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>You are one of three characters: Samson, a spoiled bard, Dyrus, an axe-wielding rebel's son, or Rene, an orphan adopted by a high-ranking Director of an ominous empire, now a prepromoted archer-lancer. POV will rotate between them on a thread-by-thread basis, with an off-chance that someone else might occasionally take a chapter.

>These protagonists' motivations and goals will very likely come into conflict with one another's.

>Character Death is always a possibility and sometimes an inevitability (this is Fire Emblem after all), but your actions can very easily influence who lives and who dies.

>Voting periods will last an average of ten to fifteen minutes, but this may be increased, decreased, or generally changed at any given moment based on voter turnout.

>Write-ins are encouraged.

>The previous threads are archived on suptg under "Silver Scales of the Past," and a pastebin summarizing each one's events will be provided at the start of the next, like so: http://pastebin.com/RqM63hqR

>A list of all current summaries and threads: http://pastebin.com/E9sXAcBx

>Our update Twitter is qmgrandflocto, and we have an ask.fm also under ask.fm/qmgrandflocto

>Preempting any memesters in the audience tonight. /qst/ is a trial board, and I am not currently under any obligation to migrate there.
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Samson finds himself quite appreciating the calming effects of a nice cup of tea as he mulls over his recent life decisions. 'What am I doing,' he thinks to himself as he sails to Nevasa Island. 'I'm not some... Grand military leader, or anyone qualified to slay a sea mob. I'm a bard who studied some magic in college!' His anxiety grows, despite the tea's best efforts, as he continues to get lost in his anxiety towards the position he's been thrust into. Attempting to put his responsibility into perspective beyond his own doubts, he thinks to himself of Millicent and Norman's parents. He couldn't do well to disappoint them by failing as the leader of their kids, could he? Or his cat, Tiltyu, she's with those two. Of Dinah's desire to return to Alder someday, of Adam's and Edwyg's desires to live in Holmstead. His father just wants to return home, and Fabrice serves the crown with no wearer of Noba loyally... He's the one who delayed their desires by refusing to cooperate with the Dories, so he can't rest without stamping them out!


Dyrus, meanwhile, has far less on his mind, not having the burdens of a deceased mother and leadership thrust upon him in a terrible situation. Still, though, he plays his part in the very same fight against the Empire, as his mother's resistance forces and the Vautou raiders cooperate and reach the doorstep of Fort Reptor.

Capturing it is... Unnervingly easy, with not a single Imperial mage striking them. Paisley warns his lot and Hauteclere's of what's to come. If there's no soldiers in this fort, then it means they already fled, which means that Director Cato is already aware of this group's advance.

Dyrus' mother and grandfather order their men to secure this fort to the best of their ability. Director Cato could be upon them any time, after all.

You are now Dyrus.

>A. Spend time with somebody (specify)
>B. Patrol the area around the fort
>C. Write-in action
>D. Skip forward
>B. Patrol the area around the fort
File: ArcherDS.png (2 KB, 72x73)
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Ah, yes, of course. You're riled for a fight, so you're the first one to volunteer to patrol the area around Fort Reptor just in case fight breaks out. Accompanying you for this stretch, Doran.

"You ain't gonna sing again, are you?" He asks, less than pleased you were paired together. "I'd... Really rather not deal with it."

"Relax," you assure him, "that's me and Via's thing! You don't even look like you'd have a good singing voice."

"I 'ave the pipes of a damned angel, kid! Watch yer' fuckin' mouth!" The archer snaps once more.

"Alright, jeez," you say, sighing. "You're kind of a jerk, you know?"

"Yeah, I noticed."

Your patrol shift goes rather plainly after that, with neither of you speaking for awhile.

"...I, er, appreciate you savin' me and my mates from Sasha," he says. "I know you know it, but... I still been a right prick."

"Why're you bringing this up?" You ask.

"Well, is' just... I wouldn' be fightin' out here if I didn't appreciate it, kid. I know you lost a pal to those pirates too, so I can't even say you don't know what I been through."

>A. Respond with just enough passing interest to bring this to an end
>B. Let's talk about something else (suggestions required)
>C. You suppose...
>D. You weren't the one who was held hostage
>E. Write-in response
>F. ...
>C. You suppose...
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122 KB JPG
"I mean, I guess so," you say, taking a swig from a canteen of water. "Er... Sorry if I don't have much to say. We don't talk much and all, so..."

"Yeah, right, I get 'ow it is. Hard to break into new social whatsits."

"The, uh... Friend you mentioned. On the same day he died, he said I needed to make more of an effort to talk to other guys, and I never even notice how little I do!"

"So I'm just an obligation to a dead dude to ya, ya dick?!" Doran asks, again raising his voice and getting uncomfortably close.

"No, not at all, just... Something I was pointing out!" You say, still feeling more than a little awkward.

"...relax, kid, t'was just a joke." Doran laughs, slapping you on the back. "Gotta pay you back for makin' me wanna shove my ears down your throat, y'know?"

"Right. It's hard to get a read on you, you know that, Doran?"

"Wha's there to read?" He asks. "I sail, I shoot things, I get set off easy. You're lookin' too far into things if y'think y'need t'read me, kid."

"My grandfather told me that everyone's more complex than they appear deep down."

"Well forget that codger then! He's wrong an' I'm the proof!"

"Don't talk about my grandfather like that!"

"Alright, I'll drop it before you get my pay hacked to bits. Anyway, le's talk about somethin' else, long as we're walkin' around... Guy stuff, like girls."

"...isn't that what guy stuff ISN'T?" You ask, confused.

"No, dumbo! I mean like what kind strikes your fancy?"

>A. Strikes whatnow?
>B. You don't think about that!
>C. Play dumb to bother him (suggestions appreciated but not required)
>D. Write-in response
>E. Be silent
>D. "Well, there is one girl that I like..."
"Well, there is someone..." You begin to admit.

"No shit, dude," Doran says, "I see how you are. Gettin' all friendly with damn near every girl here... Lotta us don't think we stand a chance the second you start talkin' to a lady."

"...really?" You ask. "Am I honestly that popular?" You mean, your sister told you all about Winona, but it's just improbable to think that there's more than her...

"I mean think about it," Doran says, "we're all backin' your mum, she's gonna be the one in charge after she finishes rippin' the Empire in two. You're her... You older or younger'n your sister?"

"Few seconds older."

"So you're probably gonna be named her heir as 'er eldest, so of course people're gonna find that attractive. Y'may as well be a future king!"

"I never thought about it like that," you admit. "I just sort of thought people liked me for being a good person."

"That's always a crapshoot," Doran says, "y'can't count on nice alone to get you pretty people, kid. Gotta have... Somethin' that people want. That can vary from person t'person."

"Yeah, you got it. Anyway, that girl you got your eyes on ain't Fortune, is it? 'cuz I'll blow my fuckin' gasket if I'm gonna get one-upped by you there."

"We barely talk about anything that's not her nephew," you answer.

"Right..." He sighs. "Dodged a damn bullet there, then... I still don't get why she calls herself old. She's gotta be around the same age as that super scary archer lady I hear shot King Augustus, an' everyone calls her a young prodigy!"

You listen to Doran rant awhile longer.

>A. Skip ahead
>B. Talk to someone else (specify)
>C. Keep talking to Doran (write-in dialogue)
>D. Do something else (write-in action)
>A. Skip ahead
File: PegknightAwakening.png (27 KB, 256x256)
27 KB
Oh, dear.

A patrolling pair of pegasus knights, one Belle, one you don't recognize at all, report to your mother.

"Lady Hauteclere," Belle says, "we've discovered something... Troublesome."

"Out with it, then," your mother demands.

"Fort Reptor is surrounded," the purple-haired pegasus knight/bodyguard answers. "Even the South has Imperials approaching with all of the rapidity of mages in the desert."

"But... We just got here from that direction. There's hardly any non-Vautou territory in that entire direction," you say. "How could..?"

Laurise, also on the scene, interrupts, "assistant-director Denim said that Director Cato created something called a Witch's Pendant, which she used to freely teleport around the continent... But she was ordered to hand that off to Methodius, so if the Witch's Pendant is involved, then we've also got a necromancer on our hands, someone who can summon undead soldiers to bolster the mages' numbers even more..."

"The emptiness of the fort should've been a sign," Hauteclere says, cursing her lack of foresight. "Chief Paisley warned us, but we just weren't thinking..."

>A. Better surrounded here than in the middle of the desert
>B. Too late to go back now
>C. We messed up!
>D. So what's the plan?
>E. Write-in response
>F. ...
>B. Too late to go back now
>D. So what's the plan?
File: MageGBAIcon.gif (1 KB, 77x70)
1 KB

"There's not much we can do about that now," you say. "We just have to... Er, do you have a plan, Laurise?"

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking," she assures you. "Now, if Methodius is going to stay and fight, it's highly likely that he'll remain close to the Southern group he presumably warped close to us," Laurise says. "Since it must be exhausting on his magical powers to warp a quarter of an army around, I bet he'll only warp again if he needs to make a retreat."

"Director Cato, meanwhile, seems to be with the Northernmost group of attackers," the other pegasus knight says. "She's a terrifyingly powerful magic user who also acts intimidatingly, but actually very physically frail."

"Then..." Laurise wonders aloud, "if we can force Methodius to retreat and defeat Director Cato, would the rest of their forces surrender?"

"Chief Paisley wouldn't care if they're surrendering and retreating," your mother says, "he'll likely have his raiders attack any Imperial mages regardless of the battle's current status... Doubtless the mages, even if Director Cato should fall, won't turn their backs on their enemies until their numbers are heavily thinned already."

So, to summarize the decided-upon strategy, a small group rushes headlong into the Southern side of the desert in the hopes of forcing Methodius to retreat before he can summon up a damned army of undead, a larger group personally confronts Director Cato, and everyone else just does as much damage as possible,

>A. You wanna shoo Methodius away!
>B. You wanna take on this Director!
>C. You wanna fight a bunch of generic enemy mages!
>D. You'd rather sit this one out...
>B. You wanna take on this Director!
>B. You wanna take on this Director!
File: Iotes Shield.png (23 KB, 90x119)
23 KB
"Leave Director Cato to me, mom!" You say, eager to prove your mettle once more.

"Son, I'm not certain I feel comfortable placing you right in her line of fire," your mother answers. "I mean..."

"With all due respect, Lady Hauteclere," Belle answers, "Sir Dyrus and I personally took the life of Director Waldrick in battle in Darton, and continued fighting on even after that until Coastal's forces were crippled."

"I... You're right, Belle." Your mother sighs, turning to face you. "I've barely seen you fight since we reunited, but if it's anything like I've heard... Just promise to keep Belle and Via close. It's their job to protect and support you, after all."

Your mother, Winona, and Nia are the elite hunt-down-Methodius team, with you, Belle, Via, your grandfather, Fortune, Doran, and Paisley himself form the anti-Cato force. Everyone else is... Everyone else.

Paisley examines Iote's Shield idly as everyone prepares to set off. "There are surely going to be wind and thunder mages in the way of those humans on dragons... And they'll be far, FAR outnumbered. Perhaps this shield of mine would do better in human hands... Only for this battle, though! What do you think?" He asks a random Vautou.

"I... Think that's very noble of you, sir," she answers, looking over her bow.

"Then I shall lend it!" Paisley turns towards you. "You, eavesdropping child! Who shall bear this borrowed gift? I am... unfamiliar with human customs."

>A. Your mother, as leader, of course!
>B. Winona. She might try to do something heroic, so she'll need the protection.
>C. Nia. She's too young to do this unguarded!
>D. How should you know?
>B. Winona. She might try to do something heroic, so she'll need the protection.
>B. Winona. She might try to do something heroic, so she'll need the protection.
File: ElderBael.png (18 KB, 128x72)
18 KB
"All of them would appreciate it, but Winona is the one who would need it most... Er, she's the tallest of the three, in-between the other two in age, short hair..."

"Then the tallest wyvern rider will receive this gift," he says, flying off. When he returns, he says little about how it went, only telling one of his own that Winona accepted Iote's Shield graciously.

Surrounded by various other fighters, you and your aforementioned allies prepare to break through to Cato and her entourage.

With all the fireballs and thunderbolts and gusts of wind tossed at the resistance and the Vautou Raiders alike, Via has her work cut out healing everyone nearby, and your Hand Axe is your weapon of choice for the first time in quite awhile.


A silver-haired, middle-aged woman stands a few dozen meters away from where your group currently stands, at her side and in front of her a Thunder, Wind, Fire, and Light sage, along with a pair of bishops with Physic staves, a Sorceror, and a monster-Summoner towards the front of the class, who quickly casts a giant spider into existence with a brilliant light.

The older woman boasts, "I have by my side the greatest magical warriors the Tower of Longevity has ever produced! Do you think a bunch of inhuman birds scare us?"

"If you are what it means to be human, Director," Paisley calls back in response, drawing his Silver Longbow, "then lacking it is the greatest compliment you could pay me!"

Doran draws his own Steel Bow, Fortune getting in front of him with her Devil Sword in hand.

Via, clutching her staff with a smile, hides a myriad of throwing knives quite casually behind her back. Belle, Silver Sword at the ready, stares forward towards your foes, drowning out the sounds of the remainder of the fight behind your lot.

>A. Immediately go for Cato
>B. Attack someone else first (specify)
>C. Write-in action
>D. Say something cool (write-in dialogue)
>B. Attack someone else first (specify)
I would say gank the healers, but they're likely near the back due to having Physic staves and rushing deep into a group of enemy mages seems like a good way to explode violently. Instead, go for the Summoner, hopefully we'll get enough damage on him fast enough that the healers will be irrelevant, and it'll get rid of the continuous add spawning.
File: Yotsmungand_(TCG).jpg (331 KB, 740x1043)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
That giant spider is... VERY intimidating, but just like Methodius, if you can make him go away, you can make him stop summoning things.

You toss your Hand Axe towards the Summoner, Doran seeing your point entirely as you both completely bypass the giant spider to get to the root of its existence.

Fortune, meanwhile, rushes the terrifying beast with a rather inspiring battle cry: "I HATE SPIDERS!" She hacks through the beast, joined in her animosity by Belle.

With its last legs of life, no pun intended, the Elder Bael pierces Belle with its spider-limb things before fading (be it due to the death of its summoner or its own defeat is a mystery), leaving Belle to collapse on her pegasus.

"Eheh, you have my condolences," Cato taunts, "Bael venom is a very... Unpleasant way to go. Hence why it's imbued in every page of a Yotsmungand..." Dark magic envelops Belle, and she cries out in pain once more. "My, she's survived that... No matter. Wind, now!"

Your grandfather rushes forwards, blocking what certainly would've been a fatal blast of Arcwind for Belle as she rides back, immediately given the Mend staff treatment by Via.

"...th-rp-thank you, Via," Belle says, still looking more than a little green around the gills.

"My, my, Belle, you look..." Via frowns, "unwell. Are you certain it wouldn't be wise to retreat?"

"I can fight through this," Belle responds. "All of you, remember! Their healers are useless if we can kill these mages fast enough!"

"Ahaha, that's the spirit!" Paisley shouts out, picking off one of the bishops from the air with his longbow as your grandfather cuts through the Wind Sage who wounded him. "Go on, Cato, give me your poison! It will not phase me in the slightest!" Paisley boasts.

Cato, in return, indulges, another Yotsmungand critically striking the Vautou chief and blasting him out of the sky.

>character limit, continued next post
File: DruidGBAIcon.gif (2 KB, 76x69)
2 KB

"I won't have cocky monstrosities such as yourself corrupting my desert!" Cato shouts, the wielder of Light magic and the healer standing at her sides. "This region is an enlightened place with no room for scum and savagery, let alone ones who murdered my finest student!"

Doran drags the unconscious, poisoned, but still very much alive Paisley out of the way of another blast of Dark Magic, Fortune challenging the Thunder and Fire Sages as Belle, still somehow holding it together despite the double-dose of venomous magic, stands close to you, Via, and your grandfather, limping over to your side.

>A. Rush Cato!
>B. Her other cronies need killing!
>C. Wait here!
>D. Focus entirely on protecting the wounded!
>E. Write-in action!
>D. Focus entirely on protecting the wounded!
>D. Focus entirely on protecting the wounded!
File: SageDS.png (3 KB, 68x72)
3 KB
"You won't lay a hand on my friends!" You command, you and Belle getting in front of everyone with a wound of some sort and your medic.

"I'm afraid you don't have a say in that," Cato answers. "Perhaps, had you not allied with these monsters, we could have let your presence here slide, but now that their sole decent man is dead and buried, I will not stand for a future with anything short of the Vautou's eradication!"

Though Fortune manages to hack through the Thunder-wielding opponent, luck alone cannot protect her from the dual onslaught of Fire and Light sages, and she's barely left standing to retaliate and finish off the man who just burned her.

"You say Denim was so wonderful..." You shout out, hoping to distract Cato from killing Fortune as Belle rushes in to swoop in, grab her, and pull her back for Via's healing, Doran in the meantime only taking potshots at his foes, "but it was your hatred for his people that drove him away from your path! He died turning the Vautou to our side!"

"He was foolishly idealistic, but that says nothing for his character, his magical skill, his guile!" Cato shouts. "All wasted!"

"All because of you!" You shout back.

"Oh, dear," Via says, looking to Belle again, "you look about ready to keel over, Belle... Please, fall back. Doran and I can fight beside Sir Dyrus."

"I... Will not..." Belle's sword slips from her grip, which she reacts to by clenching it tighter and sitting up straight again. "I can... succeed..."

>A. Let's win this quickly, Belle!
>B. Via's right! Order Belle to fall back!
>C. Remain silent on the issue
>D. Rush forward while they bicker!
>E. Write-in response!
>B. Via's right! Order Belle to fall back!
>Even if we succeed, I don't want to risk your life!
>D. Rush forward while they bicker!
>B. Via's right! Order Belle to fall back!
>Even if we succeed, I don't want to risk your life!
>D. Rush forward while they bicker!
"Fall back, Belle! That's an order!"

"But... S-sir..." Belle cringes.

"It's not worth risking your life!" You shout out, rushing forward, Hand Axe in... hand, and handily burying it in the bishop with a single toss.

"Sir Dyrus..!" Via... Raises her voice, and quite emotively, herself rushing forward in light of your foolhardy maneuver.

For a moment, all you see is darkness, followed by a bright flash, and you feel hot sand beneath you as you collapse.

You're only out a few seconds, but as you come to, the sight of Via standing above you, facing down the Sage and the Director (what ever happened to the sorcerer? You guess he died at some point), knives drawn. Behind you a bit, Doran, cautiously readying his next arrow.

You feel yourself plucked up from above, the sight of purple hair and sickly complexion, the sound of pegasi's wings...

As the pegasus turns, you spy a blue-haired wyvern-rider, wielding a VERY imposing axe, soaring over your end of the fight at an exceptional rate.

So... Your mother chased Methodius off, then... And... You feel lightheaded and ill, encroached in pain, and turn your neck back towards Doran and Via, holding off Cato and her companion.

"They'll be fine," Belle assures you, "your mother's coming. Leave the rest to her."

>A. Struggle and demand to return to the fight!
>B. You... You will...
>C. Pass out again
>D. Write-in response
>A. Struggle and demand to return to the fight!
She'll probably throw our words in our face, but I don't care.
>A. Struggle and demand to return to the fight!
File: FatesMaidPortrait.png (31 KB, 256x256)
31 KB
"I... I need to get back there!" You demand.

"No," Belle answers, "you're more likely to jeopardize things in your current state than-Agh!"

"I said I needed to get back there!" You shout, calling on enough of your strength to shove Belle down and rush back towards your maid. In her disoriented state, having been enduring twice as much venom for much longer, she falls easily, and you have ample opportunity to rush back towards your friends.

"Dyrus, what the hell are you doing?!" Your grandfather demands, barely able to stand, battle and age wearing him down even further.

By the time you approach the scene, a disheveled Via, putting on her strongest neutral expression, is staring Cato down. Doran is on one knee, choking down a vulnerary and looking similar to other not-yet-dead Yotsmungand victims, and the light sage is dead, riddled with arrows.

Cato, noticing you and those trying their hardest to stop you despite their own wounds, turns her attention towards the higher-priority target, the one who's someone's son instead of someone's beloved employee.

Yet another Yotsmungand strikes you, which Via notices with widened eyes before taking the opportunity to rush forward and shove a dagger through Cato's neck.

The older woman wrestles Via away, and your vision begins to fade once again. You feel many arms pulling at you from behind, feel a deep terror in your heart, before a familiar wyvern swoops overhead and embeds a poleaxe in the wounded and already-slipping Cato's head.

Without so much as acknowledging the felled foe, your mother hops off her wyvern and rushes toward you, waving the Staff of Katri desperately. Everything hurts less, and the world becomes clearer.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" She shouts, enraged by her terror for your safety.

>A. Focus on healing, please
>B. You're sorry
>C. It was worth it
>D. Pass out again. You're exhausted and don't want to deal with this
>E. Write-in response
>B. You're sorry
>D. Pass out again.

"Eheh..." You droop your head and shut your eyes. "Sorry 'bout that, mom..."

You begin to fade out of consciousness again...

Slap! "I know how the Staff of Katri works, son!" Your mother shouts. "Don't think you can pull that 'passing out after healing' on me!"

"Eheh... It was worth a shot..."

Your mother continues chewing you out as she heals everyone in your entourage, with your grandfather joining in once he recovers.

"You severely underestimated the fearsomeness of a skilled magic user, and I nearly lost you for it... And you kept coming back for more, even when help was already on its way! I thought you said you could handle it!"

Regardless, the out-chewing needs to end eventually, Hauteclere and Darren needing to see to waking Chief Paisley and discussing his own plans for the desert region, since surely many more magic-users remain...

On your return to the fort, accompanied by Via and Belle, you're immediately rushed towards by Laurise... Who, again, slaps you, much to the surprise of Winona and thinly-veiled amusement of Nia.

"Ow... Mom already beat you to it!"

"You still deserved a second one!" Laurise says, huffing. "Do you have a death wish, brother?!"

"I was... Terrified when I found out you were taking on Director Cato yourself, and you go and do something like that?" Winona adds. "H-how dare you?"

"Heh... I told them all you'd be alright, Dyrus, but they kept worrying anyway!" Nia adds on rather cheekily.

>A. Take a moment to speak to someone before preparing to shove off (specify)
>B. Say something here and now (write-in dialogue)
>C. Just rest this battle off
>D. Write-in action
>A. Take a moment to speak to Via
>A. Take a moment to speak to someone before preparing to shove off (Via)
After discussing mom/Winona/Nia's side of things with the sisters (Methodius summoned a decent few Dracozombies before his retreat), your group parts ways.

"Be honest, Dyrus," Via asks, "how bad has this endeavor disheveled me?"

"You look like hell," you admit.

"I see... You don't mind my state of disarray, do you? I would like to keep your company."

"I'd, er, like that," you admit. "I feel like I barely know anything about you, even when we've been friends for a couple years now..."

"There's not much to tell of my background, I'm afraid," Via admits. "I grew up on the coastline, my mother was a chandler, and I often rubbed elbows with the upper crust by cleaning for cash. Some noble families came to owe me favors, which I used to pursue formal training."

"Formal training?" You ask.

"Mhm," she says. "Along the coast, there exists a school for well-connected, responsible youngsters to learn the arts of combat and cleanliness. Shortly after my fourteenth birthday, my skillset and demeanor caught your grandfather's eye, and... You know the rest."

Yes, right... Three years ago, that was. At first, you and Laurise were unnerved by her, still grieving the then-recent loss of your father, but her loyalty won you over, increasingly so in the time leading up to your departure.

"This training, anyway, it taught us to prioritize the welfare of our masters above all else, to strike calm and true, though one of the assassins of the advanced course always seemed too jovial a young man for the 'calm' part..."

"Is... That how you could fight Director Cato with such certainty?" You ask. "Stared down the fake Marlo so chillingly well?"

"Yes," she says, "but... I'd never felt more touched in my life than when you returned, as foolish and terrible as it was... I've never met someone so compassionate towards their servants as you."

>A. She's not just a servant, she's [WORD]
>B. You won't have another Gerard
>C. Why wouldn't you be?
>D. ...
>E. Write-in response
>A. She's not just a servant, she's your friend
>A. She's not just a servant, she's your friend
File: GarouPortrait.png (48 KB, 256x256)
48 KB
"You're more than that," you assure her, "you're my friend!"

"Right..." Via closes her eyes, smiles, and sighs, contentedly. "How silly of me."

"It's fine," you say. "Just... I don't want any of you to forget how important you are to me."

Via's eyes begin to water as her smile grows. "...I would never, sir."

The next day, you bid Chief Paisley farewell, your elders having convinced him to try not to destroy the humans in exchange for aid and alliance.

"I... Hope you don't mind the fact that our impending foes are all similarly..."

"Nonhuman? Pfft, whatever," Paisley responds. "To hell with the Wolfskin! They'd rip through us just as viciously as the Imperial mages. I'd swear some of the ones I'd seen had a serious craving for poultry by their attitudes."

Soon, you will reach Garou Valley, and ally with the Tarvosian chief Tien to drive out the nomads' oppressors.

"Dyrus..." Your grandfather says to himself, "soon, my son, you will be able to rest..."

You and Laurise haven't thought about that for quite awhile. You wonder silently but certainly about the possibility of encountering the very wolves who devoured your father.

Winona and Nia recall that Lady Rene's group is somewhere in this valley, which means that their brother, surely...

It's also your last stop on the way to the capital region, the home of Emperor Ximeno Gerxel. Directors Belinda and Hera are too tied up in their own regions' crises to send their aid Northeast, so this could be... Extremely straightforward.

>To be continued next thread
And so we've reached a juncture I've been looking forward to since the thread's beginning.

Thanks for playing, as always. Update twitter and ask.fm are qmgrandflocto, and I'll be around in-thread to chat for awhile.
Er, since the quest's beginning, not just the thread's.

It's 2:30 AM, people make typos.
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Thanks for running, Octo. Goodnight.
Always a pleasure, anon.
Thanks for running.
Couldn't run without players!

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