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>Touka wasn't content just with tea ceremony though.
>While his advisors all spoke and argued over what they should do in response to the Scorpion ambush, he sat there and painted
>Like a damn Crane
>I looked around the room
>This wasn't the first time I'd been sorely outrakned by everyone present
>Hiruma Goemon, the second in command of the army and overall commadnder of the Hiruma forces in this army
>Kaiu Raiko, newly risen to command the Kaiu engeineers
>Kuni Matemon
>Kaiu Kazuya, the Kaiu battlemaster
>Yasuki Kenshiro, the quarter master
>Each of them had several attendants as well, to help keep track of all the small details that fell under their individual purview
>Goemon was speaking to Raiko
>Those assasins were just waiting around for a chance to strike, it's a good bet the Scorpion have found most of the traps.
>We need to redo them, shift their position around
>It's doable, Goemon-san, but it would divert manpower from the castle...
>Kazuya shook his head.
>No, we've already started on the castle. Best to finish the work as quickly as possible there before moving on.
>Kenshiro nodded in agreement
>Leaving the construction materials lying around is a bad idea when we've got Scorpion to deal with.
>It was then that Matemon adressed me
>Ishigaki-san, you were with the bodygaurd of Otomo-jun for a time.
>What can you tell us about the Scorpion's deployment?
>Everyone looked at me expectantly
>I was supposed to be a nuetral observer when the Scorpion spoke up in front of me.
>Was it really okay for me to tell what I had seen and heard while I was NOT part of the Crab army?
>Touka, glanced up from his painting and, seeing my strained expression, spoke
>Jun let slip that you think there are Scorpion Samurai disguised as Ashigaru, so really, she's already told us much.
>I don't think it's a concern for you to speak up at this point, Ishigaki-san.
>That...sounded a little too convenient to me
>the quarter master

The hell?
File: I am not amused.jpg (200 KB, 1280x724)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Crane-san got this one right.
The Bayushi Elite Gaurd path allows a guy to pick X Clan. They get attack as simple against X Clan and can spend a void point to negate all the school techniques of a person from X Clan for two rounds

So it's easy to miss when a guy I'm already struggling to hit goes defense stance AND all my TN's go up because my armor is hindering me for the first time in my life. Plus no attack as a simple, and 13 points of reduction just up and vanished. Scorpions man, pretty savage shit.
Not every guy named Kenshiro pokes people so hard their heads explode man. It just translates to Sword Castle or something like that.
I know, I'm just a rabid fanboy.
>Naomi was recovering in this very camp
>Even if this wasn't exactly the honorable thing to do, I had to keep her safe
>So I accepted Touka's reasoning
>The Scorpion general claimed he only brought half as many Samurai as you did, but ten thousand ashigaru.
>they admitted flat out that they knew what forces you'd be bringing before they decided on what they would bring.
>Several disgusted grunts accompanied that revelation.
>Kazuya shook his head
>So you think that they disguised real samurai as ashigaru to make us look weak?
>I nodded.
>Goemon asked me if I knew where their main camp was
>No, I was only present at their staging area.
>Matemon leaned over to Raiko to explain to her
>Goemon's scouts have found no less then four large camps, but we aren't sure yet which one the Scorpion are using for their headquarters
>Goemon mumbled, chin in hand
>Wouldn't surprise me if the sneaky bastards were moving between them all, or at least divided up among them, to keep us from striking the head off all at once.
>Kazuya looked at the map
>So, we now know the Scorpion have guessed our strategy and fully intend to attack it directly.
>The real question is: HOW they will do this.
>Ishigaki-san's conjecture is one possibility.
>But the truth is, I just don't see how it could work.
>Matemon stroked his chin.
>Yes, you're right there Kazuya-san.
>Samurai or Ashigaru, with less than three to one they still wouldn't be able to dislodge us from this place with the castle up.
>Kenshiro spoke up
>So, then the Scorpion must have a different trick in mind?
>Kazyua responded
>Scorpion tricks do not always work.
>It's why the Scorpion army sometimes loose battles they should win.
>On the other hand, when the Scorpion tricks DO work, it makes them seem unbeatable.
>Touka added one more line to his painting
>The only thing you can be sure of when dealing with a Scorpion is that you can never be sure of anything.

The Scorpion Elite Guard only prevents "active" School Techniques the character must 'use' and does not cancel out "passive" School Techniques that give a constant benefit. Against a Hida Bushi, the Elite Guard can only shut down the Rank 4 and 5 Techniques. Everything else remains in place and works normally because the Hida Bushi never has to use them to gain their benefits.

Shutting down, say, the Rank 1 Hida Bushi Technique would be quite ridiculous, don't you think?
>>Raiko, get the castle built as fast as you can.
>We know the Scorpion would not be so foolish as to chase after skirmishers into a battlefield of our choosing, so we must force them to come to us by other means.
>Goemon, for the time being I want you to divert more forces to guarding the caravans coming up from the south.
>That is now our greatest weak point.
>A chourus of Hai's accompanied Touka's decision
>I did not sleep in the tents with the other troops
>Every second I was not gaurding Touka I spent at Naomi's side
>I slept in my armor, sitting by the head of futon and out of the way of the Kuni running the hospital.
>I had little doubt they would throw me out after the first real battle though.
>This place would get very full very quickly.
>However, befroe the first real battle of the war, a bit of drama occurred
>Jun came back with the others in tow
>She stopped and stared, astonished that the Kaiu engineers had indeed finished a castle in such a short time
>It was, admittedly, made of bamboo and not stone, and only three stories, but still.
>Then she saw me, and exploded at Touka
>WHAT is this man doing here?
>Touka shrugged.
>He is a Crab, and a skilled veteran.
>As he was released from his duties to the Jade Magistrate, I took him to replace some of my lost soldiers.
>Is there a problem with that, Otomo-san?
>She glared back and forth between me and Touka
>Ugh. No.
>But there is a problem with using MAHO!
>Touka blinked
>I'm sorry, what?
>The Zombies you sent at the Scorpion clan's headquarters!
>I shot a look over to Toshiro, who gave a helpless shrug
>They wore Crab armor!
>Jun-san, while this is serious I had nothing to do with it.
>In the first place, I don't even know where the Scoprion's main camp is.
>But you're scouts have been sniffing around...
>And they have found FOUR camps. Or were you unaware the Scorpion were doing their best to hide their main camp from us?
>Jun said nothing to that.
It might, if there wasn't already precedent for just that sort of thing with the Mirumoto duelist school. Some school techniques just get weird to the point where you can't fathom how to describe them in character.
>if there wasn't already precedent for just that sort of thing with the Mirumoto duelist school

How so?
Only if Insight and Control are forgotten.

Many fools believe that Strength is the only virtue of Shourido.
So, Overthinking and Painful Need To Always Be In Charge.

You really don't practice Insight even in healthy doses if you assume that you're the only one who is in the know.
Please do not confuse the Virtues with being Consumed by the Virtues.

Insight is understanding and Control is having the ability to influence the situation in ways you want. Being Consumed by Insight is Overthinking while being Consumed by Control is "Overwhelming Need To Always Be In Charge."

You can represent Consumed by Bushido with:

Compassion - Soft-Hearted
Courage - Overconfident
Courtesy - Compulsion (Offer everyone tea) or (Give everyone a gift)
Duty - Obligation
Honesty - Can't Lie
Honor - Idealistic
Sincerity - Brash
Don't try to sugarcoat it, Consumed is not taking the Shourido tenet somewhere it doesn't take itself as it is, even "moderate" versions of following that tenet is what I described earlier.

Need I remind you that Shourido was specifically developed to cause discord and weaken the Empire? It is a destructive ideology by design. Meaning, the original point - Shourido is better for Rokugan than Bushido - is false.
>Shourido was specifically developed to cause discord and weaken the Empire
Not him but Shourido was meant to do that by being a good system. It was designed by the Spider for the spider, as a system that was superior to Bushido.
Think about it. If Shourido was purposely inferior to Bushido, why would the Spider practice it?
>Need I remind you that Shourido was specifically developed to cause discord and weaken the Empire? It is a destructive ideology by design. Meaning, the original point - Shourido is better for Rokugan than Bushido - is false.

Need I remind you that the Obsidian Dragon found worth in the path?
File: spider away.jpg (9 KB, 300x300)
9 KB
Daigotsu, who the hell allowed you to post here?
The average Spider follower of Shourido were not my favorite characters.

My favorite characters were actually those followers in the other clans.
>Shourido was specifically developed to cause discord and weaken the Empire

And Bushido was designed to create an efficient, no-nonsense warrior elite that will not fold like a house of cards just because they don't like X (that's Rokugan's history in a nutshell right there).

So your point is...?
>If Shourido was purposely inferior to Bushido, why would the Spider practice it?

Because they are edgelord contrarians. It's in Shourido's concept that is it built as an atithesis to Bushido. It's not a self-sufficient morale system, it's a parasite on an existing concept. Without something to parasitise on it has no substance.

>Need I remind you that the Obsidian Dragon found worth in the path?

Well gee, the creature that exemplifies vice, lowliness and vilenessfinds something worthwhile, it surely must be good.

>So your point is...?

Read my posts, nigga. Thanks for supporting my point BTW.
>Well gee, the creature that exemplifies vice, lowliness and vilenessfinds something worthwhile, it surely must be good.

Good? No. Useful for maintaining the balance of the universe? Yes.
Only from a strict outsiders perspective. Its founders and followers are not interested in "balance". They're interested in completely tipping the scales and then going further. Jigoku wouldn't stop if it managed to take exactly half of all reality, because it is a contrarian spirit realm. Because good says that spirit realms should mind their own businesses, evil wants to spread and control all of everything.
Maintaining balance means stamping on Jigoku and its servants as hard as possible, because the amount they push back is constant.
Setting aside the fact how the concept of such balance is crap, this, again, proves a certain point. Shourido can't exist on it's own, and can't be used as a basis for anything worthwhile.
...You have a stupidly western view of the setting and miss that the whole fact that the only reason Jigoku can mess with Ningen-do was actually caused by Tengoku messing with it first.
Nope. Jigoku can mess with Ningen-do because of an accident.
It also messes with Gaki-do, Toshigoku, Yomi, Yume-do, Meido, and Tengoku. And they all have active countermeasures, because Jigoku will not stop. It has never stopped. It was never provoked by the other spirit realms, it just decided that it wants to control them all.
>he says, while espousing a morality system that is as stereotypically western as it gets
Pull yourself up by your shourido flavored bootstraps and willpower your way through your problems all by yourself. Stamp all over everyone who gets in your way and climb the social ladder!
Which is balancing a heavily western misinterpretation of an eastern philosophy.
No it isn't. It's not trying to balance, it's trying to take over entirely.
"Balance" is not considered a positive idea on the cosmic scale. Everything is where it is for a reason. Jigoku is not entitled to overpower the other dozen or so spirit realms just because it throws a temper tantrum at the idea of things existing beyond its direct control.
Actually it is.

The actions of the Oracles are what allowed Jigoku to create their Dark Oracle counter parts.

If Jigoku pulls away Tengoku must as well. If Tengoku interferes Jigoku is allowed to do the same.
File: kolat.jpg (63 KB, 793x442)
63 KB
>it's all Tengoku's fault
Look who was right again...
Nope. The Dark Oracles were an asspull. The Oracles had been around and active for much longer. If they were only possible as a counter, they would have been made earlier.

Also, Jigoku is always the aggressor. It is not a force of balance. When it wins, it does not stop at "balanced", because that is not its goal and not what it is there for.
>implying the kolat are ever right
They couldn't even kill the one supernatural entity they were perfectly equipped to fight without getting everyone else to do it for them.
All this arguing is pointless. We all should just drop the act and accept the gaijiin way of life.
You should have never returned to the Empire after you stopped being Ki-rin.
>ripping words out of context to fit it to your agenda

Kolatfags are the worst. If you are an accurate representation of Kolat then it's good it got BTFOd as hard as it did.
>Look who was right again...
Right idea, wrong method. They were trying the destroy the Celestial Order rather than finding ways to balance the disturbances.

>Nope. The Dark Oracles were an asspull. The Oracles had been around and active for much longer. If they were only possible as a counter, they would have been made earlier.

The Oracles were mostly following the rules before the 12th century. If you read between the lines you can learn when the Dark Oracles of Air, Water and Fire were originally created.

>Also, Jigoku is always the aggressor. It is not a force of balance. When it wins, it does not stop at "balanced", because that is not its goal and not what it is there for.

Not quite. The 1000 years of Darkness would have been caused due to the fact that Jigoku and Tengoku were connected through Fu Leng. On a Celestial scale both Tengoku and Jigoku were acting equally. It was not until Fu Leng was expelled from Jigoku that balance could be restored.

After the Destroyer War, Ningen-do was mostly neutral and Tengoku was pulling away due to the lack of interference from Jigoku.
No, right idea, right mehtod, wrong side-effect. The stated goal was the complete, balanced removal of all supernatural influence from Ningen-Do. The destruction of the celestial order was a natural side effect of the Path of Man becoming known to all humans.
You do realize that Fu Leng was disowned by the heavens and Tengoku completely pulled out in the thousand years of darkness, right?
Was Fu Leng still the Master of Jigoku during the Thousand years of Darkness, or had it changed to Daigotsu/Kanpeki yet?
The thousand years of darkness is a what if setting where the second day of thunder failed. Fu Leng continues to possess the last Hantei and rules with an iron fist.

So, no Daigotsu yet.
>No, right idea, right mehtod, wrong side-effect.

It was the wrong method because balance was to be achieved by removal of all external influences rather than properly balancing external influences.

Thousand Years of Darkness was a dream world based on a "what if" Fu Leng had won the Second Day of Thunder.
The problem with "properly balancing" against jigoku is that it's incapable of being content. If you conceded a balanced amount of reality to it, all you would functionally do would be to lose half of reality and still have to fight tooth and nail at all times to not be overrun.
Which is kinda why it needed a Master instead of a Champion.
Yes, and the plan was "proper balance:" none for both.
It replaces masters that don't get results. Fu Leng stuck around until someone more capable of getting results came along. Then it dropped him like a red headed step child.
The master has more control over Jigoku than you might think. and IIRC, Fu Leng willingly gave up mastery over Jigoku, or something like that; he didn't lose mastery because he "wasn't getting results"
He was replaced by Kali Ma because she was getting results. She was replaced by Daigotsu because he was getting results. That whole "stop involuntary spread of taint" thing was a complete lie. It just stopped being detectable, because Daigotsu is a Mary Sue with ludicrous amounts of power.
There was some good stuff in the middle bit but I gotta say I'm looking forward to the reboot so we can put all of the Daigotsu stuff in a sack and dump it in the river.
>That whole "stop involuntary spread of taint" thing was a complete lie.
That was a retcon because the Crab Clan player in charge of AEG wanted to go back to Shadowlands vs the Empire storyline for the 20th anniversary rather than go with the Samurai drama that they were previously building up to.
>blaming a crab player conspiracy when it is known that the marketing department thought all spider all the time was the best way to get sales
Kanpeki taking over and tainting everything was a blatant attempt to pander to Spider players, most of whom didn't even like the way they were taking it.
Not a player conspiracy, an AEG staff conspiracy.

Less than half the playerbase wanted to go full Jigoku when the votes went up and Kanpeki going rebel and full taint was decided months before WC4 started. Making a Progressive win there (which it almost was despite GM's trying to fix the results) meaningless.

Brand wasn't pandering to the Spider they were blowing them and the Mantis up.
Don't forget to pack Bayushi/Shosuro Kachiko with him.
And here I thought nobody cannot be worse than Shoji. Comparing to that bitch, Shoji is a caring father and paragon of patience and modesty.
The difference is that Jun might be bribed by/coerced by/secretly a Scorpion(s) or a Mahotsukai herself. Whereas at this point we KNOW that Shoji is just an absolute massive prick and requires no external influence to make him the worst.
And maybe she is innocent, but arrogant little bitch.
She's an Otomo so that is likely true.
Considering she spent her entire life locked up in castles and told how much better she is than anyone outside of the castle, you bet this is it.
>Courtesy - Compulsion (be outwardly nice to everyone)
>So, no Daigotsu yet.
Daigotsu was kidnapped in 1111. He very much exists in the KYD setting.

He exists, but never comes to power
Dark Master Of Void, Leader of the Dark Council of Masters sounds like power to me.

It's no Dark Lord of the Shadowlands or Spider Clan Founder, but what meaning do those have in a corrupted empire? Master of Jigoku goes away, too, but it's an empire run by Fu Leng.
It sounds like power, but that part where the master of Jigoku has no meaning anymore also applies to the dark oracle's. Dark master of void just means he's Fu leng's top bitch. As a heavily tainted pseudo-oni with no hope of taking control, he's just a meat puppet, like any other Lost.
>Dark master of void just means he's Fu leng's top bitch
1. That's still power.
2. That's exactly what Daigotsu wanted.
It's not really. Without the actual autonomy of being the dark lord, Jigoku literally controls him from the mind out. And since Fu Leng controls Jigoku (sort of), he has no hope of enacting anything against Fu Leng until Fu Leng slips off his throne enough for Jigoku to have him replaced.
>It's not really.
Daigotsu was bound to an unnamed oni, then physically exiled into Jigoku. He was never not under Jigoku's control. He was intensely devoted to Fu Leng - to the point that of the Four Winds, Naseru needed to plant seeds of doubt in Fu Leng over his true allegiance, and even after that bitch slap Daigotsu was still truly loyal.
Exactly my point. Without the actual freedom to control himself, he's just a puppet. He gets that freedom in the Canon storyline. He doesn't get it in 1k darkness.
I continue to disagree with the relevancy of your point.
Can we get back to how the Otomo is a bitch?
File: 1471853024749.gif (580 KB, 712x480)
580 KB
580 KB GIF
I dunno. Can we?
Otomo being bitches is redundant, really. "Otomo bitch" is like "ATM machine".
Not all Otomo are bitches. But Jun certainly is.
well, its kind of their holy job to be bitches sooooo
>Then one of your subordinates must be the maho tsukai!
>Kuni Matemon answered her
>Otomo-sama, that is impossible.
>And how do you know that?!
>Because, if there were anything tainted nearby, or maho being cast than this...
>Matemon produced a crystal amulet from around his neck
>...would begin to glow
>The amulet began to glow
>From the egde of the camp a shout arose
>I ran towards it.
>Several dozen figures in red and black armor were shambling about, scrambling at the wood and earth walls on the edge of camp.
>For a zombie attack, this was very half assed
>I turned back to the camp and made the "not all clear but no danger" signal with my hands
>As the Hida behind me methodically destroyed the zombies
>Once the last of the Zombies had stopped moving, the light in the crystal Matemon held died
>Touka looked pointedly at it
>There, Jun-sama.
>There is no taint to be found here.
>More likely this is some Scorpion plot to discredit us, since they cannot match our clan in the field.
>Jun glared at him.
>All I know for certain, Hida Touka-san, is that my life has been in constant jeopordy.
>it seems I can trust no one at all.
>Since you have built this fine palace for your army, you must have extra tents?
>I will need several.
>Toshiro's eyes shot open wide
>Kituski-san tried to speak with her
>Wait, Jun-sama!
>Your life IS in danger!
>That is why going of on your own is the worst thing you could do!
>Is it, Kitsuki-san?
>Neither the Crab nor Scoprion would dare lay hands on me directly, that is why they must resort to indirect methods such as they have
>And we have just seen that the maho-tuskai are not very skilled at controlling their assassins.
>I will trust Toshiro-san and the rest of you to keep me safe from their feeble attempts while you figure out which Clan is responsible.
>Toshiro shot me a pained look.
>Clearly, Jun had been making the other's lives miserable.
Plot twist: it's all Phoenix fault, and both crab and scorpion kind of innocent.
Double plot twist: Jun was the Tsukai all along.
Too obvious to be a twist.
Nah, it's kinda obvious.
hahaha, crab reaction to zombie is hilarious.
meh, whatever, ive seen waaaay worst than that.
piniata anyone?
>I nodded my understanding to him
>They would have to figure out how to keep her safe from her own idiocy and investigate the Scorpion.
>I would look into the Crab.
>Only 5000 or so Crabs about, as well as peasant workers.
>surrounded by the clan most paranoid about the taint
>which means if there were any here they would be really damn good at hiding their taint...
>fuck me...
>Jun stormed off, dragging the others off with her
>I silently wished Toshiro and the rest luck
>Now, how in hell am I going to uncover a Maho-Tuskia, if there even is one, who can hide in the middle of the Crab Clan?
>After mulling it over for a bit I kept coming back to the same conclusion over and over.
>I was going to have to be loud and rude about my search, and hope my quarry made a move in response to my rustling.
>So I headed to the hospital
>I wanted to make damn sure the ones looking after my wife were all clean
>I walked up the a Kuni woman who was moistining Naomi's lips
>and without any preamble I poked her in the forehead with my finger of jade
>Hello to you to, Hida-sama
>Holy shit, I outranked her?
>She plucked the jade from my surprised fingers and jabbed me right back
>Are you just that concerned for your wife's well being, or does this have something to do with that commotion that occurred just now?
>She folded her hands and waited
>Though she didn't have on any face paint at the moment, her stare was still quite unsettling
>I heaved a sigh, only slightly exaggerated, to show I did not like what I was about to say.
>Despite Otomo-sama's...theatrics, we cannot dismiss the posiblity that the tsukai raising these corpses is wearing Crab colors.
>You still think of yourself as part of the Magistrate's entourage, don't you.
>I nodded.
>Furthermore, I am neither shugenja nor witch hunter...
>So this jade is all I have to check for taint.
If she is, why she would risk of blowing her cover just to summon a several shabby zombies?
I have a question to the setting experts.

A tthe end of the war with Lying Darkness, it was given a name Akodo, which, according to the books, turned it's minions into Akodo. The question is: was it literally eldritch abominations turning into samurai? Or am I forgetting something and LD had human minions?
>So...I was wondering if I could maybe get your help?
>She cocked her head
>What would you have me do?
>There are a bit to many Crabs about for me to start randomly tossing Jade Strikes about and hope to hit a random tsukai.
>I know, but you've been here longer.
>Could you keep an eye out?
>For suspicious behavior.
>She pondered for a moment
>That much I can do.
>Good, thank you.
>I leaned over Naomi, stroking her hair.
>I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before heading back out
>Perhaps this was my best bet then.
>to rally several other Crabs into being my eyes and ears.
>So that's what I did.
>I spent the whole night wandering the camp, picking crabs at random, jabbing them with jade, and explaining the situation to them.
>it...could have gone better, honestly.
>Some had no good way to check save their own jade
>Others laughed in my face, saying what I feared was impossible
>One took exception on behalf of Touka, but I avoided any kind of brawl.
>I only really got a few that could help.
>Better then nothing, I supposed, but only just.
>As the sky began to lighten into dawn, a horn sounded
>The Scorpion were launching their first attack against the Castle
Much of the LD's minnions were one human, just like the Lost of the Shadowlands. So all the people that had their identities and personalities eaten by the Lying Darkness became the new Akodo family
Yeah, and the obvious thing has never happened yet. So obviously the obvious thing is the twist.
... That's either brilliant or stupid.
It's minions weren't turned into Akodo. THey were normal humans before they lost their names, and when the lying darkness was named, all of its minions woke up remembering nothing except that they served the one named Akodo.
I just had a scary thought: what if there are TWO Tsukai here, one from either side, working indipendently or in concert?
>the superior officer is a complete twat who does not listen to their subordinates ever
A quick question -
Say a courtier is challenged and picks a champion to fight, or one is assigned by his Daimyo, and the duel is to the death. Does the champion compelled to fight to the death, or can he concede if it is obvious he is outmatched?

On the other hand, say the opponent knocks the champion to unconcious, but not dead. In a duel to the death, are they meant to strike a killing blow to the unconcious guy, or does it just count as a loss, and the courtier dies, but champion allowed to live?
Not realising there's one on each side and a third independent who are all trying to kill the Otomo first.
Not realizing they're all part of THEM working together to both fuck up the Scorpion, the Crab, and kill the Otomo
Not realizing both the Crab and the Scorpion top leadership are maho-tsukai intending to use the war as a fuel for an enormous ritual.
1) The duelist may concede as per usual, but both the losing duelist and the courtier must commit seppuku
Now that's scary
why's storytime going for several weeks
Is it a campaign that was going for 20 years or some shit
Nah, Monkey is more about bouts of surprise attacks of common sense type wisdom than convoluted.
>otomo a shit
Dubs confirm
I though tit was so obvious it didn't need that.
Does the losing duellist have to die, fo sure? say the duel is won, but the guy is knocked out. Do they kill him on the spot, or have him seppeku later on?
If a duelist in a "To the death" duel gets knocked out clean or otherwise incontrovertibly loses without dying, he MAY be woken up, cleaned off, and given the opportunity to commit seppuku, if the lord observing the duel judges that he fought honorably. If not, he might just be executed on the spot.

Remember that duels to the death don't just happen; the superiors of the participants in the duel must grant them permission to risk their lives. At that point a death is effectively REQUIRED to settle the issue. You don't get to just trip over yourself, say "Welp guess I lose lol ggwp."
Excellent, thanks. I just wanted to clarify - planning on running a one shot for a group, where none of us have played before and wanted to make sure I got some of the traditions down right
Wait sorry one more thing. What if it was a stand in - someone dueling on behalf of another person. I assume that they share their fate and both are expected to be dead if they lose
Its also honorable for the championed to imitate any wounds their champion takes in the duel.
Imitate or fully replicate?
That depends, how honorabru are you? Did you choose a champion to represent you in your duel because your life has been devoted to the study of other arts worthy of a Samurai's service to the Empire... or because you're afraid of the consequences of dueling?
Maybe this was answered in a previous thread, but which system version are you playing in?
They migrated from 3rd to 4th ed during the game IIRC

If he has a champion, then he is already high-mid tier honorable at best.
The Emperor has a personal champion. Are you implying that the Emperor has less than maximum honor?
If you have a champion you are saying you are not a bushi in most cases.

Artisans, Courtiers and Shugenja can request/appoint champions for themselves. Bushi are expected to defend themselves in duels.

Generals and other military officers can appoint champions for a duel of champions between armies.
the only maxed stat an emperor has is status.
glory is pretty low, like 4 or something? honor depend greatly from emperor to emperor. steel chrysantenum has very low honor.

in game answer: of course no one is more honorable than the emperor!
Our courtier just got bitten by a tanuki.
51 damage in a single hit.
No void points either.
Remember - exploding dices are !!FUN!!
File: scared.gif (652 KB, 500x307)
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652 KB GIF
>mfw get dropped in one hit
>god. damn. it. MONKEY.

Double dubs confirm
Said courtier here, it was a baboon not a tanuki, but hey, thats what I get for entering center stance while in a melee and wearing no armor, armed only with a bow.
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Damn, more than 100 posts in and I haven't contributed yet

Guess that's what happens when you gotta prepare a presentation on cold war comic books

Gonna take my puppies for a walk, then Daikakita-san's story will continue

Second half of the interlude, and then we're off to the Summer Court, and my GMs Chapter 3: Strings and Puppets

Several days of courtly intrigue, character interactions, contests, and then even REAL intrigue

And as a small hint, check the bits I wrote of the Topaz Championship, and remember the name Otomo Setsuko

Also, bump
damn, didn't notice your bump, should've been quicker
It's part of the deal that the championed in a duel to the death will seppuku if their champion loses. Anything else needs a source.

>The march back to Tsuma is a somber one
>None of my companions spoke to me during it
>I get the feeling they do not approve of my decision
>It was not theirs to make
>I did what I had to do
>Justice must be served
>No matter the cost, no matter the perpetrator
>Crime begets justice, no matter who commits it
>Despite the efforts of both Togashi-san and the few shugenja with skill in healing that were sent with us, we did not manage to wake the sleeping samurai
>Someone compared the way they slept with those under the influence of Sweet Dreams
>That charm the ronin leader broke must've contained powerful maho to do such a thing
>Every evening, I go to see Isawa Kitao
>Every night, I curse myself for not having saved my betrothed
>It feels as though almost every task I've attempted to undertake, the Fortunes do not favor me
>Only Ebisu has saved me, once
>Kharma for having brought hope to a honest worker, by doing honest work as a man of the Law
>None of the others have given me anything
>Destiny has worked against my favor
>If that was so, how could one fight fate?
>Man creates his own destiny, so teaches the Shintao
>And I swear, by every single one of the Kami, by Saibankan, by the Empress and her Heir
>I will do so, and neither Jigoku nor Tengoku shall stand in my way
>No matter what, I will find the cure to this affliction
>I will make sure every never-waking samurai is brought back to us, safe and sound
>As for those that have caused this
>If any of them are still out there
>Walking amongst the living
>They are traitors to the Empire
>They have committed the highest crime they could
>No matter their place in the Celestial Order
>I will find them
>And my justice shall be swift
>And without mercy
>And any who will stand in my way will be as guilty as the rest

>Once we return to Tsuma, I let chui-san report back to Kakita Mitohime
>I return to the chambers granted to me by my daimyo, and ask a servant to give me some paper and some writing supplies
>And start writing several letters
>First, I write to my family
>It has been quite long since they've heard from me, and I'm sure they will be proud of what I have achieved so briefly after my gempukku
>Even though I am lacking that pride myself while writing
>I write much of the usual I've already written to them
>Hoping that my brother Hogai's education is progressing
>And asking them to offer prayers for my further success
>Once that letter is done, I write to the family of my betrothed
>Offering my condolences
>And showing my readiness in righting the wrong that has been done to them
>I even offer them that Kitao be kept here in Tsuma, under my daimyo's supervision, alongside the other never-waking samurai
>And if my daimyo would not allow it, that she be sent to my family's holdings, so we can take care of her ourselves
>Unless they wish her to be sent home, for them to take care of their daughter
>Once I'm done with the letters, I go to find Mitohime
>I find her in an office, no doubt handling the administrative duties regarding the holding's security
>"Kakita-san, I heard of your victory against the bandits, and have told our lord as much
>On behalf of Kakita-ue, I extend our thanks for your service
>And offer our condolences regarding..."
>The grim expression of my face causes her voice to trail off
>"Kakita-sama, I was hoping I would be able to receive the cipher, or a copy thereof
>I wish to do some investigating of my own, if you would allow it"
>"Of course, Kakita-san
>I shall have a copy brought to your chambers
>I can assure you, they are the primary focus of our experts right now, and copies are being made for our allies within and without the Clan, since this is a matter affecting the Empire"
>"Thank you, Kakita-sama
>Fortune's blessings to you"

>Once I gather the copy from my chambers, I set out into the city proper
>And find my way back to a small, humble tea shop
>Somewhat busier than last time I was here
>The wrinkled old owner sees me as she is finishing serving a customer
>"Oh, great samurai-sama, Tengoku itself must bless the path you walk if you could find your way back to your humble servant
>Please, come, sit down, I shall prepare my best tea for you, as befits you, great samurai-sama!"
>She guides me to my usual place, now adorned with a simple Crane mon
>As if to show to other customers that this seat is reserved for a Clan samurai
>It does not take long before she returns with a fresh cup of tea, more of the finest I have ever tasted
>"I am glad that your skill in teamaking has not diminished in my absence"
>"Oh, you humble this lowly servant with your praise, great samurai-sama
>Your presence alone has done wonders to my little tea shop
>Many have heard that the great honourable magistrate-sama who rid Tsuma of the nefarious drug Sweet Dreams has come here for my tea
>Some even rumouring that my tea helped in your task"
>She laughs that heartfelt laugh of a content old person
>"But I know better
>I know that it is samurai-sama's skill, and the favor of the Fortunes, that helped you rid our city of that filth
>And I tell them all as much
>Not that they would believe a senile old woman
>I hope your travels have been well, samurai-sama"
>"They have, woman
>I have found the one who created the drug, and slain him
>Now no one will suffer the same fate"
>I hesitate once I realize others already have long after the Chuda's death
>"Thank you, samurai-sama, for having brought peace to the hearts of many of us heimin in the Empire so
>If only we could wake those already sleeping, then truly it would be a most joyous occasion"
>"Our lord Kakita-ue is already having experts work on creating a cure
>I have no doubt he will be successful very soon"
>"That is good
>Now, please, enjoy your tea"

>Once I am done with my tea, and get ready to pay, the old woman stops me
>No need for a hero like me to pay at her establishment
>If only she knew how much i had truly failed
>But there was one way I would be able to start redeeming myself
>I head through some of the seedier streets of Tsuma, until I arrive at my final destination of the day
>The geisha house of Bayushi Asako
>She had helped me with my investigation before I left
>Maybe she would help again
>As much as I dreaded the thought of being endebted to a Scorpion
>I felt like I had no choice
>The greeter recognizes me, despite my absence, and takes me to a waiting room
>I wait for quite some time before I'm allowed in Bayushi-san's office
>Her desk looks rather empty compared to the other times I've been her, yet she looks like she is hard at work
>I got the feeling I definitely did not want to get on the wrong side of this Bayushi
>"What a pleasure to see you back in Tsuma, Kakita-san
>I trust your journey went well?"
>"It did, thank you
>I was successful in my task"
>"I had heard as much
>I am glad to hear justice has been served"
>"And I bring a message from Yoritomo Kon
>He says that he has repayed the favor owed to you now, and that whatever dealings you have with him are over"
>"Well, he's allowed to think that if he likes"
>An uncomfortable shiver runs down my spine
>Definitely do NOT want to get on her bad side
>"But I cannot help but wonder what you might be doing here, Kakita-san
>Should you not be resting with your dear betrothed after having defeated a small band of bandits so easily?"
>My fight with the kidnappers had not yet been made public, as far as I knew
>Scorpion spies truly must lurk everywhere for her to already know
>"My duty is not yet over, Bayushi-san
>In a few days, you will most likely receive a cipher, sent by my daimyo
>Relating to the case I have been investigating
>Most likely containing the recipe for Sweet Dreams
>And the possibility for a cure"

>"And what does that have to do with our meeting, Kakita-san?"
>Despite her fan and her mask, her eyes betrayed the wealth of her knowledge
>I produce my own copy of the cipher
>"Here is a copy, so that you or any serving you or with you may gain a head start
>If there is any relation between the never-ending sleep of the drug and that of my betrothed, I want the cure as soon as possible
>Considering the Scorpions well-known... knowledge of herbs, maybe some of yours might find a clue once the cipher has been translated"
>She takes the copy, giving it a brief glance before setting it down on the table before us
>"And why, pray tell, are you going behind your daimyo's back to give this to me early?
>Is it because of your duty?
>A thirst for glory, perhaps?
>Or is it vengeance you seek?
>On whoever has cursed your betrothed?"
>Never before has my resolve been so strong
>And I lied
>"Justice. It must be served, swiftly, mercilessly, Bayushi-san
>I hope you can understand"
>She stares intently, far longer than would be appropriate
>Could the Clan known for deception see it so easily as well?
>"Very well.
>Thank you, Kakita-san, for this
>I will make sure your daimyo will not be made aware of this
>And play my part when I receive the copy from him
>I know some people that maybe be able to decipher this recipe with greater ease
>Rest assured that I will work to help you achieve your... justice"
>"Thank you, Bayushi-san"
>I get up on my feet and make my way to the door
>The gentle sound of tea being poured into a cup at her desk stops me before I leave
>"I do have on more favor to ask, Bayushi-san"
How are the Crab so best? This story has got me reading about L5R, and I just read that the Hida Pragmatists have a move to actually shank an opponent with their own weapon. Cool as hell.

>"Oh? And what might that be, great magistrate?"
>"I would very much like to hire the service of one of your girls
>Only for-"
>The sound of the cup being placed on the table is enough indication for me
>"Of course, Kakita-san
>And considering the circumstances
>Let me offer it to you, on the house
>As a thank you for your service unto the Empire
>And a token of appreciation of our Clans working further together"
>I can tell by her eyes that she is smiling
>Whether that smile is supposed to worry or calm me, I can not tell
>And that frightens me
>She snaps her fingers, and a servant girl comes in from a side door
>She whispers behind her fan to the girl, who bows deeply and leaves
>Another servant suddenly comes and guides me to a private room deeper in the establishment
>A small table is set, with a tea set already prepared, the smell of freshly brewed tea in the air
>I sit myself down at the table, back to the door as it is closed behind me
>The fact that I cannot hear any footsteps beyond, nor noises from the rooms next door, shows how think these walls are
>I close my eyes, taking in the smell of tea
>The door opens, then closes
>The pitter patter of tiny steps until someone sits down beside me
>I open my eyes
>A geisha, a very pretty young girl, in a flowery dress, eyes turned down
>"Your mistress has told you who I am?"
>"Yes, samurai-sama, and to give you the best treatment our establishment can offer"
>"Very well
>Pour me some tea"
>She diligently does as I tell her, places the cup before me, and turns her eyes down again
>I sip of the tea
>"You will do anything I ask?"
>"Yes, samurai-sama"
>I tell her of my woes, sadness showing on my face as I tell my journey, my betrothed, my failures
>A geisha was one of the few people a samurai could show his true face to
>"It is a sad story, samurai-sama
>Please, how may I be of service to ease your burden"
>I lay myself down, putting my head on her lap as if on a pillow
>"Sing for me
>And she did
>I just read that the Hida Pragmatists have a move to actually shank an opponent with their own weapon.
Crane and "non-martial" Brotherhood monks get access to a similar technique by Rank 3, as opposed to the Pragmatist Rank 4.
Awwww, that's sad.
Yeah, but do they get bonuses for picking up a chair or some shit and beating their enemies to death with them?
Only Gaijin beat people to death with chairs. Any civilized person would use a Go Board.
>Taiko drums beat out a rythm, telling the soldiers how to prepare.
>Upon the third story the Kaiu took position
>The Falcons strike took the second, and some of the Third
>At the bottom floor of the castle, and all around the edges of the wall around the main camp, were the Hida.
>From the wall the Hiruma poured, scattering themselves out inside the no mans land of traps prepared in advance
>Even if the Scorpion knew where every trap was, it would take time to remove them. Time the Hiruma would not allow them to have
>Or they could avoid them, and have thier formations broken up
>Then they would have to skirmish with the Hiruma instead
>Attacking the Crab in a fortified position really comes down to how your commander decided you should die.
>I was up the top floor, passing word to the Hiruma who would relay my information to Hida Touka, who was on the first floor, safe from any arrows or spells
>Much as I wanted to rush out an joint the frontline, I was the honor gaurd of the General
>My place was with him.
>Sadly, his place was way in the back overseeing things.
>Still, we faced Scorpion.
>My riceballs were ninja-free, but I couldn't be certain about all the other rice balls in this castle
>As I looked out over the lines of the Scorpion two things became crystal clear
>The first was that the Scorpion 'formation' was anything but. It was just a long line that, if it COULD reach the castle, would simply wrap around it.
>The second was that there wasn't a single samurai in the Scorpion army.
>Everywhere I looked, I saw a brstiling forest of bamboo spears.
>Most clans that used Ashigaru would at least give them a Yari and a Jingasa along with some basic armor.
>I was wrong. There was no way the Scorpion were hiding real samurai in that mess.
>All it could do was die, and die quickly at that.
>I turned to the attendant and said as much.
>With a shouted HAI he ran down to inform Touka
It's only gaijin chair-beating if it's a gunpowder-propelled chair.
Crab hands lets you use any weapon as though you had one rank in the skill, and eleminates the penalty to using improvised weapons

The Pragmatist gains +1k0 to attack AND damage rolls with unarmed or improvised weapons at rank 1 and at rank two can make extra attacks using unarmed or improvised weaposn with three raises instead of five, which is huge.

Chopsticks are the best way to go, really. Nothing says you're my bitch like sticking a guys hand to the table with a thin bamboo skewer.

Also, reading through these predictions... how is it someone always manages to guess right? Not gonna say who though.
I was referencing Sato Tadanobu who supposedly defended himself when attacked while playing go with the goban.
>He quickly reapeared, and spoke to the drummers
>who beat out a code, telling the Kaiu and Toritaka to stand down.
>Which confused the hell out of me at first.
>Those Ashigaru were not much of a threat, but there were a LOT of them
>the Hiruma would still be outnumbered by more than three to one.
>Not terrible odds, considering the skill of the warriros involved, but time and the fatigue that came with it would play their part.
>We would take more losses this way, no doubt about it.
>So then...why?
>Of course.
>Just getting close enough to a caslte to jab with a yari would be difficult.
>But with that many bodies...
>...you could hope the enemy runs out of arrows...
>I felt my blood run cold as the full reality of the Scorpion's ruthlessness settled on me.
>There was no way this war was going to be anything but a bloodbath
>As the first wave of ashigaru began to enter the feilds of traps, the full scope of the Scoprion strategy was laid bare to me
>The traps were working against us
>The Ashigaru had to pick their way cautiously
>Only a few could engage at a time.
>Which meant the bulk of their numbers sat back and rested
>It wasn't even the effort required to kill the peasants the Scorpion were planning on.
>It was time. Just time.
>Staying awake because of a sustained assault for hours, maybe even days would wear out even Crabs.
>The Scorpion had about as many Samurai as we had Hida.
>Time alone would exhaust the Hiruma, eventually they would have to withdraw
>Then whatever was left of the Ashigaru would press against the walls of the castle for as long as they could, keeping the Hida up and fighting.
>Only then would the Scorpion Samurai, who were roughly equal in number to the Hida, show themselves
>And fight a tired foe.
>I ran downstairs, to tell Touka myself what I had surmised
TIL. I still like chopsticks though, even if that was pretty badass. Like the story of Musashi in the bathouse. Unless you're as awesome as him, take your weapons in with you when you go.
Wait a minute.
A fucking legion of freed prisoners. A bloodbath, invoking A LOT of dead bodies.
...this gonna end up with a major zombie infestation, isn't it? Or something worse.

And even IF there are not, prisoners are not good soldiers, there will be a good portion of deserters. Who will go around the country, pillaging and burning down the fields.

And something keeps telling me that Scorpion would NOT persecute deserters.

So, even if Crab wins, he will be kind of fucked. And this region will have to deal with a major bandit problem.
>The command of the Crab army was, of course, surpised I had left my position
>I knew it was not my place to speak of the stragey and tacics Touka chose to employ
>So I preformed a dogeza
>Hida Touka-sama!
>I must speak with you!
>Then do so, Ishigaki-san.
>The Scorpion are using the traps against us! They will limit the number of Ashigaru we can engage at any one time!
>It is not the pesants that they plan to use against us, but time!
>If you do not allow the Kaiu and the Archers to destroy as many of the enemy as possible, fatigue will defeat us where the Scorpion could not!
>Hmmm. You've got a good eye for battle.
>But, we had already considered that.
>No, it is best if the Scorpion samurai never reach the walls at all.
>Like saving arrows for the larger Oni, and ignoring the Zombies
>I had never heard of a time when that was good idea.
>Zombies could shrug off arrows, true. But that just means you used flaming arrows instead.
>Crabs trained to endure, but it alwasy best to eliminate the enemy as quickly as possible, only relying that endurance when everything else was spent.
>I understand Touka-sama
>Good. Go back to your post, Ishigaki-san
>I was not a smart man.
>I had come to conclusions that were wrong many times before.
>I could only imitate, not innovate. Doing as I had been told, as I had learned from what my ancestors had done.
>In that way, at least, I was like a Lion.
>Even if, by some miracle, I found myself in command of an army, I would be a poor general due to my inability to adapt to unfamiliar situations and over reliance on conventional wisdom
>Hida Touka was near the very top of the Crab Clan.
>He had the best advisors, and had earned his position throuhg merit.
>I was simply to dumb to follow his reasoning.
>It was not that he was trying to get people needlessly killed.
>... oh fuck me.
>I didn't believe that for one second.
Wasn't dissing the chopsticks. When I stat up "smart" courtiers I tend to give them a way to defended themselves. Favorites are weighted fans and weaponized hairpins (which are often sharpened decorative chopsticks).
>I returned to my post
>Somewhere out there, I knew not where, Toshiro and Otomo-Jun were in a small camp
>They needed to know what was going on.
>If I was wrong this would be worse than the time I accused Shoji of being a Maho-Tsuaki
>To make matters worse, Naomi was in this camp. still unconscious.
>Still helpless.
>If I failed to reach them, if I failed to prove my fears correct, I would be traitor.
>Death alone is not enough for a traitor.
>Their entire line is ended.
>With a blade.
>Those who served them directly often choose sepuku rather than bear the shame of having served a traitor.
>If I failed, if I was wrong, my children would be killed.
>Ishigaki-mura would die a second time
>And duty kept me bound to Touka's side
>I couldn't just wander about as I pleased looking for proof of my suspicions.
>For the time being, all I could do was grip the railing of the top of the castle, and pray
>It's frustrating, isn't it?
>I looked over at the Kaiu who spoke to me
>He was watching the battle unfold
>I too, wish Touka-sama would allow us to fire.
>Those damn Scorpion!
>They mock us, using maho right in front of the Observer, and then casting the blame on us!
>I could see his barely contained fury.
>I looked around
>The same rage shown in nearly every eye
>The rumor mill that floated around in barracks everywhere was in full swing.
>The Crab army was gripped with fury.
>As I looked, I saw several Hiruma shove some ashigaru into one of the tiger pits.
>Then picked up bamboo spears that were lying about the battlefield, and threw them in
>point first.
>I closed my eyes as behind me a cheer went up
File: To heck I say.jpg (210 KB, 1366x768)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Yeah, good old hairpin. Make sure if you succeed in bedding a geisha she takes out her hairpins before hand, just in case it's a scorpion geisha planning to kill you.

really embarrassing way to go, that.

Anyway, I think that's enough tension built for the time being, gonna let that simmer for a bit now.
Do Rokugani even use chairs?
Mantis have been known to
Well, there's that little foldable stool thing used by generals to sit on, and for displaying a suit of armor in a seated position... but aside from that no I don't think so
>Yeah, but do they get bonuses for picking up a chair or some shit and beating their enemies to death with them?
Improvised Weapons is an emphasis of Jujutsu, fwiw.
Or their blood seeping into the earth will be used to taint the land. Remember the village from last time? It could have been warmup or research for this conflict (which they created).
Oh man, this is driving me crazy with the tension. Crab-anon why are you such a good writer
Like I said, this region is either way fucked, Maho or not.
>gonna let that simmer for a bit now.
That's just evil. Are you sure you're not a Scropion?
He is not a Scorpion, he is a fucking Crane. They are known for being a huge cockteases.
While both Crabs and Crane are Blue... please do not confuse them with each other.
Tbh, Yasuki aren't making it any easier to differentiate between them.
So, are you implying that Crabs full of blue-balled men and women?
Or just repeating old "Cranes are gays" tune?
Then >>53272692 was right when he said that the Monkey was a jinx.
I always knew that Judge Dredd Crane-version couldn't have gotten rid of his human side.
Neither. I was pointing out that mistaking Hida Ishigaki (a Crab, Dark Blue) for Daikakita-san (a Crane, Powder Blue) is insulting to both. Both are great samurai, but they are great in differing ways.

>It doesn't take long before Kitao's family replies
>They want her returned home, so that their clans shugenja can try to wake her
>While thanking me for saving her, I've done all that I can in their eyes
>The stinging pain of my failure burns even more

>A few days pass before Kakita-ue decides to hold a feast
>To celebrate me and my companions in our victory over those that would harm our Empire
>A great and beautiful affair, as befits any event hosted by a Crane
>With good timing as well, since my Lord was entertaining guests from different clans
>Some Mantis and Phoenix, most importantly, though I could not immediately tell who the main guests were
>Still, being social before the dinner would be important, since officially it was in my honour
>Before I can approach either group, I notice a figure clad in a beautiful red kimono, surrounded by more humble dressed minor courtiers
>Murmurs that yesterday, the daimyo sent appeals for help on an issue affecting the Empire to all clans
>And this one has come in person to pledge the Scorpions aid in person
>Bayushi Asako
>Envoy between our clans
>Scorpions truly are more than meets the eye
>Many wide-eyed onlookers stare surprised as I approach her
>Becoming even more wide-eyed and surprised as I bow to the Scorpion woman
>"Bayushi-san, allow me to welcome you to my Lord Kakita-ue's estate
>And to thank you for your aid, and the cooperation between our clans"
>I can hear the rumour mills already starting to work
>"Kakita-san, no need to bow so deeply
>Our clans work together, as equals under Imperial rule
>I should be the one thanking you for all you have brought us"
>And she returns the bow, the rumour mills halting due to confusion of their operators
>Only the two of us can truly read between the lines
>I would never be able to act against the Scorpion
>At least she does not hold me in a private debt to her
>Here's to hoping that would never change
>At least she does not hold me in a private debt to her
>Here's to hoping that would never change

>A scorpion
>not holding you in a debt
Yeeeah. It is more probable that the sky turns green and the grass blue overnight, just saiyan.
That's the implication
Gonna probably play as Daikakita-san's brother Hogai (currently 14 training as a Doji courtier) if we ever do a follow-up campaign, do wonder if my GM will bring all this back up with him
>currently 14 training as a Doji courtier
Should be virtually ready for their gempukku, then.
I love how the whole party is made of shonen characters in my L5R game.

Barely done with Gempukku, already fighting for the attention of the Jade Magistrate Senpai.
You disgust me.
That sound helluva fun. Wish I could join, but my English are shit. Being a Slav is a suffering"
>slavic samurai
This is brilliant!

The Emperor has bigger problems Honor-wise than the Emerald Champion. If you are an Emperor, then you are literally barred from reaching max Honor, ever, because your stupid-ass subjects will always make you violate Honesty and Sincerity.


Having a champion fighting instead of you is a violation of Courage. And probably Honesty too, for being too much of a pussy to defend yourself. Just because you are not -expected- to fight, it doesn't mean that you don't -have to- fight if such circumstances arise.
And here I am in a English-language campaign with two Slavs. What am I doing wrong?
Getting yourself killed because you foolishly tried to fight in a battle you were never trained for is a violation of duty. A courtier is equipped to fight the social fight. A bushi is equipped to fight the physical fight. A shugenja is equipped to fight a spiritual or theological fight. Wasting years of elite training because you wanted to fight in the wrong arena is a gross waste of your clan's time, space, and food. Bushido has many catch 22s.
You would bring great shame to your lord, foolishly throwing your life away like that

If you -can't- fight, then obviously, you shouldn't get into fights int he first place. Courage is not violated if you tell your opponent to fuck off because you can't waste your precious time on his shit... it is actually quite the other way around.

>Bushido has many catch 22s.

It has exactly zero of those. Don't mistake Bushido with the fucked-up society and its crazy norms. The two has very-very little in common and are not designed to smoothly coexist.
>Courage is not violated if you tell your opponent to fuck off because you can't waste your precious time on his shit... it is actually quite the other way around.

Letting them run roughshod all over you because you refuse to stand up for yourself and your lord is a violation of at least a couple different virtues.
>It has exactly zero of those. Don't mistake Bushido with the fucked-up society and its crazy norms. The two has very-very little in common and are not designed to smoothly coexist.

Actually Rokugan Bushido is designed to have catch-22s and devil's choice traps.
did someone say traps?

They can do whatever they want. You should fight them on your own battlefield and not play along with whatever bullshit they are throwing at you. Not giving a single fuck and taking an equal amount of shit is the #1 advice for How To Be Honorable.


Like? Just give me one example. One.
>They can do whatever they want.
Then you have failed Duty, because what they want is to harm your clan in some way to further their own.

>taking an equal amount of shit is the #1 advice for How To Be Honorable.
You lose honor for enduring insults to your family, clan, or school.

You don't have to clash swords with them to fuck their shit up. You are a courtier. Leave the real fighting for the bushi. If a bushi approaches you to fight, then tell him to fuck off and say bad things about him at court. Repeat, as necessary, until the bushi disappears permanently.

Tho, one can argue that a defenseless courtier is at a loss already, because he is a samurai first and foremost, and Bushido doesn't stand for "The Way of Special Snowflakes" no matter how many people thing it does.

>You lose honor for enduring insults to your family, clan, or school.

I suppose you don't get angry and feel ashamed each time a stray dog barks, do you?
Doesn't the challenged person get to decide what the duel is?
>You don't have to clash swords with them to fuck their shit up. You are a courtier. Leave the real fighting for the bushi. If a bushi approaches you to fight, then tell him to fuck off and say bad things about him at court. Repeat, as necessary, until the bushi disappears permanently.
Legally and culturally, an iaijutsu duel is more appropriate than flinging insults repeatedly, and if you keep doing that, someone higher ranked is going to order you to agree to a duel or commit seppuku for being a massive coward. And half the time, the duel is between two champions because it was another courtier who was flinging social shit.

>I suppose you don't get angry and feel ashamed each time a stray dog barks, do you?
Ah, and now you are violating courtesy by comparing ostensibly honorable samurai to animals.
Yeah, but you're a bitch if you try to cheat your way out of it.

Basically, if you don't choose either the traditional duel of blades or a specific contest that your opponent is proficient at, you're just inviting more shame upon yourself. If you're challenged by a courtier who's known for his flower arrangements, and you propose a duel of flowers, you're stepping to his turf and challenging his reputation back. If you're challenged by a bushi and you propose a duel of flower arrangement, you're basically saying that you're afraid to fight on even ground and the local authority will probably reject your proposal and force you to duel properly.
>someone higher ranked is going to order you to agree to a duel or commit seppuku for being a massive coward

Well, then, someone at higher rank has a severe lack of honor and understanding. This is the same situation as the bushi, only that they are now not showing swords into your face, but raw nonsense.

>Ah, and now you are violating courtesy by comparing ostensibly honorable samurai to animals.

I gave them the respect they deserve. That's all. Courtesy doesn't demand anything more - it is by far the hardest virtue to violate. Also, if one is really up to a game of insults, then he is obviously not an "ostensibly honorable samurai" in any way or form.
>Well, then, someone at higher rank has a severe lack of honor and understanding.
Violating duty again, I see.

>I gave them the respect they deserve.
You failed to follow the traditional system handed down by literal gods, and instead just insulted them. That's a violation.
>Violating duty again, I see.

Who said that? Duty does not say that I should roll with my superior's stupidity. Quite the contrary. Duty means responsibility. It is your responsibility to see your people's well being, no matter what strange ways you should take. Sometimes, the people you are responsible for are too stupid for their own good, so you have to save them from themselves - if you turn your back to the problem here... well... that's the true violation of Duty.

>You failed to follow the traditional system handed down by literal gods

I'm following it through-and-through. And there was only one god who made Bushido. And there is a reason why the people after him butchered it.
Lion, please shut up.
Duty means being loyal. Running from a fight because you're a coward who doesn't believe in the legal system laid down by Hantei and Doji is not following Duty. And even if it was, it would be failing Loyalty, which means at best, you are neutral in regards to that one part of bushido, and negative on the courtesy and courage parts.
>That Lion that keeps replying to the Crane bullshit

Disregard that shit, Yoritomo name dropped in the latest fiction.
Did he fall off a ship and drown?
This week's fiction revealed that Hotaru and Kachiko are not above lezzing it out as well. I guess there will be fewer changes to that story than we thought.
It's gonna be tricky for Hotaru to unknowingly kill her illegitimate half-scorpion son in battle, though.
Hotaru or Hoturi, Crane cannot resist tapping that ass even though it has a well known venomous poison reserve in place of a heart.

Yeah that was one thing I always liked as a dramatic twist, this totally obviates it as a possibility.

Should we make a new L5R general thread? Its been a while since I saw the last one and I think we've had two updates from FFG since then. Plus new fiction.
Go for it. We have had a fair number of arguments better suited for it between story posts,
Here we go >>53289914
Simple enough. If the Scorpion are the evil wizards, then it's business as usual for our heroes. If the Crab are the evil wizards, there is much suffering ahead.

>As the dinner is about to start, I am seated alongside my companions at places of honor at the head of the table, flanking Kakita Ikura-ue
>The food is some of the best I have ever tasted, made from the very best that Crane lands have to offer
>Tsuruchi-san however looks visibly uncomfortable
>Most likely hi first time in such high society, being from the Colonies
>And being a Mantis
>At least everybody seems to enjoy the feast, some enjoying the food more, others the company
>I finally recognize the main Mantis envoy
>Yoritomo Matsuo
>A seaman, as many Mantis were
>I couldn't help but wonder why he was here
>As for the Phoenix envoy, I still could not recognize her beyond her family mon
>Although the name was one the tip of my tongue
>She was seated relatively highly, not far from the seats of honor
>And there weren't many Asako running around permanently blindfolded

>Finally the feast is over, and Kakita-ue holds a speech
>He praises me, a true Crane, and my companions, for our heroic deed in saving the Empire from the nefarious drug Sweet Dreams
>Any who would claim that we were any less than heroes would be one who could not spot a hero if that hero saved his life
>And our names would not be soon forgotten
>Of course, heroes deserve rewards for their service
>For Tsuruchi-san, a letter
>He joined me as a companion rather late, and Kakita-ue had not been aware of his contributions until recently
>So all he could gift unto the Mantis was a glowing recommendation for the Ivory Champion
>The rest of us, for serving both on the mainland and in the colonies, we would each receive two gifts
>First, for Daidoji-san
>A masterfully crafted no-dachi, forged by a Kakita master swordsmith on behalf of Kakita-ue
>Alongside this, the appointment of Daidoji-san as an officer of the newly established Imperial Navy
>Kakita-ue had been made aware of his skill with the no-dachi and on seaworthy vessels by my report, and deemed these gifts appropriate

>Daidoji-san iss so taken aback by such a tremendous gift that he almost forgets to decline twice
>The blade he receives was indeed a fine blade, with great care taken into every second of its forging
>Whether it was as sharp as my Kakita blade, I cannot tell
>Before I can think any further on it, Kakita-ue moves on to Togashi-san
>A woman between two clans, Crane as a child, Dragon as an adult
>And now, on a most spiritual path, going hand in hand with justice
>Due to this, her two gifts were most carefully chosen
>First, a scroll, a piece of correspondence between one of the early Kakita daimyos and Togashi himself, specifically penned by the latter
>Secured safely in a sealed box, of great worth to both Clans
>And second, another box, containing a letter and something I could not see immediately
>The letter contains instructions when and where to meet with her new sensei
>She is to be trained as one of the few monks to become a Jade Magistrate
>The second item in the second box was the Jade Pearl, symbol of the Jade Magistrate
>And finally, it was my turn to be rewarded
>And this time, Kakita-ue would not be doing it alone
>"Asako Kaitoko, will you please approach"
>The blindfolded Phoenix, aided by grimfaced man, no doubt her yojimbo, stands, and comes to me
>"From what Kakita-ue has told me, your heart burns for justice
>From your deeds, this is more than clear
>I will speak to the Emerald Champion himself, that you may soon be officially proclaimed Emerald Magistrate"
>Only the Emerald Champion could proclaim someone to be that title, any others could only nominate people
>Only the Emperor could bypass this, although it was never truly done
>"For now, you are to make your way to the Ruby Dojo, to be trained properly as an Emerald Magistrate"
>I bow deeply
>Kakita-ue bids her back to her seat
>"Thank you, Asako-san
>This is your first reward, Kakita-san
>Now is the time for your second"

>Kakita-ue snaps his fingers
>A servant hurriedly arrives at his side
>Carrying a biwa
>Kakita Ikura had been born with the Curse of Kyuden Kakita
>He could never draw a blade, lest he doomed his home and his family
>So instead, he turned to Kakita's other favorite pastime
>Now famous for his skill with musical instruments, the biwa first and foremost among them
>Courtiers murmured at such a great honour bestowed to me
>Then fell silent, as Kakita-ue started plucking the strings of his instrument
>A hauntingly beautiful melody filled the room
>Many were moved, some almost to tears, for the beauty
>I could not help but think to myself
>This was the greatest of all the gifts given this day

>Within a few days, one after the other, me and my companions left to our new duties
>I kept my goodbyes brief
>I could not imagine that they'd already warmed to me once more after what I had done
>The last thing I did was write to home, once more
>Telling my family of the great honour bestowed on me
>Of the beauty of Kakita-ue's song for me
>And of my new training at the Ruby Dojo
>I was well on my way to truly honouring my ancestors
>Little did I know that I would be unable to finish my training at the Ruby Dojo
>For after nearly a month of my being there, a letter arrived
>Bearing the mon of the Crane, and the seal of the Turquoise Champion
>I have been invited alongside my companions as guests of honour at the Summer Court
Fucking Crane
She's an overconfident bitch who believes everyone under her is such an idiot they can barely breathe right?

In other words, she's an Otomo.
Precious bodily fluids
Even Otomo can't be this dumb.
Oh, yes they can.
File: giphy[1].gif (188 KB, 264x138)
188 KB
188 KB GIF
bump with taiko because Crab deserves it

>The battle continued unabated.
>Raged wouldn't really be appropriate here, even thought the Crab were quite angry
>rather, it was a cold fury. Clinical.
>There was more glory, and risk, involved in butchering chickens.
>As I watched group after group of ashigaru marched into the jaws of the Hiruma, I could not shake the feeling of dread that had settled in on me
>What was it...
>what was the plan?
>I looked closely, straining for some clue, some hint of the intent of the bloodspeakers.
>Getting a bit crowded out there, isn't it?
>the Kaiu who had spoken earlier.
>He was right. The field was getting cluttered with corpses.
>THe Hiruma were using them to their advantage, attacking the living peasants as they stumbled through their own dead
>Though they did mark out clear paths between the traps.
>I looked to the runner
>Tell Touka-sama that the bodies of the ashigaru are becoming an obstacle in their own right, while also clearly showing were the traps are NOT.
>He ran down.
>Most often, the eta came out in the aftermath of the battle, to retrieve the fallen and finish off the most seriously wounded.
>But sometimes, they had to go out while the fighting still went on.
>The attendant came back up, and the taiko drums beat another code
>Touka-sama had indeed ordered the eta to go out.
>I watched a group of eta head toward the front, with a single Hiruma guiding them around the traps.
>As they neared the piles of bodies, the Scorpion ashigaru attacked them.
>The eta fell back, confused.
>I saw the Hiruma go down under the bamboo spears of a half dozen peasants
>I yelled to the attendant
>Tell Touka-sama that the ahsigaru are attacking the eta!
>What the hell...?
>Was it just fear; the peasants trying to kill everything they could see?
>It was possible
>But what if there was a plan at work here...?
>eta were ignored, even in the middle of a fight.
>all they were doing was getting the bodies of the fallen back so they could revive proper funerary rites.
>it took a rare circumstance for anyone to interfere with that work, as no one wanted to allow another honorable samurai to just lay there and rot.
>No, that's not quite right.
>It did happen that sometimes one side in a battle would chase of the other sides eta in order to protect their own dead
>This was done if the side driving the eta off feared their fallen would be dishonored in some way by their enemies.
>but... those were ashigaru.
>No one would care to defile their corpses, nor would any one think to take the heads of mere peasants as trophies...
>Where where the Scorpion eta?
>I grabbed on of the Toritaka up here
>Do you see any Scorpion eta?
>He peered for a moment, then shook his head
>No. It's odd.
>They're driving off ours, they didn't send out theirs...
>It's like the Scorpion want the dead to pile up...
>... do they?
>I frowned and did not answer.
>I was too busy second guessing myself.
>This was even more suspicious than Touka's decision to hold back the Kaiu and Toritaka
>I turned, another messenger
>Touka-sama requires your presence!
>I nodded and headed down
>Was I growing too paranoid?
>Seeing taint everywhere?
>Or was there something I was missing?
>I reached Touka and knelt
>Ishigaki-san, you were right about the Scorpion trying to let time wear us out.
>I still intend to save our ammunition for real samurai, but the others have convinced me that we cannot wholly ignore the Scorpion plot.
>I will be ordering a sotrie soon.
>I want you to join them.
>I was unable to keep the surpise of my face, but thankfully he had yet to give me permission to raise my head.
>so only the floor knew.
>I remember what that one Bayushi said to you, during the ambush.
>He said He would not forgive you.
>The simplicity of that phrase belied it's true meaning.
>When a person uses that specific phrase, they mean that only death, for themselves or the person they are speaking to, can settle this matter.
Oh crap. Looks like all sides are mahogany. Unless I am very misunderstanding the situation.
>I'm wondering what you did to draw such ire?
>Um... I accidentally foiled a Scorpion plot at the winter court two years ago...
>And he was part of it.
>I see.
>Well then, you shall lead the charge!
>I blinked.
>This works out quite well!
>You are, quite possibly the best warrior in this army right now
>I can think of no one better to lead the relife forces for the Hiruma
>And if the Scropion hate you as much as it seems, they might even show themselves for a chance to kill you!
>Then I will allow the Kaiu and Toritaka to attack as you wished!
>On the wall, we call members of other clans who come to serve Koma. Ponies.
>It comes from an ancient practice.
>The Yasuki would gift the Hida with lame ponies
>The Hida would then tie those lame ponies up beyond the wall to lure in live shadowlands monsters
>So we could get archery practice in on live targets.
>It's because war with the shadowlands was so different from war with Rokugani that all the other clan members were goof for was being bait.
>Right now, Touka intended for ME to be the Koma.
>I wondered if that meant he expected nothing else from me but to lure in Scorpion and die.
>...or was he HOPPING that would happen?
>Had he realized my suspicions?
>Was he trying to get rid of me?
>Am I going mad with suspicion of everyone around me?
>I pushed all off that aside.
>I was in no position to refuse his order.
>I would go to aid the Hiruma, taking their place in the battle so they could catch their breath
>That was all I needed to concern myself with at the moment.
>raise your head, Ishigaki-san
>I did so
>Touka jerked his arm, signaling with his tessen.
>No GO!
>Slay the Scorpion!
>Give aid to your fellow Crab in their time of need!
>Be our Wall!
>I strode out of the castle, as the taiko drums called up more Crab to fall in behind me.
>The gates opened, and we charged forth.
Here's a permanent link to the L5R Discord:


Features RP and discussions,
Looking for group section,
Lots of resources,
And more!

Calling it now: zombies will rise when the crab and scorpions have committed too much.
Sigh. Went in, quoted the opening passage from Way of the Crab, got yelled at by a mod for running on too long, had some guy in the Crab Clan tell me they didn't want me.And now I'm reminded why I stick to anon image boards in the first place. Not to good with direct interaction;always manage to stick my foot im my mouth or make an ass of myself.

Oh well.

Is anyone else getting connection errors every time they try to update? My posts get through, but then I'm having to open a new tab to update all the way.
Welp... this isn't good. At all.
I've always been kinda curious: why bother with a discord? Doesn't it just defeat the purpose of an anonymous image board and additionally force the community to shrink and damage the ability of the community to reach those peripherally interested?
It makes sense, I suppose, if you're using it to organize or run a game/event, but I I've always thought they just sort of strangle new communities by forcing them into stale behaviour.
That discord isn't /tg/ specific, so it's more for people who don't frequent the same sites to talk about a shared game interest.
Oh, the wonders of phone-posting
Tell me about them anon
And somehow, it will be a Ishigaki's fault.
I think amulet of Crab general doesn't detect taint and Maho. It makes sorcery or something.
If the GM is a sadist, yes.
That's a yes, then.
>I did not issue any orders to the company I had just been placed in charge off
>I had no desire to disrupt the bonds between the chui and his men, not to insult them
>Instead I acted, and the Chui ordered his men to follow my lead.
>While I did not, could not remember where every trap was on the field I could spot the discreet telltale markers left behind by the Kaiu, so that Crabs did not bumble into their own traps.
>The Hiruma, upon hearing the taiko drums signaling our charge, parted to allow us in
>As the Hiruma fell back hehind us to rest we plowed into and over the Scorpion ashigaru
>And the slaughter began
>I had seen bushi ripped in half by oni
>I had stood upon the wall and faced a legion of goblins
>I had fought alone in the dark of the tunnels beneath the Wall against the corpses of men and women I had called freinds less than an hour ago.
>But this... this turned my stomach in ways none of that ever could.
>No mater how horrible, how disgusting the shadowlands could be, there was danger and heroism in combating it.
>I killed a peasant who was weeping openly after his bamboo spear broke on my armor.
>I had to do this. If I stood idle those peasants would bear me to the ground and kill me.
>If I fought with anything less then my best, then my kin, my fellow Crab, would be in danger.
>Naomi would be in danger
>But that didn't change how weak these peasants were.
>So I bellow challanges
>I did not just kill my foes, I maimed them.
>I made sure each one died screaming under my tetsubo
>I lifted a peasant with one hand, and after holding aloft long enough for all to see I tossed him into a pit like a sack of grain
>I resolved that I would be more terrible than their Scorpion masters, hopefully breaking their will and causing them to rout.
>This was all I could do to try and limit the carnage.
>It began to work.
>Instead of coming, a circle opened around me, and it kept getting wider
>I shouldered my tetsubo, and began to stride forward
>I made sure to strut a bit, showing disdain for my foes.
>They backed away three steps for every one I took
>It was working.
>two jagged bits of metal struck my armor
>I looked in the direction they had come from, and saw several figures in red and black armor stepping out from behind the ashigaru
>One of them cut the head from a peasant soldier
>COWARDS! You will fight the enemy and die, or you will simply die!
>The ashigaru began to hesitate, reconsidering their retreat
>I ran towards him, and he raised his katana to deflect my attack.
>His defense was good, he guided my tetsubo up and over his head
>And then his fellow attacked me, trying to cut across my back
>I turned aside and what would have been a deep cut to my back skittered off my sode
>He did slice my bicep as his blade passed, but it was little more than a light nick.
>As I turned to face the one that struck me, he leapt back several feet
>And the first one stabbed at the back of my legs, trying to hamper me fruther
>But I had expected as much from Scorpion, and I shoved the end of my tetsubo back into the stomach of the Scorpion behind me
>I caught him as he was charging in, and he staggered back and fell on his ass
>The one who had been backing away could only watch as I spun around, snapping my tetsubo across the face of the sitting Scorpion
>He screamed in pure fury as I slew his kinsman and rushed at me with wild swings
>I batted one aside, a second slid past my thigh armor
>another shallow sound
>I returned his gift ten fold
>My tetsubo shattered metal plates, and bones alike, and the Scorpion fell
>That was more than the ashigaru could bear
>the ones nearest me threw down their spears and began to run
>slowly, the rout began to spread
>Only for it to be halted by the arrival of more Scorpion samurai
Yep. Thats official - Ishigaki really, really, REALLY want to fight ninjas.

But they will come where wall is weakest - Naomi.

I bet right now, they are closing in to a Naomi, planning to kill her in her sleep, while only one person could defend her physically cannot get to her.

Because, you know, its a Scorpion. And probably hired by a Shoji, who wanna torment our Wall.

Sweet, sweet delicious drama and tragic are staple in wuxia games, after all.
Ishigaki is like a fucking movie villain here.
well, he is a villain in someone's story. Or at least, a highly powerful henchman, that dude who makes a final boss battle looks like a milk run.
If the GM kills Naomi off-screen, I would not believe it. He is much better than that
Why off-screen? Just poison her and she will die on screen.
Given the Scorpion, it could be that they seek to get poison into their supply lines rather than damage them. Possibly something slow acting but deadly given how it would spread.
Then again, several Scorpions have a grudge against Ishigaki, so they can poison or try to kill Naomi, in or off screen. It's just to eliminate a possible highly powerful enemy, after all, not because they wanna fuck with a unimportant Crab. At least, that's could be an official position.
No amount of justification allows the user of poison in a controlled war. If they poison her, it will look like her wounds got the better of her. Even a biased imperial observer would have to bring the hammer down on a confirmed poison using side.
That's why bribe a doctor who conclude cause of death.
She if a frail, a mere infection could kill her...
What if they just put ninjas in her rice balls?!
I would put my rice balls in her, if you catch my drift.
i have no regrets.
Even knowing what Ishigaki does to those who try to harm his flower?
361 pages.
>using poison in a war
>while there's a fucking imperial observer looking for signs of fuckery
lol no.
Scorpion, man. Scorpion.
Because the story is 'translated' greentext, it reads a lot more like a heroic epic/poem then as a propper story. You should totally put a line at the top to say something like "written in the form of a heroic poem from someone awful at poetry"
or make it look like poetry. Either way, good job!
Epos of the Wall
File: 1304305226499.jpg (322 KB, 476x621)
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322 KB JPG
Fucking Crabs
Not on my watch.
time to taiko this thread back to page 1

File: serveimage[3].jpg (56 KB, 383x288)
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I do believe I would.
A bump from seven
Wanting to see the Wall go
Krump a masked fucker
Monkey - is he really a jinx?
I think it's more like he draw's other people's luck in his favor, kinda like that psyker from AGP
I think like >>53317427
He drains other people's luck and uses it as his own
Best husbando
An unrelated question for L5R experts:

Say a samurai's wife dies and leaves him with three children. What would be proper for him?

Ask his lord to move him to a position where he can look after his children?

Mention his situation and hope his lord takes the hint?

Don't mention anything and give the kids out for adoption? To whom?
you remarry and/or hope whoever you hired to run your household and watch over your kids doesn't squander/mismanage your money
What's the problem? You're making some assumptions without saying what they are.
>And not a few.
>I looked around
>No, not dozens.
>Was the Scorpion general panicking?
>There were still thousands of ahsigaru yet; it was too soon for the Scorpion samurai to take the field...
>Whatever. There were enemies in front of me
>I heard the taiko drums, and smiled
>shouldering my tetsubo, I waved the Scorpion to come and get me
>They obliged, and ran straight into burning spheres hurled by the Kaiu seige engines.
>The Scorpion had underestimated the precision of the Kaiu.
>When they built the traps, they had also carefully marked off ranges.
>As the Scorpion line reeled from the sige engine fire, a cloud of arrows fell upon them, and their first lines fell like wheat before a scythe
>The Scropion samurai broke and began to run.
>Too easy.
>The Chui raised his masakari, preparein to order an advance
>I leaned in close to him, my back to the troops
>It wouldn't do to question his orders openly in front of his men, after all
>The Hiruma lead overeager persuers into traps all the time...
>I know Ishigaki-san, but we must run them all down. If we don't we'll never find the Scorpion Maho-Tuskai and clear our name!
>I sighed inwardly. Fellow Crab or not, I just couldn't seem to change anyone's mind lately...
>Then I had no choice but to follow the flow of events and hope I could avert disaster at the last moment with a well timed severe beating.
>I prayed to my ancestors I would have the wisdom to see the moment to act when it came
>We formed up into a checkered formation, so that each bushi had another on his left and right just behind him
>The first ranks focused on knocking down enemies, while those who followed delivered the killing blows
>Hiruma ran ahead of our steadily advancing formation on the flanks, nipping at the fleeing Scorpion and keeping the ashigaru at bay
>The Scorpion were lightly armored, and were able to keep ahead of us for a time.
>Then a humming bulb went up, and the Scorpion wheeled.
>I knew it.
>Hidden Scorpion threw off grass cloaks and unleashed a volley of arrow fire
>No time, no where to take cover...
>It was close enough, and numerous enough, that the first line of Crabs fell
>I glanced down at my armor
>I looked like the block of tofu used during the women's rite for needles
>In a very clumsy household.
>I could feel wet warmth spreading under my armor, but I had no way to tell how serious my injuries were
>And the Scorpion were not about to give me time to check
>They rushed in, pressing their advantage
>These Scorpion were all armed with Yari, and moved in seemless cordination.
>I could see a these were an elite unit of the Scropion army; they were clearly drilled extensively together.
>Others ran past me, further into the ranks of the Hida
>I found myself facing off against three at once
>They jabbed their Yari at me, feinting to keep me back and out of range, and began to circle around me
>I knew that as soon as one sensed an opening he would bury his yari in my flesh
>So I looked down
>Watching their feet.
>The instant the one behind me moved foward and ran at the one just in front of me
>He was not expecting that
>I knocked him down and kept going
>The others had to chase me to keep up.
>Now it was my turn to wheel and strike
>Their light armor was no match for my tetsubo
>the two chasing me hit the ground, but the third was able to, after picking himself up, charge into me with his yari
>He was strong, stronger than I expected from a Scorpion.
>His blade peicerd through my do, and I spat up bright red blood
>Not good, that.
>I grabed the haft of the yari before he could withdraw it
>I supn my body and yanked him off balance
>Ripping the Yari free I tossed it aside as I advanced
>He was to slow in regaing his feet, and I smashed the back of his head with my tetsubo
>It was a bit hard to breathe now.
>I focused my mind, drawing upon my training, and assumed the stance of the Indomitable Warrior
>I had been hurt worse than this, before
All this reading's caused my inner weebness to intensify, and now I'm reinstalling Shogun 2. Kami have mercy on my soul.
File: 1188579203840.jpg (47 KB, 299x430)
47 KB
>>His blade peicerd through my do, and I spat up bright red blood
>I looked around.
>The battle had moved on.
>I was alone, surronded by the dead
>At least these ones weren't still moving
>Well then, since I've got time
>I rached behind me, into the small pack I wore on my obi and pulled out bandages and ointments
>I bound up my injuries as best I could, loosening my armor just enough to get to my wounds before tightening the cords.
>A groan caught my attention
>Someone else wasn't quite dead out here
>At least, I hoped that groan came form someone who was only dying, and not already dead.
>I looked around and my hopes were proven right
>Bayushi Kentaro was laying on his back, an arrow jutting from his clavicle and his leg torn and twisted.
>I could see bone poking out from his mangled limb.
>He looked up at me as I approached him and chuckled without any mirth
>I see, I see.
>The fortunes do favor you, it seems...
>He weakly fumbled for his tanto, and tried to raise it to his neck
>I smacked the blade from his hand
>It's not enough for you...?
>You want to take me prisoner as well?!
>Allowing oneself to be captured was a source of unimaginable shame for a bushi.
>Most who suffer such fate, should they be released later, will ask for permission to commit seppuku.
>It's why eta often take small knives with them when they go to retrieve the fallen.
>Even having you throat slit by an eta is better then being captured.
>It's also why most samurai, if they see an enemy that is surrounded and clearly preparing to kill himself, will let him do so.
>But I had something different in mind
>The Scropion never forgave.
>The Scorpion never forget.
>I wondered, if the Scorpion never forgetting also applied to the debts a Scorpion owed.
>If I was wrong, nothing would change at all.
>If I was right however...
>I got out some more bandages
>Kentaro looked at me in horror as he guessed what I was about to do
File: shark.gif (253 KB, 400x400)
253 KB
253 KB GIF
Come on!! COME ON!!
>No, NO!
>I pulled the arrow from his body, and he hissed in pain.
>I need to set your leg, or you'll end up like Toshiro
>Damn YOU! Just kill me already!
>Instead I wrapped some bandages around the haft of the arrown and jammed it sideways in his mouth
>Shut up.
>On san.
>I yanked on his leg, straightening out the break
>He screamed against the arrow and bit clean through it.
>Then Kentaor's eyes rolled up and his head lolled off to the side
>I coughed up a little more blood as I cut some bamboo spears up to make a splint.
>Damn. this is annoying. The shortness of breath was making my heaId swim a bit, and my vision was getting dark at the edges
>I blinked my eyes a few times and shook my head.
>That last part was a mistake.
>When my vision cleared I was on my knees, propped up by my hand, and staring at the ground.
>Damn. I was injured worse than I realized.
>When you're trained so harshly, when you're greatest strength is to endure pain and fatigue, it can surprise you when those things finally catch up to you.
>hah. Naomi really had spoiled me rotten.
>I finished binding Kentaro's wounds then took a brief moment to rest myself
>While I rested, I oriented myself.
>The battle was back there, which meant the Scropion came from...that way.
>I scooped up Kentaro's unconscious body and started walking.
>Toshiro...I know you're out here somehwere in all this chaos...
>But where?
>I need to tell you so much.
>I coughed again
>And I need some healing magic...or that wound might just kill me.
>I walked for what felt like hours
>My mind went numb, and my vision swam
>just one foot in front of the other now
>one more step
>one more step
>one more
>an arrow thudded into the ground in front of me
>I looked up
>Several Scropion were begining to encircle me
>Did you get lost, Crab-san?
>I was just looking for you.
>I knelt, slowly, and laid Kentaro down.
>I think this belongs to you...
>I took a step back as a Scorpion samurai-ko ran to check on Kentaro
>She glanced back at the one who spoke, and nodded.
>I turned around to leave
>The Scropion all leveld their yari
>Why did you bring him back? Treat his wounds?
>I spoke over my shoulder
>Scorpion never forget, right?
>Dose that include their debts as well as their grudges?
>My name is Hida Ishigaki.
>Now, are you going to move, or do I have to move you?
>Don't be so full of youself Crab, you can barely stand.
>Or were you thinking we would just let you walk away because we owed you
>No. I was thinking you'd leave my family out of the vengeance you have planned for me.
>Of course, if you can kill me here and now, then I won't have to worry about that either.
>I did turn to look at him then
>I've killed oni, while in worse shape than I'm now.
>How many of you will I take with me, I wonder?
>So...do you want to find out with me, Scorpion?
>THat voice...
>I looked over to the shout
>Toshiro came thumpdraging up to me
>He looked a bit worse for the wear, his Kimono dirtied and torn
>A bandage wrapped around his forehead, with blood soaking through.
>What the hell...?
>The others were right behind him, including Otomo-Jun
>What happened to you?!
>He looked me up and down
>Then blasted me in the face with jade fire
>Uh. Yeah. Hello to you too.
>So...what the hell happened to you?
>We've found the bloodspeaker.
>It was Bayushi Satsuma!
>You're sure?
>Found his Jade Petal Tea.
Oh shit, both sides are in on it
>The Scorpion exploded in protest
>WHAT! This is some Crab Plot!
>Otomo Jun looked at the Scorpion.
>Crab... PLOT?
>have you taken leave of your senses Scorpion?!
>Crabs do not 'plot' anything!
>Toshiro and I exchanged a glance as he puleed out a scroll and prayed
>Jun had just dismissed an accusation against my clan out of hand...
>...by insisiting that Crabs were too stupid to do what we were just accused of doing.
>I felt the usual sting of the water kami roughly binding my spirit back to my body.
>Toshiro was also so rough with his healing magic
>I missed Naomi even more
>Toshiro. am I an idiot?
>He looked at me.
>Do you want me to answer that honestly?
>I told him of what I had seen in the Crab camp, and how Touka had roused my suspicions.
>Monkey looked at me
>...but Satsuma is the bloodspeaker...
>I mean, BOTH generals?
>What would even be the point?
>Kistuki-san answered him
>Five thousand Crabs Samurai
>Two thousand five hundred Scorpion samurai
>Ten thousand Ashigaru
>Another thousand pesant laborers and eta, at least.
>He looked gravely at each of us.
>That is quite a lot of blood. And quite a lot of bodies.
>Ishigaki-san just said it. It seemed like Touka was deliberately trying to make this as bloody as possible.
>Well, it seemed that Satsuma was doing the same thing.
>Uh, so did you manage to kill Satsuma?
>Toshiro shook his head
>too many Scorpion that didn't believe it.
>He flicked his eyes towards Jun
>I see. They had to run away to protect the Otomo.
>Well, I'm not certain about Touka...
>And even if he IS a bloodspeaker, there's just no way so many Crabs are in on it...
>Toshiro nodded.
>That's true, Jun-sama
>We should make for the Crab castle, and determine once and for all if Touka is a bloodspeaker or not...
>Jun paused to consider Toshiro's words
>She was dirty and disheveled, just like the rest of them. Though unlike the others, she bore no wounds.
>Hmmm. Very well then. We'll do as you suggest.
As I said, it's a little freaky how you guys manage to nail the predictions on this one. Climax of the adventure to come latter today.
Honestly, I'm glad that Otomo was not a maho-tsukai. It would be too obvious.
Note that she is not injured anon
It's a suspicious, sure, but maybe she is THAT good at fighting? Or hiding?
Well I called that there'd be three bloodspeakers, and if you want a war as bloody as possible the two generals and observer would be the best bets...
Huh. I really did call it.
I just tried to imagine the most outrageous twist I could...
Practicing haiku
Crab-san's story nears the end
This topic must live
File: real human feel.jpg (146 KB, 640x640)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>Crab-san's story nears the end
All good things must end, unless they want to continue long enough to turn to shit.
I agree to this sentiment.
File: 1490809766427.jpg (63 KB, 1024x550)
63 KB
That is the plan. For the first 25-30 pages I've done more in-depth editing, but there's a lot still to be done.
killing with kindness, kek
a small mecanical question if you may.

the fires of purity spell says that you add 2k2 to damage roll with held weapon. this bonus is added to the damage roll of the weapon or is a separate damage roll?
>you add 2k2 to damage roll
It's added.
So if you have a 10k3 Damage Roll (for example) normally, it upgrades to a 10k6 Damage Roll (because of the ten dice rule).
Added, but often a good idea to designate 2 of the kept dice as Fire damage vs weapon damage.

this is what i was thinking
is there an errata/clarification thread from an official designer that says this specifically?

i like to have written proof of things i say to my gm.
wait, isn't this the end of this particular story?
or is it the end of the the entire campaign?
The campaign seems to be approaching the end as well.
page nine we must leave
Ishigaki will return
the crab must endure
File: 1454317328573.jpg (355 KB, 1280x1024)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
I am bad at Haikus
You're in good company, then.
Haikus written easy
Just stop at seventeenth
Syllable, you gai-
File: sudoku.jpg (205 KB, 680x961)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
>We picked our way carefully back to the castle
>With the Scorpion
>That was going to make problems.
>Jun-sama, I would suggest you show your seal more openly
>Will that not make it eaisier for the Maho-Tsukai to target me?
>Kitsuki-san bowed his head
>Forgive me for saying so, but you are as yet unharmed, are you not, Jun-sama?
>Well, yes...
>Then please, trust us to continue to see to your safety.
>It will be esier to protect you from a few bloodspeakers than it will be to keep you from harm should the Crab army see and attack this group of Scorpions.
>Jun looked around.
>And looped her seal around her neck, showing it prominently on her chest
>She stared up the the sky for a moment
>I want to take a bath...
>We all do Jun-sama. Please, bear with it just a bit longer.
>Alright. Let's get going.
>As we neared the caslte I held up my hands in a sign that meant 'Don't kill us. There's a good explanation though it's a bit long'
>As several Hida came out to surround us Jun stepped out into view.
>The Crab Taisa narrowed his eyes behind his mempo.
>The Scorpion must stay outside
>Was all he said
>at that the Hida relaxed their stances
>The Scorpion did likewise.
>Though you could cut the tension in the air with a parangu
>As we entered into the castle I noticed it was far, far too empty
>Oi, where the hell is everyone?
>The Taisa glanced at me.
>Touka-sama led a counter charge of most of the Hida after the Scorpion Samurai showed themselves.
>He shrugged
>I'm not really sure how it happened, but this battle became very chaotic very quickly.
>Everything is a mess out there
>...not good.
>I went to check on Naomi
>As I suspected the medical tents had filled up quickly.
>Exhausted looking Kuni moved from futon to futon, doing what they could with magic and medicine
>As I neared Naomi's futon I heard one Hiruma arguing with the Kuni
>He wanted to rejoin the battle, but the Kuni was adamant he was in condition to do so.
>Ah, Ishigaki-sama!
>The Kuni woman I had spoken too earlier greeted me
>You look exhausted
>And you look half dead!
>Well, that is better than what we had heard, anyway.
>There was rumor going around the Scropion had overrun your unit's position and killed you, Ishigaki-sama
>Huh. Well, I'm not dead, as you can see.
>I took Naomi's hands in mine the second I realized she was awake
>She struggled a bit, then sat up
>Her eyes were red and swollen
>She woke up a few hours ago...just in time to hear the gossip...
>I see.
>The Kuni woman bowed and left us
>Naomi's eyes teared up again, with relife this time
>She threw her arms around me
>I hugged her right back, and basked in the jeoulous stares of the other wounded Crab
>Ishigaki-kun, I've heard such awful roumurs, what has been going on?!
>Well, we're a bit worried that both commanders are bloodspeakers and were deliberately trying to make this war as bloody as possible...
>Naomi looked at me in horror.
>You... you aren't joking about that, are you...?
>I shook my head
>That Scorpion sure, but Touka-sama?!
>It's just a susp...
>Monkey came running in
>ISHI... Oh, hey Naomi-sama
>Ishigaki...we found it.
>He nodded.
>Yeah. IT.
>Had it mixed togother with some macha.
>I should have know a Crab doing the tea ceremony was proof he was a tainted monster.
>Ah, help me up...
>Naomi, you're...
>...Not as badly injured as most here.
>Help me, Ishigaki-kun.
>I nodded and lifted her out of her futon.
>Once we got outside I set her down,
>She wobbled a bit, and I steadied her
>My legs are just stiff from lying around too much, that is all.
>She gave me her brave smile
>The danger is far passed for me, so do not make that face at me, Ishigaki-kun.
>I didn't even realize I was making a face, Naomi.
>You never do, silly.
>Monkey jerked his head
>C'mon, Jun and Toshiro are talking to the rest of the Crab command right now.
>Save Touka and Goemon, the rest of the Crab command was present
>They were all staring at the macha
>Matemon sifted through it some more
>He flipped the table with the tea on it over
>Matemon looked to Kazuya.
>Goemon isn't here, so you're next in the chain Kazuya.
>What are your orders?
>Send out the signal to recall all forces, and that Touka is to be relived of command and captured if possible. If not, kill him
>The atendent ran up to the top of the castle, and the drums began to beat
>Kazuya looked at Jun
>You say the Scorpion are not coninced on the whole of their commanders betrayal
>Jun nodded.
>They are not, the Scropion do value loyalty to their superiors more than anything else...
>A shout came up from Kitsuki-san
>he had a stack of papers in front of him
>What is it, Kistuki-san?
>A map! Quickly I need a map of the area!
>Toshiro nodded to Kazuya, who yelled for a map
>a peasant ran in and handed a map over to Kenshiro, who spread it out over the table once that had been righted
>Kitsuki-san looked over the map
>Jun-sama, your scribe takes excellent notes. You should reward him
>he then set about marking numbers down in various places on the map
>What are we looking at here...?
>Shh. You'll see it soon.
>As Kitsuki-san withdrew his hand, Matemon and Toshiro both hissed.
>Naomi gasped
>Oh no...
>I looked around, wondering if anyone one else was a clueless as I was
>Mantis-san obviously was, and just as obviously didn't like it
>Alright, you gonna fill the rest of us in on what you're seeing?
>Naomi answered
>This pattern, it is a very ominous shape.
>Matemon nodded. These numbers carry ill fortune as well.
>Kistuki-san spoke
>That's how many troops were sent to each area of the battlefield.
>Kazuya looked
>Wait, are these numbers here the Scropion forces?
>Yes, I had a chance to review the notes of the Scribe Jun-sama left with the Scorpion as well
>Kazuya stroked his chin.
...oh shit.
I just figured it out.
Remember that ritual that can taint the earth?
I think right now its underway. And it gonna taint whole fucking Rokugan, because blood and bodycount is a massive.
>Kazuya yelled for the highest ranked Scorpion in the force that came with us to be led in
>When he arrived, Kazuya pointed to the map
>Look here, and here.
>This shows when, where, and how many troops were deployed be each commander during this war.
>Do you see it?
>The Scorpion looked, then swore
>I looked over his shoulder, my curiosity piked
>And I saw it too.
>There was no way this battle occured naturally.
>Forces were being ordered to go the same area by two different commanders within minutes of each other.
>Forces with just enough numbers and types of troops that they would be relatively equal.
>Over and over again the pattern repeated itself.
>Far too many times to be a coincidence
>And you say there is a mystical significance as well?
>Matemon nodded.
>This shape here...
>Matemon used his finger to trace a line from each point where the forces clashed.
>it makes a kanji. A very terrible kanji, only used in blasphemous curses.
>Any word on Touka, or Satsuma yet?
>Not yet...
>I wondered about that.
>Touka had taken to the field himself.
>It was then that everything went red.
>deep, dark red.
>oh, oh shit.
>because he and Satsuma were ready to finish what they had started...that's why.
>I ran up to the top of the caslte along with everyone else right behind me
>Only to then have to stop dead in my tracks,
>Stop! All of you STOP!
>I could hear screams coming from up top
>And outside
>The kind of shrieks that you're convinced must tear the throat of anyone who makes them
>I moved forward, carefully.
>And peeked up from the stiars
>It was raining blood
>And where the blood touched flesh, it smoked and sizzled.
>A Toritaka, body wreathed in noxious fumes, fell to his knees before me
>His skin was gone.
>Just wet, red muscle and tendon showing.
>His hands came away from his face, and I saw that his eyes had melted away leaving deep, empty, black holes.
>I looked around, the open battlements
>It was the same everywhere
>the Kaiu and most of the Falcon's strike were dead.
>The blood was still coming down, so I did not dare poke my head out to see what else had happened
>Everyone. Get back inside. Slowly.
>And for the love of all that is Holy DO NOT go outside!
>What, what is it?
>I turned around and told them.
>Jun threw up.
>With a cry the Scorpion officer ran downstairs
>at the bottom floor we found many of his men, and the Hida who had been closest to the castle
>Some had clear burns, but their armor seemed undamaged
>Monkey looked out of the front door, staying well back from where the blood fell.
>He wadded up a sheet of rice paper from the stack the Scribe had been using, and threw it threw the door.
>It just sat there, getting soaked in the blood rain.
>Huh. Looks like it only burns living flesh...
>He looked back at us, and gave us that dumb Monkey grin.
>Well, at least this can't get any worse, right?
>A thump came form above us.
>On the third floor.

Be it in the fantasy feudal pan-asia lands of Rokugan, to the cyberpunk reality of the Sixth World, this is why you don't fuck around with blood magic, kids!
Fucking. MONKEEEEEEY!!!!!
File: 1458617849818.jpg (42 KB, 600x400)
42 KB
>I should have know a Crab doing the tea ceremony was proof he was a tainted monster.
Awwww shit, man, poor Kaiu and Toritaka. And probably everyone else out on the battlefields. Man...
>At the top of the stairs leading up stood the Toritaka.
>Still missing his skin and eyes
>a ragged groan issued forth from his mouth as he started down the stairs
>with the rest of the Crab who were on the top floor right behind him
>I didin't want to look, but I did.
>Several figures, much much more red than when I last saw them, were coming in through the front door.
>And several Hida were right behind them.
>This spell did not create masks for the zombies it created.
>I really, really, wish it had
>Disgust, revulsion and horror swept over us all as the walkind dead closed in
>Jun continued to vomit
>Kazuya was a strategist, but unused to giving out orders in the midst of combat.
>The Crabs who would be able to do so were looking to him for orders
>The Scorpion officer was just trying to get a hold of his katana.
>His hand kept missing
>I barked an order, rallying the Crab forces here into formation.
>These Crab were all veterans, once they had direction, they moved without hesitation.
>We anchored the line, and began to push back the zombies coming in from outside
>Toshiro! The ones behind us!
>Toshiro and Matemon began to unleash waves of jade at the zombies coming up from above
>Mantis-san and Monkey dove at them hacking desperatly
>Turn your men on the ones behind, there are only so many up there!
>We must clear this castle if we're going to survive this!
>The Scorpion stared at me as if I'd gone mad
>Kazuya slapped him
>The Scorpion stared, nodded, and yelled
>You heard the Crab! Form ranks!
>As the Jade fury of the two Kuni began to die down, the Scorpion spearmen charged into the zombies above and cut them down
>The rest of us pushed the zombies back as far as we dared.
>I saw Kitsuki-san covering Kaiu Raiko as she made her way to the front gate
>Kazuya and Kenshiro covered the other side
>The four of them slammed the gate closed, and barred it, cutting off further zombie reinforcements.
Is it The Rain of Blood, or similar ritual?
Can't be the actual Rain of Blood. That ritual needs you to sacrifice a (now extinct) Ki-Rin, and it needs the blood of legendary heroes who failed miserably.

Interestingly enough, this ritual seems to be more powerful. Although its localized, it seems to be much more concentrated for it to spontaneously raise zombies like that.
>we hacked and cut and smashed, and managed to secure the castle
>With no eta around, we had little choice but to skewer the zombies on the ends of yari and drag them like disgusting bloody brooms to a side room
>Matemon and Toshiro placed symbols upon the entrance to strenghten our defense, while Naomi healed the most greiviously injured
>Hey.. do you hear that?
>Mantis-san had his head cocked
>I don't hear anything.
>I headed upstairs, and looked out through one of the second floor arrow slits
>The rain had stopped
>I came back down.
>Well, the blood rain has stopped, at least.
>Jun nodded.
>Good. Now what?
>Kitsuki-san, how many people did you guess were in this area?
>Seventeen thousand, give or take a few thousand...
>And Touka took most of the Hida out with him.
>So, if the rain was able to raise zombies out of every corpse, and not just the ones it killed....
>At least three legions of zombies are shambling around out there now.
>Jun wasn't the only one to look sick as the reality of our situation settled in.
>Alright, so the bad guys plan was to get a bunch of people togother, get them to die, and use that blood to power a massive ritual that would kill MORE people and make everyone that had died into zombies.
>Mantis-san looked around.
>Did I miss anything?
>Toshiro shook his head.
>No that about sums it up.
>Mantis-san nodded.
>Right then. Next time I think someone's tainted I'm just going to kill them, so shit like this doesn't happen ever again.
>Too much tiptoeing around high ranked people got us into this damn mess.
>Now how the hell do we get out?
>A sea of blank faces answered Mantis-san's question.
>we're going to die here, aren't we?
Ah, Mantis. Always an optimist.

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