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/tg/, I need help fleshing out a setting. Now, don't get me wrong, the show provides a lot, but I'd like some help coming up with stuff that happens in this universe, as that isn't as touched upon in the series. Nothing too spectacular, but I'd like to get ideas about what stories we can tell (or that we want to tell) with what we're given so far.

I mean, there's Homeworld, this fast-paced, fast-expanding empire reaching out into the galaxy for reasons unknown and a few gems resist them because of Homeworld's invasions and annihilation of non-gem species. In a Steven Universe roleplaying game, do we want to talk about other rebels in different sectors of the universe? Or Homeworld gems doing high-exploration throughout the galaxy, meeting races much more terrible than they are?

If some gems can fuse with humans, what horrifying things do you want to fuse with gems.

What kind of stories would you like to tell with this setting?

I'm also thinking about rules and such, but that's for another time.
Homeworld is too strict and too regimented, everyone has a specific place doing specific things within their specific castes and whatnot. I'm not saying that there's no stories to be told there but I would argue that the most interesting stories are those of people being broken out of that way of life. I would therefore argue that rogue gem factions make for much more stories.

As for gems fusing with humans, there's not actually anything to indicate that it's possible. Steven is the exception as he himself is half organic himself.
One significant area of exploration is dealing with non-human, non-Gem aliens. Homeworld must have some enemies out there to have so many soldier Gems and military weapons.
>Homeworld must have some enemies out there to have so many soldier Gems and military weapons.
We manage without any external enemies.
>High exploration
>Homeworld gems spread across the galaxy
>On a space station of some alien race
>wrecking shit
>suddenly, a portal opens, green with darker swirls inside, almost fluid-like
>Out of this portal walks a human
>Clearly of some intelligence
>Also clearly drunk
>"*Uuuuurp* See, Morty, what'd I tell ya?"
>"Gee, Rick, this place seems like all the people are dead-"
>"Nah-nah-nah, Morty, come- come on, Morty, stop being so negative, don't be a- Look, there's *uuurp* some crystal babes. Hey, crystal babes!"
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> we have no enemies
Every nation has at least five others that would love to see it crumble.
That was my point: Gems don't need external threats to justify militaries, because they have plenty of other Gems to worry about.
In particular, it's pretty easy to imagine the Diamonds competing over different resources.
They're also enforcing a strict caste system on their entire civilization. Just maintaining that is going to require military force.
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You can make up some challenging victim races, I don't think the cartoon canon will contradict it anytime soon. All the action is centred on Earth and everything paranormal is gems so you don't run the risk of leaving out enemies that are important to them or including races we would've known about.
Considering how Gems are pretty much ageless and seem to be content with screwing around for a few thousand years without doing anything of note, playing around with time might be interesting.

Visit a planet. Play a few sessions somewhere else. Let a thousand years pass, visit the same planet again. Suddenly, the prehistoric, native life forms are at the classic stage, or higher. Could be fun.

>If some gems can fuse with humans, what horrifying things do you want to fuse with gems.
Isn't that only really a Steven Only thing? Rose was a headcase and Steven seems to be a one-of-a-kind experiment, we have no idea how he even game to pass. I'd refrain from doing anything directly with that concept, at least until there's some more canon on that. It's not like there's not enough other things to toy around with.
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>What is 40k?

Although seriously, Homeworld and its related gems just scream "Imperium" to me. You can take on a group of soldier gems going out to wreck some alien planet. Get a rag-tag ship crew out to find more planets for potential colonization later on. Or maybe you got a few gems that saw some crazy shit and got a big boost in the hierarchy because they're too valuable/loyal to kill off and leave deprived.

Then yes you have the "rogue" gems who are out trying to pull off conspiracies or escape the government in general. You could be a group of Crystal Gems hidden away on some other part of the Earth getting into their own shenanigans. Or you can be a group of humans living in a world of gem monsters living it up WoD style.

There's so much left unsaid in the show with the confirmation that "Magic is a thing" and "This all applies on a galactic level", so you can get away with building just about anything as a setting and it'll still work.
The only constants you need to be aware of are that the gems are a strict caste system, are building an empire, and each one/type seems to have their own trippy powers and weapons, with shape shifting, pocket dimensions, and immortality being pretty uniform powers. Also that fusion causes more powers and more shenanigans.

OP, with so much freedom, can you clarify as to what kind of game you'd actually LIKE to play? (IE, exploration, political, war, etc) And we can work on it from there.
Starting out as Homeworld aligned Gems and spiralling off into rebellion might be a nice idea. I mean, unless you explicitly want to play a dick, you pretty much can't not rebell once you start interacting with non-loyalist Gems. Their system seems to be mostly based on indoctrinating the idea that all other lifeforms are practically nonsentient and not worthy of any consideration, and mainting that thought by isolating Gems from actual contact with other living beings.

I'm guessing that strict isolation is the norm and the only real contact with other sentient or sapient beings is restricted to attacks. If you attack someone, they won't talk to you, meaning that the soldier gems will only see them either fight or flee, maintaining the illusion.
The whole revolution got probably started by Rose accidentaly getting lost, wandering around on a living planet and then coming across a bunch of prehistoric humans, resulting in her realising that they are actually killing living, breathing and feeling beings.
Literally all I'd want in a Rick and Morty/Steven Universe crossover.
They mentioned in a book about the crystal gems that gems could reproduce any number of full humans, Rose simply chose to give up her human form to make Steven half-gem. She probably knew what effect it would have on him when it came to gem tech. Probably through other gems doing something similar.

Source on that? I really like the worldbuilding and lore of the show, but I don't want to delve into the fucked up place that is the fandom, so it's hard to actually get information.
Our group is currently playing an ongoing game in the setting, using the Savage Worlds system. The DM came up with some pretty neat mechanics, especially how the fusing thing works.

I'm not a fan of the show and don't watch it, but the game so far has been surprisingly fun and interesting, even though I don't know what the fuck is going on most of the time.
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Post the Rules bruh
For which part, I'm not the DM so I don't have access to the rules she's made for it, like I know "Gem" is a template.

For fusions I'm not sure of the mechanics behind one, but how it plays out is that the players of the fused characters have note cards and write out what their action is each turn and give it to the DM. If their actions end up being very close, the fusion stability increases, if it ends up being sort of close it remains the same, and if they are different the stability decreases. The more stable the better, and if too unstable the fusion fails, unless it shoots so far into instability in like one turn, that they become stuck fused sort of keeping each other prisoner due to all trying to act differently and escape.
That sounds like a game i'd play. Maybe you could ask your DM to post the rules here or on 1d4chan?
That seems highly inconvenient. How does the GM decide between the two players' suggested actions? If he does some sort of compromise, it could end up being something neither player would actually want.

Plus, the whole "decide on your action without discussing it" thing kind of goes against how fusion seems to actually work.

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