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News report:

A sudden calm has overtaken the Great Interior Desert as multiple combatants collectively agree to a cease fire. With less than a week before the Security Council’s deadline it seems that the nations fighting in the desert have decided to end the conflict with a diplomatic solution. Representatives from countries in the region are meeting in Anuncia’s capital for peace talks. As of yet there have been no official statements from the conference but so far the situation seems to be going according to the predictions of leading experts.


Political Pundit: “For most of the nation’s surrounding the desert it’s not in their interest to have the IF swoop in and turn it into another special administrative region, not with all the valuable resource rich ground they’ve gained. If it weren’t for the IF’s ultimatum we’d see this conflict go on indefinitely, but I think the parties involved realise that they’ve had their chance to fight it out and now it’s time to negotiate before they lose it all.”

In other news one of the Bi-forst network’s satellites has burned up in the atmosphere after a critical thruster malfunction. This is not the first time a satellite has fallen out of the sky and many are expressing concern over the network’s reliability. In response the IF has scheduled more maintenance flights from the Monus Space Center.
Sssh, hush the lot of you. This is important stuff.

Ah, remember the desert? Good old times.
File: Complete_Ruleset.jpg (1.89 MB, 2254x3192)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
((Welcome to the Mecha Mercs Skirmish Campaign.

This is a tactical turn based collective game where each player takes on the role of a mech pilot. As the campaign progresses the players will accumulate a supply of resources which can be used to build up a persistent pool of mechs and equipment, but watch out! If your pilot dies you could lose it all and be forced to start again with an inferior mech.

Right now we are currently in a Hanger thread where the players can talk shop, ask the QM questions and take time to upgrade their mechs before the game progresses.

I am currently accepting up to two new players, if you wish to join choose a quick start build in the pic. (First come first served.)

If existing players could please re-post your transactions from the previous thread I would find that really helpful.

QM twitter: https://twitter.com/CognisQM

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=cognis
(Scroll to the bottom)

Player Resources: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0ByBa8MyYxN52WXBaSGRiNHZlaG8))
File: Today's_Mechs.jpg (1.57 MB, 4460x1432)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Mech list has been updated with the Guye.Co catalog in all it's bombastic glory.
I have a question. What happens if someone disrupts the IF from flying missions from the Monus Space Center?

I imagine reliability of their Bifrost network is a pretty big deal; we sort of need it for... everything.

Oh and how are the Quadus' hanging on? With the militarized presence in the are shifting into the "steal as much land as possible and claim it's always been hours" phase of military conflict resolution, I like to imagine our little stint at the frontlines did them some good.

Did we ever send that bottle of whiskey of captain Firat? Hm, remind me to get on that again.
File: Current Equipment List.jpg (658 KB, 1945x1046)
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658 KB JPG

Cable Guy: "Qadrus has managed to maintain the integrity of it's borders and then some, partly due to our efforts of course, but we were a small part of a much larger battle front. Their position at the negotiating table is precarious. On the one hand their military probably couldn't hold out in a prolonged campaign against their neighbors, but they could flip the table by refusing to agree to terms and forcing the IF's hand. Captain Firat sends his thanks, and his condolences for our fallen comrade."
Yeah, I miss Wendigo to Mr. Kerry.
He was a sport.

Well, I guess the rest of the team will be along shortly. They likely want to salivate all over all this GuyeCo gear.

Oh, I was wondering about this - Recon Drones share lock ons for their master mech. Do master mechs share lock ons for drones? I'm operating the controller if they're on me, so I imagine transmitting targetting data isn't impossible.
>Wondering if Mech Lock Ons share with Drones controlled by the mech

I've this faint tingling sensation in the palm of hands and I'm almost, almost certain something bad is coming down the pipeline. It seems a little too neat for the greatest ressource rush of this century to be simply solved at the conference table.
File: Pilot_Classes_V1_3.jpg (808 KB, 2041x2058)
808 KB
808 KB JPG

The Chief: "Something's not right. This is not just another minor upset in the general era of peace we've been having. It could just be an old woman's paranoia, but I suspect this desert war is but a prelude to something greater."

Cable Guy: "Oh come on Chief you're not that old. You're only-"


The Chief: "Oh dear James, you seem to have fallen over. The hanger technicians can be so careless with how they run the wires sometimes."
File: Company Support Assets3.jpg (911 KB, 2413x1110)
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911 KB JPG
((It doesn't work both ways. Recon Drones are special in that the whole point of them is to lock on to targets for you. They are specially designed for it. Other drones don't have their fire control systems set up for target sharing in the absence of a tac-net hub.))

Cable Guy: “With the deadline approaching everything has gone dead, no jobs on the Noblesse board, nothing from our contacts in the desert. It’s eerily quiet… and there’s something else. Recently I was approached in secret by two separate individuals. They both handed me a job offer for the 3C on separate flash drives. The intel team tell me the encryption on those things is beyond anything they’ve ever seen. If it weren’t for the keys provided we wouldn’t even be able to crack them. I’ll but the briefings up on screen for you.”
File: XCOM-EU_The_Council.jpg (23 KB, 519x259)
23 KB
Mysterious Contractor: “Hello Commander. I represent a group of individuals who have a vested interest in making sure the current global situation… develops in a certain way. We have a job that we require done discretely, you see we have received intelligence of a plot to launch an attack on a black site within the Republic of Zanvra. This attack must fail. This mission will involve deploying in the heart of Zanvran territory, details will be forthcoming should you accept. Of course I can assure you that you will be very well compensated for your efforts.”

IF Spokesman: “Greetings Commander. You did a decent job securing that dirty bomb for us so the security council feels confident in assigning you a more delicate (and lucrative task.) There’s a rogue mech on the loose within the Protectorate of Sotldir. It’s an experimental model with some very dangerous strategic capabilities. This thing has been a massive pain in our ass and after months of searching we’ve managed to pin point it’s location. However with the current situation being what it is we can’t act directly. Yes this is a black operation, we will officially disavow any involvement but rest assured you will be paid very well for your troubles.

Choose next mission:

Protect the Zanvran Black Site:
>Enemies are a small well equipped elite mech unit. Weak Initial Zanvran presence, they will consider you enemies too. Mech recovery not possible, no salvage. Very high payout.

Destroy the Rogue Experimental Mech
>Enemies are the experimental mech and escort units. Said mech is very dangerous. Mech recovery not possible, no salvage. High payout.
Hey Chuck, IIRC I owe you one. So what do you need. (If you don't need anything that's fine too, I could do with Elite Training)

And Tragedy, there's no hard feelings between us I hope. I don't think you're a coward, just less death defying than some pilots.
I'd add a wink there but that would seem condescending wouldn't it?
That's what I thought, thank you. And please put them on screen, Mr. Kerry.

I guess this is where my itching palms fit into the picture. Encrypted files, backroom deals, hush hush.
==Company Stash==
>If you have Gear from the Stash that you will not be using, please return it by linking to this post and stating that you are doing so.
1x HK Missile [Horst]
1x EMP Missile [Malek]
1x Demo Charge [Gunman]
2x HMP [BludHawk]
1x ECM Pod [BludHawk]
1x Jump Jets [Sparebits]
1x Stiletto Targetting Suite [Horst]
1x Ablative Armor [Gunman]
Total value: 12 credit / 2 CompanyCredit

HP 12 DEF 12
ECCM 16 [Counter Hack] SR 16
MV 4
Right Arm: CoDr Control [1]
Left Arm: CoDr Control [1]
Legs: Jump Jets [1]
Torso: Active Scanner[1], Tacnet Hub[2], ECCM Pod [1]
Credits: 0
Skills: Hardened System, Redline [1]
Wasp 1 & 2
HP 4 & 4
Def 12 & 12
ECM 8 & 8
Sr 10 & 10
Mv 6 & 6
Smart Gun, Longbow Pod (3)&(3)
Credits: 19
You know how I am, I say we go for the highest bidder.
Or whatever our leader Sparebits decides to do.
Personally, the Zanvran Black Site mission interests me the most.
I'm curious about that experimental Mech,
and "Mysterious Contractor"s scare me more than large calibre armor piercing shells. But if you want to go for the bigger payday I can understand that.
You'll have to live with me saying "I told you so" when the black site job goes sour because "Mr. X" didn't tell us everything though.

Oh and, I won't need the Demo Charge anymore I think.
>place demo charge in stash

=Martyr Maker=
>Martyr Count: 8
Chassis: Cobra
Armor: Ablative
HP: 14/10+4
RA: Anti-Mech Rifle
Body: Stiletto Targeting Suite
Credits: 32
>Not actually a repost, but it tried to be.
Ah, Command, you clearly misread my paperwork. I'm quite certain I wrote:
>+1Cred to Malek, 33-2=31.
> Purchase Guidance Disruptor -5
> Purchase [Ma]rksman Training -20
Remaining Cred: 6 (or 8, if Malek refuses)

Updated Stats:
-=Angry Anole=-
RA: Mortar - Rng10, RoF1, Dmg8, Crit2, Pen20, Indirect, Blast2, Slow
LA: Heavy Mech Pistolx2 - Rng4, RoF2, Dmg2, Crit1, Pen20, Solid, Link
Torso: Guidance Disruptor - Guided weapons must roll against Def to hit, Delicate Electronics
Legs: N/A
Armor: Adaptive Camo Plating - Stealth 8, +2 Def in Cover, Delicate Electronics
Cred: 6
Skills: Gunner, Marksman
Deaths: 1

> Skill and Company Resource suggestions.
Currently the assault advance is the only tree that does not get a bonus to succeed on their preferred "attack" option. I suggest adding a +1 to hit for Point Blank, similar to the +2 that was added to Ambush.

As an upgrade to the Redline mod: Overdrive - once per mission pilots can Overdrive their mech's servos and processors, and the cost of a subsequent cool-down/restart period. Gain an additional action for one turn, lose one action next turn. Cost: 60 Cred? 40?

> Update for New Pilot Sheet
Add the first ring of skills, pick one
Add pick two: Camel-hair Jacket, Stale Caramel Chews, Camel Plushie-or-Bobblehead, Hassan's Camel Choir (bootleg audio disk). (These do nothing.)
I'm fine with how point blank is, I don't mind an upgrade.
Honestly I feel the [CQ]C skill could be better as it seems highly situational.
Meanwhile, point blank just tears through anything 4 hexes up close.
> I suggest adding a +1 to hit for Point Blank.

>CQC not good enough.

Hmm.. maybe I'll give the hit bonus to CQC instead of point blank...

The main thing I was going for with the Assault tree was a choice between offensive and defensive capabilities at close range. The point is you want to get in close to the enemy.

I should be fine right now, I'll just be doing math until I build my next mech.
You can equip a nimbus with 2*2 smart guns, lock on for free with [Ta]rget Aquisition, and fire them for free with Automated [Ag]gresion right?
You can use your two actions for a new lock or whatever else.
Yes. And it's instant 16 damage at range 5. It's quite handy.
That was the original plan, but now I'm gonna have to say that you can only get one free action out of the skills in the EW tree. Things get potentially stupid otherwise, especially with the amount of missiles some people are packing.

So you can lock on for free and shoot ONE pair of smart guns for free.
Huh, tough calls on those. I've been reviewing the Corps' archives lately, and it seem we do better on defensive actions than we do on assaults, but with the Zanvranni considering us as hostiles that mission feels more like a two-front assault than a defence. On the other hand, we suffered a near 30% loss of units to a group without any mechs, are we ready to go after the cutting edge?

Although, on the other foot as it were, both of these missions might benefit from some discrete actions on our end. We could, potentially, reach out to the commander of this black site, explain the situation. If we're careful in wording and deployment, he may see reason. Or we could bluff him into thinking we are unexpected back-up by waiting until the invaders have engaged the defenses before we act. Riskier, depending on how fast the attackers can blitz the defenders, but it should let us blindside both groups.

As for the expiremental mech, my ideas would depend on the IF not explicitly ordering its destruction, and the pilot not being a monster.

CG, you hear anything about this mech? Or know much about Zanvran military doctrine?

>On an unrelated note, I'm at mission 4 with the document, and holy shit we ask a lot of dumb questions (and some not-dumb ones)
File: GuyeCo_Mech_Stats.jpg (420 KB, 1113x1114)
420 KB
420 KB JPG

DESU I feel obligated to answer any questions based on rules clarifications. It's not fair to expect you guys to play the game without understanding how things work. Especially in situations where the rules interact in a way I never thought of.


Haxton Sale Guye: "It's been brought to my attention that some customers think the Batman is not good enough. I think those customers are a bunch of pussies if 18 whole hit points aren't enough for them but since I'm such a generous Guye I've had my engineers increase the Batman's hit points to 20, and as an added bonus upped the electrobat's penetration by 1. But I can't offer such great value for nothing. The price of the Pugilist's powerfist and chainsaw has been upped to 6 since they're just too good to be selling for less.
A few adjustments to the sheet. And changing my specialization

>51 Monies to start with
>Batman -15 Creds
>Ablative Armour -2 Creds
>RA: Electro Bat + Melee Sub-Processor -7 Creds
>LA: Blast Shield + Harpoon -6 Creds
>Torso: Guidance Disruptor - 5 Creds
>16 Monies left.


>Quietly fist pump to self.


16 Monies
Mech Cost: 35

=The Regulator=
-Ablative Armour-
HP: 24/24
Def: 8
EDef: 8
Sensor: 6
Move: 4
RA: Electro Bat, Melee Sub-Processor
LA: Blast Shield, Harpoon
Torso: Guidance Disruptor
Legs: N/A
Extra: Redundant Sub-system
"Voting for the first one. I'm sorry, I like working with the IF, but it's my personal policy never to get involved with something that sounds like a goddamn milk run but has the biggest military player on the field outsourcing for goddamn BLACK OPS."'

"Seriously, only ONE MECH? And they're hiring a merc group that deploys in members of 8-15? Does that not sound suspicious as fuck to everyone here?"

Let's go after the single mech. We've already taken a stance with how we're doing our missions and people want to go with the unknown contractor?

Plus being shot at by one thing is a lot better then potentially two entire sides.
For once, I agree with you Hetros.
Sure the first mission is a little shady.
But the IF is getting shadier by the second.
How does the Sat Comm Jammer work?
I assume that enemies lose an action if they are within range at any point during their turn. Which I why I was going to say:

A real Gentleman eh?
Let me pay you back in opportunities to wreck fools then.

>Uninstal borrowed Ablative Armor
>Uninstall Kill count Board
>Sell the "Martyr Maker" for 11

>Respec to [E-Ta] for 5

>Buy the "Mark 2r Maker" (Name may be changed) for 38
>Install Kill Count Board
>Install borrowed Ablative Armor

=Mark 2r Maker= (Name may be changed)
>Martyr count: 8
Chassis: Nimbus (15)
HP: 18/14+4
Def: 10
EDef: 12
Sen: 12
Mov: 4

Body: SatCom Jammer (8)
RA: 1 HK Missile Pod (3) 1 Longbow Missile Pod (4)
LA: 2 Longbow Missile Pods (8)

Credits: 0
>If someone donates one credit I'll replace the HK Missile Pod with another Longbow.

The Sat Comm Jammer will force your enemies to choose between running and fighting back and the missiles take care of pesky snipers.
Sat Comm Jammer only works on mechs, but yes they lose their remaining action if they move into range of the jammer. However if they use both actions to move into range of the jammer then nothing happens immediately, but if they begin their turn in range of the jammer then they only get one action.

I vote for the second mission. I'd rather help the IF than Zanvra, personally.

As for my last payout.
Crocodile (12)
2 x LZ (8)
Ablative Armor (2)
Stiletto Targeting Sweet (3)
Thruster Array (4)
Smoke Launcher (2)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Jormungandr! I'll hand back all the gear I borrowed back to the company, and pass off my starter mech to our next lucky contestant.

Also leaves 1 whole Credit for my own patented get-drunk-quick scheme!
I cannot be everywhere.
>Give back JumpJet to Company Stash.

The fact that I cannot be everywhere *annoys* me.
But I know how I can almost be everywhere.
>Sell Stratus, Sell Active Scanner, Sell ECCM
>-15+5+4=24, 24*.75 = 18.
>-18+19 credits = 37.

You see, I've learned as a CO
>Buy Nimbus
>Buy 2x ECCM Drones
>Buy Sensor Pod
>-37 = 0 Credits.

It's important to have eyes everywhere you go.

HP 14 DEF 10
ECCM 12 SR 16
MV 4
Right Arm: CoDr Control [1], EcDr Control [1]
Left Arm: CoDr Control [1], EcDr Control [1]
Torso: Tacnet Hub[2], Sensor Pod [1]
Credits: 0
Skills: EW-Specialist Redline [1]
IC A & B | Blackhat A & B
HP 4 & 4 | 4 & 4
Def 12 & 12 | 12 & 12
ECM 8 & 8 | 14 & 14
Sr 10 & 10 | 12 & 12
Mv 6 & 6 | 6 & 6
Smartgun, Longbow Pod (3)&(3)
Smartgun, ECCM Pod [CounterHack]
*rubs head* was I dead?
>seriously, thefuck just happened?
Returning stilleto suite

Returning ECM Pod + 2 Mech Pistols
Purchase commando tier 2 stealth -20 creds
New balance -€10
Purchase [WM]: -15
Purchase Thruster Array: -4
Purchase 2x (PI): -2
Purchase 2x Demo Charge: -4
SubTotal: -25
Cred Left: 0

>Equipment Adjustments:
Mount all recent purchases on [WM]
--Remove from [CBR]Revenant and mount on [WM]:
Stiletto Targeting Suite
Smoke Launcher
Ablative Armour

Dub [WM]Haros


Pilot: "Tragedy"
Assault Skills:
=> Tactical Advance (Can combine a Move and Shoot action)
=> Point [Bl]ank {+1 Damage, +2 Crit within 4 Hexes} **

Cred: 0
Loan: 0


[WM] : "Haros"
HP - 18/14+4* - - - Current: 18/18
Def 10
Sensor 8
Move 6/5(+1***) - Jump
* Ablative Armor: +4HP

=> Lower Torso:
- Thruster Array***
(Mov:+1, Jump)
=> Center Torso:
- Stiletto Targetting Suite *
1x {Crit Dmg:+1, Pen +2}

=> Right Arm
- Twin Linked Mech Pistols
2x {Rng: 4, RoF: 3, Dmg: 2/1(+1**), Crit: 4/1(+1*+2**), Pen: 18/20(-2*)}
- Demo Charge
1x {Rng: 4, RoF: 1, Dmg: 11/10(+1**), Crit: 6/3(+2**+1*), Pen: 17/19(-2*), Mag: 1}

=> Left Arm
- Smoke Launcher
1x {Creates an area of dense smoke that blocks LoS, Mag: 2}
- Demo Charge
1x {Rng: 4, RoF: 1, Dmg: 11/10(+1**), Crit: 6/3(+2**+1*), Pen: 17/19(-2*), Mag: 1}


[Cobra] : "Revenant"
HP - 10 - - - Current: 10/10
Def 12
Sensor 10
Move 4

=> Center Torso:

=> Right Arm
- Twin Linked Heavy Mech Pistols
2x {Rng: 4, RoF: 2, Dmg: 3/2(+1**), Crit: 4/1(+1*+2**), Pen: 20(18*)}

=> Left Arm
- Twin Linked Heavy Mech Pistols
2x {Rng: 4, RoF: 2, Dmg: 3/2(+1**), Crit: 4/1(+1*+2**), Pen: 20(18*)}
>And Tragedy, there's no hard feelings between us I hope. I don't think you're a coward, just less death defying than some pilots.
>I'd add a wink there but that would seem condescending wouldn't it?

Tragedy fixed Gunman with a cold stare before replying, "I'll think about it."
Updating callsign.

>im gunna get the cirrus asap(though I think for a glass cannon its max DMG potential is only 14 on a charge(buff it plezzz)) the potential to be unhittable on a run is just too good.
Last spam I promise
Buy camo knitlite exclusive armor and crossbow
Remaining balance €2
File: You_want_WHAT_now.jpg (67 KB, 335x205)
67 KB
>(though I think for a glass cannon its max DMG potential is only 14 on a charge(buff it plezzz))
>Horst watches the exchange from a distance, his brow furrowed, he spends a few heartbeats pondering with a scratch of his beard before putting on his best genuine 'disarming' smile and walking up to the two cold pilots and wrapping his rather heavy arms around each of their shoulders respectively, beaming down at the smaller warriors, his eyes unreadable
"Hey now, there's no way to behave with comrade and kin now is it?
C'mon, thinks its about time we went and got slammed, what's that gunman, Yer buying?!
Well hot damn, then. Off we go"
*insert joke, I have none*
File: 1454157382503.png (218 KB, 800x590)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
>pugilist has damage potential of 30 in a single attack (twinlinked fists 20 and extra arms 10 and much more HP(20), 32 dmg on a charge
I'll think about it. But if your problem is that everything is not as powerful as the Puglist then you're in for a rough time. Yes the Puglist has the highest damage potential in the game. That's it's thing. There's a bunch of stuff it's really bad at too.

Anyway I'm off to bed. Everybody make sure you choose the mission and finish your shopping before this thread dies.
I'd like to try signing up for a tour of with Camel Corp.
==Production Cobra==
HP 10 DEF 10
ECCM 8 SR 10
MV 4
Right Arm: Mortar
Left Arm: Heavy Mech-Pistol

(Did I do this correctly? Do I need to pick a class and skill since the company has the Subsidized Training Program?)
Yes you may pick a class now.
We pay for trained pilots.
Trained and fresh out of national service...

==Production Cobra==
HP 10 DEF 10
ECCM 8 SR 10
MV 4
Right Arm: Mortar
Left Arm: Heavy Mech-Pistol
Talk to me Goose!

Sir! What did you want to know? I've mostly only done patrol work but I did complete the extended operations training school coarse. Or did you want to talk about something more uh personal?
It's ma'am and that was a Tip Gat reference.
Ma'am we love volleyball back home in southern Droerus.
>idly picks at a spiderwebbed scar running diagonal from his left arm into the concealment of his wifebeater
Oi, I got one bub, ever seen any infantry combat, in the dangerzone of '86 maybe?
Also, fuck.
>buy ablative armor 2 creds
>remaining balance €0
>place ablative into stockpile
Here, snatch that gear up for your bot before someone else signs for it
Just patrols and training exercises during my service, oh and uh sentry duty. Not a very exciting but I always preformed well. Thank you for the upgrade! I know that every little bit helps when it comes to real combat situations or so my old CO told me.

>Equipment Adjustments:
Taking ablative armor from the stockpile to mount onto "Production Cobra"

==Production Cobra==
HP 14 DEF 10
ECCM 8 SR 10
MV 5
Armor: Ablative Armor
Right Arm: Mortar
Left Arm: Heavy Mech-Pistol
>Purchase Chaff Pod and ECM Pod for Goose: -4c
>Remaining: 0c

Here you go Goose, enjoy the extra protection.
Thank you Ma'am!

>Equipment Adjustments:
Equipping chaff launcher and ECM Pod.

==Production Cobra==
HP 10 DEF 10
ECCM 12 SR 10
MV 5
Right Arm: Mortar
Left Arm: Heavy Mech-Pistol, Chaff Launcher [1]
Torso: ECM Pod [1]

(Thanks! Is everything better now?)
Much better, yes.
Don't forget you have 14 HP thanks to the Ablative Armour upgrade.

==Production Cobra==
HP 14 DEF 10
ECCM 12 SR 10
MV 5
Armor: Ablative Armor
Right Arm: Mortar
Left Arm: Heavy Mech-Pistol, Chaff Launcher [1]
Torso: ECM Pod [1]

(Thanks for noticing some how missed it in the upgrade. Is my mech code correct?)
The way you're using it is fine.
I personally prefer the newer system of just mech and pilot codes rather than the clutter of mech, weapons and pilot codes.
Like so.

In combat you'll also be assigned a number by CognisQM upon deploying to the battlefield.
Where N is your assigned number in the brackets.

I know Malek has list of us but that's his personal roster and is not in anyway your number during a mission.
You might also want to list your pilot skills.

Tactical Advance
Point Blank
Ablative Armour
HP: 18
DR: 10
ED: 12
SR: 10
MV: 5
RA: Tactical Shield
LA: Mech Pistol x2
Torso: ECCM Pod, Mech Pistol x2
Legs: Thruster Array

Tactical Shield: Front Arc reduces damage by 2
[Bl] Mech Pistol: RNG:4, RoF:3, ATK:2, CRT:3, PEN:20
Thanks for the info, I'll leave my mecha code as is for now. I have added my skill onto my datasheet.


==Production Cobra==
HP 14
DEF 10
SR 10
MV 5
Armor: Ablative Armor
Right Arm: Mortar
Left Arm: Heavy Mech-Pistol, Chaff Launcher [1]
Torso: ECM Pod [1]
Hey, Mister Chuck, you know that GuyeCo doesn't believe in the overengineered motive systems that Knight Lite rolls out, yes? You could throw a set of thrusters on that. Or ignore terrain the Saxon way with a juggernaut mod.
As an opinion, I'd say keep that one HK. Eggs and baskets and all that. The Longbow has great airtime, but the Hunter-Killer packs more bang in the buisness end, plus the elevated launch tube allows you to pop it over a building, or what-have-you. Those Vtols we had such trouble with at the port followed a similar scheme.
Can a eccm drone be given an order to overwatch hack units that have gained a lock-on?
Short answer: maybe, gimme a bit to find it.
Longer answer: if you use the drone control action to give them orders to do so, almost certainly. Overwatch has been used to act on criteria other than just -target enters range- a number of times, and the basic understanding is that it overides the normal effects of overwatch. Can they be told to do it as their basic auto-program? Back to letting me find the post that covers that.
Aha, there it is. Goddamn I've been doing this to much, my brain is going numb.

> Orders for the drones to follow for when they are not controlled?
>I'll tentatively say yes, but if it's too much for me to keep track of I'll have to go back on this ruling. You have to keep it within a single a single if/else statement. (e.g. Attack target X, if this is not possible, follow me.) Nothing more complex then that.

>need to manually tell the drones to lock on for me?

>Not necessarily. In the absence of direct commands a drone will act according to a set of default behavior. A recon drone will always attempt to lock on to the closest enemy and remain within sensor range of it's parent mech.

>What it will never do by itself is fire it's gun. That is something you need to give it a direct order for.

I don't know how that last line affects eccm drones or combat drones, or puppies, or other drones that I'm not going to look for now.

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