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old thread sinking faster than I thought
Crane worst clan
I mean, there's always spider....
Good news, Spider is not a thing anymore.
Spider > Crane
There I said it
Oh. Well in that case...

actually I'm pretty fed up with foxwaifu-this, foxwaifu-that. Does Fox deserve a pass?
Feel free to have that opinion
But I don't hear the skittering of spindly legs amongst the footfalls of the Great Clans
Nor do I see any webs being woven

If you'll excuse me, I must return to my tale

Just one post this time, have to get up for course in about 5 hours because I'm terrible at having a proper sleep schedule
Since they pulled the timeline far back, do you think Mantis will become a minor clan again?
I hope not. Mantis are cool.
Both Spider and Mantis are up in the air.

Both could return in some form or another.

I would not be surprised if the first two deluxe expansions are a Shadowlands focused expansion with the Spider Clan replacing the Shadowlands Horde/Yogo Junzo's Army and a Minor Clan focused expansion that allows splashing minor clan cards in great clan decks and running a Minor Clan Alliance deck.
so dumb question, I know the old company that made L5R got bought out, is their any word what the new company is going to do with it yet or is that still up in the air?
>I had to go back to my room and change of course
>It was a very great struggle not to constantly look behind me as I walked through the halls
>Of course, the Scorpion would take their time
>Part of their revenge was, invariably, the time their victim spent dreading it's arrival.
>I got out of my armor, and Naomi insisted on checking me for any injury
>I'm fine Naomi, he didn't cut me
>No. I must be certain!
>The vehemence in her voice startled me
>She looked me over, and there was a thin scratch.
>Only the very top layer of skin was parted, not even deep enough to draw blood
>Wait, Naomi? Why are you yelling?
>Toshiro thumpdragged his way in
>I just got up here Naomi-san, what
>The kami of earth are better at removing poison than the kami of water!
>You have one, don't you?
>Uh. I do...
>Hurry, use it!
>Naomi pulled out a scroll of her own
>I will try something as well!
>Toshiro and I looked at each other, he shrugged, fished out his scroll and said a prayer to Jurojin
>a little bit later Naomi finished her spell as well, and I felt quite good
>Okay, now will you tell us what the hell has you so worked up?
>The blade was poisoned
>You did not see. No one saw.
>But I did!
>There was venom of some sort on the Scorpion's blade!
>Why did you even offer to be his champion in the first place?!
>Because I'm pretty sure the Scorpion wanted Kakita Sakurada to be the Lion's champion...
>Toshiro piped up. Okay, wait. Both of you.
>Let's start over from the beginning here.
>The Peace faction made an overture to the Lion, and were rebuffed
>Today a Scorpion picked a fight with the Lion.
>They knew the head of the Lion delegation would not allow their best warrior to face the Scorpion over personal insults just in case the Scorpion had something planned
>Naomi picked up from there
>Yes, yes.
>Sakurada saw a chance to get in the Lions good graces, and possibly swing them to the War faction
They're making 5e and recreating the card game. The only thing we know so far is that 5e is a propper reboot using 1e timeline/lore

>The heimin cowers beneath the cart
>"Please, honorable samurai-sama, please, don't kill me!
>I'll tell you everything, I swear by the Kami and the Fortunes!"
>Disgusted by this display of cowardice, I motion towards the gunso
>"Have your men bring this criminal to a cell
>I will interrogate him now!"
>Pointing my bloody katana at some heimin onlookers
>"You there! Find some eta to clean up this filth!"
>I dry my blade with the shirt of the headless criminal, then follow the guardsmen

>In one swift moment
>Justice upon criminals
>Crane Blade returns home

>"What is your name, heimin?"
>"Jun, samurai-sama"
>"Jun, you are hereby charged with the transport and trade of illegal cargo, directly defying Imperial Decree, conspiring against the Empire, and treason to the Empire.
>How do you plea?"
>"Guilty. I cannot hide my shame before magistrate-sama"
>"I knew you'd say that
>The punishment is death
>However, I will give you one chance to die with some semblance of honor
>So that maybe you will be reborn not quite as low as the criminals dead next to your cart"
>"Anything, magistrate-sama"
>"You will tell me everything you know
>You will not leave out one detail
>You will not attempt to lie
>And you will accept justice
>Have I made myself clear?"
>"Yes, magistrate-sama"
>The smell of the whimpering coward soiling himself with fear started permeating the room
>I'm going to need some strong tea after this

>Kakita Sakurada
>Lion's champion
>swing them to the War faction
>Scorpion poison against the best Crane duelist at this court

I'd say we got close enough with our guesses
Fucking Scorpion.

Also, nice one, Ishigaki. Now there will definitely be some ninja under those rice balls.
Ninja don't exist. Anyone who says otherwise is lying and is secretly a Scorpion.
AEG didn't get bought out. FFG bought the IP.

Wrong. We suspect that there will be a 5e, but there is currently no info on it.

The card game's story has been rebooted to a point that looks similar to before the start of the previous timeline and there have been a fair number of changes that might influence the story severely. (genderswapped Clan Champions being one of those changes)

None of the previous lore is sacrosanct and we do not even know if it has anywhere near the same history as the previous timeline.

We have only had 2 weeks of preview articles for the LCG so far.
>Then I took over
>But the Scorpion anticipated that,
>Naomi finished
>And hatched a plan where they would likely injure Sakurada, only for him to die from the poison later!
>Toshiro whistled.
>There are plenty of poisons that look like natural deaths...
>Everyone would KNOW, but no one would be able to prove anything!
>Toshiro looked at me
>And you just had to go and ruin that, didn't you?
>Well. I was in deeper shit than I thought.
>We should probably report all this to Katsuie-sama.
>On the way we bumped into Ikoma-san
>Hida Ishigaki-san! I have not had the oportunity to thank.... you?
>I stopped
>He could see the looks on our faces.
>Sorry, I don't have time for niceties. What's your name, anyway?
>He blinked, surpised that I would champion someone I didn't even know
>It's Gohei
>Ikoma Gohei
>Gohei-san, you should go to your superior, I think ours will want to speak with him soon.
>As I hurried on I tossed over my shoulder
>And watch your back!
>We entered into Katsuie-sama's rooms
>He was sitting there with a scowl on his face.
>I suspect you have news for me, and it will not be good...
>We explained to Katsuie-sama what had happened, from walking in on the insults to the end of the duel
>Along with Naomi seeing the poison.
>He looked at her
>Of course it would be a water tensai who could see it...
>Makoto piped up
>Yeah, only the Kitsuki have sharper...eyes. oh.
>Well, there was an uncomfortable thought.
>Had Kitsuki-san spotted the poison? Had he been privy to the plot?
>It was Kentaro WAS Amano's cousin...
>Or was that just what the Scorpion wanted us to think? To drive a wedge between us, the wild cards in this court?
>Fuck this was making my head hurt...
>Katsuie-sama wrote down a couple of quick leters.
>Saji, take these to Ikoma Sen-san and Doji Akiko-san.
>I arched an eyebrow
>Not the Mantis, Katsuie-sama?
>Their two best courtiers are no longer present, and their current head is just following Akiko's lead.
>At this point, the Mantis are a peice for others to move, no longer players in their own right.
>Ikoma Sen, Ikoma Gohei, Akodo Yoshi, Doji Akiko and Kakita Sakurada all joined us
>Katusie-sama blinked
>I will have to make some more tea
>The three big shots all sat around a table together, while the rest of us waited in the wings, watching them.
>Akiko took the lead
>What is all this about, Hida-san?
>I belive I have learned the extent of the Scorpion plot today.
>Oh? I thought they were up to something
>Sen stroked his beard
>So then, Hida-san, what were they up too?
>They were trying to kill Kakita Sakurada.
>Sen blinked
>I saw Skurada shuffle from one foot to the other.
>Akiko fluttered her fan
>By picking a fight with Lion clan courtier?
>How did you come to that conclusion?
>Several things.
>Ikoma Gohei-san, it was the scorpion that first insulted you, correct?
>hai, Hida-sama.
>I belive the Scorpion anticipated your prudence, Ikoma Sen-san.
>But they also anticipated that Sakurada would use the opening to try to befriend the Lion
>Sen nodded along
>Yes, that much is plausible.
>Sen glanced over at Akiko
>Though, just to be clear, the Lion truly do not wish to involve themselves in this matter.
>Yoshi-san's poor choice of words after his bout with Hida Ishigaki-san may have given people the wrong idea.
>He was simply asking for the best healer in the castle, nothing more...
>Akiko-san nodded.
>I understand Ikoma Sen-san
>And I apreciate your candor.
>Still, if you had not been so cautious it would have Yoshi-san, and not Sakurada-san who would face the Scorpion.
>Sen nodded slowly.
>That is, of course, assuming that the Scorpion would have still been willing to dishonor himself by killing in a first blood duel.
>Katsuie-sama spoke again
>Forgive me for interrupting, but Bayushi Kentaro was never going to slay his opponent
>Not in the duel, anyway
>>Their two best courtiers are no longer present, and their current head is just following Akiko's lead.
>>At this point, the Mantis are a peice for others to move, no longer players in their own right.

Is this why Amano was so willing to put Kitsuki's would-be girlfriend on a boat, despite the obvious consequences it would have?
File: morals.png (60 KB, 1010x176)
60 KB
Anyone running a L5R game, or planning to? If so I hope you won't mind if I ask to join with that kenku-trained ronin character.
Scorpions, man.
>I could swear the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees as the implication of what Katsuie-sama just said settled in
>How do you know this, Hida-san?
>Katusie-sama turned to us
>Hida Naomi-san?
>Hai. I saw the venom glistening off the Scorpion's blade.
>There was a lot of fidgeting
>Akiko spoke
>Naomi-san, no one else saw this.
>With all due respect, Doji-sama, no one else is a water tensai.
>Akiko's fan fluttered
>She exchanged glances with Sen, who raised his eyebrows in a 'she's got a point' way
>Katsuie-sama continued then
>The schemes of the Scorpion are typically quite complex, and require certain people to react in just the right way
>However, voctory over one of the Kenshinzen in an Iaijutsu duel is a bit much to ask for.
>Hovever, by doning armor for the duel Kentaro gave himself an opening to land a single blow.
>He could even have claimed he did not realize he was injured and struck late.
>then the venom would do it's job
>Hours later, the Crane would lose their strongest duelist.
>Sen finished for him
>And the threat of a Kakita blade IS one of the Crane clans best weapons in court
>Akiko looked at him
>You wound me, Ikoma Sen-san. Our duelists are not our only strength!
>Sen chuckled. It's true that you use words more than steel in court, Doji-san.
>It's also true that the threat of him keeps people from thinking to try steel when your words are superior.
>Well... I must admit that is true.
>Akiko bowed to Katsuie-sama
>Hida-san, I must thank you. Your subordinates swift actions have saved the life of my own.
>Sen stroked his beard.
>You know what?
>I do not think I will allow this to go unanswered.
>Katsuie-sama and Akiko both looked at him
>If what you say is true, and I am inclined to believe it is, then had I allowed Yoshi to act it would have been HIM that was poisoned.
>In any event, the Scorpion used us as pawns in their scheme.
>He turned to Akiiko and bowed.
>You now have the full support of the Lion, Doji-san.
So since the whole party appears to be working against Kitsuki-san, how long until he flips out and murders someone? Either that or the player quits the game...
>You now have the full support of the Lion, Doji-san
Cry, and let loose the cats of war!
I doubt he would. From the story he seems to be quite the dedicated role player excluding his aversion to romance and the drama that comes with it.
I would be.

There's no setup for Spider existence thus far, and the name comes with a lot of baggage.
>There's no setup for Spider existence thus far, and the name comes with a lot of baggage.

Nothing has really been set up at at all and all old names come with baggage. We have barely seen a 5th of the cards in the core and we have hint of dark things going on in both the Dragon and the Phoenix.
>After the meeting Naomi, Toshiro and I discussed what we should do
>Do we tell Mantis-san and Kitsuki-san?
>Naomi nodded
>We should at least let them know, even if they do already
>Toshiro scowled
>Maybe Amano can convince them to back off before they try to do something to you?
>I really hadn't thought of that.
>He DID owe me though...
>We agreed to bring it up at lunch. That would get awkward, one way or another
>We took our usual private lunch togother
>Toshiro started us off
>Did you see the poison on Kentaro's blade?
>Kitsuki-san coughed up some rice
>Amano remained calm
>Kitsuki-san looked over at Amano in shock
>Did YOU know?
>Amano shook his head
>I was not made privy to any of the plans surrounding that duel.
>Kitsuki-san looked hard at his friend.
>Mantis-san and Monkey looked around
>Someone want to fill us in already?
>Namoi, Toshiro and I took turns filling everyone in.
>Amano got some harsh looks
>Kitsuki-san spoke up.
>They didn't tell him.
>Because I would have found out if they had.
>Monkey spoke up then.
>Alirght, I'll believe you. But aren't the Scorpion going to be pissed that Ishigaki-san screwed up their plan?
>And now the Lion are in the War faction?
>Mantis-san scowled.
>The Scorpion never forget, and never forgive.
>Yoritomo Aramasu proved that to our clan
>Naomi looked to Amano
>is there anything you can do about this?
>Amano frowned.
>I... I do not know.
>I can at least try though.
>I do owe you Ishigaki-san.
>But I can make no promises.
>I nodded.
>Alright then. Good enough, I suppose
>I decided I was going to sleep in my armor for a long time to come, just in case.
>Toshiro coughed
>Now then. We think we've got another Tsukai running around.
>chopsticks hit the table
>When did this happen!?
>Just before the excitment with the Scorpion.
>Mantis-san growled
>It never rains, but it pours...
File: deal with it.png (174 KB, 571x403)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Going out to grab some late as fuck dinner. back latter. At some point...
>Nothing has really been set up at at all
There's literally more setup for everything else compared to the Spider.

>and all old names come with baggage
Only if you take 'baggage' out of context, and wilfully ignore the unique baggage "Spider Clan" comes with.

Special Contrarian/10, mate.
Ok, question about the new l5r lore. Are they at least keeping Toku?
is there context for that picture Ronin-san?
Not that I know of, sorry.
But if you mean related to my post, that would be my character's ideology, minus the weebness.
I've been searching through as many archives as I can to find where that thread's from, and none of them go back far enough. I know its not from /tg/, /pol/ or /fit/, cause those boards had different posts for post >>25299025
We don't know.

And even if they do keep Toku, there's no guarantee that he'll be the Toku you remember and enjoyed.

It amuses me everytime someone shouts "The Spider are gone! Hooray!" that they also forget all the other storyline stuff that happened over the course of L5R's long span has also been wiped away. Some of which - like Toku's story of heroism transcending class or the epic tragedy of Kachiko/Shoju/Hoturi - was quite good.

What now remains to be seen is whether the stories FFG come up with to their place will be as good, better, or worse.
>There's literally more setup for everything else compared to the Spider.

Not really. They killed one major Clan war plot by genderswapping one of the participants and then outright stating that Hotaru only has two siblings (both with familiar names).

>Only if you take 'baggage' out of context, and wilfully ignore the unique baggage "Spider Clan" comes with.

Only in the fact that so many people tend to overemphasize the amount of baggage the Spider have while deemphasizing the amount of baggage their own favorite faction/character has.

Will Crane have Harriers? Unknown
Will the Phoenix open Black Scrolls? Unknown
Will Shoju kill the Emperor? Unknown
Will Kisada join forces with the Shadowlands? Unknown
Will Toturi go Ronin? Unknown
Is the leader of the Dragon a reincarnation of Togashi? Unknown
Do the Moto exist? Unknown
Did the moon eat its children? Unknown

We know nothing. Hantei Daigotsu and the Spider clan appear in the storyline way earlier than in AEG's and in a heavily modified form.

Unknown. As I said earlier we have seen less than 1/5th the core and, besides the fact that minor clans do exist, we know nothing of them.

Toku and the Monkey could exist with Toku's story having happened in the past.
>Not really.
Yeah, really. They've established who the clans are, and there's nothing to suggest the Spider beyond a large force marching on the Carpenter Wall from the South. Get with it.

>Only in the fact that so many people tend to overemphasize the amount of baggage the Spider have while deemphasizing the amount of baggage their own favorite faction/character has.
We're using totally different meanings for the word 'baggage'. You're talking about plots and details. I'm talking about the fanbase's feelings and hangups towards specific factions and subfactions.

Spider Clan have serious baggage.
bump. no haiku
no need to make this special
it's just a bump, right?
Moshi Aoi was their second best
Although that probably still explains why Amano was so willing to put her on a boat
page 8 bump
Bumping. These threads have made me crack open my copy of L5R 4e again.
File: itshappening.png (120 KB, 730x536)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
I'm a beginner who's never even played tabletop and has a shit ability to understand crunch. Can I join?
The group would have to talk it out
File: dlc_05.jpg (229 KB, 422x600)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
play alone in your
fantasy ashamed to show
things you imagine
Just getting confirmation:

Mantis and the clans that joined them are back to being seperate clans, right? I really liked the whole "do what you want 'cause a Mantis is free", 7th Sea sort of deal they had going.
Thus far, we have no idea what the minor clans are doing. Just the great clans and, by extension, the shadowlands.
Lions are roaring
Cranes are squawking in fear of them
Unsheathing their katanas
Lions are roaring,
Cranes aroused screams,
White drops one the floor.
Lions are roaring
Cannot reach Cranes flying high
Amused squawks are heard
So, we gotta deal with Bloodspeakers again?
Can't fly forever
Cranes will come down to rest, tired
The Lion will feast
Yeah? Come at me bro
Skill against ferocity
Do you even lift?
What the fuck did you
Just fucking say about me
You little bitch?
>waiting for the crab navy seal meme
>Shadowlands focused expansion

How would Shadlowlands win/lose via honor or dishonor?
>implying it's not the Daidoji navy seal meme
>waiting for the crab navy seal meme in haiku
I am saying that
The little bitch, even now
Of us all, is you
Scorpion spies track
Your haiku as we speak. You are
fucking dead kiddo
So, I had a long argument with myself about peeling back the curtain just a bit, but in the end I decided potential spoilers be damned, this shit is just too funny.

We ended up pulling a double dereail on poor forever GM in this arc.

The initial plan, as later confessed to by 4Ever anon, was for the party to be against the war. Kitsuki-san would waifu Aoi and, despite her initial protests and possibly with help from Mantis-san making a few clutch rolls with some void points, we would use her to turn the Mantis themselves against the war. Ayame drama for our magistrateiness, contests of all sorts for fun and glory, and just splash of samurai drama for Toshiro and Ishigaki when the Crab switch sides midway through, but seriously what are those two going to do to influence a court plot, right?

And then Kitstupid-san went off the fucking rails. Okay, fine. 4ever anon can work with this. We'll have the Mantis just get taken completly over by the Crane and the Scorpion can hatch a plot to take out the duelist so the PC's can try and bring the Crane down directly it should be noted: KITSUKI-SAN was, by the numbers, our best iaijutsu duelist. Ishigaki could win fatal duels but for obvious reasons that had nothing to do with his skill with a blade.

Then I came along. And I didn't just upset the apple cart, I charged it like a drunken ox and stomped all over the scattered remains. I wasn't supposed to be so dumb I championed the Ikoma, I certainly wasn't supposed to have the same idea the scorpion did (forcing forever gm to rule that you're not bleeding till your nicked as opposed to just narrating the duel like he planed) and I certainly wasn't supposed to fucking win.

Oh but this comedy of errors isn't quite done yet! See, Kitsuki-san's reaction to me and Amano's cousin dueling was "I can't watch this!" which meant the one pc who had the best chance to hit the abusurdo TN to spot the poison WASN'T EVEN LOOKING.
Fortunately, our DMPC had a water ring of SIX.

So, that's how our party, despite the best efforts of our forever GM and our own intentions, managed to take the red herring of the Lion getting involved and make it a reality while disrupting every plan to avoid the war.

anyway, back to storytime.
>Naomi has a water ring of 6
Goddamn, you weren't joking about her strength.
Naomi: The Flower That Lifts.
At what Insight rank were you sitting at that moment?
>Toshiro finally told us his plan to catch the tsukai.
>It's simple really. We just get the fucker to make a move.
>It's easier to pick out something that's moving than something that's standing still.
>So we make noise. We let everyone know, and that naturally includes him, that we're looking for another Tsukai.
>That makes him scared, he starts trying to cover his tracks, and we catch him trying to dispose of the evidence.
>Kitsuki-san nodded.
>Yes... yes that could work.
>He knows that while physical evidence isn't admissible I can use it to find him. He wouldn't want that.
>Too much scrutiny and he'd be bound to slip up sooner or later...
>Monkey raised his hand
>Do we have any idea WHY they're going after her again?
>Toshiro frowned.
>Well, we're making assumptions but if THEY are Bloodspeakers like we suspect he could want nothing more that to tempt her to joining the cult to achieve her vengeance.
>It wouldn't be the first time someone desperate for revenge turned to blood magic, and Bloodspeakres often pass the price of their magic off to their subordinates...
>Monkey went wide eyed.
>You said it Monkey.
>Okay then.
>we had our plan, such that is was,
>I decided to do my part with my usual subtlety and tact
>OI! Keji-san!
>Keji's reflexes kicked in and he grabbed the finger of jade I tossed at him out of the air
>The hell?!
>Ok, good.
>Just looking around for a maho-tsukai.
>Everyone! If you would all just grab this jade here for a moment, we can clear you of any suspicion and move right along.
>I shouted over the protests
>No, I'm not saying any of you are tsukai!
>Just that the Jade Magistrates have determined they may be another one about
>So this is the quickest way to find them!
>More than a few glares, shouts, cries of insulted honor
>But then Keji growled at them
>Hey! I already took the damn test, and it's no big deal! Or do you have something to hide?
>He whispered to me
>I like the way you work Ishigaki-san!
>>I decided to do my part with my usual subtlety and tact
>>OI! Keji-san!

Ishigaki ishigakiing ishigakiingly.
Who is Keiji?
Random courtier.
at this point most of us were sitting solidly at rank 5. Also, I fucked up. Kitsuki-san's sword training bit was because he wanted to be a Justicar. LIke with forgetting Mantis-san was a Yoritomo trained tsuruchi who had a few ranks in kyujutsu I blame the fact we switched from third to fourth midway for that one.
Similarly, forever GM was considering allowing paths to replace levels they shouldn't since we were rapidly running out of options for advancement. Ishigaki was set through to rank 8 since he could go back and finish out the Hida Bushi after his Defender of the Wall training, but everyone else...
Matsu Keji, from the Kenjutsu tournament
>Similarly, forever GM was considering allowing paths to replace levels they shouldn't since we were rapidly running out of options for advancement.

Did I do that? I don't remember if I ever went through with it. Might have to see if I can dig up the old character sheet from the folder in my storage unit.
... And this is why I appreciate Weakness: Strength for high Water characters that aren't supposed to backhand Hida Kisada to the ground.
Fortunately, the setting already has an out for why little Naomi is stronger than her beefcake husbando. Heck, it even got its own sidebar in the Book of Water: at this point Naomi is so in-tune with the kami of water that they are always lending her aid.
>As I had hopped, once the OTHER scary giant had gone through with it he wasn't about to let anyone weasel out.
>So the two of us were able to quickly clear the room
>I bowed from the waist, and apologized for wasting everyone's time
>After all, that's just good manners, and I was nothing if not well mannered.
>Once I reported to Toshiro that I had done my bit we scattered through the castle, watching and waiting.
>C'mon you bastard...show yourself.
>Monkey, Mantis-san, and Amano were actively hunting, and being sneaky fucks about it.
>There had been a bit of protest from Kitsuki-san when I demanded we jade test Amano before making him a part of the investigation.
>Amano himself surprised me by grabbing the jade without hesitation.
>I found his eagerness to dispel and suspicion deeply suspicious.
>But since I was counting on him to redirect the Scorpion Clan's wrath I kept my trap shut.
>Toshiro and Naomi alternated staying with Ayame, so that she was never without spiritual protection
>Katsuie-sama insisted on speaking with me, once word spread about what we were doing
>Ishigaki-san, what exactly...
>he cut off as I held out my finger of jade
>Among Crabs, it wasn't an insult to demand a test of jade.
>Even if it's someone testing their own superior.
>Hell, among the Kuni, blasting each other with a Jade Stike is perfectly acceptable way to say hello.
>He grabbed it and finished speaking
>...are you all doing?
>I jerked my head to the entourage.
>Everyone sighed and rolled their eyes as they grabbed the jade
>Save Saji, who pulled out his own finger.
>He shrugged.
>I like to always be prepared...
>You remember Shiba Ayame, right Katsuie-sama?
>He nodded
>Toshiro thinks she's under another maho assault
>What, why?
>She's been having very bad dreams, but neither he nor Naomi have been able to find any cause, despite it looking like a magical curse
>Katusie-sama nodded. He was an old veteran who understood how shugenja had to spot the work of kansen
I think we did. Wasn't it Monkey that wanted to all the bushi to get officially recognized as Jade Legionares so we could pick up that path from the fourth ed main book?
>We're operating under the assumption that his plan was to weaken her mind with nightmares and sleep deprivation, then tempt her with maho
>I wasn't sure how many people here knew the truth of what happened, so I decided I would just say it
>Secerets are for Scorpion and Oni after all, not Crab.
>What happened to her at the Kenjutsu tournament was no accident
>And Naomi COULD have saved Ayame's eye, if they had let her.
>A few surprised looks, others only had suspicions confirmed.
>Katusie-sama showed the sharp insight of a veteran of the courts though.
>So, you think this is not just another tsukai, but a Bloodspeaker?
>That got some attention.
>He explained over his shoulder to his entourage.
>Bloodspeakers know full well the price of using Maho, and to keep themselves form falling into Jigoku's control they make their subordinates pay that price.
>Wide eyes
>Katsuie-sama scratched at his missing arm
>I once battled a bloodspeaker cell, long ago...
>He shook off the old memory.
>A story for another time.
>I know you don't need my permission to proceed Ishigaki-san, but know that you have my blessings.
>A pained look crossed his face
>Just... please try to be a bit more polite in the future?
>I'll certainly try, Katsuie-sama.
>he did not seem reassured.
Yeah, I just happen to think it's silly and overly handwavey.
I'm guessing Shoji is the Bloodspeaker, calling it now.
>Our hunt lasted several days
>the bloodspeaker we pursued was no fool.
>had he been, he would have been caught long ago after all.
>We were gambling the constant pressure would cause him to make a mistake sooner or later
>The steady glares of those who resented the implications of our investigation told us we had a time limit of our own.
>Sooner or later someone would raise a stink, someone whose complaints it would be unwise to ignore.
>Even if we were well within our rights to do so.
>In the meantime, events at court were reaching a fever pitch.
>Large gatherings were becoming a rarity, as small groups of courtiers huddled together whispering, and letters practically flew back back and forth.
>Indeed, one could hardly walk through the halls without tripping over a servant bearing a letter.
>Between our investigation and the rising tensions of the court tempers began to flare more and more often.
>Several duels were fought, some part of the politicking, others just angry samurai going at it.
>I'd had enough of that crap though, and kept well away from it.
>There were also rumors of the next contest. Everything was very hush hush, and no one could tell where the gossip started, but everyone knew it required much preparation.
>After four days we found our target. And in a way we never saw coming.
That's fair.

I on the other hand think every Water shugenja needing to eat up a portion their allowed points of Disadvantages, be a hulking body builder, or be mediocre at their element to be equally silly.
>I didn't have much to do, really, so I went to dinner a little early.
>No one else had arrived yet.
>There was a letter on the table adressed to Kitsuki-san
>I looked around.
>Well, everyone reads these things anyway, right?
>I unfolded it.
>And I read it.
>And I dropped it
>And I ran to the rooms where the Scorpion were staying
>without preamble or anouncment I threw open door after door, until I got the right one
>Bayushi Amano looked up at me, sans mask
>his eyes tight with pain
>blood on the tatami
>wakizahi in his hands
>this...hurts a bit...
>he coughed, trying to hold it in.
>I was amazed he wasn't screaming.
>I can't...quite...get the next...one...
>C-c-could you...?
>You fucking MORON!
>I picked him up, and he did scream then
>I ran out, holding the bleeding Scorpion, wakizahi still in his guts
>needless to say, quite a crowd formed up behind me, more than a few wondering if they should try and stop me.
>It's a good thing I can bellow as loud as I can.
>It's a good thing Naomi, being a water tensai, could move as fast as she could
>It's a good thing Amano was fading in and out of consciousness, so I didn't have to listen to him explain why I shouldn't try to stop him
>When we ran into one another, Naomi took one look and yanked out a scroll
>I pulled the blade from Amano, who coughed up more blood.
>Naomi shouted her prayer, and in a flash of blue-white Amano's wound closed.
>he sat up, looking between the two of us.
>It's rude to read other people's letters!
>Everyone reads those things!
>The ones being carried by a servant!
>It dosen't matter anyway! We NEED your testimony!
>Are you stupid, insane, or BOTH?
>Shoji. right on time.
>Amano-san! What is going on?
>Kitsuki-san ran up to his friend
>What were you doing?
>There were a lot of people staring, waiting to hear the explanation
>fuck, where to start?
Was Amano an NPC or a new player?
True. I suppose that makes it a failing of the system, our concept of strength, or both.
File: 1492226133735.gif (489 KB, 497x373)
489 KB
489 KB GIF
Don't you need an authorization for a seppuku?
>I ignored all the shouted questions
>Instead I scanned the crowd.
>And leapt upon the Soshi the second I saw her.
>She went down under my weight with a surprised cry
>That cut off after I slammed my fist into her face. Twice.
>Then I was tackled, pulled off of her.
>I could hear steel drawn, in the confusion someone stabbed me
>I couldn't see well, buried under bodies as I was, but I heard several gasps
>Alright, ENOUGH!
>Get off him! MOVE!
>I recognized Mantis-san and Matsu Keji's voices
>Yeah, those two could certainly clear a path
>Ah Shoji again.
>I felt hands haul me to my feet
>I winced as I felt hot blood spurt from the wound in my side
>I looked around.
>Shoji had brought order at the point of a sword.
>Well, a naginata.
>Well, lots of naginata.
>Shoji waited for any one to defy him.
>What the hell is hapening?
>I pointed to the unconscious Soshi woman. The one from dot battle. the one who had egged on the Ikoma
>was all I said
>Shoji glared at me.
>You make those accusations a lot, where is your proof?
>I looked over
>...I saw her drinking jade petal tea.
>I can show you where she keeps it
>Kitsuki-san looked up from where he knelt
>He was holding up her arm, with the sleeve of her Kimono pulled back
>Scars ran up and down the length of her arm.
>Then Kitsuki-san looked at Amano
>why? Why seppuku?
>She is the head of our delegation...my superior.
>Amano burried his face in his hands and wept
>She's a maho tsukai!
>I had no choice!
>I had to report her...
>...I've betrayed the Clan.
>That wasn't all.
>With the head of the Scorpion delegation a Maho-Tsukai, the peace faction was broken.
>there was no hope now. There would be war.
>and Amano felt responsible for making it happen.
"It's easier to ask forgiveness than to seek permission."
I didn't think I could feel sorry for a scorpion...
Me too...
Oh shit son
why would THEY want peace? Or is this blood speakers working at cross purposes?
Quite probably it's the Scorpion who want peace, and Soshi was just coincidentally an agent of THEM.
Perhaps having the Phoenix owe them one was worth more than the chaos of war in this case.
Either there are two factions of Bloodpeakers here, or THEY wanted war, so set one of them to head the peace talks, be caught and compromise the peace agenda.
Good attempt but second line is meh
File: Your a wizard Craby.jpg (38 KB, 223x310)
38 KB
And for my next trick, I'll make you like a Spider.
Though he's not a part of THIS campaign.

But first lunch break
Didn't read this at first since the archived threads don't start at the beginning of the story, but then I stumbled on the PDF and started reading. And damn am I glad I did, this is one of the coolest stories I've read here.
Or, in haiku form

no beginning, skipped
then I found the PDF
this shit is real tight
I didn't appreciate how tough a crab could be until the Monster Hunter games. Their parabolic movement is incredibly difficult to judge. You think you have a lot more time to evade and all of a sudden it is on top of you somehow.
To sting his foe or
To protect his kin. Each choice
Means stinging himself.
Yes. It's asking permission to cleanse your shame from your family.
So here's this giant enemy crab
I'll use broodoo martial to flip it over
and hit it in its weak spot for massive damage
Samurai Bump
The wall will endure
But for those that stand behind
Can they overcome
What would his stats be?
i was rereading the corebook 4th ed and i noticed that naomi`s painting was one of the painting in the exemple adventure.
That's what a Toku bushi with the brash disadvantage looks like
saji is the mahotsukai, calling it, the personal finger of jade is greenstone
yes but you dont need one for a seppuku of protestation
i was wrong, oh well
discussing as i go along
I believe you still do, just no lord would dare deny one.
Maybe you don't have to get permission if your superior is a Maho tsukai
I'm pretty sure Amano thought that an unauthorized seppuku would be less dishonorable than serving a Maho Tsukai. Remember how the party was treated after their superior turned out to be one as well?
Yeah I think its also fair to say Amano wasn't really thinking all that clearly because of his situation
I would also like this answered
>Was Amano an NPC or a new player?

Amano was an NPC. He was Takeshi's 6 point Scorpion Ally.
Do you have access to any of the party's character sheets? I'd be curious to see how they were built.
I think I do, in a folder kept inside my storage unit. I was thinking about taking it out of storage this weekend to check. I'm pretty sure I have some old art for some of the NPC's too.

>The heimin spoke freely, fearfully
>He did not want to anger me
>Wise choice
>"We got the drugs from the apothecary Hotake about a week ago
>He didn't want them to be smuggled out too soon, just in case
>He seemed an honorable man
>Hotake often went into the jungle to get healing herbs for the sick
>Never charged much for them, and for those in dire need even asked no payment
>Even my brother encouraged me when I told him I'd be working for Hotake
>Although he didn't know what I would be doing"
>"It seems then that much of the blame is on this apothecary
>Though you are still not without guilt
>Where does this apothecary live?"
>"In the centre of the Peasant Disctrict
>I could take you there, samurai-sama"
>"No, you are a criminal, and as such, you will stay here, incarcerated
>Yoritomo-san, await our return before rendering judgement
>I wish to speak with this Hotake first"

>To talk to someone, one must first find him
>No matter if his status was as tall as a palace or as small as a needle
>Hotake was a needle
>The Peasant District was the haystack
>The largest haystack of the Colonies
>We decided to split up to more easily cover ground and find Hotake's shop
>In my zeal to expose the conspirators, I had forgotten to ask where exactly it was
>Too proud to go back and ask, we had to find it ourselves
>We would meet back at the gate between the Imperial and Peasant districts after an hour's searching
>The heimin were not much help
>Hotake must have been a great help to these people
>But he was a criminal, a conspirator, a traitor to the Empire
>The Law must deal with him justly
>And I am the Law
>Most heimin were avoiding specificities when I asked for directions
>They must've been mistrustful of a samurai with a magistrate's jitte in his obi
>I could imagine it must've been even more difficult for Daidoji-san
>A samurai in heavy armor carrying a no-dachi can be quite the intimidating sight
>But intimidation only sometimes helps in an investigation
Please sempai
the same way they did in the original.. not at all? the only problem is the card draw mechanic disallows this pretty hard
Isn't walking around in armor really rude?
In court, yes

As an acting magistrate on an official investigation with the danger of being attacked by criminals, however, is a different situation
Not as much in the colonies.
Imperial magistrates have the right, but you'll make a shit load of enemies if your GM is rping properly. Cuz it's rude as fuck. full stop.
yeah fuck the colonies, they were a mistake heh

We were in the peasant district, acting with the powers of Emerald Magistrates, with authorization papers extending our mandate into the Colonies for our investigation signed by the Ivory Champion

Any samurai that made a fuss would have had to take it up with him

However, we were in the Peasant district, basically the only samurai there, surrounded by mostly heimin and some eta

And as already hinted at, the heimin were not particularly keen on helping heavily armed and armoured samurai asking for a beloved healer's whereabouts

Basically, though they could not refuse us due to their station, they managed to give vague enough information that neither me nor Daidoji-san could find Hotake's shop
It mean you are expecting to fight. On an operation like that, it wouldn't be rude : you are expecting some kind of confrontation against criminals. Not any against anyone with some kind of political power.
I was skimming and replied without reading miles of story. yeah, going to serve the duties (ala going to pick people up, throwdown, confront etc) is completely ok, if occasionally overboard. In peasant district? shit, who cares what they think. The only ones you have to worry about insulting are the guards and the governor for acting like his guards aren't good enough to keep the peace. I am ok with this on all counts. as you were

>An hour had passed, and nothing
>I returned to the gate, only to find Daidoji-san waiting
>Apparently he was received about as well as I had been
>Hotake was too beloved. and these colonial peasants too distrustful of mainlanders like us
>We hoped that Togashi-san would have more luck than us
>We wait for quite some time longer before we spot her
>From the smile on her face, I could tell she was successful
>Turns out a friendly monk could be far more persuasive with heimin than us
>It still takes us a long time to get to Hotake's shop
>As we arrive, we notice the building is quite abandoned
>Hotake isn't home
>Suspicious glares follow us as I lead us inside
>The place is in disarray, books, papers, jars, vials strewn all over the place
>Valuables still present
>It seems he left by himself, in a hurry
>Packing what bare essentials he could
>We try and look for clues as to his whereabouts
>The papers, the books, they tell us nothing
>Togashi-san notices that of the jars and vials, those that are full are of herbs easily found or grown
>And those that are empty are more difficult, some even unknown to her
>She asks a heimin passing by where Hotake might be
>"Oh, honourable monk-sama, he is not at his house?
>If he's not here, that means he's in the jungle
>He must have run out of herbs and gone to get new ones"
>He's not here
>He's in the jungle
>Running from the Law
>Turns out the Peasant District is only the second largest haystack in the Colonies

If you like, I could type up a quick summary of the story so far, since i don't post as much or as often during the day as Ishigaki-san I can see if my story gets a bit lost here and there

>We return to the docks, now even more determined than ever before
>"Kakita-san, you're back! What did you find?"
>I walk past Yoritomo-san
>Jun looks up, still in his cell
>Terror marking his face as he sees my approach
>"Please, samurai-sama, I have done everything you've asked!"
>I stop myself as i stand before him
>Had I let myself go on, I may have acted in a way unbecoming of a Crane
>Not that that stops Daidoji-san, but that's another story
>"Hotake seems to be out of the City for now
>As an act of penance, you shall accompany us to find him
>You will carry supplies for us, and you will be given simple armor and a yari
>You may be lucky enough to die honorably fighting whatever may lurk in there"
>I didn't know he could look even more frightened
>I bend down close to his face
>"If you try to run, or try to turn on myself or my yoriki
>You will be cut down
>And the cycle of rebirth does not look kindly upon such dishonorable behavior."
>He starts crying out of fear
>I stand straight, and turn to leave
>I tell Yoritomo-san to supply this criminal with what i've asked
>The path most likely taken by Hotake leads out of the northern gate, so Jun shall be brought there tomorrow morning
>I wished I could go now, but I did not know this land
>I needed a guide
>We head to the Explorer's Guild
>And are granted a brief meeting with Bayushi Shibata, head of the Explorer's Guild
>Still not comfortable with Scorpions
>We explain our task, our charge, and why we need to get through the jungle with one of their best trackers and explorers
>We are told that we will be aided by the brightest new explorer to have recently joined their ranks
>Satisfied, I turn to a more immediate and much more important task
>Bidding farewell to our gracious host, Doji-no-kimi

Welcome to the jungle
We've got fun and games
>We are told that we will be aided by the brightest new explorer to have recently joined their ranks

I see what's coming.
I'm pretty sure Stevie wonder could see what's coming when its put like that
Is there a .pdf or doc to get caught up on crane storytiem?
Crane goes to jungle
with a Scorpion guiding
his path. Seems legit.
and she would cheat on you with someone better than you, because crane.
I thought /tg/ was into it though.
She is a crane, she would probably leave you in such a way that you're convinced that the weeb in question is much much better than you and that you're probably holding her back.

She wouldn't actually cheat on you because you'd consent on letting her go before she made her first move.
This is what kills the neckbeard.
File: latest[1].jpg (509 KB, 1280x935)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
I had a crane waifu once, but I never had this problem due to getting a tremendous amount honor and glory.

You gotta earn that kharmic tie, boys.
File: (L5R) Crazy Crane Waifu.png (462 KB, 1255x1675)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
While we're talking about Crane waifus...
i mostly play dragon in the rpg, with a side of crab and lion (not matsu)

one time i played a tsuruchi archer with a seppun waifu. she wanted her children to know REAL archery and she had just heard that i finished the maw with an arrow to the forehead. good wife.
I love that story. Personally, I would rather have an Otomo wife or a Hida.
Well. Fell asleep in my chair and woke up in the middle of the god damn night.

Now, before I get back to storytime, I believe I promised I would make you like a Spider.

It is 200 years into the rule of the Iweko dynasty. The Spider Clan has fully integrated into the Emerald Empire. The Spider still preach Shurido over Bushido but they do not use Maho, and have no tainted samurai. In the same way that the Scorpion don't have Ninja.

At this time an infant was found, abandoned on the steps of temple belonging to the Order of the Spider. The infant was brought in, and the abbot examined it. The abbot determined that the child carried the mark of Jigoku upon it's soul, and so it would be taken in. Using the gentle and loving techniques the Spider Monks are known for, the child was raised to exemplify Shurido, to seize his destiny with his own hands, to rule over lesser beings. Not as a matter of course, but because he was truly superior to them.

He took to his lessons well, and it was decided that he would be trained as an Obsidian Magistrate. Following in the teachings of Shuido, the boy sought to master all things. To be a model samurai. The way of warrior is the two fold way of pen and sword, and he would master both. With a bit of political wrangling he could receive an appointment as an Emerald Magistrate, and show the Empire the strength of the Spider philosophy.

Such was not to be, however. The Lion Clan had begun making noises again, as they were wont to do when reminded of things different from themselves. The Champion of the Spider decided that annihilating a great clan would not go over well with the Empire at large, and so proposed an exchange of hostages instead of war. The Child was one of the hostages given over to the Lion

In the care of the Lion the boy saw something he had not seen before. The strength of Honor. Not one of these Lions had any right to be his equal, for he followed Shurido while they limited themselves by following Bushido. He saught mastery of himself, and through mastery of himself mastery of others. They sought only to serve and die. Yet their dedication to their brothers, to the men the willingly called master, drove them on to equal footing with him. Seeing their bonds, their undeniable strength, made the boy yearn for what they had.

In time, he grew into an adult. His sensei and the old abbot were permitted entry to the lands of the Lion to oversee his gempuku, whereupon he took the name Daigotsu Ikari.
I was going to say that lunch breaks don't usually take 12 hours but I didn't want to be rude. There's also the possibility your american as well and I think their lunch breaks might actually take that long
American lunch breaks are breaks _from_ lunch, you know.
Yeah, we need time for breakfast and dinner too, you know.
And second breakfast and elevenses
Now, mechanicaly. ForeverGM was getting another l5r game going when a group of his buds from the flgs begged him to. (everyone knows he's the forevergm, everyone knows he's godlike, and everyone wants him to run whenever they get an itch) He invited me because I was veteran l5r player.

I decided to try something new, a tragic hero, and asked if I could play a tainted spider. He laid out some firm ground rules, biggest of those is if I get caught, then and there I'm an NPC and rerolling, but said okay.

I started with the basics, Okay he was born with the taint, Jigoku is still clinging to his soul from his past life, and no matter how much good he does, he will eventually become a bbeg. Cause, you know, I wanted to go for tragedy. So I was going to want touch of Jigoku, shadowlands taint, and Great Destiny because dark fate is fucking cheating.

Even better, we had three players going Lion. So that gave me both a convinent tie in via hostage and gave me an in character reason to have him torn between his upbringing and what he wanted to be.

A roll on the heritage table got me the orphan bit, and gave me Dark Paragon for free, so I chose Perfection and rounded him out with Soul of Artistry and Dangerous beauty. Then with his last disadvantages I nabbed cursed by Tengoku. Overshot the mark but it fit with his cosmic chew toy backstory.

So I ended up with a Spider that acted like a Crane and wanted to be a Lion, who was destined to be a massive villain before he was even born. Ikari was as true a bro as he could be to his Lion buddies, a beasmaster with every social disadvantage he could have, an Akodo trained by the Kakita who could only duel, and a Matsu trained at the Lion Tactican school (his player was pretty thick) Oh, and we had a Ronin named Udon. I shit you not.

[spolier]foreveergm brought Moshi Aoi back in this campaign, and Ikari seduced the shit out of her.[/spoiler]
Moshi-san's unluckiness chases her across campaigns.
>Amano showed us where the Soshi kept her jade petal tea
>That alone was should damning, but Shoji was adamant that we wait for the tea to run it's course and test her before we got around to the business of getting a confession and passing judgment.
>Since we had no proof that the tea was actually hers save the testimony of a single inferior, we had little choice but to acquiesce.
>Like the other one, she seemed to have no scrolls, instead memorizing her maho.
>Unless she knew the best damn hiding place in this whole castle but had not put her jade petal tea there with her scrolls...
>We left Soshitsukai under the eye of several Shiba and a pair of Isawa,
>I don't like it, what if she gets free somehow?
>Toshiro shrugged.
>Then you kill her, Mantis-san.
>Or I set her on fire.
>Or something.
>Regardless, the consequences should that happen are on Shoji's head, not ours.
>I almost hopped she did get loose once Toshrio said that.
>Then his superiors might finaly notice Shoji's failures.
>I had a pregneant wife and two children in this castle, so I really didn't want a bloodspeaker running around causing havoc while trying to escape.
>Nor did I want to risk another double mindfuck hangover.
>We let Ayame know the good news, and I got to growl at the monk again when he suggested she needn't sleep in the shrine anymore
>Toshiro clarified for me
>She's had Kansen directed at her by maho for some time now. So one more night just to scatter them. Otherwise they might stick around of their own volition.
>After that, it was back to our rooms
>Where Amano was trying to convince Kitsuki-san to be his second
>Kitsuki-san looked up as we came in
>Help me! I can't make him see reason!
>She was a tsukai, a bloodspeaker! And I was her subordinate!
File: (L5R) IshigakiTales26.png (3.87 MB, 3432x5840)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB PNG
A couple more screencaps
File: (L5R) IshigakiTales27.png (3.93 MB, 3432x5840)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB PNG
Doing them when I get the time.
>Amano, at least, was already referring to Soshitsukai in the past tense.
>Even though it would be several hours before we could confirm it absolutely
>And then, of course, get as much information out of her about THEM as possible
>I got myself a cup of tea.
>Katsuie-sama's habits were contagious
>You DO realize you're superiors dishonor isn't neccissarily yours as well, right Amano-san?
>It's not JUST that, Ishigaki-san!
>The Scorpion do not tolerate fools who dabble with maho, and that goes double for actual bloodspeakers!
>But we're SUPPOSED to handle it quietly, internally!
>I dragged it all out into the light of day!
>And I destroyed any hope for peace!
>Even Mantis-san thought he was being to hard on himslef
>That's not on you Amano-san. It's on my clan, and the Crane, and the Crab.
>Monkey held out a cup of tea for the Scorpion
>Amano-san... if you kill yourself now, whose going to try and get Ishigaki-san off the hook with your clan?
>Amano looked like virgin that had just had his ass grabbed when they least expected it.
>Kitsuki-san went for the finisher
>Amano, my friend...please. I am not ready to part with you, and I certainly do not wish to carry such a burden as you ask of me...
>Amano looked down, and whipsered
>You do not know. You cannot know what happens to those who betray the clan...
>Everyone had heard rumors of Traitor's Grove, of course.
>But no one outside the Scorpion Clan knew where it was, or what really happened there.
>Only that, as Amano was showing us right now, it was the single most terrifying thing in existence to any Scorpion.
>Naomi tried next
>But you did not betray your Clan!
>No, I don't know if I did or not.
>I wasn't supposed to handle it that way, even though she would have been dealt with...
>Don't you see? The simple fact that I don't know means someone might think I did!
>Toshiro spoke next
>So, killing yourself, on the off chance someone MIGHT decide what you did was wrong, is preferable to what happens if they do?
>Toshiro spoke with incredulity, but Amano looked him dead in the eyes and answered
>Kitsuki-san bowed his head
>Who is the next highest ranking member of you group, Amano?
>I insist this not come as a surprise to them
>That would be very hard to do indeed, Takeshi-san.
>Since that person is me.
>Huh. We'd been eating with the second highest ranked Scorpion in this castle, and none of us knew it.
>And that is also the last reason I must do this.
>For the sake of all the others.
>I shall take all responsibility for these events, and see to it they are safe.
>Please, Takeshi. Grant me this.
>One would seek a very close friend to be their second. There was no insult, no shame discarding honorifics when asking for something so personal.
>Kitsuki-san bowed his head.
>Naomi could not attend.
>Amano felt no insult over that.
>Kitsuki-san's letters had explained Naomi's compassion very well to him.
>The rest of the Scorpion atended
>Though he was skipping a few steps, they all knew Amano was doing it for their sakes, at least in part.
>Since it was my fault he was having to start over, I felt obligated to see him off.
>As well as to support my friend, who had the greatest burden in all this.
>I was surpised, when Amano asked me to be the one to cleanse the blade.
>I didn't dare disrupt things any further by asking why
>With Kitsuki Takeshi's help, Bayushi Amano shouldered all the blame for the events of this winter court, cleansed his honor, and went before his ancestors.
Goodbye Amano.
Scorpion buries his sting
And leaves all empty.
didn't deserve this fate brooo
File: F.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (272 KB, 680x544)
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272 KB GIF
This is to perfect a place to leave off for the night. I'll definitely be able to finish this winter court tomorrow.
You absolute Tease! Love you!

Good night Sleepy-crab
If you look through the archive, I think you'll find my start in the thread titled l5R storytime: stonewall and little flower edition

I think one of the librari-anons might be compiling my stuff as well, otherwise I'll quickly compile the greentexts in a Google doc once I get back from course

Quick recap in the meantime:

Either year 1199 or 1200, can't remember since a certain canon event in the 1200 Summer Court doesn't happen, though might just be campaign diverging from canon

Daikakita Tatsuya, from a vassal family of the Kakita, goes to the Topaz Championship, loses the final to Daigotsu Otoke (think I misspelled it Hotike originally)

Is then appointed as magistrate by daimyo Kakita Ikura, with a Daidoji and a Doji trained as a Togashi as April I

Investigates a new drug called Sweet Dreams that gives blissful sleep, but more recently also prevents waking up, taken by both samurai and heimin

Imperial Decree declares it illegal, and those magistrates already investigating it get temporary powers as Emerald Magistrates to help investigate

We clear Tsuma of the drug, then follow a lead to Second City, with help from a Bayushi geisha matron through one of her contacts there (Yoritomo Kon, a low level magistrate) and Mantis ship on which, unbeknownst to the captain, the drug was smuggled to Tsuma

At the Second City, we are hosted by the new Crane ambassador, Turquoise Champion Doji Tatsuki, and find the heimin Jun who leads us to the apothecary Hotake, currently somewhere in the jungle

Daidoji-san acts like a hybrid Crab/Mantis, Togashi-san is fascinated by temples

And Daikakita-san is a mix between your stereotypical Kakita school graduate, as in warrior poet that focuses too much on his dueling skills, and Judge Dredd

Because Stallone's first line in his Dredd movie was quoted by me several times during scenes where I acted as a magistrate

Also I've mentioned several times already that Daikakita-san dies at the end of the Summer Court later
I also posted Daikakita-san's stats during the last bumps of last thread
He was my first L5R character, so probably not that well optimized, but I'm still proud of my 8.3 honour and 9 glory
Goodbye, 6-point ally. The XP spent on you was wasted.
That is a very dickish way of saying it.
Dickish, but true.
Who else of the party is present in these threads?
>Goodbye, 6-point ally. The XP spent on you was wasted.

Takeshi had been utilizing Amano throughout the campaign, so I wouldn't say the xp was "wasted."

I did feel kinda bad that he couldn't convince Amano not to go through with his seppuku however, so I did give him a refund on the xp. Similar to how in the older editions if your character died by committing seppuku to cleanse his dishonor, your next character got bonus experience.
>Moshi-san's unluckiness chases her across campaigns.

Oh my friend, if only you knew...

Honestly? Pretty much every NPC who interacted with this party ended up getting screwed over. And usually it was by the party themselves.
I would have given a new, equal value, ally somehow associated with or related to Amano, who appreciates the effort the PC made, or somehow feels indebted to them.

Not a fan of being able to invalidate (dis)advantages.
>Pretty much every NPC who interacted with this party ended up getting screwed over. And usually it was by the party themselves.

Typical PCs.
So if someone actually serves out their Dark Fate and unleashes an Oni Lord onto the Empire, but miraculously survives the incident, do you just give them a new Dark Fate?

If he loses his Kakita Blade through some misfortune (say it falls into the ocean), do you give them a shiny new Kakita blade?

If he loses an arm, but manages to gain possession of the Jade Hand, do you take away his other arm?

Just trying to clarify with you here. Because it seems to me like you think that if there is an (Dis)Advantage on their character sheet, you think it should be inviolable and never be removed.
I can understand that. Honestly it just didn't occur to me at the time.
File: 1475404301416.jpg (14 KB, 570x570)
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F for Acceptable Scorpion.
Crab crawls off the sun
To shade. Now it is Crane's turn
To get on a stage.
I like these new Spiders. Are they kinda like "there's nothing wrong with being tainted if you do it to serve the emperor"?
>So if someone actually serves out their Dark Fate and unleashes an Oni Lord onto the Empire, but miraculously survives the incident, do you just give them a new Dark Fate?
>If he loses an arm, but manages to gain possession of the Jade Hand, do you take away his other arm?
No, but part of the process will be an xp debt to pay off the disadvantage. Otherwise, the jade hand mysteriously fails to bond, the dark fate continues to grow more ominous, etc.

>If he loses his Kakita Blade through some misfortune (say it falls into the ocean), do you give them a shiny new Kakita blade?
No, but they can work towards replacing it with less cost and hassle than a Crane who doesn't have the advantage, and they don't have to pay the xp cost again.

>Just trying to clarify with you here.
Doesn't seem like you're trying to do so in good faith, at all.

>Because it seems to me like you think that if there is an (Dis)Advantage on their character sheet, you think it should be inviolable and never be removed.
Seems to me you could have just asked that straight out.
>No, but part of the process will be an xp debt to pay off the disadvantage. Otherwise, the jade hand mysteriously fails to bond, the dark fate continues to grow more ominous, etc.

Right, so your "rewards" are just xp burdens. Good to know.
advantages and disadvantages should appear and disappear during the course of the game

It's up to the GM if XP costs or gains are refunded, and can depend entirely by situation
For example, Daikakita-san would've lost his Brash disadvantage after the Summer Court to reflect his growth as a character, because being brash could be a liability in court scenarios
I talked to my ST about it, and he was fine with it if I paid the XP for the disadvantage

But then, well, don't want to start sounding like a broken record player
There's that bad faith assholery.

>another possible way to spend Experience Points is to get rid of a Disadvantage. This is done by spending Experience Points equal to the Disadvantage’s original cost.

>“Buying off” a Disadvantage is something which should only be done with the GM’s permission. You should consider carefully whether the Disadvantage is actually something that can be removed (one cannot really buy off a Missing Limb, for example). You should also consider the character’s actions up to this point, and whether those actions justify removing the Disadvantage. For example, a Brash character who has been striving to control his anger and behave in a more honorable fashion is a character who can justify spending the points to be rid of Brash.

Buying off a disadvantage is buying off a disadvantage. If you don't do it, you don't get to pretend you did just because you feel entitled.
So while we wait for more storytime what clans correspond to which real world countries.
I'm thinking lion for america and crane for France
Lion: Japan
Crane: Japan
Dragon: Japan.
Phoenix: Japan
Crab: Japan
Scorpion: Japan
Unicorn: Mongolia
Mantis: Malaysia
Though Dragon could also be Tibet
OK fair enough I should have clarified western countries
>Crab: Japan
Crab are Korean

>Dragon: Japan
1/2 to 2/3 Japan rest Tibet.

Imperials are China
Lion are definitely the USA. The tactic of just throwing shitloads of soldiers and brute force at things until they've overrun it is like the de facto strategy that has won our dumbass country's battles.

Crab seem like Russia except replace the snow with shadowlands, since nobody is ready for a war in their territory.
I was thinking crab were kinda Russian makes me want to see what Slavic crab would be like
>just throwing shitloads of soldiers and brute force at things
Lion actually into strategy and tactics.
I'm not talking about a player saying "Hey GM, my character has been working on controlling his temper, would it be cool if I bought off my Brash Disadvantage?"

What I'm talking about is a GM saying "OK player, I've decided to reward reward your character for his actions in the story. Oh, by the way, you need to pay xp for that reward that I, the GM, specifically introduced for your character. Aren't I fair?"

If you decide Matsu-san's lord rewards his deeds with a promotion that includes some lands for him to administer, he shouldn't have to pay 20xp for the damn Gentry Advantage to represent the lands YOU THE GM decided to reward him with! Otherwise he's better off saying "Nah, I'll just sink that xp into my character's skills/traits so I can rank up faster."
It ain't numerical advantage that's the doctrine of the United States, it's superior firepower. The numbers help, but it's aalllll about having the better set of guns.
File: IMG_20170306_003034.jpg (34 KB, 548x308)
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>The next day, Shoji anounced the last event of the winter court
>An Iaijutus tournament, to be fought concurently along with a Taryu-Jiai tournament
>Most likely because you had to have an iaijutsu tournament, but he also wanted to drive home his point about the power of Isawa Shugenja.
>Toshiro grinned when he heard the news.
>I looked over at Naomi
>Do not worry, Ishigaki-kun.
>I will not particpate.
>Taryu-jiai are to violent; everyone gets injured.
>I had been woried about exactly that, though for a different reason
>She was worried about hurting her oponents, I was worried about her, and the baby she was carrying
>Winter was nearing it's end.
>She'd be starting to show, sometime next month probably
>Definitely had to keep her safe
>Oh shit
>I checked my riceball for ninjas, and realized I was only half-joking this time
>As if there weren't enough things to be paraoid about while Naomi was with child...
>Monkey was going to enter the Iaijutsu tournament, which surpised no one
>Kitsuki-san was also going to enter, which did surpise me
>He saw my surpise
>I must do this, or I may end up wallowing in my grief forever.
>I nodded
>I understood. You had to force yourself to take those first steps in the aftermath of loss.
>I wasn't sure if it was good to do so much so quickly, but I trusted Kitsuki-san to know himself beter than I did.
>Just don't try to do too much too soon, alright?
>He nodded.
>I won't.
>I brooded on it for a while, then entered myself
>Oh, I fully expected to lose in the first round.
>But I wanted to apologize for my earlier insult to the spirit of the iaijutsu duel
>I had made enough enemies at this court, I could at least apologize to the Crane this way
>there are times in every persons life when they must do things they trully never thought they would
>Mourning the death of a Scorpion, making nice with the Crane?
>My father was likely shaking his head in embarasment, if he could see me now.
Id say Americas doctrine atleast in infantry is less about having the best guns and more about shooting the most bullets
>When had said concourantly, Shoji had meant it
>The Iaijutsu tournament would be held indoors, while all the secret fuss had been in regards to the Taryu-Jiai tournament
>A wide dueling circle had been constructed, a large pond had been dug and many many logs gathered for a bonfire
>this ensured there would be ample Kami about for whichever element a duelist would choose to use
>And ensured there would be no widespread property damage from the release of raw energy
>So the final competion was not just bushi competing with bush and shugenja competing with shugenja, it was also bushi competing with shugenja for the attention of the audience
>The biggest shock came when Shoji himself entered the Taryu-jiai tournament
>Tounges wagged and fans flutterd as that news spread through the court
>Amongst the competition in the Iaijutsu tournament I saw many familer faces.
>Matsu Keji and Akodo Yoshi from the lion
>The Dragon sent fourth three.
>Mirumoto Kokoro, Mirumoto Sen, and Kitsuki-san
>Kakita Sakurada was alone from the Crane. One man, one sword, one strike indeed
>Bayushi Kentaro from the Scorpion
>Myself and Hiruma Saji from the Crab
>I hopped Saji would put on a better showing than I could
>From the Unicorn there was a Shinjo by the name of Kyosuke and the Chibicorn
>Still hadn't caught his name
>Monkey, of course
>And two Shiba from the Pheonix. Asahi, and Hotaru.
>The Mantis put forth no one. Not the Iaijutsu tournament, or the Taryu-jiai
>The number of Shugenja on hand was far more limited though
>Each Clan, save the Mantis, had only one contender
>In order to make sure there were no byes the Phoenix sent two. Shoji, and one Agasha Hoichi
>Mantis-san scratched his chin
>Suprised Shoji didn't bring out a half dozen or more Phoenix for the shugenja duels.
>Naomi shook her head
>You should not be. It would smack of desperation, to simply outnumber everyone else.
>No. Father would go for quality over quantity, every time.
That...isn't the USA's strategy at all. Since WW2 it's been superior firepower at all levels.
Toshiro better win that fucking tournament himself; I want it to be him vs Shoji in the final round and for Shoji to lose like a bitch at his own element at his own tournament in his own castle.
>If you decide Matsu-san's lord rewards his deeds with a promotion that includes some lands for him to administer, he shouldn't have to pay 20xp for the damn Gentry Advantage to represent the lands YOU THE GM decided to reward him with! Otherwise he's better off saying "Nah, I'll just sink that xp into my character's skills/traits so I can rank up faster."

I think that is a horse and cart situation. Who initializes the Advantage purchase/disadvantage buy off should determine how the XP is spent.

I think the other poster is the type to go: "After a series of great deeds I'm going to give the 4 of you 5 xp each. You have the option to pool this XP to get the Gentry advantage." "You have found the Jade Hand. You may spend 6 XP to buy off your Missing Limb or you can present it to your Lord and buy up to 2 Glory Ranks for the same 6 xp."

Not really. Both the Army Infantry and Marines put a lot of weight on "one shot/one kill" and "controlled fire" over "spray and pray."
File: 3NnnS6Q8hVPZC.gif (363 KB, 480x270)
363 KB
363 KB GIF
>Finals of the Wintercourt
>>The biggest shock came when Shoji himself entered the Taryu-jiai tournament

Dammit, to think we could have Naomi kicking his ass in public...
You really want her to risk the pregnancy, anon? Shoji's a tremendous cunt.
Calm down Satan.
If that were true about the American military then why was there such a drastic increase in number of expended per kill in recent times
*rounds expended per kill
At least we still have Toshiro. And since Toshiro's an Earth Shugenja, he might even be able to out-earth Shoji.
I wonder if toshiro would be able to beat the current master of earth Shoji's son in a duel
Rounds per kill is a meaningless number as what defines a kill can be very very wonky.
Speaking as a marine here, it's probably due to the nature of the enemy we've been fighting. Fewer enemies directly engaging units leads to massive expenditure of ammo to kill like two guys. That's not even including the airstrikes that get called in for literally anything.
Suppressive fire.
>I watched Kitsuki-san's duel.
>Mostly out of concern for his mental state.
>He faced Keji in his match.
>Though I have no great skill at reading swordsmanship, I had an advantage
>I had known Kitsuki-san for years, and I had already crossed blades with Keiji
>I could see Keji was better than I expected, but I didn't think he could beat Kitsuki-san
>Unless of course...
>I looked from Keji to Katsuki-san
>His stance was fine,
>but I saw a shimmer in his eyes
>They were watering
>i snapped my gaze back to Keji
>he had noticed
>Keji frowned, then pulled his blade as he lunged forward
>Kitsuki-san closed his eyes as he drew his one blade
>a tear spilled over
>and Keji's blood hit the floor
>Keji looked down at the light scratch on his chest, blade still half in it's sheath
>the helll...?
>He spun around
>Keji was the kind of person who enjoyed a good fight, win or lose
>He had been offended when Kitsuki-san seemed to be handicapped by his own emotions
>Now he was incredulous that he had lost
>Not because he had lost, but because it meant he had completely misread the situation.
>Tell me HOW, Dragon!
>Kitsuki-san sheathed his blade and bowed
>I watched your fight with Ishigaki-san closely.
>I never forget anything.
>Your nostrils flare just before you strike
>Keji stared, mouth hanging open
>he blinked, slowly
>Then he broke out laughing
>Man! A Crab I couldn't crack open and a courtier who really CAN use their mind as a weapon!
>He shook his head,a rueful smile on his face
>This was one hell of a winter court!
>Keji bowed to Kitsuki-san
>As Kitsuki-san walked past me, I whispered his name
>Not now.
>I must meditate, Ishigaki-san.
>I watched Kitsuki-san leave, not knowing if I should press or let it be.
>Then I had no time to worry about Kitsuki-san, because my match was up next
>I pulled my arms out of my kimono as I entered the ring
>Not because I was trying to scare my opponent, but because I was showing there would be no hiding an injury for me.
Brotsu Keiji.
Yes indeed
>tactic of just throwing shitloads of soldiers and brute force at things until they've overrun

you mean the main tactic of the soviet union in WW2?
And of china in... always.
>of course, staring at my oponent, I began to want my armor very, very badly
>Since, you know, Bayushi Kentro over there had quite a few reasons to dislike me.
>I was reminded that Shoji wanted ME to die just as badly as I wanted him to.
>We took our stances
>I suppose I could have bowed at this point.
>Conceded that his skill was superior and walked away without risking anything.
>But I can be just as stubborn as Shoji
>I looked at Kentaro
>Yep, he hasn't gotten markedly worse since we last fought
>Oh fuck it, I'm not standing here all day
>The skin beneatht my left eye split open, and blood flew
>I glanced down at my hands
>I had managed to draw my blade all the way
>But I hadn't gotten my second hand on the grip
>Then I looked over my shoulder
>Kentaro stood behind me, back to me, sword held out to his side and point down
>I looked very closely.
>No venom
>I see
>I sheathed my blade and bowed
>Then I wiped the blood from under my eye with a thumb and left
>Monkey walked past me, heading into his match
>Toshiro's up.
>You should be there for him
>I'll look after Kitsuki-san
>You sure you can do that AND fight at the same time?
>He grinned at me
>Seems kinda hard, doesn't it?
>I went to see Toshiro fight
>He was up against an Asahina.
>Be at ease Kuni-san, my element is the wind. I will not hurt you when I defeat you.
>And I promise I'll try my hardest not to kill you...
>Toshiro looked the Crane up and down
>That's Toshiro for yo;: always considerate of others.
>Chunks of earth ripped themselves free from the ground, floating around Toshiro in a spiral as his eyes blazed with green fire
>The Crane folded his hands together, head bowed and eyes closed, and his Kimono and hair began to whip about dramatically.
>Aside from that, I could see no hint of the Crane's power
>Who was it that first said 'Only a fool thinks the wind is empty.'?
Hey, I said won our battles, not trampled barely armed insurgents.
Keji reminds me of a matsu I used to play in games past, named Ryozo. But after his first winter court he was only known amongst our circle as Rockyozo.
So you think the USA has only ever won battles due to "throwing shitloads more soldiers" at our enemies?
Perhaps the easiest counterpoint to your argument is Desert Storm -- though we did outnumber Saddam, it wasn't by an overwhelming margin, and coalition losses were positively minuscule in comparison to Iraqi losses -- because our firepower was superior. Our Air Force was utterly technologically superior to theirs, and therefore we maintained air superiority, which combined with the fact that many of our weapons plainly outranged Hussein's, meant that we lost exceptionally few soldiers, thanks to the doctrine of mechanized infantry and the firepower therein, as well as air superiority and the firepower therein. Were our strategy simply composed of having more dudes, we would have seen losses on a scale far above what we did.
>Then the earth flew
>Toshiro's kimono flapped and snapped
>A few tears opened in the silk
>and the tie holding back his hair broke
>Toshiro has VERY long hair.
>lose, it hangs down below the center of his back
>Now it blew back, as though he stood facing a Huricane
>Toshiro himself leaned forward a bit, into the wind
>Then the wind died
>I looked over at the Crane
>I cold see one foot and an arm poking out from the mound of earth that covered the Asahina shugenja.
>Thoshiro bowed to his defeated oponent
> growled as his hair spilled over his shoulders
>reached into his obi and pulled a spare tie
>And quickly rebound his hair
>As he left he spoke
>Only a fool thinks they blow down the mountain.
>as Phoenix shugenja swarmed over the battlefield, both to use magic to return it to it's original state and to heal the Crane, he noticed me
>Worried about me, were you?
>Nah, I know you can handle yourself.
>I just wanted to see you show off.
>I grinned at him.
>He chuckled
>Then sobered up
>How's Kitsuki-san?
>He won
>Matsu Keji
>Toshiro grunted
>Monkey's duel was up at the same time yours was
>Shall we?
>As we headed back Toshiro looked over at my eye
>I lost
>No poison then.
>What was he trying to say?
>Lots of things Toshiro. Warriors speak with their fists, or their steel.
>Pretty sure 'I will fucking end you if I ever have a legitimate reason to do so' was in there though.
>So... if you two ever find yourselves on oposite sides of a battlefield he'll try to hunt you down and kill you. But aside from something like that you're safe?
>From him, at least.
>Toshiro nodded
>We arravied in time to see Monkey and Shiba Asahi bowing to one another
>I recognized the confused look of a victim of Monkeyjutsu right away, even before I saw the blood running out of Asahi's sleeve.
>The first round was over for us.
>I was out already, everyone else went on to round two.
>I recognized the confused look of a victim of Monkeyjutsu right away, even before I saw the blood running out of Asahi's sleeve.
This is why monkey are my favourite minor clan
this is affecting kitsuki-san so deeply...
this was the bro-est of friendship or he was gay.
or both
>Saji did indeed give forth a better showing than I did.
>He beat Shiba Hotaru to enter the second round
>Aside from Kitsuki-san, Kentaro and Monkey, Kakita Sakurada, Mirumoto Sen, and Akodo Yoshi all advanced.
>Mirumoto Kokoro was eliminated by Yoshi.
>There was time in between rounds. So Naomi led us all in a tea ceremony. Soothing wild spirits, calming turbulent emotions, seeking out balance and harmony
>Naomi had definitely succeed in culturing me, if only a little bit.
>I was starting to enjoy the taste of matcha
>Kitsuki-san would face Akodo Yoshi.
>Monkey got the bye
>Mantis-san rolled his eyes.
>Luck really is a skill for him.
>And you, Toshiro-san? Who do you face?
>That Agasha. Your father beat the Kitsu in the first round, and now he's facing a Tamori.
>Kistuki-san scowled
>So he puts one Phoenix on either side of the brackets?
>He still hedges his bets, even though he does not flood the competition with Phoenix.
>Monkey leaned in and whispered to me
>I've got the bye so I'll be there for Kitsuki-san.
>I nodded
>Mantiss-san covered Monkey whisper with a question, so Kitsuki-san wouldn't notice
>We were worried, but we didn't want to be intrusive
>We might end up in a barrel if we annoyed him
>So, Toshiro-sama
>Think you can take Shoji?
>Toshiro folded his arms in thought
>On what?
>How much he let his studies fall by the wayside to spend time politicking.
>Naomi frowned
>Appointment to the Council is still based on merit.
>Politics only serves as a tie breaker.
>Do not underestimate him
>Toshiro nodded.
>I watched the shugenja duels
>Toshiro and Agasha Hoichi squared off
>Neither said anything, they just drew upon the kami
>As Hoichi's eyes blazed the bonfire beside the arena flared up, higher and higher, until it threatened to set alight the very heavens
>pillars of stone erupted all around Toshiro
>Hoichi snapped his hand out, pointing at Toshiro, and the flames leapt from the bonfire, rushing towards him
>threatened to set alight the very heavens

>We might end up in a barrel if we annoyed him
Fear the ally of justice, the bane of criminals everywhere, the... Barrelman!
>The spires of rock surrounding Toshiro closed, on him
>Hoichi's flames washed over them, burning so hot that my vision swam back and forth as I tried to look
>The rocks began to glow, a bright red and soften
>Then I heard a cry
>Not from within the earthen fortress, but from Hoichi
>Heads turned quickly
>A spire of rock had erupted right beneath Agasha Hoichi's feet, launching him into the air
>The flames died, and the stone fortress, now almost completely molten, flowed down and away from Toshiro
>He was seating hard, his Kimono was blackened and his hair singed
>Toshiro took a step, and wobbled a bit.
>But kept himself upright, and left the ring under his own power
>As Naomi tended to his burns and helped replace the water he had lost he grinned at me
>Now I know what it's like to be a baked sweet potato.
>Hmm. You are very sweet; perhaps you were a sweet potato in your past life?
>I think so.
>Naomi muttered under her breath
>Then it was time for Shoji to battle
>He faced a Tamori whose school focused on earth, like he did.
>Furthermore, the Tamori had history with the Phoenix
>Tha Agasha family used to be part of the Dragon Clan.
>However, in protest over the actions of the Dragon Clan Champion Hitomi, they abandoned the clan they had served since the dawn of the Empire and joined the Phoenix
>The Agasha family daimyo, his spirit crushed by the betrayal of his own family, abandoned his duties and wandered the Empire as a ronin for a time.
>At the end of the War of Spirits, the remenants of the Agasha still within the Dragon Clan were renamed the after him, becoming the Tamori family.
>His daugther, Shaitung, had led the Tamori down a new path, different from the Agasha from whom they had been born. Turning to Earth, over the Fire of the Agasha
>Such was her power that she once fought all five Elemental Masters to a draw, during the Dragon-Phoenix war
>The duel did not go as I had expected.
File: 1490809766427.jpg (63 KB, 1024x550)
63 KB

Gotta love 'em.
>The Tamori woman quickly began to call to the Kami.
>She was dressed in typical Tamori fashion, after the precedent set by Tamori Shaitung
>That is to say, she could have challenged Moshi Aoi for title of 'most scandalously dressed woman' were Aoi still around.
>Her hair whipped about in the currents of power as the earth kami rushed to her side
>It was a testament to her control that she did not also loose what little covering she had, even as her Kimono was blown about
>However, Shoji apearaed to be doing nothing at all.
>No glowing eyes, no winds of power
>He just...stood there
>And as the Dragon called more and more earth to her, he snapped two fingers up, and then down at her
>His eyes flashed with power, just for a moment
>And all the earth the Dragon shugenja had called up slammed into her at once
>Naomi gave a cry and ran to the side of the injured Tamori
>I could see blood staining the rocks that almost buried her
>Toshiro lent his aid, quickly moving the earth aside so Naomi could reach her.
>Shoji did not look. He did not bow. He just turned and walked away
>Naomi began to cough as she chanted her prayers.
>I ran up to help, steadying her
>I also got a good look at the Dragon
>her ribs were crushed, blood spilled from her mouth, showing that her lungs were badly torn.
>It was a small miracle her heart wasn't destroyed
>Even as Naomi coghed up her own blood, the Tamori's wounds set themselves
>The Dragon rolled over, hacking up the last of the blood as her body was restored
>Naomi smiled,
>you're safe now...
>Then she went limp in my arms
I fear for Toshido now.
Toshiro you have to ruin Shoji now. No exceptions.
File: To heck I say.jpg (210 KB, 1366x768)
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210 KB JPG
THere are two rounds of iaijutsu, and the showdown between Toshiro and Shoji left.

In in five hours and twenty some odd minutes I'll begin to type up the last posts of this winter court.

But right now I'm hungry, low and smokes, and I need to ice down my fingers.
I hope for an avatar duel.
That would be the shit it better happen
A bump in the night, before I hit the sack. The flame of life keeps Hope alive.
You are not alone dude.
I bet 5 koku that Shoji will try to fuck up toshiro. And he will get away with it. Cause, Asian drama and all.
I sure hope Shoji eventually gets what's fuckin' comin' to him.
Dead or redeemed, either works for me.
Remember why Shoji was so distressed by the death of the head of the mantis delegation?

>Pro-war : Crane-Lion-Crab
>Anti-war : Phoenix-Dragon
>Delegation disabled by death or kidnapping : Mantis and Scorpion
> don't care : Unicorn
By the end, the peace talk will fail.
Yeah, I know, but I mean on a personal level, I hope he gets wrecked.
For that, the best is to do not care about him, in a "you're not even worthy of my attention" kind of way.
>If you decide Matsu-san's lord rewards his deeds with a promotion that includes some lands for him to administer
That's the thing. Matsu Playa isn't going to be automatically given status or land. They have to work towards what they want in game. They have the option of buying either or both, then their lord rewards them with the advantage(s) they purchased. Or they can spend it on traits and skills. Either way, the xp they gain is their xp, and the only real way to 'lose' it is to buy off disadvantages you started with or sometimes gained by screwing up.

So yeah. >>52950613 is right. You're putting the advantage in front of the xp.
Bros before hos, anon.
>I carried Naomi back to our room and laid her down gently.
>The Tamori woman came with us, as did Mirumoto Kokoro
>She introduced herself Tamori Miyu, and had begged me to allow her to repay Naomi for saving her life
>She used her earth magic to sooth Naomi's pain,
>That helped Naomi to wake up, and I prepared her tea
>She's been ill since birth
>I explained
>Thank you, ah...
>Miyu. My name is Tamori Miyu, Hida Naomi-sama.
>Naomi looked around, taking in our room and the pair of Dragons currently in it.
>I. Did I...?
>I said
>I handed her her tea
>The kids were staring at their mother. They could understand, at least to some degree, what was going on when she had her fits.
>They both sat close enough to touch her, or be touched, but they did not do in front of the strangers.
>It was a testament to her skill as a mother that those two ever behaved at all, even though it was only the most serious of situations.
>Naomi caught Miyu looking at the children
>Ah. These are Daiko and Tetsute, our children.
>Hi! Hi Hi Hi!
>Eh, close enough.
>Mirumoto Kokoro spoke
>Hida Ishigaki-san, If you would permit it, I would stay here to watch over your wife and chilren with Miyu-san
>Your companions are still in their respective tournaments, are they not?
>I shot a glance to Naomi
>I am feeling much beter already Ishigaki-kun.
>Go! They need you there now.
>I nodded.
>I leave them in your care, then.
>I returned to the place of the Iaijutsu battle
>I had missed the last round completely
>Monkey, Sakurada, Sen, and Yoshi were the final four.
>Kentaro had lost to Sakurada, Sen beat Saji, and of course Yoshi was able to best Kitsuki-san
>His technique is amazing, Ishigaki-san.
>was all Kitsuki-san would say
>Monkey gave me a little nod, saying it was just that, and not Kitsuki-san allowing himself to be distracted.
>You can all stop that now, by the way.
>I will not belittle Amano-san by pretending I am fine, but nor will I allow this to sway me.
Being cut off from their N-supply does send Narcissists into insane levels of withdrawal, that's for sure.
>I have his should exactly one pat
>acknowledging both Kitsuki-san's pain and his resilience without straying into barrel territory.
>The last matches would be fought consecutively,
>Sen vs Yoshi
>Monkey vs. Sakurada
>Toshiro vs Shoji
>and then the final of the iaijutsu tournament
>And then this long court would at last be over.
>Tomorrow was the first day of spring
>of course there was an added complication to the semi-finalists matches now.
>There would not be enough time for them to rest between the semi-final and the final.
>They would need to mindfull of this. Expend to much energy on their first oponent, and they may hinder themselves in the next match.
>Not enough, and they may lose a match they could have won
>Well, the other three would.
>Monkey would just Monkey around
>Still, a Kensai, a Kenshinzen, and a Taaoist swordsman...
>While he would only face two of those three, it was a tall order, even for Monkey
>Mantis-san leaned over to me
>Do you think if we bet against him it'll give him a better chance of winning?
>Worth a shot, I guess.
>I put 2 koku on Sakurada, Mantis-san put 4 on Sen.
>Toshiro shook his head at us
>Then put 3 on Yoshi
>First Sen and Yoshi faced one another
>They bowed and took their stances
>tension filled the room
>I wouldn't have been surprised if their gazes has struck sparks, so intensely were they glaring at one another
>Even I could feel their spirits clashing
>The truest victory is the one with no strike.
>The greatest warriors and generals alike won before the blades were even drawn, before the battle joined.
>Both Mirumoto Sen and Akodo Yoshi were great warriors.
>I didn't see what triggered it, but they both moved at the same time
>Yoshi drew his blade, and came in with a simple but fast overhead
>Sen drew his sword with his LEFT hand, in a trully odd grip.
>Sen placed his palm behind his blade and pushed as he struck.
>Catching Yoshi just below the ribs
>And getting inside Yoshi's range
>Yoshi's strike missed
File: Im a terrible writer.jpg (60 KB, 634x639)
60 KB
first line should be *I gave his shoulder exactly one pat
But that's what you wrote, Ishigaki-san :^)
Yes. There is an er right after the d in your first sentence.
>Yoshi and sen bowed to one another
>Kitsuki-san pursed his lips
>What is it?
>Nothing. At least, nothing I could put into words...
>Everyone had their limits. Even a thing as ephemeral as mushin no shin.
>We all nodded, understanding what Kitsuki-san was thinking even without the words to describe it
>And now Monkey stood before a Kenshinzen
>The Mirumoto and the Kakita families rivaled one another as the finest duelists in the Empire.
>However, Mirumoto's technique was a practical one, broadly useful.
>Whereas the descendants of Kakita had spent the last thousand years refining their ancestors single strike technique.
>All that knowledge, experience, training. It all came to rest in the blade of Kakita Sakurada
>The only time I had seen Monkey happier was when he told me he was father.
>Truly, the fool lived for moments like these
>The two stood
>Sakurada took the stance every warrior in the Empire could recognize on sight
>Monkey popped his blade with his thumb, but let his right arm hang limp
>Sakurada looked at Monkey with a broad gaze, seeing all of him, his technique laid bare before the eyes of the master
>Monkey just grinned, like he knew a wonderful secret
>and then Sakurada's blade flashed
>I couldn't see the draw, it was so fast
>Monkey's blade was still in it's sheath as the Crane struck
>And Monkey fell backward
>Monkey caught himself on his hand before he hit the ground
>He spun his body around, drawing his blade
>Sakurada's eyes widened as only a few strands of Monkey's hair floated through the air
>And then Monkey slashed the Crane across the legs
Fucking Monkey is at it again.
>The silence was astonishingly loud
>Sakurada looked down at the thin cut that ran across both shins
>Then at Monkey, who stood up straight with that grin of his
>You really are good at doing the unexpected, aren't you?
>You know it!
>They bowed
>And then the court went outside to see the battle between Crab and Phoenix
>Earth vs Earth
>The animosity between Shoji and my group, and the fact that Shoji had clearly been willing to kill his last proponent, only heightened the anticipation.
>Taryu-jiai were very dangerous, just as Naomi had said.
>A 'accidental' death in one of those was much more common than one in an iaijutsu duel.
>Shoji looked over at Toshiro
>I seem to recall you asking one of my subordinates if they wished to duel with avatars.
>If you are still confident in your power, then let us do so now
>Toshiro looked on, the nodded
>Son of a bitch.
>Shoji must actually be scared of Toshiro, if he decided to pass up the normal duel for a safer avatar battle
>After all, in this form it was the avatars that bore all the damage.
>NOT the shugenja themselves
>Shoji did not bother with his scroll
>His eyes blazed as he prayed, fingers folding into a mudra
>The light spilling from his eyes and mouth was not the earthen tone I expected.
>It was green
>It was jade.
>His avatar formed, a towering giant eight feet tall.
>Made of pure jade
>That bastard.
>Toshiro smirked
>Then he began to pray.
>Also without a scroll
>energy crackled and lashed the ground, calling forth his own avatar
>Blue-white energy
>a great tiatan of earth arose, as tall as Shoji's
>and then the raw earth fell away, revelaing a being of pure crystal, glowing from within with a pure, holy light.
>Shoji's eyes widened
If even a 10th of Toku bushi turn out as fun as monkey then I know exactly what I am playing if I can convince my group to play l5r.

Go and win you silly shonen protagonist!!!
Well, the Kuni have been working on Crystal Spells... Fancy moves, Toshiro. Fancy moves.
Looks like someone gets their wish
I'm going to imagine this next bit to Pacific Rim music.
I don't know if we will find a char sheet for monkey, But iirc he started with Daredevel, and max ranks of Luck. Great destiny, too, just in case...
link me to what you're listening too; I never watched Pacific Rim.

>Capcha: keep close
Don't worry Capcha. I'm not missing this for the world
File: Crab lift.gif (2.65 MB, 484x548)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB GIF
Just keep pushing.
>The two Shugenja stared at one another
>Toshiro's self confident smirk only enraging Shoji even more
>Then the two titans began to move, literally shaking the very earth with every step
>I head a hiss
>One of the Dragon Courtiers had bitten their tongue
>A shugenja picked his way, carefully, over.
>It was hard to walk when the earth beneath you was moving
>the avatars picked up speed, until they were running
>And they collided into one another
>a thunderous boom accompanied their collision, as though Osono-Wo himself cheered for this spectacle.
>The two then began to strike one another.
>crystal and jade fists chiped at impossibly hard bodies, sending splinters flying into the crowd
>Some courtiers had to duck, and all moved back
>I didn't though.
>A few flying shards of mineral meant nothing to me
>Shoji's avatar struck an overhead blow with both arms, causing Toshiro's to double up
>It then leapt into the air, coming down with it's fist into the head of Toshiro's as it tried to right itself
>Toshiro's avatar was forced down to one knee
>Then it surged back up, wraping it's arms around the Jade giant's waist
>Toshiro's avatar slammed it's head into Shoji's
>over, and over and over again
>Cracks ran through the jade avatar
>it then dug it's feet into the earth
>and gripped the crystalline titan
>They looked like two sumai, strugling with each others mawashi
>slowly, yet inexorably, Toshiro's avatar was lifted into the air
>The Jade avatar fell backwards, carrying the crstal one over itself as it did so
>it drove the crystal avatar head first into the ground
>there was silence for a time, then both giants rose
>both had gouges and cracks, but the light from Toshiro's was as strong as ever
I too would like a link to that. But for now, I'll settle for this: https://youtu.be/KpuvajowCdg
Just the main theme; I haven't watched it either, haha
Ya'll should watch it. Some fun shit. Some stupid shit, but it's a giant robot and kaiju movie. You want intellectual bullshit go watch Hitchcock or something

My F5 key broke. What do?
Break Ctrl+R now.
>The two behemoths stood still for a moment
>Then Toshiro's, unmistakably, took a stance
>It was a stance I recognized too.
>It was a Kobo Ichi Kai stance...
>Shoji's avatar came in swinging it's jade fists
>And Toshiro's avatar blocked
>Shoji's avatar punched straight ahead
>And Toshiro's avatar stepped to the side, slapping the jade fist aside
>Shoji's avatar tried to grab hold of Toshiro's by the shoulders
>And Toshiro's avatar drove a knee up into Shoji's, driving it back
>Toshiro was calmly having his avatar defend itself against every attack Shoji made
>And I cold see quite clearly that was infurating Shoji more and more
>The Jade avatar continued to backpedal after Toshiro's avatar drove it back
>Then it halted, and charged again
>Toshiro's avatar crouched low, and thrust out both arms
>The Jade avatar threw itself onto them, unable to halt its forward momentum in time
>Toshiro's blow struck Shoji's avatar in the hips
>it stagared back, and then fell
>Toshiro's moved far faster than the earth had any right to move, and leapt upon Shoji's avatar, sitting on it's chest
>Then it began to punch
>And punch
>And punch
>over and over crystal fists slammed into the jade titan, as Shoji's avatar tried in vain to escape, to right itself, to thow Toshiro off, anything
>Toshiro's avatar brought both it's fists togother on either side of the jade avatar's head
>And shattered it completely
>Shoji's avatar crumbled away, as the Kami's vessel could no longer contain it.
Thank you.
File: urtehbestfang.png (106 KB, 430x597)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
To all of ya.
I've been planning to watch this for a while now, just couldn't get to it.
File: Fatality.png (539 KB, 2448x1056)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
Get FUCKED Shoji!

File: ExcitedGeode.jpg (132 KB, 997x1005)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>mfw this entire battle

I love me some earth elementals!
Anon I watched it in theatres, drunk, with my then best friend and our female romantic interests. The two of us were drunk and we screamed verbal versions of the theme song whenever anything of remote interest happened.
Believe me when I say you should watch this intoxicated. It makes both the stupid plot more bearable and the action itself way more fun.

Oh and also because there's not much more Crab-clan than building GIANT ROBOTS to fight the INVADING FOREIGN MONSTERS.

ALso. FUCK YOU SHOJI YOU COCKGOBBLER. FUCK 4evahGM I liek ur mad GM hatestylinz. Teach me your waaaays.

As someone who's seen it, don't go in expecting a break through in story telling. It's pretty meh, lot of plot holes.

However, if you want to see giant robots beating the crap out of Kaiju, you will find no better movie.
>Shoji stared, disbelieving, at the pile of rubble that was his avatar's remains
>Toshiro's crystal giant walked over to Shoji, looming over him, bathing him in it's holy radiance
>That shook Shoji from his shock
>He looked from the avatar to Toshiro.
>Then, as though the very act would shatter his spine, he bent his head to the victor
>only then Did Toshiro release his own avatar
>Toshiro stood there for long seconds, as Shoji waited for Toshiro to return the bow
>Toshiro turned and thumpdraged away
>Shoji's head snapped up
>Toshiro paused
>Without turning around he said
>Oh? Do you wish a duel over this mater of honor?
>I looked at Shoji
>I can now say I know what man who is so enraged he tries to swallow his own tongue looks like.
>Toshiro left
>I ran up beside him.
>You magnificent bastard!
>I could hug you right now!
>he looked at me levely
>I'd really rather you didn't.
>Everyone went back inside to watch the very last match.
>Mirumoto Sen vs Monkey
>As the two bowed and took their stances Kitsuki-san mused
>The Taoist swordsman are very spritual, but they can also use their blades in unconventional ways
>If there is anyone here who may be able to anticipate Monkey's technique, it would be Mirumoto Sen-san
>If the utterly absurd should come to pass and both miss the first pass, this could become a truly strange battle.
>Everyone exchanged glances
>We didn't need to say anything
>We all knew full well often 'Monkey' and 'Utterly Absurd' went togother
>Kitsuki-san glanced at me
>Did you know, Ishigaki-san?
>The Taoist swordsmen engage in body hardening exercises, as you Crabs do.
>I doubt it's done quite the same way though.
>I looked closer at Sen.
>Sure enough, I could see the signs
>I doubted their technique was the equal of the Hida Ryu's though.
>Both of them took seemingly lazy stances
File: Toshiro's face when.jpg (2 KB, 125x88)
2 KB

Fucking OWNED.
>Even I could see the mind games being played by these two
>Each was trying to confuse their opponent and so disrupt their spirit.
>Monkey made the first move, charging in with
>Sen sidesteped, drawing and cutting at Monkey's back as Monkey passed him
>Without a moment's hesitation, Monkey tucked and rolled forward holding his sword out to the side so he didn't cut himself
>He sprang up, His kimono cut down the center of his back to his waist
>But Monkey himself was not injured
>I glanced over to the Crane
>Sakurada was watching impassively, no doubt committing everything he saw to memory so as not to be caught off guard again
>Several other Crane however, were pinching the bridges of their noses or rubbing their eyes
>Yosi was frowning as well.
>They were big on the weight of tradition.
>Monkey and Sen faced one another again
>Then Sen moved
>He took his sword in one hand, sidestepping and pulling his blade back
>As Monkey brought his own blade up to deflect Sen's strike, Sen lashed out
>Not with his blade
>His free hand seized Monkey by the Kimono
>That was a knife fighting technique.
>Seizing your opponent and pulling them onto the blade of your tanto
>I couldn't believe there was anyone who could do such a thing with a katana.
>Until Sen twirled his blade around
>He held it with his hand just under the tsuba, the dull edge along his forarm and tip pointed behind him
>However, I knew firsthand that Monkey understood the messy art of knife fighting
>Monkey stomped on Sen's foot, and slammed his forehead into Sen
>Sen's head snapped back
>Monkey tore free from his grip, leaving half of his kimono in Sen's hand
>Sen shook his head to clear his vision
>And Monkey used the oportunity to strike
>Sen tossed Monkey's Kimono into the air between them, and Monekey cut that instead
>As Sen prepared to attack again however, Monkey thrust his blade forward
>And just knicked Sen's knuckles
>a single drop of blood fell from Sen's hand.
File: died of laughter.jpg (6 KB, 166x249)
6 KB
>tfw Monkey just became Hokage
File: 1489345065527.gif (2.51 MB, 286x258)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB GIF
>Monkey-ing intensifie.
>Once we were able to get through the crowd of courtiers swarming the Iaijutsu champion, we congratulated Monkey.
>And informed him he owed us 10 koku for our assitance
>Wait, what?
>We bet against you.
>He looked hurt
>Why would you do that?
>because the worse the odds are against you the more likely it is you succeed!
>He blinked.
>Oh... that's true, I suppose.
>Okay Okay,
>Just you three right though?
>Kitsuki-san nodded
>I had no part in this foolishness
>Okay, hang on
>We reached our rooms and Monkey darted in, then came out with ten koku
>For each of us
>we had been teasing him, of course.
>we didn't really expect him to repay us
>But now we had to decide If we should do the honorable thing and correct him, or if we should keep the money to make him pay for the nonchalant way he just threw away thirty Koku.
>Mantis-san was the one who couldn't bear it
>No, we were just teasing you Monkey, we can't take these
>Yeah, but you still helped me out, didn't you?
>Toshiro gave in next.
>We... we were joking, Monkey. I don't think it really works like that.
>Oh? Well, the fact that you cared enough to even try is good enough for me
>Okay, guess it's my turn
>But, it was ten koku in total. Not each.
>Then Monkey grinned.
>I know
>I just wanted to see if you'd feel bad or not.
>Naomi had recovered quite quickly
>Katsuie-sama offered to take us via the Yasuki vessel that was coming to pick him and his entourage up
>We'll be making for the lands of the Crab, but I'm sure we can drop your friends along the way, if they have places to go
>we were going to need time off for Naomi's pregnancy
>we set sail the next day
>One by one, my friends left at their own ports.
>Each promising to try to attend the birth
>Eventually Naomi, Toshiro, the children and I arrived back at our home
>we set aside all thoughts of the war that we had failed to stop, focusing instead on the new life coming into the world soon.
File: comfy-cat.jpg (49 KB, 524x700)
49 KB
And there you have it anons. the winter court is complete. good night everyone.
They still have to interogate the Soshi woman; find out what she knew about THEM.
Yeah, but that involves torture. It's messy as fuck and I was just going to leave it for the lead in to the next adventure after the downtime
Oh okay.
Is it wrong to look forward to the torture of a maho tsukai?
depends on whether you're looking forward to the information you'll get, or the pain your eta will cause.
So, not wrong and not wrong?
>a great tiatan of earth arose, as tall as Shoji's
>and then the raw earth fell away, revelaing a being of pure crystal, glowing from within with a pure, holy light.
>Shoji's eyes widened
>Toshiro stood there for long seconds, as Shoji waited for Toshiro to return the bow
>Toshiro turned and thumpdraged away
You, you're a cool dude. You can come home and fuck my sister.
I already did.
File: Shoji.jpg (38 KB, 204x458)
38 KB
So I have been imagining Shoji a little like this.

Or do you have any image for him?
File: images-6.jpg (14 KB, 384x383)
14 KB
Not crab-sama

I was imagining he looked more like fire lord ozai.
Don't think so. He was never really described but I imagine him being kinda older than lord ozai and much, much more bitter.
In my headcanon he's more like one of the stereotypical samurai official kind of guy. Bald top, the remaining hair tied into a topknot, pencil-thin catfish mustache, and over all looked a bit shifty-honorable. Like he wields his honor and station like some thug's knife. Maybe usually paired with a smug grin that would make cats weep.
File: Shoji.png (207 KB, 318x412)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
That comes close, yeah. Just replace the hat with a bald samurai topknot.
So, mechanically, how did Toshiro's and Shoji's elemental were made? I guess Toshiro had Kuni Crystal Magician school and the GM allowed him to apply it to Raise, Earth to make a crystal elemental, but how did Shoji make a jade one?

Also, I'm curious, what disadvantages did Naomi have? I imagine she had Soft-Hearted, Weakness and True Love, anything else?
Shoji meeting the emperor
Weakness (Strenght). Would not make sense for her to be as strong as other samurai, even as a water tensai.
I expectedf it to be Weakness (Stamina) for her sickliness.
That would probably be Bad Health, not Weakness
File: Shifty fuck.png (571 KB, 999x719)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
I imagined Shoji basically like this
Add a beard on it, and that's totally how I imagine him too.
Bump in the night!
Bump limit, anon-chan
Shift to the general.
The avatar battle set to pacific rim just made my morning.
Didn't manage to contribute yesterday as i had some prep work left for M&M this sunday and D&D last night, one of the most hilarious sessions in an already hilarious campaign (it's also a good thing, since i was reminded of one encounter in the jungle i would've otherwise forgot) and now we're past the bump limit

Anyways, time for Daikakita-san to say goodbye to Doji-no-kimi, and find out who's going to help him get through the jungle

Since Ishigaki-san might still be sleeping, will bake him some fresh bread for his breakfast for once so the threads stay connected

Fresh bread here, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Crane-san:

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