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So a guy on /v/ got interested when we got to discussing whether or not a game would could be set in another country without breaking the lore too much. (That's another discussion entirely so I'd appreciate it if we could table that till later.) Anyways he brought up some interesting concepts for setting the game in japan and I brought up the game I ran.

So yeah, Storytime.

The Place is Okinawa, the time some years after the events of Fallout 1. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

In my version of the fallout universe the hypernationalistic USA converts Okinawa into a fortress island and little beacon of american culture. More importantly it served as the hub of serious technological defences that kept Japan from being glassed during the Great War (much of which have fallen into disrepar for reasons I will go into)

The players are descendents of American Military Personel, in the years following the great war this group of people have splintered into two factions. 13 Blessings and The Destined.

13 Blessings holds the American Empire in a sort of religious reverence but believes that the dream is dead. It's done, time to move on.

The Destined believe in Manifest Destiny and want to restart the glory days of the american empire starting with conquering mainland Japan.

The two factions have battled since their inception and the automated defences of the island (primarily automated flying drones and submersibles) make it near impossible to approach.
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This isn't even getting into the mutants, Rad Beetles are a fucking nightmare, rad roaches are unfortunately everywhere and there's at least 3 deadly variants of Rad Manti and numerous species of deadly mutant reptiles.

That however does not stop the Yokai Raiders, brave men and women in salvaged gear who try to make it to the island so they can drag away some of that coveted prewar tech. Typically they tend to decorate their gear so they look like monsters from japanese legend, though with the passing of time Sentai Heroes and Magical Girls have become their own little branch of mythology.

Regardless our game opens after the events of fallout two, probably twenty or years after the destruction of the Enclave. What really changes the game for our protagonists isn't so much the destruction of the enclave or the integration of it's people into mainland american culture but the theft of a masterkey by a particularly bold Yokai raider simply dubbed 'The Tanuki' by eye witnesses.

The key is useless to anyone who doesn't have a genetic link to the original base personel and access codes that can give them the rank needed to boss around the island's AI but it represents a serious issue.

Even in this Americacentric Alternate Universe Japan was a center of technological advancement. The Mainland has the ruins of Arcology cities, things like Industrial Exoskeletons that particularly bold raiders have turned into makeshift powered armor and more than a few mutants that plague the island are hardy bioengineered monsters.

What if someone reverse engineers it? That key needs to be found, if only because it alters the balance of power on the island once in the hands of a proper user.
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Fuck yeah, baby. Lurk mode: on.
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So how did a Yokai Raider get his hands on that key? Well the Destined and the 13 haven't always been on the best of terms, after all when one side is explicitly in favor of violent expansion you can expect some displays of martial skill. About 5 years back there was a skirmish in an underground train station, an Advanced Mk2 was lost to natural caverns beneath the old metro station and with it it's rider and some decently advanced weapons as well as a commanding officer of the Destined.

The Tanuki's team apparently stumbled onto it in caves that smugglers had been using to get access to the island. The armor frame was recovered from a landing zone by island patrols but not the body of it's occpuant and not it's weapons. Nor was it's precious powerplant recovered.

Enter our PCs:
Tomcat Jones- one of a handful of GI descendents who not only has a claim to native american blood but looks it. Stealth expert and knife fighter. Not bad with a rifle either.

Ozzie Reddmann- Tech Expert, womanizer, formerly a rising star of the destined but defected to the 13 when his superiors started getting in the way of his habits. (I.E. they objected to his relationship with a decently wealthy Ryukyushan merchant woman.)

Taiko Tetsu- Okinawa native, wanted to join up with the 13 because of their advanced technology. Had the aid of Okinawa's Ryukyu kingdom was accepted half on his own merits and half as a political move. Decent soldier, better face.
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You may be wondering who the hell the Ryukyu people are, well they're a native ethnic group that was conquered by japanese forces in the 1600s and integrated into their culture overtime. However due to the great war I had them reemerge as a seperate ethnic group on their ancestral lands (the Ryukyu islands) because why not?

Anyways on Okinawa there's two major forces (3 if you seperate the 13 and Destined into seperate groups) the American Descendents and the Ryukyu court and it's associated military forces. At the time of the game the 13 and the Destined were in a uneasy truce and had been for five years. Everyone but the Destined wanted relative isolation for the island chain, they enforced it via what Robots they could control. (though even for the americans getting past the security on bases that had been left forgotten could be it's own issue.)

So our game starts with Tomcat, Ozzie, and Taiko heading to Naha, home of the Ryukyu court. Neither the 13 or the Destined knew much of the outside world but the Ryukyu maintained contacts with certain groups in Japan proper via electronic means. The hope was to find an information broker who could at least help thie party understand what was going on.

Keep in mind while there was a standing order for everyone to find the key one of the major issues with both 13 and the Destined was that the chain of command had become kind of a clusterfuck so at this point taking personal initiative made more sense than waiting for orders from on high.

Outside of decent survival gear (antiballistic vest, rifle, side arm, knife of some kind and personal gear) they didn't have much to their name.
Out of curiosity, what system did you use, OP?
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So they hit Naha, it didn't get hit by any direct bombs so all the buildings are intact but they weren't as well maintained as they could be. Very americanized architecture but over the years after the great war a lot of buildings were demolished for safety reasons and replaced with more Japanese style buildings as well as modifications to standing structures to express their cultural independence.

The group wasn't exactly welcome, tensions between the 13 and the Destined had lead to more than a few deaths in the crossfire over the years but no one was willing to mess with a group outfitted with milspec gear and openly wearing the stars and stripes. (the 13 marked themselves by painting a circle over the stars and 3 lines across the circle while the Destined simply wore the 13 star flag on their uniforms)

Ozzie and Taiko both had their leads and Tomcat was a decent skulk. Their first stop was Lady Okina's household. She remained firmly single in defiance of social convention and Ozzie continued to dodge questions of marriage. Either way after a less than suitably traditional sitdown, some cherry wine, and pastries they discovered that a Yokai Raider calling himself the 'Sea Dragon' had taken control of an old military submarine and was using it to get past the quarantine. He never used the same landing twice if he could help it but it was through him an illicit trade was being carried out between the Ryukyu islands and Japan proper.
>Yokai Raider hijacked a submarine and is now a pirate in the Ryukyu islands

I wonder if you were doing this an homage to that one Japanese pirate who took control of his own island and forced others to recognize him as a lord.

in the /v/ thread he mentioned it was the special Fallout system adapted from GURPS with some of GURPS integrated back into it.

>starting players out with combat armor
Mad man!
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So they didn't have anything on 'The Tanuki' that the raiders they'd captured had mentioned. (and honestly it was hard to get them to talk to the Okinawans at all. Half the reason Yokai raiders wore outlandish gear that made them look like demons was that they believed Okinawa was ruled over by monstrous demon kings.) They did at least get Lady Okina to give them a rough idea of where those landings occurred.

Thing is even if all three of them amanaged to get their hands on powered armor (and that would be no easy feat. Even the old retrofitted T45-ds were watched and coveted, at best they could get one and maybe upgrade it a little.) they'd have a hard time fighting a hundred men who would be using salvaged prewar gear and the best post-war gear japan's raider community could manufacture.

So they opted to make the best use of this information they could. Ozzie's sexual habits were frowned on but permitted, Taiko was an outsider, but Tomcat had one of the purer bloodlines among the american descendents. He at least could get the more traditionalist elements of their superiors to lend them an ear. So they set out to return to Okinawa and Commonwealth Tower.

They weren't going to have an easy time of things. You see even if The American Descendents were treated as sort of an odd noble class by the Ryukyu court plenty of more traditional nobles resented their occupation of an island. Despite King Sen's endorsement of their control of prewar american tech more than a few nobles wanted a shot at those fission and fusion powercells and they weren't prepared to take no for an answer.

SPECIAL for tabletop.
Hey OP, didn't you make a thread like last year where you asked for help making a fallout japan setting?
I wish my group would still play FO, SPECIAL is fun as fuck.
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Think so, yeah. That was a fun thread.

Well they're a military remnant. They should have the gear to reflect that.

So yeah they hooked up with a trade caravan. Huge trundling wagons powered by alcohol engines. Metal plated, prepared to withstand serious firepower. Now the Americans kept order but during the summer enormous fire lizards prowl the land searching for prey to fuel their bodies and feed their young. During the autumn MegaCicadas crawl out from their yearly hibernation and use sonic waves to kill their prey, during the summer rad beetles stalk the land, and all year round Yokai raiders menace the locals hoping to grab even a bit of consumer electronics as a consolation prize for their trip back home.

The caravan found itself besieged by an unusually large force of Yokai Raiders, what's more these were more than just the usual men dressed up like oni or kitsunes. They had automatic rifles and a couple grenade launchers. The good news is that their ammo was of poor quality across the front. The bad news is that there were 10 men with rifles and 2 men with grenade launchers and maybe a dozen caravan guards to stand with our brave American friends.

That said Taiko, Ozzie, and Tomcat weren't about to take this who mess lying down. Tomcat had more than a few smoke grenades on hand and used them to obscure the wagons after they'd circled. This helped take the rifle fire off the defenders, not so much with the grenades.
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So by now the fuckers with the grenade launchers have found the range, so clearly something needs to be done. Thankfully in his pursuit to be better at American activities than Americans Taiko's years at playing baseball gave him one hell of a throwing arm.

And say what you want about a tin can full of rocks and blackpowder but they're easy to make, cheap to buy, and cause merry hell when thrown into the enemy ranks. Taiko got lucky and managed to land one in among the Raiders while Ozzie and Tomcat kept the enemy attackers pinned with rifle fire with the help of the caravan guards. (If nothing else living in the remnants of the apocalypse ensures that all professional gunmen now own gasmasks.) One of the grenades got really lucky and landed next to the backpack of one of the grenadiers which lead to the 'nades cooking off.

Around this point the group's leader got fed up and started lumbering toward the caravan. He was using some kind of suit of powered armor but this wasn't any of the range of american models. (and much to the chagrin of 13 and the Destined more than a few T45-d's had slipped through the cracks and into japanese hands during their fighting. T51-bs and AdvMk2s were still pure american though) This was some kind of juryrigged japanese exoskeleton and it had been rigged up to look like a Gashadokuro.

That is it'd armored up, painted black and given a skeleton theme. All of the Raiders were wearing skeleton themed gear.

Yokai Raider LEader Gashadokuro entered the fray and normal bullets just weren't going to cut it when it came to him!
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So you have this 12 foot hulking monster screaming death haikus through a PA system. On top of everything else it has a steel skull with flashing LEDs and shiny brass trimmings and pretty thick metal armor. It goes straight for the circled wagons and smashes one down onto it's side. A few of the caravan guards panic but Taiko manages to rally most of them to stick around and fight.

Now being bullet proof is all well and good but when a man with mechanical knowledge loads his rifle with armor piercing bullets and starts going at your weak points you're in trouble. Ozzie wasn't the best shot in the universe but he could hit the knees of a lumbering steel giant and he had pretty decent grouping. Some of the guards had decent alternatives to armor piercing bullets like 10 guage shotguns loaded with slugs and they helped Ozzie out.

Taiko however lead the others in a grenade assisted flanking action and they made pretty short work of the remaining raiders.

This just left Gashadokuro, who tried to bail after Ozzie and friends finally destroyed the knees of his makeshift mech. He didn't get very far, if nothing else Tomcat knew how to stay out of sight and when to make himself known and the man quickly found a knife at his neck.

The raiders were defeated, our heroes alive and decently uininjured and the caravan in (mostly) pristine condition. The wagon that had been wrecked by the exo-suit was a total loss in terms of it's engine but it could at least be righted and towed which is what they did.

then they started making their way back to commonwealth tower with prisoners in tow.
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So Commonwealth Tower, formerly central control for the Ryukyu island chain's defence network but that was phased out a few short years before the great war occurred. They changed from needing a huge installation full of all kinds of technology to send orders to the numerous machines to planting a super computer in each based and letting them network. Which is a great idea unless you have a break in the chain of command and warring factions of soldiers giving conflicting orders. If nothing else the place was a kind of shrine to the world that was. Postcards, magazine photos, salvaged clipbook, paintings, sketchs, movie stills, the odd hologram. A shrine to America, and as far as the 13 were concerned a dead dream. Still a dream worth remembering, cherishing. The shrine was dispersed across the tower, more like dozens of little shrines built over the years. Some were huge central displays in lobbies and offices that had forgotten their purpose, others were weird little collections of votive objects tucked away in forgotten hallways.

Even if it was full of obsolete technology by prewar standards Commonwealth Tower was still extremely advanced after the Great War, it was also the home base of the 13, their largest hub of precious carefully maintained technology.

Gashadokuro and his bandits were less than welcome here and were subsequently thrown into cells beneath the base. The team wanted to interrogate them but thhey'd need to fight another group of 13's soldiers if they wanted to do that. Everyone was looking to make it big and they all had their plans. Jack Stone was going to make his by finding a definitive solution for the Raider issue once and for all.
Where'd Ozzie get the AP rounds? were they expressly issued to him 'just-in-case' seeing as demi-PA raiders seem to be a problem in Okinawa.

Actually, it sounds like in the the Okinawa wastelands armor is easier to come by than decent firepower.
Older school military rules. You're issued basic gear and given orders and are expected to carry them out but you can leverage things to get auxillary gear. I mean everyone had smoke grenades but Tomcat had an entire bag of them and nightvision goggles along with a suppressor for his pistol and rifle. Ozzie had AP bullets and a module for his pipboy that helped him detect electronics and hack locks. Taiko spent his extra points more on training and was a bit too comfortable using explosives to solve his problems.

Basically one of the traits they could buy at chargen was 'more money' and within reason they could purchase extra gear. Ozzie figured he'd be dealing with robots and stuff so he bought some AP rounds to cripple robots.

Keep in mind though Okinawa didn't just have military bases, as far as the USA was concerned it was basically american soil and a military strategic point and was treated as such.

So yeah they get to commonwealth tower, The guys kinda want to interrogate Gasha but they'd have to lock horns with Stone and they aren't interested in causing friction now. They could probably salvage Gasha's suit but it's kinda slow and clunky. It was made for moving freight not fighting. (even if it did have inches thick steel plating now)

They need dependable technology, a decent stockpile of ammunition, preferably a suit of powered armor, and a way to dependably exploit Tomcat's relatively aristocratic bloodline.
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So It's Tomcat's turn next, he digs up his dress uniform and whatever textbooks he can find that haven't been censored to the point of uselessness in the name of propaganda and tries to play up his native american heritage. He goes for Navajo stylings even though that's not actually his bloodlines due to the whole 'navajo code talkers' thing from WW2. Then he spends the next couple of hours talkiing up their cause to 13's higher ups.

Lots of talk about honor, duty, commitment, and finally gets the go ahead to put together a spec ops team to explore mainland Japan and hunt down the Sea Dragon. No doubt there's other groups doing the same but he's not going to worry about that.

They were given a bounty for the raiders they brought in, and more importantly the Exosuit that Gasha had been using. It was a Mt. Fuji Technical model, mostly designed for navigating warehouses and moving heavy boxes around. Some other models were designed for things like working on nuclear power plants or even underwater work. Tough but mostly unsuited to combat. Yokai Raiders rarely brought them over because they were hard to ship and very valuable but that had been changing in the last year or so.

More and more you saw the suits popping up, and the smarter raiders had been mounting guns on them. Nothing will ruin your day quite like exosuit covered in steel plating with mounted flamers.

So anyways they manage to get their hands on a T45-d, a couple laser weapons, a ripper, and an eyedrone.
File: 1471172519047.png (427 KB, 808x815)
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427 KB PNG
Now you may be wondering about heavy weapons. Well it wasn't exactly hard getting your hands on LMGs and HMGs but keeping them fed and toting them? Well that's a different story. So they were able to get ahold of an M60 easily enough (M2 Brownings were an entirely different story) as well as a few hundred rounds for it. They'd have to hope they could hand load the rounds after firing them or find more later.

They got a pair of scoped laser rifles, pretty much far and away the best possible sniping weapon you could hope for. The ripper was a special stealth model, more in line with FO2's vibroblade model than FO3 and onwards chainsaw knife, and finally if you've played NV the eyebot was basically EDE from NV complete with repair tools.

The T-45-d wasn't as tough or as strong as a T-51-b but it was faster than the weaponized Exo-skeletons Yokai Raiders had taken to using. Tomcat and Taiko got the Laser Rifles, Ozzie got the armor and the drone as an assistant.

Now they had some gear but they'd need a way across water. It wasn't that uncommon for 13 or the Destined to use carefully maintained military vehicles but the group was gonna need something that could go the distance. Thankfully inbetween Ozzie and Taiko they had access to a ship that could get them decently close to the mainland but the Ryukyu islands had been isolated ever since the end of the greatwar pretty much so they couldn't just steam into a port and walk into town.

No they needed to find a decently secluded coastal area and roll into the mainland and for that they'd need a DUKW or as near as they could manage.
File: 1470729324106.gif (489 KB, 497x373)
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489 KB GIF
Now if you're not a WW2 buff a DUKW is a kind of cargo truck that's been modified for amphibious landings. They were good troop transports and logistics vehicles. Thankfully they were common enough on Okinawa that you could find a chassis and modify it. With a bit of effort they managed to wheedle one away from a quartermaster and set it up to service their robot, armor, weapons, and serve as a short term base. From there they started back to Naha, which was a bit of a risk after getting raided so recently but they took it anyway. Besides what were the chances that there were bandits in the area after they'd already taken out one group of them? Well the good news was if there were Yokai raiders bouncing around they were probably testing their luck elsewhere.

The bad news was that the smell of blood had attracted Hell Hornets, enormous mutants that had apparently evolved from the Japanese giant hornet. Typical tactics for facing them usually required flamer throwers. No one had brought anything of the sort. The only real upside here was they couldn't keep pace with a fission powered Amphibious cargo vehicle.

The bad news was they had cornered what looked like Yokai Raiders and our boys were pretty thirsty for intel and these people were gonna be torn apart and eaten alive by giant goddamn hornets.

The raiders had been cornered in the ruins of some kind of building, probably an old gas station or convienance store and were doing their best to fend off the hornets. But these things could take a a shotgun blast to the face and keep coming. Near as the group could tell the little group was running out of ammunition and time.
File: 1458346119127.jpg (462 KB, 1920x1200)
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462 KB JPG
>With a bit of effort they managed to wheedle one away from a quartermaster and set it up to service their robot, armor, weapons, and serve as a short term base.

Fuck yeah! Mobile player base of operations-

>Hell Hornets, enormous mutants that had apparently evolved from the Japanese giant hornet
>You basically created the one thing worse than a cazador

You're a monster.
File: 1468610566857.jpg (13 KB, 540x489)
13 KB
They decide to save the raiders, now Ozzie was pretty eager to try out the 45-d but after some debate the group decided Tomcat was the better choice because he was the best melee fighter of the group, also he had a knife that could cut through steel plating and it was child's play to install a charging port on the armor for it. So the first thing they did was smash through one of the little gas station's walls with the DUKW, from the looks of things the pumps had shut down but it had been converted into a rest stop for weary travellers before it's occupants had been savaged by the wasteland mutants.

This had been a pretty psoperous little business, catering to bored caravaners, providing homcooked meals etc. The Yokai Raiders were actaully trying to protect the family thatl ived there, they were doing a decent job of it but had run out of ammo for their shotguns and were down to their pistols, one crazy guy was using a sword and was weareing honest to god Oyoroi with anachronistic stuff like antiballistic plating thrown in.

So there they are prepared to play out the last moments of a kurosawa film that has gone entirely off the rails when a man in armor with a blazing sunset painted on the chest and leaps out of the back of a cargo vehicle blasting old marching songs from his armor's PA starts slicing up giant goddamn hornets left and right.

Well after a bit the hornets decide to go after the biggest, noisiest target but even if T-45-d's are the least of the American Powered armor series they can handle giant stingers ravenous mandibles just fine. Any of the hornets that tried to get into the DUKW had machinegun fire and laser beams to contend with.
File: 1470706649903.jpg (96 KB, 640x541)
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So the hardest part of the encounter really was keeping the bugs away from anyone they could harm. The samurai was sporting a broken arm but his armor had kept the Hell Hornets from poisoning him even if their mandables had crushed his bones. It took some effort on the part of the raiders but they got the survivors (younger children, the wife and husband, but the last of the grandparents had died before the gang arrived) in a hallway leading into the basement. The fighting was short but fierce now that the swarm actually face a challenge. The surviving hornets picked up what bits of human corpse they could and flew off which left the team to deal with the aftermath.

The shop was wrecked and on a proven HEll Hornet hunting ground so that was one livelihood gone. Still that left 4 or so children alive and the married couple that owned the place alive, one Yokai raider in full samurai regalia, one girl dressed up as a kistune, and a pair of twins dressed up like magical girl characters. (if magical girls wore gasmasks and leather underneath their salvaged frilly dresses and used guns covered in sequins and glitter)

They were a bit standoffish at first but Tomcat bluntly informed them that if they behaved they'd be considered on parole until they showed they were murderous assholes since one of the things Americans were expected to do regardless of their allegiance was protect the island inhabitants from dangerous mutants and that came before their obligation to arrest and interrogate raiders.

Hey I gave them the means to take the things on, the main conflict here was whether or not to stick their necks out for civilians and criminals.
File: 1385404827501.jpg (298 KB, 1280x905)
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298 KB JPG
this is just getting better and better.

>Samurai raider
File: 1470702341518.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
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The people who hadn't been mercilessly butchered by giant hornets were pretty much uninjured. It was a sudden death kind of deal either they tear you apart or you survive relatively unskathed. The only one who had a major injury was the samurai, Kipposhi. The Tanuki was Kuro, and the twins were Sakura and Tulip. In case you haven't guessed Yokai raiders tend to go by psuedonyms rather than their real names. Regardless after everyone was checked over they all filed into the DUKW (the family packed up what they could and locked the rest in the basement in the hope they could recover it later) and everyone set off towards Naha.

Tomcat remained in the T-45-d and the Eyebot (they'd taken to calling Brother, as in Brother Eye Bot, a mildly obscure comic reference) kept well, an eye on everyone. The family did their best to reach some sense of normalcy and prepared tea.

Once they were on the road and things looked relatively calm and safe Taiko took to questioning Kipposhi on what he was doing in the area. Unsurprisingly they were here to salvage goods. Illicitly of course. It was well know that anyone who was caught was executed by the demonic Americans and theyr Ryukyu lackeys.

It was quickly explained that this was something of a half truth. Plenty of Yokai raiders who were taken in nonviolently were simply kept on the island with varying degrees of force. Some even adapted and lived relatively full lives.

Kipposhi and his team had earned themselves a possible exception to this rule, maybe. It depended on whether or not they were willing to share any infor on the seadragon and a raider calling themselves 'The Tanuki.'
File: 1470613231199.jpg (62 KB, 550x436)
62 KB
Excuse me 'Kitsune' not Tanuki, Kuro is a yokai raider who poses as a Kitsune with her gear design.

Anyways, the Raiders asked for time to mull it over, they were given that time. In that time Tomcat politely refused a cup of tea due to not wanting to remove the helm from his armor but everyone else took a cup.

After some deliberation Kipposhi and friends decided that they would provisionally offer information but at least expected to be released after they arrived at Naha even if their info was of little use. The team agreed to these terms.

Kipposhi informed them that the Sea Dragon's submersible was of decent size, it was set to be mothballed prewar but the bombs had dropped before that process could start in earnest and had been left to rot in drydock. Once the Sea Dragon discovered it he'd carefully turned it into the smuggling ship it had become. It already had stealth capabilities it was simply a matter of putting them to use. Yokai Raiders could either brave the ocean up above or give him a significant cut of their earnings when it came to bargaining their goods into liquid cash at the palace of the Heron Lord. (some kind of merchant prince who made brisk business selling whatever was in demand. Okinawa salvage could make a man rich even if the Sea Dragon and Heron took a significant portion of their earnings. But it had to be damned good salvage, plenty of them could be in debt for the rest of their lives if they didn't make a good score.)

There were a lot of Tanukis out there, but The Tanuki was supposed to be some sort of legendary thief. Kipposhi honestly doubted that the eye witness had seen the genuine article.
File: 67CWvx0.jpg (109 KB, 960x559)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Well they had more than they started with at least. The group offered to try and get the raiders a salvaging license but made no promises as to their ability to do so. They made it clear that the balance of power on the island was tenuous at best and whoever found that master key might very have what was required to tip it in their favor. Then again who knew? Maybe the Arcology ruins of japan held a secret that could give the 13 the edge they needed to once and for all claim the Ryukyu island chain as a homeland for their people and stop making the same old mistakes over and over again.

Regardless Kipposhi seemed a bit incredulous, really would they grant a group of Yokai Raiders license to salvage on the island? Taiko explained that the soldiers themselves engaged in the practice all the time, it was something of a coming of age ceremony. Dangerous, but vital to their training. Of course the Americans would reserve the best technology for their use but there were plenty of rifles, suits of combat armor, consumer electronics, batteries and so on that could be kept or sold to the right buyers.

The raiders convened again, it was a shorter discussion. They agreed to meet at a gambling den on the edge of Naha, seedy but not dangerous for anyone with a bit of firepower. Eventually the group arrived at Naha and everyone went their seperate ways. The Raiders to whatever inn they operated out of, the family of merchants to relations who would take them in, and the gang decided to look into their contacts. Surely they could commission a fishing boat or something?


so yeah that's all I have the time for at the moment. I'm gonna get some sleep and if the thread is still up I'll share some more. You guys have a great day.
>There were a lot of Tanukis out there, but The Tanuki was supposed to be some sort of legendary thief. Kipposhi honestly doubted that the eye witness had seen the genuine article.

Intriguing, I might even bet that all Tanuki were sort of a 'clan' together and developed a reputation of legend by working together under a single identity.
File: RA3Uprising_SteelRonin.jpg (199 KB, 1024x1325)
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199 KB JPG
thanks for sharinjg, this is a pretty good tale! Makes me wanna try a hand at this.
Bump of interest
so, anyone else got any tales, thoughts, or concepts for FO-table top?

how about a Tactics Tabletop Wargame?
File: 1449313752387.png (33 KB, 747x876)
33 KB
I apologize, but i'm bumping again because I really do want to see how this goes.
File: 1467423967906.jpg (167 KB, 1280x649)
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one last bump... Because I'd really like to see more.
File: FalloutPnP.pdf (146 KB, PDF)
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146 KB PDF
I've been running a game set in Arizona for a few months now, although it looks like the group is falling apart and there won't be a conclusion. I used rules I wrote myself based on some of the mechanics from other Fallout tabletop games, along with a few bits and pieces scavenged from the video games like the skill list from New Vegas.

Most of the setting elements could be recycled for any location, I just chose Arizona so I could set the game against the backdrop of the Legion advance on Flagstaff.

>Tribals famous for their orgiastic bloodrites. Fight with crescent daggers and 'halfmoon gauntlets'. Ranked by their moon-shaped tattoos, which they fill in as they age and advance in skill. Crescents are easy meat for a skilled party, but beware the gibbous and full moon!

>Raider gang which fights primarily with improvised or homemade explosives, laying mines or IEDs to ambush travellers. Brand or scarify themselves with card suits and wear crowns of leaves, grass, flowers or thorns.

>A feared tribe of raiders, secretly the inhabitants of Vault 25. Completely blind with superhuman senses, thanks to every light source in the vault mysteriously failing shortly after it closed. Stealthy, skilled hunters and trackers. Kidnap sighted people to work on secret projects.

>Leftovers of the once mighty Indian nation who have gladly returned to the old ways. The greatest riders in the world, fight as mounted lancers atop roadrunners (which are now massive terror birds thanks to FEV and radiation).

The players started off on a mission from a strange man in a bar to retrieve a hermetically sealed suitcase from an old pre-war lab that scavengers hadn't been able to penetrate. By the time they got back with the goods it was clear that the case had a preserved sample of the New Plague bacillus inside, which their employer (a Brotherhood agent) was planning on releasing to 'soften up' the Legion and other tribes in the area and clear a path for the local chapter to link up with the Midwestern BoS (from Fallout: Tactics, everyone's favorite Fallout game)

Meanwhile, the Blue Hoods were very interested in getting their GECK, which wasn't compatible with the assistive technology on any of their computers, up and running. It became immediately clear that their interest in fuel reprocessing was less than innocent: once one of the PCs had helped them hack together a workaround they immediately offered the group a bounty on any unfired titan missiles they found in Tucson (there are several silos in the area).

The main thematic hook that developed was that the conditions that created the legion also created several other factions willing to use tactics just as monstrous to achieve their goals. I think if we ever actually finish the campaign the players are going to go along with them, since they consider the Legion to be worse than a pandemic or another hydrogen bomb, but they haven't actually traveled inside Legion territory and seen what life is like there yet, so it's possible that the decision won't be as clear cut. If they do end up visiting I might have a local Followers chapter that now acts as shills for Caesar, insisting that with agriculture and irrigation and other infrastructure life expectancy is actually better in Legion country, and that life as a slave is genuinely better than what the average tribal had to look forward to.
>how about a Tactics Tabletop Wargame?

What about it?
File: 1446620276855.jpg (355 KB, 1900x1330)
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355 KB JPG
Very nice!

Shame to hear about the game falling apart. What roles did your players play?

Well... shit.

That's nice.
>SAMSON: deathclaw, retarded offspring of a Vault 13 intelligent deathclaw and a wild deathclaw. Tries to do the right thing, periodically makes Intelligence checks to avoid eating humans he kills, running on all fours like an animal, etc. Misses his dad. The most active and reliable player.

>WHISPER: Stealthy sniper from Vault 24, kicked out at a young age with her family due to food shortages. Talks very rarely. Conveniently carries a Pip-Pad, letting her pick up signals and allowing the group to avoid worrying about maps or remembering mission objectives.

>JEEVES: An ancient and rugged cowboy. High speech and Barter. Carries whatever weapon Whisper discards when she finds a better one.
I've been thinking of putting a game together based in Indiana but I'm beginning to think my ideas may be bad.

The general idea as of now is that the 'Indy Crossroads' itself is currently the plaything of outside players (The Midwest BOS, the emergent Ronto Republic, The Duke of Bluegrass -descended of a raider chief who managed to sack Fort Knox-, and the Motor Merchants of Vega City) with the only real indigenous factions being the inhabitants of Clover Junction -descendants of a trio Vaults meant to support each other after opening who made a city on top of and around one of those massive interstate interchanges- and the rebels known as Harrison's Hellions who wage guerilla warfare on the Duke and B.O.S (the latter two being in a loose alliance with the understanding that if the B.O.S don't overthrow the Duke, he'll let them get whatever tech they find in the area).

The real hook is that there's supposed to be a Fourth Vault involved in Clover Junction: The 'Security' specialized Vault that they lost contact with mysteriously when the project began. With the political tension mounting, many in Clover Junction see the Security Vault as either an opportunity to unleash their saviors on the Wasteland or at least give them the arms to defend themselves.

Am I onto something with any of this or are these the late night/early morning ramblings of a dipshit?
A hidden hoard opening up and treasure hunters rushing to it is a favorite plot element of mine, but even if it doesn't work out, it ultimately isn't that important.

The trick to a fun Fallout campaign is making a sandbox enough moving parts to hold the players' attention and give them things to do. If you have enough factions and quests and stuff happening you'll be fine even if the overarching metaplot isn't that good.

I know this because it's true about every Fallout game
Well the thing is...

The Security Vault was intentionally cut off from the others, filled with American Nationalist Nutjobs (even compared to your average Fallout American) and told the other three Vaults were overthrown by 'Communist Infiltrators', it's a pandora's box waiting to happen that might fuck over everyone.

I also had an idea of using the nearby 'Holiday World' amusement park as a locale, but with Nuka World on the horizon, I didn't wanna be called derivative (which is a shame, because I had a silly idea of some War Profiteer millionaire buying it and just out-sizing the 4th of July section to ridiculous levels).
File: 1467766121279.jpg (80 KB, 1000x800)
80 KB
Okinawa GM here;
Don't worry about being called derivitive it's a bethesda game, ever wonder why their games have been so goddamn awful in execution? It's a combination of some of the managers having enormous egos and shitty ideas and them explicitly going out of their way to hire amatuers fresh from graduation because they're cheap.

I guarantee you that you'll implement the idea of a amusement park full of consumer electronics and repurposed military salvage a lot better than bethesda ever will.

'sides much as I love 1 and 2 they recycles a lot of fairly generic scifi material and made a ton of pop references (2 was worse about this than 1) So you'll be fine even if your execution isn't perfect.

Your ideas are fine. Personally I suggest skimming The Vault wiki and looking at Van Buren design docs for ideas. One of the main draws you're gonna have for your players is new mutants, factions, and struggles.

I had japan to work with so I tried to approach the country in the same way Fo1 and 2 approached America. Playing up the local culture and turning their dreams into nightmares as well as facing the harsh realities of postapocalyptic life with dark humor and sometimes surreal encounters.

Since it's japan I tended to base the monsters the players encountered on beasts right out of old scifi b-movies and other stuff that felt vaguely appropiate.

finding the right balance of camp and serious became an issue but one could argue New Reno created a bit of slack for me there.
>The Security Vault was intentionally cut off from the others, filled with American Nationalist Nutjobs (even compared to your average Fallout American) and told the other three Vaults were overthrown by 'Communist Infiltrators', it's a pandora's box waiting to happen that might fuck over everyone.
Well that's fun.
File: 1467428028493.jpg (1.86 MB, 2384x3329)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
damn, shame that fell apart. That sounds like a hell of an interesting party.

>also had an idea of using the nearby 'Holiday World' amusement park as a locale, but with Nuka World on the horizon, I didn't wanna be called derivative

Trainwiz is still doing Maxwell's World, which is a whole themepark quest mod.

Frankly though, I kind of which one could see or even just imagine what Fallout-Verse Disneyland might have been like.

I mean Walt's only greater fetish than futurism and technology was trains.

Not to mention the easy parallels with Robert House.

Well, then I guess it'd just be truly dertivative when you end up with "Disneyland in Fallout-verse basically turned out like New Vegas in the post apocalypse"

kind of curious, did your happen to try perusing old popular mechanics and popular science magazines for some ideas for your campaign? I mean, check the hell out of this baby.

Oh, wait, you saw it in the /v/ thread.
File: 1471149422984.jpg (14 KB, 202x249)
14 KB
honestly I didn't but I should try and dig up some old issues to go through at some point. I got some ideas together and then tried to play it fast and loose since it was a sandbox with an overarching goal of 'win the okinawa bowl' though there were a bunch of ways to do that which would become clear over time.

Oh and speaking of walt disney try and remember that he, along with other luminaries of his time wanted to create entire cities from whole cloth. Eliminate the urban poor issue, make sure everyone in the city was employed, and like most of the big business men of his time he actively viewed unions and workers pushing for rights as something of a personal betrayal.

Chances are if you had a combination theme-park and city run by a walt disney like figure it would be a place of surveilance, cultural enforcement, and pushing traditionalist values. Like full on 'I have video of you giving your wife oral you're fired and blacklisted' levels of crazy control. Half the point of this sort of thing is taking an idea to it's craziest logical extreme.

But yeah the underground arcology 'depthscraper' thing is a neat idea. I'm particularly fond of the mirror though I'm somewhat leery of that gaping pit in the center.
File: IMG_1747.jpg (291 KB, 1092x1080)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
bumping with sad snek
I've kind of given up on fallout, (4 was shit) but if I remember right, Japan was conquered by China during the resource wars. Beyond that, outside the US you have no vaults, pip boys, BoS, enclave, super mutants fev or power armor. (Or that 50's Americana vibe)

Without all of that it's hardly recognizable as fallout anymore.

I know you aren't trying to follow lore, (which annoys the shit out of me) but that is what I usually tell people who want a fallout in another country.
There is absolutely no mention in the official timeline of Japan being conqueres, where are you getting this from?
File: 1450179198862.jpg (615 KB, 1024x768)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
>no vaults, pip boys, BoS, enclave, super mutants fev

And I bet you also feel like there can't be a Fallout without caps getting used as a currency.

Power Armor would easily be found all across the Pacific rim due to American campaigns against China, and we're discussing Japan explicitly because in OUR universe alone, after WWII Japan got heavily Westernized and had a lot of US army bases stationed there because we needed Japan as an ally against Communist approach.

Try to imagine how much stronger that would have been in the Fallout-verse.

As the OP and storyteller's mentioned, his idea is that the base we STILL HAVE in Okinawa would likely be even bigger, more defended, and a thousand times more obnoxious as a little piece of America.

And honestly, I'd be amazed if there WEREN'T at least some Enclave remnants in Japan, still pulling horrific, Vault-Tec-like experiments on the surviving population.

As the BoS goes, while maybe the BoS as we know it wouldn't be there, can you really imagine the surviving Japanese population NOT forming a parallel to it?

And if there was ever a such thing possible as a pre-war ghoul (assuming you feel ghouls are radiation only) tell me it wouldn't be this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsutomu_Yamaguchi

>Ghoul over a century old by the time the bombs fell
>Has been kept locked away for decades being experimented on
>Now wanders the wastelands of Japan, often called by it's people as 'Yamaji'.

>The turning of dreams into nightmares...
>By following the logic of those dreams to the extreme ends

You really get the setting, better than anyone else I've seen.

... Tim Cain?
>US you have no vaults, pip boys, BoS, enclave, super mutants fev or power armor
America fought the Yangtze Campaign, so power armor would actually be abundant. A Vault's basic idea is a shelter from the apocalypse, so other places trying to do the same ain't impossible, "protectors of lost technology" isn't an impossible idea, Enclave or Enclave-like groups doing Enclave things ain't unexpected, super mutants and FEV is overdone, and do you really think that America wouldn't try to export the hell out of their Americana to fight communism?
for starters many of the major issues with bethesdas fallout is that they obsessively recycle 'iconic' elements of the franchise without trying anything new. The BoS are just tech hoarders with their own unique flavor. pipboys? it's japan baby there's no reason they can't make PDAs or writ computers. Super Mutants are over done, FEV is a global event thanks to the West Tek facility getting nuked, and any area where china and america had bases will have powered armor and similar tech.

and there's no official info for china conquering japan during the resource wats, nevermind the continuing american military presence in okinawa which, to this day, bugs the shit out of the japanese.
>continuing american military presence in okinawa which, to this day, bugs the shit out of the japanese.

I wonder if the native Okinawans think "welcome to our world" when Japanese bitch and moan about American annexation?
File: 1471291081107.gif (186 KB, 678x422)
186 KB
186 KB GIF
ha, flattering but no I'm just a fallout fanboy who's rather fond of the series

Anyways I have time to kill so we might as well continue where we left off. As you'll recall our boys rescued a family (as per their duties as American Soldiers) and a small group of Yokai Raiders. (Not required, in fact it's hard to get Yokai Raiders to calm the fuck down and just talk to native okinawans much less americans since the whole 'blockade enforced by kill drones' thing has them treat the Ryukyu chain like a demon infested island) They promised to at least talk to their superiors about getting them a salvaging license and agreed to meet at a seedy little gambling den in a couple days.

Our boys have dropped off the family at the house of a relative, a small but decently prosperous merchant dynasty. The Ryo family graciously accepted their loved ones and offered to put up the boys for the knight but the group decided that they wouldn't impose on the Ryo family, what with failing to keep four elderly people from being butchered and carried off by giant bullet resistant hornets.

Instead they focused on doing two things, finding a fishing boat that could get them close enough to the Japanese Mainland that they could use their DUKW to travel the remaining distance, and convering the salvaged Hell Hornet carcasses they'd taken with them into useful materials. (yeah they grabbed what remains they could of the dead elders, but also lashed all the dead hornets to the top of the vehicle.) Hell Hornets are full of useful chemicals, poisons, and their carapace is resistant to small arms fire so it makes good armor plating and vest inserts. The stingers can't quite punch through steel but they make nasty heads for javelins, bolts, and arrows. Ozzie and Tomcat worked together to convert the corpses into useful materials, Taiko meanwhile cruised the DUKW down to the market so they could sell off organs and such.
File: 1468113330675.png (363 KB, 1000x1029)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
So you may be wondering what they use instead of caps in japan for currency. Well it depends on the group really. Bottle Caps are common enough currency in some areas, I mean they were pretty fucking ubiqitious, weather the passage of time well, and are pretty hard to make. Some groups, mainly merchant dynasties and corporate groups accept only company scrip. Coinage from the prewar days was also acceptable tender, and as always barter was practiced by everyone under the sun.

On Okinawa bottlecaps were favored but a local bank also issued bank notes and printed money and coins with the faces of the Ryukyu royalty. This society was decently organized which made the fighting between the 13 and the Destined all that much more traumatic for the native Okinawans. If the americans could just get their shit together they'd have a proper post nuclear society ready to blossom.

Anyways the whole 'asian folk medicine' thing is a stereotype for a reason and there were no shortage of competent folk healers and quacks who would pay top dollar for good mutant parts. (the team decided to keep the bug carapace to themselves, even the eyes made pretty good protective lenses for helmets or robots.) Taiko had some decent combat skills but his real specialty was haggling and speechifying and he earned his rations that day.

A fat pile of caps, which hopefully would be accepted tender on the mainland, was their reward and soon enough the DUKW had giant hornet carapace curing on the roof. That done they set their sights on the Docks. That...was going to be a damn sight harder than selling some bug organs.
>So you may be wondering what they use instead of caps in japan for currency.

I don't know if this is too weeb, but did you ever consider the marbles from bottles of Nuka-Ramune?
File: 1471166146543.jpg (50 KB, 709x376)
50 KB
Honestly if you're a fisher in post-nuclear japan you're pretty badass. This defies logic on some level one would think, I mean the West-Tek explosion might've spread FEV world-wide but there's a pretty significant difference between exposure near ground zero and being exposed to it elsewhere right?

Well not quite, Supermutants are caused by dipping, that is combining FEV with certain toxic chemicals that force the person to adapt and become a super soldier. More typically animals exposed to FEV get bigger, smarter, and meaner though there are exceptions. Near as I can tell it's a 'first generation' rule deal. After the first exposure the FEV remains in the animal's system but mutates overtime until it becomes near inert so I treated it like that, all the extreme mutations happened in the 50 or so years after the great war and stopped. Well all the 'natural' mutations anyway.

So yeah back to japan's waters. Logically most sealife shouldn't have to worry about FEV and radiation shouldn't be an issue for most of the ocean. But it seems someone was doing experiments. Or maybe giant squid just decided to start hanging out near the surface more often. Whales also gained the ability to knock out sonar and some even started using their sonics as an offensive weapon if their pod is large enough, reaching sonic harmony and shaking a ship apart rivet by rivet. The main concern for fishermen is that you've got bloodthirsty squid with beaks that can slice right through denim and leather like it's not even there, the things are on average around six feet long and they swarm. You have giant mantis shrimp that can destroy suits of powered armor, you got crabs that're as big as cars and that scream when they go into battle. You got fish with teeth like knives that you need baseball bats to kill after you drag them out of the depths.

If you fish in these waters you know here there be monsters.
actually yeah, though I just had it called normal Ramune aside from some crazy variants like glow in the dark shit which was 'Ghost Ramune.' The marbles weren't used on Okinawa because the 'MURRICANization caused by Fallout's USA drove out local culture by and large. You did see them on more distant Ryukyu islands and they were the main currency on mainland japan actually.

Good eye!

so yeah the ocean is full of fucking monsters, thelocal fishermen tend to carry whatever weapons they can get their hands on (weaponized oars were pretty popular) and they tended to sport a ton of tattoos. Though where as the more typical good fortune tattoos usually featured dragons or other mythological creatures sentai characters, magical girls, and even historical figures were prominent among the locals.

Anyways Taiko puts on his best face and starts asking around hoping to find someone who'll serve as their transport and they got brushed off. American 'protectors' or no. The truce may have lasted five years but more than a few people lost kin during the 13 and Destined's fighting and the drones that kept the island isolated were kind of glitchy pieces of crap so it wasn't exactly uncommon for fishing boats to get sunk by them.

Taiko had no luck finding a taker until an enormously fat man with a full body tattoo of insect themed tokusatsu characters fighting demons called them over. This was Fat Kaneda, apparently he was a failed sumo wrestler turned successful fisherman, he freely boasted that every layer of fat on his body came from a fish he killed.

More importantly he'd washed into Okinawa on the wreckage of a boat that'd been attacked by pirates of all things and wanted to visit the mainland. So he didn't just want to take the team near the mainland he wanted them to take them all the way there so he could visit his family, and then provide them safe passage back.
File: 1471226364220.jpg (107 KB, 400x417)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Now you're probably thinking 'great, a ride there and a ride back' that's a good thing right?

Well not so much both 13 and the Destined want the island isolated, at least until the two factions have a definitive winner. 3 soldiers leaving the island with knowledge of how to make RFID tags that will let a ship just slide through their defences? Bad enough the Yokai Raiders have a sub that can slide under the radar, why risk giving them access to tech that they could reverse engineer? As superstitious as the Yokai Raiders were they did have decently advanced firearms on hand. For every breechloading pipe rifle you saw the odd revolver and occasionally some of them would have automatics. Then of course there were the repurposed exosuits which were becoming too common for anyone's comfort, and finally there were the rumors of energy weapons popping up though no one had verified them yet.

So they had to tell Fat Kaneda that they had to talk to their superiors. The man made it pretty clear he was probably their only hope, though if they felt like sticking around and pestering agitated fishermen who battled with homicidal sealife on a regular bases they could always try their luck.

Ozzie and Tomcat both agreed that it was time for Taiko to pack it in. So the group went back to their DUKW and started looking for a place they could mull the entire damned mess over in. As has been mentioned before the occupying force did a real number on the local culture but in the post war years bit by bit the locals reclaimed their heritage. (a combination of the Ryukyu history and more typical japanese stuff.) And you started to see bar and grills with hamburgers and hotdogs replaced by ramen shops and sushi parlors.
File: 1471171815069.png (2.52 MB, 2048x1536)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG
So they find find a place called 'The Curious Koi' which as it turns out doubles as a brothel. Unsurprisingly it's in a pretty seedy part of town but that's fine. The local gangsters have had a 'don't fuck with the Americans unless you have damn good reason' policy since before the war and no one really cares who you are as long as your tab is paid and you keep the noise down to a dull roar.

Things were fine, well until some Destined show up. You'll probably recall that Ozzie was a notorious womanizer. Honestly not that weird a trait no matter what era of history you're in but when you're born into the ranks of a group of xenophobic militants and you're not interested in shotgun weddings or spurned women who know how to use firearms you trawl the local cities for willing women and if Ozzie wasn't really concerned about his bloodline purity the Destined leadership was.

To the tune of docked pay and punitive assignments. Eventually get got sick of it and defect to 13 Blessings who, if not exactly approving of his sexual habits, didn't really care about mixed blood enough to interfere with a competent technician's work as long as he did his job and saved the drinking and pussy hounding for later.

So of course the Destined harass him, and much to their surprise he challenges the biggest meanest looking one to a brawl outside. Now I haven't mentioned this before but Ozzie's player was something of a munchkin, he kept it to a dull roar and I allowed it but he'd made a character that was really quite skilled at soaking damage and who, almost in spite of his technical skills, was pretty damn good at punching a motherfucker to death.

So yeah you're not gonna hear about any really spectacular criticals here. I mean he did break the guy's jaw but that was simple dice, and if he came back inside bleeding he didn't seem to care.
File: 1471146132596.png (227 KB, 557x600)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
Dominance properly established the Destined stuck to their side of the brothel/bar and the team stuck to there's. They ordered the special of the day (some kind of Hot Pot made of whatever the chef could purchase from fishermen and whatever vegetables were on hand) and tried to figure out what they were going to do.

Honestly getting the salvage license probably wouldn't be that great an issue. The higher ups (at least in 13) bluntly wanted some kind of relationship with the Yokai raiders. The shit on the island was too valuable and they'd spent too much time isolated. They couldn't hope to keep salvagers out forever so the sensible decision was to control the salvaging.

But getting the mainland with a group of sailors who could be kidnapped, interrogated, or simply plied with drink and coin to spill some secrets? That'd be a much more bitter pill to swallow. All kinds of issues needed to be worked out. If nothing else they had Pipboys and an Eyebot with communication gear and they weren't afraid to use them. So they contacted Commonwealth Tower and their CO, Commander White. (They were all simply 'Specialists' and were basically mid ranked officers. Easiest way to give them autonomy while also having a bit of a faction leash in theory.)

White, as they had guessed, did not terribly mind giving out a salvaging license to raiders who tried to protect innocent people but he wanted to keep an eye on them. As such they'd be interviewed and assigned some eyedrones as a combination aiid and security measure.

White wasn't exactly enthused by their plan to get to the mainland.
File: 1471071990156.png (268 KB, 720x540)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Jebediah White was, amusingly enough, a man of strong african descent and looked it. He was around 50 years old and quite tired of the fresh new hells that the Okinawa not-quite-wasteland would dream up to thow at his people and he wasn't exactly pleased with the way that the 13 and Destined war was harming the locals. They were supposed to be protectors after all.

He was a cautious man, he wanted more intel, wanted better chances, wanted to minimize risks. But that was the entire problem wasn't it? They had no intel, the island was isolated and they'd perhaps done their job a little too well. They knew nothing aside from rumors and whatever scraps they could get out of captured raiders.

He agreed to let the team use Fat Kaneda's ship to travel to the mainland. BUT Kaneda was only to be there for a couple days give or take, long enough to restock and get word of his family and then head back to Okinawa. He and his sailors would be persona non grata if they disobeyed.

as for the team? Well they were specialists weren't they? They'd have to find their own way back. They were hardly the only soldiers looking for a way to hit the mainland or digging up intel. The balance of power had to be broken in the 13's favor and the higher ups were starting to get desperate.

The key was important yes but Japan WAS mahor technological power before the war. Maybe, just maybe there was a weapon or technology that could give them the edge. Every American wanted to win but only one side could claim Okinawa, and by extension perhaps, Japan.
File: 1467404003710.jpg (37 KB, 562x600)
37 KB
so yeah fastforward a couple days. The Yokai Raiders are informed that they can probably get a salvage license if they can pass an interview that proves they aren't completely out of their minds. Kipposhi remains skeptical but is hardly going to turn down a chance for decent salvage and payment if all he has to do is go somewhere and talk for a few hours. Kuro, Sakura, and Tulip shared the sentiment. His arm was healing nice and mutant derived 'traditional' medicine was pushing along the process at an accelerated rate that would've been unheard of before the war. (at least without military technology like stimpacks. One of the Sino-American war's little gifts to the world)

That dealt with the crew confront's Fat Kaneda at the docks. He balks at the limitations but it's mostly a show for bargaining, a whole lot of grunting and angry faces and shouting but it became clear that these were solid demands, nonengotiable. He was less than pleased that Ozzie would be setting up shop on the bridge and monitoring a modification to their radio systems and training up his commsman but he submitted to it since it meant death by torpedo was less likely. Thus began their great trip across the pacific ocean to the land of the irradiated sun.

Things were mostly uneventful on the trip, at least until the mermaids struck.
File: 1467583462965.jpg (112 KB, 772x817)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I don't have to bring up 1's horrible amalgamation of animal parts and human anatomy to make this point. Mermaids were vaguely humanoid icthyian lifeforms with a long tail, two forelimbs with hand like structures, and a vaguely humanoid face with a gawping maw lined with razorsharp teeth. They were more than a little terrifying for sailors due to their penchent for ambushing ships that dropped anchor. They'd climb up the anchor and any other handholds they could find and then try to subdue the crew and drag them down as well as raid their food stores for meat. The creatures were tool users Rarely anything above makeshift spears or knives but they could work a door handle.

Anyways the engine for the ship craps out and Ozzie and Han (the ship's engineer) worked on getting the thing running while the ship was at anchor. Which is when the cry from the guards went out. The decks were swarming with vaguely humanoid fish creatures intent on devouring human flesh and there was Fat Kaneda laying about him with an enormous wooden oar that was carved with reliefs that portrayed battles he'd won and studded with brass nails.

Some of his men were also oar fighters but most of them used clubs or cutlasses or relatively simple sturdy guns. Single barrel and double barreled sawed off shotguns were fairly common.

Anyways Taiko and Tomcat entered the fray. Taiko didn't have much in the way of melee skills but he had an automatic rifle and was a decent shot. Tomcat had a vibroknife and no compunctions about using it and in between the experience sea hands and there passangers it seemed like they had things in hand.
File: 1471305779883.gif (1.17 MB, 489x417)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
which is about the time the MErmaid King decided to make it's presence known. A six hundred pound bloated monster that had a frog like tongue and enormous razorsharp talons. It's first order of business once on board was to try and reel Fat Kaneda into it's gaping maw...which lasted a couple rounds until Ozzie came stomping out of the cargo bay in his powered armor with a makeshift tesla fist at the ready. He'd spent most of the trip making it, this great big retractable rig of copper wiring and tubing linked up to the suit's power system. Could in theory knock out a robot or enemy suit of powered armor. In this case he spent a good 4 or five rounds punching it in the face until it finally let go of Fat Kaneda and then just rammed his Tesla Fist down it's throat and turned up the juice. It fried from the inside out and it was pretty simple work to finish off the stragglers. Once mop up was done and a nervous couple of hours passed it became clear that there were no more horrible monsters prepared to raid the ship.

Ozzie and Han finally fixed the engine and they set off to the mainland.

and that's all I have time for at the moment, thanks for reading. Hope you had fun, I'm getting some sleep.
File: Ad SS Rank.gif (110 KB, 540x470)
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110 KB GIF
Pft, you're wasting your time

Fallout is dead and the lore is raped by Bethesderp. Dead series is dead
Always wonder what would mainland Japan be like.
Because bad output and lore rape stops fans from doing stuff with other series.

May the force be with you.
Dammit, I got home too late and will need to read this all tomorrow, here or in the archives.
File: postapoc knight.jpg (21 KB, 236x355)
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Postapocalyptic central-europe might be a interesting setting.

I want to shed the blood of saxon raiders.

I'm currently running a game in Louisiana. The city is run by southern aristocrat ghouls while power armor wearing descendants of the New Orleans Saints do their best to police the city. Two gangs -one mafia styled, the other militant jazz musicians- are doing their damndest to tear New Orleans apart while a secretive resistance group is building up to overthrow the Aristocracy.

Outside of the city a Vault designed to hold an army for the pre-War government's return to glory is stepping up its "sweeps" on the surrounding region and the Brotherhood of Steel just passed the LA/TX border and settled into another Vault.

The players are a noir-style detective with a Med-X addiction and a desire to do right by people in a shithole city (Osiris Caine), a young Psyker from an experimental Vault far removed from the Bayou (Corban) who sort of got sucked into all of this, a sniper who is unknowingly a synth (less FO4 synth, more "Boys from Brazil with cybernetic augmentations") (Wesker), and a weirdo who's not quite a tribal, but not exactly civilized either (Jamahl). They are investigating the murder of a Doctor and chasing down a pair of religious fanatics who seem to want to bring about some sort of cleansing to New Orleans.

Forgot to add that I can start posting a more detailed story if people are interested. We're currently 6 or 7 sessions in (monthly so I don't quite remember).
Well, as long as it doesn't end up mixing with OP's stories when he gets back.

I've got some errands to run, so I'll wait until those are done and let OP conclude his tale.
just post it man, I'll name up and I've been linking all my posts together. It can be a general Fallout PnP thread.
File: 1436487312204.jpg (135 KB, 400x799)
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135 KB JPG
What system did you use?
Let's just try that without the dumbass watermark.
Do it!

Alright, so Anon's file there is the lore I made with the help of /tg/ over the past few years. With that out of the way, let's get started....

System is Fallout: Wastelands v2, which is based largely on Jason Mical's RPG, which basically ripped the mechanics straight out of 1, 2, and Tactics (I mean that in a good way). Some influences from Retropocalypse and JE Sawyer's game are there as well.

So our story begins in 2228 with Detective Caine filling out some paperwork so he can renew his Med-X prescription with Dr. Cushing, the resident doctor in New Orleans that runs the clinic. The man's got some fairly severe back pain after spending years getting beaten up by mobsters for snooping around too much.

As Caine nears the end of his paperwork, his secretary - a Mr. Handy named Quincy - let's in a client. It's after hours, but when you're job relies on people coming to you out of their own volition, you take them when they come in. Turns out it's Jessie, Dr. Cushing's assistant, and she's got the worst kind of news: Dr. Cushing is dead.

So Caine goes through Mid-City to the West Bank (imagine NV's Freeside except underwater) to the good doctor's clinic to find a crowd has already formed and a pair of All-Saints already guarding the place while they wait for a Scout (police investigator of sorts) to check things out.

Caine scans the crowd and immediately notices an old "friend" named Carl, an enforcer for the Silver Dollar Sams that often feeds him information about the underworld of New Orleans - biased to be sure, but better than nothing. He heads over and the two chat, with Carl claiming that the Sams had nothing to do with Cushing's murder, as her clinic was considered neutral territory and good medical personnel are hard to come by these days.

File: image.png (40 KB, 385x615)
40 KB

Together the pair manages to bribe their way past the All Saints (Carl not mentioning his affiliations) and start checking the place out. They find the lock is damaged ever so slightly and there's soot and boot prints at the stairs, as well as a deactivated Mr. Handy. Neither one of them having any technical knowledge, Caine heads back out and asks if anyone knows their way around robots and computers. A young man (Corban) raises his hand, and with a few more Caps in the hands of the All-Saints, Caine gets the kid in.

Corban works quickly to reboot the Mr. Handy (named Mr. Orderly) and they get his recollection of the events as well as access to Dr. Cushing's most recent journal entries. With all of this information they piece together a timeline of about two weeks during which a strange couple consisting of a young woman and a very tall man wearing a metal mask entered the clinic and paid Dr. Cushing a large sum of Caps and pre-War medical supplies to take a look at several blood samples and engineer a cure for extreme radiation poisoning and the permanent damages thereof. Curious and a little excited at the idea of a real challenge, Dr. Cushing accepted. However, it seemed that when she completed the job, the couple turned on her, killed her, and took the research.

The trio heads upstairs to Cushing's lab and personal quarters and locate the body. A quick look makes the seem as though blunt force trauma to the neck killed her, but closer inspection reveals that the neck was snapped after she was already dead. The real cause of death is left undetermined for now.

They look through her personal computer and find three missing dates within the timeline established with Mr. Orderly's assistance. With some help from Corban, Caine also manages to locate the missing entries and they discover the full extent of Cushing's project.
File: Atom's Mask.jpg (111 KB, 506x523)
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111 KB JPG

Jessie returns to the doctor's office just as Caine and the others are wrapping up their initial investigation and asks about Tommy, a patient she had mentioned earlier (my bad) who had spent the night in the clinic. The detective and his pair of junior detectives scramble to find the Jet junkie, but fail to do so. They add him to the list of suspects just as Scout Ireland of the All-Saints arrives at the scene.

Now Corban's player wanted to know a bit about Scout Ireland, and somehow we likened him to J. Jonah Jameson a-la Sam Raimi's Spiderman trilogy. So imagine him in a trenchcoat and fedora and you've more or less get the picture. A no-nonsense, "get me pictures of [suspect]!" kind of guy.

Caine walks out to meet with Scout Ireland and hands over some pictures of the scene that he had taken in an attempt to assuage the Scout - after all, he had technically tampered with a crime scene. Ireland, being a pragmatic man, decides to let Caine continue investigating alongside his own boys, figuring that two heads are better than one. With some help from Jessie, they get the location of Tommy's residence.

As they're about to leave the scene of the crime, a young man steps out of the crowd and hands Caine a paper depicting the sales of Bawls Guarana vs. Nuka Cola in the greater Louisiana region. Confused for a moment, Caine flips the paper over and finds pic related. The man explains that he lives across the canal from Dr. Cushing's and saw that person enter the building sometime around midnight that day, narrowing down the Detective's timeline considerably.

Now for reasons that I don't fully remember, Caine, Carl, and Corban decide not to immediately chase after Tommy and instead make their way back to Mid-City to have a drink at the Green Door, a bar owned by Caine's old friend Johnny Boot-Legger.



Here's a link to the most up to date PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5Rb4JbnzRAXY3I3ZmFjTHYxYjQ/view?usp=sharing
File: 1466141165442.jpg (39 KB, 500x447)
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>Action Points

Why? They make Agility more important than any other stat (nothing is as important as being able to do more in a turn) and make melee almost useless (moving and attacking are drawn from the same pool of points, allowing you to kite melee attackers infinitely).

Now for a moment of lore. Johnny Boot-Legger is a ghoul. Most ghouls in New Orleans are either well-to-do pseudo-nobility known as the Aristocrats (the ruling class) or are exiles living in "the Colony," a section of the West Bank where ghouls that would give the Aristocrats a bad image are sent to live out the rest of their non-feral lives. Johnny, not being a native to New Orleans, decides to set up shop in Mid-City and open a bar. After a few visits from the Silver Dollar Sams (the lapdogs of the Aristocrats) that resulted in several injured Sams (and a few dead), the Aristocrats decided to let Johnny do his thing, so long as he didn't embarrass ghoul-kind.

So anyway, Caine, Corban, and Carl make their way to the Green Door around noon and find that it's oddly busy for a Sunday. In one corner they see some Blue Note Boys setting up for a show, and in the other corner some of Carl's Silver Dollar Sam friends. Lastly there's an older man sitting at the bar drinking alone. Caine immediately goes on the defensive, realizing that there could easily be a firefight coming with members of the two New Orleans gangs here. Johnny himself seems rather unconcerned, which puts everyone at ease.

So Caine shares their findings with his friend, who recommends a few locations to get more information: Tommy's in West Bank, the Colony ("They figure out just about anything there."), and the Continental Hotel in Uptown (the SDS headquarters).

Carl, being a Sam himself, promotes the idea of going to the Continental to get some information there, but Caine and Corban outvote him and decide to check out Tommy's first. They get up to leave just as a man dressed in black kicks in the door to the bar, sees the older man drinking alone, and shouts: "My name is Sue! How do you do? Now you're gonna die!"

A firefight ensues, during which Sue's target is knocked out - but not killed - Sue himself is also knocked out, half of the Sams are killed, all of the Blue Note Boys are killed, and Johnny is rather vexed over the fact that his bar was shot all to hell.

Caine and company are thanked by the SDS and given a business card and told to head over the Continental if they ever need work. Carl gives Caine and Corban an "I told you so" kind of look, but they ultimately head to the West Bank first, after paying their tab to Johnny and helping him clean up the mess.

Now West Bank is an absolute shit hole. Most of New Orleans is surrounded by a wall and patrolled by either the All-Saints or the SDS. Not West Bank. It's basically a slum on the southern side of the Black Water (Mississippi River) where most of the current buildings are built on top of submerged pre-War buildings. Without walls or anyone to patrol the area, the West Bank often falls prey to raiders.

With that well in mind, the trio makes their way to Tommy's shack and finds that the generator has been smashed to hell. Corban takes a closer look and determines that a shiskebab was used to sabotage the device. Caine knocks on the door, and when no one answers, Carl kicks it in.


We wanted to stay true to the original games, and it's working out fairly well so far. It takes melee a bit of time to close in, but when some of my melee baddies close that gap, they start to wreck the PCs since all melee attacks have an inherent knock-down chance, which really makes someone's day a mess. Ranged combat does tend to dominate, however. Granted, I play my NPCs fairly intelligently and they will simply hunker down behind cover until a PC fucks up and steps out, then they pounce. The whole system is still very much WIP, though none of my players feel like they aren't contributing to the game.

They find a body on the shack's single bed and identify it as Tommy. They also locate a lunchbox with several doses of Jet and a significant sum of Caps. This doesn't feel right to Caine, as Jessie informed him that Tommy was known to spend his Caps from his work in the Railyard on Jet faster than he earned them, and that his Jet supplies almost never made it past sundown. Strange then that he would have a decent stockpile of both.

Caine looks through Tommy's belongings and finds a holotape, pockets it for later, and determines that the site has little else to offer them. Carl once again suggests they head to the Continental, and Caine acquiesces with the caveat that they stop by his office to play the holotape first.

Just as they are ready to leave, Corban hears a sound from outside: "Nou ofri kòUg - Qualtoth. Nou ofri san ki al nan Ug - Qualtoth."


The trio quickly takes cover inside of the shack as the raiders open fire. Carl throws some dynamite to blow up the walkway leading to their little "island" just as a raider tries to cross, blowing off one of the raider's legs and sending him to the bottle of the Black Water. Despite the small victory, however, the trio finds themselves outgunned and outmatched.

That's when Jamahl shows up. Now Jamahl's player is an odd guy. Real fun to hang around, but definitely a weirdo. His character is basically just him with a different name. His entire character basically boiled down to being the human incarnate of the Wild Wasteland trait. He shows up, something weird happens, and he disappears.

So Jamahl arrives on the scene and blows a raider in half with his double-barrel shotgun, patches up Carl by blowing some strange powder in the man's face, and promptly gets shot full of holes and slumps against the building. Emboldened by their strange new companion's (for lack of better word) bravery, Caine and the others press on and manage to kill most of the raiders and drive the others back.

Corban does his best to patch up Jamahl, who then explains that he felt some "bad juju" coming from those raiders and was drawn to them. As it turns out, Jamahl is something of a tribal, more or less. He grew up in New Orleans, but spent most of his time on his airboat buying and selling from local tribes and learning their customs. Jamahl's character explained that he's been exposed to so many chems and toxins that it's permanently damaged the guy's brain, leading to strange hallucinations and an obsession with eradicating "bad juju" and replacing it with "good juju." The detective, the gangster, and the psyker all just nod their heads and smile.

After looting the raiders, Caine leads his companions back to his office and they give the holotape a listen. A mechanized voice - possibly a robot's or someone using a voice changer - fills the room.

"Detective... Yes, I know who you are. I know that you are following me. You are quite persistent, Detective. But I implore you, stop. If not for your own safety, for the safety of your friends and family.

"I apologize for the death of Dr. Cushing. She had such a brilliant mind. Truly the envy of the Bayou. But she had to die to save my father. To save New Orleans. The city is sick, Detective, don't you see? It is a festering corpse, and the All-Saints, the Silver Dollar Sams, the Blue Note Boys, and the Aristocracy... they are all parasites that need to be exterminated.

"But no one else has to get hurt, Detective. No more innocents have to die. Walk away, Detective. Just walk away and leave me to my work. This is your only warning."

The quartet exchange looks as they realize they're going after a lunatic with a college freshman's grasp of philosophy and morality. Figuring they have little else to go on, Caine motions for Carl to lead the way to the Continental.
File: Highway-Defects.jpg (79 KB, 847x565)
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>We wanted to stay true to the original games

At least these rules got rid of all the useless, redundant skills from 1 and 2, like having both First Aid and Doctor. It looks inspired by the Van Buren SPECIAL, which I would say is probably the most sensible-



Now if you've ever seen "John Wick," the Continental is that hotel. Not so much an homage rather than a straight up rip off. I even named the owner Winston. It's a good movie, so I don't care.

Now the Continental in New Orleans is owned and operated by Winston, who is an old friend of Fat Frankie, the current don of the Silver Dollar Sams. To say that Winston is a member of the SDS and that his hotel is owned by the gang would technically untrue, but not altogether incorrect. The Sams keep the place protected, and while the staff doesn't have to join the gang, most of them work for Frankie as well as Winston.

Carl flashes the business card at the entrance, and after a quick pat down - no confiscation, just a noting of the heat that's being packed - the quartet is let in, given a table in the dining room immediately, and set up with a waitress named Cassandra. Beers, bourbons, wines, brahmin steaks, and more are ordered and sent to the table at no cost to the quartet, much to Caine's surprise. Also, a note comes with the detective's first drink.


"It’s rare for someone of your particular profession to be in the Continental with good intentions and without my having summoned them. However, I am told that you aren’t here to start any trouble, and may in fact be investigating a case that I have a personal interest in.

"So here’s what you’re going to do: You’re going to enjoy your meal, nice and slow, order a few more drinks, and generally have a good time. When you’re done with that –and take your time, I insist- you’re going to pay your tab, leave a real nice tip for Miss Cassie, and hand the bartender the business card you have. He’ll take it from there.

"Regards, A Friend"

So, at the request of his new friend, Caine decides to enjoy himself.

So after a fine meal and several drinks, Caine heads over to the bar and hands over the business card as requested. A man named Paulie meets him, tells him to follow him, and leads Caine (and the rest once they see Caine leaving) to a private room in the Continental.

The elevator ride feels like it's taking forever as the four companions sweat out their fate. Not even Carl is sure what's going on, and he's the closest thing they have to an expert in all things Silver Dollar.

Paulie instructs them to enter the private room where they find four pressed suits that upon closer inspection are woven through with ballistic fiber with added ceramic plates for additional protection. Each of them selects a suit per Paulie's instruction and try them on, discomforted by the fact that each of them fit almost perfectly, as if specifically tailored to them.

With their fancy new suits on, Paulie leads the quartet to another room and tells them to sit down and have a few more drinks. Carl and Jamahl don't argue and pour themselves some whiskey while Caine and Corban decide it's best to stay sober-ish.

In walks a pair of men dressed to the nines. First is a man in his fifties with dark hair that's turning gray around the temples in a charcoal colored suit. He has a single ring on his right hand and a watch on his wrist. Clean shaven with a thin mustache on his lip.

Behind him is a taller man, a ghoul that Corban's player later described as "the kind of guy that owns people." Basically imagine Col. Sanders combined with a plantation owner. Fine white suit, hat, gold necklace and watch, a black metal walking stick used more for beating people to death than walking, bolo tie. That kind of thing. The gentlemen sit down opposite Caine and his companions and briefly exchange pleasantries.



It's a fun skill and no one is required to take it. Carl actually made it one of his Tag! Skills and made a fair amount of Caps off of it.
>Boy Named Sue reference

Hell yeah

The human dismisses Paulie and introduces himself as Ian Winston and his friend as Astor Du Pont, a recent addition to the Aristocrats from the city of Carbon, Texas. Winston then politely asks what Caine's business is in the Continental and how he can be of service.

Caine gives Winston a basic rundown of their investigation so far, leaving out the holotape. During this, Winston patiently listens, occasionally remarking on a specific event, and when the detective concludes his retelling of the events, the Continental's owner says this:

"I may be able to help."

As it turns out, the Sams have been doing a little investigating of their own, not altogether happy over the death of New Orleans' best doctor. As it turns out, Evelyn and Adam were last seen entering the French Quarter, the Aristocracy's own backyard. Unfortunately, you can't just walk into the French Quarter without being an Aristocrat or working for one. That's where Astor Du Pont comes in.

The ghoul had recently moved to New Orleans, traveling east to get away from the Brotherhood of Steel expedition that was taking over Texas. He had sold his massive brahmin herds, bought up all the guns, ammunition, and body armor that he could get his hands on, and left. He chose New Orleans after hearing about old money ghouls running the place and figured that it'd be the perfect place to settle down.

While Astor himself made it safely to New Orleans, not all of his shipments arrived. One of the caravans was waylaid in the Bouge just north of the city, deep in raider territory. In exchange for serving as Caine's patron, Astor wanted the detective and his friends to recover his shipment of weapons.

The mission was a fairly simple snatch and grab, although instead of lugging lockers and crates of guns back to New Orleans, they simply had to secure them and attach a tracking device so some of Astor's mercenaries could go in and recover them. Seeing a good pay day and the best way into the French Quarter, Caine agreed.

Now not being a total asshole, Astor instructed Caine to meet with some of his boys just outside of the Continental and gear up for the mission, giving each of the quartet a small stipend to spend on weapons and other supplies. After all, his "merchandise" was quite valuable and he didn't want the recovery team going in half-cocked. Most of them spent their Caps on ammunition, although Caine bought a decent amount of stimpaks to make sure that everyone got through the mission alive.

Next up will be the mission itself, but I'm going to take a short break from typing. Will continue in an hour or so.


I've got a whole quest line in mind based on Johnny Cash songs. The ultimate reward will be the Cottonmouth, aka the "psychobilly [Chrysalis]" from "One Piece at a Time."
File: Dissatisfaction.png (143 KB, 406x465)
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>CTRL+F Delinquent, Yankee
>No results
What a faggot.
File: dale burns it all down.gif (603 KB, 320x240)
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603 KB GIF
Detective Cain here.

I have made some mistakes.
Does that mean we can expect a sojourn to a prison sometime soon?

After getting some more specific information about the location of the missing weapons, the quartet sets out, heading toward a cluster of pre-War warehouses in the middle of raider territory. They set up some raiders for an ambush fairly early on and Carl carries them through the attack with him Submachine gun while Caine and Jamahl help and Corban misses almost every attack.

After patching up their wounds, Caine and company find the warehouse, but see a dozen or raiders milling about the place. They take some cover behind some buildings and start the fight with an explosion that set off a few old delivery trucks as well. This took out probably half of the raiders, but alerted the other half to their presence.

The companions hunkered down between a group of buildings while the raiders tried to circle them. As with the previous fight, Carl carried the group with his SMG while the other three "helped." Finally as the battle seemed to be wrapping up, Carl took a double dose of Psycho and charged the last pair of raiders - who had taken cover around the corner - only to be cut in half by light machine gun fire from a raider he failed to notice. Carl went down just as a second group of raiders arrived to reinforce the first, leaving Corban, Jamahl, and Caine greatly outnumbered.

That's when the gunfire started. Controlled, pattern-like bursts of what Caine identified as 5.56mm fire. He peaks around the corner of the building and notices a squad of perhaps six troopers dressed head to toe in pre-War combat armor complete with gas masks. These soldiers - the Ruined Men of Dead City (Baton Rouge) - quickly gunned down the raiders and surrounded a truck. They started unloading it and Caine realized it was the last of the supplies.

Thinking quickly, Caine and the others stepped out and after explaining that they weren't raiders, managed to negotiate with the Ruined Men to get half of the weapons, seeing as they killed most of the raiders.
File: RagebrewFO.jpg (276 KB, 689x968)
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276 KB JPG
Bumping because story time threads are best threads. While waiting, here's a list of various characters I've played in Fallout games.

Ragebrew, the wasteland survivalist, very skilled at meatball surgery and rudimentary chemistry. Found Hellboy's corpse due to Wild Wasteland. Stole his arm and gun. Eventually grafted the arm on after a chance encounter with a minefield and a flower bush.

Hera: 12 year old girl, touched in the head. Speaks to "Ghosts" and has an abnormal urge to bury the dead, going so far as to delay the party during time sensitive quests. Absolute monster with her "magical" shovel in melee combat. Had the thickest hick accent possible.

"Toolbox" Ghoul techpriest from a slowly irradiating vault. Obsessed with cybernetics, wanting to replace as much of his rotting body as possible. Spoke to the machine spirit, wore ballistic fabric robes, and used a flaregun in combat. The skill penalty to shoot someone in the mouth with a flare is very fucking high, but when you manage to hit, it is glorious. So shamelessly evil, used artillery to destroy two warring factions to preserve a powerplant for himself.

Gash: Mutant abomination turned paladin. Armor plated, with massive clawed hands, Gash was a stealth killer, roaming in the tunnels under the Vault that caused his creation. Eventually ran across the party, Vault dwellers sent on a mission to the undervault. Eventually over throw the overseer and their AI overlord, install one of the party members as the Overseer, and because the Office of External Affairs. Turned our game into a city building, then empire building game. Highlight was stealing an Enclave airship, acquiring a nuke and using it to force peace with the Legion, and killing a giant warmachine and turning it into power armor.

Heart-broken over the loss of Carl, Caine and Corban (Jamahl mysteriously disappeared as his player was unable to make the session) returned to New Orleans with Carl's corpse. Winston quickly took the body and had it sent away to prepare for a funeral while Astor raged at the thought of the Ruined Men taking his supplies. He paid Caine and Corban the full Cap reward and informed them that he wanted to know as much as possible about these Ruined Men as they could find out. Caine blanched, not wanting to go to Dead City, but agreed to the terms. Satisfied, Astor told him that he and Corban could enter the French Quarter for a few hours to continue their investigation before setting out, but reminded them to behave themselves, as they were representing him.

After attending Carl's funeral (very Viking-Esque where they burn a boat and send it down the Black Water), Caine and Corban head to the Green Door to drink away their sorrows. After telling Johnny everything that had transpired, the ghoul introduces them to a young man named Wesker, a mercenary he had met a few years back out along the edge of the Tangle (imagine the Florida Everglades grew out of control and crept along the edge of the Gulf of Mexico until they stopped at Louisiana's eastern border). He suggests that Wesker tag along with them for some additional firepower, and Caine agrees, not having many options available to him at this point.

After a few drinks, Caine and co. head to the French Quarter to find Adam and Evelyn. While there, Caine questions a few citizens and workers and learns that Adam was seen at the Church of the Mother, a great cathedral that had survived the Great War unmolested. Evelyn was there briefly, but left. While Caine goes to speak with the leader of the Church, Wesker and Corban continue exploring the FQ.


Definitely possible. One of the region's four Vaults is a penal Vault along the coast.
File: HereAfter.jpg (207 KB, 647x878)
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207 KB JPG

Zenni, a pre-war chinese operative caught in a cryogentic facility before the bombs fell, and used them as a last ditch effort to survive the bombs. Eventually found by the party, and joins in a four way battle between a group of historical reenactors, hillbillies from the Bayou, Pirates of the Carbean, and Lone Star Rangers. The game didn't go to long, and the group imploded.

JNK-YRD: Protectron modified to be a butler for an noble family, and the personnel companion for their daughter. Has a tool for every job, and an absolutely amazing sound system for those spur of the moment parties, or horrifying audio warfare. Punched things to death, and acquired jetpack for rocket punching. Retired to tend to their brain damaged ward, long after the final battle ended.

It's during this time that the various members of the party discover that Evelyn and Adam were let into the FQ by a ghoul named Lafayette, the right-hand of the Marquis. What this could mean isn't completely known, but Caine suspects that either the Marquis is condoning the actions of the siblings, or that Lafayette has gone rogue. Neither one of these options fills him with goodwill and cheer.

Now during his meeting with Mother Veronica, Caine learns that, at least according to the woman he's speaking to, Adam is a troubled soul trying to do what he considers God's work. Caine mentally checks off the "religious zealot" box on Adam's profile, takes the holotape the man left for him, and leaves to go give it a listen.

The holotape tells Caine that Adam believes him to be a righteous man, a good man that puts others before himself, and says that he will ask his father to spare Caine from the reckoning they will bring to New Orleans, but only if Caine gives up this chase. If the detective wants to continue, Adam invites him to meet him in the Dead City.

Now having two reasons to head north to Dead City, Caine and co. recruits a local airboat pilot - a super mutant named Shemen - and sail north along the Black Water. Before they set sail, they are once again met by Paulie, who informs them that Winston has attached him to their little gang to make sure they get back alive. Without further delay, they take off.

During their trip the engine has a slight hiccup and slows down just enough for a pair of Mirelurks to ambush the craft. During this fight they see Jamahl simply sitting along the river bank cooking up God only knows what on a hotplate. Once the Mirelurks are cleaned up, Jamahl rejoins the group, says his howdies to Wesker and Paulie, and continue on to Thieves' Landing, a small shanty town a few miles south of Dead City. They all pop a Rad-X and put on their gas masks before heading into the green fog.

The thing about Dead City is that it got hit by an atom bomb in an attempt by the Chinese to disable a secret military installation located downtown: Vault 99, the home of the Ruined Men. As a result, most of the city was obliterated and the survivors ghoulified and quickly turned feral. So there's a sizable about of feral ghouls already there, plus all non-ferals migrate there when they start losing themselves.

It was such a pack that the Caine Detective Agency came across as they moved through the ruins. Fortunately they managed to lock down an alleyway to funnel the ghouls in and retreated into a bank as they started to get overwhelmed. Just as the last ghoul is brought down, Wesker hears gunfire off in the distance, but rapidly closing in. He and Caine identify it as the Ruined Men and decide to hide in the bank's vault rather than risk having their equipment repossessed by the RM. The RM enter the bank and after a few minutes of tension, they leave without discovering the party.

The party spends a few minutes patching themselves up and deciding their next course of action.

The gang decides to tail the the Ruined Men battalion, but as they set out they hear a message on Wesker's ham radio calling for help at the One American Place building. Caine changes the party's course of action to help the people in the tower, pausing only to loot a sporting goods store, a pharmacy, and an old police station, which nets them, among other things, a Bozar rifle, a suit of salvaged T-45d power armor (malfunctioning servos) and a riot shotgun. Overjoyed, they continue moving toward the One American Place only to find that it's overrun by super mutants.

The party works quickly to clear out the mutants on the ground, but they aren't able to goad any of the ones inside the building to come out, creating a standoff. Aggravated by this, the super mutant leader starts throwing prisoners out of the third story window, forcing Caine's hand. The party manages to clean house on the first floor, but as they take the elevator up to the third they come across the leader holding a minigun to a woman's head demanding to be let go. Having few options, the party gets out of the way and let's the super mutant go. Caine considers taking a shot (as he managed to remain hidden) but doesn't want to risk hitting the girl.

That's when Wesker's radio picks up the following transmission: "take the shot."

The mutant's head explodes as a round of .308 hits it, covering the poor prisoner in blood and brain matter. The rest of the Ruined Men squad quickly sweep in and secure the location, thanking the players for their actions here, as they were delayed by feral ghouls deeper in the city. Rather than "acquire" the players' gear the Ruined Men allow them to leave peacefully, but not before Corban skims their surface thoughts and gathers enough information to satisfy Astor.

So that's where the players are now. There's a side quest with Caine and Winston, but I don't want to post and spoil it for any of my players that might be lurking.

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