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Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Evilord

After driving off pesky adventurers, striking a bargain with an elven archer, and having a nice lunch, a day has since passed. And you're ready to start anew, awakened and refreshed.

How will you start this day?

>Taking care of business. That archer is coming over today and you'll be damned if you don't think your heir needs to be whipped into shape.
>A balanced and nutritious breakfast. Even the most evil of beings need to start the day right.
>Rest and Relax. You need time to yourself after all, let the world pass on by and read a book or something.
>Other/Write In.

Trying to start earlier see if that changes things.
>>A balanced and nutritious breakfast. Even the most evil of beings need to start the day right.
A balanced and nutritious breakfast. Even the most evil of beings need to start the day right.
File: S2e2b_Breakfast_plates.png (1.19 MB, 1365x768)
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1.19 MB PNG
>Breakfast, the most important meal of the day!
File: Breakfast.png (89 KB, 910x616)
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The Evilest Meal of the day. Only thing that could top it is the vile decadence of "Brunch".

And your resident foodmonster has already provided a decent spread. Toast, Eggs, Juice, the classic spread. Though you do hope he didn't lay the eggs himself this time.

You see darling Princess already poking and prodding her meal as she eats it.

>Make smalltalk. "How's the weather up there?" or "How are you doing?" those simple questions that make up 70% of social interaction.
>Inform her of the Marksmanship Tutor you've got set up.
>Talk about yourself. Its important she has a rolemodel who does awful things.
>Inform her of the Marksmanship Tutor you've got set up.
>Make smalltalk. "How's the weather up there?" or "How are you doing?" those simple questions that make up 70% of social interaction.
>Inform her of the Marksmanship Tutor you've got set up.

Segue your way into talking about tutorships
File: Lets-talk.png (117 KB, 910x616)
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117 KB PNG

Its an off day so you might as well ask her how she's doing properly.
"How's the weather up there?" the classic dad-joke. Nothing befits a girl growing up so fast better.

"Not too bad I guess. Servants in the east tower says it gets a bit drafty at night, with all the wind being so high up. I don't mind." She says, is there a point to her missing your razor sharp wit and small talk?

"How's it going?" you hiss out of the smoldering coal holes in your iron face.

"Uh... school's fine I guess." she says rather tersely, "I was thinking of going out with some friends. How about you? "

Now to play your hand. You tell her about the adventurers that barged in the other day, interrupting lunchplans and whatnot. One thing lead to another and you managed to drive the knight and the dwarf off with swordplay, intimidation, and sick kicks; and you also managed to shanghai the Elf into working for you (on a pay by the hour occasional basis), specifically as a tutor.

"She sounds cool, I guess." She mutters out before taking a moment, "Wait tutor?"

>It'll be fun! Learning a new skill.
>It's for school! You can always use an edge in Malevolent Prep.
>Something the matter?
>It'll be fun! Learning a new skill
>Also you get to shoot arrows. Girls love to shoot arrows. I get shot by girls with bows all the time!
>It'll be fun!
File: It'll-Be-Fun.png (104 KB, 910x616)
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104 KB PNG
"It'll be fun." Famous last words of many adventurers and community college students, are earnest encouragement coming out of you.

You can hear the doorbell toll. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro-GB70c6PU

"Plus girls love to shoot arrows! I get shot by girls with bows all the time!"

Princess cracks a smile, "Okay sure. I mean if it means we get to hang out... I'm cool with that."

>"Just remember, you need to learn how to be using a bow and arrow by the end of this, ok? You can socialize afterwards maybe, but for the next two hours you'r efocused on killing stuff. I'm going to be releasing small adorable animals for you to shoot at as targets, and I'm not going to be happy until you've killed at least one bluebird!"
>"I'm paying this girl to teach remember."
File: 2-for-one.png (183 KB, 910x1209)
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183 KB PNG
Being able to kill small animals is the first step to being a self sufficient young lady, let alone a successful Big Bad.

A sentiment many elves, outdoorsmen, and readers of young-adult fiction would agree with.

>"I'm paying this girl to teach remember."
You say as you impart how neccesary such training is. Especially to stand out, you hear a familiar voice say something.

"Oh, so you 'are' paying me then?" Looks like Teresa has arrived. Time for the lesson to start.
"Where we doing this then?"

>The henchmen armory.
>The pleasant meadow.
>The west tower balcony.
>Pleasant meadow!

I can't wait to see this.
> Remember on the side that you also wanted to look into that jannisary adventurer with the metal weapon that made a big noise a shot a hole in armor. That hurt like a motherfucker.
>Note to self hire one and get me one of those
Pleasant meadow
File: Pleasant-Meadow.png (88 KB, 910x616)
88 KB

You guide them to "Pleasant Meadow" a lovely peaceful locale in your vile domain that you are trying desperately to rebrand.

Seriously, ever since you got it you should get some gardeners to trim the leaves from the trees or introduce some more dangerous wildlife. At the very least you managed to paint the grass a lovely shade of red. But everything just seems to take it easy here.

Looks like she's got a target already set up.

"Now do you want to show me what you've got kid, or shall I take the lead here?" Teresa asks unfortunately the most Princess has to lead with is a noncommital shrug.

>Teresa shoots first.
>Princess shoots first.
>You shoot first.
Princess shoots first
>Princess shoots first
File: How-hard-could-it-be.png (78 KB, 910x616)
78 KB
Frankly I'm not sure. I was gonna start it a couple weeks ago, in fact on the very day that /qst/ showed up. But there was drama about the new board showing up, no archiving and a bunch of other stuff. so I ran a one shot last week here, and decided to an episode 2 here instead.

"How hard could it be?" she says as she grips the bow.
Her slim arm grips the arrow as she lets the shaft glide over her fingers. "This is how its done right?"

Teresa provides no answers.

It's all up to her now. She draws string back pulling the bow taut. Now...

File: A-Five-Year-Old-Meme.png (70 KB, 910x616)
70 KB

Oh dear.

This is either really bad, or really good.

Regardless this sort of result should be expected for someone firing a bow for the first time.

That goblin will be screaming for a while though.

>It's okay, maybe next time.
>Good shot! (with no sarcasm)
>Good shot! (with more sarcasm)
>Get that goblin some medical attention.
>Get advice from the master.
>Good shot! (with no sarcasm)
>Get that goblin some medical attention.
>Good shot (No sarcasm)

Our little baby has a killer instinct.

Now she just has to finish the job. no witnesses!
>Get advice from the master.
>Good shot! (no sarcasm.)
File: Praise-all-around.png (192 KB, 910x1232)
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192 KB PNG
Congratulations all around. Turns out its not bad for a first try. A medical goblin is on the scene in a flash, tending to the injured target goblin's wails of agony, mostly with band-aids and kissing it better.

"No witnesses." you hiss out of the steaming vents in your face. Its true, for the bullseye still stands, mockingly unscathed.

"You've got good form kid. You know how to handle a bow" Teresa adds, "Though traditionally the goal is to hit the target."

A swift snag of the weapon and some deft show of grace and accuracy, the inanimate target is no longer so haughty and distant, as its face has been marked with a sharp arrow point. The goblin holding it is no less panicked and screaming.

"Basically you can shoot, yeah, but you really gotta aim. Line your head up with the line made by the bow. You might also need to brush that hair out of your eyes. Depth perception helps."

Princess is thoughtful for but a moment before she agrees, "Yeah, really? T-thanks for the advice guys." Such a heartwarming scene, you feel she'll be a real supervillain before you know it.

"You'll be a real adventurer before you know it." Teresa adds.

>Tactfully correct Teresa.
>Ignore it, just a slight misstep.
>No tact! Nip this notion in the bud now.
>>No tact! Nip this notion in the bud now.
>>No tact! Nip this notion in the bud now.

No daughter of mine will ever be an adventurer!
File: Hell-Hath-No-Fury.png (174 KB, 910x1232)
174 KB
174 KB PNG

You are literally, ANGRY with rage! That is a sentence that doesn't make sense, that is how indignant you are. No adventuring, this is a strictly antagonist, end-boss, conquesting and conquering evildom that you run.

You pull out all the stops. Preemptively striking all forms of neutral or morally grey adventuring aside. None of that will do. This is a strictly seething and sneering on a throne household.

Needless to say the Elf does not look particularly amused. And Princess is pretty quiet too.

"I think I should go." is all she has to say.

>Same time next week then?
>Go and stay go.
>Pay her for her trouble.
>Same time next week then?
>Pay her for her trouble
>Same time next week then?
>Also lunch is coming up, would you want to stay?
>>Same time next week then?
>>Pay her for her trouble.
File: End-Scene.png (188 KB, 910x1232)
188 KB
188 KB PNG

"Same time next week then?" You say rather nonchalantly, all the while holding a bag of coins. Let it be known that you're not at the very least a man of your word, and Princess does seem to excell at these lessons, and she needs all the help she can get for Malevolent Prep.

Teresa simply takes the coins from you and starts walking off.

You can't have her leave on an empty stomach, and ask if she could stay for lunch.

She just keeps going. Perhaps you should've lead on "Lunch."

Whatever could she be upset about? Its not your fault she's wrong after all. This is your family, and your livelihood you're talking about. And adventuring... eugh. You don't even want to think about that.

The sun is shining, birds are singing, and that one goblin's screaming has settled into a low anguished moan. And outside of that outburst today had been very good and fun. Perhaps next time, you two will get along better.

As for now its time to head inside.

And on that bombshell I think I might end it for tonight. So what do you guys think of this week's thread? Should I start earlier? Should I announce it in the Quest Thread general (wherever its gone)? Move it to /qst/? And should I also post my twitter thing? so that way I can announce whenever I do one next.
This was fun. Posting a twitter and letting us know in advance when you next plan to run would be good
File: Dr-Roy-Lichenstein.png (59 KB, 621x890)
59 KB
Okay then. This thread has also been archived.


And here is my twitter. I also use it to send art to other quest runners, so there might be a little of that on occasion.

So has the Quest Thread General just moved to /qst/ or have I just missed it these past couple days. I was originally planning on announcing this thread going up on there.

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