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Greetings Agents,

Following the last few weeks of hectic activity it seems the market has slowed down. It's been to nice to have a few days to recover.
But the easy times don't ever last, do they?

While Accounting settles with Mr. Wonglei (Something about missing swords and property damage?) I've got a little side deal lined up for you. I'm sure it'll be nothing major, just simple missing persons case.

I've recieved a missive from-- let's call them Head Blue - who insist that he knows that we're keeping a feral ai drone core under lock in the HQ. They promised not to tell on us if we do them a little favor. Two days ago, while visiting friends or acquantinces in refuge camp 3 someone Teralin went missing. Apparently Head Blue is quite concerned for their safety - it's not the first missing persons case in the area. Record checking indicates that over the last two months several people have gone unaccounted for.

Normally we'd put this down to bonejacker gangs or factional infighting, but cross-referencing with the morgues and hospitals still leaves a significant gap of unaccounted persons. Your job is to find out what happened to Teralin and the others. I've marked their last known location on the map.


>Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=InfilINC

>Consider this a pre-mission, question asking, leg-working doing paperpushing phase.
>Trade! Talk! Get caught up!
>Wait as there's some re-writes to action economy and Resonance!
So, do we know anything about this Teralin? Any connection to the other missing persons?
Also, who's got controlling interests in that area of the camp?
Well Agent Roma, I had a look at the availabe information.

It appears Teralin is the relative of one of the UNSC higher ups. Here on some research project about mythos formation in displaced populations, interviewing the refuges mostly. War experience and stories. Other cases were youngsters, gangers, relief workers. Only connection is the geographic area.

As for who has controlling interest? Gangs, I think. Blackwaters. It was the UNSC, but that was years ago and by now the entire situation's quagmired into an unsolvable mess. It's less camp and more squatter shanty town. Well, towns. A hundred little isolated enclaves. They have good theater groups actually, newspapers. Running water and generators. Government and Chironan still do patrols and supply missions out there, and I think the Rehabiliation And Population Management Committee is working on some sort of work-pay deal to get people back on their feet? Resettlement. But that's been the rumor for the last two years.

I think prime responsibility *these* days is the Chironan Corporate Charity Fund. They've sort of stepped in and manage the entire thing as a pet project for PR. Even helped get proper sanitation going.
File: ResonanceV3.png (448 KB, 1240x2185)
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Well, looks like our recruitment pools needs a bit of buffering. Here's an updated look at the Resonance rules now that we're out of the testing phase.

Since there's no real interest tonight, we'll try this some other time.
In case any [mist] cleared is reading this, you'd get every Fundamental for free (Encompasing Kinesis+Perceptual), then use level ups to acquire meta+advanced skills.
Will the misties get the opportunity to do some bio-sculpting with the adjustments to their resonant implants?
> Following the rule changes, can [Mist] Agents redistribute spend points?
And, uh, how do they aquire those niche attunements?

So we're gonna be attacking a refugee 'camp'?
Scouting, investigating, poking with sharp sticks, yes. But attacking? Come on, what could there possibly be for us to fight in a tent-city?
Kindly ignore the fact that Agent Eight is currently asleep in my caravan in one of those camps.
File: DailyDepartmentUpdate.png (315 KB, 1240x1754)
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Niche Attunements are a bit tempestous. Since we never know for sure how any specific agent reacts to the imbuement process, sometimes they manifest specific talents. Theoretical Application tends to allow people to experiment in their off hours.

Agent Bees recently
you can probably guess

>Yes, they can re-distribute (and in some cases, have to)
>Haze gets [Custom Job] that allows you to order in a cyber-suite, Mist gets [Niche] that gives a specific bonus or trick. Survive enough missions and something will probably come up, and that's how - survive and then try.
>Metalogicians? I uploaded the wrong file . Oh well, canon now.

I trust you to be capable, Agents. Effecient. Violent, even, but I imagine sending you to fight six point four million people is a bit of a tall order. You'd be out there for a while.

No. We won't. And also if we did, it would be a war crime, a human rights violation and tremendously distasteful. What we will do is find out who is kidnapping people, preferentially why, and then a put a stop it, recover this Teraline and anyone else we can then take it from there.

If you cause enough of a ruckus in the camp you may have to fight. Mostly it's normal people trying to survive. Occasionally its the angry ones with an excess of frustration.

>Can I get any multi-clearance agent reading this to post their stats with a link?
>Multi-clearance being those who went down multiple paths, like [Haze]->[Cloud], right?

Multi-clearance? How do you mean?

Would this do?

Networking: 0
Vitality: 4/4, 4/4, 4/4
Attempt : 2 x 3
Move: 3
Accuracy: 5 (5)
Processing: 5 (5)
Inventory: SMG / SMG / GL
Skill: Node Burner, Nightwisp Cloak, Swarm Code, Wide-Area Network
Program: 2x Orbitalion, DeFrag

Oh, so I have three abilities to choose from?

Did I level up from that one mission I took part in.

You sohuld have, yes

I'll pick [Bio] then, at least one of us should have some healing
No - I meant a multi-level character. But I scrounged up the stats I needed in the archives.

Also, by sheer cosmic accident a couple of things came up out of the blue so this mission is looking a little shakey on the time-table for the moment. Command apologizes.

Yes, you do and yes you did.
*stretching*"Nice place to sleep, I'll have my gear loaded up in about 2-3 hours. Also, I remember Liren speaking about a missing stat point. I'll dump that for Mk III Vit Treatment later."
Hello again, Command.

Would this be a rules-conforming build?
Both stat increases sunk into Atp here.

Clearance H2

Vitality: 10
Attempt : 6
Move: 4
Accuracy: 6
Processing: 6
Skill: Aimbot Corrector MkII, ChamoSkin, HeatTracer
Inventory: to be decided on the mission
"Alright, suited up, and warmed up."
Yes, apologize
Unforesen events means postponement of tonight's mission.
"I'm back from medical ! Did you miss me ? I bet you did ! And I don't come back empty handed too, I stole a ton of crackers from the cafeteria. Also, I got new eyes."

>pull strings with my [Haze 4 clearance] to acquire [Heat Tracer] (mission 6 skill)

Agent Holiday, Clearance level Haze 4
Equip: Chironan Assault R. (dmg 6, [Breach], [Plasma bolt]) Ammo 4 / 4
Vitality: 12 (10+2) Attempt : 8 Move: 3 (4-1) Accuracy: 6 Processing: 7 DR: 2
Inventory: Guided Ammo,
Peacekeeper Handgun (dmg6, silenced, accuracy+1, ammo 4/4), Assault Vest type R (Vit+2, DR2, -1Mov)
Skill: Aimbot Corrector, Reaver Stim, Chironan Disintegrator, Heat Tracer
"Oh well."*shrugs*"Back to sleep!"

Now with the right stats!

>Clearance: 1
Vitality: 10
Move: 4
Attempt: 3
Accuracy: 6
Proc: 5
Res: 0
Special: [Move], [Sense], [Control], [Bio]

>TacShield, +3 DR Front, [Knockback]
>AidInjector 2- +6 VIT, Regen 2 for 2 turns, [Free Activate]
>BlitzStimms - +5 VIT, +2 atp next turn
>Fake Dice - Feedback lessened on [Probalistic] (What do we do with this now?)

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