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Last thread can be found here >>53439299
>As I approached I found a wall of bushi blocking my path
>Bushi from several Clans.
>The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and I wanted my armor very badly
>The air was thick with killing intent, and the bushi were eyeing one another with open hostility
>So they were already suspicious of one another.
>I've a message from Kakita Ren for the shugenjas!
>I was met with sullen stares, Until one of the Crane present spoke
>I know you, Hida Ishigaki-sama.
>You have the young lords favor.
>I trust you would not abuse that, would you?
>Of course not.
>Then go in.
>I shut the door behind me
>Toshiro was waiting for me, arms folded
>We're to investigate then?
>I blinked
>Come on, I'm a Kuni, and fire is my second element.
>I smiled ruefully
>How could I forget?
>Naomi was wiping sweat from Yuie's forehead
>She was awake
>What..what is going on...?
>Naomi answered her
>There is something unnatural about this illness, and we are going to find out what is going on.
>Naomi eased Yuie up into a sitting position and raised a cup of water to her lips
>Drink, you are loosing water quickly.
>As Yuie drank Toshiro fished out his Jade Magistrate chop and showed it to Yuie
>Her eyes widened
>then got even wider when Naomi showed hers
>From the corner, a derisive snort erupted
>Shoji, tending to another Phoenix
>A poor choice on the young lords part, I think
>You have a history of blaming the innocent for things.
>There were too many people spread about the room for me to start a fight here
>I might step on one by accident
>I think Shoji was making sure there were reasons I couldn't punch him before he opened his mouth around me.
>I looked at Shoji
>It's a good thing such a talented tensai is present, so that the Jade Magistrates may conduct their investigation without worrying about those already ill.
>You will, of course, be able to cover for their absence, won't you?
>He sniffed
>Of course.
>Go, look for your scapegoats.
Damn it Shoji, if you were just a bit more of a cunt Naomi would have two mothers.
>Naomi and Toshiro followed me out, once passed the bushi I explained what we knew so far
>We met up with the rest, who shook their heads
>So no one else seemed to have gotten sick yet
>So, Phoenix, Scorpion, and Crab have been affected so far.
>Thus far, women only.
>And it seems to not spread to others, at least not from contact with those afflicted.
>Monkey pulled out a jade finger
>So...? Jade Tests all around?
>Toshiro frowned
>Too many too soon, I think.
>I doubt the magic is being cast directly on them
>But it could be?
>Well, if there were several bloodspeakers sure...
>I looked over
>You think it might be another charm, like with Ayame?
>Mantis-san shook his head
>How could so many people all have gotten cursed items?
>Naomi answered
>Gifts, perhaps?
>Kitsuki-san nodded slowley
>We should backtrack their actions over the last few days, in any event. Some commonality is sure to present itself...
>Shouts caught our attention.
>So uh, when I went to get Toshiro and Naomi there were a bunch of bushi glaring at each other outside
>Kituski-san looked at me sharply
>And you didn't think the revelation that jade magistrates would be investigating an unnatural cause to this would exacerbate that?!
>I hoped they wouldn't notice...
>He sighed
>Not everyone is as thick as you are, Ishigaki-san...
>yeah, I see that.
>Naomi looked at us all
>We should not be standing around here, let us go and address that commotion.
>My body warmed up as we jogged down the halls to where the fight was breaking out
>Scorpions and Lions were in a fist fight, with Ikoma Masahira in the middle
>Mantis-san and I exchanged a glance
>Kitsuki-san quickly began to explain to the Daidoji who were just about to get involved that we had experience breaking up brawls
>He left out the part where we did so by laying everyone involved out cold
>It wasn't much of a fight, since it was mostly courtiers involved
Women only, that anon was right.
>I have no idea where he got it from, but Masahiro smacked a go board over my head
>I let Mantis-san subdue Koretoyo and the rest of the Scorpion
>Masahiro was the last to go down, and only stopped after I tripped him and sat on his chest
>The man fought like a corned animal
>His wild, undisciplined fury was surprisingly effective, and I was panting a bit after it was all over
>Ren came in at last, with Daidoji Hideo
>he blinked at the sight of me sitting on the Lion delegate
>Then shook his head
>Will someone please explain this scene before my eyes?
>From underneath me a voice came forth
>It's the damn Scorpion! They're poisoning everyone!
>But, Ikoma-san...it was a Scorpion who first fell ill. Even now, Soshi Mariko struggles to overcome the sickness
>A deception! Deception I say!
>Oi. It's not poison though.
>Toshiro over there can tell the difference between poison and illness, since the treatments are different and Oni can cause both
>Whoah, really?
>Yeah, there are Oni that spread plauge, and Oni with venom so potent it can scour armor.
>So...it's NOT poison?
>It's not poison.
>Oh. Well then get the hell off me!
>Shouldn't you appologize first?
>To a Scorpion?!
>I'm very sorry for my rude actions Bayushi-san
>Karetoya, who was having his black eye treated by Naomi, waved his hand
>yes, yes, I know. Too much sake.
>Though his words seemed nonchalant, he put great stress on that last part.
>Everyone knew he was calling Masahiro a drunkard, but if Masahiro complained Karetoya would just wonder why Masahiro did not want Karetoya to accept his apology
>I got up off of the Lion, while he sputtered a bit before storming off
>I muttered to Ren
>I don't think the Lion are taking these talks very seriously, if they send someone like him
>Ren nodded to me.
>then his head kept going down.
>Along with the rest of his body
>I caught him before he hit the floor
>I could feel the heat from his fever even through his kimono
>Naomi was there before I could even yell her name
>Scroll in hand, she began chanting
>Her eyes flashed with blue light, that slowly surrounder her whole body, and her hair lifted up off her shoulders
>She was using quite a potent spell
>When she finished the light moved from her to Ren, and seemed to slip inside his body
>His eyes fluttered open
>This is my most powerfull healing magic, Ren-sama
>I see, I do feel better already, thank you.
>Naomi looked to Hideo
>This SHOULD have cured him completely, but I cannot be certain, given the unusual nature of this illness. Keep a close eye on him.
>Hideo nodded
>Naomi's eyes fluttered a bit, and she gave a cough
>I caught her, Toshiro coming over with his tea
>Kitsuki-san explained that Naomi had always been in poor health, and this was not related to the illness
>I will be fine everyone, do not fuss over me so.
>I shook my head
>You get like this whenever you work too much magic. You've been pushing yourself too hard again.
>So have you, Ishigaki-kun
>You're sweating
>it's hot in here, that's all.
>there's a fire right there after all.
>I nooded to where Toshiro was brewing up her tea
>And caught his eye
>He was staring at me, in horror
>Ishigaki...since when has the tempeture bothered you?
>Oh shit...
>My vision started to swim
>then went dark
Oh HELL no.
>Shoji just openly calling them incompetent
Couldn't Ishigaki request a duel over an offence like that? Shoji would have his Gunsho champion him, and Ishigaki could have Ayame champion him in a sudden twist.
You know Ishigaki can't into social maneuvers.
There are more important matters at hand than getting even with Shoji.
>there are more important matters than getting even
1)Ihsigaki wears his full Daisho, so he couldn't have anyone champion him, unless Shoji decided on a Shugenja duel
2)Shoji was refencing the fuck up that got them all dismissed as Emerald Magistrates, so what he said was true. The implications were dickish, but dickish implications are how you insult people without getting challenged over it in Rokugan
3)a personal insult is a minor thing and would solved with first blood.
>Implying the Scorpions do not know this fact
>Implying Ishigaki is not alive at this very moment
File: pmdbz8B.gif (2.57 MB, 480x480)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB GIF
Ishigaki-san, is the head of the Scorpion delegation Koretoyo or Karetoya? Or are those separate people.

I'm working on the pdf still and want to make sure I have it correct.
File: Im a terrible writer.jpg (60 KB, 634x639)
60 KB

My eyeballs fucked up and saw an a instead of an o this time, not my fingers.
File: image.jpg (121 KB, 640x640)
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121 KB JPG
Thanks Ishigaki-san, I'll make the necessary edits.
Fucking Maho
here's to you ishigaki -san
File: 1490809766427.jpg (63 KB, 1024x550)
63 KB
Editing on the PDF is done through looking for Hida arc. Going to continue working and post an updated pdf later. This editing takes a long while...
File: 1477268098710.png (72 KB, 265x294)
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Is this maho plague after competence? 'cause Shoji isn't getting sick at all.
File: 1494568713865.jpg (493 KB, 1920x1080)
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493 KB JPG
Dropping a bump as the editing continues. Mostly through bog hags currently, which puts me at very approximately 1/4 of the story edited.
>>You have a history of blaming the innocent for things.

>not reminding him of the stupidity of accusing Ayane
File: 1492542547440.gif (1.24 MB, 307x465)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
Cleared the Gaki arc.
File: xraUd3V.jpg (125 KB, 700x633)
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125 KB JPG
Did the banter skit. While rereading it and organizing it into a shitty attempt at prose, I still think it was goddamn hilarious.

"They won."
You are doing great work anon. Thank you
File: Kakita vs Chuda..jpg (161 KB, 1000x800)
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161 KB JPG
That's a very cool pic
>This storytime is about as long as War and Peace now
>There are still many anons actively reading it and posting feedback
Warms my heart
It helps that it's easier to read than War and Peace.

>t. person who actually got through War and Peace.

>"Thank you, Kakita-san
>All this talk about my bride-to-be, or rather, who won't be, was getting a bit repetitive
>I wouldn't mind not having to talk about marriage until long after I've actually done it"
>"It's funny you should mention that, Tsuruchi-san"
>He slowly turns his face to me, realizing himself now why I wish to speak with him
>"I'll keep myself short
>We both know how much our Clans can help each other
>And we both want the best for our Clans, don't we?
>A marriage between yourself and that .. lovely Doji that just left us would very much help with that
>That, and I can see that she's very much among the more beautiful courtiers present
>It does sound quite appealing, doesn't it?
>Being able to walk around with one of the most beautiful women around, calling her your own wife
>Of course, cannot forget that, as a Doji, you'd receive a ... substantial dowry."
>"Kakita-san, please
>Enough of this talk
>I very much appreciate your concern, I do
>I am indeed quite grateful, without you, I would not be here, and I would have most likely been married off to someone in my own Clan, or someone outside it of a more minor station
>But my choice is my own
>And I do think of how my choice can help my Clan"
>He takes a moment to pause, visibly flustered from speaking too quickly
>Quite the jittery Mantis next to a calm and graceful Crane
>I smile at him
>"Of course, Tsuruchi-san
>Your choice is yours to make
>I just want to make sure you make the best choice, the right choice"
>"... You've given me quite a bit to think about, Kakita-san
>I do feel now I may have rushed into my decision
>I shall reconsider, but
>If my choice remains the same,
>I hope you will respect that."
>"Of course, Tsuruchi-san
>I'm sure I will be smiling when I hear of your choice
>Please, don't let me keep you any further"
>We bow, and make our way to whatever may lie ahead of us
>I notice a group of courtiers arguing, in the colours of...
>Is that Togashi-san facing several Lions?
I know this isn't exactly the right place for this, but would any of you happen to have pics of traditionally clothed females with katana's that don't have resting bitch face?

I figured if anyone would be able to help, it would be you guys.
At this point, a damn SERIES could be made of this, dragonlance style.
File: 1491862458353.jpg (1.86 MB, 3665x4409)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG

Librarianon here. Some numbers from the source docs I keep...

208,699 words, on 481 pages.

Editing is in the entertainment part of Shojis awful peace talks.

>As I make my approach, the little group disperses
>The other Dragon courtiers taking Togashi-san away before I can ask him
>I turn to one of the onlookers, a lesser local courtier
>"Excuse me, pray tell what just happened here?"
>"Oh, Kakita-san, have you not heard?
>But you must, you simply must, this has to do with one of your companions, after all"
>He droned on for a bit as my patience started wearing thin
>Finally, between his talking around, I manage to find out what happened
>Apparently, Togashi-san, who denies any such thing, had convinced one of the servants to spread rumours
>Of implied insults between the Lion and the Unicorn
>To start a conflict between them, for whatever reason
>The mess that was inter-clan conflict could sometimes get too convoluted even for me
>Especially since my own clan wasn't involved in anything major at the moment
>Other than our covert courtly war alongside the Scorpion against the Otomo, of course
>Anyways, the Lion found out that the servant was spreading lies and slander
>Of course, that servant has been punished accordingly, and would no longer be able to commit such a crime again
>And since according to that servant, Togashi-san is why he was doing it
>The Lion confronted Togashi-san
>The rest of the Dragon delegation of course quickly came to her aid
>And it didn't take long for both parties to decide this should be settled via duel
>To be held at the end of the day, as it had on all others
>This came as a bit of a surprise to me
>I must have been so focused on what was happening to me, my clan, and my companions, that I hadn't noticed other duels had been held
>Granted, most of them, although sanctioned by Suikihime-sama, did not draw much of a crowd
>The only duels that would do that would be in the most grand matters, or involving the most grand people
>I guess being a hero of Rokugan makes Togashi-san quite the grand person

small correction, 'twas betwixt the Lion and the Crab, because both are fighting against Spider and Dragon, so in a de facto alliance that Togashi-san wanted to weaken with Scorpion-like behavior
Nobody at the table was surprised when it backfired, of course
File: Iroh.png (119 KB, 583x740)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Doing the editing on sleepy-chan's whole arc. Even before that.

I keep reading every single thing Katsuie-sama says in Iroh's voice. Every. Single. Thing.
Is there anywhere this thing is posted from the beginning?

File: Here comes george.jpg (18 KB, 255x255)
18 KB
I knew this would be like Shadowrun Storytime, I knew it!
More or less halfway caught up. I'm going to make like sleepy-chan and pass out.

You can read it via the cleaned up PDF, but the thread reactions are pretty great too.

Ayup. Another one for the /tg/ history books.
Also there's a highlighted section at halfway or so where I'm a little confused on who's saying what. So I'll look at that when I'm not sleep deprived.

Its the point where Ishigaki gets maho-raged.
So why is it that Ishigaki seems to always fail when targeted by Maho? Shouldn't his high earth ring make him very resistant to it with a high willpower and stamina?
Maho isn't always resisted by Earth. Taint is, but maho has other effects and only sometimes Taints its victims.
Bless you kind anons
I know a new low for a Shoji - using a baby crab's name for an Oni.
I don't think he's close enough to him to do that.
At least not yet. If he became his sensei, that would be a close enough connection for that. As is, "distant grandfather from a different clan" isn't close enough to hand off a name. It just wouldn't work.
.........the pdf making anon is now dragon-editor-san
File: crab-monkey.jpg (299 KB, 1920x1080)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Thanks for the updated pdf
What are the other good lengthy tg greentext?

I've glanced at a couple before but seeing Crab anons tale in "real time" has gotten me interested in what else has come out of tg.

Won't be looking into them until I see how this story ends though.
Shadowrun storytime by TwoDee is a classic.
File: 1458147817019.jpg (55 KB, 725x291)
55 KB
there's All Guardsmen Party and Britbongsteros
This, yes.AGP and Britbongsteros is.nice
Deffwotch on 1d4chan is hilarious.

Do quests count? If so, anything written by blorp (EVOquest, Ogre Civ Quest, and another whose precise name I forgot; just search the suptg archive for blorp). It's comedy gold.
Besides what others have mentioned, there's also Tale of an Industrious Rogue, which can be found on 1d4chan.
There's also the story of desirebro, but that one's much shorter than anything mentioned so far (but still a noteworthy read). It can also be found on 1d4chan.

If quests do count, I strongly reccomend Lamia Daughter Quest.
If you're okay with reading stories that end halfway through, I also recommend Homeless Mutant Quest and Hellborn Quest. Especially Homeless Mutant Quest
Isn't AGP unfinished?
yes, satan.
File: Crab drop troops..jpg (105 KB, 1200x706)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Your image game is on point
Scorpions are just crabs, but with an extra pair of legs, and a tail to tuck between them.
Remind me, is/was there a frog clan in Rokugan?
No, the frog just comes up in a parable from shinsei to Bayushi, the 4 lessons that establish the scorpion clan's whole outlook.
>Scorpions are just crabs
Sorta, they ARE the only great clans that actively defend the empire.
No. There's a longstanding group of ronin who run the City of the Rich Frog, and they'd be the best candidates for it if they ever earned the right to be a minor clan.
What was their name?
The kaeru family and the machi-shanshisha. Note that these are actually two different Ronin groups, one being the administration and the other acting as law enforcement. The Lion eventually took control and the kaeru ended up as a vassal family.
File: bASILPE.gif (1000 KB, 450x279)
1000 KB
1000 KB GIF
>Those numbers
>I really did write a damn novel

"Does anyone know where he is? Mantis-san?”
"Ishigaki-san?" Is all Kitsuki-san trying (in vain) to assert some order into the chaos after everyone goes blind.

Spells in L5R don't have saving throws for the most part. Because you have to hit a TN to make the spell happen, THAT is your defense. That's what the Magic Resistance advantage does, increases the TN. Take the Fire Hose riot control spell Naomi used on those Zombies back at Blobtsukai-san's place. If she hits the TN to cast the spell, she does 3k3 damage and gets a knockdown attmempt. The knockdown is contested strength sure, but that 3k3 dmg is always going to happen. What makes maho double plus fucky is the combination of the fact that you use INSIGHT rank instead of shugenja school rank (which means anyone can use it) the fact that mastery level only tells you how hard the base TN is (so that even the insight rank 1 farmer with NO school can toss out a rank 6 maho spell if he can hit the TN, and the fact that while you MUST pay out a blood sacrifice represnted by wounds based on the base TN of the spell, every increment of wounds over the base cost is a free raise, with the only limit being how many wounds you're willing to sacrifice. Which is what made the Tsukai in the village so damn nasty, with all his doped up blood sacs he could just do 38 wounds and get like 5 free raises on every maho spell he cast.

Anyway, responses handled. Back to storytime
Yeah, they really nailed the "evil is easy and tempting" part of maho. To be a shugenja, you have to be born with it, train for years, and beg for power through rote memorization and intense prayer. To be a maho-tsukai, you have to be able to recite a few words and cut someone (yourself or someone else). The spiritual cost is high, sure, but a lot of tsukai have nothing to lose.
And sometimes, Kansen will straight give you the right words to say to cast maho. Elemental Kami won't even give you a straight answer most of the time, nevermind pointers. The Kansen are way easier to deal with up front.
>shadows and screams and the red moon and the stench and the pain and the rage and everyone died
>I sat bolt upright, screaming
>my head swam and my vision tunneled at the movement
>I felt my stomach churn, and I braced myself to keep from vomiting
>Slowly I became more aware of myself
>My legs were tangled up in a blanket
>I was in a kimono top, nothing else, and the obi had come loose so that my top hung open
>I was drenched in sweat
>My tounge felt like it was three sizes to large and a slimy film coated the inside of my mouth
>the back of my throat burned with a dry feeling
>I was so thoroughly miserable I concluded that I had not died just yet.
>I felt hands steady my shoulders
>A cup was pressed to my lips
>Swallowing was painful, so I only took a few small sips at first
>the slime in my mouth made the water taste horrid
>I drank it all, and then looked to see who was with me
>Red robes
>Hai. You're memory is intact I see
>What are you doing here?
>My Fire magic may not be good for healing, but I am still a priest of the kami.
>And I've been in plenty of sick tents before.
>His hands had callouses on them, the kind you grow from long hours of sword training
>You're in the Phoenix army?
>Hai. I do not think I will ever come back to court after this either.
>I looked around the room
>I was in the sickroom, as I expected
>There were fewer people here then when I saw last
>Yuie died.
>The rest recovered, though.
>I looked at him
>his mouth was a thin line, jaw clenched tightly
>You have my condolences
>Thank you.
>I set about untangling my legs
>You should not be trying to get up so soon!
>The investigation... they need me...
>He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down
>I didn't have the strength to resist him
>It's the middle of the night. It can wait.
>Rest now.
>my eyes flickered as soon as my head hit the pillow
>my arms and legs still felt heavy
>I slept
Ah, it was Kitsuki-san talking. That conversation makes a whole lot more sense then. I'll make a few additions to the text so that makes more sense for others too.

Carry on Crab-sama.
>When I woke next, soft white hands were moping my forehead with a wet cloth
>I'd know those hands anywhere
>I breathed in deeply, filling my nose with Naomi's sweet scent.
>I gave her a weak smile
>She pulled me up into a sitting position effortlessy, and brought a cup to my lips
>I winced as the water mixed with the slime
>It is like when you find you have been breathing through your mouth while you slept, is it not?
>I nodded
>I hate that as well, Ishigaki-kun.
>She leaned in, placing her forehead to mine
>Good, you are not nearly as hot as you have been.
>I looked at her
>Just this once.
>Just for a little bit.
>I let my head fall against her chest.
>I didn't even bother trying to hold myself up
>She gave a small gasp as she held me
>I was tired. All my old scars seemed to ache all over again
>that dream...
>The past? The future?
>Weren't they the same for me?
>Nothing but monsters and death, no mater where I turned
>Was that just a fever-dream? A side effect of the Maho?
>Or... was it a prohpecy?
>My shoulders ached. A deep ache, in the very joints
>I nuzzled into my Hana-chan's chest
>And...for just a few moments. I let myself be the weak one.
>When I had enough of my indulgence I pulled back and looked up
>She was smilling serenly
>Thank you, Ishgiaki-kun.
>I could only blink.
>Most samurai will only show that side to a geisha.
>I know that is not proper for a husband to show weakness to his wife.
>But... I am glad. Glad to know that I can support you as much as you have supported me.
>She wipped at her tears, and hugged me tightly
>and whispered
>I am so glad you are alive, my love.
>I whipsred back
>I'm not so dumb that I would tempt fate by saying nothing can kill me, Hana-can.
>But at least, it will take more than a maho induced fever to do so.
>Hai. My rock. My castle. Rest. We will have your cracks repaired in no time.
>Uh, the investigation...?
>The tea.
>More specifically, the Tea SET,
File: glass.jpg (6 KB, 230x220)
6 KB
>The tea.
>More specifically, the Tea SET,

I can see where this is going.
>Then, Kaiu-san?
>Over there
>She nodded off to a corner
>I looked over, and saw him tossing about in his sleep
>An Asahina mopped his sweat, tending him
>Naomi sighed
>I think he will live as well
>Asako Yuie was the only one to succumb to the illness so far, though not everyone has recovered yet
>And Ren-sama?
>She frowned
>My magic did not remove the disease as it should have.
>It became dormant for a time, then attacked him again.
>Will he make it?
>I believe so, yes.
>He is under constant care.
>But he has yet to wake
>I see. Um, how long have I...?
>You have slept for two days
>The tea set was one of the gifts brought for Ren-sam by the courtiers, but we do not yet know who brought it.
>We are trying to find that out, but so is everyoe else, and they hamper our work with their accusations.
>There has already been a duel, between Kiyoyasu and one of the Mantis.
>She shook her head
>I think that was the point. The fever is dangerous, but it can be treated.
>Duels over accusations of Maho though, cannot.
>I see. You do need me then, to break that shit up.
>Hai. But we need you at your best, Ishigaki-kun.
>So, rest.
>I did as I was told
Couples don't get cuter than Naomi and Ishigaki
Editor here. I've had to break up my source docs into 4 so far because they are simply too big and make Firefox cry while I'm editing.

That said, I'm back to making progress while watching this thread with great interest.
File: ky00t.jpg (51 KB, 600x586)
51 KB
>Ishigaki makes the firefox cry
It is much harder to find a picture of a crying vulpix that ISN'T also porn than I thought.
>Gluey eylids parted slowly
>I rubbed the gack out of my eyes, so I could get them open properly
>It was quiet
>I looked around
>Everyone in the room was sleeping soundly, Just one Asahina softly walking from one bed to the other
>As I tossed my blanket off, my joints popped.
>Yep, been laying here way to long.
>I straigthened up my Kimono
>The Asahina came over, looking down at me
>You look much better, Crab-san
>I feel filthy though.
>He handed me a small bucket, cloth, soap and a fresh Kimono
>I thought you might.
>I stood and legs that hadn't borne my wieght in days felt like they were being pricked by thousands of tiny needles
>The Asahina steadied me as I stumbled
>too quick?
>A bit... but I'll be fine once my blood gets moving properly again.
>He nodded
>I took a nice long bath, scrubbing the days old sweat from my body and letting the warm water soothe my body
>I felt reborn
>I dried off, got changed and headed back to my room
>As soon as I entered a pair of heavy weights attached themselves to my legs
>I looked down into the stear stained faces of my children
>Tetsute had a snot bubble coming out of his nose
>Hey now, you two.
>Were you worried about me?
>I bent over to rub their heads
>Well I'm fine now, I promise
>I made to head deeper into the room
>But they didn't let go
>I looked down.
>They were still sobbing, though with relief
>Chidlren had not yet learned to bottle up their feelings until the right time to let them out
>I found their honesty beautiful
>So I just walked with my new training weights for a bit
>sobs turned to giggles quickly, enjoying this new game
>THe door to the room opened, and Monkey looked in
>Saw me heading to the wardrobe
>Saw the kids on my legs
>Should you be training so soon after being sick?
>Of course I should, Monkey. My body has been getting lazy.
>I opened the wardrobe to get out a full kimono.
>Then I lifted my left leg and shook it a few times
>I need to get dressed!
From all the stories, only Doc and the Hospitaller lady compared in cuteness. And then they got blown out of the water. Ishigaki x Naomi: I ship it.

And the kids are the cutest ever!
>Daiko held on tightly, giggling loudly
>I tried the other leg, with similar results
>Monkey, get my wife for me.
>Uh, yeah
>He left, laughing to himself
>I paced back and forth, hoping they would get tired eventually.
>But baby Crabs don't tire easily.
>Everyone came in, and laughter ensued at my plight
>Yeah, yeah. Hilarious.
>I lifted my Daikoleg
>Naomi? Help?
>Holding her hand over her mouth to hide her smile, Naomi came over and knelt down
>Okay you two. Let go of your father now. He'll play with you again, later.
>I recognized her firm tone, the one that was somehow gentle yet absolute.
>Daiko and Tetsute pouted, just a bit, but only after they let go
>I hugged them both
>They hugged back
>Then I got dressed, putting on my armor
>Kitsuki-san looked on
>Do you know where things stand?
>Tea Set. trying to find who brought it.
>He nodded
>We've investigated the Crab, Scorpion and Mantis so far. But no one has done or said anything even remotely suspicious.
>I head about the duel between the Phoenix and the Mantis, any others?
>Not yet, but it's only a matter of time
>So, how are we proceeding?
>Interviews for now. Trying to shake the brush and see what gets startled.
>Like I said, its not yielded anything...yet.
>I nodded.
>I ran a hand along my chin
>Scragly again.
>I pulled the whiskers taut and sliced them off my tanto.
>My usual look.
>I hefted up my tetsubo
>Well then... Shall we get started for the day?
File: tips for togashi.jpg (601 KB, 2035x1620)
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601 KB JPG

with Ancient Oriental Wisdom cheatsheet
File: 1493138916976.jpg (10 KB, 225x224)
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> I lifted my Daikoleg

File: 19a3jtTYYZ-9.png (36 KB, 300x250)
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bump for great justice!
File: IMG_20170604_160305184.jpg (2.82 MB, 4320x2432)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
Clan dice bump.
Oh, that's a good idea. Any advice where to pick up custom dice like that?

That's a pic of the dice AEG put out, and you can still get them on amazon.
I got mine from AEG before the license was sold to FFG. There are sellers on amazon for them as well. As for custom jobs, I have no idea. They pretty cool for the Emerald Magistrate game I'm running: each player gets to use a their clan's colors.
Did you really roleplay this whole scene?
File: CRAB BATTLE.jpg (161 KB, 900x600)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Not at the table, no. I was going to miss a session, so having Ishigaki get maho whammied was good in universe explanation. Generally we left the really mushy stuff for 1 on 1's and downtime RP tidbits It helps that ForeverGM may as well be my brother considering how close we are, and that he spends as much time at my house as he does his own. (if not more)

Noooooow, when Ishigaki got back form his pilgrimage and tossed Naomi over his shoulder? Yeah, that was at the table.
>Kitsuki-san, Mantis-san, and Monkey continued with their interogations
>Toshiro would head out to pick a person to be interviewed
>Naomi and I patrolled the rest of the castle, carefully watching the arguments rageing between the various courtiers, assisting the overworked Daidoji in keeping the fragile peace
>The fist fight I had to break up was between Kiyoyasu and Masahiro
>It had nothing at all to do with accusations
>Kiyoyasu was just screaming at Masahiro for being drunk...again.
>While it was true that someone should have reprimanded Masahiro for his drunkenness, Kiyoyasu was NOT that person.
>Rules. There are always rules about who is allowed to way what and when.
>So Kiyoyasu was only staining his own honor by ignoring those rules
>I walked up to them both.
>At this point, Kiyoyasu's hand was groping for the sword that was not there
>I set my tetsubo on his foot
>And leaned on it
>You should know that my patience is about as long as the hairs on my chin.
>He looked up at me, face twisted into a grimace.
>I imagine his foot hurt quite a bit
>Still, he managed to be indignant
>What are you even doing?
>Helping the Daidoji keep this court from becoming a bloodbath.
>I looked pointedly at his hand
>He glanced down as well
>And grunted in surprise
>His hand dropped to his side
>I took my tetsubo off his foot
>Then Masahiro had to go and open his damn fool mouth
>Yeah! That Pheonix is as tempermental as you'd expect from a fire shugenja!
>Go on, get out of here, before I'm forced to hurt you!
>I grabbed Kiyoyasu's arm before he could pull his wakizashi
>Then I turned to glare at Masahiro
>He wasn't paying me any mind
>Rather he was looking at Naomi
>You see? This is how a shugenja should be! Quite, demure!
>Then, right in front of my, he stroked my wife's ass.
>I became aware of weight on my arm
>I blinked.
>Kiyoyasu was holding my arm, leaning back with all his weight
>My knuckles hurt
Too much sake. :^)
Ikoma-sama is lucky Crab-kun didn't kill him in a blind rage
I like Kiyoyasu.
>Masahiro was sitting on the floor, blood flowing freely from his broken nose
>WHAT the hell was that for?
>Masahiro looked back and forth between me and Naomi, who was glaring tantos at him.
>I was impressed with her ability to express her fury while her face was bright red from embarassment
>Masahiro wiped at his blood
>Guess I deserved that then... sorry.
>He lurched drunkenly to his feet, then staggered out of the room, holding his head back.
>I could only sputter as he bumped into the door frame, twice, before successfully exiting the room.
>I don't think he's the culprit
>He's just too...
>Naomi nodded
>I know what you mean, and I am forced to agree with you, Ishigaki-kun.
>After that little outburst, Naomi and I switched jobs with Mantis-san and Toshiro
>I took up my position at the edge of the room, preparing to loom on command once more
>Only for all of us to be surprised when Naomi came in with Osako
>He said he has something he wishes to tell us
>Kitsuki-san shrugged and motioned
>Well, go on then
>Osako scratched at his chest
>could I have a drink first?
>Monkey glanced at Kitsuki-san, who nodded
>As Monkey got up, Osako spoke again
>Shochu, please. Sake is to light for me...
>I was rapidly having my fill of drunkards.
>Though Osako seemed better in control of his habits
>Perhaps because being a ronin, a drunken outburst could be much more costly.
>Monkey came back with Osako's shochu.
>He drank deeply.
>Then sighed
>He looked at Kitsuki-san.
>You're a Justicar, right? You've studdied swordplay?
>Yes... but what
>Osako stood up, and took a stance
>It looked awkward, with only one arm
>Then Osako stepped.
>But he didn't step.
>He walked
>Kistuki-san's eyes widened
>You...you are a Mirumoto?
>I was...once...
>Osako took another drink
Is there any good information about the Dark Moto that doesn't have them job to everything?
>Look, I don't like remembering that.
>But I needed you to know, so that you'll listen to what I have to say.
>That Dragon...Mirumoto Nagatsune?
>I may not have gotten far at all in my schooling, but I know how my sensei and my senpai moved, how they carried themselves.
>He's... he's wrong.
>I don't believe for one second that man attended the Mirumoto Ryu.
>Kistuki-san leaned back, tapping his chin with his fan.
>His eyes unfocused, and I knew he was remembering every interaction with the Nagatsune
>Kitsuki-san's eyes snapped back into focus, and he stared at Osako
>Why are you telling us this?
>Because Ayame trusts you...
>...and because it's only a matter of time before people start accusing the easy targets
>The ones without Clans to support them.
>Kitsuki-san nodded.
>He nibbled on the end of his fan and muttered to himself
>It's not enough...not yet...
>Monkey leaned over.
>I love watching him work.
>Then Monkey glanced at Osako
>Good thing you came clean with your motivations... he would have known if you were hidding something from him
>Osako nodded.
>I know full well what the student's of Kitsuki's method can do.
>Kitsuki-san made everyone jump a little when he slapped his fan into his palm
>Ishigaki-san, how do you feel about picking a fight?
>I blinked.
This tension... It's killing me!
The plot thickens
I mean, this isn't the perfect job for him but it's a damn good one.
Thread is on page 10.
Not a bumper is in sight.
Are you kidding me?
Unfortunately, the crab is the villain of this piece.
But that's obviously a Scorpion.
Spider more likely. Who studied in a Crab dojo.
From lowly ninth page
An advance of placement,
Moving with a bump!
Crabs are just slower scorpions who've lost their sting.

You could be right
Oh boy! Storytime!

last month I downloaded the WIP library PDF of Crab story time and and binged on it while I was on planes and in airports for the trip I was on.
Yay, Crane-san is still here too!
>Crabs are just slower scorpions who've lost their sting.

But that's wrong, anon
>But that's wrong, anon
They are more alike than any of the other clans. The scorpion just works from the shadows.
The biggest difference between them and the rest of the clans is that either will gladly sacrifice their personal honor to achieve the clans' goals if necessary. And they're both far more focused on protecting the empire than the rest of the clans.

>No matter how it would happen, the duel would become quite the show
>For now, however, with that hubbub dying down
>It was time for the next contest
>Another artistic one, to be overseen by the Turquoise Champion
>Would be interesting to finally see what Tsuruchi-san could do with a brush
>I wasn't sure however if i should join
>While I was perfectly capable with poetic art, as my victory in the haiku contest showed
>Other arts never caught my fancy
>Hogai, my younger brother, was better inclined for that
>Stronger influence from our Doji mother, while my father took more charge of my own upbringing, to ensure I would be a proper heir
>Still, Hogai, more than anything else, had a gift with his voice
>And the one art that really could ned up being mastered by him was ikebana
>Still, I'm sure he would've been able to do better than I in this competition
>Nevertheless, I joined in, as did of course Tsuruchi-san, and Togashi-san
>She really wanted to try and win as much glory as she could for her clan
>Such fervor was indeed admirable
>And I'm sure I hadn't yet seen all of her talents
>Now, what to paint?
>Hmmm, maybe...
>Two cranes meeting in flight over a Rokugani garden, surrounded by jungle
>Anybody that saw it would assume this to be some allusion to love between two cranes
>There were quite a few couples among the minor courtiers
>And it wasn't too uncommon for one of the lower courtiers to achieve greatness every once in a while
>Doji-no-kimi however would no doubt see what I meant through my painting
>Even though she was helming the efforts to marry me off to another clan
>Maybe, I might be able to return to Second City in the future, on a less formal occasion
>And although currently Crane ambassador in Second City, who knows how long she'd remain in that position
>As Turquoise Champion, her duty extended to the Empire as whole
>It would only be polite to offer her lodging at my estate during her travels
>If that day should come
Smooth move
I can only guess which shade of blue one of the cranes will have.
Have a free bump, on me
No-no-no, that's too generous. I can't take that.

>The paintings were displayed throughout the afternoon, names hidden, while Doji-no-kimi decided which was best
>I could not help but notice a faint hint of a smile when she saw mine
>Or was that just my imagination?
>Among the other paintings were quite a few of note
>An assortment of flowers, both Rokugani and colonial
>Quite a number of landscapes
>Great mountains, mighty rivers, dense forests
>Even the wild jungle popped up here and there
>As did the occasional serene pond
>And a few that seemed as simple courtly scenes
>With enough hints to show that court was not a superficial affair
>But with all these paintings, both wonderful and simple
>All I could see was that faint hint of a smile
>And the doubt whether or not I had truly seen it
>Or if it was just my emotions clouding my mind
>I did not even notice as the winner was announced
>It was an Isawa, from what I heard later
>But he wasn't very well known, and once the congratulations died down, only one thing was on anyone's mind
>The upcoming duel for Togashi-san's honor
>Ketsuiki, to the first blood, as is tradition
>Mirumoto Hikuryo, the renowned swordsman would be championing him
>Against the famed duelist Akodo Toshigure
>Tales of their skill were well known, and they were among the most skilled duelists at the Summer Court
>After Kakita Shinichi and Daitsu, of course
>Still, it would be quite the spectacle to witness
>I made sure to take note, as I joined the audience these courtly duels caused, of how they would fight
>Hikuryo readied himself in his family's famed Niten style
>Toshigure, as most Lions, took one of the main stances in iaijutsu
>While I did hope that Togashi-san's honor would prevail in this duel
>I could not help but believe that the obviously superior iaijutsu techniques would help Toshigure win
>As the sun reached the horizon, the blades struck
>And only one was visibly tinted with the color of blood
>Togashi-san's honor was untainted
>Mirumoto Hikuryo was victorious
Toshigure has no luck in duels.
Don't mess with a Mirumoto if you want to duel.
Toshigure is a canon duelist in the Second City box infamous for maiming opponents. He was used as a PC in WC3 where he had very little luck with duels.

I found it funny that his luck continued in Crane-san's campaign.
Huh, didn't know that. Interesting.
Oh no you don't.
>Kitsuki-san explained the plan to me
>he wanted me to start a fight with Mirumoto Nagatsune, one that would result in a duel
>Kitsuki-san couldn't be the one dueling because he would watch not just Nagatsune, but also Kitsuki Hiromi and Tamori Otani
>He narrowed his eyes
>Especially Hiromi. If he IS a fake I'd like to know how it escaped her notice
>Mantis-san tilted his head
>It escaped yours, didn't it?
>I almost never spoke with the man. Yet I would expect the members of a delegation to have a much closer relationship
>Hey, Kitsuki-san?
>Wouldn't monkey be a better choice for this? I'm not really much of a duelist
>He eyed me in response
>You are able to be mean and insulting in ways he cannot, Ishigaki-san.
>...thanks...I think.
>And while I have no doubt Mantis-san could also pick a fight, I am mildly surprised every time he manages to sheath his katana without slicing off a finger or two.
>HEY! I'm not THAT bad with it!
>Kitsuki-san just gave a derisive snort
>So that was why I walked up behind a Dragon (or maybe not) and poured my tea down the back of his kimono
>He whirled around in surprise and confusion
>After shacking the last few drops of tea from the cup I dropped it, open end down, on his head
>Nagatsune seethed for a moment
>He took a breath
>...is your problem?!
>Fans did not flutter. This was too blunt, to shocking.
>Instead everyone in the room stared, mouths hanging open, completely uncertain of what would come next.
>I felt a little bit inspired
>I don't like you.
>Excuse me?
>I looked down
>You've got hairy toes
>Everyone looked down at the same time, embarrassing Nagatsune further
>...and you've been staring at my daughter.
>She's not even in a dojo yet, you pervert.
>Nagatsune sputtered hard as his face went a deep, satisfying, shade of purple
>I turned and headed out into a garden.
>Nagatsune got his rage under control long enough to bellow
>A Daidoji came running up and handed him the blade
>He stormed out into the garden where I awaited him.
>Of course everyone came to watch
>The Daidoji were looking nervous.
>I had, perhaps, gone a little overboard.
>So maybe he was planning to kill me.
>Such a thing was not for spur of the moment duels like this. There were procedures.
>If he did kill me, he'd be a murderer in the eyes of the law.
>Then the Daidoji would have to arrest him, at least until an Emerald Magistrate could arrive to pass judgment, or our lords worked it out between themselves
>Of course while their worries were understandable, they were also unnecessary.
>I was still in my armor, and he was so angry he forgot to insist I remove it.
>I was already dishonoring myself with my actions anyway, wearing my armor to the duel was just seasoning.
>We took our stances
>I crouched down, feet a bit wider then my shoulders, and turned my saya sideways in my obi, so that I could draw and cut and his right hip
>He went for the most basic of basic stances
>Right leg foward, knee bent. left leg straight out behind him
>He would draw up and a cut down
>I could see what Osako meant. Hardly what I would expect from an experienced Mirumoto
>As I studied his stance I recived another shock.
>My iaijutsu technique surpassed his
>While it was true that Niten was more focused on pragmatic combat or ritual fights like this, there was no such thing as a Mirumoto that did not devote time to training iaijutsu as well.
>Their eternal rivalry with the Kaktia-ryu guaranteed it.
>Not only was his technique inferior, his mind was unbalanced. I could see his muscles twitching, and his face was twisted with naked rage
>I didn't think my insults alone did that. He clearly had a problem with his temper.
>The world fell away, until it was only him, and me.
>He kiaied loudly, drawing his blade and charging
>I waited
>When he came close enough I drew and cut, twisting to the side to follow through with my strike
So, wearing his armor seems a lot less significant than back when he was hanging out at Shoji's winter court.

And if he so clearly isn't a mirumoto, why isn't anyone else noticing at this point?
>His blade whistled past my head as I turned
>He moved passed me a few steps
>I watched him go by calmly, as blood dripped from my blade to the ground below
>I would have expected better from a student still living in the dojo.
>I looked around
>I wasn't the only one who saw that.
>Bayushi Koretoya was tryin to bore a hole through Nagatsune with his gaze
>I glanced to Kitsuki-san.
>He was staring at Hiromi. And frowning, deeply.
>Then he stood up and stomred over to me and Nagatsune
>Who are you?
>I know the techniques of the Mirumoto.
>That pituful display...
>You are not trained in Nitten!
>Nagatsune looked at Kitsuki-san wide eyed
>Nagatsune growled
>You calling me a liar?
>Kitsuki-san smilled
>If this man could defeat you, you do not stand a chance against me.
>Now, WHO are you?
>Nagatsune roared back
>I am Mirumoto Nagatsune!
>What style do you use?!
Godspeed you glorious homosexual faggot. I love seeing Kitsuki-san at work.

It is straight up not the sort of thing you even bother to look for 99% of the time.

Like, if you're a Bayushi and you don't have a pre-existing reason to believe that this Mirumoto isn't a Mirumoto why would you bother checking?
I mean, everyone watching him. Since he performed so hilariously poorly.
This is hilarious. Godspeed you glorious crab.
>If he did kill me, he'd be a murderer in the eyes of the law.
>Then the Daidoji would have to arrest him, at least until an Emerald Magistrate could arrive to pass judgment, or our lords worked it out between themselves
Not quite. Duels aren't exactly every day events, but they're commonplace enough that deaths happen, and magistrates watch those who win a duel by death very closely to see that they return the loser's daisho to their family. This is a formal matter in which the bereaved may start a blood feud, possibly killing the the winner of the duel there and then. (as you might expect, this can start long standing grudges between families)

>I am Mirumoto Nagatsune!

Name your ancestry, Mirumoto Nagatsune.

Produce your personal chop or seal, Mirumoto Nagatsune.
Crane-san is so much more human than Judge Dredd, really...
A bump from page 7
>Name your ancestry, Mirumoto Nagatsune.
>Produce your personal chop or seal, Mirumoto Nagatsune.

If you don't have a way to prove it false, he could spout off random names he makes up for his ancestry. How would you prove him a liar without sending a message to the Dragon lands asking for records of Mirumoto Nagatsune's family lineage (a process that could take weeks or even months)? I mean, sure you probably know he's lying, but you cannot show that he's lying.

And if he managed to get past the front gates of the castle in order to attend the court, I imagine he has a chop or seal.
>I am NOT a liar you bastard!
>Then you should have no problem listing off your ancestors, should you?
>Fine! Mirumoto Sakon, Mirumoto Hojima, Mirumoto Kenichi, Mirumoto Hojiyasu...
>ohhhh, Mirmoto Hojiyasu?
>I know that name!
>He was a great hero in the last war between the Lion and Pheonix! At the battle of the White Cliffs he led a charge into the enemies main camp and took the head of the Lion General Ikomo Ryumaru!
>Nagatsuen puffed himself up with pride as Kitsuki-san rattled off his ancestors acomplishments
>Of course the blood of a great hero flows in me!
>Now you believe me?
>Indeed I do!
>Is it not wonderfull to have such great heroes in our Clan, Hiromi?
>Hmm, yes it is.
>Kitsuki-san's face darkened
>Except, there is no such person as Mirumoto Hojiyasu.
>Nor was there a battle called White Cliffs. Or a Lion General named Ikoma Ryumaru.
>I just made it all up.
>Isn't that right, Ikoma-sama?
>Masahiro nodded grimly.
>Nagatsune snarled
>What? You rely on the memory of a drunken lecher?
>Hiromo took a step back
>And now you accuse me, as well? You have gone mad, Takeshi-san!
>It was looking bad for the fake Dragons, but it wasn't quite enough. One more push was needed
>Toshrio provided it
>jade fire engulfed both Nagatsune and Hiroko
>Hiroko cried out as it burned her.
>Eyes darted back and forth between her, Nagatsune and Toshiro
>Toshiro spoke
>That's that.
>Nagatsune's blade flashed out, heading for Kitsuki-san
>He cut deep, and Kitsuki-san fell with a startled cry
>I drew my own katana and struck him, pushing him back away before he could finish kitsuki-san off.
>Nagatusne held his blade in both hands, dropping all pretense
>Mantis ran up and tackled Hiromi, pushing her back as well, as Naomi came up to heal Kitsuki-san's injury
>Kagatsune broke away from me, backing up
>And a bolt of lightning struck me
>Everyone around me clutched at their ears, as the thunder deafened them
>I looked over at the woman who claimed to be Tamori Otani.
I swear you people are fucking prophets.
Yikes! That escalated quickly!!
>She was staring at me in confusion.
>Most of the time, even prayers to the fortunes or even the sun were answered by the simplest kami.
>Though there was always a chance for the named fortune to take notice, and answer it directly, such a thing was very very rare.
>And simply being tainted did not rob you of the ability to apease the Kami, though some who become tainted become so beloved by the kansen the kami do indeed abandon them.
>So I was not terribly surprised that she was able to invoke the fire kami to call lighting down on me
>But I also knew that the blood in my veins had protected me from that spell.
>Kami of fire could sense my blood tie to the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, and were reluctant to injure me.
>It was not absolute, because Osono-Wo only helps those who help themselves.
>But it was enough, and she was clearly shaken when I apeared unharmed by her spell.
>Too bad for you. I am a decendent of Osono-Wo
>I couldn't belive my luck.
>I had always wanted to say this, just once
>Your Knowledge cannot save you
>I took a step forward
>Your magic cannot save you
>I took another step
>Nothing can save you
>I took another step and attacked her
>I cut her leg, then slammed my shoulder into her to knock her down
>Nagatsune screamed and rushed at me from behind, only for a wild monkey to shove a blade deep into his stomach
>Mantis-san had Hiromi pinned beneath him, and though she still stuggled it was clear she would not get away
>The Daidoji moved then, surrounding the fake Dragons with a ring of Yari
>It was over.
Welcome to Prophe/tg/eneral
Editor-dono, I just want to let you know that it is HIROMI. Not Hiroko or Hiromo or any of the other variations Ishigaki has used. He's so bad with names even if he has my notes he messes them up!!
The Dragons are mimics.
The room is a mimic.
The mimic is a mimic.
But some of the mimics are scorpions, and others are spiders.
Badass Ishikagi is badass.
>Toshiro presentd his Jade Magistrate Chop and called for some eta so they could begin the interogation.
>Kitsuki-san sat up with a few coughs, and shook his head to try and clear the ringing in his ears
>Naomi turned to me at once
>I'm fine, really.
>But you were...
>I'm fine, Naomi. She picked exactly the wrong magic to use on me.
>She chewed on her lip as she looked me up and down, just to make sure I really was fine
>Once she was satisfied she turned to check on the others
>I gave Kituski-san a pat on the back
>Good job with that little trap of yours.
>He looked up at me
>I regret it never crossed my mind that all three were imposters, though.
>As the Daidoji tied up the fakes and relived them of their weapons one came over and handed Kitsuki-san three chops
>He looked down at them, sadly
>It seems these bloodspeakers must have slain the real delegates, and taken their place before they got here.
>His fist clenched around the chops
>I... must go. I have letters to write, and Toshiro-sama will need my help with the confessions.
>I said nothing, because there was nothing to say.
>Ren woke up the next day.
>We told the young lord of our success in solving the case, and we all shared stories with him while he recovered in bed
>No one said a word to him about the executions that followed the day after, and it was handled well away from the castle grounds.
>No need to burden him with an ugly thing like that.
>I cannot thank you all enough. This is twice now you have dealt with maho-tsukai that have been plaguing my home.
>Naomi demurred to his gratitude
>It is our duty to do so, Ren-sama. We need no thanks.
>She held up a hand before he could insist
>But if you must thank us, then do so by getting well and ruling wisely
>He smiled at that, and nodded
>As we left Ren to rest, my mind turned to my other problem
>What to do about Shoji?
I see you do have wifi in the hotel then.
>>What to do about Shoji?
Now back to the important bit
Pack him into a barrel and sell into slavery in Burning Sands
>What to do about Shoji?
Clearly he needs to be banished to the colonies for life. He has too much pull to just be killed, but sent over the ocean for life would work.
Maybe there's a Unicorn at the court that needs a concubine?
Since this is the only L5R thread up right now, can you all give me a bunch of different detailed reasons why a bus hi would be declared ronin? I need like 30. Clan can vary, and they can be absurd. One I've already considered is I accidentally broke my Lord's favorite sake glass.
I'm playing a scorpion ronin and I intend to tell a different story every time I have to explain it.
Could just be a pilgrimage
1.Never get Jiggy with Hime-sama
2.My lord was assinated and I seek his killer
3.We lost the battle. Though I lived, I was cast out of my clan
4.Fell asleep on watch. (use this when you would rather get a full nights sleep then take a turn as the night watch)
5.I made my lord a meal once. He's dead now and I'm a ronin. (Bonus points if they're taking a bite out of a shushi roll you made for them)
6.I used to be a Mirumoto, but then my arm got cut off so I left the clan because what's the point of niten user with only one arm?
7.I used to be a Moto, but then I twisted my ankle and it healed wrong. My club foot keeps me from riding properly. (use these two late in the game when everyone knows you're full of shit already.)
8.One too many drunken brawls
9.Our general ordered us to charge entrenched Crab, and I didn't have the courage to commit Kanshi.
10.Shrug. I was just born a Ronin.
11. I was found on the steps of a temple with a daisho next to my basket. I seek my parents, so that I will know who I am.
File: kek.jpg (11 KB, 200x157)
11 KB
>Took the blame for a superior's shameful act, and was banished rather than forced to deathseeker or seppuku.
>Voluntarily left to truly follow a different path, such as following Sun Tao's teachings.
>Renounced Clan after return from hostage exchange and finding too much culture shock due to growing up in a different Clan's lands.
>Joined the Unbroken (IH2 pp 220) after becoming Tainted in order to avoid retirement to a monastery
>Trained in a dojo but was later disowned after his parentage came into question and it was revealed that he was a bastard.
>Renounced his Clan after he was left for dead on a battlefield
>Had too much personality for the Lion Clan
>Refused training because he was born to bad omens.
>Formerly a Clan magistrate, but wrongly accused someone well connected
>Formerly a Clan magistrate, but correctly accused someone well connected
>Minor Clan was disbanded and no Major Clan offered to absorb the family (check with GM if this is even plausible)
>A Heimin that found a daisho and plays at being a wave-man

>5.I made my lord a meal once. He's dead now and I'm a ronin. (Bonus points if they're taking a bite out of a shushi roll you made for them)
My sides have left Ningen-do
12. I courted a wrong person. Her husband find out about it, and i have to ran for my life.
13. My whole family was wiped out. Im sole survivor.
14. I accidentally killed a favorite horse of my lord.
15. In fact, i was from Otomo family, but was cast out because i was wearing wearing my hat wrong way.
16. I am a (last) of Hantei bloodline, travelling incognito. Dont tell anyone about it.
17. My lord was in fact an Ogre in disguise, and he wanted to eat me.
18. Who knows? I just woke up like that one day.
19. I insulted a high-ranked Earth Tensai. Damn his daughter was cute!
20. My lord planned to kill me because it was in his large-scale plan. But i survived despite everything.
21. My father was a maho-tsukai and i didint know about it. Now i seek him to cleanse him.
I accidentally injured the lord's son/daughter during sparring.
I refused to commit seppuku after I disobeyed my lord's order to execute an (innocent) peasant.
I gave in to temptation and fucked a good looking peasant woman and sired a child. I was not important enough for the lord to keep it all quiet and was sent away.
The wife of the lord framed me for rape because I refused her advances.
(For Crane) After I made tea, everyone who drank from it suddently got very ill.
I accidentally insulted the Lord's brother. But how was I supposed to know the old crone was his brother?!
>Your lord died and his lord simply forgot to reinstate you in the Clan
>Your lord was jealous of your good looks
>You were better than your lord in his favorite art.
>You refused to be married to a very unpleasant woman
>You were robbed and hit in the head so you've forgotten which Clan you're from
>You belonged to a Minor Clan the Emperor dissolved for some reason
>You chewed too loudly
>You farted in the presence of a high official
>You were in love with a beautiful samurai-ko, and your enemies arranged it so you had to choose between dueling her to the death or leaving the Clan
>A beautiful samurai-ko was in love with you, and her enemies arranged it so she had to choose between dueling you to the death or leaving the Clan, so you implicated yourself to get yourself exiled instead
>A maho-tsukai stole your Clan name and you're out to get it back
>You're out for revenge on a daimyo, and left the Clan to not dishonor it with your actions
>You want to study under a famous ronin sensei who only teaches ronin
>You left to join a monastery, but when you arrived it had been destroyed by bandits
>You bragged that you weren't afraid of being made ronin, and your lord overheard
>You've drank all the sake in the castle in a single night
>You've eaten all the food in the castle in a single night
>You've bedded all the servants in the castle in a single night, which got in the way of their jobs
>Your ancestor told you to go ronin
>A prophecy predicted you'll bring your clan greatness if made ronin
>A prophecy predicted you'll become Emperor if made ronin
I don't know if any of these are any good in setting
I banged/married/did not bang/refused to marry my lord's/families/etc.'s brother/sister/wife/husband/mistress/cousin/dad/grandmother/favourite tiger. Also works for false accusation. Or that person was accused of x act and you fell in their place.
Failed Gempukku. Thrice.
When I went Looking for Hida, I found Ryoshun instead (replace with another Kami or whatever as fits the plot or the game history)
I visited a Tanuki sake house. It was gone the next day. So was the rest of the village.
The woman I loved was about to marry a man I hated. Too much sake bade me air my bitterness, and one thing led to another. I woke in a pit with a snake. And this sword. The sword was caught on one of my ribs.
At my first Winter Court, my painting was so bad I renounced my name.
An Otomo came to my village when I was but a young man. I'd taken a hardy beating the day before, and my eyes and ears were so swollen I could scarce see or hear. I thought the Otomo was a geisha, so fine and frivolous were they dressed. He heartily disabused me of that notion.
Tried to ride an Utaku battle maiden. Her horse didn't like that. I didn't like the horse. I wonder if her brothers are still chasing me?
One Summer Court romance with a Matsu can change your life.
Tried to be a Togashi monk. Tattoos HURT.
I couldn't swim so my lord tossed me to the waves.
Sneezed on my lady's favourite kimono.
Used my young lord's favourite training daisho for kindling.
Tsuruchi are REALLY strict about their children and kyujutsu.
Despite the similarity of the words, Kitsuki are NOT the ones with tails.
Mom's recipe for riceballs did not go over well with the Daidoji. They call her traditional filling "gaijin pepper".
I ate pork. It was fantastic.
I fed my lord pork. He was less thrilled.
I fed my lord to pork. The porker now has a taste for human flesh and is five foot tall. It still ravages the backwater I call home.
Don't eat the flowers in the Doji gardens. Even the edible ones.
Everyone knows the traditional riceball filling is ninjas.
Hey, did you guys know that there is actually an old Imperial edict that says certain daimyo need to be slapped on certain days to remind them of past failures? Neither did my daimyo.
> Taking exception to someone using Gajiin Pepper

And I thought the Cranes hypocrisy was limited to the Dojii and Kakita
File: scorpeen.jpg (12 KB, 409x259)
12 KB
>Despite the similarity of the words, Kitsuki are NOT the ones with tails.
>Despite the similarity of the words, Kitsuki are NOT the ones with tails.

Those are Kitsu, right?

The Fox clan interbred with them, so some Fox might have tails.
File: 9nohQh4.jpg (12 KB, 478x361)
12 KB
It's unlikely though. Human breeds strong. The direct children of Kami were far less than half as strong as their parents, and the children of Fortunes are no different than pure humans with minor spiritual talents. Someone with a foxmom will have a knack for interacting with animals, but no other features that would suggest one of their parents isn't human.
>19. I insulted a high-ranked Earth Tensai. Damn his daughter was cute!

and yet, Ishigaki-san is still not a ronin
Actually there might be features that suggest that. Not all human-kitsune (or other shapeshifters) come out nice and pretty, there can be traces of that heritage, in looks or behaviour, that are not nice or useful at all. Including beast parts.
And how would a Phoenix order a Crab to go ronin, how does that work?
They could annoy his lord through political channels.
Diplomatic pressure is a very real thing.
Shoji is a rather high-ranking political figure among the Phoenix, and might have become Master of Earth had his son not done what we may or may not find out has something to do with THEM

As >>53652454 points out, diplomatic pressure is a very real thing

A simple letter from Shoji to Ishigaki-san's daimyo, depending on wording, might even have been enough, if not at least a start, and when someone as proud as Shoji starts making one justified demand after another for recompense for his insulted honor, Ishigaki-san's daimyo might eventually get to the end of his patience, either commanding Ishigaki to make it up to Shoji personally, or go ronin until Shoji stops making those demands

There are many other ways I could see the political apparatus of Rokugan used against IShigaki-san, especially considering how he as a Hida bushi is particularly ill-suited for it and could easily fall into a proper Crane or Scorpion trap while at court (Reminder that THEY basically kick-started his relationship with Naomi by making it seemed like he took advantage of her while drunk on sake)

Mind you, i'm not complaining, Shoji is a dick and deserves everything that kharma has thrown and will throw at him, and I can't wait for Ishigaki-san to come out on top despite the inevitable Scorpion riceball ninja that'll try and kill him
Someday Ishigaki actually will find a ninja in his riceball and the entire thread will explode.
File: kisada.jpg (140 KB, 429x600)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>he said the quote
>Had too much personality for the Lion Clan
This is a good one. >>53649984 should have one like this for each clan. Like...

>I had too much personality, so the Lion kicked me out
>I had calluses on my hands, so the Crane kicked me out
>I had a spine, so the Mantis kicked me out
>I had table manners, so the Unicorn kicked me out
>I had common sense, so the Crab kicked me out
>I had ambition, so the Dragon kicked me out
>I had a sense of humour, so the Phoenix kicked me out
>I had a conscious, so the Spider kicked me out

And finally,
>(real reason you were made a ronin), so the Scorpion kicked me out
Sometimes, the truth is the best lie of all.
>I was honest, so Scorpion kicked me out.
All kinds of this. Especially since it seems like a lie.
>Do you know how too much sake can lead to severe embarrassments? Well, I had not enough sake...
>(real reason you were made a ronin), so the Scorpion kicked me out
I think I'll make this one
>I was too honest, so the Scorpion kicked me.
And I'll use it late game
>And I'll use it late game
After I've used most of the other*

Also, do I need acting to disguise my sword style?
>Also, do I need acting to disguise my sword style?
Ask your DM. Personally, I'd rule no, since you're likely a Bayushi bushi and therefore your entire sword style is already trying to hide your sword style.
File: Shoji Isawa.jpg (113 KB, 422x600)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Why weren't you just relegated to various inconsequential tasks instead, you filthy junshin? What else did you fuck up?!
Depends on what he was honest about.
That's simple-have one of the others be true too.
that is a pretty nasty resting bitch face. I approve
This one, I think.
>Tried to ride an Utaku battle maiden. Her horse didn't like that. I didn't like the horse. I wonder if her brothers are still chasing me?

I'll have to double check the timeline, but I like leaving extra trouble hooks for my GM to abuse.
odds are he's watching this thread.
File: do it, faggot.jpg (25 KB, 320x320)
25 KB
>I couldn't swim so my lord tossed me to the waves
This! So much this!
page 9 bump
>I don't know if any of these are any good in setting
It works for my character, as I want to tell blatant lies with utter sincerity
Women are the reason I became a monk. And, eh, the reason I changed back. Unfortunately my lord did not want to take me out of the monastery so here I am.
Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!
Oh, you know. Damiyo gets angry about stupid things all the time. Honestly, it was just a Geisha...
How was I supposed to know it was his half-sister?
I think the ambiguity makes it better, though.
It does, in hindsight
Which is something no Emperor can ever say
This face is just asking for a brick.
Tradition checks page
In early morning; bumps it.
Less chance of lost tale.
I've been playing Dragon Quest Monsters Joker, and I named the Crabid monster I got Ishigaki. Was hard to scout at my current level, and there was just barely enough room for him. Planning to scout a Healslime and name it Naomi.
I suppose I could check that game out when I am not playing Overwatch
File: ....png (79 KB, 334x242)
79 KB
>Slimegirl Naomi and crab monster Ishigaki


When you put it that way, now I have to imagine Ishigaki as a crab-centaur and Naomi as a less slutty Suu from that one anime...
>I sat with Naomi and Toshiro, mulling the issue over while she whipped us up some tea
>Her idea
>A tea ceremony to calm our turbulent emotions
>Well, Shoji is going to go to my superiors with a very tempting offer
>I looked up, as a thought struck me
>But you two are my superiors
>Naomi smilled
>Not your superiors in the Clan though silly. Your superiors as Jade Magistrates.
>Oh yeah. So then...Hida-sama?
>Toshiro nodded.
>Your family Daimyo would have to be it.
>I frowned. The Hida family Daimyo and the Crab Clan Champion were inextricably linked.
>Our clan wasn't quite as bound by tradition as the Lion, but certain things were the way they would always be.
>I had met Hida-sama before. At the time of my greatest disgrace. I was not certain he had a favorable impression of me.
>Toshiro spun the cup Naomi placed before him
>Hida-sama is a very busy man though. Not even Shoji would be able to demand an audience with him easily.
>He sipped his tea
>So he would first have to go through somone authorized to speak on Hida-sama's behalf
>I blinked.
>I picked up the bowl Naomi set down for me, put it back down, spun it to far, picked it back and gulped it down
>I failed to keep the grimace off my face
>Serioiusly, WHY is it so bitter?
>Naomi covered her mouth with her sleeve as she giggled
>I'm glad the torture of my tongue amuses you
>It is just that in all these years, though you still put forth honest effort, you still cannot do it properly.
>It amazes me how you have not let yearned.
>Toshiro sipped his tea
>You should know by now that Ishigaki must have things litterally beaten into him; it's the only way he CAN learn
>I set my bowl down and shot them both a moderate level of stink eye
>I succeeded only in amusing them further
>Naomi turned serious as she continued the conversation
>So then, he must be planning to speak to Terumune-sama, if he hasn't already.
>Toshiro nodded
>Then we will just have to speak with him
Well, since this thread is getting weird anyway I may as well admit it.I had a massive erection when I said it too.
Gay for Kisada-sama?
>I looked at them both
>So, we're right back where we were before. We still agree we have to talk to Kaiu-sama, but we don't really know what to say?
>Toshiro shrugged
>I think maybe your overthinking it.
>He's a Crab, after all.
>Let's just be honest.
>It was certainly possible Toshiro was right
>But my son's future was at stake
>I wasn't very comfortable with probably
>I sighed inwardly
>As much as I didn't like it, I knew what doing nothing would result in.
>Time to gamble, then.
>We headed for the rooms of the Crab delegation
>Kageru, rested and recoverd from her illness was in the front room
>Oh? You all look serious...
>What is it?
>Toshiro answered her
>We need to talk to Terumune-sama, please
>She looked back and forth between us for a moment, trying to guess why we were here
>Alright, I'll go get him
>After a moment he came out
>He frowned as he looked at us
>I think I can guess what this is about, though I must say I'm a bit surpised if I'm right...
>He sat down at the table and motioned for us all to be seated as well
>Is it the proposal of Isawa Shoji?
>Damn. Bastard already moved.
>Naomi answered this time
>What, exactly, did my father have to say?
>Only that he was prepared to offer gifts if he were allowed to train his grandson as an earth tensai, so far.
>He claimed that you all held a personal grudge against him, and that this is the only way he can see his grandchild.
>My fist clenched so hard my nails dug into my palms
>My hands became slick with blood
>Naomi noticed it right away
>She grabbed my hand and began chanting, as Terumune blinked in confusion
>Toshiro explained, since Naomi was busy and I could not trust myself to speak
>Shoji is not telling you the whole truth, Terumune-sama.
>The boy in question, Tsuyosa. He has the same illness his mother has.
>However, it will not burden him nearly as much as it burdens her
>Because we began treating it properly early.
>Shoji did not seek adequate aid for his daughter
File: Da Bear.jpg (158 KB, 1200x660)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Just a little bit. Ishigaki's rougher side is inspired by baseline Kisada personality. Tempered a bit by the reality that I didn't have the stats nor the status to get away with being as big of an asshole as Kissada could be.

Though there were a few times I went full on Great Bear and got into trouble for it, while I was still feeling out Ishigaki's character. But those were in the earliest adventures I skipped over, before we got to the meat and potatoes of the campaign.
So, Ishigaki, what did you think of the picture >>53654394 posted? Is that how you pictured Shoji, too?
>earliest adventures
How much of those did you have?
How much of those does our party have to have before we become worthy of storytiming?
>Terumune frowned, glancing at Naomi
>She nodded, confirming Toshiro's words
>She finished her spell, and the cuts on my hand healed
>My father is a very cruel, unyielding man.
>If he would bend my son to his own will, and make him more Pheonix than Crab.
>I spoke up then
>And if Tsuyosa tried to remain loyal to his Clan and not Shoji, then Shoji would do everything he could to break the boy.
>I stared Terumune in the eyes, and let the emotions that image conjured up show clearly on my face
>I will not let that happen.
>Terumune stroked his chin. Our objections were firm, our stance on the matter clear.
>He would have to report our objection when he reported Shoji's offer.
>The only question was how much weight would he give our objection?
>If he thought we were being petty, it would a simple statement of fact.
>If he believed us he would argue on our behalf when he made his report.
>Dammit. So much was up to other people.
>So much was out of my own hands
>I hated politics. What I wouldn't give for a simple issue I could come to grips with and smash with my tetsubo.
>Sometimes the Fortunes give you what you ask for, as a reminder to never ask for too much.
Looks like Dozan Saito from a Nobunaga's Ambition game... and yeah, Kind of. Although historically Dozan stopped being an ass eventually...

Oh good god I can't remember. Several months of real time, with a once a week session schedule... I think. But the thing about storytime isn't how good you characters can be at what they do, it's how awesome their personalities are. and too a lesser extent how unique the adventures are. A geneic kill the bandits adventure isn't going to be very interesting, unless there's a plothook that leads to more stuff embedded within that story, and/or your chars can make even something that mundane exciting or funny or scary.
>Looks like Dozan Saito from a Nobunaga's Ambition game
It is.

I think their portraits make for excellent character portaits too!

it's not the amount of adventures that make a story worth storytiming, but the story and the characters, as well as your ability to write

reminder that most storytimes are only a few posts short, Ishigaki-san's tale is a rarity in both length and quality

speaking of, mine (which is admittedly lacking compared to Ishigaki-san's tale, but I see as good practice for once I finally start writing my novel) is coming to a close, just need to get off my ass and finish it
If I can offer some insight in your tale, what you are lacking are more interactions between Crane-san and his group of magistrates. I do realize, though, that it might be because of the bricked electronics that had all the notes in them.

the bricked harddrive has something to do with it, but more importantly (and this is a lesson for anyone hoping to one day storytime, a lesson i've learned somewhat, although also useful for longer running campaigns, as well as just in general) i did not take enough notes other than characters, objectives, and my item list (hence why the bricked harddrive hurts even more)

As for the interactions between Daikakita-san and his party, as memory serves me, I'd say I'm slightly exaggerating the amount of interactions. I really went a bit too hard on the Crane stereotype of aloof and arrogant, sometimes even closer to Shoji than I'd like to think about

His follow-up was a lot more fun to play, but the campaign had to stop halfway through chapter 4 (my storytime is approachign end of chapter 3) and I'm not sure if i should write more than a plaintext epilogue once Daikakita-san is, well...

Anyways, gotta eat, then I'll write up another paragraph or two
I love me some Nobunaga's Ambition. Ishigaki and I also enjoy using the create an officer mode to add some of our L5R characters into the game. We do make sure to give them reasonable stats rather than be "super characters", though Ishigaki does tend to have a really high WAR value.
>of course, it doesn't always happen immediately.
>The rest of the winter court passed without much fuss.
>Save for the times Masahiro would get drunk and flirt
>Shoji shot me smug smiles every few days, firmly convinced he had already won.
>During one such incident, Kitsuki-san put a hand on my shoulder to remind me where I was
>He whispered
>I am putting a plan together to undermine him.
Political things. It will take time, but I have confidence it will work.
>I looked back at Kitsuki-san.
>I hope you're right.
>I didn't say that was because I wasn't sure just how far I would be willing to go to keep my son safe.
>I only knew it would be farther than I should
>The closing days saw one last bit of excitement
>Ayame got her duel
>I asked Ayame how she had gotten Shoji to agree to a lethal duel while she was preparing herself
>She smiled at me, then bent back over the paper she was writing her death poem on
>Samurai often did that when going into duels or battles where there was chance they would not survive.
>I reminded him of Hotaru's failures, and how Hotaru felt guilt over following Shoji's orders.
>I grunted at that.
>Well, whatever guilt Hotaru may have felt seems to have vanished now that his life is on the line.
>She studied her last brushstroke for a moment, then made one more before setting her inkbrush down.
>Good. If he were to throw his life away on purpose I would feel cheated.
>I arched an eyebrow.
>The Ayame I had come to know was still there on the surface, but inside she had grown a core of high grade steel.
>She saw my look
>Naomi-sama was right about the price I would pay walking this path.
>However, I do not regret my choice.
>As Ayame left to face her destiny I said one last thing
>Hey, She'll cry if you die
>..And you will find me to kick my ass if I make your wife cry, yes?
>Then I must do my best not to die.
Oh god, there's death flags everywhere.
Sleepy-chan is going to die?
>The two duelists took their stances
>Ayame rested the palm of her left hand on the hilt of her blade, as though she were simply keeping her saya from bouncing about as she walked
>Monkey and Kitsuki-san both looked on intently
>I wanted to ask them what she was doing, but the silence was to strong. I couldn't be the one to break it.
>Hotaru took a simple stance, but I now knew just how precise the Shiba ryu footwork was.
>His aim was clear to me, while he aimed for a simple draw up and cut down, he had no intention of standing where Ayame was cutting when they passed
>It all came down to how Ayame was planning to counter his superior footwork
>She moved first, hunching over and running towards him
>He watched her take three steps, then backed up and drew
>At her speed, she would throw herself in his blade.
>Hotaru had judged it perfectly, he was taller, his reach longer. He would cut with the tip of his blade; she could not reach his body
>As Ayame closed her hand slid all the way down to the hilt and she drew
>Pulling the blade straight out, with a reverse hand draw
>Her right hand came up, taking the end of her grip and guiding her blade up
>Not into Hotaru's body. Into the wrists that held the sword coming down towards her.
>Hotaru stared dumbly at the bleeding stumps where his hands used to be
>Then looked up into Ayame's eyes
>Before she spun around and took his head off
>his sword, still gripped in his severed hands, hit the ground.
Don't fuck with Sleepy-chan!

Alright, break while I clean my cat's litterbox and go get smokes.
File: 1482194058334.png (20 KB, 334x370)
20 KB
Sleepychan a best
The mechanics of a reverse-draw cut with an edge-up katana honestly elude me.
i guess she doesn't have anymore...
*put on a sugegasa*
...a head-off
....anon, that was really weak.
picture a katan like it would rest on a daisho stand, edge up

Now wrap a hand around the grip, with the outside edge of the hand and pinky finger touching the tsuba, the gaurd.

That hand pulls the blade out of the saya

as that is hapening, the right hand comes across the body to grip the handle towards the bottom. The knuckles of the right hand point in the same direction as the edge of the blade

You bring the blade up by pushing up with the left hand and pulling down with the right.

The left hands grip is loose, so the hand pivots around the grip, allowing the edge of the blade to stay pointed up.

so that the katana describes a quarter circle upwards, and the edge pivots to face to your right. You then bend at the waist and pivot your hips to follow through, so that your chest is turned toward the ground.

The fact that it's so hard to immagine is likely why it worked on Hotaru. He couldn't see a way for her to cut him in time from that stance.
>>Well, Shoji is going to go to my superiors with a very tempting offer
>>But you two are my superiors

This is so adorable. In a "sad puppy does not want to see you go away" adorable.
File: source.gif (7.37 MB, 640x609)
7.37 MB
7.37 MB GIF
>>I wanted to ask them what she was doing, but the silence was to strong. I couldn't be the one to break it.
So, what was she doing?
File: punished ayame.png (1.22 MB, 840x1188)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
It is nice to see FFG remembers the old traditions of killing off Lion Champs.

...i know.
But i had to choose between hands-off or head-off, and i cant put a finger which way to head for a good pun.
Man, i SUCKS at puns
No, your lead in was bad.
The head off part is fine, but it doesn't make sense with the rest of the sentence.
okay, let me try again:

I guess what she wanted to say...
*put on a sugegasa*
... Hands-off.
You are not a native speaker, right?
...yeah. Shame on me and mine ancestors, for i am filthy gaijin.
Brb, i have to commit sudoku
>It is nice to see FFG remembers the old traditions of killing off Lion Champs.

Well Arasou was pretty much a dead man walking. At least this time he actually got to be champion.
File: Spoiler Image (342 KB, 394x394)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Was Hotaru championing Shoji? Does Shoji have to pic related? I know it's not the case, but a man can dream
Alas, no, it's not like she can prove any scheming or really credibly suggest dishonor on Shoji's part. She CAN kill the shit outta Hotaru though.
>Hotaru stared dumbly at the bleeding stumps where his hands used to be
>Then looked up into Ayame's eyes
>Before she spun around and took his head off
I think she already did anon.
You're damn right she did.
I'm going to do one for you, so you can see what they're supposed to look like.

I guess Hotaru should have listened when they told him not to...
*puts on sugegasa*
...lose his head.
Now thats' proper.

>Now that Togashi-san's honor had been proven, the Lion courtiers left her alone
>The Fortunes definitely seemed to favor her fate this Summer Court
>Although this would strain the already tense relations between Lion and Dragon clans
>The matter may have been resolved, but everything around it hasn't
>I could only hope that Akodo Toshigure will not hold his loss against Togashi-san, at least
>I quietly leave the crowd as courtiers and spectators from all clans rush to speak with her and her champion
>So much had happened, and yet, it felt like I had done so little
>And Summer Court would only last for a few more days
>I had to do something to ensure my mark would be left properly on this event
>I was just asking myself
>What could it be?
>In the evening, I took some tea with Daidoji-san
>A proper tea ceremony, as I had practiced so often before
>Not much was spoken, we hadn't much in common to speak of
>Before the silence became too awkward, a servant came
>Carrying letters, one for each of us
>Both unmarked, but written on obviously expensive paper
>We opened our scrolls at the same time
>Both were invitations to private audiences
>And both were anonymous
>Daidoji-san was to meet someone at the Palace ponds
>He had been spending a lot of his time at court there
>He had made friends with a Unicorn, who seemed to want to meet again
>Whoever sent mine however wanted proper privacy
>They wanted to meet in one of the Silent Rooms of the Governor's palace
>On the very next morning, I went there straight after I had my breakfast
>The Silent Rooms were an entire floor of small private chambers
>For the most part, they were used for private meetings
>Courtiers plotting or planning, friends maintaining their relationships in privacy, enemies issuing more direct threats
>If people met in a Silent Room, it was to avoid prying eyes and ears
>A servant recognized me, and led me to one of the rooms
>As I entered, I saw a face I had hoped to avoid
>Otomo Setsuko
I think this is what you were going for:
Looks like Ayame took a...
*puts on sugegasa*
...hands off approach
Stop it Kata-chan, go back to being tsun-tsun
Ohhhh shit, that dick
What does that even mean?

>"Ah, Kakita-san, I see you received my letter
>Please, come, have a seat"
>He motioned towards a table with a tea set, the tea all ready to be poured into the inviting cups
>I notice in the back the hulking shape of Seppun Mitsuki
>"Oh, don't worry about my yojimbo
>Unlike some people, he knows his place, and won't interrupt our... talk"
>Mitsuki stared at me with cold eyes
>I sat down at the table
>Setsuko opposite me
>The last time we had sat this cordially at a table was during the Topaz Championship
>I felt already this would be quite the different type of conversation already
>"Won't you have some tea, Kakita-san?
>I heard you quite enjoy what our homeland has to offer,
>So I made sure this tea was brewed with only the best that was brought to the Second City"
>I would rather have drunk the tea Bayushi Asako offered me in her geisha house
>"No, thank you.
>I am quite fine without it"
>He poured himself some
>"If you say so."
>He sipped, taking his time
>No doubt trying to unnerve me
>"I must admit, I was not very pleased to know you would be attending, Kakita-san
>Oh, don't look at me like that
>We're in private, we can be open about our mutual... differences"
>He took another sip
>"That's why I talked with you as soon as I could
>I wanted to make sure you would not interfere with what I wanted to accomplish this Summer Court
>However, your mere presence has been quite a thorn in my side despite this
>And I cannot say I appreciate your Clan's maneuvering around my actions"
>"But even I must admit when an opportunity arises, one would be foolish not to take it
>I am, of course, talking about your breaking of your betrothal with.. that Isawa girl
>Not that she really matters, in her state"
>"Excuse me?"
>"Her name is Isawa Kitao
>A samurai of the Emerald Empire, as much as you or I"
>He smiled that smug smile of his
>"Of course.
>One of those you failed to save from a ronin, was it not?"
C is for Cunt.

>He knew what he was doing
>Taunting me in such a way
>I would not yield to him this day
>As a Crane, I would fly high above his insults
>"In any case, I did not come here to talk about your failures
>As much as I may enjoy that topic
>Such as your loss against a Spider in the Topaz Championship
>I'm sure Seiken-sama would not like to be reminded of that disappointing spectacle
>It's a good thing that you are here then, while he's being greeted by Suikihime-sama in the Grand Courtroom
>At least, that should be what is happening right about now"
>"In any case
>I wanted to meet you for a different reason."
>"You see, although I may not like you, you've done well to stay out of my way yourself this Summer Court
>Without a doubt, someone as famous as you would be well to be associated with
>So, I come with an offer
>Among other things, that is
>Now that you are no longer betrothed to... Isawa Kitao
>I would like to extend an offer of betrothal to you
>I have a sister, back in Toshi Ranbo"
>Wait, what?
>Is he really doing what I think he's doing?
>"She should be finishing her gempukku soon,
>Maybe even by the time we return to the Empire proper
>As much as I'd like to never see you again
>It would make me very happy if you would take her hand in marriage"
>I see
>This was not a peace offering
>This was not an act of reconciliation
>He wanted to put a leash on me
>Clip the wings of a Crane and control me with a wife loyal to him
>As much as I had toyed with the idea in days prior
>I could not allow myself to be led around like a herded animal by this man
>"You see, Kakita-san
>It would be quite the achievement for one of your station to be wed to an Imperial, would it not?
>And with the tense situation between my family and your Clan, this would be a perfect opportunity for a first step towards reconciliation, no?"
>Feeling like he's monologued enough, he takes another sip
>And waits for my reply

>I manage to keep enough control over my boiling blood
>Even though we were in private, it would not do to lose face in front of him right now
>Especially with his yojimbo right there
>Who did his very best to be looming and scary
>I bowed my head to Setsuko
>"Otomo-san, I am very honored by your proposal
>You do indeed speak truth that it is a great honor to marry into one of the Imperial families
>But this is not a decision I can take lightly
>My loyalty is not only to the Empire and its Laws, but to my Clan as well
>You must allow me to converse on this subject with those of my Clan more in touch with the greater political climate that our Empire is currently under
>Doji Tatsuki-no-kimi may be of help, but that is of no certainty
>The other Clans might not have had enough time to send her their own offers
>In which case, I would require to confer with my daimyo, Kakita Ikura-ue
>Maybe even with my lord and father, Daikakita Nobuhide-sama
>And I do not know when next I will be able to see him
>So I do hope you understand that I cannot give you an answer at this moment"
>That should do it
>A strong enough buffer to at least allow me more time to create a better reason to say no to his offer
>Even just an offer from one of the other clans would be enough, if I could justify it
>Setsuko does not look pleased
>He empties his cup and sets it down, as gently as a courtier, with the force of a bushi barely contained
>"Do you take me for a fool, Daikakita?
>Do you think I don't know what you're doing?"
>It was incredibly rude to call someone by their vassal family name when not in the territory of that vassal family
>Especially when one is not close enough to be considered a friend
>Although still not quite as rude as dropping an honorific
>Up until now, this was the greatest test to my grandmother's Matsu blood that boiled within my veins
>Yet, I managed to keep my face, the very image of a Crane

>"It's high time the Crane, and the Scorpion for that matter as well, bow down to the Otomo family in courtly matters
>This type of political meandering is petty and pointless
>You will marry my sister, and I will make sure of it!"
>His voice almost cracked with the fury of the petulant child this short man looked like
>Realizing he was losing face in front of one of his own enemies, he quickly regained his composure
>"Of course, Kakita-san, I will allow you this time to consider my offer
>And I know you will make the right choice
>You are a faithful servant of the Empire, are you not?"
>I looked him straight in the eyes
>"I serve the Emperor, and the Laws of the Empire
>I have been taught to do so from the very beginning
>To do otherwise would bring shame to my family"
>And in serving the Emperor, you serve the Imperial families
>It would only be proper to do as I say
>If not, you better stay out of my way, unless you want to feel what the Otomo family is truly capable of."
>I took a deep breath
>Such a threat could not be taken lightly
>I felt inspiration from my ancestors, from those that have trained in the Kakita Academy for so many centuries
>And remembered seeing my mother, Doji Uesuko, in her garden
>The Empire is a garden, adorned with a beautiful cherry tree
>It grows in spring
>Blooms in summer
>Bears its sweet fruit in fall
>And becomes barren with winter
>Always growing more and more splendorous
>But a garden needs a gardener
>The Emperor
>And no garden stays pristine
>Plants must wilt
>And even that beautiful cherry tree is adorned with dead branches
>Branches that, if left alone, will only cause further harm to the tree"
>I locked eyes with Setsuko again, filled with determination
>"I shall be the blade with which the Emperor shall cut off those dead branches
>I shall be the tool with which the Emperor shall remove any rot and decay from his garden
>No matter how low, no matter how high."

>"...Get out."
>It seemed I hit a vulnerable spot or Setsuko
>"Is there something wrong, Otomo-san?"
>"I said, GET OUT!"
>Even Seppun Mitsuki started looking more worried about his charges temper than my presence
>I bowed, ever the polite Crane, and rose
>"I swear by the Fortunes and the Kami, Kakita-san
>You will get what's coming towards you
>You and all who stand beside you
>And I will not rest until I see you get yours."
>"A good day to you as well, Otomo-san."
>I bowed again, and left the Silent Room
>Closing the door sofly behind me
>I could hear a fist pounding into a table through it, and the shattering of porcelain
>A shame
>It was a pretty tea set

>Now that all that was handled, it was high time to return to the Grand Courtroom
>Although Seiken-sama might not have too fond memories of my lost final at the Topaz Championship
>The way I've shined gloriously since then must surely have reached even his ear
>As I exit the corridors that make up the Silent Rooms, I reach the calm courtyard
>At least, it should be calm
>Instead, a great commotion, servants and samurai running to and fro with great panic
>Most notably a great number of Second City Guardsmen, Seppun Guardsmen, and several of the various guards of the different Clan embassies
>As I start making my way through the crowd, one of the Seppun notices me and rushed towards me
>Bowing, his speech seems rushed, yet relieved
>"Kakita-san, thank the Fortunes you are safe!
>Quickly, we must take you to the safety of your embassy!"
>"Wait, what is going on?"
>"Kakita-san, please, there is no time to waste!"
>"I will go with you once you tell me what is going on."
>"When nobody found you, we feared the worst!
>It is already too late for Tsuruchi-san!
>We must leave, now!"
>"What are you saying?!"
>The Heroes of Rokugan were attacked by assassins!"

gonna have to leave it at that for tonight

getting too sleepy, and the rush of inspiration that got me to finally remember some of the details of my conversation with Otomo Setsuko has passed

Apparently, my gardening analogy by coincidence reminded Otomo-san of certain recent events involving the Otomo daimyo that are super secret (one of the tidbits of lore that I was unaware of at the time, so I basically got lucky and hit right home there)

Almost at the end, too, as it stands, might only need until next thread, meaning I'll should still finish before Ishigaki-san, as I promised when I started sharing my own storytime

For now, good night, and looking forward to the next part of Crab-sama storytime!

L5R general thread since today was a new fiction day from FFG.
That is not what I had in mind with this. Update, about three hours of gameplay later, the two do actually work together rather well, with Crabid-Ishigaki being about as tanky as the real one, and with Naomi able to patch him up right easily... just like the real Naomi. So this went better then expected. I wonder what honorable crab-san thinks of this.
File: Spoiler Image (69 KB, 335x243)
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I know what I think
>implying they haven't
Anywhere I can get l5r PDF?
You are a saint. Thank you.
For future reference: go to the pdf share thread, open the OP image. It's a pdf list of the different web archives fa/tg/uys have shared.
Even better news.
Can we make a 1d4chan page for these? Perhaps even a tropes page?
I say yes, and no
Kata-chan is always tsun. The dere is an illusion.
Crane is not for ____
Use a Phoenix for _____ instead!
>having an adorable marriage for love
i-improper, b-baka!
...will you hold my hand?
>too late for Tsuruchi-san
Oh fuck
Poor guy died unbetrothed.
>poor guy got killed
There's no need to say anything else, really
Better die unbetrothed than die with a Bitter Betrothal in your life.
File: shamefurdispray2.jpg (158 KB, 319x480)
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158 KB JPG
The thread is not on Page 1?
ouch... nice one Ayame
>When it was over, I asked Ayame what she was going to do
>Hah... I wonder?
>Naomi tilted her head
>you were only on a warrior pilgrimage, were you not?
>Ayame looked down at her hands
>That may be true, but...
>I think now, I am one of the Disciples of Sun Tao. My heart tells me I am no longer Phoenix.
>Naomi laid a hand on Ayame's knee in understanding
>I scratched at my beard.
>Your band, how organized is it?
>Hrm? Well, we do often share what we have with one another, but we are not as tightly bound as say, the Sword of Yotsu... why?
>So you take work as you can find it as individuals then?
>I dug around in my coin purse and got out three koku.
>Then I took Ayame's hand and placed them in it
>What is this?
>Your stipend. You work for me now. Don't worry about it, You'll get fed well and have a roof over your head for when you sleep.
>What, me? But...why?
>You're a damn fine duelist. I'm not. If Naomi needs a champion I want it to be you.
>And you're an experienced samurai now, a veteran. Three koku a year is pretty cheap for someone with your skills.
>I looked her in the eye.
>your friend, Osako? Is he as good as you?
>Better, in many ways.
>Fine. go get him. I've got three koku left out of my allowance.
>I glanced over at Naomi. Such decisions should really be made by her.
>She smiled though.
>A fine decision, Ishigaki-kun.
>Ayame, still wondering at this turn her life had taken, wandered off to fetch Osako
>When I handed him his stipend he stared at it for a moment
>He looked at me.
>Thanks for the offer, really...
>But I can't accept
>I tilted my head
>Why not?
>I hoped I didn't accidentally sound insulted.
>...I'm still trying to find my way, you see.
>He passed his hand in the empty space where his left arm would be
>I still wish to devote myself fully to the way of the sword, but my old path is closed so...
>I know what you new path is though.
>Oh, what is it?
>He blinked
>What, me?
File: To heck I say.jpg (210 KB, 1366x768)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>I wonder what honorable crab-san thinks of this.

It's surreal. screencaps, sup/tg/, a pdf, there's talk of a 1d4chan entry, and now they're being immortalized as vidya chars? My ego is getting a bit out of control, to the point where I'm wondering if I could make a living doing this.

Have to keep reminding myself how bad a writer I really am, and how much of this storytime is owed to ForeverGM and the old gaming crew.
Things are looking good for Sleepy-chan. Also, I hope Shoji has a stroke when he sees that a ronin who killed his samurai now serves Ishigaki.
You and your GM seem to have a fantastic chemistry and you have an entertaining style.
I've seen worse stuff on print.
It's probably only a footnote in all the insults in Shoji's book.
Hope it turns out the straw that breaks the camel's back.
That will have to be when Shoji gets his request Denied by the Crabs.
That one would be more like a log than a straw though.
Am I the only one who really hopes that Shoji doesn't ever end up being involved with THEM at all, and that he's just a completely independent cunt of a person?
My bet is that he is manipulated by THEM in some capacity, but is not one of THEM himself.
>Yes, you.
>Look, when a Crab warrior gets an injury like yours or in the rare case the get too old to serve on the frontline, they become diplomats or sensei
>You've got a LOT of knowledge about swordplay in that head of yours, right?
>But, I can't make use of it all
>That's fine, you can still teach it to others. Not the secret teachings of your old Clan, or the Disciples obviously, but the rest?
>is there even a place I could teach just that?
>Yeah, there is. The Unbreakable Blade Dojo.
>There are quite a few sensei there who learned Iaijutsu from other clans, You'd fit right in.
>But first, you need someone to vouch for you, and some time serving the Crab and earning some trust.
>So take the damn stipend, and keep my home safe when I can't be there.
>Osako closed his hand around the money
>Alright. I'll serve you for now Ishigaki-sama
>My eye twitched a bit at that.
>Nonono. Just Ishigaki is fine.
>He grinned lopsidedly at me
>Alright then Ishigaki. Though I'm going to -sama the hell out of you if anyone is looking.
>I sighed
>I'll take what I can get, I guess.
>With our two new companions in tow we headed back for Ishigaki Mura as the spring thaws arrived
>Naomi rode in a palanquin, holding tightly to Tsuyosa the whole way home
>I was worried about him as well, but we had done all we could for now.
>Knowing you just had to patient and see how things turned out didn't make it any easier
>Ayame and Naomi chatted a bit, the two former Phoenix finding common ground right away
>Osakao had two great passions in his life.
>Swordplay and Shochu
>Well, so long as he kept the latter from interfering with his work, I didn't mind.
>And they both got to meet Daiko and Tetsute.
>Their first real test
>Whenever we would break for a meal or to get some sleep the kids would burst from the palanquin and run around, shouting and roughhousing
>Anyone who didn't get out of their way got caught up in their play.
Ishigaki should have just have the kids walk instead of riding. Would've drained the extra energy right away.
File: 1496474025148.png (376 KB, 414x413)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
You are not a bad writer. Some spelling mistakes and a few grammar errors are the worst you have. You've told a roller coaster of a story, one that has the entire array of emotional reaction from any and all readers.

If anything, I'm honored to experience it with everyone else, and I have no qualms about editing the entire thing.
File: (L5R) Crazy Crane Waifu.png (462 KB, 1255x1675)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
That's badass, not adorable
New Thread
New Thread
New Thread
Shut up, it's precious!
Thanks for the praise. Imma go catch my head now, it's so swollen it's floating off on it's own...

I guess since this a green text I guess it dosen't show to much that I'm ATROUCIOUS at describing backgrounds. Like, Gibson level bad. In fact, I'm just like him in that regard, when I do describe environments it's more in emotional terms then what the damn things actually look like.

But I'll say again, my ego thanks you for stroking it.
>>I looked her in the eye.
Too soon.
File: THIS.png (40 KB, 392x200)
40 KB
Well, this made me feel warm. He likes it (I think).

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