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You fools! You let it be archived!

>(Unification) Fought under another Dynasty's Nemersor.
>Served under and betrayed a C'Tan of Forgotten Name.
>Hated Enemies with the Tau.
>Insane God-Killers who believe the War in Heaven still yet rages. They wish to eliminate all Gods. Even Gork 'N Mork!
>They have lived for untold millenia and have lost more than Man can remember. Now they are the stewards of the galaxy and it is their responsibility to guide the young children so that they cannot make the same mistakes. Forcibly, if necessary.
>Favored Conversion Subject is Tau
>Necrontyr Political role was Construction, favoring Scarabs, Spyders, and Wraiths
>Military Might was Spyders, Scarabs and Wraiths.
>Double result means we are OBSESSED with Spyders, Scarabs, and Wraiths.
>Political Maneuvering with other Necrons: Backstabbing!
>We serve(d?) under the Sautekh Dynasty.
>Our Hero was a Violent Spy who died in The War in Heaven.
>Our Tomb World was inhabited by Tau.
>Our Technological Wonder is the Astral Bridger, allows ships to move between systems incredibly fast, granting us unparalelled mobility.

Tables used:


We are the Rapak'Eth Dynasty, and our Phareon's name is Ramz'Ka, "The Great Leader"

We wish to slay all gods, down to the very mention of them, and unite the galaxy under our own version the the "Greater Good", and guide the younger races under our godless dominion.

Our color scheme is an inverted version of the Sautekh Dynasty colors, with Gold bodies and Silver ornamentation, with the Green remaining unchanged.
What do we need to fluff out?
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363 KB JPG
This is our color scheme someone in the Drawthread shopped for our Dynasty.

Some topics:
>What sort of combat tactics would they use?
Something most likely involving massive amounts of Scarabs, Wraiths, and Spyders, possibly swarming the enemy with extreme numbers of them?

>Do they still serve under the Sautekh, or have they broken away, to create their own empire, and unite everyone under them?

>How do they treat their enemies? Allowing them to surrender and live under their rule, or something else?
How about that before the great sleep they were like a puppet state for the Sautehk dynasty?
They where left alone (mostly) but the Sautehk's made all the bigger choices for them. This might had bee nwhat lead to the formation of the spy/assassin hero.
Really, I'd just like to flesh them out, make them something special, but not snowflake-special. Revisions and re-writes can always be made.

Like say, perhaps the name of the C'Tan they betrayed's name is forgotten, because they destroyes all evidence of it, such was their hatred for gods and god-like beings?
I like that. Their backstabbing political maneuvering would also make sense like that, removing the Nobles and Lords who got in their way, allowing them to rise up in power, as well.
Maybe a few political backstabbs was needed in order for this dynasty to build it's astral bridges all across the galaxy (or just over a large area)
And as Builders, they would probably have been granted permission to do so, if it meant having what was needed to be built get built faster, and for when they needed permission to do so, a new Lord or Noble that was friendly or favorig them was mysteriously promoted and allowed them to.
Are there any ruins of them left on their home world? Besides the tomb itself?
Hmmm... They woke up in M38, with their tomb world inhabited by Tau, though lore states that the Tau first met Necrons in M41? Perhaps they woke early, and slew all the Tau on their Tomb World in able to keep their awakening secret?

Sorry for taking so long, had to take my dog on a walk.
Here are some ideas:
>What's the planet like when we lived on it?
>What is the planet now in M41?
>Who else has coem and gone during our sleep?
Yeah, 902 M41 was when the Tau first met them, and were harvested after they helped defeat a Tyranid Hive fleet.

I do like the idea that they slew all the Tau on their Tomb World before they could call for help. Perhaps it was all at once with massive swarms of Scarabs and such, causing the Tau on the Tomb World to believe that they were ancient defense systems or somesuch?

The Tau on the planet could have also been an expeditionary force, further away from other Tau?
>What's the Planet like when we lived on it?
Hmmm... Possibly a jewel in our empire, where we went forth and built great marvels of technology?

>What is the Planet now in M41?
Our home and base of operations, after we slew and harvested the Tau who had made their home their, not allowing them to send word of us, as we wished to remain secret for now.

>Who else has come and gone during our sleep?
I'm not sure about this one.

I'm going to be honest and say that I'm not as well versed in Necron lore as I'd like to be. Anyways, sorry for taking so long again.
bumping for OP..
I'm still here, and was about to bump myself, actually.

I still am not sure what to fluff, as I'm both somewhat new to 40k, and completely new to necrons.

But I really want to fluff these guys, however.
Ok, let's start with an easy thing to fluff out:
>How big was thier realm/dynasty?
Let's say that they were a small Dynasty, which is why they served under the Sautekh, in exhange for protection.
What should we call pur version of the Greater Good?

I suggest "The Great Plan" or something like it.
"The Great Works" maybe?
I like the sound of that.

So their plan is to harvest the Tau, and unite all the younger races under their guidance, with no gods, only them as their masters?
I'm getting a Benevolent Master sort of feel to these guys, basically, you surrender and submit, and they'll gladly rule over you, and spread their guidance.

How about slavery but big brother style? Basically, they eliminate all traces of Tau civilisation and just enslave them/ keep them as pets for the amusement of the Necron Overlord
Yeah, I'm up for that, but for the different factions, as the Tau are our Hated Enemy and Favored Conversion Subject.
Since we're obsessed with the Spyders, Wraiths, and Scarabs, I suggest that our main formations be Canoptek Harvest, and Retribution Phalanx. Probably others too, but those are the ones I can name from the top of my head.

Any necron superweapons you want them to have?
I don't know. You got any suggestions? I'd love to hear from other Anons.
Okay let's hint at the C'tan they betrayed to be
Iash'uddra, The Endless Swarm.

Their necron superweapon armory include a transcendent C'tan shard of the above mentioned and grants a hugely significant boost to nearby scarabs and command over nanomachine swarms (Which they must be careful of, considering the C'tan will more than often try to break free whenever it is being used) and a small unpowered Aeonic orb.

They have a relatively small necron fleet that is capable of going toe-to-toe with any of the fleets in the sector and win.
I like it. Their Astral Bridger would also allow their fleet to prepare for enemies faster than they could think of as well, allowing them to catch them off-guard and mercilessly strike them down.
They could pull Oldcron tricks as well such as utilising mindshackle scarabs to infiltrate and take over the ruling elite of the planet and its military. Utilising the meatbags to quash any resistance to their rule.
That could also fit in with "The Great Works" thing we have going, have their mind-controlled leaders lower their defenses and such, then all of a sudden, Necrons out of nowhere demanding surrender!

So likely in additional to their native Necron fleet, they will also have auxillary ships from many different races they have enslaved. This will be their meatshields in the event of conflict.
Your glorious quads have been checked!

Yeah, this is a great idea!

The 'great works' sounds a bit too... unnatural for me.

Can we call the process, 'The Reshaping'?
I like that. Rolls off the tongue better too, honestly.
So I've been reading up on Spyders, Scarabs, and Wraiths, and I've found out that they're used for construction and repairs, which is pretty cool, honestly.
Their ultimate goal is to unify all life (Including Necron) under their rule.

Like an Egyptian Theocracy, they will forcibly 'reshape' the beliefs of every sentient being towards them as 'gods' and their Phaeron .
Yeah, I like this a lot.

Perhaps after more than a few generations, they ease up on the mind control scarabs, as subservience to them is literally all they would know by then? Thereby giving them a modicum of false free will?
Perhaps they seek to destroy the upstart tau because one of their crypteks has foreseen (correctly or not) that an embodiment of the greater good will become a new warp god aeons from now.
Shit sorry about the name, I was trying to see if they worked during April fools'.
Huh, that seems reasonable, especially since you said:
>(correctly or not)
Which is good, because the Tau have almost no Warp signature.

But then couldn't we just justify it in that we'd want to harvest them because of that? There's also the fact that they're our favored conversion subject.

Perhaps a mix of both reasons?

Maybe that's what they say in public, but what they really want is a justification of harvesting the Tau, not that they need one.
Nah, they didn't work during April Fools. It's fine though, namefags are cool with me.
Another question to ask is how they interact with the other two dynasties in the sector. I can't see them being on speaking terms with the Ra'thekt dynasty, and the other one is only just starting to wake up.
Did we ever agree if this Dynasty was in the sector?

But if so, I'd need to read up on them to get a picture of how they operate, or at least a summary.

Basically they are omnicidal, practically hostile to necrons who did not submit to their 'rule'
Yeah, I can agree with this.

>"The first step in 'The Reshaping' is to unify all life under our banner. Then we shall have far more than enough power to end the War in Heaven, destroy the C'Tan, and destroy all these other 'Gods'. We shall reshape their ideals to match ours, and guide them, for the younger races know not of the galaxy as we do, as our ancestors did. Our mistakes will not be theirs, whether they know it or not."

They are our favored because they are the first sentients that we encountered and the ones easiest to control because of their centralisation of power.

Once the Necrons control the Ethereal, the Tau are basically under their control.
I must agree with you, for you have double dubs.

But yeah, it sounds good to me.

Let me edit it for you to make it sound more Necron

>> 'The first step in 'The Reshaping' is to unify all life under our control. Then we shall have enough power to end the non-logics of the Immaterium and loosen the grip of the deluded ones.

>>To this end, We shall reshape the worlds of the living, and adopt them under the tenets of ancient Necrontyr culture.

>>The children of the old ones know not of the galaxy as we did. We'll end their the sickening meddlings of the old ones and the galaxy will be in control of the Immortal God-Phaeron, Ramza' Ka! Unknown Vox transmission terminated*
That sounds pretty awesome.
But wouldn't they be anti-god, due to believing that the War in Heaven still rages? Or is it more like this is part of the damage recieved during awakening?

Either way it's awesome.

You misspelled his name, however. It's Ramz'Ka, not Ramza'Ka. Sorry if that sounded rude.


They refer to the C'tan and other warp gods (They alrdy had experience with warp entities when they fought the Eldar and the 'old ones' during the War in Heaven) as 'deluded ones' because for warp gods, they alrdy know of their true nature as 'psychic' constructs dependent on the living.

For C'tan, they regarded them 'deluded' because they think to command/control the Necron race, forgetting who is the master and who gave them their metallic skins.
Alright, that makes sense. It's some good reasoning.

Ye spelled it wrong again, friend.

Hmmm... What should we focus on now?
So we're Fedora Necrons, complete with nothing personel kid teleport behind you wraiths?
Dang it, Anon. You made me laugh.
The Great Work sounds good.

There are certain real life associations you can draw inspiration from, being builders and all...
That's pretty cool. But I thought we agreed on changing it to The Reshaping?

Either one is fine with me, however.

The reshaping sounds better. The 'Great Work' doesn't really flow well and sounds too noblebright for our necron faction.
File: Ramz'Ka.jpg (116 KB, 615x664)
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116 KB JPG
mfw I've been using Ramz'Ka as the Necron hero in TLS. He's as savage as you describe him to be, already beated it. Yes, without using that glitched never-dying loadout, 'cause necrons are the tanks of tanks.
>sounds too noble bright

Of course it *sounds* noble, that's the point
Could someone make the colour scheme for necron warriors, What parts would be black?, the middle torso. the shoulders?, what else?
Forgot to take off name from when /v/ was trying to find Anthony Burch
Ha! That's great! You just need to make his ornamentations on him the usual Silver color and it'll be perfect!

Nah mate, the entire body is gold. The shoulders on the Elites are silver, however, and on the Overlords, their Ornamentations are Silver.

I feel like namefagging now.
File: image.jpg (60 KB, 420x336)
60 KB
File: Ramz'Ka.jpg (122 KB, 641x675)
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122 KB JPG
Those are his Resurrection Orb shoulders. His tesseract ones are grey. It's merely how the game depicts that particular item.
File: Necron_Warriors_09.jpg (95 KB, 1024x675)
95 KB
So? pic related
That's pretty sweet. Only difference is that our Dynasty uses the regular green.

Ah, I see. It's pretty sweet. If you could make the cape silver as well then it would be perfect.
Does this dynasty have a court of somekind?
Mmmmmuhh lady
I'm no sure I understand the question.

Anyways, what should we call our Crownworld?
File: Ramz'Ka.jpg (131 KB, 688x700)
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131 KB JPG
Metalic silver is as silver as it goes
That's exactly what I wanted to see. Great job, Anon!

Let's have them differentiate themselves from the other Necrons by having a fully-functioning Necron Court with Necron Lords/ladies etc.

We call our crownworld,
Xolotl (God of lightning and death)
or Nephthys
I'll agree to that.

Seeing as I have mo idea on how to pronounce Xolotl, how about Atropos?
Original name and Tau name?
Necron: Rlethya (kinda like Rlyeth, because Spyders, Scarabs and Wraiths. Also, RRR)
Your welcome.

'Atropos was the one who chose the mechanism of death and ended the life of mortals by cutting their thread with her "abhorred shears'

Pretty fitting
File: gold necrons.jpg (271 KB, 1870x690)
271 KB
271 KB JPG

YOu mean something like this for common Necron?
Reverse that, and it'd be correct

Fitting indeed!
Since this Dynasty were primarily Builders when it came to Necrontyr politics, as well as their Military Might being centered around Scarabs, Wraiths, and Spyders, perhaps one of the reasons they woke up early in M38 is because their Tombworlds were built to perfection, even by Necron standards?

Either that or they were left undisturbed in this backwater of a sector
I'd say it was that, since our Tomb World was inhabited by Tau when we woke up.

I'll be going to bed soon, keep the thread going, if it dies, make a new one and continue discussion there, please.
Threads are now Archived in Suptg.

>Thread 1:

This thread will be archived in about an hour or so when the site lets me do it.
Alright, archived this thread.



Don't let this thread die.

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