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Things only kids who grew up in an Orc family will understand

>Uncle Grishnuk is staying with us for a while!
>Doesn't leave for 2 years
>Bitches about the human kingdom but always makes excuses about going back to Orc-land


>Explaining to your friends that the skulls outside are totally ancient family heirlooms


>Go for a walk
>Find carrion on the road
>Fuck, not giant spider for dinner again
>Dad is branding elf slaves again
>be me
>go to Morgoth High
>stupid Chadgar bullying me, finally challenges me to Mo'gora Blood Duel
>lose duel, get suspended for losing
>dad grounds me

Started working out more after that. Now Chadgar's skull is affixed to my belt.
I wish I was that elf so badly.
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1.73 MB JPG
You scum better count your lucky stars that we're too busy putting the Drow in Drown to deal with you filthy free skins right now.

Put that stick down before you hurt yourself.
We are a proud people, you fucking bigoted cunt!

I WOULD kill you, but my mother said an Orc never picks fights with weaklings
File: IMG_2358.jpg (72 KB, 564x423)
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>Drow in Drown
Ay wait, what the Fuck?! What did we ever do?
File: IMG_2051.jpg (149 KB, 1000x1200)
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149 KB JPG
>Ay wait, what the Fuck?! What did we ever do?
Everything you ant-elf scum. I can't wait for you disgusting fucks to be purged from this earth.
Be Drow, for one.

Personally I think the humans are being incredibly shortsighted and wasteful with their treatment of you.

Drow are for eating, not for drowning.
And thus we see that all we need to eliminate one kind of racism is a more extreme version of another. Human Niggers are the least of our problems when we've got green-niggers to worry about, and that's nothing compared to the elf-niggers.
>Me young orc, look different to others, grey skin not green, smaller but still big
>Travel with clan, stop to camp for some time
>Orc-mother send me out to find food
>Say to mother it wasteland and no find much
>She rage and yell so I leave
>Forage around for time, find some berries and a dead thing with some meat
>Drag back to camp
>All destroyed and clan dead
>Find Orc-mother impaled by jagged spear
>Bears symbol of rival clan
>Take spear and follow tracks of attacking tribe

>Some time later...

>Staggering through wasteland, starving and injured
>No find rival tribe
>Instead, collapse
>Small pink orcs find me
>They speak in way I no understand
>They feed me, not so bad orcs
>But then they chain me to cart, drag me along
>Days pass like this, can't break free, too weak
>Arrive at place the small orcs call "City"
>So many different orcs, some large, some small, and many huts made of stone and wood
>So noisy all the time, smells of shit and death all day
>Miss Orc-mother yelling at me
>Taken to big place with raised wood stand
>Made to walk across it many times while loud small orc with beard yells about "Good slave material"
>Many voices in crowd yell back, something about numbers, I no know, no one teach
>Beard orc yells "Sold" and points to old pink orc with silver hair
>Too tired from walking all time to care, want sleep and maybe fight

>Betrays species
>sacrifices baby brother to Lolth
>murders Parents
>Eats disgusting fungus
>Tortures slave
>Has massive Orgy
>snorts powdered Spider venom
>sells mate to rival family to buy more powdered spider venom
>Fucks Spider
>Dies friendless and alone in some under dark alley, unmourned and unloved
>Old silver orc take chains from others, lead me away
>Come to large hut, sound of fighting inside
>Worried me can't fight good in weak state
>Old orc start talking to me, can't know his words
>He takes long time, pointing at things, saying words over and over
>He teach me his words
>I learn slowly, not am smart orc
>He is teacher, learn people of sword and fighting
>Feed me good foods, let me sleep on straw in hut place called "House"
>I feel strong coming back to me
>Days pass and old orc teach me how to use his strange weapon, called "Long sword"
>Practice with him
>He explains he is "Boss" and his "Gang" like strong orcs
>He says he is called "Human", and I think Human-Orc nice
>Meet other man-orcs, and we go out into city
>Beat people up for money, I like this
>Guard places where women-orcs take money from man-orcs after much screaming, think must not to fight these woman-orcs, they are too strong if men lose
>Sometimes get into big fights with other "gangs" over "turf", which I no know what means but love fights so don't ask
>Months pass, learn better Common speak
>Old man-orc is proud of me, says I am like son to him
>Tells this to many of the gang, I think it impressive he has made so many sons
>Ask if he knows Mother-orc, explain she was killed by rival tribe
>He tells me I must find murder-orcs and get revenge
>Gives me money and horse, tells me always have a place in his house
>Sends me off, back to wasteland to find those that killed my clan

There is a list somewhere around here
oh there it is
>In wastelands I find old place of camp
>Almost all gone now, only some broken huts left
>Not even bones of mother-orc
>Spend many moons searching, and one day find small group of green orcs
>They see and try to run but horse faster
>I tell I looking for big orc horde of killers
>They say they escaped from one, their tribe dead too
>They ask why I am smaller and grey skin, I not know, but say man who calls me son has silver hairs, maybe that reason
>They shrug and continue on
>Day passes, I find tracks
>Follow for a week, finally see huge camp
>Smoke from fires, many noises, singing of victory songs
>How victory if no fight? These orcs have no honor, I am teach this by old man-orc who like father to me
>Walk into camp, many orcs stare
>Ask to see boss, they not know what mean
>Huge green orc comes out of tent, saying he chief
>I say this is time for revenge, for kill mother-orc many months ago
>He laugh, say I half-orc, no right to challenge
>I laugh back, saying this my turf now, these orcs become my gang when I beat boss
>He not know words so decides to yell and fight
>Simple style of attack, overhand swings with large axe, I learned to beat this many times ago
>Thanks old man-orc teacher for his many lessons
>Fight is over swiftly, my skill with blade beats his hammering with axe
>Big orc dying, I take scrap of cloth I keep from spear many years ago, show him it same mark he wears
>He die, other orcs cheers for me
>Stand one foot on his corpse, announce I am boss now
>They cheer and follow
>We go back to city, much fear from man-orcs there
>Boss greets me, says I do well
>Now our gang ten times as big, take over city
>Boss now call himself "King", says I am his "Big Boss"
>This mean I am best son
>That all I ever want to be
I want more anon
>be orc
>wanna grab a quick snack and some travel sized potions on the way home from work
>store owned by a fucking hobgoblin
>hobgoblin's brother follows me around the whole time thinking I tryin to shoplift. Dont even dare touch a magazine, dont feel like him yelling in goblin that its not a library.

Fucking hobgoblins and fucking pinkskins who treat then like a model minority. Atleast I was born here and speak common.
Ok, this is based off a campaign so can do

>Some months later
>King has made land better for orcs
>No longer have to roam and kill to survive
>Other countries scared though, send "envoys" to make peace
>Didn't know we at war, but they send gifts so can accept
>Father-King tell me I have done many deeds
>Do not have to stay here if wish to see world
>Not know what means, world to me is city and gang
>He laugh, say I still young and have much to learn
>Agree, he always right about teach, I listen for long time and got here after all
>Before go, get tattoo on back of screaming demon, Father-King tell me is symbol of family and our pride
>It cool, only hurts some
>I leave most of my things at city, only take some money and long sword and loyal horse
>Set out to east, where other cities are meant to be found
>Come across many strange things, slender-orcs with point ears called elves, they try to attack me saying I bad orc
>Have to punch many hard time to make them stop
>After that they understand I not so bad
>One decides to travel with me, call himself "Elf"
>The fuck is elf, you slender-orc
>He no argue, still bruised from punchings
>He no has horse, but can move fast so we go ok
>Elf says he "Ranger" and has bow to fight with, I think weapon of cowards but not say to him, we become friends now
>Reach a next city where the people are crying for help, asking to be save from "Kobolds"
>I not know what bold they mean, but Elf say they monsters
>We stop at tavern to rest and learn more about threat of Kobold, meet strange young human-orc who says he is "Sorceror"
>He talk a lot. Not quiet like Elf.
>Say he doing research on Kobolds and their larger cousins
>I have many larger cousins, so I no know why he want to see monster cousins, must be scary
>He asks to travel with us, says he can do many magics and help
>He also promise to be good cook, so decide ok
>We set out next day to the north where Kobolds are attack from
File: IMG_1920.jpg (350 KB, 500x739)
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350 KB JPG
>Nose ring
Why do the Greenskins all have such Trash taste in women? I mean seriously, eventuw dwarves know that women with that shit are the kind of crazy/trashy freaks that you don't stick your dick in.
A true dwarven lass ain't worth banging if she ain't got enough metal in her to mine for a forthnight
>On road we meet wounded beard-orc
>Still not like them after what I later find out called "Slave Auction"
>Elf also don't like, say he "Dwarf" and they never be friends
>Dwarf beg for help, saying he give up his pride to live and get revenge on Kobolds for killing family
>I understand this well, and make change of heart happen
>Sorcerer makes him bleed stop, dwarf say he will repay us
>I make note of this, many people in Father-King city say this to me over years, many not pay
>Dwarf, like most orcs, have two kneecaps. Can break if not pay
>Rest and wait for dwarf to heal, he says he is "Bard" and must sing song of vengance for his clan
>I hate his singing, not scary enough
>We continue, finding small lizard creatures that Sorcerer say are Kobolds
>We fight, many easy to kill but some fly and make fire
>Cannot fight them with long sword out of reach
>Throw rocks instead. Works ok
>Elf show how skilled he is with bow, kills many
>Sorcerer shoots fires too, and ices, and other magics
>Magic is scary but I like
>Kobolds die in manys, but more always around
>Decide not to always fight, sometimes sneak
>I not like this, but can see tactical value cause not as dumb as when was child-orc
>Find big warcamp of Kobold, not unlike orc camp
>In center is large lizard, many shimmer blue scales
>Sorcerer shit pants, say is "Dragon"
>Elf look terrified, Dwarf look rage
>Say he want to kill dragon, she is leader of Kobold
>We make plan
>Plan involve stab and shoot and magic dragon
>I like simple of plan
>We do
>Fight is hard, many bleedings, start to tire
>Dragon-female strong, can make her mouth turn to fires
>Much battles later and she stops moving, my longsword through her eye
>Stand one foot on her corpse, announce I am boss now
>Kobolds no know what to do
>Sorcerer must "translate" words for me
>Dwarf scream we must kill all for his family death
>I ask why when we kill chief
>Is how works, after all
>Kobolds argue many minutes, no want to follow Orc Boss

>Punch many to make listen, they do
>Tell Kobolds must never fight with Dwarf again, or all die painful
>Elf tell them to respect nature
>The fuck is nature, slender-orc?
>Sorcerer spends much time cutting dragon, taking parts and making write in his book of things
>Dwarf finds his family body and I help bury
>He sings sad song of death
>He tells me he will repay debt, says I can ask for anything
>Tell him he must lead Kobolds west to City of Father-King-Orc where they join Big Gang
>Then he free to do whatever, I no care
>He is mad, but agrees because he has honor
>Sorceror, Elf and me go drink
>Make friends with many womens, find out what "sex" is
>I like this sex. Seems if me kill dragons, women want it to sex me
>Ask where next dragons are, sorcerer excited, Elf not so much
>As we setting out to leave, tiny-orc man come up, say he is "Paladin" but Elf call him "Gnome"
>Have seen Gnome before, usually not have weapons and armor like this one
>He ask to come with us, say we are great heroes and touched by gods
>I say no one touch me unless I allow
>He laugh, say that "Heavy hand of fate has always been on me"
>Fuck off fate, I no know you
>He offers much gold, so we agree he can come
>He too has horse, but it small and called "Dog"
>Have seen dogs too, but not horsedog
>Every time I throw something away, dog go get and bring back
>Very annoying
>But also fun and dog is friend

>We go through long forest
>Large spiders try and eat, we smash to mush
>Spiders say their queen curse us, or so Sorcerer says, we no understand chitter sounds
>Tell queen to come fight like man
>Gnome laughs but says it right attitude
>Elf says spider bad for forest, make it sick
>I ask what medicine need
>He say kill queen
>Fine, I hate bitch queen anyway, curse me no reason
>Into caves and we fight more spiders and strange creatures that are part spider
>Sorcerer happy he making new findings, many pages in book filling
>Gnome say he fight evil, so this part of his quest
>I ask what quest he mean
>He say to rid world of evil
>Big job
>We enter spider queen lair
>Ok she pretty hot
>Offer sex
>Kind of hard to make resist, she very convincing
>Only Gnome ignores offer and makes magic to us to stop us wanting sex too
>Wake up from dream of eight legged weird sex and realize bad magic was happen
>Fight spider queen
>Like dragon, she strong

File: Bully.png (739 KB, 660x452)
739 KB
739 KB PNG

>mfw more good green text stories
>Cut off many legs
>Much scream-chitter
>Elf stuck in web
>Sorcerer burn him free with fires
>Queen scared of fires
>Burn her too
>She die screamchittering
>Stand one foot on corpse, announce I am boss
>Elf say this time no work as spider need queen
>I am not ever queen
>Sorcerer say there is a way, make spell and I become queen
>Not want to have me magic so say no
>He laugh
>Gnome laugh
>Elf laugh
>Last spiders chitter, we set them on fire
>Leave lair with treasures, some armor of old that Gnome says I should have to stop making bleeds of enemies so much bad
>Elf get new bow that also magic
>Sorcerer get ring that makes shields stop him from die to sword and arrow
>Good day overall, still contemplate weird sex with spider
>Oh well, can't have everything
>Also sad can't send spiders to join gang, but accept not all creatures make good gang members
>Reach next city where the guards do not like us
>Have some shoutings with them, many argues
>They say city is peaceful and no one allowed weapons inside
>Must give up sword, which is considered as my soul
>Try to explain, they not know of western traditions
>They say they keep and return when we leave
>Sorcerer tell me not to worry, he can make knowing all times where sword is
>I trust him
>Inside city is same noise and many orcs as usual
>But no fightings, not even with fist
>So strange
>Also no houses of whores where sex can be made
>Paladin says this is city of a god, where all is as god wills it
>Talks in big words about ecclesiastic ways and how gods word is law here
>I ask if his god same god
>He say no, he not like this god much, say laws here restrict freedom for the peoples
>Meant to be way to grow culture and make city good, not force people into way of life
>Even at tavern, no alcohol to be served
>We all sad
>But then surprise, on stage is beard-orc bard Dwarf
>We all happy and reunite
>Many stories tell one another
>He say he meet Father-King, and he is "honorary part of gang"

File: 1489043185878.png (443 KB, 639x581)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
>when the green text stories are good
>He say Father-King proud of me for making gang grow more
>But also say Kobolds are difficult
>Wish they smarter
>I shrug, no can teach like he can
>Dwarf rejoin us, and he agree with Gnome that something weird in city
>We get many looks from locals, they not like us I think
>Always clean here, no smells, no anything
>Gnome says there is many magics all the time, Sorcerer agrees
>I not know what mean, so nod a lot
>They say makes remember of "Necromancy" and that this is bad magic
>More nod
>Dwarf tell them be quiet, must not insult Church here, we must leave soon
>Gnome disagree, say he must right wrongs and fight evil
>Still fucking big job
>But I his friend, say if he has reason to fight, I fight with him
>We go to Church building where we meet Priest-orc, old and silver like Father
>But not as cool
>He lectures on how to be good living
>Must follow all rules and laws as said by god being he worship
>Gnome says these laws are false and meant only to empower church
>Much shouting happens
>Many armed guards appear
>We are told to leave or die
>Seems bit much for argument, think maybe Gnome has hit nerve
>We go back to Inn to think
>That night Elf hear someone sneak into room
>Dark black hoods with knives
>But no weapons allowed in city
>Fight them hard, Elf is hurt badly
>Gnome makes magic healings, it works but City makes it harder he says
>Sorcerer and Gnome find symbol of church on dead night stabbers

>Gnome more angry that I ever see
>Dwarf try to calm, sing songs of relax
>Not work
>Gnome say this cannot stand
>I sitting at time, so get confuse
>He storm off, we follow with speeds
>Back to the Church where Sorcerer says our weapons are
>That strange, gate man said he give back if we leave, how give back if they at church
>Inside Church we confront priest-orc
>Show symbols, he starts to whimper and cry
>Begs us not to kill
>Gnome struggles with decision, but Elf convince him not worth
>Priest-orc shows us secret door to below church
>We do down deep into
>Below place filled with naked people making chants
>Lots of strange color fire
>Many people bleedings and drinking blood
>Gnome says "He knew it"
>Dwarf is shitting pants
>Elf not look happy either
>Sorcerer taking notes many
>In middle of underground place is leather wing orc
>Laughing and with bloods on face
>I wonder if he sick
>Gnome says he is a sickness
>Says he must be killed and banished, as he is either vampire or demon
>Fuck are those?
>Feel like in over head on knowings of thing
>Wonder how gang is and if Father make Kobolds learn yet
>Wait, me see long sword
>And those same armored guard from up above
>Gnome says this place is evil and must be cleansed
>He and Sorcerer make magics, fire of lights bright the room
>Naked blood people scream and run away but armored men come to fight

>Cannot fight with no long sword that good
>Punch but armor hard
>Elf has knives from night stabbers

and shit I have a thing, hope this is still up when I get back, happy to keep greentexting if you are all keen
File: ExcitedGeode.jpg (132 KB, 997x1005)
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132 KB JPG

Story time is best time.
>wake up this morning
>weather is perfect
>greentext is good
Comfy as fuck
File: 1489035876677.jpg (72 KB, 648x441)
72 KB
>but it wasnt cont
That's an awful lot of work, bringing a whole ocean underground just to make a terrible pun.
I mean, admittedly, it makes sense that crusaders would have Dad humor.
It will be. Just finishing up now. Grabbing dinner, watching izombie then back in it senpai
You act like it would hard for crusaders to drown the underdark.

All theyd need to do is round up a contingent of nuns, place them at the entrance and start shedding their plate armor
Those paladins seem way more likely to be the type to want to *cough* redeem the drow than to slay them, though.
File: Templar Schmuck.jpg (137 KB, 900x1219)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Well brother, elves CAN be redeemable to see the light of God. But Orcs are uncivilized savages. Deus Vult indeed.


>tfw nelfs don't have good hair bun models

Why live when you can't put your hair up While it's still not entirely bound
Ok I'm back, thanks for being so patient

>Sorcerer gets mobbed by nakeds
>Gnome is yelling what he calls "Litany"
>Pick up and throw one armor orc into another and they fall over
>Gives me time to get long sword
>Feel me again
>Start cutting the screaming blood orc-men, they scatter
>Leather-wing orc in center of room is casting a spell
>Gnome yells to stop it
>Tackle wing-orc
>It bites and claws me
>Special magic armor helps me, me no bleed much
>Sorcerer tells me this is good thing as he makes more fire
>Me see only charred husk around him, he is more fire than man
>Elf leaps on wing-orc, stabbing many times
>It screams and makes darkness
>None us can see, all blind now
>Feel strange, like burning inside
>Dwarf says he is make "Fairy Fire" but I see no fairy and no fire
>Do see outline of monster shape in dark
>Slash and stab it, using forms King-Father taught me
>Screaming and speak I no understand
>Sorcerer responds in same speak
>Wing-orc laughs with magic it vanish
>Me am angry now
>Darkness goes and me break magic altar that bloody everywhere
>Gnome tell me this good to do
>Start feel very sick
>Gnome and Sorcerer rush over
>Elf stabs last of armor men and Dwarf is help naked blood people
>Me am passing out
>Gnome says I infect
>Not know what means, so nod thinking same as above place stories of bad magic
>Sorcerer says we need to find "Cleric"
>Gnome says this place bad and has none Cleric
>They are look worried
>Me laugh and say I be ok if get out of stinking blood pit
>We return surface, Sorcerer burns all down below church
>Priest gone when we get up
>Gnome say we must track wing-orc he call vampire
>Elf say must treat me first
>I no deserve treats, fail kill bad people
>They smile at me, but then all goes black

>Wake up not know when
>Bright sun, know it day
>Feel strange still, like something inside me try get out
>Am in a white place with golden orcs standing still
>Young female-orc with pink skin and point ear beside me, she wear only small clothes
>She say I must rest, the evil is be purged from my body
>I ask what she mean
>Long talk about vampire and virus and blood, me not understand much, but nod, mostly stare at near naked
>She notice, tell me all are naked under her god
>Ask which god, get ready for fight as last god made bad people
>She tell me same god as Gnome knows
>Probably ok god then
>She make me sleep somehow, tell me when I wake I be heal
>Sometime later I wake
>Feel much better, less burn inside
>Friends are here now, sitting at table in white room, talk about quest
>I know what quest mean
>As stand, they notice me
>Greet with joy and much holding
>Be soft and careful not to break small friends
>Dwarf is cry from happy
>Elf too, but he hide
>They have stopped hating and become friend too
>This make me happy inside but I no cry as don't know how
>Gnome tell me it was grace of his god that save me
>I turn and thank grace, she laughs
>All friends laugh too, I glad to make them happy
>They say vampire curse gone from me, I hero for saving them
>Fall to knees and apologise for being useless and shaming my family and them
>Gnome is still small than me when on knees, but he tug me, make me stand
>All say I no shame, they proud and say if not me, they have been cursed and maybe die
>Feel pride return
>Grace tell me she bless my soul, I now a man of god
>I tell her I orc
>Apparently still of god
>Gnome ask me if I want be Paladin
>I shrug, say Paladin small and I like be big
>He laugh, and say he hope to be as big as me one day
>I think he maybe has chance, he work hard and have many fights
>We leave white place, turn out to be big temple-house
>Dwarf tell me how I get

>The vilage scouts have found a Wood elf hunting party.
>Everyone panics because of their alledged canibalism.
>When i ask the shaman for proof he shows granpa Gririk's skull and the tooth marks on it.
>Everyone throws a massive party after the wood elves left.
>Only aunty Grursula hasn't come back after going to pick mushrooms in the woods.
>Gnawed bones are found days later surrounded by elven footprints.
>They drag all night and all day
>Four day at most speed
>Through cave under mountain shortcut to city they know
>Cleric live here where do healing magics of special type
>They no sleep for all time, only when arrive at temple-house
>It take one week of sleeping for me to be heal
>All time they wait, try to help Grace make me better
>Grace name actually Quinn, she half-elf and maiden of Gnome god
>She no rest for whole week either while heal
>I am debt to her for all life
>In time I sleep they do checking
>Find out wing-orc vampire corrupt city we find at
>Many dead, many turned into "Thralls"
>City appear peace and nice, lure travel in to make into food
>I disgust, people not food
>Happy to see horse again, he happy see me
>Play with dog for time, it also happy
>We spend day in nice city, pleasant time with river run through and happy color
>Sorcerer and Gnome make plan to hunt wing beast, say it be very danger
>I ready, danger means fight
>Just as we ready to leave city, Gracequinn join us, she wearing clothes now, armor and shield too
>Say her holy duty is kill vampire, must come with
>I no mind, give chance to pay back life debt
>Also nice to look at
>Gnome happy she come, I think he love
>Dwarf happy too
>Elf as well
>Sorcerer no seem to care, busy doing his books
>We travel for many days, through valley and forest
>Into hill country where mountains are above
>They much big and scary look
>Cleric and Gnome say this where vampire castle-house is
>I ready, no more bite and scratch, I plan to take teeth and claws from

>We go mountain
>Up and up
>On climb Cleric ask about family
>I say have hundreds brother and sister
>Tell mother-orc and King-father
>She many questions, say King-father not real father
>I not understand, she explain that me half-orc like she half-elf, one parent elf, one parent human
>Me be half-orc mean one parent orc, mother, and one parent something else
>She think human, but also maybe elf
>I not know, never meet orc-father
>Say not care, King-father always father since day of Slave Auction
>Cleric think this "noble" and say I have "devotion"
>Gnome say don't try, he lost cause
>I am not lost, I with friends!
>They laugh
>Non-orc humor is not understand easy for me
>We reach mountain-peak and as say there is dark castle
>Black wolf beasts attack, froth mouth red eye
>Fight is short brutal
>All wolf dead, Cleric make bodies burn and vanish in white light after
>Say they not dead until she or Gnome make happen
>Castle gate seal, not know how get in
>Elf say he can, but need help from Sorcerer
>Somehow make Elf fly!
>They say magic can do many things, even this
>Elf make to wall and vanish below
>Minutes pass, all tense
>Then large flat door falls over water hole and gate rises
>Elf is wound but ok
>Dwarf embrace him, tell him never to do stupid like that again
>They laugh
>Inside castle empty but for dead movings
>They broken orc, bone show through flesh
>Also sometimes all bone
>Gnome say prayer along with Cleric, many dead walkers turn to dust or run away
>This necromancy they tell of in bad city
>Castle has many traps
>Sorcerer use spell to see or make trap fire before we hurt self
>Elf also do tricks with lock doors
>I feel can't contribute so do heavy lifting when need
>Make to big chamber
>Inside is bed
>On bed three most naked pale-orcs
>They welcome, say they been expect us
>One red hair, one black hair, one yellow hair
>All beauty, all make me feel funny
>They float-walk, cloth like see-through
>Tell I can have heart desire

>Gnome and Cleric say it trick, they lie
>I ask why trick
>Turn to three beauty and say my heart desire
>Me want kill leatherwing-orc demon
>They gasp and scream
>Fly around room yelling bad words at me
>I sick of this in short time
>Pick up table and throw, make one stop fly
>Dwarf and Elf start fight yellow hair
>Cleric and Gnome battle black hair
>Sorcerer join me on red hair, say even with flaming head she have none of his fire
>She mad at this
>Swoop fly at us, magic ring shield make her stop
>She scream, I slash her with sword
>Sudden bright light that I no understand
>Gnome sees, tells me his god has blessed me
>What!? I no speak to his god ever
>Fuck he bless me for?
>Wait, Gracequinn Cleric tell me she bless
>God magic make dark creatures hurt more
>This I happy about
>Many slashes and many fires later and she is burning to ashes
>She cries as she burns, telling us we will die many times before master is done with us
>I say can only die once
>She laughs sadly as die, say not true
>Oh well, she crazy, no can fix now

>Sorcerer want take book from table beside bed
>Gnome and Cleric say no, it bad
>They argue, Sorcerer say could help, by know enemy can kill better
>Make sense to me
>Dwarf agree too, Elf not so sure
>Sorcerer say he deal with consequence later
>Put book in bag and head up stair circle
>Many climbs up, takes long
>Make to tower room at top, feel much bigger than should be from outside
>Sitting on spike chair is leatherwing
>He start talking in strange word
>Sorcerer talk back
>Final they switch to Common
>Now I understand
>Leatherwing tell us he cannot be defeat, he is too strong
>I ask if why that he run from church under when we fight last
>He says I too stupid to understand
>That probably true, but still make angry
>I rush
>They yell no! But too late
>Magic cold make me slow and stop, I no can move
>Leatherwing talk to me in head, tell me he can make me power
>Make me smart
>He say I am strong, useful to him
>That I can be king
>But he not know, I already Big Boss to King-Father, no need be king
>Tell him to fuck
>He not understand
>I say who stupid now
>Then time become back to when start
>All fight happens
>Light from long sword make leatherwing scream a lot
>Sound good to orc ears
>But he strong, stronger than last fight
>I watch as Elf is stab by long claws, blood on walls much and puddle on floor
>He fall over, not move
>I know death from many time before
>Make rage inside me
>Yell and screaming, now I know what it mean to cry
>He was first friend from after leave city
>Always friend, always there
>Leap on leatherwing make so he cannot fly
>Tell Sorcerer to burn us
>He say he cannot
>I scream many loud
>Gnome defends Cleric as leatherwing shoot magics, shield of lights makes darkness stop before she hurt
>Dwarf singing death family song, same as when we bury his wife
>Make me feel much strong
>I yell again to make us burn
>Start tearing leatherwing with hands
>Rip off claws
>Break teeth
>Rend wings
>He is scream for long time

>Sorcerer start cast magic fire
>I tell him to do, already burn inside before, if can survive that, can survive this
>Cleric is beside Elf, she is chant and white light around them
>Gnome is fighting with leatherwing, me hold not enough to stop him move
>Dwarf take Elf bow from floor, shoot arrows into leatherwing
>Finally the fire
>It is all around us
>Leatherwing cannot escape
>Flame and fires burn, I feel the pain from far away
>Inside still a heat of anger
>The scream become hiss and hiss become tiny sound
>Leatherwing falls, black char
>I am burned badly, skin raw and bubbling
>Can't see properly, eyes burned too
>As on knees, watch Gnome call upon holy god of his
>Wonder how god can have holes
>Bright light make over me, can't see now, is this what means to die?
So finally mankind has to reach for the stars in order to find other sapient beings we can hate and bring genoicide upon in peaceful multi-cultured homicidal harmony.
Based orc is based
Heres to you, big boss
>Inside is dark now
>No sounds
>But then I hear hiss breathe
>I not know where am, but leatherwing here too
>Ask where is, he laugh
>Say always with me now
>I say we together dead, no matter where he is
>He ask what he tell me when I come to castle
>I no remember, I am stupid, remember?
>He laugh but anger
>He say "I tell you I cannot die"
>But we dead
>He say we are not, he say his essence become with my essence and we are at the edge of death
>I no understand this, ask how I kill him
>He say he cannot die, he is undying
>Shake all thing around me try and find leatherwing but only darkness
>But then there lights
>I am awake in life world
>Elf stand there, how?
>He fall to knees beside me, hug tight
>I see all friends
>Eyes are work again, skin not blister, no wounds
>Gnome tells me the magic of his and Cleric save
>No sight of leatherwing, me happy
>Great victory over evil, Gnome say
>I remind him it big job
>Gnome and Cleric look so happy it hurt me inside
>They say I should not call self dumb, have much insight
>Sorcerer is filling bag with things
>More goes into bag than should fit, but used to magic now, make no sense anyway
>I ask if everyone else can see Elf
>He laughs
>Cleric tell me she can bring back the dead if god willing
>Says she just manage to save him
>I am please and hug Cleric tight, but not so tight to break
>She happy too, tell me I am great orc
>Pride swell along with other parts
>Leaving castle-house we go back down mountain
>Skies seem clearer now, no black-cloud above
>Gnome says this because evil is gone
>Dwarf stay by Elf whole time, say he never leave again, keep apologizing
>Elf say not worry, not his fault
>I so glad Elf not dead
>But then I thinking, leatherwing say he not dead too
>I ask Cleric if I die
>She say no, just badly hurted
>No revivify of me, just healings
>That good, mean must have been bad pain dreams
>Sorcerer reading many new books on way, saying he is learning much

>Become back to nice city
>Gnome and Cleric say they must attend holy ceremony soon
>Dwarf and Elf decide to stay
>Sorcerer say he need to visit a friend and will return in week
>Ask me what I want do
>I ask how far to my city
>They say Father-King has made teleport circle now, can go there in minute
>Magic, I give up
>But agree, say I wish to visit
>Say also be back in week, look forward to see holy ceremony
>On magic teleport and then sudden see familiary sights
>Orcs many around me, Kobolds too, working on building
>Man-orcs greet, say welcome back, I recognize some as gang members
>Ride to palace, meet with Father-King
>He many old now, stooping with age, silver hair almost all gone
>He say he missed his son
>I feel much happy and sad
>Tell me soon he will pass, and he want me to become Son-King in place
>I not know what to say, honor too great
>He tell me because of efforts city has become nation of strong
>People here happy, much produce, many new trades
>Other country strong ally now
>All because me make gang grow
>He say he humble beginnings too, son of "Cobbler"
>Say he make many sacrifice to go up in world
>Tell me that he not proud of some thing he had do
>Say some were mistake
>Then he say best thing ever did was buy me
>We are shed tears together
>Inside head I feel funny
>Strange whipersounds I no understand
>No time for now, spend days with Father-King
>He show me new city development
>Have expanded farm area, made new crops
>Kobold no good farm, but good build things
>New waterway system around city, keep clean and make plants grow good
>Take bad water out to wasteland
>Look like magic to me but he call "Innovation and technology"
>Introduce to Kobold leader who tell me he think me as strong as dragon
>I think stronger, and so does whisper in head
>Feel funny again, but ignore for now

>City celebrate return of Big Boss with party
>Get many drunks, have sex with many female-orcs and not-orcs
>Told I am "play-boy" by some, they mad I sex more than them
>I no get women, so apologise and say we no sex together any more if that make them mad
>They stop complain and we sex again. I really no understand
>Many times of forget where am so drunk
>One time wake up with blood but no one is bleed, not me too
>Can't remember what happen so think must be joke by gang
>Soon ready time to go back to city where friends are
>Father-King tell me I should soon finish travels, city here need leader before long
>He say not to worry though, and enjoy self while can, but be careful
>He also say he worry about me
>Father-King always so kind
>He gift me with new long sword, say it a power artifact made for slay of big monster
>Beautiful sword I cannot describe
>Take with much thanks, tell him I always take care of
>He hang old long sword in throne room, tell me he keep to remind of me
>Leave back to teleport circle and make magic trip to city of friend

>We didn't start the fire
>The fire was burning since the universe was turning
>There city is much bright and many color
>Paper long stream across building gaps
>Find Dwarf and Elf making band of musics for ceremony
>They welcome back with smiles and embrace
>Dwarf tell me he meet someone special, maybe able to move on and start new family soon
>I happy for him, know he hes been of struggle since death of wife and daughter to dragon
>Ask where others are
>Gnome and Cleric at temple, readying for ceremony
>Sorcerer not back yet, but he say today so we no worry
>Ask how time at home was
>Tell of Father-King and his ask of me
>They congratulate, tell me to be King is great honor and much status
>I say I not want Father-King to die
>They say death is natural as life, one day we all die from time being long
>Elf say he glad he get extension on his time
>I glad too
>Wonder if can extend Father-King's time
>Hear whisper say I can
>Look around to see who say but only friends near
>Think I tired or still overhung
>Show them special long sword, they are joy, say it beauty of sword like have never seen
>I chuffed
>We go temple, meet with Gnome and Cleric
>Sword not any as beauty as Cleric
>Gnome tell me same as Elf and Dwarf, that I am good choice for King of city and he wish me many lucks
>I say I worry I not smart enough, need to learn to be as wise as Father-King
>Cleric says I am wise in my own way, and make simple the hard things
>They tell me about special day, called Solstice, where gifts to gods and singing and dancing happen
>Sorcerer still not return, we start to wonder if he make it
>Ceremony starts, much boring prayer and words
>Almost fall sleep during particular long boring part
>Then it over and they say party begin
>Whole city party, lots of drink and dance
>Everyone is in joy and they say many children be coming from this night
>Some ask me how many I make
>I ask them where to find gang to I can take new sons and daughters
>They laugh and say I insatiable
>Realize quite hungry, eat good foods
>It midnight when it happen

>Sorcerer walk in out of dark edge of city
>Around him are many things
>He is pale, smiling in scary smile
>He say he is happy, it is a special day
>I know it is already, people been saying it all fucking day
>He say it because of us he has reached this place
>Again, I know, we come here together
>Then notice all is quiet and everyone look scared
>People start scream as the monster around Sorcerer moving
>They smash huts and houses
>Dead things are there too, like bad ones we fight at castle-house
>Gnome asks Sorcerer why
>He say it fruit of long labor, and he has waited long time for this day
>Cleric ask how Gnome not know he evil
>Sorcerer scoff at her, say he not evil, simply has different view on right and wrong to her
>Gnome say he is evil, but he think it because of books from bad castle
>Inside head much whispers, telling me to kill Sorcerer and take his power
>I tell shut up, he friend
>Ask him why he smashing Solstice day
>He say is day of great power, book tell him today is day of casting magic like no other
>Surround by monster and dead thing, he start magic
>All friend rush off to fight
>I not know what to do, but then monster attack me!
>Start fight, magic sword cut through monster like hot metal through soft butters
>Much blood
>Inside head is satisfied sighing every time I cut
>Start feel more power
>More kill make me feel stronger
>Inside head get louder
>It sound like I hear before
>Laughter so same as someone else
>It leatherwing!

>Battle all city now
>Guards and other adventure people fighting
>Lot of death happen, leatherwing inside me sound like crying from happy
>My strong fight like never before
>Cut large monster in parts so easy
>Sorcerer is glow blue, scales like dragon on him, like dragon from before times
>Dwarf and Elf fighting together, Dwarf anger of wrath and shouting magic words
>Say he not forgive Sorcerer for betrayal
>Sorcerer say not betrayal, he never friend of ours
>That all it take to make me anger
>Gnome and Cleric saving city people so can't help
>I run to Sorcerer
>Magic shields stop me
>He ask me not to interfere, say he not want to hurt me
>I say he already hurt me when say we not friend
>Many arrows from Elf shatter his shield
>I stab
>He grab sword with blue glow hand, asking why I stop his work
>He want to make world like my city
>Place where all people are welcome and same
>I hesitate
>Welcome sound good, but same? Father-King teach that diverse make strong, different work together better than all same
>I say it like bad city, not all can be same, not all can follow same rules
>He say he sad I cannot see his truth
>Above become blood red, magic in sky and sky on fire
>Fire is blue now, not the red orange he used to have
>Inside me leatherwing is screaming me to kill him and drink his blood
>But I no vampire
>Still want to kill, but linger doubt of friend in heart

Come on come on come on.
>Wing come from Sorcerer back
>He look like dragon proper now
>Flaming stones fall from sky, city is burning all place
>Gnome and Cleric arrive, all people gone but us now
>Monsters come back
>Shambling corpse stand back up
>Guards of city are struggle, many wound
>Leatherwing say I not worthy vessel, he should have chosen Sorcerer to take essence
>Dwarf pleading with Sorcerer, ask him to think of actions, what they mean for world
>Sorcerer say magic is will be done soon, no one can stop
>Cleric kneels and prays, but this time no god light happens
>Gnome charges, magic hammer swing and shine light from where he hit
>Sorcerer still standing, can't see wound
>Still holding my long sword
>I make decision
>Make long sword limp, walk toward Sorcerer
>Tell him what voice in head is say, I want to join him, make strong, rule world
>All other gasp, shocked
>Elf can't believe, anger on face cut me more than any blades
>Sorcerer nods and smiles, saying I am welcome in his world, I be his right hand man, I can stay as Big Boss when he World-King
>I stand infront of Sorcerer, tell him to make magic inside him big
>He happy I understand, say he make me many power when he King
>But I already have King-Father, no need for new King
>I step back and take gift sword of Father and stab it through self
>It go through me and into him
>He not expect
>I feel his cough blood all over me
>My blood too, rivers running
>I reach back and hold Sorcerer, not let go
>He struggle but cannot break free, I always been stronger than him
>He screams and cries, begging
>It is shameful to beg
>Inside head, leatherwing screaming too, say I have ruined it
>I look at Dwarf and smile
>Tell I hope he happy with new family
>I look at Cleric and smile
>Say I always love since she save life, now it my turn save hers
>I look at Gnome and smile
>Nod and say he knows what to do
>I look at Elf and smile
>I say sorry, this time it my turn to die
>Gnome is crying as he raises hands

Another thread taken over by a single anon.
>I see it again
>Bright white lights of the god
>I know the feel now
>Holy fire, they have said it called
>A pillar of it erupt around us
>All three of us scream
>I can see faces of friends outside ring of pure magic
>They are crying
>I hear Dwarf singing death song for family
>I hear Elf say I his best friend
>I hear Cleric praying, asking her god to spare me, but I know it no can
>I hear Gnome saying to be strong, to hold onto the demons and his holy zeal will cleanse their evil for good
>Fight evil really big job, no realize how big til now
>Feel body fade away
>See all burning to dust, I sad it has to end like this
>Don't know what will say to Father-King when see him next, he be mad like crazy
>Sorcerer stops screaming, feel him vanish
>Inside head leatherwing telling me he cannot die, but sound frantic, scared now, not like before
>I tell that Gnome and Cleric can make all evil die forever, and if I must die so leatherwing also go, it worth it
>All feeling and sight goes
>I see friends and world disap...

File: IMG_0134.jpg (78 KB, 711x540)
78 KB
Based orcbro
You beautiful bastard
Beautiful. Thanks for the feels.
Shut up, it's glorious.
Once he's finished we'll go back to our regularly scheduled programming.

A note on this story: I abridged a lot of it and made the time frames a lot shorter, as I didn't want to bore everyone with the massive portions of other adventure we did in between these main events. It was a campaign that lasted some two and a bit years. Here's the
Epilogue of that campaign:

My Half-Orc sacrificed himself to stop a ritual so summon an elder god the Sorcerer-Warlock was summoning.

With his death the monsters he had been raising and making for years all crumbled to dust, leaving behind nothing but small binding stones he had used to create them.

The city, Riverbreak, was saved from total destruction, but it took many months to rebuild from the damage. The Free City of Agendell, where Half-Orc was purchased by a small time crime boss decades ago, sent hundreds of men and women to help, including some incredibly skilled Kobold builders.

Because of the evil permeating the Sorcerer-Warlock and the essence of the demonic Vampire, Markandeya, the Half-Orc could not be resurrected, his soul was entwined in the fate of the other two (quite literally, as his sword was stabbing all three of them).

Both cities mourned him for a long time, and the Solstice Festival changed to not only honor life and love, but also the noble sacrifice of the simple Half-Orc gang boss they knew.

The Dwarf Bard found love once again, a stunning artisan who bore him a son he named after the Half-Orc.

The Elf Ranger was forever changed by the event, and spent many hundreds of years studying magic of all sorts in an attempt to find a way to bring back his best friend.

The Gnome Paladin was venerated as a Saint, but refused the accolade as he could not claim it a victory after losing his companion. He went on to lead the Temple of Thesan into a golden age of worship, using the Parable of the Adopted Son as a message of hope and overcoming the odds in life.

cont (last one)
Oh, Im sorry you feel you weren't given enough attention and praise yet. Please, give us another chance to worship you.
Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
(Oh and when I say 2 and a bit years, that's real time. Game was set over decades in game time)

So too did the Half-Elf Cleric, however she journeyed the world to honor the Half-Orc's quest to see many things, and spread her light to all corners.

Father-King died shortly after hearing of his son's death, so heartbroken was he that he could not recover from the illness already ailing him. Agendell was governed from then on by the ruling Gang Families, and while many nations around the world remained wary of the strange place, full of different species and always welcoming more, it never once went to war, and in fact stopped a few from happening by threatening to get involved.

Many of the Half-Orc's brothers and sisters went out into the world after hearing of his death, adventuring with their own groups of friends and overcoming many trials. Once a year on the day 6 months after Solstice in Riverbreak, they gather in Agendell to swap stories and measure achievements, always striving to be better each time.

And when one of them falls in battle, or dies to save a person or a place, they carve the name into the massive memorial wall of the city, eternally watched over by a Half-Orc holding a long sword.

Hope you enjoyed, brought back many emotions and memories for me! At the end of it all, that's what Orcs like. A good scrap and a good death!
well if you want in on it, by all means, join in
Are you ok, anon?
My bad mate, didn't mean it like that. Just wanted to make sure it wound up nice and everyone got their fill of story time. Sorry if you didn't enjoy, I hope your campaigns are awesome and you always roll high!
>But then on stage beard-orc bard dwarf
Fuck, why did this get me.
>be half-orc
>find ancestral axe
>Dad knows nothing, he's the human parent
>apparently my maternal grandfather's ghost is stuck in this axe
>always yelling at me for not doing enough pillaging

I've met other half-breeds, you know. None of THEM have to go through this.
that was beautiful.
thank you for sharing
>Seems if me kill dragons, women want it to sex me

so that's the secret!
It's fucking beautiful.

Thanks a lot for making my day happier.
File: MGS3-Salute.jpg (71 KB, 800x442)
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>At the end of it all, that's what Orcs like. A good scrap and a good death!

And a good death it was. Rest in peace you magnificent bastard. May all orcs and non-orcs alike strive to fight evil the way you did; because it's a big job.
Fug... the feels are reals.

Epic tale, fa/tg/uy, hope to see more on a level this wild. Thanks for the storytime.
File: IMG_2225.jpg (70 KB, 600x538)
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Holy shit, Ant-Elves BTFO!
>Oh, Im sorry you feel you weren't given enough attention and praise yet.

That anon just told a kickass story. Tbh, I think I like the epilogue even better than the story; it's very sweet.

Pigfuckers like you are the reason why no one posts cool shit anymore. Kys.
Oy Boss

Why we gotza follow 'round deez 'umies then?
My melanin-enriched brother I fucking love you
>see this thread
>come in thinking about telling some stories about my half-orc paladin
>anon already told a similar story better than I could
You beautiful son of an orc you. I want to share a beer with you
I see the no fun allowed brigade is out in force today.
File: 013401205134.jpg (20 KB, 300x300)
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>>I know death from many time before
>>Make rage inside me
>>Yell and screaming, now I know what it mean to cry
>>He was first friend from after leave city
>>Always friend, always there
And thus, a /tg/ legend was born. Gods speed, Half-Orc. Gods speed.
Tell me someone screencaped this, I must save it for the ages
Seconding this
File: the legend of half-orcbro.png (1.28 MB, 3641x4666)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG

Screencapped for future generations, anon. You did good.

You did real good.
God bless you anon.

And to the anon who posted the story, I'm adding Half-Orc to my usual staple of Gods. He's my new God of Friendship, Heroes, and Monster-Slaying.
File: 1476603268707.jpg (51 KB, 666x500)
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Thank you anon, Half Orc bless you
Have you even been branded you fucking faggot? It hurts like you wouldn't believe.
Says the unbranded, typical elffag
I have an eye branded on the back of my left thigh. I did it myself when I was a teenager. My friends all have one.
...what a thrill?
Tzeentchfags get out
>did it when i was a teenager

we all did stupid shit when we were young, anon
That was awesome thanks man
Ohshit, this thread looks interesting!
Oh shit, it is!
File: bayard-wu-orc-queen.jpg (274 KB, 1800x1049)
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274 KB JPG

>Eating Drow

Dude. No. You'll get all weak. They aint got no strength in their hearts. Shamans and mages can eat them but they're not good eating for a proper Orc. Eat dwarves and monsters, and the fightier sorts of human.
It is said that a week's time spent In the inquisitorial torture chambers is nothing compared to a nights worth of standup by a veteran crusader.
I never said it was a good idea.
>Any nonhuman
>Able to see the light of god
File: 1490307621941.png (118 KB, 350x172)
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118 KB PNG
The non-humans got him!
File: witnessed.jpg (32 KB, 640x360)
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You should include epilogue too, it has some legit stuff in it. Fucking Father dying from sadness of losing son got me hard. Fuck.
File: 1467693044442.jpg (6 KB, 229x220)
6 KB
File: Half-Orcbro.png (1.52 MB, 3641x4666)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Added the epilogue
Thank you anon, now this story can be amongst the most hallowed of green texts.
File: IMG_3584.jpg (135 KB, 1170x923)
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135 KB JPG
Did orcbro get an afterlife?
Pic or didn't happen.
He did here.
I think they might have meant in the game
Been a long time since I've seen a fresh greentext worth remembering, well done.


Stay mad, kid.
Is story-anon still around? I wanna know too.
>Be orc
>Pissed at orc-dad
>Decide to vandalize his property
>Red and black color everywhere, piss and shit in the corners, TP hanging from every roof and tree, broken stones all over the place and an axe in the door
>Get's kicked out of the household for being "too artsy" like some kinda fag
Hey thanks you guys, stoked you enjoyed it that much and fucking amazed you reckon it's worthy of being shared in future.

Half-orc did not get an afterlife, perhaps sadly. He never believed in any gods, though as you saw both Gnome and Cleric tried to sway him over the course of their adventures. No one welcomed him into hallowed halls, he did not meet his ancestors, nor did he become a shining point of light in the night sky.

But it suited him. He knew that you only live once and only die once, and he chose his path accordingly.

Dude this is the best thing ever and I endorse the hell out of it. I hope Half-orc brings much glory and good fortune to all who choose to follow his ways. While he will remain a legend in our future games I hope his Godly incarnation is as fun to use as he was to play.

Hope everyone is having an awesome day! Thanks again for your kind words and happy Easters or chocolate egg weekend!
Nice! You too anon. Glory to Half-Orc!
File: IMG_1994.jpg (27 KB, 135x144)
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File: download (2).jpg (3 KB, 108x107)
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Slaanesh is best ruinous power.
BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD and also if Orks didn't have Gork and Mork they would be Khorne for days.
>>This mean I am best son
>>That all I ever want to be

you got me choked up over a fucking half ork anon.
You haven't read to >"I know what it mean to cry now"
part, have you?

Prepare for a wild ride, friend.

Who did this!?!? I must research!
i posted as soon as i read the part i quoted, then kept reading and realized i had not yet begun to feel. i seriously needed some kleenex after that. ork bro lived as others scarcely dared to dream. that no gods welcomed him into their halls with song and cheer was truly their loss. his sacrifice had me weeping openly with pride and sadness, i can only hope my own death can hold one Quintilianth the meaning that his did.

RIP ork bro. bards will forever sing of your deeds. heroes will bend knee at alters depicting you, asking their god hero for your simple wisdom and strength to do what must be done. as a DM, this i swear by the tears I've shed this night, you will always find a place in my games lore. a high seat among the gods who spurned you for you lack of faith in them. i chose to believe you were instead lifted up by your own faith in your friends and the devotion to sacrifice yourself for the big job. now rest friend, you've earned it. others will carry the torch in your name forevermore.
>be orc
>do raid in elf lands
>capture elf woman
>she thinks she's in for a raping
>actually genuinely like her and try to show it
>takes weeks before stockholm syndrome sets in
>even more to snap her out of it
>she starts to like me back
>month later her dad comes riding in on a stag with one hundred elf warriors and kills me for raping his daughter
>never even made love to her
An this is why you never camp in the ruins of destroyed villages.
Always ghosts bothering you in the middle of the night with their life stories.
Good life advice, that.
>The fuck is elf, you slender-orc
My sides
>>Dwarf, like most orcs, have two kneecaps. Can break if not pay
Ahhh Xenophobia
(cue the Emperor text to speech image that I don't have for some reason)
>>He ask to come with us, say we are great heroes and touched by gods
>>I say no one touch me unless I allow
>>He laugh, say that "Heavy hand of fate has always been on me"
>>Fuck off fate, I no know you
Exemplary orc
>>Wake up from dream of eight legged weird sex and realize bad magic was happen
i can't breathe
The popular orcish sporting event Goblin Kick. some may say it's far too dirivative of based on the goblin sport Rat Stomp.
File: 1436468665648.gif (270 KB, 452x332)
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270 KB GIF
thanks for sharing
He'll be an etalon of half-orc to me.

Did he have a name?
It said Markandeya in the epilogue
I thought that was the vampire demon thing that tried to possess him?

Also worried he did at some point because of part where we woke up with blood everywhere but can't remember what happened.
File: choked up.gif (414 KB, 200x200)
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414 KB GIF
File: bestthread.gif (21 KB, 350x350)
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Fuckin' A.
By all means tell it anon. I love all stories.
Underrated post
Im glad I posted this response.
Me too anon. Me too.
I love Bayard Wu and his Savage Orc Women.
It makes me sad, knowing that HalfOrc Bro will float in the void forever, feeling the pain of his limbs starting to fade as his spirit slowly, over the course of thousands of million years starts to break down into nothingness until even his last memory is stripped from him and destroyed by the vast, entropic soulless afterlife.
>No one welcomed him into hallowed halls, he did not meet his ancestors, nor did he become a shining point of light in the night sky.
What kind of dickass pantheon do you people have? Nobody wants to share a drink with a hero that inspired and keeps inspiring nations?
Fuck your gods, they're dead to me. We'll start a new pantheon, and then will take Half-orc as one of ours.

Fuck this noice. I have enough hate for all of them.
Earrings are a piercing and literally every decent human women has one for each ear.
The orcs should eat their babies when they are under attack from adventurers. This way, the mothers have enough energy to run away and produce more in a safe place.

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