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let's keep it alive from our dear Crab friend
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>L5R storytime thread when there's no L5R storytime

... So it's an L5R thread when there's already an L5R thread up? gj, wp.
Well. And ?

>Before dinner, Togashi-san visits the armorer of the Crane embassy's Daidoji guards
>What a monk would want to do with armor is beyond me
>We are invited once more to dinner with Doji-no-kimi
>They're serving more traditional food, dishes we are familiar with from our homeland
>"I often miss the tastes, the smells of home
>Fortunately, the embassy cook knows how to prepare them to perfection"
>She did not lie
>The food was indeed delicious
>Only soured by our impending departure
>"I do regret, Doji-no-kimi, having to tell you we must leave tomorrow morning
>Our investigation is leading us into the jungle, and we must press haste
>But we wish to thank you for being such a gracious host"
>"Anything for my fellow Cranes doing such an important task for our Empire
>Although I shall be saddened by your departure"
>She looks at me, then everyone else
>Is she implying what I think she is implying?
>No, it could not be
>I am far too unimportant right now for someone of her high station to consider
>I will have to improve my own before even thinking of courting her
>My thoughts turn to my betrothed, Isawa Kitao, lost to bandits shortly before the Topaz Championship
>She might still be alive
>I should not think of courting someone will still being part of an arranged marriage
>Upon finishing dinner, we all excuse ourselves to our rooms, getting ready for a good night's sleep
>I finally know what to write

Forest so vast, rich
One of wood and one of stone
Turquoise stands above

>Poignant, and it should be easy for her to see what I mean
>She was the Turquoise Champion, after all
>I have a servant bring it to her, as a gift to her hospitality
>He comes back
>"Doji-no-kimi accepted you freely, requires no thank for her duty"
>I send him again
>He returns
>"Doji-no-kimi is grateful, but cannot take such a gift as you offer
>I send him again
>I remain by myself for the rest of the night
>Tomorrow, the jungle
>And soon, justice
I'm a busy Crane, so sue me
And the other thread's about to die anyway, our big crab storyteller isn't around quite yet

>In the morning, we get to see what a monk has to do with an armorer
>She's had leg guards custom made to be worn by themselves, no other armor
>To let her magic tattoos be accessesd with ease
>Clever girl
>We set out, going to the northern gate
>When we arrive, we're greeted by 3 figures
>Jun, clad in Ashigaru armor and with a yari
>His armor and weapon looking like they've already seen their share of use and abuse
>A Second City guardsmen, to ensure he does not run off
>And a young man, clad in the colors of the Explorers guild
>Except for his helm
>Which looks like it's made of Topaz
>And the dark green of the Spider mon

>Daigotsu Otoke, the Topaz Champion
>The man I just barely lost to in the final of the championship
>The man who denied me my honor, my glory
>The promise I made to win it in Isawa Kitao's name
>He was going to be our guide?
>Of all men, it had to be him?!
>I was furious

>"We meet again, Kakita-san!
>I do hope your journey to Second City was peaceful."
>I keep face
>It was hard to tell how sincere he was
>But he was a Spider
>And he took the championship from me
>"It was, Daigotsu-no-kimi
>But now we have more pressing matters to attend"
>He explains some basic guidelines
>Don't stray
>Don't split up
>Do as he says if we want to live
>There are quite a few things in the jungle
>It would be best for our task and for his duty to follow these guidelines
>A good many samurai have already died by not being careful in the jungle
>And we had all heard the stories of the dangers lurking within

>Our first day passes uneventfully
>As we make camp, Daigotsu Otoke offers to take first watch
>Wary of letting a Spider guard me, I try to sleep with one eye open
>I do not succeed, and succumb to my tired body
>In the middle of the night, I wake to find him standing above me
>Katana drawn

>Before I manage to scream for help, he motions for me to keep quite
>Then points up ahead
>In the pale moonlight, I can tell shadowy figures moving about
>And glowing eyes peering greedily in our directions
>I slowly get up and grab my own blade
>Daigotsu-no-kimi wakes the rest up one by one
>"Careful, those are ozaru, wild apes
>They're mostly interested in what shiny things we have
>They'd steal it if they could, but if we put up a fight, they'll swarm us
>Fortunately, they're not a big fan of fire"
>Using the tip of his katana, he picks up a glowing ember from the almost-dead fireplace
>He motions for us to do the same
>"On my mark, we fling these at the ozaru
>Three, two, one."
>Glowing hot embers fly through the air
>And quite a few hit the circling apes
>Many a scream pierces the night as the ozaru run away frightened
>I take watch after Daigotsu makes sure they're all gone
>Thoughts keeping me awake
>He was a Spider
>The epitome of dishonor
>Or so my father always said
>Could it be that a few Spiders out there might have some shred of honor to them?
>I wake up Daidoji-san as I feel tiredness about to overtake me
>My sleep is more restless than usual
>The next day seems much like the last
>Only thing truly inconveniencing us being the staggering amount of mosquitoes annoying us
>Until we hear a woman crying for help
>Daigotsu-no-kimi reminds us to be careful as we follow the cry
>We find a heimin, half-tattered clothes
>Quite comely, for a peasant girl
>She tells us she's lost, can't find her way home
>Togashi-san, ever the compassionate one, offers our protection
>Our guide seems less convinced
>"How can we know what you say is true?"
>"Oh, samurai-sama, why would I lie to you?
>I am but a poor, helpless girl, lost and too far from home
>I need the aid of strong, capable men like yourselves"
>Daigotsu-no-kimi approaches her
>She smiles at him
>Did her lip just sag?
>The Spider recoils with a shout, drawing his sword

>The woman snarls at him, then lunges with sharp claws
>Wait a second
>Those weren't there a moment ago, were they?
>Daigotsu-no-kimi manages to barely dodge, the claws scraping at this armor
>Daidoji-san draws his mighty no-dachi
>"What the fuck is this?!"
>I can't help but want to chastise him for his unseemly use of words
>But rest my hand on my katana
>Daidoji-san brings down his no-dachi with a mighty cleave
>It bites into the woman's shoulder
>She screams in pain
>Jun screams in fright
>Damn, I had almost forgotten that heimin was with us
>He runs at her with his yari
>She pushes it aside and he plunges it into the ground
>I see an opening
>With one swift motion, I unsheathe my sword, striking at the arm of my opponent
>Cutting it right off
>Part of her skin folds back
>Revealing a most sickly hue of skin underneath
>Black blood oozing out of the stump onto the ground
>This was nothing of Ningen-do
>Togashi-san jumps in, fists alight with a magical flame
>Punches this creature in its face
>It recoils in anguish, falling to the ground
>Daigotsu-no-kimi finally approaches, and with one fell swoop, beheads the creature
>"Again, what the fuck is this?!"
>Daidoji-san looks incredulous
>It seems he had been a bit distracted by the creatures state of undress to notice what Daigotsu-no-kimi had
>What I myself just barely missed
>"It's a bog hag, albeit quite a weak one
>They like to wear the skin of young women to distract men, while tricking their way in and out of society
>This one must've been quite young to not have taken care of her disguise better
>Had she been stronger, we wouldn't have noticed until it was too late
>And we'd only have been able to harm her with jade
>And I doubt we'd have had enough
>Bog hags are somewhat of a rarity still in the jungle, so explorers rarely have any jade to deal with them
>And many of the locals aren't that aware of them, so it makes it easy for a hag to sneak into a village"

>Togashi-san bows before us
>"I must apologize
>I had invited this bog hag to join us
>Had it not been for Daigotsu-no-kimi, we would've fallen victim to this creature
>Please accept my humble apology"
>Daigotsu-no-kimi smiled at her
>"It's not your fault, you would not have been the first samurai to be fooled by a bog hag
>What's important is that none of us died
>And please, such high honorifics make me uncomfortable
>San is enough for me, all of you three"
>Daigotsu-...san keeps surprising me at every turn
>Maybe I had been wrong about him
>Maybe my father was wrong about the Spider Clan
>Or maybe their duplicitousness runs even deeper than I had ever imagined
>And Daigotsu-san was only duping me and my yoriki into thinking he was something he is not
>For now, though, what mattered wasn't finding evidence of his honor, but meting out justice
>The former criminal, Jun, was holding out well enough
>He had known better than to try and run off
>And even tried to fight, although he didn't do that much
>Might be that he was repaying his kharmic debt, and would be reborn as another heimin, instead of something worse
>We moved on through the thick of the jungle, leaving the corpse of the bog hag behind
>It was still a few days of travel until the next village
>After the village, we would find our travel eased by some help there
>But we'd find another trial or two before we got there
>The next day, one of those trials made itself apparent
>A great beast was blocking our path
>Like a giant cat, made of muscle, stripes of black upon an orange coat
>A tiger
>First time I've seen one of those
>As we ready ourselves for combat, Togashi-san runs towards the beast
>And jumps on its back
>She starts grappling, trying to squeeze the air out of the tiger
>It tries to reach, but cannot find a way to pull the white-haired monk off its back
>The rest of us rush in fast behind
>Our blades stabbing into the side of the beast, trying to avoid Togashi-san
Allright, need to go prep some stuff from my group tomorrow, hope this'll hold some of you over until Ishigaki-san gets back

As for Ishigaki-san, can't wait until your next bit of story
>The spider is not behaving suspiciously
>That's suspicious!

Yes, this is the status Quo.
How many days a week does this faggot play that he needs an eternal fucking general up?
It's a previous campaign he had. Crab anon shared a couple of quick stories in another thread, people wanted to hear the whole thing, he's been retelling the story from his characters point of view since.

Crane anon recounts his stories to keep the thread alive, and because anons wanted to hear it as well.
Its far better than the 50th 40k thread.

Two L5R threads actually increases the diversity of the board.
This is just like any big storytime thread /tg/ has, just like Twodee's Shadowrun storytime or the All Guardsmen Party.
It's not that big for being deserved a separated thread, moron.
This is just one of the two people posting. The other has already hit something like 23 or more screencaps.
No matter how much screencaps it shit has, it doesn't need a separate thread.
We already have a L5R, thank you very much. Post this shit there.
This thread is for the writefaggotry and discussion of said writefaggotry that crab-anon and Crane-san give to us.
This type of writefaggotry exists in its own thread as it has throughout /tg/'s history so this thread should remain separate from the respective general.
This is a fact plain and simple, if you don't like it don't go to this thread and shitpost. Instead ignore it and find something else to look at.
File: mem.pdf (1.08 MB, PDF)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PDF
Everything up to this point on Ishigaki's side.

Editing is still light.

The PDF is now over a Mb. So that's cool.
You seem mad.
L5R Discord Server with over 300+ members!
It's got LFG, RP, and lots of discussion!

Permanent invite link: https://discord.gg/nvVX9Wb
I am. Because i have to bump this thread with shitposting rather someone else do it
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2.52 MB PNG
You guys think people on the discord would like to help with the Ishigaki editing?
Each spring blinds sad toads
See birds soar, envy returns
Try haiku next time
Shitposting is for faggots
Wanka is true bro-tier stuff.
You never know until you ask. I think they wouldn't mind though.
Tanka, anon.
File: CRAB BATTLE.jpg (161 KB, 900x600)
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161 KB JPG
IRL shit is intruding, I don't know how long I'll be able to be with you today, anons.

First, thank you Crane-san for slapping up a new one while I was out

Secondly, I was able to find an Ishigaki,
File: tis okay.jpg (27 KB, 277x265)
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>>And the dark green of the Spider mon
File: Ishigaki.jpg (1.86 MB, 3665x4409)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
Hida Ishigaki Rank 3 Hida Bushi/Rank 2 Defender of the Wall
Insight 233

Fire 2
agi 3
Air 3
ref 4
Earth 5
Water 4
str 5
Void 3

Skills:Caligraphy (cipher 1) Etiquite 1 Investigation (notice search) 3 Lore: Crab Clan Heraldry Bushido Law Maho 1 Shadowlands 5 Medicine(disease) 3 Meditation 1 Sincerity 1
Athletics 3 Battle (mass battle) 5 Defense 7 Heavy Weapon (tetsubo) 5 Horsemanship 1 Hunting 3 iaijutsu 3 jiujutsu 3 Kenjutsu 3 Kyujutsu 1
Craft weaponsmith and armorer 1 Enginering 1 Intimidation (Bullying 5) Stealth 1

Advantages: Blood of Osano-Wo, Kharmic Tie 3 (Hida Naomi) Large, Strength of the Earth
Disadvantages: Disturbing Countenance, Obtuse, True Love (Hida Naomi)
Kata: Indomitable Warrior Style, Strength in Arms Style, Strength of the Crab, Strength of the Mountain, Striking as Earth,

Honor : 3.1
Glory 2.7
Status 3.5

Ishigaki's Honor could fluctiate quite a bit. He was always making minor slips of ettiqute LIke not using Honorifics for Naomi and Toshiro in public, but he was so hell bent on Courage and Duty that he would frequently get huge jumps up. usualy in the 2 to 3 range

Glory also swings, but since he he had lost in the first round of the iaijutsu tournament he'd just taken a hit.
File: quadfacepalm.gif (936 KB, 500x239)
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936 KB GIF
Oh. Oh God. The shame.
Like a thousand sunrises
On my burning face.
Waka plus Tanka, I think
Either way, I really suck.
An anon in the last thread wanted to know what Naomi's disadvantages were, and also what was up with those avatars

For Naomi's disadvatages, I might be forgetting some, and we'll find out if ForeverGM can find other char sheets in his storage Locker (the Ishigaki I found was in my house) but the main ones were Small, Bad Health, Soft Hearted, and True Love(guess who?)

As for the Avatar, no they really did just use plain old rise earth. The fancy forms were pure fluff to allow Shoji and Toshiro to trade barbs over who was a better shugenja.
>thank you Crane-san
you're welcome

was a bit busy myself today, prepping some supervillains for an M&M session tomorrow (running Emerald Knights for a knock-off Green Lantern, a knock-off Iron Man, a knock-off Vision and a hobo mage whose powers come from the city/is a halfway knock-off of Constantine)

gonna write up some more greentext, then come up with one or two more villains just in case
Gave them a knock-off of some other famous villian. Someone from Silver Era.
>I couldn't help stare as my home came into view
>Probably because there was a new building that looked suspiciously like an Inn right where the old inn of Ishigaki Mura had stood.
>Naomi giggled as I stared
>Surprise, Ishigaki-kun
>H-how did we afford all this?
>Assitance from Satoshi-san's wife mostly. We will be paying her back for a while, so it may be some time before I can give you any real spending money...
>But for now at least, we have some income to hire enough servants to look after the children and a Gokenin to run things while I'm away.
>As we aproached the door to my home opened and a man I didn't recognize stepped out
>How bowed to us
>Welcome Home, master, mistress.
>Ishigaki-kun, this is our new Goekenin, Kakeguchi Shino-san
>I am pleased to meet you at last, master.
>I bowed to cover up for the fact that I had to search my memory for the name.
>Oh, right! Kakeguchi was a Vassal family of the Hida, thier founder had been one of the first to follow Hida, right along with Kuni, Kaiu, and Hiruma.
>You could always count on a Kakeguchi for steadfast loyalty.
>I looked at Naomi again
>OKay, when did you get all this done?
>Well, the Yasuki I mentioned, who I knew could help get the sake works running, he handled most of the hands on things.
>Like recommending Shino-san here
>Toshiro perked up a bit at the mention of a sake works
>Shino spoke up
>Sadly that will have to wait. It's a day to the nearest source of fresh water, save for the well here.
>Naomi smiled, pleased that her plan to rebuild Ishigaki Mura had commenced
>I set all this in motion secretly before we left, I wanted to surprise you when we got home!
>Well, I'm very surprised.
>This is wonderfull, Naomi.
>I meant it. I could care less about the income, but we needed it so we could provide for some ji-samura to protect the children while we were away.
>But of course, with more income came more expense just managing it all.
>Money could become a vicious cycle.

>The tiger was bleeding quite heavily by now
>Togashi-san becomes even more daring
>While riding the tiger, she reaches up and grabs its head
>She breaks the neck of the beast
>It slumps down, bringing her with it
>Almost falling on top of her
>We help her get out from there, then continue
>As we continue on our path, from a distance, a noise
>An deep, rumbling percussive sound
>Drums in the deep of the jungle
>Daigotsu-san tells us that some of the natives, and some of the non-native monsters use drums to show their might as war parties, both scaring off and inviting any others nearby to test their might
>We should do well to avoid it, as we'd most likely be outnumbered and outmatched
>As we make camp for a night's rest, Daigotsu-san notes that we should arrive in the next village by tomorrow evening
>If all goes well, our group will be able to sleep between four walls again soon
>Let' just hope nothing happens in the meantime

>Something did happen, though
>As we wake up, we find ourselves surrounded by hulking figures in the underbrush
>One of them, quite large, steps forward
>Wielding a large, barbed blade, covered in thick armor, and giant horns protruding from the side of its head
>Descendants of the Kitsu race that had been stuck in Toshigoku for centuries
>Until recently
>Daigotsu remarks that it's rare for a Tsuno war party to find its way into the Ivory Kingdom jungle
>He seems surprisingly calm considering the hulking form before us
>It barks at us, a language we do not understand
>As if it were trying to command us, waving an arm in our direction
>We ready ourselves for whatever he might be throwing at us
>Turns out he wasn't commanding us
>4 Tsuno, rather small, come forth and face us
>that is, small for a Tsuno
>Every single one still stands a full head taller than even Daidoji-san
>Who of course is the first one to react
>"What in the name of the Fortunes is going on?"
>Then, it struck me
>"I think i know, Daidoji-san"
I've convinced some friends to try out l5r, which edition should we run with?
4e, as far i can heard. Someone advised 2e though, dont know a difference between them desu.
Any edition that isn't D20.
>We all got our things unpakced as the children ran about trying meet all the new people
>I was thankful I only heard TITS! once during all that.
>Naomi frowned at me
>I thought I told you to handle that, Ishigaki-kun.
>I shrugged at threw up my hands
>Best I could do!
>She sighed
>Fine. I will have a talk with them
>I saw Naomi take the seeds Katsuie-sama had gifted her and go off
>Hey now, didn't you hire that Shino guy so you wouldn't have to work as hard?
>She blinked at me
>Figuring out where to plant the tea leaves, and when, is not hard Ishigaki-kun...
>Just, take it easy, okay?
>Hai, Hai. I shall endeavor to obey, my husband.
>She disappeared down the hall.
>She was very good at ignoring me when it suited her.
>Fortunately, it only rarely suited her
>Unfortunately, when it did it was usually because she felt I was babying her.
>I mean, I was...
>But given her health, and her condition, she deserved to be babied.
>I went and sat down in the garden, watching the handful of servants go about tending to menial chores.
>I was feeling just bit like a stranger in my own home.
>Toshiro thumpdraged up beside me, saving me from having to think any more on this
>He had a bottle of sake with him
>So, Toshiro
>Since Naomi is really doing it, would you like to build a new home here?
>He looked over at me
>I have a duty though.
>Oh, right.
>The lands of the Kuni family had been swallowed by the forces of the Maw, just as the lands of the Hiruma had
>But the Crab Clan had retaken the Kuni lands.
>However, the mark of the time spent under the influence of the shadowlands had left the Kuni provinces deeply tainted.
>So the family did the only thing they could
>They burned the taint from the land, killing it completley.
>Now the Kuni family slowly, painstakingly nurtured the kami.
>setting to the task of restoring the so called Kuni Wastes back to thriving, prosperous land.
>After centuries, they had only just begun
Does anyone remember Daidoji Gisei (some female member of the "story team")?

I hope she is homeless now.
not second ed, anything but second ed!.....or oriental adventure.
Crap, I had hopped I would get more than two freaking posts in.

Sorry anons shit has to be dealt with
>oriental adventure
Oh yeah, i heard about IT.
Man, what a fucking clusterfuck it was. Thank kami it had been forgotten
No idea who she is.
Why do you want her homeless?

You magnificent bastard. Can't wait to hear what it is.
definitly 4th edition, first edition is number 2 for me

see it like this for power levels: *base, pretty lethal moderately powerful* first edition, *born to suck* second edition, *mad overcompensation samurai super hero* edition, 4th edition

hahahahahaha, oriental adventure dnd edition, why?

seriously, 4th is like first ed but easier to understand and play. would play again.

>"Look at them
>How small they are compared to the others
>Those are not adults
>Not yet, at least
>They're here for their gempukku"
>The Tsuno were known for having a strange sense of honor
>The delighted in combat and slaughter, but did not do so with complete abandon
>Only mostly
>Most of Tsuno culture, other than the joy they take in killing, is unknown
>It would make sense that they had a ceremony for entering adulthood
>Similar to the Rokugani gempukku
>The 4 young Tsuno are standing in line
>One after the other
>Suddenly, a fifth comes running from the underbrush
>Another Tsuno youngling
>The other 4 growl at him while their leader barked at him
>No doubt chastising him for his lateness
>One for every one of us, including the heimin Jun
>Daigotsu-san went first
>Drawing his sword, he stand calmly before his opponent
>The Tsuno growls at him
>Wielding a sword almost as long as a no-dachi, handling it as if it were a katana
>With a scream, it brings down the barbed blade with an overhead strike
>Daigotsu-san steps quickly to the side
>The Tsuno breaks the ground with his strike
>The Spider rushes forward, slashing at its side
>Then ducks under a massive sweep
>Slashes at the legs of the monster
>Then parries another mighty strike from the beat
>Manages to lead the Tsuno into an opening, barbed blade sliding off the smooth katana
>And stabs it in the chest
>A scream
>Then a thud
>Daigotsu-san won his duel
>Some Tsuno of the war party take the dead body and bring it to a Tsuno that looks markedly differently than the others
>Wielding a staff instead of a blade or club, wearing no armor, but cloth
>A Soultwister, the Tsuno equivalent of a shugenja
>Calling forth the power of Toshigoku itself, it uses magic to revive the fallen youngling
>Then punches it unconcious, as punishment for failing its gempukku

>Daidoji-san would be up next
>And the Tsuno opposing him seemed to wield what seemed like an oversized testubo
thanks, friends
That heinin is fucked.
4th edition has the main advantage that it was built with the idea that you could play in any point of the timeline, while previous editions were specifically tied in with the current CCG storyline

>The general image of a Hida is that of a samurai in heavy armor
>With a tetsubo resting on his shoulder
>Daidoji-san looked rather similar, with his no-dachi
>I'm even starting to wonder if he might have been adopted in secret
>His parents not fully aware of his heritage
>The Tsuno youngling opposing stomps on the ground, wanting a fair fight for his trial into adulthood
>Daidoji-san obliges, readying his no-dachi
>The Tsuno starts trampling with its clawed feet, readying to charge
>But the Steel Crane is quicker
>Rushing forward, with one quick slash he disembowels his opponent
>The Tsuno drops its tetsubo, then follows suit
>Two thuds, one mightier than the next, rumbling through the ground
>As the battles go on, the rest of the war party starts becoming more and more agitated
>If they're upset that their younglings are being defeated
>Or if they're excited and the display of combat prowess
>I decide that I need to make sure they'll be at least somewhat pleased for now
>"Jun. You will go next"
>The smell of piss coming from the heimin wafts through the air as he walks past me
>The third Tsuno throws his weapon to the side, with a quick succession of huffs
>It sounded like it was laughing
>"Come on, Jun, you can do it!"
>Togashi-san's attempt at encouraging seemed compassionate, but futile
>Then again, maybe he turns out to be rather lucky
>With a battlecry, he runs at the Tsuno
>Yari prepared to be thrust into its chest
>The Tsuno grabs the yari
>And snaps it in twain
>Jun stands there, paralyzed, as his opponent approaches
>The mighty beast grabs the heimin, lifting him to eye level
>With one arm
>Jun's fear overwhelms him, and he starts crying
>The Tsuno growls at him, and I can feel its disgust at such a weak opponent
>Then it grabs Jun's head with its free hand
>And rips it off
>Alongside the spine
>Raising it high above its head, it screams
>And the war party replies
>The drums are beating once again
>Why do you want her homeless?
Guessing that poster did not like her stories.

>If the Tsuno had been upset before, at least now, they're happy
>One of their younglings passed his gempukku
>The sight of the bloody spine causes a massive cheer from the other beasts
>For us samurai, it causes quite the opposite reaction
>From the sounds around me, we can all just barely suppress the need to empty our stomachs
>Togashi-san steps forward as the next combatant
>True to her monk nature, without any weapons
>The fourth Tsuno, not wanting to let the third take all the glory of this ceremony, throws down his weapon as well
>Expecting another easy victory
>Little did he know what the tattoos on Togashi-san's now-bare chest meant
>Both start rushing towards each other
>The Tsuno baring the claws on its hands with deadly intent
>Togashi-san's brow showing her determination
>The beast of Toshigoku lunges forward, arms wide to grab and rip apart the lean monk's body
>Togashi-san slips between them
>And punches
>I can barely believe my eyes when i see her bloody fist protruding through the back of the Tsuno
>Neither can the Tsuno war party
>A tense silence sweeps across the area
>Then, they erupt in a great cheer
>It seems as though they do enjoy a good showing of brutality, even against their own
>Now, however, was the time for them to see true elegance of a Kakita blade used to kill
>I step forward as the last Tsuno youngling starts calling attention to itself
>Much like the one that face Daigotsu-san, it carries a barbed blade
>I take my stand, set myself in the basic stance of my school
>Blade at my side, sheathed, one hand holding it stead, the other on the hilt
>The Tsuno waits, confused
>I stand motionless
>It starts growling
>It starts barking
>It's demanding i ready myself for combat
>I stand motionless
>It approaches me, screaming
>Once it's close enough, I unsheathe my sword and strike in one swift motion
>Slashing across its chest
>With a mighty roar, it lifts its own blade, ready to strike
>That could've gone better
takign a quick mental break here, will finish up the tsuno gempukku tonight, then try and write the next bit after tomorrow's M&M session
>Someone advised 2e
Never trust them again.
Must have been a Spider in disguise.
Or Gozoku.

>The barbed blade comes crashing down
>I try to catch it with my katana
>The Tsuno weapon glides along it, down to the hilt
>And deep into my shoulder
>This is the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life
>It rips it out of my body forcefully
>Scratch that, THIS is the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life
>I follow my initial strike, cutting across the beast's chest from the other side
>It cries out in anguish as it attempts to hit me in the side
>I manage to duck under its blow
>It screams at me out of its ever growing frustration
>I take a step forward
>My blade finding its way into the open mouth of the Tsuno
>And reemerging from the top of its head
>The screaming stops
>Then all others join in again
>They bring the last body to the soultwister, once again calling upon Toshigokuto revive his fallen comrade
>They celebrate the passing into adulthood of the Tsuno that killed Jun
>His head still gripped firmly, raised high like a trophy
>The leader of the war party takes the 4 failed ones aside, backhands them one by one for failing their gempukku
>Turning to us he...bows? Or at least, performs something similar enough
>We return the bow
>This must be proof of the Tsuno's honor
>We bested their youngling in their gempukku, so we would be allowed to live
>Whoever they encounter next might be less lucky
>Daidoji-san and Daigotsu-san help me out of my armor
>Togashi-san gathers some herbs quickly, mashes them into a paste, then applies them to my wound before wrapping bandages around my lean, naked torso
>I do my best to meditate during all this to ignore the pain
>It's not that easy though
>What i would give for the healing talents of a shugenja right now
allright, i'll leave it at that, getting tired and need my sleep for GMing tomorrow

Hope you can keep this alive until Ishigaki-san comes back to continue Stonewall Family Life edition, or at least until tomorrow evening where i'll be able to contribute myself again
ya got something against family time crane??
Family time
A period of just rest
The Crab home grows
Lone warrior
Old forgotten village
It's a long road.

Guess a movie! Hint - it's action movie.
Yojimbo, also, bump
Looks like Shugenja are always needed
Duh. Who needs Medicine rolls when there's a guy who just handwaves wounds away?
Anyone suffering from disease or poison. Duh.
There are spells for that too.

Yes, caster supremacy is present here as well.
You have to take them first, you don't get a whole lot of spells, and not everyone's affinity is water.

Nominally that's true in almost every system. Facts, as you know, are different.
>Facts, as you know, are different.
I know the anecdotal experience has been very different from the healslut line you're towing.
The line wouldn't been there if there had been no basis for it.
Yeah. The basis is "some shugenja do X, other shugenja do Y, and the rest do the other 24 letters of the alphabet."

X alone is not reason to expect all shugenja to be prepared to heal your wounds and expel your poison.
File: Kuritaofficieruniform.png (152 KB, 275x491)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
So, in the previous thread folks had been commenting on the appearance of Isawa Shoji (Ishigaki's father-in-law) and now comes the part where I feel bad for ruining everyone's expectations. Shoji's appearance was inspire by the picture of Theodore Kurita from the Battletech Field Manual: Draconis Combine (see picture). Sadly, that means no evil facial hair for him to stroke while contemplating "How can I be more of a bastard today than I was yesterday?"
Don't worry, his catfish whiskers will live on in our headcanon. Because it's a bastard that way. :B
He looks like a bitch, alright
Also in the previous thread, someone had asked about whether or not I still had the party's character sheets. As promised, I went to my storage unit to grab the folder I kept my L5R notes in and huzzah! Turns out I do have the party's character sheets. My player are all pretty sloppy with their hand writing and all the erasing would cause smudging, so we'd end up using new character sheet and I'd save the old ones. So, I have character sheets for several different points in their careers. Sadly, I don't have any copies of our starting character sheets (I wasn't the GM at the time).

Since Ishigaki is feeling awful and might not post for a while, I figured I'd post up some of the party.
awesome, thanks man. I want to see how monkey was built
File: Naomi.jpg (1.51 MB, 4345x5266)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Isawa Naomi, Compassionate Shugenta

School/Rank: Isawa Tensai 2
Insight: 153

Air: 3
Earth: 2 (Willpower 3)
Fire: 2 (Intelligence 3)
Water 3
Void 3

Calligraphy (Cipher) 1
Lore: Theology 1
Lore: Law 2
Medicine (Herbalism) 2
Meditation 1
Spellcraft 3
Investigation 2
Defense 1
Lore: Phoenix 1
Lore: Shugenja 1
Etiquette 2
Tea Ceremony 1
Perform: Koto 1
Sincerity 1
Lore: Elements 1
Lore: Spirit Realms 1
Artisan: Ikebana 1
Artisan: Painting 1
Courtier 1
Perform: Singing 1

Benten's Blessing
Elemental Blessing: Water

Bad Health
Soft Hearted

Path to Inner Peace*
Reversal of Fortunes*
Sympathetic Energies*
Wave-Borne Speed*
Rejuvenating Vapors*
Regrow the Wound*
Stand Against the Waves*
Strike of the Tsunami*
Blessed Wind
Elemental Ward

*Innate ability

This is 3rd Edition Naomi, before she married Ishigaki. In that edition, Isawa Tensai was its own school that made every spell of your Element an innate ability. Additionally, our GM awarded her with a few extra spells as a reward for service.
File: Kitsuki.jpg (1.07 MB, 5104x6600)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Kitsuki Takeshi, Intrepid Investigator

School/Rank: Kitsuki Investigator 2
Insight: 158

Air 3
Earth 2
Fire 3
Water 2 (Perception 3)
Void 3

Courtier 4
Etiquette (Courtesy) 3
Investigation (Interrogation) 2
Kenjutsu 1
Meditation 1
Lore: Law 2
Defense 1
Iaijutsu 1
Hunting 1
Sincerity 2
Athletics 1
Games: Go 1
Calligraphy 1
Knives 1

Ally: Bayushi Amano (Influence 2/Devotion 4)
Clear Thinker
Precise Memory

Doubt: Kenjutsu
Low Pain Threshold

This version of Takeshi is from 3rd Edition, while the party were still Emerald Magistrates. No idea how much xp he had (nobody ever wrote it down!!), but he definitely had a few adventures under his belt.
File: Mantis.jpg (1.21 MB, 5104x6600)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Tsuruchi Daigo, Underworld Hunter

School/Rank: Yoritomo Bushi 1
Insight: 149

Air 2 (Reflexes 3)
Earth 3
Fire 2 (Agility 3)
Water 3
Void 2

Commerce 2
Defense 2
Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapons) 1
Kenjutsu 1
Knives (Kama) 4
Sailing 1
Kyujutsu 2
Intimidation 2
Temptation 1
Stealth 2
Lore: Law 1
Lore: Underworld 3
Investigation 2
Hunting 2
Athletics 1
Etiquette 1
Games: Go 1


Sworn Enemy: Yoritomo Kenzan

This is the 3rd Edition version of Daigo, before he killed Kenzan on the Isle of Mists. He also ended up trading out Overconfident for Curse of Gaki-do.
So she was a PC right?
She was, ForeverGM was her player.
File: Monkey.jpg (1.29 MB, 5100x6600)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Toku Satoshi, Daring Fool

School/Rank: Toku Bushi 2
Insight: 150

Air 2 (Reflexes 3)
Earth 3
Fire 2 (Agility 3)
Water 2
Void 3

Athletics 3
Defense 2
Hunting 2
Investigation (Search) 2
Kenjutsu 4
Lore: Law 2
Kyujutsu 1
Knives 1
Battle 2
Iaijutsu 2
Sincerity 1
Artisan: Painting 1
Etiquette 1
Stealth 2
Jiujutsu 1
Spears 1
Polearms 1

Luck (3)
Hero of the People

Bitter Betrothal
Can't Lie

This is a version of Satoshi shortly after joining the party. Again, not sure what his xp count was (why didn't anyone ever write down their total?).
Like, you say Luck (3). Does that mean he sunk 9 EXP into that?
Yeah, I didn't start out as the game's GM, but ended up taking over after he left the game and dropped out of our social circle.
Yes, yes he did.
Isawa Sen, Stoic Yojimbo

School/Rank: Shiba Yojimbo 2
Insight: 160

Air 2 (Reflexes 3)
Earth 3
Fire 3 (Agility 4)
Water 2
Void 3

Defense 7
Kenjutsu (Katana) 5
Meditation 1
Kyujutsu 1
Lore: Theology (Shintao) 2
Iaijutsu 3
Athletics 1
Etiquette 3
Spears 2
Battle 1

Ancestor: Shiba Odoshi (Yojimbo/Duty rank 1)

Can't Lie
Obligation: ???
Sworn Enemy:???

Our party's Shiba, who Ishigaki never ended up naming in the storytime threads. This version was shortly before he left the party, so I'm pretty sure he has more xp than the other character sheets.
File: Toshiro.jpg (1.71 MB, 5100x6600)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
Kuni Toshiro, Battle-Scarred Shugenja

School/Rank: Kuni Shugenja 2
Insight: 167

Air 2
Earth 4
Fire 3
Water 2 (Strength 3)
Void 3

Calligraphy (Cipher) 1
Defense 3
Lore: Shadowlands 3
Lore: Theology 2
Spellcraft 2
Heavy Weapons 3
Lore: Anatomy 3
Battle 3
Medicine 2
Investigation 1
Meditation 1
Intimidation 3

Strength of the Earth (2)

Benten's Curse
Permanent Wound

This version of Toshiro is the earliest in his career I have, and that was after Ishigaki and Naomi were married. Unfortunately, I don't have his spell list page, but it was pretty much all "Earth to hurt Shadowlands and keep me alive, Fire to hurt everyone else... and I guess I'll take Path to Inner Peach, cuz why not?" from what I remember.
If you don't mind me asking, how close are we to the end of the campaign?
Ishigaki here.

still quite a few arcs to go. By the time this all wrapped up I know we were on par with stated big names from the ccg, at least in terms of insight rank.

God damn, 91 posts in and I've only made two. So, it turns out that ilness I had earlier was just a scouting mission for the main force. I'm fighting a fairly impressive infection. There's some painful swelling, fever, and I'm a bit lightheaded from lack of food. The no appetite thing...

Anyhow, I'm going to get back to posting, my goal is to at the very least finish the downtime bits and next kid before this thread hits the limit.

Depending on fast I get over this damn infection anyway... So, Daikakita Dredd can have his time in the spotlight.
File: Crab lift.gif (2.65 MB, 484x548)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB GIF
Be strong, crab-anon.
>Don't get me wrong Ishigaki-san, I'll come whenever you need me.
>It's a slow process, so it's not as though I have to be constantly grooming the kami.
>but still.
>yaeah, I gotcha.
>I watched somone I didn't know run down the length of the outer walkway, polishing the wood.
>I gulped down my sake.
>Toshiro refilled my cup and waited.
>It feels odd.
>Naomi is the one who set all this up, who is managing all this.
>But still that person there is my servant as well. And I don't even know their name
>You'd just forget it anyway. You're terrible with names.
>I am not!
>Yeah? What's Monkey's name then?
>Uhhh. Sa, shu... Shotokan?
>Toshiro rolled his eyes.
>I've been working on it, dammit!
>My journals have everyone's name down!
>Pfft. How often do you get the carachters wrong?
>Not... very often. I think.
>I bet the fact that you get the names right at all is because you always go back to doublechek, isn't it?
>Alright then.
>I scowled.
>I was going to at lest get introduced to all thse new faces
>I went and found Naomi and Shino
>Hey, Shino-san
>I'd like to meet all the servants
>Of course, Ishigaki-sama
>Oh, and the ones running the Inn as well!
>One he had rounded them all up he introduced me one by one
>We had a half dozen servants for the household chores and babysitting, and another five ran the inn
>An elderly woman, a bit plump and blind in one eye, ran the inn. Her daughter and son in law managed the kitchen and the other two cleaned rooms and whatnot.
>After they were all introduced I bid them to rise.
>Really didn't need nana one-eye to pull something bowing to me
>I've been informed that i'm terrible with names, so If I forget yours or end up making a nickname for you don't think too much on it, okay?
>A chourus of 'as you say great samurai' followed
>Now then, does everyone have a weapon?
>By imperial edict, peasants may not carry weapons.
>Ally: Bayushi Amano
RIP in peace scorpion bein
Scorpion bro, fuck ME, why can't I fucking TYPE?
I thought for a moment that this was a new fad like bae.
Someone hand me a wakizashi, I've got some seppuku to commit
>The exceptions being Ashigaru, who were soldiers, and budoka.
>Budoka were peasants who would take up weapons and follow the code of Bushido, and answered to the Doshin, who were most often Samurai
>These two formed the lowest rung of law enforcement, and were the primary leg breakers when someone needed to be subdued.
>But, as is often the case, things are a bit different in the lands of the Crab.
>Every Crab peasant carries a weapon.
>Kama, parangu, jo, sai, tonfa.
>Simple one handed weapons, though of course never anything that is only for the hands of Samurai.
>That's just what they carry on their person.
>Every peasant also knows where the polearms and spears are kept
>If the things of the shadowlands get their hands of flesh to eat, they can settle into an are for some time.
>And the Samurai sometimes have their hands full dealing with the worst threats
>If you see a Crab peasant, there is a good chance they have killed before.
>It's a good thing to bear in mind, if you've a tendency to be cruel to peasants
>every pulled out their weapons and showed me.
>I nodded.
>Even nana one-eye had a jo she used as a cane.
>Old peasants always stoop over for some reason.
>Okay then. All of you wait here a moment.
>There was one last thing I wanted my peasants to have.
>I went to the storeroom and opened the box where we kept our jade
>I got out 11 fingers
>then put holes through one end of each, and put them on silk cords
>I came back and handed everyone their new finger of jade
>All of you wear those around your necks at all times.
>For starters, it'll make it hard for hags and the like to infiltrate if everyone is always toughing jade
>That's it.
>They went back to their jobs
>Shino arched an eyebrow
>When the village truly begins to grow I do not belive we will be able to give jade to every peasant
>I know Shino-san.
>But every servant in THIS house will, and I want it to be a custom at the in that every guest gets tested
Heavy armor: Reduction 5
Mountain does not Move: Reduction = Earth ring
Strength of the Crab: Amror gains +2 reduction
Hida's strength: Reduction 8

So... Ishigaki just stomping around with TWENTY reduction?
Basically, yeah. He is The Wall
>Of course with all these new people about it was both easier, and harder to get private time with Naomi
>On the one hand, Daiko and Tetsute had several new playmates
>On the other hand, the servants always seemed to find soemthing to do, even if it was to scrub an already spotless floor
>I guess that they preferred working in a Samurai's home to working in a field or quarry, so they worked harder than they had to.
>I told a few it was fine for them to rest if there was nothing for them to do in the moment
>Then nodded, bowed, and went straight back to work
>Alright, they were just going to pretend there was always something for them to do.
>Well, that was fine I guess.
>I made up for the lack of privacy during the day by viciously cuddling Naomi all night long.instead
>Little by little she began to plump up.
>Bit by bit her strength began to ebb
>Nana One-Eye came around with various dishes and concotions she said could help with that.
>I have seen many women swell up with babies in my long life, great samurai!
>These will help her gain strength, and pass in on to the child!
>Toshiro looked at one dish.
>hmmm. Looks awful.
>He sniffed at it
>Smells even worse!
>I stared at the concoction in horror
>Toshiro however, smiled.
>Only good medicine could be that foul!
>HAI! It is just as you say, great samurai!
>I winced as the two took the contents of the Cauldron of Doom in to feed Naomi.
>I couldn't bear to watch...
Literally. https://translate.google.com/#ja/en/Ishigaki
File: glass.jpg (6 KB, 230x220)
6 KB
>Something smells like sewers
Yup, sounds like L5R already.
Weekly reminder that Fu Leng did nothing wrong.
He got beaten by a bunch of humans, then tricked by one then usurped by one. He can't do anything right.
Monkey really was built like a shounen protagonist.
>Fu Leng did nothing wrong
That's not true. He ratted out on Hantei to Onotangu, which was what caused the Kami to fall in the first place.

It's the Kolat who did nothing wrong.
>It's the Kolat who did nothing wrong.
If we count "trying to destroy the universe" as nothing wrong, then sure.
>Caring about the universe
>Caring about any of the planes of existence other than Ningen-Do
Did Nothing Wrong™
Careful not to cut youself with all that Edge, my friend.
I'll care about the spirit realms when they stop being filled with assholes
Did you think Ningen-do was somehow exempt from that whole "universal destruction" thing? Are is this a "I'll commit suicide and THAT'LL totally show mom and dad!" teenage thing?

The universe being destroyed means EVERYTHING and EVERYONE goes with it. Humans, animals, spirits, oni, and gods alike. Noone is spared.

Like I said, you've got shome razor sharp Edge there.
Okay, I think we're talking about two different things here. When did Kolat almost destroy Ningen-Do?
Almost? Never, because their plans were thwarted. The destruction of the universe would be the result if their plans actually came to fruition.

So I guess it's less "The Kolat Did Nothing Wrong" and more "The Kolat Were Stopped From Fucking Things Up For Everyone So They Haven't Had The Chance To Do Something Wrong."
You're avoiding the question. Which of their plans would have destroyed everything?
File: 1490809766427.jpg (63 KB, 1024x550)
63 KB
PDFanon here, just like to chime in and say we are at 318 pages.

That's about 156k words.
>Which of their plans would have destroyed everything?
Mate. Not which. Their plans, full stop.

>The ultimate goal of the Kolat was to have mankind rule itself, free of the rulership of the Kami. It had been their goal since the beginning of their conspiracy. It would first need to control every aspect of Rokugan, the world beyond, and the Celestial Heavens themselves if they could manage it.
How the fuck does that destroy the universe?
It doesn't he's talking shit
Good lord, Ishigaki-san should release this as a book.
See >>52991550 for a brief explanation.

Ling story short? The plan to "free mankind from the rule of the gods" is a lie. The true plan of the Kolat, the one the Ten Masters don't tell useful pawns like you, is to gain complete control of every aspect of the universe in order to establish as state of permanence for all time. The Kolat do not realize that the impermanence of all things is in fact the one true permanent thing in the universe.

If the Kolat were to achieve their goal, this "perfect, unchanging universe" would wither and die, leaving only an empty husk. This incarnation of the universe would be destroyed, but would be reborn anew thanks the kharmic circle. But even if the Kolat cannot permanently harm the great circle, it would still be then end of all the inhabitants of this incarnation of the universe.
Useful Kolat tool identified. The Ten Masters look forward to your service in their plans.
If he actually wrote it out with full sentences and description, that wouldn't be a book, that'd be a full on series.
Which, when I think about it, is a useful explanation for the timeline reboot by FFG. The Kolat finally succeeded, the old universe ended, the LCG is the new universe.

Basically the Kolat's stand is Made In Heaven. Good times.
File: proof chicken.jpg (66 KB, 956x631)
66 KB
>all that bullshit
Firstly, where the fuck did you get all the whole "the masters want to make the world permanet" BS?

Secondly, the universe already is permanent, and the only place that isn't permanent is Ningen-Do, because Ningen-Do is the most jealous of the realms
Have all the Kolat-bros not read their own book? See The Merchant's Guide to Rokugan, pg 37, sidebar The Road to Ruin.
I haven't, no, because I don't own that book, and I couldn't find it in literally any link from the /l5rg/ OPs from the past 6 months.
Ah, to live in such blessed ignorance. You do the Ten Masters proud, friend.
File: 1439868377997.png (425 KB, 709x379)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
>preaches the gospel of the kolat
>hasn't read their sourcebook
Would you be so kind as to post the sidebar, then? Or even the whole PDF? The most I was able to find was a blurred out Scribd link.
I'm afraid I don't have a pdf, I have an actual, physical copy of the book. All the way back from 1st Edition. I can certainly type out the sidebar if you'd like.
That would be wonderful, thank you
File: p37.png (222 KB, 371x524)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
I'll save you the work anon

It must be noted though that this is a 1st ed source, and 4th ed doesn't contain anything resembling this sidebar.
It seems to zig-zag back and forth over "they can't destroy creation" "but what they want to do will destroy creation" "but it won't because that's part of creation" "but everyone will die" "but they can't destroy creation"
File: speachless.gif (87 KB, 600x337)
87 KB
>4th ed doesn't contain anything resembling this sidebar
No shit. This lore goes against everything they built up about the Path of Man! They don't need to worry about ending the cycle of reincarnation anymore because they can just turn every human being into a Fortune, eventually.

And even if they couldn't, "start the soul cycle again" is a hell of a lot better than "destroy everything forever." It actually sounds kinda good, since the next cycle might not be as terrible as this current cycle.

>an act which """may""" spell the death knell for the universe
Just sayin'
>The Road to Ruin
(sidebar from The Merchant's Guide to Rokugan, pg. 37)

>The Kolat's philosophy is sound in many wats... but also perpetuates a grievous misunderstanding about the universe. The conspirators hope to finally end the cycle of death and rebirth by creating something of permanent meaning. What they do not realize is that the cycle of death and rebirth is a permanent meaning. The grand circle that the Celstial Pattern emulates in every aspect of life forms a complete image - an ongoing truth visible to anyone who bothers to look. Its unending dance in search of its own tail has continued since the dawn of time, and will continue until its end. That is the permanent truth the Kolat believe they are searching for.

>Because they cannot see it, however, they travel down the road to disaster. They would disrupt the Celestial Pattern and hang their own in its place - an act which may spell the death knell of the universe, at least this incarnation. Their stride for perfection will drain the world dry, leaving nothing left but an empty husk for the last beings to rule over. The irony is that if they ever achieve their ends, the world will indeed die - only to be born again in a new and different form. They can never permanently harm the great circle... but they can destroy this incarnation of it if they are allowed to complete their plans. Because of this, they number among the most dangerous threats Rokugan has ever known.
>The Kolat's philosophy is sound in many wats...

Pretty sure that's a typo but it's a good encapsulation

Also also
>The irony is that if they ever achieve their ends, the world "will indeed die" - only to be born again in a new and different form. They can never permanently harm the great circle... but they can destroy this incarnation of it if they are allowed to complete their plans.

So yeah, you are "just sayin." You're "just sayin" the convenient part where you get to cling to the illusion that the Kolat are "Just A Bunch of Good Guys Who Did Nothing Wrong."
Another shot at creation can't be that bad. Maybe they'll be able to do it without fucking up this time.
And what makes you so confident HUMANS are guaranteed to exist in this new universe? Remember that human beings were created by a coincidence - the mingling of Lord Moon's blood with Lady Sun's tears. If that doesn't happen, no human beings to inhabit Ningen-do.
Well there you go, then. Kotal won in the end and recreated the universe before Jigoku and the Spider could make everything awful forever.

So yeah, not only did the Kolat do nothing wrong, but they saved the entire setting.

That doesn't matter. As long as souls keep existing, that's all that matters. Maybe we'll be reborn as Nezumi or Kenku or Nagas or something. That doesn't sound too bad.
I said that as a joke! It was a joke! What have I done!?!? :P
The way I see it the Kolat is the "jealousy" of Ningen-do. Wasn't it created to counter the Kamis from Tengoku influence ?
No. Each spirit realm naturally has Jealousy, which it uses to influence every being in that realm. The jealous of Ningen-Do is the strongest of all the jealousies, and it causes any being that is on Ningen-Do to become mortal. This is why the Kami became mortal and could not return to Tengoku after they fell. A similar thing also happened to the Kitsu, Kitsune, and Orochi who went to Ningen-Do.
It also happens to Oni and whatever else might crawl up from Jigoku. Powerful spirits only become mortal in that you can kill them. They won't get old or die of natural causes. The only things Ningen-do's jealousy doesn't seem to affect are elemental spirits and a few of the wimpier denizens of Sakkaku, who are only popping into reality for the Rokugani equivalent of a pie to the face.
Elemental spirits don't get affected because they're natives of Ningen-Do, and because of the way things work there, they affectively are Ningen-Do.
Oni on Ningen-Do are sustained by the Festering Pit, which lets them age as if they were in Jigoku. Although it hasn't happened, I'd assume that an Oni that was kept away from the shadowlands for many years might age and die. This is just conjecture, though.
As for Sakkaku spirits, it may just be that they don't stay on Ningen-Do long enough to be affected. If d20 lore is to be believed, you can stay on Ningen-Do for at least 10 minutes before you need to start worrying about Jealousy.
I'm talking about the Kami and the Dragons and whatnot. They don't really get old, they only die when they're killed (As redundant as that sounds). Togashi wouldn't have been the only one to stick around for a thousand years if Doji wasn't a melodramatic cunt. They were so lightly affected that their immediate descendants could have lived for hundreds of years (And some did). Normally, the children of spirits only get a minor power or two and *maybe* an extra decade.
Togashi didn't stick arround for a thousand years though. Or, at least his body didn't. He put his soul in the body of his descendants generation after generation, because there was no way for his body to survive that long.

Same goes for the other long-lasting Kami. Shiba pulled the same trick as Togashi, only he decided to "reincarnate" naturally instead of switching bodies every generation the messy way. Bayushi's body DID last 1000 years, but that's because he kept it in stasis in that one underground lake in the Scorpion lands. Shinjo was also in a similar situation to Bayushi, only that was against her will.
>Elemental spirits don't get affected because they're natives of Ningen-Do
No they aren't. In any case, there are ways around each realm's jealousy.

> If d20 lore is to be believed
It isn't. They have void kami.
The tamashii thing was shitty retcon, and should be treated as such.
I know how d20 lore is, but there's literally no other souce that mentions how long it takes for Jealousy to affect something.
Secrets of the Empire has a pretty good description of each one that mentions time periods. It's just not laid out in a table or anything.
What does it say about how long it take for Ningen-Do to affect something?
Funnily enough, I think Ningen-Do is the one realm that isn't written out in detail. They even have fucking Maigo-no-musha, the waiting room's waiting room.
KEK, that's fucking great.
File: 959212.jpg (256 KB, 1000x1414)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Is Mugen a straight Ronin or is he Toku trained?
I'd say straight ronin. There's no art to what he does.
I would say a Toku ronin
I would play a Toku Ronin.
This is most strangest thing, a Ronin from Minor Clan. Even more weirder than a Maho-tsukai from Crabs.

It's been done before
Yes, I'd would to see this conversation with Shawn.

"Look, Shawn, I know you and Rich wrote the lore and all, but I totally know what's cannon and what isn't. I mean, you said there were Void kami in the d20 Edition! Clearly you don't know anything, and everything you wrote before 4th edition is illegitimate.

Yes, I know you wrote lore for the edition I do acknowledge as legitimate, but that doesn't matter! And you wrote the lore for the edition before that. And Rich wrote the lore for the edition before that. But none of that matters! You have to accept that some rando on the internet gets to tell you what is and isn't cannon!"

I'm sure that will go over well.

Tl;dr - Not liking an edition because of the the mechanics used DOES NOT mean that any lore that isn't directly refuted by the same authors is non-cannon.
>Is Mugen a straight Ronin or is he Toku trained?
He's clearly Usagi mentored.
Did you accidentally half your brain, a few words, and the correctly quoted post?
>unironically posting 'bump'
>not even including a pic
>not just starting a new thread with content
apologies for my lateness, been a bit busier than expected these past 2 days

Gonna go on with Daikakita's journey now, finally

>With my self gravely wounded, Togashi-san leads a quick prayer for Jun
>That the kharmic wheel be merciful on him
>Then we make our way as quickly as we can to the nearest village
>Young and small enough that it has not yet been given a name
>Daigotsu-san tells us the Mantis own this village
>That they always help those of the Explorer's Guild, and those that work with them
>A cheerful Kistune approaches us, from her scroll satchel a shugenja, no doubt
>Her smile disappearing rapidly as she notices my wound
>"Ah, good, Kistune-san, please, my companion here, Magistrate Kakita-san, has been wounded"
>"What have you done this time, Daigotsu-kun?"
>Wait, what?
>"Kitsune-san, we are only betrothed, calling me that isn't appropriate in public
>And anyways, I haven't done anything.
>Is Tsuruchi Jiyu-san in?"
>"Yes, he's teaching a new recruit for the Ivory Magistrates, Tsuruchi Yoshimitsu
>Why do you ask?"
>"Tsuno war party, about a day away"
>Kitusne-san starts looking properly worried now
>"Yes, that does sound urgent. Well, don't let me keep you"
>Turning to the rest of us
>"I'll have some servants bring your yoriki and your traveling packs to private chambers
>If you'll please follow me to the infirmiary, I'll make sure your wounds are properly taken care of"
>It's a small village, meaning that the magistrates overseeing it don't have one large house in which to accommodate guests
>Instead, it's more of a compound of smaller buildings
>Not many at that
>The infirmiary is small, could most likely not hold that many people in it
>Fortune's smiled on us, however, and I'm the only one who needs to be there, other than the shugenja
>Who is betrothed to a Spider
>And seems quite happy about it, as well
>It's not appropriate to pry into such private matters
>The others join me soon after, requiring a cleansing ritual from the blood we spilled that had splashed on us during our journey
>And I get to meet our host and thank him for what he is doing to us

>It seems I'll need two days of rest to heal properly
>During those two days, I learn a few things about Daigotsu-san
>His betrothal with Kistune-san had been arranged, as it is so often the case
>But the first time they met, they fell in love
>Due to their duties, they've been as of yet unable to properly marry
>But they're awaiting that day with joy
>When she's nearby, Daigotsu-san's behavior changes
>He becomes even more different than what I'd expect a Spider to be like
>A kind and gentle side
>And an air of genuineness around it all
>Might it be that I was wrong all along?
>That he never, not once, was anything but an honorable samurai?
>Even though a Spider, maybe one of the few that truly deserved a place in the Emerald Empire?
>Kistune-san herself was not only the model of a wife-to-be
>But model shugenja as well
>Every day, tending to the needs of the heimin of this small village
>Tending to the shrine in its centre
>Holding lengthy theological discussions with Togashi-san
>And her talent with water magics was impressive, for a school more known for its connection to Earth
>I barely felt the pain as I healed
>Daigotsu-san and Daidoji-san sparred a bit while I talked with the Tsuruchi magistrate/sensei
>After hearing my tale, he deigned to ask a small favor of me
>He felt that he had been able to teach his student all he could here in this small village
>That it was time for him to move on, prove himself worthy of the title of Ivory Magistrate
>And take his eccentricities to another village, preferrably far from his own
>The young Tsuruchi-san had the unfortunate knack of being impeccably honest as well as a vicious gossip
>If a rumour had been going around, people asked the young samurai about it, to see if it was true or not
>And he was more than happy to oblige them
>Tsuruchi-sensei assured me however that his charge was as capable as any of his family with the yumi
>Seeing no reason to deny such a request, I agreed
>One by one, the otheres began to arrive
>Mantis-san first, then Monkey
>Kitsuki-san was last
>I came out to meet him, as he stared at the inn
>Then he shot me a grin, pleased on my behalf
>I grinned back
>Akiko makes these delicous fried rice balls.
>The outside is a lightly crispy, and the rice inside becomes very gooey and sweet.
>The kids love it, and the best part is I don't know of any ninja technique to stay hidden in a rice ball that's being deep fried!
>And? How's Naomi-sama doing?
>...Beter than when she had Daiko, but not by much.
>He nodded somberly
>We went inside
>I explained as we walked
>The good thing about all these peasants is that Naomi always has someone to talk to about different things.
>He arched an eyebrow at me
>I know there are some things she wouldn't want to discuss with me. Things I wouldn't understand, or things that she thinks would burden me.
>Ah, yes that does sound just like her.
>I nodded
>Nana One-Eye has some old peasant remedies that Naomi swears help
>...Nana One-Eye?
>The old peasant woman who runs the inn... you'll know her when you see her.
>...I see.
>And like I said, all the people to talk to keeps her from going stir crazy even though she can't move around very well
>How much longer, do you think?
>two months, two and half?
>Do you have a lead, Kitsuki-san?
>I had opted not to be present for the interrogation of the Soshitsukai.
>As Shoji insisted, we waited for the jade petal tea to run it's course, once it had she burned at the touch of jade.
>Kitsuki-san decided to take care of the interrogation and the acquisition of her confession at the same time
>In Rokugan a Samurai could not be punished for a crime until they had confessed.
>Once enough evidence had been gathered though, it was permissible to...'persuade' the samurai to admit their guilt
>I had no problem with the brutality of war, the savagery of siege engines.
>But battles were hot, the blood pounding in your head as your warrior spirit swells
>I had no taste for the cold, clinical application of pain.
>Kitsuki-san nodded.
>Yes, I think I do.
>Everyone else is here already?
>We entered into the room I shared with Naomi
>A table had been brought in, so that when she was feeling well everyone could gather around her
>She was certainly putting on quite the brave face for everyone
>sitting up sipping her tea. Smilling and gigling at Mantis-san's stories and Monkey's antics
>But I knew that she had been up all night with a fever, sweating heavily.
>I knew she was several shades paler than she should be
>I knew she was skinnier than a woman 7 months pregnant ought to be, no matter how many people assured me some women just never seem to put on that much weight.
>Of course, everyone in this room knew all those things as well.
>They just pretended they didn't
>Naomi didn't want to be fussed over too much, so they encouraged her by being normal.
>What no one aside from Naomi, Toshiro and myself knew was that our new child was also not as energetic as their older siblings
>Naomi had joked that Daiko and Tetsute had been practicing juijutsu inside her, as often as they kicked and squirmed.
>This one seemed to be saving their strength though.
>Kitsuki-san bowed to Naomi.
>Naomi-sama, you're looking quite energetic today.
>Oh, hardly Takeshi-san, hardly!
>But having all my dear friends about gives me more strength.
>Daiko came up and gave Kitsuki-san a bow.
>she held it only a hairs breadth too long, too.
>Kitsuki-san returned the bow.
>Well, hello there Diako-chan! You've gotten even bigger now haven't you?
>And how old are you now?
>She stood up straight and proud, thrusting her tiny hand out with three fingers held up
>I'm a VEWY big girl!
>Naomi had begun to teach Daiko numbers and colors now, and was quite pleased with herself
>Daiko insisted on showing everyone how much she could do, what she had learned, every chance she got.
>Tetsute, a year younger, was nevertheless trying to compete with his sister.
>He also claimed he was three.
>and held up all his fingers
>from both hands
>I hopped he grew out of that soon.
>Sunda Mizu had special ways of dealing with students who overestimated their own abilites.
>I had learned that the hard way.
>Every student of Sunda Mizu carves their name upon the walls of that dojo.
>Classes group up together, a show of solidarity
>it is considered auspicous if you can get your name near the name of a great hero of the clan.
>When it came time for my class to carve their names, I made mine on an empty wall.
>So that there would be plenty of space around my name when I became a great hero.
>Sensei had smiled then.
>And handed me a shovel
>I spent the next three days digging holes and filling them in again.
>Sensei said it was training, to build up strong muscles and endurance.
>This much is nothing for a great hero like yourself, after all!
>Kitsuki-san glanced at me, and I nodded
>I had one of the servants take Daiko and Tetsute out to get some of those fried rice balls
>It was time to discuss some adult things.
>>Tetsute, a year younger, was nevertheless trying to compete with his sister.
>>He also claimed he was three.
>>and held up all his fingers
>>from both hands
Oh that's precious
The third kid better be as healthy as the other two.
Thrid kid's probably gonna be a Shugenja
Yeah, well, you're legitimately on your way to becoming a great hero now, aren't ya Ishigaki?
Not him, but I have got the same feel
I hope that sensei is still alive so you can show him up.
Bumping for the crab
Or perhaps the crane instead?
Haiku is best bump
First five syllables
Is "syllables" three or two?
Haiku are too hard
I need to bump thread
Write haiku about haiku
Oh I'm so meta
You guys are nerds

Haiku are easy
But they don't always make sense
Haiku are pizzas,
You can put any sense,
Or none at all.
well, if i remember kisada`s children, the third one is gonna be a weakling but excellent general
>Well then, lets get started.
>The first thing we learned from the Soshi is that THEY are, in fact, bloodspeakers.
>Well, we had suspected that, but now we know it to be true
>Of course, the different cells do try to limit their contact with one another.
>For exactly this reason: if one should be caught they cannot tell what they do not know
>Nods from around the room. We had been struggling against that very fact for some time now.
>Mantis-san spoke up
>So then, how much did that one know?
>Not enough, not enough by far.
>However, she did have some tidbits, mostly things she suspected.
>And I've been working on peicing them together.
>I think I may have identified another cell.
>We all perked up
>This one seems to be mobile
>There are outbreaks of strife, discord... bandits and peasant rebellions in places they just shouldn't be.
>Then quiet for a few months, then another outbreak nearby.
>If I'm right, the cell should be making it's way into Kitsu lands soon, if they're not there already.
>I frowned, and glanced at Naomi
>We have time yet, Ishigaki-san.
>Like I said, it becomes quiet for a time. This cell covers it's tracks well, and lays low right after stirring things up.
>Why do you think it took me this long to get just that little bit of information?
>If we rushed in now, we'd olnly serve to scare them off.
>Best to wait until their plans are in motion, so they are less likely to scatter at our arrival.
>We want to strike as hard a blow as we can, after all.
>Monkey shook his head
>Just like pulling weeds. You've got to get the whole root, or it's just going to grow right back
>Exactly, Satoshi-san.
>Then Monkey brightened
>Well, that's good then! I didn't want to miss Ishigaki-san pretending to be a pregnant woman!
>Who knows how many chances we'll get to see that?
>Around the table there were emphatic nods of agreement.
>Even Naomi giggled behind her hand
>I looked at Toshiro.
>his lips and cheeks puffed up a bit, and he looked away from me.

>The food we're served is this time finally proper local food
>Despite how different the spices taste, I find myself agreeing with it
>At least, until dessert is served once again
>No matter how much i try, this is the one that just won't go that well for me
>I have some, to be polite, but I still cannot say that I like it
>I take the time to ponder upon my journey
>Considering how well it's been going, maybe time for another haiku
>Well, hello again, candle flame
>and thus, my success streak with poetry has come to an end

>Speaking with Tsuruchi-sensei, we are told that Hotake, the man we are following, has recently passed through here to resupply
>Was headed towards a Spider outpost a bit further north
>Claiming that some of the rarer herbs he needed were in that direction
>Now we know where our next destination is
>It's finally time to leave again
>Fully healed, spiritually cleansed, and stocked up
>And with a new companion to join us on our path
>Our path to great justice
>Well, two, even
>Kitsune-san, noting the lack of emergent need for a shugenja at the village
>(and our more potential high need)
>Has decided to join us
>Also to spend some more time with her betrothed
>The depth of their love reminds me of so many stories I heard in my youth
>Stories of samurai who upon meeting, even those already betrothed to one another, falling in love
>If they weren't betrothed, we'd be witnessing something quite scandalous here
>And so, we get ready to march out of the village
>And are stopped by Kitsune-san
>"Why walk when we can ride?
>My dear samurai, meet Jimbo!"
>She brings forth a massive grey beast
>Walking on four trunk-like legs, and two great tusks coming from its mouth
>Ears that could easily serve most men as blankets
>And a long protrusion from the front of its face, ending in...nostrils?
>"What IS that thing?!"
>Daidoji-san's directness being of use for once
>"Jimbo is an elephant, my friend, and our ride
>Hop on!"
Were the spider his wife and the other guy all NPCs or were they late joining pcs
You faggots
Better not put pineapple
On your pizza pie
File: Crane_Mk2.png (2.81 MB, 1920x1080)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB PNG
Crane-san, do you remember when your story started? I feel like procrastinating and making another pdf.
Tsuruchi Yoshimitsu, the student of our Ivory Magistrate host, is a new player
Much like Daidoji-san, this campaign was his first ever RPG
The rest are NPCs, Daigotsu Otoke having been introduced at the Topaz Championship (winning against me)
Kitsune Yoshioka has not been mentioned before (though i did forget to describe her as clad in Explorer's guild colors)

stonewall and little flower edition, if i recall (spent almost a week's worth of free time before that catching up on what i missed/enjoying some of the other posted storytimes before even starting to post myself)
wanted to start one myself, but I've the bad habit of being lazy, hence why I'm not as prolific as Ishigaki-san
although a lot of time is still spent working on my university courses, making sure i'm prepped for my M&M campaign, and trying to find ideas for the metaplot of the 3rd act of my game-of-thronesy D&D campaign that most likely will pick up start of summer

speaking of university and prepping, have to go to sleep, need to wake up early so i can quickly revise my latin for a test
>The time for my act came sooner than it should have.
>By nearly a month
>I was playing with Daiko and Tetsute in the graden when I cry came up from the house
>As I opened the door to enter, one of the servants was already there with a futon.
>I shot a glance to our room
>It's too soon!
>All the more reason for you to hurry, great samurai!
>A child that comes early is even more at risk!
>I grabbed to futon and got to work, all thoughts of embarrassment gone.
>I had to distract and confuse the evil spirits. Toshiro would do his part as well, but he had his hands full attending the birth.
>I felt glad for Nana One-Eye, as she had no doubt dealt with things like this many times in her long life.
>The others set about helping to boil water, looking for anything to do so their nervous energy would have a proper outlet.
>This time, my own faked bellows were the loudest thing in the house.
>Always before, this part had been rather noisy.
>I walked my patrol, luring kansen and other evil spirits away from my wife and child, and tried very hard not to think about what that might mean.
>My moaning was interrupted by a servant.
>It is over now, great samurai.
>Try though I might, I could not hear the usual first cries of an infant.
>I tossed aside the futon and ran into our room
>Past servants carrying out bloody bedding.
>Inside I saw Naomi laying, unmoving and eyes closed.
>Nana One-Eye was wipping sweat from Naomi's forhead, so my wife was alive, at least
>Then I saw Toshiro, holding a small ugly white blob.
>He handed it to me without a word
>It was not nearly as much a blob as it should have been, and it certainly wasn't making any of the noises I'd come to expect small ugly blobs to make.
>But it's eyes were open, and it looked at me.
>I held out a finger.
>It looked, then grabbed it
>I felt almost no strength in that grip.
>Yet the little blob did not let go.
>It held on, clinging stubbornly, with everything it had.
>I sat down next to Naomi, holding my little blob.
>You've got another son, Ishigaki-san.
>He was still hanging on to my finger.
>He blrghbled at me, making little spit bubbles
>then coughed.
>one tiny little cough.
>Nana One-Eye looked up at me
>Until I met you, great samurai, the largest boy I had ever known was born early and small.
>I looked up, a little surpised
>How big he gets hardly matters to me.
>I just want him to grow up.
>I looked over at Naomi
>Toshiro answered before I could ask
>She's not in any danger right now.
>But I think she should just rest for some time.
>How much time?
>Can't say. Months, at least.
>I nodded.
>I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more children.
>But, three would be enough.
>Yes, three will do just fine.
>I glanced over to the door, and saw two little faces peering in
>I glanced at Toshiro, who nodded
>You two, come in and meet your little brother, Tsuyosa.
>Toshiro and Nana One-Eye left us alone
>I moved Naomi's head to lap, Daiko and Tetsute curled up on either side of their mother, and I cradled a sleeping Tsuyosa
>I was worried about Naomi and Tsuyosa, of course.
>But I was also quite happy.
>It could have been much worse
>Yes, this was more than enough.
>If i could just keep this much I wouldn't dare ask for anything more.
File: Crane-san.pdf (231 KB, PDF)
231 KB
231 KB PDF
Have a pdf.
Calling it now, kid's going to be a VERY powerful Earth Shugenja.
I think water is more likely, taking after mum.
particularly from descriptions of that grip
The grip had no strength, but was refusing to let go. I admit I am not formally familiar with the rings' physical domains, but did he not say that Water is strength and at least imply that Earth is endurance?
Earth is also physical health, which this one clearly lacks.
well, the grip wasnt STRONG it was just long, showing willpower and stamina
the kid also survived being premature, which was dangerous in olden times
i say earth shug
You're probably right. Unless he pays for different school he's likely gonna have himself a Toshiro-sensei and be trained Kuni style. That means Earth. Even Captcha agrees: select all images with mountains
It's hard to argue against portents like that but a calm fire shugenja would be a giggle.
We can all agree tho that he's not an air shugenja
bump for the night
I hope that Naomi will be fine...
thanks, starting to put a bit of a scope on what i've been writing, didn't know it was almost 50 pages worth of greentext

which makes it all the worse that i'm roughly at the halfway point already, at least, concerning Daikakita-san
His death marks the end of chapter 3 out of 5, according to my GM, and we're rapdily approaching the climax of his chapter 2 and the following interlude

What i can say about him is that he does know how to write out a well-planned campaign
And takes great delight in how genre savvy I can be
Especially when he plays with it
Like with Daigotsu-san
I honestly still don't know if he's being honorabru samurai, or just another Spider
Little child born weak
How will you survive the wall?
Heavy thoughts for dad
>exposed shoulder
What did you expect from inferior clan?
>Naomi had been terribly weakend by the birth
>It led to some awkward fumbling when it was time to feed Tsuyosa
>I ended up sitting behind Naomi, supporting her with my chest and holding my arms under hers, to help support him
>Ishigaki-kun, we both know you are the one really holding him. Just let go of my hands
>He's your son too; you should hold him as well.
>I'm your strength, as you are mine, Hana-chan.
>She closed her eyes and smiled
>I glanced down when my arms started to cramp up
>Is he not full yet?
>It would seem this one has just as large an appetite as his siblings.
>Yeah, seems like it. That's good then.
>Tsuyosa finaly let go. I laid him down just long enough to wipe the dribble up and close up Naomi's kimono
>No, it's okay. It's just a little tender after meal time...
>Tsuyosa had already began to squirm about by the time I scooped him up
>I could recognize when a baby needed good burping by now
>I held my son to my chest, his chin on my sholder and gently patted at his back
>oh my
>Naomi. Is that what it feels like?
>Yes, it is.
>Ah. yes. Naomi handled most of the burping herself, so I had completely forgotten how often that bit came along with it.
>I wipped his little mouth and laid him down in Naomi's lap as I stepped out to get changed
>I almost knocked Toshiro over as I was leaving
>I must be very distracted, to have missed his thumpdraging
>He had a few sticks of insence in his hand
>Toshiro followed my gaze
>the smoke is medicinal. It will give strength to their lungs, help them get more Air.
>That seems...counterintuitive, Toshiro.
>I know. But it works. Some of the best medicine is stuff most people would never try.
>Every hear of the Togashi monk that got poisoned by a Scorpion? Guy took MORE poison to cure himself.
>I stared at Toshiro in horror
>Oh, don't give me that look.
There was a king, who reigned to east...
>Look, the point I'm making is that because of him the rest of us now know the difference between poison and medicine is often just a matter of how much you take
>And I know you know that. You've learned enough about medicine because of Naomi-san's illness that you do.
>I sighed, then shook my head
>You're right, Toshiro. You're always right
>Thank you for indulging my baseless fears.
>He looked me in the eyes.
>I don't blame you.
>So it's no big deal
>I nodded
>I turned to head down the hall, ignoring the 'whoa!' that came from over my shoulder
>after I got changed and handed my soiled kimono off to a servant I joined the others for a lunch of my own.
>Monkey asked first
>how are they?
>I sat down with a sigh as Mantis-san passed me a bowl of rice
>Naomi is quite weak. Can barely sit up on her own.
>Tusyosa is eating alot, at least. Good apetite, like Daiko and Tetsute.
>Monkey gave me a encouraging grin
>Yeah, you're the toughest guy I know!
>No way your kid would let a little thing like being born early keep him down!
>It was still far to soon to predict something like that, but I wasn't about to invite bad luck by pointing it out.
>Instead I looked over at Kitsuki-san
>How long until we need to leave?
>...three weeks would be ideal, but I came here prepared to wait another five.
>We'll leave in three then.
>...You sure?
>Naomi and I had already talked about this.
>We both knew there was no way she would be ready to go chasing after a bloodspeaker cell on Kitsuki-san's time frame, even if everything had gone perfectly.
>And she would blame herself if he waited around on her account and that delay cost people their lives.
>Kituski-san looked at me evenly.
>Okay then.
>I finished up my lunch, then found Daiko and Tetsute.
>We played until the two were exhausted.
>I went back to our room, a sleeping child under each arm
>Naomi was alseep, Tsuyosa beside her
>I put the two I had down in a little pile next to her and covered them up
>Naomi was alseep, Tsuyosa beside her
>I put the two I had down in a little pile next to her and covered them up

Pile of cuteness
Man, I tried to make a rice balls, and fuck them up. How make them good?
And what are the best filling for them? I tried pickled cucumber, but it's lacking something.
Try Ninjas
I'm partial to bonita flakes.
Also, they are much, much better when warm.
Also, salted fish with pickles damn good.
Next time I wanna try fry them.
Any suggestions?
I've heard that they taste good stuffed with mushrooms
We seriously need someone to draw those infamous ninja-stuffed riceballs. With Ishigaki inspecting them.
If the drawfriend feels generous, it'll be a Scorpion scroll of the secret technique.
Bumping with Ishigaki's themesong

>hating storytime

You don't belong here. Go back whence you came, this instant!
reading comprehension, m80. He wasn't complaining about storytime, he was complaining about the lack of it in a thread dedicated to it.
L5R general died. It's time to ruin this thread.
File: 1459808165163.jpg (210 KB, 1200x1033)
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210 KB JPG
Moar stories when?
File: (L5R) Uncle Iroh.jpg (324 KB, 1540x1060)
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324 KB JPG
I mean, I can post the like 4 L5R screencaps I have. Or the current Ishigaki pdf. If people want to work on / help with edits.

Ah, the faux-polite asshole Crab who knows nothing of haiku not being sadane (and sadane being about art, not ripping into each other), etiquette of duelling and the importance of not acting like you don't give a shit, ritual cleansing after fighting, social improprieties relating to bleeding during social gatherings, expecting scars to be impressive in a society conditioned towards avoiding being hit, and the the vulgarity of talking about koku publicly / as though you care.

File: (L5R) Crazy Crane Waifu.png (462 KB, 1255x1675)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
It isn't my story.
L5R is one of the hardest setting's to get right; it's comparable to shit like 40K and a less than perfect grasp of thing isn't anything to sneer at.
Didn't say it was.

Nothing wrong with directly addressing how a screencapped story fails to meet the setting. It's when someone drives people out of their game for similar failures, kills characters for improperly accepting an invitation to a tea ceremony, or otherwise punishes less than flawless behaviour in a game that it gets bad.
Well, as long they had fun, and we have this screencap, nothing wrong, right? After all, isn't it a point of games?

Personally I doubt my group will have fun with it.
Tommorow I will return to a regular posting schedule. Been a fun weekend with sweats and chills, and chugging water to keep from dehydrating. So, sorry for letting this thread go to shit, but I'll be back in business in about nine hours. Oh yeah, if any of you ever end up on antibiotics for some reason just be aware that diarrhea is a fairly common side effect. You've been warned.
Get well and properly fed!
Why might that be?good anon
Because they prefer more "kill or bumble through everything" route.
Seriously, one of PC tortured his own (he betrayed him, but still) childhood friend with an ants. And then make said ants eat his friend's brain, while he was alive.
Insect controlling powers are fucking scary.
Get well soon big Crab
Drink yoghurt every day, it helps with antibiotic-related gut problems.
Hope your recovery will be speedy

Have to apologize myself for not posting as much as I could have
Been trying to remember what exactly happened next, and coursework is starting to pile up a bit

Will do my best, though, should be at the halfway point, and the fact that some of the characters did stuff behind my back during the Summer Court should shorten that segment (for example, Togashi-san failing to act like a Scorpion and Daidoji-san being blackmailed by a whore he got pregnant)
ST here. I will try to add the parts of the Summer Court that Crane-san missed.
The Togashi Monk trying to be a Scorpion and the Daidoji following his darker instincts were quite entertaining/challenging for me.
Due to hardware failure on my side, I will unfortunately have to work by memory.
Wasn't sure if you caught up yet, glad to see you here

Would be hard describing those things considering the first person perspective, although was already planning to allude to them, then explaining in a separate post if anybody asked

Plus, some things I can artistic liberty into my character hearing gossip about it, or being told by someone with authority, like Doji Tatsuki telling me of Daidoji-san's miss-steps during the court

Just to make sure, did you set this in 1199 or 1200? So everyone familiar with canon can situate our actions during the larger meta-plot?
1200 - The whole arc happens during (and after) the 20 festivals event.
I'm looking for a greentext and I figured this would be the place to ask.

An L5R party fights a maho, who summons an oni. One of the members runs away. They manage to kill the oni, but it self-destructs and wipes the party. Everyone rolls up new characters except the coward, but unbeknownst to him, one of the new characters is a survivor of the oni attack. The character grinds his storytelling to ridiculous heights, the campaign ending with him telling the Empress the story of the oni attack from his point of view, revealing the coward's cowardice.
>I sat and sipped a cup of sake, letting the rice wine warm my body as I watched my family sleep
>Tsuysoa woke up first, squirming a bit
>Just that one little cough
>I scooped him up before he could wake any of the others
>there were tears in Naomi's eyes
>I took Tsuyosa outside.
>He was pale, more fair skinned like his mother so I kept him out of the sunlight directly
>Fortunately for him, a six foot plus slab of papa makes a real good piece of portable shade.
>I sat down next to the koi pond with him, holding him so his feet were in the water
>he gigled and kicked at the sensation
>I always enjoyed the look on my children's faces when they found something new
>Well then, Tsuyosa, we need to have a talk. Man to man.
>yes, you're right. I see you're a bright boy aren't you?
>Then you understand why I need to know if you have what your mother has.
>If you do then bushi school is right out.
>His head began to droop a bit, so I laid him down on the grass, stretching out beside him
>My body cast a shadow over him, keeping him cool
>He trashed his arms and legs in the grass, smiling and making spit bubbles
>And then one little cough
>You see? Right there.
>THere's no question you're sick.
>Yet you hardly seem bothered at all by it.
>You are a direct descendant of the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, so whether shouldn't bother you at all.
>You are a Hida, and we're predisposed to big frames and big muscles.
>I tickled his side and he laughed
>You're a bit tiny, but you also came earlier than you should have...
>And of course, our clan has a deep connection to the Earth.
>And then there's all the medicine from Toshiro and Nana One-Eye. They're both quite experienced, and Toshiro has been helping to look after your mother for some time now.
>I had one other thought, one I wouldn't say out loud.
>Not even to a garden that was empty save an infant still incapable of understanding words.
>And a few boringly sober fish.
>That thought was, of course, about how much care Naomi would really have recived for her illness during her childhood.
>Given what I knew about Shoji, I was almost certain the answer was: None at all
>So, it could very well be Tsuyosa had inherited his mother's illness.
>It seemed equally likely that he would not be as severely effected by it.
>I spoke to my son again
>So, I think we should keep you away from any bushi schools, but beyond that...
>What do you think, Tsuyosa?
>Courtier? Send you off to train with the Yasuki?
>Kaiu? Hmmm. What do you think of being one of the Kaiu battlemasters? Fine strategists, every General in the Crab armies has at least one battlemaster on their personal staff.
>Or, would you like to train as a shugenja?
>I immagine we'd have little choice but to give you over to Toshiro for that. Could you handle the earth kami, even though you're a bit sick?
>Little to soon to be thinking about things like that, I'd say.
>Toshiro thumpdragged his way into the garden and sat down beside us both
>Tsuyosa had worn himself out squirming about at all these new feelings, and had drifted back to sleep.
>I scooped him up and cradled him in my lap
>It's all part of my strategy Toshiro.
>If I can just get him to tell me what he wants to be when he grows up, then I can make him promise that he'll grow up...
>Toshiro looked at me.
>Didn't you just get done listing off all the reasons why he'll be fine?
>Yeah, I did.
>Didn't help.
>I know you're a good shugenja, I know you've got parctice. I know between you're earth magic and Naomi's water magic there's very little the two of you can't treat.
>Toshiro nodded.
>Emotions are a real pain in the ass at times. Never listening to reason.
>You got that right, Toshiro.
>and that only made me wonder what I was going to do for Naomi
>I took Tsuyosa back to room and took a nap along with my family.
>All this worrying was wearing me out.
>I was awakaned from my nap by three hungry children
>I took the two older ones to the kitchen and got them some lunch/dinner/growing child snacktimething
>I left them there, hapily munching away, and returned to check up on Naomi and Tsuyosa
>I crept up as quietly as i could.
>Not very, all things considered.
>But then the person I was sneaking up on, if I was right, had a lot on their mind and would be very distracted
>I peered in through the door.
>Sometimes I really hate being right
>Naomi was feeding Tsuyosa, and weeping openly.
>I could just make her sobbing 'I'm sorry' to him, over and over.
>I could sit out here and think all day and never figure out the magic words to make her feel better, so I just went on inside and hugged her, hugged them both, from behind
>I really did catch her off guard; Naomi looked over her shoulder in complete surprise, tears running down her cheeks.
>I could just make her sobbing 'I'm sorry' to him, over and over.

Ok, that's suspicious.
I am calling it now: those three will grow up to be a menace to all things that are tainted.

>Tsuyosa plays with a couple of other boys
>Can't quite keep up and an idiot decides to make fun of him
>said idiot is then found weeping with an atomic wedgie and two innocent-faced Daiko and Tetsute
>after that, the sensei instructs Ishigaki to discipline his children
>he does so
>behind the sensei's back tells Daiko and Tetsute they did a great job
>errybody keeps an eye out for Tsuyosa until he can defend himself with spells

In what way is that suspicious?
She knows he inherited her illness.
>In what way is that suspicious?
>She knows he inherited her illness.

Either that or it's because of the premature birth. I know Naomi is exremely kind and all that, but she seemed to be reasonable enough too. So would she apologize for something like that, that is not of her fault or her intention? Maybe there's something else here too?
I'm actually betting that Tsuyosa ends up being an even bigger man-mountain than his father.

>Would Naomi apologize for something that is not her fault?

Tsuyosa is ill, so he might be getting big as Ishigaki but... I doubt he would get the sheer mass of a Crab Wall Defender, especially if he does not go Bushi.
>So would she apologize for something like that
Given that she took all of her father's abuse like she did... yeah, she seems the kind of person who would apologize for something they don't even have any power to change.
OR it could be something different.
Fried riceballs,
Cant hide from lovers,
A secret shame.
Occam is screaming.
Tell him sharpen his razor's blade, its dull as fuck
And now, another haiku!

White snow hair,
Graceful little Crane,
The fuck your gender?
My lovely Dragon,
What secrets do you hiding,
Under kimono?
Here they go,
Girls from Fox, Mantis and Wasp,
Name your price.
Consider caution,
When courting Phoenix Girl,
Peaceful and yet...
I understand when
You cannot follow the right
Syllable number.
But mixing up "do" with "are"?
A truly shameful display.
Crab hearts are hard,
Fearless fighter, remember,
Romance crack shells.
Phoenix may be odd
But unicorn women are...
Second to their "men".
Scorpion have,
Loins full of sweet honey,
Yet its a poison.
For Lion love,
With their strict rituals,
Tragic accident.
Unicorn horses,
Have all women in clan,
Men dying from thirst.
And thats all.
Shit, i fucked up,
Right now im considering,
Making sudoku.
There's no reason Tsuyosa can't be the biggest, manliest, most uncouth shugenja the Empire has ever known.
Does anyone play them as anything else?
File: crying pirate.gif (754 KB, 387x197)
754 KB
754 KB GIF
>If I can just get him to tell me what he wants to be when he grows up, then I can make him promise that he'll grow up...
>what are... why...?
>Obviously, Naomi had thought she could keep her feelings hidden from me
>Now she was struck speechless in surprise that I had caught her red handed
>I answered her by giving her very light squeeze with my arms
>The squeeze forced more tears, and she broke out sobbing again
>Let me go!
>I do not deserve your love!
>look what I did to our son!
>Tusyosa had finished eating already, and was nuzzled into her breast, fast asleep
>oh no how horrible.
>letting him nap using the best breasts in the Empire as a pillow
>huh? what?
>there had been just a tiny note of hope in that last what
>I understood what was going on now
>all those years that Naomi had been used as a punching post by her father had with a seriously damaged sense of self worth
>it had taken not just me, but all of us, years to get her to stop saying she was a burden on us.
>Now confronted with Tsuyosa's illness, she had slid back into those old habits.
>Damn you Shoji.
>Not even here and still fucking things up
>This wound Naomi bore was an emotional one.
>An ephemeral thing, difficult to treat.
>But I had to try, lest she spiral down into one of the Nine Types
>There was much I could endure. But the way my body reacted at just the thought of her receiving the treatment for that told me that was NOT something I could endure.
>I lifted the sleeping baby from her arms and laid him gently down, covering him with a light blanket
>I wiped his slobber off her and closed up her kimono.
>She didn't protest, or do much of anything really.
>That bit of hope I heard, that desire to be reassured this wasn't her fault, had given me hope
>But the reality was she was even worse off than I thought.
>Tsuyosa squirmed a bit, gave one tiny cough and the settled back into his sleep
>The second he did so, she clutched at her chest as though she had been shot with an arrow.
>Ah. I see.
So, about that gap in post time, I literally fell asleep mid post. Warm laptops are better than a glass of warm milk, it seems.
You might want to get checked for narcolepsy Ishigaki-sama this seems to happen to you often
>Naomi was the kind of person who would endure great pain without a word of complaint.
>Indeed, she would push herself TOO hard if you let her, and put her own well being at risk
>Yet she could not bear the sight of someone else suffering from so much as a stubbed toe.
>Now she was reliving all the pain her own disease had caused her, and imagining Tsuyosa going through that.
>No wonder she was so distraught
>Well, it also gave me a place to start
>I pulled her back into a hug, holding her head against my chest
>Do I look like your father to you?
>She looked up at me, confused by my rhetorical question
>You heard me Naomi.
>I want to know:
>How much of the pain of your childhood was caused by your illness?
>And how much was caused by your father's rejection?
>I gave her a squeeze to drive the point home
>How many times must I explain this to you?
>Some people, like me, have strong bodies and weak minds
>Some poeple, like Kitsuki-san, have the opposite, strong minds and weaker bodies.
>Many people are like you and Toshiro, with a great strength in one or two elements, while being weaker in the others.
>Strength ans weakness come in many many different types.
>What truly maters is strength or weakness of CHARACTER.
>Are you planning on raising our son to be a shallow, selfish asshole?
>I pulled her chin up to look me in the eyes
Shut up I'm not crying
its called emotions, like toshiro said: Emotions are a real pain in the ass at times. Never listening to reason.
>She was clutching at my kimono.
>I could tell Naomi wanted to believe me.
>Now that the skirmishers had lured the enemy to the field of my choosing, it was time to send in the heavy infantry
>Didn't you once tell me that there must be balance in all things?
>um, yes?
>I nodded
>Right, you said that in order for a Fortune to give their blessing to someone, they MUST curse someone else.
>Didn't you say that knowing another person would be able to live a long, healthy life made your illness bearable to you?
>That is because it does!
>I nodded again
>So, then. Jurojin MUST pass our blessings and curses equally because that's just how the universe works.
>She nodded
>Look at him, Naomi
>She looked at Tsuyosa
>Yes, he was born early and small.
>Yes he coughs
>But it's only ever one cough.
>I've not yet seen him spit up blood, have you?
>So don't you think a Hida, a descendant of Osono-Wo, will be able to bear an illness far better than a Phoenix girl?
>Especially when he has a loving family that will see to it he gets the very best care and medicine from the very beginning?
>She looked up sharply.
>She was reeling. Time to strike the final blow.
>I braced myself.
>I was going to have to be cruel to be kind.
>What? It hasn't ever occurred to you?
>Naomi, Toshiro is an Earth Shugenja, but your father is an Earth Tensai.
>Toshiro may be a smart man, but the Phoenix clan prides itself on KNOWLEDGE, not just it's magical power.
>Did it really never occur to you that if he was able to discover a better medicine for you in as short a time as he spent looking in to it, that your Clan would not have been able to do so as well?
>You illness is as bad as it is now because you father did not get you treated properly.
>Tsuyosa will not have to endure that.
>She pulled herself back into my chest
>no. No he will not.
>The fact that she didn't protest told me she had thought of it before.
>she just refused to admit it was possible, until now.
+1000 puppies
File: happy hughes.jpg (40 KB, 870x489)
40 KB
>mfw all of that
>Toshiro was right, of course.
>Emotions did not listen to reason
>Nothing I could ever say would stop Naomi from harboring guilt over Tsuyosa's illness
>Just like I would always jump a little every time one of them coughed, or would wonder the posible deeper meanings behind every yawn, every drop of sweat that would come from my son and my wife
>But reason could help you see those feelings for what they were, and that would give you the strength to push them aside. To refuse to act upon them.
>I suppose I should be gratefull to Naomi
>There was no faster way to get me to cast aside my own doubts and fears that to present me with someone who needed me to be strong for them.
>I chuckled a bit, as I realized Naomi and I were quite similar in that respect.
>The days passed, and under the combined care of Toshiro, Naomi and Nana One-Eye Tsuyosa's coughs became even less frequent.
>They didn't stop altogether, but they were also never severe.
>In fact, Tsuyosa was gaining strength faster than Naomi.
>as days turned to weeks, I spent more and more time with my family.
>The others did not intrude, and handled all the preparations for our journey themselves.
>I was rocking a sleeping Tsuyosa while Naomi practiced her calligraphy
>One of the sticks of medicinal incense was burning,
>The smoke didn't smell like any incesnce I'd smelled before, and there was an odd sharp odor just at the back of it.
>it was an odd thing, like an afterthought, or seeing something out of the corner of you eye.
>But with your nose.
>Does that really help
>Oh yes, proper caligraphy takes very fine muscle control. When you are weak or tired it will show in the character
>I meant the incence
>Yes, it really does help. It's like... like how I can seem to breath easier in cool open air, during autumn.
>Toshiro has been preparing them for us.
>It does not take many to last a day.
>Really, only one for Tsuyosa, and two or three for me.
Alright we're almost at the bump limit.
I made my goal of getting through the downtime in this thread
gonna take a break for afternoon/early eavining erands and whatnot, be back in about 4 or five hours with a new thread to get stroytime back on track and on to the next arc.
File: 1437076465134.jpg (81 KB, 600x451)
81 KB
>If I can just get him to tell me what he wants to be when he grows up, then I can make him promise that he'll grow up...

Well done Ishikagi-san, that line was a good one
Ishigaki and Naomi really make a cute couple.
Eeesh. Poor crab. For about a year, that spoiler was my life.
File: Two Men Survived.png (152 KB, 1865x1699)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Aha, found it. My google-fu is stronger than I thought.

>Jimbo is quite large, apparently, for an elephant
>But there's still just barely enough room for our party
>At this speed, Tsuruchi-san estimates that by the time we arrive at the Spider outpost mid-morning in a few days time
>Hotake will have arrived the evening before
>We should be able to even catch up to him with ease once we're there
>In the meantime, we get to enjoy the relative safety of traveling by elephant
>Which makes itself clear just how safe quite quickly
>Within a day, we come across a wide river
>It would've been too dangerous to ford on foot
>Especially with a group of strange beasts lurking all around us
>Maws gaping wide enough when they yawn to swallow a man whole
>Cornered by giant square tusks
>Hideous creatures, but somehow serenely calm within the current
>I feel a moment of inspiration, as though guided by my ancestors for a moment of art
>Not a creation of art, like a haiku or a painting
>But a true moment
>As eternal as it is brief
>I pick a handful of the tea leaves I brought with me from Tsuma
>And let them scatter in the wind, towards the great waterbeasts
>"What are you doing to those hippos?"
>"Is that what they're called?
>Can you not see, Tsuruchi-san?
>The juxtaposition between nature wild and nature controlled
>The art of tea and the art of wild animals
>It's beautiful, isn't it?"
>He stares at me incredulously
>"Looks like a waste of tea leaves to me"
>Well, looks like I'll have to find my art appreciators elsewhere
>The hippos gape their maws as the tea leaves float towards them
>I think to myself that at least they must appreciate such fine taste, even if Tsuruchi-san did not
>Our next obstacle was somewhat less calm, however
>As Jimbo trotted along, a great shadow fell upon us
>High in the sky, what looked like an eagle
>Only from what it seemed, it looked a lot larger than one
>As in, slightly more than half the size of a large shiro
>As in, if it spots us, we're as good as dead
You forgot your name, Crane-sama. Here, I picked it up for you.
thank you

the mind wanders when art is done

for those interested
more stuff on the LCG
Haven't seen that one, good shit. Going to show this to our party Scorpion, he now has an example to follow.

>"Everybody, keep quiet"
>Daigotsu-san made sure as little noise as possible was made
>"That is a roc.
>If it spots us, run"
>We wait, for what felt like half a lifetime, until the roc would fly away
>It didn't
>It was joined by a second one instead
>If we were spotted now, it would be highly unlikely that we would survive
>Finally, the rocs fly away, seemingly having spotted a different quarry
>Such great majesty
>I sincerely hoped that we would not encounter anything like this again

>When we finally made camp, the area had become quite a bit more marsh-like
>While the mosquitoes had been ignorable until now, they were starting to become quite the nuisance
>Kitsune-san had taken Jimbo away a bit, to find a more open space where it could sleep
>Just as we were about ready to settle down and take off our armor, we started hearing it
>A buzzing much like that of mosquitoes, only larger, and deeper
>Turning to the source of the noise, we saw a small pack of mosquitoes the size of dogs
>Flying towards us at a high speed
>Tsuruchi-san grabs his yumi, while myself and Daigotsu-san readied our han-kyus
>Daidoji-san much preferred fighting with his no-dachi
>And Togashi-san was confident in her ability with her fists
>As the monstrous mosquitoes approached, Tsuruchi-san let his arrows fly
>The skill in archery of his family was quite the thing to behold
>He felled two of the insects before they were in range of our han-kyu
>The three of us felled four more after that
>The two remaining insects' lives ended quickly before they could touch us
>One was cleaved in half as it approached Daidoji-san
>The other tried to go for me
>I dropped my bow
>And strike with the unsheathing of my blade
>The beast abdomen is split open as it sinks to the ground
>I am starting to really dislike the animals of the jungle

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