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Hi /tg/ !
Can we have an artifact thread ? My players are in one of the greatests trading cities of the north, I need some inspiration for what they could find there. Shouldn't be the amazing fiery sword of judgement +5 or anything, just strange, interesting, or exotic curios, perhaps with nice magical properties.

Either pictures or concepts are welcome, I'll dump pictures in the meantime.
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a hat that allows you to speak any language but you can only yell
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And the story that come with it
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>Healing spellbomb: a tiny clockwork sphere; when activated it starts a timer, and when it runs out it detonates healing everyone in the vicinity for a small to moderate amount. Reacharges by boiling in hot water for an hour.

>Quicksilver shields: any projectile (magical or otherwise) that doesn't go through AC gets eaten by the shield. You can release it at a later time.

>Kinetic bauble: it stores a kinetic charge. When activated, it propels you a moderate amount forward in the direction of your choice. Recharges in boiling water.

>Eye beetle: a miniature clockwork beetle with a permanent Arcane Eye on it. Rev the key and you can lead it with your mind, seeing with his eyes.

>See-through glasses: allows the wearer to see through clothes. Incredibly popular novelty item.
Careful, that's some Church of the Broken God shit.
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>Machina Proteus: a quicksilver construct that will mimic a person for an entire day (aspect and all), and can be directed mentally.

>Twinsphere: store an action inside it (after pushing the button, the first action you take will not happen, and will be stored instead). When activated, the action will be performed.

>Housepet: A clockwork spider-like creature. When the night comes, or on command, it turns into a small hut that camouflages itself like its surroundings. Incredibly sturdy. Will also latch onto ceilings and walls, allowing to sleep on sheer cliffs and such.

>Jelly powder: turns water into jelly.

>Ghost lights: small ghostly balls of light (are actually incredibly tiny floating spheres) that can be directed around with no effort, even 6-7 at a time. They cast a pleasant, if eerie, pale light around. They can be supercharged to create a flash to blind opponents, but consume all charge. Recharge by being in the sunlight for 2-3 hours.
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>A lamp that never runs out of oil
>A suit of platemail that is incredibly light
>Dragon leather armor
>A sack of powder that purifies and removed poison from drink
001 Bunyan Belt: When worn, causes an enormous, bushy black beard to appear on the wearer痴 face.

002 Wholey Armor: This ancient set of divinely enchanted plate armor still confers its +3 Bonus, but because of the rusted holes that are everywhere, any attacker gets advantage on hitting you

003 Bracers of Clicking: When these bracers are put on, they make an audible click. They have no further effect.

004 Breastplate of Secret Detection: If the wearer of this breastplate gains a piece of information that is somehow connected to the concealment of a hidden
conspiracy or plot, a live and still wet red herring forms on the inside of the armor.

005 Cloak of Billowing: This black and silver cloak will always billow dramatically behind the wearer, it has no other effects.

006 Amulet of Extra Amulet Slot: This amulet allows you to gain the benefit from two magical amulets rather than one. (It cannot be further enchanted.)

007 Ace of Spades
An ace of spades from a standard card deck. No matter where you store it on your body, you will always be able to find it in your right sleeve afterwards.

008 Bag of Unholding
Quite a large backpack but even the smallest item doesn't fit.

009 Greater Staff of Random Summoning
Summons a random creature at a random place. You could be summoning a giant Ogre on the other side of the globe for all you know.

010 Dagger of Told Secrets
A simple-looking dagger. If used to backstab someone to death, it will whisper your most embarrassing secret to that person.
011 Hoarder's Wand
Does nothing but for some reason you think it might be important later in your quest.

012 Enchanted Book of Collected Stories
Opening this will cause miniature creatures/people to pour out and preform a chapter from the book much like a theatre.

013 Diadem of Brothaurity
When wearing this headpiece, you are as elegant and well-spoken as a famous diplomat or regent, but you can't stop calling everyone bro.

014 Belt of Unbathed Breath
When worn around the waist, allows the user to breathe underwater. Does not function when wet.

015 Ring of First Impression
Wearing the ring will make you able to perform a perfect handshake with the hand wearing it.

016 Lunchbox of Delicious Unfulfillment
This lunchbox will hold whatever food you desire. However you will never get full and the food will deliver no nourishment.

017 The Artist's Bludgeon
Inanimate objects hit with this bludgeon will receive no damage; they will however change colour.

018 Vorpal Grindstone
It can "sharpen" any object to become vorpal. Any object. 500 lbs

019 Mirror of Self-Interest
Small mirror roughly the same size as a steel mirror, doesn't reflect anything but the face of the person holding it. However, this image of
the person is perfect, devoid of any flaws or incongruities with the holder's appearance as though they were the most attractive person in the province.
This image is also only visible to the holder.

020 Dagger of Sneaking Suspicions
This dagger, when wielded by someone with a sneak attack ability, deals an extra 2d6 sneak attack damage. This dagger also sheds bright light
in a 5ft circle, effectively spotlighting anyone holding it. This effect gives anyone subject to a sneak attack with this dagger a free perception
check to see the attack coming, even if the weapon was drawn the turn it is used to attack.
021 Sharp Stick
This is a sharp stick. Anyone who picks this item up has a 5% chance of accidentally poking their eye with the pointy end. If user's DEX modifier is
less than +2, this chance increases to 25%. Threat to eye-poking is per-round.

022 Bagpipe of Stealth
Grants the user invisibility as long as it is being played.

023 Cowbell of summoning:
A cowbell that, when struck, summons another cowbell with same properties.

024 Deck of Spellweaving
A deck of 20-40 Blank cards. When a spell is cast on one, the spell is negated and the card can then be used to cast that spell, negating all components
required for that spell, but only once before it must be shuffled back into the deck to recharge.

025 Assassin's Very Useful Dagger
Anyone killed with this dagger will turn into smoke and dissipate, including clothes and possessions unless you take them really fast. It will leave no trace.

026 The chaos butterfly
You walk in an empty room and see a bell jar on a pedestal. Inside the jar is a large beautiful butterfly perched absolutely still. If the bell jar is removed
the butterfly will flap it's wings. Hurricane force winds fill the room and everyone needs to make fortitude saves. The winds continue until the insect is trapped
again under the bell jar or killed.

027 Schrodinger's Cat
A small undead kitten, docile.

028 The Ether Bunny
A rabbit that wanders around the dungeon. Should the party successfully spot the rabbit it will panic and produce a sleep inducing gas. Scattered around the dungeon
are it's "eggs" which are worth 100gp each.

029 Singing Sword
This enchanted weapon loves nothing more than to sing to its owner, whether they want it to or not.

030 The fourth wall towershield
Anything said OOC will be heard by the PC. However he will need to pass a DC:18 wisdom check or believe he is going insane.
File: Leather_mask.jpg (1.52 MB, 2204x2938)
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1.52 MB JPG
031 Sphere of the Trainer
This sphere when tossed will try to dominate any Magical Beast it hits. The test is an opposed roll of the thrower's will against the creature's will. If the
sphere succeeds the creature is completely dominated and will be teleported to a pocket plane, that exists within the sphere. In this plane the creature is
in stays completely dormant. When released - at a command from the character - the creature will do as the character tells it to do, taking in consideration
the creature's intelligence.

032 Orb of Slope Detection. When placed on a unstable surface or one with an incline the orb will silently move, on it's own, to the lowest point available, ignoring
obstacles and inertia

033 Ring of Visibility
Makes everyone aware of you presence. -20 to stealth

034 bag of molding
instantly molds anything put in it

035 potable hole
gives access to a pocket dimension full of food

036 amulet of hide from undead
hides you from undead. undead must succeed a DC30 will save or not notice the bearer if this amulet.

037 Belt of Pants: This belt creates illusory pants on the wearer. The wearer can suppress the illusion at will

038 Gloves of Awkward Arousal-
These white leather gloves cause you to appear sexually desirable to straight members of your sex and homosexuals of the opposite sex. In case of hermaphrodite
everything wants to fuck you.

039 Book of Unspeakable Horrors: A book that seems to be bound in the skin of an otherworldly monster. Inside is a truly terrible romance novel.

040 Spyglass of Fate: when you look into the spyglass, it will show you exactly where you will be if you walk in the direction you were pointing it
041 Cloak of Illusive Night: when you cover your body with this cloak, you think that you are invisible, when in fact you are not

042 That One Ring: when you put on this ring, you are reminded of a ring of power, but you can't quite put your finger on which one

043 Banjo of Summoning: When you play this instrument, it summons a guy who hates the banjo and tells you to knock it off

044 A lizard ring. Its a small iron ring that if taken off and placed on the ground becomes a lizard of the same size made of iron. Said lizard acts like an
extension of its owners will. It is surprisingly sturdy but because of its small size cannot lift much.

045 Quill of Poetry
Whoever holds this quill is magically compelled to speak in rhyme.

046 Mask of Accents
A set of somewhat insensitive masks that cause the wearer to speak in the accent of the people the mask represents.

047 Ring of Crow
Once a day, summon 1d4 crows. They are just regular crows, and cannot be controlled in any manner.

048 Neverwilting flower
It is an unremarkable white field flower. So common you do not remember its name or species. Somewhat pretty. Never wilts or decays.

049 Sword of Dragonslaying - Gives advice on slaying dragons

050 The Fire Distinguisher - When pointed at an object, tells you if it's Fire or not.
So the joke is that only the Amulet of Hiding from Undead and the Potable Hole are any use?
051 The Honeyed Queen's Blade
An elegant shortsword in a wooden scabbard with silver fittings sculpted in floral shapes; on closer examination, many of the flowers contain small bees.
The sword's handle is waxy to the touch, and fits comfortably in the hand- the blade is difficult to draw, however; a pale, waxy substance around the scabbard's
mouth holds it in place. The seal could easily be broken with an application of force, but it prevents the blade from falling out.
While wearing the sword, the bearer can speak with insects, and bees in particular will go out of their way to be helpful. The bearer can also never be lost while
in sight of growing flowers.
If the bearer breaks the seal and draws the sword, he is guaranteed to deal at least one mortal wound in his next fight, but at the end of the combat he will
inevitably die.

052 Sword of True Neutral
Appears to be a sword modeled after the alignment of a character with special abilities, but in reality, is just a really plain shortsword (A paladin may see a
glowing 2h sword, where a rogue may think he has a cursed dagger.)

053 >The transmutation chamber
a small glass box with a removable lid, when you place objects inside it the turn to solid gold. When you attempt to remove the items they return to their
former state.

054 >Ring of Nines
A golden ring engraved with ancient runic characters, the Ring of Nines will create eight rings physically identical to it every nine days. Rings created in this
manner do not possess the ability to create rings themselves. The Ring of Nines otherwise has no special powers.
055 >shield of the righteous
an incredibly long, but narrow wooden shield that provides little in the way of protection
he who places the shield in the tumultuous waters of the sea will find he can travel much more quickly, as if he were a fish, and hang ten with the most tubular
of dudes

056 >Temporal Useless Machine
Pull the lever and it reverses time to the point when you pulled the lever, turning it off.

057 >Implement of Golem summoning
Having many shapes (generally a bracelet or amulet), this item can be activated when in presence of an hostile entity of size Huge or greater. the item summons
a golem of size equal to the largest hostile creature present, and faithfully answers to the user's orders
The golem summoned possess a compartment where a creature of Medium size (or smaller) can be put

058 Decanter of Endless Spiders
Its exactly what it sounds like. Once the stopper is removed three command phrases will modify the output, increasing it by a power of 10. Fuck, Stop, and Why
Won't It Stop.

059 Sword of Yodeling - This sword appears to be a potent weapon at first glance. It glows, and when Detect Magic is cast upon it will radiate magic. The sword is
intelligent, but cannot communicate in any way with its wielder. The sword does not confer any bonus to hit, or damage. However, any time the sword is brought
to a hilly or mountainous area with a good view, the sword will start to yodel・very loudly! So loud that any wandering monsters within a 3 mile radius will be
attracted to the sound of it.
060 A magic candle that only stays lit when you compliment it every minute or so.

061 >boxing gloves of dreadful pain
Looks like two VERY large wasps, around the size of a human foot, but completely dead, with a slot in each wasps back, similar to a puppet.
When you place your hand inside them, you find that you can control the wasps body like they were you hands, moving legs, the head, everything.
They are as potent as massive wasps could be, slicing flesh with their mandibles and poisoning people with their sting, and you will quickly gain a reputation as
"the guy with live wasps for hands".

062 Goblin's Shield: A very tiny shield, but it has the useful ability of being keenly aware of danger. When it senses an incoming attack, it forcefully maneuvers your
arm to deflect the attack.

063 Fire-Handling Gloves: These gloves let you mold fire as if it were putty. Molded fire can still spread onto other things, but will stay in exactly the same shape
as you molded it.

064 Wondrous Watchdog: A collar that, when the clasp is closed, creates a phantasmal watchdog. Intangible but a good sentry, as it can still produce sounds. To dispel,
open clasp.

065 Satchel of Deserts: A bag that holds an infinite amount of sand. Pours out very slowly, though.
066 Uncommon Divisor: A large metal ring that's eerily flexible - it can be stretched and squeezed into any shape and size. It's very fragile. When it wraps around an
inanimate object, you can 'click' it into the object to separate it along the Uncommon Divisor breaking it into two parts. You can 'click' it back together.

067 >the watch of coincidence
A watch who's hands are influenced by fate, causing it to go fast or slow. No matter how it is affected, it will always cause some kind of minor coincidence when it
is worn. They don't have to be good coincidences, either, so have fun running from the guy you mugged last week.

068 A sword with a fanciful metal dog's head on the pommel. Once it's attuned to you, yelling "HERE, SPIKE" causes it to fly back to your hand. You can also tell it to
fetch objects. It likes being polished.

069 Punny ears. A headband shaped like rabbit ears that force the wearer to constantly make bad puns

070 A throwing knife that MUST bounce off three nearby surfaces before it hits anything.
071 A sword owned by a paladin. In the interests of fairness, it yells out the wielder's battle strategy, and makes guesses at the opponent's strategy. Either way, it's
loud and annoying.

072 An accordion. It plays only the chicken dance. It does so while launching devastating sonic blasts, but it's literally incapable of playing anything else.

073 A sack full of bricks. The bricks are from a cathedral. The sack is covered in holy symbols. It's a potent anti-demon and undead weapon. Stop laughing.

074 Cloak of the Stormlord- Made by a giant in his cloud-castle, this ornate blue leather cloak causes the wearer to have a miniature storm cloud above them at all times.
This makes them resistant to fire, lets them zap things with lightning every now and then, and even produces drinkable water. The creator was inured to the elements
and the cloak itself is distinctly leaky, though.

075 >Ring of X-Ray Vision
When the wearer's immediate area becomes crowded with at least 10 other humanoids, their clothes turn invisible.

076 >Bagpipes of the Infiltrator
Turns you invisible as long as you're playing it

077 >staff of good/evil
pings as good/evil, no other effects

078 >magic ring
pings when "detect magic" is cast, no other effects

079 >Ring of Sorrow
The wearer of this ring will, at times, suddenly burst into tears. Any who witness or hear this happen will be compelled to comfort the wearer.

080 Wand of Chilling Grasp
Chills target drink
081 Boots of Water Walking
When filled with water, they start walking away.

082 >Invisibility cloak
The cloak turns invisible when you put it on. You don't.

083 Dress of the Noblewoman
While wearing this dress, everyone will be convinced that you are a woman, no matter how hideous. It automatically adjusts to your height and weight.

084 bucket of dirt
this 1 gallon bucket appears empty, until it is tipped over, when a bucketfull of earth appears inside of it and falls onto whatever it is being poured on.

085 >Deck of Exploding Riddles
A set of thick parchment in the shape of playing cards with a riddles written on each piece. If the riddled is answered aloud, a correct answer causes the
card to explode into confetti and a wrong answer causes the card to make a bigger explosion and deal damage.

086 >Key to the City
An unusually large key about the size of a longsword which deals bludgeoning damage. Mundane locks are automatically unlocked if hit by this key.

087 >Trident of Fish Command
Can be used to order one person per day to start fishing.

088 >Attractive tooth
A human tooth, carved with tiny runes. If a fairy attempts to steal the tooth, it will stick to the fairy's hand and become impossibly heavy.

089 >Battle Axe
The coolest fucking electric guitar of all time. Doubles as a battleaxe. Adds bonuses to offense-oriented bardic performance skills.

090 >Legos
Brightly colored caltrops.
091 >Lightsaber
A cloud of light in the shape of a saber. It isn't solid, so it can't be used as a conventional weapon, but can be held and used as an intangible
torch. (It might damage vampires, idk.)

092 >Lightsaber
A really lightweight sword. It's flimsy as hell.

093 >Lightsaber
An actual, honest to god lightsaber. Making "shoom" sounds when swinging it makes it stronger.

094 Flute of Time Stop
Play the right tune and you can move outside of time itself, but the tune is fairly short and you have to keep playing so your mouth and both
hands will be busy the whole time.

095 >artisan's gloves
A pair of gloves that can imitate the movements of the wearer after they've been removed. Clap three times when they're on to start and stop
and they will remember everything they did in-between, then when they're off clap another three times to make them start or stop performing the task.
Also comes in shoes, just click the heels three times. Good for retracing your steps.

096 Mulligan's Amulet
Improves your odds of success in mundane tasks if it is not the first attempt you have made within the last hour.

097 >Servant's Leash
>This simple leather choker has a matching leather armband, to be given to an ally. The one wearing the choker can only act to follow the
orders of the one wearing the armband (excepting those of basic survival such as breathing), however while wearing the choker their ability scores (before any bonuses) are doubled. This item has no effect if the person wearing the armband cannot issue verbally-understood orders to the wearer of the choker, or if the armband is being worn by the same creature wearing the choker. This item can only be worn by humanoids.
Attempting to apply this item to an unwilling subject forces a DC 15 Will save the first time a command is issued. On failure, the item
continues to work as normal for 24 hours, upon which the target gets another DC 15 Will save.
098 Gauntlets of Ogre Dower
Worth exactly enough to be used as a dowry for anyone wanting to marry an ogre

099 Scroll of everything is on fire
when you cast this spell, everything sets on fire.
The monsters are on fire
the dungeons are on fire
you are on fire
what have you done

100 Coin of Exchange
A magical coin that allows it to be exchanged for its face value worth of goods.

101 Boots of Dryness
Magically keeps feet from getting wet even when submerged in liquids

102 Spider Glove
produces spides inside itself when worn. You can feel the spiders.

103 Bag of Locusts
This bag appears as a Bag of Holding. Upon opening the clasp at the top of the bag, the bag produces an endless stream of locusts. The bag cannot be closed.

104 Dagger of Dancing
when plunged into a creature by a bard, the next bardic performance of any kind compels the creature to dance

105 Wizened ring
Guarantees the user will win any game of bingo they play, provided they are the oldest person within 60 feet

106 >ring of grass detection
When activated, the user magically knows the direction of the closest patch of grass. If used while within 100 yards of grass, the user is compelled to eat the grass.

107 Potion of EXTREME MANLY Beard Growth
It will slightly accelerate your beard growth; or make you able to grow a thin beard if you couldn't grow it before.

108 Dagger of Suspicion
The dagger appears incredibly suspicious to anyone, for no good reason - their intuition just yells at them that something isn't right about it, but
any theory for "what's wrong" seems incorrect. It's completely normal otherwise.

109 Dagger of Seppuku
It becomes +5 if the wielder uses it against himself.

110 >Sphere of Avian Attraction
It's a stone orb that attracts birds. It's about 3 feet wide though so it's difficult to carry around and has to be rolled or carried by multiple people.
111 Dress of Uncertainty - a beautiful gown the color of which appears different to every viewer. The enchantment also causes each viewer to be
convinced that their perception is correct, and if someone disagrees they must be seeing incorrectly, or lying.

112 Ring of Attunement - Allows the wearer to attune one extra magical item; requires attunement

113 Bracelet of Polite Company - An elegant golden chain. When worn on the wrist, it prevents the wearer from speaking or hearing any profanity

114 >Gauntlets of Hobbling
These gauntlets reduce the wearer's strength to 3, but only for purposes of to-hit and damage rolls with melee weapons. They are not cursed
items, and can be removed freely. Originally commissioned in bulk by a frustrated general as a way to reduce injuries and deaths induced during sparring and drills.

115 Dagger of compliments
It's an ordinary dagger with a random elemental enchantment but you can't unsheathe it if you don't whisper it some compliments first

116 Jesters Bane / Boon
It's a ring that has a personality and likes puns. If the pun is good, bonus 2d6 whatever you're rolling, if the pun is ass, 2d6 psychic damage

117 >Book of Strange Sandwiches
A book containing stickers of 32 sandwiches that appear strange and have names of unknown origin. When a sticker is removed and placed upon a solid flat surface, the sticker disappears, leaving behind the sandwich it depicted. each sandwich is 1 lb of food, except for the sandwich denoted as the "Mah-cho Nah'cho" which is 3.

118 >Barlow's Bag of Oats
The signature creation of the Archdruid Barlow, who created dozens and distributed them to Druid coves around the world. These items resemble
ordinary backpacks, but when filled with dry, nonliving, organic matter, they are able to magically convert their contents into ground raw oats.
This item will not function if partially filled, or if it contains any inorganic, living, or undead material.
119 >Ring of the Monologue
Highly prized by evil villains and self-important adventurers alike, this magical ring compels those around the wearer not to interrupt when he or she is speaking. Anyone within hearing distance must pass a DC20 Will save in order to verbally or physically interrupt the wearer in mid-soliloquy.
This ring does not compel attention, however; while listeners may be unable to talk over the wearer or attack, they are free to leave the area,
ignore the speaker, or otherwise go about their business quietly. If the wearer takes any action, the effect is immediately broken; it can only be
used while standing or sitting still, or at most while pacing a bit. The ring still affects those who don't speak the wearers language
120 Bag of Squirrels:
When reached into the bag, the owner will feel something furry. Pulling it out will reveal a wild squirrel, who will promptly bite and claw at
them to try to get free.
looks like a grey bag of trics. works 3/day

121 Lewd Dust
Scattering this dust makes the area smell of sex. This is a magical effect and individuals will smell whatever is most relevant to their race. e.g gnolls
will smell estrus secretions and musk, dwarves will smell burned limestone, elves (being sluts) will smell pungent fishy vaginal fluids, etc.

122 >Amulet of the 4th Cone
Putting on this amulet grants the wearer an additional color cone in their eyes, allowing them to see an incredibly new array of colors they previously
could not even imagine. However, it does not grant the brain the ability to properly interpret these new colors. Made by a color blind wizard.

123 >Short skirt of Anti-Pervesion
While wearing this skirt, it is impossible for anyone to see further than the hem
A favorite of "female" adventurers on their time off

124 Autistic Painting - A painting of a beautiful woman whose eyes always seem to avoid your gaze, no matter what angle you view it from

125 >Ring of Summoning Pumpkin
Can be used to summon any pumpkin you are on good terms with to your position.

126 Cursed Coupon.
Small piece of paper that reads "Good for 20% off one meal at The Duke's Cockatrice in New Cresthill.", you can not get rid of any non-magical means besides finding the location and spending the coupon. The paper will not tear or burn, and any writing or smudging quickly disappears.

127 >Wand of identification
Identifies anything touched by the wand, so long and the user has already identified that item before. Made by the apprentice of a senile wizard right before leaving the older wizard alone in his tower.
128 traveler's book
a book, that when a flower is pressed into it, preserves the flower perfectly. when opened, the flower on the page seems to be sprouting from the book itself. a favorite of travelers and explorers
i have my players roll 1d100+1d20+1d10-2 twice and give them something maybe useless or really helpful
>Tickel fetish magical realm.
Woah, an ancient crystal golem fleshlight!
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File: 1433167700249.jpg (1.33 MB, 1829x1419)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
File: 1410059497410.jpg (3.2 MB, 1713x2437)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB JPG
Look up the Book Of Artifacts, from AD&D 2nd edition. Some of the stuff in there is well-known and campaign-specific (Hand & Eye of Vecna, for example) and some of it is just dumb (Baba Yaga's hut is an artifact? What?) but it has a lot of good ideas.

Otherwise don't feel adverse to ripping off magic shit from other sources. Or try taking two magic doodads from different sources and mashing them together, see if something cool falls out.
Here, have this.


This is a list of magical rings enchanted to grant a variety of different effects, some useful, others not. This was made for a game of Magical Burst, which is where the numbers come in, so substitute as you please for your system of choice. The ring sources are mixed, either wholly original, stolen from /tg/ or elsewhere, or borrowed from various sources and media like video games. There are some shitty joke rings and cringe-worthy memes within. Use however you please.
The amulet of Pyrah the Insane Prophet, any fire spell cast gains a 1d3 of extra damage, but sets the caster on fire
>The quill is mightier than the sword?
>FOOL! The Quill is my sword!
File: walking_sticks-17.jpg (632 KB, 2902x4085)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
I actually came across a site that has a bunch of really good "okay" magical items the other day - some of these are probably a little too powerful for what you're looking for, but others will probably be right up your alley.


An excerpt:
>The Stick of Brute
>Brute was a vain and famously ill-tempered sorcerer from the Low Lands in the Elos Desert. He was known to be solitary and uninterested in the difficulties of society.
>His walking stick, a 4′ length of gnarled staff of bleached wood more at home in the refuse of ruined forest than the hand of a powerful caster, was his way of avoiding most conversations (when they got rough) on his journeys to the city. It was enchanted so heavily that it tore the barriers between the supernal and material realms in its very essence.
>The stick itself counts as a +0 magic weapon and can be attuned with a day of silence and contemplation of its features.
>On being attuned, the mirage of the stick wanes just a fraction for the wielder and he can see that the stick is really a viciously crafted longsword with a razor’s edge. On handling the stick, it feels only as a gnarled bit of dry wood. It is imperceptible to anyone else that the stick is anything but–magically or otherwise. It neither sounds like metal nor feels especially heavy. If one were to scratch its surface with a nail, the wood is firm and dry, but one could scratch their name into the apparent “surface” accordingly. It even floats.
File: 1398497172907.png (158 KB, 238x315)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
File: 1421193239498.jpg (8 KB, 241x200)
8 KB
I always wondered why DnD had Bottles of Acid, Alchemist's Fire, and Alchemist's Ice, but not a Leiden Jar or some equivalent pseudo-magic lightning in a bottle.
R8 my relic
Ha! a simple levitation spell cast on the toy bird, with your finger strategically placed under it!
0/10 get better at enchanting faggot
File: ihTbnQz.jpg (83 KB, 900x880)
83 KB
>this fool doesn't want a baba yaga hut
File: 1370419803003.jpg (23 KB, 399x423)
23 KB
War Hat
File: 1370414996002.jpg (54 KB, 580x407)
54 KB
Fist Hammer
File: 1370420831004.jpg (18 KB, 345x259)
18 KB
Moustache Helmet
File: 1402080338001.jpg (141 KB, 640x480)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Gun Katar
File: Berliner_Goldhut2.jpg (991 KB, 2113x4432)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
Hat of Real Man
File: medieval_helmets6.jpg (24 KB, 450x415)
24 KB
Gorilla Helmet
>Moustache Wax of Farthington Diddybottom
After applying this wax, your moustache grows ten times in length and becomes prehensile. You can now hold additional weapons and other items in your moustache.

>Armchair of Generals
While sitting in the armchair, your field of vision expands one hundred times and anyone within this radius can hear your orders as if you were right next to them.

>Combat Can Opener
This army issue can opener can cut an opening even in the toughest armour, reducing your opponent's armour class with a successful touch attack.

>Ring Pipe
You can mentally control the smoke rings you blow out using this smoking pipe, moving them around and changing their diameter. In spite of their appearance, the rings are solid and can be used to restrain or strangle your foes.

>Montgolfier Bubblegum
The bubbles blown with this bubblegum are identical to hot air balloons in size and function. They can be used for lift-off and air travel.
File: 4735674-3139554907-S1e20.png (535 KB, 1920x1080)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
File: Magic-potion.jpg (143 KB, 800x800)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
This thread needs more vespene gas...
File: 1379398236808.jpg (84 KB, 625x417)
84 KB
File: 1955_1007_A_f.jpg (256 KB, 640x606)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
File: 1393479659574.jpg (77 KB, 700x1050)
77 KB
File: 1393489512002.jpg (56 KB, 600x401)
56 KB
File: 1396476512323.jpg (87 KB, 560x831)
87 KB
File: 1396823267769.jpg (89 KB, 500x606)
89 KB
File: 1403300634786.jpg (26 KB, 434x600)
26 KB
File: 1409416963573.jpg (28 KB, 424x415)
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You need fewer magic items and more fluff.

Lizards about the size of an iguana that lay a clutch of one- to three-dozen eggs a month, during their breeding season of fall. The eggs taste like like a lemony version of chicken eggs, and are used in a popular breakfast custard, in a far-away land. You can raise large groups and trick their breeding cycles by freezing the lizards for short periods of time after they've reached maturity. Once thawed, they'll start laying eggs about six months later. Fertilization is through sperm stored from the spring breeding season, so must be sex-segregated post-thaw. The only way to tell the sexes apart is by the males' ears, which develop tiny spurs above them after reaching puberty.
File: 1409456541710.jpg (36 KB, 340x270)
36 KB
File: 1417276102184.jpg (43 KB, 640x480)
43 KB
File: 1417281354667.jpg (86 KB, 700x623)
86 KB
File: 1418271391833.jpg (117 KB, 640x752)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Once had a hat that did absolutely nothing.
It was just that if you saw someone wearing the hat, you were pretty sure it would look better on you instead.

Nothing forcing you to act. Just an idea that you're sure it would look better on you. No need to steal it, that would be rude and breaking the law and such. But if you saw it just sitting there on a table or someting...
The gem of black lotus:
A gem, with a lotus-like pattern in the middle of it, like a black lotus flower was stuck inside of it. It makes any fluid that touches taste like lotus tea.

It also makes any fluid it touches deadly poisonous, causing hallucinations and death in eight days.

A curio hearthstone a character in my Exalted campaign has
We need more Spelljammer helm-seats.
Isn't this one from the Giger Bar? It's been a long time since I've been there.

100% Jinteki
>Skulls for the Skull Chair
AdMech Angron approves.
Is this a jade dildo?
The "Freebird" lute; +5 cha for Bards; causes everyone in the room to uncontrollably light torches (or other light sources) and hold them aloft.
File: I wanna.png (44 KB, 318x320)
44 KB
File: Star-knife.png (767 KB, 1314x2625)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
Strange Tarot Deck

Upon examination, it appears to be a typical Tarot Deck, with detailed depictions on each card. No way to I.D. an artist. When the Deck is drawn from, all cards will be the same, with the drawn results changing only if another person draws.

For example: Person 1 draws 5 cards, all of which are The Moon. Person 2 Draws 3 cards, all cards drawn by them are Temperance.

If the deck is examined during a drawing, all cards will appear to be normal, and any drawn cards will shift back to their regular art the moment nobody is looking at them. Each person is locked to a specific Major Arcana.

Do not explain any of this to the players, just let it fuck with them, should they happen to discover it. Do what you will with this, I would personally attempt to match the Arcana either with the personality of the Player/Character, or with a fate you have planned for their character.
File: TheEye.png (1021 KB, 1880x3324)
1021 KB
1021 KB PNG
This magic Item allows the user to become a mass of liquid capable of moving threw even the smallest of cracks. the user may move no more then 50 ft in this form.
>planning fates for your PCs

yea, good luck with that
I'm pretty sure this is used more for battles in the bedroom than on the field...
not saying it haqs to be a hard and fast "You will die under the third full moon of Akra-tathat's jagged blade, only you fudged the fucking roll, you cunt"

Use it to give them some flavor. For example, The Tower often implies a significant change in the future. Not necessarily something terrible, but often significant enough to alter who they are.
I didn't know we were playing Counter Strike
Man, do I like bismuth.
I bought a piece at the Renaissance festival last October.
An extremely detailed map of heaven drawn by a monk after having a vision.
Sadly only two or three pages are actually readable, the rest just looks like random lines and symbols. The monk claims that he can't put into words what he saw, and the medium of paper or even sculptures isn't enough for him. He also claims that the profit of his sales will go into funding research into a projector of some sort, though you are not entirely sure if you can believe him.
File: 1427047668853.jpg (30 KB, 360x589)
30 KB
My personal favorite (cursed) magical item is the "Necklace of Delusion."

>fighter comes upon a tiny hoard of magic items, claims and dons them all immediately
>makes me feel less bad about what's going to happen with the necklace
>"As you clasp the necklace to hang upon your neck, you feel a sudden rush of power. Your body and belongings feel lighter. You feel cunning, able to see the flaws in each structure and person around you. You believe that the new powers imparted by this item will allow you to deal double damage with all melee attacks."
>Party wizard identifies it
>It's a Necklace of Delusion
>Chooses not to tell the fighter for maximum lulz
>Play up how powerful it is with each swing of his sword
>"Your blade makes purchase with the abomination's flesh, producing a heavy thwack. You feel the necklace's power resonate through your swing. Were not the abomination made of such tough, blasphemous material, it would be cleaved in twain."
>Dude starts to doubt the necklace
>Gets it appraised by 2 goblin merchants who claim to be masters of magical artifacts
>One puts it on, claims that it has granted him great strength and mercantile prowess
>The other puts it on, claims it has granted him great cunning and mercantile prowess
>They offer to buy for a high price
>I tell him that he is now aware of secret functions of the necklace, which he is certain adds +4 to his intelligence, and add a noncombat proficiency in "bargaining."
>Later, after believing his foes are too business-savvy and have too much HP, he takes it to a master wizard
>Wizard puts it on
>"I'm even more powerful now! The gods pale in comparison to my arcane-"
>Takes it off
>"Yup. Necklace of Delusion. This is going in the cursed item chest."
>Fighter demands it back
>"Okay. Your funeral."
>"The necklace has awakened your magic prowess! You feel able to cast Divination!"

It never did anything.
File: MagicBall.jpg (138 KB, 800x614)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I thought proper cursed items can't be so easily removed. Maybe I've just played too many roguelikes.
Typically, a cursed item requires the casting of a remove curse spell, but I suppose it's possible that not every cursed item some malicious wizard makes needs to bear so obvious a hallmark.

In fact, the best magical items, and the most dangerous ones, are the ones that make you believe that you need them.
The best Cursed Items are the ones where you could remove it, you just don't realize that you should until it's too late.
File: 1449556656093.jpg (33 KB, 367x550)
33 KB
>>Moustache Wax of Farthington Diddybottom
>After applying this wax, your moustache grows ten times in length and becomes prehensile. You can now hold additional weapons and other items in your moustache.

Now I'm imagining a dwarf using this and crawling around on beard tentacles.
File: 1386895123610.jpg (40 KB, 799x271)
40 KB
Honestly that's a boring way of cursing an item. I mean, it's functional, but kinda simplistic. You can't do shit about its negative effects until you can, then you do and throw the item out. The problem is you don't really have a choice with that kind of thing. It gives the illusion of having an option but it's an option with only one reasonable response - to cure it as fast as possible and then get rid of it.

Cursed items that you don't want to get rid of right away are much better. Delusion, too, is a cheap way of doing this, offering illusory choice - at best, you can get some roleplaying fun out of it, but you still only have one reasonable option - to cure and discard. Likewise with cumulative-effect curses which can be safely used a few times first; again it offers the illusion of choice but really the optimal strategy is plainly evident and once you're set on said strategy it offers no real interactivity or agency.

In my opinion the best cursed items are the ones that seem too good not to keep around but are always just a little bit not worth it in the end. Or the ones that are risky, with the promised rewards offering a genuine temptation. Or ones that are sentient or intelligent or have a will of their own that a player will need to consistently interact with rather than just acknowledge a few times and forget about.
>An inorganic, mineral-based "plant" found growing kilometers beneath the earth in lava-flooded underdark caverns. Seeds resemble valuable gemstones and will only grow if exposed to sufficiently high temperatures.
File: Hand of Wishes.jpg (32 KB, 253x480)
32 KB
File: Ambrosia.jpg (41 KB, 235x500)
41 KB
File: Saint's Tears.jpg (50 KB, 350x480)
50 KB
File: Scrawls of Madness.jpg (439 KB, 2000x1500)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
Any particular requests? I have many fine gemstones, weapons, pieces of jewelry and curios.
No, that's no jade. Color looks like glazing.
File: Survivor's Knife.jpg (282 KB, 737x550)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
File: 1354062367860.jpg (13 KB, 250x300)
13 KB
File: Rape_white_portion.jpg (21 KB, 450x216)
21 KB
This is NOTHING, my friend!
File: 1396742633426.jpg (138 KB, 631x475)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Please do, minerals are my fetish
Maybe also the curios, also.
Seconding this>>51690973
File: 1414941634850.jpg (339 KB, 1400x1050)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
File: 1414941411716.png (140 KB, 314x232)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
>The Stamp of Adonai
Any document stamped with this stamp automatically becomes a reality, up to a death certificate for an enemy.

>Rose-Tinted Glasses
The wearer of these glasses cannot perceive anything dangerous or harmful, and indeed, nothing he sees through them can harm him.

A pike ending in a sharpened rotten tooth of a dragon, pulled by a dragon dentist. Anyone successfully hit with this pike is subject to debilitating toothache.

>Stone on a Stick
Any insults spoken by the wielder of this item do actual physical damage to their target: the more the insults hurt, the higher the damage.

>Rod of Procurement
This fishing rod can be used to fish out any non-magic object its wielder wishes for out of any body of water. Can only be used once per day, otherwise it breaks and begins fishing out old rubbish.

>Scalding Spice
When applied to a weapon's blade, this spice causes anaphylaxis even in people not allergic to anything on a successful hit.
Stuff I've given players
>A scalpel that does regular knife damage but on a crit it instantly severs a limb or other extremity of the target

>Small locket that contains a mirror. When held up to a person performing an action, the locket will "save" the action. When opened subsequently, the user will be able to perform the action exactly as observed. Any tools or weapons involved in the task will appear in the hands of the user as needed and will disappear afterward.
>You should have seen the hermit crab which was living in this. From a safe distance. While in full radiation protection gear.
You're mistaken, no hermit crab lived in this shell. The Sun Slug did. It was made of the same matter as the sun. See that desert over there? Used to be a woodland before this motherfucker crawled through it. It took a dozen white dragons to take him down.
File: Amulet.png (788 KB, 647x604)
788 KB
788 KB PNG
File: Skull of the Broken.jpg (117 KB, 700x478)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>The Atomicrustacean moved in once the Sun Slug was dead.
File: 1401739845204.jpg (389 KB, 1000x993)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
What is the city close to? Are there local industries that supply it cool stuff (for example Venice and Glass) to trade? Does it have access to a particular market that no other trade city does? What are the cultures of its major trade partners? Curios and shit should be mostly based off the local flavor or the aesthetic of its exotic trading partners.
File: Chernabog.png (467 KB, 702x1074)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
Wtf possessed these Japs to make the Slavic Satan into a mushroom person?
>the Goblin merchant rubbed his hands with a smug grin on his face as he peddled yet another brightly painted chunk of rock from an abandoned quarry to some naive idiot
More magical books.
>Polished turd - Allows you to change into turd form 3 times a day, with a charisma of 5 (3 more than an average turd)
>The Challenger Sword

>explodes 73 seconds into combat
Well, the Potable Hole specifically leads to a dimension of British food, and more specifically to the Jellied Eels World.
File: Martian by mobius-9.jpg (283 KB, 1024x1503)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Let's show OP how it's done. Given only what we know from the OP's post we can easily answer questions about it.

All we know is
>great trading city
>large city

If it's a trading city it likely has a strategic location - on a river, or at a mountain pass, or at a crossroads of major trade routes. Given it's in the north, the last is less likely, as most likely major world centers of trade are closer to the center of the map. So strategic location is likely.

All large cities are close to sources of water, and given it's the north, OP likely would want something cooler in climate than your typical coastal trading city. So let's say it's at the end of a valley between impassable mountain ranges, build on the banks of a river that flows from the mountains to the ocean. This implies its trade is primarily the goods of the north flowing towards ocean ports, and likewise, in goods flowing from ocean ports through to the north.

It likely isn't a big agricultural area itself, though it does trade in cold-tolerant food crops such as winter wheat grown in the warmer climates to its south, moving those north to smaller towns and villages in northern climates where it's prohibitively to grow food on a mass agricultural scale. This makes sense given its location at the pass of a major route north.
Culturally, the city is likely not the capital, but may be a large or the largest economic capital of the region - think New York City vs. Washington DC. Trade implies internationality, which implies a difference in culture from the typically more conservative rural region. Internationality and urbanity implies cosmopolitanism, progressivism, perhaps even liberalism, depending on the era. It's likely a very affluent city, and assuming this is a typical fantasy setting due to absence of suggestion otherwise, likely a high degree of social stratification - a wealthy, educated, relatively liberal noble class, a market class that is just as wealthy but socially a step below, and the peasants of course, many of whom came seeking fortune in the big city but ultimately work for low wages moving valuable and exotic goods for someone else's profit.

Furs, lumber, and agriculture are traditionally big industries in northern climates. Given the proximity to mountains, mining is as well, so add metals and, given the wealth, also add gold. If this is an early industrial fantasy era, it has factories, but this isn't required. These are likely sources of artifacts and provide the usual suspects of cursed items and artifacts - gold, armors, fur or leathers, et cetera.

Use the culture's unique elements, like for instance, cursed items from faraway lands relying on knowledge of an area considered exotic to cure. Or perhaps a cursed item some bitter peasant made for a nobleman. Or a series of cursed items some mine owner made in "compensation" to a bunch of striking mine workers, a trick which forced them to get back to work. Once you have all these details you can really think up things that suit the setting quite easily.
File: 1365992767426.gif (2.82 MB, 300x225)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB GIF
I'm thinking about doing a campaign with an artifact that has to be destroyed to save the lives of the party.

Have any of you done a game with a "destroy the evil artifact" plot and made it interesting / unique.

I don't really want to do a "throw it in MT. doom" or "cast a spell to make it inert" kind of thing.
I'd do a reverse activation quest - go to a few temples or dungeons or long-lost shrines to take an evil artifact and make it progressively weaker. But it will draw evil to the party, and as it gets weaker paradoxically its attempts to save itself will get stronger. The last spot could actually be a nice and blessed place, but gets quickly twisted by the artifact's evil.
>saint's tears
pretty sure that's a snuff bottle
These scissors allow you to cut off any body part of any person. By doing so, no harm is actually inflicted on this person, and he retains full control over the severed body part. It can be attached back by simply putting it back in place.

>Misery Cord
A ball of sturdy cord made from the hair of people who neglected going to the barber due to depression. Anybody bound with this cord immediately loses all will to struggle and fight on.

>Inferno Club
A golf club made from the femur of a wood tiger. When you put it in position, a small floating fireball appears at your feet, which you can use the club to kick at any target of your choice. It explodes on impact and disappears if interacted with by anything except the club.

>Poison Lamp
This kerosene lamp produces poisoned light when turned on. Anyone who comes in contact with this light is immediately poisoned.

>Arrow of Zeno
Anyone successfully hit with this arrow loses all ability to move. It's not a paralysis: the target of the arrow is completely fixed in space and nothing can move or deform it in any way.
The key to a city that no longer exists
A sword enchanted to kill a man who is already dead
A piece of flint that when struck will create a fire that burns cold instead of hot and gives out darkness instead of light
A mug that always keeps your drink cold
A canteen that always has just enough water to sustain the owner
A stone wheel that can grind small amounts of inedible material at a time into flour that is edible but completely flavorless no matter what you add to it
A bottle that turns any liquid you put into it into wine but reverts back as soon as it leaves the bottle
An odd pair of rings that create a telepathic bond between the wearers, one ring was made to only work on wedded couples while the other only for fraternal twins but since both have lost their counterparts they now work with each other but only if both requirements are met
>gives out darkness instead of light
Don't you just love passages like this?
Darkness is not "something". Darkness is a lack of something, in this case light. Giving out darkness is no more possible than uttering silence.
Heward's Mystical Organ.

Make sure this is the tune you give your players:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3KvuVhflU4
fucked up the link. Actually unintentional
File: cat.jpg (73 KB, 600x615)
73 KB
As a matter of fact, yes, I do. Best magic is the magic which can be easily described, but can't be explained as a physical process.
Giving out darkness does not make much sense if you try to understand how it works. But can you imagine what effect would it have? Of course. There you go, magical fire works exactly like that. You don't have to explain it, it is called magic exactly because it is not explained.
Besides, I don't see you sarcasming yourself over endless water canteen or any other magical item from this thread. Producing water out of nothing is apparently more possible then producing the absence of light.
The bronze cartographer, it can allow you to navigate any world and any plane, and some say allow you to pass into any realm or plane.
Ring of the citadel: Activating it causes a castle to appear in a nearby location so long as there is a space large enough to accommodate it's foundation.
File: crystal-ball-1.jpg (98 KB, 1280x960)
98 KB
Have an orb of slope detection, it's a classic.
fake news
>Sphere of the Trainer
So, a pokeball?
Can I get a master version?
You must be really perceptive if you saw this extremely subtle reference.
File: sup.gif (3.47 MB, 300x225)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB GIF
What if the artifact is actually very easy to break, but needs to be broken the correct way. If they break it the wrong way it's like shutting off power to ghost containment in ghostbusters, so they actually spend a lot of effort keeping it safe until they found out how.
>A lamp that never runs out of oil
How about a cursed lantern that runs on blood instead of oil? A bit more flare but still practically unlimited for adventurers.
Unless I'm mistaking it for a similar pic then it's malachite, which produces toxins when exposed to water.
>A simple-looking dagger. If used to backstab someone to death, it will whisper your most embarrassing secret to that person.
This seems like it would be incredibly cathartic for the weilder.
I forget what book but at some point they had bottles of minor elementals, "elemental motes" or something like that.
I could post some random stuff.

>stone of fairy flight
>Map of the Great Wall
This small circular map shows in great detail everything around you in a 4 ft radius, even shifting to display the position of creatures and moving objects. When placed on a flat surface, the map expands to cover it completely and reveals the corresponding area.
>earth binding rope
>figurine of wondrous power: Ironwood kiwi bird
File: 1293189723655.jpg (96 KB, 645x1024)
96 KB
>flask of torturous laughter
engravings offer no tactical advantage what so ever
File: 1245734671867.jpg (2.74 MB, 3300x2112)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB JPG
>speaking stones
>hungry stones
File: 1293192015408.jpg (49 KB, 660x512)
49 KB
>flask of whirlpool powder
File: 1293192091744.jpg (52 KB, 672x512)
52 KB
>dragon dust
>ring of slime

Anyone liking these?
File: Aztec Batman.jpg (67 KB, 540x495)
67 KB
Cowl of the Native Bat-God's high priest. Heavy armor (helmet) grants a minor enhancement bonus to perception and insight.
File: Fishing Pool.jpg (31 KB, 500x357)
31 KB
A tiny bowl with miniature fishing rod on the lip.
When filled with water, if you cast the tiny rod into the bowl, it recreates the experience of fishing in a placid pond... right down to tiny (illusionary? conjured? summoned?) fish who will bite at the tiny lure.

The fish are strictly catch & release, though.
File: Familiar Armor.jpg (60 KB, 720x480)
60 KB
>Universal Familiar Armor
Grants your familiar +2 AC and saving throws Vs. GM bullshit.
File: 1313257314906.jpg (240 KB, 750x1000)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
>helping haft
File: 1451864031644.jpg (30 KB, 515x650)
30 KB
>helm of indiscernible motive
A sarcophagus, made of some unknown and seemingly primitive material which is apparently impossible to damage and sealed shut, also invulnerably. Added after the sarcophagus's creation are further layers of more conventional seals and warning labels in no known language that the sarcophagus must never be opened and that listening to the thing in it is a bad idea. Using technologies more primitive than the sarcophagus's creation, corresponding to the technologies of the warning labels, the sarcophagus was hidden away in the most inaccessible location possible. Buried incredibly deep underground, weighted down then tossed overboard over a oceanic trench, attached to a bussard ramjet engine and a computer programmed to make random course changes and steer it away from star systems, etc.

Someone really wanted to get rid of it.

While whatever is sealed in the sarcophagus can't get out, it can make noise by banging on the inside, hear things going on outside near the sarcophagus and is smart enough to work out some kind of communication code. It will then attempt to manipulate people who come into contact with it into wanting to release it, eventually founding cults

The only thing the cults share is a desire to release whatever is trapped in the sarcophagus. Their methods have differed from sacrificial offerings, prayer, trying to track down the sarcophagus's origins, attempting to blast it open with increasingly ridiculous amounts of explosives, etc. The only thing they all have in common are total failure.
>Ring of the Water Gods
>said to be the fossilized remains of a Water God's offspring
>millions of years old, yet somehow perfectly sized for your finger
>at night, the wearer may hear a sound, as if from great distance, yet growing ever closer
>the sound...of water
>plip plop...splish splash
>silvered weapon
>exceptional damage against vampires and lycanthropes of all varieties
>said to ring like a bell when struck with the first light of dawn
File: 1445180632212.jpg (76 KB, 900x633)
76 KB
File: pop.jpg (235 KB, 2000x2000)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
>Dead-man's chest
>One of these spikes is actually a dial that unlock a secret compartment containing treasures unknown
>careful, though. twist the wrong spike too far and...
>Dragon's Whetstone
>capable of sharpening weapons made of anything from plain iron, to bone, to metals straight out of legend that no mortal hand can work
>a perfect stroke of the stone across the blade will sometimes imbue the edge with the dragon's own breath, scorching one's foes with every strike
>Gerald, I swear if you wear that thing to poker night again I'm going to stop inviting you
File: monstershrug.gif (394 KB, 583x320)
394 KB
394 KB GIF
Sounds like a splendid idea.
File: 1478588391477.jpg (465 KB, 800x1755)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
Infinite magic ink
File: 1461671707924.jpg (404 KB, 1636x841)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
Would giving your players one of these make you that GM?
>"I'll take it off if I start losing."
Take a second to appreciate the good language of this story, as opposed to moronic greentext generally used here for similar purposes.
File: 1476941796734.jpg (38 KB, 540x540)
38 KB
File: 1476945136636.jpg (1.11 MB, 2448x2448)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
File: 1476979961374.jpg (29 KB, 480x640)
29 KB
File: 1478467771850.jpg (20 KB, 272x450)
20 KB
File: 1478578070193.jpg (176 KB, 1600x761)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
File: 1479362191202.jpg (95 KB, 567x851)
95 KB
File: 1476941960061.jpg (70 KB, 429x525)
70 KB
File: 1476942190531.jpg (64 KB, 600x600)
64 KB
Serpico approves
>It can "sharpen" any object to become vorpal. Any object.
Can I... sharpen a rabbit's teeth?
Hell I remember the thread that Item was made for. Good times.
sharpen every blade of grass in a field
Fuck, this is exactly the kind of item that I love. No way to guess what it does until it's too late.

>Handkerchief of Corrosion
Whenever anyone blows his nose with this handkerchief, he produces a cone of acidic slime in front of him that quickly corrodes any metal it contaminates. The effect only works if he does really have a cold.

>Thimble of Tickling
This thimble is worn on the index finger. Whenever its wielder successfully pokes someone in the ribs with it, which is resolved as a touch attack, the target collapses in a seizure of laughter.

>Static Comb
After charging this comb up by combing his hair with it, its wielder can use it to shoot potent bolts of static electricity until the charge runs out.

>Pillow of Jung
When unfastened, the zipper on this large pillow can be used to enter the dreams of the person currently sleeping on it.

>Axis Crusher
This hammer reduces the amount of dimensions possessed by any object that it strikes: from three to two to one to none, reducing its target to an infinitesimal point.
Changeling Staff
>An odd, six-foot-long quarter staff made up of half a dozen one-foot-long sections.
>Enchanted to turn into any weapon the user is capable of imagining, and to make the user capable of wielding it proficiently.
>Each section is composed of multiple moving parts that flow together into a sort of puzzle.
>The puzzles involve a lot of odd techniques above and beyond simply moving the parts, including, but not limited to, changing the order of sections, utilization of magic of varying schools, even attacking enemies with the staff while it's in a specific shape
>When completed, the shell of each section snaps closed, creating a finished staff, the entire length of which spirals open to reveal a small scroll, containing the secrets of transformation magic.
>The interior surface of the scroll is actually just a mirror-finished section of parchment; by the time you're capable of completing the puzzle, you've already mastered the art.
File: tire armor.jpg (116 KB, 600x800)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
File: lipetsk_disnosaur.jpg (82 KB, 593x595)
82 KB
I come from a world you may not understand
>The Helm of the Dust Oracles
A helm with no visor or means to see. Instead of the face, an ornate painted eyeball stares unblinking. The user who puts it on and meditates finds themselves living their life as normal. In truth, the helm creates a predicted timeline by some arcane magecraft. Those powerful enough to realize the illusion are capable of using the helm to predict their future as every 10 minutes spent in the helm in real life is roughly a day in the separate timeline. Of course, the predictions do get less accurate the farther out. Taking off the helm while someone is inside somehow manages to displace their soul and dying inside the helm causes the user to die outside the helm.

>Scapegoat's Necklace
The Scapegoat's Necklace is rumored to be the creation of a trickster god. At any given moment, the holder of the Scapegoat's Necklace can switch places with someone holding an otherwise identical necklace. The real Scapegoat's Necklace is capable of switching places, but the fake one is only capable of being switched. No one knows which piece is the real necklace and which is the fake. No one wants to find out.
File: BIm_WwsCcAAsuZ7.jpg (30 KB, 404x554)
30 KB
>Foppish Wig
This baroque powdered wig constantly produces a thin cloud of powder around its wearer. Whenever anyone shows bad manners or discourteous conduct of any kind, inhalation of this powder causes an incapacitating coughing fit. This notably includes using dirty tactics in combat, such as backstabbing.

A pike topped with an old weathercock taken from a tower. The effect of poking someone with this pike depends on the current weather: in sunny weather, it causes a sunburn, if it's cloudy, it temporarily clouds the target's vision, if it's windy, it throws the target with a gust of wind, and in stormy weather it summons a lightning upon the target.

>Gavel of Silence
This small wooden hammer creates magical silence in a large area around it when banged loudly enough again any surface. Successfully hitting a person with it robs him of his voice.

>Cathedral Helm
A helmet shaped like a miniature cathedral. Any prayers that you make wearing this helmet are magnified as if you were praying in an actual cathedral. One adverse effect is constant choral singing its wearer is hearing, unless you're a fan of choral music.
>Bellicose Mace
A two-handed mace topped with a large bell salvaged from a ruined church. The ringing it makes when swung sounds ten times louder for unholy creatures, deafening and incapacitating them. Additionally, it can be used to shoot forth a powerful disruptive soundwave that can break through walls, but the bell cracks a little each time this ability is used.

>Chandelier Crown
A baroque chandelier that you can wear on your head as a crown. The candles installed into it never burn out and produce a cloud of magical incense around you that burns unholy creatures like acidic fog.

>Ifrit's Iron
This clothes iron is permanently red hot and can be used in a fashion similar to brass knuckles to attack enemies in close quarter combat. It can be used to shoot a powerful cone of scolding steam that throws the enemies back like a gust of wind and deals heat damage to them through any armour, but excessive usage of this ability breaks the iron.
File: 1415936869528.jpg (231 KB, 1152x864)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Do they have Sothelby's?
File: 1415934883282.jpg (71 KB, 500x500)
71 KB
I would expect gorgeous jewelry of exceptional workmanship with a couple of comfort enchantments - Protection from Elements, maybe Sending for a couple of Lover Rings- for the wealthy elite but nothing exceptional.

It's in their Sothelby's and annual events where the good stuff it's actually found. Fetishes looted from an ancient civilization by a recent expedition, entire obelisks marked with ancient forgotten runes, maybe the latest works of master swordsmith Espada, only three a year, in their Festival of the Sun and Moon Auction.
File: whizzard.png (189 KB, 480x360)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Durst thou enter?
I am Batmazotz... im am the night!
Whaaaat is going on here?
File: Holy Venom.jpg (63 KB, 640x482)
63 KB
>A collar which makes the wearer look vaguely like a hooded cobra and gives them the ability to spit venom. Only usable high level clerics and paladins for some baffling reason.
File: 1436975906224.png (125 KB, 279x463)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
>A mask which when worn will decrease the wearer's eyesight to the point that they are nearly blind, but allows them to hit their target with a ranged weapon with unerring accuracy.
>ring it nonstop
>gather materials and melt down to bars
That's fucking awesome.
Make it the key to an interdimensional portal, where lining up the inner holes to the outer ones in different ways results in the portal leading to different planes.
>Throne of the Desert Mercenary
Boost to Intimidate checks and immunity to poison while seated in it.
That would actually be fantastic as a way of setting off traps from a safe distance.
File: 1449976930484.jpg (316 KB, 770x706)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Looks like a helm of the dominator.
Impose your will upon people and intimidate them into doing your bidding by menacingly staring at them.
I was thinking more along the lines of the hand grasping whatever weapon or item you put in it giving some extra reach/leverage.

Had the same thought after I posted it.

That could work but I even thought of combat use.
When activated, figurines of wondrous power can be much bigger than the creatures they're based on like the fly that becomes pony-sized.
Big flightless birds can be pretty deadly and a kiwi that size made of ironwood could be decent threat.
File: rockmuncher.jpg (18 KB, 303x308)
18 KB
>unzips rocks
Traditional Christmas hats from Appenzell.
You have good taste anon.
A spear made from a sharpened clock hand taken from an old clock tower. Anyone successfully stabbed with this spear is transported 12 hours into the future.

>The Rake of Progress
A dangerous combat rake with teeth tough and sharp enough to tear armour. Anyone successfully hit with this rake has his total financial savings immediately halved. He doesn't have to have the sum on him for the effect to work.

>Tanked Tankard
With a large steel spike on its bottom, this beer tankard is a formidable close combat weapon. Anybody struck with it immediately becomes drunk.

>Telluric Mace
A mace topped with a large, heavy globe. Anyone successfully struck with this mace is immediately teleported to the place corresponding to the point on the globe which hit him.

>Cabinet Plate
This breastplate contains several magical drawers where various belongings can be stored. The drawers can only be opened while the breastplate is being worn, they appear to be decorations otherwise.

>Smart Bell
A rune inscribed dumbbell. Lifting it helps you improve your intelligence as opposed to your strength.
Bacon armour.


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