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Thread LXVII:
Fighting wind to bring this out on time. We'll see how it stands.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: http://pastebin.com/NiQpbS79
Season: Winter

Money: 975
New Backpack - (Sealed)
Kozak Bladesx2
Repeater - Unupgraded

Sasha: Skill list
Ranching +4
Scholar +3
Marsksmanship +5
Natural Ability (Lamia) +3
Intrigue +4
Casting (Draconic+4 Roc+2 Leviathan+3 Troll+1 Elemental+1)
Falconry +1

"Are you sure this is safe?"

"Not in the slightest." Veles says cheerfully, subjecting you to another barrage of examinations as he attempted to scry what is causing your to glimpse other peoples memories. So far, nothing has bore fruit, but you have learned a few 'interesting' things about your draconic heritage. Apparently a dragon can create a mental link with its spawn, reaching out and commanding them nonverbally. This claim was further corroborated by Liama, who mentioned something about an uncle who delves into it years before she was born. The fact that the link was created through a blood pact was of interest to Veles, but your conundrum seemed to be his focus at the moment.

You were surprised when he first ran you through a physical examination. Closely looking at your fangs, claws, spines, and even bone structure, the old snake inspected both you and Liama, who seemed more interested in how Veles worked than the problem you faced. When questioned, he replied that he was just making sure you really were a lamia.
The magical testing was where you got nervous. Inscribing massive rune circles, Veles had both of your step inside one at at a time as he channeled energy into the runes. Feeling pinpricks along your body you suffered through the mystical examination as well as you could, as Veles scribbled away into another one of his journals. Running Liama through the same rune only seemed to confuse him more, and increase the frantic scribbling.

"So what's the prognosis, doc." You say in a feeble attempt at jest as the faint tingle fades.

"On all levels including physical, you appear to be a lamia. Magically, mentally, the rough shape is there. Inside that? Well Sasha, both your and Liama are different from any other of our kin I have run across."

"And how many have you run across?" Liama asks

"Outside of my own brood, ages ago? Not many." He admits. "You two are different from them. I know not if this is bloodline, or if this is how our kind has changed over the years. In other words, I have no idea. I tried what I could and"

>What did you do there, anyway?
>What do you propose we do?
Subtract that 'and' from the last line. That's what I get for editing for space.
>>What do you propose we do?
>What do you propose we do?
"What do you propose we do?" You ask.

"Find someone who knows what's going on."

"That's less than helpful." Liama says, frowning.

"I do not know what to tell you. This is not a thing I have encountered. Mayhaps one of your kind have. Mayhaps the advisors might know a thing or two? They've always seemed to know more than they let on, and I have little knowledge of their workings. But from what I have gathered, things in Casimiran lands are not looking to be on the mend." He says placatingly.

Liama muses out loud, "Well, nobody knows physiology better than Old One. He wrote the books, after all, but last I heard he was in the middle of one of his decade long naps. So that's right out." Ignoring the quizzical look Veles shoots her, she continues. "We could always get the Schola in on this, see if they know anything. They've got copies of the iron books, might know more about the situation. Only thing is getting a mage or archivist down here from the mainland. What with the phoenix issue and all."

"Aren't they holed up in their cave?" You say, confused.

"All the more reason for the nitor to tighten the noose. I imagine they've got what few schola folks working to crack the gateway, in the meantime the reservists have got a blanket blockade on all people in and out of Riverport and Snake's Landing. Can't bear to let the little weasels escape, can they?" She says quickly.

"We could just let it go, I mean it hasn't hurt me yet." You say

"Yet. I remember Mum talking about visions and the like. Warned me about it. Never had it happen myself though. Up to you though." Liama responds.

>The advisors might be our best bet. Any idea how to get an audience with them?
>Freeing up the nitor might shed some light on this. How should we help them?
>Freeing up the nitor might shed some light on this. How should we help them?
Second for "Freeing up the nitor"
File: Snekporado.jpg (243 KB, 1215x717)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
"Freeing up the nitor might shed some light on this. How should we help them?"

She shrugs, "Take out the Phoenix, drop the barrier so the Nitor can make a clean sweep of it. Get inside and take care of the problem for them? Something like that. I dunno."

"Go to war on our terms? Wouldn't that be on a bit questionable?" You ask uncertainly.

"Already did it once. They've obviously got an interest in targeting your ranch. Don't think anyone would argue that point." She says, eyes hardening. "Besides, I had a word with some of Zhou's people. If half of what they say is true, we'd be doing the world a favor."

You turn to Veles. "What about you, think"

"No strong feelings either way, Sasha. The Casimiran being at war causes no end of issue. Thankfully the barrier to the north is down, for I both Dahz and I are hard pressed to find game to the south. However these Phoenix, you call them, have destroyed one of my gateways, and tried to invade my home. I would be more than happy to see them burn for their audacity." Noting the stares, he adds "Of course, just having them gone would be suffice."

Leaving the old snake to tend to his lair, you and Liama head back through the gateway and duck inside the house dragging a passing McCain along with you. Outlining your plan, you wait for him to shoot it down.

"When do you plan on moving on them." He says instead.

You pause at that, "I honestly expected you to object."

"That bastard pretending to be me is with them. If'n he and the kingfisher or whoever this bastard in charge is are working together, they might have had the connection going all the way back to first wood. I'd very much like to find out just how much in cahoots they were." McCain responds.

"Well, we didn't have a timetable right yet. Just figured something should be done."

He nods, "How were you figuring on going about it?"

>Focus on breaching the portal. Let the nitor have at them.
>Try and take them out ourselves.
>>Focus on breaching the portal. Let the nitor have at them.
>Focus on breaching the portal. Let the nitor have at them.
Going to go with this
File: lamiabrarian.jpg (67 KB, 500x568)
67 KB
"Focus on breaching the portal. Let the nitor at them." You decide. You'd been torn, Veles and McCain both really want to get at the phoenix soldiers, but thats not your business. Leave it to the nitor to handle what they were trained for.

"How'd you propose on getting through it? Schola's been at it for some time now, no progress if Corporal Red is to be believed." He asks skeptically

"They don't have Veles."

"Point." McCain concedes, "So I figure the best way would be to go to Keel himself, which means getting a runner to him then getting to wherever he's set up discretely, yeah?"

"Seems like a plan yeah."

"How soon did you want to go after these buggers, we've still got work on the bunkhouse, and the fellas we pulled out of their camp still gotta get settled in. And whoever we got goin' there ain't gonna be here, obviously. So we'll have to split who we've got between the ranch and goin' up into the swamps. Be sure to think on that, lemme know what you have in mind. I'll take care of the rest."

With that, McCain steps back out into the cold. Mulling over his words in your mind, you try and plan out what you're going to do. Heading upstairs you slip into your father's old study. Easing into the chair, you pull out some paper and an old fountain pen. Figuring its best you work out the specifics of what you had in mind in detail. Try not to wing it like you've been doing. Only can get lucky so many times after all.

>What do?
>Wait for the refugees to get properly settled in
>Wait for the bunkhouse to be completed.
>Other Time?
>Specify who you want with you.
>Any additional strategy?
>>Wait for the refugees to get properly settled in
Hmm, who...maybe Artyom
File: 1234966087647.jpg (148 KB, 650x805)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Just Artyom? Or were there other people you wanted to bring along. Leaving this open as possible so folks get full say on how to go about it.
I think McCain is with us by default And Tai isn't much of a fighter, right?
Not to your knowledge.
What would the party looks like anyway? Liamia/Veles/McCain and us+whoever we pick?
Only thing set in stone as going right now is you.

If you want it to be Liama/Veles/McCain+whoever you'll have to say so.

Since this is a multi part choice I am going to leave it open for a while to answer questions and such.
This works. No one else seems suited for closecombat
Is that with or without Artyom.
Apologies, 4chan wouldn't update for a bit there.
without, caves aren't his strong suit
The repetitive scratching of the pen serves as a relaxation as you draft out a battle plan. You figure that it'd be best if you wait until Zhou and the rest of the survivors are settled in and on the mend. While you know Tai and Marie are up to the challenge of taking care of the ranch, you'd rather they have help for the time you're gone. Tai seems to get on well enough with the beastfolk and Marie can deal with Tatiana and Artyom in your place you figure. Artyom's right out. You never really saw him fight, but someone of that size in caves is a recipe for disaster.

You spend quite some time figuring out who you want to go with you. You figure Veles is a must, his insight into magic will be essential for breaking that barrier and he seemed enthusiastic about sticking it to the people who tried to invade his home. Speaking of incentive, McCain is going as well. Your foreman is a rock, and it helps he's got a personal stake in this. You just hope that the false 'Two Hands' McCain hasn't slipped away again. Since Liama's been hired on to keep your ranch safe from the Phoenix, she'd be a good candidate to see it through as well. The shadows can stay here and secure the ranch. In any case, you've not seen hide nor hair on anyone wanting to cause trouble around here for some time now. It being so cold you can't blame them.

You finish drafting up your battle plan and set it aside, waiting for McCain and the rest of finish up their chores and come in for the night. Over dinner, you hand him the plans, watching him go over it with approval. "I dunno if you planned it Miss, but you're sending three lamia after a group of phoenix. That is prolly their worst nightmare." He says with barely concealed mirth. With that McCain passes the news on. You only hope Marie and Tai don't fight over leadership while your gone. All that's left to do is wait, and hope things go well.
File: SashaPls.jpg (71 KB, 960x1280)
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Gonna pause here. Winds are picking up and there's a storm rolling in tonight. As always, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.
thanks for the thread

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