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For Crew, Location and Ship information, please refer to the pastebin below:
Now with themesong!

Previously you managed to recruit a group of traders aboard the Beast, granting you actual income. You also decided to begin training your first group of pilots, yourself included. It's just regular flying lessons, but it's a start.

Afterward you headed to the trade guild to chat up the merchants and other members in hopes of finding out a little about the murder victim. You met Josef "Crazy Joe" Daniels, who was more than friendly, but also issued you a serious warning: don't trust anyone in the guild.

The Blue Wings, in between bouts of obvious sucking up, told you that Hueits had mysteriously closed it's borders recently and were refusing entry by any and all outsiders that weren't there on official government business.

Welcome back to Beast in the Sky Quest!
You have finished speaking to the Blue Wings, who have since taken off on their own endeavors. It's currently mid to late afternoon and you are currently at the trade guild. You could head inside to speak with the guild directly, either about the murders or the victim's trade contracts that everyone is currently vying for. Though Joe told you to trust no one in it.

You could also head to Wong's to see what he's dredged up about Neil, or head back to the ship to talk to your crew. The rest of Ao is also at your disposal. What should you do?

>Speak to the guild about the murders
>Speak to the guild about the contracts
>Go see Wong
>Speak to your crew (write in who)
>Other (write in)
>Speak to your crew
Our living magic battery
Waiting a little bit for people to show up. Give it a minute!
seconding for now, I have been abroad for a week and am still catching up on my everything.
Welcome home, anon!

>So I've been thinking lately, would people be opposed to me trying out running on /qst/ instead of /tg/?
You find Freyja chatting with Ay'ia up on top of the ship, her daughter running around the trees, laughing and yelling as children oft do. They greet you warmly and Lisa simply runs around your legs on her warpath.

"How goes the sleuthing, Isaac?" Freyja asks.

"Eh..." you say, shaking your head, "Every new bit of evidence or information I find just leads to more questions. Hopefully we'll find a break in this thing soon. I'm getting a feeling this thing is a little deeper than what we first thought."

"Humans are so irrational sometimes." Ay'ia says, frowning slightly, "To take the life of another, unprovoked, is so strange. Why would this be something anyone would seek to do? Do you not have senses of morality?"

Freyja shakes her head. "They have them, but they are so numerous and wide-spread they tend to have...varying concepts of it. On the whole, from what I've seen, most humans are opposed to the idea. Though others..." she has a concerned look on her face. You can almost assuredly tell she's thinking of a certain redhead right now.

"Isaac, I know you're not as against taking lives as I am, but...do you think you'll have to do so again in the future? Be it in self defense or..." Freyja looks down, her look of concern slowly shifting to a mix of sadness and fear.

>Kill or be killed, Freyja
>No, I don't intend to take any more lives at all
>Other (write in)
Do you have a particular reason why you'd be opposed, or is it just a general distaste for change?
>No, I don't intend to take any more lives at all. But I doubt some people will really give me a choice.
/qst/ is bad and id's are shit.
Why is it bad and why are they shit? I admit I haven't spent much time there beyond it's first creation, during which it was full of pretty much nonstop shitposting and trolling "quests".
>So I've been thinking lately, would people be opposed to me trying out running on /qst/ instead of /tg/?
For most of the quests/QMs still on tg? Yes.

BitS specifically? On the fence.

Pandora? Leaning on Yes.

>Some things are worth staking lives on, what matters is that you constantly confirm that they are.
>And I DID just steal a giant flying weapon from an empire. Many would consider this thing more valuable than the soldiers they send to take it back.
I don't like people being able to see which shitposts are mine. Ruins the fun.
anon, you're saying this at the exact moment when we can all pick you out. The irony would be delicious if I cared for it.
I meant in other quests, there's nothing to shitpost about in this quest anyway.
Too true. We've got so many quests where EVERYTHING GOES WRONG that going out of our way to screw with the girl would actually be boring.
"No, I don't intend to take any more lives at all." you say, "But I doubt some people will really give me a choice."

"Isn't there some way to avoid it?" Freyja asks, a hint of sadness in her voice, "Like...talking, or just running away or something?"

"You don't always get the choice." you say, folding your arms over your chest, "And some things are worth staking lives on, what matters is that you constantly confirm that they are."

Freyja watches her daughter enjoying being in "nature" silently for a while. "In my culture, taking a life is the worst thing anyone can do. You could probably count the number of my race who have done so on one hand. It is so rare I don't think we actually have a punishment for it. Ironic, when you think about it... But even so, when I came here I never imagined humans and other races could be so...apathetic about it. It's difficult to handle for us, which is why so few of us even come to Prism...and why even fewer come back..."

Ay'ia puts a hand on her shoulder. "I know how you feel. The flesh and blood races will never cease to confuse me...sometimes even anger. Isaac, you hold a unique place among your people in that you have an instrument of great power and potential destruction. Even now, this device they are working on worries me. I can think of no situation where it would be used for good reason. What do you intend to use this...Vapor Cannon for? Do you have something in mind?"

What do you tell her?
If the Imperials find us.
>quests where everything goes wrong
Ah, so you're familiar with my work!
>Think of it more as a deterrent, no one will attack us if we threaten them with it in response.

It's like the cold war all over again.
Can't forget NERV Bridge Simulator. It always goes wrong in there

Haha, almost dropped my trip again, but I remembered this time!
I have a question about Pandora Quest.
Does 4chan still exist?
"Think of it more as a deterrent; no one will attack us if we threaten them with it in response." you say confidently.

Freyja doesn't seem to be comforted by this. "I've heard that before...most of the time, it's a lie. Humans don't have very good self restraint when it comes to big guns and power. You say you won't use it, that it's just for show, but sooner or later the pull is too great and you end up doing just that. I trust you, Isaac, but I'm still worried by this... I have a bad feeling about it...all of it."

Ay'ia nods in agreement, but says nothing.

"Moreover, if we do get found by the navy, if we have to fight them, I really hope you can maintain that composure. I'm no expert, but I have, during my time with them, seen ships of theirs that could put up a fight. Maybe even against something of this size. Not to mention we're basically alone here. We don't have an armada like they do. Right now, I think the only thing keeping them from sending a fleet after us is their attempts to save face." Freyja hasn't taken her eyes off Lisa this whole time, her hands wringing nervously.

"If you push too hard or make too much noise, I can almost assure they'd drop that and try to take us out...you have more than just your own life in your hands, Isaac. Remember that." the Tul woman sighs heavily, seemingly unhappy with things as they are.

>Go speak to someone else (write in)
>Speak to Freyja/Ay'ia (write in)
>Go elsewhere in Ao (write in)
>Other (write in)
Yes. There are tons of others like it, of course, but the original copy of 2chan is still around.
eh, I wasn't really pushing to use it anytime soon. Definitely would prefer upgrading into a smaller, more continuous beam that can cut a mountain in half rather than blow it up entirely.
>Go speak to someone else
Murder girl. See if she's going good getting less murdery.
"I wasn't really pushing to use it anytime soon." you say, "Maybe upgrade it to something smaller. A more continuous beam that could cut a mountain in half rather than blow it up entirely."

Freyja and Ay'ia frown at you, but remain silent.

You slowly back out, bidding them farewell while you head down inside the ship to look for Tabby and see how she's doing. Eventually find her with the twins, reading a book with a supremely bored expression on her face, her chin resting on her hand. She notices you approach and sees a chance to escape the torment of reading, but Rei (or is it Kei?) clears her throat and gives the girl a stern look. Looks like they want her to keep up her studies.

>Mind if I borrow Tabby for a moment?
>I'll come back later (go see someone else instead)
read as well. Polish up some captain fightan powahs.
It's probably some super boring book, but might as well have a look.
Having fun isn't hard when you have a library card!

You figure if they're having her read it, maybe it could be something important.

"Mind if I join?" you ask.

The twins smile and motion you to a seat next to Tabby. Tabby's look goes from excited at a possible escape from her torment to one of disappointment and exasperation. You pull up a chair and read with her. Tabby just sighs.

You were wrong. This is horribly boring. It's just a book about centering yourself, getting in touch with something called "chi" and "zen". Long, droning paragraphs about the benefits of staying "centered", both in times of rest and duress.

None of it really applies to you, or if it does you're too out of the loop to know it. Tabby tries to make small talk a few times, but is hushed by her twin tutors each time. You can tell she's having a lot of trouble sticking with this curriculum, but if this will help her get a grip with her condition, it's what's best for her.

Before long, she finishes the mercifully short (but still boring) chapter she was required to read and closes the book. She wipes her face and rolls her eyes back, thankful that it's over.

"I'm glad you could help us today, Isaac." Kei says happily, "We need someone to assist in a demonstration and practical exercise. Do you think you could do that for us?"

Tabby looks a little unsure of this, but says nothing.

Do you agree to assist them?
May as well.
Yes, get them bodyguard respect
What's the worst that could happen?

You agree, though a little unsure of what you're getting yourself into. The girls take you to a small area off to the side of the cargo room they've turned into a makeshift sparring mat using liberal applications of blankets, a few pillows and mattresses and basically anything else they could find that could soften a fall. You're seriously beginning to rethink this.

The demonstration begins with Rei instructing Tabby on proper application of force and momentum, moving your arms and torso about to give examples on how the human body moves and, uncomfortably enough, doesn't move. Tabby tries it herself a few times with painful results, but gets the hang of it after a while.

Then comes the next part, which makes you regret the whole thing. The twins teach her about holds and throws. You are manhandled, tossed around, pushed, pulled, twisted and laid flat on your back over and over. Tabby, being new to it, mostly just jerks your arms around and knocks you against things the whole time, which doesn't help much either.

An hour or so of this "teaching experience" and you're walking a little awkwardly and you swear you hear a popping sound every time you roll your shoulder a certain way. But the twins say you were a big help and Tabby seems much more confident in her abilities, however amateur they may be. She offers a hug in apology, which of course hurts like hell, but you return it as best you are able.

[You can now assist Tabby and the twins in their martial training regimen once a day.]

It's getting on later in the evening and the sun has begun to set. What would you like to do next?

>Speak to someone else (write in)
>Head somewhere in Ao (write in)
>Go see Wong. He should have gotten back to you by now...
>Other (write in)
>Speak to someone else
Go ask Ruul how the three dozen different things we're having done to the ship are going.
He's very efficient.

I heading out for the rest of the evening, so thanks for running AM.
You thank the girls for their time and for the...lesson, and hobble away to find someone to talk to who's less likely to have you end up sore and possibly in need of a doctor.

Of course, naturally, you go find Ruul. As usual, he's down in the engineering room, gathering supplies to drag to the commerce area. You're honestly impressed at how seriously he takes his job considering how odd he was when you first met him. Maybe he just needed an outlet? Or maybe he's just been too busy to get into trouble? Whatever it is, nothing's exploding, so you're not questioning it.

"Hy cap'n." he says with a screwdriver in his mouth and arms full of some boxes. He spits the tool into one of the open boxes of screws. "What's up?"

"Just wondering how things have been going lately?" you ask, scooting out of the way as he plunks his payload onto a small cart, "Nothing of concern?"

"Other than my assistant's incessant need to blabber on and on about gossip while we're working?" he says with a huff, "No, things are going hunky dory. A little TOO hunky dory, if you ask me. I was hoping we'd get into a little more action. Dog fights, exploration, deadly traps, y'know. Adventure shit. But at least we've got the cannon to look forward to. What're we gonna use it on first? That bandit camp is a pretty good spot to test fire! Or maybe wipe out a few acres of forest for funsies."

"Ehhh..." you say, a little unsure about his idea of "funsies".

"...We're not going to use it, are we?" he says flatly. You shake your head no and he groans loudly. "Maaaaaaaaaaaan! People are going to think you're soft if you don't start asserting your dominance, cap. Other pirates hear there's some guy sitting on the flying equivalent of an army of tanks who refuses to actually fire at anything and they're liable to attack us to try and take it. We're not exactly low profile, even if we can turn invisible. Especially if you wanna head to Brun."

"I mean, yeah, the navy might get on our ass, but pirates see bounties and wanted posters as badges of honor...uh, from what I hear, anyway." Ruul's eyes go a little shifty, but he covers it up by burying himself in a box of scrap metal, digging around noisily.

Wella enters the room covered in grease stains and a few singed hairs and greets you happily. "Hello, captain! How are you? Work on the Vapor Cannon should be done tomorrow! We'll be free to leave if you're up for it, though I admit I'm getting used to things here. Friendly people, good food, lots of neat shops. Sure it's not quite as efficient as Peck, but aesthetically-speaking it's lovely!"

You see Ruul pop his head out of the box, nod toward her and mime her gabbing constantly by flapping his hand open and closed.

Looks like Ruul's getting restless and yearning for a little action and Wella's more than happy to stay right where you are for now.

>We'll be leaving as soon as the work is finished, don't worry
>Actually, I think I'd rather stay here for the time being
>Other (write in)
>>We'll be leaving as soon as the work is finished, don't worry
Been here too long
Got it. Writing.

I get the feeling only one person is playing, but oh well, so be it.
"We'll be leaving as soon as the work is finished, don't worry." you tell him.

"Aww..." Wella sulks, "I heard the palace has these really nice gardens with tons of birds and fish and stuff and I wanted to go see it..."

"That sounds boring." Ruul says, "How can someone from somewhere where shooting monsters and escaped convicts is a daily thing be so boring?"

Wella turns red and looks at her feet. "I...I'm not boring..."

"Yes you are. Now quit dawdling and help me move all this crap, assistant." Ruul says grumpily. Wella suddenly perks up and hurries over to the daunting pile of...well, everything, moving them as fast as her little frame can.

"And cap, when I'm finished with the trading...thing with the...you know, whatever the fuck the thing I'm working on is called, can I finally make that fuckhuge robot? I've been itching to get that thing up and running. He's just...sitting there. Begging me to make him all killy."

Ruul wants to repair the clockwork knight after he finishes the commerce area. Should you let him, or give him another project to get up and running afterward?

>Sure, fix up the robo soldier next
>Nah, I want you to fix _____ next (write in)
>>Sure, fix up the robo soldier next
so long as it doesnt go nuts
the info bar says theres at least 5 of us here including you Boss
Thanks for the info, anti-Satan! I hope the others are enjoying the thread at least!

"Sure, fix up the robo soldier next." you say, waving your hand, "Just promise me it won't go crazy or anything."

"Cap, I'm hurt that you would even think that!" Ruul says, his best coy attempt at sounding offended. You stare at him. "...Okay, yeah. The robot won't go crazy, I promhmhmhm..." Ruul puts his head back in the box once more, digging around in it's contents.

You sigh and roll your eyes. "Holding you accountable, Ruul." you say loud enough for him to hear over the noisy clanging and rustling.

Ruul raises one arm and gives you a thumbs up. "That's probably a bad idea, but we'll see how it works out!"

Wella hurries by with another load, oddly enough a very pleasant, wide smile on her face as she works. She seems to genuinely enjoy what she does, even though Ruul uses her as a punching bag for his frustrations. Takes all kinds, you suppose. Still, you can't help but notice how much she's opened up since she came on board. Was Peck really that depressing to her?

The day nearly gone now, the sun almost completely vanished behind the horizon now. Still no sign of Wong or any kind of message from him. Today is supposed to be the day he was going to let you know about his findings...maybe he's just running a little late? Or maybe he doesn't have anything yet? You could go check on him, but the last time you went he got pissed...

Should you check on Wong again?

>Go see Wong (who do you bring?)
>It's fine for now, maybe he'll be by later in the night or early tomorrow. (What do you do instead?)
Well, I suppose I'll end it here for tonight. Still not sure if I'll move it to /qst/ or not. I'll think it over for the week and see where it goes. If you have input on that, please feel free to message me on Twitter! Thanks for playing, even if it was a little slow tonight. Sorry about that guys! (Honestly I should've figured, some people still have finals this week.) If you enjoyed it, though, please vote for it on the archive and follow me on Twitter! Good night, everybody!
Thanks for running Boss
Thanks for running AM.

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