the dai tuschi described as almost exclusively used by the Crab.
Hey anon, way late here, but thanks! I'll get them to watch Drifters with me. And totally watch Sengoku Basara myself.
>How do you guys balance weapon selection vs. in-game canon?
Generally, if it's heavy armour or a good weapon and it's not a katana, the setting self-balances by considering it a weapon of war, which will cause you to butt up against Rokugani expectations unless you're on duty in your daimyo's province(s).
PCs are uncommon themselves. As long as there's no Imperial decree forbidding that, even an occasional Crane can swing a dai tsuchi around, if he doesn't mind funny looks.
>PCs are uncommon
Not until they prove themselves uncommon by rising in insight and glory. Rank 1/2 are common AF.
Not every Rank 1/2 character is a PC. Even if every one of your PCs takes up unconventional weaponry, it still would be a drop in the ocean and not affect the order of things at all.
"The nail that sticks out shall be hammered down."
Noone cares about Glory/Status 1 nails enough to specifically go out of their way to hammer them down.
That's where you're wrong.
There's no hard rule on that. The Kaiu don't have an exclusive patent on the dai tsuchi. There is only one normal, non-stop weapon I can think of that would get you in trouble and that's the Lion Beastmaster claws. Even that spear that the Boar clan uses isn't exclusive to them, just rare outside of their lands/time.
Non-peasant, non-gaijin
What does that have to do with unconventional weaponry?

Besides, Ishigaki and his memegroup have used unconventional weaponry since the beginning.
>lots of scrolls
That's all conventional weaponry for their clans.
>for their clans
Therein lies the point

That does bring me to the question: why is it always crablands and never Mantislands? Did the GM have something against pirates?
Ishigaki-sama is far more interesting then mantits-kun, so he gets more plot attention.
The other way around. Ishigaki is more represented, so he seems more interesting.
Mantis lands are either islands or were previously the tiny plots owned by minor clans. Not a lot happens in the Fox Clan's neck of the woods, and there's need to be a very good reason to head to the distant islands.
>Not a lot happens in the Fox Clan's neck of the woods
B-but fox waifus...
They had been in Mantis lands actually.
They've been there only once, same deal with Monkey's place.

I'm honestly surprised they haven't been to phoenix or scorpion lands more, given the propensity for maho there.
The Phoenix get pissy at Imperial magistrates, and especially Jade magistrates, making it a very difficult area to police.
The Scorpion Kuroiban are good buddies with the Kuni Witchhunters, and generally deals with their own problems.
Ishigaki is sharing the adventures he remembers as being important to him and has directly started that plenty of the group's escapades have been ommitted from this storytime.
>Phoenix lands

Shoji lives there anon.
>Wanting to spend more time in the place where Shoji lives
Phoenix lands are big, by the same logic you could argue that Shoji lives in Rokugan. So what then, emigrate to Burning Sands?
That might be a good idea...
>being on the same continent as shoji
You could just remove Shoji.
Is Shoji better or worse than a horde of unwashed gaijin?
Shoji is love
Except if you are his "rebellious" daughter
File: 1461182665116.jpg (581 KB, 1200x1600)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
page nine unseemly
stories of crab are the best
bump back to page one
Better than Shoji:
Gaijin, eta, Spider clan,
Literal garbage
>stones bounced off my armor as the others ducked down behind trees for cover
>I stayed where I was. Armored as I was, sticks and stones couldn't hurt me at all
>So I became Akiyama's eyes
>He yelled out to me, back up against a gnarled tree
>Yeah they're dariting all over the damn place though; I can't tell how many.
>OH you little SHITS!
>Behind me, Mantis-san struggled to move through the muck of the bog, kama in hand
>He had decided to wear his full armor, and so was hampered
>On the other hand, the goblins, no bigger than a human child, bounced and hoped lightly across mud.
>This was truly their territory
>I moved beside Mantis-san, placing my bulk between him and the little savages
>time for that bow, I think
>Yeah. You're right
>He unslung and readied his bow
>Akiyama gave an order, and the Hiruma began readying their yumi
>As I watched the goblins, I began to wonder why they were moving about at all
>Then a blob of what I deeply, sincerely hoped was just mud slammed all over my mempo and covered my eyes
>My fingers worked at the cords of my helm. I had to pull off my mempo before I could scrape the glop from my eyes
>I'm fine! Little shits just blinded me for a bit...
>And then I heard goblins scream
>Still blind, I asked Mantis-san flatly
>Monkey's not slowed down by this muck in the least, is he?
>My answer came back just as flat
>I got my eyes cleared just in time to hear the twang of bowstrings and satisfying shreiks from wounded and dying goblins
>I swung my head around, taking stock of things
>Monkey had bounded over to a clump of the filthy things, who were scattering in terror at his assault
>Mantis-san fired an arrow off the the side, and grinned. He must have killed it instantly with that Tsuruchi bow of his.
>...to the side.
>I whipped my head around
>While I had been blinded the Goblins were moving around us.
>getting around the cover being used by Akiyama and the rest
>They've got a WARMONGER!
>Akiyama looked up at me, as several of the Hiruma cursed
>Monkey! Get back here damnit!
>He hopped lightly between the exposed roots of the trees, at one point snagging an overhanging branch and swinging himself
>I scanned the treeline, looking for the bastard.
>Goblins were cunning, but their cunning was that of a beast. They could see that samurai floundering in much would be easier to kill with thrown rocks and the like, sure.
>But to anticipate their targets taking cover, to then maneuver to outflank them? To blind the one out in the open who is watching them?
>THIS is what made Warmongers dangerous.
>I spoted him, wearing a blue do and Kabuto
>He had a Katana. A KATANA
>I ground my teeth in rage at the thought of a Samurai's weapon being fouled in the hands of such a creature as I yelled to Mantis
>He nodded and loosed an arrow
>It went straight into the goblins neck, and the warmonger fell with a gurgle
>But the goblin mob did not falter as I expected
>Akiyama noticed it immediately as well.
>I don't see anything else yet!
>Monkey tugged at my arm
>Do Goblins work magic?
>He pointed
>I could just make out the staff of a preist, one of those things with the rings that jingle as the preist walks
>The wodden staff was broken off so it was the right size for the goblin holding it, and the bronze was quite corroded from being in the shadowlands
>The monster holding it jumped about, chanting blasphemies
>Akiyama fired off an arrow
>So, they've got a Shaman too?
>I felt a chill run down my spine
>What was it doing?
>Dancing and hoping about...
>..in front of some dirty naked goblins
>...some muddy goblins
>I turned and screamed
>I waved my tetsubo, pointing to them
>A flight of arrows from the Hiruma fell upon the lined up goblins
>What the fuck is magic mud?
>No time, move your ass Monkey!
>I shoved Monkey away from me
>Get clear, scatter!
>Mantis-san, seeing my fear, didn't waste time
>He leapt up, took off running
>And sank up to his knee in the bog after three steps
>Fire blossomed over my shoulder, lighting up the formely dim treeline and the air filled with hellish shrieks
>Mantis-san was looking at me
>His eyes widened as he saw what was over my shoulder
>a dozen goblins had survived the arrows of the Hiruma.
>They were charging us
>And they were on fire
>The mud that they covered themselves with was very, very sticky.
>It burned long, and hot; almost impossible to put out.
>If it got on you you had to scrape it off.
>I whirled around, standing between Mantis-san and the burning goblins
>I swung my tetsubo full force, slaming it into the blazind chest of the first to reach me
>blood and burning mud splatered from him, as he flew back
>You had to kill them as fast as possible.
>They were already maddened with the pain of being on fire, after all.
>I crushed the skill of another one, just before it reached Mantis-san
>the third one was leaping in the air, flying straight at me
>When Monkey dropped from the tree and sliced it in half
>The others got past us
>Mantis-san shot one and it fell
>then they were upon the Hiruma
>Monkey, get the damn Shaman!
>I began to help Mantis-san free himself from the bog's grip
>His leg free, Mantis-san began to fire into the blazing goblins
>I kept the rocks and sticks that were still coming off of him
>A cry rose up from the Goblins then
>I dared a glance
>Monkey had slain the shaman before it could do any more harm
>And with that the other goblins broke and scattered
>The burning ones were all dead by that point
>I ran over to check the damage
>They were already maddened with the pain of being on fire, after all
And what can only be described as religious ecstasy. Magic mud suicide charging is the biggest deal for goblins.
Can Monkey be any more shonen?
>Akiyama was alright
>But he was kneeling in front of Hiruma whose body was scorched nearly black
>His flesh was cracked and peeled away in places, I could see his muscle beneath.
>One eye had boiled in the flame
>despite all that, he was still alive
>He held out a hand to Akiyama, and croaked
>Akiyama nodded and pulled him to a sitting position
>The Hiruma looked at me, then leaned foward a bit, giving me cleaner strike
>I didn't hesitate
>Akiyama laid the man's body down
>Rest, Kenshin. We will take care of the rest
>he took Hiruma Kenshin's daisho, and his finger of jade. Akiyama passed the finger to one of the samurai in Kenshin's group
>Monkey and Mantis-san were staring, jaws dangling open
>I knew what they were thinking
>Goblins. They were just goblins. But one man was dead, and several others had minor injuries from rocks and sticks.
>Akiyama took stock of his troops
>Most were uninjured.
>A few had bruises forming.
>But one woman had blood running from her split scalp
>He frowned.
>Gunso, it's just a scratch!
>No it isn't, Sayako-san, and you know it.
>Last thing we need is for you to get an infection in that cut.
>She nodded and allowed Heihachi to bind her wound
>Once it was done, we headed deeper into the bog, leaving Kenshin behind
Most of us were satisfied at 3 athletics. I'm pretty sure he went to seven.
I had a PC named Hiruma Kenshin once. Bummer.
>scorpion lands
>propensity for maho

Anon, you don't know much about the scorpion beyond the rumors they put out to the setting at large, do you? Read Way & Secrets of the Scorpion, they'll help balance your view of them.
>What does that have to do with unconventional weaponry?
See >>53811093

>Besides, Ishigaki and his memegroup have used unconventional weaponry since the beginning.
Your point?
Did the player purposely go full shonen or was it a happy accident?
My bet is that it started as an accident and then went on to be that the player embraced the Shonen genre and milked it for all its worth.
Monkey clan just sort of gravitates towards it, as their core design is basically shonen incarnate
True dat
How many breads have you eaten?
How many breads have you eaten?
How many breads have you eaten?
None, I prefer non-gaijin foods.
>Breads fall into three basic types: steamed buns, pancake-like breads made from batters, and flatbreads formed from stiff doughs that are rolled out and cooked on a hot, flat griddle.
Every clan grows wheat and eats bread.
Eat bread? Who do you think I am, a peasant? Rice only.
>He doesn't know the perfection that is yakisoba bread.
Of course you are right, samurai-san. Clearly only better samurai than you deign to eat anything other than rice.

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