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It's been a year or so, let's give this a shot again.

Pirates has been rather beaten to death, but are there any other movies that strike you as unexpectedly RPG-ish?
Holy Grail, from the Monty Python
Indiana Jones, as Atchung Cthulhu
Indiana Jones is decent, but sorta one-player for parts of it.

Not sure about Monty Python, seems a bit too parodical to paradoy.

I was just thinking that the Mummy might be decent. I can definitely see it as a Call of Cthulu-ish game, though I'd appreciate some recommendation about character-specific roles, traits, etc. especially from someone who's played that system. Same deal with Jones I think.
I can really see the Mummy as an RPG.

You've got the archaeologist chick is trying to run the campaign, the brother is trying to fuck around and getting repeatedly shut down, Brenden Fraser is a bit of a power gamer that slowly comes around, and Benny is That Guy who always has to roll a CN/CE character.

The Mummy is what Indiana Jones would be if Indiana Jones actually was someone's RPG campaign.
I like the sound of this, someone give me a scene.
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Kubo wasn't subtle about it.
Its so obvius as an RPG the only thing there is to debate is who is playing each character
Campaign start, first two players have shown up and are ready to start, but Brendan needs to be worked in from being stuck in prison with his mary-sue backstory shit.
13 assassins

Seven Samurai


Oh fuck is that a good one, though Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels might be better, just for the sheer volume of fuckups involved

>Okay, let's get started here, everyone got their sheets?

Evy: Yep, Archaeologist and Linguist, just like I said.

Johnathan: Here's mine.

>Another bard? Really? I told you this is a low-magic setting, you can't just play support and screw wenches in this.

Johnathan: Oh well, I'm cool with that, it's not like we picked anything but stats and background, I'll just spec out into rogue or whatever after I level. I can just be a party-rogue right? We're going to need a face in any case.

>Right, makes sense I guess, and what about you Benny?

Benny: Scoundrel with bonus languages and occult.

>Why do you have "chaotic evil" written under your name?

Benny: I couldn't find the alignment field.

>There isn't any alignment, this isn't D&D, and it's a silly mechanic anyways.

Evy: And you were banned from playing evil characters, remember?

Benny: No it makes total sense, see when I was in the desert I discovered this evil temple and I-

>No I'm putting my foot down, we'll figure out your backstory on the fly, but none of this evil shit. Brendan have you got your sheet?

Brendan: Right here!

>Oh Jesus Christ, what the fuck is all this?
Ronin would play really well with the Night's Black Agents version of Gumshoe, assuming you ignored all the vampire parts-- it has really cool rules for the spycraft stuff.
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603 KB PNG

Brendan: My backstory! I read your thing about the city of the dead, and I worked it into my character background so that I was already there, so we don't need a guide or anything. It's really cool, I was part of the army and we all went out to find the city because of the treasure, but when we got there bandits attacked and we had to fight them off, but there were too many and I got cornered, but before they could execute me the mummy scared them off, but I was immune to fear because of my Jaded trait so I-

>Whoa, slow down for a second.

Johnathan: What the fuck is this mary sue bullshit? Let me see that!


Jonathan: Holy shit, you've got like eighty points into handguns, and what's with these stats?

Brendan: It's point-buy, so I took the minimum education and background, and then I found this "imprisoned" negative trait that gives you a ton of points-

Jonathan: Wait, you don't have any income, how do you have six guns?

Evy: WHY does he have six guns?

Brendan: Well, reloading is a half-action, but weapon-swap is free so I can-

>Okay, okay, hold on here, I know this is a bit of a mess, but I'm looking at this backstory and I can work with this. Trust me, any stat discrepencies will balance out after early game, and it's not like the rest of you took any serious combat skills, so I think it'll work out.

Benny: Wait how come he gets all this crazy backstory bonus shit?

>Well I mean I guess it sort of works, it's a bit snowflakey, but I already have a good idea for how to work it in…

Benny: Oh that's bullshit, if he's going to have all that backstory shit then my character should've been there too, and that's where I saw the evil temple-

>FINE! Just fine, you can do your evil character shit, but I'm going to put my foot down HARD the second it gets out of hand. Now let's get started here: Evy, your in the Cairo library stacking books when Jonathan comes in and shows you this artifact he "found"...
>all character names except Fraser
Your shit got fucked up.
I can change it, but I like calling him Brendan Fraser, because as far as I can tell the only character Brendan Fraser plays is Brendan Fraser.

According to IMDB he's Richard O'Connel, but I can't say I actually remember hearing his first name at any point in the film.

In any case, if it bothers you I can change it for future use, but that's on the condition that YOU pick out the next scene.
Bleh, getting incoherent, will return to write more stuff tomorrow if the thread is still up in the morning. Maybe I'll even manage to wrangle up some other writefags.

Or maybe it'll die to lack of interest before I get back.
>the Mummy
I remember when that movie came out, I had never even heard of tabletop games, but my friends and I talked for days about how we would design a video game to be like The Mummy. Definitely feels like a game.
Surely the Princess Bride, with two groups opposing each other that end up as one group when the Scicilian quits after being tricked. But with 1 really serious player (Inigo), and the rest and the GM in on the joke. I
File: shadows.jpg (449 KB, 1500x1050)
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If this isn't someone's Vampire the Masquerade campaign rewritten as a movie, I don't know what it is.
Star Wars
13th warrior is a movie made out of mid-power campaign, with one of the players being a noob with special snowflake characters, but the GM adjust for that the entire game.

And 100% serious, The Last Witch Hunter is literally "Vin Diesel turned his D&D character into a movie". It's much more blatant than Riddick, since Riddick was barely inspired by his drow, while Kaulder is 1:1 copy of his PC

Mummy is literally Hollow Earth game
The Dwayne Johnson version of hercules is low fantasy (no monsters for instance) but the heroes are a perfect example of an rpg party.
There's a fighter, barbarian, ranger, cleric, rogue, and a bard.

Even if the cleric is mostly focused on divination.
Starship Trooper, it would sounds like a Only War campaign I guess
Conan the barabrian (the one with Arnold)
Any Star Trek movie + Galaxy Quest
So there I am, a travelling pot merchant, and I see this big, scary castle. And I think, yeah they need kitchen utensils.

As I approach, this huge winged form swoops down on me and it bites my neck and kills me.

But then I wake up, and see the monster in front of me. And that was Pietr, and we've been friends ever since.

(Read this is Slav accent)
This entire scene is save or die.
>Seven Samurai

Most experienced player, knows how to play Lawful Good well
New guy, also has a more romanticized view of Japanese history than the other players
Your standard min-maxer, focused on getting his sword skill as high as possible
Made his character at the last minute, tends not to think things through, good roleplayer though
to me Hercules was 'why you should have a bard in the party' the movie
Where is that from?
File: capture2.jpg (38 KB, 1011x425)
38 KB
He really did so well with that.

Still, my favourite had to be Amphiaraus.
Guardians of the Galaxy seems pretty RPGish, right down to nonsense plans that when broken down only make the situation worse.
wasn't there a fan theory that it was the avangers' rpg game

>Cap plays a fish out of water normal human
>Tony plays a weapon-obsessed engineer
>Banner isn't too interested and lets Tony build his character, he min-maxes him to all hell, doesn't really roleplay much
>Thor makes a character with a straightforward motivation and a couple simple traits
>Black widow basically just plays herself
In the spirit of the missing OP, anyone got scene requests?

Either for the Mummy or any of the other movies, I'll take a shot at anything.
>Hawkeye just continuously bitches that his character can't do anything, the entire archer class sucks, and he wants to reroll
The Mummy 2 Pygmy attack is classic RPG shenanigans.
Especially when Jonathon uses his PC powers to fuck over the previously lucky NPC
I recall the scene (and am downloading the movie for reference) but I'm spacing on which one was the lucky NPC.
There's one of the minions who constantly dodged attacks, like knife throws, inevitably letting a fellow minion eat it instead, but the moment he met Jonathon the exact same happened to him instead.
Neverending Story, if memory serves.
>not requiring inventive roleplay
I am Groot.
Penny Dreadful, especially the first season, feels like a campaign to me, possibly Rippers
The plane scene from TDKR is pure PC logic in action, combined with a far too lenient GM
underage b&

>Okay, Evy and Jonathan you're staying up on the ledge to snipe while Brendan and Ardeth go down to get the kid right?

Brendan: Wait which one's Ardeth? Is he the blimp pilot guy or the tomb keeper guy?

Jonathan: He's the DMPC self-insert mary sue.

>No he's not!

Brendan: Wait so he's the pilot?

>No he's the tomb keeper, the one you've been partied with for three quarters of the campaign.

Evy: Maybe you should go back to just calling him the tomb keeper.

Brendan: Or give him a more Egyptian name, like Atesh or Mohammad or something.

>Fine! Brendan, you and the TOMB KEEPER descend from the ledge into the jungle, you're about half a mile behind the cultist group, what do you do?

Brendan: I run them until I get to the edge of their detection range, then I switch to stealth and-

>Hold on a second, I'm going to need a bunch of rolls before any of that. First I need perception from all of you.


>Okay you all notice an ominous wind blow through the jungle and hear a distant chittering sound. Jonathan and Evy, you can see some movement in the jungle, and the cultists begin to fan out into a defensive formation.

Jonathan: Oooo ominous.

Evy: What about the leaders or the kid, are they doing anything?

>You can't see Imhotep, the High Priest, or your SON, but you notice the big henchman moving back along the column with his sword drawn and hear him yell something about "the boy".

Branden: Shit, I start full sprinting.

>You didn't see any of this, all you and the Tomb Keeper saw were a bunch of shrunken heads and cages with bones in them next to the path.

Branden: Well they scared me, so I start sprinting anyway.

>Whatever, shortly after you find the bones, the chittering and rustling sounds increase, and you hear the sound of screaming and gunfire from up ahead, so you start sprinting.

Jonathan: You really shouldn't indulge him like that, it only makes it worse.
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407 KB PNG
>O'Connor being played by That Guy who doesn't even learn his own character's name
It's the little things

>Yeah yeah, John you and Evy notice the commotion as well. You see the grass around the cultists starts rustling violently, and two of their sentries get pulled down into the grass. Then cultists fire blindly into the grass and start to panic as their picked off one by one from all sides.

Jonathan: Oh shit, is it raptors? Is this a dinosaur jungle? I'm going to roll perception to identify what's attacking them.

Evy: Me too!


>Jonathan, you notice several cultists that aren't in the grass being hit with small darts and immediately dropping to the ground, Evy you catch a glimpse of small dark figures with blowguns running through a clearing.

Jonathan: That does not sound nearly as cool as raptors.

Evy: Ohhhh, with the shrunken heads and stuff, their some sort of cannibal pygmies right?

Jonathan: No, no, they're going to be MUMMY cannibal pygmies, because everything in this game has to be a fucking mummy.

>That's not true! What about the cultists, and the, uh… scarabs….

Jonathan: Yeah, I'm going to ready my rifle and sit on overwatch until Branden arrives.
A Hard Day's Night, niggers.

John: doesn't give a shit about GM's plot, wants to get out there and fuck around
Paul: great player, but has an unfortunate habit of bringing shitty friends to the party
George: doesn't give two shits about the roleplay, he's there for the action
Ringo: new player, doesn't really understand the rules
Grandfather: a That Guy to end all That Guys, solely there to bait other players
The Magnificent Seven remake is pretty classic RPG stuff, just cowboyed up.
File: Krull.jpg (39 KB, 250x389)
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Anyone who tells me that this movie wasn't based on a campaign is full of shit.

Branden: Am I there yet? I'm moving a hundred and sixty feet a round right? I should be there by now, and I should have a surprise attack bonus since the cultists are all busy with the pygmies.

>Okay, yes, you're there. You and the tomb keeper come into the clearing right in the middle of the panicked cultists and both open fire, you shoot your first target in the back without him even noticing you, the rest turn and-

Branden: Wait, they're all still fighting and firing their own guns, so they wouldn't have noticed my shot. I should get at least one more free round in, and so should the NPC, and we should both run and fire, since sneak-attacking at this range is a guaranteed hit so the malus from moving doesn't matter.

>Oh goddamn it, really? You're going to do this shit again?

Evy: And me and Jonathan are both on overwatch, so we can just pick off any that notice him before they raise the alarm.

>You too now? Do you guys even want a challenge?

Evy: Eh.

Jonathan: Not really.

Branden: It's your fault for not setting up the encounter better.

>FINE! Fine, I'm just going to put the dice away then. You guys can run around, shooting everything, and we'll just play make believe with these minis until you decide you're ready to return to the real game again.

Jonathan: You are so fucking butthurt over this it's hilarious.
This thing right here.

Will return to finish off the pygmy scenes after lunch.


Chris Prat especially comes off as an RPG character in pretty much everything he's in these days. I'm not sure it's a good thing exactly movie-wise, but it makes me giggle in any case.
>The Hunt for a Kidney Stone
Yep, this is Swedish.
File: Conan Barbarian.jpg (64 KB, 500x750)
64 KB
>arnie was the guy who got there early, DM eventually just decides to start with just him
>Sobutai eventually gets there
>Valeria is extremely late
>Valeria's character eventually dies and has to play the DM's NPC for the final battle
I would say this is a pretty campaigny movie.
The bloody nipple saga was a webcomic based on the premise.
Are you trying to rustle me, anon?
thread no die plz

Jonathan: Feeling better?

>Yeah, yeah, I admit I overreacted, it's not like the mooks were supposed to be a real threat anyway, and I liked some of the pygmy death scenes you guys came up with, but let's try to get moving again.

Jonathan: You mean back on track?


Jonathan: Nothing

>Hmm, so Branden, you're running through the melee towards your screaming son, you see him backed up against a tree with the big henchman in front of him. Your pistols are out of ammo, as is your lever shotgun. Your son screams for help as the henchman raises his sword, what do you do?

Branden: Do I still have my double barrel?

>Yes, but it's on your back, but it'll take an action to draw and aim it.

Branden: Hmm, I don't want to waste one of my last shots, and you said the guy had a sword right? So melee is probably a bad bet… can Evy or Jonathan snipe him?

>The tree is blocking their view, you've got to save him on your own.

Jonathan: ~choo choo~

Branden: Okay, I speed up and do a running grab of the kid, that's dex and strength right?


>You sprint between them and manage to grab your son as you run by, but the henchman's blow catches you in the-

Branden: Wait, what about my dex bonus for being barehanded, since I dropped my empty weapons earlier, and I should also have a speed bonus for having dropped all that weight too.

>Fine, you scrape by just ahead of the henchman's blade, which hits the tree exactly where your son's neck was a second earlier.

Branden: Booya, I throw the kid over my shoulder and start sprinting.

>You are now running, moderately encumbered, with no readied weapons, through a chaotic melee filled with random gunfire and poison blow darts, with a sword-wielding henchman gaining on you and your son.
I already knew about this comic's predecessors, but had no idea it existed. Thank you for introducing me to this.

Branden: Well if the sword guy is chasing me, that means he out of cover now, so Jonathan and Evy can just snipe him before he catches me, right guys?

>He's moving fast, and if they stop to shoot him they won't be able to clear ahead of you, you guys will have to make a choice.

Evy: Well, if he slows a bit we can try to split our focus and-

Jonathan: Wait what about your stupid DMPC with the sword and machine gun, what's he doing? Doesn't he have some sort of grudge against the sword guy, on account of how he killed that bird Branden kept using to scout fights?

Brandon: Yeah, Mohammad was right behind me during all the gunfighting, so he should have practically ran into the henchman as I passed.

>Well, I guess that makes sense… The dungeon keeper's blade crashes into the cultist's, and they start hacking at eachother. You look back as you run and see it's a desperate battle, where even the slightest distraction or mistake could spell sudden death.

Jonathan: I notice you're not rolling any dice as you describe this.

>Shut up. Branden, what do you do, do you keep running and guarantee your son's safety or go back to help your companion?

Branden: Fuck it, he's an NPC and I don't have a melee weapon, I keep running.

Evy: So should we split our fire this round? It should only take one shot.

Jonathan: Nah, don't bother, he'll be fine. The DM won't let his special snowflake die just yet.

File: say ahhhh.png (390 KB, 930x394)
390 KB
390 KB PNG

Evy: So we keep covering Branden for two more turns and he's out of the melee right? That's two marksmanship rolls each?

>Yeah, I guess.


>And you both pass... every cultists that even looks in Branden's direction drops dead, and he makes it out of the clearing… BUT, Branden, as you enter the trees, where Evy and Jonathan can no longer cover you, your son shouts a warning that something is behind you.

Branden: It's gotta be some of the pygmies right? And this should be the last of the encounter, since I'm already almost off the board. I stop, draw my sawed off shotgun in one hand, and turn.

>As you turn you see a horrific monkey-like undead monstrosity leap towards you face with a dagger in its hand, while behind it another swings upwards on a vine to launch an aerial attack.

Branden: Yeah, that's fine, the second one can't reach me this turn and I still have an attack since I didn't move. I reflex shot the close one, and since he's jumping right towards me that should be an uncontested shot, which falls below my accuracy bonuses from weapon expertise and having my son there, and the shotgun should be a guaranteed kill at that range. And for the second I can just take half a turn to aim which'll put him in guaranteed kill range at well. Do I even need to roll?

>*sigh* Yes, yes you do.

Branden: Oh look, two perfect headshots.

Jonathan: I don't understand why carrying a screaming child would give you a bonus to accuracy and focus.

>Because, if it didn't, Branden probably wouldn't have bothered rescuing the kid at all.

Branden: Well…
Bodyguards and assassins would be a good one shot campaign. With 3-4ths of the movie set up as plot and adding in each character and backstory. Followed with the last bit being quick action and combat.
File: ewwww neat.png (400 KB, 841x399)
400 KB
400 KB PNG

>So are either of you going to help Ardeth with the henchman now that Branden is clear?

Jonathan: Nope, too much risk of hitting him by accident, I'm going to focus on keeping any other cultists from interfering with their fight.

>None of them are even trying to to

Jonathan: That's because they know I'd stop them.

>I swear you are worse than Branden sometimes… So Jonathan is just going to keep sniping random cultists and pygmies, what about you Evy?

Evy: I scan the melee to see if I can spot any of the leaders.

>Again? But they've all already… fine give me a roll. Not you Jonathan, I'm not going to calculate damage on every level-2 you shoot for fun.


>Okay, the ONLY leader left in the area is the high priest, you see him fleeing with his entourage, but they, uh, run into a patch of quick-mud and the leading four start to sink as the rest watch in horror. As the High Priest turns to flee along the northern path, a group of pygmies use the sinking men's heads as stepping stones, the last one pausing to stamp the struggling cultists down under the surface.

Evy: Ewwwwww, neat.
the Mythica series

A wannabe Mage, A Cleric, A thief and a Soldier go rescue the Clerics sister
File: drama denied.png (921 KB, 1916x797)
921 KB
921 KB PNG

>And while you both waste time, and Branden sits unarmed in the pygmy-filled Jungle with his son, Ardeth's pitched battle with the swordsman continues, blow after ringing blow. Their desperate struggle is the eye in the whirlwind of melee. The tomb keeper parries a strike a bare fraction of an inch away from a killing blow, and the cultist only barely rolls under his return strike. It is an amazing display of swordsmanship, Nubian versus Egyptian styles, two experts fighting to death in a deadly dance of death.

Jonathan: Tone it down a little man, we get it, they're sword fighting.

>Well they wouldn't be if you two would actually do something.

Jonathan: Nope, I'm going to make you do this yourself, either decide how its going to end or roll those dice and see if your special snowflake gets his ass cut off.

Evy: Don't be a dick John.

Jonathan: But it's so fun watching him squirm.

>FINE! Ardeth finally finds an opening and dispatches the swordsman with an expert blow across the chest, followed by another across the belly. The henchman sinks to the ground with a surprised look on his face, but as the tomb keeper pants for breath, a cultist with a pistol comes up from behind and-

Jonathan: Nope, I was keeping the cultists away remember, I shoot the guy with the pistol before he can do anything. And I notice you still didn't do any rolls.

>Fuck you Jonathan, seriously, and you know what? That's fine. Ardeth gives you a nod, and runs off the battlefield in the opposite direction, heading towards the desert where he will rally the rest of the tomb keepers to fight the Anubis Warriors.

Branden: The what now?

>Haven't you been listening to any of the lore about the bracelet?

Branden: Ummm.

>Yeah, you know what, I'm going to go take a break. Jonathan, you and Evy make your way down to where Branden and his son are, and we'll start back up from there when we I get back.

Evy: You guys are both such assholes.

Branden: Huh?

Jonathan: Eh, he likes it.

Well that's a decent enough endpoint I guess. I'm getting too bogged down in details that I doubt anyone cares about (seriously who wastes forty minutes trying to screencap shitty action scenes).

I might take a shot at finishing off the last bit of the scene, or some other scene from this or some other movie later tonight, or if there's as little interest as I think I'll just wander off. Thanks for reading if you did though, it's good to be writing again.
I enjoyed it, anon.
seconded: it was a good time
I enjoyed this, Anon.
File: the mummy RPG.jpg (4.38 MB, 1324x8991)
4.38 MB
4.38 MB JPG
a semi-decent screecap. if anyone wants to fix it be my guest
Is having a detailed backstory actually considered to be Mary Sue-ish?
not unless it's a five or ten page wank off, of how awesome and cool and unbeatable your character is..
I tend towards encouraging my players to do looser backstories, so I can fill them in with drama ("Oh, looks like your dead dad was alive all this time under an assumed name", "Well, the sacred crystal you were seeking is kept here, but you must face three trials to find it", et cetera)

Three pages of backstory is masturbation, in my opinion, no GM is ever gonna be able to comprehend it.
Depends on how much of it makes you look awesome, and how high level you are.

A mid level guy probably would have some decent stuff under his belt, enough to warrant a few pages.
Someone starting off having a similar level of achievement in their backstory just raises the question of why the hell theyre still low level
I'm a strong proponent of short backstories for two reasons:
1) out of respect for fellow players;
2) because interesting things should be happening to the character during, not before the campaign.
Guardians of the Galaxy
It is session 2 of this 1800's gaslight CoC game. One guy is playing a Psychologist, the other is playing a young Noble, another rolled up an american gunslinger because he didn't realise this was going to be set in england. The token girl of the group is playing the husband of a missing Laywer and best friend of the NPC Damsel who is in distress.
Said Damsel has been increasingly ill with a mysterious disease after the players failed to follow up any of the GM's plot hooks.
They are joined this session by the GM's brother, who is playing an old foreign professor of medicine and anthropology.

>Professor: Okay, so I inspect the NPC for distinguishing signs of disease.
>GM: Roll medicine please. You see clear signs of anemia and what looks like two small puncture wounds on the throat.
>Professor: So it's vampires.
>Doctor: Apparently we can't say that because it's metagaming.
>Professor: But it IS vampires, right?
>Cowboy: Yeah, he's got the vampire splatbook under the table.
>GM: Hey!
>Professor: Okay, I'm going to make an Ancient Lore check to recognise it as vampires.
>GM: When did you get that?
>Professor: You gave me all those points for playing an old dude remember? I've got a 3 is that good or bad?
>GM: ...fine. It's vampires. But remember, the rest of the party don't believe in vampires...
>Lord: Even though it clearly IS vampires.
>Professor: Fine, I propose a blood transfusion. Then I'm going to claim that her health would be vastly improved by hanging all this garlic everywhere.
>GM: Dude! Metagaming!

[20 minutes later]

>GM: It seems the nurse against your orders opened the windows and removed the garlic due to it's strange and unwholesome smell...

[another session later]

>GM: Okay, this is todd, he's playing nancy's lost Lawyer husband..
>Laywer: Do *I* beleive in Vampires?
>GM: ...yes but you don't believe anyone else does.
>Laywer: But, this is CoC, so I *have* been writing a comprehensive journal to pass on to next of kin in the event of my death... right?
>GM: ...yes?
>Wife: I steal the journal.

[a further session later]

>Cowboy: Okay, so the apartment is locked. I propose we return under cover of night with lockpicking tools.
>Doctor: I'll take the tools since I have the highest agility.
>Lawyer: I'll bring my Kukri and I'm assuming you STILL aren't letting us take explosives?
>Lord: ...uh, guys? I'm a Lord of the Realm in Victorian England right?
>Rest of them: Yeah?
>Lord: Well, couldn't I just go up to a locksmith, tell him I've locked myself out of my London Apartment, and could he come and fix the lock and let me back in? We could do it right now, get in, do whatever it is we do to the coffins in broad daylight. Maybe even catch the count and be home by teatime.
>GM: ...that's actually the best plan any of you have ever had.

[Even Later]

>Professor: So I've coup-de-graced all three of the vampire brides right?
>GM: [grumbling] yes.
>Professor: ...did they drop any good loot?
I thought it was pretty funny anon
This thread reminds me of Darths and Droids. darthsanddroids.net

Thanks guys.

I'm back again by the by. My time's a bit limited, but if anyone has a scene request from the Mummy or any other movie I'll take a crack at it.
How about Kong: Skull Island
The scene first introducing John c Reily's character
Hmm haven't seen it yet and don't have time to go out to the theater this evening, sorry.

There should be at least one scene addressing Andy Serkis deciding to star in another King Kong film after just how badly he died last time he did that.
The Mummy is litterally always what comes to mind when I think about RPG's in media.

Especially the trope "Our group of heroes accidentally release an ancient evil that they must now stop." Hell my group pulled this shit on their first session by accident.
Jeeves and Wooster as a long-running solo MAID campaign.
I don't understand
If you've seen it, could you do the training scene from Hercules?
Det är norska, och filmen är norsk, storsvensktölp

Andy Serkis was a soldier in the King Kong movie with Jack Black in it as well as in Kong.
In the latter... he did not meet a pleasant end.
If you can link me a youtube of the scene and recommend character traits I'll take a shot.
Unfortunately they don't have a clip of the best scene in question, ah well.
The second film is pretty much pure campaign material
File: rogue one.jpg (118 KB, 560x800)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Why has nobody posted Rogue One yet?
because le sjw avengers quips
Because is totally an imperial assault expansion pack, not an rpg
I can't believe no one has posted Big Trouble in Little China, which is clearly a modern wu-shu game gone horribly right.

Or Showdown in Little Tokyo, where Brandon Lee and Dolph Lundgren are trying to play cops, but instead play typical adventuring murderhobos.
File: rf doggo 2.jpg (17 KB, 260x273)
17 KB
What would be a good system for running a game with something like The Mummy's aesthetic be, anyway?
Because it's shit famalamadingdong
Savage Worlds is the most correct answer there ever was. Spirit of the Century is also a good answer.
I've heard SW is really swingy, myself.

I think Big Trouble in that context has been mentioned before.
A one player campaign maybe. Too much of the protagonist on their own. That film is however a must watch for sci fi fantasy geeks.

Not a movie but Lexx clearly had tabletop players for writers. In the last season one of the antagonists even rolls dice whenever the protagonists try to convince them of anything.
Character that die have the same actors return as different characters frequently etc.
It's slightly annoying when I tell my guys to make level ones and they write a backstory that describes an extremely accomplished badass veteran of many wars and is expert on many subjects.... who is level 1.
>M: "This is the most stupidist thing we've ever played."
>GM: It's just a one-shot thing, you said you wanted a break from the grim and gritty superhero campaign. This is it.
>P: I *still* can't beleive I fumbled that roll trying to save my girlfriend when she got tossed off the bridge like that.
>GM: You just could NOT stop rolling natural ones.
>S: So, I'd like to play something other than big strong guy from the 40's who throws things and makes speeches. Can I be a ninja like Matts old character?
>M: Technically I wasn't a Ninja, I was just a blind guy who was TAUGHT by a ninja.
>Pete: Hey, how about were ALL Ninja's?
>Tony: Can I still be a Tech Guy?
>GM: Yeah, you should all have enough points for Ninja skills and some other stuff. Rules also say you need to be mutant animal of some kind.
>P: What? Like a Turtle?
>GM: Yeah
>T: That sounds retarded
>M: Actually, being able to breath underwater and having a bulletproof shell would probably be pretty useful for a ninja.
>S: Isn't there an old Japanese legend about turtlemen monsters as well?
>T: Kappas, yeah, okay so were all Ninja Turtles.
>GM: What? All of you?
>S: Yeah
>GM: Okay, so, you're all Ninja Turtles, ever since the accident transformed you into humanoid Turtles, you have been raised and taught the ninja ways in the sewers by a fellow Mutant, a transformed Rat that you call Master Splinter...
>M: [Eyes narrow]
>GM: Who was once a man known as Hamato Yoshi, who was betrayed and left for dead by the villainous Oroko Saki, AKA THE SHREDDER.
>P: Cool!
>GM: The Shredder and his loyal Ninja's of the Foot Clan...
>M: WAAAAIT a fucking minute. You're just using antagonists from my backstory and changing the names a little!
>GM: Yeah well, I wanted a break from having to come up with new stuff all the time. Besides, it's not like were going to be doing this for the next 33 years, is it?
>Too much of the protagonist on their own
The only action that he accomplishes on his own is getting killed in the beginning of the film.
I expect more when I'm back with popcorn.
That was really fun. The nostalgia was real.
Do maybe the last battle with the dungeon boss
The shitty CGI scorpion king

>With Jonathan's key translation Alex speaks the final words of the incantation. Evy, your eyes fly open and you take a shuddering breath. Your body feels stiff and your mind is fuzzy, but you feel the will of your ancestor pushing you to rise and fight her ancient rival.

Evy: Great, so I'm alive again, but I'm possessed too?

>Well, yes, but it's a friendly sort of possession.

Branden: I thought you said there was no ressing in this system! I distinctly remember you saying this was going to be low-magic, which is why I put everything into guns instead.

>Things might've changed a bit from that first session...

Jonathan: I would just like to point out that, despite EVERYONE'S naysaying, having the five-year-old read the Necronomicon worked out just fine, and had absolutely no negative consequences whatsoever.

Evy: I honestly can't believe you remembered the hieroglyph from the first campaign, he probably would've turned me into a zombie and had me eat the kid if you'd gotten it wrong.


>Oh, and Branden, as the words of the incantation ring through the pyramid, the golden doors at the end of the chamber open with an ominous creek, and a huge insectoid creature with a human torso advances towards you and Imhotep.

Jonathan: Shit.

>Imhotep goes down on one knee in front of the Scorpion King, says something in ancient egyptian, and points and Branden.

Branden: Oh come on, first you take away all my guns, and now you make me fight the final boss alone? This is bullshit.

Jonathan: Don't worry, I'll be there in a few turns with the kid, so he can just res you if you fuck up your rolls. Just hold him off and try not to fall somewhere where we can't get at your body.

Evy: Wait, you're leaving me alone with the enemy who just killed me ten minutes ago?

Jonathan: You'll be fine, she's probably getting tired from kicking my ass, and you've got plot armor now. I doubt he'll even make you roll to win the fight.

>... Evy, you feel a wave of confidence from your ancestor's spirit, and spot a pair of egyptian Sai, Nefertiti's preferred weapon, on a nearby statue.

Jonathan: Told you.

Branden: Wait, if she's just going to automatically win go back and get those dagger-things for me, these axes are almost out of durability.

Evy: You two are so metagamey it hurts… I pick up the Sai and move to fight the evil priest chick, but you better at least let me choose my attacks.

>Thank you. Jonathan, it's going to take you and Alex three turns to get to the chamber. Branden, the Scorpion King seems dubious of Imhotep's allegiance, but turns and runs in your direction, what do you do?

Branden: I draw my holdout gun from my boot and shoot him in the head.

>You don't have a holdout gun!

Branden: Yes I do, it says so on my character sheet, right there.

Jonathan: He wrote it down while you were talking to Evy.

Branden: HEY!

Evy: Don't be childish, it's not the end of the world if you lose a fight, I should know…

>One more time Branden, what do you do? And give me your character sheet before you answer.

Branden: Fine, I throw the axe at his head instead, that should be at least twelve damage.


>He parries it out of the air with a claw.

Hell, Mummy even has the equivalent of a third edition, in the new sequel no one wants.
File: making it weird.png (241 KB, 832x353)
241 KB
241 KB PNG

Jonathan: I'll go talk to to him. Do Evy's scenes.

>Right… Evy, Anck-Su-Namun watches as you pick up the Sai, greets you by the name Nefertiti, and launches her attack.

Evy: I attempt to parry and counterattack, what's the modifier for the ghost thing?

>Umm, it's…

Evy: Is it higher than her maximum opposing roll?


Evy: You are not being a very good DM right now you know. Jonathan would be giving you all kinds of shit.

>Well, I guess your character might still be fatigued from being dead, so Nefertiti's supernatural skills would be offset by that…

Evy: Jonathan's not here, you don't need to defend your ancient Egyptian waifu's combat ability. How about plus seven to attack, damage, and dodge to offset not being proficient or having any decent melee stats.


Evy: And look at that, I'm holding my own just fine.

>The two of you trade a series of ringing blows, and expertly-timed dodges. Thanks to Nefertiti you have the skill advantage, but Anck-Su-Namun is stronger and faster. She notices this and tries to capitalize by rushing you. You get an attack of opportunity, so I need that and a strength check.


>Your blow misses. She locks her weapons with yours and forces you back against a pillar with your arms pinned in an upwards guard position, and leans towards you.

Evy: Damnit, don't make this weird Steve.

Jonathan: Who's making what weird?

Evy: The evil chick has me pinned against the wall and he's going to have her kiss me or something.

Branden: Hot

Jonathan: Oh great, I told you this would happen when he started those flashbacks. He's going full magical realm on this shit.

>No I'm not, she just smiles at you and congratulates you on remembering the old ways.

Jonathan: Is the "old ways" code for lesbian kissing?

>It's not code for anything!

Evy: I headbutt her before she can kiss me.


>*sigh* You knock her back and she's stunned.

Evy: I make a witty comment about that being something new, and make a follow up attack while she's stunned.


>You knock her winded with a blow to the stomach and land a gash on her face.

Branden: That's pretty low damage, you should've gone for a disarm, Sai's get a plus four to that.

Jonathan: Aren't those blunt weapons, how did she "gash" anything with one?

>Quiet, both of you. Anck-Su-Namun touches the bleeding cut on her face in shock, takes in the determined expression of Nefertiti on your face, and flees towards the Scorpion King's chamber.

Evy: Okay? I guess I chase. Can I catch her?

>Not before she reaches the chamber.

Evy: Well that was anticlimactic.

Jonathan: See you in three turns.

>Branden, if you're ready to resume, give two dodge rolls to avoid the Scorpion King's attacks.


Jonathan: Ohh, so close.

Branden: Don't forget my dexterity modifier for being unarmed and being unencumbered again.

>... the Scorpion King's claws miss you by inches, taking massive chunks out of the stone wall behind you. What do you do?

Branden: I sprint away at full unencumbered speed and head towards the chamber entrance to rejoin the rest of the party.

Jonathan: Way to chicken out. Both of you.

Branden: Shut up
>Shut up
This makes my group feel surprisingly functional.

Also this is all very, very reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean RPG thread.

Hmm, can't imagine why that would be.
It's also a major problem when they pull out a sizable backstory at the first session without consulting you or the setting notes beforehand.

>Oh my character is and escaped slave from the Underdark, here's a detailed writeup of her childhood there and how she made it to the surface.

There is no Underdark in this setting.

>And here's the massive list of kings, high priests, arch-wizards, and other really important people I've encountered.

None of these people or places exist
File: The Train Job.jpg (47 KB, 640x360)
47 KB
Not a movie, but the episode "The Train Job" from Firefly could totally be a campaign
The Fall comes to mind.
Great example of how the person who hears the story envisions something completely different from the person telling it too.
File: Shadowrun-Lite.jpg (54 KB, 665x375)
54 KB
I realize it's not a movie, but the entire TV show "Leverage" is basically an RPG campaign. Hell, it even has it's own (rather good) RPG rules, but it's not like you couldn't play it in almost any sort of modern setting.

Also, thanks for the thread. It was a good reminder that I somehow didn't have The Mummy movies on my hard drive.
File: IMG_0121.jpg (111 KB, 1920x1080)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Pretty much any episode from Farscape would work as a party RPG
How did that Firefly RPG system pan out? Did that die in development, or did it get released but never get popular?

>The Scorpion King chases after Branden as he flees. In the back of the room Imhotep examines the CARVINGS on the WALLS for CLUES about how to DEFEAT the SCORPION KING.

Jonathan: Subtle.

>I don't know what you're talking about. Branden, ahead of you are three exits. The high priest of the cult staggers out of the rightmost one looking badly injured. Which exit do you choose?

Branden: Which one goes back towards the party?

>If you don't remember than neither does your character.

Branden: Fine, then I choose the one with the high priest.

>Why? That's obviously the wrong one!

Branden: Hopefully the monster will stop to kill the cultist, then I can break line of site, go into stealth and loop back.

Evy: That is surprisingly well thought out, and not entirely out of character.

Jonathan: It does sort of hinge on the final boss having the attention span of three year old though.

>Hmmm, it could work though, give me dodge, athletics, and stealth. I'll roll to see how distracted the Scorpion King is by this completely non-threatening injured old man.


Evy: Apparently he's very distracted.

Jonathan: And Branden actually managed to pass a roll without needing to pull any modifiers out of his ass. Grats.

Branden: Hey, situational bonuses are part of the game, I'm not going to not use them...

>Okay, the Scorpion King is infuriated by the sight of yet another interloper. He grabs the High Priest in his claws and scuttles to the ceiling of the chamber, where the cultist screams for help from Imhotep, who ignores his pleas. The Scorpion King gleefully grabs the cultist by each limb, and then tears him into five separate pieces, scattering each into a different fiery pit.

Evy: That was needlessly gory.

> One trespasser suitably punished, he returns his attention to the tunnel Branden fled down, advancing slowly in case his prey decides to double back.

Branden: Hmmm, his detection radius is probably too large to get back past him then, what's the room I'm in like, does it have any other exits?

>The room is maze-like, with numerous pillars, statues, and possible exits, some of which you can see are dead ends. Give me a perception roll.


>You also notice several CARVINGS depicting battle against the Scorpion King and his Anubis Warriors.

Evy: Hey, what happened with those Anubis Warriors anyway, shouldn't they be attacking us now that the King's awake?

Branden: What are you doing? This fight is hard enough solo, let alone with a bunch of adds.

Jonathan: Don't worry this is obviously a single-boss encounter, otherwise he'd have let you keep your guns. The Anubis Warriors are probably off somewhere way the hell out of combat range for some perfectly legitimate plot reason.

>Well, now that you mention it, let me get this battlemap rolled out, Jonathan and Evy, can you guys grab those boxes of minis from under the desk.

Jonathan: Oh god there's hundreds of these in here.

Evy: And what's with this big one, is this supposed to be your DMPC? Did you make this? How many hours did this take?

Branden: Wait what's going on?

>Well, you see, the moment the Scorpion King awoke, his will extended across the land and his loyal army of immortal Anubis Warriors rose out of the sand to resume their long-delayed conquest of Cairo. Fortunately Ardeth, who spent his whole life studying the ancient prophesies when not honing his swordsmanship, knew this would happen and summoned an army of Tomb Keepers to fight them. Help me start setting these up, I've got their starting positions all marked down.

Jonathan: *sigh* This is going to take a while, isn't it?

Evy: This was supposed to be the last session...

Branden: How come none of the turban guys have guns? Didn't they have guns earlier?

Evy: And, how did your DMPC get to Cairo so fast, wasn't he fighting with us like half an hour ago in game?

>Well you see, sacred Tomb Keeper scrolls, which Ardeth studied almost as much as his blade, hold ancient magical secrets that-

Jonathan: Oh dear god no… I'm going to go get pizza, I'll be back in a bit. Evy can give me the cliff notes.

Branden: What are the stats for these units like? What sort of terrain bonuses are there? Let me see the rule book.

Evy: Please don't leave me here alone with them...
File: isnt this great guys.png (403 KB, 766x330)
403 KB
403 KB PNG

> And with one last mighty blow, Ardeth removes the head of the last Anubis Warrior and it crumbles back to dust.

Evy: Well that went pretty well.

Jonathan: Could've been worse I guess, and the battle didn't go that badly either.

>As the Tomb Keepers cheer, only Ardeth's voice is silent. He looks around, knowing that the battle was too easy and it can't be over yet. He sprints to the top of the nearby dune, gathering the Tomb Keepers behind him, and watches in determined silence as an even larger wave of dog-headed figures comes over the horizon.

Evy: What? Really? But we already won...

Branden: How large is the army? I think we can handle about three times as many if we cheese the charge rules from the start this time.

Jonathan: NO! No, I'm putting my foot down. I am not going through a whole nother battle. It was fun and all seeing your favorite DMPC hack his way through a few hundred of these immortal demon soldier things, but enough is enough. We were in the middle of the boss encounter, let's finish it than you and Branden can stay up until three playing Warhammer.


Evy: It was really cool, especially with all the detailed minis, we just want to get back to our characters though.

>Oh, okay… That's fine I guess… I'll just leave this mat over here until we're done then...

Branden: I had a lot of fun.

>Thanks, I can show you the official tabletop rules later, I have a really good tomb king army that I like to-

Jonathan: MOVING ON. The Scorpion King chased Branden into this room, right? That means you're up man.

Branden: Uh, yeah. So, uh, what was my character doing?

>You were examining the carvings on the wall of the chamber you ran into for clues to defeating the Scorpion King.

Jonathan: Oh was he? Evy does that sound like Branden to you?

Evy: Do you want to go back to the Warhammer?

Jonathan: Actually, that sounds exactly like what Branden was doing. What do these wall carvings say I wonder.

I'll try to wrap this up with the actual boss stuff instead of all the side fights after dinner.

I also apologize to any warhammer tabletop players out there, your hobby is NOT a tedious waste of time and money for the nerds who are to other nerds what nerds are to regular people.

Please don't lynch me


I miss that show.

Actually, I miss episodic space opera in general.

I'd take Enterprise back at this point.

Maybe it's too obvious. Rogue One is basically a Star Wars D6 game turned into a movie with very mixed results.
Jesus fuck anon, get a girlfriend, play wow, something man, because this is the weirdest fanfiction I've encountered yet. You need a hobby.
I don't know if you're being ironic but I don't remember there being quips at all on that movie, and the extent of social justice stuff in the movie was one of the main characters being female, if you count that

"Quip" has turned into a buzzword
meet the newfag
Nah, that's too close to their normal selves.
And Banner is a nerd, why wouldn't he be interested in playing an RPG?
Stark, on the other hand, is the one has no idea what he's doing and just makes a self insert, dropping the tech stuff for how he sees himself. Suave playboy who everyone knows and is The Best. What, backstory? Uh...kidnapped by aliens or something. That's why he's a human. What does he like? These songs I like. He then proceeds to bungle his rolls repeatedly and things go from there.
Thor's spot on though
It kind of IS a tedious waste of time when it happens in the middle of a game, though.
Last Knights
Cross of Iron
3:10 to Yuma
King Arthur
Mission Impossible, both films and tv show
A Team
National Treasure
13th Warrior
The Last Witch Hunter
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Mummy x3
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Every comic book movie ever
Pacific Rim
File: Mutant Chronicles.jpg (281 KB, 1280x1024)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
There's a semi-decent movie called "Mutant Chronicles" that's based in the setting of the old tabletop game on the same name, but the whole thing feels very 40k in the sense that all the characters and the plot seem like they fell straight out of a Dark Heresy campaign or a Black Library book. It's barely a B movie, but it's definitely worth a watch.
File: IMG_0156.jpg (149 KB, 510x755)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
This movie has Ron perlman and every character dies by blowing themselves up. It is amazing.

>After, ummm, quite a lot of thought, you realise that the Scepter is actually the fabled Spear of Osiris, the only weapon capable of truly harming the Scorpion King, and that the tattoo on your arm marks you as a Medjai, one of the sacred monster hunters capable of wielding the spear.

Branden: Well, it you'd just let me roll instead of waving those pictures around it would've gone a lot quicker.

>Yeah, probably.

Branden: So Jonathan has this spear right? Where are you anyway?

Jonathan: The kid and I should be entering the main chamber this turn, you should be able to see us through one of the openings, but I don't think there's a pit or something between us.

Branden: Well throw me the spear on your turn then.

Jonathan: But I don't know it's a spear, I think it's a shiny gold scepter best suited for impressing floozies and the occasional bludgeoning.

Branden: Well then I tell you it's a spear and to throw it to me.

Jonathan: I don't think it looks like a spear. I twist it around and peer directly into the little hole at the base.

Evy: Are you trying to get killed?

Jonathan: Of course not, I'm simply confused and curious.

Branden: I explain that it opens up into a spear, do I need to roll persuasion or something?

>No, Jonathan starts to get the point, but all your yelling has revealed your position to the Scorpion King. He skitters across the wall behind you, then launches himself at your back, roll for dodge.


Branden: That's a pass right? I sprint along the edge of the pit, keeping line of site on Jonathan.

>Okay, and Jonathan, give me willpower, I'll roll for Alex.


>You both spend the turn screaming in terror at the sight of the Scorpion King.

Jonathan: Keep rolling them dodges Branden.
File: not this again.png (263 KB, 729x376)
263 KB
263 KB PNG

>Speaking of, give me another.


>The Scorpion King, and yes I'm factoring in your bonuses, catches you with a blow to your back, flinging you *rolls* more or less exactly where you were going anyways. You land prone though, and will have to get up before you can do anything.

Branden: Okay I do that, and use my other action to pick up one of those decorative weapons as I rise.

Jonathan: I spend the turn activating the spear, with the kid's help of course. Use magic device or Archeology?

>Archeology, but don't bother if Alex is helping you, he's pretty far above you so I'll just roll for him.

Jonathan: Right, always great to feel useful. Glad I'm here to help.

Evy: Well, it's not like the kid is strong enough to throw the spear, so at least you can do that. Anyway, I arrive this turn right? Wait does he know I'm alive again?

>He doesn't, but I'm waving the shock roll. And you're at the end of your movement for the turn, so all you can really do is shout encouragement. Okay, I need more dodging from you Branden, and perception and attack from Evy.


Evy: That's not good...

Branden: What were all those other rolls for?

>Alex hasn't figured out the spear yet, but he's making progress. Unfortunately, Imhotep sees him and Jonathan messing with it, and recognizes it as the Spear of Osiris though. Evy, Anck-Su-Namun ambushes you from just outside the doorway and manages to disarm you. Branden, the Scorpion King barely misses you as your regain your feet and pry loose an ornamental spear.

Evy: Shit, I try to rush her I guess. *rolls* Wait what's her strength?

>Annnnd she pins you against the wall.

Jonathan: I keep watching the five year old do all the work for me.

Branden: I go full defensive with my spear, trying to buy time by blocking and dodging around objects.

>Sounds good.


>Okay, Branden's decorative spear is shattered, but otherwise he's doing fine, and Evy is still pinned. Jonathan, Alex triggers the release on the spear, so you're up first.

Jonathan: Step aside folks, I'm a professional. I nail the Scorpion King between the eyes. *rolls* Well, maybe in the elbow or something.

>Not so fast, Imhotep intercepts the spear, grabbing it out of the air and preparing to throw it himself, aiming kill the and take control of the Anubis Warrior army.

Jonathan: Should've let the kid do that to I guess…

Evy: It doesn't actually matter, it's not like he can do anything here with the Anubis Warriors. Let him kill the King and then we'll just kill him. It should be easy really, since he lost all his magic powers.

Branden: What about the experience though? He'll probably level, maybe even twice from a solo kill.

Jonathan: I don't think it works that-

Branden: I knock over the brazier to distract the King, then move to intercept the spear as Imhotep throws it.

Evy: This is so stupid. I guess I try to break the pin and yell more encouragement or whatever.


>Branden takes a flying leap and intercepts the spear inches from the surprise Scorpion King's face while Imhotep curses in rage.

Branden: Yes!
File: PHYSICS!.png (561 KB, 810x373)
561 KB
561 KB PNG

>Branden, you land on your feet but your leap has taken you to the edge of the chasm, and the Scorpion King rushes towards you, claws clacking.

Branden: Fuck it, I stand my ground and stab him. What's the attack and damage on this thing?

>Well it's a basic spear, but with a multiplier against magical creatures, so it should be-

Branden: Wait, I'm stabbing instead of throwing, and braced against a charge too. What's that do to the damage?

Jonathan: Here we go…

Branden: And I think I can make that a Power Attack too, can't I?

>Umm, let's start by rolling it as a large spear and-


>Well, uhh, I guess he's dead. The spear hits him right in his, uhh, heart or something. Just goes clean through.

Jonathan: And there's the punchline.

Evy: That didn't last very long.

Branden: GG guys! One shot, one kill. Told you I had this shit.

Jonathan: Yeah… hey, just asking, how much does the Scorpion King weigh? Because I bet the spear didn't do much to his momentum.

Evy: Oh that's dirty Jonathan.

Branden: What?

>He's right. Branden, as you impale the Scorpion King he collides with you, knocking you back into the chasm.

Branden: No! What the hell man? He's dead, you can't do that.

>It's basic physics, conservation of momentum, just the downside of where you chose to fight. Roll to attempt to grab the edge as you fly backwards into the abyss.

Branden: Screw that, I keep holding on to the spear, my anti-disarm bonus should definitely apply here. *rolls*

>Wait why would you do that?

Branden: Well the spear is stuck in the Scorpion King, and he's too big to fit in the chasm, so as long as I hold onto it I'm good, and I'm pretty sure I could make that strength check all day long, so I'll just hang here until they rescue me.

>The spear doesn't… it's not… you see it's more like a… how the hell is that suppose to...

Jonathan: Great, you broke him.

It's late. I'll return in the morning and round off the epilogue scenes if there's interest. Or do any other short ones people request I guess. (Please no more serious action scenes though, I can do people arguing all day, but combat takes almost as long to write as it does in a real game)
File: IMG_0143.jpg (52 KB, 300x244)
52 KB
Keep it up, m8.
This is gold
Glorious work, chap.
Some people were legit upset about Vader giving Krennic a dad joke, despite vader doing that sort of shit in the OT too.
File: IMG_0150.png (263 KB, 400x277)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
>people not getting the poetry of Vader making a Dad joke
>I also apologize to any warhammer tabletop players out there, your hobby is NOT a tedious waste of time and money for the nerds who are to other nerds what nerds are to regular people.

Well, certainly not since GW killed the game for AoS.
Enjoying this quite a bit, anon. Looking forward to more.
Having a blast. You have a responsibility now, anon
Nah, FFG star wars. You can mentally pick out Force token flips.

>Cassian's in-atmo hyperspace jump
>Chirrut downing a TIE fighter into an AA gun
>GM pushing Jyn off ledge during take off
>Jyn holding the kyber crystal as they enter the shieldgate
>X-wings blow the AT-ACT after Baze fails to damage
>Death Troopers enter the battle
>Chirrut's walk

Death Troopers are the GM's OC player punishment squad, with Vicious quality weapons and beefed up stats. The Vader scene was the GM's postgame explanation of the boss fight the players didn't survive to get to
File: Haaaah.gif (938 KB, 300x350)
938 KB
938 KB GIF

Lord of the Rings is without a doubt a ridiculously RPGish movie.
More like RPGs are ridiculously Lord of the ringsish.
Yeah, but outline a scene like it would be at the table. Good movie, but not sure if game material.

Yeah, it get's kind of recursive when you start analysing stuff like LoTR which is kind of the bedrock of Modern Fantasy.
File: Yellow-Submarine.jpg (181 KB, 810x708)
181 KB
181 KB JPG

Yellow Submarine is basically an Epic Level Spelljammer campaign where they ALL decided to be Bards.


At one point John decides to solo a gigantic Hand Monster using the wimpiest, gayest song in their entire lineup, but Paul has to step in because he MUST have the spotlight at all times.
This, underrated idea
The Hobbit is more RPGish than LotR. Too much party-splitting in LotR for it to be feasible for the DM to run.
Big Trouble In Little China is a Feng Shui game

There's even a Jack Burton character class.
The characters are based on the original board game characters from Siege of the Citadel, who were later ported to Warzone and the Mutant Chronicles RPG.

So yes. It literally is based off an RPG.
Too bad it chucked out most of the lore.
Yeah, but I meant in Hard Day's night. Yellow Submarine is even weirder, but lends itself better to being like a game.
Literally Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
>Jonathan: Who's making what weird?
>Evy: The evil chick has me pinned against the wall and he's going to have her kiss me or something.
>Branden: Hot
>Jonathan: Oh great, I told you this would happen when he started those flashbacks. He's going full magical realm on this shit.
Anon, I love you.
Every Pokémon tabletop system has already done it and has been for years.
>Turn-based RPG
>unexpectedly like an RPG

Pick one. Also, learn to read.
It rhymes.
File: 1465394869981.png (99 KB, 478x526)
99 KB
Put me in the screencap please

>Fuck it, the Scorpion King explodes into a cloud of spectral sand, throwing you and Imhotep into the abyss. Now roll to attempt to grab the edge as you fly by, and the rest of you roll to stay on your feet.

Branden: Bullshit! You're just pulling this out of your ass to screw me over.

Jonathan: Nah, this is actually normal for him, his bosses tend to be load bearing. I bet the entire Anubis Warrior army disintegrated too, and this dungeon probably isn't too long for this world either.

Evy: Wait I though killing the Scorpion King gave you control of his army, isn't that what the mummy was trying to do?

>Well, maybe if you examined the carvings on the walls for the correct incantation instead of one-shotting the final boss that would've happened. Now give me some rolls.


Branden: And don't forget that I dropped the spear, so I'm un-

>Yeah, yeah, I know, unencumbered, hands free, encouraged, and with a plus twenty bonus because Venus is in the house of cancer. Now let's see Branden holds on, to nobody's surprise, as does Imhotep. The rest of you are staggered as the entire Pyramid begins to shake and disintegrate.

Jonathan: Called it!

>Branden, you and Imhotep are clinging to the edge, but the damned souls lining the chasm are trying to pull you down.

Branden: Can I reach Imhotep? I knock him down and make my escape while they're distracted.

Jonathan: There's no way he's going to let you get away with that a second time. Just roll a climbing check and we'll come pull you out next turn.

>That won't be so easy, as you regain your footing the stalactites lining the roof begin crashing to the ground between the chamber entrance and the chasm. You can tell at a glance that a blow from one of them would be instantly fatal. Running across the area would be a desperate gamble.

Evy: Wait, are you trying to force a death?

Jonathan: You know I think he is. We've got a butthurt alert here, somebody call the wambulance.

>and I was about to go to bed

Well I'm actually about to head out as well, but I'm hoping I can finish off the scene in the next 30 min.
... aww...
>I hate Jonathan so fucking much, he is literally everything I hate in a player in a single entity
Huh, he actually reminds me of my best friend in the group I run. He gives me a lot of shit but it's all in good fun, though I doubt it'd be as funny if we weren't already friends.

I would kick Branden out in a heartbeat though.

Branden: Wait, the kid still have the res-book right, and this was the last encounter. You should all just run for it and res me later. I'll grab Imhotep so he can't follow, just stay in EXP range for a turn before you go.

Jonathan: Sounds good to me.

Evy: Wait you actually think that idiotic plan will work?

Jonathan: Not a chance in hell, but I'm up for trying. Let's see what happens.

Evy: No, this is stupid. I'm going to run across and grab him, you can stay with the kid and try the harebrained resurrection plan if I die.

Jonathan: Spoilsport.

Evy: So dodge and athletics right? What's the DC on this?

>With your resurrection sickness and stats factored in? 17 and 18

Evy: Oh, ummm.

Jonathan: Having second thoughts?

Evy: No!


Evy: Shit.

Branden: Wait, what about the possessed-by-a-spirit bonuses from fighting the evil chick, they should still apply since that fight's still technically going. And, this is a technically supporting action so the "married" trait should apply too.

Jonathan: Lawyer them rules son. Lawyer them hard.

>He's right though, thanks to one last burst of agility from Nefertiti's fading spirit, you avoid the falling rocks, make it to Branden, and pull him out of the damned souls' grip.

Branden: Nice, now we just need to kick Imhotep's hands loose and we're out of combat.

>Actually, as Evy helps you Imhotep desperately cries out for Anck-Su-Namun to help him, but she doesn't come, eying the falling rocks with naked cowardice in her eyes. With a final cry of cowardly despair, she turns and flees the chamber, leaving Imhotep yelling her name in desperate betrayal. With one final, envious glance at the two of you, Imhotep releases his grip on the edge, and lets the himself be carried down into the abyss.

Branden: Wait, does that still count as our kill? Do we still get the experience?
The entire Fast And Furious series, and especially from 5 on really feel like it's just Vin Diesel's D6 modern campaign on film
Isn't Vin Diesel confirmed to be an RPG nerd? Pretty sure Riddick started as an RPG character.
Branden, I would browbeat into something useful.
Players like Jonathan, who constantly make quips that are funny only to him, ruin the mood I'm trying to set, amd generally annoy the flaming piss out of me and are absolutely no in my games.
Read the damn thread, anon, we covered all of that.
link? I don't want to google "bloody nipple"
yes you do you slut
I'm 100% sure I'll just get pictures of running men with their nipples bleeding due to shirt
is this movie worth a watch?
I'm going to be crazy and say shadowrun

Evy: Oh just shut up about the experience for once, let's get out of here before the whole place collapses.

Branden: Fine… how many feet per turn can we all move? And how much does the kid weigh, because if he's under seventy pounds I can carry him without going past light-

>You know what, no more rolls. I think we're good here.

Jonathan: But I wanted to hear more about Branden's encumbrance and move speed. Or possibly a chance to do something in this dungeon.

>Well maybe you should've rolled a character with actual useful skills instead of insisting on being a bard in a low-magic setting then.

Jonathan: Just because there weren't any dance-offs in this campaign doesn't mean there couldn't have been. I had to keep that base covered, for the good of the group.

Evy: Yeah, moving on, so we run out of the Pyramid right? And then through the jungle?

>Actually, as you flee the collapsing pyramid, you see corridors filled with a hurricane of wind, plant matter, and the occasional screaming pygmy. With the death of the Scorpion King and nobody claiming his power, the curse has ended and the entire Oasis of Ahm Shere is being reclaimed. Your original exits blocked by this torrent, you climb out an upper passage onto the Pyramid's exterior. The four of you-

Branden: Four?

>Your son, remember?

Branden: Oh yeah, I thought you meant real characters.

Evy: Speaking of NPCs, what happened to the evil chick I was fighting?

>Ummm, let's see, she went down this corridor over here and…

Jonathan: Ohhh, is that the one with the beetle trap? Let's just say she fell into it as she ran in terror and call it good.

>I'm fine with that, consider it canon. Anyway, the four of you exit onto the top of the pyramid, and see a terrifying green tide of vegetation flowing into the Pyramid from all directions, like some sort of magical wood chipper, there's nowhere to go but upwards, towards the top of the Pyramid.
File: OMG NAT 20 LOLOLOLOL.png (355 KB, 778x366)
355 KB
355 KB PNG

>As you reach the top though, you realize the ferocity of the storm around you is increasing, and it will inevitably consume you along with the Oasis and the Pyramid itself.

Evy: Wait, so we're all going to die, just because Branden killed the boss too fast?

Branden: That's not fair!

Jonathan: Shhh, wait for it.

>As you cling together, close your eyes, and say your final prayers, you hear a voice above you asking if you need a lift. You open your eyes to see the repaired blimp hovering overhead.

Jonathan: And there it is.

Branden: Ardeth is back!

Evy: Izzy, the blimp NPC is Izzy.

Branden: Whichever. We climb aboard right?

>Izzy drops a cargo net and you climb up onto the statues topping the pyramid, grab onto the net and-

Jonathan: Wait, didn't you say there was a giant diamond on top of the Pyramid to act as a beacon for travellers?

>Yes, the mythical Beacon of Ahm Shere which can be seen from both the living world and the world of the-

Jonathan: I grab it as I climb past.

>What? No!

Evy: Jonathan!

Branden: Ooh, good idea, that'll fund as much gear as we want for the next campaign.

>I said NO. You're too busy climbing for your lives to even consider such a thing.

Jonathan: Hey, I haven't been able to do a single damn thing since we got to this dungeon. You've indulged Branden's little whims all campaign, now it's my turn. I steal the diamond or die trying.

>Oh, fine, give me a pickpocket roll, and UNMODIFIED pickpocket roll. DC is 10 to attempt this without dying, 15 to get a grip on one of the small sub-beacons, and-


Jonathan: What does a twenty get me?

>*sigh* Hanging upside-down from the rising cargo-net by your legs, you grasp the Beacon of Ahm Shere in both hands, and wrench it from its setting. Loot in hand, and still hanging upside down, the blimp carries you and the rest of the party off into the sunset as the Oasis vanishes into the desert with a final rush of sand.

Jonathan: Good end!


I'm out for the night. If the thread is still up in the morning though, I'd appreciate it if someone could recomend one or two scenes from the first movie, just to round out the collection before I call this done.
File: The-Expanse-1200x675.jpg (175 KB, 1200x675)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
The Expanse could be somebody's Eclipse Phase game, if they cut out all the retarded anarchommie shilling and body swapping.
Someone please make a screencap of the rest of that, that was brilliant.
dude plz right the whole thing somewhere as a whole!!!
can't wait for you to do some more!!!
I salute thy efforts!!!
File: PieAngel.png (1.26 MB, 2218x884)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Once again, any scene suggestions from the first movie would be appreciated.
>not loving system politics
Belta lowda
Not really... I mean it's not offensively bad, but there's a lot of other things I'd rather watch with my time.
Call of Cthulhu 7e with the Pulp Cthulhu expansion
13 Assassins is an amazingly RPG movie. It even has the player who made a character completely against the campaign's concept, and the most PC plan I have ever seen put to film.
Strategically stowed weapons are the best kind of weapons
> ctrl-f "tremors"
> no results

I'm fucking disappointed in you, /tg/
If the plot and actions of the characters in Tremors isn't the perfect example of PCs I don't know what is.

Also Burt Gummer is obviously a goddamn player character it hurts.
Got released. Had mixed results where I live. People were interested in the idea, but the mechanics are different than what most people are used to. And nobody wanted to actually GM it, people wanted to play.
The Expanse's politics are wonderfully nuanced and fleshed out. Eclipse Phase politics are "anarchists good, capitalists bad".
Google DM Of The Rings, you philistines.
>Jonathan: Nah, this is actually normal for him, his bosses tend to be load bearing.

Love it

No, Burt Gummer was an NPC that everyone fell in love with INCLUDING the GM and HAD to make a PC for the next adventure onwards.

I posted this back when it was topical, but I think I can remember it.

>OK, let's look at your characters. How many points did you spend on Species Traits?
>Out of 800? You won't have any points to spend on Complex Skills, and that includes Language.
I'll manage.
>You won't be able to talk!
I won't be able to talk IN CHARACTER.

>And you? How many points did you spend on Species?
>You know that basic humanoid traits cost 25 points, right? You'd have to play... a Critter?
A Critter with augmentations, which I get free with the Rigger and Gearhead packages.

>OK, seriously?
>You took, and I'm reading from your character sheet here, "Disadvantage: Really likes his Walkman".
He does!
>This will never come up in play.
It might!
>It will!
Well the main writer also did the best D&D comic ever, so yeah.
Last call for a Mummy scene, as I'm packing my shit up to move this evening.
The scene where the gang runs into Tomb Keeper and Museum Manager in the first movie, and the chase scene afterwards.
C'mon, anon, keep this thread going!
Bumping an awesome thread.

My campaign is already going in an Ancient Egyptian direction, so this thread has been amazing.
Okay, sounds like a good one to wrap things up with.
The problem is that in every book the PoV characters start out apart from one another and gradually come together about 70% of the way into the book.

Couldn't really write it that way unless you just wrote the Roci crew as the players, and that would miss a lot of the story.
Please marry me
Army of Darkness
Three Kingdoms
The Heroic Trio
Avenging Eagle
Escape From New York
The Warriors
The Matrix
Why is /tg/ the only place where I get random marriage proposals?

Finishing up the last scene btw, just needed to bump the thread before it fell off.

>Branden, Jonathan, and Evy, the three of you enter the museum and see the leader of the mysterious men from Hamunaptra talking to the Curator.

Branden: Shit, I quickdraw and shoot the bandit before he spots us. He's distracted, so this should count as a sneak attack right?

>What!? No, he's hunting the mummy as well, remember?

Branden: He still tried to kill us though, and you shouldn't waste a surprise round.

>Well it's not a surprise round, he and Curator both see you at the same time, and you're all too shocked at seeing each other to shoot anyone.

Branden: Shit, then I draw my weapon at least so it's ready for the next round, who has initiative?

Evy: Branden, they're not hostile, we're not going to start fighting them.

Jonathan: Come on man, haven't you ever done this before? This is the part where the NPCs explain the entire plot to us and tell us the secret to killing the final boss.

Branden: Huh?

Jonathan: He does this almost every game; even odds the first thing out of their mouths is a story about how they're part of this ancient mystical cult dedicated to protecting the world from evil.

>I do not! And the first thing out of their mouths is a civil greeting, and a query as to whether you'd like to know what's going, or would prefer to just shoot them.

Evy: I tell them we're here to talk. And Branden holsters his gun, right?

Branden: I guess…

>The Curator thanks you, and explains that the mysterious man is Ardeth Bay, the leader of his order. They are both part of an ancient secret society-

Jonathan: See?

>-called the Medjai, which has guarded the City of the Dead for over three thousand years. They are sworn at manhood to dedicate their lives to stopping the High Priest Imhotep from ever being reborn into the mortal world. Unfortunately, thanks to your actions, they have failed.

Jonathan: Well, they didn't exactly try very hard, did they? They just gave up after Branden shot like twelve of them in the first three rounds.
File: GENIUS.png (582 KB, 1032x759)
582 KB
582 KB PNG

Evy: Wait, if they're supposed to be good guys, why did they kill all those diggers that Benny's group had? I ask them if they think their sacred justifies killing innocents.

>Both the Curator and Ardeth look at you in disbelief and simultaneously point out that if it means stopping Imhotep from rising, YES.

Jonathan: Lawful Neutral, got it.

Branden: Ooh, I ask them why the cat caused a fear effect on the mummy.

Jonathan: Have you actually seen the stats on a housecat in this system? I think they actually do more damage than the mummy does, no wonder he's afraid.

>The Curator explains that it's because cats are the guardians of the underworld, and will have power over Imhotep until he's fully regenerated.

Branden: Wait, I have an idea, all we need to do is go out, catch a bunch of cats, and tie them to ourselves and he won't be able to get near us.

>No, that's retarded.

Evy: Didn't the Romans do something like that when they conquered Egypt though?

Jonathan: Those cats probably didn't do 2d4 slashing plus a bite attack every turn. Trust me, we'd get our asses kicked. Though we might be able get the NPCs to try, and have them strap the cats to backpack for us, or maybe a ten foot pole...

>Nobody is strapping cats to anything!

Branden: But, what if-

>No! No more cats. Period. They've all run away because, as Imhotep's powers grow, the next plague descends on you: that of Darkness. You look out the window and watch in horror as the moon slides across the Sun, plunging the whole of Egypt into unnatural night.

Jonathan: You know, if I could control the orbit of the moon, I bet I could think of a lot of more interesting things to do than just start a lame eclipse.

>Shut up.

Branden: Like crash it into the planet, or make giant tidal waves, or-

>You know what, I think we're going to take a break here. Why don't you guys go out, grab some food or something, and see if you can find out where Benny's gone, he went out to smoke like an hour ago...
Well, shit. I'm out of time. I might be able to steal a laptop at some point over the weekend, but unless this thread lasts a lot longer than I expect, this is probably the end.

If I don't make it back before 404, thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll have some more-demanded writefaggotry for you before the end of the month.
File: happyryuko.gif (398 KB, 640x360)
398 KB
398 KB GIF
Thanks for everything so far, mummyanon.
>I'll have some more-demanded writefaggotry for you before the end of the month

As in you'll do another thread?
File: Lethal_weapon1.jpg (143 KB, 300x449)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Lethal Weapon has always been the template for what i try to make my tabletop rpg. Fun characters with great synergy, spots of good humor, but a tight and fun story that keeps people engaged with plenty of fun action and investigation scenarios.
Hollow Earth, Savage or GURPS. It's your choice which one you want to use, but Hollow Earth is the closest to what you've asked - aesthetics, being a pulp game about cultists, mummies, dinosaurs and hollow Earth
And the sequel was literally a D&D campaign that was accidently send to Hollywood rather than for printing as lvl 12-15 module
Kubo was also kind of shit for Laika's movie. I mean the visuals are absolutely epic, but the story itself and especially the resolution of it... it's just meh.
Meanwhile ParaNorman is that Halloween campaign your GM wanted to run for past 12 years, but you all eventually grew up and realised zombies are kind of lame.
File: 410.jpg (31 KB, 250x323)
31 KB
Why hasn't anyone screencapped this?
Because it really isn't anything Darth's and Droids hasn't already done.
This sort of shit is why /TG/ has less and less OC these days.
Darths and Droids itself directly rips off DM of the Rings.
File: 1368206523933.jpg (57 KB, 554x527)
57 KB
Kindly neck yourself
File: IMG_0151.jpg (513 KB, 570x570)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
There are no words for this outrage
I think it does enough differently (and it does it well enough) to not just be a rip-off
File: mummyanon_rpg_1.jpg (1.46 MB, 2000x8568)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
First time screencapping a thread, edit if you think the layout doesn't work.
File: mummyanon_rpg_2.jpg (1.42 MB, 2000x9484)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
And here's part 2.
Looks pretty good, but with the slight hitch that my non-widescreen monitors (and therefore laptopns and cellphones too) have trouble displaying it legibly.

It's good work, but give me a bit and I'll re-arrange it into 1000px-wide version and it'll be a far easier read as an embedded image.

(please don't interpret this as anything but me being a tad on the anal side and willing to sacrifice an hour or two in the name of getting things to look exactly how I want them)
Sure, no problem.

I've also uploaded it to imgur for my players, and it automatically resized it to 1600p wide: imgur.com/a/83Hii

That version might be easier for some monitors to display.

OP here, actually managed to find someone who would let me borrow a laptop, give me an hour or two and I'll finish off the last scene.
This movie is underrated my fuck, thank God my dad showed it to me.
I second this, but already invested in The Mummy (this is also as far as I've seen in the thread)

Loved the PotC ones, btw.
Already been (and still being) done as a webcomic. Google "Darth and Droids". They also did LotR, titled "DM of the Rings". Good stuff
Naw, man, Hawkeye is the guy who plays the badass normal while being fully aware of how much he sucks compared to the others. But his player is a bro and enjoys spending time with his friends, and knows how to get into the banter.

>Ok Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch is unwilling to move, apparently not able to comprehend just how fucking sideways, and upways, everything just went. She's breaking down, saying things like "it's our fault". do you leave her behind, or try to convince her to come join the fight?

>I try to convince her. Roll diplomacy... 10.

>GM: OK, it's a bit iffy... what EXACTLY do you say to her?

>Hawkeye: Hey, look at me. It's your fault, it's everyone's fault, who cares. Are you up for this? Are you? Look, I just need to know, cause the city is flying. Okay, look, the city is flying, we're fighting an army of robots, and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense. But I'm going back out there because it's my job. Okay? And I can't do my job and babysit. It doesn't matter what you did, or what you were. If you go out there, you fight, and you fight to kill. Stay in here, you're good, I'll send your brother to come find you, but if you step out that door, you are an Avenger.... Alright, good chat.
Clint: That's all I got, so I step back out and start plucking away.

>GM: ok, that was pretty good. +5 bonus, you convinced her to join the fight.
This guy gets it. The campaigns I've been in (usually the same core people), we've all agreed to not play up backstory to being more than our current level. For example, you can't say you took on a half a dozen orcs single handed if you are starting at level one, but if you are level 4-5, then it could be conceivable, but will be the highlight of your martial prowess up to that point. We have more leeway if it's simply surviving something, though (survived a dragon attack on a village by hiding, for example.)

I think with the example of Brendan from the Mummy would be acceptable. He only fought and won against other humans, and his initial encounter was a "run away and survive" type of deal Hell, iirc, there were several other people in that fight who did the same thing in that very scene.
I would say Eragon is a bit RPG-like, with a bit of rail-shooter mechanics on the side when you apply the dragon riding....

then again, it's based on a fantasy book series that revolves heavily on how dragon riders were a thing, before one of their own decided to go Anakin skywaker from episode 3 on everyone's ass and kill off every one of them to become something tyrannical ruler who can control dragons, so it would make a good RPG setting. Especially with how the adventure pans out.

Eragon is practically the last of the dragon riders while Saphira is the last female dragon alive, and that is why they are being hunted down respectively. The main villain wants Eragon either dead or captured because he can actually pose a threat to him as a dragon rider, and he wants to capture Saphira because he wants raise an army of dragons (though he has no qualms with killing her either, but I digress)....

Holy shit, did I really just try to explain the main conflict of the inheritance cycle in a nutshell after segwaying from how I think it would be an RPG setting based on its movie adaptation(...and probably failed)....


I need to do something better with my life.
File: Spoiler Image (474 KB, 500x288)
474 KB
474 KB GIF
>can't remember hearing it

Here let me refresh your memory
File: making friends.png (301 KB, 500x336)
301 KB
301 KB PNG

>So Benny's not coming back?

Branden: He said he had some important work he had to get done this weekend.

Evy: Actually… what he said was that you're a railroading asshole, and if he wanted to play a game with no freedom of choice or character development he'd just go get an XBOX.

Jonathan: He also accused Branden of being a powergaming munchkin who couldn't roleplay to save his life and unfairly persecuted his character for OOC reasons.

Evy: So, you know, the exact same thing he says every time he quits.

>I told him not to roll an evil character this time...

Jonathan: Yeah yeah, we all knew this was coming. I mean usually he quits AFTER his first PC is killed for being an evil asshole, but I'm sure you can figure out a way to kill him offscreen.

>Actually, I was working on a few ideas for things he could do, so I think I'll keep him around for a bit. Now let's get back to playing, the Curator explains that Imhotep's goal, aside from carrying out the curse, is to resurrect his love Anck-Su-Namun who was...

>It sounds like you've got a plan. Ready?

Evy: I still think it's unfair that my character has to sit around doing nothing.

Branden: Well he's targeting you and your combat stats are super un-optimized, so you'd just get insta-gibbed in a fight, and the hotel is the only place that we know still has a cat.

Jonathan: And someone has to watch the NPCs so he doesn't just kill them offscreen like all the others.

Evy: I didn't say that I didn't understand, I said that it was unfair. I want to do something.

>Wait, I have an idea, take a look through these notes and get your best Benny impression ready. Okay, Branden and Jonathan, you drive across the city to where the American's say the archeologist with the black book lives. As you approach you hear crashing and rustling sounds from inside, and when you open the door your see Benny ransacking the place. He takes one look at you and runs for the window.

Branden: I quickdraw and-

Evy: Don't kill him, he MIGHT have information for you.

Branden: Then I aim for his leg, that should be non-lethal damage right?

Jonathan: Don't count on it, and I don't think Evy wants to act out a gunshot wound. Just throw a chair or something.

Branden: But I don't have any points in-

Jonathan: He throws a chair ay Benny.

>The chair hits Benny in the back, knocking him to the floor, and you easily catch him, what do you do with him?

Branden: Ummm

Jonathan: You know what, why don't I handle the dialogue for you or this is going to take all day. Ready Evy? Branden says: "You came back from the desert with a new friend, didn't you Beni?"

Evy: "What friend? You are my only friend."

Jonathan: Branden shakes Benny and slams him on a desk and shouts "What the hell are you doing with this creep? What's in it for you?"

Branden: Wait, do I really sound like that?

>This is so fucking weird.
I don't know why that scene always makes me laugh. And yeah, I looked through the script a bit, and I admit they do use his first name a bit, though it's usually O'Connell. Too late to change shit now though.

Packing shit, will do the zombie-chase sometime this early afternoon and officially call this done.
bumping for screencap edit anon
Thanks will cap in an hour if OP doesn't return by then
Finishing last bit, then it's all yours.
I wait eagerly for it.

>Okay, so the archaeologist is dead and Imhotep has the Book of the Dead, but at least you two gained some intel. Branden and Jonathan, you both head back to the hotel to plan your next move, right?

Branden: Yeah, I don't know what that guy's CR is, but I'm not going to even try fighting him again until I've gained at least three more levels.

>If you say so. Evy, you've been catching some much needed sleep in the hotel, give me a perception roll.


Evy: I don't suppose the DC was 3, was it?

Jonathan: Great, there goes one NPC.

>No comment, give me another.


Evy: Well that's a little better, does that mean I at least notice the other one getting eaten?

>Actually, you awaken from your dream, to find something pressed against your face, nearly smothering you. Suddenly a horrid smell rolls over you, and with a start your realize that a half-rotted set of lips are being pressed against yours. The disgusting partially-formed flesh slides across your-

Evy: Oh god, what the hell man? I told you I was fine with your weird dead-girlfriend plot, but if you try turning this into some sort of mummy-rape ERP thing I am walking right out that door.

>I was just desc-


>Okay, okay, you wake up and the mummy is kissing you, that's all.

Evy: Well I push his undead ass off me, and yell for whichever NPC you didn't just obviously kill offscreen.

>Actually, Branden and Jonathan, you enter the living room just in time to here her scream, what do you do?

Branden: Shit, why didn't the cat stop him? I search the room.

>You take a quick glance around, but all you see is the desiccated remains of one of the Americans. Now what do you do?

Branden: What? You didn't even have me roll, how can I have done a search check without rolling?

>Because there's nothing to search for, it's just your room, not a dungeon.

Branden: Yes there is, I search for the cat.

>Oh god not this again, I told you, no more cats, the cat is NOT there.

Branden: Well how do I know that if I don't search?

>Come on man… Jonathan, some help here.

Jonathan: Sure, I help him search for the cat.

>Oh fuck you man.

Evy: I swear to god, if I get mummy-raped because you guys are too busy searching an empty room for a non-existent cat, I am done with this game.

Jonathan: Don't worry, I'm sure it'll turn up if we look hard enough. Why don't we get rolling Branden.


Jonathan: Hmm, that's a pretty good pair of search rolls, isn't it Branden?

Branden: Actually, if you factor in your bonuses from it being an amateur archaeologist, and the one we both get for it being a familiar location, and it not being an opposed roll... Let me do some math here.

Jonathan: Boy, those are a lot of bonuses, I wonder how many more we'll think of when we try again next turn.

>FINE! FINE! You find the damn cat. It was outside, but the yelling attracts its attention and it pokes its head through the window.

Branden: I grab it, then rush into Evy's room with it.

>The cat darts away, both of you give me rolls to catch it before Imhotep overpowers Evy and-

Evy: No, I've had enough, this scene is over. Branden grabs the cat, brings it into the room, and the mummy runs away without doing any more weird shit. We gather our things, find the surviving NPC, and then we all drive over to the museum.


Evy: NO! No buts! SCENE. OVER.

>*sigh* Fine...

Branden: So, uh, we bring the cat with us to the museum, right?

Jonathan: I somehow doubt it.
File: I can take em.png (213 KB, 765x348)
213 KB
213 KB PNG

>And you finally realize that if the Black Book brought Imhotep back to life, then maybe the Golden Book holds the secret to killing him. Furthermore, the ancient tablet which started the legend of Hamunaptra is in that very museum, and it might provide some hints as to where to find the Golden Book.

Jonathan: How improbably convenient.

>Before you can examine the tablet though, you hear chanting from outside. You rush to the window, and see a mass of peasants shuffling towards the museum. As they approach they wave torches and pitchforks while continuously chanting the name "Imhotep". You notice that their eyes are completely vacant, and their faces are covered with the final biblical plague: Boils and Sores.

Jonathan: Wait, how exactly does a skin condition turn people into zombies?

Evy: Yeah, and didn't you miss a few plagues along the way there? What about the frogs and lice?

>They, uh, happened during the firestorm, and you didn't see them because you were inside. And the boils just make people, like, more susceptible to Imhotep's mind control or something. Look guys, I'm trying my best here, you skipped like three major encounters in a row and I'm wayyy past my notes. Lets just say there's a zombie peasant army banging at the doors and leave it at that.

Branden: Do they have any ranged weapons? If not I pull out my pistols and start thinning them out from the windows

Jonathan: Haven't you ever seen a zombie movie? You're just going to run yourself out of ammo.

Branden: I don't know, I'm carrying over eight thousand rounds. I think the bodies would form a natural barrier before I ran out.

Evy: Eight thousand? HOW?

Branden: Bullets don't weight anything in this system, so I just carry our full supply with me at all times.

>Yeah, you know what? No. You're carrying two revolvers with six bullets each, and twelve spare rounds in your pockets. No, don't argue, this is set in fucking stone.

Branden: That's such bullshit… I guess I stick with the party then, where are we going?

Evy: To this tablet, the Curator can help me translate it. I imagine it'll be a few rounds before they can break down the door, then you guys can hold them off if it takes any longer.

Jonathan: I'll lend moral support.

>Sounds good. Let's start with an Archeology roll, the higher you get the faster you find clues.


>Okay, you make your way to the tablet's exhibit on the second floor. Evy, you start by checking your records, you remember that when the Bembridge scholars translated the stone they claimed it said the Golden Book was buried under the statue of Anubis in Hamunaptra, but that's where the Americans found the Black Book.

Evy: Oh, so that means the Golden Book must be under Horus or Ra. The one with the bird head in any case. That was easy.

>You have absolutely no idea if that is true, but suspect the Bembridge scholars mixed up the hieroglyphs for the two books. You start scanning for any mention of the Black Book on the tablet. While you work, the door starts to creak, and then explodes open as the bar breaks.

Branden: We've got about a turn and a half before they can get up here and close to melee. Better hurry.

Evy: Patience is a virtue.

Branden: Not right now it isn't.

Jonathan: You know, I think I better go out the side door and the car started while you guys finish this.

>Okay, Branden, you're holding fire until they get into melee range, right? So, do the American and Ardeth then.

Branden: Who?

>The Medjai you met at Hamunaptra. Evy, give me another archeology, Jonathan I need stealth from you.


Evy: Oh, a twenty! So I discover it's buried under Horus, right?

>*sigh* Yes, but Jonathan is less lucky and nearly runs into a large group of zombie-peasants.

Jonathan: I turn to face the same direction as them and start chanting "Imhotep" in hopes of blending in. Perform, right?

>What? No, disguise of course.

Jonathan: But I'm not changing my outfit or anything, it's just acting, which definitely falls under Perform.

>You're starting to sound like Branden.

Jonathan: Ouch...

>Oh fine. No, don't bother rolling, I know how much you've been putting into Perform, despite all reason and logic. You shamble forward like a pasty British Micheal Jackson putting on a late-career re-creation of Thriller. The peasants fall into step around you, echoing your chant.

Jonathan: And then I slip away to the car, possibly also like Micheal Jackson.

>Roll stealth, and the same for the rest of you if you're trying to sneak out to the car without running into the horde.


>And everyone passes, mostly. Jonathan pulls the car up to the front door and you all start hopping in, but as you load up Benny comes out behind you and starts calling for Imhotep, who let's out a terrifying scream of command from one of the upper windows. The disorganized horde suddenly focuses on you and starts streaming back out of the museum.

Jonathan: I floor it.

Branden: And I promise to shoot that little snitch the second I get more bullets.

>Benny sneers at you as you drive away. Jonathan, I need a driving roll.

Branden: Wait, I should be the one driving, I've got twice as many points in driving as he does.

Jonathan: Too late, I'm behind the wheel now sucker.


>Jonathan only makes it a few blocks before he finds the way blocked by a second horde of zombies.

Jonathan: I immediately regret this decision.

Branden: Wait, I assist his driving action.

>Huh? How?

Branden: I don't know, but the rules say I can.

>unexpectedly RPG-ish?
The 13th Warrior could literally be a campaign log of AD&D.
File: heheh ~poke~ .png (209 KB, 765x348)
209 KB
209 KB PNG

>Umm, I'm really not sure what to do with this… I guess Branden sort of leans over and stomps on your foot, and the car starts ramming through the horde, running some over while others cling on? Yeah, that works. There's like ten of them climbing on the car, wat do?

Branden: Peasants? Not worth a bullet then, I start meleeing them.

Evy: I guess I do too? Maybe I can poke one in the eye or something.

Jonathan: I keep my eyes on the road and my hands firmly at ten and two.


>Looks like the fight goes well, Branden takes out a few, Ardeth and the Curator, who are both well versed in the ancient Egyptian martial arts, subdue several more. And yes Evy, you do poke one in the eye, and Jonathan knocks one off on a food stall or something. While you're all distracted though, two of the peasants grab the American, who shouts for help.

Branden: I melee the peasants.

>You can't reach them, if you want to punch them you'll have to climb across the car first. You could shoot them though.

Branden: I've only got twenty-four bullets, I'm not going to waste them trash! I close to melee.


Branden: Wait, shit, what about my brawler bonus, and they're probably trying to resist the mind control so-

Jonathan: I don't think you're going to lawyer your way out of a nat one buddy.

Branden: Well, he can probably survive a round without help.

>The American is pulled out of the car by the peasants and quickly falls behind. What do you do?

Branden: Oh come on.

Jonathan: I keep driving.

Evy: But won't the mummy eat him and get even stronger?

Jonathan: Better him than us, I floor it and recommend the poor bastard save one bullet for himself.

>Yeah, that last part is wildly out of character, but sure you keep driving through the horde while everyone else fends off the peasants. Another round of rolls please.


>And you get about half a block more before Jonathan crashes into a fountain.

Branden: I told you I should've been the one driving.
Rogue One is literally a D6 Star Wars "campaign" that ends the way they all do: with the group rolling new characters.

>As you climb out of the wreckage you hear gunfire and terrified screams in the distance. The horde quickly closes in from all directions, penning you up against a nearby wall, but not entering into melee range. They form a semi-circle around you and start chanting their master's name.

Jonathan: Well we sure fucked that up.

Evy: Hey, I did my part fine, maybe if you stopped screwing around and actually took some combat abilities, or Branden didn't decide that conserving ammo was more important than keeping the mummy from unlocking his full power we'd be in better shape.

>Speaking of, the crowd parts and a tall robed figure approaches with Benny at his heel. Ardeth recognizes him as Imhotep in his fully regenerated form.

Branden: Wait, so if he's human now, does that mean bullets work again? Because if I can get a surprise double attack I can deal about seventy damage in the first turn.

Jonathan: Why don't you try and we'll find out.

>Ardeth strongly advises against that idea, and before you can make up your mind whether to try Imhotep speaks. It's in ancient Egyptian though, so only the Medjai understand it. Benny translates for the rest of you: "Come with me, my princess. It is time to make you mine forever."

Evy: Oh god not this pervy mummy shit again!

>It's part of the plot, remember? I already explained it, he just wants to sacrifice you and use your body to resurrect his dead lover, nothing weird, I promise.

Jonathan: You have a very skewed definition of "nothing weird".

Evy: Fine, but, the second the starts descending into ERP territory I'm out, got it? Also, I don't I speak ancient Egyptian too, shouldn't I be translating instead of the weasel, what if he lies to us?

>Benny is translating accurately, so it's not necessary.

Evy: Well I correct his grammar or something.

>Okay, sure why not. Anyway, Imhotep says if you take his hand he we spare the rest of the party.

Jonathan: Well that couldn't possibly be a trap.
Can we do Anime as tabletop?
>DM wants to do a pvp game
> Only one person didn't roll up a cute girl
> Thank god for small fav-
> The other players tell the guy that the bracers they use to transform only works for girls
>Guy relents and has his character turn into a cute girl
>trying to salvage this, at least they're still fighting
>Never mind, all of the other players are trying to get into the guy's pants after the third session. Try to steer it away from slice of life bullshit but fail.
>Finally introduce a third side for them to fight.
>Guy charms them into submission too! Fuck it, end the game.
Dog and Scissors
>Next game decide to give them their slice of life bullshit.
>Stage a robbery to get two players together
>One player gets shot, the other player will surely save them
>No, she just walked off. fuck
>Reincarnate first player as a dog, give the two a psychic link
>second player regularly switches between abusing the dog and confessing her undying love.
>Third player is showing up as much and can only stay for a little bit, plays the masochistic publisher of the first player.
>Try slice of life but they keep turning it to crime solving
>Fourth player shows up and starts attacking the second player.
>Last session gets incredibly magical realmy and the second player gets drunk off her ass.
>Quit GM'ing for the group

Evy: Anyone have any better ideas?

Branden: Not if he's still immune to bullets.

Jonathan: Fuck it, let's ride these rails all the way to the station.

Evy: Okay, I agree, but I make the party promise to come after me before I get mummy-pregnant or whatever.

>I can absolutely guarantee that won't happen. Just normal run of the mill human sacrifice, I promise. Imhotep takes you by the hand, turns, and starts walking back through the gap in the crowd.

Branden: Perfect, I sneak attack!

Jonathan: Here come the rocks.

>Ardeth grabs you before you can fire.

Branden: Wait, you mean the bandit guy? I told you we should've killed him. I break his grip and-

>You can't break his grip, he's just as strong as you, and has studied the ancient combat traditions of the Medjai for his entire life, giving him abilities far beyond that of normal-

Jonathan: Oh god, tell me this guy isn't about to join the party as a DMPC.

>Umm, well, not exactly joining per se...
File: look guys a plot hole.png (236 KB, 704x350)
236 KB
236 KB PNG

Evy: Not this again, you said you wouldn't do any more DMPCs.

>I designed all these encounters for a full party though, and without Benny and Evy you're down by two. Also, there's a bunch of really important plot points that you won't be able to understand without his expert knowledge of the ancient-

Jonathan: Ugh, spare us, please. Not again with the Mary Sue shit.

Branden: Wait what's going on?

Evy: Don't worry about it. We'll explain later, but stop trying to kill shit for now.

Jonathan: Just relax and let happen.

Evy: Jonathan!

Jonathan: Relax and let the plot happen, that's what I meant.

Branden: I still don't get it.

Evy: It's probably better that way.

>Ardeth restrains Branden, telling him now is not the time, he must live today so he can fight tomorrow. Imhotep turns and leaves with a smirk on his face, and Benny takes the chance to take the key from Jonathan.

Jonathan: Oh look, I just lost a critical plot item without any rolls happening, imagine that.

>Shut it. As they leave, Imhotep shouts something and the mob closes back in. Ardeth informs you that he's ordered the horde to kill you.

Branden: Now can I start shooting things?

>You're tempted to, but as you draw your weapons you notice a manhole in front of you, such an opening could be defended by one man while the others flee, thought it would be a death sentence.

Jonathan: I nominate the DMPC.

Evy: Seconded.

Branden: Huh?

>The Curator draws his sword and volunteers.

Jonathan: Does anyone else wonder why we're even here?

>Look, I promise I'll make it up to you guys. Just follow my lead and we'll end the session, then next time we can start up with you visiting that drunk old pilot you all liked so much.

Branden: The one with the plane? And the machine gun?

>*sigh* Yes, the one with plane AND the machine gun.

Branden: I'm totally okay with this.

Jonathan: You say that like you're the one who'll get the machine gun.

Branden: What do you mean?

Evy: You'll see…
File: FF end.jpg (112 KB, 500x370)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
And I'm done, officially. I'm off to the land of sand and old people, and will not return to /tg/ until my computer finishes shipping down there.

This has been fun, and I'll see you folks in a few weeks hopefully, assuming I can write AGP chapters as (relatively) fast I can pump out this shit that is.

I turn this thread over to the cap-anons, or any other writefags/worldbuilders that want to step up and try to keep this going.
That scene is so hilarious because of their delivery. Brendan's "Looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the RIVER!" was spot on, the tone he said "river" in is the exact tone and emphasis people often use to mockingly call someone a retard. Just one of those things that, it doesn't matter what word you say, the tone makes it clear what you mean.
"I'm totally playing a Jedi this game."
"You can't play a Jedi."
"Why not, you let both of them play Jedi."
"No, they both played characters that believed in the Force, they weren't Jedi."
"I can believe that of the gun guy, but not the other, no way the shit he was doing wasn't from being a Jedi in secret, what did he bribe you with?"
"YOU WERE THERE. YOU SAW THE ROLLS. Holy fuck his luck with dice. There were no bribes. There were no Jedi."
"Really good rolls to use the Force. What if I play someone who BECOMES a Jedi?"
"You know what? Fine. If it will shut you up."
File: MummyRpgMov1P1.png (1.27 MB, 992x2889)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Cap anon #2 here, but I think I sort of fucked this up. I did this with expanded images, and that made it too long, so then I went back in and split stuff. This is all very sub-optimal, but here's what there is so far.

It's late... I might throw in the towel and just cap this again along and 2nd movie stuff off of 4plebs.
File: MummyRpgMov1P2.png (1.78 MB, 992x6367)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Write-anon needs to lay off the long post chains...
File: MummyRpgMov1P3.png (1.78 MB, 992x7150)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Yeah, I'm done here for tonight. Either someone else can cap the second movie stuff, or I'll just come back and do it off plebs or whatever on Monday.
>Evy: I told you I was fine with your weird dead-girlfriend plot, but if you try turning this into some sort of mummy-rape ERP thing I am walking right out that door.
I had a right chuckle.
Bump for cap.
thanks mr mummyanon
File: MummyRpgMov2Pygmies.png (1.73 MB, 992x6612)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
I can totally finish this before work
File: MummyRpgMov2Boss1.png (1.69 MB, 992x6219)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
File: MummyRpgMov2Boss2.png (2.15 MB, 992x8755)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
And done. Probably would've been a better cap if I'd left the images small, but fuck it.
bump for postereity
File: IMG_3946.png (820 KB, 750x1334)
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820 KB PNG

One of the best D&D movies ever made.
While not a movie, Bravely Default is the story of a group who just CANNOT work together that keeps wiping against the GM's Rival Party in stupid ways, mostly due to the whole 'cannot work together' part, and keep having to reroll characters.
Then, after they wipe so many times that the GM just lets them run the rulers of the country because the rivals are that strong now, they just ask if they can PLAY as the rival characters and run the scenario in reverse, and the GM gets a weird look in his eyes and says 'sure'. And that's when things get REALLY weird.
File: 1464246946522.jpg (1.03 MB, 1170x2552)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
>Anime as tabletop
show is zettai bouei leviathan
File: 1464247049376.jpg (3.71 MB, 5000x4809)
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