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I am making a space opera setting. In it there's a parody of the Ancient Aliens guy, who goes up on interstellar TV and insists that like there's an ancient civilization of super advanced aliens that left behind all of their shit, the government knows all about it and all 'advances' are made by studying the equipment.

What are other stupid conspiracy theories a space civilization with super advanced technology might come up with?
Something about black holes being portals to other universes and/or viable methods of time travel, certainly, if you can just find a way past the event horizon.

The eventual death of all life in the Milky Way and Andromeda when the two galaxies collide (even though in truth this will be a relatively harmless event for both galaxies just due to how much empty space there is between star systems).

"Stardate 42961.2 was an inside job! Warp plasma can't melt duranium beams!"

"The ancient Alpha Phoenicians, who first developed FTL, were humans! WE WAZ MOFFS N SHIT!"

And of course various stories about abandoned or disused mines or stations that are haunted.
Space whales that nobody takes sightings of seriously, think Bigfoot.

Weird transmissions in empty star systems (number stations?)
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Aliens that come from another universe with different laws of physics exist.
Wouldn't space whales be easily logged on ship computers?
>Planets aren't real, they're just mass-induced hallucinations caused by drugs in the drinking water.

>Insectoids are mammals but the government has been suppressing the evidence and killing the scientists who do research into it.
LOOK AT THE HOLOGRAM!!! See the skull, the part of bone removed, the "ancient-race" droid psychic controls, the Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Ethernet, the Eyesight Holovision, the Android Cybernetic radio, the Threshold Brain-rewritting Radio, the latest new skull reforming to contain ALL Cyber Controls, even in WHITE skulls of TERRAN PEDIGREE MALES! Visible Frankestein controls! The cybernetic nerve-radio directional antennae transponder! Make copies for yourself! There is NO ESCAPE from this worst klingon FedSec, using ALL of the deadly krogan cyborg controls!

In 2356, Section 31 criminal agents STUNNED ME BLOODY, dragged me IN FORCEFIELDS from Trump III Alpha Centaury astroport! Since then I HIDE in forced jobless poverty, isolated alone in this low deadly orktown shanty spacestation. The Neutronian, deadly wookie Fedsec and klingonpuppet underlings spray me with MIND CONTROL NANOBOTS from speeder exhausts and even lawnmowers! DEADLY ASSAULTS, even in my corridors with lightswords, even bricks and stones, even DEADLY TOUCH TOXINS or ELECTRIC SHOCK VIBROSWORDS; even telepathically controlled around-corners-projection of DEADLY TOUCH CATACHAN DEVILS or even bloody-murder "accidents" to shut me up forever with a Sneak Dalek Extermination! Even with trained parroting robot assassins in MAXIMUM SECURITY INSANITY PRISON for writing these unforgivable TRUTHS!!
The galaxy is flat.
Will it come with music?

It better do.
Yes, I know this is about the dumbest possible conspiracy theories in a fictional space opera setting.

Nevertheless, I am unable to control myself: getting past the event horizon of a black hole is really easy. Getting out of there is the hard part.
>All life was seeded by ancient aliens that planned everything including this

>Pulsars/Magnetars are actually communication beacons by an advanced race

>Nebulas are absolute proof of advanced aliens because they're the result of industrial pollution.

>The galaxies are moving because of ancient alien propulsion systems

>This asteroid looks like a face! Evidence!

>This rock formation on this barren planet is CLEARLY a city! We carbon dated the rock to billions of years old! Why won't the government admit it?!
Nah. They're five dimensional space whales.
They can only be seen by living beings (no telescopes, no sensors, no recordings) and only when they breach into our reality for a breath of vacuum.
OP here, I may use this.

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