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So tell me /tg/, do you want to hear a story of how I became a monster DM, betraying everything I stood for, abandoning my values, and commited the one thing I promised myself I'll never do as a DM? All just because I wanted to stick it to my group because they were whiny wankers?
If the answer is yes, I'll continue. If no, this thread can die off or somebody else can take over. Meanwhile I'll start writing just in case.
Yeah sure, everyone likes a story.
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Yes please
So before we start, let's set up some backstory. I've been gaming for the past few years, and DMing for a little less than that. For the better part of my RPG life I bounced from shop to shop, never really having a group to call my own. Until about 6 months ago.
The only other things you have to know is that this is a 3.5 game with lots of homebrew stuff and third party suppliments. And, of course, the players:
Viking: This guy is probably the least at fault. I'll call him Viking because that's what he was. He was playing a Barbarian (with some kind of ice powers, but I forget what supplimet or if it was homebrew), but he was playing him as a Paladin
Silence: This guy almost never talks. Pretty cool guy, but he can disappear in the middle of a conversation and appear from another room holding a beer. Played a Human Ranger
Russia: Not actually from Russia, but you'd think he was. Thick accent, super big beard. He played a Bear-humanoid-thing as a Fighter
Sorcerer: The bored guy of the group and the rules lawyer
Panzy: The sorry fucker that started it all. Chaotic randum homebrew psyonic race Rogue. I probably screwed myself allow this
Chick: She joined later and I feel sorry for her. I even asked her to drop out. She didn't.
Well. Onto the story.
(Gonna take me some time as I am writing this directly into this)
So the game starts out pretty normally. Your usuall guys doing your usuall things. We started at level 5 just to get the lower grindy levels out of the way.
At this point I want to have my own group so I accept things I shouldn't. Specifically the homebrew psyonic race thing. The bear was OK, tanky but balanced. The psyon was crazy.
So the game started, and from the beginning they met this character. Not my DMPC, but could be my avatar.
He was a king-demigod. He was a jackass, but honored his deals. I made it pretty clear you don't fuck with him. I even told them that he was powerful enough to blast them to kingdom come if they fucked with him.
30-something sessions later, almost 5 months, and 10 levels (15 at this point), these fuckers are powerful. Not too strong but strong enough.
At this point I know my players somewhat well.
Viking can't play anything not-LG even when the character is supposed to be evil.
Silnce is silence and creeps the fuck out of me.
Russia is a bor. The broiest bro that I ever had the pleasure to meet. One problem was that he was all for chucklefuck.
Sorcerer annoyed us all, but he provided the beers and snacks so we let him stay.
And Panzy was a powergamer that hates authority. And guess what he decided? You're right. To fick with the immortal god king.
As a warning, I'm not much of a story teller, especially not when angry.

So they form a "plan." I warned them multiple timees that it was a bad idea and that he's still too strong. Plus, he did nothing to them. He just game them quests and treated them farely.
Nope. They want to fuck with him. They even got Viking to agree, and he's a god damn voice of reason.
OK, fine. I told them one last time that if they fucked with him, they'd die.
The plan was as follows:
Come to the king-demigod and distract him. Panzy'll sneek from the back to backstab the king, and Sorcerer will kill anything that moves the wrong way from secret.
OK. Fine. Don't roll. Roleplay how you distract him. Who takes the lead? Fucking Silence. This guy went on a half-hour rant (OK, it was like 5 minutes but when he says 50 words a night it feels like 30 minutes) about how they just defeated this dragon of doom who was threatening the country, and that they deserved more than what they got, especially considering that the king didn't lift a god damn finger.
I was shocked to be honest. I forgot what the fuck was going on.
Until Panzy asked if he can roll. Yea. With a (way too much) of a +10 to the sneak check, he passed. Barely. I rolled 1 less than him, and I rolled in front of them.
And then the shit hit. He backstabs the king. With modifiers and what not, he deals well over a 100 damage. The king stil isn't dead though. I statted that fucker but he had a good 255 HP. He was to about half HP.

Go on...
So of course the king turns and kills the fuckers. No save, no damage roll. Nothing. Just as I warned them.
Panzy trows a hissy fit and demands that I take that back. Not killing the group, but killing his special fucking snowflake.
Viking starts saying that I did warn them, but everyone else starts shouting one over the other. Minus Silence who just kind of went for a smoke without anyone noticing.
I give them a minute to vent, and explain again that I did warn them. Nope. They start yelling again, this time pulling Viking into it too.
I explain again, calmly but angry, that I warned them. Nope. "Take it back!"
Fine? You fuckers want your snowflakes back? You get them back. We settle upon some minor "curses" that seem more like benefits at the time.
Viking has a chance to kill his allies when raging but deals a fucktone more damage. But the more he rages the harder it becomes not to go full on berserker and harder it is to exit.
Silence can't be percieved. Losing his voice, sound, even aura. He can even stand in front of you and unless you focused you can't see the guy. Can't detect that fucker for shit.
Russia get's a bear form he can enter and exit at will, but get's harder each time.
I finally allow Sorcerer to get those fuck-it 3rd party spells, but with a chance to backfire.
And Panzy get's nothing. No curse. Nothing. He's pissed, and here's where my descent into madness begins.
So another 3 or 4 sessions pass, me marking down every single thing. I liked to hit the gym during my free time, but fuck that. I was spending every free moment planing to destroy this fuckers.
No, not kill their characters, not even with a fair and square fight. I wanted to destroy this fucker. I wanted them to feel pain. As characters. As players. As human fucking beings.
It took over my life. Looking back at it I over-reacted. I was way over line. But at that time my sight was red.
At this point Viking invites a girl he met at another game. He explained how they were playing this high-fantasy adventure battling dragons and demigods and shit.
She seemed eager. I pulled her aside and explained to her that it wans't a good idea. That she'd regret joining in the long run. She didn't care.
This was my last chance to turn back. To forget this whole thing and just move on with my life.
I didn't.
>here's where my descent into madness begins.

Is it wrong i fibd this amusing?
Go on OP am hearing you.
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Oh fuck, this is gonna be good.
The premise of the game was that eventually these fuckers would become demigods themselves, and maybe gods.
There were a few pre-set rules. Gods need worship. You kill all their worshipers they die. Demigods can revive, unless killed by a god equal in power or stronger than their patron god, or their esance was extracted (something they didn't know yet, and yes, I lifted that from another /tg/ story).
My plan was simple. Get them to demigod/god status. They'll get families. Lowers. NPC they cared about. NPC's they loved as much as their characters. I knew what each one of them loved, and I even went into fantasy-land territory without blacking out just so I can get it. I abandoned my values, all for petty revenge.
At this point the Chick's enjoying herself. She's pretty kinky all things considered, and play a bunny raping (another story), limp chopping, sissy fucking, gay, buff Drow Warlock with more STR than WIS. Basically the muscle wizard minus the actual muscle.
The next 15 sessions I stewed. I made NPC after NPC. They became demigods. Two even managed to became minor gods (really just level 22-23 characters with a few powers that made them that strong without being level 22).
Then it began. I'll go into great detail in the next part, and I ask those that have an uneasy stomach to leave. Both because fantasy land and the sheer fuck of the gore I made out of everyone.
I remember those fuckign sessions as if they just happened. They haunt my nightmares. What the fuck had I become?
First session. "So you guys know that the dragons hate demigods and gods." Lore stuff, lore stuff, everything they knew.
The king called them: "Adventurers. Demigods."
Panzy: "Eh sorry. Minor god here."
King: "Er, yes. Noble and powerful gods. There has been unrest in the north. The black dragon Varcus is gathering an army, He wants to end this conflict once and for all. We need to gather an army for ourselves. I ask of you, oh noble ones. Recruit an amry strong enough to withstand an assalut of ten thousand dragons."
They knew Varcus. And they hated him. They hated him as characters. They hated him as players. They hated him as people.
So of course they'd go fuck with him. Bait, hook, sinker.
That session went pretty mildy, with them just recruiting armies, going into different ally kingdoms and either negotiating (read threatening) or beating the army out of the kings and generals. This happened within a few in-game weeks.
"You come back. The hills surounding the city seem calm." Rolls investigation shit porly and fails. "You don't notice the pastors and guards around."
Panzy: "Eh whatever. We did send that message and they're probably making a party for us." Oh thy hubris knows no limit.
"You step over the hills and you find gore. Chaos. Destruction. The city lies iin ruin, smoldering. As you descend the smell of still burning and rotting flesh fills yor nostrills."
Sorcerer: "DETECT FUCKING LIFE!" The fucker almost blew out my eardrums.
"You find nothing. You detect no life. Not even the mice survived.
As you near the now destroyed city,, the smell becomes even more horrid. You see the guards, some you called brothers in arms once. You see Prothus. Or at least parts of him. You see his mangled body. His left side completely gone. His innards smeared across a falled city wall. In dracon it says: 'You're next.'"
Viking: "I go into the city and search for my wife and child."
Me: "You find them. Or what's left of them. You find your son, your newborn baby, your infant, torn limb from limb. What's left of his body is arranged in a sculpture of madness. Your wife's body, mangled in a simmilair fashion makes the base of this wicked altart of blood and limbs. Connected by nothing more than their innards, and those of the surrounding people. Their heads, on display, are filled with now dry semen. Your wife was obvisouly raped and your son was not spared the fate, either post or pre-mortem."
Sorry. I'm getting myself some vodka. Need to be drunk to write this shit. I'm dusgusted at myself. Be back in 10.
Stories like these amuse me when I read them on b/tg/, but in real life I would do my best to not play with someone as childish and resentful as OP.
File: TheresAPoint.jpg (117 KB, 1058x705)
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They started it. And as you know: "He who starts is guilty".
File: 1455170162533.jpg (54 KB, 640x458)
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But at least he is admitted that this was an awful thing.
>in real life I would do my best to not play with someone as childish and resentful as OP.
Honestly, every GM thinks about shit like this when players do utterly retarded and game-derailing shit. Holding onto it for months and months of careful grudging is well beyond the pale, though. Personally, I'd have likely stood firm and said, "I fucking warned you. Several times. Over several sessions. You are all dead, retards. New campaign." And that would have been that.
They started it, but he kept it going past a reasonable point. No one gets out of this one clean.
All that said, please keep going.
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1.21 MB GIF
Yeah Op, didn't happen.

If these people were such fucks, why did you put up with them for like 45 sessions? at 1x/week - that's nearly a year!

Nigga, you retarded.
Personally I would have talked it out better than OP did before it even came to the assassination attempt. A core principle of a game is that it is supposed to be fun for both players and GM. If you cannot talk it out when disagreeing on something as important as killing off a character that is clearly important to the GM, maybe you should not be playing together in the first place.
Not drunk yet but getting there.
I continued explaining gorry detail after gorry detail that I'm ashamed to admit were created in my brain. I actually got therapy after that for a while, and the shit still haunts me.
Panzy, who finally earned his nickname, started crying. It wasn't a full on sob, be there were tears involved.
I called the session after explaing that. Silence just walked out. No bye, no death glare. Just walked out. Chick just stared at me like I was insane. I was. Slowly they left.
That night I sent them messages if they'd be joining me tomorrow. It was break time and we had all the time in the world.
To my surprise they all agreed. Either they were masochistic fuckers, or they were as insnae as me. Either way suted me fine.
Next game continued with the horror. While they were away their army was decimated. With a fifth of the troups they started with, they finally went north.
Hopefully you've learned not to let hate devour you like it did then. Just cursing their characters seemed like a good enough thing, especially those that had the chance to backfire.
>Personally I would have talked it out better than OP did before it even came to the assassination attempt.
Well, obviously that's vastly preferable, and it sounds like the randumb guy was leading them. Boot him and talk to the others if it comes to that. Whatever works. The point is that going full dorf is vastly overdoing it.
Going north, I laid off the gore for the next session. It was fighting moslty, but their characters had to make tough decisions that I knew hurt them as players as well as characters. They were in too deep, and I was way past sane at this point.
They once had to save either one of their most bellowed NPC's, or let a small village die. They failed to make a decision within the time limit I agve them, and both died.
Another time they were about to kill the BBEG dragon, but had to let him go to go save somebody.
Chick dropped out at this point. I don't think she could handle it. Silence just left one day in the middle of the game, muttering something about cigarettes. He never came back. I never heard from either of them since.
Next on the list was Sorcerer. He had this one NPC who was his DMPC/wifu when he ran games. I let him put her into the game.
That's where the curses started coming in. They almost forgot about them.
I had all the intention of letting his wifu live. She was a cool character, even when he ran her, and I came to like her.
One of the spells was something allong the lines of ressurect, but making her more poweful. It backfired. Horribly.
I'm not gonna describe what happened to them, but suffice it to say that they fused into a monstrosity. He stood up, shot me a glare that made me regret it. The fuck was I doing? And we called it a day here.
Honestly, making the king an immature douchbag and not factoring into your plans the chance that your players will want to kill him is just shortsighted. Blaming the players for this situation seems like shucking responsibility to me.
This is all going to finish with Bel-Air isn't it?
That is my greatest fear.
I'm new around here and sorry for the tangent but what's 'b/tg/'?
I didn't call the rest of the guys for almost a week. I kept milling inside of my head. Should I drop this? I should. I should. But I couldn't.
I remember talking to Panzy, but I don't know what happened. My therapist says I probably blocked it out, and to be honest, I don't want to know. Whatever happened just reignited my rage.
So with Panzy, Russia, and Viking the only guys left, I continued.
During the next full days session, they found out that they could absorb gods and demigods if they took dragon blood (again yes, I stole that shit from another /tg/ story. I'm not very original).
They basically became level 40+ characters. But they forgot something. Dragons had dragon blood. And more than the players could handle. I collected all their previous characters that were still alive - some reached demigod status at that point- and I killed them one by one. That wasn't that shocking, and at this point these three were getting immune ot my shit.
I'm oldfag enough to remember Nazimod and as far as I know, he was either being a smartass and comparing /tg/ to /b/ (The infamous 'random' board), or he made a typo and the b isn't supposed to be there. Or it's some new meme I haven't been exposed to just yet.
File: 51122342345.png (52 KB, 148x200)
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Jesus fucking christ OP, we all had our enraged DM moments, but this shit takes the fucking cake and pie.
This... is isn't rage. This is honest to goodness Crazy.
It probably says a lot about how jaded I've gotten that I'm more worried that he was planning this shit for months than anything else. Also
>Should I drop this? I should. I should. But I couldn't.
Is setting off all kinds of psychological warning bells about this guy.
Where did it ever said the King was immature? Jesus, you people.
Of course, I want OP to finish this story. I want to see how all this madness ends.
File: FB_IMG_1451803606282.jpg (13 KB, 458x272)
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I have to go in a while, so this'll be the last post.
Skipping ahead to the last session. Still no word from Silence, Chick, and Sorcerer, almost three weeks later.
The final fight. In all honesty, I was cooling down. Shit happened and I started to feel sorry for the whole thing again. What happened next I'll never forgive myself for. I ruined a great friendship I had with Russia and Viking, and people around my city that know about me avoid my games like the plague.
Final battle. They were facing the dragon Varcus. Apparently the dice gods decided to say one last giant fuck you to me.
Not my fucking me over. Oh no. By blessing me. That night I rolled nothing bellow a 16. And they rolled nothing above a 12.
I couldn't help myself. I was insane. I shouldn't have played. Hell. I should have called a fucking mental institution to lock me the fcuk up the moment it all started. I didn't.
As I described their charactres deaths, I went into even more details. You see that mangled altar of bodies above? Yea. That shit was nothing compared to this. I was laughing like a madman. I don't do good evil laughs. This is the first and last time that I did.
But I didn't get to finish. Panzy was holding his ears, Russia was just looking at me.
Viking? He was muttering "sotp it" over and over. I couldn't hear him until it was too late.
He stood up and cloked me the hardest punch I ever fealt. I'm a pretty tough guy all things considered, but this... It felt like a truck.
I slammed right back from my seat to the floor. He just started screaming at me to sto pand punched me a few times. Russia had to drag him of off me.
They left me there. At that point it just left me. All that pent up anger and all the shit going on in my life just slamed down. I cried like a little bitch, I'm not ashamed to admit.
My tooth is still fucked up beacause of it, but I had no major injuries.
That's it. Believe it or not is up to you. But this is the story of me becoming a monster.
Giving the king stats is also a problem. If it has stats, it can be killed.
File: 1176484668569.png (77 KB, 206x186)
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This is a fucking fascinating trainwreck. CONTINUE.

So, you've had a legitimate psychotic break. Have you made attempts to reconcile with them?
Shit that never happened, but it was still a fun read.
File: 1411321760985.gif (371 KB, 500x375)
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371 KB GIF
>This is the story of me becoming a monster
File: 1369204512186.jpg (221 KB, 1324x968)
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221 KB JPG
Out of all the things that have not happened, this has not happened the most.
Brool cory, sto.
Only now do you give them permission to die.
File: 1427290461283.gif (89 KB, 600x450)
89 KB
OP here. Yes, I had an actual psychotic break. A lot of really hard shit was going on at that point in my life. Still is. But it was no excuse.
I tried to, but they didn't want anything to do with me. At least Russia and Viking were king enough to give me an ear for me to apologize to, and the rest got it from them, but they still don't want anything from me.
And I can't blame them. At that final moment, I wasn't me. I *was* Varcus. I was a monster.
I did get professional help, and am still visiting, so hopefully things get better.
Did your psychiatrist suggest making this thread?
These guys were being twits, but you ended up going pretty grim-dark on them, which I applaud. Destroying players and their characters isn't just about bringing them down to zero hit points, it is wrecking them psychologically. You did a good job slaughtering their beloved NPCs, but that put a target on your back.

Keep the dragon attack, but have the viking kill the NPC buddies. That way after the battle the surviving players argue, and maybe finish the job for you. Have silence run into loved ones, who in a fit of despair kill themselves. Maybe have the mother kill the child before offing himself. Have some of those sorcerer's third level spells backfire and kill more NPCs. Not sure about the bear guy. Maybe have the dragon mess with his mind, make him think he wasn't transforming when he actually was.

This little quote from the clone wars is perfect advice for what needed to be done.
Count Dooku: “Don’t let your pursuit of trinkets cloud your reality. Remember what I taught you, General: if you are to succeed in combat against the best of the Jedi, you must have fear, surprise, and intimidation on your side. But, if any one element is lacking, it would be best for you to retreat. You must break them before you engage them. Only then will you ensure victory.
She suggested that I tell somebody. Sadly nobody in my life and /tg/ seems like a good place to tell fucked up stories.
File: 1456441393295.gif (957 KB, 500x418)
957 KB
957 KB GIF
>OP talked about how he was a monster for doing this
>"This is how you can improve your douchebaggery!"
File: giphy (4).jpg (11 KB, 245x160)
11 KB
Just trying to be helpful.
File: 1419658870645.jpg (477 KB, 713x1000)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
This shit is pathetically mild. I mean, you're a fucking degenerate loser for even considering "revenge" against something your players did instead of just being a normal human being and communicating with them; but honestly the reason you can tell that this shit is beyond fake is because nobody in real life, aside maybe from your Evangelical grandmother, would be appalled at this mediocre garbage.

>your waifu is dead and she's a flesh pillar

Yeah, okay, that's kind of unfortunate, but is anyone actually unsettled by something like that? Are you supposed to have been GMing for young children?

Certainly nothing here merits the description of "psychotic break", or in fact any mental problem aside from your crippling autism.
The psychotic break does seem pretty far fetched.
I had a psychotic break: 7.5/10, would do again
Given that we're talking about things that never happened, I just kinda took his word for it when he said that he made graphic descriptions that made people so uncomfortable they left.
The fact that he'd be enthusiastically explaining exactly how someone had raped a woman in a game where graphic content wasn't on the table would have made me uncomfortable for the sheer fact that this guy put his fascination for gore and the suffering of the characters above unwritten rules for the game.
It seems like that sort of feeling one might get when the piss fountains start showing up.
I've never really had the feeling in a live game.
Typo, sorry about that.
While the players were idiots, they were nothing compared to you, OP.

You got pissed because they didn't like your snowflake, and then had more snowflakes wreck them as metagaming revenge.
That is appalingly petty.
All in all, you should've let it drop.
You know, you could have just zapped Panzy with a lightning bolt or something, made up some bullshit about a vengeful god striking him down for daring to attack the King and that would have been that. Sorcerer was a bit shitty too, but you shouldn't have taken it out on the entire party.

Oh well. If this actually happened, then you've got to live with the consequences of what you did.
I think the moral of the story is that it's better to let the players save or die at poor odds than to just pronounce them dead. If one of them rolls an 18 or higher naturally - fine, they survive that round but can get killed the next. The players throwing a tantrum when they were pronounced dead-no-save fits my experience of D&D that the DM has to be seen to play by the rules, especially when the lives of the characters are at stake.
Well this didn't happen.

Nothing to see here folks.
File: 1454517059634.jpg (78 KB, 1000x560)
78 KB
>tfw you'd willingly love to be in a game this grimdark
File: 1415680792093.png (249 KB, 500x377)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
tl;dr: OP didn't have the balls to not retcon party wipe, decided to break friendship with all players just because of one bad player instead.
>Genocide route enabled.
That's a good TLDR.

Assuming OPs account is accurate:

It just sounds unpleasant all around. It doesn't really hit the "funny dick ass story" crescendo either.

I also hope you fully recover from the psychotic break that was part of this and things get better for you OP.

I think the real rule of thumb that the entire group missed was that the GM needs to be having fun too. Retconing that party wipe soured the game for you and you should have called the session for the evening right then and there. Instead you let yourself be forced (by both yourself and the group) to undo major consequences against your own wishes.

I'd likely be able to handle something equivalently grimdark but the tones a bit off from proper grimdark. To make an analogy: this sounds more sword of truth then warhammer fantasy. And I fucking hate Terry Goodkind's writing.
File: image.png (40 KB, 500x382)
40 KB
Admitting for the sake of argument that this all happened, sweet OP.
You're the only one to blame.
You put your ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL in your champaign and got honestly surprised people would mess with him.
You permakilled everyone with no save or damage roll and got honestly surprised people would object.
You gave them blessings hidden as curses as a gift for derailing your campaign and got honestly surprised that your players didn't change their behaviour.
And then you just murdered and tortured everyone untill you were alone.
Pic not related: you've been the one in control since the beginning.
The only really fucked up part of this is that OP made the players that were actually alright suffer the most.

Learn to aim instead of pissing all over the floor you fucking casual.
>And I fucking hate Terry Goodkind's writing
Doesn't everyone?
Honestly I kind of enjoyed it for a long time.

Weirdly, the thing that really pissed me off about the series wasn't the really bad personal politics injection, but the fact that literally every fucking book after #1 starts with the main character realizing some bullshit is up and something must be done.

Every fucking time.

And do you know what happens every time?

Side character: Nahhh man, that's impossible, must be yer imagination. There's no way something like that could be happening


Side character: what am I a scientist I can't understand this, surely there must be literally any other explaination besides you being right.

Later, it is revealed that the main character was totally right


MC: *shoots himself in the face*

for like 7 fucking books.
Addendum: but now I hate his books in hindsight. Maybe not the first one, it had a few decent moments.
>all these ameridumbs enraged because of no happy ending

Boo hoo, cry me a river and go kill yourselves

Btw OP, if this is real, you shouldn't feel ashamed or guilty of having produced something wonderful. Because the way you set up the story is brilliant.
File: 1381116409192.jpg (63 KB, 600x600)
63 KB
I'm not from merrica, and as I said before, OP is a triple deluxe faggot for shitting on everyone else instead of just giving 1 guy the boot. The story's remarkable in how he kept playing the game he had no fun in for so many sessions just to get his pathetic revenge. It'd be less amusing read if conflict got resolved 1st day, but this kind of dedication is golden.
There's some decent ideas in there that could make for a fun story, but they're all wasted with Terry at the helm. I really like the concept of the Sword of Truth itself as it was introduced, and the confessor stuff was kind of a neat idea too, but holy shit did that series get ridiculous fast.
Well, that you did wasn't sane, or smart, but I think you are overreacting. Can't play grimdark without some gore, horror, and PCs terrible death thrown in.
Shit story and if it ever happened OP needs some actual help.

Like, why? I don't understand. Why would anyone do that shit? Oh no some of my players want to do something stupid, better wipe them and then take it back to only be a bitter cunt that includes his magic realm stuff in out of spite.
Fucking well done, I hope you're proud of yourself.
You underestimate mankind, fellow Anon. People are capable of some truly mind-boggling feats when they succumb to powerful emotions, whether positive or negative, believe it or not.
File: forgiven.jpg (366 KB, 900x617)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
I am sorry this happened to you OP.

May you find peace in an online game
I can't believe this shit at all. Game of Thrones, Berserk and basically any Garth Ennis book are darker than this and you're saying it caused you to have a psychotic break and broke down five adult people, with one going full yard rage at the end?

Fucking hell, Greek tragedy is darker than this, this is fucking bollocks.
If those players would have been good players, they could have turned something like this into a memorable campaign
After the first terrible things that happened to them, they could have taken a wild guess and started to believe that they were cursed the same moment they killed a God that did no wrong to them. Thereby going on a quest for redemption to try to address what their hybris did and possibly trying to resurrect the demigod, asking for forgiveness and accepting whatever fate he decided they had upon them. All to repair what their arrogance and immorality caused.

Instead no, their pg (I mean, them, of course) can do no wrong, the ebul DM decided that they should lose and he's insane because he inserted something that doesn't belong in a Disney fairytale.

The Americans need the American dream in everyone of their narration. Perhaps you have passed too much time consuming their products.
File: 1387709742764.jpg (99 KB, 800x568)
99 KB
45698525 (You)
That'd be great, but OP went vengeful bitch route and didn't want to bother with giving his players chance to redeem themselves because of being buttmad since the very first session. You last sentence also makes me give your attempt 0/10, please actually try next time. Now waiting for "I was pretending to be retarded" and "u mad" rebuttals,.
File: image.gif (211 KB, 630x631)
211 KB
211 KB GIF
>Browses 4chan
>Requires therapy for incredibly mild imaginary fantasy gore
OP are you a pussy?
File: asakura.jpg (393 KB, 600x605)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
Well then, now that OP's atrocity of a story is done, I'll share my own in a couple minutes to get rid of the bad aftertaste. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, 'cause it was a few years already, but please bear with me.
I can't remember, but I probably already shared this story a while ago on /tg/. Oh well.

It was about a couple years ago.
In my country, there are almost no FLGS to be found, so I have to find groups to play with via ...notices? Advertisements? You get it.
So anyway, there I am, genuinely jaded and tired of the previous group, and I see an advertisement for a 3.5 (or was it ADnD? can't remember) group.
And yeah, I was a DnD kiddie at that point, but bear with me.
One thing I remember is that it was worded pretty strictly, and I honestly didn't have much to lose after the previous group, so I phoned to the guy, we chatted for a bit, and he invited me to the session.

So I arrive there, and while the DM gets ready to start the session, I am briefly acquainted with the players. And my first impressions of the players are as following:
>45698525 (You)
What are you doing, anon?
Trying to have fun responding to dull bait without encouraging more to come.
File: 1454886904793.jpg (70 KB, 525x700)
70 KB
The Human Paladin: Kind of a jock. A pretty boring guy, but devoted to his friends.
The Half-Elf Bard: I didn't really like her at first. Rude, brash, blunt and, to be honest, just not my type of person. Journalist major, IIRC. Often speaks before she thinks.
The Human Druid/Monk: A really swell guy. Hardcore STEM major, but really friendly and doesn't flaunt his knowledge, and after we became friends, we often chatted on the topic of hard and soft sciences alike.
The DM: Basically the Papa Bear of the group. Overweight, but really serious and protective of his friends. In hindsight, I can say that he was one of the best DMs I've played with.

And there's me, who rolled up a Dwarven Warrior.

So we start the game, and everything's fine, we're having adventures, yadda yadda, except something's wrong and I can't quite put my finger on what exactly is wrong. People around me act real familiar with each other, and I realize they're probably a tight-knit group who've been gaming with each other for a long time.

Is this waifu shit really necessary?
File: 135468323457.png (167 KB, 393x349)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Is this post really necessary?
you're the first to call her one, so maybe

It's 3 pics of what appear to be the same character, what else would she be to him?
Make it 6 then it will be proven
I guess it helps us see the story better, it's nice.
File: BBEG's daytime job.jpg (877 KB, 1134x1577)
877 KB
877 KB JPG
Hisoka, pls
>Obviously not
File: 1389958295526.jpg (710 KB, 800x1000)
710 KB
710 KB JPG
by your reasoning, every (non-real) person I have more than 1 pic in my image folders is waifu/husbando/inserthotmeme
File: 1455502367852.png (316 KB, 980x955)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
>Is this waifu shit really necessary?
Not really, just used to posting with a picture of some sort. And I don't have a waifu, but that's beside the point

Anyway, one detail I forgot - I asked the DM why they were taking people, and they say they kicked out the previous guy for being a gigantic faggot. I asked for details, and while I don't quite remember what he said to me, I remember agreeing with him wholelheartedly.

So, anyway, we have adventures etc., and then the session ends, we talk for a while about how the game went and start to pack up and then I finally realize what was wrong.

Sexual tension. Lots of it between the Paladin and the Bard.
Like, "it's one of my japanese animes" phrase fits it perfectly. Fidgeting, twitchy looks, stammering, interrupting each other and blushing furiously - the whole set, sexual tension so thick you can cut it with a butter knife.
You needed to be blind and wearing sunglasses to somehow miss it.

So I take the DM aside for a talk, and ask him what's up with all this.
Apparently, they are a group of childhood friends (which makes sense) that were together for a really long tme, like since they were 8 or something.
I ask him about the DM about the two lovebirds, and the Druid who's standing right next to us, says that he and DM were trying to get these two confess to each other for quite a while, but they're just too fucking dense and shy when alone with each other, and the Druid and DM are running out of ideas and almost about to give up.

So I say something obvious to the point of "Didn't you try to get them hooked up in-game?", and they look at me like I'm some sort of idiot savant.

Ah, yes... ShindoL...
I hate how everyone starts their own threads for stories and acts as though they're trying to get screencapped. You can't force this stuff, it's really annoying when you try. This is such a shit board.
That's wrong though.

I guess you learned something new about yourself.
File: 2f5.jpg (47 KB, 249x498)
47 KB
>that whole post
Given the tone of OP's story though I take it this all goes horribly wrong?
File: 1390402909779.jpg (56 KB, 848x480)
56 KB
go make "Coolstory general" then, fuckboy. Nobody's stopping you.
nah, just saying you're a lousy mememaster
File: image.gif (29 KB, 366x200)
29 KB
File: disgunbegud1.gif (4.98 MB, 280x158)
4.98 MB
4.98 MB GIF
>nah, just saying you're a lousy mememaster
Guilty as charged, my smug loli folder is sadly lacking.


That being said, I liked the sword of truth. I see it's flaws, but Faith of the Fallen is one of my favorites. I'm shameless.
File: defcon_map_red.png (5.95 MB, 1920x1080)
5.95 MB
5.95 MB PNG

So we spend the next couple of days to perfect our plan of what is basically teasing and bullying those two into submission.

Fast-forward to the next session.
During the entire session, me, the Druid and the DM do everything we can, from making jokes to suddenly having an excuse to stop for a bit and leave those two in the room alone to let them simmer for a bit and increase the sexual tension beyond the critical capacity.
The Druid's and DM actions didn't really seem to get to them, but me, being a stranger, well, that's a completely different story.

Anyway, I don't remember the set-up to the climactic scene, but it was something really, really corny, like amazingly so, something along the lines of the Bard being kidnapped or something.
What I do remember, however, is the scene itself.

So, basically there is a fight with undead, and in the course of it, DM places a curse on the Bard's character, a real nasty one, and Paladin is all like chivalrous and stuff, "thou fair maiden, I will save you" etc.
So the first thing he does, is, well, asking if there's any way he can break the curse.

This is where the DM fakes some rolls on the random table. I don't remember the exact wording, but the essence is this: "the one pure of heart should kiss the maiden, lest she perish" etc. etc., you know the stuff.
And, apparently, this is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back.

You should be able to guess where this is going.
File: I approve.gif (622 KB, 375x211)
622 KB
622 KB GIF
You didn't exactly /become/ a shit GM. I mean, you started the game with a shitty GMPC ( I'm sorry, not a GMPC, a GM avatar. What's that called, again? Oh, yeah, a GMPC, I guess both of us forgot) and admitted that he was a cunt. Then you got so mad that the players would DARE attack him (the GMPC, who was a cunt) that you TPK'd with no saves. Then, because they called you out on being shitty, you brought them back just so you could Monkey Paw them and kill them again, for daring to challenge your holy word.

My point is, you're telling this story of how a good DM fell, and started with a shit DM who continued being shitty over a minor transgression. I'm waiting for the part where a good DM shows up to fall. I'm assuming the one the party went to after you. Pansy, maybe, since he seemed to have the awareness to know how shitty GMPCs are.
File: defcon_map.png (635 KB, 1920x1080)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
So, I just want to reiterate, I'm not making this up, despite how fantastic it may sound. Despite how much I want to make this up, I'm simply not good at making shit up.

Anyway, both of them go into full Defcon 1 stammer mode, blush all over their faces etc.
The guy is really, really reluctant, when the suddenly the Bard makes a move. She all but leaps over the Paladin like a fucking cougar and kisses him, both of them falling on the table, dropping the corebooks of the table and shit, making out in a fit of pent-up passion suddenly released.
And this moment I remember very vividly - me, the Druid and the DM looked at each other knowingly, like some sort of brothers in arms and grinned like fucking madmen.

And this is how I got acquainted with that particular group.
I've gamed with them for, like, what, two years or so, before I had to move away for the work reasons, and during these two years those two got engaged and married, while me, Druid and DM broed it up.
We often joked after that that if it wasn't for me joining their group, those two would've still been spilling their tension everywhere without actually resolving anything.
I dunno, it felt kinda weird, but also really rewarding, to be accepted in such a tight-knit group of people who were close to each other for years in just two sessions.

This was probably the best group I've had, and some of the best games and campaigns I've had were with them.

While there is a bit more to the story I can kinda sorta remember, it's mostly superficial shit, so yeah, that's basically the whole story, or rather, the beginning of many stories I've shared with those guys.
File: 126546308.gif (199 KB, 200x200)
199 KB
199 KB GIF
Well done man! I am pleased to hear that it turned out so well.
OP here. Wow I leave for almost the full day and this is still alive? Did not expect that. Clarification time:
-Shit never happened. Mostly. There was a really gorry game I ran and I did kill almost all the NPC's. But never to the breaking point
-Viking broke my tooth, but it was an accident
-We did split up but it was because of the time constraint. Mostly school. All except Russia still go to school so yea
-Bunny fucking actually happened. It was a really weird moment
-Panzy's actually one of the chillest guy I've seen when not drunk. Don't let the fucker drink
File: 1444999295443.jpg (43 KB, 299x722)
43 KB
File: flat,800x800,070,f.jpg (82 KB, 800x434)
82 KB
File: life advice.gif (1.39 MB, 500x281)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF
It's ok OP. We knew from the get go you were bearing false witness.
>PC's kill OP's self-insert OC
>OP does his best to make the game shit for everyone

What a story, mark.
Feel free to share some more tales.
File: 13347873349327783261.jpg (30 KB, 500x375)
30 KB

Ayy, man. Don't trip. We all do fucked up shit sometimes. Most of us are lucky to not have our bullshit hurt people around us, but when they do, there's almost nothing that can heal those wounds of regret, so the only thing to do is learn to live with it.

You've made your apologies in the only way you could, you got the help you desperately needed and you're on your way to being a better person because of it. You've got nothing to be ashamed of going forward. You were mentally ill, and you weren't getting the treatment you needed, nothing you could've done to stop it. You've gotta hit bottom before you can climb back up the mountain.

I guess I'm saying games come and go, man. Life is a series of them. Sure, those people may have one bad "THAT GM" story, but you didn't ruin their lives, you didn't physically hurt anyone, or even do major property damage.

You'll get another game going one day when you're ready. You'll make new friends, or maybe in time you'll even patch it up with the old ones.

We'll probably never meet you and I, but I'll say this: if we ever roll some dice together, I'll take your word on the god-king.

Stay strong out there, Anon. From one GM, and more importantly, one broken-ass human being trying to be better, to another.
Op should embrace his destiny of becoming dr doom by placing a red hot iorn make apon his face
Gentlemen, "Lawful Evil."
File: ok.jpg (29 KB, 375x305)
29 KB
Not that I believed you from the start...
Never happened. Who the fuck get fucking shellshocked over a fucking game.
There is always room for improvement.

You could always have the players run their NPCs, that way when another player frags them, the sense of betrayal is even stronger.
OP should have put his avatar/self insert as the LoP. Surprised more people aren't pointing this out as often as we have "that gm" threads about how shitty DMPCs and Waifus in games can be.

OP clearly gets off on his meager power as a DM and is probably unfulfilled URL since anyone sane would have walked away or just talked to the players.
>Chad and Stacy not fucking like rabbits without clumsy hookup schemes

I really doubt the veracity of this tale.
Lawful Evil here. A couple of encounters I ran in the early days of third edition.

>D&D third edition had just come out, everyone wanted to play, but no one wanted to DM.
>we each take turns running an adventure.
>party is getting up there level wise, and with players running the game it is turning into a Monty Haul game quickly.
>I decide the campaign needs a reset, and I start looking into TPKing the party.
>monsters with class levels was a vengeful DM wet dream come true. I decide to have fun with this.
>one of the more annoying players had a Mary Sue monk with a shady past.
>I have his old clan attack him and the other players. The twist, they are all vampires now. Flurry of Blows plus negative levels is not fun.
>the players survive somehow, so I lure them to some ruins.
>there they were going to encounter a couple of wraith swordsmen with the spring attack feat.
>the wraiths would pop out of the wall, swing at the party, and pop back in.
>party never made it that far. They were not properly resting between encounters, and ended up losing a couple key characters as a result.
>game died off a few weeks later.
2nd edition game with my brother and a couple of friends.

>characters run into what they think is a group of goblins.
>goblins actually golems built in the shape of goblins.
>painted, and then covered with an illusion.
>characters get their asses kicked, and flee from goblins the rest of the game.
4th edition game set in Lankhmar

>first encounter of the game is a bunch of rat swarms, and intelligent dire rats in the sewers.
>players notice the rats are using tactics, and freak out.
>for the rest of the campaign the players overreact when they run into rats.
>they spot a rat in their house? Time to burn it down.
Plans for a vampire the masquerade game that never got off the ground.

>most of my friends are diablerie friendly murderer hobos.
>I change the background of the setting to something similar to the vampires in rifts.
>Cain is the vampire intelligence.
>the further you get away from Cain's lineage the more human you are.
>players committing diablerie on a regular basis are turning into Lovecraftian monsters.
File: 1423361609017.jpg (59 KB, 522x583)
59 KB
OP is a huge faggot and I feel sorry for him.
File: 1446607813036.jpg (140 KB, 431x600)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>players attack OP's garbage self-insert DMPC
>he insta kills them with no rolls
>proceeds to be a little piss ant and hold a grudge against them and starts planning to add them to his TPK portfolio
OP you're the biggest faggot ever.
Is OP Lord British?

OP is John Wick
Given some of the NPCs from 7th Sea and L5R I see what you mean. I think that is why I have always detested published settings. I always get the sense the writer has slipped in a GMPC.

Lord British always annoyed me. A NPC you could attack, but one with infinite hitpoints.
Lord British could and would be killed in literally every game he appeared, even the MMO one.
I checked that out, I was playing one of the NES versions. My characters were insufficiently maxed out to face him.

Some of the ways you have to employ in later games is really funny.
File: image.jpg (128 KB, 640x480)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
You make it sound funny but you just sound like a badwrongfun gm, I'm glad you don't gm for me.

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